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Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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' ' '- WEHIWIEMHMWBEMIMZRVIHIVETH X ,. , ,,..,-.w.,,,...,.,.,..,., A 3 ' ' - MW ' 5 5 67 I lf, ' - fx ' I 1 px 1 A H1515 " A 52 1 X 2 , A I If ., '1 21 M 'F' Q jx r .... rf 3' -as y 225 1 1.. I M54 -I L ,Mkt . 1 ' V., Z ' , -.11 1 ggfaaf' ,4.r-f-:L :HL-1-w..un .-.-,-',.g"-- u -' ' 3-nw :"..,a.- r .,,,. nf, .vm , .1 ' ' 523321-a2i'1aae1'.wi6Lw4if-vzaefflifrff-fi,5f:'5,'14M7 ' ' ' 4 wif:-I-ffff -f -K-f'?'1 ': .yr H?--H 5. x , f -N . .- ' v ' H' 'A . , rv f4ff-- vi. 12- ' " " . .1 A. . ,V ,. ---WV 5, H .- 4 ' I :'.- I, - ' ' . ,s 'TL , ,nr-ig . 2 Q iz,-' 'F' fp- -- i.i'Lff-- , , 3- l:. ,. '- . + 1-. ,QW , . ,, W 4.1 S., . -Y., ., "v K 'iv X . 1 1' , t-Fr X . ,w 1-'oz ' f-:--1 Rf . , V Q. ft-1 . ,, -s' . 2 V .gil L 2' '. 714 -IX . , .. inf' ' 1 -' ft' -2. . :Q iw f,..E ' '- V . "IFJ ,. ??.5 ' If "4-f '-15" -. 1 . -Q , 1 gif. ' . . I LQ. L -'. . 1 I ii, b V Q X f V , Q v 1 SQ lifff- X , ' 11 ' 1942 KISMET MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP H. S. LOCUST GAP, PENNSYLVANIA '55 FOREWORD . .. As a lasting memory of our pleasant years in high school, We present THE KISMET, not as an object of remembrance, but as a departing token of the Class of 1942. We Wish to express our gratitude to the members of the Faculty who by their unfailing assistance have made our trip "across the bay" educational and pleasant. I The KISMET STAFF EditorfinfChief . Associate Editor . . Business Manager . Advertising Manager . . Literary Editor .... Associate Literary Editors Layouts . Patrons .... Sports Managers . Circulation Manager . . PAGE 3, . . MARIE SCHOPPY . JOSEPHITA BRADLEY . . . . . PETER PLUTA MARCELLA MCANDREW . . . . BETTY JORASKIE . . . JEAN BILLMAN ANNAMARIE SHAGBN . DOROTHY WARGO ROBERT PENMAN . MILDRED DBTANDT . . CHRISTINE SOLOMON ALEX ALEXANDER . . JEAN RUFFING - MARION KRULESK1 ,V ,- .1. ' 1 9 4 2 THE STUDENT ANNUAL 1 vi' f -,., X f X Q X Vrl,ffQf,,j, xt S 1' i gg-in f ' B if -' V S X K3 " Ni.-- N 3 Q, ff? EEEE A Q XB - , f K I SM E T PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS i- DEDICATIO To Our Parents and Guardians Because you, our parents and guardians, have steered our course through the sea of education with so much love and understanding, We, the crew of the good ship "Township Hi," grate' fully dedicate the 1949. issue of THE KISMET to you. Docking safely, we now realize the importance of your guidance in bringing our ship to port. May your every sacrifice be rewarded by our future accomplishments. SPONSORS MISS IRMA M. CARR MR. JACOB P. SEBASTIAN B.S. B.S., M.Ed. Home Economics and Science Industrial Art, General Science PAGE 6 CO TENTS BOOKI . . The Commanding Ofiicers A Administration BOOK II . . The Crew ' The Midshipmen BOOK III . . Organization ' BOOK IV . . Events ' be if K , . ' 5 ,f nd ' - f i-'- ft f I I W ' 'x 't" 'I f x X 5 ,lg -' PAGE 7 r 1 X:-. 1 f X 3 X, A I X. , X .1 .NIV t 1 gf fx x V 3-5- f!f ' l-5 THE CQMMANDING QFPICERS ADMINISTRATIQ BQARD OF EDUCATION FRANK E. Bnrz DANIEL MARNBLL JOSEPH CORBACCIO THOMAS MCDONN CLET C GEORGE WARGO DOM! F P Q E Place duty to your Government above your personal rights, and live for the brotherhood of man which should and does imply the fatherhood of God. LEO W. SCHU Principal April 23, 1942 P. J. BURKE, A.B., M.A. Superintendent P. J. BURKE Superintendent I am happy to be living in this changing, challenging and inspiring generation. ' . One of the major tasks of this age is that of bringing order and understanding to a generation which has inherited turmoil and confusion. Youth must go forward-and youth will in the spirit of the Pioneer, it will preserve the best of the culture and tradition of the past, and discard those things which have caused us to fall. God grant to them the courage and wisdom to preserve our democracy-the lifefline of all our libertiesh-the achieve' ment which has made America the land of hope and glory to millions. LEO W. SCHU, A.B., M.Sc. in Ed. Principal PAGE 9 VIOLET M. BAILONI, B.S. Biology, Health Education JOHN F. BURKE, B.S. Civics, Problems of Democracy HANNAH M. CHURCHILL A.B. French, English, History MARGARET A. DITCHEY, B.S. Librarian I .Ki f MT. CARMEL CATHERINE C. CANNON. A.B. English ANN M. COYNE. B.S. English, Physical and Health Education TC SHIP A 2 JAMES DEANE, AB. Mathematir.: MARY Doruz SYLVESTER C. Ficcp.. JOHN B. HOGAN Hiswfyr Bfolflgy B'S" M'Ed' Commercial PAGE xo Problems of Democracy American History XL HIGH SCI-ICDQL FACULTY VXNCRNT HULLIHAN, B.S Shorthand. fr. Business Training MEMBERS CHARLES T. KARLQW, B.S. FRANCIS II. KLAUS, B.S. Health 0,7151 PhySfC!1l Engligh, Aft Education LOU15 KLEMAN, ROMAN KOROPCHAK. CHAXIIBES rgiuglblc, Latin English' Mathematlcs Mathematics, Science A. J. MASCIANTONIO MARY V. HAFREY CLAIRE M. HOR.kN JOSBPH P. MCANDREW Commercial Nurse Secretary Secretary PAGE II President ....4........... ROBERT Pxzzou Vice'President . . . . . WALTER KUNDIS ' Secretavy . . . . . BETTY JORASKIE Treasurer .... JOHN BHLTZ SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS f Y-ffl fix ? N THE CREW THE MIDSHIPMEN PAGE I3 1 1 CATHERINE EILEEN AARON General "A true friend is forever a . A ,, h Mariomtt. ,lub Home Economic: 1, .J QQ 'afnatic Club 4. ' CHARLES BARTosEvicH General "He makes no friend who never made a foe." Freshman Dramatic Club rg Aviation Club 3, RITA TERESE BENEDETTI General "Grave or gay from laughter to serene." Marionette Club rg Hiking Club 35 Mimic Dramatic Club 4: Operetta. JEAN ELIZABETH , B1L1.MAN +-. . Academic "Moderation, the noblest gift of Heaven." Marionette Club, Secretary IQ Hiking Club 3Q Mimic Dramatic Club, Treasurer 4Q Kismet Stalfg National Honor Society. PAGE I4 CLASS CF ALEX JOHN ALEXANDER General "An honest man's word is as good as his bond." Cards and Chess Club IQ Sports and Games Club 3Q Athf letic Club 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Jomv BELTZ General "A young fellow will be a young fellow." Cards,and Chess Club xg Hi- Lights Club 3g Athletic Club 4Q Football 1, 2, 3, 42 Basketball 1, 2, 32 Class Treasurer 3, 4. MARY ANNA BERKOSKI General "Nothing is so dear and pref cious as time." Needlecraft Club IQ Dancing and Pep Club 3, 4. BETTY ANNA BOYLAN General "We know enough to trust that all is best." Etiquette Club rg Dancing and Pep Club 3, HifLights Club 4. 42 BEVERLY MARIE BOYLAN General "For thine be woman-fair as she." Etiquette Club, Vice'Presi- dent IQ Coroperative Speech Club, Secretary 3Q HifLights Club 4. CLAYTON EARLE BRASS General "He that has patience may compass anything." Etiquette Club rg Sports and Games Club 32 Athletic Club 4. LEONARD PAUL D'AMICO Academic "Toil," says the proverb, "is the sire of fame." Hi-Lights Club 4. MILDRED MARIE DETANDT General "There was music all about us, we were growing quite forgetful." Camera Club rg Sports and Games Club SQ HifLights Club 42 Kismet Staffg National Honor Society 4. PAGE. 15' JOSEPHITA MARY BRADLEY General "Gentle and fair, sweet and kind, no one lbef'-r chu' ' End." Fre wan D .atic Club, Sec' reta ig Mimic Dramatic Club. VicefPresident 3, 4, National Honor Society, Vice-President 3, 4Q Cheerleader 32 Glee Clubg "Mimi Lights the Candle," "Tin Hero", Kismet Staff. I ROSEMARY AMELIA DALLAGO Secretarial Commercial "It is a very hard undertaking to seek to please everybody." Freshman Dramatic Club rg Cofoperative Speech Club 3g Hi' Lights Club, Associate Editor 4. MAE EDITH DEANE Bookkeeping and Accountancy "A kind and gentle heart she had to comfort." Etiquette Club IQ Hiking Club 3,3 Safety Club 4Q Operetta. HELEN J. DiRIENZO General ww "The very flower of youth. Freshman Dramatic Club lg HifLights Club 3g Dramatic Club 4. ' MARTIN THOMAS DOOLEY General "Tis strange what a man may do " Camera Club IQ Literary Club 32 Athletic Club 4Q Football 1, 1. EDWARD STANLEY ESHMOND Academic "Tis wise to learng tis Godflike to create." Card and Chess Club IQ Sports and Games Club 32 Athletic Club 4Q Football 4. BARBARA ANN FEUDALE General "A woman with fair oppor- tunitiesf' Freshman Dramatic Club ig Home Economics Club 3. JACQUELYN E1.1zAaETH FRANK Secretarial Commercial "The joy and youth of health her eyes display." Etiquette Club IQ Dancing and Pep Club 31 Hi-Lights Club. Treasurer 4. 3 PAGE 16 CLASS OF BERNARD MICHAEL DOYLE Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Whatever he does, he does wisely and thinks of the con- sequences." Freshman Dramatic Club IQ Hiking Club, President 3Q Dra' matic Club 4Q Student Council IQ Glee Club 3g Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4Q "Tin Hero"g Operetta. JOSEPH PAUL FABRIZZIO General "The style man himself." Cards and Chess Club xg Dancing and Pep Club SQ Ath- letic Club 43 Football 2, 3, 4. BERNICE CONNIE FICCA General "The enthusiastic and pleasing illusions of youth." Freshman Dramatic Club Ig Mimic Dramatic Club 3, 4Q Glee Club 31 Operetta. JOHN ANTHONY FRYE General ' "The land of joy lies all before his eyes." Freshman Dramatic Club ig Hiking Club, Treasurer 32 Mimic Dramatic Club 4. .42 PATRICIA ANN GRAHAM General "As bright and carefree as the day is long." Camera Club 1, 31 Mimic Dramatic Club 4Q Cheerleader Q., 4. CHARLES WILLIAM I-IERTZOG General "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good." Cards and Games Club IQ Hi'Lights Club 31 Checkers Club 4Q Football 2. OLGA HUPPY General "Patience is a remedy for every sorrow." Camera Club IQ Cofoperative Speech Club 3Q Dancing and Pep Club 4. GRACE ANN JACOBOSKI General "So careful of the type she seems." Needlecraft Club IQ Literary Club 3, 4. 