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If W, H 1. , 'xg , . zfl- ,,. 11. . wx ... - :Q-5 .irq ,, . - .ix I 't' 41: K, .-:,: ix ' .fair-a --as I .T ,uv ff? iii -25. -VS '.::.1:x ?f:1f..'i 'Z zaaif 525,-I 5225: 1294 ,355 9 -.. if H:- :J 2'-if v:" 7.2. .5, , , 5.1 , v X asf A , 1 1 -fs ,, , , '-1a- . f ,V i v , h. '- ,, . 4 , Q : 'Q' 1 ' 4 Y.. ' f.. 'fu '- D ' 3 M' ' Vf di, I , V .I 1 . A.d..,..,... .JA ., J -Q Q... ., L"fvL:xi:i: .g L Q-.-.1 uw rf-fp, 1. X ff-y 1- ,., 4 :.v:, i. - ,r. '.,..5,...L M b' ,. -1' Q 211531. ' A ' "fa, -'-:wk X mu ' 'iw ' Q . , .NA . u-,Z " MV . - I :Aw . ls, V M M- ' nuqw U, in ,Q w, . f ' H-I-A A I ,,,.,,,,l -I ' 4L,w.-.- - ' 'iw -. :" w -if , . . ' . , ,, ' , Jw. P - V+ 'Q-4-Wd. ' 'ff 'gms Mi., , N . AN v5,:,,.f1-:Q I .I K, 1 P 'V 'z' " Y , , , ' ...qw -r'-f-ng-1-,5se57mwQ.,..-,vm-f,.3 ,-, .Dam ,q71.?,,. , ug ,., . f f in- C-- . -. , .,... Y .. .- ,. EBV 1 9 3 8 INTRODUCTION To perpetuate v1s1ons of today ln memorles of tomorrow th1s 1938 ORIFLAMME of SGIVICG submlts a portra1t a portra1t of a l1v mg Carmel an 1nst1tut1on grven to the development of youth of youth strong 1n the 1deals of God and country duty and respons1b1l1ty In th1s portrayal We deplct a true and accurate descr1pt1on of student and faculty l1fe and serv1ce of scholast1c soc1al and athletlc act1v1t1es We v1v1dly present Carmel and the lmmortal Splflf of SQKVICG at Carmel Hopmg that our earnest and humble s1ncer1ty W1ll y1eld future Joy and happ1ness the staff of The QRIFLAMME of SGIVICE offers th1s flfteenth Volume 1926 1927 1928 , , , . Y . . 4.-KI . , 'A .' l'1 -sy ' '-:Us lln s joflkw. . '.lI.' ll . J. ' 'I-Kll Ann'r1c3u1" Un fs ' - M -1 . . Z: S ' 1 IJ C1-ll 11l11zxU111nIs ' ll I c. ' I -ol-1-1 ti-II 1.1 f1rn1r.l.'l-l.- ' ss. -s I-1111415.11-1,9 :I -M Aw flr11r.1l Sch-1l.1st1c Pru- , -s IM-u1.g': sl Il M- U '. I"-2121.1-l11.l,11 1: .. X 15141114111-lmvd M1r1tf'1-r!1nc.11-' , , , I , -.- c.. .....-..-c 1, i , ,,,-,, . , . A 2 1 I I 1 , 1 1 P 1 ' I V 'fs V. l 5 l i .-, A -ni' ' ' I' ', I A " ' l E , f I Q- - .J " me . ' I 4 'fffb A lg N I - 1 7 -qvvn vjblx, .. 1 5' 4. 4 . .1 P -Q I I E ' T' ffl? 1 if I 4 7 .3 'ffm'-Self , " g .. . . I ' ' T 'ff I 1 I 1 1 I 1 UF SERVICE ' I ,www-vu ' firliklitlc was ,U J 1 1 1 -0. ' H ' 'r .n '1 r s 4 4 ,qlgrq-N, - bi l, . ' ,J!.7.,.'I, 4 X :,',,r,5:,4Xl7Wg.',fz!A:,',-43, . ,3 g.1f,'f3, , ,1.,.',5 15? H .'l" 1929 EZ .E -. f.. : lvmpxlrd ' -'JA bu .H J A . I' , . .ff- a 1..- .,,. f x gm-, 343132. .1 .X'.X.1.Ill'N - 'Y : X1 " :XXI A' : 1 X ?, V: . Ixv - 'f , ,T . K. L l VV 51 .. . -' Q 1 7 F - 2 A WF I ' U :il . - 6 . Chr Crxtfunynyv .. X.. "1 .-xxx M41 wx Mil W mi ',.11f,:1w.1, I YA ' -1 -' I' 1930 1931 !"r1f4fQ--f rw -. A ' M V' F" -- -A- lx..-V . QX1--I ' .Nw - -- ."....,,.,,1 ,ex ix gf , Q. -Aung-ligggii., . M KR i S A 4. Af' ,I s. J f -91a:'L---f1Ef"l4 -:dwl'K'If A1 SHT fngwvllg A. 4 .uv Y ' , + 1 . wx 1 4,4 tvs.. .v ,, v-5. - , X 1 932 1 934 Q A .. 'f 'i 1 eg O MW K 'K lg I 4'-f I 'W M133 A iff., D . 7 'fux E53 W X I 5 1. AK, ,,x N ' M H !Z,.APHIC I-'UHAA2 SCHUUL ' ORGANIZATIONS CLASSES ' ATHLETICS CARMELITANA 8 d houts of the l chorng wxth the laughter an s s under the kmdly ARMEL Hal s e fellows as they pour from the classroom urdance of the Carmelrte Fathers they are recervrng an educatron rn tne Catholrc way Carmel men are trarned to he gentlemen an scholars they are trarned to know and love therr God and to respect therr country they are tramed m the way of servrce el Through servrce to Cuod ar l c gentlemen Servrce rs a keynote at Carm ho w rll he the hrghest type of Catho 1 mg the world deprrv m men untouched hy the mg the youth of the world of a rrghtful herrtage love of God Through servrce to Country Carmel men are I-Xmerr cans rn the true sense of the word they wrll go from Carmel mto all walks of lrfe some w rll enter xnto the actrvrty of the vast Pxmer rcan husxness world others wrll explore the far flung frontrers of scrence whrle strll others may some day hear the Drvrne Call and wear the brown rohe of the Carmelrtes But whatsoever they shall he and wheresoever they shall go there wrll always be that certarn aspect h know them Nlen of Carmel' whrch you may 1 ' . ' d ' ' . ' ff C - el turns out men w ' ' ' -- "lsms" that are sweep' , ' - ' ' ' -f a knowledge and Y 5 J ,..,.,.x-1 hu. -,ww .. ., A ,, -V : "V 21- , L ,,,-. .,,x,.fJ" ',.',, k L.:- . ' i '-,lu-AH" ..,..,iJEq2Kg?r.fL Eg., Q-W" P, ,,--fn ni' iigj, rstsfy, - ' Qwg, k '- ..f-V-r W' ' 5 ' I . .1-'iii v- . M1 ....-qi' 'iff N. 145-'W ,,,,'fvq4f.v,-m,'f.W ' f , - . f. f-- , V A . r ,,.,w,.-, f f . , H, - V+ 7,5 . ,J A ,M ' - ...r--vi 'W ' ek' -p ' ' r- . . ' 11,- ' ,mf-vfMff" - , - I W Q " - l f . .x,.:1 K . T , .,,, fl . , W, ' , lf f , - F . . 4,34 ' '53 5 K, 5 n.Q,,..- lf- +-54, 1 651' J, . :,g + ' f9l , S. i- FT . " H 1 ' - P 15 ,A a. ,gy , ' zikiiiff' . 'h til ' -' .tif " FA' 'A .3 4 , 1.14 1 '? . 1 X MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL From the time when the Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was founded by Elias, down through the ages. brown and white garbed priests have exemplihed service. The history of Carmel has been a story of unselfish service - service to God. service to the state. service to youth. Under the motherly guidance of the Queen of Carmel the Carmelites have increased in number, expanded the field of their activity, and are aggressive in their program for the guidance and education of youth. In Mt. Carmel High School, these same Carmel- ites have continued the work of Catholic education. They have instructed boys in both the spiritual and the material-they have moulded men with true Christian character and ideals. This they have accomplished by brotherly counsel and exemplary conduct. The idea of a Catholic educational institution in Woodlawn was conceived in 1902, and carried out in the founding of St. Cyril's College. lt became evident, however, in l924, that the school had out- grown its old quarters - necessitating an expansion program which resulted in the present Mt. Carmel. the name being changed at that time, in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the special patroness of the school and of the Order. The old building is still being used for a chapel, a priests' refectory. a school cafeteria. and a library, besides accommodat- ing the ofhces of the Little Flower Society. For location, environment. and accessibility. Mt. Carmel is ideally situated. The school building faces east on Dante Avenue, at Sixty-fourth Street. On the north is the Carmelite Monastery and on the south. St. Cyril's Parish Rectory. To the south is a district almost exclusively resif dential, and yet a moments walk in a northerly direction will bring one to the shopping section of Woodlau'n. The Electrified Illinois Central Suburban Service has a station within a block of the school. and provides fast convenient service for the entire South Shore district. as well as for South Chicago, Pullman, Blue Island. Gary, East Chicago, and Wlaiting. The Chicago Surface Lines cars are also within a block of the school, offering transportation to and from all directions: the Elevated Lines, a scant two blocks from the school, reach practically every locality north and west. The Chicago Motor Coach Company's route through Jackson Park serves as still another means of conveyance. Thus we see that every facility is at hand for the safe and speedy trans- portation of the student. SCHOOL COUNCIL Seated Rev. Berthold Malone, O. Carm, Prefect of Studies Rev. Theodore Hatton, O. Carm., Principal Rev. Alfred Gilligan, O. Carm., Prefect of Discipline Standing Rev. Frederic Manion, O. Carm.. Treasurer Rev. Paschal Baier, O. Carm., Dean of Athletics Rev. Angelus Oborne, O. Carm., Registrar T101 Rev. Maurice Anderson. O. Carm.. Prefect of Religion 75 W M I N I S T R A T I O N "'S 1 A i,f.., vw... 'R' ' .: "' ,M " me-Q a , in X 5 Rev. Theodore J. Hatton, O. Carm. Principal Very Rev O. Carm. Provincial . Matthew T. 57 ,3 QW ? N I O'Neill, V . Q -was ,f pg-A+' , rf f ' U13 '6 E 'I 7 N lg li REV. LEONARD KINZLER O. Carm. Prior V REV. C1ll.l.lGAN ANSlQl.lVl XVERNER O. Carm. O. Carm. fitting Prior Pastor of Sr, ffyrlfs I'rel'er1 of Discipline MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL The school itself is housed in a spacious modern building. It is perfectly equipped with large, well- lighted, and well-ventilated class-rooms, excellent laboratories, lecture halls, a new gymnasium, and an up-to-date swimming pool. In connection with the latter two, provision has been made for lockers for visiting as well as home teams. The gymnasium contains all types of athletic equipment, regular in- struction in the use of which is given the students for exercise and for the conditioning of the various teams. The latest innovation is a radio amplifying system to simplify announcement-making. Apart from the material side, Mt. Carmel has re- ceived the highest possible rating scholastically. It is accredited by the University of Illinois, and the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. This afliliation carries with it the privilege of entry without examination to any University or College recognized by these organizations. Included in these affiliations are all the larger Universities in the Middle West- Illinois, Michi- gan, Wisconsin. Chicago, Notre Dame, Northwest- ern and many of the smaller colleges. The certificate privilege lentrance upon recommendation of the facultyj is held with three large Eastern Universities. namely, Georgetown, Dartmouth, and Brown. In order to maintain this accreditation, as well as their own high standards of scholarship, the Carmel- ite Fathers have outlined a strict course of study, which is designed primarily for the best interests of the student body. During the first two years, all the students are required to do practically the same work with the exception of being permitted the choice of a language. In third year several electives are offered. and seniors have a still greater choice of subjects. REV. REV. REV. REV. URBAN LAGER CHRYSOSTOM ANDRENV XVELDON .IL'l.lL'S MERZ i O. Carm. ANDLRSON O. Carm. O. Carm, Pastor of St. Clara's O. Carm. English Chaplain Librarian l12l REV. REV. .JEROME GARCIA PASCHAI- BAIER O, Carm. O. Carm. Spanish Dean of Alhlelics REV. REV. BERT!-lOl,D MALONE BRENDAN GILMORE O, Carm. O. Carm. Prefect of Studies Mathematics MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL History and English are required in fourth year, but the student is offered his choice of Chemistry or Typewriting and of Latin, Spanish. Journalism, Civics. Economics or Commercial Law. This method demands a uniformity that is for the good of all and yet allows a variation suited to the development of each boy's particular talents and desires. Cirades are given monthly in each subject, and are governed not only by the amount and quality of work done, but by the monthly examinations which are a part of each course. Quarterly and semester marks are also given, are determined chiefly by the examinations in each subject. Honor cards are merit awards given each month to students who carry a ninety or more in all subjects for that month. Stu- dents who have a monthly average of ninety or more in a subject, and who pass the semester religion examination with a grade of eighty-tive or better, are exempt from examination in that subject. Thus the REV. REV. ANGELUS OBORNE NEAL OCONNOR school demonstrates to the student a willingness to recognize and reward his best efforts. To graduate and to receive a diploma. the student must have sixteen credits. A credit in a subject is obtained by completing satisfactorily a course of thirty-eight weeks, tive periods a week. Besides the exemption privilege mentioned above, an added in- centive is to be found in the medals awarded to the boy ranking highest scholastically in the school, and to those of highest standing in each of their several class years. In addition gold medals are given to those students who excel in various subjects. These awards are made at the Commencement Exercises held at the close of the school year. Since the aim of the Carmelite Fathers is to pre- pare the boy for problems which will confront him in later life, religious instruction and training play a most important part in the curriculum. REV, REV. RIECIS DONEHUE DAMIAN LIEBERS O. Carm. O. Carm. Reaistrar English O. Carm. O. Carm. Enalish Chemistru T131 REV. REV. AQUINAS COI CAN CASEY O, Carm. O. Carm. Spanish Physics REV. REV, JOHN McGRiVl'li f l'RlfDl:RlC MANION O, Carm. i O. Carm. Latin Treasurer MOUNT CARMEL Ii SCHOOL The Freshmen are grounded in the essentials of their faith and its application to themselves. The principles which the good nuns have inculcated in them from their earliest days in school are further explained and enlarged upon. Second year students are given a thorough course in Grace and the Sacra- ments: Juniors study Christian morals, and Seniors are taught Christian apologetics that they may be prepared to defend their faith. In addition to religious instruction there is a deli- nitely planned spiritual system of training. Holy Mass is celebrated twice each week, on Tuesday morning for the Freshmen and Sophomores. and on Thursday for the Juniors and Seniors. After Mass a short instruction is given on some point of current spiritual interest to the students. In order to en- courage frequent reception of the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion, confessions are heard REV. REV. FRANCIS BLUM STANISLAUS BLANCHE O. Carm. O. Carm. Latin Latin i14l all day each Friday, and an opportunity is given the boy to make use of this during his study period. The Hrst Friday of each month is general Com- munion for the entire student body. Confessions are heard the day before, and provisions are made for the students' breakfasts after Mass. Holy Hour is also observed on first Friday. On Wednesday students are urged to attend the noon devotions in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. During October, the Rosary is said every day at noon in the chapel: and during Lent, the stations of the Cross are recited each day. The annual underclass retreats are given by some member of the Carmelite Order experienced in the handling of boys and well versed in the prob- lems of adolescence. The Senior Retreat is given by some nationally known retreatmaster, and is a fitting climax to four years of instruction and training at Mt. Carmel. REV. REV, KIERAN O'l-lARA RODERIC HURLEY O. Carm. O. Carm. Religion Latin at ' Cl ? gf- E Y REV. REV. REV. CONRAD HALL VICTO SCHWAR HERMAN CwOl.OBlC O, Carm. O. Carm. O. Carm. Chemistry Mathematics Mathematics MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL In order to make practical the principles of Cath- olic Action learned in the religion classes, four years ago Carmel organized the "Sodality of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel" affiliated with the "Chicago Student Catholic Action." This sodality aims to lead its members to greater personal holiness, and to prepare leaders for every Walk of life. The Religious Bulletin, stressing points of Cath- olic dogma or morals, written in a style which will appeal to the students is published every Wednesday. Realizing that many of the appurtenances to a complete education are not to be obtained from books alone, the faculty has planned and instituted an extra- curricular activity of such a wide scope that some phase of it is sure to appeal to every boy. The ORIFLAMME, the official school yearbook, has repeatedly won state and national recognition and has come to represent the best in high school journalism. REV. REV. MAURICE ANDERSON OWEN COTE O. Carm. O. Carm. Prefer! of Religion Latin A,4M,.,,q,iq, C . "L"Cff. '1-J-vux X, rf, 1 .Y , i. itfvwv The staff of the ORIFLAMME is picked from the higher ranking English students, and it is certainly a justifiable pride enjoyed by the parents whose son has, by his ability. merited a place on the ORIFLAMME Staff. The Carmel-Lite, a student publication, now in its second year is typical of the spirit of Carmel. Every phase of school life and school activities is considered. The Carmel-Lite, issued bi-monthly, is received with great enthusiasm by the students. The school library offers excellent literary recre- ation for the boy in his leisure hours, as Well as a con- venient source for outside references. The Library. under excellent supervision. has grown from a mere handful of books to eleven thou- sand reference volumes. and three thousand books of fiction. A trained librarian is in constant attendance. REV. REV, JUSTIN O'CONNELl. DENNIS lVlcCARTHY O. Carm. O, Carm. History Latin i151 ' E G s' . I QL E Q ERATER MEI- KENNEDY O. Carm. llfarhematics ERATER ERATER IGNATIUS POYNTON ELIAS COEI3I2Y O. Carm. O. Carm. English . History MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL The members of the Art Club assist greatly in arousing interest in school affairs through their posters and slogans. The Dramatic Club is composed of those boys whose histrionic talent and ability to act have banded them together. Their annual presentation is usually one of the high-lights of the school year. To those students who are gifted musically the band and orchestras provide an opportunity to pursue their avocation under the skillful guidance of thor- oughly trained musicians. Cognizant of the problems and tendencies of adolescence. the Carmelite Fathers have instituted a series of parties and dances. sponsored by the various organizations in the school: Through these the boys are given an opportunity to learn social adjustment. These social events are conducted by the Seniors and Juniors with some support from the lower classmen. Mt. Carmel is a regular member of the Chicago Catholic High School League, in which it enters teams in football lChampions 1927. 1931, 1932, 1933-City Champions 1927, 19331, basketball lChampions. Lightweight division. 1929, 1930, 1932, 1937, 19385. track. golf CChampions 1927, 1928, 1929, 19309. swimming and tennis iCham- pions. 19311. While boxing is not a league sport. Carmel in 1935 produced a team that won the state championship. This year the rifle team was organized and enjoyed a most successful season. Intramural sports are fostered and supervised so that every student may have a fair chance to partici- pate in some form of athletics. In addition to the regular teams which enter Catholic l.eague competi- tion, the faculty has recently revived the plan of having bantam and flyweight teams in basketball which compete with similar teams from other schools. ERATER ERATER BERNARD HOLZINGER EDVJIN MCGOVVAN O. Carm. O. Carm. Clerk Mathematics 1161 FRATER FRATER LOUIS KIRCHNER CUTHBERT I-IALEY O. Carm. O. Carm. English Mathematics as '-1 ERATER ERATER DANIEL EGAN HOWARD RAEFERTY O. Carm. O. Carm. Asst. Prefer! of Discipline Asst. Prefer! of Studies ,fix A T ht Y' ' Cf N ' I FRATER LUKE BRESNAI-IAN O. Carm. Latin MOUNT CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL Every effort is made to build a sound body in the growing boy: in fact. Physical Culture is compulsory for all students unless excused for some valid reason. Valuable aid is given the Carmelite Fathers by the various parent-teachers organizations, which sponsor numerous and varied events which are conducive to the solution of the problem of co-operation between school and home. The oldest of these organizations is the Mother's Club-its purpose is to acquaint the mothers with the problem of the teacher which can be more readily solved through intelligent cooperation of school and home. The Dads' Club is composed of those willing fathers who have volunteered their unstinted efforts to help their boys. Back of this organization is the desire to promote and encourage good fellowship: to promote interest and participation in all student activ- ity, and to cooperate with the faculty in the further- ance of these interests. Through the Dads' Club, intramural sports . . . handball, basketball, free- throw tournaments, swimming. and boxing . . . have become a customary phase in extra-curricular life at Carmel. The students look for and find real pals in their dads. The Queen of Carmel Auxiliary comprises those favored and privileged women whose sons wear the brown habit of the Carmelites, either as students at Niagara, or as Brothers, Eratres, Priests. Its activi- ties extend throughout all of Carmelite America, lend- ing a helpful hand by assembling and embroidering the vestments prescribed for the celebration of Mass and Benediction. by giving socials to aid the Order materially and by that intangible spirit of encourage- ment and cheerfulness which only Mothers can incite in their sons. ERATER ERATER LUCIAN CASEY PETER THOMAS O. Carm. SHERRY Typing O. Carm. History ERATER ERATER DE SALES SNYDER PIUS MONAGHAN O. Carm. O. Carm. Physiology Physiology U73 5 c.PL, nl ms!! ' f Ng ifgl f E I fi E N it 1 Rx I The newest parent organization is the Society of St. Albert, the members of which are the fathers of those in the Carmelite Order. This Society will co- operate with the Queen of Carmel Auxiliary and in this manner show that both the home and the Order are striving to give to God other Saints. Thus the manifold and divergent requirements of the modern educational institution, as have been enumerated in these pages, are all present in Mt. Carmel. Nothing beneficial to a well balanced and full student life has been omitted. At Carmel a boy finds every opportunity for devel- oping his body and soul as well as mind . . . "A BROTHER BROTHER PHILIP PRICE PETER THOMAS O. Carm. VILLERS Secretary to the Principal O. Carm, Clerk sound mind in a sound body." Social life is offered that the student may attain a finished poise and nat- ural exactness so necessary in the successful man of the world. His spiritual life is carefully guided and rigidly trained that he might live in strict accordance and harmony with the Faith and actively promote and defend it in this pagan world. Thus by every means made available by the latest educational methods and by the brotherly earnestness set forth by the Carmelite Fathers, he is fully pre- pared for upright manhood and American citizen- ship . . . devoted to his home . . . loyal to his country . . . and true to his God. BROTHER BROTHER MEI, XVALSH STEPHEN McGOX'ERN O. Carm. O. Carm. Engineer Clerk U31 BROTHER BROTHER JOHN COUGHLIN ALOYSIUS DERUNTZ O. Carm. O. Carm. Bookroom Clerk Secretary t I'Xf ' ' lx 'l"f'. ff' ,V f I ,, Z ,f e i f ,f".+ 'f P l'l'1I'v ' " fu.