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r, ,.-4. f,9u,ffmkffw ' df ,Q A ., xt: .1 lvwl N k 'li 7- I V ,w,, 1 K? f fl? ,I ,V A. ..-, Q up E X A ,,,' 2 -Y V 4 ,ix . K. ,X I ' in U' mfg. .1 2.-V -1795? Ki 5. -., , .1 vu, 97WA'5'Qf fy L , Q I ,- r f W NZ 2 4: N v ,-X V 1 . , ,.. , , 2' x 'K vm 5 f M , F.: f " r. '- 4 A X, A yf? M4 Jf X K g " Q ' K2 I, PAV. X N g Q ly! , , fx 5 x 1 m-1 .5 1, "v A .- fi ,IU Q C U A 'A K 449' x...f3' fi . .I ,A ..A-- ' xi.. ! f N! 15 1' 1 f. Al, .1 'VX x LX i M! 01,61 y R f x QM Q5 qv 1 I J Age I W' im W N-f' i' 5, gfqlwffg K, 6? j Q A A fx-it fl A ' gg .wk i. ,-m.:.M ba 'iltx x 1-, HN ' ep-.'e,V. .cw ' x. .I uw- 4 , 4 , 'I , 'I H 5 W "' 5 2, 5 ' 3 R2 A X - '7' . ' ,fy 5 1 ff 1 f 1 3 . , J e cg? Q A 7 1 ff! X 5 1 'E I '- wx N- v. 'H' K , 1' J y x b v x X I r p, V 1 Y .. ,s If , . X5 YQ' 'uf 1 1 4 . in x his A 5 4 x -.' xr , v 1 , b 3!"Z'4?' 3 H 1 4 ' 'Fl fffgilf' "Al H ,ff .N , y f 4 5 , S m . -. .' ,N , " ' 75 7 XI . A ' eaifad - , 4-5 ,, . V "iff tr I V 1. . 5 ' , . :'v , . 0' . f. , 4 ' ' , ,Q- I' V , f' . V , - 4 g A ' J 7 7 ' V A . 9 . X 1 I . , V ff ' ' -- g 1 - ', - N' 5, ' I ' . x . px - f' 1 ' 1 - .1--,,-X " Mg' . ' , A A I ' , , f r f' - ' - - . g .V - ,A . ., ' , , ,a . 4 ' P ' ' . Q " 4 J A x . . , ,- .V V 1. V QL ,A V Q. , I , " ' ill ,F V I . ' ' ' ' W ,, 'J 4 L vb X I I , E N N Q I I 1. . X . 5 ,Em 4 Av , I K I My , "W ,R x . : A-if X r " f f.':f++r1 - 1 SH , . A V , . 'fin' '- f U A ' , 7 MQ . K " A ig, W 'X' w f -1 .w C- ' ' ' , , .V ,f I 24 1 W MM., : N 1,3 Mm f iff M. ' 1 1 4 M W7 Qi, s I -11 N . i A f 2 E I F 3 E is IJ Y '4 5 7 Q A 3 E? ' .xwarxts -'nnsu .rsum ' Moum CARMEL EL GUNS V I R IQM T H E S T A F F Boiron-IN-CHIEF . --.-- A - - Ioseph Moelter ASSOCIATE EDITORS -S-f- Robert Gumber, Eugene Hamilton, Raymond Kargl, Francis Schiller, Samuel Wood, EDITORIAL STAFF e---ff Bruce Baumgartner, Iohn Donohoo Charles Fallon, Byron Gray, Ioseph Guerena, Raymond Ianosik, Robert Mueller, Daniel Smith, Thomas Sullivan, Michael Sproutfslce BUSINESS STAFF - - Iohn Guerin, Robert McCormick, Iohn McDonald, Frank Stubenrauch f'?' His Excellency. The Most Reverend Iohn I. Cantwell, D.D flrvllbislmp of Los Angfflvs Most Reverend Hilary M. Doswald, O.Ca1'm. Prior ':l'lll'l'lll uf ilu' lfurnwlilv 1'l'lll'l in.. Very Reverend Kilian Lynch, O.Carm. l,l'0'Uilll'illl of flu' l'l'U'l7ilH'l' uf Sl. Elias go' gi 6 Q 1 1 M.. , -mHmk,,,W,,.-4 ,,,.f 1. K V. - -mm' K U ' M1 vw WM WM, . 47 M I 1 WW. A41 K A W ummm DEDICATION September 9, 1944 will be the tenth birthday of Mount Carmel High School. During the ten years of her existence she has seen many pupils and teachers within her walls. Many of these today are in the service of our country. To the memory of one of these teachers Mount Carmel dedi- cates this sixth volume of El Conquistador. SERGEANT LAWRENCE SULLIVAN spent the first five years of Carmel's history as head coach of football, basketball, baseball and track. He also served as instructor of the physical education classes. His help and never-failing loyalty proved of inestimable value, coming, as it did, at the time of greatest trial to a growing high school. Even before the entrance of the United States into the war Larry felt the need of serving. His career in the Army Air Corps was a brilliant one and he became the maintenance man and rear gunner on a flying fortress. After many months of training in this country, the bomber and crew were sent to England. Twenty- two missions were successfully performed by them in the Euro- pean area, but on the next and final assignment the plane was shot down over Germany. Relatives were notified that Larry had died for his country. That SERGEANT LAWRENCE SULLIVAN applied himself to the various duties of military life may be verified from the many promotions and from the decorations he received. He was given the Air Medal, Citation of Honor from General Arnold, and the Purple Heart. It seems most fitting therefore that Mount Carmel dedicate E1 Conquistador of 1944 to the memory of SERGEANT LAWRENCE SULLIVAN. In some far land across the sea he died, One who was loved by all our growing boys, In them were all his happiness and pride, To serve them was the measure of his joys. On fields of sport he rallied Carmel's men, For all those battles dear to youthful hearts! He trained them for a day beyond his ken, When Duty would assign to them their parts. Amid the clouds in battles fierce and grim, He too played his, and played it welll The Purple Heart reveals the cost to him, Of nights aflame with raging shot and shell. His memory filled with dreams of long ago, He fell, as a Crusader, face to foe. Sergeant Lawrence Sullivan Guiciance Learning Activities Fitness interests Nw 1 nz in REV. WILLIAM P. RUSSELL O.Carm. Principal l My dear Graduates of the Class of l944: Some of you may recall the play of Sir lames Barrie, "Dear Brutus". The characters in the play represent, generally speak- ing, average types of human beings. Some have gained a certain measure of successg some have only failures to reckon. When, through a gift of the gods, they are given the opporunity to begin their lives over again, they achieve practically the very same results as they had achieved in real life. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that We are underlings. To each one of you is given on graduation day that oppor- tunity which will be given only once. The use you make of that opportunity depends rather entirely on you. Through your parents, pastors, and teachers, the Good Lord has sought to pro- vide you with the means that will bring success, temporal and eternal. Ten or fifteen years hence it will be useless to ask for another chance. lt will then be too late. You cannot say, in the event of failure, that you did not know better. Our fervent prayer for you on the happy day of your gradua- tion will be that you may be ever faithful to the Way marked out for you, especially during your years in Mount Carmel, that you will be loyal sons of l-loly Mother Church, and in consequence loyal sons of your country. ln the difficult and trying days that will test your Christian manhood and your patriotism, you will have our constant prayers and sympathy. May Our Lady of Mount Carmel bless you and sustain you in the battles of today and tomorrow. sth. X rv, t l fl 'J- evfll erVDaly. lQ.Carm. Rev. Albert Schwartz. O.Carm. Rev. Edward Duffy O Carm ff It I ice-Prirtcrpal Languages and History History and Religion . L i - f' Mount Carmel High School began in September, 1934. As most of us recall, the first classes were held in St. Rap-hael's Parish Hall. The Faculty consisted of two Carmelite Fathers, and the Student Body numbered sixty boys. Then in December of the same year our present school building opened its doors for the first time to its first pupils and faculty. Solemn dedication services were held on Ianuary 6, 1935. His Excellency, the Most Reverend .Archbishop of Cantwell, assisted by the Carmelite Provincial and by the clergy of the Southwest District, officiated on this memorable occasion. Our first Glee Club, under the direction of Father Matthias Lani, rendered appro- priate music. A Catholic Boys' High School had long been considered necessary for the ever-increasing Catholic population of the Southwest District of Los Angeles. The Carmelite Fathers of the New York Province devoted their resources and their best efforts to meet this need. Mount Carmel's constant growth and development are evidence of the success which, under Divine Providence, has continued to bless their enterprise. As might be expected, the new High School was named for and dedi- cated to the great Patroness of the Carmelite Order. lts official title is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel High School. With the invocation of Our Lady, every class and every activity in Mount Carmel begins. Her statue guards the main portals, her image gazes from its lofty eminence in the School Chapel on the succeeding generations of Carmel's sons. lt is Our Lady who gives life and meaning and inspiration to the work of the school, Hlesus in mente, Maria in corde" are the principal objectives of Carmelite education in Mount Carmel High School. The school building was the firs of itspfpe to be erected in Los Angeles 67 I . 