1 ?i c4lu L PAGE I7 DOROTHY BERNICE HALL Secretarial Commercial "She doeth little kindnesses, which most leave undone." Marionette Club IQ Dancing and Pep Club 3Q HifLights Club 4. PETER HOROSCI-IACK General "Bravery never goes out of fashion." Freshman Dramatic Club IQ Dancing and Pep Club QQ Ath- letic Club 4Q Football Q., 3, 4, MYRON CLEM HURATIAK General "A proper man, as one shall see in a summer day." Etiquette Club, President IQ Mimic Dramatic Club, President 3, 4Q Glee Club QQ Cheerleader 4Q "Charley's Aunt," "Tin Hero"g Operetta. PETER PAUL JELLEN General "A man of strife and a man of contentment." Cards and Chess Club xg Aviation Club QQ Dancing and Pep Club 42 Glee Club 3. BETTY LOUISE JORASKIE Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Humble because of knowl' edgeg mighty by sacri6ce." Etiquette Club ig Aviation Club QQ Literary Club, Secretary 4Q Class Secretary 3, 4Q National Honor Societyg Kismet Staff. NELDA LORRIANE KERSTETTER General "Her smile is sweetened by her gravity." Marionette Club, President IQ Sports and Games Club SQ Mimic Dramatic Club 4. BETTY LOIS KLI NGERMAN Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Little deeds of kindness, little words of love." Etiquette Club ig Sports and Games Club 35 Dancing and Pep Club 4. GERTRUDE IRENE KRULOCK General "Always act in such a vvay as to secure the love of your neighf bor." Freshman Dramatic Club IQ Home Economics Club 3. PAGE 18 V -eff. f CLASS CF CLEMENT PETER KARLOVICH General "His love was like the liberal air-embracing all to cheer and bless." Camera Club ig Sports and Games Club 31 Checker Club 4. ANNA AGATHA KIEWLAK Bookkeeping and Accountancy "The sunshine of thine eyes, Whatever it touches it fills." Marionette Club, Secretary IQ Sports and Games Club 3Q Dance ing and Pep Club 4. MARIAN THERESA KRULESKIE General "The youthful illusions of gayety and charm." Camera Club ig Cofoperative Speech Club SQ Dancing and Pep Club 4Q Kismet Staff. CATHERINE KULICK General "Her laughter is likened to a bubbling brook." Marionette Club I2 Sports and Games Club SQ Hi-Lights Club 4Q Glee Club. I 42 WALTER KUNDIS Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Small, but how dear to us, God knoweth best." Etiquette Club IQ Camera Club 31 Dancing and Pep Clubg Class Vice-President 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH LIZURA Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Friendship is a god who gives and asks no pay." Etiquette Club IQ Sports and Games Club 3g Literary Club 4. SOPHIE ANN MACHUZAK General "Many small make a great." Marionette Club IQ Mathef matical Recreation Club 3Q Mimic Dramatic Club, Treasurer 4Q Glee Club 3. x DOROTHY MAE MARCH General "A liberty to that only which is grand, iust and honest." Etiquette Club IQ Literary Club 4, Treasurer 3. PAGE rg ALFRED HENRY KUZNICKI General "His only fault is that he has no fault." Cards and Chess Club rg Co- operative Speech Club 3g Athf letic Club 42 Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. MARIAN JANE LONG Bookkeeping and Accountancy "And sweet as English air could make her." Needlecraft Club IQ Co-opera' tive Speech Club 31 Hiking Club 4. RAYMOND PHILIP MALINOSKI Commercial "A man's best things are near- est him." Camera Club IQ Sports and Games Club 3Q Checkers Club 4Q Orchestra 1, 2., 3, 4. MARY PEARL MATSKO Bookkeeping and Accountancy 'fills the air around with music. Freshman Dramatic Club IQ Dancing and Pep Club 3, Vice- President 4. DONALD JAMES McANDREW General "He pleases all the world but cannot please himself." Freshman Dramatic Club, VicefPresident IQ Mimic Dra- matic Club 3, President 4g Cheer- leader 2, 41 "Tin Hero,"g"Char- ley's Aunt"g Operetta. FRANCIS PATRICK MCGRAW Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Happy am I, from care I'm free! Why aren't they all conf tented like me?" Etiquette Club, Secretary xg Camera Club 3g Athletic Club 42 Football 1, ag Basketball 3, 4. MARY GERMANUS MELODY General "Young in limbs, in judgment old." Freshman Dramatic Club rg Sports and Games Club 3Q Mimic Dramatic Club 4. ANN SHIREY THERESA MOORE General "Practice is the best ogallq instructors." 1 -A 4 Dramatic Club 4. I ll PAGE 20 E P Y om' GBX al ' 3. CLASS OF MARCELLA ANN , McANDREW General "Of surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth." Freshman Dramatic Club rg Mimic Dramatic Club 3, 42 Na- tional Honor Society 3, President 4Q Student Council ig Orchestra 2, 3, 42 "Tin Hero"g Kismet Staff. ELEANOR MARIE MELCHIORI General "And gay as soft and innocent as gay." Etiquette Club IQ Camera Club 33 Literary Club 4. 'X lfkt ehe vm bov 0,0 're an Dra ubr gutsy:-:gil G es Elub 3, Mimic 4. 2 'A . fi Q, My C' CECELIA CHRISTINA NOLTER Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Great thoughts come from the heart." Needlecraft Club rg Sports and Games Club 33 Dancing and Pep Club 4. LE R P 1942 FLORENCE ANN ODORIZZI Secretarial Commercial "A still small voice." Marionette Club IQ Literary Club, President 34 Dancing and Pep Club 4. BETTY JEAN OSMAN General "Youth, full of grace, force fascination." Needlecraft Club IQ Hiking Club 33 Dancing and Pep Club 4. DOROTHY ANN OSTROFSKI Bookkeeping and Accountancy "A true friend is forever a true friend." Cards and Chess Club IL Sports and Games Club 31 Danc- ing and Pep Club 4Q Basketball, Captain 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE, MARGUERITE PAYLOSKI General "Great thoughts great feel- ings." Camera Club IQ Coeoperative Speech Club 33 Dancing and Pep Club 4. PAGE er HUGH JAMES O'NElLL General "A spotless friend, a matchless man whose virtue ever shined." Camera Club, Vice-President IQ Dancing and Pep Club 33 Mimic Dramatic Club 43 Foot' ball 2, 3, Glee Club 33 "Tin Hero." RUTH MAE OSMAN Academic "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every gesf ture dignity and love." Marionette Club IQ Reporterg Sports and Games Club 32 Danc- ing and Pep Club 4. IRENE THERESA PACHUSKI General "Study to be quiet." Needlecraft Club rg Dancing and Pep Club 4. ROBERT JAMES PENMAN General "Amiable, he's a nice person all around." Cards and Chess Club, Presi- dent and Treasurer IQ Aviation Club 33 Glee Club SQ Safety Club 43 Kismet Staff. ROBERT HENRY PIZZOLI General "Time will explain itg he is a talker and needs no questioning before he speaks." Cards and Chess Club, Presi dent IQ Dancing Club gg Athk letic Club 42 Class President. ADELINE ANTOINETTE PROFIT General "This maiden she lived with no other thought." Cards and Chess Club 1, 3Q HifLights Club 4. LaVERNE REARDON General "Her strength is to sit still." Needlecraft Club IQ Literary Club 3, 4. JEAN MARIE RUEEING Bookkeeping and Accountancy - "Gentle of speech, benelicent of mind." Needlecraft Club rg Dancing Club SQ HifLights Club 4Q Kis- met.Stalf. PAGE 22 CLASS OF PETER PLUTA General "He knew the precise psycho' logical moment when to say nothing." Camera Club, Treasurer IQ Co-operative Speech Club 3Q Mimic Dramatic Club 4g Glee Club 3Q Kismet Staff. DANIEL JOSEPH PROFIT General "A kindness from him, for his heart is rich." Cards and Chess Club IQ Literary Club SQ Athletic Club 4. BLANCHE IRENE REISMILLER General "A clear conscience is a clear card." Camera Club rg Banking Club 3g Hiking Club 4. ARTHUR NORMAN RUMPF General "Silence more musical than any song." Etiquette Club IQ Camera Club 31 Athletic Club 4Q Basket' ball 1, 2, 3, 4Q Football 1, 3, 4. 42 JOHANNA MARTHA RUTKO General "Patience is a necessary in' gredient of genius." Marionette Club, Trea urer IQ Sports and Games Club 3, Hi' Lights Club 4. MARY LUCILLE SANTELL General "So many and so many and such glee." Freshman Dramatic Club IQ Dancing and Pep Club 3, 42 Glee Club 3. MARIE JEAN SCHOPPY Academic "An experienced, industrious, ambitious person." Freshman Dramatic Club, Treasurer rg Mimic Dramatic Club 3, 45 National Honor So' ciety 3, 41 "Mimi Lights the Candle," "Tin Hero", Kismet Staff. CLAIRE ELIZABETH SEBASTIAN Academic "Goodness does not consist in greatness but greatness is good' ness. Marionette Club, President rg Dancing and Pep Club 3, Mimic Dramatic Club 44 National Honor Society 4. PAGE 23 ORELIA ROSALIE SABELLA Secretarial Commercial "Her eyes are homes of silent prayer." Camera Club rg Sports and Games Club 3Q HifLigl:ts Club, Treasurer 4. STEPHEN ANTHONY SARISKY General "Silence is an answer to a wise man." Etiquette Club IQ Hi-Lights Club, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 41 Basketball 1, 1, 3g Football 2, 3. MARY ROSE SCI-IU General "It isgood to live and learn." Camera Club rg Home Eco' nomics 3, 4. MARION ELENA SERGI General "Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you." Marionette Club IQ Camera Club SQ Literary Club 4. ALEX SHAFFCHIK General "A kind and gentle heart he had to comfort friends and foes." Camera Club 1, 2, 31 Glee Club 3. JOSEPH JOHN SHANNON General "One still strong man in a blatant land." Freshman Dramatic Club I2 Sports and Games Club 3Q Athletic Club 4Q Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3. THOMAS NICHOLAS SHUDA General "Man seeks a little thing to do, sees it and does it." Camera Club ig Dancing and Pep Club 3, 4Q Glee Club 3g Football 2, 3, 4Q Basketball 1, 2, 3. ANTHONY SMALETZ bookkeeping and Accountancy "I never found the companion that was so companionable 'as solitude." Cards