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x 4? C l wb X Q91 Q 'V ff my jf' J y Ui JB J! I W Q Q . 9' L cf M5 --9 Q5 Coy I ' if PX5JwUdQQw 'frm 0.-8 Q99 vii if? J! x Ck 6,2 My Qn wg ,ff gf Nyfggf , . 223 QP ,Q xv gy s W' QF? if 'fcjg mg uf ypwfgfwkffyybvmyyypfmff Q7 5lUgYybc'57xb fyf SLUPSQ DJXJQJLWQ K? ?i0i2l3j'fQQEv vXQ? VX lg UOJCJZ 5450! 2 gy Q ,ony I 4 fa, Eg 5 . U F ', Sy Lg 16:4 3 Y gg 6.L 36 K Jw: Fi Q0 f T3 j ul 3,355 Wggwww fwf f Cd' 'M s, MW Yew W xi X X nil? A WX . fx 5' fxfgfp , , SQ x f,X,Xp,',!,7 flV'U.?,f XJ I ffxrb ' " f' , . f -l L 1 6, We wk ,f M i Ck QD 2 XX J U4 fA', km f fx ix j I ff ply iv! fl , f K 9 035 Qf ff f ,J V645 L N W7 L w ff! ABU 1 - WWMWQQQZ WMQ?k6w6 ZELO 4 MT. CARMEL HIGH SCHO L HOUsToN,T15xA5 19755 VOLUME XVIX V 51-1 TABLE OF CONTENTS .4, . . SENIORS. . . . . 14 JUNIORS .. 84 DEDICATION. . . 114 SOPHOMORES . . 154 FRESHMAN . . CLOSING . . Q . .... 236 0 , 915 nfs' A 2922 Q, I . Y 1 1 i i F THE 1975 ZELO BECAN WITH THE QIDEATO CAPTURE THE BIG AND 5 LITTLE EVENTS WHICH MADE THIS YEAR UNIQUE. RWE GRE W, WE FELL, AND WE BEGAN ALL OVER AGAIN OUR IIOURNE Y I5 NOW COMPLETE. 1 0 K ' ' N f , A . .1 '1 Q ., - , Al exie Y f- ' e ff f.:.1',. 1, " . 3 1: 'K p 1 4' . 1 -N . sedgsifxy- 2, -Mfg, 5,4 1 , , . i. lins X-ff i Q as A is - " ' Q- 1 XFN'.,v?::"ff'?fW1fZfiQg:ik: "'4 -. i,.,'L., .'5.,.1 "' .. x ' ,xy ' WHQ, LT lf PES' f 4 . , - ..,U,er, .ij-L' . 11,7 e- ,.. ,E , L ' - x sp y Ti., "4 'sf : 2i,ipg,p1' - ' . 1 - iff' , f . f 1fF'1- .e P' LM ,in , ' Z if A' - sir.-K1 3, . r"-tw Vi Q f 1 '?'ii.s f. i, Q, f fi P. t 'We develop new ideas as our time here is short. Each day we begin with an open mind, hoping it will grow into a new di- mension. We then can look forward to tomorrow and see the highway we will be approaching. The difficulties will come but because of our new prospect we will overcome this and go on. The journey is just beginning. WITH A NE WMIND, I CAN NOW DEVELOP INTO THE PERSON CALLED I l ' I I R G-vwwcqk. ,. ,HW f -.lf , tel' W-nf' Jifff W The day I realized that others do exist, and the universe is one big thing with a lot of little things, was the day I saw you for you and me for me. Acceptance was a big thing I wanted most. But before anything else, I had to accept my- self-the good and the bad-I had to accept. We're on our W3. I . INDI VID UALI TY CAN UNLY BE MEASURED BY ACCEPTANCE OE OURSEL VES FIRST . ., Q :gn WE SEE GOD THROUGH CARMEL WORSHIP Coming together united as one group- one student body. The mass gathers the student body together to worship and thank God for the many things He has done for us. TOP RT: Fr. Clyde, cele- brant, welcomes the students to the Thanksgiving Mass. MID RT: The church lights up with spirit as the celebrants re- cess from the altar. BT LT: At the Christmas Mass the Chorale leads the pro- cession with Christmas carols. BT RT: Senior boys, Mark Ross, Jerry Blystone, and John Noey, proceed in at the be- ginning of Mass. yigwi, ,'9:.:,,z. Q ff T ga - is X, TOP LEFT: Fr. Paul brings to life the idea of being alive. MID LEFT: Fr. David wel- comes all to the opening of the '74-'75 school year. MID RT: Fr. David tells how each one of us has a specific role in our school year. BT: Coach Speer is installed by Fr. David as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. From thestart to the finish, going out of ourselves to help others, each person has the right to grow and develop. The choice is ours to take. We'll always have this but when a golden opportunity slips by it is no one's fault but ours. Right or wrong we must take it, stride and con- tinue our journey. The road is long but we'll get there. THE TIME IS NQW TO SI-IOOTFOR TI-IE STARS IN THE I-'AR DISTANCE K ffflj. frm, f' - s rl . A , ' If - E 1 f -', 'IU W' ' V fi: in '. - 2 ..., ., lib-alY"' F11 , 'H h V ,N 3389! wi Q sf A ,. , , ,. P"-"' ,h , wig. A e 1: mfr? Q-M 'f-- -5"se'e if b 47 f. ,,.. , 4, "4'?'f-I-'7, -f' f H . ' I ' 202. , , AL, vt,-H 'apr' Tgaffl .S pf, ,if ,J L 'I , .ff . , . - - , m f K . Q . 1 , N , A fr, . we . -7- '1-,. - K ,yy 1 "wif-X s X-, wx f , A ff, - Y -iv V f 3 1 ff! Alf f . ' A A v - 2. 4 ' ' ,ff S 1 ,--N X . UR, ,. 'K , . . ' i . yi, Q ,, . , ,J w .,,. s 1 I is UM , In , lf M ,QR , , Q , - E' , . , .A '-gifgffffgzw.. Z N: A- I - fs f s e lj e , , n i,,k f 1 1 K Vqcrkrjkfyl 2 A X if i rm 'j ,M L Dfw: 1' 4 , E '- ,,,, ,ing ef if '.- A Ly: Nj "T ' - v A 'rf -I ' ,X yx fx :ga QLWRTEEI-Miki'.xiqiggil W , Z I A 7.,,.kQf my V f Xl fe . v-6'3" f'-o,?0Sf'2"ig'fsi-H4155-YI ""' , Wai' f ie. if--'Le.",,::s,-To-' -'Qz.y,s,?1wf'-Q ww" ,. "" .J-T""f+ 1' L W -ff, 1 .X , 1 ,i im, se- . 1,-2 swf -,fwfr -14,35 M-3.f1gf-M :W .-flgfsif :.:.f,,'w-f:-W: -or 4 4.2: 1' .:.-1135 .,g.i.,,f,w,fx: ,'.eg-wr if--is gg", ' pig: 1 an K Y A f., 1.7 v sz QW nv' W- f,,,s,,,,.x43,,f. -K Jw'-' . ----Q muff-e.z -..wfuw,,:,H:.,+wfP--sf',1-,,,f.5v f in . W - " ' " fi' I 5,1-7'35?'ii5f mi flfll' 40 "'fi'4L 'lillfxli' 5,15 so -. i sniff, 'T Li, L -3'-M,.': ,fi if is 1 1,- Each step is a step forward to a new and exciting adven- ture, one which holds man's curiosity enough so he can continue his journey. The loneliness involved is enough to kill a person, but we don't give up. Our steps continue only to find the long road never having a beginning or an end. EACH STEP IS A STEP POR TOMORROW-A CHANCE I CAN 'T GIVE Wm. Si! QNX 1 r OUNT CARMEL HIGH SCI-1001. C f A, A ' FRECTEDACE .1 k Gpoky OF AND His 'IN WIS- BEFORE LUKE- 2- 52 N-N., A 5-wrf-,-A 1 -R lf. 5 .C xl x . ..N,.-5. If a t ei A if AAA' f q z gg, A A egg, E EEE Hg S - A A 5 A 1 J 1 5 , 1 E.EA f 5 59 3 ,'-. e ' - I 5 QE S EEEA 1 f -" EGM Y 5',2"4w A ' If ' ' Q Q, 2 A Zgfgt f Q : wig A 11111 4: EQAE six, , 3 iii Ei A f E AA J f ' iii 2 15 'if as 5 if , A 5 if , ,sz I , A f kk- z x if i he Q 1 I 2 457'- A 14 , K ' iw' ""' " ' ' fi! 555. Ii? , 1 in-.143 if' TOTAL INVOL VEMENT V It means total giving, both physically and emotionally, of yourself, your love, your time and effort. It means sharing the responsibilities, the work, the prac- tice, the enjoyment and the pride in creating and earrying out the traditions of Carmel life. To give of yourself is a necessity for you are Carmel, and only you can bring her to life. . ,,,K I - 1 I ,114 N' lik: ff H A A A 'E HTTTWTTT TTT"T THE ACTIVITIES THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR AID IN OUR LEARNING PROCESS. ,WHETHER WINNING, LOSING, OR CHEERING, OUR IN VOL VEMEN THAD TO BE A TOTAL ONE I-'OR WE ARE CARMEL. I I I I 'Q' .-vm YEARBOOK DANCE BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER 1 l .. 5 .u Pi? August 29 became a reality to over 700 students as the 1974 yearbooks were distributed. LEFT PAGE: TOP LEFT: During the dance the Zelo staff had its second annual picture sale as shown by Patricia Smalley and Michael Chavez. TOP RIGHT: Seems as though Senior Marian Theode found something interesting to look at. BOT- TOM LEFT: If you Weren't signing books you may have had a chance to take a look in the cafeteria and find people dancing. BOTTOM RIGHT: The halls were heavily congested with people signing books. The hardest part was thinking up things to say. .-..q, ri? ' :ff if ,, ,.., .. I , .11 RIGHT PAGE: TOP LEFT: Passerhy's usually stopped by the picture sale to see if there were any pictures they might be interested in. BOTTOM LEFT: Sr. Cynthia hunts for a speci- fic picture. BOTTOM RIGHT: You couIdn't leave without having one dance-john Shaklovitz and Marianne Wuensch can tell you so. KW-. C . P ,, ga? or vw. '- lv 'Wx 'lm . 'v ' Q" dljn ff, M . n , A' 44 M M 3 r M ,5 'ff . -5,5 6 1 1 ATE, i 1555 ' s Carmel Carnival is an annual event that u- nites student body, faculty, parents, and alumni in to a unified people. The threat of rain did not stop the good times that were had by many. TOP RIGHT: Peggy Cox and Chris Martin help make posters for the beer garden. TOP LEFT: Frs. Foster and David talk over last minute carnival plans. BT. RIGHT: Jill Legler,-Ian Outersicle, and Don- na Williamson help to make the Cadette Con- fetti Egg Booth a smashing success. ' ,M .',.' 1 fir id w Q ll or Q49 Ne. an my 4 .,,, if AA Ai-AA - avr' if 1' at ae X l V M' l'1 f ' 'F ,L af ,- 4- 4 ' ' . f ' 'llggi " T Mfg !:, f a,,. , l l' X xr! A fig? fl 3 m Q fx. f . A ffff ,X ,EM 8 i J 4 ..153"i5ff,,25gg., is xl,-ut.1'J nil. PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER- U I TED TOGETHER ew ,- I nf ,W I ,IM .-" ' TW' " fi , TOP LEFT: The faculty had a big part in putting on the carnival. Fr. David announces the winner in the Variety Booth. MIDDLE LEFT: Junior girls, Laurie Mikes, Connie Mechura, and Michelle Meehan, try to win at the "Ring A Drink" booth. BT. LEFT: Mindy Jones and Bobby Fair- child, alumni, try their hand at the Las Vegas Booth. BT. RIGHT: Even the worke rs get involved in winning, as shown by this one worker. The Carnival itself was enjoyed by many. fff The Carnival Drive, itself, is the part where the students play in selling carnival tickets. Initi- ated again this year is the cash prizes. TOP RIGHT: As one ofthe students holds the box of names, Fr. Foster draws for a S53 cash prize. BT. LEFT: Fr. Foster goes over the rules with the student body at the opening ofthe drive. BT. LEFT: John Noey receives his cash prize from Mrs. Rutherford. TOP LEFT: Coach Carr, top class winner, has a birthday wish from the students. TOP RIGHT: On the last day of the drive, Mrs. Ru- therford announces the top class and saiesmen. BT. LEFT: Mr. Roach and Fr. Foster announce the winner for the car. BT. RIGHT: The an- nouncement of the many winners is awaited by the crowd. A TIME T0 CHEER ANDA TIME TO PRAY -FX , ' V XX v f fl , I Xi 5 T l 5 2 TLT. T f As part of the Homecoming celebration, the students and the fac- ulty have set aside a little time to reflect and thank our Father for ' the time we spend together. LEFT PAGE: TOP: The celebrants, Frs. David, Foster, and Paul, prepare the bread and wine for the consecration. BOT- TOM LEFT: Altar boys, Terry Berger and Bill Lierman re- ceive Communion. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. and Mrs. Ohlenforst take 'part in the offertory procession. RIGHT PAGE: TOP LEFT: Sister Margaret Mary gets prepared to read the second reading. TOP RIGHT: Ah ha! Boys really do have a singing voice. BOTTOM: Spirit of Homecoming allows students to participate in Communion more fully. BONFIRE IGNITE5 TR UE REBEL SPIRIT' Records were made to be broken, and the '74 Home- coming Bonfire did just that. TOP RT: A wet Held and many spectators viewed the largest bonfire in Carmel history. TOP LT: Carl Franzen proved his true Rebel spirit by representing the tradition- al REBEL. BT LT: The Senior boys came through again fulfilling their role in building our bonfire. BT RT: A new addition to Homecoming Queen and King was Homecoming Baby won by Tony Frago- so. TOP: These are the guys who put more time and effort into making the '74 bonfire success. They are J. Shaklovitz, D. Harris, Coach D. Lock- ridge, M. Samperi, R. Bailey, D. McFall, C. Franzen, J. Ochoa, T. Ce- ballos, B. Craig, D. Passmore, H. Segura, and M. Breechen. BT LT: The cool and damp weather didn't stop the Twirlers from performing their routine to the "Yellow Rose ofTexas." BT RT: The time finally ar- rived, in a minute, history. TOP: Homecoming draws together the members of Carmel, past and present, to generate the spirit of the future. BOTTOM LEFT: The Cadettes con- tributed enthusiasm to the game as the players gave it their all on the field. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Donna helps to get the spirit go- ing throughout the game by leading in the Rebel Battle Cry. 'K WZ 1 as ,ti 1. 'Q :L 'Bmw-3 HAPPINESS IAND HARD WORK Q TOP LEFT: Father David shows his emotion by doing a twist forjoy. TOP RIGHT AND BOTTOM: Throughout the games, the Rebels never let up and showed their ability to run the ball and to stop the opposition. Win or lose, the Rebels will always hold a special meaning in our hearts. X ,-miiam 7 Q""'W'?' M--nu CRC WNING ENLI GI-I TENS THE HI GI-IPOIN T OP SPIRIT! mmak, 2,7 maxim' A , 'XA 'A X wi' 1 1, s, , 1- ,il X 1 ev I .fee . L, if Fr S fflf. 5 ww ! NSN ,JAUV , :wig .. " , ' HOMECOMING DANCE WINDS UP PES TI VI TIES Homecoming is a time for reminiscing. The Home- coming dance winds up the weekend festivities. Dur- ing this time the King is crowned. TOP RT: Princess Miriam Darst and Prince Scott Talley dance. TOP LT Mark Ross and Betsy Shannon take a break from the dance to talk things out. BT RT: Queen Theresa and King-Iohn dance their dance. BT LT: The dance was enjoyed by many. 3U Why TOP LT: Cindy Mechura and her date take a break from the Homecoming activities. MID LT: The Homecoming court awaits the an- nouncement of King. MID RT: The final mo- ment arrived and Queen Theresa crowns King John Noey. BOTTOM LT: Debbi Barrera and Bobby Mikeska enjoy the jitter Bug. I Mi' QLBF stair C vigil ' Quilt' is 312 3 Awe' J ,Q ' l ii lil I rf . ?fg.r ...Q --1.1 QV H4 J Q 32 .C 2 Brown and White day brings Carmel together as a unified body. This year Brown 8: White day was held on two different days-one for football and onefor basketball. TOP: Mrs. Carpenter introduces the Girls Varsity Basket- ball team. MIDDLE LEFT: The Varsity Foot- ball team demonstrates its tactics. MIDDLE RIGHT: The basketball team goes over its format for practices. BOTTOM: Ms. Greene introduces the J.V. Basketball Girls Team to the on-looking crowd. BRDWN Sz WHITE DA Y EXTENDS TO Z DA YS The weather has always played an important part in many Carmel activities. Rain had not dampered the Brown 81 White day festivities. The activities took place in the gym. TOP LEFT: The twirlers marched on to Forward Brovsm 8c White. TOP RIGHT: The varsity football team demonstrates the tactics that will be used during the season. BT. LT: The Ca- " 1 ." 'u. u5e .-2. 1 f ' . , ' . v'Q- in U.. 1. ,MW ..,. . """"' dettes put on their performance that has been worked on during the summer. W., -qi .a---4-""""' V BT. RT. Cheerleaders Donna and Cathy do a little boogie for the onlookers. 