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EEEEE 'f fb. .7 - ,J I ,v .el A, .,,r ,rw f 0 , ff - " ,4 'f'f,Alw, 110, , li, .. f' - V .-fl 1,-f".. ---jf.'j,1'-f A .4-1' , Q . ' . ,,-"",,f ,Q-"f..f"' ..-"'f.r" - ,- ..-A -'Y ,nv "' .af ,A . r L, .J ,.A- .4 ,,.-N ff ,df-'fyw ' ' ' " ' ff" f " J' -r" .-' Y.. V - ,- .AM.'Ad,, I.. inpj. ' 5 ,Hd ',Y,,,4 ,,,.. J "' ,,1'f,a""', ' K,.f"",f-"1--"' JI" .-f" ,.-1 f .. ,A-' ' , ,r"".P".."',u' ' ,..."' fx 4 ,-1' "1 " ,.,'f F. 44" ,,..'-Rd, 'F ,W 1' . W' .. K - 4. .. A , 4 n - ' I, .fl y,.v- ,-- 11,1 , ...H . . ,JI V ,J-A , ' ' rf- ' ,-""' W" 1 ' A .. ,114 r""',.w" ,J ' A ,Q ""' -4' W f Af' ,fn .-,' . , bg . M f , , "H,-A' W qv . ' - V .Q f' : QW, r,..,""'d N,- .f"' ,- . ,.- M ,.. - 'CY m. dv . , 1 ,A 0! .Q ,xv XV' nf, ., ...- ,..,-Q Q--Q -Q -- gli ,cali aull""""" .paw 3 , 0, W f. A f,. .-r"""" A 4-4-f' 51 ., ,,,.... ,,,..... .-.,-A ,,,.... of A -1 " 'K ..- r v .,,. Q44-' Wm...--' .,.4-.-P42 . . 4' x A n . . ,,.a.-v ,A ... f f Q 1, .,.,.. l K . WA- ,.o,..-4-nr .glnvlv ' -" W1 ,..,. - .,,-.-...,--va v""W .,, ,.-.-...vo-r .,-.u. .Mya--uv '-" , , -..-....-...- .,s..W -5---4' JI. .,4 - - --M" ...NL vQ""" ... .44- ,L.. .. C.- ,,,.,. ,,-.-A,-Q. , .-.- ...,. H., ,..... 4 1 . 5 na, . . , L 41 4,..,,g.,...1v.l.., I..f.,,w.,.,,, .?.-6 Aw- --- - .-1. - ..,4n... -pangs A+- --'-- Q.-L,-Ari -23,7 -.1 ..'.,,..,,,,, 'T-K' J' 'X' '-' 0-If -A --aonupnns. ' , 4 A V 5- . .-. .4-, .lf V-M " '- Q ' Nllt' - 1 'iv' 1-if-out-o 5 X . 5 QV 'ww F I 1 PRESENTING THE 1: ll XX!!! 1951 52 SKIPPER Dedication The Yearbook Staff of 1952 respectfully ded1 cates th1s ed1t1on of the Skxpper to Mrs Grace Herrlck a patlent teacher and class advlsor IH Gllman and Mount Desert I-hgh Schools for over Z0 years LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Miss Suzanne Wood, Mr. Roy Salisbury, Mr. William Redmond, Mr. Charles Snow Mr. Earle Iowdry, Mr. Don Coates, Miss Jeanne Walsh. FRONT ROW: Miss Claire Robitaille, Mrs. Ronald Potter, Mr. Harland Carter, Mr. Raymond Ernest, Mr. Paul Leeman, Mrs. Eleanor Stinchfield, Miss Norma Drummond. ABSENT: Mrs. Grace Herrick. MR. ERNEST MR. SNOW Principal of high school Biology-General Science Se venth-Eighth grades MR. REDMOND MR' CARTER Basketball Coach Assistant to principal Malh- -Science History-Social studies MR. SALISBURY MR. COATES Manual Training Math. -Driver Training Social Studies M155 WALSH Grades Baseball coach All High School and Grades MRS. HERRICK English-Latin MR- LEEMAN Music MISS ROBITAILLE High School and Grades French-E nglish Seventh-Eighth Grades M155 WOOD Girls' coach M155 DRUMMOND Physical education Speech-English High School and Grades MRS. STINCHFIELD Home Economics MRS. POTTER Commercial MR. IOWDRY Boys' Physical Education High School and Grades Athletic Director The members of the "Skipper" staff thank all those who helped to make our book a success. They are the Advertisers, the Faculty, and all others concerned. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Nancy Allen, Richard Kelley, Norma Cousins, Mrs. Potter, Barry Wood, Sheila Graves, Frank Manchester. BACK ROW: Marjorie Gilley, Eleanor Reynolds, James Harris, Dwight Carter, Robert Doritty. John Walls, Anne Foster, Sylvia Leland. EDITOR-IN -CHIEF Norma Cousins ASSISTANT EDITOR Raymond Smith LITERARY EDITOR John Walls GIRLS' SPORTS Marjorie Gilley BOYS' SPORTS Dwight Carter JOKE EDITOR Robert Doritty PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Eleanor Reynolds James Harris FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Ronald Potter ASSISTAN T ADVISORS Faculty AC TIVITIES -CLUBS Sylvia Leland ALUMNI EDITOR Anne Foster EXCHANGE EDITOR Nancy Allen BUSINESS MANAGERS Barry Wood Richard Kelley Sheila Graves ADVERTISEMENTS Frank Manchester William Wallace I L H r L- silly! fi, fwf l HX BAR HARBOR BANKING and TRUST COMPANY, BAR HARBOR, MAINE with offices at Northeast Harbor - Lubec - Southwest Harbor STUDENT CUUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Nancy Allen, Robert Doritty, Marilyn Robinson, John Walls, Mr. Ernest, Advisor: Anne Foster, Frank Manchester, Helen Robinson: Norma Cousins. SECOND ROW: Esther Jordan, Elaine Higgins, Eleanor Reynolds, Patricia Jordan, Barry Wood, Helen Cameron, Ernest Coombs, Yvonne Cousins. THIRD ROW: Peter Smallidge, Thomas Harkins, Lester Smallidge, Burnham Wallace, Robert Smallidge, Jay Scribner, ABSENT: Raymond Smith. 'ng e The first meeting of the 1951 - 52 Student Council consisted of electing offi- cers. These officers are: President . . . . . . .Tohn Walls Vice-President . . .Raymond Smith Secretary . . . . Anne Foster Treasurer . . . . . Marilyn Robinson It was decided that the money earned from the magazine drive and the money left from the sweater program should be turned over to the exhausted Yearbook fund. The sweater program was voted out because of lack of money. Anne Foster, Marilyn Robinson, Frank Manchester, and Eleanor Reynolds represented the Mount Desert High Student Council at the state Student Council meeting in Portland on November Z9 - 30. They reported their information that was gathered at the meeting to the school in a Friday assembly. They should be congratulated for their accurate and highly informing reports. Candy, hot dogs, and coke were sold at basketball games by the Student Council. John Walls fpresidentj Compliments 5 MAURICE J. MURRELL, Ph. G Registered Pharmacist -6 'T -'J 'C' .bl Sylvia Leland, Sheila Graves, Anne Foster, Norma Cousins. ABSENT: Raymond Smith. ATIU AL H0 011 OCIETY The purpose of the National Honor Society is to pay tribute to those boys and girls who are the real students and the leaders in our high schools. There are four standards which are the basic qualifications of this society - Charac- ter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. The National Honor Society was organized in our high school in 1937 and known as the Gilman High School Chapter. In 1949 the name was changed to the Mount Desert Chapter. Our school enrollment is so small that, since member- ship is based on a percentage basis of the total number of class enrollment we never have been able to have more than four members elected from any one class. One member is elected from the class in its junior year and three mem- bers during the senior year. In 1951 on Class Day of the commencement festivities the Mount Desert Chapter of National Honor Society made its first public appearance in the form of an initiation of its new members. An effective candle light service was used and William Kimball, of the class of 1951, but who had been initiated during the junior year, acted as master of ceremonies. Miss Charlotte Pressey and Miss Norma Drummond, former National Honor Society members, assisted in this program. Those initiated at this time were Ida Beale, Jean Graves, and Lillis Joy of the class of 1951. The junior member was Anne Foster, class of 1952. Those new members elected in 1952 are Norma Cousins, Sheila Graves, and Sylvia Leland. The junior member is Raymond Smith. LYMBURNER ELECTRIC CO. BAR HARBOR SALES, INC Bar Harbor, Maine 79 Cottage Street Everything in electric and gas Bar HEITPOIH Maine 6 Oldsmobile - G M C gf u-J ' s. Class Motto: Excelsior Class Flower: Red Rose E IOR CLASS ODE Tune May The Good Lord Bless and Keep W1th our hxgh school days completed And our own ways we must f1nd e w1ll Leave Mount Desert H1gh School And our fr1er1ds beh1nd Many thanks to all our teachers And our schoolmates ever true May your fortunes be many And your troubles few Now we feel these last few m1nutes M1xed emot1ons 1n every heart For we ve reached that fateful moment That we ve thought of from the start May our futures be as happy As our hmgh school days have been Now good bye our fr1ends and schoolmates T11 we meet aga1n Now good bye our frlends and schoolmates T111 we meet tlll we meet aga1n Class Colors Green and Whlte 7 You ull K' smikllllllt 'S lm lf I HM W . . . . D , , 1 . 4 il!! JOHN HADEN WALLS "Johnny" "l wish I were rich instead of so dam handsome." Class President 2,3,4: Vice-President I5 Basketball I, 2,3,45 Captain 3,45 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 President of Student Council 3,45 Student Library Auxiliary 45 Senior Play 3,45 Variety Show 35 Minstrel Show 35 Dramatics Club 3,45 Outing Club 35 Magazine Drive Capt. 45 Class Marshall I5 Senior Marshall 35 Yearbook Sports Editor 35 Babe Ruth Award 3. College Phys. Ed. ROBERT WAYNE DORITTY "Bobby" "Slow and steady wins the race." Miami, Fla. I5 Yearbook Joke Editor 3,45 Club Editor 35 Student Council 2,3, 45 Dramatics Club 3,45 Outing Club 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Senior Play5 Minstrel Show 35 Variety Show 35 Vice-President of Class 4. College NORMA SYBIL COUSINS "Norma" "Not as innocent as she looks, seems, or ought to be. " Secretary 2,45 Art Club 3,45 Dramatics Club 3,45 F.l-l.A. 3: Majorette 3,45 Art Co-editor of Yearbook 35 Editor-in-chief 45 Student Council 45 National Honor Society 45 One Act-Play 35 Play Contest 3-5 Driver Training 45 Junior Speaking5 Variety Show 35 Ministrel Show 35 Magazine Drive Captain 1. College Boston University ANNE BERKSHIRE FOSTER "Anne" "Knows her own mind and upholds her opinions." National Honor Society 3,45 Basketball 1, 2.3, 45 Captain 35 Cheering 3, 45 Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award 35 Vice-President 1, 25 Treasurer 45 Calico Queen 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3,45 Sec. 45 Representative to State Convention 45 Commercial Club 35 F.H.A. 3,45 Vice-President 35 Dramatics Club 35 Senior P1ay5 Play Contest 35 Yearbook Advertising 35 Alumni 45 Minstrel 35 Magazine Drive Manager 45 School Paper 3. Commercial HATTIEMAE RUTH ALLEN "Hattiemae" 'Every woman should marry. " lIf2 years at Pembroke Schoolg Driver Training 3, Dramatics Club 3, Commercial Club 3, 4: Camera Club 4, One-Act-Play 3. Commercial NANCY ALLEN "Nancy" "Likes to flirt, but is very sweet. " Student Council 1.4: Class Secretary tg Junior Prize Speaking, Senior Playg One-Act-Play 3, Minstrel Show 3: Variety Show 3, Dramatics Club 3, F.H.A. 3,4g Camera Club 3,4g Head Varsity Cheerleader 4: Majorette 3-Drum Majorette 3, 4g Girls' Outing Club 3: Yearbook Exchange Editor 43 Girls' Sport Editor 3, Basketball I, 2,3,4. College Nursing ROBERT BARRY FERNALD "Bobby" "Sometimes I sit and think, sometimes I just sit. " President lg Student Council 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3,4g Baseball 1, 2,3,4g Variety Show 3, Minstrel Show 3, One-Act-Play 35 Dramatics Club 3, 4, Outing Club 3: Junior Prize Speaking Winner. Mortician MARJORIE IRENE GILLEY 'Marge' "I stay up all night to figure out ways to get more sleep. " Basketball 1, 2.3.4, Captain 4, F.H.A. 3,4g Historian 4, Commercial Club 3, 43 Editor 4, Dramatics Club 4: School Paper 3, 4: Girls' Outing Club President 3: Driver Training 35 Yearbook Girls' Sports Editor 4, 9 SHEILA ANN GRAVES "Sheila" "The nicest thing about a woman is a man. " F.H. A. 3, 4: President 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Senior Play: Yearbook Business Manager 4: Driver Training 3: National Honor Society 4: School Paper 3,4: Dramatics Club 4. Commercial Husson College JAMES WAGNER HARRIS "Iimmy" 'Life is real, life is earnest. " Glee Club 1,2, 3,4: Basketball 1: Camera Club 3,4: President 4: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Boys' State Conference 3: Variety Show 3: Minstrel Show 3: Operetta 3,4: Yearbook Photography Editor 4. College University of Maine RICHARD SAMUEL KELLEY "Brownie" "I won't budge an inch. " Assistant Manager of Basketball 3: Basketball Manager 4: Baseball 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: School Paper 3.4: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Senior Play: Business Manager of Yearbook 4. College Maritime Academy SYLVIA ANNE LELAND "Sylvia" "From a spark may burst a mighty flame. " Basketball 1: F.H.A. 3,4: Treasurer 4: Commercial Club 3.4: Secretary 3 Senior Play: One-Act -Play 3: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Yearbook Activities, Clubs 4: Driver Training 3: National!