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L . -, , V Y v , 1 if V x AEE , q ' . m W X AT: . - , - CL . ' " 'x-Q " ' - , v f- . L., Y ,W . ihii., ' I U .f 33 . Q, Q - Q, C' - A, . - 'U X ,J 'Q .- .. .fn ' ' le . fav r-Y V , ' - ' -- f " ,fi -Q5 J' - V ' . , 1 Liv, aflfz' 1 L' ft- -ffr? -ws-"' - , --2i34,,,f,., f , ,K , ,fIiiV+' "'-' ' I Y 4' 2' 14 JJ.. Vg - Q S 'if . Q. 1. N? .zz ' S 'g X f ,! 2 X L" X hp A. Q if L "':.Tgf" .4 r . . 1 U P, 1 . Alu I H If V ff ' I 'Tr W WE' LQ rv lim Ip' . L3 I .T-Wx I ,' FE 7 W' QP ,W E L 5? ff Ld 'rhrough 'rhese doors fr 4 rx ' 1 UQ K - Qi . ff Iii , 7 , lllll ' ""' . ' in . E 21 Q ,Q- ,LI I I X 7, 3 L ' '-75.554 L - -'--13 if 0 Q 0 YY TABLE OF CONTENTS Activities 20 Organizations 48 Music 74 Athletics Y 86 Album 108 the unforgettable pleasures of activities, and the well- learned lessons of experi- ence. Proudly we remember our school life as we see it displayed on the pages of the 1960 Sibylline, exactly as we have lived it "Through These Doors." AT- I MT. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL MT. CARMEL, ILLINOIS I ,I f I 131 I 1 3 , .11 Elf' . off" 7.-1 . - .I ' , 4 1' ' n X .' ' ' , ' J Q fm r f I p' 4 J " I fy. ! Y 'A ' . A W Q 4 1 , 43' gif ffl- L' i' r ' , - '- ,.1f I-' 'Q ig ' if I ' - " -. Y 3 f A gb: g D ' 14' ' A' ' A 47 1. li Qi: an 1 A E . V ,- V V V. VV , ,V VV' .T V . I, 4 5 ' ' F z .1 ff' " ' H, ' ' , V ,Va V j VV , V VV , 'V -1 V V JV rv . Vrt, V .f ,4i?.fVV , F VV ' ,If,V V4 Fu: . V , V -, V 1 , xt ,f 'A r , ' I Vs' 1 - X V , ,rl , ,J-, V . V! - , V 'v V as ',A'. V Vw VV, 4 - 'VV ," .- AV A 1 1 f f , . . , , - ,ff I V V K, , , f V, A VV .,,,V , Q1 1 . . cf- if ff' fi 5:1 V V V , V f fp' 1 f MM L. V t .- , V , V. 1 V -- I, JV, ,V :L ,',V,' . A .JV ,Au . ge f .- ..'.,f4f 'ff Q f.fjiff'- f I .--. , ' ff V' X.-L ,iff ,f , u I - l ,. X, , 15 ,. z, K7 f' Ii , "" iff" ' ""' fi- " I -'lff ' x ir. .V1.Vn 'V u ,-V, ' fV I ' V .',,p,L", .LQ , V' f J 1, - I Al .Jai :Q ,5' VV ,V V V V VV V VA QW X. .V 1. ,-I , VV' ,VV,VVVV,.?L QV!! .W:',,, VV V 1. :Ziff -H 'IM ' 'Qjff A j' ., , , - ,f-" "Tig ' ,,.f ,.f-,,L.-- . n ,ff iffffg., AJ.,-ff ' " L M, , , ' 43fX"'--"'-1,fV, -3,-fc 9 ,. f ' '. ' - ' 'ff' g- 45 f W ' :na l ' .. 2 'iz ' W :jj-ffl. Q " ' , . V , -jf' , V- gf E I ,' :A 4" - fy I f 3 1 ni . . 5 I I, :H i i 'f I! W r ll Vi . A F : V .wig V ,V 5 AH, .I , f -M - M 1: - . , V mg,-,,,, V ,,--,., - . ' 6 15? . Q ' 4 VV V V ,V , -V Q , , - 5" , " ' 1 ' fi ' ,V I ' 5 A 1 ' L7 L rim 55-'71 :- .U - V, . f': 353 gi' Qllif J.: 'I Q . aiwef -'ff vi I - ' ' 1 3 1 : 2 1 5 g . I f 2 Q , 1 94- , , . "1 '-J 1-4 - . 3 ' 2 1 ' 5 5, p ' ' if iz g I ? : : V ' 1 I "f , 1-A-. 3 1 ff 5 A 1 Q fi , 2 L I l : ' 1 I - ' 3- N , 5 if I : 5 iQ ' ' Q L - ' ' . 5 2 1 . ,-4 1' HIV 4 . 5 1' Q A ' - J l LQ.: . 7 A I I 3, ' v 1 H ' 5 f I l.l ' I . ' , j 1 E . 5 f 5 I QE V t X .-7 ,N Q : - - K 'A . 1 , f , . x ' -. -. . 1 Q 1 ' , I , I . - K 1 Q .. , - , ' A v-f- 2 . . V .. .J VV Y Q . ' Q 5 U i L g ' ,M I 5 ' 5 C 5 ' 5 I t 0 ' 1 I ' ' : o -s" VV VVVV Q 4 V VV. . -'..,,,,gu..V V- E 3 . , W 2 W' X Q"'..L4i,-x"1" ' Zf1f:'P3JVf"1 7'f"f'--- ' , ' . -. ' 4.--wr , - -4, 4.-4--,,w,, ,.,,w,,,,,r-v...-1...,-...-v ,.- A..-gs-10.-.-aw .J- D. " 'f ' ' 7 ' Alfuk 1, R, I . O O .I l.,.. - I fqgging- By School Splrlf-The Er Q . . Drlvlng Force of All School Aciivifies . . . .lI."4'L"-'-'.-,-ll..l 2,4 i..."'+ .-. ' '--5 'lf. y Q ra lf l K l " N. 21 x . . . uc are guided in our 4-umluct at aml away from sf-lmol. S4-lloul spirit teaches us f?llllll1SlilSllC lug ally whether winning or losing. The cheerleaders lead fhe siudenls in yells af lhe conclusion of lhe Homecoming Parade. S Mr. Walz, baskeiball coach, llluslrales slralegy 'lo lhe players. ix. 55? " ,pgs ----""....:,-1 v""H Extra Curricular Activities-Providing Added Interest . . . ll ' ' - -- I In Frances Wallar, and Jaclrie Helm work 4 l U industriously so their float will be ready .af . ' I W " ll tor the parade. ll , A, ff 5 A ' ' '1 ta 1 E Z gf' H . . . are foremost among our pleasant l-f l I I memories. Enhancing our school life, .iff f f t l ,--ll El B5 l-- these days of frivolity are eagerly . r- 4' 1 YQ, 551.5 ,-,1 U J Q .IL alla!!! X A . anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed ti", girl-M. i ' if hy students. TQ' KLM? ' :f-fe' -A.-i :affli- gx ' Mm fl 1'-" 3412-if- Opening presents is always 'fun as these 10 Senior girls are finding during their annual Christmas Party. Regisiaring af fha annual Job's Daughfars Dance are Candy Roovas, Joanna'H'o McCar+y, and Larry xl A N, ii'-r -.sf K VM f Sm 5 5 y fMiF3ia . FHA members provide amusing en'I-eriainmeni' at a party given on Halloween. Organizafions-Opportunities For Sociabilify .... Club inifiafions high- light the school cal- endar. mr? ' . fi iffgZlf44f,,s if 4 if' :"l,-v-.-Q , fl 'I 4 . p -f In Q iz gy,-M , . 'j' V i 7 wif! A ! - l 1 f' ..l l 1 l ' ' ... 5 l ' K, ' a ri 4 1 'T 1 if . . . are the means by which we may acquire leadership. Besides benefiting the students, the organiza- tions of the school undertake many worth-while projects from which the entire school profits. Make-up is applied on a siudeni by Mrs. Hudson before a school play. A play, "The Sfolen Prince," was presenfed on T.V. by our Freshman T.V. English Class. . . zulcl 1-ullurul clevelnl lIll0llt In ilu- slmylcnls ul Nl llmvuglx nmuslval and dramatic- prvsmrtatlmrs. Hy Ilillllilllllltill III Ihr-sv Ill'llQl'lllllH me fmcl that our Iiws are mamlv I'illlLI 1.9 I 3 Ki Ubin wg lair f llwlltelrm gf ? l3BBM:3S"1f+. 1 WPG ' ssmawaf mliww 1 ' rv-amass-A .!,.:-2:- 1 SV' 2 lv ' if ' , fi 0 ,- ,, , X -,,, ,.v.1 . -17,11 N J' ' mvff A , 1 M-. - ,,.Qg--WK, , .. fwf.-,44.. I 73. ,,..3,l:,:f Ex 15:53-gi-,VK . Af- Q ii , gg 1 if " 1 Z Ay . .E wr ,Yr ,, AF Q' xg - .f Q , Q-""" ani" ...Q -1-...I 4 Q.. f'- ' I Qi" . X 'Q D , ff -Suggs: H ogg 'E " lllll F '-' EW R rg 'J ' - J wi I VH., 1-dl---E iff X ,H 1 is v if 5 Q s ,, 1' fl. Y if gf k ig ,W gil ,V , xf sf 3 Li 'Q A U' 4 il . 5 k .r , f 4 Q sl W N iii sux Q ., K 3 'r iw? - - A 5 Requiring Hours 0 wp, , . . QR A gfir F01 4: R 1 of Thought 1 at .X ' ' sf y X , in 1 W-W-L QS xg A X X' ff . M 5 M 4 'HQ X a 5 'S' in .n .K 5 ,.,. 'Y SB f 1 4 f c c c .i , - ...Vx N , ,. , XS "Na Q. x , MK Q K 4 ' K--H? Q - , 3:51:5- v y 'highs caagiitgt Q- Qin ,. Q 3 5 Il lk, f is i 'fr Q fi? ,as- 5: My TLS 3 egg Q Msn UE. s i . hav 1 Tis .... ' .UV W , '5,, vf ' " 'fwiili 12 . is the true purpose of schooling. lfducation provides for us a gateway of service to mankind and a growing understanding of our world. These are' the rewards gained for the long hours spent in study. Thoroughly relaxed, fhese boys eagerly prepare fheir assignment These seniors proudly 'Palme one more look a+ the frophics being lefr 'l'o posferify. Memoriam MIGNONNE CHEESMAN AB.. A.M. 1900-1960 The memory of a great teacher will always he precious to her pupils. Miss Nlignonne Cheesman served our school lor over a generation, beginning her work here in 1928, and for more than thirty years constantly increased in stature as a teacher and in the respect she won from all her pupils and those who were associated with her in the work of the school and community. A true scholar ofthe classics, she made the Latin Language a living thing in the lives of those who studied with her and developed one of the most outstanding departments of this language in any high school. Keen to know her students as well as her sulmject and with an unfailing kindness and infinite patience. she earned the rank of Master 'l'eac'her. Miss Cheesman graduated from the University of illinois, where she also received the Master of Arts Degree. and later studied widely at other great universities throughout the nation, including the University ol Vermont. the College of William and Mary. and the University of Wisconsin. Thus her scholarship well served her for many years of sponsorship of the local chapter of the National Honor Society. Such teachers can never he replaced, hut she will long he honored in the life of her high school. Q. 1 r E' X Et K MWA Q .. 9 have, . , X 5. -. - KX Y 1 5 vu, 52" nr 5' K k 1 f 9' X: M wgixwg -W? X gms A if A X f f mn X is as ' ,,. ,P hi SQ W ' ,X I N Nw .,..,., X wk f- W W W W was A WX :, vm M., Q A E Q 'Q' X Q wp fx K .W Reg X K QW if 5 Q M N X ,X ' N "' M W X . X .X ,X 'lf 2 -X . U WW SN, ' as . 3. 5? N' www N - ' k QXXX A X Q X b. 'x T 4 Silk W xi A ,mf Q if Si P ,X K we is -f-if X- x V N X V 'lk x W Xi K 6 X E 1 My YQ ,gf "' ' , M XX W W K x . .,X,,, W X,,. is W 'W , 4 K' '1' X , 4' QvY'hg ,nr ... 1... 41 H, M, " N ws- R A V aw if X 'Wit ai' W ' www? , f X .Q W W -Q WM MW'-'ik Q ,, "0 5 is ... af 'F 'F WW X R A Am' X k X k A Q 6 -qi - ' A vm was ME i 339, R XFN S ww ' , , .. K' fQq2,fm k Laiifvff Y W. NSN 4 , aiblf' ' 5 X A JP W x Q Wk My X Y Ai A W., , ,fy XX . N ww -1' W K Si , QKFWX Q 1 5 5- i . pw. it .i 4. f- ' 1' 0 K F 'W f 1 .,,., ' f- R Gi ,gm M415 S jfigxggb L H Wgwiflf T ' N i 4 E N . f ,W jak , f vii Xb Sf Q 4 Q . A4 Qgsiivwvfi 4- W X' K - gQ?aan-WSW? ,ML W fn A Q-vii K .Q 4 , A ..,.,. W 5 N505 Q Q he A k - Nr A 5 . W Q ew ' eww Mzmxgkf fi 'W f x Q ' 1 ,rw efjgw:5gfi,,m:F.' Q ' , f -ww f 1 N .N KN! -.K ctiviti s The activities presented by the high school offer an open door to recrea- tion and enjoyment. As the school year progresses, enjoyment ot' the many activities increases, creating Ilf'Yf'l'-I0-iIC-fOI'g0il6ll nicnlorics. Picniclring is an activity enioyed by many students near the end ot school. F Q, am .VA ib m 'fi- 'F mfwfrfg. N5 .... Y 53 if -M1 ..... Q Q 'ff 5835725 ' W 1 L . W Q -A fk.. 5 W . A -Q - .,q: J N"iEfii ,, , . , .,..:,g , gi:,, ,, M !v is - lwggig ,1:, -1',Q Q L W im K , X w hav 'Q ' .,. W A. 'M 3 in -Q .sh if 4'-+142 frf'Qg,fW K ' A, V , v'f"" L... AZ-...W ig X "I E. I W-, '19, is X. F. n 1 A nun M jg f f ' ,A ,z 1' N f lar E--'bww A 1 f A-gtk gag KA midi' Y ' X K QW, ix . , -. X ff If ,fig - 1 43" ' f , . N 46" K, 5, FR :rw S ik 'ff QU A W . K X3 aw 'E A, i ,Y X Sis. 5 as ,. y ' i! 3 .QQ cd: N' gl' 1 tax www . r , . ' 5 X Q saw ' 5.k ss ?wgQg,gX: X. . .M -5:g5gg:,'5eQ,, :. w wy f. 1 N f 'Xl-, X gs.: ' ' XZ., W ":E2: QS3 " ix ' W X' 'N Q X N . Qgffkgf- Q, x jijfrf 55512 gg:,'fQs5?Qg ...., 3 .X Egg M MM "www x :2I: Smg'iQ Q :Q . N- 6 MW W K X,.,g,A J iQiE'5 j. : Y . 1 f ig? , .,: IQQV, Q E f , . R K 'f 5 i " in - Q' f A ' I - f i3:f g , , -A Q 5 .ax 53? V Q ifw vt S g X Q b ff A aw mf 2 f e"w"+ . R' fi- A X i H 'Q ef ' A 5 E N A sf? . 5 if .fl s . " U fm Q av , K kiwi 3 K S ' wh ., , EA Q,-4. Y x vi t ,N . R ,La - L , a m, M h E V ' 1 ,F Q wx 'L Q 5 if 5 fx N. X QM is wi 5 x- W ,F , , ar Q S B F . . . A X R A X Q wi A .mm t Q ,gd mf K1 Q Q s xi Hi 1 , 3 X 4 N Mr, , wx X fgi IV, X l 4' ,K , 5 Nw if 1 ' ' fi yi' XX - t f- ,lf 39: I ' fr - 1XX . j . 4 .R X ' 'we 1 9 . . , 734 Q , ' P' I 130 0 112. Hg: x I if 5 Qu, QA at JE? EN 'E 4 i .nf ills .J . . V, . N .W ' A av ,N a lint A I . -, ,pf gr Q1 3531, x k V, tix. 'e'?g??4s2fg . .S ifgew Q W R S W M v 141, Y fri ' y W LY flffwyn Nik.. ess: fvffvizfii if iz: k 21: Ls? S , W mi 'E' .::1gz,.2:5?sf gg S Nw i- pg,-3 :??EzwQ?2jifAf5'5'!'61.-32' 513551, 4 k . , :E A ww'-1 , , up-.wbfg aww-,wx 5 'R . WNQQM-M3352 :Aai22:iiZf2ifi?fff12fi ' ' Homecoming Queen And Attendants Previous to Homecoming Day, one girl is nominated from each class by her classmates. From these four finalists the varsity football boys elect the queen. Bonita Deputy, senior candidate, reigned as our Homecoming Queen this year. ' Beverly Compton Freshman Candidate Margaret Compton Junior Candidate Karen Harris Sophomore Candidate 'ifffi STI 1 ' Q M' ggi Mwiiwwkw dk we ., lg 'ibn Q if 011 'ik HOMECOMING QUEEN 3 G31 . W e X 3 'I ik if , . 1 K ami si Q s N lv 3 1 if ,E ka Q wk Wmmww y ,H 9... Y Q 5 'B Q... .. ....,. fx x Q Y 1 fs fr 5.5 .4 .,.. ex. ' ..f.::- fit. : .,:: .... we -121 1 l , 7 -553: ai N' - fwg - . amiga M f ,S """' Q T . 4 Q pw ,k W va fa g v. ma 1 z,,mm2f:?:mMaw i 4 mi: , f zwfefwa ggwf I. V- IS 'f is .5 .. 'S . ,fi 4 I: 3, .a .2 55-ii' 3. 25 I 1 K 'i 1 fm T . f: , .- 4 . . W' :Zi " 225 f . -.-f - 1 3 3. .'-1:2,:i.':: S Qkwwmff Z' . fran Y-fflwgp . is -mf K 'W' N xwww gg, : Rib .. X .,.,.., .N -- - . .- '- p ...Q 5 553 , Q ii. ,ir t X A ,3 S ' Ya , 4 1 wr. .',i . , 4 M A 2, , 1 . , J xg? 4 Q k 8' WT Ziiiif 7 ln, 'g i 3 Q if V 'V ,wkf X 5234 V 12 39' . fy, af 'vi . , :W 530 4? 31. Q 3, M , 1' X 5' w, v df...-, 2. HS ' N ',f4:x9, , 'i ? XY x V xy fm '-2f' i 3- is - S iv Exci+ing, fun-'filled scenes, along wifh +he iuniors' 'Fine aciing abiliiy combine fo make a very enferfaining performance. "Seventeenth Summer" l'resented hy The Junior Class CAST AlYGll'i. "sc-venlecn" VIAltGAltIi'l', her engaged sister l,0ltllAlNl'i. her hopeful sist Kl'lVl'Y. her little sister MRS. MURHOVV, her mother Kilt. NlUltltUVl7. her father JACK, her lmy friend ART. lVlarggaret's fiance MAlt'lilN, l,Ul'l'2liIlC.S hope JANE. a menace . TONY. a hop friend MARCIIC. ai girl friend l"l'l'Z. her "steady", Sue Weaver Marcia Hudson er Judy Uanner Donna Redman lfllen Sue Patton Kenneth Siefferman Rodger Peterson John Sharp Holla Harrell Thelma Whitaker S Russell Smith Carmen Kennard Charles Higgins lllRlfC'l'0lt Mrs. Catherine Hudson Q 4' 3i'Nm.4.. Behind the scene prompting is done by Priscilla Pool. a student director. The climax of the play 'finds Sue Weaver and Rodger Peterson in a romantic spirit. Some final maize-up adiustments are made by Mrs. Hudson. The crew members spent many hours preparing props, scenery, and all the other factors necessary for a successful production. 31 Christmas Activities Parties during the holidays are always numerous. Santa has paid an unexpected visit to this gather- ing lluring the Christmas season. it is the in-school and out- ol-svhool activities which giye that added touch to the holidays. Nlt. Carmel High School students. no different from other students. enjoy festive parties and gatherings. Xlthough their own entertainment is not forgotten. they diligently work to make Christmas more pleasant for others as in-ll as theniselves. A yearly' project. sponsored hy the Student Counvil. is the collection of canned goods for needy families. 'lihv F. H. A. memhers annually' go caroling to the shut-ins of the community. It is through the students, united efforts that Christmas is made more enjoyiahie for all families. The canned goods are being carried to a near-by truclr for distribution to the needy families. iii as T -19' an '39 x , vm ,wg , S 31 x F ' R wi , X X , 5,1 A N X f ' l A. Rx. 3 .PT 6 2 'M V-'mf vs T i J. . Q J Y. L .s .ff v 'WPS L . Q , 4. 1 fy? sf 456 if Q 'Q 'ed .U L .- ,hw AY . W. f Q ,, M ,.+..f f MM jf? f I Qhrfx gm., 1 mass e "'?hu....,-I ,, f X .fuk w, . 1 'A QQFS. A ,. 1' Av GWB W M A .v:. . .. M maya, Q '9 ' w in X., f"'f'!'? ' A HY i F x .fe D sVffl 5 fi .tg .- 2 W .fig S f. nk I -as my 9 X M Q Mg, . A Q iff! 5? 3. 'ae- . Q. A . Q 5. ,,-- 2 ' if I . Q . .1 'vs "Flight Into Danger" Liz Bivins and Gene Anlrenbrand, in two ot the lead roles display exuberance in this scene near the dramatic climax ot the play. 'liielcet Agent Stewarlless ,, Vlrs. Williarns Wlrs. Foster , Vlrs. Spencer Judy. Operator Wargo , , , Cathy Helen .lane George Spencer ltr. Baird Mr. Foster Vlr. lVlaine First Officer Captain Controller Harry Burctiek Gapt. Treleaven Director Director, Mrs. Hudson, views the actors critically as they rehearse. , kathy Cleary Liz Bixins ,W , Naomi Young Amy lfwing Nancy Shaw ,, , , Sam-3 'liroltier ,, ,a ,, ,loyee Shephercl ,laekie Helm , Carol Applelwy Marcia Randolph , , ,,,, , We Gene Ankengrand c George Rehnquist Darrell Cehret James Pfiester Bill Wll6Hll'l'lPll Russell Higgins lien Broun 'liom llaviclson Ranflx' New kirlc ,- Mrs. Catherine Huclson Members ot the crew work faithfully behind the scenes to malre a successful pro- duction. Property man, Jim Hall, produces lite-lilce sound effects throughout the play. Eg we ' wmv-A I 5? if ,-u .-of ,. 1 1 vi' fi .J W 5 Q if ' S5 Q S I Si Ev -QA iifmz 4 AQWX Qwfaw V R 9 , Q Q' I A T ft NN A -'ms H Q., Q R H , . Q ax. , I :if f , i 2 S f. ' ,F . 'X X? - -wif' A " sf 'V " ' S ' - W, Q f ' Q ff? ' gs ,aw ,,. in hw 7' A., WY ' . N Q RRR! ,af 5 A, 'iv ' Hbx -fr-5 W 'nil 133:31 M... X X 1152 ."'s ff?.'?H15. K Y .ST-ig, 1gf152sfs3f?s - ,--. if 5 . Q " . .NM . -,M arm, MN, . iif:"25?,::?5.Z5Hgf2,:sg43E5X'Q V -W 0 1' 1 3, 3 5 sg .W x .-N av'-1 ""!""" 