33 PEP RALLIES EXPLODE WITH AC TI O E l Pep Rallies play an important part in Carmel spirit. They are one of the major roles in boost- ing spirit. Each class has a chance to participate i and express their creativity. , TOP RIGHT: Co-head cheerleader, Lindy Kirn, dem- onstrates the gymnastics involved in being a cheerleader. BOTTOM LEFT: The senior spirit came as a high point in one of the pep rallies. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Walte- meyer clenches his fist to emphasize the spirit of Carmel. mf" TOP LEFT: If you didn't know it, Mt. Carmel H.S. has a celebrity in its presence- Mr. CLINT. TOP RIGHT: Theresa Ortiz leads in class spirit with a cheer. BOT- TOM: With major Claudio Roman, the boys side of the Cadettes aclds a little laugh to boost spirit. ASSEMBLIES ENLI GH TEN THE YEAR Growing and learning not only can be taught in the classroom, but outside as in such things as assemblies. TP RT: A group of students along with some of the faculty performed a One Act Play as shown by Patty Halpin and Larry Hyek. MID RT: The Houston Baptist University Singing Group performs the songs of today. BT LT: Br. Wally along with Debra Rose reach for the sky as they are about ready to be searched. BT RT: A group of 40 girls from Immaculara High School in New Orleans sing how love, life and music are the keys to life. l l l c...3 f7 ADS Sz PA TRONS DRIVE ENCOURAGES NEW PROSPECTS The Ad 84 Patron Drive aids in the development ofthe school. TOP LEFT Mrs. Rutherford again added her service in the drive and with the Sr. Play Program. MID LEFT: Linda Boeker, Vivian Martell and Robbie Hoover were the typists in the play program. MID RIGHT: Top Underclassmen Salesmen: Jack James, Sophomoreg Phyllis Llorens, Freshmang Missing: Iris Elizondo, Junior Top Salesman. A X E i BT LT: Top Sr. Salesmen: lst, Rita Pradierg 2nd, Scott Talleyg and 3rd, Cathy Coleman. BT RT: Sister Juliette helped in making the drive a success. MIGI-ITYREBEL5 TAKE DISTRICTAND STATE. The Mt. Carmel Rebels District Champs soon became the Mt. Car- mel Rebels State Champs. TOP: The team enjoys a Pep Ral- ly by the Cheerleaders. MID LT: Rick Nor- iega expresses his emo- tion after winning the Erst game at the state championship. MID RT: Hugs, screams and cheers came as the Rebels were announced the victors. BOTTOM: Mt. Carmel beat San Antonio Antonian 5-3 in the semi-finals. The An- tonian catcher hates to admit it, but it looks like a homer. LYS?" . ,. . , laan at K , X, .1 k ws: .i 5-ya-rzifg 2 B , as 2 n nayi M fi . f ,f L'..' 71Qf5'igfii"75-I 'C QE? 'DQ , -f g,Q.Q4s,i N i s . .'flTil'?ili3iTl3f2Tf3-iq 5 ' tm-,-A- ' l'::f "': 5 ' , . i ii! P 2 . yff - ..gee,f.if'Qgsg.4,igsfs?,:5rgf:i9'wa, fl . ' f 1 as F 4'-,aw-f if ?'g'x"7' 'M 'Mvf' t'f.,Qif'Wef'i'-V lf' p,,,..,,. , I - .K hw., K my . tw Vi -f.. :.7..,,.5---I-1-.H V, i W' The 1975 T.C.I.L. Baseball Finals found Mt. Carmel versus Central Catholic of San An- tonio. The hopes were high and the game en- sured excitement. TP LT: Bill Lierman spent his time on the mound during the first in- nings of the game. He had two hits to add to his pitching ability. TP RT: The Rebels placed four top players on the Most Valu- able Players list. They were: Mark Ross, Doug McLaughlin, John Noey and Bill Lier- man. MIDDLE: We are number one as the Rebels yell in unison. BOTTOM: The fans sat on the edge of their seats as each inning passed. But it was all worth it to have the Champsfrom Mt. Carmel. YGU ARE THE LIGHT OE THE WORLD Senior retreat recalls how we, as humans, grow in many ways. We take time to reflect where we are and how we stand and Why. TOP: Scott Talley re- flects things of the past and begins to understand why. BT LT: Group discussion was a lively part of the Senior Girls retreat. BT RT: Lydia Thibideaux explains how group unity is essential in any class. ll E ' 1 A retreat never ends, it only goes on. Many people will tend to agree with that. A retreat leaves some sort of mark in the lives of every one. TOP: Ronnie Novak looks into the future and wonders what the many roads will lead to. MID: There will always be a time for sharing things. BT: Fr. Bill Young tells how giving is the greatest gift. The Seniors will always hold this retreat in their hearts. It was a time of learning, growing and reconciling with ourselves and others. We may never see our friends again, but at least we will know that we are friends. f RETREAT LEADS TO DEEP THOUGHTS For the first time in Carmel history, the Underclassmen Retreat was held at the Villa De Matel. The atmosphere held great excite- ment. The retreat held a desire to discover ourselves a little more. Teachers like Fr. Davis and Sr. Margaret Mary made it possi- ble. vX'1 1 5 K S3 . M .K fq IQ f gawk The seniors of '75 really got into the "Spirit" of things with their Senior Play, "Get Witch Quick". TOP: A cast of twenty put on two performances before capa- city crowds. MID LT: Clarence Lee portrayed Craft Col1ege's gardener. MID RT: Vivian Mar' tell, alias Mother Hecate, gives a final speech to the soon grad- uating Salem witches. BOTTOM: Student Director, Barbie Bie- lamowicz checks the last min- ute costuming before curtain call. 5 1 S 1 1 l "GET WITCH QUICK" SHOWED THERE WAS A BIT OP WI TCHCRAFT IN THE BEST OF US. sz: AA' There are always people behind the scenes who add their own touch to the show. TP LT: Br. Daniel Snyder, Technical Dixectorg Barbie Bielamowicz, Student Di- rectorg Chuck Fitzpatrick, Stage Manager and Fr. Davis Cote, Play Director. TP RT: The magic of love and the magic of witchcraft came between these two ma- jor characters, Cindy Daleo and John Garvey. BT LT: It was no fantasy for Un- d.ine and Milo, respectively portrayed by Jill Legler and Larry I-Iilscher. BT RT: A final bow closed the show but never the memories of the hard work and good times together. 45 TOP: The Crew of "Get Witch Quick" worked as harcl and as well as the cast did to make both performances a suc- cess. MIDDLE: "Mirror, mirror, donlt be blue . . . tell us are we witches true?" Tita Springer and Theresa Har- ris make final make-up preparations. BOTTOM: John Garvey wants to know the truth about Craft College and the idea of witchcraft in general. SALEM, MASS. AND CRAP T COLLEGE ARE ALIVE :Zz WELL IN THE SENIOR PLA Y OF '75, TOP: The word "practice" was probably hated by all but it was important for a successful play. Cindy and John act out an important scene in the lives ofjuneele and Steve. MID- DLE: The cast takes one final run-through before performing for the faculty. BOTTOM: All watch with amazement during the climax of the play. WHEN IT'5 BED BUG TIME IN MEDINA . Due to technical difficulties, the Senior Trip of 1975 was transferred to the Circle "R" Ranch in Medina. TOP: Tony Fragoso demonstrates his physical skill as a crowd gathers. MID: When the night rolled in, the Seniors gathered at the poolside dance floor to do the Cotton-eyed joe. BOT: Cynthia Spacek contributes a reading to the evening Mass. 4 - . -MW 1. TP LT: Steve Duncan times his assault on the rings with a spellbound audience of Seniors. TP RT: The class of 1975 is led in the liturgy by Fr. Paul. MID LT: Seniors and spon- sors malce final preparations for the trip. MID RT: Volley- ball before dinner works up an appetite. BOT: The colonel joins his guests in a song. 'FT X After a hard week of campaigning the day finally came for speeches voting and the announcing of the wmners TP LT Trying for a thlrd year as President but this year as President of the student body was John Barbosa Q ifii: 5 5 3 ig TP RT: The new Treasurer would be Hayden, Provenzano, Ricca or So- bieski. Not: blinded by the idea of money, Nan, Roseann, Sandra and Mary Ann wait for the end, and possibly a new future. BT LT: Both p Sophomores and juniors ran for the office of vice-President. Each, Tris- tan Davis, Richard Harris, Rick Noriega, Charles Shannon and Don Wheel- er, anxiously await their turn to speak. BT RT: With a bit of reflection and a few past memories ofa friend, Sam Mandola spoke of the true meaning and importance of the President of the Student Council. STUDENTS ELECT NEW OFFICERS WITH NEW GOALS. The office of President is a time-requiring, hard and very important jobg one which leads the entire student body of Mt. Car- mel. This year, four qualified members of the class of '76, John Barbosa, Bill Gregg, Sam Mandola and Bill Ward, ran for this prestigious position. MID LT: The new Student Council Officers for 1975-76 are: President, john Barbosag Vice-President, Don Wheelerg Secretary, Mike Talley and Treas- urer, Roseann Provenzano. Rr, , . ,. BOT: Something new was experienced this year in the race for Secretary. A male, Mike Talley stepped up andjoined the other four young ladies runningg Barbara Bole, Liz Ethridge, Malia Lockridge and Laura Voss. NE W LIGHT SHINES ON CADE TTE OFFICERC One night a year finds one group of leaders stepping down to let the light shine on another group of eligible girls. This, of course, is the big night for the Cadettesg that of Cadette Installation. TOP: This was one of the most successful years for the Cadettes, as expressed by Major Theresa Harris. With tears in her eyes, she said thank you and farewell to a great group of girls. MID LT: Major Harris leads the Carmel Cadettes of 1974-75 one last time. x i ,Q as 1 4 f ' 0 f rs MID RT: As Sr. Margaret Mary steps down so i V it E ? she can further her education, Mrs. Sissy Fen- O O ' 5 " t if' ton takes over as Sponsor of the Mount Carmel Q ggi V 1 f Cadettes. BOTTOM: The old officers stand f wi 3 .A .1 5 behind their successors. f' , ix 7 ' E b I K ,V . . 4 L f ,A if ,af t ' p E 1 A .. Y .iw .I V 'S . t f fif ' ' " - X ff 7 Vp,. T I Y Q W i t 3, L4 , , , X Lt , 1 . 1 .Q ,ng etsr ' by . y In t. Zif f -"' ., A' ' -'B my N 'za Cadette Installation is a night of tears, sadness and joy. TOP LT: Saying she would still be around, but less active, Sr. Margaret Mary comforted the girls as she introduced the new sponsor. TP RT: Theresa gives the final command as the girls are about ready to be seated for the evening. BT LT: The new major for 1975-76, Cecilia Valdes, is congratulated by her fellow cadettes. BT RT: Theresa presents Sister with a token of her appreciation. THE SPIRIT STICK IS f PA Nervousness and the jitters are all part of Cheerleader elections. Each girl realizes that she could be leading the student body in cheers. It is a great responsibility that must be met and each girl must be willing to accept this. Each girl waits patiently for the final decision. K Group unity leads to any successful goal and each girl possessed this. LEFT: The New 1975 76 Cheerleaders are: Sallie Schmitt, Patricia Hollek, Karen Hart- men, Cathy Musachia, Donna Mixon, and Bri- gid Foley, Head Cheer- leader. IRS.--SRS. ORBITAROUND THE GALAXY RUOM The new Downtown Holi- day Inn was the h0st of the 1975 jr.-Sr. Prom. The packed room was filled with excitement and the music of Six Pack. TOP RIGHT: For the second year in a row, Mrs. Blanc was voted Outstanding Senior Teacher and re- ceived a trophy. NG- A tradition of the evening is the giving of roses to each Senior girl. Three of the re- cipients were QBOTTOM LEFT, Camilla Boss, Cindy Daleo, and QBOTTOM RIGHTQ Linnetta Madonio. ,K 6 2 TOP: Rae Acliin and her escort found the music quite enjoy- able to dance to. MIDDLEg Roberta Lockhart and her date admire the Senior cake. BOT- TOM: David Harris, Sr. Class President, and Cynthia Spacek, Sr. Class Secretary present Mrs. Blanc with a memento of their appreciation. TEAM EFFORT I5 BURN OP INDI VID UAL EI-'FUR T TP RT: Pitcher Mark Ross was honored as the MOST VAL UABLE PLAYER in Varsity Baseball by Coach Ron Car- penter. LT: Father David offered the evening's invocation and benediction. BT RT: Coach Carpenter congratulates Nathan Garner for the effort which earned him the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER award in baseball. E 5, A. TP LT: Father Davis emceed the eveningg his sense of humor adding levity to the proceedings. BT LT: Mike Holbrook accepts the OUTSTANDING BACK award from Varsity Football Coach jerry Speer. RT: Coach Roy Waltemyer credited those individuals on the Fresh man Football team who worked through a challenging first season. QCBE TP RT: Coach Speer's rapport with the audience was clear in his soul-touching speech. LT: Mike Holbrook presents Elaine Elliott with roses for being one of the girls outstanding in support of the track team. BT RT: Coach Speer congratu- lates Ronnie Novak, who earned the MOST VAL- UABLE TRACK MEMBEPt award. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE DESER VE5 I US TRE WARD TP LT: Joe Seahorn receives the BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER award for basketball from the hands of Coach jim Lover. RT: Matt Lewis, demonstrating his spontaneous ad libbing abilities, acts as spokes- man for the Boy's Track Team. BT LT: Mrs. Lamp- ing speaks as vice-principal of student activities. OUTSTANDING ATI-ILETE5 ARE ACKN O WLEDGED The Girl Athletes received awards for their successful efforts during the past year. TP RT: Mrs. Carpenter and Ms. Greene join in awarding the outstanding girl athletes. MID LT: Patti Sullivan was awarded the MOST VALUABLE BASKETBALL PLAYER award. BOT RT: Mary Fonke is congratulated by Mrs. Carpenter on being the OUTSTANDING OFFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAYER. fm Q.