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n- fm, -4, af- , V - . V- 5 ,. - ., A -L --., -23+ 7-rffirg :j " -1 rr "'f"1f 'L':'7V ' " 5' - -M at 5 'ZJ-'P17!1 'f 1 f.'::,g,f 1, 4, Q ,T , f 4 iz A :Q 'i:.- ' ,A -,-:-rr-es.-' 1,+ff3'fg..- 5--2 - wg N '4Z,ifi" f -:?f-- .- g A fy- L- ' M -Q A. f A 4 ' , .,-f-.,ff'a----lv my .W , f-fs , N ,-- - V- 1- ' - . - ,- ,. :--:Q - ff ff-.f,. M. Q-fe-I-vwi 1-'-by -WS?----4' V fu- 2-51'-ff ,-Y f.11A ,Q if f V ' ' ji-Qj'Lt3 "f" , "- 3 .3539 5 -r 1-'WP' '55-'F -r ' k - - ,, ' A . . -- ' .' -11.-v W . gif' , - 1 , f.. N , mx 4, if , , . V - rp, f-rf ' - .,. .-1' 1 T' ,ia P f , A Q' 3 555- .. fi - 7 7155- gr T..-1..5. ,,. ,. , , W-, fy- k x, gg Ts- ,X- ,NN x . XM , X , xX X. 4 , 1 f f ' x X...,. X - . , N, 'ww w..,g,.,' 5 e 5 m E E E E ? 5 3 I F -4 E ni ....m .M... m 2 if -n S E ii F 5 H 5 Li 5 . ' l'uufr'IEYi'lll'BBB'5Ell-"iiumMC!d'S?fTi1'i.ilfs ' . ' ' .M ' Zi-R431 ,WETGZSH F ff"-41? if ' ' ' Editor-In-Chief JAMES FREDERICK Managing Editor JOHN BURGEE Associate Editors CARL HESS LOUIS MUNIN RICHARD BEST JACK SHERIDAN JOHN VALLORTIGARA Art Editors DAVE WALSH BILL HOLDERIED x X gi' N i' N NZM fff, my ylwlxx GM 2 W 1' K X f -5 - jx We XFLHM Af IG.-O--O--O"O-MRC o a ' , .Ky O Q X 1 , O Q ff'f QD Q , X? f il W . 69 ..-.2 V f,..,... W Q 1 j 'X D KL I L. ...J X LQ.. QA j m 0-' UC 1 X X 0' '- I O Q X 0, Q Q P GR 9 Q MLHRIHM O .QD .Q C? VOIUM6 200 pc- Wabhklea' by Me 522111616 of .JWI CARMEZ HIGH .YCIJUOZ 6410 If DANT6 AVG. CHICAGO 371 ILUNOIJ' . OnO..O--OLD OUR MOTHER' 1251 CAPUL R 19.1 SEVENTH CENTENARY One of the linglish Carmelites of the Middle Ages was St. Simon Stock. 1,ittle is known of the early life of Saint Simon except that the second part of his name tStockl is due to the fact that he lived in the trunk of a tree, spending his days in spiritual labors and his nights in prayer. Later he became a Carmelite and when the lirst General Chapter of the Order was held in England in 1247, Saint Simon made such a favorable impression upon his brethren that they selected him General of the Order. ln the many dirliculties of the new position the newly-elected General turned naturally to Mary, to whom he had always been devout. lYhen Simon was a youth he had been preadvised by Mary that he would one day join an Order which had been for years on Mt. Carmel and which She had taken under Her special protection. To his characteristic devotion to the Mother of God is due the miraculous power ofSaint Simon whose life abounds in miracles. But ofthe many supernatural events of his life the most interesting is the " Vision ofSaint Simon" in which the Scapular was bestowed, in 1251. Saint Simon, burdened with the weight of eighty years and oppressed with dilliculties which threatened the very existence of the Carmelite Order in liurope, betook himself to prayer and supplicated the Mother of Carmel, asking Her, as Mother and Patroness of the Order, to have pity on 1-ler Carmelite Brethren and relieve them in their hour of trial. The bountiful heart of God's Mother could not resist the prayers and tears of the General of the Order called by her name, and towards morningbiust as the dawn was breaking, She appeared to the holy man. The sight was entrancing, for the Queen of Heaven was surrounded by a great company of angels of dazzling bright- ness. There, in answer to his prayer, She presented him with a garment, formed after the manner of a scapular, saying "Tl-11S S1-1Al,l, BH A 1'RlYl1,1slGl+l FOR 'l'Hli1i AND All CARM1i1,1'1'1iSgWHOSOEVIQR SHAL1, 131111 XYEARING lT Sl-1A1,l, NOT SU1flfl'iR lslVlalR1,.-XST1NG FIRE." These strange and wonderful words of the Blessed Virgin were rapidly communi- cated to Carmelites throughout the world, and l-ler promise was in turn made known to the people by the Carmelite monks, down to the present. 1 P V1 The camera catches a very beautiful float waiting by Carmel for the parade celebrating the seventh centennial ofthe scapular R11 H1 lll1'gL congregation is led in prayer by a number ofwhite-cloaked Carmel Faculty members. 4 i l VW l 1 ? ... gma il . 2 gy, z 5 5 Qtggll l i E -2 5 Q3 e ,3A e fd DEDIC TED TO MR. MICHAEI, CYCONNOR, A.l3. Born in Biddleford, Maine, on Septemlier 25, Mr. O'Connor at- tended Biddleford High School where he excelled in liaseliall, foot- hall, and track. Through an interest in science, he achieved a motion picture operator's license while yet in high school. He studied at the University of Maine, where he confined his athletic endeavors to track, specializing in the half and quarter mile, and acquiring four major letters. :X memlier of the class of' '26, he graduated with honors and received a degree in mathematics and physics. ln W26, he came to Carmel, where he taught mathematics and physics. ln V127 he hecame track coach, a position he has held ever since. Carmel track aspirants have felt the lienefit of his own interest and experience in the sport, especially in the half mile and the quarter g f mile. "Miks''oiprlgffiilfxiall'mfmlist ln W32, he married after a two year courtship. He has twochildren, ' a lioy and a girl. livery summer he returns to Maine, specifically to Old Orchard Beach, where he is an engineer, supervising the repair of hreakdowns in the amusement park. He has received a degree in Radio Theory and Code from Chicago 'l'echnical School. His handi- work in his field is very evident in the Physics l.ah, where he has constructed a good deal ofthe equipment and many complicated electronic devices. During the year, he gives the extra radio course in the morning for the Seniors. This is calcu- lated to he ofgreat advantage to them in the service. Un january 25 of this year, the Carmelite fathers sponsored a lianquet for Mr. O'Connor, at which he was presented with a beautiful, engraved watch. Our hearts are saying more than our feelile words, Mikel Many thanks! God liless you l Ql.l"il"'l'l Mr. 0'Connor performs one of' his many duties as track coach by timing ai running. QRlGH'l'j ln thc physics lah hc explains tht intricacies of thc radio. NT iff S , X lgg 0 z 71 - V xl' 3 If 4 1 I X, f f I I 'I ff' y , 1 , H If I f I -: if f 1. jr ff 2' f ,If 1 f' Q? , T, 111- f , , , N f 5 1 . J f '- g f 5 l 7 X X ww' 7' z 1 F "H A W 4 7 f 1 5-E K f fi ff pf v Z. gp ,f fflf 2 f ,ff X f ff X, , 1 1- .- ul1. f f f K " M 11, ' Z-N wp fx W snap? ff? " KA K : Q 57 X f if gf ' , 'Z ,X 1 f fffff " " I , Wfff I , fa 5 g X Urn" ,f 1' ' f 'W f n' ,W f w f ff :Jr W1 f' 'Q 0 A V l U W4 fi' 1 f Z ,f 7- ' Z f , f4 if f? ,, 41 ff ' 'K dk NILVER S CERDOT JUBILEEN REV. JAMES Mcfiiia., O. CARM. Fr. james was horn in l"ingle- wood, N. J. Jan. 10, 1898. He attended St. Cyril's from 1914 to 1919. After his graduation from St. Cyril's, he studied at the new Mt. Carmel College, Niagara Falls, Ont. from 1919-1921, and then was sent to continue his studies for the next three years in Rome, where he earned a Ph.D. From 1924 to 1930 he was sta- tioned at Mt. Carmel High, Chi- cago, with his ordination taking place at Holy Name Cathedral on May 29, 1926. From 1930 to the present he has been stationed at Mt. Carmel College. Rev. lvl1CHAEI, CHRls'riE, O. CARM. Fr. Michael was born in Union- town, Pa., on Dec. l, 1898. After his high school studies at St. Cyril's, his philosophical and theological studies were made at Mt. Carmel College here in Chicago, followed by ordination on May 29, 1926. He was at Carmel from 1924 to 1927. From 1927 to 1933 he was stationed in Fngle- wood, From 1933 to the present he has assisted in parishes at Chicago, Niagara Falls, Pitts- burgh, Leavenworth. At present he is assistant pastor at St. Clara's, Chicago. REV. F.owARo GERINGER, O. CARM. The only native of Chicago among the six, Fr. Edward was born on Sept. 9, 1899. He attended All Saints grammar school, and St. Cyril's High School, with a year away in Englewood for his noviti- ate. His further studies were made in Niagara Falls and Chicago. At Carmel till 1929 he taught Eng- lish, and Religion. Since then he has been stationed in Bogota, QN.j.j, Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh, Scipio fKans.J, and Chicago. He is presently assisting at St. Cyril's parish here in Chicago. REV. RICHARD l-IAAG, O. CARM. A native ofl-eavenworth, Kans., Fr. Richard was born on Oct. 23, 1897. He attended St. Cyril's from 1910-1911, and from 1917- 1918, with an interrupted stay and schooling in Leavenworth. After his novitiate in Englewood, and two years of studies at Mt. Carmel College, he was sent to Rome, where he stayed from 1921 to 1927, gaining the degrees of Ph.D., and S.T.D. From 1927 to the present he has been stationed at Mt. Carmel College. REV..l051-11'H lN1OYNlHAN, O. CARM. A native of Boston, Fr. joseph was born on September 27, 1902. His high school studies were made in Englewood, N. J., and St. Cyril's, Chicago, and further studies at Niagara Falls, Notre Dame and Chicago. He obtained an M.S. in math from Chicago U. ln Chicago till 1930, he taught at the high school. From 1930 to 1942 he was stationed at Mt. Carmel College. After three years in Richmond, Kans., he moved to his present post of pastor of St. 'lihcrcsals Church, Cresliill, REv.J1''s MER7, O. CARM. Fr. Julius was born in Pitts- burgh, l'a., on May 5, 1878, and received his early education there. His higher studies were at Notre Dame and Chicago. From 1924 to 1927 he was at Carmel. Then he assisted till 1936 in Leonia and Englewood, N. J., Pittsburgh and Seipio, lians. From the latter spot he served as chaplain at the Kansas State Penitentiary. Since 1936 he has been stationed in Chicago, where he has served as school chaplain and as head sacristan of the community. REQUIESCA Father Hilary M. Doswald O. Carm., was born in Neuheini, Switzerland, on September 19th, 1877. He lived in Europe until the age of Fifteen, when he came to America to enter the novitiate at New Baltimore, Pennsylvania. ln August 1900, he was ordained a Carmelite priest in the Uld Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The following September lfr. Hilary came to Chicago with four other priests, a brother, and nine Carmelite students to set the foundation for St. Cyril's College, which was built in 19112. ln 1912 he became prior tSuperior1 of the St. Cyril Carmelites and also president of the college. Fr. Hilary left Chicago in 1925 when he was elected Assistant General of the Carmelite Order. ln 1927, he was appointed Consultor of the Sacred Congregation of the Sacraments. ln 1931, Fr. Hilary was elected General of the entire Carn1eliteOrder, and he held this position for sixteen years. Father then retired from the generalship in 19-17, celebrating his golden ubilee three years later. On March 2nd, 1951, lfr. Hilary died in Rome, where he had been visiting as part of his golden priestly jubilee celebration. lfr. Hilary is now receiving the glory which he so deserved on earth for he spent his life striving for devotion to Mary with 1Yhoni he rests forever. fa REQUIESCAT Father Albert H. Dolan O. Carm., was born in Fond du I,ac, lVisconsin, july 31, 1892. He studied at Niagara University and the North American College in Rome, before his ordination as a Carmelite priest in 1919. After his ordination Fr. Albert was assigned to Saint Cyri1's, where he was head of the English department, prefect of discipline, and originator of the Urifiamme magazine and year- book. VVhen the new high school was built, Father Albert was one of the prime movers in having the name changed from St. Cyril's to Mount Carmel High School. ln 1921 Fr. Albert left St. Cyril's to take over the devotion to Saint Therese, started by the Carmelites nine years before. After organizing the Society of the Little Flower, he received the title of"The Apostle of Little Flower Devotion in Americaf' Fr. Albert preached Little Flower novenas in all 48 states and most of the provinces in Canada, establishing shrines in more than 40 American cities. Because of poor health, Fr. Albert was made director of the Eastern Shrine in New Jersey, in 1931, where he died on January 22, 1951, of a heart ailment. Father Albert is enjoying the heavenly roses of St. Therese, because in his humble way he was truly an apostle of the Little Flower, for whom he gave his life to bring greater love on earth. 10 A Y NM I fl! ff lmllhrfyrlhff H' L ,. MII!!! - 4 f,-4 X17 f . X 1 2 -N Q9 ' .. Q4 p if I Y - ' ' Z1 ' , I DMI I NTR TIO FATHER AMBROSR CASEY O. CARIVI., B.S., MA. Carmel's gift from Providence R.l. Studied at Providence College, Manhattan, and Catholic ll. of America. ln his sixth year as principal. An excellent and exacting priest, teacher and leader. Long years of experience and inte rest in boys make him capable and willing to help you with school or personal problems. 12 ADM NI 'TR TIO l'iA'l'Hl-ZR Noiuiaai Press, O. CARM., HA. Well-liked Spanish teacher from Catholic University of America. lfatlier Norbert is also superior of all priests and brothers. His official title is prior of St. Ci'ril's Com- munity. He was formerly pastor of St. Cyril's parish. lftwniaa Nhi RICE Asoieiesos, O. CARM., HS. Has put in many years as treasurer of Mt. Carmel. He also acts as moderator of the high school Alumni which has pres- pered well under his direetorship. l"ather was once moderator ol' Carmel-l,ite and Oriflamme. lfarnaa Runs Hamas, O. Carm., Nl..-X. Along with teaching English, lfather Rene acts as Registrar. He extends the welcome to the entering Freshmen and sees that the Seniors have their credits to enter college. He is custodian of diplomas and transfers. IVAIHHR ciERARID Baissox, O. CARM., Nl.A. Our genial prefect of discip' He is the friendly guide of all delinquents. YVhen not explainirg intricacies of Trig., he will he found acting as Athletic llirtetor or moderator of Glee Cluli. Students love him. l'lA'I4HER DAVID lNli'RrHi', O. CARM., lNl.A. One ol' the busiest faculty mem, bers of Carmel, Father David directs the selection of courses, as prefect of Studies. He is also the moderator ol' the Mothers' Club. His History students give full evidence of his skill asa teacher. FAVHER lN1L'RRAY l'Hsl..ftN, 0. CARM., B.A. lfxcels others in promoting and furthering religious activities. Along with teaching Algebra am' Religion he acts as director of Third Order and editor of the religious bulletin. He is continu- ously hearing confessions in the Memorial Chapel. F CULTY lfA'i'HEa 'I'HoMAs STRASSER, O. CARM., B..-X. Known for his persuasive me- thods of imparting a thorough knowledge of l,atin grammar to the Juniors, Also he is religion teacher extraordinary. Very well liked hy the faculty for his per- sonality. lfatuiek YENARU Post.: sway, O. CARM., B..-X. Father Venard is a native of the smoky city of Pittshurgh. Special- izing in Spanish and History, he handles the language like a native of South America. He is also famous for his singing voice. l'lA'l'lIER Qi iaN'i'iN IDVNCAN, O. CARM., BA. lfather Quentin divides his precious time between his duties as school photographer, and mode rator of the school paper, "The Carmel-Lite," He also finds time to impart knowledge on Spanish and English to students. l"Ai'HiaIc limcwaico l,Ieki'ieio, O. CARM., B..-X. Father Bernard instructs all the .lunior Chemistry Classes. :Xt noon he leads the Perpetual Novena for vocations. Carrying the heaviest schedule of the Faculty, he is also moderator of the Science Cluh and Co-moderator of the 'lihird Order. l'lA'I'HER PETER '1'HoMAs SHERRY, O. CARM., BA. His years of experience as teacher and as chaplain in the US. Army ably qualify him for his present position as teacher of Math and Senior Religion. His interest in young men has grown through his years at Carmel. IFATHER l'iDBER'l' S'i'Alu2siN1c, O. CARM., MA. The priest who gives Carmel its priZe winning year hooks. He manages to see that few students leave Carmel without a proficient skill in typing. He also teaches History. His Alumni newspaper keeps our grads informed. lwxinsiz CLETI s Si l.l.lX'AN, O. CMM., MA. Vyhile continuing his studies in English at the University of Chieago, l"r. Cletus is an exacting and conscientious teacher of Junior Religion and English. He is also the moderator of the Fflysian chapter of the National Honor Society. l'lA'I'Hl-IR lhaiu' Kkaiyikiia, O. CARM., B..-X. lfather Harry spends his ample supply of energy and skill un- folding the mysteries ol' Physics and Physical Geography. He follows the teams closely and is school sports statistieian. He also may he found assisting in the Studies Otlice. FACULTY l'lA'I'HER FINAN kil.YNN, O. CARM., B..-X. He assumed his new position as assistant prefect of discipline with Father Gerard, as well as teaching History to the Seniors. Under his capable moderation, the dances and socials were highly successful. FATHER Cnaisrornua Mcl'i1.Ror, 0. CARM., B..-X. VVith Father Chris acting as mission moderator, Carmel has hit many new records, He is also the director of the National Shrine of the l.ittle Flower. The Carnival was a rousing success through his efforts, l9A'rHIea SIINAN Bovrn, O, CARM., B..-X. He is a thorough teacher of Sophoniore l.atin and Freshman .-Xlgehra, while still continuing courses in education at the Catholic University. He originally hails from Pittsburgh, Pa. lwxinna lmavasig losi.1.E, O. CARM., MA. He hails from Orland l'ark, Ill. lfather taught Algebra last year and this year explained the science otililirary usage to the students. He is continuing his studies at the University of Chicago. I'lA'l'HER Al'S'l'lN Corrie, O. CARM., BA. Another son of little R.l. Moderator and guardian of the hand and hand room, Has done much to keep Carmel's band on top. You will meet him teaching Soph Religion and Senior History. FA'rHER YINCEN1' O'BRlEN, O. CARM., B..-X. Leads many religious activities as leader of Cisca at Carmel and is eo-moderator of the Third Order. A regular noon time con- fessor in the Memorial Chapel, and teacher of History and Religion. FA'rHEa SHANE 'I'AHNm', O. CARM, M..-X. He is enjoying his first year at Carmel after having completed work in English for his master's degree. He may he found teaching Algebra and the subject he loves so well, English. l'Al'HEa D1 Ns'i'AN Nlclirlrzan, O. CARM., B..-X. His home town is Braddock, Pa., near Pittslwurgh. He is a raliid tan of the Pirates. Since Math comes easy to lfather, he is found teaching Geometry and Gen. Math. F CULTY l:A'I'Hl:1R Myres Coi.GAN, O. CARM, B..-X. Teacher of Religion and leader of religious activities as eo, moderator ot' 'l'hird Order, and editor of religious bulletin. He also heads the Dads' Club and Cheerleaders, and is assistant at St. Cyril's. Organized the very successful pep meetings. l'lA'I'HER l"ll.l,lN REINERT, O. CARM., B..-X. Native Chicagoan, taught Algebra and Geometry. Mastered Latin and Greek at Catholic University. After the first se- mester he was transferred to Joliet. l'iA'I'HER CARI. Pl-'lS'l'ER, O. CARM., B..-X. A Connecticut Yankee, another new teacher fresh from the il- lustrious halls of the Catholic University. Teacher of Religion and l.atin to the .luniors and Freshmen. lfather puts great vigor into his work, as he is often seen carrying the library around. BRo'i'i-:ER Loris, O. CARM. Brother is assistant to Father Maurice in the treasurer's ofiice. Often he can be seen laboriously working with the addressograph sending out notices to the students, parents, alumni, etc. FAVHER RONVAN IJONAHVE, O. CARM., B..-X. Cambridge, Mass. is his home. Specializes in third year English and Senior Religion. Does all the drawing for the religious bulletin, in addition to giving many original ideas. He is moderator of the Arr Club. lfA1'HER ARMANIJ lblAYYIl.l.E, O. CARM., BA. Our only representative from the great state of Texas. Fxpertly handled his first season at Carmel, teaching Religion and Latin to the Freshmen and Sophomores. Also Father makes up many tests on the mimeograph machine. BRo'rHER l'E'r13R IIQHOMAS Yii.i.ERs, O. CARM. Brother is the community tailor and is credited for his superb work. He often decorates the altars ofthe hlernorial Chapel for various oe- casions. BROTHER joan Co1'oHi.1N, O. CARM. One of the cornerstones, Brother ,lack is custodian ofthe book room andathleticequipment. During the noon hour he manages Carmel's elite and exclusive dining room. A' r'l mg FACULTY Miss GERAi,u1NE' McGot'GH The feminine touch is added to the school by our librarian. Always at work, always willing to help. ln her gentle way she demands and gets silence in her stronghold. MR. IXIICHAEI. O'CONNOR, A B. One of Carmel's ancients, Mr. O'Connor built up our Physics department and lab to its present high standard. As coach he is responsible for Carmel's annual successes in track and field events. He has persuaded many Seniors to "see it" and "get the idea." Mk. 