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v 1 w 5 I s 1 5 4 1 3 1 4 I f i 4 4 : E 2 i r i 5 s 5 . v L f Q P 1 , E i i Q s l ! 4 l g c E f ' r i . 3 r I I 2 ' www QCWAJM I o i 53,35 Wfwff ,j2Yf?1M,f,Zw'U r V 1 ! I HGRIZON 1985 Mr. Cormel High School 9550 Cormel Mounroin Rood Son Diego, Colifornio 92129 Volume 11 'A TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING STUDENT LIFE CLASSES SPORTS FACULTY HISTORY ADVERTISING INDEX 2 16 78 194 242 258 264 284 1 4 5a,:,,,,-rg-13:3 35155,Lflwv-V-: ,, ,A ' 4 1511914.56 ,izzrsrfp 1-31.2,-12. ,V S., in 1-5f 'f2?1',- .... ?22f1w-.sf ,,..,1i.4-L I ,f if sleep-:Aff,f,f,,w::1f-I-:.1,-fff'pf!:1m,,,.f14.+-wa in-NWA! ' -iff! Si I :2?g?i:EfW332'2525252meekIf325.3Q2+:e,stfff-tczifisi. ' ?X'21W!+'w-,.f-.-1 ' we ,,'. III' ' C " 'EU' .1 , ..5-we -aan va? N: I IITT I 'ii3H,IIIIQIE:z?iQ5 Sm. ".-A "Aw w gg Mg I I 'I"fI'III ' I I 'Y FJ A. I., - f,3x,gS:g Im... Q , TM zum ,, ,.-,, M. C,I, , I ' I I..-.',,,wxw,,,,., . - - .I New , ww wmuamam, 'I Mn-1 .wsu-w,.n,4z5sa Q53 L4 p:.V..Q gn HE TRADITIONS OF A DECADE . , . Years of accomplishment have devefoped into oditions that have created a rich Sundevil eritage. lt is a history full of pride, victory, ex- ellence, spirit, and a desire to achieve and 'rengthen the Sundevil name. From our academic chievements to our athletic and musical ac- Dmplishments, we as Sundevils, have met the wallenges of the competitive world. We have roudly faced the agonies of defeat and the thrills f victory with bold hearts. Yet, always, within the Durogeous hearts of Sundevils, there lies a desire J achieve even greater success, either individually or as a whole. ln all aspects of school life, this rich history is reflected in the unity and spirit found at Mount Carmel: challenging, achieving, and pro- gressing to new and higher levels of Sundevil ac- complishments. Although these feelings may ap- pear to have became commonplace, they remain a constant source of inspiration and esteem to all Sundevils when meeting the challenges of the real world. To all these traditions of a decade are the foundations of newer, stronger, and yet to be established traditions at the Mount. They have became a binding force that will forever unite all Sundevils . , , past, present, and future, al' 45' 3 L. .ae 5:fi", 'fs i, eg ss, il it ey rw 'E fl f ii f 5 - ig g an .faq Ury. V1 iz' r ,W , x M' 'tt , it - 'M-wi v . . . ACHIEVED IN EDUCATION Education serves as an important foundation to achieve in all aspects of life. lt is the key to future success. Education allows us to meet challenges, overcome obstacles, reach our goals and, most importantly, survive in the real world. At Mt. Carmel teachers recognize the neccessity for a high-quality educa- tion. As educators they aid students in the search for knowledge and truth. Through this search for knowledge, our worlds broaden, and the vast possiblities of our poten- tial can be explored. Teachers are not just sup- pliers of information, they are the catalysts that en- courage and inspire our creativity, motivation, and individuality. As a result, the students of Mt. Carmel have the ability and insight to survive in a competitive world suc- cessfully. The strong tradi- tions of high-quality and excellence are truly evi- dent in the rich educa- tional standards found at Mt. Carmel. f-4... dw Di 1. L mf' X,-5 X X- - M Q.- K . E Q , ff l... X A fi Sw 'N ' A H L. iii- 5 , f l E Q M fi il Es ,i 9 gi' Fw Y-4' W N511 RJ' QMS? R 'i NWN q E Vi a Ei' 5 4 mf We V .ff ., 6 - f ,Q-E1iS2i515:4?E' , -. I sg-rgsf' Yqif'-'WE' ? W "1 Hifi' A fa g - ,A gg 'EX SQ .S if Q E '125f17? :1fg1g ' Aff - f"'Ei?fF1' . ' - ' f .- ww. M .-.1 if pm ,W x 1 yM,,,,f ...ff "jk iw M" WW nf ' IAM,-f"",J my . . REFLECTED IN SPIRIT Throughout Mount Cormels ten yeors of ex- stence, not only hove we been recognized for :ur ocodemic ond othletic ochievernents but for he people who porticipote ond observe the events of Mount Cormel life, These people show heir spirit ot pep rollies, footboll ond bosketboll gomes ond during the lunch time octivities. These :re the people who molse Mount Cormel's spirit whot it is, not only o ploce for educotionol growth but for ernotionol growth os well. A 5 is M, :I I X? 3 ' xg V ,W -.-. F. X J ds" , f 1 N. ,. 2 , . . SHARED IN FRIENDSHIP The imoges of high school ore mony ond voried, but the most vivid ones ore those shored n friendship. High school is o time when one's host volued ossets ore best friends. Without our iriends, to whom do we tell our most secret 'houghts to? Friends ore the shorers of our secrets, our hopes, ond our dreoms. They shore n the joy, the loughter ond the excitement, os ell os the teors ond disoppointments of high rchool. Those speciol bonds creoted in high school with friends odd tothe excitement of our yeors ot The Mount, Friendships ore one of the mojor ingredients of high school life thot molse our time ot Mt. Cormel so memoroole ond exciting. 2 -e , ,.,,, af, I A ,,. pts , 1 Twf Ti' ' il . . . REVEALED THROUGH ACTIVITIES ln no better woy ore the spirit ond dedicotion towords fun ond ocodemics reflected ot Mt. Cormel thon in school octivities. ln the post decode Mt. Cormel hos storted mony diverse school octivities. Indeed, this exhibits the outston- ding troditions of support, opportunity, ond friendship thot our students hove founded ond preserved ot Mt. Cormel. lt olso shows thot our students hove not only looked ot Mt. Corrnel os o clossroom, but olso os o center for school 1C events ond personol interest growth, These ore certoinly good quolities thot Mt. Cormel hos fostered in the post decode ond no doubt will continue to uphold for decodes to come. tier 'W in r. :- K.- 1 'sfi .sic r I si F 3,- F' ,a , Lib Y I M asv j f h - s 9 if Q S is are . "Y 5? A ,W 3 -r N , lAw r Na A 3 M is if-J r if K if 'is ""' ,lv . I? ,V- 4 H , iii ,A W J .pf my wiyf 1 Vsxy E , 1, ,fx M If I III: I x IIII . M Q 1. Q5 is - s we X ,? 'VE' I. Z M 5 K I in 14. Hd' 3 Cf 4 - 'fm "" ""W fig? E 'fa 1 :L x'g, Q ye, EQ Q U .,.,.-'W 3 , 0,3 my n wiht 'Q 1 n a n .,. x gill w V ,G ,,.m.u.,M. ....A.-....,....,...-Mg' ai' " un, 'fi I giigis 1-., .iaffi ,' I i,.?5,4 'i gli . I-.px 4' ,As-Q K , 5. :wa Ifflx' I' ' I.. ii. .I 'fi' NIQIIK f K A 1' , 11:8 'V ,. I .I n ml. K s,. 1 K,-Us kfifn- , t A. .,,.g.i Q 'Hn 'Ia 1 , , . 'f. 1 . L il.-ur., . I in , - 5 wwe W i weft Will ill .I .fr.iifr,i I 1 fx, I- is fi 1 T:-5 To -X. , ,- Z . . . EXHIBITED IN COMPETITION "To occomplish greot things we must not only oct, but olso dreom, not only plon, but olso believe." From the moment Mt. Cormel hod been on the mop, one could eosily see thot it wos destined to excel ond occomplish greot things. Now, os we celebrote our 10 yeor on- niversory, one con see thot the Mount hos ochieved success in oll oreos of competition. Whether competing in- dividuolly or os o teom, the Sundevils hove felt every physicol hordship ond emotionol poin while striving for their ultimote ochievements. However, when the time hos come to show the kind of per- formonce they hove troined so hord for, oll the struggles ond frustrotions dont seem to motter onymore, os the desire to perform ond be perfect overcomes them. After thot burning desire to suc- ceed overwhelms every Sundevil soul, oll the blood, sweot, ond teors suddenly become worthwhile struggles os they finolly find themselves reoching thot ultimote pinnocle of suc- cess, As the troditions of Mt. Cormel continue on, the fiery spirit of the Sundevils will forever re- moin in our heorts. . . . ETCHED IN MEMORIES Memories ore speciol moments consisting of the excitement ond thrills of post experiences, os well os the bitter disoppointments. They include the extremes of emotions thot often stond out of the dull everydoyness, ond odd o certoin sporlsle in one's high school remembronces. The Homecoming is one such event, in which the students ond teochers ore cought up in the whirlpool of festivities. From the first doy of floot- building, to the Homecoming gome, ond finolly to the onnouncement of the Homecoming court, ,, F x. 1 QW , ,uf XM par l X1 the doys ore never ot o lull. As the "Homecom- ing" donce drows neor, the festivities reoch its climox os the following evening is spent "donc- ing the night owoy" with thot speciol someone. These ore the memories thot will infinitely linger in our heorts. Moments thot will continue to re- moin memoroble imoges of the losting troditions of Mt. Cormel. Homecoming Court Princes ond Princesses, left to right: Freshmen Chris Hooper ond Denise Block, Sophomores 14 Nettie Moson ond Richord Hooper. Juniors Julie Olonder ond Jeff Ronoo, Senior couples Rondy Aldern ond Angelo Mingst, Tod Blolock ond Kim Suriono, Chorlie Brownell ond Jomi Olonder, Mork Hood ond Lee Holcomb. Focing page King ond Queen Chorlie Brownell ond Lee Holcomb. Et N i il il . It K sawn, Y ,Q , 't"'LT'.,f-wi J W X 1 ff" ,, .df- ., ...Y 51 .sm of , E .Q SV'-ia! A may 1-V 1 AlwM"' " J ZX X Q Z Z Z 2 Z i Z! Q Q1 Q. HALLOWEEN inthe event of Halloween dress up day, present students carry the long standing tradition of becoming ghouls, goblins and witches. Students, displaying their personality and spirit through unique, interesting and colorful costumes, prove thot Mt. Carmel once again comes olive during the celebration of Halloween. Clockwise from upper left: Alicia Petersen shows her wings, Kim Suriano shown buzzing around campus. Laura Cohen and Jody Hayes real "little" people. Tiffan y Donoho and Nettie Mason, two "non-locals" atMt. Carmel. Cindy Elliot showing her "Thrash on Trash " spirit. Dea Pierce and Jennifer Middleton play "Who's Who." Bonnie Smith, freshman, shown clawning around. Mrs. Burton shows her ghoulish spirit. H TQ 3: SL V S A--f W ' s " " "VA 2' t li ' R -'-xi! O 45.4 . I 19 i X wx I"I XNTH 1 val! XS J qv i ,f' iv HOMECOMING The theme of the 1984 Homecoming wos "The World of Animotion." This yeor, rhe holf-time show consisted of the rrodirionol porode of floors, which included rhe four closs floors ond rhe combined efforts of the AFS ond HRC clubs, Enterroinmenr olso involved performonces from the bond ond Pop Ensemble. The Homecoming donce, feoruring "The Srondordsf' wos offended L , ' . . ' by on Overwheiming number of Mr' Carmel Tod Blalock, Eunice Sebastian, Angie Martin, and Heather Pictured far left Kim Suriano going clockwise Lisa Griffie, . Winokur, and Chris Hooper. Students ond men' dores' Pictured on next page: bottom left: Danny Rumsey and Tiina Tucker, on the right: Jenny Burr. sf'-s gf' I. aft! if f fg"'9 f M... 1' ,mf I .,n - x. .,.3-g- . rl,-' 'D , I t , :il ig, "0 . ' . A' s 2' 9 f QQ FACULTY PLAY On Morch 21 through Morch 23, members of the foculty put on 0 production of Neil Simon's comedy, "God's Fovoritef' The foculty ploy, put on for the benefit of the students, is on ongoing trodition performed onnuolly. This ploy ollows the students to view their teochers in o new dimension - the stoge, insteod of the clsssroom. Members of the foculty involved with the ploy were Mr. Bourdette ond Mr. Mills, Mr. O'Drone performed the necessary directing skills. The Cost Appearing: Mr. Mills, Mr. Bourderre, Robin Esplond, Lee Bell, Aro Dirrodion, Katie McLoughlin, Wes McNally, - 3.1:-A 1-eff:g.,5,eg,g,,,. .C if L 3 555 - '95 5 I 1' ,. ,Q .W QQ: ,A ,EL .kig ESV L,Lm,L L L,mAL:: , 5. fi 1. 5 4 3 saw 5 1' a vga' - Q aQw?wg ' .M mfg' 'QQ' fvzx P412 5- ",1,,gnQ- Q1 xg., m'...kv .fUH"f'w,' CIW-Win E fm , Q 6 2 ,Ku-an 'Nw W ,.f'.1kXx, E 1 lm W, bv, ' 5 1 h -5 ' 4 qv E it 'f y ,"', i , ,,, i , V .3 V m V VV ,V ",,, , V f H 'K M " I X KVVVV L I. , k-3h X V V , 1 ,V ,Ana ft STUDENT PLAY This year's student play, The Wizard of Oz, was a complete success for all. lt played in the Performing Arts Center. This story was about a girl named Dorothy and her adventures over the rainbow. As she follows the yellow brick road to Oz, she meets a scarecrow, a tinman, and a cowardly lion, who also wish to see the wizard. As they go down the road, the wicked witch tries to stop them in order to steal Dorothy's magical shoes. The cast was filled with many talented students who added to the success of the ploy. This yeor's play also had some strange and exciting innovations, like with witches on electric brooms, "Jitterbugs," and a rocketship back to Kansas, With all this talent and creativity, it was no wonder that The Wizard of Oz was one of the biggest hits on the Mt. Carmel stage. 24 Front row, Left ro right: Corrine Rausenberger, Laurie Watkins, Paula Mendrala, Sean Cauldren, Julie Lankforci K ym Dost, .Second Row, left to right: Lynne Petersen, Misti Orthner, Laurie Becker, Sherrie McKinney, Erin Huber, Kurt Wickbolt, Jenny Boone, Joselito Manasan, Nancy Hayek, Leslie l Salisbury, Third Row, left to right: Sonja Stevens, Laura Cohen, Kris Lyman, Angie Dirtadian Fourth Raw, left to right: Chi- Wei Ho, Lee Bell Dune Pagaduan, Rhonda Ricks, Mike Triekler, Wendi Johnston, Stacia Davis, Jeanette Duff Darrel VaLoi Danielle Gutierrez, Ce-Ce Moore, Katie ll r,,, A J N7 it W, 2' 'Jail 'V Qzyzig, ""w.m,,v,,m' I V I at si-fQ1g?,,,. L ' I W, 3 ff, QS , 4 W, fi ., W: ,. 5 Q f i ,. M , 'Y H E il' ? A if' ts E . M O K Q N 'Y L 4 ', x 'M Q 1 sian, F N.. , , .K 'Wx I., ..L, :: ,. M. ., ,M M-wwfw-Y WM vw , k- - X- Q-2 4, 3 ,i , ' 1 'ui '-.W A ,P W 'ilk gs ! V E. an W. Q it 4 Q i 2 f , ,, 'aw' 4 - ,A I VV,,, ,,M. Q -2 1 , I ii I L 'Ah K v - 1 1 1 QR V .,. A . an :Ll . ,, I N ,PMR kt. 52 M f, --L A ""' -,Q L A 4 :. .1 N fm Q i F-2152 , "Q-f A ff- . 1 F Q ,,..,,., , 04" .., , , yum . ., 0 D is 3 , In ,,,,idpm,gMg HORIZON STAFF The 1984-1985 yearbook stoff, with second yeor odvisor Pot Miller, captured Mt. Corrnel's tenth onniversory yeor in words ond photos. Thoniss to the dedicotion of the entire stoff, the 1984-1985 yeorbook is one of the best ever. This yeor's Horizon stoff tried to improve their olreody high stondords. This gool wos ochieved by initioting co-editors, increosing the picture spoce by fifteen percent, ond by increosing the length of the yearbook os o whole. It wos this yeor's stoff's hopes ond ospirotions to produce on outstonding book thot the students, the foculty, ond the community or iorge would be proud of. 2 CGroup Picrurel front Left ro Right Jenny Weil, Soroh Whitesell, 2nd row. Advisor, Por Miller, Michelle Gleed, Dino Ebolo, Alicia Peterson, April Gonzales, Michele Jacobs, Heather Winokur, Eloine Yano, Jerry Sonden, Jrd row Tirn 1 Stokes, Jenny Burr, Jennifer Poyod, Cecrlio Srson, Modelyn Ouinol, Angie Martin, Tricio Komrensl-w, Karen Parker, Lori Welsh, Jerome Huffschmidr, Honne Ashbough Condlds clockwise from left: April Gonzales, Co-editors: Tricia Kamiens and Heorher Winolrur Cpictures following poge, cloclfwisey Advisor Pot Miller,- Photographers: front row left- Jerry Sander Elaine Yono, Alicia Peterson, April Gonzales, Bock row left. Honne Ashbough, Jerome Huffschrnidr, Jenny Well, Section Editors: Sitting fr. left: Jenny Burr, Sorah Whiresell, Eloine Yono Michelle Gleed, Jennifer Poyod Standing' Tricia Kornienski, Dino Ebalo, Michele Jocobs, Tim Srokes, Jerome Huffshmidt, Heather Winokur The Yearbook Staff hangin' our' , V ,,,,,.u - - .. 1 f A . Z-. f -. w ,, , 'naw' i4mv "-Q...-.-f .. lvl'- , A K . ki g A-if 1 0 8 I 1' X x Y ,S ig- ,....,1f"" ff , 2' XJ 1.9 iii' ,fi H15 V4 M 27 x if ,gnu- wk 4 .1 's.' V1 Wh., if SUN STAFF This year the SUN began using a new twelve page newsmagazine format. This format allows the SUN to cover topics in depth while still reporting the breaking news. Also, the new format makes room for more pictures and graphics, creating a fresh professional appearance. The new format was the brainchild of this year's editor-in-chief, Steve Gross. The balance ofthe editorial staff consists of: Mike Whelan, News Editor, Tracy Johnson, Entertainment Editor, Carl Scott, Editorial Editor, Aly Wheeler, Feature Editor, Pete Durham, Sports Editor, Greg Orman, Corresponding Editor, and Dave Walker, Advisor. This year's staff worked hard to bring news and important information to the students, and did a good job of fulfilling their goals. Because most of this year's staff consists of seniors, there will be plenty of openings in next year's staff for those who are interested. Top, back row from left: Tracy Johnson, Mike Whelan, Jennifer Sauer, Sean Heath, Greg Ormon, Pete Durham, Aly Wheeler, Steve Gross. Front raw: Pat Mannion, Trich Wood, Brenda Smith, Carl Scott. Bottom left: Editor-in-Chief Ste ve Gross. Bottom right: Advisor Mr. Walker, NSD Under the new eadership of Bill Ihristopher, ASB hos emoined successful. tome of this success is due o their motto: "Coming together is 1 beginning Keeping together is Jrogress Working together is uccessf' This motto truly reflects he chollenges of the tew ASB Council as it Jrepores for o new term. With Mr. Christopher os he Council's new odvisor, he ASB is sure to forge new ond everlosting traditions true to the Sundevil name. Sroup picture, Back Row: keCe Moore, Lonnie llesseler, Leela Ramdin, lanlce VanderStoep, Jim Sechrist, Jackie Parker, Scott Whitlock, Julie Dlander, James Higgins, llison Smith. Front Row ill Christopher, Laura ohen, Susi Barker, Allison yra, Kathy Doyle, Nettie Mason. Candidsg Scott 4ovoks, Jackie Parker, lulie Olander, Allison Tyra, Lonnie Nesseler, Vettie Mason, Scott Whitlock, Jeff Forehand. QE , ,WA . W .M is , ,A Hi! , , ,,,, ,.,f'w., 4 ' W- M '98 fts , , . , VJ-6 :PF ,, ,IU f?f+ ' -J -' .. 