- 'FS if 22? TP LT: Lindy Kjrn was proud to accept the MOST VALUABLE VOL- LEYBALL PLAYER award. TP RT: The MOST VALUABLE TRACK award went to Thelma Newell. BOT LT: Marie Sammons receives the OUTSTANDING FIELD EVENT award. BOT RT: The girl's athletic teams honored Brother Wally for his faithful support during all their seasons. is n E2 if V t A of ,vw L K? 1 ,.iL. At the Mother's Day Mass, guest speaker, Fr. Alchediak, president of Strake Jesuit High School, spoke on taking life and its precious moments for granted. We need to slow down, get the most out of our youth, and remem- ber to be grateful for the things that mean the most to us, our biggest award, our Moms. That's why we students at Carmel dedicate our awards day mass to our Mothersg without them, we never could be winners. WE OFFER TI-IEE, DEAR MOM X i f , X, 2 if , K a Q. A ' 2 Q 4 in After the mass, a reception was held in the cafeteria for everyone in honor of the Mothers. Hard work for many pays off. In the end, every student is honored or acknowledged. TOP: john Bar- bosa accepts an award from Fr. Da- vid along with a smile and hand- shake. BOTTOM: Cum Laude Awards: S. Stehling, G. Perez, L. De Varona, L. Hilscher, D. Magill, R. Bailey, B. Podraza, T. Edel, and T. Ortiz. STUDENTS ARE HUNDRED QL to RJ G. Torres, C. Martin, J. Johnson, C. Lee, A. Kolaski, C. Roman, D. johnson, D. Harris, M. Wuench, and D. Patlovany. BOTTOM: Language Awards: QL to RJ I. Ruiz, S. Pavlosky, C. Patlovany, P. Keene, C. Martin, E. Law, G. Perez, T. Springer, C. Nialek, QMissing: L. Cadena, L. Dillenburgj W 67 WE GROW TO DEVELOP NE WIDEAS WHICH AID OTHERS TOP: Scholarships and Citations: QL to N RJ B. Thurmond, T. Ortiz, S. Talley, B. ' Bielamowicz, C. McDonald, P. Gentempo, , S. Casiraghi, D. Hollek, L. Kirn, L. Hil- scher, D. Harris. QMissing: M. Alexander, J. Legler, Howell, A. Thibodeauxj. BOTTOM: Fr. David awards Anthony Thibodeaux a scholarship for Summer Classes at the Museum of Fine Arts. W. TOP: Senior National Honor Society: QKneelingj T. Harris, T. Edel, T. Springer, L. Madonio. Qlst Rowj C. McDonald, T. Ortiz, B. Bielamowicz, A. Kolaski, V. Martell. f2nd Rowj L. Vavricka, J. johnson, R. Achin, G. Perez, S. Casiraghi, B. Thurmond, C. Roman, D. Harris. 13rd Rowj P. Gentempo, D. Hollek, L. Kirn, W. Lierman, L. Hilscher, L. Biediger. QMissing: T. Fairchildj. BOTTOM: Business Awards: QL to RQ L. Boe- ker, J. Barbosa, P. Gentempo, V. Martell, D. Har- ris. SUCCESS IS A MERE WORD. TOP: journalism and Yearbook Award: B. Bielamowicz and L. Madonio. BOTTOM: junior Who's Who: C. Martin, J. Ruhnke, E. Law, C. Patlovany, L. Voss, K. Hartman and J. Barbosa. QMissing: R. Zaebst, K. Stelly, D. Hanna, B. Bloe and S. Ricca.j -12,-fiy JL TOP: Junior National Honor Society: fKneelingj C. Valdes, A. Gaidousek, L. Voss, E. Law. Qlst Row, J. Ruhnke, A. Bednarski, D. Ruiz, M. Sobieski, Q2nd Rowj C. Martin, G. Torres, D. Wheeler, J. Barbosa, M. Lan- dry, C. Patlovany. Q3rd Rowj G. Baluis, S. McDonald. BOTTOM: Magna Cum Laude: QL to RJ L. Vavricka, C McDonald, S. Casiraghi, B. Bielamowicz, P. Gentempo, A. Kolaski, B. Thurmond, and R. Achim. Students who excel themselves in one or many studies are recognized at the Awards Assembly. Many who have shown some sort of leadership are also recognized. TOP: Barbara Bielamovvicz, Valedictorian, helps to Emcee the awards day as she announces the next award. BOTTOM: The May Court of 1974-75: QL to RQ Stephanie Stehling, Beverly Thurmond, Leanne Vavricka, Anne Kolaski, Rae Achin, Carol McDonald, Barbara Bielamowicz, Grizell Perez, Theresa Ortiz and Sandra Casixaghi. as y Q1 . i 3 1' ffm ta of 521'-i. 1 I 'M' W' , . :ti t Q, ,A . ' ',Sf"'fff' - x , . x 1:-' L- . ., . Q , K ,- . ,Z ., l l 1 . . . WHICHMUSTBEI-'OLLOWED BY ACCEPTANCE 1" K A 2. 'F 'N "5 Senior Who's Who: Qlst rowj C. McDonald, B Bielamowicz, A. Kolaski, T. Ortiz. Q2nd rowj B. Podraza, G. Perez, S. Casaraghi, B. Thur- mond, R. Achin, C. Roman, D. Harris. Q3rd rowj L. Vavricka, R. Bailey, L. Hilscher, P. Gentempo, S. Talley. QMissing: M. Darst, C. spacek, S. Petterj. BOT: English Awards: QL to RQ D. Patlovany, P. Doucet, A. Balius, B Bielamowicz. QMissing: R. Zaebstj. ME TRO-GOLDWYN CARMEL SPOTLIGHTS SENI ORS AT IR.-SR. NIGHT In making this night come alive, many long hours of preparation were needed. From cooking to practicing for skits, effort from all Ju- niors was needed. The spon- sors, such as Mrs. Ohlen- forst put in many long hours of work and as usual, the evening turned out to be a success Having been seated below the Class of '75 for three years, the Ju- niors had a final chance to strike out and tell all their true feelings felt about these students at Junior-Senior Night. The juniors worked late every night in preparation for this evening. The different com- mittees worked and planned the skits, costumes, decorations and the dinner. Without such people as Fr. Foster, Sr. Juliet, Sr. Cynthia, Mrs. Etluidge and Angela Guidoschelc, the evening woulcln't have been the success it Was. , ,. If ':'. ' 'K 4-A ' fi f-2.' , . . 1 . ,,.. ,, f E ,,Q8ie,,,, M ,E xi X g ,Jil if s ff me -Yfwn-t wg ' 'P' ff' 3 e it e 3 ag. 1. jf-7 The perfect evening for students, relatives and friends came so fast, yet left a new and deep impression on us all. TOP: A prayer for our coming year together and our many years in the future, began the evening by Sr. Cynthia, a junior sponsor. MID LT: Secretary Laura Voss, aided Mrs. Lamping in the reading of the names. MID RT: A pause for meditation and important thought grew in the minds of this class. BOT: The President of the class, John Barbosa, gave his hopes for the year to come, for this spirited classg the spirit of '76. IUNIORS OPI-'ICIALLY BECOME L SENIORS ATRING NIGHT wxf' There always comes a time when the under- classmen of today become the Seniors of to- morrow. Next to Graduation, Ring Night is one ofthe most memorable events in a stu- dent's life. TP LT: The turning of the ring finalizes the eyening's sparkle. Mrs. Hennessy congratulates Peggy Cox. TP RT: The mean- ing of the ring is a deep story, as told by Fr. Foster. BOT: The students examine their new possessions to find out they really are the Class of 1976. LIFE, LIKE A GAME, IS SO MUST LEARN TQ COPE WITH AND FACE NEW CHALLENGES Wgwm if H' WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN-The Seniors of 1975 were united together for the last time in the celebration of the Bac- calaureate Mass. A mass that took a lot of hard work from every Senior. It's all over now, but we have the memories to linger on to. 79 My l WE FIND THE FINAL PA TH ONLY TO SEE A NEWRGAD WITH NEW DIRECTIUNS. Graduation is a time forjoys and memories, tears and laugh- ter. Each class knows this is their last time together as a class. Some will come back and some will not. TP: Barbie Bielamo- vvicz delivers Valedictorian speech as she notes we will never pass this way again. I MID LT: Bishop John L. Morkovsky gives the Benediction, asking God for the guidance of the graduating class. MID RT: Br. Daniel Snyder leads the Senior girls in "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord-Long Live God." BOTTOM: After the diplomas were given, the Senior boys joined in with the Senior Class song, "We Will Never Pass This Way Again." J M 4 S ' V Seniors find time to remember the little things they did together, so the memories will never end, only continue. TOP: The 1975 Graduation Class of Mt. Carmel High. MID LT: Fr. David hands Peter Gentempo his diploma and a smile of congratulations. MID RT: The Senior class sang the final tune as one class. BOTTOM: Senior boys sing a song of memories the final songg "We May Never Pass This Way Again". NOW WE MUST LEARN TO GROW F We've exploded with joy and shed a tear, no matter what has happened, we will remember each other. TOP: Fr. Gerald Ben- son, graduation speaker, tells of the many adventures a student goes through. MID LT: John Shaklovitz plays in deep thought of being a graduation student. MID RT: The faculty watch, with honor, the graduating class of 1975. BT LT: Theresa Ortiz be- gins the "Long Live God" with great reverence. BT RT: Frank Pizzitola adds rhythmic sound with the drums. 5 """"'i-Q 'ULQM ii T . TOP: A final time to say "Good Bye and Thanks" is what Jerry Sobieski and Roy Turner do. MID LT: Carol McDon- ald gladly accepts her diploma from Fr. David. MID RT: Darrell Cleboski tunes up for the Class Song. BOTTOM: Donna Williamson and jan Outterside await parents as the four long years come to an end. J 'WC'-1 FACULTY The faculty of Mt. Carmel gives of themselves to help each of us see the new roads ahead. Working to help make things easier is only part of their job. The other half is being our friends-on a one to one basis they open new roads to our future. .4 1' 'f... 84 s WE SEE THEMAS TEACHERS BUTPIND THAT THE YARE TRULY A PART OF US. SOME WILL BE MORE THAN A TEACHER, BUT EACH HAS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF SEEING US EYE TO EYE. 85 ADMINISTRA TORS TACKLE THE MANY TASKS OFA SCHOOL COMM UNI TY. MID LEFT: Father Gregory Battaffarano, O. Carm, Assistant Principal in charge of curriculum, continued his search for better ways to make Carmel life better for every- one. MID RT: Fr. David Hajduk, Principal, helped the community to reach definite goals. BOTTOM: Mrs. Evelyn Lamping, Assistant Principal in charge of Student Ac- tivities, continued to bring students together as one Carmel Body. TOP: Reverend David Hajduk, O Carm, Principal. Many responsibilities weigh down the administrators of a school. Working together helps make these responsibilities a little easier. The Administra- tion does the minor yet major things which makes a classroom go. They help make the school work as a whole-not individually. The needs of the school must be met. Whether big or small, the administration helps to make these needs met. Their reward may not be seen, but it can be felt. TOP: Sister Paul Marie, S.S.N.D., Assistant Principal in charge of Home- School relations, brought the parents and students together to agree on issues to make the school work. LEFT: Fr. David, along with the other administrators brought a person to person contact with students. Many people see that the office staff is a necessity to Mt. Carmel High School. But they aren't just people, they're friends. From sore throats, which need X the care of Mrs. Rice, to the "no lunch money blues" to 1 which Mrs. Hennessy holds the cure, they give of themselves to each person they meet. - X . ' we l fl My WN-gf 5 Vrki I K th trrr --- Mrs. Marie Hennessy 7 W f 3 Mrs. jo Rice - 5 if 1 ff X, X N4 Sr. Helen Roper, S.S.N.D. Mrs. joan Self M fi? , f-L Sr. Helen Roper, Secretary to the Principal, was the errand worker of the office staff. Typing, duplicating, and working out appointments were just everyday tasks for thisjob. Mrs. joan Self, Secretary to the Vice-Principal in charge of Cur- riculum, worked with the transcripts, report cards, and averages of each student. PEOPLE HELPING TO ANSWER THE STUDENTS'N EDS E R. Greco, ' Sr. M. Albertus, ' .D. and Fr. Paul Sc weizer, O. Carmel. aff X ,..x..-xv' ' . WWUN' ., M , .. we ai Pi: 11.' A -4 i j yets ABOVE: Mr. Jim Lover and Mrs. Billie Haley. LEFT PAGE: TOP: Sr. Albertus checks various college listings. QBOTTOMJ while Fr. Paul helps Therese Harris with choosing a career. RIGHT PAGE: TOP: Mr. Lover, disciplinarian and athletic di- rector, starts a busy day in the discipline office by checking over the absentee list. BOTTOM LEFT: Renewing books is just one of the many duties of our librarian, Mrs. Hayley. CHRISTIAN LIVES THROUGH CHRISTIAN A TTI TU DE S. Rellglon 1S a part of everyone's life each day no matter what rel1g1on you are. First, you discover yourself, then the Bible The many church mysteries now become un- folded Your future and the ultimate aspects of marriage are now lald before you. TOP: Ultimate is an interesting, fun class as shown through the smiling faces of Don Passmore and Terry Berger. MID LT: Larry Biediger, Ron Bailey, and George Finlay, are they really studying or just putting on a good show. MID RT: Mrs. Blanc and freshman Terri Gregg, share a humorous moment during Discovery Class. J I f K. If 'xy 'i'.. ' 1 r, V , sf- ga!! . Q S S 3,0-Q-,-,v,,.,. Sr. Jennifer Mrs. Balnc Sr. Cynthia Fr. Davis TOP LT: Coach Speer prepares to show an informative movie to his Ultimate Class. MIDDLE RIGHT: Fr. Davis stresses a point to his attentive class. BOTTOM: Fr. Paul adds variety to his teachings through the use of the over- head projector and microphone. Fr. Foster Hanley, O. Carm, Dept. Chairman Miss Carol Firsching .Qin PAST PRESENT A D FUTURE ALL IN ONE BELOW: Miss Linda Croto Mr. John Carr 5 . ' I -.. . I , ,, .. . . ' f I EEEE . . wiv fn.. ' f L : . 