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ff 0 JOHN C CDRQURKL 9 RGBERT E PREUND Ass f Q f Q PHILIP L HUGUELET fv cv f f,z 1f0f'-111- f 1104 V 'T H 'V' , ' ,i.S0c'zzfll1' Lf lffll' K7 , 051.11 ff ffl. or COMMEMORATING TI-IE 75th ANNIVERSARY OE TI-IE CARMELITES IN AMERICA f I I i' -,.g Pubhshed by the STUDENTS OF MT CARMEL I-IIGI-I SCHOOL CHICAGO ILLINOIS I I I I I 'I I I ' I .V., I 7! 7 1940 Gs 'fi T Ofume 1 0lf'8lfUOlf' ln l865 Amerrca welcomed to her shores a band of Carmelltes who were the neucleus ot the Provlnce of the Most Pure l-leart of Mary Zeal tor the Mother ot God under the trtle ot Our Lady ot Mt Carmel led these Prtests to seek new vmeyards for Mary For seventy trve years they have spread devotton to the Brown Scapular To symbollze th1s event we have chosen a number 75 The color areen 1S symbollc of the perpetual youth ot the Prophet Ellas and the Order he founded GRD l-EQCACUL fL0lfL That we may leave an 1nsp1rat1on tor the men ot Carmel who w1ll follow after us that we may express our love tor our Queen and our Mother that we may show our apprecratlon for her Brown Scapular we the Senlor class of nmeteen hundred and torty dedlcate thls seventeenth volume ot the Crttlamme to Our Lady ot Mt Carmel combination of the Scapular Medal and the FHM, OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL Q! Marci j0l4lli6lI'J Gif!! fglfllfff 0 School 0 Classes 0 Athletic O Carmelitana VERY REV SYLV STER SNEE O Corm Prfor C' . 1., , . iw ' 'Q :X ' A ' REV AMBRQSE F CASEY O Corm Prmcfpo WM ' ' 1 K-7-K" xqf REV THEODOREI HATTGN O Corm Principal 7933 fo 7940 f KF- . EW ' E3 SEM Administration - the Faculty l-IALLS CF CARMEL these are the halls Where under the kindly guidance ot the Carmelite Fathers the students receive a true Catholic edu Q3 cation Where strong friendships are made he tween priests and students Where Catholic boys are rnade into Catholic rnen prepared spiritually intellectually and physically These are the Halls ot Carrnel and they will ever echo the glorious tradition that is Carmel s f 2 . . . . . - I . . I I I . . , . I 1 1 1 I , X. Q , V C X - u , XX 1-v I, . 1 , f "vi rf' REV RAPHAEL KIEFER REV ANSELM WERNER O OC REV URBAN I-AGER REV CHRYSOSTOM f Sf ANDERSON O RSV. IULIUS MERATZ REXA TERRENQE FITZGERALD O. Corm.. amish i t C.. 6lCll fb EPORE the coming of Christ the prophet Elias with a band of followers living on Mount Carmel in Palestine dedi cated their lives to the Virgin who would be the mother of God Their Christian suc cessors devoted their lives to the service of God until they were driven from the I-loly Land by persecution In Europe they found a new home but the persecution continued St Simon Stock Superior General of the Order prayed to Our Lady of Mt Carmel to give him a sign that she approved of the labors of the Order On luly 16th 1251 Mary appeared to him and gave him the Brown Scapular promising that Whosoever shall die wear ing this Scapular shall never suffer he pains of hell Fired with zeal by this commission the Carmelites went forth preaching and teach ing devotion to Marys Scapular They accompanied Columbus to America but no permanent foundation was made until 865 The idea of a Catholic educational 1nst1 tution in Woodlawn was conceived by the Carmelites in 1902 and carried out in the founding of St Cyril s College It became evident however in 1924 that the school had outgrown its old quarters necessi tating an expansion program which re sulted in the present Mt Carmel the name being changed at that time in honor of Our Lady of Mt Carmel the special patroness of the school and of the Order The old building is still being used for a chapel a priests refectory a school cafeteria and a library besides accommodating the offices of the Little Flower Society. For location environment and accessi- bility Mt. Carmel is ideally situated. The school building faces east on Dante Avenue at Sixty-fourth Street. On the north is the Carmelite Monastery and on the south St. Cyrils Parish Rectory To the south is a district almost exclu- sively residential, and yet a moments walk in a northerly direction will bring one to the shopping section of Woodlawn. The Electrified Illinois Central Suburban Service has a station within a block of the school, and provides fast convenient service for the entire South Shore district, as well as +5tl3lf'f C'- 6LClfL for South Chicago Pullman Blue lsland Gary East Chicago and Whiting The Chicago Surface Lines cars are also within a block of the school offering transporta tion to and from all directions the Elevated Lines a scant two blocks from the school reach practically every locality north and west The Chicago Motor Coach Company s route through lackson Park serves as still another means of conveyance Thus we see that every facility is at hand for the safe and speedy transportation of the student The school itself is housed in a spacious modern building lt is perfectly equipped with large well lighted and well ventilated classrooms excellent laboratories lecture halls newspaper office a new gymnasium and an up to date swimming pool ln con nection with the latter two provision has been made for lockers for visiting as well as home teams The gymnasium contains all types of athletic equipment regular in struction in the use of which is given the students for exercise and for the condition ing of the various teams The latest mno vation is a radio amplifying system to sim plify announcement making Apart from the material side Mt Carmel has received the highest possible rating scholastlcally lt is accredited by the Uni versity of lllinois and the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Col leges This affiliation carries with it the privilege of entry without examination to any University or College recognized by these organizations Included in these affiliations are all the larger Universities in the Middle West lllinois Michigan Wisconsin Chicaao Notre Dame Northwestern and many of the smaller colleges The certificate privi lege tentrance upon recommendation of the facultyl is held with three large Eastern Universities namely Georgetown Dart mouth and Brown ln order to maintain this accreditation as well as their own high standards of scholarship the Carmelite Fathers have outlined a wide course of study which is designed primarily for the best interest of the student body ln the first year the stu dents have their choice of either a com 141 REV PASCI-IAL BAIER REV JUL ANI SLQBIG 9 fh REV CLAUDE ENGEMANN O REV ANGELUS OBORNE REX REGIS DONEHUE Q REV EREDERIC MANICN E-Ek' W . I I I I 1 I ' I - ' : I I I I - . I 1 I I I ' O. Corm., Latin-En lish OI CO,,.,,II MC, emafjcs I I I 1 l 1 ' 1 ' I I I I I I 1. ' I I I - I I ' ' - Ccfm-I Science O. Cczrm., Registrar-Latin , - . . y I I I I I I I I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 ' X 1 - N 1 . . , , 7. I - ' O. Carm., En lish OI Cmmw Engng I I ""-' rf. I ' I I - r lx - -it Q E Q ez is film fy rnerclal or a general course The cornmer clal course was estabhshed th1s year ln thelr th1rd and fourth years the students have several electlve subJects All courses are str1ctly college preparatory l-llstory and Engllsh are requlred 1n fourth year but the student IS offered h1s cholce of Chemlstry or Typewrltlng and of Latln Spanlsh lournahsm C1V1CS Economlcs or Comrnerclal Law Th1s method demands a unlformlty that 1S for the good of all and yet allows a varlatlon sulted to the develop ment of each boy s partlcular talents and deslres Four tlmes a year grades are glven monthly ln each sublect and are governed not only by the amount and quallty of work done but by the monthly examlna trons whlch are a part of each course Quarterly and semester marks also glven are deterrnrned chlefly by the examlnatlons 1n each sublect Honor cards are merlt awards glven each month to students who carry a nlnety or more ln all sublects for that month Students who have a monthly average of nlnety or more 1n a subJect and who pass the semester rellglon examlnatlon W1ll'1 a grade of elghty f1ve or better are exempt from examlnatlon ln that subJect Thus the school demonstrates to the student a w1ll1ngness to recognlze and reward h1s best efforts To graduate and to recelve a dlploma the student must have slxteen credlts A cred1t 1n a subJect IS obtalned by complet mg satlsfactorlly a course of th1rtve1ght weeks f1ve perlods a week Besldes the exempt1on pr1v1lege mentloned above an added 1ncent1ve 1S to be found tn the medals awarded to the boy ranklng hlghest scho lastlcally 1n the school and to those of hlgh est standlng ID each of the1r several class years ln add1t1on gola medals are glven to those students who excel ln varlous subjects These awards are made at the Commencement EXGTCISGS held at the close of the school year Slnce the a1m of the Carmellte Fathers lS to prepare the boy for problems wh1cl'1 w1ll confront hlm ln later l1fe rehglous ln structlon and tra1n1ng play a most lmpor tant part 1n the currlculum The Freshmen are grounded ln the essen 5 RTV HUBERT MCCARREN RVV THOMAS STHASSER O C M fh REV RoD13R1cK HURLEY REV CQNRAD HALL PefefofSfdesRelgo e REV ONEN COTE R f MAURlCE ANDERSON O Ca 9 E-'lk' QWE I I . . . . I W i I I I -4 v A.. v - . arm., Engffsh- CJ emaffcs O. Carm., Lafin 1 . . . - I I , , I I - I I I ' I O- Cwfn-I ' . O. Corm., Sci nce ' ' ' ' r c u 1 - 1 1 n 1 I I , , . I , I - . . 1 . ' , K sv . O. Corm., . fm., . , , Prefer! of Dfscfpline-Latin Pfefect of Religion-E11 fish I - . . ! ' Lg-A' ir' ' , , XX . -L , F N Q I ef J ' C'- 6LClfL tials of their faith and its application to themselves. The principles which the good nuns have inculcated in them from their earliest days in school are further ex- plained and enlarged upon. Second year students are given a thorough course in Grace and the Sacramentsg Iuniors study Christian morals, and Seniors are taught Christian apologetics that they may be prepared to defend their faith ln addition to religious instruction there is a definitely planned spiritual system of training Holy Mass 1S celebrated every day at a time convenient for the students Fresh men and Sophomores attend Mass during their fourth period on Tuesday and Iuniors and Seniors attend Mass on Thursday After Mass a short instruction is given on some point of current spiritual interest to the students ln order to encourage fre guent reception of the sacraments of Pen ance and Holy Communion confessions are heard every day during the noon period and all day each Friday The first Friday of each month is gen eral Communion day Confessions are heard the day before and provisions are made for the students breakfasts after Mass On Wednesday students are urged to attend the noon devotions in honor of Our Lady of Mt Carmel During October the Rosary is said every day at noon in the chapel and during Lent the stations of the Cross are recited each day An annual retreat is held for each class under the guidance of a member of the Carmelite Order experienced in the handling of boys and Well versed in the problems of adoles cence Tn order to make practical the principles classes four years ago Carmel organized the Sodality of Our Lady of Mt Carmel affiliated with the Chicago Inter Student Catholic Action This sodality aims to lead its members to greater personal holiness and to prepare leaders for every walk of life The Knights of the Blessed Sacrament pledge themselves to receive Communion once a week The Religious Bulletin stressing points of Catholic dogma or morals Written in a REV LEQIDQLD ZECH REV NICHOLAS STARSENIC fh BRO BROCARD HAUGHLY C k BRO PHILIP PRICE BRO PETER THOMAS VILLERS BRO MEL WALSH C k qt-.Q W - l . ' I . Com-,ll Lofj,-, O. Carm., Mu emcffc I 5 I I I I I I . . O.Carm.. ler O. Corm., Prefecf . . , 7 ' , ' of Catholic Action learned in the religion n'I' ' ll 0 . I l O. Corm., fer Cami., Engineer - I I I f ' I W .L-If ' - - r '45 1 I E I f xx ff eil Ee ' BRO RICHARD PARADINE O BRO IUDE LINNEMAN BRO IOHN COUGHLIN f . A Q1 . y I BRO STANISLAUS REYBITZ th BRO ALOYSIUS DERUNTZ O MR MICHAEL MURPHY PF 591122145 IC., l rt I "tl7l C' OQLCUL K style Wh1ch will appeal to the students 1S publrshed every Wednesday Reahzrng that many of the appurte nances to a complete educatlon are not to be obta1ned from books alone the faculty has planned and rnstrtuted an extra cur rrcular act1v1ty of such a Wlde scope that some phase of 1t 1S sure to appeal to every boy The ORIFLAMME the offrcral school yearbook has repeatedly won state and natronal recognltron and has come to rep resent the best 1n hrgh school Journahsm The staff of the ORIFLAMME 1S p1cked from the hlgher ranklng Engllsh students and 1t 1S certarnly a Justlfrable pr1de enJoyed by the parents Whose son has by hrs ab1l1ty merrted a place on the ORIFLAMME staff The Carmel Lrte a student publrcatron now rn 1lS fourth year 1S typrcal of the sp1r1t of Carmel Every phase of school l1fe and school act1v1t1es IS consrdered The Carmel L1te rssued br Weekly 1S recerved Wrth great enthusrasm by the students The Lrbrary under excellent superv1s1on has grown from a mere handful of books to eleven thousand reference volumes and three thousand books of f1ct1on A tra1ned l1brar1an 1S rn constant attendance The members of the Art Club assrst great ly 1n arous1ng rnterest rn school affarrs through therr posters and slogans The Dramat1c Club 1S composed of those boys Whose h1str1on1c talent and ab1l1ty to act have banded them together The1r annual presentat1on IS always one of the h1ghl1ghts of the school year Thls year the Glee Club 1n conlunctron Wllh the Glee Club of Mercy Hlgh School successfully presented the Chocolate Sold1er To those students who are g1fted mus1c ally the band and orchestra prov1de an opportun1ty to pursue the1r avocatron un der the skrllful gurdance of thoroughly tra1ned musrclans Cognlzant of the problems and tenden c1es of adolescence the Carmehte Fathers have 1nst1tuted a ser1es of partles and dances sponsored by the varlous organ 1zat1ons rn the school Through these the boys are glven an opportun1ty to learn soc1al adJustment These soc1al events are I - CONT?-, Pfefeff O. Ccrm., Ma emafics ' ' I I ,I I I I A ' 1 l ' I 1 ' I I I I O. CGVITW.. MUS"C . Carm., Secretory , , , I ' L 'Q - II I ll O. Carm., Afhle fc Manager Physical Director ' ' I i I - , xi'A Xb . I I l I 7' 'f 3 ' - I ft. 1 ' C, ,K x , .. ff' Z-QW fy conducted by the Seniors and luniors with some support from the lower classmen Mount Carmel IS a regular member of the Ch1cago Catho11c 1-11gh School League 1n wh1ch 1t enters teams 1n football tCham p1ons 1927 1931 1932 1933 1938 1940 C1ty Champ1ons 1927 1933 Co Champ1ons 19401 basketball CChamp1ons Sen1or d1V1 s1on 1939 St George Pre Season Tourna ment w1nners 1937 1938 lurnor d1v1s1on 1929 1930 1932 1937 1938 South Sect1on 19401 track golf CChamp1ons 1927 1928 1929 19301 Sw1mm1ng and l9I'1I'11SlCjlf1GI'I'l p1ons 19311 Wh1le boxmg 1S not a league sport Carmel 1n 1935 produced a team that won the State Champ1onsh1p The r1fle team was organ1zed two years ago and has a very large fol1ow1ng The wrestl1ng team had a very successful season Intramural basketball baseball hand ball sw1mm1ng wrestllng and boxlng are fostered and superv1sed so that every stu dent may have a fa1r chance to part1c1pate ln some form of athletrcs ln add1t1on to the regular teams wh1ch enter Cathol1c League compet1t1on bantam and flywe1ght teams 1n basketball compete w1th s1m1lar teams from other schools Every effort 1S made to bu11d a sound body 1n the grow1ng boy 1n fact Phys1cal Culture IS compulsory for all students un Valuable a1d lS g1ven the Carme11te Fathers by the var1ous parent teachers or gan1zat1ons wh1ch sponsor numerous and var1ed events wh1ch are conduclve to the solut1on of the problem of co operatron be tween school and home The oldest of these organ1zat1ons IS the Mothers Club t purpose 1S to acgualnt the mothers w1th the problems of the teacher wh1ch can be more read11y solved through 1ntell1gent co oper at1on of school and home The Queen of Carmel Auxrhary com DTISGS those favored and pr1v1leged women whose sons wear the brown hab1t of the Carme11tes erther as students at Nragara or as Brothers Fratres Prlests lts act1v1t1es extend throughout all of Carmelrte Amen ca 1end1ng a helpful hand by assemblmg and embrolderlng the vestments prescr1bed for the celebrat1on of Mass and Benedrctron by g1v1ng soclals to a1d the Order mater1 1181 NR MICHAEL OCONNOR MR LOUIS FREE AB BS h MR ERNEST CIROU PhB MR IAMES GAWNE AB Typ C E g h MR IOLIN TORDAN AB MR WALLACE PROMHART in-'mf 2? 195 1 I ' I I I I I T 1 1 ' 1 I ' 1 . I . .- . . . . - J . I 1 . , . ., . C. ' ' I ' AB- Mat emafics , , , , , Science-Mathematics I I I I 1 1 1 ' I I I L ' I I I I - . - ing- ivics ft lis I ' 1 ' ' less excused for some valid reason. , ,. j u I I I I 1 1' 1 1 S I 1 l I , History A ADB. , , . l I I History I - . ' - - ' ,rf Y, , I I I 1 it e-.1 Q, - r N 1 'b f g 5 Q1 a 2 -AQ- -L' 139 1 ' MR EDWARD RAPP 'FR HOVXARD RICHARDT B S A nM MR FRED MUNDEE DR RP YMOND PORTER PhD C'- 6LClfL ally and by that lntanglble sp1r1t of encour agement and cheerfulness wh1ch only Mothers can 1nc1te ln the1r sons The Dads Club IS composed of those w1ll1ng fathers who have volunteered the1r unstmted efforts to help the1r boys Back of th1s organ1zat1on 1S the deslre to pro mote and encourage good fellowshrp to promote lnterest and part1c1pat1on 1n all student act1v1t1es and to cooperate Wlth the faculty 1n the furtherance of these lnterests A new add1t1on to the clubs of Carmel IS the Mt Carmel St Cyrll Alumnr Assoc1a t1on Wh1ch cons1sts of former students of Mt Carmel l-hgh School and St Cyrrl Col lege Both the school and the Alumnl feel they have proflted by the new organlza tlon At Carmel a boy flnds every opportunlty for develop1ng hls body and soul as Well as mlnd A sound mlnd ln a sound body Soclal l1fe 1S offered that the student may attaln a f1n1shed DOISG and natural exactness so necessary ln the successful man of the World l-hs sp1r1tual hfe IS care fully gu1ded and r1g1dly tralned that he mrght hve 1n str1ct accordance and har mony wrth the Falth and actlvely promote and defend lt rn thls pagan World Thus by every means made avallable by the latest educatlonal methods and by the brotherly earnestness set forth by the Car mellte Fathers he 1S fully prepared for up devoted to h1s home loyal to hls country and true to hls God DR HOVVARD M NALLY MD VR T'-IOMAS FABISI-I .fffjs MISS ROMANA KLINGELSCHMITT MISS GERALDINE M GAUGH i 19 , ' ' I I . ' 1 . lv. . 