'I'HoMAs Fanisn, M.A. Tireless worker for the con- tinued excellence of Carmel's Band, which is 2nd to none in the city. Unsung hero of the wonders of Carmel's music and marching fcfcs. MR. YV11.1.xAM IJVRRIN, A.B. Ably took over Mr. Jordan's position as basketball coach. He is teacher of English and dean of Civics department. For his per- sonality he is well liked by faculty members and students. MR. lx'lICHAEI. lx1l'RPHY, P.F. Carmel's muscle builder for the last 27 years. Notre Dame grad. Lord and master of Michael Murphy room since its erection. As much part of Carmel as the very building itself. MR. JAMES GAWNE, A.B. His personal zeal for the mis- sions, and success in city wide English contests attest to his value to Carmel. He is our dean of English. Active in the Naval Reserve. ls known for personality and humor. MR. lNIA'r'rHEw VV1l.I,IA1s1s, M.A. Senior statesman of rho faculty. Has proven time and again that he knows Mathematics and boys backwards and forwards. VVorking on Geometry and Bookkeeping this year. MR. VINCENT FARRI-:1.l,, A.B. Mr. Farrell is an experienced teacher, who gets his message over with ease in a quiet firm manner. The Freshmen learn lots of English and Latin through his efforts. Played very well in the Faculty Senior game. K..q1,-,- ., t l F n l. f J my Eff FAC LTY MR. WILLIAM FLEMING, B.S. Mr. Fleming received his degree at John Carroll University. His English students are to be envied -they have as a teacher one ofthe finest Catholic gentlemen thcy'll ever meet. He teaches English and History. MR. HAROLD Grave Hal is a Carmel alumnus. He is assistant gym instructor, giving valuable aid to Mr. Murphy and the students in the gym each day. He helps build sound bodies on Carmel men. MR. FRANKLIN SMITH, B.A. A calm and conscientious teacher, he puts Freshmen through their paces as budding scientists. ln this field Mr. Smith was educa- ted at Loyola University. Native Chicagoan, Mr. Smith attended Quigley in his youth. MR. 'I'ERRIzNcE BRENNAN, A.B. Our most recent All-American from N.D. Proved last year that he can inspire and lead his team by more than his football knowledge. Any young man should be glad to train and play under him. MR. EDWARD Mmszxowsiu, B.S. Under Coach Fd's leadership the great team spirit of Carmel's vicious line was outstanding. While not on the field he aggres- sively teaches Science and Algebra. MR. WILLIAM JACOBY, B,A. The latest addition to Carmel, Mr. Jacoby fits in well teaching English. ls well accepted by the Faculty and students and dis- played his talents in the Faculty game. Hails from Visitation parish and is an alumnus of St. Ignatius High School. Y 4- - '-:-'im-..-sa 11 7' ,, ff .- 1 ." l 1 1 . 'I V, , In 40 I I 'QI' 3 , sn., c'6' gi! 19' n ' a v 'Ni Pl U, I . me 7735 791 7 'j ' w MW 1 I I r f I f A 4 f " v 6 'Z A 1 I 3 ' f ' f e I 7 fn , 2 -- Z ' 4 4 ' ..- 2 5 ,fax 2 V ' f " 1' QI 7 I n wi 1 f X ' ' e I 5 l i :- 1 gi .. 'r -i I -1' ' 1-. 'J gr in Q .W d x X .--:I W -8 91415: X ' l 1: 1. fjf f 1 K I a X f '.' K .H f 0 Ai- ...- . Suu... W' 3 ' X . .. M1 ,Lv v, V , '-?-- - V.......-. 'Juv' CL SSES I Nw U 3 .X X xii' i 6 ff, X I X Ez 4 c . W E M X-if Q, Z fs ff 6? Affrh lx t1 e know what we are, S but know not what we may be. U ' ' SHAKESPEARE K ' I K Z7 lo xo 72 W ,lun W f X CLA S OF 1951 RICHARD A. AMEN DOLA Rich St. Bride. Honor Roll I5 Mission Club 25 Monogram Club 45 Cross-Country 45 Track 45 Intramurals: Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 45 Handball 4. JOSEPH A. BA'I'TAt iI,I.-X Joe B. St. Agnes CChgo. Hgts.D. Honor Roll I, 25 Mission Club I5 Wrestling 45 Intra- murals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling l. RICHARD H. BEST Clad: Little Iflower. Honor Roll l, 35 Oriflame 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Cisca 45 Third Order 3, 4. RICHARD D. GEORGE R. BAKER Bud St. Francis de Sales. Intra- mural Basketball I, 3, 4. GFRALIJ A. BIiHlNII'I'I'IUK Hema Our I,ady of Good Counsel. Ifnglish Medal '15 Honor Roll 2, 35 Cisca 45 Intra- mural Bowling 3. I,I'i'I'FRlI,. BILLICK Petr St. Luke fGaryD. Honor Roll I5 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Handball 1, 2, 4. ROBICRT Ii. BLAIR BOHRN H1'l.vy M11 .te Holmes. Intramural Basket St. Francis de Paula. Intra- ball l, 2, 3, 4. murals: Basketball I, 15 Handball l, 4. JOSEPH A. RONALD 'I'. BONI FC K I BOSCO Tex Brmfrkc Nook-v Immaculate Conception. Cheerleader CCapt.j 45 In- tramural Basketball I, 2, 3,4. St. Mary Of Mt. Carmel. Honor Roll 1, 2, 45 Science Club 35 Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. FDNVIN C. RICHARD J. BRONIKOWYSKI BRYJAK Dominik Riff: St. I,uke. Honor Roll l, 25 Florence Nightingale. Intramural Basketball l, 2. Honor Roll I, 2, 35 Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4. OWEN G. BARN I'f'l"I' Jake St. Philip Handball I, 2. GREGORY B Iil RN Ii Fir1'balf St. Felicitas. Honor Roll l, 2, 35 Science Club 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. RICHARD BINGH.-XM Dirk St. Cyril. Monogram Club 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Swim- ming 25 Vlrestling 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. ROBERT I.. BOL! I ER Chr! St. Dorothy. Class Presi- dent 25 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 General Proficiency Med- al5 Physics Medalg Pro- ficiency Medal I, 2, 45 Science Club 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Intramural Basketball I, 2. THOMAS I.. BRADEN liafxt Scott. Dramaties 25 Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4. ROBERT BUNCH Two Tm: St. Clotilde. Science Club 35 Intramural Basketball l, Z, 3, 4. Neri. Intra- murals: Basketball l, 2, 35 CL SS OF 1951 ,IOHN H. HURGRF Berg St. Philip Neri. Class Vice- President l, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Oriflamme 4, Glee Club 4, Third Order 3, 4, Intramurals: Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, 4. TH HOIJORIQ j. CACHI-XY Tm' St. Felicitas. Class Presi- dent 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, ,Iunior Prom 3, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4 tCapt. 4l, City Champs 4, Lightweight Basketball 3, 4, Intramurals: Basket- ball I, 2, Handball l. JOSEPH R. CHAUSSF C1111 It .ty St. Clotilde. Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3. CHARLES IJ. CLAXTON Chuck St. Columbanus. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Basket- ball l, 2, Handball 2. GERALD C. CONOVIQR Jerzjv St. Patrick. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, CCO-Capt. 4.j, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball 4. FRANCIS H. BURKE Tex St. Francis de Paula. Car- mel-Lite 3, Intramural: Handball 4. THOMAS F. CAREY Tom St. Philip Neri. Class 'Treasurer 3, Class Vice- President 4, Monogram Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Lightweight Football l, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4, All- American CHon. Mentionj 4, City Champs 4, Light- weight Basketball 2, 3, Heavyweight Basketball 4, VVrestIing I, 2, 3, CState Champs lj, Intramural Basketball I. VINCENT A. CIUFIA Vina' St. Anthony. THOMAS E. COLBERT Tex St. Kilian. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Third Order 3, 4, Track l, 2, Cross Country l, 2 fChamps l, D, VVrcst- ling 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball 2, 4, VVrestling 1. LEO J. CONRY Ho! Lip: St. Columbanus. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Handball 2, 4. Ll-IROY C. WILLIAM O. CORDI-18 CORMIBR lm- 1:3-rnclzir St. Clara. Intramural Bas- St. Kilian. Intramurals: kcfball 1, Basketball l, 4, Bowling 4. HARRY BYRD Crusher St. Brendan. Honor Roll 2, Lightweight Football l. FRANK P. CARROLL Frank St. Ailbe. Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES A. CLARK .lim Wlalter Scott. Intramural Basketball 2, 3. JOHN P. COLLINS Jack Niagara 3. ARTHUR IP. COOK Cookie Niagara 2. MICHAEL B. COSTELLO xlbboll St. John the Baptist. Cross Country 2, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. CLASS OF 1951 LFO F. COTTFR Lee' St. Bride. Student Council 3, Mission Club 2, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2. JOSEPH A. DFCANIO .lor St. Kilian. Honor Roll 2, Science Club 3, Cheerleader 4, Intramurals: Basketball I, Handball 4. JOSEPH R. DFMARAIS Joe Our Lady of Peace. Third, Order 4, Monogram Club 4, Wrestling 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, JOHN F. DOYLE Jark St. Luke. Mission Club 2, Swimming 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT Ii. DUN KLAU Dunk Quigley. Civics Medal 3, Religion Medal 4, Mission Club 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Lightweight Football 2, Heavyweight Football 3, 4, City Champs 4, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Handball 4. VERNON D. ELLARS Vern Niagara. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, fCo- Captain 2, 4J, Cross-Coun- try 2, 3, 4 CCaptain 2, Co-Captain 4J, fCatholic League Champs 21, Intra- murals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Handball I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS B. COYLF Bone.: Cor Divinum. Intramural Handball 4, JOHN H. DEFG.-KN Dukie St. Bridget. Third Order 4, Wrestling 4, Intramural Basketball 2. CH.-XRI.I'1S W. DFS FORGFIS IJEJI' Holy Rosary. Football l, 2, 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2. GOR DON H. DUFFNFR Dlgf St. Felicitas. Honor Roll 2, Swimming 2, 3, Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals: Basketball 1, 2, 4, Handball 1. LFROY S. DYRFR Cokie St. Catherine of Genoa. Cheerleader 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4. HOWARD E. FAGAN Blue Heard St. Bride. Monogram Club 4, Homecoming Dance 4, Heavyweight Basketball 2, 3,4, QSouth Section Champs 2J, Flyweight Basketball I, CCarholic Champsjg Ban- tams 2, lCathoIic Champsjg Intramurals: Basketball I, Handball 4. J A M FS C. CURTIN Jim Loras l. J.-XMFS B. DFI..-XNFY Del Our Lady of Peace. Third Order 3, 4, Monogram Club 4, Heavyweight Foot- ball 4, VVrestling 3, 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, fChamps 3J. JOHN G. DOWNFY Jllorf St. Clara. Honor Roll 1, Heavyweight Football 2, Wrestling 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball I. DONALD R. DUFFY Dlqf St. Fthelreda. Heavyweight Football 2, Track I, Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES T. IQDGFWORTH Iidgewise St. Sabina. Religion Medal 2, Monogram Club 4, Third Order 3, 4, Heavy: weight Basketball 2, 3, 4, Flyweight Basketball I, Bantam Basketball 2, In- tramural Basketball I. JOSEPH W. FAHFY Joe Quigley. Third Order 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 4. C ASS OF 1951 JOHN F. FARON Big John Assumption. Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Cross Country l, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra- murals: Basketball 2, 3, 45 Handball 4. PAUL R. FIGEL Our Lady of Peace. Wrest ling 1, 2. IVIALACHY FLANAGAN Mal St. Philip Neti. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 English Medal 35 Mission Club 15 Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Handball 2, 4. JAMES A. FRAINEY Bones St. Brendan. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD E. FREW Do: St. Joachim. Class Treas- urer 25 English Medal 15 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Intra- murals: Basketball 2, 45 Handball 4. DONALD B. GAUTREAUX Frog St. Martin. Intramurals: VVrestling 15 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Handball 15 Bowl- ing 3. JAMES B. FERGUSON Doak St. Cyril. Mission Club 15 Monogram Club 45 Light- weight Basketball 2, 45 Flyweight Basketball l, 25 Intramurals: Basketball 1, 35 Handball 4. MICHAEL F. FISCHELLA F itz-:hella St. Felicitas. MAURICE B. FOLEY Beep St. Felicitas. Monogram Club 45 Heavyweight Bas- ketball 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2. RICHARD L. FRASOR Ronnie St. Benedict. Honor Roll 25 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Mission Club 45 Third Order 3, 45 Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 45 All-State 45 City Champs 45 VVrest- ling 2, 3, 45 Flyweight Basketball 15 Lightweight Football 15 Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4 QChamps lj. THOMAS J. FREY Shoo-Flv St. Columbanus. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 3. JOSEPH E. GEIER Captain Video Josephinum. Intramural Basketball 3. DONALD M. FEYERER Don St. Kilian. Intramurals: Bowling 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Handball 2. JAMES T. FITZGERALD Filz St. Kilian. Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Mission Club 2, 3, Lightweight Basketball 1, 2, 35 Heavyweight Basket- ball 45 Intramural Basket- ball I. CHARLES F. FOX Churk Joseph Warren. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES M. FREDERICK Minnie St. Leo. Class Secretary 35 Typing Medal 35 Honor Roll 2, 35 National Honor Society 45 Carmel,Lite 2, 35 Oriflamme 2, 3, 45 QEditor- in-Chief 415 Camera Club 2, 35 Third Order, 3, 45 Junior Prom 2, 3. JAMES C. GATES Pop St. Joachim. Intramural Basketball 2, 4. DONALD H. GELS Ho! Lips St. Columbanus. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3. C SSOFl9l ROBERT A. GIRMSCHEID Sergeant HolyCrossSeminary 3.0ri- flamme 4, Third Order 3, 4, Carmel-Lite 3, Cisea 4, Intramural Handball 4. RICHARD W. GRIFFIN Grf St. Dorothy. Swimming 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 3, 4. EDWARD C. GROLLEMON D Gro!! St. Ann fChgo. Hts.1. Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3. ROBERT W. GUNNER Bob St. John the Baptist. Mono- gram Club l, 2, 3, 4, Third Order 3, 4, Cross Country l, Z, 3, QChamps 21, Track 1, 2, Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4, CA.A.U. Champs l, Co-Captain 3, 41, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3. HOYYARD li. HART Hof Ron' St. Clotilde. Third Order 4. Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, fChamps I1, Hand, ball l, 3. CARI, E. HESS Curl' St. Philip Neri. Honor Roll I, 2, 4, National Honor Society 4, Carmel-Lite 3, 4, Oriflamme 4, Third Order 3, 4, Golf' 1, Tennis 2, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 4, Hand- ball 4. RONALD W. GLEASON Skip Visitation. Carmel-Lite 3, Third Order 3, 4, Light- weight Basketball 2, Intra- murals: Basketball 1, 3, 4, fChamps 31, Handball 2, 4. ROBERT F. GRIFFIN Crffff St. Laurence. Honor Roll I, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. JAMES P. GUDAS Jim Sts. Peter and Paul. Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, 1Co- Captain 4, C. C. H. S. Champs 21, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball l, Z, 3, 4. JOHN J. HALLORAN fire St. Ambrose. EDWARD F. HAYES Ed Holmes. Intramurals: Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, 4. EDVVARD T. HICKEY lfValla St. Laurence. Swimming l, 2,3,4, fCo-Capt.41, Intra- murals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 QChamps I, 3, 41' Handball 3, 4. 1 WILLIAM J. GRABOSKE Gene St. Victor. National Honor Society 3, 4. LAWRENCE F. GRINDEI. Laurie St. Mary. Monogram Club 2, 3, Third Order 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Handball 4. RICHARD J. GUNNER Dick St. John the Baptist. Mono- gram Club l, 2, 3, 4, Third Order 3, 4, Lightweight Football I, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4, QCity Champs 41, VVrestling l, 2, 3, 4 CAAU Champs l, City Champs 4, Co-Capt. 41, Track I. JAMES HALM Jim St. Dorothy. Honor Roll I, 2, National Honor So- ciety 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Cross Country Z. RAYMOND M. HELMAN Raise St. Felicitas. Lightweight Football 2, 3, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, Hand- ball 4. WlI.I.IAM R. HOLDERIED Bill St. Ann fChgo. Hts.1. Honor Roll l, 2, Student Council l, Oriflamme 4, Homecoming Dance 4, In- tramural Basketball l, 4. 26 JAMES P. HOWI-I Coma St. Laurence. Wrestling 2, Intramurals: Basketball 2, 3, Handball 4. BERNARD W. J AR E M A Bernie St. Salomea. Intramurals' Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball 2. HARRY I.. KEAY HIl7'71V St. Victor iCal. City JOHN KENNY Jack St. Laurence. Third Order 3, 4, Intramurals: Basket- ball I, 2, Handball I, 2. ifwiia J. K I RON B Il .vlznm 71 St. Philip Neri. Honor Roll I, 2, Carmel-Lite 2, 3, Mission Club 4, Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, 4, Bowling 3, 4. JOHN KUGEI. John Holy Cross. Honor Roll I, 2, 3, National Honor So- ciety 3, Third Order 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 4. CLASS OF 1951 DONALD F. THOMAS R. HURLEY IGLESKI Millarl Ike St. Columbanus. Mission St. Francis de Sales. Honor Club 3, Intramurals: Bas- Roll I, National Honor ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball Society 4, Intramural Bas- 2 CChampsJ. ketball 2, 3. JOSEPH B. HOIYARD M. JUDGE KANE .lor Killer St. Thomas Apostle. Third Order 3, 4, Cross Country 3, Track I, 3, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2. JAMES A. KEHOE Jim St. Ambrose. Mission Club 2, 3, Monogram Club 4, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4, Bantam Basketball 1, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH E. KIETA Injun St. Salomea. Class Treas- urer I, Trigonometry A- ward, Honor Roll I, 2, 4, Science Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 4. CHARLES F. KNOCH C1100-Choo St. Ailbe. Student Council QViCe-Pres.j 3, Mission Club 2, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. CAII Section 4 QHon. Mentionj, City Champs 4J, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. St. Cyril. Lightweight Foot- ball I, 2, Heavyweight Football 3, Wrestling I, 2, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. HARRY E. KENNY llarfy Visitation. Band Medal 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Carmel-Lite 4, Third Order 3, 4, Mission Club I, 3, 4, Homecoming Dance 3, Swimming I, Intramurals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, 4. YYILLIAM KI NNALLY Petr Marmion. THOMAS R. KUENSTER Red St. Sabina. Honor Roll 2, 3, National Honor So- ciety 4, Monogram Club 4, Third Order 3, 4, Heavy- weight Football 3, 4, Light- weight Football I, Intra- murals: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Handball 4. JOSEPH G. RAYMOND W. KUNKEL LAASE Joe Ray St. Clara. Football 2, Track St. Cyril. Mission Club 1, 2, 3, Intramurals: Basketball Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, I, 2, 3, 4, Handball I, 2. Football Manager I, 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3. CLASS OF 1951 PAUI. If. LEONI l.0anie St. Clotilde. Monogram Club 3, 4, Mission Club l, 2, 3, 4, Heavyweight Foot- Roll 2, 3, 4. fAll Chicago Area 4, City Champs 45, Lightweight Football 1, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Handball l, 2. JOHN F. MADDFN illrzd-M1111 St. Willibrord. Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, Handball 2. IiARI.F P. MARTIN Nlzufv St. Cyril. Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2,3,4. PAUL A. MATZ Molt.v Taylor. Athletic-Scholastic Award 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Monogram Club 3, 4, Lightweight Football l, Heavyweight Football 3, 4. QAII Catholic fHon. Men.l 4, City Champs 45, Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 fChamps D. DONALD S. IW l CHAFLS Blljlfllfll St. Gilbert. Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2. 3, 4. JOHN AI. MODZI KOIVSKI Mode Immaculate Conception. DONAI.D J. LFSNIAK Pofak St. Salomea. Golf l, lntra- murals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Handball 2, 4. ROBERT I.. MAHS Herk Holy Rosary. Glee Club l, 2, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, Handball 2. BDIYARD B. MARTIN .Marry Our Lady of Peace. Tennis 2, Intramurals: Wrestling l, Bowling 3, 4, Handball 2. JOHN P. MIQNCL .Wenff St. Bridget. Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball 2, 4. .IAMFS H. MICHFLS Mike St. Barnabas. Class Treas- urer 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Spanish Medal 3. DONALD MOKRY 13071 Coles. Cross Country l, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3 4 .,. l"iRNFST I. LUCAS I.ukff Chicago Vocational. IYrest- ling 3, 4, Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN P, MARRON Efbnwr Holy Cross Seminary. Hon- or Roll l, 2, Cilee Club l, 2, 3, Carmel-I.ite l, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, lntra- murals Basketball l, 2, 3, Handball l, 2, 3. ROBERT I. MARTIN Hfnf Jay St, Clara. National Honor Society 4, Honor Roll 3, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Carmel-I,ite 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 4. JAMES M. NIICYBRING Timmy St. Columbanus. Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4 KTreas- urer 35, Science Club 3. DONALD If. MICHIE Don St. Ambrose. Handball l. I n traniural AIAMI-IS A. MORGAN ffm St. Thomas Apostle. Fly- weight Basketball l CChampsl, Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3. C ASS OF 1951 THOMAS J. MORGAN Mick St. Joachim. Intramural Basketball 2, 4. FRANK J. MURRAY Aloe St. Dorothy. Intramural Bowling 3, 4. RICHARD F. IVICALLISTER Tidy St. Hthelreda. Third Order 3, 4, Lightweight Basket- ball 3, 4, Lightweight Foot- ball I, Intramural Basket- ball I, 2. RONALD MeCA RTH Y Ronny St. Mary LAVVRFNCIQ F. LOUIS G. MULLINS MUNIN Moon Luigi' St. Sabina. Student Council St. Dorothy. Student Coun- I. eil I, 3, Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4 CVice-President 3j,Science Club 3, Orifiam- me 4, VYrestIing 2, 3, Intra- murals: VVrestling I, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4. THOMAS F ROBERT H. MURRAY MYERS M ex IXYIYIIH St. Anthorv uf' Padua. St. Catherine oflienoa. Intramural Ifasketball I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN P. DENNIS I". MCARDLF MCCARRON Mar flflac St. Columbanus. Band 2, St. Bride. Monogram Club 3, 4, Intramurals: Basket- 3, 4, Homecoming Dance 4, ball 2, 3, 4, Handball 2. Wlrestling 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL M. JAMFS M. IVICGRFAL INIcKI'iVIT'I' Chffk ZW!!! St. Benedict. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Swimming I, St. Columbanus. Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3. 2, 3, 4 fCapt. 43, Intra- murals: Basketball I, fl, 3, 4, 3Yrestling I. FDWARD T. IJANII-IL P. JOSIQPH P. MQNAMARA NAGLH NOFI, illfln me 131171 B 14110 Ni Quigley. Intramurals: Bas- St. Philip Neri. Third St. Ambrose. Mission Club ketball 3, 4, Handball 4. Order 3, 4, Intramurals: I, Swimming I, 2, Intra- . Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hand- murals: Basketball I, 2, 3, ball I. 4, Handball I, 2. PATRICK Ii. DANIEL J. JOSEPH A. O'BRlI'lN O'CONNBI.I. O'CONNOR 0.13. Dan for St, Laurence. Mission Club St. Laurence. Carmel-Lite St. Cyril. Mission Club I I 3, 4, Third Order 3, 4, 3, Camera Club I, Intra- 2, Intramural Basketball Swimming 4, Intramurals: mural Basketball 2, 3. I, 2, 3,4. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball 2, 4. CL S OF 1951 RICHARD 'l'. O'CONNOR Dirk St. Cyril. Track l, 2, 3, 4 Cross Country Ig Intra- mural Basketball l, Z, 3, 4 ROB HRT ONTIVI-1R05 Tabby Bright. Intramural Basket- ball i, z, 3, 4. LUDXYIU PANOXZO l.1n1die' St. Mary. ,yours M. PIi'l'I'l' l'i'rr1fh.v St. Columbanus. Track l, 'l 1 Cross Country 'lg Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3. FRANK J. PIIQI KO Pirkn St. Salomea. Intramurals: Bowling 33 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. VYAI.'l'I"iR -l. I'l'l"I'ROFF Hn!-Rod St. Adrian. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Intramural Basketball l. JAMES Ci. O'DONNIil,l, Jim St. Bride. Mission Club lg Flyweight Basketball l CChampsjg Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 QChamps 2, 4jg Handball 4. EDWARD 'I'. ORCHOWSKI Ed St. Mary Magdalene. Honor Roll 3g Monogram Club 4g Heavyweight Foot- ball 3, 43 lntratnural Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS If. PAULSON Xml: St. Catherine ol Genoa. National Honor Society 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Medal 35 Pro- Eciency Medal 3g Science Club 3, Intramural Baskets ball 1, 2, 3, 4. PAUL J. PFOHI. Rmzfv St. Philip Neri. Honor Roll I, 2g National Honor Society 4, YYre-stling 45 Intramurals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Bowling 3, 4. JOHN Ii. PINT Lillfr Ifllihfllllll St. Philip Neri. files Club l, 2, Heavyweight Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. Bantams 2 CChampsJ. RONALD A. I'OI.I"iVYSKl Rena Immaculate Conception. Lightweight Football 2. THOMAS A. O'I.I'fARY Tom Holy Cross. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. ROBISRI PACHORISK Pdf Quigley. Band 3, 4g 'lihird Order 4g Intramural Bas- ketball 2. RAYMOND R. PFRPZGOY Clzifo St. Ambrose. Basketball 2. Intramural VVII..I.I.AlNI B. PHILLIPS lX'7'll5l7 Niagara 4. Intramurals: Basketball 45 Handball 4. FRANCIS R. PISARSKI Pixar St. Salomea. Band l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 4. WARREN j. POI.K Hnddv St. Cyril. Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4. EUGENE R. QUINN Huge Glue Club lg Basketball 3. Intramural DAVID D. RAYMOND Buthnmn St. Catherine Mission Club l. of Genoa JAMES I.. RODI Jim St. Joachim. Basketball 4. Intramural LEONARD F. ROSSBACH l.rnn-v St. Ailbe. Intramural Bas- ketball 2. JAMES E. RUPP .liggfr Our Lady of Peace. Third Order 4, Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3. BRUNO E. SAVICZ Doc Sts. Peter and Paul. Mission Club 3. CLASS OF 1951 GEORGE J. RASSEL George' RICHARD A. RAYBURN Rirh St. Francis de Sales. Mono- Sf- Philip Nwi- Science gram Club 2, 3, 4, Foot- Club 3g Intramural Basket- ball Mgr. 2, 3, Wrestling ball l, 2, 3, 4 fChamps 4D. l, 4, Intramural Basket- ball I, 2. BERNARD W. REKUS Reflrfess JAMES J. RODGERS Rodge St. Catherine of Genoa. St. Philip of Neri. Intra- Third Order 3, 4, Wrestling murals: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 2, 4g Intramurals: Wregt- QChamps 3, 4jg Handball 4. ling lg Handball l, 3, 43 Basketball l, 2. JOHN C. RODI Jorko JAMES M. ROSAVES Pee Wee St. Joachim. Intramurals: Morgan Park High 2. Fly- Basketball 2, 4g Handball 4. weight Basketball 'lg Intra- ROBERT G. ROTTMANN Roarh mural Basketball 3. WILLIAM J. RUFF Bill St. Cajetan. Intramural Mater Dolorosa Seminary Basketball 1, 2. 3. Intramural Handball 4. JOHN M. ROBERT M. RUSSO RYAN .lawn Bulterbal! Sts. Peter and Paul. Third St. Bride. Intramural Bas Order 3, 45 Swimming 2, 3, ketball I. 4. fCo-Capt. 45g Intra- murals: Basketball l, 2, Handball 1, 2, 4. HENRY C. EDWARD C. SCHENDORE SCHMITT Hank Ed. Our Lady of Peace. Club 3, Track 3. Science St. Francis de Paula. Intra mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. CL S3 OF 1951 JOHN P. sm B1-ii. .sm- St. Clara. History Medal 4, Third Order 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Public Speaking l, 2, Camera Club l, Carmel- Lite 4, lntramurals: Bas- ketball l, Z, Handball l, 2. JOHN s. SHANAH,-KN Sh 1' 7111 II iga n .r St. Kilian. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3. THOMAS M. SHAUGHNFSSY Tom Holy Cross. 'rHoMAs J. SHFVLJN Mllflk St. Sabina. lntramural Bas- ketball l. JAMES R. SKORCZ .lim Quigley. lntramural Bas- ketball 2. GFRARD P. SI.A'I"l'ERY Sluts Holy Cross. Student Coun- cil 3, Debating lg Mission Club l, 2, Glee Club 3, lntramural Handball l, 2. LHROY SELNEK Co-Pope Gallistel. lntramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4. DONALD P. SH.-XNLHY Co-Pope Sacred Heart fVVhitingJ. Honor Roll I, 2, Public Speaking Club l, 2, lntra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS J. SHE.-KH.-KN Tfmmir St. Clotilde. Intramurals: Handball l, Howling 3, Basketball I, 2, 3. JOHN J. SHIFLDS Jaffe St. Adrian. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling l, 2, 3, lntra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT lf. SKUL Bob St. Cyril. Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, Handball 1, 2. ,iami-is J. SMITH SNIIIII-V St. John the Baptist. Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Mission Club l, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country l, 2, lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN C. SFPFR Serpiz' St. Theodore. Junior Prom 3, Homecoming Dance 4, Monogram Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mission Club l, lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3. DANIEL J. SHANNON S 11 I1 n ty St. lfthelreda. Natioral Honor Society 3, Henor Roll l, 2, 3, Science Club 3, Mission Club l, 2, 3. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4 fCity Champs 4. All Chicago Area 4J, Light- weight Football l, Heavy- weight Basketball 2, Bar- tams 2, lntramural Basket- ball l. JOHN A. SHFRIDAN Sffllf St. Philip Neri, lfnglish Medal 4, Carmel-Lite 3, 4 flfditor-in-Chief 4j, Ori- Hamme 4, Science Club 3, Homecoming Dance 3, 4, Senior Prom. 4, lntra- murals: Basketball l, Hand ball 4. EDWARD J, SICKEI. Ea' Holy Cross. Student Coun- cil lg Heavyweight Football 2, Lightweight Football l. JOSEPH XY. SI,A'l'liR CUCO St. Nicholas. PHILIP J. SMITH Big Xmitlhv St. Francis De Sales. Mono- gram Club l, 2, 3, 4, Wrest- ling l 3 3 4- lr'1ck l'l 5 Y -V ' U 9 A l lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3. C ASS OF 1951 CLARENCE J. SNYDER Srhnitz Our Lady of Peace. Class Vice-President 3, Mission Club l, 2, 3, 4: Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Third Order 3, 4, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. CCity Champs 4. All-Catholic 4.14 Track 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Lightweight Football lg Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, VVrest- ling l. ROBERT STA DLER Slils St. Laurence. Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, Hand- ball 2, 4. JOHN F. STEPHENS Junior St. Bride. Monogram Club 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, Heavyweight Basketball 2, 3, 4. CCapt. 45, Heavy- weight Football 4 fCity Champs 4, All-Section 4J, Intramural Basketball l. JOSEPH M. TAKASH Joe St. Bride. Intramurals: Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 43 Handball 4. GEORGE P. THRALL Max St. Philip Neri. Intra- mural Bowling 4. THOMAS N. TOMAKA Big Tom Coles. Track l, 2, Cross Country l, 2: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. DALE K. SONNEY Zubzz St. Clotilde. Intramurals: Basketball 3, Bowling 3. HERBERT F. STARR M0011 St. Bride. Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Hand- ball l. DONALD J. STUMP Head St. Cajetan. Third Order 3, 4, Heavyweight Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. OSCAR A. TESTA T St. Anthony. Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, Handball l, 2, Bowling 4, ROBERT L. THURSON Head St. Ethelreda. Mission Club lg Monogram Club 4g Heavyweight Football 4 CCity Champs 41, Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN A. VALENTE Don Juan St. Anthony of Padua. Intramural Basketball l, 2. SALVATORE T. SPALLA Sa! St. Dorothy. Lightweight Football lg Wrestling l. DONALD F. STASINSKI Donn Stazy St. Mary Nlagdalene. Cam- era Club lg Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. aici-iaan J. SYMANSKI si-f Five Holy Martyrs. Mis- sion Club lg Intramurals: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Hand- bill l 2 1. ,-. VYILLIAIVI A. THIEI. Hill Holy Rosary. Camera Club lg Public Speaking l, 2, Intramural Basketball l, 2. JOHN F. TOBIN Toby St. Felicitas. JOHN R. YAI.LOR'l'lGAR.-X Vzlfl St. Anthony. Class Presi- dent lg Honor Society 3, 4, Hono' Roll I, 2, 3, Ori- flamme 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. QCO- Capt. 4Jg Intramurals: Bas- ketball l, 2, Handball l, 2. C ASS OF 1951 FRAN K T. VINCENT Vina' St. Columbanus. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Basket- ball Ig Handball 2. WILLIAM M. WALSH Wfll1't' St. Kilian. Mission Club 3g Monogram Club 3, 4, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4 QAII-Section 4D City Champs 4,5 Lightweight Football I. MICHAEL J. VVARD Alike St. Joseph. CHomewoodD. Mission Club Ig Monogram Club 3, 4g Wrestling I, 2, 3, 49 Intramurals: Wrest- ling Ig Basketball 2, 3. ,IOHN D. WI-IERITY W70l'l,7'V St. Columbanus. Class Treasurer 4, Young Chris! tian Students 2, Junior Prom 33 Homecoming Dance 4, Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4. RONALD B. WILLER Lover St. Clara. Science Club 3, Tennis 2, Intramurals: Handball 2, Basketball 2, 3. BLY G. ZEHNER Eze Sr. Philip Neri. Track 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. DAVID -I. XVALSI-I lluue Visitation. Art Medal 4, Carmel-Lite 3, 44 O.i- Hamme 43 Band Ig Art Club I, 2, Cross Country I, 23 Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD A. WALTHER Wflnfy St. Philip Neri. Intra- murals: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Handball 4. JOHN J. WEBBER Jafk St. Columbanus. Light- weight Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2. ,IOHN T. WHITE Jaffe Our Lady ot' Peace. Intra- mural Basketball I, 2. WALTER B. WITKOWSKI Bnggxhv St. Rita. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, LAWRENCE F. IVALSH Larry St. Cyril. Band 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2. ROBERT J. WALUSH I S Red Sts. Peter and Paul. Intra- murals: Basketball I, 2, 3, Bowling 3, 4. JAMES L. WEGRZYN Wfg St. Ann CChgo. Hts.l Honor Roll I, 2, Intramural Bas- ketball I, 2, 3. KENNETH L. VVIESNER WYEHZt'f Holy Cross. Intramural Basketball 1, 2. WILLIAM P. WORDEN Soggy St. Catherine of Genoa. Class Secretary Ig Honor 2, 3. Roll I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Arr Club 2, Science Club fpresl 3, Intramural Basketball I. WALTER T. JOHN Al. ZYCH I-IESTER Wiflfbf J ay- J ay St. Mary fiiriffith, Ind.J Niagara 4. N IOR C SS OFFICERS 'l'. CACHFY T. CAREY P. IVIATZ J. WHFRITY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer NE ICR CLASS HI 'TORY The time has come for us Seniors of Nineteen-Fifty-One to conclude our term at Carmel. NVe shall always treasure those years as memorable but all too brief. lt is with sadness that we have accomplished our mission and will never again be stu- dents but only alumni. But as alumni we shall always be proud to say we were the class of '51, :Ks " Frosh" we were only "green-horns", but gave generously our talents which would eventually make us men of Carmel. Fighteen of our number churned the turf as Lightweight Football players, while five of us demonstrated great skill on the basketball floor. From the very start we were considered one of the best Fresh- man classes in the history of the school. "Spirit" was our motto. At all games and events, our class filled the bleachers, helping in our way to cheer the teams to victory. .-Xs we entered our Sophomore year, the ideals of Carmel were securely fastened in our minds. The good example of the upperclassmen was bringing us closer to the true meaning of the Carmel spirit. Our efforts were felt in the fields of sport as we contributed fifteen of our class to the Heavyweight Football squad and many more to basketball, wrestling, swimming, and track. .-Xt last, upperclassmenl lt was a relief to know that we had reached the goal long desired. The majority of us were engaged in extra-curricular activities, proving ourselves a class hard to excel. Our presence in the social circle was first felt when we held our gala unior Prom on May 12th at the l,ake Shore Club. Finally we had become Seniors. From the beginning of the school year, our class strove tomake'5l a championship year. YVe surely did. Uur football team received nation-wide acclaim for its undefeated record, as we became City Champs. Fach and every one of us had given something of himself to further our original ideals. ln every sport we were well represented and all events were a huge success. On May 2-ith it all came to a glorious end with the Senior Prom which was held at the Stevens Hotel. As we look back, we can certainly say that Carmel had made men of us, giving us the four best years of our lives. 34 Xf A fjF.X N N j f 7743 f 1 QW Y "pf f W x A w WY WT' 0 A ' jj 1 if wrt W 'Dv WZ 'ik' jj, CQ U I , -iff- ! V f t if f SQ X if Q X ,afvf Q I X .1 Qc o .Za- G55 fs 117 512-51. fy 1 aghere comes a time in It fl every man? life when . . . U 7 g I tix f Qi! N, I rv, K . e gg U ' , fi f L 7 i 25' if Q , vffjw f 5 Amiga " 1 fhjiiigfffi if Aff? 1' i 9' ff N, 1......w-... gf, ,ap- Sf' E J' ENG, S talk!! t yr x 1 111 'N - 1 , , A I' M ,A y N Q ai X I .f i xxx I J sw ' 3' f ,ff A , L g f- 171 V , , - . ,. fp-E, -. Q-'Kim-, .4f Q 'f 1. . if A Sift: Q, :sf Y? Y , Q! Tw : 'V 5 2 52 g 35 af .,,.. f Q A 'gf if 1 - v 14 -1' :lu '. 'N ,L L R, fp -' ' N ' 2 g i 3 f 5 '32 ,. 43 9' X ' I la- I.: xx, f iv , E L i 2:1 V f if -2., " , .tg 7 5 if 5 , . if A " , L A V A A i 'W 35 ? F U 15 ' Athi -I FRONT ROWV, Left to Right: gl. Pcmbrokc, B. WVentZ, Fzivoritc, Darrah, C. Drunglc. lNllDDl.F ROW: T. Mangan, T. Bender, R. Szorck, R. Davis, Doornek, F. Houlihan. BACK ROW: tl. Bri-hm, D. Donnell, C. Adduci, P. Gardner, bl. Buckley. FRONT ROVV: B. Rorhurt, T. lVard, YV. Knapp, R. Muszalski. Alozaitis, R. lVlcMullcn, R. Srel'ani,l. Mohan. MlDDl.l4i ROVV Ryan, B. Falco, G. Sheehan, R. Serpe, H. Planzcr, T. Quinn, R. Russell, C. Jarcma, H. Murray BACK ROVV: R. Skihinski, R. Murphy, P. Brcuckman, P. Loonam, D. Fleischer, R. Martin, R. Zahorik. NOT PICTURFD: R. Konczalski. FRONT ROW: Huycr, C. Glynn, W. Kunkler, P. Anderson, J. Burke, W. Bridgman. MIDDLE ROW: Daly, K. Flaherty, R. Jendraszkicwicz, L. Anderson, Il. Connolly, R. Minnick, B. Dieterle BACK ROW: B. Hopkins, C. Niquctte, R. Rolewicz, T. Schilf, M. Marren, F. Lowery. 38 15 , ft L 'W -W f Yi ' 25 W -Q' W 1 . 6 6 3 V' N ,, I 5311-,4,. .aa ' f , : , xx 4 N 'iffy A y '-1. 4,f iff v' SX 3 I ,, .5 ,W M' Q. 5 " ? N If X 'IQ si ' A Q , 6, iff 'Q H517 w a gy , ,fm K- lf xggw f" Til? 'M WE. ,,, p M ' , - W, ,,,fK L A , ggi. ,. 5' , X JU 1011 CL 5 OFFICERN R. SKIBINSKI 'If VVARD Secretary Treasurer T. MCHUGH G. RlHlVlERSh'IrX Rrusidcnt Vice-president FRONT ROYV, LL-fr to Righr: D. Boyle, K. Stake, VV. Lzlbcots, R. KZIHOZZI, Haight. MIDDLE ROVY: I.. Fig,-I, U. Doodle, R. Futon, VV. Creighton, J. Bowes, J. Bloomfield. BACK ROXY: N. Noodlc, P. Vnlesurcs, M. Dore, V. Hansen. X xl f -Q gf XX ' g ,LSL Y ' 747 I ,y GO o f'5 If o 77 f Zhou luwt Jeen nollun et. fx Q gemimes Q 65 5 2 olX:l' K If ag if will feed nofhigg ein, 0 0 If cf wall feed my revenge SHAKESPEARE f ,939 X I . ' O . ,.u 1. , I fx 'N 7x- f ,6:d6o. ' X, ff iight 'lf X , f 4 X 1 e- ,O gg 4 ' , r 1, - A, ' V Ax r f NX p . f' Xxx - X .X f "nv vb in YN FRONT' ROW, l.eft to Right: H. Nlcliee, R. Maroney, R, Fergus, VV. Cassin, VY. Charles. Mllllllli ROW: N. NVrolmcl, T. Kenney, R. Killmoy, P. Barrolotta, T, Tunney. RACK ROYY: Ci. Nolan, Delany, lf. Blackmore, -I. fielinski, D. Fialkowski, H. Beaver NOT l'IC'l'lTRFl7: T.. Perkins, John .lanies Sullivan. FRONT ROW: V. lovino, J. Trainor, D. Wilbur, N. Swan. MlllDl.l'i ROVV: R. Tess, D. Smith, G. Chaney, D. O'Malley, R. Randolph. BACK ROW: C. Sullivan, N. Simons, R. Sheehy, A. Johnson, T. Shields, R. Madden FRONT ROVV: S. Arendt, R. Urzywinski, R, Kane, R. Bershinski, R. Martin. MlDDI.I'4i ROW: NV. O'Kecfe, Bugos, A. Osowski, C. Nolan, J. Bianchin. BACK ROW: C. Bajadek, A. Strychanowski, C. Mitchell, bl. Vincent, D. Coffu I FpptrNm1 42 NOT I'IC'I'URFl7: j. Thurber. FRONT RONV, Left to Right: bl. Lemlie, H. Lamphier, tl. Pawelski, G. folinslal, R. Petit. MlDDI.l'l ROXY: 'l. Canavan, C. llalfner, Stawicli, Ryan. BACK RONV: U. Sehilf, ll. Orscskc, R. Waters, R. Brace, NV. Bartley. IFRONT ROVV: -I. Sullivan, Cunningham, Coleman, B. DeVYitt, Consldlne. lVlll7Dl.l'l ROVV: F. Catuara, lf. Black, G. Adams, Driscoll, B. Butler, B. Carey. BACK ROW: D. Dcrezinski, P. Coughlan, D. Riordan, C. Camp, Connell, B. Connell. NOT l'lC'l'URED: D. Angel, H. Bauwcns, Burke, D. Campbell. FRONT ROW: B. Kane, D. Sridley, T. Kelly, H. Lewandowski, Knes, R. Hanley. MIDDLE ROW: F. Knoll, A. Jane, R. McDonald, P. Eveth, J. Gallagher, H. Kordeck BACK ROW: R. Gross, Flynn, J. Fitzpatrick, V. McClain, S. Krasowski, R. Horn. 44 UNT ROXY, l.t-tit to Right: Al. Amhuul, lf. lNl:xsl:1nkowskl, D. Pucini, R. lJL'l2lI1Cy, H. 1.5-ngdul, B. Pt-tcrson. JlJl,l'l ROXY: l'. Parc, 'lf Glas, nl. l'sa1lis, D. Barra, .l. Duffy. B-XCR ROXY: B. liroogzm, B. Homhxt, ,l. llt-lk, -I. -lstckowski, bl. lx12lI'f'1ll1Slil, Nl. fiuimm. FRONT ROXY: .l. Clark, B. Dubois, bl. Blnlinzl, ul. C2lSlf'l.'xl0l1, 'lf Keating, .l. Yumich. Nlllllilll ROWY R. Bozich, lf. Huron, M. Brodt-rick, hl. lloylc, B. Cl'L'ilg1ll1, B. Burg. B.-XCR ROW: R. .-Xrcnds, A, Corey, Al. Cust-y, Nl. Hurry, KG. Bcntlvcngu, lf. Drninc. FRONT ROW: tl. Pznurugus, nl. l,llYllCOl'2l, bl. Powers, W. Muchorn, D. NL-ary. NllDlDl.l'l ROW: j. Ritchie, bl. Putt, j. Mt-l:1niphy,lf. Plym, Nl. Maher, Pickle. li.-XCR ROXY: rl. Mitchell, U. Pcrrcaullt, R. Morgan, I.. PIINOYZO, lf. Rtilly, B. Ntrzkc l. Ogzmovich l"RON'l' ROVV, l,cfr to Righr: fi. Moningcr, Murphy, M. Deairham, McCollum, .-X. Pzivcllizx. MlDDl,l'l ROVV: VV. Kozn, Galvin, R. Becker, F. Gavin, Kennedy. BACK ROVY: .-X. Bluis, lf. Shannon, S. Adams, R. Donahue, Doro, R. Murphy. FRONT ROVV: D. fillfl-l'lL'J', N. Hcitkortcr, Hogan, F. Fizlla, Edwards, H. Jann. MlDDl,l'l ROWY: l.. Kogur, l.. Lund, R. Combos, Jcndrzjwski, Hughes, B. Egan. BACK ROXV: Kogur, T. Halley, Fitzgerald, B. Kubiak, Evcraert, D. Hall. FRONT ROW: F. O'Rcilly, Osmolski, R. O'Bricn, R. Michaels, R. Mangan, R. Marin. MIDDLE ROW: Picch, J. Marren, J. McNamara, R. O'Donnell, J. Oboiliovitz, C. Marron. BACK ROW: McGuirl-:, K. Marley, J. Plowman, F. O'lVlnlley, R. Riddle, R. Redwick, T. Newman 46 NQPHO ORE CLASS OFFICERN R. ADAMS A. STRYCHANOWSRI 'l'I'k'1lQtl!'CI' SL'CI'L'l'2lY'j' H. NlcKFlf j. BIAXIN.-X l'11-eidrrlr Vice-l'rusidvnr FRONT ROVV, L1-fr to Righr: .-X. Rossi, J. Von fcyl, ,l'h0lU2lS, T. Skurzcwski. SECOND ROXV: Ci. Ryan, J. Lee, S. XYirkovvski, -I. Schalrf. THIRD ROXY: J. Rusch, -I. Tylcr, B. Rocs, D. Stuck, XY. Trcstcr. H.-XCR ROW: H. Sl1lVViH5Ri, Roach, Nl. Surhy, R. Sr. Aulwin. J QI J J C2 Z 37 X99 155.103 img, 3 5 66 C Oo Q, f-1 -1 N ff' xg ,A A Q1 you can never plan flue 4 jf? future by the paat. U K J U BURKE A A 25 cf f- X X1 ya 9 'Q Q A 1 , . ssw F . . , 31:- 'sf - 1 15-3,19 wf....x,N. N Fl -x Q. ! H58 Q Q 3 6 J dig? jig 4 gn Q ed igigikgyd v'W Y?Wk?Wl' if A f y T4 ' A5253 . km, fic 1, ,Agia 1 f 5 i 71 fl -' - w ff , is X ,sg ' x MNAE, .. , . X A x 1 K . ,tx ' M .14 3 k V. 1 ""'-.. -. 