'gf Yi R 1 LV, ' 45 In 1 Students who sold over S45 of magazines received prizes. Jim Kemper, Mary Ewalcl, Jane Shepard, and Nancy Halbig are shown with their prizes. The end of magazine sales 'finds Mr. Weaver and Ellen Patton in a jovial mood. Magazine Sales Each year the junior class undertakes various pro- jects to raise money for the Junior-Senior Prom. The most important of these projects this year was the maga- zine sales. Each clay a high salesman was recognized. To make the sales more interesting to the student salesmen, prizes were given according to the amount sold. As in years past, the sale was most successful. Une night ll your is set aside by the Student Counvil as College Night. The juniors and seniors annl their parents are inxilecl to attend and to re- 1-eiu' information ahout future schooling. Represen- Inliws from various colleges holfl conferences with the- ints-rusta-rl students and answer questions ahout 1-ollege life. tuition. and courses offered. Each stu- ils-nt is urgm-cl ln visit the vzxnipus of his Choice and get aif'learer1-oneept of college life. College Night A large group of parents and students are shown as they go to their conferences. After the conferences, everyone attend- ing College Night enioyed a social hour in the cafeteria. The conference ot Southern Illinois Uni- versity was interesting to this large group. The winners of the Elks' Leadership Contest were Ken Brown, first: George Rehnquist, second: Bonita Deputy, third: and Randy Newlcirk, fourth. I T Award Winners During the year several honors are conferred upon outstanding members of the senior class. The most outstanding senior girl, as determined by her classmates and the faculty, is presented with the Daughters of the American Revolution Award. The most outstanding senior boy. who is also selected by his classmates and the faculty. becomes the recipient of the Jaycee Citizenship Award. This year two contests were sponsored by the Elks' Club. The Elks, Leadership Contest is based upon a folio prepared by each contestant. Each folio contains a self-written composition about the applicant, letters of recommendation, and additional information regarding his leadership ability. The Elks' Scholarship Award winner is determined by the statements, recommendations, and data showing scholarship, which are compiled in a folder prepared by each participant. The Betty Crocker Award is an award given to the senior homemaker in each school who makes the highest score on a national test. All of these honors are conferred upon only those who are willing to strive to do their best during their four years in high school. 1 Af+er receiving enough voies classmaies +o be vo+ed on by fhe faculfy, Bonifa Depuly received fhe Daugl'1+ers of fhe American Revolufion Award. The winners of fhe Scholarship Confesi spon- sored by +l1e Mf. Carmel Ellis' Club were Pai Riordan, firslg Connie Smifh, second: and Darrell Gel'1re+, ihird. by her From ihe 'Four boys nominafed by Hue senior class, flue facul+y chose George Relwnquisf for flwe Jaycee Cifizenship Award. Having received flue high- esf score on a nafional lesl given fo flue senior home- malrers in our high school, Mariorie Wrighl won +l1e BeHy Croclrer Award. Q ,-.. fl' Y ir Milte Colborn is shown at the florist's picking up a corsage. Prom Preparations The high point of the school year is the Prom for which much meticulous preparation is needed. lfarly in the spring girls begin shopping for formals and, ol course. all the necessary accessories. When the big day arrives. every beauty shop is filled with happy, excited girls. The boys, too, have to consicler their appearanceg so tuxedoes must be spoken for early. On the day of the Prom the hops are nearly as busy as the girls. Corsages, which were ordered earlier, have to be picked upg but probably the most important task is filling the gas tank. Without this enthusiastic preparation and anticipation for the Prom, a lot of the fun would he missing. Y , A m QS ' fr: ,Q 4 . K w . .ff S 3 - E w, ff ' fi HI 5 X' f- 5 - i , 3 ,L V sy . i :ai Q 'Q . xi! ' X V M ' : M 2 QQSG. i' A 3' Q1 , ,ii , :Q if be f :A E X if 1 1 : r 2 S ,s 3 5 at vw . xv F. PX S . Y is Xwwwqs K. . Junior- Senior Prom Elsie Harlcness and her escorf. John Gould, move down lhe enhance ramp io receive +heir leis 'From Judy Keenan and J. E. Brown. The Prom is now well under way mediafely a'Her fhe grand marcl 'floor is filled wilh swirling formal: fancy fooling. During a brief infermission fhe puncl lable gels ihe mosl' aHen+ion. The puncl and cookies are being served by lhe sophomore girls. The climax of ihe Prom is reached rhe grand march begins. li is i evenf lhal all have fhe opporfun view fhe beaufiiul gowns. Some prefer lo sir and walch as lhei friends and classmaies fake a lurn or ihe dance floor. M, 'YQ ,W wk I Ji f Y ,, Wm Q4 is ' .. W fb I W iffy is It FFMWQQV' wi M ,Er M W1 WZ M 1 ' 'W 4 A . 4+ W A g Mmm M V, Q mga- uw., ,+.,- - L 1. ,Q H 1 at Q V Aw fffkww ' 3 4. f , J, . I , HW on a WL .W ,. , - Mm , M :nr wwiudi Ill W. 'M E Wy -av W Awww W Organi- zation 'llhe cloors of leadership and vo- opcralion opened hy the various eluhs ol' lhe high school are invalualile. Besides developing pliysii-ul and mental skills. the eluhs increase the in- terest among the students hy offering CXUEI-l'lll'l'lCl1l2:ll' activities. Archery is a favorile among 'lhe sporis parficipaied in by 'rhese G. A. A. girls. The Sibylline Staff E Um- of the liusiest organizations in the st-liool is tln- Silvylline Staff. Making a year- liook is at your-rouncl job and involves a Irvine-mlous znnount ol work. Working during . . N tln-n' frm- lll'l'l0flS. altm' school. and often at if 9 nights. tln- yt-urlmook staff organizes the ma- tvriall xsliicli has to he sent to the pulwlisher to nn-vt at ttf-utlliiw. Upon vompletion of the liook - tht- stall lIl9!Illll'l'S urn' l'PWilI'il0ll with an an- .3?.,...i . 5.1.6.igssfyfgifgffsilifif. if 'gi lbzz Z ,.'- nnul ol xsliivli the-5 can lie justly proud. t E iii Sis his s . Consulting each other on the placement ot pictures are Mr. Bayley, advisor: Frances Waller and Elsie Harla- ness, co-editors. Selling subscriptions tor the yearbook lreeps the subscription committee busy Lett to right: Anita Hultachor, Phyllis Eggebrecht, Carol Wilson, George Rehnquist, and Russell Higgins. S 2 A i 1. s S 5 E E. 5 I li n - E 3 Organizing and dislribufing maferial 'for flue paironage drive is only a small par? of +l'1e worlx done by flue pafronage commilfee. They are leff fo rigl1'l': Bob Allxa, Nancy Sfeclrler, Jo Ann Townsend, Joyce Powers, and Jaclrie Helm. The picfure commiffee find fhemselves busily engrossed in fhe faslr of soriing piciures. Lefl lo righfz Maffie Jolrelainen, Judy Keenan, Ken? McGuire, Karen Raber, and Bonifa Depuly. Mr. Oral Harris assisfecl in +l1e piclure ialring. 5 QS? ' I'i'KXf ll' Members of fhe dummy commilfee, Carol Sawyer and Selechng a color and paHern for lhe cover s fhe 'ob Ellen McGuire co operale wi+l1 'flue edifors in planning of +l1ese members of flue cover commiHee Lefl lo righi lhe layour for llwe Sibylline. Connie Smufli Bull Berry Bonnie Schrader and Janie Cal verley The Student Council 'lliv Student Count-il is an organization voniposed of representatives from ear-h of the elasses in high school. These students who are 1-tr-cn-d hy their Classmates are chosen on the liasis ol leadership. Ality guided hy Miss Cheesman. sponsor, and Ken Brown. Presi- dent. the 1-ounvil continues to direet student af- fairs as in the years hefore. A few of the duties of the 1-ouneil are: the operation of the coke. paper. and pencil machines. and julie box, and the sponsoring of after game dana-es. home- voniing activities. March of Dimes Contest, and tht- annual CAlil'i program. 4 ,PHS The officers are: left to right: Bonita Deputy, vice-president: Marlene Wirth, secretaryg Miss Cheesman, sponsor: Ken Brown, president: and Kent McGuire, treasurer. These boys are responsible for keeping the colce machines filled. The machines must be refilled every clay. Left to right, Gary Childers, Bud Lewis, Bill Berry, and Bob Allca. Nwwmte George Rehnquisf, Elsie Harlrness, and Bonnie Schrader walch allenlively as Malli Jolcelainen locales his counlry, Finland, on fhe globe. Presiding al' 'lhe informalion deslr on College Nighl were lhese sludenls. Leif lo righlp Keilh Miller, Killy Friclr, Lynda Youngman, Joyce Weaver, Belle Brown and Susan Shepherd. 1 P, ,mi - fi fi: if ifff' The insignia shown here is W- lhe emblem of rhe Nalional wa Associalion of S + u d 'e n + W Councils. ,I- Before a meeling lhese council members find lime fo The wafer founlain is a good place lo meef. Leff lo righfz enioy lhe snow. Leff lo righfg Mille Douglas, Jerry Davis, Pal Rayna Wilson, Russell Higgins, Linda Darnell, and Nancy Riordan, Audrey Loclxe, and Teresa Bivins. Sfeclcler. Yi My X -,-, Q.. .A..,x, ., mg- , S X as xi X 11,:., .1 - 1 QQ. ,wisw lzwgw . 'svwigr qhhfvnwtvirfssissis H: V .Vw?g1fWwz,uv, wi lm Q 3, V 'ig aifif5?GW 91- . M Jr ggiiiviwiggigag :A 4 E L. iff f if . .2 , MM- mf ,ww M FM,v ff,y"f' 1 . -- vw :Kwik M 'x ' fx? N faez' fgvzszrtfgt b wrfggff- f L . ' K if! W 2 5 U 1. f 51531 -:'i: ' fS2, 1 'ff f fi 3 . ,' dp" .Q ,b is Q 1" Q8 -115+ il x " W wa. 'X is fi we X .ak - Y V wwqwx j Msgs Sl .,., 3 "vi, ,gieQi5gSwgQ K' K U' N. xwwffwg 'X f .f vm may 13 -xm Always iovial when refreshmenf 'lime arrives, members wail' lheir furn af one of lhe meefings. Dues are paid fo lhe secrefary-lreasurer by 'rhe members al each meefing. 573 'Y ,fa zeuunj igu yr? -: MN This emblem of honor is i I . proudly won by ihe many M ,ll members who have pariici- X l pe+ed in conlesf. ...d"""5-v X N. NX. yf ,f Q Af The home-like surroundings af fhe meefings creafe an Winner 'for fhe evening, Kay Lifherland, performs as Janef almosphere of informalily and fellowship. Lindsfrom lislens aflenlively. Foreign Language Club The Foreign Language Club is an organza- tion lor students who have taken two years of a foreign language. The purpose of the FLC is to ereale a greater interest in the languages ol other countries. lluring its several meetings the memlvers take part in interesting panel tliseussions. play games that enahle them to further the use of a foreign language. and see films. lt is exiclent that foreign languages have a larger part than ever in the relations of our eountry with other countries. That in itself is a reason for the growing membership of the ltoreign Language Cluli. Pointing to a location on the map is the FLC sponsor Miss Mignonne Cheesman. The officers are, left to right: Milce Douglas, presidentg Elsie Harlcness, vice-president: Virginia Tennis, secretary: Tom Butler, sergeant-at-arms: and Sharon Miller, treasurer. Entertaining the FLC with a film ot his trip abroad is Bill Haclrler Lisfening 'ro Mafii Jolrelainen, an honorary member of FLC, is a pleasani' pas+ime for 'lhese members. These sfudenfs lisfen affenfively as 'They 'fake fheir vows as new members. . F. L. C. - These IeHers represenf fhe promofion of a beffer undersfanding of ' ' ofher naiions of ihe world. The FLC inifiaied a larger number of new members 'Ihis These members gafher around Sharon Miller fo pay fheir year. Among fhem were fhese sfudenfs. dues for ihe semesfer. Acrprocons ,Xi-Iprm-mis is an organization islmsc lllf'lll- lwrsliip is upon lu any sluclenl mlm has par- livipnlvcl in l'lllI1'I' vluss play. and any sopho- nnn'm-. junior. nr senior who has taken one yvur uf spa-4-vll. 'lille' vlula is ilixialml into lun groups. Om' group is ilitweslerl in Ill'bllll3lllTS anal tln' nlllvl' in flvlwutillg. 'lillvsc lun QJQI'1llllJS lllll'l'lI1ll1' in pruvimling il lJI'0Q.lI'iilll lm' the nn-4-lings. This your smnv of lhe' llll"lIllN"l'S xwnl lu ai slwwll vlinim' in Cur'lwmlalc' and ville-l'n-ml ll spc'c'm'l1 l'lblllk'Sl. The Acfprocon officers agree +l1a+ ine scrip+ for +l1e senior play provides an excifing ploi. Le'f+ ro righf: Nancy Shaw, secreraryg Naomi Young, freasurerg Sandy Troffier, presidenrg Eric Lennerf, vice-presidenh and Mrs. Hudson, sponsor. A+ ine conclusion of fhis impressive ceremony, fhese srudenrs will be pre pared for aclive membership in Aclprocons. These senior members enjoy fhemselves as fhey enierfain iheir organizafion wi+h a play. Alfhough noi parficipaiing in The play, +hese members are an affenfive audience. x Q 1,1 co organuahon which sirlves fo promofe drama+ics. s aww IJ l N i ffm R39 Th, b' IS fam 'em I'eFTl'eSEl'1iS- Bn i QR? P-57, Q of George Rehnquisf and Darla Pierson read for expression Gafhered ouiside fhe meefing room, +hese members dis- while Ida Kieffer lisfens ready 'fo comment cuss some new business. Future Teachers Of America l"ulura- 'l'eau-liers of Auicricu is an organi- zation xsliosv aim is lo em-ouragv and supply inlormzvion to young people who are inter- rslml in the leaf-liing profession. Like most ol llu- svliool vlulns. l". ili. A. hollis regular mm-clings ami voters into lll0 Sl'llUlllqS various aivtnills-s. Acimlvci inter:-st is supplied hy the Consumng Wm' iheir sponsor' Mrs. McLaughlin' are me opportunity olferc-il to all inemlie-rs to leach F T A officers, Randy Newkirk presidenf, Joyce Shephard in il graulv school u spevificcl numlwr of day s. ,,5Ce.pre5iden+: Jane+ Tennis' ireasure,-I and Connie gmiihl llirougli this leaching expc-l'if-rice. the mem- Secretary- lwrs am- almlc- to learn first-liaml the fliflerenl li-i-lixiiqm-s ol lt'2lI'lliIlg. Because ol its varied au-lixilivs. F. T. rl. is a wry inciuslrious vluh. A+ one of fheir regular business meeiings, +he members exchange views on a iopic broughf up for discussion. These seven F. T. A. members are heading for one of fheir mee+ings. Reading over educalional informaiion, fhese members are hoping for a possible scholarship award. F FF Lilre fhe Sfalue of Liberiy, 'lhe F. T. A. emblem sym- bolixes a brighier 'fulure fhrough learning. X! Eagerly lisfening lo fheir sponsor, F. T. A. members learn Thinlring seriously abou? a moiion on fhe floor, lhese more abouf leaching. members musf decide whefher fo vofe for or againsf. Future Homemakers Cf America The Future Homemakers of America is an organization for girls studying homemak- ing in high sehool. These girls are learning to lvuilfl stronger and hetter homes for the future. 'l'hrough F. H. A. they learn what is required for happy homes and how to prepare for them. Few people realize the importance of home em-onomies. ami it is up to this group to create il greater interest in that field. Led hy their almle sponsors. Miss i'iElS6IllT1y6I' and Mrs. lfarnier. these future homemakers are obtain- ing the necessary facts and experience that ixill make them efficient homemakers in the future. Seated lett to right - Miss Hasenmyer, sponsor: Elaine Carter, Kay Litherlancl, Karen Reber, vice-president: Car- men Kennard, Margaret Compton, Mary Berberich, treas- urer: Mariorie Wright, secretary: Janet Tennis, president: Joyce Marriott, Mrs. Farmer, sponsor. These F. H. A. members tind their initiation amusing. Lett to right, first row - Mary Peach, Pat McClane, Patty Banlrs, Karen Redman, Diane Clevy, Twyla Lane, Mary Jarvis, Earline Ferguson: second row-Sandy Lowe, Leona Beal, Margaret Wellerman, Pat Litherland, Bever'y Compton, Norma Duncan, Nicki Lucas: third row-Carol Ewald, Peggy Allen, Carol Snelling, Mary Ruth Helton, l Billie Corwin, Nancy Clarlr, Carol Garrett, Sarah Dodson. A heavy snowfall 'iempfs lhese F. H. A. girls +0 ihe our- doors for a 'few minuies of recrealion. Ai fhis F. H. A. meefing, held on +he day of iniiiafion, fhe new members mingle wiih +he old members and discuss happenings of ihe day. 4? -I if The F. H. A. emblem repre 5 senis fhe homemaker hold F-v . "" - :3 it Q Ing 'rhe fufure of fhe Amer H' s .N ican home in her hands. ' 'W he 4 'lf' K ef 'I s 4 EW 1 V1 M" xmnsQ ban... These 'fulure homemalrers express 'fheir approval al 'lhe Through demons+ra+ions +hese members of F. H. A. learn sighi of freshly-balred sweef rolls. fha! +he over-loading of a washing machine may resulf in expensive repairs. Future Farmers Ot America 'lille purpose of the l". F. A. is to teach lvoys to learn hy rloing. Part of the school is-ar the Vo-Ag students spend learning out of hooks anfl the rest of the time learning to lmuilrl things. welding. or practicing mechanics. The lot-al l". F. A. is a part of a national organization which carries on its work in all ol' the liililt' states. lVlemhers of the F. F. A. par'tin-ipaite in grain and livestock judging con- tests and cfonduct a pest contest to help rici the community of harmful pests. Their climax for the year comes in the spring when they have a lvunquet. attended hy the memhers and their parents. where awarcls are given to the out- standing 1l1t'tl1lK"I'S. The F. F. A. otticers are Robert Gliclr, president: Earl Loudermilk, sentinel: George Stoltz, secretary: Charles Hig- gins, reporter: Norman Wilcox, vice-presidentg John Wood, treasurer: ancl Mr. lrvin, sponsor. These club members are examining the trameworlu of a trailer one ot the many proiects made in the Vo-Ag Shop. This year fhe Chapler Sweefhearf chosen by ihe F.F.A. members is Delores Hunf. Jusl' refurning from one of fhe judging confesis are fhese F.F,A. members and fheir advisor. 