11' 'N EENE V , .. ,. ES What does the Eighteenth Amendment, the Spanish-American War and Custer's Last Stand have in common. The same thing that Fr. Foster, Miss Firsching, Miss Croto and Mr. Carr do- History. LEFT PAGE: TOP: Fr. Foster, the History Dept. Chairman worked at the top and the bottom. Freshmen learned American History and Seniors, Advanced American Government. NHD LT: With sponsor, Miss Carol Firsching, four Mt. Carmel seniors took part in the 1975 close-Up Trip. K. Alexander, S. Stehling, G. Fitzpatrick and A. Kolaski witnessed the White House, Capitol and sat in on Senate conferences. MID RT: American Government was taught by Miss Firsching. This course explained such things as the Presidency and the Amendments to our Constitution. RIGHT PAGE: TOP: The new teacher in the History Department was Miss Linda Croto who taught both Amer- ican History I and III. BOTTOM: Filling out the department was Mr. john Carr. Term papers and deep discussions were per- tinent in his class. SELF EXPRESSION IS THE KEY T0 INSIGHT K. ,- . -, 51 .Q Ms. Georganne Greene Mrs. Cindy Ohlenforst The English department offers many open roads through tomorrow. Whether it be a list of words to learn or reading The Bell jar, students begin to feel an awareness through these things. Field Trips add a wide variety to many adven- tures. Today we can grow and expand our mind to many different things. At Carmel, there 1S more of one on one rela tionships between teachers and students wh1ch creates more of a Iearmng atmosphere Classes erestmg, wh1ch holds the attent1on of are int everyo Mm Q 'W' .fi .1 , Q-.f-545' if I " W1 5 :xml 'E -if - Sf. Margaret 9 S.S.N.D. ' iii 5 It is always important for a person to experience cul- tures unlike his own. The Foreign Language depart- ment of Mr. Carmel High School offers the students three such experiences. Whether it be the bullfights of Spain, the Bavarian Alps of Germany or the Arc cle Triumph of France, the students become more familiar with the languages of Spanish, German and French. TOP: French was taught this year by Br. Daniel Snyder. MIDDLE: Sr. Margaret Mary tackled the area of Spain and Mexico alone this year. BOT- TOM: Spanish students express their delight for one of Sister's "repasas". NE WADVEN TURES FOUND IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPT. LEFT: Br. Daniel Snyder, O, Carm. Fr. Gregory Battafarano, O, Carm. TOP: One could almost expect anything from German class. Fr. Gregory makes both teaching and learning enjoyable for all. MID LT: Fr. Gregory explains the impor- tance of not only knowing German, but a foreign language in general. MID RT: Br. Dan checks his students' vocabulary drills. SCIENCE, LIKE H20 + C02 IS A CAS' The Science department at Mt. Carmel is one that is open for any student to use his initiative in furthering his adventures in the study of science. With department head, Sr. Marlene, Mr. Jerry Speer, Mrs. Grace Beam and Mr. John Beam, the students learn- such things as the human anatomy, composi- tion of matter, and Einstein's theory. Many experiments help the learning process of the respective Science classes. ' i l ff L-'MJ 1 af -Qga Through experimentation, young Carmel scientists learn all of the techniques of exploring into the unknown as well as life. TP RT: Sr. Marlene, S.S.N.D.g Mr. Jerry Speerg Mrs. Grace Beamg Mr. John Beam. 101 As we grow into the future, Mathematics becomes increasingly important in our highly technical society. Mt. Carmel has risen to the needs and demands of stu- dents this year by offering excellent in- struction in courses ranging from Basic Mathematics to Calculus. Br. Waldyn Benek, O. Carm. Mr. Roy Waltemyer E THE PEREEC T SUBIEC T WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH Each teacher added his or her own personality and warmth, thus enriching and personalizing even the most complicated subjects. a encc 1 1 ree' Hi ,, S-4 ,V,..... 'si L 'Q' L! e T fi ir ml iz' Aki .iy 'M ik, 1, ,,,, , ,V in 'U Mr. Larry Maroney --""' Mrs. Anne Dubay The P.E. department is devoted to finding the hidden talents of our students. The Carpenters chose interest- ing and educational sports which would keep and hold the interest of the P.E. students. TOP: Gymnastics is a favorite ofthe Girls' P.E. Department. MID LT: Mr. Carpenter watches his students enjoy a game of basket- ball. MID RT: Mr. Carpenter finds Health to be an im- portant part ofthe P.E. course. BOT: Students show their pleasure as Mr. Carpenter declares no Cal! Mr. Ron Carpenter 5 P.E. EXPLORE5 THE MIND AND BODY Mrs. Jackie Carpenter TOP: Mrs. Carpenter shows the girls the best techniques in Gymnastics. MID: Peggy Cox demonstrates her ability on the balance beam. BOTTOM: Near the end of the tri, the girls P.E. class sponsored a bike decorationf contest. They got their exercises for the day by exhibiting their art work around the area. LEARNING THE AR T OF H QMEMAKIN G , f"1Es X :yu ,HX N' .,, as 4 S322 TP RT: Frank Pizzitola and Arthur Lujan learn that if you make a mess you must clean it up. TP LT: Sr. Paul Marie, S,S.N.D. MID LT: Coach Carr dines with Home EC. Group. BT LT: Junior girls show that sewing is both a hobby and an art. BT RT: The one part of Home Ec. many people don't enjoy. 106 n Q7 ad.. TP LT: Rudy Perez and Don Passmore start the long preparation for a great meal. MID RT: Bachelor Liv- ing contains a lot of student teacher instruction. BT LT: Bachelor Living class proudly stands behind the banquet they prepared. BT RT: Mrs. Sue Heil- brum. 3 4 , 7 9 3 :L ,, M:w,,1u5,lm.--' 9,1 CARMEL WHvf ,,':,-, g Eryl E: ,,.. 'K M5 ,gee Y. Mrs Velma Bailey Mr Phillip Darling .5 , 'U . -X Y Art and Drafting are two courses which primarily exploit the true hid- den talents. The purpose is to give the students the opportunity to ex- plore within themselves, see their tal- ents, and work to prosper their works In their respective fields, Sr. Leonelle and Mrs. Bailey urge their students with a helping hand toward the de- velopment of these talents. Sr. Leon- elle always has different exercises and new creative ideas to interest the artis tic abilities of each student. ART8z DRAFTING: THROUGH PENCILS AND PENS WE CREA TE. X. Sr. Leonelle, S.S.N.D. Mrs. Bailey felt drafting was important and taught with great influence in her classes. Drafting is a prospering field for both men and women. It is necessary to be interested in something to be suc- cessful. These courses were successful in giving the students a chance to express themselves with- out having facts drummed into their heads. Each course had its exceptional, excelling students who took the knowledge which was offered from Sr. Leonelle and Mrs. Bailey, and turned it into an individual and unique talent of their own. Sr. Juliette, S.S.N.D. Mr. Darrell Lockridge li it fl L ti Q ll wharf, A - The Business department prepares each person for the busi- ness world. Whether typing to working with machines, each plays a significant part. Teachers like Sr. Juliette and Mr. Lockridge add a little of themselves to each course. K THE KEY OF BUSINESS' Mrs. JoAnne Rutherford ,41- . WE is-f.. ' ' Q ef' t One of Carmel's longtime friends, Mrs. Rutherford, left to start her new family. Her personal touch was welcomed by many. We now welcome Mrs. Campbell to the business department. 55 M Sq 51 5 Q 5 Through the many long hours that aren't really seen by others, these people make the mechanics ofthe school work. Whether fuc- ing lunches or setting up tables, they are the people who make things work. Mr. Lee Ha- blinski, not pictured, does the mechanical make up of Carmel. Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Pra- sek, Tom and Martin help to see that all is A O.K. M J 'W WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECTIT, THE Y ARE AL WA YS THERE Mr. Amiot helps to ensure that we have the right books while Mrs. Ethridge makes sure that we have enough sandwiches. Many people don't realize how important they are. K SPCR TS Sports are not made by physical skill: it takes an inner maturity, strength, and the agility in life. A Rebel is one who represents his school and strives to do the best of his ability. Whatever the sport and whatever the sex, Mt. Car- mel produces true athletes. Success may not always be present, in our sport fields, yet a Carmel Athlete knows the real goal he will achieve in the end. TO LEARN -THE AGON Y OF DEFEA TAND THE JOY OF WINNING IS ONLYA SMALL PART OF THE ATHLETIC WORLD TODAK WE WORKED HARD TO FORM A YEAR THATMEANTMUCH. WE WON AND LOST BUT WE NEVER GA VE UP. TOP: '74-'75 Rebel de- fense. MIDDLE: '74-575 Rebel offense. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Lover. Mt Carmel Athletic Director BOTTOM RIGHT: Mt. Carmel Coaches QL. to R Carpenter. Lover, Walte- myer, Qlineelingl Noey. Speer, Carr. l FOOTBALL IS LIKE AN A TOMIC WAR . VARSITY SEASON SCORES WE THEY 1 7 St. Pius 7 M7 Ldifwn 0 Orange stark 21 7 Alief 9 0 c E King 21 7 O'Connell 14 7 Santa F e 13 1 9 Vidor 13 7 Jesuit 1 9 7 St. Thomas 21 14 Hitchcock 21 Through many long hours and many defeats, the boys never gave up their Spirit and their Christian attitude. TOP: '74-'75 Team Captains. Ql. to r.j M. Ross, T. Berger, D. Hollek. ABOVE: The Seniors ofthe 1974 Varsity Football Team: QL to RJ Front: Scott Talley, Rudy Perez, Steve Duncan, and Mike Holbrook. Back: Myron Novak, Clarence Lee, Terry Berger, Bill Lierman, Darrell Hollek, and Mark Ross. . . .THEREARE O WINNERS, L Y SUR VIVORS. .V -. . ,gl "" .'1 . .4 . -D 1 H-' V I ' '... 5 V4 53 I I .I ...W ' 2 'F vt ., , ,- I , L.l. ,, W A X 71,15-1 -Q-aflig, if 4' ' ' " X 4. ' V ' Q A' . A 'L sr .,-f v as Q , K - nag frit sw-The .SH "' Y ' 1 - ,jx 'v T A KD-rw '-av ai.. ke, , , , ,.. .. - . . W-'1:ff,f-g' ' . ..,, W ,.,,, ff ' lvl in mi'-Y I u. -hu-P"" s 1 ,!K,,,x.. rr:-,,r,,,, I :QW -sg P R A ' ai, ,Pats .f ,f f -an ' :fy W N, "TW 4522! LEFT PAGE: TOP RIGHT: Team Managers: QL-RQ Scott McDonald, Joe Johanson, Don Wheel- er. TOP LEFT: Coach Speer encourages a fighting Rebel spirit in Greg Lucero. BOTTOM LEFT: The Rebels always make an exciting entrance at every game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Team capt. Terry Burger consoles fellow teammate Mark Ross after a losing play. RIGHT PAGE: TOP: This Jebbie cou1dn't stop Mt. Ca.rmel's Steve Duncan. BOTTOM RIGHT: With the score tied in the 3rd quarter, the Rebels line up for a last minute play. BOTTOM LEFT: Coaches Ron Carpenter and jerry Speer plan game strategy with quarterback Mark Ross. :uv X Na: -1:-5 TOP LT: Jack James kicks for a field goal. ' TOP RT: Bruce EAEV S Gwosdz goes. over tae- ' tics for the next play with Coach Carr. v 5 V. .W I-Vin, k Y., , M, 4-J K I V, rn 2 J 5.25. p I h kk 'Mi' nf V, - 5 r ' ,.nf..."-VLvg:"1w ', Jw 1 5, Y 1, , . -5 n J A Q. ' - ' - . - n X I f 5 V' " f"L:i'i .Q 1' V' .5 ..H'?kEii.,L iiaff' : I I ,C ,, mul ' J -' ' . The 1974 J.V. Football team: FIRST ROW: M. Ledet, A. Chavez, S. Pressnall, B. Czerwaty, J. Musachia, J. Finlay, K. Stelley, G. Martin, M. O'Donovan, T. Harris, J. Moore. SECOND ROW: J. Brochtrop, R. La Paul, C. Shannon, M. X Tolbert, B. McMahon, T. Revis, D. Huffman, J. James, B. Ward, J. Fairchild, S. Pressnal, B. Toon, K. Gibbs, R. Callura, H. Luna. THIRD ROW: J. Noey, N. Contreras, T. Dornak, R. Hernandez, T. Llorens, N. Garner, R. Legler, C. Brock, M Spencer, K. Denny, C. Prado, M. Talley, D. Hand, B. Gwosdz. FOURTH ROW: Coaches Waltemyer, Lover, and Carr. l W Q A I il I TOP: Nathan Garner sets the offensive line for action. BOTTOM RT: An opposing player tries to block the pass by quarter back Nathan Garner. BOTTOM LT: Coach Carr and the remainingj. V. team watch intently from the sidelines. S . QQqq .',h a s og 'aw' x N Wg an Y ' ,-. + 3 Q E ASW FR ESHME z , we "ww LEARN THE WA YS ' or FOOTBALL " ff' ' 5 R xg Ge? V f 1 1. K 'V,L K Y' V . kkk. . 5 l .1 -.V .- Sew ff. In "s.S:f?IIf'32E3iQeEiM:J.'5f 3 5 fm M' ' x ml' 4 f . ' , J I I ABOVE: The 1974-75 Freshmen Football Team: Top Row: M. Hudson, Coach Carr, C. Schroeder, R. Sanchez, M. Dedmon, B. Stelly, C. Dorsey, M. Garza. Middle Row: J. McCoy, D. Vega, M. Springer, P. Ortiz, B. Stehling, J. Maresh R. Burch, C. LaBove. Bottom Row: L. Rodriguez, S. Schaaf, G. Garza, I. Montelongo, R. Hollek, T. Bujnoch, D. Mize, O. Gonzales. 122 I v 'S I A , .. . l .AV with hard work and persever- ence the Freshmen made it through their first year on the Mount Carmel gridiron. LEFT PAGE: TOP RT: Coaches Walt emeyer and Lover calmly sig- nal the freshmen from the side- lines. TOP LT: Number 5, Mark Dedmon, runs hard for a touchdown, though the odds are stacked against him. I i 9?-Y. VN K 5 nv .QR ,ri if x f-.simile E TOP: 1 . . . 2. . . 3 . . . Hike! MID LT: Freshmen learn to escape tackles and run with the ball. MID RT: Coach Lover adds his ideas for the game. BOTTOM: Coach Waltemeyer warns the boys about Jesuit. DISTRICT SCORES Rebels 30 Rebels 47 Rebels 59 Rebels 66 Rebels 59 Rebels 64 Rebels 49 Rebels 55 Jesuit St. Thomas St. Thomas Jesuit Jesuit St. Thomas Jesuit St. Thomas 3rd Place FRIENDSWOOD TOURNAMENT Basketball is a team sport where all the players must work together. Although the Rebels had many disap pointing defeats, they worked together as a team and never gave up. TOP RT: Joe makes two points despite Eagles' attempt to stop him. ABOVE: The 1975 Varsity Rebels: John Lopez QMgr J Clarence Cerny Mark Ross Darrell Hollek Tom my Bischof, Clarence Lee, Coach Jim Lover Terry Berger Larry Hllscher Joe Schulte oe Seahorn and Mike Mulcahey. VARSITY STR UGGLES THROUGH A RQUGI-I SEASGN TOP LT: John Lopez keeps the books straight. BT LT: Mike controls the ball as he sets up the next play. BT RT: Coach Speer gathers the team together to give them a word of advice. TP RT: The starting five receive their introduction and prepare to start the game. BT LT: The Rebels call a time out to discuss their strategy. BT RT: Coach Lover hands Joe his jacket and explains the situation to him at halftime. I t T W X H Y-, A5 THE YEAR PROGRESSED, WE CREW STRONGER The Varsity plays with action and action is the name of any game. TOP LEFT: Mark Ross, MIDDLE LEFT: Darrell Hollek MIDDLE RIGHT: ll l ' Joe Sc u te and BOTTOM LEFT. Tommy Bischof demonstrate their individual techniques of shooting. V. AIMS POR HIGHER GOALS TOP: Jr. Varsity Team. BT: Ronnie LaPau1 aims for two points. BT RT: Rebel defense put to good use. EP the loss column gets bigger than the win column, itls haxd to going. Things are a little easier when there is someone like l . . Speer around to keep the SP11'1f up. TOP LEFT: Ronnie LaPaul pumps in two points. TOP RIGHT: The team listens as they receive a few pointers from Coach Speer. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Speer and the team display their reactions to an unbelievable call. FRESHMAN LEARN THE UPS AND DOWNS QE BASKETBALL TP RT: David Honeycutt maneuvers around his opponent for the two points. TOP LEFT: The Rebel next move is discussed during time out. A 1 L l 42. 