- MICHAEL MURPHY GERALD O'NEILL MICHAEL OCONNOR FREE ITE. A. B.,.I. D. A.B. A.B.,B. Sc. Physical Director Physics Mathematics MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. SPAINGENBERG JOHN JORDAN ALBERT HOLLINGER VUALLACE FROMHART HERMAN BERINGER M. A. A. B. M. S.. Litt. D, A. B. Band Director English Athletic Director MGlhEmUll'CS English MR. MISS MISS . A ' FREDERIC MUNDISE GERALDINE McGOUGH EVELYN BICKLER . NGELSCHMITT Asst. Football Coach Asst. Librarian Secretary Bookkeeper U91 HROUGH the doors of CarmeT pass hundreds of boys They come that they may be prepared for the vvodd and rts probTems They are conftdent that at CarmeT they wrh recerve the 1deaT educa tron one that vvdl serve them rn good stead throughout therr hves They come that they may garn for themseTves a greater knovviedge and understandrng of therr farth that they may he abTe to defend rt agarnst scoffers and unhehevers and that they may deveTop under the sp1rrtuaT gurdance of the Carmehte Fathers who have so endeared themselves to therr boys as teachers Teaders frrends s Junrors are proud of therr schooT Mt CarmeT the Freshm To the CarmeT boy CarmeT means s boy means everythrng CarmeT as an mstrtutron exrsts for t that rt can render to Cathohc youth It strmves to ht to equrp rts boys so that when they enter rnto therr future tasks they wth he ready and equaT to therr dutres so that they may proudTy feeT that f some use of some servrce to therr fehovv men outh that thexr graduates they have been o T hopes as tts recompense for servrng y Carme he of service to others , . en - Sophomore f- ' -' ' . omething: yet, to . ' . , ' ' ' , ' he service All C l LASSES AKC ' gu- F 431 'Vu I2-33 WFT 'rn f .uf SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS O. CREPEAL, G. MORSE FATHER MAURICE XV. DUFFY P. McCRORY Presiden Vice- Presiden Adviser Setreturg Treasurer AREWELL SENIORSY . . . we bid you goodbyl You have served well. Four happy, joyous years you have roamed the halls of Car- mel. You are about to leave the companionship of faculty and of fellow student . . . which you have loved so much. The daily routine of class, the ringing shouts of fellow classmates as they echo through the corridors, thefriendly"prof"whohelped you so much . . . all . . . all these and countless other incidents . . . will ever remain a memory . . . a memory you will cherish forever as a precious treasure. You will carry with you this living memory . . . it will not be lost, though years and distance may intervene . . . the happiness you have enjoyed during your days at Carmel will never be excelled. You have served well . . . class of '38 You have set up . . . as a onument of recognition . . . a brilliant and glorious past. You have rthered, by this great record, the cause of a great order of men . . . Carmelite Fathers. You have left in their hearts that feeling of supreme satisfaction, which comes with success. Farewell Seniors. . . you have served well . . . may success be yours! I 23 l SENIOR HISTORY Our hearts are heavy for soon we will no longer be men of Carmel-four years have passed and we now look back on the best days of our lives-those at Mt. Carmel. High School was a different world than that which we had known. At Carmel it was service that existed. a service between school and boy -between boy and school-between boy and boy. AS FRESHMEN We became acquainted with various fellows who were to become our friends for four years and perhaps a lifetime. With these fellows we entered into the spirit of High School life-our studies and extra cur- ricular activities. Six of our number gained berths on a great lightweight football squad-the heavy- weight basketball team took one of us-the light- weights another-four were taken on the track team -a new organization in Carmel sports, the boxing team, was greeted by fifteen of us. In scholastic activity after weary toiling many of us gained honor cards. Ten of us became .members of the band. The orchestra took two-the spirit of Catholicism enlisted all of us. And so we began on a trail of happiness-a path that takes four years to traverse-and a lifetime to forget. AS SOPHOMORES Back at school again-this time a little older and a little wiser-sophisticated Sophomores. Another year begins and with it the Carmel spirit of Service- inspired by this We entered a little more into the activities of the school. A few of us attended a social or a dance occasion- ally. We began to realize the intrinsic value of our studies and won even more honor-cards than we did as Freshmen. Athletically we too became more inter- ested-three of us were already in the Monogram club-three others gained their letters for their splen- did work on the heavyweight football team-seven- teen were on the lightweight team-five made the track team-six were on the swimming team-three were on the heavyweight basketball team and two on the ponies-we contributed nine to the boxing and wrestling teams and nine were members of the band. Intramural sports gave impetus to the wheels of ath- letics at Carmel. We were well represented in the Senior and Junior Literary and Debating societies which gave oratorical honors to the school. Seven of us were in the dramatic club presentation "Shannons of Broadway." l24l I-Ialf of the trail has been covered. We now leave the youthful stage of our careers and cross a threshold -one that leads us into a maturity-consisting of thought, ideals and visions of the future. We grasp a better hold upon our studies and realize we have friends even more valuable than our classmates-the Carmelite Fathers: their advice is as solid as their loyalty is unwavering. Service has become a part of us and Catholicity is stamped on our souls. Progress was characteristic of our Sophomore Class. AS JUNIORS Juniors! In the upper half of our class and it seems like yesterday that all the things familiar to us now left us in open mouthed wonder. The progress of time is unstoppable and so it seemed was the progress made by us as Juniors. We entered the year possessing a feeling of confidence- a feeling instilled by the first two yearsgone that made us try to accomplish things and to help others while doing it-a feeling called service. Few had monograms and all now made desperate attempts to gain them. Seventeen men gained places on the heavyweight football team and twenty four in the lightweight roster. The "pony" basketball team-the Catholic champs claimed many Juniors as did the heavies. The minor sports-Tennis, Golf, Boxing and Swimming, were well supported by us. en of us received that thrill of a lifetime-a mono- In athletics our Junior year was highly suc- Twelve of us were in the Band and Orches- As actors we also did well for we presented nine to a great Dramatic Club. The Art Club Cisca, organizations of no little renown, had , of us as members. Scholastically the third year known to be the most difficult but through the we came victorious, a garrison finish. We realized something and were startled-one year to go-next year seniors-kings. Three years have gone by and under the guidance of the Fathers and by following the Carmel spirit we have become ser- vants to God-to others-and to ourselves. AS SENIORS The last mile-we have been molded and shaped into form and we lack but one thing: the polish. That is the working of our Senior year. We make the most of everything for we now realize that it is but a short time to the finish-our enthusiasm cannot be equalled-the underclassmen realize this and fol- low us. The best Brown and White Football team in four years had eighteen Seniors in its ranks-the Basket- ball Seniors, winner of the St. George pre-season tourney and contenders in the National Loyola tour- nament was proud of the five Seniors that contributed to its success: the "Juniors"--City Catholic Champs for the second consecutive year had the splendid coop- eration of three of our number. The minor sports, Track, Swimming, Golf, Boxing, Intramural sports all were bolstered by Senior participation. Athlet- ically speaking we could not be excelled. Socials and other affairs were made successes by us. The annual Holiday Dance-Senior sponsored- was a dynamic affair. The Senior Prom promises without a doubt to be Carmelite's greatest dance. It will be the second time in the history of the school that a dance will be held at a country club. The Band had eight Seniors-the Swing Orches- tra, one of the most popular groups at Carmel, saw the efforts of six of us. The Student Council, guid- ing us through troubled water more than once, con- sisted of seven Seniors. Admirable organizations such as the Art Club, Cisca, Chemistry Club, Debating Teams, and the newly founded Camera and Rifle Clube were given splendid backing by the Seniors. We developed the Carmel-Lite, the bi-monthly student publication. into an outstanding paper. Scholastically we achieved the best record of our four years. With the south-west wind comes the spring. High School days at Carmel, the swellest days of a boy's life are slowly drawing to a close. We cooperate in the busy final campaign-we have not forgotten the spirit of Service-it is something that will be with us to the grave. The great work of the Carmelite Fathers is nearly over--time advances a little further-just a few days until graduation-we'll wish we could do it all over again. Graduation night-relatives and friends-the bril- liantly decorated gym-speeches-handshakes-slap- ping the back of some buddy for the last time--some of us will never be together again-except in heaven. Polished now, men of strong character, soldiers of God-graduates of Carmel-a lump in our throats- an unrestrainable tear on our cheeks-and all is-- Done. f25l E261 JOHN ALBADE "Jack" Entered from Hirsh High 4. In- tramural Basketball 4. Cisca 4. Senior Literary Debating Club 4. ALFRED ALEXANDER "Alex" St. Philip Neri. Art Club 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 4. Camera Club 4. President 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 2, 3, 4. Art Club Dance Committee 4. Mission Club 2. Anti-Communist Club 2. Inter- mural Baseball 1, 2. JOSEPH ALTENBACK "Lefty" Entered from Fenger 2. Cisca 2. 3, 4. Apostolic Committee 3. Track 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 2, 3, 4. Literary De- bating Club 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Mission Unit 2. WILLIAM ANDERSON "Bill" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball 1, 2, 3. Art Club l, 2. Honor Club 1, 2. WILLIAM ANTON "Bill" St. Bernards. Bantamweight bas- ketball 2, 3. Heavyweight basket- ball 4. Cisca 3, 4. Monogram Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 2, 3, 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Golf 3, 4. JOHN ARMSTRONG "Army" St. Ailbe. Boxing l. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 4. Swimming 1, 4. Cisca l. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. FRANK BALAAM "Frank" St. Rita. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Presi- dent 4. Solo Medalist 3, 4. Cisca 3. Rifle Club 4. Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Chemistry Club 4. Proficiency Finalist 3. Honorable Mention Spanish Medal 4. EDWARD BALLEWEBER "Red" St. Felicitas. Boxing 1. Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Champs l. Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Champs 3. GEORGE BANDERA "Bundy" Sacred Heart. Track 1. VICTOR BARBIERI "Vic" St. Anthony. Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Director of Orchestra 4. School Accordionist 1, 2, 3, 4. Dramatics 2. 'ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Junior Literary Debating Club l. Intra- mural Baseball Champs 3. JAMES P. BARDER "Feet" St. Patrick. Rooters Club l. Mis- sion Unit 1, 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Light- weight Football 3. Intramural Baseball Champs 3. Intramural Basketball Champs 4. Tennis l, 2. Heavyweight Basketball 3, 4. EDWARD BARRY "Major" Phil Sheridan. Entered from Bowen 3. Knight of Blessed Sac- rament 3, 4. Intramural Base- ball 4. THOMAS BASKO "Tom" Entered from Hyde Park 3. Art Club 3. Track 3, 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 3, 4. GEORGE BECK Entered from St. Ignatius 3. Band 3. Camera Club 4. Cisca 4. Pg . . ff I Q' 'Wwe it 'F' EDWARD BELYEA ..Ed., Entered from Hirsh 4. Amateur Program Winner 4. JOSEPH BENNE "Buck" St. Francis de Sales. Literary De- bating Club 2, 4. Rifle Club 4. Chemistry Club 4. CLIFFORD BICKLER "Cliff" St. Bernards. Entered from Quig- ley 2. Intramural Baseball 2, 3. Champs 3. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM BLOOM "TrottIe" St. Philip Neri. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2. JOHN BORDA "Hank" Our Lady of Peace. Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. Literary Debating Club 4. WILLIAM BOYD "Fat" Entered from St. Joseph 2. Wres- tling 2. Lightweight Football 3. Heavyweight Football 4. Intra- mural Basketball and Baseball 2. 3, 4. Apostolic Committee 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. JAMES BOYLE "Jim" St. Francis De Paula. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Cisca 1, 2, 3. GEORGE BRACKEN "Red" St. Patricks Academy. Bantam- weight Football l. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. 4. Cisca 2, 3. LEO BRANCKY "Brank" St. Sabina. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track l. Cisca 3. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 3, 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. EDWARD BRANKA llEdll St. Joseph. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Rooters Club l. ROBERT BROADWAY "Bob" Entered from Spalding Institute 2. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 2, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Cisca 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. ROBERT BRYAR "Bob" St. Laurence. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. Track l. Mission Unit 1. Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4. Literary De- bating l, 2. JOHN BURKE "Jack" St. Columbanus. Literary Debat- ing Club l, 2. Bantamweight Football l. Lightweight Football 2, 3. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3, 4. Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Champs 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Chem- istry Club 4. Track 4. THOMAS BURKE "Bud" St. Patricks. Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Champs 4. Intra- mural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Champs l. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Literary Debat- ing Club l, 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Mission Unit 2. Chem- istry Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. I23l JOHN BYRNES "Jack" St. Clotilde. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, Z, 3, 4. Box- ing 2. Cisca 3. Mission Club 2. Free Throw Finalist 3. Track 3. 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. CYRIL CAHILL mcg., St. Leo. Heavyweight Football 3. 4. Lightweight Football Z, Cap- tain. Boxing l, 2. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Track 4. Swimming l, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4. Co-Captain 4. Bantamweight Basketball 2. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. ROBERT CAHILL "Bob" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball 2, 3, 4. Rooters Club l. MARTIN CALLAHAN "Dutch St. Basil. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 2, 3, 4. VINCENT CARBEERY "Vince" Dixon. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Lightweight Football 3. Rifle Club 4. ROBERT CARROLL "Bob" Holy Angel. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. PHILIP CASELLA "Foozy" St. Joachim. Chemistry Club 4. Cisca l. Boxing l. English Medal 2. Orchestra l. Intramural Base- ball l, 3, 4. Literary Debating Club 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Mission Unit 2. EDWARD CASEY ..Ed,. St. Philip Neri. Knight of Blessed Sacrament. Mission Club l, 4. Literary Debating Club 2. Art Club l, 2, 3, 4. Art Club Dance Committee 4. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 1, 2. Golf 2. MAURICE CASEY "Moe" St. Felicitas. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. Class Treasurer l. Pro- ficiency Finalist 1. Art Club 2. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Literary De- bating Club 3, 4. English Medal 3. Chemistry Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. JAMES CASSIDY "Hop-Along" Visitation. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Track 2, 3, 4. Cisca l, 2. CLARENCE CEROKE "Crock" St. Dorothy. Chemistry Club. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Intramural Baseball 4. JOHN CLANCY "Jack" Our Lady of Peace. Cisca 2, 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Honor Club l. Boxing l, 2, 3, 4. Student Council 4. Anti-Communist Club 2. Intra- mural Swimming 2. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Mission Unit 2, 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. FRANK CLEGG Our Lady of Peace. Mission Unit l. Football Manager 2. Intramu- ral Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Swimming Z. Boxing 4. WILLIAM CLODJEAUX "Bill" St. Felicitas. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Base- ball l. 2. 3, 4. Champs 2. Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD CONLIN ..Ed,, St. Anne. Intramural Basketball and Baseball. OREAL CREPEAU "Orme" St. Catherine. Lightweight Foot- ball l. Heavyweight Football 2. 3. 4. Captain 4. Monogram Club 2. 3, 4. Heavyweight Basketball 1, 2. Wrestling 2. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Intramural Base- ball l, 3, 4. Champs 3. President Junior Class, President Senior Class. Prom Committee 3, 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. FRANCIS CRONIN "Frank" Bryn Mawr School. Bantam- weight Football l. Ciolf l, 2, 3. Art Club 2. Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. MAURICE CROWLEY "Morz'e" St. Lawrence. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Literary Debating Club l. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. RICHARD DALLAGER "Dick" Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basket and Baseball 3. Rifle Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. FRANCIS DAWE "Ash" Holy Cross. CARMEL-LITE Car- toonist 4. Boxing l. 2, 4. Cisca 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Art Club l. LOUIS DE BENEDETTE "De Bates" St. Anthony. Intramural Baseball l. 2. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 3. LEROY DE PYSSLER ..De., Holy Cross. Boxing 1, 2. State Boxing Champ 2. Intramural Baseball Champs 2. Flyweight Basketball l. Bantamweight Basketball 2, 3. Lightweight Basketball 4. Junior Handball Champ l. Senior Handball Champ 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Treas- urer Monogram Club 4. Light- weight Football 3. Captain Ban- tamweight 3. Mission 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. WILLIAM DEVINE "Bill" Holy Cross. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Cisca l, 2. 3, 4. ALBERT DEWEY "Admiral" Sl. Lawrence. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Anti- Communist Club 3. JAMES DIETRICH "Red" St. Kilian. Knight of Blessed Sac- rament 3, 4. Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Champ 4. Intra- mural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Champ 1. Rooters Club l. Anti-Commu- nist Club 3. Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca l, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. LEWIS DILLON "Lew" St. Columbanus. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 4. Chemistry Club 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. DONALD DITTMAN 'ADon" Entered from Columbia 3. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. Track 3. 4. Cisca 4. WILLIAM DONOVAN "Bill" Holy Rosary. Lightweight Foot- ball 2. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling 2. 291 E301 ROBERT DOUGHERTY "Silver" St. Lawrence. Mission Unit l, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Heavy- weight Football Manager 4. Mon- ogram Club 4. JAMES DOYLE "Jim" Our Lady of Peace. WILLIAM DUFFY "Duff" Richard Edward. Mission Unit l. Literary Debating Club 1. Intra- mural Basketball and Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4. Swimming 2. Wrestling 3, 4. Boxing 3, 4. News Editor of CARMEL-LITE 4. Anti-Commu- nist 3. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. ORIFLAMME 4. Committee of Holiday Dance 4. JOHN DUNNE "Jack" Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basketball l, Z, 3, 4. Champs 2, 3. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Bantamweight Football l. Cisca 3, 4. Lightweight Football 3. THOMAS DWAN "Irondale" St. Kevins. Junior Literary Debat- ing Club 1. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. JOHN EAGAN "Jack" Holy Cross. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. Writers Club 2. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3. Anti-Communist Club 3. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. CHARLES EWERTS "Charley" St. Anthony di Padua. CARMEL- LITE Staff 3, 4. Assistant Editor 4. Band l, 2, 3, 4. Department Edi- tor ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Chemistry Club 4. Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 4. Literary Debating Club 4. JOHN FEENEY "Josephine" St. Lawrence. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3. Chem- istry Club 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Cisca l, 2. Mission Club Z. 4. Dramatic Club 4. Literary Debating Club l, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. JAMES FERONATO "Jim" St. Cyril. Knight of Blessed Sac- rament 3, 4. Cisca 4. JOSEPH FIGLIULO "Mouse" St. Clotilde. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Manager Football 2, 4. Flyweight Basket- ball 2. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. Monogram Club 4. CARL FIOCCA "Boris" St. Patrick. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. Cisca 3, 4. Literary Debating Club 4. Chemistry Club 4. JAMES FOY "Jim" St. Clara. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Proficiency Finalist 2. Honor Club 3. Physics Medal 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Mission Club 2. JOHN FREEMAN "Pat" St. Cyril. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2. 3, 4. Boxing l. 2, 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. ALBERT FREUND HAI., St. Ailbe. Lightweight Football 3. Rifle Club 4. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Swim- ming 3, 4. Track I. 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. RAYMOND FULLEM "Weezy" Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Anti-Communist 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2. Cisca l, 2. JOHN GEARY "Bud" St. Joachim. Cisca 3, 4. Intramu- ral Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Intramu- ral Baseball 3, 4. RICHARD GEARY "Red" St. Ambrose. Bantamweight Foot- ball l. Lightweight Football 2. Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. Chairman Holiday Dance Committee 4. Tennis 4. GEORGE GECEWICZ "Red" Entered from St. Anthony Col- lege 4. WILLIAM GIBBONS "Baldy" Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Champs 2. 3. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Lightweight Basketball 3, 4. Mon- ogram Club 4. JAMES GIBSON "Jim" St. Carthage. Boxing 1. Light- weight Football l. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. JOHN GLEASON "Jack" St. Brides. Cisca 1, 2, 3, 4. Mis- sion Unit 2. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. Chemistry Club 4. CAR- MEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Track l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT F. GLEESON "Bob" St. Philip Neri. Art Club l. In- tramural Baseball 4. Mission l, 4. Cisca l, 4. Rooters Club 1. JOHN W. GRAY Parkside. Football l, 2, 4. Mono- gram Club 3. 4. Junior Prom Committee 3. Homecoming Com- mittee 4. Junior Literary and De- bating Club l, 2. Senior 3, 4. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Champs 4. JOHN C. GREENAN "Jack" St. Brendan. Intramural Basket- ball 1, 2. Swimming Team l. Dramatics 2. Track 3, 4. Art Club l, 2, 3. Rifle Club 4. In- tramural Baseball 2, 3, 4. ROBERT GREENE ..BOb,, St. Philip Neri. Bantamweight Football 1. Lightweight Football 2, 3. Heavyweight Football 4. Senior Holiday Committee 4. Cis- ca l, 2. Track 4. Monogram Club 4. Intramural l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN GROGAN "Jobby" St. Philip Neri. Camera Club 4. Art Club 3. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Treasurer of Camera Club 4. RICHARD HALL "Dick" St. Philip Neri. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Bantamweight Football 1. Lightweight Football 2. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3. In- tramural Basketball l, 3, 4. Champs l. WILLIAM HANNA "Bill" St. Cyrils. Art Club l, 4. De- bating Club 2, 4. Rifle Team 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Cisca 4. Writers Club 2. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. Intramural Baseball 3. Chemistry Club 4. I3-21 WILLIAM HANSEN "Bill" St. Felicitas. Intramural l, 2, 3. 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Golf 4. JAMES HARAN "Jim" St. Brides. Boxing 2, 3, 4. Stu- dent Council l, 4. Vklrestling 2. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Debating Club 4. President of Chemistry Club 4. Monogram Club 4. In- tramural l. 2. 3, 4. EMERY HARMON "Emmy" St. Brides. Debating Club l, 4. ORIPLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL- LITE Staff 4. Swimming l, 2, 4. Manager 4. Football 3. Track 4. Skating Team 2. Intramural 1. 2, 3, 4. Cisca 1. 2, 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. Press Dance Committee 4. Monogram Club 4. WILLIAM HAYES "Billl' St. Clara. Pronciency Finalist l, 2. Class President 2. Religion Medal 2. Honorable Mention Religion l. Cisca 2, 3. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3. 4. Managing Editor ORIFLAMME 4. Intramural l, 2, 3, 4. Honor Club l, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry. JOHN HENNESSY "Jack" Entered from Hirsch 2. Intra- mural Baseball 3, 4. Cisca 2, 3. 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. JOHN HENNESSEY "Greek" St. Patrick. Cisca l. 2, 3. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3. 4. Honor Club l. 2. Intramural l. 4. De- bating Club l. 2. Track l. Ten- nis l. Football 3. 4. Monogram Club 4. Swimming l. 2. Chem- istry Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. DANIEL HILGARTNER "Danny" St. Philip Neri. Intramural l. Z. 3. 4. Track 3, 4. Stamp Club 2. CARMIQI.-I-1Tr3 Staff 4. Cisca 3. 4. Mission Club l. 2. Debating Club l. 2. Ciolf Z, 3.4. RAYMOND HOFFMANN ,.Ray,, St. Carthage. Intramural l, 2, 3. 4. Debating Club l. Band 1, 2. 3. 4. Chemistry Club 4. ORI- IILAMME Staff 4. Orchestra 1, 2. RICHARD HUSTON "Dick" St. Brides. Intramural l. 2. 3. 4. Boxing 4. Knight of Blessed Sac- rament 3, 4. Debating Club 4. Religion Medal 3. Junior Prom Committee. Press Dance Commit- ICC 4. CJRIFLAMME Staff 4. CAR- MI21--L1'1'E Staff 3, 4. Editor-in- Chief 4. JAMES JUBY "Jim" St. Benedicts. Band l, 2, 3. 4. Hungry Five 4. Sextet 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3. 4. Dramatic Club 4. Stu- dent Council 4. Feature Editor of CARMEL-LITE 3. Debating Club 4. Honor Club 2. Anti-Com- munist Club 3. ROBERT KAIN "Sugar" St. Sabina. Lightweight Football 3. Track l, 2. Intramural l, 2, 3. 4. Cisca l, 2, 3. FRANCIS KELLEHER "Curly" Seneca High 3. Intramural 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Mission Unit 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sac- rament 4. Literary Debating Club 4. JOHN KELLEY "Kel" St. Bernards. Intramural 1. Bas- ketball Z. 3. 4. Cisca 2, 3. Wres- tling Z. 3. Anti-Communist Club 2. Holiday Dance Committee 4. JOHN KELLEY "Major" St. Ambrose. Football 2. 3. In- tramural l, 2, 3. 4. Dramatics Z, 3, 4. Cisca 2. 3. 4. Student Council 4. Vice-President of Class 3. Orchestra Z. 3. 4. Prom Com- mittee 3. I QE' 'l I :fi I , V' . if .U f I 'PL' .1 lg. 'Q . " ii. JOHN KENNEDY "Jack" St. Ann. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Heavy- weight Football 3. Cisca 2. 3. 4. Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4. Track l, 2. THOMAS KENNEDY "Slither" Holy Rosary. Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN KENNEY "Jack" Holy Rosary. Bantamweight Football l. Heavyweight Football 2, 3. 4. All-Catholic Quarterback 4. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Captain 3, 4. National Half-mile Champion 2, 3. 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Boxing l, Z. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS KERWIN "Dutch" St. Patrick. Intramural Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Swimming 3, 4. LAWRENCE KEVIN "Larry" St. Francis De Paula. Honor Club l. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Mission Unit 1. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4. CARMEL-LITE 3, 4. Literary Debating Club l. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. DONALD KILBURG "Don" Little Flower. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2. 3, 4. Light- weight Football 3. Cisca 3, 4. Literary Debating Club 3, 4. Hon- or Club l, Z. Honorable Mention Mathematics Medal 4. JOHN KLEES "Pro" St. Felicitas. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Champions l. Golf l. Z. 3. 4. Honor Club l. 2. Chemistry Club 4, Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. ELMER KLOSS "Bud" Visitation. Boxing 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2. Swimming 2, 3. 4. ' JOHN KURATNIK "Johnny" St. Ailbe. Intramural l. 2, 3, 4. Lightweight Football 3. Heavy- weight Football 4. Boxing l, 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ARCHIE LANG "Arch" St. Rita. Band l, 2, 3, 4. Vice- President 4. Orchestra 4. Cisca 3, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. DQ- bating Club 4. Track 3. Mathe- matics Medal Winner 3. Spanish Medal Winner 4. Committee of Mid-Year Dance 4. WILLIAM LANGAN "Quack" St. Clotilde. Art Club 2. 3, 4. Writers Club 2. Cisca Z, 3, 4. In- tramural l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN LANUM "Bunny" St. Philip Neri. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. De- bating Club l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca l. 2, 3, 4. Intramural l, 2, 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2, 3. Anti-Com- munist Club 3. Honorable Men- tion English 1. Honor Club 1, 2. JAMES LAVELLE "Sliker" St. Ann. Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 2, 3, 4. Track 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Swimming 2. 3, 4. LEO LINDBLOONI A'L1'ndy" St. James. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2. 3. 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Swimming l, 2, 3. i341 ANDREW LINDHOFF "Lindy" Holy Cross. Heavyweight Basket- ball 2, 3. 4. Bantamweight Foot- ball l. Lightweight Football 2. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1.2, 3, 4. Tennis l, 2. Cisca 1, 2.3.4. Ciolf l. 2. 3, 4. Track l. 2. 3, 4. JAMES LYNCH "Jim" St. Dorothy. Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Champs l. Intra- mural Baseball l, 2, 3. 4. Champs 3. Swimming I. Boxing 2, Cisca Z, 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. WILLIAM LYNCH 'fB1'Il" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Liter- ary and Debating Club l. 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. DAVID MAGUIRE "Dave" Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. Vice-President 2. Honor Club 2. Pronciency Finalist 2. Honorable Mention Proficiency 2. Cisca 1, 2. 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3. Bantamweight Football l. CARMEL-LITE 3. Bus- iness Manager 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. JOHN MALONE "Buckets" St. Columbanus. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. Literary Debating Club l. 2. Wrestling 2. Boxing l. Lightweight Football l. JOHN MARKEVJEXVIEZ "Marky" Holy Rosary. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l. Z. 3. 4. Caimtst--I-11'1? Staff 4. EMMETT MARKEY ..Em.. St. Felicitas. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. EDGAR MARTIN ,.Ed., Entered from St. Patrick 2. Liter- ary Debating Club 4. ORIFL,-xxmii Staff 4. VVriters Club 2. Secretary Camera Club 4. Cisca 2, 3. 4. Staff Photographer CARMEL-LITE 4. ROBERT MARTIN "Pepper" St. Margaret. Chemistry Club 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Intramural Baseball Champions l, 4. Intra- mural Basketball Champions 4. Mission Unit l. 2, 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Liter- ary Debating Club 4. Free Throw Champion 4. .IUSTUS E. MATTHES "Slim" St. Bernards. Cisca 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Intra- mural Baseball l. 3, 4. Track 4. WILLIAM MEYER "Dutch" Entered from Hyde Park 2. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. Mission 2. Golf 3, 4. Intra- mural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. LEE MEYRICK "George" Parkside. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Light- weight Football 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2. 3, 4. Literary Debating Club l. 2. Swimming 3. WILLIAM MICHELSEN "Mike" Our Lady of Peace. OR1FI.Axm12 Staff 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2. 3, 4. Track 2, 3. 4. Cisca 2. 3, 4. Mission Unit l. Golf 4. Literary Debating Club 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. CHARLES MILLER "Bud" St. Philip Neri. Lightweight Foot- ball 2, 3. Heavyweight Football 4. Monogram Club 4. Cisca 3. 4. XVrestling Z. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2. 3. 4. Swimming 3. Bantamweight Football l. Fm 5 6.75 v 0 .1 4 1 P' y up D' U-fu JOHN MORIN "Stumky" Calumet 2. Football 2. 4. Box- ing 2. Treasurer Junior Class. Prom Committee 3. Intramural Z. 3. 4. Chemistry Club 4. CAR- MEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. 0R1- FLMNE Staff 4. Apostolic Com- mittee Z. Homecoming Dance Committee 4. GEORGE MORSE Lindbloom 2. Intramural Z. 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Secretary Junior Class 3. Vice- President Senior Class. Track 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. Student Council 4. Football 3. Debating Club 4. ROBERT MUNROE "Bob" St. Francis de Sales. Art Club l, 2. Chemistry Club 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Boxing 4. MICHAEL MURINO "Mike" St. Rita. Band l, 2, 3. Intramural Basketball l. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. JOHN B. MURPHEY "Jack" St. Philip Neri. Intramural l, 2. 3, 4. Football 4. Monogram 4. Dramatic Club 3, 4. Press Dance Committee 4. Debating Club 4. CARMEL.-LITE 3. 4. OR1FLAMs1i1 4. EDWARD MURPHY NEG... St. Sabina. Band l. 2. 3, 4. Murphy' Club l, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS MURPHY 'iMurph" Entered from Campion 3. Dra- matics 3. Cisca 3, 4. Anti- Communist 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. Intramural Base- ball 3, 4. VUILLIAM MURPHY "Huge" St. Cyril. Football 2. Intramural l. 2, 3, 4. JOHN MURRAY "Jack" St. Francis de Paula. Intramural l, 2, 3. 4. Champs l. Swim- ming l, 2. 3, 4. Cisca 4. ROBERT McCARTHY "Bob" Holy Cross. Football l, 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. Boxing l. Basketball l. Intramural l, 2, 3. 4. CARMEL-LITE 3, 4. Cisca l, Z. Debating Club l, Z, 3, 4. Dramatics Club 3, 4. Press Dance Committee 4. ORIMAMME 4. Oratorical Medal 4. EUGENE McCARTNEY "Beautiful" Entered from Niagara in 3. Intra- mural Basketball 4. Literary De- bating Club 4. PATRICK McCRORY "Pat" Holy Cross. Basketball and Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. Football 4. Monogram 4. Class Treasurer 4. Debating Club 4. Cisca 3. Student Coun- cil 4. EMMETT McGINNIS ,.Em,, St. Sabina. Football l, 2. 3. 4. Honorable Mention All-Catholic Guard 4. Wrestling l, Z, 3, 4. Co-Captain 4. Cisca 3. 4. Mono- gram Club 3. 4. EDVVARD MCGLYNN "Mac" St. Lawrence. Boxing l. Wres- tling 2. Mission Unit l. Cisca 3. Rifle Club 4. Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3. Writers Club Z. I35l l36l JOHN McGREW "Duke" Entered from Morgan Park 2. Cis- ca 2, 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. ORIFLAMMIE Staff 4. Anti-Communist 2. JOHN McGUIGAN "Mac" Sr. Cyril. ORIPLAMME Staff 4. Intramural Basketball l. ARTHUR McGURK "Art" St. Margaret. Entered from Quig- ley. JAMES McKILLIP "Ted" Entered from Hyde Park 2. Dra- matics 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Student Council 4. Intramural Baseball 3, 4. MICHAEL McMAHON "Mike" St. Bernards. Intramural Basket- ball Champs l. Bantamweight Basketball 2. Heavyweight 3, 4. Monogram 4. Intramural Baseball Champs 2. Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS McNAMARA St. Theodore. Intramural Baseball and Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Boxing 2. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. Cisca 2. Anti-Communist Club 2. NORMAN NAGEL "Nuggets" St. Rita. Dramatics 2. Light- weight Football 3. Dramatics 3. Track 3, 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. Z, 3. 4. ORI- I2I-AM3llE Staff 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. Cisca 4. WILLIAM NEALE "Pinky" St. Philip Neri. Football l. 2, 3. Boxing l. Proficiency Finalist 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. Camera Club 4. Student Club 4. Mathe- matics Medal 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Monogram 3, 4. Golf 3, 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Home- coming Dance 4. DONALD NEWMAN "SIr'cker" St. Anne. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. 4. Anti- Communist Club 3. Boxing l. Cisca l, 2. EDWARD NIECHWEIJ "Nick" St. Florian. Orchestra l. 4. Intra- mural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 3. Mission 2. GEORGE NORMAN "Norm" St. Philip Neri. Art Club 2, 3, 4. Intramural Baseball 3, 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Track 4. Camera Club 4. FRANCIS NOTTINGHAM "Bud" St. Veronica. Football 3, 4. Box- ing l, 2, 3. Captain 4. Vklrestling l, 2. Monogram 4. Basketball l, Z, 3, 4. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Debat- ing Club l. 2. JOSEPH NUGENT "Joe" St. Phili Neri. Intramural Baseball l. 2.3.4. Track 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Golf 2, 3. PATRICK OBLOCK "Pat" St. Francis De Sales. Football l. Boxing l. Art Club l, Z. 3. Sec- retary 4. Track l, 2. 3, 4. Cisca l, 3, 4. Intramural l. Z. 3, 4. Honorable Mention Religion Medal 3. ORll3l.AMMIE Staff 4. Chemistry Club 4. Swimming l. Chairman Midyear Dance 4. De- bating Club l. 2. 3, 4. Mono- gram Club 4. JAMES O'BRIEN ..O,B,, St. Ailbe. Swimming 4. Intramu- ral Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Lightweight Football 3. Track 4. Rifle Club 4. Cisca l. Box- ing 1. WILLIAM O'CONNOR HBeeze" St. Bernards. Intramural Baseball l, 2. JOHN O'CrRADY "Jack" St. Dorothy. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Chem- istry Club 4. Swimming l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT O'HARA "Bob" St. Cyril. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Champion 1. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Writers Club 2. Cisca 3, 4. Honor Club l, 2. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. WILLIAM O'KEEFE "Oaks" St. Francis de Paula. Literary De- bating Club l, 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Wrestling 2. Track 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Cisca 2. CURTIS O'REILLY "Curt" St. Francis de Paula. Art Club 2, 3, 4. Intramural Baseball 4. Dramatics 4. Sports Editor ORI- FLAMME 4. Honorable Mention English 4. Knight of Blessed Sac- rament 3, 4. GORDON O'REILLY St. Philip Neri. Lightweight Foot- ball 2. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. THOMAS OSBORNE "Ozzie" St. Catherine of Genoe. Honor Club 1. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2. 3. 4. Lightweight Football 2. Track l. Heavyweight Football 3. 4. Monogram 3. 4. Cisca l. 2. 3. Mission Unit l. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Literary De- bating Club 4. BRUNO PAPSIS All Saints. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Champs 2. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. ALAN PAXSON HAI., Our Lady of Peace. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 4. Anti-Communist Club 4. Mission Unit l, 2. HENRY PENDLETON "Hank" St. Lawrence. Entered from Til- den 3. Rifle Club 4. Knight of the Blessed Sacrament 4. FRANK PERKINS "Perla" Little Flower. Entered from Quig- ley 4. Cisca 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. CJRIFLAMME Staff 4. Intramural Basketball and Base- ball 4. BURTON PETERSEN St. Lawrence. Entered from Quig- ley 4. Cisca 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. ORIFLAMME 4. LEROY PETERSON "Swede" Our Lady of Peace. Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cham- pions l. Cisca l. 2, 3, 4. Anti- Communist Club 3. Knight of Blessel Sacrament 3, 4. E371 I33l JOHN PHELPS "Jack" St. Cyril. Cisca l. 2. Band l, 2. 3, 4. Orchestra 2. 3, 4. Track 3, 4. CARMEL-I-1Tr3 Staff 4. In- tramural l, 2, 4. Camera Club 4. VINCENT POWERS "Bill" Entered from Hirsh 2. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. ALFRED QUANT HAI., Entered from Quigley 4. Rifle Club 4. Mission Unit 4. Camera Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 4. Honor Club 4. Cisca 4. Boxing 4. JOHN QUINLAN "Jack" St. Sabina. President of Class l. Secretary of Class 2. Proficiency Finalist 1, 2. Intramural l. 2, 3. 4. Band I, 2. Orchestra 1, 2. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL- LITE Staff 3. DANIEL RAFFERTY "King" St. Barnabas. Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3.4. Champs 2. Boxing l. 2. 3. Bantamweight Football l. Track l, 2. Cisca I, 2, 3, 4. Literary Debating Club 2. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Light- weight Football 3. Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3. Wrestling 2. ARNOLD REARDON "Dean" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2. 3. 4. Holi- day Dance Committee 4. Cisca I. Z. 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. Literary Debating 2. Boxing l. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Bantam- weight Football l. VJILLIAM J. REDMOND "Bill" St. Ethelreda. Lightweight Foot- ball 2. Heivyweight Football 3. 4. Knight of the Blessed Sacra- ment 4. Cisca 3, 4. RICHARD L. REED "Dick" Barbour Hall. Track 3. 4. Intra- mural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cham- pions 3. Intramural Basketball l. 2. 3. 4. Cisca 3, 4. FRANCIS J. REILLY "Fran" St. Carthage. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball 1, Z, 3. 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. Anti-Communist Club 3. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 3. 4. Mission Unit 2. JOSEPH P. REILLY "Joe" John W. Cook. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, Z, 3, 4. Lit- erary Debating Club l, 2, 3, 4. Boxing l, 2, 3. 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. MATTHEW RIGLER "Slim" St. Nicholas. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Mis- sion Unit 1. Literary Debating Club 1, 4. Camera Club 4. ORI- FLAMME Staff 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. CORBIN ROBERTSEN "Corb" Holy Cross. Bantamweight Foot- ball l. Heavyweight Football 2. 3, 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 4. Secretary Cisca 2. President 4. ORIFLAMME Bus- iness Manager 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Homecoming Dance Com- mittee 4. Literary Debating Club l, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Champions 3. Mission Unit I, 2. JOSEPH ROBIN "Streaky" St. Ciabriels. Honor Club l. 2. Cisca 3, 4. Knight of the Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. Track 2, 3. 4. GEORGE ROBINSON "Bobby" Our Lady of Peace. Boxing l, 2. 3, 4. Cisca l, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Knight of Blessed Sacra- ment 3. 4. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3. 4. Mission Unit l. 2. Monogram Club 4. EUGENE C. ROSE "Gene" St. Benedict. Handball Finalist 4. Art Club 3. 4. Cisca l, 2. 3, 4. JAMES ROWE "SchooIboy" Visitation. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2. 3. 4. English Medalist 1. Cisca l. 2, 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. Liter- ary Debating Club Z. Bantam- weight Football l. JOHN RUSSELL "J. R." Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basketball and Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. Lit- erary Debating Club 3, 4. ORI- PLAMME Staff 4. Boxing 2. Honor Club l, 2, 3, 4. Pronciency Final- ist I, 3, 4. Freshman Proficiency Medal. Junior Proficiency Medal. Vice-President 1. Class Secretary 2. GERALD RYAN "Jerry" Entered from Rita 2. Art Club 3. Ryan Club 2, 3, 4. CA1uiEL- LITE Staff 3, 4. ORlI11.As1ME Stall 4. THOMAS RYAN "Tom" St. Philip Neri. Swimming l, 2, 3, 4. Captain 4. Flyweight Basket- ball 2, 3. Captain 3. Lightweight Basketball 4. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cham- pions 3. CARMEL-LITIS Staff 3. 4. Cisca Z, 3. Nlonogram Club 4. Intramural Swimming Champion l, Z, 3, 4. SIGMUND RYBARCZYK HS!-g., St. John of God. Intramural Base- ball I, ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Sophomore English Medalist. Honor Club l, 2, 3, 4. Literary Debating Club I, 4. Proficiency Finalist 3. JOSEPH SCALLY "Joe" Holy Cross. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3.4. Captain I. 2, 3, 4. Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2. THOMAS SCANLAN "Toms" St. Basil. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Cisca Z. 3. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. ALLAN SCHAEFER HAI., St. Mary. Entered from Quigley 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 4. ROBERT SCHMITT St. Ambrose. JOHN SHARKY "Jack" St. David. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. ORI- FLAMME 4. CARMEL-LITE 3, 4. Feature Editor 4. Anti-Commu- nist Club 3. Chemistry Club 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. ERVIN SHUPRYT "Em" Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basketball and Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Cisca l, Z, 3, 4. Mission Unit I. 2, 3, 4, WILBERT SIMPSON "Andy" St. Laurence. Intramural Basket and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Swim- ming I, 2. Track 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. JOHN SIMPSON "Jack" Holy Cross. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l. 2, 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. Mission Unit l, 2, 3, 4. I40l CORNELIUS SLATER "Connie" Holy Rosary. Football 3, 4. In- tramural l, 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 4. Boxing l, 2. CHARLES SMITH "Charlie" St. Philip Neri. Golf l, 2, 3, 4. FRED SOTH "Fred" Our Lady of Peace. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. Intramural l, 2, 3, 4. Chair- man of Press Dance 4. JAMES SPELLACY "Sprat" Entered from Niagara l. Intramu- ral l, 2, 3, 4. Track 4. Foot- ball 3. Cisca 4. Golf 4. Debating Club 4. EDWARD STELMASZEK "Bush" St. Michael. Football l, 2, 3, 4. All-Catholic, All-City, All-State in 4. Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4. Monogram 2, 3, 4. Secretary 4. RAPHAEL P. SULLIVAN "Sully" Entered from Hyde Park 2. Chem- istry Club 4. Boxing 2, 3, Art Club 2, 3. Intramural Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. CARMEL- LITE Staff 4. Rifle Club 4. ROBERT J. THOMPSON "Tommy" St. Brides. Swimming l, 2, 3, 4. Rifle Club 4. CARMEL-LITE Staff 4. Literary Debating Club 4. In- tramural Basketball l. 2, 3, 4. Monogram 4. Cisca 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM TOBIN "Jumbo" Our Lady of Peace. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. Mission Unit I. 2. Literary Debating Club l, 2. 3, 4. Chemistry Club 4. Intramu- ral Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD TRAPP "Dick" St. Columbanus. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2. 3, 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3. 4. Lightweight Football 3. Track 4. JOSEPH TUFO "Jo-Jo" St. Joachim, Cisca l, 2, 3, 4. In- tramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2. 3, 4. WILLIAM VAIL "Slim" St. Francis De Paula. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Champions 2, 3. Cisca l, Z, 3, 4. HAROLD WALSH "Hal" Bishop Quarters Boarding School. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN WALSH "Jack" St. Clara. Intramural Basketball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Cisca 2, 3, 4. Cheerland 4. Literary De- bating Club l. CHARLES WILLIAMS "Chuck" Myra Bradwell. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Track Manager 3, 4. Pronciency Finalist 3. CARMEL-LITE Staff 3, 4. Sports Editor 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Editor-in-Chief 4. Press Dance Committee 4. Camera Club 4. STANLEY WINCLAWSKI "Stan" St. Michaels. Intramural Basket- ball and Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM WOODWARD "Woody" St. Columbanus. Chemistry Club 4. Intramural Basketball and Base- ball l, 2, 3. 4. Knight of Blessed Sacrament 3, 4. Intramural Swim- ming Champion 4. Cisca 2, 3. Literary and Debating Club 4. Zin jllilemuriam 1 kenneth Jfarrell Born fiilarrb 3, 1921 Gxfurb, Ilnbiana Eieh Qpril 26, 1936 we the class of 1938 ufier this tribute to our beparteb frienh anb tellutn classmate. may be tnbuse memory lingers un interrebe for us tn Gut Queen of Qiarmel. IK. Il. B. l41l 'K fg? 0 uwki Q6 1 2'-5 ,Lai 4 President Vice-President Adviser Mary Treasurer f'-J P LASS OF '39! . . . Your third year at armel deserves unlimited praise. Your scholastic, athletic, and social achievements have been outstanding. The service you have rendered to Carmel in this third and most successful year will stand forth as a goal for future Junior classes. Your brilliant scholastic accomplishments placed you high on the honor roll of scholarship. ln the field of athletics you were second to none. You gave Carmel teams two able Basketball leaders, who guided their respective teams to new and lofty peaks. Ten of you joined the ranks of the Football squad and have perpetuated the grid- iron glory Carmel has always enjoyed. Eleven of you were acclaimed for your excellent work as members of our very successful Basketball teams. Your outstanding ability was further exhibited on the Track, on Boxing, Swimming, and Ciolf teams and on the Rifle squad. You . . . the class of '39 . . . by your excellent and much welcomed ooperation, have aided the progress of intramural sports at Carmel. goodly number of you participated in the annual freethrow and ndball tournaments and you were well represented in the basketball d baseball contests. To the band, the popular orchestra, and the cal orchestra you donated your services. Nine of you were mem- of the Senior Literary and Debating Society. You willingly sup- ported Cisca, the Art, Honor, and Dramatic clubs and were main factors in the successful promotion of all dances, and other activities. Class of '39 . . . We salute you for your response to Carmel's call! l43l ir' 5 x UTM W x I 1 Ill lx nmx X Islllll JUNIORS ii' H T X no QF N43 QT' uh ORuurk IN ru I mllp K 1 S mn gn on ru CHN FIU mx 'YI' sq,- JUNIORS Nu.-.LII IJ. C.vur.a NI XX'.1fxh I Sul? 'rd H I,.',v. v xx... -.-I ...Uv- s.- 'X Lhudm f mic I xln Nmhuun B KWSIWIH X 1 Mr X 'K Xhhon I ull Ixmmpf lx .1 3 un Sl rldm XX X 1 'i WIIID J if ,JIM P Q I If 7 ,pw 1 'nkm Pipe' i453 ?l n 1111 'X Lssmr X Wnhcr Cx LX U1 skme N x 1 5 C W- VN. . N'rn- 'w A1 wx, . 1. . K' 4 .1 ' N63 J UNIORS Cxlxnn J Ialbot D mcrx Co X J X Icl 1 i mhcm Smlth R Hogan H fmmbon R O Ioolc J 'K Cmnn I Raed XX Ihmlng J S7kUdl8fCk IIOQCH A JUNIORS ar 5, r- nal '1 Cncr 1-XL IJL fl 76 '05- 5 I 1 93 SIIXLFILIOYH C IQJA Susallz Spclrs 1 Ruchh R mn J XX LbSl r 1 Xhun KK n KK H rosxn 1 u I mi Du, rosbx s nur Q Sullxmn Cwmodx -jk are 9 2 'Cr Cnrlndm L 13 Da., Q13 K Dlllon XX L lx QXKQLU Y my X lr xx K r Ixkul uuslu Xhllbollmnd C i473 1' FP Bur mn IE SIHIPS FXIE1 K xrkmx 481 JUNIORS 1 1 X Cm fl urph mn mmf KW l'xLnl1L XX IK 1 XX Ldchs B 1i1I'l'lI1y,lUI1 cn 1 ms umx X llnr R I X J UNIORS falkm K U Xhhrwn Pnulcr R Cruhmm fl n fa!" 'K oltx X1LlLlSl9 C fnrmk C Hong, Ill N1 Sm X U I odchr I I9 k lx Im L mm Yrmdx 1 o Ou rkhurl ntl x Drumm UID ce, Seurn Qs hx XX Un Rumi r r X E493 'ff 'S 1 , A ' 1 5-?3'-4 4 4 ,Q ' 2 4 , .f Y . , 4 l ,M r' M X ' lb 11" 1 x. 'fp ,W R5 ' A f K 5 ' f 4 Q, X f ? I ff' , , Q-pw, 52, Q X I L , in f 4' v Ar' iz' i. 1 SWA, 'W 'Y gp' 'f lf' . 1 ji ' X Tx ' M 4 ig, If r ' - - A . X ' '., 4 A . w I Q Qi NN W 3 -fy ,x 'P- 4 4 , ff ff X ' A 2 1' 1 ,AQA 8 x 4 Q vt, xt Q- "MY X 'Ft , IA h. 'N J - ' V223 'T ' 4 i lv I mix Y It X " .h Q A g y 'X V ' 1 - , , B Q' K A , a 1 I i Q ' 1 4' q L.,-v wf .' 5 5 A f' ' . 5 K f .L v 189' Y .ff X - K 6, ,A 33 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JAMES KUMMERER PHILIP LAVEN FATHER THEODORE CORNIELIUS SCHOPER HFRNTAN LAUDE Presza' nt l President fldviser Secrerary I easurer ONGRATULATIONS, Class of '4OY Once again you have proven your mettle as students, as athletes, as socialites,-as true leaders in Carmel school life. ln the classroom you have set an enviable pace, consistently win- ning a large share of honor cards. You were exceedingly prominent as bearers of the Brown and White on the athletic field. Eight of your number won berths on the Heavyweight Football squad, five were awarded monogramsg fifteen played major parts in the undefeated sea- son of the Lightweight gridders. Six Sophomores contributed their services to the "Senior" basketball team, while four of you were mem- bers of the champion "Juniors," You supported the Bantam and Flyweight cage squads, the Track team, the Boxing team, four win- ning letters in the squared circle. The Swimming team, a rejuvenated aggregation, was bolstered by four more men of the Class of '40, Intramural competition received your hearty cooperation, as yo i ntered eight teams in softball, seventeen teams in basketball, one hun red and seventy-five applicants in the freethrow contest and five i the hand-ball tourney. Other organizations were not forgotten as five Sophomore ined the Band, six, the Art Club, eight, the Literary Club and a scor more to Cisca, the Honor and Dramatic Clubs. Again may we say, Congratulations, Class of '4OY Keep that Car- mel spirit burning as bright in the future as you have in the past! l51l SOPHOMORES XI N I fv- kkl'H Xsmvnd I S gum D Pwornslkxn I cudlrmln x0 an 'H' "' It Elm! F, Ii II.L:mLIIIg I Iimvnv. I Vzffxr II , .4-' KIM I. SIhIcsscr I Inrlvx' S. I .1lllIC.I'I Ij.1Qf.1Ic I I ' . 'R , l .xv N ' . R, IIIIIA' ra. I. 2 I A K' L I i SOPHOMORES h 2 L Uurphx XY 23 e tgx ,-5 x S mlon XX Pmnkman I FIX ULU K1 Iunnx XX I5 hhng C' jk... Wk" FA X xm VNU LIN 72 ., QC , an 4: ' Q40 '-- L 4.1 QC' IIN Rh R. 'I E531 139' .04-y at 1 Br lHlSl'x rlpp nn dx INK H Dwnuugh X 1 l'XLI'llln D rnmrdu u In R X V. K my i , I'l.l . Hur. A -x' u ljlillllflll K1 Rx.'.H1 V. 541 SOPHOMORES Y audm xrlh X A Mr H LLILX I lrloxx nund SPIKIIL XX LXKL S C1 1 ln IIIMLIHS J R1 mr I x SOPHOMORES C7 Q3 1 UUIIUYS In nl ur IMI Un L UNK Il YUINXN In 'W I x 1 L I ll5II I 265 W? 'KA 'alb 1 9- 'af if 5 i I I5urk K n E951 s if if 'S -Qs li li mp mx IHMK X F 1 I SOPHOMORES n Dnnl 1 I Q. x rnl ull IHLN X Quail R n nrphx D11 on XX und? XX b str SOPHOMORES Qc mu I mxln l H R O N 1II K C mat I 5 L1 I Dxxur NI, XIah1r I Iarrell Ix Iomusnu C1 Creeu 'I' I' 1 bm I SIJuIx R D1 Iunson X Cuuso S Horgan I E 'QQ I I111 Ilnnks XX III xx D73 .7 'vf' . . S- K 1' S1 f c 11, I. 1 3 Vdc. . ' .X'. ' J 'iff , A ' Q . 5 I I 'I XI.',.Ks II II -T 5 II'.'111 XY. C1r,ax'. I. IS: n1Ifr111,m I' I,1n11-wrt I4 5? 'x , I' ij II.111'1s, I ,V -v - Nlpicnl I. 'A If ' Ixlilllx Ii .NIgCQ.1r1I11 I. I'fr-11I1'..I. r: ' cz 2 - - I , ,. I I ,,, Au.- I hl , . 41-f I' f 2 ' If c ' ' . 1: 1 gg ' gn H? 1' 'wi 1 L I .Q ,- . . 4 . .411 I I K , ' K I ' I I .3 XXLIIIIH I. , ' 'I' 5IJ'uI1Is Il 3 KIi111uI1 II 'V XI1-A II I, , I 1:111Is11u1:: XX' as ' 5. fli-I1 If 5' ' ' ' 11.11.1111-1V,x1. , ' Ii1'II.1111 Ii 111-R11 1 Ii. A1 A". . , 5 34, 1 X 5 X' f x ff, lr-f4 1 X 11 A 4 1 Wss 9 AM, I , uv I ,W if Q 5 an I ff 'U' s . i X KSA! 4 1' ,- C. gf fa 9 m .Pff A , Ag Q , e' QL lx? 0 " 44 Q Q Y 5 S E ME 5 ,.7' .xy ,- ? 51- 4 f V k W NL FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS JAMES HINDE XVILLIAM O'BRIEN FATHER BERTHOLD RICHARD MAYES XVALTER KOELLE President Vice President Adviser Secretary Treasurer RESHMEN . . . you are now men . . . menofCarmel . . . men of God and men of country We welcomed you . . . you who took yourfirst step toward the plane of higher scholastic achievement which Carmel held out to you. Bewildered . . . you the class of '41, fired with an ambitious determination eagerly sought all that Carmel offered in the way of education and athletics. You readily responded to the traditions and lofty idealisms of Carmel and became loyal, enthusiastic supporters of all Carmelite ac- tivities. Yes . . .class of '41, you have attained your goal. You are truly Carmel . . . for you were well represented, on the undefeated Light- weight Football squad, the Basketball teams, in the Band, on the Swimming, Track, and Boxing teams, in the Art and Dramatic clubs, in Cisca, in the Literary and Debating Society, and in Intramural ports Your earnest cooperation, wholehearted sincerity, and undaunt t, has enabled the Carmelite Fathers to fashion you into a class tha 1ll carry on Carmel trad1t1ons, and adjust itself to the high educa tional standards of our institution Welcome Freshmen . . . your bright past foretells a brilliant future . . . you won't fail us . . . to you is delegated the task of continuing the work which has made Carmel one of the foremost Catholic High Schools in the Middle West. i59l FRESHMEN IM:r1.h I IMI! I. H1111 I fv.mS I. U IDunxzQX XX' lx mba K r 1 X 18 ll'lxllIlNlxl N x km ll x nr Dsl gh FRESHMEN Iurpur XT rl- A nrt L 1 QF W-I JG- 1l1,,er1ld H11 h1n5.,s I Fnlmggr R x C r gr ski kl kxlmm D fhmum C gf I LXR un 'mm s Vlmhu m 'Ge 1 ldnlmrl .A..L Orr, l' f'w.::m'It XX, 561 FRESHMEN Lfll' XII P 1 I 24- I usson I CiOllSlh1lI1 I TTI sh 1 1 lux XX lllx 1 xx R fs Ixus Xu IL m lk xukl ur Lff1l'U I urpum I 302 Xue' f J 1 mln lx mtnmk fx urph as Q, -O K Spcur XX 3 s O Rourk I -'7 Xiurrax B fonnnllx K1 Cos xg J SILNK fuk at '34 ml FRESHMEN 1 armri cum, 31' ,ff il!" ta- X Dnnmll I Dukv. I I IN xkwxn mmm 1 I L 7 nnn unc xx L k 1 mmm mpxrxm -ig STI' Uupmux 1 4 i633 C 5 W-.J FRESHMEN Harper I knmn, k n nn n 0 run fxmnu In x Q1 q-1 TF In X 'Q 'Wd' v-' Piflnn r nth C m Lrwn lllcr Saud XX h Wm R wi 93 fu-Jr FRESHMEN Hannap I I Pura on C naxan I 1 xnrxr Ixnn Supanskx I 9 humnnn X BIonqu1sr H K onwu h I X OHHAIU n I '33v A .J U ConmII ID I3 D Rmrdm N Hmsrn I :mn Jun nk r1,, I QYXKC C hrkc X X 1 Ixn MII N GLS rlfk XILIYDIIX Hlrncvn 1 wnx Fnrobskm S ,f f, 4' wif! '24 K JL can 94' 3 .'cr.. X 'J sh. J. 'fwfr R- Iv, I I.'LCIi.. rx. wx I '1'kS.XK', .nk. . XK'Y', D PROFICIENCY MEDALISTS . , - innfnzl Ivnynzrvz, Nniwv P1--rt.xrn.x ,lxminv Pwht'levi.'x Srfplir vnnvr Pvrfnczrvxn Fu'i'im.:n Pvt tirlew X Xlillllarn Hayes lliillmm Haus Rwlvrt Amslutz -lamiw klvgmmerer lame- llmtlc MEDAL AWARDS. The outstanding students of Mount Carmel are annually presented with gold medal awards. This presentation is the schools token of appreciation for their scholastic achievements which mean so much to its reputation. The medals are given for the best accomplishments in all subjects. Of all the various awards the most treasured and most desired is the General Proficiency Medal, given to that student who maintains the highest average throughout the year and Class Proiiciency Medals given to the student in each of the Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman years who maintains the highest average for his class throughout the year. Sturm Rrlruiun vlunirfr Reliqiiin S fplwvnriv Fm ilivnan Latin Sunwv English -lunwv Ilnzlisli Sffplitfvriifn fveslivvmn l'. llliliick R King Ruligtnn Rtlzqirfn XX' Hayes ll, l'rt-'rscri R. Kilt-v ljnglzili English ,l. Cjiillrarv XX, Wicks l'. l..ixrrx I.Miirr.1y .1 U.. xr 'K lm l XY, liar.-s XX' N-'ale 5.lwl.iAt1c ,l llrulmri ,I Fltrmi fl Nirrnmn ll lvlqflairtlw l66l H I'ri-peau HONORABLE MENTION Swim junior Sophumtnc jagk Quinlan XY1lliam Kenzxc Philip Laven The English Medal is awarded to the student sub- mitting the best short story or essay. The final deci- sion is left up to a special committee appointed for this purpose. As you will note, there are four awards for English-one for each year. So, too. is the case for Religion, namely that four medals are donated. These two subjects are the only ones that require so high a number. To determine the winners of the many awards, competitive examinations are held, ex- Mngit. 94,6 rf-X., SZ'-ivgf N f Freshman XVilliam O-BIICD cept in English, Religion, and Civics, where composi- tions are required. The Athletic-Scholastic Medal is given to the senior athlete who maintains the highest average. All these awards are generously furnished by the Parent Organizations and by friends of the school. It is indeed a pleasure for those successful students to be granted such a privilege. Scuinv Rsliziffn Junior Religion Sifphmmfve Freshman Latin Scvixm English jimwv English Sffphovvimc Freshman R. Huffman W. Cnnlan Rclizmu Relizifiu B. Pctcrscn C. O'Rc1lly B. Tully English English P. Lawn j. Ries R ,lamics-in J. Maht-r Spiiviiah Chcmisrvy Civic Nfixthemalxcs Arhlezic jnuvvmlism Physics Hittuvx' F. Balaam YY, Hanna ,l. Eagan U. Kilhurg Scholastic R. Bryan' H. l'iroxx'r1 KK. Hayes L. Dclaysslcr l67l ccess of the past year ah LL THE GLURY of Carmef aff her su her trxumphs physrcaf and sprrrtuaf may be traced dxrectfy to her orgamzatrons those cfubs and socretres whrch vofuntardy ren dered an rnvafuabfe servrce so that the honor and prestmge of preced mg years would not dre but woufd be advanced These cfubs are severaf rn number but consrst chrefly of two drs tmct types the Students and the Parents Both have recognrzed the rmprovement of the rndxvrduaf student both as the1r purpose bT fuffrffed that obhgatron They arded rn the The effects of the stu e educatron of the students by numerous enterprrses therr tafents Pr necessary frrendshxp was estabhshed between the stu frrendshrp whtch was not born to d1e a frrend dents themsefves a shrp better cfasstfred as school spmt To the parents cfubs we owe an unredeemabfe debt They strm ufated a new mterest a new understandmg and refatronshrp between he teacher the mother and father and the student They wth be for H oncerned t ons K ever remembered by a c d members ahke of our organrza 1 ts for your un So to you the offrcers an we offer our heartrest fehcrtatrons and acknowfedgmen dyxng servrces to Carmel have no y ' ' ' . d nts' cfubs were many. ' ' ' ' which nourished ,M ':'.1,,.,5 , M., ,- ' : RGANIZATIONS ...Y i691 MT. CARMEL MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS MRS. DAVID TALBOT President MRS. H. D. CONNOR Alumni Vice-President MRS. JAMES CAHILL Senior Vice-President MRS. HERBERT BARTUSCI-I J unior Vice- President MRS. A. II. KEEGAN Sophomore Vice-President QUEEN OF CARMEL AUXILIARY. The Queen of Carmel Auxiliary is a club whose mem- bers are those women fortunate enough to have sons dedicated to Ciod-the mothers of the Carmelite priests and students for the priesthood. The aim of these mothers is to aid their sons both in a spiritual and a material way. In this, the Hfth year of its organization, they celebrated their anniversary by a Solemn High Mass, followed by a turkey dinner for the Carmelite Com- munity and the members of the Auxiliary. They gave another dinner in January for the benefit of the Carmelites. They have made vestments, altar linens, and habits for the priests in their spare time. A great deal of credit is due this organization for its line work. QUEEN OF CARMEL AUXILIARY OFFICERS MRS. JOHN MURPHY President MRS. THOMAS COLGAN Vice-President MRS. HIENRY XVILSON Treasurer MRS, EARL SNYDER Secretary MRS. FRANCIS GRAY Publicity MRS. IILORIENCIZ McCARTHY Social Hostess I 70 l THE MOUNT CARMEL MOTHERS' CLUB. The Mount Carmel Mothers' Club is composed of the mothers of the students and alumni of Mount Carmel. These mothers' sponsor a card party each year at some prominent downtown hotel, for the purpose of aiding the school, in a material way. The proceeds of last year's party went to the scholarship fund. A breakfast was given by the Mothers for the Senior Class, following a Baccalaureate Mass at St. Clara's Church. The Carmel mothers also entertained the mothers of all Catholic Grammar School on the South Side. Meetings are held the fourth Friday of each month, from September to June, in the School Gym- nasium. A board meeting is held at l P. M. followed by a business and social meeting at 3 P. M. Carmel is justly proud of this splendid club, and we all hope that its future will be as bright as its past. DADS' CLUB OFFICERS 1 MR. XVILLIAM O'KEEI3E President MR. CiRABI.E VJIQBER Vice-President 15 3 MOUNT CARMEL DADS' CLUB. The Dads' Club was established at Carmel with the primary purpose of promoting a better understanding between the fathers and sons. In this purpose it has succeeded admirably. The club has promoted athletic events, dances, and intra- mural sports. Their greatest success has been in the sponsoring of the Notre Dame Nights. Last year's show consisted of a pugilistic contest between the cream of Carmel's crop of fighters and a team from Loyola Academy. After this Hne exhibition, which was won by Carmel, four famous Notre Dame foot- ballers were introduced, namely "Chuck" Sweeny, Andy Puplis, "Bunny" McCormick, and "Chuck" O'Reilly. Next came the rafiie of the two tickets to the Notre Dame-Minnesota football game. The lucky man was Bill Fox. After the tickets had been awarded. the gym was darkened and the pictures of the Notre Dame- Southern California football game were shown to the assembled throng. Following this, the door prize, a regulation football signed by the Notre Dame team, was given out. These gala events are for the purpose of equipping various student organizations. Both the football team and the band have profited by these Notre Dame Nights. We are proud of our dads and their fine work. MT. CARMEL MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS MRS. H. D. JONES Freshman YicefPresident MRS. F. Y. CARBLRRY Corresponding Secretary MRS. JOHN LEXVIS Financial Secretary MRS. JOSEPH TAAFFE Recording Secretary MRS. E. M. REUHLE Treasurer SAINT ALBERT'S CLUB. This club, composed of the fathers of Carmelite priests, is a fairly new organization at Carmel: however, their ambition, to bring together the fathers of the priests and to aid their sons, has been realized. Each year they sponsor an annual affair to aid some Carmel activity, as well as a card party to aid Camp Carmel at Hudson Lake, Indiana. This year the club was deprived of a capable leader, its first president, Mr. Charles Slobig. De- spite this disheartening setback the spirit of the club has not lessened. A bright future looms for this club. Zin :Memoriam I Qlbarles 9lohig Burn jfehruarp 16, 1877 Bien Jfehruarp 6, 1938 Zbe was eher a true frienh of fEZatmeI's. may his soul rest in peace. DADS' CLUB OFFICERS MR. JOSEPH HUSTON Secretary MR. THOMAS FULLEM Treasurer SAINT ALBERT CLUB OFFICERS MR. JOHN YORE Vice-President DR. LEO JUNG Secretary ARTHL R DONFHUF Treasurer MR. L. BRADY Publicity i713 THE ORIFLAMME. We, the Staff of 1938, give to you the ORIFLAMME of Service. It is our desire to capture some of those fleeting moments at Carmel. to keep those happy hours forever prisoner in this vol- ume. Let those pleasant scenes live always on these pages. In the future let this book bring back to us the memory of old friends and old ties. Let this. the ORll3LAMMIE of Service. be a constant reminder of the school and the men to whom we are so greatly in- debted for the service and aid given us during these our high-school days. Inasmuch as the ORIFLAMME has consistently won the highest journalistic honors . . . Interscholastic Press Associations i'All-American" honors . . . Cath- olic Press Associations "All Catholic" rating . . . Columbian Scholastic Press Associations Gold Med- als . . . The State of Illinois merit certificates . . . we feel a deep responsibility to uphold the traditions established by previous ORIFLAMMES. We sincerely hope that this ORIFLAMME of Service will merit a place alongside those of the past. that it will show that Carmel still leads in every form of endeavor. In choosing the theme of this book we took that which, we believe, seems to typify Mount Carmel -SERVICE. Mount Carmel itself is dedicated to the service of Mary, Our Blessed Lady. Its purpose is to spread devotion to her, to teach everyone that Mary's love is the greatest insurance a soul can have. The Carmelite Fathers have devoted their lives to the serv- ice of youth. Their object is to teach boys, to train them so that they may be of some service to the world. The parents of these boys are doing their best to see that their sons receive not merely an education. but a Catholic education. Thus in this volume we have tried to bring out the many and varied phases of service that are rendered at Mount Carmel. In the dedication of this ORIPLAMME we have chosen one who no doubt has done more than anyone else in establishing the nation-wide reputation that the ORIIILAMMIE now enjoys: a man who. time and time again, aided and directed the students in bringing out their "All-American" publications. He is Father Andrew L. Weldon, the former faculty adviser of the ORIFLAMIXIE, who upon the completion of the l9'57 edition of the ORIFLAMME had to retire so that he might devote more time to his many other duties. l72l ORIFLAMME EDITORS C. WILLIAMS Editor-in-Chief ORIFLAMME Sports Editor Carmel-Lite VU. HAYES Managing Editor ORIFLASIME Exchange Editor Carmel-Lite C. O'RElLI-Y Sports Editor ORIFLAMME C. ROBERTSON Business Manager ORIFLAMME Carmel-Lite REV. MAURICE E. ANDERSON O. Carm. Faculty Adviser Student Publications F. Balaam R, Broadway Oujlumme Orxylawrnne vn V. Barbieri R. Carroll C r Onflamme Onflimnne O flu n ne at "Y 'ar' -f '-4-,'. "" W"-M22 ,' 'vt-we i V- : 1.-f"'Wf'-if :.-a gg,:p.. ..f"mra.