1' wi -if vvifzm fl D Nuo 5 The F.F.A. emblem sfands QAFAX ,gtg for a new era in agricul- Q4- . T' ' . Q-Q" N121 fife- , ' ' I ' s . 7 C7O?: 1':fQ9Q C, ff'-cu L10 ' 4 4 U d b ' " H .. .mf- 'Hn N, M S . We 1 'e,- 1 ,s,- X. PA 5 i if L if " R Here are five members discussing iheir possible careers in I!'s clean-up lime in fha Vo-Ag building. farming. Industrial Education Club 'llo promote fellowship and interest among thi- lvoys from all areas of industrial arts are txso ol the primary aims of this elulw. Being a serxiee elulw. they perform many activities, sueh as the hat cheek at haslcethall games and assisting with programs and tickets at football ganies. Soeial events are also enjoyed hy the nic-nilwrs. These include dances with the l". ll. SX. and also an exhilmit of their work at the same time as the girls present their style show in the spring. Officers ot the club: Dick Youngman, reporterg Kenneth Davis, secretary: Ron Clarlr, historian: Charles Davis, vice- president: Bill Mabry, historian: John Sharp, president: Joe Shular, parliamentariang and sponsor, Mr. Humphrey, watch Mr. Henry, sponsor, as he demonstrates the worlring ot a machine. The proiects ot each boy are seriously undertalren in an ettort to complet: them rapidly and etticiently. Here three ot the boys Maclry Croger Doi Rogers, and Don Wilkinson, display some ot their handiwork Roberf Moyer and Sharon Maiors discover fhaf illusfrafions are very helpful in fhe worlr which fhey musf do. Careful inspecfion is made by Ray Goodson and Ralph Haggard fo assure fhe fine qualify of fhis finished deslr. Lee Weller and Richard Huff carefully place fhe fools in fheir proper places. "A place for everyfhing and everyfhing in ifs place," says Mr. Henry. x ' 'ff - .. 1' ii ' J. fgymf "'Qs..w,-,,, . NNV K . it y U ,gags . V it . 35 The seal of fhe lndusfrial Educafion Club of Illinois. I . l 'Vw LT: his Alflliq ' l 4i?""'3 I .J--A .niin Larry Madden, Kenny Young, Mille Nash, Kenny Terry, and Dan Hiclrs enfer fhe shop fo begin fheir worlr. Girls' Athletic ssociation 'llhe Girls' Athletic Association is made up of girls who are interested in physical train- ing. supervised athletics. and good sportsman- ship. Learning to play softball. deck tennis. and many other games. physical skills are deyeloped. 'llhis year they have had the added opportunity to work on the trampoline. By slay ing after school for activities. a girl earns ai letter which entitles her to travel along with the other letter winners and their sponsor. Nlrs. l"islier. to Shakamac State Park. Here they enjoy a weekend of hoating. swimming, liorseluu-lt riding. and hiking. The year is lirought to a close at the annual Mother- liaughter Banquet where the girls receive their awards. it Ir' , Mrs. Fisher, sponsor: Penny Newlrirlr, treasurer: Bonnie Schra- der, president: Judy Keenan, vice-president: Connie Smith, secretary, inspect the trampoline that the G. A. A. helped purchase. At the beginning ot each school year the old members entertain the prospective members at the annual "Buddy Supper." The girls, along with their sponsor, hike to the river where they enioy a saclr lunch. Atter supper, games are enioyed by all. I i is Carrying fheir bedrolls, fhese girls prepare fo gef on fhe bus for lheir annual irip +o Shalramac Shale Parlc. These G. A. A. girls prepare fo unfold fhe Trampoline for a nighl of enioymen+ while earning poinis for fheir leHer. M-u-s...j This 'emblem is proudly worn by each girl lhaf con- iribufes enough lime and efforl 'fo earn ii. ,., i ,M The new members are required lo represeni differenf pro- The new members seem +o enjoy inifialion in spife of all fessional workers as perl of lheir inifiafion. 'lhe hardships pu? on ihem by 'rhe older members. 69 " " Club The "Nl" Club is made up of hoys who haye earned a varsity' letter in athletics. These lvoys are proufl to he seen with their letters yxhic-li represent a certain number of minutes of at-tiye participation in a game. These boys yyork hard all year to raise funds for their trip. Although they have been inactive this year. they enjoy ed their trip to Old River Fish Catnip in southern VVhite County last spring. H"---....f my 'I This group, consisting ot iunior boys, seem to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. Steve Smith, Ken Brown, Fred Sherman, Jim Wells, Dave Spelman, Jon Baird, Bud Mccary, Rusty Olds, Gary Howard, Jim Hall, Ken Harris, Bob Morlan, Bill Haclrler, and John Wood sit on the stadium that holds many 'fond memories tor most ot them. sal l F F I Q s The annual lrip was an imporlanl even? for fhe "M" Club boys, enjoyed by all. On fhe frip fo Old River Fish Camp a lot of iolcing and 'friendly horseplay occurred. 1, w X1-,A 1':w7"' ills!-14-KX J' Q X Vi 'F' The "M" on fhe iackeis 2, f .uw f - H . , fgrgfg file, fgQ'ia5"Jf?- af. Merge' ,3'2yfff.e 1"-g2'iE"51-Wi-2 .Y's.Q.'z-. iii" ggifgnzgfx ,-airfswggy of fhe alhlefes represenis 5.-Q. 1.1.3, I Qfyy . eff-'if'rJ" M+. Carmel Hugh School. , +V fig ,-, kylie l six, ' W 'TZ Q iv: " " . !' . 1 ":l1i5,.4fa 2? gijfyg 22. ,Lesser Terry Depufy, Larry Voighl, Ed Waller, and Sieve Byes Gary Childers, Jeff Hiclcs, Jim Kemper, Richard TenBarge, admire our lrophies. and Bob Allca walch a baslcelball game wifh inferesf. S! fm f , 1 K. 5 '15 H xi? if F ".,.- A .,'?.:. :-1?' , 41 H' g gs! Q ,NS Q D! .i5 Janef Tennis proudly signs her name in lhe membership boolr, malring her one of lhe many honored members in lhe Mf. Carmel Chapler. Words of congrafulalion are received by members of +he Honor Sociefy afler lhe iniliafion. Roberf Moyer lighls his candle as parf of fhe formal ceremony. RSTKUNRL The four lefiers on lhe ,.eVW emblem of fhe Nafional SQ gf Honor Sociefy appropri- , ".: 1 aiely sland for Characfer, Service, Leadership, and N W Scholarship. Al' fhe beginning of 'lhe inifialion Phyllis Orman wallrs fhrough fhe arch of candles formed by fhe leachers. Q.. .S as . ggi e Yu Q V Xia, U KY X -5 . .iii I rv Q..-4' SHN' .un-"4" H- mmf A M my greg K wavy? 1S,,:g Q? .X..s"'iN , - - ' 1 we sagfk I wif E Tim :K E' x " i . K QQ. ww 3 5 Nh xrwwwfmwx . l 7 t ,ff , ff .X M ,' Af , -tw C? V ,ik f ' gif' it , f ff. YWQARBMW r W-Q Q . Sv -- V i FS ,K rs gt. x gi - ' -v ,Q A X ff Q , W- ,UMW K A-N, f A x- A Q1 x'Vx A ii x Lg ,SN kg 'X R fi -1 X V i . , .Y it . w,,5QmNE,S X . 5 W Rf Ks gi Q fx Jr XX QW ' A ,ww s Q ,iifzf + N3 x ' 'L Q if- filly' I. f- "" : ---- S i. Y sic Sllt'l't'SS in the niusit- lll'llill'llll1'Ill 4-an lw attained only through the doors ot persistent Ill'2i1'llI'i'. lor nwnilwrs of this departnwnt uri' often called upon to display their talents 'lihroughout the year the many fine per lornnnu'cs given hy groups within this organization prove that their work is justified. Members of the tlute quartet, Sandy Whitehead, Amy Ewing, Marcia Ran- dolph, and Frances Wallar, combine pleasure and practice as they prepare for contest. """N r Audrey Locke: George Rehnquisl: Bonnie Munro: Richard Anderson: Bill Hackler: Gracie Uiley: Jacltie Helm: Kay Liiherland: Sue Johnson: Phyllis Hoffee: Marcia Randolph: Sandy Whifehead: Nancy Kemper: David Payne: Larry Siollz: Ann Webber: Marcia Hudson: Dean Braflon: Lufher Isaac: Marlene Wirfh: Randy Turner: Kenny Thompson: Milne Douglas: Rex Robinson: Linda McWilliams: Myra Coomer: Mary Alice Fornoff: Gary McKee: Rena Hamplon: Elizabefh Bivins: Judy Appleby: Joyce Marrioff: Audrey Arnold: Linda Griesemer: Lynn Courier: John Hudson: Elsie Harkness: Roberl' Anderson: Priscilla Pool: Randy Newliirlc: Ki'H'y Friclcz Tom McMahel: Mariha Ward: Franl: Case: Frances Wallar: Richard TenBarge: Carol Sawyer: Bill Berry: Phyllis Egge- brechf: Roberf Lewis: Janet Lindsrrom: Wayne Garreff: Bonnie Schrader: Ed Waller: Kafhy Cleary: Milne Dawson: Linda Darnell: Shawn Dalrymple: Nancy Halbig: Don Leach: Judy Danner: Tom Builer: Joan Hughes. x .P Q 15 3 1 :Xniong the various voeal groups of the niusie clepartment, the most selective ure the lioys' oetet. girls' sextet, and choral- aiires. l'urticipation in any one of these groups is an honor envierl by many. The ererlit reeeivefl hy these singers is well fle- servecl. lor they practice often anrl perform ililltllfilltlj. 'lille girls' Sextet and hot si or-tel are among the ensembles enterecl in the xoeul eonipetition ofthe clistriet music eon- test. liesirles this ull important appearanee. the sextet and oetet ure often eallecl upon to sing ul eixie unrl sehool functions. The r-liornlaires, eornposeil ol the Sextet anrl the oetet with ai len ililtltltttllill xoiees. provide :1 snizill miu-fl group ishieh Sings at the tilll'iSllltil5 aissenilvly untl the spring eoneert iihielu ure llI'l'Sl'lIil'll lui the entire n1uSie 1tt'll2ll'llltt'lll'. Choralaires: tront, lett to right - Judy Appleby, Frances Wallar, Phyllis Eggebrecht, Carol Sawyer, Kay Litherland, Janet Lind- strom, Nancy Halbig, Kitty Friclr, Rena Hampton: baclr, left to right-Shaun Dalrymple, Kenny Thompson, Robert Ander- son, Luther Isaac, Milne Douglas, Bill Haclr- ler, David Payne, Tom Butler. Octet: tront-Marcia Hudson, accompanist. Baclr, left to right-Shaun Dalrymple, Kenny Thompson, Robert Anderson, Luther Isaac, Mille Douglas, Bill Haclr'er, David Payne. Tom Butler. Sextet: lett to right - Nancy Halbig, Frances Wallar, Phyllis Eggebrecht, Audrey Loclre, Kay Litherland, Kitty Friclc, Rena Hampton, accompanist. Selective Vocal Groups Ot The Music Department i l I l Boys' Chorus Froni' Row-Kei+h Kelsey, Ronald Barnlund, Gary McKee, Michael Berberich, Malcolm Kighr, George Rehnquisi, Roberi' Anderson, Don Leach, David Friend, Bill Hackler, Ken Siefierman, John Hudson, Porfer Singer, Richard Anderson, Tom Bu+ler. Second Row - Joe Birkla, Dean Braifon, Carol Spond, David Riggs, Joe Harris, Ken Reavill, Gary Fawkes, Lufher Isaac, Mike Douglas, J. E. Brown, Mike Pariee, Tom McMahel, Bill Berry, Richard TenBarge, Jerry Riggs, Lee Weller, Bruce Shown. Third Row-Ken Thompson, Ronald Paul, Roberi' Cox, Ron Siuessel, David Payne, Larry Sfolz, Randy Newkirk, Randy Turner, Wayne Garreii, Ed Walier, Mike Dawson, Shaun Dalrymple, Russell Olds, Rex Robinson, Siurman Hughey, Franklin Case, Joe Hungerford. Choral Groups Fourih Row - Barbara Smirh, Nancy Sieckler, Carol Sue Waller, Brenda Williams, Ann Black Marcia Hall Judy She JeanneHe Schonoman, Joyce Granby, Carol Brunson, Vicki Grady, Ann Gwyn, Billie Corwin Joanne Sfrine Carol C Linda Dudley, Valerie Riley, Nicki Lucas, Barbara Jeffers, Sharon Abney, CharloHee Mann Carolyn Phillips Ruih Ann C Bonnie Clark, Riia Clark, Ani+a Hedge, Carol Snelling, Karen Weisenberger, Myra Coomer Fif+h Row - Palricia Breen, Mary Yarbor, Linda Ridens, Kaye McPherson, Jo Ann Townsend Marsha Cofflng Mary F! ll ll ,.. , if + 2 A Q!-n W .fi 332 as is YS M, Q x, V 1+ mg f fig x Le 49? 11 51 , V Lg? if 4 get '7 W 56W 'eff .mf 5 m I 6. jx 1 X , t'n9Anm,AQ3vfw fav-5391 fig 1-'V'-fV',f. 5 Instrumental Ensembles Flute Quartet: Sandy Whitehead, Amy Ewing, Marcia Randolph, Frances Wallar. 'l'l1is your in tlic latter part of ltelmruary the District Music Contest was held. In prcparation for this impmtunt event. the ensemliles were organized aunt Iimctir-c lwgalli. Nlucll of tllc cicactilig work clone lmy tllcsc QYUIIIIS was clone uutsiitc of Sclmul hours. citlici' aftcr sc-linnl nr at nigllt. liclonging to tllcsc QITUIIIJS iinprovcmt thc musicians tonc quality and tcvlmiqui- as wvtl as appreciation of music. Perfec- tion ln-ing the goal of tllc students. tllcir practice Was 1-mislaiit. 'lin-ir efforts wcrc rcwaratctl. however. as lligll limmrs were won. ,lillCSiltlSl.il1'll0ll gained froni pzirticiputimi aint tht- ff-cling of accolnplishlncnt wcrc xc-ry nurtli nllilc. Clarinet Quartet: Joyce Shepard, Bon- nie Sclirader, Ptiytlis Eggebrecbt, Janet Lindstrom. Trombone Quartet: Richard Anderson, Robert Anderson, Gary McKee, Milne Dawson. Woodwind Quintet: Priscilla Pool, Kitty Friclr, Audrey Arnold, Sally Wallar, Mar- tha Ward. ,W it "em, s xi Cornei' Trio: Rex Robinson, Don Leach, John Hudson. Saxaphone Quarfef: Jim Gwyn, Rufh Brown, Phyllis Hoffee, Gracie Uiley. Brass Sexfeh Don Leach, Randy New- lrirlx, Ida Kieffer, David Payne, Tom Sawyer, Roberi' Anderson. Sl MARTHA WARD JOYCE SHEPHERD BARBARA SHAIN SUSIE PHILLIPS MARC IA RANDOLPH 'JOETTA CHAPMAN MARCIA HUDSON ,,m Drum Maior And Maiorettes All important to the sueeesslul perform- anee of the marching hantl are those who learl the group hy' mart-hing in front. They are the clrum major and the mujorettes. Since precision and showmunship are the aims of the marching hantl. the high step- ping mujorettes present a striking intromlue- tion for the hantl which follows. They' gain arlmiration from their impresseml viewers while the clrum major clemanrls 4-onmplete attention from eaeh of the marehers. Yliilll' eommanfl issuefl from his shrill whistle and waving haton are the instruetions whieh are neeessary' for a preeise perform- ance. During halftime at foothall games. while the hantl. guicletl hy the clrum major. stancls in formation. the majorettes tlisplziy their skill hy performing yarious routines. Often. after foothall season. the majorettes. along with the hancl. are invitetl to appear in parafles. The dexterity' antl confitlenee flisplayecl hy these twirlers is thc- result of practice. hoth as a group to master routines and infliviflually' to perfect their twirls. vs x Q 4 . 1 i Q . A y s , S x i ' f 1 'ii v '44 i i s . y sk Q . I g I " ' 4-- 1 ' ' Q S i X 'K in 4, XA ' 41 5 . I as. 1 1 --+1 i S y 3 X 7 . '4 x I i "i R .A jg Drum maior. Jim Gwyn, com- N ' tv, plefes the sequence of pcsi- t':' 'Z ""' 'f i '. tions which he uses on parade. jiii 6 SI? Active Bands Again. as in the past. the school can he proud ol' the an-cinnplislnnents of the music department. ln order to maintain the standards set forth in years past. diligent practice and concentrated effort is required on the part oi the students. Cupulilo supervision is provided liy nPappy" Perkins and Gene Collins to the groups as they perform. Services to the community as well as school are willingly given as the various playing groups are often called upon for special events. Valualile lessons in the art of loyalty to an organ- ization and following instructions are gained in aulililion l'i the musieal knowledge received. Director ot music Mr. Floyd "Pap' Perkins, is respectec greatly by the young musicians with whon he constantly worlis First Row - Phyllis Eggebrecht, Joyce Shepard, Bonnie Schrader, Janet Lindstrom, Priscilla Pool, Sandy Whitehead, Amy Ewing, Fran Wallar, Marcia Randolph. Second Row - Martha Ward, Marilyn Hess, Ann Webber, Marsha Cotting, ida Kieffer, Jaclrie Helm, Billie Corwin, Sally Wallar, Arlene Seibert, Sheila Kirkman, Vonna Herring, Kaye McPherson, Sue Harrison, Adah Cotner, Nancy Kemper, Dorothy Sievers, Kitty Friclr. Third Row - Suzanne King, Penny Newlrirlr, Loretta Latham, Carolyn Phillips, Don Leach, John Hudson, Rex Robinson, Randy Newhirlr, Jerry Shular, Tom Sawyer, Randy Turner, David Rigg, Gayla Daniels, Marcia Hudson, Jim Gwyn, Mary Peach, Sharon Abney, Virginia McMahel, Gwen Atwood, Judy Bobbitt, Barbara Kirlcman, Nancy Halbig, Phyllis ti it S5 -s :jus K Q K 'f ' , Q 3 za L. is 1 . ,A .K ., x , f, , 1. 4 I ,A Q , .N . 4 y . 1 Q ' Q Q gfn,-' Hg "' if 1,1 ., f 5 Q 1 - A 5 RYE' -... 9 V Q W 3 -- 1 . , s g , ' vi, 1 . I 8 " , V ,1 , 1 .Wg .Jx Q vga 4 frtw -ss 2 fa 'E+ Q " 'is . f - -1 q Q., J 4 - ,, L'4 ff ,x 1 A I . . N X . a A, 4 I f , 4 5 - L .J 5 . 'W mm " r I risw' A gfw , f fs Q f ' f' 'L 'Q X ' K , 1 ' , .z .4 ,. 1 fi ' f W , 4-ff, 5,1 I U If ' I A ' 2 .' I K 55" 4 I , A-I . , A A , L Ak.. , 1 A I 7 Xi iv I W a s, ,f v . , I Q x , 5 w . iw.. ,4, -wp 4:11. t , J i 4' J '07, Qmfxxgsi as' wx. LX K 1 K ' wwuww X x 5 as R Q. 3 2 X T ,L w X X vi .A .Wmx fm x , k. I K , kj ' i Vi! M Q -V .A 1 -' I-jf: A puff- if fK fwiii 'Y a Q +1 ,. 