5- Qian- N g Q! I N x v E I 955 BNTROW,l,ct'troRigl1t:'I'. Bcrdcllc, tl. Caiho, F. Delaney, G. Blll!Ti,,l..ci1ll'l'lCli. JlJI.l-1ROW: D. Czilvcy, B. Ruckwcrdt, l.. Dnnizailski, l. Draipzirts, li. .-Xndcrsnn. FRONT ROXY: B. Connnlly, F. Burcn, G. lluylt-, F. l.ow'cry, D. Bzirscly. lXlIDlJI.H ROXY: -I. Connelly, -I. Bzicklin, C. Baxter, tl. Dux, bl. Bolton, bl. .-Xllun. B.-XCR ROYY: B. Brnnilcttc, A. Daily, XY. Cahill, 'lf C:u':xna1gh,U. Cust y, T. .-Xlliirc. NOT l'lC'I'l'RFD: R. Boucuk, T. Glynn. FRONT ROW: B. lliitfy, li. Kzirzigunis. D. Galvin, R. Des Fergus, B. Dorhzini MIDDLIQ ROYY: H. Rutschsr, M., J. Diorio, B. joy. BACK ROYY: J. Rlziwittcr, bl. Fruncisscn, J. Kelly, ll. Diver, M. .-Xlcock. B -XCR ROYY: B. Cnluinain, F. Srudlinski, B. Budrich, l. fi'1lI'ClZlIllS, R. Benedict, R. Brosw in ,1 gl Y!" if Riff' Vi' 49' I"RON'I' ROVV, l.Qfr to Righr: Pzlllot, D. Schiippcrt, 'If Tompliins, T. Sulslii, O'Mz1rz1. MIDDI.I'1 ROVV: B. Wchbcr, R. O'Bricn, 'l'. Stropoli, bl. Walsh, M. O'Connor. BACK ROVV: C. Prckwzls, D. Shields, K. Schroeder, R. Pcrliich, M. Ivailsh, A. fuilicr. FRONT ROW: DI. Conry, R. Allphim, T. Czlvzmziugh, V. Argentl, R. Davis. MIDDI.I'i ROW: ClIHHl2l, R. Benizlc, B. Bc.-ycrs, G. Buinniclc, DI. Dc Ford, B. Billings. BACK ROVV: R. Covolosliic, Calvano, A. Bueschel, T. Bidard, R. Bnlisic, Beemster. FRONT ROW: P. Mugnnbosco, Luce, R. Lulliowski, VV. McDonald, A. Labeots, R. Michalslii MIDDLE ROW: B. Mercer, D. Madigan, F. Marusic, C. Mazurowski, D. Marshall. BACK ROW: D. Musick, R. Mundo, Maher, W. Suffield, McCarthy, J. Mannion. NOT PICTURED: H. Kupski, L. Luczak, McCabe, John McCarthy, McCullough. 52 FRE THMAN CLASS OFFICER N 'inf' Nl. CTCONNOR D. Y.-Xl,FN'I'H ,l'I'C2lSlIl'CI' Sucri-fairy D. Nll'I'CHHl.l. T. DONTZ.-XLSRI Prcsidvnt Yicc-Prusidmit FRONT ROW, Left to Right: H. Matz, W. Thompson, D. Vzlnderczir, C. Szok. MIDDI,I'f ROVV: H. Tobin, J. firrctta, D. Murphy, T. Walsh, Sodcrlund, If. Wish. BACK ROW: R. Stack, I'1.Wisnicwski, J. Wamruck, R. Brown, Bosch, D. Smith, P. Fbcycr, j. Ward 1 1 1 ,A 1 "W -F - -QTT - 1.,- 1 1 M! I W I W 1 I 1:1 111 1 , ' 1 , H 1 K 1 1' W 1 1 1 . v 1, f 1 1 , X A 7, 'IQ 1 13 1 If ' 2 , I 'XE f 1 1. 8 - ' 7 11 . fr 1' ' 'l ',1+'r 1 1 f Q 1 ' WAR 1 f f f if '11' 1! 1-I! 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TI-IE ORIFLAMME QTAFF l'l.'Ql1'l ll11lv1ll1'1'i1-1l Jlvllfl Wxilsli luis11r1-ly LllfLXlliS.lll'l ITlilI'1'l'llll in rhv mfvv cJflH4lIlll11L' RQ11111. XYC1 the Stat-if of IQS I x pl-Cscnr I-ln llllll IUNIH lvpists l1-rlini Llllll l11r111wl11-11l 1'11,111y ll l5I'lk'l lTI'L'2lli, wl11l1-11rc11z11A111g 011111 lor . - ,in l,,.i,,,K,,.' U1'1l'lz1111111e 111 you, the srunlcnrs ol Xlr , - C111'111cl High S1'l11111I, Nlzmy l111111's wcim Q5 xpcnt 111 l1z1r1l w111'lQ 111 111z1l4c this rl11 1111081 c1l1r1c111 111 Cz11'111el's l1ISff1I'X'. 1, "EJ: vm - A ,gal 1' 1 Q! S.. Q., .. ,. 1gggw?SQ M fll .lol 'l'l11'1111gl1 thc 111111le1'z11iu11 of lfr. l'f1ll1c1r C lmolg is all that wc wz111rc1l it ru lm 5 2 'llhe Stull' was hczulecl lwy ealiroi'-111-cl1icf, A4515 li111 l+'1'c1lc1'iQl4gz1sst.c1lit111's, l,1111is Nl1111i11, 111 Burgas, Dick l5csrz1111l.l11l111 Ylllltll flgllfll. Sports cwlirfmrs were Curl Hess llll :wk Sl1e1'i1lz111. Nluch crulit gums to 11111 wrists, Bill H11l1le1'ic1l z1111l l,2lX'CXY1llSl1, 1111l typists, l511l1 Cii1'111scl1ic1l 11111l R111 'c1'lixzi. ll Uucc struggles with TL'llIL'f2lI1f 1111Llv1'cl:1ss1111111 to 11l1t41111 tl1u1r11:1111cs lm- clues 111111111-. 1 l mmmmwnwn-nn ,1 , ., ...... .W .,.,. Bu s, 5 i f .V I A Q V f Q . , X' V 5.1 Q , B22 "'fTfi 7!A -if-,Q-z, ' -., " -2 : z-.4-., 1 if . W ,M v fx, f ix 1 in Q 9 M ff ul F' yn 5 if wx Q i M 'H fi? f h Q lg? - ig, fl x 5 ,,,,: . , YA 1 Q e z 1' EF? 35 f 'W l if . 5. . Ialltlgiqr. as , 4 1,23 lin T I 1 X lllllilll, gy PH! ' Z1 f T1 'll ZFf:,.,vw, 2- . K W U k K D 53" :iii , I 5' QW 4... ff -N .on i Q ag x S? X ff , 4 , fz ,. W 'K H. 'Q Quan:- K .RM N - fl, f-.1 . Yi W' .Exe xx J' 1 Xi J' , .9 X sv' V? ,d lp xi, gy r , C y 5, "' 'QQ' ,,.-4 , X M Ga' Q5 1 uf E16 ' Q ,Q , KW X F J JJ, '09, 5 ,f wr' 'f Q- Q -mfg , . A, x if K pg -.4 f I 3 vi 4 X . . ' ' X A- x 51. " sf X Q iw? if Y a Q , ,M ... . f 3' 'E' W TT .z:'.:-. V? fend 4 1 Q. i ' ff- 47' K' K j - ' K . m f.. U Qi i S? ,g ff 5 v 'H' - 'F W ' : , . 5 f - EF" " . . fa' ,lg ., sum Y 4 -'M X' if f' 3 my . 'ig 3, 9' ,X ' 2 'kA ' ' Q I.: .w- LX , . gc I fav' .K . K' Qi, .W 'Rf if I gem... ..,. ,... - WMM SIPXNIDIXCQ, l.ef't to Right: R. Para, Fr. Quentin, C. VKX-lch, .l. Seibel, lf. Stucker, R. lerlilli. Sli-X'l'l".l7: R. Martin, bl. Karaganis, nl. Gross, D. Huber, l.. Schwartz, D. Carroll. THE CAR EL-LITE N FF 'l'he 1950-51 Carmel-l,ite stalli, untler the more than capalile motleration of lfather Quentin antl the etlitorship of .lack Sheridan once again had an interesting year as the school's orhcial metlium of news, scantlal, antl likewise. :Xt the outset of the school year, the sports tlepartment was placetl untler the supervision of-Carl Hess, hut eventually gave way to other writers when the tluties connected with the paper were cetletl liy the Seniors to the willing memlvers of the .lunior class. Some of these intliyitluals who took oyer after the mitl-year were: Dan Carroll, Ron Set-pe, -loe Ciross, -lim liaraganis, Chuck Welch, l.ou Schwartz, llaye l-lulver, antl lfretl Stuclacr. Une issue in particular which is ito he rememlieretl is the one which paitl triluute to the championship Nlount Carmel footlvall team with four sparkling pages concerning general sports information antl statistics. All in all, although the paper was extremely untlermannetl, it coultl lioast a successful year. l.l'il"'l': Slit-ridan and Hess learn some lfaculty news from lfr. Quentin, their moderator. Rliill l ztiross, lless, L2lTI'I7ll,ilI1dSl1t'l'ld2lI1 prepare a dummy for thc printcr. Q. -, H4ann...2!L""'l A .Q va -as ., X M si.. og fm vi sw .Ay wwf ' .n N. -.-. -X . M. L F A ly 3 x , 1 K - Q X L A mr -QNQNNS SY . :X -XXX X wx. ' Xi Q Q M . . X' N wx f Q X W ,.-, X N A RTW ,- .. Q .GN N X. it L. x.,X ,x A X X H x 6 X ax . X x 'S "mx - A Q ' x X ' -A v ...W ' E X 1 w X 'M ..,.. Q A gk x vw xg S 1 w X A -x Wh j Q. W ,P w N x N Mk, L, X M: , fx 4 -Q-... 'M Q X35 , x ,. 5: .: 4 3 8 N f ,R A , Q N X Q A 'W Q, 5 3 my J JF gig? x Q V' f IN K f- , J' s l sf 5.2 9 Bm dlI'kLf0I'N 'Nlr I ilu lm I All md Mr Uumlmin formxldrus nh Po I 1 KN W W K D AIUQW NSR? Q R45 xv ie I 'Ex 'ki .5 A 5 ,www va if., is fe Egg, 3 I M N 'K S 5 X iwfffx wsxilfxilaq i I, Qi RWM, an ,Quin K X is ax if Ml, as-KAN 'EE EQ- XQI xii vm K . A 6, .1.m. ,ggzgxd gp X , 'f 's 4 T ' 'gy fggtk :gk yhxf, A wp: ' ' Fx" -"1 , Q! .ly ,, 1 ' 1 f 1 yy. v , x ff,-QW .mf -.Q 'im y M" is A +5 lf' ' f ,N 2" ,A "ig '.. 'fs-unifx . 2 ' 4 . Q1 ,.,,,v.,.,., Ni Q 'sunk' W',?5J"'ifziWM:iZ'i4. ,H , -,4...-., ,,.-Q 'QW g A ug Q9 K I in ' Q u lv' ,J 'A xv. I ' jx? -, V, 7 r . 5 Ui: an W, ' j KN If . .H N-A rg' E' 3 ' ' A 4 'inn -...I ' 's W-N -. 5 if Q 1 . u f -X ! ix, ' A A 3,74 , ' 6- jig f -r, Rv' X' ' V f , il .4 IE' ., ' " Y U ' 1 M! T, ' ' ' an ,ns . . ' i . Y 5 ' v K Q ' Qi 1' 5 . A . ' , A . ' ' ' 1 . 1 " ' ' H A- ,, . . ,gg t .. -:Lg mf . 15 . . 1 Emil f 4 ' - ' Q mwmm " H 'H+-vw--..,,. ..,,,., ,f , A' In -Q 'if ' t X- Nr' X aw 2 A .,,l, fa' l .1 . k,!'I,fX . x xi, W f . , R 1 K Q N. .Vw ','-vP'.Tf31 Q . , Q, x W . 0 J ,Q Vx , L X X Vi K: - ,X W '. r ' if 1 A E 1 mv 5' . V1 f 13, , 'ff' ' ' ,N is , . X P 2 . , ,, x X 53,7 e 4 h '4 K 9 O . L . I o " - if fg ' I E A .X im: . .- JUG, i 1 5 I ra ' fig f .y :J t X I Y ' y I Y 'Il ' k ENN N J Q.. Q ' W3 i I A . I . ., i f I A . V- QA 3. 'N ' N if ' f xv A f a . E h . N ' fr, N Q i I ' . f -W , m -'-- 1 'G ' Q S f. b K in Q X n K GSL ..., - 653716, lg Q -,., 3- vi' f A 2 ' 'fi K x I w W X W W ' A M511 ' Y ff ,nf e 'V . , 'X Y' 5 'gfflf .Q ' ' Y ' v W. ' .54 ' Eff, . L5 Q W X L:g1,1 j g Q .11 Y Q L L ,Ak 4 , 'inf - si K , -, . my 5, , ,211 1 m ff Q .. xg X L i ig? 4. Y X. mL.L ' 5 f Fai- Sffgfwae X ,, - ,..1sfe' A vt X, fs' 1, i"'i ' 1 'Q ti 5442 'Lf ' Sf, xv A k .-IL - .12 gif 'li . 1 5- A I K I X3 SR I , .bw :iq ', , fi Lift? UQ if A by ' S - ' wifi r -'S F x xihlm N .x- 1, S .f Jw ,Q ff-gw. . X ' H - ' sa -A . f ' gig K 1' ,-,..5 " C L' ,x. , 3 V A, , -0 V'-QQ-'Q -'Q-Q 'H' r -,W . GQ: ..- - ,pani ' b .W -- 1 ., ...-"-M "ap-,wr ,WN - X, 'gn ur-Q ,. I Q. X ' '-k' . - y it I t - Aix :1 ,Q x , , Q , ii, x YQ' A, I 6 -.J'N,..1V I. V . P-Tay lo PE. 9, "' rw, -Kfyxgg .Jai 'ffl ' 5 'w .. . , Q 4,,,w A 3 'ki wx 5.3 ' i , fhs :I - ,x,Q'0T'i v "Mfr, Af'-"v4 il. " I i ,Q 9411: Q -Q K U I 'ir ' , Ya' 'il , .Ar if Q P X . 1 . fw M " 5 ,. - - .Q N ' ' J , ' 1 'A 4. J S' 1 ' W' , P V- . - 1 5 ' " 1 'A' W 1, ,Ii .4 - N5 me fu A I X s h M ' , IPM ' - Q v . , , ,E i X X 0, gi. x 1 N, G xx f i f Q i f Q ,. I ' 1, 'Q ,. ', . U as 5 x x Q , 2 Y rg , 5 is ME! 5 R gf "' if , w ""..9" , Q, N Y X4 Y Ei I sig f , Y R X gg ' K xx f is , W 6 ZA 1 Q sh ' 51 . Q9 Wy 'WWA Q I X . XE V lk ,TV J :W 7 ,,. ,.. .M-up--N,---w.W,... i ,1 V F , . ? M' b L in P, f 'WRX .xlE'i" SS" F1 ,335 .. . x. -kgs L wx .,.,, K S xv 1 . 5 - ,f 5 L, LE Q fL Q 51' ,,, 'Q Q if ' 4. E R .Ski 5Mf mga . F 1 X veg I Q 1 fi? Q sith-N4 ' Yu, I 'n H38 3' p 9 Id- fl' mfvi? '1 , 4 ' 'U . f nf" rf" YM X 'X gli? 1 E hs Q qv Yi "' I new 2 We Q Q 'f fx 155' W 5 0 Gx ga A A ' .Z,,., tk X i w h X egg BX s l ' T Honor Society ftluniorsj SF.-X'I'l-1lJ,I.t-t'r to Right: N. lzydorek, D. Carroll, C. Welch, Fr. Cletus, J. Karaganis, l.. Schwartz. S'l',-XNDING: Rohert Harter, R. Bradford, NY, Conroy, j. NlcNlahon, R. Weed, J. Clifford, T. Hau, R. Stefani. TIT. CAR IEL JUNICR COUNCIL l he -lunior Qouneil was hrst put into existence at the request of l'ather .-Xmhrose, who felt 'ln gent neetl for ,iunior tliseiplinarians. The group is matle up of nine senior monogram memhers ose task it is to see that the " hliehael U'Connor" track, the school eorritlors, antl the premises surrounding the huiltling are kept in orderly eontlition at all times, especially tluring the lunch hour. These hoys are the representatives ofevery Carmel man. Their aim is the aim ofall, that is, to l ieep Carmel a place to he proutl of at all times. The memhers of this organization are famous in their own right antl can he easily reeognixetl lhey inelutle: Tetl Caeheyg Paul hlatzg llan Fhannong Dick lfrasorg Roh Thursong Hill XYalsh' lom Careyg Yan Snytlerg antl .lim lfitzgeraltl. Truly valuahle is the aitl rentleretl hy the .luni touneil in keeping the CX'Cl'f'Ll11f' life at Carmel in smooth ehannels. -IllI1lUI'LOllIlkll l.l'il"T: R. lfrasor, T. Carey, -I. Ifitzgt-rald, D, Shannon, l'. Nlatf. RIGHT: T. Cachey, hl. Snyder, XY. XYalsh, R. Thurson. '17 54-o XJ ill A Q Els? ' S I 'I' hifi.. Jw Ii OI"I"ICI'iRS, I.t-ft to Right: T. Cachey, V. Pillars, -I. Stephens, Mr. Brennan fM0dCFilIOTJ, Mclievitt, R. Gunner. With a brand-new moderator, in the person of Mr. Terry Brennan, the Monogram Club marked another successful year off the calendar, this year being the twenty-fourth anniversary of their founding in 1927. These possessors of the much revered "C" found time to take an interest in many of the activities around Carmel. YVith few exceptions, the socials they authorized after each basketball game in our gym were successful to the utmost. .-Xlso, these Carmel athletes proved capable keepers of order at numerous other affairs. The fellows chosen by the other members of the Club to act as representatives, were Ted Cachey, .lack Stephens, Bob Gunner, .lim lXIcKevitt, and Vern Iillars. This year every one of the major sports was represented in the membership of the board directing the Club. The organization could also boast a prosperous booth at the Carnival in the gymnasium this year, which operated all four nights of the affair. I"OllRTH ROW: J. Shanahan, M. VVard, Snyder, B. Relius, Kehoe. THIRD ROVV: R. Gunner, T. Kuenstcr, Delaney, R. Bingham, D. IVIcCarron. SECOND ROW: VV. VValsh, R. Frasor, R. Thurson, IJ. Leoni, E. Orchowski. FIRST ROVV: T. Cachey, D. Shannon, C. Knoch, P. IVIatz, R. Gunner. NOT I,IC'I'IlRI4lI'J: B. Dieterle, R. Ilunlalau, G. Rassel, T. Carey, T. IWcI'Iugh, R. I.aasc, G. Brodcric, Scpcr, IJ. Iflcischcr. mi an-. Q 7- .A IFOURTH ROXY: P. Mc.-Xllisrcr, H. Fz1g:1n,J. Fdguworth, J. Stcphcns, B. lfoluy, R. O'Ccmn0r. THIRD ROXY: R. lfcrguson, -I. Russo, I.. Grindcl, McKcvitt, Al. Gudns. SECOND RUNY: I.. Dyruk,.I.Sn1irh,'l'. Colhurr, R. Martin, R. .-Xmundolal. FIRST ROYY: -I. YllHOI'figZlTll, P. Billick, Al. FZlI"lH1, Y, Fllzlrs. X' 'V 'Q' 'V 'V K' 'S' 'Q' K' 'V 'L' 'S' s.+sssss.+ IHIRD ROW: Y. Hunwn, P. cJ'Shk'1l,-I. f:1juski,'l'. Cassidy, Nl. Guinzm. Nl L 'UND ROYY: R. Skihinski, F. Pinn, R. O'Donm-ll, 'If XY:lIsh, Ci. Shuuhy. l IRST ROW: j. Picck, P. l"r.1inuy,j. NcINlz1hon, P. Norman. v NOT l'lC'l'URl'.D: nl. lfiugcralld, R. Ncylon, D. Stump, R, Edgy-worth, D. Orsusku, J. Pint, R. lfcrgusmm, Hulm, R. Bmlsc, ,l. UNl:1llL roy, nl. Casey, R. Arcnds. SECOND ROYY, l,cft to Right: Ci. Riemersma, ii. W1-hber, 'l'. Darcy, I.. Schwartz, U. Riordan, C. Harfncr. l"lRS'l' RUYV: ll. Rolewicz, D. lwinski, C. Welch, C. Niquctte, R. Kelly. lxot picturcdl: ill. Nlikolawiclyk, A-X. blanc, gl, lfitzgcrald, H. Planzer, P, Kiron, F. Hickcy, li. llurfncr, R. lluffncr, R. Nlcllermott, R. Griflin. r IT. CAR EL'S GLEE CLUB The Mt. Carmel Glee Clulw was again reorganized this year through the efforts of Fr. Gerard who acted as the well-versed moderator. :Xt two-thirty-live these talented few could he heard lilling the lihrary with the refrains of such favorites, as " Mosquitoes" and "Kentucky Babe." Though the group was small it was divided into two sections of hasses and two sections of tenors making the most of the potentialities of harmony in their melodies. Nluch credit is due to these men of Carmel as well as to their moderator for the work they con- trilwuted to luring hack to Carmel the Glee Cluh. ST.-XNDING: NV. Phillips, G. Baker, D, Gels, Il. Plowman, H. Kenney, ll. Bchmetiuk. Sl'I"I'ING: Ci. Boddy, R. Ciirmschcid, D. Hclsdingcn, D. Pclcgrino, Ll. Slizc, T. Cachey. fNot picturcdlz Al, Burgcc, .l. O'lJonnell, Al. Battaglia. T0 .. si? w.fw.w-R551 .. . . . Ffiiggwg., . . .x.. K is fm Q QSSFEF f-11 .. Qi Fr--Tx fx . J .,-- . Nt- K - .L . ..,. X fi Q -A .Ns sg Q X. . X - X wax-fx-fi Q E W .i,.. ' F". - 44 QRS, S x K 42? 5 1 -Q3 .. - .i.1f5k5'??ff1f.I, ?i.,iQ.QiQ.3Q.- .. Q1 X A gigggf X, - 5 X . ,f sk ' ' X . -. K A . -wsu. :,SgQQ,f.i.ii5.ii..i,QQ,bgQggi,f. WY-5' Y R' if -3155-in Pi" ,. ,.- Q , Q -xx Nw-.wxikf-wx x A 5,-W-af xffHf4g,,M..:A,1,f.,,. . -Q X 'a -f A .MS .s V - A +-f?fv'SESig,iz15''asefwffg-,Lew .. r ' W X QR? "if-1-3 ig if w- -My ,1iii. SQ T s ' . ,mil .5131 N, A ..-- x - -y,,w..X,s,-QQ..-sM..x -. fs.,..,.m.. W1 .3 -Q x - . . xwffm-.Sgr NUw5..yx- .vi Q SM.,-. -gg. ,. , . - frm: "1i"..,'., M x www - x, - vw-Q-bw--Q 4 , fsm-ff,-Aggssgx -, K f K -Q K "h' '- -' siff af -1 .iv W-K wx ., ' - me-Q.f.:M'w - . . iw-..:g4a ygewg' .,-slum -- - A , - I f - . . . . ' N xi T-afe?xf4'fswwwk B W, . - ..,. , -V Q V ,... - -, ff . y 1 H K - , . 1' wg: .Q-.M-sz QSMQNQMQ WW Wm,Q,,.p..,4..i ., K K A .W K . fn . X . ,. A, ,, FQ Y fl . ,::::.f' y - Y We-swift-Rig: ' F S11 . Qisfsgfgx S xi. :f 24:2 -Qs-Qmsx., V Z? wp., ,Q ' f...,.. ,. .J--.Bm 1 fi M- . i . -- - : Q1'L:54:f::i1-KYLE' 5 S if 2- : fl K if .f ..... k X 5 -5 M, .3 www qi' 5 -my , .. ,. . - .... MX. -.dn ' -' 251. , QF.: Q.: .. S3 Q-. - ,S S' i lfiilii '51 T- fx .1 A Q' -'lf k 1 .. , Q 13- ,... ..... . ...W ....... Q X. . E.. ,. ---fi-X I ,ia m 5 3' ' 4 Wm. 11- SN f E .... . . --.- -.QTQM '- , .5 xkl. . vi .. . A A Qk- X.kL- 5' k .575 N! ' in 5 . F-17 "X f' 5' .. il' l tu, K 9 ' 1 X M Q V 4,21 Qi, ,- ,, fi AW . ff v fi-Md, fa . .ag . gag, , Vw' : ' .151 'Wifi , ,f x .-R, , , 655291,- A M. 1 3 off .i 4 K . .s -qv K V 3 K 2, .T V ,KN E .. V lm . .,, , h mZAA W g . 5 kk V .5 , L . 'Y' ,33 9 ,,.. 2-,W . M- Q 'S 9' 1 -1' I ' ' .. .' 1 4 Q i"": "K ' L 4 Q S ' 54 ' MQ ' ,,.. -.3 .14 X. fi' 1 - .Q -. ' Z E x ,. X , 4 .. . . PS3 M , x -gg., nu. . X. Rm ,I -L L. ..:-5.1 A 1 4. " " Z? . AA ., A g. 'Q w i ' a , 23 xr- - - LX .ff im.. ,, . W in . ffw gff. 953' 'Rx 23,2 .-.igag I Qi6i.Q1v'?'TQ vw W N: gf .Q-. .M Ex Ag, J' is .Q. Y , gigs F ww '5 si Q f as 3 WM . L1- i ,K gg 9 fx xg I Q '45 f fi l K ?w5m 9.4 .wH1 . gvmi if Q 1 z if iw.. 53 t V v ra. f ,F xf ' U I W i x Y v gif, 4 I QL NKSQ E ' A Qlggi SMl.1"' WF J, f ' 5 Y J 0 ,wil N 6 i-Q z. 'I W 1 -51. , -0 E 4 W nm' 5'-fn , Q ,mix "" ' lnwfaw ! f5gf wmmw wm wm wweb . ., ,i - ,. ' V - .,,, ,,, K Vv,,. . f Yi' " Ma"9!4557Tr- " JA. XV gf, Q xx Iii 7 .. f ef 5 A gy N , vi' fi i I r 7 A' .gwnf 'Q ' I f f. " Q .T 1' vii C -im 'Zu U QA A, - A gm ff 1 l a 'Q 'QP if vt y ff? gf? I N 1 x x Q . V gg . .9 Q ' ' - .'XA , mf? Y M ,QR,mQi:w1,sS1wZ??SX K y 5' Eff' , W u f ' e -an I a"""""' E '37 v X ,1 ,Q 2 A gil 4. I 'E uf K C 5' 0 1---K s S Q x 5 fx , X X gi , Q4 v Q I if 1 HJ' vias Q. QS ' 4' 2 1 is g Q 1 , 9 X w A g i gd' v- 'N 8 A '4 M S , , ' Q. I Ai kk V A Q Q N v,-, W ' 'wk ,X in T, 'ti S -MQ 'X ' K -V b H f .- A 5 Q HQ' 2 if 553 5, , 'S X-kkdLk N gf 7 1 . X' A , 'QMW' V! J ,QF f m" ,..'LA'f 'M-' K V f X f xg fi ' fail? bg' A pew ' ' -f f by x A ' -v -- . 1 ,.. -, - ' W- W-, ,, N Q ' f . 5 - Q X. A3.'1f"' , . f" ' ' ' -: 5-F k'n4'- VNU ' 'X ' 5Q.',.-AZ' h W : . 4 'tg .. 1 fa.. .. X . ,-.. '. -4'-'Mn' '+ -1' ' . ' - s . .. K , .. 'w'J'-- 'Y -, A ,"W-f "" 3 "- --5.1 f- - -f 3 . -in "- Y b,,i gif' """' .R - 5.9 ""' ' -R - -5- ,-' ' - Y. - ,V -N . I LJ.. H ml-, x . , ,K wt 7 A Q' 7 1 .. , A JK ff .r W .- kv, Q F., , gsm -Q, .rm f--val Y A--i. Y: fl' Q .x 5 l xr-X ,, s Q f X 4 qw . K ,1,1," I, Az ,irq ' n Y I .M V. fad? 2 K i Q , 5 . 4 ' . .L v ' 1. . lx .c ,Q I 1,3 2 U 5,514 Q, I ' Xfq iij2,'Q,'. ',,',,, we 1. Q ,f W ,, pf A . '9 ., " Mft ,I Q ff' 1' f" i, ' A 1 9 -L 'I I -A K . " 'T X, -'-N " --rl .1--. ' 1 . '-" 5' X 1' Lf-ln cwfkf V' - 2' " 'f Q-. 7A n A -5- . UL A' Q . ,' . 'cn , ' , ' J 7- 5 ' K Q 41 . .Je 1 ' ff v 3' 'Ami Gt 2 3' U' .K ' + Qu V iff f 5 ' Q, xy A Au H dr! I . "I 4' -st 1 ""'.--I Y' j' - " . 1 Y J . 'K ' ,. . gf . - . B - fi - 2 - , f - kk i ' ' , I - N R N i,nm,, me r , 'N is 5 ' Q ga g- I fa PM 'K YE fi 33" Q' ig V-ififb' ffgx 45' Lum K fffgfi is I ' ...b l U ui. sn vxumx l IJ, Sl IAYNOX N I 'lf C.-XSSIDY R. IVR.-XSOR XX XNALSH I. l.l R.DlXKLAV C.KNUCH 'ix xitutcsu ,l. si wiiiiss 'll Ulilit ,I lililllllfl '13 kia-txs'i' l4 If 3 V 'Z ' I'l'fRRY ISIQICNN-XY N llczld Coach .lim Kehoe, Senior end, was an efficient suhstitute for Paul Matz . . . The Caravan's safety - man, .I ack Stephens, was the scourge of enemy passers. He merited Honoralsle Mention on the All-Section team . . . Hola Dunklau also received Honoralwle Mention on the All-Section eleven for his vicious lmlocking and team play . . . lfullhack, Dan Shannon, a three-vear regular, was voted first string on the All-Chicago Area team and second, All-.-Xmerican. Dan laid out more than one opponent with hard, clean tackles...-I ack Shanahan,another reserve end, could alvvavs he depended upon when the first string needed a rest . . . Stockv tackle, Bill XYalsh, was a 612 minute man all season. Hy virtue of his rugged play, Bill was a regular on the .-XII-Catholic eleven, and was second string .-Xllvfitv .... -Xll-State and All-America tHon. Nlentionl Tim McHugh was the team's scoring leader with 108 points. The swivel-hipped halfqnack garnered almost as much ground as Carmel's opponents. Tim was one of' Carmel's all-time greats . . . The Caravan's fine end, Paul l.eoni, was first string All-Catholic and second string All-Chicago. Paul left little to he desired as a pass catcher or tackler . . . Tom Cassidy was the .Iunior replacement at quarter- lwack. He will undouhtedlv he one of the lmestnext year. .. Dick lfrasor was named to the .-Xllf tate eleven due to his tremendous lvlocking and tackling. Dick was one of the most feared lineinen i ' the citv . . . Charlev linoch, underrated halflnack, was a good reason for Cai'mel's success. lle could alwavs he defended upon for a few yards . . . Quarterlvack, Tom Carey, who was first team .-Xll-Chicago Area, third team All-State and Hon. Mention .-Xll-.-Xmerica was iustlv famous for his terrific passing, running, and line-hacking . . . Reserve halfliack, Tom liuenster, was noted for his excellent running and hlocking. Dick Gunner, Senior center, was reputed to he one of the toughest men for his size in the league ... Rugged guard, -lohn Snyder, was pieked second string on the .-Xll-Section team, and Honoralile hlentionon theill-Catholic and .-Xll-Cityelevensf' Yanuwas noted liorthespiritand light that made him great . . . Captain led Cachey, a three-year starter at guard, was the real leader of the team He was picked first string :Xll-Chicago .-Xrea, third team All-State. 