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AAAAAA L A AAAAA A L A - -rw 'W ap A 3 , X Q r -fr, X.. Qu lv' X Fc 'X N 9' 1. ,z 4' A 013' 9 ' mmf W ,, "fs 9 Y ' ff 5' 49051152 Q I, xxligzg 5 -fg. 9'fQf': l X: J" rn ff, 1 i,-r N, X, xifx I W Nw,fP'.f3 3f' I ff f E l 1 x L' . u. fair . VMIYMN hqmnau I V . ,gg W-Qyil w-Q5 f 'T ' ff' wigifiifkwz-af:1 X 49' fy QF' W S if ff 'i'aN3i!xwf? n K - 519 ,Q ,, M' M" ' 2 K gif: Q, iw'-1 '1 i Tp f j' .g3.'l,3": Q .W ' 5 i 9"x I ,H - W 1 1! Qi. .x, K Jn vhegk C . pup, I 1 W W X s FJ! fx X L L 4.4 L L N. gps psf EVE ffm 'H I?IQE1f may Emi fm 4-H tim EU it f nninr Egg -LJ H-Ll' 'V' , Y. ,,'-',x44,:,.- . X -.,, . . 1 -, , ii, ,, Q v ..,, A, W Jfx -,Yi 'Ig 1-"' --. f, - . ,-1 THE QRIFLAMME QF CQ-QPERATIGN VQLUME TWELVE XR y- Ab ' X 1 PREFACE Pre-historic cave men chiseled upon the walls of their abodes the leg- endary tales of their united efforts in their struggle for existence . . . Early Egyptians in hieroglyphic characters inscribed pictorial records of the birth and growth of a highly unified civilization . . . The mighty ruins of the Greeks and Romans stand tragic monuments of the fall of world empires whose unity was destroyed by ruthless individualism . . . Patient monks laboriously penned, in their ponderous tomes, the stormy history of the gradual rise and co-ordination of the new Christianity builded upon the chaos of the ancient world . . . So we, in this, the ORIFLAMME of Co-operation, depict the lcaleide- scopic transformation of a widely divergent freshmen group into the unified senior class of '35. Co-operation - the theme of this, the l935 GHFLAMME, portrays the dom- inant spirit existing between faculty and student in the social, athletic, scholastic, and spiritual life at Car- mel. lt is this spirit of mutual co- operation which, by its sheer power, develops character, strength, and leadership in the group and in the individual. THE REVEREND SYLVESTER L. SNEE, O. Cczrm C Prior 2 i Q i ' 5 A 1' History's storied pages-of every age, of every nation, of every com- munity-portray an inspired leader, who binds to himself-by the ties of personality, sympathy, and under- standing-the group of his asso- ciates. Carrnel's leader is Father Theodore I. Hatton-an inspired leader- cheerful in disappointments- gen- erous to the deserving - resourceful in critical times-ambitious and zealous for Carmel's position in the religious and scholastic fields. ln l933, not-with-standing his com- parative youth, his abilities were so pre-eminent that he was the imme- diate choice of his superiors as principal of Carmel-a position of numerous responsibilities because of Carmel's diversified activities and unprecedented expansion - a posi- tion which accentuates the qualities he has, and with which he accom- plishes so much. Therefore, We, the Staff of the l935 OHFLAMME . . . in acknowledgment of his unusual achievements- in appreciation of his present en- deavors- with assured confidence that under his leadership, Carmel is entering a new era of development -dedicate this volume to-a valued teacher - a trusted leader - a beloved friend - Father Theodore. 4 'Q 1 .fi Q. f zxgg xq Twig wif' J ,fw-.,., nf"'4,..n M10 ff if it i d , gd W Temple of holiness - in reverence kneel student and priest to pray - following in adoration, Iesus to Calvary's Mount, beneath the cross each day - humble supplicants seeking strength and grace to meet the hardships of the way. gf.-f ii X qu ,gba ZIV' , fbtt Glorious halls of Carmel- place of learning under Mary's guiding hand monument to unseliish labors and lasting recognition to command - restricted not to these confines, but Carmel's fame rings 'out the land. 5445. 1 f i71g3N. 8 Ms 6 X S Sanctuary of Carrnel's faithful servants - here peace and unity abideg herein 'Waits a friendly handclasp, sage counsel, and advice, to help and guide our youth through sympathetic understanding o'er lite's troubled tide. ll 'S 14 MT CARMEL l-lrcrr Scrroor Some twenty e1ght hundred years ago a small group ot courageous men banded together on a mountam rn far oft Palestrne to dedrcate therr hves to the servrce ot God and ln the name of l-hs Mother to manlcmd Thus was the seed ot Carmel planted and through the years 1t grew and flounshed Through tryrng trmes the gu1d1ng hand ofthe Blessed V1rg1n protected and nurtured her chosen sons unt1l the day when the Order of Carmel matured 1nto one of the foremost rel1g1ous organ 1zat1ons 1n the World ln Mt Carmel I-hgh School these same Carmelltes have cont1nued the Work of Catholrc educatlon They have lnstructed boys 1n both the sp1r1tual and the matenal they THE VERY REVEREND LAWRENCE C DIETHER O Car Prov nc al D rector 04931211 13311 Aly . y M ' Q I I . .m. 1 N I' I 11.1 I... .. S d, T . T . 1 , l 'g f N -- -- l THE REVEREIND THEODORE 1 HATTON D 1 AD oqt fiix flu 1V1r CARMEL HIGH Sonoor have molded men w1th true Chrrstran character and ldeals Thrs they have accompltshed by brotherly counsel and exemplary conduct The 1dea of a Cathollc educatlonal 1nst1tut1on 1n Woodlawn was con cetved 1n 1902 and carrled out 1n the foundlng of St Cyr11 s College 1t be came evldent however rn 1924 that the school had outgrown 1ts old quarters necessltatlng an expan present Mt Carmel the name belng changed at that tlme 1n honor of Our Lady of Mt Carmel the spectal patroness of the school and of the Crder The old bu11d1ng 1S strll used for a chapel a prlest s refectory and a 11brary besldes accommodat1ng the Off1CGS of the L1ttle Flower SOC19tY 15 , . A o. Cfrm. I 1. I I u - I Princi Q- ol eics - I I- I N - I - 1 ' - s sion program which resulted in the T ' R . 1 1 A T . ' 1 '. C . ' . . . N 16 REV SYLVE TER l. SNEE VERY REV BASIL A KAHLER O C O C J Cl-lRYSOS'l'OMl ANDERSON REV SPIRIDION GRECI-I O C O C Ch pl REV. ANDREW l.. VVELDON, REV. MARTIN l. ODONNELL, O. Carm. O. Carm. ., , .. , D., O O 1 .J't,.Y fl EllQllSIl'FCC'.1.lY A131 - .ii Pastor of St. Clara O l tif amme MOUNT For location env1ronment cmd access1b1lty Mt Carmel 1S 1deally situated The school buildmq faces east on Dante Avenue at Sixty fourth Street On the north 1Sl1'19 Carmelite Monastery and on the south St Cyril s Parish Rectory To the south 1S a district almost eXclus1vely residential and yet a moment s Walk in a northerly d1rect1on will bring one to the shopping section of Woodlawn The Electrified Ill1no1s Central Suburban Service has a station within a block of the school and pro vides fast convenient service for the entire South Shore dis tr1ct as Well as tor South Chi caao Pullman Blue Island Gary East Chicago and Whiting The Chicago Sur lace Lines cars are also with 1n a block of the school offer ina transportation to and from all directions, the Elevated Lines, a scant two blocks from the school, reach practically every locality north and West The Chicago Motor Coach Company's route through lackson Park serves as still another means ot convey- ance. Thus We see that every facility is at hand for the sate and speedy transportation ot the student. CARMEL HIGH SCI-ICCL The school itself 1S housed in a spacious modern building lt is perfectly equipped with large well lighted and well ventilated class rooms excellent laboratories lecture halls a new gymnasium and an up to date swimming pool In connection with the Iatter two provisions have been made for lockers for Visiting as well as home teams The gymnasium contains all types of athletic equipment regular instruction in the use of which is given the stu dents for exercise and for the conditioning of the various teams Apart from the material side Mt Carmel has received the highest possible rating scholastically lt is accredited by the University of Illinois and the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges This affiliation carries with it the privilege of entry without examination to any University or College recognized by these organizations West Illinois Michigan Wisconsin Chicago Notre Dame Northwestern and many of the smaller colleges The certificate privilege Centrance upon recommendation of the facultyl is held with three large Eastern Universities namely Georgetown Dartmouth and Brown REV PATRICK MURRAY REV NORBERT G PIPER REV WILFRED A SMITH REV PHILIP R IRWIN CC OC OC OC Eglh Included in these affiliations are all the larger Universities in the Middle A . . Clfffl. A I . CIIIH. l I . . GFITLI I I - O Q O ' Latin Treasurer--Spanish n is I'IiSt I8 MOUNT CARMEL I-IIGI-I In order to marntam thrs accred1tat1on as well as the1r own h1gh standards of scholarshlp the Carmellte Fathers have outl1ned a str1ct course of study whlch 1S deslgned prlmarlly for the best lnterests of the student body Durrng the f1rst two years all the students are requlred to do practlcally the same work w1th the GXCGDIIOD of be1ng permltted the cholce of a language In th1rd year several electlves are offered and senlors have a st1ll greater cholce of subJects I-Irstory and Englrsh are requrred 1n fourth year but the student 1S offered h1s cholce of Chemlstry or Typewrttlng and of Latln Spanlsh CIVICS or Eco nomlcs Thrs method demands a un1form1ty that 1S for the good of all and yet allows a var1at1on surted to the development of each boys part1cular talents and desrres Grades are g1ven monthly 1n each subJect and are governed not only by the amount and quahty of work done but by the monthly examrnatrons whtch are a part of each course Semester marks are also glven whlch are deter mmed chrefly by the semester examrnatrons rn each subject I-Ionor cards are ment awards grven each month to students who carry an average of nrnety or more ln all subJects for that month Students who have a monthly average REV FRANK KRAUSE REV GILBERTI BURNS REV ALFRED A GILLIGAN O C O C O C Ch pl R I I I ' ' l I I I U l I I 1 I I I I ' ' I . I I I I 1 u I I I 1 . A I ' l I 1 . . I I ' ' I I 1 I I U I I I I I 1 1 1 ' . . . . . . 1 n l I I . . . . . 1 . . . . 1 . . I I - . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . , . arm. . arm. . arm. O O O a aiu History Civics-Prefect of eligion SCHOOL of nmety or more m a subJect and who pass the semester rellqton exammatlon wlth a grade of elghty f1ve or better are exempt from examlnatlon ln that subJect Thus the school demonstrates to the student a wllllnqness to recoqnlze and reward h1s best efforts To graduate and to recelve a dlploma the student must have slxteen credlts A credlt 1n a subJect lS obtarned by completlnq satlsfactortlv a course of th1rtve1aht weeks ftve perlods a week Bestdes the exemotlon prtvrleae men troned above an added tn centlve lS to be found rn the medals awarded to the boy REV AMBROSE F CASEY PEV RAYMOND D HUTTNER OC OC t t 1 ' I I ' ' ' U . arm.. I I - CNH- . . ' D, of Science Chemistry D f I-Iis1orY'A hleic D' l I . ' , 0 I . . . REV. DONALD E. COSTELLO, REV. IULIAN C. SLOBIG, O. Carm. O, Carrn. . ' Q ' ' ' R9qi51rqr7Spgni5h Prefect of Studies--English f I , , , 1 I PET- E ' I G I , REV, A V , ACC R HY, - I gym. O. Carm. Q O E' 'fx of Discipline' Lal: Phzfsid 3 ' ranktna hrahest scholasttcally ln the school and to those of hrqhest standmq rn each of thelr several class vears ln add1t1on aold medals are arven to those students who excel rn varrous subJects These awards are made at the Commencement Exerclse held at the close of the school year Smce the arm of the Carmellte Fathers lS to prepare the boy for problems whlch wrll con front htm ln later hfe relratous mstructlon and tramma play a most rmportant part m the currrculum H NRI D OODW N ARNOLD rt lf A T OC lex 20 REV CLAUDEI ENGEMANN REV BERTHOLD L MALONE O C O C O C Mth hl REV RALPH I M PARTLAND REV THOMAS STRASSER O C O C Rlg MOUNT The freshmen are grounded rn the essentrals of therr tarth and tts appl1cat1on to them selves The pr1nc1ple Whlch the good nuns have 1ncul cated rn them from therr earlrest days rn school are further explalned and en larged upon Second year students are grven a thorough course 1n Church llturgy Iunrors study Church hrstory and Senlors are taught Chrrs tran apologetlcs that they may be prepared to defend the1r tarth ln addrtlon to relrgtous rn tructlon there rs a detlnrtely planned sprrrtual system ot tratnrng Holy Mass lS cele Tuesday mornlng tor the Freshmen and Sophomores and on Thursday for the lunrors and Sen ors At er Mass a short rnstructron 1 grven on som po1nt of cu rent splrrtual rnterest to the students ln order to encour age treguent receptron ot the sacraments ot Penance and l-lolyCommun1on contesslons are heard all day each Frr day and an opportumty rs grven the boy to make use ot thrs durrng hrs study perrod . . ' ' s ' ' - I . arm. I h . arm., I I O O Science- 'Mathematics Prefect of Studies---Religion . 1 I I J. REV. ANGELUS I. OEORNE, REV. TIMOTHY E. MOORE, brated twice each Week On . arm. O. Ccrm. ' O O I Registrar- Latiw a ernatics-V-Asst. A1 etic Director I ' l . 1 4 ' - - I I3 ' e ' r- I - 1 . , c . , . arm. . arm. O O J ei ion Latin CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL The t1rst Fr1day of each month 1S general Communlon for the ent1re student body COHTGSSIOHS are heard the day before and prov1s1ons are made for the students breakfasts after Mass On Wednesday students are urged to attend the noon devot1ons ln honor of Our Lady ot Mt Carmel Durlnq October the Rosary lS sa1d every day at noon 1n the chapel and dur1nq Lent the Statlons ot the Cross are rec1ted each Fnday Once a Week the school pubhshes a RSl1Q'lOL1S Bulletm the ed1tor of Wh1ch 1S the sp1r1tual d1rector of the school The Bullet1n covers a w1de varlety of top1cs and serves as a constant rem1nder ot the obl1gat1ons and sp1r1tual dutles of a boy The annual underclass retreats are qlven by some member ot the Carmehte Order experlenced 1n the handhng of boys and Well versed 1n the problems of adolescence The Senlor Retreat lS q1ven by some natlonally known retreat master and lS a t1tt1nq chmax to tour years ot 1nstruct1on and tra1n1ng at Mt Carmel T J ALOY IUS BANDOLA FRA ER DAMIAN LIEBEP FFATER PASC A C 5-.ER O C O C Rlq -sash N-Q 21 ' 1 I . . . 1 I , . I I if. S S. , . T . , , L . E.f , O. Carm. . arm. . arm. O O O ei ion Latin Dean of Latin . i wg, .I ' 5 . I Aq gl' l + S Q A 4 . 1' L. I 1, I -1-A g 'uf . 1 . , ,nl N if W I 'lil' , 2 V 4' 22 MCUNT CARMEL l-llCfl-l Real1z1na that many of the appurtenances to a complete educat1on are not to be obta1ned from books alone the faculty has planned and inst1tuted an extra- curncular act1v1ty of such a Wlde scope that some phase Ol1l1S sure to appeal to every boy The ORIFLAMME the off1c1al school publ1cat1on has repeatedly Won state and nat1onalrecoan1t1on and has corne to represent the best 1n h1gh school Journaltsrn The staff of the CDRIFLAMME 1S plcked from the h1qher ranlanq Enaltsb students and 1l1S certa1nly a Just1t1able prtde enJoyed by the parents Whose son has by h1s ab1l1ty mented a place on the ORIFLAMME Staff The school l1brary otters excellent l1terary recreat1on tor the boy 1n h1s le1sure hours as Well as a conventent source for outs1de references FRAT R NEAL M OCONNOR FRATER REGIS A DONOHUE FRATER AQUINAS T COLGAN O C O C O C th Eqh f d 39' p 1 1 1 I I I ' , . . arm, , arrn. . arm.. I I I Latin M ematics- n l' Dean c Mo ern Lang q C I 1 1 y WT I , ' N... SCI-ICCL The Library, under excellent superv1s1on, has grown from a mere handful of books to eleven thousand reference volumes and three thousand books of f1ct1on A tra1ned l1brar1an 1S 1n constant attend ance The Student Councll 1S purely a student organ1zat1on whose members are chosen from among the leaders of each class to represent the Student body in 1ts relations Wllh the faculty Needless to say 1t lS an honor to rece1ve an ap po1ntment to th1s select group The two Literary and Debat 1ng Clubs are organ1zat1ons for the furtherance of readlng and elocut1on They also pro vide an opportunlty of soc1al The members of the Art Club ass1st greatly 1n arous1ng 1n terest in school affa1rs through the1r posters and slogans The Dramat1c Club lS com posed of those boys whose h1str1on1c talent and ab1l1ty to act have banded them to gether The1r annual presen tat1on 1S usually one of the highhghts of the school year FRATER REGINALD P MADREN FRATER FREDERIC T MANION 0 C O C th P bl FRATER FRANCIS P BLUM FHA TER STANI LAUS F BLANCHE O C O C , 0 ':..1"' FRATER HUBERT C M CARREN FRA ER KIERAN OHARA O C O C S i H t Y R 1 ' ' ' . arm. - Sfm- . . . I ' ' ' - Ma ematics Asst. Treasurer u ic Speaking ' 1 - 1 , . arm. . arm. . ' I Q . . . Latin Latin diversion for members. ' . in 1 ' J. L . c , T ' , . GHT1. - Crm- . I cence is or - eliqion I: FRATER CONRAD HALL FRATER VICTOR SCHWAR th FRATER HERMAN GOLOEIG FHATER MEL KENNEDY, O Carm O Carm I9 GC MGlh9mG 1CS SS fe GC O 1SC1 rRATER MAURICE E ANDERSON, FRATER IUSTIN OCONNELL, O Carm O Cczrm I O 24 J Enqhsh History MOUNT To those students who are gifted musically the band and orchestras provide an oppor tunity to pursue their avoca tion under the skillful guid 1'1'1L1S1C1CI1'1S Cognizant of the problems and tendencies of adoles cence the Carmelite Fathers have instituted a series of par ties and dances sponsored by the various organizations in the School Through these the boys are given an oppor tunity to learn social adiust ment These social events are conducted by the Seniors and luniors with some support from the lower classmen Mt. Carmel is a regular mem ber of the Chicago Catholic l-ligh School League, in which it enters teams in football CChampions l927, l93l, l932, l933 City Champions l927, l933D, basketball CChampions, Lightweight divison, l929, l93U, 19325, track, golt QCham pions l927, l928, l929, l93Ul, swimming and tennis fCham pions l93lD. a O. cum. ' O, cm. ' ance of thoroughly trained O I . . Science Ma ematics - . . . . . . Pit i'-At.PftfD"pl' ' CARMEL IIIGI-I SCHOOL Intramural sports are fostered and supervlsed so that every student may have a fa1r chance to part1c1pate 1n some form of athletlcs In addltlon to the requ- lar teams Whlch enter Cathollc League competltlon the faculty has recently revlved the plan of havlnq bantam and flywerqht teams ln football and basketball Whlch compete wlth s1m1lar teams from other schools Every effort 1S made to bulld a sound body 1n the qrowlng boy 1n fact Physlcal Culture 1S compulsory for all students unless excused for some val1d reason Valuable a1d 1S QIVGH the Carmelrte Fathers by the varrous parent teacher organ1zat1ons Whlch sponsor numerous and varled events Whlch are condu c1ve to the solutlon of the problem of co operatlon between school and home The oldest of these oraanrzatrons IS the Mothers Club 1ts purpose lS to acaualnt the mothers Wrth the problem of the teacher Whlch can be more readrly solved through mtelllaent co operatlon of school and home FRATER KENNETH MOORE FRATER LEOPOLD ZECH BROTHER PETER THOMAS VILLER O C O C th Ck 36 25 . . . . I , . I 1 I - . , . , . - . arm. I O. Carm. . arm. ' . ' Ma ematics---Asst. Prefect of D' 'pl' Prefect ler , al- ' , I M 26 MOUNT CARMEL l-llCfl-l The Dad s Club lS composed of those w1ll1ng fathers who have volunteered thelr unstlnted efforts to help the1r boys Back of th1s organ1zat1on 1S the de s1re to promote and encourage good fellowshlp to promote lnterest and par t1c1pat1on 1n all student GCl1V1lY and to co operate wlth the faculty 1n the fur therance of these lnterests Through the Dad s Club lntramural sports handball basketball free throw tournaments sw1mm1ng and boxlng have become a customary phase 1n extra curr1cular l1fe at Carmel The stu dents look for and fmd real pals rn thelr dads The newest parent orgamzatlon comprlses those favored and pr1v1leged women whose sons wear the brown hab1t of the Carmel1tes erther as stu dents at Nlagara or as Brothers Fratres or Prlests The Oueen of Carmel Auxlllary and 1ts act1v1t1es extend throughout all of Carmelrte Amerlca lendlng a helpful hand by assemblmg and embro1der1ng the vestments pre scrlbed for the celebratlon of Mass and Benedlctlon by glvmg soclals to ard the Order materlally and by that lntanglble sp1r1t of encouragement and cheerfulness whlch only Mothers can 1nc1te 1n thelr sons BROTHER IOHN COUGHLIN BROTHER ALOYSIUS DERUNTZ O C O C C k I I I I . . . . . . . . - . - . ' - 1 . . . . . . . , . . - - ' 1 I I l 1 I o e o . . . I I - I 0 0 l . - . - . - . . . . . . . . . . . . I - . . 