7 . . . . . M.Sc. . c., M. . i Science fnaiis - afhemafics , 1 ll I I if ' f ' . . W I I I - Assist-anf Foofball Coach Spanish ' l A A I ' ' - Ll- rlght manhood and American citzenship Schooi Doctor Band Director Q x.'4h A , I -, . C . . E Asst. Librarian - Bookkeeper . I 5 N f ff' ag Liv CLLMQ5 Seniors - Juniors - Sophomores Freshmen These are the men who have recelved the her ltaae of Carmel s tradrtrons two thousand years of devotron to Mary seventy trve years of loyalty to the Unlted States They have been taught by Word and example to be Well rounded men stu dents and Chrrstran gentlemen These are the men who are prepared to be the standard bearers of Carmel s rdeals 20 I I - . , TX' r 1- 5 aff X, -'31 ff' I AMES DUNN PHILIP HUGUELET enior Cfdffff Omcem Q 4 fy f N s- 'i 1 fi K 5 Q N' g I LUKE PASCALE ELMER LAKE ,T 4219+ K ff Presidenf W Vice-Presidenf 56Cf6fUfY Treasurer ' Q X X ,r I X ' 0, "X X 5: " mmf CAM JQAIU11! As Freshmen NE well remembers the strangeness of our Bennre year Uncer tarnty ln everythtng a stranger ln strange surroundlngs but yet gradually day by day the atmosphere of fellowshlp and fr1endl1 ness had 1ts effect upon us and 1t was 1ndeed a pecul1ar student who d1d not feel the Carmel sp1r1t of keen competrtlon as 1t was everywhere through out the school The champlon hghtwelght basketball team grasped flve from our num ber and the heavres clalmed two of us On the ltghtwerght football team erghteen started thelr career on the grrdrron Other sports whlch rnterestea us were Track Boxmg and Wrestl1ng To the Band we gave ten potentlal greats And so as Freshmen we started four years of happmess trlals and hardshlps As Sophomores ITH one year experlence behmd us we came to our Sophomore term wrth an entlrely drfferent v1ew of thmgs The feelmg of uncertamty had long smce vanlshed We were conf1dent students now and blgger and better thmgs were ln store for us A year order ln srze and age and w1th a better tralned m1nd for studres we were ready for competltron 1n all branches of study and athletlcs Our real chance now was 1mmed1ately ln front of us And berng eager for the chance we went our dlfferent ways mto the varrous act1v1t1es Elght of us played w1th the l-leavyw rght Football team f1ve w1nn1ng the1r monograms The Senlor Basketball team found slx of us on 1t and the Iunrors had four from our class helpmg tnem w1n a champlonshrp And lt was that as Sophomores we flrst reahzed how lucky we were to attend Carmel what wrth rts fme reharous tratmng 1ts keen mterest 1n ath let1cs and the thoughtfulness of the Profs As Jumors UNTORS' We were upperclassmen now and nothmg could stop our progress as we reahzed that now we were a real part of thls great com pet1t1ve school For two years we had been learnmg and cultlvatmg Now was the trme for us to drg m and hold the ground we had gamed rn the past two years and also to lmorove ourselves further m order to cope wrth the lncreasmg s verlty of scholastrcs and athletlcs 122 O C 11 A V' , ' , f X- 1 II 1 II I I I I r ' . . . . . I .. . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . -, . . . I I ' I I ' I . . 1 . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . Q V . , ' I 11 . 11 . 1 . . . - I ' n II II , . . I 1 .. . , r . ' II I n II ' Q V . r. lr ffl it? amor Cfdifil NMA for? Many of us had not won monograms as yet and we made franttc attempts to ment them As proof the l-leavywe1ght Football Champtons cla1med flfteen from our class and flve of us bolstered the Heavywelght Basketball team The Champlonshlp L1ghtwe1ght Basketball squad took four of us also The Band and Art Club were well supported by us and ln Dramattcs flfteen of us tr1ed our hand at actlng ln Soclal events we never hesltated to g1ve our full backlng For we were Iunlors now and anythlng 1n the soclal way of l1fe was great fun As thls very successful year came to a close a strange sensatlon seemed to come over us as we reahzed that we had only one year left w1th those men who wore the Brown Scapular of Our Lady and wlth each other As Senlors FTEB recelvmg our varlous class schedules for our senlor year 1t was easy to real1ze that th1s would be the toughest year of all We had cllmbed a h1ll a steep one and were near 1ts top There was no tlme to pause and look back now our work was strlctly 1n front of us Scholas llCS demanded plenty of hard work and study but through tt all we found much hope and confldence 1n the fulflllrnent of our rel1g1ous dutles and prayers to our Lady of Mount Carmel that would not fall to help us to success The year was 1nterest1ng to us all as we strove to show great lnterest 1n all the soclal affa1rs of the school The h1ghl1ght of the year was needless to say our Senlor Prom whlch was held at Olympla Flelds Country Club The Football Co Champlons had slxteen of us on the squad one of us belng 1ts captatn The heavywelght basketball tearn took four of our num ber and the l1ghts who aga1n won the champlonshlp had four senlors on 1t The m1nor sports of Track Wrestllng and Boxmg recelved a large amount of members from our class The Monogram Club had twenty two of us as flrst class members And so now 1t seems that all IS done and we leave th1s grand school w1th regret Some of us wtll go on to further educatlon and some to the hardshlps of the busmess world And as we leave the halls of Carmel for the last t1me we w1ll be leavmg Just at the tlme when Amerlca IS celebratlng the Seventy F1fth Annrversary of the Carmel1tes 1n thls Country And upon leavmg we w1ll always try to reflect credlt on the Carmeltte Fathers and w1ll strlve for success w1th thelr warnlng IH mlnd that what proflth a man 1f he galns the whole world and suffers the loss of hts soul 4231 I ' 1 . . . . 1 . , . . . . . . . 1 1 ' . . 1 - ' L . - , , . . . ' 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 I ll I 1 1 . . - 11 -1: 'js lAMES ANTON THADDEUS ABENDT '43 5 ty ,fe -2 rx A4 4 -'Q Nile? " S 47 'Q 53 'aff ,ex V 3? vo Q fc- igwli N 9,453 ,di FUI' lg' " s ev-1 5 A5 -4,4 DONALD AHEABN Don Qt Brldes CISCG 2 Dramatic Club 2 Lrqhtwelqht Football lntra mural Basketball l 2 3 4 ROBERT BALLWEBEB Ba! a' y St rel1c1tas Boxmq l 2 4 Track 2 lntramural Basketball l 2 3 4 s IOSEPH BENSON O6 Ct Kxlrans Band 2 3 4 lntra mural Basketball I 2 3 IITI St Bemards Flywexqh' Bas ball l Bantamwerqht Basketball 2 Heavyv elabt Basketball 3 4 lntrarnural Basketball Baseball and Handball lOl'lN BARRY Oh Bear AMEBICO BEBNARDI Mac Q Anthony of Padua ln ramural Baseballl 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Handball l 2 -'W 24l9" Greek St Florran Krnqhts of the Blessed Sacrament l 2 3 4 Baseball 2 ROBERT BATCHELOR Burch Qt Clara Monogram Club 2 3 4 nleavywelqht Football 2 3 4 In ramural Basketball and Base l FRANK BLANEY Woody Qt Thomas Apostle Monogram Club 3 4 Llqhtwelqht Football l 2 Heavywelqht Football 3 Lrqhtwerqht Basketball l 2 3 Track 4 Intramural Baseball l 2 , - '-:W .,1.-'tr'-'.5S. 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WALTER BLOCK Wally Pav Paw Hlqh School N1 hlcan C s a 4 Track 4 lmramqral Ddsxe oall Basball 4 RICHARD BOLGER Dick 1 Cyn Monogram CJ Llomecommq Dance Ccmmlttee 4 CISCG l Carmel Llte Staff 3 4 Ormnammn Saff 4 Lxqlm vvelqfnt Fcotcall 2 Feavvwe , F 0 f' l 4 m'ramural Base l xml all FRANCE BRI JKMAN Fran G1 a fr"1f2 He 4 O IFPPO GH A V G , EDWARD BOUDAN HGPPY Q Vllchael Track Intramural E seball and Basketball 2 3 4 WILLIAM BORNSTEIN Willie C Clara C1sca lr ck 2 3 ln mmurwl Basketoall and Base 2 3 4 l-Undba lOHN BROWN D r-1 p F 5 "'l 25 1' -by J ,L Q- ff 29,1 1.41.1 P 1' Qu" Y W, f 4- 1' 5 'E H' 4.-Liv Q ul' V' "' 7 K :Y fb-'es u N Y 1 ,ffl 'L rv,--rw E mf " SL!! 'zlf vm. 4 "J" 4544. W 1 P' if-7' wg: 44 a .f-QQ: sw u-Jw E xv 34 'BS -dj' 63? 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Intramural Baseball 3 GEORGE CALEY Shadow St. Leo. Dramatic Club 4. Ori ilamme Staff 4. Cisca. Track 3, 4 Intramural Basketball Baseball THOMAS CASEY Case St. Philip Neri. Intramural Base ball and Basketball l 2 3 4 Free Throw 3. -'5t26l9' CLYDE BRZEZINSKI Bronko St. Iosephs. Monogram Club 3 4. Homecoming Dance Committee 3. Lightweight Football 2. Heavy- weight Football 3 4. Boxing 2 4, Intramural Basketball 2 3 4. Baseball 2 4. SALVADORE CARUSO G St. Brides. Monogram Club 4, Cisca. Track l 2 3 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 3 4. FRANK CLARK UZZ Lincoln Ir. H. S. Canton Ohio. Lightweight Football l, Intramur- al Basketball l 2 3. Baseball 1. IAMES COLLEARY lm St Laurence Carmel Lxte Staff 3 4 Orxflamme Staff 4 Rrlle Club 3 4 Freshman Proflclency Hon crable Mentlon Relxqlon Medal 2 3 Intramural Basketball and Baseball I 2 3 4 Free Throw Contest I 2 3 RAYMOND CONNORS GY St Columbanus Clsca Glee Club Intramural Basketball 2 Free Throw Contest Fmalxst Handball 3 WADE CUTTNER Mose Hyde Park Ftmfle Club 3 4 THOMAS COLLINS Tom Ltttle Flower Kmqhts of the Blessed Sacrament Intramural Basketballl 2 3 THOMAS CREEVY I St Phxhp Nerx Monogram Club Llqhtwelqht Football 1 Heavy welqht Football 2 3 4 Lxqht werqht Basketball l 2 Heavy wexqht Basketball 3 4 Intramural Baseballl 2 3 MARTIN DALEY Marr Oulqley Clsca Kmqhts ot the Blessed Sacrament Intramural Basketball and Baseball 2 3 4 +2l27l' 3 'll' f' -4 Q Bk. K4 4 I 1 br- ILM' f L -+ 5 ,,frZ"' 4,245 W. L we IU! ,TWV rf,v'15 M, 4 e 'V- ,plrlig uhm! v ig? J X' 'tis si if vbsgf ri, 143, is Wx qi! 5' 4 xl 'xiqlrvggv vi, ,r Fw A 1- fvzg ,IAQ-r fir JW? 'wi '5 4Wp:a? 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I CYRIL DEITCH De LaSalle CISCU Track 3 4 Intramural Baseball and Basket bill 3 4 WAYNE DICKINSON Hlck Warren Palm BNI Club Rails Dramatlcs 2 Kmqhts I I Blessed Sacrament I 2 3 4 Ortflamme Staff 4 MARTIN DOWD Pepper S. Francis de Paula. Inrarnur. Basketbal 3. Baseball 2, 4. +3 28 E+ IOHN DESMOND 65 St Phxlxp Nerx Monogram Club 3 4 Basketball Manager 3 4 Bantamwenght Basketball I 2 Intramural Baseball l 2 Basket l 2 WILLIAM DILLON B Br1des Iumor Prarn Ccmmt tee 4 Intramural Basketball I 7 3 4 HandDf1llCl1am,J 3 Swlm rung Champ 3 IAMES DUFFIN Duff Lille Flavxer. Dramati, Cub I. Mlkado 3. Chocolate S:lii-r 4. 'n ramural Bprskethft ,,,. Baseball 4. IAMES DUNN N gger Qt Plu 13 Ner1 Clsca Presxd nt of Class 4 Treasurer of Class Track 2 Bantamwexqht Baskt ball l 2 Intramural Base-ba l and lc t THOMAS FEENEY Om St L uren e Cxsca Intramural Baslc all and Baseball l 2 3 4 IAMES GANNON lm St Kmans Ar Club 2 B vang Team' 2 Rifle Clu 3 Inr rrutrll sc tba 1 IAMES FARRELL Enter Z from H1rscl'1 4 IOSEPH FRANCHETTI O9 Monogram Club 3 4 Lxqh W 1,nt Football 2 Heavyw lqnt Foo on l 4 In ranmtral Baseball anfl ti SK tlral 2 3 4 EDWARD GRABINSKI Rubin Mary lflaqfiu n Band ts l.1QllllJEl'Q'l Foo 1 l29t ' Mahi' 52 'S 5, fawkvggif Q QFNLSHQJ c Jax n 262' 'V 6"3i5ifs'5+f-1 ,21-ifi' 'SFS L 355' W wi bfi- ft? ffl fe' 1310 5 1: 4, N, rx vgfv' I w r Wm' MA B5 gf ef ,bv 3' 9 5 .P gif: MK? 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LEO HENNING Rosle Bandl 2 3 4 Secretary 2 4 Presrdent 3 Orchestra 2 3 Intramural Basketball Baseball 3 4 Swrnmmq 2 IOHN HORGAN Twlnkle St Laurence Band 3 4 Crsca 2 Intramural Basketball 3 ROBERT HYDE Holy Cross Crsca l 2 3 4 In tramural Basketball and Baseball IOHN HIOKEY Fflfl Ouxqley Cxsca 4 Boxmq 4 Track 4 Intramural Basketbal 4 PHILIP I-IUGUELET I St Martm Carmel Llte 3 4 News Edxtor 4 Orltlamme ASSOCIGIG Edrtor 4 Crsca Secretary of Class l V1cePres1dent 4 Intramural Basketball and Baseball l 2 3 4 Cbamps 3 Iumor Prom Com mlttee 3 Chalrman of Hohday Dance 4 WALTER HYNES Wally St Ioachlm 3 HGGVVWGIQIHI Foot ball 3 4 Intramural Baseball 3 +-l31F+ S ez, J l, Q5 M beg 15:92-:tw Y ,f :FM '9' ll- A53 ,sr -ll, 4 fl I 551221 ns. EEN' ?"' z f f' ,V 'fa -:SX iffy? xg Y 'mb A M 3-lea., vs fa. 45,44 22,1-f3fi33 ia 1' tl I M: 91+?? iik 2 -F? 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QSYQPY lf- ml lv M -Jw lr- 514331 L MANUS KEANE Careless St Sabrna Crsca l 2 Rrlle Club 2 Lrqhtwerqht Basketball l Heavywerqht Basketball Z 3 4 L1qhtwe1gl'1t Football 2 lntra mural Baseballl 2 3 4 Hand 2 TIM KELEHER lm Holy Cross Carm lL1e 4 Orr tlamm 4 Art Club l Boxmq 3 4 Intrc mural Baseball Basketball 'D FRANK KELLY Hfgh Pockets Parl-cs1de R1'le Clu 3 4 C Club 3 IOHN KEEGAN Jack Kllran Band l 2 4 chestra 3 4 Intramural Ba lfet ba Baseballl 2 3 4 ROBERT KELLAM O Olieete CISLG l 2 Rrtl Club 2 Orrflamme 4 Trank 2 3 4 lntra mural Baseball B sketball 2 3 THOMAS KELLY Duke Hclw Cross Crrt 'nm 4 Csa B se 114 f32l WILLIAM KEELEY I ol Thomas Apostle B nd l 2 3 Crsca 3 4 Kmqlfrts of the Blessed Sacrament 2 3 4 ARTHUR KELLY 9 Brrae Ar Cnul l 2 rs a tl Club 3 lntr mural Basket Val Baseball 2 3 4 lelarvlb r nrter up 3 Swrrrrfrrxa A ARTHUR KENNEDY I' u aycfPec r a "2Or1'r1"1e V ly!"-f 1, .vgz if -fr "'-w f't3 '47'f:ffp mai- ,V 'H--5:'.-.ts-,Sw '- rv , -A 'TQ .,g1-r?, ?3yL,eR'- Y-'ft ,k r-43,4-. , Q W ' ,:- ,.v - .:.,n,u,,.,1. fig, of . :fly ":j1'3" "" lm 'Q-if T--51'-4"'f"l i' . 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BICHABD KENNEDY Coach St Sabma Bandl 2 Monogram Club 3 4 Enqlxsh Medal 1 I-Ion orable Mentxon 3 I-Ieavywexqht Football 2 3 4 Llqhtwelqht Football l 'Wrestlmq 3 Tracl. 3 4 Intramural Basketballl 2 3 WILLIAM KOTTMEYER I SIQIOD B nd l 2 EMIL KULOVITZ S Ambrose In ramur l Baslfet b l Baseball l 2 3 Chamcs 3 WILLIAM KENNELLY Coocn Hyde Park Clsca I 2 3 Llqht welqbt Football I I-Ieavywelqht Football 3 Prfle Club 2 Intra mu at Basketball l 3 4 THOMAS KREMER Om 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball Bas k oalll 2 3 4 WALTER KULOVITZ Wally Q Ambrose Lrqhtwezqnt Foot b ll 2 Intramural Basketball B selfall I 2 3 4 t33l EDWARD KLIMEK Qt Barbara L1qhtwe1qht Basket ball 2 3 4 Fenw1clc All Tourna ment Center 4 Intramural Base ball I 2 Champs l RUDOLPH KROTIAK U a I IAVIES KUMMERER IfTl St Mary r'nelLzte 3 4 ro lclency rn dal 2 4 Intramural B sebal 2 3 A ll II ll I ll llEdll - I - I ' " 4 A I I ' ' ' Af.. 1 l I 4 M 1 - ' ' - I I - l - ' - - ' I ,,B.H,, ,IT I, HB d,, Vi 't t' . a , , 3. St. Cyril Boxing l, 2, 3, 4. Track I-Ioly Rosary. Intramural Base- , , , , . 5 ll . et' , , , . J. ,fEm,. ,, If HJ- ,. 1. .1 Q sf. .' " . , .Ca..-'-..P- ual, .. , , . A . a . , e . - - a . ., , , . a I ,e. eff :Q- JQ-'X vial manga? "wl'i2'?'-L7 13412-'25 at 7 jidwpqvw 1 wwgr H ? 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' v n , , , . n- 'th DONALD MCICKENZIE Mac Our Lady of Peace Track 4 In tramural Basketball 2 3 4 IOHN MEERS Jackie I-lo y Cross Band l 3 Intra mural Baseball 1 2 Cho o late Solaler 4 VINCENT MODESTO Moe Parker B nd 4 THOMAS MAHER Frank St Cyrll Clsca .5 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Chocolate Soldler 4 Track 2 3 4 Capt 4 Bantam welqht Basketball 2 3 Lzqht weigh' Football 2 Intramural Baske ball Baseball I 2 3 4 NUCCIO MICHELAZZO M IC St Pnnony Track Q 4 Int mural Basebal Basketball 7 4 IAMES MORRIS Moe S Brlde Rlfle Club 'J Clsca Track 2 In r 'nura Basketl baseball 2 3 4 "l35l3' F 1' dirt 5 L 'O' af 'fav' 'fl' QIv,1f1"1 f a FRANCIS MEAKIM Frannle St Cyr1l Monogram Club 3 Lxahtwelqht Football l Heavy wezqht Football 2 3 4 CatHol1c I-Iallback 4 In ramural Baseball Baslfetball 4 IOSEPH MICHUDA O6 Poly Rosary Sacr rn rt' 2 3 EDWARD MULLEN Moon Pa rzck l.1qh .verafxt Football nrarn r l Baske c. Champs 11137 r I W .aw V' fl Q. 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IOSEPH MCINTYRE O6 Holy Cross IOHN MCNAMEE Mac Ga I Moncqrarr- Club 4 V res Img 3 Heavywemqhf Foo' b 4 In rarrural B seball B all l Z 3 IOI-IN O BRIEN Do ' I O11 11f'1"1 4 1 NEI, Fco 'sa 2 I'1 r 'fur Basket as S WILLIAM MCKENNA Moc P:xrks1de CJrmelL1t 3 4 fl flamm 4 Fl1fle Club 3 4 CISCG I 2 Camera Club 3 lrvramlxral Baseball Bask Yball I 4 NORBERT NEWMAN Norb S .Ann Trac: 4 Ir1tra1"11r lbas all Baseball 2 3 IOHN O BRIEN Clvubs 1 11 FJ OBI1 r1 13 '7 In ramural B SICDI 3 ana BJSGVHI1 3 4 "fl 37 li? 3- LI '45 v 1 kr 44 PF ,pri ' '4 '54 bd Kr, Wil' 'f f U, 57-f J :M 34 ni'-4' Bt"f5-EEK gas 15' ,lab A .1 W, 'N L'-+4 4' I miie? Q? 'waz 44 f 4-'lf is s ,QQ IAMES MCLAUGHLIN Moc O ee-Ie R1f CIJ 3 4 IAMES NOONIE Im S EW1 r :I l'lfG'1'lUI'G s ba Baslc DANIEL O CONNOR Jock Our L 1 ' IOHN OROURKE TIMOTHY OSULLIVAN JOHN PARKER 1 41,413 -gif -2,,pf?I"ff I' I' 1 w as 'I '3,jf-WTF , "' x GI Aiiifwte ITIWIB4 as ,, 'fa f f 7-.f-'V 5. I bsaafcfw 3. 