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1. 1. 'Ja ..,, -1 -. J ng. rm :- -. ... .- .N -x -af L. l. . wp: " -Qs. .ii-RB.. L 2-:ASL 4 ff " '54 fl J.. ., '53 -" '51 33 Y!! , :ei 555 Tli .1 Q55 vi is -'-9 E52 1 -' z.L P 1. gi'-?"?Wr4 -MCM C L QRIFLAMME ofmwam, 5 5, 956 I Qwggf 3 X Fl . 65 5.1 via W QQ J, 2,efqQfe Z' zfafoqi a ff fe af mehfokzei if aff fm 1' 111 fecyle Z'o Je lil-ifzizifzl 0114 ogre 1 fzfwdqff Z JQQ1-ef waz' of Q :Z JW, nmrffi Qin! Q! mpeg, Qi fo dgfkezfeaf Z4 ZZ 0 We ,Z Z 5:22 1124 Q36 sf, Us Q5 W 0 e 4 iz' Af 0 C? 55' 1' 4 ' Cya e e o a 5040, ear! ' I 1' 11 fgffg, ' ' Z , 621206 Z! ' ' , do 0 bi e I e Q If ce e 0 e zk' C 4' I1 1 0 , Coe lf, e 4' e V1 , H X H7 efrboc a the ag, nisfm gd? 1 ji I AZ eve n 'unc in A de mf 0 Jw I e 'ubfwc ftefcdnc .5 th 1 J a on f I e fo lm? atm 5wl1 n n Xin L'cnw.5fJ1e ecln t l efjknon lin JI unit Zlfvgjlancr J as me efcna 0 It wc? 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Ire C- of QI , wee? it i L He e ' i e o ic e i e 0 nf, X u W , W 1123 W ff nygzefz ln ' n ' ' of n W 6: .j i ?6 Q- 9 69 X QQ Eb w QCDNTENT S J K 5120 22111 5 474 0 AJ S441 O? v Cxfaieff sa 00 lze C' 00 0, M, ..... K e 00 fee- - Qehgqfhkf goo 01:2 952251 QQ! ,' Q Q 1' QIYQ oi? 38' W? sg 9 ROM THE DAYS of the cata- combs the Catholic Church has staunchly recognized the necessity of Christian education. For centuries she has been the bulwarlc ot' civilization. During countless generations the patient monk and friar. toiling in the monasf tery library, stood the sole custodians of the learning of the Ctreeks and Romans against the vicious onslaughts of the barbarians. XVhen these savage invaders threatened to overwhelm Europe. the spark of learning was pref served in the monastery school. later to burst forth in the magnihcent achieve- ments ofthe Xliddle Ages. In these days when nations are ques- tioning the very existence of a God and attempting to destroy the little spark ol' faith which remains in the youth ol' their lands, the Catholic Church through her schools. is successfully combating these misguided philosophers. No one has been more zealous in upholding and strengthening the Catholic School Sys- tem than Bishop Sheil. His plan of Catholic Action has joined school with school into an ever increasing phalanx of stalwart youth that is carrying Cath- olic educational principles into greater and wider fields of activity. Carmel has welcomed the opporf tunity of co-operating with His Excel- lency to increase the effectiveness of the Catholic educational program. In some instances Carmel's school activities have anticipated Bishop Sheil's Catholic Ac- tion Program. ln fact it is only justi- fiable to assume that whatever success has been meted to Carmel in the scholasf tic field can be traced to the broad vision of her founders and leaders whose principles are so closely allied to those which motivate Catholic Action. NVe are proud to believe that Carmel ranks among the leaders in the Held of sec- ondary education, and that from her students will emerge the leaders of future generations. . , tv aimlrtia Illi . .4FW tl- 1 sw t ttltf at tit f E r I ,iff Q ll 'X,Q U4 S,x VIERY RIZV. LAVCRIZNCIE C. DIliTHl2R. O.C.1rm. l'rot'rm'1ul Director Jwozmt mfmel "With zeal I am zealous for the Lord Ciod of Hosts"-down through the ages echoes the motto of the prophet Elias to instill into his followers the fire of inspiration from that first staunch and loyal band who gathered round him on the Mount of Carmel in Palestine, down to the White Eriars of our own twentieth century. The fierce Saracen might drive them from the Holy Land: Europe might for a time eye them with suspicion: but the order founded by Elias and dedicated to Mary was destined to grow and flourish until it should become one of the fore- most religious organizations of the world. a zealous leader in the missionary and educational fields. In Mt. Carmel High School, these same Car- melites have continued the work of Catholic education. They have instructed boys in both the spiritual and the material-they have molded men with true Christian character and ideals. This they have accomplished by brotherly counsel and exemplary conduct. The idea of a Catholic educational institu- tion in Woodlawn was conceived in 1902, and carried out in the founding of St. Cyril's College. It became evident, however. in 1924, that the school had outgrown its old quarters-necessi- tating an expansion program which resulted in the present Mt. Carmel. the name being changed High School at that time. in honor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. the special patroness of the school and of the Order. The old building is still being used for a chapel. a priests' refectory, and a library. besides accommodating the offices of the Little Flower Society. For location, environment. and accessibility. Mt. Carmel is ideally situated. The school build- ing faces east on Dante Avenue. at Sixty-fourth Street. Cn the north is the Carmelite Monastery and on the south, St. Cyril's Parish Rectory. To the south is a district almost exclusively residential. and yet a moment's walkin a north- erly direction will bring one to the shopping section of Woodlawn. The Electrified lllinois Central Suburban Service has a station within a block of the school, and provides fast convenient service for the entire South Shore district, as well as for South Chicago. Pullman, Blue Island, Gary, East Chicago. and Whiting. The Chicago Surface Lines cars are also within a block of the school, offering transportation to and from all directions: the Elevated Lines. a scant two blocks from the school, reach practically every locality north and west. The Chicago Motor Coach Company's route through Jackson Park serves as still another means of conveyance. Thus we see that every facility is at hand for the safe and speedy transportation of the student. RIEY. THIEODORIQ J. ll.'X'l"liOX O.C.1rm. . 'Q l'r1m'1pu! THE FACULTY 4e"a""ss tv' I ii 'N 099 1. gg --13,13 ig H P? THE FACULTY Cd1"7726l X ERY REX BASIL A RAHLER O Ca m Pastor or St Cu I REX CHRYSOSTONI J ANDERSON O Carm L brat an FR SPIRIDION GRECH O Ca m Chapla n REX ANDRI XX l XX ELDON The school ltself IS housed 1n a spac1ous modern bu1ld1ng It IS perfectly equlpped W1th large well llghted and well ventllated class rooms excellent laboratorns lecture halls anew gymnas1um and an up to :late swlmmlng pool In connect1on Wlth the latter two prov1s1ons have been made for lockers for v1s1t1ng as well as home teams The gymnas1um contaxns all types of athletrc equlpment regular 1nstruct1on ln the use of wh1ch IS g1ven the students for QXQFCISQ and for the cond1t1on1ng of the var1ous teams The latest 1nnovat1on lS a radlo ampl1fy1ng sys tem to s1mpl1fy announcement maklng Apart from the mater1al s1de Mt Carmel has rece1ved the h1ghest poss1ble ratlng scholas tlcally It 1S accredlted by the Un1vers1ty of Ill1no1s and the North Central Assoclatlon of Secondary Schools and Colleges Th1s afHl1at1on carr1es Wlth 1t the pr1v1lege of entry wlthout eXam1nat1on to any Un1vers1ty or College recog nlzed by these organ1zat1ons 0 Ca m Rl x MARTIN J ODONNIII REX PATRICK 'VILRRAY O Carm O Carm D an of Emil sh clluyld rOfla me to fS1CIa Chpln School THE FACULTY Included ln these afllllatlons are all the larger UHIVCFSIFIQS 1n th Mlddl West lll1no1s M1Ch1g3H WISCOHSIH Ch1cago Notre Dame Northwestern and many of the smaller colleges The certllicate pr1v1lege fentrance upon recom mendatlon of the fafultyl lS held w1th three large Eastern Un1vers1t1es namely G orgetown Dartmouth and Brown In order to ma1nta1n th s accredltatlon as well as the1r own hxgh standards of scholarshlp the Carmellte Fathers have outl1ned a str1ct course of study whlch IS des1gned prlmarlly for the best mterests of the student body Durmg the first two years all th students are requlred to do practlcally the same work wlth the excep txon of bemg permltted the cholce of a language In thlrd year several electlves are offered and semors have a st1ll greater cholce of subjects RI X NORBI RT C l II l R Rl X XX II IRFD A SVIITH E al h IA SIC lb X XRNOI D H VRCAR O C m O Qxrm O Carm Hlstory and Engllsh are requlred 1n fourth year but the student 1S offered hrs cholce of Chemlstry or Typewrltlng and of Latln Span 1sh CIVICS Economlcs or Commerclal Law Th1S method demands a unlformlty that IS for the good of all and yet allows a var1at1on su1ted to the development of each boy s partlcular talents and des1res Grades are glven monthly 1n each subject and are governed not only by the amount and quallty of work done but by the monthly examrnatlons whlch are a part of each course Quarterly and semester marks are also gn en are determnned chlefly by the exammatrons ln each subject Honor cards are ment awards glven each month to students who carry an average of nlnety or more IH all subjects for that month Students who have a monthly average of nmety or more m a subject and who pass the semester rellglon exammatlon wlth a grade of exghty fue R X l5lRlHOlDl NlAl Nll OCarm U 'KN llLS I OBO Ofrn Ll Q r i"'m,,x cllounb Carmel Hzgb School THE FACULTY ll2l A X ' A -f V ,. - l - ii . -' 7 V ' X5 tlgffgfli .f lt! 'i' . 'S .-S. l ' 4 l l Q? Xxx ff , Q it lff ti E11 lk 'S Q? if ,M RlfX'. .lL'l. N C. Q . UBIU, RliY. Al.l5RlfD A. Cllll 'AN, Rlz '. f .' .l 'l'llY, F52 . jar , . N. . 4 . o o 0 lei'Il'Qll.Ul7 kllrvfctl0I'S1L1du-s l'rvl'm! of IJ!-85111711170 Phusrolodu Y . . 1 , ' 1,5 ' Y E3 , . . . Hg li 2 5 " 1 ,. ll ,o. .. . , llrrfrrfl of Sllldlg'-9 - Rell' :rm sw, ' ' 1zr1v.,.'o1 2 .. e Rxlq he 1 1 I 1 ' I , 'J ' - V ' Illllfl V Rr Mtn V ...L N X IHOXPXS H SIRASSI R RI X Xl ORS 5 S B-XNDOI X C C m O Carrh O C-1 FX XHBROSI I CASIY O C m hu REX TIVIOIHY F VIOORI O C m 1h lla or better are exempt from examlnatxon 1n that subject Thus the school demonstrates to the student a Wlll1I1gI'12SS to recogmze and reward h1s best efforts To graduate and to rece1ve a d1ploma the student must have s1Xteen cred1ts A cred1t 1n a subject 1S obta1ned by completmg sat1sfactor1ly a course of th1rty elght weeks flve per1ods a week Besldes the exemptlon pr1v1lege men tloned above an added 1ncent1ve IS to be found 1n the medals awarded to the boy rankrng h1ghest scholastxcally 1n the school and to those of h1ghest standmg m each of thelr several class years In add1t1on gold medals are glven to those students who excel ln varlous subjects These awards are made at the Commencement Exer c1se held at the close of the school year Sxnce the a1m of the Carmelxte Fathers IS to prepare the boy for problems whlch w1ll con front h1m 1n later l1fe rel1g1ous 1nstruct1on and trammg play a most lmportant part ln the currlculum THE FACULTY Jllounb Carmel Hzglf School l13l f ' l X173 2? - 1 Fl--Q. 5 ' Xi . x ix IQ 1 Y REV R.'Xl.l7H J. Xlclj.-XR'l'l,A. VD, Rli Y. 'V . . ' . U K .L.L 1 , L Y. . . VIL" , .' .f J. .ar . . - fm- l Q ' Q Ilzglorq l.ulm - Hrxloru iv: mn . Y l Y 133 l N - , . . . . 1 . . . lx 1 . f . r 1 '. . 1 , - Y . -ar . . . . . 4 a ' ' - I, .Sits -DQJLII7 ul' Sr1'z'V7u' ' ' ' ' ,fi , Y I 1 H - . . . . 1 I . ' ,lla .nwrum ' -""'ll"' THE FACULTY l4l Rl X Rl CIS A DONOHLI DAXHXN B lll B RLX XQLINAS I CO1 CAN O Ca O C m O Ca m Emil sh RTX PASCHAI C BAIER O C m D n ol lat n Rl X' NIAI. M OCONN UR O. C. . I7 A1118 The freshmen are grounded in the essentials of their faith and its application to themselves The principles which the good nuns have incul cated in them from their earliest days in school are further explained and enlarged upon Second year students are given a thorough course in Church liturgy Juniors study Church history and Seniors are taught Christian apologetics that they may be prepared to defend their faith In addition to religious instruction there is a definitely planned spiritual system of training Holy Mass 1S celebrated twice each Week on Tuesday morning for the Freshmen and Sopho mores and on Thursday for the Juniors and Seniors After Mass a short instruction is given on some point of current spiritual interest to the students. ln order to encourage frequent recep- tion of the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion confessions are heard all day each Friday and an opportunity is git en the boy to make use of this during his study period. Jlfozmt Carmel N X JIQIC I VIXN C C The Hrst Pr1day of each month IS general Communlon for the ent1re student body Con f6SS1OHS are heard the day before and prov1s1ons are made for the students breakfasts after Mass On Wednesday students are urged to attend the noon devot1ons 1n honor of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Durlng October the Rosary 1S sa1d every day at noon 1n the chapel and durlng Lent the Statlons of the Cross are reclted each I3r1day Once a Week the school publlshes a R2l1g1Ol1S Bulletm the ed1tor of whlch 1S the sp1r1tual dlrector of the school The Bulletm covers a w1de varlety of top1cs and serves as a constant remlnder of the obllgatlons and sp1r ltual dut1es of a boy The annual underclass retreats are glven by some member of the Car mellte Order experlenced ln the handllng of boys and well versed 1n the problems of adolescence The Semor Retreat IS glven by some natlonally known retreat master and IS a littlng cl1maX to four years of lnstructlon and tralnlng at Mt Carmel Hzgh School IR XNCIS BI O C m REX SIANISI ALS I XNCI-III O Ca m Iatn RIX HLBIRT C XICXRRIX OCam I J gf le VL af ce' 'N THE FACULY Y Muna, f-0,130 P n V iQ' C 15' - T' '- f siizff, Z . I-HI " r ' RLY. RlLCI.'AI.IJ P. .IADRI:N, RIQY. IRILI 1I Q . x .'ION. RIQY. ' r .' Q P. .L'N'I. ' f O.C.1rm, J. Qarm , ar . For ' Q . . FTS Its. 1 v llvurv or ,llulhl-nmln llzslffru 'I ruusu ' l,u11n 'Q ' 1 ' 1 aB1,,.' 1. I . . . r . ' . . . I I W O ' Phgx1t:Iu,JtJf-'Refi lun I15l is-Q 0 l f 4 245 T, A14 v. ' W gf s- ' ' , ,Q g B l 31 E ' ' .5 + 1 "'l757f"' l3RA'l'liR CONRAD C. HAl,l,, l'RATliR VICTOR SCHVVAR, IYRATIQR HISRMAN GOLOBIC, ,Camp .C.1rm. . ar . " o o o Ph, gmluqu Rl'f.ll'X1l'dl" -Ma cmulns Mu vnlulirs J ' ' I ' 2 l' . ' , 1 . Carm. . . . . . Hisiory I - ' I . l16l THE FACULTY 0 O OCm U IRAIIR lxllRA'N J OHARA O 1h 1h Reallzmg that many of the appurtenances to a complete educatlon are not to be obtalned from books alone the faculty has planned and 1nst1tuted an extra currlcular act1v1ty of such a wlde scope that some phase of lf IS sure to appeal to every boy The ORIFLAMME the oflicral school publlca tron has repeatedly won state and natronal recognltlon and has come to represent the best rn hlgh school journahsm The staff of the GRIFLAMME IS plcked from the hxgher rankmg Englxsh students and lf IS certamly a justrfnable prlde enjoyed by the parents Whose son has by h1s ab1l1ty merlted a place on the GRIFLAMME Staff The school llbrary offers excellent llterary recreatlon for the boy 1n h1s lexsure hours as well as a convenlent source for outs1de references The L1brary under excellent supervlson has grown from a mere handful of books to eleven thousand reference volumes and three thousand books of ficuon A tralned llbrarlan IS ln constant attendance r, :nf HR RlxlNN IRXIIROXKINR COH IRXFI-R Ofarm The Student Councll IS purely a student organ1zat1on whose members are chosen from among the leaders of each class to represent the Student body 1n 1ts relatlons wlth the faculty Needless to say lf IS an honor to FQCCIVC an appo1ntment to th1s select group The two Llterary and Debatrng Clubs are organlzatlons for the furtherance of readlng and elocutxon They also provlde an opportunlty of soclal dlverslon for members The members of the Art Club asslst greatly ln arouslng lnterest ln school affalrs through thelr posters and slogans The Dramatlc Club lS composed of those boys whose h1str1on1c talent and ab1l1ty to act have banded them together Their annual pres entatlon IS usually one of the hlgh llghts of the school year To those students who are glfted muslcally the band and orchestras provlde an opportumty to pursue the1r avocatlon under the sklllful guld ance of thoroughly tralned musicans XIALRICI C' ANDIRSON 0 Ca m fnq h IRAIFR JLSIINI J OCONINIII OCrm awry Y THE FA C ULTY ' .T ,Q ' -ESQ' ' ' 2 . t , E C1 g . , W? I H ri! f E QL Q l'RA' C1 Nllxl. . 'L '. 'lilDY, ' f ' 'l ' il' . ' C i. 5 f ' Q O.C.1rm. . Q . . ' .i -, l' 2 .C . '. Q . , r . 1.111117 Lulin Q 1 Irs ' ' h . .1 . ' l.u!1bn-llislrlru igh School f ft Z7 1 IRAIIR IRAIIR IRAIIR IGNIAIILS D IOXNIONI lxl'N1Nl TH B MOORI ll-'IIR THOMAS 'I SHI RRY fqlh 5 Cognlzant of the problems and tendencles of adolescence the Carmellte Fathers have 1nst1 tuted a SGIIGS of partles and dances spon sored by the varlous organlzatlons 1n the school Through these the boys are g1ven an opportu n1ty to learn socxal adjustment These soc1al events are conducted by the Senlors and Jumors wrth some support from the lower classmen Mt Carmel IS a regular member of the Chl cago Cathollc 1-hgh bcnool League 1n wh1ch It enters teams 1n football QChamp1ons 1927 1931 1932 1933 C1ty Champ1ons 1927 19339 basketball lChamp1ons L1ghtwe1ght d1v1s1on 1929 1930 1932j track golf lChamp1ons 1927 1928 1929 19307 swlm m1ng and tennls lChamp1ons 19311 Whlle boxmg lS not a league sport Carmel produced a team last year that Won the state champ1onsh1p Intramural sports are fostered and super v1sed so that every student may have a farr chance to partlclpate ln some form of athletlcs ln add1t1on to the regular teams whlch enter Cathollc League competltlon the faculty has recently FQVIY ed the plan of havxng bantam and BROTHER PETFR THOMAS X ll l lR O C k Jllozmb Carmel High School 1131 THE FACULTY A + . ' 'sg-if 'A 4' ' 51 ,fi ' V x 1 QQ! x '71.'.' 'MN' 1 "3 ' "'f O.C.1rm. O. Carm. O. Carm, I O I 'ng IA Spanish H' ru-Publu' 'pe k , - Y - 7 f - ' .Carm. , , , . . . ' - N - Ier Y . . . I Y I 1 X 1 Y Y Y i Y 5 1 1 9 J 1 '- Y . . Y . Zffsfkw j ig l I THE FACULTY BROIHFR BROTHLR NILI J XVAI SH BROTHLR XI OYSILS DI RLN I I I AXX RLNCI G WOl I O BRO I Hl R JOHN XX COLCHI IN Jllozmb flywe1ght teams 1n football and basketball wh1ch compete WIID Slmllaf teams from other schools Every effort 1S made to bulld a sound body 1n the growlng boy 1n fact Phys1cal Culture IS compulsory for all students unless excused for some val1d reason Valuable a1d 1S glven the Carmehte Fathers by the var1ous parent teacher organ1zat1ons Whlch sponsor numerous and var1ed events Wh1Ch are conduclve to the solutlon of the prob lem of co operatlon between school and home The oldest of these organ1zat1ons 1S the Mother s Club IIS purpose 1S to acqualnt the mothers Wlfh the problem of the teacher whlch can be more readlly solved through 1nte1l1gent co opera t1on of school and home The Dad s Club IS composed of those w1ll mg fathers who have volunteered the1r unstlnted efforts to help the1r boys Back of th1s organ 1zat1on IS the desxre to promote and encourage good fellowshlp to promote mterest and par t1c1pat1on 1n all student act1v1ty and to co operate Wlth the faculty 1n the furtherance of Carmel High School Async. Puglia 1 5 - , 'f '. , . r T? 5 9 ' ' - 1 G E 7-.1 Q QP ,RX XV, , , Q Q ', " O.C.1rm. . ' Z' l . - :, .C.1rm, I O.C.1rm. Q Engineer I .Swryzurg flssl. Prefer! of D1's1'1'pl1'ne Q 1 A' 'V 41 Q 4 A Y. . . . O. Carm. - ' Q lL1okroon7 Clerk ' ' ' . . . , , . . V .. ' - l19l THE FACULTY Jilozmta Carmel 'VIR NIICH -XEI NIL RPHH s 'VIR GI RAI D O NI II L1 IRXISI Cl 1 these interests Through the Dad s Club intra mural sports handball basketball free throw tournaments swimming and boxing have become a customary phase in extra cur ricular life at Carmel The students look for and find real pals in their dads The newest parent organization comprises those favored and privileged women whose sons wear the brown habit of the Carmelites either as students at Niagara or as Brothers Fratres or Priests The ueen of Carmel Auxiliary and its activities extend throughout all of Carmelite America lending a helpful hand by assembling and embroideung the vestments prescribed for the celebration of Mass and Benediction by that intangible spirit of encouragement and cheerfulness which only Mothers can incite in their sons NIR LOLIS IRI I IOR NI XR I Hzulgw V111 L1 I I P. El ' . ' . ' - I . , Phu. nal Dzrutlor ' ' ' ' ' ' 'I . . 5 , 3 ,r,, - Q I A. B.. J. D. ' ' ' ' ' f CI4L'I.L'S"'l5DdIlAh ' ' I ' MR, WCHAEL OCONNOR. giving socials to aid the Order materially and by A' 1 - a a s . A Srrenre-IU Iheniulfr. ' ' ' ' A X1Rv 5 mm-I . . I ii, MR. wc? . .V '1az1.1.. ' 11115. A.IX ..B.Sc. A.B. Q I O . is ur. - 7 u HI . u t'l77nlIIt. En lmh Thus the manlfold and dlvergent requlre ments of the modern educat1onal 1nst1tut1on as has e been enumerated as the precedmg pages are all present ln Mt Carmel Nothlng beneflclal to a well balanced and full student l1fe has been omltted At Carmel a boy finds every opportunlty for developlng h1s body and soul as well as m1nd A sound mrnd ln a sound body Soclal lrfe IS offered that the student may attamed a fimshed POISG and natural exactness so necessary ln the successful man of the world Hrs sp1r1tual l1fe IS carefully gu1ded and rlgldly tralned that he mrght l1ve 1n str1ct accordance and harmony Wlth h1s Falth and actrvely promote and defend It 1n th1s pagan world Thus by every means made avallable by the latest educatlonal methods and by the brotherly earnestness set forth by the Carmelrte Fathers he lS fully prepared for uprlght manhood and Amerlcan c1t1zensh1p devoted to h1s home loyal to h1s country and true to h1s God XR NHSS Cl R-Xl DINI N1 HLCJH 'WR HAROI D OI 51 ll MR. .JOHN JORDAN, . A ll.l'5 SI -XNC ILNB . MR. C lLORCl1 BIQX KN. 0 .iff Q l Y Ill! , , , . ii , , c ' . V ' ' ' ' ' ' ' .'lS.s1s!u77I Lzbrurnm Y . ' 2 ' l i 44 ' ' vr ' i . . 