1 .-,u. " B ' 'f '-nf i.ff?'.M'i35.v .. 29 K 4 mum i L CONVENTION "Dare to Dream" was the theme of Mt. Cormels seventh annuol A SB. Nominating Convention. Coordinated by laci Parker and Lisa Price, the convention involved over 400 students as either delegates, pages, or security personnel. This yeor's keynote spealser, William Jones, a San Diego Councilman, gave on enlightening speech. "No matter who wins or loses, were all winners" and an emphasis on peoples responsibility to worls together in spite of color, sex, age, etc. got him a strong welcome of applause. Speeches were also given by our principal, Mr. Hurst, and Gloria McColl ofthe San Diego City Council. ttrirrt at A 5, ,,, 5 , .::k6VV ,,,r "gl" , ,, r t k,,gW,ttr, . , -41 r " , K 5 5 ' wr' T A c A .gl 7 . , g , ,,'y M M If at 'T , as tsl f 11 lf? 1. 2 3 in f mm, Q 5' ' if W 5 me A? 3 Q, , . , ',,': I ' ff-5, lr' A x X :E P1 ,,, Www., 'YP' if eikiian, Mi I .M-ww 'I 'F ' S ab X X ' sf 5 Q Q55 W K b 4. K 4-'B B 1 Q5 uf-M-.Q.,,.,,,nm ff f- " ' .11 , u . ,QQ , ff , xv W L ? M .J tl vm 4' is CLASS OFFICERS Among the growing troditions ot Mt. Cormel includes the onnuol selection of officers for eoch closs. These officers consist primorily of the president, vice president, treosurer, secretory, ond commissioners, ond ore chosen through closs elections ot the end of eoch yeor. As we reflect bock on this trodition, we find thot it first storted in 1975 with the sophomore ondjunior odvisors, Pedro Gorcio ond Vickie Broughton. The officers work together with the odvisorlsl in order to keep the closs' finonces intoct, plon closs octivities, hold fundroisers, etc. They not only represent the whole closs, but olso keep the Sundevil spirit olive. SENIORS, left to right, top row: Vicki Brewton, Doug Stropes, Curtis Phillips, Koren Porker, Sue K utney, Jonice Vonder5toep, Deo Pierce. bottom row: Debbie Blonchord, Alison Grovelle, Heother Winokur, Eunice Sebostion. not pictured: Christy Alorcon, Mignon Higgins, Liz Lyons, Jomi Olonder. JUNIORS, left to right, top row: Jimmy Sechrist, Kris Schoror, Julie Olonder, Alison Smith, Lindo Rincon, Joci Parker, Suki Shelton, Paulo Mendrolo. Bottom row: Advisors - Don Weir, Mory Wolters, Solly Robinson. not pictured: Joyce Jimenez. SOPHOMORES, left to right, top row: Advisor Phil Foctor, Triston Higgins, Teri Moumousolo, Jenny Stork, Anito Mothur, Dove Adcock, Tommy Neuberger, Brion Knirk, Mory Rodkin, Holly Sonders, Jeni Davis, Shouno Rebeczky, Dorion Welk. bottom row: Heidi Hermon, Suki Miyosoki, Allison Tyra, Tiffonie Donoho, Nettie Moson, John Botes, Tim Botog. FRESHMAN, left to right, top row: Advisor Phyllis Humphrey, Lourie Turner, Christo Husovsky, Corrine Brown, Jenni Stichter, Advisor Mork Boldwin. bottom row: Susie Borker, Jill Benson, Jill Mulvone y, Megon M urro y, Mike Treichler. new SX S W I -A a- ww L, 'ww-mi nv :VV ,mfg m, 4 SENATE The Student Senate is made up of representatives from the student body chosen by their peers in Social Science and HeaIth,f'Driyer's Ed, classes, as well as from the body of students at lorge. The Senate posses laws and makes amendments to the Mt, Carmel Constitution. lt is through these efforts that we, as students, are allowed certain rights, clubs, ond activities. This past year saw the development of Senate committees which made amendments to the constitution for greater service to the student body. The Senate made sure the concerns of the student body were handled quickly and effectively. This years odvisor was Mrs. Riclsetson, who helped the Senate in another productive and successful year. Pictures starting from the top left going clockwise Mrs, Riclfetson, Leslie Noll and Mike Kingg Pedro Aragong The Student Senate. SRB The Student Review Board is the Judicial branch of Mt, Carmels student government. The rnainjob of the SRD is to oversee the ASB Nominating Convention. They tally the votes of the delegates and place the qualifying candidates on the general ballot. The SRD also works with the Senate to work OUT any questions about our constitution, as well as making sure it is adhered to. The Student Review l3oard's advisor, Mr. Weiner, assisted the Justices in another successful term. Pictures starting on the right going clockwise: Leela Ramdin: Tina M yersg The Student Review Board. SPEECH AND DEBATE This yeor, Mt. Cormel hos ploced highly in every tournoment. Led by the strongjunior squod, the Speech ond Debote Teom continues the MCHS trodition of winning teoms. The Speech ond Debote seems to grow stronger ocodemicolly, ond closer together every yeor. ,e is fig' I i 2' I rw .. .... Front row: Frank Lopez, Bobby Horkins, Morcye Snow, Ken Tong, Stephen Bero, Jason Jennings, Andy Hochmon. Bock row: Lori Belzmon, Suki Shelton, Lynne Petersen, Pom Weckerly, Bob Pocilio, Tracy Johnson, Stocy Weinstein, Hoi Perlofii Tim Botog, Brion Knirk, John Terontini, Tom Fox. 51 J' ,,.. , ,, ,"" ACADEMIC LEAGUE The Academic League teams did very well this year. The teams were led by Ms. Clapperton of the Varsity Squad, Mrs. Panfili of the J.V. Squad and Mr. O'Connor of the Freshmen. Traditionally the Mt. Carmel teams have held an outstanding record which reflects the high academic excellence present at our school. J . L., , i Group picture, Front row from left: Meridee Gunn, John Marchetti, Ken Tang, June Lin, Sterling Hedgpeth, Chris Fodor, Maria Chin, .Second raw: Galen Pickett, Seth Babrofli Elliott G. Byrne, Tina Myers, David Ratinov, Tim Botag, Lisa Witt, Loselito Manasan, Sunny Lee, Back row: Janet Cook, Andy K lingler, Travis Palomares, Brian Knirk Lower left: This action shot was taken from one of many practice scrimmages. Lower right: The academic league allows far participants ta reveal their true selves. ,gif 5 ii f .,s:L.w,,'4Q1,.:Lc..c,.. ,,.., .. ,M...e.M.w -ff -A R 'ft fi J' rt' LEADERSHIP CLASS The first semester Ieodership closs plons ond supervises the onnuol ASB nominoting convention. Advised by Mr. Brod Johnson, this yeor's "Dore to Dreom obout our Future" theme wos o complete success, thonlss to everyone involved. Pictured, top row, left to right: Tomi Hobbs, Jon Kromer, Julie Olonder, Eric Cosh, loci Porlfer, Lori Fish, Stephonie Aclserrnon, Christine logon, Scortlviuhlboier, Dove Sontiogo. Second row: Cindy Elliott, Denise Miromontes, Jomie Rones, Pom Wolloce, Cindi Stonehoclser, Missy Loftus. Third row: Debbie Mihn, Leslie Noll, Liso Price, Morls Kelso, Nodine Bencivengo, Jennifer Burke, Bottom row: Chris l-looten, Mr. Brod Johnson, Denise Hiclfey, Jennifer Sour, 38 .il QU' fy -EADERSHIP RETREAT The Leodership Retreot is held onnuolly ond is open to everyone The purpose ofthe retreot is to bring students ogether ond leorn obour themselves ond their leodership quolities Guest speokers were brought in ro discuss vorious leodership quolities, ond how to develop ond utilize them to benefit the individuol Group octivities olso were scheduled to use these newly-ocquired skills on o first-hond bosis ond to get to know other retreor porticiponts. Free time involved volleyboll, music, ond, in generol, o lot of fun for oll who porticipoted. i Nlf it 5 , 5 39 5 gr. 5 - axe V ,, 23 9 Ax f . sw' mi s 'H f l it M.. - r 9 ii Q V . -- Q- i lx si , if scu i s . 'V ' ,A A 1 N sa V , N.. V V 38 X s is N s is s N :L .Vu a CSF The California Scholarship Federation Club is a scholastic organization that recognizes academic achievers. Membership and eligibility are based on grades, but participants must apply. This year, the club was headed by a new advisor, Mrs. Peggy Hughes. She states that CSF is a healthy club, filled with students who excel academically, and basically enjoy themselves in the community and with the people around them. The club's motto is "Scholarship for Service," and this year the club has certainly proven that with their "presents for orphans" drive and Christmas visits to a nearby convalescent home, which they hope to visit on a more consistent basis. CSF hopes to sponsor future activities that will benefit both the school and community. Bottom row, left to right: Suzy Yu, June Lin, Jon Kent, Kristen Scharar, Janet Lee, Flocerfida Sison, Joyce Benavides, Eileen Rocamora, Cecilia Sison. Middle row: Binh Tran, Thai Tran, Harvey Tang, Jennifer Payad, Jin- Young Han, Cynthia Sarmiento, Tim Batog, K arri Willemssen, Traci Stowe, Shannon Thompson, Stacy Weinstein, Christine Barta, Sunny Lee, Benedict Fune, Madelyn Quinol. Top ro w: Chris Gerow, Jennifer Althouse, Robert Van de Water, Bobbie Jo Garza, Diane Wenzler, Ken Moore, Patrick Wei, Robert Huss, Charlie Hsieh, Janet Cooke, Mike Whittman, Myra Yip, Travis Palomares, Mrs. Hughes Cadvisorl, David Thal, Johanna Cottle, Maria Porciuncula, Tracy Johnson, Larry Hennessee, Suki Shelton, Brian Belfrey, Tina Myers, Lori Belzman, Diane Wittouck, Pam Weckerly, Brian Knirk, Hal Perloff. ,..... L ii W is Wt E twists SW 4 M 525.3-1 ' ....t 1 if s sc rf Eff. 'FTSBK .S W 5 ,gif S NW I X, -tr kgs? .R tllr rrr J "'?'rf" ff ' """'i' Q WSE P? W il ,,,, 2 'T R 5 S 'th is tifswfkstimc rr. ,.. .5 sir ' .f ' T .ssli, - . , ,,, ii i G' HQ? tx L S 'flss ' - Q Q W t rrr' . ' Q , M f ,.. c ..... lf ' A J,. In ,L Q t . its F s ' T . ,.... ' ' .ii trt . lisic S 1. ,..s .st H . ssfr f ... .fst J. T' ISA A club whose gool is to wove students become 'note involved in the aoliticol world, the Junior Stotesmen of Arne-rico Club ollows students to argue politicol issues in :npen form discussions. lhrough this, the club's lout-yeor odvisor, Mr. Nilliom O'Connor, hopes 'hot the students will oecorne more receptive 'o different volues ond oints of view, ond still ebote diplornoticolly. Since the club wos storted n 1980 by o fellow ltudent, the club hos sponsored tundroisers, debotes, ond ottended :onferences locolly, egionolly, ond totionolly. Just recently, he club sponsored the open debote on obortion n which the students foted on the best eboter ot the end ofthe iscussion. Although the :lub hos done well in post 1eors,Mr.O'Connor topes to hove greoter oorticipotion in the future, 'op row: Mr. Williom 'Connor, Golen Pickett, orvey Tong, Notolie ollroth, Dovid Juhn, otrick Wei, Chel Son edro, Joselito Monoson. ottom row: Richard ndrodo, Angelo Acfolle, ussell Shanks, June Lin, Aorio Chiu. KEY CLUB The Key Club is o Kiwonion sponsored orgonizotion led by Phil Foctor ond whose objectives ore to promote leodership ond FROM LE!-T: L, Augenstein, Advisor, Liso Jackson, commissioner, Teri Moumousolop President, Ted Thomseng Hisrorion, Rochele humon relotions, os well os building o better school ond community. Activities this yeor included cor woshes olong with the Christmos ond Thonksgiving drives for chority. Under the guidonce of club president, Lyndo Huffschmidt, the Key Club hos gone through onother successful yeor in 84-85. Tobin, Sergeant of Arms, Roche! Tocksreing Hisrorion, Dorcy Lymerg Secretory, Brion Knirk, Treasurer, Mr. Focrorg Advisor. Front: Lyndo Huffshmidrf commissioner, Tim Botogg Commissioner .H ,, ,, . Q , ar 5 M-5, 1 ,f -, QV ,1'4':.D:: 1 . .G I 44' 4 olhffs, W ' L 1,1 4 44 a,',H,n,v, fu f s' ' . , ',.' nf, . H, i fi 'Q 1444 sh,a M - . rv' a'Aa.a.p,t, Yi' I ,iw--v Isa. 4,,.,a V 4 P ' 4 ai.. if A ., -4.4 'A -' " 4, ,qv . ' Q .- :.,5.: .. - A AU., 4. , . p 6 Q s . A ." , ' . Q v. . 4 4 Ann' 'ah- 4 4 4' 'at . v ' f A A l 'N .4 4. 1',n ,ni , 4 A, ,f, 14 5' ,nw oar' .45 .4 W M 'Q' ,Q f 73443 " ,- 'ze nn. RN wqma ss. .P HISTORY AP History is a club whose goal is to promote a tter individual through historical knowledge Ed lets its members remember that what they on't know doesn't matter. Led by Paul Fagette, ie club encourages students to apply their skills history to the outside world. Activities include eminars at various schools around the county ven by professional historians. lt also helps its iembers work as a group bath academically Wd socially. Group Picture: FROM LEI-T TO RIGHT: CFront Row? Kris Lyman, Lori Belzman, Pam Weckerly, Janet Cooke, Johanna Cottle, Julie Blenkle, Pat Malibago, Myra Yip, Eric Hopkins, C5econd Row? Elliott G, Byrne, Jeff Fletcher, Andy Klingler, Heidi Fredericksen, Tracy Dishno, Hallie Whitfield Travis Polomores, Mike Whelan, Trevor Powlik, fBack Row! Keith Harrison, James O'Brion, Andy Jensen, Sean Phipps, and Jamie Moran. faiiiifziq, ,, ,,,. , .p 5 rls, ,t,, E W T' ,, as'zs?t5z?ifff'llE'f!9ii TSW!! ' ""H-W 3' it H, , 'vi .asf Va "' ,,,t ns., rev, swift 5 i f - Tw iw wwf? if J N094 AFS The American Field Service club has been a tradition at Mt. Carmel. This year AFS has approximately sixty members, including four exchange students. The goals of AFS include bringing exchange students to America and familiarizing students with different cultures. This year AFS, along with HRC, built the only club float for Homecoming. The club further kept up tradition by planning another Donkey Basketball game, selling See's suckers for a fundraiser, celebrating holidays and planning an annual trip to Magic Mountain. AFS also participates in "AFS Weekend" when exchange students from all over the county visit local families for a weekend, The AFS club has also become a tradition at Mt. Carmel by receiving "Club ofthe Year" award the past three out of four years. Upper left: Patrick Wei, Edmund Chiu, Harvey Tang, Roel Chantengco, Steve Vissard, Jeremy Goldman, Senor Fousek, Tim Pierce, Pam Peck, John Orant, Pat Lee, Ken Moore. Next row: Maria Rafa, GiGi Heinkel, Jo Anne Taylor, Edna Espiritu, Barbara Hagstrom, Linda Yi, Sherry McKinney, Next row: Chris Fodo, Mike Coons, Sean Heath. Front row: Amy Donovan, Kimberly Bianco. AFS Officers: Kimberly Bianco, Amy Donovan, Senor Fousek, Sean Heath, Sandy Thein. ! K. A at 1' N A .,.k N,,kV. 1 . HHN, V. 53518313 Y Wmmis CFrom upper left, clockwise? Anne, Glenn ond GiGi,- Anne with host Allison Wheeler Cnot pictured is Kevin Wheelerl' Odedg GiGi with host Tiino Tuclferg Glenn with AF5 president Amy Donovan ond vice president Kimberly Bionco. 6' CQ, K Q DONKEY BASKETBALL 1985 Donkey Bosketboll is on onnuol AFS sponsored event thot begon severol yeors ogo here ot Mt, Cormel. The primory purpose behind this fun-filled event is to roise money to send Americon students to foreign countries ond bring foreign students here to Americo. It is on event thot is olwoys filled with lots of thrills, loughs, suspense ond excitement. Finolly, Donkey Bosketboll gives the opportunity for both faculty ond students to meet on equol terms ond reolly hove it out. Competition between the Juniors, Seniors ond Foculty is olwoys intense os they oil go for points with the uncooperotive help of the donkeys. Troditionolly, the Foculty hos been the victor of the post chompionship gomesp but this yeor, the Seniors were triumphont ond beot the Foculty by o bosket. All In oil, AFS Donkey Bosketboll provides o hilioriously fun evening for both porticiponts ond spectotors olike. . - fav--s1w::.WsW1wM,sf-W1fs-f1we1M,,u..M. Clockwise from opposite page, upper right: 19 Senior Rotten Roy Ho raises his hond in victory. 27 Junior Bosket-mokin' Hoselius - "Come on guys - wheres the boll?!" 39 "Collision on the court. " 42 Senior Dunkin' Dune Pogoduon - "Just hold still boy" . . . woit till get on . , 5? Tom "Two-Tone" Oliver- "The pressure is on , , , lgotto score , , 69 "Dioblito" Doubert Rides Agoln - "Look out Seniors , , . Herel come, . ,!!l" 79 Junior "Flash" Buldo - "Come on Donkey. . . the boll's this woy . , . Pleose?!!" 