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 - Class of 1956

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4: 111 K El ii' I-I li- .4 pw if . z 'rm 1 1 , Q .," ,f ,W 1 1 Zjf, , , ff 1 ' rn ,,r ,-"J f' " ,f "Ulf "IW jfiil- ,ff ,, " ,,- ' ,. - If . Y., f if ,f ,,., -Y , 1' ,ia-',- - - .. vL , Q 1,-f g 1 v.- .f ..- L ,,. 55-i 'F' ' ,, 1. HJ, nv A2 .Vw if 74a ae 77i4fu,4 X Wfdlllfff am f Toluene 2 D WWA -Seidel e"f"'44" 1956 afzewafml 74eme Nof long ago we were 'Freshmen Now we are semors gradua+es Looking back over four years of MOMENTS TO REMEMBER In our yearbook The Ave Marla I956 We have fried +o capfure some of fhose momenls To keep Ihem for 'Ihe lulure When Ihey will be mosf 'Ireasured memorues Momenls of prayer and grahlude and work Of frlendshlp achvlhes and fun MOMENTS OF PRAYER As Ihe clock s+ar+ed rls dally round We offered 'Io God each 'rhouqhl And work and achon of each day MOMENTS OF GRATITUDE To 'Ihose who guided our mmds and hearls And prayed for 'Ihe sanchfucahon of our souls Lei us no'I Fall 'rhem In +he years ahead MOMENTS OF WORK Durmg Ihese four precuous years We learned many fhmgs Which will help us bunld our world Nol' on +he sands of hme Buf on fhe solld rock of elermly MOMENTS OF FRIENDSHIP Made lnfe bolh warm and happy And es+ablushed fruendshups never fo be 'forgoffen MOMENTS OF ACTIVITIES The ones +ha+ seemed Ihe mosf nmporfani' Wherem lufe was a brngl1+ colored rainbow Our clubs parhes dances and games MOMENTS OF FUN Playmg and cheering a+ our games We displayed our zes+ Our splruf and wall +o wm The players on +he held and on fhe floor The cheerleaders and Pep Club on fhe sldelmes Bul' all wrlh love And devohon To Ihe Spurs? of Mounf Carmel The emblem on The cover of Ave Marla 56 IS Ihe Servrle monogram The S and M SIQDIFY Servanfs of Mary 'Ihe reluglous order +o which Ihe prlesls and scslers al' M+ Carmel belong We are all proud of fhe 'Il+le Servanl of Mary and clalm I+ as our +u+Ie also Being wi+h our friends bureau 74C64lfQ ? W4 xx WI Sudan 66444441-ifazcaczcea ?-age 70 page 44 ffduoztwcng Spofzw page 74 Faage 92 xi.-f w--Q V1 1- is 1 Now 7-'wg Spmzawnwzazdfuwyzwau HU Hvlirzeff POPE PIUS XII 116 W-gs 'D Hif E,X't'?H8Ilt'J QEQRQ . sn. . uh.. g. 14- vi.- - -wg 6,,.5gM '- Wi' 'M ' Lf'-' S- ARCI-IBISHOP URBAN VEHR FATHER WILLIAM JONES SlllD61'fl1f6IId67If of 51710015 , 'r 4 " '-I Xi ! A 'S Om fauaza We 4 ow ms f C i i l FYI' 'N ' i FATHFR THOMAS LOCASCIO, OSM Przffof' Reiigiozi In the past five years Father Tom has built two Catholic schools, Mt. Carmel High School and Mt. Car- mel Grade School. For this unusual accomplishment, he deserves the ad- miration and thanks of all Mt. Carmelites. Last summer Father conducted a drive to help finance these schools and raised 3180,000. L ff? FATHER JOHN GIAMBASTIANI, OSM FATHER ROGER RAO, OSM FATHIQR ANDRFXY' COLLETTI OSM Prior Religion Reizgiozz Religion Lg! 