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V WW, ,,,: ,Jenin ,, ..?r,,::,,11 -Y+.,p,-' '1-,,q-!,,31f,g,f,1-,:,f. 5,g,jg,:,,9g5i:,1: f4L:: "U'--qiml, fix f' 3 f'7f4caLCofL,79,U,gLL1Aj wif? Ja 2 "fWfM fff2m P Fi? 2 W5 sx MW' - ii H. Edgy iii fy' my ' , X sf QQ Q, J 'M U ' QL , E CQ7! yf"i?i 5 l X N , QM gf 9 KN Wfffffii-QW E SEX 'f99'aU??f :TN W f-X wx fjbgltgi Ei 3 -5 Q X If Q fs S5 S Mfg agwww Qi ' ' .,.' - . R-, 4 .gf , . ay-71 4' .r Z 2 i lx , 4 3 i 1 -:- 741431. .Jga. " l . r .., HIL!! ,wr ..,' fl ' f' I-, , - '-' -'-'1 - ' 1 : . V 1. .g ,' ' -5 . . . e L.-: , 1 ,a, . ' ' J' 'ff-'zliffff 4. ' . 4: ' Z' 'Ya - ?' Ps ' -'1-'. -. gl' ky h A, ., V ,,3L:'F4,. wt, M V . A - , ,Ii-V:-4 Y pf ir A tr' A'!'Ca:.,S - f ., 1 l I :N 1' I : M. , , ' . 4, , 1 f , , . 1. -, - Q- , " .N -V- Ti - - A - . L v . 1 :Q . 4 ,.. Q,V 't ' f,',,,, X' A ' WK ' lk Mega ffm Q : on 0 Q eq 'M - . h w Qs 'N Q - 704 U .A -'6 . ' 6,3 ., ' Q 1 Q, I 'Z , L3 1 f- IQ 1 f5 7 :muy ,Lf N h Q ' A9-2 any il 1, G, M ggi, - Q32 EK Q'X'5,w5,j-W ,, . f N , Q45 W! if ' ' VW Wyffx f V . Q A M 'ff' MEI , R ' vp" PM ff' -' Q ' ofa' U iff gb . A . .'N 1 A1' A WpDm1p1ifQs,LL5 i ' AQ fl 4 . mvbomw , f 37+ . -M -f Q V, Lv, " , j-'K I , . 'I Y 'E -' -1-' .1gi"1"' qw"'-W-,'F,L'.'r: -' .. .' ., ' M . , Lu' 6 dak - ' ,: , X! D - V v,:,rl,!5.Q5,L,' ' . ' I W -- H ww , ' ,.?'f,v" ,-. 5, -.' " . ?'-' "".1 3', 5 ,-, .,, 70 xi '.. .1-Q5 . -1 1 ,Q '4' ,.4 , :N ,.Y.., . -LffF.Q- 'HMI - f. " tw' " ?-l ' W Q WMM WW Q0 ' I A 0- ffwgdm if VM-..,,, iff W 4 Bqyv MZ4-cf! MQTWYAY V offwyfff 9570! 35? Wy' JDM OJ Wfgfn 5:1204 SEM E213 Wa 2520003 5554? 6 , 2 3 L ,xx ' fm' 'www' - , e,, 1 ' 'YE 1 .P . ,..XQ 'Pi A 'W' l k . Published, June 1956 by the student body of Mount Clemens High School, Mount Clemens, Michigan I' f a 4 A ' 4:1113 1,13 Q xx c, O 'O i M9 4 wan BHCK THE tl Turn back the hands of time, Roll back the sands of time, Bring back our dream divine, Let's live it over again. LJ ed by spcc ll I tl Choice Music. l l' lifrvrnia. TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration and Faculty .......... Sports ............... ,...,........... ........., Student Life ........ .....,.,,, Classroom Life ....,.. ...,...... Students by Cla .ses , ..,i . Advertising ...,...,. 2 n 0109 S page 5 page 13 page 27 page 45 page 51 11? vy all tlild Hll l-86 ?o1-eword Each year we collect more memories -the kind we wish to treasure for all time. The memories from this school ear are re- corded here and dedicated to all who have lived them. Who hasn't ever wished- that a cer- tain moment could last forever? This is impossible, so we do the next best thing- put it in our memories. In order that these moments may never grow dim, this year- book preserves them for us forever. Perhaps the best moments to be re- membered are those we shared. Your mem- ories might include the times we danced, laughed, sang, and Qin our -spare timel learned. But to nianalof us, the school year meant much more. e completed the year and were given the title graduate, senior, junior, or sophomere. Yes, we too had our fun, but we also had a little more mature understanding of the world we face. But regardless of what we remember best about this school year, we shall also rekindle many forgotten memories as we read and re-read this book. May our mem- ories be pleasant as -we recapture lost mo- ments-as we TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME. Let's live it over again. 3 I O v '49 ,pun nf Q XA gl-if 4 . THE SHND5 O ,Ao ' IT' f' ii Q xv ll Q- . With readir1', w1'itin', and 'rithmetic We learn to toe the lineg And tho' we suffered, still we say A Roll back the sands of time! 1 Board of Education members around the table from the left are: Alex Walker, trusteeg James Nunneley, treasurer: Samuel Malbin, presidentg W. L. Berlfhof, supt. of schoolsg Wayne Sharland, account- antg and Frank W. Kissell, secretary. 14 miniA tl-ation if jlaculty William Berkhof Superintendent of Schools Raymond Wolf Supt. of Buildings and Grounds our adminiA tratol-A Pride of achievement makes the man. Such is the description of the men pictured on this and t e preceding page. Board of Education members serve their community without mater- ial payment, giving long hours and great effort for the benefit of all. Mr. William Berkhof, superintend- ent of schools, makes decisions and acts as sort of a liaison officer between the school and its students and the Board of Education. Mr. Raymond Wolf, superintend- ent of buildings and grounds, cares for Harold E. Jones, A.B., M.A. Principal and maintains all of the equipment which makes our school possible. Mr. Harold Jones, principal of our high school, bears the heavy burden of a smooth running high school on his shoulders. It is his job to dove-tail our many classes and activities so that each student has a chance to learn and participate in his chosen field of en- deavor. Mr. Cleo Cleven, assistant to the principal, finds himself res onsible for the many problems of sturient person- nel which include dlscipline and stu- dent auto parking. Cleo E. Cleven, A.B., M.A Assistant to Principal wo:-JA of wiAdom ffgfhfy AQHA-B-1 MA- Ernest J. Buckholz, Bs., ema ICS Physical Education 'j. :.. f A ' A A J Warren Beauman, B.M. Lloyd Beekman, A-B- ' e Instrumental Music Social Studies seem? ? 3?1 Q3?5SSisTff,lQ?, ff ' J, 'it ' f 1 i 'W f, . ' - .- 'lf N- X. f 1 A , j it 'Q " A L' in - - mmn St , L, A L' X, ,NS , A 5 13 if 'W' Q 2 K E Q . f -ifigik K Q iixh' i E '2- ei i Eifnw iifffieiiiiliifg X' k psisi, ' L' ,L Q" fi ' me 4 ii ,. ' Mags, 'Q ki . :ar i 4 i I Doris Amsbury, A.B., M.S. Alice C9dYv B-A-f English English, Journalism Business Eleanore Dennert A B M.A. Herman F. Beck, A.B., M.A. ' I Ehgligh Science Q V Y c - J t tx eciu i, 33 I ,fd- Lxtttgf-5? i .xl mi 2, 321 I Marion Brice, BS, Vernon Byrd, B.A. x - Science, P ys. Ed. Eng 1Sh Robert L. Beckermeyer, B.A. M.A. Hulda Daeubler, B.A., B.S., M.A. Mathematics Business Education 7 and encouragement Richard Dixon, B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts, Printing Olive Dixon, B.S. Homernaking, English li., ' f ax-U IV X , Q lgva . F H 4 s, S 1 ' , , ,, ,Exe 'ug ,fwfflbstl ai lf, , 3 ,' vp ' PL' I, 1 wi,- wpiff. I L..+ 2 fain. ,, 1 Q - 5 if , - w N, -i Q V. 4, Florence Durant, A.B., M.S. Science Vernon C. Johnson, B.S., M.A. Ind. Arts, Auto Shop, Dr. Tr. Evelyn Gerkey Business Education Hunter Judd, B.S., Industrial Arts, Woodworking '32 if A-ey "'zt.? if ' Qt Daniel Helfer, A.B .luv-N, g 'Q' K' jlm ,v l Lau E 1'h ' V Donald Gerkey, B.A., M.A. fi Industrial Arts, Drafting Q 3 is 'W 7 R Gladys Hin, B.A. Social Studies Eunice Giambrone, A.B., M.S., L.S. librarian n, ng IS Norma Judd, A.B., Attendance Adviser XX Irene Klein, B.S.,' M.A. X English Lee W. Kittredge, B.S. Business Education, Driver Training 8 rom our teach el-A Jael: Lohrberg, A.B., M.A. Allan J Olds B.S. Social Studies Mhthenlatics Charlotte LaBrew B S Dorothea Llmberg B A Assistant Librarian English Dramatlcs R137 Mittelstadt, Glgyia Page, In ustrial Arts, Machine Shop Homemaking I-asv, n 'Q' Y N' 1' I fi: if 'anus it AQT9' , sf? is S S ffgi' , 11 far ' I K Q Q . f .. , . V . , ,J . . Robert Lockwood, B.S. 1 L' Social Studies . Dean Moltmaker, A.B., M.A. Robert J, Pakko Speech, English Industrial Arts, Driver Training u Miriam Moorman, B.S. Ruth N1cke1 Homemaking Social Studies Charles Nemeth, B.S., M.A. Richard Parker, B.A., M:A. Physical Education English 9 il r W . v Harold Peleski, B.E., M.A. Instrumental Music fr L.. lae0eed to Dorothy Parker, B.A. Mathematics make Aclwol Gerald Robinson, B.A., B.S., M.M. Hazel' Persson, A.B. English Vocal Music . :sl 4: in I Y ' ' A ii 'A' lv 'Q fa, Eliaabeth Penzien, A.B., M.A. Margaret Schmutz, A.B., M.A. A K Latm Foreign Language - 3 w ,as 4. I E bl .' dk -'MEM -, Q Q, , .. n , In .,,N -.---' f VK ' '- Q I X A ' ' ' -:ani . XXV ,ff'g,g 1 MA X . 