'I'ed's aggressiveness and guts more than made up for his laek of hulk . . . .lunior guard, Pat U'Shea, was a good example of the will to win. By his courage and skill, Pat showed himself to lie a line lineman for next year . . . 'l'ackle .lim fatieski was one of the most accurate place-kickers in the city. l,ike Snyder, he was chosen second team .-Xll-Section and Honoralile Mention on the All-Catholic and All-City teams . . . Giant end, Yic Hansen, although a sulustitute, was voted first string on the players' .Xllg Section eleven. Only a Ilunior, Vic should he a line end next season . . . Senior, Holi 'l'hurson, sulmstitute tackle, was praised hy many for his hard lvlocking and tackling . . . Hallilwack, 'l'omm5' Walsh was a speedy, shitty hack, who should lvecome a regular next season . . . lfnd, l'aul Xlaty, line pass receiver and tackler, merited second team on the .-XllASection eleven and llonoralwle Mention on the A-Xllgfatholic and All-City teams . . . -lunior guard, Dick Skilvinski, always gave -,,- 1, his lwest in ererv game . . . Slipperv hallilvack, Cierrv Riemersma, was a tine replacement for lxnoch. A W .-X -lunior, Clerri' also played veryvwell on pass defense. l ' J l .S. lfran l inn and Holi U'l7onnell, two Sophomore halliliacks, are sure to lie included in next ,.Cm.'g plum. lil! NIIICSZKOWSKI ' A X I fi 'ich I ss . 1. 'I' WAXI 'll P. MAT! I'. SKIBINSKI Ci. Rll'QNIliRSNIA R. 'I'lll'RSllN Y. ll:XXSlf,X ,l. mlifski q , i DLSNYIJICR R.iil'XXl'.R Bone-grinding douhle hloek hy Carey paves way for MeHugh's longjaunt in Rainhler fray. L liarlt-y Knoeh swivel hips his way through the host of hapless lfemon I Ll lvrs. L-vliy and 0'l7onnell ffar leftl casually accept another touchdo tiihutt' in llel'aul rout. Nl'l'.C.-XRNIIQI, T 0 0 If! 21, l,UYUl,i-X ll ll ll ll ll .-Xt l,oyola Stadium, the Caravan showed its potential power hy routing the Ramhlers 26-Il. l,ate in the first period, Nlel-lugh flipped a 32 yard pass to Rie- mersma for a touchdown. During the seeond quarter, hoth teams were held scoreless. ln the final period, a long Carmel drive was culminated hy Carey's 28 yard touchdown toss to Hansen. Shortly after, Carey passed to l,eoni for 45 yards and another seore. Walsh ended the seoring hy huelcing over from the Ramhler's six. Nl'I'.CARXll".l, I4 T 7 I-l -ll DIC P,-Xlll, H 7 ll 0 7 Playing in Soldier lfield, Carmel's gridders slaughtered De Paul -ll-7. With only two minutes gone, NleHugh huelaed over from the ten. l.ater, NleHugh again seored hy sweeping end from the eighteen. After halting lJel'aul, Carey passed 25 yards to NleHugh in the end zone. lie Paul garnered their lone score when a Carmel fumhle resulted in a 30-yard .iaunt hy a Demon taelale. ln the second half, the game turned into a rout as Shannon, Hansen, and linoeh all tallied to malie the final score -ll-7. MT.CARlXllil, 20 14 14 7-55 S'I'.liI,lZ.-XBl+1'l'H 0 0 6 l2el8 Against l'ilizalmeth's lronmen, Carmel wrapped up the game by scoring five touchdowns in the first half. All scorers were led by Mcl-lugh, who went over four times on runs of 81, 42, and 30 yards, and a 35-yard pass from Carey. XYalsh tallied twice by bucking over from the 3 and slanting 9 yards off tackle. Stephens and lfrasor also joined the touchdown parade and concluded the Caravan's scoring. The three lronmen touchdowns came on passes liy Phillips in the final half. NlT.CARNlHl, 7 I4 7 7-35 S'I'.Gl+IORGli 6 14 7 0e27 The key game ofthe season saw Carmel continue its winning streak against St. George. lalarly, Shannon tossed long to I,eoni for a touchdown. The Caravan drove until Fitzgerald intercepted and raced 80 yards to counter. l,ater, Carey fired to Hansen who sprinted for the score. Fitzgerald retaliated on a 42-yard jaunt, but Shannon smashed over from the 3. XYith a minute remaining, a desperate Dragon pass clicked. l-lalftime score: 21-20. After intermission, St. George tallied only once while Shannon clinched the game on runs of56 and -ll yards. A -ia. ' "Choo-Choo" Knoch churns turf for large gain against Ritans. I ' ui. 1 ... :X harassed Mustang hall-carrier runs into a bcvy of Carmel dcfcnsivc mcn in thc tilt at Itckcrsall Stadium. As a dctcrmincd McHugh prcparcs to block, Shannon bolts through the St. Gcorgc sccondary. Rl .W Cl,FF'l'D: McHugh scurries into pay-dirt through sizeable hole in Meteor line. CRIGHTJ: As Leoni rushes to his assistance, Carey struggles to break away in the De La Salle butchering. Shannon spears Carey's touchdown aerial, against Meteors, as H insen looks on. Stephens leaps high to steal ball from the outstretched lingers of i Mustang. MT.CARMHL 13 20 I8 0ee5l ST. RITA 0 0 0 0 O ln the third league encounter, Carmel slaughtered St. Rita 51-0. Early in the game, Shannon scored from the IO. Later, Knoch tallied from the 25. Three scores came in the second period, with Mcl-Iugh, Shannon, and Cassidy garner- ing the touchdowns. After intermission Carey tossed to Shannon for a touchdown. After Rita punted, Walsh scampered 91 yards to paydirt. Then Stephens inter- cepted and romped 75 yards for Carmel's tinal touchdown. MT. CARMEL 21 7 7 13-48 DE LA SALLE 0 0 0 74 7 Carmel scored on the opening play and was never headed. ln the lirst half, Me- Hugh scored thrice on runs of 67, 51, and 6 yards. Shannon also tallied on a 14-yard pass from Carey. ln the third period Carey threw another touchdown pass to Leoni. O'Donnell and Pinn linished Car- mel's scoring on jaunts of 2 and 31 yards respectively. De La Salle scored helatedly on the final play. MT.C.-XRMEL 0 H I3 0e'l7 LEO 0 0 0 080 At Soldier Field before 3l,000, Carmel annihilated Leo 27-O. The Lions garnered only three iirst downs throughout the game. ln the second period, McHugh climaxed a long drive hy luolting over from the 2. Later, Carmel halted the Lions and marched down to the l. Knoch hlasted over and the half ended H-0. The roof caved in on Leo as the Caravan countered twice in six minutes of the third period. The first touchdown came when Carey riHed a pass to Leoni in the end zone. Shortly after, McHugh finished the scoring on a twisting 25-yard run. NI'I'.C.-XRMHL 26 0 I9 7-M52 HOLYTRINITY 0 U 0 747 linding the league season undefeated, the Caravan started fast as linoch lmlasted over from the 10. Shortly after, Shannon scampered 45 yards to paydirt. After halting Trinity, Shannon circled end to tally again. Later, Leoni speared Carey's 25 yard 'I'.D. pass. ln the second half, Matz, Shannon, Riemersma, and O'lJonnell all countered. Trinity scored helatedly on a long run late in the game. M'l'.C.-XRMHL 6 7 7 IZWSZ AUSTIN 0 7 7 7eee2l ln a practice game against Austin, the first quarter saw a drive climaxed by Carey's jump pass to Matz. Later, Mc- Hugh raced 33 yards for another tally. .-Xustin retaliated on Sisson's l yard sneak. ln the second half, Carmel iced the game as Matz, Mcl-lugh, and Shannon scored touchdowns. The Tigers got consolation as Rihando and Sisson countered. ,I McHugh takes hand-off from Carey and turns Leo's right end I I 1 E E . i . 1 gn..l.,1 - ff' UP:-Vw. v ' ' . V . , A w f 'A .1 , A y 5, KV. .V -1, 5 Q. .. 1-'X x -lt ' '. ' 'Nay .lrfffflf-. . , 'ff ' With fine blocking, Shannon blasts through Lions' forward wall. fl.l'lF'I'l: Through an immense gap in Trinity's line, Shannon slips and slides for a considerable gain. KRIGHTJ: Matz receives Carey's bullet-pass and topples over goal line in Austin encounter. . CMI-I - G 0 DAILY il-' 5. .. U ! I t t '5'i'ii"'f IINIES Flu L S ' EDITION u L10 Kmnhr' r vue ',?c'a'..'d ::'.:"f:: A THE P E NEWSPAPER ,,ZLii."'!,'2 615.000 im. 3 N.. 257 ,,,ggfgggpg,,g5,gg-,,,, Andover 5-nod" houimy, Novsussn 21. wsu on.-bm z-zzz: 72 nga-no swim .. . fa.. ,, . , , ,,,..,, M. ,5m,,M,,..7 , , ,,..,.J. .,,nfg,., .,,x ... l!sn...,nu!!.e ,,.. ,,, , . , Caravan Rout D Paul - awww- -M'--r""'s-+:.. 14- -I 4 By Jerry Holhman l A flawless Mount Carmel football machine. bfelying its A schoolboy status, built up a tremendous 45-0 lead by the third quarter and coasted to a 51-14 win over De Paul Academ, ,Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field. i The victory, achieved before 3,500 enabled Mount Carmeli, to ill win its seventh Catholic League championship and 123 ' iqualify to oppose Lane Tech, best in the Public League, for they - city title next Saturday. ' Mount Czlrnivffdcl'lai'i'21vH-sAglfM21t the outset. scoring its first two touchdowns be-fore De Paul was able tn run a play from scrimniagv. The Caravan did not maintain this pace, ' but ncvvrtholcss settled for a 3940 - hulftinw advantagv. x Dan Shannon. a 200-pound bruis- vzng fullbasrlc, scorcsl four of the c'nmvan's first six loucliciowns. The Ulm-r two won! to Tim McHugh, regular ln-ft hnlfblwk, Both were wuilidrawn Into in the sec-ond quartvr wad, 4-xi-4-pi t'm'liningi1pfm'ihc sm'- -vrul half ki-knit, www through for thv tiny. lfcmvll 'Pvrry Bri-nmui flood-'d the 1,-'iii with rcscrvvs 1'i'om thorn on in. :uni Di- Paul obliged with its only win-lidowns of Ihr- day hnih 4-nming in lhv last quarle-in ' . The first wvnl lo haifbuc-k Don W1-rdvll on A 70-yard run down hic- .-:isi s i rl s- l i n 1- fe. Quartcrliark Don riniyiin- plungvrl om- yard for the 'olhcrvahnut 3 minute and a half later. Fllil'lll'lS DON'T LIE Mount Curnuls triumph in the m ost lopsided Catholic League championship game in history is mirrored in the statistics. The Cara- van gained 565 yards, 484 rushing, against 163 not for De Paul. Mount Carmcl's first-half domina- tion was such that De Paul had a minus 11 yards compared to 321 for thc Caravan. The comhinr-ri two-team 65 point Faenwicll 35-13 in 'T9Zff.Thew'Ei71'5l' 51-14 score was also the most one-an sided in history by 10 points. 3' ' Shannon started the scoring with. only 2:04 expired in the first quar-i ter. He took a pitchout from quar terback Tom Carey and ran out-5 side his left end 30 yards into thei De Paul end zone. This climaxed. an opening 66-yard drive and con-' sumed only five plays from scrim-f mage. 1 CACHEY GRABS BOBBLE ' Touchdown No, 2 came wheni . tif,-,333 ghannon, Mount Carmel fullback, plunges for his second touchdown Sunday in Catholic League finals at Soldier Field. Coming up is De Paul's Don Wardcll 001, while end Paul Leoni f60j blocks. guard Ted Cachey recovered Wei'-9 "" . Af . ,Yi-. , .M gk ' mi- del1's fumble on the ensuing kickoff A-ik ' 4 1 A ,lA"5" A D' 5 M43 'f ,Q on the De Paul 21. McHugh scoredi or - up li . , .', here, taking a four-yard pass fromq U 3" 5 X R A -W' ' I Car:-y on tho Ire Paul 20 and danc- R I 5' . V ' H ,I ,K-'f"',.: ' 1 ing across thc goal line. f 2 5 si ' f , f ' h Lf' l , 'Jn 4' Shannon was next, plunging overi , I f 6 " ,: V , blgz Q V f ' " from the- one to climax a. 51-yard 'I K 'I 0 , uf. A V aclvanre. Less than two minutes? - ' J! AA I 1 . 'Qs' .- H o gr N ' later Mcl-Iugh dashed 48 yards for' - f ' ' A ' l L V ..,,,'7- annthcr touchdown. That cndcdlthc, ,... 2 . xgl, 1 ' 7 53 :,', ,K Ai 1' ", ' first quarter scoring with Mount- 5' A K W , : if ' 1' 'L - 'N' Carmel ahead 26-0, - , ifwx .. I . K ML ' h Shannon accounted for both uf! 'W' I , ,R , G. A Mount Carmel's second period touch- , 1 Q, ' -.4 "' " downs. He ran 11 yards for the first? ' . ., . N wp. Q and 24 for the second. The first? V - "W 5, im" was sc! up when Tom Stevens in-l V, A IV t ' Ibhl 'K , ' w term-pled We-rlff's pass on the De ' A q gmw ya j l ' K Aqxl ' 4-A 433' i ',,, Q W A x 'V U v R, , K 5 V: WL . Paul 15. The other came after ai i"'y,'h Q HQ 1 , " 'fw""'Al ' X , 3 f""'i .A- 568-yard march. 4 -I miss Jfwff K ' ,, if Z . 4 - A Vg- -- - , V . . i With Shannon and McHugh rc- Mm it-S fig. 1,1 W ,' 4 W ' V ' ktircd, Charley Knoch, starting right fhalfback, got into the scoring col- Qumn by plunging over from the one. ,That was the Caravans only thirdj fquartvr score. Reserve back Fran McHugh's Turn-Tim McHugh qmowy, cmvw halfbaclc, heads for mash during 48. yard TD sprint to cap 26-point first period. Mount Carmel rolls on to rout'De Paul 51,1-1. J ' .total bvttcred the parochial cham- Pinn ran 60 yards for Mount Car- pionship game mark of 46 previous- mr'i's last touchdown in the fourth ,ly :igyuinulrxtvd when Leo defeat:-dfquartv-r. 1 li 'PX l r ' Y iw . wists? , Doesn"l Gel' ihe Point- Jim zajeski gm, Mount . Carmel extra point kicker, heads for De Paul goal aften-.bad pass A from center in first period of Soldier Field battle causes conver- sion attempt to go awry. Charley Knoch 1223, Caravan back, looks for foe to block, but Demons finally stop Zajcski before ' he reaches end zone. Mount Carmel doesn't need point, winning Catholic League championship Sl-14.M ISUN-TIMES Photo! ,. ., ,. ,.. ... .. ... V union yi-Tliiig' :is any of the suhsli-Q mtv. lun rhsplinr rclgncd ln thi Doi A o . V vsll . -'i-nnv'rm nimfvr-: qnirnzx if af 1 A ' y f-ff ., O'Briep Says Canmel Sfafe's Besf By James Mullen J ' - Ronnie Frasor, Mount:iCarme1's All-State center, was the S lirst player to bust open the door to the Caravan dressing l 6 Paul quarters. Coach To ni m y 0'Bricn, still smiling despite thc 51-14 defeat, had nothing but praist- fr-r Mount Carmel. ' "Thoy're a great club," O'Bi'ivn1 hsaid, "thc best in thc state. And: ,room after the victory over De Paul Academy Sunday. No sooner had he given' off a lusty yell than silence swept over. the room. '-'A K -iff. A .ld Terry Brennan, 22-yearfold coach, was the last to enter and then - the entire squad -- "' knelt in prayer, When they tin- ished there was an uproar the likes of which never was heard E r in any team's powder room. A Brennan was al- most too excited to speak. And he was virtually rushed off his feet by well-wishers who jammed the room to shake his hands. . 'GOT GOOD START' - .1142 BRENNAN X "We just caught fire," Brennan! gsaid. "That's about all I csn say. ine Paul had 0. nice team, but we' just got off to Buch a. g'00d start that . well, ,t!'lat'ssll." K .3lQW.Hb0vf L'iI?1'2'?"f' the team Mount Carmel's' Mount Carmel plays next Saturday in the Prep Bowl? "They'll undoubtedly be the toughest team of the season for Brennan replied, "They've got a tricky offense and plenty of power, lots of good running backs. Yes, they'll be the roughest team for us. there's no question about that." BRO. COUGHLAN HAPPIEST Brother John Coughlan, assistant athletic director at Mount Carmel, was even happier than the players. He was presented with the game ball by Ted Cachey, team captain and left guard. "I am going to have this signed by the whole squad, 1950 Catholic League champions," he said, smil- ing and accepting the congratula- tions of the happy throng. . Mount CarmeI's two game-busting backs, Tim McHugh and Dan Shan- non, were barely discernible. After the squad posed for pictures, they M3225 .....h"t0..U"Q.'E.1lL"!C! 395 3193.35 thi-y'll prove it against Lane nvxts Snlurdsiy. They were really up fur? this one and we wcrcn't. We we-rel up for Fenwick last week but not, Uiis timc. "fm not trying to make any alibis. Mount Carmel deserved tu- win. no doubt about it. They really Fbeat us. What more can I say?" N NT The Champs! MOYNT 1'ARMFl Sl ENDS, MM7. licvnl, Shvrln' lliui--ii Dv-lun-v Sllnlllllllll. TACKLES Dlmklml B. Wal-h Filfzvhvr Zl jrskl, Thurioll, Budilrk, Dorahn Skim GUARDS. CACIICY. Sllydvr O'Sil4'n Skmiuwkl V ,vim in l . CENTERS Frasnr. Guniiel, Guinsn. Kona-k BAFKS' Clrby, Mvllllrll. Knnfll Slvminon, . Vfalxil, Rltmrrllnll, Slvplwlls, O'D0uvlt'll, Kun-nxtci, Finn, Cassidy. DE PAUL 11 ENDS! Filkvl, Dawuuxi. Sllltlniv, Snyder. TACKLES: MCClnn, Failure, Rirl' GUARDS: Nnlm-buucr, Gmn:-kin-. I i CENTERS Calf, D1 Prllna BACKS! Smflhf. Mrfiulrl' Slum Wcrdcll, Flinnlnl. Pfcnrnro. BVORING ' Moun!CArmel .......26 ll G 6-M DQPJIII ............. 0 0 0 14-14 f..a.i..i wwe. , TOUCHDOWNS-Mount Carmel. Shannon 4,F McHugh 2, Knock. Plun. De Paul. We-i'dell.' 'smy!he. , DITRA POINTS-Mount Clrmcl: Znlukl 3.3 De Paul: Werle 2. - i OFFICIALS - John Cells. referee: Gen:-ls, Snnin. head llnelmln: Ike Cnll, umpire: Elliott I Haan. field SMU- . M . '1""""""""""' R J V . .. calc 'SUNDAY' U November average net I0 SUN I 'IMES I ' K THE P ' ' ' E NEWSPAPER gel. 4, No. 9 ' DECEMIEQ 3.' 1950 115 rag.: arm ,lu By Jerry Hblfzman , Mount Carmel's Caravan rolled through a heavy fog tol :defeat Lane Tech-45-20 and win the Chicago high school foot-I hball championship Saturday afternoon at Soldier Field. The' .24.559 fans in attendance were unable to -see most of the game ldegpne the aid of artificial lighting, A low flying fog 4-nvelllpeai the-Q playmg In-Ed za mxnutv after Mount! Carlin-I srorm-al its first luuclulmvni with 1.45 4-xpirod in Lhv upwnxngg . X. - ,Q - , ,. .,. ,:- n e shannon ms yo. mmm...- qumlc x. X 1. nuhly vms M m undlf U 7 hmm Awmbkmr . the Sturt nt fhr- scvm1d half. Thaw u 1+ 1..'.-ns nafya, pau fmm Ing lxftvml slightly in tlu- lhml quar- 0 H z.f,ffff:NQlbl,Ugg,""""" 'tex but relurnvd in Un- 1-losmg 5 14 Vwilaltrvlvl 41 n. nluuw 0 14 'rl nam 5 km: no gm-dl "l'n'n"S' sr.-und Quarter ' - 5 an Shannon .25-ya, mm.....f. M1-um Psarnwl, fog or nut, was, 13 fu lrqllaprlkll-l:l1tkx'3ll:fll:y:1l..... - .' - Ihr Lane mul zcn- lmte I3 20 Pwmfr rvmrfklrk- 'lm' lf' Rf' 1 ' ' ' I 1.4 as xml.. lzoryd, pm from ,ws-ll. Flu- fumvan lf-rl lhrmxghuut Mclluuh and sw-rz--1 sf-von tml:-hrluwns, lwrv 1-' 75 ""1"""""f' 'W . rmra 'Jn vnvlx of thc first lhrvf' f1"f"'U""' 13 32 Mumfn -?'21lw:nnx........ 'Fm vmmunvd Gfrgpnint total I-4-ttf-rml Qu: Sfufngfim, Hu- old Pu.-p Hnwl murk 1-f REI sv! in 3 um-y. I., .... :xv ' Q 1941 wh:-n I.:-U uve-rwhvlmecl Tillie-n 1 L"J""""'2"""""" mmm. qnnn 46-13, Y 10 'aff Fivwluvt 11-yo uxungru...... I A ' 10 .xv Punnvr enlaceklchx . f fn qw mm Kemyn. Wm from ' H A , 1 Slmnnmu ..,, ll Ill X U"l'0R1 , in 45 1B..u :mlm pau mmm It uns Moxnt C8l.'Xlltfl'S lllh suvli ,uss m as many Starts lhls season fund 1-nnhlr-ml thi- C'ulholi4'- Le-agus to Ihrs-ak fm fmnvyrur Public League ,winning str.-ak in this Vfvyezxr-old Prep Bowl svrws. The Public, how-- vwr. sull loads in the svrmcs 105. wnlh twn gnmvs ending an lu-s. Two ends, Paul Lf-Oni and lmvv 'Malz, caught two touchdown passes .npwce for the Carawan. Two more wvre produced on 35 and 25-ym-rl e-nd runs by Dan Shannon, M-sunt Carmvfs 200-pound fullback. Tun McHugh, lm-fl hnlfback, sm-red thc' ouwr on a 2-yum plunge. - Lune, howl-vor, was within strik- ing mlislanvv during most of the game. Down 14-0 ut the outset, the -Techmen narrowed the gap to 20-13 midway in the second rhzaptcr. It wnsrft until Mount Carmel added two thxrnl-period scores that the Techmcn fall decisively behxnd. l 1 5 Score by Score Line Ml Clrlm-I Ylrsl Quint! "u .i,, wmv ,mm ilrlvki on the na-xt sl-ries. Guard Ponder fell on an attempted kickoff on his 46. Jack pin-km-d up hw- and a clipping advanced the ball to the Mou mel 35, 4 Lane 20 -.-..,...,, ,M W MCHUGH, Mount Carmel halfbaclc, gallops to a durmg tlnrd quarter as Caravan Ilane Tech for city higl-i school football championship Saturday afternoon at Soldier Field. The ' LIGHTS Trnsnn ON was 45-20, highest in Prep Bowl history. Snpkin madewa first down on M' ' 23 just as the lights were turned nn.. H Ah d 20 dy SK 11 SHANNON 'Nmsmsf ,f Thvy were ban-ly discernible, just ug U' 5 'YET 8110011 VX-4-I - T+-e, ,,,, W.-,QkifA"' M 1 , I' name gpm-ks of yellow perched ampfufsion- The Payoff Came On I 20-fCuraval Rolls On ,dowsurlgfiarxazlrlsflnzadlzzli ulllfzcl the stadium. ,yard MCHUKH to I-Conf PHS-W' Lwnii un 20 minutes remaining, the Caravanl Floyd wojmlewicz passed to Sop-gbent over and caught the ball in the kin two pays later to the 10 and Hogan tore through the middle to the one. Wojtalewicz drove over from Qhere. Shannon put Mount Carmel ahead .20-6 with 1:30 gone in the second lquarter. This time he circled his Qright end 25 yards for a touch- Vduwn, The score was set up two SHANNON GAINS II9 Qplays earlier when Jack Stevens in- Shnnnon. who was the leading gground guinn-r with 119 yards in 12 !4'Hl'l'l9S. scurod Mount Carmcl's first :touchdown He climaxed an advancv Lo! 58 yards from the opening kick- lofl' by going wlde outside his left Eend for the last 35 yardix on the Mlh ltercepted a Wujtalewicz pass on his '34. Charle Knoch ran 28 yards to Eine Lane 58 and a. Carey to Matz' pass moved the ball to the 25. :end 20110. 1 Smart quarterbacklng by Carey Lsetz up Mount Carmel's next touch- idown about halfway through the ,third quarter, The Caravan attack fhad bogged down on it.. own 31. fwith fourth down and three yards ,NI 50. Tim llc!-iugh lined up in punt formation. He ran instead, gofing 42 yards before being knocked out of bounds Nonxlhe Lane 27. Shannon on the next play ran for what would have been 'fanothem touchdown, but A clipping Shannon did the rest, 3 V Dale Decker recovered Shannon! fumble on Mount Carrnbls 31 mid-l penglfy was called shoving the bell iibacllrto the Lil: t6. .4 1 2 ENDS: Jerome sclnrutx. lun. Supperl. TACKLISZ June senuru, cull-mu, uuqmf Culberl:-t. GUARDSL Ponder, Dttler. llltpd. Bfrnlrdlni. L CKNTIRSC Thunlhdlr, Tolthd. K l k .KL - mens: woxwunn. swam, Aluull1:s:'KC,. thullkl. Amend. Suelove, Pumlerf Hopn, church, ldnvldu. ' Movm' CAIMRL 45 mms' mmm, une. mmm. fncxuzsz B. w-nn. Dunlrlnu, znnu, munns: cneney, summer. sxmmm, o snr., IWINTXRI F Illll. HM'KSf Carry, Mdluxh. Shnnnon, Knoch, Rirmsrsmn, T. Walsh, on-mneu, xfumm-, smfnms. sfxmxua une ....... ..... c 1 9 7-10 M-fun! enamel ...... 