609-s I X Rev. Peter T. Liebau, O.Carm. Rev. Bernard ly, O.Carm. Rev, Kevin Morrissey 0 Cam-, ,History and Mechanical Drawing Physics and Chemistry Religlon f . "'Rm.. 'W Rev Brendan Hourihcm. O.Ccxrm. Rev. Eugene McCcxllen. O.Carm. Rev. Aloysius Nagle O Ccxrm Biology and Mathematics Mathemati and Engli Languages and Religion in l934. lt was designed ti meet in every way the stringent regulations of the City Building Commission as they were emphasized in that year because of earthquake shocks. The classrooms are spacious and well-lighted, the laboratories are large and well-equipped, the library provides an ever-increase ing volume of information in very pleasant and studious surroundings. The school chapel, blessed by the Sacramental Presence, greets every boy on his entrance and exit. The gymnasium and swimming pool offer excellent facilities for pupil needs. The play-ground, equipped and maintained by the Fathers' Club, provides splendid opportunities for out-door games and activities. Mount Carmel High School is accredited to the University of California. This accreditation brings with it the privilege of entrance into the University without examination for pupils who have maintained a "B" average in their high school studies. On the same condition, Carmel students may enter any of our Catholic or non-sectarian Colleges or Universities. The Courses of Studies followed at Mount Carmel are in accordance with those furnished by the Archdiocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools. While certain essentials, such as Religion, English, and U. S. History are obligatory for all pupils, electives are nevertheless available to meet the variety of needs which are found in a large student body. Diplomas earned by graduates correspond to the courses of study fol- lowed. Sixteen credits are required for graduation. A credit in any subject is obtained by completing satisfactorily a course of thirty-eight weeks, five periods a week. Report cards are issued at the usual intervals. The Honor Roll for each grade is published each year, and medals are awarded to those who excel in various subjects. . ' , 1 Brother Lawrence, O.Ccxrm. Mr. William Quinlan Mr. Iohn Newe Office and Physical Education Science and Physical Education History and English Mr Roger Wagner Mr. George Casey Mr. Virgil Freeman Languages and Music Mathematics and English Aeronautics Religious instruction occupies a regular period in each school day. Con- fessions are heard on each Thursday preceding the First Friday. This latter is General Communion Day for all pupils. On the greater Church festivals, Solemn High Mass is sung in the presence of the entire student body. The ex- cellent Glee Club provides suitable music. Each season of the Ecclesiastical Year receives its proper emphasis by the respective devotions. The Sodality of Our Blessed Lady assists in giving proper place to the regular devotions to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. "Our Lady's Day" has now become a tradition during the month of May in each school year. Cn it takes place the annual enrollment in the Scapular of Mount Carmel. The yearly retreat helps all classes in the school to focus particular attention on spiritual and moral essentials. In athletics Carmel continues to establish creditable records in each suc- ceeding year. This year another all-Catholic Tournament Championship was won by the Varsity Basketball team. The 'BH team too added another cham- pionship in the same sport. The Football Championship was missed by just one game. ln Baseball Carmel divided honors with its opponents. lntra-mural competition was highlighted by the Handball Tournament. The Swimming Team did very well, as usual. Track, wrestling, boxing, and tennis rounded out the athletic program. Mount Carmel is naturally very proud of the alumni, 402 in all, who are now serving their Country in the various branches of the Armed Forces. Their frequent visits and frequent letters are alike proof of the influence of Carmel in their lives. Likewise Carmel is encouraged by the number of its alumni chosen for college work under the several specialized programs. Dartmouth, Colgate, Yale, Harvard, Notre Dame, Columbia, Gonzaga, Kansas State and Texas Tech now number former Carmel boys among their students. Mrs. Frances Newe Mrs. Donald Carr Office Library ! i f LEPN RNXNC5 V William Barry s6Bill99 St. Michael. B Football lg Foot- ball 3, 4, B Baseball lp Baseball 2, 3, 45 Boxing 3, 4, Letterman Z, 3, 4. N avy. Bruce Baumgartner 6611. D29 St. Bridget. Art Club lp Orchestra lg Honor Roll 1, Z, 3, First Aid 2, Boxing 1, Z, 3, 45 Letterman 2, 31 Annual Stall, Major Subjects, English and Mathematics. Navy. Donald Brooks 66D0n99 Nativity. Glee Club Z, 35 Basket- ball Manager l, 2, C Basketball Captain 3, B Basketball 4, Foot- ball Manager 2, 3j Letterman 2, 3, Major Subject, English. Naval Air Corps. George Campbell csjaken Nativity. C Basketball 35 B Basket- ball 4, Major Subjects, English and Mathematics. Army Air Corps. AAt . Carmel Robert Bauer 66Bob9, St. Iohn, Hyde Park. Boxing lg Radio Club 25 Model Club Z, Foot- ball 4, Letterman 47 Major Sub- jects, Mathematics and History. Army Air Corps. Iames Brennan 66Jim99 St. Bernadine. Boxing 2, 3, 47 Track 4. Navy. Robert Brooks "B-B Eyes" Holy Cross. Prom Committee. Navy. Benjamin Chavez G6Ben!9 St, Mary. B Football 25 Football 4 Basketball 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Letter- man 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. Navy. Seniors, Iames Copeland 5SJi'n59 St. john, Hyde Park. B Basketball 35 Football 45 Major Subjects, Eng- lish and History. Navy. Robert Despars csBUhs9 Holy Cross, Glee Club lj Sodality 2, 35 Major Subject, History. Army Air Corps. George Downes "M4rlnsP" St. Bose ot Lima, B Football l' Football 2, 3, 45 Photography Club lg Letterman 2, 3, 4. Marine Corps. Alonzo Edwards 66RlDFh,, Holy Cross. B Football 2, 35 Foot- ball 45 B Boxing 25 Boxing 3, 45 Letterman 3, 45 Major Subjects, Mathematics and English. Army Air Corps. 1944 dlfs if Robert Crawford "Bob" St. Bridqet. Baseball Manager Z5 Art Club 3. Merchant Marine. I ohn Donohoe nljipv St. Iohn, Inglewood. Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Scholarship lp Annual Staft5 Major Subject, Science, Army Air Corps. Iohn Duffy sclnckn St. john, Hyde Park. Tennis 2, 35 Letterman 2, 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Major Subjects, Mathematics and English. Navy. Fred Edwards "Erldia',' St. Rose ot Lima, Basketball 45 Letterman 45 Major Subjects, Eng- lish and History. Marine Corps. Harry Ennis ssRplIes Entered from Manual Arts High School in '42, C Football 35 Honor Boll 35 Major Subject, English. Navy. Iames Favorite sslinlvs Holy Cross. B Baseball l, 25 B Football 2. Navy. Donald Gilb nljonss St. Columbkille. Basketball 45 Let- terman 4. Navy. Byron Gray ..Jim,, St. Michael. Honor Boll Z, 35 B Baseball 35 Major Subjects, Eng- lish and Science5 Annual Stall. Navy Engineer. Mt. Carmel Charles Fallon "Chuck" Entered from Los Angeles College in '4l. Boxing 25 First Aid 25 Fire Brigade 3, 45 Annual Staff. Navy. Edward Felix "Eddie" St. Michael. C Footbball5 Football 45 B Baseball lg Baseball 2, 3, 45 B Basketball Z, 35 Basketball 45 Letterman 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Major Subject, English. Navy. me Robert Goold "Babu St. Mathias. C Football l5 Major Subjects, History and English. Army Air Corps. Ioseph Guerena sslovas Entered from Manual Arts High School in '43, Annual Statf5 Major Subject, English. Army Air Corps. Seniors, Iohn Guerin sslarkwa St. Cecelia. Scholarship l, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll l, 35 Chess Club l, 25 B Boxing l5 Boxing 2, 3, 45 B Foot- ball 35 Football 45 Letterman 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 45 Student Body President Annual Staff5 Ma- jor Subjects, Languages 6. Mathe- matics. Navy. Eugene Hamilton "Gene" Entered from Inglewood High School in '42. Sodality 35 Sodality President 45 Office 45 Associate Editor Annual Staff5 Major Sub- ject, English. Navy. Stephen Heiierman St. john, Inglewood. Stamp Club l. Navy, Ieremiah Hennessy acjprryas St. Columbkille. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 B Football 15 Football 2, 3, 45 Football Captain 45 Baseball 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Letterman 2, 3, 45 Vice President Student CounCil5 Major Subjects, English and History. Navy. 1944 Robert Gumber "Bob" St. Michael. Glee Club 15 Football 45 Associate Editor Annual Staif5 Major Subjects, Science, Mathe- matics and English, Nav y. Anthony Hastert "Tony" St. Columbkille. Commerce Club l5 Art Club 2. Navy. Ioseph Helwig sslullss Entered from St. Anthony's Sem- inary in '43, Track 45 Letterman 45 Major Subjects, Language and Mathematics. Army Engineer. Iohn Hogan 6bHUgl,y91 St, Aloysius. B Boxing 25 Boxing 3, 45 Sodality 3, 45 Major Subject, English. Navy. Richard Honer GGDick,9 St. Michael. Photography Club lg C Football lg B Football 2, Foot- ball 3, 4, B Baseball lg Baseball 2, 3, 4, B Basketball 2, 35 Basketball 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Major Sub- jects, English and History. Merchant Marine. Lawrence Hull scllarryss Nativit C Football l- B Football YA . 25 Football 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4g Senior Class Secretary. Navy. Francis I ohnson caBud99 Nativity. Tennis 1, 2, 3, Art Club lg Boxing 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4j Basketball 3, 45 Letterman 3, 4, Student Council, Major Subject, English. Navy. Robert Iones Entered from Sacred Heart High School, Omaha, "44. Major Sub- ject, English. Coast Guard. Mt. Carmel Richard Huston ffoicla' Entered from Los Angeles College '43. Sodality 4, Glee Club 45 Li- brary 4. Navy. Raymond Ianosik ssRay99 Nativity. C Football Manager lg Football Manager 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball Manager l, Z, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff. Marine Corps. Theodore Iohnson ssTpd99 St. Paul. Radio Club 2, Model Club 2, Track 4. Navy. Stancil I ones "Stan ce" St. Cecelia. B Boxing 25 Boxing 45 Football 2. Air Corps Ordinance. Seniors, 1944 Raymond Kachelmeyer scRay9s St. Aloysius. Sodality 4, Major Subjects, Language and Mathe- matics. Navy Engineer. William Kechline "Bill', St. Mathias, First Aid 2, Boxing 2, Letterman 2. N a vy. Mark Kohake GGMOTQU Entered from Seneca High School, Seneca, Kansas, '42, B Football 4, Major Subjects, History and Eng- lish. Navy, Gerald Leo sslp'-ryan Immaculate Heart of Mary. Track 2, B Basketball 3, 4, B Basketball Captain 4. Navy. Raymond Kargl iiRay-9, St, Cecelia. Stamp Club l, Pho- tography Club l, Z, Associate Edi- tor Annual Stafl, Major Subjects, Science and English. U.C.L.A. Wesley Koch 56 99 Holy Cross. Commerce Club 1, 2. Army Air Corps, Richard Koler 'fume' Entered from St. Mary's Higli School, Oregon, '43, Sodality 4, Major Subjects, Mathematics and English. Army. Robert McCormick s.Rpd9s St. john, Hyde Park. B Football 2, 3, 4, B Football Captain 4, Track 2, Swimming Manager 4, Photog- raphy Club l, 2, 3, Fire Brigade 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Senior Class Treasurer, Major Subjects, English and History. Navy. Iohn McDonald an-'ucksa St. john, Hyde Park, C Football lt B Football 2, 35 Football 45 Honor Boll l5 Swimming 25 Letterman 45 Major Subject, English. Naval Air Corps. I crmes McKenna calirnsa St. Michael. Art Club lg Chess Club l5 Model Club 25 B Swim- ming l5 Swimming 25 Photography Club l, 25 Letterman 2. Navy, Eugene Moore acEupysn Nativity. Safety Committee 3, 45 Major Subject, English. Army. Robert Mueller 66B0b!3 St. Michael. Stamp Club lg Honor Roll 15 Fire Brigade 35 Football 4, Annual Staft5 Major Subjects, Eng- lish and Mathematics. Naval Air Corps. Mt. Carmel Iohn McIntosh "John ny Mav', Holy Cross. Swimming 1, Z, 3, 45 Football 45 Letterman 2, 3, 4. Navy. I oseph Moelter sc-logs, St. john Hyde Park. Honor Roll Z 35 Stamp Club 15 Fire Brigade 35 Sodality 35 Sodality Vice President 45 Student Council Historian5 Edi- tor Annual Staif5 Major Subjects, Language and Mathematics. Army. Leon Mott NJ. Ines St. Vincent. B Boxing lg Boxing 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Letterman 2, 3, 4. Army. William Newman f5s,,..0k'5 St. Agnes. Photography Club l 25 Track 2, 4. Army Air Corps, Seniors, William Oakey Maur, St. Mathias. B Boxing Z5 Boxing 3, 45 Student Council Treasurer. Navy. Iohn Ott "Frankiv" Entered from Los Angeles College in '4l. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 B Foot- ball 2, 35 Football 45 Baseball 3, 45 Sodality 4. Maritime Academy. Albert Pinamonti 6644199 Entered from Inglewood High School in '4Z. Glee Club 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Letterman 3, 4. Army Air Corps. Lawrence Rozunko "Larry', Nativity. C Football 15 Photoge raphy Club l, 25 B Swimming 2, Army. 1944 Gilbert Olivas ..Wauy,. Hollenbeck lunior High School, C Football lg B Football 2, 45 B Bas- ketball 35 Major Subjects, Lan- guage and History. Army Air Corps. Donald Phillips ssl,i,'pyss Entered from Scotsbluff High School, Nebraska, '4l. B Football 2, 3, 45 B Baseball 25 Baseball 4. Army Air Corps. Ioseph Rodier ts-'vpn St. Bridget. B Baseball Manager 15 B Football 25 Boxing 25 Football 35 Letterman Z, Naval Air Corps. Clement Savant "Clem" St. Iohn, Hyde Park. Honor Roll 1, 2,35 Photography Club 1, 25 Stamp Club 15 Model Club 25 Fire Bri- gade 35 Tennis 2, 35 Letterman 2, 35 Major Subjects, English and Mathematics. Navy, Donald Scheppers uslpppyea Holy Cross. Art Club 15 Chess Club lg B Swimming l, 25 Swim- ming 3, 45 Letterman 3, 45 Major Subjects, Language and Science. Maryknoll Seminary. Richard Schott S'Diek" St. Egnatius. B Baseball lp Base- ball 2, 35 Glee Club 35 Letterman 3. Marine Corps. Bernard Smetak GGBPHQQ St. Lawrence. Major Subject, Eng- lish. Navy. Michael Sproutfske Sfmikw Nativity. School Reporter5 B Swim- ming 25 Swimming 3, 45 Letterman 3, 45 Annual Staft5 Major Subjects Language and Mathematics. Navy. QQ, ':""-. ga 'RN' sn? sg:-'W AUM Mt. Carmel Francis Schiller "Fran lc" St, Michael. Glee Club 15 Photog- raphy Club l5 Honor Roll 35 Fire Brigade 35 Football 45 Associate Editor Annual Statfg Major Sub- jects, Science, Mathematics and English. Navy Doctor. Donald Sheahan ssDons9 St. Michael. B Swimming 15 Swim- ming 2, 45 B Football 25 Football 45 Letterman 2, 45 Major Subjects. English and Mathematics. Naval Air Corps. Daniel Smith scnannyas Nativity. Honor Roll l, 25 B Swim- ming l, 25 Swimming 3, 45 Letter- man 45 First Aid 25 Fire Brigade 35 Annual Stafi5 Major Subjects, Eng- lish and Mathematics. Navy, Frank Stubenrauch "Stubie" ot. john, Hyde Park. Photography Club 25 Student Council Secretary5 Annual Staff5 Major Subjects, Mathematics and English. Navy. Seniors, Thomas Sullivan SSTippy!! St. Michael. C Football lg B Fooi- ball 25 Football 4g Letterman -1, Annual Stalfg Major Subject, Enq- lish. I I avy. Samuel Wood "Slim" St. Michael. Swimming Manager lg Art Club lr Stamp Club lp Stamp Club President 35 Print Shop 25 Associate Editor Annual Staff, Major Subjects, Mathemat- ics, English and Science. Army Air Corps. Robert Ziegler -fB.,1f, St. Michael. Glee Club l, 21 Ma- jor Subject, Mathematics. Army Air Corps. Malcolm Hogan c6Mal99 Holy Cross. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Cheer Leader l, Z, 35 B Football 1, 2, 35 Football 45 Track 2, 35 Let- terman 2, 3. Navy. 1944 Iohn Termath ul,lI!',, St. Vincent. C Football lg B Foot- ball 25 C Swimming lg Photog- raphy Club 1, 2g Boxing Manager 3j Assistant B Football Coach 4. Army. Richard Woods ssR',ds9 St. Vincent. Stamp Club lg Pho- tography Club 25 C Football Zg Boxxing Manager 2, 35 Letterman 2, 3. Navy. Paul Cooper GSP- V.99 St. Vincent. Tennis 2, 3g Radio C ub 25 Chess Club 35 Model Club 2, Letterman 2, 35 Major Subjects. Mathematics, Science and Eng- lish. llavy. Iames MacArthur 66Mnc99 St. Iohn, l-lyde Park. B Swimming lg Swimming 2. 35 B Football l, 25 Football 3, 47 Track 35 Letterman Z, 3, 4g Major Subject, History. Navy. ,am '5- 5?f Q I Em 2 1' is 'ii-Q J u n i o r s I. Allen G. Bcrres D. Baron B. Behrens C. Bench P. Brown P. Cadenhead G. Cavecche I. Collins P. Conniii I. Costello G. Delperdang I. Dietsch A. Edwards R. Fehner IIQS fsm Iran O. Farmer 1 9 4 4 A. Fitzpatrick I. Fitzpatrick D. Galvin G. Geatley R. Giles I. Glynn C. Gussenhoven C. Habemlan R. Hagstrom A. Hanley I. Hannig A. Hernandez I. Hopkins A. Ingram T. Keane K. Keller r gm X , Q! Q D ii A sr'- Nw? .Q W If aa ml ,iii .l u I n i o r s V. Kirtland W. I I R. Leaver I. Lee x E. Ludwig I. Lynch R. Lynn D. Markey R. Mcrrtinet W. Mattauch G. McCormick I. McDonald W. Meyer I. Moelter R. Morey G. Moss R. Mulligan 1944 Q sr'-3 Qi . 