53 .V 'TW ,lg Q 1, Y . X' , Kathleen RHCIIIC, B.A. L . l lv X Art -'fs-f,, A - Q Q. Patricia Puchalla, B.S.' Wayne Slgafland, B-S-V MfA- , ' . Physical Education usiness Education f '- ..i if "" 'A K Q .Io -9' , , A A . '-r' f! 1' 'Z' Lyla R0b1HS0Il, Kenneth Spurr, A.B. iff'5'i, . L, Q Q Attendance Advlser Attendance Adviser .5 ' . Robert E. Lee Puchalla, B.S. Physical Education, Science 10 Robert Shemky, B.S., M.S. Social Studies Cla ' Shoelnaker, A.B., M.A. Social Studies Betty J. Stanzel, B.S. . Gl d S " , B.S. Business Education a ys wmey Business Education t X A Y SQ gurl. A i lax , s . VW, iw dy' .L I 5 A ' 91' K5 f glmglx i w bni t- ' M ffl f . C .t,. t C. A ,M fi y 5, xfffyffy A cfm n iv K 'aux 5' ,1 A Charles Stephenson, B.A., M.A. Ruth Westover, A.B., M.A. .' Counselor, Mathematics Counselor, Social Studies Margaret Tucholski, B.S. Business Education exf in J 5-A '-'Xl X av, :ff 5,2 f :L I H . ' an ,A 1 Q A' . in :K l 3 l'.,x K . Nancy Tank, B.S. tr. 5' Physical Education A , iv., Lucile Stewart, A.B., M.A. George Wiggins, A.B., M.A. A , English Social Studies : s . ' 85? , 'U' 'TQ r E- 'QQ ' 'Ellie ' A . 'Z' . , 45 Mary E. Taylor Marie Wright, A.B., M.A. Study Hal English, Mathematics Alice Stromquist, B.S., M.A. English, French 11 Beatrice Youngs, A.B., M,A, Attendance Adviser fi-.-1'-E gn? aim We 0,6 OUR D fur 5'-I In all the games we played this year Those hopes were yours and mine. We cheered-we sang-we tried-we cried' Bring back our dream divine. 12 E any Their pep was contagious-the stands and bleachers were always fllled when our boys went out to Wm. Sportef f Uni siemens Ferndale- 6 Bob Gibson, Co-Captain all and ootball FOOTBALL TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIMIC to those cool, crisp nights of fall. Remem- ber the thrilling football games when ex- citement was king and the shouts of spec- tators filled the air. Coach Shemkgs "Bathers" led by co- captalns Bob Gi son and Ken Grimes, never failed to give the fans the thrills thev Mr. Lloyd Beekman, coach of the reserve team, takes time out of his busy schedule to pose with his team for a picture. A VARSITY SCORES Mount Clemens Grosse Pointe-34 Mount Clemens Van Dyke-19 Mount Clemens Birmingham-21 Mount Clemens Port Huron-33 Mount Clemens Ferndale-19 Mount Clemens Hazel Park-13 Mount Clemens East Detroit-32 Mount Clemens Owosso-40 JUNIOR VARSITY SCORE? - Mount Clemens Birmingham -' -Mount Clemens Port Huron- . lount Clemens Hazel Park- 0 ,ovnt Clemens East Detroit-26 Idount Clemens Grosse Pointe-12 The 1955-56 varsity Bather Gridiron squad an and I-oliclzing came to see. . In the years to come we will not recall each game, but we will always remember that never once did those guys wearing the red and white jerseys fail to live up to their name "The Battling Bathersf' ' In the years ahead, when the time comes for remembering our high school da s, there will alwa s be a moment to re- call the 1955 football squad. Ken Grimes, Co-Captain The freshman football team, under the super- vision of Coach Charles Nemeth, finished the season with a 3-1-1 record. 15 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL "Win" was the watchwold of the freshmen football team as they romped through the season with a 3-1-1 record. In spite of rugged competition, the boys 'gave it all they had' and finished the season with a very favorable showing. NINTH GRADE SCORES 6-Mount Clemens Lanse Ci- 0 0-Mount Clemens Oakwood fE.l 20 Mount Clemens Grant C.- Mount Clemens Hamtramck- Mount Clemens Hazel Park- x 1. Robert Lockwood, Coach over hilt down dale CROSS COUNTRY Cross-country, a fall competitive run- ning sport is a part of the athletic program of the Eastern Michigan League. Its pop- ularity is increasing in both the United States and England. probably stems frometaoin ETAOSSI li'l'A Originally an "over hill, down dale" run, Cross-country now has a prescribed distance ftwo miles for high schoolsj and standardized obstacles. It combines speed and endurance to provide an interesting and competitive sport for all boys. Cross-country is in its infancy as an Eastern Michigan League s ort, but it has already gained sufficient followers to war- rant a Regional Meet and an Eastern Mich- igan League meet with plenty of compe- tition within the bounds of Michigan. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES gow score winsj 42-Mount lemens Birmingham-15 20-Mount Clemens Berkle -41 40-Mount Clemens Hazel Pali-15 44 - Mount Clemens Birmingham - 15 19-Mount Clemens Hamtramck-69 E.M.L. Meet Mount Clemens -3rd place State Regional Meet Mount Clemens-6th place CROSS COUNTRY team bottom row: Gary Carter, Robert Glefke, Walter Plavlianich, Ray Simms, Ralph Small, Richard Rollens, Lloyd Simms. middle row: Haro d Wise, John Folson, Bob Gave, Melvin Schmidt, Richard Pernell, Coach Robert Lockwood. top row: Larry Snodgrass, Bryan Chamberlain, Nelles Ford, Dick Mullen, Vern Titus, Gerald Baumgarten, Don Hartman. .J eed and mn are euen tial SWIMMING Skill and co-ordination in the water, such as the Bather swimming siluad has displayed this year, comes only a ter long hours of difficult practice. Such diligent practice is usually re- warded and this ear is no exception. Two school records fell to the relay team of Tom Coulon, Bob Gibson, Bill A bee and Jack Smoot. With a overall year's record not quite as ipod as had been hoped for, the 1956 Tan team must be content to be winners in the less tangible columns of sportsman- ship and co-operation. Coach Charles Nemeth is to be con- gratulated for his fine work in producing a team which will long live in the memories of the students of M. C. H. S., 1955-56. Charles Nemeth, Coach VARSITY SWIMMING SCORES 39 - Mount Clemens Ferndale - 48 25 - Mount Clemens Birmingham - 62 37 - Mount Clemens Hazel Park - 50 50 - Mount Clemens Hamtramck - 33 52 - Mount Clemens Ferndale - 35 33 - Mount Clemens Hazel Park - 54 32 - Mount Clemens Birmingham - 55 53 - Mount Clemens Hamtramck - 84 E. M. L. Meet-3rd place VARSITY SWIMMING team to row: Bill Kielman, Tom Smith, Gary Carlos, John Buckholz Ed Bergman, Gary Sjeaman, Joe Pessendorfer, Hal Lay, Jay Hoker, Tom Dedenbach, Wayne Bolle, Don Boden, Dick Allen, Tony Manella, Jerry Markle, Bob Nicholson, Kurt Smith and Tom Fisher. Bottom row: Jay Hartford, Bill Albee, Jack Smoot, Bob Gibson, Tom Coulon, Ron Sulflow, Duane Gamm, Gary Carter, Bruce Lawrence, Dick Willams, Jack Schleuntz, Ralph Czarnecki, and Larry St.Aubin. 114 , WF . S 1' ' . lv , '14 Q. ' . lim., A A A . .. - 17 'N u if 'F 5 WM 4 . :I 4 Ron Falkenhagen Joe Thomas Ken Sharber Ken Grimes The Bathers put up a good fight in the Port Huron basketball game. the hard court pl-oducez 1 5 X Q L -L 'X' X'-'ly BASKETBALL if all L . U f sg, ' If one word could describe the 1955- . 56 M.C.H.S. basketball season, it could ' only be "exciting" This was proved by 4 'i the Bather cage crew which gave its best l V, to nrovide the Bather fans with countless l 1, 1 minutes of thrilling baskektball. f Ed Noe Competition from Eastern Michigan League schools is always keen, this year exceptionally so with the added combe- tition from schools such as Van Dyke, Hamtramck and St. Clair. Graduation from the 1955 Re g i on al 18 I". Marv Ulman Wt 1 r is i y, , , X JA r ,Q , A gf. f',P t si me it F M' ' I '7 ' K 5 I A , Xi- ky lj xA A d"f In ""' Ai .2 1 41' . 1 f f f - 'sw f y fx Steve Shaw Joe Jones Jim Ransom X fix- Hg Q, IJ X N . s,- Ed B ' Who will get the rebound this time? Marvin jumped high for this one! mee cl 1.31 5 it Willie Harrington a tlu-il af minute Champion squad left holes in the Bather crew which were difficult to fill. However, long hours of drill and practice under the able coaching of Robert Lockwood gave the team shape. As each player on the team must rea- lize, no team can always win or be cham- pions. Learning to lose may well be a more important lesson than learning to win. A season's record such as that posted by the Bathers of 1956 teaches both winning and losing as well as teamwork and good sportsmanship. 19 , Lan ' A Xxx . sr' ' Chuck Nicholai 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL team bottom row: Robert Dahm, Joe Jones, Willie Harrington, Marvin Ulman, Ken Grimes, Chuck Nicholai, Ed Brice. top row: Ronald Falkenhagen, Jim Ransom, Ken Sharber, Steve Shaw, Ed Noe, Glen Snow, Coach Robert Lockwood. 