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HT' 'I H If . - . . h 1 . I . I , , I. , , . I I , I . . . . . K ' A I I I I ' , . . ff If H 1, H If ' ' I I , , . I . - , , . I - . . . - . t - t . MG QW 595:48 if IH l I 49' su 'V- AR-is 4' 5491- 1' ' rugs if J I 12' ,'K4fx WW? ROBERT PETROLLI O St Thomas Apostle Cxsca 3 4 Mikado 3 Intramural Baseball 2 IEROME POCHRON Jerry St Solomea Lral' werqht Football l 2 Intramural Basketball Base l 2 ROBERT OUIN N O V1s1tat1on Monogram Club 2 7 4 Lrqhtweught Football l Heavy werqht Football 2 3 4 Int mural Basketball 2 3 4 THOMAS PHILBIN Lamey Our Lady of Peace In ramural Basketball Baseball I 2 Mldqet Basketball 2 3 4 GORDON POWERS Gord y St Sablna B nd l 2 3 4 Secre tary of Band 3 Presrdent 4 Chan' man of Band Dance 4 lntra mural Baseball l 2 Swrmmmg 2 IOHN REGAN Babe Our Lady of Pea Crsca 2 In tramural Bask ball Baseball l +el39l" 'WH its JY x A QV wt, 9 f' '27 .3 74? ,gyfaa 'gait-fl W M silk av' Q: far- ffl' L IS 65831554 ,H lsggiiif 2, wtf faffw? f he M' Q " 5' , M N' " mf was FRANK PITTACORA St Anthony Intramural Basket ball and Baseball 2 4 GEORGE QUINLAN Gee S Sabxna Bandl 2 3 4 School Ochestra l 2 3 4 Crsca 1 2 Intramural Baseball I 2 3 I AMES REINERS Luke St CIGIYS Clsca Bantamwerqh Basketball l Track 2 3 4 I.1qht werqht Football 2 Intramura Bask tball 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 7 4 12' 1 YY ,J QS V6 1 ibm mi Fqryihjaff get.. A 3.2 fi 1 .I t?-3',,,e wqvt C' La X .,?g2.,9?- 4 :fb i 4 M' 5,1 Q av. ka 1 A M 2, 375 Cl' , '9'+4J-112: ,v Qi- 'dxf' 53 ia 5 ,If -'l'g.'?.nh '14 15 if-I-k QQQLI ! 4 5-5? jr xx-if f x xailff 9 Q ues' AY +f"Nf- v 4 'slgfi h 1 :ff Nt. , W' pf' V?-ek FRANK ROONEY Mickey St Lawrence Trackl Intramural Baseball Basketball I 2 Ha d ball Tournament IOHN RYAN Entered from Niagra 3. Glee Club 4. Cisca 3, 4. Carrn-l-Lite 4 . 3, 4. Holiday Dance Committee 4. Intramural Basketball, Swimnsinq Baseball 3, 4. IOHN SCI-ILESSEB 95 St, Kilian. THOMAS RUFFNEB R u St Lawrence Anti Communist Cubl23C1scal234 ie Team34 IOHN ST LEGEB Jack St. hamas Apcs.le. Cis-a , . Mikado 3. Business Manager Ori- Ilamme 4. Carmel-Lite Stall 3, 4. lrack 3. IOI-IN SCHWAB Jack St. Columbanus. Band I, 2, 3 4. Cisca 4. Boxing 2, 3. Trafk 3, 4. Heavyweight Football 4. Int af mural Basket? II, Handball I, 2, 4? 40 tif IOHN RYAN Jack S S Peter and Paul Intramural Basketball 4 Baseball 2 3 4 WILLIAM SCANLON I S., Cyril. Cvlee Cub 4. Lightweight H 'I BOLD SELMER Ha S. S, P,t..r and Paul. Iuniar Liter- :ry and D..l'atinq Sariety 2. Iri- Viuiurzl Handball and Base :a I. ROBERT SHIELDS Bishop EDWARD SE fMOUR Brendcms Liqhtweigh Foo' :III I 2 I-I vyweiqht Foot all r m1 cz B 14 cz Q1 Cc herine of Gene Ciscc 2 Q 4 IVIOl'1OCfCII'I1nIUb 3 4 Cf1rmeI e S I 4 Oriil mme Scz'f B xin, I 2 Q 4 Capt m4 Tru 2 3 4 I1'1'1'G'UL1I'CII B skek II Q 4 BGS Q 4 SW1'T'Y"11l'1Q 2 s V1 EDWARD SHUDRV 1 Sl'VUffy LJ QCK ICI-IN SINOI ETII DMI 2 ri WILLIAII SPITZIG ll Srfoffey IEROME STA c Drip 'r 1 '-1 41 FWLZ 8IfLt0l"fi RICHARD SHERIDAN Benny St Nicholas of Tolentme Liqhi Height Foo'bQll 3 Iniramurcl B sketI'cxI12 3 4 Bcxsebclll 2 Q 4 Ckcxmns .5 I-I ndb::1I13 4 WILLIAM SINNIOTT Hoppy fl "Curr m IOHN SULLIVAN Jock mas Apes Nik dc 5 I .V 6 ' .V 4 llEdll ll ' ll IV fl ...1' c.' , St. .' "'1.,- .' V, , I D , . .- L2 , . .ea ' b ' ' . . L11 'tai . 'U 1. 4. 311113.11 I 3s'e-tb 112, 3, 4, G -J . . . , 1 c"'.,,V,. 3' . ck V..-A . --G ,- , . . 3 mc. ' , -Ebizll ., . '. . 1' , 3, 4. Vfre tli. g 4. 'T' T A. 4 1 Y L L H if 1, 1 ,H H 1, 'D' ..'1',iiJ cf Pe':"e, C1521 . I.- E1 Cyril, Rifle C1411 2, 1. 2:25 Ery ' . Rifle Tec 2, 3, 4. ffflffllfil Ezsketzyzll I, 2, E. Eise- 4, 'fr::Q: 2, E, -1. Czptzin 4. Swimming 2, 3, 4. hull 1, 2, 2. Ezs-931:11 1, 2. f- - v . ... fi -. H 1, ,, 1, 1, B I ,1 ' St. Cclu:b:..',1s.E3::i E, 4. C1253 Si. Mcrgzrei. 21523. S'.'.'i:1r1i.,g Sf. The A Ile. 1' C: 3. E. C3rr:e.vI.iie Stuff 3, 4. Cril :.:fEjZ.1Sf .. Iitrxrigrcl Ez-e::lQ fist: 2, 3, 4, flzmrrze S1353 4. Stcrrtp flu: 4. ., 2. Ii Yidzy ,zz C, Czririrtee 4. In tru. .ur:' Ecskeixll 1, 2. Ezsehzl. 2, 3. IIGIICLICCZII 2, 3, 4. 64 Ifs- ROBERT SUTTON C url y St Thomas Apostle Cxscal 2 3 4 Rxfle Club 3 4 Carmel Lute Staff 3 4 Swlmmlnq 2 Intramural Swxmmmg 3 4 HENRY TELKES H ank Iohn Fxske Cxsca 1 2 3 Intr mural Baseball and Basketball 2 3 THOMAS SWEENEY Skfppy St Thomas Apostle Clsca 1 Track l 2 3 Llqhtwelqht Foot ball 1 Intramural Basketball and Baseball l 2 3 4 IAMES THURLOW Jimmy St Cyrll Mlkado 3 Cxsca 3 4 Hollday Dance Commlttee 4 Ltqhtwexqht Football 2 Heavy wexqht Football 3 Intramural Basketball 4 4:-I 425' IOSEPH TAAFFE 06 St Philip Nen Carmel Lxte 3 4 Orltlamme Staff 4 Sports Edltor Carmel I.1te 4 Intramural Ba e ball and Basketball RAYMOND TRACY UY St Saoxna Intramural Baseball l basketball l 2 3 4 Champs l WALTER TRAPP Wally St Columbanus Iunxor D batxnq Club l Stamp Club 4 Irntramural Baseball and Basketball l 2 IOHN TRIBBIA St. Anthony. Intramural Basket- ball 3 4. Handball l. WILLIAM WATSON Wee Willy O'Keefe. Oriflamme Staff 4. Cisca 2, 3 4. Lightweight Football Manager 3 4. Intramural Base- ba . IOSEPH WOODLOCK Hopalong Hyde Park. Carmel-Lite Staff 3 4. Oriflamme Staff 4. Iunior Literary and Debating Club 2. Vice Presi- dent of Class l. Lightweight Foot- ball 3. Heavyweight Football 4. English Medal 4. HARRY WALKER Snook St. Clara. Cisca 1 2 3 4. Pro- ficiency Finalist l. Track 2. Intra- mural Basketball and Baseball ROBERT WEBBER Curley St. Ethelreda. Rifle Club 3. Art Club 1. Cisca 1 2. Track I 2. Swimming 1 2. Boxing 2 3. Intra- mural Basketball and Baseball 'Pl 43li+ if ' 4-1'1'lz,r fr Zafxf my 'Ufwklg rxje-vt 1' Q 'fr 5 +3 Ms x it L- 25 'ily' :q3'l'f at 4? J' iff- :vf:v ww x yt: 'ZAR' T is -Q -fo what .af -pw if 34" M,J't'f a, W9 .- 53639 HARRY WATSON H frsch Hyde Park. Track 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseballl 2 3 4. IAMES WELDON Dutch St. Thomas Apostle. Wrestling 3. Mikado 3. Oriflamme Staff 4. 9.2 .1 XM In 'fHP11Il11'IEI11I Rl F ARD KING Drck August ll 1922 Our Lady of Peace Kruqht of the Blessed Sacrament Devotee ol Our lady af Mt Carmel She Claurled 18th lO38 :He fafresf flu vqs Fave fleefesf end ' u . ' U fN V ,. him lar her Own Within the octave al her leasi, luly , .1 . fx V X gif vmior gfcwd OMCQVJ EUGENE DWYER GERALD ASHE Presldenf Vrce Presldenf SIGMUND CZAHOBSKI JAMES HINDE Secrefory Treasurer 445+ f X X- K Y . if F E J X UA Cfcm Q! 1941 You Class ot 4l indeed have done much to carry on Carmel s trad1t1ons You are ideal Catholic men who have developed both splrrtually and m ntally in your three years here at Carmel. Your devotion to Cur Lady ot Mt Carmel has been expressed outwardly in your every actron Thlrteen ot you were m mber ot the ccramplonshlp football team and twelve of you were the proud pos sessors of the coveted C whlch was truly a Just award because you d1d much to brmg the champlon shlp to Carmel aga1n Four played on the heavles rn basketball and three found your way to the llghts Cn the boxlng team you were represented exceptlonallv well and the Band Art and Dramatlc Clubs were all alded by your grand support ln clsca you showed undauntmg sp1r1t rn a1d1r1g Cathollc Actron And so to you the Class ot 41 may you always contmue to do your grand work and keep the colors of Carmel flymg hrgh above the others And may you also contlnue to love appreclate and admlre the good Carmelltes as you have shown m the past KEEGAN R E LUCA S FLYNN FITZCF ALD SULLI JAN 46 I I I 1 . I - . Q XJ I S S 1- - I I - ll ll I I I I I I I I E. R. DWY . F. . D. R. .E F. 1 ,Al 'Ns 'X-A 1- Cf-W I CAN I MACK V C M 1 2 FLAF Q DO X L F MAUB M NV n.l"1 L T. L.',FRffff 'X I 'ffl ' T IA, NITE S'f.3AHL Ff. REIT! XT. ..V7f"" Wrgtv ' . . ,ffl iff. ,HI'.'f.,:.l. E.. KAPPE? I. HIERMEATID L. AEPfY G. ' FIFTEL W, V.'f'AfIG H, VI SCI HAHQS F, WHITE E. ' H. JLTY' ,, ,N,,:- M, COHIICLLY '.'.'. 1'.lfffIf?fITV CCF?-Zlfff I. I.f:DQfIf',,'7E F, DUFFY' M FEIZII-Q9 L L 'H I. L I. T I ADDUCI FRANK . OUDS:OCE.I SCHAFFER HINDE STEFANCKI SUPANSKI WFBER COPFOU WOOD M AED KEAL E BLAIR M VAUGIAAN E UNTON I COLGAN C LOLBER C KOZY G A K I CONWAY MURPHY CULL RIORDAN O BRIEN I LACKEY V KELLY I T OOF F LUSSC JBPOL FI-H T. ' L 1. P E. . - wsu R. E. N. L. f K T. ' HF . :J . -. iffwiicx E. QUGGAP: 03315: C. 1151152 E, ff'f::r s1.:.FLz T3 r.1:,s1cr:'f ,ri 491 L MURRAY F. BUCKLEY F. OMALLEY T. OROURKE R. SULLIVAN G. COLE . PEIHINGER W WALSH I MORIARTY I CL ARK R KRAG RYAN CONVIAY BUCKLE MONAGHAN KELLEY GREEN FEPPARO DAN CZERNIKOWSKI P HERNON C FILLER I WALSH I M DC UTLL GALL ORE EAP V G TZ ALSKI PMT! CCRA CI F L ri' H . ff R. P. H. I. T. R. R. . . . .C NTL H. ffl VJ. ...FILE S. D P. ' " ' 1, ' R, KALTICES P. C 'Lf fl EUFKE Yak C O LTI I FY X ZOL C D O PAU5-' UQA IJOUGI-I FLAHED Y JRBA L5-.IHAII G SMITH O NICHOLS I IU G W SPPARS R KELLY T DVV YEH W O FIOURKV T GALLAI IIS I 'W I-IITE R ROCHETTO L NERRION ARD-.P J IN GUERIN PAULAIXI ZE LEY HNXIN.-'XP RJrFJIO 'XJ POD ZIDEK P GDIFPF MSO? 1. R If L. OKL .. BLITT rr 1. Lanz 51.1 SH L. HCZYK 1. m ' EHTY V, ' I. .I 1 T, ANTONQWECK . N T. . if 5 B. I.f:GR.1-LIE I. H. ' H. G L. . EL S. IF ' . f"IEI.I.?Q 11, Mt 1. . . .:: ISI?" EI. RAISE I. HARPER I. SIIINNICH Z. ,ZAFIMSKI I. CLEARY IIOWE CO0 I UNF FELL I ILL A F IIY LUX RAB ALK I AI-IEE FOUGHLIN BRZEZINSKI DAVID MUIIIPHY MCGO W AN LYNCH ASI'-IE DWYER FERGUQON DUFFV I I V1DOLfAK ING I-LD ZINAVO Us I wr' XJJJ FII Z ri JT F I-JL: I. vfijf I, D. 1 I. U .I D. W. GLN I, A I. I, ' N. R. E. I. . ' ' R. I, G. T. .. R. . S. L I NKI P., GRAY P. AEWISTEOIK1 'I n'fxfffI..-- I- FIT GIFEILIS fjfll 53212 G. f.f'f"'S 52,9 OWLOVQ 6!6L:5:5 UMCZVZ5 PAUL O FLAHERTY Presrdenf f sa 552+ IOHN GLEASON Vice Presfdenf EDWARD HAGGERTY Secrefory EDWARD SWEENEY Treasurer 1 i 1 fi ,4 f V 1 - X 'lf'- I . , ,. L ff 'f- 5 I tn-. fe jk CEM 0 1942 Sophomores-a bia step from Freshies. But you have carrled on splendldly. ln the classroom as well as on the athlettc tleld, you have showed your true colors. You stepped mto the soc1al held per- haps for the tlrst trme and truly you made a arand showma Eleven of your group d1d thelr share ot work on the Champlonshrp l-leavyweraht Football team thrr teen of you alded the lrahtweraht arldders to a successful season Cn the hardwood floor tour were on the l-leavres and three played on the Champlon shrp Llahtweraht team and you drsplayed areat promrse for the future teams ot Carmel To the Class of 43 may you contrnue to carry on as you drd as Sophomores because the march of Carmel towards contmued success ln the next two vears w1ll depend mostly upon you GL RS CLJSR P it BRO JS KD UIN CEL KES E PE S5 1 I I P - I u l. E. . A. .l..E. R, . T. DILLOP l. AHEUN E. ' l I' D. ., I K. ' . H T CO I. C A Y l 'I 3513 H N K WSLI I DO Z L KUIIIMF IR T QJAYI JH QJV' G TLV ICH O I I II SEV-Pr. RUQSELL 'WI QANI O Q C KLI' PPER IUILER I- EAF.LC'.'.' A. YPEEKZ T. BYFIIIE W. Lf'QPPE'ZY F. IIETIT-IESEX' I. MUHI? . LIVAT . T W. SARW. III F. NLFSKI . 5' 'AK . 'EE LL W. V CANFI L. I. w F- A T. CAPIILLAN C. I, L . T I. CVFLY I. I".5.IfI VV. CF.C'.'.'E F. YTEEFF H. 3.15132 M. C .TCTQIIL A. PIFHF II. fE'.'.l.fI? I. Llffflf' A. E-V 'LII AHA O1 Pm P-A. T TYNE vm RMAN OU' I YV J pf:- HAH' DON DILLO KFQ I AY 7 I IAPNON KI CMVLFX SI F NOIl,.3.f1D .vTk, iZER 1TfP3IffJ ffflfflfifi 1 HE. . .ff 'MRM G KET N . . M.j.'.'ITI Plf','iiFff2ON w .. ' S H 'TIHTIIE KOEZF. Yfiilff "i4-.5-. PELE I 'JIAPQ 'fE"'."f VZ' 3.ff.f1.... ffffffffg ' ' ' 'L if Ei '.'!. HRLSYIGFP M. OKOTIIE'.'.'SEiI C, KANE I. VI KC' ICQI ' , FCLEY LU1Z FIQNE TAT C Gdin-CL VANCE' O CONITIEV L FAAVFV GAYNO X JOCDwf+.r'D De- BLNE ETH HAGGED BENQ O FT AHERLY KLLLY I OKCS MUNROE PM CAR VHY L BARR 1 CAS JU O Cr NF vr T x., 'A Xi vV N. 'F G. R. E. .Jflrxfl VJ. ' wwf ,QIST W. XC . D. ' . g - I. ' . . M E. ' F R. W C "Wi A. C. I2 ' E. UTY R, . CEE P. ' D C M. Im I. A 'N D. C. .' :C '. H. 13.HI.fEP I. KUI.ff-Eff? I, " E. W C f. f.fAfIS C. EICFITI I, l,I.fnThEF,'r' 5' irllf. Hfffi if fliikiki A fs. SLC'.'.'I?lC'.'.'f1 f ,Q fU1AUl!lC2l'W NRL YJ. REID D. I-IICKEY R. HILLIARD L SLATER KENNEY DWYER MALINIA R ANGS TEN STEWART T FITZGERALD 4 MASCOLINO VJ BELL VANDENHENDE HENNESSY EARROLL J MOODY SANG O CONNOR HOLZER MACKEY CASEY MEISENBACH BYRNE I-11-XRKEI' 'ER O BRIEN GLELQ F F. ' . A, W I M. K. E. V R, T. ' R. L. E, D. IJICCLOSKEY f. KELLY F. UUOII f, H.5.'1'2EN P. CSTPEELLO Z. HOLT R. CCRIZIER 3. YORK I 2 , ,1, ffl, ,,. A- H. U - f-3 . V.-xx. .-xnnq.. E LALLY F v- , f-, Tf' D DFW LOHLE PILLOF VJ FEEnAN V KNAPP v 'CUENQ Gr-.T BW' A A FEE!-IAM S HROVI BAQDED E ZXQBONIEY L HAQTV H BROV I1EW?'T'WIN DES XONW QJLLU RJ S EE 'SJ EDQ I AP' x :rr r E 3. -C ff ,ON Q S. M"G.Nq D. -EO'.'.'F-JE E. RO'.'.',,TEi.l. F. f- , W. J MUEPEE. I. I INTER T. '- U-. I . '. I. C T E, .. .. R. 'I .. 1 E- R. I' . I. WET' I. 'JN R. . 1 ...V T H. VJITTHEB C. H .J R. J , I E. "JI FIEY 2. DOTS EHUE F, GEMEECI I. LLLNE F '::1" I. LI.-I'EFfI.3.iI EC '."lTiPEZ'z' B. ..Y..'fY 459? ,xo Um 01145 SAVAGE F. BLAIR S. IQHNSQN I. MILLER I. ANDERSON VVEBEEV-I VADGA BYQNE MAPK GLMZTER VJ X A. bH I O KD ALE A OQAEFE W X ILLIG SIETT LAN IMGDUE CU I PNIGS VWLQON KEHOE FAZEKAS Prxxl OLOSI VIA WON EY I JG1-I ' Q O Q O OJrKE O f-XJ 'YY ZF I. ' . P. ., I. .. 1. . ,. I. ' . . . 'JIU .ST C' . F. 'F 1. . A T P, xi D. ' 2 M . C. . - S. L. ETC E.. J P. A153 'L31 E. PTT? 'NMK1 1. "W - r: ctffr' C. SCELH E F.. :.1A93L5':fsH1 '.'. siixfirrsorz T. Kigsitssm 3HE.l,H.L.r: KiECZEIE'.'.'3K. I If- V815 lfVLOLlfL CKUL55 C8lf'5 KENNETH STEGMAN RICHARD CONNERS Presldenf Vice Presldenf LAWRENCE PETERSON GORMAN QUINN Secrefory Treasurer f',3f'f-QQ 1 2 , , y Y N N gm 1-bmi 4 ' - 75 N 1 E f ic: w N F- 5 Q ' 5 X I A 5 X' YES .,-1 ff ,, A jlr CM 0 1943 We are proud ot you Freshmen lt dtd not take you long to tnhertt Carmel s tlahtma sp1r1t Fttteen of you played on the Ltahtwetaht football squad ln basket ball two ot you Won places Wlth the luntor Champs and two ot you broke lnto the Senlor sajuad To the other sports of Boxlna Wrestltna and Track you de voted your servtces wllltnaly But tn somethtna more trnportant you sparkled brrl ltantly You became permeated Wtth the sptrtt and tradlttons of Carmel You became devoted to Cur Lady ot Mt Carmel You brouaht mto your da1ly ltte those To you class ot 43 We extend oonaratulatlons and hope that you Wlll ever keep Carmels colors flyrna htah May you learn to love and apprectate the Carmel ttes and those who have aone before you l 61+ prinotples learned in the classroom. I 'I I u Sq ei' 1 YJ 4 Gy' s I9 H1011 UAT T O P ANFQ fl. C AFI' DLL DMLV ZUT ON CLA14 f'Z-'-,FU KFLLV LP VOHPHAT SANUS ROCFE KEPPFRL 4 RYDB1: NAD 4 I RCSQI PREV R I V' X ALA fx G WI-LILTTINF' P I-TARKLNIFI D S 1-FLLEVK I GVGEJ G Vw:-HTL 'OHINEN LANE MAHEVZ BRODERI K BUDINGEQ F 7 I ' JA ' " PRENSERJP.. I. x'q..fff. N E. . ff F. ' . P. .T . I. Ti X., , SS I. - . V. Lf" .PHY R. ZELAZEK R. ... H. W E. I F. ., ITYG C, 'TIG F. .1 ..f XJJY. A . vfCCA.',THY N. , ' K Vf. G. . E. Cf' C. . I H7 IP PIC VU A ZEK VAPWL I JDK .JF ar I M ' I 1 f Q ' 1 JI -' X if I I I I PETEFECTI C,l.LL.l.Ei.lAf' Llflf V-yvq EI',IZTff.lF f,Jf.,'4.T' TF-.SQEEZEI ZA ITIATI PE'TEFG'fT' V.. .. W-. . ,Y . .JxJ..!L. SZYf.f.l.fIE.f' T AKLIYJSPII I crrrfmvmv . ........-.,. I- f'305PE',','SKI , ,,,, . A . .-... ., .w , .I k, SEI IJ .',l.?I?. HDPPCY HCDYYELL L' "NT ,..,-..,,, FFHQEIEC LAKE . ..,...-wg-M ?.3,...'jf-D 3f K','!1"'Z - i, I. I. FLOY2 M. KUPCZAK D. CONLEY P. CRANE A--- I. Eight.. W. GOES B WILQO J V A-FLWJU OF I MOMN fi?-VXI R OUINNI D Wil LSH FOX CLAFFY M CANIN Iv J H RASIV UQS KELLV I O NEILL V BRODV I O NEIU M IAIE N R PVYNOLJS HIL H FO1' p Qrmr Iv LLVW L v'. DW.. .. OT X M. R. R. Q . . E. TCH' G V. f .4 EN M. ' . . -RICK XWSKI I. E ' L 1 P. .P L.---TTE T. TU ... G. YKSSQY fn. Y'.IE.f.f:'1f' Fa. I'.fUf'P7ffY I. 1.1-Q.l.?f3E':' F. EF.Uff:EF.f.fRfI 165 xx I f 1' f jf,f1!j! f H! ,url DANAHER SLATTEEY DANHOFF CARNEY HEALY GARRITY MURRAY BENETTI FIGLIULO DIAMOND MCCOTTER WAS JER DUGGAN Q R A UD 'WAGNER WATKINS BOYD QUINN LIBBE BURKE CALHOUN LARSON O O LE B KELLV rLYV 'I Q JL EOU E E I E. R. . F. F I. C. .JT U .J H. D. G. A . F. T. . C. R. E. 'T O I ARNES I. , I. " .-I. E, 'WESTITIGE S A. KO'.'.'.l.KKI F.. OLEEY '. I.f':O.1.?fEY C.'.F.?IGG Z, ik ...Q X l'JI'5A!!I1Ilf p FG:-v 1. PFADITIG G. Q.Emf,BEFiG D, IXQCAFTHY I. CJSEZITIG P. FLOOD 5.1: ,GK ,. fx ,Y DN., POYLAN II IW OH L 'CEINNA I-'EPI UXW PIEKARQKI SMITH IOOLF LINS GIYOSS I ELLIGOTT KAVA PFEDY I SIEUIIAN LINDBLOOM IPOIIAS 'U' 'N WGHAN Z2 E , OJ IA I. E. E.. 'I' I, , C. ...5-' ' A. Mx . ' I .. A , W. U' R. ,i W A- rv -- . L. .,' F. . CK I. .. LI CAS I. F1-GINNIS K, " " uf R. . C H I P. L LII. V SCIZTIYZT LESLIE II. E1IECC'.'.'."1lf LA QCII' QIFKE 67W I GQ P JFIQF ECN, J A fx E IXNWO Qf F15 H lx A I BAQKF NV' 1UTT U-OI D D QRO HNF FFET EV OYLE FOUGI-L N Qmvwrm ONNE MITH ADD DREVA D YRONV KENNE ' OLED T Zlvf AL ,INTO 4 OFF1 I! A... S 1' 1 I -1 1 1, - I 1 -51 . ., 1 ,. ,V H.. 7. E' . ' , I- ffm ' YAUFH L. FLT? ' GRN f , 7 - 1 R. .. X.. . J U' f- F. C, LL .HAY M ,f".HLD L. Sm . IVH. E. f.fORTIT.fB. A.. .., wr Y.-. R. .4 -, . T Q .. ,J G. U 1 I 'T I 1 N C FS F. S SNYDEFS D. 'ff .. B. J . F P. E . - LC A 1 W. '.' Offfv lf, EY M f' Q N HL.. V. EQOCTI E 2 ' T,'l":'v' ,.. ,,."'.Af.g,.... P., EFC'.'.'fI E. ..fSffISEf. P.. f-"N:5.f.f.l.?.-'lx P. ffEC7.:fi ' """ZL':T'f'.Z .ig I TEED GORE REILLY HUEWIMER FITZGIBBONI MARLEY LUNDBORG O NEILL DOERR FREEHILL P ENNEROY W ELLIOTT MILLINS DELANEY LEBER FAHERY OLIVER NAGLE O FAANELL KENNEY RANES F ALEXANDER F CARROLL V! CRANE R FIGLIULO H GRAY E RYAN R SCHRAV. aj I ' ffm,-11 fvf J J f,f,Elliff Vic' 1. LEAHY G. T. F. . . L. . S L R. T. ' A. VV. E. G. H. M. H. G. T. . R. R. E IT LOOKS POSED DO S IT OT? HE FIFTH COLUMN OF A POE' O r.A IA E TI-IEODOPE AND FATHER FREDEEIC IIN THE EAI'OUS EROVMN AND INHI E I-' I 'J' 1 ING O SEE SO EOA E9 TPE GANG LINE UP ASK II-IE MAN ' HO OWNS ONE OTE T E OP OIW TI 1-ELLO fS IN IFIE EPO A N SNEAIERS DONT LAUGH YOU MIGHT V ANT A P-A. SOA Y 1 S OV E nO D 'JG' DO' INOEO1- O OE POJI- 1-NDI-IAN! O9 .Q , E N .. " ."' TI? TIS ,TATI N . . . T .T IE.. D . ' .. ' 'E .I "U ' I .TEH , . . 