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 - Class of 1945

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5' , . Q f ,A , jf- W., :TZ V ,-ff",fZS f -J lj J-EWU" JR- , " A ? f ' , 7,4 , 3-I-KX Q f ' ' 1' ' ,, X 'z' f -,-, Q - , A f -fA,2f .fi,,1J af,.fHff-iw f . ,iI"4 1 " ' l,, I fb z, i. 4,.-1' M , R, P JJ P 1 V L l ,, .... "w 1 all .jf f . f'I,? ff M - 232 W W X i XX X J? g , .L W , A 3 H t ' 'XA Nritx fm ' A -, lj' .'Xx' ,-.jQ,l., ' + i J In I A -N A I V Q ,Q r Ck V K ' Sq- x Q . F- . , i . -, , ,' J 1 1 4 ' K' f XJ 670 "2"-fffV1'iL4..,f fuya 777' 4 MD ffl , 5fli"?7 i' if 93' W f if 1 f f fg H 14 ir X ff' 4 'Zi 'f Sf' Xma gf 4. 4 ,Q f 4 AMmu1MnmvHbh5wnw' los Angelesg 6a0fomia 1945 e icatb The Tenth Anniversary, 1944-1945, of the establishment of Mount Carmel High School inevitably recalls the name of the Very Reverend Lawrence D. Flanagan, O.Carrn. As the Carmelite Provincial, he'assumed the burden involved in all those transactions which made our school a reality. We salute him, therefore, gratefully and respectifully on this our anni- versary yearg and to l1im we dedicate our Anniversary "El Conquistadorf' May it be to him a visible and consoling evidence of the success of his work for our Mount Carmel. May it repay him, in some little way, for his work and constant efforts, during his Provincialate, to further in every way the hest interests of our Alma Mater. Very Reverend Lawrence D. Flanagan, O.Carm THE STORY of how Mounf Carmel ll builds upo I 'lax' so Nl" di img in E H M ,N N in fhe home and s'l'rives lo s+reng+l'1en +l1a'r Cl1ris+ia W D ll and sciences, fhrough a developed program of good sporlsmanship and fhrough an encouragemen JOSEPH DIETSCH ROBERT HAGSTROM Co-edilors CHARLES PORT . ROBERT FEHNER Business JOSEPH KLEIN Ar'l' ROBERT MARTINET Joi-IN COSTELLO Ph"lo9'aPhY .f, .- :W - J -qc ll ,zffaw-X 2 7"gli"-'lf' he carefully land foundahons of Chrlsflan life E ,. H . ?" , ll i f ' fi' . , . , E ducahon fhrough a uldecl ursulf Www K of fhe arfs 9 P Mm M siglseem .1 s f culfural acfivifies, fhrough a fosfering - A,-, I , v ' of many friendships, we relafe in fhe - 1945 I to qui tado Published by fhe Sfuclenfs of Mounf Carmel High School. Los Angeles, California Fu' 40 fffflfyf t li' A , . ' M -I 6 f if - . N 4 .1 --W - - : f- lv A5 5 . "- l xx V A kg ,f X' E I 1 ggi 'Q , V, 2,539 Lf' Q ,wif FEW! 14+ , X A K4 73 1 21155 - Q 1 - -4 Tf N 4 .ff X R I I Q !fQXQ 'SSW ,fwiil A' Wlffx mn , .. if- . .nl- Q X ii. c a fi 1 vp: ,d'0' His Exe-vllem-y, The Mus! Reverend John J. Cantwell, U.D Archbishop of Los A ngvlvs Yvry Rl'V'1'l'l'll1l Kiliun Lyn:-ll, 0.Curm. I'ruvim'iul nf llu' I,l'Ul'illl'l' of Sl. Elias Moe-al lRl'Vl'l'l'll1l ilury M. Doswulql, t,.C1ll'lll. Prinr livin-ral nf llu' lfurnwlih' Urrlvl 3 Mount Ca me Rev. Willialxl P. Russell, 0.Carm. Principal My dear Seniors: All at Mount Carmel join me in offering to you and to your good parents our very sincere congratulations on the happy occasion of your graduation. In View of present circumstances, we wish that every joy may be yours during those happy and too brief days which precede and follow the oflicial conclusion of your high school career. ln the endeavor to make this message as practical as possible, permit me to cite for you an example which each and everyone of you may remem- her as the pattern which is your duty to emulate as graduates of Mount Carmel. He is one of our graduates. During a lengthy stay in one of our major cities, where naval duty detained him, all his available moments were spent in the service of the C. Y. O. When ordered to duty in the Pacific theatre, he provided himself with all available Catholic literature. He had heard of another sailor who had made ninety converts during his period of service in the South Pacific. The word of Our Divine Saviour are so definitely appropriate. NGO and do thou in like manncrfi Can you meet the test? Many of your companions cannot he with you because ol' the call of duty. We salute them too and we congratulate them. For you and for all graduates of Mount Carmel our prayer to Our Great Lady, is always the same: ulfarmelilis da priuilegiaf' 'J my r 060 Rev. Albert Daly 0.Carm. Viv?-Prinripul Rev. Edward Dulfy 0.Carm. I History and Rvligiam Q R1-v. P4-ter 'l'. Livlnau 0.Carm. History und Mc'rllallirlll Drawing Rf-v. Bernard Daly 0.Carm. Pllyxirs and Chvrnislry Rev. Kevin Morrissvy x 0.Curm. Latin and Rvligilln 4 ' I .' 7 F ' , ' F R f X f l f L 4 , li f 3 V ' V! lf' 1 x 1 IH ' 1 v R r R z If f , bfyf U ,016 .A-f1,,1.24,8.v ,---..,,,N 5,,.l ov. Mount Cn me Rev. Brendan Hourihan O.Carm. Biology arul Mathematics Rev. Eugene McCallen 0.Carm. Mathematics and Religion Rev. Aloysius Nagle O.Carm. Latin and Mathematics Brother Lawrence O.Carm. Attendance aml Study Hall Mr. William Quinlan Science and Economics acu y Mr. John News History and Science Mr. Roger Wagner Music and Latin Mr. George Volk English, History and Drmnalics Mrs. Frances Nvwe 0,0502 Mrs. Donald Carr Library 03383 ' X 5x tell X ix, ,ix - ' - E 2 -M 2 X 'gn '2-ff, f-"if 'f X 4-HQ? 1 ' -'iii' X '52 i 3' Q Xlll llffxdmx Q E 5211 1 A 2 S glsgfga 2 "" EE' wl, Eigigmg xg? S -Ye E254 i . Qfgkil , ' A -f E -1: 22 , 7 E 5,4 SMI 2 xx LT Si? .-" -1, . Q QE Eififii: L' 9 fx QF' X. " E23 X gf 54:-,X X- -Qu '--'- ,5 fx X - S2 E2 if lil' 2 qi fi- ig Q ,E ',, S-: E, ff' f f X X .. HF 2 -"Eiga ig!" I 3 3 N ' rx k 1 ' Y N x 5, -' :fa . mfg Y N - :ff 4-ist, - g J I , 2 --Egg' 1 Q-': ,f f 1' :- 2 S5222 ', lf j " ' ' " .5 E ...Zigi 5 5' if 'Q 'f7"' -2 Q SE-4315: ..13?' l' '- ,,.. fa1zr.x.-..'.Q-- -mat -fffifl N -4.3! -,-x gulf! A1-LW' 1 .JL-.1-Y 7'fiQ:112?Z - 2 biiiiwf 4:Z7fSi:5,"x X +3 3 5 as 5 K fkffaeif-.QL 'B' 2 5 E- EF 7 aww! ,f E E225 'itil-' a , he 'a E? gli! if 1"-4 . 22" fi," - - E 3752 iv ,U rp 4 f, If :.:: -4.1, - - fi -- .L ig 4 .-A.-:P-1351 ..., ...yas M Ay. Mount Ca mel GIQRALD Al,LENfSt. Jolufs. Hyde Park. C Football 2g I3 Track 2g li Football Zig Track 23. -lt. Mvrclullzt fllllfillli Vl'll,LlAiVl llllAUNfSt. Mathias. C Football I. Cons! Guard. HUNALD HHEITEH- fSt. lVla1ry's. Debating 4. Nufy. PATRICK BHUWNE-f Holy Name. C Football lg ll Basketball 23 Basketball 3. 4g Track fl. 4g Letterman 3. 4. Coast Guard. Cllll,lU C.fXVlCCCl'llQf--St. Aloysius. Glee tllulu l. 2. 3. VI. Navy. JOHN t1ULI.lNSf St. Mathias. Dvbating tl. Navy. l'IC'I'tilt CUNNll"l"ffSt. Joseplfs. C Football 2. Army. JOHN CtlSTlCl.I,04"l'ransfiguralion. I3 Track l. 2g Football fig Track 3. -'lg Letter- man 3. 4113 Debating fltg lil Conquistaclor Staff. flll!'fC,,IlllIf Murinv. A abr JOHN DAVIS fit. X1ary's. .'V1l1'y. GORDON O1'i1,1'1'i1iDANO Nzllivily. Orainmlix 1. .1l4'r1'llr111l i1lur1'l11'. JOS1'i1'H D11'i'1'SCH---Sl. Rose- of liilllil. Glu- filulm 11: Dfilllliliil 1: Dvlmlingf 1g lil Cmiqllislzlflur 511111. .!1IIlffIll'.Y, ALAN ICIJWAHDS Nativity. 1 19001112111 Ig Clem- Club 1. 2g Boxing 2, Zig Crusader Slzifi. '1llIl'ilIl'S. Ol,1V1'i1i 1"fX1i1N'11'i11- Holy Cross. fi 1311411112111 1: ll liuskc-l1rz111 2: ll Vl'l'ill'1i 2: Iizlslwl 'y lvzzll J, 1-: lim mllmall 1g liziselwall 1: Track 13 lmllcrriiani 23. 1. :!1ll'H',IlllIl Jllllflilll 110131':HT 1'1'11N1f1i-f Sl. lirigimlis. Drurnzllic-S 1g 13011111112 1g ICI fiUIHllliSlilI1Ul' SIL111 .'1l'lIIV. JUSICPH 1"1TZP!X'1'11111K-f-lflllvrvci from XXvi!S1l1IlQ1UII High S4-luml '12 11 llusvlmull 2. 11. 1g Glcc Clulm 3. Nrlry. DICNIS CfX1.V1Nf Sl. Cl'Cl'1ill.S. Hmmr Hull J 1. 