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'R' 'fn A Q ,, ff ff' " X ,V gl. v 0 If 7 I 4 Q s .if 1' J? ,F ., -J ,A X, 'uf , rf' , if in 3' if 5 S'- 4 'R Q Q. 4 at 4 "" as Q 4' I Q 'O I Q 7:0 ,' , ' ,'wsl1,1w- M .'-I: J 4 x "ff K Vi' W'1 'R 1 U 1 . M, -gr 1 - Q V k 4 wr' , Mn x 4 'Q E-YL' H A.,,.A5,b!.x-1 - i I the -'wr..m, A X-Pm-af. 1' Mu.. WM is clfolinssa . .930 5 gbius DC ff carly on the morning of October 9, 1958, Eugenio Pacelli answered the call of the One to whom he had dedi- cated his life. With his death, the world lost one of the greatest and most beloved men of our Times - Pope Pius XII. Eugenio Pacelli was born on March 2, 1876, in Rome. His parents, Fillipe and Virginia Pacelli, were of the nobility and had an impressive record of service to the Vatican. At the age of four, Eugenio entered the school of the Sisters of Divine Providence near his home. From the begin- ning he distingushed himself as a brilliant student. Though frail, the future Pope had an intrepid spirit and was very athletic. Although his early education had been pointed toward law, at the age of eighteen Eugenio decided to enter the priesthood. With his parents' blessing he entered Caprancia College in Rome to begin his ecclesiastical studies. Five years later Eugenio realized his vocation and was ordained to the priesthood on April 2, 1899. Indeed the studious boy had grown into a gentle, keen, modest man, untiring in his work, with a personality that was to endear him all his life to those who knew him. Rapidly he rose in the Vatican Secretariat. In 1905 he was appointed a monsignor. Following the First World War the future.Pope was appointed nuncio of the newly established Papal unciature of Berlin. He gained immense popularity during his residence in Berlin. It was as secretary of state that Cardinal Pacelli began the travels for which he became famous and through his brilliant diplomacy secured for the Vatican innumerable friends. On February 10, 1939, Cardinal Pacelli announced the death of the Pope. Three weeks later he himself was elected to the office. Following Pius Xll's ascent to the throne of Peter, the world was thrown into a massive conflict culminating in the defeat of Nazism and Fascism. A bitter foe of Communism, Pius devoted much of the last half of his reign to a relentless struggle against its cruel and bloody tyranny. Truly Pius was a "Pope of Peace" whose entire life was devoted to the furtherance of peace through his personal motto, "Peace, the Work of Justice. is chloflnsss . .930 gofln Df EX fff .. ,ag ' f ruff' 1 sv' ' On Tuesday, October 28, 1958 a wisp of white smoke issued from the Sistine Chapel chimney and the world pro- claimed a new shepherd to guide the flock of Christendom. His eminence, Most Reverend Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, had been the choice of the sacred conclave of Cardinals to succeed Pope Pius XII as Vicar of Christ on Earth. Angelo Roncalli was born November 25, 1881, at Sotto il Monte, Italy. His early life was spent working in the wheat fields and vineyards around the farm. At the age of eleven Angelo began his studies at the Episcopal Seminary at Bergamo. After finishing his studies at the Cerasola College in Rome, the future Pope received a laureate in theology, and was ordained in 1904, in the Church of Santa Maria in Monte Santo. Young Roncalli was named president of the Italian Society for Propagation of the Faith in 1921. Among his many accomplishments, while in office, was the centralization of the regional centers of the society and the adoption of a new constitution for the national council of the society. Archbishop Roncalli was appointed Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece in 1935 and was transferred to the Titular Archbishopric of Mesembris. He was also appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Vicariate of Constant- inople. On January 12, 1953 Archbishop Roncalli was elevated to the position of Cardinal and received his red biretta from French President Vincent Auriol, who represented Pius XII in the ceremony, continuing a tradition of four centuries. Three days later he was made Patriarch of Venice, where he served for six years until his election as Pope. With his motto, "Obedience and peace", we pray that His Holiness, Pope John XXIII, will be able to execute his duties as well as his predecessors. -T - g , . 2"f'-Hifi .' 1-ff X .Qi V. Hn ,,gj!.fe,5ifr.i,iTi".14221: L .U 5:1 , , . , 1 51 ,, , bv xr ap - ' " hx 1.. W, N 1 4-rx S 1 ' L .gm - ' -"f"V 1.,f.4jfi4.FE!' . 4,-,JF:fm,Fl?,:5 L1-Qgffi L 'pf' , 1 K? gg, ,- ,-gig. f --,wif . P- J '41-V' -'wsff'1 V- 1 'Ji--. 'EFS .-- -'- . ' f 'raz- V Wi13 f2,Qi.q,'5Hfx V- 11 Fl.Zfff'2':,,,f!12f' I ' , ':: L, , W C .frwlfh 'f fm, 4 , - .lm M ,-,.,2,,.,.', ,Q , .'73?y1N.Y'1fm-52' 'E'M55j 4 ,px gy, Q.-. -f , ' ,." N14--, vi- if' "nw" , in ' 'FQ' ' :T 1951 e"'mf' . w-1 -1.2.5. gg rs' " ', 4F53--1 . Q. ifrj ,',:!TE?!':1 4' 5: V ,.,.k:,-'img I ij,-52?-'I ' - ,tak .M .N LAL: '11 l ...C .tau-'Nita' pie-game .tgirl tum. i Euficczfiolz As in past annual dedications we, the staff of the l959 El Conquistador, have chosen a man whose every waking moment is consecrated to the furtherance of the highest ideals and tra- ditions for which Mount Carmel is noted. He is a former graduate, who, inspired by these traditions, later returned to instill this heritage in future men of Carmel. The personal interest and sincerity which he manifests toward the welfare of each student exemplifies his every action. The great personal sacrifices made by him can never be fully repaid, not only because of their amplitude but more important because of the future influence they will have upon us. As a teacher and as a man his life has been characterized by fruitfulness and spiritual prosperity. To this man who has done so much to add to the distinc- tion of Carmel, we gratefully dedicate this annual and our prayers to you, Father Augustine Carter, O. Carm. lrlr: bluuclll 5 Irlbpllullull. l 1 ' ' ine man behind the scene is rewarded. Father packs basketball uniforms into station wagon u BRU prepares to sell tickets for C.l.F. Playoffs 5 Ugflflli CIJZJ gO 'ZEMIO The primary purpose for which an institution such as Mount Carmel is estab- lished is to prepare young men for the future. In the few short years which the student spends at Mount Carmel, a complete transition takes place. A to such an extent that it is incalculable. From his initial day in high school, the student feels the burden of re- sponsibility. The success of his future rests squarely on his shoulders. Rapidly . s 1 u d he adiusts to high school life and his development continues. Mind, body, an I re ared for the rigors they undoubtedly will experience. This is ac- sou are p p complished, in part, through a well rounded academic and religious curriculum, augmented by the finest faculty obtainable. Feeling the significance and magnitude of the training received in Mount RA- Carmel High School, we of the 1959 El Conquistador staff have chosen PREPA TION FOR THE FUTURE as our theme. Throughout this annual we will point out what part various phases of our schooling play in our development. transition which will affect the future life of the student ff 'jagfs of CZOIZ fanfa qaauffy ana cgfucfanf gouafcnmanf ug Lcafwna 54CfLULfL55, OO cuuzafaoni 5 Oifi 2 Uazfciamanfa ....1o Cf ...... . .... 18 .......52 5131" ' .... .... Q O 019 ' ' ..... ...114 fl ........ ...13 044 ' .... ...186 cvzmzfife cqupsfziou I ? L I J Q f li. sl X jf .... ---fi . c Evil J E 'X . Our Catholic education has grown to be- come the most cherished possession we can own. Being so valuable, it demands pro- tection. Its guardians must be stalwart and wise, for if not, our vital education would perish. Therefore, we wish to extend our gratitude to our Carmelite Superiors in hum- ble appreciation for the tremendous work accomplished by them. ':fj..v"'- . ..l,' 41' The Most Reverend Kilian E. Lynch, O. Carm Prior General of the Carmelite Order. ,fv1:Me!'i""""5' ' Very Reverend Raphael Kieffer, O. COFFT1., Very Reverend Gabriel Kearney, O Cqrm Prior Provincial of the Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mc YY- Prior, Lamaze fy 4471 Zf-fyvzfwgg' ,AQ G Q' i f YVY I missnzn msi ozus 1 g ,g t giw fl: :lt will i Slit tififlii ii Miifii J The men pictured on this page have greatly contributed to the surging growth of Catholic Faith and education in our diocese. ln recognition and appreciation for the work which they have accomplished in our be- half, we, the students of Mount Carmel, offer our prayers and thanks. CQ-5.9 James Francis Cardinal Mclntyre, Archbishop cf Los Angeles Bishop Alden J. Bell, D.D., , Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Bishop Timothy Manning, D.D. acuff In the development of the student lust as in thede- velopment of all other things there must be a strong guiding force to lead and advise' the aspiring graduate. The faculty of Mt. Carmel has influenced the students in much the same manner. First, andthe most important, they have instilled within us the Christian principles so necessary to the formation of our character. Secondly, they have built a solid educational foundation upon which our future endeavors will be based. And lastly, they have created an air of competitive spirit within us which in the past has proven to be such an invaluable aid. -...--M -.s.- E3 0:5ihA bzcosl FATHER EUGENE MCCALLEN, O. CARM. Through Father McCalIen's leadership as Principal, Mt. Carmel has attained its present position of prestige and honor. Oue barbaridadl - FATHER KEVIN MORRISSEY, O. CARM. A smile always etched on his glowing face, Father combines his duties as Pro- curator with teaching religion and direct- ing the annual "Showboat". 5. dice seiior Laske. acuff an BROTHER LAWRENCE BROWN, O. CARM. ln his capacity as Vice-principal and Pre- fect of Discipline, Brother has won the respect and admiration of the student body for his wise and just decisions. VERY REVEREND GABRIEL KEARNEY, O. CARM. A keen interest in science and mathe- matics makes Father Kearney's physics and mechanical-drawing classes more enioyable and rewarding for his students. -wi - I lJb""'f Jmmzsfwfaon FATHER AUGUSTlNE CARTER, O. CARM. Qld! FATHER BERNARDINE KANGLEY, O. CARM. As Prefect of Studies and instructor of Latin and religion, Father is responsible for the excellent standing enioyed by Carmel. A former Mt. Carmel graduate, Father Carter is well equipped to solve the prob- lems of his civics and chemistry classes. W 4' 7 ff 9' FATHER DENNIS MURPHY, o. CARM. yfpffm As Irish as the Blarney stone and equally - C I F , o famous and popular is our religion and V01 mathematics instructor, Father Murphy. Qld' F' -0, Brother Lawrence and his speed-mobile. Af "ff" FATHER MATTHEW SPROUFFSKE, O. CARM. Father's busy schedule revolves about his freshman English and religion classes, but he also manages to moderate the Knights of Carmel and the swimming team. BROTHER FRANClS OTTO, O. CARM. Wily, witty and wise, Brother Francis commands the respect and admiration of the students in his typing and mem- ory training classes. FATHER MICHAEL POTTER, O. CARM. History, geography and religion are the specialties of Father Potter, who, in his spare time, strives to shoot a par- breaking round of golf. r i l lt l will ll FATHER ERIC WISNIEWSKI, O. CARM. A flare for languages accounts for Fath- er's popularity and success as a Latin and Greek instructor. The "big man" and the small machine. FATHER JOEL MOELTER, O, CARM. Returning to Carmel after an absence of two years, Father Joel, as instructor of religion, English and public speaking has not lost his popularity or amiable per- sonality. 1 .V -1 x K 'N I. l FATHER HAROLD DROUGHT, O. CARM. Despite this being his initial year at Carmel, Father Harold has displayed in teaching mathematics and religion, a diligence synonomous with our faculty. FATHER BERNARD DALY, O. CARM. Yun "Hmmm, you expect a nine on this smudgy plate?" MR. OTTO LASKE Besides his regular course in Spanish, Mr. Laslce introduced a French class into CarmeI's academic curriculum. X As school librarian, Father Daly proved an invaluable aid to the seniors prepar- ing for college and to the many students seeking his counsel. N. - MR. GERALD SMITH A The individual attention which Mr. Smith gives to his geometry and biology stu- dents is responsible, in part, for his over- I whelming popularity. MR, WALTER Obtaining from his athletes and keeping students is Mr standing trait. El72gE'Z5, Q tces book MW, V 9' v-Yr' MR. JERRE VAN GORDER The watchful eye. Mr. Van Gorder is o special favorite of the seniors because of his unmatched humor and lively presentation of his English and mathematics. MR. ANTHONY KATICS The devoted work of Mr. Katics has been instrumental in the numerous honors and awards accorded Carmel's glee club and band. MR. JOHN SMITH The younger of the Smith brothers, John is no less talented and versatile. His classes include Algebra Il, physical edu- cation, and drivers' education. acuff MR. JEREMIAH O'SULLlVAN ln his first year at Carmel, Mr. O'Sul- livan, in his capacity as iunior English teacher, quickly and thoroughly earned the respect and admiration of his students. MR. FRANK MEYERS . The time and effort which Mr. Meyers exerted in the maintenance of our cam- pus was well appreciated by the entire student body, MR. WILLIAM REESKE As his history and civics students will attest, Mr. Reeske's classroom quips and good-natured manner of conducting class make for enioyable learning. You're not copying again, are you? MISS FRANCES FALVEY A pleasant new addition to our office staff, Miss Falvey is the essence of effi- ciency and cordiality. I 5,585 The fundamentals upon which our future will be based are secured by the student in the classroom. Today more than ever, the education received while in high school dictates a person's future plans. As he completes the cycle of moving from freshman to senior, the student's intellectual growth keeps pace with his physical development enabling him to maturely ap- proach his future. Realizing the importance that his classes hold for him it is to the student's advantage to acquire a solid education-on which he will find in- dispensible to his future. J .x N 3 ,, 1 . l ,f g - ! A, , ' V ,Q - o 4 1 - - x ' L 4' XSX -if fl-uaikilnilv ' X - I ,Q .,,':v,.L.:,:,5- '-- 11 ,.,, , ,, W V ' 5 .wqfn . J 7 356- S. is ,, " g,14 , :-:-' '.-.-.-rf:-.-.-'Sw .. lx X ,, L ' " 'J '6'b'o's'.""sQ 55 X XX X :W 'r'l't'o'v':Qv's A ' 1 "f ,V - VII f' 'irfrizizfi' Qi!-gi 'Q f X ' . I"-,.g.'e "" 4 ' 433353 , , ' .2-.5-' 'z Q 1 I f - : A- A . f f RHP! f73:3'I'2'Z-2, ff -4 wg ,fzsirsfsf f . It 51 ja Q5 .ftwizzl X Q I "1 A 1322:-14:-.'f:g:2rf'i F - , , f - by .f:':':f:f:"'. - f, -A .. , 2 , Z '-"N l. Lani 1 H" - Y- '-2 - ts , 4 jf, -?-'ff-4-+-iii ,f i " 'W"'M ' " " " ' J' ,EG -N I ":sl1uu:-1.-V '--L-1.39.0 U Y r l 4- .L ' ' f- V V...--.... F. 3 E-X .a-xv. ...-...1 -..-nn.:-0. H N-.,,, N xx X ' 454, 'f'.w-..- " ':, . ' W' '-v . iv? 'NA K Q " .. ' '-nr U MT ' 1 W- 'QQ V . - ., - Q. . 1 . g- - - ., 'fx' -1.4 A 1 5.5, - -.,-, Y . , I , -. -A3114 , . , M - ,, ""s.,k -H - . . .L-, - . 4... , . ...., v"X A 4 Y' " - . .. ', -1 .. a' ,,'f,, - ' . -,lg -Q I . 7 . x :A 4 , , , . X54 '-'sprigs .4 'yn I w - A - ' . Yr , .' . 5 V , g W . ' 53.11 ' - - ' . ,. - 1 1 , - , - ' 5 -zwy':.'., 'Y-1:g,:,, 4 , 'ibn l 191. I '.- , rv, A img. - ,' ' - "i, f F .. ,. . 1 X 1 . -L - Y-....,,,, 'UQ -1-...L I9 anim Dfkcazs' 'Cyan of 239 Alvin Katz-President Frank LoNigro-Secretcr ry The tour years which the Class ot '59 has spent in Mount Carmel have been the most prof- itable and abundant years in the life ot each graduate, During these years they have proved their championship caliber in academics as well as in athletics, They gained prestige for Carmel consistently, through their untiring and produc- tive ettorts, As Seniors they first accepted the responsibility ot leadership ofthe Student Body. Evidence of their success in this matter is the high esteem with which they are regarded by the underclassmen. To these graduates we offer our congratulations and thanks. Kermit Alexander-Vice-President K f xt! ,ff lu -t"-. i' ' ' . S e eks Lf ib X -.,. . ..,.jx .3 'Q' -7 tit taxa' A, ,gil N , f IL KERMIT ALEXANDER EDGAR ANCTIL Alertness is his trademark. Quick with a Silent in appearance but his friends know smile and equally quick to offer help to betterl Ed's popularity stems from his those in need. fine personality. GABRlEL APODOCA Participation in school activities and an accumulation of memorable happenings has marked Gabe's years at Carmel. JOHN AUBUCHON John possesses the rare knack for adjust- ing to meet any situation which might f ' . "Then I decapitated DeFazio and . . " Con rom hlm RICHARD AYALA Although this was his first year at Car mel, Rich conducted himself as would befit the most loyal of Carmel students. 