'l l . . . . AB. 0 bf ' ' ' Foolbull Couch l .1 . f ' ' Cll l 'LX 'K 'IRG 1' 1' L', ' X B 'Nl X B l . . . lrmw lx lthltluljzrrrfffz Imzlxxh lfzxloru II7LJf1Sh HISIKJIU fftwc P09159 , .A C, N sf 1 3 I 'L l E Q. v"" 'Aw Q5 I gtykxfiw xxmffge EX 'Ka I 'E P f ., N , .xg 1 - ,- Afl nl ' Yi? CLAS S HL HXNC IHN l 1llum1n1tLd man uSLr1pls trLasurLLl mn tluL UIOHSSIIL 1 mrx rL1ms CD L L1Lm 1Lu1L L su ll L rLuuLrxn1 Lain ras LlUL 1nsp1rLLl mas tLrmLcLs ol athol1L amsts rLalx1L ID IJL sup r 'X adonnas all In tr1butLs o th uurms L umtnonal 1La mon modLrn t1mLs ilu HJFDLS or Jas tLur C ur1L Ll OL 1LStLrton NILSL In brx 1ar1LL cnt Catl1ol1L mluolarsulp ln our cm n Clly lilshop Slull J grLal JLlH11I11I'iTllH his bmuglut hLmpL ann nn lI'JllOI'l tu mxny undLrpr1x1lL L youths LmflLr1ng llmLm LnppLnrlun1L1Ls kKl7lCl'l would othLrxx1sL lJopL Lsslx buond thur nach HIS C atlwollc Youth Organlfatlon now prmclpallx known IIS 1tl1lLtxL acl71LxLmLntQ max 1LLlumLd lonwrrou bx ll1L grL1LnLSs ol lts sLl1olars CarmLl too brlngi .1LtnLly mio lnr Lurrlculum ll1osL pr1nL1plLs ol C 1Iluol1L LdL1L1t1on 1pproxLd lu ll1L XK1SlUIN ol L .1gLs nLLr l1Lr gl Ll1nLL L 5 LlLnts bLLomL 1mbuLd wltlu tl1L splrlt ol Cathollc ALt1on md bL1ng nrmlx groundLd IH lhL pr1nc1plLs ol LhL1r taxth muy null 1sp1rL to bL numbLrLLl 'IINODQ ll1osL ul1osL n1mLs xx ull ln known is lla SL mo Irs Lvl tomormu om urn SSLSnl1X L UL oIlmLr rLLun1 X omr ljalulrlna or lJLr ,N 4 g 45 , f 9 ' M? -2441, I ' I f . -1-MAN K 'H .mt ,L 1... .wg - 1 1, af N ,. WN? .I OSKPH BU ROY, Prvsi dm! " RICHARD PALMEY Vice Preszdent Secretary IME MARCHES ON' c-And with the passing of time comes the advent o a new li e or the Class o 36 Some o us will go on to fields o higher learning but or others these last days at Carmel mark the close o li e in an educational institution 'I' he routine o our classes at Carmel will be 'No longer will we enjoy the companionship o class be replaced with broken mates and teachers 'I' he old familiar ace gures in a new and di erent world CDurmg our days at SVU Carmel we enjoyed the ullness of the happiness and joy o prep school days ln our daily association with instructor and ellow student we built up riendships, which, we eel certain, will endure in spirit despite time or distance Friendships ormed through our years o mutual endeavor and achievement cannot be completely erased by the mere passing o years or the loss o contact Such riendshtps are an everlasting binding orce ln the ul llment o li e, man turns to reminiscence o longer does he hope or greater earthly glory He loves to think back and live again the days when he was happiest So it is that we set down this history o the Class o '36, that we may never lack a source o inspiration. ass 19 23 'f f f' - f ' f ' . , f , f . by graduation. ' ' ' ' f - . " f s will disappear, to ' fi ' 'il - f fl f 'f ' ' - 'N I X ' he History of As Freshmen We camt saxx and conqutrtd btxxtldtrtd tt Ilrst bx dtstmctlx new emsttnce ntxx facts strmngt sttnts tlmt passtd wt began to know and hkt our ntxx htt tht sptrtt ot tht sthool grasped us for wt btcamt studtnts Ctrmtl studtnts an as such we tntertd xx holt htarttdlx unto tht txtra currlcular tcttxltxts vthtch surrounded us sextn ol our numbtr took thtlr plicts on the hghtwenght football squad thrtt xtntured succtssfullx tnto the field of basketball four mtn made tht track ttam xt Freshmtn won berths on tht swxmmlng ttam ttn of us tnttrtd the Band the Orchestra drtxx thrtt As Sophomor es School had onct mort btgun Most ol us rtturntd to C trmtl hal s ftw wtre ntwcomtrs all xxtrt frntndlx As tht year contlnutd xxt agaxn swung mto Carmtls actxxtttts thts tlmt taktng a grtattr mttrtst tn tht socnl iuncttons Our studlts sttmtd thts ytar to bt of greater rmportanct for wt xxtrt Sophomorts Tht athltttc acttvxtlts wert hoxx tx tr 1ntt 1th tht utmost tnthusnsm and co operatton As Sophomorts l:lYL m n xxtrt stnt to tht thampton heaxxvttnght footbtll squtd tltxtn found placts on tht undefeattd hghtvxttght ttam IVKO mtn plax td on tht hnxxxxttght baskttball squad ont btmg namtd for tht all stars ft t of our class took honors on tht track ttam stxtn joxntd tht swtm ming ttam stxtten found sucttss on tht xx rtsthng md boxtng ttams filtttn xxon plwcts tn tht Bind As Jumors Fuck tgatn n tat htlls ol Cxrmtl xx xrm htnds xxtlton lhts xtxr xx is our first ts upptr tltssmtn XVt mldt tht n mst of II sx ttn mtn mtdt th htmxxxxttglt lootlll tt tht undtftlttd ltghts s tthtll ttll ti sux x ou t tt t tg atxxtlght squtd ont ot xxhom xxas lttttd ttptttn at htlxtts xxtrt udtd bx hxt lumors tht minor sports xxrtstltnt, Skkllll mtnt, trttk boxmg and ttnms lnmtd 1 goodlx snr t Q ass of 6 tx tntrlmuml btsktthmll ttams xxtrt tnttrtc ont ot xxhtth xxon tht Juntor Stntor thxtston tttlt tllttn lunlors xxtrt tn tht Band md tht Orthtstrm h tltss tlnm d mtmbtrsnp tn most of tht organuntxons X It w tit Qtntor l tttrarx Club ln th tudtnt ountt tn tn tat toxt t xlonogrmm Club t t s untnt sotn x xt s htttnglx lnxxtd hx on 1 t xnmor u s t tr mt ctr tht wspttts ti 'Xt t XY Y. L X i ' A I I V- 1 i L v A 1 3 Y U- H 5 V ' 1 1 ' - A I V' -1 I b VX A 3 V. 1 ' ' G . ' it Vi X Y I I 1 I I 1 'Q I i I A . 48 hh 3 I 1 V 5 b L 1 i Y! 5 B ' . . 5 1 . . I 'H 3. YNY! V i W. 3 X It - ' . . ' 1 vs C vs 1 x x ' I V Y 71. K HV! X i 1 I Yi' 1 l . I Y 1 '1 x 1L Y V Vi. 1 ' 1 H. I 1 ll .V . . . xv! Y 1 L tt ' . . xv! I ' S X 4 - it u u u xx V 1 it X L. - 5 . . 'f...l l' .. 'L ' '. . 3 1ed N. ' . . . i't" ' . ' e '. " 1 ' 1. I 'am . . . Ten members of the Junior Cflass were found in the ranks of ' ' '. ' ' .... hafk' . '. tt t if r 'lass w th' l'1l 'VI . .. ' ' ' '. t'-" x .' '. v' ' ti ' ' 'x t A .1 . . . ' V .N f . . . ' 'K l l, f " - ' 1. . s . . ' . . . c .' ' . V' il . t' of th' . V.4 V i . . . I... IT." K , K . t K ' I . . . in Ciisca. in tht- .lission C ll. in lm" j- ,' t'S - Cf 'ltd' l""'tel I' . l . . . 'l'h' 'lasf was pron' ' 5 fllj, for tht' far wa. ' V' cllx I' e tv' tht' Hnwt .lt ' ljrt mf 'x" l 'ld uni' - . , s' .'l. fiarm'l High. thc Senza? lass lfwfr .ecvmzcrr -vqdu Cl he final plunge the last fevy yards before yye take our drplomas IP hand and gaze for the last trme as students upon the school vyhere vye spent four happy years of lxfe ln the field of athletlcs vye gaye fifteen Senrors to the football team thrreeen recelyed awards Although the coyeted champronshrp slrpped from us vye had just reasons to be proud of the flghtrng team that wore our colors Though mjurres and bad breaks were 1 brg handrcap they upheld the tradltrons of the proud Brovyn and XVh1te Wrth a new basketball coach Johnny Jordan vye contrlbuted srx Senxors to the heayres and two to the lrghts Once more the schools basketball teams carrled on the spmt of Ctrmel that has been so characterrstlc of her teams of the past lr to the whrrl of socral eyents Carmel stepped The many dances all proyed a strrkrng success and the Holrday Dance gryen at the Medrnah Athletrc Club to the enchantrng melodles of Emll Flrndt and hrs lads set 1 new hrgh ln the clubs and organ rzatlons much progress has been recorded The Art Chemrstry and lrterary Clubs included many Semors rn their ranks 'lhe Crsca and Commumstxc Club also vyere vyell supported by the Class The Monogram Club through rts Senror members became more actrye than eyer before and rs to be numbered as one of Carmel s outstandmg clubs 'lhe Dramatlc Club to whrch the bemors gaye therr whole hearted support presented Shannons of Broad way a hllarlous comedy that yyas receryed w1th rrotous applause and made a d1st1nct hit ln the field of mrnor sports the Senlors took great mterest yy restllng track golf tennrs yy ere enllyened by the presence of many Senrors rn thelr respectrye rosters Elght Senlors found places rn Carmel s Band and sxx more Were recexyed mto the Orchestra The socral year yy as littrngly clrmaxed by the Semor Prom held at Knoekerbocker Hotel Soft lnghts enchantrng musrc a symphony of beautlful color truly a Carmel affalr And noyy rt remarns for us to say tareyy ell to our school and to our many fr1enels and pals OL r gratrtude to those who shared our loys our trlumphs our elrsappoxntments long vyrll the memorres of those years spent ln her halls be lonl reeolleetlons No matter hoyy dlyergent our walks of lrte the days at C armel wrll be eyer yyrth us an lnsprratron to carry' onward to our last great reumon ln the brrght noon of etermty :Emir-ni", Je 'Sw' 'NV " 5' 7'fz7f5?ff.W'?xT.7f HIL, an . f-JIM: f ,F-ATQVZ f-,Elsa-3'fJ12!1'.. 'ZQQY e'?3f.'?5XZ.'1f.S2i51'rE.? 'Egg . 1.ffZ5.lf"Tf11:,. 'ff' fL'TTfT'5., ix.. ' "" 1-r-G' 11-f .-vi V -2 up 13355.11-.mEi:.f,, ...yi - eu, -. ,- wq,y,Vg:',y - , we ,,.y ff' I- -' 'K Lin, ,t ' , , ' v m . . - 1 . , , , , , , . , . 1 Y . . Q 9 . , V H , - . - , . . . , , . , , , . of 3 6 ' f ' ' . X Y 1 - 5 H 5 3 1 A - ,. , , , , , , , ,,,, s , , , , 1 , GXX 'II b vec hnld kH g g x .f a I26l ...........:E..24'..-'52 ALLEN GEORGE Bro Myra Bradwell Monogram Club 4 Handball Runner up I Z Heavyvt eaght Football Manager 4 Chaarman Apostolac Commattee 4 ANDERSON THOMAS M Tom St Brendans Track Teaml 2 3 4 C1sca3 Glee Club l Art Club 3 4 Jumor Laterary and Debatang Team 2 ARZBECKER JOSEPH Deadpan St Cyral s MISSION Unat 3 Rooter s Club 3 Anta Commumstac Club 4 Intramural Baseball Team 4 Casca 4 Intramural Basketball 2 BAGWELL JOHNJ Bags St Columbanus Intramural Basketball 2 3 Bandl 2 3 4 Drum Major 3 4 Boxmg l BARRETT JAMES P Jammy St Josephs Nashvalle Tenn Intramural Basketballl 2 4 Intramural Baseball 2 3 4 BAZAN CHESTER J Chez Entered from Talden 3 Intramural Baseball Champs 3 BECKER GEORGE W Beck Entered from Harsch Jumor Hagh School ORIFLAMNH Staff 4 Senaor Dramatlc Club 3 Intramural Baseball 2 3 Svtammang l BECKSTROM HOWARD J Hoxue St Kallan s Bandl 2 3 4 Vace Presadent of the Band 3 Presrdent of the Band 4 Dance Orchestra 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Intra mural Baseball I Z 3 BELL JOSFPH A Joe St Gabrlels Llghtuelght Basketball l 2 3 All Catholac 2 Captaan 3 Heaxy xx erght Basketball 4 Mt Carmel s most xaluable basketball player of l936 I rghtxx elght Football 3 Heau ueaght Football 4 Honorable Xflentlon for All Catholac uar terback 4 Student Councrl 3 'Vlonogram Club I Z 3 4 Class Treasurer 4 Secretary of the Monogram Club 4 Vlember of Sodallty 4 BENDFEI 'I FRANK J Bennx St Thomas Apostle 'Irack 3 4 BERINGER ANDRFXV P Andx Entered from Hxrsch Jumor Hlgh School I aghtxxelglat Football 2 XVrestl1ng 2 Heawxxeaght Football 4 Monogram Club 4 BERNIER BFRINARD V Bud Entered from Pullman T eela Z Intramural Basketball 3 Intran seballl BII I ER FRAINIX F Btng St Brlde s I aghtxs enght Iootball l 7 I'leaXNueaglatlOOlb1ll 3 4 XXr stl ng I 7 Presldent of tlae Xlonogram C lub 3 4 Ant1Commun1st1e Club 4 Intramural Basketball l 7 I raek 4 BIRGE XX RI TER X a lx St Sabana s Surmnamg l 3 4 Bantamueaght Bas el ball 2 Handball Xledallst 7 I lghtuelght Basketball 3 C xsea Delegate 4 Dramatxe C lub 4 I lterarx and Debattng Club 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Allen. . ', Anderson. I. IX. Aniol. S. A. Ari ecleer. J, Bagwell. J. J. Barrett. J. P. Bazan. C. J, Birge. '. . Blanc e . R. T. Bremer. I5. O. Bresnehan. J. F. Brzyc i, .XXX Bul er, J. C. Bul er, X'. P. Burgy. J. A. ,. ' : ' -' ae-.. ' . f ..,' . i.,.Q,f"." . I . . . . . . .. -. ' . . .Jf'Sf,' IFQQTW5 V . . n l 1. . , ANIOL, STANLEY A. "Stan" St. Florian's. Wrestling 3, 4. Rooter's Club 3. Track 3. V AA ' yi? V ' . n n . yn 1 . A T 4 1 ' I e V V va' . 4 A ' , ' Q , ' . e , I . I .,.. 3 ' ' . e ' 3 ' A ' 1 1 5 . Y . - T I 'A N T 1 x Tu- x 1.2. . aural Ba ' .2. 3. - 4 . - K . . - . I.. I g Lia .. Ie ig .-. - - '- . Q AG 3 c A c . .... L A . I 'ai " . 'a - ' . "X'.l e .. ' '. . " ' .3 . . ple-- G f ll ll h I K k BANCHFIELD ROBERT T Scottle St Laurence Grammar School BREMER FRANK O Frank Holy Rosary Grammar School BRESNEHAN JOHNF Jack Our Lady of Peace Intramural Basketball l 2 Int a mural Baseball 3 Art Club 2 3 Debatlng Team 4 ORIFLAMME Staff 4 BRZYCKI HUBERT W Brtsky Our Lady of Peace Heavywelght Football 4 Intra BULGER JOHN C Johnny St Ambrose Proflclency Medall 3 Engllsh Medal l In tramural Basketball l 2 3 4 Reltglon Medal 2 Art Club 3 4 Debatlng Team 4 Honor Club l 3 4 ORIFLAMMP Staff Co edltor 4 Llterary and Debatlng Club 4 CIVICS Medal 4 Honorable Mentlon Chemlstry Medal 4 Honorable Mentmon Mathematlcs Medal 3 Proficlency Flnallst 4 BULGER WILLIAM B1ll St Ambrose Art Club 3 Honor Club 3 4 Profictency Fnnallst 2 3 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 4 Champs 2 Vtce Presldent 2 ORIFIAMXIF Staff Co edltor 4 Honorable Mentlon CIVICS Medal 4 Llterary and Debattng 4 BURGY JOSEPH Whxstler Entered from Tllden 2 Llghtvselght Football 2 Heaxy xxetght Football 3 4 Class Presmdent 3 4 Presldent of Sodallty 4 Monogram Club 3 4 BYRNE HAROLDE Bud St Thomas Apostle Intramural Basketballl 2 3 4 Stu dcntCounc1l 2 ORH1 AMXII Staff 4 CAHILI EUGENE H Gene Entered from Pullman Tech 3 Heayyvserght Football 4 Sulmmmg 3 Clsca Delegate 4 Chemlstry Club 4 Senlor Llterary and Debatlng Club 4 CAHILL JAVIESJ Halfaman St Leo Sxummmgl 2 3 4 Captaln 3 4 Lxght ue1ghtBasketball3 Vlonogram Club 3 4 BoX1ngl 2 3 Track3 4 CALLAHAN ROBERT J Cal St Brlde ORIPLANIXII Staff 4 Senlor Llterary and Debatlng Club 4 Antl Commumst Club 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 CARLYLE DANIEL L Kltty Sa1ntAdr1an ORIFLANIXII Staff 4 Band I 2 3 4 Classlcal Orchestra 3 Intramural Basketball 2 Bascball CLARK b 2 3 Cl AUS CARNEY JOHN XV Rooster St Ph1l1p New Intramural Baskctballl 2 Intramural 1 2 ,gig EDWARD B Ned St Laurence Monogram Club2 3 4 Lxghtxxclght Basket I I JOHN Jack Entered from Marmlon 2 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 27 Becker. .XV Beckstrom. H. J. Bell. J. A. Bend ell. Ii. J. Beringer. A. P. Bernier. B. V. Biller. If. F. Byrne. H. If. Cahi .Il H. Cahi . J. J. Calla an. R. J. Carlyle. D. I.. Carney, . , X I. Clar .E B. Claus. J. G. Ti ff':Ad.5L+. ---1" mfr.':g. 'T1. - -L.f --.' 1.- . ' ,L1.' '- .. H . - -. . Y ,, ., ' . ..,..f '-., a..- ' - .r .. . V ' r - mural Basketball Champs 2, 3. Monogram Club 4. Student Council l. li ' VY ' Y L4 I YY ' ' V ' V - lt .y 7 Y Y . 1 . H ' ' H . . 'I K .... ' . . 1 ' L . . U H . I . I r f . I 1 I , ' f g g.. Y, .. .. , . . ' 'Q PS ll . . . . . . . ' ' - . -iii! E 8 , . ' A- rv . TTCN ff ' I ' ' r 1 v E Cl v5 g l fi, I F' Q 53 l fi' CLEARY. ROBERT L. "Bob" St. Philip Neri. COFFEY. WILLIAM J. "Bill" St. Laurence. Intramural Basketball Z. Intramural Base- ball 3. 4. COLEMAN. EUGENE J. "Bud" Entered from Bowen 3. Boxing 3. 4. State llZ lb. Champion 3. Monogram Club 3. 4. CONNOR, HARRY. "Duke" Entered from Hirsch 3. Lightweight Football 3. Intrainural Basketball Z. 3. Intramural Baseball 3. Tennis 3. CONNORS. WILLIAM. "Bill" Entered from De La Salle 3. Intramural Basketball 3. COSTELLO. EMMETT L. "Cos" Entered from St. Leo 3. Track 3, 4. Cisca 3. 4. COSTELLO. THOMAS J. "Bullet" St. Kilians Lightweight Football Z. Heavyweight Football 3. Manager 4. Intramural Baseball 3. Intramural Basketball l, Z. 3. COSTELLO. THOMAS J. "Tom" St. Laurence. Chemistry Club 4. Cisca Delegate 4. DEAN. EDWARD H. "Ed" St. Catherine of Genoa. Band l. Intramural Basketball l. Z. DEAN, FRANK L. "Diz" Bryn Mawr. Lightweight Football l. Swimming l, 4. Intra- mural Basketball 2. Champs 3. Boxing 3. Cleary. R. l.. Coffey. XV. J. Coleman. If. J. Connor. H. D. Connors. XV. J. Costello. IE. I.. Costello. T. John Dolan. J. Joseph Dolan. James M. Donnelly. C. J. Dougherty. J. If. Dwyer. IE. T. Dwyer, R. C. Egan. J. M. Iihlert. Ii. J. -- - V fff1l..Q .-.c. ..-..... ,. -....... -... ...,. , E. .., ,.... .. . , . .. ,. DEERING. CHARLES M. "Buttercup" Our Lady of Peace. Anti-Communistic Club 4. Cisca 4. DEERING. MAURICE J. "Maurie" Our Lady of Peace. Track 3. DE MARCO. ANGELO. "Dago" Phil Sheridan. Vice-President Junior Class. Lightweight Football l. Secretary Senior Class. Heavyweight Football I, 2. 3. 4. Captain 4. Treasurer Monogram Club 4. Chairman Eucharistic Committee 4. DERBY. FRANCIS I-. "Frank" Art Club 3. DOLAN. JAMES J. "Jim" St. Frances De Paula. Heavyweight Football 3. 4. i f g ' vga DOLAN. JAMES M. St. Philip Neri. Anti-Communistic Club 4. Intramural Basketball T' it 3 Z. 3. DONNELLY. CHRIS. "Stub" Kenwood Grammar. Lightweight Football l. 3 . DOUGHERTY. JOHN E. "Chick" St. Philip Neri. Track l. Z. 3. 4. Intramural Basket- ball 2. ..-....s..............,-.... ... .....L..a.....-............. ,,-.... .... D ,. . ..... .- L.. . M . DWYER, EDNVARD T. "Ed" Holy Cross, Heavyweight Basketball 3. 4. Monogram Club puma!! . . if 4452117 K fl owy ER, RoBERT C. "Bob" sf. Ptmitas. Aft Club 1. oiiirliniiira Staff 4. Literary 4 It 3 4 Q X, 5, g xx. mi, gi V ' x , V 1 and Debating Club 4. Dramatic Club 4. Cast "Shannons of Broadway" 4. Intramural Soft- x I ball 2. 4. Religion Medal 4. EOAN JOHN VI "Jack" St Cyril's Literary' and Debating 4 Art Club 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 Lightweight Football l H ayyweight Football 2 EHLERT FRED J Fritz Our Lady of Peace Anti Communistic Club 4 FANNIING JOHIN J Fan Visitation Literary and Debating Club 4 Boxing l Swim ming l Intramural Basketball l FEENEY JAMES J Jim St Vlargaret ORIIIRXIXII Staff4 FENNESSY THOMAS A Tim St Columbanus Entered from Quigley 4 Chemistry Club4 C ow by lil x hRC FISK RODERICK A Rod St Louis Academy Intramural Basketball 2 FLANIGAN WILLIAM A Mickey Little Flower Bantamwe1ghtBaskctball 3 Heayy weight Basketball 4 Lltcrary and Debating Club 4 Intramural Basketball l Z FORD H E Joe St Theodore Student Council Z Intramural Basketball l 2 3 Heayy weight Basketball 4 Cisca Delegate 4 'Vlonogram Club 4 FREEDMAN LAWRENCE E Hebe Entertd from Bowen Z Lightweight Football 2 Heavyweight Football 3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 Cisca 4 0 Secretary Junior Class Swimming Z 3 M-4 FRENCH ROBERT C Flash Entered from De La Salle l Clsca 3 I 29 . 1 - . . . , . . U I H . I . 3 -4 . . E . " i H I V A l V Costello. T. Joseph Dean. lg. H Dean. lx I.. Deering. -. M. Deering. M. J. e. arco. A. Der '. If. I.. Fanning, J. J. Feeney, J J. Icnnessy. 'If A. liis . Q. A. Iflanigan, V. A. Iiord. H. If. Ifrucdman. l,. If. Frenc . . ' I A iiii I 'L ' "I- ATT. C" .. fvT'T'Q.ff:f1fi'T7.:I? ' I U i VH K V . V I 2 . V V, ' ' 1 l 1 V I . . 1 . .i vu . . . . 3' I . I 3 . V - , " I , . , . 3 . . . 3 X N, 1 X 3 133 .g f FULLAM. DONALD E. "Doc" St. Philip Neri. Track 3. 4. Intramural Basketball 2, 3. ORIFLAXIME Staff 4. Dramatic Club 4. Cisca 3. Chemistry Club lSecretaryil 4. Olee Club l. Mission Representative 3. Senior Literary and Debating Club 4. FURLONG, EDWARD J. "Bimbo" Our Lady of Peace. Track 3. Intramural Basketball 2. 3. GAUGUSH. FRANCIS C. "Fran" St. Catherine of Cienoa. Band l. Class Treasurer 2. ORIPLAIXIME Staff 4. Proiiciency Finalist 2. GECEWICZ, FLORIAN A. "Gus" St. Columbanus. Entered from Quigley 2. Band 2, 3. 4. Cisca 3. GEDDES. WILLIAM H. "Bill" St. Philip Neri. Ciolf 3, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff lBusiness Managerl 4. Senior Literary and Debating Club 4. GIBBONS, WILLIAM M. "Ciiblets" Entered from Hyde Park 3. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. ORIFLAMXIE Staff 4. Mathematics Medal 3. Literary and Debating Club 4. GILL, WILLIAM. "Bill" Holy Cross. Entered from Hirsch 2. Track 3. Handball 2, 3, 4. Champ 2, 3. GILLIGAN, PETER J. Entered from Niagara 3. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Literary and Debat- ing Club 4. Writers Club 4. C1REVE, HAROLD R. "Dutch" St. Clara. Lightweight Football 2. Heavyweight Foot- ball 3, 4. Heavyweight Basketball 2, 3, 4. Captain LHeavyweight Basketballl 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. GUERIN, JOSEPH F. A'Lefty" St. Leo. Boxing 1, 2. Track l, 3. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4 lPresident 4l. Dramatic Club Manager Z. HALPER, BERNARD J. UB. J." St. Ambrose. Entered from Niagara Z. Cisca 4. Writers Club 4. Chemistry Club 4. Track 3. Anti-Communistic Club lPresidentl 4. HANLEY JOSEPH E "Stub" Lightweight Football l Heavyweight Football 2 3 4. Heavyweight Basketball 3 Monogram Club 3 4 HANSEN WILLIAM M Handsome St Philip Neri Lightweight Football l Band l 2 3 Orchestra 3 Senior Literary and Debating Club 3 4 Glee Club l HASKINS CHARLES T Prof St Philip Neri ORIFLAMNIE StafI4 Intramural Basket ball l 2 3 4 Track 4 Golf 3 4 Literary and Debating Club 2 3 Cisca 4 Debating Team 4 HAYES JOHN J Johnny St Clara Re entered from Loyola 2 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Glee Clubl 30 d X Cbb KK Nl h I5ull.1m.D Ii. Ifurlong. lf. J. Gaugash, Ii. C. Gcccwicl. If. A. Usd cs. V. H. ii ons, '. . . Ciill, XV. ly Hayes, J. J. Heatherly. W. A. Holstein, li. J. Hug cs. J. V. Hurley, I.. A. Hurncy, J. E. Johlic, T. P. Johnston, 'lf l 1 ,,,, ,-Q-.5,,ggT3g51q54,f'-' : 3 T-' " ' xc.:-.r i- 5 ' - g ' -' ' I -f' err: .