and Chess Club, Secref tary IQ HifLights Club, Secretary 3- 4- PAGE 24 CLASS OF ANNAMARIE ROSE SHAGEN Academic "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair." Marionette Club IQ Mimic Dramatic Club 3, 45 "Tin Heron: Kismet Staff. CATHERINE SHICOWICH General "True pleasure of life is to live with your inferiorsf' Marionette Club rg Camera Club 3Q HifLights Club 4. MILDRED AMELIA SHUPTAR General "A sweet content passing all wisdom or its fairest flower." Freshman Dramatic Club I2 Sports and Games Club 3, Hi' Lights Club 4. JEROME JOHN SOCOLOSKE General "He mastered whatever was well worth knowing." Camera Club xg Dramatic Club 35 Athletic Club 42 Oper' CICS. A12 CHRISTINE SOLOMON General "There's a woman like a dew' drop, she's purer than the purest." Cards and Chess Club IQ Sports and Games Club SQ Dance ing and Pep Club 4Q Cheerleader 3, 41 Kismet Staff. MICHAEL STASCHAK Bookkeeping and Accountancy "By the work one knows the workmanf' Cards and Chess Club, Treasf urer IQ Hiking Club 3Q HifLights Club, Editor 4Q Glee Club QQ National Honor Society. AGNES THERESA SUSAVIDGE Secretarial Commercial "She had a way so as to control to rapture the imprisoned soul." Marionette Club, Vice'Presif dent ig HifLights Club QQ Dance ing and Pep Club 4. DOROTHY SWINKO General "She's all fancy painted, She's lovely, she's divine." Freshman Dramatic Club ig Sports and Games Club 31 Dance ing and Pep Club 4: Cheerleader 3. PAGE 25 JOSEPH RICHARD SPANDRA General "The opinion of the strongest is always the best." Cards and Chess Club IQ Literary Club 35 Athletic Club 4. KENNETH ROBERT STUTZMAN General "He bore his part in strife with many a valiant foe." Cards and Chess Club ll Sports and Games Club QQ Athletic Club 4g Glee Club BQ Football 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE DENIS SUSZKO General "The greater man the greater courtesy." Camera Club IQ Hi-Lights Club, Editor, 3, 4. ELEANOR THERESA A 2- TAMANINI Secretarial Commercial . "When silence speaks for Love, She has much to say." Etiquette Club IQ Mathemat- ical Recreation Club 3g Dancing and Pep Club 4Q Glee Club 33 Operetta. ELIZABETH CLAIRE TANNEY General "Friendship is Love without his wings." Cards and Chess Club rg Dancing and Pep Club 3, 4. LOUISE ALMA TOSCO General "What virtue was sufficient of herself for happiness." Freshman Dramatic Club rg Dancing and Pep Club 3, 4. CATHERINE PATRICIA WALSH General "Thoughts are mightier than the strength of hand." Camera Club rg Hiking Club LQ Dancing and Pep Club 4. JULIA YASTISCHAK Bookkeeping and Accountancy "One may as well preach a respectable mythology as nothing else." Marionette Club rg Hi-Lights Club BQ Dancing and Pen Club 4, Operettag National Honor Society. CL PAGE 26 ASS OF SARA MARIE ANDREWS THOMAS Bookkeeping and Accountancy "G.ntle or simple, they're much of a muchnessf' Marionette Club rg Aviation Club 3Q Literary Club, Treasurer 4Q Student Council 1. JOSEPH HENRY UNTERREINER General "A man's happinessg to do the things proper to man." Camera Club IQ Sports and Games Club QQ Athletic Club 4Q Slae Club 3, Football 3, 4, Basket' a .r. DOROTHY ANN WARGO Bookkeeping and Accountancy "Doing easily what others find difficult is talent." Freshman Dramatic Club IQ Camera Club 3, Mimic Dramatic Club 4Q National Honor So' ciety 3, 41 Kismet Staffg 'ATin I'Iero.'f MARY YASTISCHAK Bookkeeping. and Accountancy - "Brave is all beauty, solemn is JOY' , Marionette Club 1 lHi-Lights Club QQ Dancing and Pep Club 4. J .412 NORMA MARIE YOB MARY VIRGINIA YOB CLARA MONICA General General ZEGARSKI A d ' Q. "Wisdom is better than "The noblest mind that best ca emic rubiesf' contentment has." "A good reputation is better Freshman Dramatic Club, Pres' Freshman Dramatic Club rg than riches." ident rg HifLights Club 3, Mimic Dramatic Club 3, 4. Camera Club xg Mathematical Dramatic Club 45 "Tin Hero." Recreation Club, Presi ent 33 Mimic Dramatic Club 4: "Tin Hero." CL ASS PCEM CLASS SUNG I FAREWELL SHIPMATES Tho' the time has come for us to part, TUNE: Merry Widow Waltz You know you'll always have our hearts. No venture, no journey has pleased us more Tho' our hearts are sadly beating, Than the journey that led us to your shore. We must leave. All the knowledge we've gained here, Tho' our love we're still repeating, All the friendships we've won, Tho' we grieve Enlighten our hearts as to the world does the sun. While we weigh our anchor Each ray brings hope-each hope, success- And sail from these shores, And all the sorrows our joys suppress. We are sad to leave your doors ' Dear Township High. II We must leave you now, dear classmates, behind Four jong years vve've sailed together. To go into the world our life's work to find We are blue' And to finish the tasks we've left undone. We have been through Stonnv weather We know you'Il strive 'til success is won. But vve're true. But this moment of sadness is a gay one, too, We will ne'e1- forget von.. For we've reached our goal, our dream come true, You with whom wgve sailed- And now that Commencement Day is nigh, And our love will never fail We fondly bid adieu, dear Township High. For Township High. By JULIA YASTISHAK ANN S. Moon FLOWER ' COLORS Gardenia " Blue and Gold Morro "We have crossed the bay-the ocean lies before us." MAscoT Ship PAGE 27 SENIOR OLASS HISTORY On September, 1938, we, the Class of '42, gathered at the Freshman Airport in preparaf tion and eagerness to begin our memorable experiences and adventures in our search for learning and culture. ' After many days of excited and hurried labor, the Ninth Grade Squadron of the Air Forces of Education soared gracefully into the sky and we flew away to conquer the Ocean of Ignorance. Traveling was not smooth, for raging, merciless winds, that had no regard for our fate, tugged at our planes and like an unseen force attempted to drive us back in defeat, but our indomitable party disregarded these influences and pressed ever forward. Our valiant pilots, Miss Carr and Mr. Sebastian, urged us to shun the mountainous, hungry waves below us and soon we sighted Vacation Landing Field. After three months on this Tranquil Field we decided to take to sea. We launched our Sophomore Schooner and set out to cast our nets into the sea of Wisdom. After over' coming the Great English Sea Monster and struggling with the Biology Whale we pulled in our nets and found we had become rich with the amount of valuable fish caught. We then entered Vacation Bay. After three months in this bay we sighted junior Land. Here we explored the ruined city and unearthed valuable knowledge. But all was not work for we then became hosts at the juniorfSenior Promenade to the Senior Caravan, which was in its last lap of the PAGE 28 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY, continued journey toward the Oasis of Wisdom. After a few days lapsed, our band followed the Vacation Trail and from a lofty height we viewed the Senior Shore. At the end of the Trail we found ourselves on a beautiful shore. For miles around we viewed the accomplishments of the previous graduating classes. Our band recognized the importance of erecting a memorial for the Class of ,42. After refreshing ourselves at the Fountain of Knowledge, we set to labor and presented our operetta 'iDaughters of Mohammed." With tearfiilled eyes we looked upon our memorial for the last time and came to the Twelfth Grade Pier. After boarding the High School Course we came upon Commencement Island. On this island we were given certificates which would prove valuable assets in our journey through life. After accepting the priceless documents, we happily entered our own vessels and sailed once more to conquer unknown forces. Such is the Class History of 1942. Departing, we can take only that which is pleasant, sweet, and beautiful with us. May we now thank our sponsors, Miss Carr and Mr. Se' bastian, for their splendid and kind cooperation. We hope and strive for success and happiness-may we not hope in vain. -ANNA KIEWLAK Rafe s , . V jf i lg 1 , J pl V 'Kilim ,RX I- lf- 'gal S7 -K Wi' i Y My . l 0 if ff-' - , f'7i!ll ?l!l l A fi ,, V ' 1' " ! Q' -if f i I PAGE 29 JUNIGR CLASS HISTORY When one starts on a journey into a strange land he is full of fear of the hardships and trials he is likely to encounter and the strange people with whom he will come in contact. So it was with us in 1939 when we entered Township High. The confusion of changing classes, new studies, friends to be made-all this held us in awe, but we gradually merged from under this shadow of fear and doubt. When Sophomore year rolled around we were well able to hold our own. We were not entirely in the background either, for some of our boys did well on the football squad and others held a place of importance on the basketball team. Now, in our Junior year, we realize that we have certain responsibilities-one being to show a good example to those underclassmen, another getting excellent grades so that we might have our representatives in the National Honor Society, and, still another, preparing for next year when we will be Seniors and the leaders in the school. We must take into consideration that we will not have it quite so easy next year. As the citizens of today we are expected to act intelligently in all matters and prepare in this way to become the leaders of tomorrow. -EVBLYN MANLBY PAGE 30 SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY To history there is no end, but few historians have ever been given