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 - Class of 1948

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Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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fl M, J 5 x Q' A xi At: X3 J l 1 1. - . I .1 t. 51 ,N F-1, 1 .,- 1 .VV k:g.11.l.MAvi.1m K , . , 1 1 V ,- K . il., 1 -11 rhwy, lt! 1 . , . .. ,L , Vi' .L NV. Z' 1 1 5 .. - A 5' 'Q ' ' Y 1 1 1 f..w,, I -, 1 , ' .- 1 1 1,- 141111111 ,mhf 1 1" ' -1 .- vu ' U ,, 1, b 1 V I. , A. 6 , ,, Y X1 I 1 f 1 'L K 1 .1 ,, ,J 1,11 , ,M C N A . , f -11:1 1 1--' ,1 ' -Qful. 'Q'- 1f 12 1 'b .' 'IU1' ,, , 1 v K .' 3. ,ef . aw ,Q b 'f '51, '1 , ,. , X X I N .. I 1 1 -A - 1 , 1 1111 f.: X . - . ' 11 1 1 , 1 1' ff - 1' I 1 - X 1 I , -, . ,. I 11 1, , In I . ix 1 X 1 1 11 .. - 1 . " 3. 11, Y ' 'I'- " 1 5 1 J. L A Q 4 1' ' , Lx ' . Q, 1, . 1 fy- 1, L 1 1, -, , 1 1' 1 1 ,M 1 j 1 ,X 1, 1 F ,I - i1 . 1 . . .1 as ,X 11,1 1,1 1 g, 7 11 ' 11 11 11 11-1 if EQ '11 1 ,i 1 'A 1 . 2 111. is lm l A, 3, .ff Q17 I wwfl, Q-AMW 'f C'- N df!! X M 140' ,.,,,,,.,KxY!,Tf Y in W .. Q--f-nn-mm' Q-mnmnrdnvlr SS i ?F'i as P' u............Mi u-...ul-ul-s ibm iibeobcafion . . . We, the Senior Class of Mt. Cory, wish to dedicate our 1948 Shamrock to our Sponsor, Mr. Harry Kanuck, whose interest and cooperation has helped to make our annual a success. To him, we wish to express our deepest apprecia- tion and gratitude for his services. 0l"8lfU0l" . . . If in future years, while reading these pages, you receive a few happy memories of your school days at Mt. Cory Hiqh School, we, the annual staff, shall consider our time and efforts well spent. ANNUAL ln the past, the Shamrock has been published by the Seniors alone. This year a number of Iuniors are participating in the planning and preparation of this annual. Through active par- ticipation we hope that they will have gained sufficient experience to be of valuable assist- ance in their publication next year. We wish to thank Mr. Kanuck, Mrs. Benning- er, Mr. Clevidence, and all others who have helped in the publication of this l948 Shamrock. The Annual Staff consists of the following: Editor-in-Chief ,............... Eleanor Steiner .........Bill Falk Asst. Editor .... Asst. Editor ........ .... I oan Niswander Art Editor ........... ......... l oe King Business Manager ..... ..... L eland Wilkins Asst. Business Mgr. .... .. .Ann Anderson STAFF Asst. Literary Editor ...... Sports Editor ........ Typists ............. Circulation Manager ...... Photography Editor. Business Staff: Edison Young Bobby Clymer Leonard Amstutz Howard Hamilton lanette Wentz Mary Ellen Hector Virginia Klingler Elaine Brecht . . .... lean Ann Klingler . .Dorothy Bowersox . . . . . .Ierry Wolfrom . . . . . .Bernita Bracy Deloris Plankenhorn Deloris Plankenhom . . . . .Bernita Winget BOARD OF EDUCATION Clarence lones, Howard Benroth, Norwood Powell, Walter Mont gornery, Waldo Hanna, Clerk-Merle Folk. AUMINISTHATIUN SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Severns came to our school in 1945 after hav- ing served ten years as atheletic coach at Chardon High School. He later became High School Principal in that school tor tour years. He came to Mt. Cory from Newbury Centralized School where he served as superintendent tor a period ot tour years. As su- perintendent he is responsible for the educational policies, selection of textbooks, selection of teachers, public relations, and general supervision of both grade and high school. He teaches both American History and American Government. Mr. Severns has attended and received credits from Wittenburg College, Findlay College, Kent State University, Northwestern University, Akron Univer- sity, and Ohio State University, however, both his B.S. and A.M. degrees were received from Ohio State University. Mr. Severns was a member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity while in College. 4 l an B01-XRD CF EDUCATION Clerk-Merle Folk, Waldo Hanna, Howard Benroth, Norwood Po- well, Russell Ream, Lehr Green, AUMINISTHATIUN P R I N C I P A L Mr. Kanuck came here in the fall of 1946, and was appointed Principal at the beginning of the present school year. Besides assisting in the administration of the affairs of the school he teaches physics, mathe- matics and chemistry. He is assistant football coach and is in charge oi visual education. He serves as advisor to the senior class and the newly organized Science and Photography Club. He received his AB. degree from Findlay College. I Priscilla Nye BS. in lvliisii' and Art Ball State 'll!3Gi'llOl'lS Collt-tie lvlunciie, lnrliana Mirit' Nellie Re-nninqer AB. Dt 'citric Findlay Frllfae English, La in Physical ldiit-ation Grace Geary S. in Home Economics Ohio State University Bowling Green State University Home Economics Genevieve Beagle 2nd Year Diploma Bowling Green State University lst Grade 6 Bemadine McVay 2nd Year Diploma Bowlinq Green State University 2nd Grade Lois Headinqton 3rd Year Diploma Bowling Green State University 3rd Grade Ruth Folk Ohio Northern University Bluffton College 4th and 5th Grade Iune McVettu AB. Degree from Bluffton Colleqe Bowling Green State University 5th and Sth Grade Carson Marshall BS. in Educaiion Bowling Green Sate University cience, lndusirial Arls FACULTY 3 BUS DRIVERS Ray Bowersox, Albert Bauman, Clair Helier, Wade King, Guy Anderson. Howard Trostmiller A.B. Degree Findlay College Social Science, Aihletic Coach Boy's Physical Education Raymond Clevidence Bowling Green Slate Universiiy Findlay College Commercial, English UUSTUUIAN .Q 0 fl' 9 dxf' i Russel Fairburn 'I Leonard Amstutz Grandad Steps Out 37 Strictly Formal 47 Science W and Photography Club 47 Q'3!?- Chl Sports Club 4. Ann Anderson Librarian 27 Office Work 2,47 Honor Society 3,41 Grandad Steps Out 37 Strictly Formal 47 Annual Staff. 8 SENIUH CLASS UFFIEEHS President ...... . . .Eleanor Steiner Vice-President .... . . .lerry Woltrorn Secretary. . . .... Ioan Niswander Treasurer ................ lean Ann Klinqler Class Motto. .Work Accomplishes All Things Class Flower. . . . . .American Beauty Rose Class Colors .... . . .Black and Gold SENIUHS Dorothy Bowersox Glee Club l,2,3,47 Mixec Z.. Chorus l7 Girls' Ensemble pi?" 47 FHA. l,Z,3,4g Strictly Formal 47 G.A.A. 47 G.A A. reporter 47 Annua Stall. Bernitcx Bracy Glee Club l,2,3,47 Mixed Chorus l7 Girls' Ensemble 47 4-H lg F.H.A. 2,37 Grandad Steps Out 37 ,Q-4 Strictly Formal 47 Cafe- teria 3,47 Music and Dra- matic Club 4: Annual Staff. Elaine Brecht lee Club l,Z,3,47 Girls' H 2,3,4: 4fH Vice-Presi- ant 37 Boys' 4-H 3,47 4-H 'easurer 3: lr. Leadership 47 Hancock County Steer lub 3,47 F.l-l.A. l,2,3,4: HA. Reporter 47 Music -id Dramatic Club 47 usic and Dramatic Treas- 'er 47 G.A.A, 47 Cafe- ria 3,47 Librarian 3,4. Bobby Clymer lass President l7 Foot- xll l,2,3,47 Basketball 1, 3,47 Softball l,2,47 Gran- xd Steps Out 37 Strictly :rmal 47 Sports Club 47 :xrsity Club 4. BILL FALK sketball 1,37 Grandad eps Out 37 Strictly For- Il 47 Sports Club 47 An! al Staff. Howard Hamilton otball l,3,47 Grandad 2ps Out 3: Strictly For- xl 47 Sports Club 47 Var' y Club 4. J, WV' X z.'afUi Mary Ellen Hector Glee Club l,2,37 Mixed Chorus 17 4-H l7 F.l-LA. l,2,3,47 Grandad Steps Out 37 Strictly Formal 47 G. AA. 47 Music and Dra- matic Club 47 Librarian 37 Hancock County Steer Club -3.4. Ioe King Class Vice-President l7 Basketball l,2,3,47 Softball l,2,3,47 Football 2,3,47 Bas- ketball Captain 4: Class Secretary and Treasurer 27 Strictly Formal 47 An- nual Staffg Sports Club 47 Varsity Club 4. lean Ann Klingler Class Treasurer 1,47 Class President 2,37 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l7 Orchestra l,2,37 Girls' En- semble 47 4-H l,Z,37 Ir. Leadership 37 F.H.A. l,2, 3,47 F.H.A. Vice-President 3: Strictly Formal 47 G. A-A. 4: Annual Staff. Virginia Klingler Glee Club l,2,3,47 Mixed Chorus l7 F.l-l.A. l,2,37 Strictly Formal 45 Music and Dramatic Club 4. 9 loan Niswander Liberty l,2,3: Glee Club 1,273,147 Mixed Chorus 2,37 Girls Ensemble l,2,37 FH. A. 3,47 Newspaper Staff 37 Take lt Easy 37 Strictly Formal 47 Pep Club 172,37 Music and Dramatic Club 47 Booster Board 27 Class Secretary l,47 Music Sec- retary 37 Cheerleader 47 Cafeteria l,27 Librarian 2, 47 Annual Staff 4. Leland Wilkins Football l,2,3,47 Softball l,2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3,47 Class Vice President 27 Annual Staff 47 Sports Club 47 Varsity Club 4. Eleanor Steiner Class Secretary 1,37 Class President 47 Orchestra l,2, 3,47 Glee Club l,2,3,47 Mixed Chorus l7 Girls En- semble l,2,3,47 Honor So- ciety 3,4: Grandad Steps Out 37 Strictly Formal 47 G,A.A, 47 G.A.A. President 47 Science and Photogra- phy Club 47 Annual Staff. Ianette Wentz Liberty I7 Class Treasurer l7 Glee Club l,2,3,47 En- semble l,2,3,47 F,l-l.A, l,2, 3.47 4-H 3,47 Student Di- rector 37 Music Secretary 47 Mixed Chorus 2: Music and Dramatic Club 47 Grandad Steps Out 3: Strictly Formal 4. I0 Deloris Plankenhorn Pandora 17 Band 17 FH.. l,2,3,47 Orchestra 2,3, Glee Club 2,3,47 Mixe Chorus 27 Girls Ensemb 3,47 Accompanist 4, Mus and Dramatic Club Grandad Steps Out Strictly Formal 47 Offir Work 47 Honor Society 3, Class Treasurer 37 Scho Treasurer 47 Girls 4AH 2, 47 Vice President Girls 4- 27 Boys 4-H 2,3,4I Bog 4-H Secretary 37 lr. Lea ership 3,47 Annual Staff Bemita Winget Grandad Steps Out Office Work 47 Honor So ety 47 Annual Staff Librarian Z. Ierome Wolfram Rawson 1,27 The Whr Town's Talking 37 Clc Vice President 3,47 Softbt 37 Football 37 Basketbt 37 Sports Club 47 Vars Club 47 Strictly Formal Annual Staff. Edison Young Sports Club 4. . ak Ji L,, yiv. , W. 'K .-- -,'f, 7 'X , ,:, Qi. 14 , R is it 4-,gf'-Pri-get ,f--- W 1' 4" r",fivEi"' '-" ,-.- . gm 1-f, it .,.. . r .,. . V" ' g.gri3ig:3'5jLr.r:1t .41 ,. 2 4.9. , ,ul . .5 .,j,,.: ' jx, , . . ,,,,s, 5 i . i E ll E 1 l i A ,MM 1' -V.:-isvzr-sm . . . ,.- W K A ,Mr...Xw . it-Ti., ,4r.,s,,.g-W., .. J mmgg, . , ,4. ,.. . A V- , , I K we .. - f-'f- .- . - .. . , . ,,. SENIUH PLAY STRICTLY FORMAL "Strictly Formal", a three act comedy by William Davidson, was presented by the class oi 1948 November 21, 1947. It was under the direction oi Mrs. Nellie Benninger. lane and Sally have no dates for the I. S. Dance. George and lim haven't said a Word. Marcia, Sally's cousin from New York, arrives and gets one man right alter another, except, Elroy, who is more interested in the shot-put. lane's cousin, Cindy arrives. She is a movie ian and ready to solve any pro-blem. What started as a mild Worry about who dates Whom for the Senior Dance, becomes a war of Dad's Peonies, shot-puts, mumps, and movies. CAST lane, who hasn't a date for the dance Niswander Sally, lane's best friend .......... lean Klingler Agnes, the maid ............... Ann Anderson Andrew Cutler, Iane's father. .Leonard Amstutz Nettie Cutler, her mother ........ Ianette Wentz Mr. Ahern, a neighbor ............... Bill Falk lim, Sally's boy-friend .......... Bobby Clymer Hose Tilton, who gets the mumps ........................Dorothy Bowersox Mrs. Tilton, her mother ....... Virginia Klingler Iosie Tilton, her kid sister ...... Eleanor Steiner George, lane's boy-friend ............ Ioe King Elroy, who likes to put the shot. .lerry Wolfrom Marcia, who collects men. .Mary Ellen Hector Cindy Collins, a girl With ideas .......................Deloris Plankenhorn Marilyn, who is after Elroy ...... Bernita Bracy Lt. Bob Cunningham, from the air force .........................Howard Hamilton The stage managers were Leland Wilkins and Edison Young. Bernita Winget and .Elaine Brecht were the student assistants. CLASS HISTUHY ln September l936, eleven small but hopeful pupils enrolled in the first grade at Mt. Cory School. They were namely: Marilyn Kitchen, Ralph McVey, Twila Henry, Bill Falk, Suzanne Wolley, Mary Ellen Hector, Howard Hamilton, Dor- othy Bowersox, Eleanor Steiner, foe King and Bob Clymer. The last six of these have remained together all through these eventful twelve years. As we strove to develop our basic education during those first years, our number changed constantly with the coming and going of pupils. The first year we welcomed two new members, Bernita Winget and Leonard Amstutz. ln our third year Ann Anderson came to us. During the fourth grade we lost Ann Anderson, and Bill Falk, Leonard Amstutz and Twila Henry, we welcomed one new member, Wade Oberly. When we came back for our fifth year, we saw three new faces: Bonnie Flora, Gwendolyn Codner, and Robert Gilbert. We lost one student, Ralph McVey. We were very fortunate to find, when We returned for the sixth time, six new members, namely: lean Ann'Klingler, Vir- ginia Klingler, Edison Young, Ann Anderson, Betty Bruce, and Dalton Watkins. We lost Robert Gilbert. In l942, we came back to begin a new phase of school life. We were now in lunior High School and felt quite important. We had three new members in the seventh year, Bernita Bracy, Leonard Amstutz, and Bernice Crawfis. We lost Suzanne Wolley and Gwendolyn Codner. During the eighth grade we wel- comed Bonnie Crawfis and lost Betty Bruce. When we returned as Freshmen in the fall of 1944, we were happy to Wel- come three new members: Bud Fronsoe, Elaine Brecht, and Bill Falk. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Dukes, we enjoyed many happy times at class parties and other activities. We still had a long road to travel before we could claim the dignity of upper classmen, but we were willing to put forth the effort neces- sary to achieve that goal. Wade Oberly withdrew during our Freshmen year. As Sophomores we welcomed Deloris Plankenhorn and Ianette Wentz into our midst. We were sorry however, to lose five old pupils: Bonnie Crawfis, Bonnie Flora, Bernice Crawfis, Bud Fronsoe, and Marilyn Kitchen. Also in our Sophomore year we excitedly picked out our class rings. We returned in 1946, as Iuniors, eager to take part in the activities and to do our part in continuing the traditions of Mt. Cory High. We elected class officers as follows: President-lean Ann Klingler, Vice President-Ierry Wol- from, Secretary-Eleanor Steiner, Treasurer-Dalton Watkins. In November of the same year, Dalton Watkins moved away and was succeeded by Deloris Plankenhorn as class treasurer. Under the direction of Mrs. Nellie Turner, we presented our Iunior play "Grandad Steps Out". With the aid of Mr. Kanuck, our sponsor, we presented the Seniors with the traditional Iunior-Senior Banquet. This brings us to the present year. Yes, we are now twenty dignified Seniors. This year brought another student to us, Ioan Niswander. Our class officers for this, our last year, are the following: President-Eleanor Steiner, Vice President-Ierry Wolfrom, Secretary-Ioan Niswander, Treasurer -lean Ann Klingler. Early in the year, we traveled to Tiffin to have our graduation pictures taken which we received in December. We again were under the sponsorship of Mr. Kanuck and with his aid we elected a staff and proceeded to publish the Shamrock. With Mrs. Renninger as director, we produced and proudly presented our Senior play entitled "Strictly Formal". This year we were the very appreciative guests of the Iuniors at the Iunior- Senior Banquet. We're looking forward, of course, to the day when we can say good-bye to M. C. H. S. but each of us wonders what the future holds in store for us and our classmates. This is the parting of ways for us, and so in parting we want to wish the best of success to those still matriculating at Mt. Cory High School. WBemita Winget S+. Q., 111:35 .B , ff, Q ,1 Q N: L 5332529 Q Mm is Q Wag? F S5393 if' ,Agn -L Q53 1 , as WE AA, gem -W wi, R aim: r v-bf' N Q i, sf - g UNDER CLASSIVIEN 1 ,,. A -..--,,.,-. p. 1. JUNIOR CLASS UPFIEEHS President ..... . . .Carroll Neff Vice-President. . . ...... Lou Wells Secretary. . . . . .Betty Lou Green Treasurer .... . . .Richard Marquart Class Flower .... .... Y ellow Rose Class Colors ............... Blue and Silver Class Motto .... Strive on-For Success Lies Ahead JUNIUH CLASS I FIRST ROWAMarilyn Flick, Bonnie Burkholder, Dorothy Welty, Betty Lou Green, Donna Hartman, Richard Koontz, SECOND ROW-Advisor Mr. Marshall, Lou Wells, loan Brecht, Ioan Elzay, loe Smith, Anna Louise Montgomery, Mary lane Marquart, Mary Williamson. THIRD ROWf-Richard Peterson, Donald lones, Carroll Neff, Paul Breitiqan, Willis Anderson, Iohn Warren, Richard Marquart. SOMMEH AND BURKHOLDER SOMMEH MOTOR SALES I. L. Case Sales and Service Oldsmobile Sales and Service Pandora, Ohio USED CARS SUPHUIVIUBE CLASS UFFICEBS President ..... .... M ax Miller Vice-President. . . .... Dick Dukes Secretary. . . . . .Doris Niswander Treasurer. . . .... Donna Clymer SUPHUIVIUHE CLASS l FIRST ROW-Leota Bracy, Nelson Steinman, lack Basinger, Coleen Dangler, Vera Kempf, Shirleen Wolfrom, Donna Clymer, Dick Dukes, Corel Welch. SECOND ROWfRoberta Klinqler, Marilyn White, Doris Niswander, Robert Vvlorren, Kenneth Bald- win, Ierry Siies, Donald Moyer, Robert Alspcxch, Max Miller, Ieanette Shafer, Mrs. Nye, advisor. ABSENTiLarry Priebe. PLAIN VIEW FARM HOCH HARDWARE Pasteurized Iersey Milk and General Hardware Dairy Products Electrical Appliance and Plumbing Ienera, Ohio Rawson, Ohio FHESHMAN CLASS UFFICEH President ..... .... P at Steiner Vice-President. . . . . .Virginia Bishop Secretary .... ....... I ohn Rogers Treasurer .... .. .lean Ann Martin FHESHMAN CLASS 3"""'Sr FIRST ROW-loan Green, Marilyn Amstutz, Rosella Shulaw, Rosemary Montgomery, Pat Steiner, Betty Ream, Virginia Bishop, Esther Hartman, Janice Shafer. SECOND ROW-lim Benroth, Elinor Bowersox, lean Ann Martin, Nora Mae Powell, Sue Ann Radabauqh, lim Dray, Iohn Rogers, Charles Crow, lim Henry, Mrs. Renninger, advisor. THIRD ROW-George Fortman, Bill Tooley, Mac McDowell, Clyde Tyson, Philip Shellenbarqer, Iim Anderson. FIRST NATIONAL BANK COURTBY PAUL DILLER Resources over 52,700,000 FUNERAL HOME ' The Farmers Friend Phone 222 W Pandora, Ohio Bluffton, Ohio EIGHTHEBAUE FIRST ROW--Iunior Gretner, Marilyn Marquart, Dorel Plankenhorn, Marietta Ripley, Iim Iohnson, James Marshall, Teddy Sites, Dale Dean Hector, Dean Falk, SECOND ROW---Alice Marquart, Raymond Kempf, lames King, Kenneth Hamilton, Billy Shellen- barqer, Doris lean Battles, Don Wilkins, lane Ann Hutchinson, Grace Ann Sheahan, Donnalou Bracy, Advisor Mr. Clevidence. THlRD ROW-Mary Alice Vtfaltz, Margaret Auashurqer, Marjorie Basinger, Bill Elliott, Larry Dudqeon, Barbara Pearson, Mary Sampson, Donna lune Gossard. ABSENT- Carol lean Frantz. SEVENTH GRADE ,iq l FIRST ROWA-Ioe Welch, Billy Steinman, Russell Koontz, Donald Sites, Ianet Sites, Eloise Sampson, Forrest Welch, Larry Ream. SECOND ROW f Advisor Mr. Trostmiller, Grace Auqsburaer, Mary Lou Wilkins, Iudith Benroth, Kaye Nonnamaker, Betty Sampson, Robert Neff, Shirley