14 iz U 1-45 - 'rovcnnowws - une- wnmlewm. Hllgnn. Sl!-dove. Munn! Carmel: Shgmwn 2, Mu, Q! mmm 2. Mumgn. IEXTFEA POINTS-Lane: Pvlldtl' 2. MOU!!! CIP? 1 nl: R..,lm:s 14. em-3 Euan!! Hum llmnnm. umpire, sm Nunn cllhnmsf mm Juris.-. cr-mu mom- 4Armuur Irvhv. hud lxnenmln. took over on downs on the Lane 23.1- -'On the first play the bruising Shan-1' non turned passer and pitched 10x yards to Matz, who ran the rest of, thc way to score. 1 Mount Carmel dominated the sta-' tistlcs, gaining 438 yards net to 185 'or Lane, Lane's rushing game was eld to 132. The Techmen, because of Mount armel'a aggressive ' line, had to' ake to the air. They threw 18 fpasses, probably as many as they :have tried all season. Wojtalewiczx threw 16 times, completed four and! had as many intercepted, 4 0111-'xcxAr,y-4-mud: Grlshy wr-ormownw mel' s+q+is+ics W Ipluy pf the game, , way in the second quarter. Sopkln COME RIGHT BACK E A hx, ,ue , Y, Y M-me-'ml L-M A Gone Hogan fumble set up the und Hogan 303137-7013365 10 the Onei But it made no diffgrgncg, Mc- M i f 'rms all-vm . .... ........... x 1 13 , lC8rfWuh'S Svvvnd SOON- Mall. .8 'nd HOSQH 131011804 f0l'. the SCOW- ugh picked up 10, so did Kngch. scorfil agam. 'thxs time on a 20-yard' lfxlllllg' f.'ff."' lg 3 lbw-fy If-lluw. 1-pcovered nn Lane s The fog lifted momentarily as Pon then MCHugh gained nine more and Carpy tu Maw Pass. It was f-arpyvs ,vrgrrgsmxi ..... .... 1 42 ug 15. Six plays Inter quarterback Tum dvr kiglceq the extra point. K om Walsh look a. pitchoug frqnfwsecrmd tuuchdown pass of the gamf-. Ylfdl rw-Hn: -11'-1::--- 'ffffpo 5.1 'Cvfyl floated I Wyafd PM lvl . Gwy for 15 xQzdS,lQ,L13Q!y'9- Mc-li-'maui added the point. 52iQl,"iE.LL23i.1'f'21Z. '5.'Z1"'2 '22 l 'TA-uni nn Un- rughv. corner of thc- Q-11.12 V 4 , R iugh went through the left sirle0?5r'l Lam, had one mme touchdown v ::o:nn1fu?L.S ...... .. is ss I geunv. .hm ZH-IOSKI ku-ke-d thv pmnrw CARAVAN MARCHES thc' touchdown. Zajeskfs extra point 'l9fL and this matvrialimd on we Qvuxxfrffi' ..... ' ..fI" II 2 l i Just us ho dnl Lhrc-c nnnutvs pn-M Mount Carmel wok the e was no good.but Mount Carmel ,Nxt series- Starting on their Own, Q:f2'feiJ'3,:,gd':::: 331' 'img' "nd M"""t' llflnnel Waslkiclzoff and marched 80 yards was ahead 32'13' 1, the Techmcn needed only sixlfaglfllff gg1I,,,gg,13'jj.. Q: if 1'l"'ml ILO' fits fourth The bug 1 only 28 seconds remaining lays before Glenn Sizvlove plunged lp'Q'1'Q""l ' """"""""""' 9 3 'U Lzlnv slruzh-ll its ti:-Q! tum-hd4,m'nlenjsxwefemlgg and runs P thnd quarter, the Caravan into the end zone from the two. -- M 5 W 95 ...,lo.,' l , -1 4 +I 1 l I y V E P ,Mn l ,,.,m",,i 'F'a'3-sn, MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOUS SUPERIOR drive in winning the city foot- Md-Idgh's hands and flj Lane? Incl: Thunandex- gets there first, Q shade ahead bull champicmhip is clenrly exhibited by heads-up fumble recovery against Lane Tech of Mount ,Cu-mel's jim Zajeaki. f2j Zaieski, nevertheless, crowds in and gets the ball. Saturday in 17th annual Prep Bowl at Soldier Field. Ball had aquirtcd out of Tim C31 Thunandef gets only faceful of mud. IBUN-TIMES Hexauenqg Enom, by Bm gg,-.HM SEASO First Downs Rushing , Pais-ini.: . Pcnnltics .. 'lbml Yards Gained Rushing . Pzmsing . , '1'0t:l1 Passes .-Xttcinptud Coinplctud Inrcrccprud Punts ... ., Yards .. . .-Xvcralgc Il-nziltigs . . Yards 7 Clzfwf fi7'UlHlf!I ff1l1'Ht'l McHugh . . Shannon Knoch Pinn ,. Ricmcrsm 1 xY2l1Sh , . . Calrcy . . , O'Donnu1I . Lconi . . . Rucnsrcr . , . l'r1,'J Carey . . ,. . Shannon . Cassidy McHugh . . . .S'rnrrr.f McHugh . Shannon Lconi ,. fn-icski . Knoch . Mari . . IYz11sh . . Hainscn Srvphcns . Ricmvrsmzi Pinn . . O'1Jonnc11 . . lfrnsor , Czwsidy , . .. . . . ,S STATISTICS-1 Trice X4 5 19 2 Carries 1 I9 f 1 Comp '1'.D. 18 I7 8 5 5 4 3 w 7 W 7 I 1 13 78 18 29 32 21 17 lx 22 1C I' 40 3 fs 7 90 Cw!I?'NIl'f f,f1f707lt'7If 1 12 -10 24 29 r. in . 142 H5 . 34511 7417 U04 757 . 4450 I4h4 I 1 1 184 511 Iifi lv 29 . 23 511 . 701, 1567 30 7 XCIQ 31 1 yds U7 .Vi 1171 288 Yards .-Xvurugc' 1190 111 I1 U41 X 3 476 fu 1 207 I1 5 lXIm fx -I 155 4 X 129 ii 1 91 5 3 74 12 3 lily U ions .-Xvcrzlgu Yards 583 793 1,011 82 315 75 I 000 44 P..-X.'1'. Torzil Points 11111 1112 I -W 41 41 .111 .Ill 24 IX 12 I2 I2 12 2 X fv IFIRST ROYY, 1.cI'r to Right: 1. Caxssidyg U. R1l,'I'l1L'l'SI1lilQ P. OiShL'llQ 'l'. Wlirdg R. hlairing Shamaihzmg T. Rucnsrurg lf. Ornhowxki 1 1 SECOND ROYY: R. Shcchvg R. Skibinskig 17. Budrichg T. McHughg M. CILIITIZIIIQ Gaillichiog -1. Dclzinuyg F. Shy-chyg If BL Ol N STUPZIIICCQ C. Ralsick. i THIRU ROYY: YV. VV:11shg CP. Staiwickg R. Noonung R. Gunnurg R. O'D0nm'11g V. lovinog Capt. 'l'. Cuchuyg T. YY:11shg P 1 uxni I L lru R Dunklaiug R. 1'11'ilS0l'Q S1'1L'1lQCUllC1'1 '12, Brennan. l'2OUR'1'H ROVV: Conch 15. Mir-szkowskig D. Flcischcrg I. Knhocg C. Knochg R. INIL-ycrsg R. Thursowg AI. fu-iuskig Y, Hum Jn umm Srtphcnsg P. Mzirlg D. Shzmnrmg V. Snydcrg YY. Dorshu. i Nor Vicrurcd: R. Hoppcr, fi. Griffin, R. Riddle. l IRS'l' ROXV, lfronr, Left to Right: G. Caseyg R. Maddcng J. Usalisg H. l,amphierg R. Roscg T. Glynn, R. lairson, J. Pallotg K. Schrocdcrg gl. irshall, T. Cavcnaghg M. Walsh. Sl COND ROXY: Nl. Conncllyg D. .-Xngclg 'l. Bugosg lf. O'Rcillyg D. Hall, R. Haksicg J. Ifitzgcraldg lf. Urainc, XY, Sinionsg I. Ticrncvg I. Nc ' ' ink i ' ' vcrngC1.Sraw IHIRU ROXY: Coach R. Conncrsg Surancg bl. Kcllyg U. lvclmerg O'Sullivang YV. Talcottg P. Mahoney, J. Calvanog H. Rcynoldsg R. Carcv R Galvin, bl. Cheryl, R. Pcrrosog M. Maher, Coach C. Mills. A l TOURTH ROXY: YY. Billingsg nl. Mannion, lei. W1-stg F. Nic-ponskig H. Slowinskig D. Pcrrcaulrg H. Morrisg R. lngramg T. .Ianuszq XY. Bartley, R liudrichg lf. Rcillyg R. Uonahucg R. l'rcndcrgastg .-X. fuikcr. i E :L J.-v . ..- f .. . V' ' -T 'V il . .Qs ' sf.. I .N g Mkvj in ,.. i n -F . 5 9, Ywbgmmr rv 355.5 A 4 S N e li - N ' 5. . L, A Q N .5 'W ,.. ws I DI CK CUNN ERS Head Coach LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTB LL ln their six games last season, Carmel's l,ightweight lfootliall team showed great promise. The lights finished with a record ol' three wins, two losses, and one tie. Much of the credit for the lights' success is due to the line coaching of Dick Conners, former Still' halflwack from Carmel and Northwestern, and assistant, Chuck Hills. ln the opening game of the season, the ponies went up against a rugged South Shore aggregation. .-Xfter a hard-fought liattle, the Caravan emerged with a well-earned 6-6 tie. The lights fared lmetter in their second encounter, as they routed Hyde Park I3-6. They continued their victory streak against C.Y.S., hut were halted lay l.eo I-l-0. It was at this point that the lights showed their alsility to luounce hack after a loss. Playing line defensive hall, Carmel shutout Gage Park, 9-ll. In the season's finale, the Caravan lost a heart- hreakinw game to Hirsch 8-6. 3 e i The promising stars for next year's heavies were end Hicks, tackle Budrich, guard O'Reilly, and Billings, the center. The outstanding hack was Sullivan, the quarterback. He should prove to lie a line understudy to Cassidy. Sullivan was noted throughout the league for his lwall-handling and passing. Carmel's ponies, while restricted to the use of lfreshmen and a very few Sophomores, played many teams which were made up of juniors and Sophomores exclusively. Considering this fact, the Lights' record was a very admiralile one. The 1950 eleven certainly lived up to the success of past years' teams. in Field My G. RIEMERSMA J. EDGEWORTH D. oasblskri H. FAGAN J. Fi'l'zcsHR.-1.1.11 MR. DURKIN Head Coach 88 nl. STEPHENS 1 J. PINT B. Fouii' D. STUMP T. CAREY C. DFGRANGF Under the able guidance of Coach Durkin, Mr. jordan's successor, Carmel's Heavies proceeded to show their stuff. lnexperience hampered the Caravan throughout the season and especially in practice games. Including the St. George Tour- nament, Carmel finished the practice schedule with six wins and live losses. The team was led by lirst string All-Catholic jack Stephens, who scored 172 points in the eleven games. ,lim Edge- worth, rebounding forward, and All-Section Gerry Riemersma showed great promise. Howie Fagan, jim Fitzgerald, Dan Urseske, and .lack Pint divided the remaining two positions on the Hirst team. Able substitutes were Don Stump, Tom Carey, Charley De Grange, and Ben Foley. ln the opener ofthe St. George Tournament, the Brown and YVhite edged past St. Ignatius 41-40. Led by Stephens the Caravan built up a large lead only to see the YVolves start a rally which ultimately failed. ln the next encounter, our arch- rivals, l.eo, upset the Heavies 46-41. Paced by Dan Halling, the Lions were too much for the weary Carmelites. .lack Stephens was awarded all-tournament honors for his stellar play. W'ith all their shortcomings, Carmel still looked like they might improve as the season moved along, and give a good account of themselves in League play. KETBALL HE VYWEIGHT B INDIVIDUAL SCORING .Yanzc Stephens Riemcrsma Edgeworth Orscske .. Fitzgerald Foley . . . Stump . . Fagan . . Pint . . Uelk Butler Groogan . Total . , C ioa l s Tried 311 1911 225 34 93 23 57 128 38 1 0 1 1101 FG Alade 129 70 Sli 16 33 6 15 44 15 1 0 0 415 FG Pd. .414 .307 . 382 .470 .354 283 263 .343 392 000 000 000 .376 SEASONS RECORD F Thrrsis FT F'l' Tomi : garmel. . . . Hsigxticin . . . T-' d M d 13 A P -I LIYITIC' 7 C ilu He a F U tj Carmel . 46 St. Mel . . 39 Km' "7" ' " ' " Carmel 38 Fenger 27 "' Carmel . . 43 VVebcr . 46 143 90 -633 348 ' Carmel tio sf. Philip . . so 40 2 4, 50 iff, ' Carmel . 42 Fenwick . . . 43 ii 1 1 ' Carmel . 58 De Paul . . 10 54 36 .Kino 208 Carmel .... 38 St. Patrick 30 CSL Geo. Tourncyl 29 14 -483 40 " Carmel ..... 31 De Paul 45 - CSL Ceo. Tourneyj 34 25 ' 132 gl "TCarmel 5. 47 Leo . . . 49 ll I0 -Q09 23 ""l'Carmel . 41 St. George 47 "TCarmel . 36 De La Salle 43 11 4 .363 34 TCarmel 57 Holy Trinity , 44 - TCarmcl . . oh St. Rita .... 51: 35 20 -542 104 Carmel . . 49 Alumni 47 TCarmel . . 49 St. Elizabeth . 47 6 3 'SOO 33 TCarmel 38 Leo ........ . 30 2 1 .500 3 "fCarmel 43 St. George . . ..... ' 1. 55 'TCarmel . 53 De La Sallc KO. l 57 2 1 .500 1 iCarmel . 52 Holy Trinity 47 "TCarmel . 49 St. Rita .,.. 51 0 0 -000 0 TCarme1 ..... sz sf. Ielmbefh 50 7 'Denotes Carmel loss. 366 230 .621 1060 TDenotes League game. i INDIVIDUAL SCORING SEASONS RECORD Field Free Goals FG FG Throws FT FT Total .Y fzzrzl' 'l'v-mi Nladv Pri. Tried Aladf Pri. Pix. Haffncr . 248 89 356 85 42 494 212 Darcy ..,, 240 90 383 111 62 559 242 Webber, G. 158 64 403 88 4h 523 174 Nc-ylon .... 75 26 341, 52 25 481 77 McAllister . . . '38 37 377 76 50 652 124 Riordan . . 45 13 302 I4 lv 423 32 Webber, -1. 8 0 000 2 I 500 I McDonough 12 3 250 4 2 500 3 Cachey . . 5 2 400 0 O 000 4 Ferguson. . 28 1 1 387 X 3 373 25 Fdgcworth 39 I3 333 I4 7 500 33 Gross .,., II 0 000 I 0 U00 0 Total . 'Niki 344 357 455 244 5311 932 "' Carmel ,...., 39 Visitation . . . .,.. .411 Carmel ..,... 47 De Paul , . . . . . ,45 ' Carmel ..,,., 41 St. Mel .... .411 Carmel ..,... 44 Fcngcr . .... 32 Carmel. . 45 Weber .. . . . .41 ' Carmel ..,... 41 St. Philip , .,.., 45 "' Carmel ...... 32 Fenwick . . . , . 57 "' Carmel. . . .411 De Paul . . . . .61 Carmel ...... 41 St. Ignatius . ...., 40 CFcnwick Tourncyj " Carmel ....., 41 Leo . . . ,,,. ,4f, fFcnwick Tourncyl "'TCarmcl ...... 4h Leo . . ,..,. 50 I'Carmc1 .,.... 49 St. George . , . . . . . 35 "fCarmel. , . . .25 Dc La Salle .,.. . . . .43 'lCarmel .,.... 43 Holy Trinity fO.'1'.1 41 'TCarmel .,,., 43 St. Rita ,,.. ...., . .50 "'fCarmel ..... 39 St. Elizabeth . CO.'1'.J 43 ""1Carmcl. .... 44 Leo . . . , . . . . . . .47 TCarmel. , . .52 St. George .....,.... . .40 'TCarmcl ..... 52 Dc I.a Salle . .K2 O.'1'.J 53 '1Carmcl ..,.. 44 Holy Trinity ........... b0 "'1Carmel ...... 42 St. Rita . ,. ...... .52 1Carmc1 ..... 41 St. Iflizabcth . . . . .39 'Denotes Carmel loss. 1'Dcnotes League game. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETB LL SQU Carmel's Lightweights, like the Heavies, were plagued with a young and inexperienced team. Not one regular from the previous year's five returned this year. Taking this into consideration the ponies did pretty well, as they ended the practice schedule with a record of live wins and six losses. Tom Darcy and Charley I-Iaffner led the team with 97 and 94 points respectively in the eleven practice contests. Rich Mc.-Xllister, George 1Yebber and Capt. Bob Neylon rounded out the starting five. Edgeworth, Riordan, Ferguson, Cachey, john Webber and Gross were the boys who replaced the starters. 1Yhen the whole season was ended, Darcy was selected second team all-section, while Webber and I-Iaffner made honorable mention. Playing against a highly-touted St. Patrick's five, the Lights won 38-30 in the opening game of the Fenwick Tournament. Paced by Darcy, the Caravan broke into an early lead and was never headed. In the second contest, Carmel was ousted by a sharpshooting De Paul quintet. The ponies did not look forward to a great season, because of inexperience and the fact that Coach Durkin was building for next year. Four of the starters and three of the Iirst live substitutes were either .Iuniors or Sophomores. T. C.-XCHIQY J. WI-IBBFR II. IVFRGLISON bl. GROSS R. FDGFWORTH D. R IORDAN C. H.-XFFNI-XR I R. IVIc.-XLLISTFR G. WEBBFR T. DARCY R. NI-IYLON fTOl'l: As two astounded lgnatians look on, guard Jim Fitzgerald drives in and prepares to lay it up in the St. George Tourney. fNlll7l5l.l'il Fighting tooth and nail, Brendan lfoley leaps high in the lu 1 unst two snarling Lions. It is ro no avail, however, as Leo ousts . .gt Carmel from the St. George Tournament 41:--ll. iBO'l"I'ONll: ln the first League game against Leo, ,lim Edgeworth lrchcs a lx-autiful hook over tht- outstretched fingers of a Lion, as Stn'- phcns prepares to rt-hound. 1 ' HEAVIEQ -- C.-XRNIHL I6 I2 8 ll 47 LEO I3 ll fl lo 49 r 1 . . . The League curtain-raiser against the Lions was a crucial one for the Caravan. However, with Fagan and Stephens lead- ing the way the Brown and White lwuilt up a I6-I3 lead at the quarter. They in- creased this margin to four points at the half. The end of the third period found the Caravan clinging tenaciously to a three point lead. lyith only three minutes remaining, the scorelvoard read Carmel- 47, Leo-41, hut the Lions hit four straight lvaskets to win 49-47. Stephens topped hoth teams with 23 points. CARMEL fl IU I2 IU 41 ST. Cililllifili S ll 8 20 47 The Dragons of St. George were next to upset the Caravan. Paced hy Riemers- ma, Carmel held 219-8 edge at the quarter, and a I9-I9 tie at halftime. The Brown and White pulled out in front lay four points at the third period, hut from there, St. George's great star, lihmann, took charge personally and Carmel went down to defeat, 47-4l. .-Xlthough Riemersma tal- lied 15 points, it was lihmann who took honors with lS. Une of the reasons for the loss was the fact that only four fouls were called on the Uragons. CARMEL 8 9 5 I4 36 DISIA SALLIQ I3 I2 U fl 443 Carmel journeyed to the spacious De La Salle gymnasium where they went down to defeat for the third straight time. The hleteors hroke out in front at the outset and stayed there throughout the entire contest. With hntress leading the way, the Nleteors led liy live at the quarter and eight at the half. ln the third period, the Caravan was held to a mere 5 points and was virtually out of the game. Carmel rallied helatedly in the last quarter to make the final score 43-36. lintress took scoring laurels with I4 while Stephens got IZ. FIRQT ROU CARINIIQI, V I6 I5 I7 57 HOl,Y'I'RINl'l'Y I-I II Ill fl -I-I Carmel finally liroke its losing streak against Holy 'l'rinity's Tigers, 57--I-I. A-X secret weapon was unveiled in the person of Sophomore Dan Orseske, who hit on five out of eight shots from the field. It was nip and tuck in the first half as lioth teams tallied 25 points. During the third and fourth quarters the Brown and White turned on the steam and easily outdistanced the Tigers. 'llrinity garnered some consolation as Reilly was high point man with IU. Stephens tallied IS and Urseske countered I2 for Carmel. CARMIQI, IS I8 I5 I5 66 S'I'.Rl'lIA II III I5 20 56 On the home court, the Caravan won their seeond in a row as they trounced St. Rita 66-56. Carmel was "hot" in the first half as they rolled up a I5 point lead, paced Ivy Orseske, Stephens, and Rie- mersma. The Brown and White eased up slightly in the third period as each team tallied I5 points. Rita rallied in the final quarter, hut it was too late to do any damage. .although Barry sunk I-I points for the Mustangs, Stephens took honors with I 7 rallies. CARMHI, 23 5 II III -IU S'l'.Hl,IZAl3li'I'H III I3 I7 Tees-I7 :X lilazing first-period attack, followed later hy a last-quarter rally was enough to sulidue lilizalieth, -I9--IT. Stephens and Pint led the 23 point onslaught with 8 and 7 points respectively, and the game started to look like a rout. However, in the following two periods, the lromnen rallied to lead at the third quarter -IILW. ln the final period, Stephens seored 6 points to give Carmel its well-deserved victory. Ir was the great play of liiliza- lveth's l,eonard, who rallied 20 points, that kept the lroninen in the game. Stephens scored 6 lwaskets and 5 free throws for the Caravan. ,ji Stellar, junior Guard, Gerry Riemersma hy-passes a whult host of I,ions and executes a tricky hesitation shot for a much needed two points. lDl,l'iD: .-XII eyes focus on Carmel captain. -lack Stephens, as ht outjumps lirank lihmann in thc heart lireakmg Dragon melee. CBOTIIONII Sophomore star, Ilan Urseske, springs off the hardwood ' ' 's in another liasket in the Holy lriniix slaugliitr. 'II CTOPD: Handicapped hy a handagcd leg, "junior" Stephens displays llllllgl agility with a ,lump-shot from the free throw line, in the sccond l co gzunc. OI I l3Dl.l'il: .-Xgainst the lione, Kit-rrp Ricinersnia aids Carmt-l's caust hx casing in anotht-r tivo points. CliO'l"l'UNU: Howie lsllllilll nicely pt-rfiornis a one-handed push-shot cr the hand ol' an anxious la-o guard, yvhilc Ricmerslna and lfdgeworth lN1llf possililv rt-hound. HEAVIEQ -. C.-XRMHI. I2 I2 5 fl 38 LEU 4 7 I3 6 30 Carmel's aspirations for a playotl' herth were heightened hy a 38-30 rout of l.eo. The Caravan held l.eo to ll points in the lirst half, while scoring 24 themselves, with Edgeworth spearheading the assault. The lucliy l,ions pulled to within 5 points of Carmel at the third period, hut the Brown and XYhite ran away in the final quarter. The Caravan could not halt l.eo's Halling as he tallied l4 points. Edgeworth and Stephens paced the Car- melites with ll and ll respectively. C.-XRNIIQI. fl IU I5 U 43 S'I'.Glf,ORCili I6 I5 I3 I4 58 Playing away from home, Carmel's winning streak was stopped hy the high- Hying Dragons of St. George. l.ed hy Hhmann, the livanstonians grahhed an early lead and clung to it. Halftime found the Caravan on the short end of a Sl-lf! score. The scoring remained fairly even in the second half, hut Carmel couldn't catch up. The major factor in the defeat was ltranli lfhmann, who drihhled, shot, and rehounded with great dexterity. lfdgeworth sunk I4 and Stephens ll for the outclassed Caravan. CARlNlF,l, I7 'I ltl I7 U 53 9 fi I4 QI 4 57 Once again it was the story of an early lead overcome in the waning moments of the game. ljaced hy Riemersma and Stephens, the Caravan romped to a 26-I S halftime lead. Carmel was still ahead when the third quarter ended, 36-32. After that, De l,a Salle's Sullivan went on a scoring spree and the regulation game ended in a tie 53-53. During the overtime period, Sullivan sunk 2 hucliets and the Xleteors went on to win 57-53. Sullivan scored I8 points, hut Stephens tallied lf? and Riemersma I6 for the Brown and White. NECO D ROU D CARMICI. I0 I4 I3 15 452 HOl,Y'l'RlNl'l'Y I8 I2 I0 7 47 Carmel kept its playofi' hopes alive hy routing the Tigers of Holy Trinity on their home court, 52-47. The Tigers started ofl' fast and huilt up an IS-I0 lead at the quarter. Paced hy Guzick, Trinity was deadly from all angles of- the court, and forged out a 30-24 margin at halftime. The Caravan hegan to cut down the lead and passed Trinity midway in the final period. Stephens and lfoley topped Carmel's scorers with 17 and l0 points apiece. Cluzick took honors, however, with I9 counters. CARNIIQI, I2 I8 fl I0 40 ST.RlT.