-!. .. .J '.:-f.1Lwfrp .: Q fig- I"-I it .."-4-14:04 -::i27f:-5' .'. ' M' 3291, .gif-1-L.. ,lfL.1'fi.L..Q-i..,.,..-.',E.Z..:l3iZ-1- HEATHERLY. WILLIAM A. "Wee Willie" St. Christopher. Cheer Leader l. Z. Intra- mural Basketball l. 2. Boxing 3, 4. Mission Representative 3. Junior Literary and Debating TN T i Club 2. HOLSTEIN. ERWIN. "Erv" St. Sabina. Swimming l. XVrestling 1. Band 1. 2. 3. Intra- mural Basketball Z. 3. HUGHES. JOSEPH V. "Lefty" St. Philip Neri. Ciolf 2. 3. 4. Cilee Club l. Intramural Basketball l. 2. 3. Cisca 4. Literary and Debating Club 4. HURNEY. JOHN E. "Jack" Our Lady of Peace. Proficiency Finalist l. 3. Honorable Men- tion for Religion Medal Z. Chemistry Club 4. Student Council 2. Mission Representative 3 Cisca. Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3. 4. Baseball l. Z. 3. 4. HURLEY. LAWRENCE A. "Duke" Entered from Pio Nono lVv'is.l 3. Intramural Basket- ball 3. 4. ORIFLAMNIE Staff 4. Cisca 3. 4. JOHLIC. THOMAS J. "Jolly" Sr. Brides. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Dramatic Club 4. JOHNSTON. THOMAS P. "Tom" St. Lawrence. Cisca Delegate 4. KENNEDY, JOHN F. "Jack" St. Sabina. Lightweight Football l. Heavyweight Football 2. 3. 4. Monogram Club 4. Dramatic Club 2. Glee Club l. Band l. 2. KENNEDY. VINCENT P. "Vin" St. Thomas the Apostle. Senior Literary and Debating Club 3. 4. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3. ORIFLAMNIE Staff 4. Anti-Communistic Club 4. KENNEDY. WILLIAM J. "Bill" St. Thomas the Apostle. Senior Literary and Debating Club 3. 4. ORIFLAMNIE Staff 4. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. KENNY. JOHN P. John' St. Gabriels. KIELY JAMES P Moose Our Lady of Peace Monogram Club 2 3 4 Lightweight Football 1 Heavyweight Football 2 3 4 Heavyweight Basketball 3 Wrestling 1 2 KIERNAN FRANK J Bud Our Lady of Peace Art Club l 2 Intramural Basketball 1 Z 3 Lightweight Football 3 Heavyweight Football 4 KOLB EMMET M Kobby Entered from Catholic Central tlnd l 2 Dramatic Club 4 KREBS VJALTER O NEILL Shorty St Ambrose Band l 2 3 Classical Orchestra 3 Senior Literary and Debating Club 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 4 ORIFI AMXIL Staff 4 Olec Club l Anti Communistic Club 4 Debating Team 4 A lg if i f 3 H p XX M k Gilli an. P. J. Greve, . R. Guerin. J. F. Hal er, B. J. Hanley, J. E. Hansen. I. . Has ins, C. T. Kennedy, J. F. Kennedy, V. P. Kennedy, W. J. Kenny, J. P. Kiely, J. P. Kiernan. F. J. Kolb, E. M. Krebs, W. N 4' -' A - ' V . . . 4 .'.. -..HZ f.--Q:-1 .-a..... .1g:'-55.121 'Hulk' 3 .a ta l W I SQ KRULL. EDWARD E. "Ed" Visitation. LALLY, JAMES J. "Jim" Boxing 2. 4. LE BEL, JOHN D. "John D." St. Clara. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. LECHNER, WILLIAM T. "Lech" St. Dorothy. Cheerleader l. Z. 3, 4. Captain 4. Dra- matic Club 3. 4. Debating Z. Junior Literary 3. Senior 4. Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3. ORIFLANIME Staff 4. Cast "Silas the Chore Boy." Cast "Shannons of Broadway" 4. LENKSZUS, STEPHEN J. "Steve" All Saints. Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3, 4. LEPENSKE. JOSEPH. "Joe" St. Martin. Art Club 2. LINTHICUM, EDWARD E. "Ed" Entered from Quigley 4. LOWERY. MARTIN J. "Bing" Band 4. Entered from Quigley 4. LUDWICi, JOHN J. St. Philip Neri. Cheerleader 4. Lightweight Eootball l, 2. LUKEN, NORBERT H. "Red" St. Philip Neri. Track l, 2, 3. 4. Captain 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader 4. Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. 4. LYNCH, AL. J. 'AAttaboy" St. Thomas Apostle. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Manager of Basket- ball 4. Monogram Club 4. MACiUIRE, THOMAS P. "Mac" Entered from Brooklyn Preparatory 3. Senior Literary and Debating 3, 4. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Cisca 3, 4. MARCINIAK EDGAR P Ed St Bronislava MATHERN EDWARD A Red Entered from Momence Academy 2 Lightweight Foot ball 2 Heavies 3 4 Handball 2 MILLER ROBERT J Dancing Master St Clotilde Golf4 MILLS JOHN V Johnny St Barnabas Lightweight Football Managerl CileeClubl Intramural Basketballl 2 3 Boxingl 2 3 4 MOLONEY JOHN J Jack St Bride Entered from Niagara 3 Cisca Delegate4 Intra mural Basketball 3 4 Senior Literary and Debating Club 3 4 Dramatics Staff 3 Cast 4 ORIFI AMMI Staff 4 132 XX D h Krull. l, If. l..1llv. J. J. l.cBcl, J. D. I echncr. XV. T. I.cnks1us,S. J. I cPcnskc. J. N. Linthicum. IQ. I Miller, K. J. Mills. J, Y, Moloney J. J. Xlooncv. ', . NIorxl.1n,.l.Vs'. Mulligan. D. T. Nlurp cy. A. H, McCarthy. XY C MOONEY. XVILLIAM D. "Moon" St. Patrick's. Lightweight Football 2, 3. Heavyweight farmqh Intramural Basketball Champs l. 3. Bantamweight Basketball 3. Monogram .rg 551 ' 4. 1 I3 l ea I Football 4. Club 4. QW MORGAN. JOHN W. "Punch Drunk" St. Thomas Apostle. Monogram Club 3, 4. Box- N ing Team 1.2. 3.4. Art Club l. Z, 3, 4. MULLIGAN. DONALD T. "Muggs" St. Carthage. Band l. 2. 3. 4. Boxing 3. Classical Orchestra 3. Debating Team 3. MURPHEY. ARTHUR H. "Binkey" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3. Mur- phy Club l. Z. 3, 4. President 4. Ciolf Team 4. MCCARTY. VJILLIAM H. "Sis" St. Anselm. MCCONNELL. ROY F. "Jerry" Sutherland. Track 3, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. MCCORMICK. JOHN M. "Butts" St. Columbanus. Band l, 2. Boxing 3, 4. MCDONOUGH. JOHN M. "Snares" Visitation. MCGEE. DOMINIC O. "Mac" St. Brides. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. ORIFLAMME Staff 4 MCOEE DONALDT Mac St Brides CISCB Delegate 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 ORIHAHWZ Staff 4 MC OOLDRICK CHARLES J Charlie St Francis De Paula MCGOWAN JOHN L Buck Entered from Quigley 2 Band 2 3 Cisca 4 MCGOWAN BERNARD M Bernie Entered from Niagara 3 Intramural Basketball Champs 4 Latin Medalist 3 4 VIC NIC N ghJ'VI VI DO M DT ld lx VIC 'VI 33 ipwtfy. M. J. 1.uawig.'fJ.-""' Luken. N. H. I.ynch.xATJ.l Mffguafe, T. P. miminiak, E. P. ummm, E. I c onnell. R. F. . c ormick. J. M. . lCDonou 1 , .i . i cGee. . . cGee. . . MCGO ric .C. J. i c iowan, B. . cCiowan. J. I Ek" l ,.. MCGUAN, ERANK A. "Mac" Our Lady of Peace. MCGUIRE. PETER J. "Willie" Our Lady of Peace. Intramural Basketball 1. 2. Dramatic Club 4. MCHUGH, ERANCIS J. "Mac" St. Clara. ORIFLAMME Staff 4. Chemistry Club 4. Writer's Club 4. Boxing Team 4. English Medalist 3. Dramatic Club 4. Senior Literary and Debat- ing Club 4. Lightweight Eootball 1. MCMANUS, ANTHONY P. Holy Cross. Entered from De La Salle 3. MCNELLIS JOSEPHA Mac Center Monogram Club 3 4 Boxing Teaml 2 3 4 Bantamvt eight Team 2 3 Intramural Basketball l 2 State Boxing Champion 3 NEALON JOSEPH T Joe St Erancls De Paula Intramural Basketballl 2 3 NOTHEISEN ERANCESC Erank St Rita Bandl 2 3 4 Glee Clubl OBRIEN ROBERTJ Bob St Philip Neri ORIYLANIML Staff 4 Chemistry Club 4 Junior Literary and Debating Club Z Glee Club l Intramural Basketball Champs l Senior Literary and Debating Club 4 ODEA GEORGE T Zeke St Clara Track Team 3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 ORI IIANIMI Staff 4 'MIG VIG ghl MM ll 'N h Q fins E 134 dy R tt O KEEFE DONALD J Don Our Lady of Peace Track Team 3 4 O ROURIXE JOHN T Turk St Patricks OMALLEY JAVIESJ Jim St Gabriel Boxing Teaml Z 3 Manager4 Dramatics l Z 3 4 Handballl Intramural Basketballl OSWALD XVILLIAM A Ozzie St Ambrose ORIPIANIKII Staff4 Junior Literary and Debating Club 3 Intramural Basketball Z 3 Handball l Cisca 4 PALVIER RICHARD D Dick Holy Cross Class President 2 Proficiency Vlcdalist 2 English Nltdalist Z 4 Student Council 2 Class Treasurer 3 Honor Club 3 Cisca Vice Prtsi dent 4 Class Vice President 4 ORIYI XXIXIE Managing Editor 4 PET ERSEN HAROLD E Pete Entered from Niagara 3 ORIII RNIXII Staff 4 Cisca Delegate 4 Literary and Debating Club 4 Writer s Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Track 4 d As YY ' , . . . . . Y . . Y , . . , . , . . Al YY ' . . . . . . - .. ., - . . . . , , . . . V AA YY ' ' ' , ' , . . . ' I ' . . , i. H r - ' - 1 - v ' ' ' - A . . c Dunn, II. A. i c uire. P. J. McHu , 7. J. c. anus. A. P. McNe is, J. A. Nealon, J. T. . 'ot eisen. F. C. Petersen, H. E. Petersen, V. J. Piwowar, V. S. Puszkiewicz. E. S. Rea ', A. P. Regan. I.. G. Reiner, J. R. e ich. J. . I .. f A Q..7fi'f'ff5E'ff.f'T"7ff1'5'5fTfiE .1 ff? ii .:.?-TLT-.Lf 11- -.vw--iu'1..1' ' '1f.9"1i1lH'w? 2 has-rf':42T--'f'ii.'1z-za - . . v , . . . , . - f .. v . . . . 1 . . . , , . . . . . . - I . I . I 7 I . A v x 1 v 1 p Q I . . . . I . . Y Y , . . V . . . . "QE ' 3 1 . 1 . . . . . ' - ' .is 1 . . . . '- 1 1- . . - ral. ! l fa. Y g , . . .. ., . Q i . xx ff' , - . ' .. i . 1 . 1 . . . , . ...LH ,, ,W A H, M.-,,,-.,. r M. ,U ,, . M. .-,. .. .... L, ,..,,.,, . V , , ,,A,W,,,,A,,,, ,:,,-l,:1'a1..5Q':w-wgraawg.. ' ' PETERSEN. VERNON. J'Pete" St. Law'rence. Manager of Basketball 3. Boxing Team l. Handball 1. Football l. PIWOWAR, VICTOR S. "Argo" St. Blase. PUSZKIEWICZ. EUGENE S. "Russian" St. Michaels. Boxing 1. READY, ALBERT P. St. Columbanus. Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Track 1, Z. 3, 4. Popular Orches- tra 3. 4. Wrestling 1. REGAN LAWRENCE G Entered from St Procopius College 4 Dramatic Club 4 REINER JOHN J Jack St Philip INer1 Grammar School Lightweight Football 3 Heay yw elght Football 4 RETTICH JOSEPH S Joe St Cyrils Lightweight Football l ORIFLAVIXIE Staff 4 Chemistry Club 4 Art Club 4 Literary Debatlng Club 4 Intramural Basketball Champs 3 REYNOLDS ROBERT M Bob St Joachim Chemistry Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 ROBINSON JOHN V Jack Entered from Bowen Boxing 2 3 4 Captain 4 ORI FLAVIXIE Staff 4 Dramatic Club 4 Religion Medalist 3 Intramural Basketball 3 4 ROGERS JOHN A Buck St Columbanus Entered from Quigley 4 ORIFLAMNIL Staff 4 Chemistry Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 l 0' .r,.,1 Nf' va f X x k J f ll ld W R D ROSEINBERGER WALLACE A Rosy St Columbanus Business Manager Nora No body 3 Lightweight Football 3 Intramural Basketball l Dramatic Club 4 Religion Vledal l ROTH ALBERT J Al St Catherine of Genoa Entered from uigley Chemistry Club 4 RUBINO JAMES A Ruby Eyerett Grammar School St Anne Parish Entered from Vlarmion Academy 1 Q RYAN EDWARD T Ed St Gabriel Box1ng4 Ryan Clubl Z 3 4 RYAN JOHN J Jumbo Visitation Lightweight Football 3 Heavyweight Football 4 Ryan Clubl 2 3 4 Wrestl1ng2 3 Intramural Basketballl 2 3 l35l l A, ,, i . . Y . l . V . g V I l v 1 AA 'I . Y ' 4 . Y - . A A A . , V . . ,A ,, 7 . . - 1 A ' . I . I I A . , . OBrien. R. , O'Dca. G. T. O'Kee e. D. J. O'Ma ey. J. J O'Rourke. J. T. Oswa , . A. llellmffr . e Reynolds, R. Xl. Robinson. J, Y, Rogers. J. A. Roscnberger. XV. A. Roth. A. J. Rubino. J. A. Ryan. Ii. T. Ryan. J. J T T .I V. F . 3 AA - I . Q . .A ii l 1 l 1 I l 5 Q . Y. i , Y I . r y ,QL I - . . . ' . ' . Kc 1 1 1 ' l 1 . , , e ae'i""i'7Qs f it T36 N R XX RYAN LEONARDJ Red St Phlllp Nerx Intramural Basketball l Chemrstry Club 4 Track4 RYAN NORUS A Nor St Brrdes Bandl 2 3 Classlcal Orchestra 3 Jazz Orchestra 3 4 Art Club4 Pres1dentChem1stry Club4 SAYER ROGER E Baldy St Brlde ORIFIAMNIE Staff 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 3 Champs 4 Dramatlc Club Staff 4 Llterary and Debatrng Club 4 Art Club 3 Glee Club l Bantamvs elght Basketball l SCHATZ JOSEPH E Joe St Dorothys MISSION Un1t2 3 Cxsca 3 4 SHANLEY JOHN E Jack St Clotllde Lrghtvsexght Football 2 Heaues 4 Handball 2 Intramural Basketball l SINNOTT ROBERT T Bob St Carthage Bandl 2 SLADE OLEINN NV Sparks James NVadsveorth Crrammar School ORIF1 XNIXH? Staff 4 ChCmlSIfy Club 4 Senlor Llterary and Debatlng 4 SINIITH ARTHUR S Art St Lau rence CISCA4 SNIITH ROBERT K Bob Our I ady of Peace Intramural Basketball l 2 3 4 Boxmg Z 3 Smrth Club 4 SPEAR JOSEPH E Doe St Peter and Paul Rellgxon Nledal l Senror Llterary and Debatmg Club 3 Track 4 QRIII XKIXII Staff 4 Iennls 4 SJ AKE GODPREH XX Nloon St Ambrose lntramuralBasketballl Z 3 ChampsZ STOEQKER LEO Steek St 'Nlartln Glee C lub l Junmor Irterary and Debatlng Club 7 Intramural Basketball 1 7 ORIII xxwu Stuff 4 SXVEEINEY HARRX J Harry Entered from Nlagara 3 Iraek 3 X lce I resldent Clsea Delegatlon 4 Cast Shannons of Broadxxax ORII I XXIXII Staff 4 XVr1ter s Club 4 Hon orable 'Vlentron I.ngl1sh Nledal 4 SXVEEINEY EDXVARD J Ld Holy Rosarx Clee Clubl Boxlngl Intramural Basket ball l Z 3 Dramltxe Club 4 Semor I ltertrx and Debltlng Club 4 SXVISK HEINRI J Hank Lntered from Bowen 3 Intramural Basketball 3 Ryan, L. J, Ryan, I '. A. Savrc, R. lj. Schatv. J. lf. Sthatlman, R. If. Sh.l1'1lCl'.J.I:. Sinnott. .T Sweeney. H. J. Swish. H. J, Svpajer, C. lf. Tobin, 'If J. Tunny, J. Il Twohill, M. J. Urbanowski. '. S. Usher. J. R. A . SCHATZIVIAN. ROBERT E. "Red" St. Eelicitas. Literary Club 3. 4. Writer's Club 4. ,, ., . . A , 7. Y as 'V v A ' I 'I ' l P Y 7 I I . . -I H - ' ' 3. .... '- X A ' A .. 'I' A 1 1 ' 3 I J A W I T I A 'X Y - Q - V , .. 1- A A . . A 5 . . Q . . . ' "1" ' -- ' ,.' A" f'.,J.', e...A .A 4 A 4 . A . A E if .X X, 3 I " " 3 4 4 V I 1 C C h 1 SZPAJER CARI In Russxan Immaculate Conceptron Llghtvxelght Football 2 'Irack 3 4 Tenms 3 Handball 2 TOBIN THOMAS J Tom Our Lady of Peace Culee Club l Intramural Basketball I 2 3 Senlor Lrterary and Debatlng Club3 4 Classical Orchestra 3 ORIHAXIMF Staff 4 Chem1stry Club 4 Track 4 Boxlng 4 TUNNY JOSEPH E Joe Holy Cross Intramural Basketball Champs l Boxlng Team Z Ely yy C1 ht Basketball 2 L1ghtyye1ght Basketball 3 4 Captaln 4 TVJOHILL MICHAEL J Vlrke St lawrence Intramural Basketballl 2 3 4 Literary and Debatlng Club Z Cxsca 4 URBANOWSKI WALTER S Urbo Immaculate Conceptlon Entered from u1gley4 USHER RICHARD J Duck St Brldes Intramural Basketballl Z Wrestl1ngZ Syum mmg Z ORIIIAKIVII Staff 4 Boxmg 4 XVALSH THOVIAS Entcrcd from Loyola 2 L1ghtyye1ght Eootball 2 Heayyfyy elght Eoot ball 3 4 Art Club4 Wrlters Club4 Wrestllng Manager 4 Intramural Basketball Z 3 XVHITE JOHN H Elash St Brrdcs Olee Club l Intramural Basketball 2 3 Sen or Ilterary and Debatrng Club 3 Track 3 ORIIIANINII Staff4 XVILTOEN JOHN I: Jack St Clara Llteraryf and Dcbatmg Club 3 4 ORIIIAKINII- Staff 4 Track Team 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Spanlsh Vledallst 4 Honorable Mentlon 3 XVREIN RICHARDJ D1ck St Sabtna L1ghtyye1ghtI3ootball 3 Heayyyye1ghtEootball 4 Intramural Basketball Champs l YOUING JOHNJ Vultch St Ph1l1pNcr1 Culee Club l Intramural Basketball Champs I Boxxng 4 Scnlor I lterary and Debatrng Club 4 ORII I AXIXII Staff 4 ZEILER RUDOI PH J Z1 Entered from St FYJDCIS De Sales 3 Intramural Basketball 3 4 Boxlng Team 4 ZIV BERNARD C1 Barney St Cy rll s Glce Club l Proficuncy E1nal1stZ Class Treas urer 2 Clsca 4 Lrterary Commlttee 4 Bocrng Team 4 Semor Lrterary and Debatlng Club 4 Chem1stry Club 4 Intramural Basketball l 2 4 ORIFLRXIMI: StalT4 Chem1stry Medal 4 E' g"ywl,3'S I37 I Slade. V1 XV. Smith. A 5. Smnlh R K. Spear, .I IQ. Stake. I XX' Stoecker. I J. Sweeney: IQ. J. XK'.1ls .T. XVhi e, J. Xkvltgcn. .I I'. XK'rt'n. R. J, Young. I .I. Zeller R J. ZIV, I3.C1. . ' ' 'g . ' ' ' , . ' . , . All A H . - . , , . , . l ' , H ., . Q . V I ,, . .. . . V. 4 l . : - I I f . ' . . 1 . T I I . I I l . I I . ' Y U . ,, . . V . Y V . , . ' . .-'K' . W' ' ' 1 5 W 'A mv.. 1 I ' 3 .3 v ' ' FL ' . .' . ' ' . ' . . ' . ' I E . . f . 2 . ' I I ' Y E ' ' Xx I! . l'a f , X142-' a ,4'lbl:f5n Q . 4 1., .r 'f ,- V - ' A J. . : ,T Tfigk 3 'fd ff' . flu' 1 4 ' 'I A , . I 1 4 . , A 4 'f ' ' 3 -, r' ' ' 5 .. . , 1' L . A ,h , .V, Vg . , ' f w 1' I 4 L A ' L I. ' U . ji F ' ' W:2,,4f,e ' if' ,7W'7'.'1, 3 ' 1 if L , ,V V, ,ml , ,nn 1 . , -' x '11, H , ff , '-Y Q rg-Sgr" 5 s -a-4 . , f , - 'SQ , ' a, sew .. 52:2 4' N Y A if? 1, I fn Nl 1 i 1' I K, 1 I . ,MQ , ,4 mfr. ' 1 rv, M3 ,g ., ' 1. ., . V 45' . x ff ,fin 5354: '. ' Q '??.,fifrii' " 'nf' 21 1 1?l'qfF'J' , - , -2 ,4-'tg 97 we ' ?' , : .f 'ffi 71 Q' F 'K A X gg 5- 41" N T 4 1 1. Cc. n 5. .11 ,ff W X 1 :fn H, 1 N .4 333, r ' f N. Q ,i.' ,nk Ch A, M if ,' ' ' ' if ". . -Aa- ,, Sl. 5 Q f Zffi IX? P I f zz.. V, 1 'fy ' , u .xx 1, l' 1 f I , ' , vi 1 . 3, X Q9 JOSEPH JOYCE WM BRYAR RAYMOND CHAN Vzce President Secretary Treasurer HE CLASS OF 37 marches on I ts perseverance and achievements typ: y the spirit inherent in anything Carmelite Fully grounded are these men o Carmel an character and ideals cflgam they have proven their valiant leadership in the classroom and on the athletic eld ln answer to the call o the gridiron twelve Juniors ought or the heavaes six were awarded letters the lightweights called teen ve Junior men helped the heavyweight basketball team battle through the season the light weight team found seven on its roster the Class o 37 provided ve men or the track team . . . eight or boxing . . . six or wrestling, and entered our teams in the intramural tournament. 'The Junior Class furnished its share of members to the band and orchestra, to the Slffonogram Club, the cv4rt Club, Literary and CDebating, and Cisca. As a final dramatic gesture, the Class undertook and supported one of the most suc- cessful funior CProms ever beheld in the history of the school. 'Their deeds pro- claim them true sons of Carmel. Striving crusaders . . . The Class of '37. ff . . f, f ' f f f la 5 5 f 1 9 3 7 buf Adams. R. 0 ' Alien. .1. 1937? 3 'V Angstcn. XV. ' Aniszcwski. Bardcr Bcaudom XX Blunk W Bourelle J Bradlex R Bryar W Ca rmody R Carney I Chan R Clax ton J nnnor C nrm I vnu IX Cook XX Hof J. Corbett. V. Corcoran. J. Castello. E. Coyne. E. Creswell T Cummnns T Cume Dax ns T Dawe N Deegan D DeGu1de J Delaney W Durnln B Ialxcx R Fanning A Iarrcll I lmmy J Irrrxngron I' Finnegan. J. Viwgcrald. G. Firzgibbons. A Flvnn, J. Iormcnum N1 x Irey H Fullam K Cxagnc J Gallaqhcr XV C u I Ceorgen W Ccrber J Cloodnow C Cnardon Cmrmm C. 1U!I1LN I L , P. 1 - f A '. . 'f ' , x ' . . , Ifolxlf. , 1' F2 . fl 4 5 2 2 V Y Y . 1 , vt I ' . . '- a l. 3. 3 Q if 1 i. 11 Qi . ' . 'f ' , ' '. . 3 ' , 5' 'E 5 1 , Q Q J ' D3 cz . A, A - ' Q ' AI, 0 ,I . ., P . , Z f 9? i: A P? f E lL " fg UZ! E3 . F3 111 fr? . i cg V. 1.1. : ' - . gl C 'll -1 4 ' X ' 3' ' . 1. 5 C1r.f'.-J. if N 'Q 1 ' .T T Q i me "-I . 1 K X Y , '4 E-Tj 1 A Ni Q34 F... 'X Y X O Bmn O Bncn OConml I OConnor D OConnor J O Reefe D OI can B O Vlallcx R Orr K O Rxan Llnriun IL LC 0 Lck K OX cl oxscrs rost B Qumlan R 'Z' Q... 1 umn J Reardon E Reddel C Re1d J Retondo J Rexnolds T R xchler M Rodenck W Ronspmes B Rulncka J 'ichlltl W Shanahan W Shannon Smlalek XX Smllh R Smurdon XX nuker R Hammer J Spemr J S a k J Stone Sxozr Strauss N Sulln an R faaffe R 'I olley R X alsh XX ard R Vkard ' V+ L1 J XX1lll3mS J Vo f J Woods I X orc I ass 193 7 I43 I -1 .-J. , ' . . ' 4 .X'l. Q ' 'A tc . . 0 I 1 'l 7 , , .'IA. - ra W if U t V g , jg wafmn. ' Y ,w. 'T' IZ , ' ' V ,R- V , 1 . g I J Im. , NJ, 5, A I ' . . l PRF A AA L ... . . ' ,xy P 1- .Bd f '-'1. . Pwpi 2 If, . 'EV' Y' I .V - Pow l. D. . ' I , , P ' a..J 9 X ' A , ' P B . l 3 , . . Q- A S ' , . l . 1- BQ n AN 48 XVM. HAX ILS l'rcsz'c1vnl b Nfl A ff DAVID NUXGUIRE JU Secretary Vtce President HE CLASS OF 38 has been outstandmg or :ts scholastac, athlettc, and soctal achzevements, exhrbttmg as sophomores the true Carmel spmt, so eagerly absorbed durmg sts reshman year ln the classroom at produced an envtable record clatmtng more than :ts share o honor cards On the athlettc eld rt was parttcularly actnve our won berths on the heavywetght ootball squad three earned major letters n the lzghtwetght team the heavywetght basketball ht s uad, our whtle the twelve attazn team clatmed the services o three bantams and flys had a worthy quota o sophomores CDemonstratmg other sports, the soph's were prominent an manor athletics sax grapplers were on the wrestling team ve made the boxmg team ezght members o e class wore the colors o Carmel an track and the mtramural basketball tour nament ound twelve sophomore teams entered In the other organtzattons the class gave ntne men to the Band, seven to the cv4rt Club, and many others to Crsca, Honor, and CDramattcs Carmel s prtde an the Class o 38 as Just: ed, thezr past presages an zllus l utu e traous and event u lass f , . f . , , ' ed positions o ' ' .. . ' ' ' f . . . the lightweig q f . .. ' f . ' abilityin f . , . . f, . . . . - ' f f Y- 1 Lnbm h I Andnus I Xrmstrony, I xx Sllhlxfl Bmmn X I5 and 5 Bl om X x Callahan 'VI Carburx I CIIYOII R Cl m .1 su Casa 'Ni Cassldx I gm an x Ing, Cludyuux wnhn Coon B ulur X C r puu rx nm from 3 - . . .J. , . .R. ' .J. A .C I ' . . ' ,R. : , i i - iv fi w f E + z. g , . i F5 xn- ' 5, .. . . Cv11,P f CJ-ali, Pull ther, I1 " 1 .. Ci' kc. C IA - xi CI g n J, cj g- xi , L. yw. cj 315 1. .I. , .. ci -.x' I., xi if-..O. cixyrf ISU Ii. 4 ,lcvl T Cmutner CJ llabh r J 193 8 Raxn R lxals r Cmarx T Gearx R Kappelman D X C uvklg J Cnbbons J LCN fm so XX Gxbbons XV Gxbson J Imnmdx I' lxmmdx Ghason H Cogtnnggr XX lxmmdx T Rlnncx Cnax J Cunnan J Kern I fmruxn R Cmngorek S Cuogan J Hall R R Hn I Rlces J fxllburg Ixloss f D Duffy. XV. Dwan. 