-aap...z. a:14 t XVhile he continued as the faculty director of the ORIFLAMME his unfailing patience and cooperation won the love and admiration of everyone who came in contact with him. To him. a true and living exam- ple of Service. we respectfully dedicate this ORI- HAXIMI1 of Service. Nor must we forget to mention Father Andrews successor. Father Maurice Anderson. who has given his time so generously and who has worked so ear- nestly with the staff in order that this ORIFLAMMI1 might be worthy of its predecessors. XVe of the Staff appreciate his advice and assistance in compiling this annual. and hope that in years to come that he may head many successful 0RIlil.AXl3lES. TO THE CLASS OF '38 On behalf of the priests. professors. and your fel- low-students. the ORIl?1.AMXlli bids you a sincere but reluctant adieu. For four years you have been a part of Carmel: you have studied and learned, you have made the necessary preparations. Soon the real test will come. On Graduation night will come the climax to your four years of serious. yet most enjoyable. work. The night's celebration will hardly be over when you will realize that a new. a strange and un- familiar. world lies before you. Then indeed will your Carmel training be tried. We do not doubt, however. that any boy who has spent four years at Mount Carmel. who has imbibed the spirit of Carmel and of the men who make its existence possible, will be anything but a success. We believe that he will be of some service to his fellow-men--a true Carmel man. The time draws near. the hours grow less. Soon. too soon. will come the time when you must leave tl. lfingxin F. Kelleher B. Lanum XY. Lynch Onjiamvne Onflnmme CarvnelfLite Curmelflalu L. Kevin E. Mztrkey' Orijlamme l.. Liticlhlinfni Urifknnwvit' if.i1vnel'Lite Cr17mcl'L1!c E. Mzirtln Oriflamme Uviflumme Urijlammu Cavmel-Lite A, Lane I. Lynch these pleasant halls and treasured friends. Thus it is our aim to place indelibly on these pages the scenes and the faces of those you know so well at Carmel. just as you want to remember them. Class of '38, Farewell. l.. llilli-ii Uviflinnniu yl. Hamm R. HutTn11in ,I fllaricv U1lfl.mimt Cf.lm1t'lfLit: Vl. Grogan Uviflrirvivne ll Hennessev Uviflmvinie Uriflrminit' Uviflavvirrte lZavmeIfLizt- IJ. llirtnian j. Fiigliulii E. Harmon J. ,luby U. Crcpeaii Uviylanivm' U1ifl.rnim. XV. Hanna O1xjl.1mme D. Hilgartnur Oriflammt' Orrflrmivns C.r1mel'Lxte C.ivvnel,I.ite Uviylamme C.11melfLitc Carmel-Lite Cavvnt-IfLx!c 'fu ':. . 3- . , ..s . ,f , I"i,'l'i" 'T3?- 'f "r '11 I' f ' ' V "N" .iA:.'!51"i'f'5i e- -amu ieaaui. . . . i733 4- THE CARNTEI--LITE. Another edition of the Carmel-l.ite is out. Eagerly. 975 pairs of eyes scan its four news and fun filled pages. for this. the Mt. Carmel student newspaper. is an integral part of school activities. Established by the Class of '37, it is edited entirely by the students of the Senior Class. The Carmel-Lite first appeared on October 2, 1936, as a four page. four column publication. lt was given a rousing welcome by the student body which had waited long for such a feature to become a part of Carmel. The paper remained in its original form until the second edition of the l937-38 school year. At this time, running under a new sales policy, the Carmel-l.ite made its first forward step. Enlarged to five columns, with an increased column length. and enhanced by pictures. its circulation nearly doubled. lt now has readers over half of the world: in Hawaii. the entire United States, Canada. and the Eternal City of Rome. The front page presented a veritable font of lively, Uftfl-1""'h' informative accounts of the news side of Carmel. R, Miifryn ,l. Nltirin ll. lvlcffartliy fjygtlknyiyyig Oviflimivnr' Ov1fl.in1ni.' Cfti'mitlfLitt' ll.ivmt'lfl.1tt' xv. Mt-y.-f C.l1melfLite fi, Mnurse l', lvlffli-iI'3' Uriflaninic XY, Miqlitrlstiti C.lYv1lr'l'l.1lt' Unfltmlmt .ly Nl'lYl'lWY Oviflanxvrtt C..:vvritl'Lttt,' XX' Neal Utiylavlmtc l lvleiiuigaii lf..1vnt'lfl.itt Uvijlanime 12. Niirman N, Nzngtl U1tjl.ivint: Uviylmvivvie' Cf.i1mtlfLit L. ' Vwlith booming headlines and crackling stories, this l lvlflir. tx' UY:jl.mim most important of pages always gave the Carmel-Lite a "good face," an opening of 'Anews while it was news." XX' lYKt'el.' P, Ulil-'ek Uriflavvinit' T. U-lw-frm li l'rtrrsrti ,l. Quinlan flvijlanini. tfaruml-Litt Ufiilivnm Uriflanivm' Uviflmiivvie R.t7'H1irqi fi. U'Reilly A. l'.nsi n ll. Phelps F. Reilly Uriflanivvit Urijlanivvie U1ifl.mimt C.ivvm'lfl.itc Ovijluvnvne l74T E ' m s M if 'f i ts--sf--" fm t IU X .-H .- f.,i . 'fa-i i i -: ii gfi - fi fa i n i s ge: tw-Q E-3-F R. HUSTON XV. DUFFY C. EXVERTS J. SHARKEY D. MAGUIRE Editor-in-Chief News Editor Associate Editor Feature Editor Business Manager Carmel-Lite Carmel-Lite Carmel-Lite Carmel-Lite Carmel-Lite Faculty Editor ORIFLAMME Departmental Editor ORIFLAMME ORIFI..-XMME ORlf3l.AXlXlE ORIFLAMME Glowing reviews of the deeds of the Brown and White in the athletic field were to be found on the paper's great sport page. The thrills of the gridiron, the basketball court, the swimming pool, boxing ring and cinder track were recorded with interest and accu- racy for sport-minded readers. A true factor in Car- mel-Lite success was this, the sport page. Between the news and sport sections, the Carmel- Lite reader found two pages of cheery gossip about the students themselves. Here were the "names in the news." Column about hobbies. events at other schools, jokes and pointed editorials contributed their bit to the formation of fine feature pages. To Fr. Maurice Anderson, faculty advisor of the Carmel-Lite, goes a major portion of the credit for its high standing. His comments, criticisms, and sug- gestions gave the publication a touch of polish and finesse. necessary to any good paper. Although "our" paper has advanced greatly along the upward path in the two years of its existence. M. Ritglcr Oviflamm: I l. Rubin O1iflumvnc ,l. Russell Ovifiarrivnc 1 .avvviclflxtc 12. Ryan Uviylamme there still remains room for improvement. Greater enlargement, more pictures, and possibly, more fre- quent publication are only a few of the many goals toward which future editors may aim. During the coming school year of 1938 and 1939, the Carmel-Lite will be published under the guidance of Father Maurice and a staff composed of members of the Class of '39. Howard Marlow was selected to be "head man" of the paper's activities. assuming the duties of Editor-in-Chief last April. He will be as- sisted by Frank Searfoss. the new News Editor: Frank O'Hare, Sports Editor: Jack Reuhle, Feature Editor: Joe Von Albade. Business Manager: Tom Barry and Robert King, Associate Editors. The first edition of this staff appeared on April 29. l938. To this staff of '39, and to those of the distant future, we wish the best of luck. May you, with am- bition and spirit. carry on the plans of the original editors of our own newspaper, to make the Car- mel-Lite foremost among American high-school publications. S. Rvl'.irc:5'lK Ovifl mime F. Stirh Uviflavnvm' Cavvnt lfLxts R. Stillman Cuvvttl-Litt R Tlnimpsi in Cuvvml-Lita . ". 'T - .2 . : -. . . " f' H5254 QF? ' "W " A ff ' f U53 1 'F 0 E. . x X .pl F Q. f -E+ A Y STUDENT COUNCIL. The ofiicial relation between the faculty and the student body is handled by this organization composed of the Senior Class officers, and one member of each of the Senior sec- tions. These boys, together with their faculty advisor, are the representatives of every Carmel man. They work in conjunction with the school council to THE CHEMISTRY CLUB. Members are selected from the higher ranking Chemistry students. The Club sponsors such excursions as the Steel Mills, Cilass Factory, Coke Plant, etc. At the disposal of the members is a fine, up-to-date laboratory, in which additional experiments may be performed to further E K! gil FA . s s i, : Y 9 1 S I 6 STUDENT COUNCII. Duffy. XY. Crepeau, O. l5r. Berthold Xlorse. G XlcCrorv. P. Jubv, J. Clancy. J. Haran. J. Neale. XV. Kelley. J. Xlcliillip. J. determine the particulars of all student activities. This is the group that decides upon prom sites and orches- tras. new policies in curricular form. and presents the student side of any conflicts which may arise. Truly valuable is the aid rendered by the student council in keeping the everyday life at Carmel in smooth channels. their interest. The Club has its own bulletin board on which late developments are posted. Much credit for the club's success is due to the excellent staff of officers and especially to the moderator, Er. Damien. whose work in behalf of the boys has brought the club into prominence at Carmel. CHEMISTRY CLUB Hayes. VJ. O'Grady, J. Haran, J. Kelleher. E. lieeney, J. Burke. J. Munroe. R. Hoffmann, R. lfwerts. C. Soth, F. Tobin. XV, D-.i Nl.1rtin,B. Neale. XV. XVoodw.ird, XV, Klees J. w Y v g S s gh T763 u C lu, v 4, Russell. J. ciCl'UkL', C, 3 il.1nn.1.XX'. Dillon. l.. Casey M. 315 Casella. l'. , K. Paalaarn lf. -: Cileason J. 1 Robinson C 5-4 Ballweber l . ART CLL'B Alexander. A. Norman. Ci. Fr. Victor Oblock. P. Casev. Ii. Kiley. R. Nlahonev. T. Langan. XY. Sheehv. C. Condon. .l. Neale. XY. Guerin. I. Hanna. XV. Lvnch. XY. Pausback. I.. 1.2.2 XlcCarthv. C. Laven. P. Smolen. I. XlcArdle. T. Dvckmen. R. Ifranchetti. J. 5.5 ' Keal. E. p 1 THE ART CLUB. As the ninth year of its career draws to a close. the Art Club of Nlt. Carmel again may look back on a well-rounded term. In business and in pleasure the Art Club showed itself to be an active and useful part of Mt. Carmel. The organization is composed of those boys who have artistic tendencies and who wish to aid and develop their work under the helpful supervision of their moderator. Father Victor. The Art Club proves itself to be of real service to the school by the willingness with which it cooperates THE CAMERA CLUB. A new addition to Car- mel's organizations is the Camera Club, which aims to promote an interest in candid photography among the students. Many of the events sponsored by the other or' ganizations of the school are photographed by mem- bers of the Camera Club. Its members have devoted uch of their time to photographing many of the C.-XMLRA Cl LP: Alexander. A. Grogan. J. l Neale. XV. Xlartin. li. Norman. Ci. Paulsen. R. Phelps. J. 5 ., Oilieefe. R. - ' V -' S Sheehv. C. Stout. IQ. 9: L . in the various activities. The signs and posters that may be seen about the school from time to time. in- forming the student body of coming events, are the work of these boys who unseltishly donate their time and effort in order to help along the other organizations. In matters of pleasure too the Art Club is prom- inent. Its mid-year dance is always one of the high- lights of the winter season. In the spring the club's annual picnic concludes its busy and helpful year. memorable events staged by the students throughout the year. The Camera Club serves a two-fold purpose. first in benefiting the school by familiarizing others with the activities at Mt. Carmel. and second. in bene- liting the camera fan by teaching him the principles of photography, and by permitting him to put them into practice. - ,-. . 'FWWF Von Albadc. .I. Cleary. .l. Harlow. H. 4 XX'illi.1ms. C. Rigler. NI. . .1 : ..-. - 1.4 at u- I if N 1 x V Fu' 15,1 -. 4 Yr l77I g. K- CISCA . "s Q Kielv. J. . Keleher. D. Father Aquinas Robertson. C. 1. Hurlev. D. . l B i Burke. J. , 'i 'J Feronado. J. - Pendelton. H. j Albadc. J. ' ' 'gi -., 1 gf, Murphy, T. f l ig? W :Ei ' f T"?'Flf'.H?2f'V' ' '2'?fM'r1.'f,.. ff' .. ' Y 'Wi ' 1:15-,V A ' y H' 'P ' 3 L. Searfoss. F. , K 5:15 ' wlx A 4. Lanum, B. , , ' mit Ps' , 'Q Q' Altenbach. J. I' . . . g - Mmm. E. lf' X, i Mullen. F. CISCA. The scene is Loyola University's immense stadium. It is packed with a cheering enthusiastic throng. Thousands of Catholic youths have come as a living demonstration of loyalty to their bishop and his splendid cause. Prominent men-Mayor Edward J. Kelly of Chicago, John Roosevelt, and others-have come that they may participate in this gathering, that they, too, may praise the wonderful work that Bishop Sheil has accomplished. It is truly a display of strength and power. It shows that the Catholic youth of America are ready and willing to bind themselves together and tight for Christian ideals. Such was the great outdoor Cisca rally held in Chicago last fall. This is the spirit that prevails throughout Cisca and makes it a most formidable bludgeon for the Church in Catholicity's uphill fight against the world of today. This is the spirit that causes students to forsake pleasures in order that they might help the slightest bit through the medium of Cisca's frequent meetings. Thus Carmel Cisca has gone on, and in this past year an outstanding development has taken place in the guise of The Knights of the Blessed Sacrament l78l and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. When this noble organization started five hundred Carmel students were knighted with great pomp and ceremony before the Mothers' Club. It holds up as its ideals weekly Communion: the continuous wearing of the scapular: special reverence for the Blessed Sacrament: and the pledge of purity under the guidance of the Blessed Virgin. Cisca's activities are many and varied. Matters which are dealt with are classed under one of its four divisions: Eucharistic, Social Action, Literature and Apostolic. For several years Carmel has skillfully and successfully handled their assignment, Commun- ism. Carmel has been honored by several noted speakers on matters relating to Cisca. Among them were Peter Morin, who spoke on social problems, and Father Kenny who spoke on the Propagation of the Faith. Other Cisca activities at Carmel include the weekly socials, distribution of the New World, and the support of the Bishops Stamp Drives. Thus Carmel stands at the top, always willing to cooperate with the Bishop, always ready to do its part in spreading Christian ideals. Duffy. XV. Hanna. XV. Mulloy. J. Marlow, Fl. Fiocca. C. Monaghan. R. Fasano. l.. lNlcTighe. J. King. R. Fleming. .l, Colgan. J. Maguire. D. Afflilllll. R. Riglcr. M. Kellev. J. SENIOR LITERARY AND DEBATING SOCIIYIY Spellacv, J. Lanum. B. Ir Lucian 7" ,-, 0 Sw Q, 1 4 NI:Carthv, R Benne, .J. Ieenev. .L I vnch. XV Xlartin, R Kelleher. I' Iiwerls. C. Robertson. C, ' Crain J. Q- F ,1 :Q " Xlurphevml. ' ' ' NIcCrorv. IT W Casev. Nl. THE SENIOR LITERARY AND DEBATING CLUB. Composed of members of the Junior and Senior classes. this is Carmel's oldest intellectual club. Q., fi, ,a 'Y NVhile its aim is to teach public speaking, it com- ' bines this with introducing the student to new fields of endeavor, previously unnoticed. The members are ,W taught the value of public speaking and also receive ' c experience in formal and informal debate. parlia- J . ' G ' i , , , . A ' ' mentary law. and topic conversation. Ihus a bene- Q Hcial combination of learning and enjoyment is pro- duced. The Moderator of this club is Erater Lucian. HV, , '-J 1 - - and his work has been very influential. ra x ' ,ff L Q TI-IE JUNIOR LITERARY AND DEBATING CLUB. This is the public speaking club for the G members of the Sophomore and Ereshmen classes who U ' J . . . . . A ' I may be interested in this type of work. The society , possesses the same aims as the Senior club. but the differences in age. knowledge and desires of the underf classmen demand this division for those who wish Haves, XV. Altenba'h. J. I7ioc'a. C. Haran. J, . I I v I K' ' ' hv f 1' s ' Iglmgg A- Dum. QV' Margin. Ii. Simon. J' to get an ear x raining in t -. art o pubic speaking Ohlock. P. Burke. T. I4IJl'1l1.'I.xxI. C.1sella.l'. Russell. J JUNIOR I.ITI2RARY AND IJIiBA'I'lNC3 CLUB Kennedy. A. S-chopep-. C. I-r. Louis Tullv. B. NIcCarthv. XX'aters. E. Laude. H. Freund. R. Calev. G. J. Xlclienna, XV. Keegan, Ii. Toelle. R, Hannapel. I.. Gannon. J. Selner. H. . Huston, R. Harmon. Ip, Rigler. NI. and debate. Prater Louis is doing a good job of teaching the younger boys the fine points of self- expression. 6 , G Y 1 v f 1 I isis 1- I79l MONOGRAM CLUB. The Monogram Club, goal of all ambitious athletic minded students, was organized some eleven years ago to accommodate men of valor, men of courage, men truly Carmel- Monogram men. Membership is limited to those few who have donated their services to bring glory and fame to Carmel on the athletic field. Since admittance to the Monogram Club indicates superior physical ability, it is no wonder that the secret and cherished ambition of all loyal students lies with enrollment in this popular club. All those who have won major letters in Football, Basketball, Boxing, Swimming, and Track are eligible for admittance into the club. Established in 1927, it is now recognized to be the foremost student organization at Carmel. Founded primarily to protect and defend the high MONOGRAM CLUB Miller. C. Creevv. R. Robertson. C. O'Reilv. Ci. Ciibson. J. Rvan. VV. McCarthy. R. Butler. C. Morse. Ci. Anton. XV. Gray, J. Hennessev. J, Crepeau. O. Neale, XV. Osborne. T. standard of the Carmel emblem-the symbol of serv- ice. service rendered to the Brown and White-the Monogram Club has achieved the purpose it set out to accomplish. Composed of experienced athletes who understand the game, the Monogram Club surpasses any other school organization in promoting athletics at Carmel. The broad knowledge which experience has given them has enabled the older members of the club to present valuable information and encourage- ment to young aspirants to athletic fame-to inspire them to continue the great work which has brought wide fame and glory to the name, Carmel. For these services, if for nothing else, the Monogram Club merits much praise. Twice each year, following the football and bas- ketball seasons, the Monogram Club is opened to new H303 Michuda. J. McCrotV. P. Kelley. J. Nottingham, F. Mulryan. P. Kcnnv. J. Dwyer. XV. Stelnmsiek. lf. l t us. J. NK eber, J. Neill XV, Dougllertv R. Slater C. ljodalski l . MONOGRAM CLUB fContd.l Thompson. R. Robinson. G. Grindell. XV. McCallum. J. Rvan. T. Farrell. K. McGinnis. E. Lomasnev. Ci. Cahill. C. Kcleher. D. McMahon. M. Creevev. T. if O'Mallev, F. Quinn. R. Depyssler. I.. members. All those who have merited major letters, because of some athletic service since the previous enrollment period, are admitted. Initiation cere- monies. presided over by "Johnny" Jordan and A'Vv'ally" Fromhart, follow. An election, for the pur- pose of installing new officers, is held annually. With each new year the Monogram Club is becom- ing a more important cog in the machinery of Carmel. Each season it sponsors the annual football and basketball banquets, both of which met with great success this past year. Inaugurated this year for the first time, two basketball games, under the super- vision of the Monogram Club and featuring the graduating members of both the Junior and Senior basketball teams versus the undergraduates of both liigliulo. J. ' T' . Batchelor. R. N i. P l .- v ,- v .- squads, were played to raise sufficient funds for a Monogram banquet. At the election held early last fall the following were placed in ofhce, McCallum was elevated to the Presidential position. Corb Robertson received the Vice-Presidency, Stelemaszek was chosen Secretary. Leroy De Pyssler was designated to fulnll the duties of Treasurer. Much of the club's success is also due to the fact that it was guided by such capable moderators as A'Johnny" Jordan and "Wally" Fromhart. both of whom are former members of the Notre Dame termen's Club. Past membership in this nationally known organization presented them with suflicient knowledge and experience to direct the Monogram Club in a truly collegiate fashion. Y i L fl' Harmon. lf. f Hernon. .l. Haran. J. ' 'i Miller. XV. Murphex. J. Carev. P. Kuratnik. J. Pascale. I.. Coffev. R. ' Gibbons. XV. ' k Klimek. F. 'Ei' , at v 5. l81l THE BAND. Proving thcmsclvcs wcll worth thcir "brass" by placing first in "B" class of thc Arch Dioccsan Band contcst. thc Mount Carmel Band in 1937 swung its way down thc path of glory and rcnown. 'lihc cnthusiasm with which the band is grcctcd is cxccllcnt cvidcncc ot' thc cstccm in which it is held, Football and bask-stball. major activitics. wcrc staunchly supportcd by thc livcly music of this cham- pionship organization. Thc Band is cxcccdingly gratcliul to thc l3athcr's club which gladly contributcd thcir timc and efforts to promotc a Notrc Dame Night. which includcd as its principal attraction boxing cvcnts as wcll as moving picturcs ot' thc important Notrc Uamc foot- ball gamcs and pcrsonal appcaranccs ol thc sports cclchritics. 'lihis nights tcstivitics also compriscd a rafilc. thc prilc oi' which was two ticlscts with all cxpcnscs paid to thc Notrc Dame-Nlinncsota gamt-. 'lihc Saint Yalcntinc's dancc Icaturing Nlat'strv .Xugic Knapp and his swingstcrs. sponsorcd hx' thc Band and flirt Club had a rccord attcndancc ot two hundrcd couplcs. XXX- rcachcd thc "hcight" ol our social pcals lw tht- unique "two ccnts an inch" plan. thc voting ladvs hc-ight dctcrmining thc pricc ol admission. 821 THE BAND lihtllips il lang. ,-X l atllct l rcdtr llalaam l lltnninc l Xlurphv li Sch w ali I jxillslllll. li Xlcssncr l. Kcmpt li. Xxilllllpllls. i Ciucrin, tl. l usson. lp licnson. .l, lxculcx: XX. liuratnilt. .I l vltr. XV.. llowcrs. Ci. Rogcrs, lf. I audc. H. THE BAND liwerts C Hoffmann R. lraterllius XX'hile I NtxIl'1e'iStl'l P7 lubv. I Cahill. J. Hannapel l. O'Rourlre 'lf Quinlan Ci. Kiiratnil-c li. Bryan P. Xlurphv. .l, Kottniever. XY, llowe XY. .luby. J. Keegan. lj. Keegan, .l McCarty. .I. Koelle. XV. Leading the Held of high school Bands. Mount Carmels offers excellent training for boys under the skilled guidance of Mr. Herman Beringer, a man with many years of experience as a band director. Although it entails many added hours of practice. the honor of being a member of one of the most out- standing bands in the city more than compensates for this sacrifice. In February the senior members of the Band re- ceived from the school a pleasing surprise in the form of sweaters complete with the Carmel in ap- preciation for their efforts that have resulted so well in the present success of the Band. Under the diligent and wholefhearted efforts of our highly respected marching director Father Frederic and prefect Frater Pius the Band was drilled in the intricate maneuvers which they performed at the football games in a snappy. well timed half-step. XVe look forward with great anticipation to com- mencement exercises when the Band with its usual capable ability will bid a musical farewell to the de- parting seniors. N333 THE ORCHESTRA ORCHESFI RA 'l hm year marked thc1nnoxat1o11 of one ol thc moit promtstng orgmrlatxons of thc school the dance orchcstra Lomposcd ol twclxc members th1s group au 1kcned the socxal mtcrcits of thc school Prcuous to thu year thc effort to proudc thc orchestra uh1ch 1s 1ccla1n1cd 15 one ol the best h1gh school orcl1cstr1s 1n the ctty these soc11ls were htghlx succcislul lhc popul1r1tx ol thc orchcstr1 spread hcxoncl thc school corr1dors 1nd throughout the South SICIC Dur mg thc year thc orchcstr1 plaxcd scxtral outs1cl cn g1gcn1cnts 1t clmcw 1nd cclcbr1t1ons lo LllI'l1'lX thc xc1r thc orchestr1 rnchcd tts pc1k thc mght ol Xl1l'ClJ 16th when they appeared for onc of C1rn1cl S btg d1nccs the Preis Danct Spkklllllkg ol thc OFQITDIIXIIOU were nunvrous Among thc more outstandtng ucrc X IC B1rb1c11 and hts accordton A chxc l1ng who gamccl quttc 1 rc ut1t1on 19 lnturcd xoc1l1St i 1 Qvxtnq lhc 91115111111 l hrcciotnc compostcl of l to lltnmng Wt ftl' llI11 1 xt c DS l IT lxllUlU,, 1 hu 5 fe o 1 111g clartnet 1n1 t 1ll1p 1111110 mtl lohn hc c drums lh1s tr1o xx 1s 1 pr11c wrnner on Ch1c1gos great 1mateur hour Because of h1s greater txpcruncc IH OI'Cl3L5ff'l xorlx XIC P11rb1cr1 u1s chosen 1s leader for ths 5e1r nlhc orchestra h1d 1 tuolold result tlni xcar Hrst lt renewed the soc1al tntcrcsts of thc Students hx en 1bl1ng them to 1tttnd d1nccs at 1 rt1Qon.hlc prtce And secondly tt hclpccl thc memhtrs ol t 'o gun . u1l cxpcrnncc 1n 1 txpc ot mustc mu 1111 so day choose as a xocatton xt xcars 1rcl1t5t11 111 h 1 lltlllllt 1 mcmbcrs who ITL not f.1r1du1t1nc1 th1s 111 Yrom these men and Vllll the 1clcl1t1on ol 1 lux ntut umcrs all feel sure th1t C 1rmel c1n look forxt 1rd to trothcr successful orchcQtr1 1nd mother grnt Qotwl 1 mon lhosc xx ho xull hc taken hx gr1clu1t1on 1rt X1 311 1 fl A chtc l mg d ttcwxtct ll 'X IU John Kcllx nl hose xx ho xull rcturn to tm r.1Stcr xtyc1rcc1t1g1711 Ox lx wotllc 1ncl l 1n ' U5-ll EE e 1- S , 11 K..