4 an V- S 1 z ip' S P1352 S .Q . r , .Ar SNA: I. Ncxlly U. Oster C. Parkan C. Peterson R. Pontius C. Port M. Prsha P. Rapp L. Reeves . ,-:22 'K R. Reeves E. Richardson D. Romero 53 R. Rooney Y E,.... ,wr L. Salisbury 1 ... 5? 2 W ' I. Shaub E5' ' Q9 L. Schicrda ...,. M I v": ' -' A E 1.55 """? Q' Juniors wa-nv x .3 -,W ,...,.5a:, K. Schmidt I. Schmitz K. Secord H. Smith I. Snee R. Sutton R. Taylor E. Trevillyan S. Trivoli F. Vcmderplas I. Vandervort I. Vignau T. Wcible I. Williams . Will G. Wood 1944 W Q. .j, Y eff - A - ' wb - St. Raphael's Church where the Mount Carmel Student Body attends Mass. Benediction cmd other ceremonies. P95 '5 Qs. sophomores D. Adams I. Abel P. Aguna G. Angerman D. Apodaca I. Aubuchon K. Avey R. Bauer D. Bebek D. Blatz D. Brocktrup R. Brooks R. Callahan G. Carrillo C. Ciarfeo C. Cools K 2 3 1 9 4 4 M.Co1oumbe . ..:w.:,, ., X M. Crosby -' gf , D. Curran i V ',,, ":' -12,555 ::' Q, .,-- G. Dauenhauer , . . :: ,Q P M G. Dawes D. De Cuir 'M D. Doyen P. Duffy P. Ehret T. Irwin I. Fehner I. Forhan P. Gcxuci C. Gilb R. Gordon I. Goyette ,s P... wi.. Fr 79 5 Qi E 5 'hh H. Gutierrez A W ns an s sophomores C. Gutting I. Gutling H. Haas R. Hansen L. Hardy I. Hart I. Hastings I. Helwig D. Hinsberger I. Hock R. Hodges W. Hopkins 9" 5 I. Horia S. Horia l I. Houlihan W. Kanaly I. King N. Kargl R. Koller 1944 P. Ibbetson F. Ingersoll E. Ianowicz D. Iohnson H. Iohnson R. Iohnson R. Iungwirth I. Kamphuis I. Kavanagh E. Kosek M. Kelly I. Kuhlman , HK.. 9 511 '- :TE wg.. gs. .., l'. QW. 'u... GWR " 1 RI' 32 X. .K ,ffl ' Y' mu A V E vllnvg V x V i s xt ,s : ' , 5 X ' T , ..,..,,V .,: .M g is .,.-:' I 5? 151 .I Sophomores L. Lady R. L'Heureux R. Lopez I. Lumbleau R. Lundstrom E. MacArthur I. Mahan I. Mahaney D. Malloy D. Marold P. Maroukas I C. Martinez fy r 7 Q z ., I ,A C. Mathewson G. McCluskey W. McComish M. McHale G. Meyer 2 1,2 W , N W 'Q' 'M L. Momeal .N Q-Q of vs Six S. R. Montcxnio T ,X M 'M I. Murphy ,..:: . I x .sg ...: jk 'Y .M -km Z his A E I. Nully Q ' h R- Neiheisel ::'E -R . Z .,,,, jx' K Rx hx C. Neumann ' ff' 3" W ' :::,? E. Oakey V , i x 531 - bikin- MS is W- e YW , 4 I. O'Leary .1 ak, 5' E .Q xvt: T. Osterdcty , W 1 3 F ' 5? am W Q , X' I. Perez :.. 1 3 W' -:::- N iw fx M' C. Pinamonti . Q r' ' Q""":' . . e 5 e e eeee e - I . A x N . E Xt Q N iv . Q Y V I .::... 3 in , arm... D.P1!ts X i we M. 1 A-A 'N x ,N f I.Poche W . M M . 2 M! 'F MX R. Powers 5 A, My gt -i. - 1 P- Quinn Q Q Q' Q " 1 . 3 EQ' A if ix X 'A fx X gf A X- mx. 1 oo J... ,ff s M 'NE L i sophomores E. Rea I N P. Rice , Q, R. Risse L. Rossiier A . in o H , ..,,-' Q ,Les "::"""': ' "" ---..,-. 1 A.Ruiz if ' my W. Ruiz ' fi ,. V I. Saenz ' Q 'x I. Sainz 1 I! W a if A A .1 . :V W L. Sanchez W' A C. Savant xg .. R. Sanchez D. shauf A. :.. W V ,, 5? , R. Scown A IPM Ng, NH Q k mv I 2 W. Sims Q QR , 5, gg. ' A I. Small Q Q? ,J Mmm N: 'Q ,..- 3 :::: H x, l 3 Q-5... 4 Q Sf F125 fm lass Ham Nm 1944 I. Spiller T. Springstead I. Sleis G. Stover 5 31'-fg ZA Il. Stewart C. Sullivan H. Thomas W. Truax A. Vacio My F. Vollmer M 3 D. Wagner 4 + T. Ward W Y Nr rrrr D. Winslow l bb..., Q My ' L. Wimer V ff ,mg ia 1 1 zz' H 'ff' , R. wou ff fg, W .xy L. McCollum ,,.A. ""' .,.,.., ' fx. ""'v.. . - srl .4- vm 1 dh if Ska 1 1 .px W ilf X, Q Q l f l .L i m xv... . 1.4. ' E- ,.,, V X ? X is wk 'S hx P X X 5 F Q. FFCSIIMCI1 Se ,Q H S' Q Wigs' Q, N. Alexander ":' ix A ,, A. Ambrosi 5 N . I C Anderson A. Bacarella . .,.. M niz 4, ,,:,,, .. 35 . :--:i Q' ' 'N L M Q A- Bdcwro A 5' .1 31... . ":'- s :asssasasa 4 In-. A' Barbato Q R. Barbone I B f .::.,,," M 4 ' i,.,12:.,2 .V.:, - arrv X X x .,.. 3 I f ,gm 6 -.-vemeen... ., 1 , V V "':L' R: P S A ,,,' 53' gs pl Bashe my A X' M... - .-..Q::5.:.. , V. Behrens t SQ n rl O K .,..- 5: 3 ::-v x S0 D. Berens if A A J.. I' Bohn v."' . .-.. 5 ':.,. . , f ...,,.,,,Q 1'-- I V AE J ,, ,,Qq rnvb ,. N R f g 7'-.J .1. S A 1 -' ' E if I :Q E K 34 2' G. Brennan is - w C' ' , I. Brennan 'M' X 'fr "' E fy gl f "' W. Brockman .... , i M I 1. Buclsa xx... ' P . . .,, .fx 'fre if .. A Q. .W pf K .1 .frm QA 4 xx X 1 9 4 4 R. Burmingham W. Burns A. Celaya A. Chausee I. Clark D. Cochran D. Cools R. Cools I. Cannon , gl 'f M. Butier - xi . DL ' M. Chavez E. Clark W. Coleman I. Connors gg ::--. Q . ZZAIE 1 'W ,. , .:1- ' W. Copley C : Q l ,il R. Cossette zzl l:'Q f f' V : - Q ' r . --nl dv I 1 Fr CSIWITICI1 R. Cola R. Coughlin R. Coulombe E. Cramer D. Crockett I. Daries P. Davis L. De LaCuesta I. De Moulin G. Dempsey I. Dischner G. Donovan I. Dowling B. Dubois D. Duplessis C. Darrell A M fx 1944 . ,, . R. Dyer gm? W E. Dykes 'f fi 71 W. Edwards 1 'MW z ,.1,, , W. Engle I X I :.::EE I' Fahy I -::: ' .s f Q. M. Falardo ..:,..: 1 .3, K T. Farley Qnuz E 'wx I. Ferron I ...,, I . ' E- .,,, , .V I. F mk 1 lzzz Q if B- Fmks ...zl 2:". . I. Fitzgerald 1 "" 3 "" V' C. Flynn f I C. Forhan D. Forrest I. Gogian I. Gcxtz get ' QQ.. :M -H-M Q A si! nssssnese ss 1 -XA FFCSITITICI1 R. Gebele T. Gleeson V. Gray R. Gregory G. Hellman ' ' , I. Hennessy H. Hinsberger L. Hecxrne P. Hixson I. Hodgson W. Horn R. Hoth R. House A. Hulse I. Hurst O. Iackson x 2 Q5 W: 1944 I. Iohnson M. Iones I. Keichline I. Kelly E. Kennedy I. Kenney R. King W. King T. Kinney I. Klein H. Kline A. Kolda I. Kurka R. Lansing D. Lechman W. Leigh - I. 'E-'T V Q, f ay 1 , , VQQAZZ ,.-5 "f:1-fE MG J y nm., 5a'5 gi ' R I 55iS i I SIEEEIE f ZEEEEEEEI I f Fl'CSl'll'l'l2l1 R. Leeper W. Loustanau R. Lyle I. Madigan T. Maney M. Martinez D. Maxwell R. McLeod G. McClintoch I. Cullough I. McDermott I. McGuigan C. McHale I. McDonald I. McManus H. Medina 1944 D. Mercer S. Migliazzo W. Miklos M. Miranda R. Moss G. Murray W. Nedalsky W. Needham C. Nielsen R. Nuliy R. Nostrand D. O'Brien R. O'Brien P. O'Keeie W. Olivier A. Oliveri xx Yr xx. P? S Wm 1 HN T 52 5 r Q 1' -Q FI'CSl1lTl2I"l D. Olson A. O'Neill F. Pcrneno E. Peterson I. Pilon R. Porter W. Powers I. Putney I. Reed I. Reagan W. Ressler D. Rickert E. Ricks I. Ricks C. Roberts O. Rodin W1 We 2 .5 52 1944 D. Roy R. Rozunko I. Russell A. Rymer P. Serrano W. Schilling C. Schmidt D. Schnieder D. Schultz I. Shields P. Shimer R. Simanowitz I. Skelly I. Skiffington I. Smith I. Sosic .Q 4. " ., yr 'I is j , 4. ,,., - 3 ' f f wig I , if wwf ,, ,, ws. b .,.,. . , 'F .1 ..... "i:, ' S as 795115 Xa- Q5 fi Xi.. S' 65: S Q! I Mm x -www 'W' fit. FI'CSI'llTlCl1 R. Steinbroner I. St. Marie E. Stubenrctuch I. Taylor M. Towner R. Hess F. Vanderlinden C. Stowell I. Strigle P. Thompson E. Thomson F. Trapschuh D. Va R. Vasquez W. Vincent s I lenzuela I. Waller 1 9 4 4 W. Walls W. Waterworih I. Winn I. Watts I. Willerford D. Zcrcarias o R. Zcrcarias G. Zochol "gin VMS. Ns 5- .f ...- -3 I' . ' 5 .I H., A af ff' :J-5' :.xa....-Sf-QW: . A ' . A M I .1 ....... ,. 1.- 1 X M! PX S J, ...---J Fx. Russell. F. Iohnson. I. Hennessy. I. Guerin, W. Oukey, I. Moelter, F. Sfubenrauch STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT VICEPRESIDENT -- 4 - SECRETARY A f TREASURER HISTORIAN COUNCIL ---S- - SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT S T U D E N T Iohn Guerin - I. Hennessy F. Stubenrcuch - W. Ookey - I. Moelter -e F. Iohnson - I. Whaling SODALITY of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY Because Mount Carmel High School has been placed under the protection of Our Lady, it is natural that all the students have a very special devotion to the Queen ot Carrnel. The Sodality endeavors to foster and strengthen this all irnportant devotion in every way possible. Those pictured below are the leaders of this society. Their work has done rnuch good. May it continue to bear fruit. M so .wk wi Father Russell. E. Richardson, I. Moelter. R. Pontius, E. Hamilton, President. R. Huston I. Ott, I. Moelier. R. Kackelmeyer. 