22 ABOVE: The Freshman Basketball Team: fSittingj J. O'Sullivan, P. Abshire, D. Sobotik, A. Marquez, J. Marsl C. Malek, L. Benavides, D. Henry, Montelongo, J. McCoy, M. Garza, H. Wright, B. Sanders, C. Dorsey, L. Hyl G. Crenek, R. Sanchez, G. Gilbert, D. Honeycutt, M. Springer, R. Hollek, G. Garza, T. Bujnoch QMgrj, M. Ded-l mon, K. Siemson, B. Stehling, Coach Darrell Lockridge. i The Freshman Basketball Team experienced a year of hard work and learning. Now they can go on with new hopes. TOP LEFT: Darrell Henry brings the ball down court. MIDDLE LEFT: The team awaits the call of the referee. MID RT: Carmel offense is put to good use. BT: Coach Lockridge gives final instructions. GIRLS LEAD THE RQAD IN DISTRICT The 1974-75 Girls' Basketball Team again won their way to State. Even though they lost in the semi-finals they are still winners in Rebel Land. TOP: Members of the winning Rebels are Kelly Sullivan, Lindy Kirn, Betty Jo Powers, Mary Fonke, Coach Jackie Carpenter, co-captains Ei- leen Bole and Patti Sullivan, Sharon Hardilek, Michelle Meehan and manager Sue Geraghty. BT LT: Kelly Sullivan goes one on one with an opponent. BT RT: Patti Sullivan beats out cle- fenders for the shot. A TOP LT: Mary Fonke's style makes the game of basketball look easy. TOP RT: The girls were awarded trophies in al- most every competition including two all-tournament winners at state, Mary Fonke and Patti Sullivan. BT LT: Win or lose the girls are always good sports. BT RT: Betty Jo Powers breaks through the crowd to score. TODA Y DI S TRI C T-TOM ORR O W S TA TE BELOW: An energetic, unique and together basketball team proved themselves under the fantastic coaching of Mrs. Carpenter. TOP RT: As usual Mary Fonke gives her total all out effort. BT RT: The small crowds didn't hurt Patti Su1livan's shot. SCORES DISTRICT WE THEY St. Agnes 66 54 St. Agnes 52 36 St. Agnes 70 38 STATE PLAY OFFS Mt. Carmel-593 I.W.A. QCorpus Christij-49 Mt. Carmel-463 Bishop Dunne QDallasj-48 LEFT: Practice can be just as rough as the real thing. Lindy Kirn and Eileen Bole watch Mary Fonke take a shot. BT LT: Girls warm up for an impressive game against' IWA. BT RT: Working to score is the aim of a team as illustrated by Patti Sullivan. The Girls Basketball team made 1975 a together year. The girls worked out to make the Rebels on top. Number one doesn't just mean the best in quality, but the highest in spirit and morale. Mrs. jackie Carpenter aided the Varsity team as Ms. Georganne Greene gave the Junior Varsity team advice, a much needed boost. iii GIRLS TEAM FIND A YEAR QF GROWING E VENTS 'mi' Talent is a giftg something you receive and try to make better. This is a per- fect example of Girls Basketball teams As a unified body, the Carmel life stirs and creates a true, hard working ,, team of Rebels. Basketball doesn't mean you can't have fun. Enjoying a sport means a successful future for oneself and the team, in general. Winning or losing, the girls strived for their own meaning of the top. TP LT: The Seniors on this yeat's track team were QL to RJ Trainer, M. Lew- is, F. Coselli, R. Novak, D. Passmore, T. Berger, C. Fitzpatrick, C. Lee, M. Quintanilla, J. Benavides, and M. Brecheen under the guidance of Coach john Carr. TP RT: Tim Peters and Chuck Fitzpatrick leapt into action as this yearis hurdlers. -I BT LT: Ben Drone and Kevin Den- ny were the pole vaulters of the : Q , 1 1' 812 A ' ft- f. .afa r . 3 . '- 'ggi' ' I, if-2 4 - qs 4, 2 I, ' K . V' xm- ,,. . V , M ., 1 ' as ' . , p N A un , a ai' new V , . W I '. f'L':'m L3 '7- Q -if I ' rtte o Q , -, 'rfly ' ' , 4 a " ' Q 1. jp' V! V 1' K f ,,., 5- -rf, we 1 if gif-,,. We 943. lv' 'I " 'r 4 3 fy 11,122 05-arf? fa, 'SM' r-421536. 9' f' ref- -fe , as 'Q X '30 WV 1974-75 season. BT RT: Coach Carr shares his experienced know- ledge of track with Ronnie Novak. -- . ' 4-MW rf? si 54 , 2' 4 4 '-Q N a tix. M . NM, M e -f Q 'W ' al r Ref-4 ' 4 Qs. f i- t al! T ,- - ,A A 4 J TRACK TEA STEPS INTO NEW SE TOP: The 1974-75 Carmel Track Team. BT LT: Kevin Denny leans into a practice bound over an invisible bar. BT RT: The Freshmen members of the track team moved eagerly into this, their first, season. PHYSICAL SKILL IS O LY PARTOF THE STORY. . . aff 1 1 ,,,,fk5'j,5z,t.,xs:w5A min' - . , . Y,,Y W wif'Jl1:fQQi?.1i?' ' ' "' ' A zz,-1 ,lk f + ' 1 A ,V,. p ' - r ' 'T"f. 1 , f T' T as , s 'P s ' 4411 'Q Tfff ' Q ' -' f Y T s Q K J " " ' . , Y ' ff' N ' .J-'ifwNf1fS1.ii' E': ' A T, ifiiwf T f' ' 1 - rf- f A , .JM 11 ' cvlbyg I r vf wfgjg , W - , ""-'Z7- ff' f K f "Q,--E, . ,mr -rg,ggFs?'f V I .,t,,355+K'N, ,S , N' R by . M, '---U -,,, --fart ,, f 1,gzM41f' g., -f:Lpg1P2?'M,fKg . -f'-7 A fi, g ' ' 'ff ' if --f6Qma-.'12?"gmL"HZ2 '1 it V, ,ILY K .ra - ,i ww-on-v.w. r ,ir . 51' , - ., :nam-'HN-K' -L-9' 4" , f ' ' ff" , . Q ' L X Y--,, , , ' cr 't ' ' f , ' Qt Y f T Q " 4? K " JwJt:,s.f ' as if f' T I and .K 'BN 'Q' 25, at AN' Competition requires readiness of the mind and spirit as well as of the body. Mt. Carmelis 1974-75 track team brought to- gether all these elements. TOP RIGHT: Chuck Fitzpatrick and Tim Peters put their best efforts into a practice run. TOP LEFT: The Distance Men. BOTTOM LEFT: Mike Holbrook strains to move over the bar in a demonstration of his win- ning form. BOTTOM RIGHT: The Sprint Men. 140 1 - .ff . TOP: The Cross Country Team of 1974-75. BT LT: Coach Carr and trainer Matt Lewis counsel Chuck Fitzpatrick on pre meet care of an injury. BT RT: Ronnie Novak, Mike Bre- cheen and Matt Landry leap out of the blocks under the di- rection of Matthew Lewis. INDI VID UAL SPIRIT-FOUNDA TI ON OF THE CARMEL TRACK TEAM M s,.s'f'iL I I gr """""i 1' F- ' ' 3- ff J .-3 3 TOP: The members of the track team who participated in the Held events. BT LT: Joe Schulte and Don Passmore grimace with effort. BT RT: john Salidino sends the shotput into oblivion. ,,.. T n csx. n ci 3 f K my ri T l ,f , ibn ef TP LT: M. Landry, J. Benavides, R. Novak and D. Passmore were the foundation of the 880 yard relay team. TP RT: The mile relay team prac- tices hand-offs in preparation for a meet. I .E :KA BT LT: Coach Carr must keep the team pre- pared. BT RT: D. Passmore, M. Quintanilla, M. Holbrook and M. Brecheen were the body, mind and soul of the 440 yard relay team. The girls had a good season, especially the relay teams. Mrs. Carpenter gave them the initiative and they took it to District and State successfully. TOP: Marilyn Wourms and Sallie Schmitt practice during the 880 relay prelim- inaries. MID LT: The 1974-75 Gi.rl's Track Team of Mount Carmel High School. MID RT: Marilyn Hollas hands the baton to Thelma Newell in the 440 relays. BOTTOM: Kelly Sullivan scores in the high jump. ' I 3 'ns-5 GIRLS TRACK TEAM WON RECOGNITION N75 4 1 L-?'9l"2.., 1 ' 'Is-,ff uf., 3 'Q' ff e,-We S , L - -2-Lvl, Lai ,,g.,i,:g:W,,,,,,Lw,,w,,,,,,LN?.. . ,V b Fig Q VU "ijt" I it . L L ,L ,A-f,,.., f L, xr , LL,.. X, vm fri,-'f' mai 'Q' L ' L . ?hfi31fWHI?W J '4""'k ,If sf I H s , igsrrgw LH E i ,Q V K VL ' ' - . Q in .. ' ref M Q2 .- J if if 1 125' The girls took lst place in the 440 and 880 relays 1n State compe tition and Sallie Schmitt took 3rd in che 60 yard dash TP LT Mrs Carpenter takes down the statistics after the State meet TP RT Donna Schmitt makes a last run for the finals MID Mrs Carpen ter passes out the ribbons which were won 1n the District meet BOT: Marie Sammons placed in the discus competition during the District meet. MT. CARMEL VARSITYACHIEVE5 THE TOP IN BA5EBALL. This was the year for baseball. Mt. Car- mel plucked Eagles and tortured Crusad- ers to capture the District title. The Rebels were baseball victors and kept the Mt. Carmel name high. They entered each game with an open mind for the final victory, district and then state. TOP: Sophomore member of the winning I' iw wi 332, Rebels was Nathan Garner, the catcher. ' 4 V 5 Ama rx. .ff if mg, 'g ................. -.....-..-..,.,.,.,.M.......,.......g ..-am ,.,.--..--a- --- Q t...-.-.........-ea ua! li' 'C' ABOVE: It was no doubt that this group of boys were proud to wear the name of Mt. Carmel on their shirts. The Champion Rebels QL to RQ: Front: 'T. Fragoso, S. Mandola, S. Duncan, D. McLaughlin, J. Noey, B. Hand, R. Perez, R. Noriega, and Mgr. S. McDonald. Back: Coach Carpenter, S. Talley, N. Garner, M. Ross, D. Hollek, D. Huffman, B. Lierman, and J. Blystone. TOP: Mt. Carmel watches themselves come from behind on this homer. MID LT: The new baseball field might have been luck, but the team never would have made it without Coach Ron Carpenter and Assist. Coach Darrell Lockriclge. With pleasure, Coach Carpenter stands and watches his team practice. MID RT: Team unity is impor- tant as shown by the Infield Rebels. BOTTOM: The team prepares for' their upcoming game as they listen to some last minute changes by Coach Carpenter. , .i nu ef , ...J-t 148 MT. CARMEL I-IAS DISTRICT CHAMPS .. TOP: The Rebels did not have to congratulate many op- ponents this season because they usually wound up on top. They greet the other team as they grab another victory under their belt. MID LT: Nathan feels he-needs a fill-up during the bottom half ofthe seventh. MID RT: This player does not look too happy as Bill Lierman crosses homeplate. 3, . , if ff - a r ,, af f 551 ar .V l R .W . ,ix X ,S 1 I X I i . as if 1 ? 3 i. L . . ..., ,,,q ,. QQ M , C ill . v- 1 f, gg , .ss gp. T """" tivaei efrir u, , W .t..,RM. A 'J 5-'-W7 FX its .. WM law' f , ,. 8 ,Q 3- W -9-, fi,.kg?1fQaf5,'3, 'A f 'mf 'MGQC-PM . me 9 x V Ye .f e ' "" :M ig 321 ESQ? " 'ff filo' gcfzrw, me-wsfr: Ng: " ,. ,. , ,.,. 1 , .. .3 ,,"wTA3 LQ 1- f 'r Q 'Kyla y rox Agile I ix -or an we , fl fem Z4 . as .Q as ,T fm 1333, 1 P hz 4 A f. " R I H Y' Y' 1. fwfr if -.- . A ' Q 3 M .Tevs sssoetvv on by N M iq -'.o,, A .,k::::,- . Y 4 Q Fiwfiftisff :9ff!l5W?371 I Zulu- 'ff' f ' ' 2 .T - J ff T 5 " ' -as s '1?'l7-fi 3,7 -' ' ,, X . n an C Zsw, ff 4 JHTT' ' ' ,. 5 .QM ,- . ffliff 0 mlfff 22 N-, f viii" . ... sp , 4 ' f sw'zg1f,,, wif' 13 f--.Lksfxsf an ' W ' - -1 - I-, iii- 'f-53'-:gif . fi L - v ..::1"" ' " ' V,-M-gi, , , ,- T 1 gg5533'5'?g5Q Mj,, - - S - V ,xiii ,r 4 Arpt, f K " "'Q'i'F'f'1? fr' ' -552 t'Vw:s-fw- , . , ' 75 ff Fl use ' .- Q it ,' 1 I- 1 5 5 tg in-13 : 2 ri 15 ..g.g.,..,,,if1,Q, --v C15 '- . 1, 4, 5 ' 5' -1 ' . -' , - 'f.7's4r- , V M ' l I. V. REBEL5gA TEAM WITH POTE TIAL 6. I 'm 'X -x N ig' ll x my va The j.V. Baseball team developed abilities of patience and hard work under Coach Darrell Loclcridge. TOP: The 1974-75 J.V. Baseball Team QL to Rj: Front: T. Hartnett, D. Sobotik, J. Kainer, S. Press- nall, B. Czerwaty and M. Talley. Back: Coach Lockridge, D. Boediker, J. Musa- chia, J. Deitlon, D. Drab, J. Finley, D. Schiller, C. Cerny, S. Pressnall, J. Moore and R. Hollek. J. We -,,aN?::1,1Q1tf.Q55. 5:33.33xLjQL:Q1:5g.:.:.23.1.3,..:2gijg:1:g.35.3gf gi N., .sv 'asus . 3. 5 fu s,.,,,,,o,op-n+v'.......,',qQ., . ,. ,- vin.: " lg' vo' 1'f?q':'f',':'v ,v2vfs'si:'fs'.'.'.'3,'',',lf'5'v'Qg'.'.'i.'g'23Qiyif-11 is A L, 3-Hn, T T .s . A .v.-2-are-1-:fl f52:1'ii.e-,:'21a:se-:Q:-a:Q-:e1S-4-krirbzfsaivkgziiif . I i K r Mft 1 -1 -.v .,... . U- nn Mu, 5,41 Ya .W ,, , 'M' fe" + .A.,:, , 1 ' , 3,1 5,5 . I, Q- gg, . ,yjggjpjg Woe:-' ' 1' X .-fSi21wxf..af5: .f ix f .49 R 1. Sw? T fQffsas,?g5fWi:AiHffa 'Jmcgff fwamii 1 -Q fe- 1--.-3,451 .1 x"jb!Y:lf'- Q N f f?.1f,f2" '-' fm: H 42" YS-21,3 ."' ' .' . 1 s 59f:',ff:f3D-m fs? fe- 12 " an H.h,i.3-1 ' . V W A ..v.g- H , L Ay,-gli, , , V . , Y . -1 -M ' -Wg' -f 4, --03, a , ' , I I efriqnfff fa vw- .. ,- A .f . .. - ff- M a,,f.1x'+ T ,P vi . ' Q.'.1.4f:' -" -. f. a,3,4g,-Jr 5.-W ., 4. , , A.-:."':. ' R 'LJ , 'J " '- 'Mi-'H s. , MA - Iwi! 1 ,. ,, Q e.,-ft.. ' " - All A vi i 5'3'?""""'i mm- . ,f , W gre , ' 4 13, -Wg 0,5 ' ' gl, ,: '- 'jf . 'L . f .. 'Wufkffli '7 'K-1 ,. f ffm MF Y it Kim .: f ' ' ' ff ,SPsa.4fff3 Wg' .,. ,162 ie- . ,iv eg . . -. L I V I K , yn, team . ,wi -,W f . I SM - Am... ' K , ' bmi?"-0'-I -' . i .. 2 Yap- an. wtw,..f. +1-' ' 3952 .3 EF-4?iT'l-.-C 1 'ze ' .. . -I ., Q . '5"" ' fl ' If ,Q-.?k14eZ.rW'?ff-gfggy - V 7 - f' 121' ' Q, 1 f ,. ., .K .. 'fiyi,-'i1a.a1"1,-Tai.: ., . W 5 S W. ,K ' i f , - 112. e . 1 fi."'if.g ' , . 'Q .Q V4.9 f ' . 1 M 'sg ' MID LT: High flies caught the eyes of these outfield players. MID RT: Long, hard practices make a strong and able team. BOTTOM: These infield Rebels kept the bases hot and grabbed all passing ground balls. The 1975 Girl's Volleyball Team has proven that Mt. Carmel not only produces fine minds, but also athletes with healthy competitive spirit as well. TOP: The 1975 Girl's j.V. Volley- ball Team. BOTTOM: Patti Sullivan tips the ball for a Rebel score. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM RISES TO VICTORY go Fw, Q 24 M5555 A This group of individuals developed and grew as a team under Mrs. Carpenter and Ms. Greene, and have earned the title of Champions in district and state competition TOP: Mary Fonke pounds the ball over the net for another point. BOTTOM: The 1975 Girl's Varsity Vol- leyball Team. F V,- i 9 v .Biff 0 kg B X ii! "' K dll S L 2 M AX mx Q 5' uf! 3..,.w. nwwpfgiw-Q. .5- ...ry fx' .3 3 i.f"" . 4 I RL M K tv.. i W N r" 2 f' NNN 3 f xx Q 1 NQQ 3 , mx 2 ,wmimmwgs , S Vg 5- ' . 5 . 'T IS? ' fx Z ,' X gg. :y M ,W ,, f ,.z.,:,x W - xwk Wiazgiiii S 3 FRQSH GAIN A YEAR OE EXPERIENCE TP LT: Ms. Greene gives her players mid-game instructions. BOTTOM: The 1975 Mt. Carmel Gir1's Freshmen Volleyball Team. Q B OR GANIZA TI ONS l The organizations at Mt. Carmel High School have the variety of activities to keep and hold the interest of many students. Whether language, sport or service clubs, the students learn the meaning of patience and responsibility. To be in an organization means you must share and devote your time to help others in some way. ix I ,H -L ., . L, I , . WE BEGAN WITH A HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH A GOAL AND COMBINE MAN YIDEAS TO I-'ORM ONE. MANY LONG HOURS OF TIME AND BRAINSTORMING WENT INTO WHAT "WE" PUT TOGETHER TO HELP FORM ' OUR IDEAS. ORGANIZATIONS BEGAN THE IOURNE K i T l 4 Bowling is one of the greatest exercises around, besides it is lots of fun. TOP RIGHT: Mt. Carmel Bowler shows how it is done! MID LEFT: The 1974-75 Bowling Team. MID RIGHT: Winfred Small puts a curve on the ball. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ms. Carol Firsching, Bowling Team Sponsor. fi? CARMEL LEAGUE VL5 A IKING SEASON TOP LEFT: John Shaklovitz goes for a strike. MIDDLE RIGHT' D T l h 1 d h . on ay or e ps recor t e scores. BOTTOM LEFT: Bowling requires both mental and physical partici- pation. To practice, perform and play-the 1974-75 Cadette Corps put in a year with vitality. TOP RT: Major Theresa Harris. TOP LT: The Ca- dettes honor our state through the formation of the state of Texas. BOTTOM: Major and Captains of 1974-75: Center: T. Harris: Left to Right: J. Legler, E. Bole, M. Pier, L. Voss, T. Fairchild, M. Jones. Wh ii ww I 1 .ff . RT: The Bugle Corp 74- 75: Capt. Laura Voss: Lieut. Susie Basso: M. Sgt. Patsy Amparan. MID RT: Annette Cipriano and Dawn Landry dazzle the audience with their smiles. MID LT: In the Texas flag, the drill are preparing to per- form to the song "The Yel- low Rose of Texas". BOT- TOM: The many reactions of a play at the Homecom- ing Game. 