4 n ,iwgg -sm W - "1"f LM 1: 141,52 Ilsgki +?filf??f' Y v M-Qijfi thl tics r lllll'0llgll ilu' floors ol' ilu' ullllvliu' mlvpurlnlvnl. llw glorv ol WIIIIHIIQ uml ilu' lion or ol' losing nolrly ill'4' ll-ssons lP2ll'll0tl lrom 1-xlwl'i4'l1m'v. .fM'liv4' pau'- lIl'IlDilll0lI ln S1'll00l sports provulvs mental mul plnysim-ul llvvvlopmvnl RIS Wi' ali II as l'IIl'0llI'ilfIlllg loyzllly uml svluool Splfll lor playvrs :xml luns ke. Jerry Fuller relaxes in 'Hue solifude of flue players' dressing room. ELIZABETH BIVINS DEONNA WYATT J ERRY DAGLEY JOYCE BREWER , gr-vs, MARLENE WIRTH ,,,,,..E ' ' Q .M V -,L "4 rw ., f - V: A . X , V ' Q . if A .1-C55 1 . " ' 5 ,H if wt - vs If r' if '53 'W' fa 5 , " "2::.-. W1 E W ' 1 7? 5.0124 C-if Eg tif, 7F 57 1 3:2 ' ? 1 .TA X , ,1 fa 3 , .Ju x 9 '4 I ' . .fy b 1. , 'lr , K gnxbf, , N ff Q Q , , 1 K, A ,A X . 3 A 'I M X , x J, 55: ,L 3 5. K , Ml! x.h, , . 41 EL 1 x 'ii 5 nf ,- . is 531' ' . S? figs - '4 ' :f' '. Q' M 'E 35+ C. x pw, sf xi 3 5 Q W W N. x W Xxk M! 31 Ki' S23 1 5 i -nm., B 9 S s ES u, 5 fl S S 1'1'W 12 seiiigigggjgqmagaf fi 2 .v,, . A 4 32 x I Jg 4 . ks , Y Jim Hall , 9 ' Bunch Malo-H' w V' Richard TonBerg0 f- KO' . ' ' -11 M., Jim Wells John Wood Coach Jahn Q x W 5, Q Hs XV' Ds 4-Q-X NV Wm . S , 4 Humax nm Q, md S W. 1'-'hwis-ww: .Sm M r. ,Q V ww Q ' ,J 1 L . ,, -y, .- if - -A gm , 'W -vw-en, 11?f'F452"zQ'5 5 , ie IVR ICSH MAN-SOPHOMOR Ii RESULTS Sm-pl. 2I Url Nm. Albion Lawrenceville Olney Fairlielcl Carmi Bridgeport Lawrenceville WE THEY 36 I4 0 12 I5 6 13 W :so 0 -I 26 T Nov. 5 FRESH MAN R ICSULTS WIC 'I'IIliY I,awremfeviIIf- I-'l- 0 Albion 6 45 rencevillc c'zlm:1-Ilecl Allmiun I6 0 Fairfielcl 1-umzclli-il Though lhe freshmen have Iiflle experi- ence, fhey slubbornly resisl The opposing leam's drive. Coaches Winkler and Slorckman give Lee Sampson insfruclions for Ihe nex+ play. Row I - Ed Walker, Roy Deal, Joe Harris, Clyde Wilkinson, Denny Lewis, Jim Goings. Dave Taylor, John Summers. Row 2 - Harold Williams, Ron Risley. Robin Walsh, Ron Sigler, Bob Ward, Joe Johnson, Tom Price, Jerry Riggs, Mike Berberich, Tony Perillo. Varsity Basketball Unce again our school gives a lmw tu unc of its must poi extracurricular activities in the allilvtic- zlepartlnc-nl. basket This year numerous victories were not our Calling card: liuw. interest was never lagging as the Aces proviclecl the excitei of many close lTEillgHlll?S. 'liliis yvafs tvain lueing sparked lip X S H 1 E Q vs ,gf 4 w Q my gtkmm An anxious moment of waifing is experienced as i'l1e ball is ihrown high 'For ihe opening jump. The Aces In Acfion ,Kl,lzS ACES Bl 50 S 3 Ol 6-L 'Hi .Nl SIS elf .LZ l':llWkll'llS Lau rem'evillf' Bl'i1l5Lc'porl Fai rlielfl l"lm'z1 xll'lJ"illlSll0I'4J Sale-m Curmi l,aixs1'm1m-xille 66 T0 62 -L9 41 47 57 6h 54' Fairfield Norris City Eflwarrls Flora Bridgeport Carmi lloliinsmi Salem Olney 58 56 51 65 'U KU 61 T0 0. 'JJ 44 65 Olney .TD Nlnunt Vernon QQ vice and encouragemenl. During a Mme-oul, Coach Walz Q gives luis players a word of ad- Q35 52 Opponenls and feammaies quickly iurn as fhey awaif Hue ouicome of a deciding slwol. The scramble for a clispufed ball gives added color fo an exciiing game. 101 g Q Aces Cf Tomorrow illlSN1'ilI'. lnzulillluinlullu-xursllx lvuni. 1-ru'i'. llu- junior Xill'SIlf slums-il signs of llu ri- xwiw- lun li-urns ul' llllKl1'l'1'lilSSINK'll, lwvmnirlg a ui-II lvalaxivwl li-ani uilliin ilu llu' illllllil' xursilx llllil llu' l1'vsl1nu'n squzuls. iuwl se-asml or lun. ililu' l'l'l'SlllllilIl squzul Xllluiugli simu'linu's lIIlllUllt'l'Kl. llu- playvrs plays-il a giuul lvraiul ul lmslivllmll. ll' rw'- im ilu-si' l4'illllH slums-il li-um spirit in mini- urils INPLIII lllllllllllgj. llll'S1' luiys sluiulcl lu lu-liIii.n xsliili- llu'y gillIH'll xuluulrli- vxlwri- ilu' lllfifi N.lf.lf. i'llillIlIllHllS. Manager, Norman Brunson, will- ingly performs his dufies of as- sislance fo fhe feam. His help and encouragemenl are of greal imporiance lo fhe players. Freshman Squad Firsl Row - Dave Taylor, Bobby Lagow, Danny Woods, Bill Whiialrer, Jim Go- ings, Milre Ingram, and Bill Wood. Second Row - Dave Smilh, Bob Ward, Robin Walsh, Jerry Rigg, Lee Sampson, Charles Hocliing, and Ron Risley. Third Row - Craig Reisinger, LeRoy Wirfh, Harold Williams, Tom Price, Les- ler Moore, Norman Duncan, and Mr. Winkler. Junior Varsify Firsf Row - Danny Wood, Lesler Moore, Bud Lewis, Bobby Lagow, Dave Taylor. Second Row -- fmephen Fisher, Tim Smiih, Bill Willcinzui, Eddie Waller, Franklin Case, Ronnie Risley, and Mr. Chamness. Front row, left to right: Richard Bertram, Norman Wilcox, Larry Lutz, George Davis, Franklin Case, Ed Walter, Jerry Newlrirlr, Bobby Lagow. Second row: Mr. Walz, Kenny Young, Dannie Wood, Terry Deputy, Bob Glick, Sharon Miller, Maclry Croger, J. E. Brown, Victor DeMarco, Bill Bagwell, Bernard Peters, Leonard Morrow, Butch Malotl, Jim Goings. 1960 Baseball Team Baseball opens lVlt. Carmel High School's spring activities and is enthus- iastically received by everyone. At each game a large crowd cheers the team on. The day of tryouts found a large number of boys ready to test their abilities. With good coaching and teamwork these boys haul a rec-orcl to be proud of. Coach Jacl: Walz practices along with his players. During the game and practice sessions, the play for perfection. f M1 Q.. ,ww X 'Y H... 1 ,nuff an 'H X af Q if , I 'A-2. IW .ew 4,61 -s-, 8 , www., 'K w , ,MQ , ' sf ,H Jvhkk? M -1 N. 'Ns sv X .. . f x .milk i - . Q 1 5: se 2 . f L ,.. 1 . ... is Ei.. A , . The Junior-Senior track members are - sitting: Norman Brunson, Bill McMahel, Tom Butler, Sharon Miller, J. E. Brown, James Kieffer. Kneeling: Jim Hall, Ron Dodson, Jerry Fuller, Victor Demarco, Ken Brown, Butch Malott. Standing: Tom Davidson, Bill Hackler, Dave Spelman, Jon Baird, Chuck Zimmer, Richard Tenbarge, and Coach Jim John. Part of the routine of track is for each to practice hard on the event in which he 'e so that he can proudly represent our school a track meets. Under the splendid direction of Coach Jim John, this year's track I made a good showing. Approximately sixty boys began practice this sez 1960 Track Team At every opportunity, they would practice sprinting, hurdling, pole vaul high jumping, and long distance running. These workouts proved to be rewarding to the boys as individuals and as a team. We are looking fort to seeing the Freshman-Sophomore squad become the 1962 North Egyl Conference Champs. The Frosh-Soph track team consists of these boys - sitting: T. Guisewite, E. Walker, M. Berberich, K. Miller, R. Lewis, J. Harris. Price, R. Anderson, C. Randolph, P. Trout, D. Taylor, B. Whitaker, L. Standing: R. Risley, T. Perillo, L. Moore, J. Rigg, R. Ward, B. Wilkin- Garwood, C. Wilkinson, B. Lagow, J. Hawf, M. Ingram. son, T. Smith, R. Sigler, D. Lewis, J. Stricker, H. Williams, J. Beard, Kneeling: B. Peters, L. Wirth, R. Stuessel, C. Hicks, M. Steckler, E. S. Fischer, manager. 'x " ' -1 fp M, x 1 -as fc' f, I b I. Iis. . 0 Qs I umm!! lx . I I Vul' 5 H , i 35 U in ---a W v. vi .. 1-' "2:4,,l" K Ny. L-eY"" ' wg s Numa a KQUUYQ4 ss25'iQwfHfw"1f 7- ' - , , . is WWE, f Y as if , x 2 wg Win lsw , YQ -1, 1. N vs ii X ' XLAK ww 5 Q fm QF' - S 5 5 :E fi 5 3 Q 5 +1 QENW K W , W'ia.,X'H5ai 1 f Q3 - 5 ax - - . a li- Qllfffz 3 gi 5-ENN-X K W 'f W 'A f.::..f"' -Hkfwlkixv . ' ' - -P . .... x .P ., , ' f 5, R ,, , 5 is z. " , ,. H . XSN my W, :mi4J.iggw,..X L, . "-- 1 Q f Q 'NX K fnygli Q1 , Q M W Q X m Q? . 5 gawk -s Ibum 'lllw floors ol' unlimilc-rl lmc'm'l'ils lm' fulurv yt-urs uw upvm-fl lu ilu' ZllIIlllll0lIS slumlc-nl who sc-clxs ml- VElIll'Q'l1lPlll, lllfllllgll 4-lussvs. The- wixlc' xarivly ul' l'UllI'SPS ullvrs an opporlunily for 1-lmivc iltilltilllllllg ., . . on llw sturlvnls plans lor llllx lulurv Sfudenls of Freshman English discover 'thai noi all school worlr is done in llwe classroom as +l1ey presenf a play over felevision. lf Administration Taking advantage of the new in- ter-communication system, Mr. Robert Orr, Superintendent of Community District 348, finds that it is a helpful addition. The responsibility of educational gui- dance and co-ordination of operations within our school rests- upon our Board of Education, our Superintendent, and our Principal. The Board of Education estalrlishes the policies under which the school is operated. while Mr. Orr ad- ministers and correlates problems he- tween the Board of Education and the school. Mr. 'lialleyis duties are unlimited. lor he is directly responsihle for activi- ties of the high school as he works with the Board of Education. Sincere credit is due these men as they work for a con- stantly improving system of education in our community. Discussing the problems ot the school system are members of the Board ot Education - left to right, Elmo Con- rady, Stanley Beclrerman, Ernest Barker, secretary: Harold Smith, president: Harold Allca, Bernard Walter, and Mor- ris Kemper. if Nwmhm NWN-M-.., minus., 1.4 C. Bliss Talley, Principal, pauses during his busy rouline fo offer assislance fo a sfudenf wilh a quesiion. Keepers of The Keys Viiiltlllgil vrliivuliuii is xilally irnpnrtanl. il is thc' great respcm- -ilvilily of mu-h ni ilu- ii2l1'lliif llIt'Il1iN'l'S to sec- that the minors of cavh Sillli1'lli.!4 fulurz' ure- prulwrly opciwci. Through Cach nieinheris uncier- -liiniling anal IIVXUI' vc-zisirig inlvrn-sl. e,-avii slufivnlls entrance inlo I-iiiiiiimm is skillfully guide-rl and slurpvfl. Uni' favulty realizes this ri-slunisilwilily uliivh has lu-on lhrnsl upon their shoulders, and each gin-s in-r limi- and lulr-nl In llu- mliivalimi and guidance of each 4ill1i1'lli. Through Miss Cheesman's 'Thorough guidance and counseling, Larry Luiz discovers ihe proper paih for his fu+ure success, , Wax A 5 Nifiawx ,bmw Q Hgh? ,. 4, ft' ii xl? - I fi? 0 x li .X f X ,,-.X""'XiE xY',M X 5 :,, X 2:3 M y K1 X? A 6 - 1 Q1 .. x Q K WN! . Img' ,. TQ 'K exxik .T .W .. Q u ,. L ' '85, f , 'Qs I -fig f f H - pei ,Q A , x ' 53 W as 2 Ei ,ml im , 522331 A M EW .. F Y 15331 - WSWS 13355 S U ,S 4 swam? 3 3 Q X 2 ,X af QE. .x,d W if iw xr , , T. X .-:sg W- Q 3 Q guy. Wiki ,I - . , 4 7 xi T53 gf x . - . q 5. E , Ls 4 1 :gI:,.EfE, L M Km X ,".V3S-x 5' 3 lf A A , , A 'E fbi j. ., . Q rsh A J,Eg F':2f', X M 1 -,-- 5-: .I xi .,..... , E ,I lil yn: gs 5- fA,g::w,5 .Q +- R . 9 .,... . . if Sgt x 'aww w Worlring persisfenlly, Mrs. Edna Turner has a full lime job lrceping flue books for flue cafeferia. Cusfodians llvliiml lln- sm-in-s in l'X1'l'f sm-llmml am- llmsi- nliu ililige-lilly unrlx su lllill nm- mm Illllllll1llll il l'l'QlllilI' S4'll1'1llll1'. illlll'Sl'lN'Ulllf'ill'l'llll'4'00lxS.-iRlllil17I'S.illl1l lllIS1ll'lYl'l'S upon ulmse- slmulili-rs re-sl ilu- ggrvul H-spmlsilrilily nl' lwvping Ilia' svlmul in zu slam' ul' 1'lili1'i4'll4'y. Doing an excellenf job of preseniing ll'l9 slu- denfs and facully willi wholesome meals are our coolrs. Leff fo righi: Grace Combs, Lillian Spend, Rufli Wallace, Violel Deislier. Keeping flue school in good condifion arc fhese ianilors. Leff fo rigl'1+: Fred Xanders, Franl: Singer, Edgar Woods, Harley Lynch, Jesse Peacli. Providing safe fransporlalion for many slu- denls are flie busdrivers. Lefl fo righf: Herman Sleclrler, Franlr Singer, Lonnie Meriweaiher, Elwood Burns, Bob Beclcerman, Bill Beckerman, Lesfer Wilson, and Bob Kingsbury, slanding. 8 Class of 1960 The senior class officers and sponsors are, clockwise, Kifly Friclr, Ireasurerg Mr. Donham, sponsor: George Rehn- quisl, presidenfg Kalhy Cleary, secrefaryg Kenl' McGuire, vice-presidenlg Mr. Irvin, sponsor: and Mrs. Farmer, sponsor. During P.E. class, Teri Morgan and Joyce Rosignol Iry Io achieve slrill in archery. I RAYMOND JAMES ALLEN II: Invesfmeni Club 3, Acfprocons 3,4, Debafe Chairman 43 Junior Play, Casfg Boys' Chorus 3. EUGENE ANKENBRAND: Aciprocons 4, Traclr 2, Jun- ior Play, Crew: Senior Play, Casi. GEORGE J. ANKENBRAND: S+. Henry's Prep Ig In- vesfmenl Club 3, Presidenl 3: Acfprocons 3,47 Junior Play, Cash Senior Play, Crew. O CAROL SUE APPLEBY: F.L.C. 2,33 G.A.A. I,2g F.T.A. 3,41 Aclprocons 3,43 Junior Play, Cash Girls' Glee Club I,2,4q G.A.A. Leflergirl Ig Senior Play, Casl. BILL BAGWELL: Baseball 3.4: Baslrelball I. JON BAIRD: M-Club 3,43 Foofball 2,3,4, LeHer 3,43 Traclr 3,4. I SUSAN K. BEAL: F.L.C. 3, F.H.A. I,2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,41 Band I,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,4. LARRY BECKERMAN: Cen'IraI High School, Anderson, Indiana Ig Madison High School, Anderson, Indiana 2,35 Choir I,2g Boys' Chorus I,2. MARY BERBERICH: F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Treasurer 47 F.T.A. 3,45 Nalional Honor Sociefy. O ELIZABETH ANN BIVINS: Class Treas- urer 35 Sfudenl Council 25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Aciprocons 45 Cheerleader I,2,3,45 Junior Play, Crew5 Choir 45 Girls' Glee Club l,2. 3.45 G.A.A. Leflergirl I,2,3,45 Homecoming Alfendani I5 Baslrelball Afrendanl I5 Sen- ior Play, Cash Nafional Honor Sociely. WILLIAM FRANCIS BOSECKER: Rochelle Township High School, Rochelle, Illinois 35 F.F.A. l.2.3. EDDIE BRADHAM: Wes+ Salem High School I,25 F.F.A. 2, Vice-Presiden+ 25 Baseball I,25 Baslceiball l,2. O JOYCE ANN BREWER: Class Treas- urer 25 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,25 Aci- procons 45 Cheerleader 45 Junior Play, Cash Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,45 G.A.A. LeHer- girl I,25 Senior Play, Crew. DON BROWN: Mi. Carmel High School I.2.3. KAY B. BROWN: Sfudeni Council I5 G.A.A. I,25 Nafional Club 35 Sibylline Slaff 35 Cheerleader I5 Junior Play. Cash Band I, 2.35 Clarinel Ouarlef 2,35 Girls' Glee Club I.2,35 Choir 2,35 Maioreffe 2,35 Pep Band 35 Sfaie Conlesf 25 Disfricf Conlesi 2,35 G.A.A. Leiiergirl l,2. ' C KEN BROWN: Class Vice-Presideni I5 Class Presideni 35 Siudenf Council 2.3.4, Presidenf 45 M-Club 3,45 F.T.A. 35 Basker- ball I5 Foolball l,2.3,4. Lefler 3.45 Track l,2,35 Junior Play, Casf5 Co-Caplain of Fooiball Team 45 Ellrs' Leadership Coniesf. lsf.5 Senior Play, Cash Nafional Honor Sociefy. LARRY G. BUMP: Mi. Carmel High School l,2.3,4. ROBERT E. BURTON: Mi. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. I BARBARA J. CALVERLEY: G.A.A. I. 2,35 Sibylline Sfaff 2.3.4. Business Manager 35 Junior Play, Crew5 Band I,25 Girls' Glee Club 35 G.A.A. Lefiergirl I5 D.O. 4. PAULA KATHLEEN CARTER: F.L.C. 2,35 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Aclprocons 3.4. Secreiary-Treasurer 35 Junior Play, Crew5 Girls' Glee Club I5 G.A.A. Leffergirl I5 Senior Play. Crew. JIMMIE C. CAVE: Griffin High School I.2.35 Class Presidenf I5 Class Vice-Presi- den? 25 News Reporler 35 Siudeni Council l,2. Treasurer I,25 Band I5 Choir I,2,35 Boys' Chorus l,2. I JO ETTA CHAPMAN: F.L.C. 2.3.45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 Acfprocons 45 Band I,2,3,45 Maiorelle 45 Pep Band 2.3.45 Girls' Glee Club I,25 G.A.A. Leffergirl I,2,3,45 Senior Play, Crew. RUTH ELAINE CLARK: F.H.A. I,25 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3. KATHERINE JOAN CLEARY: Class Secre- fary 45 G.A.A. I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 3.45 Junior Play. Cash Choir 45 Girls' Glee Club l,2. 3.45 G.A.A. Leilergirl I,25 Acfprocons 45 Senior Play, Casf. Class of 1960 7 Class of 1960 O MICHAEL ANTHONY COLBORN: Al- lendale High School l,21 F.F.A. I1 lnduslrial Arls 31 Bashelball I,2,3. LARRY KENNETH COLLINS: Baslrelball I,2. JEFF CRUMP: Foolball I. 0 JERRY LAVENE DAGLEY: G.A.A. 41 F.H.A. l,2,3, Proiecls Chairman 21 F.T.A. 3,41 Cheerleader l,4: Junior Play, Sfudenl Direcl'or1 Girls' Glee Club 2,31 Senior Play, CFSWI Nalional Honor Sociely. JOHN DANIEL: Ml. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. THOMAS ALAN DAVIDSON: Weslern Mil- ilary Academy I,21 Cadespian 21 Aclpro- cons 3,41 Recall Slaff 21 Shrapnel-Social Edilor I,21 Soccer l,2, Leller l,2I Spoi- lighl Manager l,21 Honor Guard 21 Mili- lary Efficiency Award l,21 High Maga1ine Salesman 31 Foolball 2, Junior Play, Cash Senior Play, Casl. O GEORGE W. DAVIS: Baseball 3.4. BONITA KAY DEPUTY: Class Secrelary l,31 Sludenl Council 2,3,4, Secrelary 3, Vice- Presidenl' 41 G.A.A. l,2,31 Sibylline Slaff 41 G.A.A. Lellergirl 21 Homecoming Queen 41 Baslrelball Queen Allendanl I1 Ellis' Leadership Conlesl, 3rd1 D.A.R. Award1 Na- lional Honor Sociely. WILLIAM ROGER DOANE: Junior Play, Crew1 Boys' Slale 31 Nalional Honor So- ciely. I PAUL N. DOSSETT: D.O. 3,4. EUGENE DUNN: F.F.A. I,2. PHYLLIS EGGEBRECHT: Class Presidenl I1 Sludenl Council l,3: F.L.C. 2,31 G.A.A. l,21 F.T.A. 3,41 Nalional Club 3,41 Sibylline Sfaff 3,41 Junior Play, Cash Band l,2,3,41 Choir 2,3,41 Pep Band 3,41 Sexlel' 3,41 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,41 Choralaires 3,41 Slale Conlesl' 2,3,41 Dislricl Conlesf 2,3,41 Mixed Clarinel Ouarlel' 21 Clarinel Ouarlel 3,41 G.A.A. Leflergirl li Senior Play, Crew1 Nalional Honor Sociely. I AMY EWING: F.L.C. 2,31 G.A.A. l,31 F.T.A. 3,41 Nafional Club 41 Band l,2,3,41 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,41 Slale Conlesl 3,41 Dislricl Conlesl 3,41 Flule Ouarlel 3,41 G.A.A. Lellergirl I1 Senior Flay, Cash Na- lional Honor Sociely, Secrelary, Girls' Slale 3. GERALD FISCHER: Ml. Carmel High School l,2,3. KATHRYN SUE FRICK: Class Vice-Presi- denl 21 Class Treasurer 41 Sludenl' Council l,2,3,41 F.L.C. 2,31 G.A.A. l,2,3,41 F.T.A. 3,41 Nalional Club 2,3,41 Aclprocons 41 Junior Play, Casl'1 Band l,2,3,41 Choir 2,3,41 Sexlel 41 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,41 Choral- aires 41 G.A.A. Lellergirl I1 Treasurer of Shelbyville Dislricl' Illinois Associalion of Sfudenl' Councils 31 Woodwind Ouinlef 41 Senior Play, CTSWQ Stale Confesl 41 Dislricl Conlesl 4. wi, A The chemisfry sfudenfs spend many enioyalole and educafional hours in Ihe lab. I JERRY FULLER: M-Club 4: Baskefball 2,3,4, Lelfer 4, Traclr 3,4. RICHARD FLOYD GARRETT: Baslefball, Manager Ig Foofball I,2g Track I. DARRELL RUSSELL GEHRET: Junior Play, Cash Boys' S+a+e 35 Ellrs' Scholarship Confesf, 3rdg Senior Play, Cash Nafional Honor Sociefy, Vice-President O BILL L. GOODSON: MI. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. JOHN GOULD: lnvesImen+ Club 3: Foofball I. ROGER GRAY: Indusirial Arls 2: Track l,2. I JIM GWYN: Naiional Club 3,43 Band I,2,3,4g Pep Band 3,41 Drum Maier 2,3,4: Boys' Chorus 2: Shure Coniesf 3,47 Disfricl Conlesf 3,43 Saxaphone Quarfef 3,45 Orchesira I,2,3,4. WILLIAM EARL HACKLER: Inveslmeni Club 3: M-Club I,2,3,4g Nafional Club 3,4, Presidenf 4: Bashefball I: Foof- ball I,2: Traci: I,2,3,4, LeHer I: Choir l,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus I,2,3,41 Boys' Oclei' 3,45 Choralaires 3,41 Shale Confesf 3,4: Disiricf Conlesl 3,4. CLARA HALL: I'.T.A. 3,43 Junior Play, Crew, Band I,2g Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4. IZI ...ii A careful selecfion of pic'Iure 'frames is made by mem- Dave Spelman ancl Kerry Isom demongh-afe arfi. bers of Ihe senior class. ficial respirafion in heaI+I1 class. O RENA JUNE HAMPTON: Nafional Club 4: Choir 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, Dis- +ric+ Con+es'I 3,43 Slale Confesl 4, Ac- companisf 3,4. RICHARD HALE: Baseball 35 Senior Play, Crew. JAMES M. HALL: Edwards Counly High I, Easf Richland High 2,3: M-Club 4: Acr- procons 3,43 Baslxelball I: Foclball I,2,3,4, Leffer I,4g Traclc 2,3,4g Choir Ig Senior Play, Crew. 0 KENNETH WILLIAM HARRIS JR.: M-Club I,2,3,47 Baseball 3: Basltefball I,2g Foo+balI I,2,3,4, LeHer 2,3,4g Traclx I,2, 3, LeHer I,2,3. THOMAS A. HART: SI. Francisville Public High School I,2g Baseball I,2, Le'Her I,27 Foofball 31 Senior Play, Crew. JACOUELINE LUDINE HELM: F.L.C. 2,31 G.A.A. I,2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,45 Aclprocons 3,45 Sibylline Staff 4: Junior Play, Crew: Band I,2,3,4g Choir 4, Pep Band 4, Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,4g G.A.A. LeHergirl 2, Senior Play, Casl. I CARLENE HENSICK: G.A.A. I: Girls' Glee Club I,2. LINDELL F. HERING: F.F.A. 2. MARILYN JEANNE HESS: G.A.A. I,2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,47 Aclprocons 45 Junior Play, Usher: Band I,2,3,47 Maiorefle 3,43 Girls' Glee Club 3,43 Senior Play, Crew. I DAN L. HICKS: Inclusirial Arfs I,2,3,4, Vice-Presidenl 3. BARBARA JEANNE HICKS: G.A.A. 2,35 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3: G.A.A. Lefiergirl 2.3. RUSSELL L. HIGGINS: Sfucleni Council 4: F.F.A. I,2, Reporfer 2: Sibylline Siaff 4: Junior Play, Cash Senior Play, Cash Na- Iional Honor Sociery. O KAREN J. HOLTSCLAW: G.A.A. I,2g G.A.A. Leffergirl I,2. GARY HOWARD: M-Club 3,4: Baseball 3, Leffer 3. RICHARD LEE HUFF: Inclusirial Arfs 3,43 BasIre+baII I. O M. STURMAN HUGHEY: Acfprocons 4: Boys' Chorus 3,47 Senior Play, Crew. CLAYTON D. ILE: F.F.A. I,2,3: D.O. 4. PATTY JO INGRAM: F.L,C. 43 Girls' Glee Club I,4. I KERRY DONALD ISOM: Easi Aurora High I: Aciprocons 3.4: Junior Play, Cast LINDA LOU JAMISON: Decaiur Ceniral High Ig Girls' Glee Club I. WADE JOHNSON: Lawrenceville Township High School I,2,3g F.F.A. I,2,3,4: Foofball I. O MATTI JOKELAINEN: Kannaksen Yhie- islyseo l,2,3: Sfudeni Council 4: F.L.C. 4: Sibylline Sfaff 4: Edilor-in-Chief of School Paper in Finland: Senior Play, Crew: Na- Iional Honor Socieiy. LARRY JOE JONES: Mt Carmel High School I,2,3,4. RON JONES: Invesimenf Club 3, Vice- Presidenl: Foofball I,2: Track l,2. Class of 1960 'Q' KW 3, Class of 1960 I MARGARET ELLEN KEEPES: F.H.A. I,2,3,4. IDA LOUISE KIEFFER: F.L.C. 2,3g G.A.A. I,2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,47 Acfprocons 3,41 Junior Play, Crew, Band I,2,3,4: Brass Sexlel 43 Girls' Glee Club 3,4p Pep Band 47 Disfricf Conlesf 4: G.A.A. Leffergirl I,2,3g Senior Play, Crew: Slale Confesl 4. STEPHEN KIEFFER: Ml. Carmel High School l,2,3,4. O THOMAS M. KLING: Traclc I,2. AL KLEINSCHMIDT: Inveslmenl' Club 3: Boys' Chorus 2,3,4. GERTRUDE "DOODIE" KNUST: Ml. Car- mel High School l,2,3,4. I DON LEACH: Nafional Club 2,3,4g Baslcefball I: Foofball Ig Band I,2,3,4: Cor- nef Trio 4: Brass Sexfel' 3,43 Choir 2,3,4: Pep Band 2,3,4: Boys' Chorus I,2,3,4p Sfale Conlesl 3,4: Dislricf Confesl 3,4. RODNEY E. LEACH: D.O. 4: Incluslrial Arls l,2g Foofball 2. ERIC LENNERT: S+. Henry's, Belleville, Illi- nois Ig Speech Club I, Presidenh lnvesl- menf Club 37 Acfprocons 3.4, Vice-Presi- den+ 4: Junior Play, Cash Traclr 3: Sen- ior Play, Crew. I JANET RAE LINDSTROM: F.L.C. 2,37 F.T.A. 3,4g Nalional Club 4: Band I,2,3,4: Clarinel Quarfef 3,45 Choir 3,45 Pep Band 4, Girls' Gle-e Club l,3,4g Choralaires 41 Disfricl' Conlesf 3.4: Slale Conlesl 4. MARILYN KAY LITHERLAND: F.H.A. 4, Recrealion Chairman 45 Choir 2,3,4: Sex- +e+ 3,43 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,4g Choral- aires 3,41 Dislricl Ccnlesf 3,45 Sfale Con- fesf. 4. RAYMOND McCARY: Inveslmenl Club 3: M-Club I,2,3,4g Induslrial Arls l,2g Basie?- ball I, Manager lg Le'H'er lg Traclr I,2,3: Foolball l,2,3, Lefler 2,3. O RALPH EDWARD McCLANE: MI. Carmel High School l,2,3,4. VIOLA MARIE McCLANE: Ml. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. ROBERT D. MCCORMICK: Ml. Carmel High School l,2,3,4. C Q Wriring lhemes in English IV, lhese sludenfs Wilh wire, boards, and willing hands lhe floaf is prepare fhemselves for college. on Hs way. 'C7' O JAMES KENT MCGUIRE: Forf Branch High School Ig Class Secrelary lg Class Vice-Presidenl 45 Sfudenl Council 4, Treasurer 43 lnveslmenl Club 35 Sibylline Slaff 45 Junior Play, Crew: Nafional Honor Sociefy. SHARON A. MAJORS: lndus+rial Arfs 43 Band I. JOYCE JOANN MARRIOTT: Class Vice-Presidenl 3, F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Presiclenf 3, Secfion Ill Vice-Presidenf Recreafion 3, Vice-Presidenl Proiecls 4, Seclion lll Vice-Presidenf Proiecfs 41 F.T.A. 3,4g Choir 2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,4g Nalional Honor Sociely. O LEON MERRIEL: M-Club 2,3,4g Football I,2,3, Lel- ler 2,3. JERRY MOORE: Ml. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. LARRY MOORE: Ml. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. O RONALD MOORE: M-Club 2,33 Baseball 33 Baslrel- ball l,2,3p Foolball lg Traclr I,2, LeH'er 2. TERI A. MORGAN: G.A.A. I, Lelfergirl Ig Girls' Glee Club 4. BOB MORLAN: M-Club l,2,3,4g Baslrelball I,2,3g Fool- ball I,2,4, LeHer 47 Track l,2,3, Leller I,2,3. A good meal consisfs of lasly food and cheerful The seniors are given aphlude lesls fo assisl Ihem company. in choosing vocalions. 0 THOMAS MORLAND JR.: Columbia Mililary Acad- emy I,2g Millersburg Mililary Inslilule 3: Baslcelball l,2. DELORIS JEAN MORRIS: F.H.A. Ig Girls' Glee Club 3,4. RUTH MARIE MORRIS: G.A.A. 3.4: Girls' Glee Club 3. O MELBA SUE MOWERY: F.H.A. Ig Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4. ROBERT EUGENE MOYER: lnduslrial Arls 2,3,4: F.T.A. 43 Nalional Honor Sociely. JOHN E. NEIKIRK: lndusirial Arls l,2q Diversified Oc- cupalions 3,-4. O JERRY LYNN NEWKIRK: Diversified Occupafions 33 BasIre+balI Ig Foolball I,2g Traclc 41 Baseball 4. RANDY NEWKIRK: F.T.A. 3,4, Presidenl 45 Aclpro- cons 3, Librarian 35 Foolball I,2g Junior Play, Cash Band I,2,3,4g Choir I,2,3,4g Pep Band 43 Boys' Chorus I,2,3,4g Orcheslra 41 Brass Sexlel' 4: Elks' Leadership Conlesl, 4Ihg Senior Play, Cash Dislricl Conlesl 4: Sfafe Con- lesf 4. PAUL NEWTON: Baslrelball Ig Traclr 3. X I ORVILLE A. NYE: lndusfrial Arfs I,2: Band I,2: Boys' Chorus I. RUSSELL S. OLDS: lnvesimen+ Club 3: M-Club I,2,3: Baslrefball I: Foofball I,2: Traclc I, Manager, LeHer I: Boys' Chorus 2.3.4: Senior Play, Crew. PHYLLIS ANN ORMAN: F.H.A. I: Junior Play, Usher: Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,4: Na- Iional Honor Sociely. O RUTH JANE PAINTER: F.T.A. 3,4: Girls' Glee Club I,3,4. MICHAEL PARTEE: Ml. Carmel High School l,2,3,4. NANCY PERRY: Acfprocons 3,4: Band I,2,3,4: Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,4: G.A.A. I: G.A.A. Lelfergirl I. I ROBERT PERRY: M+. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. MARTIN J. PETER: SI. Henry's Prep. Semi- nary I,2,3. JAMES W. PFEISTER: Invesfmenl Club 3: Acfprocons 3,4: Foolball 2: Traclr 2: Jun- ior Play, Cash Boys' Chorus I,2,3: Senior Play, Cash O SUSIE PHILLIPS: G.A.A. I,2,3,4: F.T.A. 3,4: Band l,2,3,4: Maiorelie 4: G.A.A. Lel- fergirl I,2,3,4. DARLA JO .PlERSON: Bone Gap I: Edwards Senior High 2,3: Secrelary I: Year- boolr Slaff 3: Junior Play, Casl: Girls' Glee Club I,2,3: Drama Club 3: Camera Club 3: Senior Play, Crew. JOHN A. POHL: Nalional Honor Sociely. O JOYCE POWERS: F.L.C. 2,3: G.A.A. I,2,3,4: F.T.A. 3,4: Sibylline Sfaff 4: Junior Play, Usher: G.A.A. L'e'Hergirl 2: Senior Play, Crew: Nafional Honor Sociely. ROBERT LEE PULLEYBLANK: Rolla High, Rolla Missouri I,2,3. JOHNNY RAU: Band I,2,3,4: Pep Band 2,3,4: Boys' Chorus 2. Class of 1960 I2 98 Class of 1960 I KENNETH WAYNE REAVILL: Robinson High School I1 lnvesfmenl' Club 31 Acl- procons 3,41 Junior Play, Casl1 Boys' Chorus 2,3,41 Senior Play, Casl. GEORGE R. REHNOUIST: Presidenl 41 Slu- denl Council 3,41 Inveslmenf Club 31 Acl- procons 3,4, Vice-Presidenf 31 Sibylline Slaff 3,4: Baslrelball I1 Foo+baII I1 Junior Play, Cas'I1 Choir 2,3.41 Boys' Chorus l,2, 3,42 Ellrs' Leadership Confesl, Zndf Senior Play, Cas+1 Jaycee Cifizenship Award 4. MARCIA GAYLE RANDOLPH: F.L.C. I,2,31 G.A.A. I,2,3,41 F.T.A. 3,41 Nalional Club 3,41 Aclprocons 41 Junior Play, Cash Band I,2,3,41 Flule Ouarfel 3,41 Choir 3,41 Ma- iorelle 2,3,4: Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,41 Slale Conlesl 3,41 Disfricf Confesf 3,41 G.A.A. Lellergirl I,2f Senior Play, Casl. O MALCOLM JON RILEY: Abilene High School I1 Columbia Mililary Academy 2,3. SHARON RINNERT: Flora High School I,21 Ml. Carmel High School 3. PATRICK D. RIORDAN: Sfudenl Council 41 Inveslmenl' Club 31 Foolball I1 Ellrs' Scholarship Confesl, ISI: Nalional Honor Sociely. 1 O JAMES H. RODGERS: lnduslrial Arfs 2. fl BARBARA ELLEN ROSE: F.T.A. 3,41 Junior Plav. Crew1 Girls' Glee Club 4. JOYCE DIANE ROSIGNOL: F.L.C. 41 F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Poinf Chairman1 Junior Play, Usher1 Girls' Glee Club I,4. O BOB L. SALES: Baseball 4. BONNIE L. SCHRADER: Sluclenl' Council 3,41 F.L.C. 2,31 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Presidenl 41 F.T.A. 3,41 Nalional Club 3,4, Vice- Fresidenf 41 Aclprocons 3,41 Sibylline Slaff 3.4: Cheerleader I1 Junior Play, Cash Band l,2,3 41 Choir 3,41 Maiorelle 3,41 Pep Band 41 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,41 Slafe Conlesl 2.3.41 Disiricl Confesl 2,3,41 G.A.A. Lefler- girl l,2,31 Senior Play, Crew. BRIAN SCHROEDER: F.F.A. I,2. O ALICE JANETTE SEALS: F.H.A. I,2,3,41 F.T.A. 3,41 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,4. SHIRLEY EILEEN SEATON: G.A.A. I,2,3,41 Girls' Glee Club I1 G.A.A. Lellergirl l,2. LARRY SEIBERT: Ml. Carmel High School I,2,3,4. .iv , , . 2 M"iJ'N fx ,,,,Tjff lQige.31,vs.ZQ31,Lq.M Q i M is ,534 Q' bin, Q , , V , .D Q , u Q' vii' f K M fz v Q x X sg 5 Q .L mfg. Y Wx Y 2 Q M N A happy galhering forms af Ihe lop of Ihe While ordering mums for Homecoming fhese sen sfaurs befween classes. iors discuss Ihe coming evenf I JANET SUE TENNIS: F.H A. I,2,3,4, Public Re- Ialions Chairman 3, Presidenl 45 F.T.A. 3,4, Treasurer 45 Na+ional Honor Sociely. BEATRICE E. TIMBERLAKE: F.T.A. 45 Junior Play, UsI'1er5 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3. SANDRA JEAN TROTTIER: McKinley Jr. High I5 Ken- osha High 25 G.A.A. 25 F.T.A. 3,45 Aclprocons 3,4, Presidenl 45 Junior Play, Crew5 Jr. Red Cross I5 Fresh- man Class Play, Crewg Senior Play, Cash Nalional Honor So:ie+y. C GRACIE UTLEY: F.T.A. 3,45 Nalional Club 45 Jun- ior Play, Usher5 Band I,2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 Sfale Confesf 3,45 Disfricf Confesl 3,45 Sax Quarlef 3,4. RICHARD A. WALKER: Induslrial Ar+s l,25 Diversified Occupafion 3.4. FRANCES KAYE WALLAR: G.A.A. l,2,3,4, LeHergirI I,25 F.T.A. 3,45 Naiional Club 3,4, Secrefary and Treasurer 45 Sibylline Slaff I,2,3,4, Co-Edilor 45 Junior Play, Cash Band I,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Sexfel 45 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,45 Choralaires 45 Flule Quarfel 3,45 Dislricl Con- Iesl 3,45 Sfaie Confesl 3,45 Senior Play, Crew5 Nalional Honor Sociely. I CLARACENA M. WELLS: F.H.A. I,2,3,4. JIMMY L. WELLS: Invesimenf Club 35 Aciprocons 3,45 Foofball 2,3,45 Junior Play, Cash Senior Play, Crew. WILLIAM H. WHEATCROFT: F.L.C. 45 Senior Play, Casl. O SANDRA WHITEHEAD: F.L.C. 2.3: G.A.A. I,2,3,4, LeH'ergirI I: F.T.A. 3: Na- Honal Club 4: Aclprocons 3,4: Junior Play, Crew: Band I,2,3,4: Choir 3,4: Girls' Glee Club 3,4: Choralaires 4: S+aIe Confesf 3,4: Disfricf Confesf 3,4: Flufe Ouar+ef 3,4. NORMAN RAY WILCOX: F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Vice-Presidenf 3,4: M-Club 3,4: Baseball 2,3,4, Lefier 3: Baslreiball I: Foofball I,2,3,4, Le-Her 3,4: Traclr 3: Senior Play, Crew: All Conference Znd. feam, 4. SHARON KAY WILSON: F.T.A. 3,4: Girls' Glee Club 3. O JOHN WOOD: F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Treas- urer 3,4: M-Club 3,4: Foofball 2,3,4, LeHer 3,4: Senior Play, Crew. RAYMOND W. WOOD: Junior Play, Crew. GEORGE IRWIN WRIGHT: Band I,2. C MARJORIE DIANNE WRIGHT: F.H.A. I,2,3,4, Vice-Presidenf 3, Secrelary 4: F.T.A. 3,4, Hisforian 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Belly Croclrer Award 4: Nalional Honor Sociefy. DEONNA WYATT: G.A.A. 3,4: Cheerlead- er 4. NAOMI YOUNG: G.A.A. I,2, Leflergirl I: F.T.A. 3,4: Acfprocons 3,4, Treasurer 4: Junior Play, Casf: Senior Play, Casr. O RICHARD YOUNGMAN: Indusirial Arls 3,4, Reporler 3,4: F.T.A. 4: Nalional Honor Socieiy. Class of 1960 45- ai 'Ei Belween classes fI'1ese senior girls slop and discuss all fhe Iafesf happenings. X ? s x .'q if f The iunior class officers and sponsors are as follows: Sue Weaver, Treasurer: Gary Childers, Presiclenig Virginia Tennis, Vice-Presidenfg Marcia Hudson, Secrefaryg Mr. Taylor, Mr, Vifeaver, and Miss Oslcins, Sponsors. Roberia Aborn Roberi Allra Roherf Anderson Esfher Anlhis Judy Appleby Audrey Arnold Kenneih Ashby Leia Bell Karl Berberich Jaclr Biehl Connie Boseclrer Sharon Kay Boss Jeanne Bowen Connie Brafion John Brewer Don Brines J. E. Brown Larry Brown Ruih Brown Norman Brunson Sue Burion Tom Buller Janel' Carey Franlrlin Case Norma Caudill David Chadra Gary Childers Ronald Clark Lois Cliffon Dale Collins Margarei Compion Lynne Courier Mrs. McLaughlin assisis a iunior boy during +rig onomefry class. ' , .J F' " " ,. Wwe ,gis 1: .5-' Q '2- 5:14.52 K kk as i K ,Q k K .ge we -, 5 .. -veg: V .s-M V- ,W N- - - , ww, is by .,.., . N -- - --is-,IL H A :.... ..,. W 3 H,:,'::,g . 1 3 ' '- , f I eb i, 2: ,. -.-- 11 -1: ' . M :- . A -las., .n +3111 5 N "N + - s-iii - R K -if i C , i iiiiiin sf .. P .- ,r r A- , so r 1, 1 ' r - Q b r , .M C: ,,,, , L ...... si L 15 , - I f 'Q Q -f 'sues . J I sv-. fs -. e . as 1. ..... . V s .f 3. . , r . ' -"' ' . ..-.- 3 , W .s y ,.,.,. -. .hx Z Ti swag 2- J ai " . N V L .2:' g:fz,: . . ' ' if X H I 1: xi A v A K i ii! 1 8939 ? .' . e i ' K r " A Kan REQ . N P " , ... L 'I awe -p Ng , .,.. 1 'K so X X . -. 5' i NM' .Sig zggg.. fr ,Aw . . , . . , . .,., i T ii L ' ' - 3 ,..,,.QF':f: 'I' N lk Wf adj P Q-lb. :N in 5 N as ff 1 Em ii i Y gf 5+ Avia QL l gi 1 2 ix, - -X nfl' Q ..............m E QW wi QM W4 ikflmw. These iuniors in Typing l find fhai daily prac+ice is necessary fo acquire slrill. Roger Kieffer Virginia Keiffer Barbara Kirlrman Glenn Dale Kleinschmidl Peggy Krug PaHy Lear Ladonna Leavens Harold Leipold Audrey Loclre Earl Loudermilk Sandy Lowe Garry Luiz Larry Luil Bill Mabry Larry Madden David Malcolm Doane Maloll Nancy Marsh Larry Marlin Charlene Mayes Sharon Miller Sandra Morris Leonard Morrow Elilaberh McCary Kay McGill Vernon MCG-rew Bill McMal'iel Tom McMahel Norma McNew Larry Neiliirlr Ellen Paffon Ronald Paul ,IH up K. Xw a,Fa rf- Q Rushing from American Hislory fhese iuniors will find lime fo char wilh 'Friends before 'fhe nexl class. 