Battles, Larry Creeqer, Dolores Ripley. ABSENT Patty Ann Trackler. I. C. HOCHSTETTLERS SONS ELEVATOR B. E. WOLFROM HARDWARE A good place to sell A good place to buy" Stoves, Appliances, General Hardware Phone 82 Rawson,Ohio Gasoline, Oil, Paints, Glass VV'e pay toll charges Mount Cory, Ohio SIXTH BRIDE 41,5 B, FIRST ROW-Imelda Plankenhorn, Angeline Shulaw, Fredrick Henry, Ronnie Deifendeiter, Marilyn Manqes, Phyllis Watkins, Marlene Wilkins, Elizabeth Klinqler, Imelda Brctcy SECOND ROWW Mrs. McVetta, Betty Williams, Charlene Inbody, Mary Io Balsirxger, Ierry Weidman, Betty Iean I-Iamilton, Ruth Danqler, Mildred Hanna. THIRD ROWW-Iimmy Wells, Robert Edinqer, Ronald Ream, Robert Dean I-lartman, Carl Amstutz. FIFTH BRIDE J FIRST ROW-Margaret Dudqeon, Iune Gallant, Lola Danqler, Ioyce Benroth, Denise Scoles, Norma Sutton, Gene Victory, Ioanne Basinqer, Joyce Basinqer, Roqer Frantz, Dale Welih, Raymond Koontz. SECOND ROW-A-Mrs. McVetta, Leroy Reiter, Lowell Green, Scott Cramer Lcren Eck, Beverly Crawfis Paul Peterson, Iimmie Auqsburqer, Tommy Fairburn, Betty Shumachyer, Eugene Driftmyer, Paul Gossard, Iames Montgomery, Miss Folk. THE IENERA CO-OPERATIVE ASS'N. Seeds, Grain, Farm Supplies, Flour, Coal, UALfIfg'Ig6glIERlgE:AEATS Fertilizers, Lime, Cement, Plastering, Paint O S h ls 1, Ostrowelated Cement Block C OO upp les Iene' 1, ohio Phone ie W M" COW Ohio FUUHTH GRADE FIRST ROW-Shirley Ruppright, Elvina Wilkins, Nelda Clymer, Betty Stewart, Patsy Lou Lehman, Lois Ann Inbody, Beverly Battles, Iimmy Warren, Gian Welch, Lulabelle Bracy, Bonnie Marquart Marlene Powell. - Robert Shafer, Larry Karch, Robert Auqsburqer, Carroll Gossard SECOND ROW'-V-lanet Edinqer, , Harold Vtfeidman, Carol Reiter, Tommy Reiter, Iva May Tripplehorn, Marilyn Neff, Elaine Frech, A L L THIRD GRADE R. L FIRST ROW-Teddy Reiter, lack Rogers, Kenneth Gossarcl, Sherman Wilkins, Ieny Miller, Curtis Hartman, Dick Elliott, Byron Manqes, Ierry Frantz. SECOND ROW Ellen Wilkins, Ianet Welch, Velva Shafer, Margaret Klinqler, Maryann Lehman, Elaine Stratton, Arlene Marshall, Phyllis Shafer, Mary Baumqartner, Delores Hanna, Ruth Ann Stewart. Tl-HRD ROW Dean Reichley, Dale Wilson, Edith Auqsburqer, Richard Tripplehorn, lvan Danqler, Larry lnbody, Lewis Frantz, Ernest Dudqeon, Laura Mae Scheidiqger, l.fValdo Greiner, Kevin Griffith, Phyllis Pearson, Miss Headinqton. THE BORDEN-CHEESE CO. OTTO FUNERAL HOME Columbus Grove, Ohio Ambulance Service We - Want- Your - Milk Phone 33 Rawson , Ohio SEEUNU GRRDE FIRST ROW-Larry Stratton, Dwayne Wilson, Harvey Wilkins, Ierry Camper, Marlene Doty, Nancy Armbrecht, Nancy Ream, Don Klinaler, Bonnie Victory, Leroy Rain9Y, Ierry Dukes. SECOND ROW Gene F lk M l a , er in Marshall, Dean Bic-ry, Ianice Reiter, Betty Lou Blue, Bill McVetta, Susan Wiess, lanet Martin, Patsy Powell, Diana Frantz, Mrs, McVay. FIRST GRRRE ,www FIRST ROW--Richard Warren, Paul Shulaw Donnie Bowyer Frankie S I C , , co es, onner Stewart, Wayne Williams, Ronnie Moser, Roger Kenton. SECOND ROW4Ioan Wise, Ruthann Karch, Carol Sue Lehman, Carolyn Kramer, Mary Carol Plankenhorn, Ianice Triplehorn, Betty Von Stein, Madge Shafer, Karen Amstutz, Linda Danqler, THIRD ROW-Miss Beagle, Suellen Falk, Billy Wiess, Tommy Edinqer, Karen Eck, Velma Mae Moser, loan Ripley, ludy Kina, Marilyn Auqsburqer, Karen Fisher, Gene Niswander. ABSENT-Ierry Burkholder, Kayleen Ruppright. CENTRAL OHIO LIGHT 6 POWER CO. THE OHIO OIL COMPANY Good Service, Low Rates Refiners and Marketers Findlay, Ohio Marathon Gasoline G Motor Oil ,U II a VITIES HUNUH SUCIETY FIRST ROW-Eleanor Steiner, Ann Anderson, Bernita Winget, Deloris Plankenhorn. SECOND ROW-Richard Marquart, Carroll Neff, Lou Wells, Donna Hartman, Carson Marshall. JUNIUH PLAY SMILIN' THROUGH The Iunior Class chose for its initial dramatic presentation the beautiful, old play "Smilin' Through" by Allan Langdon Martin. An excel- lent performance was enacted amid an unusual and lovely setting-that of an old English garden. The prologue opens the play showing Mary Clare and Sarah Wayne peering through a garden gate. Both have died. They are Watch- ing Iohn Cartaret who has become an embitt- ered old man. He has refused to permit Kath- leen, the girl he has reared from infancy, to marry Kenneth Wayne. It all stems from a hatred he has borne for fifty years for the boy's father, Ieremiah Wayne. leremiah, in a fit of anger over having lost Moonyeen to Cartaret, shot to kill Cartaret, but killed Moonyeen instead. All through the years Cartaret has held the grudge but through Kath- leen's love for Kenneth, Dr. Owen's pleas, and Moonyeen's return, he is softened and becomes a happy old man at last. CAST Kathleen, an Irish lass ........ Donna Hartman Kenneth Wayne, her suitor. .Richard Marquart lohn Cartaret, a testy old gentleman. .Ioe Smith a young bridegroom .......... Iohn Warren Moonyeen, Iohn's lovely bride-to-be Williamson Dr. Owen, neighbor and best friend of Iohn's Breitigan best man at Wedding .......... Carroll Neff Ellen, Mr. Cartaret's faithful housekeeper ............................Dorothy Welty Ieremiah Wayne, rejected lover of Moonyeen's Anderson Mary, Moonyeen's sister and Kathleen's Mother Lou Green Sarah, Kenneth's Mother .......... Lou Wells Willie Ainely, very much in love with Kathleen .........................Richard Peterson Wedding Guests ........ Mary Marquart, Ioan Brecht, loan Elzay, Donald lones, Richard Koontz. Prompters. .Bonnie Burkholder, Mary Marquart, Ioan Brecht. Announcer ..................... Marilyn Flick Stage Manager ..... .... M r. Carson Marshall Programs ......... ...... A nn Montgomery Director .... .... M rs. Nellie Renninger FINDLAY COLLEGE A Good Liberal Arts College With a Wholesome Christian Environment Findlay, Ohio Dr. H. Clifford Fox, President R H.A. ,ami My M MOYYO K5 'TUWARINIWHURIIUNS' , mnuwr conv , FIRST ROW-Marilyn Flick, Mrs. Geary, advisor, Elaine Brecht, Mary Williamson, Dorothy Welty, Ioan Brechl, Lou Wells. SECOND ROW-Betty Lou Green, Mary lane Marquart, Deloris Plankenhom, Ianette Wentz, Ioan Niswander, Mary Ellen Hector, Dorothy Bowersox, lean Ann Klinqler, Anna Louise Montgomery. THIRD ROW-Donna Hartman, Donna Clymer, lean Ann Martin, Ncra Mae Powell, Ioan Elzay, Rosemary Montgomery, Betty Ream, Esther Hartman. BUY SEUUTS FIRST ROW!