'NL it it M + if X MW... GLEE CLUB First Row--D. Brooks, H. Scofield, R. Coulombe, A. Oliveri, G. Carrillo, P. Davis, M. Crosby, I. McDonald, D. Pitts. I. Sheets, Mr. R. Wagner. Second Row-G. Moss, A. Aulbach, L. Hardy, L. De LaCuesta, P. Ehret. C. Forhan, B. Dubois, C. Parkan, R. Iones. Third Row-I. Goyette, I. Hopkins, I. Vomdervort, B. Horn, I. Ott, R. Lopez, G. Cavecche, B. Iohnson. R. Rooney, I. Nally, A. Hanley, Father Schwartz, R. Bauer, T. Irwin, I. Lynch. SAFETY COMMITTEE The Safety Committee is to be praised for its vigilant and constant supervision of the traf- fic on the corridors and stairs. These boys work hard in the performance of this important task. Mt. Carmel, and especial- ly Father Schwartz, Wants them to know that their efforts are appreciated. C L U B A direct Contact with the parents is essential for the orderly supervision of a school. ln this relationship alone the Mothers' Club has proved its worth. ln addition to this, Mount Carrnel appreciates the rnany other activities in which this loyal group has engaged. With Mrs. H, Fehner as president, the Mothers have provided, by hard work, several successful card parties, dinners and entertainments, For all these we wish to express our gratitude. Members ot the Mount Carmel Mothers' Club with Father Nagle, advisor, Father Birch. C.Y.O. director. and Father Russell, Moderator, FATHERS' CLUB First Row-H. Fehner, Treasurer, B. Rodier, Vice President, E. Boulger, President, W. Termath, Secretary, Father Nagle, Moderator. Second How-T. Keane, L. Moelter, W. Brennan, C. Rapp, D. Doyen, C. Vincent, W. Ressler. Third Row-H. Iohnston, T. Farley, M. Mueller, F. Sproultske, I. Kavanagh, T. Baumgartner. The Mt. Carmel Dads have brought many fine things to the school. This year in particular we note several improvements obtained for the boys through the long, untiring and arduous efforts of Mr. Edward Boulger and his fellow members, To mention all these helps would be difficult and perhaps we would neglect some that are most important. But as we look at the new handball courts, the uniforms of all the athletic teams, and the gym equipment, we are forced to say, "Thanks a lot, Dads." S' ,J 'W Confirmation al SL Rcxphuel's Church with His Excellency Most Reverend Ioseph P. McGucken, D.D. FYYNESS is N:-Sf':,,'1 ' x ., - 'ir' A r f x 1 H, V . - !?,f.5,x 1 M, . 1 39 it '.1V, -4 as 1. f A " ... My-..m,mism. - '- N ' - R . b 3' r 7 Failfzifl V 3 1' W.. .a.....w. .Q ' . -M -Q' Football 1943 ST. MONICA For the first game of their season the Crusaders travelled to Santa Monica to meet the St. Monica Mariners. The first quarter was nip and tuck, neither team progressing beyond their opponents' l7 yard line. But early in the second, the Carmelites drove to the St. Monica 3, where the ball was handed to quar- terback Ed. Felix who smashed through center to a touchdown. St. Monica received and had to kick out of danger. Again Mt. Carmel smashed their way down the field and fullback Rich Honer plunged over for the second score. ln the last three minutes of half-time play, the Crusaders grabbed the ball, and Bill Barry shot a long pass to Bud Whaling who went all the way. The final score was l8-5, Atwill of St. Monica running l5 yards after receiving a short pass from Sperou to score for the Mariners. IORDAN The second game was played at Iordan High, where Mt. Carmel ran up a 21-0 victory. The first two points were scored by Bud Vffhaling, right end, who blocked a Iordan punt, scoring a safety. In the second quarter the Crusaders scored twice, Whaling and Hennessy taking the honors. In the last period lim MacArthur broke away to run 23 yards for the final touchdown of the game. The conversion was made by Ed. Felix. ST. ANTHONY The Crusaders then journeyed to Long Beach to plav the St. Anthony team on their home field. At the end of the first quarter the score was 6-O, Barry of Mt. Car- mel running over from the 7. Early in the second period the Crusaders ran a punt to the 50. From this point Barry threw a long pass to Hennessy, who scored on the play. ln the closing minutes of the quarter, Green- lee of St. Anthony shot a long pass to Naughton for 6 points. The second half opened with a thriller when Whaling recovered a fumble in the air and dodged his way to the goal line. The other touchdown of the quarter was made by Barry, who plummeted throuah the line from the 7. In the last period MacArthur broke away from the 40 to go over standing up. St. Anthony made one more score, Greenlee running over from the 6. The conver- sions for Mt. Carmel were made by Hennessy and Felix. LOYOLA Mt. Carmel then prepared to meet its traditional rival, Loyola. The game was played on the Cubs' field, both teams arriving undefeated. On the first play of the game the ball was centered to Barry, who tossed it over center to MacArthur who ran 65 yards through a broken field to score. Loyola then took over and be- fore the end of the first quarter, King, the Cub quarter- back, ran over for a touchdown. In the second period the Crusaders drove 67 yards to the Loyola 2, where Hennessy got the ball and scored on an end around play. This brought the score to 14-6. Again the Cubs got the ball into scoring position and Iacobsen ran over and Batliner made the conversion. The score at half-time was l4-13, the Crusaders in the lead. In the second half the Carmelites made two more touchdowns, the first by Hennessy, the other by Mac- Arthur. No conversions were made. Final score was 26-13, Mt. Carmel coming forth victorious and still un- defeated. gn A be .. .im fi A - Members of the B Football Squad with Mr. William Quinlan, coach. CATHEDRAL Next the Carmel men met Cathedral. The game was played at Manual Arts Stadium, and had Mt. Carmel won this game the Championship would have been hers. But as fate would have it, a jinx was broken and the Phantoms came out in the lead by l3 points the final score 26-13. Bill Barry and Larry l-lull were removed from the game after the first and second plays respectively, thus slowing down our offensive thrusts. The scoring for Mt Carmel was done by Hennessy and Honer, Felix making the extra point. The score at half time was 7-6 in favor of the Crusaders. Cathedral then went on to play Loyola and won the league championship, defeating the Cubs 7-6. SOUTH GATE The final game of the season was played against the powerful South Gate team on their home grounds, At the end of the first half the score was 7-O, with South Gate in the lead. But in the 3rd period Mt. Carmel drove down to the 3 and Hennessy plunged over. After a 62 yard run by MacArthur, the official four o'clock ruling caught the Crusaders ll yards from the South Gate goal line and spoiled a possible touchdown and the game. Final score was 7-6 in favor of the Eastern League champions of South Gate. Many future football stars may be found in this group. Father Liebau is the coach. Mt. Carmel Football Varsity First Row-D. Brooks. Manager, I. Hock. I. Hennessy. I. Ott. G. Downes. I. Whaling. I. Mclniosh. I. Guerin, L. Hull, E. Felix. M. Hogan. R. Ianosilc. Manager. Second Row-Si Dallmier. Coach. L. Cates, A. Edwards. A. Pinamonti. I. McDonald, I. MacArthur. W. Barry. R. Honer. D. Sheahcxn, I. Hass. L. Monreal, B. Chavez. Third Row-I. Helwig, W. McComish. R. Mueller. L. Mott, W. Glynn. E. Kretschmer. F. Schiller. I. Copeland. R. Gumher. C. Parkan. I. Mahan, I.Guerena. ,...,.,f Mt. Carmel VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES 18 vs S' Momma 21 lordrm 26 Loyola 32 St, Antllony l3 Cathedral 5 South Gate Basketball 1944 Retaining their outstanding basketball record, Mount Carmels Varsity placed second in the Catholic league. Near the end of the season the Crusaders van- quished Loyola l-ligh, Catholic league champions, 30-27. ln the latter part of the season the Crusaders lost the services of Coach Toni Amman, who enlisted in the Navy. l-lis place was ably taken by 'lMarty" Martinelli, Santa Clara '3l. While winning victories at the expense of other city schools, Mt. Carme-l's Varsity proved to be one of the finest in the City. The Crusaders won a total of fourteen victories while losing five. Three members of the brown and white quintet were honored on the All South- ern California Catholic basketball teams. Those selected on the first team were Center Bud Whaling and Forward Rich l-loner, while Guard lerry Hennessy was placed on the second team. R. Will. R. Honor, F. Iohnson. E. Felix Mr T Amman coach O Farmer D Gilb I Whczlmg K. Secord, I. Hennessy P Browne Mr M Mcxrtinelli coach CHAMPIONSHIP R. Scown, P. lbbetson, F. Van der Linden, I. Moeller, I. Putney, E. Kennedy, D. Broolcs R. Lopez, L. Salisbury, G. Campbell, G. Leo. Mr. T. Amman and Mr. M. Martinelli, coaches, Beturning letterrnen tor next year's Varsity will be Bay Will, Pat Browne Oliver Farmer and Keith Secord. Besides these the Varsity will receive a number ot graduates from the Championship Lightweights. VARSITY SCORES ' "inf-l l9 vs 32 29 23 26 36 40 35 34 24 47 45 40 44 44 25 40 30 34 Polytechnic Bell ........,. South Gate Leuzinger , University Garfield Huntington Park Leuzinger Cathedral , South Gate Bell St. Agnes Garfield Huntington Park St, Monica Loyola Cathedral Loyola St Nlwrtlvci 21 22 20 14 40 23 19 30 41 28 31 15 14 26 19 Q9 28 27 95 Mt Carrnel B TEAM SCORES 21 vs Polytechnic lb Bell ll South Gate ,. 