1 1 1 - . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . I . - . . . . . . . . . . arm. . arm. Bookroom ler Secretary SCHOOL Thus the manlfold and d1ver g e nt requlrements of the modern educatlonal 1nst1tu t1on as have been enumer ated as the precedlng pages are all present 111 Mount Car mel Nothlng benef1c1al to a Well balanced and full stu dent l1fe has been omltted At Carmel a boy fmds every opportun1ty fo r developmq h1s body and soul as Well as m1nd A sound m1nd 1n a sound body Soc1al l1fe 1S offered that the student may attaln a f1n1shed polse and natural exactness so neces sary 1n the successful man of the World I-hs sp1r1tual l1fe 1dly tralned that he mlght hve ln str1ct accordance and har mony Wlth h1s Falth and ac t1vely promote and defend 1t ln thls pagan World Thus by every means made avallable by the latest edu catlonal methods and by the brotherly earnestness set forth by the Carmehte Fathers he lS fully prepared for uprlqht manhood and Amerlcan c1t lzenshlp devoted to h1s home loyal to h1s country and true to h1s God MR MICHAEL MURPHY MR MICHAEL OCONNOR A B Y Phy k Co MR GERALD ONEILL B Egh MR ERNEST CIROU MR VICTOR MARTZEL PhB A Qhvp Eqh MR LOUIS FREE M B th f r MR MATTHEW WILLIAMS MR HAROLD OF TIE th B L 27 - P. E. . . l I . . - Ph sical Dire I 'Cs..TmC ugh 1 ' A. ., I. D. I I . , n Iis l ll I I u . . . ' . . . B. . . . . . . ' E 1' -T ewrilinq n Iis lS carefully gulded and ng- A SC O ' ' - Ma ematics f 1- N 1 W . I f QQ f ' ' . , . S , ' ' Ed. ., .B. ' O . . . . Q MG emmiCs,EC - Footballe-Basketball C h ' N0 " X5 Men of Carmel Derma mseparably by tres of umly msp red y Carmel le from you mu t come Carmel S alory and lame lraartierrswled lay her brown-rabed lriarsestrivina to fulfill her highest if ealsee - , r ' 'S ' . l S X LCWLY but surely the end ot the trail wends its way into sight and dreams of diplomas and caps and gowns become realities ln our retlec tions of the last four years these real ities take on a rather grim appear ance Our daily class schedule at Carmel will be but a routine ot the past No more will we hear the calls of classmates echoing in the halls and the classrooms will become but The four years Just completed at our Alma Mater will undoubtedly never be exceeded in their happiness during the future years ot our lives Within the portals of the school we have met and worked with our fellow classmates and our friendships have become a binding force never to be broken in the struggle that lies before us We feel confident that no matter how long the distance lying between us and our old friends ot Mt Carmel there will always exist in our hearts a love and memory of the days we spent with them and a yearning for the day when we might again meet to talk over old times In recalling our prep school days we will remember every event scholas tic athletic or social that occurred during our period at Carmel all ot the achievements made by our class from Freshman to Senior year ln order that others less familiar with Carmel may acquaint themselves with our achievements and thus appreciate our sentiments toward her we have here set down a history ot the attain ments of the class ot 35 T E X N lefffc .," ' ff f y L I I if ff I I X 22 y r i memories. I , 'Q TOI-IN PIETRASZEWSKI Treasurer IAMES HAMILTON Secretary IOI-IN E. WALSH President ROBERT BREEN ' Vice-President CLASS GF 1935 WC cficfnller-'Q I-HUD'-".I.' '-41 l932 CARMEL S NEW RECRUITS High School' Strange scenes strange faces Everything new to us We lost ourselves in the whirl of a new existence But as time passed we began to know and enioy this new life the strange scenes and faces became familiar the spirit of the school grasped us for we became students Carmel students and as such we entered whole heartedly into the extra curricu lar activities which surrounded us We placed six men on the unbeaten lightweight football sauad the heavyweight basket ball team took two four men made the swimming team two Freshmen won berths on the track team the Band took the greatest number fourteen one man played in the Orchestra l933 ABSORBING THE SPIRIT OE CARMEL Back again' A little older a little wiser We renewed old acquaintances and made some new ones We swung right into school activities for we already had the Carmel Spirit of cooperation So inspired we entered more into the life of the school Some of us even ventured a dance or two e also came to realize to a greater extent the value of our studies More effort put into our work better marks the result placed five men on the heavyweight football team Catholic Champs for the second consecutive year The lightweight sguad took twenty one Sophomores Four men won places on the heavyweight basketball team The lightweights another Championship outfit us d three Eleven men saw service with the track team Nine men were on the swimming team WreStl11'1q and bOX1HCJ DSW SDOITS at Carmel took five each and tennis three Ten Sophomores played with the band and two with the orchestra l934 GROUNDED IN CARMELS IDEALS lunior year The class of 35 settled down to the task of making Carmel history Eleven of our class were accepted on the heavyweight football squad four of whom proved quite essen tial to Carmel s grid history and another City Championship We took the maiority of the honors in lightweight football supplied thirteen players including the captain of the unde feated team Though we won no championships in basketball our teams had an unusually interesting season four from each team were third year men . one captain of the lightweights Three Iuniors won maior monoqrams as members of successful track team To manifest our enthusiasm in other minor sports . . . fifteen of our class were awarded minor letters for accomplish ments in boxing, wrestling, and swimming . . . Seven, as mem bers of the Senior Literary arid Debating Society, assisted in bringing oratorical honors to the eeheel , , , We plqeed six in the cast of the unforgetable comedy, "Depend en Me," Offered by the Dramatic Club . The band, so much in evidence at all Carmel functions, claimed ten of our number . . . Two played in the Classical Orchestra . . . And, to climax our previous achievements, we made a complete success of our debut, as a class, into social life . . . the annual Iunior Prom. S athletic life of our school was. not neglected . . . Q . . R l935 THE CLASS OF CO OPERATION And now we are Seniors The final curve has been rounded and we come thundering glorrously down the home stretch strain mg eagerly toward the prized goal Graduation As the year draws to a close we pause momentarily to review our outstanding accomplishments as Seniors A committee of eight Seniors made arrangements for the annual Homecoming Dance Music was supplied by the Oriole Serenaders and the place our gayly decorated gymnasium Although we did not attain a cham pionship rn football the season was played through to the end with that same Carmel spirit that has brought us forth victoriously in past seasons The maiority of the twenty Seniors who were members of the Sguad played regularly and proved themselves men worthy to wear the Brown and White of Carmel The Christmas vacation was celebrated in true Carmel fashion with the annual Holiday Dance held in the Gold Boom of the Congress ln Basketball we had two of the best teams in Carmel s his tory Six members of the Lightweight team were Seniors and nine of the Heavyweight players including the Captain of the team were members of the 35 Class For the first time in the history of its existence the Band sponsored a dance the music by Art Goldsmith s Orchestra place the gym Twelve members of the Band were Seniors The annual dance held in honor of St Patricks Day was sponsored by the Mission Club of which seven members are Seniors The gymnasium was decorated in true St Patrick s Day fashion and the popular strains of Karl Parker s Orchestra lent the final successful touch to the affair ln its twelfth annual production the Dramatic Club far excelled its past performances Nora Nobody was supported by an excel lent cast six of which were Seniors while seven others assisted as members of the managerial staff Our School Orchestra includ ing two Seniors added a rhythmic background Among their regular activities Mt Carmel has just this year extended her routine by actively entering the Cisca organization and by holding weekly socials to which the Catholic High School girls are invited The Senior Literary Society has again upheld its former honors as one of Carmel s oldest and most successful organiza tions Twenty five of its members were Seniors Track Wrestling Boxing Golf and Tennis were some of the minor sports in which the Senior class actively participated The climaxing event of the year of course was the Senior Prom which was held in the main ballroom of the Medinah Athletic Club to the enchant ing rhythm of Carlton Kelsey's Orchestra These accomplish ments here recorded provide a fitting climax for the four years spent by the Class of "35" at Carmel . By our successful endeavors and the many friendships which we have formed with both Faculty and fellow students We will long be remembered at Carmel . . . We, ourselves, will recall those cherished memo ries and inspiring scenes and from them draw encouragement in our divergent walks of life. 33 p a 1, y Q y -, T T 3 A I I I I r .y,r gs y M T I I '.. I 0 -Y Bti Adams, L. FY, USS, 34 F. 1 E. V. C L A S S C F 1 9 3 5 4 W H ADAMS LBC E. "Ad" St. Laurence. Football Heavies 4. Basketball Heavies 4. Intramural Basketball Champions 3. ALBADE, WELLS T. "Rusty" St. Philip Neri. Senior Literary Club 4. Intramural Basketball l Handball 2, 3. Swimming 2. ANIOL, IOSEPH "Ioe" St. Florian School ANTON RICHARD "Dick" St. Bernard. Bantamweight Basketball 3. Flyweight Basketball 3 BECKSTROM FRANCIS H. "Bud" St. Sabina. Band l, 2, 3, 4. Popular Orchestra 4. Band President 4. Midyear Dance Committee 4 BENEDICT, IOHN T. "Iack" Entered from University High 2. Oriflamme Staff 4. Golf 4 BENZ, IOSEPH L. "Radio Ioe" St. Bride's. Oriflamme Staff 4 BLOOM, FRANK "Watson" St. Philip Neri. Band l, 2, 3. Student Council 3. Intramural Bas ketball 3. Senior Literary Club 4. BOFFEY, FRANK "Stix" St. Columbanus. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. BONNIWELL, IOHN "lack" Our Lady of Peace. Track l, 2, 3, 4. Swimming 2. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. Senior Literary Club 4. Debating Team 4. Cisca Delegate 4. BORDA, HENRY "Heine" Our Lady of Peace. Senior Literary Club 4. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. BREEN, ROBERT "Bus" St. Philip Neri. Monogram Club 1. Class Vice-President 3, 4. Bowl- ing 3. Golf 4. Track 4. Senior Literary and Debating Club 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. I. S. H. P. A. Delegate 4. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Senior Prom Dance Committee 4. Iunior Prom Committee 3. r E Bl om, F. ITIO dy, R. E. way, P. L. Crott BRENNAN, FRANCIS "Dick" St. Laurence. Boxing Squad 3, 4. BRYAN, ROBERT G. "Bob" St. Bride's. Oriflamme Staff 4. BRYANT, THOMAS "Tom" St. Clara. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Literary Club 3. CARMODY, ROBERT E. "Bob" St. Clotildes. Lightweight Football 1. Heavyweight Football 2. Monogram Club I, 2, 3, 4. Oriflamme Staff 4. Student Council 3, 4. Golf 3, 4. Cisca Dele- gate 4. Boxing 2. CARUSO, SALVATORE V. "Sal" St. Theodore. Track l, 3, 4. Mission Representative l, 2, 3. Cisca Delegate 4. CERNOSIA, LESTER "Les" Holy Cross. CHARLEY, THOMAS "Chuck" St. Clotilde. Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. Lightweight Foot- ball l, 2. Heavyweight Football 4. Wrestling 3. CLANCY, IOHN V. "Bone Crusher" St. Thomas the Apostle. Wrestling 3, 4. Captain 4. Monogram Club 4. CLARKE, FRANCIS X. "Frank" Our Lady of Peace. Lightweight Football 2. Heavyweight Football 3. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. Holiday Dance Committee 4. Student Council 3. Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Dramatic Club-Cast: "Nora Nobody" 4. COLE, IAMES I. "Iim" St. Dorothy. Track I, 2, 3, 4. Captain 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Lightweight Football 2. Bowling 3. Swimming l, 2. Wrestling 2. Intramural Basketball Champs 3, 4. Dramatic Club Assistant State Manager- "Silas the Chore Boy" 2. Stage Manager-"Depend on Me." CONNERS, EUGENE "Gene" St. Philip Neri. Track I, 2. Debating Club 3. CONWAY, PETER L. "Pete" Our Lady ot Peace. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. Cast "Nora No- body" 4. Property Manager "Depend on Me" 3. Cast "Floradora Sextet" 2. Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2. Swimming l, 2. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Secretary 4. Oriflamme Staff 4. Debat- ing Team 4. President Cisca Delegation 4. Glee Club 2. Cheerleader 4. CROTTY, IOHN D. "Turk" St. Nicholas. Swimming l. Wrestling 2, 3. Boxing 3, 4. Track 4. Football Lights l, 2, 3. Heavyweight Football 4. Dramatic Club 4. Cast "Nora Nobody." Senior Literary Club 4. CROWLEY, IOHN T. "Toots" Holy Cross. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Literary Club 3, 4. Heavyweight Football 3. CULLINAN, KENNETH I. "Alice" St. Philip Neri. Glee Club 2. Intramural Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2. CZAROBSKI, EDWARD "Ed" Entered from St. Bonaventure Seminary 3. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. DAVIS, BERNARD T. "Barney" St. Patrick. Mission Representative I, 3. DECKER, IOHN G. "Deck" St. Lawrence. Handball Champion 2. Glee Club 2. Art Club I, 2. DESMOND, TIMOTHY I. "Tim" St. Felicitas. Swimming 2, 3. Oritlamme Staff 4. y, I. D. Crowley, I. T. Cullinan, K. I. Czarobski, E. Davis, B. T. Decker, I. G. o DILLON, PAUL I. St. Columbanus. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Handball Finalist 3. DILLON, RICHARD S. "Shadow" St. Bride's. Swimming 3. DOCKERY, IOSEPH "Doc" St. Columbanus. Heavyweight Football 4. Intramural Basketball I. Lightweight Football 3. Monogram Club 3, 4. 'Heavyweight Basketball 4. DORGAN, IOSEPH H. "Nibes" Henry Clay. Art Club 4. DOUGHERTY, NEIL I. "Bud" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basketball 1, 2. DOYLE, PETER. "Pete" Our Lady ot Peace. DU CHARME, PAUL "Duke" St. Bernard's. Lightweight Basketball 2, 3. Captain 3. Heavy- weight Basketball 3, 4. Football 4. Track 3. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. DUGGAN, WILLIAM M. "Red" Entered from Calumet High 2. Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Swimming 2, 3, 4. DUNNE, IOSEPH "Ioe" Entered from Niagara 4. Mission Club 4. Wrestling 4. Cisca Dele- gate 4. EGAN, IOSEPH "Ioe" St. Dorothy's Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Lightweight Football 2. Wrestling Team 3, 4. Senior Literary Club 3. Bowling Team 3. Monogram Club 3, 4. ENRIGHT, THOMAS M. "Tom" St. Basil's. Oritlamme Staff 4. LiterarY Club 4. EPHGRAVE, CHARLES "Charlie" St. Philip Neri. Lightweight Football 2. ERWIN, WILLIAM "Butz" St. Ioachim. ETTELSON, RAYMOND I. "Ray" St. Philip Neri. Oritlamme Staff 4. Mission Club 4. FARLEY, HUGH "Bud" Entered from St. Anthony's 4. Orchestra 4. FEENEY, FRANCIS I. "Frank" St. Margaret's. Class Treasurer 1, Z, 3. Iunior Prom Committee 3. Student Council 3. FISHER, HENRY T. "Hank" Holy Cross. Iunior Prom Committee 3. Dramatic Club Manager "Depend on Me" 3. "Nora Nobody" 4. President Mission Club 4. Oriflamme Business Man- ager 4. Track 2, 3. Bowling Team 3. Class Secretary 3. Senior Literary Club 4. Cisca Dele- gate 4. Cheerleader 3. Intramural Basketball Champions 3, 4. FLANNIGAN, WILLIAM "Bill" Holy Angels. FOY, IAMES T. "lim" Visitation. Track l. Art Club l. GALLAGHER, IOI-IN C. "lack" Our Lady of Peace. Swimming l. Track l, 3, 4. Senior Lit- erary Club 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Oritlamme Stati 4. Intramural Basketball l, 2. GALLAGHER, WILLIAM "Gaga" St. Sabina. Band l, 2. Lightweight Football 3. Popular Orchestra l, 2, 3. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. GATES, WILLIAM "Bill" Holy Rosary. Lightweight Football I, 2, 3. GIESLER, VINCENT "Vinnie" St. Clara's. Football l. Monogram Club l. Heavyweight Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Swimming 3. Duggan, W eney, F. Gilbert, C. Dll P I Dillon, R. S. Dcckery, I Dorgazi, I. H. Dougherty, N. I. Doyle, P. Du Cfzcrme CILBEBT CHARLES rarl y Sts Pet r and Paul Classi al Orchestra 4 Concert Nflast r 4 Cs or D legate 4 OILBEBTSON VALE L Gil St Nicholas VV st r 5 3 4 Oritla me Stall 4 Monograio Club 3 4 Senior Literary Club 4 GLAVIN WILLIAM I-I Slapshoes St Marys Hoosier Clubl 2 3 Swimming Teaml 2 3 Captain 3 Student Council 3 Classical Orchestra 4 Mission Club 2 Intramural Basket ba l GOBMAN ROBERT Gor St Columbanus Intramural Basketball Champs l 3 GBAHAVI IOI-IN lack Our Lady of Peace. Oritlamme Start 4. Intramural Basketball l 2. GUTSELL, IOI-IN "lack" St. Baphael. Lightweight Football 3. Boxing 4. Senior Literary Club 4. Oritlamme Staff l. HALLOBAN, IOHN "O" St. Columbanus. Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Basketball Champs l, 2, 3. Heavyweight Basketball 4. lntrarnural Baseball Champs l, 2. Monogram Club 4. HAMILTON, IAMES "Pug" St. Cyril. Lightweight Football 2, 3. Heavyweight Football 4. Track 4. Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Band l. Class Secretary 4. Monogram Club 4. Cisca Delegate 4. .Ar F l 9 3 5 V271 M DW F l 9 3 5 f38l C Y Hg Kspykl HANLEY MARTIN P Senator St Philip Neri Oritlamrn Staff 4 Glee Club 2 Dramatic Club Property Manager Nora Nobody 4 HART IOHN Red St Colurnbanus L1gl'1tWe1cl'1tBaslQtbal 3 4 Monograrn Club 3 4 Colt 3 4 lntramulral Bask tball Champs l HASKINS HARRY H H St Cyril Lightweight Football 2 3 Dramatic Club 3 Cast De- pend On Me Oriilarnrne Staff 4 HAYES ROBERT I Strangler Wrestling 3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Senior Literary Club 4 Debating Team 4 Oriilamrne Staff 4 Cisca Delegate 4 HEANEY CHRISTOPHERI Ears St Carthage Boxing 3 4 Wrestling 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 HEATH DONALD C. Don Entered irom De La Salle 3 HENNING, ROY G. Roy St. Felicitas. Oriflamrne Staff 4. Dramatic Club Advertising Manager 4. HENRY, IOHN E. "lack" Our Lady of Peace. Oriflamme Staff 3, 4. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Vice-President 4. Debating Team 4. Iunior Prom Committee 3. Cisca Delegate 4. Student Council 2, 3, 4. Art Club 3. Heavyweight Football 3. Swimming 2, 3. Handball Finalist 3, 4. HERNE, DONALD W. "Hood" St. Columbanus. Student Council 3. Dramatic Club, Cast ot "Depend On Me" 3. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Boxing 4. HICKEY, FRANCIS R. "Hick" Holy Cross. English Medalist 1. Boxing 3, 4. Sports Cor- respondent 3, 4. Oritlamrne Staff 4. H L I I Henry, I. E. Iohlic, W. Kelley, I. HOLSINGER, FRED I. "Fred" St. Francis De Paula. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Classical Orchestra 4. HORGAN, DENNIS F. "Chesty" St. Laurence. Wrestling 3. Classical Orchestra 4. HOULII-IAN, IOHN "Happy" Visitation. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Lightweight Foot- ball l. Golf 1. HOWE, THOMAS D. "Howie" St. Columbcmus. Oriflamme Staff 1, 4. Senior Literary Club 4. Art Club 3. Cisca Delegate 4. HYDE, LOUIS I. "Louie" St. Basil. Lightweight Football 2, 3. Wrestling 4. Boxing 2, 3, 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Dramatic Club 3, Cast Depend On Me." Literary Club 4. Treasurer 4. IOHLIC, WILLIAM "Smead" St. Bride's. Literary Club 4. Student Council 4. Handball 3, 4. Art Club 3, 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. IOHNSON, PHILIP "Phil" St. Philip Neri. Wrestling 3. Art Club 3, 4. Student Council 4. Senior Literary Club 4. Intramural Basketball 2, 3. Swimming 2, 3. Cisca 4. IONES, BENIAMIN "Ben" St. Sabina. Orchestra 4. IORDAN, IOHN "Iack" St. Theodore's. Class Vice President l. Intramural Basketball Z, 3. Art Club 2. Flyweight Basketball 3. KARTCH, RICHARD "Dick" Entered from Tilden 2. Heavyweight Basketball 2, 3, 4. Light- weight Football 2. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Track Team 2, 3, 4. All Catholic Basketball Honor Roll 3. Oriflarnme Staff 4. KASPRZYCKI, IOSEPH "Ioe" St. Florians. Boxing l, 2. Track Team 2, 3. Basketball Lights 1. KEARNS, RICHARD "Dick" Visitation. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Lightweight Football 2. Lightweight Basketball 3. KEATING, IAMES L. "Skeets" St. Laurence. Art Club 4. Classical Orchestra 4. KELLEY, IOI-IN "Sneaker" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. Lightweight Basket- ball 4. Golt 2, 3, 4. Oriflamme Staff 4. KELLY, ROBERT "ShipWreck" St. Margaret. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. KEMPH, EUGENE "Gene" St. Laurence Basketball Lights 3, 4. Intramural Basketball Champs 2. Track 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. KENNEDY, THOMAS "Moose" St. Sabina. Lightweight Football l. Band l, 2. Boxing 2. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Monogram Club 2, 3, 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. KIRALY, FRANK "Fanny" St. Ioachim. Art Club 4. Track 2. KIRBY, IOHN "Gabby" St. Sabina. Senior Literary Club 4. KIRBY, THOMAS I. "Tom" St. Clara. Student Council 2. KLINGELSCHMITT, IOSEPH "Ioe" St. Clotilde. Golf 3, 4. Lightweight Football l, 2. Ori- flamme Staff 4. Mission Club 3. Track 2. Boxing 3. Monogram Club 2. Kelly, R. Kemph, E. Kennedy, T. Kiraly, F. Kirby, I. Kirby, T. I. lkl gels hm tt I Kowalski, W. KOWALSKI, WALTER "Wally" Immaculate Conception. LA GESS, WALTER I. "Pat" St. Bride's. Lightweight Football 2. Track 1. Oriflamme Staii 4. Heavyweight Football 4. Golf 2. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Cisca Delegate 4. LATVENAS, PAUL "Lat" Entered from Quigley 3. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. LAVETTE, LAWRENCE H. "Larry" Our Lady ot Peace. Oriilamrne Staff 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Lightweight Football I. LEE, IOHN P. "General" St. Laurence. Senior Literary Club 4. LEEKS, WILLIAM V. "Bill" St. Clara. LE FAGER, IAMES W. "Iim" Entered from St. Ioseph Prep 2. Art Club 4. Intramural Bas- ketball Champs 2. Glee Club 2. Senior Literary Club 4. LEONARD, IAMES "Iim" St. Sabina. Intramural Basketball Champs 1. Lightweight Foot- ball 2, 3. LEONARD, IOHN M. "Iack" St. Felicitas. Oriflamme Staff 4. Lightweight Football 2. LEWELLYN, IOHN T. "Iack" Holy Cross. Classical Orchestra 2. LINK, IULIAN "Red" Entered irom University of Chicago High School 2. Intramural Basket- ball 3. Band 3, 4. Popular Orchestra 4. Classical Orchestra 4. LOMBAER, DONALD "Don" Parkside. Classical Orchestra 4. Boxing 4. Oriflamme Staif 4. LULINSKI, SYLVESTER "Lulu" St. Michael. Lightweight Football 1. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. Captain 4. All Catholic Tackle 2, 3, 4. All City Tackle 3, 4. Monogram Club I, 2, 3, 4. LYNCH, IOHN E. "Bud" St. Sabina. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Oriflamme Staff 4. LYNN, WILLIAM I. "Babe" St. Patrick. Lightweight Football 2. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. MAC DONALD, GEORGE "Mac" St. Bride's. Heavyweight Football Manager 4. Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. MC CARTHY, IOHN "Mac" St. Cyril's. Senior Literary Club 3. Dramatic Club 3, 4. Cast oi "Depend On Me" 3, "Nora Nobody" 4. MC DERMOTT, FRANK W. "Mac" Entered from Tilden 2. Football Lights 2. Heavies 3. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. MC DERMOTT, IAMES R. "Mac" Entered from Niagara l. Oriflamrne Staff 4. MC DERMOTT, IOSEPH E. "Mac" St. Basil's. Intramural Basketball Champs 2, 3. Senior Literary Club 4. La Gess, W. I. Latvenas, P. Layette, L. H. Lee, I. P. Leeks, VV. P. Leonard, I. MacDonald, G. McNally, R. Le Pager, I. W M D fi t MC GRANE NVILLIAM B St Laurence L htvve glrit Football 2 Boxing 3 MC ORATH FRANK I Fritz St Gabriel s MC MAHON IAMES Mac St Dorothy s Cheerleader 2 MC NALLY ROBERT Bob St Columbanus Lightweight Football 2 Intramural Basket ball Champs 1 Swimming 2 MAGEE CHRISTOPHER Chris St Ambrose Track 3 MAHONEY IOHN Iack St Thomas Apostle MALONE ALEXANDER Acko St. Barnabas. Intramural Basketball 4. MASKELUNAS, EDWARD R. "Eddie" St. Aqnes. F MIDDLETON, EUGENE I. "Gene" St. Basi1's. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 1 9 Class President l. Student Council l. Band l, 2, 3, Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Bas- 3 ketball l, 2. Track 2, 3, 4. Manager 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. Oritlarnrne Stalf l, 4. I. H. S. P. A. Urbana Delegate 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Senior Literary Club 4. 5 MENNE, BERT "Louie" Bosse High. Oritlamme Staff 4. Z, 3, 4. MITCHELL, MARK I. "Mitch" St. Cyril. Proficiency Medalist l, 2, 3. Religion Medalist l. 4l 'JF A.. ...o cney, Z Murphy, E. O'Keeie, L. I4-2l y It MOLONEY, INILLIAM I. "Billy" St. Laurence. Drarnatic Club 2 3 4. Cast ot 'Tloradora Sextetu 2. "Depend On Me" 3. "Nora Nobody" 4. Senior Literary Club 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Track 4. lntrarzrural Basketball 3. Oritlarnme Stalt 4 MORGANTHALER, IOSEPH G. "Ice" Entered from St. Ioseph's College 4 MORRALL, CHARLES "Charley" St. Clara's. Intramural Basketball l 2 3 4 MORRIS, HAMILTON "Ham" St. Philip Neri. Intramural Basketball 3 MORTIMER, I. STIRLING "Sid" Edward Coles. Oriflarnme Staff 4. Dramatic Club 3. Cast of "Depend On Me" 3. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Heavyweight Football Manager 4. Mono gram Club 4. Popular Orchestra 4 MOYLAN, ROGER E. "Rajah" Entered from Riley Iunior High School 2. Wrestling 3. Track 2, 3, 4. Senior Literary Club 4. MULLANE, MICHAEL "Mike" St. Thomas the Apostle. MULCAHY, WILLIAM T. "Lank" Myra Bradwell. Oritlarnme Staff 4. Senior Literary Club, 4. MURPHY, EDVVARD I. "Murph" Holy Cross. Band 1, 2. Murphy Club l, 2, 3, 4. MURPHY, MICHAEL E. "Mike" St. Sabina. Murphy Club l, 2, 3, 4. I" Mulcahy, W. T. O'Hara, H. Pietraszewsk , I. B. Post, R. NEWMAN, IRVING I. "Red" St. Anne's. NUGENT, HENRY E. "Nuggie" Myra Bradwell. Cisca Delegate 4. OBIALA, EDMUND "Obe" Entered from Lindblom 3. Senior Literary Club 4. Heavyweight Football 4. O'CONNOR, WILLIAM "Kodaker" St. Ioachim. Boxing Team 2, 3. O'HARA, FRANK "Babe" St. Cyril. O'I-IARA, HUGH "Husk" Visitation. Bantam Weight Basketball 3. Intramural Basketball Champs 3. O'KEEFE, LEO "Heads" Visitation. Entered from Quigley 2. Lightweight Football 2. O'NEIL, IOYCE F. "Philly" Entered from St. Robert's High 3. O'RYAN, KEVIN M. "Kev" St. Laurence. Boxing 3, 4. OWEN, IOSEPH "Tex" Holy Cross. Swimming Team l, 2, 3. Art Club 3, 4. Basketball 3, 4. Intramural Basketball Champs l. PAZNOKAS, FRANCIS I. "Cowboy" All Saints. PETERSEN, THEODORE A. "Ted" St. Laurence. Art Club 2, 3, 4. President 4. Basketball Manager 4. PETH, LAWRENCE "Larry" St. Sabina, Lightweight Football 3. Heavyweight Football 4. Band l, 2. Orchestra 2, 3. PIETRASZEWSKI, IOHN B. "Pete" Entered from Bowen 3. Heavyweight Basketball 3, 4. Lightweight Football 3. Captain 3. Heavyweight Football 4. All Catholic F ullback 4. Class Treasurer 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. Senior Prom Committee 4. POST, RICHARD "Dick" Oliver Wendell Holmes. Lightweight Football 1. Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 4. All City End 3, 4. Heavyweight Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Track Team 4. Mono- gram Club l, 2, 3, 4. Swimming Team l, 2. Iunior Prom Dance Committee 3. PRENDERGAST, IAMES A. "Iim" Band 1, 2. Swimming Team l, 2. PRICE, IAMES "Doctor" St. Thomas Apostle. Intramural Basketball Champions l, 3. QUINN, LEO I. "Irish" Bowen High 3. Art Club 3. RECAN, ROBERT "Bob" St. Mary's. Lightweight Football 2. Oritlamme Staff 3. Golf Team 2. Hoosier Club I, 2, 3. Dramatic Club Prompter 4. REILLY, ROBERT E. "Scottie" St. Dorothy's. Cheerleader 3, 4. Wrestling 3, 4. Swimming l. RILEY, ROBERT A. "Bob" Our Lady ot Peace. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. President 4. Debating Team 4. English Medalist 2, 3. Orillamme Staff 4. Intramural Basketball l, 2. Tennis 2. Student Council 3. Prezldergast, I. A. Price, I. Ouirzn, L, I. Regan, R. Reilly, R. E. Y erts, ROBERTS, IOHN "lack" Holy Cross. Oriflamme Staff 4. ROCHE, IOHN "lack" Entered from De La Salle 3. RYAN, CLEMENT "Clem" St. Ambrose. Band l, 2, 3, 4. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Classical Orchestra 4. RYAN, I. FRANCIS "Red" St. Brendan's. Football Lights l. Heavies 2, 3, 4. Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Secretary 1, 2. Wrestling 2. Religion Medalist 2. Track 3. Iunior Prom Corn- mittee 3. Student Council 3. Dramatic Club 4. Cast of "Nora Nobody" 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Oriflamme Staff 4. SCALLY, IOHN T. "Iohnny" Holy Cross. SEXTON, BERNARD L. "Bernie" Iohn W. Cook. Lightweight Basketball 2, 3, 4. SIDNER, CHARLES "Charley" St. Philip Neri. Art Club 2. Intramural Basketball l, 2. SIERACKI, LEONARD "Len" St. Mary Magdalene. Student Council 1. SIMKO, IOSEPH F. "I-Iunky" A. E. Burnside Prep, Canada. Heavyweight Football 3. Heavy- weight Basketball 3. SIVORE, GEORGE A. "Siv" St. Philip Neri. Oritlamme Staff 4. Golf 2, 3, 4. Student Coun- cil 3. Intramural Basketball l, 2. Senior Literary Society 4. Swimming 2. SMITH, FRANCIS I. "Smitty" St. Gabriel's. Student Council 3. Boxing 2. Track 2, 3. STAIKOWSKI HERBERTI "Herb" St Bronislava Swimmin Team 2. Intramural Basket- , . . . Q I Sieracki, L. ball 2, 3, 4. rqnski, A. A Webb, 1. R. STANTON, EDWARD A. "Ed" St. Bride's. SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS R. "Sully" St. Bride's. Band l, 2, 3. Boxing Team 3, 4. SULLIVAN, EUGENE "Gene" St. Dorothy. Lightweight Football 3. Intramural Basketball Champs 1. TANSKI, ARTHUR A. "Art" St. Mary Magclelene. TOBIN, DANIEL ANGLIM "Dan" Our Lady of Peace. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Literary Club 3, 4. Mission Club Vice-President 4. Oritlamme Staff 4. Classical Orchestra 4. Cisca Dele- gate 4. TREACY, IOHN "Sarge" St. Bride's. 4 1 Y ' an USHER, DONALD "Ding" St. Bernard. Swimming Team l, 2. Basketball Lights 3, 4. VAIL, IAMES "lim" St. Laurence. Senior Literary Club 3. Boxing Squad 4. VLAMING, IULIAN "Ice" St. Leo. Heavyweight Football 4. Band l, 2, 3. Literary and Debating Society 3, 4. Roche, I. Ryan, C. Ryan, I. F. Scally, I. T. Sexton, B. L. Sidner, C N C A C' A WALSH IOHN E Swimming l 2 3 G SCJ D l at 4 Or ilamr' Staff 4 S mor Literary Club 4 Student Council Chairman 4 Lightweight Basketball 4 lun or From Committ e 3 S mor Prom Committee 4 Knobby Our Lady of F a e Class President 3 4 Lightweight Football WALSH ROBERT W S natar St Martin Art Llul, 3 4 WEBB IOI-IN R Spider St Cyrils WELTIN VJILLIAMI Willy St Cyrils Lightweight Football 2 3 Lightweight Baskt ball 4 WILLIS IOHN Monk Iohn Fiske Senior Literary Club 3 WOOD BERT Bert St. Barnabas. Intramural Basketball 2, 3. Heavyweight Football 3, 4. Track 3, 4. Cisca Delegate 4. Oriflamrne Staff 4. Student Council 3. Wrestling 2, 3. Dra- matics 3, 4. Manager "Depend On Me" 3. "Nora Nobody" 4. Monogram Club 4. WOSKOWICZ, EDWARD "Ed" Henry Clay, ZIEMBA, IOSEPH S. "Snowshoes" St. Florian. Lightweight Football 2. Heavyweight Foot- ball 3, 4. Monogram Club 3, 4. ZWISSLER, CHESTER "Bing" St. Brides 45 HE Class of 36 ln 1ts luntor year de serve unbounded plaudtts for 1ts splen dtd efforts Earnestly they worked and played developtng lnto a group so energetrc and progresstve that ts successors w1ll have htgh standards to follow ln duphcatlng 1ts accomphsh ments The heavywelght football team whlch mlssed the champlonshtp by half a game welcomed slxteen lunlors 1nto tts ranks The flashy llghtwetght team undefeated ln tie league cornpetltlon drew ten Flve thtrd year men found berths on ue heavywelght basketball sguad we llghts proflted by the asslstance of he 36 Class provlded flve men for 1X to boX1ng entered s1X teams tn ie lntramural basketball tournament besldes a goodly number of stu cents ln the free throw and handball contests Ten lunlors gave thetr servlces to the Band two to the popular orchestra and three to the classtcal Twelve men as members of the Senlor Ltterary club have formed a basls for apprect atfon of the flner wrlters Clsca the Art club the Student Councll and the Mlsston club have found these thlrd year men among the most actlve mem bers To f1n1sh the year up e luntors promoted one of the best lun lor Proms Carmel has yet wltnessed To these deeds nothtng further need be added Class of 36 Carmel congratulates you T tQ ' . . . tl, ' ' ' six. the track team . . . three to wrestling . . . tQ ' . . . . ' ' . . . th RICHARD PALMER Treasurer LAWRENCE FREEDMAN Secretary ICSEPH BURGY President ANGELC DeMARCQ Vice-President CLASS CF 1936 PL . A F l 9 3 6 48 A ern' fQ":7 All 45.5 :ni- Q9 -A TCP RCW-el-l. Fora, P. Maroiniak, D. Murphy, P. Mol-liiqh, W. Qswald, I. Dolan N. Anderson. MlDDLE PCWe P. Casey, I. Poloinson, E. Peeney, Pi. Slialznian, I. Cfiierin, D. Wahl. BCTTCM RCW' P. Wren, I. MCDonoualr1, I. Clare, I. Mills, L. Ryan, T. Anderson G. Becker. - TCP ROW-R. Sommer, V. Peterson, T. Tobin, C. Bazan, D. Pullem, I. Willaen. MIDDLE ROW-I. Cahill, W. Moore, B. Polak, E. Kolb, W. Birae, I. Morgan. BQTTOM RCW-I. LeBel, W. Lechner, L. Stoecker E. Dean, I. Tunney, I. Nelson. V75 f . I .yn f 7 , TOP BGW-W. McWhite, W. Boland, I. Ludwig, I. Egan, I. Bresnahan, I. Lally. MIDDLE BOW-B. Blanchiield, V. Piwowar, I. Shatz, E. Kolb, B. Bernier. BGTTOM BOW-C. McGolderick, E. Bremer, W. Hansen, I. Arzbecker, E. O'Shea. - TOP BOW-I. Dougherty, I. Bulger, I. Haskins, N. Luken, I. Hughes, I. Usher, B. Dunn MIDDLE BOW-L. Hagel, W. Geddes, B. Cleary, P. Sheehan, I. Beiner, W. Flanigan BGTTOM BOW-W. Gibbons, W. Kennedy, A. Murphy, B. Beynolds, G. Leake, S. Lask T. Iohlic. - TOP BOW-E. McCarthy, E. Biller, E. Linthicum, T. Iohnson, E. Dwyer, H. Sweeney, M. Twohill. MTDDLE BGWeee T. Costello, W. Bosenberger, D. Magee, E. Noiheisen, P. Scarleii T. Galvin. BGTTGM BGW-A. DeMarCo, E. Gecewioz, E. Kolb, G Donnelly, B. French, B. Pal mer, I. Shanley. 113, I U 49 U N I O IQ S SO fn, ' "www s TOP BOW-E. Kiernan, S. Lenkszus, I. McGrath, B. O'Brien, G. Stake, T. Walsh I. I-Ianley. MIDDLE BOW-T. Maguire, W. Coffey, F. Ehlert, G. Slade, F. Gaugush, I. Williamson BOTTOM BOW-I. McCormick, I. Spear, I. Young, I. Burgy, B. Halper, C. Goodnow I. Kennedy. - TOP BOW-I-I. Connor, D. McGee, I-I. Greve, N. Byan, B. Fisk, E. Clark, M. Deering. MIDDLE BOW-I. Byan, I. Lally, E. Mathern, I. Kenny, I. Bell, I. O'Malley. BOTTOM BOW-C. Deering, F. Anderson, S. Aniol, I. Nealon, B. Zeiler, I. Bagwell A. Lynch. - TOP BOW-G. Puszlciewicz, G. O'Dea, C. Szpajer, N. Krebs, I. White, C. Moore I. Markby. MIDDLE BOWe I. Hurney, G. Casper, I. Barrett, T. Fennel, W. Mooney, E. Costello. BOTTOM BOWA AC. Fanning, L. Hurley, V. Kennedy, A. McManus, W. Gill, E. Holstein B. McConnell. 455 f f 5.2 ex I . - - 'St f '.v ,1.,'I 1 .Q . -.Zim .. .III f ' A' . if bv" I , 1363, ' 1, 1 .'-9 1 :Af . x Q " 3 xQ "-15 vuf . .-.W my . I Q W' 1,2 mx ,Q , TCP RCWee el-l. Beckslrorn, R. Miller, D. Mulligan, I. Dolan, E. Sweeney, R. Slnnoi. f.fllyl.1l.lf HGV! pn 1:1 fa. I" .iii 2. Tut' ' , Poor ,rr E3Q'TlCl.l RCXV E. Cafanaii Kztll, Sayre D. lQf11-'f I ffofif 'fi Heine- TCP RCWfG. Allen, W. Connors, F. McC:uan, F. Bendfelt, V. Cahill, E. McCarthy. MIDDLE RCW-A. Ready, H. Brzyckl, I. Gleason, I. Carney, A. Berinqer, I. Rettick. BOTTCM ROW-R. Carrnody, D. Carlyle, I. Carey, R. Smith, H. Byrne, P. McGuire. 51 HE Class 37 outstandrnq durrnq 1ts Sophomore year rn the classroom on the athletlc freld and 1n the club room rt has exhrblted that pro qressrve cooperatrve sprrrt charac terrstrc of Carmel 37 repeated 1ts splendrd scholastrc record of the prevlous year won more than 1ts share af honor cards showed unusual act1v1ty rn sports frve won berths on the heavywerqht football squad two were awarded major letters four placed on the ever successful lrqhtwerqht team frve on the bantams ln basketball two made the lrqhtwelqht squad four the undefeated bantarns and four more the fl1es Throuqhout th e season Carmel s was manrfest Most of the mrnor sports found Sophomores promtnent on then' rosters two qrapplers worked wlth the wrestlrnq squad frve leather pushers wlth the boxers three wrth the flashly track team lt entered frfteen teams rn rntramural basketball competltton The band clalmed seventeen class rcal orchestra two one Crsca dele qate s1X were members of the lunror Lrterary Club frve the Art club three were rn the cast of Nora Nobody f1ve were admrtted to the Monoqram club Carmel s prrde rn the class of 37 lS Jus t1f1ed Therr past rs 1nd1cat1ve of a lus trous eventful future clean, hard-fiqhtinq sportsmanship GERALD WEIL Secretary ICI-IN WILLIAMS Treasurer CLASS STANLEY MILLER President RAYMOND CI-IAN Vice-President CDF I937 L S F l 54 19.1 di 'I , . TCP RQVV-F. Flynn, I. Miller, D. Leolo, M. Corooran, R. Tolley, D. Fullem, C. Hickey MIDDLE RCW-I. Bourelle, I. Conway, G. Iaoobnzeyer, R. Q'Keeie, VV. Bryar, E. Yore BCTTOM RCWfI. Conroy, I. Hacker, R. Le Beau, I. Cfaqne, H. Frey, T. Moran R. Falvey. - TOP RCW - I. Woods, R. Smith, I. Kerwin, B. Prost, R. Sullivan, P. Kujawslci I. Iackubowski. MIDDLE ROW - R. MCI-Iuqh, A. Fitzqibbons, I. DeGuide, T. Davis, A. Carey T. Couqhlin. BOTTOM ROW - E. Ferrinqton, I. Spier, I. Quinn, F. Clegg, I. Nelson, L. Matic I. McCarthy. I TOP BOW-F. Nicholson, B. Meyers, A. Pierce, I. Feeney, B. Polek, W. Bryan, I. Mahon, B. Snitker. MIDDLE BOW - W. Delaney, T. Gorny, D. Deegan, D. Whiting, E. Costello C. Gorman. BOTTOM BOW-B. Tangney, H. Hewson, N. Heckler, E. Foy, W. Shanahan B. Koslovsky, B. O'Leary. - TOP BOW--B. Shaughnessy, B. Blunk, I. McKenna, T. McGuire, I. White, I. Clayton D. Bafferty. MIDDLE BOW-K. Grasse, I. Merrian, W. Georgen, W. Marcinkevich, B. Hammer N. Iacoszewski. BOTTOM BOW-B. O'Malley, I. Moenich, B. Powers, I. Chichester, E. Reardon B. Neagle, G. Carelly. TOP BOW-W. Koness, D. Murphy, K. Orr, M. Marz, F. McDonough, P. Higgins T. Ryan. MIDDLE BOW -ee I. Broolcloank, I. Moran, P. Barter, H. Bodericlc, W. Hennessey C. Sniurolon. BOTTOM BOW e M. Martin, L. Cavanaugh, T. Nijalcowslci, Cf. Peterson, P. Gaul T. Mitchell. ff1r11PUCDZCDmrUCDw TCP ROW-P. Iacob, D. Noonan, R. Lesinski, I. Richler, I. Grace, P. Hulien, W. Cook. MIDDLE RCW-C. Costa, D. Lentz, D. Powell, A. Conner, W. McCahill, I. Lucas, F. Magnan. BCTTCM RCW-I. Iunlc, T. Kinnucan, A. Fanning, I. Moloney, W. Iones, P. Breda, R. Haggerty. TCP RCW-W. Washburn, I. McCann, C. Redell, E. Moore, P. Montague, I. Reid, R. Adams. MIDDLE RCW-W. Schlitz, R. Bradley, G. Matthews, W. Haas, V. Corbett, I. Albade BCTTOM