-Donald Sites, lames Kina, Iim Benroth, Iames Marshall ,Dick Dukes, Dean Falk, Charles Crow. SECOND ROVV-Don Wilkins, Nelson Steinman, lim Dray, Paul Breitiqan, Larry Dudqeon, lohn Rogers, Iames Anderson. BLACKFORD GARAGE HOADI.EY'S RUG 6. CLEANING CO. General Repqirinq FARMERS GRAIN CO. New Floor Coverings 5: Ruq Cleaning Long Distance Wreck Calls Bluffton, Ohio Phone Main IUO l3l N. Cory St 617 Lima Ave. Findlay, Ohio FiY1d1C1Y. Ohio 23 ElHLS'ELEE CLUB if "' FIRST ROW-Marilyn Flick, Ioan Green, Roberta Klinqler, Vera Kempf, Rosemary Montgomery, Betty Ream, Virginia Bishop, Esther Hartman, Donna Clymer, Leota Bracy. SECOND ROW--Director Mrs. Nye, Bernita Bracy, Virginia Klinqler, Elinor Bowersox, Pat Steiner, Sue Ann Radabauqh, Ioan Niswander, Doris Niswander, Dorothy Bowersox, lean Ann Klinqler, Eleanor Steiner, Pianist-Deloris Plankenhorn. THIRD ROW---Dorothy Welty, Elaine Brecht, loan Elzay, loan Brecht Pianist--Nora Mae Powell, Janette Wentz, Anna Louise Montgomery, Mary Williamson, Mary lane Marquart, Donna Hartman. PIANIST Nora Mae Powell. ENSEMBLE FIRST ROW-Director Mrs. Nye, lean Ann Klinqler, Pat Steiner, Deloris Plankenhorn, Sue Ann Radahauqh, lanette Wentz, Dorothy Bowersox, Mary Williamson. SECOND ROW-Bernita Bracy, Donna Clymer, Doroth Welt , El S y y eanor teiner, Donna Hartman. A T0 Z THBAPP AND WARREN Meal Market 6 Locker Service FRIENDLY SERVICE AUCTIQNEEHS Custom Slauqhterinq and Processing Frozen Foods Cupp 6 Lemley Bros. pcmdom Bluffton 24 Phone 276W Bluffton, ohio P d ' Cm Om' Ohm Phone 368-17 Phone 546R BUYS'UUlRTET N Pianist, Deloris Plankenhorn, Paul Breitiqan, lim Anderson, Richard Mar- quort, Iohn Warren, Director Mrs. Nye. BASINGER FLORIST BUYS'ELEE CLUB FIRST ROW-Director Mrs, Nye, Charles Crow, Iim Benroth, Richard Koontz, Dick Dukes, Corel Welch. SECOND ROWffPianist Deloris Planlcen- horn, lim Dray, Iohn Rogers, Richard Peterson, Bill Tooley, Donald Moyer, lames Anderson, Pianist Nora Mae Powell. THIRD ROWfRichard Marquart, Phillip She-llanbarqer, Carroll Neff, Paul Breiti- gan, Willis Anderson, lohn Warren, Robert Warren, "TT- MCCLELLAND IMPLEMENT SALES "Flowers for All Occasions" REPUBLICAN COURIER Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment Ralph D. Basinqer, Prop. Pi1'1dlUYfOhi0 Garden Tractors Farrn Tillers ora, O, Ph. 129A Bluffton, O.-Ph. 404 W l5Ul Lima Ave. Findlay, Ohio UHCHESTRA SEATED-Eleanor Steiner, Marilyn Manqes, Betty lean Hamilton, lack Basinqer, Donald Moyer, Mary lo Basinqer, Mildred I-lanna, Nora Mae Powell, Betty Ream, Virginia Bishop, Iohn Warren, Richard Koontz, Deloris Plankenhorn, loan Green. STANDING-lames Anderson, Director Mrs. Nye, Paul Breiiiqan, Ierry Sites. JUNIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE FIRST ROW-Marilyn Marquart, lane Ann Hutchinson, lanet Sites, Alice Marquart, Shirley Battles, Donnalou Bracy, Doloris Ripley. SECOND ROW4Grace Ann Sheahan, ludith Benroth, Doris lean Battles, Marjorie Basinqer, Barbara Pearson, Mary Alice Waltz, Kaye Nonnamaker, Donna Gossard. ABSENT--V-Carol lean Frantz. , Ll-Il-iMAN'S Hom: FURNISHING srrzimtn cuzvnourr sAr.Es BURRY5 I-OCKER SERVICE Q FUNERAL ssnvrcs EconomyfSales 5, Service'--Durah Pandora' Ohio Pandora, Ohio 204-206 N. Main St. Phone l Bluffton, Ohio JIINIUB HIGH BUYS' ENSEIVIBLE FIRST ROW-Russell Koontz, Larry Creeger, Iunior Greiner, Robert Neff, Larry Ream, Billy Steinman, Ioe Welch. SECOND ROWvDorel Planlcenhorn, Don Wilkins, Iarnes King, Billy Shellenbarger, Bill Elliott, Larry Duclqeon, Raymond Kernpf, Iirn Iohnson, Iames Marshall. LIBIIIIHY IISSISTIINTS FIRST ROW-Donna Hartman, Marilyn White, Ioan Niswander, Elaine Brecht, Marjorie Basinger, Marilyn Amstutz. ' SECOND ROW-lim Henry, Mrs. RenningerwAdvisor, Iack Basinger, Iohn Rogers, Margaret Auqsburger. BEISTLE FURNITURE MART THE TARBOX-MCCALI. STONE CO Furniture 61 Appliances CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Crushed Stone G Stone Sand ittle out of the Way but less to pay" B1ufftQnAOhiO Agricultural Lime ima Ave.-Findlay, Ohio,-Phone 2675 Findlay. Chill SPUHTS CLUB FIRST ROW-Dale Dean Hector, Donald Sites, Ioe Welch, Robert Ne-ii, Larry Ream, Billy Steinman, Russell Koontz, Larry Creeaer, Dean Falk, Dorel Plankenhorn. SECOND ROW--Forrest Welch, Iunior Greiner, Dick Dukes, Max Miller, Richard Marquart, Iohn Warren, Robert Warren, ,Ierry Woltrom, Richard Koontz, Billy Shellenbarqer, Don Wilkins, Iames Marshall. THIRD ROW---Iames Kinq, Iim Henry, Larry Dudqeon, Billy Falk, Bill Tooley, Ioe Kino, Bobby Clymer, Carroll Neff, Howard Hamilton, Willis Anderson, Ierry Sites, Richard Peterson, Donald Moyer, Phillip Shellenbarqer, Edison Younq, Kenneth Hamilton, Teddy Sites, Advisor Mr. Trost- miller. FOURTH ROW-lim Iohnson, Iim Beriroth, Iohn Rogers, Iames Anderson, Leland Wilkins, Paul Breitigan, Mac McDowell, Leonard Amstutz, Clyde Tyson, lack Basinqer, Iim Dray, Charles Crow, Georqe Fortman, Raymond Kempf. IVIUSIC IINII IIHIIIVIIITISS FIRST ROW--lim Anderson, Ioe Smith, Mac McDowell, Paul Breitiqan, Iames King. SECOND ROW---Marilyn Flick, Iudy Benroth, Elaine Brecht, Mary Vtlilliamson, Dorothy Welty, Betty Ream, Bernita Bracy, Ioan Brecht, Iean Ann Martin, Es.her Hartman, Ianet Site. THIRD ROW-'Shirley Battles, Mary Alice Waltz, Doris Battles, Deloris Plankenhorn, Sue Ann Radabauqh, Ianette Hector, Roberta Klinqler, Barbara Pearson, Iane Ann Hutchinson, Grace Ann Sheahan, Donna Lou Bracy, Mrs. Rennniqer, FOURTH ROW--Mrs. Nye, Marilyn Marquart, Pat Steiner, Rosemary Montgomery, Virginia Klinqler, Donna Clymer, Donna Hartman, Virginia Bishop, Grace Auqsburqer, Alice Marquart, Mary Lou Wilkins. ABSENT- -Carol lean Frantz. Wentz, Nora Mae Powell, Ioan Niswander, Mary Ellen srxsr TRACTOR Co. F d T , s,DembOm Fam Equipmen, PANDORA EGG is Pour.'rnY Co. HANCOCK sixvmos is LO OI YGC OTS za Ph. 2258 Findlay, ohroe 715 Lima Ave. Phe 12313 PfmdOff1f0hiO Fmd1GYf0I11O SENIUH E.ii.Il. FIRST ROW-Marilyn Flick, Bonnie Burkholder, Esther Hartman, Betty Ream, Lou Wells, Eleanor Steiner, Dorothy Bowersox, Donna Clymer, Ianice Shafer, loan Green. SECOND ROWfRosernary Montgomery, Mary Williamson, Elaine Brecht, Mary lane Marquart, lean Ann Martin, Ianette Shafer, Mary Ellen Hector, Ioan Brecht, Elinor Bowersox, Pat Steiner, Coleen