-lonor Society 4: School Paper 3, 4. Commercial Husson College 10 FRANK EDWIN MANCHESTER "Isky" "Of all sad words--- it might have been. " Student Council I,2, 3,45 Play Contest r, 2, 35 Yearbook Advertising Manager 3, 45 Class Marshall I, 25 President 25 Treasurer 35 Dramatics Club Vice- President 35 President 45 Student Library Auxiliary 45 Baseball 2, 3,45 Basket- ball Manager 2,3,45 Senior P1ay5 Junior Speaking5 One -Act-Play 35 Variety Show 35 Minstrel Show 35 Outing Club 35 Camera Club 3: Operetta 3, 45 Representative to State Student Council Convention. College MALCOLM DOW MERCHANT "Mack" "Silence is sweet. " Manual Arts RUDOLPH HODGDON MUSETTI "Rudy" "l might enjoy school if it weren't for teachers and studies." Manual Arts HELEN ELIZABETH ROBINSON "Helen" "Here today and gone tomorrow." Glee Club I5 Class Treasurer 1, 25 Secretary 35 Candidate for Carnival Queen I Dramatics Club Treasurer 35 Camera Club Vice-President 35 Secretary- Treasurer of Camera Club 45 Student Council r. 2, 3,45 Joke Co-Editor of Yearbook 35 Variety Show 35 Minstrel Show 35 One-Act-Play 35 Senior Play. College Nursing 11 RODNEY LEHOLN SMITH "Rod" "l'm a man who admits his faults-I have none. " Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Manual Arts WILLIAM TOM WALLACE "Billy" "Look me over, but don't overlook me. " College BARRY PETER WOOD "Barry" "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death." Yearbook Advertising Manager 3: Business Manager 4g Outing Club 3 Dramatics 3,45 Senior Play: One-Act -Play 3g Variety Show 3g Vice- President 3: Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Baseball 1, 2,3,4p Co-Captain 3. College Maritime Academy IZ ,kc NI L? .9 v 4 X 'J w N W ff", QQ if 1 vw W I . ,Q it em- 'W 'Q W ' 9 " ai W 1' Ea N I I O MU' LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROWg Lenora Walls, Clara Kelley, Marilyn Robinson, Peter Smallidge, Mr. Coates, Eleanor Reynolds, Barbara Hibbard, Virginia Wakefield, Yvonne Cousins. SECOND ROW: Jeannette Muise, Wilmer Marchant, David McFarland, Patricia Jordan, Henry Scribner, Doris Nickerson, Audrey Leach, Austin Young, Hester Crocker. BACK ROW: Langill Stanley, Louis Harkins, David Hyde, Paul Bucklin, Richard Walls Burnham Wallace, Dwight Carter, Blaine Haynes, Gerald Baker, Valorie Merchant. JU l0R CLASS The opening of the school year 1951-52 found the Junior Class with an enrollment of thirty-four. Our present number is thirty. We are sorry to have lost Ellen Gonzales, Robert Dodge, John Ei- singer, Barbara Hodgon, and Persis Cunningham. We have welcomed into our call Wilmer Merchant. The class officers for this year are as follows: President, Ray- mond Smith, Vice-president, Peter Smallidge, Secretary, Marilyn Robinson, Treasurer, Eleanor Reynolds. Members of the Student Council are Patricia Jordan, Yvonne Cousins, and Burnham Wallace. Our Class advisor is Mr. Coates. Participants in basketball from our class are: Eleanor Reynolds, Valorie Merchant, Barbara Hibbard, Wilmer Merchant, Marilyn Robinson, and Audrey Leach. Boys team, Peter Smallidge, Burnham Wallace, Gordon Gray, Dwight Carter, Henry Scribner, David Hyde, and Raymond Smith. Majorettes from our class are Doris Nickerson and Yvonne Cousins. Marilyn Robinson is a Varsity cheerleaderg Audrey Leach is a Iayvee cheerleader. BAR HARBOR MOTOR COMPANY Bar Harbor - Ellsworth 6 otl 60? CLASS POEM The .Tumor Class as you can see Is really very good We have the best of boys and g1rls As all the classes should We have the best of talent In basketball and plays Our Majorettes and cheerleaders Are all slulled 1n the1r ways Before school 1n the Iumor room There s many a shre1k and cry But when asked for recmtatxons You d tlnnk that we were shy Then goes the teacher from the room To get a drxnk of water Someone starts a do1ng th1ngs He knows he hadn t oughta It s Just the same w1th all of us We seem to squ1rm and w1ggle We slmply can t control ourselves When someth1ng makes us g1ggle Now please don t take me wrong my fr1ends It 1sn t that we re bad It s Just that we weren t made to be Metmculous and sad BROWN S STUDIO AND DRUG DEPT Fllms Cosmetxcs Drugs Phone Bar Harbor 200 15 JUNIOR PREVIEW Sv- all is-.7 Os 1' S' 1-'S Sf, " . 4 cn? Y' fx., M, QQ' ,,,r M FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Adams, Jane Brown, Alonzo Hodgdon, Mrs, Potter, Jay Scribner, Joyce Richardson, Catherine Wakefield. SECOND ROW: Martha Smith, Wilmer Walls, Marilyn McKay, Barbara Grindle, Gertrude Hamblen, Leah Blanchard, Nancy Leland, Louise Gott, Miriam Hews. BACK ROW: Helen Fernald, Steve Miller, Milton Walls, Robert Sangnier, Lester Smallidge, Thomas Harkins, Wayne Smith, 0PHOMORE CLASS At the beginning of the 1951-52 school year twenty-one students were registered in the Sophomore Class. We were sorry to lose two of our class members during the year. Gloria Wright moved away, and Alonzo Hodgdon left us. We were glad to welcome two new members, Jay Scribner, formerly of Ellsworth and Robert Sangnier of New York. At our first class meeting we elected our officers as follows: Presi- dent, Jay Scribner, Vice-president, Lester Smallidge, Secretary, Joyce Richardson, Treasurer, Jane Brown. We elected four delegates to the Student Council: Alonzo I-lodgdon, Jay Scribner, Lester Smallidge and Thomas Harkins. Miss Jean Clemons was our class advisor. The sophomore girls who played basketball were: Marilyn McKay, Leah Blanchard, Jane Brown and Joyce Richardson. Gertrude Hamblen was chosen as Manager. Boys' team were: Jay Scribner, Lester Small- idge, Wayne Smith, Steve Miller and Thomas Harkins. Varsity Cheerleaders from the class were: Sandra Adams, Nancy Leland, Wilma Walls. The Jayvee Cheerleader was Helen Fernald. Miriam Hews, Marilyn McKay and Leah Blanchard served as ma- jorettes. The majority of our class joined the Dramatics Club. Members of the band were: Jane Brown, Joyce Richardson, Lester Smallidge, Steve Miller, Martha Smith and Miriam Hews. Members of the Glee Club were: Jane Brown, Martha Smith, Lester Smallidge, Barbara Grindle, Sandra Adams and Catherine Wakefield. THE WARDS INC. Dry Goods 8: Ready to Wear Bar Harbor, Maine 16 LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Gilmore Stanley, Albert Kelley, Stuart Jordan, Earl Moore, Leroy Walls, Brian Graves. SECCXXJD ROW: Sonya Stanley, Nancy Jenkins, Sally Scarborough, Robert Smallidge, Mr. Carter, Ernest Coombs, Nancy Hibbard, Polly Kelley, Sandra Holmes. THIRD ROW: Judy Jordan, Natalie Grindle, Christine Manchester, Carol Grant, Helen Cameron, Marguerite Ashley, Faith McKay, Claire Lunt, Hazel Hamblen. BACK ROW: Mary Grant, Lena Spurling, Stanley Walls, Dale Watson, Gary Tyler, Maynord Pettee, Anthony Hamor, Betty Lou Manchester, Maxine Harkins. FRE HMA CLASS At the beginning of the school year, thirty-seven students were en- rolled in the Freshman class. Peter Hickey left last fall, but will re- turn in the spring to finish the school year. We regret that Betty May Earls, who has moved away, and Richard Graves have left us for good. In September we were all duly initiated by the sophomores, having our first social evening after our reception. At our first class meeting Mr. Carter was elected class advisor. Robert Smallidge was elected president of the class, Ernest Coombs, vice president, and Sally Scarborough, secretary and treasurer. The three students belonging to the Student Council this year are Robert Smallidge, Ernest Coombs, and Helen Cameron. The following boys are on the .layvee Basketball Squad this year: Gary Tyler, Ronald Mussetti, Robert Smallidge, Leroy Walls, and May- nard Pettee. The Cheerleaders are: Nancy Jenkins, Judith Jordan, Claire Lunt, Marguerite Ashley, and Helen Cameron. Those on the girls' basketball team are Hazel Hamblen and Nat Crrindle. Our'class is represented in Band, Dramatics and Cflee Club. The cast of the Freshman play consists of Robert Smallidge, Nat Grindle, Claire Lunt, Lena Spurling, Ernest Coombs, Helen Cameron, and Earle Moore. Judy Hamblen is our representative for the Majorettes. 