RCW-T. Lynch, I. Hanson, I. Deany, C. McGarigle, I. M. C'Connor, I. MacKenzie, W. Angston. TGP HOVV-A. Kelly, I. Iacobs, I. Cain, R. Taatte, I. Looney, D. Cooney, C. McMahon MIDDLE RCYW'-R. Ienen, I. Weil, A. Schubert, P. Briggs, I. Thompson, R. Sweeney. BGTTGM RCW-I. G'Connor, P. Stott, R. Ioyce, I. Carney, R. Cliyer, I. Gerber, I. Lino ' E' . .299 49 'avi'-s V- - .1-"F, 33 TCP BOWeeeeI. Allen, I. Dillon, D. Cpitie, I. Lorlcin, B. Toile, B. Oboreki, W. Beouooin. MIDDLE BQINV VJ. Hen1lr1ok.s, I. fffclone, V. Krug, B. Viford, B. Ioniieson, l.. Gil oerison. BCTTQM BC'WeeB. Clnirii, I. Iffolfe, P. CConnell, C. C'Byon, I. Vfillicrnis, I. Heine' sey, T. Cunirnins. TOP BOW-H. Kane, I. Klooey, I. Betondo, B. Borispies, I. Brown, I. Buzicko, G. Fitz qercxld, I. Ioyce. MIDDLE ROW-F. Ford, E. Conway, I. Stock, R. Lindbloom, I. Shouqhnessy, I. Leen, T. McEne1'y'. BOTTOM ROW-I. Coroll, B. Durnin, L. Moreno, S. Miller, B. Devlin, E. Formento I. Czochorski, I. Broderick. C A CD 57 TIT EPTEMBEF1 the elghth regls tratlon day through the portals ot Carmel came the largest class ot Fresh men ln 1ts hlstory ADX1OUSlY they came scholars athletes clubmen a mtent on becomtng excellent students true sportsmen real Carmelttes Thelr deeds testlty to the tru1t1on ot thelr hopes and endeavors Football season arrlved wlth all 1ts pomp and glory the Freshman class responded by placlng two ot 1ts mem bers on the llghtwelght team twenty on the bantamwelght sguad Then came basketball agarn these young men showed the1r mettle one hghts Three played w1th the bantams and tour the thes The mmor sports track boxmg and wrestllng each recelved an excel lent representatlon and splendld support from thls 1llustr1ous group ln add1t1on fourteen teams entered mto lntramural competltlon thlrty odd boys contested tor Freshman handball champlonshlp Carmel s classy band was supported by elghteen freshmen The roster ot the Tumor Llterary Club was composed prlnclpally ot the names ot members of th1s class Freshmen also proved most actlve ln other organlzatlons Student Councll Art Club Clsca and Mlsslon Clubs Carmel places great talth ln these lads who have become such a vttal ele ment ln her school hte and ptedlcts that they by the1r outstandmg per tormances as Freshmen will uphold the glorlous tradttrons ot Carmel wx ' I ITV I I , H - ffl - . . . , , . . . ll V' I I i - made the heavies . . . a second, the MAURICE CASEY Treasurer ANTHONY P. KIRINICH Secretary IOHN QUINLAN President IOHN F. RUSSELL Vice-President CLASS CDF 1938 A . F l 9 3 B 60 TCP RCW-M. McMahon, I. Cforrnley, W. Neal, VV. Shannon, W. C'Connor, I. Gray W. MoBWeer1ey, B. Conlin. MTDDLB RCXfVeB Brown, C. l-lilopohan, B. Ballweber, I. Armstrong, R. Stake, F. Ken neoly, M. Casey. BCTTOM RCW-W. McCullough, E. Moran, l-l. Moran, D. Emery, B. Shupryi, I. Free- man, T. Cosgrove, I. Rogers. TOP ROW-I. Sweeney, I. Barcler, R. McCarthy, C. Robertson, W. Tobin, I. Reilly, C. Bandera, W. Roche. MIDDLE ROW-E. McGuire, I. Flannigan, B. Torkelson, W. Vail, I. Borda, N. Beeson, A. Kirinich. BOTTOM ROW-F. Reilly, P. McCrory, VJ. Liner, F. Nottingham, E. McGinnis, M. Crowley. 1 TOP BOW-C. Ewerts, L. DeBendetti, O. Crepeau, E. Murphy, E. Casey, G. King, W. Anderson. MIDDLE BOW-B. Greene, W. Donovan, B. Geary, B. I-Iuttner, B. Burns, C. Murray, I. Gerwig. BOTTOM BOW-I. Bowe, B. Elliott, I. Maley, B. Cahill, P. Casella, I. Grogan. 11 TOP BOW-I. Egan, B. Munroe, D. Kilburg, I. Caldwell, I. McGuigan, M. Connelly, I. Eeronato, M. DeZutter, T. Bresnahan. MIDDLE BOW-A. Paxson, A. Freund, I. Benne, I. McCarthy, P. Carroll, I. O'I-Iare L. Dillon. BOTTOM BOW-S. DePyssler, T. Heatherly, G. Richardson, I. Bulien, W. Kelso I. I-Iaran. TOP BOW-I. Sullivan, B. Phillips, I. Gibson, B. Schmitt, M. Gallahan, I. Knight C. Greenleaf, I. Sutka. MIDDLE BOW-B. Holvey, L. Branclci, T. Noble, E. Marlcey, B. Lee, B. Carroll. BOTTOM BOW-D. O'Keete, I. Slattery, I. Brankin, E. Delano, A. Dewey, I. Bobin. W' I TOP BOW-B. Kain, I. Kenney, I. Klees, D. Newman, I. Fleming, D. Talbot, I. Khym W. Booth. MIDDLE BOW-B. Andrews, T. Burke, I. Hennessey, B. Martin, I. Deitrich, B. Hott mann, I. Kelly. BOTTOM BOW-I. Iuby, G. Bracken, W. Duffy, D. Kappelman, I. Sharkey, E. Kerwin TOP BOW--E. Sullivan, I. Gleason, B. Thompson, E. Harmon, P. Vogt, I. Feeney R. McCabe, L. Purcell. MIDDLE ROW-L. Gaertner, E. Bose, K. Farrell, O. O'Beilly, G. Robinson, W. Michel- sen, E. Tansey. BOTTOM BOW - A. Stack, I. Markewicz, T. McNamera, E. Engle, C. Williams I. Clancy. - TOP BOW-I. I-Iough, B. Rose, D. I-Iilgartner, T. Freehill, B. Lanun, T. Osborne, C. Mil- ler, I. Boche. MIDDLE BOW -- D. Eortin, I. Ourry, I. Kinsock, E. Cronin, V. Barbieri, I. Murphey, E. Kaiser. BOTTOM BOWAD. Maguire, T. Byan, I. O'Gracly, A. Alexander, W. Lynch, B. Carli, I. Tuto. QC Q . E n TCP BQWME. Kloss, M. Trlana, I. Morrissey, H. Schumann, V. Carherry, I. Darrow W. Iflfhile, VJ. Murphy, L. Llndbloofn. W T'DHTD- ' ' MLDD I LB BCIW' I. G1:3:3fi,rg.5, I. Ci,3.:ief',', I. lyzgx nte faqair, W. TDT.lllS, McCabe B. Pfrlem. BQTTQM BQVVU L. Kevin, T. Behrens B. Taaue I. Dahaqer I. Keen, I. Bussell. TGP BOW-E. Graham, B. Hanrahan, I. Paznokas, T. Leonard, I. Burke, B. Bonen I. Kennedy, I. Boyle, W. O'Keefe. MIDDLE RCW-I. C'Brien, F. Dawe, W. Woodward, I. Kuratnik, P. Soth, W. Hanna, F. Bradley. BOTTOM BQW-I. Fialiulo, W. Devine, T. Bartley, H. Hayes, I. Glynn, E. Provo. L A F l 9 3 B V631 L A S S F l 9 3 4 Q harp CP RUM QReqdn D fLXi tel B Pd ei NV CQ IZl ger R Sffllll Du IN kloPdrlo W Gibpo MlDDLE RCW C DeSii'no e l7 Colonl D Z pp io A MoWhiie K l-leliron G eenon li Boloovn BCMTQM ROW A Long I Oifonnor I llidn ei I Lovelle T WloGrdtn M Doyle TOP RCW-I. Driscoll C. Fioocd W. Redmond O. Ddvid A. Lindhoff T. Lee I. Col lins W. Wilson. MIDDLE RCW--I. Doyle W. Simpson P. OBloolc E. Monrone H. Bolond W. Hurley E. Stelrnoszek. BOTTQM ROW-V. Mullins, E. McGlynn, I. O'Leory, N. Nolcgel, W. Gilette, W. Grindell TOP BOW-M. Stuckey, C. Blank, I. Kelly, W. Ouinn, B. O'Hara, I. Beed, V. Gunder- son, W. Burtnette. MIDDLE BOW-A. Viqqiani, I. Phelps, I. Miller, I. Kennedy, T. Corcoran, W. Hayes, I. Foy. I BOTTOM BOW-I. Lynch, I. Murray, I. Lindstrom, B. Huston, W. Bloom, T. Walsh, W. Harps. TOP BOW-G. Norman, I. Cassidy, I. Miller, W. Toohey, G. O'Beilly, P. Morris, W. Hansen, B. Carr. MIDDLE BOW-I. Ouinlan, C. Smith, B. Gleeson, C. Slater, C. Cahill, W. Clodjeaux I. Gallagher, I. Simpson. BOTTOM BOW-D. Sarnrnons, L. Peterson, A. Beardon, I. Scally, I. Mitchell, L. Mey- rick, T. Dwan. TOP BOW--M. Murino, E. Feely, B. Briar, I. Skiehan, I. Mathis, I. Ouinlivan, P. O'Day B. Trapp. MIDDLE BOW-G. Warnock, B. Scales, E. Branka, E. Doody, T. Scanlan, E. Niechwiej B. Dougherty. BOTTOM BOW-M. Biqler, I. Geary, C. Cerolce, B. Koslowslcy, S. Bybarczyk, T. Mor risey, T. Murray. 1 , 1 ' . Q a " 7 A F I AT 46 N as . A, 0 A. V I fl Q., , ,r .2 S- . Q,-ew - ,:. 4 - ... . , -- , ,, ' v 2 L L -. ,L 1 ' LAN- X - E -v 66 MEDALISTS RELIGION I Anthony P. Kirinich RELIGION II William Bryar RELIGION III Iohn Robinson RELIGION IV Iose-ph Egan LATIN lack Henry SPANISH Louis Moreno ENGLISH I Iames Rowe ENGLISH II William Bryar ENGLISH Ill Francis McHugh ENGLISH IV Robert Hayes MATHEMATICS William Gibbons CHEMISTRY Mark I. Mitchell ATHLETIC SCHOLASTIC Iohn Pietraszewski CIVICS Iohn C. Gallagher HONORABLE MENTI ON RELIGION I William A. Hayes RELIGION II Bernard Polek RELIGION III Iames Spear RELIGION IV Iohn Clancy LATIN Harold Petersen SPANISH Iohn Wiltgen ENGLISH I Blake Lanum ENGLISH II George Matthews ENGLISH III lack Kennedy ENGLISH IV Robert A. Riley MATHEMATICS Iohn Bulger CHEMISTRY Iohn Bonniwell Francis Feeney ATHLETIC SCHOLASTIC Paul DuCharme CIVICS Icxmes McDermott Daniel Tobin -3 inn 1 Y 4' , so Od AF :nfs Iv 3 -30 .40 '9 Mark I Stanley If DFICIENCY FINALTSTS QE QP 'fi -'spit 495 3 '3' AF Glb Q T h I li th T E l P P lc ll Bulcer v ' :arn Gibb tEree:': Charles i er ,o n . 1fCar ny fhn iilger 'lit 'E-lurney runs . :llac l.'.'1 .iam nw' - t-1.,.'-'-'i ,Y p,,v.x:t :MY '....kfx .... fu. np., plussnq gy, .i,.,.Ki,:,.:A1. ".,..,4hpv NSY HAM-Am Huy 1 .. P , 1..lC.,.S M. ,M ,. . ,,.. C.. .,.. l ,, ..,. . ,, . ...... -.., . u,..,- ARMEL, through Gold medal awards, manifests her appreciation of the outstanding work performed by students who excel in the various scholastic fields. The highest award Carmel bestows is the General Proficiency Medal, presented to the scholar who maintains the highest standing in the school throughout the year. The leading Senior, Iunior, Sophomore, and Freshman are also awarded Proficiency Medals. Since, however, the ORIFLAMME goes to press before the winning students are determined, the Proficiency finalists are chosen to appear on these pages. From this group the outstanding men will be selected, and to them will go the coveted awards. A special type of scholarship honor, the Athletic-Scholastic Medal, is given to the athlete of highest scholastic standing. The English Medalists are determined by the qualities of specially assigned compositions. The Freshman award is made for the best auto-biography while members of the other classes merit their Medals by writing short stories. The Civics Medal is given to the student submitting the best essay in some phase of Governmental affairs. Since the majority of the students enter themes in these contests, the winning authors truly deserve their honors. The student demonstrating through examination a superior knowledge of practical and theoretical science is presented with the Chemistry Medal. Similarly, the results of specially conducted examinations determine the recipients of the Mathematics, Spanish, and Latin Medals. The Religion and Apologetics Medals are won by those students showing the most practical knowledge of our Faith and its defense. The Parent Organizations and friends of the school demonstrate their co-operative spirit by providing the awards, thereby encouraging enthusiasm on the part of the students and spurring them on to greater efforts. l67l C Pita. puqlis- ' .- M00 x vc x 2 X 0 Mg 0 ' f N V if 63 Hsu N? xii f m ff X X in 'Ti f X fi L I sources of lastlna fnendshrp broader knowledge lclaher ldeals deeper farth you rnsplre the culrnlnatlon of a well rounded educatlon 69 Clubs of Carmel - essence of Carrnels scholastic glory and social life - if-QR QHC. PU M is f w ma X Q E l-IE molding of students and parents into splendid and efficient organizations which have for their primary aim the furtherance of education can have but one outcome - perfect harmony. Educational authorities are agreed that the use of leisure time has a direct bearing on the building of character. Carmel in her con- tinuous advance toward the complete education has incorporated into her activities a system of clubs and organizations each unit being designed to suit the tastes of a particular type of student Whether he is interested in music art dramatics lrterature or any one of the many other phases of student activities he will find in some one of her many societies a diversion which appeals to him And what is perhaps more important in the development of Cul ture the boy comes in close contact with others Whose interests parallel his and forms lasting friendships of mutual benefit The school being aware of the importance of an easy graceful throughout the school year Through participation in these affairs the student gains invaluable experience that will aid him in coping with many situations that will arise in his later life By such social contacts he acquires that polish and ease of manner so indispensable to the successful career ln addition to the student societies three parent organizations have been founded in order that the parent may be brought into closer relationship with the school the faculty and the student Thus through the medium of the extra curricular affairs they pro mote parents become acquainted with the problems of the school and the teacher with the home background of the individual stu dent As a result greater progress is made toward completing the education of the boy 71 I I I mannerly conduct, sponsors and promotes numerous social events I I I 72 MOTHERS' CLUB MRS. THOMAS F. MCCAHILL President MRS. HENRY PETH MRS. CHARLES LECHNER MRS. MORGAN WARD MRS. IOSEPH P. HENNESSEY MRS. PETER CONWAY QUEEN OF CARMEL AUXILIARY MRS. I. B. POYNTON President MRS. IOHN MURPHY MRS. CHARLES SLOBIG MRS. JAMES I. O'MALLEY MRS. N. PAUSBACK MRS. I. P. SCHWAR MRS. ROBERT HATTON. MOTHERS' CLUB Mount Carmel's Mothers' Club has for its sole purpose-"the better understanding of the work being done for the boys . . . by the Carmelite Fathers." With this knowledge, they ably co-operate with the faculty in solving the problems of the student. For the past eight years, the Club has inspired and supported most of the activities of the school. The Band, Dramatic Club, Oriflamme, Carnival, the Library, and the graduating class have all felt the guiding hand of our Mothers' Club. DADS' CLUB The Dads' Club of Mt. Carmel is consistently meeting its primary objective, "A sympathetic under- standing between the Dads and their boys." The Club has introduced intra- mural sports to the students so that all may have the opportunity of entering into competitive athletics, even though lacking the finesse required of members of the varsity teams. The continued success of the Dads' Club is more than as- sured. QUEEN OF CARMEL AUXILIARY The Queen of Carmel Auxiliary is a most exclusive organization, in that its members are the Mothers of Carmelites and prospective Car- melites. This Club is rapidly grow- ing into a national unit, function- ing throughout all of Carmelite America. That gentle, kindly encourage- ment possible for only a mother to give, inspires their sons to greater achievements for Carmel and for Carmel's Queen. No end of credit is due this splendid organization for its true motherly zeal. Iohn I. Mortimer William I. Bryar Charles I. Grindell Wells Albade Iohn A. Breen Th F Frank Tcmsey Bert Z. Wood 73 74 HE ORIFLAMME of Mt Carmel 1S often c1ted as one of the outstand1ng pub l1cat1ons of 1ts k1nd 1n the M1ddle West Year after year lt has won the hlghest Journallstlc trlbutes attalnable The lnterscholastlc Press Assoctatlon s All Amencan honors Catho11c Press ASSOCIGYIOD s All Cathohc rattng I no1s State H1gh School Press ASSOCIGTIOH s Cert1f1cates of Mer1t Columb1an Scholast1c Press Assoc1at1on s Gold Medal and lnnumerable other such honors no great wonder that th1s year s staff feels the welghty responsl b1l1ty of ma1nta1n1ng the htgh standard set by those lllustrlous books of the past The patlence and understandlng of our faculty advlsor Reverend Andrew L Weldon have taught us the fundamentals of good Journaltstlc procedure h1s expenence maklng up for our own 1nexper1ence he offered valuable suggestlons and secured for us advantageous bus1ness connecttons all w1th the a1m 1I'1 v1ew of g1v1ng us every opportumty of present1ng an ORIFLAMME Wh1ch m1ght Justly take 1ts place 111 the ranks of 1lS predecessors Father Andrew deserves our slncerest thanks for h1s unst1nt1ng efforts tn our behalf The prlme obJect of any annual 1S to present a true plcture of the d1vers1f1ed student l1fe of the school It represents We have a1med at g1v1ng the casual reader an 1nt1mate ghmpse 1nto the school 1tself by portraymg Co operatlon the Sp1r1t of Carmel As the feature pages a:nd text are dlsclosed that un1ty ex1st1ng between faculty and student body becomes absorbed by the reader perhaps unconsc1ously and he 1S 1mpressed by th1s close relat1onsh1p Truly only through the most embraclng Sp1r1t of Co operat1on could such over whelmmg successes have been attalned the Dances Sports Carn1val Dramatlcs and the rel1g1ous act1v1t1es Student Masses Retreats Clsca Noon Devotlons If some day th1s book 1S connotat1ve to happy days 1n Carmel s halls our efforts have been well spent and the ORIFLAMME of 35 W1ll be a success The ORIFLAMME 1I1 the name of the faculty and the student body as a whole b1dS the Class of 35 farewell Graduates of Carmel although for the past years school work has been your pr1nc1pal occupatton th1s educat1on lS merely preparatory for the l1fe that 1S to come The true value of all th1s drrll mg studylng and rec1t1ng can be fully apprectated only as your future l1fe develops th1S perspectlve when you have found the use to wh1ch 1t can be put and the enJoyment to be derlved from 1t May you 1n moments of temptatlon or despalr look back upon your days at Carmel and draw from them strength and hope Class of 35 Farewell 1-1111- 1 Ay ...A , A ,X 1 1 1 . . - , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , 1 1 1 1 1 I II 1 ll 1 1 1 I ll 1 II 1 1 1 v I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 1 - I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 II 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T I T T L. 1 1 1 1 1 -W A 1 I I I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 I ' 1 . 1. ' I FRANCIS RYAN Edltor 1n Chlef REV ANDREW L WELDON iw? O Carrn Faculty AdVlSOT HENRY T FISHER Buslness Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS BERT I. WOOD IOHN C. GALLAGHER VALE GILBERTSON IOSEPH BENZ ROBERT BRYAN BERT MENNE WILLIAM MULCAHY PETER L. CONWAY ROBERT A. RILEY RAYMOND ETTLESON IACK GRAHAM HARRY HASKINS ROBERT BREEN ROY HENNING DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS ROBERT CARMODY IOSEPH KLINGELSCHMITT I. FRANK CLARKE LAWRENCE LAVETTE IACK BENEDICT IOHN LYNCH IOHN WALSH IACK HENRY THOMAS HOWE WILLIAM MOLONEY STIRLING MORTIMER THOMAS KENNEDY ROBERT HAYES LOUIS HYDE FRANCIS HICKEY RICHARD KARTCH IOHN KELLEY THOMAS ENRIGHT DONALD LOMBAER DANIEL TOBIN MARK I. MITCHELL IACK LEONARD 5 L QQ 1 'E g f ' THE LITERARY CLUBS '- Mh f,5r5 Y' Afyj' 1,l. , A I.. Q SENIOR LITERARY CLUB TOP ROW I Bened1ct I Bonnrwell W Mulcahy Krebs Breen Nugent Enrrght Tobln Tobrn TOP ROW I Lee H Flsher T Howe N LaGess I Gallagher D Herne W Moloney M Mrtchell E Stanton BOTTOM ROW W Goodnow I Spear P Conway R Rrley Fr Fredrlc L Hyde I Henry I Young I Wlltgen BOTTOM ROW I Krrby L Lavette I Walsh F Clarke R Schatzman N Kennedy W Hansen W Kennedy W Glbbons IUNIOR LITERARY CLUB TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW R Thompson I Benne G Mrller T Lee C Robertson D Hrlgartner G Klng E Marcey I Ferns 'W' Whrte E Stelmaszek TOP ROW C Cahlll F Morrls I Caldwell B Lanum A Llndhoff I I Grbson R McCarthy R Bryar L Deany E Harmon A Schubert R OKeefe L Meyrlck I Hennessey Fr Fredrrc I Carroll V Barbrerl I Grrndell R Hoffmann W McCullough BOTTOM ROW M Rlgler I Glbbons I OGrady I Donohue I Feeney E Sweeney F Nottrngharn W Thuhs G GlbbOHS E Tansey THE SENIOR LITERARY CLUB The Senlor Ltterary Club the oldest lntellectual organtzatlon at Carmel has malntalned 1ts tradl trons and standards of performance for the past thrrteen years Its present membersh1p of Senrors and Iumors may look back upon then' term of endeavors and accompllshments Wlth sat1sfact1on It would be superfluous to re1terate the value of the tra1n1ng that they have recelved ln the art of speak 1ng before a group In every Walk of l1fe one becomes aware of the 1nd1spensab1l1ty of such talent Whlle the regular Engl1sh course at Carmel outllnes a study ln Engl1sh Lrterature the members of the L1terary Club supplement th1s outl1ne w1th a more rrgorous a more thorough search 1nto the Wrltlngs of our forefathers Thus they have become fam1l1ar wrth the best tn L1terature The annual p1cn1c wh1le attended excluswely by members of the Llterary Clubs and the Debatmg Team was regarded a success unsurpassed ln former years In concluslon the boys turn to Father Frederlc the1r moderator Wllh a sllent prayer of appreclatlon for h1s Work and companronshlp throughout the year THE IUNIOR LITERARY CLUB lower classmen thelr lnterests 1n llterature as well as other branches of hfe dlffer ln order that the Sophomores and Freshmen mlght enyoy the same prlvrlege as the Semors and Iunrors the Iunror Llterary Club was formed Its members strlve to cultlvate the gualltles of th1nk1ng clearly expressrng themselves forclbly and analyz1ng the vlewpolnts and arguments of thelr opponents The selectlon of members 1S predrcated upon therr ab1l1ty to grasp the fundamentals of Engl1sh and to express therr thoughts w1th terseness and clarrty The Club has made commendable progress and glves every 1nd1cat1on of equahng the splendtd Work of 1ts predecessors Its part1c1pat1on 1n the annual p1cn1c ln conJunct1on Wllh IIS brg brother the Senror Llterary Club 1 but an example of 1ts act1v1ty and sp1r1t of co operat1on The accompllshments of the organ1zat1on are due 1n a large measure to the untlnng efforts of Father Freder1c L77 R. . ' ' - T. ' . - ' ' - Due to the difference in the ages of the upper and . 