3 Q is .:, . H , 5 4 M X , A lm ii' L K . . 'H " J is ev W i .. K Iii -311' . L 'fi ---- .1 .. X YK . ' " - ----' ..,... .L If .. 2 ' - iq" -'-- I .r , 'ix' .. ..w.1, S +252 2' '-'--' 152 I . .- 2 A a fi ' ' ,,,,,, , , ' 'L e , . -r-: We i f 'Cf in L ffl 1 ..:. fi? 'L i 5 K Z , be K i . "" ,zrfj i '-": ' :iii ii ii: iiiiagf "-' " 'IAI' iw .L :ie in -'--' N 1 David Payne Larry Peach Sandra Pierce Leonard Perry Nick Pelers Linda Pelerson Roger Peferson Priscilla Pool Karen Raber Donna Redman Charlolle Rigg Richard Reedus Bingham Risley Donald Rogers Pally Sampson Pal Sanford Carol Sawyer John Sharp Jane Shepard Joe Shular Ken Siefferman Dorolhy Sievers Porler Singer Russell Smilh Carolyn Soden Bill Solomon Barbara Spond June Slillwell Larry Slollz Richard TenBarge John Tennis Virginia Tennis Clara Terry Kennelh Thom son P Cleon Turner Pamela Wager Marlha Ward Sue Weaver Thelma Whilalrer Judy While Gilberl Whilfen Marifee Wiclrlin Don Williams Kay Williams Sandy Willyard Marlene Wirlh Don Wilkinson Rosemary Wood Merna Wooldridge Kenny Young Charles Zimmer The sophomore class officers are Marsha Coffing, Secrelaryp Linda Dudley, Vice-Presiclenh Bud Lewis, Presidenh and Mary Jane Terry, Treasurer: and ihe sponsors are Mr. Gilliem and Mr. Smilh. Class of 1962 John Allen Jerry Ashby Joe Baircl Thea BarleH' Ron Barnlund Irene Barlell' Gary Bauman Michael Beauchamp Russel Beard Kem' Berberich Elaine Berlin William Berry Richard Berfram Joe Birlrla Teresa Bivins Ann Black Ron Bosecker Charles Bran+ Pal' Breen Jane+ Brown JeanneHe Brown Jerry Brown Lesler Brines Carol Brunson Roberfa Burke Wilma Burkell Sieve Byes Dixie Byrd Harrier Calvin Elaine Carler Dallas Case Mamie Cash Evelyn Chapman Bonnie Clark Maclena Clark Rila Clark Rober+ Clem Pansy Clevy Rulh Cline Marsha Coffing Ron Colborn Junior Coomer Myra Coomer Billie Corwin X .: lm I si Q s 2"iQ1': Xi l -'r,. C IBQ: . N .:,.. i gs ns 'if' bv 15 v 0",,. if G l , fi. j,Q,i?5ff5, . wSfVk'x."Lh I , R 4 b was SS' 0. N 1 R Y K F 5 Ai , .L , sg , X1 ,... Q x K 1 'ii M' ss .5 W'-"g J r F is X ' - 1' A i""1 4 A -fa .M r r Q aars h ii iiiiirfffg 4- -.-- w we 1 V ' ff.: -5 -V" "V,A V " ' . 'uf Q 'Z . " ' V .. 5:3 45. 5 5 "if ,,,, -sr ,- -- P H Q - v- :l,. , V Q U W, 6 N , ' ii F' 'Q W , 1' asia ' ' if --" fs' H J' is . ,.,- h f ,2' ..: .. ,.,,: A M93 ' - i 3 i, -1v' ,A Q Q i f? . Q r I, si i I 1 I .ri ' Y' 'lf ' .sg ...' . - .al 'Q Q -1 X Q- K G 5' - r ,322 N -T- .uw ,H . . - Qiafevf I viffgk iii ' ""-. g NK i 4 A ,:.?AK,-..f.Qf...,,, if K 'X 4 QQ! " G ,, M "4 ,4 .,.. r 6 K ' . Z "" A 3 ' , L 1 sv? Y if w , V M 1 i 1 f5ir:f:f -' iii , i f ? , r s ' f ffi, . W D A I ,x QA , f J f Adah Corner Rufh Ann Couch Marcella Croger Shaun Dalrymple Gayla Dwniel Nina D2ffenda'l Terry Depufy Robert Daly Linda Dqd ey Jerry Dunlcel PaHy English Gary Fawfzcz Margare+ Fnwl Richard Fcs'er Ed Fisher Sfeven Fisher Mary Fornoif Gary Garner Allen Garrefl Diane Glover Ray Goodson Joyce Grwnbv Linda Griesemer Ann Gwyn Marcia Hall Marilyn Hall Roherr Hall Ada Harmon Karen Harris Sue Harrison Jim Hawf George Hering Cur+ Hicks Melvin Hoclring John Hudson Joan Hughes Earlino Humphrey Kennelh James Ann Jarvis Sue Johnson Larry Kaiser Nancy Kemper Judy Keneipp Carol Kieffer Eugene Kighi Ron King Suzanne King Dona Kingsbury A group of sophomores sfudy wifh infer- esf during biology class. Phillip Kingsbury Barbara Ko.b Loreiia Laiham Jerry Lawrence Carier Lear Roberf Lewis Sandy Legg Judy Lindsey Jeanekie McCarfy Caro.yn Mcclane Rodney McCIane Tom McCormick Pai' McGill Gary McKee Jerry MCWI liams Linda McWilliams Charlofie Mann Linda Mason Bill Miller Kei+h Mzller Vera Miller Wayne Mifchell David Moody X' 4 Larry Moore ' Bonnie Munroe . Milce Nash '- Nancy Newlcirl: In .in Penny Newlcirlr Jim Newman ,F " Gordon Penrod M . Jack Perry 6 ' -' ii Bernard Pefers i ,ig . , Becky Peierson f,E' R j g Louise Phillips X i W i 4 Carolyn Phillips xi L Judy Pope Don Posey ' fi -1" " Tennie Poynfer ' 1 ' Roberia Puniney 'a T .- 'i s Y Dennig Reber il: ' " 1 These sophomore biology siudenfs receive much enioymeni Karen Redman fi' from Their occasional field irips Sieve Rlchmond M 1 ' ' Linda Ridens I: Valerie Riley - - X ? .L., Q 1 fi zi, ,Q L . . ' i L me I 1 in -- in x L Eff "-: , I ws i 'r qc . 3125 i if, 3' '5i'5 :::4. . is - f : Y .. S -I '- ' ' L fi ta S .gl at ..:,.,. . ...:. . , L Y- K c ' 2" -5 , ' 5-zz, ........-,. A fi ii ii zr- - ii' ,fi 'V - ii. ,.... 9 L .. Q .... . Z i K I, V ., :ggi K, .. -wg: A, -my I .J- 1 A f X Q- ia' --Um 1' fi is s , ' ' ' X kgs' '- N . li i .,.,., WM , ,... . .. 'Q is-. L si-'fi 3 , :N ii I- f-Ii i - W ' Q i i' + 5 rfig. - an fs sg-1::':::s: . 4- .... - I K I H I . - I W K in -:E ix Q . .,,,,, ,. .. -, .,...., fs 3 U : Q g Q, ir ':': i "" 5 . .:,., ' ' - if lf M. , ,, " V :s h- 'fr' . ' :,. - is ? W it dmv' . .. A A .... ,,gg 1 gb S f 'Ri a X N "a ' a"f E ..,,g. ja., ir, " 'm u g L "-"-' Nur L 1 ' X 'af A q ,"' r'.. ik , '.':'. , '...- I A K 1' , if 1 . :fi ' , in i ' g Mylar M 3 if ' f ,::.: 1, ,...:,:.:, X K ""' 5 .i2.2E2 "2:"-2r-i- R --Jfffjf wit Q -, , ff A ,fy h 'Y In Q? an if: 4 anna. Jim Rinnerf Joe Riggs Wayne Riggs Ronnie Rigney Rex Robinson Tom Sawyer JeanneHe Schonoman Larry Seals Judy Shearer Susan Shepherd Bruce Shown Jerry Shular Norman Skaggs Barbara Smilh Tim Smilh Mille Sfeclrler Jerry Slriclxer Nancy Templefon Kennelh Terry Mary Jane Terry Jo Ann Townsend Joanne Trapp Randy Turner Rose Vanlvialre Anila Vire Larry Voighf Ed Waller Paul Waller Darlene Warren Ann Webber Karen Weisenberqer Lee Weller Marqarel Wellernean Donald Wesffall Bob Wheeler Connie While Pa+ Whillen Bill Willcinson Brenda Williaf-is Eugene Williams Edgar Willis Kay Willis Carol Wilson Rayna Wi'son Jessie Wood Blair Woods Mary Yarbor Marian Abney Sharon Abney Brenda Alldredge Peggy Allen Richard Anderson Pafsy Anfhis Gwen Afwood Paffy Banlrs Nancy Bare Ron Barneff Leona Beal Rifa Beard Class of 1963 Freshman class officers and sponsors - Sealed, leil lo rigl1+: Mrs. McLaughlin, Mrs. Fisher. Sfanding, leff fo righf: Nancy Sfe cl: le r, Presidenfg Jerry Rigg, Vice-President Denny Lewis, Secrefaryg Carol Blackburn, Treasurer. Sue Beesley Joyce Bell Michael Berberich Donna Birlrla Carol Blaclcburn Arlene Blair Jim Bobbiff Judy Bobbifl' David Boseclrer Barbara Braffon Dean Braffon Belle Brown 110 Si'-rf give . Z.. ax. .. TE, iw uh? w. ., ,.,, i Q8 wr. 3 X. Q ,. .,.- wa.,-If in Rm' RR yii is 'llc-JP' . ,.5,,,., ,.,,,,,y B Michael Burlre Loreffa Burfon Donald Bybee Mary Bybee Kafhleen Calabrese Nancy Clark Diane Clevy Carolyn Cliffon Lois Clodfelfer Marla Cobb Donald Collins Beverly Compfon Carol Couch Joe Couch Molly Couch Lois Cowling Roberf Cox Donna Craclrel Bob Crow Derriel Culver Jerry Davis Richard Davis Roy Deal Jannell Doan Thomas Doan Sarah Dodson Gary Dofy Randola Dudley Norma Duncan Norman Duncan Eldon Dunn Roberf Eggebrechf Carol Ewald Earline Ferguson Mary Forfner Judifh Floyd Jerry Garner Carl Garreff Carol Garrefl Wayne Garreff Larry Garwood Mary Lou Gafes Jimmie Goings Dianna Goldman Roberf Goldman Jerry Gould Viclri Graddy Edward Guisewife Joe Harris Anifa Hedge Melvin Hedge Mary Rufh Helfon Vonna Hering Lefha Higginson Rifa Higginson Pafricia Hi'ber+ Larry Hillyard Nancy Hines Charles Hoclring Judy Hoffman Kafhryn Horrall Elizabefh Hungerfor Joe Hungerford Danny Hunr Loreffa Huffon Michael lngram Lenn Jamerson Donald James Mary Jarvis Barbara Jeffers Paf Jobe Joe Johnson Eugene Jones Keifh Kelsey Malcolm Kighf Sheila Kirlrman Millie Kleinschmidl Phil K ing Nancy Krug Bobby Lagow d i 4 Q.. C' 9 .51 A '- Tv- J M vu Pb We U if 1 U in "wi H-5 W.-:EV v3"'j .l"" X av is sf . WJ Gs ' L fir p ""'tk. -. N J " as -0 L- 1.1 Y -1":' 1- ff: VV V A , 5 f ' V "" 1" "A" S i my ii ,. A b lllv Alal K I. A "'. 3 A? l ' X- Vgi '- '- VV.. . ' A--- i ' . , A .V Q 3., -V21 V Q f P551 L. -Q A I . , Q 2?fm-qw VV? ::s- H as Aff.. N. H ,V V ,f .-: 2, 3 42, ' f V .""'V Ziz, I Sv 4 .. gk V is A A A LV mx A QWBEV - 'I -.:., t hL- ----- .,Ffgi Vy ,,." Mwwijf f ' 23 , ,.. , ,"'," jg ....... .,... : .Eg:5.:.:.:':. : -226' T Bl I E -!4'J'f"l I W f e .,.:, --z qzb' . 3 A N ' "" ' Y ...,,, in " -, ,gg I 'Z' .,,., .. - H 5 k f iifx' fwew v ' 7 up i V .5 ,:' M 5 Y Q- A . fw WV "': g- . Vw 'Y , V---- --... , xfV'Y" SEQQFFHL ... -5 sm ' We Ak' H . A V , " b .I V, x ff' -ip ' pq FIU' W .R 6 . K 5 .ff V N' .L L 64 r yi' V . I 'ixgvjx , .A 5. 4 "wt 0-V V- 2-Vza I gl ., . in D- V ,X- 5- af. 'L' ' V' V ' V i , 3 Q, . :' A. b.,A I P W M X A g' . du , , H V fa 5 114 ' g ' Q E ,f?,"fi,' . . 1 f 'C 'fr ' v-A bf gp V. M . 6 in -312552: . ' 'fain f, E Vfff' ..AA1 - , ' , A Q .. - il' Q ' X i 1325? V -V 1 : .5 ,. .,.. wg-.3-g:g:.,: :.::' z -am WP' wr' 'W .,.-- fu- fb mf f if in-vu 9 , I I. :gil ' " J f si, Z- 'l . gg ., A J ' K If ..,1, G G .4 an Qu 4 V i . ZIE A V F H ' . A . N X M -R I :K if , -V -fV'5 5 -1 I 5 - 1 .'g.,, ' L 'gV' .V Q :ik zll : W It :Nh 7 1 . A - ':-. ,ifi -.,' - V V - N --V. Q A , " A ' 25 ..,,. QE A . .1 h E 1 VVVL f A . Ralph Lamberf Twyla Lane Denny Lewis Paul Lewis Paffy Lifherland Alfred Lopez Nickie Lucas Kay McClane Pal McClane Freddie McGee Ellen McGuire Linda McKay A group of induslrious slu- denls 'lalre nofes during an English class. Virginia McMahel Kaye McPherson Roberl Maiors Dianna Marlow Deanna Marx Shirley Mason Judy Miller Joan Milchell Lesrer Moore Donald Morris Sherry Murphy Eldon Nanny Carroll Nash Roberf Neikirlr Diana Nelson Pai' Nelilefon David Odom Joella Peach Mary Peach Connie Pearson Tony Perillo Keiih Perry Randy Perry Ronald Phelps Deanna Phillips Jane+ Pierce Curlis Price Mary Price Tom Price Leon Reber Charles Randolph Ruby Reel Candy Reeves Craig Reisinger Sue Richardson David Rigg Jerry Rigg Ellen Riggs Suzanne Riggs Raymond Risley Ronald Risley Shirley RuH'er Lee Sampson Evelyn Sealon Penny Sealon Arlene Seiberl Viola Seybold Carolyn Shain Sue Shorf Ronald Sigler David Smilh Leo Smilh Sheila Smifh Carol Snelling Colin Soden Mary Spencer Noel Sialions Pe+e Sransfield Nancy Sfeclcler Melinda Srorm Joanne Slrine Elaine Sfroclcbine John Summers PaHy Swanson Dave Taylor Janice Tougaw Dennis Trapp Gail Trofrier Paul Troui Wilbur Trouf Ruih Veihman Ruih Waddle Delberf Wagner Omer Wagner Eddie Wallrer Sally Wallar Robin Walsh Carol Sue Waller Roberi Ward Joyce Weaver Carolyn Weir Paulefle Wheailey Beverly Wheeler Bill Whifaker Kay Whi+e Mary Whi++en Clyde Willrinson Harold Williams Rifa Willis PaHy Wilson Leroy Wirlh Danny Wood Jerry Wood Linda Youngman ,317 ,x ASQ, YS 1:4 K T. 17 if 's csv" S. ip A ra-1 XR., -1" if N -..,f' A Q , Iwi 2 if ai D Q 6-Q B xr 3 bn. 1 151' 1 5 W 5:3 ' iw I A A. ,4 -.N iv g a... W xilh M ,ir 52 .. 5 ., ..,,. 5 ,. 3 v 5,1 ff? E if X is W :gm 9 9' 'Wu i " A" av J .JR A X -fl La I 4, 6- -V Q 4: 1, gi' 2 is H 'E' , s X i "" 2 H' ,, 7 " X 'Yi' V ' X Q R , 21- , X WN 4 v NY V - - X L ...Q 4: 1 " G riiifsx ",. h M. !4F'4-Cr H. " A f ., as , I l ru- fy A and as-vw ,awww UQ Wi! :Pi 5 sisggggg Q5 .,,,, u......w- V . i531 53327222 Z V37L DU U or sf Klrkmans Kmkg Sm- iO?77 fx H555 4 Xg g bg "Z'w Q, 23.35 is , Mies- ' 'Q fu 5 l s A 0 I f- .af v, X x . .N-f..x. C I f THE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK AL NDALE LLINOIS in 4. 1.2. 1 . -A .14 A1 Q. .E M50 H., 's x. .I Q. if , .. pt, WS, F9 1.2. ii, Ji H O ,,, Lglgf fs iff! 3 X 'I CONGRATULATIONS . . . to the Class of 1960 T. W. GEORGE OIL PRODUCER F-s-.,.,MN N. K Snap - on Tools Corporation Xlmll1l'a14'l11n'n's ol' mm XX:-1-111-In-S mul lluml lm s l,l'4llllll'll4lll - xlLllllll'lIlllll'1' - Svrx ive Xll. llill'lll4'l. lllinuis Hadley's Cafe Wllvn- l'.xm'1'ylmcly Nlm-1-ls law-ry Imfly 1 qllarlwl Plwno 150 Best Wishes From - Y 'K Q gg , X g Wvx Y'+L'f':7 , 'WV' N-., "Krazy Kenw uKindly Old Davea' '4Bouncin7 Bohn "IleBonair Dwzlylm Ken Wallacze Dave Naher Bob Brock llwzlync Nuss WVMC'S "MEN OF MUSIC" WVMC RADIO - 1360 - MT. CARMEL Moose Home Mt. Carmel. Illinois , OIL CORPORATION l Salutes You 4'Class of ,60', rr H. Paul Waterburyf, Pres. , Joel W. Townsend, Vice Pres. William O. Craef. Sec.-Treas. COMPLIMENTS OF MT. CARMEL PUBLIC UTILITY CO. A Home Owned lndustry One for Ihe road Moforcycle gang Now Ronnie! See my dimples MT. CARMEL DRILLING CO. Skiles Building Joe McGuiire Bill Haeberle UNDERRINER'S HARDWARE Phone 484 Mt. Carmel, Illinois 2 MT. CARMEL SAND 81 GRAVEL COMPANY Building Materials l.UlVlBliR - MILLWORK f YREAIVJY-MlXFID CONCRETE Mt. Carmel, Illinois "Have a Pepsi" The Light Refreshment C. A. TenBarge, Distributor We and our shadows Why Bob! Tl1dt'S not ddmlfuff Congratulations Raibley's I.G.A. Foodliner 7th and Walrlul Street Mt. Carmel, Illinois IMBLER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS When You Want A Photographer For Any Purpose Home Portraits - Picnics - Parades - I,egal Pictures Family Reunions - Weddings - Candids - Special Events Wiiidow Displays - Banquets - Parties - Outdoor Events Store Interiors - Dances - Proms - Accident Pictures As Well As Studio Appointments We Have The Right Equipment - You Call or Write HWe'Il Come A-Running" Photography Is Our Business Your Yearbook Photographer SPIETH STUDIO Phone 2673l 401 Whittle Avenue Olney, Illinois Rotary Rigs Cable Tool Rigs QIQDII' DEE DRILLING COMPANY J. Roy Dee J. Roy Dee, Jr. 54 Compliments and Best Wishes from Mt. Carmel Auto Dealers Association Lindsay Motor Co. Carlton Motor Co. Closs - Donner Chevrolet-Cadillac Kamp Motor Co. Colborn Bros. Pontiac DOUGLAS BUILDING SUPPLY Contracting, Home Builders and Remodeling Sherman William Paints Call Us For Your Building Needs 118 S. Market Phone l62 Floral Products IOIII Cherry Street l"l.OVIl'flIS FOR ALI. OCCASIONS P limnplilnc-nts nl' ilu- Vlfliilelieacls BECKERMAN'S GROCERY Groceries - Fresh Meats and Vegetables hone III-fl6-W 530 Poplar St. IVIt. Carmel. III. Seybold's Grocery Fresh Meats. Fruits and Vegetables Compliments of KENEIPP CONTRACTING COMPANY Kiss me Scraps away Watch my lingers LEIGHTY BROTHERS WHOLESALE GROCERS I.uxsl'em-erille. Illinois Phone 921 llistrihutors of Pleezing. l.iltle Nlummie. anal I,iImhy Prmluets 'LBruce" "Gus'7 LOMAX 81 DOERN ER Athletic Equipment - Trophies - Sporting Conds HEverytl11'11g for Every Sporlw "Trophies for Every Occasion" 20 S. E. Second St. HA 4-7575 livansville, Ind ALL SPORTS SPOIITING GOODS - GUNS OL3'l'BOARl'J MOTORS CANEDY'S MARKET Quality Meats. Fruits. and Vegetables 56 MAlN'S GREENHOUSES Best Wishes, Seniors from 1119 W' 3rd St' Phone 195 Mr. and Mrs. L. lf. Hicks Mt. Carmel, Ill. of Finest in 1.-lowers MERCHANTS CREDIT BUREAU RISLEY'S CLEANERS Serving Wabash County with Professional Dry Cleaning Since 1930 WOODS "Always Something New" I don'+ get I+ Now, where is that 'rhing7 Gang way! Go away Compliments of HACKLER'S VOGUE Shoes For The Family Ladies, Ready To Wear DENTON DRUG CO. The REXALL-PRESCRIPTION STORE DEAN'S OFFICE SUPPLIES 4-ll Market St. Mt. Carmel, Illinois Cifts and School Supplies For Boys, Girls and Everyone! YOUR FLOWER SHOP Phone 902 618 Mulberry MT. CARMEL, ILL. 15. Love and honor to Mt. Carmel Our high school old and grand Proudly we will ever hail thee Over all the land. Old Maroon and Gold we toaat you Thru victories and defeats, Love and honor to lVlt. Carmel Alma Mater! Here's to you! Compliments of EUGENE D. POWERS and FAMILY SHERRILL ORCHARDS QUALITY FRUIT - APPLES and PEACHES Phone 371712 J PLANNING TO MEET COLLEGE COSTS MANY STUDIES HAVE BEEN MADE TO DETERMINE THE VALUE OF A COLLEGE EDUCATION. THEY ALL INDICATE THAT AN INVESTMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATION PAYS DIVIDENDS. THESE STUDIES SHOW THAT COLLEGE TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN EARN MORE MONEY AND EN- JOY A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING THAN THOSE WHO DO NOT ATTEND COLLEGE. THEY A- CHIEVE A GREATER DEGREE OF SOCIAL COMPETENCY, PRACTICE BETTER CITIZENSHIP, AND MAKE BETTER PARENTS. A BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT IS THE BEST PLACE TO ACCUMLATE YOUR EDUCATIONAL FUND. YOUR MONEY IS SAFE AND CONVENIENT TO YOU. YOU WILL RECEIVE EARNINGS IN THE FORM OF INTEREST. THESE EARNINGS WILL SWELL YOUR EDUCATIONAL FUND STILL FURTHER. AT THIS BANK YOU WILL FIND HELP IN ALL YOUR FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE OUR BANK YOUR DOORWAY THAT LEADS TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE. SECURITY BANK OF MOUNT CARMEL "BANK WITH SECURITYH MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , I . . , L95 P BEST wus:-ass FROM I 4, IQ? A V1-f mwwmqh mgwmmqammafekaw RE l.AYs POTTER 8. BRUMFIELD ' DIVISION OF AMERICAN MACHINE 8: FOUNDRY COMPANY-PRINCETON, INDIANA S . A '73-5 "f ' .1 H AX P, .effgf , ,. 