6aAlzet6al1 meanA ,l0llI'J o VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES 66-Mount Clemens Van Dyke -39 45-Mount Clemens Hamtramck-69 49-Mount Clemens Birmingham -50 55-Mount Clemens Grosse Pointe-68 70-Mount Clemens Hazel Park-55 58-Mount Clemens East Detroit-63 65-Mount Clemens Ferndale-55 52-Mount Clemens Port Huron-53 Ed Noe comes in for a keen shot. Marvin Ulman, Captain 20 George Wiggins, Reserve Coach RESERVE BASKETBALL team to? row: Bob McCracken Joe collms Ronald Edwards, Ray Hubbell, Bill acobs, Henry Parkinson and Dennis Du Bay. Bottom row: manager, Mike Malbing Ron Starkg Steve Levine B111 Weber Jim Martensg Howard Sharberg Roger Howard and John Olson practice and hard-won gamu Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Mount Clemens -Mount Clemens Mount Clemens - Mount Clemens Regional Mount Clemens Hazel Park Hamtramck East Detroit Van D ke Ferncllale St. Clair Port Huron Birmingham Tournament Birmingham The Freshman basketball team had a SO-SO season 21 'hm Copeland Marv Ulman ready Jack Smoot puts him out Fast ball, screwball, knuckleball, curveball-our pitchers threw them all. Batting, sliding, bunting, run- ning, catching-all were given more than their fair- 6 6 share of attention as the boys practiced behind school 4 and at Memorial Field. Battling keen opposition, the Bather nine never waivered, never stopped fighting, nor lost their sense of good sportsmanship coupled with teamwork. The success of the season lies in the many long hours of hard practice. 'Q' Mr. Geor e W' ' Basebadl Coaggms The Baseball team of 1956 halted practice long enough for a pw ure 22 The boys that competed in the Michigan Normal Relays include: Ron Distlerath, Michael Jenne, Phil Folson, John Folson, Richard Rolens, Wesley Harris and Donald Ehrke V track Mr. Robert Puchalla Track Coach Each school day in March, unsuspecting students ran the risk of'being run down by a prospective track man iff they wandered into the corridors of the base- ment after 3:30 p.m. For before the weather permitted outside practice, these eager beavers could always be found practicing starts, hurdles, and jogging distances to get themselves into condition. M.C.H.S., noted for its outstanding track teams this year, lacked none of the attributes which gained it the high places in the track records of former years. Led by coach George Wiggins, the 1956 Bather baseball team played an exciting season. The s uad had plenty 'ton the ball" as they played fast, dlean games. Pole vaulter Wes Harris goes Bob Gibson, shot-putter, ready up and over ready for the throw Coming down the stretch 23 With racquets whistling and balls fly- ing, the 1956 Tennis team of M. C. H. S. battled their opponents at home and away with good clean games. Early in spring the boys could be found practicing serves, pivots, and shots against the old green and white backboard and on the courts. The "fop-bing" of a fast volle was almost continuous. The voice of Coach Allan Olds could also be heard shouting good advice to a team full of fight and will- ing to learn. Hard practice, combined with good sportsmanship and teamwork, always pays off. Our tennis team proved this once again as they grew in self-confidence and ski l as the season progressed. tenniA Tennis pla ers left to right: front row, Ed Hammond, Jay Hartford, gteve Levine, Henry Parkinson, Marty Mc Doniel. In the hack row, Jim Ehrke, Jim Ransom, John Broad, Ed Brice, Bob Hader, Ken Grimes, LaVerne Lemp and Conrad Kalitta. Coach Allan Olds Ken Grimes Ed Brice With spirit and dpersistance, Coach Charles Stephenson an the M.C.H.S. golf team plunged into a season that gave way to new golfing thrills. The E. M. L. champs of last year were prepared for another win- ning season. About the middle of April, the team be- gan to practice. At least three daiys a week, after school, they could be foun at either Gowanie Golf or Hillcrest Country Clup. Home golf meets began at three o'clock in the afternoon. All home meets were played on the Gowanie Golf Course. In all, eleven meets were scheduledg and they were played between the last of April and the first part of June. livery opposing team was met with confidence by the "Battlinfg Golfers". They never felt that they were ighting a losing cause. Six players made each away from home trip. Naturally, the first team was among the six. The irst team consisted of: Cap- tain Ray Puffpaff, Chuck Nicolai, Ron Manthey, and Bob Thomas. go! Golfers left to right: Coach Charles Stephenson, Captain Ray Puffpaff, Chuck Nicolai, Ron Manthey, Bob Thomas and Eldon Wyly Coach Charles Stephenson Ray Puffpaff's follow through Eldon Wyly 125 Qu -ff-4? 4345" fe? 'I wi 'T CVE 5 h h x f CQ M Q N V6 - Th l ' p -- pythJ Dy b h Th ph df h hdth f Ltl t g Z6 Our carefully planned and well attended dances are typical of the many student sponsored activities which are indicative of M.C.H. S. school spirit. Student life H is 27 Tom Coulon assisted by Mrs. Lucile Stewart Our large enrollment necessitates a long wait in line for students who sign up for study hall. . . . and Ao 1t 6egan ENROLLMENT Back to school-- first to enroll then Cho-humj to classes. Back to the business of being divided into groups, filling out forms, deciding what subjects fwho's the teacherj to take and WHEN IS LUNCH! Next, to be accepted into each class before Mr. Cleven closes it. At last, the end is in sight. Fill out these four cards fboth sides, pleasej and go to room 10. Say "cheese." Click! And the pic- ture for I. D. card and the yearbook has been taken. That's all! Come back monday. enrolls in his English class 'llhe -B's and C's fill out their enrollment cards before signing up for their lndlvidual classes. 28 The students rise as the band traditionally plays the National Anthem at the opening of a football game. wifi! fl'ddiU0hA, ALUMNI NIGHT Coffee and roses for the Alumni marked our annual Alumni Night. Half-time honors bestowed on football greats of yesteryear were climaxed by the crowning as "Football King" of Mr. Walter Fenton, oldest ex-football player present. Mrs. Hazel Persson, director of student activitiesg John Allison, stu- dent Alumni Night chairmang and Connie Painter, student council pres- ident, took part in the ceremonies. John Pingle, M.C.H.S. alumnus and former Michigan State All-Amer- it-an presented the Football King with a scroll. A dance in the M.C.H.S. gym followed the football game. A scroll . certifying his selection as oldest alumni football player . resent is awarded to Mid game tension mounts as players and coaches take gtlalter Fenton by stock of the situation. John Pingle 29 Frosty, the Snowman, is helped down the street by three of our students during the Thanksgiving Parade. Here is another of the many floats pulled by' M. C. H. S. students in the Thanksgiving Parade, us ering in the holiday season. culture, civic pl-ojectA . Uuder Mr. Beauman's direction, the band went into practice for the Annual Winter Concert. .Dwuusn-nn.--.......-t Mr. Warren Beauman, conductor. 30 The National Honor Society was in charge of keeping up the bulletin board with lists of scholar- ships for prospective college students. Selling bookcovers was one of the projects of the National Honor Society. and Aclwol aidA. The cast of the senior play "Angle Street" was Joyce Whitsitt, Marleen Spur ing, and Pat Smith, bottom row: Marilyn Lange, Theresa Schaff, Mary Ann Cottrell, Joanne Benetti, and Audrey Small, mid- dle row: Phil Schamehorn, Grant Vaden, and Claude Saum, top row. Scene from "Angle Street" showing Theresa Schaff and John Allison as Mr. and Mrs. Manningham. 