'QP' www afar R CARR Y ON CARMEL TRADITION . airuhu L, TOP LT: The drill getting ready to perform a precision drill on the field. TOP RT: The Flag Corps: Capt. Mary Pierg Lieut. Donna Wil- liamsong M. Sgt. Janice Outerside. MID Co A Capt Teresa Fairchild L1eut Donna Mucon' M. Sgt. Mary Gentempo. BOTTOM: The Ca ,M dette rhythm section. we S '-PM A 'MQ fi " I A V ,. is X TP LT: Cadettes perform a pom-pom routine. TOP RT: Cynthia Lawson, Janyce Henry, and Steph- aine Stehling mareh proudly with the flag. MID: Co. B5 Mindy Jones, Capt.g Sue Geraghty, Lieut. BT: The Cadettes march forward to form an arch. a-Kg Q, xf If 1 1 WITH A SMILE The '74-,75 Reserve Corps. MID: The Drum Corps of '74-'75 Capt. Eileen Bole, Lieut. Barbie Biela- mowciz, and Master Sgt. Karen Hartmann. is EXW H if to do. Q BT LEFT: The type of weather doesn't interfere with the enthusiasm of Sallie Schmitt and Roseann Provenzano. BT .- RT: Dance to the Boogie is what these Cadettes decided 964' On January 25th, the Cadettes traded in their brown uniforms for color- ful long gowns as they gathered at the Golfcrest Country Club for the Cadette Ball. It was a night for gumptious food, loud, happy talk, good music and praise for a job well done. TOP: A pleasant surprise for the Bugle and Drum Corps, as they both received the "Corps of the Year" award. From left to right: P. Amparam, L. Voss, E. Bole, M. Gooch, and B. Bielamowicz. BT LT: Freshman Cadettes and their dates heap their plates high with appetizing food. BT RT: Sharon Petter and Huey Segura slowly dance to the music. CADE TTE BALL HIGHLIGHTS A YEAR OF HARD WORK - 97 L 1 "1 ., 1 Q 1' .1 4 Lila TOP LT: Major Therese Harris proudly dis- plays the "Cadette ofthe Year" trophy awarded her by the Cadettes. TOP RT: Mindy jones is given an award for being in the Cadette Corps for four year. BT LT: just a few of the many Cadettes who turned out for the dance honoring them. BT RT: Barbara Bole and Steve Stanley share high- lights of the evening. FRENCH CLUB GROW5 UNDER NEW SPONSOR The French Culture invites a lot of interesting opportunities and the French Club explores these opportunities. TOP: The 1974- 75 French Club. The Officers are QSeated L to RQ Grizell Per- ez, Presidentg Ron Zaebst, Vice- Presidentg Tita Springer, Sec.- Treasurer. Br. Dan is Sponsor. BOTTOM: Participants of the French Club in the Christmas play get ready to perform. lTI-IE CARMELIGHTAND l MEDICAL CAREERS Part of the extra-curricular activities here at Carmel are the explorations of Medicine or Journalism as a career. TOP: The 1974-75 Medical Careers Club. Fr. Paul is the Sponsor. BOTTOM: The 1974-75 Carmelight Newspaper Staff. The editors are QSeated L to RJ Cary Bielamowicz, Barbie Bielamowicz, John Ochoa Qhead editorj, Anne Kolaski, Larry Hilscher, and Linnetta Madonio. Mr. Ray Komar is Sponsor. CHGRALE EXPRESS I TSELE THROUGH THE SOUND QE MUSIC Music is the key to any note and the Chorale produced music that is pleasing to any ear. TOP: QL to RJ Thelma Newell, Librariang Tita Springer, Vice-Presidentg Rae Achin, Secretaryg Larry Biediger, President fMissingj. MIDDLE: The 1974-75 Chorale under the di- rection of Sr. Helen Roper. BT LT: The Chorale performed during the Christmas. BT RT: Venus Minter, Sgt. at Armsg Chris Silva, Librarian DE VOTI ON AND EXPERIENCE AID IN GROWTH THROUGH PAR TICIPA TI ON IN RECRUITING PANEL AND TOURNAMENT T..t....,. l SPEECH the area and to explain .VA A dx I 3 The purpose of the recruiting panel is to explore schools in the many aspects of Carmel life. TOP RIGHT: The recruiting panel for '74-'75 were QL to RQ Scott Talley Rita Pradier, Bill Lierman, Lindy Kirn Darrell Hollek and Larry Biediger. BOTTOM: Tournament Speech was a new experience this year. Along with their sponsor, Mrs. Ohlenforst, the stu- dents stormed schools all over the city in order to participate in speech tour- naments. Although the members did not come away from the tournaments with many awards, they gained valu- able experience for the future. 5 Za, SPIRIT IS TI-IE AME OF THEIR GAME. ' rim' - x kfftifik I 'V A w new C' W' I Wg? i f-V . k Q ,. nn W . K .. -'w 1 ...,. .. , mg W-,ak Aw I - .fs -we 1 I .,..,,.,,H,a. ,,, , I 4, . 170 - I I - , M"'1Wf'f?r'rM-Mvtmewrwvvmwwrgggmnpuw-4. N A 4 ., - . , , qw . K r.. ,f . . k , The Cheerleaders didjust what they were elected to do, cheer! TOP RIGHT: Rita and Theresa are in the spotlight at the Tho- mas football game. TOP LEFT: "For Car- mel" begins every game for the Cheerlead- ers. RIGHT: junior Cheerleader, Cathy leads a spirit yell at the Pep Rally. 4 K TOP: The 1974 Cheerleaders are Donna Schmidt, Rita Pra- dier, Cathy Musachia, Theresa Ortiz, head, Linda Kim, and Brigid Foley. BOTTOM LEFT: Donna displays a fantastic kick. BOTTOM RIGHT: i'We gotchav says Lindy to St. Pius. WHEN TI-IE GOING GETS TOUGI-I. . . THE SPIRIT KEEPS GOING TOP RIGHT: Theresa tries to build up that Rebel spirit with a cheer. TOP LEFT: Go, Go Get 'em, Get 'em. Cathy ancl Donna. BOTTOM: With a little more experience, Theresa and Lindy return for another year of cheerleading. R . 5 TOP: A good cheerleader is aloud cheer- leader. Here Rita shows how it's done. BOTTOM LEFT: Being a cheerleader cloesn't only require a voice to cheer, but also the strength to lead them. BOTTOM RIGHT: Pep rallies are another aspect of the cheerleading. The girls do a group cheer here. CARMEL UBER ALLE5 P Carmel over all! !! The unanimous proclamation of all German Club mem- bers throughout a year of many activities. TOP: The German Club 1974-75. Seated are the officers QL to RQ Secre- tary Ellen Lawg Vice-President Chris Marting President Sandy Casiraghig and Treasurer Beverly Thurmond, LEFT: Rae Achin, Beverly Thurmond and Larry Biediger. TOP: Chuck Fitzpatrick, portraying Franken Stein, intro- duces himself to the audience in the Christmas Play. TOP RIGHT: Tita Springer and Shelly Stell find time to goof- around at TAGS. BOTTOM LEFT: Rae Achin finds a mo- ment for relaxation during the hectic TAGS Convention Schedule. BOTTOM RIGHT: Larry Hilscher and Peggy Co help the German Club to decorate the Beer Garden for the Carmel Carnival. X I V STUDENT COUNCIL AIDES IN THE DE VELOPMEN TAT CARMEL sor of the Student Council, talks over an upcoming event with Fr. Paul. BT LT: Vice- President Claudio Roman accepts a birthday cake from his fellow Senior classmates. BT RT: Scott Talley bids farewell as Student Council President. TP RT: Mrs. Lamping, spon- SPANISH CLUB GOES INTO SPANISH-AMERICAN CULTURE. ls " ' -4? The Spanish Club got to know its own culture this past year. They spent T a Weekend in Nuevo Laredo to explore the sights ofthe Spanish Cul- py ture. TOP: A Posada procession was one ofthe highlights of the Span- ish Club's Christmas play. MIDDLE: The 1974-75 Spanish Club. The Officers are Deliz Ruiz, Presidentg Keith Liles, Vice-Presidentg Ivonne Ruiz, Secretarygjohn Stone, Treasurer. BOTTOM LEFT: At dress rehersal, the group refreshes their memories for the final performance. BOTTOM RIGHT: Laura McBrayer takes part in the cli- max of the Christmas play, the breaking of the pinata. a y l 178 S. hx: SPANISH CLUB I VADES MEXICO The Spanish Club of Mt. Carmel High School took one big step in progress this year. The members were given the oppor- tunity to visit a culture, different from that of their own. The date was April 25, 1975 and the place was Nuevo Lare- do. Everyone returned tired, sun-burned, but a little bit smarter in knowledge about Mexico. ylrr I A 3 f,ry,-Lk -l ryss r tssi etey .s I. ..,, N -, W, lltt is V 35: film Lr.k LN .rrr - gf ss: ,A , X A X 2 'fi Q S is .. ing-si" 5- ' iff ,fr it -wi W' 1 L mf"-'iff : 253 ff" V --.. ATG' x' . ' . ,sr W Q ff 2 i fi ii tw , s ft -if If 5 X il I X Rf K Q W ffwhxgg -T37 .Gui 'i it 4 f Xl' us S X ig ig - .gi 'X , . 'VI' bs , . sf K as ,,,,,,V. . W . ,, it .S-, QWEW Q XX iz ge: W f hi " Q? I. . , 2 A M4 k . .V I I x . ss , Vkkrrikj V ' , ' s 'T "W ' iiii i i' V er'-f 1 CHRIS TIANI TY + S A TI-ILE TI C S I F.C.A. Through F.C.A. our athletes strive to find a deeper meaning through sports. TOP: President Scott Talley opens a meeting with a prayer. MID LT: Coach Speer offers his opinion. MID RT: After the meeting there is always time for a little Monday night football. I , ABOVE: The 1974-75 members of F.C.A.: TOP: R. Noriega, S. Mandola, S. McDonald, I. Montelongo, M. Ross, M. No vak, B. Gregg,-I. James, T. Revis, J. Blystone, G. Lucero, Coach Carpenter. MIDDLE: Coach Speer, M. Talley, R. Novak, D. Passmore, S. Ducan, M. Landry, R. Legler, T. Peters, G. Garza, J. Benavides, T. Bujnoch, R. Hollek, B. Stehling. BOT- TOM: A. Lujan,-I. Noey, D. Hollek, S. Talley. PI-IQTOGRAPHERS CAPTURE ALL M.C H S ACTIVITIES. l 1 The Yearbook and Newspaper would not be pos- sible without the help of our people who seem to always have cameras. TP LT: Carolyn Patlovany was a new photographer in the later part ofthe year. TP RT: The Camera Club, under the direc- tion of Fr. Foster, tried to arouse some new talent and interest in the Held of photography. BT LT: Our photographers: QL to RJ Carol McDonald, Tommy McKenna, and Stephanie Stehling. BT RT Head Photographer Carol McDonald had her cam- era till the end. ZELO STAFF FINDS IUBILATION One is the loneliest thing there could ever be. Considering seven, as the entire yearbook staff of '75, the feeling of loneliness departs as an instilling feeling of shock, efficiency and acceptance grows. As time goes on, we realize these feelings and question ourselves as to if it will ever be finishedg the ability of seven peopleg and the acceptance of the student body. As Mt. Carmel captured the facts of 1975, the Zelo recorded the smallest Yearbook Staff in history. The strain of hav- ing to teach, plan and carry out this produc- tion can itself drain the enjoyment and fun one can receive from working on a school yearbook. TOP: When one becomes Editor ofthe Yearbook not only does she take on the responsibility, but all ofthe jobs her staffers avoid. Linnitta Madonio works on senior layout. BT LFT: Keith Liles writes copy and headlines for the sports section. BOTTOM RIGHT Peggy Cox glances through other yearbooks for some ideas. TOP: The cropping becomes hard at night as Peggy Cox uses the light machine to work. MID LT: Staffer, john Stone, draws up layouts for his respective section. MID RT: Editor and Co- Editor go through new Zelo pictures. BOTTOM Room 105 after a long workshop session. ZELO WORKS TO PUT FINAL TOUCHES ON 1 975 TOP: Editor and Co-Editors put last minute ideas into the copy ofthe '75 yearbook. MIDDLE: This is what our yearbook is all about-all the facets of putting the Zelo to- gether successfully. BT LT: During a workshop, Carolyn Patlovany contributes her HE If J .: Z' A at Y an X ,O isltb tttsl T T yyibeef :f 5. . 4 MQ. ideas to headlines. BT RT: Ed- itor Linnetta Madonio shows a sign of relief when the 1975 Zelo is a reality. Some may say that it isn't heavy, but to us it is and it's our job. The Yearbook staff found that especially this year, the road was a long one when it came to producing a yearbook. To capture the one's life. You find the many winding turns, as only those on the staff could ever experience. Yet we were strong, and did carry on to make your 1975 Zelo. Is it heavy? Only the yearbook staff knows for sure. I ., TOP: The first thing that occurs in the course of production is the teaching of the many interested students. MIDDLE: Peggy Cox and Keith Liles work on the choosing and cropping of pic- tures for their respective sections, BOTTOM: Miss Linda Croto gave of herself to the yearbook in a special way. She sponsored the Zelo for the entire 1975 production. events, no matter how large, is important in some- x-,,,,h,y" ' ' ' ' STUDENTS We are the ones who make Carmel exist. When our time is up, we grow to see the new, open roads which allow enough room for our minds to expand. We explore the many sicleroads along the way but always return to the familiar one. It's a long, long road ahead. 14 fr , 5 'il v ,,.-,. , SOME OF Us HA VE BEEN TOGETHER EOR A LONG TIME. WE WILL NOW SEE' EYE TO EYE. FOR SOME, WE'REjU5T ' BEGINNING BU TEOR SOME, WE'RE . ON OUR WA Y. I - ' 'a E. XE ,, E Slang , 5, , 3 QAM. , .N ., . '- wk. . . A , ff .E Q V ggi. b .-., is K I .y h is, re:-. X .' If'- he 4. 3 . , Q M 2. 4 X. 'E : P: 15 Q if I4 an N- ,.igg.,. . I Q5 187 Vs Je . - .. " " x 6 ' 9 ix X' , 3, 5 'S I I . , -W-wr A s "5 ig , .Q . V A Q9 as ,, , M .H """ l1 of M, nxsfs., n -we M ' X. l SE IORS We now spread our wings fo fly into new, open blue skies. We worked long and hope for the best. Being leaders held something of great value but it coulclnolt have been unless we were one class. Our time is now over. Go now, friendsyfor today is the Hrst day of your life. W Isa iv 5 ef I THE MANY ROADS AND HI GH WA YS WILL LEAD TO GREAT THINGS. LET US HA VE THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE ON OUR IOURNE Y. SO PAR, WE'VE MADE I T KEEP ME GOING LORD. id f is H f A ' .2 H4-7 4' : 3 .X f. I 7 ff' S- , ,W I 'Wm-2 I I 2, -AS' f I , not 13 4. 