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,, W, ' f N-- E f J Q' V W V , 415' ng " ' r , NM' - A ww . V f ' i , . ' ' fi flfl""f""'A J 1 'V V2 ,' 'BJ " 1-'R-f"""5 ' 'Z' 5 ' ' ' " V Alf 'fy , '?i,ff2'if', -N E I ,. ,W . , .,5,,, , , . .,. .. .f W. , ni--xr" " 1 f'vL'fi fpj. 'if ' i " ' " 'Q ""' ' f ' ' -'f:1-:i,-'eT:A - A story ln plctures pubhshecl by The ORIFLAMME staff of Mount Carmel Hlgh School 6410 Dante Avenue ChlCag0 Illlnols -'Z v .2 +44 ,. 1 . Sid .. al""w A 41 F 3 . 3 :- S ,, Ag ' a . X f YV ,J -N A A f: 7 ' CY' 'Q X . , fs If ' f4,5"Y' . ag .A"'!' lf'- .fx ix ... , 1 , 0x T QQXS xxf W 405- 05- HOF 40? 40? 407 -for -40y ,4oy Q- -4or- -fo -409.5 3244:-2:5 34015 540, 4or -roy .4 fox- -4oz- apr fox- 40? 40, 40, o,. w M X t..-T ,if-Q if-f 'ji AFL' i fr . A Lt-J X ,- ' K"-' 5' X Nj W ' ' 811101,-.,v Q '1 if X K N " I . I lg-M :il f ' - I ' , X CQ w Xf . ,X-xgf-x,,x Tw . x X 'jf kk f K , 'fx' w -X V Yi QJNA R J C N' W N fl If X N1 X K 1 J REV MATTHEW T O NEILL O JOIN the llnks of a chaln solldly there must be a strong forgmg hand During his slx years as prlnclpal of Mt Carmel the Very Reverend Matthew T O Neill O Carm wlth hls keen lnslght lnto the problems of youth and hns zeal for Cathollc educatlon forged the llnk whlch binds Mt Carmel to the Parochlal Grade Schools 0. Carm. Prowirzrirfl Direftor . . C . . . l I . . . , Q ' . Q , U l, O . O Q . C C Q C . 0 . 1 1 ONTINUING in the steps of his pred- ecessor, Father Theodore J. Hatton, O. Carm., has carried out the tradi- tional methods of Carmelite education. By co-operating with the Sisters of the Primary Schools he has brought about a better understanding of mutual problems. Thus is welded the link between boyhood and manhood. la 1. REV. THEQDORE 1.4 HATTON U. f.r1r'm. frlzlrlfmf ,.. 4515? 2 S' Q' XQq.ix Af, . ""g"f I 1. ,,l:-Q... lghu, . xg' 7. X. K , ., ix G 5 l N x 'I X X JO., lrjy4'X O sd ffYil1f7r Xx fivxjyj K lO5iY5 'O' of fo, ggofmg !-?j...4of.E fone Q ffv 'Of 1 --J -4ox- +4of-- fo, wg 4 wg Q-40' 402 x.. I G THE SENIOR CLASS OF Ml Carmel Hzgh School zn recogmtzon o those who have lahorecl long ana' patzentbf ZH our hehal who have maa'e countless sacvz ces or as who have jhllowea' the more then' exam le, cleclzeate thzs szxteenth vol ame o the Ovqlamme to the Szstevs o the Pavochzal Gvacle Schools May thzs hamhle token o our gvatztacle hespeah our appveczatzoh 1' , . f- fi- f .- perfect way and have influenced as hy . P . . . - f ' ' f f . w . 4 - --A-ful:-.11 f -.4 -.ami J ,... Y, .gygif-1. .L "4 - 4 A 1 . 1 p f 3 4 14 5 HW Y 5 .I 'D 3 ? il 14 Fi A4 'I 5 . sf 4 ., V' 4 a - 1 4 : , 1 1, L is FA. lx' 1. O' nu.,- QA I - 7 Q CCDNTENTS The SCHOOL its characters and characteristics. CLASSES four segments of one integral student body. ACCGMPLISHMENTS the organizations and their su eees ses ATHLE F ICS physreal excellence through good eportemanshrp CARMELITANA a potpourrr of the foregomg , o . ' ' o o o ' - o gf , 40, - for Qi-ff, -:fix-OVlX: Q li Q VW" "for for f ,- l for or.i gfc,-r+,.,i T 05.73 Y? of for --rob: J " 4O,f- xlioy 140, if 0,11 g 0541 4' eqqlg gl4Or fOr 92 MGUNT CARMEL IDEALS HE moulding of sound character, so well begun by the sisters in the grade schools, con- tinues three-fold under the Carmelites. By co- operation and companionship in the classroom, the Fathers encourage the desire for knowl- edge. The boys feel at ease before Qur Lady of Mount Carmel, to whom they can confide their problems and beg her intercession with her Divine Son. Physical training under expert guidance, where the student is tempered by defeat and proven by victory, develops bodily strength and good sportsmanship. Thus, by striving continually toward the perfection of the lntellectual Spiritual and Physical aspects of a boy's growth into manhood, Mount Carmel hopes to send him out into the world a well rounded man, prepared for life with its successes and failures, and qualified to take his place in society. AI.-f' " gg.: I ffl A. . fr 5 J -Qs! II gay V' V i Xu 1 1 2 2 Y - Q X Z , fi 1 3, , 1 2 1,51 ff 152 1' aww nbqgggu IU' Ui' '51 A! 6 1 tx 4 4 Very Rev Alfred Gllllgan Rev Anselm Werner mm Fllllllll fmux I :rm P .rt S1 fyll .v Rev Chrysostom Anderson U farm librarian Rev Urban Lager U farm laffor 1 SI Karas Christ has said I am the vine you are the branches That each branch may become strong and produce fruit it must be pruned and nourished The young plant must be protected from the strong winds and shielded from the blistering sun At each stage of its growth it needs special care The Carmellte Fathers have undertaken the task of training boys at the most important period of their life the period of adolescence The Fathers build upon the solid foundation laid by the Sisters in the Curade Schools and Character strengthened by example and in struction becomes a protection and shield against adversity Mount Carmel High School is the institution which serves as a means to ward this end The idea of a Catholic educational lnstltu tion in Woodlawn was conceived in I902 and carried out in the foundlng of St Cyril s Col lege It became evident however in l924 that the school had outgrown its old quarters necessitating an expansion program which resulted in the present Mt. Carmel, the name being changed at that time, in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the special patroness of the school and of the Order. The old building is still being used for a chapel, a priests' refec- tory, a school cafeteria, and a library, besides accommodating the offices of the Little Flower Society For location environment and accessibility Mt Carmel is ideally situated The school build ing faces east on Dante Avenue, at Sixty fourth Street On the north is the Carmellte Monastery and on the south St Cyril s Parish Rectory To the south IS a district almost exclusively residential and yet a moment s walk in a northerly direction will bring one to the shop ping section of Woodlawn The Electrlfied lllinols Central Suburban Service has a station within a block of the school and provides fast convenient service for the entire South Shore district as well as for South Chicago Pullman Blue Island, Gary East Chicago and Whitlng The Chicago Surface Lines cars are also within a block of the school offering transportation to and from all directions the Elevated Lines a Rev -lull'-ll MCT!! Rev Jerome Garcia Rev Paschal Bauer Rev Berthold Malone 1 n lmnhzflfz U lnm I'!Ig1l5ll 4Z3Of5O?O5o3 ia ? Q t if C.sQfei?-5-r5Q?i?i 1121 7 I , . . . 7 1 - ' . . ' .. . Y . , . U. C ' ., R A I -.' " U. .1 ., ll or nf. . f 'I' ' ' ' ' - - , . Y . . . F 3 . . . I f I Y . A 9 Y ' I I , . , - . ' , ,', rf.'.fl ' .. .,, u s li ' iv' 5 Y H ' '. . - ' ' . ' - U- L1""'-- l'I"'Pl"m 0. Carrrl.. Spfllllfh 1 , - Y ! . . . . . - s 1 9 l . . . . ' . V 1 2 l I , U. 1.117 ., ,r -. gf., . .lr ' ., .i '4 for fro fr -any X fo- - ...-Org 40 -4 -4 ' for fo, mfg -4 ,jr for 40, 40' 405- X,-402' -4Or- ,"4rjx.iff X 4501- g 1 y,-"' 40 4 oy- OP- 40 407- 405- -40?- f'?l0?- 40?- Of -40? 40 scant two blocks from the school, reach practi cally every locality north and west The Chi cago Motor Coach Company s route through ackson Park serves as still another means of conveyance Thus we see that every facility IS at hand for the safe and speedy transportation of the student The school itself is housed in a spacious modern building lt IS perfectly equipped with large well lighted and well ventilated class rooms excellent laboratories lecture halls newspaper office a new gymnasium and an up-to date swimming pool ln connection with the latter two provision has been made for lockers for visiting as well as home teams The gymnasium contains all types of athletic equip- l Rev Aquinas Colgan Rev Ambrose Casey 0 farm Spanuh .Imrnnlum 0 farm C,z'ne'ralSr1nue ment regular instruction in the use of which is given the students for exercise and for the conditioning of the various teams The latest innovation is a radio amplifying system to sim pllfy announcement making Apart from the material side Mt Carmel has received the highest possible rating scholas tically It is accredited by the University of lllinois and the North Central Association of Rev. Brendan Gilmore Rev. Angelus Oborne 0. Carrn. .Vathematim 0. Carm. Latin Rev. Neal 0'Connor, Rev. Damian Liebers, O. Carm., English O. Carm., Chemistry Rev Frederic Manson Rev Stanislaus Blanche 0 farm Treasurer O Carm Latin Secondary Schools and Colleges This affilia tion carries with it the privilege of entry with out examination to any University or College recognized by these organizations. Included in these affiliations are all the larger Universities in the Middle West - lllinois Michigan, Wisconsin Chicago Notre Dame Northwestern and many of the smaller col- leges. The certificate privilege entrance upon recommendation of the faculty is held with three large Eastern Universities namely Georgetown Dartmouth and Brown. ln order to maintain this accreditation well as their own high standards of scholar- ship the Carmelite Fathers have outlined a wide course of study which is designed primar- ily for the best interest of the student body. l the first year the students have their choice of either a commercial or a general course. The commercial course was established this year. ln their third and fourth years, the students have several elective subjects. All courses are strictly college preparatory. History and English are required in fourth year, but the student is offered his choice of Chemistry or Typewriting and of Latin, Span- U31 o,. :4 X -4 - v- ' 1 9- - . ' 5 l a o Q - ' 1 ' . 1 " ' ' 1 7 ! 9 I 7 . - ' 1 ' 1 . . . . I A' H K' ' - I ' - 4' U ' .' . , e ! Q 3 7 9 7 3 i . . C 1 1 i 9 , HS 9 . N n -COP 405- 40? -40? -40 405- 407- -40? -iOf- -4O?- 405- -40 -for -4ob- or- 402- 409- -40 ish ournallsm Civics, Economics or Commer cial Law This method demands a uniformity that IS for the good of all and yet allows a varla tion suited to the development of each boy s particular talents and desires Grades are given monthly in each subject and are governed not only by the amount and quality of work done but by the monthly ex amlnatlons which are a part of each course uarterly and semester marks also given are determined chiefly by the examinations in each subject Honor cards are merit awards given each month to students who carry a ninety or more in all subjects for that month Students who have a monthly average of mnety or more ln a subject and who pass the semester religion examination with a grade of eighty five or bet ter are exempt from examination ln that sub ject Thus the school demonstrates to the stu dent a willingness to recognize and reward his best efforts To graduate and to receive a diploma, the student must have sixteen credits A credit in a subject is obtained by completing satlsfactor ily a course of thirty eight weeks five periods a week Besides the exemption privilege men tloned above an added incentive IS to be found Rey. Kieran 0 Hara Rev. Thomas Strasser 0. Larm. Religion 0- Cllfffl- LUN' Rev. Roderick Hurley, Rev. Conrad Hall,- 0. Cnrm., Lalin-Rrligiun U. Carm., Chemistry-Religion U41 U farm Illatllrmams U fafffl 1111171 Rev Leopold Zech Rev Maurice Anderson U farm English Journalism 0 farm lann in the medals awarded to the boy ranking high est scholastlcally in the school and to those of highest standing in each of their several class years. ln addition gold medals are given to those students who excel in various subjects. These awards are made at the Commencement Exercises held at the close of the school year Since the aim of the Carmelite Fathers is to prepare the boy for problems which will con- front him in later life, religious instruction and training play a most important part in the curriculum. The Freshmen are grounded in the essentials of their faith and its application to themselves The principles which the good nuns have incul- cated in them from their earliest days in school are further explained and enlarged upon. Sec- ond year students are given a thorough course in Grace and the Sacramentsg Juniors study Christian morals, and Seniors are taught Chris- tian apologetics that they may be prepared to defend their faith. ln addition to religious instruction there is a definitely planned spiritual system of training. Holy Mass is celebrated every day at a time convenient for the students. Freshmen and Sophomores attend Mass during their second 71 4 P - Q . . i. . 1 f ' i i ' i Rev: Victor Schwarj Rev- VOWCD C'-'fic' . . , u I n -I Rev Peter Thomas Sherry U farm Izngluh llutfry Rev Ignatius Poynton U farm Enyluh Brother Brocard Haughley 0 Farm Flfrk Frater Mel Kennedy O farm Illalhematmf period on Tuesday and UHIOIS and Seniors attend Mass on Thursday After Mass a short instruction is glven on some polnt of current spiritual interest to the students ln order to encourage frequent reception of the sacra ments of Penance and Holy Communion con fesslons are heard every day during the noon period and all day each Friday The First Friday of each month is general Communion day Confesslons are heard the day before and provisions are made for the students breakfasts after Mass On Wednes day students are urged to attend the noon de votions in honor of Our Lady of Nlt Carmel During October the Rosary is said every day at noon 1n the chapel and durmg Lent the stations of the Cross are recited each day An annual retreat IS held for each class under the guidance of a member of the Carmellte Order experienced in the handling of boys and well versed in the problems of adolescence ln order to make practical the principles of Catholic Actlon learned in the religion classes four years ago Carmel organized the Sodallty of Our Lady of lVlt Carmel afliliated with the Chicago lnter Student Catholic Action This sodallty alms to lead its members to greater personal holiness and to prepare leaders for every walk of life. The "Knights of the Blessed Sacrament" pledge themselves to re- ceive Communion once a month. The Religious Bulletin, stressing points of Catholic dogma or morals, written in a style which will appeal to the students is published every Wednesday Reallzlng that many of the appurtenances to a complete education are not to be obtained from books alone the faculty has planned and instituted an extra curricular activity of such a wide scope that some phase of it IS sure to appeal to every boy The GRIFLAMME the official school year book has repeatedly won state and national recognition and has come to represent the best ln high school journalism The staff of the ORIFLAMME. IS plcked from the higher rank mg English students and it is certainly a justl Gable pride enjoyed by the parents whose son has by his ability merited a place on the ORI FLAMME staff The Carmel Lite a student publication now in its third year IS typical of the spirit of Car mel Every phase of school life and school ac t1VltlCS IS considered The Carmel Llte issued bl weekly, IS received with great enthusiasm by the students Brother Peter Thomas Vlllers Brother Mel Walsh rother Stanislaus Reibltz Brother Stephen McGovern 0 Carm Clerk Carm Hufory 'Ualhematzfr xo, oy. 405- 405- 105- 405- 405- 0 as Weir. 505 3? 5 Emi 3025 U . ' - ' . ' ' . . ' . . f ., . f ., ' - I ' , - 1 1 ' ' 1 v ' ' 9 ' 7 Y . J , - n l - - ' , , ' , ' 0. Carm., Clerk O. Carm., Izngmffr , . 2 1 ' f . ag ' ' f ' . ', X I . . . t ,gl . ta I ' ll 0 H . . li c D u fl I . , B ' . . . 1 1 . ., 0. ., -. 40, L4 fox - 4 uw. we-.gc 5 Q v-QA7: 4 40, 40, to, .4oy -40y 40? -40? -46? OP- -405- Brother Jude Linneman, Brother Michael Dale, 0. Carm., ,Uzuir 0. Carm., Clfrlz Brother John Coughlm Brother Aloyslus Deruntz C rm B In om I fl U I :rm Se rrlary The Library under excellent supervision, has grown from a mere handful of books to eleven thousand reference volumes and three thousand books of fiction A trained librarian IS in constant attendance The members of the Art Club assist greatly in arousing interest in school affairs through their posters and slogans The Dramatic Club IS composed of those boys whose h1str1on1c talent and abillty to act have banded them together Their annual pre sentatlon IS always one of the high lights of the school year This year the newly organized Glee Club in conjunction with the Cllee Club of Mercy High School successfully presented the Mikado To those students who are gifted musically the band and orchestra provide an opportunity to pursue their avocatlon under the skillful guidance of thoroughly trained musicians Cognlzant of the problems and tendencies of adolescence the Carmellte Fathers have lnsti tuted a series of parties and dances sponsored by the various organizations in the school tunity to learn social adjustment These social I I6 l events are conducted by the Seniors and ju- niors with some support from the lower class- men. Mount Carmel is a regular member of the Chicago Catholic High School League, in which it enters teams in football fChampions l927, l93l, l93Z, I933, l938-City Cham- pions l927, 19339, basketball fChampions, Senior division I939g St. George Pre-Season Tournament winners 1937, l938g junior divi- sion, l929, l930, I932, 1937, I938J, track, golf fChampions l927, l928, l929, 19305, swimming, and tennis fChampions I93IJ. While boxing is not a league sport, Carmel in l935 produced a team that won the State Championship The rifle team was organized two years ago and has a very large following The wrestling team was again organized and had a very successful season Intramural basketball, baseball, handball, swimming, wrestling, and boxing are fostered and supervised so that every student may have a fair chance to participate in some form of athletics ln addition to the regular teams which enter Catholic League competition ban Mr Michael Murphy PE Mr Michael OC nnor AB Pl1ys1 11 Dzrmtor 'll itllrmatns Mr Louis Free AB BSC Mr John Jordan AB 111111 m 111 J lflff ry , - c U. 'Il ., rm 'u fl lk . fr .,.'1' Y 5 7 . . . . . . ' ' V , . U s ' v or Y . -, . lil Q A I ' it I ll , - Through these the boys are given an oppor- . . . . . . 1 ' -v ' 'r - s - 'l n . l Q, I -li ' 0 Y O 4- A 4 sob rorf' for -F-C-PM Y fi-'-3-'T -or 4 3 tam and flywelght teams ln basketball compete wlth snmllar teams from other schools Every effort IS made to bulld a sound body ln the growing boy ln fact Physlcal Culture IS compulsory for all students unless excused for some valld reason Valuable ald ns given the Carmellte Fathers by the vanous parent teachers organlzatlons, which sponsor numerous and varled events whnch are conducive to the solutlon of the problem of co operation between school and home The oldest of these organlzatlons IS the Mothers Club-its purpose IS to acquamt the mothers w1th the problems of the teacher whlch can be more readlly solved through In telllgent co operatlon of school and home The Queen of Carmel AUXll1aTy comprlses those favored and prlvrleged women whose sons wear the brown hablt of the Carmelltes elther as students at Nlagara or as Brothers Fratres PYlCStS lts act1v1t1es extend through out all of Carmellte Amerlca, lendmg a helpful hand by assemblmg and embroldermg the vest ments prescribed for the celebratlon of Mass and Benedlctlon by g1v1ng soclals to ald the Order materlally and by that lntanglble splrlt Mr Wallace Fromhart A B Mr James Gawne A B Hutory Eflyllfll Mr Frederic Mundee Dr Howard McNally MD flu! Football Coath Srhool Doctor Mr Thomas Fablsh Mus Geraldine McGaugh Band Dlreftor Asst Lrbrarmn Mus Evelyn Blckler Mus Romana Klmgelschmrtt Secretary Bookkeeper Mothers can mcxte rn thexr sons A new addltlon to the clubs of Carmel IS the lVlt Carmel St Cyrll Alumnl Assoclatlon whlch conslsts of former students of lVlt Car mel Hlgh School and St Cyrll College Both the school and the Alumnl feel they have profited by the new organlzatlon At Carmel a boy finds every opportumty for developlng hls body and soul as well as mmd A sound mmd ln a sound body Soclal llfe is offered that the student may attaln a flnlshed poise and natural exactness so neces sary ln the successful man of the world H18 splrltual llfe IS carefully gulded and rlgldly tramed that he mlght llve ln strlct accordance and harmony wlth the Falth and actlvely pro mote and defend lt ln this pagan world Thus by every means made avallable by the latest educatlonal methods and by the brotherly earnestness set forth by the Carmellte Fathers he IS fully prepared for upright manhood and Amerlcan cltlzenshrp devoted to hls home loyal to hls country and true to his Cod 405- -40? -40? -40? -40V 407- -4OP- -4O?- 40? -407- 405- 40?- 1 f of encouragement and cheerfulness which only Q03 Q03 io30i.,3"i03f0iO304t2.o,-QFQQOEOQQE l I7 l ,QPSK ' 4 3'-LL A 5 Of TINA Xxlhlte- ffrl-11, frr Paschal .,.. finer- uve-I llglllly . . . Shoulde-rs Iyagk, the-sl nu! .,.. flax ffl I surxiv-11111 Q- wllh thu- prxnn lfml ..., 'lllshv Xvaxnks ID A wall-q,"sf1yQl'.r, Tlxnnms ,.,. Xfash IIILQYUH tfmur group , . . ".Xr1dtl'1r- rains Lame". . , ,N1ypaIs... . Gym cle-munstrntlun ,.., Fr. Provxnclal and fonmpdny ....' The-st papers in hand. many good frmnds. I I8 I Q f r : ,,V "iQ ...Mb ' W3 '.. :Y-7 f HQ-P' , ,-J. -H-"---we ,,' - Q -. -:- -", A s 11525.45 , eo .Y - - Q fa. N . . 6' - lffkia ' if 'N' 2 1,0 -f f. ' ni J pw , f Mi., , x 5 1 yn ' lf. ,,a ,L', 1. ' NX: 'gii .J ??Xl.E 't 9 " ' "' ' 4 A. . f N. ' - X gf' Sly, 'mf 'Q rw 5 j. ,- 1 ,, +1-if L '-1' "f:.1,A-z..-1 ll-To li?