31 Bernadine Stevens, center, queen of the Junior-Senior Prom with her court, Shirley King, Sally Pheil, Donna Wagner, top row, and Pat Charbeneau, Harriet Champme, rom ball-room grace JUNIOR - SENIOR PROM Decorated in the style of a medieval ball-room, with fair ladies, knights in shining armor and statues of the times, our high school gym took on the appear- ance o a palace. As the iglden hour of nine at night agproached, .C. H. S. juniors, seniors and t eir guests gathered to be a part of the 1956 Junior-Senior Prom, the "Palace Ball." Red Johnson and his band, from the University of Michigan, provided the dream music to which starry-eyed couples danced, until twelve. Highlight of the Prom was the crown- ing of Queen Bernadine Stevens and the installation of her court of eight girls: Barbara Brenniman, Sall Pfeil, Pat Charbeneau, Joanne Benetti, Shirley King, and Donna Wagner. Queen Bernadine accepted roses and the crown from junior class president, Yvonne Bright. The queen, followed by her court, then led the Grand March. Barbara Brenniman bottom row- The Juniors and Seniors of M. C. H. S. and their guests enjoy a night of fun and relaxation following semes ter exams at the Junior-Senior Prom. to every-dag 6uAineAA STUDENT COUNCIL Beginning late in September, the M. C. H. S. Student Council set up its yearly cal- endar. Standing committees were estab- lished to arrange for elections, assemblies, charters, finances, building and grounds care and standards. Provisions were also made for special committees to handle un- forseen problems. The greatest single project of the coun- cil was, again, the magazine sale. Profits from the better than 317,500 sale were used to purchase a whirlpool hydro therapy machine with the balance going into funds to provide an outdoor clock and an organ for the auditorium. Other projects of the council included the sports banquets, awards for service clubs, attendance at student council con- ferences at other schools as well as the myriads of lesser projects and problems. The control of student activities, pro- motion of good student citizenship, bet- terment of student-teacher relations, and student to administration requests are the professed purposes of this, the major student service organization. Student Council officers are elected by vote of the entire student body each spring for the following school year. Coun- c1l. representatives are elected in social studies and freshman English classes at the beginning of each school year. Connie Painter, Council President, presides over a regular student council meeting. The Council's officers included: Sandy Bassett, secretary, John Broad, vice-president, Bob Gibson, treasurer, and Connie Painter, president Vi the operetta Gretchen Noordeweir, female lead, sings in "Brigadoon." Ifast rehearsal for the lads and lassies in a blg scene from "Brigadoon." Malcolm Rutledge officiates at the wedding of Gretchen Noordewexr and Bill Voiers in "Brigadoon." 1" - nnbn-if. .5 ' za-. and magazine Anim, These were top salesmen in the magazine sales contest QW x 5 Sq contest prizes HQR N bk I . d I f Bruce Lawrence "shows off" the magazine Joe Shields "sells" the "Big Three" to M. C. H. S. student body The Stage Crew takes time off to put on a little "p ay" for our camera. The Y-Teen officers and sponsors The Y-Teens pack little gifts for the under- privileged youngsters of Europe. 9-teenA and m-c duh 3.--., i if. ifllfift. il Masque Ka Wig players are all dressed up for no other reason than to look pretty. M-C Club officers display the placque which honors the year's best athlete M-C Club pledges shine shoes as a part of their initiation 1 sf, 4: The importance of blood donations is only one phase of the Junior Red Cross program junior red cl-MA Recent efforts to expand, finds the Junior Red Cross asking each club of M.C. H. S. to send two representatives to an executive body The job of this group is to devise projects for the club. Their latest projects include helping the blood program, hospital entertainment and preparing exhibition kits. It looks like a serious conference. Which of the items on the blackboard do you think they are studying? and monitor-A, Your hall permit, please l All these Monitors LEFT THEIR POSTS, but only CYD to pose for this picture Some of the Office Train- ing Club members, under the watchful eye of Miss D ae u ble r, demonstrate their office duties. '4""rJfl . Every two weeks The MIRROR is sold at the door of the MIRROR office Aerivce c1u6A Butch, creation of the MIRROR staff, watches over M. C. H. S. like a guardia-n angel Pulchritude Qoh, wellj is only one of the assets of the Aquabelles as anyone who has seen their water ballets will tell you Here, French is the language of the land," atalie Madorski, member of the French Club and organi at1onA Tapes mmkes PA recorders, etc, are common terms to these members Audio Visual Alds Club religion and Ape:-Us all The Pep Club keeps the spirits of our team high with their lusty cheers and antics. '44 Are you hep? Do you know the connection between apples and the Latin Club? 42 are part of our Aclwol Ii e. F. H. A., Future Homemakers of America, hold a formal initiatory ceremony The Bible Club meets for non-sectarian prayer and study of the Bible each Wednesday morning before classes begin. I' 61" 1 1 4 'lin'-1'-Ef " N 'W Bev s 5' , ' is s 1 S05 f"-"""" 4' Q 03 Spit balls wild were shot up front, The books were just a sign Of what should be but what was not. Turn back the hands of time. 44 I I I F224-' -J 5 , .--3 ...'i... The library, nerve center for many classes, is usually well filled with Mount Clemens High School students. Clauwroom life The Ch8ll1lStlV lab scene of m m m mterestln x periment. Girls in advanced clothing classes made and fit costumes for "Brigadoon" Art class lll6IIlb6lS XV0lk m clay It looks llke mud pies to us. 46 The lathes, pictured above, are only one phase of the training in machine shop that our future machinists go through. Bo s in Woodshop cllasses make, sand and finish cabinets and other articles for use around the school Future wives and homemakers learn about appliances and culinary arts in homemaking classes like this. ,gil can and dau 47 in provide af wide range o Salesmanship is learned land practicedj by members of the Retailing Club. Dorothy Witt, usher, shows early arrivals to their reserved seats in the auditorium. Foreign Correspondence club members read and Write letters to pen pals. Atudent ac tialitq and experience The G.A.A. "piles up" to smile for OUT Camera. Plan, study, work, practice, those are the watchwords of those engaged in Forensics. Relaxed and easy appears to be the proper mood for Creative Writing ill ff, 44' ff..-..- --ll' I f li gncx THE 5999 .f ' X fi gi sox 10" We had our fun, our laughs and tears From silly to sublime. These days can never be reclaimed- Roll back the sands of time. 50 1' .f-w""w 'ILS- Miss Beatrice Youngs, adviser William Rocker, president Staden tA 51 A .. , 5 if r, 12' 3, 'ff . ffl y, . aff t1 W , 4 1 V we t R , . , f l x 14 it t 5 A . . 5 K.,. 3 ,rgfgkau 4.7 lf, 1' L xg V R ,ff r f, ,Qtr AJ, by W ' I I t, XJ , I . 1 were ' . ii' if . 4' V F- fi Q 5 nn lt fi f' 1 7' ' :Q "' , Y ' :fi ii' ' ' "A" " ,. f X www 1 X -X l Ax y ' " Wk, i ,, . A Mary Ahrens Harold Allor Larry Andrighetti Barbara Bishop Carol Boaisdell janet Blank Ann Applcford Gordon Arego Kenneth Arthur Wilma Blevins Henrietta Boccaccio James Bohl Catherine Athman Charles Baarck Ronald Bahorski Rieni Ball Nancy Books Richard Hora Richard Baldwin Cynthia Hales jim Ball jerry Bovenschen Mona Brandenburg Stephen Brandenburg Albert liandlow Patricia Barkoot Charlotte Batltins George Brda Bevan Brennimzin Betty Bressif- 3 Jr" ,Ex 5 .A " 1 ff? Cr ID ,I l-Idward Bergmann jim Beycrlein Adrian Bishop C1444 Sandra Bruelle hlnrgueritc Brunlte -luhn llucltholz N '-Q ,. wr' Y MTA R V W 1 Qi ,Y 0 gil E V' "' viii' ip, M A Pi ' A i if 'W' '7 r. A 4 ,- 5 N Q I Y '54 'V M if 'Q W i --'ll . I f X1 1 xl , fx ' mi R l .5 f Q L' 6 F 7 Q I ,X J ' . ff 3 ,f ' it x ' f +V, 0 9- ' 1,-Jf 1 J 1,1 N a r- ' . li f s ' ' 'f if .if 52 nn ,A Y . , I r . ,I .ls -Q: 21, 75,15 4? if -nr' X , I Phillip Burbaclr Francis Burg Geraldine Burk Wav 4 ,Q WU rx. I . , is - .- -1 " i fs' A ,QQ1 I! 0 S Robert Daniels Barbara Darling Hem- Dnrr tg.. J v-K r 4 .f L' i"'g .ia 'X Q X an K n 3 6-ww ' -7133 'I X 5525 ' . 'S' 'li mg? f-45' . V . n "' i 7 . qiil' . iix f 'A f 'Q' 3 ifiii ir. ' . fr- . , wi-. . 1' 'im Y we fa 'nf .hifi ,T j 1 iw- " .. ,,, . 