-111 xx' ' ' llV.lfll'Il X' 'M lr, l el ltlx QL 'an C1. 1 l'itl'cx l I -1 s 1' V .X111 tztf R i ' tj, l'h'l 1 ., kr l Nlclillr 1 V 1 - 11 1 45,1 N11 'lCl, l' .Ve V . V571 15 ' Vi. l ang. l,. f 1 35,31 ll 1 1. xv, 1 A 1. 1. A. 'av 1' tv' 1- Q, l .3',VnV V ' V ' 'A 1, . .' 1 ' . ' , V J' N1-K' ' V 'L , 1 . ' -ll'y, V V H 'X N . Fl 3 I 3 VH 5 1 . 1 V ' vt 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1V V , V , 'V , , ,V, , 'X , ' XV V Vw V .V V '. H ., 1' . V V ',' ,VV. , V , ix. ,VV weekly socials had failed. But with the coming of Father Frederic was appointed Faculty Nlodt-rgtor, 1 A 1 V 1 ' 'V V -- I 1 k 1 l 1 ' , A , V V V - 'V VV- V H V . K ' L K .' 1ct 1 V' 'V . I' ' A 'H tl 3 me . . , ,, I ' . " .' , , Nef c ' 11 1 "ll he u'lt .' l s'x S yxV ,V 3. xx L -K K VL 1. A x 1 ' ' " 2 'A . l1a'. r' " .1 . E . N"'l .ln Nlcfillip. 'p . ' .. u ' ' 1 f : ant. . . " V trio, nex ar' lfc H1nn'n . C. Q11,1lan. G. ll wr l E SP2 DRAM.-XTICS. For the fifteenth consecutive year the Dramatic Club has staged a play. The pres- entation this year was "Howdy Strangerfi a three act "rollicking farce comedy' which starred Frank Parker a year or so ago when it played in Yew Yor . ' play was held in St. Cyril's Hall as in previous y'ears. rlshe Xlt. Carmel Dramatic Club was founded in 197-l Sinee then the organization has grow n in pop ularity until it has beeOme one of the most popular of extra eurrtcular actiyities The first director yyas Xlr Rutter He was sueeeeded by Nlr Brophy 'Nlr Sugrue Fr Angelus and Fr Kiernan No littl credit is du Fr Kiernan who this year as in the past two years has directed the play H w as ably assisted by fr Peter T homas from a list of more than ninety ambitious tl1eS plans the cast was selected not because of seniority or any other possible spurious reason but because the students character appearance and ability were what the role ealled for to put it oyer This fitness com bined with the coaching patiently and shrew dly ap plied by the directors is what is needed to make a dramatic undertaking a success The play itself has to do with Curt O Reilly a Brooklyn guitar player and singer with a maniacal fear of animals w ho gets a job on a dude ranch run by James Kelley and his wife son and daughter 1Harry l aw Jim Rowe and the heroine Bob Cragg respectiyelyl He is diseoyered there by John Kelly a Jewish theatrical agent w ho mistakes Curt for a true western coyyboy and in three months he has made Curt 1 sensation Too soon though Kelley learns of Curt s real xden tity A jealous cow boy Jack Burke then exposes the 1' , V, 1:5 1 , - , , 1 . 1V 1.11 ., Y, A-Q l -XTHLR KIERAN IRATFR PETER THOVIAS hoax on the radio Vylhile Kelly is striying Hendishly to proye Curt s authenticity to the dubious cross examining reporters in walks the press agent John Nlurphey who bungles the yy hole affair The complications though are ironed out yy hen a Psychology Professor John Ruehly hy pnotizes Curt enabling him to win a bull dogging contest in record time a feat which wins him the heroine a moying picture contest and the acclaim of the press ie ,,,- iv E351 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - ie T111 1 e 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 - 1 1 - V , V 1- 1 1 1 , , -- . , , , , , 1. , , V V 1 . 1 . . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 V V1 e e . . 1 - V -1 1 V C V V 1 V . 1 1 . 1 1 V 1 , V 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V V1 V 7 7 4 1 V7 AA 3 - V 1 V 1 V V - 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 . V 1 V V 1 V V1 1 V 1 1 1 V V V 1 1 1 V V 1 1 V 1 V 1 - V V V1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V1 V 1 - V 1 V 1 V 1 V V 1 V 1 1 V 1 1 V 1 1 . 1 1 V 1 V1 1 V V 1, 1 , . V 1 1 V V 1 , . . e . . 1 , 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 , 1 V V 1 1 V V 1 V V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Mig: . 1 . V e . ,S ',f.x . ,W , ,,f'v'ge1. y ' ' 'af - 1 l .1 1545 ee '1 5' f ' ,Fzilf 1,1-4 . - ?. . H1773 2.5 rl' : K.. Z A 1' ' few"--:1 LV1 V . 'i . ' i, ,'Y4,f ' ' .5134 ' I .I ' - . 1 . Scene Z I u .W . ..-. . Kim........,,?g..,L,,,mwgx,Q W :V ,..',-. sign, in , '1 gf.. M, -.-Q , . HAM... 1, -'fc Q- H -4- , Q sq, ..f3l5f..L..-.:g,.,. .A I'.-ii L.,f.1.2.Z, LLII. Xla Ilardv lane Ilardx' Iefl Ilartlx' Professor I andis I'a Hardy' Sam Iihorne I ee .Iordan Roi' Chadwick Xliss Semple Pat Dunn Bellbov Mrs Jordan Xlr ,Iordan 'Star' Reporter 1.2 -55' ' IIOXYDY Sl RANCII' R" Cast ld II.irr'. I aw Xlaurice Iirag .Iames Rowe .lack Rhuelt .Iames Kelli' ward Ballwelier Curtis U'Reillv John Iiellev Donald .-Xhearn .Iohn Murphy Xlichael Clancy Joseph ligliulo Norrnan Nagel Bill Olieefe Chronicle Reporter Iiugene fkIcCartnev ning. Transcript Reporter Bill Duffy 'Xct I Scene l I iving morn of llardvs Dude Ranch near Cody kk'voming. Summer afternoon. Scene 1 -Same Two weeks later. -Xct ll Sceneffiving room in a New York hotel suite. Three months later. lzve- Act Ill Scene l-7-Same. Ten minutes later. -Same. A few moments Other laugh provokers included Eugene McCart- ney, Norman Nagle. Dick O'Keefe, Bill Duffy. Joe Figliulo. Mike Clancy. and Don Ahearn. who deserve more than their share of credit for the plays success as it is the smaller parts which in reality put a show over. In fact. everybody in the cast is to be con- gratulated for their fine performances as they spent weeks of concentration and sacrifice for the reward of three howling. hysterically laughing, packed audiences. The value of dramatics to a high school student cannot be denied. The training which is given him MCGREW MICHELSEN CASEY later. during the weeks of practice and the ultimate self- confidence which is embedded into him goes to make him a man among men. The voice-training, poise. ease. adaptability, and self-assurance which are his when he is called upon before a crowd to perhaps speak or give a viewpoint on some contemporary topic cannot but assert itself and he is that much more respected and revered for it. It is hoped that in years to come the Dramatic Club will attain even greater heights and add materially to the ever grow- ing reputation of the Mt. Carmel Dramatic Club. - V' BOYD HENN ESSY EAGAN . . , rw :,"':-3 ,V i. ,y -Q , . :- Q 'F qv ,-.-ss , eve- ., . I - , 5' -'. . 4 JE ,Y A -ay L,--A ie- A3 I - fi -, , . ,x ., , .. bvggfv -'fr-1'--a l36l -AVilliam O'Keefe. Mrs. Henrv Beckstrom. Mrs. XYilliam ll. Sherrv. Mrs. Clifford Battle. Mr. lfrank Tansev. Rev. Maurice Anderson. igeczrfibv-f . V rf taxa.. . .- . . l.eft to rightfMrs. George Sherlock. Ticket Chairman: Mrs Herbert Barrusch Patron Chairman. Mrs David Talbot General Vice-Chairman. Rev. frederic Menion. Director. .ludge Xkalliam S Newburger CienfChairman: Mrs Anne Croake Advertising Co-Chair.: Mrs Harrv Connor Advertising Chairman. THE THEATER PARTY. In l936 Mt. Carmel originated the idea of replacing their annual carnival with a mammoth theater party. the proceeds of which were to be used, as had the carnival's. for the furtherf ing of school charity work. On the night of No- vember 27th some three thousand enthusiasts filed into the palatial Avalon Theater for four hours of honest-to-goodness enjoyment. The event served a double purpose, as it was also the official "welcome home" party upon Father Theodore's return from Rome. The design and arrangement of the various novel- ties intimated much planning. The entertainment for the evening began with a rare bit of vocalization on the part of the audience, singing tunes old and new. as the words were flashed upon the screen. and the notes flowed from the theater organ under the magic touch of Leo Terry. The first Chicago showing of a delightful musical romance, "Music for Madame," starring Nino Martini and Joan Fontaine was the feature of the night's screen offerings, it being supple- mented by a short cartoon comedy. But as good as the picture was, it did not excel the vaudeville. Only the best acts available in Chicago at the time appeared before the Carmel audience. The first and second place winners of the student amateur show contrib- uted their talents to the glitter of the program, Added to this, Eather Theodore's appearance in the spotlight made the evening complete. XVe extend our congratulations to Father Frederic. the Director of the Theater Party and his committee: and our heartfelt thanks. on behalf of the committee. to all those true friends of Carmel who gave such wonderful support to this worthy and entertaining enterprise. Top Row7Miss Nlargaret Sherrv. Miss Dorthv Beckstrom. Mr. .Ioseph Downs. Miss Margaret Jordan. Mr. NVallace lromhart. .Mrs XYallace liromhart. Miss Evelvn Bickler. 'l hird Row Rev. Aquinas Colgan. Nlrs. Herbert .lones. Mrs. H. .l. Miller. Mrs. .lamei Stott. Mrs. E. H. Snvder. Mrs, Donald Newman. Rev. Cuthbert Haley. Second Row--Mrs. .l. B. Smith. Mrs Catherine Phillips. Mrs. ilfront Row--Rev. Angelus J Dborne. Registrar. Mrs. Cieorge Sherlock. Ticket Chairman: Mrs. Herh:rt Paartusch. Patron Chairman: 5 lMrs. David Talbot. General Vice-Chairman: Rev l'rederic T. Mannion. Director: .lttdge XVilliam S. Newhurger. General Chairman: l' 'Rev. Alfred Gilligan. Acting-Principal: Mrs. Harrv Connor. Program Chairman: Mrs. Anne Croake. Program Co Chairman. I 1'l .-.. . , ,A QW. . .a mv -up T-z"frf"' s A A E873 COMMITTEES DANCE HOMIQ - COMING DANCIZ O. Crepeau. Chairman C Robertson .I Morin .l. Gray C. Bliller XV. Neale Rev. Angelus Oborne O. Carm. liaculty Moderator HOMECOMING DANCE. The first dance of the school year was the Homecoming Dance. Since this dance was held on October 31, Halloween, the gym- nasium was transferred into a beautiful. but mys- terious ballroom by means of typical autumn decora- tions. The music for this gala affair was provided by Jack Chapman and his orchestra. He proved to be very popular. Er. Angelus was responsible for the great success of this dance which was made a meeting place for old "grads," The alumni came in force back to their Alma Nlater to reminisce and to talk of their 'school' days. HOLIDAY DANCE. Vwlith Christmas only two days past, the Holiday Dance was held in the very beautiful Rose Room of the Edgewater Beach Hotel. Never before had this annual "swing" had the color- ful background given the one of December 27. 1937. As the many students entered the ballroom, they were enthralled by the smooth rhythm produced by Pier- son Thal and his great organization. Nlany students seemed fascinated by his feminine singer. All the A'college" boys were home for Christmas and most of HOLIDAY DANCE R. Geary. Chr. lf. Nottingham R. Greene A. Reardon J. Quinlan VU. Duffy them were present to enjoy a dance which surpassed the dances held by their respective "institutions of higher learning." BAND AND ART CLUB DANCE. Every year the students look forward to the Band and Art Club Dance which has come to be known as a novelty affair. The novelty usually comes in the method employed by the committee in obtaining admission. This year the cost of the dance depended upon the stature of student's "date." He paid two cents for each inch of her height. The gym was made very pretty by the staff of the Art Club who spent many hours decorating it to their fancy. Music for the dancing was excellent as given by Augie Knapp and his brilliant band. The climax of the night came when the "Big Apple" was danced by all dancers led by a student and his beautiful. blond girl friend. This all happened on February ll. 1938. ARI -BAND DANCT li Casey Citi Cilir l llenning Cin fihr A Alexander l,.Ohloek lf. Baalam 'li Phillips A. Lang l88l ...., sv. as , 3 az. .-,r . g,s..,,,.. L , . :z:'.... . -...,,...,.. 1. L , . . .....,.,...e V,-evrww V 4 ,L "' ' K 9, U Y '?',..a. .Le-ea .a.,..-.--.-..-- .-.. .. . - - -as JUNIOR PROM XV. Miller. Chr. J. Corcoran C. Butler R. Creevv R. Monaghan H. Brown .I XVeber PRESS DANCE li. Soth. Chr. C. VVilliams R. Huston R. McCarthy J. Murphey IZ. Harman PRESS DANCE. The last dance before the two major events of the school year was undertaken by a new organization, the members of the staffs of the school paper and the yearbook. It was held in what they laughingly called the MMichael Murphy" Room. lThose last few words are pronounced "gym."j The date was March 16, l9'58. Music was very capably provided by the A'lVIount Carmel Caravan Swing Band," made up of well known Carmel stu- dents. This affair was the first table dance ever held in the gym. The proceeds of this dance went to help defray the expenses of our prize winning ORI- QJTIILAMME. The evening ended happily for the merry ,couples and left them all in anticipation of the Junior iProm. JUNIOR PROM. The night of April ZZ found most upper classmen of Mount Carmel very high up in the air. for they were attending the Junior Prom. The lofty scene of this dance was the Skyline Athletic Club of the Steuben Building. The ballroom was located on the twenty-fourth floor. Er. Angelus showed his genius in choosing orchestras when he hired Gay Claridge to preside musically at the festivi- ties. Gay had a style much on the order of Hal Kemp and as a result was very popular. Even his vocalist strove to reproduce "Skinny Ennis' " effect on the dancers. Indeed, this Junior Prom kept up the tradi- tion of a great dance for the Junior Class. SENIOR PROM. Came the night of June the third and the brilliant climax of scholastic activities. The Senior Class of '38 sponsored a Prom which was unprecidented in Carmel's history. The long dream of Seniors to have their Prom at a country club was realized on this third night of June when all Carmel's dancers and many alumni glided about the romantic atmosphere of Olympia Fields Country Club. The students, relieved of driving worries. rode merrilly out to the club on the specially chartered train. The girls who were in attendance were given beautiful lockets with the picture of their escorts enclosed. Jack Russell proved his worth as a radio band leader by answering all requests for the popular numbers of the day. And so ended the last dance of the year, the grandest of them all. SENIOR PROM O. Chepeau G, Morse XV. Duffy P. McCrorv J. Morin R. Greene J. Gleason 5+ iffy? HL . . , K I fl , fu' M, an new . 'vs .aa-.--..:.f - .. -. - . I89l N THE DEVELOPMENT of a gTorious tradition a tradition portraying houndTess courage undving TovaTtv strong wth power d fighting determination those quahties so heTpfuT in the hat e of hte the mighty Carmei Caravan roiis on through the vears pihng x ictorv upon victorv mid the thunderous roar of the crowds CarmeT a name to he reckoned with admired and famed throughout nationaT prep circTes Ps predomination spirit Tong a c aracteristic of the Erown and White has eTevated the Caravan to h edestai ofTeadersh1p Erom the rough and tumbTe of the grid t of the cinder path CarmeT ea s d es there exist a iron to Nowhere in prep nor in cohegia more TovaT more cooperative student body than the one the hahs of CarmeT Tn victorv in defeat these faithiui students ever remain TovaT soTdiers in the service of the Brown and White Tegion the Carax an Like the true sportsmen they are they throng cheer ing sections chng to rafters stand hour after hour feeT rrvi Teged to he ahTe to Tend support to their team Thus it is the initiaT purpose of this section of the GRXFLAMME ortsmanship the manTv character the hgh f CarmeT Men true o o to portrav the true sp that piedominates in men o to ah that is ideai and right ing spirit true to countrv and true an ' ' ' ' . .. ' ' ' tT h ' ' ' , t e p ' . ' - ' the winged fee ' f- T d . f-' ' ' te circuits -- o ' , ' f that roams -f-' Y . . T .-' - ,,-- ff ' ,-f p , . I , . tg . . . ff 1 . . ff t G d A ATHLETICS E913 THE HEAVYWEIGHT SQUAD THE LIGHTWEIGHT SQUAD i9-21 "Fred" Mundee "Johnny" Jordan 1'Wally" Fromhart "CARMEL'S COACHES" "Wally" Fromhart, Head Football Coach, completed his Hrst and very success- ful year at Carmel. The team under Mr. Fromhart dropped but one game. "Wally," a graduate of Notre Dame, in 1936, starred in football at the Irish school and was a main factor in the College All Star victory over the Green Bay Packers in the same year. "Johnny" Jordan, Head Basketball Coach and Lighweight Football Coach, made a name for himself in the three years he has been associated with Carmel. nder his able guidance the Seniors won the St. George Pre-Season Tournament, a t never before achieved by Carmel. For the second straight year the Juniors, under 'Johnny" have won the Championship in their division. His Lightweight football was undefeated in seven games. "Johnny," also from Notre Dame, graduated l934 after leading the Irish Ramblers to a successful Basketball season in the pacity of Captain. "Fred" Mundee completed his first year as assistant Football Coach to "Wally" romhart. "Fred," a former Notre Dame center, graduated from the South Bend ol in 1937. "Charlie" Spanenberg. another Notre Dame graduate and former deputy game warden, was placed in charge of the newly formed Rifle Club. "Mike" Murphy once again guided the Boxing Team. "Mike" O'Connor was placed in full charge of the Track Team again this year. Father Berthold took over and reorganized the Swimming Team this year. l93l THE HEAVIES KlcCrorv. P. Crepeau. O. liromhart. XV. Hennessev. J, Osborne. T. P' 1 A " . F. ' .- f fr 4 ' O'Reillv. o. A ' Grav. J. Robertson. C. il I Y t Xlcfiarthv. R. X Gibson. J. M A ' A 'V 4 ' ' ' ' i 4 'l I ', HEAVYVVEIGHT FOOTBALL. The Heavies enjoyed a very successful season under the guiding hand of its new mentor. YVally Fromhart. 'l'o Mr. Fromhart and his assistant, Fred Mundee much praise is due for developing such a capable ball club. XVe also wish to thank them for aiding in the revival of the traditional fighting Carmel spirit. Although lack of experience hindered the progress of the Caravan in its first two league contests. this handicap was soon overcome. A fast offensive exe- cuted by a light shifty team was the mainstay of the Fromhart crew. Only the roar of the Leo Lion was able to drown out the thunder of the Caravan as it plunged down a trail that held gridiron supremacy at its destiny. Marred only by one defeat. the Brown and White carried on for Hdear old Carmel's fame." and won second place in the south section of the Catholic League. It was under the able leadership of Captain Orrie Crepeau that the Caravan achieved such success. An ace backneld man. Orrie rated as one of the best blockers in the league. He was also a great defensive F.. player. Equal honors are extended to Jack Kenny. for his splendid play at quarterback. Kenny likewise will leave Carmel in June. Pat lVlcCrory, a driving back along with Corb Robertson. Bob McCarthy. and Osborne, brilliant ends. all have played their last game for Carmel. Seniors Ciibson and Cvrey stood out as outstanding offensive and depensive players. Cireat work on the part of "Em" McGinnis and A'Cy" Ca- hill was largely responsible for the success of the Caravan. G. O'Reilly and "Bud" Nottingham alter- nating at center turned in a nice bit of work in their final year of service. For two consecutive seasons "Ed" Stelmazek has proved himself to be the most valuable man on the team. holding down a tackle post both years. Under its new coach. Wally' Fromhart. Carmel began the '37 season at Peru. lll., opposing a strong St. Bede eleven. 'AThe "Caravan" lacked the neces- sary scoring punch. although it reached the vicinity of St. Bede's tive yard line on four different occasions. The down-staters acquired the winning touchdown in the fourth period. THE HEAVIES 4 I f ' us '. ,X Donovan. XV. Burke. J. K Miller. C. Nottingham. F. Slater. C. M g . Kenney. J. ' 5 V ' rxifoinnis. 15. Cahill. C. Morin. J. Murphy. J. t ,' 5 , 5 Kuratnik. J. ' I 'B' - i Boyd. XV. ' Greene. R. ' , Xkveber. J . ,V X Creevv. ,lf f -H1 i I X -nl r ' M ' i943 THE HEAVIES Michuda. J. Kennedy. R. Dean. C. Sullivan. J. Creevv. R. O'Neill. XV. Batchelor. R. Corcoran. J. Hall. N. Buddeke. l. The Brown and White, after 60 minutes of a hard-fought battle. dropped the league opener. on October 3rd to Leo. by a score of l4-6. Leo's attack was led by Cualvin who accounted for one touchdown while Roche accounted for the other. The Caravan's offense was ineffective in the first half, and the score read l4 to O in favor of Leo at this point. It was not until the last quarter that Captain Orrie Crepeau pushed over a lone tally for the Caravan. On October lOth, Carmel defeated St. Ignatius on a very muddy St. Phillip field, 8-6. A fumble at the beginning of the game on the part of the "Iggies" afforded the team its first opportunity to score. The second score came on a pass from McCallum to Osborne. In the final quarter Bob Elliott crashed through the Ignatius line to 'Ahang up" a third tally. The last few minutes of play, saw the "lggies" score a lone touchdown following a series of successful passes. Carmel also played its next game on the west side gridiron. The Caravan outscored a heavier St. Phillip team by three touchdowns. The first score was the result of a 35-yard pass from McCallum to Kenney. THE HEAVIES Dillon. T. Meakim. F. Hernon. J. McCallum. J. Podalski. F. Dwyer VN Feeney R Vliller XX Ruscio 'QR who scampered over the goal line. Shortly afterwards. McCallum suffered a broken leg from a hard tackle. This was a great loss to the squad. Elliott, replacing Mack, played a grand game, and scored Carmel's sec- ond touchdown on a 59 yard dash through the center of the Phillip line. ln the final quarter. Creevy plunged over for another score. Einal score Zl-O. The Caravan next held a powerful "Meteor" team scoreless. Neither Carmel nor De La Salle gained ground consistently. lVlcCrory's fumble in the first period on Carmel's own 30 yard line presented the "lVleteors" with an opportunity to score, but the Brown and White defense held. The "Caravan" marched to the De La Salle 35 yard line in the third quarter. but the i'lVleteors." led by Wanago, returned the pigskin to the Carmel l5 yard line where a pen- alty halted them. The game ended with no score on either side. The Brown and White traveled to Joliet, on Octo- ber 31, and engaged in a one-sided battle with their Catholic High "cousins" The 'AHilltoppers." under a former Carmel teacher and player, Father Gilbert 5: - , Q 5 K t F "i t. Quinn, R. ny 'fi f Us Figliulo, J. Hall. R. l.ewis. J. Burkhart. J. Dougherty. R. Tischer. R, E951 THI2 LIGHTS Burns. fell before the onslaught of a victory bound Caravan to the score of l6-7. Captain Orrie Crepeau opened the scoring with a brilliant 30 yeard field goal early in the first quarter. The Caravan scored again in the second quarter when Robertson snatched a pass and scampered across the goal line. Stelemaszek con- verted for the extra point. Joliet's lone tally came in the third quarter. In the final period. Kenny ran wide around right end for thirty yards to end a scor- ing spree which grossed sixteen points for the Caravan. On a muddy held. Carmel played its last league contest on October l4th, at St. Rita. The "Caravan," led by Jack Kenney. scored a rousing victory. Kenney crossed the Rita goal line four times, each the result of long runs. The first was on a 30 yard sprint in the second quarter behind excellent interference. ln the third period Kenney intercepted a A'Mustang" pass. and ran 45 yards to score, while Rita completed a pass for a tally in the same quarter. The final period gave Carmel two more touchdowns. one on an eight yard dash off tackle, and the other on a thrilling 79 yard return of a stray Rita pass. The Brown and White climaxed their season by defeating St. James high school of Springheld, on Thanksgiving Day. Although the Carmel offense did not click in the first half. the defense held to sustain a scoreless tie. ln the third quarter the Carmelites scored after a 55 yard drive. An apparent 6 to 0 score was reverted when Mike Michuda intercepted a pass in the last minute of play. Behind superb blocking. he returned the pigskin behind the "Tradesmen" goal for a second and final tally. 