1I..L.I., '!JA'TI ' T LE- .. ME ,I . . . . 'I' N . , . T W , . . N TE T .IS O TT 'f' T' . HI ' T.. . . , ' 'T J., . I J I. .'SS .. I E DA. . . . 'UST .-3. BIT E..-CE WDE . . . MAN! HOV! TEE BOYS KAND GIELSI GO EOR THE GUY WITH A OA? . . ,THEY LOOK AS THOUGH THEY ENIOYED IT . . . TQE .1A..IG FUOI.. SUES . . . 4-2 .. NE T ITS MORE CH!-.FAOTEEQSTIO POSEE . . . T -E P' L".R ' ' E A EOLLO'.'.'ING . . . PAUL SNAGS A SHOEASTFQYOEE. J-' f' I, -,- -V, C IQUQIWLQVL fl Dances Publ1cat1ons Grgamzatlons Clubs Awards HE socral hte ot Carmel the oraantzattons and clubs both student and parental and therr actrvltres comprrse the very soul of Mt Carmel Socral hte not only for the students but tor the parents as Well Both Workmq stde by stde maktna a success ot such areat attarrs as the Carnrval and Theater Party Oraanrzatrons and clubs aldmq the boys and therr Mothers and Fathers tn becommq better acauarnted From the smallest soctal qatherma to the mcomparable Senlor Prom Carmel and her students are bound tnto closer tres of unrty Cathohc Actron and extra currrcular act1v1t1es culmmate a well rounded htqh school educatton 70 1 ' I 5 a a Q o i 11 -1 I 1 1 I .1 'L .X M. 'N EADIf.G .QE VO..'3:r..',LP-.JOIIS AFAER LITE. rEf.J.:d Ov.-.-.E , . . . "HELL EHOQLZ SO BACK OR NOT?" . . . BOE .15-.ND TILT, PERL 'T . . . OOIIEEASEE III PHYSICAL CULTURE . . , ONE FOR ALL .HID A UDEIITS . . . SOOOEE' .-RFID MODEL A. +715 W" EE 'OE' ' ' 'E '.'.'.ll.S ESE T'.'.'O BLOCKS FROM .ng :O.'OOL O EW" O HO, PALS . . . 'HELL IT MIGHT BE A PEPSODEII' LL EOE OIIE . . . ONE OF 'THE MORE SEPIOU.: OLVL C015 XSZWW D fa RED 'Q' RGBERTS AT OL 7 S5 50 YMPJA FIELDS COUNT HY CLUB 10102 ANGELUSI OBORNE o c YW V0 WWLO KP' X2 Q 50 Q X X' 0 to P'-Q9 Q?-vga Q xanax K J 931468 MARCH 16 ILS E ui H A lNA'll,ONG THE STALL BAR W JQ K EL MURPHY ROOM 9 30 10 l 0 Lily 43611169 21035 WILL B ACH DECEMBER 26 ance CRYSTAL IN THE S2 so BALLROOM or THE EDGEWATER BEACH 0 C 0yy1,l,W2?xPA 1 5 9 so to 1 IXBXAQOBEY1 Bl 9 10 l QC SX 50 HE above trckets represent the t ve Dances that were held by the students ot Mt Carmel clurlna the l939 40 school year lt would be rrnpossrble to represent the sprrrt at these atfalrs so We hope the trclcets Wlll recall many happy rnernorres 472 llf1ode-rofor, g Orm- . ,. 6 M Q6 GQ XJ pq C Gps 45.2 X 5 'in X an tl gums sCHRaDER s -Q . OWL GH . CH ij 151- G. DNVYER, E. BLAIR, N. HALL, Z. CZAROBSKI "IE HAD OUR :TCTURES TAKEN TVJICE WL 73, ZC UL!! 6UfLC'Q -BFI' I MUQPHX I OROURKE 'V' LELEHER W SPITZIG W DILLOJ CHAIRMEN S ENTREE I THURLOVV R FREUND G QUINILAI I KEEGAW P GUGUELET I RYAN THOUGHT IT WOULDN 'I BE PRIIWED EH DOT? I .JILLON W DUFFY C BUTLER O CREPEAU W MILLER I RJEHLE I74 0 I f 0 ,J K DO YOU SEE YOURSELF? r -. f f . ! ! mmf' bf' fwfr! . CRATJLEY, I. EUSIC, I. LICDONOUGH, VX. KCHLLE C. FILLER, I. GUEPIIN, G. DVJYER, I. RIEMAN, I. CCFFCU f UD HAH? TQQ-QS CK , JO EF V P HVPINON A 'ff GANv P DUFr" CTLLV 75 ' C .. .. L., .. I '. N UGH ff., . ...' ,', .,.: .'F', .. "X, f.. '. CCNTEASTS III QALAIICYG '.'ffLSCff, P. POCHETTO, L. MEPEIOFT, H. PCST 'X 1'4- .,' It xSLLIflL!8lfLf MflAZC6LfL0lfL5 IOHN O ROURKE Ed for Ch ef Carmel L fe Ed fo In Ch ef O flom RICHARD BOLGER PAUL BRYAN THOMAS BURKE GEORGE CALEY WAYNE DICKINSON IAMES DUNN IOSEPH GRAY ROBERT IAMIESON EYMARD KEAL TIMOTHY KELEHER ROBERT KELLAM 6Llf'lflfLQ fe VL 0LlfVLl0fLQ PHILIP HUGUELET ROBERT FREUND s Edf Cc el fe F of e Ed fo Carmel L fe A soc fe Ed fo O fic As cafe Ed fo O fla THOMAS KELLY ARTHUR KENNEDY RICHARD KENNEDY IAMES KUMMERER ELMER LAKE HERMAN LAUDE PHILIP LAVEN CHARLES MCCARTHY ROBERT MCCANN WILLIAM MCKENNA 4176+ IOHN O BRIEN STEPHEN PETRO THOMAS RUFFNER IOHN RYAN IOHN SCHLESSER EDWARD SEYMORE WILLIAM SPITZIG IOSEPH TAAPFE WILLIAM WATSON IAMES WELDEN IOSEPH WOODLOCK 2 LL I New, fof rm. -Lf e uf i lr ' - I Om! amme Slay agfvwfenf pblAgC6Lfi0lfLf5 E, the staff, dedicate the Onflamme of l94O to Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Commemoratlon of the 75th Ann1 versary of the Carmelites 1n Amerlca For seventy flve years the brown robed frlars have met success under the quldance and protectorshlp of the V1rq1n Mary In th1s book we have trled to present a true and V1V1d plcture of the formal and 1nformal l1fe at Carmel We ve tr1ed to plc ture how Carmel strlves to mold a boy 1nto a sohd Cathol1c youth by an equal d1s tr1but1on of scholastlc athlet1c TGIIQIOUS and soclal tralnmq In past years the Or1 flamme has been a champ1on of IIS f1eld Th1s trad1t1on has been kept up to the present t1me and we fervently hope that lt IS not lost 1n th1s ed1t1on It IS not merely a mass of Data and stat1st1cs but we feel that 1t deplcts Carmel as we know 1t and as we w1ll always remember 1t In our presentatlon of the champlonshlp football team we want 1t to be known that we feel 1t 1S one of the all t1me teams of thls c1ty and that 1t wlll never be dropped from our memorles In our four years they have been the only team for us We have seen them come from the bottom to the top and stay there In our presentatlon of our other champs we have endeavored to put across the same 1dea The Basketball team stopped short of a c1ty champ1onsh1p but they are st1ll be lnq ha1led Our hand recelved the h1qhest ratlnq posslble ln the Archd1ocese Our boxers could not f1nd competltlon and our Track team and Wrestlers made no poor showrnq Our soclal affalrs have been famous for thelr orlqlnahty and for bemq the pace setters for the other hlgh schools Ctfniegogtg 5? M RICHARD BOLGER FRANCIS BRINKMAN IAMES COLLEARY CHRISTOPHER GUTEKANST TIMOTHY KELEHER ROBERT IAMIESON HERMAN LAUDE PHILIP LAVEN CHARLES MCCARTI-IY WILLIAM MCKENNA IOHN MURPHY CLARENCE O REILLY IOHN RYAN EDWARD SEYMOUR WILLIAM SPITZIG IOSEPH WOODLOCK I I I I I I I I l I I , ,' I IosEP1-1 TAAFFE IoHN sr LEGER 1n the c1ty. Our faculty IS second to none Sports Editor Cofmef-Life ' ' ' ' fl Gf'l7fT78 - . Carmel-Lf ' - Phofogro hfc Edifor O f ' , Business Manager Carmel-Li e g ri omme Carmel-Li e - or s E I or Orffl rn teachlnq ab1l1ty and knowledge as well as sportsmanshlp all of whlch do no harm to the maklng of a well rounded educatlon The Intra murals at Carmel go to show the keen compet1t1on that the student body emoys In closlnq let us say that we hope that thrs book has presented to the fullest extent what we have meant It to present And so frrends of Carmel we say good bye and may God bless you Of! FRANCIS BRINKMAN f p I IAMES KUMMERER PHILIP LAVEN -'EI77li' i d f L f O H O fl CLARANCE O REILLY Spf df f Ill ITL? U IL Cllfl LIVLIY O'ROURKE SHOWS THEM HOV! PARKER LOOKS UNINTERESTED CAN YOU SEE KVA SON? SAME DESY DIFFERENT SIDE WHAT WOULD MR CIROU SAY cus? 4 78 19+ ' -L ' All 6llf'lfVLQ - rf? N the four years of 1ts exlstence at Carmel the stu dent s newspaper the Carmel Llte has establlshed ltself as f1rm1y as any trad1 t1on The popularrty w1th whrch It 1S recerved and the arrogance w1th whrch rt IS outwardly drsplayed leave no doubt as to 1ts sturdy foundatlon among the students and teachers allke On October 2 1936 the unrversal school body welcomed the publrcatlon As early as 1937 the paper was enlarged to flve columns of mcreased length The clrcula t1on was extended not only to all parts of the Unlted States but also to sectlons of Hawan Rome Canada and South Amen ca The add1t1on of an rncreased number of photographs elevated 1f posslble the 1ournal1st1c standard of the Carmel L1te The paper at present lssues consrst of four frve column pages The news page acgualnts the student tn deta1l of the happenrngs rn and around Carmel The edrtorlal page expresses the schools vrews on toprcs of the day The feature page conta1ns such columns as the Shadow COTI1dOfQU1Z Cforng to Town and others rndrspensable for dehghtful readlng columns whrch drscuss the 1nt1 mate detalls of the student s l1ves The last E NORA P COINWAY W WICKS page the sports page states the prowess of Carmel on the football f1e1d on the bas ketball floor on the track and on other ath1et1c frelds The explorts of Carmels champlonshrp teams are followed by the school body wlth lnvarrable rnterest Uphold1ng the frne standards of the Carmel Lrte dur1ng the 1940 41 school year w1ll be a staff gulded by Father Maurrce Edrtor 1nCh1ef Phrllp Woodward w1ll be ably assrsted by Wrlllam Oudshoorn Assrstant Edltor Wlllram Wlcks News Edrtor W11 lram O Rourke Sports Ed1tor lerald Ashe Feature Edrtor Bernard McGrane Ex change Edrtor and Hal Wrlson Busmes Manager Wrth the Carmel L1te rn the hands of thrs very capable staff we are assured of the greatest posslble advancement of our schools publrcatron Wrth conf1dence rn our rnrnds and reslgnatlon rn our hearts the Carmel T 1te to the staff of 41 wrth the best of luck OUJS 1' MAE M WFP KE1. O O 4 COJ A C 5 . I I ' I . , , , I ' . ' ' ' I II Il I I I I - I I I I I I I II , I - I I I I ' I 1 I ' ' I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I - I II II 1 ' - I 1 I ' ' ' ' II I I II . I I - Il l ' I I I I I u II I . I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I ' ' ' we, the staff of '40, entrust the progress of I I I r :How I, 14.4. 1 F It Asses " . n .NEY r. Lev VV. 'R 'IPI E P. 'ff ' '.'.'..?Q f.f. IPAQ 1. HAFPEP :.:.fom::z 'ill 79 je jeczfer Qzlnfy HE Fourth Annual Theater Party was presented by Mt Carmel on Novem ber 18th and was as 1n prevlous years a grand success Thls event heralded an other champ1onsh1p year and rt surpassed by far the precedlng Iamborees ceremonles fame handled the stage revue very admlrably The stage revue was ex ceptlonally good as the entertalners were from the best acts avarlable 1n Chlcago at the t1me The Wmner of the Amateur Show held at the school prevrously was mtro MRS R N BRYAN MPS P CROAKE MR M HOGAN MRS H BARTUSCH DOROTHY BECKSTROM FATHER FREDERIC MRS l MURPHY duced and recerved a tremendous ovatlon Father Freder1c appeared 1n the spotllght and vorced h1s thanks for the splend1d co operat1on he had recerved 1n rnakmg the show a success Amld tumultuous applause Wally Fromhart and Fred Mundee were rnduced to take a bow Father Freder1c and h1s commrttee are to be congratulated for the splend1d enter tamment presented on that nrght lt proved to be the best Whlch has ever appeared at the M1dn1ght Frollc I I ' l I ' Morrie Amsterdam, or radio master of ' I if 80 Els 2 ,gif ,f f 'v 1 ' ADVISORY COMMITTEE ADVERTISING COIVMITTEE PATPON COMMITTEE I . RECEPTION COMMITTEE F 1HPQ lhECDu rPThElR NUM l MC HV NCE aaain, after a lapse of three years, Mount Carmel reopened its doors for a aala carnival. The cur- tain was runa down in l936 when the car- nival was replaced by the Theater Party. Now through the efforts of its many friends, the school has performed the unprecedent- ed. lt has presented both the Carnival and the Theater Party. This year the Carnival fulfilled two pu - poses as dic the Theater Party in l937 when it served asa Welcom home party Y' i , 1 . 1 f I u fl ll Q V - +V w - AF,- ii ..i. . ITL Carmel .Quxilifiry ly,:,xlm T .. ' . FEEDEIQC ,... 'N T'.,FS J? fT.l.F','IL .L.'fX:l.l.5.P'1' f.fEf.fEF:Z,S F-A-THEF' ZA-I-'P-fl upon Fr. Theodores' return from Rome. Much to the regret of the student body and all associates of the school, this year's car- nival served as the official "farewell" party to that same man, our friend and Principal. The design and arrangement of the vari- ous novelties reguired much planning. With such organizations as the Mothers' Club, Dads' Club, Oueen of Carmel Aux- iliary, and the Alumni backing this festival, success was inevitable. The account of the Carnival would not be complete without a few words of praise for Mrs. D. Talbot, General Chairman, and for a newcomer in our midst, Er. Terrance Fitzgerald, O. Carm., whose untiring efforts left no stone unturned in making the affair a success. ln all phases of the carnival, the true Car- melite spirit- Charity, Friendship, and Loyalty - was outstanding. l SOME OE THE CROWD THAT CAME TO VIISH FR, THEODORE ADIEU 84 MTF' QLP fifx' f'-Nffxf P M YBE TT Aff DO ' H DCKS T J MJ r GOCD HPOFTI. 8 FF-.TREF '1NJH..US CUT' ' , ..... SAY ISHN, ..... ., THPEES A CFCYID, OP IS IT? ...... ,MIS ON, X QQ, ,milf '.'.'I.I . A , l'.'!+.E T imffl F., If. TIE gl SDE. NOT EVEN 'A '.. , REV RODERICK HJRLEY O C NDER the able leadershlp and muslcal ab1l1ty of Mr Thomas Eablsh Mt Carmel s Band was among the organ 1zat1ons that were trrumphant durlng the school year The Band wrth 1ts srxty l1Ve mus1c1ans 1n tl'1e1r brown and whlte um forms has always been able to present a dellghtful concert and supply muslc and snappy drrlls at the football games Father Roderrck Hurley the Moderator of Thomas Eablsh and the Band members were always w1ll1ng and ready to cooper ate Wllh h1m The Band offlcers rncluded three senlors and one 1un1or Gordon Powers Presrdent W1ll1am Howe Vlce Presldent Leo Hen nrng Secretary and Iohn Murphy Treas urer Durrng the football season the Band enter tamed the crowd wrth tl'1e1r musrc march 1ng and formatrons between the halves Thls was one of the frnest marchrng bands that Carmel has ever had At the Crty Champ1onsh1p game the Band delrghted the crowd and lnaugurated the Chnstmas t86l MR THOMAS FABISH MR GEORGE WEBER B d D f Cl fl f f Sp1r1t by formmg a Chrrstmas tree wrth llghts and the playrng of cheerful Chrrst mas songs 1n the flutterlng snow After the football season the Band pre sented 1lS Frrst Annual Chrlstmas Con cert 1n the gymnaslum Thls concert was a token of apprecratlon to those who had grven them grand encouragement dur1ng the football season Durlng the basketball season the Band stole the l1mel1ght by thelr presentatron of Marches and popular h1t tunes Early 1n December the Band began pre parlng for the Annual Gompetltron Festrval sponsored by the Catholrc Muslc Educators ASSOC1Ql1OH Mr George Weber was of great asslstance 1n preparmg the Band for thrs occaslon In thrs contest they recelved the hlghest possrble ratrng of Superlor 1n Class A Fourteen members were awarded prrzes 1n the solo compet1t1on whlch was hold rn March at Lorretto H1gh School of Engle wood , , Y , . crm. Moderator U on irec or U urine ns ruc or . , - I I ll u l - ' ' ll - . . the Band, was of great assistance to Mr. ' . , . I f ' I I 1 I 1 ' I I . . I - , . HOVU7 G POWERS L HENNING I MURPHY Vice Presfdewf Fresfdenf Se refory T eosurer 87 T2 QNVT' I 1' DATIH IAUEMMER Y D RIEMAN I DIETMCH M C L I A H OTOOLE J m UD P FDYANI I P'-PIAA I FAYDFN P QPLAHFPTV I1 LCA MWF D I DT Q BFNGER NIAHO NSKI W BABCO xi I GRAHAM R SPITZIG GCQQ Q RUFFOIO II pARIIIV I SCHROM F HOLZER V MODESTO H E I FI ZQJIBECA S IVAQONI IV VANCE FFYNE F LA DO A 'UV E NFDETTI A O O I3 OEF' 5. FEEHAFI UV. EA. LIT . LCG.. . 'I F. I D, EAHCLA . . . I' .. I, LA'j2EP.f.fAINI R. Q A..'fPiY I. FPYJN , ' P. YISLIULKX LA E Fi. LANG . M. . I A ,HI .. ." .. I I, SlIH'.'.'AF L ' A.. SCHIJ Y .. . H, Iv LSI I , C' Y". . FEEY 'VU -. .. I 1 ,f- m OM' ... T " ul T. SM- - I I . ,V U, . : VM. J I A. rv' A . .,.. .., A I.. FS TI E. LANG I. GLEAS fl .. ' MEN 11jFQLf G. "fffL.l.fI l Q1 IJJQAIQJ I, Efflfxff IITPHAT'-J I. 3QIII"3,f'-If 6'LlfL LEO GETS TO WALK WITH THE GIRLS E x'ES FROINT' FORMING THE VWQLLAQM 7 O other of the various organizations of Mt. Carmel renders greater, more unselfish service than the Mothers' Club. Deep in the heart of every member is the one thought- "By serving Mt. Carmel, we serve our boys". Organized primarily to create a greater bond of understanding and co-operation between the home and school, the Mothers' Club has proven one of Mt. Carmel's greatest assets. Board meetings are held monthly at the homes of board mem- bers. The general meetings are held the fourth Friday of each REV. ANGELUS OBORNE O. Corm. Moderator month, at two o'clock, in the school gymnasium. The business meeting is followed by a social hour where new and lastina friendships are made The annual program of the club is a series of events productive of lasting benefits both social and financial The first event of the year was the annual Pantry Shower for the Carmelite Fathers then the annual Fall Card Party the Christmas Party and the Dessert Bridge Party The outstanding event of the year was the annual Spring Card Party held in the Boulevard Boom of the Stevens Hotel This proved success ful beyond all expectations The most impressive event was the Bacca laureate Mass held in St Clara s Chruch followed by the Senior Breakfast sponsored by the Club at the Shoreland Hotel The graduating class parents and friends were guests With the installation of new officers which took place at the annual Spring Luncheon held at the Stevens Hotel the Mothers Club ended a year of achievement second to none in its history The entire membership from freshmen to alumni plunged whole heartedly into the labors that made these various affairs so successful The one driving impulse was the desire to help their beloved Mt Carmel Truly the Mother of All Mothers our Blessed Lady of Mount Carmel Patroness of the Carmelite Order and namesake of our school must smile benignently down from her exalted station in Heaven as she murmurs Well done Mothers of Mt Carmel iii Wife PAST PPESID N S ENIOY HE R CAKES AND COFFEE MBS DAVID ALBOT MR IAMES F AHILL MRS POBERT N BRYAN MBS HABBYI OCONNO NRS IAMES W REGAN It B IO EPH H DILLON MRS MICHAEL SCANLAN . . . . J . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . 1 1 I I I I I - 1 . . . . , . 1 1 . . . I I I I . . ' 11 11 1 n 1 ll ll . 1 . 1 , . , l ll , . . . . ll , . 3' '- up S , is 9 Q, 4 - ,, . H - . .. . i' 15+ 1 51113 f QQ me ' ,f 1 7 . . 'W-Q , t E."I"' T' l. . 