-G.. A i-', 3' ' W 1 5 , ""' 9 9 1' Q A 4 " ' '- X ' 1 dx fi: i g' fin, f 1 Agfz' EX -.f if A ,, 'f -for -for -4or- 4of- -cow -for -roy -cor- op- 4or- ow- -4om- -4or- Q55 Ezxor- 3E4op- -roy- Rev Theodore Hatton O Ca m Senior Moderator "Feed My Lambs: Feed My Sheep," and so it has been done. For eight years the good nuns had labored unselfishly in our behalf and now the brown clad Carmelites have ushered us into the world. We are leaving behind us four unforgettable years of joy and happiness which will linger in our memories through eternity-each of us cherishing thoughts of Carmel, unforgettable incidents-yes memo- ries, and no one, no one at all, can deprive us of them. We may be proud indeed, for during our school years we have achieved success in l20l SENIGRS Senior Class Officers Pl' Hd nt We ley Mil r VIC Pl' sd nt Charles Butl TFCHSUYCY ames Mlchuda .t N ff' I the scholastic, athletic, and social fields. May our inscription long live here in the halls of Carmel. Now we are leaving- the final touches have been completed and in going forth we carry the title of Catholic gentlemen. As we leave Carmel let us pause and remember this--Carmel shall never leave us, because re- gardless of where we go or what we accom- plish something that is fine and admirable shall come forth, it will be compensation for the un- tiring efforts of the Carmelites-it will be- Carmel. as .31 so, Q03 Q03 22,3 Q03 so, io, 5,32 e ' e ............................. s ' lc ' e- e i e ......................... er Secretary ........................... .Francis Searfoas . , . r PM wc puking, , ,ze B Q l 'L I E Q at 1 v Q1 .if f nl 'A yr 'ly f f A N' 'W gi I 1 g . .,,! 92- ' I 2 , YN 'fl nf PV' V L , Ja.. PY,- qq x L A A ,fn :iM.:.i. , " I , I . ,aux my -xx.: I 51? 1 -f" Jhaqgg ffl- ju , .L I ,f Ar' pl C I A", 7 lr i 7 fi- Q . . + 2 9 12 f' 'ij 4 . -'U ,, ' 4- W Aa 'l i E IIC O-'op r 0 it . X . If! my N A , W ww- . 'NJ N Q N . X Q ,f x if ' f I X ,.x FL 4 W, 'Z CHARLES C BERTA WILLIAM P BOOTH Churk 1 St Plullp Nerx Clsca I Nlagara 4 Mlkado 4 2 Swnmmlng 3 Runner Up Oratoncal Medal EDGAR R BOURKE ..Ed., Our Lady of Peace Track 3, 4 Rifle Club 4 Mono EUGENE B BROSSEAU gram Club 4 Intramural 'Bf'U'f'fH Baseball and Basketball St Nlclxolas Intramural Swlmmmg I Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 IZZI JOHN J AHERN In 11 Holy Cross Csca 2 3 4 Art Club 2 3 Orlflamme 4 Intramural Baseball and Handball EDWIN B BALCERZAK ulgley Cxsca 4 Intra mural Baseball Swlmmmg 3 JOHN T BARR I Indf Beaver Dam Wxsconsxn THOMAS L BARRY I 1 Bradwell Carmel Llte 3 4 Associate Editor 4 Ori flamme 4 Press Dance Com mittee 4 Intramural I 2 3 4 I ROBERT W AMSTUTZ Stulz S Knllan B ndl 2 3 rc estra I 2 3 4 Tl Hamme 4 Rxfle Club 4 Cnsca 3 4 M1lcacIo4 Band vxce president 4 Proficiency Fmalnst 3 4 Senior Proflcl ency 4 JOHN M BALLENGEE Bones St Phrlrp Nerl Boxing 2 3 4 Captain 4 Intramural Basketball Baseball and Handball Monogram Club THOMAS E BARRETT Connie Clscal 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Boxing 3 4 Intramural Baseball 3 4 ROBERT J BARTUSCH B St Sablna oC1scaI 2 3 4 Mikado 4 Rifle Club 3 Boxing 4 yi , , Q . ii . ..VA H .X H .. U Gr . . . ' li . I , , t. . a , , . AL. ' . , - O h . . . . O '- .I fe-,"' ' I if ' ' M. ' s . . 3 .rrEdf: 1: U I I 3, 4. in I S , .1 v 1 11 rr . - u ,JJ ' b X ,fl o 1 1 f 3 f ' 5' v ' ' . St. Anne. Rifle Club 3, 4. 3 T I ' Y Q U ' U ' , . , . ' 1 -on' ff bu U I . . . W V I I . ' , . . , , , f C I g y y 1 I - . p I-72551 I at ,. 'U HB-lin 4' , I 91 L HERBERT A BROWN Buster Co es Csca 3 4 Orl flamme 4 Mlkado 4 umor prom Commlttee 3 Physlcs 'Vleclal Runner Up 3 lntra mural2 3 4 JOSEPH G BURKHART a St Flonan Orchestra 4 Wrestlln I Heav ex ht g yw g Football 2 3 4 JOHN V BUTLER Burk St Margaret Clsca 2 3 4 Lxghtwexght Football I 2 lntramural 3 4 Sw1mmmg3 THOMAS F CARMODY Tm: St Gabriel C1 cal 2 3 4 Bantamwexght Basketball I Lnghtwelght Football I lntramural Basketball and Baseball 3 4 IVO W BUDDEKE 'ze Shakespeare Rxfle Club 4 Treasurer 4 Heavy weight Football 3 4 Track 4 lntramural Basketball Champs 4 lntramural Base ball 4 CHARLESJ BUTLER fharlre St Laurence Monogram Clu l 2 3 4 Vlce Pr 1 dent umor and Senior Class Heavywenght Football 4 Llghtwexght Basketball I 2 Captaln 3 4 All Natlonal Center 3 All Cnty 3 4 St George Tournament All Star Center 3 Most Valuable 4 lntramural Baseball Champs PHILIP P CAREY Phzl Englewood Hlgh Mono gram Club 2 3 4 Bancl 2 3 4 Boxing 2 3 4 Track 3 lntramural Baseball 4 'llzke MICHAEL F CETERA St Margaret Cnscal 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball and Hanclballl 2 3 4 '25 JOHNJ CODY ROBERT P COFFEY Swuh Bob ulgley CISCH 3, 4 ln St Cyrll Llghtwexght tramural Basketball and Basketball I, 2, 3 Captam Baseball 3, 4 3 Monogram Club I, 2, 3 4 TIMOTHY P COFFEY JAMES D COLEMAN Hgudu "darn ff" St Laurence Clsca I, Z, St Leo 3, 4 lntramural Baseball 2, 3 Q l23l l . i , . '- . ' ' ' 1 1 - - ' A ff l - H 'g X A I N-I YU b , , , . ' - es'- , Heavyweight Basketball 3, 4. . ' I , . . A I ll . II .V . I, 3. . . l , . , ' l fl " JJ fl . ll . . f I I rr - U . . s , , , 1 If .' ll ff l If AS FRESHMEN Bewildered we began a new form of life, the changing of classes, God's chosen men for teachers, retreats, an independence we had not tasted was entrusted us. Why, we didn't even know the fellow in the seat ahead of us-yet, he might, in time, be our best friend. With ad- miration in our eyes we looked to the upper classmen for example or secretly picked our favorite athlete. With great pride we placed eight stellar players on the lightweight football team while three were successful in winning berths on the senior basketball team which was to be coached by our Freshman brother "johnny" Jordan who was to inspire the boys on to victories never before achieved on the hardwood floor of Carmel. Four of us played prominent parts on the junior basketball team as seven found their way to the bantams and three to the flys. Ten were active in the band while many honor cards were awarded. The chisel was applied to the rock. 36 Ony f r years ago Ballangee S lluan and Hart p o d b nm y X n Alb an L 1 with the famous fre hx tr nsportat on x hi l in O T nd T m c ught in a 5, mal mo d C or N 5 Fasano f mo D gan bmi It nga hard ,LL .ll 13.14 ZA 'milf-,Lui 45.4.5 CLL-fg F- , . bi Q. .4 ev l ' ou ..,. , u I' , , I u e 'es ..., Sheeh ', ia . ade, Cl ew's ' s ie a i 'fl 'ce' .... J i i oolea 0 Barrett a 1 ' we ' 0 .... Yes, itis e ge .1LiGUlYI' ..,. duff: rin' cats, Larry .,..The a us ee i le .... Bourke is w'zr'1 ' , if-'1 .nf-X 303' '-'wif-'A 'fi' ,ik f '10-,,' CTT-0215 40, 4 ',4 .or .05 Q 'af-f 2 C -vyw 4 143-N- 'O'-TK Ti...1o,f-' ff Q ow- fiscvi sg, 140 ff ,J - ,-4-sg wif ,--'f"7 vfsfvlif 'Q 1 24 1 JOSEPH F CORCORAN e St Cyrll Vlonogram Club 4 C1803 4 umor Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Dance Committee 4 Secre tary unlor Class Carmel I.. te 3 4 Orlflamme 4 Llghtwelght Football 2 Heavywelght Football 3 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Intramural Base b 3 4 JOHN R CROSBY Bing ulgley 3 CISCB 3 Mlkado 4 Intramural Bas ketball 3 4 CHARLES G DEAN G 1111011 St Catherine of Genoa Heavywelght Football 3 JOSEPH H DILLON e St Bride Intramural Baseball and Basketball I 2 3 4 Swlfnffllngz 3 -40? -40? RICHARD J CREEVY JOSEPH V CONDON St Thomas Apostle Art Club 2 3 4 Carmel Llte 3 4 Orlflamme 4 IVI1kado 4 Intramural Handball 2 JOHN A CONNIIFF Bud St Phlllp Nerl Orlflamme 4 Intramural Basketball and B seballl 2 3 4 Dlfk Parkslde Monogram Club Clas Llghtwelght Football I Heavywelght Football 2 3 4 Captain 4 Heavy welght Basketball I 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball Champs JOHN J CROTTY Ill K' St Columbanus Clsca 4 Monogram Club 4 Boxmg 4 Intramural Baseball 4 JOHN M DEEGAN llllllli me' St Basnl Clsca 4 Light weight Football I Boxing l Intramural Baseball 4 FI-HOIVIAS I.. DII..I..ON Speed St Brendan Bantam welght Basketball I Llght welght Football 2 Heavy welght Football 3 4 Box m I Track 3 4 IVIono gram Club 4 Intramural Baseball ancl Basketball 3 4 4 P ior -4of- 40, WILLIAMJ CONLAN B1 S Cyrll Cxscal 2 3 4 Rellglon Medahst I Honor CuI23 JOHN F CONWAY .lark Holy Cross Cxsca I 2 4 Intramural Basketball fzs N A f1vA',, "'Jof"' " . 1 Y ' - 1 A B . . . I b , , . 5 I . , If 'J Il I! 4 V ' . . .I . . . , , 3, . . I. 3 v 1 y - T ' I - V- ' ' W' K V ' V . ' Jfylfi -6' , , ' f- A , , K ,Wi z I I it ,JIU ,, ,, .' ,, - I A n l A I ' 4 ,V V I I . ' . J ' l, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer Junior I ' - ' . I 1 J ' . - , . ' . - JI , A ' 1 , . . , , , . ' A ' ' ' , . 2. all , . I Q ' - ' , 4- . . ' . f , 7 ' . . I " l" ff ' H . .VO , . Y' W' Q ist . ff-I0 U .1 U f -A 1 ' v - ' ' - ' I ' , . - I Q' ' . g . , . - , . -for -for xor Aofm -for -for Aor- -40? , O S 32 5 30,5 E05 EOE-5 3042 F012 -SHORE 5- 5 ROBERT E FEENEY LAMBERT M FERRITER St Phlllp Nerl Mono St Ruta Bantamwelght gram Club 4 Heavyweight Ba Icetball 3 Captain 3 Football 3 4 Track 3 4 Intramural Baseball 3 4 Intramural Baseball I 2 3 JOSEPH F FITZPATRICK ANGELO E HoccA Hz ffflflflf St Clara Orlflamme 4 St Patrick Clscal 2 3 Intramural Basketball and 4 Wrestl1ng4 Track 4 B seballl Z 3 4 1261 WILLIAM ,I DILLON Beef St Christopher TERRENCE. E DRUIVIIVI l'er15 St Laurence Cxsca 2 3 EDWARD .I DYKOWSKI Dial' St Michael CISCB 4 ln tramural Handball 2 JOHN J EMERY Shakespeare CISCH 4 kaclo 4 Intramural Baseball JOHN J DONOGHUE Donme St Gabriel Clsca 2 3 Ar Club I Boxmg 2 4 Swimming I Intramural Bas etball I 2 3 4 a ball I 2 3 Champs 4 JOHN E DUC-CAN Red Our Lady of Peace Mono gram Club 4 Llghtwenght Football I Heavyweight Football 3 4 Intramural Bas etball I 2 3 4 WILLIAMJ EILER 11111 I1 St Clotllcle CISCB 3 In tramural Basketball 2 3 LAWRENCE W FASANO St lVlalachy Clsca 3 4 Carmel Llte 3 4 Orlllamme 4 Intramural Baseball 3 4 Boxmg I Y rr In fr. - U - if . I . . I . I , . t . , . n L li , , , . B Se- s., f . ' . , . - 1 nf' I I A . 5 .K A A . Z 1 N - 1 Ill .-'Il 41. lp . . I , , , - 4. . ' I . , . ' . lc , , , . ' ' J' .. '. U .. '., ' . ' ff A . , , 4. If . . ., , "lark" "Larry", . ' . Ma- - 1 - H - - . - Y ' , , Q 4. - , . f, U A tk . up , I '51 . Hlgflbn HI11,r,k4'7'H . . . . . ff - - I ' . . T5 n 1 1 'A' ' I I 4. ' ,w .gk .. 4 ,. . I ,r 1 . 1 - . - I 1 1 v . , . a . . , . JAMES H FLEMING 1171 St Clara Cxscal 2 3 Dramatrcs I Orlflamme 4 PTOFICICDCY Flnallst 3 Phys rcs Medalxst 3 HENRY M CIARLICK Hank St Thomas Apostle Clsca 3 4 Track 4 lntramural Basketball 3 4 JAMES T GLYNN llll St oachlm Clsca 3 4 Carmel Lite 4 Clvlcs Medal lst 4 lntramural Baseball 3 ROBERT J GOSHORN G rse St Columbanus lntramu ral Baseball 2 3 4 ROBERT P CANNON 19 Niagara Clsca 4 Ora tory Meclallst 4 lntramural Basketball and Baseball 4 ROBERT C GEPPINGER Dulrh Tllclen Swlmmmg 3 4 JOSEPH T C-LYNN P Tllclen C1sca3 Art Club 2 lntramural Baseball and Handball l 2 3 4 GERALDE GRAHAM Jerrj S Kxlxan Csca l 2 3 Champs 4 Or1Hamme l tramural Basketball Champs BERNARD l WILLIAMT GRINDELL C-REFENKAMP Barney St Laurence Cscal 2 3 4 Orlflamme 4 Mxkado 4 Bantamwelght Basketball 2 Senior Literary and De batmg Soclety 3 lntramural Baseball Champsl 3 4 ln tramural Basketball Champs 2 3 Handball 2 3 JOHN W GUILFOYLE Jack St Bernard lntramural Baseball 2, 3 B1 St Laurence Monogram Club 3 4 Llghtwexght Foot ball l Llghtwelght Basket ball 3 lntramural Baseball Champs 2 3 Mlkado 4 TIMOTHY ,I HARRINGTON Tlnl S Cyrll Cscal 2 3 4 Orlflamme 4 Honor Club 2 I 27 l ','f7?5- To ,T TWT- ' 7 M' ' -'A "OT 'V-'T nj- u nj. 11 V TQ - .Y-:J -1 . . . . , 4. . . - - a KI IJ ll I! , . . , . , . . , . ff - U fr 1, J Jo . J . , . . . 1 I I I 9 ' v A 1 -.f :l I ' gi -14 ,, M, ,,, 1 ' - 1 rr U 41 rr A 0 J ' 52 t . . . -, . . ' . . l y v u . : , , . . . H' - I ' 2 H . I . .- I I T ll 'Ill' D Il 'fl ' , at . - 1 , . , . - . V ' , . - . - , ' ' 1 - - .vw , 1 - ' , v n - " , . , . ' A , ff ' If H 1, . . t. . l , , , FRANK L. HART ,Y 1 JOHN A HERNON St Bernard Monogram ub I 3 4 Heav wexght Basketball I 2 3 4 Heavywelght Football 3 4 All State Football Team 4 HAROI D F HOGAN lun! St Laurence Csca I 2 3 Intramural Basketball 3 WILLIAM L HOWELL I Lewis Holy Name School of Aeronautics WILLIAM H HURST I Our Lady of Peace CISCH 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball "l5'ud" Cisca 2, 3. Intramural Baseball 3, 4. ROBERT M. HEALY "Hob" Our Lady of Peace. Rifle Club 4. Boxing 4. Intramu- ral Baseball 4. EDWARD M HOGAN St Phlllp Nen Swlmmlng 2 3 Intramural Baseball 2 JOHN E HOGAN qhnnfy St Margaret Intramural Baseball 2 3 JOHN D HURLEY D II St Laurence Cscal 2 3 4 Vlce President Presldent 4 Mikado 4 Car mel Lute 3 4 Orlflamme 4 Intramural Baseball Champs I 3 4 Intramural Basket ball Champs 2 3 MICHAELI IB-ACH 1 St Ambrose Clsca I 2 3 Mikado 4 Intramural Baseball 3 4 JAMES HASKINS Hfinln St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basketball, Baseball and Handball I, 2, 3, 4. Swim- ming 3. ARTHUR C. I-IEIL ".'lrt" Hirsch. Cisca 4. Bantam- weight Basketball 2. Intra- mural Baseball 3, 4. 4524 sf lf fr::2S'-Qffffczxf N81 'C' ' I I K ,K-21' ' s " 1 Q, , f C1 . 2, , . y- . . , J A 9' II" VJ, " ilk .'l! 4. - "IMI" ' " ' f, " I "li'1l" ".1l'1'f" ijfl I A" ' , If 2, 3, 4. , . I Q ' Jug' ,.i,ZfQ"t f. 'LII f Y-A fix-A K , -if-:ff 1 "fowl Yu. A Uv k .O.w-Y-,i YQ? .311-Q, - ,X vii--,fix i UW' '-Icugfl 4 W ..4., W VA M- ,,,,, - r AS SOPHOMORES It seemed so hard to apply ourselves to studies after those lazy summer months. Yet with trial and patience our teachers soon had the school atmosphere prevail once more. Many things were yet to be conquered as we continued on our journey. This year more re- solved to engage in extra-curricular activities. Four donated their service to the heavyweight football team, six were placed on the senior basektball team and four gave their service to a Championship junior team which served no- tice that Carmel had begun its march back to where she belonged - on top. The Band gained nine, the boxing team four and the track team two. The privilege of joining the Monogram Club went to six of us. Truly it was a privilege because it was the ambition of any real red blooded student to belong to this honor club. Our debut to the social functions occurred at the -junior Prom as with wide star- ing eyes and awed looks we gazed at all about us-and "sat out" the fast numbers. Swiftly the school year ended. The Rock began to shape as faithful and un- tiring hands chipped and chipped the unessen- tial parts away. I l Dillon and Smolen haven t changed Brown and Susalla park the bikes Smolen again this time with Pat Mulryan Big Red Duggan and little Kalmes Brown the Dude himself Red eats bag and all Do you recognize them? 407- -lov -for -4ob- 405- 4 --4or- -4ov- -fob- O7- 405+ -4O?- -40X 402- 405- 40? Of -407- jzfa JOHN J KEATING lx mfs Visitation Csca 3 4 In tramural Basketball I 2 3 RAYMOND R KELDON R115 St Plnllp Neri Cisca I 2 Boxing I 2 n ra mural Baseball I 2 JAMES E KELLY One Round Holy Cross Boxing Team 1 Ilflllff St Benedict Bancl I 2 4 Rifle Club 3 4 Intra mural Baseball 3 4 WILLIAM F KEETLY B1 Holy Angels Cisca DAVID B KELEHER Dane Holy Cross Ciscal 2 3 4 Carmel Lite 3 4 Ori flamme 4 Lightweight Foot ball 2 Lightweight Basket ball 3 4 Co Captain 4 KENNETH J KELLY Ken St Bricle CISCS 3 4 In tramural Baseball ancl Bas ketball 2 3 4 B1 St Cyrll Class President 2 Orlflamme 4 Carmel Lte 3 4 Clsca 4 Profic iency Finalist 2 3 Pro ficiency Medalist 2 Honor able Mention 3 l30 EDWIN H. JAKUBOWSKI JOHN J. JOYCE Hfrlkrl St. Bronislava. Cisca 3 4. Intramural Basketball 3 4. JOSEPH M. JUDGE Cisca 2 3. Boxing I. I tramural Basketball 2 3 . "1',1A1i-' St. Francis De Paula. Cis- ca 3 4. Bantamweiglit Bas ketball 2. Intramural Base ball Champs I 3 4. Intra mural Basketball 2 3. JOHN KALMES "J hnny' Von Stunben. Mikado 4 Cisca 3 4. Intramural Bas Icetball 4, 3030 w'aiZ3"r:'3D IQ fiaogiiffff 'i'H"E"G' 1Zf'i3'd"5Z3Orifi3'Ei,f?'+:QZ32-'E-QQ .fr H ,, .hu .'2,3. J 4. ' ' ' 3,41 f iz: . -lf X '-i I,2,3,4.l I "'i "f KENNETH R. ,ISEMPF WILUAM F. KENZIE - . 3, l. 1 . ' l v : ' . . . I - i I tkh' W . , . ui Y ., " . - ., nl? fo Jo' ,, ' , n I , , 4 , I I CHARLES j LA MOTTE WILLIAM j LEAHY Holy Cross Orillamme St Laurence Cisca 3, 4. Staff 4 Cisca 3 Art Club Camera Club 3 4. Rifle CHARLESJ LEARY ROBERT E LEE Chufk General" Our Lady of Peace Mono St Michael Santa Fe, 302535 3 5 3405.2 XX .X Basketball Champs 2. Intra- mural 7 all Champs 2. ERT KING B "Bob" Lady of Peace. Ori- 4. Rifle Team 3, 4. Vice-President 4. Cisca I, 2, 3, 4. Associate Editor Car- mel-Lite 4. Press Dance Committee 4. Proficiency Finalist 2. Religion Medal- ist 3. Boxing I, 4. Intra- mural Baseball 3. ' JAMES B. KIRBY 'ifullglev St. Clara. Cisca I. Ori- flamme 4. Intramural Base- ball 4. THEODORE J. KRZYWINSKI ff Twurku St. Michael. Wrestling 2, 3 ,4. Intramural Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. "iw L JCSH C. KIELY RICHARD P KILEY 'MXL 'brarirlnn Dlpk ll ' e ce. Clsca 2, 3, St Thomas Apostle Art e4. Intramural Club 2 3 4 Pres1dent4 AS JUNIORS Back again but not as strangers because this time two whole years had preceded us and made us full fledged Carmelites. A sense of satisfaction filled us as eagerly we pursued our studies which we now realized were so essen- tial. Wally Fromhart, another Notre Dame graduate, took over the football reins to put out Carmel's Uscrappiest team" which received fourteen of us. Two captained basketball teams, one to another junior Championship, while the seniors achieved almost similar suc- cess. Eight played on the seniors, four on the Championship junior team, seven returned to the band, while boxing received seven and the track team four. This year fifteen, yes indeed, fifteen proudly gained the distinction of being members of the Monogram Club. As we grew older Religion was more thoroughly stressed. Special devotions to Mary the Mother of God, were encouraged, especially in trials and in moments of temptation. Friendships - real friendships were forming among all-the stu- dents, the priests, brothers and profs. We were becoming older and realized that soon, only too soon, our journey was to end. The hand had ceased to chisel and at a glance one could see a jewel was in process. Lpp classm n look serious Web r and Feeney ar pretty chummy Adwertisem nt for Sue 'Vlarlow and King n front of the sch ol Th happy guys Nottingham and Grlndell -'lO?- 407- OP- 40? 40 -4 -4 OF I7 l er e ' ..,. " e e . . . . ' ' e . . . . . I i 0 . . . . e ' are A i . 4 A for- 4ov- fo - for- x- -4o ov- oi go? gow? Qzfoxgs 5405 eof 40 op- -for wow- 401- 4 4 of 4 co- -+or- for 3- I EDWARD L LEONI I uzzx St Catherine of Genoa Lxghtwelght Football 2 Box 1 I 2 3 lntramura Baseballl 2 3 4 DONALD ,I LISTER D II St Brlde Crsca 3 4 In tramural Baseball ancl Hand b 234 JOHN F LEWIS L e St Plullp Nerl Mono gram Club 3 4 Carmel Llte Staff 3 4 Onllamme 4 Staff of Mllcado 4 Football Manager 3 JAMES N LORRIGAN Pumhj St PI'uI1p Nerl Mono gram Club 4 Boxmg I 2 WILLIAM E LYKE HOWARD H MARLOW 1 St Columbanus Bandl 2 3 4 Orlflamme4 Intra mural Basketball 2 3 4 Boxlng 4 EDWARD G MESSNER l St Augustme Bancl I 2 3 4 Orlllamme 4 Intra mural Baseball 3 4 JAMES S MICHUDA nn Holy Rosary Monogram u 3 4 Clscal 2 Class Treasurer 4 Lrght welght Football I Heavy weight Football 2 3 4 In tr mural I 2 3 4 JOSEPH E MILLER B111 St Bride Carmel Lxte 4 Clsca I 2 3 4 Dramat1cs4 H uze Our Lady of Peace Car mel Lute 2 3 4 Edltorm Chief 4 Assistant Editor of Orlflamme 4 ournallsm Medal 4 Engllsh Medal I Honorable Mentlon 2 4 Cnsca I 2 3 4 Rifle Club 3 4 Camera Club 3 4 Chalrman Press Dance 4 CoCha1rman Social Com m ttee 3 4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 GEORGE B METEISIS .lawgze Holy Cross Mission House Clsca 4 CARL I MILLER Hank St Francis De Paula I tramuraII 2 3 4 WESLEY W MILLER II es St Cyr1I Monogram Club 3 4 Onflamme Staff 4 President of Class 3 4 Pro ficlency Fmalrst 2 Ll ht weight Football 2 Heavy weight Football 3 4 C r mel Lite 3 4 07- 402- 4 7- oy- -403- 4 I33I . I If ' ." II . ' !l + ' j oo: , . . u 1 y D - . ng , , - I , . . 'Q ,, fi 3 ,, ., Q . , Y ' - . . . - - ' . I I all , , . 3, 4, '-4 , . -ir!-w V1 . , vs- -L 4 55,71 ulg-llu n 0 Y-U V ' K ' Q a y u - If V3 y ' U . , , y , A , , n v ' - J QV' I AVA i , . Y ! ' V I ,,E2,, ff ' . U , A . u I V l I ' , . . ' - A , . ,,:l. ,, U ' U A , . ' . n- CI b , . ' , , 3, 4. . . . - ' , , - - f a 9 n 1 - ' , I . . . - ' . , i. . 1 V I A " , . ' "Wa . g - I Q. ' . , . a - - , , 405- -KOP' 40? -4OP- -fo? -409 -COP' 7 -C0?- O 5 305 305 305 20a roi 305 305 ? 5 0 -4 ' O -405- THOMAS IVICARDLE. St. Francis ISeSaIes. Ori- Hamme Staff 4. Art Club 3 4. Mikado 4. Intramural Baseball and Basketball. .IOHN P. McCANN foul' .AiIbe. C'sca I 2 4. Intramural Basketball. Boxing. ROBERT F MONAGHAN Irish St Bride Oriflamme Staff 4 Cisca Swimming Medal ist 3 4 Mikado 4 CHARLES L MULHOLLAND I e Holy Rosary Heavy weight Basketball 2 3 In tramural Baseball Basket a JOHN M MULLINS 110 ll St Patrick Boxing I 4 Intramural Baseball Basket a PATRICK P MULRYAN Leftj St Clara of Montefalco Monogram Club 2 3 4 Lightweight Basketball 2 Intramural Baseball JOHN F. MCCALLUM ' JI' 'I' St. Lawrence. Monogram Club I 2 3 4. President 4. 'Mikado 4. Lightweight Football I. Heavyweight Football 2 3 4. AlI-Cath- olic 4. Heavyweight Basket- I . JUSTIN j. McCARTHY . Ill' Holy Cross. Cisca 2 3. MARTIN A MONGEAU llartj Warsaw High Ind Mono gram Club 3 4 Track 2 3 Captain 4 Intramural Base ball Swimming FRANCIS E. MULLEN lrank St Dorothy Onflamme Staff 4 R1He Club 4 Cisca 3 4 Exchange Editor Car mel Lite 4 JOHN T IVIULLOY Jack Graham Ciscal 3 Track I 2 3 4 Swimming 3 Intramural Basketball FRANKJ MURPHY Uurph Visitation Carmel Lite Staff 4 Oriflamme Staff 4 Intramural Baseball JAMES P MCELLIGOTT JOHN H MCGANN fl Ja lc St Catherlne of Genoa St Sablna Mono ram Intramural Baseball Basket Club 4 Heavywelght Bas a ktball 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball ROBERT-I MCGORRIN EUGENEJ IVICGOWAN Ill ll L1nclblomH1gl'1 Art Club St Laurence lntramural 3 4 CISCB 4 lntramural Baseball Basketball Clsca Baseball ROBERT j MCC-REEVY EDWARD T McGUlRE I St Barnabas Carmel Lite uxgley Camera Club 4 Qtaff 3 4 Orxflamme Staff Intramural Baseball and Bas 4 Camera Club 3 Clsca 4 ketball l Il f Illl St Brlde Orlflamme Staff St Gabrlel Orlflamme 4 CISCQ 2 3 4 lntramural Staff 4 Nlll-:ado 4 Track Baseball 2 Intramural Baseball JAMES A MCLELLAND ll hztj Holy Cross Intramural Baseball and Basketball TI- OMASJ MQNERNEY I1 St Laurence Clsca 3 4 lntramural Baseball 2 3 4 THOMAS M McMAHON Il St Anne Or1FlammeStaff 4 'Vllkaclo 4 Track 2 lntramural Baseball T lVlcTlGHE lzger 2 Art Club 4 lntramural Base ball Basketball JAMES Niagara Cxsca 3 4 l35l E 11. ' ' E ' , , . ' . ' U ' ff . . MIQA R I 4 h l . lv . V "JI 'U ".ll UU ". ' I,2,3,4. ' -'kfw "kk" I . . - ' Q ' . . GEORGE P. MCGUIRE JAMES T. Mcc.u1RE , T . H. Io 5 'U Nj' U 1, ' ' Q ' Q - 1 I :IA I I .' 