6. f' 1 , -. A ' Q33 '3 ,Qu xiii Q- A s M VV . llezin Carpenter Runzilil Conklin -lumli Cmfr Rita Czirucci -luck Cnnsiglio 'l'hom:iw Crum Bernie Chircnp john 5, Ummm-r Shirley llxilrckv Bonnie Bush Carole Claytun l'fx'i'lyn Cotta-r james Byerlv -lean Colm- Ann Cntfrz-ll Dall' Bynum Ruin-rr Congslun linxmunil klIZlllll1'll Judy Davies Rivlmril llc Vlzuninck Hari Unlnu-r llonne De Keyser George llevoa k':uul llunxililmn Anastacia De Ln Cruz Frzuwes llregi-r ,Iuilx limi Bruno Delleun Commun- Dixon .Iuily liownl -Ioan De Stross jznu- llixnn lVili:im Dozivr Shirley l7elV:u'p:eiwc'x' Nunn Dixon -Inu-pli llulmi A 5 .el E L -gy' al-.K ' 22 ff in r 'af' '22 5-1 ,,,, r 1 I . .K A Q-jeg.. K :A ,. da' ' , I M M 4452? all K QQ H .i f L S ., t' 'lg' ., y iff A wx vb' N A Q k ff? N - -sz? ' . L in v l i si , X 1 ' vw I' 53 I If -r et 1 X I A' .I 5 . .I is 'K . , '1- ' 7 la 4 s r a g, aw f -rf , J - 4. Wg 'S 4 1 gt sf' . -1 iv, ft X , 4' ' 4 1, x i A- me X, ,, xiii? ,VA , A Lvla L49 I ' ALL 4' Y' 3 Ii . i . . f ' 7 Q. - li., .-5 -3" iv ,ali - ' , fi? i A nf" , ev ' 4 ,. y ,V f, ' iiiii ,- f .. i .n f lx I ff' ' -s rt Q -Q, 3, i ,tw gli K A 9 I j -,,, H- X - ,hr K if 1-' . ,wfla wi' Gary Du Bois Darlene Durst Kenneth Durst Charles Fought Diane Frederick Harold Frederick , .1 .ff ,x is , fd' Barbara Enlow Gerald Erdman Florence Ernst Bill Gantt Roy Gcer Frederick Ge rds r- N11 Judy Ernst Denise Esch Gale Eschenbutg Robert Gillespie Patricia Gillis Thomas Gohhle Nancy Eschenburg Pauline Eschenburg Thomas Essig Mary Ann Golda Donald Gooley Carol Gray Mary Ann Estrada Diane Eyth Marilynn Farber ,. s :immouds Robert Green VVilliam Green Kay Gregory 3 ,- Michael Fleming Andrew Foote Sandra Ford CIMA Aileen Harder Delores Harms Donald Harms if ft i . 1. 12" sk i J I ,V 439' 4 'Q 54 if he i v r AQ"- ' 5 J I i 'ii . , sw 5, ,L-,ii ,A 4 E, . 31:1 -5, 4 .- gi X s af Q sr K-es rx rl, .1 - X x 4' Q J li "H 'Q 1 B ' f-1 , 1' 2 ff i l f l iff 'Q -3 ' L-QQ f 7 fi '1 s .Fi ,r' i x Je 17 .- X .N john Kurstcincr Mary A. Ladd Ruby Larlrins judy Larlee Paul Larsen Shirley Len- Mary Nic Cracken Edmund McCracken Robert Mc Donald William May s -2 J .ipf v iw -fi I A ,- g g? I -V5 1 sw A' dh 4 .if 5' -'F - .Q Y ,of ,rf Mis 4, '-ly 4 fi .nv Noel Leesch james Madaus Nancy Murzolf Suellen Lewis Beverly Mahler Geraldine Matzke Bruce li. Liebzeit Sylvia A. Maintzer ' Zita A. Lozen Gloria Maas Edwin Mack Charles Merchant Rene Mial David Mial Bernice Manel Richard Marshall Deanna Martin lxarhleen Maxon C'IafAA Richard Miller Ruth lxliller Q. 1 Blandn Nloure Curt" M 'Dow ll ja lr M'ffl'n B ve ly Moore Mary Mc Callister Earls MckGrcgoer jarimes Milllir lfraxrton Moss Betty McCann Donald Mclnryre julia Miller lngrirl Mueller a A . y i -'..Z i.: A . A . ,jy VI - I 4 by? 5 H . l ' ' ii X - gist, A, IE, 5 dr A x N N 1 bf - 4 K. iVl5ffi"f, 'fl 'l i' il' 1 :I 'L 'l l 4 17' -6 X I ' 1 ' ,.g ' 3 ' X 1 F' Fl - y an in 1 3' 't' , 4 A A I F ' A f in A 'lv fly in L , , A ,fiiliiii I 5 ' 4 , .- . H Q., in C4 ,- .r l f ' ' A 56 vw r- t A .2 . me 4- ef - I I9 i T J l f , I i. if .1 A K 1 If Y 4. . . XT ii i x L ,la ' P -v v 1- if A . I 'I P ' 1 Joanna Mullins Marjorie Murrell Sherill Neisch Donna Newell Gary Nichols Patricia Nicolai 19 Donald Pfile Fred Piellusch Raymond Pierce joseph Peltier Annie Pernell Marilyn Perch Bob Nicholson jo Ann Nicholson Beverly Nickelson Walter Pierce joyce Plavljanich john Plenda V I Darryl Nieman Marlene Nieman james Nunnally -qv! ,if f- . f i ff ,+I K f , . 1. 1 , 4 1 1 , an iw :M A .a LL 6. Ronald O'lJell Tommy Odor james 0'Niel lidwn rd Orta Peter Orta l'i.lwnrd Pa rkinson Deanna Pommerenk llluureen Quinn Glen Porretr Helen Porter Cecil Porvell Patrica Purdnn Mary Quinn l,ur:1ine Rnchow Bonnie Richter A I Kaye Pearson VValter Pellcey Deanna Peltier Rnszilinda Rioclzis Isla Rivard ,lzumes Roberts N he 12 R M in in FQ-.F ' - '5 L ' I z ' .,-, - 'aw -r fe.. - , , 'fe R . ' Q L ,Ar gif? - Q4 ,, -f My l , '- f Q we A ' nf P N ' if 4 M, P 1 t . ' ' " ' ,ff K iq: aff. :" vf K ' X W ' W: e fm ' . 1 S, E tf'l.f+I ' - 1 .1-, 1 ' W a- , A ' , - E ue? I 1 -Q --Q ' '.::'- - ' X, , YV., A ,V if.. . 5, 7, 1-.J i . a M44 JR ,x K qw K . I , , 1,4 EM , ' .4 fav' mv K -r wg, . I 3 , 1 Q -e 4: 1 4-'ae ' 4 '- A 1 1 . 1 V. ,Q Q al' ' 1,55 :V .kgttlx at Y K ,ii 129' if 57 C reg, A X HJ if . - 3555, i' 3 -Q.. fs 47 f"" , Ester R b' o mson Bill Rocker Marilyn Rocker 1. , ,,.. . ' 1 ' A' A' ,. X r . X J - fl lx t 3 I l Kathleen Scherrer Sandee Shulock Sharon Schutt M Donald Ryser ary Schwalm David Sheridan tw, Carl Sislt .ludith Sltarritt Betsy Simms Gary Smith , Bob Scranton Betsy Simms Rodger Sabatasso Bobby Servo Wayne Simms Elaine Sakrnw Ann Shawen lValter Sinausltas Erich Spitzer Gerald Steiss Karen 'linnzey Larry Spodeck Sandra Stocki Kathleen Teets Maureen Springer Edgar Stricker ilanicr- 'll-mplin Shirley Smith Marilyn Stacey Robert' Strict Donna 'l'hoel Tommy Snay Rosalie Stark Bernice Sudan Robert Thoel Linda Spehar Beverly Starkey Billie Sutton Linda Todd if is 4 Q f r ' Ei ii 'SRV ,, 0 ,- ' A 2 f vb K l A nl f Skin x A , 4 V A H: - , , D LV Q, .1 4 .U 1 1 M M Tl ff Q 'rl' X glad? K . i - .f 'S ' 4 r K . H . . - 1 if tc I K T' Q on 0 1 , Q M, fav 5 4 F " 'sa ., tb fp, ', M S A A 1 V' X 1 GY if 4 , ,....-rr A eff ' 1 . ' f -' M - S .2 :EH 1 . . , X . ff, , f m f 5 74 1 - I l rx -5.1 . ' 'fi ' , 5 il ' M7 1 X rg I L R , ,V . K t Ah A F' ' if R Q it fm PM S R 4 - E ., P' l 2 ' "' in . M S' 5 Q -: - fl A ' . ., Q eff .QQ ' ' A P ' i' . 19 JJ A - - f . , Q' A F .M ,f '- , A A ' X' - g v :Ag-ei , In gif- , , I I , I- F 1 Y L 6 x 58 I, -o.g,,' -4 A 3 us 'YN 'O fl? 3 . -a' I -5 J Gary Tonks Harold Trumbo Larry Trombley - X ' se. r' EA 'Q b ia F3 I ,' i"4 H.. 'I .2 153, I Q :for . A A - ,A .1 , 4' A P . , .N ' ' "FJ I k it 5 W l W 7' ' f ' , :L I .,.. .3 I ' ' ,L Q 1: 1 " 'wr it -45 .J gb' -2 "' 5 W-rf ,,. .... -1 W -'-' -g., ' L T Rf, . H Mr .Wu . 'K l ' ' V W, C 5 l ?, uf' ,, ,M : '4 fu A ' xt' l B 1+ . A ' .. 5 . 1-, 'Y' is if ,I . Q 1 if ' i. , . J. 25 :ff .-aa. X - Y " ' V Gary Vander Hagen Linda Walters james Welser Dave Van Tryson Caesar Wnnllaw Barbara Whipple Bill Vadcn Diane j. lV:itkins Billy Wilson jamer Tuller Leslie Tyson Howard lllcli of S9 Gary Winkler Carol Wissner Annr Wright R . ,lt 'ff I ,vtl .Irons W. fv- ' Hx IQ W. '5' f A 'F L".-. 4 fa'- Mable Wright Mary Wright james Wolosion .., Ronald Wolosion Barbara A. VVoocl Bonnie Voiers William Volkening Donald VValczak Harold N. Ycnnm Phillip Yerty .Ioan H. Young 'Immun Ynurgslci Franklin Watson Patricia M. Webb Roger Welch Bill Yan-s r , - .13 1 . A w.. -- f i a W V A N" T I , . S r l v I .Z K Fra' ,f , , ' Was 'J - Us "'l ls' , .layer 4 V9 ' P' 5 , . ., i l v -,. gh ,X L3 f. X, My , K., I A ,'.f " ...fa- 4 If W . 59 the frulnmen Atal-ted ut Being new in our school seemed to be no deterant to the class of 1959. Bringing with them the freshness of the various schools from which thei came, their ent usiasm and initiative came to light in the many successful enterprises into which they entered. May thei not lose the drive wit which they have begun their high school careers. All is not play for freshmen as this English class will attest. Making coats and hats safe at games and dances was a real freshmm service to all Mr. Daniel Helfer - adviser Gaylen Trabue - president Sepia omoreA 61 , . I 0, v : 1. .:,' I K 9 l , XX. , ro -fa ya A if . an J x Q f L B 9 1 Q l A Q , f ' 1 A A J- Q? ,. , N"-tw, I . . 61 Q Q- 35, W H ' .fr J -" .i I .f may 1 3 M 'ya af., , Y , i rx . VQV Nga A ,jg I ae t : , . 1 . 4 J J .W 4 Q ,v' .Z , l 1 . ,V d A 3 'T 'i -K ik If-wy :Ad A 1 l J L Lai, J B QJ J . ic A U B I -6 If ' '4 ' vu . . 1, 2 V + ' -i : ' 'A ' ,a xayl 'iz il 3 l ar W iw. ' f i ' , 'lf 9 K , ' 4 " A M -af 1 l M ,Q-7 f , X L ' ' ' . l all . -A ff ' . 'B K x , , 4. .gf Lorraine Adams Gary Anderson Donald Ballard Janet Beck William Albee Marie Van Assche George Barry Bob Benetti Carol Albro Larry St.Aubin Rebecca Bama Judith Bennett James Allen Beverly Babbitt Sandy Bassett Richard Allen Sam Baldwin Carol Beadle Dan Allmacher Sylvia Bales Bruce Bechzml Beverly Billis Martha Ann Boston Julie Ann Brush Lois Blank Florence Boyce Bertha'Burgert Sally Bobcean Angelo Bratto Betty Buchler Patricia Berry Don .Boden Pat Brice Bruce Buck Judy Bettcher Judie Boreham Sandra Brauwer Vern Gay Bumgzirdner Jocelyn Betts Donna Borke Donald Brown Franklin Davis 1' F' ' . 