18 FRESHMAN ONE -AC T PLAY LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Helen Cameron, Natalie Grindle, Miss Drummond, Robert Smallidge, Lena May Spurling. BACK ROW: Ernest Coombs, Earle Moore, Claire Lunt. "Otter C rickers" Hazel The Gang" Judy H. J 9 "Safaris" "Nature Boy" Senior Kelley Compliments of J. C. WALLS Seal Harbor, Maine LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: James Smallidge, Donald Cousins, Elbert Richardson, John Manter, Marshall Taylor, Malcolm Taylor. SECOND ROW: Doreen Kimball, Hilma Hodgdon, Duane Jenkins, Mr. Snow, Robert Wood, Dana Haynes, Ida Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Wakefield, Elaine Higgins, Fred Gott, Norma Richard son, James Hooper, Millie Leonard, Carol Wright. Jackie Adams. BACK ROW: Ruth Corbett, Paula Blaisdell, Ronald Pinkham, Wilson l-lodgdon, Joel Atwood, Bryant Nicholson, Hillard Walls. IGHTH GRADE At the beginning of the school year, the eighth grade had an enroll- ment of 30 boys and girls. We were all very happy to have two newcomers: John Manter and Ruth Corbett. We were sorry to see Jerry Eisinger leave for Georgia and Alice Durham leave for Virginia. At our first class meeting the following officers were elected: Presi- dent, Duane Jenkinsg Vice President, Robert Wood, Secretary, Dana Haynesg Treasurer, Hilma Hodgdon. Mr. Snow is our class advisor and homeroom teacher. We were given the privilege of selling pop corn and potato chips at ball games. The boys that went out for basketball were as follows: Joel Atwood, Don- ald Cousins, James Hooper, Duane Jenkins, John Manter, Bryant Nicholson, Elbert Richardson, James Smallidge, Malcolm Taylor, Marshall Taylor, and R obert Wood. Hilma Hodgdon Compliments of L . ELRIE HOLMES Z0 J LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: George Holmes, Kelton Muise, David Allen, David Wallace, Winston Stanley, Paul Kelley, SECOND ROW: Sandra Watson, Betty Murrell, Gary Solari, Miss Robitaille, Jeffrey Jowdry, Esther Jordan, Nathalie Leach. THIRD ROW: Diane Grindle, Barbara Bagley, Eleanor Coombs, Onalee Grindle, Marian Reed, Mildred Jeffers, Ruth Richardson, Deborah Lucas, Dawn Meader. BACK ROW: Nancy Kimball, Harold Lynk, John Grant, Crosby Fernald, Carroll Walls, Norma Bagley, George Merchant. EVE TH GRA DE At the beginning of the school year, the seventh grade had an enrollment of thirty students. ln November, Glenwood Walls was a newcomer to the class. At our first meeting the following officers were elected: President, Gary Solari, Vice President, Jeff Jowdry, Secretary, Esther Jordan, Treasurer, Betty Murrell. Esther Jordan, Student Council Representative. Miss Robitaille is our homeroom teacher and class advisor. It was decided to sell candy during lunch time to raise money. The following seventh graders took part in activities and clubs: Speech Con- test: Esther Jordan, Nancy Kimball, Deborah Lucas, Betty Murrell. One-Act Plays: Eleanor Coombs, Crosby Fernald, John Grant, Esther Jordan Jeff Jowdry, Sandra Watson. Band: David Allen, Barbara Bagley, Crosby Fernald, John Grant, Esther Jordan, Betty Murrell. Majorettes: Mildred Jeffers, Dawn Meader, Sandra Watson. Basketball: David Allen, George Holmes, Jeff Jowdry. Dramatic Club: Barbara Bagley, Norma Bagley, Eleanor Coombs, Crosby Fernald, Diane Grindle, Onalee Grindle, Mildred Jeffers, Esther Jordan, Jeff Jowdry, Nancy Kimball, Nathalie Leach, Deborah Lucas, Kelton Muise, Betty Murrell, Marion Reed, Ruth Richardson. Glee Club: David Allen, Barbara Bagley, Eleanor Coombs, Crosby Fernald, Diane Grindle, Onalee Grindle, Mildred Jeffers, Esther Jordan, John Grant, Dawn Meader, Deborah Lucas, Betty Murrell, Nathalie Leach. Z1 WHO' WHO BEST DISPOSITION MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING . "3 FRANK MANCHESTER JOHN WALLS ROBERT DORITTY HELEN ROBINSON ANNE FOSTER WILMER MERCHANT T 26539 A LIKEL EST DB Y OSU B C H RA SW-T ON YM RAYMO512 ROBTNS NORMEINQD SMITH BEST ATHLETES MUSICAL TALENT BEST DANCERS JOHN WALLS LESTER SMALLIDGE JOHN WALLS ANNE FOSTER MARTHA SMITH ANNE FOSTER 22 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sheila Graves, James Harris, Marjorie Gilley, Mrs. Potter, Marilyn Robinson Richard Kelley, Sylvia Leland. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Cousins, Marilyn McKay, Jeanette Muise, Hester Crocker, Eleanor Reynolds, Barbara Grindle, Nancy Leland, Wilma Walls. THIRD ROW: Audrey Leach, Doris Nickerson, Wayne Smith, Helen Fernald, Patricia Jordan, l-lattiemae Allen. COMMERCIAL CL B At the first Commercial Club Meeting on November 8, we elected our officers and committees. , The project of the club is to publish a school paper, "Mt, Desert Highlights," once a month. The paper is sold for S,1O. Everyone has worked hard to gather material for the school paper. We have a "Jokes and Gossip" Column, "School News" Column, "Literary" Column, and "Sports" Column. The last two pages of our paper are usually reserved for advertisements from the stores and businesses in local and neighboring towns. Compliments of OTIS M. OBER CO. - ERNEST C. OBER N OUR BA KETBALL TEAM Today Manager Dlck Kelley came 1nto my room and asked me to wr1te an art1cle about the New Polnt System I replled ln the afflrma t1ve but after due cons1derat1on declded to talk on a much more 1mpor tant toplc Our Basketball Team Our basketball team has just completed what I cons1der a most suc cessful season and we are all eagerly awa1t1ng tournament selectxon results The boys d1d a f11'1EJOb th1s season Semor and Capt John Walls led the team to many v1ctor1es 1n grand style John IS not only cooperat1ve but a good team man and outstand1ng guard and an excellent set shot as well John d1sl1ked m1.ss1ng so many of the games due to 1nJur1es as much as we m1ssed h1m We all extend our best w1shes to John to be a great success mn what ever held he may enter We all know wxth John s xdeas atutudes etc he w1ll truly suc ceed Next 1n l1ne comes Bob Dor1tty the qu1et but always th1nk1ng Creeker One must get up early ln the mornlng to outfox Bob He played sound steady ball all season and kept our team up w1th the best mn Mamne He only stands 6 feet, but h1s backboard play, teamwork and shoot1ng a- blllty fespec1ally those sly hook shotsl won many games thxs past season. H1s sportsmanshxp of takwng a beatlng under the boards from much longer foes 1S quzte ev1dent and has been recogmzed by all Thxs att1tude of never compla1n1ng w1ns the approval of all h1s compet1tors as well as of all hls compamons. Rod Sm1th 1S another of our outstandlng athletes, whose maxn scorxng punch Q8 18 pomntsl 1n every game kept us 1n many a ball game Th1s year Rod w1ll represent us 1n the foul shoot1ng contest at the U of Ma1ne To show Rod's ab1l1ty I only have to ment1on the fact that he scored 48 out of 50 foul shots just recently Good luck, Rod and hope you'll br1ng back a trophy to Mount Desert H1gh School BAR HARBOR TIMES PUBLISHING CO Z4 L X, 2 4 L ls it N I I I il tif?-s' N . " f x X I t -are lf I .mfr I, I I ' Q :iw M I ' , H , . xg - l tu I xx I O , , 2 I 'H J - f W I t 4 I pg . ,,---,I I 4 : ,y" lk I V Ja gf - '-A2343-S N X ll 5 elk if I , I-I' X in . O 0 ' lux W X l , 0 , , fx 1 , ' ' 'f b 6 X 3 lt ' ' 0 X Q Lf FQ . l , lll 1' , ff. 90 It ll l V . 1, , 9: ' ,ll X tx V it l ,F 'r it I A' 'J 1 l 1 9 'A nl fu Il 1 ' f l - . ' . . . . - ' ll N I ' ! , . . , . . . - ' I I 'I , . ! I Roundxng out our qulntet of senlor players are Barry Wood and Bob Fernald These boys w1ll be mxssed when .Tune rolls around Barry and Bob would undoubtedly be regulars 1n many schools However th1s year we had many adept players whxch made It d1ff1cult for those two boys get a regular start1ng berth Both d1d a superb Job of subst1tut1ng for regulars when the occas1on arose Two excellent ball players from the Jun1or class that d1d A l work th1s season were Peter Smalhdge and Pop Wallace Dependable Pete al ways played h1s usual swell defens1ve game procured a large number of rebounds and gave much needed scor1ng power to the qu1ntet Pete I am pleased to say w1ll be back w1th us another year stronger than ever whlch 1s merely a mlld warnlng to the oppos1t1on Pop Wallace got off to a slow start due to an arm 1nJury the early part of the season Neverthe less before the season was half over Pop was ln there shootlng basket after basket much to the d1sgust of the oppos1ng teams That Pop has an other season certa1nly doesn t hurt anyones feehngs 1n Northeast Harbor Other Jumors who saw act1on and a1ded the cause when necess1ty occurredwere GordonGray Ray Smxth and Dwlght Carter Gordon always a h1gh scorer got h1s share ofpolntsbothbyheld goals aadby fouls untxla baseball and basketball seasons to truly prove he IS one of the outstand1ng atheletes at Mount Desert H S Ray Smlth d1d a commendable Job and w1ll be a tremendous asset to the club next season Ray may be our h1gh scor1ng center who knows? Dw1ght Carter played not only outstand1ng ball wlth J V club but d1d well when playlng as a Vars1ty Sub Dwlght w1ll be throwlng them through aga1n next season Flnally our new and welcomed comer .Tay Scrlbner 1S a boy to watch for the next two years .Tay already handles the ball well and I ll be sur pr1sed 1f he 1sn t a starter next year He IS representnug the school 1n the S1x Shooter Contest th1s year Yes' and .Tay 1s only a sophomore All 1n all I truly apprec1ate the flne team work cooperat1on and f1ght1ng sp1r1t that ex1sted throughout the year The boys d1d a whale of a f1ne Job espec1ally when you compare our enrollment w1th that of com pet1tors I certalnly thank them for everyth1ng and I m sure the people of Mount Desert feel overjoyed by the show1ng th1s f1ne group of boys have made Thank you for your txme Coach W1ll1am Redmond F R .TELLISON 8: SON 515 to S1 O0 Store 16 18 Mt Desert Street Bar Harbor Malne Z5 q n 1 n I back injury foiled his chances. Gordon should be back lrong both during AQUA? gESERT 01-'Nav 5 ncszar DUN wuflr DEUERT ' I QUUIII. 'h9UNr ' lnrsznr YK DESERT LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Barry Wood, Robert Doritty, John Walls, Peter Smallidge, Burnham Wallace, Rodney Smith. BACK ROW: Manager Kelley, Jay Scribner, Gary Tyler, Coach Redmond, David Hyde, Dwight Carter, Manager Frank Manchester. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Raymond Smith, Gordon Gray. VAR ITY SQUAD Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec: Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Ian. Feb. Feb Feb. ASQ I N-A ill I lixi vi ,Q 20 Z7 30 14 18 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1951 - 1952 Tuesday Tuesday Friday l Saturday 4 Tuesday 7 Friday Friday Tuesday 4 Friday 8 Tuesday ll Friday 15 Tuesday 18 Friday Z5 Friday l Friday Z Saturday 5 Tuesday C ompliments of Blue Hill Stonington Dexter Dover Bar Harbor Bucksport Mars Hill Ellsworth Belfast Ellsworth Blue Hill Pemetic Bucksport Bar Harbor Dover Lubec Pemetic THEKONCMY l.G.A. STORE uRipu Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away Away Z6 lVl.D. OPP. 50 34 71 38 56 58fovertimel 46 37 47 43 38 44 40 44 43 51 43 30 42 46 44 50 51 45 35 3Zfovertime 49 53 48 36 57 37 47 67 LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Henry Scribner, Lester Smallidge, Robert Smallidge, Maynard Pettee, Wayne Smith. BACK ROW: David McFarland, Thomas Harkins, Coach Redmond, Steve Miller, Leroy Walls. Nov. NOV. NOV. Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Ian. Feb Tuesday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday Friday Friday Tuesday JAYVEE SCHEDULE Blue Hill Stonington Dexter Bar Harbor Bucksport Ellsworth Belfast Ellsworth Blue Hill Pemetic Bucksport Bar Harbor Pemetic 27 91-19 Home Home Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Home Home Away Away NLD. OPP. 37 26 37 22 47 39 30 32 32 41 45 44 34 23 34 72 40 43 43 48 36 53 40 60 27 43 Compliments of RONNIE 'S LUNCH l?letF5e 're .dv LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Barry Wood, David Hyde, Robert Doritty, Burnham Wallace, John Walls, Rodney Smith, Peter Smallidge. BACK ROW: Coach Coates,.Iay Scribner, Dwight Carter, Frank Manchester, Gary Tyler Stephen Miller, Manager Kelley, Henry Scribner. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Gordon Gray. BA EBALL SQUAD Only one player was missing when the baseball went out this spring. An all veteran nine will represent Mt. Desert after a good record of eight victories and five defeats last year. Since every player has had at least one year's experi- ence at his position, a good hitting club is in evidence. Gor- don Gray and Rodney Smith round out a two man mound staff that compares with any in smaller school competition. They will divide additional duty on the infield when not pitching. Peter Smallidge has improved very much to make a good re- ceiver. Dwight Carter will aid in this department. The infield has .Tohn Walls returning at first base, Robert Fernald at sec- ond, Barry ferrorlessl Wood at shortstop, and Robert Doritty, utility. All are seniors and veterans. The outfield has Burnham Wallace and David Hyde returning, two boys who form a nucle- us for a good outer pasture. Other boys hustling to oust the veterans include .Tay Scribner, Langill Stanley, Gary Tyler, Ronnie Musetti, Robert Sangier, a transfer student, and helpful Frank Manchester. Richard Kelley and Henry Scribner are the managers. What record lies ahead? Hard work, lady luck, per- centage, and the Louisville slugger will give the final answer. Compliments of MANCHESTER BROS. GARAGE Mobnqas Mobnqas 2 8 LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Eleanor Reynolds, Marilyn McKay, Marjorie Gilley, Nancy Allen, Anne Foster Jane Brown. BACK ROW: Coach Wood, Leah Blanchard, Valorie Merchant, Joyce Richardson, Barbara Hibbard Gertrude Hamblen. GIRL ' BASKETBALL The Mt. Desert Girls' Varsity Basketball squad was organized in late November. Marjorie Gilley was elected Captain and Gertrude Hamblen, acting Manager and Scorer. The schedule for the season included two games with Ellsworth, two with Pemetic, two with Blue Hill, two with Bucksport and one with the Faculty. After a total of three hours practice, the team were hosts to the Ellsworth sextet. It was an all-around-well-played game with a final score of Mt. Desert 54, Ellsworth 47. It might be well to men- tion here that a score in the fifties in women's basketball is indica- tive of considerable skill, since only three members of the team are in a position to shoot. On Dec. 19, the team journeyed to Pemetic and met defeat with a final tally of Pemetic 24, Mt. Desert 18. The Pemetic lassies are to be commended for a well played, clean and fast style of basketball. Jan. 10th found Mt. Desert at home to Bucksport. Here again was an interesting game to watch. The teams were evenly matched and played a similar style of ball which ended in a tie -- 32-32. In women's basketball, a tie stands as such, and in the case of tournament play, another game is arranged instead of engaging in an overtime. Jan. 12th marked the game with the faculty, the proceeds of which benefited the March of Dimes. The Down 'n Outers produced such hot shots as Jowdry, Coates, Redmond, and Carter -- not to mention high scorers as Potter and Stinchfield. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Bar Harbor, Maine 29 fGIR LS' BASKETBALL CONTINUEDJ The game was carr1ed through the added efforts of Robxtarlle Drummond and Coach Hernck The frnal count 36 36 At Blue H111 on .Tan 18th Mt Desert really rolled t1ll the last bell Result Mt Desert 50 Blue H111 38 On .Tan Z4 Mt Desert en gaged 1n a return game at Ellsworth There never was any questmon about v1ctory from start to f1n1sh Mt Desert 42 and Ellsworth 38 At the present trme there are three games left on schedule Regardless of the f1nal outcome your gxrls basketball squad de serves cons1derable cred1t Members played rn the sp1r1t of fun new fr1ends and contr1buted to the teams obv1ous Lmprovement Three cheers for Marjorxe G1lley Capta1n Anne Foster Marmlyn McKay Valor1e Merchant Nancy Allen Jane Brown Eleanor Reynolds Leah Blanchard Gertrude Hamblen Manager Joyce R1chardson Barbara H1bbard Hazel Hamblen Nancy I-hbbard Wrlmer Merchant Mar1lyn Rob1nson Natalle Grxndle GIRL PHY ICAL EDUCATION Phys1cal Educat1on for g1rls 1n 1951 52 1ncluded every g1rl from the 7th through the 12th grades The program was arranged w1th the 1dea of prov1d1ng the greatest good for the greatest number The choxce of ac t1v1t1es depended upon the carry over value as well as the healthful In the fall a great deal of txme was spent on general body cond1t1on rng 1n preparatxon for the games and sports to follow Act1v1t1es mnclud ed archery golf soccer and some basketball techmques The wlnter terms rncluded volleyball badm1nton basketball tenms shuffleboard and apparatus fly1ng r1ngs travelllng rrngs and horse The 1ntra mural program generally depends upon the xnterest of the classes and It seems hkely that there w1ll be an rnterclass basketball and volleyball tournament The sprxng term marks the trek to the out of doors and w1th It comes golf archery softball soccer and body cond1t1omng The 1951 52 phys1cal educat1on course for gxrls brought w1th It some heartemng results General body co ordmnatlon was markedly lmproved 1n all classes attrtudes toward compet1t1on were greatly 1mproved and sk11ls and techmques 1n the varxous act1v1t1es progressed to a po1nt where the students enjoyed the sports 1nstead of labor1ng over them Suzanne Wood Physxcal Educat1on Instructor Comphments of KEBO GARAGE INC Bar Harbor Marne 30 I n y . , . ' . : . , . . , . - . , w l , - . . I . . . , , . I I 0 qualities to be derived. l - I I I I ' I I I - I I C I I ', I I I I . . . ' . 7 . . . . ' . . . . , , . I C ompliments of JOHN ADAMS L FRONT ROW: Wilma Walls, Sandra Adams, Marilyn Robinson, Helen Cameron. BACK ROW: Sylvia Leland, Nancy Allen, Nancy Leland. VAR lll CHEERLEADER Eight cheerleaders made up the varsity group of the Mount Desert Pepper- ettes this year. Anne Foster, head cheerleader, Nancy Allen, Sylvia Leland, Marilyn Robinson, Nancy Leland, Wilma Walls, Helen Cameron, and Sandra Adams. The first of the season Anne Foster had to drop out, so we again chose a head cheerleader, Nancy Allen. This left us with only seven. JAYVEE CHEERLEADER Six new girls were chosen this year by the varsity squad to represent the Jayvees. The girls were Audrey Leach, head cheerleader, Helen Fernald, Judy Jordan, Nancy Jenkins, Marguerite Ashley, and Claire Lunt. The girls worked hard all year and were very co-operative in trying to make the team a success. We were very fortunate in having new uniforms, blue and white, the school colors. I hope the girls of the Jayvee cheering squad in the future, practice, and have as much fun as we did. FRONT ROW: Marguerite Ashley, Nancy Jenkins, Helen Fernald. BACK ROW: Judy Jordan, Audrey Leach, Claire Lunt. Compliments of JAMES GROCER Y LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Mr. Leeman, Jane Brown, Elaine Higgins, Judy Jordan, Sandra Holmes, Mildred Leonard, Miriam Hews, Hazel Hamblen, Earle Moore, Ernest Coombs, Nancy Allen. SECOND ROW: Gilmore Stanley, Esther Jordan, Barbara Bagley, John Manter, lames Smallidge, Natalie Grindle, Brian Graves, Marshall Taylor, Malcolm Taylor, Winston Stanley, Martha Smith. THIRD ROW: Norma Richardson, Elbert Richardson, James Hooper, Joyce Richardson, Bryant Nicholson, Crosby Fernald, Steve Miller, John Grant, Mary Grant, Betty Murrell. FOURTH ROW: Anthony Hamor, David Allen, Lester Smallidge, Gary Tyler, Joel Atwood, Fred Gott. MOUNT DE ERT BA D We have a growing band at Mt. Desert High. Though it has been organized only a few years, at the present time we have about forty members. Many of the children in the elementary schools are being trained for band work when they enter high school. Mr. Paul Leeman is our new band instructor and under his leadership we feel that much progress has been made. The band has played at all pro- grams presented to the public, and as an added attraction has played at all home basketball games. For the first time band-officers were elected this year. They are as follows: President, Jane Brown, Secretary and Treasurer, Lester Smallidgeg Librarian, Steve Miller, Manager, Ernest Coombsg and assistant manager, Gary Tyler. The members of the band want to express their appreciation to the com- munities of Mt. Desert for their interest in helping raise money for our uni- forms. They have been ordered and though they have not yet arrived, we hope to have them for the Music Festival in May. Compliments of FRANCIS AHLBLAD Bar Harbor, Maine 32 i LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Malcolm Taylor, Marshall Taylor, James Hooper, Mr. Coates, Jeffrey Jenkins, Duane Jenkens, Robert Wood. BACK ROW: George Holmes, James Smallidge, Donald Cousins, Bryant Nicholson, Joel Atwood, David Allen, Elbert Richardson, John Maurer. Dec. .Tan Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb Feb Feb .TR . H.S. SCHEDULE Pemetic Jr. H.S. Bucksport Jr. H.S. Pemetic Jr. H.S. Bucksport Jr. H.S. Pemetic Ir. H.S. Ellsworth Ir. H.S. Bar Harbor Jr. H.S. Bar Harbor Ir. H.S. We They 26 25 17 19 24 2.5 Z5 21 Zl ZZ 15 37 15 34 12. 