'I' lzgan. J. Iznglv: C.. I.1rrcllJx Pcrmnnm. J. Ilona. C.. Ifrccnmn. Dunne. J. Kagan. J. Iilliozr. R. I1wcrls.Ci. Imuncy, J. ligliulo. J hw. J. P. Freund. A I'ullcm. R. H.1nn.1.XX', H.1nrahan.R. H.1nScn.XX'. Haran. If. Harmon ff. Harps. XV. H.1vcQ.B. Healy. Ii. Hcffron. K. Hcnncsscv. J. Hcnncsscy, J. Hilgartncr. D. Hippchcn. C. Hoffman. R. Huguclcr. J. Hurlcy. XV. Huston. D. Juby, J. 4 Kur.1Inik.J l,ang. ,-X. l.anum. J. l..1vcllc. J. l,indhoFl. .AX. lynch. J. Maguire. D. Mnrkewicz, be Kuzniar. F. l-.1ngan.XX'. J. l.indbloom. l. Loriro. G. Lynch. XX'. Malone. J. Markcy, li. Xlarlln l .mhu X U Yl Xlorxn Xlulllns Xl Xlunno Xl Xlurplux Xruni XxrX X urmn UIN X unrm X url hu Xlurplmx llflX XX Class fX'lurr.1y. J. McCabe. R. McCarthy. J. McCarthy. R. NlcCrory. P. McCullough. X'lcl3.1rl.1nd. XX'. McGinnis. E. XlcGlynn. li. McGrcw. J. NlcGuigan. J. McGuire. li. Nlcliillip, J. lX'lclXfl.1hon.lX'l. lX'lcNamar.1, T. N.1gcl.N. 'Xml x X X ...hum Olvlu lx C Brnn R lrnlx O uh l 'Num man Nnrmln C O Brun U Connor XX O Ham R U lxuls XX O R'.g..1n I mllx l '. I ' -as l l . .X 1 ,Jfq . leg 1 l . '... .1.x'.l. 721'-X' 19' M .AJE AHTQX' Rf 'ulf .l . .1 .1.. 'ik ln jg1,ihk.1M.nAyg'V Nouinglu.1n1.l . Nugent. J. Mum, .1. .1 . 1. , f I' ' ' -J . ' .J. Xl 1-.41 7' - . . Q A ' -.A I A1 .E R OK' . x J. ' . . - 1 'K --n' D. ' A , pg, , -E 'V Ol -nrv..I -' . A A ,ju ORl-nllxxil Olly ' Xl. 1938 Oliver. G Cshornc. 'I' D Papsis. B. l axsun. ,-X. Pclc. ff. Pcndluton. J. Peterson. I.. Phelps. J. Powers. X', Purcell. I., Quinlan. J. Quinlivan. J Quinn. XX'. Radzius. C. Rafferty. D, Rcardon. A. Rt mond XX d i x tutrs Rig tr I Rohtrtson C Rnhin J ist R nu. sstll l in Run Rxlur nk Sm mom D Scales. R. Scanlan. 'lf Schumann H. Shuprvl.l1. Simpson. J. Slattcrv. J. Soth. lx Stake. R. Sfally. J. Schmitt. R Sharkey, J. Simpson. XX'. Slater. C. Smith. C, Spcllacy. J. Stelmaszek. E Sutlta J Stutltu Xl Jhompson B lobtn XX Lxh r XX X 1 sh ll XX hitt XX XX uodxsl Sullixan R laguc R lhulis XX VYPP ii ish illiimx rd XX -J . '. Rec .R. - - A 5 ' - Rcillv. i-. Rc'll -. J. ' - 4 - R"-.l. - J X . U " 3 t li. .ta taiiilinwn. ti lzngm. J. 'l'fidf1-1- Nl il Nfl" -l RK ,I L K J' ' c. '. X'. l. XX'. Ru X- ... tat. .Q V-l - - XXV' --lv .t .TI VS. '. xv 3 .c 5 up 5 rx.,- 4...-.., A411 HUBERT PERZ. Presiden! N I XG 5 Q ' GEORGE WHALEN FRANCIS SEARFOSS JOSEPH GILL Vice President Secretary Treasurer NCE AGAIN an eager aspiring group o reshmen surge through the portals o Carmel seeking to establish themselves as loyal and true ar melites cylnd in this Chromcle o the Class of 39 are scholars athletes and sportsmen Eleven reshmen striving to uphold Carmel s ootball reputation made the lightweight team CDisplaying exceptional ability ve reshmen saw service on the heavyweight basketball team and three on the lightweights 'I' he bantam s were aided by seven o the Class o 39 th y s called six .9Vfinor and intramural sports ound no dearth o eager reshmen boxing track and wrestling all had many rst year representatives Sixteen reshmen were ound in the CBand. The other organizations c-Art, Cisca, CDramatics, Writers . . . all filled their ranks with many active rosh The Class o '39 has solidly entrenched itsel as another worthy standard bearer o the traditions o Carmel and will win many honors or scholastic an athletic prowess. Ns 3 , t 'i ,fix , " ff f , . . C- . . . . f , , I f , .. ,f ., . . . . ..,flf . ' f f' efl' ' ' l f f 'f f . fl .. . f f . .. .f . f f l f f d Xhgrn XII7l'lQ,hl um I Amsruu R Xshmn C IU I5 Ixngu. I I rr1.Il I VFX I Ink S ll! fl 1521 'Te Brooks XX Brossm u I Brmx n Budd Burkhart J But Lr C Buthr J Calkm arlos Carmodx T Ceara 'VI Chfford Coffgx R Coffu 'I Cx ms I Condon I C onlan XX Cmmrx I Bk Connnff J Connollx I Connollx I C onxxax J Corcoran J Crux x R Croux J Dax 1d R Dean C IDuL,'lI'1 Dxnn x xx x n ID1II1xn Dmn n Iloumh rlx C ass D mxlx I Dru ull Drumm Du x I Dug., n I Dxxxur XX Dxlxoxx skn I- 1ILr mrrx rukson H Ialr I-I aloona R anno I unix R I lIlQ.,tl'.1ILI J IIIPJIHLIK J . . , 1 1 . ,. ' . 1. I ' c , I,, I 1 QQ- 3 'Y ' . II I, 1 5. ' 1 . 'I . .I A ' 'T x 1 I . if 3 IX V" 1.5 . 4. g IP! In I ,. yv , R 0 jf 0 ,Nc . . I IIS - I- 'Ho J .xx'. if 15' - . xxh . 1, 1 I1 -, A "' C .P. I2 - J, C ' A11' -, 1. SI' 'fn "'A 1 A i ' A .1 I 5. 1' ' . I. x ' 1 'WJ' - I A I' E14 ,xxx-.1 1. . ii - Ea 11, x f I . I If: x 595 gf' " I if all 'rn h .,... , '- , : " ' . , .,.g: ' Y 1 1-za I? 1515, xg: I , - - I fu-, f ' " I f I 1? ff! - - Q IE - . . C Q E' ' t N ' . I . ,I NS 0 I ' I . , I ,K I 'M' -21 If . . V. 'N Q 4 Q . ,: .r .,r . I , I .... ..., 1 53, W . Ll I " EF? If r. . ,I Q G' -e . I -'II' 4' I- .I 6' Imrrilcr. I., I I .bff 5- . I mf Q . V' I' 1 k. 4 -+1 1 I'IOCC.,A. Q . '. I If I ,, V l 11.1 "1 A I 11, I IR 'Q' ' I'm.1 xuxrh R , C ,I xv. 151 i1 11 " I . . 15, 1, 1, ,Q I k r ' -1 3' ' I - . 9 . 1- D . .J . '51 X II . 111110 , ,1 X K IJRIIJ C' I t . Il1Il11n I 11.11111 11 , 1 W g b 3 xx A ' K l : - . ' I n ' I N H 11 . Y' . .XX r ' ISU In I ' I H R 1 ,- W-111 Il l " 15.1 .1,1x111-.11 It .1 -: - I5 nfgriwtrf I K, X. . It h. kg I . flemrng J Galhouse C Garxey XX Gnsperec 1 Cmrlrck H C J Glaxrn 'Nl Gleason J Glxnn J Glynn. T. Goihorn, , Graham. G. Grefcnkamp. B, "I Gnndfll. xv. Guilfoyle. J. ,N HAM. lf. Hailwy. J, , Hall. W. :V 52 Harrrnglon H rr I Haskins l Hcalx Hgrnon J Herrmann Hrckex J Hog n H Hogan I Hogan 1 H .1 l Hullrngrr Huru J Hurst XX Hyde. R, Ibzch. Nl, Jalxubow' Jcncn. R. Joxce J Judge J Jungers l Keane C Kmallng, J lu h A Keetlex X Keldon R Keleher D U Kclchcr. 'lf K' y. J, lx' y. K. K' so. J. Kelso. R. Kemp. XV. I Kcmpf. K. Kcnzic. XV. Kiely. J. 1939 lxrlcx lxmg lxlnn x X llbx lx ruan J Kraxx 7xl-Q R lXr7xxxrnsl-rl T Kunt7 R 1 Vlollv. Q uhx XX rarx G mm .' 'lS... Jndslmm. J .ister D. S F U l53I he Loddcr, T. l.orrig.1n. J. l.orrigan. J. l.uby. I.. Lykc, XV. lynch. J. Mannerclli. E. Marlow, H, Mcssner. E. i h 7 N T Mullen. li. Mullins. J. Mulloy. J. lass McGuire. G. Mcliirchy. D. McLelland. J. McMahon. T. N'lcNlahan. J. 5'lcNcrncx'. T. McVey. l.. Nagle. J. Newell, D. Mxchuda J Nhller C Nflllltl' J 'Vlxllcr J xllllkl' XX Nlonaghmn 'Vlorcno O 'Klorlu R 'Xlulhwllmd C W x i sl. Vlulrxan P Munno Vv Nlurphy I Mcfhdlc l M Cabo C1 McCallum J NLC mn X Cmhx I X Clulu XX lhgou 1 nn Cllxnn in dn Kumi Y CJUIN. Nm R 'Nothclscn B Nottxngham J NOWAICRC J O Brun K O Brxen XX O Connor O Donmll lx .ff " af 'f O'Hcarn. R. O'Kcefe, R. O'l,aughlin, Ollxer C O Mallcy O Xelll l O Ncmll XX O Rourke J O Toolc J ln. l ltuhnn 1ul9cn Q k I l I k ut 1 l unn Rnd lx . . A ,V g. , '.' ' . 2. . 0 . , , c . '. V ' E 3 . A 1- A ' . 'v - ,' K K V - ' X vu M . Ay I Y I . J, Y l' . - " x l . 1 1' ' . . X ,V Q 1, .Q 6 V , T .' : Q - A , . -J fy x- N g 6 L I ,V Q l Av ,- V ' S1 " ' ' .X 1 A 2 X V . .4 ' ' A I A 'us T ' ,M :V . . ' y' ,. A T k S t. Q R . Y 0 ' I T ' X .1 ' .ll K - i O'll. '. lf. '. ' ' .R. . ' ,. . J. P. 'R- .lc .. ', . . M 1 A P V Pcrck. la ' ,lc ,. - '. '. J 'Q ' .. - l'urt 'll - 'ff Xlrlf ' . J. , V 'J' 1 ' R -. . Q - Q 4' N H ' J P1 1 ' X .F 1'-f u. . LCR.: . w'iL'. - -' ' 3'-3 I A R 'f ' W 4 Q Mm. xv. w Xl: J ' R 7 Il ll lips. 'lf ' N g . I - - " ' 1 Qt Mk I lk I gl' 5 A 't llmlols i. lf. Kl.Clrw.1n l L . . 'l'Qi ' , .. .. V ' 1u..1 . Q., I ll C 1 X - .Zh l'1k u. A. ' ' ' - XlyK3.u1m.XX'. V' . U , I ' ' j ,L .. . ' N'llC'rccvx'. li. 1 J . V RLgan D RLlOndO R Rc nolds C I s R Rxnderer XX Rltchle Rogers I Rucmskx XV Ruukert C Rmhle I Ruiclo B R .1nI mn R.1nI Rxan R Rsan R Rmn XX Y' Salmon J S anlon XX urs Scarfoss Sn rpg R Shuhx C Sh rldxn XX Shu Il C 'wr Snmpson J Skmmr I Smuh R Srmrh R Smmxh R ol m rs d Sufhs out Sulluan Sullnan 1939 Sullnan Su Ixxan J Susalla I x r Slabo I 'I aaffe I. Tague A Talbot P Talbot D Taxlor R 'I born 'I rcucy J x Iunncx I Iurmx outs h Llbmh H X chu XX A ',, ,,,i , -as X oh? R X omXlbade J XX aldron XX XX olatka E XX alsh J XX A sh I XX ard R XX.1tk1nS XX' XX'Ihar J XX cbu J XX cbbcr XX XX halcn G XX hue R XX IWIIL 'I Xhrmukk XXxsm1v.rSk1 II Xondx J f1IuSsIu Zllmk C 4' 'Z .4 I ' A 'Q " L ,. , N V . . R -I 1 . D I I I f Ai," v " , ' ".' . 1. , R ' " X1 I N X1 . . 1 " ' ' - 1 lic. . I V 17 Svlwslf .H 4 P l 'I' ' Q' Rilcv.C. Y A K, K' ' 7 L '-.Q xi R I N R X I . I . Saw- IR, I ' I ' . 'J O U Schgckclwl. 'I ' , . ,. , A , . , N . ' -,I X, 0 ' q'I ' 0 5 - ,mf " . 3 11A 1. , I ZVV I I, . - T , ,A 3,1 'ic' ,I . Q Q Iam og f . - ff I ' ' R .ri ,A 3 kv. 4 K, 0 'L ix I 0 J Y ,I X , 'IRullj.I,. Rv. ..J. I. g 'I ' Y , ,J S, ,Q " 0 . If J . ' , " ' ' Lu -' C ,.1. . K... . Q ' ' , . . I X ,, I . - . I R. . Sn: Q , I 1 7 1 ' " ' ..-X, P1 " o Slatfur .II 5' . ,VI I . , S1 .Ig . -M 5 , ' " '-Il Q " ..l, , , y g 'X ' I - " ,IL ' Jlledfzlists Palmer. R. English IV XVoods. J. English III Rybarczyk, S. English II Marlowe. H. English I Creswell. T. Latin Wiltgen. J. Spanish Miller, S. Mathematics Iirey, H. Physics Ziv, B. Chemistry Bulger, J. Civics Creve. H. Athletic Scholastic Bulger. W. Journalistic an :JGDQQL Dwyer. R. Religion IX' Brvar. XV. Religion III Ilavcs. XV, Religion ll Conlan. XV. Religion I eclazl T THE END of each year Mt. Carmel desires to manifest her appreciation for the work done by her outstanding scholars in upholding the honor of the school. Towards this end gold medals are awarded to the highest of the classes in general average or to those displaying excellence in different subjects. The most coveted award is the General Proficiency Medal. presented to the indi- vidual who maintains the highest average in the school. In addition to this, the leading member of each class receives a Proficiency Medal as a reward for his labors. As these winners are not selected until after the ORIFLAMME goes to press. the five leaders from whom the winner will be chosen are pre- sented on these pages. The Athletic-Scholastic Medal is given to the senior athlete who maintains the highest average. The English Medals, highly sought after awards, are given for superior quality in special compositions. The fresh- men compete by submitting autobiographies, and the other , 'ff' - 150-wr s 'I Yi E ' "M Q . 1 is l Q I " Qfyff' X A "'.' 55 i '7 5'7" .f. 'L ia Bulger. John Hurnev. John Peterson. Harold KViltgen. John Ziv. Bernard Hayes. Vlilliam Maguire. David Russell. John Quinlan. John I'0y. James 1 -X -ag i 1 cffumfds classes write short stories. The Civics Medal is awarded to the student submitting the best essay on some current topic of national importance. Journalistic Medals are only given for exceptional work on the ORIFLAMME staff. To those scholars who demonstrate superior knowledge in different branches of theoretical and applied science are awarded the Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Medals. The Latin and Spanish Medals are earned by individuals display- ing excellence in each language. A member of each class re- ceives a Religion Medal for his practical knowledge of the fundamental doctrines of our faith. All of these medals are awarded as a result of competitive examinations. The Parent Organizations and friends of the school demonstrate their co-operation and appreciation by gener- ously furnishing the awards. Any student who wins a medal may feel a justifiable pride in himself. f al- Q W i l N I FINALISTS Honorable cjllention. Sweeney. H. English IV Chan. R. English Ill Casella. P. English II King, R. English l McGowan. B. Latin Matthews, G. Spanish Frey, H. Mathematics Connor. A. Physics Bulger. J. Chemistry Bulger. W, Civics Bell. J. Athletic-Scholastic Bulger. J. Journalistic l rex. Harold Miller. Stanley XX cil. Gerald Williams. John Matthews. Cveorgc Perz. Hubert KVhalen. George Searfoss. Francis Cmill. Joseph Fleming, James Palmer. R. Religion IV Frey. H. Religion lII Huston. R. Religion ll Hogan, J. Religion I W2 CDRGQQNIZHT HI TRHXDI I IONS ot thtChurth of th Catatombs tx mphfi x tht unboundtd talth ot that small band ot staunth Chrtstmn martxrs utrt bx th hhtrattd Churth ada t to tht promotlon ot putt an to tn tarrxmg ot tht Gosptl ot Chrxst to al nauors Communrtxts ot 'Xlonks rxars and Nuns nth mth a S ttra m to b a ru to rrst utr tormtd lax orqnnlfatlons blossomtd form IH tht Iorm of th Gullds d C11 td to tu a mu mtnt oi true spmtual bttttrmtnt Down through th ttnturus from apostolmt tlmts though ptrsttuttd and rtultd hx antltnt Rom an hamptrtoi Us trut bx tht dlsrupt mg IHHULDCL ot tht Rtiormatton doxxn utn to our own tlmts tht C hurth has tstttmtd md xalutd UI'g1I'l1llllOU N outh Orgzxmlatton plonttr moumtnt of IIS klnd mn Amtrlca IS ont ot tht out standxng athntxtmtnts ol Cnholxt A tton and organllntmon oi tht prtstnt dax Imltattd by kmdrtd moxtmtnts throughout tht world admrrtd b Catholxc and non Catholmc allk t sttnds 1 hung trnbutt and mtmormal to nts toundtr Hrs Lxctlltntx Bmimop Qhtll At C Irmtl too tht ltssons ot orgm nlmons han not bttn ntglttttd Lndtr skxlltd Ind lundly guxdantt manx and xarxous tlubs and SOCILIILS ham bttn toundtd and tosttrtd by th fatultx tm x 1 dthmtt purpust tt t 'MITILYLL txut sotul SLIJOJSIIL r splrxtuul Carmtls OYQWTIIIIIIOHS art tht sttppmg stonts that may gumdt tht iootsttpi ot htr Studtnti through thtlr iuturt urttrs CNS f 'W inf? Z' I -1 l 'X Wx f f Jef, 6 x Ap U' v 'P N M M Q Q ' -Us I cd b' -2 X , . " ' X H . A . . I in g X' " -, j u ' ' ' Q ' . p cd 5 -X , 1 ' ' d I' X t j f . ,4 A , , - Q ' 1 T .. H . . 10 F4 . .' . c ' '4 p-"1 ' hp Ja Q chtwd 'f Chi '-Q ff, , X I I' L . , 3 W ' I I , r ' ' c ' . c Y f cat- lc ch"'c - ' " " or 3 . . i I 3 . V C 'JVM -7 x 4 f ., -, - -. - ,. . f , 1 . , , , . I if ' l In our bclovcd country. the Catholic ' fx . A .ivy I Q K . S .. CP Iv. I 1 v l 3 Ivy 3 ' I , f ' 1 Y I ' - , ' ' Q, i i. 1' I l X r. t ' . j I y 1 3 y v C A Iv' s:a'l vith L ' ' ' t " u bt .--'L A RUE EDUCATION means more than the mere acqu1s1t1on of knowledge true educat1on has as IIS pr1mary object the fittlng of man for vocat1onal pursu1ts and for the worth wh1le occupat1on of hlS le1sure t1me For thlS reason Carmel has always encouraged soc1et1es and clubs wh1ch offer the student tra1n1ng 1n soc1al and C1V1C adjustment There are two d1st1nct types of clubs at Carmel those wh1ch concern the students themselves and those Wh1Ch are organ1zat1ons of the parents Both are gu1ded by the pr1nc1ple of student beneflt Through the parent clubs a more harmon1ous relat1onsh1p IS developed between teacher parent and student a relat1onsh1p wh1ch IS h1ghly conduc1ve not only to a more efliclent and progress1ve funct1on1ng of the ent1re school program but IS also an added factor ln the bet terment of the student s scholast1c outlook The student organ1zat1ons offer a three fold bene sp1r1tual cultural and soc1al Carmel has planned through her organ17at1ons that common 1n terest w1ll bmd the fellow members 1n p rmanent fr1endsh1ps The development of denmte ldeals bemg desxrable tor l1fe and necessary for busmess Carmel has under taken to present as many organlzatlons as are needed to develop them 1n her students These varlous clubs wlth thelr dlversliied alms have always extended ample opportunlty for the students to develop thelr lnherent talents and to form soclal contacts agreeable to 1nd1 vldual tastes L1kew1se the students attaln a feel1ng of lndepend ence 1n the orgamzatlon and promot1on of clubs Th1s student part1c1pat1or1 1n affalrs of the school IS a great stlmulant to school Splflt Thus through the medlum of extra currlcular affalrs both student and parent become acqualnted wlth problems of the school and the teacher acqulres a much needed 1ns1ght 1nto the home background of the student Carmel s clubs have for the1r prlmary alm the mouldlng of student parent and teacher mto a harmomous Whole that assures the atta1nment of a Well rounded educatlon for each 1nd1v1dual Carmel student. r X3 65 Bl lf' MX lf v . . . . - . - . - . u v . . . , - . . v v f w s ff, . 5 wYJlf X X x p A w' u- m K -' ., 4.4 g 6 Ni 6 L , Nr, ,gs Y xw F - h ,1, . . YE it I .st 7,11 I H K lc :qi lr 4-1 an 5,5 , . .'-, I 1' ,Y " a, Q- "- X .- .,1-xg,-'. 1 - f-L v '4 'Lv ' 'X' ' " lg f S'. V.: Y L'-: 'v '-' ' s.. 4 - f f. f - ' I qgw ,-eg gi, ' x fvvffi "5 45' ' 1 -7-' 15, 'f ,ig 5 iw, Q 0 . o ,b fy, x,f,,Q3'g1b asf ', , V. 1 'KVM Wy XR, W . -. V N h iw? i .A A Q 1, . ' .B V! J 5? gf Sv 2. in YD 4' 19 4 4 9 330, ' f S.- IO! Q' A 5' W, D ' A af W px L I I 9 :Sy Y ' - . ' 1 V" fi 5, ' 41' , 4 giaisgi M ' 21 a ' qw E Jaw" A' N J i 4 - v g 4,866 ' ' r xbxq-'if - ,f 5 b C l Cirindell President XY. .l. Bryar Vice-President XV. Haas Secretarx J. A. Huston Treasurer ueen 0 Carmel efiluxzlzrzfjf The most exclusive organiza- tion is the Queen of Carmel Aux- iliary, limited to those mothers who have Carmelite sons or sons who are prospective Carmelites. The Auxiliary is gradually be- coming a national organization functioning throughout Carmelite America. The Auxiliary is designed to give their sons in Carmel an added inspiration and zeal in the cause of Christ, an inspiration possible only from a mother. Praise is surely due to this group of mothers. Tads Club The Mt. Carmel Dads Club was established to strengthen the vital relationship between father and son. At monthly meetings. prob- lems dealing with the welfare of the boy. as the primary purpose of the organization. are discussed. This year it has undertaken many more responsibilities. all for the sake of the students . . . spon- soring dances. promoting athletic contests, and encouraging intra- mural sports: the Dads Club is ever widening its influence, at- tempting to become the real comrade of the boy--always his friend, counselor, and partner. ORll5l.ANlMl2 STAFF Krebs. N. Petersen. H. Lynch. A. Bulger, J- Bulger. W. wingen. J. oiiiigm. P. Ziv, B. Co-editor-in-chief Co-editor-in-chief Oswtlldv XV4 Mcconncllv R. Usher' J' Palmer. R. Geddes, XV. Managing Editor Business Manager Becker. G. Bresnehan. J. Callahan. R. Johlic. T. Kennedy. V. Kennedy. VV. Rettich. J. Robinson. J. Rogers. J. The Ori ammo N PRESENTING our chapter in the brilliant history of Mount Carmel High School . . . we, the Staff of 1936, give you the QRIFLAMME of Catholic Action. Partraying interestingly and truthfully the joys and sorrows, victories and defeats of the past year, the ORIFLAMME marches onward in the wake of its illustrious predecessors. Classes, clubs, teams, organizations . . . paint- ing for you a vivid picture of Carmel's every- day life, In as much as the ORIFLAMME has con- sistently won the highest journalistic honors . . . Interscholastic Press Association's "All- American" honors-Catholic Press Associ- ation's "All Catholic" rating-Illinois State of merit-Columbian Scholastic Press Asso- ciation's Gold Medal . . . we feel a deep responsibility to uphold the traditions estab- lished by previous ORIFLAMMES. The phe- nomenal rise of the Catholic Action Move- ment has inspired us to use its activities as the theme of this book. "Catholic Action," has been carried throughout the pages to impress Riav. Axnmaw I.. Wiaibox. O. Cami Faculty Advisor Qgffx' f Carlyle D Dwyer, R. lfecney, J. l5ullam. D. G.1ugush.l7. Gibbons. XV. Guerin, J. Haskins. C. Hurlu I eckner W. Maguire. T. Miller, R. Maloney. J. fNlcCice. D. O. McGee. D. T. McHugh. lf. O'Brien R. O'Dea C Rosenberger, VV. Sayre. R. Slade, G. Spear. J. Stoecker. I.. Sweeney. H. Tobin. T. Vvlhite. J. Young J the reader with the growing spirit of positive application of Catholic principles to the life of the student body. Here may be seen why "Catholic Action" is not merely a trite phrase but a functioning reality. As the overwhelming success of Catholic Action can be accredited only to the indom- itable perseverance and zeal of Bishop Sheil. who has devoted his labors unstintedly to the development of this program, it is therefore appropriate that this-the ORIFLAMME of Catholic Action-be dedicated to him in rec- ognition of his works and ideals. Correlarive with the ORIFLJXMME and its consistent success in the Held of high school journalism is the name of Father Andrew L. Weldon, faculty director. whose patience, understanding and co-operation have been an important factor in the work of compiling and editing this book. The staff wishes to express its deep sense of gratitude to Father Andrew for his efforts in their behalf and that of the ORIFLAMME, if 1 'L avi' M! in 'HI-' f ,ri 4' To The Class of '36 On behalf of your professors, and your Carmel associates . . . the ORIFLAMME bids you a sincere but regretful farewell. The sun- set of your life at Carmel nears, a new and sterner day dawns. Soon will the world be testing the metal tempered carefully in the crucible of four years of high school . . . The crucial time is here. As you emerge into the great arena of the competitive world, many anxious moments await you and you must be prepared to render an account of your years of Carmel preparation . . . May it be a glo- rious one! When the final chapter of your high school career reaches its conclusion in Graduation night, the members of your class will disband and scatter. Only memory will be left with you to bring back your days at Carmel. We of the ORlFl-ANlME Staff are hopeful that the records we have perpetuated on these pages will in the future years recall those treasured friends and stirring moments that marked your days at Carmel. Class of '36, as the twilight shadows deepen we bid you farewell and Ciodspeed. A. , YV , fi Bresnehan, J. " Bulger, J. Bulger. '. Cahrll E Dwyer R Geddes W Grbbons XV Grllrgan I Halper B Haskrns C Hurney J Kennedy V Kennedy W Krebs N I eckner W Magurre 'I Petersen H Robrnson J Ryan I. Ryan rl Slade G Spear Tobrn