the pleasure of ref counting the deeds of so illustrious a body as the Class of '44 of Mount Carmel Township High School. For the benefit of those unfortunate individuals who have never heard of the deeds of our Class, this history is written, in the hope that the things here recorded may prove an inspiration to our successors. There was, seemingly, nothing remarkable about us, when we, as Sophomores became part of high school life in June of IQ4I. Our vacation, a thing of memory, was made all the more enjoyable by meditating with pleasant anticipation on the new work before us. Due to an epidemic of infantile paralysis, we returned in October to the scene of our school activities. When we became accustomed to the routine of Sophomore work, we came into our real element, that of impressing others. This we did by our remarkable aptitude for all things intellectual. We were well represented in all phases of high school life: football, basketball, and so- cial and hobby clubs. Our Class sponsored a Skating Party on February 5, 1942. It was a social and financial success. These activities did not distract our minds from our lessons. Many of our members attained a place on the Honor Roll. As our Sophomore year draws to a close, we have our eyes set toward the next step on the Ladder of Education-that of becoming juniors. -JAMES Kem PAGE 31 FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY There is a thrill connected with wearing long pants for the first time and wearing a long evening gown, but nothing compares with the thrill of entering high school. We began school October 6, 1941, in a whirlwind of activity due to our delayed start. There was the confusion of having a number of teachers, instead of just oneg hundreds of classmates instead of a comparatively few, sports, clubs, and many other things which kept us busy continually. Then came our Halloween Dance when we struggled along with that ustepfstep' together," in our mind. Following that came the skating parties, from which we acquired the floorfburns, and last, but not least, the football and basketball games at which we cheered ourselves hoarse. All these were side activities and did not hinder our studies. What a struggle to earn a place on the Honor Roll! But we are proud to say most of the time we outnumbered the other classes. Margaret Fisher was our representative among the cheerleaders. An entire Junior Varsity was made up of Freshmen and we had some representatives on the football team also. All in all, I think We did our share to keep school spirit up and we are looking forward to next year when we can laugh at Freshmen meekly saying, "Pardon me, but can you tell me where Miss Carr's Science Room is? I'm lost." -MICHAEL BOYLAN PAGE 32 ,f' X fx-N If at ' f I A X , qi, Q, . .,.., ZQTQL-ai- g : fl Q - f M M5 :ii:i'Iig-jlS Jigijgsae ' Q ' - Q i -af! I ,Lip 2 - JI- , GRGANIZATION P53 ATHLETIC CLUB . OFFICERS President . . ...... JOHN COVALESKI Vice-President . . . BERNARD HORAN Secretary. . . . JOHN KATCHIK Treasurer . . ..... LIOSEPH SPANDRA Sponsors . . . MR. KLEMAN MR. MASCIANTONIO This Club was organized to promote and extend student interest in school athletics. The directors and sponsors are Mr. Masciantonio and Mr. Kleman. A Lettermen's Club was formed out of the Athletic Club to direct the younger members in ideals of good sportsmanship. Weekly meetings are held in the library. By means of this Club we hope to strengthen future school athletic activity. A PAGE 34 AVIATICN CLUB Because of the enthusiasm of many of our young people for participation in model aviation, we developed this Club so they could satisfy their leisureftime ambitions. The models they build are of elementary and advanced design. They study the type of materials and the tools that are necessary to build a model airplane. Here, also, they come into Contact with some of the problems found in the construction of a model plane. Craftsmanship and refinement are emphasized. OFFICERS President . . ........ ALEX MELNICK Vice'P1'esident . . NORBERT MALINOWSKI Treasurer . . .... HENRY STAFFI Secretary . . . . . JUNIOR MARKEL Sponsor . . . . MR. BURKE PAGE 35 CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club is progressing through the cooperation of the members, composed of Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. Objectives of the Club are to help the pupils of the school preserve, through pictures, the memories of the various social activities engaged in and to teach the members of the Club the fundamentals of photography. Although lack of funds and the means for prof viding them handicaps the Club in fully accomplishing its objectives, the members are determined to surmount these obstacles and by the close of the school term have something dennite to show for their efforts. Five cents Club dues was paid at each meeting for the purpose of buying a Camera and a developing set. The Club is open to anyone who is interested in photography. OFFICERS President . . . LORETTA ROSZKOWSKI VicefPresident . . . JOSEPHINE MOLESKI Secretary . . . . THERBSA POGAZBLSKI Treasurer . . . , CATHERINE BOYLAN MR. KLAUS Sponsors . . . MR. HOGAN PAGE 36 CI-IECKERS CLUB OFFICERS President . . ....... JOHN Boucic VicefPresident . . WILLIAM DITCHBY Secretary . . . . . . ROBERT FANELLA Treasurer . . . . ELMER SCICCHITANO Sponsor . . . MR.KoRoPcr-:AK The origin of the game of Checkers is lost in obscurity. Its invention has been variously ascribed to the Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians and others. In Butsher's translation of the "Odyssey" we read that when the goddess Athene descended from the heights of Olympus and reached the gate of Odysseus "She found the lordly wooers taking their pleasure at draughts in front of the doors." Contrary to general opinion, Checkers is as profound and scientific a game as human ingenuity ever devised. Everybody plays Checkers, but there are few Checkers players. Checkers is a game well worth cultivating because of the mental faculties it calls into playg it imports a fascination all its own, for its main principle is to arrive at an object by the most direct and decisive methods. PAGE 37 CRAFTSMAN CLUB OFFICERS President i . . . . ARTHUR SASSANI VicefPresident . . DONALD Dovuz Secretary . . ..... PAUL THOMAS Treasurer . . . STANLEY ANDRULEWICZ Sponsor . . . . . MR.SEBAsT1AN The Craftsmen were organized to help our boys understand the country's needs of skilled hands. Studies are made of defense jobs: the skills and operations involved and the science behind the job. An appreciation of delicate precision work as well as massfproduction methods is acquired by reading and reports. Fields covered are aircraft machine shop, electricity and bluefprints, Practice to acquire hand and machine skills is available to those wishing to develop ideas. Skilled readiness is the watchword of the Club members. Cur boys will be ready to do their part when their turn comes. . PAGE 38 DANCING CLUB Under the excellent supervision of Misses Coyne and Bailoni, the Dancing Club became one of the most outstanding Clubs in the high school. With the cooperation of the Club monitors and the Club itself, Misses Coyne and Bailoni began the grinding task of the noneftwofslide, oneftwofslidef' Of course, it took time and patience in the beginning for the girls and boys to over' come their faults and self-consciousness, but their efforts were well rewarded after a few weeks' practice. As you know, the Club was formed mostly for students who did not know the technique of dancing. Perhaps we didn't turn out any Fred Astaires or Ginger Rogers, but the comparison wouldn't be so bad after all. The Senior members of the Club regret their leaving, because the years to come will surely bring progress and enjoyment with such competent directors. OFFICERS President . ...... ALBERT ANOIA VicefP1esident . . MARY MA'rsKo Secretary . . . Josnrx-UNE DBFLAVIO Treasurer . . JULIA YASTISCHAK Sponsors . . . . Miss COYNE Miss BAILONI PAGE 39 DEFENSE READI G CL B This Club was inaugurated under the name of "The Creative Reading and Writing Club." However, since at the present time the most important reading that anyone can do is that which will better fit him to protect his life and property, we have adopted the new name and restricted our reading to those articles having a direct bearing on civilian defense. The articles that have been brought into the meetings and read during the Club periods were very instructional. They contained information concerning such vital topics as: airfraid protection, Hghting incendiary bombs, firsteaid, effective blackfouts, etc. The aims of the Club will be accomplished if through these articles its mem' bers, and also the members of their families and others to Whom they might pass on the information garnered, better prepare themselves to combat and protect themselves against the implements of destruction which the enemy can well be expected to use. OFFICERS President . . . FLORENCE KRAMER Vice'President . . . VIVIBN LONG Secretary . . .... ELVIRA Srso Treasurer . . HENRIETTA STASKIEL Sponsors . . . . MR. HULL11-IAN MR. DBANE PAGE 40 MIMIC DRAMATIC CLUB First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester DONALD MCANDREW . . . . President . . . . MYRON HURATIAK MARCELLA MCANDREW .... VicefPresident . . . ROBERT LANGTON JOSEPHITA BRADLEY . . . . . Secretary . . . . . . MARIE Sci-IOPPY JEAN BILLMAN ........ Treasurer ..,.... SOPHIE MACHUSAK Sponsors . . ..... Miss CANNON MR. FICCA For the past eight years our school has been the judge of many fine plays produced by the Mimic Dramatic Club under the direction of Miss C. C. Cannon and Mr. S. C. Ficca. The latest of these performances was "The Tin Hero." Many onefact plays were presented in Club periods and assembly. These were highly entertaining and were enjoyed by all those in attendance. The benefits derived are many. The pupils become accustomed to public speaking and learn to speak slowly and clearly. They overcome their retiring dispositions, and the pleasure of taking part is invaluable. The Mimic Dramatic Club is one of the best in our school, and with the continued cooperation of the pupils it will retain its high position. PAGE 41 HIKING CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . ELIZABETH Dmocco VicefP1esident . . . MARIAN LONG Secretary . . . . LEONARD WARGO 'Treasurer . . . DAN LANGTON Sponsor . . . MR. KARLOW The Hiking Club, which was changed to the Sports and Games Club, lived up to the name it adopted. The activities participated in during the term were: various forms of card games, darts, pingfpong, tennis, handball, badminton and horseshoes. The members furnished their games by paying dues and a raffle held early in the first semester. A trip to some pleasurefspot is planned at the close of the school year. Mr. Karlow, as sponsor, helped to instil interest in the leisure activities PAGE 42 HI 'LIGHTS CLUB To begin the future of some prospective reporter, the HifLights Newspaper Club of Mount Carmel Township High School was formed. At the first meeting of the Club, officers were elected. The term of each oliicer is a half of a school year. As in other years, officers cannot be elected to the same position. The purpose of this Club is to have a weekly edition of all activities in our school published in the Mount Carmel Item. This edition came under the name of Township Hifl..ights and appeared every Thursday. Our Club is composed of students who are interested in journalism. We could not publish any school magazines because the mimeograph machine was not in working order. There are many underclassmen in the Club this year, and next year they will have the necessary experience to make our Club one of the most interesting in the school. Mr. Schu, sponsor, was well pleased with the Club's work this year. The graduating members wish the Club a successful year and many more to come. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester STEPHEN SARISKY . . . . . Editor .... . . MICHAEL STASCHAK ROSEMARY DALLAGO . . . . Assistant Editor . . . . MILDRBD KRAMER DOROTHY HALL .... . . Secretary ........ ANTHONY SMALETZ JACQUELINE FRANK .... . . Treasurer ......... ORIELA SABELLA Sponsor ........... Ma. SCHU MEMBERS Richard E. Acciavatti, Beverly Boylan, Gerald Detandt, Mildred Detandt, Jacqueline Frank, Dorothy Hall, Leo Kelser, Florence Kiewlak, Jean Kline, Mary Kolody, Ann Moore, Femie Odorizzi, Henrietta Pohalsky, jean Ruffing, Oriela Sabella, Stephen Sarisky, Anthony Smaletz, Michael Staschak, Catherine Shicovich, Jacqueline Socoloski, George Suszko, Mildred Kramer, Harold Hummel. PAGE 43 HCME ECC CMICS CL B To be better members of our homes, and, consequently, of our school-this is our aim. The Home Economics Club, under the supervision of Miss Carr, was organ' ized for girls who are interested in the various phases of home-making-clothing, family relationships, etiquette, and the making of household articles. Our Club meetings consist of a short business session after which we spend our time working on current projects. Some of the articles we have completed this year are aprons, vests, and parlor set covers. Our most interesting project was the sponsorship of an Easter Party for the pupils in the Kindergarten. Club members planned and provided the refreshments which consisted of cake and ice cream, and made the favors, decorated eggs. The purpose of these affairs is to provide the members with an opportunity to plan and prepare for social affairs. A It is hoped that by the end of the term each girl will have a more keen interest in her home and a better understanding of her responsibilities to her home and school. OFFICERS President . . ...... MARY RUFFING VicefPresider1t . . LORRAINE MARTIN Secretary . . . MARGARET HALEY Treasurer . . . . JEAN HEIBER Sponsor . . . Miss CARR PAGE 44 LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB President . Vicefllresidem Treasurer . Secretary. Sponsor OFFICERS BETTY OSMAN . . MARY AARON MARY LOU SANTELL ROBERT Mnrzmcna Miss DITCHEY The Library Science Club was organized for the first time in the beginning of the 1941f42 school term. Its purpose is to teach the members the use and care of the library, so that they may, in turn, pass their knowledge on to other students in the high school. PAGE 45 LITERARY CLUB OFFICERS President . .... VICTORIA JACOBOSKI Secretary . . . . BETTY JORASKIB Treasurer . . . . . MARIE THOMAS Sponsor . . . . MISS CHURCHILL The purpose of the Literary Club is to create and foster an interest in good books and to keep abreast of the current trends in literature. The Club has acquired an excellent collection of books that are especially suited to high school pupils. Among these are many perennial favorites. His' torical, educational, and adventure stories complete the list, and this library has found a reading public not only in the Club itself but in the high school as a whole. A system has been devised whereby books are lent to those who did not have an opportunity to join the Club. This brings a small revenue to the Club and is helping in buying additional books. PAGE 46 NATICNAL HCNOR SOCIETY The beginning of the Mount Carmel Township Chapter of the National Honor Society took place in june of IQ42 and at present has ten active members. Induction services are held twice every year and during the second induction junior Class members are admitted as well as those of the Senior Class. In the course of the school year the members began active work by encouragf ing helpful movements to benefit the school. In March, I942, the Society held the usual solemn induction service and adf mitted Hve new members. With the membership increased, the Society could go ahead with plans for improvements. The emblem of the Society consists of the Keystone and the Flaming Torch. The Keystone bears at its base the letters C., S., L., and S., which represent the four cardinal principles of the organization: Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester MARCBLLA MCANDREW .... President . . . . . MICHAEL STASCHAK JOSBPHITA BRADLEY . . . . ViCC'PTCSidC11U . . . . JEAN BILLMAN MARIE SCHOPPY . . . . Secretary ....... JULIA YASTICHAK DOROTHY WARGO . . . . . Treasurer ...... MILDRBD DETANDT Sponsor . . .... Mxss CANNON PAGE 47 if . ..- SAFETY CL B The purpose of the Safety Club is to inform the students of our high school of the necessity of safety. They are told to stress the importance of safety to their friends in school. Accidents can happen in school, as anywhere else. That is why it is necessary to play safe, endeavor to prevent accidents. PAGE 48 OFFICERS President . . VicefPresident Secretary , . Treasurer . Sponsor Ronuiu- PENMAN . . MAE DEANB MARGARET ALBIN THERESA Sets!-xoclc MR. Kuucx ' TRAVEL CLUB T OFFICERS President . . . FLORENCE OLIVIERI Secretary. . . . Acmzs ZALBSKI Sponsor . . . Miss Dovua The main purpose of our Club is to instil in the minds of the members a knowledge of the students in the Americas. We have learned their traits and customs, their industries and their everyday modes of life from snapshots which show the nature and beauty of their landscape. This phase of our work proves interesting and educational. When accounts such as these are received from many countries a wealth of knowledge is accumulated far surpassing that contained in books. To gain all the benefits derived from our Club one must have imagination. Donning a bathingfsuit in sunny Florida, surfboating off the coast of California while Winter is at its peak, and, again, shivering in the tundras of Alaska or freezing on an iceffloe during the heat-wave are flights of imagination thoroughly enjoyable to us. A11 the members of the Club enjoy the meetings immensely. The free moments are spent in playing games and other social activities. PAGE 49 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council includes two representatives from each of the four classes, selected by the class sponsors and members of the National Honor Society, all under the guidance of Miss C. C. Cannon. The purpose of the Council is to prosecute violators of school laws. Follow' ing the policies of our Government, it is democratic in its function. Because it was organized late the past term its work was limited, but it gives promise of becoming a thoroughly efficient and workable organization. Following are its members: President, Josephita Bradley, VicefPresident, Marcella McAndrewg Secref tary, Marie Schoppyg Treasurer, Anna Kiewlakg Michael Staschak, Dorothy Wargo, Betty joraskie, Jean Billman, Julia Yastichak, Mildred Detandt, Claire Sebastian, Arthur Rumpf, Mildred Kramer, George Shafron, Louise Schu, Alex Arnoldin, Virginia Beierschmitt and Thomas McAndrew. ORCHESTRA The Mt. Carmel Township High School Orchestra, under the supervision of Miss Lillian Honicker, has become one of the most outstanding activities of the high school. For a number of years we have been furnishing the school with music, both popular and classical, for Commencement exercises, operettas, and other programs. The members are as follows: First Violin ..... . ALEX ALEXANDER Second Violin . . . NANCY BOTTARI Clarinet . . . . ALBERT ANOIA Accordion . . .... RAYMOND Srso Drums . . . RICHARD ACCIAVATTI Piano . . . . .......... RAYMOND MALINOSKI We sincerely hope that the School Orchestra will continue its activities at the social functions of the school in the future. PAGE so ZA X f ff K 4 1 X ,l K gf, .. -4 gf f ZZ G- I f xg I I 'zf k vi' . : If , ,- Z fr, , ,I f ,,,3- 355 K if: ,ff f , ff "'-iitf' , , I-"'f 'X' X ,, fi 1' p - ,-...