9 l lordan. J. Sullivan. J. Dwyer. E. Brce7inski. C. Brother John LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL. Congratulations are in line for "Johnny" Jordan. in recognition of the fine job he turned in. in the capacity of light- weight football coach. The "Lights" were indeed very fortunate to have as their mentor one who has had wide experience in football. and who is thor- oughly equipped with the requisites of a successful coach. He is a great leader. a hard worker and an engaging personality. Employing the "Notre Dame" system "Johnny" has established a typical Notre Dame reputation for the 'Lightsf' Adaptation of this famed system of play is largely responsible for the undefeated record of the A'Junior" Carmelites. Additional praises are extended to those 'flight- weights" who brought the Brown and White of Car- mel through a difficult season . . . unmarred by defeat. Mr. Jordan created this unbeatable eleven from a record turnout of one hundred odd students. The team representing the Caravan in the starting line-up was made up of a group of Freshmen and Sopho- mores. Throughout the entire season the members of the team exhibited the co-ordination. spirit, sports- manship, and teamwork that has come to be recog- nized as inherent in the teams that represent the Caravan in all its interscholastic dealings. Lightweight football at Carmel has in the past been a stepping stone to fame for young players. It serves to train, educate, and experience . . . young football aspirants, who are endeavoring to attain berths on future Junior squads. The result of the 1937 season is indeed an encouraging element for the success of next year's "big time" team. The i'lights" in a series of seven games. emerged victorious six llll1 l,lQiH'l S Snyder. R. Coffou. J. Ciorny. Nl. Mcfiann. A. Blair. lf. Murphy. fi. Murphy. XV. Clarobski. Z. L'rb.i. Y. Rflunclo. THE LIGHTS McDermott. F. Andretich. J. Franchetti, J. Thurlow. J. Bolger. R. times and tied once. These games revealed a consider- able amount of talent and many excellent possibili- ties for next year's "Heavies." Klimek led the season scoring and Andretich was second. The team as a whole scored l07 points and their opponents suc- ceeded in running up 13 points. The squad which represented the "Brown and White" on the field of play, placed Kelly, a Freshman, at left end: Bryzin- ski, a Sophomore, at left tackle: Shields, a Sopho- a Sophomore. at more, at left guard: Sullivan. center: Snyder, a Sophomore, at right guard: Czarobski, a Freshman, at right tackle: lVlcCiann, a Freshman, at right end: Murphy, a Freshman, at quarterback: Andretich, a Sophomore, at left half: Franchetti, a Sophomore, at right half: and Klimek, a Sophomore, at fullback. The "Lights" were led by Captain Ed Klimek, whose brilliant performance during the entire season proved to be the main clog in the offsetting of Car- mel Opponents. Second only to Klimek was the great play of John Andretich, whose shifty feet accounted for many a Carmel tally. Other stars were Murphy. Czarobski, Brzezinski, Franchetti, and many others. No greater debut could have been staged by the "Lights," since they opened their season by throttling the roar of the Leo Lion to a playful purr, to the tune of 7-0. The game was a nip and tuck battle for three quarters. ln the final period Johnny Andre- tich speared a Leo pass and raced 25 yards to victory. The "Ponies" made up in some measure for the de- feat handed their bigger brothers, when they downed the A'Lion" team. The game. played at Shrewbridge field was fully as exciting as the "Heavy" contest played the day before. It gave the few spectators that attended numerous thrills. THE LIGHTS Vvlard. R. Klimek. E. Shields. R. Brunderman. P. Lemberger. XV. Lamparski, J. Conry. R. Kelly, W. Rudan. E. Rouseff, A. . ' X The following Saturday, the f'Juniors" met the Ridgeland Tigers, whom they defeated by a score of 25-0. Captain Ed Klimek scored four times for the "Little" Caravan. In the game that followed the "Brown and White" tangled with St. Rita's lightweight squad. Our boys were again victorious: the final score read 20-6. Carmel. The rampaging Brownies met the Meteors of De La Salle on the following Saturday, and continued their march to the mythical title, winning 22-O. One week later our "cousins" from Joliet bowed before the onslaught of the rumbling Caravan, falling under an overwhelming 28-7 score. A real thriller ensued on the next Saturday, when a hitherto undefeated Tilden Tech squad battled the undefeated Brown and White. Superior aerial strength on the part of the Caravan proved fatal to Tilden and Carmel won by a score of 6-0. Fran- chetti scored the lone tally for the 'ALittle" Caravan, on a pass from Andretich early in the second period. The final game of the season was a scoreless tie with our neighbors Hyde Park. ln this contest the Carmelites made l0 first downs to Hyde Park's none. Numerous fumbles prevented the "Junior" Caravan from scoring and the game ended a scoreless tie. Thus the "Lights" climaxed a great season. by revealing what might be expected of the future heavy- weight teams Which Carmel will produce. Thanks again to "Johnny" Jordan, and to the boys who performed so creditably throughout this most suc- cessful season. E971 "JK-if sin. 1- SI NICK P1ASIxFIP1Al I C1111h Iohnnx Jor 1 s lhur x11r IS I11sk11I1 11111 11111n group 111 1xp1r11n111i pI1x1rs Il h1s 11111111111n1i S1nd 1110 l1x1I1lt1r1111r11r1111th1 S11r1t C1111rg1 I11urn11111r1t l11l11111x QTX1 C 1r1111l IS hrs! 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Creevv R Kelley l. landoff .X l.oftus. R. Keane. Xl. NlcCann. .l. Xlulrvan. P. Brody. .l. fwfr' f1'.v'v-f-1 - .sfife-""'a 3 - - "5--S -5-I fa ' . Un 3 1 .. Alqq the "Iggies" began to "hit the hoop." but a clever bit of stalling saved the day. The following week. the Caravan journeyed downstate to Catholic High in Joliet. There the Car- melites handed their cousins a 40-26 defeat. The Seniors, in their third league entanglement. dealt the De l-a Salle i'Meteors" a 26-25 setback. Victory came in the last minute of play. In the game that ensued. the Caravan suffered their hrst season's defeat at the hand of its arch rival. Leo. The Brown and XVhite lost by a score of 30-28. The Carmelites came back the following week to Hpolish off" St. Phillip to the tune of 50-29. At no time during the contest did the Phillip quintet en- danger the Caravan lead. The following Friday. Carmel crushed St. Rita by a score of 37-22. This was by far the easiest game of the season for the Caravan. Seeking to avenge a first round defeat at Carmel's hand. St. Ignatius opened the second round of play by trouncing a bewildered Caravan 33-22. Comeback bound. the following week. the Carmel- ites chalked up their twenty-second victory of the season by defeating .loliet Catholic High by the overwhelming score of 42-27. ln the game that followed. still smarting from a previous Caravan defeat. De l.a Salle staged a twenty point rally to set back the Carmel quintet 28-22. Although the Brown and XVhite played top-notch ball during the entire game. they once again suc- cumbed to the attack of St. Leo. Approximately five seconds of play remained when l-eo sunk their victori- ous tally. The following week the Carmelites scored an easy 46-32 victory over a weak St. Phillip team. In the final tilt of a very successful season the Cara- van repeated their previous onslaught and pounced upon a helpless St. Rita team. The Ritans fell before the rumble of the Caravan to the tune of 37-2l. ek' -' J Al UU' IRM Gllhg 1 P! 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V I I 4 1 -I -1 'A 1 3 C 1 1 1 I' I' A' C U lg ' " tctu-:'33-l2.'71 mt v ,v, ,l I ' , 1 1 A ' .' -, V- 1. S U V, L , I 1 ' , C I 11 7 I 1 1 l ll- "B ' V " -d 111' d lt 111- 1 I7-4 t t' lall. CA . - , , 1" . 'I'h1"1.' c" C. - r ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 3 V V A 1 'I' '. 7 1 I 1 . YA v 1 1 1 ' , Y' . F . ,' , 1 1 ' 1 11 I I I 14 '16 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 7 1 ' CA 1 . ', i . - . . 2 27. " - ' 1 I 1 ' 14 I V. 1 4 C. 1 r1 ,ck 1 1 ' I .1 Y 1 V ' Y 1 vf - 1 I. I. 1'l 1 1 I 1 1 7 V 7 ' 1 1 - . 1 A , 1. ,, . a , , - - . 3 1 1 1 1 4 1 I 1 I l I 7 1 41 I' A 'Y Y f . V 1 l V 1 I - . , , . . - - . 7 ' I ' V1 I 3 ' I I 1 1 . 1 I 1' 1 1 ' 1 .n "1 ,, ' by W' Y I 1 A I I 1 V L 4 1 ah- . A 1 1 1 1 1 1 .I I 1,' B 4 D CA 1 3. , ' . In a "'t- '. ', ' . Q 1."tl' ' 1 1' 1K 1 "- -l y h ,. . .. . . :L L ,L ,' K tc . I Y . D V 4 1 I 1 Y1 1 Y 4 1. I I I 1 'D C 1 1k 1 lv 1 I 1 1 ' 1 7 1 1 A . . ' ,Y 7 I 1' 1 A 4 . . A .. . L77 ' I 5 1 ' 1 1 .7 VX.. 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I -1 .La - 111 . 1,1 --. .... -1 , . 11, 1 U, . .-. 1 f- C 51, v . ...t.... -1 111 -511-f ,P ,J . . ,-...., ,,,, t . - . - f, Q 1, E L, 1 4 -1 J K CAI fx'-f A1 -. .... 'ZS A Y .1 .1 U -1. - .f - -.Q ' ."" ' 1: . , ., -. UC . - .,..... . 1 , , , ,...... .-. 7-' ... . ' f 1 . , ,-13?- f-....f- 7' r r.-' f f- . A ,"',-. - -f f -,.-,,,.. 3, -1 - ... f- --. -f,:1jg -f.,.a,-,., 4.11 . . .a ', . .f-' A, 1 .f,......... f,-1 ,.4,-. H. -1 ,D , .' 1. , , 1L, . .14 tm ,ftl BXNI X sm nd I T FH ll'l'lX TIS H l hrltt mth rtx HIL N mls O JOTK lllgxfdltl mtl tht task ot dtytloptng potcnttal baslcttball matt rra rnto luturt stars starts yytth tht Btntams stryts to cultly att taltnt profitablt to mayor ttams ln lulnlltng thc purposc lor ythtch tt vt as orglntlcd thc B'lUIJIT1VW.lgllI squad tmploys only thost undtr tlassmtn who dnsplay srgns ot iuturt possxbtltttts Xlany tggrtssryt playtrs annually graduttt from Bantam ranks to thosc ol thc Junxor and Stntor squads Iromhart durtng tht past stason At tht btqtnnlng o tht scason XY ally lound must sct yxttm many dtfhculttts and a dcarth oi txptrtcnttcl ttltnt but hts touragtous Notrt Damt sptrlt tnsptrtd htm to carry on to mould 1 tum yxorthy ol tht Hqhttng nlmt ot Carmtl Qnly tyyo ytttrtns Dcsmond md Anton rcturntd to tht squad thrs yctr Dtsmond tlly Anton and lttfgtrald starrcd conststcntly throughout thc tnttrc sctson THE LIGHTS IN ACTION IIOBI 'tmi .- ms I . ' or tt 1. , . I' ' K.-llt'-.' 'l. lrttrnhar Xl spt-.3 xx' Xl.K1w.x,an l .ll Jw? A , , ay 47 ' , ,W L , ., Mt , - R ' lla t' l' ivlgjf' Cloughhn tl 71" l'h1ll1Hs l 7" 'I Cn' - XX' ' , K X or I t- I J. ' I wt' -.1 7 figl . Nlx '. .l ' l' 1- B, I5AN'l'ANlXVlilGH'l' l'JPtSKll'l'l5Al-l.. At Car- 'l'hc tcam enjoyed the capable coaching of "XVally"' 'l' ' - , " ' A' . lt f X ' " ' ' l' All' bc." 'A l Rttondo R X Ciuirt C Iromhirt Xlr X nnn Bair I Duggin I' lt 'VI Xlihon J trrittr XX atkins I5 rv H X NVLIC HI BASKE I BAI I I ikt Bantim taltnttd young aspirants to hard yy ood fam-, for tuturt tompttition on tht major sthool teams It was loundtd sttondly lor those young trtists yy ho btnust ol htight and yytight hmndictps 'ire dtpriytd ot tum play Stringt though it muy sttm tyyo members ol this yur s Stnior squrd Anton ind I oltus ind six pliytrs on tht Junior ttim Ry m Du ytr Dt Py ssltr lx l-.htr Nltilxim 1nd Grindtll irt all lormtr Fly yt tight play ers 'Vliller XX Lshtr C 'Nluhtr I -Xnton I 'Iht Flys likt the Bantams vytrt ulso fortunate hart Hamptrtd by the loss of all txptrienced play ers the ttam tamt through in grtat stylt Starring on this stason s roster vytrt Blair I xchty Ftrrittr Bell and Duggans Other players yt ho helped make tht season a successful ont yytre Coughlin VIclVlahon ind VlcG.1nn lhis aggregation with its aggrtssiyt and clpablt mittrial yy ill simplify the starch for future basketball taltnt at Carmel THE HEAVIES IN ACTION from f y ' e 'mi ii ws 5 , . A " .- ' ,inn 1. 23" ' . ,. . . lcf. :X l ' 1 H I Iuc cy'.IJ.iI V- . Ci 4 , . Ie ' ' . I.. 1 N " 13, ' , .1 - A I I '- , g Bell. D. weight basketball the "Flys" were organized to train enough to play' under the guidance of "Wally"' From- Y x ' I I I x l A l V ' X D 3 A 3 l W Y 1 I I il YS' L A L L i H I 'X Q !L X ' X V 3 X 7 Y. g N ' L V 31 V Y 1 1 k I i 1 7 7 Y! I ' A ' I l V it I 1 xx I I L . L - A q t. 'AY g A , glvs n ' vt l xg ' rv- ' s fr s V rl A 1 ' I ri ' 1 'vs K s rc 3 1 . A !L I . L 1 3 K 3 A 3 V- L I . ' Y' I I Y i 3 1 'R THE HEAVYWEIGHT SQUAD ST GEORGE T OLRlNAVlEYl LOYOLA IOURNANAENVI RVlLl 31 Sl Ll 76 ln the openin 'l ournament game C armel and St 'Vlel fought a nip and tuck battle for three quarters ln the fourth period the Caruyan managed to forge ahead sc re 31 Z7 y1ct y Morse and Butler led the Broyyn and Vv'h1te attack St Mel staged a terrific driye late in the Hnal period of play but the Carmel ites responded by successfully holding them off CARVlEL 41 ST MARY tWOODST OCK lLL J 28 The second game ended IU yictory for the Carmel aggregation St Mary placed a small but speedy five on the floor in an attempt to check the flashy Carmelites The brilliant offensiye play' of the Caray an once again clicked Charlie Butler vyas the high scorer of the event Although the Brown and White system of battle mystined the Wood stock team it managed to display a fair amount of opposition CARMEL 36 ST lGlNATlLS Z3 With tvyo yrctories to their credit the teamsters entered the semi finals The Broyyn and White squad composed of NlcCallum Vlorse Butler lrlernon and Creeyy played the entire game without any substitution yvhateyer Carmel reyealed a passing attack that be vyildered the St Ignatius fiye and yy s the talk of the Tournament A number of yy ell aimed long shots yy hich scored oyer the strong lggie defense and into the hoop accounted for the Carmelrte yictory CARXlEl 36 SFI GEORGE 23 lnto the finals marched the Caray an Once again Carmel employ ed the same fiy men that they had used in the preced ing games A flashy passing attack and a brilliant job of guarding St George s high scorer Xlickey Cl ierney yyere the deciding fietors yy hreh resulted in yietory and the Tournament Championship Great yyork on the pirt of Charlie Butler unanimously elected him to the honorable position of All Tournament center CARVlEl 43 CRET 11N 40 Playing for the first time in the annual Loyola 'Nlatronal Catholic lnter scholastic Tournament the Carayan defeated Cretin High School of St Paul Vlmnesota in a hard fought first round battle Paul club in the final minutes of play The Carmelites downed the St CARMEL 73 ST ALOYSIUS Z3 Victorious the Carayan entered the second round of play and a second time emerged from the scene of conflict triumphant White crushed St overwhelming score of U3 23 lt yy as in this game that Captain Charlie Butler tied the Tournament record for the most points scored in one game with 32 ln this contest the Brovyn and Aloysius of lNeyy Orleans by an CARMEL 32 LOYOLA 40 The Carayan rumbled into the semi finals with two yictories tucked under its belt Less fortunate than on the preyious occas1ons a tired Carmel squad engaged in its third ball game within thirty hours and dropped it to a comparatiyely fresh loyola team One of the main factors of the loy ola triumph yy as the conver sion of 15 fouls into 14 points almost tyyice the margin of victory fl0Jj . A . , V 4 ,- ,, Y , . 1 1 1 1 QA 1 1 1 . ' ' 7 V' 1 - , 1 . 1 . .. . , 1 , , , y ' ' .1 - . . Y . . , 1 4 X 'A 7 1 1 V 1 1, VV . , . 1 if 1 . 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 ' ' , ' e . . . to . .1 , O 1 8 , V OI-V 1 1 1 1 , 1' , V 1 1 1 1 ' , ' , , V1 1 1 1 V - V 1 r 1 v 1 V . ' V V 1 V - . . . V V 1 V 1 r 1 V 1 V r V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 ' ' v 1 , 1 1 1 ' V V 1 1 , ' 1 r V v . 1 V 1 I . V 11 y H x 1 . . . - V V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , V v 5 A 1 r 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 VV ' ' 1 ' v 1 A 1 1 V V . 4 ' V1 1 1 1 1 V ' r . 1V1 1 V1 1 1- ' 1 r 1 1 1 v1 ra " 1 . .V - 1 1 1 r1 1 1 V1 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 1 V1 1 1 V1 1 .1 1 1- L 1 1 1 V x v . . . - e 1 1 1 1V 1 1V . 1 V1 1 1 1 - ' '- 1 1 ' V'- V e 1 1 1 V 1 " 1 1 V 11 1 e . 1 1 , 1 1 r- INTRAMURAI. ,Q B.-XSKETBALI. -s S , , , i Cufmes . ' Marian. R. Kelleher. li. f' l.ang. A. . Hcnnessev. J. l f AQGGRMQ Barder. J. . sd 3 V F' if ' .' 7 twin-. A. . , XX'atson. H. A l ' ' Coffou. J. , Xlullen. E. Y l GARMQ .ACARMQ indretich, J. ii' 9 4 - Y- ,A I - H T G Delaney. M. V Caruso. S. j'- llvffm nn.R. I if gurlveiig. 42 1 ' U .Q , GAR ,BARN .'lorin. . , A GQRMQ I5 QEASNQ .I HQ 8 Q 'F 'F . c- qi- 9- Hurley. D. f' '- i A Cir-f' kamp. B. i Joyceiil I ,I I . Miner. P. 2 l.ath m.J. "ell'.T. ?A.CARMQ " GZRMQ if liiuglibbons. J. liarlien. T. it I 8 , i l.usson. li. Harper. J. A s, sf e .. , ..' f.- ' .. Y .. ' ' F fflfief s. ' A3 ' 1' . g fig ' X Ami, A .. snuff, 5 '04 Q . calm, MR can . use :gg t' l A- nt ' A7 Q . 5, 33 - Q' l i s 'i .20" t 1 8 INTRAMURAL SPORTS. As an otitlet for The Intramural season opened with swimming the exuberance of youth . . . that driving force that animates all real red-blooded youth and so easily leads to evil if directed in the wrong channels. Car- mel gives her students the Intramural baseball. basketball. boxing, handball, swimming and the free throw contests. To encourage participation in these events. the faculty presents the winners with gold medals. l.ess fortunate than the few who represent the Caravan on the held of inter-prep competition. the majority of the student body have found a means of physical expression in intramural athletics. Nluch of this advancement in the past has been due to the whole-hearted cooperation of the Dads club and the lfaculty in mapping out a suitable in- tramural program. Approximately 600 students par- ticipated in intramural athletics at Carmel this year. 51063 eliminations in diving. the backstroke. overhand swimming and the breast-stroke. This year. as every year. the Dads Club sponsored a "Notre Dame" Night at which time our boxers performed. The handball games in the spacious. four-walled court of the gym balcony gave plenty of competition to many an industrious handballist. The freehthrow contest drew several hundred contestants and the finalists performed in the gym before the entire stu- dent body. You may be sure that the winner was deserving of the award he received. The annual basketball tournament revealed a wealth of talent in all classes. The Sophomores elted out a hard earned victory over the Freshmen with a long-shot in the final minute of play. A vastly superior Senior team trounced an inferior Junior team. The base' ball games in nearby Jackson Park proved very successful. TRACK TIL. . Hilgartner D Kennv. l. O Conner Xlr. C -1' -ag, ' v. - ' "fs 'M' - SL th Klcrse Ci Dillrnann D Nlongeau Xl Crepeau O Kelleher l' Casev l. Simpson A. Cireenan. l Nagel. N Nottingham. li O'Hare l. Greene. R. Nugent. J. O'Block. P. Basko. 'If Xlurphv. XV. Nlullov, J. Brinkman. li l'reund. A. Reed. A. Cileason ,l. TRACK. For the first time in manv years. real enthusiasm for Coach "Mike" O'Conner's track team was evident this spring. A small but zealous group began pre-season practice weeks in advance of the opening practice date. XVhen the Hnal call for can- didates was sounded. the squad was greatlv increased with a wealth ot' track ability. Paced bv John Kenny, National Catholic Half- Nlile Champ, who is back again this year to defend his title, several veterans including Soth, Nugent. Gleason. Xlorse. Phelps, and O'Block. will team up with the remainder of the squad. 'lihis aggregation gives Carmel a team worth reckoning with. As the opening of the season approaches. there is still much uncertainty as to who will start in some of the events. At any rate. Xlr. O'Conner reports that several new men have remarkable possibilities and may be developed into forinidable contenders in their respective events. 51073 fi ' if K. . f vlfllc ' :M - if ' e . A 'z , . w.. f 1 I il aiwwt fa' . is .+ , s jaw .. Y iggtrft . gr,-sig RIFLE CLUB Greenan. J. Simpson. A. Mr. Spangenberg Ruehle. J. Buddelxe. I. Pendleton. H. Quant. A. Hanna. XV. Notheisen. B. Mullen. F. Simpson. J. Thompson. R. Sullivan. R. Benne. J. Dietrich. J. Sinnott. XV. Kempf. K. Kiley. D. Stout. E. Nagle. N. Freund. A. Munroe. R. Gleason, J. Soth. F. Fiocca, C. Reardon, A. Balaam. F. IVIcCann. J. Freeman, J. Dallager. R, Barrett. T. Marlow. H. King. R. O'Donald. K. Bartusch. R. Ruscio, B. I GOLF TEAM Spellacy. J. Neale. XV. Jordan. Mr. Klees. J. figs? I I 'J 5' THE RIFLE SQUAD. New to Carmel's sport- ing program this year is the Rifle Squad under the able direction of Mr. Spangenberg. Membership is limited to Juniors and Seniors. Range discipline is necessarily strict, since there is but one essential con- sideration in the running of the team, and that is safety. The object of the club is to develop the qualities of sportsmanship, fairfplay. manliness. self-control. and cooperation. which are so essential to success in life. The team is a charter member of the National Rifle Association. one of the oldest sportsmen organif lations in the country. Although the squad participated in but one tournaa ment this year. the season was most successful. Range practice was held twice a week. fIO8l Lindhoff. A. GOLF. Ciolf, which was, at first, known of by few and cared for by less. has taken its place in the athletic program at Carmel. Back as far as l926 Carmel established golf superiority. Again in l927 Carmel repeated her victory of the former year and ruled the parochial league. Although the team re- linquished its hold on the championship in 1928 to De La Salle, it came back in l9Z9 to rule once more. In l03O Carmel emerged victorious from the Parochial Leagtie Tournament to retain her crown. Although it is impossible to record an account of the teams accomplishments. we are fully confident that our coach "Johnny" Jordan, now entering his third consecutive year as pilot of the golf squad. will perform another great "service" for the glory of the dear old "Brown and XVhite." BOXING TEAM Haran. J. Kuratnik. J. 1, Robinson. G. Mr. Xlurphy Nottingham. ll Clegg. If. Iorrigan. J. Rieman. J. Ballengee. .J. loeber. C. Carey. P. Murphy. F. Johnson. R. Schwab. J. Kremer. T. Ballweber. R. Fisher. Ii. Kloss. If. Kucienski. R. Vk'oodward. P. lireeman. J. Qt Al . f 17' - . T- .44 1 ".- - ' PQ ' ' ffm r.,A2u .7 'Q .WJ . . 