'lu . 45:7 T I I! Power Mowers and 'fillers Lam n and Carden Supplies Compliments of Complete Toy Department PRAIRIE FARMS PRODUCTS the year round Lee Childers, Dist. if-f Holm Beehn R I G G S ' S HI-WAY MARKET We can'i afford a suitcase Doctor Ewalcl NOW 5I'l9'5 looking Braille? SPOND'S MARATHON SEIBERT'S MOBIL 902 Ma,-ret SERVICE STATION Washing and Creasing 131 Walnut - Phone 986 H. lr. GfJ0l,lilCH Mt. Carmel. Illinois Tires. Tuhes. and Batteries I6 DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED Petroleum Development Suite 301- First National Bank Bld. 200 W. Third-Phone 2-9209 ALTON, ILLINOIS 203 W. Ninth St.-Phone 1668 MT. CARMEL, ILLINOIS STANSFIELD'S OF COURSE BETTER CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS I ge+ so flustered by compliments Floor show Ain'+ I the mosl' BECKERMAN SALES and SERVICE YOUR MASSEY-FERGUSON DEALER Agricultural-Industrial Route I5 Mt. Carmel, Illinois x v Active people f' go for Coke! 3 ,Ei arf 0 ,ZZ . J QW aw " QS? 3 3 33 3 'J Enjoy Coca-Cola right now! IM ff Botti d d r ihor ly of The Coco-Cola Company by Modern . a . Compliments of Style-Rite Shoe Store Mt' Carmel Ollver Sales Co. 302 Market Mt. Carmel, Illinois Phone 883 West 9th St. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Com liments of CONTACT P Flemming D- wiliiums Deck Hill Battery Co. Insurance Agency Automotive Parts Wholesalers Mt. Carmel, Illinois Rt. 9544- Phone 41176 Mt. Carmel, Illinois LARGE LNoUeH TO SERVE YoU 0 SMALL ENOUGH T0 KNoW You Phone M Phone 395 Outcasts Carol Maverick You do have whiskers Sibyllineitis Talley Bros. West 9th St. - Phone 701 Woods Harley Davidson Sales 508 West Qth Street Sales - Service - Repairs Mt. Carmel, Illinois Allis Chalmers, New Idea, and Kewanee 1 Farm Implements 'Ilmmle Jerry Staley Feeds, Argico Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer George's Shoe Service I 0 Huff s News and Nol-Ions Hushpuppies and Bondshire Dress Shoes 905 Market Phone 918'M 905 Market Telephone 334- Compliments of SEIBERT'S CLEANERS 917 Market -- Phone 651 Right Propane Gas Company 500 and 1000 Gallon Tanks Skelgas in Bottles or Bulk Phone 177 Mt. Carmel, Illinois Gordon's North End Drug Store 923 N. Market Mt. Carmel, Illinois LAMBERT'S 500 STATION 1121 W. 3rd Phone 511 Puppy love? Taste good? Fight tooth decay Friends. mon, and men Best Wishes from NELSON'S LAUNDRY Compliments of DR. L. D. MORRIS D A D E S 309 Market Compliments Of ANDERSON BROS. L. E. fAndyJ Don Distributors PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Fuel Oils, Gasolines, Motor Oils, Greases Phones 951, 1316-M and 4-6-F5 TANQUARY SHOE STORE Leffef Jackets "C," DORSCH For Menls Wear 4-6 Years of Shoe-Fitting Experience Smart Footwear - Phoenix Hosiery Mt Carmel Illinois For the Entire Family Tuxedo and Formal Mt. Carmel, Illinois Wear Rentals ffsToP AND GAS WITH GLASSI' Philco Appliances Edwin F. Glass, Owner, Operator Mobiloil Creasing, Washing, Polishing Refrigeration and Air Conditionino Niobilqas Tires Batteries 13 J 1 Service Wheel Balancing Owner ng- Paul Summers Telephone 445 7th Sz Market MOUNT CARMEL, ILLINOIS Oh! I feel Iilre flying I have his piclure Lutz Paint 81 Wallpaper Store Mundy Insurance Agency F E ' ree Sumates ROBERT E. MUNDY, Agent .IOHN LUTZ 114 West 12th Street Phone 925 425 Market St' Phone 217 MOUNT CARMEL, ILLINOIS Mt. Carmel, Illinois American Savings Fred M. Ramsey Und LOCI1 ASSOCIGHOI1 INSURANCE -119 Market Street Telephone 104- MOUNT CARMEL, ILLINOIS 420V2 Market Street CHAS. L. MILLER, Secretary Telephone 572 Compliments Stay fit and trim of a Bowl at FRIEND WESTVIEW LANES Compliments of Congratulations HARRY G. MILLER Class of Plumbing and Hardware "60,' Sheena of the iungle l'm forever blowing bubbles Ku Klux Klan? D. G. HARRISON and SON Complete Oil Well Servicing-Fully Insured Compliments of Radio Equipped . K. of C.Counc1I No. 'I343 Rod and Tubing, Swabbing, Sand Pumping Portable Spudder West 9th Street Call 1130 SHARP 8. WILLIAMS Plumbing - Heating -- Cooling Fl'Gfel'l1GI ofdel' 116 w. 5th 51. Phone 641 of Eagles 3056 We Sell the Best and Service the Rest BEST WISHES BEST WISHES from the PACIFIC MT- CARMEL mess and sl-:EAR com' CHAMBER 714 Walnut of MT. CARMEL, ILLINOIS COMMERCE Phone 1400 The new roll-on kind . . . and fhis one fo Olney You'll learn COMPLIMENTS c0MPL1MEN'rs OF OF IDEAL HOUCHIN'S Tool and Service, Inc. DRILLING CO. SGD Cb? S, 3- ,i xg o 'fat' E-fx I l4"QKfi,4,L 'im uri--N vxxxx 11,10 Q0' 71' ' WS Flectrlc Heatm Contractors Complete Wiring Supplies - Service 1 x Distributed by DERSH OIL 326 W. 3rd St. Phone 1190 Nlt. Carmel, Illinois Phone 1600 Ouife shady Oh Carol Oh boy! ll's spilled. Mr. Winkler Oh! You're kidding! Daily The Only News Media Bringing You Local . . . N EWS PICTURES ADVERTISING Republican-Register 0LLIE'S SANI-CREAM Nlacle Clean . . . Sold Clean ' North Cherry Street Road Mt. Carmel, Illinois Q an A II OLD'S COFFEE SHOP FRANCES' 506 MARKET MT. CARMEL. ILLINOIS Town and Country Motel lfxclusive VVOIIICIVS Apparel IVIL Carmel Evenings hy Appointment Phone 525 Well, iust don'l stand there I hope she chokes Each one help one What a mess JOHN DEERE DAY AT GRADDY IMPLEMENT CO. S. Nlarkel Phone 685 NIT. CARMEL. ILLINOIS Nu ,lull 'llon Large. Nu Julu 'foo Small Harold Kingsbury Plumbing 81 Heating 427 East 9th Phone 802 3 ISU CUl'll1iI'lghGI11 Fllhefdl Hgfne Congratulations from M, C,H,,.,,y SWA, P. N. HIRSCH and CO. W 4, l IH. . "Your Fmnily llc-partnwnl Store" 'l. .i ' . s . . Huw mm Mt. Carmel. Illmms if Keep your sunny side up You can'+ ca+ch a shadow Proud Mama B055 SPORT STORE TEsH's WASHER ssnvlce Oll-015 Market St. ML Carmel? Illinois Your Speed Queen Dealer BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1960 from Palmer's Engine Service Congratulations Class of 1960 General Telephone Company of Illinois STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO -- LIFE ee FIRE Hicks Home Improvement Phones: Office 1509 - Res. 368-VV Rockwool Insulation. Aluminum Storm Door and Vlfinclows. Awnings, Roofing and Siding Ceramic Tile. Floor 'file Cillrert S. Miller Phone 498-W 514- Walnut Street lVIt. Carmel Ill Melrecal gal You sure do looli cute . . . and then we lost Don'f peep Lincoln Bakery Bakers of Sunbeam Bread anfl Amiel Culver Vvisli the Class of 1960 Lots of Success Congratulations To Class of '60 7 LIBERTY HOME APPLIANCES STURMAN and FEARHEILEY LUMBER COMPANY Chrysler Air-Temp - Wirlklex' Heating Air Conditionin 927 Market Phone 2415 CHARLEY'S BLOCK Home Cooking Served Family Style FUNKHOUSER'S DINING ROOM The Little Store with the Big Values Phone 1582 for appointment. Mt. Carmel, Illinois A Wise choice Teachers can smile Got cold shoulders? Congratulations and Best Wishes To Class of 1960 Compliments of SILVER MAPLES GARDENS STANLEY SEIBERT Landscaping Wholesale Distributor Growers of Quality Nursery Stock Mt' Carmel' HI' Cherry Road Phone 219 H Congratulations Tanquary's Jewelry Store EGGEBRECHT PASTRY SHOP -Stop In-H Pearl, Phyllis, and Sandy Will Be Most Happy to Serve You Mt. Carmel Elks Club Mt. Carmel, Illinois 1959 - 1960 OFFICERS WILLIAM R. WOLF Leading Knight HAL ROBERT JOHNSON Loyal Knight GEORGE M. SGI-IAFER Lecturing Knight RUSSELL YONDA Esquire FRANK A. SHOAFF Chaplain JOHN KIRKMAN Inner Guard ROLAND J. DE MARCO Exalted Ruler CLARENCE MCMAHEL Secretary WILLIAM H. NEWKIRK Treasurer KENNETH E. FRYE Tiler WILLIAM DALE MAINS Trustee H. C. BOSECKER Trustee GORDON KIRKMAN Trustee I -'.e"" 15453 ""' --1-: , A -L .. 2 T I n i ' LQ .L U B ' Q - A nw . ..... .. . .v -,-, : -.-,: . ,.:- : - --'. v. -'E-.?-:-,x,- .-':- A- .. VQII g., - K uaawr cxmfez. naufvoxs I I Q ,. . Q2 4- , y x --'-':4 5 ,'-' 4223 P J X- . , 1.-"W , 0,5 .J X 31, ' " r' ,ir , M, 4 + V' C0 NI PLINI ICNTS OF V. F. W. Post 4276 CUNI l'I,l N'IliN'l'S OF HARRY McPHERSON TRUCKING SERVICE 0230 Warkel Street Phmw 30-H RMK 4 2 3 Mt. Carmel Sales and Service liux 223 - I'.',f XII. Cill'lIll'l. lllinuis Hurry H4-nsun Nils- Uvputy ' NR R J 75 CULLIGAII 5 1022 230 Poplar--Phone 531+ gal-n-7 SAGER and SON GROCERY Fresh Meats and Vegetables 313 W. 3rd - Phone 920 BOSS MACHINE SHOP QUALITY DIAMONDS Welders - Machinists -- Steel Fabricators I IN FEATURE LUCK PM-table Welding Trucks I -- Phone 1142 Smith Jewelers Furniture Appliances ERV'S MARKET MT. CARMEL TRANSFER AND FURNITURE Local and Long Distance Furniture Movers 509 West 11th St. Fancy Groceries and Fresh Meats HEATER DRUG STORE Phone 459 Prescription Service Haubegant and Yardley Cosmetics Ashland Oil and Refining Company East Fifth Street Phone 1020 176 Compliments of Roy D. Short Company HADLEY PHARMACY Your Walgreen Agency Featuring Free "Pillroller,' Delivery Service Phone 5 IGLEHEART ELEVATOR Grain--Feeds-Fencing--Fertilizer-bag or liquid Iglehearts - Wayne Custom Grinding and Mixing - Bulk Delivery Service Phone 31 629 Division Street Mt. Carmel, Illinois Baby Chix DEKALB Seed Corn w-'wtiridlili -N .S:'Hml'Qn 1 . '-'-. '-.,---..,...-..:-. I fault: in-L A :E -A D,-Simi: 'R, ,-- l--f:::::--3:-N.: Hu.--:ics 4:3 ' - -A .- --:- :,, I - , ---I !Z" I 1 H' -2:-s Q " ,Y NILLL- -J!-..:--:1-I DEKALB AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION, INC. Commercial Producers and Distributors of DeKalb Seed Corn and DeKalb Chix Mt. Carmel, Illinois Best Wishes to Seniors of 1960 A Better Buy Mr. Harry's House of Beauty MILK ICE CREAM 921 Market Phone 1258 Mt. Carmel, Illinois 907 Market Phone 23 W R I G H T S ' The Friendly Neighborhood Grocery 4-31 W. 5th Phone 55 Your Patronage is Appreciated 218 E. 12th Street Phone 532 Compliments of Wabash Post 423 American Legion Mt. Carmel III Compliments of U Q W m ne Ubmzr 0 0 l 0 fame fame - Lflfizrms' ' ,N Gradel Grade "A" Milk W umumzn 15 Cottage Cheese W ' ' 'fr rf Q in Ice Cream I I :.v:'S'W2"m'w Wifi! Vi Jia Sweet Cream Butter ,mi m...,QfgmL ' m ... J "Dairy Products That Must Pleasev U lin "f ,ff -2 PRAIRIE F RMS OF SOUTHER ILLINOIS P TRONS Compliments of Shamrock Motel Compliments of Bohis Auto Sales Compliments of I. C. Penney Company Compliments of Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Wetzel Compliments of Cliff's Drive-In Arrow Electric Motor Co. C crlii pliments of Spencers Compliments of Walter K Son Furniture Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store Compliments of Fuller Appliance Snyder's Infants', Children's, and Ladies' ready-to-wear Compliments of The Index C. F. Emling Company Institutional Food Specialties Ashby, Jerry: 136 A Abney, Marian: 25,28,84,14O Abney, Sharon: 79,853,140 Aborn, Rober1'a:9,78,132 Allca, Harold: 111 Alka, Roberf:31,32,51,52,71,89,91,132 Alldredge, Brenda: 68.84.140 Allen, John: 136 Allen, Peggy: 62,78,1 18,140 Allen, Raymond: 59 Anderson, Richard: 76,79,8O,85,IO6,I4O Anderson, Roberlz 54,76,77,79,8O,85,8I, 132 Ankenbrand, Gene: 36,37,58,118 Ankenbrand, George: 32.59118 Anlhis, Eslherz 78,132 Anlhis, Palsy: 140 Appleby, Carol: 37,59,61,79,I 18 Appleby, Judy: 76,77,78,132 Arnold, Audrey: 25,49,57,76,78,8O,85, 132 Ashby, Kennelh: 132 Alwood, Gwen: 85,140 B Bagwe1l,Bi11y: 104,118 Baird, Joe: 46,89,94,106,107,l37 Baird, Jon: 24,46,70,89,92,106,118 Banks, Pafly: 33,62,68,I4O Bare, Nancy: 14,69,78,108,14O Barker, Ernie: 111 Barleli, Thea: 9,22,57,68,79,137 Barnell, Ron: 140 Barnlund, Ronald: 57,78,94,137 Barlell, Irene: 78,137 Bass, Bob: 96 Bauman, Gary: 137 Bayley, W. G.: 50,112 Beal, Leona: I4,62,I4O Beal, Susan: 41,61,63,78,85,118 Beard, Rifa: 79,140 Beard, Russell: 12.57.137 Beauchamp, Michael: 65,137 Beckerman, Bob: II7 Beckerman, Larry: I1,22,32,118 Beckerman,S1'an1ey: 111 Beckerman, William: 117 Beesley, Sue: 68,78,84,14O Bell, Joyce: 140 Bell, Leia: 133 Berberich, Karl: 132 Berberich, Kenlz 137 Berberich, Mary: 6O,62,72,1I8 Berberich, Michael: 79,94,95,IO6,I4O Berlin, Elaine: 78,137 Sfudenl Index Berry, Bill: 20,41 ,51,52,57,76,79,136 Berlram, Richard: 65,104,136 Biehl, Jack: 132 Birkla, Donna: 140 Birkla, Joe: 78,137 Bivins, Elizabelhz 1O,23,28,36,37,69,72,76 78,88,9I,119 Bivins, Teresa: 25,53,57,68,79,137 Black, Ann: 25,57,68,78.l37 Blackburn, Carol: 68,78,84,l4O Blair, Arlene: 140 Bobbill, Jim: 140 Bobbill. Judy: 78.85.140 Bosecker, Connie: 57,69,78,l32 Bosecker, David: 140 Bosecker, Francis: 119 Bosecker, Raymond Ronald: 65,137 Boss, Sharon lKayl: 68,132 Bowen. Jeanne: 78,132 Bran'i', Charles: 137,138 Bradham, Eddie: 65,119 Brallon, Barbara: 140 Clark, Ronald: 39,66,I32 Clark, Rulh: 119 Cleary, Kalherinez I7,37,59,61,69.76,79 118,119 Clem, Roberf: 65,137 Clevy, Diane: 33,62,l4I Clevy, Pansy: 59,63,78,137 Clillon, Cliflon, Carolyn: 68,78,I41 Lois: 132 Cline, Rulh: 78,137 Clodlelfer, Lois: 78,141 Cobb, Marla: 68,141 Cofling, Marsha: 57,78,84,136,I37 Colborn, Ronald: 33,137 Colborn, Mike: 44,120 Collins, Dale: 132 Collins, Donald: 141 Collins, Eugene: 54,851,112 Collins, Ken: 120 Combs, Grace: I17 Complon, Beverly: 25,26,62,63, 141 Brallo Brallo n, Connie: 48,78,132 n, Dean: 76,78,85,14O Breen, Palricia: 68.78, I 37 Brewer, John: 132 Brewer, Joyce: 23,32,58,59,69,78,88,91, 119 Brines, Don: 133 Brines, Leslerz 136 Brown, Belle: 53,68,69,78,14O Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown , Diane: 119 ,Janelz 56,78,I37 ,Jeanellez 78,137 , Jerry: 137 , John E.: 41,4-6,7I,79,89,9O,93,96, Compfon, Margaref: 25,26,60,6I,62,63, 78,132 Conrady, Elmo: 111 Coomer, Henry: 39,137 Coomer, Myra: 57,76,79,137 Corwin, Billie: 62,63.78,84,137 Colner, Adah: 79.85,l36 Couch, Carol: 78,141 Couch, Joe: 141 Couch, Molly: 141 Couch, Rulhi 33,63,68,79,136 Courier, Lynne: 76,78,I33 Cowling, Lois: 141 Cox, Roberlz 79,141 Cox, Rulh Ann: 133 97,IOO,10l,104,105,106,107,132 Brown, Kay: 119 Brown, Kenny: 33,37,41,42,47,52,7O,72,89, 9I,92,106,1 19 Brown, Larry: 132 Brown, Rulh Ann: 57,78,81,85,I32 Brunson, Carol: 68,78,85,I36 Brunson, Norman: 89,103,106,107,I32 Bump, Larry: 119 Burke, Michael: 84,141 Burke, Roberla: 78,84,137 Burkell, Wilma: 69,79,137 Burns, Elwood: 117 Burlon, Lorella: 78,141 Burlon, Roberl: 119 Burlon, Sue: 33,48,63,78,132 Bu1ler,Tom:31,56,57,76,77,79,88,92,106, 107,132 Bybee, Donald: 141 Bybee, Mary: 78,141 Byes, Sieve: 7l,89,9l,92,137 Byrd, Dixie: 137 C Calabrese, Kaihleen: 79,84,I41 Calverly, Barbara: 32,51,1 I9 Calvin, Harriell: 78,137 Carey, Janet: 78,132 Carler, Elaine: 62,68,78,137 Crackel, Donna: 79,141 Croqer, Macky: 66,104,133 Croqer, Marcella: 25,58,59,63,78,I36 Croman, Freda: 133 Crow, Bob: 141 Crum, Jerry: 73,113,115 Crump, Jeff: 120 Culver, Derriel: 141 D Dagley, Jerry: 23,25,6I,69,72,8B,9I,I2O Dalryrnple, Shaun: 76,77,79,136 Daniels, Gay1a:63,78,85,136,137 Daniels, John: 120 Danner, Judy: 3O,56,59,61,76,78,133 Darnell, Linda: 53,61 ,63,68,76,78,l33 Davidson, Tom: 37,59,lO6,I2O Davis Charles: 6O,66,I33,134 Davis, ,Georgez 104,105,120 Davis, Jerry: 14,53,141 Davis, Kennelh: 66,133 Davis Richard'65141 Dawson, Mike: 55,57,76,79,8O,85,133 Deal, Roy: 95,141 Dellendall, Nina: 63,79,I36 Deischer,Vio1eIle: II7 Deisher, Carolyn: 68,78,I33 DeMarco, Viclor: 56,7O,89,90,92,lO4,IO6 133 Carier, Paula: 32,36,59,68,1I9 Case, Ada: 78 Case, Dallas: 137 Case, Franklin: 56,7O,76,79,96,lOI,IO2, 103, 104, 105,133 Cash, Mamie: 137 Caudill. Norma: 33,63,132 Cave, Jimmy: 119 Chadra, David: 4-1,57,132 Chamness, Ben: 90,103,I 13,1 15 Chapman, Evelyn: 33,63,79,I37 Chapman, Jo Ella: 57,58,59,69,82,85,119 Cheesman, Elizabelhz 52,112,113 Cheesman, Mignonne: 19,56,57,1l3 Childers, Gary: 29,3Z,35,4l,52,7I,89,9I, 92,132,137 Clark, Bonnie: 79,136 Clark, Madena: 136 Clark, Nancy: 33.62,68,14I,I42 Clark, Rilaz 69,79,85,I37 Depufy, Bonilaz 23,25,27,42,43,5I,52,72. 120 Depuly, Terry: 57,7I,IO4,I36 Doades, Rebecca: 133 Doan,Jannell:78,84,I41 Doan, Thomas: 141 Doane, Bill: 72,73,120 Dodson, Ronnie: 106,133 Dodson, Sarah: 62,68,141 Denham, Roberl: 113,115,118 Dossell, Paul: 120 Doly, Gary: 141 Doly, Linda: 38,753,133 Douglas, Mike: I3,53,56,57,70,76,77,79. 89,133 Dowly, Roberl: 136 Dudley, Linda: 78,136,137 Dudley, Randolaz 79,141 Duncan, Norma: 141 Duncan, Norman: 62,63,IO3,I41 Dunkel, J erry: 65,137 Dunn, Eldon: 141 Dunn, Eugene: 120 E Easfer, Dewey: 133 Eggebrechf, Phyllis: 2O,28,5O,54,6O,72,73, 76,77,78,80.84.120 Eggebrechf, Roberf: 85,141 Elder. Faye: 49.78.133 Ellioff, Danny: 133 English, Paffy: 79.137 Ewald, C aro1:62.68,69,78,I4I Ewald. Mary: 38.40,48,60.61 . Ewing, A my: 22,25,37,59,61,72.73,74.79. 