512601 RONALD BABCOCK Jovial Ron's work in the Booster's Club typifies his achievements while in Carmel. GARY BAHAM Aside from being a general comic, much of Gary's time is spent in friendly con- flict with Father Kearney. STEVEN BAHAM Chess rates high on Steve's list of activ- ities which includes his being Associate Editor of the school's newspaper. l'll never die of malnutritionlll BRUCE BARNETT Bruce's serious thinking is reflected in his interest in electronics. ARNOLD BARRERA Never at a loss for words, Arnold is always ready and willing to render his advice to those who seek it. C27 bv' JOHN BEALS John's quietness belies his take-charge attitude on the basketball court. JOSEPH BENEDETTO The study of Civil War tactics consumes much of this personable senior's time. Are you looking for trouble? TERRANCE' BEAVERS All who come in contact with Terry are infected with his wry sense of humor and friendliness. CL545, GARY BICHLMEIER Well known for his "campus capers", Gary has that certain air of cheerfulness not often found. ROBERT BIENVENUE Popular plusl Bob's an astute student and equally astute athelete. ROBERT BLODNIKAR Bob's work on the Annual is indicative of the finesse which he has shown in all his undertakings. PAUL BLOUNT Paul's lively disposition and aptitude for work has highlighted his high school CG FEET. LARRY BOCKHOLD Larry's timely humor rates supreme as And now I lay me down to sleep . . . THOMAS BRANNON Since coming to Carmel, Tom has ac- does he with his score of friends. Q'-'lfed U Weflllh of expeflences Und UC' quaintences. fdii RONALD BROWN Ron could always be counted on to lend GARY BROWN support to any Carmel proiect. FRED BUCK Gary's fun-loving ways have amassed Endowed with a magnetic character, Fred for him a multitude of friends, represents the ideal blend of sociability and scholarship be l The essence of brilliance. NORMAN CAHILL LLOYD CARRIZOSA Cars capture the fancy of mechanical There's never a dull moment with Lloyd's minded Norm. penchant for excitement and the unusual. JOHN CARTWRIGHT JOSEPH CHAFE John's creditable scholastic record is due Be it hitting the baseball or the books, to his capacity for hard work. Joe maintains a top average. LAWRENCE CHAFE .mi CarmeI's caveman. K? gxthl' lv- anior JOSEPH COIA A pneosufe of me glee Clubg success Joe's musical talent was well demon- this year can be attributed to Larry. THOMAS COFHN Simfed bv his PC"'TlClPC'li0n in the band- As pole vaulter and student, Tom has achieved the high standards which he set for himself. JOHN COMEAU ALAN CRAWFORD Wide-eyed and on his toes, John's alert- Six simple words will express his friends' ness has been invaluable to him while sentiments-a iolly good man is hel at Carmel. C5055 What else did you get for Christmas? RONALD CRlMlNS ROBERT DALY An ability to meet and conquer the Bob's natural aptitude for humor and toughest situation is responsible for Ron's DENNIS DAHL iaunty air account for his enormous appe- many successes. AS his numelous Gcquulmonces wel' tite for fun and frolic. know, Dennis' many and varied capabil- ities make him a handy man to have around. MICHAEL DANEY Mike's proven himself a genial quipster with a flare for the unusual. dim GEORGE DASARO In scholastic achievement, as well as student activities, George has proven his ability to excel in all he undertakes. VINCENT DE GEORGE Vince's numerous friendships attest to his likeability. Fascination. f JOHN DE FAZIO John's capacity for doing the unexpected, plus his lively sense of humor, have won for him a host of friends. xflll 1 ,' L SNL it VIRGIL DE GEORGE Sports-minded, Virgil turned in his typical championship performances throughout the baseball season. RONALD DELAHOUSSAYE Ron's resourcefulness readily adiusts to cope with any dilemma. LUIS DE LA ROSA Even his most intimate friends are con- stantly amazed at Luis' versatility and poise. RICHARD DE ROSA The outstanding job rendered by Rich as Student Body Vice-President, speaks well of his fine abilities. fbe ALEX DE ULLOA Alex's inimitable personality radiates a distinctive charm which most find irre- sistable. A man of leisure. NICHOLAS DI MEO Friendly and funny, Nick has a knack for looking at the good side of things. WILLIAM ESTAY A master of surprises, Bill is continually ERNEST ENGERON providing unpredictable merriment. UMOTHY EUPER In his first year at Carmel, Ernie dis- Tim's tireless work as head cheerleader played his proficiency in studies plus an was responsible in a large measure for ingratiating manner. the fine spirit shown this year. "Sweater Boy" models the new one. eniofz VINCENT FAUSTINA THOMAS FITZGERALD Vince's Congeniality and aggressiveness Tom's reward for his hard work on and make him the target for the compliments off the football field was his selection of the faculty and other students. as Student Body Treasurer. LHARLES FOX As his countless friends will attest, EDWARD FORD Chuclls work as manager of the var- GEORGE GALE Ed's future looms prosperous due to his sity football Team lyplfles llls llmllless A willingness to work and desire to incessant energies and faculty for de- school Splrll and loyalty' excel, fypifies Georges outlook on life. feating any problems which arise. , Ilzii Sure, I know you're the greatest. ART GALLEGOS ANTHONY GALLEGOS Art's a master mimic whose impersona- Tony's adventuresome spirit accounts for tions provoke side splitting laughter from his being a glider plane enthusiast. all present. ANDREW 655515 CHARLES GIBILTERRA Andy's standout iob as Student Body Chuck's imagination and orginality are President and leader of the basketball f9fl9Cl'3d in hiS Off, GS iS evidenced in team has made him a fine representative this b00k- of Carmel. I do too have a girl. Ufdii JAMES GLEASON GREGORY GRIDLAN Quief Gnd soff Spoken, James' easy Greg's invaluable qualities were well going appearance Shrouds the pofenfiol JAMES GOODMAN manifested through his untiring efforts he possesses- His unusual zest for living makes for on beholf of fhe School pope,-I "varsity" performance in Jim's several pursuits. VICTOR GUZMAN RICHARD HAEUSSLER The sport of baseball tops the long list His nevervsay-die spirit and ambition of extra-curricular activities which Vic seems to assure Rich of prosperity in any- successfully pursues, thing which he undertakes. BQ Mozart Concerto??? DONALD HEALY MICHAEL HIRT An Olympic champion in the making is Mike's foresight and ambition are mode Don, who gained fame through his THEODORE HEATTER apparent by his sagacious and free think- Although not with us for the four full determination and natural ability, ing attitude, years, Ted has truly been converted to the spirit of Carmel. 33 Z MICHAEL HURRAY The i-nthusiostic iob Mike performed os clit-vilorider, gave rise to the exhiloroting spirit exhibited by the Sludenfs. anioz ALVIN KATZ Al will long be remembered for his obil- ily to score high in closses, friendships, finrl rithleiics. BRUCE lTO Bruce's work os co-editor of the Cru- soder ond the efficiency with which he hos executed his other pursuits hOVe marked him os on honor student. EDWARD JACKSON Ed never seems to have o vvoiiv on his mind cincl posses erich clay clineifully, You're gonna die. STEPHEN KISH Steve hos been the recipient of mony occolodes for his efficiency os editor of the school paper, WAYNE KRAEMER Fleet of mind and foot is this well-liked scnior with meclicinical inclinations. DONALD KRALL Well liked, Don is quick to spot and remedy any faults which tend to mar his engaging personality. GUSTAV KUHN A budding Einstein is this who has earned the plaudit young man s of all for his top-notch scholastic record. ZCLQ5, LAWRENCE LE BRANE A keen sense of humor and likeable ways have blended to enrich Larry's popularity. MICHAEL LOEHR A fiery competitor is Mike, chiefly be- HNOW l'Ve QOY YOU in mY ClUlChe5-H cause he strives to achieve perfection in all his endeavors. FRANK LO NIGRO Frank's prowess on the gridiron and WNCENT Lo MONACO baseball diamond has not overshadowed ALEXANDER LUBCHUK Whether the insfigafor or the target of his generosity Medlocllly is 'lol known lo Alexls VO' a iolce, Vince lives up to the good cabulary, as his scholastic record and naruredness for which he is well known. extra-curricular activities prove. The All-American Boy. DONALD MCCLAIN MICHAEL MCGRATH Though small in slarure, Don is "tall" Mlkels P0"'lClP0Tl0n in The Glee Club in the eyes of his Clqssmqfes in the and various other clubs has demon- personality department. Slfcled lils V9"50flllfY- 36 fm DONALD MESSERLE His wide and varied interests have made ARTHUR MCMILLAN Don one of Carmel's most active sup- JESSE METOYER Art's occasioned many amusing moments powers. Jesse can usually be found in the thick with his riotous exhibitions in and out of Gctivity Gnd ertioying school life to of Class, its fullest extent. !5Q What "NAlR" did to DeFazio. HENRY MORAGA ROBERT MORENO With the quietness that is unusual of Congeniality at its utmost is BQb'5 gim anyone so popular, Henry has won the and it would appear that he has all but respect and friendship of us all. surpassed his goal. EDWARD MUNOZ MARIO NEWHOUSE The proficiency which Eddie has dis- Mario played an important part in the played while attending Carmel is indica- achievements garnered by the Glee Club tive of the future successes which he will and Varsity Football team. enioy, VICTOR NUNEZ Everyone enioys Vic's company because of his carefree and courteous mannerisms. f EIZLO 'Z Mad rush to the "Bargain Sale." ANDRE OVIEDO All who come in contact with Andy are TERRENCE OBERRIEDER attracted by his magnetic attributes. Recipient of the Principal's Honor Award in his Junior year, Terry exemplifies the finest of Carmel's academic traditions. CHARLES PECH CLYDE PECHSTEDT Chuck's every action personifies the spirit A gif' Of Q05 will be G prime GSSGT to which he generates in all his activities. CIYd9'S GmbifiOn YO be G lawyer. 17055 "Then I smashed him in the kisser." PETER POMEROY 1 ARTURO QUESADA Pete's drive and determination have won In the two years he has been with us for him the respect of all who come in ROBERT POWERS Arturo has contributed much to the dis- contact with him. His love of fun and Classroom omits tinction of our class. have won him many fine friends. JOSEPH RANDLEMAN Besides lettering in every maior sport, Joe has managed to maintain an admir- able scholastic average. HOWARD REED A mathematical magician is Howard. He has punctuated his high school career with the mark of prosperity. gfdii WILLIIAM ROARO JASSO High on the honor role, Bill is also Copy Editor of the school paper and an active member of other organizations. X RICHARD ROGERS His good nature and dependability have been Dick's prime assets at Carmel. Slmnge 'lungs we lloppemng' FREDERICK RODRIGUEZ Fred's natural wit has given us many occasions for laughter and fun. ROBERT RODRIGUEZ His mastery of practical iokes and supe- rior performance as center on the football team demonstrates his diverse qualities. RONALD ROTH Ron's quiet, demure way does not hinder his efficiency in accomplishing all which he attempts. MERLIN SAULNY Calm, cool, and collected best describe Merlin who served as Student Body His- torian this past year. f5Q ROBERT SANQUINET All who come in Contact with Bob are immediately attracted by his magnetic attributes. I remember my first million . . ANTHONY SCUNGIO Anthony makes it a point to keep well informed on notional affairs and student functions. 4l WAYNE SMITH Humorist Wayne provides numerous DAVID STAME JOSEPH SHEA laugh-filled moments which all his friends R Joe is equally adept in the sport of H ' Doves gaiety of heart is topped with enioy immeasurably. . . . It' h' ' ' ' baseball and in the art of acquiring 'SW 'mmm' W"G'1d10COSe"f'fUf0- friendships with his pleasing smile. The Snackbar. snioz JAMES STEIN MICHAEL STRAETER Jim's excellence in lab sciences is due An acute business mmf' proved 'O he G r 5.5 interests in nmure and high distinct advantage to Mike as Business 0 il . 'r f th I. scholastic aptitude. Ed' or O e Unnuu JAMES TAYLOR Duffy's speaking obility is one of the RICHARD SVWNTEK many atttributes of this diplomot-to-be. LAWRENCE TAYLOR Rich's smile and personality together The stellar performance which Larry with his ability to learn make him one turned in for Coach Bell's hoopsters is of the finest men of Carmel. evidence to his serviceability. iii lt's not that we doubt your word, but. . . LOUVIS TERRAZAS WILLIAM TRACY Louis could always be relied upon to Teamwork was Bill's motto while work- lend his support to school ond individual img OVW The Gnnual and his various other functions. enterprises. FREDERICK VASQUEZ ROSENDO VELDERRAIN High Fidelity sound systems and similar A 'Wm UVUOVWQ men is ROSS, with V155 Skill electrical devices capture the special in Ufmems Gnd C0m'f'dC5hiP- interest of science-minded Fred. ITEPALD VYKYDAL Jerry, as all know, is o man of many opinionsg all of which are respected by the fzxcutty and his feliow students. Hey, don't cut off my fingers! ANDREW WEBER A quick and sharp wit and persuasive GARY WATSON manner enhance Andy's carefree exuber- Gary's aggressiveness accounts for the Gm CpmmC,e,A fact that he wastes no time on irrevolent matters and is considered a man of action. RONALD WHALLEY ROBERT WHITSITT Ron's host of acquaintances all agree An Clfdem Sports 9nfhU5iG5Ti Bob hfls that he will achieve prosperity in his fUt'MUHY followed CUfmeI'5 tevms chosen profession, architecture. TVWVOL-'gh WS high SCVWOOI days. 50 Watch the birdie. J JAMES WOODS LEONARD ZERILLI If you're not careful, Jim's infectious Leonards frequent T"iUmPh5 on Gnd Off sense of humor will have you in stitches LEONARD ZAMBEL The Qfidifon h0Ve eflmed f0V him the befofft YOU 'KNOW WhGt'S happening. Leonards photographic genius hos gained recognition of his fellow students. him the role of photographic editor of this yeor's annual. Look Art, his nose is bigger than yours. KERMIT ALEXANDER Twinkle Toes St. Malachy J. V. Football 1 Cee Track 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Bee Basketball 2 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Knights of Carmel 1, 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 Lettermen's Club 3,4 Vice-President 4 Cee Basketball 1 Class Vice'President 4 EDGAR ANCTIL Ed St. John the Evangelist Knights of Carmel 1 Bee Track 1, 2 J. V. Football 1, 2 7011 Club 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Sergeant-at-Arms 4 Rally Committee 4 Festival Committee 4 Crusader Staff 4 GABRlEL APODACA Gabe St. Malachy 7011 Club 1 J. V. Football 1, 2 Principal's Honor Roll 3, 4 Booster Club 4 JOHN AUBUCHON John St. John-Hyde Park Knights of Carmel 1 RICHARD E. AYALA Rich Transfer from St. Augustine, Son Diego 512501 Booster Club 4 Varsity Baseball 4 RONALD BABCOCK Ron St. Brigid 7011 Club 1, 2 Booster Club 4 J. V. Football 1 Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 GARY J. BAHAM Gary Holy Name Principal's Honor Roll 1 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Sealbearer 4 Senior Band 1 Festival Committee 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 El Conquistador Staff 3 Assistant Editor 3 Knights of Carmel 2, 4 Science Club 4 STEVEN E. BAHAM Steve John Muir Principal's Honor Roll 1 Gun Club 2 Radio Club 2 Science Club 4 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 President 4 Crusader Staff 4 Make-Up Editor 4 Latin Club 4 BRUCE B. BARNETT Barney Horace Mann 701 1 Club 1, 2 Knights of Carmel 1 ARNOLD T. BARRERA Arnold Nativity J. V. Basketball 2 Knights of Carmel 2, 3 Booster Club 4 Science Club 4 ,2,3,4 L09 'ZQPALZEQ ,2,3.4 TERRY P. BEAVERS Terry Ascension J. V. Football 1, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Cee Basketball 1 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Class Secretary-Treasure Knights of Carmel 1 Prefect 1 Principals Honor Roll 1 Latin Club 3, 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 Crusader Staff 4 Sports Editor 4 C.S.F. 4 I JOSEPH C. BENEDETTO Joe Transfiguration Knights of Carmel 4 r3 2 Principal's Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 3, 4 Secretary 4 El Conquistador Staff 3 Assistant Copy Editor 3 Crusader Staff 4 Corresponding Editor 4 701 1 Club 2 JOHN E. BEALS John St. Helen J. V. Baseball 1 J. V. Basketball 1, 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 7011 Club 1, 2 What strange faces you have Principal's Honor Roll 2, 3 4 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 J. V. Baseball I, 2 Crusader Staff 4 Science Club 4 GARY J. BICHLMEIER Bickel St. Raphael Knights of Carmel 2, 3 Crusader Staff 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 Cee Basketball 1 J. V. Basketball 2, 3 Varsity Basketball 4 Letterman 4 Bee Track 1 7011 Club 1, 2 Science Club 3 Showboat 4 Prom Committee 4 JOHN R. BIENVENUE Bob St. Matthias Cee Track I J. V. Baseball 2 J. V. Football I Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Principal's Honor Roll I, 2, 3, C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4 Sealbearer 4 Latin Club I, 2 Dance Committee 4 Rally Committee 4 Festival Committee 4 Prom Committee 4 Student Council 4 Student Body Secretary 4 ROBERT L. BLODNIKAR Bob St. Eugene Principal's Honor Roll I, 2, C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4 Sealbearer 4 Latin Club 2 Science Club 3, 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 3,4 The Wild Ones. PAUL C. BLOUNT Paul St. Raphael Knights of Carmel I, 2 Varsity Basketball Manager J. V. Basketball Manager I Crusader Staff 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3 Booster's Club 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 70I I Club I, 2 Show Boat 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 Glee Club 4 LARRY J. BOCKHOLD Larry St. John Hyde Park J. V. Football I, 2 70I I Club I, 2 J. V. Baseball 2 Principal's Honor Roll I Gun Club I THOMAS C, BRANNON Tom St. Brigid 701 I Club I, 2 J. V. Football I Principal's Honor Roll I, 3, 4 GARY W. BROWN Tex St. John Hyde Park Gun Club I Photo Club 2 70I I Club 3 Crusader Staff 4 J. V. Baseball 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 RONALD A. BROWN Ron St, John Hyde Park Cee Track 2 Mneumonics Club 2, 3 FREDERICK A. BUCK Fred St. Columbkille Knights of Carmel I Stamp Club I, 2 Poster Club I, 2 7Ol I Club 2 Latin Club 2 Prospector's Club 2 J. V. Baseball I, 2 Varsity Baseball 4 Principal's Honor Roll 3 Letterman 4 Booster's Club 3, 4 Science Club 4 NORMAN CAHILL Norm Nativity C.S.F. 4 Principal's Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 Crusader Staff 4 Tennis Club 4 LLOYD R. CARRIZOSA Lloyd Visitation Bee Track 2 J. V. Football I Cheerleader I, 2, 4 Latin Club I, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 4 Booster's Club 4 Principal's Honor Roll I JOHN R. CARTWRIGHT Johnny Ascension Principal's Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 JOE D. CHAFE Joe St. John Hyde Park Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 3, 4 J. V. Baseball I, 2, 3 Varsity Baseball 4 Letterman 4 Knights of Carmel I, 4 Science Club 4 Showboat 4 LARRY CHAFE Larry "I'm boycotting the cafeteria St. John Hyde Park Glee Club 3, 4 President 4 Principal's Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Varsity Track 3 Showboat 4 Knights of Carmel 2 THOMAS E. COFFIN Tom St. John Hyde Park Principal's Honor Roll 4 Varsity Track 4 Letterman 4 JOSEPH L. COIA Joe St. Teresa 7011 Club 2 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Democratic Club 2 El Conquistador Staff 4 Assistant Business Manager 4 JOHN L. COMEAU John St. Raphael C.S.F. 