1 . I I I . . I ' ' I 'S ' ' ' 78 THE STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Councrl 1S a group of scholars chosen to act as medlators between the student body and the faculty It 1S composed of nme members one from each sect1on of the Senror class and one from each of the under classes who are selected because of the1r scholarshrp and natural ab1l1t1es of leadershrp At the monthly meetmgs presrded over by the presr dent of the Senror class thrs board arranges the calendar and plans many of the act1v1t1es of the student body At the same t1me the vrewpolnt of the students on current toplcs IS expressed and through th1s understandrng perfect harmony be tween faculty and student body 1S assured THE HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Soc1ety one of the newer organ1zat1ons at Carmel 1S the most excluslve of Carmel s clubs and therefore 1ts membershrp 1S the most sought after Admrttance IS l1m1ted to those chosen as Profrcrency f1nal1sts These conslst of the f1ve men rn each class who through the1r unt1r1ng mdustry and serrous study have ma1nta1ned the hrghest averages for the year PIGVIOUS to th1s t1me these deservlng young men recelved but l1ttle recognrtlon for the1r work The hlghest man was presented wrth the medal but the others were merely mentloned rn the year book Th1s Honor SOCIGIY purposes to g1ve to these scholars a portron of the credrt that they so nobly won THE DEBATING TEAM The members of the Debatrng Team are boys who have been trarned 1n oratory srnce entenng the school They were selected from a large group because of the1r hrgh scholastlc standrng and rnnate qualrtres as potentral speakers Constant coachlng and practlcrng 1n open meetrngs prepares the team for outs1de competrtlon The team has been developed under the gurdance of Father Balph who deserves specral credrt for the excellent results he was able to obta1n as the1r preceptor THE ABT CLUB Most of the events sponsored by the other organ1za trons of the school are advertlsed by the Art Club Its members devote the1r spare t1me to desrgnlng and makrng str1k1ng and unrque posters to be placed at the several vantage pornts about the school Wh1le a1d1ng the other soc1et1es these stu dents have garned a knowledge of the prrncrples of advertrsrng proport1on make up word1na and so forth Thrs year the Art Club collaborated wrth the MISSIOH Club 1n sponsorrng the St Patrrck s Eve Dance one of the hrgh lrghts of the year Er Berthold I Beld T Petersen B Began B Lanum H Haskrns I Bell B Carmody W Iohlrc I Walsh HONOB CLUB B Chan G Well B Palmer W Bulger N Krebs B Breen E Byan B Iones M Mrtchell G Matthews C Gllbert Er Berthold DEBATING TEAM W Lechner I Henry H Elsher W Goodnow P Conway I uby B Brley B Hennlng ABT CLUB TOP BOW Er Arnold I Guerm E Casey I Bulger G Skeahan W Bulger M Kavldge I Owen Er Vlctor MIDDLE BOW BOTTOM BOW T Anderson B Chan I Gleason W Hayes L Keatrng G Boblnson W Peterson B Ollver I Gerber L Cavanaugh I Dorgan E Bose I Donohue I Greenan G Becker W Harps -- - - 1 I I ' 1 I I Ill . ' . . - - - I - - - - I --- - - - ' I - - - - - . s - -- , . - - I , . - -- - - -- . . -- - - - - . . . - -- - - I . - - - - , . . . - -- - . I - - -- - - - - 1 - - . - - - - - - - - - . . - - - - - . -- - - - -- - - . - -- - - , - -- , - I s - - , - - . , - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - -- -- . 1 ' . - - -- . - Il I I ' 1 -.I I ' ' - - -- - - el . . . - - , ' . - - xg ? CQUNCIL - I-ICDNCDR - DEBATE - ART . 3 pq Q FJ, . f Q46 L +4 ,, -4 4 ' E 5 jx In "9 1.1" l f Cfflwm rw ABQ Q! , gl .: c 6 Q ,y 'va gi, . in , b . :M ,X ., ,- A 3 -'XS-' , ' Q 0 name- 0 . .- z c. Pu Wmmw 3 Q F CISCA MISSICN mfg wk M 2 ,T ,, ,. V,,,w " . X ,ff ' M 'QQTETA lffjx ,I A ff K m . Q , M'3'f Q Wi" QA k ' - A-Q 5 'I fy' , 'VV' 'bg 3 , ' ' I 2.4, CISCA TOP BOW D Herne E Byan W LaGess H Nugent I Gallagher B Breen P Conway I Bonnrwell I Henry W Moloney MIDDLE BOW BOTTOM BOW B Wood Er Hubert H F1sher I Klrngelschmrdt M M1tchell M Hanley B Lanum E Clark T Howe D Tobrn L Hyde Er Donald B Carmody L Lavette S Caruso I Conway I Walsh T Anderson Er Agu1nas MISSION CLUB TOP BOW Er Arnold D Tobln I Herney B Iones B Mrller H E1sher I Bulger I B1chler C Bobertson Er Mel MIDDLE BOW BOTTOM BOW D Deegan T Heatherly A Beady W Heatherly B Palmer B OMalley I Dunn B Ettleson E Bulren W lioness C Zw1ssler M Cassey E McLynn M B1gler I Gerwlg W Duffy M McMahon D Magurre CISCA C1sca IS potent1ally the strongest organ1zat1on for the promot1on of Cathol1c act1on 1n Ch1cago It represents all that 1S best 1n Cathol1c youth loyalty generos1ty and the h1ghest of 1deals Carmel has entered 1nto CISCQ by appo1nt1ng dele gat1ons to attend the monthly meet1ngs of the four GXGCUIIVG comm1ttees of CISCG Euchar1st1c Soc1al Act1on Apostohc and L1terature These delegates report to the rema1nder of the Carmel un1t Among the ach1evements Cfedlted to the Carmel C1sca un1t are the weekly Soc1als at these gather 1ngs the young people have the opportun1ty of meet1ng and becom1ng acqualnted The MISSION Club has been a1ded cons1derably by 1lS part1c1pa t1on 1n C1sca the APOSIOIIC meet1ngs prove to be founta1n heads clearmg houses of 1deas and sugges- t1ons Even before formally enter1ng C1sca Carmel Jo1ned wholeheartedly 1nto the Leg1on of Decency parade and won hlghest comment for her demon strat1on The New World has been d1str1buted weekly to the students by the members of the L1terature delegat1on Thus Carmel helps C1sca fulfll her pnmary a1m to Chr1st1an1ze SOCIGIY and to br1ng Chr1st1an pr1nc1 ples 1nto soc1al pol1t1cal and 1ndustr1al l1fe THE MISSION CLUB The M1ss1on Club of Carmel an organ1zat1on g1v1ng f1nanc1al a1d to the propagat1on of the Fa1th 1S the oldest organ1zed body of students 1n the school It has th1s year been 1ncorporated 1nto CISCG as the Apostohc DGIGQGIIOH The execut1ve comm1ttee composed of twenty f1V9 members 1S elected by the student body one mem ber represertmg each sect1on Father Arnold and Prater Mel SUPGIVISG the work of th1s board Tl'11S year 1n order to fac1l1tate ra1s1ng funds the MISSIOH Club 1n cor1Junct1on w1th the Art Club sponsored the annual St Patnck s Day Dance 1n the Gym Needless to say the affa1r was a complete success both soc1ally and f1nanc1ally The donat1ons rece1ved from the Carmel MISSION Club have ass1sted the m1ss1onar1es not only 1n our own country but also 1n fore1gn f1elds The gen eros1ty whlch our students have so amply demon strated w1ll undoubtedly be returned not only m ephemeral temporal favors but 1n eternal sp1r1tual graces l81 . . 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 . , , 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 I T. I ' I I I ' 1 I ' 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 I - . 1 . ' I I I ll I . I I I ll . T I I I I I 1 . . I I I . . I I I - 1 . . ll I I . . I . - I Il -. I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 , . .1 1 1 11 I r 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 A I - ' 1 - 1 I ' I 1 1 1 . - . 1 l 1 1 .1 11 I . 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 . - 1 1 1 1 . , 1 i, 1 1 11 I I ll I I , I 1 1 1 1 n ' - . 1 1 - , 1 1 , ' 1 11 82 ,nr THE BAND TOP BOW-C. Ewerts, N. Heckler, I. Ouinlan, I. Ouinn, B. Lentz, K. Orr I. Murphy, N. Krebs, F. Notheisen, F. Bastien, I. Hanley, B. Powers, W. Iones C. Miller, B. Hoffman, I. Link. BOTTOM BOW-I. Cain, W. Haas, I. McCormick, A. Lang, C. Byan, Fr. Vic tor, F. Holsinqer, W. Schiltz, E. Holstein, G. Leake, G. Iacobmeyer, N. Byan TOP BOW - F. Beckstrom, D. Carlyle, B. Obarski, I. Lynch, T. Lynch D. Tobin, M. Mar, T. Moran, H. Beckstrorn, F. Balaam, I. Williams, D. Mulligan BOTTOM BOW-B. Hammer, B. Shauqhnessy, I. Kuratnik, I. Bagwell, I McGowan, A. Ready, L. Moreno, I. Hansen, W. Hansen, W. Marcinkevich. 9 E I f 1 THE BAND From a mere handful of boys rn l93O the Band has grown to one of the out standrng unlts of 1ts k1nd rn Chlcago Through the comb1ned efforts of the ablest of drrectors wrllmg faculty sponsors and responslve students Carmel has proauced a Band whrch she 1S proud to have represent her at any functron Thrs year the Band has been placed under the drrectlon of Mr Herman Ber nnger a man who has had years of tra1n1ng rn blendlng the tones of the varrous rnstruments to obtaln the mo t harmonrous arrangements Father Wrlfred who has Worked for years as faculty sponsor and who has become a part of the Band organrzatron aga1nf1lled thrs capaclty He was assrsted by Prater Vrctor At most of Carmel s publlc functlons the Band took a prrnclpal part The corps offered drversron at the Parent Teachers Meetrngs 1nsp1red the players at all the football and basketball games and et the tempo of hrlartty at the Pep meetmgs We senrors antlclpate rts musrcal contrrbutton to our Commence ment lndeed Whatever the mood desrred the Band may be aepended upon to draw from rts vast repertorre Just the rrght prece to mold such a feelrng Needless to say the students obtatn mvaluable trarnmg 1n rnuslc through playrng Wrth the Band Though most of the boys have had some prevrous mstructron 1n rnuslc at Carmel they acgurre a flnrshed reftnement that greatly adds to therr culture ln addltron to studyrng musrc they learn to march and execute rntrrcate m1l1tary commands lt was thrrlhng to Wrtness the Band smartly march down the fleld a struttrng drum maJor a flashtng baton and the st1rr1ng tune Stand up and Srng Men of Carmel Pew realrze the sacrlfrce entarled rn playrng 1n the Band Many hours must ke spent rn rehearsmg the songs and as the drrector wlll permrt nothrng short of perfect a great deal of patrence tryrng Work must be expended Pre guently especrally durlng the football season the Band members practrce marchrng performrng compllcated dr1lls and learnmg to form the letters of the alphabet that they mrght spell out messages to the spectators rn the stands Several hours before each event rn Whrch they are to partrclpate the Band boys must report at the school burldrng 1n order that they mlght don therr umforms and be transported rn a body to the srte of the game or program The Mothers Club through a serres of partres and entertarnments has sup plred the Band Wrth the frnest of egurpment Every member rs now provlded wrth a frrst class lnstrument and a natty unrform consrstrng of a brown coat Whrte trouser a whlte lmed cape and a smart mtlrtary cap The school as a whole apprecrates the ard of the Mothers Club Not content wlth the annual concert the Band thls year promoted the Mld year Dance ln the Gym Though thrs IS rts frrst attempt at thls type of soc1al endeavor the Band Worked hard and made a typlcal Carmel success of the affarr And so rt rs wlth prlde that Carmel pornts to her Band A more able actrve or progressrve organrzatron she could not Wlsh to have Carmel thanks the boys the1r drrector and thetr faculty sponsor for the success of thrs mayor act1v1ty the Band 83 -Al - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 I 1 1 1 1 1-1 D 1 I , 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - -1 I 1 1 II I: Q , 1. ' 1 4.1 1 , , L A 1 1 1 1 1 1 N 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 II , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 I T ' T I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I T 4 T I 1 H 1 - 1 1 1 o, , 1 U 1 1 I I - I ' I I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I I , 1 84 POPULAR ORCHESTRA The Popular Orchestra is composed of older boys who after experience with the Band and other musical organizations have combined to offer an original style of dance mus1c Since this Jazz 1 more to the boys liking the student body has received the Orchestra with enthusiasm The members of the Orchestra have lent their musical strains at the weekly socials a new activity at Carmel on the dance floor during the Carnival between the acts of the Dramatic Clubs presentation Nora Nobody t the several boxing shows Parent Teacher meetings Mothers and Dads Club meetings and many other functions Thus they have all obtained practical experlence in a type of music that 1S altogether different from that employed by the Band or Classical Orchestra Furthermore such experience has Under the guidance of Father Iuhan who has organized and directed the group since its inception three years ago the Orchestra has acquired a large library and repertoire and has gained a host of ready listeners among the student body and parents We all look forward to events in which the Popular Orchestra 1S to play we have learned from previous appearances the type of entertainment to expect CLASSICAL ORCHESTRA The Classical Orchestra was reorganized this year under the direction of Mr Louis I Free The great number of candidates who presented themselves for trial made possible a choice selection. Many of the applicants were boys who had never before played in school organizations but who had received pri- vate instructions outside of school. Since only the best could meet the high standards set the chosen group is potentially the finest body of 1ts kind in the school capable of producing the most intricate of compositions. Although the Orchestra has made few public appearances it 1S engaged at the time of this writing in preparing for a concert to be given near the end of the school term. We are promised an evening of fine entertainment with selec- tions from William Tell and the Victor Herbert Melodies among the outstanding numbers. The culture and the appreciation for heavier music that the boys derive from association with the Classical Orchestra is inestimable. Carmel could not want for a more refining pastime for her boys, nor could the boys desire a more capable director than Mr. Free. Great credit also must be given Frater Regis, faculty sponsor. u I I I ll III G opened the door to a possible future career. n-, me , N Q 1 E XXI! Q MQNCDGRAM v 1 of f Qs 3 ' -se ,F g , 4 1, Q. ' Y ,W " A f fy L. . ' 1- . 4 -I Y, Y" , ' , m 2 A ff . 1 5 V. . V 'Qi' ' L 1 V ?k lx fPE'gH g MONOGBAM CLUB TOP BOW E Ob1ala I Dockery I Berd I Hanley F Brller I lrlalloran I Hart I l'lam1lton BOTTOM BOW B Smrth I Kelley I Burgg B Kartch F Dean E Clark P DuCharrre I Bell TOP BOW L Adams I S1mko M Mrtchell I Z1emba S Lulnoskr T Kenn dy BOTTOM BOW F McDermott I K1ely B Post B Breen T Petersen A DeMarco TOP BOW I Walsh E Kemph B Sexton D Usher I Mortrmer C MacDonald I Egan BOTTOM BOW B Mrodleton L Freedman V Gresler I Cole N Luken F Bfan THE MONOGBAM CLUB ln the Monogram Club 1S found the cream of Car mel s athletes Membershrp 1S l1m1ted to those who have been actrve 1n the f1eld of sports for the hono of the school and who have been rewarded w1th a maJor letter Only those who have attarned the peak are enrolled Thus we frnd those who have fought for Carmel s fame 1n drvergent frelds Foot ball Basketball Track or Sw1mm1ng grouped together 1n one club The prrme purpose of the club as founded 1n 1927 1S to act as a v1g1lant body to guard aga1nst stu dents wearrng fore1gn or unearned letters or numerals Students may w1n maJor letters 1n Heavy werght Football Lrghtwelght and l-leavywe1ght Basketball Track and Sw1mm1ng Although m1nor letters are awarded 1n all m1nor sports earnmg one of these does not entltle the student to the pr1v1lege of Jo1n1ng the Monogram Club Belng composed of athletes who understand the prmcrples of sportsmansh1p and who know the value of encouragement the Monogram Club far promot1ng Carmelrte athlet1cs The members GSp9C1 ally the older boys ard the coaches 1n tra1n1ng and 1nstruct1ng younger asprrants to athletrc recognltlon They frnd real enroyment 1n off1c1at1ng at the under class 1ntramural games Thelr fa1r Judgment and broad knowledge of the sport serve as 1nsp1r1ng elements to the players The Club has branched out from 1ts or1g1nal pur pose however and now offers a fleld of soc1al act1v1ty as well as encourag1ng athlet1cs among the students The gala Holrday Dance at the Congress Hotel was sponsored by the Monogram Club The Club operated the Sports booth at the Carnrval offermg pr1 es of sweaters baseballs and other athlet1c goods Thus the Monogram Club fulflls numerous obJec trves lt honors Carmel s athletes 1t forestalls the m1suse of Carmel s emblem rt serves as a means of soc1al act1v1ty and as the med1um of form1ng last 1ng fr1endsh1ps Few other Carmelrte organrzatlons are so exclusrve yet so promment and act1ve as the Monogram Club l87 - ' ' ' ' r . 7 I ' . ,L I I ' I - . l . T . I I I ' . Q I B. Carmody outshines the other organizations in backing and I I I ' I s,7. - I , W . , - . X . RYAN CLUB The Ryan Club although 1t 1S one of the youngest organlzatlons at Carmel 1S nevertheless one of the most progresslve POSSGSSIOH of the name of Ryan 1S the only entrance reqmrement asked of the students At the monthly meet1ngs of the Club many cur rent lOp1CS perta1n1ng to school l1fe are d1scussed Although the Club does not sponsor any 1mportant soc1al or athletlc event 1t does much towards sup portlng the affa1rs of the larger organ1zat1ons KENNEDY CLUB The Kennedy Club was started th1s year by the members of the student body DOSSGSSIHQ the grand old Celt1c name of Kennedy Prater Mel was chosen moderator of th1s young club because he 1S the lone member of the faculty who bears the name of Kennedy Both the Club and Prater Mel are new to the school wh1ch g1ves them much 1n common We are sure that as the Kennedy Club advances 1n age so 1t shall advance 1n obta1n1ng the recogn1t1on MURPHY CLUB The Murphy Club has ga1ned the env1able honor of be1ng the oldest name club eX1Sl1I'1Q' 1n the school The Club 1S seven years old Naturally dur1ng that t1me they have become one of the best known clubs 1n Carmel and have branched out 1nto a most actlve body Murphys are found 1n pract1cally every type of student act1v1ty throughout the school They have formed fr1end Sl'l1pS wh1ch w1ll last throughout l1fe Keep up the good work Murph s THE O CONNOR CLUB Carmel 1S graced th1s year by the presence of her newly organ1zed O Connor Club composed of those students and members of the faculty who bear th1s name and who naturally have a unlted rnterest 1n the Celt1c race 1lS h1story and 1lS trad1t1ons Old Er1n s splend1d contr1but1ons to the world 1n the way of the arts are revlved and appra1sed by the O Connors The Club 1S not ent1rely academlc how ever but offers a great deal of soc1al d1vers1on to 1ts members f88l dtgmss f ag? 1 Q RYAN CLUB Thomas Leonard Clement Norus Eranc1s Edward ohn Thomas KENNEDY CLUB Wrllram Vmcent Fr Mel Thomas Frank Thomas A MURPHY CLUB ohn Edward Mr Mlchael Edward Arthur Wrlllam O CCNNOR CLUB Wllllam Wlllldm I Fr Neal Mr M1chael Ioseph lames 1 'Y -wtf . - . if ' l of the entire student body. Ighn I I -I I l Y RYAN - KENNEDY- MURPHY- UCCDNNCDR . , , , . ,, , . , N.