7 'w i Big-ff ,. V or 2 fl" ' - r - ' . f. . Y f W fr Egg' W lb , f. , f4' ' 3 if A ,, VI 1 ' . ,fx Q 2 'urging af K ,fy l . ' J ' L Q., in N 1 7 , v, ff lfff' 1 rex D l miwfaifi " Fi?-L C in li, ' ' . ' ' 3' - l " vt- N - ' C C , ' . ,1 I . s -it ' " A - -- If '59 iii' if 12351 asf L V 7 io li -' g - R R il" 4 si- 15 ' ' .. M ' R: Q we f i RL. V . .. s z s-A kt :Y .1 X' 3 ,X 1? L ' ' J V1 E V 'HA fe, R C a .l r - .-1 Z "2 .K I W " K I ,LA yl xx Y w t Q, -fi ggi' - ,254 ig S '- ' 7 ' A ' A A 'H-pw . ' W ... " A ' L I Z n L' ' l l ' 1 -K 'X a xg oanne Burgess Larry Carpenter Donald Chapman Katie Compton Susan Bushey Marilynn Caroll Barbara Clark Emma Cooper James Butler John Carter David Clay Richard Copeland Paul Calabrese Donald Casier Darrell Cole jamcs Carl Carolyn Casterlinc Bob Collins Frank Cams Ruth Champion joseph Collins f Monte Correll Melvin Coulon joseph Cron Karen Cotter Robert Covert Duane Cumper Rosemarie Cottle Suzanne Cox Julia Cusick Ronald Copping Darling Cottrell Sharon Cramer james Czanstke Richard Curdes VValter Couckuyt Benard Cranon Ralph Czarnecki Nancy Corneillir Grace Conlon Rohr-rt Crawforrl Richard Davis 'x C '- . s, " p 1 4 A z ' y -3 C V ' 'I' f C r ' C 'S T ' ' L 'if -7 ' X'-7' V ,V C " "YK X " o , R 1 R yi ' .iw :. , wx. .ig , ,1 K I f qf 45 ff. l . I p ' or .- ' 1 phi' M at . -X -we , it I r Qi. ,.,,. 1 1 .. 2,711 , f J , V 7 VL U X N fi .K wg, 1 2 p N vcr iw K " 17 ,-l .r -. ,C N fir I Q 5-it A ,N 25 M fm 49, I ,- " 1? W - fl N i ii ll Vili C Z " 1 f - :' ff -4 X lyk. .,y' - 1 ss. lf ' Jfgziv.. rg. K K f 63 ' Ha . 1 ,Q V' Mm f X ' f nerve, .. I A 2. 4 .A . r " i-F' 2 M ' ' . - .t fe f - Q. ' ' 535. gg f E , ,Q M ,.fa', if 2 ' M.:- I X -is 'Q fi if ,M N E, 3' f ' Q, E 3' "H 3 Q .Wm 5 ' - Q , J M ik at - my 1 a fi XXX l A Q N e 1 A if ,, . l .1 ya A ll 1, L i - I , H in , 4' ., M .ft M' ww 5, gd 9, aM 5 if e t M 'Q ,gb S W s Tqy'+f -1 M so . M lxnx yw A if li N 1 ' xl f-:JI I Q ' 4 n A ' A 1 rt, ,E Aw- M lf-, if M rm- Tfw - its if I Q 7 V I ,HM 4 N A fs at 4 . f 1 X 1 M V , , Mg? 3, A 3 . .1 1' - ' M M .gt 1 M, A 'F' '- ' -:rs M ff 3 f y , 1 X M ,fe - ' ' 1 M ' iff: I X .1 Jifff- t P 1 f 1 , Richard De Caussin Margaret Dirjan Marie Di Vergilio Jim Dnudal Tom Dedenbach Maria Dirjan Barbara Dixon Harold Dowe Roger D'Hondt Melania Dirjan Marilyn Dohrie Robert Downer George Deisz Ronald Dittmer Grace Dopp Robert Denryter Byron Dittrich Louis Dorsey Joseph DeWinter Louise Di Vergilio Carol Dougherty Shirley Duckert Richard Edwards Barbara Erskine Dale Dull Duane Eisenhardt johnneen Esch Owen Dunkelberg George Emerick Marian Fairman Dennis Du Bay Sherri Dunkelberk Russel Empson Robert Fallis Sharlene Du Bay Joanne Dunn Mildred Ennett Barbara Fisher Betty Duhhs Naome Durham Carole Ernst Tom Fisher . M R ,. 'fi lx- ff? 5 M it M Xxx ' ' fi .L M 'Ma arg l 'M - -7' ' " 7 W 3' M ' ' I " as has r R M ., f K V ' ik f N , tw M A , is 4' 1 , ff f 4 fn. W 'ir Q - I 'K V' ,nf ' - l QM' " 1' 7' Nj gl Q' 5 X' - 3 1- t 43, we ' M , y 1 ll 'X MR . I 5 N - -tl of L M I 5 ii 1 f X x A -ir-A . .Maxx ,- 1 ' Sl :im M in N- 1 .1 A 3 A- 5 , V ,Q f I M. ' 1' .eip 4 Q 'fi ' - , la f-7 v M I , - . :1.f , .D z 14. . ,L V V, .M .V 3 if' 3 F ff r V rs' ., F td? 5 si --L A 'lm W 'A' M. ,i t ff g xt ' I f X ,D .fry if . , 1 , 7 W . N if g My 4' ' V fi-If . , Y 1 1 M r ,:n 64 npr.. v S 'Lf' - -. f? .ri Gladys F iebelkorn Pete Flournoy Blaine Flynn I .ynsji 3 QV " P- G ' ,, ' .af rrr W r .. john Folson Sharon Fournier Dave Forton Jack Gerlach Cynthia Gibson Coleen Gillespie In if Donald Gle fke Lorraine Glefke Sandra Gobat ' Q4 xl' f .ag i if of Janis Frederick Kenneth Frye Carol Fox Leslie Grewe Ken Grove Nancy Grnnow ' v -6 N 'Q 1, 1.5 ' ,Ki gil., '2 ...A 1 4 A ,I ' , by W gg X ' o 3 A I 'ri - bi H .jf I G Q , 'GLM ". . i lf' ' 4 L F' 1' 'F fix ' ,,.' .9 , . G k y I , 4 I Duane Gamm Sharon Geer Mary Garland Philip Geier Michael Garvey Lorraine Geisler Robert Fox Thomas Greco Joyce Frank john Greenfield Carl Gr-er Nathalene Gaddie Polly Grzadzinskc Patricia Guerrin Gladys Hall Gloria Haller Kay Hamann M:let!:i Hampton I N ' E 65 'Indy Hands Darrell Hard:-r Judy Harding J I s 4 . fm ,A " Nora Harkins Arnold Harms j0i'ry Harm if W f c I 'I' ' ii J , 9 W . ' i l N I I A " r Anna Lou H ' A if .P+ f fl 9 Q A V fail, E 4 3 Q , , .M Yon t i K' li? A A ,sr W fv ii -"' I i 1 i f , it -i ,.,. , , . , I 1 W ez an JK I is Ji , ,Q x K K ' A3 i 2 , 'i ii II I A! ! 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S J A , i Larry Shler Hob Smith 'll-rrp Snttlt-r Rnlrert Stark Kenneth Sieg Sally Smith Ang:-line Sohneenski Ruger Stephenson Anneeze Siggers Gerald Snar Uzrrwin Snnnncrt Lynne Stewart Roy Simms l,:trrt Snodgrass Huh Sparks Cornelius Simpson Glen Snow Karen Speck Ralph Small Gr:-tclwri Snrtlvr David Sport- Ronald Sulflow Craig 'lie-lm 'llummt' 'lilmmzts Kenneth Sulkowski Carl Tesner XVilliam Thomas Duane Summer Ben Thomas Pam:-lat Thompson Leta Tate .loc Thomas Vernon 'l'itus Robert Thomas Bryan Trelfst Russt-ll Thomas Irvin 'llromblry Bentley Stone Wilma Stuart Gertrude Sudan 1 his QQ: ' Q ' ---2 ' 1 K . - 'fe ' 'ff' ,IW sf-I. Ti e. , we t Jr -f tt' ,P tl ,Ir .. F 'Y 'hair , 1: S 'g l 'V r vi I ,,. fair,-ag: '- - sf ' ' 33 K Susan Taylor 'llnm T:tt'ltr I' Q' t 2 - tk.e Q I ,-hifi-g 81 - f -we -...Q 'QEE I , I I " wr ' -. f 'in tdwg . ' ' 1 ' it , I 1515 1. 1 ,L 'i 1 53' f 'V t A E 'N ty 5i?1.jQ,2 QV. 1, ,, ., til. ' ,L ,fir ig ' . ,ri 5' . 2 r . -f A V V A Q : f -h' 1 ' ' 4' 5? 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Zrpp -luiliih Zn-vv illzirjmir' Zillvl' illnili-nr U. Znhllu' I mm C. Ynwn "ll: ' . 'L fi . 'X I .fn 'Q 3: ' - if i 5 liii if ' ll 1- ,, fy xy I 1 U, ,M e. 5 .ri .... Q' so U., , . L Y' if i i -W 3 - 5 4' . .: ff: ,' F a -af .. V , A5 u . 41511 W .f 3 F- ., A at , .ff?vI 1 P , ,mr 1... + 1, . 5 My A A . 5 . ,W Q gf 4 f all i .f Y f K , 6 Mr. Emery Albee, adviser David Nank, president i Seniom X13 Evelyn Ahre-ns l1Pl1'1'y Alger John Alisfm Harold Allen graduating Seniom l'lm'0l'l AUM' William Allm' I x Brent Antony 1' llzlle Baker Marie Bantle Francis Barry Kermit Bartz 84 Richard Baruch Fred Beau Norman Beck Joann Bennetti gl-aduatzng Senza:-A . ,f Dorothy Bennett Mary Bentlage X' Rosalie Bernabei Carol B9ttCh9l' Joel Betts Janet Blomberg Russell Bohcean Lucy Boccoccio 85 Nancy B09ttf'h9" John Bradley Donald B1'and'enbe1'g Thelnlg Brandt ' '- Ba1'hzu'a Brennimzm Ilolmert Brohl raduatiny S'enior.6 .Iohn W. Broad Ann Brow n David Brown Ellis Brown John Brown Nkmcv Bruvel 86 Ralph Buchlel- Lenox-e Carlos Kaye Carlson Charles Carpentel graduating Seniom lVliriam Carroll Gary Caftel' Ben Cassisi Harriet Champine Lynn Chmbenefm Patricia Charbeneau Joyce Chateau Barbara Chopp 87 Sandra Christensen Dolores Clark Elsie Clausen Gerald Cole gfddlldflhg Seniom Shirley Comerforrl Rohefta COUIIJUYU Wallace Conklin Wayne Cooper Jane Copeland Gertrude Cotroneo Mary Ann Cottrell Thomas Coulon 88 N01'mPm Cfauden Barbara Crawford Irma Lee Crawford Joan Crawford graduating Senza:-A Sylvia Crawford Robert Cusic James D216 Manning Davis Terry Davis Delores DeFer Diane D9Ki6l'6 Carol DeLong 89 James DeNike Norman Dohran Alwyn DOPD AUd1'9Y Dllff graduating fra. Seniol-A Charles 1.j1,P,.t Mzlrjwie Iickert 1- W '+ wa np t if '. ., 'f i'-"'51' W e IT ' Q D 'us X J X I ' V... ' ' 't W 1 A is 4 Qif :,4lP3ifAV.'n 4 ' ' , A X A Donald Plhrke Janice Ehrke I 555, 5 Robert Emerick Judy Eppler Gay Evans Kenneth Farnsworth 90 ROHBI' Faulman Martha Fehnders Robert Ferris MHVY Ann Fi9l'Sf graduating S-eniom Zella Finch Beverly Floyd N ,ie MHVY Alice FOX John Freinmn Duane Fridley Carolee Friedeberg Florence Geisler James Gerlach 91 9' I in-+P' Judith Gibson Margaret Gibson James Girard Geraldine Glefke graduating Seniom i '-ff 4 . Shirley Glefke Loretta Gloss P N Darlene Goldenhogen X David cgranzien Nancy Guenther Barbara Guertin R0b9l't Haley Edward Hammond 92 W, L L! Laura Lee Hampton Roger Harding Leroy Harm Shirley Harms ra aatzng Sem:-A Willie Harrington Bettie Harris Wesley Harris Jghn Hart Ruth Hartnett William Hay C L 93 F, '-L'-. . 4' ' :xi ' ' I 4- Hamld Heuman Elma Hohf Annie Lee Holmes Florence Hurd gf-aduatzng Senza:-A Ann Jackson Beatrice Jenkins gg. , Michael Jenne Johnson James Johnson Dorothy Jordon . J -- -,, X , -.