1 .X 1, Z wk . , X., f : VY 3 f' WE HA VE GONE THROUGH MANY DA Y TOGETHER AND LIVED AMONG IOYS AND FEARS 1. Rae Marie Achin 2. Malvina LaAudray Alexander 3. Ronald Cairns Bailey 4. Helen Kathleen Bailey 5. Thomas Patrick Baker 6. Deborah Marie Barrera I N 7. John Raymond Benavides 8. Terry Michael Berger 9. Lawrence Joseph Biediger, Jr. 10. Barbara Suzanne Bielamowicz , if r ' 11. George Clay Blystone, jr. 12. Linda Paulette Boeker C ill M ' B 13. am a ar1e oss Missing: Kathryn Conroy Alexander Eileen Ader Bole 'fyzzfff l S 27.4 mf L1 , 1 W .L . . .el . ' 192 N0 W IT IS TIME FOR Us TO G0 AND EXPERIENCE OTHERS IO YS AND FEARS Michael Ray Breecheen Debra Louise Brown Brian Thomas Burke Yvonne Mae Burleson Sandra Kay Casiraghi Antonio Ceballos Brigido Chavez Manuel Chavez Michael Chavez Darrell Cleboski Kathleen Letitia Colema Patricia Ann Commiato Frank joseph Coselli III Robert Felix Craig Albert Frank Cutaia Cynthia Louise Daleo Miriam Dolores Darst Lillian Maria DeVerona W 1 fx T9 3, 4 f ' A ' 595 -', f E 5 f Y J N ' x l 1 X , , A' . W 194 LIKE COLUMBUS, WE MUST GA THER ALL OUR COURAGE. 1. Lather Dave Dixon, Jr. 2. Stephen Miles Duncan 3. Therese Edel 4. Elaine Marie Elliott 5. Teresa Fairchild 6, Charles Bryant Fitzpatrick 7. George B. Finlay, Jr. 8. Larry Wayne Fitzgerald 9. Leslie Maria Felton 10. Mary Margaret Fonke 11. Marc Anthony Fragoso 12. Carl Walter Franzen 13, Sandra Garcia 14. John Kevin Garvey 15. Peter Paul Gentempo THE OPEN SEAS WILL WI-IISPER IN OUR EARS, Kr ALL THE YEARS WILL CUME AND GO. W 3"Q'bvfw 1. Joseph Norris George 2. Melinda Ann Grawl 3. Bernard Michael Hand 4. Leah Hanson 5. Sharon Therese Hardilek 6. Monica Ann Hardy 7. Cynthia Jeanne Harrelson 8. Alrica Darlene Harris 9. David Alan Harris 10. Therese Elaine Harris 11. Doris Ann Henderson ".,. ' M ' H 12. Ianyce ane enry Ir, ' .' 13. RitaAnn Herald Q' .lf ' I K . R 14. Larry Wayne Hilscher 15. Michael Wayne Holbrook 16. Darrell Eugene Hollek ff K. ,Af 5 if . 197 55 I n " M511 5 ,L W, HH Miha A RDA YAND WONDER WE LOOK FOR TQMORRQ W AND STILL WUNDER Lloyd David Hollingsworth Marilyn Gayle Hollas Roberta Marie Hoover Jeffery Mark Howell JoAnne Eleanor Johnson Jan Mari Jones Mindy Jo Jones Timothy Jerome Kana Colleen Renee King Milincla. Marie Kirn Anne Marie Kolaski Gary Leon Korenek Barbara Ellen Ladner Jeannine Rose LaLonde Cynthia Gail Lawson Kerry Matthew Ledet Clarence Edward Lee Jill Elaine Legler Peggy Ann Lemon Matthew Anthony Lewis William Philip Lierman Roberta Leigh Lockhart Gregory Armond Lucero Albert Lujan Arthur Lujan Earl Crayton Lyman Linnetta Ann Madonio Deborah Sue Magill Christopher Joseph Malek Vivian Anaise Martell M1SSU1g1 Mary Elizabeth Light TI-IEIOURNEY NOW ENDS. WE REALIZED THAT WE ARE DIFFERENT IN IDEAS, WE, HOWEVER, SA W EYE T0 EYE. '- -' I I ' Y, ,f,. m E , ,Win 1 -, 'H' - A 7 I Q 9 .ff , lm --""5'f.- Michael Glen Maxwell Carol Ann McDonald David Michael MCF all Thomas Edward McKenna Mary Sylvia Montoya Diane Marie Muchinski Francene Ann Musmanno John Davis Noey Myron Eugene Novak Ronald joseph Novak john Joseph Ochoa Therese Marie Ortiz Janice Cheryll Outtersicle Jose Angel Partida to Q I an 'JE 1. Don Lawrence Passmorc 2. Elena Grizell Perez 3. Rodolfo Perez, jr. 4. Sharon Theresa Petter 5. Mary Elizabeth Pier 6. Frank joseph Pizzitola III 7. Betty Rose Podraza 8. Debra Marie Portella 9. Vincent Porter 10. Rita Doris Pradier 11. Gayle Leslie Pressnall 12. Mario Alberto Quintanilla 13. Claudo Roman-Ros 14. Mark Joseph Ross 15. Carla -Io Ruffino 16. Michael Carl Smper 17. Donna Kay Schmitt 18. Dolise Annette Schroeder Missing: Laura Marie Ponce Felix Marcel Richard, Jr qu, THE LONELYROADS WE'LL MEETQQ THE WA YS WILL NEVER PASS AGAIN l THEY HELP FOR ME Pamela Sue Schultz Huey F. Segura, jr. John William Shaklovitz Elizabeth Haynie Shannon Lynda Denise Slaughter Jerome William Sobieski Cynthia Marie Spacek Betina Rubio Springer Brenda Mae Stehling Stephanie Ann Stehling Julia Marie Stone Patricia Elaine Sullivan jgf2'j:fshiQ!5 ., ,fy-gs ,.1 fiifijf K S I 'Q :fm 1 , -G y m, 2 5' 'O f ...-wr WE MAYNE VER PASS THIS WA YAGAIN BUT WE RE GLAD WE SPENTIT WITH YOU Christopher Scott Talley Lydia -Iesselyn Thibocleaux Marian Stephanie Thoede Beverly Ann Thurmond Laurie Claire Timme Darleen Marie Tupa Donna Colleen Turnbull Roy Kenton Turner Leanne Louise Vavricka Anne Marie Vega Thomas Joseph widacki M l d A Will' e 0 y nn 1amS Pepita Williams Donna Lyn Williamson Andrew Walter Winters Mary Magdalen Y'Barbo Rose Marie Zepeda Sylvia Guadalupe Zepeda JU IORS It's time to take our position as the new leaders. Our time together as Ju- niors began with the hope to create an atmosphere to show we can do it. We proved it-now we must go on. THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO STEP FOR WARD. BUILDING TOGETHER TO FORM ONE. WE ARE LOOKING TO TOMORROW TI-IEIUNIOR SECTIQNIS DEDICATED TO - DRE W EILBIN 5 HE GA VE UP HIMSELE TO CARMEL. GOD GRANT ME THE SERENI TY TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE, THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN, AND THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. WE SEE MANY THINGS THAT HAPPEN AND WONDER WH Y? ITIS NOT OUR PLACE TO QUESTION THE HAPPENINGS OE GOD ONLYACCEPT THEM, EOR WITH GOD, THERE IS A REASON. Linda Achin Pamela Aclamek Deeann Amiot Benjamin Ammons Patricia Amparan james Andrews Chet Babin Carol Baird Steve Baker Glenn Balius Ellen Bankston john Barbosa Susan Basso Amy Bednarski Paula Birclwell Tommy Bischof Martha Block Dennis Boedeker Barbara Bole Greta Bossett john Brown Judy Bujnoch Gilbert Butschek Lonny Cadena Clarence Cerny Mary Chavez Elisa Chong John Coleman Theresa Collura Angelica Contreras Cathi Cook Peggy Cox -Ieanenne Cruise Tristan Davis John Deermer Perry Demel sf 'AQ M A-....,., Ma 524.1 kid ""V"" Us fs ', ii:-'L My 1' .i is- ,f W' , 2 aff' 'TX multi. 'Y if-ff Q emi GD , gl If if 4 G Q iii-ilf' I UNI ORS S TRI VE FORU ITY. . . EX fa nl fi fit' V Z 1 lf l F .V ., ,..,. f 6, 554, ZZ , 44? ' 'Z an VZ 1 Y fi v 7' -V .L , , , . , :ji if 2 I V ,W , fra-,ff1:.,4,fr'-yffwqi . "A . n . Y A - f nu xi.,:V ,,,g , W ' il? 142.23 . 4 f . 29:5 ,az ' . , ,ni fr . "ff "Lira 4. f., ,, X , , . ,, at ,.., gg, h I f , X ,E " i 7 4 ,h 5 J 5 . ii ,., ,, Y we fm Q ' 'K 'tl 3' ll le Via -Qu, We ,.,, ' Q ' an E7 Y' 3. ,ra-, - vp., ,U 1 any , L e ,. A Q12 f , ,. I , fa f. " .', ,, , -fn. ,-f 1. 1'-T I leei r ,,T'z af, f ,. I a '-LL S 5 in AI . , Q C, V 7 s, f' ,. F A f d 4 'Af a ll ef aa is A K Y '- QQ mea 14 'af Steve Downing Ben Drone Iris Elizondo Jay Epperson Elizabeth Ethridge Susan Filley John Finlay Brigid Foley Angela Gaidousek David Garlic Anita Garvey Diana Garza Lino Gasparini Mary Gentempo Sue Geraghty Melida Gonzalez Mary Gooch William Gregg Tina Guyton Bruce Gwosdz Bobby Hagan Dorothy Hanna Susan Harris Karen Hartmann George Hawkins Nan Hayden Robert Hernandez Nancy Herrmann William Herrmann james Hollingsworth A5 THE YPREPARE TO BE LEADERS OE '7 NN-s.,- Karen Honea Marie Husband Tony Hynes juanitajauma Joe Johansen Stephen Jones Elaine Koetting Carol Kovach Kathy Lampton Matt Landry Sharon Lanzo Janice Lareau Ellen Law Laura Lazo Deanna Leonard Peggy Leroy Priscilla Lightscy Keith Liles Malia Lockriclge Richard Lombard John Lopez Howard Luna Sam Mandela Chris Martin Q Tal 3 , I if v ifgii j f ,V 1. L, i,':"'2E 6? 4-,nk .f . iff. ' ' L, i is , L --5 'f t' A M3 my I J iz: 12 3 if . , s .A ,t Q any gig 5. , 42 , ,l yi, ' vi, 3 t , 6 as ft D SP iflx A , if M , itz ' Y' k "1 gy 'fn 73 , an aif, ggifig tx i t 1 , ' ' 2 ' , ,im 'L 5-L2 V 1, NU 8 5 V V xl' 5 - gig mfivfiffn, 3,5 ,Ji Q , . . . V, I 'qv .fy.f9,p,gt ,wg .QL ,. 1 J , vw zKf.?sSsEf.ia alt Q2 1 ' 2 -W-,-a 1: ir Ja, Q, wif' g P, if sf - 4 , . , I ,. Aw. , f ' ,, 'z' 4.2 53,53 h. , 4 gpig gi- , ' .. E lm 'V' 's 1 5 3 gl 5' x A if u K , 7 f fn 1 , Z ,,: - - 1 nm. ,J4',j"3,- ,gf ,- ' K g .- H as' 11: gfmggfggg. rw W9 55' Y 'u .. ,f ttt :smgM:.H',gv s ,,W,,,,,,, ,f .,,. ,, T L 5? ' ff W J C If J 1 1 x H F V 9, 6? f S' QE' if X, - za g :iv is Q. - iw .. 2: , gf fag, ,. f tg A fi ? " A A , is-'1 :A at M .. , vga '. P , 5 ' , if 4 1 i , W H , ,ff 7' X , 1? 'S 4' ' , e .id win' 1 1 ?,,1.,: : If I mi. , . J' ., : 'HHS , ia W fi if Q- nm i as ff . ,Hg 2" rf Y we 4 W5 E, Ea fr E692 I vain ,r lpn 4 'f o f vi t . 2, 55 5 Q ,..... ,ff 9, tj:,:':. rfff' 'Z J 5' w, 13 8:24 ne ' 1 f M ,eq 5 ,V ,f . V -- 1 t iw 1 , 5553? ' . . L- My J aa. . P ' - ' " 1 rii L " . f K AQV' A it 'L is 5 ilsiii A - , 1 Yi 7 W' L X Wifi? . 'f i, 'L L ,L ,, X isrii 5 6 V P I 'Ht if- ' , ' 9v K , . ff. L 1 'Y J, 9' 3:I..'!'n ha-H62 ' ' V li 1 Q ' ' l.. 1 va' -Tall? H s? A X' 'L " L an 1 M ,W V Q " Q 'li f ' '53 F L J' Pnoro ,D gr NOT - h - ' f AvAu.AaLE ' A y :gf-.ii if e ,. Iflfse: ,ff ff it , L ' 1,51 .Q A1 . :, , K '24f'fifm1tY' .5l L Q M George Martin Kay Matula Scott McDonald Sandra McFall Doug McLaughlin Connie Mechura Michele Meehan Barbara Melchor Jeanette Melia Norma Mendoza Mark Mestayer Laurie Mikes Bobby Mikeska Venus Minter Donna Mixon Ismael Montelongo Amadeo Monternayor Velia Morales David More james Morgan Mike Morgan Laura Mouton Mike Muleahey Cathy Musacliia Leslie Mushinski Elaine Naskrent Richard Noriega Paul Oclloa Danny O'Donovan Carolyn Patlovany Tim Peters Dennis Pierce Gary Powell David Prado John Ramirez Carla Reese Karil Reaves Sandra Ricca Ruben Rivas Renee Roemer Marleen Rosenburg Janice Ruhnke Delia Ruiz Debbie Sabo John Saladino Maria Salinas Sharon Schomer joseph Schulte Laurie Schwartz Joseph Seahorn Virginia Segura Arthur Segalle Winfriecl Small Patricia Smalley Mary Sobieski Pam Solliday Marcus Spencer K 4 S53 - E 2. ,552 - x 5 A ff'-" f51Z ?'f ?Y''.ff.5E1fET' 1 ii?21liii'2'2'?i!-J -' - S " i., ,, "" W A A- ke it L, it 5 4, 55 'I it N. i E V N, if 4 ' M it it ,aiir l f N-7 l fig gli: i ' 5 . -,H alf . . at ri , : 9 i if , z,::a,f,:z4 ' Q- .. " 75? l V - rrri - ' , A " I , 1 fw - ' AL.. x 2 V 1 ,fill i rlkm H1-rl 1, . S Z.:'i,'-V, i Max i .,p:9!li2,: - 551' ix ,.f"" l J .iric , 2 gi Hia ,. , ' 4 Ski' , 'vt' '1:I'- " I f I Aa , b j , 3, 3 ,. 4, X W r' at ' fx V' 5, 1 ,iw 7 , W 4 i if ' Z' THEY RE INSTRUMENTAL IN TI-IE Janice Spies Steve Stanley Kenny Stelly JoAnn Stevens John Stone Pam Storenski Ginny Sudela Aclela Szydlik Natalie Tamburello Frank Taylor Anthony Thibocleaux Theresa Thurmond Marcus Tolbert Michelle Tolberr Billy Toon Gilbert Torres Tim Treadway Cecilia Valdes John VanMeter Laura Voss Pat Walker Randy Walker Bill Ward Don Wheeler ggmla i . NX . SOPHOMORES b We ,re not ahead or behind. Weire right in the middle. As each year goes by, our steps get bigger. We reach for tomorrow. Tomorrow may or may not hold my creations, but I know I've got a good chance. Be by my side to make my tomorrow better. 5. fu ' i if v I I W 3 '.- -nf' I 1 WE SEE NE W I-IORIZENS AND ADVENTURES AHEAD. WE ALMOSTAGREE ON OPINIONS BUTI DON'T-KNOW YOU QUITE YET. MY ONLY REACTION IS, HELLO FRIEND. fN'i9f-'rf ' fx fy ATS .ik fi? IS IT TAKES A WISE ECDL, T0 BE A OLD FOOL. .R ek, .,'- , M e Hector Alclalpc U E H V ,A V A, Laura Baird 9 2 7 193 r.,,- f EEE: EAE fi V, Debbie Beechem Q , y Eii EAZ EEQA A' Vi Bobby Bennett Vlfrf 1 ,,,z V. . Q' Christina Beyer Mar y B edige r I if , Cary Bielamowicz Q ' Steve Block J ea n E 1 lc n B lu d au A i i EIA' Marie Bonario Q m- A X V 31 F V , 'wgii' 4 s E if rf U ii? K Q 5 16 .K- Yr 4 . im 6 .. Q , t P -' SFCVS BOSS "'11 ' V f . ,- ' sf" Q . A Bridget Bourda ' 9 7 A Maureen Brady 'H' Winefta BTOUSS-ard Q ' ' ,. i -f , if N "1" Z4 ,. :am 'e:1f' ' Sheryl Bruley gy V , Sie V' A' 1 5 'Q .J A A ,," - -, Donna Buchholr 'A " , BUSH 2' it 2 r ,f r if Tamara Buison I Q ff' f-ik , " I i F T 'E'-T a . . F9 ,. 7?-E5 X 1 Norbert Buch I A Garland Burchell ,fi-4 Q, I' ff -' -I 1 Mary Burke ' .vi , A ' V X ,E E f 'iv ,." 2 6. ., W 2 f 1 ,aj f 7+ 'L ,A 'i . ' xx A -:Wi ' IW , , I 6 K 2, , ui ,A , U ' 2 rree A cb w, , . e gf fifzg-f w ,,z,-X -' Q H 6 ' Mitt l., l' , -f. V U 1 ,:,:,..J.1V,:M , Vn ,x 1 i rig! 6 3, "3 2416- A A A L r is f- Us rf' nm P' ,. , Q .4 x ji-V .gl s ,FS .Ax iw " fait' ,' I. , Q .t ix , . eff NF! f "A ' fi' 2 A 2 2 'I " ht z12y"'Zf O . i s ,x fin A , .51 A ' .- F, . ' ' V -Q ' 23' L ' fi U Wie' J if ,nv ui- M -- 'rrrl f ' 1 5 1 r". ' " - ' ,,, ' " " rrrr yr,r fr 542 Q 4 :rr 6 e A 'EAE 331552-ge r:': w1f1:s1s4s5mzz,my -f'-- ' ,, :A 3-f' ' QABOVEJ Sophs have super spirit. QRIGHTQ Sophomores get involved. 3 K -'iw as iq' , . g . .,. Mn' 2 KM' st- he T'-. X .Pu . , 222 "A N J,-W, i V '5 -'53-if , X. ks? ei J , y H.. . 'C sis: ' K is N fs 5 .ki ' "b' - ' , . ' 117. f , r - ' ' X ' "- ' L . . r ' ' " .1 1 1 '. .V my ,.,.g ,,:.3, , , K. ' .- f'5,4r Ljf p' - . R Q ff' F5345-fgfl -,sow j f"rQMA Jag, "1 , T225 A95 fix 71 x - 'P its s K 'xg wif ,, aw-f Q35 1-n V Jil f"! b. W- , Daly' i f kf5'gll . EV- F - Mew N ' 'lf ' M f . 2 P . " A 'S iffii 7' if f is E . f ' ' if V .- F v . f . ...M y U 5, F f h - F V - ' if , f f X ' - f , . ' - .. . Y' fr' ' I 1' H .5 5 lazy . 1 F 5 F 'QT x ww ay i ?f'1. , v ,,.,.b f: SF-K 5 fs 'E 115 Y diff! it E s A ' N . L . :F 4 iff -. Xx 6 ik l F 5 e '9 I N ,H . in we 1 4. S 5 , We if A es fl. L iff? 553 K A vi' 5 Y Y w -' ,. ffirsf wi : ,exp ' vw -t l X' -, , ' -ffl: lxsiif' ' as s Q S12 zfsx ggi 2 . . if se X X 'Hx Alex Burleson Karen Butschelc Mark Butschek Debbie Castetter Adam Chavez Annette Cipriano Lisa Ciulla Celia Clay Richard Collura Norbert Contreras Linda Cooper Brian Czerewaty jimmy Daleo Lorreta Darst Kevin Demcl Kevin Denny Ronald Dias jon Dietlein Tommy Dornak Patty Doucet - David Drab ' . A ' W ' Greg Dro ne .VL A55 fi' Alan Elliot -- Jeanette Eubanks ' F K ,!L1... -Q! F Carol Evans F , Charles Fabian . Y -r 3: ' luv:-'grif ir N , 6 is . 4 X I -' A H Dav if l t "M " .. 5512 " F fx avi New ,af MA . 2 Jaxx-, is saw? W 96 . -- L ff if f u Q john Fairchild Robert Fitzgerald Chris Flores Danny Foreman id Fragoso A Stephanie Gagne J ' if llii Rosie Garcia ,. ' Nathan Garner F 5" yi ' Kurt Gibbs K Kay Gieptner Q A' .f f Alicia Gill Greg Goerlich - Bm ss.s Parr r fl 2 .5-: .f'l' 'J .. , 1 A G Q gs J in Qi? R W 5 X Gray Peter Greco i Halpin Dennie Hand Efrem Harris ' Robert Harris Thomas Harris Patty Hartman Tim Hartnett Billy Hausinger Linda Helton Stephen Hight Barbara Hlavac David Hochenauer Patricia Holleck Chris Horlan der Dennis Huffman Mary Ibanez jack james Ramah jones Cheryl Juneau Theresa Kahanek John Kainer Kerry Keenan Paula Kenne Jae King Penny Koster Ronnie LaPaul Mercedes Leal Mike LeBourgeois Marvin Ledet Beverly Leech Robert Legler Tim Llorens Kim LoBella , Chiara Lockriclge Diane Lujan Mary Luke Sylvia Malclanacio Craig Malek Craig Martell Loretta Mays , M Q-at an wnzsnoem' f M vi , wi 4 :,: ,":::., " rm 1, " f 5 1 ,Q ff A c , ff 2 f 4 fx , 73? f A ,Q at 6 e " E ,N f ' 4 . A ,, .K J 61 nf WL, Q Z K, , . ,. ,Q 7 L rrsr ff , . - EM, 7 c f AE e f. ii vu ' 2 i ii ii Haw' f f?51im-Mg ' '9- eei 'ers f is fit? M , 3... QT' M t T 4 ..,v , 3' vi Q5 'K fir 2525 r, 5 H 2 'v it J ' an 55 y 'Nh Ice, Q I watt-fha mg N , V . , aa, ,Q af 5, 1 Q . 