2... l.eonl.I1. Seymour. IT. Monaghan. R. XX'alsh. J. O'Rourlse. T. O'Sullivan. T. Kelly. J. Gaynor. T. I-loss. R. Petro. S. OBrien. I.. Murphy. J. Stockwell. R. Vrdolyak. .l. Herbrand. J. O SXVIMMING TIEAM Pascale. I.. Thompson. R. Iir. Berthold Harmon. IE. Ryan. T. O'Neill. XV. O'lVlalley. li. Shine. B. Sheehv. C. Notheisen. B. Connors. M. Monaghan. J. lfr. Victor Rouseff. A. Sutton. R. BOXING. Always a popular sport at Carmel. boxing has greatly increased in popularity during the past few years. Large responsibility for this increase lies with the successful record of the fistic squad. under the guiding hand of Coach Nlurphy. On "Notre Dame Night" the Carmelite pugilists de- feated a strong Loyola team by a large margin. O Q' 1 u V. gr ly, ' V it 'J SXVININIING. In the past few years all interest in swimming at Carmel had died. and it was more or less dropped from the list of athletic activities. This year. however. it was revived under the able coaching of Father Berthold. In this first year at the helm of swimming. he discovered a number of swimmers of noted talent among the upper and lower classmen alike. 51093 f refaxatron rn the ffow of Carmef actrvrty the trmes and strarn of studres boys may jom s orts or spend XMES o when reheved of the burden frrends rn rmpromptu gatherrngs en yoy therr rntercfass p quret moments rn the chapef Such are the trmes when the student becomes the boy Wrapped rn the 3oy of hvrng f res to brrng en joy ment of these hours farge reference abundant facr rt recreatron room rres a pfay There are mnastrc equrpment a modern chemrstry and physrcs faborato f aff present opportunr trmes 'AV and frctron hbrary d an up to date swrmmrng poo e rn rnterestrng and heafthy pas htfuf ground an tres to the Carmef boy to engag hs there rs Camp Carmef a dehg Lake rn northern urrng the summer mont srtuated on the shores of beautrfuf Hudson H pfanned program for heafth and amuse Fathers offers an rdeaf Camp Here a carefu y of the Carmehte fndrana ment under the gurdance yacatron to red bfooded Carmef men and encourage the thrngs yvhrch the pfeasure o Carmef rs qurck to foster ugh rnformahty and companronshrp add to these carefree thro boy s schoof years ages we attempt to portray f true frrends to the stu fn these Carmehtana p b ng dehght rn the company o hours Whrch rr of Carmef d ent the reaf boy 1 1 1 1 1 ,.-- 1 1 1 , , 7 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,4- 1 1 1 ,.f- ,,- 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,,.-- ,..- , 1 1 , , , ,.,- -, . 1 1 1 , 1 D ' ' ' 7 Y , 1 1 1 . f 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I f , 3 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 ,.,-- 1 ,,Q,n.-Lf CARMELITANA W N ' . , ., f afar?-' . Q . if , 3 LN. ',,1',,,,'...',,lf-i-171-J'Pf3':l':""""" ' A ' " ' 4 P Y b 3 .' ' ,U , f A 'UC I .0 P, illlj it-"WK 5' SEPTEMBER 7th-Nine hundred and seventy' youths, just thirty' shy' of the thousand mark, afnxed their signatures on the dotted line. 8th-Father Theodore is a long way' from the doors of Carmel this morning, being a visitor in Europe. Thanks to the infantile paraly'sis epidemic. a few days have been added to the summer holidays. th Still the halls of Carmel are undisturbed Eor once yye agree yyith Ilae action of the ofhcials in closing the schools 16th To the dismay of all the students the high schools of our fair city yy ere officially declared to be safe for re opening despite innumerable pleas or just one more week 19th The Caray an trayeled down to Peru Illinois or their first football conflict of the year practice game with tlae tough squad from St e es Academy u aas with the bre s against us yye lost in the last minute of play 6 O 23rd There yyas an impressiye seryice held in the gym this morning the 'Vlass of the Holy Ghost being celebrated It yyas simple yet splendid to behold 24th Tlae first Mother s Vleeting of the neyy school year took place today T lie turnout yy as unusually large 'I heir loyalty to Carmel equals that of the studes themselyes 27th Nlr O Weill laelwyetl senior professor turned o the eat thi morning He made those at upper classnaen change colors 'I h p p ral y aee a e ton yy as eye raordmarily yociferous ou nh y as t slnee ta op ninv o ta ea e lle en nies taree hunelree strong yy ere timie at first ut soon they o ild lie heard aboy all ot aers 51123 13 - D ,t ' i. . 1 Vx 'li Y- x L I 1 AL I I 3 Q l I V YH . V X . 1 E' l v s I I X L I . f ' . V Y Y I 4 f 1' . ' a ' - a I Y' 1 1 . B d ' . ' '. B t, l .Y " 'ak . . 'x . I ' et I l '. ' . H Y I I Y 3 V. 3 1 I Y .L . I 1 A H V I i . Y x 1 . v 5 1 I 5 f S I, A 3 I H Y Y 1 V E x Y v i,f'Q,?Qt' lg .E " , . Q i-A l .A in Q 1 vs N i I 3-K 1 It 1 ' n ' la' " F. ' . ' . ' - lg 4 Ffa V li it i ' K.. E L E e. 'jj 1,5 ga' ,Q f' 30th- e e . lj. am 'i .t th' l,eo I. s, '. Rl e i t i f' ' I ' y' ' Z. T lt VM the firs f " lc e' ' g li le' f ll t'rm. 'li 'h' - l " 'l . ' 'l. ..b , c x ' '. . 'e l ' ,. 1- OCTOBER d That old rtyalry was renewed at Shrew brldge Fleld thxs afternoon H s tt w as I eo yersus Qar mel But the unfortunate Carayan came out at the lower end of the score 14 6 8th And another pep rally has been w rttten mto the annals ef htstory St Ignattus was the sole target of the cheers 10t The Ctrayan proyed ttself to be a supertor mudder when tt waded through Ignattus I8 6 12th Some may not know tt but thts holtday was declared tn honor of Chrtstopher Columbus Our only wtsh IS for three hundred and stxty four more men nke htm 14th A yery nne tnstructrye mOXle for the pedestrnn as well as the motorlst was dtsplayed through the courtesy of the Cheyrolet Vlotor C ar C ompany 15t Beat Phtlltps was the cry of the Qarmel horde tn the thlrd pep meetmg of the year 17th Vyle d1d tt agam Phtlltps dldn t stand a chance aga1nst our lightmg Carayan thxs afternoon Yes str we blanked them Z1 0 22n It was bug day for Larmel s gym In the mornmg a pep rally all for De I aSalle was held The roof threatened to gtye way for the lusty cheers of 1ll the studes VVh1le the echoes of e rally were sttll resoundtng wtthm the walls the mothers entered tnto another successful con yentton 24th An undefeated De laSalle team was held to a scoreless tte by our chargmg brtgade the Cara van 27th The annual Card Party sponsored by the Vlothers Cl tb proyed to be another success thus eyentng 29th Just to po1l what would haye been a perfect day those mean professors had to turn IH the marks to the front oflice Despxte that how eyer there was enough energy left among the Stooges to render loud md prolonged yells for the defeat of loltet 31st lhe Carmel squad put a fttttng end to thls October by metrtly routmg Catholtc Htgh tn Jolxet T he fmal score was l6 7 The eyentng saw the Hrst dance of the year take place The Home comtng held tn the gym was a btg success thanks to Father Angelus and hrs alds fl NOVEMBER lst-The month started in approved fashion with a free day' in honor of All Saints. 2nd and 3rd-Two days of strained eyes and much groaning - it's the Quarterly' Exams. 4th-The Carmel cagers began their practice under the watchful eyes of Coach Jordan. who looks forward to a successful season in both Light and Heaxyweight ranks 11th ln memory of the Armistice a free day was declared 12th The representatiyes of the knights of the Blessed Sacrament were ofhcially enrolled 14th In their last league game Nlt Carmel s foot ball team whipped St Rita 26 6 19th lhe Vlother s Club held their annual Shower for the Carmelites 21st ln the season nnale the Carmel Carayan whipped St James High ofSpr1ngf1eld lZ O 24th Greeted with an amateur show Father The odore returned amid the plaudits of the students 25th Its Thanksgiying Day with turkey and eyery thing Umm 27th Carmels successful Theater Party was held this eyening at the Avalon Theater DECEMBER 3rd The Carmel Basketball teams preyiew ed a bril liant season w hen they defeated Bowen High School in their own gym 8th 'I he Patron Saint of the United States the Vir gin Mary brings us a holiday the feast of the Immaculate Conception 13th Senior elections are held in the gym Its an all day session 17th The 'Vlother s Club held its annual Christmas Party in the gym 20th Father John VlcGrath O Carm celebrated his First Vlass before the assembled student body 21st Our basketballers w on the St George Sl ourna ment by defeating St George the other finalist 36 73 22nd The Heayyw eight Basketball team haye won nine straight games the Lights haye taken seyen out of nine 25th Surprise lt s Christmas Day with presents and lots to elt for eyeryone 'l hen we haye 1 week to recuperate 27th Pierson 'l hal furnished the music for llle Holi dn D1nce held it the Edgew ater Beach Hotel lt w as a huge sueeess 31st The years roll on Goodbye to 'mf and hello to 8 f l - 1+r"1f:f111:ff2if:s:.'- 1- ':L-2.1-3.114,f,a1g13,37A5fi5-'se:4fi. 1 1 1 11 11 l ' Y Y ,. 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 - . 1 . 1 1 1 , H I I 7 i . e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . e . Y 3 , i v Y - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 l V ' - 1 1 1 r 7 - 1 L 1 1 1 1 l A 1 1 T ' A . . .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . A , . . . 1 1 1 1 e . . ,- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 e . . . . 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1- 11 1 , , . . . 1 1 1 1 e . . , 1 , . , 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 1 111 1 e . e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 el e . e e . 1 1 --1 e . . H '1 '1 ' H -1 1 . . A -. F., 51-.- ,- - . Q ,, 41, 1, Q lx, H 12 1 Qf U .1 ,N V 1 .I .. .. J .Q 1. V ,. JANUARY 7th-In a fitting debut our Heavies and Lights pro- duced a double victory over the tough Ignatius' squads. 13th-The hopeful candidates of the Nlt. Carmel Boxing Team showed their mettle as they staged a show at St. Clara's for the benefit of the Holy Name Society. 14th-Our Lights and Heavies were the guests of Joliet Catholic High School. and they proved themselves ungrateful to the hosts by vanquishing their respective teams by decisive scores. lt was the second league victory for each. 18th-De La Salle handed the Lights their first de- feat of the regular season in a close game. The I-Ieavies avenged them, however, with a closely fought victory. 19th-The Mt. Carmel Heavies were invited to play against Fenwick. last year's champions. in the Sta- dium. The game preceded the Loyola-De Paul game, and our victory was absolute. Almost every member of the team saw action. 20th-The swimming team, newly organized under Father Berthold's direction, was given its Hrst de- feat by the crack Loyola tanksters. 21st-The Heavies, in a three way tie for the lead in the South Section with St. Leo and St. Phillips were dropped into second place by virtue of a de- feat from Leo. The Lights, after losing one game. started on their new victory march by handing the Leo Juniors their second beating of the season in a very hard fought game. 28th-The exams. Every one is in a quandary. doubtful about ability. The miserable question- naires will reach an end tomorrow. The Mothers Club held their Tenth Anniver- sary Party in the gym. It was. naturally. another huge success. Another double victory was registered tonight by the two Carmel quintets. St. Phillips were the luckless opponents. The ORIFLANIXIE Staff was announced today. and all its members will soon be given their assign- ments. 1:1151 nf T' EJ- if -ik " r. si .J FEBRUARY 4th-Again the Heavies are victorious! This time the victim was St. Rita. The Lights also took the Ritans in stride as they finished the first round of the basketball season. Sth-Mt. Carmel's Third Annual Notre Dame Night was a success. As usual. noted athletes from Notre Dame were in the limelight. The entertainment was mainly provided by the Boxing Team as they came out in front by whipping Loyola's pugilists. six bouts to two. Pictures of the Notre Dame- Southern California football game were also dis- played. 8th-The elections for the Secretary and Treasurer of Cisca took place this afternoon and the results of the election gave the control of the oH'ices to the Junior Class. 11th-The Art Club held their Dance in preparation for St. Valentines. 15th-Carmel's Heavies were subjugated tonight by St. Ignatius in a hard game, but the Lights. vic- torious over the opponent's ponies, climbed higher up the Leagues ladder. 18th-Our friendly enemies from Joliet arrived here to try their hand but didn't fare so well, receiving a double setback from our promising quintets. 21st-Our I-Ieavies suffered a setback when they in- vaded De La Salle. The Lights. in their turn, played a magnificent game and were conceded vic- tory. The win broke a tie which existed between the two schools and also provided sweet revenge. 22nd-Thanks to George Washington, we are granted a holiday. Carmel was ably represented at the genreal meeting of Cisca held at Fenwick. 28th-Mt. Carmel bows to Leo's Heavies and the de- feat seems to put us out of the race. The Light's victory was like a decree of finality as to who was to be the South Section Champions. The Senior Retreat, the last of four such retire- ments held during the course of the school year, one for each class. was given during Easter Week. It climaxed four years of thorough Religious training for the Class of '38, "Ten Pretty Ciirls"f Reason? The Junior Prom at the Steuben Building with music by Gay Claridge and his Orchestra. The Mount Carmel Dramatic Club produced another fine comedy in "Howdy Stranger." A large crowd turned out to assure Father Kieran. the Direc- tor. another grand success. The long applauds and laughter were well earned. And last but not least. the two most important events to us Seniors. The Senior Prom and Gradua- tion. XVellf So long. folksf Father Time's clock says it's time for us Seniors to leave. 51163 MARCH lst-The arguments that one hears issuing from all the corridors is merely the Seniors debating where their Prom should be held. 4th-Carmel's ponies clinched the South Section Championship, for the second consecutive year, by defeating St. Rita, 46-21. 7th-The Monogram Club elected its officers today. The Club's affairs are now under the guidance of three Seniors and one Junior. The CARMEL-LITE is now in the hands of the Juniors. We know that they will continue to make it the best high school publication. 8th-The Sophomores and the Seniors emerged vic- torious in the Intramural Basketball Tournament. 15th-Noi There wasn't an accident in the gym. It's just a few of the more energetic youths tossing in charity shots in the Free Throw Contest. MARCH 16th-Wellf The boys have done it again. It's get- ting to be a habit, this championship winning. This time it's the Catholic Lightweight Crown. The final score: Carmel, 32: St. Mel, 22. 17th-Today, so to speak, we're killing two birds with one Free Day. Yea! you guessed it, Carmel's victory and St. Patrick's Day. 21st-Father Berthold officially launched the Junior's retreat. 25th-The Mount Carmel Heavies, invited to partici- pate in the Loyola Tournament, won two games today, defeating Cretin of St. Paul in the morning. and St. Aloysius of New Orleans in the evening. 26th-Disaster struck again. Our Heavies couldn't stand the fast pace of Loyola and, fighting bravely, succumbed to the hosts, 40-32. HI-LITES Once more the doors of Carmel are open, admit- ting many new and some old faces, which, incident- ally, make Carmel i'The Biggest and Best in the Middle West." The ORIFLAMME of '37 started out the year right with an All-American rating from the Catholic School Press Association. Many of the returning students missed the pres- ence of Father Theodore, our Principal. who went to Rome for a conference of the Order. But don't worry boys, he'll be back soon. and until then Father Alfred will act as Principal. The Alumni danced the "Big Apple" with Her- man at the Homecoming Dance. Herman is a skeleton who was adopted by Carmel several years ago. There was much craning of necks by the "Ben- nies" as they sought to get a glimpse of Father The- odore who returned today. The ORIFLAMME is in the Limelight again. This time it has been rated the best in the United States. Carmel's Caravan finished second in the South Sec- tion football league. Nice going, "Wally." Congratulations are also in order for "Johnny" Jordan, whose lightweight football squad won six and tied one. No. It isn't Grauman's Chinese Theater! it's the Avalon Theater. And you're wrong again: it's not a Hollywood preview: it's Carmel's Annual Theater Party. But from the size of the crowd and the looks on their faces, your guess was mighty close. Carmel's Heavyweight Basketball team brought home the Pre-Season championship by winning the St. George Tournament. With much dickering and a whole day spent, the Seniors finally selected the men who are to be their class officers. The Athletes have hold on the Junior Class, as four athletes were elected as class officers. There was a call for short girls this season. The reason was that the bids for the Art Club and Band Dance correspond to your girl's height. Another Notre Dame Night means another success in Carmel's activities. Those boys from Notre Dame are champs in every line. Carmel's Lights win the South Sectional Title for the second consecutive year, and then they carry on to repeat as City Champs. The Heavies finished in third place, with a swell record of 31 wins and 4 losses. 51173 f f 1 18 3 His Eminence George Cardinal Mundelein Most Rev. Bernard J. Sheil, D.D.. V.G. Most Rev. VVilliam O'Brien. D.D. Most Rev. Hilary Doswald. O. Carm. The Very Rev. Matthew T. O'Neill. O. Carm. The Carmelite Fathers of Joliet Catholic High The Carmelite Fathers of St. Mary's. Joliet Rt. Rev. Msgr. D. Byrnes Rt. Rev. Msgr. D. J. Dunne. D.D. Rt. Rev. Msgr. T. F. Egan Rt. Rev. Msgr. W. Foley Rt. Rev. Msgr. D. P. O'Brien Rt. Rev Rt. Rev D.D. Rt. Rev Rt. Rev non. .lVlsgr. F. M. O'Brien .Msgr. F. A. Purcell. .lVlsgr. J. F. Ryan . Msgr. T. V. Shan- L.D. Very Rev. Msgr. W. J. Kinsella Very Rev. lVlsgr. P. F. Shrew- bridge Rev. J. Anderson Rev. A. Baltutis Rev. J. W. Barrett Rev. J. T. Bennett Rev. T. Rev. E. Rev. J. Rev. F. Rev. U. Rev. A. Rev. R. Rev. D. Bonifas Broderick Burke L. Byrnes Cavicchi Della Vecchia DeNorus A. Diedrich Rev. J. P. Doran Rev. F. Rev. T. Rev. H. Rev. P. J. Fennessey F. Friel M. Friel Gleeson Rev. XV. J. Gorman Rev. I.. Grudzinski Rev. M. Hanley Rev. J. Rev. E. Rev. E. Rev. J. Rev. T. Rev. J. D. Hishen D. Holloway Horvath H. Houlihan J. Hurley A. Job Rev. M. S. Kane Rev. J. J. Kearns .., ,r,.WV..A,.Y .- ww:-.1 r.. '57-.,: , , e- gg.. .,,,,a.. ... -.1 . I... SS :H ? All All V . ...., ,E r. t 2. 3 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon O'Reilly Rev. J. L. Kearns Rev. E. S. Keough Rev. C. Kita Rev . Urban J. Lager. O. Carm. Rev. J. M. Lange Rev. T. Langfort Rev. D. Lanigan Rev. J. M. Leddy Rev. A. Linkus Little Company of Mary Rev. J. L. Maiworm Rev. P. H. Matimore Rev. V. Moran Rev. F. O. McCarthy Rev. H. McGuire Rev. P. J. McGuire Rev. M. McKenna Rev. S. E. McMahon Rev. L. McNamara Rev. E. B. McNally Rev. G. Meade Rev Rev . J. Morrison . J. A. McMurray, D.D. Rev. M. J. Nealis Rev Rev . J. M. Schutte . T. Sheridan Rev. J. Stuckel Rev. A. Terlecke Rev. J. Tort, C.M.F. Rev. H. S. Trainor Rev. B. Urba Rev. F. Vaitukaitis Rev. A. T. Valcicak Rev. J. A. Van Heertum, Mary M. Sheridan . W. G. Hoffmann O. Pream. Rev. Anselm J. Werner, O. Carm. Rev. J. J. Wester Rev. J. P. Whalen Rev. F. M. Wojtalewicz The Religious Hospitalers of St. Joseph Rev. E. O'Malley Rev. G. Parker, D.D. Rev. G. Paskauskas Rev. J. E. Phelan Rev. R. Pugny Rev. A. G. Quille Rev. F. J. Quinn Rev. E. F. Rice Rev. B. Rogers . Robert S. Berghoff . Ambrose C. Brown Dr. Carl H. Christoph Dr. Fred M. Drennan Dr. Willard G. Jeffries Dr. Milo E. Jeffries Dr. R. W. Kerwin PATRONS Dr. Deno F. O'Connor Dr. John O'Donoghue Dr. Matthew T. Smith Honorable and Mrs. Wm. Newburger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ahern Mr. and Mrs. J. Altenbach Mrs. Margaret Anderson Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs W. J. Anderson . Sidney Balaam . Charles E. Barry Theodore Bickler Mr. and Mrs. . John Blair Mr. Wm. G. Boyce and Family Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Breitzke Mr. and Mrs. Alexander S. Brezezinski Mr. and Mrs. John Burke Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Brinkman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. berry Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Thomas Burke Francis L. James Cahill Geo. E. Caley Francis V. Car- James Cassidy Paul Ceroke Mr. Frank Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. John Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Creevy Mr. and Mrs. Oreal J. Crepeau Mrs. Leo P. Cummings Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Dallager Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dougherty Mrs. Nora A. Dunne Mrs. C. J. Ewerts Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr.and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Joseph Figliulo . Maurice S. Fox . Albert J. Freund Francis J. Gariepy . George Gibson Arthur Gleason . William Gorman . James Haran J. P. Hart Robert Hatton . W. Howe . W. D. Jamieson . H. D. Jones M. Kain Mrs. Catherine Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Frank Kerwin . M. Kuratnik . Harold Lanum Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Lavelle Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lux Mrs. Elizabeth Lindhoff Mr. and Mrs. John Malone Mrs. L. E. Manion Mr. and Mrs. E. Markey Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Marlow Mr. and Mrs. A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Martin Mrs. Eizette G. Michelsen Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Mr. Frank Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Guigan J. McGreevy William Mc- Mrs. Lillian McLelland Mr. and Mrs. P. McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nagel Irving Newman Mr. and Mrs. George Norman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nottingham Mr. and Mrs. J. C. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. William O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. John O'Grady Mrs. Jessie O 'Keefe Mr. and Mrs. William O'Keefe Mrs. Anna O'Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. S. Pasko Henry Pendleton J. H. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Podalski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Quinlan Joseph Reilly A. Robin E. E. Rueckert John Russell James Ryan Mrs. J. M. Sauter Mr. and Mrs. John Schlesser Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Soth Thomas Tobin Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vail Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Warapius Elmer Wang Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. White Mr.and Mrs. D. S. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilson f119j -.N -- f- - - v 1:41 ' - - N . 1-.9-5 ,,, , , , ,..,.. V'-v V ' ' Mu.--hi-12" mx-,. . br w G 1-: :'. N fy.-g -- ,"5"v ' .' - A .'.,,,,, KW ,t r , .J Wx-, . ., . Ml f' it 171 - ,vff V gf ' fi- wi''S51f':31--gf? 3:.asa,:?fcEv.sig?f,f?l.lsmifaf'fxkvvffzle'2,.af2,,., ,.::- f --P--' .fab-, f- - 'f 1 -w-4. .M-mu-1--ng, -1, ,dn MA 3-.-,ff 51-, Un. Llfdra , ,-, v N-.. ""i:1T 5:5235 Vrhlf J ,, ik? T '?f"?F! his Q. Q' iw LE? 'f .' 315555 -411 L . L-P23 , , ww.. - . mg 95? fzfffrd, , -ff- :EMF +,Af...., . r. IE-5 :?:-u -rr:-xx 5223 - .-11 .-., ,:1.?::w P +.'...fx: . " A J 'iz 'QF - f , . ' . ' , 14:3-Q . .. - . , ' .1-21.55 . I - , . fpffa. ' . 'HHH ' - ' " . , . ' . . , . 511.-11, V ' ' . ' , . gait, . ' ' -1 ' ' , , , ' ' QQ'-"H - ' . H-faefw A , ' 5:1-.1-QQ? . V r , - -. 5,111 Q, ., A M. V , L., ,AVA 1, HY,-.:. -,1,1...,. -,, .1 . .,.. , -,,1,, 1-,- ., ', ,V -, 74 - .2-2 ff-ff-W - V , W- -. ' ,W .Q 3-.,,,Y ':1,3,: . 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