-.M,.., ww... ..,...q,. ,.,. -,f......,- -,..,.w..,M,, ,......,..n.-,.....w...W,,V,,.M.. - W... . A -f M W -mf - ...Y 90 DRA C. Carm. Faculty Director MR. EUGENE SUCRUE Director ELEBBATING its twelfth year as a major activity at Carmel, the Dramatic Club presented "Nora Nobody" in St. Cyril's Auditorium to four full houses. A high standard of performance had been set by former shows, notably, "Nothing But the Truth" in l927, "A Pair of Sixes" in l928, and last year's "Depend On Me." With these successes to emulate, the players, selected from a group of seventy-five candidates, went about their work in praise- worthy style, spending twelve weeks in rehearsal to perfect their lines and actions. The results were highly satisfactory. "Nora Nobody," the play presented to Carmel audiences this year, was received with a great deal of enthusiasm. Practically every minute the audi- torium resounded with laughter. The play itself was an excellent farce in three acts by Howard Reel, offering a good plot and clever lines. Good as the play was the cast deserves high praise for the interpretation of its various parts. Timing, an element which can make or break a show, was used to advantage and made the many Climatic situations most effective. Female interpretation came in for its share of laughs as usual. Six of the cast appeared on the stage in feminine attire. No small amount of credit is due Mr. Eugene Sugrue, who has directed the Club'S endeavors for the past four years. Mr. Sugrues ability to fit himself into any role and demonstrate to the players exactly what he desired was a principal factor in the success of the show. Father Angelus, the faculty sponsor, became a real pal to the boys in the Club. The cast was selected for ability and not because of seniority, a policy which contributed materially to the strength of each role. Although there were a few actors who stood out above the others, the difference was so slight that the group was nicely balanced. ithV. ANGELUS I. CBCRNL A CX w ,gm V 1 X 'K Y K A . x Q X X, t - 2? gxfu V- 5. ' 4 BX! Q 'lx V' . .5 . Nl I -S Y 1' ' " 1 wx . va w',,.,,' ' av' F .., oi A 1 s 79,51 Ki , sa,,feX . .ry A. . . r mn, Q3 1 .."-, Qlv xx 6. f 41,52 . , . nl K wi 4. F? -1 ff ' 5.4 F I 1 1 I If vw ' an - ,Q A At s 4, 121' 'WP sv, 4 F' W -15 if .. x A 9 I x ' ,, A g .- 'L MF., .fi I Q s 'V Af , wz,,,fff,mf , 'X ,R EE, X ' 'P fW?Y,.k7,'k,,f- Wasp ' ,,f 3 C , 7 X ,5 V - , Q vi . ' ' ' wx! Y fav x - ' 4 S - , -A 3 I ,W ,. . s 1 Xxx y ff ' ' 4' f, L. E 'Ax fig' ix 4 X , sf! ' -G S "' 'P I K Q 5 fx, X X. 2 'g A H x, K V . R A in 5? gg A I 3' 7 M ' 1-4 t Ck i , , 9 is J f W , 4 : 4 I fy ,, W JRQRKC A x 'Wi CS if' l ' TO, r My Milf ' tg it E HE performance of the cast of "Nora Nobody" was marked by a profes- sional type of acting. lack McCarthy as George Seabury was flawlessly at ease, and gave to the play much of its actionp he displayed the technique of living Within his part. Horatio Gibson, portrayed by Francis Ryan, was made to be a most human character, Reds ability to show the several moods involved in the unfolding of the plot made him convincing as a stern father and a genuine business man. lohn Crotty's Nora McGillicudy was a real Nora, whose double life the audience followed with a good deal of interest. Pete Conway made the most of "Mrs, McQueen," a "female Wimpy" role, by playing the spectators for a laugh on every line. Frank Clarke gave to the part of Paul Gibson a nonchalant flippancy Which made Paul a striking contrast to his fathers seriousness and business-like atti- tude. Bob Bryar, through his excellent portrayal of emotion and his all-around characterization made Marian Mento one cf the high-lights of the cast. The inimitable lim G'Malley was the funniest, dumbest bell-boy a hotel could possibly hire. Even his offstage calling brought peals of laughter from the audience. Bill Moloneys portrayal of Adelphine proved to be an excellent handling of a difficult character part. Sharon, Adelphine's niece, played by Leo Deany, had a light, airy, and pleasant manner. Ray Lindbloom had Pat, the waitress, regaling the spectators with a line of slang and an inevitable wad of gum. All told, the cast proved to be a well-balanced unit, each character being studied and understood thoroughly by the actor before an attempt was made to interpret the part. E931 gymgyq 7' KQ1 lg -JL MV 5:1351 XZ' E M gd W SSW W ' E i M? ll' W f Q, XV fa' ff' J :GQ fm f ' f' N 1 ' ' -I , All ff - J S ia 5 M IEE' ' ' ' Q 1. f f X 9 4 YQ W v . m Teams of Carmel standard bearers of true sportsmanshlp staunch defenders of the Bra Nfl and Whlte loyal vahant self sacrlhcmq you have stood the tes! and urlflmchmqly upheld Carmel s laurels ' af r 5 Q vm . 1 mv. 'iw Q ? EA CARMEL' Down the field an athlete dashes dodging cutting driving before him behind him beslde him are his teammates blocking smashing crashing fighting for that last yard Cn the floor the player dribbles passes a shot its good' Cr on the track in the ring on the mats rn the pool wherever Carmelite athletes are found there are found true sportsmen willing to take the losses wrth the wms always fighting clean and hard The Carmelite Fathers being firm believers in the Cfreek adage A sound mind in a sound body have sponsored athletics since creased so that today Carmel is represented in every popular sport Most of the teams are entered into Catholic league competi tion but in some cases Carmels advance has preceded the recognition of the sport by the league and she has been forced to find her competition in non league schools or even promote the sport among her own students Carmel s progress in every sport is well known The mere mention of the name of Carmel inspires in her opponents a respectful recognition Not that it leads them to surrender without a fight rather it gives rise to a new fighting spirit that Carmel must over come in each of her competitors While only a limited number of boys can engage in the actual competition each of the students feels it his duty to support his team to back it with that same perseverance that he expects of the athletes on the field Thus he too shares in the glories of Carmel's victories bears with them the weight of her losses When an opposing team meets a Carmel team, it is combating not only the few on the field but the whole student body, the whole school. To illustrate this unity in Athletics this co operation between the athletes, the students, and the faculty in promoting Carmel's fame is the aim and purpose of this section of the book. 97 the first days of Carmel. Each year the range of endeavor has in- THE TEAM 98 COACH OFSTIE j 1 HCCACH CFSTlE" ln his four years of coaching football at Mt. Carmel, Harold "Hod" Ofstie has turned out three successive Catholic League championship teams, one of which, the l933 sguad, Won the highest title in prep football com- petition, the Chicago Prep Title. lt was after his graduation from Wisconsin in l9l4 that "l-lod" first turned to the coaching profession. His knowledge of coaching methods and the psychology of handling athletes plus his own natural ability, which distinguished him as an All-American at Wisconsin, proved to be an effective combination. Coach Ofstie came to Car- mel with as remarkable a reputation as can be credited to any Chicago prep coach. ln the nine years of coaching previous to his coming to Carmel, he had produced eight championship teams, seven of which were college teams, and he brought a championship to the Great Lakes Naval Training School. "Hod" coached at Utah, at the University of Southern California, and at Ripon. Although the l934 team did not Win the title this year, Coach Ofstie saw his boys finish just half a game away from a playoff for their fourth successive Catholic League Title. McDonald Hamilton Crotty Peth Wood Freedman Brother lohn, Obiala, Vlaming, Greve, Nolan, Costello, Father Raymond Post Smith Middleton Reid Lynn Glfl 934 'Q T Kennedy Mathern Dolan Lucid l Kennedy Egan Mortimer Kartch Biller Hanley Ryan Looney Charley Herne Coach Ofstie Lulinslci Pietraszewslci De Marco Du Charme Burgy Ziemba THE SEASONS HIGHLIGHTS Hod Ofstie s l934 football machine was displayed for the first time of the year to a critical crowd of five thousand who disrega ded a rainy night to look over Carmel s latest effort The novelty of the arc lights failed to di con cert Carmel for they held a powerful Hammond eam to a 6 to 6 deadloct They concluded their practice schedule the following Sunday by trouncing their friendly enemies Catholic High of loliet by a score of l9 to O White City was the scene of Carmel s first league victory and also the scene of the worst defeat that Loyola ever suffered in league competition. The score was 33 to O. A thrilling victory over De Paul was the next victory entered on the record books, but the Brown and White warriors were about to be set back. The following week-end they met a supposedly "green" team, but in reality an accomplished fighting squad, St. George held Carmel to a score- less tie. Victories over St. Philip and De La Salle sent Carmel's championship stock high, but a bitterly contested game with St. Leo ended in 9 to O defeat for the Brown and White. Undaunted, the team triumphed over St. Rita 6 to O for second place in the section. 99 flOOl THE FOOTBALL SEASON The first game in which the team tried its mettle was with Hammond High of lndiana. This was a night game and a very interesting one in that Carmel showed that it possessed another potential championship eleven. The game ended in a 6 to 6 tie, but a clear idea of Carmel's strength cannot be obtained from the score. The Brown and White scored first by sending "Babe" Lynn on a ninety - six yard dash from scrim- mage. Hammond scored on a break, intercepting a lateral pass and capi- talizing on it. The next team Carmel played was Catholic High of Ioliet. Ioliet proved to be a very spirited team and held the Carmelites scoreless until the second quarter when Iohnny Pietraszewski put across the first touchdown. ln the third quarter the famous Carmel locomotive of old began to get up steam, and Pietras- zewski scored again on a forty-five yard run, the result of an intercepted pass. Ioe Dockery skipped around the opposing center to complete the scoring. The contest ended with the 19 to O score in favor of Carmel. Mt. Carmel's first league efforts re- sulted in a terrific beating for Loyola. The first touchdown settled the game as far as Loyola was concerned, but Carmel's merciless barrage of scores did not cease until the tally stood 33 to O. "Babe" Lynn scored the first touchdown in the first few minutes after the kickoff. ln the second quar- ter he went over once again on a plunge. Pietraszewski was the next Carmelite to add to the total by scor- ing on a short run. Tallies by Iimmy Hamilton and Larry Freeman ended the rout of Loyola. Pietraszewski Lynn Lulinski Post DuCharme Lynn THE HEAVIES Concerted teamplay was the greatest factor in bringing the heavyweight team to within a half-game of their fourth Catholic title. The Brown and White employed a system that could only be used successfully by a highly co-ordinated unit. That they followed the system religiously can be deduced from the scores turned in against the other section elevens. The Carmel locomotive never lacked individual stars throughout the l934 sea- son. Players who manifested an ability to take care of any situation after the ball was snapped, quite naturally found stardom. Iohnny Pietraszewski, who came up from last year's great lightweight team, is a striking example ot this. Iohnny was one of the best blockers in the league and a whirlwind at full- back . . . Captain "Lulu" Lulinski was another capable performer. lust as he did for the past two years, Lulinski once again filled the tackle position, and once again he played a stellar role . . ."Babe" Lynn at quarter proved indis- pensable to the Carmelites with this tricky ball-carrying and expert passing . . . The end positions were well taken care of in veteran Dick Post and Ioe Ziemba . . . Angelo De Marco and lim Reid, despite their diminutive stature, turned in consistent performances . . .Ioe Burgy starred at the other backfield position by capitalizing on his natural shiftiness and blocking abilities. Larry Freedman, playing at center, was responsible for the success of Carmel crushing tactics. Tl-IE LIGHTS Father Timothy, coach of the lightweight football team, again developed a championship eleven . . . An outstanding athlete in his own right, he suc- ceeded in imparting to his team the spirit and ability which distinguished his own prep school career . . . The squad started its successful season by whip- ping l-lyde Park 7 to O . . . Next the Carmelites defeated De La Salle l3 to 6 . . . The next rival, Tilden, succumbed l9 to O . . . St. Leo, traditional rival, was conquered after a bitter battle by the score of 7 to O . . . The last game of the season, with St. Bita, demonstrated the real prowess of the team with Mt. Car- mel winning bythe decisive score of 2l to U . . . Led by Captain Ioe Bell, a flashy ball-carrier, the players showed real talent . . . many fine athletes were developed for next year's heavyweight squad . . . Outstanding among the backfield men were such stars as "Bed" Magnan, a shifty clever ball carrier . . . loe Sweeney, an accurate, reliable passer . . . Gene Cahill, hard-hitting full-back . . . Beinert, tricky quarter-back . . . Ward, Crepeau, and Mooney, all versatile half-backs, completed the backfield . . . the line, compiling the remark- able, the defensive record of allowing only four first downs all season, was composed of husky, aggressive players . . . predominant among the line-men were Beaudoin, a good defensive center . . . Briggs and Merrion, charging guards . . . Corcoran and Stelmarzek bruising tackles . . . At the end positions, Fitzgerald and loyce played brilliantly. . . Iakubowski, Meyers, and Tolley were capable substitutes . . . The team on the whole, showed remarkable pos- sibilities, and it is certain that its members will be well represented on future Carmel heavyweight teams. TOP BOW - Byan, Stelmaszek, Wren, Miller, l-luttner, Connor, Brown, Moore, Kieran, Tobin, Tolley, Costo. MHDDLE BOW - Fr. Timothy, David, Crepeau, Ward, Beiner, Cahill, Mooney, Magnan, Myers, Triana. BOTTOM BOW - Sweeney, Fitzgerald, Corcoran, Merrion, Beaudoin, Briggs, lakubowski, loyce, Bell. Middleton Freedman Reid Keily Pietraszewski Kennedy THE SEASCN The next game was played against a fighting De Paul eleven which had won its first league game in very de- cisive fashion. At the half the score was 6 to 6, but in the opening sec- onds of the third quarter De Paul scored again and added the extra point. The score was now l3 to 6 and remained that way until the last six minutes when the Carmelites woke from their lethargy and flashed the fighting spirit of previous games. Two touchdowns which left De Paul bewildered, gave Carmel a 20 to l3 lead, the ultimate margin of victory. Mt. Carmel's next opponent was the supposedly green and inexperienced St. George eleven. The first half was a see-saw affair with both teams held powerless by well-functioning defenses. ln the second half the Car- melites launched an advance on the St. George goal and were stopped just short of a touch-down by the des- perate Evanston boys. Although the Dragons were undeniably good, the critics generally conceded that the Brown and White were off their game. The game ended in a score- less tie. Undaunted by the previous setback, Mt. Carmel took the field before the 30,000 enthusiastic spectators who had turned out in gala array for the annual Loretta Benefit game. Iohnny Pietraszewski began the scoring with a one yard plunge over center after a sustained march down the field. Captain "Lulu" Lulinski added the point after touchdown. "Pete'7 got loose again in the last quarter and raced around end twenty yards for the second goal. With only two min- utes to play t"Babe" Lynn repeated Pietraszewski's performance by skirt- ing left end. Lulinski's kick after touchdown made the final score 21 to 0. fl03l f104l THE SEASON "Hod" decided to give his boys a workout before their fray with the St. Leo Lions so the annual Mercy benefit game between St. Phillip and Carmel was once again scheduled. Although the West side team fought hard, they could do absolutely noth- ing with Carmel's plunging backs and brilliant passing attack. Touch- downs were scored by Post, Lynn, and Pietraszewski, the latter making two. The last tally was the result of a spectacular pass engineered by Ioe Dockery. The final tally stood at Z4 to O in favor of Carmel. The following week the Brown and White gridders met their Waterloo at Shrewbridge Field, in the person of the St. Leo Lions. Early in the first quarter Hal Bowen of Leo raced around his own left end for the home team's only touchdown. The next three quarters resolved itself into a grueling battle with both elevens straining to score. ln the third quar- ter Lulinski was injured and had to be taken from the game. Leo scored two more points when Middleton was trapped behind the goal at- tempting to pass. The final score was Leo, 97 Carmel, O. Mt. Carmel's last effort of the season resulted in a splendid conquest of St. Rita. Playing the Ritans at their field, which had been flooded by heavy rains, the Carmelites were forced to go scoreless in the first period. When the next quarter was well under way Mt. Carmel at- tempted a pass. Lynn dashed down the center of the field just over the goal and caught Pietraszewski's per- fect toss for the tally. The last half of hard fought play failed to change the 6 to O score. Biller Greve Hamilton DeMarco Smith Burgy Dockery THE BANTAMS Impressed by the amount of promising football material present among the lower classes, the school decided to form a bantamweight team to serve as a proving ground for Coach Ofstie's future heavyweight stars . . . In Frater Ken- neth Moore, Mt. Carmel found a talented coach . . . A successful career in prep school had given Frater Kenneth an inside knowledge of the finer as well as the rudimentary points of the game . . . The boys recognized him as a natural leader . . . As a result he led his boys through a very successful sea- son . . . The squad won five out of seven games, losing one and tying one . . . Most of the players were selected from the Freshman and Sophomore years . . . Many potential heavyweight stars were developed . . . An able backfield was formed . . . King, a speedy rangy half-back, led the ball-carriers in all around ability . . . Powell blocked and carried the ball skillfully . . . Greene was a bulwark on defense . . . Geary, tricky at the quarterback post, handled the kicking and passing with creditable success . . . The line, a fast-charg- ing aggregation, played consistently and well . . . They allowed an average of only two first downs a game . . . The regular forward wall numbered many capable players . . . Robertson and Nelson, alert, fast moving ends . . . Kaiser and Rouland, bruising, aggressive tackles . . . McGinnis and Kenny, "watch- charm" guards . . . and Neil, holding the center of the line intact. As a result of the invaluable experience and knowledge gained under Prater Kenneth the bantamweight players represent Grade "A" material for Coach Ofstie to use next year. Carmel will hear more about these