1 -3:2153-fa54a.f?fs.5535E-fi3if,,?i DONALD E NEWELL ROBERT P NIX Nl I' r Bryn Mawr Cscal 2 3 Lrttle Flower Mxkado 4 Manager of Basketball 4 Or1f:IammeStaff4 Clsca Teams3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Intramural Baseball Basketball BERTHOLD .I JOSEPH H NOTHIESEN NOTTINGHAM I err Rlta B nd I 2 3 Our Lady of Peace Clsca Csca 3 4 Rlfle Club 4 4 Monogram CIub4 Box Swlmmmg 3 4 mg I 2 4 Intramural Base ball and Basketball 'I' 'Q' JOHN J NOWICKI I mm Bride Cscal 2 4 Intramural Baseball THOMAS F O BRIEN Nlagara 4 Mlkaclo 4 Clsca 4 FRANK R O I-IARE 11117114 St Bride Carmel Lxte Staff 3 4 Sports Eclltor 4 Sports Edltor of Ornflamme Staff 4 Press Dance Com mittee 4 Track 2 3 4 CLIFFORD J OLIVER X1 fl Drxon C1scaI,4 Swim mmg I Intramural Baseball Basketball l36I My KEVIN P OBRIEN 2 St Clara Debatmg Club I 2 Dramatxcs 2 nra mural Baseball KENNETH L O DONNELL lfmk St Anne Rifle Club 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Boxing 4 RAYMOND F O KEEFE I ufu St Basil Camera Club 3 CISCH 4 Track I 2 Intra mural Baseball JAMES M O'MALLEY 'Inu St Clara Swimming 2 Track 2 Intramural Base ball Basketball ,Y .foy 4or- 40x -avg, fow -for -4or- -to -4 -fok loy 40, 40, .40,. 40x for xox- ,- 4192- x -4of- Y for xof -4C'P- -40f- KOP- -4 if ,I Ia -1 M' . w - H .. 1 ,. , ,U ,,,' A ' I ll' ff Colo 101' ' 'f 'A' . . .. . .. . l , , v . - , . n - ' . I Y ' , . 3. 4, . 34 , fx . , v in 3 PI :lj I1 I 'H' St. ' . a , , , 4. . , A 1 , . . . . - Q - v 1 - ' ' as -I X, .. ...ww I A .faq 1 - A. A .gre ' 25751. ' I .' 4 s 3- I A . . I n 1 U ,,1 1 13 4 Sr. ' . i , , 3, . - , . , . . 1 r - A I PQI, ' - 4,1 Y l ll . l ll I um v . . . . , . t I I . , , . . " ri 2 ' F, I 1, , - 14 U , . H . -N -M' , ' " I K V ' ' 1 y a ' . . , , . J ll v I ll 4 I' ll K UU .'l1 AS SENIORS As one pauses on reaching the tip of a mountain to emit a sigh or to take in the beauty of a scene which he has well deserved after such an uphill journey-so did we on reaching our final year at Carmel. Inspired by what could be seen at the top we kept climb- ing, but the satisfaction which one senses upon reaching his destination can be expressed only by a poet. Surely this year was like the reign of a king and it was Carmel's banner year as two major Championships were wong one in football and one in senior basketball, the first in the history of the school. What more could be said except that they were Champions. The word should speak for itself and for our coaches. The football team found places for ten of us. Seven were on the senior basketball team and one on the junior team. Nine were in the band and the Monogram Club membership doubled, this time with thirty receiving "C's." Many others found the extensive intramural program an outlet for self expression. Now each with the help of God seeks his vocation -yes we are leaving. Remember the bell, at whose sound we would rush madly into the corridors in order to "get out" in a hurry? Yes, the one we actually prayed would ring- remember when it rang for the last time? The jewel was polishedg it began to sparkle, and it was then placed into the world to emit its radiance, the Carmelite radiance. Paulson and Murphy finally get the Joke Shure they re foine upstanding young men K l her and Leary ls McMahon communing with nature3 ust a few of the boys What5 Philips with his back turned on girls Keleher and Miller catch up with the cameraman No Glynn is not studying Hold tight Condon Griffin and Kiley Monaghan Miller and King -for -40 0 xof xo -4or- -40 405- 40? Ao, Y : iw,-42: 4oz -Qof 409- 401- 40 l37l . 1 , ' 2 .Y V ws A I' . I W I e 2' W if 4 ,IL V .f ,- ' l b I i ' , glsszigi rf- ' Q ,, ri E i .... U , ' ' , ' ,U ee t D ' 'I A .... J Q . Y we for t V sri .9?-sei ?0Pi Exif ?F0iio3: Q 3 CW EUGENE J O NEILL Gene St FCllCltaS CISCB lntramural Baseball Basket ba JOSEPH E O ROURKE Batfler St Allbe Boxmgl 2 3 4 lntramural Baseball Bas ketball ROBERT S PATCHEN I St Clara Onflamme Staff lsca l 4 n r mural Baseball HUBERT J PERZ llflfh St Bromslava CISCH 4 Preslclent of Freshman Class 4 Band Dance Commlttee i331 JOSEPH J OROLIN OE St osephL1sle CISCBJ 3 4 lntramural Baseball JAMES R o TOOLE 1115 Vlsltatlon C1sca3 4 ln tramural Baseball ancl Bas ketball ROBERT H PAULSEN I ule St Philip Nerl Carmel Llte Sta 4 Boxing l 4 THOMAS J PHILLIPS B111 St Sabma Bancll 2 3 3 Boxing 2 3 FRANK A PODALSKI If 11 St Michaels Monogram Club 3 4 Heavyweight Football 2 3 4 WILLIAM L REED 1 rn! Barbour Hall Much Clsca 3 4 Honorable Mention Latin 4 JOHN J QUINN nl' Our Lady of Peace CISCB 4 Mikado 4 Swlm mmg 3 ROBERT E RIES St Sabma 'Vlonogram Club 4 Heavywelght Foot ball 4 lntramural Baseball If 1, 'IJ I! wi . ' ' . ' 3, 4. . J - ' , ' , . - 2, , . . ll. ri' I, . ,, IIJ I PJ HBUIH .. ,U VI rn nf .4 :ZA , 4. C' ,2,3. .1ta- ' ff - ' 1 - " L ' lntramural Baseball. - J .. In K 'U " j" . , " o " "J 1' " il v ' . 3, U .. . .. ' . 1 H 10 F H "Hob" CHARLES H RILEY Chuck St Laurence Clscal 2 3 4 Lnterary and Debating Clu I 2 3 Orlllamme taff 4 Intramural Baseball Champs 2 3 4 Basketball Champs 2 3 FRANK S ROGERS Frank St Columbanus Band I 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball CHARLESE RUECKERT Rzck St Thomas Lrghtwexght Football 2 Intramural Base ball Basketball WILLIAM P RINDERER Night Lrfe St Columbanus Intra mural Handball Wmner 3 Engllsh Medalist I WALTER C RUCINSKI W 11113 St Bronlslava Cxscal 2 3 4 Intramural Baseball JOHN R RUEHLE Rube St Phllrp Nerl Rifle Club Presldent 4 Camera Club 3 4 Chief Photographer On flamme 4 Feature Editor Carmel Lxte 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 Glee Club Presrdent 4 ,IOHN D RYAN ROBERT T RYAN Snub B0 St Phlllp Nerl Crsca In Clsca 4 Carmel Llte Staff tramural Breast Stroke Cham 4 Track 2 3 4 Intramural P1011 2 Baseball and Basketball WILLIAM T RYAN RICHARD W SCHEVERS 1 Bus St Bernard Monogram Entered from Nlagara 2 Cu 2 3 4 C134-,al 3 4 Clsca 3 4 Intramural Base Basketball 2 3 4 Intramu ball BBSICCYIJHII ral Baseball Zeke St Cyrll Monogram 3 4 Football 3 4 Boxxng I In tramural Basketball Frank Our Lady of Peace Cxsca I 3 4 Intramural Baseball Basketball 9 I 391 ,EN , . S . ,cv I ' ' ' I i . .- ' I BRUNO J. Rusclo FRANK S. RYAN . K1 gi ,ua ff I U ff bil nB'llJ3 'f .U lb., , . " . . . ' . - - 1 I ' ' ' ' The fellows relax I-mery Condon and Nlclrorrln arent hashful The prf's1de-nt Lonsmders d porn! X her lool-cs g, um O Hare- and Barry now-r a football gr xmf- CJOIDE home now 5 The Senrors ohlrgv the photographer '- "T 5-3 g Mfr- -yx 'T -v1 Vrv-' ww' T- fr ii 7"O I I t w l v. I' . . . . xi ' I V Y 1 41, '-4107 x iffy ' Z-f"V Q - ' Y W'-,'y"' KWA-ft T "--'-ffrvx 5077 ',4'f'Y1,,fN Q px HV, Q- +1 .t mn 4.1 an QC I L1 , it L1 V C -A MV' .45 44 F,.g,,3,,lr,j I... ,Ag L -ld Y 71- A bi-rl' ' ' 1 K ' Y ' YX ki V ' A f X V V Y ' Y i Yi ,fv ' YL V V K A- 4 N, .Q, i, -,,Q,- , X ,.- .t f -Y, 'Y.,,E if Y .. ..Y . V. , L -A-t-W , xy-,Q ,rr-Y , WILLIAM T SHINE L11 lbw: Bloom Township I-Ilgh Captaln Wrestling 4 Swlm mmg 3 4 Intramural Bas ketball and Baseball ROBERT H SMITH Ilapffi St Francis De Sales Cls 3 4 ArtC b Llghtwelght Football I 2 Intramural Baseball Champs IRVIN S SMOLEN 1 1 mu! St Florian Art Club I 2 3 4 Clsca 4 Wrestllng 3 Track 4 HAROLD E STAFFORD I1 lrn St Bernard C sca I 2 3 4 Bantamwelght Basket ball I 2 Free Throw Wm ner 3 Intramural Baseball FRANCIS W SEARFOSS "1 rank" Vxsxtatlon Secretary of Classl 4 Treasurer 2 Car mel I..1te Staff 3 4 News Eclltor 4 Orrflamme Staff Eclltor m Chief 4 Honor able mentron Rellglon 2 HENRY C SHEEHY H St Phlllp Nerl Art Club 3 4 Carmel Lute Staff 4 ,IOI-INJ SIMPSON JR bllllp St Columbanus C1808 I Dramatlcs I 2 Art Club I Box1ng4 Trackl 4 Intra mural Baseball ROBERT W SMITH I St Laurence Crscal 2 3 4 Orlflamme Staff Smlth Club 2 3 Lrterary ancl Debatmg Club I 2 mural Baseball I 2 3 4 Champs 3 4 Basketball I 2 3 4 Champsl 3 JOSEPH W SPEARS S Clara Clscal 2 In tramural Baseball Basket a EDWARD M STOUT I..1ttIe Flower Camera Club 3 Clsca 3 Monogram Club 4 IVIanager of Foot ball Team ROBERT B SERPE "Bob" Bowen I Rlfle Club 3 Boxmg 2 Llghtwelght Foot ball 2 Intramural Baseball WILLIAM I SHERIDAN B1 St Laurence CISCB 3 4 Bantamwelght Football 3 Intramural Baseball Bas ketball l . . . . U ,NU ,ICJ In ' I ' ' " Hlinli' cal,-2,-,. Iu-I,2I ' ' "4f . - I - 4. Basketball. Spanish Medalist 4. Intral . . ' G ' t. . . , . ' l:5..B5! I f ' ' l ' b 11. ' I . . I I , , ' l - 3 SZ,?O5Z3Of:5fff?Qiliii'-T-fO5Z3sOiZ,3oiZ30iZ3 io I4I 1 is 6 v A A 0 O 'W A 0 O O -407 77 JOHN E. SULLIVAN LE ROY J. SUSALLA ",'IIickey" "Susie" St. Philip Neri. Cisca 3, St. Thomas The ApostIe. 4. Camera CIub 3, 4. Ori- OriHamme Staff 4. Cisca 2. flamme Staff 4. Swimming I, 2. 1 4 LOUIS P. SZKUDLAREK uskidu FRANCIS C. SZABO "1funl'fyU St Francis D Sales Monogram Club 4 Heavy weight Football 4 Kelly High SchooI Senior Proficiency Medalist Intra mural Baseball DAVID E TALBOT Daw EDWARD J TAAFFE II 11119 StFeI1c1tas Cxsca Intra mural Baseball and Basket a Calumet Cisca RAYMOND J TISCHER PAUL R TALBOT Clau Tzsh Martha Ruggles Clsca St Klhans Lightweight Football 2 Heavyweight Football 4 Intramural Base ba JAMES J TREACY Dirk St EtheIreda Monogram 4 Clscal 2 3 4 Football JOSEPH F VON ALBADE St Ph1Ilp Nerl Rlfie CIub 4 Camera CIub 3 4 Art CIub 4 Carmel Lite 3 Pro HCICDCY Finalist 2 Secretary of Class 2 English Medal 4 Swlmmmgl 3 42 BERNARD M TULLY St Francis De PauIa Box mg 3 Cxsca 'VIathemat1cs 'VIecIaI 4 Chemistry Medal 4 Honorable Mention Eng lush 3 EUGENE W WALOTKA ImmacuIate Conception S ooI Cscal 2 3 4 tramural Baseball JOSEPH P WALSH 11111 B x Entered from Tllden 2 Monogram 3 4 Dramatlcs 2 Manager of Basketball Team 3 Intramural Mldget Basketball WILLI -XM L WATKINS I St Nlcklas Flywelght Basketball 3 Intramural Baseball and Basketball JOHN H WEBER .ffl I' St Thomas Apostle Monogram 3 4 C1803 3 4 Homecommg Dance Com mlttee RONALD D WHITE R n 111 Hrrsch Intramural Bas ketball 3 ROBERTJ BAULER 1 Entered from Quigley 2 fb RICHARD L WARD ffl Our Lady of Solace Cls a Lxglxtwelglmt Football 2 3 Intramural Baseball and Basketball WILLIAM C- WEBBER 1 St Ethelreda Rifle Club 4 Clsca Dramatlcs 2 3 Orrflamme Staff Carmel Llte Staff 3 4 Track3 Swlm mmg 2 3 ""s-gl!! GEORGE A WEBSTER Il 11 Hyde Park 3 Camera Club 3 4 Orlflamme Staff Carmel Lute 4 Press Dance Commlttee 4 THOMAS A WHITE St Bride Clscal 'Vlrka do 4 Boxmg I 3 Track I 3 Intramural Basketball W .2 fc: 43: 'umm r 3 'Z' ANDREW L WITTOUCK JOHNJ YONDA I ur13 St Clara CISCB 2 3 Box lngl Track Swlmmmg ROBERT P ZAMBON 1 111 Norway Hlgh Much Cam era Club Carmel Llte 4 Orlflamme Staff 4 Chemns .111 I' St Laurence Intramural Baseball and Basketball Free Throw Wflnner and Medalist CHARLES A ZITNIIK fred try Club 4 Track 3 Boxlng St Barnabas Clsca I Team 2 tramural Swnmmmg 4 43 - vw-qv" ' " V ' .ff 1 l 0- rv nil I ' A I Q . . c . . 'ja A 1 ' 1 ,V A 'VA' . . , 3 V "If 'HU ' ' I . . ,X . . . , . "HU" , . . ' - . ' . . . ' ' I' ' Ill! . JJ i v :VV In .li II I n 0 ' u ' 4' 'lvnlllu ' A , , , , . . . ,A u . . - A T 0 n I V ' I T r ll - II . 0 -, 1 "Hof U '- - 'I' f. . - . -Tw. , ' ' A aft? ' ' Y' I 1 27 2 - an ' at -Q I If II Y . II Al . " . V A , 1. 'I ' ' - j . . . , . - . . I S-73 ' 'A I I ' I ft, - H Jr ITV -1. 3 t I . I - - , , - ' 4 . I . . ' . . ' . n- UNIORS unlor Class Officers Pres dent K ln Farr ll Vlce Pr :dent Cord n L masney Secretary Treasurer ohn Andretlch ames Dunn R v Mau IC E And rson O Carm unl r Moderator The Class of I940 How splendldly they have carrled on and practlced the true Catho llc xdeals lnstllled deep ln their hearts by the nuns of Grammar school days Stull more laudatory IS the manner ln whnch they have been able to develop spmtually and mentally ln their stay at Mt Carmel They have bullt a noble structure of thelr falth on a deep foun datlon planted by the nuns ln an extra currlcu lar sense they have done well Ten of them are wearmg letters and championship shlelds slgmfylng they are members of the football 6- rg. team Sxx of them are members of the cham p1onsh1p basketball team unlor basketball track boxing wrestling swlmmmg and the lntramural teams have taken thelr quota Cl8Ca has been supported Soclal events have been well attended Through the true Catholic spmt of co opera tlon that exists between the nuns and prleste the Class of 1940 has been firmly establlshed as a class of young Catholic gentlemen, true men of Carmel. Q Q 0 5- P- -eo -to -cor 10 fog E:-for 5 31 'fot- -4o -4or- -4o 4ow- -4or for 4of- -dv for I44I i .... ev' e '- es' ........... o 0 t, Af , H A .:f.f:f ' ,T K . - 1 ' , as l V I . . r A-a 1527, e . r' el . e , . In ,H .l 0 , ' , . , 1. ' , ,"1g'A 'wl' ' '4 in FH r K A A ,--'plc A-U9 rf' 'se K f A 1, " , 4 I , C. - . , . f 1 az? W Q hs- . N I N I . 'A' . . I . 0 u . i .I 0 - . , 1 Y I Q . . . . . ' ' u 0 0 0 --4 405- -40 40 -4O?- f ,- 0 I wg 3 :Q 330, 3 R Webber -I Noone -I Benson J Cray Plttacora Duffin Tracy MLC-ann Murphy MBLK nzl Keleher Ha Bflnkfnan Powers Spltzlg Schlesser Farrell Talllon Sherndan McLaughlin Caruso Petro Casey Schwab V Crepeau X Bernardn 5 52? ii ?fOf1i Z? 5.3 ill F. ' j. R. W. Q VU. D. k f' ll' T. N. ll F. , C. BA . . j. K. E' . R. A ' j. S. S. j. j. . for f -4Gv- 4 1 '-WO' - 4oz 4 fo, -i , for io,-il ' 4 if 460 i'4 'Of -4 , to, ' I 45 I Aor- for for- for -4of -for for- -4ox- -4of- f- 4or 40x o o 35 5 -Q30 -4ob- 401- J 403 53 Q03 Q T io? F 4..- do fly?- L46 Par er Welden N Mlchelazzo St Leger W Kennedy Arendt Laude uxnlan Donnelly Kelly Dunn Brzezlnskl Bolger H Selmer P Huguelet Kummerer J MCC-uxre W Dnllon Keegan Bryczelc Darlington O Reilly Dowd Lake Lang Blaney Batchelor Casey Ruffner Almearn Kottmeyer Louderman Hayes Klxmek bullnan ney Hussey ulnn E03 - - 407' i P -4 -Oy ll - 1. k J. U jf . T.' V H. C.. Q - J. F. J. C. - - R. JI U JI. J. Desmond E. J- ' C. ' ' M. E. E. l F. R. T. T. y D. B. T D. D. E. ' 'll ' .. T. Fe.. Y B. Y B. Q - l Peterson Kennedy . Murphy Meakim WSP? Bernstein if Love . Brown Bogdan N Newman Meera T Nugent McNamee McCarthy Freund Morris Caley Maher Hartman Cannon Taaffe H Green R Hoss W Kulovxtz Barry L Hennmg E Kulovltz Stack Burke Mullen Le Beau Pascale Pochron Regan Krotlak .I O Connor AhdfCllCh W O Neill S Brody -407- 9 xox- -roy -lO?- -4ow- -40? -1 or 'for' '40,- : 402- 405- -for -4oEg,2 40 -40? -405' for 407' .J -4om- -4ow- -4op- 402- -40P- 40P- 449' 409' 'GD' 47 Q x--rU mum? + +ve mnvm ++,+ ,FH . ' l 0 ' h + - 2 7 . - N . , q . . - we I I l I--I j. C. E. T, W K. R. P. C, j. j. j. L. A. B. F. T. Mft i??f5??-QP fffgf fm ISI :McCarthy Lomasnf-y Crablnski O'5ulllvan Xfatson Bohan Kellam Burnderma McCarthy' 0'Rourke Ryan White Pausback Kelly Scanlon McDernlott Kelly Hynes Bohllng Mclntyre Sutton Shupryt Banks Daly Roone Ballwelwr KYEYDCY O Brlen Hyde Slmonettl Lundstrom C Lute-k Halpf-r Connor Hry an il"I D ltL lilL.i-.ITIS 'N nl. n TNI bl n Cf ' j. R. E. W. M. F. y R. T. R. VV. fi. R, R 2 st Nl. . R. ' ll lr Y C. Q- -h E. .la J. 2 .1 j+ 533 jjj? jj ,f37..,.J-Q 4 1. O'Brien R. Kennedy W. Keeley W. Trapp J. Thurlow H. Walker S. Plubin S. Collins B. Oliver J. Michuda J. Denny J. Reiners T. Creevy R. Loftus W. Kinnelly R. Jamieson j. Anton L. Grayhowslci Nl. Connors Murphy Seymour Ryan Clark Horgan W Smnott Sullivan Lencxonx W Stumpf 2:1221 Foam oO"D rn. n :O T we 9: or g :x 'f1w15 Laven Dal'Che McKenna Telkes Petrolll Plscetto 40 Uv 40 'i 40, Ao, ..X 49 W. E. L P. j. Jf H' J' . . J. , E. 'l 1- . . P. j. 4 -..Q lif. of M5 l Rev Roderxclc L Hurley O Carm Sophomore Moderator Sophomore Class Officers President ames Hlnde Vlce Presldent Elmer Wang Secretary Daniel Czernlkowskx Sophomores men of 4I by your accom pllshments ln the student the athletlc and the soclal dlvlslons of Carmel act1v1ty you have become a credlt both to yourselves and to your former instructors Achlevements such yours have helped to gam for Carmel its splen dld reputatlon You have applled yourselves ln the class rooms and as a result have won your share of honor cards Carmel s athletlc standmg also was bolstered by members of your class As proof ten of you gamed posltlons on Carmel s Champlonshlp heavywelght football team these lads of 41 played no small part ln Car Q60 "W SN SCPHOMOREQ XR. S mel s conquest of the Cathollc leavue Four teen Sophomore grxdsters performed on the llghtwelght squad The heavyweight basket eers clalmed two of your men while the llghts employed three Sophomores Other Sophs wholeheartedly afforded asslstance toward the promotion of the mlnor sports The Bantam and Flywelght basketball teams, the Track team the Boxmv and Wrestllng teams and the swlmmmg team all profited consider ably because of the talent of you second year men Men of 4I we entrust the tradltlons of Car mel to you Carry on' x Z . '35 ,XL fx V Q, Sf N Q K., t ....... ......... 1 ' Treasurer ...... . . ..,... Walter Koelle 'X . A V- A r Penal: -1-balsa? R if A Afkflv xr A N it , . . . ' . O . ' 1 I . . . as ' U '- Y . 5 . Q , . . , - W Lemberger F Whnte W umn H Anderson E. Rexdy W O Rou rke M Vaughan C Rlngwald Conway Colan Rles W Kelly -I Latham Wang Woodward Morris Canavan W Koelle '-III lT1U7"'lg 5551: G U no F fi E m go 5 : Rennmger Vrdolyak Baslle Reddxng I Fxtzglbbons R Duffy D Bell R Fitzgerald Zxvkornch W Haubold W Lynch C Murray Murray Crawley P Stokes Lamparslu WQ I JI J. ji A E. P. R. - J. L..Hannapel J' . I J." ' J. 5. lf A .W 5 177 Q3 5 ? 5.3: A.- -., Dyckman Buckley Czarobsl-u Cosgrove H Buckle Weber Walsh W O Brren Blarr Costello Mahony Lucas M Crotty Schaffer O Brlen Cahnll -II' 0507073 Cray Hayes Nlcplxeeters Loeber Hlnde O Malley C O Donnell O Hare j. Adducx W. Barnett F. Lusson C. Britton J. Guerin R. Murphy B. Mccrane j. He-rbrancl ID. Orr F. Mack M.Conno1ly J. Qllarlc gl. Moriarty j. Ric-man for- 5 40 -any 3-40? -40? - Efoggiolg-7, i403:4o O or fi R. F. F. Wehle Z' . J. . T. J- , I E. . P. T. F. 'II' 1 . JI ' F. " T. ' I Ruzlc E. Keal W Oudsluoorn Roclmetto Ferraro N1Cl"1OlS Delocy lVlcNulty Zrmokowskm Antonovw clc Krlkus B!'ZCZll'1Skl Hernon Ashe Moose Duggan Lackey McDonough Post Fuller Kelley Graf Urba Fox Kalmes Nlerrron WBYBPIUS Coughlln il McGowan Kelly Murphy Clark Blake Cleary A lVlcCann T Dart Lenalman G Cole 40? 40?- 4or 40 for- Aor- -for fo,- fofg E3 05 O A 40' ewfiilw, OE5ii.QE?: e.QE?2f:QiL.QE2:O:?il.QE?2wE?iL.Q5?1OE65i fafiil ew 4153 l- A B.. R, O.LM 1. , R.. . S. . . T. . P. . N. . . P. l. j. E. J. j. H. C. ' A. Schumann T. W. V. T. R, L. ' H T. ' l- ' R. E.. B. F. J. Jf 4 4 4 - 402- ,I f r A 0 ogmo HONG l.. Corradln Unton Zo Merkle f hmura Green Smith Larkln Broderick rm-no 6-466 9520 2150 2' TS Z Lux Armstrong Nora Hltc Maclum F Duffy Stefanskl L Lambert P O Nell W Mclnerney E Stuclnlarz W acobs W Flaherty E Cull N RlOl'dan ung J Daly T Supanskl Dletrlclm W MHTIOYI Harper P Cflmh L Flaherty Bal'kQ'l' W Dwyer R Dd-.rd '. ll J. . Jf ' .J Jfl J4. . .A JV ' 4 JY, V ' D Czernlkow sl-cl C Maggs Sl'llhhlCk Dougherty Braun R Dv. yer 'Vlonashan Plttacora 'Vleths en Dwyer Kappes M Krag McDonnell :gan-U Conway Murray X ISOTI DU-41 U' If 'UZ 3, Kfwi... S5553 SHS--1 T 5' alllmore Ferguson Sulllvan I Mackm j Zndek R OBr1en B Zeglay Sulllvan T O Rourke W Babcock C Usher W w7lCk5 5 ,I-.A , . -In . j. jf. P. ' RM ' E. R. 1.1 '.Spears . V'l .C ' sfc. ' -- Jf ' V Rev Kieran OHara O Ca m Freshman Moderator Freshman Class Officers Presld nt ohn T affe ohn Gleason Paul O Flah rty Vic Pr sldent S creta y Tre William Kr cxejewslu Freshmen you came prepared pre pared for higher trammg Scholastlc Moral Athletlc You came prepared for you were trained nlgh unto perfection by the holy nuns Taken back at first perhaps by the new scenes your tralned minds quickly caught the spmt of Carmel and you entered into xt whole heartedly You grasped Carmels tradltlon and splrlt and strove to uphold them You entered eagerly into her 8CtlVltlCS You established scholastic records to be envied You were well represented on the Llghtwelght Football squad, the Basketball teams the Band Orchestra the FRESHMEN K- Track Boxlng and Wrestling teams You Jolned the Art Club and the Dramatlc Club placlng future leaders wlthln thelr folds Your great lnterest xn lntramural sports was shown throughout the year You have the true Splflt of Carmel you the Class of l942 Your class wlll mold Itself into a mlghty unlt of which Carmel wlll be proud Her tradltlons and Ideals are now ln your hands and we are positive you will not let them sllp from your grasp And so welcome to your school for It IS your school and because It IS so we know that you wlll contmue to keep It at the top EQQKOE 4 ' 5 3 OP 40 156 . 2, X . 1 I l . , . r . -- I C 'E 1 'e ..... a - ' e- e ' . . .. . . . ..... J l e r . . . . . .. ..... . ' e E . asurer ..... .. . . ' ' e ' ' ' I wc, PU, . ' PM I 0 , , ., W . , . 3 Wo Fi , ' fi: FI X 'EEF' 3z-:- . . . . . - ' , . . . . . . . . 9 1 1 1 . . . . , . . . . . . Y Y ' , .i . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1- H . . ' , , 1 , ' o -for aor -4 for 40,- -4025 for- for-6.6 3:4c -fox avr of- -for Ob- -fOr --40 405- -4or -for 405- Or- WEAR. F. Blair B. Housneck L. Bouclreau T. Dillon l.. avr'- B. Riley F. Cummings I. .'xl"Idf"fSOh J. Kempfer D. Meisenbach R. Sunclberg S. johnson D. Holt J. lVlcCn-evvr T. Ryan J. Ryan E . Sweeney A Devisme Durkm l Soweri Carhone M Kelly Major Buckley W Foley Kester D CIFIUPHS Pele Reid F Maher W Regan Hornack Stevenson Bertie Murphy T Leigh Dawe Marshall if 4' D. A I H. Q D. if if . i J- ' Rf y B. S. ' B. Pf ,ll..Drury y f 03fOi1l353O5Z3D: 4523 5 D W Walsh Ranes Vance Wheatley O Connor Dean Kuenster B Cormler Dwyer Ward P O Shea R Plotrow lu ohnson Sullivan Clark Holslnger Lutz Hennessy Byrnes GIBZICI' Horner C Nolan W Scannell l., Struyf E C-amor urlge Stotzer Drumm X an Den Hende D1 Santo Slater Gefskl E WBPIDS 1 R Woodward A Beneclettn Fam Stockdale l oncar Rf B. R. T. ' ll. J. I Jf V J. Q JJ S R. . T. B. ' N. E. J. J- ' j. -I. Carroll T.B - B. P. Nl. ' C. A j. F' . , ,V . k. . .De V l- A l J. . J. . -8 I W Feehan Noonan Pxllon Krasmskx --1255 O'-4U Hlclcey McNamara Engel Weir B Sang S McGlng M Ok0nlCWSkl R Ostarello Kutzer E Hartnch W Gutekanst E. Kung T Holland ,I Mokos P O Dea C Meneghettx Grannan T Olfeefe E Moroney Graham W Kreclejewskl Cavanagh Galbreath Perlcolosx Harkenrlder Fume Taaffe Kelly Barry McCann Ol A Burke T Gaynor l Gleason J Hayden 59 Jf ' Jf JI , 15 .. . Jf T. L. ' ' R. ' G. ' j. j. j. j. L.R ' I M. Feehan D. Langdon H. Wizrlieb W. Willig T. Gleason J, Dillon 1, Wfebber WV. Kerwin L. Fonseca L. Kumpfer F. McLaughlin P.Carney R. Hilliard l...lVlackey K. Desmond J. Doty R. Harty Kenney .I Hughes Fleece Rowbotlmam M O Connell O Rourke Kane Creevy il Mayer Devane North Fornowskl Fazekas Clifford Kovs alslu Tunny Macmd X arg.,-1 Kosan mgruet B. E. R. J- ' C. B. H. R. T- . T. W.. . E, V ' P. F.. ' ' P. ' '- Nxl. lvleyerlng j. 5.1 Y Q? 5 fg " --wi- g -L .-:L af- 77- ....f3- .L Hb- if 5 W CYOWE Kolanczyk Brown Lord Gleeson Nlccreavy Casey Castillo W Vlccann R Benger A Kreak Hurst R Ahlrap J Mulxr E. Lundy j Maller Mack -I Nlatls D Browne E Petersen R Harrlaon M Mascollno W McGovern M Malone J rvmne Carroll Schrom MarOleWSkl Flood Holzer lVlcCarll1y Berrstowlcz Donaghue Kummerer Russell Coyle Kobza Hansen Q 40? 105 -40?- -405- 407- !O7 -40? -40?-' -405- 5 3 ow- -4or -for- fop- g Eaowzg grsoigz c?4or- 405- -4 :S 3: :Q J -405' 405- 40? -407 -407' 405' -40? -402' '40,- l6l Ef A. R. F. B. E. E' . '. C J. ji W1 White E. J- . R. E. R. D. L. ' D. 1. F. l J. l F' . 5' l l I f3ef'5 E05 ? Q gon-if,33O54O3:OiZ3 530523 ' 162 NX Bell Wxtkowskl McDermott Prendergas! Palm Hepp Leonard Tully Delaney R Angsten J Glynn A Ritter T Cahnllane W Byrne C Hofbauer Barlow H Mccloskey C Crlffm Corey J Murphy -I Meyer P O Flaherty D Kunlc l T Byrne J Ahearn Smith ,I NlcKernan C Novak K Hennessy C Nora W Moody C McCarthy B Hayes J Brown R Cole W Hacker J 'Vlccrath W Graham F 'Vluszynslu f- 'fo' for 'fforw' pe f ' 4 , 4 40' 4 r 4 OP 4 f -l4'Qk- 4Oz-- 40: 4 r -4.0J- 40 r J' ' ' E. l 1, R. R, E. j. j. j. j. . e -Iv . Henney Childs jones Vfeber T"1?UWTl Dag Sullivan . Murphy . Wilson J. Fitzgerald E. O'Brien M. Yody j. Ahern D. Hanon H. Sheahan i QW lhr Nlaher leads the race ust a happy bunch Serenade e Xl!3l1S b Who is the sludious guyi Vlust haye been a study period 'Vlore happy guys Dufhn takes it easy W hy so serious? Ruehle really has a mouthful Eyerybody leans on crutches Same study period 2 4or or -is ov- io, or for for 63 A ,i l f l 9 '. . V P A A Y I Q . X l - 1 ,, l i gf! - V , M ry u VR , lf., , vi If If i ., i , . . - .... J ' .... . . . Lis V' ' , Bo . , . . ' ' 5 i ? f AKCYP' 40? QQ? f ' -4 PJ4o, 40 4oy 44of34o, S-40,3460 Eifvgior g51ov34o, of-3 for '4O xo!- The all Important pomt after -Xnothe-r may of CXPIOIUDQ., the N cl allum 44 They re off 'Noon pcrzod relaxatlon Ta bow et al Our future work bnow plated fire euane famous Q One- more lDCh and yards touchdown Practice sessxon 3 Q,O3fQ'f fv ua 22 I 64 I i TYCCS Lg Or 77-to' Q 1 Y ' .... '- ' 'HI ..... ' ' . Y . .... . -for 14-or for f'4QxW-N fo, -., 1- , ,ij-A in, -4,3,-- o aff- Er 3 to me af- f A f C pu f- 1f +0 - "1 W' :-og vii, -.V-F' xi f:i5 . . I, 4-"f 751113371 1' 2, r: 1' S f' I I 1 'wiv MQW '! 'R 5 YUM Robert Amstutz Grnfrnl Pro 111111 MEDALISTS -- Louxs Szkudlarelc Donald Hayes ames Hlnde ohn Taafte Sanur Pro6111n 3 .lunmr Irn nrnq Yoplmmnrf Pro unrq Frrrlzman Irffnzfmy MEDALISTS Each year the faculty of Mt Carmel recog nlzes unusual alinllty among the students by awardmg gold medals to those students who demonstrate exceptlonal proficiency The most coveted of these medals IS the General Pro ficlency Medal symhollc of excellency ln gen eral scholarship durlng four years attendance at Mt Carmel awarded to the Senlor havmg the hlghest average for four years Every true Carmel man alms to merit the Athletxc Scholas t1c Medal whlch IS glven to the Semor who Wlllxam Conlan Richard Creevy ames Fleming Robert Gannon ames Glynn Ilutory Itlzlfm Sll10IlI5l1l latm Uratoruai Cmus Howard Marlow Robert W Smrth Edward Stout Bernard Tully joseph von Albade .lournalum Spanulr Rflzqmn Ll1em1s!ry l'ngl1Jl1 II IIWIUVHIIII' IUFYIIIOH 1I111l1rmu111l Ilonorable Jlfntmn I'ngI1JI1 II IIrn1uraI1le llfnt un 1I11Il1fmul11.f RFIIHIIHI Il Ilrnmralzlf 'llfnlmn History JBITICS Collery Phlllp Laven Wllllafh Wlcks Edward Sweeney John TBBHC RFIIIIIUII III IIHIIIYII III R1l11111n1 II I'11qI11l1 I Rrllruwx I 166 I 111111111 ll -KO P . - EH j I ' I . :Q - 1 'f Q -' 1 . . 1 If-l'g,Q . - , .13 -f ' 2 I -' . fa I 1 I '3,.fg.zT 1-I Ig' 1. . - ' ' ' ...4....A . I I - , .,I,i,I v -- ,15 . n - '-11. - 3 - I I - ' '. ' 1 N A - - ' 1-. 1. I I II su t K A , I , I ' . . I . I , II :Lt , Q. ' . . wx ' L-1 I I .. I I I I ' -for 402- 403- 405- 40, 40, I4O, 40, xox- -40,- 40f -any or- -40, for Q,- '4Of 4-'Di' r., " v 03 Q? ames Fleming ames MCGUIYC ames Kummerer Elmer Wang ohn Gleeson Gtntral Pro ufmy Sznzor Pro ufnry .lunzor Pro czenay Sophomzre Pro Henry Freshman Pro rwnry Senior Pro ufnfy throughout the four years has attalned dlstmc t1on both 1n the Held of atheltlcs and ln the Held of scholarshlp lt IS an mdlcatlon that 1ts wlnner was versatile enough to secure a mem bershlp ln the Monogram Club and at the same tlme to devote consxderable effort to study The student nn each year malntammg the hngh est average 1n his respectlve class IS awarded a PIOHCICIICY Medal Competltlve exammatlons are conducted to determlne the winners of the Chemlstry Latm, Mathematlcs and Spanish Medals The stu dents submlttmg the best papers ln Engllsh History CIVICS Relxglon and ournallsm are awarded medals ln those subjects The student dellverlng the most fluent and comprehensive oratlon ln the annual speech contest which IS judged by members of the faculty recelves the Oratorlcal Medal and an opportumty to represent Carmel ln the Annual Oratorlcal Contest at the Unlverslty of Notre Dame The art medal, awarded this year for the first tlme rs glven to the member of the Art Club who produces the most artlstxc posters William Booth oseph Condon ohn Klely Wllllam Kenney Wesley Mxller Wllllam Reed Oratorzzol r Spanish Cwus .flthletxf SflI01HJllC Latin Chemzstry Journalum Engluh III Relzgzon III Daniel CZefhlk0WSkl Gerald Ashe Robert Charles john Mccreever Relzgzon ll English ll English I Rellgzon I I67 ' 4' A fe. ' n if i- ' ' A 'P . J '. l . . -l . . , . l . , . ff ' A 17' fi ' ' F f - F' Y Y , ul . 1 .1 1 ' - . e if W Paul Bryan Robert Freund Richard.Kennecly Clarence. O'Reilly rs m sl: Cahxl x1rS Cleol' Q' cllbson lmu l Nlrs ohn 'WCC ann Nlrs ames Casey V11 r -Xngelus Oborne O Larm The most firmly establlshed and also the most actlve or ganlzatlon at lVlt Carmel IS the Mothers Club composed of the mothers of students and alumnl The prlme purpose of thlS organxzatlon IS to mterest the mothers ln what Carmel lS doing for thelr sons The mothers have shown thelr appre clatlon of the work of the prlests by co operatlng wlth them IH every undertakmg and helplng the school 1n a maternal way Each year the mothers arm to attaln greater goals and ln terest more mothers ln the work they are dO1Hg Thus year the membershlp of the club was substantlally mcreased Board meetlngs are held monthly at the homes of board members The general meetlngs are held the fourth Frlday of each month at two oclock 1n the school gymnasrum One of the prlests addresses the mothers on a subject of vltal The Mothers Hold a Cooking School The Audlence Looks lnterested MOTHERS CLUB -.r 4259. ? l68l M fi -I "" -.IK YS. my N1 I-rf N1 f livtnrifd A1CLLY?lI1!', 'f.ffVY1'll , l 14 f-l'1w,l1.!rr1! fit . 1 rs, Nr N1 YS, l,m:11f 1111 .M vftfllfl N1 'IYVI NI N1 .fXmhrose- Brown, mlm I r-l'r'f'-1.I1'nI Robe-rt Bryan, wnlxrzgf .Nrfrwlrlry .-Xrthur Keegan, fist xxblllliifll -fffr1.I1f11f .Mn 71 14115 rs. hdward btout, IS. l x 'l'r1f1-fwfr' ,losr-ph Latham, f 314' I ',,l.IN1rlVi i :fo - fof. s --ag., , , , X S V if QJ sivvgfj- -4.0, -49, 4,,,-7 40, 40' O 9 ll N1 . la fn- , 1 l. l'r'r.mIf11f ,HJ 1 'IQ'-l'r'1',-1.lf'1zZ k i Nrrzwr' 1111-l'm'.-1.IM1t , Ju fl' 1'1f1'Al'H'.v1.lM1I I N 7 . j , , ., .1'r'1lIw' L in X ,1- . 1 D . . . v A f ' . . 5. ' . Ad Y 9 ' ,lv 3 importance in the education of their sons. This is followed by en- tertainment, a social hour, ancl re- freshments. To help the school in a material way the mothers sponsor various parties. Their first big undertak- ing of the year was the annual Pan- try Shower for the Carmelite Fath- ers. This party stocked the Carmel- ite pantry with a great quantity of food. New goals were reached by the Annual Fall Card Party, the Christ- mas Party, and the Dessert Bridge Party. An innovation which attained great success was the cooking school sponsored by this organiza- tion. Each Tuesday for four weeks the mothers met in the gymnasium to be instructed and entertained by displays and demonstrations of the most up-to-date findings in the cul- inary art. The highlight of the year for the club IS the Annual Spring card and bunco party held at a popular downtown hotel This year the party was held on a Saturday after noon in the Boulevard Room of the Stevens Hotel and cllmaxed all previous parties Following the Baccalaureate Mass held in St Claras church the graduating class were guests at a breakfast given by the Club at the Shoreland Hotel The year officially closed with the installation of the new officers at the Annual Spring Luncheon served at the Swedish Club others in Th P. ter B nne s m Spr ng Card Party Qomm tt nd Th lr 'Vl derator ward ng, th P iz Wo Trump Dd ou n E erything Stops for the C m ram n 6 ' I ,i vir las 0 ts Pow- for the fa c-raman i i ' z ee a ei . 0 :X ' i r e r' es Wliwo . i i Y Hear the Latest About So a d Sou V ' ' a e a T '36 it -Of for -for -402 for .4 , - :fp f- .wgi L fc- -J -401 -.4ox-7- for -40 N nf- QQ- S O n Y lrf fifzt 439' Vlrs Thoma C lan f fn 'VIYS Henfy xx ll5On FII 117 lSny ffl nj Ni is. Mrs Francxs Gray Mrs Florence McCarthy Mrs ames Poynt n Pulrlirxiy S Hal Ilorteu Urmlfr lfzp QUEE of CARMEL N ,A AUXILIARY The Queen of Carmel Auxlllary IS truly an approprxate name for an organlzatlon whlch IS composed of Mothers of Carmellte Prlests Brothers and of those studylng for the Car mellte Priesthood and whlch has as lts pr1 mary purpose to aSSlSt thelr sons splrltually hardly words whxch of progress vshlch and materlally There are would descrlbe the steps be hls who has a What success can not Mother helpmg hlm whether hls labor be splr ltual or mater1al3 The monthly AUXlll3fy meetlng IS opened by Benedlctlon of the Blessed Sacrament and a sermon ln St Cyrll Church followed by a buslness and soclal meetlng ID the school llbrary Thls years program lncluded a successful dlnner a pantry shower Anniversary Mass and breakfast and Card Party They fe BOUl"ld fOl' Nlagafa :wa I -V A . lr . nl , urp -A, 5 ' 7 fl, r A . S do E1 v e . . . 4 flu'-Pl' ,SLI I , -X Tr .f 'rr ' v ' Y 1i-- these mothers have made. Nlrs. Ear 'cler, sf, A 1 - - - 1 -' . . s ,A s A . ' Y . . ' . . . - l A 0 . ' ' fu A , I A5 MT CARMEL ST CYRIL ALUMNI ASSGCIATIQN For years Mt Carmel has had no Alumnl ASSOCIB tlon but thls IS past for under the able guldance of Father Angelus Mt Carmel has a young but well founded and growlng Alumnl Assoclatlon The assocla tlon was founded to contlnue the frlendshlps made here at Carmel durlng the students four year term The assoclatlon has made graduatlon nlght somethlng more than a mere glorlfied good bye The Assoclatlon renews the frlendshlp of former teachers and former students who probably have not seen Carmel slnce Uraduatlon The assoclatlon also affords one nlght a week to the Alumnl to use the faCllltlCS here at Carmel Wlth the comlng graduatlon of the class of l939 the Alumnl Assoclatlon Wlll lncrease ln membershlp for the graduatxng class reallzes that thls organlzatlon IS thelr only connectlon wxth Carmel after graduatlon They reallze also that the organlzatlon of Alumm IS the only llnk between them and the frlends made here at Carmel Alumm Qfflcers H y Q l I1 m 1t1m V y xx ll C thy l o ' 0 - ' T' , V . . . - I 3 . . , . 1 , . T . - . . Y I . 9 - 3 T n N , I , , Y T Q ' A - arr M. O'Rourlfce, '24, Eu ene Sugrue, '28 ' ' ' ' ' Preslde t Secretary . . Melvin Brosseau, '28, 'i iam Mc ar Vice-President Treasurer Alu ni Gather for Furs TA e at the ictor Dance Qrifiamme Staff FRANK SE.-XRFOSS Z I1.lzlffr-E21-Iflfirf Ur'irl11n11r1,',' ' ilffrjifgi .XMLJ Ixrlllur, fillVIl1t'f'I.I1l' -af FRANK o'H,xRt1 A .N writ lzifzlur, flr1'llf1rr1rm ,' f I C . f I .Npurlf l:Jllf1r', l.ur'n1ff-I.1tr - jog vox ALB.-xDE ' U lin,-ir1f.f,1 jlumryfrr, Uri!i11mrnf',' lflffizlfiff ,l11HIllfl1'V. ffurrrzrl-l.1Ir QWQ. JACK RLJEHLE i .Watt l'flfflwg1r'uf1ln'r, fl7'lflll7l177lt',' Ffuizzrr Ififilor, l.'m'1nfl-l.iIf P BLICATICDNS ORIFLAMME Because we, the Staff of the l939 Qriflamme, feel that this book is more than just a review of four years of life at Carmel, we have tried to do more than merely present a chronological mass of data and statistics. We have endeav- ored to capture within these covers exactly what Carmel, its priests, its teaching, and its devotion to Mary, has meant to us. This book, we hope, will be more than but a reminder of pleasant days and old friendships which we enjoyed at Carmel We wish It to be the llvlng breathing spirit of Carmel itself We trust that we have accomplished our purpose gl? Among the traditions of Carmel has been one that the Oriflamme always is the champion of its field. ln this year of the golden harvest of Carmel championships we fervently pray that this Oriflamme of Champions will con- tinue to uphold that tradition. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link" is an axiom known to all, A true Catholic education may be compared to a chain embracing Grammar school, High school and College. The first link of this chain of salvation is forged by the many orders of nuns at Whose hands we first learned the ABCs who conducted us through the mysteries of arithmetic and patiently guided PUBLICATICN STAFF IN CONFERENCE F OHBI' Fath I' MHUTIC R Fl' Urld F Searfoss H Mal'lOW ,..z4 AIA:- i I Sv ' l a v ' , a l Y . e, e e, . e , . , . i ff' -1+-' ,f"f..,,A- . ff'-..3..--Q . ,773 4, ,Z I W rg an-, 7 FAU., -4a -4 ..,.,4-'e fe' ..,-A-1, X'-44,4-1 - M - -L, ,-L-,' -g- vxrxkxhi f' -xi l YV V .r Q'-v ' iwf A ' -v-v -v- .. rv r- H v- Carmel-Lite Staff our hands whlle we attempted to scrawl our names and who first unfolded for us the phllosophy of life I was born to know God, to love Hrm and to serve Hlm IH thls world that I mlght be happy wlth Hlm forever rn the next To these good gentle servants of God we humbly dedlcate thls Orlflamme Class of 39 May God Bless You You have wrltten a glorious chapter ln the annals of Carmels hlstory Your story has been one of herolc perseverence of grrm de termlnatron untll you rose from defeat to be come champrons ln the four years you have spent at Carmel you have seen your school fight Jill'- HOWARD MARLOW Editor-in-Chief. Carmrl-Lite,' lsnxfant Editfr Unfiamme THOMAS BARRY -Iss Hare Edzt r CarmvlL1tf Unflamme ROBERT KING Ixnrxafr Edzt r farmfl Lztf Urrrlammf FRANK MULLEN l'x lmnaf I' fl! r furmrl I If Urxllnmmf lts way from the foot of the Catholxc league to the champlonshlp ln both football and basket ball You have learned that only through con stant endeavor through the heartbreak of blt ter defeats can victory at last be attained B cause you have learned thls prlme lesson you wlll also be champlons ln the vxtal battle of llfe On behalf of a deeply grateful Carmel thls Orlflamme blds you farewell Because, as wlth all true champlons you have endeared yourself to those whom you represented It IS with a lump 1n thelr throats and sorrow ln thelr hearts that the prlests the professors and your fel low students bld you goodby and Godspeed JUNIOR CARMEL LITE STAFF Kummerer Taaffe ORourke P Huguelet K Farrell R Freund BA-W 'T1 i 1 OP- 40 3- 40 -40 -fo fo for xor- -40 105 40-P O ww 407- wi fob- oy I73 'T , ' , ' - 1 . . 0 D - 0 , - f ,' . .I I - .0 , 4. - . I if g grv.,.' -,Q ,- Q .- . . u 9 ' - 1 7 - L , . C' 19 ' ' . - y 1 1 , . s ' ' Q . - - 1 v ' 1 , - . 1 v ' j. . j. , j. ' . . , . , . 1 A 2 it 1 ' . L .Tr 1 N W '2 J . z., ' 1- W' - .ai " it V: , ......i f. -1..- aff .gg ' f r- . 'K , g, .. sf e -K 1 -' T 3- ' .2 5 07- - or- 40k 405 -40? -40rd 402 A405 407i Y ,- ,T , F E CARMEL LITE If anyone should ever attempt to find a phrase sultable for the Splflt of IVIt Car mel he mlght well use the motto of Chlcago I Wlll Especlally IS this true of the lVIt Carmel student newspaper the Carmel Llte Behind the publxcatlon of thls paper IS a story of typlcal Carmel de termlnatlon the determlnatlon not only by each staff that lt shall surpass the efforts of lts predecessor but also that each edltlon shall be better than the last Wlth such a splrlt prevalllng lt IS not dlfhcult to reason why the Carmel Llte has grown so phenomenally In nts three short years of existence From a dream ln the mlnds of some far sighted priests and ambltlous students who couldnt see why Carmel should be wlthout a student news paper while smaller schools publlshed one lt blossomed mto reallty IH I936 as a four column four page publrcatlon But the I W1II Splflt of Carmel would not allow the paper to stop there The very next year the paper was enlarged both ln wldth and length and made the sxze lt now IS Agaln under 1ts third new staff the Carmel Lite was lmproved by the use of more and more plctures by closer attentlon to the correctlon of grammatlcal typographical, and other mlstakes which so frequently occur and by a more varled and Ilvelxer make up each edltlon And now once agaln a new staff has taken over the pub Ilcatlon brlnglng wlth them new ldeas and a fresh lnjectlon of the I Will splrlt Under efhclent business managers the paper s clrculatlon has trebled 1ts Oflglnal demand Readers have wrxtten requestlng coples from far off I-Iawan from Rome 'ilia- 5 fffxf 3' CQ?- 74 Robert Amstutz Or: amme Herbert Brown Orr ammf 1 armfl I IF Charles Butle On ammr oseph Condon Or: ammr Carmrl lite ohn Connxff Orr nmme oseph Concoran Or: ammf Carmrl I :lr Robert Coffey larmrl lm' ohn Donoghue 011 nmmr Lawrence Fasano On ammf' l armfl Ll!! ames Fleming Ur: amme oseph Fitzpatrick Ur: amme Bern Grefenkamp Url amme Gerald Gfahaln Or: nmmf Tlm Harrington Or: amme Arthur Hell Uri amme Donald Hurley Url amme I armfl Lrte Dave Keleher UH ammr larmel lite ohn Kalmes Ur: amme Kenneth Kempf U11 nmmr William Kenzle U11 :mmf furmrl I I ohn Klely U11 :mmf Rnchard Kll y 01111 :mmf I Irmfl lllf ames Kirby U11 :mmf Charles La Motte Urlffamme AA ,pr ohn Lewis Or: amme Carmel Lite Wllllam Lyke rx amme Edward Messner Or: amme ames Mlchuda Orr amme Wes Mlller Orr amme Carmel Lzte Robert Monaghan Orr amme Carmel Lzte Frank Murphy Orr amme I armel Lzle Thomas McArdle Un amme ames McE.lllgott Ur: amme Robert Mccreevy Or: amme Larmel Lzte ames McGuire Or: amme Thomas McMahon Or: amme Carmel Lite Robert Nix Or: amme Bert Nothelsen On amme oseph Orlm Or: amme Robert Patchen Ur: amme Bruno Rusclo Or: amme LeRoy Susalla Or: amme Cal Sheehy Or: nmme I armel Lite Wxlllam Shine Url amme Elliott Sullivan Or: amme Wllllam Webber Orz amme Carmel Lite from South Amenca Canada, and all sec tlons of the Unlted States Although the paper IS published only bl weekly the front page IS mvarxably filled with last mlnute news Concrete facts and statements proven by exhaustlve checks and re checks give each story a rmg of authorlty Sparklmg reviews of Carmels cham plonshlp treks both on the grldlron and the basketball court were to be found on the sports page Scmtlllatmg blographles of Carmels stellar athletes a featured column and accounts of boxmg bouts wrestlmg matches and track events made the page a blg league sporting revlew On the feature page hard hlttlng ecll torlals hllarlous feature articles humorous gosslp columns, Jokes and Carmel Lite short storles rounded out the complete paper The most lmportant asset to the growth of the Carmel Llte was liberal censorship the keen crltlclsm and the tlmely advice of the Faculty Moderator Durmg the school year of l 939 and I940 the Carmel Llte will be edlted by a staff composed of members of the Class of 40 Eclltor ln chief ohn O Rourke has on hls staff Phrl Huguelet as News Edltor Kev Farrell as Sports Edltor Bob Freund as Feature Edltor oe Taaffe as Assistant Sports Editor lm Kummerer as Buslness Manager and Phll Laven as Exchange Edltor We look to these men for the contlnued lmprovement of the Carmel Llte and for a contmuatlon of the l Wlll Splflt the spmt whlch has made the Carmel Llte the outstanding publlcatlon of nts kmcl ln the country Good luck George Webster 'X-X' Or: amme Carmel Llte Orr nmme E Robert Zambon Q Carmel Lzte 75 00 00 it Y Y 0 E G UP Q C +-1 U1 F f-1 C U ITT he zvgzoso 1 . Kung . Amstutz Keeley . Freund . lvlarlow II . BYOVVD Unlted ln the omnlpresent lVlyst1cal Body of Chrlst some twenty five hundred students from Cathollc h1gh schools and colleges throughout the Chlcago area convene weekly to dlscuss and 1n a measure solve and remedy soclal problems of today Among thls repre sentatlve group of Cathollc youth are to be found llvlng portrayals of ldeal young men and women come together for one thmg the glorl flcatlon of Chrlst through everyday occur rences lndeed Chlcago lnter Student Cathollc Acton Clsca has perhaps through ltS multl numbered ramlhcatlons more tangent possl b1l1t1es than any other organlzatlon ln the Arch dlocese of Chlcago The outcome of thrs brotherhood of loxe for Chrlst IS proxlng a mlghty champlon for the Church ln lts combat wlth the profllgate world of today Through ltS vsldespread mterest and ,nt Mulloy D. Keleher F. Nlullen Fr. Aquinas D, Hurley J. Fleming Wh Spitz: L. Pausbaclc lVl. Feehan Bryan Castrllo Olxver McCann Stout Colgan mfluence thlS Cathollc power transmltter of falth and reason IS not only adequately coun teractlng the mfluences of radrcal lsm organ lzatlons so detrlmental and polsonous to young mnds but IS also through 1tS open practlce and adherence to true Cathollc ldeals restorlng falth to a dlsheveled generatlon threatening revolt The lncentlve for these gal lant and noble actlons IS not only the lnveter ate Cathollclsm concelved lnwardly but also the real love of Chrls ta dnhte expresslon for thls love Aldmg most ardently and wlth a fervent re alnzatron of 1ts lmportance some four hundred and Hfty students at lVlt Carmel are genulnely devoted to the xltal work of CISCB Each one IS a member ofthe Knights of the Blessed Sac rament and lnxng up to 1tS ldeals weekly re ceves Communon contlnually wears the Scap hw rl r l l fp l 5 ,ji . - to to o, Xl! . os ip E1 . . , ' , . puny I I . ' - , . ' ' ' ll, , . e Q E . it lg . . W ' ' ' . ' ,flllty - ' l ' bl I ll rll A I . 