1 S. c .C . . . A . , . H 1 . . .1 S. S ' . . -'Y EL Tw t' Q WQIAQVQ A MR RORERT' N BRYAN Presrdenf MRS WM E LYKE AIUWDI Vfce Presfdenf VIRS WALTER L DICKINSON Semor Vfce Presfdenf MRS B C MCGRANE Socrol MRS RICHARD D HARTY Sophmore V ce Presrderzf MRS RAYI KENNEY Freshman Vrce Fresrdenr MRS IOHN L LARKIN Recordma Secrefory NRS GEORGE FITZGERALD Jurwor Vfce Pf6SId6flf MRS WM I. SPITZIG Correspondmg Secreforf HE BOARD OF DIRECTORS POSE IN THEIR SPRING FINERY. MRS WM HOWE Treasurer PS I IRIEMAN Publ c NFS .IOSEPH P GRAY Fmcr1crclSec erory VIR WM D IAMEISON PHUIIFQ MRS VIM I GRAHAM Membershfp If RS HERBERT D IONES PVOQIOT RS I A FARRELL f41.df'or WS IOSEPH I HANNAPEL Bond and Library MRS VV SCANLON Hosfess f f ' ' X ws' gif VKHO 'WON THE BOTTLE? AND ONE MAKED S716 CHECK' TJHICH 'WILL YOU HAVE? I NAM5. V HO 9 r rwxz f. F R 7 TS .1 . , I . L.l.YS ITS PE-fl. 'Y' 'S owen cl! Karma! .fgmxidary HE Queen of Carmel Auxiliary is an organization com- posed of mothers of Carmelites and of prospective Carrnelites. These Women are truly Queens of all mothers for their sons have become, or will become, disciples of God. The purpose of the Club is to have the Mothers aid their sons spiritually and materially. Their monthly meetings begin With Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and a sermon in St. Cyril s Church. The Club presents several affairs every year Included in their program for this year was a pantry shower an Anni versary Mass and Breakfast a Christmas Party for the Carmelites and their immediate families a very successful dinner held in St Cyril s Hall and a card party given during the middle of May The proceeds from these parties are used to help educate boys for the Carmelite Priesthood MRS IO'-IN MURPHY P es d f MRS THOMAS COLGAN P MRS HENRY WILSON MRS EARL SNYDER MRS MRS MRS FRANCIS GRAY FLORENCEM CARTHY IAMES POYNTON P bl c fy Soc I Hosfe s M be sh p 931' REV THEODORE I HATTON O Ca I lp- J yd! I l ' - . rm. f 1 ' I , - . . . 1 . . ' I . . YQ' r ien Vice- resident Treasurer Secretory Ldv, i 1 f' ,- .A ky Q V? If it ff C v s X ' 5 . l ' ' Z-X L42 x gf, xx 4 Y . N . . . . - t u ll to s em r f e f r . '. ff f ' ' f' s , 1 ' 7 I v 41 39 EJ MR. IOHN MCCANN Trecsurer DR. FRANK RYAN D. D. S, Presfdewf REV. IXAURICE .ANDERSON O. Corm. Moderofor MR. FRANCIS BRINKMAN E"46"'fCJ'Ff'IE'7f Chofrmon +4 94 53'- THE BOXING TEAM ASSEMBLE IN THE RING WHILE THE CROWD SINGS "GOD BLESS AMERICA" TO OPEN THE ANNUAL NOTRE DAME NIGHT X1 7, -!,,f,f, if if fx fx f T ' X 'KU' l flu! X Y ,Y 3 fs-fx,, L i -1 x, . f" FTEB a lapse of one year the Dads' Club, under the guidance ot Father Maurice, returned to organized support of school activities. However, their primary object remained the furthering of "a sympathetic under- standing between the Fathers and Sons." Under the capable leadership of Dr. Frank Byan, D.D.S., President: Mr. lohn Bieman, Vice-President, Mr. Thomas Colgan, Secretaryy Mr. lohn McCann, Treasurer, and Mr. Francis Brinkman, Entertainment Chairman, the Club en- joyed a most successful year. They sponsored three Father and Son Nights and one Family Night for the boys and their parents. Outstanding stars from the Badio and Sport Worlds appeared on these programs. MFI. lCHN RIEM Vice-President On February l8th, the Dads presented their Annual Notre Dame Night, built around lntramural Boxing bouts. Ben Sheridan, Lou Zontini, and Captain-elect Milt Piepul of Notre Dame, as well as a number of boxing celebrities were on the program. For this affair the Dads purchased new outfits for the Boxing Team. The First Annual Day of Becollection was conducted by Father Terrence in the Community Chapel on Sunday, May 14th. To realize the primary purpose of the Club, one of the Carmelite Fathers spoke at each meeting on some problem which would further the "sympathetic understanding between the Fathers and their Sons". GUESTS OF THE DADS' CLUB ZONTITII AND C.l.P.A..f EJBL APr-:.BLrii: 13.213 EDJZ CA ,.e.f.AJGE lJEII.I'! GCTTQLIEG, 33. HYATT ECT MILT PZEPQIL CF RADIO PRIZE UU-vi Ufxifi F IICTEE DAME i195 ir mf cwmefg of lfLlflfLlfLL 15f50CL6LfLOlfL HARRY O ROURKE 24 OR the second COUSSCUTIVG year under the guld ance of Father Angelus the Mount Carmel St Cyrll Alumnl ASSOCIGIIOD has been the center of all the soclal l1fe of the school s graduates Th1s above all other orgamzatlons at Carmel helps to perpetuate the flrm bond of frlendshlp developed here between members The assoc1at1on affords the graduated classes the use of all the fac1l1t1es they learned to use whlle here at Carmel Athletlcs and busmess form a part of the Club s act1v1 tles but the mam purpose 1S the functlonmg of soc1al affalrs The soclal season 1S hrghhghted by four yearly events On Dec 6th the Annual Alumn1 Banquet was held lt surpassed all prevl ous Alumm functlons On Dec 26 rn con Junctlon w1th the senlor class the assocla t1on sponsored the l-lohday Dance at the Edgewater Beach Hotel Th1s appealed to the younger members The Alumnl Smoker was held on Feb 22 At thls affalr the an nual electron of OTIICGIS was held I-larry O Rourke 24 was reelected presrdent Iohn Rach 27 was elected v1ce presldent Wll l1am McCarthy 29 was returned to the post of Treasurer The Secretary pos1t1on was grven to Bob Mlller 36 At the last and most 1mportant event of the year on May 3rd many members returned to thelr Alma Mater to recelve Communron 1n a body ln the gym After Mass breakfast was served and a meetmg was held to d1scuss the events of the past year Although st1ll a newcomer to the Club assocratlons the Alurnm emoys probably the largest mernbershlp All graduates are automatlcally members although they are not actlve It lS the atm of the club to unlte every Carmel graduate ln one of the strong est and most actlve orgamzatlons 1n prep dom THE OLD ST CYRIL CROVVD HAD TO BRING THEIR IVIVES U - - ra I O . . . 0 ' ' - Presidenf I 1 ' - ' ' I ' ' ' ' 1 I. . . I - I f N I Sill, ' ' I 1- fir? , . . . I . 1 ' ' I I I I I . . . . . . ' ,7 -5 ' I Secretory Treasurer I ' . I I I . I I I I . I I . 1 ' I - 1 . . . , ' ' I I I I I I I ' ROBERT MILLER 36 'Vt ILLIAM M CARTHY 29 T Illlllll CIIZC ll? PRES HARRY OROURKE RECEIVES THE ALUMNI TESTIMONIAL ANGELUS THE VIODERATOR BEAMS AS THE PRESIDENT IOKES ER MATTHEW GIVES HIS MESSAGE TO FORMER STUDENIS MR, VJELLS ALBADE, TOASTMASTER, 'JJELOOMES ALUMNI The Crusaders smq for the Perpetual Tuesday Novenas and the tlve Solemn Novenas at the Natronal Shrrne ot St Therese The rnemhershto consrsts of Grammar School Boys wrth unchanged VOICES Bro lude IS now carryma on the tramma ot the oholr Whrch was begun two years aao by Father Theodore As a reward for the lona hours ot practroe these boys are alven a Summer vaoatlon Wlth funds ra1sed by the St Therese Auxrlrary composed of mothers and trrends of the Chou' '1 F"f"r7 M96-ANNE' 1. f ,fn f 1 x ' 'ft X vi f ,hy AQ K, , , .Iwi gg jest mx swift A f"5 sr f . V' - ' A r . -ft f at I 3 5 All T ,lg 1 Y , J 'A 15 ' -- S ' -f - ' ' .v,.. ,.... ,,t, ., - " Q . . : . I V , Mwnmtuwasuuwr ,,,.,.m-qua,--14-4aAUiiif2a"if W . . .,.. .. V . , ....y... N, . - L .1 , , .. MM., ...,,...,,..,,..,,.t..,1 ..:..,,,w.' y A D W X I w M 1-i-www 'lf X J.. , was wma Q4 x -w W wmv 'f"""""' y M BRO. leigl AND .:E CSJSADEHS AT THE SHPINE CF ST. THEFZESH it Q8 tr MRS K GTEASON Pres dent MRS l FITZGERALD V e Pre de t MRS W FITZGERALD Secretory MRS l HUBER Tr o 'ILL ffl' LUTZ - .. fNA.Y,. CH!-XPLES .RNGSTETI , CARNEY CBRIEN :HOUILLF . CASTILLO ERTTTON 2. KEAL 'S PAN LJ PMP 1 P P, JTPU AND EPO PHILIP 99 in Coz HE subJect matter for th1s year ot Crsca was Chrlstocracy All the years Work Was alrned toward th1s goal All the CISCG meetrngs ot the year were held at the Audrtorrum Theatre Burlarng Carmel s Crsca actlvrttes began Wrth a large delegatron attendlng the annual Clsca opera The opera tor thts year was held on Cct 10 at the Audltorlurn Theatre and was presented by the San Carlo Com pany Durtng the Chrrstmas season forty baskets of food and ten bundles ot clothrng were drstrtbuted to needy people The stu dents dtd all the collecttng packtng and then used therr own cars to delrver the tood L. FLAHERTY .. HXTJIESOF' . ST, LHG R URPHY OFLAHFPT CAD SO FREUIND NORA O HOURKE HOLSNICK W' KE LY S BURK l LATE AM l M DON OU YNOUR V P FKUFFNEP l COLGA F KELLE and clothrng Carmel s Clsca also conduct ed several socrals as drd 1ts branch the Hyde Park C1sca Unrt Dunng Cathollc Press Month Brother Stants laus conducted a Cathohc Lrterature Dnve conslstlng ot the exhlbltlon o Cathollc parn phlets rnagazlnes and other perlodlcals Shortly after Easter the Moderator Father Agurnas was transferred to LEWIS Holy Name Techntcal School at Lockport The ardent CISCGHS telt the loss of Father Agurnas very much Brother Phllrp has taken over the relns ot Carrnels CISCG smce Father Aqurnas departure F N l t F E F CUVH NGS l. ll ' P. ' .. MY S. A ..U R. ' E. l. ' . H. ' l A l . ' E 4 . . C ' GH E. SE l X' . S ZTZIG T. . .. NJ . Y . . . . I . I I - I I ' 1 r . - I I L - 1 . . . 1 I I I ' . . , I . - n l I n I n , , I I it lOO F1- fy 1fo1'1'c'fzf I ufzfzltf N March 8th Mount Carmel held its third annual Oratorical Contest for the Parochial Grammar Schools of Chicago. Fifty boys from these schools entered the contest. This event has fast become one of the well established activities ot the school year. The contestants are not limited in any way in regard to the subject on which they wish to speak. One week later the finals were held and three winners were chosen by the judges. lohn Thorton oi St. Thomas Aquinas was awarded a gold trophy emblematic oi first place. loseph Ahern and Iohn Stickelmaier placed second and third respectively. They also received gold trophies as a reward for their tine work. The judges were the Rev. William Finiel, Q. P., principal ot Fen- wick High School, Rev. Farmer ot St. Ambrose Parish, and Ed. Cronin '33, lOl 7 f 1 fu ALL HAIL T52 '.'f1ffff,l.fZ. THE ff1f1'ZPff .-'-.Fi Piffjff C? P THE fl YT FIXAL if.-ET FE -T' le LARENCE O REILLY Senror Profrclency HonorcbIe mention Pnysrcs and Mcthemotrc ANES KUMMERER GeneraI Profrcrencf KEVIN FARRELL AtI1Ietrc Scholostrc IOSEPH WOODLOCK Engl sh IV IOSEPH GREY Physrcs IAMES COLLEARY History IAMES CASEY Relrgron IV ROBERT IAMIESON Crvrcs IOHN O ROURKE Journolrsm IOSEPH DEVANE Lotrn Honorable mentron Rehgron IV GeneroI Profrcrency and Englrsh IV RICHARD KENNEDY Honorable mentron Afhletrc Scholosfrc ROBERT FREUND HonorabIe menfron Journcrfrsrn DONALD HAYES HonorabIe mentron Mathematics IOHN SCHLESSER Honorable rnenfron Sen or Frofrcrency HERMAN LAUDE HonorobIe men lov History DONALD AHERN HonorobIe rnentfon CIVICS 4102? QVLLOI' medal Z5 I4 For d1splay1ng outstand 1ng scholastlc ab1l1ty gold medals are awarded to the students by the Mt Carmel faculty The medals are awarded stu dents of all years and 1n all subJects The Fresh man, Sophomore, Iunlor, and Semor achrevlng the h1ghest average of the class 1S grven the Class Proflclency Medal and Senlor ma1nta1n1ng the hlghest average for four award the General Pro flclency Medal symbol1c of superlorlty ln scholar shlp The Engllsh and Rellgron Medals alone are grven to all four classes The Freshman Engllsh Medal 1S awarded to the flrst year man submlttrng the best auto brography, the Sophomore medal 1S pre sented to the Sophomore who wrltes the best short story A competltlve ex PHILIP LAVEN years the most honored I ammatron of the prmcl ples of Ehqhsh and khowl edge of Llterature 1S held for the awardmq of the lumor Enqllsh Medal The Semors compete m a short story contest The Hellalon the member of each year who suomlts the best pa per on a qlveh subyect of our rel1q1or1 The C1V1CS Hlstory and loumallsm Medals are also merrted by the best papers on those sublects Competr trve exammatlons are qlven for the Lanquaqe Sclence andMathemat1cs Medals The Cratorlcal Medal lS presented to the student C9l1V91'1!'1Q the best oratloh The member ot the Mono gram Club who has mam tamef the hlahest soho lastlo averaae ot any ath lete ah who lS outstap ma m sports ls rewar e by th Athletl Scholastl Me al D fr l' E OF AFFPTY o e D of f el Ho o a fy for' o o of C e r Gyfscgx OO of CONNORb Ho oroole Het' o r e an Prof C e ASH Rel g lil OQKEV Rel q o l LY ON Rel g on f K-xPr as e KEKL r M Oro o ca! KPAG H oa P we CR Tllsl D Honorable men? o l CRL Howo ab! rvev 0 o lO3 ff, 3 , lf i EE.TIf fi 1 If X V JUNU, p,Ox 9. ' f' fl . K fgfjj ff: 'L-fn li: .,,, I' V' "!t"' "'xx S0DL'Omr.ff, y 'f7ff'l6' f"eH'fo'r f, , If Fe"1'o'tflo1'E"': , , , , L f f' , f f f f . P. riiarmr-I f 5 A at If 1 T, 1 3 Few vP 1 l It . f a 4 L Q L J . I gy-Nw-VG H 'v 'axle V"9"'-C' Junior D, 5 l. -..W .I . , , , H , ,mi e F9470 Sopfofvofe Pr 'life -' EH . H . . fw ' Y f : V-7 3Llf7l l' lk 'V' l I . I. 'E ' f fort ffl T H. :CL T . ' ' ll li 17 I H, f Medals are awarded to ,- ,Q 1 ' 1 1 - E. l'.' TIS FT' rwffrf E, .f n - u 1 A f - I - - H, .x M' 1 f rf ., ,I . o'v r :Q r'n"o- D - C-N rvfstrg . . , P f . . R, -X f 1, l Aff I ' - T, of FY l T 1 V 9 1 15401 ' Refi' rt f , , , P. ST.5ffl.f M 1 A Ewgf i' ll! V , H. ZE'.'.3.ff2 EV: if " A - 1. jgsffi C, s,., , . I , of, ' ' LI ,1':2: J .A ' E 2. V, 5 l 1 Cl UQ' T. l'.'f':'3f? , . . , '-1' Mage "e""' ' f-1 f-. , - l . vt ,Y LT, . W Q rrw- 'ft .,. W N-f Q Q s., Q ,,. ..,.,... 4 'A.4,t ,,:, ,. . I1 , K V . .. . ut: , eff J. f Q 2 I A L " 'W"'lk L ' A W ie f:,4 f ' A A 1 , A , 4,2 I 54 5 1 A L f , A v W4 , 4 if S E fri A, QW.,-V, , AYAA f ml 5, Qf'f9'gl' .f 'Q-'Af'? "gmvf'f'gg.4fz9'25s'Q'?15'-ggA A 'Q '. ""'Z'A ' ' . , , L 1 Y ,Q Q29 ., 159' fr, We F T P air 5943 Y M W fig? 1 J g' f O x, , . ,QAM ' Q f L 1 -- ! -fl 0 f l 7 S -..,,,.4-4' 'N X? x A K aliifg fb f-'Aff'EiJdr ' Q2 s X no MAAW fc. navy - ' 39-5706 'E as ,1- 'x K gs gf ,X 2 , , , E 2 MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET M V PALMER House CHICAGO. lu.. DECEMBER za. 1939 4543! 553435-uit uwffw an 2 5 MF . 'ii 4,51 Q Q V19 aff, 9 v g iq 5' Q Sy, 5 13 A g, , a ,Q g lglgxgjytnytui- las, ,L bl 1 Lal! . I .A K , l rf .4..1. "V ix: 54'-+A . ' . I n. vm, .s .. X, , J 'A M., A 9, I ,L. N . 5 X. . . in ,. 'v 's . P, - f 1 X r - s 3. I WT in--.Q 2-...A-P 9,0 1 time M ,T G1 f Q U s ' 1 , X Ayr '--..,uM,f" N l,,.! i,,,,-4 X 1 lt " W' . Q 'r ' 5 - 1 4 'F .4 jy E fl . 1 1 ,, or 5. ,fl .1 , J I . 5 H' ,,, E .. i A MT. CARMEL AND MERCY GLEE CLUBS ! y f f Q x.,r, I - . OR the second consecutive year Mt. Carmel and Mercy High Schools joined forces for the presentation of an operetta. The success of last year's "Mikado" prompt- ed the two schools to present Oscar Strauss' satirical comedy "The Chocolate Soldier". After three months of intense rehearsing the operetta was given on the nights of May 9th, lUth, and llth. However, the turning away ot some three hundred persons on the last two nights made it necessary to extend the time limit another evening. The directors-Father Regis and Brother lude ot Carmel, Sister Mary Eugene, Sister Mary Norinne, and Miss Mary Synon of Mercy-worked untiringly to train the stu- dents tor this tine operetta. Their superior supervision enabled the operetta to be a great success. it 106 Es BPO, IUDE UNNEMAN REV. REGIS DONOHUE O.Cc1rm, O. Corfn. S RICHARD KENNEDY IOSEPI-IINE LA MANTIA ROBERT RYAN C '10 ISABEL STOKES ' ff ww zz Q Eggzber GILBERT MAGGS NADINA fDouqh1er cf CGI. Popoffl .... AURELIA IWIIL' of COI, Pcpcfil .... MASCHA fAureIi:x's Ccusini ............ BUMERLI CLieuter1cr1f in Servicn Army? ..... CAST KASIMIR POPOFF CCOI, in Bulqixriin Army? ....... ALEXIUS SPIRIDOFF flllcjor in Bulqzrlxn Army! .... MASSAKROFE fC'1pt. in Eulqczriczrz Army! ....... : Servants m Pcpcff HcusQhcQd SOLO DANCER .,.. .. ..... .. 'if 107 ii' 'NALTER I-IYNES IEAN CRONIN ....ISABEL STOKES ..........IEAN CRONIN HNIOSEPHINE LQMANTIA . , . . . .GILBERT MAGGS .. . . . .WALTER HYNES . . . . .RICHARD KENNEDY ...BERNARD MCGRANE 5 LORRAINE MILLER I ROBERT RYAN .....,MARY GRANBERG I f Adm1n1strat1on Basketball Track Boxlng Wrestllng Intramurals TQUCHDCDWN' a ba ket' two seconds off the mrle record' a knockout' a blrdlel another vrctoryl The Brown and VV'h1te makes the head lrnes once more Agarn the team has come through Another trophy lS hung on the wall The year passes new recrurts are drafted new faces replace yesteryears heroes and the glory t e fame the thrlll all fade rnto eternrty But somethrng remarns The Sprrlt of Carmel evades the clutchrng prongs of tlm and lrngers to rnsprre and dlrect new champrons To that Splrlt that whrch the Brown roloed frrars brought rnto Amerrca seventy frve years ago are we rndehted for every Carmelrte achrevement lt lS the arm of thls sectlon to show how thrs Sprrrt drrectly affects Carmels athletlc hfe 108 ' 1 X ' ' . J . 4- f I 1 14 .A . . S . 1 ll n Il n Q Il ll - I I .. I A ' h I I ' I I Il Il ll 9- .., ll lull I ll I Il I - - I n n A I ll 1 ll! SOWIETVIN I F 9 ITDPY 'Fx O QA VP,- Pm V MDW A JNG ODE Y ATOFLH U 'DQUJ IWAYJ EEN J " OJ DOJ? LO -'ED :VDD 109 r . E... G F EW OT. T'IYT LBLCFTI TJ, SOME- ET' ND J 'XID SBIG, ETC. . ,. .,,D. 'I. . G TI-IEE? F CE, IIE. TE? THE FACULTY EOAFD C? STRLTEGE' LDCECE THE EFPQFI3 EEETFIT TEE CF T'-1' ' S QP. T PIC. .. T' E CLGSEFIESS BETH- I FAC' LTI THE Y T 'X CLE., AJ .,T TENT, .