T XX rltgtn J Z B Irey H ,Literary and 'Debatzng 90616137 N NO other organrzatron at Mount Carmel does vocatronal trarnrng re cerve more complete attentron than rt does rn the Lrterary and Debatmg Socrety the schools oldest organrza tron For years the club has been out standrng for the rmportant work that rt accomplrshes and for the complete ness and thoroughness of rts methods The purpose of the Socrety rs to teach the boy the art of publrc peakrng but rt does far more than rts name rmplres The student must learn to overcome shyness or embarrassment rn talkrng on hrs feet before an audrence He must be able to present hrs rdeas confidently and rntellrgently thrnk clearly and swrftly express hrmself wrth force terse ness and clarrty and cultrvate an easy porsed manner rn speakrng a manner that must be natural and appealrng Moreover he must teach hrmself to analyze accurately the vrews and argu ments of opponents The value of such a trarnrng cannot be overemphasrzed rts benelits are many Frrst rt drscrplrnes the mrnd by makrng rt obey the com mands of the wrll It broadens the stu dent s scope of knowledge by mtroduc rng hrm to subjects wrth whrch he had been prevrously unfamrlrar It develops hrs personalrty and thus makes hrm a more rnterestrng conversatronalrst and rncreases the demand for hrm socrally And finally rt grves hrm the abrlrty to talk before an audrence rn a manner whrch wrll be smooth unruflled and wrth an audrence appeal It would be futrle to go rnto a lengthy drscourse lrc speakrng No matter what our edu catron may be when We enter the com petrtrve world we must be able to use rt to be a success Certarnly thrs wrll be rmpossrble rf our abrlrty to converse rs hampered by a medrocre delrvery puny vocabulary or bad grammer The mem bers of the Lrterary and Debatrng So crety are taught to overcome such handrcaps through drrected trarnrng useful readrng and practrce Frater Frederrc rs the popular mod erator of the socrety and wrth hrs char acterrstrc pep and enthusrasm he helps the club rn every way Next year he hopes to haye an organraatron more actrve and more trghtly knrt than eyer before The club owes hrm a debt of gratrtude It may be easrly seen that the Lrterary and Debatrng Socrety rs one of the really rmportant organrzatrons rn the school and rs dcservrng of the support of every student We hope for years to come rt may be rncrtasrngly successful xx l- 0 9 fr t Palmer, R, V concerning the usefulness of this in pub- , ' Y . .' . x . J, - . V . V ' Y I . v rv. . . s ' The Tbespmns LEADER among the newlx lnaugurated organxzatlons of the past season IS the Thespnans an outgrowth of the Dramattc Club Formed early rn the fall of 1935 to arouse an mterest m dramatxcs among the underclassmen and to develop the hlstrxomc talents of lxkely maternal whnch lacked expenence enough to par txcrpate ln the Dramatlc Club s annual productron nt has had a marked success The school has decrded that groommg maternal for future plays IS much more successful than the rather hrt or mrss system of selectxng the club usually employed Many eager freshmen and sophomores have flocked to nts ranks and bxd falr to become real stars Even thxs year some of tts members have obtamed posrtrons rn the cast of the Dramatnc Club s presentatron The xdea of the Thesp1ans IS a commendable one as xt IS poor pollcy to allow boys wrth stage ab1l1ty to waste lf because of lack of real trammg A wxse selectxon was made ln placmg Frater Kneran at the head of the organ xzatton He has had wlde dramatxc ex penence and has dnrected a number of successful productxons Certamly he has shown marked ab1l1ty ln drawmg latent talent from hxs students and m smoothmg the rough edges of therr efforts He deserves great pranse for hrs work Though the Thesptans are but one season old they are firmly establlshed ln the extra currxcular affalrs of the school and from all 1I1dlC3l10I'lS wxll be even stronger and more successful next fall Tebatzng 'Dam ROM the ranks of the Ltterary and Debatmg Socxety a group of proiicxent orators were selected to form a debatmg team to represent Mt Carmel m mterscholastlc meets These boys were selected because of thexr ex cellent scholastlc records and thelr poten tlal qualxtles as speakers They rep resented Carmel rn several mformal debates aflarrs that were both competx txve and entertammg The members not only gamed honor for the school had several enjoyable afternoons but also gleaned a knowledge of the funda mentals of debatmg Bnar R Duffy W Fleming J Glynn J Greenan J Healy R Hulhnger Juby J Kelly J Knnght L Lau J Lynch J McArdle J Nlagel M O Rourke Pendleton Schmltt R Sullnvan J Sullxvan E S7abo F Bulger J Bresnehan Petersen H Krebs N Haskins C J J J 0 A' . . Managhan, R ' ' A . . ' , . L Bulger J Bulger ' Casey M Chan R Flemtng J Irey H Gtbbons XX G J Hayes Vw Hurney J Juby J Ken7te W 'Vltller S Per7 H Petersen H Qutnlan J Russell J Searfoss F Wetl G Wtlltams J Whalen Ct Alexander A Bulger J Casey M Chan R Faloona R Cttbbons J Gerber J Greenan J Kelleher J l angan W Marctnletvttch XX Vlotgan J Norman C Oblocle P Rettt h J O Retlly Nl Ryan J Ryan N Ryan J C uertn J XX alsh T H onor Club HE most exclusive of Carmel s stu dent organtzattons ts the Honor Club Its membershtp ts ltmtted to the five from each class who earn postttons as proftctency finalists I other words the twenty men tn the school who through thetr tndustry and appltcatton secure the htghest scholasttc postttons out of the enttre student body mertt membership tn the honor soctety The purpose of the club ts to reward those students who whtle not recetvtng proftctency medals deserve recognttton for thetr supertor abtltty By gtvtng membershtp tn the Honor Club the school attempts to fulfill tts obltgatton effrl Club MONG the vartous student or gantzattons at Mt Carmel the Art Club has become one of the successful both tn soctal and arttsttc ltnes The club was formed prtmartly to foster the talents of the students who were arttsttcally tncltned However re cently tts scope of acttvtttes has tn creased most raptdly It has become the chtef adverttstng agency for most of the schools soctal and athletic functtons and at all ttmes the club has responded vartous sponsors All of thts advertts tng gtves the members of the Art Club practtce which ts useful tn developtng thetr abtltttes Parttcularly commendable were tts works for the football games the dances and the Carntval Then the Art Club joined the Band tn sponsortng a very successful dance an affatr that was truly Carmeltte tn every feature This was not the ftrst ttme the Art Club had ventured to show tts abtltty tn the soctal field nor was tt the first ttme they enjoyed success As ts customary the members held an annual ptcntc The outtng ts yery popular stnce they are granted a spectal free day We see that the Art Club really serves a tyyo fold purpose first tn benefittng the arttst by teachtng htm the prtnctples of tllustrated adverttstng and by allow tng htm to put them tnto practtce and second tn benefiting the school by help tng tn the publtctty work and by sup porttng tts extra curricular acttvtttes , xx. ' ' ' ' ' . n , ' I Y 1 I l . 1 ' generously to the demands of the A l . 1. . . . - 'c . . ' . t s l 'V Al. l . . . . . Y V . Y I 3 I V' , A l. Y - - , - Q 14 , , . . . , Chemistry lub HE Chemistry Club, one of Car- mel's new additions to her organi- zations, has for its aim the increas- ing of interest in high school science. particularly chemistry, that the student may have a practical knowledge which will be useful in everyday life. With this principle in view it has developed into one of Mt. Carmel's most active bodies with a many featured program. Mem- bership is limited to those who are really interested in science and its uni versal value Much credit IS due our capable and solicitous faculty advisor Frater Damian for his untiring efforts in behalf of the club His valued ad vise and suggestions have proved to be indispensable and he assuredly deserves our most sincere gratitude lV1'zte1"s Club NOTHER of Carmel s new or ganlzations IS the Writer s Club the outgrowth of a realization originating in Cisca that the Catholic Church needs good writers who can do a great deal of the work of propagating the Church and defending its principles against the inroads of malicious un Christian authors The Church will not sit idly by while subtle attackers attempt to tear down what has taken generations to build Carmel has taken upon itself the obligation to aid the development of such scribes At the meetings of the club the mem bcrs submit articles on various current topics which have particularly inter csted them In this way they give them selves practice in thinking clearly and in expressing their ideas forcefully con ciscly and interestingly Articles that arc submitted are analyzed by the mem bers to bring out both their favorable and unfavorable points ln this way the student is better directed along cor cherishes the hope of some day publish ing a small magazine of its works Frater Vlaurice is moderator of the Writer s Club and is making it increas ingly successful with each passing weef His efforts are certain to make it more than just a one year flash in the pan Surely the purpose of the club should lcad many students to support it train ing in writing is most valuable in later life regardless of what occupation the individual follows The school feels that the future success of the Writers Club is assured Altenbach. J. Bulger. XV. Cahill, E. Costello. T, J Deering. C. Fennessy. T. Fullam, D. Fullam, R. Gibbons. XV. Halper, B. Higgins Hurney J McHugh l Nealon J O Brien Rettich J Reynolds R Rogers J Roth Ryan Ryan Slide Smith R Sullivan R Tobin Zn B Barrett l- Delaney XX Doi le l Eagan Hanna XX Knight I langan XV VlcGlynn J Martin E OConnor XX Pendleton J Petersen H Sweeney H XX alsh T XX ard XV ' ' ' - ' ' .R. I A .J. , . L. . . . . , ' ' , N. . . . ,G. . . . . - I ' , I rect lines in his development. The club McHugh. IIA . V . . ,' fi 'iiraiisf GSM-J B J WO THOUSAND stu dents slsters brothers and prlests fnll the seats of a large audrtorlum On Bilge W the stage IS a mlcrophone near CMH E whxch stands a tall young man DelVlarco wxth a gavel rn h1s upralsed hand The murmur of VOICES d1es slowly late comers crowd agamst the door The gavel descends The meetmg will come to or lord H er Grew H Halper B And thus xt begms e drama that portrays the devotxon ot youth to the cause of Chrlst Cnsca lS havmg a general meetmg Young people the spmtual lead Holstem I: ers of today speak d1scuss ex Hurnev J change ldeas and thelr vo1ces Maloney J are a rxsmg crescendo agamst the 1rrel1g1ous schxsm of this genera tlon Chxcago Inter Student Catholxc Actlon Cxsca IS one of the most MCGW D I potentlally powerful organ1za Palmer R P H amen cago From the trme of 1ts first mceptlon m 1926 under the d1rec t1on of Father Joseph Remer the movement has recexved enthuslas t1c approval and support The spark of that first small band has ZW B grown 1nto the burnlng zeal for Cum D actlon that IS C1sca today Sweeney H Through lt Blshop Shell has unlted the forces of student enthuslasm towards a cause to promote h1s movement for the Um" L propagatlon of the cause of Chrlst I"7g"ald G He reallzes that leaders who w1ll nncorporate the doctrmes of the Church mto every feature of thelr llves can do more to fortlfy and defend Chrlstlan soclety than can any other power whlch mlght be mustered It IS a movement of mnhm Q co operatlon and umty not one tm of revolutxon HJ lxv.sA CISCA now embraces every Cath ol1c hlgh school and college m the Cxty of Chlcago and has a mem bershmp of over two thousand It Mllmn J holds commlttee meetlngs once a Rmdon J week and general meetmgs for all I ',J. ell, l, S : V' I d rr ' S ' ' . . . th ' ' tions in the Archdiocese of Chi- If .-v' l I I I '-ny, . . Nextel all I ' . Gsm., members three times a year. The entire movement does much to aid Catholic Action, build character in our students, strengthen the Church, presents the power of unity to any factor it may be com- bating, and restore faith to a dis- satisfied generation that was threatening to revolt. With a fervent realization of its importance Carmel enters wholeheartedly into the vital work of Cisca All activities sponsored by the organization receive com plete support by every student at Carmel Delegates are ap pointed to represent the students on Cisca s four executive commit tees Eucharistic Our Lady s Apostolic Literature an Catholic Social Action Commit tees Carmel supports the New World the Legion of Decency Stamp Drives and other of Clsca s movements Carmel s branch of Cisca the Sodality of Our Lady of Mount Carmel has grown from almost nothing until it includes practically every student in the school The credit must go to Carmel for holding the largest general meeting ever convened by Cisca in May 1935 The various problems with which Cisca IS involved are appor tioned among the different mem ber schools for them to deal with particularly The problem as signed to Carmel lS communism that unbridled beast which would devour Christian civilization Carmel s Cisca delegates are fully aware of the seriousness of the communlstlc theory and expend every effort to combat its activities and teachings Special studies are made of the subject suggestions are offered and reports are sub mitted ln every way Carmel seeks to uproot this evil Thus it may be seen that Car mel is without peer in supporting the Bishop through Cisca to weave Catholic principles into every branch of life whether social political or professional Shanahan, XV. Sullivan. R. Cahill. C. Casey. M. Dawe, F. lfreeman. J. Geary R Hayes XX Hennessx J lxelley J T lang A lanum J Maguire D Rigler M Robertson C Sweeney J Robinson G Axalo E Kelleher J King R x1CKll'Chj D l ann... Q-4 WP-v 'Vlichuda J Olner C r Ruehle J Searfoss I Smith R Albrnght J Alpme P Amstutl R Brtdgcford F Gleason J Hall W' Kempf K lacy R lyke W Messner F Hoffmann R uratmk J lang Murano M Murphy J Nflurphy E J Phelps J Qumlan J E Haas W Hansen J Carlyle D GCCCWICY I' lovsery M fT7ao 'Band ARMEL S BAND had a very sxgnxficant though humble begmnmg Back m mneteen hundred and thtrty a handful of boys rep resentmg the combmed efforts of faculty students and dlrectors unlted to form the nucleus of the Band an orgamzatxon whxch was to brmg new culture to the halls of Carmel Ever smce that first meetmg the Band has grown steadlly 1n numbers and de veloped raptdly tn ab1l1ty untll at the present tlme lt has become one of the finest umts of nts kmd ln the Clty of Chicago Under the capable guldance of Mr Herman Berrmger as dlrector and Prater R6glS and Prater Francts as faculty advxsors the Band has agam recelved c1ty wlde recogmtlon lt IS a true reflectxon of Mr Berrmger s capab1l1t1es as musxclan and leader of the loyalty and perseverance of the members themselves The xmportance of an organlzatnon such as thls and tts effect on the lnfe of the school can hardly be oyerestlmated As a source of secondary musrcal trammg the Carmel Band has no peer Though most of tts members have had prevlous mustcal experlence here they recent the fimsh whxch dlSfl1'1gUlShCS the expert from the ordinary player Another feature of the trammg ns thc work guen rn mtlxtary drtlllng and ln cxecuttng certaxn rtqulred figures ...4n. Barblerr V Beckstrom H lally J au J Thls comblnatxon of muslc and marchmg forms a stxrrmg slght that thrrlls even the most calloused spectator m the stands and msptres the team and nts adherents to new helghts At most of Carmel s publtc functlons the Band takes a prmcxpal part The corps offered dxversxon at the Parent Teacher meetmgs 1nsp1red the players at all the football and basketball games and set the tempo of htlarlty at the Pep meetmgs Indeed whatever the mood deslred the Band may be de pended upon to draw from 1ts vast repertotre just the rxght plece to mold such a feelmg Few realnze the sacrlfice entalled 1n parttclpatxon tn Band actxvltxes Rehearsmg requlres many hours of toll to reach the exactmg standards of thexr dtrec tor who wxll accept nothmg short of perfect Durmg the football season the members must devote a great deal of ttme to practlcmg the marchmg and learmng of alphabetlcal formatxons whlch are presented before opponents They must forfett a great deal of txme on the days of functxons tn whlch they take a part smce they are requxred to report early for preparatton ,,,,',,,ih,g ,., .i.,-. -,-- 7.3,- 'Vl er I 'Nothexsen B Ol aughlln J Phmlllps T Regan D Rogers I Llbrnch Il Iirlamm I lwcrts Q Craertner I Heckler N Jacobmeyer C VIJF7 'VI Obarslsl R Orr K Povters J umn J Schultz XX XhllllJmS J Bccktsrom H 'VIcK1ll1p J Ready A Ryan 'N Slade G Through the lnterest of the Mother s Club whlch has held many affaxrs ln behalf of the Band xt rs completely outfitted rn attractxve umforms These are not only supplred but are also mamtamed nn excel lent condltlon bv the mothers The school owes a deep debt of gratltude to them for thexr co operatron rn asslstmg the Band as an organ of the school For the second year the Band sponsored a dance ln collaboratnon wxth the Art Club The Band rs not new to the socxal flelfl and clearly showed thus by the admmrstratlve ablllty rt drsplaved rn handlxng the problems of thus dance In keepmg wxth Carmel tradrtxons the dance was a complete success The Band also holds an annual concert at which rt struts rts musxcal best Carmel s Band IS truly one of the permanent organwatlons of the school xts founda tions are secure The fact that rts hlstory IS one of constant development IS largely due to the loyalty of lts members the perseverance of xts leaders and the encouragement of the faculty And so xt rs wxth just prlde that Carmel polnts to her Band a more able actxyc or progressrye organwatlon could not be found m the length and breadth of the clty 'Nothexsen I Rudy A 'Xlulllgan D Hammer B HOUGH comparatrvely young the Orchestra has established 1ts posntlon as an organ17at1on popular wrth the school It jazz type of musxc appeals to modern youth and contrxbuted to the Orchestra s enthuslastlc receptlon Thxs year lf IS a somewhat smaller organ17at1on of greater mdlvrdual perfectlon Thus new arrange ment has the adyantagc of makmg 1 more compact unit that wlll remam mtact and glve 1 more thorough muslcal trammg The Orchestra IS under the able gurdance of Father Jullan who organ17ed It four years ago I s llbrary now cons1sts of all present day numbers as well as many standard old txme melodles At y 1r1ous affalrs for whlch they furnlsh the musnc thexr per formance has always drawn an apprcclatlye applause They haye been responsrble for delrghtful entertam ment at the Carmyal dramatxc presentatxons club meetmgs shows dmners and other functlons Another valuable feature of the Orchestra IS thc traxmng yy hlch nt gryes rts members m a modern type of musuc a trammg that may often lead to prohtable carccrs rn later lrfe 'rv""':f' '1'5?PH' EEE?" Hl"!I"K5f7'L':1F"3?' sv'-' "BW"r.'t!"!"f?' Aram 'Thea Orchestwp , eg! 3 1 ,ag ,Jeri am? .1ll,.. . ... . .. ., . .. .3, I . . . .5. v R I , ' Y ' , Y Y' ' , A , . . . ' , ll, . . ' ' ' ' S AA ' I9 - . Y . ' , . . . ' . . V . . , . . 7 - y v x ' s 4 ' 4. . . ' . I - v . . , . . V - . . V . 1. . v . . V . , . E ' w ' ' v I ' V . . . - . V . . v , , . 1 v 1 a . I H . I Y . . . v ' , v , ' v, , , . . . ' ' v xx ' ' ' "T ' " N' '77f"1"" "T"'i7'f'E,-' r v,1,1i44j'TfE,1- gg, TT-A5 ,,,: ga, U: , gf -,"fL',w 7E?.ifZ7?7k?-.g1SH'7?-33" 17 '4,,,,W1eg,-rv 9. ,hff " ' T ' "M"'T""T 7'ln5-" . A . ,A 3 , s.