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 Bee Basketball 2 J. V. Football I, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 ALAN R. CRAWFORD Alan Nativity J. V. Swimming I Varsity Swimming 2 Letterman 2 Gun Club I 701 I Club 2 Science Club 3 Booster's Club 4 RONALD J. CRIMINS Ronnie Nativity 701 I Club 2 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 3 Booster's Club 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 DENNIS DAHL Denny St. John Hyde Park 701 l Club 2 J. V. Baseball 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT M. DALY Bob St. Michael 7011 Club 1 Booster's Club 4 Gun Club 1 Science Club MICHAEL B, DANEY Legs Cee Track 1 J. V. Baseball 2 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Crusader Staff 2, 3, 4 Principal's Honor Roll 2, GEORGE A. DASARO George St. Raphael Knights of Carmel 1, Prefect 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4 Historian 4 Sealbearer 4 Cee Basketball 1, 2 Crusader Staff 4 Religion Editor 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3 Secretary 4 Science Club 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Booster's Club 4 701 1 Club 2 Quill and Scroll 4 JOHN J. DE FAZIO Johnny St. Jerome J. V. Football 1,2 Rally Committee 1, 2 Festival Committee 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, Showboat 4 VINCENT L. DE GEORGE Vince Ascension Varsity Football 4 Letterman 4 VIRGIL E. DE GEORGE Virg Ascension Knights of Carmel 1 Student Court 1 Poster Club 1, 2 Class Vice-President 1 Showboat 4 7011 Club 1, 2 Speech Club 3 Mneumonics Club 2 J. V. Baseball 1,2 J. V. Football 2 J. V. Basketball 2 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 4 2, 2. 4 3,4 3,4 RONALD J. DELAHOUSSAYE Ronnie Holy Name J. V. Football 1, 2 Cee Track 1, 2 Varsity Track 3, 4 Principal's Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 Booster's Club 4 Letterman 4 Knights of Carmel 3, 4 LUIS DE LA ROSA Louie St. Aloysius Prospector's Club I, 2 701 I Club 2 Knights of Carmel 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Track 2, 3 RICHARD S. DE ROSA Rich Mother of Sorrows J. V. Football Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Most Inspirational Player 4 All-Catholic 4 Class Secretary 1 Class President 3 Dance Committee 4 Prom Committee 4 Festival Committee 4 Rally Committee 4 Crusader 4 Annual Staff 4 Annual Activities Editor 4 C.S.F. 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 Varsity Baseball 4 7011 Club 1, 2 Student Body Vice-President 4 ALEX X. DE ULLOA Alex Ascension Glee Club 1 Knights of Carmel 1, 2, 3 7011 Club 2 Poster Club 3 Booster's Club 4 Crusader Staff 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1 NICHOLAS F. DI MEO Nick St. Raphael i" , V' h"I-L 1 'MQW Joe, what are you searching for? anim Knights of Carmel 1, 2 7011 Club 1, 2 Booster's Club 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Class Vice-President 2 Student Government 2 Cee Basketball 1 J. V. Basketball 2 J. V. Football 2 ERNEST J. ENGERON Ernie Transfer from St. Aloysi Louisiana Band 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 WILLIAM H. ESTAY Bill St. Raphael Knights of Carmel 1 Booster's Club 3, 4 Science Club 3, 4 J. V. Baseball 3 7011 Club 1, 2 Crusader Staff 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1 Poster Club 3 Showboat 4 TIMOTHY C. EUPER Tim St. Eugene Honor Roll 3 Knights of Carmel 1, 2 Prefect 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Booster's Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 J. V. Baseball 1, 2 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 701 1 Club 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 Head Cheerleader 4 Mneumonics Club 3 Crusader Staff 2, 3 Associate Editor 3 Showboat 3, 4 Latin Club 3 VINCENT J. FAUSTINA Vince St. Paul Knights of Carmel 2 Booster's Club 3, 4 Poster Club 3 Crusader Staff 4 701 1 Club 2, 3 us, New Orleans Principal's Honor Roll 1, 4 Science Club 4 THOMAS P. FITZGERALD Fitz St, Anselm J. V. Basketball 1 7011 Club 1, 2 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Principal's Honor Roll 3, 4 L09 'zafzzfiiaa Class Vice President 3 Student Government 3 Student Council 4 Student Body Treasurer 4 El Conquistador Staff 3, 4 Assistant Class Editor 3 Class Editor 4 Dance Committee 4 Festival Committee 4 Prom Committee 4 Rally Committee 4 Showboat 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Crusader Staff 4 EDWARD FORD Eddie St. John the Evangelist Knights of Carmel 1, 2, 3 Poster Club 1, 2 J. V. Football 1, 2 Tennis Club 2 Vice-President 2 701 1 Club 2 Gun Club 2 Principal's Honor Roll 3 Showboat 4 Booster's Club 4 CHARLES D. FOX Danny St. Malachy 7011 Club 1, 2 Gun Club 1 Glee Club 1 J. V. Football 1 Varsity Manager 4 GEORGE F. GALE George St. John Hyde Park Varsity Track 3, 4 Sodality 4 Gun Club 1, 2 Prospector's Club l, 2 Showboat 4 Crusader Staff 4 Science Club 4 7011 Club 2 ARTHUR E. GALLEGOS Art St. Columbkille J. V. Baseball 2, 3 Varsity Baseball 4 Letterman 4 701 1 Club 1, 2 Knights of Carmel 1 Stamp Club 1 ANTHONY G. GALLEGOS Tony Transfiguration Booster's Club 3 Bee Track 3 Varsity Track 4 ANDREW F. GESSIG Andy St. Raphael Knights of Carmel 1 Sergeant-at-Arms 1 Student Council 4 Student Body President 4 Student Government 4 Student Court 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 C.S.F. l, 2, 3 J.V. Basketball 1, 2 Captain 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 Crusader Staff 4 Dance Committee Chairman 4 Festival Committee Chairman 4 Prom Committee Chairman 4 Rally Committee 4 Lettermen's Club 4 701 1 Club 2 Showboat 4 Science Club 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Varsity Track 3, 4 Booster's Club 4 CHARLES A. GIBILTERRA Chuck St. Anselm EI Conquistador Staff 3, 4 Art Editor 3, 4 JAMES P. GLEASON James Nativity Bee Track 1 Glee Club 4 JAMES G. GOODMAN Jim St. Malachy J. V. Football 1 J. V. Baseball 1, 2 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 2 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Rally Committee 4 Prom Committee 4 7011 Club 1, 2 Student Government 2 GREGORY S. GRIDLAN Greg Mother of Sorrows Knights of Carmel l, 2, 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2 Crusader Staff 4 Latin Club 2 l Who squealed on the C.S.F. members? VICTOR M. GUZMAN Vic Holy Cross J. V. Baseball 1, 2, 3 7011 Club 1, 2 Booster's Club 3, 4 RICHARD HAEUSSLER Rich St. Columbkille J. V. Football 1, 2 J. V. Track 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Knights of Carmel 1, 2, Speech and Debate 2, 3 Sergeant-at-Arms 3 Gun Club 1, 2 Tennis Club 2, 4 President 2 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Principal's Honor Roll 2, Science Club 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Showboat 3, 4 DONALD M. HEALY Don Transfiguration Bee Track 1 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Knights of Carmel 1 MICHAEL A. HIRT Mike St. John, Inglewood Bee Basketball 1 Knights of Carmel 1, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Mneumonics Club 3, 4 Showboat 3, 4 Camera Club 2 MICHAEL E. HURRAY Mike Transfiguration J. V. Football 1 Knights of Carmel 1, 2 Booster's Club 3, 4 701 1 Club 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Principal's Honor Roll 3, Cheerleader 3, 4 BRUCE K. ITO Pancho St. Cecilia Knights of Carmel 1, 4 C. S. F. 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Sealbearer 4 3,4 4 4 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 Crusader Staff 4 Co-Editor 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Booster's Club 3, 4 Latin Club 2 EDWARD J . JACKSON Eddie Transfiguration Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2 J. V. Swimming 1 Glee Club 4 ALVIN J. KATZ Ambrose Holy Name Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 7011 Club l, 2 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 President 4 Sealbearer 4 El Conquistador Staff 3, Assistant Sports Editor 3 Editor-in-Chief 4 Class President 4 Student Government 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Knights of Carmel 3, 4 Booster's Club 3, 4 Prom Committee 4 J. V. Football I Bee Basketball 1, 2 Captain 2 l 1 Listen, "Junior," shine those shoes. Bee Track 1 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Latin Club 2 Varsity Track 2, 3 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 President 4 STEPHEN J. KISH Steve St. John Chrysostom Cee Basketball 1 Knights of Carmel 1, 2 Bee Basketball 2 Latin Club 2 7011 Club 1, 2 J. V. Basketball 3 Booster's Club 3 Varsity Basketball 4 Letterman 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 Crusader Staff 4 Editor-in-Chief 4 512601 L09 'zafzgisa Showboat 4 Quill and SCFOII 4 WAYNE P. KRAEMER Wayne St. John Chrysostom Bee Track 1, 2 J. V. Football 2 Honor Roll 3, 4 C.S.F. 3, 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Festival Committee 4 Science Club 4 Secretary-Treasurer 4 DONALD D. KRALL Don St. Brigid Glee Club 1 J. V. Swimming 1 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Booster's Club 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 GUSTAV G. KUHN Gus Volkschulf Haid, Austria Varsity Track 4 Letterman 4 Bee Track 3 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 Sealbearer 4 Vice-President 4 Science Club 3, 4 President 4 Festival Committee 4 Glee Club 1 LAWRENCE P. LE BRANE Larry Transfiguration Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 Photography Club 2 Poster Club 2, 3 Knights of Carmel 1, 2 Junior Achievement 2, 3 Cee Basketball 1 Bee Basketball 2 Prom Committee 4 Latin Club 2, 3 MICHAEL A. LOEHR Mike St. Bernard Knights of Carmel 1 7011 Club 2 J. V. Baseball 1, 2 Captain 2 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Dance Committee 4 Crusader Staff 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 3, 4 VINCENT LO MONACO Vince St. Malachy Cee Basketball 1 Bee Basketball 2 Bee Track 2 J. V. Football 1, 2 7011 Club 1, 2 FRANK LO NIGRO Squeaky St. Helen J. V. Football 1, 2 J. V, Basketball 2 Bee Basketball 1 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 J. V. Baseball 1 7011 Club 1 Knights of Carmel 1 Dance Committee 4 Class Secretary 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Letterman 2, 3, 4 ALEXANDER W. LUBCHUK Alex Nativity Knights of Carmel 1, 2 Principal's Honor Roll 2 Poster Club 2, 3 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 Sealbearer 4 Crusader Staff 4 Bee Basketball 2 7011 Club I, 2 DONALD R. MCCLAIN Don St, Brigid Knights of Carmel 1, 2 MICHAEL G. MCGRATH Mike Glee Club 7011 Club 1, 2 Radio Club 2, 3 .--af., , - Even Corvettes make you bow-legged and pigeon toed Science Club 3 Showboat 4 ARTHUR J. McMILLAN An ' St. Anselm J. V. Basketball 1, 2 J. V. Football 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Class President 1 Student Government 1 7011 Club 1, 2 Crusader Staff 4 Associate Editor 4 Rally Committee 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 Knights of Carmel 1, 2, Booster's Club 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Poster Club 2 Showboat 4 DONALD R. MESSERLE Messcat St. Helen Knights of Carmel 1, 4 Gun Club 1 J. V. Football 1, 2 J. V. Baseball 1 Showboat 4 Booster's-Club 4 Science Club Festival Committee 4 EI Conquistador 4 Crusader 4 JESSE METOYER Jess Nativity 7011 Club 1, 2 Stamp Club 1, 2 Knights of Carmel 1 Cee Track 1 Swimming Team 1 Science Club 3 Booster's Club 3, 4 HENRY MORAGA Hank St. Vincent J. V. Basketball 1 J. V. Football 2 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Football 3, 4 3 4 St. Mary's could use you. Bee Track 1, 2 Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Dance Committee 4 Honor Roll 3 ROBERTO R. MORENO Roberto St. John, Hyde Park Principal's Honor Roll 1 7011 Club 1, 2 J. V. Swimming 1 Glee Club 4 Crusader Staff 1 EDWARD MUNOZ Eddie St. Columbkille 7011 Club 1, 2 J. V. Baseball 1- Stamp Club 1 MARIO H. NEWHOUSE Mario Transfiguration Bee Track 1, 2 Varsity Football 4 J. V. Football 2 Varsity Track 3 Letterman 4 Cheerleader 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Booster's Club 2, 3 7011 Club 2 VICTOR NUNEZ Vic St. Cecilia Knights of Carmel 1 TERRENCE F. OBERRIEDER Terry St. Raphael Knights of Carmel 1 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 General Excellence 3, 4 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 ANDRE A. OVIEDO Andy CHARLES R. PECH Chuck St. Anselm J. V. Baseball 1, 2, 3 Varsity Football 4 Letterman 4 CLYDE L. PECHSTEDT Clyde St. Jerome Speech and Debate 1, 4 Gun Club 2 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 4 Showboat 4 Varsity Track 2 PETER A. POME ROY Pete Mother of Sorrows C.S.F. 1, 2, 3 Science Club 4 Prospector's Club 2 Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Bee Track 3 Varsity Track 4 Letterman 4 Knights of Carmel 3 3,4 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT E. POWERS Bob Our Lady of the Assumption Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Knights of Carmel 1, 4 ARTURO J. QUESADA Art Transferred from St. Andrew High Peru Science Club 3 Principal's Honor Roll 4 JOSEPH L. RANDLEMAN Joe Holy Name J. V. Football 1 Bee Basketball 1 J. V. Basketball 2 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3 Dance Committee 4 Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Principal's Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 7011 Club 1 Latin Club 1 Beavers, the chubby chimp champ HOWARD A. REED Hovlrard Transfiguration Principal's Honor Roll 2, 4 WILLIAM M. ROARO JASSO Bill Ascension Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 3, 4 Booster's Club 3 Crusader Staff 4 Copy Editor 4 Knights of Carmel 4 Sigma Delta Chi Award 4 Chestimes Associate Editor 4 RICHARD M. RODGERS Dick Nativity FRED J. RODRIGUEZ Fred St. Malachy L Ross, I didn't know you read fairy talesl Principal's Honor Roll 3 Stamp Club l ROBERT R. RODRIGUEZ Rod Holy Name J. V. Football l, 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Bee Track I, 2 Letterman 3, 4 RONALD W. ROTH Ron St. Michael Honor Roll 2 Cee Track 2 Bee Track 3 Varsity Track 4 Letterman 4 Glee Club 4 MERLIN SAULNY Merc Holy Name Cee Basketball I J. V, Basketball I J. V. Baseball 2, 3 70ll Club I, 2 Booster's Club 4 Poster Club I S.S.A. Reporter 4 Student Government 4 Student Council 4 Student Body Historian 4 Dance Committee 4 We belong together. Prom Committee 4 Rally Committee 4 Festival Committee 4 Principal's Honor Roll 4 ROBERT T. SANGUINET Bob Transfiguration Gun Club I 70II Club I Science Club I ANTHONY N. SCUNGIO Scung Hugh B. Bain Democratic Club 2 JOSEPH D. SHEA Joe J. V. Baseball I Bee Basketball I Varsity Football 3 Varsity Baseball 4 Booster's Club I, 2 Principal's Honor Roll I, 3 7OII Club I, 2 Letterman 3, 4 Latin Club 2, 3 Science Club 4 MICHAEL A. STRAETER Mike St. Raphael 70ll Club 2 El Conquistador Staff 3, 4 Business Manager 4 J. V. Swimming 2, 3 Principal's Honor Roll 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 4 RICHARD J. SWINTEK Dick St. Raphael Principal's Honor Roll I, 2 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4 Sealbearer 4 El Conquistador Staff 4 Copy Editor 4 Quill and Scroll 4 WAYNE S. SMITH Steve St. John The Evangelist Gun Club 2 Glee Club 4 Principal's Honor Roll I 70II Club 2 J. V. Swimming I WILLIAM D. STAMER Dave St. Mark J. V. Football 2 Knights of Carmel I J. V. Baseball 2 JAMES F. STEIN Jim St. John The Evangelist Principal's Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. I, 2, 3, 4 Sealbearer 4 Pin the tail on the donkey. Latin Club 2 Science Club 3 Booster's Club 4 Knights of Carmel I 7OII Club I, 2 Dance Committee 4 Cee Basketball I, 2 Captain 2 JAMES D. TAYLOR Duffy Blessed Sacrament Honor Roll I Speech and Debate Club 3 4 Republican Club 2 Mneumonics Club 2 Knights of Carmel 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Showboat 3, 4 7OII Club I, 2 Gun Club I, 2 J. V. Football I I l 609 Tdflgiii Varsity Track 3 Poster Club 1, 2 LAWRENCE G. TAYLOR Larry St. John Chrysostom J. V. Basketball I, 2 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 J. V. Baseball I, 2 7011 Club 1, 2 Varsity Baseball 4 Booster's Club I LOUIS R. TERRAZAS Louie Mother of Sorrows 7011 Club I, 2 J. V. Football I J. V. Swimming 2 Crusader Staff 2, 3, 4 Poster Club 1, 2, 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 J. V. Football 1, 2 Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 3, 4 Prom Committee 4 Dance Committee 4 Rally Committee 4 Principal's Honor Roll 1 Student Body Counselor Student Body Council 4 JERRY F. VYKYDAL Jerry Nativity Principal's Honor Roll 1 J. V. Swimming I Letterman 2, 3, 4 Lettermen's Club 4 Booster's Club 4 Latin Club 3, 4 Secretary 3 Vice-President 4 Knights of Carmel 1, 2 Vice-President 2 7011 Club 2 3,4 i.,. X-si ...... Catholic League Volleyball Champs. Gun Club 1, 2 Science Club 3 Booster's Club 4 Camera Club 3 WILLIAM F. TRACEY Bill St. Cecilia Latin Club 2 Knights of Carmel 1, 4 Prospector's Club 2 Principal's Honor Roll 1, 2 Booster's Club 3 EI Conquistador 4 FREDERICK VASQUEZ Fred St. Michael Science Club ROSENDO VELDERRAIN Ross Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4 ANDREW A. WEBER Andy St. John's Chrysostorn Principal's Honor Roll 3 RONALD E. WHALLEY Ron St. Jerome J. V. Football 1, 2 Cee Basketball 2 Principal's Honor Roll 2 Booster's Club 4 ROBERT L. WHITSITT Bob St. Malachy Knights of Carmel I, 2 J. V. Football 2 GARY WATSON Gary St. Brigid Showboat 4 il Who me? . . . Yea youl JAMES P. WOODS Jim St. Jerome Knights of Carmel I, 2 701 1 Club 2 Showboat 3, 4 J. V. Football 3, 4 Letterman 4 Varsity Track 2 LEONARD J. ZAMBEL Leo St. John The Evangelist 7011 Club 2 Camera Club 3, 4 President 3 El Conquistador Staff 3, Photography Editor 4 LEONARD J. ZERILLI Leonard St. Malachy Principal's Honor Roll 4 Glee Club 4 Booster's Club 4 7011 Club 1, 2 J. V. Football 1, 2 J. V. Baseball 1 Bee Track 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Letterman 3, 4 What are you staring at? unioz Ufgcezi Cfam of 'oo IT is solid Thof good Things improve wifh oge. So iT is wiTh The Closs of '60, Tor They hove come oi long woy since entering Cormel. They hove been proficienf in both scholosfics ond oThleTics. They hove unhesi- Tonfly supporTecl ony ond oll Cormel ocTiviTies. The Closs of '60 will cer- Toinly be one Thot will increose The presTige of MT. Cormel. Philip Acosfq Tony Auth Gilbert Acosfc Vice-President Pfeildem SCCVCTUVY .2 lf":7 tk? In U A ' r,- if sf- v xg' 1. K 1 '7 v , . A T 5 rl n , ,rl Q E Ili! 3 -Q. , b' J 1 x I l l 'ii W 1 ft l X Q Gilbert ACOSTCI Philip Acosta Daniel Arana Frank Arciga Ralph Argano Michael Arnone Albert Arrietta Ronald Ateman Anthony AUTH Robert Avery Quentin Banks "iw - Ik NL A W. , ,llllllllllxlxl spflllfll I l K X , :ll at l l- v.rQ:.l.XI . lv- 'X l ,fl VXQXQ !14'f . ll, WA Mo ll, uf, Xxtll 'fl 1 Q - N. A Ny -1 ,. ffl, Wm ff , All kilflllta 'hy .lr 'I -l lil' I David Barton Mark Bixler Herbert Bloom Gary Booker K Jose Brambila Sergio Briones Leonard B rown MlCltClel Brown F James Brunsmann Robert Burdick Charles Buscemi I E B Edward Canty Douglas Cavallo Jack Chapman v vtag l lx Larry Catalina Anthony Chavez 56 Neil Chapman Steven Courso Arthur Cora i 4 Lf! gd Y John Cummings Peter Curry Q i s - K' 3 ' 4 :P 1- if an J Y X x J 7 all v 1' 4 N x . Robert Denogean Althemus Delahoussaye F 'Ve me ' - , ! 