6? Jr. Hoselius - "Wait for mel!" t M Ew.W,.,.li J in t,t . l,tt x an I ., K 8 in is 1: flick 5:11 . . A :Q it A-1 SKI CLUB The Ski Club was quite large this year. They skied at places like Lake Tahoe and Vail, Colorado. lt was o great experience for everyone involved. It is o foirly new club that will soon become o Mt. Carmel tradition. Bock row Cleft to righti: Micky Cohen and Charles Park. Middle row Cleft to rightj: Wendi Johnston, Kerry Williamson, Mindy Gaebe, Mrs. Robinson and Ms. Bocynski. Front row flefr to rightl: John Kent, Kerri Page, Kelly Kuwait, Suki Miyasaki, and Mr. Ulmer. ,I , or w K W .,,-.Ni K Qwwwfww A-'ive' my W. f .MNQM AH? f af an 'db-it was -tw FRENCH CLUB The French Club was o ot larger this year. To iurther experience and goin knowledge of french culture, they attended French movies :nd went to French estauronts. The club also nroduced the ever- Jopular Fashion Show rvhich has become somewhat of o tradition nt Mt. Carmel, Thanks to pdvisor Pauline Gross, vho organized the activities the club 4 1 hi!! K. ? '51 1,5 narticipoted in, the French 'fini Ilub had another uccessful year. Clacltwise from upper -aft? Richard Loop, Lisa Eianotta, Linh Lee, tephanie Meagher, licole Butler, Lisa Griffie, inda Medina, Michele Jcobs, Christine Richards, auline Gross. Advisor auline Gross during a rench Club meering. 'lub members Christine ichards and Michele ncabs. l ..auvw""""' ir, 12 M? I :f- L . i AD 3 3 f W' 6-K- 1 7 V Wins HRC The Human Relations Committee, known to most as HRC, gets students and teachers together to strengthen relations with others. This year HRC had a new advisor, Steve Edwards. He and the committee worked together to bring guest speakers to the school and planned activities to broaden knowledge about themselves, and other people, and human relations. This year HRC also had incorporated the Races United club into its broad spectrum. Now both HRC and Races United work as one toward a common goal of uniting all races and improving inter-racial ties throughout Mt, Carmel. Clockwise fr. far left to right: Elizabeth Reyes, April Solomon, Cecilia Sison, Jo Ann Vilaraza, Roy Ha, Dawn Denton, Tim Pierce, Susie Nugent, Robyn Darby, Katrina Suszlfo, Mr. Edwards, advisor, Jennifer Payad, Elaine Reyes, Abigail Allen, 5, 491' is BON' MARCHING SUNDEVILS PERCU55lONf Ed B, Doug C, Gory C, Brod C, Fred H, John L, John L, Milfe M, Ken M, Gory O, Richord P, Ron 5, Joclsie 5. BANNER: Elizoberh F, Mirosol G, Florence L, Joonne L, Tereso M, Lovonne O, Morie P, Korie M, Wendy R. FLAGS: Angelina A, Doni B, Heorher B, Christine B, Cindy B, Joyce B, Deooroh B, Lindo B, Cindy C, Corherine C, Dione C, Michelle D, Mory E, Alrno E, Cindy F, Andreo H, Tricio H, Kelli H, Joyce H, Korleno K, Sunny L, Troci L, Cindy M, Joyce M, Comille M, Moilo M, Ange M, Mory N, Joonn O, Liso O, Jocelyn O, Julie R, Borboro R, Flo 5, Cheryl 5, Meco 5, Chrisrie W, Lizo Z. Q, .-, -W WH, .,jh.,f 4, cu, ' ,J,3,w.'.1.i 1' K.:-f T I 'Q- lg POP ENSEMBLE Under the direction of Mr. Dennis O'Drone, the Pop Ensemble group hos been o singing ond doncing choreogrophed group thot hove entertoined mony since its birth here ot MCH5. Also known os "Touch of Closs," the group sing ond donce to populor music, ond compete ogoinst other high schools for superior performonce obilities. Among the severol competitions ond festivols they ottend, the group hos troditionolly mointoined on excellent or obove stonding ond hove won three superior ploques since 1977. The 1984-1985 Pop Ensemble group hod no porticulor mojor theme in their show this yeor, but mode excellent use of o greot voriety of music from the "Big Bond Ero," such os "Singing inthe Roin." Outside of competitions, the group olso perform ot holf-time shows ond speciol occosions, where they thrill oll spectotors young ond old. Front row, left to right: Liso Schifono, Roy Ho, Marlene Yuson, Lee Holcomb, Suzonne Dietrich, Amy Robbins, Dione Lobudo, Jennifer Droton, Erwin Moscordo. Middle row: Lynn Peterson, Dune Pogoduon, Michelle Ritter, Ricky Buldo, Amy Donovon, John Harmon, Tino Tucker, Jeff Schmitz, Joyce Gibson, Mike Tuzinkiewicz, Dorlene Rovelo, Lindo Rincon. Top row: Seth Bobrofli Brion C ulligon, Jim Malone, Richord Porlfer, Kevin Green. f-MR sf it Wx' , 1. 2. ..,- 5 X ,lu 1R , , ,,t,, jg' 1? I s , tr i' HRLS POP ENSEMBLE Having only begun this ear, the "Sophisticated odies" is a girls' song and ance group that enables oung girls lacl-sing xperience for Pop nsemble to better their fills and intensify their aining. Also under the irection of Mr. Dennis J'Drane, the group nsists primarily of Ephomore ondjunior iris. At the moment, the iris group is interspersed 'ith the Pop Ensemble, Ilowing them to receive re same experience as re Pop Ensemble, lthough they are not llowed to compete in rtain competitions. In Eire of Iimitotions, the iris work hard to induce reir performances with yle. fing center: Cece ioore, Dawn Denton. iiddle row: Danielle utierrez, Mokey fiesmann, Patsy urdevant, DeAnne nders, Jenny Boone. ck ro w: Monica Boutte, endy Latimore, Katie cLaughlin, Leslie ullens, Tanya Lewis, m Bianco, Nicole amberlain. Not ctured: Wendy Baird, nise Kluge, Rabin seph. ss.. f r ' s'sP s ,.,.i.,, . A' as ,... ,, an si' .cpsmau , ,imma w' A W., s...-1 . i g ,, ., fs fs . .xr I ,, ws CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir consisted of o lorge number of people which took port in entertoining. They did this by singing songs which they worked on throughout the yeor. Mony people were involved which odded to the richness of the songs which they song. If next yeor hos os lorge o turnout os this yeor then onother productive yeor will be in store for Mt. Corr'nel's singers. KAMA ihe Drama club this year was mainly involved with ischool play. They worked hard to refine their 'ing ability as well as having quite a bit of fun. Many ople got involved which added variety and 'erent personalities to the group. With such diversity E talent it can only be said that the club will rnost .ly mold and discover some genuine actors and TGSSGS. 59 Cfront row, left to right? Corrin Rausenburger, Laura Watkins, Paula Mendrala, Sean Cauldron, Julie Lankford, K yrn Dost, Leslie Salisbury C2nd row? Lynn Peterson, Misty Orthner, Laurie Becker, Sherry McKinney, Erin Huber, Kurt Wickboldt, Jenny Boone, Joselito Manasan, Nance Hayek 63rd row! Sonja Stevens, Laura Cohen, Kris Lyman, Angie Dirtadian C4th row? Chi-Wei Ho, Lee Bell, Dune Pagaduan, unknown, Mike Treikler, Wendy Johnston, Stacia Davis, Jeanette Duff, Darrell Valois, Danielle Gutierrez, Cece Moore, Katie McLaughlin Jn! ,fp r .' y ! fi .- 1 SJ A I 'W 3 ,,,, y. ,,,.n-1-4' rl. ,W I ,- ,, ,af it 1 r is J ti 5 r xi!! Z T f S . 5 fx ' 1 Le L f ,, m.1--v'v-v-q- . , 4- ' , 'X Si Aft, 15,5 as ,EW-J. -v.f,xs.' V v Qi I A K J .4 K 5 ' , - li' 2 9 lei ' Q L , V if 1 , f , 3 i . ,, ff, it F , ,., - ,S f it ' li ww e tiff 1 A f A 5 Y-ZH N' ,- f1"' .iY't. . '13 , .... .., 'ifJjfff2, ff ' READERS THEATRE The 1985 Reoder's Theotre wos once ogoin o greot success in their presentotion of "Flowers ore Better Thon Bullets." Written by Speech ond Debote Cooch Bob Pocilio, with the ossistonce of Bruce Gevirtymon, the ploy recreotes the foctuol occount of the trogic shootings thot took ploce ot Kent Stote in Moy of 1970. The presentotion odded mony new insights into this historicol event. The production wos filled with dromo ond suspense ond wos deemed o greot success by oll who sow it. Thus, Reoder's Theotre held true to its distinct trodition of innovotive creotivity ond excellence. The Cost Appearing: Ken Tong, Erin Anderson, Morcye Snow, Joson Jennings, Andy Hochmon, Srefon Bero, Lynn Peterson, Lori Belzmon, Liese 5chultz, Elisa Cogswell, Bobby Horkins, Frank Lopez, Stocy Weinstein, Alison Smith, Tim Fori, John Torinrini, Tim Butog, HoIPerlof15 Pom Weclferly, Suki Shelton, Bob Pocilio, Andy Klingler, Trocy Johnson, Brion Knirk 'R Q .1 3.51" 2 ,J 1: - AMN will? fy STUDENT STORE The Student Store ot Mt. Cormel hos creoted o fine trodition of service to the needs of MC. students. The Student Store is run by Honls Acquerelli with the oid of members of the ROP Closs, Retoil Soles, to meet the needs of students during lunch. The store sells high school essentiols from poper goods ond P.E, geor to o whole ronge of snoclss ond beveroges. All profits from the store go to the ASB. Our rhonks to the Student Store for oll the services it hos provided. Its services ore greotly opprecioted by the students of Mt. Cormel. Left to right, kneeling: Aoron Borish, Mory Horgfs, Domon Wogner, Stondingz El Cid, Ed Villopondo, Andy Jones, Sondy Bowers, Kim Hooglond, 511 yo Nelson, Geri Wollser, Rich Goldmon, Corol Fox, Chris Gries, Jerome Huffschmidt, , P' 'VPEVLEFS -.qgx ,pqi!"' R " ff TNVESTMENTS The 1984-85 Tnvestment club is under the Ieodership of Honls Acquoreili. its moin purpose is to teoch students how to invest money in corporote ventures. The Investment :lub hos been serviced by Jerome Huffschmidt for the post two yeors os acting president. "It gives students o chonce to ieorn obout investing by octuoily putting their own money into the 'nvestment pooI," soys Jerome Huffschmidt. The investment club is 0 Club with much purpose. Dictured from left ro right at top of page ore: Honlf cquorelli, Mory Horgos, leon Schieicher ond lerome Huffschmidt. is X I 93, u '-f 5 .-gx 1i.619i D AGRICULTURE Thonlss to the ogriculturol closses on compus, the Mt. Cormel Iondscope hos been improved ond is looking better thon ever. The students spend mony hours in the clossroom Ieorning the proper techniques for roising plonts ond onimols Mony of the students tolsing the ogriculturol closses ore olso members of FFA. sf Y' ,....-.,,..- 5,1 i WK 9 kr ii N-s... fi 'I' 'e FFA The Future Formers of Americo club, under the direction of Beth Tooley, proctice whot they leorn in their ogriculturol closses ond reoi life experiences, This club is o notionol orgonizotion in which the students ore required to complete o roject in which the finol product is often brought Fo the Del Mor Foir for competition. N Wwrssmgy L -L.. 1985 VARSITY CHEER The 1984-1985 Varsity Cheerleaders advised by Sharon McGlocl4lin had an outstanding cheerleading season. Reverting back to one squad this year put a heavier demand on the cheerleaders, but this didn't stop the dynamic "10." No matter what the weather was or the condition these Varsity cheerleaders brought spirit to all those attending the pep rallies and sporting events. ,V ,A , , syiy llrsll if lrsl ,pg ,.,,, ,..-s, gzg at M 'M 4' ,wi ,, ,',,s ,," f K ' ' ,VVV "" ,. ' W ffl :J , , , 1' . , E :' ' , J , iz: , f , 'V K ,t i' ,f-r' 'j ., jg ,g . - 'E' f z'i'z ,Eli ,.,,,.., 'its' H rrssr rss' M W W ,W ms This page, starting at the top clockwise: Cindy Elliot, Cindilironehocker. The 1984-1985 Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1- Carlene B- Jensen, Jenny Howard, Lori Morsetti. Row 2 - Clndy Elliot, Angela Mingst. Row 3 - Cindi Sfonehocker, Kiron Mathur, Lana Giallombardo, Mignon Higgins, Amy Vaughn. Opposite page, top to bottom: Lana Giallombardo and Cindy Elliot, Angela Mingsf and K iron Mathur Sul Am ,,,,,, , iy CIE 4-H" 'Um Z V 5 Ayn x 1 E X 0 H' f ' ,.f ,r Q- ! O' X x 1 w Q 1 ix, '7 'Ls WA , , x ,,.-1 FROSH CHEERLEADERS The enthusiasm of the 1984-85 Frosh Tap row: Carmel Ladao, Marcie Vaughn, Nicole Spiritleaders has been fantastic as they have Stropes, Michelle Moran, Middle row: Danielle cheered the Freshman football and basketball Brown, Cetti Kelly. Bottom row: Meredith teams on to victory. This energetic group of nine Burchard, Janene Stuart, Janine Russell. also supported the Mount's mighty boys and girls soccer teams and the wrestling team. They have helped to make their first year at Mt. Carmel one to remember. 69 I wvmns g il-...Q W, 9 -uf ,qi Quang 5 Q 4 ROWDIES Spirited Mt. Cormel students express their enthusiosm by cheering on teoms to victory. Such spirited support is 0 trodition ot Mt. Cormel thot boosts the morole of our othletes, os well os odding to the fun to mony of the gomes. These students odd to the mony thrills of victory ond fill the memories of the "Mount" with hoppiness ond fun. 'T""' Y 'D RSA. " A: I- s nal' .gf V N Q 4 W, ,, I fam, LW, , , I SPECIAL THANKS We, the 1984-65 Horizon Yeorbook stoff, would like to thonk, from the bottom of our heorts, Mr. Pot Miller. As our Yeorbook odvisor, he hos guided us through numerous deodlines with on overwhelming omount of potience. Mr. Miller hos mode yeorbook o very rewording ond enjoyoble experience! We would olso like to extend our thonks to the MCHS Foculty, Administrotion, Clubs, Athletic orgonizotions, Cooches, Dick Kerr, Toylor Publishing Compony, Diomond Designs, Bob Bjorkquist, Dove Wolker ond everyone who ossisted in producing this yeorbook. If we have not given credit where it is due, it is on oversight ond pleose understond we connot ocknowledge oll of those who oided us in our efforts to produce this yeor's edition of the Horizon. 1 Q aim J M IDlTOR'S MESSAGE 1985! Whot o yeor! This yeor wos on -speciolly difficult yeor becouse of o brond new roff ond the job of editor being shored by two ieople. We hod the BEST times trying to meet 'ur deodlines. Midnight phone colls, Skipping inches, orguments ond other such obstocles. .long with the problems there were plenty of iood times like coke porties ond ordering out for inch. Being Co-Editors we not only become ood counterports but olso good friends. One speciol person we would both like to thonk for his guidonce, undersronding ond friendship is our odvisor Popo Smurf, olios Pot Miller. Along with leoving our positions os editors when we groduote, we must olso leove our close friends, the Closs of '85. We would like to thonk the Closs of '85 for being so speciol ond we hope we hove coptured oll of the moments you will wish to recoll in loter life!! WE LOVE YOU!! Co-Editors mm Tricio Komienski jim-df1ezL34f1Jnolgwg. Heother Winokur ,ir ff" if "'bk I iq, 'fe STUDENT LIFE The life and times of Mr. Cormel soid in pictures. This page: Youn Ok, Elaine Yano, Mick Spears. Next page: Coach McKinney, Karleno K uder. ili c fi Nw nv" 35' Aff.-'Lf ,.'.,,Aa r I l f j 1, 4 0 4 Qi' STUDENT LIFE Why do we come to school? Two good reasons . . . break ond lunch. This page: Melissa Maybee, Tammy Geiseleu and Valerie Brown, Marci Vaughn, Alise Siu, Kim Bianco, and Amy Donovan. Next page: Michelle Monrroy, Eric Gravelle, Doug Rausenberger, Deana Coady, Dennis Bearo. Q!! Q .. K 4 of U57 1-if i 15 Xix .Q sil, g X 5 X 'S Q , .5 PS9 .. S-M s. . . as 5' ,Y ' P.: Lhrs 3. K K K Y Q ' , -' i ' , - " s ' . ' - 'N 4 A M, w fa , D 1 .i,sffQ 'L ' C' ii K we . so K if 3 p 5 D K S ' X :gzg ss uf 'ki W .g ik 12 ' 5 .4 K x. 5 -.24 s , A , fi A D ' X N i 1 s ,rf J of 3 .ka-s ..., A 2. ' A - qw , I ,s 5 - QW V 9 ., A..-alilhmpng N V f Mk' 1-ff f ajft, , 1 I Z Z Z Z g Z 7 Z Z Z Z 'gs ac .. . i.- . 'N"""8"W'M ,..k.,.z,, .safw TO THE CLASS OF 1985 Congrotulotionsl As you end your four yeors of educotion ot Mt. Cormel High School, it is my hope thot you hove been prepored for the next phose of your formol educotion or troining. lt is my belief thot for our country to continue to grow ond prosper, it is necessory for individuols to grow ond contribute to their greotest potentiol. The closs of 1985 hos mode significont contributions to the improve- ment of Mt. Cormel. And Mt. Cormel is o better school os o result of your four yeors here. As you continue your vorious coreers cmwmm remember thot you con moke o difference. Alwoys try to things better. It is our desire to stoy in contoct with our groduotes, so pleose free to visit the compus when you ore in the oreo. We ore ver terested in your progress ofter high school ond would enjoy visi with our friends from the Closs of 1985. Sincerely Don W. Principol SENICDRS 36 we-f W .,,.,..sQ, HL, t ng, , a if , Q wg gl Q 521- ?K? ig - sf fe f 'K 4 Q, 1 f , .fangcla Jclalb :berlin .f4a1anuon Amo! .AMR gkrislg af-can 4 MY ., . X .fs ': . 1 5 , f Vg ,:,, ww. . , L A 3' ' 1 4' l 4 6 K 1 paula!! Jon Jana:-cz pickers! .J4nJraJa N Rmb-I .beluycr U Seniors Jdnftblla Jdaala ' Q " ' ' L ' 'Y R L 1 1 1 RJM .f4ragon .. gan K K A mul, .Allig JOIN!! gall .f4aran garrid Cynlka garfa made Earlodmn f Q ,f j L I -" X in ki 'Q . K K.A ,Q Q R' K hyv- X X khh- wi AJ :K VL z gq ' - -L w i f e: 'A N tl Al K W 7 fi AA..- ,. 9 Qi 4 W 1 --' Q, N j Vrqk K 5 -I f 4 A St All gnu more g ll :mi .J4Jam goAnzon Min EAM:-io f 'W' wt iz K 1' Qa Ti, ff , W W 'i ss X i Wgw. V' NV , , ' iz Q -A Wahine Knciuenga F R45 L .Kalrina gunman i fa 5 t i q 5. TMM... Kumi s 1 L. if .Stoll l?.,.4M 3 'Wifi' ymcilacl guinea , V ' K : xi , f A i f ..gP53g33,.fQ . , , ,fs L- t ff 1 'A 'wi TK as J' 4' 'W vi 1' I P 3 5 ' H 3 W ' 4 X , f 5 1 we J if f 3 is X l A mms: 'R Viv as 6 1 ifgmgsfkie 5 Wt'Ha X , aft? A 5 J jraq genliucyna .9ngriJ gcrglund 5 ,Q is A :., , ,A Mwhk .H H A A .f ,W 5 'gif -R. gf f .., i H. ' gig A X .... 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S 109 J R ' lf' . 1 .- V ' I fi Q4 9 Q., 1 444 151 4 4 'i Q, K ,--!q 4 ,' ' I Q? , s W px 'Us' Q if 1 'N fem 'W 5 as 4 5 ' 5 H AQ I R x J .guna-U mmm: .Maller mcanna mummy nails Douglas wdgll Seniors Wof Mclured I sz., 11. p4.1. - 12.4.4 ,4..1.,...., l?...lJ.A.J.f- -22.1 lim Egg-Jw, 8.45.11 3....1.. e.,1.,, mm.. 1s',....., :n..,1., e...,., sz... 6..ilJ,.., fllafkll. c4..,, ,9..... c4.,..., J1,.. c4., :1,..4 61.114, :b..1.. 