'W""ONQQo4g,, Q? 'Q' 'idifwx Mother M. P.1ul.1 seluts rcgords to he r v wns.1 and kept in the permanent tiles or the high sihool, lXlO'liHlfR IXIARY l3AI'I.A USIXI I'izm'1jml SISTER MARY ALPHONSA USM Typing, Sodnlity Moderator, Junior I-Iomeroom 1. - vzwmageawdamzm umm Below: It's take-off time at 3:40 pm. and the faculty gathers .after sihool for 11 ride to the ronvent six blocks away at 3525 Pecos St. SISTER MARY EVGENIA OSM SISTER MARY AEDREY OSM SISTER MARY PERPETEA OSM English I, Latin I, II, General Math, Pep English III, IV, Speeih, "Eagle" Adxisor, Biology, English R, Algebra III, Chemistry, Club Advisor, Red Cross Advisor, Sodality "Ave Maria" Advisor, junior Homeroom 4. Sodality Moderator, Senior Homeruom, Moderator. Freshman Homeroom 5, Bio. 1 4?---7' 3'-1 md w Wax' A -H l -. A ' A M-F vi X 4 , rx, rs, E 0 ,W WM "V . wm'+1g:wzfzf'qQ?g Efi?-ir? ii , "zfi?t'1b2f ' if J 1139, Q 4 rj if MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL 1955-56: Kay McKinney, Elizabeth Spano, Anthony Marchese, Dan Martinez, John Rossi, Mother Mary Paula, Rose Marie Lombardi. Richard Rotola, Wtafddy DEAR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL as we take leave of the protection of your halls of education, we entreat you to help us reach that status in life which God has intended for us. As we leave the happy surroundings of MTC we fondly reminisce over the years we leave behind us-The day as freshmen we attended the Mission Mass opening the school year of 1952-53 . . . Election of class officers . . . The excitement of our first big Christmas dance . . . The enjoyment of our first retreat and retreat master Father Seery, OSM . . . The thrill of our Spring Formal . . . The operetta, In Old Vienna . . . The May Crowning and final exams. Upon entering our sophomore year acquired many new classmates: Doris Coon, Rich- ard Serna, Joanne Giambrocco, Frank Falsetta, Jim Phillips and Dan Malone . . . Our first year in the basketball and baseball Parochial League . . . The Press Convention . . . The firm establishment of the Pep Club and the festivity of our first Pep Club dance . . . The Variety Show . . . The Spring Hop . . . Our Retreat Master, Father Tobin, CSSR. Then came the day when we became juniors, upperclassmen . . . jim Garinger, Dick Lucci, Larry Conroy, Dan Martinez and Frank Gurule were added to our ranks . . . The Fall Festival brought our first Pep Club demonstration . . . Our first year in the football league . . . The thrill of receiving our class rings . . . The excitement of our prom "Blue Gardenia" are all priceless memories . . . Then came the Fashion Show . . . the Sodality breakfast . . . our mothers and