'V q' , lg, . v l I I' I' ll ll I -Q rf ull I ' , 3 Q . 4 b . . iz ' - ' ' - ll . - ' PFPO F170 il, Q H - ' . Ll, . V u ' , . . u it - ' . tl 1 l - fl 'L ' - - E 'tllf' f ' . . . CATHOLIC ACTICN ular, and pledges purity under the guidance of the Blessed Virgin with a special devotion to her. The utmost effort is made to foster and promote greater spiritual development among the entire student body. An event looked for- ward to with great anticipation is the monthly first Friday Communon when the Blessed Sacrament is received by the students in a body. To facilitate this Confessions are heard each period and after school on the preceding ay. Another very important and potent factor in the spiritual growth and awakening of young minds to the underlying events of the world today was the Catholic Literature Drive con- ducted at Mt. Carmel under the supervison of Br. Stanislaus wherein a countless number of pamphlets, magazines, and other periodicals, especially suited in the current drive against communism, was introduced to the students The Mt. Carmel Cisca Unit besides con- stantly supportlng the Bishop in his attempt to spread Christian ideals into every branch of life takes upon itself additional activities that are all important During the week preceding Christmas last it sponsored a drive for food stuffs and clothing to be used in making up baskets for the needy. As a result, enough canned goods and other necessites were sup- plied to furnish some fifty families with a large basket containing food and clothing which changed what might otherwise have been gloom and despair into a bit of cheer Also on its extra-curricular ' list are the weekly so- cials held on Friday afternoons, to which are invited varous other Catholic high schools. These are sponsored to present an opportunity for social development, in the proper environ- ment, which is essential for a well-rounded pro- gram of Catholic Action. Fr Aquinas Colgan, Moderator of Carmel s Sodallty, has established a Cisca unit for Cath- olic students in a public high school Very suc- cessful is his group of Catholic students from Hyde Park who have been so organized. Looking back on its own record crowd which attended a general meeting at Carmel in May of 1935 Mt. Carmel was again host to a large general meeting of Cisca on May 30 I939 Thus it may be seen that the greatest organ! zation in Chicago has a very active group capable ln achieving results in the guise of the Mt Carmel Unit of Cisca hl btf CthlcPr Month 405- -40?-' -40 405- 405- -40 177 . l , , . f Y . . d I 1 . I , , . - I , , ' . . Cat o ic Press Exhi i or a o i ess l 5 IQQEW as ?'EfG' af imc?-' 4... '91E"'E5..,.33"E5Zf3"5.,l3:roEiZ3g"g: .J 4 l 40k -for -4or -4 Q- 4Q -QBQEQ is Aw- -4of- f for The MIKADO After fifteen years of successful dramatic productions Carmel ventured into a new field. This year the Carmel Glee Club joined the Mercy High School Culee Club to produce the Mikado. lntense practice for three months enabled the cast to produce this operetta at Mercy Audi- torium on the evenings of May 4th, Sth, 6th and 7th, The "first nightersn received the Mikado so enthusiastically that two hundred people were unable to secure admittance for the second per- formance. This tremendous success was, in itself, sufficient payment for those responsible for the production, and the players themselves were reluctant indeed to "call it quits" on the last night. The splendid cooperation of the two schools in producing this operetta offered a valuable opportunity for young Catholic boys and girls to meet and thus aided in the furtherance of Catholic ideals. Directors Dramatic Director of Girls. .Miss Mary Synon Dramatic Director of Boys Rev. Theodore Hatton, O. Carm. Music Director of Girls. . .Sister Mary Norinne Orchestra Director ....... Sister Mary Eugene Music Director for Boys Brother Jude E. Linneman, O. Ca THE ENTIRE CAST -4 Mio? io M., 1 - -v, , ' K L oh , 34- g'A'f" 3' i 1, h, ,, X -, W ' 'ff ' W Wu ,n,f'? - 14 25 , ' . ' , ' A in gig, Qjgf3L:fifg5Q 4 f-, A- Y l X -'K Q w ' G Ui ' x x . ' N ' x l- . A ,wg V A,-,!2Q',N A.: - T 1-"' Av!- A ' -34 ia QU.. xj W5 3, , , 2 , , Q 4?-5 4 f Q' if if ,Q Q 5 J.. 419' Q fi ' . QTY? 'rf 491.-1 Q , f, Q 2 M ' ' J MU ,W 'M ypg ' ' LW, . fi: ,J 9,94 - z , 4,0 . D hy. A T , s 'fm 54 '25-Q - f , 13, Q - . - . In , 1. Jw, nv if Q ' v , 5-iw . Qty '. 1 fx.. u 5 X 1. 31 5 .af I ,i A 4 . r ', '- ' ,, .'-' 3' 152 W , , 4' - ' 5 ' I , -I A A 'Ek 1 J Q2 I., fm 'fra I' ,U fu.: fr'-". -SE' M 1 X W ,f " ,iff ., . . , Q . fi 5 x',f.Qfg, . t af' y A 332552 4 A, gi A A ww ,, zflgl w:g,,.A, :' gkx fl Qjggg ' I 'H l , f if . . , 2-x V 'Tai' I ' , I- -43 'u X . -jk 'K Knf: QL Y . I W r 113, I x . M X Q M ' - 5A..4g ..kNu H , 1 'lif is , '?, ff 1 g B' 1' V ' ff: if A in , L M . , :wi Nik? .1 ' yvpkrig, o 1" 0 ,fff V A ' '-A15 .- Q . N: ' I -' '.ff","r'1 It S ' 7521311 .J I , 'n 9 -n " - we 1 . f - 'gg 'K Qf W -VJ 4 K 'X QL. 1? ' K 'A 5 A . . D U... , , ,Q iy All 'Y I 'i Lg V' 4 lffx 1 V ' .fh 5 A' gfiqin, .PN , -A ' O" :YW !. Y 3 if fa Is w"2.Z?' .Atal gm , 41 ' ww- v-W MOU T CARMEL Il. Keegan XY. Barnett Xi.. Feehan :X Alger R. Berger F. O'Keefe P. Varga l-. Bieclermann P. Q'Flal'1erty L. Novak l. Viihite VU. Keel:-y F.F0rn0wsk1 W. Graf J. Gueren ll. Laude XV. Gutelcanst R. Holzer C. Quinlan A. De Benedetti P. Carey R. Cormier B. Notlieisen K. Kempf R. Nlarolewslci R. freswell il. Horgan XV. Byrne D.Cl1-mens D. l..Oudf'rmlin W: Koelle Schrom . Bryan I. Kuenster B. O'Brien j. P R. .-Xmstutz lf.. Lang XXV. Graham XY. Spitzig R. Sullivan J. Parker l1.lVlesner E. Bryczek T. Phillips j. Rieman R. Lorcl li. Kottmeyer C.lVlenegl'1etti F. Rogers G, Powers T. Wiarapius J. Schwab ia. Murphy XXV. XVEIIICC P. Off T. CJ.ROUI'kP Keegan VU. Howe T. Gleeson J. Dietriclc B. Cray l. lVlcGratl'i Nl. Fe-elian l-. llannapel 1. Yralolyalc Yl,i1l!lSl"l Q. VH:-lner -X. bww-t K.. .L ...' Lew 1 1-AL. ..,-,.. " ' 7 v-Q rv v- "' ee We This year marked the beginning of a new era of Band history at Mount Carmel. It included many changes and advancements, the first being the appointment of Mr Thomas Fabish as Band Director. Mr. Fabish in turn chose as his assistants Mr. Al Sweet and Mr. George Weber. Mr. Sweet is in charge of the brass section while Mr. Weber's department is the clarinet section Father Roderick was named band moderator, and gave freely of his time and energy. When Mr. Fabish assumed charge at the beginning of the year, he issued a call for new members. The response with which this call for new members was met showed true Carmel spirit as many new boys joined the ranks New fire and spirit was instilled into the band when its members were supplied with new uniforms. It was through the combined efforts of Mr. Fabish and Fathers Roderick and Frederic that the band ob tained its knowledge for the marching precision for which it is known. The improvements of the past year have been truly amazing and have been obtained only through the loy alty and perseverence of the directors, the moderator and the members. Carmel indeed has a band of which it can be justly proud. LEO HENNING 8 .QS fl J. -L 'K CRUSADERS of ST THERESE THE CHOIR One of the more recent slgns of the sp1r1t of co operatlon exlstant between the Hlgh School and the Grammar School lS the cholr of St Clara s Church the Leglon of St Therese The Clrammar School contrxbutes the smgers s1xty five boys, between the ages of SIX and twelve whose volces are as yet unchanged the l-hgh School provldes the leaders and teachers Father Theodore Hatton 0 Carm and Brother ude Lmneman O Carm The cholr was begun ln the fall of 1938 the tests of the voices of the appllcants belng held September I6 and the first public appear ance was at the closlng of the Forty Hours service at St Marys Carmellte Church ID ollet lllmols on November lst The boys travelled to jollet by bus and had a great success wlth the parlshloners Smce the foundatlon of the group It has sung at many serv lces partlcularly at St Clara s Church where lt sings for the no vena services every Tuesday even mg The boys also sang for the an nual novena ln preparation for The group ltself the OHTCl8l tested cholr of the Natlonal Shrine of the Llttle Flower IS modelled +A 7 after the cholr of the BaSlllCa of St Therese at Llsleux France where the Salnt dled The dress of the cholr IS a d1st1nct1ve snow whlte robe remmlscent of the garb of the medleval crusader bound at the walst wlth a brown cord A CTUCIHX suspended from about the neck completes the costume The cholr slngs ln both English and Latin presentlng songs arranged for two part smg mg The repertolre lncludes several hymns ln honor of Salnt Therese PHDIS Angellcus by Cesar Franck Pralse Ye the Father and a Sanctus and Benedlctus by C-ounod Ave Marla and Ave MBTIS Stella by ROSCWlg O Salutarls by Sllva, and a hymn entltled Flower of Carmel by Father Theodore .LE rl?-LQ I O . . . , , ' . . y , - y , . . , 1 ' . l . , i l 9 I 1 9 -f 1 j. , . ., ' ,I ' - .. . . n , . . 9 9 ' ' Ol n YY r v . . . , ,, 9 - . H -. . H . v ' , ' ll n II 1 a ' ' ' - na sv . , , ,I 9 1 - 9 , ' x . . . ' . . ' 1 ' . - . - T -" y. A l N, ' I , TT -' ' ' 1 . i - .- ' , A - - , . . ' ' L. ,. - .- it . 4 Q r1s mas. ,E 2 g 1 Ch ' t 3 A fl 3 . . 4 - I , , V . . . Q 4 Q 1. - - 5.0, A A LL V ggiuprg- 'iwrx fvlfo-IX V A .L 4, 44- z :A '7 L4 1.4, , 9"'..,v46 NE ..,. icy ,og 1 YT ,ff t' 1 f' " 1, , " V " K7 Y'3Y..,, f' "'+. fr' fTfW.C,.Y-V71 - Y3f.,,-I -COP' 407 LA ?9 hh hat C ORCHESTRA The Caravan orchestra-one of the most pI'OI'1'llSlHg organlzatlons ln Carmel was or gamzed four years ago but dld not show much progress untll last year when Vlc Barblerl of the Class of 38 molded lt under h1s able leader shlp lnto the finest dance band ln the hlgh schools of Chlcago When VIC graduated, his work was carrled on last year by Leo Henrnng who kept the orchestra at lts best by hls hard work and earnest efforts Thls year the moderator Father ROdCflCk has secured for them monogrammed stands and an adequate hbrary of the most popular FrstRw H n g ryc lc song hlts The orchestra lS permltted to use thls equrpment for whatever outslde engagements lt may obtam The brass sectlon IS fortunate ln havlng not one but two LOUIS Armstrongs George umlan and Wally Koelle Wxth Leo Hennmg on first alto saxophone Ed Bryczek on second tenor and Bnll Howe thlrd alto thls sectlon cannot be surpassed The heart of the band the rhythm sectlon lS filled by Joe Burkhardt at the piano ack Keegan on the drums and Bob Amstutz on the tuba and the bass vlolln O 0 8 X A 6? 9 A 9 Q. Q ' J f iq A A - '- sf -W I ff , l y ' 5 y 9 Q X J , ' ,f A x X I 1 8 ,rt -f 'AAh- - ," C n a the Boys' hoir - T I A i O 0 , 1 Y v l. , , X T T 'U A A 1 Cf? " 1 u A A O 0 Y Y X L6 YI 0 I A a I 0 . . . . . Y - - . . A X n n a n I ' . ' . 9 3 , . . - . , 5 . U . . Q . Y . - - 1 A X 3 9 i - . . . 5 . V . . U Y i o : owe, He nin , B ze . Second R w: K elle, Quinlan, Keegan, Burkhart A A ? 3 A 3 i S A 0 Y A X 9 ? S Y . X 1 0 Y ? X 9 Y l 31 .I Gray E Keal L Pausback R MCC-orrm Condon I Smolen McCarthy McNulty Kung Kolanczyk Von Albade Castillo Cu run C Sheehy Br Stanislaus D Kiley H rnon CA MEL 84 auqxn The Art Club IS an organlzatlon composed excluslvely of those stu dents who have shown art1st1c tal en Posters are made and dlstrlbuted for all Mt Carmel affalrs such as dances football and basketball games and of rellgxous subjects Some outstanding examples of the Club s work are shown on thls page They were selected at ran dom from the many good works whlch appeared through the year on the walls IH the corrldors Thls year the school awarded an art medal presented on graduatlon nlght to the boy whose work has been judged worthlest by an out slde expert The medal was awarded to Edward Keal whlle oseph Condon recelved honorable mentxon The officers of the club are Rlchard Klley presldent oseph Condon vlce presldent and Brother Stamslaus IS the club moderator Sampl f th Art Club s W rlc At the close of lts second year at lVlt Carmel the Camera Club has proven rtself to be an 1n tegral part of the school program whether lt be from a standpolnt of pleasure or 1ts duty of recordlng the 1nst1tut1on s events through out the year The members of the club are those Jumors and senlors who are wllllng to devote thelr tlme and equlpment to the purpose of learnmg the pl'l1'1ClplCS of photography and the oppor tunlty of applylng them under the supervlslon of Fr Conrad They have at thelr dlsposal a clark room and the supplles necessary for the developlng and finlshmg of thelr photographs CAMERA CLUB G Webster H Laude H Marlow R Kung I Xon 3.lbade H aly K lly The student body IS famlllar w1th thelr plc torlal records of such events as the basketball and football games the dances and candld plctures of the students and thelr 8CtlVltlCS about the school Many of these photographs have appeared 1n the Orlflamme and the Carmel Llte and add much mterest to the pub llcatlons Fr Conrad IS largely responslble for the organlzatlon s success Through hls patlence and efforts the club has developed many good photographers It has yet to reach rts greatest attalnment but IH tlme to come lt shall easlly achleve and mamtam the hlgh standards set thrs year ii 0nn.A T f"' ,Q l85 R. e j,Ruehle Fr. Conrad F. F. Bgnkman D - W ' C r H4 A . tl ' ' ' -i 7 A rf ' ' 'P ' rg ', Lf 1 , 2 I A ts- Q 55.4, ,,,, , I 1 1 it :ICI , I , P, l -- me It l , ' f i ' ' if ' A .4 .0-'Q ' - ,ce , 8 . . tn? of -' -.. +1 A . - ' - ' -Had A v ' ' C V- A X g . A i ' ' P. li X f V L' do C C W5 O 11135KQfiiiifgblfeilZf?O5ff3fQi4Z?OiZ3eii".3-sfo' THEATRE Faculty Committee Patron Committee Program Committee Ticket Committee Flower Girls .-Xclve-rtising Committee A A O O W le Lil A 0 lv H' A 0 v 40? ,1 -XOP: -40? YQ- E 40? 3 A A O 0 Y Y A 0 v A A 9? A 0 Y ei YY A 0 Y XA H A 9 L A O O v A 0 IMI if A 0 fl The third annual Theatre Party, another Carmel "first", was again held at the beautiful Avalon theatre. A capacity crowd turned out despite a blustery night to pay tribute to the Mt. Carmel Football team, champions of the Chicago Catholic League. The date was No- vember 26g the time, midnight. The Caravan had that afternoon bowed to a powerful Fen- ger team I3 to 0 in the annual Mayor Kelly charity city football championship game. The defeat failed to crush the spirit of the merry throng, however, as they knew they were hon- oring one of the best teams if not the best team, that ever represented the Brown and White. The lobby was jammed an hour before the show began. Merriment reigned in the hearts of all. Cayety was the keynote as pretty girls in formal attire mingled with the people, dis- tributing programs and selling flowers. Father Frederic, assuming the ofhces of stage man- ager, usher, prompter, and honorary Master of Ceremonies, as well as chairman, was seen rushing to and fro, accompanied by his loyal committee, making last minute arrangements. The entertainment began with a first run motion picture, "Speed to Burn," a story of the turf and the bangtails. Michael Whalen and Lynn Bari played the leads in a very en- joyable picture. A cartoon immediately follow- ing the main picture completed the screen program. Jack Russell and his orchestra headed the stage show, aided by the better vaudeville and night club entertainers of Chicago. Acclaimed as the highlight o fthe evening was the medley of college songs, concluding with the Carmel victory march, swung in an inimitable college style. A fitting climax to a great evening was the appearance of the football team in full uni- form on the stage. They formed a tableau on the stage and received a tremendous ovation from the audience. Much credit is due Father Frederic and his energetic committee. They worked long and hard to make the third annual theatre party a success. They worked gladly, for they knew every ticket sold would help educate a Carmel boy incapable of meeting his financial obliga- tions to his school. The theatre party is firmly established as one of Carmel's big annual events and its contin- ued success is assured by its worthy purpose. Sister Theresa Marie and George- Cassidy f2nd place win- nerl Our Lady of Peace, Sister Mary Louis and james Reidy fist place winner, St. Catherine of Siena. Father Theodore, Sister Mary Catherine and Eugene Sweeney f3rd place win- ner, St. Thomas Aquinas "Mn Chairman May l Have the Floor? A fast growing feature of Carmel's extra- curricular activities is the Annual Oratorical Contest open to eighth grade students from the Chicago Parochial Grammar Schools. The con- test was Hrst held a year ago and achieved such great success that it has become a regular item in the school's program. The contestants may speak on any subject they wish, and are judged on the contents of their speech as well as their poise, delivery, pro- nunciation, and grammar. The three highest ranking orators receive trophies donated by Notre Dame, De Paul, and Mt. Carmel, By sponsoring this contest, Carmel again shows its willingness to bind ever tighter the links which bind Mt. Carmel to the Grammar Schools. Proud Father of Second Place Winner Congratulates His Son Mr. George Cassidy and Son Ceorgf ANCES F. Searfoss J. Weber J. Corcoran B. Ruscio SENIOR PROM ln a lavish setting, the beautiful and elaborate Olympia Fields Coun- try Club, the Class of '39 bade fare- well to the cherished walls of Carmel. The Prom was a fitting climax to a great social season. Soft lights, flowers and enchanting fountains gave an elegant air to the surroundings. Once again, due to the popular clamor, Cay Claridge's band, one of Chicago's smoothest musical organizations, set the fashion of rhythm with its de- lightful Hal Kemp style. Thus was written the last chapter of Carmel's outstanding events of the academic year. Dancers Celebrate Basketball Championship at the "Headline Hop" Miss R. Keevers Miss B. Carlson Miss A. Dodson Miss B. Bodeclcer Rev. Angelus Oborne U. Ifzirm. .lI0zf!'l'!lf0l' J. Michuda, R. Creevy, C. Butler, W. Miller Misses M. Cavanaugh, Flanagan, M. Davidson. Haggerty HOMECOMING DANCE. On October 31 , under the guidance of Father Angelus, the "Carmel Caravan Room" was transformed into a weird paradise, furnishing the atmosphere for the Halloween Homecoming Dance. Chairman Dick Creevy with a com- mittee made up of football players selected Johnny Mullaney "King of College Proms", and his orchestra to swing out over the affair. The alumni showed splendid support, making this dance no exception to the unblemished record of Carmel's successful Homecoming Dances. F. O'Hare, Von Albade, R. King, H. Marlow, T. Barry Misses K. McCuan, D. McNamee, R. O'Donnell, M. Goehler, H. Byrnes o ,f" ' of f Fl '1'fovYR or ' cr ' fiifo -15 -4 o 4 o r"'C-1 4 0 rl x 2 - oi 3,4 c- ,E , F54 7 is U yi fb r-XA-4 -19:5 0 ..x H0 1 '.ov- 54140:-., QE' 'fo f' l- c-.-4, ' f X.T.4 fig- Lscvlf C- O l Holiday Dancers Stop to Pose for a Picture K ODonnell Mulloy F Searfoss W Miller D Keleher Father Angelus C Butler l Buddeke Ru hl Dillon Nl s es Nl Sherlock V Cr ble P Hayes Hagerty L Killacky Nl Davison Nl Howell M Barn s S Vonderschmltt PRESS DANCE With loud shrleks and shouts of merrlment the students and many alumnl accompanied by their dreamy delights entered into the p1r1t of Carmel s championship basketball v1c tory of an hour prior and floated happily over the smoothly waxed floors of the Michael Murphy Room The occasion was the Press Dance held in the Crym March I6 l939 Delightful strains were provided by the or chestra of Tommy Fltzglbbons who addition to his own croomng featured a girl pass as well as the handsomely white clad table added zest to a gay evening A special feature of the victorious evemng was the low ermg of a huge white banner on which was inscribed a tribute to the basketball team an the score of the champlonshlp garne This was the second annual dance undertaken by e members of the Carmel Lite staff and lt prove a worthy success Efofi,-?f53il3:5OD HOLIDAY DANCE The scene of thls snow time frolic was the beautiful Crystal Ballroom of the world famed Edgewater Beach Hote Hank Senne and l his Makes Ya Wanna Dance music kept the dancers 1n a giddy whirl as he played one smash medley after another Red hot swing and soft lllting sweet music were each played to perfectlon by this popular maes tro thus pleasing both the ptterbugs and the waltzers Tuxes and flowing formals were the order of the day as the Carmel Romeos and their ullets went high wide and hand some ln a winter wonderland of galety The versatlle orchestra besides presenting the orlg mal Senne arrangements of songs both old and new contributed much to the evenlng s en1oy ment by staging an hilarious show of thelr own production l85l . . . - . J. e e. J. i s . , . 