---- '-Z. . 2? 4 ' A ff-ff' Q' f-H2 10 ' fa! ' 15? ' 2 f Elf ' , ff",' ' ' fi- ' 0 f , ' X, Q' I 1' '.llfiiZ,,fZ 1 pu X 'Y lk. - ,iq Z PAG 5 EVENTS MT. CARMEL TWP. CRIDDERS Due to the epidemic of infantile paraylsis, most high school teams started to play football later than usual. We had all but four games cut from our schedule. For our first game we motored to Ashland to play. In the first period Shuda plunged over from the 1-yard line for a touchdown and Horoschak squirmed and drove his way for Township's other touchdown. FINAL Scoiusz Mt. Carmel Township I2 Ashland o Our next game was with Blythe Township at home. In the opening minutes Fabrizio ran the ball I5 yards and scored. The extra point wasn't made. Blythe, coming back strong, got the ball and scored but also did not make the extra point, thus making the score deadlocked as the half ended. In the third period a blocked punt proved to be costly. The ball rolled back to our Ifyard line where Fabrizio picked it up and was driven back over the goalfline for a safety for Blythe. In the fourth period Gomer Irwin, varsity quarter' back for our team, was carried off the field because of a torn ligament in the knee. It was a hard blow to the squad when they found out that he would be disabled for the season. FINAL Sconnr Blythe 8 Mt. Carmel Township 6 On Armistice Day we went away from home to play Coal Township. For three quarf ters the ball went back and forth over the Held but no team scored. In the fourth quarter Coal Township intercepted a pass and with three running plays advanced the ball to the ifyard line. Mt. Carmel Township held them for three downs but on the fourth down Coal Township tried a pass. The pass, thrown across the goalfline, was momentarily held and then dropped. It then went over the end zone and the referee ruled a touchdown for Coal Township. FINAL Scoiuzz Coal Township 6 Mt. Carmel Township o PAGI: S2 FCOTBALL, continued Our next and last game was with Kulpmont, to this time undefeated, untied, and unscored upon. The score, after some fierce playing, at the end of the first half was in favor of Kulpmont 14-o. In the opening minutes of the second half Kulpmont again scored. Kulpmont then kicked off. The ball was picked up by Fabrizio on his own 15, when he went 85' yards for a touchdown. Minischk drove through the center for the extra point. Kulpmont's unscoredfupon record was broken by Fabrizio's run. Kulpmont came right back and scored two more touchdowns before the game was over. FINAL SCORB: Kulpmont 33 Mt. Carmel Township 7 The team was coached efliciently by Al. J. Masciantonio who was ably assisted by Louis Kleman. It was efficiently captained by Alfred Kuznicki, center of the team. Kenneth Stutzman, guard, was put on the honorable mention list for the AllfState Football Team and was on the second team for the South Anthracite League. A banquet was held for the team at the Marble Hall Hotel in Mt. Carmel. Principle speakers were Coach Higgins from Penn State and Coach Stagg from Susquehanna Univerf sity. Their talks were on the fitness of boys for national defense. SCHEDULE List of games played and linal scores: Mt. Carmel Twp ...... I2 Ashland . . o Mt. Carmel Twp. . . . . 6 Blythe Twp. . . 8 Mt. Carmel Twp. . . . . o Coal Twp. . 6 Mt. Carmel Twp. . . . . 7 Kulpmont . . 33 This year the team will lose 8 boys from the squad by graduation. Their names and positions are as follows: CAPT. A. KUZNICKI ........ ' . . . Center K. STUTZMAN . . . . Guard J. Benz .... . . Guard J. UNTBRRINER . . . . End J. Fmaiuzro . Halfback P. Honoscn.-uc . Halfback A. RUMPF . . Halfback T. SHUDA . . Fullback PAGE 53 MT. CARMEL TWP. BASKETEERS Captain . . . . ARTHUR RUMPF Coach . . . . . Louis J. KLEMAN Asst. Coach . . . . AL. J. MASCIANTONIO Mount Carmel Townships Basketball Team, under the guidance of Arthur Rumpf, went through a tough schedule for the year of 1942. Coach Louis J. Kleman and Assistant Coach Al. J. Masciantonio took over and tried to develop the boys into a running team but they were hit by a losing streak. Next year's Basketball Team will be without this year's captain, Arthur Rumpf, who will be lost by graduation. 1 PAGE S4 Twp, 30. 9. 19. 23. 31. 18. 39- 24. 29. 24. 29. 26. 31. 21. 38. 17. 21. 12. BASKETBALL SCORES Opponent Conyngham Twp. . . . Ashland ..... . Conyngham Twp. . . . Shamokin . . . . Coal Twp. . . Mt. Carmel Butler Twp. Kulpmont . 'Mt. Carmel Coal Twp. . . Kulpmont . . Coal Twp. . . Mt. Carmel Kulpmont . Mt. Carmel Coal Twp. . . Kulpmont . . Shamokin . PAGE 55 OPP .32 .32 .26 -44 .52 -39 -37 .56 -54 -39 .25 -35 -S3 .38 .25 .27 .22 .56 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Intramural Basketball for girls was rather disappointing this season due to the fact that we did not finish our schedule as we were unable to provide transportation of the players for the remainder of the season. Nevertheless, we did enjoy the games that were played. The various classes were represented by the following girls: GENA YOB DOROTHY OSTROESKI HELEN DIRENzo PATRICIA GRAHAM JOSBPHITA BETz NANCY BOTARRI MAGDALENE MOGUIRE GRACE BOYLE RUTH BRECRER MAROIA Fox MARY FURLANI BETTY HUMMEL MARIE KATCH V. BEIERSCHMITT DOT DONLAN JEAN KLINE MARY KOLODY Q ANNA MARzIANA ANGELA PIZIAK Coaches Horan, SENIORS CHRISTINE SOLOMON NELDA KERSTETTER CATHERINE SHXCOWICH BETTY TANNEY ELEANOR MENAPACE DOROTHY HALL JUNIORS MARY BARBACOVI MARIE COLII-IAN CATHERINE O'HARA SHIRLEY DOYLE SOPHOMORES FLORENCE KIEWLAR MARY MELNIGK FLORENCE OLIVERI REGINA SEEASTIAN JACKIE SOCOLOSRI CLARA SPANDRA HENRIETTA POHALsIcY ARLBNE STEINHART LORETTA ROszIcOwsIcI LORAIN WATERS FRESHMEN JASMINE ROSSI MARY L. SANTELL DOLORES TOMTISHEN AGNES KLEBACKI TERESA POGOZELSKI MARGARET MCGUIRE PHYLLIS SCHIAVONE IVIARY T. SHANNON DORIS YENTSCH HELEN BENOROSRI CLAIRE SHARP Coyne and Bailoni are hoping for a completed season during 1942-43. PAGE 56 JOHANNA RUTKO AMELIA SHUPTAR MARY MELODY VIVIAN LONG TERESA SI-IUKITT HELEN WORHACH LOUISE SOHU BERNICE MINNICH ROSE MARY OlBRIEN CATHERINE BOYLAN ALMA CHELVI JULIA KATCHIK MARGARET OQBRIBN JEANETTE WHYNE LILLIAN WHYNE and more successful CHEERLEADER CHRISTINE SOLOMON MARGARET FISHER DONALD MCANDRBW PATRICIA GRAHAM MYRON HURATIAK ANNABBLLE DALLAGO RUTH BEOKER LEONARD RAKUS LORAIN WATERS PAGE S7 CLASS WILL We, the Graduating Class of Mount Carmel Township, Locust Gap, Pa., make this our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by us at any time heretofore made: Lawyer's note: We ask everyone to be a sport and keep your chin up. join in the fun. We do not want anyone to feel sore, grudging, or take anything serious. Since this is our last will, we want to make it merry. ' ITEM. When we go we leave the following: To The Freshman Class: We leave the happy days of high school and the endeavor to keep the school name high. Keep the A's shining on the report cards. To The Sophomore Class: We leave the ability to make excuses and the memories of the Senior Class. To The Junior Class: We leave the task of making your Alma Mater proud to have a class like yours. It is a very diliicult one and only the best can succeed in this undertaking. To The Faculty: We leave memories, some good and some bad, but we hope that the good ones will outshine the bad. We hope you are blessed with many more classes such as ours. To The Athletic Coaches: We leave the hope that you may be able to lill the vacancies we leave. GoodfLuck! To Whom It May Concern: DAN PROFIT leaves his beard to Francis Hogan. RED Pizzou leaves his basketball ability to Jean Evert. DOROTHY SWINKO leaves her Arabian dancing ability to Francis Shannon. ANNA SHAGEN leaves her manners to Walter Berkoski. Louisa Tosco leaves her "jiving" ability to Anna Corrigan. MILDRED DEDANDT leaves her height to Eleanor Kulick. JOHN BELTz leaves his flirtations to Thomas McAndrew. NELDA KERsTE'rrER leaves her baby talk to Lorain Waters. CHRISTINE SOLOMON leaves her cheerleading ability to Stanley Covaleski. GEoRoE Zuszxo leaves his knowledge to john Covaleski. ELaANoR MENAPACE leaves her dark hair to Dot Moleski. joe Blase is the lucky one to receive the broad shoulders of TOMMY SHUDA. ROBERT PENMAN leaves his bashfulness to Alex Arnoldi. joe SPANDRA and MARTIN DooLEY leave their driving ability to joe Latorre and Henry Wasleski. JOE FABRIZIO leaves his Colgate smile to Alex Rusinko. ' CATHERINE WALSHSl jumping ability to Vichie Jacoboski. BARBARA FEUDALE leaves her quietness to Shirley Doyle. DOT OSTROSKIE and PAT GRAHAbi leave their basketball ability to Betty Hummel and Catherine Boylan. ARTHUR RUMPY leaves his hall-patroling activities to Leonard Wargo. ROSEMARY DALLAGO leaves her shortness to Thelma Paul. JACQUBLINE FRANK leaves her fashion write-ups in the HifLights to Richard Acciavatti. IRENB PACHUSKI leaves her Skating Ability to Flossie Kravitz. DOROTHY HALL