'Ti' . i James De Toskey . ,og 5? Ap' - X George Cuttrell Roger Dah Ted Depa ss Edward Despars William De Young Thomas Dobson AA Augustine Dominguez Paul D0r1CIYelli Patrick Duncan Edward Duenes :I Ei ff' Thomas Egan James Escalante Relnflldo Esquivel Jess Fernandez A K fit 1 J G . :lg-sf 'J 2 YJ ' F13-xg: fr vi as Q Q Tir P. Thomas Fill Francis Flannigan Thomas Forgue Fred Fries ff -,,, ,r LU2 LO 'Zi l x . , I - John Fuess Neal Gleason Allen Gloe A V i , A Manuel Gonzalez Thomas Green Michael Grimm Raul Gutierrez J I, .I X John Haffley Michael Herbs Dennis Hollow Richard Huggins R Clay Hardwig Joseph Haughey George Heatter Frank Herrera Martinez Hewlett L. Barton Holcomb Clfcm of 60 Michael Hornbecker 3, 'I--er' 'J oger Hughs Peter James hh? P A aya J Albert Houser Arthur Jankowski 1' l' u A .. .-'ifff 3' A I ,i b All 1' -y T I J i .fo Norman Jones Cecil Jordon Russell Kerger LeRoy Kimble un Lou .0-Q. fs William Kropoch Larry La Cgsse James Kotabe Nick La Mere Anthony Le Cesne Steven Le Fevour ,, x 1 -, k ' ll l i 1. Q.. --'Y Norman Lebel Robert Le Febvre Robert Lewis Raymond Llamas Peter Lewin Norbert Lopez Mel Lozano Al Lugo un Lo 'za 15' ' '- 1-r'..ft1-'life . 1, 1 ff xi' f f J - - X? Air '- ' , J'. 93.9-?':gX1L.iv, EQ. it Peter McCue v - A21 x 1 A I h I . ,ht Q . i' 4' i V f. . :ti . I S ' N i' X 'L M ,R+ H , M ,Nm 5 . Michael McCarthy 1 ,- rig John Madura ' .A KL , '4 . 'Wi M.- ' ' IT' Q 4. . cite It fr' if W' Thomas Mathis 1 ig' iii i A .fi i Anthony Lugo 7 ,.f'.6'. Patrick McGoldrick lk 4. Edward Lumas I a Q. ati 'Sfiy u ,5.,f,5....-,.,,,'5 , it I,- :' i,,'Ai-x'X,,N ' ,ill , ii'i'gi'.fCj ' L: 1,1 I 1 it ' If 1 itil tixhti . ' fl 1. --. . . ,Ig K , . 4 T2 01 V ri" .J-,Aa " Ay. v I ? ,R ' -J 1 V ' t it R gf'-r - 1' li . . , ' w .AA fn., r , . . K , 1 47 ' M fr ,yi ju. 59, V --ff t, xt ',.1w,a, " 74 at " 'hi ' KI' Q flu Philip McGrath Jeffery Martin 'nl Paul Mahoney Richard Mancino Ted Matt Richard Matthews P'Q 'fn Ronald Matty ,X 1 A263 9- 'lr 5 1 ' A QU! C' Ulysses Moss Dennis Omoto Harry Mitchell Kyozo Mori 1 E . d .ki Ji l V 1 - r, -vs I . . , . L 1 I r ' 5 Q X ,lg we-ff f , 1 g J f if r' ' " ' Alfred Moyer -' g.'g,..A, ,'1Q'Q L," HZ' 'ns fy , j'1",,5, Tim Murphy 5 gag Za. iwfyz we gi M, N.: . 1 KT' fisfff .H-fe' W ., " 514 'elses - L' Iii Robert Olson . 3- 9 'Vi John Ory K 'Z ' ' C I C- --'S Pcul Polczmoro Lawrence Palmer rs . 3 3 f -. James Pena -.n W lX1C.."" l Fred Potter Gem ld Powell l x i Richard Porra 1' John Powers Y .I '..? rx., 6 N i pw KNOX 'SJ' .1 Charles Premiss Warren Preston Frank Pozsgai Frank Quatrrocchi James Relph Manuel Robles-Gil I-asia Joseph Russo John Salinas Thomas Ramirez EJ "' , if I If I 1 'I ff al lags -nt' jiri Pi 3 'V 1 ', X 1- - QM-f i - ' 'lr :xl Q . L S.. ' ' 5 K 62, lr! si f l 93 l' , " ' sv' , " i. , 'W 4. -wr-Q35-'3N!'154 ' .V , :' Edward Ruddy Ronald Sampson Charles Purzycki William Rehm " ll .J lf' K 1 J . Xl ll 1 R I f .A Ernest Ruiz 'iI::,. . qi 'fir X X 'rl f 6 74. ll i R Gary Sandell 63 -HL' ! Adrian Santina 'Q-4 Dennis Schreiner is George Sherman Ronald Souza ' m .,"" .x:, r ' f Q sr X ll , I RlCl"IGI'd Sdnforli Peter Sqnforq Hector Sierra John Silletto un io 11 Lee Smith Charles Stehly David Staley Lamont Starks Robert Stevenson Thomas Stoddard James Steinmetz JOHN Sweeney Terry Takeda ,ML rf Robert Tanklage Gary Tigges 5' Frank Turner Thomas Valleios df f 'o . , D A K y L Dennis Tons Robert Vasquez Larry Verdugo Philip Vellemuer Manfred Welsch Henry Woods Richard Weiss John Tomasick F' r T . fi T rf vm i x X ' , W I N " fr R sm J l' an e , l R .ru . William Van Berckelaer Thomas Ward Edward Zinkowski By the time a student has reached his sophomore year, he is accepted as a "Crusader" of Carmel. He has outgrown the naivete of the Fresh- man and is gaining in wisdom and strength. So the Class of '61 has gained and will cohtihe to gain these qualities till the day they proudly take their places beside the other great classes of Carmel. X 1 o Fosl n Dove Cole Louis Cnstruito Pregldem Secretary Vice-President 3- i Q Z- i i E, l in., -f Front Row: John Bahan, Raymond Apodoca, John Absmler. Middle Row: George Bell, Ronald Aguilar, Norman Beckert, Gary Auth, George Arguello. Back Row: James Bacile, Brent Benny, Lee Amari, Shermont Banks. Front Row: Joseph Browner Michael Brady Back Row: Ronny Brown Gary Bogert Jerry Bonetto William Buford Mario Brunasso Robert Brown Charles Burnett John Calvert 1' 'f"Ff l'..7 . yy, 1,11 4 ,-f r Front Row: Vrncent Cervantes Louis Castrotto Louis Chades Joseph Castellano Dominic Costro Wayne Cardoos Middle Row: Daniel Brown Louis Caspary Thomas Cantello Wrllrarn Carreon Louis Cifcoianni Back ROW: Patrick Ciancimino Donald Coppell Gary Corr Front Row: James Clark Joseph D'Virgilio Middle Row: Leroy Cox Arthur Curiel Jack Delpit Ernest Cote Pablo DeContreros David Cole Gorold DeLaFuente Back Row: John Crisalli Marshall Cochrane Thomas Corlett ,-r f Kneeling: Thomas Haupfman, John Graves, Standing: Leo Hoites, John Guzman, Michael Haren, Joseph Hopper, Jeff Hulshoff, Eddie Hana, Richard Haughey, Robert Hobbs, Michael Griffin. Kneeling: Murrey Jackson Standing: Donald Kagawa Dennis Johnson Ernest Ikei Gary Kennedy Ronald Jarvis Karl LeBrane William lzabal Alvarez LeCesne Bennie Johnson 70 A A ..- Pi Kneeling: Michael Miliimore Gary Nozawa Standing: John Montoya Michael O'Connor Walter Nowak Lorenzo Maya Ronald Neveu Donald McCammack William Moede Gary McDaniel Frank McHugh Front Row: Mark Washburn Ban Wagner Roger Shimatsu Hiram Workman David Valle Middle Row: Wallace Trafz Patrick Wilhelm Paul Villarreal Donald Weas Randolph Reisz Joseph Todaro Donald Warren .lohn Thomassef Kneeling: Thomas Hauptman Thomas Blanchard Standing: Daniel Osuna Ls-o Hoires Gerald Krall Michael Foster John Bowers -1-' X 1515272522 Has 'Zi ,gicwwik , Dean LeCesne Robert Kane Raphael Blount Secretary President Vice-President As each class graduates and is replaced by underclassmen, the tra- ditions and high ideals of Mt. Car- mel continue to flourish in her stu- dents. The Class of '62 has yet to prove itself worthy of eventually assuming the leading role in up- holding these qualities. But it their actions this year are any indication of what to expect, 1962 should be a bright spot in the schools history. C7Zl,li5, O '62 From Row: John Beatty Joseph Biunno Thomas Anderson Middle Row: Frank Blanco Miguel Acuna' Robert Almada Phillip Baham Back Row: Pete Aquinago Robert Babler Anthony Bixler Rupliavl Blount T l 3 R .lflf ll Front Row: Frank Chafe, Fernando Castro, Leroy Chase, John Broussard, Paul Breunig, Michael Bowen. Back Row: David Candiliere Leon Ceniceros, Richard Cardoos, Ronald Chavez, Ralph Bustamante, Jon Buford. ' . A Front Row: Joseph Crede Joel Cummings Middle Row: Paul Como James Clark George Coonis Back Row: John Davis Larry Cosaro Larry Clever John Cutfrell Michael Cross i. 4 l J 7 5 -4' .F O' l 'Z55, H2232 Front Row: Dale Eastep Russell Dumas Jerry Fonfara Robert Delzer Frank DiPietro Back Row: Gregory Diaz Sergio Felix Ronnie Franlcing George Elias Victor Durirle Front Row: Robert Kone Frank Janowicz Wilfred Knight John Jachtschitz John Jones Back Row: Michael Hiza John lacono Richard LoCasse John Koller Anthony Estrodas Charles Kellam 'Inq Front Row: Robert Gabor Richard Gonzales Arthur Gunninghom Robert Griggs Terry Haren Back Row: George Garcia James Haffley Darryl Fontenot Ralph Garcia Roland Gutierrez X. Q4 rn Hg.-... Frant Row: Edward Lynn John McCarthy William Lambaiso Michael Lucas Joseph McDermott Back Row: Lee Lunsford Dean LeCcsne John Lopez Larry Luian Edward Lomeli gg.-1 . H - ,?-1' Qc ' 'il it Front Row: Kenneth Lyle, Dennis Loehr, Frank Hirsch, Douglas Kean, James Kaump. Back Row: Henry Manriquez, Thomas Martin, James Hiss, John Martinez, Dave Martinez, Manuel Jimenez. sf.:-all 'ru 7 - -1: ..-eww . N A ' 'l . i . . Q 1 ,V t I ' 'X l "" 2 7 Al-9-f'?:1"i"'t" A .J " 1 4 I .4 4 . , . l U' 1 I4 3 l 'Q' - 'gal . H ' T . xx A L-.VY - -. ter! A Ps ""' 1 N iz '. f5 " .- ' ,- M -vi ' e , . - V B U X 'il' N. -,, Atlwtss ,SV Front Row: v 'Til 'g 2 , , fi- ,.f,':, , X , Michael Mintzer IW- , ' - .sg I gi John Peli ' l ' ' Robert Pecharich 5 T' Y' l Pablo Montoya . A as 6. - Manuel Mendoza It ', ' L I C ks ' ' .lf g Back Row: EF, Q " 3+ 9 ' ll Richard Mele il x , is-' QL N Glen Moore Q'-, Michael Mefoyer Q, I . Patrick Murphy David Mestaz Allen Martin N r 45 I nfl " l From ROWI MlCl'109l Pafin, GOYY Radle, Alcide Nash, Mark Quiros, Nicholas Plumlee. Back Row: Michael Readriclc Manuel Perez Edward Quesada, Thomas Olguin, John Numerfro. I ' 79 Front Row: Dennis Smith Robert Simes John Spreitzer John Soemann Vincent Rooch Bock Row: Robert Seleine H. Roaro-Josso Arthur Novarro James Silletto Thomos Schenck .-ffkllff , ra.. Cfcm 'lr' fi Front Row: John Sullivan John Toylor James Trez William Thompson Back Row: Edward Thomson Ronald Torrance Patrick Tebo Xovier Tinoco Front Row: Thomas Preston Daniel Rupp Robert Huerta Gary Young Back Row: Robert Cullen Tim Finnerty Clarence Pace Front Row: Gerald Hurley Robert Wiley John Yowell Eldon Vignery Dick Whalley Back Row: Robert Verbeck Frank Tu rca ny Wilber Troy we Qgfucfanf ouafzmsnf ff N The qualities of leadership and diplomacy so neces- sary to the development of a young man are evidenced in the members of the student government. The success of our student government has been manifested through a clearer and closer relationship between the faculty and the student representatives. Working together, they have been instrumental in obtaining the recognition and respect which Mount Carmel possesses. ln time, these same young men, through the experience gained while in office, may some day be guiding the destinies of our great country. ' Z 'x A x all K ANDY GESSIG Student Body President JOHN BIENVENUE TOM FITZGERALD Secretory Treasurer ROSS VELDERRAIN Counselor ounci RICHARD De ROSA Vice-President MERLIN SAULNY Historian Student Council plans calendar for current year "Let us leave our school in a better state than in which we found it", this has traditionally been the motta of our school's student body councils. Yet each year this motto becomes increasingly harder to follow for each year the num- ber of things to be initiated and inno- vated becomes smaller and smaller, con- sequently, a good deal more work is re- quired of the council to uphold those practices of previous years and to make those changes necessary and beneficial to the school. For their efforts in main- taining these ends we would like to thank and congratulate this year's Stu- dent Body Council. F,-, Mccollen, Sfudenf Council Advisor. Student Council enloys leisure moments at Junior Senior Party dafifo 'mia .cgczfiofaificl ge Szafion Because it was realized that the good student is the backbone of the school, the C.S.F. was established. The Mount Carmel chapter of this organization has granted spe- cial privileges to its members and has be- come the most influential organization in the school. lt has become the sole link between faculty and student and consequently a realization of the problems facing the ad- ministration has been reached by its mem- bers. Out of this a greater understanding of student-teacher problems has been devel- oped and thus remedied. Fr, McCallen, Moderator George Dasaro Gustav Kuhn Steve Baham Arnold Barrera Bruce Ito Historian Vice-President President Secretary Treasurer l Zilfzfzszcllzisnzzrz Fiont Row: N. Cahill, G. Kuhn, G. Dasaro, B. Roaro Jasso, N. Lopez, W. Preston, B. Ito, P. Blount, A. Delahoussaye, E. Zinlcowslci, J. Pena, J. Chafe S Bnham, A. Barrera. Second Row. T. Dobson, A. Katz, D. Swintek, T. Oberrieder, J. Benedetto, M, Hewlett, G. Cuttrell, T. Ramirez, A. Dominguez R. le Febvre, M. Arnone, F. Fries, W. Kraemer, Third Row: R. Blodnikar, J. Bienvenue, R. DeRosa, C. Pechstedt, J. Vykydal, P. Pomeroy, T. Auth, J. Stein P. Acosta, J. Madura, G. Acosta, R. Haeussler. 'x .af Members awaiting start of meeting. 7 l Zlflcliidicliilllill .Er-' Wanta tight? Front Row: M. Metoyer, C. Kellam, M, Washburn, J. Schlager. Second Row: J. Taylor, L. Lientz, J. Eaton, W, lzabal, P. Tr-bo. third Row. G. Bogert, J. Fashing, J. Cuttrell, J. Rupp, T. Edwards. lm gm- Inu' . I' 9h , Hwy 3 How interesting? Two heads are better than one. ..21 What a revolting development. Front Row: A, McMillan, A. Katz, L. Taylor, R, Velderrain, K. Alexander, D. Krall, E. Anctil, M. Arnone, Second Row: V. DeGeorge, M. Loehr W Kraemer J. Randleman, J. Vykydal, B. Bienvenue, T. Beavers, T. Euper. Third Row: F. Pozsgai, J. Comeau, G. Baham, D. Healy, M. Daney, A. Gessig T Fitz gemld, R, DeRosa, R. Haeussler, J. Beals. Fr. Carter, Moderator Because certain athletes have excelled in various sports contests, they have been honored by membership in the Mount Carmel Lettermen's Club, The duties and responsibilities ofthe Let- termen's Club are typical of what is expected of these outstanding athletes. lntrusted to them are the maintaining of order at assemblies, pres- ervation of school property and a strong loyal attitude for those ideals which are Mount Car- mel's tradition. llsffeznzens Officers. E, Anctil, R. Velderrain, K. Alexander, A. Katz ., . vdqlxl.. B.,-o-'. t .rl V M .V -v' -.-4 .r 1. V, .', -u ' I '?.':5',1L'i'4'9..:, 'L .., rv ," -Why ': Vg '95 I Hey, watch out for my hecdl Children must play! ax I Rub-cr-dub-dub. I Members volunteer for usher work during retreat. I -1 ff f W 4-"' iw 1 Doncztelli directs traffic at end of rcllly. Lettermen's Club puts owoy platform. .f ugfiaafionf, It is said that the mark of a well educated man is his ability to express himself. Here at Carmel the op- portunity to do iust this is presented through the medium of writing. The official school publications, the El Conauistador and the Crusader, are proof of this tact for each edition has been a true mirror ot the students' views. They are edited in their entirety by and tor the student. Certainly the experience that has been gained here will prove invaluable in years to come. ..-,.....-.-... .V - 1 X if-.. Wi' 1 .4-51 ,flu Q. Fr. Moelter, Moderator Steve Kish, Editor-in-Chief 'Ilia STAFF Stephen Kish Bruce Ito Arthur McMillan Martinez Hewlett George Dasaro Terry Beavers Steve Baham Henry Woods Tony Auth Arnold Barrera Edgar Anctil Richard De Rosa Mike Daney Mike Loehr Bill Estay Paul Blount Phil Acosta Gil Acosta John Beatty Alex De Ulloa Andre Oviedo John Bahan Greg Gridlan A. J. Delahoussaye Tom Fitzgerald Ellifou 'ZLL5,6l 87, if .4- Editors are different Front Row: B, Ito, T, Auth, S, Baham, M. Hewlett, A. Barrera, B. Roaro Jasso. Second .Row: M. Welsch, A. DeUlloa T Beavers E Anctil A. McMillan. 541164 tanks Jn- -.L,1--o 4,1 Front Row: P. Blount, V. Faustina, W. Estay, S. Faustina, J. Thomasset, J. Beatty, G. Auth, J. Baham. Second Row: G. Gridlan, N, Cahill, A. Lubchuck, CT. Biclilmeier, C, Acosta, M. Loehr, R. Blount, D. Hollow. Third Row: F. Turner, M. Daney, T. Fitzgerald, A. Gessig, G. Brown, T. Egan, T. Ramirez, T. Mathis, Phil Acosta. Confuscius say . . . "All the news all the time" has been the motto and goal of this year's Crusader staff. Under the supervision of the editor-in-chief it grew in volume and quality. Design, production and distribution were improved by the tireless efforts of the staff. Writes were assigned by their respective editors. Their interesting and inform- ative articles were enhanced by appropriate photos and excellent art work. New columns were initiated and were appreciatively received by the students. The entire staff of the Crusader can be iustifiably proud of the fine iob which they have accomplished. ln- deed they have attained the goal which they set for themselves. 5- mx Auth creates his cartoons for the Crusader. I W0nde" if Th9Y like mY Shin? ffla som -------- School photographer looks over negatives with helper. lndustrious workers Manhunt for Pluto Poncho punishes delinquent writer. Putting out a newspaper is by no means an easy task. Assign- ments must be issued to the staff and, when submitted, cor- rected as needed. Next stencils are cut and the paper is ready for printing. As the paper nears completion it is stapled and readied for distribution to an eager student body. fge fima De Ulloa displays artwork. Busy bees rush to meet deadline. I C xt it - Mae xl? Editor-ln-Chief adjusts mimeograph machine. x N Beavers, keep your suggestions to yourself. 'Speed typist ?'???? L 5 Y... 'K x s Hewlett types as Kish and lto proof read articles. C 'sq I 4 !fl.'l P I T vu. ,V ...fl :QQ :I 16. it,:,1.'A.:gv, I A 4 QM muff. FS- ll 'l 4 I2 .4 iw -'AH Q' if . F' if 5-l'..'7L"Z. M y-f 4 ,fi "Milf if - ,:,,.-'IGI ,.J 3 -'J ' N ."!.',. ft.. I 1 .r fi F Wilt Brother Francis Moderator on uiifacfoz Indeed the 1959 El Conquis- tador has been fortunate to have the assistance of two fine men such as Brother Francis and Fa- ther Eric. Unselfishly they de- voted their time to insure the success of the annual. In ac- knowledgement ot their contri- bution, we of the El Conquista- dor Staff wish To sincerely thank them. Alvin Katz Editor-in-Chief Don't take that picture!!! 1 Edition , at ll Left to Right: Chuck Gibilterra, Art Editorg Kermit Alexander, Sports Editorg Michael Straeter, Business Manager, Tom Fitzgerald, Class Editor? Richard Swintek, Copy Editorg Leonard Zambel, Photography. S .lp-' No, that can't be right. i P1 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ... ASSISTANT EDITOR COPY EDITOR ..... CLASS EDITOR ..... ACTIVITIES EDITOR .. SPORTS EDITOR .... ART EDITOR ....... PHOTOGRAPHER ..... BUSINESS MANAGER . MODERATOR ........ STAFF Alvin Katz Martinez Hewlett .. Richard Swintek .. . . Tom Fitzgerald Jim Brunsmann . . . Kermit Alexander . . . Chuck Gibilferra . .. . .... Ray Esquivel Mike Straeter Bro. Francis Otto, O. Carm. BUSINESS MODERATOR .... Fr. Eric Wisniewski, O. Carm. I-in I af "I wish I knew how to spell." Hey Pancho, get out of my mail. Jgasiafurzfa Loft to Right: D. Messerle, J. Brunsmann, T. Beavers, M. Arnone, J, Coia, M. Brown, A. Gessig, B. Blodnikar, M. Herbs, R. Esquivel, M. Hewlett, M. Welsclw. Bai I2 and .f 'ze 'zczfion The design and preparation of the 1959 edition of the El Con- quistador represents the time and talents of numerous individuals. First, the various editors were required to submit the design for their respective sections. Next a dummy copy of the annual was com- posed frorn which future work proceeded. Pictures of the students and the many other school organization were then arranged and taken by the staff photographers. Following the above preparations, appropriate copy was provided and the annual was ready for pub- lication. Special recognition should be given to Jim Brunsmann and Ray Esquivel for the outstanding services they rendered throughout the year as Junior editors. The deserted workshop. slim-f fx I Business staff ponders over financial matters, ls this the way to make deadlines? This must be a good one. Many weekends were spent working in Room 10. Activities Man's biggest asset is his ability to meet and mingle with people. Realizing this, we at Carmel have provided many activities to prepare the student for the competitive world. These activities not only provide the student with personal enjoyment, but they also afford him the op- portunity ot working with and understanding his tellow students. Leadership, sportsmanship and good citizen- ship are just a tew of the many qualities that are de- veloped and it will be These very same qualities that dictate the future status of the student. , 5.-... 11 -.'.i'-H, L.. --N :wld . 7, - -- -. g+,w...- ,nwj-+ , ' ?i'Pk'v-?f'?'f9J CQ,-mel rocks! Don't laugh-I gotta do something! 4.3 vi Andy Gessig Chairman ance ommiffzz Credit for the popularity en- ioyed by this year's dances be- longs to the members of the Dance Committee. Appropriate decorations and refreshments are provided by the Committee. Ar- rangements are made for enter- tainment and the hundred-and- one other necessities prior tothe dance are attended to. Their efforts were always rewarded by the enthusiastic approval of all who attended the dances. Fr. McCallen Moderator Front Row. R, Velderrain, M. Saulny, H. Moraga. Second Row: J. Bienvenue, F, Lo Nigro, J. Randelman, D. Swintek. Third Row: M. Loehr T Fitzgerald A. Gessig, R. De Rosa. 4 Father Morrissey Moderator Mother's Club practices for Showboat which took place in April. cglgowgoaf Duplicating the riverboat shows of bygone era, Mount Carmel's annual Showboat recorded another record year. Boasting of a large num- ber of acts and performers, Father Morrissey, moderator, set out to produce the finest Show- boat to date. The talents of parents and students from Carmel and other Catholic schools were employed. After numerous rehearsals the cast was confidently ready to give a flawless per- formance. Those who viewed the presentation of the Showboat can readily attest to the success which it enioyed. PH Mr. May Director Mrs. May ' Mrs. Stevenson Director Dance Instructor ,EV 3 If D x 'D G F' 'Y' G 0 Q W S First Row- R. Velderroin, R. De Rosa, M, Saulny, G. Dasaro, G. Kuhn. Second Row: W. Kraemer, J. De Fazio, B. Bienvenue, E. Anctil A Gessig. Third Row: T. Fitzgerald, R. Blodnikar, D. Messerle, J. Taylor. geifiaa Andy Gessig Chairman omnziffaa The festivals which have proven immensely popular to one and all are the result of careful and com- petent planning. Much of the pre- paration and planning is supervised by the members ofthe Festival Com- mittee. Their duties cover a multi- tude of Things including the construc- tion of the various booths and en- listing student aid. Indeed, through their work, they do much to insure the success of the festival. pig,- fx. E i i Bro. Lawrence, Moderator Don't strain yourself. The Wheel of forlune' Cheaters! Looks like we lost cxgoin. ago fkxix if Many enioy snacks after loosing money of festival. Too cheap to afford electricity. I want my money! Kuff onzmiffes The main duty of the Rally Committee is to see that there is sufficient spirit for our athletic events. Sustaining order and developing spirit is no menial task. This year's committee cer- tainly must be applauded for their efforts in maintaining both these ends. Rich De R050 Father McCallen Chairman Moderator x D - l 'rf' The sound and the fury. Musical Chqirg, Pr?-rally preparations. Qsmf Frist Row. R. Velderrain, M, Saulny, L. Taylor, R. De Rosa. Second Row: T. Beavers, A. McMillan, E. Anctil, J. Shea, B. Bienvenue. Third Flow- J. De Fazio, A. Gessiq, J. Comeau, T, Fitzgerald. ci, Kwelnq Cary Bichlmeier Ross Velderraun Merlin Saulny Kermit Alexander Standing Bob Bienvenue Jim Goodman Tom Fitzgerald Alvin Knt7 R ch DeRosa if from C7onznziff.s5 ,f . ' Xi i 2 K Il . . f W .- K ? X!! tif ,S if , 1 1 , .ll Q,-,,..4V 4 -I K lt's really 24 karats! Father McCallen Moderator Undoubtedly the highlight ot Mount Carmel's social year is the Junior-Senior Prom. Because ot the complexity involved in staging the Prom, the Prom Committee must be- gin preparations early. After careful consideration, Sportsmen's Lodge was chosen by the committee as the site ofthe Prom. The delicious din- ner served equaled the excellent en- tertainment that was arranged. The Prom Committee is to be commended for its efforts in presenting the '59 Prom, one that was enjoyed by all in attendance. Andy Gessig Chairman , V xr R f1'f- ,Sf 1 f vw- Mr. Tony Katics Director C455 ' A t A' " L .X L Long recognized as one ot the out- standing singingtgroups in Southern Cal itornia this year's Glee Club was no ex ception. Constantly striving for perfec- tion, Mr. Tony Katics, director, assembled the finest voices of Carmel. Wherever the Glee Club appeared they were ac- corded thundering ovations and were sought for reappearances. Larry Chafe President Glee Club sings at Mass on First Friday. ,- 5' ll n. Q. front Row. C. Navarro, H, Pr-roz, H. Mitchell, L. Caspary, W, Thompson, C. Kellam, L. Cox, L. de la Rosa, P, Duncan, H, Bloom, R. Matty, J. Sweeney. Second Row- lf, Rodriguez, C. Fox, R. Powers, M. Gallegos, M. Jackson, R. Ateman, J. McDermott, T. Euper, L. Zerrlli, P, Blount, R. Roth, R. Shimatsu, R, Blount, D. Osuna. Third Row. J. Taylor, J. Brunsmann, S. Smith, R. Moreno, J, Chapman, L, Chafe, D, Dahl, M. Hurray, J. Aubuchon, M. McGrath, H. Woods, l, Starks, T. Fill, E. Jackson, N. Chapman. 3 n . - Qgfucfznf cqcflieuzmznfs During the past year Mount Carmel has been,very fortunate in acquiring added prestige and honor through the efforts of her students. A few individuals have been conspicuous in their contribu- tions to this end. In scholastics and ath- letics these men have proven their ex- cellence. In doing so they have set a fine example for other members of the student body to adhere. . F ff Wt:-1 ,i F 1 ' Ylfzi -' ll' Placed on the All-Catholic League Football Team were Richard Haeussler, Mike Brown, Tom Fitzgerald, Robert Rodriguez, Kermit Alexander, Richard De Rosa, Alvin Katz and Frank Pozsgai. Dennis Tons and Dennis Schreiner earned All-Catholic basketball honors. Seniors who qualified as semi-finalists in the California State Scholarship program were Richard Swintek, Bruce Ito, Richard Haeussler, Terry Oberrieder and William Roaro Jasso. tl? Robert Bienvenue was selected as Valedictorian of the grad uating class of 1959 on the basis of his outstanding scholar ship and qualities of leadership. K v Because of his outstanding work as a member of the Speech and Debate Club, Recipient Of U 53,000 College 5Ch0lU"Sl1lP WGS Charles Purzycki was chosen representative to Boy's State. Cl'10fle5 Glbllfeffa fo' his enl"Y in 'he Fisher B0dY Cornpany's annual automobile design competition. Awarded Principal's Award for general excellence in his Sophomore year. - Martinez Hewlett lg - ' 7 s . Q, . - , O'g:' I " 'I ,' - . . is Y- '1 A f, A X. r ' lt , ' ' Y N v . . -. ,. U v I 5 1' , , E hi A X l ..- .Lug -. Y 'Q 'W 93'- gi .xl , 1 U n .. .J V i. . .I A h ,.- ' - ' . I 1 H. A , : -vs p ,rfb 5 'i ' 15 . 'I' ' 4 -. s ' 5 "+R - -1 ' c ' 9 -' . , . h A . -'fb ' , V A - .X ff , -.j' . 4 . 'A . ,, J ' . 7 i fl :get ,wp l x.. . 37 s l f 1 alle r' ,gs m tl - -A ' uldf.. '.l-'JJ W . .Milt 'l. For his outstanding efforts as Associate Editor of the Chestimes, Bill Roaro Jasso was presented with the Sigma Delta Chi Award. Awarded Principal's Award for general excellence Awarded Principal's Award for general excellence in his Freshman Yeoh -n William Isabel in his' Junior year. -- Terry Oberreider Seniors Richard DeRosa and Kermit Alexander were acclaimed Most Inspirational and Most Valuable football players, respectively, by their coaches and teammates. 'z cuzizafioni Hand in hand with the wonderful education which we are afforded at Mount Carmel, we also receive a firm religious background. To each and every student his faith should be his most priceless possession for it is through this faith that he attains his ultimate reward- eternal happiness. Another important facet of the student's participa- tion in Organizations is the quality of citizenship which he develops. As the student advances he must be pre- pared to exercise his duty as a Christian citizen ancl his participation in school organizations has been instru- mental in fulfilling this purpose. 'N 1-..,f jfziggfi of Ucvzma ' 1 'il GEOVQG DUSGVO Martinez Hewlett Gary Baham Pfefed Secretary Chairman VLZIIPETG aminen Fr. Matthew Moderator Preparing themselves for their future role as commendable Catholics and ar- dent men of Carmel, are these Crusaders who fervently serve our Lady's Society. This year the Junior and Senior Knights ot Carmel inaugurated a crusade to re- model the new building chapel. Besides this outstanding undertaking, they were an inspiration to the entire student body. Adroitly, under the efficient guid- ance of Father Sprouftske, they will con'- tinue perpetuating their tradition as Knights of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. First Row. T. Ccisimano, W. Preston, W. Roaro Jasso, B. Ito, W. Tracey, L. De La Rosa, L. Chafe. Second Row: T. Dobson, P. Santoro, G. Dasaro, J. Benedetto, T Ramirez, M. Hewlett, G. Gridlan, G. Gale. Third Row: A. Katz, J. Sweeney, S. Course, D. Messerle, R. Haeussler, P. Acosta, G. Acosta. R ras ' I 'vi A-A-in . Father Eric Moderator Training for leadership in a religious and civil world is the main goal of the Freshman and Sophomore Knights of Carmel. As faith is the most important asset a Catholic young leader can pos- sessg it is strengthened that he may be- come an example that others may fol- low. lt is equally vital that a Catholic leader knows how to discern what is right and iust from what is wicked and corrupt. Having acquired These maxims, the Freshman and Sophomore Knights of Carmel can take pride in boasting of a successful and energetic sodality. T Steve FGUSNUG Mark Washburn John Thomasset 5eC"elUfY'TfeGSUfeI' Assistant Pretect Prefect UIZJE 'ZCICIQQHZEIZ First Row: J. Silletto, M. Washburn. Second Row: D. Fitzsimmons, T. Schenck, L. Cox, R. Ilelzer, L. Caspary J. Beatty J. Rupp M Millimore J. Castellano, E. Vignery. Third Row: J: McDermott, E. Ikei, J. DeMaggio, J. Delpit, J. Eaton, L. Leintz, W. lsobal, J. Cuttrell, J. Kaump. Fourth Row: E. Petshauer, J. Warren, K. LeBrane, S. Faustina, J. Thomassett, M. Brunasso, L. Castruita. unafiona f ig Students stand for Lost Gospel. igocfafif . . . He wants me to be on oitor boy! I . .X I 'K s Religion classes attended Stations of the Cross during Lent. Sodolity moderator offers Moss. Fr. Eric presides over underclossmen meeting. gafgezi Fr. Carter Mr. Tonklage Moderator President Perhaps one organization which deserves a little more praise than others is the Mount Car- mel Father's Club. As the school year closes, we can look back at their admirable accom- plishments. ,Prior to the commencement of the grid season, the Father's Club took an excep- tionally active part in supplying sufficient uni- forms for our football team. And during the entire season they assisted energetically in the selling of game tickets and contributed much to the success of the team. The Father's Club also helped to bring about splendid results from the festivals here at Carmel. The gist of the Club is to become better acquainted with the school and its capable faculty. It is for these and similar endeavors that we pay tribute to the Father's Club of Mount Carmel. fumloz ancf 5.92601 qdfgfii L to R.: A. Gillette, L. Moelter, A. Smaldino, T. McCue, A. Arrietta, L. Kropac, L, Katz, J. Steinmetz, L. Herbs. Second Row: A. Elder, A. Giddons, C. Johnson, E. Hurroy, M. Yost, G. Russo, P, Arnerich, T. Egan, T. Matt. Jlfloffisu I Fr. Morrissey Moderator Officers: Mrs. Matthews, Secretory, Mrs. Beckert, President, Mrs. Krall, First Vice-President. It seems unnecessary to acknowledge the Mother's Club for its many contributions to Mount Carmel. Indeed it would be impossible for a student to attend Carmel and not be conscious of the existence of the Mother's Club. Unselfishly it lends its whole hearted support to any and all of Carmel's proiects. A fine example ofthe efficiency which the Mother's Club employs in all of its undertakings is the annual Spring Festival. And surely a great deal of the success of the ath- letic banquets can be attributed to their gracious supervision: Through these and many other efforts of the Mother's Club, the financial support of the school is also greatly aided. So then, we are eternally grateful and wish to thank the Mother's Club for all they have done for us and Mount Carmel. Officers: Mrs. Benny, Historian, Mrs, Pyzora, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wally, Treasurer, Mrs. Graves, Second Vice-President. ljzasgnmn am! .5lof1flonzo'z.s :flflofffau , 4. ta Front Row: Mmes. Verbeck, Duarte, Luian, Pyszora, Benny. Back Row: Mmes. Benzing, Ehresman, Tratz, Nowak, Wilhelm, Krall, Beckert, Graves. l22 umm az mm :llatlz 1 Front Row Mmes Matt Yost Leedom Hwrl Sanclell McCue Bryant Duenes Kropacr, Reed, Mahoney Mclreschal Shea Middle Row Mmes LoMonc1co Elder Smalclmo Brlganto Bam Mannara Taylor Sowms Slwafler Garibaldi Sanlom, Comeau Flfzgerald Bock Row Mmes Goodman Wcllley Thomas Chourwomen Mmes Hass Lulan Bam Abmsmier, Matt Duenes Relph .'g'.f.a' f .-fr. '- www " ,-:.-,- n-- -, .i w.. i ,E 't The band strives for perfection. M' KGNCS Wofks wth bond Mount Carmel's Band, though small in num- ber, has shown its ability to provide fine enter- tainment. Under the supervision of Mr. Tony Katics members of the band are given the op- portunity to cultivate their musical talents while earning scholastic credit. Their frequent appear- ances at our rallies were met with warm en- thusiasm by the student body. ln the coming years the band shows promise of further growth both in numbers and quality, 11 Kneeling P Villarreal D Candiliere R Huerta, J. Verbeck, F. Blanco. Standing: J. DeYoung, J. Cola, E. Engeron L Chase P Duncan R Simes F Pottcr Fr. Michael, Coach. 4 5121261 Revived after a lapse ot two years, Carmel's tennis club has risen to the point where it is one ot the most active groups in school. With Father Michael Potter as moderator the Tennis Club ot- fers those interested the chance to fur- ther develop their skills. Frequent club meetings and practice sessions have dominated the tennis club's schedule throughout the year. ,I l 1 -5' 11. J .f-:11:2E11: ' N ',-:QsQ?g2::1- K 2 ol' f l , Let me teach you iokers how to play. A one man teqm, First Row: P. Tebo, M. Readick, E. Thompson, M. Washburn, E. Quesada, A. Martin. Second Row: J. Taylor, J. Clark, J. Sweeney, G. Kennedy, L. Chafe, A. Quesada. 571550 cmc! Qagafa First Row. E, Petschauer, W. Isabal, M. Washburn. Second Row: C. Purzyclci, S. Faustina, J. Warren, M. Parin, F. Potter, E. Spencer. Third Row: J. Eaton, J. Fernandez, K. Le Brane, X. Tinoco, D. Hollow. cmfuans This year a distinguished club was initiated at Mount Carmel. Those students who attained a grade of ninety per cent or better on each subject were eligible to ioin. Fortunate are these learned members of the Mantuan Society. Fr. McCallen Moderator Fr. Michael Moderator 1959 proved to be an ex- tremely rewarding year for Mount Carmel's Speech and Debate Club. Entering num- erous competitions Carrnel's orators compiled an envi- able record. Highlight of this year's competition was the annual Student Congress held here. L. to R.: G. Kuhn, J. Cuttrell, L. Leintz, L. Clever W. Izabal. Quzff fm! Saw!! The Quill and Scroll, Mt. Car- mel chapter is designed to offer editors ot the schools publica- tions an opportunity to increase their iournalistic abilities. With Father Joel Moelter as modera- tor, the Quill and Scroll has cre- ated much student interest and, although this is its maiden year, promises to develop into one of Carmel's most active organiza- tions. u First Row: T, Auth, B. Ito, A. Barrera, J. Brunsmonn, S. Baham, Second Row: B. Roaro Jasso, G, Dasaro, Fr, Moelter A. Katz, M. Arnone, Third Row: P. Acosta, S, Kish, R, Swintek, R, DeRosa, M. Hewlett. Moderator The protographers club of Mount Carmel is designed for those students whose hobbies are associated with cameras. This particular club offers an ex- cellent opportunity to become proficient in amateur photog- raphy. This year the camera club participated in snapshot contests and in interesting field trips. Many of their pictures have been entered in the school annual. ' rf' ff' 723,23 iyqp Bro. Francis Philip Acosta, Don Fitzsimmons, Rodger Shimmatsu, Gary Auth, Gilbert Acosta, Dennis Hollow, Jess Moderator Fernandez. .qgfiofo First Row. A. Delahoussaye, M Grimm, J. Vykydal, S, Baham, P. Blount, J. Pena, G. Dasaro, Second Row: M. Arnone, N. Lopez, T, Dobson, M, Hewlett, F. Vasquez, T. Auth, R, LeFebvre, M, Herbs, L. Carrizosri. Third Row: P. Acosta, C. Pursycki, G. Cuttrell, T. Egan, T. Matt, T. Oberrieder. Fourth Row: R. Crimins, E. Zinkowski, G. Acosta, R. Haeussler, P. Pomeroy, J. Madura, T. Valleios, F, Turner. This past year, science has come to influence our lives more than at any other time. The members of the Science Club 1 aislzca lbfin Attempting to increase interest in the classics is by no means an easy task for anyone. The Latin Club, however, has just this purpose in mind. Through dis- cussions and participation in certain activities, the members become better acquainted with the Romans and their civiliza- tion. Under the direction of Fa- ther Eric, the club has been both educational and interesting. Fr. Eric Moderator have endeavored to increase their knowledge of the sciences in various ways. They have worked on individual proiects and have taken field trips to different places. All in all, it has been a very educational year for all of the members of this club. XJ Fr. Kearney First Row: L. Chate, W. Kraemer, G. Kuhn, G. Dasaro, J. Chafe, Second Row: P. Acosta, M. Hewlett, Modergfgr F. Vasquez, J. Benedetto, E. Zinkowski, G, Gale, Third Row: R. Haeussler, P. Pomeroy, R. Blodnikar, G. Acasta, F, Potter. 