-1 Q. fc' c WL in 1.15 f W1 fiom REV PASCHAL BAIER O Carm Dean of Afhleffcs MR IOHN IORDAN Baskefball Coach Golf Lrghfwelghf Foofball MR FRED MUNDEE Assf Foofball Coach O BROLHER STANISLAUS REYBITZ O Carm Track Coach Wresflmg Coach MR WALLACE FROMHART Head Foofball Coach Banfams and Flys MR MICHAEL MURPHY Boxing Coach lnframurals BROTHER IOI-IN COUGHLIN O Carm Afhlehc Manager W ' L b, A f 4 A aaaa If ff' xx 'M--. ,ff .' A , .'f' 'X 1' Y . XA A f r b w W Q,.x. W r A 1? Ay .ly X ef ffe- Ci-XRME!:!..l'l'1 .. rr! A 1 n . Touch own Twn 111 1 1 EVEN THE VJEATHER VfAS UNCER aj: I AHEARN I BARLOW R BATCHELOR E BLAIR F BLANEY R BOLGER The standard ot Carmel elevated by last years Caravan ln wlnmng the Cathollc League tltle was ralsed stlll hrgher by the 39 40 squad The team completed rts most successful season slnce 1933 They not only successfully defended therr Cathollc League tltle but they also annexed the Co Champronshlp of the c1ty Therr never say d1e sp1r1t Won for them nat1onw1de recognltlon ln response to an 1nv1tat1on they traveled down to West Palm Beach Florlda and routed the Florrda All Stars Thelr v1ctor1es paralleled the achlevements ot the great Carmel C1ty Champlons of The team ltself was the product of the pre v1ous seasons champs The loss of lack McCallum ana Dlck Creevy was more than maae up for by the touchdown twlns ,UWM DODGFS A DF f'O I AND SCPI 'DPQX A LIPS :D Ill2? C. BRZEZINSKI N BRZEZ 'XI Kl B CREEXY T R EN i C- ff 2 ' mzzfzfzffzffgdll cjgzmfgzzff Cfzrzffvfzpj Fran Meakim and lohn Andretich. Tom Creevy replaced his brother as the best blocking quarter-back in the city. Bob Ouinn proved his ability by doing all of the Brownie's kicking. Zig Czarobski returned as the mainstay of "the finest line in the Catholic League." Ed Blair ably carried the burden at the center of the line. The important end positions were alternately held down by l-lall, Urba, and Brezinski. Dick Kennedy, NcNamee, Ed Murphy and McGann rounded out the regular line. CARMEL 7-ST BITA O Carmel officially opened the Catholic League season on October lst in a rough and tumble game at St Bita s Field The Brownies defeated the Mustangs 7 to O The first half was a see saw affair with both teams fighting stubbornly Midway in the third quarter the scoring commenced when Andretich dropped back to the twenty five yard line and shot a bullet pass to Meakim for a touchdown The try for the extra point was successful This was the only score of the game CARMEL O LEO O At Shrewbridge Field on October 8th the Caravan and the Lions of Leo fought a full sixty minutes to a scoreless tie Although the Brown and White dominated play and overpowered its rivals Z ZA ROBSKI wry oifmao s AF B ll3 . A S . . 1 . . . I . . , . . 1 - ' I . . . . . . . . . I . . . I . . . ' I . O E 'Y ' x . . ., , I 'il' Z F ,, ,C . , , -iz ff-H ' y A - .y"1,,' ..' 1 ' M'-1 " . YQVQ , at :""T ' Q ' 1-: 1. ,' , C" , 12 " ' . "T"'r' T 'QT44 y K-of - "t ' " . -X., b .r. '5- .' ,W-07 " . -'TQ . A T Y ' ' A Ti rj If. .J .A K' 17441. L I -' ,Q J . ' 'f V J. . 1' A ' ,. -fu' ' hff .1 4, '-li ' , '- '-"-scsi ' 2 'ffflfi 4 , , .,, , ' A 'LQ W A - 1 . E DY . TSP SOME OBY Ill THE BITA GAME ,f 1, .3 W, A f if X ff U l7lIl!i!llfl2lf!j Ill X Ullf Jill 'Z l'll'I'l 19,5 R. DUFFY G. DVVYER R. FITZGIBBONS I. FRANCHETTI E. GRABINSKI N. HALL H. HARKENRIDER I. HARTMAN VV. HYNES Leo team with strong determination was able to check all scoring threats. CARMEL 26 - WEBER 6 With renewed vigor after the previous Sundays "moral loss" the Caravan met their next opponent. The fighting Weber team crumpled before the Carmel eleven, 26 to 6. Carmel kicked off to Weber. After a few plays the Caravan recovered the ball and marched fifty-four yards. Andre- tich plunged over from the four yard line for a tally. The try for the extra point was blocked. ln the second quarter Meakirn raced eighteen yards, and then fifty-two yards for two consecutive scores. Quinn kicked both goals. Weber scored its only touchdown late in the first half against Carmel's second string, Riema going over. Again in the fourth quarter Carmel com- pleted a successful drive. This time Andre- tich went over from the three yard line The attempted conversion went astray. CARMEL 20-DE LA SALLE O De LaSalle proved the next victim for the already Championship-headed Brownies. The Meteors received the kick. After an exchange of punts Carmel marched forty- five yards. Andretich scored and Quinn converted the extra point. The second Carmel score came early in the second quarter when Gene Dwyer took a bullet pass on the nine yard line and raced to the end zone. Quinn's kick was good. The 'lNoBoDYfs GONNA stop MEN- -FRANNIE sit 114 F? K..-1 0lll!l!ll!Ul.gAf jllllfgfl 6Alllflfl!J5 Meteors threatened in the third quarter, but after several attempts failed they were forced to kick. Carmel then took the offen- sive. With Meakim and Andretich carry- ing the ball for seventy-five yards, they scored. The kick for the extra point was blocked and the game ended a minute later: Carmel 20-De LaSalle U. CARMEL 6 - IOLIET O On October 22nd the rampaging Brown and White traveled down to Ioliet to meet Catholic High for the South Section leader- ship. The first quarter was a nip and tuck battle with both teams threatening. The half ended with no score. ln the third guar- ter the Caravan surged down the field to the one yard marker, only to be repulsed by the strong loliet line. The Down-Staters immediately kicked out of danger. But on the next play Carmel galloped forty-two 4. Mar- fi 115 E+ C. KANE W. KELLEY R. KENNEDY T. KRASINSKI E. LAKE F. MAI-IER T. MAI-IONY F. MEAKIM l. MILLAR yards to pay dirt. Dwyer's attempt for the conversion was wide. A serious scoring threat came in the fourth quarter when loliet's passes began to click. The game ended, however, with the ball in the Brownies possession on loliet's eight yard line. CARMEL 27-DE PAUL l3 The Mount Carmel Caravan clinched the South Section championship on November l2th at Stagg Field with a decisive victory over DePaul. Carmel's first score came early in the first quarter when Quinn plunged over from the one yard line and I 1 , "mf , - 1 ' or t - ! , - 1. , 1 fi- f f- Ku! fl - 1 Um 1215 ff then kicked the extra point. DePaul quickly retalliated with a sixty-seven yard pass, which resulted in a touchdown and con- version. ln the second quarter Carmel aaain went on the offensive. After a forty- two yard march Meakim finally scored, and Quinn converted. The Caravan domin- ated the third quarter with two touchdowns, by Quinn and Andretich QUlUD'S second attempt for conversion was qood The final score of the game when DePaul tallied on a forty yard pass in the fourth quarter CARMEL 27 ST IGNATIUS O At Soldiers Field the underdog Caravan overwhelmed the favorite lanatius eleven C. Cf-IMURA E. WAPINSKI T. KELLEY Z7 to O After a scoreless first quarter Car mel scored on the second play of the sec ond phase wlth a sixty yard pass Andre tich to Meakim Quinns attempt at con version was low A few minutes later Andretich qalloped fifty five yards down the srdelines for another score The kick was qood Two plays later Meakim took af uwa ...uv had 9 FRANNYE HITS THE CENTPR INT THE RITA TlL I I I I . . . 1 . . . . , . w I f Y. .5 ' Q 'F , , Y K, I .sam I l ,, Y . W. .2 , AA..f4. K A, 1 ' , U U 1' , 1 W 7.1.1, AQZV1: .. ,...Y,...,.t,,, 'x N T. v --Q' G ' 'vwgifv ?'v.""' f ."' 'O' ' T ' gr. w. , 1 4. ' .T , " ,Q ,, I i i A If -fyii? . ,I Q, , 1 .4 1, g ,Q ., . . . f . 7 .. . . . ' - i T -' LQ M llfiw ' UIllfl!llfIflgA! ujlllflf Ill fllllfll 9,5 - :T X ff C A fl NAMEE E MURPHY D 19119 H LO the ball on a reverse from Andre trch He ran twenty two yards tor the thlrd touchdown Agaln Qulnn s krck was good Bob Davld sprmted thlrty srx yards tor the frnal score ln the fourth quarter Tom Creevy ran the ball over for the extra polnt The game end ed wlth Carmel the und1sputea Cathollc champlons QUINN CARMEL l3 FENGER l3 On a rarnsoalced held wrth zero weather Carmel battled the heavrly favored Fenger team to a l3 to l3 t1e Fenger took the lead late ln the f1rst halt on a long pass The attempted conversron was blocked Early 1n the thrrd quarter Fenger agaln scored on a powerful march and the lack was good th1s t1me Then Carmel staged one of the most hero1c comebacks 1n prep foot ball The drlve started after Fenger had lacked out of danger Mealam Andrehch and Davld carrled the ball slxty yards 1n an unhalted drlve scor1ng a touchdown Dwyer lacked w1de Carmel lacked to Fenger and Don Gnthn 1n an attempt to catch the eager Carmel eleven oft guard gurclc lacked to the enemy s forty Here tne IJST A DV O tIO'NI OF A Aft L MANS FAI H l SCI-IWAB P OSI-IEA 'V' URBA l WOCDDLOCK Carmel dr1ve was renewe l wtth even greater v1gor The Caravan could not be stopped Mealam and Andretlch p1cked up ten and twelve yards aplece Then Fenger 1I'1ll1Cl9Cl a two yard loss Bob Dav1d took the ball to a hrst down Agam Davld was g1ven the p1gsk1n The l1ne made an open mg and Carmel prcked up another ten yards Trme was grow1ng short Tense ungers gr1pped the ball and Davld went over from the three yard lme Gene Dwyer lacked through the upr1ghts for the all 1mportant extra pornt and the Co Cham p1onsh1p of Chlcago ll7r . 1 . . I , . ' I , . 1 1 A IMAP NN T 5, . . ...,,, ,. ,., . . I L. W "..'.I 3. 'IL' N R. ' ' ' ' 1 . 1 . . . 1 . . 1 . F . C . . . . L . C4 . .. . . , . l .N'Jfii'EFt ' .-l.f- METER" . . C . ME . ' .T .wt 'Q ,K ,, 'vZl!1fllfIlqA1l i!TIUfAll Again under the guidance of Coach Iohnnie Iordan the Lights blazed through the season leaving a trail of victories behind They rang up four victories lost twice and tied one game The team s power was transferred this spring to the Heavyweight Sguad Among the most promising players were Vaughan Connors Lucas and Delaney ln all the team played seven games. ln the first en- counter St Rita fell before a 26 to 6 slaughter At Shew- bridge Field an exact replica of the Leo Heavyweight game was enacted The Brownies were held by the Lions to a scoreless tie ln the following game Carmel defeated a strong Crane team 6 to U St Elizabeth Then the Brown and White came back to Whip lgnatius 26 to l4 The second loss came at the hands of the Kelvyn Park team A strong Carmel drive in the fourth guarter stopped short of the goal and the Brownies lost 6 to O The main purpose of the team 1S to mold stars for the following year s l-leavies Such players as Frannie Meakim lohn Andretich Bob David and Tom Creevy were at one time the Lightweight standouts As the coach Mr lordan attempts to teach the players the fundamentals of the game and to instill in them the spirit and the fight needed for a championship team ln this he has succeeded as evidenced by the outstand ing Caravan teams of the past three seasons and their spectacular players ll8 I f f f 2 X dealt the Miniature Caravan its first defeat, l3 to 6. d JI1Ax k V UNSW JJN' NWO I. JF . ..:-37,- .1-A Ef, .'?'ff.RE.-'SN F. F.f'1'fff'LD3 if ffffff 'UTIFIMRST '. ff 'PfY"IY f . '.'.'.l.LEIi I. f"fLG.lxN F. P1Q'F ' ZEQRZEK 1. ' ""v:r f f .. .... ..,.,,. . . LLLSPEC fJ.Rf,fEE'z' , AAATV:-f, ,. ., ,, M.-. P'f5.Y.f'ff'1 i. J Qfffflffl, -I 1- 11321. H 'fffff A . sjiv J v I gf N, ptr mmf' iigwx NN., -'Q in up RN NHTYTAKEO HV W 5 T20 1 N V M I ' : gZ.1MQa+4.'Rwf?'.+ZaH'1sM w'f ff :V H .f1. v:xt 1 .-fx-fy-1.-sg,Q..,., - ' ' ..r lx . 'V , . ff '.'f.3aY " Tiff? FF,.Q.I.J1E,.., .fbi . T. '," LN FIUWIXI, PF.-'-flffi' "'iiMEf2'f ffl?-IMIVSP ANI PIG HW? DVN1 ."1?ITi HY? Tfffhil... 'T Ef.'T?"z"ffff ' .-lflfx Yf"?F':'?fQ Am-f Gina' 1 Q- 4' 41 ,fa vu.: s WQYH F 6 p 'Y' Q ,S .n vw. ,,-. 'TF' 5- - JD -0-M.-..41, YY. 5' -'Q 1 f-,5' H ,. .Av fx Qu n T H rn TMJ I .V 121 ' 1 ' K ' . I vi ku ,,. 5 f '. A! s , l -- . K sf . :WK ,b . U" Y '7 Q... 'E Q ' 4' "NW 5? 519,11 V . Q- r, " ' gf 1 Y 'J' . P 2 Y "' -1 ., ' - M ' if ' ' il-Y' QV' ' x ,ui 1 g I-lf' , . ' ' . N ' I I wx 95 . ' ' ' ' , r A R ' 0 K y M Q L. ,A fy , Xi, M 1 JV ,..4.., V 'Y fl 1:,,.k M 1 . f if wk, 6: Q - , . 'P A1 'A 1 . . 1:1523 1 3 , ' . , -' , ,, If , V .. 1 I ' x .- . . A mf. . . . . A . , A .,. ,.. ,- k, n - W " Q -'s -5' k V ,L-W riff, rf- ,'- ' gig.: . '2 A K '. 5 .1 x n"" ' 4.L. . . vy -9 . , I 3. ' a My 31 ' , ' t . g U , , V996 , . .r, , " eV' . gl, is 11 43. :L ' in I . A.' 1, Q' 4 gf-47, Rf . f L " fa ' .. A A' , ,. 31, Q-XS' Q J ' ' ' ' . A BA- if: ' ' A 1 ' - 3 4-Z' -'A' Qin ' X 1'- . L - ' A ' -1 . ,"'- " -Q ' , 4 M .,' -- A-., f - A..-. ,'D I A " I . ...v .,":.- ," ' ., l 4 - -I ,.a 4 ' ' "' . ' .W-,. V, A 1-'Vw-' ' ' "' ff "FT" "1 lub V L,,,.. , Rv...f ::.... J JCQIG FIJHT .RFTEF Hffff, EH EZ. ...... , v---- 1 -1 vm 'A' "" ' ' "f"":':: ff1F'f':'S Giffpf S.. P..'.J ,Q A...5....f1G A. KL L "7 fr iq T E-Q.RLOVv D BELL F BLANIFY OD QQ' DUKE +C I XHHLLL 'Q FIIZGFHAID B HR i AH RN l ANTON R CREEVY CREEY Y DELAD EY M VEANE R KENNEY L 4 r' LYDV 2 f f 'tt T C 011101 f1f5Q11f1f1 lTl-I the return of four of last year s regu lars and the transfer of Eddle Kllmek from the Heavres to the Lrghts Coach lohn n1e Iordan s hope of a perfect team was ful fllled The Pon1es completed therr season wrth but two losses and over twenty v1ctor1es They breezed through the pre season FGHWICK Tour ney and came out the champs Two of therr members Klrmek and Kempher made the All Tournament team ln the regular League schedule the Lrttle Caravan suffered only one loss They came out on top to w1n the Sect1onal Champronshrp The squad was not merely a one man but a frve man team All f1ve regulars pulled together to w1n Ed Kllmek former All Tournament St George medahst Just rn from Heavywe1ght ball was the sparkplug of the team at the center pos1t1on Kev Farrell a regular for four years fmrshed hrs Carmel career ln the same steady fashron that marked hrs prev1ous three years Along wrth Kev hm Cosgrove held down the guard posrtron Hrgh pornt man for the season was Glamour Lomasney at one of the forward pos1t1ons The other was ably held down by The FGHWICK All Tournament star lohn Kem FENWICK TOURNAMENT Wrth an 1nv1tat1on to the Fenwrck pre season lrghtwelght basketball tournament rn the1r pos sessron Carmel s lrght s Journeyed to the West Slde to start the 39 40 season pher Sparked by Lomasney and Klrmek the experl enced Lrghts easrly vangurshed the North Slde qulntet 36 to 15 ln the second game St Phrlhps went down rn defeat to the tune of 32 to 21 In th1s game the Mountameers proved themselves one of the fastest teams 1n the crty St George was the opponent 1n the semr frnal game The Dragons led all the way untrl Kev Farrells scorrng attack brought the Caravan from behrnd to a fourth quarter vrctory ln the flnal game the lrghts met one of the fmest teams rn the crty 1n St Pat s From the start to the frmsh the two teams exchanged baskets The Gaels would not glve up lt was anybody s ball game trll lohnnle Kempher put rt on 1ce by srnkmg three long shots 1n a row A mrnute later the gun ended the game wrth Carmel the vlctor on a 3'7 to 26 score Wrth the wrnnrng of the Eenwrck Tournament and the placrng of Capt Eddre Klrmek and lohn Kempher on the All Tournament team the Ponles showed notrce that they were a team to beat fl23r I O 4 1. ' 5 ' - ' ' ' T. , 1' o. 1 - I ll Il I 1 Their first opponent was Loyola Academy. I, Act? ' '-' , 5212 IIUI' Zb?l-5AlffAll ILST STANDING AROUND AND WAITING A BIT OF A SCRAMBLE AND RIGHT IN THE MIDST IS IIM ANTON I I-IIS year s heavywerght basketball squad overshadowed IH the l1ght ot the 38 39 Champtons emerged from League competrtlon wlth but two VICIOIIGS But the box scores do not mdlcate the txght and the sp1r1t of the Senlors As a hghtlng underdog team they had no equals ln erther sectlon I-Iampered by the loss of all ttve regulars from last year s team Coach Iordan th1s year began to butld a future champronshlp team ln the Sophomores and IUUIOTS commg up he has some excel lent matertal DE LaSALL'E Wlth only one wm to 1ts credlt at the end of the IITSI round of play Mt Carmel dragged 1nto the tlnals They were deter mrned to knock oft one of the potentlal champlons But the Meteors up rn the w1n nlng proved to be too fast for the I-leav1es Carmel fatled to overcome the sllght lead hrst halt The trnal score 39 to 31 ST LEO When the Caravan played Leo the second tlme they were opposmg a team alreaay on 1ts way to the Sectron Champlonshro Nevertheless 1t was a hard fought game all the way and the Brownres lost only alter they had exhausted every means m the1r power Il24t I which the Cavaliers had piled up In the l ' . ' 1 . 