0 , . , . . A , . A , . , . e , . A 1 . . .. y i 3 I i ' i 0 i - . an H . H . . . . H , H H . , , I . , . . . ' ' , , in . .... H 1 u a I u Y 5 , on vs . vocalist. The novel bid, disguised as a press ' , - . l i - . . I I Q I l 1 A! l th 4 . . . .- 'Ot Jof- 'lwf' f 1 r for 4OY?X wofi for fog 40, y- 4 , 740, 40, , 40k fof-Y -40? .siov vvn- 40,7 4o,,- A4 , L, Henning, R. Amstutz, B. Notheisen, C. Powers Misses R. Flanigan, l. Byrne, M. Martin, F. Zimmerman n y 'l tt S I1 ART CLUB AND BAND DANCE Each year as Valentine's Day rolls around, the Carmel students look forward to the Art Club and Band Dance This dance has become one of the classics of the school's social season On February IS, it was held in the "Cupid" room of Mt Carmel with Mickey Prindl and his Sweet Swing orchestra in the lime light on the band stand The students and their belles swept malestically through waltzes and fox trots as the Jitterbugs and rugcutters were forced to take a hack seat for a day JUNIOR PROM The night of April Z8 saw the ancient Car mel tradition of a successful unlor Prom being graciously upheld The beautiful Louis XVI Room of the Shoreland Hotel the scene of the affair provided a gorgeous setting for the ever popular rhythms of Stan Norris and his mellow melodies The thrilling atmosphere of the surroundings and the genial SOClablllty of the maestro were well lauded by the Prom s loyal supporters both students and alumni ln the limelight were the unior Class Officers Kev Farrell Ciordy Lomasney ohnny Andre tich and im Dunn, who were launching the class on its first venture into Carmel s social activities Their work was rewarded as the Prom was acclaimed by the dancers as a stand out of the social season Highlights of the evening were a special jltterbug dance by two amateurs and a novel quartettes four Carmel athletes rendition of a popular song 1 h't. P Huguelet, Mi s C. Vlember, R. Freu d, ,N 4 M ss M. Towle ' Miss B. DeSwarte, Wh D llon, Miss M. Pointow- 3 ' 5 ki, G. Quinlan ' J Du n. lVliss A. jones, Q , J Andrelich. Miss P. r . A uir ,I 'Vl ss K. Wli l. C. Tomas- '. N iss L, Ericson, K. F rr:-ll I , HP Swinging at the il V Tx T junior Prom Ki I 90 I 2 'S X, fl XX hats the answer to the first one5 They re all Notre D xme men W ere they surprlse-cl., Smallest chef ln the world preslcles at the cooking school Lunch tlme Father Theodore leaxes for 'Niagara Dexoteee of Our Lady of 'Wt Carmel The bancl parades at boldlers Field el ... f- I Q' 1 ' X -. I . VA Q' 1 '. 1 'V K . .. 5 'Iii' ""' I 4 x 1 'T if b I S , lqmm folfuuxl A P' sl Q 25 Q il x K A I v. .... ' I .. ' A" 7 .4.- ' - Y i' . . , ...- l 1,61 I' I Q wa " ir ? Q v .4 r. JG A 1? he- 25 if Exif f 2 liv- .X- x 0 1-5-E In 0 Q ' ! fl' f 'f I P Q ',4 , ff I' , b 9 ' . 1 f Q , X 4 Q' f' as 9 x Q Q-K '-'. ,lr-' ,Q . V3-3 "' ' , 1 5 Q 1 3 3 L.. 3 H .1 5.1 V..-uma, lt's a Pass! Captain Dick Creevy The past year was a glorious one for the Mt. Carmel Caravan. Once again, as of old, they dom- inated the South Section and won the Catholic League Championship by downing the powerful Fenwick team in Sol- diers' Field. Outstanding among the cham- pions who played on Carmel's championship eleven were Cap- tain Dick Creevy, a great leader and a hard plunging fullbackg Jack McCallum, All-Catholic triple threat halfbackg Wes Mil- ler, brilliant strategist at the quarterback postg jack Hernon, Bruno Ruscio, and Willie Dwyer, fast c h a r g i n g guards, Bill O'Neill, a flashy endg Hod Po- dalski, joe Corcoran, and Tom Dillon, "Rocks of Gibraltar" at the tackle positions. Outstand- ing under-classmen were johnny Andretich, Captain-Elect and a smashing fullbackg Frank Mea- kin and Bob Quinn, stellar half- backsg Tom Creevy, a brilliant blocking signal callerg Czarob- ski and McCann, great tackles on offense and defenseg Blair and Brezezinski, two top-notch centers, Batchelor, a fighting guard, and Hall and Gene Dwyer, two of the best ends in the sections. Top Rout: Murphy, Lemberger, Podalski, Duggan, T. Creevy, Hernon, Fitzgibbons, Dillon .Uiddle R01:: Stout, Fr. Paschal, Kelly, Ries, Brzezinski, Butler, Urba, Treacy, O'Neill Botlom Row: Ruscio, E. Dwyer, McCann, Andretich, Batchelor, W. Dwyer, Mr. Mundee f . . -savanna ig?-" 114 xx HK. fix is ""' l Q 1' 1 1 ,W 1 ' -'A 6 Q gil 5 hi 'nl 1 "jg 4 . W.:-' X ,1 43 41 an as 13 Q gm 1 11. b F' gs YQ , E Q J, -1,1 13 34 3:1 11 aa 3? 4 FOOTBALL CCACHES ln his second year of coaching, Wally Fromhart, head football mentor, developed a team which rivaled the other great Carmel teams of the past. The Brown and White of l938 won the Catholic League Championship. Under Wally's able tutelage the team exemplified true spirit, sportsman- ship, and courage which have always been associated with Wally Fromhart and Carmel athletics. Completing his second year as Mt. Carmel's line coach, Fred Mun- dee turned out a line that was sec- ond to none in the city The Car mel forward wall was scored upon by only one team during league play Fred graduated in l936 from the University of Notre Dame where he starred at center for the lrish FROMHART MUNDEE at Pl g t M MCH 6 muwpmsmsii me The Coach an he Backs ot Some Strate y. Fro h Andretich, c a um 0 'in , ' ff l I j:1..j,. J it - , . ' 'L 'l ,L I fl. or- -4ov- V aow for -fo, -Q 10,7 ,1- .,3050,3f'ei...,30EQ,,,,3','i'l,,,,,?fOfQ. se ,Hy-fl 5 3 5 3 5 Y BOARD OF STRATEGY Cl k ly F kM n B HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL Carmel I9 Leo 0 The lVlt Carmel grldders finally succeeded ln cagmg Leo s l..1ons at Shewbrldge Fleld on October 9th The Brown and White eleven fought a winning battle from the openmg whistle although there was no score until late in the second quarter when Captain Creevy intercepted a Leo pass on his own 35 yard lme and with a spectacular run returned lt to Leo s five yard lme Meakrm then passed to Miller for the score Creevy s attempted con version failed ln the third quarter ONe1ll blocked a l..eo punt and recovered the ball to carry lt over for the second Carmel touch down The kick for extra point was blocked The final score came when lVlcCallum after taklng a lateral from Miller passed to Gene Dwyer for a touchdown lVlcCallum s try for the extra point was successful Carmel thus humbled Leo in the Brown and White fashion by a score of I9 0 r th Wy 97 I 1 oc wise: Wal romhart, ,lac cCallum, john ie Andretich, Wes Miller, ob Quinn , , Coach Fromhar Shows e a . Tom Creevy, Dick Creevy, Fromhart . . X .xy ' 1 'l -40 -for Aor -4ow- -for for- -4or- -aor- 5 3Oio30ir.,3"i.,3"io3"io3OE5rO,3?0i.,3: fi T3 HEAVYN EIGHT j. Anclrelich E. Blair R. Bolger Brother john C. Brzezinslci l. Buddeke C. Butler J. Corcoran T. Creevy R. Creevy Z. Czarobski T. Dillon j. Duggan E. Dwyer R. F1-c-ne-y J, Fitzgilmlmons J. l'KranL'l1r-ttl N. Hall XY. ll:-ins I93I FQQTBALL Y 12: .3 -er- A A I J. Sullivan, Mgr. W. Kelly R. Kennedy E.. Lake VV. Lemberger J. McCallum A. McCann Coughlin F, Meakim J, Michuda VV. Miller E. Murphy W. Murphy W. O'Neill F. Podalski R. Qumn R. Ries B. Ruscio F. Szabo J. Treacy V. Urba E991 40 xao- 5' Carmel 7 ollet 0 Through the excellent play of both backfield and line Carmel beat oliet in a knock down drag out affair at Shewbrldge Field on Octo ber l6th to the tune of 7 0 The game opened two first downs but punted after being stopped by the Caravan s hard charging line Play see sawed back and forth throughout the first half with both teams fighting stubbornly Twice Carmel made strong offensive drives but be- cause of fumbles and bad breaks were unable to score. ln the second quarter McCallums drop kick for a field goal was wide. The second WHEN RIVAL CAPTAINS MEET-C pt ' ' C C . CmV L half opened with McCallum completing passes to umn Miller and Gene Dwyer oliet then held and took the ball on downs on their own five yard line Excitement ran high in the forth quarter when McCallum on a double ing 44 yards for a touchdown The try for the extra point was successful The game ended a few minutes later with Carmel on ollet s twenty eight yard line. Carmel I9 - St. Pat s 0 St. Patrick s fell easy prey to Carmel s Car- avan at St. Rita s Field. Carmel kicked off to St Pat s who fumbled on the first play and MEL'S LINE-P 'd f h C h I' L : 'll ' . D y . ' U00 -for -for -4or- -4of- fob- for -Qor -for f- 3-eo120305030eSr.,3Qi.,?0aQ3"i.,5041..,f932f'Ei 32" 3 "lt's a Line Plunge" - ar el ersus De a Salle Q . , . , . with Carmel kicking off to Joliet who made reverse carried the ball behind splendid block- a am Dick reevy punts over the outstretched arms of aptam Howes of CAR ri e o t e at orc eague Corcoran, Fenger O'Nei , Batchelor, Blair, W w er, E Dwyer, Czarobskl l Ns i ,L Here s How the Lme Became the Prxde of the Catholnc League Fromhart O Neill Poclalskl Batchelor Blaxr W Dwyer Czarobskl E Dwyer Blalr Carmels center recovered on the en down carrled the ball through tackle for a tally The attempted conversion was unsuccessful ln the second perlod Meaklm raced 20 yards for Carmel s second score Butler klcked the goal and at the half Carmel was out ahead I3 0 After a strong offenslve by the Brown and Whlte, McCallum went over from Pat s five yard Ilne for the Hnal score The klck for the extra pomt was wlde In the fourth quarter Andretlch twlce and Meaklm once carrled the ball across Pat s goal Ilne but were called back on account of penaltles The game ended wlth Carmel on the enemles goal llne Carmel I8 St Mel 0 Mel at Shewbrldge Fleld on October 30th Car mel turned their foe back by a score of I8 0 but lt was a n1p and tuck battle from start to Hnlsh The first break came to the Caravan when Mel ln the second quarter punted only SIX yards From the thlrty five yard Ilne Mc Callum passed to Tom Creevy for a touch down The try for a converslon failed Neither team was successful IH scorlng during the thlrd quarter Carmel came back 1n the fourth quar ter to push across two more touchdowns Andretlch scored the first of the two when he ran I6 yards for the second Carmel tally Mc Two Captains Talk Ir Over Butler and Creevy -4ob- -for -cor -4of- for- -for -4or- -40P- 10? c 402415 ggi 33105 32W W for or for rf ' ' . v , xy .D ms' . 4 .i I 1 I I ' Q I . Q Q . . .f 9 I 1 V' az, I 4 I .1 emies' thirty yard line. McCallum on the Hrst The rampaging Brown and White met St. -4- ,i f in ' soc we .of 22,31 -5203 22033 Q03 Q, E is Callum carrled the ball twenty yards around the rlght end for Carmels final score Mel blocked the try for the extra polnt and the quarter ended a mlnute later Carmel I2 Rlta 0 The Carmel Caravan Cllnched the South Sectlon Champxonshrp November 6th when they defeated St Rlta on the latter s field Car mel s Hrst score came ln the first quarter Tom Creevy returned a punt to the Rlta s I8 yard strlpe From there Carmel fought 1ts way down to the Rrta 2 yard llne and on the next down Dlck Creevy went over for a score The try for the extra polnt failed Although the Car melltes threatened RltaS goal several trmes there was no scorlng durlng the second perlod The second half opened wlth Carmel lclcklng off Their OHCDSIVC strength soon overshad owed the Rlta defense Thlngs started pop plug when lVlcCallum threw two passes to Gene Dwyer for 32 yards then plcked up ten yards through tackle and on a double reverse provlded the score No scorlng was done 1n the fourth perlod The final score was Carmel I2 Carmel I2 De La Salle I2 De La Salle became the first team to score on Carmel when the two teams met at Normal Park where they chalked up a I2 I2 tle ln the first quarter O Nelll of Carmel broke through and blocked a punt The ball was recovered by Carmel on the Meteors 3 yard lme from where Andretlch plunged over for the score The at tempted Converslon falled Young of De La Salle ran 60 yards on a fake reverse for the ln stltutes first score and therefore became the Hrst player to cross Carmel s goal llne ln league 4.3 PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Upp L ft J E R gh B k M C TWO CARMEL TRIUMPHS R lI02j Q u 1 . . . , Alf . n q , 4? I . , n n x ' I , K PII Rita 4 x - '. ,r , . . 1 er e : o dretich. i t: oh Quinn. Below: .Iac c allum Y S? X A - ita and Fenwick 0 Q 4th D S competltlon The pass for the extra pomt was unsuccessful CZaTObSkl Carmel s tackle blocked a punt on the Nleteors 30 yard strlpe The Caravan advanced the ball to the enemles I0 yard llne from where Andretlch took the ball over for a tally The try for the extra polnt agaln farled De La Salle s final score was the result of a plunge by Simon from Carmel s 3 yard lme Their try for converslon was also ater Carmel 7 Fenw1ck 6 At Soldiers Fleld on Nov 20th the Caravan of Carmel and the Black Frlars of Fenwlck fought tooth and nall for a full 60 mmutes to decide the Cathollc League Champlonshlp Car mel found lts toughest opponent ln the North west Slders but by splendld team play and by capltallzlng on the breaks they came out of the tussle vxctors by a score of 7 6 The Frlars scored late ln the second quarter as a result of a fumble by Carmel rn 1ts own 26 yard lme whlch Fenwlck recovered The score came on a forward pass from Barrett to Kelly The kicker was rushed hard and faled at the extra polnt Mount Carmel capltallzed on a bad cen ter pass late m the fmal perlod to take the trtle As the passed ball went over the heads of the Fenwlck backfield Wlllle Dwyer blocked El der Frlar back whnle Norm Hall fell on the ball ln the F r1ar end zone for the tylng tally A mmute later ack McCallum kicked the extra pomt and Carmel was the undlsputed Champion of the Catholic League H031 l l own Pass pells Carmel's Defeat . i, , , . ' 1 n 0 l 1 . 1 ' . . Girl Batoneer Steals the Show at the Fenger Game unsuccessful, and the game ended 3 minute l . ' 1 Y . , . . - Y , , J ' 4 Ashe T ORuurke M Xaughn ohn orclan W ORourke Dougherty De Lacy Cosgrove Kempfer Bla J Ahern R Harkenncl r ZlITIakOVVSkl O BYIFD Duffy TC W Dwy r an B R Q 11-tt J. J' J Jf 1 J. N J, , J. F. ke . 4 C 5. ' ' L. ' ' R. Sheridan R. IW. C1 :tty cfm ,- . f3x' fl J. Miller J. Lathom B. Mccrane Fr. Paschal T. Krasinski M. Qkonie-wski P. O'Shea J. Walsh j. Lampurski F. Maher J. Woodlock J. Barlow F. Buckley T. Wehle B. Pillon B. David C. Chmura J. Ahern B. Creevy J. Desmond H051 SENIQR BASKETBALL CHAMPS CHARLIE BUTLER BASKETBALL LEAGUE SEASON The past season has been the most success- ful ever completed by a Carmel Senior team. For the first time in history the team copped the section and the Catholic league champion- ships, while for the second successive year they Won the St. Cueorge tourney. Outstanding on this quintet Were: Captain Charlie Butler, easily the out- J, Brody T. Creevy D. Creevy J. He-rnon M. Kc-anv E. Klimek J. Lackey R. Lofr M. Malone John Nlcfallu J. McCann WL Ryan C. Ush standing player in the countryg jack lVlcCallum, best passer in the Leagueg lack Hernon, a high scoring guardg Dick Creevy, great on defenseg Bill Ryan, who controlled the ball at all timesg Eddie Klimek, the hardest fighting man on the floor, and jack McCann, top- notch all-around player. Tom Creevy, Ziggy Czarobski, "Doc" Loftus and jim Anton were high class substitutes. mond D. Bell F. Blaney J. Cosgrove B. Creevy K. Farrell B. Fitzgerald l. Hacker D. Keleh I. Kempber G. Lomasney J. McGowan D. Wilson J. Wiitkow Cl' ski UNIQR BASKETBALL DAVE KELEHER The juniors, deprived of the services of Bob Coffey and Eddie Klimek, played good, hard ball in all their games and showed the spirit which had carried them to two consecutive league titles. With a few breaks here and there, they could easily have reversed the deci- sions in two of their losses. Captain Dave Keleher, who stepped into Eddie Klimel-:'s shoes, was the kind of a leader who could inspire his men even when the game was hopelessly lost. With him were Kev Farrell and jimmy Cosgrove, sharpshooting, great defensive guardsg Gordy Lomasney and johnny Kempfer, fast, high scoring for- wards. Creevy, Bell, McGowan, Hacker, Wilson, Blaney, Fitzgerald and Witkow- ski all showed promise of developing into future stars. 'fv- ST GEORGE TOURNAMENT Carmel 31 Fenwick 23 ln the1r first game in the defense of the St George Tournay Championship Carmel showed the callber of thelr defensive play by holding the Friar sharp shooters to only five baskets Big Blll Ryan led the Carmel scor1ng with eleven points Carmel 49 Loyola Zl ln a record smashing game Carmel steamrolled over a helpless Loyola five FIVE records were broken in the hectlc struggle Charl1eButler set a new indi vidual scoring record by chalklng up seventeen polnts the Caravan connected for ZI points in a smgle quarter to establish another rec ord theover scrupulous refs detected 43 fouls a new high and Car mel blew I 5 free throws for a new high in that department Carmel 34 St M1 chael 32 Carmel took an early lead ln this semi final game which proved to be another scorekeeper s night mare The ever zealous refs called l technlcal and 31 personal fouls enabling St Michael to lift one record from Carmel by missing I6 free throws Michaels went on a scoring rampage in the last quarter and It took all of Carmel s defensive skill to stall them off ln the last minute of the game Carmel 37 St George 35 For the second successive year Carmel met the host team ln the championship game As in the Michael game the Caravan Jumped 1nto an early lead and then stalled off the last quarter attack of the Dragons Charlie Butler was unanimously elected the tournament s Most Valuable Player and llttle Eddie Kllmek was chosen as All Tournament guard on et the T p ff Agal t l Pla 32fiO3Or53535?ck are cl-fi P2-5 31 Go -UT 7 fI08 1 : - Y 3 - 1 - ' . , . 7 0 I . , . . , . . . . . . , l , , . . . . . . , , an . . nv , ' , . . , K l Q " . Butler Drives in to Score Against Fenwick "Big Bill" Ryan Pushes One in Against St, George Hern G 5 i 0 'ns a St. Miohae yer 0 -4 5- 4ox- fob for -ff,-k,g-i F-1.7 .1 -.CWA 44, T407 -4 I -fb? 'for 4Or,: ' J 40,-Y-YH lfifs- 19, 40 . 102 I -for 4 J n-for' Gr'-.14--" 1 K -'f fi, X 401' ,-w.o, tg t'Vl sbp 'Y ST RITA Both teams romped home to wc torles over the St Rlta qulntets wlth llttle trouble The S nlor tllt saw ocko Hernon garner twelve pOlHtS whlle Dave Keleher led the unlors w1th five buckets and three charlty tosses Scores SCHIOTS 42 22 llghfs 30 21 ST MEL ln their next encounter the Sen xors met thelr only loss of the league season when they dropped a two Dolnt declslon to Mel s Z8 30 Dmck Creevy led the Carmellte attack wlth eleven pomts The junlors ln a brllllantly fought battle defeated the Mel ponles ln overtlme 29 26 lmmy Cosgrove was the hero of the game when he tled the score and mad the wlnnmv polnt ln the overtlme ohnny Kempfer led the scoring wlth elght po1nts next on the hlt parade for the Senlors, as they went down to a 37 30 defeat Charlle Butler hlt the hoop for twenty po1nts Corcly Lomasney led the unlors ln thelr 39 23 rout of the mldget Shamrocks He tallled fifteen po1nts The Caravan led at all stages of the game LEO Ever dangerous Leo was the next v1ct1m for the Seniors They threw qulte a scare Into the Carmel rooters by Staglng a good rally 1n the second half but Charlle Butler got hot and snared fourteen po1nts to nullxfy Leo s attack Score 40 33 ln as hard a fought game as you would care to see the Lxon Cubs handed the unlors thelr first defeat 32 36 Cosgrove collected nme po1nts to lead the scorlng -IOLIET Our cousms from ollet proved to be as easy as ever as they were on erwhelmed by the Caravan 42 22 Thls was DlCk Creevy s last game for Carmel Hernon led the scoring wlth twelve po1nts The Junlors came back from thler loss to Leo to down the olxet boys 35 26 Flhe scor mg was evenly dlvlded DE LA SALLE For the first tlme ln fifteen years the Senlors beat De La Salle on the ln stltutes home floor Butler collected slxteen po1nts Score 43 ZI The ponles fell before the flrst perlod attack of the Meteors and lost 45 27 Lomasney made nme of the Carmel po1nts 40? 0 -Qi Y o o -4ov- +05- 0 0 0? 0 O H091 Butler Proves to Be a Conto t'onis A, ainst S . . el llc-rnon Rin s ' Two ln the , If-I Came N . , . i . .. . D Y J' fe Y ' n a . s -I S . S ST. PATRICK: The Shamrocks were the , -I . . 