Danqler, Advisor Mrs. Renninqer. THIRD ROW-Donna Hartman, Betty Lou Green, Leota Bracy, Vera Kempf, Sue Ann Radabauqh Nora M. Powell, Ioan Elzay, Anna L. Montgomery, lean Ann Klinqler. JUNIUH sri. FIRST ROW-Janet Sites, Shirley Battles, Iudith Benroth, Grace Ann Sheahan, Donnalou Bracy, Marietta Ripley, Marilyn Marquart, SECOND ROW4Advisor Mrs. Renninqer, Eloise Sampson, Doris lean Battles, Barbara Pearson, Mary Alice Waltz, Marjorie Basinqer, Betty Sampson, Mary Sampson, Kaye Nonnamaker, Donna Iune Gossard, lane Ann Hutchinson. ABSENT--f Carol Iean Frantz. IED COMMODITXE EXCHANGE HOMER F. BEAN PANDOBA GARAGE ' 19 132,A Pandora, Ohio Budget Plan Jeweler Dodqe'Plymouth Sales G Service Findlay, Ohio Phone 89-D Pandora, Ohio SCIENEE AND PHUTUGHAPHY CLUB . tht FIRST ROW A lames King, Forrest Welch, Dean Falk, lunior Greiner, lim Iohnson, Teddy Sites, Dale Dean Hector. SECOND ROW--Mr. Kanuck, Paul Breitiqan, Leonard Amstutz, Clyde Tyson, Pat Steiner, Eleanor MUDEL CLUB FIRST ROWW Dorel Plankenhorn, Larry Creeqer, lunior Greiner, Robert Neff, Billy Steinman, loe Vxfelch, Raymond Kempt, lim lohnson, Larry Ream, Dean Falk, Russel Koontz, Teddy Sites, Donald Sites. SECOND ROW Don Wilkins, Nelson Steinman, Larry Dudqeon, Bobby Alspach, loe Smith, Advisor Mr. Marshall, Kenneth Baldwin, lerry Sites, Bill Elliott, Billy Shellenbarqer, Kenneth Hamilton, Dick Peterson, lim Marshall, Corel Welch. PANDORA MILLING COMPANY PUTNAM COUNTY Dealers in all kinds of Live Stock Association Grain-Feed-SeedACoal-Builders' Supplies Ben Burry, Manager Daily Market Pandora, Ohio Phone H8-A Pandora, Ohio VARSITY CLUB PN O rt FIRST ROW-Dick Dukes, Max Miller, Richard Marquart, Iohn Warren, Robert Warren, Ierry Wolfrom, Richard Koontz. SECOND ROW-Mr. Trostmiller, Iohn Rogers, Ioe King, Bobby Clymer, Carroll Neff, Howard Hamilton, Willis Anderson, Ierry Sites, Dick Peterson. THIRD ROWfIim Anderson, Lee Wilkins, Paul Breitigan, Mac McDowell, Clyde Tyson, lack Basinger, lim Dray. 4-H FIRST ROW-Larry Ream, Dorel Plankenhorn, Robert Neff, Dale Dean Hector, Ronald Ream, Kenneth Hamilton, lim Benroth, Dick Dukes. SECOND ROWfImelda Plankenhorn, Zona Mae McDowell, Mary Io Basinger, Ruth Dangler, Betty I, Hamilton, Marilyn Manges, Charlene Inbody, Mildred Hanna, Ioyce Benroth, Marlene Wilkirs. THIRD RO'WYElaine Brecht, Deloris Plankenhom, Nora Mae Powell, Mary Ellen Hector, Ianette Wentz, Ioan Brecht, Margaret Augsburger, Anna L. Montgomery, Dorothy Welty, Donna Hartman. FOURTH ROW--Marilyn Flick, Iudy Benroth, Rosemary Montgomery, Coleen Dangler, Betty Ream, Esther Hartman, Grace Augsburger, Charles Crow, Denise Scoles. FIFTH ROW---Bill Elliott, Donald Iones, Mac McDowell, Paul Breitigan, Carroll Neff, Robert Warren, John Warren. ABSENTfCarol Iean Frantz. WFIN MAYFAIR RESTAURANT WOMEN'S FRIEND WASHER Findlay Radio Company 221 South Main Street "Famous for Ouality for Half a Century Findlay Ohio Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio 3542 ,NL i E--I 21: E114 , f Q, as 1 ff E 11 'MW Q W 'f Sky ,,. ,,,L Q , fc fswx Keg. ' new .ws ,. gfzgffiaf masfazgfyg K :wg A 4 J x na ff 3, -I 6 gg: m A Y ,xff - 5 Q5 , .Q Av. fl , r N, x "3 s ' K xg ! i ', if s J I 4 ax' -, we .33 3,1 it. Tx Q S z V. 1. , uc , 7' 1 3C..'v34C'. Q Ax -4 45- 'i7xJ" V, a""' N . ff- vw ' ' . .xx 6, s X ' ! fri Mig, Q 1 .. I Lg ' f V rim '3 ' T x, ig W, , ,V ,Y E. , Q .8 F' Qi ATHLETICS t :", 4 19 i l 5 .12-'i A 1 a3. 1 E: lim Dray, Mgr. Paul Breitiaan. ti' FIRST ROW-Max Miller, Iohn Rogers, Richard Koontz, Dick Dukes, Iames Anderson, lack Basinger, if s :Ei--tiix3l"'fa SECOND ROW-Asst. Mgr. Iames King, Carroll Neff, Howard Hamilton, Ierry Sites, Dick Peterson, lohn'Warren, Clyde Tyson, Bobby Clymer. THIRD ROW-Asst. Coach Kanuck, Charles Crow, Robert Warren, Lee Wilkins, Bill Tooley, Donald lones, Mac McDowell, Willis Anderson, Donald Moyer, Ioe King, Richard Marquart, lim Henry, lim FUUTBALL Benroth, Coach Trostmiller. Mt. Blanchard We opened our 1947 Grid sea- son with a win over Blanchard. Both teams failed to score in the first half, but mid way in the third period Lee Wilkins slammed inside his own right end to score. Neither team scored again and our first league victory was on ice by a close 6-0 count. Arcadia On the following Friday we clashed with Arcadia. Our offensive power was super- ior to Arcadia all the way and behind hard blocking, Lee Wilkins tallied four touchdowns and one conversion for Mt. Cory's total of twen- ty-five points. Arcadia pushed across for two six pointers to round out the scoring. Our sec- ond victory was sewed-up by a 25-12 score. North Baltimore A week later, North Baltimore ioumeyed to Mt. Cory for a non-leaguer. Four plays after the starting whistle, the Tigers had six points. Immediately after this: Mt. Cory's offensive power was exhibited and North Balti- more's defense fell. Wilkins, Warren, Neff, Mar- quart and King shared in the scoring for a total of thirty-one while the Tigers nursed six. Vanlue In this contest we were destined to lose our first game. In a rough affair all the way, the Wildcats drove over for a lone six- pointer and then converted for a total of seven points, while the Green went scoreless. The final score was 7-0. McComb On the following Friday, we traveled to McComb. The Panthers gathered two quick touchdowns in the first half while the Green went scoreless. In the second half, although we completely dominated the play, the best we could manage was one six pointer. This was when Lee Wilkins raced forty-seven yards to tally. At the end, we found ourselves on the short end of a 12-6 score. Arlington The next week we clashed with the hi-powered Arlington eleven. lt was the Red- Devils all the way, exhibiting matchless power. They shoved across six touchdowns and five conversions for a total of 41 points while the Green failed to tally. Van Buren Our next opponent was Van Buren. Although Mt. Cory completely out played them all the way, we managed but one six pointer when Dick Marquart skirted his own left end to score. As the contest ended the Green was on Van Buren's five yard line. We copped by a 6-0 score. Liberty The Eagles journeyed to Mt. Cory, looking for their first win of the season. How- ever, they came to the wrong place as Mt. Cory rolled across four six pointers and two con- versions for 26 points. Liberty earned a brace of touchdowns for 12. Rawson ln the final game of the season, we matched swords with our rival, Rawson. At the half time Rawson led 13-O. Early in the third period Lee Wilkins broke through the Gold forward wall and scampered 53 yards to pay dirt. ln the final minutes, Rawson again tallied to clinch the contest, 19-6. FUUTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. Sept. 19 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 1U Oct. 17 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 .Cory.. Mt. Blanchard Mt. Cory. .25 Arcadia .... . . Cory. .31 N. Baltimore . . Cory. . 