1 A ' , I 1 as , L it by 4 l -a " ST RITA St Rlta made up for her f1rst loss by de featmg the Mountameers ln the1r return engagement Desolte the brllhant playlng of hm Anton and Manus Keane the team lost mamly on 1ts clefenslve Work IOLIET CATHOLIC Then the team fulhllecl 1ts hope of knock 1ng off one of the hlgher ups Thelr the second v1ct1m for the Heavles but not W1thout a futlle flght The score Carmel 40 Cathollc I-hgh 30 DE PAUL A futlle last half spurge nearly won the second Demon game for the Mountalneers But as 1n prevlous encounters they lacked that fmal punch rt takes to Wm De Paul 33 Caravan 29 WEBER Coach Connelly s Weber team was tmrsh lng one of the best seasons 1n 1ts heavy vverght hlstory hm Anton Doc Loftus and Manus Keane the graduates on the t am were determrned to take th1s last one for memorles sake The West S1ClGIS fought the best game of thelr season The Brown and Whlte were forced to take a back seat wlth only 27 pornts to thelr opponents 38 t125t' 011101 gl5A0!!Cl f x BARLO A RIVES A B LA 'NIT N O PJ y ' ' f 2 X96 PLq"'.v , . R M E A. if if 1 Carrnelite Cousins otferecl themselves as - - . . ll ll 9 . . Y Y W R , lT TE. A. O W 'S UP T ' T lf IN. 1211101 gl ska A11 DE LaSALLE Carmel opened the League Season agamst De LaSalle an old rrval The game was the closest of the year A Cavaller basket 1n the closmg seconds of the fourth quarter t1ed the game ln the 1nsu1ng overt1me per1od a De LaSalle basket Won the game The flnal score was 23 to 25 ST LEO Next on the schedule Was Leo Another t1ght game saw the Caravan on the short end of a 21 to l6 score Thls tussle proved the Splfll and flght of the Brownles espe orally smce the Llons Went on to Wm the Champronshlp ST RITA The Sen1or qumtet Won the1r f1rst game of the season when they defeated the Mus tangs St Blta mustered all her strength but falled ln the last half to contmue her dr1ve The Caravan came out on the long end of the 24 to 20 score IOLIET Travellmg down to Iollet the Caravan suf fered another defeat The1r Cous1ns downed every Mountarneer threat The fmal score was Iol1et Cathohc 36 Carmel 25 DE PAUL Next 1n lme Was De Paul The flghtmg Blue pomts 32 to 26 WEBER A fast Weber proved too much for the Caravan The West Slders led all the Way At the Whlstle Carmel tralled by ll pomts 38 to 27 KLIMEK FOLLOWS KEMPHERS LONG FOR TWO POINT LACKE AND M GO AN DIVE FOB LOOSE BALL . rf f 1 A ' ,f f ' 0 1 I I ' , . ,, , ' , Demons defeated the Brownies by six ' ' S. ' Y C VU . if 126 lit' DE LaSALLE Wlth the rnaugural of the Cathollc League season Mt Carmel started the year off ln typlcal Caravan fashron by defeatrng the De LaSalle Meteors 37 to 15 Kev Farrell and Gordy Lomasney led the Mountaln eer s sconng by ta11y1ng ten pornts aplece ST LEO lnsplred by therr vlctory the Iordanmen traveled to St Teo s and bearded the Lron ln hrs den by the tlght score of 39 to 31 The usual thr111s were apparent as the lead see sawed back and forth Capt Ed Kllmek showed that he st111 had h1s llghtwerght shootmg eye by dropplng rn 12 pomts ST RITA Determmed to make 1t three stralght the POHIQS met therr next v1ct1m the Mustangs from Rrta Farrell and Lomasney scored Just enough pomts between them to cmch the game The fmal score was Carmel 42 St Rrta 23 ' A? I I ff lll'Z1l0l' 11521111111 IOLIET 40 to 20 was the top heavy score by whrch the Tumors routed therr downstate cousms The 1-lrlltoppers fought a valrant but futrle game The Eenwlck Champrons were the last word 1n pa smg offense and defense DE PAUL Playlng De Paul for the flrst tlme 1n many years the Caravan found 1t d1ff1cult for the frrst three quarters to hlt the basket But rn the fourth perlod Cosgrove led a scorlng attack that pushed Carmel far ahead The game ended Carmel 33 De Paul 22 'WEBER Paced by Lomasney and Klrmek the Llghts defeated a w1l11ng but green Weber team 35 to 13 Caravan sk1ll was contrasted agarnst the comparatrvely lnexpenenced West Slde qumtet O B C OBJ OS O E I OE UP AND GOP JA SA OUNDTJS VXI A I ' . . 1 1 - ' I - . Q . g., , . 1 . . . 1 1 I ' . . . . ...1 I 1 . 1 11 - . - 1 1 . 11 . . . 1 ' 1 . , D '1 1 ,mf ff,-., 4 Q . 1 HEXCKEE T 111CfjO1-'v7.A.NTC A KEOAFXC T 1 CKETT C EE. DD E G S . .DY V . IT Pr . 1 T . C SE. ,1 1 or 127 rf' y zznfor Zgzjgvfgzzff DE LaSALLE At the start of the second round the Cara- van was in the lead in the South Section with no defeats. But with Leo close on her heels there was no time for rest. The Ponies promptly downed De LaSalle. Carmel led all the way and ended up with 36 points to the Meteors 21 ST LEO ln the most thrilling game of the year the Mountaineers bowed their valiant heads in defeat for the first time in eighteen starts For four quarters the game with the Lions held the spectators breathless Not once was either team in the lead by more than three points Then Kev Farrell left the game on fouls With but fifteen seconds left to go a Leo man dropped one in from mid floor to beat the Brown and White 33 to 3l ST RITA Now tied for the championship and know ing that she must win every game from then on Carmel entered the St Rita con test ln a perfect comeback the Ponies turned down the Mustangs 31 to 25 sho N ing that they were still in the flght very much lOLlET Catholic High attempted to amend for their first loss but the Mountaineers again top they managed to narrow the score down to 34 to 26 DE PAUL De Paul was next to fall Fighting their best the North Side quintet managed to Vx Ll N DDIE IUMPS HE DOESNT KID DOC PUTS OINF lN THE HA D VXA ' . - x E E . f , - f ' i- . H f Y 1 1 X ' V ' I I ' ,v9f-'lbs ped the Hilltoppers. With a little more fight 'Q' , ,LA X Ve 3 g ' if4rJg'at ' . ,wt '15 l28 if X' -X I 5153 iw .Z lfl IZ for gold Le fgdl ff garner 26 points before the final whistle. Carmel's Sl was sufficient, however, to take the game. WEBER Rolling up more points than in any other game, the Brown and White defeated the Red and White of Weber, 49 to 18. This victory gave the Lights a tie for first place with Leo. ST. LEO CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Even up the Caravan and the Lion entered the arena Both had ended the season with ll victories and one defeat Both had beat en the other once and both had lost to the other once The ensuing game egualed the gravity of the stakes F or four quarters neither team could gain a significant lead Leo threatened once but The Ponies in a heated ten minutes of scoring forged ahead by a few points At the beginning of the fourth period the score was even It stayed that way till the last few seconds of play when Farrell s mid floor basket put the game on ice Red Kelly of Leo also sank one but the Caravan won by one point 31 to 30 ST PATRICK CHAMPIONSHIP In a previous encounter with the Irish Carmel had emerged victorious Probablv the Pony team overe timated its ability probably St Pats had improved Never theless the Gaels won 31 to 25 The Moun taineers attack failed to click till it was too late The Caravan was defeated but this loss was more than overlooked in the wake of the Fenwick Tournament Champi I I I 1 1 I S . , . . I I ' - EEEVY AND ANTON TAKE CARE OF NORM , . . WK , - EV MAK S A SETUP LCO1. IKE -UP. 129 A EY E A SET onship and the Sectional Title KELVHEB ll, EPZEZINSKI H. BALUfi.'lfEl7F? F. LEAIEY F, FLOYD T, KW l V' ..:A, UPU 1 .,.TfN., C. vvy.,-N ,. ,N H ll V ,.A. .-'7D..i.r l, HA:-...i.,.. i, ,f.,.4.fA.w F. ME Under the tutelage ot Coach "Mike" Mur- phy, the boxing team completed another successful tistic season. One hundred and sixteen candidates went out for boxing. Six received major letters, and nineteen were awarded minors. The boxers were a great drawing card, especially in the intra- mural bouts. EEE F. S ln the first meet a card of five inter team bouts was run oft as the main event on the Notre Dame Night program. Thirteen more intramural fights Were staged tor the bene- tit ot the Loyola Hyde Park Council of the Knights ot Columbus. The tistic highlight of the year came when Carmel traveled down to Aurora and defeated Marmion Academy, 9 to 3. For the Calumet K of C's the Caravan fought thirteen more intra- murals. Individual talent manifested itself in the team this year. Capt. Ed. Seymour set the pace by winning all of his bouts. Tom Kremer and lohn Hickey followed his ex- ample. Tim O'Rourke, Captain-Elect of the GET ATJAY FROM ME O ll.. ER HEPE, lLL SHOT! YOU W fo :o":.x .. xJ..C,.J.,.sl'. 'I LT' "' TV :g::'i'1" , J ZZILL. SZ':'f.fil.f'SI '40-'41 squad, also survived the season undefeated. Hickey, Kremer, Seymour, Lucas, O'Rourke, and Vrydoyak earned Monograms. The most promising of the underclassmen who received minor letters were Gleason, Floyd, C'Brien, Barlow, and Harrison. 4131 .1- mm? l-IE wrestling team entered its second year as an organized team. Brother Stanislaus again took the reins and molded a strong squad. The grapplers gave a good account of themselves desplte two defeats The team st1ll 1n 1ts 1nfancy was hampered by the small number of volun teers that came out Carmel staged a thr1ll1ng battle agamst Parker I-hgh but came out on the short end of a 21 to 16 score when Parker took the last bout Morgan Park proved to be Car mels f1rst v1ct1m The Beverly team was nosed out l7 to l6 ln the last meet l-llrsch I-hgh defeated the Caravan The 1nd1v1dual performance of Capt Con nors ln all meets was outstandlng Facmg defeat 1n every bout he turned the tables and threw all three of his opponents. Con- nors climaxed the season by winmng the championship 1n the l55 lb. class of the A. A U Meet The mtramural wrestlmg bouts were held before the student body The bouts were all hard fought and very close Sulhvan Captam elect of next year s team Connors and Davld successfully defended the tltles whrch they had won the prevlous year Boylan pulled a surpnse by throwmg the vars1ty man Castlllo Meak1m and Brzezm sk1 both won excrtmg matches The out standmg bout of the meet was the one be tween Duffy and Khmek Duffy f1nally staged a br1ll1ant comeback to p1n hrs opponent The other wmners were Carroll LeBeau and Hartman 15 DOWN BJT NOT OUT I . ' I I I ' ' ' ' ' I 1 I n 1 I - - . I , I . I ' " I ' v I I u I a I I I I ' " 2 gf-so K - X x GN B8 1 , . ,fry A2 lfl ffdlll Ml It Tx BFZEZQIQY1 x TK IICHO HUT? FOX BIXRLO KLIWVK f CLQIWLIQJ SULLIV RN DUFFY BRZEZHNSKI DAVID BOVLA WARTIN 'N LeEEAL MEAK PARROTT EAD A .JO 4 xxx E. CX-XSTILLD Y'J.lX ITIS C. F LS E, J 1. HY ,, 1. . E. .. M. j . , 1 R. ,v V V.. H. 1 F' . . .N y " VL I AJ. Y F, Y III Q. V .... I. uf. II f. MCH YIIELL 2, LQBERL' 2. CASTILLS : QUEFV P '.'.'.3fKffIE f. Ef5.'f'ff'QP : r f. C.-.PFCLQ f.l.FFf" Y' C. DESMOND D. HARRISON I. WEBER C. THOMAS R MINER P SHEA R OUINN F BUCKLEY I COLGAN R SANDBERG W. MOODY I- DILLON E. BRODERICH R. DANHOFE R DANAHEP NOONAN BASILE PELS RANEY HARTY R. WOODWARD R. HILLIARD W. IANN D. MCCARTHY M KUPCZAK I F YD I WHITE E M HUGH 5 lflllfllf um! fzuezrlz 5 A necess1ty at Carmel are the Flywe1ght and Bantamwelght teams Under thelr Coach Wally Fromhart they are tratned and experlenced to be future Llghts and Heav1es F rom thelr ranks Mr Iordan prclcs the stars for h1s vars1ty teams ln lnformal games they galn and develop the1r sklll The two teams also serve as an outlet for the sk1ll of those who are not qulte good enough for the Lrghts and Heavres J Back ln 1926 Carmel s golf team was flrst organlzed lt wound up 1ts f1rst season by w1nn1ng the Cathohc League Champ1on shlp Agaln rn 27 29 and 30 the Caravan repeated Thls year Coach lohn Iordan got a very early start The Brown and Wh1te have already played rn three tournaments dropplng a wlndy one to Fenger amend 1ng for 1t by defeatlng St lgnatrus l2 to 0 and placrng second ln the Cathollc League meet ln the latter Ioe Moore of the Carmel team won the League Medal on the basls of h1s low score 'Il34r VNC Track always a maJor sport at Carmel has ln the past few years reached such an rmportance that 1t now rlvals boxrng and wrestllng The crndermen have galned a lastrng place on the schools athletlc pro gram Brother Stanlslaus servlng h1s sec ond year as mentor has great hopes for th1s seasons squad The loss of only two lettermen from the 39 40 team and the Lang and M1ckelezgo form a foundatlon for hrs hopes Capt Maher last year won the Crty Half Mrle Champlonshtp and flgures to repeat agaln Ernles Lang returns for the hlgh Jump work Kennedy w1ll do all of the shot puttlng Reardon Caruso and Seymour hold down the dashes The frrst meet of the year was w1th De La Salle The Meteors by wrnnrng the dashes and placlng rn the others won 40 to 28 But the Caravan showed thelr ment rn the Jumps the half mlle and the shot put The experlence garned rn thrs f1rst encounter wtll prove valuable rn the future dual and tnangular meets , R. - . T. ,. LO . 1. . . R. . c . R, I I f f S 7 ll Il I ' 1 I I I , 1 ll . I - ll ' ' . 1 I X y return of such veterans as Maher, Rienners, K .W f . . . 1 1 I - I , , I ' I ' I if Ifw- ,.. -. - ,A av .Aff -sn fs ,- C' -p gx 135 PWR! wx ,U v 4 .. Z:-...,,. . TQTHELOZZO IZ VU IWLIII CL 'ZCLIWL 95 INTRAMUBALS Champlonshrp football and basketball teams are composed of champronshlp mate rral As a consequence each sport represents only a small fractlon of the student body To offset th1s lopslded part1c1pat1on and to satlsfy the athletlc hunger of the 1nd1v1dual Mt Carmel has maugurated and encouraged an extensrve lntramural program In basketball softball boxrng wrestllng handball track and swrmmlng keen competrtlon multrphes the honor of wlnnrng the coveted medals Shortly after the school year began the lntramural program was rnaugurated Wllh the basketball tournament Th1s IS followed up by the Intramural Boxrng matches whrch are held at the Notre Dame Nlght show The wlnners rn these bouts recelve medals Then the scene shrfts to the swrmfnlng pool under the gym Next the rnter team wrestlmg matches are run off These are followed by the handball and free throw tournament Flnally the season IS wound up w1th the lntramural softball tourney and the track meet All of the mtramural sports are under the supervlson of Mr Murphy the Athletrc latter two To them all the students are lndebted for the all round athletrcs 1n whrch they take part BASKETBALL The most rmportant of the tntramurals wa basketball Thls years was the largest turnout 1n the flfteen years of the sport at Carmel Over four hundred students aonned shorts for the occas on Each SGCLIOH ln the school was represented by at 1 ast one team Wrth Mlke Murphy refe eelng and drrectlng the whole system was completed wtthout a flaw ln a twm b1ll before the entlre student body the Freshm n champs lost to thetr Sophomore rtvals ln a very close game The underdog lunrors oefeated the Sen1ors 1n a surprlse ups t The members of the wmnlng teams were awarded the medals HANDBALL The Handball Tournament recelved a large turnout whlch all narrowed down to Malone of second year and Ernle Lang of fourth ln a three game encounter Lang emerged the vtctor and medal wmn r HANDBALL CHAMPS P QUINN E LAN ll36l ' I I I I I I I I V ' I Director, with the exception of track and wrestling. Brother Stanislaus manages the 1 ' - v - ' ' s . ' ' . .i . L, I ' yg . - 11 - rl T - . . . ' ' - ' ' ' e t h A - ' - G ' - - L ' e . I .. . . e P85 LIWLQIZ LNJ HVR of A 0 L0l'VLOI"Q5 I KRASINSKI I VANDERHENDE R PILLON H NOONAN D PIOTROSKY E FLOOD lfLl'll0l"5 f0zL A so 4 KE LF 81110115 I-1. li.'..IEi ,FF F. E'IJL1'jLl Lia 1 I . E,5.FLfL:'xY 7. F.fUF,F.f+.':' F. A .. fl. 'LUTTEF , K , v, V . W Ln. 4 . . ff Iff,l.HCfI':' F. EUCKLIE' CCLGSQY ff. L ' C".'.'F3fI SPEARS '.'."If P' T. ' I. . lfLfIf'0LWfLLllf'CL lfULlflfLlfVLLlfL ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO' SCHMITT WILSON LACKEY OUDSHORN TEED C USHER 3' W SINNOTT 'sh-3.4 I wh GAIN this year the swimmers tailed to revive the extinct aquatic team Again they had to satisfy themselves with Mr Murphys Intramural Swimming meet The mermen were divided into two classes ln the underclass division Ray Wilson won the 20 yard free style The 20 yard back stroke was taken by Al Hanes and lim Carroll copped the 20 yard breast stroke Bill Smnott nosed out Sutton for the 20 yard breast stroke m the Senior d1V1s1on but Sutton came back to take the back stroke Usher won the 20 yard tree style Lackey and Oudshoorn won the 40 and 60 yard tree styles respectively The swimming meet showed that Carmel really had excellent material. Among the Freshmen and Sophomores especially was the real talent to be found. +:ll38E Wx Cm Q 5 f VCZWQIVLCITI' KA 00 T S 0Lllf'lfLCllfVL8lfLf N the promotion of future basketball stars, as an aid to the younger lads who otherwise would not enjoy the privileges of systematic ball, and in furthering good, clean sportsmanship, Mt. Carmel had taken a tremendous stride. ln the Annual Basketball Grammar School Tournament she plays host to more than thirty teams yearly The regular League Season lasts WINNEP ST SABINA RUNNER UP ST GABRIEL from lanuary 6th till March 5th A Holiday Preseason Tournament inaugurates the year during the Christmas vacation This year thirty two teams participated The regular games were played every Satur day Each year the winning team is awarded the Mt Carmel trophy and the members of the team are presented with medals This year the Championship Was Won by St Sabina St Gabriel received the runner up trophy V29 I .se . J '4 ' I 'x T' T . if 5 X, 1 ,, i 'X , 1 IITTLF ASTYCTI 'IFIDEP THE EESETZT EY FUTURE STEPS. .. W fl Q , U , Ulfl Og lf'0LlflfL C614 The Monogram Club is the student or- ganization which socially binds the major sports at Carmel to each other. The Club brings together all those boys whose ath- letic performances have merited the major letters in the various sports. The chief serv- ice of the Club is the expulsion of all foreign monograms from the portals of Carmel. Only the "C" may now be worn. To become a member of the Monogram Club is the aim of many students but this ambition 1S realized only by a select few the cream of the Caravan athletes Each year all new members undergo a severe five day initiation Good natured fun enter tains the entire student body at the expense of the new candidates The Monogram Club is under the moder- ation of "Wally" Fromhart and "Iohnnie" Iordan. The successful conduction of the meetings and other activities is largely due to their efforts. With their cooperation the Club sponsored the first Annual Alumni Game. The game met with great success, even though last year's champs defeated the new team, 26 to U. The sway of the Monogram reaches far beyond its triumph in athletic competition and extra curricula activities The spirit of the club its success in school achieve ments and the personal accomplishments of the members are all valuable factors in the uplifting of the traditional spirit ln the Club elections this year Bob Quinn was elected president USHER HALL SHEA W HACKER D WILSON l ELT BRINKMAIX LACKEX LAV N PAS ALE LC 'IAS H ONIIEL KEAN I . . . . . - I - I ,L C. N. if Q 5 P. D. B H l. " c. 5 ' , L. c f,-X A o. r. N51 lt' GCN 7 W, A i Q A ll , M. . E 4 f ,V y X' tux, ff 1' 1 ' X K X I if f fl 140 is LPF ET AN HP Z MCR EANV DUFFH P TZGHJFOI CPF CK TIN URE yr CZ C P FILLCIJ V C11.1' rUr, KFA OJ ELI' If PLIITJ 12122 141 E. ?'