2.51.01 Mount Ca mel GLEN GEATLEY-St. Brigid's. li Pmaseball l, 2g llaseball 3g Football 4g Letterman 3. -143 Student Councilg Prom and Dance Committee 4g Sodality 3, dig Dramatics 4. Navy. RICHARD GILESaSt. Anselm's. Handball Trophy 3g Class Handball Cham- pion 4-. Navy. JAMES GLYNN-HNativity. Football 3, 4g Letterman 4g Glee Club 2. "lg Debating 4. Navy. CHARLES GUSSENHOVENfSt. Aloysius. Glee Club lg Sodality lg Handball Trophy 3. Navy. CllAliLl'iS HAl5lfililVlANf-fSt. lVlioliael's. Honor Roll 15. Navy. llfllilfllfl' HACS'l'liUlVl -ff-Holy Cross. ICI Conquistador Staff. Nury. ANDREW HANLEY--Haenford Military Academy. C Football lg Honor Roll l. 2, 33 Safety Committee 2. fl. 43 Prom and Dance Committee 4g Crusader Staffg Student Council. Army. JOHN HANNIC-ff lfutvred from De Paul 3113. College. e bra' Al.l"lilCD lNCllAlNlf-'SL lirigidk. Class Sec-rotary ll. .'llf1rim's. lilCNNlC'l'H KlCl.l.lilm - l'.Illf'l'l'll lrom ,lolmslown ll. S. Col. '12, C lfoollmall flg ll lfoollmull 'lg Soclalily l llranmtics ll: lfflilor ol' Crusader. Navy. lfDVl'AliD Klil'I'l'SlIHlVllill HSI. Aluysiu X lfoollvall IS. l: l.eltvrmun 3. -13 Class l resident 44. Coast Czmrd. RAYMOND l.lfAVlfli ' D s ! ' '! n 'J ASCFIISIOII. lr liaselmall 2g lpaselwall 3. flg Letterman J. lg Honor Hull l. Z. vw. Num .lU5l'fl'll l,l'll'l Nulixlly. ll limllwall l: Glu- lllulm l. 2. ll. fVllI'iY. l'lAlll. l.llIJVl'lC SI. ,lolmk llyrlz- l'urk. .lV!lI'j'. ,lAWllfS l,YNlIll-f-SI. lllif-Inu-I's. ll llasvlvull l: llmm llull l: lluxing l. 2: Safely llmnrnillm-1' l. 2, Il. zlvflly. llAl.l'l lN'lfXlllil'lY l'lllll'l'l'll lrnm lvlilllllill Arls lllgll Svlmul "l2. Nrlry. N Mount Ca mel ROBERT NIARTINETYSL Michaells. B Swimming l. 2g Photography l, 2g Model Club 2g Tennis 25 Swimming 3 Ag Letterman 3, 43 El Conquistador Staff. College. WIQNZEL MATTAUCHA-'SL Brigidls. B Baseball l, 2. Navy. JOHN MOELTER- St. Jolinls. Hyde Park. B Track l, 2g C Football 2g B Basketball 33 Track 3, 4g Lel- terman 3, 4g Class President 33 Honor Roll 2g Sodality 3, 4g Prom and Dance Com- mitteeg Student Body President. Army. ROGER lVlUREYfNativity. Honor Roll 2. flrnw. GERALD Mt3CURlVllCK-Entered from Junior Seminary 713. Sodality 3, -13 Crusader Stall. Navy. JAMES MCD0NALD4Nativity. Vlmeslling Zig Glce Club 3, 4g Debating lt. fllvrclmnl Marine. JOHN NALLY-St. Micbaells. B Baseball lg Baseball 2. 23, flg Letterman 3. 41g Student Councilg Prom and Dance CoIn1r1ittee..7Va1vy. URBAN OSTIQH fSt. Anselmls. Boxing lg Dramatics ll. Army. en hrs IIHARLICS PARKANfNativity. Football 3. 4g Dramatics 1-. Nury. RAYMOND l'ON'l'lUSf-Horace Mann. Sodality l, 3, 4-3 I3 Swimming 2. gl R lfootlmall Jig Fool- lwall fl-3 Track Manager 4g Letterman 43 Dramalivs 'lg Prom and Dancv C0lYllI1lllPl'. Navy. CHARLICS PORT-St. MiC7llH8llS. Honor Roll lg Soflalily l. 'lg Track Man' agen' fl-: Letterman fig Prom and Dance Committveg Student Council. flrmy. MARK l'RSHAffSt. AIlSt'llIl.S. Honor Roll l: Smlalily lg llrorn and Dunn- C0lIlIIlllll'l'C llvlrating 1. Navy. PAUL RAPPQ 'SL J0llI17S. Hyde Park. Plxotograplmy lg C lfoollwall 2: Glev Clula Pl. Navy. EDWIN RNIHARDSUN-fSt. ,IOlI!lqS. lnglewoofl. Track 2g lfoollnall Managvr 1-Q Soclality 3, 4: prefect of Soclalily flg Prom and Dance C0ll"IIIlill6C'Q l,vllvrnmn Pl: Student Council. Nury. RURl'fR'l' RO0NlCYa -Ascension. li lloollmall 2. N'u1'y. l.lC0 SALISRURY-Nativity. Honor Roll lg Clee lllulm l. 2: ll Raskotluall 2: I5 Raslu-llnlll 3. rl: Sorlality -1g Dramalics l. Navy. Mount Ca mel l,lfONAliD SCHIADA-Entered from Washington Higli Scliool '42. Vlvrestling 23 ll lfootball 2, Zig Track 33 Football 4. Navy. KENNETH SCHMIDT -"A- -Ascension. tNtlI'fV, ,lAlVll'lS SCHMITZ4 St. Aloysius. ll Swimming lg Swimming 2. 3. -lg l.etter- man 2. Il. l. .lVllI'y. JOHN SNICF---'l2r1tered from Junior Seminary 'fl-ffl. Klrnzy. RAY MONO 'l'AYl,OllfSt. Anselm's, Sodality lg Dramatics flg Sports Reporter -lg Basketball and Baseball Manager flg Letterman 4-. Navy. EDWIN THEVILLYAN- St. Iolmls, Hyde Park. C Football l. 25 Football 3. -lg Dramatics 4. Navy. JOSEPH VANDEHVOHT4-Price College '4-2. Sodality 3. Navy. JOHN VlGNAUfHorace Mann '42, li Track 25 Vlirestling 3. Navy. enior THOMAS WICIBLEA-Holy Cross. Track 2. Navy. RAYMOND WILLW-Horace Mann Honor lioll lg B Basketball l, 25 IS Baseball l. 2g Basketball ll, 4g Baseball 3, All Letterman 3. -1. Navy. JAMES Vl'llll,lAMSv-St. CZllll6l'lIlCqS Military Acaclenly Numl .flir Corps. CHURCH WUUDHSI. Cer-eliu's. I4 'llravk l: Trar-k fl, lt: l.m-th-r :nun Il. fl: Cruszulvr Stall. Navy. Lolniw lhirzvrzs. ll.-XI,l'H lllil-YVES and l.T. H. .l. Slllilfl-'Il'Zl.lL U.S.N.H. t'l'I1is picture- was taken when the twin lmrotllers were sworn in as Naval Aircrewmenl. Mount Ca mel JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS HERMUN THOMAS, Secrezaryg SAM HORTA, Vice-Presidenzg JOSEPH NAI.I.Y, President: JOSEPH PIURTA, Treasurer and DONALD JOHNSON, Reporter. Jnbr XHICI1. .I Mlk Xlll'N.-N, I'llH.II' fXNl2l'IliNlAN. GORDON Xl'0llMl.-X. DAVID .Xl'IRl3f'II0N. .IUIC fU'l'IY, KENNICTII IMl'l-IR, ROIJHNIMK Hl,A'I'Z. RHIIIARD lBRUlIK'I'HlWl', IJUNALIJ IHHJUKS. NOI4ICR'I' IIfKl,l,AllAN, BOB 12.-XRRlI.l.0, CLICOIHGH tlll,-XIWINN. Illfllll KIIAHI-'I'I0. GHCNN 1IOUI,S.11lIfKliI.l'IS fl. vm 'bn Mount Ca mel CROSBY, MURRAY DAUENHAUER, G. DOYEN, DONALD DUFFY, PAUL FHRFT, PAUL FEHNER, JOSEPH FENAROLI, RICHARD FORHAN. JACK GAUCI, PAUL COYETTE, IVAN CUTTING, CLIFFORD HANSEN, RICHARD HART, JOHN HASTINGS, .JACK IIELWIC, JOHN i Jun hrs IIESS, ROBERT IIINSRERGER, DONALD IIOKIK. .JOHN IIODGES, RIIIIIARD IIOR'I'A. JOE IIOR'I'A, SAM IlOl1I.IIIAN,JOIIN IRRETSON, PAUL INOERSOLL, I-'RANK IRWIN, THOMAS JANOWIIIZ, EDWARD JOHNSON, DONALD JlINGWIR'I', ROBERT KAMPIIIIIS, JOE KANALY. WILLIAM KARGI., NORMAN KAVANAGH, JAMES KlR'l'l.AND, VINCENT ROLLER. RAYMOND KOSEK, EUKZENIC KIIIILMANN, EDWIN LADY, LEONARD LOVE, ANDREW LUMIILEAII, JOHN I,l'NDS'l'ROM, ROY MA::AR'I'HUR, EDWARD MAIIAN, .JAMES MAROLD, DONALD MAROIIKAS, PETER M ARTINEZ, CONRAD Mount Cn mel NIASSENUILL, L. MCKILUSKEY GERALD MCCOLLUM, I.. MMIOMISII, BILL Mc:IIALE. MAITRIKE MEYER, GEORGE TNIONREAL, LAWRENCE MONTANIO, RICHARD MUELLER. FRED MIIRIJIIY. JAMES MURPHY, .IOIIN NALLY, JOSEPH NEIHEISEL, RONALD OAKEY. EDWARD O'LEARY, .IOIIN Junior PADILLA, JOIIN POIIHIC, .IOHN POWERS, RICHARD QUINN, FRANK RICE, PATRICK ROSSITICR, LARRY RUIZ, ARTHUR RUIZ, WILLIAM SAENZ, ICNAIIIO SANIIHEZ, LEON SAVANT, KIHARLICS SIIHAUF, DONALD SIIOFIICLD, HAROLD SIMI-IS, WILLIAM SMALL, JOIIN SPILLICR, JOHN S'l'I'IWART, RICHARD ST. MARIE, JIM STOVICR, GILBERT SULLIVAN, IIYRIL THOMAS, IHCRMAN VACIO, ARTHUR VANDER LINDICN, F. VOLLMICR, FRANK WAONER, DONALD WARD, THOMAS WILLIMAN, A. WINSLOW, DONALD WOLF, ROBERT WRIGHT, RICHARD Mount Came SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MICIIAEL CHAVEZ, V ice-Presidentg MARK BUTIER, President and PETER HIXON, Secretary-Treasurer. Saplmmores N 'N Una 4-qw' MX gm A. Amlrro:-ni R. Barlmne .l. Hrs-nnun A. Castillo D. Cfwhrun QW 'QE' N. M' in .EAHEW Awww ll. A nde-rson .l. Barry W. Brockman A. flelaya W. COIGIIIZJH A. Bac-are-lla P. Bashe .l. B111-ksa R. flhausee W. Copley A. Ilavvaro E. Bellino R. Burningham M. Chavez H. llools N ,ll 1 Vi I.. Balmli F. Biernm' M. Butier E. Clark J. Connors ki A. Barham E. Brennan ,l. Cannon .l. Clark R. Cola Mount Ca mel 1 ,mv -um-' ox ww., N ix f N V I cf .V vm. '- xi? M 1 , A x in Q ,..A 3415, Sopliomores A. Hulse J. Kelly H. Kline W. Manley 0l'l'U5l'l'lC PMLIC R. lloulonilre R. Dubois W. Edwards J. Fink f.. billy .l. llenncssy J. Hurst F. Kennedy W. Leigh M. Martinez l'. Davis C. Durrell W. Engle J. Fitzgerald T. Gleeson P. Hixson r T. James H. Johnson C. Jones R. Johnson R. King W. King T. Kinney J. Klein W. Loustanau J. Lopez J. Madigan T. Maney H. Medina S. Migliazzo M. Miranda R. Moss T. Deems J. Dischner Donovan .l. Dowling E. Dussert R. Dyer Dykes R. libinger J. Fahy M. Fajardo Farley J. Ferron R. Fleming A. Folino Forhan D. Forrest J. Cogian R. Gregory Hearne J. Henderson C. Hoffman J. Holland Hoth R. House Mount 64 me l 1 l l Ul'l'0Sl'l'E D. Mount J. Mcllonald fl. Nielsen .l . l'il0u PMQIC D. Rim-lwrt R. Rozunko P. Serrano W. Smith li. 