0 Vanlue .... . . Cory. . 6 McComb . . . . Cory. . O Arlington . . . .Cory. . 7 Van Buren . . . Cory. . 26 Liberty .... . . Cory Rawson .... 107 109 TOP ROW - Clyde Tyson Carroll Neff, Howard Hamil- ton, Leland Wilkins. MIDDLE ROW - loe King obert Warren, Richard Mar- uart, Richard Peterson. OTTOM ROW-Bobby Cly- er, Iohn Warren, Ierry Sites. .I , BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-Robert Warren, Lee Dick Dukes. Wilkins, Ioe King, Carroll Neff, Richard Marquart, Bobby Clymer SECOND ROW--Coach Trostmiller, Clyde Tyson, lack Basinqer, Max Miller, Dick Peterson Iohn Warren, Donald lones, Mac McDowell. THIRD BOW-Asst. Mgr. Donald john Rogers, Charles Crow, Mqr. November 26 Mt. Cory ..... Moyer, Iim Benroth, Richard Koontz, lames Anderson, lim Dray Paul Breitiqan. SCHEDULE 36 North Baltimore . . . . . . .39 December 5 Mt. Cory ..... 41 Mt. Blanchard .... .... 2 3 December 12 Mt. Cory ..... 39 Arcadia ........ .... 2 3 December 13 Mt. Cory ..... 39 Bawson . . . . . . .31 December l9 Mt. Cory ..... 24 Vanlue . . . . . . .28 lanuary 9 Mt. Cory ..... 56 Dunkirk . . . . . . .36 Ianuary 10 Mt. Cory ..... 33 Gilboa .... .... 5 5 lanuary l6 Mt. Cory ..... 42 McComb . . . . . . .40 Ianuary 23 Mt. Cory ..... 29 Arlington . . .... 32 lanuary 30 Mt. Cory ..... 46 Van Buren . . . . . . .30 lanuary 31. Mt. Cory ..... 58 Dunkirk . . . . . . .23 February 5 Mt. Cory ..... 53 Liberty .... .... 3 9 February 13 Mt. Cory ..... 48 Rawson . . . . . . . 47 544 446 Games Won 10 Games Lost 4 TOURNAMENT February 20 Mt. Cory ..... 47 McComb . . . . . . .23 February 26 Mt. Cory ..... 47 Arlington . . .... 46 February 28 Mt .Cory ..... 36 Vanlue . . . . . . .38 FIRST BOW: loe King Bob Clymer Lee Wilkins BASKETBALL SECOND BOW: Richard Marquart Carroll Neff We opened our Basketball season this year with tive ot last year's lettermen in the starting lineup: Captain loe King, Bob Clymer, Lee Wilkins, Dick Mar- quart, and Carroll Neff. Our initial game was with North Baltimore. Although Mt. Cory was able to score 29 points in the first halt, we were held to 7 in the last half and North Baltimore copped the game 39-36, in an overtime. The next three games told a different story as We rolled over Mt. Blanchard, Arcadia, and Rawson with convincing scores. Our first league defeat came at the hands of Vanlue, who took the contest by a close 28-24 count. We then engaged Dunkirk in a non-league tilt and Cory proved to be the better team as We posted a 56-36 Win over the Hardin County boys. Our next game was with Gilboa, the Putnam County Champs, who gave us our Worst defeat of the season 55-33. Following Gilboa came McComb. After a tough battle all the Way, We came out on the long end of a 42-40 score. The next Week We traveled to Arlington only to drop a harrowing game to them 32-29. We then copped games from Van Buren, Liberty, Dunkirk and our ancient rival, Rawson. This was the most thrilling game of the year, from which We emerged the victor, 48-47. JUNIUR HI BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-Dale Dean Hector, Iim Iohnson, Iames King, Robert Neff, Raymond Kempf, Kenneth Hamilton, Dean Falk, Larry Ream, Billy Steinman. SECOND ROW-Coach Trostmiller, lim Benroth, Charles Crow, Iim Dray, Mac McDowell, Clyde Tyson, Iames Anderson, Iohn Rogers, Mgr, Donald Moyer. CHEERLEADERS ,,1 H .tx N Betty Lou Green, Lou Wells, Ioan Niswander, Ioan Brecht, Donna Clymer. JUNIUH HICHEEHLEADEBS Q . If .. 5 K, W, 5 E 5 -K I 4. 1 1. - .in ,- t Jane Ann Hutchinson, Grace Ann Sheahan, Iudith Benroth. I.G.A. SELF-SERVICE GROCI-ZR VIC LE GRAND General Electric Appliances The POUND CMP Man Pandora Dry Goods and Clothing Co. 419 North CorY Street Pandora, Ohio Fi1'ldlCIY1 Ohio CALENDAR September 1947 8.-First day of school. 12.-Elected class officers. Blanchard football game. We won 6-0. 16.-P.T.A. Meeting. l9.-Arcadia F. B. game: we won 25-12. 23.-Meeting for Senior pictures. 26.-Girls softball game with Gilboa: we lost 15-8. 30.-Meeting for Senior pictures. October 1947 3.-Vanlue F. B. game: Vanlue 7, Cory O. 6.-Annual meeting. 7.-Meeting for invitations and name cards. 10.-McComb F. B. game: We're de- feated 12-6. 14.-P.T.A. Meeting-no teachers pres- ent. 17.-Arlington F. B. game: Red Devils victors 41-O. 20.-Mr. Kanuck, some of annual staff go to Fostoria to see about annuals. 21.-Senior class meeting. 22.-Meeting for invitations and name cards. 23.-Seniors go to Tiffin to get pictures taken. ' 24.-Van Buren game: we won 7-O. 27.-Senior class meeting. 28.-Meeting for annual covers. 30.-Liberty F. B. game: Cory wins 26- 12. 31.-Teachers meeting at Toledo. No school. November 1947 3.-Proofs from Seniors' pictures re- turned. 7.-Pep rally for Rawson game. ll.-P.T.A. Meeting, Seniors gave skits of their play. 12.-Club meetings - five new clubs organized. 19.-Dress rehearsal for Senior play. 20.-Play presented to Liberty Seniors. 21.-Senior Class play-"Strictly For- mal." First basketball game: we played North Baltimore. Thanksgiving Day. No school. -Still no school. Thanksgiving va- cation. December 1947 -Senior class meeting for caps and QOWIIS. -Blanchard B. B. game: we won. -Annual meeting. -Annual meeting. -Arcadia B. B. game: we are trium- phant. -Picture show. -Snow started drifting, school out early. -Buses were late on account of SHOW. -Vanlue B. B. game. . we lost. -Practiced for P.T.A. program. --P.T.A. Christmas Program. -Freshmen gave a Christmas play. -Christmas vacation started. Ianuary 1948 -Back to school from Christmas va- cation. -Picture show. -Club meetings. -School activity pictures taken. -Dunkirk B. B.,game: we won. -Picture show. -Picture show. -lunior High played Glenwood: Glenwood triumphant. -Examinations. -Another day of exams. Basketball with McComb: We won. -Picture show. P.T.A.