.5+.f QEFE P I if 'fl.l.T..fE PQ. LAKE' I. Aflfffl P. Pif+.E?fP'fIE1TfE'F- I. CCFTSPCVEQ I. Inf -CSC'.'.'l.f' E vm ,.. XJ .L A N, FICFFJTN ELTFN T. FF f'I'T'I C. EP EZI....'I P. ECLGHR F, L fi. Y. E.ffI.L?F, E. I.IUF?Pi'.' I Y , jf: F. .HEYY F. MAHSF. F, J. .TI V. ' . .Q Vf. XMLLY Z. AF J I'?fI Cl, D'.'fYEEn Fi. I. KEUTPHPH I. ffP.'LK' VI. .J E. HY . , EFEU. T. CEEEYY I. DESK fl? E. AEE A. .f1.7,. ' N. -.. Effflfiff N, HICHEF. 'fl Fi. KEHIIIJY E. DA'.'IQ P. f.fE.l.Pfff.f E, Kl.ff.ff?f E. KELLFE' I E'fLLf'.'.l.fI CLI H18 L CLVLII Calendar Snapshots Patrons Acknowledgements Autographs E the staff of thrs l94O Orrflamme have strrven to present to you as candraly as possrble what a student experrences ln hrs four years at Carmel the school of champrons ln the next few pages we have endeavored to present to you a resume of the school year l939 40 wrth a few lntlmate snaps of students and faculty rn thelr everyday actrvltres Ne feel that th rnforrnal hfe at Carmel lS Just as blg a factor rn the educatron of 1ts boys as the more serlous aspects of scho lasttc pursurts lmpromptu gatherlngs and arscussrons ln the corrrdors and elsewhere the athletrc program and the forma tron of lastlng frrendshrps all do much to ard the forrnatron of a strong character especrally when those fnendshrps are made wrth the Carmehte Fathers l42t j I f 4. ' ' X f 'Y Q ' ' ' ' ' y Fig 1 It eff 0 Z' eff is V1.1 O' v X. vgw .,...1 f-,P R fn U LI 'LHP H' F, ,M 61 QVL 6Llf' SEPTEMBER Tue 5 The underclassmen were reglstered wlth the help of the Reg1strar Wed 6 The upperclassmen were reg1stered wlthout the help of the Regrstrar Mon ll W1th regrets 950 men attended the f1rst day of school r1 22 The new off1cers of the Mothers Club preslded over the 1n1t1al meetlng of the current year OCTOBER Sun 1 The Champs won the1r 11ISl game by seven pomts beatmg Rtta s hardy eleven 7 0 Mon 2 Father Theodore awed the bew1l dered freshmen w1th the1r f1rst retreat Thu 5 The student body and the faculty mourned the loss of George Cardrnal Mundelern Sun 8 Before a record breakmg crowd the Champs were held to a scoreless t1e by the Leo Llons Mon 9 Students go en masse to Mass and Commumon for the repose of the soul of the late Cardlnal class off1cers 11m Dunn was voted to lead the class of 40 Sun 15 In the1r thlrd contest of the season the Caravan trounced the1r adversar 1es from Weber 26 6 Sun 22 Carmel whrpped the1r cous1ns from lollet 6 0 rn a close fought game Mon 23 Father Maurrce reorgan1zed the Fathers Club and called the f1TS1 meet 1ng Wed 25 Mothers Club opened the1r socral season wrth a very successful card party Tue 31 The student body patd tr1bute to the team at the Annual Homecomrng Dance NOVEMBER Wed 1 The over1oyed student body had a free day All Salnts Day Thur 2 Classes resumed The overloyed student body was no longer overJoyed Sun 5 The Champs swamped the1r arch r1vals the boys from the lnstltute 20 to 0 Mon 6 The Provrnclal Father Matthew began the educat1on of the Sopho mores wlth the1r retreat Sun 12 ln the flrst prep football game 1n many years to be played at Stagg Fleld Carmel whrpped DePaul to clrnch South Sectron Champ1onsh1p 27 to 13 Mon 13 The Dads Club sponsored a Father and Son N1ght the flrst of the current year Tue 14 The freshmen expenenced some th1ng new as the quarterly exams made the1r debut Fr1 17 The Mothers Club held the1r month ly meet1ng rn the gym Sat 18 The Theater Party of 1939 surpassed all others 1n 1ts great array of stars The beautlful Avalon Theater was aga1n the scene of th1s gala affa1r Sun 19 The defeat of St Ignatlus by the Caravan for the Cathollc Champlon shlp of Chrcago was a complete rout The score was 27 to 0 Mon 20 So loud were the cheers the follow 1ng mornlng that classes were post poned untrl Tuesday he We had a free dayl Wed 22 Classes were held 1n the mornrng only Relaxatlon was regulred for the followmg day Thur 23 F D R s Thanksglvng CFree day? Fr1 24 Carmel was honored by hav1ng one of the most em1nent lecturers on Cath ohc Psychology Dr Albert G De Ouevedo Thu 30 Tradltlonal Thanksglvlng KNO free day DECEMBER Fr1 l Students prepared for the Fenger game w1th a g1gant1c pep rally Stars too numerous to mentlon 1n th1s small space were present Sat 2 Before a tremendously colossal crowd ln Soldler s F1e1d Mount Carmel and Fenger battled rn one of the best games ever played before a Kelly Charrty crowd Because of bad breaks ln the frrst half Fenger was able to hold the Caravan to a 13 to 13 t1e Mon 4 After the team s vrgorous last quar ter dr1ve the students could not attend school unt1l the1r vocal chords healed sufflclently Wed 6 The Mount Carmel St Cyrll Alumnr Assoclatlon held the1r Flrst Annual Banquet at the Hayes Hotel Fr1 8 The off1cers of the Dads Club for the current year were elected Dr F Ryan was elected presrdent 11441-f I I I I I I I ' I F ' ' ' . . ' . 1 1 I I ' 1 ' - 1 ' ' , ll . II ' 1 I 1 I ' v Wed 11 Senior class held elections for - - . I 1 1 - - I ll II n . 5 - ' ' - ll - II ' ' ' 1 ' I I QL QlfLC!6Llf' Frl 15 The defendlng champlons of the St George tournament were defeated 1n the f1rst round by St Mrchael s by a score of 33 to 30 Mon 18 The C1ty Co champtons were offered as a small token of apprecla t1on for the1r successful labors durlng the season past a banquet 1n the Bed Laquer Boom of the Palmer House Many notables lncludmg Mayor Kel ly Blshop She1l and Elmer Layden were the1r to pay trlbute to the team Thu 21 Chrrstmas vacat1on began 1n the afternoon after mornlng classes The Band gave a free concert 1n the QYTT1 Mon 25 Chr1stmas wh1ch tradtttonally falls on the 25th of December th1s year fell on the 25th of December Tue 26 For the thtrd t1me ln as many years the Hol1day Dance was held 1n the Crystal Ballroom of the Edgewater Beach Hotel Wed 27 The Clty Co champs departed to meet the Flonda All Stars 1n West Palm Beach Florlda at 30 A double vlctory was scored by Carmel when the football team whrp team 33 to 0 and the pon1es defeated St Pat S CThe only game St Pat s lost durmg the entlre seasonl 34 to 26 to Wm the f1TSt annual Fenw1ck L1ght welght Tournament lANUARY Mon 1 Guess what If you had a clear head th1s day you would know Mon 8 All good th1ngs must come to an end Classes resumed Fr1 12 The Senrors lost the openlng t1lt of the season to De La Salle 25 to 23 whrle the Pon1es swamped the1r opponents 37 to 15 Tue 16 The Iumors whlpped Leo 1n Car mel s gym by the score of 39 to 31 Wed 17 Our noses were taken away from the grlndstone ln order that we rmght be educated 1n the process rn1lk goes through from cow to doorstep as shown by the Bowman Da1ry Com puny Fm 19 The Iunlors carr1ed on the1r str1ng of v1ctor1es 1n Whlpplnq Blta by a score of 34 to 22 The Senlors won the1r flrst game by defeat1ng a powerful oppo nent by the score of 34 to 24 Thur 25 For the second t1me 1n the cur rent school year the students d1scov ered Just how stup1d they were r1 26 The luntors seemed unbeatable when they wh1pped De Paul 35 to 13 The Senlors lost another tough one 32 to 26 Mon 29 For the ftrst t1me 1n the current school year the parents found out Just how stup1d the1r boys were Tue 30 The Dads sponsored a show ln the FEBRUARY Thur l M1ke Murphys proteges traveled down to Marm1on to defeat a powerful Marm1on box1ng squad En 2 The Iuntors trlpped the1r opponents 45 to 30 The Sen1ors ran 1nto some more hard luck 1n the form of Weber loslng 40 to 27 Mon 5 The Dads Club sponsored the sec ond Father and Son N1ght Blackhawks and rad1o stars furn1shed the enterta1n ment En 9 The Caravan rolled along wxth the pon1es wh1pp1ng De La Salle 34 to 22 and the Sentors losmg 33 to 29 Mon 12 To celebrate the b1rthday of the f1rst presldent of the Untted States of QYTU classes Tue 13 Fr Ttmothy Journeyed to Carmel from Iollet to enl1ghten the Iumors on matters pertammg to the1r fa1th The pon1es were dealt the1r f1rst league defeat at the hands of the L1ons of Leo by the score of 34 to 32 The senlors were once aga1n defeated 24 to 15 Wed 14 After be1ng defeated earller 1n the season by the same team Camp1on Journeyed to Chlcago to defeat the Caravan 37 to 35 Frt 16 The pon1es got back 1nto the w1n column by defeat1ng Blta 26 to 22 The sentors were trounced 32 to 20 Thu 22 The Great Emanclpator unknowmg ly emanclpated us from the slave l1fe of students lh1S day The Mount Carmel St Cyr1l Alumn1 Assoclatlon held tts second annual smoker and elect1on 1n the gym Frr 23 The Mothers Club held 11S monthly meetlng The Caravan won a tw1n b1ll from lohet the Junlors w1nn1ng 38 to 31 and the senlors W1nn1ng 40 to 30 H451- ped Q highly tgutgd Florida A11-StGg America we refrained from attending f i 'S pf" dw-A MCNZX MAHA BOTGER HALL AIND THE CREEVY BROTHERS ENIOY THE SUNSHINE IN PALM BVACH x HILE WE STAY HOME AND ENIOY OURSELVES TEEO' ING SNOW BALYS . 146 4, ' J' 3. A, I , . . 1' 5 i , , ,WE N A r ' .9 if I . ,. . Q-.Q - . , I Q ,i 1 W' ,Eff 1 Y - N - . I' . J L, I , qw , X , ff ' Y - . -4 f , - - A- I' I' v V4 A . uv' -4 . J lm V. Cd LVLJQI' Thu 29 The Dads club sponsored 11S f1fth annual Notre Dame N1ght chuck full of Notre Dame stars and gurte a few potentlal boxlng greats from the ranks of Carmels boxlng team along w1th past stars of the box1ng world MARCH Fr1 1 The Ponles added another vlctory to the1r already great strlng by defeatlng De Paul 31 to 25 The Sen1ors dropped a tough one 33 to 29 Sun 3 The Mount Carmel St Cyrll Alumnl Assoclatlon rece1ved Communlon as a body and attended breakfast 1n the gymnaslum after Mass Dr Albert G De Quevedo returned for another successful serles of lectures on Psychology Fr1 8 Mount Carmel held the1r annual ora torlcal contest for the grammar schools The Cagers spllt wlth Weber Pomes won 49 to 24 Sen1ors lost 45 to 18 Tue 12 The lunlor Caravan wound up the1r south sectlon schedule by defeatlng Leo 1n a playoff game for the sect1on champ1onsh1p The score was Carmel 30 Leo 29 to St Pats for the C1ty lunlor Cham plonshlp Sat 16 The champ1onsh1p band sponsored a St Pats Eve dance 1n the gym Sun 17 St Patrlck s day A freshman was seen clad 1n a shamrock Wed 20 Another one of those morn1ng only days Classes were drsmlssed at noon for Easter vacatlon Wed 27 Classes resumed as Carmel greet ed the new prlnclpal Father Ambrose Thur 28 A g1gant1c carnrval started ln the gym Thls was a farewell party for Father Theodore APRIL Mon 8 Carmel s board of football strategy vlews next years hopes of reta1n1ng the t1tle From all reports at thrs wr1t1ng they look flne Tue 9 The Mlchael P Murphys provlded a boxlng show for the K of C Thur 11 Gene Dwyer was p1cked to lead the Iumor class Mon 15 The Dads Club held the1r regular meet1ng Fr1 19 The lunlor Prom was held at the 1111 no1s Athletlc Club Sat 20 The Mothers held the1r Annual Sprlng Card Party at the Stevens Hotel Sun 21 Une day retreat was held for the Fathers Club lt was attended by a goodly number of the dads Thu 25 The students attended a rn1ss1on lecture 1n the gym and saw movles of sald m1ss1ons 1n Ch1na Fr1 28 The Mothers Club held electlon of off1cers to presrde over next year s or ganlzatron MAY Thu 2 An abbrev1ated vacatlon was caused by Ascenslon Thursday fallmg on a regular school day Sun 5 ln a v1c1ous battle to settle all argu ments the Alumnl played the 40 41 team at Shrewbrldge F1eld and wh1pped them 28 to 0 Thu 9 Carmel and Mercy agaln cooper ated to put 1n productlon an oper etta namely The Chocolate Soldrer I1 10 Mothers were guests of sons 1n Mothers Day celebratlon 1n gym as the semors went to Communlon to complete the1r retreat Tue 21 Mothers complete soclal season wrth a luncheon ln gym Thu 23 Sen1ors take f1na1 exams and com plete school year at Carmel Fr1 24 Last day of sen1or exams and Mothers Club holds f1na1 meet1ng Thu 30 The day of the lndlanapolls 500 mlle race 1S a free day for the student body 1t 1S also Memorlal Day IUNE Sun 2 The sen1or class a1ds 1n the celebra t1on of the1r Baccalaureate Mass and attends breakfast at the Shoreland Hotel w1th the comphments of the Mothers Club Mon 3 Examlnatlons for the underclass men and clos1ng of school A good t1me was had by all Wed 5 The b1g moment came at last One hundred elghty senlors say farewell to Carmel and walk away w1th a sheepskrn Fr1 7 The b1ggest moment of all b1g mo ments came wlth the sen1or prom whlch was held at Olympla Frelds Country Club Thrs afforded the t1me the place and the g1r1 -1 147 P+ n I . ' ' ' ' . . 1 n I I I 5 I I ' I . . I F I I 1 Fri 15 The Iuniors lost a hard fought game - - ' - u I I v . I - 1 ll . I I ' I 0 ll u u L c - 1 . ' ' I o I ' +: . afmm MOST REV MOST REV MOST REV MOST REV THE VERY REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV MSGR MSGR MSGR MSGR MSGR MSGR MSGR MSGR MSGR SAMUEL A STRITCH DD BERNARD I SI-IEIL DD VG WILLIAM O BRIEN D D HILARY DOSWALD OCARM MATTHEW T ONEILL OCARM D BYRNES D I DUNNE DD T F EGAN W FOLEY F FRIEL F MURRAY DD M OBRIEN P RYAN V SHANNON LD VERY REV MSGR VERY REV MSGR W I KINSELLA P P SHEWBRIDGE REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV I ANDERSON A BALTUTIS I T BENNETT BONIFAS E BRODERICK BRADY BURKE L BYRNES CONNOLLY COVIECHI De NORUS A DIEDRICH I DORAN I FENNESSEY FRIEL GLEESON REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV ROGERS M SCHUTTE SHERIDAN STUCKEL TAILLON TERLECKE S TRAINOR URBA T VALCICAK I I WESTER I P WHALEN I N WILER AMBROSE C BROWN CARL H CHRISTOPHER WILLARD G IEFFRIES MILO E IEFFRIES HOWARD MCNALLY DENO F OCONNOR IOHN O DONOGHUE MRS MARGARET ANDERSON MRS MABEL BARRY AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS HENRY BECKSTROM IOHN BERNARDI FRANCIS L BRINKHAM THOMAS BLANEY A S BRZEZINSKI MRS A L CANNON AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS IAMES CAHILL GEO H CASSIDY I CREEVY IOS F DARLINGTON W I. DICKINSON . . , . . . B. . , . . . 1. RT. . . . . A. RT, . . . . , . . .H. . RT. . . . . . B. RT. . . . . A. . RT. . . T. . . . . RT. . .T. . , . . . . . RT. . .F. . ' . . . RT. . . J. . DR. . RT. . . T. . , . . DR. . . . . . DR. . . . . . DR. . . . DR. - - DR. . ' - - - DR. ' . T. , . E. . , - B- MR. , - I- MR. . -F- - MR. . . - I- MR. . - V- MR. . . . . R. . I I . D. . MR. , . P. . MR. . . . - F- - MR. . . - H- MH. , . . - P- MR. . . . . W. I. GORMAN MR. ' . I REV- L- GRUDZINSKI MR. AND Mas. ALBERT FREUND - A- MR. . . . . 1. . MR' A - E- - MR. . . E. U - I- - MR. . . - T- - MR. . . . . M. . MR. D . -1- - MR. . . - I- - MR. . . . . E. . MR. . . - C- MR. . . . - T- DR. . . . I. . MR. , - A- MH. . -1- - MR. . -P- - MR. . . .L - V- DR. . . F. . MR. , . H. b -P- - Mn. . . . - M- MR. . . . ' . s. . MR. . ' - L- MR. . . - E- - Mn. . . - G- MR. . . - - MR. . . . . M. . MH. . , ' - E- ' MH. . - G- . . - MH. . . -G- MH. . . . . P. MR. . . . . R. MR. , . A. . MR. . . . REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV REV HANTON D HISHEN D HOLLOWAY HORVATH H HOULIHAN I HURLEY S KANE I KEARNS L KEARNS S KEOUGH KITA LANFORT M LEDDY LINKUS L MAIWORM H MATIMORE MORAN O MCCARTHY MCGUIRE I MCGUIRE MCKENNA E MCMAHON MCNAMARA P MCNALLY MEADE I MORRISON I NEALIS OMALLEY PARKER DD PASKAUSKAS POOLE PUGNY G QUILLE 4148? AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS I I DOUGHERTY W P GANNON IOHN HAYES PATRICK HEALY MRS MABEL HENNING AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS LORETTO AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS IOHN I HIGGINS C A HOLZER W HOWE IOHN I HUSSEY I K HUTCHINSON HERBERT D IONES H C KELLAM FRANK B KELLY IOSEPH KOELLE ADOLPH KULOVITZ WALTER LUNDSTROM E I UX FRANK MURPHY IOHN MCCANN MCKENNA I I NEWMAN I C OBRIEN IAMES OROURKE IOHN G PETROLLI HARRY I POWERS DANIELI OUINN T I RAMSEY C OSULLIVAN LEO SEYMOUR IOHN I SHERIDAN WM I. SPITZIG IOS M TAAFFE RUDOLPH TASCHEK R G TRACY C VLOMJLC! 8lflflQlfLf E wlsh to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have tn any Way been of asststance to the staff of thts seventeenth ed1t1on of The Orrflamme However mslqnlfrcant or however srqnrflcant therr Work has been appreclated 9494? C the Carmehte Fathers We Wtsh to express our deep apprectatlon for 1t was they who were the 1nsp1rat1on and force behtnd the mt1al ed1t1on as well as all others To the faculty advlsor of the Crlflamme Father Maurlce We can not beam to qrve thanks lt has been the good fortune of the last three staffs to Work under such a man To the man responstble for the story tellmq plctures of hfe at Carmel we can only say Father Conrad thanks We are mdebted to Eymard Keal of thlrd year and Robert McCann of flrst year for the art Work 949456 C those representatlves of the Comme ctal orqamzatlons who have Mr lustm Mlller of Kover Kraft Cover Co Mr lames Oldham of lahn and Clller Enaravmq Co and Mr Robert S Kelly of H C Sherman Prmtmq Co we express our smcere appreclatron 949479 N a spectal way we are rndebterl to the class of 40 who be ause they have been so outstanoma tn athlettc and scholastlc ftells mace the publtshtnq of thts Orlflamme a most pleasant task l49 . T . . . assisted usp Mr. lohn Roach and Miss Stevens of The Root Studiosp 4 ' ' .5 . . . . . . A A , n I C A its Alfllljl H14 5 Z!!Ul!l'r!!1Z,5 5' x xx Xki Nm U' -3,1-.xc Amin:-vc . 'ln -V.. . W - - ,K . . ., A . x ,, , , - -.xx -Q, -,-.- X. V-px:-f--.-. -.f. x ,J WN . V .xx ..:: .11 .Q 'A x L k Mx -X X x X . 1 ,N .-I .Qu ,Bb 3 .MRT .,x,-pf, 1 mf X-gg-,-55,N.,4., ,ry:,l.x,k.,.,:,,.:, QW, I.. X u x H1 u f ' .-.3T'.1s. .-3. yxzmr. s ,ut 1,91 - Q,,.f.w-,-.-A-4-lu,Q-.T w,Q.N,.f -:4.,,,W M 9 N X X Q H S QS g N g. f , A gi,Q.,x.,x.-,KM-.,,l,QNQ 1. X. uh. X xx, N, . A tp , K x K Q 1 4 z ., .Y . , Au ,... .-.xwx-,,,X,N- 4.f5,x-Ugfx, ..g,:,:, X , ,

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