37 C ompliments of BAR HARBOR STEAM LAUNDRY A. E. LAWRENCE Bar Harbor, Maine 33 Contractors Bar Harbor, Maine LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Norma Cousins, Miriam l-lews, Yvonne Cousins, Marilyn McKay, Mildred Jeffers, Elaine Higgins, Doris Nickerson. BACK ROW: Leah Blanchard, Hilma Hogdon, Ruth Corbett. MAJORETTE The Majorettes elected the following officers at the beginning of the year: Head Majorette Marilyn McKay, Secretary, Norma Cousinsg Drum Majorette for the band Nancy Allen. Those who have added to the squad this year are Hilma Hogdons, Ruth Corbett, Judy Hamblen, San- dra Watson, and Mildred Jeffers. The majorette group didn't have an instructor this year but have kept in good trim by faithful practice and self instruction. The majorettes have performed at all the games and enjoyed taking part in the music festival at the U. of M. MOUNT DESERT DANCE BAND Ernest Coombs, Sandra Holmes, Gary Tyler, Jane Brown. Mr. leeman, Lester Smallidge, Steve Miller. Compliments of C. E. WALLACE Plumbing and Heating Northeast Harbor, Maine LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Marshall Taylor, Malcolm Taylor, David Allen, Ernest Coombs, Earle Moore, Crosby Femald, Bryant Graves, John Grant, Kelton Muise, John Manter. SECOND ROW: Sonya Stanley, Steve Miller, Jeanette Muise, Wilmer Merchant, Doris Nickerson, Audrey Leach, James Harris, Sally Scarborough, Henry Scribner, Barbara Hibbard, Virginia Wakefield, Onalee Grindle, Mary Grant. THIRD ROW: Natalie Leach, Diane Grindle, Esther, Jordan, Dorene Kimball, Mildred Jeffers, Sandra Holmes, Jackie Adams, Elaine Higgins, Dorothy Wakefield, Ida Jenkins, Eleanor Coombs, Deborah Lucas, Barbara Bagley, Dawn Meader, Sandra Watson. FOURTH ROW: Claire Lunt, Martha Smith, Hazel Hamblen, Carol Wright, Chris- tine Manchester, Betty Murrell, Mildred Leanord, Helen Cameron, Helma Hodgdon, Norma Bagley, Nancy Kimball, Norma Richardson, Judy Jordan, Catherine Wakefield, Carol Grant. FIFTH ROW: Paula Blaisdell, Lena Spurling, Betty Lou Manchester, Stanley Walls, Robert Smallldge, Lester Smallidge, Gary Tyler, Joel Atwood, Jeffrey Jowdry. Jane Brown, Maxine Harkins. GLEE CLUB In September the glee club was organized with fifty-eight members directed by our new music teacher, Mr. Paul Leeman. On December eighth the glee club presented an operetta, 'The White Gypsy." The operetta was much more effective, because of the bright- colored costumes which were made by the Home Economic girls under the direction of Mrs. Stinchfield. Much time and hard work was spent by all. We prepared a musical program for Parent Teachers' Association meeting held at Mount Desert in May for all the associations of Mt. Desert Island. We also participated in the Eastern Music Festival held at the Uni- versity of Maine, May 17. STRATTON'S 35 Ellsworth, Maine LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Brian Graves, Ernest Coombs, Anthony Hamor, Henry Scribner, Earle Moore, Alben Kelley, Gilmore Stanley. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Gilley, Helen Robinson, Sheila Graves, Norma Cousins, Eleanor Reynolds, Frank Manchester, Miss Drummond, Patricia Jordan, Helen Femald, John Walls, Richard Kelley, James Harris, Hattiemae A11en.THIRD ROW: Sandra Holmes, Sonya Stanley, Sandra Adams, Catherine Wakefield, Nancy Hibbard, Marilyn Robinson, Natalie Grindle, Louise Gott, Virginia Wakefield, Miriam Hews, Judy Jordan, Hazel Hamblen, Yvonne Cousins, Nancy Jenkins, Polly Kelley. FOURTH ROW: Valerie Merchant, Marilyn McKay, Barbara Grindle, Gertrude Hamblen, Helen Cameron. Carol Grant, Maxine Harkins, Audrey Leach, Doris Nickerson, Mary Grant, Sally Scarborough, Claire Lunt, Jeanette Mulse, Barbara Hibbard, Joyce Richardson. FIFTH ROW: Jane Brown, Steve Miller, Maynard Pettee, Jay Scribner, Robert Smallidge, Dwight Carter, Alonzo Hodgdon, Robert Doritty, Lester Smallidge, Gary Tyler, Thomas Harkins, Barry Wood, Dale Watson, Betty Manchester. E lllll DRAMATICS CL B The Dramatics Club opened this year by electing the following officers: President, Frank Manchester, Vice President, Patricia Jordan, Secretary, Eleanor Reynolds, Treasurer, Helen Fernald. The Dramatics Club had a Sock Dance November l, which was one of the most successful dances ever held in our new school. They also helped the Glee Club put on an Operetta December 8. On March 14, the Dramatics Club presented a Cabaret, and the proceeds went to help some school projects. The club plans to spend its money in the treasury for stage equipment, and especially lights. Altogether the club has had a very successful year. Compliments of ARNOLD ALLEN Mount Desert, Maine 36 LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: James Hooper, Jackie Adams, Norma Richardson, Donald Cousins, Miss Drummond, John Grant, Betty Murrell, Bryant Nicholson, Nancy Kinball. SECOND ROW: Diane Grindle, Barbara Bagley, Deborah Lucas, Marshall Taylor, Malcolm Taylor, Elaine Higgins, Ruth Richardson, John Manter, Mildred Jeffers, Esther Jordan, Nathlie Grindle. BACK ROW: Dorene Kimball, Eleanor Coombs, Marion Reed, Fred Gott, Crosby Fernald, Joel Atwood, Jeff Jowdry, Paula Blaisdell, Norma Bagley, Onalee Grindle, Ida Jenkins. JUNIUR DR MATIC CLUB Officers for 1951-1952. President, Donald Cousins, Vice President, John Grant, Secretary, Norma Richardson, Treasurer, Betty Murrell. Advisor, Miss Norma Drummond. Play Selection Committee. Eleanor Coombs, Nancy Kimball, Bryant Nicholson, Crosby Fernald, Jeffery Jowdry, We hold meetings on every other Thursday. The name of our club is 'The Mount Desert Masque,' which was the same name last year. We decided to have a play with fourteen characters. The name of the play was 'The Initiation." The play cast was as follows: John Grant, Donald Cousins, Jackie Adams, Barbara Bagley, Nancy Kimball, Crosby Fernald, John Manter, Dorene Kimball, Betty Murrell, Deborah Lucas, James Hooper, Bryant Nicholson, Ida Jenkins, Onalee Grindle. Compliments of Compliments of BEAL'S JEWELRY STORE INC. SACHSM.AN'S MEN'S STORE Ellsworth, Maine 37 Bar Harbor, Maine s-5 FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Dorts Nlckerson Martlyn Roblnson Lena Spurltng Mary Grant Miss Walsh Carol Grant Norma Cousms Patrtcra Jordan Dorene Kimball SECOND ROW Barbara Bagley Ida Jenkms Judy Jordan Elbert Richardson Earle Moore Stuart Jordan Norma Rrchardson James Smalltdge Jackie Adams Sandra Holmes THIRD ROW Norma Bagley Helen Cameron Stanley Walls Jay Scribner Gary Tyler Thomas I-larkms Anthony Hamor Maxine Harktns Sally Scarborough Mgt ART CL B The officers chosen for the Art Club are as follows: President, Mary Grant, Vice President Carol Grant, Treasurer, Lena May Spurling. Dues were set at 25 cents a month, and meet- ings are held every other Thursday. The purpose of this club is to allow those per sons interested in any form of art materials to work in their medium. The various crafts and materials used are: pastels, oil paints, clay mo- deling, water colors, poster paints, finger paints, mural painting, charcoal drawing, block printing, and leather craft. The club has made mache puppets, painted scenery, made a few props, and presented a puppet show for the purpose of raising money. At Work Compliments of BORDEAUX DAIR YS Mount Desert, Maine 38 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanette Muise, Nancy Allen, Helen Robinson, James Harris, Mr. Salisbury, Sheila Graves, Hattiemae Allen, Richard Kelley, Audrey Leach. SECOND ROW: Ida Jenkin, Duane Jenkins, Natalie Grindle, Earle Moore, Stewart Jordan. Dana Haynes, Jackie Adams, Dorene Kimball. THIRD ROW: Hester Crocker, Doris Nickerson, Stanley Walls, Gary Tyler, Maynard Pettee, Claire Lunt. CAMERA CL B After a year of being handicapped by the lack of adequate facilities, a newly decorated and thoroughly equipped darkroom has stimulated interest in the Camera Club. Membership has gradually increased to twenty-three students. The Club meets regularly each Wednesday to carry out a course of instruction in Photo- graphic Techniques based on a series of lessons developed by the Eastman Kodak Company for the use of school clubs. The subjects covered in the course are, the Camera and its use, the processing of the negative, printing both contact prints and enlargements, the light meter, color film and how to use it, and the finishing and mounting of prints. Each member is expected to develop his own film and from it make and finish both prints and enlarge- ments. The appreciation of the Camera Club is extended to Mr. Jerome Knowles and Dr. G. Merrill Haskell for their interest and personal efforts in making our darkroom facilities equal to, if not better than those of any High School in the State. STRATTON'S HARRY C. AUSTIN AND CO. Ellsworth Ellsworth 39 FIRST ROW: Lena May Spurling, Helen Fernald, Sheila Graves, Mrs. Stinchfield, Marilyn Robinson, Sylvia Leland, Marjorie Gilley. SECOND ROW: Carol Grant, Barbara Grindle, Nancy Leland, Nancy Allen, Wilma Walls, Natalie Grindle. THIRD ROW: Anne Foster, Mary Grant, Maxine Harkins, Audrey Leach. 2 Q 1, F, HOME EC. CL B The Officers of the F. H. A. Club are as follows: President .... ..... S helia Graves Vice President . . Marilyn Robinson Secretary. . . Helen Fernald Treasurer . . . Sylvia Leland Historian ...... . . . Marjorie Gilley Parliamentarian . . . . . . Lena May Spurling The advisor of the F, H. A. club is Mrs. Eleanor X pp sunchfieid. Q, 1 tx 9 Miss Adelaide Grant, a senior PRESIDENT at the University of Maine, spent Activities of the club consist of a supper for the Town Managers and their wivesg A Christmas box for a needy familyg and two dinners for the teachers who took the Art six weeks practice teaching in our Home Ec. Dept. course. yypyp ,' The F. H. A. club meets twice a month, L "l' f once for business and once for a social meeting. -... f Miss Adelaide Grant SOMES SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE SOMESVILLE Complete Service--General Repairs Rest Rooms Sporting Goods 40 DRIVER TRAINING CL Ass IN SESSION f lassroom 1nstruct1on 1n the soc1al respons1bl1ty Dr1ver educat1on cons1sts o c d ract1ce Today the worst records and sportsmansh1p of dr1vers as well as roa p b our 15 Z5 age group and the 1nsurance rates on on our hlghW3yS are bmg made y en are consc1ous of the number automob1les are hxgher because of th1s Safety rn d and neglect but they are more anx1ous about deaths and d1sab111t1es caused by spee r every day The s1tuat1on on our the m1ll1ons and m1ll1ons of near m1sses that occu f ft m1ll1on veh1cles operat1ng on three m1ll1on h1ghways IS cr1t1cal We have over 1 y d the maJor1ty of these roads are secondary roads Our automobxles Th1s power can are more powerful w1ll travel fas er only be controlled by man Th1rty s1x students have taken the course ln two years A number have rece1ved t the cr1ter1a for the course s1nce the the1r IICCHSCS However gett1ng a hcense IS no s ons1ble 1f the student IS under e1ghteeen In arent must s1gn the l1cense and be re p 1 ou have a socxal respons1b1l P surance rates are very h1gh for th1s group Rea 1z1ng y 1 and s ortsmansh1p attltudes are more 1mportant 1ty proper care of the automob1 e p d ts recezved only flfteen m1nutes of In the beg1nn1ng of dr1ver tra 1n1ng the stu en h 15 standard schedul1ng It was felt that xt was not road pract1ce a week Although t IS enough Now each student ICCEIVCS one hour a week as two per1ods are utxhzed a day 1nstead of one The emphas1s IS for qual1ty not quant1ty d V 8 each year through the courtesy of We are very fortunate 1n hav1ng a new For Morang Rob1nson Co of Bar Harbor There 15 no cost for the car e1ther for use or anchester Bros of Northeast Harbor store the car free of charge and mak C serv1ce M ava1lable the1r fac1l1t1es at all t1mes educat1on IS not an expens1ve course After the 1n1t1a1 cost of books and 500 1165 and 1nsurance Dr1ver asol1ne for approxlmately 2 m d gundes, the annual cost lncludes g ens1ve than any other course offere The nat1onal average cost proves It IS no more exp t re answer to our veh1cle problem, but sxnce It has d Dr1ver educat1on 15 not the en 1 atnon 1n our country str1des of xmprovement have been made The Chll ren d rs from thls course been 1n oper are obta1n1ng proper att1tudes and skxlls They are not expert r1ve foundat1on that should lead to better and should not be consxdered as such but have a dr1vers 4 I . ' ' IE I f " I p I 4 ,... PM Ah' we I , S J A - - I ez. r ' I 'I M If I1,, J! V . . . . . of Y miles of roads an ' ' . ' , ' t , and are too fast for our roads. ' . , w u' u a 4 1 . , . , . . . . Y - . . . . , . , . 