'l'homs0n .l. Willerford C. Murray G. lVlCClinto1'k J. McCullough A. Mar'Aller .l. lxJI'D6FllIOIt J. McFarlane J. Mcfluigan C. McHale R. Mr-Lend W. Nadalsky R. Nostrand J. Nulty D. 0,Brien R. O'Brien F. Paneno R. Porter W. Powers J. Putney J. Reagan W. Ressler I' llivks J. Rivks ll. Roberts U. Robin D. Roy J. Russell A. Rymer J. Schaefer L. Schmidt ' D. Schneider J. Shields P. Shimer R. Simonowitz J. Skelley J. Smith J. Sosif: R. Steinhroner C. Stowell J. Strigle lf. Stubenrauch P Thompson R. Vasquez W. Vincent J. Waller B. Waterworth J. Winn W. Wistain D. Zacarias R. Zacarias C. Zochol Sophomore: Mount tarmel FRESHM AN CLASS OFFICERS PHlL1.1P CALENTINO, Secretaryg JAMES CLARK, President and RALPH EARL, Vice-President. re lime l.. Avquistopave .l. llaratti li. Bloom ll. Broth:-rton I'.1Iule-utino T. Ainslie W. Beam C. Bloom J. BI'llf'l'lllt' ll. Carr R. Akerlxlom ll. Bevker H. Boies P. Bruno F llllir-rigrllino R. Anvtil V. Bennett W. Borzagv R. Burnell .l. fllllSll0llll H. Anthony l". Asnlzln U. Beremlonk Nl. llluf-kstoc-li F. Boyer lf. lll'K'lIllilIl lf. llussf- ,l. llyrnvs li. fflnrla ,l, lllnrk Mount Cn mel l w 1Q.lIline C. Collins D. Cools J, Cure ll. Delaney J. Delavigne V. Diaz D. Dorsey E. Downes J. Faulkner J. F1-ederle R. Fernandez fll'l'0Sl'lll'f PACE J. Fitzgerald J. Catz J. Crillith ll. Hemphill W. llogun A. Hurtaclo R. Forster R. Celmele J. Haire J. Hernandez D. llolvomln J. Johann D. Foxen W. Glover R. Halsted .l. Hesketh J. Honvr N. .lolms B. Corcoran W. Delperdang R. Doyle J. Finovvlniarn G. Fraide B. Crasshofl' L. Hesse ll. Higuera R. llnyt ll. J nhnson W. Coscarelli F. Crosby W. Deseran J. De Vito R. llarl B. lfndres P. Fiselllwvk lf. Fitzgerald N. Francis 'l'. Fredericks R. Greene .l- GTCCI' J. lleilhe V. lleluig l". llill J. l'l0c'kanadel ll. Huff I.. Hunt l.. Jnlmson O. Johnson Freshmen Mount tarmel reslune D. IXIf'I1oiu1I4I I.. Mvliuvlien .I. Mvflinley J. Mc'Mah0n IC. Moneymuker II. Montes F. Morales II. Morris II. Muyneur J. Murphy J. NeIs0n II. Nevin I'. 0'Il1-urn I.. Olim W. Olivier J. U'SIwa 'I'0SI'I'IC PACIC II. Johnson J. Keenan J. Kretselinier Il. I.eaver II. Lopez A. Martin R. Johnson .I. Keia-hline Il.'aze II. I.:-on II. I.1m-II Ii. Martin R. .Inst J. Kenefic-k J. I.anm'aster J. I.e Prohnn I". I.uIiak I.. Matta M. Kalustian I.. Klement II. I,i1llLIQ"llIPilI'IC I". I.ewis C. I.yn4'h D. M4'IIri4Ie I.. Meyer II. I.. Moss K. Newlnun W. IIIHIIIIRI .I. Kainphnis W. Kleven .I. Lansing .I. I.iesI40x'0ll I". M an-Arllnnr II. INIc'ffu1nl II. Miller II. 'I'. Moss II. Noonan II. IIIIIIIHIIIIFI .I. Kearney G. Kohn:-r IJ. W. I.IIl9Il1lll II. Murln'II Ii. IXIVIIQIITIIOII Mount 64 mel S. Poretlo .l. Putter .l. Reagan I.. 0l'l'0SI'I'l Rhmles C PAGE il. Sada N. Shanahan 1I.St0linski N. 'llessier .l. Vanzuela K. Wagner VV. Wlarlnn J. Peluso Perovivh W. Powell R. Powere ,l. Reerly ll. Reid ll. Rieliariigriii 'l'. Riekm-L A. Samanie 0 J. Sandehulte R. Shimer ,l. Skiflinglon J. Sl. Pierre K. Stnhenraneh P. Tillery R. Tomlin C. Van der l.in1len l..Vial1 W. WllllS l". Yvalworth A. White Nl. Williams L. Peiersun F. Prentiss 'l'. Reilly N1 .Rmlriguff K. Schaefer C. Smetak H. Sullivan W. Tomp D. Vitale ll. We-is1'l't N. Wine C. Pilon R. Pingel D. Rackeman ll. Raskey M. Rela li. Reynolds R. Roger' I". Ryan .l. Sehallmn Sehmimlt ,I. Smith Sonnenlmerg M. Sweeny li. 'llriggs l,. Vollmer R. Weitz W. Yarnk Sweetlanxl Vanzueia Vonaelx Wllzllflll Young Freshmen Cu t ral Ac ivit ' 'l f- 4 gi- 2 ,fy 1:11 54111111 5,5 :iii ie' .1-, 'Fld' 2 4: 5- ' v b 5' E li, TL if-, I ,tsl 1 . 3, , dz , V x' f Ullf AX -' -fi. ,xg MH ,K ' ' : , .Jaw ia 2- ' ,-. ' . -2' 1-1-.2,b,:g.g:.T X W PM gl f , HZ ,y X Hrfwi4Qigzf5Zf ' ' , ' . Inn nw f , HJ-:Q WEWTIEII! , U 1 ,,,,,,m, 4,55-'v ' :EEL .UZ-313 'ww I 3 5' g H-.., N , l Ir W! U I 1 n f ll' --A .. ,EMI I 5 1-5 .. 'v -5" Eiffffifii'-H-4 HU' ' iiexlifflfii '-pb W-i n Jim' WH si, ,r E455 ?lv.!1!i!:!!!MWU 'P'- E 55 -f 32-':: An ss.. .'-,.,?f'f-2i - ...- 115 , 'M :-i?5:f.?caa!'ff55E1gz!E!E.g- WWI' M5551 Q::e-Zzifeffg iiialLESS- UWM! QE- -'s i J' mv nv gg w v wm I T111 ESF - mu u 51 ,3 sa ga 1 f5EL?F5Liif.l'-15215223 :f .lmH'S:5 2, I" 3 Vs GNU HL, g,,f:rH5 mv?,.-152312, I il ii jg-if MA ff A -" - .7-3, Y H - ' 1- - . PM .- -. .V f Aga- ,, ...Q , X wk S 1 531: il! Student Council This year the members of the Student Council have worked diligently and elliciently in performing the many duties of their high ofhce. Led by John Moelter, President, they have established and maintained good feeing and friendly relationship between the entire Student Body and the Faculty. That in itself would be sufficient to recommend them. They have proved themselves true Catholic leaders in all spiritual matters. That and the help and assistance rendered in the conducting of social affairs and athletic events only serve to prove their right to the leadership with which the Student Body entrusted them. Glee Club Mr. llogcr Wagner and the menihers of the Mount Carmel Clec Club are to he congratulated for their Hue performances on many occasions dur- ing the year. Their ,taskiis a difficult one, involving much practice and hard work. However, ,they have met every test, and, judging by the number of times they have been called upon to perform at religious, social and even civic affairs, we would say that their efforts have been crowned with every measure of success. S'I'lllll'IN'l' C0llNt:lLH-llidwin llichardson, Treasurer.: .lohn Nally, Vice-Prcsidentg ,lohn Moeller, Presidentg Father Russell, Principal, Charles Port, Historiang Andrew Hanley, Secretary. GLIQH Cl,lll5f'Tll0Il'lilS Ainslie. Millard lllackstock, George Carrillo, Guilio Cavecche. Roland Coulombe, Murray Crosby, Terence Deems, Joseph Dietsch, Bernard Dullois, Thomas Farley, Charles Forhan, Ivan Goyette, James Glynn, John Hurst, Thomas Irwin, Paul Langenback, Joseph Lee, ,lames McDonald, George Meyer, Raymond Meyneur, Jack Nessley, Jack 0'Shea, Charles Parkan, George Pilon, John Pilon, Hay Pontius, Paul Rapp, Douglas Raslcey, Robert Hozunko, Donald Schauf. Harold Scoheld, James St. Marie, Gene Weitz, Mr. Roger Wagner, Director. .S'oda0ty The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin at Mount Carmel has again taken the lead in spiritual matters. With Edwin Richardson as Prefect, the mem- bers of this group have co-operated with their confreres in other Catholic High Schools in order to spread the cause of Catholic Action. Their work, like so much of all spiritual endeavors, has probably gone unnoticed by a large number of the more worldly-minded. It is, however, most important and most lasting. C Dmmatics Amateur actors usually find it difficult nowadays to compete with the fine acting of the modern screen and the legitimate stage. The amateur must perform exceptionally well in order to be appreciated. At Mount Carmel we believe that our Thespians have overcome that difficulty. Among our fellow students, Mr. George Volk, the director and teacher, has found some very capable artists. To a great extent the success of this group has been due to Mr. Volk,s ability and enthusiasm. The entire Student Body joins us in thanking the Dramatic Club. A SODALITY-Gerald McCormick, Harold Scofield, Joseph Nally, Ray Pontius, Secre- tary, Father Russell, Edwin Richardson, Prefectg Leo Salisbury, Kenneth Keller, Vice-Prefectg John Moelter, Treasurer, Charles Port. DRAMATICS-Seated: Urban Oster, Ginny Bronce, Thomas Keane, Richard Noonan, Patrick Bronce. Standing: Joseph Vandervort, Edwin Trevillyan, Glen Geatley, Joseph Dietsch, Raymond Taylor, Gladys Bronce, Mr. George Volk, Directorg Kenneth Keller, Leo Salisbury. wifi Crusader lt was due to Father Bernard Daly that the school paper was revived and published again. Early in the year, Kenneth Keller was chosen editor and the Crusaderis destiny fell into capable hands. 