'fi ax .S Q' ia R if 5 2 x ' x JV iw af --fr 2 B Y bww' SOPHS TAKE SMALL STEPS , ,. H ,L ,.,,gy,:-ni. Af-vw viii " 5 - J A -5. f2lff'.,, in 1 7? 1 X F ,A I ,ff ,S fl .Ll ilk gf. w ig, W' ii' 'K ' H '1 i ' -- , ff PHOY0 NOT AVAILABLE 'ii' at , ,LQ P , Q., , , f Q 4' 5? M '5 vw 15- V 355, 5 .1 ,sn . 41- , ,,,. gs., Lynn Mazur Kevin McArdle Chris McBrayer Michael McKay Paul McKenna LaDonna McKinney Barry McMahon Francis McMahon Sean McPherson Cindy Mechufa Angela Melia Elaine Michalalg Stephen Mikeska Mike Moeller Ina Montelongo James Montemayor John Moore Ivy More Terri Moscarelli Ronald Moss Frank Motley John Musachia Thelma Newell Marilyn Novak Mike O'Donovan Mike Qropeza Mary Page Sharon Patek Robert Pier Lori Posey Betty jo Powers Katrina Powers Charles Prado Stewart Pressnall Steven Pressnall Roseann Provensano Kelly Quinn Martha Quintanilla Shannon Reny Cedric Revis Patricia Ribe Melanie Richard Sharon Roemer Debra Rose Mike Ruffino Ivonne Ruiz Marianita Ruiz Mary Salaclino Patricia Salinas Marie Sammons 600' L1 'wa S ' It zz-1231.2 f-v 1- 5 v 5 Q f M I 1 kid' Q M .L tv if I fa, , , - ffl , ' iff, V ' ' S I, L , X , .fi ' " ' Q " To , 'XZ ., K' , 'El , 1, V 2 , "0 . . , : f W K . fig, lit., Ui? jf! w 3' ' ' " L , L ' if ' fit -' 1, 5 . ' mf: .ey S ' Q3 A H ' ' M ,. y ' , K , 4 35 f' .A f . x z t ifif' 4 K ' 2 - 2- 5' ' ii 6' 'H t ' QQ fl 9133 43 , - , 4 , . ,-ffl' :Lg ' A r 'f A 175' ' L, 1 fr ' -.' ve: -ff, w - v , ' , , . , 33 .N .1 "9 il H "" V ii ' ' "'h, 4 1 4 will" ?,Ff'f " ' fm, A ,X aw' " 5 A ggi nz I' zlznaiig-3 A, ,Q ,, I, L , Q, X 7, 1' . 1 V' 7' al , , WV.. A , V: K I 5 S rr ,gr "' , I . , , ' ' ' f ., ,J ' V' '-L y'V,f': . QT X . S ,'-' W2--r ' W if f f s . ,- a , in ,.sryay r ,J 4 yfr, 1 . , - fi yiyl YZ' . . . IN PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE. W it ' 1 I s 4, 53 ef A 6- . I-' 5 JZ- if . W. J A , V iA T 31 ' , '29 v i z 5 ff, lv irfgr, fvg79g9,nf gg yfgv ,, - . s ,E V A -,--, A ffir rf V- A at 22-, , 1 X y , 4 , X . x 1 9 .- 4 as ,zggxzkfgi v Y W .V -X, - 3 -i gy? EQ! V- w . T VL.-a c, ' K' ff mf, ff, ' . . , .. ,, ,I A if?4fT5 Q ' A V lf- K- V R 'ln Q , a 'V r ,Dir S , W, Q23 as " V lin ? . .W W.. , W.. ,Q e 1 Q fs T5 T f ' 1 I ef. V , A , L ' more NOT QVAILABLE we wg: -ggfqktagii , A - ,5A, i . 1" W ii ri 4 L. ie Ki f A - , ' 1' f 4, Q, f .32 vii , .. , -f:.sf:,,,n,,,i1,f ' -Vx ' il l ,R will riff V Qi 2 ei? , fs .ng ,., W gf? ? f-ww 3,4 lj-Q Wm: wr , fi' if 1 .. y gf - . W f 3 sgggw .- Q Q V? 1 fi' ,H , 29' , A, T fr 94, ,ya A E 'f 4 .ig W' W' ' 4 We ag T by Ma: ' X l' 'r T UB y l 4, x xml We ,K 3 if 1 x Ya il 4 , .tf T f 'Mil n 2: F255 1157. fs A - A K ' f -if 'M-W, Uaigffi QE 4, ' f J.. - 5 f AQ 55 A .i,, 3 3. -, W, 4 .K 2 egg 4 1 , B9 ' 3 5 14,2 at V , E L' K ai' 1 in l Sallie Schmitt Ernie Schroeder Marian Schulte James Schwartz Angela Scott Suzanne Sellers Charles Shannon Chris Silva Mike Silva James Sobieski Davicl Sobotik Kathleen Stehling Michele Stell David Stoerner Michael Talley Donnis Taylor Bettye Thomas Alan Timme Virginia Torres Paula Turner Alice Uriclc Robert Vega Raymond Vybiral Amy Waters Mary Weber Mike Weimert Ron Welch Monique Wells Janet Winne Michelle Winters Zita Witte Elaine Wourms Marianne Wuensch Denise Zella I . , . 'Q , J FRESHMAN We have earned the name of Freshmen. A new and challenging life is ahead. Ifl can,t grasp it now, I never will. There are many new people that I will come to know and we will be able to share life. WE'REIUST BEGINNING, BUT WE'VE GOT THE SPARK TO KEEP US GOING. OUR GOALS ARE HIGH AND WE AIM TO MAKE THOSE POINTS. a 1 ,i ,, V x -.emu ' - I I ' ., J, ., .-A .3 ' A M 4 ,.,x In A qiqjq A g Q ,. -- x V . 4 5 - , ,f 'z I S I , an A. ' A , 9 ' A ' -7 , AKIA I . , 'Elf -I ,fzzmpz iff - ..-I' A xilggiiif' - ,, Q' I '?5QxW ' V ,L jivfi rg ' - 1 -wg:-,.f'f14, , ,,:fv,w-ff I . , Af' 112"'?1ffS I . 5 ' i.i'1 f? . ' - :J-Sz: I -' ,a,:,3,,.-ff1j"-.- ., ,',,, , 5 "' "L' 'iigfhk I LM W. ' ' V - fa, CNW' -1, .I If. ' -4?2+flN'GQ:Q.-1 T ' PRESI-IMA HA VEA NEW LOOK AT ADVENTURE -Ianicc Abram Patrick Abshire Gabrial Adalpc joel Anderson Gregg Anthony Richard Armstrong Amy Aulds Bonnie Bailey Karen Baird David Baker Bonnie Balius Anna Barbosa Michael Bauer Pat Bego Luis Banavides Bridget Bludau Maureen Bole Debra Brovsm Shanna Brown Debora Buell Thad Bujnoch Robert Burch Kerry Burleson Lorenzo Butler Mic hael Card en as john Carrion Ann Casiraghi Laura Clay Lewis Corbett Billy Craig Q- L- f i'-if-3 - Q nz? " ltlQi?95'i','- i'ii ' ww 1 xi 3 A . A lm 1:5 ?F-w Y., S' 4 ,.g....V f' -. ,,,. ,. i " 1' aigiltlfif. r V 1 Ii ' r V2 Li ' . . M ' it 7 2 4 ? ima if if ...a 61511 1 fd , iv 'S 5. , 4 .Gkwf mmf , . Ji, U - '45 ' x Q2 YJ' ' ' , W, fir' A 'F 7 Y . 'Z9755 :rv fl 1 Misra ccfzuiw fiffii: ,. ,f , Q.. li A l at V A . 'fffziii ' 'ii -,X ,i 5' as fy Q .V , Vu- V... Q. , ,J ff - 5 4 5. ,:"'-K 5'f I'Z-lu' J ,ig fam fi M y wi ,521 V. 3 X if .4 "' ,JW :- Wwe fav rw 4 .f ,as if-fx ,. .Q f at ' 'lf' . . .,.f. . . .3- ' B L1 ff E i.i, ii N -V f f W sr? V. 4 ,VKI ' i' - r ' ' M 1 " H , , R , i - -v 6 A wwf . 41 , ,- rs at X Y A . W ff l get is L , r r . ,K 1 K if , . ,A L X ' f .-1: K. E -. . we ' A-2 z' K K' ' 1 iff i" f- as ze A we 1 .ix HA ,fn 1 - 453245, X ,t x xx, gi t ,Q , Y' o Z s f L . ,Va -., li, 4- . . J. Q I f' ,Misty to . 4 J in S5 Wg e , rf' Br .K 1 ,pl Gary Crenek Mark Declmen Suzanne Deermer Lisa Dillenburg Cal Dorsey Leila Doucet Donna Downey Ann Duplecbain Shelly Etlariclgc Teresa Fabian Robert Fitzgerald Erin Flalicrty jolieth Foley Cynthia Ford Randy Franks Susan Gallivan Natalie Garner janette Garney .-L G- 7 . 1 lraer, si y 3 A L f i - - gi-S ii rx ii' V A x L 5. J ,.?.,.M.gE L , E o .. we iirr Q ,, -wma - V r A '- l"' " ' :.. 1- . :fi 5 . -W Q --r.2fsasi,3? f-- 1 wa.- -rw N. 3.1. f .f.jggfQi1,s lk T25-r ' . V, I , ' H r ,- 1 El I in ' M f . 15 . . v Q4 fr- it ,,.. .V 2. ,. -- 'f - 1 - " 'L ' A '75 ln 5 f .. I' ' . - -2 55 ' ' f , g ,. r ri il , V, i 'S L G ' sl ,V,e my :V if f LE sf A ' I. ,tl 2 M Q 3 V ,f i G s s lst ' 3 ' rra i x g5f:':.?l3'f1.2T fP5:l'f,li2i"f' l A fs El ,S J! l g f Q 3353 1 my ff 2 ,, t K ,.,.f, ,k,,, g. . 'K wr sry: E Q s X I gl 1- ' .. 2 . 5 1'?W1.' -2 Q " ff ua U ' ' ' 2 .. f -V52 ggi 1' t W .y,r R . ' . 'M R f , kgF1gl's" Ellis 257, '-'f'1-'Fiji' 'Exif fwriql-I , 'ze-H3 ' "g:.:11:::fC-1-1-1-SX 2 finger:-:J-rr. 1 - 2713132 vi g Q 21--zwsgfz-1-1-15 za 1 - George Garza Martin Garza Liana Gasperini Carla Gay Greg Gilbert Alison Goerlich Liza Gonzales Oscar Gonzales Gary Graves Terry Gregg Rita Guyton Xavier Guzman . . . D LEAR THE REAL MEANING OE STUDYING Laura Gwosdz Chris Hanson Dolores Hardilek Becky Harris john Harris Laura Havrda Robert Heinrich Daryl Henry David Herald Louis Hilow Russell Hollek Chris Holm David Honeyeutt Mike Hudson Darrell Hueni Cecilia Husband Joseph Husband Larry Hyiek Debbie johnson Susan jones Pauline Kahanek Karen Kainer Tracy Kelley Caroline Kelly Fran Kirn Dennis Klyng Teresa Kutra af.- f '- r"- r , if ii F V . ' - , ' 1 T 131 , alia i 3. fig? rs' 3 R1 -b - a Q.: S255 " - cr. - 3525 'Y if 1 1 . 1 " 'Cx 1 f ' a .W . E - - I 1 if,-wr, L , revive-rims if -1 D Q fi , gsgggijgys A V , 3 r I A ir. . W f , J f-1: .fr , la- Q as fa vi ' 'l' ' H ' 'H i L ' -,,. -' 1 54.51 " '- , ' , , ' -V ' s ,fgggg ., ,L " P 1 I I W' Rh -rrr 'r 'ff 2 HA' A 1' -'wg Q Q1 C ira if 3' 4' V lrsr 5 5. . ' 4 lil if - IIQ L ' ' 11 iii ., vie? v W 2 Graa A . " - isii a s " , f : I I 1 + , 5 'E XA , C+? ' L laese L , Ag' r ry. ,-ga f - ' 1 . 1 I ' 5,5 24 . . F" M y 6? ve-J . 5' i C lraaa relll fl . 5 A ' f ' 1 .. h,,. 'ly if bv i fasv - I V 4 K 3 ' X gifs: W V ,Er , .sr fri" L L 5' Q ' U ,I -H? S ,1 w ' if l ii"' V H, ' E 1- E fl' L, ff Z' ff 'J' 411' '-. f J A! , . sg, , Ulf L if 1, g if Q, v i. , , I x i , , .i L 7 risii A PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE iw 5 1 QE 5 J Ay' 29 pf i ,H , ,.,, , ' if 4222 L . ,.,, ,ami in ,f ff .f , wr ,,, Q' Qs Gr, Q4 l 3 4 l if 1 W! lbw sis ,Q hz Q, 'EW fr ei r 4 nv fu 4194! f-sv PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 7 1 Y 'H 4 ,, , , , wif' . -V 12" ' ,Q p ,' - gf , wififw ' .: 1 ' sf . ,i ,, "-' L V b . .f n i i 1 55i Q , VV 5 :A gri ' M 2 -9,4 A- "?'Wd,n-F 211.-1 ws- ,, -r 14 ::,e:22e'1- ff 1a1a,r L, fr '. F li? f ' 1 . L if iiilfil. ' A K ' :gf 'ff aft g 9' K if . tif: X P is is r ls :ff -ff .M Charles LaBovc Ricky Lampton Dawn Landry Carol Lareau james Laurenzana Bill Law Clifton Lawley Camille LeBourgeois Phyllis Llorens DeeDee Lucero Laura McBrayer John McCoy Laura McGough Carey Malek Mark Mann Debra Moraldo jcggery Marcsh Albert Marquez Kathleen Martin Mary Martin Walter Mays Melissa Meehan Paula Melia Liz Mencliola Karen Mikes john Mitchell Daryl Mize Issac Montelongo Michael Moratto Ernie More Vivian Mosangini Angela Moscarelli Clifford Mosher Marilyn Motley Robert Mushinski Lisa Musil THRQUGI-I THE MYSTERIES OF THE 9TH GRADE F 'tint Y .- .1 Matthew Neveu Mary Ochoa Cathy O'Donovan Nick Oropeza Patrick Ortiz -I ames O'SuHivan Cindy Page JoAnn Patek David Patlovany Donna Pattillo Susan Pavlosky Mark Pekar Norma Perez Mary Petras janet Pickett Thomas Pier Margaret Prado Janie Ramirez Michael Ribe Maureen Rick Marti Rios Laura Rismendo Karen Roberts Becky Robinson 6: I 2 .xr PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE H A f ,Y , c ri , 9 ,Q , Q f . M , , 6 ' its k 3 4 jf ay 5. 9 , 4 f. ' c. ,, f' 1 X it. , 4' K 41 8 mf 2 " a I X Af Q ug: i 2 . . JE 'E' rim G mir- ia 1 43' K ' Q ei , mf' exif 'J S55 2 5 vs- ti J? ff' 5 if B 'M i f 4 . E- K 2 ' 35'I'J-vc . ,v,l.v,...', .-,.'.V',v .1 'f'.'.'.'. .ii "' , l -fl ' 3 Q, . 422: f W fa E ,V , W Q 2 A ,fs , Q ik I .3,:,.:,5. -it, ' ,k A ' 2 yt - f'f1ii'V 9551 W f'Q1v-ff 'r nu, ::.::::f1'. Fe . ina!-2-1-:fc-' ':5r:5rEf-.Z Q 1 - " V 7?-"Z7BW:5:S?5f5i "W ' val ' ' f' 5 A - ',, ' J -. z., Vw ,pw xv- ,. , firms 'ale wi iv ,, 5 ' , 'VV' K ""' C- Ag ,ii . .fi x , FV 5 ff, H livztffl . " ' V l'l"6 ' -, at VV-sw ,vqya 'fu' 5, V 9 'I lm ' ', '- 0 ., ,74 '35 M'-"ut-7,: "Vf.5 lflvik M' li if " Z4 A -Q95 'fifii 2595 1. ' f it its ,"k ws if - 9 ,N . m ,' fr V 'iffhi ,+ , N fig, K Sv , . "" i I f Vf -"' :.a,:f'f:?f' -,, ' ' ,.. r j wow ' 519 Nor f. fx T A V V T ' " 5 AVAILABLE :La f R ' , sg: A W 1 , , ' 'A ' 4 X 4 ,fits , ' H f L., zfffi fi' 4 ,V if gsgfggefwgrff V s 94 ,Q V- ,- A - '. , f' J- fw , ' '- - V :Ma ' ,J 'i ' V, . T T V .4 ilifiig- 'f 6 A ' . A X , ' ,ff . 1 " S f. ray... fs 1 fn. 1 ,r Ee ' . ..r..f , , , ,. --J' ' . V rraawx -zrff. 1 . J P ' l A ' fi r I if ml, PHOTO NOT PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE z, i t ' K ' ' -. AVAILABLE sr K ' "I 6 -, . - Q VY!! T L: 53' ., , V- ,. --- , ,W K ' ll' mf . 0, , at, V zxfe- - re' : , - 1- fr A'-.-5 Mn --,gL?' f fans: ,Au L at K, an 5 kit g , fr A Q ll 795 rl I ff A '-4 b 1 ' 1 Q ' 7 ' S - Q4 1 I K - t K ,Z ' I TfT,TTiT l Ra S A ss ' K 1 VV 6 i. ' , figs . V' ,J V A ,fog V1 l fxerd- ,M , ag , Q ' f lr r We-3 TTVT x , TbT M ' ri' A' Fw K ., P A , w h. , - S , -... ..,j 'Q Q ' A .--. p...,. ., .K ,. , g .y A N.. A ,. , , -,- - My , . - . ' VV S Louis Rodriguez Lester Rodriguez Bernadette Rodriguez Patrice Ross Rene Sanchez Roxana Sanchez Blake Sanders Marie Sarabia Cynthia Savoie Stacy Schaaf David Schiller Larry Schlei Carrie Schroeder Carl Schroeder Pam Schulte Kenneth Siemsen Theresa Silva Patrick Smith Donnie Sobotik Kathy Sondergaard Michael Springer Brian Stehling Brian Stelly Janet Stone Kelly Sullivan Don Thac Marie Valdes David Vega Marjorie Walker Mary Walker Susan Widacki Donella Williams Angela Wilson Nichola Wolpmann Cindy Worthen Marilyn Wourms Harry Wright Kirk Yantz Daniel Zalesnik THE DAYS WILL COME AND GU, BUT WILL NEVER END. As the journey is almost done we find another one to keep us going. Our journeys never begin and never end. We only find content in each of our hearts. L y e eq e y e . P' 1 1 v,,. .rl -4.12 Y, -. X- .fa W .N Q., A X: v IA WE'RE ON OUR WAY HOME. As stated before, the ultimate goal of this book is to capture the events of 1975. We hope we have accomplished this task. Our episode is now over: it is your turn now. 21, I iv, 3 ,mg I , E442 -'---,.,,. W f' . if K... HI . M 'ri' W . ff' .f i iff if J . . '2'A iflfff A eff: , ., .z,,L ,ii 1 ' X, M mffcef , -JK LCYQ N K imomyjax 'MA WIICQ V ww W Mfg 9 mf! Wlflf QMWS Ocywgl 0f6.UQ,y6y jill 6'fl'70 3 ' 8 I X I7 x570v4zl,' C4 ff W 3. Pdf? C6 QW RQ MNX6. X C Nyqy-V38 Eb Q , 0, 6 VNS .900 G06 QM6 iss is x xK?9Bjx!XJ i if W W W W Gyjgwvfm 9 we , QQSJNOQ QM Qf M , My 1 ZW? W fw W, My , BL l Qffzfifmf N M5 , 1 Q7 X. , A . ' quluu li Lv , Q' A We A? MUS . W9 lf? 1,11 YW pf W qff Gy 2 X ML Jw ' QywfAi,Wf., xcvwv mww ff I ,UQCJUYK M if 1 CL OLD if SQ . Q 10 93 5069 ,WL jon J WU - , CF 57 LO 1 'Q' ' f Q Gm def. X55 g7"H9! VW W 'fbi LMS Sm QOOi DQQQUSQ T? M6946 -Qfm0 Qycfzr? fy QQUCMQ. 'Q QPINAQ? Qui YB Digi in OG of Q10 95 CD cg, QQ Q6 QW -2 wpmf 65 A?-EQ O? QfNQFf Obfqx mg 5, Ciniyoaf YQ of gm 950 Q! Of ,sf 'L NAB

Suggestions in the Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) collection:

Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 240

1975, pg 240

Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 246

1975, pg 246

Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 110

1975, pg 110

Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 148

1975, pg 148

Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 9

1975, pg 9

Mount Carmel High School - Zelo Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 156

1975, pg 156

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