1 I., STUDENT LIBRARY AUXILIARY FRONT ROW Patncra Jordan lane Brown Marilyn Robmson SECOND ROW John Walls Frank Man chester Mt Desert Hugh School rn conjunctron wrth the Northeast Harbor Lrbrary has organrzed a Student Lxbrary Auxrhary The purpose of th1s organ1zat1on IS to stxmulate Ln young people an tnterest rn the llbrary ln good books and tn story tellrng The htgh school students rn Student Lrbrary Auxzhary conduct a story tellrng hour once a week for the grade school chlldren ln the town of Mt Desert Frank Manchester John Walls Jane Brown Pat Jordan and Marrlyn Robmson are the students mcluded rn the project and to date they have accomphshed re markable success Early rn the fall Mrs Ruth Sawyer Durand Author and well known story teller came to Northeast Harbor and conducted classes for the stu dent auxrhary as well as tellmg stones to grammar school students In thls way the project got off to a successful start and has contmued to fulftll rts arms and objectwes throughout the year MAURICE J FINESON Box 277 Bangor Marne Class Rmgs Prns Awards Invltatlons Medals and Trophres Representxng LOREN MURCHINSON AND CO Complxments Comphments CLEMENT HARDWARE CO. I..UCHINI'S RESTAURANT Pamt and Sportmg Goods Ellsworth, Marne Ellsworth, Marne 42 A A c f 1 ' 2 , . 1- .R I ,I ' 1 h 5 5 I 1' . I 1 1 ' X' , 2 5' f 5' ' 'iff' N 'V - ...V 3: ' Y A I I 1 ' ' . . I A p ' Q ' . : . - E 3' ' 5' . r ' I - I . . . , . . . . . , . . . 0 . , . . . . , - . . . . . 1 I I I , O . U , . . . H. I . Y . I Y . I D 1 , as' EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jackie Adams, Elbert Richardson, Carol Wright, Mr. Snow PLAY CAST Elaine Higgins, Marshall Taylor, Dorene Kimball. SECOND ROW: James Hooper, Hilma Hodgdon, Wilson Hodgdon, Ronald Pinkharn, Ruth Corbett. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Watson, Miss Robitaille, Esther Jordan. SECOND SEVENTH GRADE ROW: John Grant, Jeffery Jowdry, Eleanor Coombs. PLAY CAST MELANSON JEWELRY CO J. J. NEWBERRY'S Ellsworth, Maine Ellsworth, Maine 43 SENIOR CHlLDHO0D DAY 40 P'7' li M44-r Ma O 'P' 9 UQ 5 +- -rr. 4.-vi ...-r' ,K :YM- rv' A ue- iii! 'Q me . s, -4 ,dx -,V ,n'M4fx u TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: "Rudy" Musetti, Sylvia Leland, "Isky" Manchester, "Marge" Gilley, "Brownie" Kelley. SECOND ROW: Anne Foster, "Bob" Fernald, Sheila Graves. "Iirn" H81'l'iS. NOFYYI3 Cousins- THIRD ROW: Barry Wood, Nancy Allen, "Mac" Merchant, Helen Robinson. LAST ROW: "Johnny" Walls, "Rod" Smith, "Bobby" Doritty, "Bi1ly" Wallace. 'bot h 5 CHO0L GALE DAR September 21 1951 Freshmen Recept1on The poor freshmen had a real welcome by the Sophomore class but at least they re off1c1al pupxls now September Z9 1951 The students boarded the bus and Fred took them to the Mame Vermont football game today We understand they had a wonderful tlme October 5 1951 Much to the dlsappomtment of all the students the teachers went to Ellsworth to the County Conventlon today Tough luck huh? October 19 1951 thmg dxfferent thls year ln the form of a satlre written ln hve acts by Dlck Shurman a local boy The Sen1ors are well on thelr way to a class tr1p as a result of lts success October Z4 1951 Another vacatlon Those teachers make us so mad It was the State Conventxon at Portland thxs txme November 30 31 1951 The boys went to Dexter and Dover thls week end and lost ln an over tlme game to Dexter 56 58 They beat Dover 46 37 That makes us 3 and 1 wxth wlns over Blue H111 and Stonxngton Mr Ernest also left today wxth a group of four students to Portland to attend a State Councxl Meetmg December 4 1951 Thls was red letter day at Mount Desert as the boys through a fme bxt of teamwork humbled Bar Harbor 47 43 December 8 1951 Mr Leeman and Mlss Drummond worked hard and long but fmally staged the operetta "Wh1te Gypsy Thxs proved as another success by the Dramatlc and Glee Clubs December 18 1951 We lost to Ellsworth tonlght 51 43 but the boys haven't glven up We are bexng plagued by mjurles 45 ' 1' Q f- '1 x X , 5 Y ' , 'Z 5 3. 1 Q f s 'ff s Q W f 6 L , , . . A big day for the Seniors as they put on the annual play. It was some- . ,, . . December 21 1951 Christmas vacation Oh boy' The Seniors put on an Alumni Ball to night and everyone had a "bang up" time Miss Clemons is leaving to change her name to Mclnnis and though we're losing a sweet personality we're gaining a nother in Mrs Potter Remember her? January 15 1952 'We've Just begun to fight' is the attitude the boys took tonight in vic tory over Pemetic 51 45 February 15 1952 School closes today for ten days What can we do with ourselves? well there s the M and S tournament at Bangor March 21 1952 The Sophomore Junior and Seniors put on their one act plays tonight April 4 1952 Junior Prize Speaking It was well done but kind of tough work huh kids? April 11 1952 May 30 1952 Memorial day vacation Short and sweet but fun June 6 1 2 Senior Last Chapel A big week in store for us all June 8 1 2 Baccalaureate and the Seniors seemed so very quiet and sober to day June 10 1 52 The Senior Reception was put on by the Class of '53 tonight Their last high school dance was enJoyed by all them as well as their friends and schoolmates June 11 1952 The lighter side of graduation Class Day It was very well done but to day the Seniors saw their last few minutes of high school classes June 12 1952 The inevitable Graduation It's a fine class going out that has con tributed a lot to our school We even saw the unbelieveable a few tears on those boys' cheeks Well best of luck to the class of '52 46 ' , . . ' 4 - . . a 1 - . ' Oh , I . 0 - Plenty of excitement for the seniors. Boston will never forget them. , 95 , 95 , 9 ATTENDED STUDENT COUNCIL CONVENTION IN PORTLAND v ,.,. ...?' I in g MRS. STINCHFIELD, MISS GRANT MR. ERNEST MR. REDMOND .2 FIRST YEAR SHORTHAND CLASS 47 Literature MY UNCLE My uncle' my dear deported uncle Long years behlnd bars he has spent And stlll he stralns h1s weary mmd And wonders why he was sent I know he s lonesome though he looks As cheerful as can be He says he can get out on ball If someone should raxse the fee My uncle' my poor deluded uncle H15 halr 15 almost gray For cr1me commltted by someone else Why does he have to pay? They say he stole one brlght June day H15 slster s household deed But how could he know what he'd done If he couldn't even read? The Jury heavens' forgxve Thls errlng l1p 1ts smlles Vowed thls man would not be safe Wlthm a hundred mlles They sent h1m to a secluded spot "Twas ln h1s thlrtleth June " And gave to hlm as the rules requlred ' strlped sult and a roo To make h1m confess It all They penned h1m up they chamed hlm down To keep hlm wlthln the wall They took hrs clothes they shaved h1s halr They even took hls gm Oh never mortal suffered more In penance for a sln Day after day wh1le the sun was hxgh They kept hlm as busy as could be When mght t1me came they locked hmm Afrald that he mlght flee Ah saxd my uncle as he took The hammer ln hxs hand ' What a way to end your l fe In th1s so called free land ' Alas nor charlot nor barouche Nor bandlt cavalcade Could tear hmm lose from out th1s Ja1l In any kmd of rald And so he stayed for many years A vlctxm of hxs fate Alone no more my poor dear uncle For I am now h1s mate Oh my uncle' my poor deported uncle' Long years behmd bars he has spent Norma Couslns Nancy Allen 48 0 ' i Q I -- 5 ! - S ! I . i . . , S . , . . S 7 D 'A ' ' m." They tied him up against a tree ! I ! D I 1 . . , . up, ll ll ' . D 9 ' i ' I I . I Y Y , . , . . . BIOGRAPHY OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS You've all heard of but have you ever led one? No' Well then you don'tbelong to the Sophomore Class of Mt Desert Hmgh If thls keeps up much longer we'll all start barklng In fact we have every reason to belleve there s a plan afootto put us m akennel It's a rule ln our school that each class takes 1ts turn bemg flrst mlme for the lunch room Week by week day by day we have the honor but a satls factxon to the 1nner man as well Yes many tlmes we've looked for ward to thattlme when we shall stand 1n the front ranks only to dlscover that our much antlcxpated week 15 that of vacatlon Vacatlon 1s over We came back to schoolwxthrenewedant1c1pat1on fxrst atlong last' When the noon bell rmgs we race to the door fxrst ln lme only to be pushed back to the very end by the 'dogs 1 was last week Smce that was vacat1on Freshmen come to the front Sopho ores go to the end of the lme " Dejected we obey orders at last everone else IS served and wlth what strength we have left we pass over our bowl What ms that we see? Is lt? Can xt be? It ls! A whole pea flotamng around ln that watered soup' And yes one whole sllce of bread left on the table Everyone sples It at once wtth revenous growls we all swoop down up on lt at the same tlme and each comes up wlth nothmg but scratched Imgers Some clever dog succeeded ln p1efer 1ng 1t rlght out from under our noses How much longer can thxs go on? If we could only fmd a master-'P Jane Brown MEMORIES It was on that memorable day that Mount Desert H1gh School was dedn cated After the ceremonxes were over I strolled mto the corrxdors to see what I could glean from the Lmpresslons and comments made at random by the many guests who swarmed over the entlre bulldmg At the trophy cabmet near the front door was a young mother and her Small son peermg very lntently at the photographs there many of whlch were of the 1919 vmtage In a moment the mother tn a most enthuslastlc manner and tone urged the lxttle boy to take par t1cularnot1ce 'Look saxd she "the IS a pxcture of grandpa when he was ln hxgh school Doesn't he 1O0kI11C67" Aft er a momentof snlence came the rather nalve reply "He may have looked good then but he doesn't look so good now Steve Mlller JOKES op What would you do 1fI'dk1ss you'?' Martha I'd yell Sxlence Aklss Sxlence Pop 'Well"" Martha 'I'm stlll hoarse from last nlght ' School g1rl ' I wonder what's the matter wlth our star basketballplayer 9 He looks so unhappy Frxend "It's because hxs father IS a lways wrxtxng htm for money Mr Redmond Th1s sure IS a n1ce llttle apartment but where lS the bath?" Landlord ' Oh please accept my apol ogles I thought that you were one of those college boys who was Just gomg to stay for the wmter " Compllments of KINNEY DUPLICATOR COMPANY Bangor Marne a ' ' l'fe," ' '- . . - 9 I 1 , , . . . c y 7 I 1 J " ' 1 l ' ' ' - - ' ' . I , ru ' , re , , . . . ,, ,, . . . . . D - . . . . , . . . . , . - , . ,, 7 i announcement, "The Sophomores turn . . . , P Z H ' ' I . Il ll , - . . ' . I 1 v ' ' , , . : I ' 1 , . . . . - , , . . I . A ' Il . . 