leaves her way of meeting friends and influencing people to Katherine Corona. AGNES SusAv1nGE leaves her polka dancing to Patty Swinko. WALTER KUNDIS leaves his nickname "Toots" to Annabelle Dallago. PETE JELLEN and STEPHEN SARISKY leave the rest of Miss Churchill's school days in peace and quietness. RAY MALINOSKI leaves his accordion ability to Ray Siso. ANTHONY SMALE11 leaves his conduct to Francis Daya. ALEX ALEXANDER leaves his saying, "This violin is no years old," to Nancy Battari. jo: SHANNON leaves his freshfair course to Al Anoia. MARY MBLODY leaves her saying "Cui, Oui", to Betty Ficca. BERNARD DoYLE leaves his fancy way of singing to the next one who has the lead in the operetta. SOPHIE NACHUZAK leaves her Russian dancing to Emidio Frank. The YASTISCHAK twins leave their resemblance to the Heibers. PAGE 60 CLASS WILL, continued The Lean and Lanky, but proud build of JACKIE FRYE to Henry Kaminski, the fatter one. PETE HOROSCHAK leaves all his chewing-gum to Miss C. C. Cannon. MYRON HURATIAKJS ability to woo Freshmen to Michael Horoschak. MARCELLA MCANDREW donates all her train tickets to Reno to Mary Alekseyko. HUGH OJNEILL leaves his fingerfwaved hair to Carol Sebastin. ALEX SCHAEECI-I1cIc leaves his parking space on the left side of the side entrance to Bobby Smith. CATHERINE AARON leaves her nickname "Kitty" to "Cats" Zekoski. BEVERLY BOYLAN and JEAN RUEEING leave all their giggling to Virginia Beierschmitt. EDWARD EsIfIMoNn leaves all the absentee collectors to Pauly Melnick. AL KUENIGRI leaves his motto, "Don't mess around with any of them-you'll be better off," to George Shafran. ALiELIA SI-IUPTAR leaves her breathataking looks to "Luggie" Katchick. JOHANNA RUTKO leaves her perfect report card to Joe Horoschak. DoN MGANDREW leaves his unsuccessful trips to Natalie to Steve Schaffchick. DoT MARCH leaves her posture to Mary Theresa Shannon. KEN STUTZMAN leaves job as Mr. Schu's chauffeur to Charles Francis. MARY SCI-IU's patience we leave to Elizabeth Fallat! ORIBLA SABELLA leaves her dark eyes to Margaret Fisher. Dor WARGO leaves her front seats in every class to Norm Buranich. GBRTRUDB KRULOCK leaves her appetite to John Katchick. CATHERINE KULIGR leaves her short dresses to Miss Ditchey. CLEM KARLovIcII leaves his quietness to Alan Fisher. MARION LONG and BLANGI-IE REISMILLER leave the Merriam Hill to anyone who wants to climb it. CLAYTON BRASS, FRANCIS MGGRAW, and JEROME SCOLOSKI would like to leave their jokes to some back- ward students. MARY BBRCOSKI leaves her shyness and quietness to Jo Betz. MARY SANTELI. leaves her witty personality to Jo DeFlavio. MARY MATsRo, CEGELIA NOLTER, and ANNA KIEWLAK leave their dancing ability to the Junior boys who needed it when they attended the Prom. Jon UNTBRRXNER leaves his tight sweaters to Earl Malick. MARIE SCI-IOPPY leaves her sedateness to Regina Pogozelski. CLAIRE SEBASTIN leaves her sewing ability to Bernice Scheuren. MARION KRuLEsIcI leaves her "goings-on" to a girl who's quiet and shy. BETTY and RUTH OSMAN'S ability to take care of the oiiice to Betty Whalen and Jean Sharp. RITA BENEDITTI, CLARA ZEGARSRI, and JEAN BILLMAN give up their table in the cafeteria to Joe Noel, Frank Bolick and Dick Swaldi. BETTY KLINGERMAN leaves her dimples to Betty Foster. MAE DEANE and BETTY BOYLAN leave their tallness to Arlene Steenheart and Beatrice Deoimoist. Jo BRADLEY leaves her right to change her mind to Mr. Hullihan. NORMA You leaves her way to get around to Margie O'Brien. BERN FICCA, HELEN DIRBNZO and GENA YoE leave their ability to sell candy to Geno Bianchi, Mary Sosnoski, Alan Fisher. ADELINE PROFIT leaves her last part of her name to the Junior Class in their undertakings. MlCHABL STASCHAK leaves his fancy dancing steps to Flo Kramer. JOSBPHINE PAvLosIu leaves all her jewelry to any who think they can withstand the weight without getting help from their girl friends. . ANN MooRE leaves her witty remarks to Mr. Kulick. FLO ORoRIzzI, MARY LIZZURA, and BETTY JORASKI leave their trips to town to someone who likes to walk. CATHERINE SCHICOVICH, MARION SBRGI, ELBANOR MELGI-IoRI leave their friendship to Victoria Jacoboski, Mary Reardon, Millie Kramer. PETER PLUTAJS carpentering ability goes to James Feudale. LAVERNE REARDON'S shyness and timid looks to Mary Rutko. MARIE THOMASJS witty remarks and giggle to Jennie Rossi. - GRACE JACOBOSKIQS ability to make her chewing gum talk to Romona Baksi. OLGA HUPPYJS pigtails to Mary Rufling. CI-IARLEs HERTZOGJS alertness and late assignments in typing to Gomer Irwin. The memories of D'AMIco's dark complexion we leave to the girls of the Junior Class. Skating ability of CHARLES BARTOS we leave to Glenn Lindemuth. PAGE 61 CA YOU CATHERINE AARONTNOU in good humor. ALEX ALEXANDER-With0HC a yearn for speeding. CHARLES BARTOS'-lscifl Crazy." JOHN BEL'I'L1BCihg bashful. RITA BENEDETTITNOE humming the latest song. MARY BERROSRI-Boisterous. JEAN BILLMAN-Disliking action. BEVERLY BOYLAN-Without her art work. BETTY BOYLAN'N0t out for amusement. JOSEPHITA BRADLEY-Being unkind to anyone. CLAYTON BRASS-Minding everyone's business but his own. ROsEMARY DALLAGO-Not chewing gum. LEONARD D'AMIcO-Without his musical knowledge. MAE DEANE-Serious. MILDRED DETANDT-Alone. HELEN DI RENzO-Spending an evening at home. MARTIN DOOLBY-NOt visiting the Gap often. BERNARD DOYLE-NOt laughing. EDXVARD ESHMONT'NOt knowing how to figure out problems. JOSEPH FABRIZIOTPIZSCHC in all classes every day. BARBARA FEUDALE-Talking slowly. BERNICE FICCA-With bobbed hair. JACQUELINE FRANK-WithOUt her lipstick. JOHN FRYE-Being contented in the classroom. PATRICIA GRAHAM-Not participating in sports. DOROTHY HALL-Backward. CHARLES HERTLOG-In a hurry. PETER HOROSCHAK'-UH3thlBCiC. OLGA HUPPY-Noisy-a nuisance. MYRON HURATIAK'WighOUt his singing ability. GRACE JACOESRI-Being lighthearted. PETER JELLEN-Shy or retiring. BETTY JORASRIE-Not being studious. CLEMENT KARLOX'ICH-WithOUt his winning ways. NELDA KBRSTETTER-'WithOUC her baby talk. ANNA KIEWLAR-Without her infectious laugh. BETTY KLINGERMAN-Showing an unfriendly attitude. MARION KRULESKI-RCfUSiHg to help a classmate. GHRTRUDE KRULOCK-with perfect attendance. CATHERINE KULICK'MiHUS pep. WALTER KUNDIS1SiX feet tall. ALFRED KULNICRI-Being a poor sport. MARY LIZURA-with unarranged hair. MARIAN LONG-WiCh0Ut a letter from a soldier. SOPHIE MACHUZAK1N0t giggling. RAYMOND MALINOSKI-WiCh0UE his ability to play an in- strument. DOROTHY MARCHTNOE a gay companion. MARY MATSRO-Sitting out a dance. DONALD MCANDREW1N0C acting. MARCELLA MCANDREW-Being carefree. FRANCIS MCGRAW-NOt teasing the girls. ELEANOR MELCHIORI-Not worrying. MARY MELODY-Quiet or moody. ELEANOR MENAPACE-WiUhOUt business ability. IMAGI E ANN MOORE-NDI reading the latest book. CBCILIA NOLTBR-with shouldenlength hair. FLORENCE OnoRIzzI-Speechless. HUGH O'NEILL-Forward. BETTY OSMAN-WifhOUt her friendly smile. RUTH OSMAN-Saying something that isn't funny. DOROTHY OSTROESRI-Minus her ability to play basketball. IRENE PACHUSKI-With0UC her hairfribbons. JOSEPHINE PAVLOSKI-WiCh0UC her jewelry. ROBERT PBNRMN-NOC kidding the girls. ROBERT PIzzoLI-With black hair. PETER PLUTA--Answering back in school. ADELINE PROFIT-Being tall. DANIEL PROFIT1NOt having his work done. LAVERNE REARDON-Talkative. BLANCHE REISRIILLER-Without her bicycle. JEAN RUFPING-WiCh0Ut her friends around her. ARTHUR RUMPE-Being unpopular. JOHANNA RUTKO-with a serious face. ORELIA SAEELLA'-with any other color eyes. MARY SANTELL-H3ViHg straight hair. STEPHEN SARISKYTNOI day dreaming. MARIE SCHOPPY-H3ViHg poor posture. MARY SCHU-Not having courage. CLAIRE SEBASTIAN-WiChOUt her humor. MARIAN SBRGITNOC sympathetic. ALEX SHAEECHICR-Paying attention in class. ANN SHAGEN-WithOUf literary viewpoints. JOsEPH SHANNON-Anything but tall and slim. CATHERINE SHIC0WICH1NOt ready for fun. THOMAS SHUDA-Attending school every day for one Gfweeks period. ALiELIA SHUPTAR-Without those untwinkling eyes. ANTHONY SMALETZ-Unrehned. JBROIAE SOCOLCZSKILID an angry mood. CHRISTINE SOLOMON-Without her ability for leadership. JOSEPH SPANDRA-NOt being in a good humor. MICHAEL STASCHAK-NOD being ambitious. KENNETH STUTZLIAN-WiChOUt his blush. AGNES SUSAVIDGE-Unkind. GEORGE Suszico-Being carelessly dressed. DOROTHY SWINRO-A brunette. ELEANOR TAMANIRII-Singing in a monotone. BETTY TANNBY1D3UCiI1g anything but the jitterbug. MARIE THOMAS-WithOUt her wit. LOUISE Tosco-Without those dancing feet. JOSEPH UNTERREINER1NOt showing his muscles. CATHERINE WALSH-Without her Irish smile. DOROTHY WARGO-Getting a red mark on her report. JULIA YASTISHAR-Not resembling Mary. MARY YASTISHAK-WithOUt her side comments. MARY VIRGINIA YOE-Without all the newest fads. NORMA YOE-Ungraceful. CLARA ZEGARSKI-NOC upato-date in everything. PAGE 62 fV'Ql1'l'b F JUNIOR HND SENIUR YEHR5 'k lpwom iuimnw gl Mm in JIl1Uv1Ong,. 1.9 041 + fjzmzgwawf MWA U4 QQAZAWK fmaffwm EMMQW' fm, JIM Slflghfzmf Wm Www 154 Z9yW fifwfgffffy iw JZ! M wwiweffgif? fhwfffwfi MWIHO ZZWMWQWW Jfwf' MM 3 yfyfzffzwe MMM p5,,,fWmf fp, fm szgmfw AMW YQZMWA My 22 -5544 02,041 JMQJUMZ ZZ! wudzfmzaw Eimdmizw imefffffi PAGE 63, -- PAT RCNS MR. P. J. BURKE MR. LEO W. SCHU Miss VIOLET BAILONI MR. JOHN F. BURKE MISS C. C. CANNON MISS IRMA M. CARR Miss HANNAH CHURCHILL MISS ANNE COYNE MISS KATHRYN DAILEY MR. JAMES DEANE MISS MARGARET DITOHEY MISS MARY DOYLE MR. S. C. FIccA MISS MARY V. HAEEEY MR. JOHN HOGAN MISS LILLIAN HONICKER MR. VINCENT HULLIHAN MR. CHARLES KARLOW MR. FRANCIS X. KLAUS PAGE 64 MR MR. MR MR. . LOUIS KLEMAN ROMAN KOROPCHAK A. J. MASCIANTONIO J. P. SEBASTIAN MR. GEORGE F. LANUSKY MID'NlTE CAPE CONNAGHAN MUSIC STORE ARCHIE DINGER I MR. EDWARD G. Fox SMART DRESS SHOP KATHRYN VEITH W. H. YODER LANGIS CANDY SHOP BELMONT PROCOPIO W. B. VALLISI-I ATLAS CASINO DOMINIC FANTINI MR. and MRS. JOHN F JORASKIE SR MR. and MRS. PETER SCHOPPY W. J. Higgins Estate .