2l Leuzinger 29 University 31 Garfield 34 Huntington 24 Leuzinger 20 Cathedral 26 South Gate 34 Bell 19 St. Mathias lti Garfield 21 Huntington 22 Loyola 31 Cathedral 28 Loyola 127 St. Mritlntifz Park Park Seated-M. Chcxvez, O. Rodin, I. Brennan, R. Callahan. K. Avey, P. O'Keeie. Standing- I. Traynor, C. Schmidt, Faiher Nagle, coach, R. Rozunko, manager. G. Meyer. R. House wmmf u lt! Ill tu Seated--T. Kinney. I. Hennessy. W. Brockmcxn, I. Fehner, G. Cczrrillo. Standing--I. Clark C. Flynn, Father Nagle, R. Rozunko, I. Fiizpatrick, I. Ferron. Southwest Catholic High School Tournament The fifth annual Southwest Catholic high school basketball tournament sponsored by Mount Carmel High School was held February l8, l9 and 20 with the following teams competing: St. Mary's of Phoenix, St. Bernardine's of San Bernardino, Villanova Prep of Ojai, St. Agnes, Cathedral High, Loyola, St. Monica's of Santa Monica and Mount Carmel. Championship and consolation finals were held Saturday night. Mount Carmel defeated Cathedral for the championship 25-12, while Loyola won the consolation finals with St. Monica's 35-15. All-Tournament awards were donated and presented by the Helms Athletic Foundation through Bill Schroeder, managing director. Other trophies were donated by the Manchester Heights, Inglewood and Huntington Park councils of the Knights of Columbus, Bing Crosby, Marguerite Chapman, Charles Bickford, Deanna Durbin, Assemblyman iohn W. Evans, the Southern California Trophy Co., and Peter Maroukas, a sophomore at Mount Carmel. The program was made possible through the generosity of District Attorney Fred Howser. Another special award was made by the Helms Athletic Foundation to Bev. Richard A. Nagle, O.Carm., in recognition of his "noteworthy services rendered to athletics." FIRST DAY Loyola 49 Villanova Cathedral 23 St. Monica St. Mary 33 St. Agnes Mt. Carmel 45 St. Bernardine SECOND DAY St. Monica 39 Villanova St. Bernardine 36 St. Agnes Cathedral . 25 Loyola Mt. Carmel 40 St. Mary THIRD DAY St. Monica 35 St. Bernardine Loyola .. . 30 St. Mary Loyola 37 St. Monica Mt. Carmel 26 Cathedral Mt. Carmel's 1943 Basketball Champions s ... IN , - Last year El Conquista- dor did not go to press Therefore this undefeat- ed team tailed to receive the recognition that the school annual ordinarily gives. We wish to ex- press our gratitude to these boys for their tine play and sportsmanship. lncidentally, ot those pictured here, ten are now on a rnuch bigger team in the service of OUR COUNTRY. Seated-R. Ianosik, manager, P. Boulger, I. Kllngenspor, R. Knight, I. Whaling, I. Hennessy, D. Brooks. manager. Standing-Father Nagle, G. Homer, E. Buhr, G. Canning, I. Witick, G. Brown, A. Linehan, F. Iohnson, Mr. T. Amman, coach. Grammar School Tournament This year for the iirst time Mount Carmel sponsored a tournament tor grammar school teams, The enthusiasm among the schools was high and many exciting conf tests took place. Nativity Parochf ral School was the winner. Baseball 1944 VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Mt. Carmel 4 vs Leuzinger . . . 1 " 'A . . 2 Inglewood . . . . l " . 6 Downey . . 3 . B Compton . . . . 7 . 14 St. Monica . 0 l0 Inglewood 3 5 Loyola . 4 . 2 Downey l 7 Cathedral . . . . O 1 Fremont . . . . . 8 2 Cathedral . . . 3 . 3 Huntington Park . . . . . l . 7 Torrance . . . . . . l . . 1 Loyola . . . S 4 Washington . l ll Huntington Park . . . 6 In speaking of baseball we are reminded that Larry Sullivan, to whose memory this issue of the El Conquistcrdor is dedicated, was our first coach. Baseball was the sport he liked best. ln fact it was due principally to his efforts that Mt. Carmel obtained her first cham- pionship. ln 1937 when the school was in her infancy, and there was as yet no senior class, the baseball team placed first in the Catholic League. There might have been doubt in the minds of some that this was a true varsity team, but there can be no doubt at all that it was an exceptionally good team. ln 1939 Larry and his boys repeated the performance and walked off with the first official champion- ship of the Catholic League for Mt. Carmel. The 1944 team is a fine one as the scores of games will testify. As El Conquistador goes to press, the baseball season is not yet com- plete. It will be noted that the Catholic League title is still at stake, a three-way tie existing between Cathedral, Loyola and Mt. Carmel. Perhaps a playoff may be already decided upon. lf so, we know Mr. Martinelli, Mr. Iames Delaney and the members of the team will do their best to bring victory to us. Perhaps the memory of Sergeant Lawrence Sullivan will help. vw: ' S K N 1 Vi' ' Gil... First Row-C. Schmidt, I.Ott. E. Felix, I. Nolly. G. Geateley, I. Hennessy, E. Dykes. A. Leaver, I. Ferron. Second Row-D. Valenzuela, G. Scmticmcx, l. Ncxlly, R. Will, B BASEBALL SCORES Mt. Carmel 3 , ll . 12 M5 .. ll .. 2 9 2 O 7 H6 2 4 7 6 VS Leuzinger . Inglewood . . Downey ,,.. Leuzinger . . . Loyola . , . , . So. Pasadena Dorsey ....,, Downey . . . Cathedral , , , Fremont ..,, Dorsey , . . Cathedral . . . Fremont .. . Loyola , . . Torrance . . Torrance M. Martinelli, coach. First Row-E. Kennedy, R. Lopez, E. Rea, I. Fehner, I. Fitzpatrick. I. Hennessy Second Row-Father Nagle, coach, M. Fcxriardo, I. Houlihcm, R. Gordon, 'l'. Kinney, W. Truax, V. Grey, R. Neiheisel, D. Lechman. S VV I IM 1M I N G ,. ,.,, . , ,1A, K ,, ,. AZA,A W .,,,,1:1,., A,AA , ,, j ,,:,:,:A: ,AA,x , , Mr. W. Quinlan and members of the swimming team. TRACK Mr. Quinlan also took ccr:e of the track men. Tom Amman, basketball coach Home game. The Dads meet. Confirmation. Harold Scofield '45, Father Russell and Father Duity with I. Kennedy 42 M. O'Brien '42 V. Miggliazzo '4l. Fred Young '39. I. Dowland '39. P. Boulger '43 G. Homer '43, I. MacArthur '44. R. O'Brien '42. The Mothers' Club enjoy Leo and Icxckie. Handball Champs. T. Mason '43, D team. I. Usher '38. Iack McDonald "44 and F. Stellino '43 Iohn Bayne '38. R. Sims '42 and W. Favorite '42. E www va 1 1. i .-41 14' gmwfw ,,.nv' ,..,.-www ,,,,4--A ,,.,.,---f- .4 0 M Wi 'AF W4 H-if 1 K n i -2 i...l" , Al. ,Ai ' if if P' F 5,.:w-emi - SQA? 1 .1 -, .,,. K 'i ,s ---. 5 ::' 'I' ktnvqlvo S x ! J do e i Vllzl N ill W Q Eiiii "'7 Qu' -'wi Fancy! Paul MacCargar Lunch time. Gym period. Smile. please. Shy. Mount Carmel. Did the bell ring? Zombies. Freshmen. Nice! The Bunko game. Now Twisi. '43 Abbott and Costello Patrons Andy's Flower Shop Mrs. I. Bacarella Ann Baxter M. E. Baylis Ben's Auto Court Mr. cmd Mrs. Ed. Boulger Rev. Edward H. Brady Brill iant Cleaners Barbara Britton Rev. Noel Dillon Mrs. Mary A. Brooks Bev. Iames P. Buckley Lt. Thomas Bussjaeger Eddie Cantor Mrs. Donald Carr CMt. Carmel Libraryl Chrisensens Printing CS Office Supplies Rev. Patrick Coleman Rev. Edwin P. Connolly Coppersmith Market The Corner Store Dennis Day Rev. Maurice P. Dee Sgt. H. Kasten-Scherbaum Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Donohoe Dr. Howard A. Drum Bev. Williarn Duggan Bev. Iohn A. Elves Miss Maria Alfonsa Fleckenstien Rev. W. Ford Rev. George Gallagher Gibson Motor Parts Rev. Iohn Francis Grew Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Hagstrom Mr. and Mrs. Herberger Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph A. Heberger Samuel G. Horta Bev. Iames Hourihan Mr. and Mrs. S. Ianosik Mr. I. D. Ianowicz Mrs. Iames Kelly Mrs. Iohn Kelly Mrs. C. M. Keller Rev. William I. Killeen Mr. and Mrs. W. King Mr. and Mrs. S. Romero Sergeant Cyril Sullivan P Private Iack Klingenspor Veronica Lake Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Leaver atrons Iimmy Lydon CHenry Aldrichl Mr. and Mrs. Walter Marold Mr. and Mrs. A. I. McDonald Rev. Anthony McGown Rt. Rev. Msgr. Martin McNicolas, P.H.D., I.C.D. Mr. and Mrs. Leo I. Moelter Martin V. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Newe Rev. Lawrence O'Brien Rev. Terence O'Donnell Rev. William O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. I. Oliveri Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Prsha William I. Prsha, Class '39 Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Rea Rev. Anthony I. Reidy Otabell Hat Shop Mr. and Mrs. Edward Phal Sam Parco Market Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parkan Leon Pilon Ill Mr. and Mrs. Pinamonti Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Pitts Rev. Anthony Brouwers Tom Pritchard Rev. Francis Roughan Mrs. I. F. Russell Margaret Scherer Gladys E. Schmitz Rev. Ioseph G. Schnieders Rev. Ioseph F. Sharpe Mrs. E. D. Spiller Mrs. Louise Stuloenrauch Termath Family 'Tex's Cafe V. CS- F. Florist Rev. William G. Ward, C.M. Mr. Wilkens fVon'sI Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Wood Samuel E. Wood, Ir. A Friend Rev. Daniel Keenan, Chaplain U. S. Rev. S. Hynes Rev. Daniel McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Orval F. Gray King's Tropical Inn WASHINGTON BLVD. at ADAMS Phone YOrk 9445 World Famous FRIED CHICKEN BLUE RIBBON STEAKS IUMBO SQUABS I 0 PRIVATE ROOMS FOR BANQUETS AND PARTIES O Since 1924 KING'S TROPICAL INN has been specializing in world famous Fried Chicken. Blue Ribbon Steaks and Iumbo Squab Dinners. KING'S TROPICAL INN, the oldest Restaurant in Southern California, is still at the same loca- tion and under the same management. WALTER WINCHELL SAYS: "PLACES I LOVE TO REMEMBER WHEN IN LOS ANGELES, KING'S TROPICAL INN for FRIED CHICKEN". To the young men of the Class of '44 we extend our congratulations for this, your clay- and express our earnest desire for the sueeess of your future. S 5 4 :Mgr 722 S. Los Angeles St. o Los Angeles 14, California COMPLIMENTS or THE FIRST PERIOD LATIN II CFr. Schwartz? DANNY IOHNSON P IOE NALLY V P ED RAY T HOMES and INCOME PROPERTY WALTER I. LUMBLEAU REALTOR Il home lor every lamily in beautiful I.. A. Main Office 520 South Westem Avenue Service Dependability WEST COAST RECONDITIONERS Wholesale Rebuilders of Automotive Parts 215 West 28th Street LOS -15199195 5. Cliilif- DRQXQI 1171 Los Angeles, Calif. Ph.: Rl, 5136 Wallace E. White COMPLIMENTS AND OF Howard I. Callanan FUNERAL DIRECTORS 664 West Washington Street MRS. LEE'S PIES SAMMY LIMA, Salesman COMPLIMENTS OF IACK MASSION Your Assemblyman 66th District MASSION DRUG CO. 7680 So. Central Ave. IE. 1661 Trophies - Medals - Awards Class Rings - Club Pins EDWIN E. BATHKE Southern Calif. Trophy Co., Iewelers 860 South Flower Street Los Angeles 14 TUcker 3166 Open Twenty-Four Hours per Day VERMONT BOWL Home ol Southwest Bowlers 7820 South Vermont Avenue Phone: Pl..easant l-4161 COMPLIMENTS OF HONER'S PHOTO STUDIO l23l West Manchester COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS MT. CARMEL CAFETERIA MRS. WHITE, Manager MRS. LAMERS, Asst. Mcmcxg Vernon 84 Vermont Market Complete Food Market BOB SHERRY,M onoger F R. BRENDAN'S FIFTH PERIOD IUNIOR ETHICS CLASS The Plcxce to Buy Y A t bl We Will Not Be U d ld at Ill' I Plzlospect 5301 N1cHoLs - J s N hl 1-1 S ll .X - I " . ,Q ee xc os cm ,,,.'l. ave Do urs" f ,Z L Lic 631 Washingto Los Ang W. Body and Fender. 999 W. Wcrshingt d dB dd 115 Our Best Wishes To The Graduates Of 1944 FROM ROOM 7 CFI. Brendc1n's Class? CLIFF ANDERSON Pres. DENNIS ROY V P MARK BUTIER S Universal Athletic Service Renovcxting Repairing Rebuilding ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 5919 So. Broadway TH. 4731 'l'l'lornWoll 253l SONNY BOY CLEANERS 6. LAUNDRY 7314 South Vermont 1432 W. Florence 5009-Sth Avenue 1409 West 54th Street Where Dry Cleaning ls An Art 20 Years Experience COMPLIMENTS OF 1 ACK HAMM Ieweler 1712112 E. Florence Ave.. Los Angeles 1 Klmborll 3088 AT YOUR SERVICE Since 1921 HAMLIN W. NERNEY CO. Ford - Mercury - Lincoln Zephyr VERMONT AVE. 6. 52nd ST. Ed. Boulger, Mgr. New QS Used Cor Soles MILLER'S STORES FOR MEN 5844 SOUTH VERMONT 84I4 SOUTH VERMONT STYLE LEADERS . . . For Young Men of the Southwest SINCE 1922 . . . FEATURING 0 Arrow Shirts I Timely Clothes Q Campus Sport Clothes COMPLIMENTS OF THE THIRD PERIOD HNCIENT HISTORY Liberal Terms Phone: AD. 7717 BROADWAY-SLAUSON FURNITURE CO. 5808 South Broadway FINE FURNITURE-FOR LESS I. D. Brown Open Sundays and Evenings PEERLESS LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning Fur Storage Feather Renovating SLAUSON AND MAIN CEntury 29161 We Kill and Dress T1-lornwall R Our Own Poultry 4 9 6 U Conflphrnents of BROWN POULTRY AND EGGS MT. CARMEL HIGH GEO. UROFF, Mgr. Retail Live and Dressed Poultry RAKI IANGSIK 1512 W. Manchester Los Angeles imager Phone REpublic 9808 Golden State Mattress Co. Manufacturers of NEW MATTRESSES and BOX SPRINGS Your Old Mattresses Renovated and Made Over Like New 3745 So. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles For Over Twenty 'Years We Have Supplied Standard Brands ot . AUT0 PARTS in' Southwest Los Angeles HARTMAN AUTO PARTS 5900 South Main Street ADams 3381 Helen Reedy's Beauty Salon Beauty Specialists Formerly Clara Louisel Our Skilled Operators, Plus Modern Equipment Always Assure You ot the Best of Beauty Service. Dial PL. 13122 for Appointment 6123 So. Hoover St. Los Angeles CARL 6. ERNIE'S CAFE Plate Lunches - Sandwiches Short Orders 24 Hour Service TOM FRAKES, Mgr. 2618 Manchester Inglewood COMPLIMENTS CDF ST. ALBERT'S COLLEGE CCcIrme1ite Seminclryl MIDDLETOWN. N. Y. R . Gerard McCarthy, O. C P Office TH. 1787 I. F. RUSSELL OPTOMETRIST Wednesday Evening 7 to 8 P.M. 980 West Manchester Bank ot America Building E N G R A V E R S CORPORATION DIPLOMAS - ANNOUNCEMENTS CLASS RINGS - TROPHIES MEDALS - AWARDS 214 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles. Calif. Royal Farms Dairy Co. 9923 Atlantic Blvd.. South Gate THE BETTER MILK Sanitation Is Our Watchword Produced on our own guaranteed farm 1530 N. Cerritos Downey IE. 8181 ZE. 4225 FOR SALE S I M P S O N 2300 Manchester TH-3525 MEMBER OF BOTH I.. A. AND INGLEWOOD REALTY BOARDS WINSEL-GIBBS SEED AND NURSERY COMPANY Seeds, Plants, cmd Bulbs Everything for the Garden 1955 WEST FLORENCE 2 blocks west of Western 'I'Winooks 1564 CENTURY PARK TWinodks 8382 REDONDO HILLS Redondo 2723 HIGHLAND BUILDERS, Inc. SUBDIVIDERS 6 BUILDERS TRUMAN BROWNE, President 2499 W. ROBINSON 9920 CRENSI-IAW REDONDO BEACH INGLEWOOD, CALIF. THE SUPER SERVICE BARBER SHOP 1100 W. FLORENCE AVE. lust Ott Vermont MR. W. WORDEN, Mgr. "By Super Service We Mean lust That- You've Never Had a Real Hair Cut Till You've Tried Our Service." Open 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. to 0 P.M. F RANK'-S COFFEE SHOP 6139-6201 Pacific Boulevard H Huntington Park LA 9588 Z4 Hour Service Radios - Refrigerators - Gas Ranges Washing Machines Midway Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishings Phone: PLeasant 9834 8770 So. Broadway Los Angeles ADams 6857 OLD RELIABLE Cleaners and Dyers We operate our own modern plant FREE CALL and DELIVERY 4309 South Vermont Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF LESNER'S Furnishings Sport Coats G Pants 8655 South Broadway Phone: TI-1. 0149 CRENSHAW I EWELERS Watches, Diamonds, Silverware Watch and Iewelry Repairing 5458 Crenshaw Blvd. AX. 5489 A. Eisenberg 6: Son COMPLIMENTS or SIMON SOCHAT Wholesale Produce 1833 West 38th Street Los Angeles, Calif. RO. 6907 COMPLIMENTS OF RICHFIELD SERVICE 2050 West Manchester Iay P. 1-loss CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE CARMELITE FATHERS or ST. SIMON STOCK PRIORY BRONX, NEW YORK Rev. William Mel Daly, O.Cc1rm., Pczslor YOU WILL BE HAPPIER WITH GIFTS FROM MICH!