-,.....,. .....,., f ww 94 l x Beverly Kiehlep Shirley King Patricia Kil'Sh Donna Kiser gl-aduatzng Seniof-A 1 f A Austin Kitchen Marilyn Klusendorf George Kolznak Stanley Kowalczgk Kenneth Krause Karen Kukuk Richard Kukuk Donald Kurek 95 ,n 1.5. NX' 71 ' 1 X Mariyln Lang Bruce Lawrence Karen Lee Valerie Leitz Seniol-A I-aduating LaVerne Lemp David Lewis K Q ez fe Georganne Liebzeit Thomas Liechty Nancy Lmmgton 96 Helen Lockridge Arnold Lueth Hn Alice Lusk Nancy Luth Joseph Maas Stephen MacNeil ra uating Seniol-A Erwin Madvrsky Delores Maintzer Julia Maintzer John .Maiwald 'f-vsp'-v"' James Maly Leta Manguso Mannel Martinez Michael Mastromatteo 97 i' .H I4-'ay Matthews Robert Maxwell Lunita McCluster Patricia McLaughlin graduating Senior-A Patrick McLean Eula Medley Dennis Miller Harriet Miller Marianne Miller Melvin Mitchell Clifton Morris Donald M0l'l'iS 98 Bertha Morton David Nank Emil Neef Marilyn Neiman graduatmg Senza:-A James Norton Nancy Nuget l l Florence Nunneley Allan Nye l V , , filler' 'lg Q , ' ' ' I Lawrence O'Dell Caroline Oswald Janet Ott Constance Painter 99 Bruce Parks Charles Pearson Barbara Peltier Joseph Pesendorfer graduatlng Semom Sally Pheil Gene Phillips Y' I Y " Beverly Plowick Kay Plummer Thomas Powell Herbert Preston Helen P1-udhgmme Raymond Puffpaf? 100 David Ramm James Ransom Diane Reagin Jack Reifldel graduating Senza:-A Mary Jo Renaud David Roberts Charles Robertson Amleda R0Ck91' Sharon Rocker R0bBI't R059 Elgel' KPHU Rosso Richard Rosso 101 " 'Q Malcolm Rutledge Anna Samuels Claude Salim Clyde Saum raduating S-emo:-A Theresa Schaff Phillip Schamehorn e e 5 - A wilda Schutt Harry Schwentek' Chula Shack Lawrence. Sharp Marilyn Shier Betty Sh0WS 102 I ,- - Evanne Shulock Edward Siewert Lloyd Simms Audrey Small graduatzng Senza:-A Q' . K .M 511812755 Douglas Smith Barbara Lee Smith Par Smith Anne Spears , Q Carolyn Spies Spurlmg Judith Stark Richard Stephenson 108 Irene Stepney Bemadine Stephens Alvin Stiens Shirley Strong ra uating Senza:-A Loren StI'0Llp Janet Stuart ee 4 X Carglyn Suel- Hazel Sullivan M3120 Syria Peggy Teddel' Gary Thomas Geraldine Thomas 104 fill 'GE 0 A JOYCE Titus Sharon Todd Henry Trombley Carol Kay Tucker graduating Senior-A Gal-y Tupnel- Lawrence Tuscany s Marvin Ulman Donald Urmy fl. " F Y Grant Vaden Rachel Vanderhaeghen Janice Van Houtte 105 HHH Orlando Vargas Dominic Vieceli Elaine Volker Donna Wagner .Q graduating SNZMIOFJ Donald Walker Wayne Weber Gayle Weidenmiller Mary Jane Wells . val Joyce Whitsitt Gaylord Williams Judy Wissner Audrey Woltman 106 , 'K P f . iii? Eldon Wyly Janice Ye r Norrnan Zabik ra acting Seniol-A Senior class officers are: Sandy Christiansen, treasurerg Shirley King, secretaryg David Nank, presidentg and Mary Ann Cottrell, vice president 107 Funnie Painter, hardest working senior girl," is holl- ing with energy Famed for his laziness, Dick Baruch displays his talents popularity l . fd "Measuring up" to their titles of "seniors with the longest hair," are In need of a haircut are Larry Sharp and Marilyn Lange, "seniors with the shortest hair" 108 Beverly Kiehler and Grant Vaden Chuck Pearson and Carolee Friedelmerg, 'tmost devoted couple," gaze into each others eyes Q ,.., .g Q poll winner-A "Worst menace to teachers", Bill Hay, demonstrates one of the tricks with which he won this title Lucy Boccaccio also shows how she be- came known as a "menace to teachers" Sawing busily, Dave Nank displays the spirit which won for him the title "most industrious semor" Dave Nzink and Faye Matthews, most intelligent seniors, try to quench their thirst for knowledge "Best dancers", Sharon Todd :md Dave Roberts dance the "Mutt and Jeff Waltz" Marvin Ulman, "boy athlete," plays them all Alice Lusk, "most bashful girl," some- times lets her shyness show Dave Nank and Connie Painter, "most likely to suc- c'eed," make u lovely secretary on his employe1"s knee popularity Judy Wissner, "girl athlete," can also stnad on her head Bonnie Compton, Hlaziest senior," believes in taking it easy is f pol winnem mation desk Displaying his come-hither smile is Erwin Madorsky, "senior class wolf Dave Nank and Shirley King, "most popular seniors," are kept busy signing autographs L- ion ads in the newspaper Kay Tucker, best dressed senior girl, shows off her clothes at the in or- Evanne Shulock and Dave Nank admire the faces which won for them the "best looking senior" titles Lynn Charbeneau, best dres- sed senior boy, reads the fash- 1 w y.' 'I' "WJ 1- .-,"""",i, 4.-..-.. i r 111 w W1-1 Some of the Girls Leader Clulm demonstrate the cor- rect use of the how and arrow. Administrative assistants are: Reida Shar- land, Jacqueline Hansen, Geraldine Beach, Shirley Zenclt, Marilyn Sumner, Josehine Krauss, Iris Lawrence and June Pointer. l l i Caught in a breakfast scene are these characters from the junior class play "Father of the Bride" a little 0 tleiA Future Homeinakers of America check their bulletin hoard for 1te ms of interest. Boys and girls of the Biology classes show no fear of such specimens as frogs. and a little o that Bruce Lawrence posts the' daily pro- gress in the annual magazine contest. Senior Youth Forum members study The String linselnlile in rehearsal. The Mixed Chorus practicing for one of their public appearances. the world news of the week l The Projection Crew checks its equipment prepara- tory to a nites work in the booth. l f A 4 15? 9 ' pag-ni B 9 as f, 4 Q9 W ,ff acre ouk 43' Q You support our school for plays and S1 t We think you'1'e mighty fine! And We needed you to help us to Bring back ou dream divine. Wi" Lpoking toward the heart of the city, we must recog- nlze the help we received from most of the Mount Clemens business men - Ndvertgera A CAREER Is a Vital Necessity for A11 of Us Go Professional Short Training Period -- Small 'I' uition Rate on Time Payment Plan Easy Pleasant Dressed Up Occupation OUR INDUSTRY NEEDS YOU We Have Never in History Had Such a Shortage of Beauticians Wouldn't This Be a Good Iob for You? PLAN YOUR FUTURE NOW Come Into the School and Inquire About the Course or Write for Literature. MICHIGAN COLLEGE of BEAUTY CULTURE 16 South Gratiot Mount Clemens Phone HO. 8-6057 Branches Flint Monroe 116 G I B S G N H O M E S "Custom Built" . .,.. in . i , ' nip, 'sa J 4- 'W 'Z A A 'AFS l HBH: - 4 DESIGN M-nv i " ' 1,020 SQ. FT. 1 1o,:m cu. rr. -, W0ll ,INCH Tzu. cc fiolflz-fx. 22.4-5-o I I fa"'V' A , I H ommc 'E ul- nn., I , ev'-9-1 UT. U' n---s-' H H '5""" Q mu I. - E .-I . .. b h UlLL .' 3 J I E E fn uvmc V. "' ""' ,, en.. nr. B ' 'lEN l """"' "" 1 , ' ' 1 ' ' L o , 44'-4' We Build And Finance A Variety Of Modern Plans Of Your Choice You Are Invited To Visit Our Office ond See Our Picture Display of ATTRACTIVE HOMES GIBSON REALTY 384 North Gratiot Ave. Mount Clemens, Michigan Phone HOward 3-4575 117 May The Light Of Knowledge Shine Upon All Those Who Leave The Doors Of Our Fine School As GRADUATES So That ln The Years Ahead T hey, As Alumni, Will Always Be A Credit To Themselves And To Their High School Your KRESGE STORE Wishes All Members Of The 1956 Class The Best Of All Things 118 "Our Aim Your Satisfaction" JOHN WM. MILLER Designing A Specialty Phone Ho. 3-0614 104 Huron Avenue, Mount Clemens, Michigan For Everything New in Your Kitchen See 1"I't'5f-Z t sf'1F"Wf 1 The Modern Electric Co. 79 North Gratiot Avenue Phone HOward 8-5870 119 THE MODERN PRESS Over Fifty Years of Complete and Dependable Printing Service Letterpress--Offset HOwazd 8-5641 HAROLD E. WEST 84 IONES NORTH WALNUT Save For A Purpose Your Savings Are Insured To 3 10,000.00 By An Agency Of The United States Government MOUNT CLEMENS FEDERAL SAVINGS R 11 59 3G AND LOAN ASSOCIATION B h 58 North Wal A Mount Clemen 120 T E C K Sr M A R K S Mens Clothing and Furnishings OFFER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 orth Walnut Str t Ph HO 8 5461 Greetings From The DETROIT EDISON Co. 121 Ho-wa 3-8623 Macomb County Office 118 Cass Avenue Mount Clemens, Michigan BURTON ABSTRACT CO. CONGRATULATIONS CLASSOF56 As You Leave Your Field of Development For Wider Fields and Arenas Of Activity We Hope To Chronicle Down the Years The Happy Results of the High