6.4.4 azz... :zs.4......, :zs....u 1s.11.., ,4..,.,1.. Liana, Sanctum M, guilty, Jolt glnil, My GNJIRII, HM Gilman, Wi, Mui! Glllflqblbl, cri.4lo,An G-in, Jang, Jhnihan, gr-qaq ..Mu1fLorlu, jimi! Ml, Mya, Ju,....., m.4.....1 31.4, m.114... ,9.f,f,1.,, gvftry .M IILCBJCEPG, ..f4nlAonf Jam, ai ga, JUAN Law, .Kerry erucirl, when mdlaq, gndfau mar, mmalo, mllu, moulin, Carb! mann, Wigan mm., 9.4. 11.........., 5,...., 11,..,.., ,1.,f1., jlyln null, .Xlvii Blur, muah, puny, jk.-1 Sala, .Gu SCMMJ-r, 201-na s.,.4 1e.4.,154.f4.11, 34...... 51.1..1.4..., 111.1.... SIIIIL, M .gfnlrh Jllulikr Sion, Sbom, mall! Sunny, un ju, Mp, Jana 'Uawlan Uvmcuan, gJ4ullJo ulla4anJo, M TMIPIIL, manova wlfnu, IMALAIIWII, Mel' WMM, Ziff! Z-Jul as Ll" fd' X ..f4rnun uyluiazarian egnala M F 1? r"5 Y mallkcw uungkrg July yum Sell Zrnnur 1? 4 7 OUR SENIOR CLASS the future leoders untry!?! This C0 of our captures the photo M- O 3 2 U 5 O E O 'O- GJ .D 0 L CD FE 2 D O 3 I-0 90 9."o wc -DO E P- N U L U 2 3 nch, o reputotion bu Z' 'O 2' .0 3 O 'D gzz U GJ XE Wo -Ecu SENIOR FUN IN THE SUN Clockwise, upper left - April Gonzalez, Nancy Brightman, Krissy DeFabio, Ricky Gutierrez, Mornenfs shared in laughter can be Stuart, Pefefson, Deo Piefce, seen on these happy, smiling faces. H0fff50"' , rr ' . ,Ju W. 'N N4 'ks 'kia 5 if ,Q ' ENIOR CANDIDS mofhef look Of Some Of 19856 PVOVWSMQ condids, clockwise from rop lefr,- Korhy Sruorr ifOdU0feS- reflecringg Noncy Brighrmon receiving o hug from on offecrionore friendg Dovid Cohen being srudiousp Donnie Holmes enjoying lunch, "SENIOR-STYLE. " .,. OW 5 X ig 8 , U , gas? 4 ,, V ,guna i ,W,,' I! ! I "uf f 1 G fl IHOQ' 1' ml dyff Y .rl 'v E- 1-" G 'iw , 'y N W N 4 j , ,,,. X., KZ? , ' J' c Q is s 2 QPU Q ff M fr T, J fi 2' fs A 1 , 4' X x 3 35 . A x 8 in "X I xiao is Fw i 'X ,V ' I SENIOR STANDOUTS Cloclswise, beginning upper leffg Closs Clown, Roger Speormon, Noncy CYoho0J Brighrmon, Best Looking, Todd Blalock, Lee Holcomb, Besr Bods, Eric Weishun, Kris Schwogerg Class Gossipers, K oren Porlser, Nor Picrured - Deon Siskowski. f H 'R 1,-' 'J SENIOR STANDOUTS Clockwise, Upper left: Best Friends, Dee Honshow, Mark Hood, Deo Pierce, Tommy Williams, Curesr Couple, Jomie Olonder, Lloyd Smyth, Best Dressed Mike King, Debbie Blanchard 5535 . SENIOR STANDOUTS Clockwise, Upper lefrg Most Arhleric, Lesley Noll, Jeff Gilmoreg Biggest Porriers, Ricky Gutierrez, K orhy 5ruorr,- Best Personoliry, Jomi Olonder, Randy Aldern 'ffnifzayy .- ii, M ,W 51 ei 5 E E, JZ gl 5- V23 Z gg, K E 4 if , . mr , 1 ,.,, ZW W ' 1? ' i . QM? Wiz: ,z f. "mn ' f- ,QTL f-2?if4Y"aIr'37 ' 2.532 .MQ :' 441' , 'iii' 'iv' 'Law "7 ami . ,,s,,1s,, --,1 --V .,-,, ?-WP' , V ir , f' ,, ww 4' SENIOR STANDOUTS 9, Upper lefrg Flirr, Heorher Winolfur, Brownellg Besr All-Around, Chorlie C , , Tu kerp Apple Pie Foce, Bryon Srolrer, Mingsr Kim Surlono Trendlesr Dowd Niess, Bun ...A I Z SENIOR STANDOUTS Clockwise, Upper Iefrg Besf Eyes, Down Denron, Dee Honshowp Mosr Tolkorive, Barry K rouss, Eunice Sebosrionf Most Likely ro Succeed, Jin Young Hon, Kim Surionog Shyesr, Julie Srelmon, Mark Hood WW ', 4 if ENIOR STANDOUTS oclswise from upper Iefrg Most Bizorre - Derek Jnlslin, Doeno Goldmong Mosr Spirited - The hnior Woll CWe ore sorry if we have nor crured everyone buf iris nor possible ro vprure the entire spirir of '85J,' I. C. C. King ond ueen - Doug Puelhorn, Tiffony Koerrer I '51 119 'Ne- Ml' , .TM , 1 "'-I 4 ,,, ' A . sn, ' 2 I W WR 55 " SENIOR ifmemomss 85: ond .l.I.T TC 'The Bug" Y.T,B. Jerry: Aloho Club DQDYSLG Doys Krlsnn Pere WILD KYLE 12 KAOR Dork , Convention rewers ond Screwers s ' s TH uks 84 Con Tower 7 Buds ond WhosWho ,.ggg,,,,l.g:rte A.P. nights overcoming Igbstocles droems love to gong COLBERT: H20 Polo Swimm- Ooh-Oohs DAVID US 83 l Luv Yo Brew Hoos ot view - police 83 l GultorSPAA COLON CTHE NEW YORKERJ ond D.B. I Love U ALL! Cors 84 Surf O side Nerds! Sr. LARRY DAI- Trock COLLANDER: Hmcmg 52-as Hvfonvnggwild .The Hmcmg 84, cheer 82-84 Quarters R.B. cn., JH., Mr., Dow., MP., RE, I Love U Mom ond Dod, S.B., ond gong. THonx to V.P., Copenhogen, S.O.M.F., J.D. KC, Suson, Susito, Angelino, Kooloidi Ove, induglence ROBYN DARBY: Humon Relotions Com- tmthy, Thi, lobo, RN, my mittee, Student senotor, LJ Club God Bless the Closs of 85 Cherished Memories ot "The Mount," Greot times with speciol friends . . . fin- first love, DERHAM Fon Club Model C CS, JH, DC3, DD, LM, MN, tyin' with DC, Kegs, Metol my friends, My Fon Club, Smoll Hoops, Gimp, ZAC Monley MICHELE DERMANUEL Floot Homecoming 84 ASB Conventions, gth P inting, Horrison fford Fon Q Au dl lxurr CONERTY: AFS ks probs DWP Luv OOK: Ice rots, Boshown yo, Brnky n P.L. KM. H.P. H. ABI : ,,,y, Who, fun SK., ES., ond V.B., W.C., thonx for being o best friend dy ond the love of my fomily, l ond Voristy, YOU QUYSII ,,, , Memorial MARIAVIQ UZMAN: Greot Fon Club, Pete Unforgettable Convention 85 it 619845. Thonx best W kim A. de.CASIRGf9fWrEecre.cutive ASB, Frosh Closs Pres., Soph., Club!Pep squod Pres. 623, 4 s s. C l orguord "Why Not?" Rose Music Olympics - Gold, Scudio Thonks Mom Dod Portners SMR of 82, SWT OLINAD Pres., Jr. Closs treos,, Rowdie' n o- AN: AFS Pres. Pop BLU , Spson 1 lgother B dd' f ' Student u ies, orelgn moments with E ec T .HD Prnt 451. my A"1 A-Te 7 ff ig ' ' A 'WSVY ond Eyeni Deaf of heo g Vvzv Zy , f 2 .314 if o d nmes ff nds foH'1 "' Z ,lL ff A ,, 9 19 ,,., , ' A 4 s Z ond Yeors O Cu Cu on ol TOPO NA Co P31015 b g lovshnpl show 82-84, JOE KORTS: I Thonk you French Club Club 84, , COTS, Rowdies 82, Frosh-N- Speclol 'hooks soph, Y 5 Editor, 00d mom , Red N Blu fTllSSed. SUFTIFTQ Wfesrl- Vornoys, Sr. HO' LE KOW: Ferenowuzn frenz Trung Johny: Boys kmeol C, Ho! JENFER PORT- Commies THA NX2 STEVEN POM-N-A. TUFTIMES Dodging 63, 84 Vigilonres THANK S Council, rud efll' BARRY VARSITY T.lfl.l-LW. AFS, Skin LOVE M551 DREAMS I NARLY JOHN om Je S Friend with J.l3. M Mom cms BEAT? yoer Coproin JK, LL, ANNE KUNTL yeor Club A.J., W. .D., A.C.. Worren, KUTNEY the e ond Friends to the Beoch Will GS Win? LA Porry? the couch Thonks AND DAD. , TIFFANY KOETTER: the Conrlnenrol club, lC.C. ond C. United . A I John together we'll be for dll I KATH of 85 erernir.j?l.!! I love you baby!!! Good x's Mexico I wfbesr buds, Beth, Korh, Tricio, Michelle, LA 84 Jen Love y'oIl!I kim TVARSITY SOCCER gifs Soccer, 4 yr. letrerperson, MICHELE Cunforgerroble memories? CAT. P., H., PROM 'S, COVEWXMP., A.O., T., l3.K,,l3.S., J.J., LAFMT. FR4 Vor. Hn frock word, JV chrsry ore" uv from rc ond Closs owdles 1 es Y cu rs br d ortier. TOGA, Teom Morsho! TINA MYERS: SRB, Acodemic Blonk it w! K.C., H E.S., S.K., H. B-doys, GS, F.A. Y CHRIST Convention '85, ' D Po on ho st ho O Mexico x'sw!good frnz. PARTIES PEPEnsugthecornoftr LUV LITLE BOYS. MRGBSS - OOLALA Much luv 2 profeytebe thnxmm ond dd ond krn JOHN OURANT: AFS - Hollond 84-84, AP US History, Acodemic Decothlon, CSF, English hris, Rose, Cl - 84, Punohou, Blok- MD . . . MW, JB, G'Aussie" R. oth, corrousel, H eidi, Pot ond Oz . . . ELIZABETH OWCA: Student Senote 88, 84 Foshion Show 84 A Bes Frenz 4 evo B.K. A.O. P.S. M G., B-Boy, MT. DP. BS, RP.-RB. 7 .R. rwlz shee, T Andreo, Luv Yo! JIM PATTERSON: "AP AP Chem ond Co.. Mono Buds, Beer ln A Tree, Meol Lifo, Existentiol Blues TERENCE PATTERSON: Trippy Bill, Joe, Rob, Seors Lengogirlie, JH, BB UTC. R -THTSMESTI Thonx Mom ond Dodll JENNIFER PAYAD C"GIGI"J: '84 Porode, MC's 1st Rifeline 84, "Why CLRGRD, Honor Choin 1984, CSF, B-bol Stots 81, 84, HORIZON 85! sMob" DANCER JAMS, MG, "Bigot" MNDALF: Thx - I Luv U All!! Litle Trophy 84: All the X's W! Frenz Leorning CLife 1015 Teom' Police- Summer 88! . Mode It All Worthwhile . . . . . . CRLOSMURPHY'S Drag , , I 83, WHO!? UTDMPTED' MC! ACSMR 845 . . .GOGOGOIII . . . VERPADGETT PEARSON: Cross Country onimol, Hey! nder with the The A Teom. D.P J J 1 Yeorb J.V. Bosketboll, Art KALA BLUE, Best Pol N, MANYGPRINTSW!scott, Cso Exciting? My sweet Peo, YALL! Junior Achievement, footboll up. Hoving fn with N, Kim S., Bobbie G., Mom ond Doc! 8 yrs of it oil w! N.S. pur- Tio Juono Do Yo Wonno Alypoo Chevy luv PAR Convention 85 Yeor Mex, Aloho n stuff L ,CB, JV, , TD, TEAM SKI! V ond Vorsity Sophio ond hod. Closses with ond Dod. 432552 f ga? , ,A,,A . X , ,ZH ,W , , ff! fab!! , X Nm A ff 1 0 "h' 1 I If , I l,v'J'z I 5. if i Ii. I if QW. X, ...W , . ..... 2, Zmdvcfe GO BR poo ond Beer tis deor Mom' D A JV Softboll C3 ountry Junior Ski S 'nior Closs officer of the Bust, Sr Pr 12914 r Shows W ond Porties ond Stuff Vorsity Trock ond Field Polomor Leogue C I F Klobibi ond Yogurt with The 5REY R PIMEN an try ond Trock ond Club A v S rnecomign w! if 2nd w JO s AND Cruis gw theT 82m8 Club Foshion Night.. 1.4, 55 fO M B o he Loudest Parties ot hiofttte? iii I iiior errr Jrre JJJJ . . , BALL 2 yeors Vorsity M ond alf2 Annie Deb Much GG bo' ew VZ 85 JUNrOR AA JAA M AND BARF TOM 'HOLLY EROLANCIC: 85 Convgnflofg ,Club 82, 84 . Here's to Steve iiuooiio ond iiiiii t The Qhicls rrrf BAD GIRLS, iigom love, No uiioi c li rou rlu o,,u . . . y hil I trizsip, Akrr 'izk Kiwinlci, Poggde, my - North C unty, ond an Jiii you A AAii ERPSRESGOTT: CSF, AFS, lenciTe lfi Fun time L.C., ond other In AQP. History, yo Joy I CASEY TAM: iit ol! Guys Cuneuub KD ond BC CLSD ond , . ,,,,,,, . OUVXCUVSIOOSI C l, - .4-everb, Sr. Pronks ,,,,l Tom Willioms I Luv U a iiopefuggy as, DrA, Bob, .i f hlef Cfewf ,tJ Se, tom again! fttry, PUTNAM! rrosh iv. it vqrsitygfoorboii, sr. Best Friends, Mignon, 465 ond woo, LJSDJLS, vvoMBBu HiII" ws. GH, M He. VIIE .. BETH REYES: AFS, Key Club, HRC, Roces United, Bowling, Doncing, Sociolizing. LYLARS - I LUV U ALL, Sisterly luv 'n porners "ABME", Summer '84 "Lucky Stor" - Dm P! Fun X's 2-gether "FAGBE"l Pty's, AfterDorI4L, C'C's, Beoch Senioritis, Librory, D! DANCER MMS! I CHRISTINE Clvb '54"55- tw. 412, DIM- Mom ond Dodfi soleil vie, CH., D.v., RN., Potty, Molibu . . . but FMN! I GEORGE NEWCOMER RIFFLE Ill. QUIRE: ,SENIOR YEAR TRANSFER STUDENT SENATE: PAST EXPERIENCES NIS 'I, 2, IJSOPHMORE CLASS GERMAN 8, TIJUANA AMBASSADOR,j,E-,Qf,fEj.14, WESTLAKE TRIP CLBU 2, wiriiour Fm U COULD TT: T.J. CHEL SAN AFS. . . THANX WITH JR., FICE, TCCIC CYNTHIA Club. Prom '84, WB LJ gS, good times, JOA, DEE, JEN, CEL, Ron. KKLI field 1984, 84 85, 12th TexLjSh, Bobbie Ccooch BstFrnz 4 AIF Jen, luv u REIGN 2 AIWSM! O0 5 Sr how enoror, 85. FOF, SENIOR MEMORIES House, Boot, Rondy, Deb! MC TER! L Senotor G WW' KRISTEN "THE Soccer, 2nd, Sr Vice Mon club ANN VILLARAZAz Key United Sisters en, Ape, ot the 264 n 4 get Buds, ond LA- do DURAN! Jeff' Brothers 27, MD, Sfreef ond Bonzo, DH Poundin' ot HRC Survive, ERIC WEISUHN. MC footboll 45, 68, 63, lt's Time For Country VOLLRA English Luv Prom, my ALY WHEELER: Next door steering wheel History Club - Wrestlin Everything! M ore love for her f Bond, AFS, Acodemic Loughs with AMY, Fomily, crushes!Plons, Bert, Beouty, bondogroms, l 9 MHistory Buffs - Remember To Good Friends ond Fond Porties, Som Luis Borry, Grod 84, Sun Yve flyin' sis C MICHAEL WHITMAN. AP ASB -- Activities commissioner CW., J.P., JJ. D.G., A.M., C.H. - V .1 STEPHEN D. WHITTON. 3 yeors J 'd OISI, trockg Bond, MC Mock Election U All the good time iw M.M. R. 5 . i A , 2 wg .1 in 5 1 1 5 SENIOR CANDIDS Wise Man once said, "Key to success is great leaders." . . .Thanks Mary Burton!! This page: Allison Wheeler, Tiina Tucker, Russell Shanks and Galen Pickett. Next Page.- Dana Vandersluis and Susan Shepard, Colleen Harrison. Janice Van der Stoep, Curtis Philips, Joyce Momaril, GiGiAIcoIa, and Michelle Gleed. S f w . AH- S- .: :Awww iff? .x.. 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Marie Km mefrs All iw- rr Kuo 3QhmQI'1 f.QbF Q 2' 8 im Q Lackey 4 1 1 af 'l4"'r l A l Jf f 2 Freshmen 1 11 1 ' f ' ' fRoIiY Mogner L L Tanya Lewis ' if nf June Lin John Lindsoy L Poul Linkogle L L 'L 'foci Little-page 1 L Hsin-on Liu Seon Lively Christopher Loftus 'Corin Lopez L Ffon cis Lopez '53 ?5'??n?7?L'-U9'C'5fL QM ..,,. 1, 5 ,W , . L f Mocleon L JUdy-Modriogo Morc Mogono Mifghfiilff?-Mohlmon Kevin Molmgren Anne Monoson Dwighf Manning Phiilipyorongello M Of'?5bUfY DQugWQ53gf Morshoi!LL L LLLLL V,,, 1 .-,,. ,',: .wfrw 'f ,L iih ,:., , L'LL'n L L 1541 LLL LL ifireshmen V ww -:.,gN WJQT,-f 3: 'UN af . H . I ilfmsizpglfiggggg " , V P . ,1 ,- , -.i 'vgyzlx 4 "-bfi5I5LfSE?f ' W M ig A L V 'r I . ,, , ' 444352 6? 535 M95 J w W" k I ,,f"'f':5f": ff' Ji? if ' ,. V " ,fi- ,V WEE' f .1 1 K' ,, X '51 'Q H' f 6 'WW X W it A M51 ., New . ,,,, zzz, Tw, f - V ,W , Q ' V ,xi if fNf WJ. sam -f - Wm: 5 A , S 'fm''vfffsiszrsesnzezwvfvvfi aeeznia . , , 2 gg, ' '-',' V W' :,' "A, ,.' ' '! 'A' : Q . 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Cesar Pongborn CIarelgParke55f P Sabrina ff' sshesffv Psirlis 1 H f kyk, 2 John Paul P Todd Paulsen Annabelle Payad Tracy Peck Carolyn Peddy Karina Peraza Dacia Perry Bradley Peters Carol Perersanx Shawn Lance Petit lalnal Chinh Pham Dung Phan Brian Phillips Kim Phillips Liam Pickett P Arthur Plla P Roberto Pinca Yuri Pinzon i Jeremy Pittman Alizaplxleyi' David Polcino Michelle Poriunculo Shannon Porter Norma Prades Jade Preato Frank Primicias Trespala Pule Damian Qulnranilla Freshmen 187 . 1 Q' W' 'L l ,,,L , " LL,, ..L,,L,, .,m,, .. 11 ,... W, .M 63 Y 3 I' -.Q :gy f if Kgs? X Q-,. K' R 13 Ps X CNR L, ,.,, ,A . m,,,, ,LL X 4 QR . ...,... .img if w ' H 1fl . -v1l l VJ l'F .ww f,-f lm M., .fwlm mm ,,.. H mm., lE 5 1 2 lLfJl i , l J 1 i'W v X X W 7 .,z,., , , , ' , 'M 'paw X gin 5552 in L 'fa 2 2 2 5 J X X X X .. 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X N E Q, ,. , J' X XX... -- Q 1. .. my X 1. ., ..X. fVX,., ,... ,,,. . 1 1 . . .. ,QQ .W XX M X Y Q Z Z X f 4 195 Z Z X Z y Z VARSITY FOOTBALL This yeor's Varsity Football team started their season of-f with extensive troining and very often painful workouts. Practices were long and tiring but our team survived and showed us their survivol techniques out on the field. No matter whot the odds were they showed our opponents the pride they have in their school ond the pride they have for themselves. For us they will olwoys be SUNDEVILS. This page left to right: Eric Anthony, Eric Anthony. The Varsity Football team fleft to right? row 1- Steve Costales, Jeff Gilmore, John Quintanilla, Roger Conway, Roger Spearrnan, Doug Puelharn, .Steve Ooms. Raw 2-' Greg Powell Ed Wei, Randy Aldern, Eric Weishun, Joe Haggerty, John Guerra, Scart Maiden, Rob Crouch. Row 3 - Robert Churchwell, Mark Hood, Coach Jolk, Coach Tretten Couch McKinney, Coach Tuttle, Coach Johnson, Caesar, Dee Henshaw, Yirn Veale. Row 4 - Alan Bartolome, Andy Havman, John Stuart, Gary Sachs, Barry Krauss, Todd Kingery, John Self. Row 5 - Larry Daley, Bob Putnam, Eric Anthony, Jeff Russell, 5cottJohnsan, Jeff Pierce. Raw 6 - Scott Hansen, John Needham, Andy Mann, Steve Shantz, Glenn Rlece, Andy Hart, Tom Tazbaz. Opposite page, left to right, Coach McKinney introducing the team Steve Oams The "Play, " ffl an AH. 1, A . 1. M1 L H W -,,, ., '53 . Mawr ,Q his 514 Q -If E ' qw ?i , ,. 'W WN-mal L" XF 1 Q,. umm in L ii N. VARSITY FOOTBALL The Varsity footboll team disploys the pride of Mt. Cormel in every gome. Whether they win or lose, the pride remoihs ond the unity is cohtihuolly present. 196 SPORTS CANDIDS Spirit ond pride ore illusrrored in rhese vorious Le-ff fo ffghf, Rfgh Ffefdjl Cwffg Phflfjp-gr Eric :ondids of sporrs ocriviries of Mr, Cormel. Gfoveflef Bffgn Vojgff Mofsho 6019, Rfdqy Gutierrez , ,,.,,.,,, ,,, ,, ,.,,,,.,,.,, wW,,,,,,,.,, ' WfY,: I .XIV aww? Qui M wif' g i QE iiii W' i i iii ff i f f ,, i A-wav 199 1 X. . Q N X X . vii, ' M, A X ' , ,i" Z Z ,, 2 - 'J .i,, ,fi i .Xi i ' 4v3,Yf i ii, +1 M 2,23 if' ii: 'Q gf T 4 jg!! ' ii ' -I 4. iiii i 7,1 "P-Q9 a? rW34w J.V. FOOTBALL The JV football team come in first place in the Palomar League with o record of 6-1. Overoll the team finished 7-2-1. This year's defense and of- fense were one of the besr. A high powered team all around. .,......,-M ---- me-:-----M - '- ' From top left - Coach Edwards, Dovid Berhea, Rich Kolberg, Don Lorring, Scorr Hernandez, Steve Pererson, Jeff Schierholrz, J. R. Roberrs, Clinron Paul, Joe Alexander, David Waires, Mike Lessard, Pere Taylor, Coach Cascioro, Coach Srrarron, Coach O'Conner, Chu-Wei Ho, Jim Walezak, Par Husron, Dan Sheriff, Jeff Renoa, Colin Graham, Paul Getchel, Mark Farina, Ben Villenueva, Joe Chapon, Doug McClure, Brian Harris, Richard Hooper, Deon Moore, Chuck Williams, Sean Davis, Greg Felsinger, and Rob Brown, .. fSfi?f52.1.1i2:.5fp4 ,. - E . S5 ... was eww 201 .FK D "X f Q 8 , V fa-fig if E. . I W . .. 