-X I0 I3 I5 I3 51 Un the hlustang's court, Carmel's hopes for a playoff herth were hlasted hy a 5l-49 score. XYith Stephens and lfitz- gerald leading the attack, the Caravan led at the quarter 12-10, and at the half 30-23. It was then that a lad hy the name of ,lasky waged a one-man war against the hapless Carmelites and poured 19 points through the hoop during the second half.. Rita passed Carmel in the final period and won in a hair-raising finish. While Step- hens and lidgeworth tallied I4 points apiece, .Iasky equalled their total with 28. C.-XRMHI. 6 I6 I5 I5 452 S'l'.li'.l.lZAl3H'l'H 7 5 10 28 50 1 ' 1 ln the seasons finale, the Caravan captured fourth place hy huilding up a hig lead in the first three quarters and staying ofi' l'llizaheth's late rally. A hig second quarter left Carmel a 22-12 lead at halftime. During the third period, liidge- worth paccd the Brown and White to a I5 point lead. The final quarter saw the lronmen's George Phillips scoring I2 points to lead lflizaheth to a 28 point quarter. However, Edgeworth kept the Caravan ahead with flour haskets. Phil- lips hit 20 points, while lfdgeworth topped Carmel with I7. Olll KTUPD: Bc-fore a wildly cheering crowd, .lim liidgt-worth ourfakcs 1 Nlustang guard and goes Ill for an casv layup, at St. Rita. Dllllil: .-Xt thc Shit-I llousc, "junior" Stcphtns attempts to wrcst the hall away from two cagcr lronmcn, as lfolry, lfagan, ant ltdfgcworth look on. -CBQ'l"l'ON1J: .-Xs Stephens' shot got-s awry, Urscskc and l'int makc usa of thcir hcight in an effort to tip thc hall in against lit-l,aSallv. U3 QTOPD: Tom Darcy, capable lightweight ccntcr, executes his inimitable hook shot against a baffled Dragon pivot-man in the George fracas. CCl".N'l'l'1Rj: ln the Trinity Hurry, George Webber leaves everybody Hat-footcd with a twisting, turning hesitation from the free-throw circle. QBOTTDMJ: Pivot-man Darcy speeds by three Mustangs to lay up another lair-kt-r as tht- referee gives his O.K. Q4 LIGHT N - CARMEL 8 fl I3 l6ee-16 LEO 13 I3 I6 8R50 ln the first League game, Carmel went up against a highly-touted Leo aggrega- tion and performed admirably before losing 50-46. The Lions, led by Donegan, built up a comfortable 26-I7 lead at the half. With Webber and Darcy bearing the brunt of the attack, the Caravan man- aged to keep fairly even in the third period, but trailed by I2 points going into the last quarter. From here, the Carmel- ites gained steadily until the final gun, but the lead was too much to overcome. Leo's Donegan hit 19, as Webber rallied I7 and Darcy H. CARMEL I5 12 10 I2 e-ffl ST.GIiORGL 8 7 I2 8--35 XYith Darcy netting 20 points, the Brown and White outclassed St. George in Carmel's gym. The Caravan started fast and led at the quarter I5-8, and 27-l 5 at halftime. Hasing up , the Lights were content to keep their lead during the third and fourth periods. Meanwhile, the Dragons tried hard, but Horn was the only man who could tally consistently. He countered I3 points for the night, while Hatfner and Neylon each scored 9 for the Caravan. This impressive victory proved that the Lights would be a team to watch. CARMEL 2-l 7 7 7---25 DIiIASAl,l.Ii lt? 9 12 I2 -L3 Playing against the polished De La Salle quintet on the enemy court, Carmel got off to a bad start and nothing they attempted worked right. Although the bleteors led by only 8 points at halftime, the Caravan didn't score from the field in the first 10 minutes of play. lfrequent miscues prevented the Brown and White from making any serious threats, as De La Salle made use of their confusing "press". The Meteors poured it on in the last half and won easily. yyeiiiier shared honors with De La Salle's XYengelewski at ll points each. FIRQT RO CARNIICI, ll H ll ll 2 43 H.TRlNITY T I3 7 I4 0 41 A climactic hook shot hy Darcy, with I5 secontls left in the overtime periotl was enough to allow Carmel to win its secontl l,eague game. ln the first half, llarcy anal Hatfner pacetl the Caravan to a 22-'20 leatl at halftime. The l,ights saw a 6 point leatl melt away in the final periotl, as Trinity surgetl aheatl with only Ill secontls re- maining. .-Xt this point, Wiehlwer nettenl a free throw to sentl the game into over- time. Darcy antl l-lallner topped all scorers with I 7 antl I4 points respectively. C.4RMlil, 8 Ill I4 ll 443 ST.RlT.-X I8 N I3 Il 450 .-Xgainst the smooth Mustangs of St. Rita, Carmel matle a gallant effort, luut coultl not overtake them. With Trantlel as the spearheatl, the Mustangs letl at the quarter IH-8, antl at the half Zo-IS. The scoring lvetween the teams remainetl nearly even in the secontl half antl fre- quent Carmel rallies were haltetl lay the Ritans. Trantlel took scoring honors with IU points while Piccione tallieal Ill for Rita. Wlelwlier hit I3 anal Darcy ll for the ou tgunnetl, hut never-quitting Brown anal White. ciuewiiai, W Q s iz iz i .vi bl. l'.l,lZ.4lililH f 4 fl I8 5 43 Oyerconlitlence toltl the story, as the Caravan linishetl the first rountl hy lweing upset lvy the lronmen in an oyertime. Carmel took atlyantage of the lwreaks antl letl at halftime I4-l l. The thirtl quarter saw the Brown antl White increase their leatl to 6 points and that looketl like the game. However, the scrappy lilizalweth tive was not to he tlenietl, antl XYare antl Ring paeetl a lvlistering attack that hail i Carmel on the ropes as the regulation l game entletl. ln the overtime, King ,, . , . . I l , l H P llUl'j: Rt-lialvle Rich Mc.-Xlllster lakes out a Klittoi intl whip 1 l'11lllCtl D 110111 ts to Clll1Cl1 fllti Lflllllfd. TXIIMI stinging pass to Cliarley Hatfncr in thc corner. Lllhl Xh'lll'C hit lc, llllkl fill' l4iliZ1ll5fjI'l1' KCI-1N'l'lCIU:'Ibm Harry executes ll near iiumprshot ILIIH t Ili Rita quintet while Rich Mc.-Xllisrcr races in for tht- rt-hou while Haffner antl Darcy counteretl IU , - A llilliliilifilxllz Uvorgc Xvchlxer slashes through the llllil R l'CSllCftll and lets the hall trickle off his ringcrrips lor a swish LIOPI: Rich Nc.-Xllistcr cnioys complete solitude as hc lays one up in L Dtl.aSallc game. YTTCRI: .-is a Ritan tries to rattlc him, "jan" Haf'lincr plops om in mother two IHOIIIIS. VTOIND: .-is thc quintcts jockey for position undcr the hoop, mr again drops one through thc nct in tht- Rita fray. LIGHTQ - C.-XRMIQI. I3 III 7 I-I -I-I LEO I5 8 I2 I2 -I7 On the De l.a Salle floor, Carmel opened up the second round against l.eo and went down to defeat again. The scoring was nip and tuck in the first half, as Darcy and Topolslii paced their respective teams. The third period proved disastrous, as the l.ions -iumped in front hy 5 points. Darcy headed a desperate rally in the final period, hut it was to no avail. Darcy tallied I9 points and Neylon hit Ill for the Caravan. The l.ions were led hy Topolslii's I3 and NlcCue's ll. C.-XRMHI. 7 I6 I8 II 52 S'I'.GHORGH 8 fl I-I fl -IU Against a rather weak St. George quintet, the Caravan liroke its three- game losing streak. Though the Dragons led at the end of the first period, Darcy and Hal-liner comlwined their talents and gave Carmel a 6-point edge at halftime. With Darcy leading the way, the Carmel- ites led at the finish of the third quarter 4I-KI. The Brown and White relaxed for the remainder of' the contest, and won handily 52--HI. Once more, Darcy was high-point man with I9 counters. Haffner was close hehind with I-I, while the Drag- ons' Bermingham tallied lo. CARNIEI. I3 8 I-I I6 III SI Dr1l.ASAI.I.H I2 II 8 20 II Z 53 Playing on the home court, Carmel gave a much lvetter account of' itself in the second encounter with the Meteors. The Caravan was forced to play in overtime in which the first team to get 2 points would have won. George XYehlier led the Carmel- ite assault as they forged out a -I-point lead at the end of' the third quarter. ln the final period, the hleteors tied it up just lvefiore the game ended. The first overtime was scoreless and the teams went into the sudden death period. Wlelwher to v wed everyone with I8 woints. . I QECO D ROU CARMHI. 5 1-1 19 6 -1-1 H.TRlNITY I2 16 11 21 611 The second Trinity game was quite unlike the first one, also. The Tigers scored the first hasket and were never headed. With Gus Pasduini doing the heavy work, Trinity raced to a 28-19 advantage at halftime. The Brown and White rallied gamely and pulled to with- in one point of' the Tigers at the third period. Pasquini scored 12 points in the Final period alone, while Carmel was held to 6. Pasquini and Buszcada led Trinity with 25 and 21 points. Darcy tallied 13 for the Caravan. CARNIHI. 7 fl 1-1 12 +2 S'1'.R1'l'A 8 12 17 15 52 For the second time, Rita disposed of Carmel's l,ights with comparative ease, With Trandel and Piccione leading the way, the Mustangs jumped of'1' to a 20-16 lead at halftime. The Ritans increased the margin in the last two quarters and ended up on the long end of a 52--12 score. l'iccione's hall-handling was too much for the Caravan, as XYels1ier was the only con- sistent scorer. XYelmher and Trandel shared scoring honors with 15 points apiece. CARMH1. O 8 111 1-1 e-11 S'1'.1f1.1Z.-Xl3F.'l'H 8 9 12 111 39 ln thc season's final game, Carmel eked past Hlizalveth on their f'loor -11-39. The game was close and thrilling from start to finish. lt was tie score at the halfi, hut the lronmen, paced hy King, romped to a 2 point lead at the third quarter. The Brown and XX'hite finally "came to life" in the fourth period and just man- aged to nip rhe fighting Ironmen. King was tops for the night with 18 tallies. Be- cause thc scoring was well distriluuted, Carmel had no individual star, hut Ney- lon hit 111 to lead the team. fro I frantically trits ro lirt-ak up thc play. CCl'iNT1'iR1 ln tht- second Rita cncounrcr Ycylon grapples dn-sp ately undcr thc luoards for possession of a rcliound. fl-1O'1"1'OM5 :Xt tht- Shicl llousc against tht- lronmcn 'll-tl Cachtx Mlvlnr iw 1118 leaps high in thc air to arnmpr a PUST1-Nl1ll1,ili lit-orgy 1 V ' 1 '4 the rchound. 11 Captain Holi Ncylon sinks onc for iwo whilt- a Rita guard 3-new 'Nnlx M-X 'A 1 h I sf Q 5 94 Q mx , Xkfgy, 'sq QA 1 1 X Q J 5 H NW:-Y A' Axalelx R rf 'W if I Sf Q W f f Q ., X gi, 'J N 'x XJ. 4 AW' x 2 6.3, Ziff' kt., QW ,fl - 1. 3 , , X wx r l ES ,QM X ji? min W, J? Q H4 - s 1 4' 2 W.. 2, ,. A xl W t Q M, QI' G 'M xi IM pm l N " an '---"" 'W mmf K 5 lb ll , . f J' w-M 4 , A . ,, F 3 54 llppcr Left CSt-niorsj: l'ppt-r Right ljuniorsl: I l"lRS'l' ROW, l,l'il"'l' TU RIGHT, l . O'Hricn, -l. U'l7onnt-ll. l,l'il+'T TO RIGHT: R. Koncfalski, K. lirouiltittt-, ll. ihIlIFI'1lf.,l. Rui SECOND RONY: j. Nlorgan, R. Raylyuan, .l. Rodgers, .l. Wllicrity. gess, J. Quinn, R. faliorik. Lower l,t-ft fSopl1oinorcsl: , , i-'iasi' itowi li. fit-lm-f, J. It-tv, H. Sullivan, hi. 'i'lwmi.S, ia. iam. I-w'gQ,'i1slif f!'1'g'5f11m-'ID1 , , 4 I gpgoylj ROW: I. 'l'i,,rm,,,' I' swmmhk' M- Su'-IW' l'Shm1l-Z-Slllmn l,lxlfl IO Rlfallll: l. Nlelaermott, X. Longhini, I7. Nlitcht-Il, ll. Mt Ski. ' ' ' ' A Donald. Not pieturctl: X. Nlcfullough, YI. Nlcfattliy. I TRAMURAL BASKETBALL CI-IAMPQ The intramural liasketlwall tournament this year was again successful as an innumeralilegroup of teams lwattletl forthe righttoplayin therespective championshipgames at theentlol' the tournies. ln the Senior tlivision, the line team ofU'l3rien, O'lJonnell, hlorgan, Raylyurn, Rotlgers, antl XYherity took hrst place after exhilwiting their superiority over a large heltl. The lluniors, composetl of lionczalski, Rrouilette, Murray, Burgess, Quinn, antl Xahorik showetl fine form in their class lyut lost to the Seniors in the Senior-.lunior championship game. The liasketliall aspirants of the Sophomore antl lfreshman classes also hatl a chance to show their prowess. The Sophomore team, namely, Zielyart, l,ee, Sullivan, Thomas, Rose, Tierney, St-epanek, Surlsy, Shea, antl Slawinski lilazetl their way to the championship with little or no troulvle. ln the lfreshman tourney, the comparatively small team of Nlcllermott, l.onghini, Nlitchell, hlcl5onaltl, hlcfullough, antl Nlcfarthy, managetl to outpoint most ol' their opponents in some of the wiltlest melees ever viewetl in the Carmel gymnasium. ln the lfreshman-Sophomore playolli, the Sopliomores were victorious in a game that was tilletl with suspense right tlown to the last lilow ol' the whistle. hlany future stars were pretlictetl to appear from the ranks of these teams. Kluch cretlit shoultl he extentletl to those intlivitluals whose zeal kept the tournies running in the smooth way that they tlitl. :Xmong these are Hr. Murphy, an unexeelletl matchmaker who kept all participants continually notihetl of their team's stantling in the tournament, antl lfr. Harry, whose line referee work was receivetl in whole-heartetl appreciation hy all those who playetl in the tournament. 'M llzzmihrzff 1"imzli.rt.t fStm111'f21gJ.' Al. Poncer, gl. Edgeworth, fajeslii, R. Riddle. C.S'nmp1'r1gl.' F. lNlCKernan, M. Uuinan, B. lNlcl7onald. ,Yol l7IifllH't7ll.' tl. lakash. Intramural Handball Representing another phase of hlr. Nlurphy's intramural program was the handhall tourna- ment in which anyone in the school could para tieipate. ln the various games, the lvoys acted as their own referees while still playing under the National lntercollegiate Handhall Rules. Among the finalists were: Poncer, Edgeworth, Zahieski, 'l'alaash, Riddle, Mcliernan, Guinan and Mc- Donald. The tourney was divided into the lfreshman- Sophomore, ll u niorgSenior divisions, as in luasket- liall, and all games were played in Carmel's fine handlwall court on the second floor of the gymnasium. Intervarsity Game As expected, the graduating team emerged victorious over the team of 1952, hut not without a struggle. l,ed lwy Stephens and Fitzgerald, who tallied Ill points apiece, the Seniors rolled up a 12-7 lead at the quarter, hut the returning tive narrowed the margin to one point at halftime. During the third period, the graduating quintet racked up I2 points, while holding the team of V152 to a lone free throw and literally clinched the contest. Charley Harllner sparked a lielated rally in the final period lvut the scoreluoard read 38- 8 when the game ended. HaH'ner topped his team with 10 points. CI ,l".lf'l'j: Charlie llatfner tries desperately to lvlocla on Stephens' viumprshots, as Urseslae looks on, CNlll7l3l,l'il: With feet flying, Ilan Orseske goes high into the air and drops in a n1eclayup,as lhlirange shouts approval. .lf e QRIKQI llj: Hampered by agan, Foley, LY Edgeworth, lleiirange scores :mother liasket for the returning team. k Q4 .. N '55, l ' X . U l YZ un" ME Q ,' 9 'M' thu boards, lfr. Barry KY Mr. Mig-szkowski man 4- ' C X , ' 'SS' 7 5 'A ' f-A XX ,ef lm' A Q :wx w igfifw w g XX SN X' N X X X 41 ,R Q 0:04 . ex 'Q Q: .,.:,..s N N My JN -Q, x -0 I ff? Q-sf? 'O .A- ' "Tru M- wg, Q- V 'F Alf g A SESQQWQ 9' ,, .L Q , X I is . c WN? y 1 4 K MRMEL BCI I 'HSP Q x ,f'T sf . X, f' 1 VA 1 , , P23 035 Hull O Hnllnrzm, 4-,driuwirwfAcmr'1pnwH1If I xx up, :N Rik un um 1 lll'i'lVllI'1N rw Imlu hmy gk '7 K W' .- a XVX ' I ly A M i,WK. ..,zg ww, 2'-A SQ ' " 7 QEHFWAEQ 4. sf, ,Q Y P f f1IML'v my .MH X' . g-'-'VMe'f?'1.1-fl U - '-'vfHf'ATfif QElQ1 i L41f l zaggfis , Z, gf If v- P f . 91 , vi jf X .lgf V , 9, lv AM ' FB' 'I 1 9.1,- s ff' " ll 6' eat 'N' N vf-1' ' it x V 'F f'?f as f , "-- , ' X 1 Q Ngxig I' .." 'y M X, 4 WT 5323 Q ' 5 XM . .KE lr s Q N if 1 X: - x- ' 5 . L ,.- , L X 652:42 ' 4 1'-',fa-, ' 1 ,qua -., M 62:4 QMSSMHQ f 51 EWY EEEQ v qwEFi v ' it U L f J ' vlui '12, W U Qh6x5?i W W - fb QQ. xx I kk awk ' Q .X .4 xl. GQ I Mt . 8 s J - x, ' sl? f' . -Q an ' I ' 4, "J"'N1-, 'Wgff' 3 'nm f 3 fa 1 ' . .ug- S 5 133 N 3 x x in k K A s Q AW if - y ! W ,V , ll ,- Ja , ' , 1 A V7 l w it NUT ...w U x lk 'Qi Sf . ar N , ml mg mg Qs ., K Risk 1. ff" man. J . ,, b wx fd N as id f m9MP 3 3 . NY . Q M x V 1, ., A A . 4 ' P' ,V is '- A .- 1 - .. -. V 'if , Ki 3 , Y G ,Q ,W if , 3 I , , ,MQW MM X ww , vm5k,,1,m,. i . . ,x 41 . ,M , ,gg A W- ! 3 ,Q . , ,,..,w' W xx -WS 6 W lk . ..., ww , mg. MN., z"""ww: M. ww Nik 1 ,ff I N" X fc h,:L ., . rvrk. VL I , K Lk I Q S I H .. 9 Q U A5 ,.-an-nnvulw xiv Q., 1 ,993 I' V A 3 5 Q 5 , xg- id? """ uu-.U ,, 'Q A W! V Kmffffy Q . fw- 1 A xr, ..,5:m3':5 . . .Hn jf - 3.W1 M f AML xl? 'lg O 13' w 1 , 'a-, S . A ,I , A . 1 1 W Wy, 1 g X 4 , 4 J ., W Q 4 A ' . S k.,,M 1. uw -mann., M .W f A if W 4 " :J M an 1 F, , 3. ,M ..,,. MQ ,. 3 -.nw 1' ETD we STANDI NG, I.IfiIf'I' 'IO RIGHT: Mr. Mills, J. Russo, W. Cahill, R. Kelly, R. McDermott, R. Griffin, L. Grirdel, K. Schrotder, D. Shields, P. Kiron, R. Dulfner, R. Schwartz, Mclievitt, R. Carey. SI'I"I'lNCi, I,I'iF'I' TO RIGHT: D. Perreault, Fitzgerald, Reilly, D. O'Mally, M. DI. Casey, DI. Buron. CTOPJ .lim Mclievitt gives a few aquatic pointers to his younger lmrother. fBO'I"l'OMJ Seven of'Carmel's top swimmers take :i breather and exchange 11 few jokes: I,IaiI"'I' TO RIGHT, Hob Mclievitt, Jim Mclievitt, Dick UriHin, K. Schroeder, Dick Ifrasor, Bolu Carey, and Laurie Iirindcl. lofi O'Connor, A. janc, R. Arends, I.. Michaels, H. Mclievitr, SWIMMING TEA I 'I'he Carmel swimming team of l'l5lL5l had another successful season, winning eight and losing only one of their nine scheduled meets during the year. The one and only loss was to Fenwick, a very fine team. In the other meets, all opposition was inefiiective, as the Caravan Swim team easily rolled up points for decisive victories. Under the leadership of Co-Captains .lim Mclievitt and .lohn Russo were such other outstanding swimmers as juniors Ray Kelly and Bolw lNIcDermott, and Sophomore Holi Carey, the latter winning the .lunior 50 and IOO-yard free style titles, and the Senior 200-yard free style in the Catholic league meet. Returning to .lim lXIcKevitt, who set eight records during the season, we find among them the Senior 50 and lllll-yard free style in lmoth the Catholic and City meets. Bflutstanding Freshman swimmer of the year was Bob Mclievitt, who, according to his name, should develop into a line swimmer, and perhaps even record- lvreaker. PW e 1. ' lk sin. 'fi i M I' A Sl H4 M-vw, ,,:? 9 , , W. . -tn K l.l'il'Vl': flvarsitvjz l,et'r foreground: Mr. Piccini, hlchlahon. FRONT ROVV: C. Peregov, 'lf Tunney, fi. Vrckwas, D. hlcfarron, ,lf Rathnau. Po.-XCR: l'. lfrztiney, Dick Gunner, B. Rekus, D. Budrich, M. VVard. Bob Gunner, Piech. RIGHT: Right lforeground: .l. Battaglia, D. Boyle. Sl'l"I'lNfi: R. Binuhain, .-X. Cotev, B. Scurio, l. Stawick, lf. Knoll. KNFFIJNG: -I. De Marais, J. lYall, J. Driscoll. ST.-XNDINCS: VI. Sekoskv Qhlgrj, D, lairsoni H. Moore, D. iliridlcv, XY. Ahern, R. lnglimo, Mr. Piccini. Pictured with their coach are the wrestling team members responsible for t-he .-X..-X.l'. trophy in the second row: FIRST ROXY, l.eft to right: B. Rekus, R. Scurio, Silvio lliccini, Cfarmel '-lid, and D. Boyle. SECOND ROYY: Sekosky, Mc Mahon, Dick iiunner, Boh Gunner Qwith trophvj, J. Piech, J. Battaglia, and N1 Yyard. 'I'l IIRIJ RUNY: R. Bingham, D. hlcfarron, D. Larson, and .-X. Cotey. H: Holi Gunner prepares forl STATE VVRESTLING CHAMPS Linder Coach Piccini, the wrestlers finished their season in grand stvle. ln dual meets the grapplers defeated Bowen, University High, and Hirsch, and lost to CYS. and Calumet. Carey, hlcv Carron and the Gunner twins finished their dual meets undefeated. .-Xfter the regular season, the team entered the Central .-X..-Xll. 'l'ournament and placed first in the open division and second in the Novice. Dick Gunner lies came champion of the U6 lla. class, and Holi Moore of the H5 lla. class. Budrich took first place in the heavyweight class and was voted most improved wrestler. wattle. CCliN'l'lilij: Denny Mccarron laces up shoes before his A..-X.l7. match. CRIGHTJ: Dick Gunner poses in his familiar crouch. E 1' 'l I' k -si t' -Siem! Q ws. f 1' f QlUl'l.l.l'lj.lI1If1c IIIFNLI1 mu! linhl-umm: Slflkllph1S11PIWUI11Hf In-hwrL-pui11gu11 IOWA , " ' ' " g, '- vwnliihai III KIOI Rlhlllb HIM u.1rn1x.1lp1vlwfn1 pmlllmu IX run lHU'l'I'1'NIRl4-IIIB In lwux .lgN.l1nx! .ul .lglln HlnahNHmtlL1,Ll3Ul IONI l,l.l lb 1 l7lclxCvL1l1m'x'p1'n'1u11'wtuurt il lmlgl on lux ad w 1'-. k'l'Ullk'l!, llmy R.lIl1I1.lUI1IlN'x'xiI1 tolmx-Il1iwllir'sul11'iv:ll. t1vxulr.1rum wrlrruu on hu Inu, lum Qalruy T'LCL'IYl'd tfu uin- llvnny XlL'KillI'I'1Il1 Imlaix flu umm r lm mx N 'nw mi IU!'CT'lT!1 hh lIlllH'Ukn'Y1 NYI'II1"Uf x'1cIur1u Ll xpplu H1 ilu X X l m . . , . , . A , Mr, W fig W. 3 mi ummm lIlIhlILIlINlI1li W K M K .Ka ' ' A if ,Q AZA . 5 ww l fs Q 'Wi Mg , if 1 . , 'F "WA, 'Q' . 1 1 ,,,K 9 'A ' ' 1 X 5 as ? I , ' f Q . ' J vm . WH ' 1 'se 1 x 4 V F -Q 'X 4' Qi K X Nw, ' t ,, nf K . 4""- W A ff X 3 ' . K! X W W 3 5 Y Y I K 5 . .4..- M. . M ,Y 3, Y ,i any K,. . ge:1'a5K' , Y' Q J'K , Q K Lx, V f LA" ' W I -is 'iff-E ,W ' Rx A ,QQ .., Q X 4. q 0 K5 ww 'h , yxydk' 4 1 A 'li 'K A 5? , V- :,,1y.-.X A K 35' A , , M.,,,.M M' 1 ' 5 "AK - V' . , 25515. iw' ifsiifNiiffeiilifffff7iQ-1155v'?'2i2ii3i ??y7K H YQ. iff-1 K' 'KK K"iK -' K K K IV' -KI' in A ' v - w ,H - ' . 51, . - 123 , - jc k 'A w 1, vw zxkjiav ?.?w,5fX-:zfg5j,,w5w12gff ,W Q 4 ,wflekfg--,Si .1 - . -24, in ' -f . ,D , A-4 , , I V K' 'VW ' ,.,. ,e, ff,1iSfaf -' i we 'K "-' Y H - , k -1 ?K fig? .' 