'Copies of the paper were sent to our Alumni in the service and it is most gratifying to learn. that the Crusader has been read and enjoyed by these on all the battlefronts of the war. That ill itself is suflicient to repay the staff for its many dillicult tasks. ' To Father Bernard Daly, Mrs. Donald Carr, who so efliciently typed the stencils, Kenneth Keller and the other members of the staff, El Con- quistador expresses its appreciation. dfety Committee It would he easy to imagine the confusion and disorder that would result if those faithful members of the Safety Committee were absent from their places of duty on the corridors and stairs. Theirs is often a thankless task, but always a necessary one. i We congratulate the Safety Committee on a job well done. liRUSAlll'fK'SCHlCClZ Gerald McCormick, Associate Editorg Kenneth Keller. Editor, Andrew Hanley, Sports Editor. Standing: George Wood, Associate Editorg Robert Nozunko, Artg Joseph Klein, Art Editorg Arthur Hulse, Artg Alan Edwards, Feature Editor. SAFETY COMMITTEE-Thomas Irwin, Eugene Brennan, Otto Rodin, ,lack Putney. Joseph Nally, Andrew Hanley, Chiefg Roderick Bauer, Father Liebau, Advisor. Mothers' and Fathers' 6 abs Although the Mothers, Club and the Fathers' Club are two separate and distinct organizations at Mount Carmel, we usually consider them as a unit. This is no doubt due to the fact that they have worked so well to- gether on so many occasions, and that their efforts at all times are for one sole purpose, the good of Mount Carmel. It would be difficult to enumerate their achieve- ments and accomplishments. We hope it is sufficient to say that our School will always appreciate their work. To Mrs. Harry Fehner and Mr. Ed. Boulger and the other members of these two fine organizations We express our deepest gratitude. Molnrlis CLUB Ol-'I-'1cERsfMrs. Raymond Leaver, Treasurerg Mrs. Walter Ressler Znd Vice Presidentg Mrs. Harry Fehner, Presidentg Mrs. Thomas Farley, lst Vice President Mrs. Martin Mueller, Secretary. FA'IHERS CLUB OFFICERS-Mr. Ed Boulger, President, Mr. Burton Rodler Vrce President Mr. William Termath, Secretaryg Mr. Harry Fehner, Treasurer Dances and Proms The social life at Mount Carmel was by no means neglected. Through- out the year dances were held with consistent regularity, and the fact that they were very popular speaks well for Father Nagle and the members of the Dance Committee. We perhaps fail to realize the difficulties encount- ered by this Committee in providing this entertainment. Considerable work was done in engaging good orchestras, and then there was the toil of pre- paring the Gymnasium for each dance and, of course, the tidying up after- wards. We owe a vote of thanks to the Dance Committee. The highlight of all social activities of the year l944-194-5 was the Senior Prom on February 22nd at the Deauville Club in Santa Monica. This was considered .by all to be the best prom ever sponsored by Mount Carmel. Judging by the pictures on the opposite page everyone seemed to have enjoyed it tremendously. Even the Faculty had a most pleasant time. On May 26th the Junior Prom took place at the Los Angeles Breakfast Club. Though not as elaborate as the Senior Prom, it provided a great deal of pleasure for all who attended. This was to some extent a farewell party to the Seniors who will soon be separated from their many friends at Mount Carmel. We thank the Prom and Dance Committees for enabling us to enjoy so many of these fine social affairs. Athletics f i 2:11 .QM . 1 , . . x , ffl ' .,,. M4 A- - AQ ' f9',......-1 ' , Q' :iff b ea A , Q ' 1' . Q? ,, K N ' V nfs an :K E19 -.ifagfyfg S ' :" : fi , 1 ':'i35"'i ',X:3'f5?"K If In 'V ull? , " Q . ' x f - ' v via . . f Q If ' NX f- T fra, f -'L' .ff QL 'yyff rx f' , - -N -,f'N,.22' 5 ,,-' 'b jf' ' , -FZ J., .fi 'N tf ,Q Y Ne - - lf wj h ,an 'r ' z ,i x f ': Mg: 11- Q, i ah, 'izgw , X-X' , , J J, ..,,,fa-, 3, .z-11,-5 A 155.4 .,., Ifffli -frh 'w -x ' , fy " ' 4- , D ' ,, f-MM Www N V -I' ?f: . Nj: M Q-q,4jfff'K'i1,.Q 'ff ga 45,4 ,iff x ' M 9.1.1 ., 35 .93 NN-:IST NTMN 1 , ff gy I X nf A Q -i-- ' 1 Ig f L, Q Hifi E J f A 6? ' +-1sgQ' ki": ,T R ' y 9 M. 1 '1f L"452?'.'Q Q xx W. bf ,-..' ' ' , V, 'Q , 'N rv P' sf' W X' 3' E ' 2- ' ' ff ' ' A X7x,k Q' D 55554 xv x W' 'K ,W Q rf 1 w w. 1 ,ig W K Q 'Tr I wg.. I m,g,J,m., is hh 4 x X75-w1 T X ,,, Rev. Aloysius Nagle, 0.Carm. Athlvfil' Dirvdur Mount Ca mel Coach by Staff Mr. Si Dallmier Football Mr. M. Martine-Ili Mr. William Quinlan Baskvtball Football Baseball Swimming Rav. Peter T. Liellau, Mr, Log-kv Livcrnagh Mr' Richard Honor 0 farm Trmik Baskvtball Fnolball The year 1944-1945 brought Mount Carmel only one Varsity champion- ship title. That was in swimming. That we did not do better can only be accounted for by inexperience, not because of any lack of effort. All of our teams were for the most part composed of young and untried players who, we expect, will be back at Mount Carmel next year to contend strongly for the Catholic League crowns. ln the beginning of the season in football, we had only one returning letterman, John Hock. Many of his team mates put on football uniforms for the first time. A very fine spirit was found in these boys, a willingness and an ability to learn, and, now that their year of trial is over, we know that they will make a very strong bid for the championship next fall. Our basketball team took second place in the Catholic League. In baseball and track we placed close to the top. Our swimming team brought us glory by nosing out Loyola for the championship. ln writing of sports it would be very much amiss if we did not pay tribute to our fine coaching staff. To Father Nagle, Athletic Director at Mount Carmel, and to all the other members of the staff we say, "Thanks very much. May your future teams bring you a great measure of satis- factionf' Let us not forget too the fine spirit that was displayed by all of you who came to cheer for our teams. In victory or defeat you proved most loyal, and that after all is the real test of sportsmanship. This past year was a very important one for all Catholic boys, high schools in Southern California because it marked the formation of an official Catholic League. That this was accomplished was largely due to the un- tiring efforts of Father Nagle. Much good, we know, will be brought about by means of this long-needed organization, and therefore we wish it every smwm-ss. arsity 1 G. McCluF-key J. Costello J. Hovk, Captain J. Houlihnn ,l. Hrlwig: I.. Monreal S J. Gly x111 W. Mviinmish P. Hix fmll ,l. Mah llll .l. Horla S. Hnrtu C. llffatlvy IC. Maf'Arthur E. Dykes P. lhlretson H. Pontius ll, ll0lllNll'h .l. Skvllvy ll. lloic-s K. S 1-1'1 ml .l. Killlllllllllh ll. Varkun U. Farlm-r lf. KFf'IS4'hlllPf .l. Nully li. Broil 14-l' ton V. Kirtlunrl F. Lulvuk ll. lllllmis YV. Villvvllt ll. .lungwirt I. Kavanagh ootb ll vw-rf-N1 1., -xv 3 5 ,,.... out all The alert and deceptive B team won the majority of its games last sea- son conquering such mighty foes as Inglewood, Washington and Leuzinger. Although they lost to Loyola and Cathedral, the scores in both games were extremely close. Next year,s Varsity will benefit by the experience and train- ing they received under Mr. Quinlan's tutelage. Father Liebau,s C squad was rated one of the strongest ever to represent Mount Carmel. They will always be remembered for their outstanding victory over Loyola after both Varsity and B's had fallen before the on- slaught of the powerful Cubs. B FOOTBALL-Back Row: Bill Copley, Phil Aguna, Walt Ressler, Bill Jones, Jack Abel, Bill Waterworth, Art Vacio, Jim Clark, Bob Cota. Middle Row: Dan Rickert, Manager, Mr. William Quinlan, Coach, Tom Sweetland, Jack Faulkner, Ron Neiheisel, Lionel Hardy, Pat Rice, Jack Putney, Charles Cools, Roy Lunstrom, James Schaub, Conrad Martinez, Captain, Jerry Kohner, Jack Vllynn, John Russell, Manager. Front Row: Norman Kargl, Ken Keller, Dick Clark, Don Pitts, John Poche, James Willer- ford, Dick Simanowitz, Cyril Sullivan, Bob McLeod, Ignacio Saenz, Charles McHale, Mike Chavez. C FOOTBALL-Back Row: Dick Fenaroli, John Ferron, Peter Grifiith, Ed Downes, Don 0'Brien, Don Johnson, Jerry Zochol, Norm Shanahan, Gene Shimer. Middle Row: Father Liebau, Coach, Jack Kenelick, Will Nadalsky, Tom Ward, Bill Manley, Dick Johnson, Joe Fink, Dick Stewart, Art Celaya, Phil Calentino, Dick Powers, Joe Heithe, Bill King, Manager. Front Row: Bill Lenihan, Carl Pinamonti, Ralph Earl, Dick Halsted, Tony Castillo, Tom Kinney, Jerry Donovan, John James, Norm Vllitte, Walt Olivier, Earl Ricks, Tom Gleeson, Jim Dowling. i ,.4, sr 1 ", i !,, 'f , fi sg 4 i ,W uf., V., an if ,mf f F V' , ,.,: ::' VIV: -g:s,..i:gE2,. x x A":' 'nzuzu - "'bb' QKFZLK , , AA,.,.,:: .,,::, , fi ' ' 1 .-. 