-Funeral Eirentnrs AND EMBALMERS 38-40 South Market Street MT. CARMEL, PA. T 1 ph 499 KESSLEIEFS leaving Illemelers FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, and JEWELRY "Follow the Crowd of Alert Buyersu 'A' 38-4-0 South Oak Street - MT. CARMEL, PA Telepl ne- 388 PAGE 65 REA 81 DERICK SKATING AT Prescrzftiofzs C ompozmded Careyhlly and Correctly 21 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS IN CHARGE Visit Our Soda-Grille ROLLER RIN K Every Night Q ALSO SUNDAY AFTERNOONS TOM CUFF GULF SERVICE We guarantee NofNox to be the high' est octane rated fuel you can purchase for an automobile. Try Our Service. Avenue and Oak Streets MT. CARMEL, PA. Joe "Jumbo" Corbaccia If You Want to Buy COAL for HONEST WEIGHT ' and Quick Service Call 1172, ML Carmel ATLAS - PENNSYLVANIA LANGTON'S Light Lunch MAIN STREET LOCUST GAP, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: 48-R-6 Compliments of D. M. KOROPCHAK ESTATE Beer Distributors ATLAS, PENNA. PAGE 66 q Complimentx of SCHEUREN'S DAIRY LAVELLE : : :: PENNA. PHONE: 933-R-4 Complimentf of JAMES RUANE ow LOCUST GAP, PENNA. Complimentx of HALEY'S FLORIST SHOP P89 NORTH OAK STREET Mt. Carmel, Penna. Compliments of THE BARKER BAKERY C. MENAPACE SONS Q no 209 SOUTH OAK STREET Mt. Carmel, Penne. Complimentx of B. V. F. COAL AND TRUCKING PHONE: 33-R-3 JOHN McDON'NELL'S fBa'r and Qafe NORTH'S JEWELRY STORE "A Good Place to Buy The Biggest Little Place in the Best Little Town 4 Wdtc1," LOCUST GAP, PA. Ne, We .verve you Right ifyou :top If you don't stop, that .rerves you right MT- CARMEL, PENNA- PAGE 67 Compliments of FRANCIS WOODS "CASH GROCBRIES,1 CL9 Locust Gap Penna. Florsheim Friendly FACLEY'S SHOE STORE "Shoes for the Family" SHOE CLUB NOW FORMING Selby Foot Rest "All ways the Best" LOUIS CROSSMAN SONS Department Store MT. CARMEL, PENNA. Compliments of BRECKER'S RESTAURANT 053 LOCUST GAP, PENNA. R. GUINAN AND CD. PETE'S CLOTHES SHOP "Everything for the Family We Carry 4 and Home" Complete Line of Boys' and Men's Furnishings "SHOP IN MT. CARMELS LARGEST STORE" Inquire About Our Suit Club 37 South Oak Street MT. CARMEL :: PENNA. SHOVLIN and HOVANES "Recreation Center" 000 33 SOUTH OAK STREET Mt. Carmel, Penna. Compliments of MAURER'S WAYSIDE DAIRY MILK - ICE CREAM DAIRY PRODUCTS On the Viaduct PACE 68 LF ,L , Dondero Estate GENERAL MERCHANDISE " Speciall' Imported Cheese Pure Olive Oil 17-19 S. OAK ST. MT. CARMEL, PA. Economy Stores JOHN REICHWEIN LOCUST GAP, PA. Phone: 125lJ1 COMPLIMENTS OF Nick Shuda's Atlas BEER - LIQUOR - WINE ATLAS ' - - PENNA- Locust Gap, Pa. Phone: 147R3 U C . , Stan KOpUShlHSkl PTOCODIO S Groceries . Meats Fmits 234-36 Columbia Ave. ATLAS, PA. Phone : 465-J Cash Market 241 Columbia Ave., ATLAS, PENNA O FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES COMPLIMENTS OF Mt. Carmel Tobacco Co. Fred Alexander "For Beauty and Strength, Use Stone" GENERAL MASONRY- CONCRETE WORK Phone: 1232 ATLAS, PENNA. PAGE 69 Joseph Benedetti Cafe WINES . LIQUORS 400 West Saylor Street ATLAS, PEN NA. Phone: 9735 M a n u e l 's C o a l B r e a lc e r "All Sizes of Coal" Best Coal in the Alley-Rock Free ATLAS, PENNA. Complim ents of Sample Shoe Store MT. CARMEL, PENNA. CONIPLILIENTS OF Eppiek Dress Slzop 136 South Oak Street Mt. Carmel, Pa. COBIPLIRIENTS OF . . . Louis Pizzoli ATL.AS, PENNA. Compliments of The Royal Cafe CON. SHOVLIN, Prop. Fifth and Oak Streets Bit. Carmel, Pa Phone : 9718 Coyne's Cafe LOCUST GAP, PENNA. Phone: SORQ COMPLIMENTS OF Nesbitt's Cut Rate Fourth and Oak Streets MT. CARMEL, PA. M t. Ca.rmel's Original and Only Cut Rafe Store PAGE 70 STROUSS and STROUSS Attorneys-at-Law THIRD AND OAK STREETS MT. CARMEL, PA. FRANK H. STROUSS, 1900-1940 JAKE EBERLE COAL AND ICE SERVICE LOCUST GAP, PA. CARLETON M. sTRoUss phone: 636123 C07?2pli7l1e72l5 of Diarnonds JOSEPH YEsTUss1 C oal Dealer- ATLAS, PENNA. Watches, and jewelry Expert Watcbmaking 29 South Oak St. Mt. Carmel, Pa HENRY N. GREISINGER Established 1905 RED CROSS NATURAL BRIDGE MILLER BROTHERS C"mPl""'m'5 of SHQE STQRE STANDARD DRUG zs South oak sr. Mr. Carmel, Pa. STORE "Shoes for Entire Family" NUNN BRUSH FREEMAN Compliments of LOCUST GAP LOCAL, No. 506 MICHAEL KELLAGHER, President GEORGE PERLES, Secretary FRANK THOMAS, Treasurer PAGE 71 1 JOHN WARD ROP STECKER S AND S ON S B O O K S T O RE Hardware Merchants ROYAL TYPEWRITERS MT. CARMEL, PENNA. and All Student Supplies Compliments of zo North Oak Street MT. CARMEL, PENNA. VICTORIA THEATER MT. CARMEL, PENNA. Compliments of l Compliments of the HUB CLOTHING STORE COMPANY MT. CARMEL, PENNA. MT. CARMEL, PENNA. R L LEPPERT, MANAG DINE and DANCE Wonderful Music STATE CASINO 15 SOUTH HICKORY STREET MT. CARMEL, PA. A jOE'S LIGHT LUNCH PAGE 72 Complimentx of A. RQCKAFELLER CCMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS GYO 39 WEST 4th STREET :: :: MT. CARMEL, PENNA. Mt. Carmel Lumber Company MT. CARMEL, PENNA. Anthony In Appreciation of 'Your Cooperation Wholesale Confections, Cigars, Candy AmCfiCHH LCgiO11 GNQNQ 6443 27 soUTH POPLAR STREET H ARRY GEIST Mt. Carmel, Pennaf POST 9 I PHONE: 623 PAGE 73 Compliment: of M. A. Conway just a Reminder of the Famous Line of "BARBxzoN" SLIPS, GOWNS, PAJAMAS Mrs. Ella Steif .ML Carmel, Pa. MOJ U D H O S E "Duty in every pair" Compliments of T. A. McDonnell fR-estaurant LOCUST GAP, PENNA. Protect Wloat You Have Insure Your Property or Furniture with joseph T. Rufling AGENT Locust Gap, Penna. Kakiel Beauty Salon OUR THREE PRIDES SANITATION COURTESY SERVICE 503 EAST SECOND STREET PHONE: 402 Mt. Carmel Proprietors, KAY AND JULIA KAKIEL Compliment: of Tom Melody LOCUST GAP, PA. Compliment: of Al Shannods Confectionery Store T90 LOCUST GAP :: PENNA. Sam Petello Retail Food Market 900 "WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF MEATS AND GROCERIESN PAGE 74 I Pine Burr Barbecue" Mt. Carmel Highway ATLAS :: :: PENNA. Compliments of R. BASTRESS CO. ZAMSKY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS . . . OF THE MT. CARMEL TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL JOSEPH KRULOCK justice of the Peace BOROUGH OF MARION HEIGHTS KEISER, PENNA. Compliments of I FIQCAS FOOD MARKET TELEPHONES: ATLAS . . . . ,. . 446 GREEN RIDGE . . 1018 P75 0 the 1943 Editor 0 2,15 F ' Maltz:-, J' V KISMET YOURS is. the task to prepare another school annual which will serve as a record of the activities of your class. If your yearbook means anything, it must be not only an accurate record of activities, but what is more, it must reflect something of the spirit of your class. Carefully turned phrases and good photographs and drawings can be so utilized as to make an interesting record. In your job as editor, you are challenged to produce something which will increase in significance as the years pass. Since 1878 we have been engaged in the art of the printed word. Through the years we have built a business based on high standards and high ideals. As a result, we are able to place at your service a staff of experienced designers, skilled craftsmen and well-informed representatives who are always avail- able to discuss your problems with you. Our representatives will he delighted to discuss the 1943 edition of your annual with you and your adviser. Let us' assure you that an interview obligate: you in no way. To further ac- quaint you. with the art of printing, we suggest that you visit us here at the Mount Pleasant Press to .ree what we do and how we do it. Write or telephone u.r for an appointment. U' A le 95 4-.r A "mx ua elluqr ill Q LZ wwf J. HORACE MCFARLAND COMPANY Jllount Pleasant Press HARRISBURG ' PENNSYLVANIA Telephone: 4-6235 PAGE 76 Autographs Autogvaphs P 78 Autographs JH :T ' ,,.s-f-- , 1, j... l 5 ff.. ,iff lf' 1 , Q. fi: K 'A ' " V ' ily. '1 :EI FT .T .Y viii. if-:,' I 5. rf F.. . .. Yr ,, A 4' L 1 r K ' I r- ig Q . A1 1 -f 2E,f'.-',- ,5,f.fff1 '- EL' ' l I- L i . Fir' ei, QM 'wim- 'iqm ff. . 'TF7 f Err- ' ,V 4 . . 4 f , br El N 1' J 'J , AWN 1 ,.. - Ms 4' .. JA 1 M A. 5 ,Q-L Xv L P1 ' sv f . . va E .. 3 fx gf . , ,I -R , V , Q , A v...4 ,iv fi . 'fr-E s ., Lv, -4 . u I 4 ' s f 1 - .. ,J-Q, v , -,grfmlx ,. -- 34.5" -x V ,fir 'fmvw 's ll, il -6 J 1' U Q' 'f gxx , J ,QA- 5 A 1 1 iz ' wr . I, L .- ,-P' 5 3 -. .-L 1 .1 r. ,-:ry 1 1. ,va "HC 7 if !4,':' TW? tw: N., 119 'A if '- 14 1: LA., NP' ,W Q we la -J E. , ' K, MQ ' als. ,EQ , ,,,.-If 'I, 7152 "H 31 "sa-f " .fu .F. ,ugh w .I y- fm ,.1v wx, ,. X-.2 K. F I I I e V , K gc I ff. 3 .N v kv 'L . fr V fwvmv-1-W-A Af- ,-M-.-.H-.-'1.m,, .... .,., . v.r',,.,.,,,,,, v ' EKGlLY3lLT4L'B3If.l!Ll!1Z!WJK!l5Rll1GlECWIIFBH mi 13 5. ' L 'l I 3 g, L. X. F TX- JHZE' 311,51 .5

Suggestions in the Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) collection:

Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 53

1942, pg 53

Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 88

1942, pg 88

Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 74

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Mount Carmel Township High School - Kismet Yearbook (Locust Gap, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 43

1942, pg 43

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