-X.EL'S HIRAIWS PERFECT BLUE-WHITE DIAMONDS COUNTRY STORE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES SAN PEDRO G FLORENCE BUY WITH CONFIDENCE MIMQ av g 8426 South Vern-Toni Avenue Dr. I. T. Waters Dentist 8415 West 54th St. at Crenshaw Blvd. AXminster 1-9511 Gas Slove Repairing CONTINUED SUCCESS TO MOUNT CARMEL A11 Makes Parts Servic Ioscph P. Guerin RELIABLE STOVE WORKS 246 East Florence Ave. TW. 4242 TW. 4788 C. E. WEEKS lewelefs COMPLIMENTS or 8473 S. Vermont Ave. VICTOR - COLUMBlA - DECCA Classic and Popular RECORDS Stine Radio 6 Record Shop 1039 W. Florence Ave. TH. 6834 Open Friday 6 Saturday until 9:00 P.M. PUREX CORPORATION LTD. SOUTH GATE, CALIFORNIA I COMPLIMENTS FROM oe and Mary A. Ambrosi 918 WEST 117th STREET, GARDENA I CUTLERY GRINDING ALSO MODERN TRAILER PARK Ph M me 4-2848 When Buying Candy BUY RI-iWAK'S CQMPLIMENTS or HAL GARRISON COMPLIMENTS OF Cunningham 6: O'Connor Funeral Directors I Established 1898 O The Most Beautiful Mortuary in Los Angeles U- S- ANDY Air Force asc W. washington Blvd. pn 0297 lnglewood Citizen lnglewood, Calif. Platt Radio Music Co. 8451 South Vermont Avenue TW. 6953 TH. 3158 l RECORDS Decca Capital Victor Columbia C301'1'1pliIf1e1'1tS Sheet Music Open 9:30 to 6 PM OF EARLE M. PHILIPS Prescription Druggist O 7131 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. G Mrs. V. E. I-leberqer COMPLIMEIXITS A time funeral costs so much less OF at M. L. BARKER G. LAWRENCE CTT UTTER-MCKINLEYS Architects Seven Funeral Chapels MARTY'S FOOD CENTER THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE 6601 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles. Cczlifomicx Klmbcrl 16381 Complete Linen RELIABLE Towel Service Co O IDEAL SERVICE O our Motto ls our Name 1841 East 103rd Place l..os Angeles, California Service SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS O Accredited to the University of California 3300 West Slauson Avenue AXrninstcr 9002 Best Wishes Iudge STANLEY MOSK Iudge of the Superior Court COMPLIMENTS OF DANDURAND SERVICE 1059 W. Manchester Ave. 1 block West of Vermont W. T. GRANT CO. Known for Values 6409 Pacific Blvd., Huntington Park S E E Mc and Iessie at the DIXIE MALT SHOP for a Iuicy Hamburger OI' CI Delicious Malt Al.. E. DANDURAND PLeasant 9641 W R I G H T ' S Furniture "Maple for Every Room" Crenshaw at 84th Inglewood Phone TWinoaks 9610 Eastern Florist 319 W. Florence Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. S. 6. F. MEAT -CO. 255 E. Florence QUALITY MEATS GREGORY M. CREUTZ ATTORNEY AT LAW Vermont-Manchester Office 8530 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, California PL. l-4242 TH. 4139 Compliments OF The MOTHEPUS CLUB OF M T. C A R M E L HIGH SCHOOL DR. EDWIN C. BUHR OPTOMETRIST 07 S. Hill Street TRinity 8276 HORAN'S Catholic Supply House Rosaries. Prayer Books. Candles. America's Most Beautitul Statues Southwest Branch: 52nd St. S. Vermont Tl'lornwcxll 7334 Best Wishes To MOUNT CARMEL Students and Graduates from IOHN M. COSTELLO Congressman 15th District COMPLIMENTS OF LEOTA MARKET 7803 Santa Fe Avenue Al. Mcfthewson COMPLIMENTS OF HOME PHARMACY S. M. Trogmon 6201 South Vermont Avenue Phone: THornwall 8387 COMPLIMENTS OF Geib Lumber Company "A Sliver or a Train Load" 2200 East Nadeau Avenue Huntington Park, California Phone: Klmbcxll 2161 Compliments oi MAGNER'S MOVING 6- STORAGE CO. 8423 State Street South Gate Phones. LAlc1yette 3858 Night Tllornwoll 0697 Listings Wanted lncorne Property and l-lornes ELIZABETH H. RODIN Realtor 1214 W. 87th St. PL. 2-4257 COMPLIMENTS QF MR. NEWE'S 1-11sToRY CLHSS COMPLIMENTS OP Compliments REGAN'S of G MARKET Friend Hoover St. 61 Slcruson Ave. Records Sheet Music Compliments OF SUMNER'S RADIO 1. HENNESSY 3307 West 54th Street General Contractor AX. 5129 123 E. 88th Street os Angeles Phone: TW. 0172 Radio Repair Home Movies COMPLIMENTS 01: Service Station 5228 South Westem Avenue 7306 South Vermont THornwcx1l 1101 AX. 6300 Los Angeles. Cali! Oil Wholesale Bring Your Container Compliments of BARNEY'S CAFE Corner ot Florence G Hoover Good Hamburgers and Chili Home Cooked Meals 6 A.M. 8 P.M, ROMEK'S BARBER SHOP Expert and Complete Barber Service of All Styles Your Patronage Greatly Appreciated 6606 South Vennont BEAVER MORTUARY 100 North Locust Street Inglewood, Ccxlil. Ambulance Service Inglewood Ex. ---- ORc1'1crd 7-2144 L. A. Ex. ------- ORegon 8-1813 DAY OR NIGHT EYE CARE Complete Scientific Examination Terms Open Evenings DR. B. A. BARENS. Optometrist 8532 S. Vermont ict Mcmchesterb COMPLIMENTS OF THE CARMELITE FATHERS of OUR LADY OF THE SCAPULAR PRIORY 339 EAST 28th STREET NEW YORK CITY Rev. Seropion Reid, O.Cor1n, Pastor ooNoRA'rULAT1oNs TO CLASS OF 1944 o St, Marys Church 407 South Chicago St. Los Angeles, Calif. Mechanical Machine Service Polish Ha1e's Morningside Service "GORDON HALEH Let's Get Associated Phone: 8205 Crenshaw Blvd. TH. 2590 Inglewood, Calif. CHARLSTON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 8504 So. Vermont Ave. Where the Southwest shops with confidence MRS. CECILE B, EDWARDS CA Mt. Carmel Motherl NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Phonei Res.: PL, 2-3292 740 So. Broadway Bus.: TR. 8251 Los Angeles, Calif COMPLIMENTS . . THE CARMELITE FATHERS OF TRANSFIGURATION PARISH TARRYTOWN-ON-THE-HUDSON Rev. Anthony Wholley, O. Ccxrm., Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARDS BROTHERS COLONIAL MORTUARY 1000 VENICE BOULEVARD I. F. MARCOUX SOUTH GATE MORTUARY. INC. 8500 Long Beach Boulevard SOUTH GATE, CALIFORNIA MINNOCK SHOE REPAIRING 6617 S. NORMANDIE Orthopedic work of all kinds Arches made to order WEST COAST SCHOOLS Bf53:,gtfg58fS Seiiftfilf' MUSIC AND DANCE 6009 WEST BOULEVARD BROWNIS LOS ANGELES 43, CALIF Phone AXminster I-0156 Voice - Drama - Piano - Violin - Drums Accordion - AllStrings - Reed and Brass Instruments - Tap - Acrohatic Ballet and Ballroom FURNITURE CO. "FINE FURNITURE FOR LESS" 4511 South Broadway Los Angeles PLeasant 2-3776 F. H. D O L A N REALTOR 8321 So, Vermont Ave. Los Angeles 44, Calif. Patrol System - Defense Plant Guards Private Watchmen - Plant Systems 24-hour Service WALWORTH DETECTIVE SERVICE. LTD. LICENSED AND BONDED Phone: PLeasant 2-4524 IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL . . . For An Individual, Personality Hair Cut The Way You Want It . . . FRANK OLIVERI Formerly Owner of Nadeau Hotel Barber Shop NOW LOCATED AT 4920 S. Broadway Plenty of Parking Space STUDIO MEN'S STORE COMPLETE M1-:N's sroma Los Angeles Burbank 5877 S. Vermont Ave. 224 N. Sun Fernando 8020 So. Vermont Ave. Hollywood Office Tgomwau 9508 C1-lqylgsgon 8.3011 Los Angeles 44, Calif. 8501 Sunset Blvd. So long as you try to maintain fine principle and good character nothing can stop your success-- COMPLIMENTS OF AVALON FOOD CENTER JAMES P, CHHAPRALIS, Prop. Phone: Tlrlornwall 7182 Established 25 years 7207 SOUTH AVALON Hunting and Fishing Supplies PL 19276 TH 2710 Buy - sen - Trade - Rent WE SPECIALIZE IN RENTALS BONNER'S N555 spo-RTING Goons Phone: TW. 9244 . 427 W. Florence Ave 1401 W. Florence Ave., cor. Normandie Closed Mondays Los Angeles 3' cam COMPLIMENTS OF OUR LADY of MOUNT CARMEL PARISH MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK Rev. Sylvester Maher, O.Carm., Pastor Compliments CQIVIPLIMHNTS of OF THE FIFTH PERIOD A FRIEND SPANISH CLASS IPI. Schwartz O. Ccrml CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 OLD ENGLISH HFISH AND CHIPSH Fried Fish and French Fried Potatoes also Fried Shrimp Iimmie 249 East Florence Avenue Near San Pedro Street Los Angeles 3, California COMPLIMENTS OF ST. IOHN'S MILITARY ACADEMY 4060 West Washington Boulevard Los Angeles Taught by Sisters of Mercy GILES LUMBER CCDMPANY ir Phone ORchard 7-2184 H307 HAWTHORNE BLVD. HAWTHORNE AND IMPERIAL INGLEWOOD. CALIF. J n'l'?'p, Qumvi 41, 1 . :..'f":..- -1 . 'iw ,L I.. ,, ,. , 'V' ' ' H . 'V , . f V... -.uf , ' Vw 1 ' 'V 1- . H! 5. L4 ,ul 4 ,VM ew 7. 4' l X F 2, ' 4 , '5 f 1' - ' A V 1. ., ,R A VV A . ., K, 41 E5 ', 1 ' ' ff 3 Y , ' . ' w 1 4V-"' V 3 x .,. k R Q. Q1 .,.A: W 1 H., ,i SL 1 Y 'W , V V' . ' . ' f A ff.. .s 1 L V- -, fs xl ff ' V 'w fra! fy? . .V'Y-Q. KJ we ' 4' Y .fg , ,v A ' rx x -. -'.' .gi .,, V V - 1 .. nf' , A, 'Z ,- P. x ,f2. -V .. L T' -."'f'Q- 3.5 X' -gx ., X.. ' w. 4 ,' - . A . . 3 5 K .. -A 1 c " W ,". f- ', . J A, -. I' g.- .1 -, , .2, . V , T, ,A ' ' 'Z , ' V. K - .A 1, ., KV ,V1- ,A VV V , J, . 'QV 5, If - - 5L,!.,L, 6 .': .,!,fz.4 ' , ' ' VMLHV 1' ' .K 1- ' , .. . K I 5 534' .VV if - 'VV"13,4e2f'm Q. ' ' 1 :,-,wYVV5r: "f.f'V.':fQ- V. -'5 ..' V .! ' - V. .- Q . f' . Q. 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Suggestions in the Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Carmel High School - El Conquistador Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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