-..a.., . , x , Q Ll' flllgcrlld lmcorgnn DCClllldC J Crccxy R Coffcx R Hcrnon B cr I lgx DL Vhrco A I I Bcrlngcr nncdx Mathcrn I it Joyce J Read J Smnth R Chan R Kely A Magnan J Ronspncs B Mcmon J Crepeau O Stelmasnk R Robertson C Qumlnan J 3 'LEIJW Wi Ihmyqfn X Xllcn G Hanlex J MCB-elns IURCH N lH1fh A X1m,m-x XX lrccdman I 0Dc1 C R1 x J Clark E Cmzxc H Reardon E McCallum J orbett V ONe1Il W Butler C Looney J Jones W Cahlll J Costello T J Coleman E Tunney J Dwyer E Ford H Morgan J Jilonogmm Club HE CHERISHED hope of every Carmel student IS to secure membershlp 1n the exclusxve Monogram Club Only those who have won major letters 1n Football Basketball Track Swxmmmg or Boxing may be numbered among 1ts select members As there are only Hfty students ln the club out of an enrollment of almost a thousand 1n the school and as membershlp mdlcates superxor athletlc ab1l1ty xt IS quxte apparent why everyone would seek admlttance Membershxp IS an honor worthy of those who have put forth the1r efforts to brmg glory to the school on the athletic field The club was formed ln 1927 to guard agalnst students wearlng letters of other hlgh schools at Carmel or wearmg unearned major or mmor letters At all tlmes the organlza t1on has managed to check vlolators and make the Carmel emblem a sign of honor Thxs year a number of other dutles have been added to those whlch are now a part of the club s work the members officlate at many meetmgs they see that all tlckets for athletlc or other events are properly han dled and they mamtam order at functxons ln whxch the students partlclpate Wlth each succeed1ng year the Mono gram Club 1S becomlng a more lmportant cog 1n the machmery of Mt Carmel a1d1ng 1n its mechamcal operation part1c1 patlng ln 1ts af'fa1rs and supportmg the school 1n every way Composed of athletes wso understand the prmclples of the game and who know the value of encouragement tlhe Monogram Club far surpasses any other organxzatlon 1n back mg and promotmg Carmellte athletlcs The older members and the coaches m mstructmg the asplrants to athletxc recognl txon and ln prepar1ng them to serve on Carmel s teams Thexr falr judgment and broad knowledge of the sport serve as an mspmng element to the players These servxces rendered to the teams and coaches themselves are an mvaluable assxstance for whlch the Monogram Club deserves much credlt The club whlch does not confine ltself purely to ath letlcs opened 1ts season of social act1v1t1es by sponsorlng a dance in the gymnasium a dance that gave promlse of great success ln future ventures Next the club sponsored the foot ball and basketball banquets both of whlch recexved well earned co operatlon and pralse The Monogram Club does not l1m1t 1ts sphere of action to Carmel alone The semors of the club served as ploneers for Bxshop Shell ln spreadlng h1s propaganda concerning the Cathollc Actlon Movement In the future the number of such ventures IS to be greatly mcreased Many objectlves find the1r fulfillment through the Monogram Club It serves as a spokesman for the entlre school ln mterscholastlc dealmgs Further lf embodles the real splrnt that IS the Catholnc boy draws approbatxon upon the school and acts as a leader for the student body Few orgamzatrons of such l1m1ted slze can clalm the act1v1t1es prommence or lmportance that IS the Monogram Club s 73 rv-1 A.f-- -. v v 1 v 1 - r . . ... , C " - v- .- . . . . - ,. ,. , f 9 1 ' , . ,- r v . . . . .. . 4 . . . . . , . ,. ,. 1' . . X V - ' v 1 v v f v f . , , .. . . ... v . . . , , . Ryan.: Gerald John Norus Robert l74l Ofonnor '--an-or kb. Edward Fr. Neal Frank Mr. Michael John J. Daniel Leonard William Robert Joseph Thomas Edward lmwph James Smith 5..- l Robert Arthur Raymond Charles RJ vmond Robert H. Robert XV. Jlliller Robert Carl .loseph E. XK'esley Stanley George Charles Sullivan.: 0"Brien.: .J hn E John E gene R ymo Ra m d R be t Vl unce J hn XX m d77Z6 HE lnexhaustxble Carmel sp1r1t finds another outlet in her Name Clubs In recognl tion of the good will of this net work of clubs Carmel has sanc tloned their act1v1t1es for the eighth consecutive year They have broadened the1r scope in con junctlon with Carmel s policies and this year present the most representative group of name clubs yet seen The Ryans still top the Irish clan by a wide margin They have waxed in power and membership ever takmg a greater part m affairs of the school The O Connor Club has passed the critical period and now appears to be permanently established Containing two faculty members this organlzatxon is generally rec ogmzed for its enthusiastic support of school affairs The members display talent ln both academic and social lines The Smith Club was formed this year and has already rated the distinction of bemg more actlve than any other Through ltS mem bers the Smith Club has mvaded football boxlng minor and mtra mural sports the ORIFLAMME staff and other organizations a remarkable record for so limlted a group Happy Birthday Millers' The Mlller Club surprised the school when it broke the Celtlc monopoly and inaugurated its first year of existence at Carmel They certainly have established a bright future wlth such a large member ship In spite of a dearth of Sullivans in the Senlor class they were suf ficlently strong to place among Carmel s first six names The Sulllvans are very progresslve for a one year club and this concen tratlon of the1r members in underclass lS lI1dlC3tlVE of further progress The O Brlen students were able to form a name club this year for their speclal interests Realizing the advantage of their orgamza tion for the first time the members are 3W3,1tlI1g next years enroll ment results that they may again resume the1r O Brien friendships labs Ryan., 0 mmm' Smztla Sullzzan., 0 'Brzem f 75 ' 'C ' I l , . I ' 1 ' ' ' ' JW 'll one year old and one to grow on. Z er 0 . 0 1' ' . . IT. A a I I 1 . u 0 - James James ' 3' nd Kevin Y ' ,V gn 'mia . 1 9 ' , I q,x,, w. X ,ffl V If z 1 V' .01 I an tw, iq. r 3 V7 W 55 l : , .K 4 E , ,fgspg 3 5 .Q RUP I , Q N 4 S - lv , , i a 0 A QW V. W. j I , A-. mg , L A, 3 ar I 3 75 2 was jr Q! 9 'W' ' : '9 ?' Q' t. Q . ik ,-.A r 'H - 'F rf' - 'Q' 59 X I' . A 'J 1 , . . I' Q H .1 5 'iv of - G 1 I X1 I- Xia Swanzey -lOhI1 Lau "JIM" O'MAl.l.EY ls Mitheu Shannon tln order of appearancem Shortvu Jones. porter of hotel Owen Hickey Pa Swanlev. proprietor of iSXX'C1l"l7CY House" limmett Costello Charlev Dill, a railroad man John Rogers Hez Davis. a bootlegger Martin Lowery Vance Atkins Charles Haskins Bert Savage. a brakeman on the railroad Edward Sweeney Minerva Harper. a head waitress Robert Brvar Oscar. billing agent for local theatre Vfilliam Duffy "Chuck" Bradford. Jr. kvilliam H339 I,eo Knight James Oblallev llmma Shannon Nlickev Shannon Theresa Sutton Charles Bradford. Sr. Newt Iiddv. a country shvster Annie Todd liddie Allen Alice Allen A Quest liour Melody Boys Mr. Albee ,IB lr Robert Dwyer . James Nlalonev XVilliam I.eckner XVilliam Shanahan John Kelley John Iiigliulo Harry Sweeney fTom L Howard Beckstrom ill James McKillip Jake Victor Barbieri ,etc Norus Rvan Harold Petersen . wi Much credit must be given to Prater Kieran for his work as director of the play. Prater Kieran has unusual ability to transmit his ideas to the cast and to drew from them stores of untouched talent of which they were completely un- aware. To him must go the greater share of whatever honors the Dramatic Club receives. Another who deserves un- bounded thanks for his efforts is Father Angelus, faculty sponsor, who was the sustaining light in the many problems that confronted the club. The cast was selected strictly on a basis of ability, not seniority, a policy which contributed materially to the strength of each role. Although a few individuals stood out above the others. in general the cast was nicely balanced. The entire performance of "The Shan- ' 52.3 new ie., nons of Broadway" was marked by ex- cellence in general acting ability. The leads were carried by Jim O'Malley as Mickey Shannon and by Leo Knight as his wife. Jim. a dramatic veteran of three years. displayed that wealth of humor and snappy acting that stole the show for him last year. Leo Knight. making his stage debut at Carmel. left the mem- ory of his part impressed deeply on the minds of the audience for his all-around ability in handling the feminine lead. Bob Bryar as A'Minerva," the laugh-pro- voking waitress. gave one of the most interesting and individual performances of the show. Other leaders among the cast were Martin Lowery as I-lez. Owen Hickey as Shorty. John Rogers as Charley Dill. and Bob Dwyer as Tessie Sutton. Also the Four Melody Boys. mmcztic lub Beckstrom. McKillip, Ryan and Barbieri. furnished some outstanding music. A realization of the value of dramatics has been growing more pronounced at Mt. Carmel with each succeeding year. XVhile the individual will not be called upon to play a "balcony scene" every day of his life and he may never again actually participate in a stage production, experi- ence in high school dramatics is a valu- able training in personality and character. lt gives the youthful dramatist confi- dence. poise. individualism, adaptability. leadership, and training in speaking. Its virtues are almost countless. To further primary dramatics the Dramatic Club of Mt. Carmel aims to produce more than one playa year in future seasons. Cirad- ually it is approaching this goal through the co-operation of friends of the club. l.l2O KNIGHT 'ls Ernrnu Shannon G05 at-L.-Q, half-Jil ing: smwazfzrm., W . X..! AT HLET HE GENTLE hands of the Savior as He vvalleed the ancient hills of Palestine vvere ever extended t those who were in physical distress. The Christian warriors that rallied 'round the banner of Constantine are proof that His Church vvhile not deifying the body as did the Greeks and Romans. fully appreciated phy'sical fitness. The Knights of Xlalta. The Knights Tem- plar, militant religious orders, who met and defeated the Turks. trained for vvar by contests of physical prowess. deeds that displayed courage. skill, and chiv- alry. Europe of the Vliddle Ages with the approval and encouragement of the Vledieval Church was to boast of her pageants of athletic skill which offered diversion to squire, knight and freeman. ' e A terest ' athe ics o e Church of our own age is typified by the Catholic Youth Organization f is op Sheil. The "C. Y. Of as offered an outlet for physical energy that was hitherto denied The numer s C Y O centers are not only giving the Catholic youth of Chicago a means of wholesome bodily develop ment but are furnishing a spiritual training and an environment that is cer tain to develop the youth of today into the valued citizen of tomorrow Carmel too is wise in her program of athletic activities long has she recognized that only a few possess the ability to engage in inter school con tests thus intramural athletics have always been stressed each boy may receive the benehts a wisely directed physical educational program that will mold his character as vvell as develop his body A true son of Carmel enters the busi ness vvorld spiritually physically and mentally alert S -945 . .Q ,-I-YW Z Z! L M Wy EN? 5 'Nl 'I WRITHING halfback slrces through the l1ne a leaplng forward smks a basket Whlfe blur breasts the tape a splash1ng body churns a path to the nnrsh a hope less putt fmds the cup a dazzllng smash b1ICS the baselme leather thuds agarnst flesh a figure crashes beneath a body slam and once agarn Carmel emerges v1ctor1ous No branch of school act1v1ty w1ll more certamly brlng out the joyful splrrtedness of youth as w1ll athletlc compet1t1on or any type of physlcal expres s1on Carmel turns thrs effervescent fountaln 1nto channels where If w1ll be the most productlve and presents for the world s approval teams wh1ch have made rt admlred famed and feared The name Carmel has reached helghts where 1ts mere mentlon commands a slncere respect Its opponents know they can expect the best 1n iightlng Splflf ab1l1ty and sportsmansh1p But not all may be among those chosen few who are to represent Carmel 1n the actual confllct and what d1st1ngu1shes Carmel teams lS the loyal support they IGCGIVC from the student body Wh1ch throngs the cheerlng sectlon They support thelr team not as a burdensome duty but as a cher1shed pflVllCg6 The opposmg team meetmg a Carmel team combats not only the few on the Held but the entlre school The boy rn the stands shares rn Carmels v1ctor1es and bears the weight of her losses, l1ke a true sportsman he IS loyal in the hour of trrumph, and loyal 1n the hour of defeat Th1s section of the ORIFLAMME attempts to por tray the true sportsmansh1p of Carmel's athletes . sportsmansh1p that sends her teams forth fightmg clean and hard. fightmg to the last gun . sportsman sh1p that admlts no al1b1s 1n the moment of defeat . . sportsmansh1p that gloats over no fallen foe. . sports sh1p that IS characterlstlc of Catholxc gentlemen, char acter1st1c of true sons of Carmel. . . . . ...El . . 'co - . . . . . . . . Y , . 1 Y ' . Y 7 ' . . Y . . . . . . . , . . P-.Aff Q KWEAIE COACH OFSTIE AND REID 8 Football ELKHART After spendmg two weeks 1n trarmng at camp Carmel engaged 1n 1ts flrst practrce game meetmg Elkhart Hlgh at Elkhart Ind Under a bl1s termg fall sun Elkhart turned back Carmel and fmally sweated out a thrrteen to seven vxctory EROEBEL On the followlng Erlday playrng at Cuary Carmel engaged Eroebel Hlgh School The game revealed that Carmel had rmproved conslderably the team scored on a beaut1ful sxxty yard run by Joe Looney But Eroebel playlng smart football succeeded nn amassmg thlrteen pomts and m w1nn1ng the game thlrteen to s1x LOYOLA Carmel opened nts regular league season agalnst Loyola at therr stadlum The Brown and Whlte scored flrst when Looney went over early wlth the p1gsk1n Sackley was responslble for Loyola s only touchdown when he scored on a wrde end sweep The tense sltuatxon of the t1e score was relreved as Blller went over w1th Carmel s second touchdown The game ended wrth Carmel holdmg the brg end of a thrrteen to s1x score JOLIET In 1ts second league effort Carmel chalked up another v1ctory makmg Cathollc Hlgh of Jolret the v1ct1m Our frlends from down state were forced to watch Carmel score three tlmes Bell put across two touchdowns and Burgy credlted hlmself wrth the th1rd De Marco klcked a pomt to complete the total of nmeteen to the enemy s nothmg ST LEO The followmg week Mt Carmel and St Leo met at Soldxer s Eleld before 30 OOO spectators Eeelmg was qulte bltter and the game qulckly turned the first half but finally Brennan completed a pass to Cahill for a touchdown Cahlll converted the extra pomt Durmg the second half Carmel attempted many passes but vtere unable to connect for any real gams Bell xx as cut short of a touchdown after returmng a punt thrrty tvto yards In the final perlod another L1on attack was halted on the seven yard lme Throughout the second half Carmel was hard set to defend her goal and could not seem to get an attack of 1ts own goxng Desplte the team s vallant efforts Carmel eventually succumbed under a seven to nothmg JOE BFII 'ir N DUTCH GREVF into a flerce duel. Leo was repulsed several times during 7 I D 7 Y I . - 7 Y . 9 -1 L I .N Aff 'HL 1 -- -- 1 '- - fx ,Sir . kg . 'A xp V Season.: DE LA SALLE. On October 27th, Carmel encoun- tered De La Salle at White City. Three times the Car- mel line was called upon to withstand the charges of the enemy. On all three the front wall stubbornly held. Bell performed beautifully under the punts. Carmel had two scoring opportunities within the five- yard line, but were unable to put over a touchdown. The letdown of the Leo game and the loss of Burgy partly accounts for Carmels inability to score The final result was a scoreless tie DE PAUL The next Sunday the enemy was De Paul again at White City in a virtual lake On the opening kick off Bell carried the ball past midfield to begin Carmel s march In two plays Looney made a first down on De Paul s ten yard line Biller took the ball twice to the four yard line Looney then carried the ball over De Paul then counted on a 47 yard dash through right tackle and succeeded in converting l the second quarter Kearns scored again for De Paul when he splashed 62 yards through the mud for a touchdown Before the half De Paul added another counter as Kearns fumbled recovered reversed his field and went over in a spectacular play to end the scoring The final result was 19 6 ST RITA Pltted against St Rita on a muddy field Carmel completely outplayed their opponents ln a few minutes Greve intercepted a pass and ran 40 yards to a touchdown After two scoreless quarters Greve went over for a second tally Again in three tries from the five yard line Greve counted once more Greve starred for Mt Carmel throughout the game by his brilliant pass receiving and running The l8 to O score shows Carmel s superiority ST GEORGE Mt Carmel traveled to Evanston on Noi ember lOth to give their opponents a football lesson St George kicked off and the ball moved back and forth with George losing ground Joyce b'ocked a punt on the opposition s 10 yard line but Carmel was unable to capitalize on it In the second quarter Magnan went through center from the seven yard line to score Greve added six points in the thlrd quarter on a fake reverse Captain De Marco returned to action after three weeks on the bench due to injuries and helped to lead the team to a sweet l2 0 victory in the final game of the season YRANIK BILLER -1 if I-L CARNQ 86 o t ChllC os g ph 'VIC thyR NCII n k t fzglatwezglal Football This year the lightweight football team vsas under the guidance of a neyy coach Thomas Red Geary who yy as an outstand ing athlete during his days at Carmel. W fcel that he has done yery yy ell in his first year as coach of the lights. The team opened its season successfully by defeating Haryard High 13-6. The tradi- tional rival of the school. St. Leo. gave the team its first setback. The Lions were held scoreless in the first quarter. but in the remain- de of the game Leo scored its three touch- downs via the air. The final score was Leo- l9. Carmel-O. Next the Carmelites deci- sively' overcame De l-a Salle Z4-O. The fol- loyy ing team to fall under the powerful squad was Tilden conquered 20 14 Mt Carmel oy ervthelmed St Rita by a score of 25 0 The Carmelite school in Joliet Catholic High yn as next defeated in a night encounter by a score of 6-O. The yy indup game of the season yy as played with the team from Father uinn s Home for Working Boys. Carmel lost this final game Z4-7. The team elected no captain but chose one for each game. The season revealed a wealth of talent for future years among the backfield men. There were Bill Redmond. a wonderful ball playing full-back and Emil Zelewski and John McCallum, running and blocking half- backs. John XVeber. was a steady' leader at quarter-back . . . Bob McCarthy, and Maurice GQG Y' y H A O bo ne T O lly G d h O Brien speedy pass snatchers performed at the ends Myers and Gibson mountainous defensive men filled tackle positions Donoxan and Cahill shifted from backfield were hard lighting gixe and take guards The center position xx as filled by the capable Dick Stake During the course of the sea son the team lost the assistance of Emmit McGinnis xx ho xxas seriously in Jured. ln spite of a fevx disappointing defeats the team vxas successful both in play and in disclosing xaluable talent for Carmel s heavyvxeight squad of next year. Thomas f'Kea"' Qemy "Red Geary attended our own Mt. Carmel High School . . . a graduate of the class of 1930. xx ho xx on his major letters in football. track. and bas- ketball. ln his senior year he was captain of the track team and Chicago All Catholic quarter-back. After graduation be entered De Paul University xx here he played quarter-back on their undefeated Freshman team. ln his Sophomore year he made the xarsity and played the remaining time at quar- ter-back. As a man xx ho has been associated xxith the adxanced football technique for many years. he may xx ell be considered as fully capable of coaching the lightxveights. We wish to congratulate him on his success and wish him the best of luck with his future teams. emf weight Coach "Johnny" Jordan. new mentor of Carmel's basketball tcams came to Mt. Carmel from the Unixersity of Notre Dame xx here he xx as a star on the basketball team and its captain in his senlor year He establlshed an envlable reputatlon among the greats of Notre Dame as an athlete a sportsman and a leader Hrs out standlng personalrty has made hlm many frlends among all ulth xx hom he has had any contact Hrs first year at Carmel found hlm beset xx nth many dlfncultres and a dearth of experlenced talent He had to become acqualnted wlth the players and th1s took tlme and plenty of If Johnny d1d remarkably well 1n hrs first year as Carmel coach hrs team yt 1th a preponderance of freshmen had a good record he was lmmensely popular wrth the students ex erybody supported hmm and now that he knows hrs materlal he wlll turn out a team that Wlll uphold Carmel s tradltlons Johnny Jordan embarked upon hrs career as basketball coach at Carmel by undertaklng the task of roundlng 1nto shape an mex perrenced group of Carmelltes and attemptlng to make them 1nto a representat1ve team There were but a fevs veterans returnrng from last year Dutch Greve belng the only heavywelght letter man to return However Joe Bell the star of last year s lrghts found no more drfficulty rn matchlng the heavyweight opposrtlon than he had ln the llghtwelght d1v1s1on Q Robertson C Be J Kelly A lxrclx Imdhoff A Hernon J Creeu R C OAC H JOHNXH IORDAX 'Q N 4. , X ' , 7 Y ' ' ' ' AA YV m, . , . ' - . . . . 7. 7 . . Y. . . . . Y. V . . . . . . , . Y . As YY ' ' , . O . XVbcr..l. , . ll, . ', . , . Ives? , .J f EWW' Q Z .N ,S 5- . 