4 v -for -4ov- o - -4 x 4 ,- 3 5030503 5034 f-QQ ,Elvin as of go, ff is x'io3'e"'i or ST RITA Once again the hapless Rita team was ducksoup for the Caravan Every body got in on the 39 I 7 walloping The juniors disheartened by their loss to De La Salle were beaten out by two points 38 36 Dave Keleher contributed fourteen points to the Caravan total ST IVIEL The big boys out to avenge their previous defeat won over St lVleI in overtime 35 30 Butler led the scoring with seventeen points This game also marked the return of ack McCallum to the lmeup The juniors had a field night swamping the lVleI lights, 34 I4 Keleher sank five buckets to take the scoring honors ST PATRICK The Seniors continued on the championship path by romplng over Pat s 43 30 Butler made fourteen points while Her non hit for thirteen The midget Shamrocks were too tough for the uniors and beat them out by seven points 38 31 Lomasneys ten points gave him the scoring lead LEO In the crucial battle to determine the section lead Carmel again knocked off Leo this time 37 29 The Seniors then took undis puted possession of first place Charlie Butler tallied sixteen points Although the heavyweight game was sup posed to furnish the thrills that night it seemed dull in comparison to the unior scrap. Carmel playing its best game of the season outfought Q h r tj p' .gh the Leoltes 37 35 Kempfer led the scoring with twelve points while Dave Keleher and Ciordy Lomasney tallied ten and nine respec tively .IOLIET In two wild affairs at ollet the Caravan came out victorious in both ends of the double blll Butler lecl the Carmel scoring with eighteen points IH their 52 43 triumph While Dave Keleher paced th uniors with eleven points in their 35 30 wm DE LA SALLE With a crushing 47 34 v1c tory over the De La Salle team the Seniors dehnltely clinched the section championship Charlie Butler hit the hoop for seventeen points to take the scoring honors In a heart breaking finale the unlors bowed 10d Kev Farrell was forced from the game with an injured ankle He and Dave Keleher made seven points each while ohnny Kempfer col lected eight to lead the team in scoring So was the season of I939 The Seniors won two major titles while the umors although deprived of the services of two star players showed the spirit and courage which had made them the champions of their Ieaguc for two consecutlve seasons CATHOLIC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IVIT CARMEL 42 ST ICINATIUS 34 Having swept through the South Section of the Catholic League Carmel turned its atten- tion to winning the Catholic League Cham- ' y tl L III01 lfo, for., f4OP' -4of if-Of 40V '4 5 3 'MQQ3"'fio,31"'ifO,3fQ'ir,,30fQQ3'0io3sog.:3'i 3: . 2 ' , ' . I . . , , , . . . . ' . . I . . to the new champions, 34-32. In the third per- J . . , l 9 , , 3 Ryan Ge s t e Ball Af er Ou um ing Two Leo Players Hernon Leaps H1 to Pass Over the Heads of De La Salle Players Two Xavier Pla ers jump for the Ball as Ryan and Bu er ook On plonshlp Therr opponent IH the champlonshlp game was the powerful qumtet from St lgna txus champlons of the North Sectlon The game was played at the Loyola UD1VCfS1ty gymnaslum before a packed house of twenty five hundred rabld spectators The first half was all Carmel s wlth the Cara van qulntet puttxng on a superb exh1b1t1on of flawless basketball No scorlng opportunlty was rnlssed by the Carmel sharpshooters and every lgnatlus mlsplay was converted mto a Carmel tally Basketball experts were unanl mous ln saymg that the first half play of Carmel was the greatest ever shown by a hlgh school five Carmel went 1nto the lead early ln the first quarter and held a Z6 I4 advantage as the half ended lgnatlus started fast ln the thlrd quarter but Carmel again taklng advantage of thelr mls play contmued to coast along and had a 34 23 lead as the quarter ended ack McCallum left the game as the quarter ended because of four fouls The fourth frame saw Carmel playlng a more conservatlve type of ball and lgnatlus shootlng from all over the floor ln a frantlc effort to get back ln the ball game found xt At the end of the game a whole new team was on the floor for Carmel Captain Charlle Butler and Blll Ryan led the Carmellte attack wlth fnfteen and thrrteen pomts respectlvely AS U a f p Ry LOYOLA TOLRNAMENT MT CARMEL 47 ST XAVIER 43 Fresh from their trlumph over St lgnatlus 'Vlt Carmel entered the Loyola l'Nat1onal Bas ketball Champlonshxp Tournament for the second tlme ln two years The Carayan was plcked by the experts as the team to beat l thls first game m the Tourney the team more than Justxfied th1s hlgh opxmon of them St Xavler of Loulsvllle Ky defendlng cham plons were thelr opponents and the game turned out to be the most thrllllng ln the tour nament The preclslon and uncanny marksmanshlp so characterlstlc of the Caravan s play ln the Cathollc League Champlonshlp game was ex hlblted only sporadlcally ln the first half B cause of the Brown and Whltes occas1onal lapses St Xav s managed to take a five pomt lead as the first half ended The second half whxch ohn Carroll famed basketball coach called the best he had ever seen rn fifteen years of tourney play saw the play see saw back and forth wlth Carmel slowly closmg the five po1nt gap between the teams Carmel had suddenly regained all xts champlonshlp form and St Xavler found It harder and harder to break through the Brown backboard Wlth but second to go Carmel jumped lnto the lead and held lt untll the final gun ended the game Charlle Butler B111 Ryan and Eddie Kllmek led the Carmel scorlng whlle I 11 P 4C'? fO? ffbf 15? -10? 'Or 407 40 fob- 40x for Oz- KOP 107 1 Y' -1Oy fC? 40? KO? 405 40? -4 P O? - - T : 7 , l . ' . . - . n n . s I - I , ' e- , J , ' J , hard to crash the Brown and White defense. and White defense or to recover the ball off the y - 5 y cramble n er the Basket in the S. Jose h Game Bill an Takes Charge of Tha Ball Anot er Mixup in the St. Jose h Game ' ? . w, , O , 1 III 1 jack I-Iernon and .lack IVIcCaIIum contented themselves with starring on defense. The Cara- van again proved that all-around team play was the outstanding feature of CarmeI's quintet. MT. CARMEL 34-ST. IOSEPH 53 The Caravan's title hopes were smashed when they encountered St. joseph High of CoIIegeviIIe, Indiana. Seemingly suddenly ex- hausted by the efforts of the strenuous season, Carmel played far off their regular form. The referees were much criticized for their over- zealous calling of fouls which resulted in the entire Carmel team, except Eddie Klimek, being forced from the game. As only three subs are allowed a team, Bill Ryan was allowed to play with four fouls on him. The Hoosier team went into the lead in the first quarter and held it all through the game. Carmel rallied brilliantly in the third quarter and seemed to have tied the score on Charlie ButIer's hook shot but the basket was not allowed by the ref. The oflicial was roundly criticized by the newspapers for so doing All the heart was taken out of the team by this decision and as their best men were being forced from the game on fouls they were un able to head the St. joseph quintet from then on. Although Carmel was badly defeated, every- one connected with the tournament agreed that it was a case of a very inferior team suddenly getting hot and catching a superior team on an off day. C. Y. O. BENEFIT GAME MT. CARMEL Z7-ST. PHILIP 26 For the second year in its two years of exist- ence the Annual C. Y. 0. Charity Basketball Games held at the Stadium saw Mt. Carmel represent the South Section of the Catholic League in the curtain-raiser. St. Philip was the North Sectionis hope to revenge Fenwick's Ioss to the Caravan in the first game. The game, although intended to be merely a prelude to the De Paul-Loyola tilt, stole the show from the University teams. Carmel led throughout the entire contest but in the final quarter, St. I3hiIip's began a rushing type of play and rapidly climbed to within a point of tying the score. At that point Carmel settled down and again used their famous stalling tactics to hang onto the ball until the final gun The crowd was on ts feet cheering in those hectic last minutes and the University game became merely an anti cI1max ut r Snks Basket Ag tSt PX Wild Sera bl U d th B S Ignati m 7 9 , -' - p B Ie i a ains . 'avier A ' m e n er e asket in the t. 'us Ga e I 3 ' eases if get s. :frets E -1 -' so .E f -4023 -of -cf xc-f Q 'L . r fox, fo- Evb-Lg .ovg gow- A-fo-' Nigga- ,Vg 1 'fL4Q -,O THE FACULTY GAME PROFS 29 PRIESTS 23 Apart from the regular season a d1st1nct1ve note was added to the basketball season by a game between the lay professors and the Re lrglous In the eyes of a Carmel Llte reporter the game was somethlng llke thrs Boasting a quartet of fugltlves from the beef trust the profs once agaln knocked off the thln men prlests Led by the rurnblmg attack of dalnty ohnny ordan and home grown Wally Fromhart the professors were able to down the priests by the score of 25 25 The fat boys stumbled lnto the lead ln the second quarter and kept It untll the final gun ohnny l guess l ll shoot ordan grunted ln sxx baskets and a free throw while Father Neal connected for teams ln scorlng Father Gwen as usual cov ered more Hoor than anyone else and helped Cherub ordan shed a few pounds Brother Stanlslaus and Father Berthold standlng beside the Messrs Clrou and Mundee presented such a lopslded figure that one stu dent wondered aloud whether the Carmelltes eat three tlmes a day any more But Father Vlctor and lVl1ke Oconnor klnd of evened thlngs up Lmasnyflg nMx WthL Mn Arr r I B ll t Sc mbl t p o O , .4OyT -407 - 4OP 407- -40? -4Qp- .40 40 Oi EQSOEWQ. 0,3106 at 5?OrfQ5 sou ?a"':f5 as ?:a05o3"i.,,3 O 5 3: h , . . . 1 , . three baskets and two charlty tosses to lead the Y ' 1 ' 7 ' o e ai i es i eo e as He emp sto Snare the Ball Lomasney Ge s the a Af er a ra e wi h Leo Players as Keleher and Kem fer C me to Hia Rescue l Walsh Rend Haubold Larkin Murray O'-H1755 '-1 ,-lin 5150719 Q5 1: rwxfg Pels E K nney W Fromhart Noone T Basnle C ughlm W Walsh W Duggan F Buckley F Whrte Barlow R lVlorrls F Maher F Blaxr V Urba W Fromhart Grallarrl F C Maher The Bantarnwexght and Flywelght basket ball teams have been fixtures here at Carmel for many years The teams coached by Wally Fromhart furnlsh a preparatlon for future umor and Semor stars Both teams play a number f games throughout the season and thls past season saw both clubs very successful From these teams lVlr orclan should have no trouble fmcl mg stars for hrs future varslty squads 11151 Bf I' J. Jf h 1.0 ' -I.-Ahern JI t .lf . . 1 O . I u .J s s - Nauwzm T-lI"F -0019 W-19... Ugg: 945 gsm: . Blair Hall . Ryan . Bolger . Czarobslci W Murphy LEWIS J McCann R Kennedy Ruehle Ball ngee P Mulryan McCallum G Lomasney W K lly Treacy Duggan Fxtzgxbbons av-.L- '-L Coughl n W ber Nl Mongeau B Reza B Lamburg r THE MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club IS an honorary athletlc orgamzatlon whose members have dxstm gulshed themselves ln such a manner that they have mented the coveted C The club IS composed of members from the football bas ketball boxmg and track teams Then' dutles though few are hlghly exem plary as membershlp ln thls club IS held IH hl h esteem As the Carmelltes have a strong be llef ln the old Greek proverb A sound mind ln a sound body athletlcs are stressed thus glvmg the student a strong ambltlon to at tam hls C Upon seemg a monogram one reallzes that lt represents labor SBCTITTCC and Jf ' j. J. e JI 116 J. Lorrigan C. Leary B. Coffey J. Hernon P. Carey X J. Nottingham J. Crotty E. Seymour E.. Dwyer R. Creevy A. McCann l. Corcoran C. Brzezinslci Nlichuclo E. Bourke l Buddelce l Cosgrove D Keleher Drllon Urba Butler Lake Grmdell Klrmek Feeney O Mulle Stout Murphy Szabo unnn W O Nell Andretrch B Rusclo Walsh W Miller Franchettl F Podalskl K Farrell character Llttle wonder why membershlp IS a real honor Success 1n thls organlzatlon may be traced to such capable moderators as ohnny ordan and Wally Fromhart who have attamed such great helghts ln the athletlc field undergo the tedlous and strlct 1n1t1at1on con ducted by the monogram men of the prevlous 10 N 40? 49? 40 N year Thls IS one of the outstandmg hlghllghts of the year and p!'OVldCS many a laugh at the expense of the letter wlnners However rt IS all ln good fun and the boys are more than eager to partlclpate It IS truly an organlzatlon deservlng of all the honors whlch have been bestowed upon lt o f aw? 40 O -1 - T-eo 253-leaf T4 . V. C. E. B, ' E.. ' B. F. ' y E. E.. F. Bl Q 14 . Jf A ' J- . J. ' H ' V J . . i , . . J . . . ' A condition for admittance to the club is to D l I ' n ' l Q ,, z , for - 2 5 T117 Trp Inlurf Nlott ngham H aly b ym ur Carey Lor rgan C Lea y O R urlt Nlr Nl Nlurphy C o 'l U1 I lun' BHYTOW T Kr mer E lx nny H Vlcllo It 5 D McDonough T N1 hony T lx l er F Luc flfl B Mu phy rd lx lly ss r B lx nn l' n O R urk 'Mullins I1 BUXING TEAM Led by Coach Michael Murphy and Cap- tain John Ballengee, the boxing team had an- other successful year, despite the fact that all the bouts were intramural ones. The nucleus of this year's team was the Upper-classmen. Outstanding among these were john Ballen- gee and Phil Carey, both of whom were unde- feated in three years at Carmel, Chuck Leary, Jack Crotty, Jim Lorrigan, Joe Nottingham, Tim Keleher, and Captain-Elect Ed Seymour. The team presented sixty two bouts four teen for the Knights of Columbus twenty eight at St Clara six at Ollet eight for the Athletic Night and sxx at 0ur Lady of Peace Holy Name Society meetings Probably the most exciting bout of the year was the Leary Ballengee match during the Ath letlc Night In the opinion of rlng experts it was as fast and vicious a fight as any they had ever seen Boxers Receive Last Minute lnstructlons A os Y It t 'Z Ill 1 p f V 4- A O Or " F' F F"CF1 Q-UJRT' 1. M A A In " 1. '1 ' 'D Kim 1 0 N -1, ' 5' ,, - .r . 3 i ' O va . - fn 'K fu ru 'i o' -' K L- rr N ,, . 5- N, :E fc V1 ,A " E- ra 27' ' N . V ' ,I J' 'f'-'IT , 'T'-lf If . - ' x' 'U N1-Q y O - F -LT. ff QQ pf -1 L - 1 - -0 W U' 1 .CLK ' ff 1 W O ' :1 -4 9 'f 3 nz PF' ' T 'I Z' - Y 'S l . ' , . 0 - L.. . I .. I I I A 51.0, I S Arinrww , :liters fffoa- -4 , 400. iw, cifobgs- ' W V 7 13- Q 5 A 4 P 0 A ,Ax 19- -E- v ' 1 1 JJ Mount Carmel s wrestllng team had a verv successful season thls year The squad under the expert guldance of Brother Stanlslaus O Carm went through the four match season wlth three vlctorres Only underway for the first tune thls year the team wlll turn out some One of the most notable features of Mount Carmel IS her lnterest ln Intramural ACtlV1tlCS They take ln basketball handball swlmmmg softball free throw and mldget basketball Medals are gxven ln each event to encourage competltlon The Intramural season commences shortly after the school year begms wxth swlmmlng The handball tourney held 1n the spacxous four walled court ln the balcony of the gym draws several hundred entrants Then the basketball tournament IS run off ln the gym The free throw drew 81 3 entrants Wnth the comlng of Sprlng softball games ln ackson Park prove popular wlth the stu dents For the past two years mldget basket ball has been growlng ln favor The helght l1m1t IS placed at 5 feet 7 lnches or one lnch below the unlor League standard All of the lntramural sports are under the capable dnrectlon of Mr Murphy the gym lnstructor HANDBALL An example of the lnterest shown by the students ln the lntramural sports was the un precedented turnout for the handball contest Over three hundred partlclpants kept the hand ball court m constant use for two weeks before three students Marty Malone Wllly Dlllon and Bob Monaghan emerged as final contest ants Monaghan drew the bye ln the first game and watched as Malone narrowly defeated D11 lon ln the final Monaghan won the first two of the two out of three serles and recaptured the tltle he had prevlously won ln second year He was awarded a gold medal for hls vlctory This contest IS not only run for those who play handball but also for those who would llke to learn the game J MCN P C :ffm W O N ll Sm l R D ffy Conn B Stanlsl u B Shm Bb M D nn ll RKenn dy l J Weldln a oc Carroll F Blake O Nlchols S lllv n W Dxllon M Malone R Monaghan R. David W, a Cock . amee C 0 e . e - Y' R. Sul ivan . ' ei . ' ' n l. o en A. Fi c . - U J. - ' - ' rvi. me . ' ' r. ' a s . ' ., . - V C u ' a Very good lT1Eltl'HCI'l I'lCXt SCHSOYI. P Y Y C. Rueckert I. Buddeke B Shine j. Corcoran G. Graham VV. Miller Ha Lake Bolger Dunn Huguelet F Whlte T Mahoney Coughlan 'Vlurray C Murray Noonan Pl0IfOWSkl Pxllon Kl'aSlnSkl N1OfOlPVNSkl X an Den IiPf1d8 N. ll E. R. J. P. Jf J.. B.-Kelly RJ 1 R. . . B. ' T. . . R.. ' ' M. ' I TRAMURAL BASEBALL CHAMPS j. Joyce J. Nottingham D. Hurley R. W. Smith B. Sheridan F. Murphy E. Stout C. Riley B. Grefenkamp R. H. Smith J. Kiely F Maher J Relners M Connors Benson Desmond Lang Hussey Hartman Sherldan I McNamee Vrdolyak P Orr M Vaughan T BBSIIC Rleman Bfzezlnskl Corfadln Larkin Zegley Reldy Horner Hayes Nora Carbonel Peflcolosl Cerskl J Kelly D Hannon D Buckley .I Ahern C Nolan Jf j. E. B. j. R' , j. N. ' ' C. . TA . B. E. A j. B. GAT D. L. ' ' F. ' IIZI1 O'Donnell Bourke Amstutz Kiley Healy Marlow FPUWFUWF '-I Barrett Ruehle Berthold Klng Von Albade -ry-. '1 Collear McLaughlin H Laude Ryan Ruffner Morrxs Freund W McKenna K Kempf F Kelly B Sutton B Smnott FREE THROW CHAMPS IZI Howe ll YOnCl3 'UCC ann O Rourk lll ln only lts second year ln the Mt Carmel sportmg program the Rlfle Squad has achxeved a name and reputatlon Unfortu nately the club moderator and founder Mr Spangenburg was summoned to a professor shlp at Notre Dame Unlverslty durlng the mld dle of the past school term At lhls pomt Father Berthold assumed the controllmg posl tlon and mamtamed the Cl1SClpllIlC and precau t1on necessary on the range The class was entered ln the Class D d1v1 s1on of the Natlonal Rxfle Assoclatlon Cor respondence competltlon where they ranked twelfth ln the Umted States Thls ratmg ad vanced untll they were automatlcally placed m Class C However although they were un able to achieve as hlgh a ratlng ln thls ad vanced dlvlslon the team was rated ahead of other Chicago prep schools who had not thought Carmel worthy to partlclpate m thelr dual meets' The organlzatlon has taught the boys the value of the ldeals of self control coopera tion and sportsmanshlp standards typlcal of Carmel The largest turnout in years makes Mt Car mel s track and field prospects for the season of 1939 very bright Brothers erome and Stanislaus the new mentors have been drill mg the team constantly during the pre season pratice sessions This coupled with the great enthusiasm and ability shown on the part of the asplring candidates should produce for the Brown and White one of the most success ful seasons in its track history As the Mt Carmel swimming team was not attracted many of the schools stellar swlm mers ln the Senior division open to Seniors and unlors Ted Zltnik a Senior won the 40 yards free style in 23 seconds Hat ln the 20 yard free style ack Ruehle another Senior cut through the water first in 9 5 seconds Senior Bob Monaghan won the 20 yard breast Despite the loss of ohn Kenney last year s National Catholic Half Mile champlon Cap tain Elect Martin Mongeau and many return ing lummarles will strive to establish Carmel as Track Champions Along with Mongeau, such men as Bourke Ryan Miller Corcoran Maher Hernon and Dillon under the able tutelage of their coaches will dlllgently endeavor to pile up more glory for Mount Carmel stroke in I4 seconds Monaghan also won the pomts while Stack a unlor came in second with 31 and Sweeney third with 27 points unlor Sutton won the 20 yard breast stroke The yunior diving championship went to ohn Monaghan brother of Bob Belanger was sec ond and Carroll third L ck y T Mahoney C U her C Zxtnlk R Sutton Ru hle R Monaghan B ow Monaghan 11231 Ofgaililed this year, the intfamufal CVef1tS diving championship, finishing first with 42 . . . . . - D ' . Y .I . 1 I J . , . . , . , i , , , - - , J . ' s ,I 9 l v 'I J. a e J. e jf an -I. ew! ii FOOTBALL LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL At lVlt.Carmel, lightweight football has be- come a stepping stone to future stardom for Freshman and Sophomore players. Less atten- tion is given to winning games and more is spent in developing in each player a sense of sportsmanship, fairness, and clean play, stand- ards required on the Carmel heavyweight team. Under the coaching of the capable and ver- satile .Iohnny Jordan, who himself is an example of these three standards, the light- weight players have been drilled in the intri- cacies of the Notre Dame style of play. They receive valuable training for their future play under Wally Fromhart. Because the light- weight team is just a proving ground for future heavyweight players, johnny Jordan instructs them in the same plays and system that Wally Fromhart uses. Players who have played under Mr. jordan and later starred on the Carmel Caravan in- clude many of this year's championship squad. This season, although not as successful as last year's from a won and lost viewpoint, saw many promising players develop under the Jordan tutelage. The team improved with each game and at the end of the season was showing the polish and precision characteristic of the Notre Dame system. Due to poor breaks in the weather and numerous other unexpected obstacles many of the games were forced to be post- poned and later cancelled. The team opened its season with an impres- sive I3-6 victory over St. Elizabeth. Carmel pushed over two touchdowns in the first half and then contented themselves with a defen- sive game. Late in the fourth quarter St. Eliza- beth scored their lone touchdown on a long pass over the goal line. ln their next encounter, against the Crane Technical High school reserves, the lights were unevenly matched with a much heavier team. However, they fought valiantly in true Carmel fashion and held their opponents to a close decision. Leo, just humbled the previous day by the Carmel heavies, was the team's next adversary. lnexperience and a preponderance of upper- class-men in the Leo eleven proved too much for the midget Caravan, as they dropped a bitter I3-7 decision. ln their final game of the season, the Rita lightweight squad elced out a I3-IZ win over our small boys. Special mention should here be made for the consistently fine performances turned in by Bob Pillon, a scrappy center, Bob David, hard plunging fullbackg Jerry Ashe, a fleet end: Dinny Bell. a fine defensive end, and Bob Creevy, a smart little quarterback. w .g,? - "f" ,f -of - i H S roy -I Li- ,LLL 'Y-.w-gp: -X gg..