'f ' i F , . : 5 if Kgjkfii . . , - i t-?5 .N. ' K N ,gi -- " , . , ,444 fi y 's::,gi'aZ-- V W, v' 1. M1 Q ' - sk , . " qw . - 1.7 - Sw: N , W fz. H H Q? -Q. 2. , E fn K. .- - 2 xr , - , M . as . K K ' m. 2 ' H .. . . 7 K , Q A .. ' I 1' 1 x L T f - K V A . Q. ' , , 215 -P- ,im 1 Wg, W. af ' 1 sa. fwfi " x A , -I Yggy-,K,, , xx' Q ,bm .. .. Q- - . . , ,, ':g,p'fg, xg - K , -- .f: 'NgUu 'Q-:,,, -4551, ,,,.f5,1.yfs'Sf. wvwif' f .,..f' :Lin "Q -' - 5+ '- 'f-up f' 12 ' 'VH , ' f ' .M fi "' . -11. V' :YA K ' ' K' QS M AE - HKQ VK-fzif 2 E y'Q2,Qfhfv ' QW' ' ' A '5Q5iwsf.t. TQ? ?4"""' 5 1 5- Q V, ,gf War- K: M - in ' Y ug gif' - , X A m y, M ' ' g':-.9s54,+,v,'E4HS ' W 1-W f 1 ' - 0 W1 fr Q y , ' X '- . -- I , , my ' , ' 1.Lf-2, . ' -f K- ' f '15 -Q' x " 'dn -1 M .. V. -- - - , N- ff V ,. , .,.,-- .. A ' - Q ff ' SWT N' , , gf A K ,M W , 4 -- K , . K 7. iw- . - ,K K K , Msg A K -A V . . I ,Q if ,K AY -K . W. .it , K s 4 if 7T?7KK,w7lf-,rg 'XTQQ ,nw L , N M Q Y A .. Q K ,T -,.JNM- ,N gwwgg ,, in ,Qi I A 1-ay-'K K w ' ' ' -M ik , M- S f--f ,L , ,- .sf , . X, 41, QW-Mx . .. .L QWA'-m-W, "M , , 'M , f . MMT' f W fn . Q . ,L A ,M rf" f M - A L . , , - - .. 1 -"if, fa. A,.4..., X .XJLXP - 51: + E H I Qi! ffm il Wffwf I ' n 4 X' V GCIHL LIF OQIRL 0711 ssiorl ' Q wi :yEL K 4 E3 if Q: ,.,, W , -4 ,gf Q? ,t NA A , X -L if if. jHomfrmni11q Q: '17 U. Rt , i is Q v '51 x asf! 42 f ry . JJ :V g ,1- gffki W !I t " if Q "' ,, w 1 ' 1, fi me "' , 7 W4 M F Q ,Q " V , ,. ' ,L -Lg.w'4iKxffg1.v?, ' . - ' Q '. , . . ' , f A". ' , A " ' 4: 'K' -A. ? nk., W f 3 ' H., W """i, fw x U t ,. w ,3 .S ., l:,,gQ'frE,y3 9 ,mg Q nv' Q 1 i Q ,g 5, X ' It K qL'f ,I 5 I A ,Fx k,,,, Q Q 5 V M M' P t 47 , 033 -..A lg A if at in . , V N A tip In , in , Ji . k Q g is ks? "LA gi' fl, '14 7 -4 1 A I k ,CR 3' . it ' f , ff .QJXAI A at -Jg 3 5 gg "Q M "" VL ' J gg, Q xl K k.:t:., I Y .. , 1 if kgrh R35 li? Pe ,Sgr t ig Ig, -,,...,. C A E ' g Q lk if ' 5 f 5 -5 xx, nag, , .. . . J f gf! QQ ,. , kg! F5 r , , i Q is .iw R I af , , . -K ,' - , , . Q' f q . ,gy , LL.. ggi-I . 4 hi gawk S 1 -Q' sz- I wgf if 3 . 8. ,. ,,, Q Q5 " P Q -fig aut' W GM at , , fn, QQ' 49' ,1 b ZQT iw- if ,HL 4: a 1 , ,p " Q M wl' .m, 11' V22-5 l 'Six ' ' , si r X 5' Q: ,Q,? My I4 X MMWW, M 6,. M 1 A M, 1 5 y W. Am M , A f Q , l i xi. y .I mxf Q5 4 Jh: 3,5 ' , ' E X Y Qk P13 mg , . 1 ' A 1 Km'AAAAkLh L 3 E E N if S ' , 'f Q ' . 4' i. lfsfgsf Q Z qi Q ,bk A l Q iii . Q -wx 2 X 2 g vifpg, f avg 3 WWE 'E '39 af Q ,M S 4 'mix 1' 1 RW x W3 . ., Y f ' im f F fx n 5 s E H N X 5 Dick I'wl'1lSUl' neu-pts ll nmnugrnmn SWCLIIUI' Irum -XIII 4 KlL'I'llI'LI. . mm' llirvcmr, C :mm-I s Izlvorltu lullx minsfruls cnrrr- rzlin rhv rriumpham th grilidvrs. ff D. prcsunr from Captain C:lcI1cy, ISUIUIU an mim' UXIFZI. :wh ltd uccuprs ll NI: Grid Iwrurs rx- rhg- Czlrlm-I-I.Itu I'ootImII A major In-rrcr is pix-sn-11lI-II to nm rzlcklu, -Iumur Ilan I'Iv1scIn'r. dn-rs amd rhuir gmwrw. 'I'Iu- CillNL'I'Jl'N click cntcln-Q num- grid Il5 MW-4m.1rn I nun wt H .1-xv -'L .ww-5 X '-t31'Nu:c!n f-U-nh K -v. 'v mf- l'l.:ww v.v..11.1'- ug-.hz-zw::,.wg lm Q .Hwy I hm,Y'w1Mm.',14.',pu iw.-.1m:'f:'v'lM:f4s 4. :Uh F' HN. Mlxl,-Mr, 'Jlim Vw I '-md'-nt, mf fa. , ., ., ..-,,... .,........-. -...,..,. ,, .. ,, ,, .-....-4 n ..,..-,..W.....,, , , K 4 f V from hwy Holfzmun, Yhv Sun Twm---. rr-pre-svniuv-vz-, v Q x . Iwphy im nw--J unpuovf-d buqkiu-Id :mm wus uwmdf-d QQ Anoihz-I uluvnm uwoud for the mod improw-d Iinsmczn K hullvy Krumk by Mr Pd MQAUIQHP, Curmolifr- Alumni prcvdfzm. WGS PVP9f?'17f'd 'O Bob DLWIUU, 'UCHCN by' MY. MCAUMV f f --A- -- ---'- ' 4 - H '-'- ---v - WM wv-Y------------N --- --f- ff -.....,f....,,,......,..w..........mL,,....N.,..Mr.-,..,,.,-,f..,...,,,-,., ...,..m,M.. -2 A f 2-fi ,E V127-'il A Q f - ' 'A J .',..,A . V f x 5: V1 1 'I' 'fi 9. 5, "XM,-'ii X -vw ,QQ .Q .W I K , x , 1 1 fc , ,if ' '.. . wx W 5.5 ,X 5 S' A ..: Z' K ' f - X Q . 4. rgjh' 5 4 C f 'I , Q f Ag , ,U p g x 'V M x . W f M K , 'P' 3- . K I - I .4 ' QQ is gf? ' fl A A ..-ff K 'f ' ' x x ' I x L . - . iz? 1 ggi y . X 1 .A , . . Xfk FY f . Wm .EVER gnxnr vm ,if 1 , Q 4 K 5 ' f ' .' ' K -. f wi ' . 1 5 ,. L X , gf Yi ' ff, 5 xp M il X L K Y is f F A v Q . ,ML 5 .kt 10 as it f 4? Q , Ai nt , h , X . R WY:-. -"' 3 , I if . S, as A . S I ,Qi -5 1 . ' 1 A fx' WX.-QQ ' wx , v sf-1, N x -f F Q f if 1 A .X MQ ' v 1- K , M FM Q- 'fl A' 4 it. il al .Pa tg J Q3 mf JM ,gift 53 Y " 5 W , E22 v.- Q' , ,, ! . Tn fa ? .56 J ffffkssxsss A 3f"f: 4 , 1 1, Z 5 5 2 5 3 f f ' " f' 3, A W3 L1 , mf xi 'H' M ff my w .7 "V .H '33 5 i s fffih ww 1' 2 ' A Q,-... X 5 E ,Q '???' Hi Ve ' 115511- 'Qiii A74 U K . - B ' . Q1 Q15 f- o L L . li, A. 4 , X 1' J M Q 'v ,5 , .kk x - Q 3 ,,w..f.g M.. 51 1 ,. . N Qs. y F fr ' 'Lg'5i" 'tu f K. A .9 VJ ,A J N X, A A U 11 A K ,9- ni Y I E -. -"Q Q 'J . E g Fm N- V 5 ff' 1 its Q' K xl 'L n .U 11, Q Y X w " if .5 !4M ,, .w gn. bkfw' Q .Q 0 +5 N. 'i " 9 I sl' 'J' , f A 'Q . X 'fw , Q i Nw, Y ,Q it 5 L, 'K v A ,.-,, , 1 - 42 , Q5 A . 4' . QM L 5 O mx k ,LN I' 2 'Y K N ew W gin .Q VAL, ,Q at K '1 A : :Nt i I lt 3 K ' N L Y 1 kv In N X v r rg fix , N W ,, I -I 'v 5 ' 'A gi UMA C.-XBOYFJ The "Big Six" wh?-ul enjoys il capacity crowd :lr its Counters. CBI-'.l.OWj Another rzllule provided was thu roulette ss- mblishnicnt, hcrc surrounclnd by people. CABOVHD The alumni booth apparently givcs waxy in popu, lziriry to that 0ftl1cQuccns. QI.HF'l'J Rcprcsuntzltivc View of rho Crowd rhur rhrongcd to Mt. Carmel during thc Cairnil val. fBl'il,OVYj :X guncrul viuw ul the rublcs furnishgd for thc cr0wd's zlmuscmcnr. 120 - Wlllk X ,xg-L ff Wllli , 5 Q SSW' 02 0 gg? , if . N Q , - ,L Q' . ' - 3 X . .. I v TI' k k ' 1.4 i M Sh 5 m m W. - L fig, ,Y 'E-5,S'if.gQ . ff - A Six 4g,Qg wS j QwRgM,W al Q disk sl - xxx- xt, , .K , X. -I . lr? 4, kfggh gg 55, i f L, . vw.-52' 36 gf T if Q3 ,S fix x My M 31' l inc Fl inn IHSL 1 wit t Lir itcs mount steps to ballroom, RIGHT, Terlizzi prepares to rcccive hid for his partner from Ifr, David, The evening of May 'lnd proved to he the summit of the social season for the unior classmen with the .lnnior Pmnz. The gala aH'air was held at the elegant Lake Shore Club on the near North side. The haunting melodies of Bob Ruehle's orchestra entertained the .luniors and their lovely ladies from nine to twelve, on a INOSY memor- alwle evening. The score contained the most popular songs of the day. The prom committee was headed hy Father lfinan, who was alvly assisted hy Dave Huher, Richard Weed, Aloe Poncer,Terry XYard, .Ierry Kinsella, jerry Kapis and Tom Cassidy. They certainly deserve the highest of praise for preparing such wonderful entertainment for all. After the last strains had died away, the class of '52 took to their flashy new automobiles and continued their feast of dining and dancing in the city's finest restaurants. and lassies alike spoke ofthe prom as an evening well spent, and one that would he hard to duplicate. ln future years, the unior Prom of '51 will undoubtedly remain a cherished memory. l rom Lommittii n urs and fur lrunds l.l'1l"T TO RTCIHT, Ci. Kinsella, T. YYard, R. VH-ed, -I. Ponccr, ,l. Kapis, and ll. Huber. grin! W "" if f!A'Kf'Wl95HZ3.w, fV:? 1 l "5-9 ?'iW' T aka Q 1 k wi? V1 J ff?-V 96 M xv 'Q' K f ,, , Q by! Q W Q Syl. 0: 1 X 1 T W if ' 9' Y, sf 'S W I' 'Tv " K, Vw 22: gg 3 , i XL , ir f 6 x Q Q11 1 Q X Q V - f VNS? X M ek x QW r Q - 'Lrouml Chicago. lfrs. David and Fdlvert heartily receive Modzikowski and friend while their dates look on. Bringing the Mount Carmel social sea' son to a close was the Nwzfof' Franz, a gala affair, heltl on the twentyufourth of May "QV ' in the Tower Rooms of the Stevens Hotel. iff: A A 6 , :X laeautiful spring night, plus the pres- AJ 9 :5 L," 1 '73 ence of that Carmel favorite, Holm Ruehle, L, and his assemblage contrilauteal toward a N - wonderful evening for all attending. N w. . Anal when, at the stroke of twelve, Mr. ' , Ruehle's theme was hearcl, the soon-to- C ' he graduated Seniors and their dates ac- -iwmi ii'i' M 'my celeratetl to the clivers lwistros in an.l , XYortls of thanks are also in order for .. t Dance hlonlerator, lar. inan 'mt committee, who together tlicl a wonderful f -ioln in organizing the event. Composing the committee were Bill Holtlereid, Dennis M'1cC1rron, Howard L Red Kienster and l'-l"lLIlClI1 ascend to the lower Room for dancing. 'agan A ohn Wheritv, A 'lck Sheritlan 'mt n ohn Qeper. Nine young, gentlemen olilctters and their companions view the city from Z1 l7ZllCOI1yOlIYSlClC th ' Tower Room. Y if xx .xi XE RN Si! IP' 3? i I .fy 69 we MM.. M fm11l11Irru-l11r111Iu'1x xsirI1rI1uIrcI:1ru:I.I",IfbI',IIURIIQIII, IM unix xIL'Q'2lI'l'iJI1, .lurk SIM-1'inI:111, IImx4lrII I':lu.m, IIIII IIUIIII rw ul. 'IUI' Rl NY: I,I'fI"'I', L'I1.lrIiuI7nx:lmII1iQ nILlIL'L'I1kIUj rhv IHKINIKQ RIUI I'I', :A VIL xx nl' I In cmnplujllsr lwrkm- inn VIIIINSIUH. NI I I JIJI .I'. R1 NY: I.IiIf'l' Nmnv Iny Ik'.lL'I11'l'i1lHkICUIHIHIIIN Iuuking rhuir Ivur, RICIIIVII,:lgruupnfI1q1ppy5ur11urs vin-wing rlmf Inu vnu. Hill IUXI R1JXX:l,l1l"l, IIxurwu, IVllllIL'S0KIIllIYI'IlIVIx'I11I4lI'IIIS mggur:lmlimccg RICGHIA,"Rmm1L-" I"r'glxm'ul1rs11rllglzlx QIIILIVIII' Kmzclm Irrwlwrvn rn 1lIHJl!lIIN!'II. XX AI ' g 'I h X ,." lf. ,QM 1 X, X ff'- i Z.. 5 9 J' In ,V V it K Y ,, rf' . 2 1 Q S W is ,sf 4 g 4 'll i , .avr -1.-.12-f f. w 1.1-,, . ..'.. . A Q5 if' -,A .xv . Q1 , ,am kr 4 4, fix-6 ' WL-an-WHA f ,XA fr 1 'J I 41 I w--n--i--- ' ' v mu AWTWIM-Ei. 3. ,H X 1 8 , Q W 9 A , . """' M K + ic3SW I .gm I W N ,am , s 0 , 5 f Q A A ' gi O ,Q U 3 fi' of ff ' P - ' If' Q 4 8 'V' fm Ill 'Ti 5 5? ' . N K px Pr Q A f Y fy CHRMGLITHDH 11.1 During the "Drive for Freedom" Carmel students view the Freedom Bell.f2.1"VVorm's eye view" of the packed stard at the Leo game. 13.1 Carmel gets prepared for the coming school year hy tuck pointing. 14.1 While Messrs. Brennan and Mieszkowski watch, the sub- stitutes perform and the first team takes a rest. Q51 Mentors Smith and Fleming, Frs. David and Fllis, form a profound quartet. 16.1 The popular hot-dog stand during lunch-time. f7.1 A wary proprietor keeps watch over his stand as a hungry spectator looks on. f8.1 The wail of the siren calls three underclassmen from their lunches. 19.1 Thursday morningsecs the Seniors coming from Mass at Memorial Chapel. 00.1 The camera catches a group of spirited Seniors at the l,eo game. 111.1 The man responsible for most of the pictures on these pages adjusts his camera for another. C111 Five Senior rooters on their way to the St. Elizabeth game. 128 CARMEL irst Q uarter -Y Another Lalior Day has Passed and Classes Resume for Freshmen, Sopho- mores, juniors and Seniors in That Order . . . Students and Faculty 1Velcome New Priests: Fathers Carl Pfister, Shane Tah- ney, Armand Mayville and Fllis Reinert . . . Solemn High Mass Celelirated lay Fr. Ambrose lnaugurates New School Year . . . Mr. Michael U'Connor Begins Twenty-Fifth Year as Dean of Physics at Carmel . . . Fr. Gerard Benson Re- places Fr. Peter-Thomas Sherry as Ath- letic Director . . . Fr. Myles Colgan Ap- pointed Moderator of Dads' Clulmg and Fr. Finan Glynn as Assistant Prefect of Discipline . . . Carmel Gridders Beat l,oyola, 26 to 11, and DePaul, -12 to 7, in Pre-Season Practice Games . . . Very Rev."1I.eo UI. 1Valter, Prior Provincial, Visits Carmel . . . Fr. Finan Plays Host as First Social of School Year is Held in Michael P. Murphy Room . . . 1950 Oritlamme Rated Best in Series . . . Caravan Rolls Over lronmen in First League Grid Contest . . . Freedom Bell en Route to Berlin Visits Carmel . . . St. George Next Foe to Fall lyefore Strength of Caravan . . . Retreats Start at Carmelg Fr. Peter-Thomas Takes Charge of Frosh . . . Carmel Defeats St. Rita, 51 to 0, for Third League Win . . . Farewell Party Given for Fr. Ferdinand Schaefer . . . Fr. Myles Appointed Assistant Pastor ofSt. Cyril's . . .Carmel Band and Silvertones Perform in Fall Concert . . . Gridders Slaughter Meteors, -18 to 7 . . . Student-Managed Pep Meet- ings Keep Carmel Spirit Ahre . . . Movies of All-Star Footliall Game Shown at Dads'C1ulm First Father-and-Son Nite . . . Honor Society Holds First Meeting to Discuss Forthcoming Scholarships . . . Carmel Routs l,eo's l,ions, 27 to 11 . . . First of a Series of Movies Shown to Students in Gym . . . Report Cards MOIRQ Second N uarter Issued for First Quarter . . . Homecoming Dance Honoring Carmel's Footlmall Team and Featuring liola Ruehle's Hand Held in Gym . . . Carmel Routs Holy Trinity in League Finale to Finish Regular Season Undefeated and Capture South Section Championship . . . Fr. Theodore, ex- Carmel Principal, Conducts Sophomore Retreat . . . Caravan Beats Austin in Post-Season Contest to Keep Record Clean . . . -lunior Retreat under Fr. Theodore . . . Success Marks Mothers' Cluli Fall Festival . . . Mothers of Grid- ders Honored at Gigantic Pre-De Paul Game Pep Rally . . . Dick Frasor and Tim McHugh Honored in All-State Prep Footliall Selections . . . School Adjourns for Thanksgiving Holidays . . . Carmel Captures Catholic Crown by Routing De Paul, SI to I-I . . . Tom Carey, Dan Shannon, Ted Cachey and Dick Frasor Make All-Catholic . . . Caravan Beats Lane Tech -I5 to 20 in Soldier Field to Annex City Prep Championship . . . Sun- Times Honors Carmel with "The Chi- cago Area Top Prep Eleven" Trophy . . . Lights lYin, Heavies I.ose in First Cage Practice Game with DePaul . . . Seniors Get Pictures Taken for Oriflamme . . . Victory Social Held in Gym to Honor Grid Champs . . . Carey, Matz, Knoch and Dunklau Receive Awards at Footlvall Banquet Held in Illinois Athletic Cluh . .. Mothers and Fathers Have Fn-ioyalvle Fvening at Annual Christmas Party . . . Christmas Follies Staged lay Gridders and Honor Society . . . I.ights and Heavies Fliniinated Farly in Holiday Cage Tournaments . . . Fr. Fllis Reinert Transferred to .Ioliet Post . . . Captain Ted Cachey Yoted in as Senior Class President . . . Students Cram for Mid- Year Fxaminations . . . Marks for First Semester Issued to Carmel Students. CID Team physician McNally tends to injured player. QD Three IC patrons come to school. Q35 View of the Carmel bench at the De Paul game. fill Intermission at the Homecoming. CSD Students brave a blizzard. 41,3 The O'Connors enjoy a dance at the Homecoming. C71 Coaches Brennan, Mieszkowski, and Mills look worried at ai Carmel game. OID Cheerleaders lead rooters as Carmel triumphs over St. George. CID Fr. Finan holds court at the Father and Son night. Qlllj Championship trophies are accepted after Lane game. QI lj Insane withjoy, Carmel city champs cheer for the photographer. C125 Dante Avenue on a peaceful winter day. W IJ? QU Coach Durkin gives his squad some pointers. Q25 Camera catches a group of dancers at social. Q3j Priests catch breath during intermission at the lnter-Faculty game. Q41 Bantams get instructions. Q53 Fr. David beams during Fr. Finan's speech at Fr. David's anniversary dinner. Qoj junior Stephens trys a shot in the St. Elizabeth fracas. Q71 Mr. Fleming pours coffee for Fr. Gerard and Mr. jordan. Q85 Red Cross demonstrator illustrates proper handling of canoe. Qflj A frigid stag receives last-minute instructions from Fr. Edbcrt. QIOJ Another group of "civil-service" hopefuls prepare for Uncle Sam. Qllj A group of Monogram Club members are enthused with camera. Qlfll As the ball is forgotten, Stevens does the "Irish Jig" with two opponents. U0 CARMEL Third N uarter Mr. YVilliam Jacoby XYelcomed to Faculty of Mt. Carmel . . . Registration Held for Next Year's Freshmen . . . Varsity Defeats Alumni in Annual Basketball Game . . . Bob Bolger XYins X25 and Set of Encyclopedias for School by Placing Seventh in Herald-American History Contest . . . Mardi Gras Spon- sored by Mothers' Club Acclaimed a Success . . . Oriflamme Staff Moves from Library to New Cellar Den . . . Shannon Elected President of Honor Society, New junior Members are Selected . . . Second Father-and-Son Nite Held in Gym . . . l.aymen Defeat Priests -l-0 to 38 in lnter- faculty Gameg Proceeds to Missions . . . unior Stephens Awarded Cen ter Spot on All-South Section Team . . . .lim Mc- Kevitt Breaks More Records in Meet vs. University High . . . Matmen Defeat Strong Hirsch Team, 26 to I4 . . . Seniors Receive Advice from Representatives of Various Colleges and Members of the Armed Forces . . . Graduating Cagers Defeat Underelassmen 38 to 28, Faculty Overcomes Senior lntramural Champs, 38 to 30, in Second Part of Doubleheader . . . Carmel's Senior Swimming Team Places Second in Catholic League Meetg -lim Mclievitt Sets Two New Records . . . Band Begins Concert Tour of Girls' High Schools . . . Spring Practice Com- mences for Football Team . . . Tom Cassidy Flected Captain of Next Year's Football Squad . . . School Closes for Easter Vacation . . . Wrestling Squad Captures Sun-Times A.A.U. Team Championship . . . Karaganis YYins junior Oratorical Contest Sponsored by Honor Society . . . Students Hit Books for Quarterly lixams . . . Quarterly Marks Issued . . . St. Cyril's Gym Site of Sports Banquet Honoring XYrest- ling, Basketball, Track, and Swimming Teams . . . Seniors Finally Take Retreat IE TIOIRQ Fourth Quarter Given luv lfr. l.ueian . . . Tivo New Cars Given .Mvav at the Close of Carmel's Annual Indoor Carnival . . . lfree llav Proelaimed So That lfr. Christopher ean Count His Money' . . . lfr. .-Xmhrose .Knnounees lfree llav in Honor of Gen. MaeArthur's visit to Chieago . . . -lunior Prom Held at l.alqe Shore .-Xthletie Clulw . . . Annual lfaeultv Golf Tournament Played at Westgate . . . Seniors NYhip lfl5l Varsity, -lo-U, in Uldtimers' Foot- liall Game . . . South All-Stars llefeat North All-Stars 32-7 as MeHugh Seores Tivo Touehdoxxnsg Carmel Represented luv Hleven Players . . . Largest Group of Mothers liver .-Xssemliled at Carmel Attends Mother's llav Mass and Com- munion . . . Senior Class of 'Sl Guests of Honor at .-Xnnual :Xlumni Banquetg Terrv Brennan Made Honorarv .-Xlumnus . . . l56 Couples Attend Senior Prom at the Toxver Room of Stevens Hotel . . . Mission Colleetion for Year Breaks lfor- mer Reeordsg lfr. Christopher Presents Cheek to Msgr. Lawler of Propagatian of liaithg Speakers at Presentation ln- elude l"r. Killian l.vneh, Prior General of' Carmelite Order, and lfr. Matthew U'Neill, Carmelite Missionary from l,ima, Peru . . . l"orGreat Work Uone in Mission Collections, lfr. .Xmlmrose Proelaims liree Day . . . Seniors Receive lfinal Report Cards and Begin Tvvo Weeks Rest Before Graduation . . . Band Coneert, Held at Calumet High School .-Xuditorium, Ae- elaimed a Sueeess luv All . . . lixamina- tions Given to l'nderelassmen . . . Bolw Bolger Named Class Yaledietorian . . . Baeealaureate Mass and Graduation Ceremonies Held at St. Clara's . . . Carmel Seniors lfxeel in Scholarship :Xvvard Competitions . . . lfinal Marks lssued to l'nderelassmen and Sehool Closed for Summer .... Xmen. CU Yallortigara breaks tape in Catholic semi-finals. fl, lyhieh Twin has the "Toni" tk where is she? :X view of the crowded l-over preceding the Senior Prom. C-H "l don't need you l.eoni, l've got something stored away." Dante .-Xve. seene as Mothers arrive for their annual Mass D1 Communion. tml Co-lidueationl We can dream, ean't we? C73 The tables are turned and the Cameraman gets caught. CSD Reverenee is shown hv students at daily rosary. UU Reenaeting the presentation of the Seapular hy the Blessed Virgin to St. Simon Stock on ith Centennial. U05 lfr, Uavid gives a demonstratlon ofthe modern art ol' tweeliilg evelurows. tl IJ lfr. Amlmrose presents .lim Raraganis with the ,Iunior oratorieal trophy. l.ll I 5-ff 'F t. 1 'asv I 'ii Q' 9 tw yi mmm: ' M S' f-H 4 L T' '. is .. X V1 an 1 fy v L E L if . Nix ' K. v i 3 :sn f, Q' ' as -by F 1, Q ff 1. 'L an Q9 if 1 Hg 'Z lk mr' 'L A Qk: - .wr . ,W F' F ' L 53 W Y ffl'-, ,M .aw xx 4,33 gi '94 F R12 5 X Q2 1 I wwf W Qs 5 , l Y Q ajiekx-,,. , 'B ,A E' r 6 Q Ali ii at l?"5?1'N ge? QL ff S ez H. . CARMEL PROFILE ' K ,- IFR. .-XllS'l'lN TED CACHHY l"R. UPZRARD contented ns at Rhode lslatnd Red. with tht- winning smile-ofpopulaxrleadership. in xi pensive mood. 1+ 7 . , - '-B W V' 21L:353' ' RONNIH FRASOR PAUL LFONI HOWIH FACS.-XN in il "Nature Bray" pose. dreaming offuturc grid prowess. with ai selllsntishcd look of approval. Q FR. NIYLRS .UNI MCKFVITT NIR. GAVVNE in one ofhis rare cynical moments. with the "Breakfast ofChz1mpio:1s" build. with his most frigid expression. h CAR IEL FA ASIEN Cumhlm' rhar spccd Wlfh uccurzlfy, Dr-urls, :md don'r tool around wnh ,thc rypcwrmrcr. Attcntion! All right, Murphy and Grcvcs, stomach iu! Chest our! Fm-r ur 45 degree' angles! Come on, Father, beat me daddy, L-ighr to thc bar. Gm your books and scrum, dn-:mg you faulcd to give umru nrrcnrnon. X 2 I. K E H E . A 2 E 3 . I if 5 E E E ! E ii A "T A h S ,4 ., 1 mi F E 2 as E5 , , ' ,' . M3.l2, 'h1iF

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