4 , - ' : , I - - ' ' ll . . , Q . . . ll ' ' ' ' Q Q - I ' . . . . , , - o ' I i KOREA The U N sent an army Of those men we hold so dear Across the wrde Pacxflc To a country named Korea Why was an army sent there To thxs land across the sea'7 What IS the cause of th1s new war? What can the reason be? Shortly after World War Two Wlth much left undeclded Koreans d1d not get along So North and South dlvlded Stmll searchmg for an answer Was the reason Soclallsm Usual d1fference of op1n1on The threat of Commun1sm'P Some thmk they know the answer It's not for me to say I rn sure we'll all know more about lt Ten years from today Regardless ofthe causes We're now engaged ln war Wlth more and worse atrocltles Than the last world confllct saw countr1es Who are flghtlng slde by slde Unlted toward a common goal And to thrs goal ablde The navy standlng by off shore The army on the land The alrforce flghtmng 1n the sky All vltal for our stand Over hllls and down through valleys On through drlvlng ralns Fought our troops wh1le hopmg or Success1ve worthwh1le gams Forever flghtmg through the day Toward the goal ahead Often sleep1ng through the nlght Among those who are dead We'd forced back the North Koreans We'd blocked the Russlans too Then came the Chmese Communltst Who sent our ranks askew Next came unmerc1ful wmter Came also heavy snow Our brave men suffered mlserably As temperatures went below I seems that peace talks" just beg1n W1th leaders of the natlons When somethmg always happens Whlch stops negotmatlons Dear God we pray protect the boys Whom to th1s war we send And also may eternal peace Arrxve wlth thls war s end Raymond Smlth THE WEATHER' Flrst It rams and then It snows And then the sun shlnes br1ght The afternoon goes very fast And then dear me 1t's n1ght A lxttle r1ng around the moon Fxrst the snow and then the sleet And out comes the sun agam And so my frlends as you can see The weather changes fast And lf you plan a sunny day Never does xt last Catherlne Wakef1eld Nancy A 'Just when do you xntend to dr1ve back to town and take me home?" John W As soon as you say the word ' Nancy A ' Then let's go hom John W That's not the word A hlccough xs a message from parted sp1r1ts Comphments of BROWN AND WHITE PAPER COMPANY 73 Broad St Bangor Me . t ll . 1 . . ,. . ' I , ll V There are men from different Is a prayer that it will rain, f : ' ' . . . ll . , 1 . '- : ' e. " I ll . ll . , y . . de- A GRAVEYARD IS A QUIET PLACE A graveyard LS a qulet place As qulet as can be Beneath the stones he many men Unknown to you or me There's Mlster Jones ln the corner Lymg on hrs sxde He must have been uncomfortable When he took h1s last r1de That stone belongs to Jonathan Brown Who edlted the Mornlng News He slxpped and fell ln the pr1nt1ng press I'd hate to have been ln h1s shoes Over here l1es Sherlock Holmes If you'd llke to know the facts They found hlm one day he was qulte dead Tled to the rallroad tracks I-hs son played Wxlham Tell He mlssed the apple h1t h1m mn the head And thls IS where he fell You see the gravestone under that tree It belongs to Mlster Beck He Jumped from the hlghest llmb of the tree Wlth a rope around h1s neck Over here l1es Mlster Smlth Makxng flypaper was h1s trade One day he got tangled up m h1s work And ended up ln the grave VINER'S New Englands largest and most Complete Musxc Store Z0 Z4 Broad Street Bangor Me Thls grave belongs to Mr Whmte Whlle v1s1t1ng mn New York I-Ie fell from the Emplre State Bulldmg Its really qulte a drop Now we ve been around the grave yard And I thlnk you'll all agree A graveyard lS a qumet place As qulet as can be Donald Cousms SEEN AT MT DESERT Mountam hlgh breakers dashed ln over the rocky and rugged shore l1ne Water spray lumxnated by the br1ll1ant hght of the full cold moon danced m gauzy fllrny wh1te folds lxke a ve1l Sounds of numberless pebbles bemg dragged and sucked 1nto crevlces sounded too much l1ke the death rattle a monstrous g1ant Sand swlshed as the dark sea w1th 1ts powerful undertow lashed mercllessly on the shore Sea weed cast hlgh on the crests of the breakers dropped heavlly and wound and unwound arnldst the debrls washed ashore The scene was welrd and frlghtful but yetl wouldn'thave mlssed It for anythlng Mlrlam Hews Compllrnents of Frank Cyr CYR'S CASH MARKET Meats and Grocer-Les Candy Tobacco 51 Mt Desert Me Tel No 4 Z I I I . A , , . . . I Y I S ' 3 n . 7 I ' . I S I I I D a S , . . . This grave belongs to Mr. Greeng U . S . . . I . . . - u Q . I . . I , . . . , ' . . - , , , l 1 I . , n u u ' FIRST DATE The scene takes place ln the bed room of a typ1cal teen age g rl The glrl 1s gettlng ready for her flrst date The t1me IS the present ' Mother' Oh Mother' Wlll you press my blue dress? It's hangmg 1n the hallway And please hurry wlth 1t Bob w1ll be here at e1ght and lt sal ready slx twenty Now what shoes shallIwear'? M y be these navy pumps no I can't wear those Bob always sa1d that he llked a g1r11n low heels So what shall I wear? Aha Just what the doctor order ed! If these old suede flats are gxven a stmff they w1ll be adorable wxth my blue dress Oh dear where 1s that suede brush It must be somewhere! Mother' Where IS that suede brush? In Daddy's room? Thanks "Let's see I've got to look my be F11-st 1mpress1ons are ever so lmpor tant One thlng I must never let Bob know that thls IS my flrst date ' Blue dress Daddy always l1ked blue on me It matches y ey suede shoes and to f1n1sh the p1cture I'll borrow Mother's velvet bow for my ha 1r Mother Mother maylwearyourvelvet bow? The black one'7 I want xt for my haxr Gee thanks I'll take good care of 1t' "Now to f1x my ha1r Hope lt s dry How shall I wear 1t'? Pulled up on top and to look so ph1st1cated m a grown up bob at the back of my neck? N guess I'd better Just have my regular HARMON PIANO CO Instruments Records Popular Mus1c and Planos 186 Exchange St Bangor g1rl1sh curls around my face fWh1le thxs IS gomg on she IS pr1mp1ng ln front of thxs van1ty m1rror How s th1s'? Now Just a l1ttle looser around my face My face! Where dld that dreadful plmple come from? And here s another one I knew I shouldn't have eaten that choc olate bar But maybe w1th a llttle cream no one wlll not1ce 'Now for my goodness' Look the t1me' Mother Mother! My dress! Hurry please hurry' It'salready'P Wlll you brmg xt up please? Good ' fshght pause "Ah Help me mto xt please Oh these buttons Please, Mother Ican t reach that last button thmk Bob w1ll be 1mpressed'7 Maybe he'll evenaskto see me agam suppose Oh the doorbell I'll get It It must be Bob G'n1ght Mother I'll be m early Yvonne Cousms MEMORIES OF A TELEPHONE OPERATOR Belng a telephone operator can be an eXC1t1I1gJ0b as well as a tlresome one I soon found out that xt works both ways especxally 1n a small town off1ce For example take that day when I had Just learned to operate a swrtchboard It was about the flrst tlme I had ever been left alone I was belng really busy wlth the average one call an hour but even that one made me nervous as I hadn't had any exper1ence SOUTHARD OF BANGOR Modern Store Eqmpment Boats and Motors . . ,, . . - 1 1 , . .J I . I . - i i . . . u u I 1 I ' - ' ' , ' ' - ' -- . at n - . . a - , ' , . , . -- . . ' . , . S . - y - U , - . . 0 , , . : brushing, they will do very well, and "There, h0W d0I100k? D0 YOU FCBHY 1 1 H ' v 4' - , st. ' I 2 .' --' m esp ' u ' I . ' ' , ' ' . . ' ' , on . o, I ' . 52 Fmally I quleted down and began handlmg that one call an hour rather con fxdently Thls d1dn't last long how ever I got a slgnal and answered the call to hear an exclted woman's volce yelllng at me to call the flre department qulckly because her ch1ldren had set the curtalns on flre I never knew those words flre department could be so ex cltmg I rushed from my chaxr to push the button to the flre alarm then I started answermg call after call By the tlme everybody mn town had hxs cur1os1ty sat 1sf1ed I can truthfully say thatI had had exper1ence 1n telephone operatlng As I look back I th1nk of the f1rst tlme I worked all nlght 1n the telephone offlce It d1dn't seem funny that nlght but I laugh when I thmk of lt now Ever yone kept askmg me mf I would be scared to stay alone atmght andl bravely sald 'Not at all After the calls for the day had subslded to a mlnxmum lt seemed tlme for me to make the necessary prep aratlons to go to bed In bed I began thlnklng about what would happen and how scared I would probably be nf the mght alarm suddenly boomed forth 1n the mlddle of the nxght Agaln I can truth ful say that that was the flrst day that I ever stayed awake for twenty four hours Then I thmk of the txme I had wltha French woman over the telephone One would never guess that she had been ln the Unlted States for slx months by the way she talked Wlthout any exag geratlon I know I asker her fwe tlmes what she wanted She became more and more Lnfurlated and I became more and more exasperated trylng to understand what she was talklng about Fmally she asked me 1fI was stupxd and I told her we d1dn't have that lnformatlon I wangled my way out of that sltuatlon and many more afterwards and as a result I have learned that experlence xs the best teacher Sylvla Leland Mrs Stmchfmeld But I 1ns1st It was my fault Mr Coates 'No my dear lady It was my fault I could tell your car was bemg drxven by a woman at least 300 feet a way and I could eas1ly have drlven over mto the fleld and avolded thls ' Mrs Herrlck asked Barry Wood seemg her ' Barry wrote" "The slght of her doubled hlm up 'Purely by accldent I have made one of the greatest dfscoverles " sa1d Mr Redmond ay I ask what It ls?" 