4' - D V' L- l 4 . L 0 . at 4 , . - v y v . " , . . A A t A A Q K 6. I r ' r 88 I I 1 azsketball The team of 1939 36 although not measuring up to cham p1onsh1p standards certalnly possessed the true Carmel hghtxng sp1r1t Beyond a doubt lack of experlence constxtutes the only reason yy hy Carmel d1d not produce a champlonshlp team lntroducmg the famed Notre Dame system was the dlfflcult task Johnny had before hrm xt took tlme for h1s workers to become acqualnted xx 1th If But around Greye Bell and Kelly he bu1lt a smoothly operatrng machme The most excrtrng polnt of the season came vshen the heayles fimshed out m front of Jollet Cathollc I-llgh our Carmehte brethren from doyy nstate mn the flrst of thelr two meetlngs Commg from a seemingly hopeless trallmg posltlon at the half the team garnered a host of pomts to tle the score for an overtlme game In the extra perlod Carmel finally won the contest whxch left the vxlld chtermg sectlon daffy at the speed of the last few mmutes The team vyas led by Captam Dutch Greve a brllllant leader star defense man Joe Ford a new comer to the team vyas the smoothest ball handler on the floor Tony Kelly kept the croyyd on edge by h1s seemrngly rmposslble shots Joe Bell was the most yaluable member of the team flashy guard cleyer drxbbler and fleld general Three freshmen Hernon McCallum and Creeyy and yumor B111 Georgen played expertly and shovyed promlse as the stars of next year P XCII I' DNN HE Carmel lightweight basketball squad. a fast outfit. were fortunate in having as their coach Johnny Jordan. Johnny has had wide experience in every branch of basketball, and is thoroughly equipped with the requisites of a successful coach. He is a great leader, a hard worker, and an engaging personality. We are sure he will bring many Carmel teams down the victory trail. The highlight of the season was the vic- tory over De La Salle. As the La Salle's had beaten Rita who had in turn already beaten us, they confidently expected victory. When the Brown and White came up in the second half. overcame a ll to 3 handi- cap and finally xx on the game the gym ment wild The team was led by Captain Joe Tun ney the only veteran who played a stellar game at regular forward The other for wards were Coffey Butler Jones ONeill and Driscoll The regular guards Riordan and DeGuide were ably supported by Cor bett Ryan and uinlivan Georgen a junior and former bantamweight player proved to be a sensation at center The lights should be given credit for an excel lent showing if vse consider that most of the players had little or no experience on a major team Certainly a wealth of out standing talent was revealed for future campaigns ,Ugbtweigbb LIGHTS CARMEL I8 RITA 30 The Lights lost the first game of the season to a strong St. Rita live. The score was 19-7 at the half. St. Rita maintained this margin suc- cessfully. HEAVIES CARMEL ZZ RITA 21 In the opener Carmel came through on their own floor by taking the Ritans in a dazzling. fast, tight game. It was nip and tuck all the way. but the teamwork. flashing ability, and true Carmel spirit saved the day. After taking the lead in the Gnal moments, Carmel gave a clever exhibition of expert stalling. LIGHTS CARMEL 34 LEO 46 The ponies met their second unfortunate defeat at the hands of smart St Leo quintet Trailing at the half 25 l5 the Carmelites improved greatly when they went into action again DeGuide and Georgen began to connect for points but the Leoites proved too strong HEAVIES CARMEL 33 LEO 25 Waiting the chance to avenge its former de feats Carmel host to Ieo on their own floor gave the lion s tail a twist and sent him home nicely beaten LIGHTS CARMEL Z4 DE IA SALLE l9 Gaining experience and exhibiting beautiful teamwork Carmel s Lights showed that they had the stuff by taking down a confident De La Salle team in a spectacular battle Carmel had a slovx start and at the half trailed ll 3 However urged on by a wild crowd Georgen DeGuide and Butler sinking sensational shots led their team in a brilliant rally to win 24 I9 , , v . . . 7 V' . , v ' ' 1 . . . . V v . ' 1 V V V v . . . ' - Y ' 1 ' 1 1 A 1 1 I Y . . 7 , - . . 7 . . . . . 1 1 1 5 7 ' ' . 1 ,A ,, . 1 1 Y ' . - . 4 . I u c 2 .5 v istull I . F3 lines XX 2. Rcarilvn l Butler C 11 fi I 90 I Q a 1 Basketball HEAX IES CARXIEI 77 DE L-X S511 l E 34 The first defeat of the season Th Brown and XX h1te came out second best but they went down fightmg D La Salle flashed cleyer floorwork and accurate shooting They held a eomfortable lead during most of the gam LIGHTS CARNIEL 73 JO IET l The Lrghts won thelr second strarght game rn a well contested fray by defeatlng Catholic High The score after a one sxded half stood at 18 6 fayorrng Carmel In the last half Jolret launched a splurge which was ended opportunely by th gun The game ended Z3 17 HEAVIES CARNILI Z9 JO ILT 7 In a fierce oyertrme battle Carmel handed our rnals rn brown a defeat to take home It was a fat nerye wrackrng battle from start to finrsh but the superb playing of Greye Kelly and Bell txme and t1me agarn kept the team on an eyen LIGHT S CARVIEI la RIT A Z7 St Rrta defeated our ponres for the second time this season Therr Jrnx held firmly as they out paced Ca riel on St Rxta s floor Jones and u1n lryan starred rn splte o the contradicting score of 1 HEAVILS CARNILI Z4 RI I A 28 In Carmels first game iw iy from home the Rrtans ayenged their defemt of 1 few weeks be fore Wrtli a final burst they came on nn Ilie last few minutes to piss their opponents LIGHTS CARXIEI 31 LEO 41 In a rehearsing of the famous Carmel Leo feud the Brown and XX hrte aggr gatron enjoy ed no suc cess as the Lrons turned them back brusquely with a -+7 31 de eat HEAX IES CARNIEL Z8 LEO 30 The only time IH the whole season when the team could be accused of oyerconfidence Playrng on Ieos floor Carmel lersurely paced or trarled their opponents for practleally the ent1re game In the end Carmel w as forced to concede the game to the surprised Leo team LIGHTS CARNIEL 26 DE I A SALLE 29 De Ia Salle smartmg from one Carmel trxm ming was able to nose out the lights only by sheer determrnatlon The Blue and Gold had a margin of 18 10 at the half but the Carmelrtes led by Corbett and Butler whipped themselyes into a rally which fell just four points short HEAVIES C ARVIEL VZ DE LA SALI E 44 Carmel agarn met the champs from the rnstrtute and despxte a nne display of courage found the odds too heayy and bowed before the championship bound De La Salle team LIGHTS CARMEL 36 JOLIET 29 Carmel s final opponent was Cathol1c Hrgh of Joliet encountered down on their own floor For the second trme this season Carmel took them into camp qulte handrly HEAVIES CARMEI Z3 JOLIET 31 Irayellng dow n to Joliet the team lost 1tS hnal game of the season to a battling team from Cath olrc Hrgh Perhaps the loss of Joe Bell steadxest of all the players on the team was too much of a disrupting element for Carmel Run XX urnlnan J C ffey R Corbett X ONe1ll XV 1911 1 A 7:2 1 - 1. 1 1 - - ' - 1 Q 1'1 1 1 Q - ' - ' , Q! I , . . . , I 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 ' ' Q ' - 51 1 C 3 N Y 1 1 1 1 ,eg 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - fl , 33 I 3 Ib L. ' 1 1 1 1 r 1 - l- X , . . 53 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 . . . 11 1 - 1 1 1 , . . , , 1 I 1 1 i 7 ' 7 "1 1 - A - , . , A 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I1 I1 Q . - . - 1 - 1 1 ' 1 ' , . . gig n , I 1 1 Ti, ' 11 1 1 ' ' A 2 1 L 1 A 2 ' , 1 1 - . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 fi 5 w V1 l x 3 i ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1. 1 ' . pi 1 1 3 fl' 1 11, 1 ' M 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 i ij . . . , I ' E - I 1 x x 1 5 1 Y! 1 . 1 I ' 1 ' I If pace with their opponents. ' , . 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' ' , . 1.1 1 Y, - 1 1: A - . 1 1 1 iii 1 1 1 1 1 , , . . 11 r - 1 - If A 1 27- a. 1 - , . 7:1 I ' , ' ' 11 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 4 , 1 1 , 1 I3 I 11 1 ' 1 1 i 1 1 111 1, ' I 1 ' :1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 V 2: 51 -fa Ll ' eg- if "1 5. fa 9 f Q I -Q 0 . ll 1971 1' d7Qf6l77Z1,U6ZghL: 73asketbazll ATHER TIMOTHY has agam assumed the task of dexelop mg Carmel s pottntlal basketball stars But he dld not stop at merely CL1lIlX3IlI1g mater1al for the major teams 1-1 xx orked mcessantlw, to produce a team xx hlch dCC1S1Y ely don ned the St George unbeatables 31 19 a team xshlch sur mounted all obstacles undefeated bantamxxelght champs of the league Another notch for Father T1m The team fulfllled 1ts purpose of developmg underclassmen and also vuth three sophomores and sex en freshmen became the leadmg bantams of the c1ty But Vllfh players such as Kelly drlvmg at guard Clrfford flashlng rn the forvs ard court and lV1cGann play mg br1ll1antly under the basket the record IS not surprlsmg To afford equal experrence to all squads Father Trmothy employed an alternatmg system of substltutlon to dlscoy er all the talent whlch he xx as coachmg Wxth all these aggresslve players added to Carmel s major basketball teams she must be reckoned Vklfh durmg the next season s cage schedule In the first game they smothered Fenwlck 47 4 St Columbanus succumbed 25 3 St lVl1chael managed to get ten pomts to Car mel s 27 1n the St Leo game the Bantams allowed 24 pomts to the 1 lons but won by a ten pomt margm St Ignatmus vxent dovsn 37 17 In the outstandmg game of the season St George vxas forced to take a 24 19 defeat The Carmel1tes assured themselx es of a cham plonshlp by runnmg oxer Arrow A C 32 15 and St Ignatlus agam 17 10 It was a remarkable team both offensnely and defen slxely as xllustrated by a total of 253 pomts to thexr opponents 102 I wezgbb Qasketball ET THE FLIT Here come the flles The Flyyxelght basketball team yy as organ17ed for those really proficxent basketball artlsts xx ho before non had been deprxyed of team play by thexr hand1cap rn he1ght and xxelght The team has enjoy ed great success Th1s year the Flys completed the1r season xxlth fue yxms and three losses txxo of xyhlch setbacks yy ere the closest games on record They defeated Fenyy 1ck ln the season s opener by a score of 30 27 St Ignatlus frnally eked out a y1ctory oy er Carmel after two exhaust1ng oy ertxme perlods Score 26 23 St George xx as the y1ct1m of the thxrd game 16 I4 St Sabmas took a 30 13 trrmmmg In a return game St lgnatlus played another double oyertlme The west slders falled to lmpress eyen though they emerged vlctornous 31 30 Fenys 1ck vs as quleted agaxn 42 12 Carmel trounced Arrow A C 32 l8 In the final St Vllchael trrumphed 28 25 Lang returned to the squad as the only veteran and urth D Pyssler the other regular forvs ard kept the scorekeeper busy Anton at guard proyed to be a good floor man Ryan and Dvs yer took turns starrlng ln the backcourt McK1rchy and Bland alternated as ace centers Thrs orgamzatlon had the prnllege to enjoy the coachmg of Father Txmothy vt ho had a spectacular record as an athlete hlmself l-le hopes to produce llkely talent for Coach Jordan to use on h1s heayy and lrghtvxelght squads 93 '?s Z: nilbfv all Senzor Champs O Malley J Gibbons W Donnelly C Kenny J Kennedy W umm' Champs Quinn J lxoness XX OLeary B McGuin 'l 'Nl lntry nl Srou P Ja obmtyer C ntmmuml I-IIS year Carmel's intramural program has enjoyed wider success than ever in keeping with the increas- ing enrollment of the school. Much of this advance- ment has been a result of the efforts of the Dads' Club which sought in the interests of their sons to provide some form of athletics for everyone Boxing basketball and softball all receis ed enthusiastic support by the students The most notable success of this years intramural program was the huge boxing show consisting of sixty four bouts which decided the team to represent Carmel in inter scholastic meets The exhibition was well attended and the patrons received full value in blows blood and knock outs The basketball tourney was again a great success under the able handling of Mr Murphy A straight elimi nation method was used in preference to the old round robin system because it maintains greater interest in the contest The Rabbits uintuplets uints and Stooges emerged as the leaders of their respective years and as the winners of the gold medals E . y v Y I . , . f r y V . . - . . v 1 1 .. . , Q , Q , , W. I 1' ' 7' M. f. 'ef "Jw ' M A in 'P Q ,, X ' 2 x 'ev V .i i 11 I it ' . 'V ' 1 s X... -v I f 1 n - .1 ' V I . H . i ci ' '. l. c " . 1. A ' 'war' .-.A Sports With the coming of spring many a youthful soul was fired with the urge to slam a horsehide to parts unknown or to steal a base or two. Therefore the softball meet was organized. At no other time did it receive more enthusiastic response from the students. Prater Owen managed the games. which were played on the ball Held in Jackson Park. Though the teams are still in competition results will soon be decided. Handball, free throw, or tennis tournaments were not held this year due to adverse circumstances, but a return is promised for next year. Many of the boys urgently sought such competition. Each year excellent talent for the major school teams is revealed through the various intramural competitions. If for no other reason than this, intramurals would be a worthwhile venture. Altogether the season has had won- derful success and promises to be more interesting next year 350 4' 4' 5' Y: Wien Fresbmafu lmmps I.eoni. I.. Nagle. J. Keleher. D. Shultz. C Retondo, R. Gasperec. J. Hall, XV. 2 3' s- Q :si Fi FQ? gl L Q ft.: 2,5 lj f 4 13 E1 Ii. 4 La th I1-' A 1 I 3' a 5 5 s J' 22' f""C"'W"'R"3" "'lIit"fiT.:m 3 Sophomore Champs Gibbons E glLlmJS7Lk I Dt Simone C Dunne J , . 71 . ' , M. 1 5 .ar V- gg ' go- L . , gg 1 vi fn... V Ya 1 J . .p if xy 5' . 1 , i ' if Q' ' it .A .. 4' 5 'Z ' ' ' I :lv .... ,.- . :E as, 2: 4 . 1 , tr , if ' 'J FJ A as . ,D H . I t . ,MN N ., . ,T V . . 1 5.-M.r. i gp M at . W. , A fn, .inf . ,, 41t:,k"ig, 5' . kg Papsis. B, '.' "W-' ' "' 1 'F 5 . A 1' 16-fglfff rio fw fr' t i " ' ' - ' ' New r V -ue., 4 - , ' .f as lg? " . 11? EE ' 5. if .- M 96 oxing Wrestlin Plicrrv. J. 4Co.i K . night. l.. Coleman. li, Chan. R. Robinson. G Hcalhcrlv. XV. O'lNl.illcx'. .l. Xlcxcllis. .l, Ruskin I lormmlini 'Xl 'Xlorgm J C own fuller R Io lu R Robinson l XX hm 4 1 laguu R Hirln C OIIX l XOlIl1"lLlY'II'I1 X Cullouih D 'xxsllr Xdims R 1 r lt boxinv ronlinurs its ripid adx img at Carmrl ll ui not M long ulorr lk vsill by naming himpionship lrom Ihr pill. ol down smtp Hghtnrs us Cirmrl is undrr 1 Stiff lriinmq Srlndun n lvirilion lor ll Q lrns o I LO L mini i Nlurp x im 'X r -,rr Lou r Riu no gr it r Lomplinnnt thin that xx in 1 lk hours tnnisrlns gin in pounding out .1 irit an lI'l In Slllx Iwllrllillhfll X U llld IIPQAI IM I' pgrtorminri gl 4. Carmodv. R. Birge. XV. lolito. G. Burns. R, Mcrrion, J Rcid. J. Crepeau. O. McGinnis. E. 'Vl Hugh R Cahill C Moreno O lVlLGlynn L Burkhart J Aniol S Rutondo R Kemp ' Cahill J Boyd XX Rntondo J llliorr R linning. l XX alsh T rustling is brcoming mon popular .urs mar at Carmrl Fanning Rnd and lotito nturmd to rc inforu a Em snr of aspiring xoung grunt and groan artists Fanning was Llrctrd captain of thi bom Lrushgrs Bro Stanislaus Ihr mu goarh did .1 rom purnt job of uaching th. boys tluir mat Ltiqurtu Carmody Xlcl-Iugh Birgi Crrprau Nlrrrion and othrr adrpt joint spuialisrs hun midi quiu a namr for thur team Sinn only mo mrmbrrs an Slniors high hopus are su for mxt your 3 .w. ' ' - . . H , .I I ' . . . . .J. 3 'W I' ' I I A . . . lc . ,i XV, I . I I ll .-1 V -fi. ' ,, 5 - I I r . . . :I ' ,III ul., J. V I I ' Ill l. lf , 1. .I .' . II - I I- I I - I I I city-wide acclaim. lost ycar thc lcam won the State - ., , , - - , Nl ' 1 ' 4' ' . . i .' ' K 9 ' li i ' I I prq. . ' lc lci' ft I' its itlc. A 1 ' ' ' 1 l ' 1 - ' Q ' 'l'hc'.1'l' g ol' "Xl'lw". hj . l .l . 'IV y '- A . I V ' ' - A X I r ' Ui" " I C. C ' A ' . , , ' ' ,-' ' I II V, I , ' , . Ply-' l - . ' . .l.I' - ' l'i ' x ' 23 1 f f Track! QM' Tennis Anderson T Allen J Callahan Dougherty Freund 'X Gorney T Krebs N McHugh Meynck l lmdhoff A Greve H Klely J I ukcn Obarskl R ODea A G Olxeefe R Sommer R Cutue D Bendfelt I Eudently from the reports of Coach Vlrke O Connor wc can expect a hlgh calxber team to rep resent us on the cmder paths thrs year Dougherty vull return to soar to new herghts ua the pole yault Dutch Greye IS expected to topple sprmt records Anderson wrll compete m sey eral eyents whlle Red Luken IS gryen the job of Gllmg Bonmwcll s boots rn the mile Coach O Connor IS now busy shapmg a team for the season and whatever the outcome rt w1ll be a stlff battle with Carmel dolng her best Vlnller Bob Reynolds Bob Altenbach Joe Neale Wm Geddes XX m O Bnen Bob Hughes Joe I mdhoff A Usher J Sax re R Driscoll J Hrlgartncr D 'Vl Nellns Joe Q lxlets XX m Cueorgen V 'Vlurphy J cs As the golf season has not progressed much at the trme we go to press the team s accomplrshments must necessarlly remam unsung Wrth a team of smteen uc hope to see another plaque adornmg Carmel s wall as Johnny Jordan coach reports good results Bull Geddes IS the captam oy er a team wh1ch con tams a number of smooth underclass men We wlsh you loads of luck on that shot Barder J Barder P l uken He kler N lentl R l1I7gcrald D Last season under the dlrectron ot Prater Ralph the tennis team remamed undefeated and gamed a worthy reputatxon Thus year Luken and the two Barder brothers return Wrth promrsmg new can dldates Carmel hopes for a trophy to capture Con gratulatrons to the team for last seasons vxctorres and hrgh hopes for the future . . .l . is 5? 53 5? ed SL? - ' ' 53 , Q T is '. A Y - " . . . E ,, .1 E, fi: i 33 G' 3 ' , . . . cr' ,, , , , -x A gs F, , gi, , lj Eel . , F " 5:1 ,, 3 . , . m. 5 if - , , . ' A V , -5 . I. A ' ' Fl ii 25' Y. V 4.A - vu A I ' I . . . . 53 Y v ,V . 5, Y ' le ' ' ' . , ra - V Y - za J . . ig . if ' S X K,V,'Q,?,,kj, ,N sw-9 W' 1 I 3, '4 ,Q ,U If 5 f va . A X Av, 5. , aw-4 -53 if X M fjf ,ll J fi 7! .LI 005 ff- g 'I fl . WW-va-v A CFHHMELIT L sha L soItLnLd x thL brllllanc o t L sun laht so too thL sLr1ousnLss O 1IL1s oltLn mLlloxx Ld bx nh laug at r xx muh 1LLom'u1n1Ls If aus ru b1 Lr C ross ol Caolaalha xx as translornuj 1nto saLrL sxmuo or farxsxnn up 1 hx tu ax n mL hrs as L morn ough I L L1 Cl7I'lSIl LX Lr1LnLLd a rLa anguxsh ln LJ trla s 01 thL arLna x t t d1x1nL prom1sL ol xox LtLrna madL thls but a glon xx ax oi gamxng lastxng pLaLL and truL 1 p1nLss a t ntur LS ol urLhs XISILHLL thLr xus nu sa IMI ond not 1pprLL1atL an pr1Ll1LL 1hL lr UL ol LhLLrlu UL nonL Irom Salnt losLph to SJIDI I l'lLfLSL I l s f zlholl dOL1ll1 CJI'g'iI1ll'lll lswop Sljlll ha hroughn sunsh1nL xox l l1Ul.l'llLf In thousands oi xoul 1 1 hurts xxh1Lh xx LrL ox LI'SlLlLlOXS Ld hx sor roxx md dLpr1x muon Y oung souls ll.lXL l7LLH Hugh! to hopL to laugh and to prax morL s1nLLrLlx HL hws opLnLd Lo thLm nLxx xlsras of happxnLss that can L ound 1n thL 1xLs of all good cm 1Lns XVLrLB1shop ShL1l to haxL aLcom pl1shLd nothxng morL than to tLach fllLSL thousands LhL joy ot' xxholLsomL c LCYlvLllIlL'S'S, mc woud h1vL mLriLL high praisc. L, too, II Clxrmcl h1x'c our lig 1tLr momcnls. 'lhc Lllssroom Ends us as stumnls, hui mL corridors, thu Yym. c court x'1rL. and thL lrL1surL'd 1 o- 'nts L' cl L h f u. f rmml. 1L'1lhy humm hcin f.'. Curl X oL-s no I3I'OLlUCL somhrc. dull no - worms ..., ' L ns W vcr '1 , X ml LS mL-n . . . mLn who can lxugh and prux' . . ' '1 ' L. 'L' ' NL' nrms just S cbloicc ' H sunshinc l -"Nw 1 Q.. . ' - X7 x 0,52 Q '- f 'l' if rg EX? 'Q 4 - J G maxi CHOOL IS out The Halls of Carmel echo w1th the cry whereln rlngs the sp1r1t of freedom of youth Now 1S the tlme at wh1ch We appro pr1ately close the scholastlc sectlon of th1s ORIFLAMME and turn to the eXc1t1ng and always popular mformal srde of Mt Carmel One of the fmest means of recreatlon ever spon sored by the Carmehte Fathers was Camp Carmel an 1nv1t1ng retreat on the wooded shores of Hudson Lake Indlana Thxs camp Wh1Ch was kept open for the ent1re summer afforded the boys healthful sports wholesome food and the frlendly supervxslon and compan1onsh1p of those 1n charge For years Carmel has been noted among the c1ty s preparatory schools for ltS lmpresslve and l1vely socral gatherlngs These occasxons whether athletlc contests dances or plays have been especlally approved because of thelr presentatlon ln a truly Cathollc envlronment Informal get-togethers for the students are always supported by the full approval and co-operation of the Carmelite Fathers. Their policy is, and always has been, to deftly balance the scholastic and extra-cur- ricular activities of their students in such a way as to avoid the monotonous and hum-drum and to maintain a well-coordinated, interesting program. Another item, truly Carmelite in nature and in- terest, is the recent acquisition of St. Mary's Parish of Joliet, lll., by the Carmelite Qrder. This parish is now under the able direction of Rev. Matthew O'Neill. O. Carm., a beloved friend of all our graduates and faculty. In this section the ORIFLAMME has endeavored to present to its readers an intimate and friendly glimpse of the life at Carmel-the sunshine and the shadows, the gay laughter and sudden sorrow-scenes which, when summed up, reveal that Carmel is not merely a study factory but also a source of good example and inspiration. ew w l gg Y S. 'Q - N ix 'ki is 'XG ' u .. 5 I I, .,,.'I,R.i 3 D.,-'!'3"t,, I .4 Selbtem ber WEDNESDAY. 