fathers . . . Our first annual "The Ave Maria" . . . Father Novak, CSSR, our retreat master . . . Then the card that pro- claimed us seniors. The first activity of our last but most remembered year in high school was the Student Council elections with john Rossi voted president and Rose Marie Lombardi, Vice Presi- dent . . . The thrill of our first Homecoming "Autumn Capers" . . . Our retreat master, Father Lawrence Calkins, OSM . , . The Snowball Dance . . . "Memories Are Made of This," our Pep Club Dance . . . Our Prom . . . Our operetta, "The Mocking Bird" . . . The beautiful May crowning . . . and the final breathtaking achievement-Gradw ation . . . Mass and Holy Communion at Mt. Carmel Church and our diplomas in the auditorium in the afternoon. jane Giardino. Salvadore Carpio and Billy Croce. Ka- ,. df A A 'Nw WW? ROSE M. LAURETA. Scirctary-Trcasurcr, Room 2 FRANK FALSPVIA Vim Pruidcnt Room 7 RICHARD ROTOLA, President, Bio Room IORET'IA LONQO Vice Picsidc-nt Bio Room DOLORE5 INIARTINEZ. Surctgliy-'I'rc.isu1'cr. Bio Room DAN MARI INFZ Prcsidnnt Room 7 fnot in picturcj m..S ,R ... , Mva.,'..i"' " if K mn-v ,M W .5 11- 'lah Gu., 'Illia MM, Au an 62 an Q Q . .0--.......,- , 0 0 qquuiinmgnh x.,..,g,,WM I in-,J f wk gm ' -l ""'Q'-v""-"K---f nga-...-.5 W .1 i ,I-i--R. ""--' ..,..-.vnf -3-.1-...., -1..- W mpmrwu i 5 ,W ow- qfgmn, Qug.-nu-wmv--. Ci. - 'ff k --..'-- 'A -ng.-.,,-anger ..,.... ..,,,, 'Af -U,-Q-.Aww A, Ol---.--4... 41 I 9. y 'swf' on-o...Q,, --Q.-v--fi tg,-gm ' Q-4 1 'Fa Q "W" """""'-'-+ ' W GM.. 'f -A 12 vu' WW. -..,,,,,,,dQ9- Q MWM.-f gym- Q-any must! ...qw neva? v if gf-70.-G Q K --q...,,,,,,,.mM qi.-'Q' ut.- , . i MMM 5 ,Q ,4.. A -to L--Lb mga, S .sr Y V bf Ai 4 ff M 4' I , ':w'.M. 4 5 K' Nw , L, 50 f ' gi R' h"'Tf""'A--4-..,...,,,,-. A "MM ' A i 4 -Mg. X 1 7 if 'Q H" gf" ff M ff ,, V5 ,A A' .A a HHN 1 LL,..f ' W ' 1, 1" ff V '-HN., V . A I -MMM ' ,Ill-' L S ,V , - 2 ' 5 ,7ig,g,m' - Q mf , X Q ig: 2 44 4 X r Q DIANE ARNESON Pep Club 1. 3. 4g Pep Club Secretary 4g Pep Club Attendant 4: Sodality 1, 3. 43 Ave Maria Co-Editor 43 Glee Club 2-43 Student Council 23 Class Officer 2g Honor Roll 1-4g Homecoming Queen 4. 0 '1 ., ln-an --at-'O .-...u A Q --Q.-.-..-Mt 5 Q 1 1 ---nnaigp. GQ "' snug -keanu 'Nav in 5,21 1 vi vf 4'-'-'-s :Q -v-wiluvifi' S L ' as , , Vial' Z - A 4 p'p ,V,V E 'XM-. U1 C ii... 4- Ismail - Ili. .Q-Cx 6331 6 PALMINA BALDINI Choir 1. Zg Honor Roll 13 Homecoming Attendant 53 S0- dality 3, 43 Class Officer 3: Glee Club 3, 43 Pep Club 1-4. MARLENE ANTONUCCI Glee Club 2-4: Vice President, Pep Club 1, 2g Choir 23 Homecoming Attendant 33 Ave Maria 3. 4g Cheerleader 4g Missions 1-4g Sodality 1-4g NFL All-City Councilg junior Red Cross 33 Honor Roll 1-3g Mis- sion Representative lg Pep Club Attend- ant 2. 