Ambitious And Aspirations in Your Hearts and Minds Your Newspaper Daily MONITOR -- LEADER 122 . IIIIIIIIIII co. Mtdluwu ll IIOITII GIATIOT TRIANGLE FURNITURE CO. 81 North Gratiot Avenue Phone HO 8-4523 R O S S O S T O R E S APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS 63 N. Walnut 160 s. GRATIOT AVE MOUNT CLEME s MICHIGAN "Q WISHES TO CONGRA TULA TE THE CLASS OF 56 THE LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE IN MACOMB COUNTY 123 COMPLIMENTS OF WILL Sz SCHWARZKGFF Funeral Directors MOUNT CLEMENS VERNIER Sz D E D E N B A C H Food Market .hr t Q ' zoo Nenh Av Ph HO d3 0503 ICI-IN'S LUMBER sf HARDWARE One Stop Service HO 84561 Between 14 sf 15 M1 R d 34151 s G 5 124 KRAUSE CLEANERS 15 North Avenue 311 South Gratiot Avenue HOward 3-1557 HOward 3-0028 Mount Clemens, Michigan FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN ' MOUNT CLEMENS Bannow Drug Co. Inc. , Seminole Phannacy Down town Store 1336 South Gratiot 69 North Walnut HOwaId 3-5140 HOward 8-4521 125 1, 4, f X O MPHILCO ' ' x N! X -- Q-f-19-9 if U If-75.0-I ix ff ks gf, MOUNT CLEMENS SAVINGS BANK, ESTABLISHED 1877 MOUNT CLEMENS, MICHIGAN Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation For The Girls That Are FASI-11oN WISE I ts MARTI K SHOP 21 North Gratiot Sportswear For Any Occasion ' 18 Ebel Mm! Studia 50 New Street Mount Clemens, Michigan HOward 8-6235 YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER COMPLIMENTS OF ' ll ' ' Mtg lon S DR1vE-1N RESTAURANT Featuring O CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH 0 KINGBURGERS I FISH "N" CHIPS Orders To Take Out 1120 South Gratiot Avenue HO d 3,9601 Best Wishes to the Class of 1956 Schunke 81: McInerney Iewelers 'House of Diamonds" Next to Macomb Theatre 127 For The Best In Lumber 1010 South Gratiot Howard 3-0571 MOUNT CLEMENS LUMBER CO KRAUSENECICS INC. Carpets Rugs Curtains Draperies '15 North Avenue HOward 3-0585 PRIEHS SALES CO. CADILLAC -- PONTIAC -- G. M. C. TRUCKS FRIGIDAIRE Phones HOWM 34543 93-103 Macomb sum Woodward 35534 Mount Clemens, Michigan 128 . 1 Where Mount Clemens buys its better footwear C O P E L A N D X S HARDWARE POWER TooLs Howard 3,1581 Ez U-RENT-IT sHoP HOward 3-0351 PLUMBING SUPPLIES Do-1T-YoUnsELE B. P. s. PAINTS WITH A EENTED TOOL HOUSEWARES on BUY THE TOOL HOTPOINT APPLIANCES FOR YoUE Jos NEEDS Look For These Names In S P O R T S W E A R WHITE STAG GBAFF IANTZEN SHIP'N SHORE BOBBIE BROOKS ROSE CREST FREDA'S SPORTSWEAR 129 SHORES AGENCY, INC. Claude Saum 21901 Harper Avenue St. Clair Shores, Michigan PHescott 7-7500 We Sell All Types of Insurance I-'IRE--AUTo--LIFE--HOSPITALIZATION PRIZE WINNING DESIGNS in DIAMOND RINGS CHOSEN BY GIRL GRADUATES oF- THE CLASS OF 1956 From Our GRADUATES SELECTION SERIES .7WL:QTf?,?f?'9S0" 'U' """ H' 'l"5 E llfl 'UI HI souuv I. H. MALBIN 8: SONS CO. Furniture Department Store 70-72.74-76 Macomb street -1 M tC1 , M' h' if oun emens ic lqan 5:5 Y 130 NATIONAL BUSINESS SUPPLY CO. 16 South Gratiot Ave. Mount Clemens, Michigan Everything for the Office PORTABLE HEADQUARTERS RENTALS HOward 3-0535 FOR QUICK SI COURTEOUS SERVICE "To Arrive At School On T hue" XI CO TOWER TAXI SERVICE HO. 3-4535 Vllways The First To Give The Best" 60 COURT ST., MOUNT CLEMENS, MICHIGAN Look For The Yellow Cab SWAN PHARMACY Prescriptions -- Siclcroom Supplies -- Drugs Free Delivery Phone HOward 3-0569 90 Macomb Street Mount Clemens 131 y with Confidence Made to Ord Fur Trimmed Cloth Coats -- Untrtmmed Coats PARK LANE FURS 29 New Street Corner of New 81 Gratiot MOl1l1f CIBIHGXIS S U I T S See them every month in the smartest magazines SEE THEM NOW MOUNT CLEMENS HARDWARE CO. HOward 8-5451 67 N. Walnut Stre I OHN SON TORO OUTBOARD POWER MOTORS MOWERS Always Ask For ICE CREAM 132 lron rl le A'::::::.:'C H y' Wgiiisgqz. wil . ' " "lil 1 n ,J 1145! T . . t ' Iqn . 9 if lronrlle Inc. f ff, , I I E mmx IT oven A . . . . dad I,f'4.3Vf'ANQx .. "lt's fun to llve an America" will have an u .J ' ,Xi meaning if we attend church regularly. SG, y txt. 1:3 sum rm, week! 14- I . ff' . . w 4'f'gETQ" RIKUBIIIS Club nf jlilount Clemens This spore provided by Kiwoniun Harold West THE HOSIERY SHOP 94 Macomb CITY DAIRY 50 North Avenue METRO MARKET 38666 East Jefferson WARNER 61 VERKLER, REALTORS 55 North Gratiot HUBBARD FUNERAL and AMBULANCE SERVICE HECHT APPLIANCE 8: GIFT SHOP Macomb at Walnut GLEFKE COMPANY Heating and Sheet Metal Contractors SAMSON FISH CO. 36549 Jetterson BATH CITY OIL COMPANY ANTON'S Family Shoes --- Men's Furnishings THE HENK STUDIO 74 Market Street, Mount Clemens Mc GEE HAMBURGER BARS 89 S. Gratiot, Mt. Clemens COMPLIMENTS FROM A FRIEND MT. CLEMENS ARENA SKATING CLUB RUMMEL HEATING 44880 N. Gratiot 133 HOWIES SODA BAR 307 Cass Ho. 8-9408 FARBER'S 71-75 North Walnut, Mt. Clemens WILLIS MUSIC 28 South Gratiot Mount Clemens BATH CITY GARAGE Chrysler-Plymouth CADY-McCOY DRUG STORE Corner Of Cass and Gratiot DONALDSON'S DRY GOODS 32 North Walnut HO. 8-5002 NORMINGTON'S MACOMB LAUNDRY 110 Macomb Ho. 3-0921 CLINTON RIVER GROCERY 31679 South River Road BATKINS RADIO SERVICE Phone Ho. 3-2901 287 North Ave. Ill MOUNT CLEMENS FURNITURE North Avenue at High, HO. 8-8047 LEE PRINTING COMPANY 99 Walnut, Opposite Iewel R. KRIEGER Sz SONS, GUNSMITHS 34923 So. Gratiot at Fifteen Mile MITCHELL'S TRAILER PARK Spillway at I efterson BREITMEYER'S FLOWERS Corsages Our Specialty E. F. NUNNELEY and COMPANY 61 North Walnut Mt. Clemens KISSELL'S KOTTAGE PRINTERY "Everything in Printing" BLANCHARD INSURANCE AGENCY Mount Clemens, Michigan WOLFF MILLENERY 12 North Walnut SPALDING'S I EWELERS 45 North Gratiot TOMLINSON OLDSMOBILE CO. 295 South Gratiot HO. 3-1533 MAYFAIR CAMERA SHOP Everything in Photography ART-O-CRAFT Mount Clemens, Utica, East Detroit 134 Judy Gibson Mary Ig3,tR9f1aud Cllgisitiium Picture Planner 1 or yearbook Ataff P l'o-editors , , Mary Jo Renaud Clyde Slllllll l'ic-tnrc l'l:nnnor ., , Judy Gibson Advertising lVlg1r.,, . , Mary Ann Cottrell llll0lUQl'2lIDl'l0l'. ,, , Dick Stephenson l,iter:u'y limlitor , , Gerry Tholnus Business Mgr. , ,, Judy Bennett STAFF MEMBERS:JimJaqueS,Mm.y FOX, Seated, Geraldine Thomas, Mary Fox, and Jane Y Y I W Copelandg standing, Dlck LaBaere, Sharon Swan, Jane C,opeland,R:u'ol Lundle, Sharon bwan, Judy Igenntitty and Jim Jaques Claude Szunn, and Dick LaBeare Mr. Richard Dixon Mary Ann Cottrell Dick Stephenson AdV1S9l' Adv. Manager Photographer 135 12- a-155, 1 fi, f,9'e 4 sl LWE 'T 15 V , e r I G N U O gs 6 To teachers, students, staff members, Clubs, advertisers, and teams, Thank you for all your assistance- We hope We've brought back your dreams This year is finally completed, But since the year began It held something special for each of us- LET'S LIVE IT OVER AGAIN! 136 7 , , 'r f., X F . 'V A X ' f ' - . 12 " fx " -1 -5 , w 5.1. ,- ,.A.V, , as i pl-'1' ,Q fi N ' ,GV ,.' , , ' 1 V? ' " . -' ,' x ". ' '! : 'f V ' ' , ' ff: 1+ in ,M I , we :Q .N ,J , :cfm A. f- - - 1 f 4 ,L - Q.. 'f 155 V ' G. 31-' , xg ,Q,' ": A' ug- 1 ' QC? - ' K , , . , 1 ' 1. . int '-- s w f ' ' N191 w . 1 1 ' W l ,, W W , . F , , . , . 1 ' . :Q , 1 x -11' fx," .' 1 W I F-.42-,,.,A,'A Q 'ijgy ' ... Ti f W , .. , W ' 5, l 1 ' : N , 1 , Y 1 . W 1 I 1 f 1 1 N , -'4 1' I ' f X . is ,V A W '. -' K Y -A . Q' N "2 ,, , W . ,,,. . , ,,., .Ji X e , , . X ' Q 5 lx ,X . ff-NHL, . ,Ai ,. .-1 gf.. ,4 , N ,. :gy 4- ,- Giga wing. .vii - , Q:- X , L . ' JE- '22 m L4, l Q", ' n . . . 5 , I ,PQ w ..: , , :FH , 1 I sr! U, . . , N . .--L' ' 1 ,. y 1 o 1 1- f ' S A jk 4 4 ' " - 12:4 ,Wi-1' - - s v. x,:,,: . . .ga 1 -. ' : 4 x 331-1' , " X .' I , . awk ,W ny. , N , . Q' bl' 'Q' 3'-M 1 L' 'lr . . 1... K . .'- -'r V w . n - :X 1 .f . .7.,.v4, . , 1' " ' . X -5 , 'FY' . ' . -4-.,.. :oXGl'iA'1SSa1"..h ,,.ahf4,-:.An.4-. .,f, .I,. . n Is!m W? QQ? , -W - . l XR Q2 eq 'Q-Q Eaf J Mix, i W Q1 we GK ,Av ,, Q53 Qgfww Dwqfw Y E L r I 1 H5 3 , K, F Q. f E U W1 sa 5 W' 1 I it .' la.-1+ x v 'V " . ,, F hwiffqx ' ' A 557 , N , . s X Awlwlqr ff -. bf 12-N ,fran DCM?-V ' fi.. Y L , 5' ff JAPXM 3 f f ' 'ran-.lux 'J . - -fi-' . . L4 mv: ' 5 . , Tj 1145 - -f , 1, yza,--,,-..j. Hg: , V , Qirifgfiw ....."-A., ...nga ,Aga 9 ggwhgq 3

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