80.85.120 F Farmer, Goldie: 62,113,118 Fawkes, Gary: 79,84,85,I37 Fawl, Margaref: 79,136,137 Ferguson, Earlinez,I41 Fesler, Richard: 136 Fischer. Sfephen:56,57,102,103,106,133 Fisher. Edward: 136 Fisher, Gerald: 120 Fisher, Shirley: 68,112,140 Fisher, Sfeven: 65.136 Floyd. Judifh: 68,69,141 Fornoff, Mary: 56,57,76,78,136 Forfner, Mary: 141 Frich, Kiffyl 36,53.55.5B,59,68.76,77,78. 80.85,1 18,120 Friend, David: 13,57,79.133,134 Fuller, Jerry: 8.29,86,96.98,I00,101,106, 121 G Garner, Gary: 136,141 Ga rre11', Ga rreff, Ga rreff, Ga rreff, Ga rreff, Ga rreff. Allen: 136,139 Carol: 108,141 Carl: 14,62.63,141 Helen: 56.78.133 Richard: 121 Wayne: 76.79.141 Garwood, Larry: 106,141 Gassman, Emmerfz 113 Gassman, Leo1a:47.73,I13 Gafes, Mary Lou: 78.84.141 Gehref, Darrell: 37,43.72,73,121 Gilliem, Lesfer: 113,136 Gillil-ian, Anneffa: 3 I ,56,68.69,78, 133 Glick, Roberf: 64,104,133 Glover, Diane: 28.33,63,79,l36 Glover. Kay: 48,78.133 Goings, Jimmie: 94,95.103,104,141 Goldman Goldman ,Diannez 69,141,142 . Larry: 133 Goldman, Roberf: 141 Goldman, Ron: 133 Goodson Goodson . Billy. 121 . Ray: 67,137 Gould, Hurley: 112,115 Gould. Jerry: 141 Gould, John: 46,121 Graddy,Vic1:i:68,78,I08,I4I Granby, Joyce: 25,63.68,69,78,137 Gray, Roger: 121 Griesmer, Linda: 76.79.137 Guisewife, Edward: 84,106.108,141 Gwyn, Carol: 57,68,78,85,I37 aiwyn, Jim: 12.23,25,41,81,83.85,121 Haclcler, Bill: 33,45.47,54,55,70,76,77,79. 106,107,121 Hadley, Jed: 31,133 Haggard, Ralph: 67,133 Halbig, Nancy: 40,57,6B,76,77,78,82,85. 133,134 Hale, Richard: 122 Hall, Clara: 60.61.121 1-1a11,Jim: 36,46,59.70,89,93,106,122 Hall, Marcia: 69.78.136 Hall, Marilyn: 13,28,56,57,79,136 Hall, Roberf: 136 Hampfon, Rena: 55,76,77,122 Harkness. Elsie: 2,13,2O,22,46,50.51.53, 56,57,76,79,I33 Harmon, Ada: 79,136 Harrell, Rolla: 30,133 Harris, Joe: 79.94-,95,106.141 Harris, Karen: 25,26,56,68.69,79,136 1-Iarris, Kenny: 70.89.91,93,122 Harris, Oral: 113 Harrison, Sue: 33,45,47,56,69.78,85.136 Hasenmyer, Cafherine: 38,132,113 Harf, Tom: 122 Hawf, Jim: 57.88.94-,I06,136 Hedge, Anile: 68,69,79,141 Hedge, Melvin: 141 1-1e1m,Jackie: 10,22,25,37,41,51.59,61,69, 76,79,84,85,I22 Helfon, Judy: 79,133 Helfon, Mary Rufh: 62,79,108,141 Helfon, Roberf: 133 Hemslcy, Roberf: 72,73 Henaqer, Paul: 113,115 Hensick. Carlene: 122 Henry. R. S.: 39.66,114,1 15 Henson, Larry: 14,133 Hering, George: 25,136 Hering, Lindell: 122 Hering, Vonna: 78,85,I41 Hess, Marilyn: 23,25,36,59,60,79,82,84, 122 Hiclcs, Cur1iss:85,94.IO6.137 Hiclrs, Dan: 25.67.123 Hicks, Jeanne: 47,123 Hiclrs, Jeff: 71,133 Higgins, Charles: 30,61,I33 Higgins, Russell: 22,36,37,50,53,72,73.123 Higginson, Lefhaz 141 Higginson, Rifaz 141 Hilberf, Pafricia: 141 Hillyard, Larry: 141 Hinderlifer, Harold: 65,133,134 Hines, Nancy: 141 Hocking. Charles: 103,141 Hocking, David: 25,65,133 Hocking, Melvin: 137 Hoffee, Phyllis: I3,41,57,59,60,6I,76,78. 81.85.133 Hoffman, Judy: 141 Hoffman, Tom: 25,133 Hollen, Linda: 33,63,133 Holfsclaw, Karen: 123 Horrall, Ka1hryn:79,84,I41,I42 Howard, Gary: 70,123 Hudson, Cafherine: I4,3I,36,58,59,72,73, 114 Hudson, John: 13,25,57,76,79,8l,84,85, 89,914,137 Hudson, Marcia: 23.30.31 ,41,57,60,6I,68, 69,76,77,78,82.85.132,133,134 Huff, Nellie: 57,133,134- Huff, Pa1:33.63,133 1-1uff,R1chard: 17.25,67,123 Hughes, Joan: 13,33,56,69,76,79,l37 Hughey,S1urman:58,79,123 Hulfacher, Anile: 31,48.5O,56,69,78,133 Humphrey, Earline: 136 Humphrey, Phil: 66,114,115 Hungerford, Elizabefh: 68.69.141 Hungerford, Joe: 79,141 Hunf, Danny: 84,141,142 Hunf, Delores: 38.63,65,133 Huffon, Loreffaz I41 I Ile, Clayfonz 123 Ingram, Michael: 103,106,141 Ingram, Paffy: 13,38,78,123 Irvin, Roberfz 64,65,114.115,1I8 Isaac, Lufher: 54,76,77,79.I33,I34 Isom, Kerry: 59,123 J Jamerson. Lenn: 141,142 James, Bill: 133 James, Donald: 141 James, Kennefh: 136 Jamison. Linda: 123 Jarvis, Ann: 12,56,69,79,136 Jarvis, Mary: 62,63,79,141 Jeffers, Barbara: 68.79.141 Jobe. Par: 108,141 John.Bef1y: 114 John, James: 90,93,106,114,1I5 Johnson, Ina: 73,114 Johnson, Joe: 33.94-,95,I41 Johnson, Sue: 33,59,63,76,78,136 Johnson, Wade: 123 Jolrelainen, Ma+fiJuhan1: 17.25,34,41,51 53.57,72,73,l23 Jones, Eugene: 141 Jones, Larry: 123 Jones, Ron: 123 K Kaiser, Larry: 136 Keenan, Judy: 20,29,46,51.68.69,I33 Keepes, Duane: l7,65,133 Keepes, Margarefz 124 Keepes, Marilyn: 63,133 Kelsey, Keifh: 78,85,I41 Kemper, Jim: 40,7l,89,9I,133 Kemper, Morris: 111 Kemper, Nancy: 69,76,79,85,136 Keneipp, Judy: 56,69,136 Kennard. Carmen: 28,30,33.38.58,62,68, 78,111,133 Kieffer, Carol: 6379.136 . Kieffer, Ida: 10,32,47,59,68,78,8l.84,85. 124 Kieffer, James: 89,106,133 Kieffer, Roger: 134 Kieffer, Sfephen: 124 Kieffer, Virginia: 38,63,134 Kiqhr, Eugene: 89,9O,94,137,138 Kighf, Malcolm: 79,141 King, Ronnie: 137 King, Suzanne: 68,79,84,137 Kingsbury, Dona: 137 Kingsbury, Phil: 138 Kingsbury, Roberf: 117 Kirkman, Barbara: 78.85.134 Kirkrnan, 51'1ei1a: 68.69,78.85,I4l,l42 Kleinschmidl,Alber1: 124 Kleinschmidl, Glenn: 134 Kleinschmidl. Millie: 141 Kling, Phil: 141 K1ing.Thomas: 124- Knusr, Gerfrude: 124 Kolb. BarlJara:57,68.69,78.138 Krug, Nancy: 141 Krug, Peggy: 48,134 L Lagow, Bobby: IO2,lO3.104,106.14I Lamberi, Ralph: 65,142 Lane, Twyla: 33,62.63,68.108,142 Lalham, Lorellaz 79.84.138 Lawrence, Jerry: 65,139 Leach. Don: 55,76.79,81,84,85,l24 Lear, Carlerz 56,57,85.124,137,139 Lear, Pal: S7,78,l34 Leavens, LaDonna: 41 ,57.69,78.134 Legg, Sandra: 56.57.139 Leipold, Harold: 65.135 Lennerl, Erik: 58.59.124 Lewis, Denny: 94,95,106.140.142 Lewis, Paul: 142 Lewis, Roberli 52,76,88,94,103,l06,136, 137.139 Lindsey, Judilhz 69,137,139 Lindslrom, Jane1': 55,57.61,76.77,78,8O,84, 85,124 Lilherland, Kay: l7,55,62,76,77,78,l24 Lilherland, Pallyz 62.613.78.142 Locke. Audrey: 53.57.76,77,78.I34.135 Lopez, Alfred: 142 Loudermilk, Earl: 64.134 Lowe. Sandra: 33,62.63,134,l35 Lucas, Nickle: 33,62.68,69.79.142 Lulz, Garry: 70,134 Lulz. Larry: 8,71,97,98,100,101.104,112. 134 Lynch, Harley: 117 2 M McCary. Elizabefhz 31.68,78,135 McCary, Raymond: 70,123 McCar1y.Jeane11e: 11.139 McClane, Carolyn: 139 McClane, Eddie: 124 McClane, lris: 142 McC1ane, Marie: 124 McClane, Pal: 62,142 McClane, Rodney: 139 McCormick, Roberl: 124 McCormick, Tom: 89,94,138 McGee, Freddie: 142 McGill, Kay: 56,60,61,68,78,134 McGill,Pa1: 138 McGrew, Vernon: 85,134,135 McGuire, Ellen: l4,29,5l,68.69,108,142 McGuire, Kenl:22.25,35,51.52,72.73,118, 125 McKay, Linda: 69,78,142 McKee, Gary: 55,76,79,80,85,l39 McLaughlin, Clara: 60.73,1 14,132,140 Mclvlahel, Bill: 106.134 McMahel. Tom: 41 ,76.79,84.85,l34 McMahel, Virginia: 68,69.79,85,142 McNew, Norma: 134 McPherson, Kaye: 78.85.l08,142 McWilliams, Jerry: 138,139 McWilliams, Linda: 76.78.13I,l39 Mabry. Bill: 66.134 Madden. Larry: 67,134 Maiors, Roberl: 142 Maiors, Sharon: 67,125 Malcolm, David: 135 Malofl, Doane 1Bu1ch1:3l,71.89,90,93. 104,l06,l07,134 Mann. Char1o11e:79,139 Marlow, Dianna: 142 Marriolfl, Joyce: 6O.61,62,72.73,76.78.125 Marsh. Nancy: 78,134 Marlin, Larry: 134 Marx. Deanna: 68.69,78,108.142 Mason, LaVern: 142 Mason, Linda: 139 Maves, Charlene: 31 ,38,68,78.104 Pearson, Connie: 143 Penrod, Gordon: 57,137,139 Perillo, Tony: 94.95,106,143 Perkins, Floyd: 15,54,84,1 16 Perry, Jack: 138.139 Perry, Keilhz 143 Perry, Leonard: 135 Perry, Nancy: 78.85.127 Perry, Randy: 143 Perry, Roberlz 127 Peler, Bernard: 94.104.106.I39 Peler, Marlin: 127 Pefers, Nick: 132,135 Pelerson, Linda: 49,57,78.135 Pelerson, Rebecca: 139 Pelerson, Rodger: 3O.3l,39.135 Pfiesler, James: 37.59.127 Phelps, Ronald: 142,143 Phillips, Carolyn: 56,69,79,84,138 Phillips, Dianna: 143 Phillips. Louise: 63.78.138 Phillips. Pierce. Pierce, 5ue: 23,48.69,78,82.85,127 Janel: 68,69,79,l43 Sandra: 78,135 Pierson, Darla Jo: 59,79,l27 Meriwelher, Lonnie: 117 Merriel. Leon: 125 Miller, Bill: 84,85,139 Miller, Judy: 78,142 Miller. Keilh: 52.57,106,139 Sharon: 25,29,56,57.71,89.91,93, Miller, 97.99,100,101,lO4.105,106,107,I34 Miller. Vera: 79,139 Milchell, Joan: 68,69,142 Milchell, Wayne: 139 Moody, David: 138 Moore, lrene: 114 Moore, Jerry: 125 Moore, Larry: 138 Moore, Larry: 125 Moore, Leslerz 64.l02,103.106,l42 Moore, Ron: 71.125 Moreland, Thomas: 25,125 Morgan, Teri: 48,125 Morlan, Rober'1:7O.89,9O,125 Morris, Delorisz 78,125 Morris, Donald: 142 Morris, Rulh: 69.125 Morris, Sandra: 38,134 Morrow. Leonard: 57.102,l04,I34 Mowery, Melba: 78.126 Moyer. Roloer1':67,72,73,l26 Munro. Bonnie: 57,53,59,76,79,139 Murphy, Sharon: 142 N Nanney, Eldon lLeroy1: 142 Nash, Carroll: 142,143 Nash, Michael: 67,138,139 Neikirk, John: 126 Neikirk, Larry: 134 Neikirlc, Roberlz 142 Nelson. Diana: 68.69,78,108,143 Nerllelon. Pal: 143 Newkir Newkir Newkir Newkir k, Jerry: 104,126 k, Nancy: 58,59,79.139 k, Penny: 68,79.84,l39 k, Randy: 32.37,42.6O,61.76,79,81, 84.85.126 Newman, Jim: 139 Newlon, Paul: 126 Nye. Orville: 127 O Odom. David: 143 Olds, Russell: 17,25,7O,79,127 Orman, Phyllis: 25,72.73,78.l27 Orr, Roberf: 73.110 Oskins, Barbara: 116,132,134 P Painler. Rulh: 127 Parfee. Mike: 25.32.79,127 Pallon, Ellen: 31 ,40.49,78,134 Paul, Ron: 57,78,135 Payne, David: 55,,8I 84.85.135 Peach, Jesse: 1.117 Peach, Joellaz 143 Peach, Larry: 135 Peach, Mary: 33,62,63.68,69,79,85.143 Pohl, John: 32.72.127 Pool, Priscilla: 3l,4l.46,56,68.76,78,80, 84.135 Pope. Judy: 78,139 Posey, Donnie: 139 Powers, Joyce: 24,28,32,46,5I,60,61,69, 72,79,127 Poynler, Tennie: 69.78.139 Price, Curlissi 64,143 Price, Mary: 108,143 Price, Tom: 94,95,103,l06,l43 Pulleyblank. Roberl: 127 Punlney, Roberfaz 57,69,79,137,139 R Raber, Dennis: 39,139 Raber, Karen: 22.3l,41,5l,60,6l,62.63, 78,135 Raber, Leon: 143 Randolph, Charles: 106.143 Randolph, Marcia: 23.32,37,46,55,59,68. 75,,85,128 Rau, Johnny: 85.127 Reavill, Ken: 79,128 Redman, Donna: 30,38,58,135 Redman. Karen: 62.63.78,139 Reedus. Richard: 25.64.135 Reel, Ruby: 143 Reeves. Candy: l1.68.69,78.IO8,l43 Rehnquist George: l6,2l,25,37.42,43,47, 5O.53,59,76.79,118128 Reisinger, Craig: 103,108,143 Richardson, Sue: 78.143 Richmond. Slave: 57.71.139 Ridens, Linda: 56.69,78.139 Riqg,Char1o++e: 12.38, Riqg, David: 79,85,143 Rigg. Jerry: 79,94.95,103,106,108,140,143 Rigqs,Ca1vin: 116.138 Riggs. Ellen: 143 Riggs, Joe: 89,138 Riggs, Suzanne: 143 Riggs, Wayne: I38 Rigney, Ronnie: I38 Riley, Malcolm: 25,I2B Riley, Valarie: 7B,I39 Rinnerl, Jim: I38 Rinnerf, Sharon: I28 Riordan, Pai: 42,53,72.l28 Risley, Bingham: 64,I35 Risley, Raymond: 65,I43 Risley, Ronald: 95,I02,l03.lO6,I4-3 Rifchie, Shirley: 78 Robinson, Rex: 28,76,79,8I,84,I38 Rodgers. Jim: I28 Rogers, Donald: 6b,l34,l3S Rose, Barbara: 3B,60,6l,I28 Resignol, Joyce: I2,48,57,63,l28 Rulledge, E. M.: II5,I Ib Rulier, Shirley: 69,78.l43 S Sales, Bobby: I28 Sanford. Palfy: I34,l35 Sampson, Bernard: 94,IO3,l43 Sampson, Pai: I35 Sawyer, Carol: 2O,25,4I ,SI ,76,77,78.I35 Sawyer, David lToml: 8I,84,85.l38 Schonoman, Jeanellez 33,63,69,78,I38 Schrader, Bonnie: I6,2 I ,23,25.37,47,5I ,53, 54,59,68.76,79,80,82,B4,85,l28 Schroeder, Brian: I28 Seals, Jan: 38.63,I28 Seals, Larry: l38 Seaion, Evelyn: 56,68.I43 Seafon, Penny Jo: 68,69,I43 Seafon, Shirley: l28 Seiberf, Arlene: 69,79,84,l43 Seiberr, Larry: I28 Seybold, Viola: 33.6B,69,78,84,I43 Shain, Carolyn: 68,69,IO8,I43 Shain, Barbara: I2,23,48.59,78,82,85,I29 Sharp, John: 25,3O,66,I34,I35 Shaw, Nancy: 32,37,44,58,68,72,79,l29 Shearer, Judy: 33,4l,63,78,l39 Shepard, Jane: 4O,63,78,I35 Shephard, Joyce: I0,22,23,37,4I,55,6O,63 79,8O,82,84,85,I29 Shepherd, Susan: 25,53,56,57,69,79,I39 Sherman, Fred: 7O,I29 Short Sue: I43 Shown, Bruce: 57,79,84,94-,I39 Shular, Jerry: 84,85,I39 Shular, Joe: 66.I35 Sieflerman, Ken: 30,79,l35 Sievers, Dorolhy: 6O,6I,69,7B,B5,I35 Sigler, Ronald: 94,95,I06,l43 Singer, Frank: II7 Singer, Porfer: 79,I35 Skaggs, Norman: 39,l38 Smifh smnhf Smilh. Barbara: 68.69,78,I38 Connie: 42,5I,6O.68,72,I29 David: 84,lO3,l43 Smiih George: II6,l36 Smilh I-Iarold: III Smilh Leo: 84-,I43 Smifh Russell: 3O,4l,I35 Smilh Sheila: I43 Smifh Smilh Sieve' 70 I29 I Tim: 33.5o,57,IO2,IO3,IO6,IO7,I38 Snelling. Carol: 62.63,79,I43 Soden, Carolyn: I35 Soden, Colin: I43 Solomon, Bill: 58,59,l35 Spelman, David: 59,7O,B9,9I,IO6,IO7,I29 Spencer, Mary: I43 Spond, Barbara: l35 Spond, Carol: 78,I29 Spond. Lillian: II7 Sialions, Noel: I43 Sfanley, Eddie: I29 Sfansfield, Pele: I43 Sfeckler, Herman: II7 Sfeckler, Michael: 64-,IO6,I37,I38 Sleckler, Nancy: I4,5I,53,68.78,I08,I4O I43 Slillwell, June: I35 Sfolfz, George: 64 SloI'Iz, Larry: 76,79,85,I35 Sforckman, Henry: 94 Siorm, Melinda: 6B,69,79,I43 Sfricker, Jerry: 89,94,IO6,I38 Sfrine, Joanne: 78,I43 Sirockbine, Elaine: 68,I43 Sfuessel, Ronald: 79,89,94,IO6,l07,I38 Summers, John: 94,95,I43 Swanson, Paify: I43 Swilr, Donald: II6 T Talley, C. Bliss: 34,l I I Taylor, Alva: I I6 Taylor, David: 94,95,I03,IO6,I32,I43 Templelon, Nancy: 79,I3B Tc-nBarqe, Richard: 3I,7I,76,79,B9,93,I06 I35 Tennes, Rufh: 73,I I6 Tennis, Janel: 25,60,62,72,73,I3O Tennis, John: 8,64-,96,99,IOO, IOI , I 35 Tennis, Virginia: 4l,46,56,6l,78,I32,I35 Terry, Calvin IKeilhl: l38 Terry, Clara: I35 Terry, Kennelhz 67,I38 Terry, Mary: 56,57,69,78,I36,I3B Thompson, Kennelh: 76,77,78,l35 Timberlake, Bealrice: I30 Tougaw, Janice: 78,l43 Townsend, Jo Ann: 23,33,5I,56,57,69,78, I39 Trapp, Dennis: l08,l43 Trapp, Joanne: 68.69,78,I39 Troflier, Gail: I4,79,lO8,l43 Troflier, Sandra: lO,24,28,37,58,59,72,78, l3O Troui, Paul: I06,I42 Trouf, Wilbur: I43 Turner, Cleon: l32,l35 Turner, Edna: II7 idirner, Randall: 33,76,79,B4.85,I39 Ufley, Gracie: 34,4I,54,6I ,7o,78,8 I ,85, I3O V Van Malre, Rose: 78,l39 Veihman, Rulh: 78,I43 Vire, Anila: 68,69,78,I38 Voigi', Larry: 7I,I38 W Waddle, Rufh: 79,l43 Wager, Pamela: I3,63,69,78.I35 Wagner, Delberf: I43 Wagner, Omer: I43 Walker, Ed: 94,IOb,I43 Walker, Richard: I30 Wallace, Rulh: II7 Wallar, Frances: 7,I0,2O,28,5O,5I,54,55, 69,72,75,76,77,78,80,85,I30 Wallar, Sally: l4,68,78,8l,84-,I43 Walsh, Robin: 95,I03,I43 Waller, Bernard: I I I Waller, Carol Sue: 68,69,78,IO8,I43 Waller, Eddie: 57,7l,76,79,95,96,IO3,IO4, I38 Waller, Paul: l38 Walz, Jack: I04,l l5,I I6 Ward, Marlhaz 23,54,68,76,7B,8I,82,84, I35 Ward, Roberfz 94.95, I03, IO6, I42. I43 Warren, Darlene: 29,69,78,l38 Weaver, Charles: 4O,46,I I6, I 32 Weaver, Joyce: 53,68,69,78,I43 Weaver, Sue: 30,3 I .57,58.59,6O,68,78, I 32, I35 Webber, Ann: I3,68,76,78,84.l38 Weir, Carolyn: I43 Weisenberger, Karen: 68,79,I38 Weller, Lee: 67,79,I38 Wellerman, Margarei: b2,63,78,l39 Wells, Claracena: 63,78,I30 Wells, Jimmy: 36,46,59,7O,92,I30 Weslfall, Don: 84,I39 Wheaicroff, Billy: 37,57,I3I Whealley, Pauleife: I43 Wheeler, Beverly: I43 Wheeler, Bob: I39 Whilaker, Bill: I03,IO6,I43 Whifaker, Thelma: 28,3O,3I.58,59,68,69, I35 Whiie, Connie: 79,I38 Whife, Judy: l35 While, Kay: I43 Whifehead, Sandra: IO,55.59,74,76,78. 8O,85,I3I Whiifen, Gilberfz 39,I35 Whilfen, Mary: I43 Whiffen, Pafricia: 78,I38 Wicklin. Mary Lee: l3,68,78,I35 Wilcox, Norman: 32,64,7l,89,9I,IO4,I3I Wilkinson, Clyde: 94.95, IO6, I43 Wilkinson, Bill: 8,89,94,96,I02,IO3,IO6. IO7,I38 Wilkinson, Donnie: 66-,89,l35 Williams, Brenda: 78,I38 Williams, Donnie: 25.28,70,90,I35 Williams, Eugene: l38 Williams, Harold: 94.95,lO3,l06.I43 Williams, Kay: 38.I35 Williams, Melvin: 64,I38 Willis, Edgar: I38 Willis, Elhel Kay: 78,I38 Willis, Rila: I43 Willyard. Sandy: l35 Wilson, Carol: 2O.50.56,I38 Wilson, Lesrer: II7 Wilson, Parry Sue: I43 Wilson, Reyna: 25,4I ,53,57,78,I38 Wilson, Sharon: I3I Winkler, Ray: 94,IO3,I I5,l I6 Wirlh, Leroy: l03,IO6,I43 Wirlh, Marlene: 23,35,46,52,56,68,76.78 88,9l,l35 Wise, La Fern: II6 Bill I03 Wood, : Wood, Danny: lO3,IO4,I43 Wood. Diana: 78 Wood, Jerry: I43 Wood, Jesse: 7B,I39 Wood, John: 25,64,70,9O,93, I 3 I Wood . Raymond: I3l Wood, Rosemary: 38, I 35 Wood Wood s, Blair: I39 s, Edgar: II7 Wooldridge, Merna: 3 I ,68,78, I 35 Wrigh I', George: I3I Wrighr, Mariorie: 43,6O,bI.62,72,I3I Wrighr, Maxine: II5 Wyafr, Deonna: 8,23,25,68,88,9l,I3I X Xanders, Fred: II7 Y Yarbor, Mary: 78,l39 Young, Kenny: 25.67,I04,IO5,l35 Young, Naomi: 25,32,37,46,58,59,I3l Youngman, Dick: 66,72,I3I Youngman. Lynda: 53,68,69,79,84,I43 Z Zimmer, Charles: 70, IO6, I 35 Acknowledgemenfs Peoria Engraving Company Joe Sronce Evansville Courier and Press Frank Johnson Daily Republivan Rvgister Spieth Studio Oral Harris A Q, . vi ,- 1 1 v f 1 1 w E . .1 -1 1 r r S r Wg., Jr " X .., O Q, .g.i..Q.s..,...2a':.n...E!i.1..m .s.w..'. ,, ,, .1,.,.. , .wifi 1, N , , . .,.''.i'an...

Suggestions in the Mount Carmel High School - Sibylline Yearbook (Mount Carmel, IL) collection:

Mount Carmel High School - Sibylline Yearbook (Mount Carmel, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Carmel High School - Sibylline Yearbook (Mount Carmel, IL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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