-Boys' Glee Club sang. --Girls' basketball tournament started. -Arlington B. B. game: defeated. -Farmers' Institute. -Farmers' Institute. -Van Buren B. B. game: Cory victorious. CALENDAR February 1948 -Ground hog saw his shadow. -Iunior High tournament 5 we played McComb and lost. -Senior scholarship test at Findlay. Liberty game: We're the Winners. -Picture show. Womanless Wed- ding PTA. Program-a good time was had by all. -Saw Henry V in Findlay. -Friday the 13th. Rawson B. B. game p Bawson defeated. -Picture show. -Temperature 66, highest since l873. -County tournament. Cory vs. Mc- Comb: Cory victors. -Magazine Sales ended-Boys will eat turtle soup. Line up in hall for tournament tickets. Lots of interest shown. -Ohio State Band Concert in Findlay. -Arlington vs. Mt. Cory in county tournament. A "nip" and "tuck" battle. We "tuck" 'em, 47-46. -Cory beaten in overtime, 36-38, by March 1948 l.-A lion?? 2.-P.T.A. Girls' Glee Club sang. 4.-F.H.A. girls Went to Arcadia for meeting. 5.-Ye Olde Countrye Store. Dramatic and Music Club. 26.-Rain. 27.-More Bain. ' 31.-Lamb?? April 1948 1.-Every Pupil Test. April Fool's Day. Watch out! 2.-Every Pupil Test. Iunior play, "Smilin' Through". 9.-General Scholarship Test. 13.-P.T.A. Play. "Lena Rivers". 28.-Showers! I May 1948 l.-Bowling Green Scholarship Test. 7.-Iunior and Senior Banquet. 19.-Second Semester test. 21.-May Day. 23.-Baccalaureate. 24.-Commencement. Vqnlue, 25.-Seniors-some glad, some sad. AUTUEHAPHS rf yy! ff f7 V 5 MX!! I f 1 KQV ,ff-9.7-fL4?jQLrs, I D. in T LM Lf ' V .tt , W QQ, T ty. if f me Xxx V,t"w 'M rj, ' 1. XXL.-f 1 X ' A!" FL md .l f ,ff , ' ' """' 'fan' It LX ,ff V' MM f " I I X A ff ,fl ' MQW . T P gilt! . Ji!!! . WW, . K pp , 63 f I - . W 4 V Z, 'kj X I f f fx W - N 'CRB ULU in li " 1 . K X ' 271120-f ', X ' ij X tl'l , it W W T nt f f X if , 'T . ' X will f ' T ' 'V Y' XT . T w JJ ff. ff tm t lk JJ' '.. - N- Q J. ll .' X I 43 QW .aff- find' 'fd j "" 1. i .XX n-Q V xii nd,-n...--...S ,lr ' Sw.- . wwf .f- 'N- 'W .Rv V ,w-5 , .vw 'wx ,Q- x V 5 x ggi 1 wi '7J?H9+, k 44. pr . I1 gf 1 On many of the pages of this Shamrock We have presented the advertise- ments ot the merchants who have helped make this annual possible. We sin- cerely thank them for their kind cooperation and We hope you qive them due consideration Whenever in need oi their products. THE AIRPORT CAFE .... B. AND B. BAR ............. HELEN BECK BEAUTY SHOP . .. BIXEL MOTOR SALES .......... BOB'S RADIO SERVICE Phone 357 COLDREN'S FUNERAL HOME .... COMMUNITY MARKET ...... DALE CRAWFIS ......... DEVORE'S RESTAURANT .... DILLER INSURANCE AGENCY . . . L. W. DUKES ............ DILLMAN'S NEWS STAND ....... EGBERT'S HOME FURNISHINGS. . . . .FINDLAY, .......BLUFFTON BENTON RIDGE, . . . .BLUFFTON, BENTON RIDGE. . . . . .FINDLAY, . . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . .OTTAWA, . . . .GII..BOA, . . . . .PANDORA . . . . .PI-XNDORA, . . . . .BLUFFTON . . . . .FINDLAY, 1 OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY ..... .... F INDLAY, FARMERS PRODUCE .... .... B LUFFTON, FARRELL'S GROCERY .... .... B ENTON RIDGE, DILLON FISHER WELDING . . . ..... BENTON RIDGE, FINDLAY HARDWARE ....... .... F INDLAY, F REY'S DEPARTMENT STORE .... .... O TTAWA, GILBOA GARAGE ................. ..... G ILBOA, PETER GRATZ DRY GOODS STORE ...................... BLUFFTON, HANCOCK COUNTY AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION ....... FINDLAY, HANCOCK COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOP. ....... .... F INDLAY, HAROLD'S STORE .................. ..... G ILBOA, HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE COMPANY .... FINDLAY, HUGUS BARBER SHOP ......... ..... R AWSON, KANEL CLOTHES SHOP .... .... F INDLAY, KIRK MILLING COMPANY . .. .... FINDLAY, KISTLER'S PRINT SHOP .... ........ F INDLAY, KNEPPER CABINET SHOP .... ..... B ENTON RIDGE, LATHAMS GARAGE ..... ....... R AWSON, LEIBER'S IEWELRY STORE ....... .... B LUFFTON, LUCILLE'S HAT AND DRESS SHOP .... .... B LUFFTON, LYNN A. LYON COMPANY ...... .... F INDLAY, MARTIN FARM EQUIPMENT ..... MCCOMB, MASTER MIX FEED MILL . .. .... BLUFFTON, MCCOMB CITY MARKET ................ ..... M CCOMB, MCDANIEL BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPPE .... . . . . .GILBOA, OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO N. C, MEDLOCK, IEWELER .... MONTGOMERY'S NEWS MOYER REFRIGERATION ................ ..... NATIONAL LIME AND STONE COMPANY DR. NEISWANDER ...................... C. F. NISWANDER ...... NISWANDER'S IEWELRY ..... MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS PAGE DAIRY COMPANY ..... PALACE RESTAURANT ............ PURE MILK AND DAIRY COMPANY ..... DR. C. I. RAY .... .... DR. MILO B. RICE C. E. ROSENBERGER ................. , . . SCHOMAEKER'S HARDWARE AND GIFTS SCHOONOVER GARAGE SHELL GARAGE ........ STEINER AND HUSER STRATTON RECREATION LESTER THOMAS, IEWELER TI-IOMPSON'S DRUG STORE .... TROYS MOTOR SALES ............... TURNER-FENSTERMAKER COMPANY .... TY ELEMS FURNITURE ....... F. W.V"WOOLWORTH STORE . . . . .FINDLAY, . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . .FINDLAY, . . . .PANDORA, . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . . .FINDLAY, . . . . .FINDLAY, . . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . . .McCOMB, .1 .... TIFFIN . . . . .GILBOA . . . .PANDORA. . . . . .McCOMB, .... . .OTTAWA BENTON RIDGE . . . . .PANDORA. . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . . .FINDLAY, . . . .PANDORA, . . . .BLUFFTON, . . . . .FINDLAY, . . . . .McCOMB, . . . . .FINDLAY, BLUFF TON, 1 1 OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO OHIO

Suggestions in the Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) collection:

Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 47

1948, pg 47

Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 56

1948, pg 56

Mount Cory High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Mount Cory, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 36

1948, pg 36

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