1 x V J, . , 'U' .41 PM 4 +7 . " . . F , .ami X fs X kv :.r.f1.ifpf,. , 'Ye wiv? M W. Yifsi My M Huw? .www www ' Q Q' 1 3 A5355 Nxt P. Hrlvetevoll P. IHXOYI R. Will,11umain F. Van rler l,indf'n E. Kvnnvdy W. Kunaly .l.Kun1phuis 0. Farnlcl' ,l. Horta P. Brown:- H. Svufivld E. Dykes ,l. Wallvl' j. Putm-y W. King: flA'l'llI'1llRAI. GAME Bd lretb ll Mount Ciil'lllCl,S Varsity Basketball Team took second place in the Catholic League. The B, C and D teams were champions in their respective divisions. So altogether we might say that Mount Carmel had a most sue- eessful season in this extremely popular and most interesting sport. The Varsity lost only four of the twenty-one games it played during the year. This is most remarkable considering that only one player, Ray Will, was a member of the preceding year,s first string Varsity. On the All- Catholic teams, picked by The Tidings, Ray Will was chosen on the first team while Ollie Farmer, Pat Browne, Ed. Kennedy and Gene Dykes made the second. Paul Ihhetson, Bill Kanaly and ,lack Putney also deserve praise for their fine play during the season. B BASKI-2TBAl.I.+Back Row: Richard Honer, Coach, Norman Kargl, Boh Callahan. Bill lfldwards, Tom Sweetland, Walt Ressler, Otto Rodin, Mike Chavez, Father Nagle. lfront How: Bill King, Manager: Cletus Schmidt, Jack Brennan, Ken Avey, Captain, llolm Cola, Leo Salisbury, Harold Seoheld, Manager. Baslcetb ll Richard lloner, one- of the most outstanding guards of Mount Carmel basketball history, took over the task of coaching the B, C and D basketball teams. That he was as successful a coach as he had been a player is evident when you consider that he developed three championship squads. The B,s and Dis under his coaching easily took the crowns in their divisions and the C team tied for first place. It was no small task coaching three different teams but Dick is the first to admit that he had the boys with whom he could work. The B team was a fast moving outfit that had no trouble in proving their supremacy in Catholic League circles. lt was composed of a well balanced group of Whom we consider not just a few but all to be stars. Ken Avey, Captain, Otto Rodin, Norm Kargl, Jack Brennan, Walt Ressler and Bob Cota were outstanding. The C team boasted some very promising players many of whom, We expect, will move up to the Varsity squad next season. Among those who will in time develop into some of the great players of Mount Carmel basket- ball are Richard House, Captain, Tom Kinney, Donald Mount, Pat Bruno, Robert O,Brien and Norman Witte. Again the small but effective D team walked away with all honors. Often they played taller teams, but they always seemed to emerge victorious. Of course the D's were again strengthened by those two perennial favorites of the D basketball division, Joe Fehner, Captain, and George Carrillo. Joe and George also acted as cheer leaders at all other basketball contests. Other D members who showed some promise are Paul Fischbeek, John Fitzgerald, Gene Fitzgerald, James Honer and John Ferron. C l3AsKET1sAI.I.-First Row: W. lirockman, A. Samaniego, li. House, P. Bruno, T. Kinney, R. Gregory, Manager. Second Row: D. Rickert, Manager, T. James. R. O'Brien, C. Van der Linden, D. Mount, J. Clark, N. Witte, Father Nagle. D BAsKETBAL1.fFirst Row: R. Gregory, Manager, J. Fitzgerald, G. Carrillo, J. Fehner, D. Rackeman, J. Honer. Second Row: D. Rickert, Manager, P. Fishbeck, C. Roberts, J. Ferron, R. Montes, E. Fitzgerald, W. Loustanau, Father Nagle. Tournament From February 7 to February 10 inclusive, Mount Carmel played host to eleven Catholic basketball teams at the Annual Southwest Catholic High School liaskethall Tournament which, for the past six seasons, has proved to be a most exciting climax to the regular basketball season. It was in March of 1940 that Father Carmel Lynn and Mr. Jack Bouchard, who was then coach at Mount Carmel, first invited the Catholic High School teams to participate in the Mount Carmel Tournament. Since then it has become an institution in Southern California and has been the means of promoting a keener sense of com- petition and a truer feeling of sportsmanship among Catholic school circles than even the Catholic League games. We feel deeply indebted to Father Lynn, Jack llouchard and to Father Nagle, successor to Father Lynn as Mount Carmelis athletic director. for all they have done to make the Tournament the outstanding success it is today. During the first five years of the Tournament's history, Loyola High School of Los Angeles captured the first place title twice, in 1940 and 1941. St. Anthony's High School of Long Beach won in 1942 and our own Mount Carmel walked away with all honors in 1943 and 1944. This year the Loyola High cagers took their third Tourna- ment Championship. In doing so they defeated St. Anthony, Villanova, Mount Carmel and Cathedral on four successive nights. To the great anguish of about 1500 persons fat least it sounded like that manyj Carme1's hopes for the title were shattered the third night when we ended up on the wrong side of a 20-14 score. Cathedral missed top place by a margin of 20 points when they were defeated in the final game 33-13 by the Champs. Showing an indomitable spirit despite their loss of the night before, the Crusaders came back to win third place by defeating Villanova 30 to 12. All Tournament honors went to Brown and Cioia of Loyola. Jerry Billinghurst. mainstay of the St. Anthony five and fiashiest ball handler of the fray, was elected to a forward position with Jerry Hickey of St. Maryis. Ludwig of Villanova, a Sophomore, also won a berth on the All Tournament five. ln the second place team Carmel fared a little better when Gene Dykes was placed at center. Donovan of Loyola and Kenz of Cathedral were picked as forwards while Cantwell of Cathedral and McMahon of St. Monica's were selected as guards. Along with the first place trophy, Loyola walked away with the much coveted Perpetual Trophy. Both Mount Carmel and Loyola had two legs on it but Loyola made a tripod out of it first. St. Mary's was awarded the Sportsmanship trophy, while Villanova and St. Agnes received the Achievement and Consolation trophies respectively. lndividual trophies were given to the members of the first three teams. Donovan of Loyola received the Mount Carmel Special Award. Une of the highlights of the closing moments of the Tournament was the enter- tainment provided by movie comedian Lou Costello. We especially wish to thank him for his generous offer of a new perpetual trophy for which future Tournament teams will contend. Donors of the Tournament Awards were: Manchester Heights Knights of Colum- bus. Huntington Park Knights of Columbus, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor, Helms Athletic Foundation, Father Keenan, U. S. A., Mr. Roger Wagner, Universal Athletic Service and Mount Carmel High School. Schools participating in the Tournament were: Cathedral High School of Los Angeles, Santa Clara High School of Oxnard, St. lV1onica's High School of Santa Monica, St. Agnes High School of Los Angeles, Loyola High School of Los Angeles, St. Anthony's High School of Long lieach, St. liarnardine's of San liernardino. St. Augustine's of San Diego, St. Mary's of Phoenix. Arizona, Villanova Prep School of Ojai and Mount Carmel High School. Basebal With only a few returning lettermen from last year,s championship baseball nine, we found it extremely diflicult to build up a powerful team. Mr. Martinelli expressed his satisfaction with the way the boys responded to his coaching and he feels that a fine smooth-performing team will take the field next year to represent Mount Carmel. We are all looking forward to that time. The B team did marvellously well during the past season. These boys, most of them Freshmen, gained second place in the Catholic League. Dick Honer, Father Nagle and Mr. Ed. Boulger were successively engaged in coaching this team, with Mr. Boulger completing the season. Many of the hoys will he capable of moving up to the Varsity next year. I3 BASEBALL-Back Row: John Keenan, Manager, Dick House, Utto Rodin, llill Manley, Michael Mount, Tim Reilly, Walt Ressler, Norm Shanahan, ,lack Chisholm, Mr. Ed Boulger, Coach. Front Row: George Leaver. James Willerford, llasil Endres, Joe Fitzpatrick, Joe Fehner, Jack Ferron, Pat Bruno. .l. NAl,l.Y IC. Wll.I. li. l.I'IAVICH U. l"AIiMI'IIi W. TRUAX .l. NAl.l.Y A. LOVE li. IDYKICS KI. CZILB .l. IIENNICSSY 'l'. KINNHY li. KICNNICIJY W. KING li. NOTA li. BIHl'I'lIlCN'I'0N M. I".