2 wade "NX'hat are we waiting for? What would you think at Jim'5 Pizzeria?" Awaiting 7 25 nun... UIQ?"-., sf 1 " V - 13-'sm' 'as 1 tm ? """"Vluue-- '9 40091 L-" 'qv 'viii on L 1 'lv'-v-'is-nu-vu " f """"" an Q ms. , 'QHQOW' Q . itgvuns . I' I,-,-,xl 5 t . -w-l W' K -L Q " u Q .---5 csv' """"' ""' " ' Q Q .. -""" .I-W C9Q '1 ---.. - -suv . MICHAIiI. CAPRA Football 1, 2, 43 Baseball 1, 43 Sodality 1-4g Choir 43 Glee Club 3, 4g "C" Club 1-4 RICHARD BRHQNZA Class Officer 23 Student Council 2g Base- ball 1-43 Basketball 1- 23 Sodality 1-4g "C" Club 1-4. pizza pie are Marlene. Dick. Diane, Palmina. Mike, and Dolores. f rx B, 1-V1 1 1 DoLoR1 s CARRILLO Homecommg Attendant 4 ou' 1, Pe C ln Sodalxty 1 4 Glce Club 1 4. Larry, Henrietta, john, Paula, and Jim enjoy every minute of their tour. ,awww joi-iN EZIT Football 1-4g Basketball 1-4g Baseball 1-4g "C" Club 1-43 Soalality 1-43 Glee Club 3, 43 Honor Roll 33 Choir 4g Soclality Group Officer 33 All-Parochial Football 3. 'Qyllf' 14 , 2 PAULA COSTA Glee Club 2-45 Choir lg Class Officer 1g Pep Club Attend- ant 2g Band 1, 25 Sodality 1-4g Honor Roll lg Pep Club 1-4. I1 11 IQ ll god.. ,,....... - 'fw- 'N 48 ,XR l JAMES Drsjmcomo Football 1-45 Basketball 1-35 Sodality 1-3 "C" Club 1-4. 3 -. 11.-1 sau' - in-...--Q tj 3 Q 3 Si 7 I-3, ....l"4"-.,.--n l l 1-0 .gui-Q "N .-...CID -3-' 9 .--. "tl'g,.'.--'P' ---' - L ing... ,-3-Q..-in-' 1 ...Q l 2 l i Q -ls --li "" png-gl 9 4... -l. . 01 V ""'1",:5"', 'I F' sum i ' W 5 1 'F' JOANNE Gmmsnocco Glee Club 43 Band lg Class Officer 35 Student Council 3g Choir President 4g So- dality 1-3. neun-to-le Her guests are: Fred, Frank, Carol, jim, and Frank G. ...r C Q T, W -.Q 2. w ---um4 ity VW' 'N W- 7' Q- in . Q Wa Wm. I F i V' s.f,,,WW 6 --.q,-- -,mum--'lam 'I 'gy M-lr N-. - mul-vi-A' 01. in i .mu-,, mm.: 1-my I Q... " 1 'Qhgg 310 ' A ' 'cl' 'VNV Adv- im M W M... 4' -uw 1-an 1W w 6: A , 5 ,..- m '-' ,,,mQ,,, Q, ag.. l -w-44.04 -4.-ees- 4-.V -M.. uv 5 :.mamMrf.-mqme9mHv-f4k-M- 'Mt' ,,l A va A - Y . A Q. is 41" F -QW """'W" 6 7 ' 4' "Q, A. ,.,, M, umcnub-10154-ff ! Q... H ,, .ts W , "" . , .. CAROL GOOD Mission Officer 35 Glee Club 4g Honor Roll 2. t , ' ' FRANK GURULE North HS 2. RICHARD LAMIRATO Football 1, 33 Baseball 1, 43 tl Basketball 1, 2: 43 Class Of- .M ficer lg Mission Club 1. 'tax vi .Six Dick to Rose Marie Mary Lou Juanita Rosemary and Rose Marie Laureta Ez." Www RosE MARIE LOMBARDI Glee Club 1-4: Choir 1-43 Student Council 1, 43 Cheerleader 53 Sodality 1-43 All-City Council junior Red Cross 4g Vice President, Student Council 4g Pep Club 1-43 Quill and Scroll3 Honor Roll 1-43 Eagle 1-35 Ave Maria 33 Class Officer 2. RosI3 MARIE LAURETA Pep Club 1-43 Pep Club Attendant 2, 33 Mission Club President 43 Pep Club Offi- cer 23 Sodality 1-43 Choir 1, 23 Sodality Group Officer 23 May Queen Attendant 33 Class Officer 2-43 Glee Club 2-43 Honor Roll 2-3. ' fi! Q ' ' f m Q M '-'hi - .,, is - 3 V, '27 ' 2' , ,, " A M" "' 1--""' " """'- ag." - 'V-taut,---,-. " ' 1 1 ' v. I .f 5, M .Q -.U A all 4.