-Q-tm 4 V, iw gg for-Exo,1-, TVTT 10+ To, g5',1or3"o' QF'-for' S, TO, .E--.4--,C U-vrivgrf 7-CTIKXTT-K-sat'-.j7TT-O si' lv- 11241 T BANQUET CITY CHAMPIONSHIP GAME A great IVIt. CarmeI team proved its ability to fight in the face of overwhelming odds and played one of the greatest games of its career although it bowed to Fenger, I3-0, in Mayor KeIIy's annual City Championship game at SoIdiers' Field earIy in December. Even though they were deprived of the serv- ices of Jack IVIcCaIIum, star halfback, who was fighting for his Iife after an appendicitis opera- tion on the eve of the game, the Brown and White gave a good account of themselves by their spirit and fight when the going was the toughest. On first down, after Carmel had kicked off, Fenger quick-kicked and set Carmel back on their own 7-yard Iine. This is the play which set up the first Fenger score. After an ex- change of punts, Fenger began to march. With Griffin of Fenger doing most of the baII toting, they went to the Carmel 8. From here Griffin threw a pass to Cappozzo for the touchdown. Dudzik converted the extra point. The second quarter featured another Fenger The Brown and White was thoroughly out- played in all the phases of the game, except in what "Rock" used to call "intestinal fortitude." A great team in victory, and an even greater one in defeat, the Caravan makes us proud to be able to say that it represented us. Hats off to you, CarmeI's Caravan, and to your fine coaches. You turned in the finest performance of any Carmel team for many a season. aww J? is , fb 9 -, V 7' ' :QT71 , ,, , ,RF K. A A65 -my , ,QA ti, fp march. This drive was climaxed by OIson's if T, 4 I, 5 going over from the 3-yard stripe. This con- K5 cluded the scoring, however, but the Caravan came back in the last half and threatened to score. 'JOY -107' 1405 -402 110 ' X f -KOP' " 40? -QOPY O 11251 f-Q fu , m 1 ff? Y.. 1-f A . ,, mm . , x in ,",,"'55.' S M T hi qgguailaazm, x f -,K U ' . 'Kvs, Q K 5.. WA :Q V ,J A n n,,, , W W , . , u. f"'f l , I CALENDAR September Ist Freshmen and Sophomores reglster for the new school year 2nd unlors and Senlors reglster for an an other year 7 h Carmel' The largest Cathollc Hlgh School ln the Mlddlewest agam swells nts populace thls tlme to one thousand and nme young men' 9th The students old and new got their first gllmpses of new te chers old prefects and three hundred and ten new bennles I 7th Carmel s football team lost lts first prac tice of the year to a veteran Whltlng team I9th The football squad won lts first game agalnst a fightmg team from Gary Lew Wallace The score 6 0 23rd All of that vacatlon feellng dlsap peared as Father Theodore launches a more homework campalgn 26th Our bewildered frosh begm thelr annual three day retreat Thelr retreat master Fa ther Theodore gave them a real begmnmg for thelr future llfe as devotees to Our Lady of Mt Carmel 27th The Mothers Club held lts Hr t meetmg of the school year and made plans to msure a successful year 30th Father Theodore celebrated the annual Mass ln honor of the Holy Ghost to xmplore October Ist Our grxdders were successful agaln' Thls tlme after a trlp to St ohn s Mllltary Acad emy Delafield WISCOHSIU Fmal score I5 6 7th The first Frlday of the new school year The student body attended Mass ln the Gym and received commumon Carmel recelved word that the I938 Orlflamme had recelved the All Cathollc award Thns IS the twelfth consecutlve Orlflamme to merlt thls award 9th The taste of vlctory IS sweet ln the mouths of Carmel men The Mt Carmel football team gave thelr arch rivals Leo a I9 0 shel lackmg l4th The soclals those weekly dances where most Carmel students gam polse opened under the dnrectlon of Father Aquinas l6th Carmel downed ollet to the score of 7 0 I7th The Mothers Club held their Annual Fall Card Party ln the Gym I9th Rash promises were made and votes were SOllCltCd wlth free chewlng gum at the gaze electlon of Senlor class officers Muller was elected presldent Butler vlce presldent Sear foss secretary and Mlchuda treasurer 23rd Mt Carmel trampled St Patrick s I9 0 at St Rlta s Fleld taklng a powerful strlde ln the rlght dlrectlon 26th An unldentlfied Freshman was found floatmg ln a drmkmg fountam he had evl d ntly clxmbed up to get a drmk and lost hls balance 30th Carmel kept lts season s record clean by trlmmmg St Mel s I9 0 and forged lnto the south sectlon lead 3Ist The Monogram Club sponsored a suc cessful Homecommfr Dance ln the Gym November Ist Two members of our faculty Frater lgna tlus and Frater Peter Thomas were ordained to the Prlesthood ln Washlngton D C Znd Our umor class elected offlcers after a whole day of ballotlng 1n the Gym Kev Farrell was named presldent with Gordy Lomasney as vlce presldent ohnny Andre tlch as secretary and 1m Dunn as treasurer A Pep meetlng was held for the St Rlta game Sunday 6th What a game' What a team' Carmel wms the sectlon tltle for the first tlme ln four years by goose egglng St Rlta IZ 0 I Ith Down De La Salle IS the cry as Carmel holds an ant1D l.. S pep meetmg I3th The team s only league blur occurred todav as De La Salle tled our champs I2 I2 I 7th Flrst quarter exams began and one quar ter of the year was over all ln preparatlon for the all lmportant Fen wxck game Amongst the guest speakers were Mel Brosseau 28 Tom O Brien 29 Hon Raymond McKeough and Buck l-lenms 20th Champs once more as Carmel over comes terrlfic odds to down the battlmg Fen wlck eleven 7 6 at Soldler s Fleld for the league champlonshlp 23rd Carmel prepares for the c1ty champlon shlp game against Fenger every detall such as burmng Fenger ln Cflzlgy All parents and frlends of Carmel were present ln the eve nmg to hear pep talks by Carmel Alumnl 24th Thanksgiving Our turkey was barely dlgested when the radlo brought us the bad news that ack McCallum had undergone an emergency operatxon 26th Alas and alack' Carmel wms and loses as lt drops the clty champlonshxp to Fenger and we hear the news that ack McCallum our star half will recover That operation robbed us of a valuable player -J . '. . - e . ' t T . . I . . - i. if ' . L l ' ' ' 7 , a 1 , ' 1 I . . .0 , n .- f . ' I - ' ' . . I I I 1 l is . a u 11 .I n - . n - I , J, - God's blessing on our school work. I8th. .This time'the grandest pep meeting of . . . Z . , i - , . . 1 . - 1 I - . J . I 3405230ESZ305f3"iZ3fo'fS'1Zf C23-Efofif-ffl 'image flffiteoi 3 E I P 5 . f' na- .'fg f ! . ,- ? t 3 496' ,A 'QQ .- ma., -.1 'CP Q a QA G? Q he Pom ers meet unmrs select Prom hxds lng xs trapped Brother Mel and his bm f-r We-ll we wanted our picture ln too Blg B Ryan and Lnderclassmen -Xnd the ani els sung Thats no hxnder 40y for for 2Tf4OP 405 for for -for 405- fo' W5 EW? 340'-Q 3105 30,5 3ff0flc-Q 30? 405- for -402 of for- for for nop fob- I O 1 . I ,K I 1 jf f ' 9 ' , 1 : x 1' I . , A wi , , s .: Q ' 5 ff -I -. 4 , ' 4 N N rf., ,V .4 -' 'f ar t 1 V 5 X, il tfgg , V' . I 1 5 T ' ,... j'. ' 1 ' 'I CALENDAR The same evening saw us all happy again as Carmel held its third successful Theatre Party at the Avalon Theater ack Russell and his ever popular band headed the stage acts while Speed to Burn the movie did a swell job of grabbing he haws from the audience 30th Parent Teacher meeting Mama and Papa came to school to see why ohnny s mark was so low and were told ohnny could get it if he tried December 2nd A Gym dance was held to honor Carmel s Catholic League football triumph l 5th jack McCallum Carmel s great left half back was picked on the Chica o American All Star team l7th Father Theodore threw the Freshman class into turmoil by announcing there was no Santa Claus 19th The Orifiamme staff was chosen This is a body of men led by Frank Searfoss who are expected to abstain from social activities and spring fever in an effort to put out a yearbook 20th The Mt Carmel basketball team won the St George Tourney for the second year in a row 2 l st. Christmas vacation began. Time to catch up on some sleep. 22nd. The newly-formed Alumni Association elected Harry M. O Rourke 24 president' Mel Brosseau 28 vice-president' Eugene Sugrue 28 secretary and William A. Mc- Carthy 29 treasurer. 26th. Father Angelus chalked up another suc- cessful Holiday Dance at the Edgewater Beach Hotel. Dave Keleher was chairman of the dance. anuary 4th, Christmas vacation ends. Once again we find ourselves answering bells. 6th. Carmel successfully launches its basket- ball season as both teams beat St. Rita in our Gym. llth. The Mothers' Club held their Annual Dessert Bridge Party in the Gym. l2th. The boxing team staged a show for the St. Clara Holy Name Society. l3th. Our basketball squad dropped its only league game of the season to St. Mel's, 30-28. However, our fighting junior team avenged the loss. H301 l 7th Mt Carmel beats a sporting St Patrick s team 37 30 in our Gym 20th The Senior squad avenges a unior loss by defeating Leo 40 33 in the Lion s den 24th Joliet falls before the Caravan s anch luse 42 22 in our Gym All the members of the squad saw action 26th First semester exams began and half the year was over 30th Ah' Fifteen more precious minutes of sleep as the new school schedule goes into February 3rd Carmel traveled down to St Bede s to beat them 8th We beat St Philip s by two points in the C Y O benefit basketball show This was Carmel s second appearance in as many years unior Retreat began 9th Second Parent Teacher meeting ohnny was doing good work until Christmas vaca tion time but seems to have lost interest in homework l0th A I5 year old Jinx was broken when Carmel s basketball team defeated De La Salle on De La Salle s home floor 42 2I Added to the Leo hoo doo that makes two that Carmel has broken this year l2th Lincolns Birthday What an emanci pator' l4th St Rita took a 39 l 7 defeat at the hands of Carmel s sharp shooters l4th. Carmel traveled to Delafield Wisconsin to defeat St. ohn s Military Academy I7th. Carmel won in an overtime from St. Mel s to avenge an earlier defeat. Jack Mc- Callum played the last two and a half minutes. l8th. The artistic element of Carmel blos- somed forth socially at the Art Club and Band dance which was under the direction of Father Roderick. The Art Club handled the decorations. Mickey Prindl s band han- dled the music. 2lst. Carmel beat St. Pat's, 43-30. 22nd. Washington's Birthday and the first day of Lent. 24th. Carmel Seniors beat Leo High School 37-29 while the Juniors came back in the second half to beat the strong Leo Juniors. 28th. Carmel beat Joliet in a Senior battle, 5 2-43. March lst. Report Cards today. Nuff said. 6th. Carmel defeated St. Bede's today in the last second of play, 28-27. -for -for +of- -40? for- -for .amor -co 40+ 40? 4 4or-Lv-Q' i java SEQPQ- y -4O?- 402- -for -4op- -4O?- 407- -40 -4Qy- . . Q v ' 9 . ' . . 5. . 1 ' 9 ' 0 I ' ' 9 ' 1 . . . .. .. - - . , , , . . . . u C 5 I I a n ' . effect. 1.1 , - u 1 I I . - ' . u n I t u , . . I . i . I ' . - - . . ' J - . C , J I C9 u " - ' n Q 1 . ' - - ' I 9 . u u - , - I I O I I s I l . n n a , - I . 1 -I I I I , I I I I I Y 7 I I 9 W " FUI 1 -Q-- "fAfY' 2' i gs. Benedlctlon closes Novena servlces In nomme PBIYIS Cdrmf-llte monastery at ollet Cathollc hugh Processxon s end Eyes Front My My' Prouncral says 'Vlass ln the gym We re still hungry Mother s Day celebration m the gym And breakfast follows fO 40 40, -40, for qoy- 40y -40,4 4of:5 3-1oy 3: 5 a E for .4,,. J J 402 402 401- 4055- 40k 402 xqy- 1 yr 3 , 0 1,4 Q Y ' , J' .' A ...Q I f." 'w A'E-.S." f ., my ..,. .'.'.. ' .,..r ' I '. io, y ,A V .... . i A for - , , Kv Tix-QP T , Y l3I Sth. The Mothers' Club Sponsored Cooking School opened a four-course instruction. Food, prizes, food, displays, food, and food were featured. 9th. "Plump Profs" defeat our "Small boy priests" in a narrow two-point decision "bas- ketbrawlu game The final score was 25 23 I0rh All Carmel salutes our heavies as they win the section heavyweight basketball title by defeating De La Salle 47 34 I 6th This time all Chicago salutes our heavies as they beat St lgnatlus for the leagues championship Carmel s first Later in the evening the Carmel Lite s annual Headline Hop was turned into a victory celebration Tommy Fitzvibbon s orchestra did the eve ning s honors l7th St Pats Day' Carmels victory' No school' An extra forty winks for all Zlst Carmel s fourth annual Athletic Night was held in the Gym with Notre Dame movies and football stars the American League centennial baseball movie and box mg and wrestling bouts were all on the eve ning s card 23rd Carmel held its second annual speech contest for the grammar school students Boys from all Chicago parochial grammar schools competed The Hnals were held on March 29th in the Gym April 3rd Third quarter exams began and the boys wondered why they hadn t studied 5th Easter vacation began to give the boys a chance to purchase their finery for the Easter parade l lth Carmel s Anncal Notre Dame Night was a great success I2th The basketball season being over Car mel s captain Charlie Butler permitted the doctor to remove his appendix Charlies appendix has been infected for some time but he held out until his Job was finished l3th End of the Easter vacation l9th Another one of those Parent Teacher meetings 22nd Bob Gannon victorious in Carmel s speech contest talked himself into a second place in the Notre Dame Oratorical tourney 24th Ed Seymour was elected captain of Mike Murphy s I940 boxing team while Connors will fill the same spot for Brother Stanislaus bone crushers 25th. When Mr. Fromhart announced spring football, a hundred and fifty students came out to try to carve their names in Carmel's athletic annals. 26th. Howard Marlow, broken-down '39 Edi- tor of the Carmel-Lite, today handed over the reins of leadership to John O'Rourke, editor for '40 27th Carmel's basketeers celebrated their suc cessful season with a banquet 28th The junior Prom successful as always was held at the Shoreland Hotel Stan Norris provided the music for the occasion This was the uniors first taste of dance leader s lp May 4th Sth and 6th Mt Carmel and Mercy com bmed their talents to produce the Gilbert and Sullivan classic The Mikado Sth The Seniors begin their retreat under the guidance of Father Matthew O Neill O Carm the provincial of the Carmelite order I2th Retreat closes Mothers Day celebration UBC 4th The Senior Baccalaureate Mass was held today and immediately following the Mothers Club provided a sumptuous break fast at the Shoreland Hotel Sth Two hundred and five Seniors marched up the aisle in the Gym and received a piece of parchment which signifies that they have passed the scholastic requirements of Mt Carmel 9th For the first time in Carmel s history the Seniors went to the Senior Prom not as Seniors but as Alumni This puts them on more of an equal footing with the priests and Olympia Fields Country Club was the I9th Seniors are being sold on the merits of various colleges by visiting college faculties 22nd Seniors practice for their last mile grad uation which will be held une Sth 24th The Class of 39 has its last day of four years schooling at Mt Carmel 25th and 26th Final examinations for the il lustrious Seniors and the Class of 39 awaits its crowning achievement Graduation' Surely this class enters Carmel s hall of fame as being equally notable scholastically ath letlcally and socially , . " . . t . . . . i . , , . - . v . - - . - - Y ' ' l u I il Q I f , - l - ff O I I h' u I H I . . D - U , 0 1 . , . . - 9 ' I I I ll I ,F I I I , . . u . , . , I , . 1 I . . y - I, l i i , . . y , . . . . . . y , 1 . 1 I f ' , , . . ' . ' , , , scene of a great prom. , . . . . , ' , , l - ' v . I I I Q ' . , . . . . - D . . , . . . I l I I Y . f 1 J ' - . , , 07' 'QCP' v 40? 07 -40? U C-:fo 'TS-40 o .3 0g0,3ff'i.3"f5i.30i.,3O'1i...,- 40 Q becomes a reality we the staff pause to look back over the long hours of preparatory work embodied in this book and to e press our gratitude and appreciation to all those who have labored so faithfully that this book might be worthy of its predecessors To the Carmelite Fathers the primary force behind the birth growth and continued succes of the QRIFLAMME and in particular to Father Maurice Anderson the faculty moderator who worked so diligently with the staff who so unstintedly gave of his time that this QRIFLAMME might profit by his wide experience his foresight his keen timely criticism and his expert advice we wish to express our most sin ere thanks To Father Conrad Hall who IS chiefly responsible for the majority of the school and student photographs which appear in this book and who was always so willing to co operate we tender our grateful thanks To the great commercial organizations who so graciously contributed im aluable assistance to the staff and whose representatives aided so greatly in the publication of this book we are deeply indebted. ln an especial way we are very thankful to the Class of 1939 who because they were so outstanding in both the athletic and scholastic Helds made the publishing of this CRIFLAMME a most pleasant and gratifying 113.5 . THE FRED J. RINGLEY CO. KOVER KRAFT JAHN AND OLLIER ROGT STUDIO H331 S THIS QRIFLAMME ceases to be a dream and k PATRONS Hrs Eminence George Cardinal Mundelexn Most Rev Bernard ,I Shell D D V G Most Rev Wllllam O Brien D D Most Rev Hilary Doswald O Carm The Very Rev The Carmellte The Carmellte Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Msgr Msgr Msgr Msgr Msgr Msgr Msgr Msgr Msgr MatthewT O Nelll O Carm Fathers of olret Cathollc Hugh Fathers of St Mary s ollet D Byrnes D J Dunne DD T F Egan W Foley T F Frnel T F Murray D D F M O Brien J F Ryan T V Shannon L D Very Rev Msgr W Kmsella Very Rev Msgr P P Shewbrxdge Rev J Anderson Rev A Baltutls Rev T Bennett Rev T Bomfas Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev G Paskauskas J E. Phelan Poole Pugny G Qullle F Rnce Rogers ,I M Schutte Sherldan Stuckel E Taxllon A Terlecke Tort H S Tralnor B Urba A T Valclcak A Van Heertum O Pream Wester ,I P Whalen -I N Wller F M Wojtalewlcz Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev E E Broderick B Brady J Burke F L Byrnes Connolly Covnechx Della Vecchla De Norus A Dledrlch Doran F ennessey 'U"'l'UU7UIP4 W ,I Gorman L GYUdZlnSkl A Hanton J D Hxshen E. D Hollowa E Horvath H Houllhan T Hurley M S Kane J J Kearns J L Kearns E. S Keough C Kita T Lanfort D Lonlgan J M Leddy A Lmkus L Manworm P H Matlmore V Moran F O McCarthy H McGuire P ,I McGuire M McKenna S E McMahon L McNamara E. P McNally G Meade Morrison M Nealxs E O Malley G Parker D D Llttle Company of Mary r The Religious Hospltale s of St oseph Ambrose C Brown Carl H Chrlstopher Wlllard G -ICEIICS Mrlo E JCHTICS Howard McNally Deno F O Connor ohn O Donoghue Matthew T Smith and Mrs M Ahern r and Mrs eremxah Ahern Mrs Ellzabeth Barrett and Mrs Herbert Bartusch and Mrs Henry Beckstrom and Mrs ames Cahill Mrs Leo Cummmgs Mr and Mrs W Dlckmson Miss Ursula Dillon Mr and Mrs Dougherty Mr and Mrs George Flemxng Mrs Robert Hatton Mr and Mrs R D Hartz Mrs Leo Henning Mrs W Howe Mr and Mrs Herbert ones Mrs Catherlne Kennedy Mr and Mrs J C Kiley Mr and Mrs oseph Latham Mr and Mrs W E Lyke Mrs L E Mamon Mr and Mrs Howard Marlow Mlss Sue Meyers and Mrs Thomas McCah1ll and Mrs ,I McCann r Mrs and Mrs Wlllxam Newburger Lnlllan McLellancl and Mrs and Mrs and 'Vlrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs lrvm Newman ames O Rourke George Ruehle Edward Stout Joseph Wynn Charles Zltnlk 3sf5353535?1e 555415155 A II34 1-- :pf - ' . - . . R. ' . . J ' . B. Rt. . . . . . . Rt. . . . . , . . . T. ' Rt. . . . . . j. Rt. . . . . . ' Rr. . . . . ' . . Rr. . . . . , . . , j, Rt. . . . . ' ' . . . ' Rt. . . . . . . Rt. . . . . , . . . . . ' 1J.'.' - - I l Dr. . h . . Dr. . ' . . . Dr. ' . ' . Dr. ' . ' . . ' ' Dr. . . ' Dr. . ' . . Dr. J ' . . . ' ' Dr. . ' Rev. . Gleeson Mrs. Margaret Anderson I .' ' ' ' Mrf . . . ' ' i f J' ' I 1 ' - I ML . - - - - Mr. . . ' ' M . . ' ' ' ' Mr.. . ' I 'I ' Mr. . j ' - Mr. A . . . ' Mr. . . . , . . Mr. . ' ' Z TX 'for ffl We lil lf foflff roi fl 'Or fl PI AL TUGRAPHQ .4 1.4 '-1 vw r- -1 'Y '1 7 W1 v- v 11 x 2 , . -. - .. Y . , . .,, ..w. frlr -. , ,. .- .43 .. b .. I .. A V, M x .X , ... Q A ...V M J C .J 417 ..,. . ,W ...Wu Y Wg ,X F V ,, . 'V lv . H, 4 rv Ln, , by rW,.,,Y yr 5 KW ,A , .. .., .1 XM- f... I-4 L-A ., ,K ,. ...- ,A .-U .,, ,., ,., ,.. ,, ,., - fy ,- -vw Y- ,v .. . vw 4,-W - f ,Y- ,U f , , ., 1 ,,AA , K . , A TKTI"1' 'C' 1 L1 YKJIQLJ 'fhdullf , L , 7 . -HVM. L- 1. 1-1- X X 'x 6 N. N X X N -xx f Sl X fag-fa. ' N W N -'ifil ' ' ' N ' ' ' N - . , I. N ,, N V' Y , . . , X , K QQ' 1- :-ii' f , ' 4 ' ' ' ' ' w ' . '1"5'V?'i ' - ' ' , ' . , X, . , . , 5'?s3,g,A ' 1 A mam: Y Y W , , V 'HU ' ' " ' - - ' 5-597' , X ' ' V , f , , ' ' . , ' -i , ..1,. , A . , - , , ' . Mod. W ' ' 1 "5 ' ' ' N A ' ' Y A X' ' 7 I ' i "iffy I ' f V ' ' ' ' 1'.," ' , :'ffl,.: . ' , , ' I ' 4 - 1 QL 721 , , N ,Q ' A ' ' 1 v, ' , . X 14 '. , , , , 1, ' 'nf ' ' ' "wx - V 5, X, .Q .. , v , X-px ,, ,, 5 ' -'ak , , . Q' ' A , ' ' ' 'nu X ' ' 1 . ' , A : , , 1 , W , V Y "His L X I H f V ' , ' X 4, ' . , ,J , , N K , , I , N ,A 1 fi ' N ' ' ' - - ...wx .1 , . V ,. , ' N ' ,f X , f - , vs: AN 1 ' ' - ,Y , , fm-X 1, 4 1 , , ' , .V - - ' ' ,. - ly:1"2.,mx X , ,. .' , I ' V, .., ,. . " , , , ,,, H A ,, ,L - , A. .','z' 'Y-UU - 3 -xifiit "4 "'H: 'UL' -A!" !l1lf,,""" -.'fL."':,1I. 'f':f'f1 ,-!f','f, f .l"'-,f-M-H! ff- " -' ff' :"""-MN' 4 3 1" 4"i,, - ' , we wr. Jnlf r f f' .I 3' H1 pri pl-1,fz .w.,f."ffff::gf:f !fMff.f-5af'wwllfmfbmif-1.'f' 'f.W ' ' , 1, :-- A ,+ . 5 Q- A A ' wu..x-:,c1'.41..f ,-1.1.3-,44':.f'A1i'f :nfl M1 4, , frm- : H11-f,f,,-1 ,:g,'lm.-.:. rmffflff .,i'.ff. f','.- fn f-' 'J .f- 4- f f ' ,..'ff1 H A .' 2 - ' , -' V I ,., ...f Y x -.N -:Nh X1 N-4 X x x. f X ...Q -Eb ""x NE x ,..x., ,..x ,Z ,Q 1 1 . ., A95 fcfggfjr-.ef 5 ' Q ,If XX f .1 L , ., 1 ,, U' ,V If .11 ,jfzg-3 i

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