5th-A horde of three hundred fifty "Bennies." innocent lit- tle freshmen, eager to put their names on the dotted line. but they'll be sorry. Just wait. THURSDAY, 6th-Well, well. Who'd believe it. Despite all threats the haughty Seniors are back with us again. Wonders will not cease. MONDAY. lOth-Gee, is this school putting on the ritz. loudspeakers in every room. Didn't get much chance to look the place over due to the short ten-minute classes. TUESDAY, llth-Surely making up for lost time. School commenced with a "bang" today. Some of the meaner profs actually gave home-work. XVEDNESDAY, 12th-Wonder what's the big rush these days? Frosh are dashing here and there, and I'm always running into them in the halls. THURSDAY, 13th-Senior found guilty this A. M. of selling pass keys for the front door to late-coming freshies. Naughty, naughtyf Never thought a Senior's stoop to that. FRIDAY, 14th-Nearly had a casualty today due to waxed floors. A Sopho- more with upturned nose, slipped down a couple of flights of stairs, but fortunately alighted on his head and suffered no serious damage. THURSDAY, 24th - Beware, sonnief When those profs and the lVIother's Club get together, scandal flies thick and fast. THI CATHOLIC SCHOOL PRESS ASSOCIATION ffm QZIIZWZZ Nl L HO lk R X N IINH R F im noxoiz imiixo will Cflfbofic' is AXYARDED TO 'me ,I .' '.KI. sl'ltYlY f,17NI3l'IfTI.IJ HY TH' CAT LIL it IHIJ DI IRI' t A .UCIATIIJN AT THE A1ARQI'h'I"IiIf f I XIXIR IIN C II.I.lL I QPIO 'IU' NALI NI THI. Fl ST DA' OF II IIIIXIIHR IN 'I'III' YISAR I ND D 'l'lllR'I'Y- IYIE r I ,f . I Sq, v-D, I r, NA Lf 67' IDIRIC 'III I '11 '-'- '- Kaos. 'F'-S woo.. ctober SUNDAY. 5th-A swell start was made by Carmels team today in a lZ-6 vic- tory over Loyola in the opening league game. TUESDAY. 8th-Freshmen to View the facts of life today as portrayed by the Rey. Father Nlattlhewa in the three-day retreat commencing today. FRIDAY. llth - A swell "hop" was held this P. M. in the school gym, sponsored by the Monogram Club. SUNDAY. 13th-Defeated our distant neighbors from Joliet today in our second victory. "Tough League." WEDNESDAY. l6th-The first pep meeting of the year came about today. The very foundations of the gym shook with the cheers from the boys' lusty lungs. THURSDAY. l 7th - Another huge pep meeting in the gym attended by all past and present friends of Carmel. The meeting was followed by a gay parade in preparation for the coming Leo game. SUNDAY. 20th-Today the Leo milk- fed Lions defeated us 7-O in a close game at Soldier's Field. XVEDNESDAY. 23rd - Seniors voted today for class officers. and in a close count. Burgy, Palmer, De Marco and Bell won out. ,vs F ovem ber FRIDAY, lst-"All Saints' Day"- Freeday. Too bad they "havta" cele- brate "All Saints" on one measly day. SUNDAY, 3rd - Team minus their water wings lost to De Paul. 19-6. in the watery mud of White City. MONDAY. 4th-A retreat was begun today for the over worldly-wise "Sophs." SUNDAY. lOth - Back in champion- ship form. the boys whipped St. Rita, 13-O. MONDAY, l lth-Ahf the war is over. And so school has been delayed an- other day. TUESDAY, lZth-An ARMISTICE PROGRAM in the school. Notable work done by all participants. THURSDAY, 14th-A day of heart- aches and headaches--in other words, the quarterly exams. FRIDAY, 15th-Today a repetition of yesterday. SUNDAY, 17th-Exams forgotten and in the last league game the boys over- threw St. George, 12-O. SUNDAY, 24th-Traveled to South Bend and were downed by St. Heg wich, 12-6, at the great Notre Dame Stadium. XVEDNESDAY, 27th-The annual Homecoming Dance in the gym with Jimmy Millard and his boys Hswing- ing it." THURSDAY, 28th-Two guesses. Right the first time. Thanksgiving- the turkey was swell. ecember MONDAY. Znd-Boys anxiously awaiting the Athletic fund raffle which is to be held today. XVEDNESDAY. -4th-And there will be a parting of ways. Yes. it was double trouble today with the Novem- ber and quarterly marks falling due. FRIDAY. 6th-The basketball season swung into play today with a practice game against De Paul. XVEDNESDAY. 18th-The boys are occupying themselves these days with riddles: Will I get that present? . . . Fifty Bennies wrote Santa for machine guns. . .Watch out "profs" THURSDAY, 19th-"Coach" Jordan entered our team today in the St. George tournament and in the opening game we were defeated. Better luck next time. FRIDAY. 20th-A new feature in our annual Gaudiamus was introduced to- day in the form of an amateur contest. MA gong?" Why, yesf WEDNESDAY, 25th- "The staff Wishes all of you a very Merry Christ- mas" . . . red ties. . . gaudy shirts . . . all those presents doting aunts and cousins think the well-dressed male should wear. THURSDAY. 26th-Holiday Dance in the main Ballroom of the Medinah Club with music furnished by Emil Elindt. TUESDAY. 3lst-And the years roll 'round and 'round 'ASo long, M55. Hello. '36." amzmfy MONDAY. 6thw-Happy New Yearf Sort of late with the season's greet- ings, but the staff just can't afford the cost of cards and postage stamps this year. XVEDNESDAY. 8th-dThe father and son get-together was attended by a large gathering, probably due to the presence of the N. D. football stars. Shakespeare. Pilney. and Fromhart. TUESDAY. l4thf-"Music goes down and 'round' seems to be in the air at Carmel. THURSDAY. 16th-It's just too bad for the Reds these days with Prater Acquinas and his anti-communists tracking them down. FRIDAY, 17th-Not bad. XVe split the opening league games with Rita. the heavies winning and lights being de- feared. MONDAY. 20th-Last call for dra- matics. Come on you Gables! THURSDAY. Z3rd+I-lell froze today. Hell, Michigan. and with a drop of temperature to -19 , all schools closed. XVEDNESDAY, 29th-Do my eyes de- ceive me? No. it must be the exams. A student actually seen carrying books home. FRIDAY. 31st-1:30 at Mt. Carmel and the students are just emerging after the last of the exams. Many anxious faces, but the suspense will be lifted Monday. ebmmfy SATURDAY, lst 7 A gala mid-year dance held in the gym this evening was attended by a large gathering. XIDNDAY. 3rd?A number of Carmels less studious boys were given their "walking papers" today. A'Better luck. fellows." THURSDAY. 6thH"Notice that strange gleam in the Juniors' eyes to- day?" Dont be frightened, its only the effect of the retreat. and will fade in time. FRIDAY. 7th-Carmel made a swell comeback tonight in overcoming the undefeated Joliet team in an overtime. TUESDAY. llth-The halls of the school were filled with many freak sights today due to the antics of the newly initiated members of the Mono- gram Club. XVISDNIZSDAY. lZthe-"Early to bed and early to rise." Oh. nof Not on l-incoln's Birthdayf FRIDAY. l-lthewNly, but the Freshmen wore a disappointed look today. lt's probably due to the lack of a valentine box. MONDAY. l7th-A novel father and son meeting was held tonight. featur- ing a basketball game between the Duffy Florals and the K. C. All-Stars. XVEDNESDAY. 19th - A mammoth boxing show was held in the gym to- day in which 64 boys participated. Much good material was exhibited. XVEDNESDAY, 26th-Today was Ash XVednesday. and the boys certainly looked the occasion. lt appears there must be a nervous priest or two at Carmel. . .A 1, 'itz :ga z Y' I' A41 V a 4 n - , I B , ,.....u Y , . 4 K . - . l 4 H, n ' s F ,Q Q H A S Smvwn u4fl'lr1i1W W'- 1 u y. , IC- 'tic-F 8 ,.4.. ," ' ' p X x - '95 1 , ,K - s4-'JL sg--.Q -Z1 ,- . xg A 'K9':N.,,. 'if-wi A ., ,f ff' s. ' 1 Nu ,L .VX 1' 3 'R - mf, 'f' cg fy ,Q ., ,Y '11, , :ff N- " f ' " P' f' -A K U5 Q!! 4561320 3 Y . 1 'vv ' ... .."...' f - . - I V- . N 4 V I , Q. . - . 3 ,. . . ,Y 1 - I . ::U'7.. 1. .' 1 ur - . AD 1 1 . 'J A 1 . -x ,Z +-nu' 5 wk i Q, . Q . ' : A ' ' ' 1- . ,, ix , 1 ,':' ' 1 ' f 5 5 x ,. - . ' Qt N..x...Aw i , a x f X Q -. ff xxx g , , N I r ppt 'fi 55 if: ff' , I - LX . I 4 I ij! J .veal 'A' Q Y Q.-X k 'v , K Y I X ... ...., ....,,..,., -. p':u', . , ,I ,ML wtf: ,.. , -"I ,t ' I I U f 5 ig, - 9' 3 an -- r r. 1 , ,' ,V 1- 5 ,, -. 435. A W , 'M,.'1V ,., ,Q Q , n 'U' is ,r1.4"!'U 11 "' ff? f x K LLL! if JJ' 1 Ll x .1 K- 'T"'Y'! xg f S ., Q-I 5 . ' ,L 4 ' . of . A r 'V L. 2 , Hs 'fini Ji' 'L ' X '-"' T . 9 A5 Q F: 9, .5 6fW"' . ,, 5 13 Y , Q T N51 'IA' I J Y t .fl , -14 Q ,Q I ' Av '-"Q,-....1,'m N NN 1 . ,- rfw- - J ,. N ,. gk 2: K g In in J l .. . ' 'X 5 filiiil' Q 7 l M V K f QQ Sal, xx?" t i . 1 H . ' L' I' 1 5 K L51 , Y, . 'fr , ,I X All X- A' ,N Mfg' W' ,,r. 5 QH hm I ' j""""1nn-..-.4.-. - M N-1, .ff-.v'f" , ' ' 'wi f 1 "Wir . . 6 3 U 'Q Q' M A Q :J 5 1 V A M sa -Q ff A f , Q., ,Ed xr. s, V 0 I xl ax 1 x si . X A -,Q L, ,1 ' 3 C H K' sg, m M- Q. 342 fi' 'f Q f 5 .. 1 A 3 any 2 ,E 5 1 ' A Q k , ?f ? 'e f ' "' O fklft, J A - XA, ' , an L ' . Y I Y . s ' i. 5 A 5' 5 .QV uw! ' , 'ffl 1 v In N C S 4 ' v WW A 5-.G 'R Z, x Q 1 ' at 'F X A, Q ' 1 A 'fx K "iw 5 Q . ' R454 "N" K 1 L- L.. N., - h . . 4' 1 " - lv Q his 'I ,... 5 X 1 Xb! . L k 41 . , Wim Q ff! 5 'l ww WX "' ' as 'ku - X. -if ' 'fi s - is .kq Y , ' . x 4,- f"Y f If F' f ,gf gig-'gggy' X. RY RUNS the pen and the sand in the glass of time tells us that but a few short hours remain before the ORIPLAMME of Catholic Action becomes a reality . . . and so in these last remaining moments. we. the staff. must pause to express our appreciation and gratitude to all who have contributed to the making of this volume. which we fondly hope will uphold the success of the QRIFLAMMES of yesteryear. Primarily we express our sincerest thanks to the Carmelite Fathers. to whom the ORIPLAMME owes its birth. growth. and rapid ascent to its present position in the field of scholastic journalism. and to Father Andrew Weldon. O. Carm., the faculty director, who gratuitously bore the brunt of the hard work. organiz- ing of the staff. directing the work. the planning and important decisions. In particular, we wish to thank the four great com- mercial organizations outside the school, the Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Company, the Fred J. Ringley Company, the Root Studios, and S. K. Smith Co. for the invaluable assistance given by their rep- resentatives. Of the first we owe a deep vote of thanks to Mr. O. S. Barrett and Mr. Earl Valentin of the Pontiac organization for the pictorial perfection of this book. Due to their years of experience and whole- hearted co-operation of Mr. W. L. O'Brien, Mr. Roy Sanger, and Mr. Maurice Sanger. all members of the Ringley staff, we have a book that has no peer in typographical perfection. For the superb portrait photography we are deeply indebted to Mr. E. Samels. Mr. Roche. and Miss Stevens of the Root Studios. To Mr. Lubersky of S. K. Smith Q5 Company is due the credit for the artistic and beautiful cover. We wish to acknowledge the extreme courtesy of Max P. Kolin of the Photo Press Service who gave unstintingly of his time and of the photographs in his Hles of C. Y. O. activities. We are grateful to the Dads Club and Mothers Club for their enthusiastic aid in the promotion of the QRIFLAMME. aid which is given unflaggingly to all projects of Carmel. The support of the student body both morally and financially demands our deepest expression of appreciation. and yet their valuable co-operation is something which is given to all events and projects sponsored by Carmel. To our patrons. whose financial support made possible the successful publication of this year-book. we owe the debt of deep gratitude. And so with a last. sweeping flourish of the pen. we present to you the results of our final efforts. the ORIFLAMME of Catholic Action. The Very Rev. The Very Rev The Very Rev The Very Rev. The Carmelite Rt. Rev. Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rt. Rev. 'Patrons His Eminence George Cardinal Mundelein Most Rev. William O'Brien, D.D. Hilary J. Doswald, O. Carm. . Elias P. Magennis, O. Carm. . Lawrence C. Deither, O. Carm. ,mm-Z Basil A. Kahler, O. Carm. Fathers of Joliet WL ga Msgr. D. Byrnes q l Msgr. D. J. Dunne, D.D. f' Msgr. T. E. Egan Msgr. W. Foley Msgr. D. P. O'Brien Msgr. E. M. O'Brien Msgr. E. A. Purcell, D.D. Msgr. J. E. Ryan Msgr. T. V. Shannon, L.D. Very Rev. Msgr. W. J. Kinsella Very Rev. Msgr. P. F. Shrewbridge Rt. Rev. Rev. A. Baltutis Rev. J. W. Barrett Rev. J. T. Bennett Rev. T. Bonifas Rev. E. L. Byrnes Rev. U. Rev. D. Rev. A. Rev. R. Rev. D. Cavicchi Croke Della Vecchia DeNorus A. Diedrich Rev. J. P. Doran Rev. P. J. Eennessey Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev. Rev Rev Rev Rev Q T. P. Friel H. M. Priel W. J. Gorman L. Grudzinski M. Hanley J. D. Hishen E. D. Holloway E. Horvath J. H. Houlihan T. J. Hurley J. A. Job M. S. Kane Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev. Rev Rev J. J. Kearns J. L. Kearns E. S. Keough C. Kita J. M. Lange T. Langfort D. Lanigan J. M. Leddy A. Linkus J. L. Maiworm P. H. Matimore V. Moran :Q- Rev Rev Rev Rev. Rev Rev Rev Rev. Rev Rev Rev Rev. i. B '1"..?f--f. 9 N I F. O. McCarthy H. McGuire P. J. McGuire M. McKenna S. E. McMahon L. McNamara E. B. McNally G. Meade J. Morrison J. A. McMurray. M. J. Nealis M. J. O'Donnell, O. Carm. Rev. Rev. Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev. J. M. Schutte Rev. T. Sheridan Rev. J. Stuckel Rev. A. Terlecke Rev. J. Tort, C.M.F. Rev. H. S. Trainor Rev. B. Urba Rev. P. Vaitukaitis Rev. A. T. Valcicak 'Patrons Rev. J. A. Van Heertum, O. Pream. Rev. J. J. Wester Rev. J. P. Whalen Rev. F. M. Wojtalewicz The Religious Hospitalers of St. Joseph Dr. Robert S. Berghoff Dr. Ambrose C. Brown M. T. O'Neill, O. Carm. Dr O'Malley Dr Parker, D.D. Dr Paskauskas Dr Pausback, O. Carm. Dr E. Phelan Dr . Pugny Dr G. Quille Dr J. Quinn Dr F. Rice Dr Rogers Dr P. J. Scanlon Dr. Carl H. Christoph Fred M. Drennan William G. Epstein Willard G. Jeffries Milo E. Jeffries R. W. Kerwin Deno F. O'Connor O. P. Ludwig Matthew T. Smith Eugene Steffes Frank C. Val Dez T. F. Walsh -.1 Tatrons Hrs Excellency James M Curley overnor of Massachusetts hmv'i"CE,H, and an an O all 311 3I'1 an I' Vl Vl Vl VI 1' an an an an Vlrs E Be an an an an Vlrs Kata and lV and V and V and lV and V I' Mlss Georg Mr and lV Mlss Kathr and M and M Mr and M and M and M and M and M and lV Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Joseph Mrs Mlchael Ahern Vlrs LeroyW Alexander Vlrs GeorgeW Allen n C Allen ThomasM Anderson Andrew Amol E A Arzbecker Jean H Audet FS I'S I'S FS J A Bagwell Srdney Balaam JamesR Barrett Henry E Beckstrom C F Bendfelt AndrewP Ber1nger Albert R Bermer WalterC B1rge r1ne Blanchfleld Dan1elJ Bradley Otto Bremer W T Bresnehan Wllllam J Bryar M J Brzyckl A Buckley 13 F Buddendorff rs J W Bulger Bulger Albert L Burgy JosephG Burkhart Thomas P Byrne yfl 1'S EugeneH Cahlll J F Cahxll M J Callahan l.eoE Carlyle John VJ Carney FS I'S I'S I'S I'S Edward J Casey I I 5 l 1 I XX. Y , EG 4,,K vvlgkx 2 X ,7V,.- W ,,.,f ,t.V,.-.. ..Ya . . ,V 1 1 -Y vfsf f1'f-:wwf ,,.,A ,f'fg5:2ssf,9,agj1'2-222' C J C ,,,g,,, - ' 12 Q"'W". if A gl G ' 43,1 ?"1',',g'F,l Mr. . ' " ' .C fffilfi' Mr. d r . . 1 I ' -' Mr. J h . Q 1 f ' Mr. d l . . 'D M . d ,A . ' Mr. d r . . . :',, .F Mr. d r . . -l . A Mr. d Mrs. . . A ' Mr. d LVlrs. ' ' ,cv - - Mr. d Mrs. . J' ' " Mr. d Mrs. . r . . ll Mr. d Mrs. . . T Mr. d Mrs. . ' ff J ',, f Mr. d Nlrs. . ' I V Q Mr. d . ' J r . A e ,Q ' Mr. lrs. ' . U M . Jr lrs. g , Mr. r lrs. . . Mr. lrs. ' ' . Mr. r lrs. . . ' , Mr. . X Mr. rs. . ' Mr. rs. . Taira ns . ,,, ..,,..:-.g,.-.-... ...:,,..b.........-.......,... ..M....,..-.... .. Mrs. Mary A. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Clark Mr. John J. Claus Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. L. V. Cleary Timothy J. Coffey E. J. Coleman Harry D. Connor Mrs. E. Connors Mr. and Mrs. James J. Costello Mr. and Mrs. John J. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Costello Mrs. Leo Cummings Mrs. Frank L. Dean Mr. and Mrs. William T. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Deering Mr. James V. Demarco Mr. Joseph H. Dillon Mr. Michael Dolan Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Dougherty Mr. Fred E. Downey Mrs. C. J. Dwyer William M. Dwyer Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. Sim Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. John J. Egan Mrs. John M. Fanning Mrs. Frank J. Feeney Mrs. Joseph V. Fennessy on C. Fisk Mrs. George Fitzgerald Mrs. John A. Flanigan Mrs. F. H. Ford Mrs. S. Freedman Mrs. Robert A. French Mrs. Charles J. Fullam Mrs. James E. Furlong Mrs. F. J. Ciaugush Mrs. Mary M. Gavin Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ciecewicz W :.'1'Kif.1EH'?'7i! :WW3 T7 ti 'l'7'V5' H' " ' Q 1 vs. , . and . and . and . and . an Hen 311 Tatrons ., .,. ., . M. vg- . , . . , ,,,,. - an Mrs. John J. Geddes Mrs. Redmond P. Gibbons Mrs. W. Gill Mrs. J. J. Gilligan Mrs. William P. Gorman ry Greve Vlrs Josephl: Guerin Vlrs B Halper Vlrs M1chaelJ Hanley Mrs D J Hansen rs T N Haskins and Mrs Robert Hatton and Mrs John E Hayes and Mrs William G Heatherly and Mrs Clarence E Heckler rs Edward Hennessy r Erank J Hennessy rs AgnesH1rtre1ter and N Herman Holleb and N Erwin J Holstein and N Michael E Hughes and N William P Hurley and N John H Hurney L W Johlic 3.11 E111 21l'l 2lI1 HH ilfl JH all r and r and r and iss Eli an an an BH John J Johnston Prank J Kiernan Edward Kennedy John E Kennedy Erank P Kennedy rs Jane Kennedy Vrs J J Kennedy Vrs P J Kenny V se rs M VJ Kiely Kinney Leonard G Kolb CharlesE Krebs E Krull rs lniank H lilly 'Patrons Mr GeorgeE Leake Mrs Mar Le Bel Y and Mrs Frank J and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Chas E Lechner Lenkszus Joseph E Le Penske M J Lowery N H Luken Barth J Lynch Mrs Catherme T Lynch Mr and Mrs J Madrgan Mr and Mrs ThomasA Magurre rs L E MZHIOH and Mrs S S M3fClH13k and Mrs Howard H Marlow andN H B Martrn and N A H Mathern and N Henry J Mlller and1V J E Mlller and IV Roger Q M1118 and M John J Vloloney andlV W D Mooney and M Albert W Morgan 1ss AnnaM MOFFISOH afl 3I'1 21I'1 Tho an an an L an J an rs Mary B and M James and IV and M and M and IV and M Jas Mulllgan Arthur B Murphey Mlchael Murphy E McCah111 J P McCann T McCarty R F McConnell E J McCorm1ck J M McDonough McGee Patrlck McGoldr1ck McGowan T McGuan P P McGu1re W T McHugh Edward McNell1s Berthold Nothelsen 'gf E' 1' f ' l I 'Patrons MISSCS Kathryn and Theresa O Brlen and Mrs Wllllam J O Brren and Mrs George M O Dea and Mrs Andrew O Keefe Austm A O Malley and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Gerald O Ne1ll W1ll1am J O Rourke A Oswald DW1ghf O Palmer James H Petersen W Petersen Mlchael Prwowar Prank Podolskl John PUSZRICWICZ A P Ready Mrs AnnaM Regan and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harry J Joseph P Re1lly John S Relner M1chaelJ Reynolds S B Roblnson Roderlck F Rogers Mrs Charles Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mrs M Prank Ryan Mr and Mrs W1ll1am M Ryan Mrs T J Ryan Mr and Mrs John Ryan Mr and Mrs J Ryan 11161 WallaceA Rosenberger E Roth J A Rublno John F Russell rffwc' F""".s., 'I V+. 'I iff y B J if 5 fi Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. ' . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' df5"fQ I1 N Taztffons Mr and Mrs RobertJ Sayre Mr and Mrs Chas Schatz Mr and Mrs R F Schatzman Mrs AgnesC Schevers Mr and Mrs JohnF Shanley Mrs R J Shaughnessy and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Edward and Mrs and Mrs Frank C and Mrs Rlchard J Smnott GlennW Slade D F Smlth J Spears GodfreyW Stake GeorgeJ Stoecker JamesE Stott G Sweeney Harry E Sweeney John B Swxsk Szpajer Thomas TOblH Mrs Ehzabeth M Tunny and Mrs George L Twohxll and Mrs Stanxslaus Ufb3nOWSkl John A Usher and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Morgan Ward M J Weldon H J Whlte John P Wrltgen Mrs Franceslz Woods and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Rxchard J Wren Harry Wysmxerskr W. J Young R. J. Zeiler Bernard G ZIV 1 , I' - . elif RW-9 ' ' -. Fu v 'M F 93 Q r J ' '-ff':'- :af f':4-- L -1:.r1"-21441:-'wr 4"-ffm 3-isn11fvy.zggaQfsf,',g.1,,x..1-qg,r:ey,,.,,,T. ,,,,,5h,awwh,.V,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Taira ns W. E. Barnes' 85 Sons, Drugs 1377 E. 63rd Street Hyde Park 0353 Charles E. Bilger and Sons Funeral Directors 5203-5 Lake Park Avenue Cronin's Clever Cleaners 1374 West 79th Street Stewart 5343-5344 Dorchester Restaurant 1371 East 63rd Street Dorchester 2022 Eureka Restaurant 1449 East 63rd Street Always the Dependable General Insurance Agency 176 West Adams Street State 5500 Charles J Klees Golf Shop 1556 1558 East 64th Street Hyde Park 4797 Lenz and Sons Coal 350 West 59th Street Normal 4532 4533 Liberty Cleaners 5123 31 Lake Park Avenue Plaza 3600 Leo Link, Painting and Decorating 8245 Ellis Avenue Triangle 4344 Olsen and Ehann Jewelry Co. 209 S. State Street, 4th floor Harrison 1006 Pontiac Engraving Company 812 West Van Buren Street Haymarket 1000 The Ered J. Ringley Co. 621 Plymouth Court Harrison 1 184 Root Studios 185 North Wabash Avenue State 01 13 S K Smith Co 2857 North Western Avenue Armitage 3790 Ten O Eour Restaurant 1004 East 55th Street Midway 7262 The Best Laundry and Cleaning Co 4240 42 Indiana Avenue The Vim Sporting Goods 907 East 63rd Street -1 g Mutog albhs N.-f ..v tr, -:src f"' .Un fc?-Z" NH-' 5-1 rv , , Q W 5 l , I Q? , I Q52 Q V k 5 V , , r, if 13 if si. .JL lx LEX if ll iw pk RE' QE ,fx vq H5 If A-rf ,E il: ,,. W. lk: fp 1,- lt, TI :L 31 ill X, M . K, 1 4. if 52 j3,':,g"' ' ' A, I-Jlygw A , 1 V - ' - - -- - - f- V:-.-.v-Ly:-aw-11:2-L'1-wialt-www,-fn'-:-'.,.1f,:-zzwcll,mm-amrmtxfea.F:E:,.w.3!Qi.,:1:iz5.2EF1iz!E:1p.!c1:gr,si2:5,.f 1WY-g.1gigg.,-gpU,a"'f,' ,5f'3:'j5e,?3flXf1r',"?Qv?!'f?1?'?1,-,ff31mLg1:?sgWj,,ya',1.3 1.,Z,-fwgum-:gzfw-NL112.11:54533 g3.e4:: :.3 23512.-A,xL,4.L, -'31 k 1 +11 P11 34 Q'J"'W fi ,.. ilk 'z ". s.

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