'I found " sa1d Mr Redmond "that by keepmg a bottle of mk handy you can use a fountaln pen Just llke any other pen wlthout all the trouble of flllmg lt Judge Speedmg eh? How many t1mes ve you been before me?" Gordon Gray "Never Your Honor Ive trled to pass you on the road once or xce but my car w1lldoonlyfxfty flve " KEYLOR TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 41 Park Street Bangor, Maxne Sales Portables Servxce Supphes Rentals Electrlcs Dxstrxbutor for Royal World's No 1 Typewrlter 53 . , . . . . - , . . , ' c 3 7 D 1 1 ' ' ' I 1 . . . . u ,, . . . . . . . - ,, ' ' . I ' y I - J n , - . , . . . . . to ' ' , paraphrase the sentence: "He was bent I ll ' . I . . . , . l . . - . ,, . . , . . , . , , . . . . . I - HM . . . ' ! 5 D . . . . ,, - - . rv ' ' . , . , ' - ha . . . , 1 , . , . tw. 1 . . - . u - . - zzrquh--I if 5944 THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM! THE BOTTLE BEFORE THE WOMAN SOMESVILLE GANG! SUCH BEAUTIESI 1 NP -a THIS COULD DEVELOP INTO TROUBLE! SUCH GOOD LITTLE BOYS! JUNIOR HOTSHOTS 54 LOOK AT THOSE LEGS!! ' ,viz f v., . ' ' V 'rf' Q ' A 7 . ,. .fl K khan! 5 x . I R ,gl f"'I - if 4 , 3 A v ' ' I ' 'I J. Q Q I . Q -Mfr Q A . ' A ig I A H' Q A I Y V L- B Z 1 x . 1, "Z .In A - - Tz- Vmfff 'wf , ,, ' i 'va , ' . " fs- ! J SENIOR HITS Domg What Comes Naturally Sm Walklng and Wh1stl1ng Blues I Want A Glrl The G1rl That I Marry Feudm Fussm' and A Flghtm Llfe Gets Ted1ous Don't It? Beautlful Beautlful Brown Eyes I m a Lonely Llttle Petunxa Im a B1g Gxrl Now Here Comes Peter Cotton Ta1l' Open the Door Rlchard Oh Johnny' My Heart Goes Where the Wlld Goose Goes Nancy Wlth the Laughmg Face I m Gonna Buy a Paper Doll Salt Water Blues sky" Manchester Bob' Dorltty Bob" Fernald Rlchard Kelley Wmlllam Wallace Rodney o gl Sylvla L James Harr1s Rudy Musettl 'Mac Merchant Helen Robmson Shella Graves Norma Cousms Nancy Allen Anne Foster Barry Wood John Walls Marjorxe G1lley MOUNT DESERT HITS Hot T1me Ln the Old Town Tonlght Just IH Love If I Had My Llfe to L1ve Over I m Gonna Love that Guy Too Young But He's Mother's Llttle Angel Always I'd Rather Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart Hot Rod Race Sleepy T1me Gal So In Love Drlftlng And Dreammg You're Gomg to Mlss Me When I m I'll Get By SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO 80 Central St Bangor Malne Local Dealer Jacobs Radlo and App Bar Harbor Mame Sportcoats Sweaters Slacks Jackets Footwear Neckwear Tlmely Sults Stylemart Su1ts M L FRENCH AND SON 196 Exchange St Bangor Me Gone 55 Class Trlp Martha gl Pop Dexter Game Nancy J Deborah Lucas Jlmmy Smalhdge Blame H 81 LenoraW V1rg1n1a W Gordon Gray Marllyn Roblnson Mr Redmond Robert Sangler Senlors Mr Ernest Complxments of HUSSON COLLEGE An lnstxtutlon of character and d1st1nct1on Free Catalog Chesley Husson Pres 157 Bark Street Bangor Me Complxments of NEW ATLANTIC RESTAURANT ' The House of Qu l1ty Servmg Excellent Food 66 Maln Street Bangor Me ' III ' ll I ' - - - uv ., . . .l . . , . . . . . , . , 0 u 1 - - I ll I ' ' ' , . . . . . n Q - Q D , . ........... . ' . Last Mile. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Graduation I - I 0 I I I Q 0 O I I . . I . 5 1 , . , . I . . - . , 3- ,. . , . I 1 ' mi 1 ,fyyax , . '. , - A -,-.. A'-'-f-M 1--Q? W "x QV A3 5 N - -1 - ,- wr . . 'I' 'FW Y 'l .-A ' V ' f f'?, -' BA THING BEAUTY 'Su 'fs in 1- FLOWER GIRLS '? w fi BOSTON SOCIALITE SO LOVABLE .,,m. S,L' ifff?T4AAHE ESB A :jx-A - 1 :ff A AA: S? 'I F,-fl 'F .4 W ,Z A , , BEAUTIFUL SCENERY fy ., I AI.N'T SHE SWEET ei, 5' 'I f ur w n H' , . 3 A f 0-41' 'Y I 1 ., , XEC A ' IEC VONN ' DON N WHAT A POSE' HAPPY AND sAD BABIES GUESS wuon CUTE, Hum V. if A WHATS A. AA S S , , THE , M. A V I N ,,,, - Q, ri it ' A 56 DARE DRINK JUDY? IANITORS DELUXE WHAT s UP BOYS? A.: I QIO, THE SUPER SPEAKS ARE YOU LISTENING BOYS? PULL IT DOWN RAY -L-..,-, -mil SOPHOMORE KID TIME FOR LUNCH THE UNHOLY TRIOI DOES IT WORK? THESE ARE ARTISTS99 JOHNNY MCCRAE 57 W- V NX . " . I 'L I -- - - A Q I A ,f O A 1 Q I W 2 X 2' T I J by ' WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF The senxors stayed one more year Mr Ernest forgot to rmg the A Bomb drlll Shella couldn't watch Peter from the Engllsh Room Barry W stopped runnmg the mov1e camera John W sald somethmg nxce to Mxss Drummond Robert F forgot h1s no dose pllls Rodney S and Sylvla L were both not mad at each other B111 Vtallace lost 20 pounds Pop Wallace lost 100 pounds of gxrl from O C Norma C couldn"t make posters Jay S d1dn't lose anythxng for a week Freshmen gxrls were two years older Mr Carter sa1d we worked to hard to Mr Coates sold all h1s baseball gloves Mrs Herrxck got lost on the senlor class trlp Mr Redmond admltted he can't play basketball he's too fat Mrs Potter hadn't helped the yearbook staff Nancy A d1dn't have her p1ck up truck Gordon G worked hard and made the honor roll Mar1lyn M d1dn't fall down ma basket ball game Anne F got ser1ous over a boy Isky M d1dn't speak when called upon Junxors were very nmce to Mlss Robl tallle 1n Engllsh class Helen R heard somethmg bad about Pretty Marsh Teta H stopped her sllly glgglmg Blllle M Stayed awayfrom S W Har bor Nancy I.. d1dn't talk so much Nancy J lost her crush on B P W Bob S swallowed h1s gum Mr Jowdry forgot the mornmg cales thenlcs Sandra A found somebody smaller than she IS Hank S forgot hxs cap and d1dn't smg so early ln the mornmg I forgot to end thxs thlng Bob Dorltty Mrs Herrlck Spell stralght Bo D S T R A I G H T Mrs Herr1ck Correct Now whatdoes It mean? Bob D Wlthout gmger ale 'Mom Mom" bawled young Jlmmy S Dad Just polsoned my kltten Don't cry dear she sa1d sadly No he d1dn't screamed hearbroken Jlmmy "He promlsed me I could Coach Would you hke to Joxn our bas ketball team? Tall Boy I don't know enough about the game but I'll be glad to referee A westerner entered a saloonwlth h1s wlfe and three year old son walked to the bar and ordered two straxght whmskles "Hey Pa ' sa1d the k1d 'a1n't Ma dr1nk1n?' Mother "Another b1te hke that and you wlll have to leave the table ' Marge G 'Another blte l1ke that and I'll be through MAINE RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO Cafeterxa and Seatmg Equmpment for Hotels Restaurants and Instltutes 58 b : ---- - - - . I. . I , . . ' ' ' ' . ll I ' g'l l 1 0 have a test "Maybe he had to." . . , . ,, C J - . 1 . , ' u 1 , I 1 . . . , . . , l , . . . . . ll Kenneth Abbott Davxd Blllmgs Patrlcla Foster Adams Robert Frazxer John Graves Lawrls Graves Mlles Grmdle Russell Manchester Flora McGaven Deveau Allce Murphy Moore Wallace Rlchardson Roger Rxchardson Janette Rumlll Grmdle Donald Seavey Nathan Smalhdge ALUM I Armed Servlces Armed Serv1ces Bucksport Mame Mar1t1me Academy Northeast Harbor Me Northeast Harbor Me Armed Serv1ces Armed Servlces Lynn Mass Northeast Harbor Me Armed Servlces Armed Serv1ces Connectlcut Armed Servlces Armed Servlces Law School Portland Lor mg Somes Portland Romona Sprague P1erce Southwest Harbor Me Dorothy Tracy U of M Orono Me Anne Walls Smallldge Connectlcut Steve Wood Mar1t1me Academy Carolyn Buzzell Meader Charlene Carter Shel1a Carter Senett Harold Coombs Jr Jeanne Coston Joy Allan Couslns U S C G Ne Mary Cunmngham F S Valer1e Frye Malcolm Graves Jr Donald Grmdle Eleanor Merchant Taylor George McKay Lew1s Moore Isabelle Pmkham Bartow Randell Reed Walton Reed Paul Rlchardson Cllfford Smalhdge Robert Taylor Norman Walls Dora Wrmght FRED J BREWER AND SON INC 26 Cottage Street Armed Servlces Northeast Harbor Me Otter Creek Me Otter Creek Me Northeast Harbor Me North Carolma w London COHneCt1CUt T C Farmmgton Me Northeast Harbor Me Northeast Harbor Me Armed Servlces Northeast Harbor Me Armed Serv1ces Northeast Harbor Me New York Armed Servxces Armed Serv1ces U of M Orono Me Northeast Harbor Me Armed Servxces Otter Creek Mame Seal Harbor Me Cornpllments SACHSMAN'S Bar Harbor Mame 5 The Men's Wear Store Lockwork 9 Tel 806 42 Cottage St. Bar Harbor I94 g K D , Q - ' . 4 . , j. Q c ' 1 , , c ' 9 ' '- l949 James Bowden ' C D , ' 1 1 f . cy ,.. ' 4 p .f ' ' c J 'v Albert Allen Frederlck Blllmgs Betsy Bryant Davrdson Stetson Carter Ruth Chase QM1tchell Lawrence Cousms Steve Damon Edwln Davls Katheryn Dodge fAnthony Allen Fernald Mary Graves Nancy Graves Trask Thomas Graves Paullne Grlndle Lawrence Jordan Marllyn Jordan Edward Kelley Ida Leonard Barbara MacCrae Ernest Smallxdge Dana Smlth Robert Summsby Ralph Tracy Jr Roland Trxpp Edgar Walls Robert Walls Walter Wrxght Ida Beale Barbara Blanchard Dolores Coombs Wh1tcornb Clayton Crocker Sheldon Damon John Fernald Ruth Fraz1er Damon Donald Freeman Janet Freeman Beulah Gott Jean Graves Phyllls Gray John Jordan Jr L1ll1s Joy Shrrley Kelley W1ll1am Klmball Maurlce Murphy John Smallldge Paulme Tracy Armed Servmces Armed Serv1ces V1rg1n1a Augusta Ma me Ellsworth Ma me Armed Servlces Armed Servxces Armed Servrces Tennessee Husson College Bangor Northeast Harbor Me Connect1cut Northeast Harbor Me Ellsworth Armed Servxces Boston Mass Armed Servlces Husson College Bangor Bangor Malne U ofM Orono Me Mount Desert Me U ofM Orono Me Armed Servlces Armed Servrces Armed Servlces Otter Creek Me Armed Servlces Phrladelphla Mount Desert Me Rhode Island Armed Servlces Northeast Harbor Me Mount Desert Me Texas U ofM Orono Me Gordon State Teachers Connechcut F S T College Farmmgton Northeast Harbor U ofM Orono U ofM Orono Mount Desert B C C C C Bowdom College Brunsw1ck Connectrcut Marltlme Academy Mount Desert Me Howard Turnbull Jr Seal Harbor, Me BAR HARBOR STEAM LAUNDRY Telephone NE 92 Bar Harbor Mame 6 19511 y 1 1 191 1 J C' l ' ,.M ' ,M , - . . ,M " . . ,M ' ,M 2+ 4 fwfr I .tr 9 ff j' W a ' J, 1 ' 4 fix' f F xlwlz J1y5XIXlxl3UOIxb MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS O o,' z".--u -f--:- ,' o , X . , X , I, . 'Q S ... 4 - I. v an 0, 1 . ,A f' :'-, 0 ' o"-'O wr f'XQ5'JW.HN fl ,:1.wv, ' l..'u..Q '0O."o:. . .'of. I . . , L-A llllg IRL!! Eisiisa l . ...Y 5 wma:- ,,,.4,,., 4 ...M Www i,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,..w.-N M.,--A .wwf M,,g,. AM . ..x.,.,,.f., .4 4. , 1.3. gp Wa 1.. ,. f.,.... A . . 5, .H,,, QM' 'vw-on was-W-Q., y 171:53 Q We ' 351253 X '-

Suggestions in the Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) collection:

Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Desert High School - Skipper Yearbook (Northeast Harbor, ME) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 47

1952, pg 47

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