3720 'nfs Sports contribute an integral part to the growth of every Mount Carmel student. The competition that most assuredly awaits him upon graduation is previewed in our numerous athletic contests, Those participating in the athletic program learn the value and necessity ot teamwork. The sportsmanship displayed both on and off the playing field by students of Mount Carmel, whether in victory or defeat, is in accordance with her traditions and future expectations, Surely the successes which Mount Carmel students have achieved in this field will multiply many times over because ot the iri- valuable lessons learned here. f , L -I I , ,r-gli. I-,rl-,Y L4-vu, ' ' '. tr l , 4- , . 4 , . 1 1 ml - .1 ,.-. ,dx- ..-.-n- I A "Y-s. Q, "M-dsx- C Vu wif goofgalf Right: Bcxcksg FIOHV Rovvp Nvm Kurs Jvrry Rom-Mo, lun Woods, Hcmk Moraga Kvvmrf !XVQxf1rwdm, Mwlv Vvnlvmhm, Mike Herbs. Buck Row: ROSS Vvfdmvcam, IVMLQ- Muwcvlw, ,lm- Qondlemcm, Rich Mcmcino, F1 mic PQ1sgm, Lf-Oman! 4"' will, Dave Cole. Li-fl: Guards, Front Row, Ulysses Moss, Bennie Johnson, Mike Cordon, .lohn Fashing. Back Row, John Powers, Rich De Rosa, Bob Bienvenue, Ed Anctil. left: Knds, Front Row, Wayne Kraemer, Frank l.o Nigro, Chuck Pech, Mel Lomno. Bark Row, John Ory, Tony Chovez, Tom Fitzgerald, ArtMiMillr1l1. X' ' Above: Tackles and Centers, Front Row, Neal Gleason, John Huffley, Rich Haeussler, Gary Brown, Mike Brown. Back Row, Tim Murphy, Bob Rodriguez, Terry Beavers, Jim Goodman. ,Ui-.-.lair A -H 5-Muni l i i 4-ui - 'Y' ' 1 'Pri -.. auifkzy goofgaff foam 1 PRACTICE GAMES Mount Carmel ........................ St. Augustine 6 Mount Carmel .................... ..... S anta Fe 6 LEAGUE GAMES Mount Carmel .................... .. Notre Dame 19 Mount Carmel .............. .... C antwell, 13 Mount Carmel , . . . Cathedral O Mount Carmel ...... Pius X 14 Mount Carmel . . . St. Anthony O Mount Carmel . .. ...... Loyola 0 Mount Carmel ...................... .... S erra O C.I.F. PLAYOFFS Mount Carmel .............. ....... G lendale 19 Mount Carmel . .. Santa Monica I3 Mount Carmel 323 .... Opponents 90 Mr. Walt Ambord, in his sophomore year as head coach at Carmel, made it two in a row by guiding the Crusaders to a 6-I league record. Working with a nucleus of twenty-tive returning letter- men, Mr. Ambord molded three teams of players that could have played first string at any other school. Mr. Jerry Hennessy, a returning alum- nus, took over the iob as line coach. Mr. A Hennessy, perhaps the finest line coach i and by far the most popular with the players, showed his amazing talent by bringing out the best in every player. His adeptness is shown in the fact that no less than six Carmel linemen won All- Catholic honors, four being placed on the first team. . .. sl . Mr. Walt Ambord, Head Coach. Not shown: Mr. Jerry Hennessy, Assistant Coach. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Jerry Smith, Mr. Tom Mason, Charlie Fox and Norm Beckert. Jerry Smith, "Mr, Mt. Carmel", brought the team through all its aches and pains, always knowing just what to do and constantly boosting the spirit whenever it lagged. Tom Mason was the team's "coach away from Carmel" as he got the boys together during the summer and kept them in condition, building up their speed and helping them wherever they needed help. Charlie Fox and Norm Beckert were the boys behind the scene. They kept the equipment together, cleaned the lockerrooms and generally helped Mr. Smith whenever he needed it. V Mr. Jerry Smith and Mr. Tom Mason, Trainers Fm-my cwrinl frills info The ouisirvtclred arms of Ross Velderrnin. S Mrkr: Arnonc RQ X Tm ry Bvnvers N X A I, y L Kermit Alexander Fd Andi! ,77 Gary Bcwhom Hank Morogcn eyes opening os Moss C655 prepares to block. NOTRE DAME - CANTVVELL The Catholic League opener found Mt. Carmel ot Notre Dome. The Knights hecirlenl hy cinother ex-Carmel cooch Bolb Spinnlolci, put up much more oppo- sition thcin was expected. If it hadnt been for the superb playing ot Kermit Alexuniler, the Crusaders might have lounil themselves on the losing end, Al- thougli the ollense stutterecl ond stalled, the clelense come through Cillowing only I9 points. The linol score was 3l-l9. Ccintwell High put -up very little op- position cis the Crusciclers completely overwhelmecl them, All-l3. Ccintvvells light weight team could not move the bulky Carmel lorworcl wall. After their mediocre showing cigoinst Notre Dome the Ccirmel eleven showed thcit they were beginning to iell into ci powerful, smooth running machine. 1 1 Len Brown Mike Brown Tony Chavez Dove Cole Cardinal advance is halted by sure tackling of Kermit Alexander. l3 9 o n Comeau V nce De George Paul Donatelli Bonetto 1441 steps away from oncoming Cavaliers. John Fashing l i Richard De Rosa CATHEDRAL - PIUS X Now sporting a 2-O league record, Mt. Carmel next took on the Cathe- dral Phantoms. Under the leadership of their All-Catholic quarterback, Raul Disarufino, the Phantoms were supposed to be prime contenders for the championship. The Crusaders put dampers on this idea. With the offense performing smoothly and running up 20 points, the defense completely contained the much- heralded Disarufino and his run- ning mates. On Halloween night, the goblins in the disguise of Pius X football players, played hob with the Mt. Carmel football team. The offense never got started. For the first time this season, the Crusaderslwere be- hind at the half, T4-7. Receiving the second half kickoff, the Crusad- ers drove straight down the field, 80 yards, for their second T.D. They missed the extra-point, and that was the game. This was the first Cath- olic League loss in four years for The Crusaders. Tom Fitzgerald 5 Y Y Mike Cordon args X, Jim Goodman John Haffley Mike Herbs Zerilli H321 leads ihe way as Alexander l33i skirts. Richard Haeussler W' i Y 4. I 'iii . Cecil Jordan Benny Johnson The team received Communion before every game. Alvin Katz Sl. ANTHONY Showing true Carmel spirit, the Crusaders came roaring back from the previous weeks loss to Pius X, to completely manhandle the Saints of St. Anthony. Although the Saints outweighed Carmel in the line, they could not match the Crusaders' speed in the backfield. Mt. Carmel spent the first two quarters searching out St. Anthony's weaknesses. Toward the end of the half Carmel put together a drive for a touchdown. The second half was a totally different story as the Crusaders' machine rolled to five more touchdowns. It was in this game that Mt. Carmel's depth shone as six different backs tallied. Next week was the showndown against Loyola. Velderrain turns on the speed to score on QB keep against Serra. SERRA ln The lasT league game of The season Carmel compleTely ol3liTeraTed Serra. The sophomore laden Cavaliers were in The game for exacTly Tour playsg The firsT four. Even wiTh Carmel's second and Third sTrings playing Three quarTers of The game, Serra coulcln'T do a Thing, IT was iusT a maTTer of sTopping The Cav- aliers, Taking The ball and scoring. ln This game The fans savv a sample of whaT To expecf from Carmel's TooTball Teams Tor The nexT Tvvo years. Also in This game, Carmel's All-CaTholic guard, Rich DeRosa, gained The disTincTion of heing The only Carmel lineman To score a Touchdown. ArT McMillan Richard Mancino 114 Moraga and Haeussler savagely subdue Glendale back Hank Moraga Tim Murphy 7' Alexander upends terrified Glendale fullback. John Ory Rf' of" X5 J - Fi Mike Polenclmr 3 : 7 Yul Moss Mario Newhouse l l QQ Chuck Peclm e R ' 145 -515 v b w-Z 2 4--as-f.-v-,. V r,"'.' 1 "m:f!iiibq,Q , K- , .. mm 4 Ng- '-i 4 W1 y . 4 - Q 'aa -1- y -w -uv' ' s-4 EL Bob Rodriguez 'xi - ' .fr SANTA MONICA The second round of The C.l.F. proved To be The same old sTory. Lacking some- Thing, Carmel iusT couldn'T Click againsT SanTa Monica. MenTally and physically The Team was ready, buT iT iusT vvasn'T in The cards. Although They held Samo's highly TouTed end, Kenny Graham, Car- mel couldn'T cope wiTh The off-Tackle slanTs of SanTa Monica's backs. The Tinal score was T3-6. This marked The Third sTraighT year Ross Velderrain Carmel has goTTen To The second game and no TarTher. The Seniors have run ouT of nexT years, buT The Juniors and Sophomores sTill have oTher years in which To bring The C.I.F. crown To MT. Carmel. 'fin -J Jim Woods Leonard Zeri Ili I4 emma in owzffi Wsafz of cgiufnsmac The results of four years of league supremacy is exemplified by these awards. ln the last four years, Mount Carmel has completely dominated the Catholic League. In winning tour Catholic League Championships the Crusaders have com- piled a 26-l-l record. ln l955 the only mar on the record was a l2-l2 tie with St. Anthony. ln '56, a safety in the last quarter against St. Anthony preserved Carmel's spotless record. i957 was the sleeper year tor the Crusaders, picked for sixth in the Carmel surprised everyone by knocking off St. Anthony, the overwhelming fav- orite, and going on to post a perfect 7-O record. Mt. Carmel was everyone's tav- orite to go undefeated in '58, there was only one thing wrong, Pius X didn't read the script. The Warriors upset the Cru- saders l4-l3. pre-season selection, The Crusader wolf-pack closes in on the desperate quarry. . . qjoofgaff L34 9 yn., ' , LBA I 5' ,F ' L.,I,,L . V' ,,,? ,, N. W: , 1, ,g.537.. ,wg . Q, fl,-,fa .uf ,L -,sg Q, .N f y-.1 f... '1 er sf. uv -'tf?f4t.":7"ti-A rrifrsihhrfw' Lili-2f"512... . if-ii?-'ft -JS-2 . . TRW? L . r - s . . f.f4R P Dau-gafmlivb. V- - .6-4 wil... e vs. .'k 1, x R . 1'-1 fs" .-iv. .Z ir- -. ' 7 Xe- fvfcxig-'?iL..L:..isg'i5'i?l35?!L' h"5il1'l'... f' ' '5 . '1"'.'3f'N s- ' - 'mn First Row. G. Krall, T. Haren, D. Brown, B. Moede, D. Rupp, D. Loehr, P. Smith, B. Thompson, C. Burnett, L. Maya, L. Corsaro, G. Radle. Second Row: F. Turcany, B. Cane, J. Trez, A. Hoites, M. Galindo, S. Faustina, J. Deloit, K. LeBrane, J. Starks, D. McCammack, G. Coonis. Third Row. J. Aguilar, R. Garcia, C, Martin, P. Como, M. Cochrane, J. Browner, C. Perkins, E. Lynn. Fourth Row: T. Finnerty, J. Cuttrell, D. Johnson, D. LeCesne, W. Troy, V. Cervantes, M. Haren, W. Cardoos, A. Sullivan. Although they were not as highly publicized as the Varsity team this year, the J.V.'s brought iust as much glory to Mount Carmel as their prototype. Under the fine coaching ot Mr. Reeske and Mr. John Smith, the team practiced and trained until they were in excellent condition. They then proceeded to enter into league play. Even though they failed to win the league, they represented Mount Carmel in very good form. Surely this spirit is indicative of the great promise that the future holds in store for our Alma Mater. The individual members of the team have certainly gained a great deal of experience which will help them both in their activities now and in their later lives. Carmel speedster scampers for long gain. 177 .- A , 1 N i bis :S - . - X 4 x - ' I V i ' "five" 29 .0 . . I. ! f si 5 I ja I' f Q iv' Left To Right Larry Taylor, LamonT Starks, George HeaTTer, .lack Chapman, Dennis Tons, Dennis Schreiner, QuenTin Banks, ArT Bell coach Andy Gessig Steve Kish, John Beals, Tom Egan, Joe Russo, Adrian SanTina. fi Quik Eczagsfgaff Mr, ArT Bell is To be congraTulaTed on The fine coaching iob he did This year. Everyone knew ThaT This was going To be a lean season unless some of The players up from The J.V.'s could be 'condiTioned To play wiTh The reTurning leTTermen. ThaT was one Thing in parTicular ThaT Coach Bell sTressed --condiTioning. Anyone walking inTo The gym aTTer school would Think ThaT The Track Team was working ouT There. Be- sides condiTioning, he made sure ThaT everyone of his players was a genTleman boTh on and off The courT, a True represe-nTaTive of MounT Carmel. His efiorTs paid off as The Crusaders came from a six and six pre-league record To capTure Third place in The CaTholic League. weeks. 4 iff 5,5 H, X . Mr. Arr Bell, Coach Half-time instructions. .f 'zacfice amen Mount Carmel's schedule called for Twelve practice games. These preseason games gave Coach Bell a chance To look over The players, The returning lettermen and those boys up from last year's championship J.V. team, Although the boys were not quite used to playing together, they posted a preseason record of six wins and six losses. These games plus the long nights of hard practice conditioned The players for the Two pre- season Tournaments they were to play in. By The time the Mount Carmel invitational Tournament rolled around, the team had been trimmed to sixteen players and the starting tive was well established. Now only time would tell. Quentin Banks 3 6' I .1 John Beals Tons puts it in despite efforts of Saints. Q l I -f-.. X QWUU. A U f.. T .4"" I I. 2 cw a s 45 QL LZ? n 5 fi: ounf Clwzmaf fjowma Mount Carmel's debut before the home crowd came in their own invitational tournament. Here most of the student body got their first look at the team which would represent them. On the strength of last year's perform- ances, Carmel was picked for first. In the first round the Crusaders breezed by a so-so St. Francis team. The second round was the same story, as San Gabriel Mis- sion was no match for Carmel. ln the semifinals, Carmel was rudely upset 52-41 by St. John Vianney, who lost to Cathedral the following night in the finals. On the final night, the Crusaders met Pius X for third place. In a hotly contested game, the Warriors sank Carmel 42-40. Schreiner iumps??'? Taylor dribbles past bewildered Cavalier E .7 12 RME X Moraga strikes again. RM5 i lo ix' 4 George Heatfer I I-. .. N 4 3. S 'i'4g'-: '- N ' '. , Ltd. R J. e - r -,L . Ie: 53 .4 h ii-snag: 'Xxx N R H X I x I Tom Egan . fP,,,:+k.,- i ... u -' .' .x . r 12 i RNE i .tm x Heatter, exhibiting finesse, dribbles in hard for two. r Steve Kish E ,. Kish hits for two in hard fouqht game. .qi t ll RN .Fu Hnnk Morngn Schreiner deftly sinks two on cl jump shot. Bccmls shoots os Phantoms watch anxiously. R H52 4' John Ory COVINA TOURNAMENT The Covina Tournament was held during the Christmas holidays. Whether this had anything to do with it or not, Mount Carmel's Cru- saders were beaten and eliminated in their first two games. The first game was against Azusa. Display- ing a well-balanced attack, Azusa ran up a big lead in the first half and then coasted in. The second game ran along the same lines as EI Rancho subdued the Crusaders 67-48, Although thoroughly beaten in these two games, the players never once let down. Adrian Santino Beals scores against Notre Dame. The team listens attentively. '59 I r RME Dennis Schreiner T. Chavez outsrrips opponent to score ' Rllgf Andy Gessig breaks into the scoring column. Lcxmonr Starks 3 xi? J , 11 721,552 I . 4 ax ' li .Y I Q Y 1 ie, ps defender To get o H KV 3 LK fi 541 59' IDBI' dl i' frsf and os feczm 3, WOT Mr. Gene Pingatore gf. fin Buigafllaff I5 Regis Matzie, Captain Congratulations are clue this year to Mr. Gene Pingatore, ex-Loyola University star, for the fine coaching iolo he turned in with the J.V.'s. Using a nucleus of sophomores, Gene built up a solid, well-balanced team. A loss to Notre Dame in the finals of the Notre Dame J.V. tournament was avenged in league play twice. Their twelve and two record does not tell a true story. They lost those two games by a total ot tour points. One was a three point loss to Cathedral, the other one a one point loss to Loyola, the league champs. Back Row: R. Matzie, D. Castro, S. Banks, D. Martinez, R. Kane. Front Row. F. Janowicz, J. D'Virgilio, R. Gabor. NLE H Bczifeaflfulyl This year's Bee basketball team was an example of the famous adage, "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." Handicapped from the outset by a general lack of height and the absence of a topnotch rebound- er the Bee's performed to the best of their ability throughout the C.L. cam- paign. The indefatigable spirit and sportsmanship that the squad exhibited speaks well of the manner in which they conducted themselves in victory and de- feat. The faint promise which the team offered this year may eventually ma- terialize and aid in increasing Carmel's athletic prominence. I rg, ,. .... vg- '.. u. First Row: Q. Aguilar, J. Hiss, E. Lynn, L. Hoites. Second Row: L. Leintz, J. Warren, S. DeLaurier. Third Row: T. Edwards, K. Lyles, R. Apodaca. John Eaton, Captain Lynn shoots as teammate looks on. Mr. William Haygood, Coach Hd H Buigefflugl Showing the same determination and ability that earned them the Catholic League championship last year, Carmel's Cee courtmen again figured prominently in the outcome of this year's race. With most of last year's championship ag- gregation moving up to the iunior var- sity, Coach Haygood greeted an in- experienced and undermanned team at the initial practice. But through their desire to improve and the able mentor- ship of Coach Haygoocl they soon touncl a winning combination. Throughout the season they garnered victory after vic- tory earning the respect of the other teams in the circuit. Further development of the potential which they displayed this year will certainly result in future varsity championships. gr., ut ffsivsrs l - Ti' - AAAV . . Q . . L, First Row: L. Corsaro, T. Preston, J. Sobastain, Second Row: C. Ikei, D. Weas, J. Davis, Third Row: C. Pace, L. Luian, M. Metoyer. Tom Preston, Captain C. Pace gets set to rebound missed basket. The ball is shot . . . and . . . it's . .. Mr. Jerre Van Gorder Coach ..