youngsters. TOP ROW - Gibbons, Hanrahan, Leen, McGinnis, King, Barder, Burke, Grey, Gorman, Kenney, Kaiser. MIDDLE ROW' H Fr. Kenneth, O'Keefe, Neil, Lino, Clegg, Roderick, Grindell, Hennessey, Mcl-lugh, Heffron. BOTTOM ROW- Geary, Miller, Powell, Shanahan, Nelson, Lindhoff, Robin- son, Greene, l-lall, C. Miller. THE HEAVIES Coach "I-lod" Ofstie, in his first year as director of the basketball squads, sent an excellent heavyweight team into Catholic League competition. The heavyweights won the co-championship of the South section with De La Salle by finishing the regular schedule with the same percentage as the De La Salle team, but lost to them in a thrilling play-off. Their Catholic league rec- ord was five won and three lost. The l935 team was a sguad that could acguit itself creditably in any compe- tition. Had not three regulars been lost in the thick of the campaign for the league title, it is certain that Carmel would have had another championship placgue gracing its walls. The high spot of the season was, undoubtedly, the play-off with De La Salle at St. Rita gymnasium. Twenty-five hundred enthusiastic fans crowded into the place to see the South section supremacy settled. The color of the crowd, the cheers as each basket was sunk, the wonderful hand given Carmel after they had been defeated by the narrowest margin in the overtime-all seemed to indicate that the keen interest of the past in basketball is returning to Mt. Carmel. The regular heavyweight team was composed of Captain "Duke" Ducharme . . . a dead shot . . . colorful . . . a good leader . . . Eddie Dwyer . . . the "find" of the season . . . "Dutch" Creve . . . the most promising player for l936 . . . Dick Post . . . colorful . . . master of hook shots . . . lohn Lucid . . . steadying influence on a fast team . . . lohnny Pietraszewski . . . the best defense man on the team . . . Dick Kartch . . . a real worker . . . Vince Geisler . . . good shot and smart player. TCP RCW-Broderick, Cahill, Crepeau, Dockery, Giesler, l-lalloran, Hart, Bell, Petersen. BOTTOM ROW-Pietraszewski, Hanley, Cfreve, Post, Du Charme, Kartch, Mahoney, Dwyer. eff ,W WLLL if Du Charme Giesler Post Hanley Halloran Greve Crepeau Be Du Charme Kartch Dwyer Hart Dwyer Halloran Kartch Greve Du Charme THE SEASON LIGHTS CARMEL 35 RITA l8 The ponies playing the curtain-raiser as usual, seemed unfamiliar with the floor and experienced some diffi- culty in making their shots count. ln the middle of the second quarter they hit their stride and led by Bell and Kelley proceeded to drop bas- kets in from every conceivable angle. ln the last half they continued to run up points. T HEAVIES CARMEL 48 ST RITA 27 The heavyweights started out the season with an impressive victory over the Rita boys The star of the game was Ed Dwyer who scored on shots that kept the crowd shouting in admiration Dwyer was fed the ball by every player and each time the new man got his hands on the ball it was good for two points His total a new Catholic League scoring record was 28 points LIGHTS CARMEL 19 DE LA SALLE 20 The second game away from home ended disastrously for the light weights Throughout the entire con test the score was never more than two points in favor of either team The first quarter featured some close guarding and most of the work done by both teams was defensive. HEAVIES CARMEL l9 DE LA SALLE 23 The heavies took the floor deter- mined to avenge the ponies' defeat. De La Salle's fast, steady attack out- witted the Carmelites in the first half, but with the first whistle of the third quarter to the final gun De La Salle was called upon to check recurring Carmel rallies. The Brown and White came within a point of a tie, but De La Salle scored three point: in short order to win 23 to l9. Father Timothy I 107 1 llO8I THE SEASON LIGHTS CARMEL 33 ST. LEO 35 The next meeting scheduled for the lights was with St. Leo, defending section titlist and ultimate 1935 league champions. The contest was closely fought during the entire four periods, but a flurry of points late in the last quarter kept the game from going into an overtime. SeXton's free throws lslowed down St. Leo's late rally, and, with the score 34 to 35 in favor of Leo, Hart and Usher sank two baskets to put Carmel in front. HEAVIES CARMEL 22 ST. LEO 34 The heavies fell victim to their first decisive beating of the season. Largely through the play of Dwyer the Carmelites managed to secure a lead in the second quarter and hold on to it until the half. Led by the Leo center, the Lions wiped out the slight disadvantage in the third quarter, held their lead in the final period. LIGHTS CARMEL 23 CATHOLIC I5 A journey out to Ioliet to play Catho- lic High sent the Carmel ponies back up to the top of the percentage col- umn once again. An irresistible at- tack in the first half completely bewildered Ioliet and resulted in several of the lightweights fattening their individual scoring record. HEAVIES CARMEL 28 CATHOLIC 26 The traditional rallying power of the heavyweights was spectacularly demonstrated when they took the court against the defending National Champs. After being outscored throughout the entire contest the team rallied about Du Charme and tied the score in the last few seconds. A brilliant shot by Pietraszewski in the middle of the hectic overtime von for Mt. Carmel. Greve Dwyer Du Charme Walsh Cahill Mahoney Dockery Cahill Pietraszewski Hanley Giesler Post Halloran Kartch THE LIGHTS This year Mt. Carmel was truly fortunate in selecting "Hod" Ofstie, pilot of so many Carmelite football teams to Catholic titles, as coach of the cage squads. His amazing ability to bring out the latent gualities in his players, his knowl- edge of coaching secrets, his universal appeal to athleteseall pointed him out as the man to bring lerry 0'Neill's teams farther down the victory path. "Hod" is not new to basketball coaching. He was the cage mentor some years ago at the Utah Agriculture College. The coaching information he picked up there stood him in good stead if we would believe the record of the lightweights. Assisted by Prater Timothy, who directed the lightweight foot- ball team this year, he put a sguad on the floor that was everywhere con- ceded as one of the best lightweight teams in the city. The lights defeated St. Leo, the defending section champions and the team that was finally to win the l935 championship of the league. Five victories and three defeats was the splendid record of Carmel's l935 pony aggregation. The regular team was composed of lack Hart . . . a fighter from the drop of the hat . . . Captain loe Bell . . . the finest "dribbler" on the squad . . . Tony Kelly , . . high-scorer without half trying . . . Ned Clark . . . always got the ball to Carmel's forwards . . . Dick Anton . . . his cool, steady play was a tonic to the team . . . The alternates . . . Gene Kemph always playing in teamwork . . , Sexton and Usher . . . sharp-eyed forwards . . . And the subs! . . . A real cage team, worthy representatives of Carmel sportsmanship. TCP BQW -- Petersen, Cahill, Sumners, Kemph, Quinlivan, Hart, De Guide, Tunney, Broderick. BCTTQM BCM7-Walsh, Usher, Sexton, Kelly, Bell, Vfeltin, Clark, Anton. THE BANTAMS The bantamweight basketball squad, under the tutelage of Frater Kenneth, enjoyed another highly successful season, losing only one tilt of a schedule which comprised thirty-two games. The credit for this achievement must be attributed in most part to their coach, who in his first year as mentor of this aggregation, succeeded in putting on the floor a quintet which was as re- markable on the defensive as it was in its offensive strength. The bantamweight team was composed of many of the larger boys on the flyweight five, as well as those players too inexperienced to make the light- weight team. Under the inspiring leadership of Captain Vince Corbett, the "Banties" whipped such accomplished quintets as St. Philip, Tilden, and the Hyde Park Lights. The most thrilling game of the season was the St. Leo game when the Lions were turned back in an overtime. Although co-operation and teamwork was the litany that Prater Kenneth chanted to his boys, certain players projected themselves into stardom . . . the great offensive play of Bill Iones and Wally Beaudoin, the leading scor- ers . . . the brilliant defensive displays of Mickey Flanagan and Bill Mooney . . . the all-round versatility of Captain Corbett . . . These and other factors made the bantamweights a truly great quintet. The bantamweight performers who thrilled Carmel fans this year are sure to thrill Carmel fans next year . . . as members of the lightweight team. lf they do as well for "l-lod" Cfstie as they have for Prater Kenneth, they will be sensational. n Cfeorgen W. Flannigan, E. Mooney, W. Beaudoin, V. Corbet, W. Iones, R. Haggerty wr .ei-+'if'1'i"?t-"-w as t 1 if wif? iti. wtf ' . ' ' , ' ' -wr Wu + .-af Sexton Walsh Kemph Bell Quinlan Usher Bell Clark Anton Bell Kelley Hart Kemph Usher Sexton Quinlivan THE SEASON LIGHTS CARMEL 33 ST. RlTA 2l Bowing for the first time of the league season to a home crowd, the ponies swept on to their fourth victory by setting back St. Rita for the second consecutive occasion. A first half splurge, which left the visitors help- less, sent the Carmelites to the lock- ers at the intermission with an ample 18 to 6 lead. ln the last half both teams tried more offensive plays and each team added 15 points to their half-way total. I-IEAVIES CARMEL 41 ST. RITA 23 The heavyweights added to Rita's discomfiture by dealing them an- other one - sided defeat. Using a whirlwind offense in the first quarter and playing a more defensive game in the second quarter, they piled up a short but fatal lead over the Ritans. LIGHTS CARMEL 29 DE LA SALLE 30 De La Salle, strange nemesis of Car- mel in basketball, came to Carmel's gym next. The ponies played their usual stellar game but could not keep in front of the invading team more than two points at a time. The lead changed hands many times un- til Carmel began to falter in the final period. l-IEAVIES CARMEL 22 DE LA SALLE 26 A second appearance before the home crowd ended in disaster for the Brown and White heavies. "Dutchy" Greve's persistent fight in the first half helped to establish a 16 to lil advantage, but De La Salle came back from the lockers unstoppable. A general letdown by Carmel sent the visiting team too far ahead to be caught. THE SEASON LIGHTS CARMEL 33 ST. LEO 39 The lightweights engaged the Lions of St. Leo, realizing that, despite the fact that they were playing on the home court, they would have a lively struggle. The short lead they held at the intermission was insufficient to withstand a late rally which came when victory was almost within the grasp of the Carmelites. HEAVIES CARMEL 37 ST. LEO 34 The heavies won their fourth league tilt by subduing the team that had defeated them earlier in the season. Led by Kartch, who played an un- usually effective game at center, the Brown and White gained a lead of 20 to 9 by half-time. LIGHTS CARMEL 41 CATHOLIC 16 Catholic High was the last opponent to face the lights. The same whirl- wind attack in the first half proved efficient, and once again upset the loliet team, this time by a more de- cisive score. Sexton, inconspicuous the entire season, starred. HEAVIES CARMEL 43 IOLIET 16 The Mt. Carmel heavies won a tie for the South section crown when they defeated loliet by the top-heavy score of 43 to 16. Dwyer and Lucid, on the sidelines for the last few games, rose to new heights. PLAY-OFF CARMEL 29 DE LA SALLE 33 A packed house at St. Rita's gym was the scene of the play-off for the South Section title. The Brown and White cagers trailed up to the final guarter but a splurge by Lucid and Ducharme tied the score as the fourth period ended. Kemph Weltin De Guide Tunney Clark Kelly Hart Anton Weltin De Guide Sumners Tunney Cahill Clark Hart Anton Bell Kelly THE FLYS Mt. Carmel's flyweight basketball team, an organization composed of the youngest and smallest athletes in the school, enjoyed another highly success- ful season. Prater Kenneth coached the youngsters so thoroughly that they won fifteen victories and suffered only seven defeats. lncluded in their vic- tories were triumphs over St. Leo, St. lgnatius, Calc Park, St. Sabina, the champions of the grammar school league, and the All-Stars of the grammar school league. The flies were led by Bill lones, a smart player and a tal- ented floorman, as well as high scorer of the team . . . At the other forward post was Frank Anderson, a sturdy, dependable player, and a good shot . . . Ralph Haggerty played a smart defensive game at guard . . . The other guard position was very capably handled by Vin Corbett. Corbett demonstrated his ability as a sharpshooter by winning second place among the high scor- ers . . . The substitutes could have given any flyweight quintet a stubborn battle. Archie Lang, lim Smith, and Bob Neagle all played well when called into the game. The last game with St. Leo was the most exciting contest the young Carmel- ites played throughout the entire season. The final score of 33 to Zl cannot give an accurate picture of the thrills that this battle presented, nor can it tell of the splendid rally that the flyweights made in the final quarter. Trailing at the half by four points they allowed only two points to their opponents while they added eight more to their total. lf the record of the flyweights is significant of anything, "Hod" Ofstie is sure to have talented material for his l936 lightweight team. Glynn, Lang, Haggerty, C'Connor, Anderson, lones, Neagle, Reardon. i'J' f ,. J 1? . 1 X ,t F1 l f ? 2 E 3' Q 5 . K 3 K i s V me 4 1 V r ' 'f X U xr ii SENIOR INTRAMURAL CHAMPS C Morral G MacDermott I Cole I Roche E Connors IUNIOR INTRAMURAL CHAMPS I McNell1s D Dorgan B Pollak I Krely P Dean H Brzyckt H Ford H Byrne SOPHOMORE INTRAMURAL CHAMPS I Chrchester I Qurnn R Sulllvan T Davrs I Nelson G Carelly FRESHMAN INTRAMURAL CHAMPS I Lynch T Corcoran E Ballweber M McMahon I Kelley R OHara INTRAMURAL SPORTS Durmg the last few years lntramural sports have more than kept pace wlth the mcreased enrollment at Mt Carmel Encouraged by the lnterest of the students the faculty has sanctloned many addltlons to the program and lS contemplatlng st1ll greater expanslon Ltvely competltlon m basketball hand ball softball basketball free throwlng and tenms was offered ln the l934 35 program Thts year the lntramural season was begun late rn October when more than one hundred and elghty boys reported to the gym for pa1r1ngs ln the hand ball tournament Freshmen Sophomores Iunlors and Semors v1ed for the three champlonshlp t1tles De Pyssler was the vlctor among the Freshmen Grace won the Sophomore tltle and Glll trlumphed over the comb1ned Iumors and Semors Mr Murphy organ1zed the basketball tournament as soon as the regular league season started The Aces the Fuzzlwuzztes and the Flash A C were the teams that won the gold watch fobs ln the Freshmen Sophomore and Iunlor Senlor d1v1s1ons respectlvely Basketball was hardly f1n1shed before the free throw tournament began Three hundred and twenty stu dents competed ln th1s contest a marvelous 1nd1ca t1on of student appreclatlon Wlth the comlng of sprlng came an urge that was felt by the ent1re student body an urge to grrp a hrckory club and send a ball spmmng over the dlamond Accordmgly the softball tournament was organlzed About twenty two teams dally lnvaded Iackson Park for a Week to battle for more medals Next came an lnterestlng mnovatton lntramural tennls and thls under the dlrectlon of Frater Ralph Thrs rdea too was qurckly se1zed upon by the stu dent body Wllh the result that over forty players responded to frrst round pa1r1ngs lntramurally the season has been one of the best Carmel has ever expenenced Because of the Won derful response mamfested this year rt IS certarn that next year s program wlll be more varled and larger . . ' 1 . .- . I . . ... - , ' 1 1 ' 1 . . . . .. . ' I I I . . . .. ' I I . 1 . . 1 . . . . . . . . . n I 1 1 -' . . . ..- 1 1 ' 1 .. . . . . I - .1 .. - . . 1 I I I . l . . . . . . ' I . I I l . . . . . I 1 . . . , . .. 1 . 1 1 T - 1 . .. I - . .. . I I I n I BOXING TEAM Ill6l MINOR SPORTS TRACK Prospects for th1s years track team are very bright as most of last season s vet erans are back Last year the team made a splendid showing in the Nat1onal meet at Notre Dame w1n ning fifth place Coach O Connor bel1eves that the team w1ll be greatly strengthened by the following members ot last year s squad Al Ready hurdles Bert Wood halt m1ler Red Luken miler Bob Dougherty pole vaulter and Tommy Anderson broad Th + o x ak ng t1nal prep arat1ons for the coming meets WRESTLING Wrestling IS probably the most popu lar minor sport at Mt Carmel This year the team IS fairly strong boasting such talented Val Gilbertson Reid Hyde Lotito V1gg1an1 Fan ning and Larry Gllbertson are all newcomers to Carmel s mat team but they can be counted on to give the more experienced boys a real fight The wrestlers are eager to take on any competitors and thus far have met Wlth very c editable success in the1r four matches with public school teams BOXING In its tour years ot existence at Mt Car mel boxing has grown from a sport of a select few to everybody s sport The team IS coached by Mr Murphy and Henry Leonard g1ves the boys t1ps on the finer po nts of the game Three Sen1ors from last years team Captain ORyan Sullivan and Hyde alway put up good battles Other mem bers of the team who keep the crowd cheering are Reardon McNell1s L1ner the Heatherly brothers Fanning and Hendricks SWIMMING The sw1mm1ng team 1S considered the most practical of the m1nor sports at Carmel because 1t teaches the mexpenenced boy how to take care of himself in the water and gives the expert swimmer opportunities to develop his techrugue This season s squad looked very promls 1ng 1n the early meets due no doubt to the excellent work ot Captain McCah1ll Woods and McHugh Prater Hubert is the coach GOLF Little can be said about the 1935 golf team but if the coaching ability of Prater Kenneth and the natural leadership of Captain Kelley are indicative of success, this year's team will surely be a wmner Breen, Walsh, and Hart are veterans of last season's team TRACK TEAM TOP ROW S Lask P McCrory I K1rby I Reiner W G1ll I Rellly A Ready I Guerin D O Keete G Bandera TOP ROW I Cahill W Gleason T Anderson R Zeller R Sommers L Lavette E Costello I Dunn R McConnell BOTTOM ROW I Halper T Kennedy C Speler A Lindhott I Gallagher R Breen G O Dea I Bonniwell H Sweeney M Deer1ng BOTTOM ROW M H OConnor R Ca1n I Dougherty S Caruso I Kiely E Bendtelt I Cole B Wood M M1tclnell O Tobin C McGee I Kenney SWIMMING TEAM TOP ROW Harps Cahill I Cahill C McHugh Hennessey Greenan Ryan BOTTOM ROW Wood L1nd Weil Powell E1tzg1bbons Nel on Fr Hubert WRESTLING TEAM V1gg1an1 L Gllbertson Reid V Gilbertson Egan Hyde Clancy TOP ROW McCullon P Heatherly Chan A Reardon E Reardon McNellis Morgan Lino Eormento G Robinson T Heatherly Tague BOTTOM ROW Coleman Shannon I Robinson Gibson Dean Heaney Brown Huttner Nelson : I I . . I i11'r1'1i'uor Q QFYTYN lic Y1 x r 'rn 4 ' 1 , 1 xp1.A..A..A.1S1N.rA. n L LLM1 Lxzxatiil. LA., L1 V .LLL LL I veterans as Captain Iack Clancy, Ioe Egan, and LC01-lwqy N, Luken I I I n . I L 1 , . I It n u . . . . u 3 . A. .