1 . as .cii if -. . . in W 5, "' K shawn V. v f' I M W ii' firr if ' fm.. ' mfr-r . A H 6 - X I , . . ,, i ,,.g.LJ f" nw-C 1? gfff if , ,W j C . 0, .V .Y ..,, . f 'an -. WMM' Mm. -" , .....M...m, .qm.swq.....,yfs4V- WM ' ' , 1 Vfztz' RM., V. .. W we if :WW , fj'.f'Kg,ff+'w1-I. ' ., 233' , -,m,..,, 4 1- , . 4f'?'v,.'V,f2:ilA1'4 L'tif's1,'-u. ,, A, W' M.ff"2 .iff ff A W ' 1, ' ""i1fi-f'r,.s.., .5 'W-1f.Ls.,ff Gs, 1 A Y 9 W "' 1 ww, ' f"" i . ' if ' ,QA a, .. f Y ,ff-it 4 .OSH FOOTBALL Mt. Cormei's Frosh Football team had one its best years, with eight wins and only one s. The players who helped them to this iotyr are Mark King, Ken Bell and Solimon brodor and many more. Truly we have o nm we can have pride in. Start top left - Rod Bleakloy, Bill Hickey, Ken Bell, Chris Kempka, Rick Blaisdell, Korn Cabbago, Trever Rebarrt, Vince Pandes, 5oIiman Labrador, Chris Beeman, B. Eskildsen, Ken Jones, Carlos DelaCruz, Jeff Kincaid, Darnell Bembo, Scott Paribge, Bob Castell, Greg Walkins, Gannon Tidwell, Jason Fillion, Greg Hotze, Sean Bradford, Mark King, B. Eskildsen, Jason Newquist, Salim Lakhani, Tim Cockerham, Chris Oribello, Greg Cooke, Jason Fratis, Nathan Decker, Lance Petit, Liam Pickett, Chris Schlereth, Eric Saenz, Ted Robinson, Pat Kral, 5hawn Ebbley, Damian Quintanilla, Ivan Carbullido, Brad Peters, Joey Brownholtz, Mark Griffie, Tim Murphy, Jeff McGrane, Scott Grindstaff, John Lindsay. Coaches - D. Gibbs, F. Andruski, M. Houle and J. Vallos. . ., VVV7 V:,V 4 ki ..,. . ..,, L T Q gr V., -.'. . g 4 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL The 1954 VOVSWY VOHeYb0H feem Once 090m Pictured below: Ifront row? Liz Lyons, Moilro hed 0 Qfeef 590500 Of feom P'0Y- 5efWi0V UZ Shirosoko, Dino Guiterrez, Morsho Gole, Roegeon '-YOVWS helped fhe feem O Qfeef deol. Juniors Scott Cbock row? Korin Koiro, Bobbie Octovo, Morcio Gole ond Christy Anderson were there for Neffie Moggnl Chffsfy Andegonl julie Sgeng the big ploy. "We had the experience but we couIdn't execute os I wished," soys Cooch Choriebois. Pmwmmmm VOLLEYBALL The 1984 J.V. :lleyball team did very all this year. They took cl place at Hilltop J.V. urnoment and Grd ace in League. They d o 15-og 7-5 league :ord this year. "There ally wosn't o turning tint of the seoson," says ,. Brose, "we improved the seoson progressed is we learned to work d communicate as embers ofa team, not individuals. Everyone :rked very hord to prove their skills ond to lp the team do its very st!" o row. Jennifer Torns, icy Stowe, Erin Davis, cky Schelhorse, Bottom wp CrysroIAust, Renee ilips, Tiffanie Donoho, son Tyra, Julie ihlboierin Cfront of lor horb, Roxanne lfnelo, Suki Miyasaki t with feather in iff, 'och Peggy Brose Cbeor O VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY The 1984 boys varsity had the best record in school history. With a 9-1 record, a league championship, and a second place finish in CIF, the harriers were led by all-CIF runner Paul Boudreaux, and all-leaguers Mike Rhodes and .Iomes O'Brian, It was a great year for the team and with only 3 seniors graduating, the future looks good. Another excellent year took place on the girls varsity team. They had a second place league finish and a third place finish in CIF. The 7-3 record attained by the girls was achieved despite a season of running injuries. Leslie Noll and Juli Bates both captured all-CIF honors. The team had only 2 seniors so the team has the outlook of another good seoson coming. Pictured below: fboclf row? Cathy Firzwilliam, Eric Billme yer, Juli Botes, Heidi Heiyschmidt, Coach Mc Clanahon, Coach Van Arsdale, Kim Suriono, James O'Brien, Allen Redman, Mike Rhodes Cfronr row? Gale Rucinslfi, Paul Lioudreoux, Leslie Noll, Jeff Pimenrel, Steve Flrzwilliam, Danielle Maguire, Elizabeth Reardon, DGFFO Nelson S ' CROSS COUNTRY The JV boys finished with o 7-3 record ond o cond place in the Palomar league. The team as led by sophomores John Forby and Craig eorge. They gained valuable experience for e future. Led by the 10th graders Anita Mathur, Kim ood, and Doneilo Mollner the girls JV hod a 7-3 cord and a second place league finish. The JV 'I's work will definitely benefit the varsity next ?CIl'. Pictured below: C back row? Michael Martinez, Michael Caig, Bill Haggerty, John Forby, Paul Kramer, Lonnie Nesseler, Lisa Villarino, Bjorne Olsen, Doneilo Mollner, Coach Samaras, Coach Van Arsdale, Dan Larson, Erwin Mascardo, Michael Todaro, Brittany Crist, Jose Chaidez Cfront row? Craig George, Robert Mosher, Derek Mastroianni, Jenn y Starke, Anita Mathur, Dorian Welk, Gerardo Rodriguez, Coach Mc Clonahan, Jason Conklin, Kristin Berghage, Kim Wood, Jennifer Baron, Elisabeth Griffie fi is 22 5 ,, ,ii A it ' J i ,.,, ,, , HW .,,, K., . at N t C ,,,, C., - gt, -f 'z 1: . , , ,,, V., , ,I M' - H uf X we 'Si 5 ,Mkt :asm KM by FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY The 19841 Frosh boys hod one ofthe best seosons ever with o 7-C5 record ond o second ploce finish in Ieogue. They were led by Steve Hornly ond John Constontino. These young Sundevils storted their experience ot Mt. Corrnel on o winning note, Pictured below: Cbocls row? John Constontino, Eric Billrneyer, Mott Hogen, Cooch Somoros, Cooch Von Arsdole, Donielle Winlrler, Steve Hornly, Ron Sorrniento. Cfront row! Kelly Lenorcic, Pot Smith, Heidi Heitschmidr, Cooch Mc Clonohon, Brion Voigt, Don Choidez, Stoce y Niblocls, Shonnon Denton OWLING As a new organization at Mt. Carmel, the owling team led by coach Goffredo, hopes to ecome a Sundevil tradition. Even though owling is not considered a "spectator's sport," ie members of this team give their time and edication to making their team the best. Since iey meet on Saturday's to practice and play, ie kids don't have a lot of time to perfect their Jort. But, with such great attitudes and spirit, this ub is bound for success. Upper Group Picture, Coach Goffredo, Ed Gonzales, Mike Pevitt, Pedro Aragon, .Scott Somerman, Robert Dean. Lower Group Picture: Coach Goffredo, Rael Chenrangco, Bryan Clayton, Yong Ryu, Mark Medina. sw X Nw 3 Si 4' N VARSITY WATER POLO Filled with thrills, excitement, and competition, the 1984 Varsity Water Polo team had their best season ever. Headed by Coach Tom Oliver, the team succeeded in finishing 4th in the league. Senior Kirk Stackle received the MVP award and was the first player from Mt. Carmel to make First Team All- League. This was a triumph for Mt. Carmel since the sport began here in 1952. Further, the responsibility of team captain fell upon Senior Charlie Brownell, while Juniors Damon Blacl-rman was voted most improved, and Scott Kovacs received the Cooch's award. Although they had an outstanding season, the Varsity teamjust missed making CIF, However, there is much potential, and Coach Oliver is very optimistic about the future. He encourages a greater participation in the sport, and foresees it as becoming "a fine tradition" here at Mt. Carmel. 5 Varsity, left to right, top row: Charlie Brownell, Rich Fields, Damon Blackman, Freddy Gleason, Kevin Colberr. middle row: Scort Kovacs, Garin lngleby, Doug Rausenberger, Sanders Holgerson, Kevin Cerven y. front row: Tod Blalock, Eric Gravelle, Bryan Tellier, Kirlf Sroclrle, Jim Barnett, not picrured: Currls Phillips. ww My r 'K N S if r S x LINE: tdiiudllk ps- .V. WATER POLO The 19841 JV. Water Palo team, consisting mostly of eshmen, played very well against other J.V. teams node up primarily of returning sophomores andjuniors. ilthough they lost a little more than they won, the ixperience has given them the potential to be one of we best J.V. Water Polo teams in 1985. The M scorer for we team was John Smeadly -this year's Most Valuable layer. The honors of Most Improved and Team Captain .fere chosen by the entire team, and awarded to reshman Jim Brandenburg and Junior Johanna Vigil, 5-spectively. Further, all-around player, Dan Robbins, eceived the Coach's Award from J.V.'s Coach, Melinda Jatson. ,Q 209 J. V., left to right, top row., Coach Melinda Watson, John Smeadly, Shawn Briggs, top middle rowf Dave Dixon, Rob Bruns, Keith Clement, Luis St. James, Kristen McConnell. bottom middle row: Asa Jannolf, Jim Brandenburg, Tom Waylett, Tony Torres, Dan Robbins. front row: David Czoslse, Jeff Johnson, Ernie Bell, Johanna Vigil, Chase Barrett. W jJ it ,Q it 4 ,:f ' HP.. 'J sp . sg. is 'kkk,, i K h 5 Qt 1 t..t , ' . . ir ,J , JJ .... 1 ,Mg , W rk,, A 3 5 yt F in "t' f M v-inf' Mad ,,,, 'f wf, VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1985 Boys Varsity Basketball team again held true to the tradltlon of Sundevll pride and dedication, This year much ofthe teom's experience graduated last year, there remained only three returning Varsity players to lead the team. The '85 team consisted of flve Seniors, three of whom were returning, seven Juniors, and Sophomore John Krainock, Despite this lock of experience on the Varsity level, this spriited Sundevll squad worked hard at achieving success. With more experienced players and the help of J.V.'s heighth, MC can look forward to a great year in 1986. Thus, despite some setbacks, the MC Varslty Basketball team has demonstrated the prlde, determlnatlon, and effort that ls true of the Sundevll athletic tradltlon, Without a doubt Boy's Varsity Basketball embodled the fiery splrlt of true Sundevils. iw- A xt Varsity Basketball: Back row, Coach Robinson, Brendan Keeny, M, Jejck, Ted Cohen, Edgar Comerino, Pete Cowan, Mark Smith, Andy Hart, Coach Morincovitch, front row: Greg Cook, David Payne, John Krainock, Scott Boggins, Eric Pregenzer, Scott Zimmer. Bottom left: Scott Zimmer. Bottom right: Coach Marincovitch discusses the game plan with the team. 5 lil 'AWQK cts - ' Y jf K. ,, 8 mllQQ?XIR!'! light: Edgor Comerino goes for r oll. For righr: Eric Pregenzer wopes he can pull if in. Middle: 'ohn Kroinock ond Eric 'regenzer using their height os an odvonroge, Borromi Scorr ioggins flies ocross the gym. v'25xt'gg 'gum 2 1 Tiff'-XIV f X, , .1 has 'H nd Q. E BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity basketball team had an outstanding season. They finished the year with a record. The Sundevils dominated their opponents with size and good all around team play. Victor Baer led in scoring and was helped onthe boards by Tim Coleman and Marc Jones. Rich Hooper was the assist leader and orchestrated the fast break. A major factor in the team's success was the fine players off the bench. Congratulations to the Junior Varsity for continuing the fine sundevil tradition. 2:-E:,ff't Pictured below: Cback raw? Kevin Risser, Chris Gatewood, Doug Frost, Marc Jones, Tim Coleman, Victor Baer, David Gazale, Michael Bray, Kevin Cerveny Cfront row? Mike Wasserburger, Gary Brook, Richard Hooper, Coach Trousdale ' l A I , Qi wmv kwfmd Pictured below: Cbock row? Gonnon Tidwell, Jeff Moroserri, Chris Beemon, Chris Loftus, Poul Roberts, Kenny Kenirzer, Grufino Fhemondez, Eric Olonder, Brion Philips Cfronr row? Poul Scolori, Ron Kelley, Cooch Blalock, Don Warnock, Joey Browholtz 'lily fgififlg L, U, - GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL This yeor's varsity team, led by seniors Cindy Clark, Sandi Horst, and Geraldine Kemp, completed its most successful season ever. The girls capped off 0 16-7 season with o 3rd place finish in the Madison Christmas tournament, o 2nd place finish in the tough Palomar League, and o trip to the ClF playoffs. Coach Peggy Brose credits this yeor's success to the hard work and dedication of her athletes as well as their loyalty, camaraderie, and intense desire to win. Left to right: Coach Brose. Bobbie Octavo, Sandi Horst, Julie Saenz, Geraldine Kemp, Dina Gutierrez, Robin Meyer, Tina Colberg, Meggan Ebert, Tina Williams, Cindy Clark, Chris Coney, Tracy Dishno. 1 k ilRLS J.V. iASKETBALL Mt. Cormel's JV teom nded on owesome eoson this yeor with on mozing 16-3. Their proud chievements include wishing 2nd ploce in the -ogue ond their 1st ploce ictory ot the Modison hristmos tournoment hos orned them the title of -lolidoy Heroinesf' Led y teom MVP, Lyndo mes, the girls hove een by Cooch Jim :honbocls's opinion, I965's Best JV Teom in un Diego," ond show 'ect promise to be the '87 CIF Chompions. P row - left to right: och Jim Schonbock, och Jim Dyer, Tiffony noho, Louro Kirkhom, cy Peck, Tracy Stowe, 'ndo Jones, Russell ltnthorne, Soroh hitesell, Corolyn Clork, phonle Edwords, srol Aust, Nicole ropes, Roxonne Rebllo, iris Rodrigues. 'Y , at . ,,,. i are .Lk I 1,1 I i + i 215 i -f ,aww ,mf ctr ci? ffi , new Qin, VARSITY SOCCER Mt. Carmel Girls Soccer Team began its 5th season of league play and remained undefeated in league play at press time. First place and Mt. CarmeI's first ever league championship was a good possibility. Mt. Carmel coach, Jim Dutton, carried 11 seniors on this year's Varsity Team, and a number were very talented. Goalie Sherry Till, a first team performer, along with Tracy Bentivegna, Jennifer Scott, Kris Webber, helped make up a tight defense. Senior midfielders, Tami Delle, and Sherri Davidson helped make this one of our finest midfield teams. Senior forwards Catherine "Windtunnel" Phelps, Korey "Sugar Ray" Kopenhaver, Michelle "Biff" Montroy, Dawn Denton and Chris Jacobs rounded out our seniors. Juniors included Amy Corcoran, Christy Anderson, Ann Wasserberger, Yvette Yochum, Julie Blenkle, Maria Dela Cruz, and Pam Nutting. Sophomores Sheri Miranda and Renee "Smiley" Phillips along with Freshman standout Jill "Termite" Benson rounded out this year's Varsity squad. CFront Row L-RD Kris "I,C. " Webber, Coach Dutton, Christy "Stick" Anderson, Ann "Spaz" Wasserberger, Maria "Midget" Dela Cruz, C2nd Row? Amy "Lou" Corcoran, Sheri "Gimp " Miranda, Pam "Nutt" Nutting, Jill "Termite" Benson, Michelle "Biff" Montroy, Tracy "Bent' Bentivegna, Renee "Smiley" Phillips, 63rd Row? Sherry "T. C. " Davidson, Chris "Shamu" Jacobs, Dawn "Desire" Denton, Julie "Thunder" Blenl-tle, Tami "The Foot" Delle, Jennifer "Bubba" Scott. Not Pictured: Yvette "Hack-Um" Yochum, Korey "Sugar Ray" Kopenhover, Sherry "L.J. " Till, Catherine "Windtunnel" Phelps. r F.. 'WW' at 21 it ef 1-I The team at the top is the J.V. B team and they consist of left to right: Jeni Davis, Tina Thakar, Gabby P., Csecond row? Virginia Walker, Lisa Witt, Cheryl Salter, Taun DeMay, Laura DelaCruz. CTop Row? Jennifer Kirl-sham, Karri Willemssen, Heather Rones, Shannon Denton, Coach Carol Lee, The J.V. team consists of: CFrom Row? Jade Preato, Tonya Stodgstill, Lara Chapman, Amber Rawlins, Tara Seymour, Middle Row - Renee Hernandez, Lisa Ferracone, Denise Miramontes, Laurie Weil, Michele Einspar, Shelly Honshaw, Back Row - Coach Mike Parrinello, Karin Neitzel, Tyler Brown, Kelly Barnwell, Jill Mulvaney, Carol Downer, Crissy Gray, Mary Rodkin, Becky Shellhorse. fl if 5' 3 I T iv, Q cs ,fe ,, BOYS VARSITY SOCCER Mt. Carmel's boys varsity soccer team was hampered by injuries oll yearlong. The defense was the highlight of the season. Less than ten shots on goal per game were allowed which was a school record if not a league record. Midway through the season the record was 9-A-1 but then a rash of injuries and some forfeitures brought the finol record to be 9-11-2. Tribute would like to be paid to the seniors ofthe team: Eric Kollestad, David Juhn, Stephen Liu, Peter Ramdin, Art Cerveny, Thomas Robinson, Curtis Phillips, Augusto Delo Cruz, Richard Wasserburger and Darren Kjeldsen. Pictured left to right 61st row? Coach Johnson, Lawson Langley, Scott Wald, Greg Goron, Augusto Delo Cruz, Richard Wasserburger, Eric Kallestad, David Juhn 62nd row? Stephen Liu, Art Cerveny, Paul Tuomainen, Troy Leishman, Darren Kjeldsen, Curtis Phillips, Coach Acquarelli 53rd row2MiI1e Forgy, Thomas Robinson, John Olsen, Brian Braidic 211 4f'.,:'KY 4f' fgyif " fl 1 g 5 W gi.. , ,s,,,, ,sii 1 A C "ts'tss:' S ig.. C lss f f- - sw-,shi ' M f f ,swf . .. 