-X IU A vi -,,. QJ Q uh' w. SG ll 'l'l'I.Hl A lraclr That Mount Carmel had never really developed its track possibilities is due to a lack of a suitable practice field. This year arrangements were made to use Watson Field. We also were able to secure the services of Mr. Livernash. The result was far beyond expectations. The boys were con- scientiously coached and were given an opportunity to practice. They grew into a strong track team. John Helwig was selected as the outstanding par- ticipant in the All Catholic Meet for his record breaking performance in the shot put event. John later took first place in the All-City meet. Other boys who performed excellently for Mount Carmel were: Joe Nally, Sam Horta, Jack Costello, George Wood, John Moelter and John Waller. Swimming CHAMPIONS Being Catholic League Champions in swimming is nothing new to Mount Carmel. Perhaps having our own swimming pool has helped a great deal. However, considerable training and coaching is necessary to bring about perfection in any sport event and we must admit that the members of the swimming team were most diligent in striving for perfection. We congratulate Mr. Quinlan and his fine team for bringing us victory. Out- standing among our Champions were James Schmitz, Captain, and Paul lbbetson. VARSITY TRACK-Back How: Phil Aguna, Bill McComish, Harry Jolmson, Ignacio Saenz, Robert Vasquez, Sam Horta. Middle Row: Charles Port, Manager, Charles Cools, C. Van der Linden, John l-lelwig, John Hock, Dick Dyer, John Lopez, Joe Kamphuis, Roy Lundstrom, John Waller, Robert Cools. Front How: Ray Pontius, Manager, George Wood, John Russell, Jerry Allen, Norman Kargl, Joe Nally, Jolm Moelter, Jack Costello, Arthur Celaya, Ollie Farmer. li TRACK4Back Row: Dick Steinbroner, Ed Clark, Bill Borzage, Jack Clark, Tom Gleeson, Jim Clark, Ray Montes, Frank Morales, George McClintock. Front How: Ray Pontius, Managerg Ed McDermott, Gene Fitzgerald, Danny Zacarias, Arthur Hulse, Jack St. Pierre, John Gogian, Bob Barbone, Charles Port, Manager. B SWIMMING-Back Row: Ken Newman, John Hurst, Francis Biernocki, Hob Rozunko, Hob L. Moss, Mike Sweeney. Front Row: Joe Heithe, Douglas llaskey, Bob T. Moss, Norm Tessier, Walt Olivier, Hal Sullivan. VARSITY SWIMMING-Back How: Jack Brennan, Dave Forrest, Jerry Mcifluskey, Paul lbbetson, Jim Schmitz. Front How: Harold Scofield, John Spiller, Leon Sanchez, Cyril Sullivan, Robert Martinet. lnteres ,f--- ,LN K-ll ' -. - KN. JD - '!"u"k'!l .fffw 92' my 1 1. 1 Bxgjfdv K :msd - , Ai ,f -J - ,,M.TQ",- .f .: f -'tip ,ii --if -' :sm - -B M4 ai- P1 y-ew - - 1 ' -- -" W' PAH, fini ' ' ' ZF ,aishess ,Za K I A 3 - f -W: Vlxvqlq f'!'ag ,-f' - Esh fwfil-N55 ' 'fi L - ,gags . . wh limi fygidx 1' + - - 'E - L '?- Vi? 5?-" 'Z' P f':,-WP .' fl f v I v . -f 5 , 1,3511 1 ' E 5 iw aah-21vs7+m4WY 74PH14 -'1 E E 5 jig SWEMMNSE mc."-:Q , I-1 -fa-4'.1g4.A M d P k inhdlilfflimfmv-ff ' V I X- - -fa 3 Qs is 1 is -fi f ' 4 l -.. . ,MMTW .A,.,,M,'1-.W,f1.'.v,!w1f-fi",,,:, A, . ..W,. fwf-fwgwgw-WN Mfifwgly, , 'ILMT' y ,RW , .s.M,W,M,.x.m,,,..,,,,X N. my Wu ...m.m,z,z2..,....,f..'1',.f . 9 , , X, W, ,,,X,.,., Nga. X,-naw' aw Fla: 31 wmwff 15m N A NW' W rr: ,lzunes Carlson 713 ,lavk Klingvnspor '-13 Fernaml lflu'nnr1l'4l fihalk Talk l'rur'ti4'e Crum Richard Woods '44 Bruvv BllllIl1f1ilTlllt'T '44 Dm1nySl11itl1'4AI- tilflll 5:1v:1nt'f1-1' Fnotlunll Banqnu-t Baslwtlrrlll Nh4'lliH'l FI'ilWll'y 'IW Paul Higuli 'NH- l'llillip Niguli '12 I'ul Lurla-r .Hi H1'lWt'l'll llulw-s Im- Nully l'uul Navi Iurgiur "IIS Hull Ross 'IW l'I'lPllll Sur '38 NV2llIf:uI'l1'I"12 Iiuslwllmll llunquz-I lolm Ilm-k illlll .lolln llvlwigg thai ,gn 1133 mf Ali Af 'S-w...M fA 5 K --"wsop-wuwv' 46. Hay KaL'lwllnf'yer '-I-1 .I Ulm Ott '44 Bula Brindlcy '40 Mike SllI'UllHSkC '44 Us BEAT LOYOIA Paul M1'lhmalfl'43 Vivlor llusl frll '40 ll e-fm rgv Hust 11l1 '42 Ray Fitzpatrivk '41 B GAME Most Rev. Hilary Doswald. 0.Car1n. Miss Mary Louise Laydeni Rev. Edw. H.Rrady Conrad Martinez, Sr. William J. Smith. S 2y'c Evelyn Mae Nyman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Riley Mr. and Mrs. John H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jaggard Mr. and Mrs. Joe Klement Scott's Food Products Congressman Gordon L. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Fehner Philip Hesketh Pat C. Collins Mr. and Mrs. O. E. llugstrom Mr. and Mrs. li. W. Dykes Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Oster Mr. and Mrs. Leon Pilon.J1. June Norris Edward E. Ruhly Rev. Anthony McGowan, Rev. William Duggan Rev. Leopold 0iRiordan. 0.l4'.lVl. Cap. Henri N. Normandin. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rahc "The Eight Beatsv Rev. Leon McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. M. V. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. John Prsha Pvt. Lawrence A. Rozunko Very Rev. L. D. Flanagan, i,.CLll'Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Daly Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Doyle McGuire,s Service Station Rev. P. J. McGuiness James L. Lynch Rev. Lawrence Uallricn Mrs. W. G. Ressler Rt. Rev.Monsignor Francis J. Conaty Rev. Wlilliam L. Diamond Rev. Daniel McLaughlin Patrons Mr. Edward McNamara Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly Rev. Maurice Ryan Mr. and Mrs. James Greer Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Pilon Rt. Rev. Monsignor M. 0'Gorman Rev. Patrick A. Higgins Rev. Glen A. Rademacher Mr. and Mrs. John Akerblom W. H. Redmond, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Schmitz Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Jaggard Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hock Mary C. Oakey Jan van der Linden. Architect Mrs. lidwin P. Clark Salesian Fathers Mr. and Mrs. P. Nally Sgt. Daniel F. Cleary Miss Maria Alfonsa Fleckenstein F. C. Northern Miss M. J. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fitzgerald and Family Very Rev. Kilian Lynch, 0.Carm. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Barry Aristocrat Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Thomas ,Johnny Prsha '39 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brooks Lt. and Mrs. John Valenzuela Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Farley Crowley's Drug Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gutting Mr. and Mrs. Jolm J. Love, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Koller Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Horta William Powers Ivan Goyette A Friend Abbott Sz Costello Mr. and Mrs. C. Paneno Harry Williams Red Top Lunch Rev. James Hourihan V and F Florist, 932 W. Florence Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Allen Rev. J. K. Flanagan, 0.Carm. Supervisor Leonard J. Roach Mr. and Mrs. John A. Daly Mr. and Mrs. T. Downes Mr. and Mrs. Hal R. Sullivan Mrs. Retty Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Engle Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Quinn 0lga's Flower Shop Mary Zins Earl C. Gay Sgt. H. Kastcn-Scherhaum Rev. Daniel Keenan, Chaplain, U Rill's Hot Dogs Larry's Super Service Raymond A. Dean The Decker Family 0. R. Rrownc Mr. and Mrs. H. .l. Donovan Nate Jagoda Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. MacAller A Friend P. D. Craig Rev. George M. Scott Rev. Paul D. White Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Marold Rev. Anthony J. Rrouwers Rev. Wm. 0,Donnell Rev. George M. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Moelter Frater Joel J. Moelter Mrs. Lela Rrotherton Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Deseran Mr. and Mrs. R. Simanowitz Mrs. Rena Fredricks Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Janosik Joe Amhrosi, Jr. .S Congratulations to The Class of 1945 from The Freshmen of Room 1 FATHER ALBERT Robert Iohnson, President George Leorver, DALY, O.Cotrm. Vice-President Herbert Boies, Treasurer Kings Tropical Tlzomm Inn WASHINGTON BLVD. at ADAMS 5 F Phone YOrk 9445 World Famous FRIED CHICKEN BLUE RIBBON STEAKS IUMBO SQUABS PRIVATE ROOMS FOR BANQUETS AND PARTIES I v Since 1924 KING'S TROPICAL INN has been specializing in world famous Fried Chicken, Blue Ribbon Steaks and Iumbo Squab Dinners. KING'S TROPICAL INN. the oldest Restaurant in Southern California. is still at the same loca- tion and under the same management. WALTER WINCHELL SAYS: "PLACES I LOVE TO REMEMBER WHEN IN LOS ANGELES, KING'S TROPICAL INN and FRIED -CHICKEN." Platt Radio Music Co. 8451 South Vermont Avenue COMPLIMENTS TW. 6953 TH. 3158 OF 9 . . The 1. D. Ianowlcz Famlly RECORDS Decca Capital Victor Columbia Sheet Music Open 9:30 to 6 P.M. COMPLIMENTS OF 2920 W. Manchester 10466 So. Vermont PLecxsant 19533 PLeasant 19182 I I Phone: THornwall 2627 lack s Muslc and Sporting Goods Shop IACK KERN G1LPlN'S GRILL Telephone PLeasant 6420 STEAKS OUR SPECIALTY 8714 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles 44, California 7216 South Vermont "lt Pays to Play" Los Angeles, Calif. PEERLESS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING FUR STORAGE FEATHER RENOVATING SLAUSON AND MAIN CEntury 29161 Auto Painting Mechanical Repairs Body and Fender Repairs All Makes P. A. ECKLES OLDSMOBILE Direct Factory Dealer Used Cars and 4076 South Vermont Ave. New Cars Phone: ADams 11166 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Southern California Trophy Company Compliments - izwrrras- of Ct Clasllupiirlfiglfligsgrljledals Friend Trophies - Plaques EDWIN E. BATHKE 860 South Flower Stree! Los Angeles l4 Tl fornwotll 5554 ERNEST'S ARMY 6. NAVY STORE Work Clothes - Sportswear Uniforms -- Boots - Shoes 8503 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, Calif. OPEN EVENINGS COMPLIMENTS Iay's Richfield Service 2050 W. Manchester TAY P, HOSS TH. 2581 New and Recapped Tires IOBBER TIRE SALES gififfifi DWYER On. co STOVE OIL Marville Dwyer Oil Co. 1835 N. Eastern Ave. ANgelus 7279 Los Angeles 32, Calif. E N G R A V E R S CORPORATION DIPLOMAS - ANNOUNCEMENTS CLASS RINGS - TROPHIES MEDALS - AWARDS 214 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, Calif. Avalon Food Center I. CHAPRALIS, Prop. . Southwest corner Avalon G Florence For Air Conditioning Use ESSICK COOLERS If You Are Desirous of Working During Vacation See Essick Manufacturing Co. 1950 Santa Fe Ave.. L. A. TU. 5144 YOU WILL BE HAPPIER WITH GIFTS FROM MICHAEL'S PERFECT BLUE-WHITE DIAMONDS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ll I 8226 South Vermont Avenue Mister HQIIY to You! 108th and So. Figueroa Streets FOOT SUFFERERS Your Own Shoe Orthopediccxlly Fitted Corrective Shoes Arch Supports Mode to Order SIMON DAVIS 3329 W. 54th St. - 54th and Crenshaw AXIUIHSIGI' 2-7977 COMPLIMENTS or BOWMAN'S SERVICE ZUUO W. Manchester Tl-Iornwcll 2671 W. H, Bowman, Mgr. Complete Motor Mointenonce MILLER'S GROCERIES 6709 and 7529 So. Normandie Vegetables ------ Ed. Schultz Meorts - - Roy King cmd Wm. S. Hudson The best quality oft competitive prices, with courteous service COMPLIMENTS OF THE PHYSICS CLASS BERNARD DALY, O.Carm. KENNETH KELLER, President RAYMOND LEAVER, Vice President CHARLES I-IABERMAN, Secretary ED, KRETSCHMER, Treasurer, Coast Guard IOI-IN COLLINS ROGER MOREY ALAN EDWARDS GERALD MCCORMICK DENIS GALVIN IOHN NALLY, Navy GLEN GEATLEY, Coast Guard RAY PONTIUS RICHARD GILES CHARLES PORT CHARLES GUSSENHOVEN MARK PRSHA, Navy ROBERT HAGSTROM EDWIN RICHARDSON, Navy ANDREW HANLEY ROBERT ROONEY IOHN HANNIG LEO SALISBURY ALFRED INGRAM, Marines IAMES SCHMITZ THOMAS KEANE, Coast Guard RAY TAYLOR IOSEPH LEE RAY WILL IAMES LYNCH IAMES WILLIAMS, Navy DALE MARKEY GEORGE WOOD WENSEL MATTAUCH RICHARD WRIGHT IOHN MOELTER Bee Linda's for Fine Candies - GIFTS - 6561112 South Normandie Open Evenings BECK'S CAFE AND MONTEREY COCKTAIL LOUNGE 5971 South Main Street LOS Angeles Completely Air Conditioned THELMA BECK FRITCI-ILEY, Manager Open 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. Closed Tuesdays Entertainment Nightly Pleasant 9518 Ernest and Nora Matson's SUNSET suPER sERv1cE Steam Cleaning Washing and Polishing 1359 W. Florence Ave. O TIRES . BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES "Al" BrOlin's Garage General Auto Repairing Brake Relining Service Electrical and Battery Service C12 Years in Southwestl 1358 W. 71st Street CAt NE. cor. of Florence and Normandiel PL. 9138 Los Angeles 44. Calif. IIMMIE WEST "The One Trip" Plumber Plumbing and Heater Repairs 7526 So. Vermont PL. 2-3148 IMPORTED - DOMESTIC Table Wines and Liquors PLecIsant 8587 The Home Shop "The Best ln Package Goods" A. STEIN. Mgr. 5879 So. Figueroa Los Angeles. Calif. PL. 19276 TH. 27lU Nl S 1401 W. Florence Ave.. cor. Normandie Wow ...., More IMPORTANT than ever! COMPLIMENTS OF WALWORTH DETECTIVE SERVICE. LTD. 8020 South Vermont Ave. 8501 Sunsei Blvd TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1945 Records Sheet Music SUMNER'S RADIO 3307 West 54th Street AX. 5129 COMPLIMENTS Radio Repair Home Movies OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF MAGNEITS MOVING and STORAGE CO. 8423 State Street South Gate Phones: LAfayette 3858 Night: Tl-lornwall 0697 Manchester STORES FOR MEN Bowling Academy The Bowling Alley of the Future 12 Brunswick Deluxe Centennial Alleys 9115 So. Vermont Ave.. Los Angeles BOB KOCH THornwcxll 0800 Harry Mann 5844 SOUTH VERMONT 8414 SOUTH VERMONT MILLER'S STYLE LEADERS . . . For Young Men ol the Southwest SINCE 1922 . . FEATURING O Arrow Shirts O Timely Clothes 5735 Crenshaw Boulevard I Campus Sport ClO'tl'16S I SALES SERVICE . AXminster 6101 Portroits Commercial SIMMS STUDIO of Photography 4915 South Western Ave. Axminster 26929 Cap and Gown Furnished at Our Studio Weddings Children Compliments of RALPHS GROCERY CO. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS HOME PHARMACY GREGORY M. CREUTZ S. M. Trogmcm 8530 So. Vermont Ave. 6201 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles. California Phone: TI-Iornwall 8387 WINSEL-GIBBS SEED AND NURSERY COMPANY Seeds, Plants, and Bulbs Everything for the Garden 1955 WEST FLORENCE 2 blocks West ot Western TWinoaks 1564 PATERSON'S 5 and 10 COMPUMENT5 4801 South Western ' OF Los Angeles. Calif. 2112 West Manchester Gifts Greeting Cards Herman Franke, Mgr. DR. EDWIN C. BUHR OPTOMETRIST Suite 615 Foreman Building TRinity 8276 707 South Hill Street For a Better Haircut and Sanitary Service Visit the Best Wishes Temple Barber Shop to 5867 South Vermont The Class Of '45 No Waiting Three Expert Barbers THE DORSEYS Children's Haircut a Specialty F, TUSO, Prop. Phone REpublic 9808 GOLDEN STATE MATTRESS CO. Manufacturers of NEW MATTRESSES and BOX SPRINGS Your Old Mattresses Renovated and Made Over Like New 3745 So. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR SON Lt. A. W. I. MacArthur CLASS or 1941 HELEN and WILLIAM MacARTHUR PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Income Tax Returns Bookkeeping Service "The Yardstick ol Success ls a Satisfied Customer" Industrial Tax Service Tax Consultants Serving Individuals and lndustry Alike 4995 So. Western Ave.. Los Angeles 37 Phone AXminster 2-8330 Dr. I. T. Waters DENTIST 3415 West 51th St. at Crenshaw Blvd. AXminster I-9511 Compliments Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Leaver Compliments ot Mr. Newe's lst Period Geometry Class COLONIAL Furniture and House Furnishing Co. 6101 S. BROADWAY - LOS ANGELES 3 THornwall 1173 PACIFIC GLASS CO. 721-743 East 61st Street Los Angeles 1, California Hunting and Fishing Supplies Buy - Sell - Trade - Rent WE SPECIALIZE IN RENTALS AL'S SPORTING GOODS Phone TW. 9244 427 W. Florence, Los Angeles 3, Calif CLARK LUMBER CO. "DEPENDABLE QUALITY AND SERVICE" ED. CLARK, Owner 8309 So. Vennont Avenue Phone: . THornwall 3189 COMPLIMENTS OF I. HENNESSY Licensed Contractor CEMENT WORK OF ALL KINDS 123 East 88th Street Lady Attendant TI-lornwall 9119 Hammond 6: Mispagel Funeral Directors Louis E. Ruppe, Managing Director 3517 Hyde Park Boulevard S W t 55 ll St 1 Los Angeles Phone: TW. 0172 K time as es t ree J Los Angeles 43. Calif. Compliments of The Mothers' Club of Mt. Carmel High School ROYAL FARMS COMPLIMENTS OF Anne and Bob Ash LOS ANGELES TIMES Distributors DAIRY I THE BETTER MILK H A G E R T Y S PRESCRIPTION P H A R M A C Y Purity Accuracy IEllerson 7505 IEflerson 6181 South Gate 8121 Seville lin the loop! South Gate COMPLIMENTS OF ROMEK'S BARBER SHOP Expert and Complete Barber Service of All Styles Your Patroriage Greatly Appreciated 6606 South Vennont LOCAL LONG DISTANCE LLOYD'S MOVING SERVICE 5867 S. Figueroa St.. Los Angeles, Calif. 