- i The outlook for the coming season was great- ly altered when the offensive bats began to con- nect with more runs. The unexpected strength in the pitching department along with one of the best double-play combinations in the League set Carmel out to capture first place honors. The Catholic League was a toss-up from the open- ing pitch and Carmel was figured a strong third in the race. Veteran coach, Jerre Van Gorder, kept spikes high as he prepared his team for all out war. Notre Dame, coached by Robert Spindola, figured to be the team to beat, but no one was giving good odds that they were a shoe-in. Carmel's backbone was braced by the prospective ot having an All-Catholic catch- er, Joe Randleman, and from there on, the power and experience helped for the uphill climb. auif aaagczff Front Row L to R M Miltimore, M. Gleixner, M. Arnone, J. Browner, R. Ayala, A. Gallegos, J. Shea, V. De George, F. Buck. Back Row: L to R F LoNngro M Loehr, J. Chafe, T. Euper, J. Randleman, T. Egan, M. Daney, M. Calvert. Not Shown: J. Goodman, P. Villemuer. I I9 M L Ting, 5 Richard Ayala 'C fl ri' 5' Mike Loehr ' I f NN N QNX, N, V N, JYNIN' N' 2 Xxx! gf X' N MVN' V7 yyqyrr ww ,fx- ' NN' 1 w ffv S ,NQJJ J ,f V" N ' Y ,A KV ,xx N Show'em how its done, Joe. Randleman, Carmel catcher, takes pitch as Noble strikes oul. Y . -ni- ' r 1 . au.. 46 Fred Buck Joe Shea The Mount Carmel Baseball Team started the practice season in rare form as it walloped St. John Vianney TO to 2 at Rancho. Mike Arnone was credited with the first base hit as he led off with a single in the opening inning. Twenty minutes later Car- mel was still at bat and seven runs had crossed the plate. Unsatisfied, the big bats hammered out three more runs before the game was called, because of darkness, at the end of four. Tim Euper showed with the long ball as he tripled in the third inning to drive in a lone run. Mount Carmel totaled nine hits in the game and was exceptionally tight on defense with no errors. Frank LoNigro made the fielding play of the game when he fired a relay from center field to catch a potential home run at the plate. l M I '2 . l I 1 l Virge De George Mike Daney delivers his famous curve it i Mike Daney .ii 4 'I Y J 1 I l I Larry Taylor W, A ' 51 , , 9,5 ,sf - 3,51-Q : .5 sh-., I b Rich De Rosa --.. ,W K ' If V I w 5 'ff ' A - A ' L . 4 Frank Lo Nigro ,..,,,,-,,,QJ I Tim Euper S. !i Joe Randlemon M. Arnone executes THe pivot in buseboll's colorful double play V1 v, W . il 1, 4 I. ll Tom Egan 4 7. ' is 1111- i sw , ' 5 If' if Q Mike Arnone Mount Carmel kept on its winning ways at home too as they slipped past their practice rivals, St. John Vianney, 4 to 3 at Manchester. Carmel pounded out four doubles along with four more singles to stay closely ahead through the final inning. The mound work was shared by Virgil DeGeorge and Tom Egan as they totaled ten strike outs. Together they allowed only four base hits and three free passes. This game ended the short practice season and set Carmel waiting for their first League foes, Pius X. Frank LoNigro captured the batting crown for these games as he batted a blistering .833. The team combined, went into League competition boasting a .378 batting average, and the pitching staff held a respective 1.3 earned run average. iw, , . :Uni f SL. - ,I .. if Joe Chafe Q--ufa--'-e---1-Q fi f' ' L. ffl ' I 70 Art Gallegos So near and yet so far. L 1 V. De George leads off under the watchful eye of J. Chcfe. F I I Ji e- i, Joe Browner K"+....- X1 12. I i Y 'Ft' 3 5 1 F i i I 4 is J John Calvert i Mike Gleixner -Q is A - in . - 3 I i I Philip Villemuer .1 If As coach of the Junior Varsity Baseball team, Mr. Haygood implanted the same de- termination and competitive spirit that typi- fied his basketball squads. Special atten- tion was given to teaching the fundamentals of the game. Base-running, sliding practice, and infield and outfield practice were the order ofthe day with added emphasis placed on improving the team's hitting and pitching. As the season progressed, the even balance between the mound staff and hitters proved a pleasant surprise. The long hours which the team spent in improving themselves has been fruitful and for their efforts we salute them. g Of Bmraff 'lv-...,. Front Row R Cardoos R Apodoca T Olgum J Cummings Middle Row T Hauptman G. Bogert, P. Como, J. Eaton, H. Mcnriquez, R. Aguilar J Jones D Rupp Buck Row J Bowers F Janowicz L Chase T Fznnerty W Knight, F. Castro, J. Trez, T. Haren. mn 'fXM'x,1f ', 4 2 L 1' vf3,,..n3 H: " ,,,- Jn . S 'HL Q7 e fl "' ,P 1----Fnsr--sw-Ax-.,,...f Us QM- 'IF 493 gif vi: ' af ,YA 4 ,rp 1 .A I. 1 as . .., Q- 3 ,1,.gf. 15 ' "H-A 1 .l' -W 1 -S'-W: . - .JJ gN"""A 54? K rLk"ff. , f.w....,, hfa ' 5 'H A Y xx W , ,Aa-2 fx - ,, E Y Qs Long Grey Line. 1 3 r . Wai?" 5 AER' " if ia' .V . . w'Q.,g '1'4'?.g .dn 'A' .f V :,4. ! 'Q Wg 'iam 1 .iv 'W ' ' L41 25' 4 -:Rig Ll ' K., nv -v - -4 'I 1 ' fx-fa' l qyt' .143 Top Row: D. Schreiner, J. Chapman, J, Ory, M. Herbs, T. Coffin, M. Cochran, D. Healy, R. Matty, W. Kraemer, M. Brown, R. Haeussler. Bottom Row: P. Pomeroy, R. Matthews, F. Pozsgai, K. Alexander, R. Velderrain, M. Palenchar, T. Dobson, T. Gallegos, M. Jackson, R. Roth. I ljwzaili 'mcg Coaches: Mr. W. Ambord, Mr. T. Mason, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. J. Smith. Through The combined efforts of the coaches and the men, the Mount Carmel track team showed consistent weekly improvement. After overcoming early season difficulties the record turnout of track aspirants went to work building the squad. Led by the early promise ot Mike Brown in the shot, Kermit Alexander in the broad iump and Don Healy in the 880, the team steadily improved. With a fair supply of depth and consistent scorers the team showed well in the league. Come through performances of Ross Velderrain, Ron Roth, Ron Matty, Pete Pomeroy and Marshall Cochrane aided the scoring. The whole team showed great courage and fine spirit and held the respect of all their opponents. b l' ' - . 21'i'.'.14i. 'Y .--WRQVWN. Murry Jaackson, Mike Palenchar-Sprints 5 s f-',,.. v. Q 5 i A n ,-. nv-1 i f I i vi . v-1-...G '-in-an-....M-.-...,, vQ ' . .. .. , - . Wayne Kraemer coasts in the back stretch ofthe 440. I 5' , x 4112...-, ' ,Q , -1- 1 in I h Q a 'A ' Q 0 -. ' 1' , Q -,..'4,, "Ze -. 4.-. . 'Q v . -1 -4-" "Jus" .wav-N Don Healy eases in at the finish of the 880. "'-x. , , R. Matthews, T. Dobson-Distance j 'X rf: i .an K ,,... ,,,.4y-nr'u-'-W 2-- , V - no-'Jill' .. Q. uc! .N .'y...... 5'2'9!t:s.., Kermit Alexander makes a herculean effort in the broad iump. 6 ,, ,nw qgg, f ff' YM .au- 1' '40 ,I N 9-'Q 1-C gs ps 4,..- ,,..:. ' - ia4G . 9-55" -.uf - ' 'L' P' .f rg' ' tk ':' n'i!'A .Q 5 .J iw'-q7E', grggtfbx - .uni -- I,-qw ' " - . A I .,,- . 10" As- - ' '4gsafQg.Dl ,os'.5e'f 5 Crusader Relay Squad: Ron Roth, Murry Jackson, Ross Velclerrain, Mike Palenchar, Ron Matty, Kermit Alexander. 75612 Clfacfa I2 ' U55 Clifzcfez Qafgi l T 'A' W'-an a .' 'Z l ,.'A1a'F.'.,-- :L -' pt ,. , V f Pete Pomeroy-Mi le Ron Roth anchors strong relay team. Don Healy-880 -3' Ron Roth-100, 220 Mike Brown-Shot Pu? Ross Velderruin-440 d K A '-. Q ' -, .. A.- - 1---C, --L 1' --' .- ...--A-V , v -5,-.-vt - -" . A -A-1 -..-ow-. ,Q V , -. A -,... ,. . ' ' 9 4 - . - 4 . Q 1 Y. . -qui- . ' 5 ' H --1-wx.-.s..v-1-.t . . F- I 435' . ' w. . K' V . 4 ' -f"r'f"" , -My ..4s,e1'g'- sh ,.. -ole., . ll'M1"'3'k'V".Q' ', "r'LrJ f.'-il"':-'P-' " "1 '4r".4"g.- -f IZ ' M A . N , ' A ,. ., M - ,..4.,.,.:- if 1 M, 4-. .---nvyxki-, I " I' . - A ,s.m.4J.f-fs' .1 ,XM ., ,. gf' - '..,",""fh,-f,-x,,,, ,- .M - Q .. - . "t!'7.ftl'.':"37':F 3 A-'.7'47 f- "ii 1 VT -f3jZ'.X f"L-Liff-'5-4yAkfg--5'173f355'.aff-"- 1- .1:.-..,. '- - ,..1.-"w5cmff:.,.u,w- we-we-H.-f'ifl!7'13?Ff'f. 1' '- V:-..k,-. H A 6 Ross Velderruin rounds curve in 440 against Notre Dame. Q -4..,4..,.w+'-H 'H qiffssf- goofs! i , Q L 'zaagifau -..-, - - J N -1.-+1437 5 ."' -LL- . -- , X - - A-H' ... "" - ' . '- gb. , H. N' 1 Q QM ' V ... rj., ' , .. ' ,. . - .. AQ., . . ,Q 'ff' " 4 'J V-- x ,,. - ,,,,, V 1 v" .-M I I, 99 . . ' wg A. V. K+-gm -- g,.,..-1 -' ' fr A ' "' M' 5' . f' .gf-.4-:gr 9 rr . 1,1 - ur . ' Roach oufsfrides Notre Dom r nn s. for.. " 'J' - - H., , -. e U er Y' "L "bw ' -Jr. Y ' . I Pere Pomeroy shows form in the mile run. J. Ory, M. Herbs-High Jump V 'L Q R. Marty-Low Hurdles, Broad Jump T. Coffin, J. Chapman-Pole Vault 'P . . I - K I' . 'ir 'L I -4 il. v ' - - - , - -' . I av aa, I-,ff b - I -U -1' gig-fi ' .A :fr vt .1 f ,J,,,,,-',.,W ,K f e, f' .,.4-2:2 "' f5dg 5fLA if A l 1 ff '- "'A'f. ' :'1'w u'fE'7'E5'Ef1 ' !535fli:?2., gr 'M 43, , ,,, ,,f,.. - J., .' ':'i1,:i W?.4f.- . - -v -, .sf Nf'?' fwfff?1 ' iw-. N if A ' api Q 74 f if , 3 , f- .3 , 'll-f., , ,g ',' Q3 -l T. Gallegos, M. Cochran-Distance E' Q sf- -ii .-.a-.L-..- A A . -- , :uw Q-wwe 0- 13-.Qs 14 .B fiffi' -may ,E Ron Roth finishes cn close second in the 220 ww-Q ,una-1 M. X lm ' , ,,,,, ,W .Wf- V-' ' J' . Wf- .Bs-Isa XJ QA? v ,-4. Vx ei: '!. - 515' ,,,q..., f ..-.. 80 'E'0-df' Kneeling: J. Cote, C. Perkins, F. Rafferty, P. McCue, A. Delahoussclye, L. Hoites, J. De Young, V. Gatlin, K. LeBrane, R. Gonzalez, C. Martin. Standing: C. Prentiss, T. Roberts, D. Cole, G. Mattingly, J. Thomasset, D. Loehr, K. Lyle, M. Galindo, P. Smith, V. Roach. meld? 'ZCLCE With the emphasis on learning and im- proving the Bee and Cee track teams showed that Mount Carmel is building for the future. lf the attitude, discipline and performance of these new men is carried through to var- sity competition, then we have no worry for the future of track at Mount Carmel. In ' J , v ,Ls if v Q-nu -5 ..-..,.. apafh' in-as gl- -sf -Q . . '.- Lyle excells in the broad iump. b h h b , Perkins finishes strong in the 'B' Relay Lynn rings omet e acon 944.4 . 1 -ag Ar' ' 1 x ,,......----4-:ge-r-'- ... ...Q xix, T. Roberts drives off hurdle enroute to win. Carmel 660 man prepares to pass Knight. ' . 4 Kneeling: N. Beckerf, S. Bustamante, A. LeCesne, J. Biunno, T. Preston, J. Silletto, D. Johnson, T. Forgue, E. Lynn, C. Pace, M. Brady. Standing: R Plumlee, L. Luian, K. Thompson, J. Spreiizer, J. Davis, J. Peli, A. Zubi, W. Buford, C. Ikei, H. Workman. Front Row: G. Krall, R. Santoni, G. Cuttrell, T. Auth, N. Gleason, D. Krall, H. Woods. Back Row: G. Auth, J. Graves, D. Kagawa, G. Coonis, T. Willis. 3 l I u I 2 l Fr. Matthew, Moderator cvzaify cglwilnnzin . . .,.,..., ,,,.,?,., 5 A 'Q ytg' hil..,.KtQgaq'f s V .x . it ',, QQ,- s I gl. H I -- 'sl' .mt ' .1 Y V, .Tl ' nl ,fs 4 , ,. , .535 Vs ' -. ,, ,Lt . 1- us. is -..- 3 . 'N' I ,Iwi . .Y x x. 2 Mr. Joseph Horsely, Coach .X s ,.. . s"' - W-.wi 4 9 ,x Although water is not man's na- tural habitat, the Mount Carmel Swimming Team has suited itself very well to this strange environment. Under the competent direction of coach Joseph Horsely and moderator Fr. Matthew, the team has developed into a fine example of co-operation at work. ln contest after contest, this group has shown its domination over all opponents. The team has kept up the superior tradition of athletics here at Mount Carmel. The spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship devel- oped by'these activities will be of in- calculable value to the participators in their future. F UL . .HJ 1 . H . ,,.gevf"" 'a' ' E in :, . - A ' ., ...Www f ek AJ 3 , , . h Crusaders warm-up before meet. Gary Auth terminates dive. 1... V, -J'--.. r. Q v -, A-...wr -.. ,1-er ,, . -- me-'W . ... -f..,,, ijrwn -W... ., ,,. ,N ' M . Q f, an ff q ' f 71 , 6' L A ruin-.Q I, ,,,.. V- ,i nga, -K Y- rl- '57, V ' Q- 'ay ji. --.5 . x . J 1 fiwflr' ' L., 4 -.. . - 1 . ri 1. 6 A: . rr 5 si3!""f:E -. 5-.1 , ' - . ' "+ ''i:'f4,-' r H JJ., "" Carmel aquamen cast off in big race against Leuzinger. 0 J gs. Cuttrell is encouraged by teammate. Perfect handstandl "'T""- J-'ui Pete Santora, Tim Euper, and Mike Hurray. UZMKSQJM f Tim Euper Head Cheerleader In step with the tremendous record compiled by Mount Carmel's athletic teams has been the overwhelming spirit which her students have generated. A great deal of credit iustitiably be- longs to our cheerleaders. With Carmel's dom- inence over other teams in the circuit apparent, complacency was sure to developg but due to the efforts of our cheerleaders this attitude never enveloped the student body. tilillll li l l Z Cheerleaders led the cheers of the entthusiastic student body at every game. The composition of the T959 El Conquistador has not only been a great responsibility on the staff but a great financial responsibility as well. The revenue de- rived through student purchases could not possibly fi- nance the annual. This year, as in past years, the gen- erous support of many cooperative firms and individuals has greatly alleviated this financial responsibility. ln return for their invaluable aid, the El Conquistador Staff has devoted the following pages to them in order to express our appreciation. 4' -..... ... - cjqcfuefzfiiemsn is X l i .,,..-,. ' N an.r4'ff', Fl.. v'-.u.:.m.-4 -.....-., ,img U.- ......J- " f., , M .J ,, I L .,. - 1.. , N 1: f 1 .N -R, af , , E ' 'r Y . F .lf A if 2 K . I 335 . T' T v " ia 1 - .1 4. M x S' , 1 5 :V 'L + 2 f 4 9 1 ' -. " 2 D 1 'A X , . , , I ri, Y - I 3 , " v 31 ., W V' 's + if X if a , - " A 1' 'S V S w .1 'L 3 iff' 1 R. uf Y A 12" . ' ' I 1 1 L- y' I, , 1 L 1 A si -,. 1 .. he . . Q I Ii -in 2' !. 1 fl 13 y, ' ' .. , .A ju .- k ' j' ,I 1 qzmkq if iv-1 ,A gp : , 1 -' ' - 1 . ,fl 1, p +1 ik i mal! H1 I Lf. r , H . 'FN l S . LZ, 'ff 1:1 -1 .f' . 59- 1 J. ,-i 'E . J ' t. v ww 31.1. ....... ,---gf-.-. . ,N 4 x .-,Q-, ., I ' 1 rf--w...., ,.-.. 5'-ax..-.nxx 1 - f N- w. , v I ' -A,4'f1 -mf... .' J E:"""7 i 'W 'vw-1-.-:'vQ.'.'-rug., . ,f..,Al. X v.-.,...:,1-LH... W ,M ,,A rig- -- V..-...M-...:,: - '--..a..1,..,. 4. ' -M,-..-..., ,:- ,- ' -' f.Bf..a-I' " ' 'iW4i'Nf'T'Tf' 'HN' ..-. .--..L,-A'A " -4-'ivan-tssf.L"Ims7QQ - ,.,.f,,.,Q:,-5... . ... .A -X-..: ' ' "Wm - .. ..--:s- ,- -:J-,gil . my.. - ' -- ' ' " 'B 5"45fQ-'12'--1vQvead..1L'Awv-qy.,,,,,,,1R -3 -1--1 . - . , ., Q .,..mr1:,'. . . ----v.....-Lu...--v.-'l.: "" ' ' K. I -RATE DRUGS , 111 2171 Qwlesliflorence ' 'fy KR '9- Plr'9f4475 , ,, . .. 1 i 1 .7 A ns 1 'K l ' 0 L 5 f x 1 .- 4 1 I 4 x , fl. 11 ,1- 4.1 SAME DAY ' 'Wwe i V 8. F 7117 Souih L, lllllll ' fmatfse RPI . I llllll ifua W ,JY v G-in "' i fav -'asv-gg s IHUI 550 IEEDI .ESM r E French 8. Italian Pastries or Adv 'I -5227 1 J! Q 2910 G n IDZSIQ LWILIQ AV L, wg DAVL2 ALTQR REAL ESQZFALTOE REALTOR moms AX J X- I' Qmvxx 7x6 xt P- 4 M! M254-.iw IIIHIFI El.F2f7'r2 s:'. SUPPLH' 1946 'i g li" 7959 I ' x Q3 ca .CJC 3 HY x X CIRCLE CLEAN ERS Y If Q. fi 'i I-'ik Milli B343 Gqcfuazfiaamsn fi 'T' in M X Pg gf' 5 EE: g lf' - I W W S 3 4 fgz "al IVR? . rg H '- U ulrsmn. J 1V'l'f5J I ' - 47ZiLe U'RHua.1- OU AX. 4 6101 if 'MED i Nfl!! H'16LEwg .n-- .. 04516 cgcgcvzfsfz Lffufy fghzfs - ffrziumrzcs 2505 CU miwclllfd fgwzfluuz 5405. -5flY- 3-V253 'W Mr. Herb Schurfer NIH l0l'lI'l0YS flllm 1 IHIIIJIIK 7! NGMIN rlllldllll L u MU BLOG ,gf 24 HOUR SFEEF-SERV lCIf4 X 4 DHOTHT USHE . SLOV BED K . r' Q . - -- .mann . s :wr mul! '-s- ' . ..74JU5'cfii5l1z.ilz fi .T,...-.---H --Y ' X GHEJ AX. P5712 in N I afj 5. y HTML Publ NS X- NOW Suvmg , Qom FOL Loccmon I ,HAY .r" . - .4797 uf' ..s:'f"',f ff ' - " ' 4 mme I Ci:,Brec1 . , M .-,,-.,, ,qvu-gk.-I MR. VICTOR SCHNEIDER, President, Golden State Paint Corp. GOLDEN STATE .fueaaure our :Decorating ggainf CORP. loflard Carefully LET US SHOW YOU HOW WITH QUALITY PAINTS AND WALLPAPER AT CONSISTENTLY LOW PRICES. THE RESULTS AND THE SAVINGS WILL MORE THAN DELIGHT YOU. GOLDEN STATE "THE WEST'S BEST" IN FINE PAINTS fpainf: - WALLPAPER - BRUSHES CORP. 4311 DEGNAN BLVD., Ax. 4-5293 One Block East of Crenshaw in Leimert Park now's the tlmel as suns nun me Jos You wANr wlu ss vouns wueu You GRADUATE. Just drop into one of the em- ployment offices listed below and reserve that job! ffifffif 'ff' U For other employment PAC l F I C offices nearer your home T E L E P H O N E ask Operator for ZENITH 10,000 ltoll freej I EiZlIE'Zl2 emma Quality Dairy Products Since 1913 Family Ownership and Management WHOLESALE ONLY "For Service Call" WESTERN FARMS 3100 S. Grand Avenue RI 9-3204 37256157 ana! 3022 CLOTHIERS IMPORTERS BARBER SHOP Bob Snyder CRENSHAW CENTER FORTY-THIRD ST. AT DEGNAN AXminster 2-7070 BEVERLY HILLS 427 NORTH BEDFORD DRIVE CRestview 6-9140 WAGNER OF CALIFORNIA BEN WAGNER "Jackets and StoIes" 304 SO. BROADWAY LOS ANGELES 13, CALIF. MAdison 5-7046 .U alex f Oqcfaazfiaeza Southwest Camera ........ .... Barnett Electrical Contractors Al Conger Chevron Station . . . . . . . Henry's Coffee Shop ...... Signal Cut-Rate Drugs .... Old Reliable Cleaners .... Steinbeck Brothers . . . V 8g F Market ..... .. Meadows Restaurant . . . Wilkes Realtor .................. Universal Electronics'Distributors .... Masiello Brothers ........ Main Electric Supply . . . Redwood Shop ..... Circle Cleaners ..... Cleo's Beauty Salon ....... .... Jack's Music and Sport Shop Vermont Bowl ............ .... Louis Niez Plumbing . . . Lou Stringer ....... Mike's Shoe-O-Rama . .. Southwest Chevrolet .... Allied Van Lines .... Herb Schurter ......... Bichlmeier lce Venders .... Christy Shepherd Studios . . Golden State Paint .... Snyder and Son .... Pacific Telephone . . . Western Farms ..... Wagner of California . . . ........ . ...- The advertisers listed on this page have played a vital role in the financing of the annual Truly we owe them a debt of gratitude one which we may partially repay through our pat ronage of their businesses Page 196 1 Page 188 Page 188 Page 188 Page 188 Page 189 Page 189 Page 189 Page 189 Page 190 Page 190 Page 190 Page 190 Page 191 Page 192 Page 192 Page 192 Page 192 Page 193 Page 193 Page 193 Page 193 Page 194 Page 194 Page 195 Page 196 Page 197 Page 198 Page 198 Page 198 Page 198 .f ations and cgponaou Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page PATRONS Gabriel C. Apodoca Mr. and Mrs. John Bain and Family Mr. F. J. Barton and Family Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Beavers and Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Beavers and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joe Beckett and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Bell Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Benny and Brent Lawrence R. Blount and Family Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Ralph Bockhold and Larry '59 . Q. Bonetto and Jerry '61 . Joseph Browner Sr. and Family A. H. Carrizosa . P. Coia and Joe '59 E. H. Cox and Son R. A. Crawford and Alan '59 Alfred F. Cuttrell and Family Driver Ed. Class, 7th Period The Eaton Family Ray Esquivel '60 Mr. and Mrs. H. Faulkner and Andrea Mr. and Mrs. James A. Fitzgerald and Family G. F. Gale Mrs. Mary H. Gallegos Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Garibaldi and Family C. A. Goodman Family The Gridlan Family Mr. and Mrs. John Grimm and Family The Highway Gems Art Hirt and Family History Class, 7th Period, '60 History Class, 7th Period, '62 Mike Hurray Mr. and Mrs. M. Jankowski Norman Jones '60 Joseph's Men's Wear Mr. Leon M. Katz and Alvin '59 O. E. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Claybourne Lockett The Luian Family Mechanical Drawing Class Mr. Manuel and Maria Theresa Moreno Mr. and Mrs. Michael Palenchar and Family Mr. and Mrs. Bronce Powell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Relph and Family Jeanette M. Sckenck Dr. and Mrs, Charles C. Stehly and Family The Straeter Family Gary Tigges The Tons Family Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Turner Frank H. Young SPONSORS 1 . . . L. A. Breakfast Nook Co. Mfg. Booths for Homes and Restaurants 8916-18 So. Normandie PL. 1-0861 2 . . ..A Friend 6 ...The Ito Family 1308 West Santa Barbara 11 ...The Billitti Family 19 . . .The Vince Mannara's '42 and Tom Brannon '59 67 . . . Mr. and Mrs. George D. Bagert Gary Carmel '61 69 . . .The Thomas Edwards Family 83 . . .The Andrew Gessig Family Andy, Jr. Carmel '59 Marilyn Pius X '63 Steve Carmel '68 91 . . . Humphrey Harmony House 8331 E. Firestone Blvd. 115 ..Terry and Marcia McCue - Pete '60 132 ..Albion Knitting Mills 8417 So. Hoover St. 163 . .Mr. and Mrs. Leo Amari Lee Amari '61 Darlene Amari St. Michael's '59 182 . .Henry C. Tanklage La Victoria Products 1500 So. Eastern Ave. 186 . .S 8s V Manufacturing Co. 127 East 9th Street 187 . . Hoffmeister Cabinet Co. 3008 Hyde Park Blvd. f sw afzmeflfa cgcfioof I f , 7 , , CIZCLVZO, Cuflfowuu As Southern California continues its tremendous growth in population her educational needs become more and more acute. To help meet these needs the Carmelite Fathers are proud to announce the addition of a new Carmelite high school to its ever expanding educational facilities. The school, to be constructed in Encino, California, will welcome its first freshman class in September, 1959. Upon completion, the school will accommodate 1,200 students, The Carmelite Fathers are equally proud to announce the appointment of Father Augustine Carter as principal of their new school. As a former graduate of Mount Carmel, Father Carter holds the distinction ot being the first Carmel Student Body President to enter the priest- hood. In time Mount Carmel, Encino, under Father Carters guidance and God's blessings, promises to be- come a bright star in the Carmelite galaxy ot schools. -vu.-Q...-Q-U.-vqcusyuununqqnuu-un ,,..---,,,,-.-..-,,-T,...e-1 fzf L Y- ' .ti . ...-.1-...----0.3 --1-- ---...-- -.. -- -..-1-...--..--.- , ,,., ,,,.Y,Y,, .. ,H ,.,. -,,,Q..- 1-,,,-.. Tir Yweijr vrrv H ..,-,,,,v, -, ,,..-.. , Y -V .... ,,Le W- e-Q--v..-711:-1:1 - -1: f---- '--- -- --A11 gum, ,.,, , ..... "" ... ......--.. .LE3Elgg?:-2:2-:11'22 S- -- ..---.................-..-..--.v.-..-.quu- "" "" "' """ " """:'l -v-- -'xv 1.-. A ABSMEIER, 1oHN-67 ACOSTA, GILBERT-54, 55, 86, 131, 130. 116 ACOSTA, PHILIP-54, 55, 86, 131, 130, 116, 93 ACUNA, MIGUEL-75 AGUILAR, RONALD-67, 164, 150, 172 ALEXANDER, KERMIT-20, 21, 88, 110, 134,137,139,141,143,145,174, 176, 179, 96, 99, 175 ALMADA, ROBERT--75 AMAR1, LEE NOEL-67 ANCTIL, EDGAR-21, 88, 92, 135, 137, 106, 108 ANDERSON, THOMAS-75, 184 135, APODOCA, GABRIEL-21 APODOCA. RAYMOND-67, 164, 124, 172 AQUINAGA, PETER-75 ARANA, DANIE1.-55 ARCIGA, FRANK--55 ARGANO, RALPH-55 ARGUELLO, GEORGE-67 ARNONE, MICHAEL-55, 86, 88, 97, 134. 137, 166,131,130, 170,169 ARRIETTA, ALBERT-55 ATEMAN, RONALD-55, 11 AUTH, GARY-54, 183, 130, 93 AUTH. WILLIAM-55. 67, 86. 92, 131, 124. 130 AUBUCHON. JOHN-21. 111 AVERY, AYALA. ROBERT-55 RICHARD-22, 166, 124, 167 B BABCOCK, RONALD-22, 124 BABLER. BACILE, GREGORY-75 JAMES-67 BAHAM, GARY-22, 88, 137 BAHAM, PHILIP-75 BAHAM, STEVEN-22, 86, 92, 131, 130 BAHAN. BANKS. BANKS, JOHN-67, 93 QUENTIN-55. 154, 153 SHERMONT-67. 162 BARNETT, BRUCE-22 BARRERA, ARNOLD-23, 86, 92, 124 BARTON, DAVID-55 BEALS, JOHN-23, 88, 159, 158, 155, 153 8EA1'1'Y, JOHN-75. 184. 93. 117 BEAVERS. TERRY-23. 88. 92. 97, 108, 137 BECKERT, NORMAN-67, 181 BELL. GEORGE-67 IBIEDETTO, JOSEPH-23. 86. 131, 116 BWNV, BRDIT-67 ' BICKLMEIER, GARY-23, 110, 155, 93 BIENVBIUE, JOHN-24, 84, 86, 88, 110, 135.138.102,106.112.108 EDWARDS, THOMAS-69, 87, 164 BIUNNO, JOSEPH-75. 181 BIXLER. BIXLER, ANTHONY-7 5 MARK-5 5 BLANCHARD, THOMAS-73 BLANCO, FRANK-75 BLOUQIKAR, ROBERT-24, 86, 97, 131, 106 BLOOM, HERBERT-55. 111 MOUNT, PAUL-24. 86, 111 ILOUNT, RAPHAEL-74, 75, 131, 111, 124. 93 BOBADILLA, RICHARD--55 BOCKHOL0, LARRY-24 BOGERT, GARY-67, 87, 172 BONETTO, GERALD-67, 134, 138, 140 BOOKER. GARY-55 BOWEN, MICHAEL-75 BOWERS, JOHN-73. 172 BRADV. MICHAEL-67. 181 BRAMBILA, JOSE-56 BRANNON, TOM-24 IRUENIG. PAUL-75 BRIONES, SERGIO-56 BROUSSARD. JOHN-75 BROWN. DANIEL-68. 150 BROWN, GARV-25, 135, 138, 147, 93 BROWN BROWN BROWN LEONARD-139. 56 f RONALD-25, 67 ROBERT-67 BROWN, MICHAEL-56, 97, 135, 139, 174, 177,112 BROWN, RONALD-67 BROWNER, JOSEPH-67, 166, 150, 171 BRUNASSO, MARIO-67, 117 BRUNSMANN, JAMES-56, 97, 111, 124, 130 suck, FRQD-25, 124, 167 BUFORD, JON-75 BUFORD, WILLIAM-67, 181 wzmcx, Rosen-56 BURNETT, CHARLES-67, 150 BUSCEM1. CHARLES-156 BUSTAMANTE, SEBESTIAN-75, 181 CAHIU.. NORMAN-25. 86. 93 CALVERT, JOHN-67, 166 CANDILIERI, DAVID-75 CANTELLA. THOMAS-68 CAPPELL, RONALD-68 CARDOOS, RICHARD-75, 172 CARDOOS, WAYNE--68, 150 CARR. GARY-68 CARRIZOSA, LLOYD-25, 131, 124 CARREW. WILLIAM-68 CARTWRIGHT, JOHN-26 CASPARY, LOUIS-68, 111, 117 CASTELLANO. JOSEPH-68, 117 CASTRUITA, LOUIS-66, 68, 117 CASTRO, DOMINIC-68, 162 CASTRO, FERNANDO-75, 172 CWICEROS, LEW-75 211 1 0 CATALINA, LARRY-56 CAVALLO, DOUGLAS-56 CERVANTES, VINCENT-68, 150 CHADES, LOUIS-68 CHAFE, FRANK-75, 131 CHAFE, JOSEPH-26, 86, 166, 131, 170 CHAFE, LAwRsNcE-26, 128, 111, 116 CHAPMAN, JACK-56, 174, 155, 178, 111, 153 CHAPMAN, NEAL-56, 111 CHASE, LEROY-75. 172 cr1Avez, RoNN1e-75 C1-1Avsz, TONY--56, 135, 139, 146, 156, 160 CIANCIMINO. PATRICK-68 CICCOIANNI, Louls-6a CLARK, DONALD-68 CLARK, JAMES-68, 76, 128 c1.sveR, LAWRENCE-76. 129 cocHRANf, MARSHALL-63, 179, 150, 174 coFF1N, THOMAS-26, 174, 178 co1A, JOSEPH-26, 97 COLE, DAv1D-66, 63, 134, 139, 180 COMEAU, JOHN-27, aa, 138, 140, we como, PAUL-76, 150, 172 cooN1s, GEORGE-76, 1so comm, THOMAS--68 co1A, AR111uR--56 couRso, STEVE-56, 116 COSARO, LAWRENCE-76, 165, 150 cox, LEROY-68, 111, 117 CRAWFORD, ALAN-27, 124 CREDE, Josevn--76 CRIMINS, RONALD-27, 131, 124 cR1sALL1, JOHN-68, 184 crzoss. M1c1-1AEL--76 CULLEN, Roasm'-a1 CURIEL, ARTHUR-6a cuMM1Nc-s, JOEL-76, 184, 172 cuT1RsLL, GEQRGE-57, 76, 86, 133, 131, 111 CUTTRELL, JOHN-87, 129, 150, 117 D DAHL, DENNIS-27, 111 DAHL, ROGER-57 DALY, ROBERT-27 DANEY, MICHAEL-28, 88, 166, 168, 93 DASARO,GEO1lGE-28, 36, 131, 106, 124, 130, 116 DAVIS, 1oHN-76, 165, 181 DE ARGusRo, PHILIP-48 DE coNrRsRAs, FAa1o-6a DE FAZIO, JOHN-23, 106, 108 DE eeovzce, VINCENT-28, 171 DE GEORGE. VIRGIL-28, sa, 166, 168 DE LA FUENTE, GERALD-68 DsLA11oussAve, ALTHEMUS-57, 36, 131, 180 DELA1-1oussAve, RONALD-29 DE LA ROSA, Luns-29, 111, 116 DE LAuR1sR, STEPHEN-69, 164 DELR11, JACK-68, 150, 117 DELZER, Rouen-76 DE MAGGIQ, JAMES-69, 117 DENOGEAN, RosER1'-57 DERAss, TED-57 DE ROSA, R1c1-1ARD-29, 34, 36, 110, 135,147,102,106,130,169,112, 108, 113 DesPARs, EDWARD--57 DE 1os1cEv, JAMes-57 DE YOUNG, w1LL1AM-57, 69, 180 D1Az, GREGORY-76 1:11 Mio. N1c1c-29 D1 PIETRO, FRANK-76 DOBSON. THOMAS-57, 86, 174, 131, 175, 116 DOMINGUEZ, AUGUSTINSS7, 86 DoNA1'ELL1, PAUL-57, 140 DoNovAN, 101-1N-69 DUARTE, v1c1oR-76, 124 DusNes, EDWARD-57 DUMA5, RUSSELL-76 DUNAGAN. GLENN-69 DUNCAN, PATRICK-57, 111 D'v1Ro1LL1o, Josem-63, 162 E EASTEP, DALE--76 EATON, JOHN-69, 87, 129, 164, 172 117 EGAN, TOM-58, 166, 131, 170, 153, 93 EHRESMAN, RONALD-69 sL1As, GEORGE-76 ENGERRON, ERNEST-'10, 126 EscALAN1E, JAMES-sa ESQUIVEL, Rs1NALDo-53 ESTAY, w1LL1AM-93, ao ESTRADAS, ANTHONY-77 sum, TIMOTHY-30, os, 166, 111, 169, 184 F FASHING, JOHN-66, 69, 87, 135, 140 FAUSTINA, STEPHEN-129, 124, 150, 69, 93, 117 FAusT1NA, v1NcEN1'-30. 93 reux, sERc1o-76 PsRNANDez, Jas-sa, 129, 130 F11.L, TOM-111, 58 F1NNERTY,TIM.-81, 150, 172 gbicfufca F1rzGeRALD, THOMAS-30. 84, os, 110, 135, 140, 96, 102, 106, 93, 112, 108 r1rzs1MMoNs, DENNIS-69, 130, 117 fLANN1GAN, FRANc1s-5a FONFARA, JERRY--76 FONTBJOT, DARRYL-77 FORD, EDWARDA11, 124 Foacus, TOM--58. 181 Fosmz, M1c11AEL-73 Fox,c1-1ARLss-31, 111 rRANx1NG. RONNIE-76 mes, FREDDIE'-58, 86 Fuess, JOHN-586 GAaoR, ROBERT-77, 162 GALE, GEORGE-131, 31, 116 GAL1ND0. MARK-69, 150, 180 GA1.1iGOS,ARTHUR-166. 124. 31, 170 GALLEGOS, MICHAEL-69, 111 GALLEGOS, TONY-174, 179. 31 GAMBINA, ROBERT-69 GARCIA, ANTHONY-72 GARCIA, GEORGE77 GARCIA, RALPH-77 GARCIA. RUBEN-69, 150 GATLIN, VAN-69, 180 GEIRMAN, RAYMOND-69 GESSIG, ANDREW--84. 85. 97. 110, 160, 157, 102, 106, 32, 153, 93, 108 GIBILTERRA, CHARLES-96, 99, 32 GILL, FRANK-69 GLEASON, JAMES-32 GLEASON, NEAL-58, 135 GLEIXNER, MICHAEL-69, 166, 171 GLOE, ALLEN-58 GONZALEZ, MANUEL-58 GONZALEZ, RICHARD-69, 77, 180 GOODMAN, JAMES-110, 135, 141, 32 GORDON, PRENTISS-69, 135, 141 GRAFFIO, JOSEPH-69 GRAVES. JOHN-70 GRIDLAN, GREG-32, 116, 93 GREEN, TOM-58 GRIFFIN, MICHAEL-70 GRIMM, MICHAEL-58, 131 GUNNINGHAM, ARTHUR-77 GUTIERREZ, RAUL--58 GUTIERREZ, ROLAND--77 GUZMAN, JOHN-70 GUZMAN, VICTOR-33 H HAEUSSLER, RICHARD-33, 86, 88, 135. 141,174,131,116,112 HAFFLEY, JAMES-77, 141 HAFFLEY, JOHN-59, 135 HARDING, FRANK-59 HARDWIG, CLAY-59 HAREN, MICHAEL-70, 150 HAREN, TERRY-77, 172 HAUGHEY, JOSEPH-59 HAUGHEY, RICHARD-70 HAUPTMAN, THOMAS-70, 73, 172 HEALY, DON-33. 88, 174, 176, 175 HEATTER, GEORGE--59, 155. 157, 153 HEATTER. TED-33 HERBS, MICHAEL49, 97, 134, 141, 174, 178, 131 HERRERA, FRANK-59 HERRERA, GEORGE-59 HEWLETT, MARTINEZ-59. 86, 92, 97, 131, 130 HIRSCH, FRANK-78 HIRT, MICHAEL-33 HISS, JAMES-78, 164, 184 HIZA, MICHAEL-77 HOBBS, ROBERT-70 HOITES, LEO-70, 73, 164, 150, 180 HOLCOMB, BARTON-59, 124 HOLLOW. DENNIS-59. 129, 130, 93 HOPPER, JOSEPH-70 HORNBECKER. MICHAEL-459 HOUSER, ALBERT-59 HUERTA, ROBERT-81 HUGGINS, RICHARD-59 HUGH , RODGER-59 HULSHOF. JEFF-70 HURLEY, GERALD--81 HURRAY. MICHAEL-34, 111, 124, 184 I IACONO, JOHN-77 IKEI, ERNEST-70, 165, 117, 181 ITO, BRUCE-34. 86. 92. 130, 116, 112 IZABAL. WILLIAM-70, 87, 129, 117 J JACHTSCHITZ, JOHN--77 JACKSON, EUWARD44, 111 JACKSON, MURREY-70, 174, 110 JAMES, PETER-59 JANOWICZ, FRANK-77, 173, 172, 162 JANKOWSKI, ARTHUR-59. 124 JARVIS, RONALD-70 JIMBQEZ, MANUEL-78 JOHNSON, BENNIE-70. 135, 142 JOHNSON, DBJNIS-70, 181 JONS, JOHN--77, 172 JON5, NORMAN-60 JORDAN, CECIL-60, 142, 147 1 1 L3 I 1 1 1 1 L 1. . 1 111.1 n--- - 1-eu: MIM 1 q.1pvqL:4111evyl11gV W ,- 'vuwmr N H Umlgx K KAGAWA, DONALD-70 KANE, ROBERT-74, 77, 162 KATZ, ALVIN-20, 34, 86, 88, 110, 134, 138, 142, 143, 144, 96, 130, 116, 112 KAUMP, JAMES-78, 117 KEAN. DOUGLAS-78 KELLAM, CHARLES--77, 87, 111 KENNEDY. GARY-70, 128 KERGER. RUSSELL-60 KIMBLE. LE ROY--60 KISH, STEPHEN-34, 92, 158, 130, 153 KNIGHT, WILFRED-77, 172 KOLLER, JOHN-77 KOTABE, JAMES-60 KRAEMER, WAYNE-35, 86, 88, 135, 143, 174,131,106, 175 KRALL, DONALD-35, 88 KRALL, GERALD-73, 150 KROPACH, WILLIAM-60 KUEBLER, JosEP1-1-oo 1cu1-1N,sus1Av-as. ao, 129, 131, 106 L LA CASSE. LARRY-60 LA CASSE, RICHARD-77 LAMBAISO, WILLIAM-78 LA MERE, NICK-60 LE BELL, NORMAN-60 LE BRANE, KARL-70, 129, 150, 180, 117 LE BRANE, LAWRENCE--35 LE CESNE, ALVAREZ-70, 181 LE CESNE, ATHONY-60 LE CESNE, DEAN-74, 78, 150 LE FEBVRE, ROBERT-60, 86, 131 LE FEVOUR, STEVE-60 LEINTZ, LEWIN, LEWIS. LOCKE, LOEH R, LARRY-71, 87. 129, 164, 117 PETER-60, 160 ROBERT-60 JAMES-71 DENNIS-78, 180 LOEHR, MICHAEL-35, 88, 166, 102, 150, 167 LOMELI, EDWARD-78 LO MONACO, VINCENT-36 LONIGRO. FRANK-36, 20, 135, 138, 143, 166, 102, 169 LOPEZ, ANTHONY-70, 71 LOPEZ, JOHN-78 LOPEZ, NORBERT-60. 86, 131 LLAMAS, RAY-60 LOZANO. MEL-135. 143. 61 LUBCHUK, ALEXANDER-36, 93 LUGO, ALT--61 LUGO. ANTHONY-61 LUJAN, LARRY-78, 165, 181 LUMAS. EDWARD-61 LUNSFORD, LEE--78 LYLE, KENNETH-78, 164, 180 LYNN, EDWARD-164, 150, 78, 180, 181 M MCCAMMACK, DONALD-71, uso Mccmzmv, JOHN-78 Mccmzruv, M1cHAeL--41 Mccmu. DONALD-36 Mccue. PETE-61, 1eo MCDANIEL, GARY-71 McDERMOTT, Jossvn-7a, 111, 117 Mcsoumncx, PATRICK-61 MCGRATH, MIKE-41, 111, so McGRAT1-I, PHILIP-61 MCHUGH, FRANK-71 MCMILLAN, ART-87, 92, 1:15, 144, a7, 108 MAnu1zA, Joan-41, ae, 131 MAGALLANES, cmuos-61 MAGANA, 611.52111-71 MA1-1oNEv, PAUL-41 MALQNE. THOMAS-71 MANc1No, LOUIS-71 MANc1No, 1z1c1-1A11n-41, 134, 144 Mmnuounz, HENRY-78, 172 MARTIN, ALLEN-79, 128 MARTIN, CHARLES-71, 1so, 1so MARTIN, JEFF'-61 MARTIN, TOM-78 MAn11Nez, DAVE-78, 162 MARTINEZ. JOHN-78 MA11-us, 1HoMAs-va Num, TED-61, 131 MATTINGLY, Josem-1-71, 180 MATTHEWS, RICHARD-61, 174, 124, 175 MATTY, RONALD-61, 174, 176, 178, 1 1 1 MATZIE, REGIS-71, 163, 162 MAYA, LORENZO-71, 150 MAYER, ALFRED-62 MELE, RICHARD-79 MELENDEZ, LUIS-71 MENDOZA, MANUEL--79 MESSERLE, DONALD-97, 106, 37, 124, 116 MESTAZ, DAVID-79 METOYER, JESSE-37 METOYER, MICHAEL-79, 87, 165 MILTIMORE, MICHAEL-71, 166, 117 MINTZER. MICHAEL-79 MITCHELL, HARRY-62, 111 MOE, BILL-62 MOEDE, WILLIAM-71, 150 MONTOYA, JOHN-71 MONTOYA, PABLO-79 MOORE, GLEN-79 MORAGA, HENRY-134, 137, 144, 158, 157, 102, 37 MOZENO, ROBERTO-111, 37 MOR1, KYOZO-62 MOSS, ULYSSES-62, 135, 137, 145 MUNOZ, EDWARD-38 MURPHY, PATRICK-79 MURPHY, TIM-62, 135, 144 N NASH, ALCIDE-79 NAVARRO, ARTHUR-80 NAVARRO, GILBERT--111 NEWHOUSE, MARIO--38, 145 NEVEU, RONALD-71 NUNEZ, VICTOR-38 NOWAK, WALTER-71 NOZAWA, GARY-71 O OBERRIEDER, TERRY-38, 86, 131, 112 O'CONNOR, MICHAEL-71 OLGUIN, THOMAS--79 OLSON, ROBERT-62 OMOTO, DENNIS-62 ORY, JOHN-62, 135, 145, 174, 159, 178 OSUNA, DANIEL-73, 111 OVIEDO, ANDRE-38 P PACE, CLARENCE-81, 165, 181 PADILLA, THOMAS-81 PAEZ, RENE-72 PALAMERA, PAUL-62 PALENCHAR, MICHAEL-72, 134, 145, 174, 176 PALMER, LAWRENCE-62 PARRA, RICHARD--62 PATIN, MICHAEL-79, 129 PECH, CHARLES-39, 135, 145 PECHARICK, ROBERT-79 PECHSTEDT, CLYDE-39, 86 PELI, JOHN-79, 181 PENA, JAMES-62, 86, 131 PEREZ, MANUEL-79, 111 PERKINS, CHARLES-72, 150, 180 PETSCHAUER, ERWIN-72, 117 PHILLIPPE, JAMES-72 PILL, GERALD-72 PLOTNER, THOMAS-72 PLUMLEE, NICHOLAS-79, 181 POLIZZOTTO, PAUL-72 POMEROY, PETE-39, 86, 174, 176, 178. 131 POTTER, FRED-62, 129, 131 POWELL, GERALD-62 POWERS, JOHN-39, 62, 146 POWERS, ROBERT-135, 111, 39 FOZSGAI, FRANCIS-63, 88, 134, 139 146,174,112,179 PRENTISS, CHARLES-63, 180 PRESTON, THOMAS-63, 81, 181 PRESTON, WARREN-86, 165, 116 PURZYCKI, CHARLES-63, 129 PYSZORA, GARY-72 Q QUATTROCCHI, FRANK-63 QUESADA, ARTURO-39, 128 QUESADA, EDWARD-79, 128 QUIJADA, FRANK-72 QUIROS, MARK--79 R RADLE, GARY-79, 150 RADVANCZY, NICHOLAS-72, 124 RAFFERTY, FRANK-72, 180 RAMIREZ, TOM-63, 86. 116, 93 RANDLEMAN, JOSEPH-40, 88, 134, 146, 166, 102, 167, 169 READRICK, MICHAEL-79, 128 REED, HOWARD-40 REHM, WILLIAM-63 REIMER, JOHN-72 REINSCH, DAVID-72 REISZ. RANDOLPH-73 RITT, RUDOLPH-72, 184 RELPH, JAMES-63, 146 ROACH, VINCENT-92, 80, 180 ROARO-JASSO, HECTOR-80 ROARO-JASSO, WILLIAM-40, 86, 130. 116, 112 ROBERTS, TELESPHORE-72, 180, 181 ROBLES, LOUIS-73 ROBLES-GIL, MANUEL-63 RODGERS, RICHARD-40 RODRIGUEZ, EUGENE--72, 111 RODRIQUEZ, FRED-40 ROHZQQUEZ, ROBERT-41, 135, 146, non-1, RONALD-41, 174, 176, 177, 179, 110 Ruoov, EDWARD-ea nulz, ERNIB-63 RUPP. DAN151.-72, 81, 150, 172 11uPP, JOHN-87, 72, 117 Russo, JossP14-aa, 153 S SAEMANN, JOHN-80 SALINAS, JOHN-63 SAMPSON, RONALD-63 SANDELL, GARY-63 SANDERS, ROBERT-72 SANGUINET, ROBERT-41 SANTINA, ADRIAN-64, 159, 153 SANTON1, RICHARD-64 SANTORA, PETER-64, 184, 116 SAULNY, MERLIN-41, 89, 102, 110, 108, 106 SCANLAN, DAVID-72 SCHENCK, THOMAS-80, 1 17 SCHLAGER, JOHN-72 SCHREINER, DENNIS-64, 174, 156, 161,160,158, 153,112 SCUNIGIO. ANTHONY-41 SEBASTIAN, JOHN-72, 124 SELEINE, ROBERT-80, 184 SHEA, JOSEPH-42, 166, 168, 108 SHERMAN. GEORGE-64 SHIMATSU, RODGER-73. 111. 130 SIERRA, HECTOR-64 SILLETTO, JAMES-64, 80, 124, 117, 181 s1MEs, noaenr-eo, 1a4 smrreszv. rename:-72 smm-1, DENNIS-80 SMITH, LEE-64 SMITH, PATRICK-72, 150, 180 soro, ARMANDO-73 soro, RAY-73 souzA, RONALD-64 SPENCER, ERNEST-72, 129 SPREITZER, JOHN-80, 1e1 s1ALev, DAVE-64 STAMER, w1LuAM-42 smucs, JEROME-1 so smzxs, LAMONT-64, 1410, 155, 111, 153 STEHLY, CHARLES-64 STEIN, JAMES-42, 86 STEINMETZ, JAMES-64 STEVENSON, ROBERT-64 STODDARD, THOMAS-64 STRAETER, MICHAEL-42, 96 SULLIVAN. ARTHUR-72. 150 SULLIVAN, JOHN-80 SURMEIER, GARY-73 SWEET, JOSEPH-72 SWEENEY, JOHN-64, 128, 111, 124, 116 SWINTEK, RICHARD-43, 86, 96, 102, 112, 124, 130 T TAKEDA, TERRY-65 TANKLAGE, ROBERT-65 TAPIA. JOHN-73 TAYLOR, JAMES-106, 43, 1 11 TAYLOR, JOHN-80, 87. 128 TAYLOR, LAWRENCE-43, 88, 156, 161, 168, 153, 108 TAYLOR, WILLIAM-65, 124 TEBO, PATRICK-65, 80, 87, 128 TERRAZAS, LOUIS-73, 124 THOMASSET, JOHN-73, 93, 180, 1 17 THOMPSON, WILLIAM-80, 150 THOMSON, EDWARD-80, 128, 111 TIGGES, GARY-65, 124 TINOCO, XAVIER-80, 129 TODARO, JOSEPH-73 TOMASICK, JOHN-65 TONS, DENNIS-65, 154, 161, 153, 112 1 TORRENCE, RONALD-80 TRACEY, WILLIAM--43, 116 TRATZ, WALLACE-73 TREZ, JAMES--80, 150, 72 TROY, WILBUR-81, 150 TURCANY, FRANK-81, 150 TURNER, FRANK-65, 131, 124, 93 V VALLE, DAVID-73 vALLeJoS. THOMAS-65, 131 vAN seacxsusn, WILLIAM-65 VASQUEZ, FRED-44, 131 vAsQuEz, ROBERT-65 VELDERRAIN, nosmno-44, 94, aa, 110,134,138,142,174,176,177, 102, ma, 108 venseck. Ream-al venouco, uxnnv-as VIGNERY, ELDON-81, 117 VILLARREAL, PAUL-73 v1u.EMsu1z, PHILIP-65, 171 VIVANO, JOHN-73 vv1cYnA1, JERRY-44, se, aa, 131, 124 W wAsNen, BENJAMIN-73, 184 wALsH, 101-1N-7:1 wA1zo, 1HoMAs-as wA1111eN, ooNAw-73, 129, 117 WASI-18URN,MARK-73,87, 129, 128, 117 WATSON, GARY--44 WEBER, ANDREW-44 WELSCH, MANFRED-65, 92, 97 WHALLEY, DICK-81 WHALLEY. RONALD-44 WHITSITT, ROBERT--81 WILEY, ROBERT-45 WILHELM, PATRICK-73 WEAS, DONALD-73, 165 WILSON. EDWARD-73 WILLIS, THOMAS-73 WOODS, HENRY-65, 111, 124 WOODS, JAMES-45, 134, 147 WORKMAN, HIRAM-73, 181 WRIGHT, JAMES-73 Y vouuc, GARY-81 vowsu. JOHN--81 Z ZAMBEL, LEONARD-45, 96 ZERILLI, LEONARD-45, 134, 141, 147 ZINKOWSKI, EDWARD-65, 86, 131 ZUBI, ARMANDO-181 Xxx A 1 .11 J. 1 J ,- XL' ryfg. f , Nr, . 9-XA , A x LN' RN. .. . 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Suggestions in the Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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