3 --+ if . I -Maqplw., ,CX Sv S4263 I N52 . MWQGWW .s,.,,, t, ,.... -1- - 5 , . M' --:wa-ws""q'+-,sg ,A ,. f K Wk awww!! S' 3OYS J.V. SOCCER The l.V. boys soccer team had a successful eason. The team contained strength in all of its zreas. It had a strong defense and an excellent nidfield. Their total record consisted of 9 wins, 7 asses, and 2 ties. Mony of this yeor's teams :layers are looking forward to contributing to text yeor's varsity team. Pictured below left to right - C 1st row? Ke vin Wheeler, Neil Kelsen, Marcus Schoenberr C2nd row? Dusty Deavers, Kevin Busby, David Miller 63rd row! Coach Martinez, Derek Donoho, Ted Thomsen, Steve Costales, Coach Coumans C4th row! Brian Patterson, Dan Reynolds, Troy Stratton, Merryl Overson, Mike Martinez, Richard Fields, lan Overson if we 31' 219 I P nq VARSITY WRESTLING The Sundevil tradition is present in all areas of Mt. Carmel athletics. The scarlet and gold tradition of pride, determination and hard work was evidently displayed by the 1985 Bays Varsity Wrestling team. This year's program was under the new leadership of Coach Stratton. lt was under his leadership that Varsity Wrestling was able to utilize all of its talent and potential. Again, MC Wrestling was able to have another great season. The key to this success was due tothe valiant efforts ofthe many fine and talented athletes who embody the true Sundevil spirit. ,JT , Team Picture: Back Row, Coach Perry Watson, Kent Champneys, Julio Mayen, John Guerra, Joe Haggerty, Andy Mann, Mike Tuzinkiewicz, Andy Hammon, Coach Stratton, Robert Nigro, Brian Stalter, Tom Olivo, Mike Barnett, Steve Wilhelm, Loren Smith, George Pfaff. J.V. AND FROSH WRESTLING ln order to continue and meet the high standards set by Vorsity wrestling, preparation must begin at the Junior Vorsity and Frosh levels. It is through them that the Sundevil tradition of excellence is nurtured ond developed. By their efforts the J.V. and Frosh wrestling teams provide the promise for the always up and coming Vorsity wrestling program. Thus, through their continued efforts and dedlcotion, the Sundevil spirit of othletics lives on to continue and add ta the prestige of Mt. Carmel. J. V. Team Photo, Front Row, Sean McCormick, John Bates, Paul Loftis, Kevin Steiner, Mike Cook, Jeff Jewett. Back Rowg Coach Stratton, Doug Dopp, Pat Grenawig, Jeremy Goldman, Chris Harnly, Mark Kohl, Coach Watson Frosh Team Photo, Back Row, Coach Stratton, Ron Frye ,Jerry Olen, Dustin Briquelet, Brad Eskejldsen, Ken Bell, Solomon Labrador, Brion Fels, Shawn Ebbley, Coach Watson. Front Row, Pat Driggers, Darnell Bembo, Marc Magna, Steve Harnly, Brent Eskejldsen, Matt Boyer, Chris Skolmitch GIRL'S SWIMMING AND DIVING Again another tradition of victory, dedication, and excellence is reflected by the many achievements ofthe Girls Swimming and Diving Team. For the past three or four years the girls have been the CIF League Champions. Ever since its conception, the Girls team has also always remained in contention for the Championship by consistently placing in the top of its class from Quarterfinals to the Finals themselves. Truly, the pride and excellence of Sundevil athletics is reflected in the achievements of this elite team of dedicated young women. Through Coach Eisler's direction, the Girls Team continually is able to send swimmers and divers to CIF Finals. For all those concerned, it is an excellent tradition of achievement to be proud of and one worth continuing. Indeed, the reputation fo MC's Swimming Program is a legend in itself that all Sundevils can take pride in. Many thanks to Coach Eisler, his assistants, and the many fine athletes, who have participated, for adding to and broadening the scope of Mt. Carmel's many achievements. C oun tercloclfwise, from lower left Csittingl: N. Trost, A. Gleason, A. Schnall, C. Cleal, N. Thomas, J. Vigil, J. Legg, C. Dussault, L. Huffschimidt, C. Brown, L. Witt, M. Porcincula, A. Cebreio, C. Husvosky, 5. Richeson, A. Vinck, H. Sanders, J. Curtis, J. Davis, T. Wright, C. Kull, H. Nally, E. Anderson, L. Giallambardo, M. Poelstra, M. Mahlman, M. Ghorhanzadeh, P. Engles, J. Humphrey, A. Kuo, C. Eldridge, 5. Ewalt, H. Barnes, W. Christopher, E. Matthews, A. Etmans, A. Dunn, T. Swahn, C, Lincoln, T, Del Casale, A. Brown, M. Porcuinculo, 5. McKinney, C. Gray. 223 Q S xxx ix -li me-1 Sys, ik lg bex rf K PR' It an Nl Eiilii SF l: g Q .Q. 3.42543 smsmmf sizammfamsfsf 1f us1szsru 1z mfQ f 1 if iii! 3 IHHBHE BOY'S SWIMMING AND DIVING The traditions of excellence, dedication, and achievement are truly reflected by Mt. Carmel's Boy's Swimming and Diving Team. Under the guidance of Coach Steve Eisler and his assistants, the Boy's team has been the San Diego CIF Boys Champions for the past five years, as well as remaining in the top of the league standings for the past seven years. Indeed, the Swimming and Diving Team has developed a fine reputation, as well as a lasting tradition of pride and victory here at Mt. Carmel, which has added tothe prestige of Sundevil athletics. With the added pressure and responsibility of being champions, swimmers and divers work hard at achieving and maintaining even greater excellence. This dedication, hard work, positive attitudes, and Sundevil spirit enable this fine group of athletes to maintain the title of "Champions" MC can be proud ofthe fact that it has an elite class of swimmers and divers that has been ever- triumphant in its continual quest for excellence. Standing, from left to right.- C. Brownell, B. Blackman, G. lngleby, 5. Melba, K. Colbert, F. Stanzione, P. Loftis, K. Schepman, D. Robbins, 5. Briggs, C. Barrett, F Azvedo, M. Walter, L. Mueller, E. Reynolds, R. Frye, D. Hummel, R. Bruns, K. Clement, D. Czoske, J. Smedley, J. Brandenburg, 5. Holgerson, E. Partridge, R. Van de Wafer, D. Dixon, A. Van de Water, Sitting: M. Azevido, T. Waylert, T Torres, E. Gravelle, D. Blackman, D. Rausenberger, C. Bare, Knot pictured? Dennis Beato. YN 'Nr' P 4' Pwr l H : ww we, W f W. ,W . ,V '-55? X m11r,,5 GIRLS J.V. GYMNASTICS The 1985 Girls JV Gymnastics is quite large and tolented. This along with a lot of energy is sure to propel them to a successful season. Aside from competing at the JV level, this group of talented young ladies is sure to add to the potentiol of the MC Gymnastics program. By further developing their talents, the program is sure to be even more successful than before. Top row: Michio Azumo, Brenda Aguilera, Gabriella Pangborn, Robin Duke, Kari Reimer, Lanie Russo, Janene Stewart, Sherri Silva, Carolyn Warczakowski, Carrie Peddy, Jennifer Sacks, Ann Mollin, Shannon Sylvester, Jennifer West GIRLS VARSITY GYMNASTICS The Mt. Carmel Girl's Varsity Gymnastics teom consists of some very talented gymnosts. With all this tolent, dedicotion, and determination, the team hopes to place well in District and CIF Competitions. The team certoinly has the will to work hard toword another CIF title. Aside from their expectations, Varsity gymnastics has created a reputotion of being a teom of exceptionally talented gymnosts. Because of their dedication toward excellence, they have been invited to participate in the Arroyo Classic in El Monte, California in April. Under the guidonce of Cooch Lynn Antrim, the girl's hard work is sure to pay off in yet another successful season. Top row: Ellen Reyes, Wendy Bollo, Susan Martinez, Lisa Neal, Kelly Caddell, Heidi Sarmento, Jenny Starke, Lori Morosetti, Cindy Elliot. Not pictured: Cathy Yoshino, Michelle Sousa, Jenny Sauer, and Pam Mingst. if ef , an .::, Z , M as a f :V 227 N .,. .wr w if x H Q f' VARSITY TENNIS 519E"' ' it This yeor's boys Vorsity tennis TeOm hopes to continue o trodition of ploying in CIF. The Vorsity teom ployed in CIF lost yeor ond with this yeor's teom being stronger, the possibilities ore limitless! The Torrey Pines' teom looks to be the biggest chollenge for the Mt. Cormel teom. Another trodition of the Vorsity teom is their cooch, Cooch Gotfredo. He hos offered his expertise ond support since the 1977 teom ployed for the Sundevils. Top back row: Tony Goffredo, Lloyd Smyth, David Mercado, Dovid Juhn, Ricky Buldo, Horvey Tong, Front from left: Eric Arinduque, Scott Anderson, Jeremy Cobollero 228 JV TENNIS The J,V, Boys tennis team strove again to uphold the tradition of improvement, with the goal being to create an even stronger Varsity Team in future years than that of today. Once again the coach of the J.V. team is Coach Jansci, another J.V. tradition. From left, top: Coach Jansci, Jorge Caballero, Jeff Lee, Larry Hennessee, Ken Tang, Keith Harrison, James Kim, Dave Moran, Eric Pelina. Front From left: Ed Gonzales, Jon Hoffpaur, Scott K luesner, Joey Sarmiento, Frank Drimicias, Andy Dolled j r , 1 so 'F 1' nas. X1 Q., 229 J.V. GIRLS TENNIS The 1985 Girls JV Tennis teom ot Mt. Corrnel High School is o hordworking teom. They did quite well this yeor. They hove the greot potentiol of being good vorsity ployers, ond they hove o sotisfied feel- ing when looking bock on the yeor. From top left - Corol Gonzoles, Loro Choprnon, Nonci Lorkin, Becky Rivers, Notolie Trost, Cooch Goffredo, Liso Witt, Suzonne Fredricks, Moilo Mendozo, Alison Spoulding, Amy Brown, Down Gollivon, Yvette Yochum, Kotherine Juhn. Not Pictured - Lori Selzmon 230 ' ' ' rrft T' rs' , T ' ,: it S ' - x Q w' X it 'X 'Q K1 lf. li if so , E is 5 1 wg if 'Y 'X SK Si 1 X -:-. , ,.,:. A if .-,- :,,,kk ax .. ", ": f'1 f X lfif Mfg: fsfff- JARSITY GIRLS 'ENNIS The Girls tennis teom guolified for CIF for the econd yeor in o row. heir overoll record wos 1-6 with oll the losses to eoms who quolified for jlF. The teom ploced third 1 the Polomor League vith on 8-A record. elected to the All lolomor Leogue teom vere Seniors Tino Myers ind Moye Encornocion, :long with Sophomore 'vonne Arinduque. In od- lition, the doubles teom if Seniors Tino Myers ond im Cisco ploced second 1 the Polomor Leogue ln- ividuol Tournoment ond Jurth in the CIF tourno- went. The fourth in CIF is we finest in the history of lt, Cormel. ln summo- on, the teom hod o reot seoson both os o eom ond individuolly. 'om left - Kimberly isco, Tino Myers, Dione EBudo, Allison Grovelle, nelle A yson, Shorisso oslfy, Cooch Jonci, Moye vcorncion, ond Yvonne rinduque. ,wg VARSITY BASEBALL Mt. Carmel baseball, this year, is returning for their 5th Championship in a row. Their present record is three wins and two losses. The Varsity Baseball team is proud to have six returning Iettermen. Five seniors: Dave Shiesser and Deon Siskowski as pitchers, Scott Benefiel, Pete Ramdin, ond Tim Veale return in the infield and outfield respectively, ond Junior Miah Bradbury as starting catcher. Pictured back row left to right: Coach Blalock, Scott Benefiel, Pete Cowen, Dave Schiesser Deon Siskowski, Mioh Bradbury, Jimmy Tejceck, Matt Haggerty, Coach O'Conner, Jeff Gilmore, Pictured front row, left to right, Ed Van Aelstyn, Donny Rumsey, Scott Happ, Pete Ramdin, Danny Farren, Mike Fletcher, Tim Veale, and Todd Kingery. 4 JV BASEBALL 4 Success . . . A Word that aptly captures the essence of MC's Junior Varsity Baseball Team. Again, they are the returning Palomar League Champions, as they have been for the past few years. lt is a tradition they plan to continue with the guidance of Coach Rudy Casciato and Coach Dave Gibbs. Through their efforts, the players are able to refine their baseball skills in preparation for the Varsity Squad, as well as maintaining a high quality athletic performance level. The J,V. Squad truly embodies the pride, dedication, strength, hard work, and spirit associated with the strong baseball tradition of Mt. Carmel. As the squad vies for yet another League Championship it remains true to its own tradition of excellence. Top row, left to right: Coach Dave Gibbs, Kevin Cerveny, Chris Derr, Ste ve Shantz, John Krainock, Mike Bray, Coach Rudy Casciaro. middle: Steve Rader, Don Marinshaw, Mart Haslan, Bryan Grismer, Billy Hayes, Paul Taumanien, Rich Hooper. Bottom: Dave Oliver, Mike Limtiaco, Tommy Cheek, Junior Mallari, Gary Brook, Rich Field, Mike Barnett Cnot pictured? Sim ...ff R OSH BASEBALL irosh Boseboll is on Jortont element, key Vit. Cormel's fine seboll trodition. Mony es, however, it is ershodowed by the st occomplishments of i Junior Vorsity Squods. sh Boseboll is o bosic to idevil Boseboll :ouse it serves os the ndotion for the rngth of the JV ond rsity squods. lt is here t ployers develop aeboll skills thot iintoin the progrom's h stondords of formance. Whot the sh moy lock in finesse, y certoinly moke up with their dedicotion, it, ond hord work os y bot their woy to the . Under the new dership of Cooch vords, the Frosh ore a to move onto bigger i better things. Surely, Cormel hos o Frosh eboll teom to be ud of, os it serves to i to the power ond tige of Sundevil boil. 'to right, bottom: Eric nder, PouI5coIori, iny Womock, Bobby liell, Corlos Delo Cruz, Hebreo. middle: ry Bloisdell, Ronny y, Doug Morsholl, Helm, Ricky sey, Chris Schlereth, my Jones. top: Cooch fords, Chris Loftus, n Bradford Poul ierts, Chris Beemon, lf King, Eric Soenz, VARSITY SOFTBALL The varsity softball team played extremely well. They maintained a steady stream of wins. There was a lot of competition within the team. The positions of the players were regularly changed to ensure the best, possible players at each position. Front Row CL to RJ: Chris Weber, Julie Srelman, Janice Vandersroep, Rhonda Nelson, Shelly Smith, Michelle Anderson. Middle Row CL to RJ: Nancy Petersen, Katrina Susko, Dea Pierce, Karen Moore, Tina Lorenz. Top row CL to RJ: Tracy Dishno, Robin Myer, Chrissy Hermanson, Sherri Davidson. 3' V. SOFTBALL The junior varsity ftball team was imposed of an nrsranding group of phomores and ashmen. This team was id ro be one of the best ams in years. irow CL ro RJ: Renee illips, Suki Miyasaki, Cris adriguez, Lerrie, 2nd aw CL ro RI: Liz ngman, Allison Tyra -arher Jensen, Lisa rrocone, Janine Russell. :l Row: Erin Davis, vrhy King, Jill Mulvaney, rrol Downer, Chris vney. 4th Row: Tracy Bwe, Jill Benson, Coach idovich and Coach eppard. 5 Q wx ssvrwx J L ff Ks ,HHN TRACK . . . DISTANCE AND SPRINTERS The 1985 Mt. Carmel track team contained o lot of talent within the team as they set out to capture their 5th league championship in a tow The team had strength in all of its divisions from sprinting to the field events. They put out much hord work ond showed their determinotion to prove that they intended to go on with their winning trodition. Not all of the strength of the team was concentrated on the seniors, but was divided into thejuniors, sophomores, and freshmen. It is this wide-spread talent thot helps them to continue their gools of winning. Top picture, left to right: First row: Jeff Pimentel, Derek Mastrianni, Mike Rhodes, John Forby, Linnly Holmes, Steve Pitzwilliom, Jose Choidez, Gonzo Choidez, Coach Van Arsdale. Second row: Cathy Vitzwilliam, Heidi Heitschmidt, Kelly Zenorcic, Kim Suriano, Tammy Williams, Gigi Heinkel, Pam L. Feliciano, Shannon Denton, Keith Ritcharson, Jennie Young, Third row, Jim O'Brien, Matt Hoden, Danielle McGuire, Scott Napier, Donella Mollner, Craig George, Laura Kirkham, Bill Haggerty, Bjarne Olsen, Steve Harnley, Buffy Reardon, Julie Bates, Paul Boudreaux, Eric Billmeyer, Allen Redman. Bottom picture: First row,- Stacey Niblock, Tawny Roper, Cindy Schultz, Julie Jean, Jill Power, Karen Mathur, Leslie Knoll, Jennifer Baron, Shelly Hanshaw, Amber Rawlins, Tara Seymour, Laura Gh ulin, Sabrina Parker. Second rowp Jenniger Kirkham, Laura Lindsay, Danielle Stevens, Tedra Robinson, Kim Wood, Michelle Einspar, Amy Vaugn, Linda Jones. Third rowg K ounoshin Shirasaka, Gannon Tidwell, James Higgins, Keith Rodriguez, Merrill Overson, Jim Stodola, Dave Cornblum, Steve Peterson, John Quintinella, Richard Kemp, Martin Bortolutti, Jon Johnson, David Bismonte, Damien Quintinella, Greg Horse. Dennis Campb Steve Oh. ....,.,.,.'. , . K K.. .. . . M, .. A ., ,:. 3, . . N. ,- .me . 4. k , A N .K . A. i L H-"- ' W- 5 .QQ Qs. -f H I 1. .Ls - .Src qi. ,ie . - V. .. W A X J g -Q. - -.ww URDLERS AND VAULTERS np picture, left to right: First row, Colin Gram, 'ian Lahlum, Eric Bean, Scott Johnston, Steve 'hitton, Scott Maiden, Chris Kempko. Second vw, David Miller, Arick Gale, Dan Cooper, Rod nicer, David Roadhammel, Roger Neitzel, Torey nynes, Mark Griffie, Mike Osgood. Bottom icture: First row, Nicole Stropes, Anita Mathur, Liz Lyons, Sarah Whitesell, Lisa Griffie, Kristen Berghage, Second row, Louis St. James, Drew Barber, Chris Fouts, John Groelino, Jeff Ranoa, Lance Petit, Gary Orton, Merrilloberson, Curtis Phillips. Third row,- Don Holmes, Doug Stropes, Joe Haggerty, Joe Chapon, Ted Thompsen, Craig Blakey, Romeo Mapano. 9 gf W .JL g , is i, 7 ,tiii X51 if Eg, WR, SHOT, DISCUS AND JUMPERS Top picture, Left to right.- First row, Jeannette Soloman Labrador, Mark Petri, Trevor Roberts. Norgaard, Lisa Jackson, Krista McConnel, Tiffany Bottom picture, Left to right: First row, Steve Oh, Donoho, Julie Saenz, Christy Alarcon, Darlene Jill Power, Linda Jones, Stacey Nivlock, Dina Sarmiento, Bobby Octavo, Lela Ramdon. Guitterez, Nettie Mason, Romeo Mopanao. Second row, Jeff Russell, Pete Taylor, Chris Second Row, Derek Donoho, Mark Jones, Jim Orbella, Vince Randis, Jeff Harmon, Pat Houston, Chapon, Jim Campbell, Gerry Rodriguez. Third Robert Shaw, Mark Abulencia, John Guerra. Third row, Doug Frost, Doug McClure, Art Santos, Ernie row, Coach Ingalls, Rich Loop, Don Lottig, Ken Bell, Rob Moser, Brian Bell, Bill Hickey, Pedro Aragon, Andy Mann, J ' J -1.4 Q 4' ffW""r it 'fm-' uf' 'u- -Uhr' "Z 5 Q WM A ' ' Q M y V,, '-was fysuaf 1 Z X Z Q Q Z Q Z ADMINISTRATION 1. Don Hurst - Principol 2. Bill Adoms - Assistont Principol 3. Sondro Johnson - Assistont Principol 4. Bill Gills - Assistont Principol 5. Steve Levy - Assistant Principol - ,W " Q, . 