'l'Winoaks 8642 The Place to Buy Your Automobiles We Will Not Be Unclersold PRospect 5301 NP. 46 , , NICHOLS 3,3 L, iii "See Nichols and V Save Dollars" 'g - X 'K -' Licensed and Bonded 631 W. Washington. Los Angeles 15 Body and Pender, 999 W. Washington STOVE REPAIRING All Makes - Parts - New Stoves Conchitals Reliable Stove Works 246 E. Florence Ave. TWinoaks 4242 Famous Spanish and Mexican Foods Radios - Refrigerators - Gas Ranges Washing Machines Midway Furniture Co. BANK CAFE Complete Home Furnishings Phone: Pldeascmt 9834 4832 So. Normandie AX. 9687 8770 So. Broadway Los Angeles , Hollywood V . gg ,S fi,,, 1-Umfs ZW i' ADE MA SHELL SERVICE Complete Lubrication Hobb's Batteries General Tires Pick-up and Delivery Service California At Your Favorite Store Normandin Bros. Co. WHEN BUYING CANDY BUY RAW!-lK'S Charles Rawak Candy Co Phone: PLeasqm 9170 S800 S. Sctn Pedro. Los Angeles 3. Calif TWinoaks 9065 Compliments of Ice and Mary A. Ambrosi and Sons Ioe Ambrosi, Ir., 42, U.S.N. Frank R. Ambrosi, '43, U.S.A. Anqelo Ambrosi, 47 918 West 170th Street Gardena, California Phone: lVIEn1o 4-2848 PERRIN APPLIANCE CO. CRENSHAW IEWELERS Watches, Diarn onds, Silverware COLUMBIA - CAPITOL VICTOR - DECCA Watch and lewelry Repairing . Records and 5458 Crenshaw Blvd. ReC""'S'1f'P"es AX. 5489 A. Eisenberg G Son 8702 S. Vermont Ave. TW. 6010 COMPLIMENTS or RAYMOND I. KIEFFER ARCHITECT 2212 Griffin Ave. Los Angeles 31 CApitol 12553 AL'S CAFE 722 W. Florence Home Cooked Meals Hamburgers and Malts Special Attention to Boys from Mount Carmel COMPLIMENTS OF VOGUE FLORISTS LOS ANGELES 702 W. Washington Boulevard Los Angeles, California Telephone PRospect 0481 5951 Santa Monica Boulevard Hollywood, California Telephone GRanite 6988 COMPLIMENTS OF CALIFORNIA SPRING CO., INC. MANUFACTURERS OF COIL SPRINGS 1746 So. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles 15, California IOHN KENEFICK v'oICE INsTRUoTIoN Audition by appointment Without charge 7810 So. Halldale Ave. PLeasant 1-0926 Holy Cross Chi Rho Club MEET EACH WEDNESDAY Q at 8:00 o'clock 116 West 47th Street Los Angeles 37, California WAGGONER SERVICE I. B. "Ice" HEESE, Prop. Gas, Oil, Lubrication, Washing Polishing, Granitizin 3201 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 6 REpublic 3361 Q "Cruise in for a smile, you Crusaders" lOE and LUKE COMPLIMENTS Library Department MT. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL HAMBURGER ICE Hamburgers - Tamales - Chili - Pie GIANT MALTS - GOOD COFFEE TASTY SANDWICHES 676 West Florence, Los Angeles, Calif. VERMONT PLUMBERS Leaky Water Heaters and Plumbing Repairs H28 Years on Vermont Ave." 8501 So. Vermont TH. 4171 Congratulations TO The Class ot 1945 LATIN I-ROOM 6 RICHARD A. NAGLE, O.Carm Class President, EUGENE MONEYMAKER Treasurer, DONALD EOXEN Compliments of I-IAMLIN W. NERNEY CO 5201 SOUTH VERMONT AVE. ' 24 Successful Years Ford Cars and Trucks Genuine Ford 'Parfs and Repairs CHARLSTON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 8504 So. Vermont Ave. Where the Southwest shops with confidence IN MEMORY OF Robert I. Gruber CLASS or 1943 W. T. Hastings Tom M. Ferguson Ieiferson Iewelers WATCHES - CLOCKS - IEWELRY Guaranteed Repairing 2106 W. Ielferson Blvd, Los Angeles 16 RE, 9561 Prescriptions BERTRANDS SAVE IT Cut Rate DRUGS . . . Universal Athlet1c Servlce D. W. Sesner D. E. O'Reilly Pharmacists 2074 W. Iellerson Blvd., Los Angeles GUY DELFFS MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL Expert Lubrication Florence cmd Hoover TH. 2844 Recap Tires - Batteries - Battery Service Good Service-Come In and See Renovating Repairing Rebuilding ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 5919 So. Broadway TH. 4731 Congratulations TO The Class of 1945 Mt. Carmel Fathers' Club MARTY'S FOOD CENTER THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE 6601 South Vermont Los Angeles. California EARLE M. PHILIPS Prescription Druggist Phone TWinoc1ks 9610 Eastern Florist . 319 W. Florence Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. 7131 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, Calif. Compliments of EDWARDS BROTHERS I COLONIAL MORTUABY 1000 VENICE BOULEVARD PLeC1sant 2-3776 VICTOR - COLUMBIA - DECCA Clcrssic cmd Popular R E C O R D S F. H. DOLAN Stine Radio 6: Record REALTOR Shop l039 W. Florence Ave. TH. 6834 8321 So. Vermont Ave Open Friday G Saturday until 9:00 P.M. Los Angeles 44, Ccrlif TWinoc1ks 4788 C. E. WEEKS IEWELERS 8473 S. Vennont Ave. MOBILGAS YOrk 9377 Eddie Burke's Service Mobilgcxs Decxler New Tires cmd Reccpping-Batteries Lubrication and Motor Oils 4220 W. Olympic Blvd.. Los Angeles IEiferson 111 Globe Ice Machine Co. 1. c. BEVELLE 6023 Wilmington Ave.. Los Angeles 9 Frank's Lamp Shop UNIQUE LAMPS Gorgeous Ruffle Shades Beautiful Gifts and Greeting Cards Lamp Repairing 6016 S. Broadway. Los Angeles 3, Calif. Phone 'l'Winoaks 7742 Fish 6 Chips and Fried Shrimps 249 East Florence Avenue Los Angeles 3 IIMMIE Florence Dairy Store 715 W. Florence Ave. Uust East of Hooverl DAIRY PRODUCTS GROCERIES ICE CREAM 'I'Homwall 9723 COMPLIMENTS OF I ack Leo Ambrosi Best Wishes TO The Graduates of 1945 ADVANCED ALGEBRA CLASS EUGENE MCCALLEN, Qcafm Room 4 COMPLIMENTS OF Mt. Carmel Study Hall Store SCHOOL PENNANTS SCHOOL STICKERS SCHOOL CAPS Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Dr. T. H. McMahon, Ir. OPTOMETRIST 6805 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles Office: TH. 0565 SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS O Accredited to the University of California 3300 West Slauson Avenue AXminster 9002 coMPL1MENTs Southwest Chevrolet Co. Authorized Chevrolet SERVICE and SALES Direct Factory Dealer PLecxscrnt 2-3175 7l0l S. Vermont Los Angeles 44 COMPLIMENTS or MT. CARMEL HIGH BOOK STORE ROBERT FEI-INER, Manager AXminster 9602 A Pleasure to Serve You Bussiaeger Super Service U. I. BUSSIAEGER, Proprietor Tires - Batteries - Greasing 3475 W. Slctuson Ave. fcor. of Brynhurstl Los Angeles. Calif. Compliments of The Study Hall First Period BROTHER LAWRENCE, O.Carm PAT BROWNE, President JACK COSTELLO, Vice President IOSEPH DIETSCH, Secretary-Treasurer Inicxnts' Weor Women's W AS YOU LIKE IT CAFE 5101 South Western Cords clnd Gifts Religious Articles MRS. F. I. MCAULIEFE BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER Phone: TW. 6071 10215 S. Verm ear ont COMPLIMENTS OF The Studio Men's Shop "The Complete Men's Store" 5877 South Vermont SANDEE MUFFLER CO. V'8 DUAL5 Los Angeles SINGLE S 224 No. San Fernando Road Deep Tone New Design Burbank 5711 No. Figueroa Street 7523 So. Westem TH. 6036 Highland Park COMPLIMENTS OF ST. IOHN'S MILITARY ACADEMY 4060 West Washington Boulevard Los Angeles Taught by Sisters of Mercy GILES LUMBER CCMPANY Phone ORchard 7-2184 11307 HAWTHORNE BLVD. HAWTHORNE AND IMPERIAL INGLEWOOD, CALIF. Zffikgfzmrn- v' . ,H , 45.9 4. Y,.,..nn, A. . , ..N M775 533-5.91. .. i:Q..'1'if zxjgw 3 f f 1 4 . . . '2 "' ?3,E.J"1 " VF h Vfb'?T"-.fQfQ2ffIfI 15.4'.gi5..f.eV9f.-,. , ...EMH,lax J i2 5. 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Suggestions in the Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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