- I i D , A . . I I I I I I I S s . - , . , , I I I I ' FARIC "wus Nc: X 2 ww Jgiibf z, :NF Q WX X I xxhvv :ll K gxkg wr-A j Mix Q Q 1 I ZDLQS ' 'H ', Xl 1 1' Aw, X x ? If f ' x I ' I I ' 1 If ' X 1 ' 'N' ,gl 4' L Lite ot Carmel-struggling student and patient teacher-in busy class- room or resoundina corridor - in swaying stand or cultured hall - in peaceful home or beneath the Cross in dim Sanctuary - you share alike the sunlight and shadow of Carme1's days. xc Pulq ff HX 311 UVW W ' kxw Y TJ Q 'Q X 'Www O x ' jdgl LL work and no play makes lack a dull boy Truly a student lrfe entrrely devord of all rmpromptu rnformal actrvrtres would be very drab A real boy rs rough and ready laughrng and Jokrng happy cmd carefree cmd Carmel boys are real boys lf we were to deprct rn thrs QRlPLAlVllVlE only the serrous methodrcal lrfe at Carmel we would not be presentrng a true prcture and would fall short of our purpose Rather we have reserved thrs sectron for an rntrmate glrmpse rnto our outsrde student actrvrtres Qurte naturally there are trmes when the scholar s lrfe rs dull when he must put rn long hours of tedrous study porrng over hrs books ekrng out an evasrve lesson And rn Sports he must exert hrmself to perfect hrs technrgue strengthenrng hrs body and brrngrng hrs muscles rnto co ordrnatron yet between classes and between practrces comes the opportunrty of makrng frrends for clean fun the opportunrty to drop the formal and be hrmself It rs thrs occasronal let down that grves the student encourage ment brrngs back lrfe and pep enables hrm to return to hrs studres wrth a brrghter outlook hrs mrnd rs refreshed more receptrve The rmportance of thrs phase of student lrfe cannot be emphasrzed too greatly Wrthout rt the scholar would become an automaton the facts he learns rn class would mean lrttle merery rmpres srons on a phonograph record to be recrted rn class the followrng day of no practrcal value merely data Cognrzant of thrs rmportance the Carmelrte Fathers encourage these spontaneous gatherrngs promote thrs sprrrt of companron shrp and strmulate partrcrpatron rn those thrngs whrch though asrde from studres are strll truly Carmelrte In the followrng pages wrll be found a portrayal of that branch of student lrfe so vrtal rn moldrng the moral nature when students escape the Vrgrlant eye of the teacher when left to therr own resources and rnventron when temptatrons are great but once overcome, prove added re enforcement to a fine strong character H211 II . 1 . . . ... I . . . . ' I I . . . . . . I I . . - 1 . . . . . ... , . 1 . . I r, . . . ..- . .- 1 I I 1 u 'I . . . . . . - i 1 . . . . I I Il I ll . - - II II I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' I . . 1 . . . . . . "' , . . . . . 1 . . .. . I - . . .. . . . - 1 1 1 . . . . , . . . . . . . .. . . . . 1 SEPTEMBER WEDNESDAY Sth Freshmen - two hundred and thirty ot 'em - "put the name on the dotted line." Bless their hearts -they don't know what they're in tor. THURSDAY 6th Sophomore and lunior registration day. Hello, gang! FRIDAY 7th The cream ot the crop, the essence ot culture Cwhoops, m'deahD, the Seniors, condescended to sign up today. MQNDAY lOth The tirst ot that awful parade ot blue Mondays, but thanks to an understand- ing Principal, We were dismissed at noon. THURSDAY l lth Carmel leads in Chicago's private school enrollment. 'lAin't dat sumpinf-J" FRIDAY 14th Mass in the Gym . . . Attended by all. Our football team opened in Ham- mond . . . Tied E5-6. They look good, boys. WEDNESDAY 19th Began marching practice for the big Legion of Decency Parade . . . with Father Frederic and Mike Murphy, drillmasters de luxe. THURSDAY 27th Big Legion Parade today . . . We got a big kick out of giving the folks a bit of real marching. H221 CALE OCTOBER MONDAY lst 8:00 A. M. I-lo-hum, time to get up. Oh, yea, a free day for the good parading Thursday. ZZZZzzzzz. FRIDAY 5th ' First General Communion Day . . . Let's make all nine this year, fellows. SUNDAY 7th Well, we took Loyola to the tune of 33-0. Ah-sweet revenge. MONDAY 8th First Parent Meeting tonight . . . Darn the guy who thought up such things! FRIDAY 12th Dear old Columbus . . . another free day. SUNDAY 14th Whewl that De Paul eleven had us worried! But . . . we took 'em, 20-13. WEDNESDAY 17th l'm gonna write my Congressman about the homework . . . ain't a guy got any rights? SUNDAY 21st A short, muddy field and unexpected opposition led to a scoreless tie with St. George. SUNDAY 28th The old Brown and White trounced the De La Salle maulers, before our fair neighbors, Loretto. WEDNESDAY 3lst "A Century of Progress" ended today. fl23l NOVEMBER THURSDAY lst Free day . . . All Saints. FRIDAY 2nd All Souls Day and a new Mass sched- ule affecting the Freshmen and Sopho- mores. ' SUNDAY 4th The game between St. Phillip and Mt. Carmel was a non-league game and was played to gather funds for the Sisters of Mercy. Carmel won, 21-0. FRIDAY 8th Father Theodore's feast day and the first dance of the year. SUNDAY llth Well, it took them five years to do it. Leo finally defeated Carmel . . . 9-U. MONDAY l2th Tsk, Tsk, Fawncy, another Free day. Thanks, Armistice. SUNDAY 18th Back in stride to give St. Rita the sting of the Carmel Victory whip. MONDAY 19th Basketball practice began today under the tutorship of "Hod" Ofstie. TUESDAY 20th Cardinal Mundelein's Silver Iubilee netted us one free day. MONDAY 26th Dad and son meeting was a huge suc- cess. The program Was "topping." Beloved Bishop Sheil gave an inspir- ing talk. THURSDAY 29th No school. Turkey 'n' stuffin' 'n' things. Hurrah for the pilgrims. ll24l ALE NDAR DECEMBER MONDAY 3rd Dads' meeting tonight held in the gym, many celebrities attended and the usual good time was had. THURSDAY l3th Annual football banguet was held this evening at the Auditorium Hotel. MONDAY 17th Carmel in its iirst basketball game ot the season routed Hyde Park twice. Scores: Heavies, 25-22, Ponies, 33-26. VV EDN ESDAY l 9th Carmel beats Fenger High School in both games. The Heavyweight team won by the score of 39 to 17. The Light- weights, by the score of 37 to ll. FRIDAY 2 l st Big news for several reasons. l. Father Theodore, our principal, returns from a well- needed two - week vacation. 2. School dismissed for holiday Vacation. 3. Carmel wins again! TUESDAY 25th Christmas . . . Santa . . . presents. FRIDAY 28th Gala Holiday Dance in the beautiful Gold Room of the Congress Hotel. ll25l T' IANUARY MQNDAY 7th School begins, reopens, starts, etc., much to the disappointment ot the majority ot the students who are still in the holiday spirit. The annual "tlash- ing" ot the gitt ties, etc., is noted, also green spats, black shirts. WEDNESDAY 9th Boxing exhibition in gymnasium. CNo, ignorant, not oranges, a tight? About two thousand witnessed some great bouts. FRlDAY l lth Carmel wins both league openers. Beat Rita in grand style. MONDAY 14th "Big League" meeting ot the teachers and the parents to decide just why "Sonny" received a 65 in Math. FRIDAY 18th Carmel loses two to De La Salle. Can't say much except that De La Salle has championship form. TUESDAY 29th- WEDNESDAY 30th Sorrowful students labor on the mid- year exams. Father Theodore is sing- ing "It's Iune in Ianuary," for it's re- ported that several unwanted students CPD are "graduating" minus a diploma. l126l 3' ALE NDAR FEBRUARY FRIDAY lst Carmel's Ponies beat St. Leo's Lights in a close, scrappy game. The less for- tunate Heavies, however, emerged second best. MONDAY 4th Yes, it is true. About seventy "slackers" Cand slickers, tool left school today. WEDNESDAY 6th Another meeting for the Carmel stu- dents and their fathers was held. MONDAY l lth Parent-Teacher meeting was held for more discussions for the possibilities of some Seniors graduating. TUESDAY 13th Tradition declares that no school be held on the Emancipator's birthday. Yea, Lincoln! FRIDAY 15th The Loretto Girls and ourselves got to- gether for the first Social. We also suffer a double defeat. FRIDAY 22nd Another free day was enjoyed in honor of the first President. THURSDAY 26th Leo divided with Carmel. Lights, 39-33, and the I-Ieavies, 34-37. SUNDAY 29th Fooled you that time . . . there ain't no such animal. Il27l MARCH FRIDAY lst Carmel ties for first place. De La Salle, the other Worthy contender for the South Section crown. MONDAY 4th Another boxing show in the Gym for the school's benefit. A second turnout of the fans indicates the popularity of this sport. TUESDAY 5th Carmel loses in play-off with De La Salle in overtime "scrimmage," in one of the season's fiercest contests. WEDNESDAY 6th Ash Wednesday. Lent begins and great decrease in candy sales. FRIDAY 8th lim Dockery, '33, gives pep talk to the Seniors concerning St. Benedict's Col- lege. Great talk, Salesman lim! MONDAY llth Parent-Teacher meeting tonight. TUESDAY l2th lunior retreat begins. They are already filled with the Lord. Reason: Father Matthew, an able retreat master. FRIDAY 22nd Talks of Senior Prom. Fee, location, orchestra, etc., were discussed. FRIDAY 29th Lecture in Gym for Seniors concerning Notre Dame. After all, SGME of ni: should give a thought to college. 2 l-ll-LTTES Carmel enrollment nears the thousand mark. Freshman registration last tall surpassed torrner years-three hun- dred and titty Bennies. lNe are still there as the "Biggest and best in the Middle West." Gave Bishop Sheil a hand in putting over a big Legion of Decency parade. Wererit those white berets just too, too duclcy? We were near the end ot the line, but we were well worth waiting tor. Missed the tourth consecutive tootball championship by hall a game e not a bad margin to lose by. We still think the team was great. The annual Holiday Dance held in the Gold Room eeeee music by Earl l-Tottman - naturally, a big success. Spinning wheels - hoarse barkers - and a jolly crowd - The Carnival. Be- ginning with the big dinner-n'1erri- ment filled the Gym for a week - ended with the raffle of the big Olds- mobile. The dream of a lite-time-our own Senior Prom-at the Medinah-to Carlton Kelsey's R. K. C. Orchestra. What more could we ask? Two big things still coming up - pub- lishing this Oritlamme, and - Gradua- tion. Are we happy?-Congratulations, you Seniors! H291 xgkpf? E4 W vw R x V . W 'B if Q ' 41' 3 -vi? ey L,.27g' ' .V f ' 'ff Q X nfl 3 L7 E- 4 ,Op w-Y Q Bvm -00 N CCNCLUSICN We the staff of the CRIFLAMME of l935 Wish to express our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to all those who in any Way have helped to make this annual a success ln particular we Wish to thank those three great organizat ons outside the school The Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Com pany The Fred I Bingley Company and The Hoot Studios for the valuable assistance given by their able representatives Cf the first Mr C S Barrett Mr H S Copeland and Mr Earl Valentin deserve special mention for their untirmg efforts to make this year book pi torially the best of its kind ever produced Mr William L C Brien Mr Roy Sanger and Mr Maurice Sanger of Bingley s staff have also by their Wealth of experience and wholehearted co operation contributed much towards the typographical perfe tion of this volume To Mr E A Samels Mr lohn Roche and Miss Violet Stevens of Root s We are indebted for the execution of the superb portrait photography within these covers A great deal of the planning and consequently all of the important decisions in connection with the production of a yearbook nat urally falls on the shoulders of some one in the school All this together with the brunt of the hard work was borne cheerfully cmd encouragingly by our most beloved faculty directo Father Andrew L Weldon C Carm The Carmelite Order in general and the faculty of Mount Carmel High School in particular as sponsors of the publication merit individual credit To them can be traced the raoid growth of th CRIFLAMME from a very humble beginning to its present fore most place in the ranks of High School Journalism The Dads and Mothers Clubs have aided oreatly in the promo tion of the book as a Carmel project and to them We tender our sincerest thanks The student body at large has by its faithful support both moral and financial proved once again the efficacy of the indomitable Carmel spirit Finally to our Worthy patrons those esteemed friends of Carmel Who, by their generous financial aid have made possible a chron icle in Word and picture of this, our last year in Mount Carmel, We offer this as an undying expression of gratitude. And thus it is with a deep sense of obligation to our teachers, our parents, and our friends that We close this ORIFLAMME of l935, our last endeavor at Carmel Tl3ll . I I I . . . v .1 . . 1 I I V - , . t . 1 I J. . . V - I - I - - 1 11- . - , . . . , . . . - , . A . . .. -L, X1 , . . . 1 - . . 1 . , . , . 1 I - . . . A- , K, . . , . . . . , . , I 1 - . I 1 . - . . . . I .. . I . . ' I . . . 1- 4-I . , . . . . I . I . . . . I I . .. . . ' Q . A v . . . . . . . 1 1 . . J - ' ' .L J. , I . . . 1 . . . . . . I .. . , . I I . . . . . I - , , . . Ll32l Bev Bev Bev Bev Bev Bev Bev Bev. Bev. Bev rg PATBGNS l-l1s Ernrnenoe Georae Carolrnal Mundelern Most Bev Bernaraj bhell DD 'V L: Most Bev Wrlllam Q Brren D D The Very Bev H1laryI Dosvvalol O Carm The Very Bev Ehas P Maaennls O Carm The Very Bev Bas1lA Kahler O Carrn The Carmelrte Fathers of Iollet Bev Msar D Byrnes Bev Msar D I Dunne DD Bev Msar T F Baan Bev Msar W Foley Bev Msar D P CDBr1en Bev Msar F M GBr1en Bev Msar F A Purcell DD Bev Msar I F Byan Bt Bev Msar T V Shannon L D Very Bev Msqr W I Klnsella Very Bev Msar P P Shrewbrlclae A Baltutrs Bev F I Fennessey I T Bennett Bev T F Frlel T Bonltas Bev W I Gorman P L Byrnes Bev L Grudzlnskr U Cavlcchr Bev lvl Hanley D. Crolce Bev. I. D. l-lishen A. Della Vecchia Bev. E. I-lorvath B. DeNorus Bev. T. I. Hurley D A Dredrich Bev. I. A. Iolo I. P. Doran Bev. M. S. Kane 13 The Very Bev. Lawrence C. Deither, CD. Carm. Bt. . . . Bt. . . . . , . . Bt. . . . . Bt. . . . Bt. . . . . ' ' Bt. . . . . ' ' Bt. . . . . , . . Bt. . . . . Wx GULF TEAM Walsh R Breen I Kelley Rev Rev Rev Rev Prev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev I I Kearns I L Kearns E S Keouah C Krta F G Krause I M Lange T Lanafort D Lanlaan I M Leddy A Llnkus I L Malworm P. H Matimore P G McCarthy H McGu1re P I. McGuire Carm PATRGNS Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev. M McKenna S E McMahon L McNamara E B McNally G Meade I Morrrson I A Murray D D M I N ealrs I Hart M I O Donnell G Carrn E G Malley G. Parker, D D G Paskauskas I E Phelan R Puany A. G Qurlle 2 L133l nc, A gm .- 5. 11 A ,x ' L I ' nth ' 4 . . ' I na 2' I ' ..,.a..u I ' ' ' n l 0 I o ' I ll34T MTSSTNG FRCM CRGANTZATTCNS TCP RCW e L. Kevin, Mission Club, W. Hendrick, Mission Club, Ir. Literory, I. LePensl4e, Cisco, Mission Club, Sr. Literory, Art Club, I. Moloney, Cisco, Sr. Literory, Mission Club, R. Cormody, Cisco, Sr. Literory, M. Cosey, Mission Club, I. McNellis, Cisco, Mission Club, Wrestling, Art Club. RCTTCM ROW - L. Hyde, Cisco, Sr. Literory, R. Schotzmon, Cisco, Sr. Literory, R. Lonum, Cisco, I. Cole, Cisco, Sr. Literory, Mission Club, I. S. Mor- timer, Sr. Literory, T. Kennedy, Sr. Literory, Mission Club, P. Nolon, Cisco, Mission Club, Wrestling. P A T R C N S Rev. P. I. Quinn The Religious l-lospitolers oi Rev. E. P. Rice St. Ioseph Rev. B. Rogers Dr. Robert S. Berghott Rev' P' I' Scanlon Dr. Ambrose C. Brown Rev. I. M. Schutte Dr. Corl H. Christoph Rev. T. Sheridon Dr. Fred M. Drennon Rev. I. Stuckel Rev. A- Terlecke Dr. Williorn G. Epstein Rev. I. Tort, C.M.P. Dr. Willord G. Iettries Rev' B' Uma Dr. R. W. Kerwin Rev. I. A. Von I-leertum, O. Preom. Dr. Deno F. C'Connor Rev. I. I. Wester Rev I P Whalen Dr. Motthew T. Smith Rev. F. M. Wojtolewicz D11 F1'CiT1k C- V01 D92 CLASS MlSSlNG FRCM I U N KDE TCP BCW - B. Dwyer, I. McNellis, D.C'Keete, D. Malito, I. Lally, I. C'Bourlce, I. Bubino, I. LePenslce. BOTTOM BCW - T. Doyle, B. Sinnot, I. Moloney, P. Dean, D. Mulligan, H. Petersen, P. Gilligan, P. Nolan. PATRCNS His Excellency, Iames M. Curley, Governor ot Massachusetts Mr. and Mrs. S. Balaam Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hatton Miss Lillie Healy Mr. and Mrs. Cf. W. Hempel Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Beckstrom Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hendricks Mr. ancl Mrs. Daniel I. Bradley Miss Elise Mr. anol Mrs. William I. Bryar Kinney Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Hennessey Mrs. Clarence B. Cardy Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Carmody Mr Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Clancy Mf Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Conway MT Mrs. Leo P. Cummings MT Mr. and Mrs. Prank Pink MT Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Fisher Nr Mr. and Mrs. Ierome D. Galligan MT Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Grinclell MT William B. Haas Mr Mrs. William B. Haas . and Mrs. I. P. Hennessey and Mrs. A. I. Kelso and Mrs. Iolm A. Khym anc. Mrs. B. P. Layette anc. Mrs. C. E. Leclriner anc- Mrs. Iolrm I. Leen anc. Mrs. S. W. Le Pager anc. Mrs. E. D. Linolhoft anc- Mrs. Iohn A. Looby Mrs. Bobe rt I. MacKenzie il35l Il36l MISSING FRCM CRGANIZATICNS I. Phelps, Ciscag E. Costello, Art Club, Literaryy I. Lefager, Art, Ciscag P. Dean, Ciscag I. Gallagher, Ciscap I. Gorman, Track, Ciscag F. Kiraly, Arty P. Stott ' ' ' 11 . NW... .- fT'l-.L Cisca, 'Writer s Club, R. Hanna, Art Club Mrs. Seba F. Mahony Mrs. L. E. Manion Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs ano. Mrs ano. Mrs ano. Mrs ano. Mrs and Mrs. ano. Mrs. anc. Mrs. Thornas E. McCahill Miller Mark I. Mitchell Michael Murphy Thos. E. Murphy Irving I. Newman Gerald C'Neill W. M. C'Keefe Iohn O'Ryan I-Ienry Peth Mrs. I. P. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Riley Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rosenberger Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Ryan PA T R C N S Mrs. M. Frank Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. ano. Mr. ano Mr. ano Mr. anc Mr. ano Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs R. I. Shaughnessy . I. I. Sheehan . George Sivore . Iames Stott . I-Iugh Sweeney . David I. Talbot . Frank W. Tansey Terese F. Tansey Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Tobin Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Walsh Mrs. Anna Ward Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Ward M. I. Weldon I. R. Weltin B. Z. Wood Clifton Woods 1 -PL if 1 'K . . ',! N- -4 .. ..,,-- L 1 H.. 5, L ? A 51, ' .4 M1SS1NG FRCM SCPHCMCRE CLASS M. Barnes, P. Kujavvski, M. Hiskey, R. loslyn, 1. Gordon, R. loseph, W. Gal- lagher, 1. Finnegan. PATPONS The Atlas Rug and Curtain Cleaners, 2305 East 79th Street Regent 0022 The Bluebird System 1819 South State Street Calumet 2188-9 Charles F. Bilger and Sons Funeral Directors 5203-5 Lake Park Avenue Charles 1. Klees Golf Shop 1558-1558 East 84th Street Hyde Park 4797 D. L. Cooper Eur Co. 738 East 79th Street Radcliffe 8900 Dorchester Restaurant 1371 East 63rd Street Dorchester 2022 The P red 1. Ringley Co. 621 P1ymouth Court Harrison 1 184 Liberty C1eaners 5123-31 Lake Park Avenue Plaza 3800 C. H. Kaiser, Druggist 2238 East 71st Street Pontiac Engraving Co. 812 West Van Buren Street Haymarket 1000 Root Studios 185 North Wabash Avenue State 0113 Super Shell Service Station Corner 79th and Cglesby Ave. Q H 11371 'J H381 MISSING FRGM FRESI-IM!-KN CLASS I. Byrnes, C. Mcfquire, I. Hennessey, E. Lotite, R. Creevey, T. Pendleton, I. Nugent, B. Beurelle, A. Stack, I. Q'Connor. AUTQGRAPHS GEQRGE SIVORE Ortftamme Stertt Typlst 1 .7 IACK RQBERTS Outlamme Stcrtt Typlst and W st W to G t GH ot the text matter m thls yearbook NCI typ d Cine re typed by our Grttlcrmme Stuff Tymsts AUTCDGRAPHS H391 W, ,, , WW , , , V , V Y

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