'X Ill 'Y OUNSELING Mory Burton -Senior Counselor . Mork Boldwin - Freshmen Counselor . Bill Orton - Sophomore Counselor . Solly Robinson - Junior Counselor . Noncy Ringwold - Resource Counselor 4 X Q , . 'fn R, v Q, ,y- 'Km maqnvff' .A sN""""'m -48" A Q 44. X .W A sf 'QA' -'n-..,,,,, 111 4 - Q . :f,p,,',:esasrr,egew gm? 15,2 -. y C l W 63 , , . f 4,61 ,w?4.,.i 'C r ff f , 1 a 4' 'fi A Q vi. 4 li I ai SUN CENTER Our highly used Sun Cenrer has become a necessary and valuable aid ro rhe srudenfs ar Mr. Carmel. lr provides opportunities ro explore and discover furure careers in both professional and vocational worlds, The Sun Cenrer also opens rhe door ro possible colleges for srudenrs hoping ro farther rheir educarion offer high school, For rhose who are seelsing milirary careers, rhe cenrer nor only provides rhe information our also brings in rnilirary recruirers ro personally counsel rhe srudenrs. lr is rhis rype of awareness of rhe ourside world rhor prepares Us for life afrer high school. Picrured - Urrie DePinfo. Nor picrured - Bill Orron l i i Q L JSINESS The Business Department iys a large role in preparing dents for the exciting, fast- ced business world. Although tit main focus includes such sses as Typing, Accounting d General Business, the tructors also provide students th much help in terms of ,umes, reports, and even with 2 yearly ASB Convention. The Jchers not only prepare dents for vocational periences, but also teach the tployment aspects ofthe Jny fields of business. ickwlse, from left to right: Pat ar, Betmadine Keyek, Hank quarelli, Ginny McMorrow, tRoehr, Carolyn Mathur. Not 'turedz Ron Kull, Sharon 'Gufli and Marlene Kiel. ATH This year, the Math 'partment added four new embers to their excellent staff, ginning with David Gibbs, zlinda Watson, Judy inaghue and Jim Shanback. 'oughout the years, this partment has maintained a 'tain degree of excellence. ey have accomplished much :rearing a larger, broader tge of classes, beginning with .Jndations through second ar Calculus. This is an added is for the students, as can be an through increased SAT ares, Also, the Math partment is very proud of air new computer course erings, which they hope will aatly benefit both students d teachers. vm left to right: C first row? rbara lx, Judy Donaghue, alinda Watson, Phyllis denbaugh Isecond row? Bill oss, Gordy Mills, Allancsi, dy Casciato I third row? David abs, Joe De Canio, Frank druski, Warren Cummings, 'i Schonbacl-r. Not pictured: e McEachron, Pat Miller, nnis Carunchio, Brad Johnson, d Ron K ull. om left: Janet Baulch posing the camera. Bottom right: Dave Rightmer stance, "Oh ,,, L'q-'I 3. -1 :': ww .QW 131 azoinnunuu, V47 ENGLISH The QFGOTGST ossembly of English teochers Mt. Bock row L-R: Mork Turtle, Bruce Poole, Notolie Cormel hos ever known, come together this Ponfili, Joon Bonohoom, Rick Srrotron, Kothy yeor to bring the students o new interest in Clopperton, Lindo Engluncl, Allon Weiner, Shoron English. They imported to us wisdom in grom mer, lireroture, ond composition. These skills wil follow us throughout our everydoy lives. - McGlocklin, Berry Leol Front row L-R: Poul I Robinson, Peggy Hughes, Dovid Wolker, Debbie Premore, Corol Mello, Bob Pocllio not pictured: Anne Frledmon, Goll Sheely, Glendo Simmons, Ann Trevethon, ond Don Wler 24 r , ' J K M I Q vi ,fn ,T .il is l o4""" .ad J ,,,,f RAMA This year, the drama eportment put on one F the oldest classics, The 'izard of Oz. An EY? ellent Msmashfas were ie the well taught 'ama classes. The classes 'ere fun and exciting 1d helped students to evelop on appreciation tr the art of drama, ennis O'Drane and 'ida Englund TUSIC The music department 'Mt. Carmel has produc- J an award winning :nd and chorol group. ie chorol group per- rms year round and ith every performance ey get better ond etter. an Grant, Julie Peacock, id Tom Cole RT At Mt. Carmel, the art epartment truly brings rth the tradition of ex- Ilence. For years Mt, irmel has been produc- g works of art that takes 5- Del Mar Fair by storm, id this year is no terent. rMiller, Lauri Carlisle, eg Birch, Naroha T. htfoot, and Eric prderte .Zz 1 Q, :fl mf' 2,6 1334. x Y' ' .-a- 'VT ,L,,!g:,S . lf tj:-ss 235:35 ' .. -f E t ., .. at film: gi 5 . ' If' 1-2 ',2f5fi x :waff wah 5 fNw3 --1-visa I . ,L ,, , - thi 4 W. ,z f. . A ,f L W., X HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economics Department provides students opportunities to acquire necessary skills to prepare them for living on their own and for jobs beyond school. Programs of on the job training include food, child develop- ment, contemporary living, clothing, fashion merchandising, and interior design. AGRICULTURE The Agriculture Departments goal is to ex- pose farming skills to more students and is in- volved with FFA. Classes are Intro to Agriculture, Animal Science, and Nursery Operations. Activities include horse and livestock competitions, and animal sales at the Del Mar Fair, and an annual Disneyland trip. INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department, headed by Phil Piscopo, gives students the 25C hands-on experience they need to learn skills required in future careers, Classes supply skills in the field: of photography, drafting, mechanics and autc repair, and electronics. Clockwise, upper left: Home Economics - Kathie Baczynski, Norma K erby, Mary Easlerg upper right: Agriculture - Beth Tolly, bottom: Industrial Arts - John Adams, Tim Hazell, Bill Bussord, Phil Piscopo. Vw.. YSICAL EDUCATION 'he Mt. Cormel Physicol 1cotion Stoff hos once oin coptured the -oning of fitness. The ess theme is the demork of the P.E, stoff ose gool is to hove 're students exercise 1 core for their bodies. DNT: Corhy Ondler, vord Oconnor, Dennis flonohon, Tim 'fredo BACK: Peggy se, Tom McKinney, n Morincovich, Boboro zrlebois, Som Blalock 'me M1 5 ,NMQF9 i it , .G ag , . iww ii, it W if f it Lf ! i 4422? SOCIAL STUDIES The Social Science Department at Mt. Carmel High School is a varied and o diverse one, The instructors come from many different stotes and countries in the world and bring to Mt Carmel a whole hast of experience and life styles. The following is but o small indication of the activities the members of the "Department" perform for their school and communitiesg the girls' soccer coach, the boys' freshman baseball coach, an assistant football cooch, the freshman academic league coach, a political organizer for women's equol rights, advisor to the school senate, advisor for Junior Stotesmen of Americo, founding member of the Benjamin Franklin Book Award Committee, the owner of the first Mercedes Benz ot Mt. Cormel, the treosurer of an international philatelic organization, and veterans of the armed forces of America andthe weather service As con be seen, the Social Science Department contributes to Mt Carmel academically, as well as, devoting their time and hard work towords many different committees ond activities Group picture, Bock row L-R. Marlr Ochsner, Maggie Williams, Neil Crawford, Steven Edwards, ond Bill O'Connor Front row L-Rf Cheryl Bowen, Josie Rhodes, Jimmy Dutton, Phil Factor, and William Christopher. Not pictured, Paul Fogette, Elaine Newliirlr, Estelle Riclsetson, and Don Weir Bottom left, Mr O'Connor giving his daily lecture to his class Bottom right: Mr Fagette exhibiting his clossroom spirit, 25 M l tb bc '- l I Q'-.2 " u is .W ..- .fv- ,,,,,.4w-a--v- ...pu-vv'0' n Q. 1 gunna-a ,A-v-of EALTH Mt Carmel's Health nd Driver's Education epartments focus on the nportance of health management, techniques l first aid, including CPR, nd the dynamics of safe riving skills. This class is rimarily for Sophomore udents here at The lount. R. Gary Jolk, Anne rapli Rick Srrarron JPPORTUNITY The Opportunity pro- 'am headed by Glen ihnson, Ron Trettor, and ank Andruski, is directed iwards helping students oth academically and ersonally. The program designed for students ho have difficulty con- irming to the traditional gh school program. Op- Drtunity has created an formal, relaxed, struc- rred, positive at- losphere. The program lows students to gain infidence in themselves Efore re-entering the gular, comprehensive ussrooms. 5: Ron Trerror, Frank wdruski, Glen Johnson 'ECIAL DUCATION tSpecial Education is a logram which provides positive learning en- 'onment, with careful tention to individual reds of students enroll- 1 in this program. dicated teachers pro- Ee encouragement for idents with a variety of ecial learning needs. T: Anita Zeno, Dave ige, Evie Viora, Carol -eves, Madeline Icone-Mills, Pauline 'Iis, Joan Lehr, Jeff Ladd, en Hignight, and John ppas not pictured: rug Dickson, Lynn Miller .. 253 4 Ita g l l 1 g' -Y' 7? FOREIGN LANGUAGE The Foreign Language Department is one of the largest on staff at Mt. Carmel. Sixty percent of the student body takes a foreign language, rang- ing from English as a Sec- ond Language to Ger- man. ln order to accom- modate this demand, Phyllis Humphrey, Anne Pillsbury and Pom Marx have joined the staff. Here, at MC, the staff is enthusiastic, making learning and understand- ing languages and related cultures both in- teresting and fun. The teachers' dedication is ac- tively reflected in the sponsoring and organiza- tion of various cultural ex- periences, including trips to foreign countries. This enables students to ex- perience different cultures and utilize the skills they have learned. Through the Foreign Language Department, students at Mt. Carmel are able to better understand and appreciate the various cultures of the world, Front row from the left: Barbara Weigand-lx, Pam Marks, Phyllis Humphrey, Vicki Broughton, Pauline Girourard-Gross, and Anne Pillsbury. Back row from left: Vincent Vitale, Alex Fouself, Marianne Girdner, Sherry Ludwig, and Joyce Doubert. Pictured: Laurie Horner, upper right. -gq-1-u Wx Sl .. - MN, . 195-113- Tiziz Q " . YN Q " 1 I S sa g siii - s P ' i:.s,1.s.s11e!.,.s ss. ASQQNA' w,,..3efs,..,.-T. 5 . ...ns.,'. X R X. .ssl , A f ...,, ' I s ' ' ' .... . . J' . . W - ,Q Q A 1 A 'L A :i?iirl?iiii1???'iiTEE? in . ..-.-as .1 :fs-ifz 35512912215212::a3f?QgQ22x:L.f 5-miie -Q ,.f- --is .... .ss .... N .11-1..,s:.Q-1W-csfvsi. s,f-lm -.-1-1 ,. m1aza..1,s.a sis, aww. K s- - gg: V ---.. ..-,:.:. , .,--s sg ii -x -.....l T S? -:.1-s-1,:--.1- -we,.1s..i....m,.,,.4,,wg.sggg. S, ...., xx --rr' . ,zf ..-W Q c ..... by 5 3 CIENCE DEPARTMENT The 1Q84f85 Science Deportment hos hoo nony improvements in its stoff ond in its pro- irom, Due to increosed student enrollment, two lew members hove been odded to the sroff, 'hey ore Ron Allen ond Hol Dorr, New odditions ove olso been mode in equipment. Foro more 'fficient work oreo two computers ond three :bs hove been instolled. Another new ideo hos -een conceived for the benefit of science 'udents It is the Flooring Morine Loborotory. This concept enobles students to experience octuol porticipotion in the study of morine life. These im- provements ond oclditions hove helped the Science Deportment become more beneficiol to students. Bock rowq Gory Hepler, Lourle Olson, Kirsten Odegord, Ron Netzley, Ron Allen, Tom Oliver, Poul 5omoros, Bob Bjorlfqulst, Steve Elsler Front row: Bertlvlclnrosh, Lee Robinson, Hol Dorr .rf ,rf V My 41 255 SUPPORT STAFF Every day students ond foculty benefit from Mt. Corrnels support staff. Many of these people go unnoticed by the population ot Mt. Corrnel, but where would our conwpus be without them? The librarions ossist students in their rnony research projects ond maintain on excellent set of materials for reseorch ond enjoyment. In addition, the compus supervisors maintain order and discipline ot Mt, Corrnel. The Heolth Office Clerk is o greot osset who assists sick ond injured students and faculty. Where would Mt, Cormel be without the cooking ofthe cafeteria stofi? Their efforts feed hundreds of students eoch doy. Finally, the campus of Mt. Corrnel could not be maintained without the great work ofthe custodial stoff. Librorions Cfrorn lefty: Joan Bonahoom, Shirley Lyoorger, Leo DeBien, Pom Morlrs, Georgia Moisey, Wolt Nicol! IA V Technicionj, Revo Egleston, Jerry Miller CSenior Liorory Clerlrl, Cofeterio Staff Cfrom leftl- Tony DeGeor, Morlene Young, Georgia Smith, Syble Belchez, Beryl Carr, John Koufsoukos, Cusfodions ffrom leftiz John Kirchmeier, Richard Hart, Melinda Angel, John Golello ond Mike Schoos. Heolth Office Clerk: Suson Thein, Campus Supervisors ffrom leftl- Lourie Blalock, Valerie Brown, Tommy Giesler, Molocho Thompson. 2 ix ,X k, ,A ,i ff'-W 2 , 5' V 1. 'iziuffff ' 'f?'VZi, ' 15 K 6 ,,,. S, in W , ,, .,..,-1 .--' r fir' ,,.. - , , - T 52 - , c ,,v' KQ- LQIZZ' ,,,, av' tl ,gi I ff, 7 , fw Z Q 'S ' f Q ij Z X Z Z Z 4 Q X ? g Z The year of 1984-85 was a year of political breakthroughs. Our President, Ronald Reagan, was elected to office for a second consecutive term. Reagan beat his opponent, Walter Mondale, by a landslide. However, Mondale made his own headlines when he chose a woman runningmate. Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman to be on the ticket of a major political party. Ferraro's candidacy opened political doors that were once closed to women. 1984-85 was also o year for medical advances. Doctors performed two more artificial heart implant operations and the patients are doing well, Remarkably, doctors at Loma Linda Medical Center implanted the heart of a baboon into the body ofa baby girl born with a defective heart. The baby girl, known as "Baby Foe" lived for about a month. The nation was deeply saddened by her death. Unfortunately, 1984-85 was also a year marred by tragedies. Ethiopia was hit by an intense food shortage. Millions of people have, and still are starving to death. Yet, many generous countries have sent money and supplies to the needy in Ethiopia. Tragedy also befell Bopahl, India. A holding tank filled with toxic gas exploded and thousands were killed and severely injured. Closer to home, in San Ysidro, Caifornia, a mad gunman walked into a McDanald's restaurant and at point blank range, shot and killed 21 people. lt was the largest single massacre in the history of the United States. In New York City, a man dubbed "The Subway Vigilante," now identified as Bernhard Goetz, shot and wounded 5 black youths, who supposedly tried to rob him. This incident wrongly sparked public support for such acts. So far, taking the law in your own hands or being a vigilante, has generated much controversy around the nation. Clockwise from upper left: President Reagan, Geraldine Ferrara, Baby Fae, Ethiopia, Bernhard Goetz Due to the efforts of 'he Olympic Commissioner, Peter Jberoth, the 1984 Summer Olympics were J huge success. Some of he big winners at the games were Mary Lou Retton, Carl Lewis, Jalerie Brisco-Hooks, Ereg Louganis and Edwin vloses. Carl Lewis tied the ecord set by Jesse Dwens in 1936, by vinning four gold nedals. The Summer Dlympic Games were a great success and enewed the feeling of aatriotism in the United tates. 1984-85 was a great fear for sports. Our own an Diego Padres beat he Chicago Cubs C3 games to 25 in an intense eries. This led them to llay in the prestigious vorld Series. Though the 'adres lost the World eries to the Detroit igers, they showed nuch determination and kill. The Padres will be a aam to reckon with in 'ears to come. This year Superbowl IX was played in Palo ilto, California. The two eams involved were the an Francisco 49ers and me Miami Dolphins. It was xpected to be a uarterback duel, But the 9ers quarterback, Joe lontana, showed xceptionol skill and led ie 49ers to victory. The hal score was 88-16 and be Montana won the lost Valuable Player ward. 1984-85 was also an xceptionol year for oug Flutie. Flutie was ie quarterback for the oston College Eagles. utie, in four years of allege football play, rwrote the college -cord books. Due to his utstanding erformance, Futie was le 50th recipient of the 'estigious Heisman ophy which is awarded l the best college iotball player for that Ear. Doug Flutie also came the highest paid lotball player in history hen he signed a mntract with the New irsey Generals of the S.F.L. for an amazing 7 illion dollars for five ears of play. pckwise from upper rf Mary Lou Retton, url Lewis, Doug Flutie, e Padres, Joe Montana --in i 'Q 261 H? 3351: K I l fi 'M J The yeor of 1984-85 wos olso o yeor of new, innovotive music. This yeor, four of the mojor forces in the music industry were Michoel lockson ond his brothers, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, ond Modonno, The Jocksons were riding high on the success of their much publicized Victory Tour. Prince's "Purple Reign" is still in full swing. Due to his outstonding movie soundtrock olbum, Purple Roin, Prince ond the Revolution hove now become household words. Both Bruce Springsteen ond Modonno releosed new olbums ond reoched new heights of populority, Other notoble musicions this yeor were Tino Turner, Holl ond Ootes ond Lionel Richie. Movie sound trock olbums olso occounted for o surge in record soles. The sound trocks from The Woman in Red, Ghostbusters, Purple Roin, ond Beverly Hills Cop ore most notoble in this oreo. All in oll, 1984-85 hos been o greot yeor for the music.industry ond for music fons. ln 1984-85 mony populor, money molsing movies surfoced. Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, The Temple of Doom, ond Gremlins were o few of this yeor's fovorites. The foshion for this yeor wos o drostic chonge from yeors gone by. The "Modonno-Look," neon colored clothes, ond T- shirts with soyings printed on them were omong the most populor foshion fods this yeor. Clockwise from left hond corner: Michoel Jocl-rson, Prince, Modonno, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Springsteen. I The most famous uestion of 1984-85, rithout a doubt, was Where's the beef?" A 'tle grandmotherly roman named Clara eller, uttered these tree words and the Jying's popularity syrocketed. This year Britain's Royal Couple," Prince harles and Princess Tiana, gave birth to a econd son. Prince lilliam, the couple's first Jn, now has a little rother named Prince arty. Though the movie ihostbusters generated wuch enthusiasm, the ago for the movie enerated more. The riginal logo was imitated 'll around the nation. were were Cubbusters, itzbusters, Thugbusters nd many other take- ffs. Everywhere one ioked something was ping busted. It was a fun nique trend for the P64-85 year. This yeor was marred ly the deaths of many otoble people. The iends, family, and dmirers of these people fill be saddened by their eaths. lockwise from upper -ft: Clara Peller, Prince filliam and Prince Harry, hostbusters IMEMORYOF. . .Ansel dams, Richard Burton, 'umon Capote, Marvin aye, Indira Ghandi, Jon- 'ik Hexum, Ray Kroc, 'hel Mermon. l r -A iii" rg P . ff' fs 'ml F, s ,c iv 'T ,T W Q .Q X ss ie"-as r if 'EE'- ki'-Q' 7' ,. ,4 MSIE R: ,u,s1iER. rf, A, A in T ff , Qobg US T ER' I 'D - H 1. P - J 4 It A xxa- W-M'kn ,,,, N if-'L I QQ ,., 1 4 ry ff: fr , ,,'i f ll Y rr ' .. T T ,ir "l 'Y A in H! W wwf 2 ws E7 av- Gish XOX' gift f Aw?'3'ef6 ? Z Z Z Z f X Z Z Z Z X-M Z Z Q Z 266 Dr. Joel L. Cook BLACK MOUNTAIN DANCE CENTRE Optometry Family Practice 9875 Carmel Mt. Road Contact Lens Specialist San Diego, CA 92129 4846465 16191 271-1409 16193 484-1500 RANCHO PENASQUITOS TQ QUR SISTER MICHELE and Lock 8l Key WE'RE VERY PROUD OF Rent 81 Sell Video Movie Tapes, Recorders Dead Bolts Installed Lock Repair For Auto - Home - Commercial I , 46197 57843271 You. CONGRATULATIONS 9873 Carmel Mountain Rd. Video 16191484-5470 LOVE JEANNE AND ANDREA San Diego, CA 92129 Lock 81 Key 16191484-5340 N D M 1 - 9 M ovl n o n ? 7' ' f ' ""' I W . , 'ii frzi , S ,' 2 A ssfas i'll mise: O 4 o lr Q 1 rQ Q CALL 'V ERA-Eagle Estates Realty "Your Penasquitos Broker" 12880 Rancho Penasquitos Blvd., San Diego, CA 484-2950 ' 578-3450 M A A X I LDIIE Penasqutos Pharmacy Penlsq Pharmacy Ha: T Sweets . Balloon . One Balloon Or Flll A Room. I A Furl Semen Phavmaq All Insurance Accepted I 484-2800 HOURS: I-F 0:00-0:30 ex 518-3420 sn. l:32-fig: M TO THE CLASS OF 1985 BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS TOM AND LINDA PARKER 2 6 6 I "'A' ' wwww. ::lZ':Z:: zlzf ::1':A: ..... .,.. '."'A .,',.A ,. VA1-.,A, I JOHANNA W. LESSNEFI PHD M6715 MILTON LESSNER PHD M8539 SHEFII SCOTT PHD PN4975 PHILIP LOFTUS M.S. 14094 MC JUDITH ALLISON RN MS MR16140 FRANK VALENTI MA MX16675 MICHAEL ROSS PHD SB8483 ' 748-4323 12307 OAK KNOLL ROAD POWAY, CALIF 92064 Wflllyk N154 , not , nous LJ -elurs- -cmu- , fl I , , son' , -suss- osuuns I X v -ex N4 I Q 9912 CARMEL MTN ROAD RANCHO PENASOUITOS QACROSS FROM ALPHA-BETA, NOW OPEN ' CHATEAU PAVIER Geriatric Residence 5 3735 Stockman Street National City, CA 92050 PLAZA RANCHO PENASQUITOS 9869 CARMEL MT. RD. SAN DIEGO, CA 92129 S Pasta' 15 - '- 1 Sal d B 'Q u 0 Q I Scare ella P1223 ' Pizza Sanzwscfxs T Beer 8. Wine Jo Javier Pantaleon, R.N. Tel- 619f267.7722 Admmlsffawf 272.-9372 BILL 8. MICKEY LANE 484-1360 '"':':':m:444444355459552 J O S E PH B. G O RD O N , CHIK0 5 D. D.S ., IN C . TELEPHONE 9728 CARMEL MOUNTAIN ROAD .':5:5:5:5:5:3:3:5:3:3 - 1619, 484-1333 RANCHO PENASQUITOS PLAZA RANCHO PENASQUITOS SHOPPING CENTER 1619, 271-5939 SAN DIEGO, CALIFQRNIA 92129 9883 c IM .Rue 4840070 San Die22Jn?gA 92129 5667442 269 I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE MY APPRECIATION AND DEEPEST THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME GET THROUGH MCHS SINCERELY TIM STOKES 71,6 JW 0,184 s W e SQ ZNE wg. ff . ,V ' - Q x..f A T MIRA MESA Escowomo 9835 Mira Mesa Blvd ATI-15 215WeS'G'WM 578-6668 746-8511 SOLANA BEACH ll 11z.a::60g51 'f O -Thurs. 10-7 Fri. 10-9 Sat. 10-7 Sun, 12-5 -tu The Qystal cR9se I A Total Nail Care Salon , I , Sculptured Nail5 I 9-Dmzlrzlzi 1 alfalfa .iiuclio M1 M 8 Www E M MODEi1H'::imNsgi,NRi HM Qllgllicwes r ENTERTAINMENT AVAILABLE e :cures ff 0 Appginfment AUNTIE BARBARA FINNERAN 566-BO-45 lZlOT Oak Knoll Road, Suite A v Powav, Cnlxfurnla 92064 James M. Einspar . " . District Sales Manager ' ' R ' 1 o FI r r' ' ' S and Annuities ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS "" ' ' ff me e 9310 Carmel Mountain Fld., Ste. D uncolu-N san Diego, CA 92129 NATIONAL 1617 TUCKER LANE 16193484-48041578-0554 Li"-"'pFE INSURANCE ENCINITAS, CALIFORNIA 92024 714-436-8029 COMPANY A member of Lmcoln Nalional Corporation IS THERBSO fr" in A'- colvlPl.nvlENTs OF V cglarmorgmgzi eslgrws - ,e l ing: Bargain Prices Women s ll Children Resale Clothing 50150 Consignment Splut 9881 Carmel Mtn. Rd. ' Alpha Beta Ctr. P . "Y - .t ' tp z. , , 4' ua, . 75. :X o Designer Look at l ' is 484-0259 ' t , rg gf, j i IDIS Home 12 'S L f MOVIES 8. EQUIPMENT RENTALS 81 SALES 485 -09 30 ln the Plaza, Next to Round Table Pizza ORIENT VALLEY 9879 Caramel Mt. Rd. X9 X 'Q San Diego, CA 92129 X Tel. 271-0574 X fxfx Q ti FRESH SEAFOODS, LUMPIA SLOPAO, FAST FOOD TO GO. 8190C MIRA MESA BLVD. MIRA MESA MALL SAN DIEGO, CA 92126 1619, 578-8480 Kath Burling Teresa Bowles Tammy Hicks Allison Gravelle Jay Holman Congratulations to the class of '85, and thank you to the seniors at our McDonalds Stalin: 1. Bula., , 4- nm ,l J D ls-it-mefnaaftw Hill ea.-:. Yi g 1,1 ngygzz' ,Eiga -g fy: Y' 52, zzz' Zta agax it -- x -. Sean Cauldren Ron Javier Lisa Giannotta llllti Going to McDonald's' is almost as much a part of school as going to class. You've made us the place to meet, to ' talk, to have a good time, to celebrate your victories and help forget defeats. You've made McDonald's more than just another place to eat. And that's why, at McDonald's, we say. ITSAGOODTIME FORTHEGREATTASTE, 27 4 NORTH COUNTY SAN DIEGO 451-0770 578-5867 THE CMW GROUP - S. Douglas Klem, M.D. M INTERNAL MEDICINEIFAMILY PRACTICE ' AMERICAN BOARD OF INTERNAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT DIPLOMATE MEDICINE 9740 BENAVENTE PLACE MEMBER AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS SAN DIEGO, CA 92129 16191 566-7146 14321 PENASQUITOS DRIVE P.O. BOX 29055 RANCHO PENASQUITOS, CA SAN DIEGO, CA 92129 16193 451-2900 'B . ' I 16191 693-1999 'O Paw Pflllf Q' I f Grooming Salon 8: Boutique ,o, .. Grooming - Bathing Kc Dipping All Breeds . DENTAL GROUP 'R Professional Fare With Loving Hands Family Dentistry PO Lance C. Rygg,'D. D, S. 81 Associates 9Z1?I?ifIIzI1IIagzIHIIycII1IZr92129 12469 Poway Rlfaddy Anufronfoway' CA 92064 fZIIDU'S w 1 V3 25' If I-925 M, II f LIKE K-MART CENTER 9909 M1RA MESA BLVD. sAN DIEGO, CA 92131 619-695-2166 CRUISES-TOURS 1619, 485-7782 JULIE'S CLEANERS ROBERT L. SOLAN TRAVEL SERVICE 9923 CARMEL MT. Ro. MAILING ADDRESS: SAN D'EG0f CA PETER JACOBS 11825 T1MARu WAY 4844712 1619, 461-9346 SAN DIEGU, QA 92128 C619 7 484-0055 Penasquitos Dental Group DR- WILLIAM J- ROACH Richard Codington, uns. Inc Clayton 'IT Cooke. DDSLlnc. GENERAL DENTISTRY SPINAL REHABILITATION WRC IM ' R S I RANCHO P N SQUITOS 9912 CARMEL MOUNTAIN ROAD arne olln aln . Rancho ,,ma5Lw,0s'CA o,,,9.4,,,256EQ66,6m F MILY CHlRoPRAcT1c CENTER SAN DIEGO, CA 92129 275 Q Congratulations to our daughter Heather, and the graduating class of 1985 Love, Peter, Joan and Charles Winoker To our daughter Michele, We wish you success today, tomorrow, and always All our love Mom and Dad 8 th 1 1 av 4 7 ff . f 4 ,, , , ' ,:wf,W,e1' ,wc ef. , , f 'Q 1 g ff My mfwfwsxq 4 ,Q 5 Jifygw 9' Xp 92 4 I ww: QA I z Q' wiskaw ,yfiawggg ,W K' wb. 'iv , yy., aw 1 ,ff M m r K W .r ,ui Um ' f 'M lf?" ff af W ,, . .nf- ff' , 1 2+ 2. 1 Q 2 if ky, 1 , ,, 4, ' - , 2 , 4 up ., fix? ,f 'Ui I ,f I "Q" Q nf- Q '- L 4 I gi 5, , f ' 9 -,Z 4 1 an hate, .v 1 kr at Q my ,W A y 1, V+ iv K - K ' ff, wan, ,I pff' N My A f....,.. ,.-.fmfwwwww ' "V N , v i WA ' , Nz, Www, ' I i Q.. --U ,,,,wV,1,M I 1 . + M 'M 14- ., , Viia fgwf vvdfw Q W if INDEX BARKER, SUSAN 33, 175 BARNES, HEATHER 135, 222 BARNETT, ERIK 175 IIAIINEII, JAMES 206 I1AIxNErI, MICHAEL 220, 234 IsAIzNErr, WILLIAM , BARNHOUSE.KENNEI'I'I4, 1' QARNWELL. KELLY 217 BARQN, JENNIFER V I BARON, JENNIFER 'A ' -V I X205 BARON, JENNIFER 175, 205 BARRETT, CHASE 175, 224 CHRISTINE 40 135 BARWICKEI 116 196 JOSE B2 ERIN ANDERSON, JOHN 135 ANDERSON, KARIN135 ANDERSON, KRISTINE ANDERSON, MICHELLE 135 ANDERSON, RONALD ANDERSON, SCOTT 175, 226 ANDRADA, RICHARD 41, 52 ANDRAS, DANA ANTHONY, ERIC 135, 196 ANTONELLI. NANCY 56 APGER, ROBERT 62 ARAGON, PEDRO 34, B2 ARENASARNEL193 CHRSITY 135 175 LAURE GINA JOHN 175 STEPHEN 201 CHRISTOPHER ALY 175 ALEXANDRA175 ALVIN B2 BELISARIO BARNEY 175 BELIVEAU BOBBY 175 BELFREY BRIAN 40 BELL ERNEST 175 BELL KENNETH 175 BELL KENNETH 175 201 221 BELL XVILHELMINA 24, 59 BELLO ANDREW BELLOWE. LORI 175 BELLOXVE MICHAEL BELZMAN, LORI 40, 135 BELZMAN TIMOTHY 175 BEMBO DARNEL 175, 201 BENAVIDES JOYCE 40 ARINDUQUE, ERIC 135, 226 ARINDUQUE, YVONNE 231 ARMSTRONGJACQUELINE ARNALDOJEANINE175 ARNETT, TAMMY ARTIM, ZACKERY 175 ASHBAUGH, HANNE 26, 135 ASPACIO, DAVE 135 ASPEYTIA, RALPH 135 ATES, ROEL175 WENDY 56, 62 SUSAN TANYA 135, 231 ICHIYO 226 4 CRYSTAL 175, 203, 215 MICHAEL 175, 224 I BENAVIDES MICHAEL 175 BENCIVENGA, DENNIS 175 BENCIVENGA NADINE 63 BENEFIEL KELLY BENEFIEL, SCOTT 63 BENNETT, MICHAEL 63 BENSON, DEBRA 63 BENSON, DEDRA 63 BENSON, JILL 33, 175, 216 BENSON, KATRINA 63, 135 BENSON, KENDRA BENTIVEGNA, TRACY 63, 216 BERA. STEPHAN 175 BERDUGO, MARIA 176 BERGHAGE, KRISTIN 135, 205 BERRY, APRIL BERRY, SUZANNE 156 ' BERTSCH, WILLIAM 53 BETHEA, DAVID 156, 200 BEITNER, ERIKA 156 BEITNER, MARK BEUTZ, JEFFREY 156 BEVINS, DONNA 176 BEYER JOHN 135 BADERE BAILES BAILEY JODI 156 BLACK DENISE 14 1 BLACKMAN BRENT 176 4 mm' P' V,,.4 ,1 , ,, , ,V , ,,,V VJ' , V ', ., ,. V ,A VV wlnww .' ,, ., I Y , krkg 1. -'Q . g V L LUCERO JR,, APTRICIO MCGII-LVION154 HO I N - IUHNVKAIHEAINEI Wfii LUCICH, ION 154 MCGRANEGEFFERY 201,154 HOPPER, JULIE IIIN VV , LUCU5.KRl5TINA154 MCGRATH, EMILY HOPPER, RICHARD 161 V 1' I, DEFINIQUE IABANDEIIAAV MARK LUCUS. SHAWN 142 MCGRAII-I, ENN143 . IPW42' JUNIEL, JAMES 150 LABRADOR, FLORENCE 142 JLENJXEL 184 Mg?q'?5fVEJftA5V51ViANg54f HORST, SANDRA 90, 214 LAIJRADORIRUSOLIMAN 201, 153, 221 ' M I I A1 HOTZE, GREGORY 201, 182 IAIIUDAV DIANE qi 56V 1452 231 LYDONMICHELE 96 MCKELVEY, COLLEEN140 HOUSEV DENNY 152 K LACKEYV CHRISTINA 153V 58 LYMAN KRISTEN 24, 59, 142 , H Af1D1B'LL161 LADAo,cARMELs,o9,1eo . I ' 1 ,V LADAO MANY M MCKINNEY, SHERYL 24, 59, 143, 222 Y If '11 I ' KRISTIN1 MCLAUGHLINERIN155 If U 11- ' 9 Q LAFFERTY MAYTHW 142 ELIZABETH 321961202 MCLAUGIILIN, KATIE 24, 57, 59, oo L ' , TA EY I LIKWL' 4 1 141221 LYONSI THOMAS McLEAN,IHoMAs97 , , DLEY MCLEMOREVMICI-IAEL 97 ' f :,, Alvl f " W141 MCLEODIII, FLOYD 165 A 1 '1'u.1w ' WV :2kki?LEAw4iRgA?E1w MCMlLLIAN,STEVE148 I' ' FHM, G161 'W ,I ' LLY,WESLEY1A3 A 1 , , , ' I KAMIYEN KfgATRICIA 2, 25, QA VV ,,, Wg ' N 2, ,. VV JUD V 163 VV MELISSA 76V V y.,, L VV E f 'HUDER,ERIN 24, 'fa ' Q, ,,4,1 MONAQA LUCTNDA 9316 I F " ,I .,1,, , VAAAVA WM ASIA , 155 Room? 3- I 7' MMWWVVWUFFSCIHMIDTV VER V IAAICHURJR., JOHN MACMRTYVTROY1 5, . I,e,,wVV, ,, 1 HUFFSCHMIDT,LYNDA161,222 KATZFEYHUC Q4 SHANNO 31 vvf L' A UMMELVDAVI 152224 KAUFMAN, CHRISTINA 141 " I V 9? Q - MERICHV NYA 161 KAUNTZ,SUSANNE1B3 ' I AV'., . VA I - 56182 KAzEMzA0EH, MERCEDEH 141 LARSON MIHOKO MEIEKCHA 5 I-IUNNI FI, WILLIAM NAZLMZi:g:bmHl':1EL153 LARSON, MAGANA. ANTHONY 142 MEULNEPHYIMA'1C'A164 HUNTER, IARA 182 KEEPS' C LARSON MAGANAI MARC184, 221 MMA' SCOTT 224 1-Iusovsxv, CRISIA 152 'EZLVNSQN YM' 210 LARSON, MAGNER, POLLY 154 XQMLLE VM Huss, ROBERT 40, 152 ' LAIIMOR MAGNIN. JIM 142 I I-IusroN, JEFFREY 152, 200 KELLY' ANGELA LAWLEY, MAGUIRE. DANIELLE 204 MELLOTTI WN 164 HusIoN, PATRICK 161 KELLY' DANC' Q4 LAW MAGUIREV RICHARD143 MENDIOIA ROGELEEN143,164 IIUYNI-I, TUNG KELLY' JOHN Q4 LAWSON MAI-ILMAN, MICHELLE 154 MENDIOLAI ROSE'-EEN KELLY' LEU' 153' 69 MAI-IONEY DAVID 140 MENDOZAI DEANNA 97 f' KELLY ROBYN56 141 LE' L'NH 4935 ' 3 KELLY' RONALD 163 235 LE' LOAN142 MAHONEYHLJOHN MENDCZMOSEPH165 Q I I ,g, LOAN 142 MAIDEN, JOSEPH 143, 194 MENDOZAI MICHAEL 6, 148 I KELLY' MALIBAGO, PATRIClO143 MENDOZA, MILAGROS 1411, 230 KELLY1 T'FFA NOE 234 MENDRALAMARGARET97 I V ,W KE'-50' I KEVlN154 MENDRAIA PAUIA 24, 32, 59, 143 INFANTE. ,sf KEMZ1 GEIQRGLJQ1 MENSCHING, SCOTT 144 ,, INGERSVV LL,VVc 1,1121 V, , KEM -GE ALDINEQ4, 214 MENSIKV ,OHN143 V INGERSO V ,V 31, IAEMP ,CHRISTPHR183 496132 MERAz,REME0Ios154 INGLEBYGA ,QA ' VQQMENITZER, KENNETH 155, 213 'WARMOON 172 MERCADO, DAVID 225 .- , 'REMNDIMARSHALL 2 KENNEYIJOHN1 , ANGELA MERcA0Q,1uLIE1o4 , lRIiI:i. 1113551 161 5 58-wf JONATHAN 45,153 MERCER, DANNY 143 I 'RWNC NE 161 STEVEN163 - 41,549,476 , MERCEPQ NEIH154 Q ISAACS, MICHELLE 141 1 MANN ANDREW 4, MERIQOLV N143 , . IIANI,MAHMou0 , MANNING M 5 164 V I4RIs1EN 152 5' MANNING' I M K ' M ,BRIAN155 Vg M E ,IVV 7 M ER, 4 MAPANAQWMEO 5 MEYE I I 163.201 MARANGEL ,PHIIQLIP DAVID ' V MARnuI,LIsA5 THOMAS1 fm, NATHAN 1o1.'Wf Y"' in nur 59, 141 'L KRAMER, PAUL, INRAUS, MICHELE KRAL, , .1944 LII5 Y IQXAU IKREM ASQQTBARRY 94, 115 VV ERS, WARN 155 , s .,, , '89 in-' if- A " ' ifk IKAV ' 1 -111,11 "1 , 11- -,312 T" ' , ,,,,, A , JSHLLI FERISTY EDSUNTTU, ANNE 95 Kuo,'ALIsoN 153 KIJRIAIA, LISA V KUTNEY, SUSANNE 02, 57, 95 KWA1 T. KELLY 9, 46,66 fLbvEi, CORINVJB4 GARRETT 1 JNIFER I MARKS JANINE 144 KEITH 185 LEWIS, TONYA LIBENHOLT LIBUTAN MARSHALL, DAWN MARSHALL DOUGLAS 184 LINDER LINDSAY SEAN 164 LOT'-THUS LOFTHUS MELISSA 142 LOFTIS PAUL142 221 LONG JOHN , O ' I 4 1' ANILLA, RODNVEYL1 .Ai ' 4 by f ". 'I ii , 1 41 FPIAW5104 fVEIf:gIgIaz,,,MELI11InA LORMEAQHABKES I LOTTIG. DONALD JR. 200 LOWMAN, LANCE LOWRIE, GREGW1 RINA 144 CAMERON 1 I DAVID 164 DOUGLAS 97 A MILTo ILONA 164 JOEL N IQ- , Q7 2 MOORE PARKER, PARKER, RICHARD 4, 56, 99 PATEL, PATEL, NIMA PAITEE, KRISTIE PATTERSON. PATTERSONJAMES 99 'S M MW dl '5' 4 ""M,,,, LV 5 W4 O OBRIEN, JAMES 144, 204 OBRIEN, KELLY 144 MELISSA 165 ERIC186, OIANDER, JAM: 14, 3 ,'98, 115, 116 OLANDER, Juuf 14, 29, 02, 144 OLEN, JEFFREY 165 OLEN JERRY 154 221 OLIVE OLIVO OLSON, KRISTA ' """ 1 DAVID 145 JOHN 187 ERIC 166 229 PERAZA. PERDUE. CYNTHIA DNJERENCEQQ ' , CLINTON66,2CD,166 1000 107 Mm, Affair- 4' 1 1 1.11 H , ,, I ,f,,,g4,V , QU N bf i V LYN 0 41 QUINTANILLA, DAMIAN 201 QUINTANILLA, JOHN 196 , , A QUINOIZ V LYN 40 25, I Q V A 1, RODR , RODRIGUEZ, KEITH REYLS. 166 CRIS145 PHE CATHERINE 1CD , ELLEN 2. U5165 PHIL? BRIAN 7 REYES, IVONNE PHILIQ gg, TIS I , 132 REYESCUERVA V PHI ' 'V 7 IAN 165 H 1451 f 141, MERRILL , H' . 166? 11113 HILLIPS, TRIS " PHIPP5, ROBERT 145 vacxm I OWEN LISA , AMY 145 GALE? 187, 201 PIXLEY, ALIZA PLANK, DONDI 56, 150 PLATE, TODD 166 CESAR 187 PARKER PARKER, 32, 144 02, 99, 44 POWELL, JAMES 145, 196 PLEMEL, MARK 100 VPOELSTRA, MELISSA 144 if POLANCIC, GREG 10, 03 POLANCIC, HOLLY 'ID POLCINO, DAVID POLLOCK, MATTHEW 150 POLVOROSA, CAROL 145 POPPLEWELL, TARASA 166 PORCIUNCULA, MARIA 40, PORCIUNCULA, MICHELLE PORRELLO, LEONARD 'KD PORTER, TRACI 166 POTTER, SHANNON POUND, KERRY ID SABRINA 187 H POWELL, TIMMY 166 POWER, JILL 166 PRADES 210, FRANK 229 CASEY 'ICD nu' N 91, 103, 132 RYAN, RYAN, MARY RYANWKNEME RYAN, THOMAS 10 RY N Rvu, YON ' 1 CHRISTOPHR CHRISTINE 49, 101 ROBINSON. ROBINSON, CLARKE ROBINSON, DANIEL ROBINSON, HEIDI 167 ROBINSON, JOSE 150 ROBINSON, JENNIFER ROBINSON, TEDRA 188 AARON 167 GREGORY 167 MARY

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