-'Qt c F p Qing., ilu- 1-5 .D -L' " . .i C- ' ' . - Q ' N ' GQ. - 1-' ' 3' A' . I g, -1 2I ggjf A K K V QI 'Win V V - '-1-1 M' : I iq! ii? khf x-4... tunica. -QC R19 'lm -A K. ix Q' 5 , NQ, wb --T., 1, I ' .Q ,,,,,.,,,,g3gr-:ar -vw W-'Aww I Q. Q l 5 .. ,X-mv: Y""""T3q I J n" I Y f Nt 21" A llvx .um Q-.D-"" -vm ---"" " -an-1 W gg' YQ,-...Q . 'S Q, Q 1. -.-,wfv-vm...-r... Q - ' Q 1 M W A 5? Q 'ff' Q 'vial' -2 ev 'WH' -ana ' 1 ig """".3f' "W" 4' 5 'A L Q H..-W'-V W f ,lug u -t ..--vnrnnuwn . i -Q ""9"'5"'l' M L. .hd an ' 42411. nw.--pw. as -. .Mu LORETTA LoNGo Honor Roll 1-4g Ave Maria 3, 45 Eagle 2-4, Quill and Scrollg NFLQ Debate 4g So- dality 1-43 Student Council 4, Class Officer 4g Choir 1-43 Glee Club 1-4g Pep Club 1-45 Operetta Lead 1. Kt1 RICHARD LUCCI Holy Family 1, 2g Basketball 44 Baseball 3, 4g Sodality 3, 4, Class Officer 33 "C" Club 3, 43 Student Council 3. YOLANDA LOMBARDI Glee Club 2-4, Choir 1, 2, Sodality 1-4, Sodality Officer 3, 41 Cheerleader 35 Home- coming Attendant 4: Honor Roll 1-35 Ave Iwlaria 3, 4, Christmas Queen 1. totleeeenexcctean It's time for the cookies and the "pause that refreshes DANIEL MALONE 9- Regis 13 "C" Club President 43 "C" Club 3, 43 Football Co-Captain 43 Football 3, 43 Baseball 43 Soclality 1-4. 05 for Dick, Yolanda, Loretta, Virginia, Dolores and Danny. , , x CL: Cn ""'l- Q- P sf,"--. . - P-sw. Q 4...-..,,. uni """"' Q Q A-nun it -C-ini -li v - V. Q -G-Qs.. K -tal g 7 I b- ,-. - ' l"' DOLORES MARTINEZ 1 Pep Club 1-43 Choir 1-43 Glee Club 1-43 Honor Roll 1-43 Sotlality 2-43 May Queen At- tendant 33 Ave Ivfaria 43 So- clality Officer 2, 33 Class Of- ficer 2. 33 Mission Paper 4. I ,4'Nf' 4' ,l'Q-- Q VIRGINIA MALPIIEIDE Honor Roll 1-43 Sodality 1-43 Sodality Pre- fect 43 Eagle 1-43 Ave Maria 3, 43 Mission Club 1, Z3 Glee Club 1-43 Choir I-43 Pep Club 1-43 Cheerleader 33 Prom Attendant 33 May Queen Attendant 13 Class Officer 1. 33 Quill and Scroll. 'O' f..." at DANIILI. MARTINlzZ Y..-ary' .A North HS ZQ Class President 4g Football 4g Basketball 4g M Baseball 3. 4. e T5 , MYRNA MAY Sodality 1-4g Pep Club 1-43 Glee Club 1-4. .1-..-. .ws-.. , ..-.mM-zfscm-u.:..... ' wmv " N we Ma- r we ,-..,.,.,t..a The results of the St. Joe Tourney-winning four games straight-are gratifying t44Z4amemaq4eedl THOMAS PARISI Honor Roll 1-33 Student Council lg Class Officer 35 Sodality Officer 4g Ave Maria 4g Eagle 2-4g Boys' State 3g "C" Club 2-4g Baseball 1-43 Basketball 1-43 Football 1, 2. -1'-uaqlafr-4.vo'..... ....,--1-.., ' cn...-. A H N W 'W ,,,,,, WM W. -Q sf --QQ u,n..-mau,,,ef. sn... Ji--...Q ..,. ' Q ?FP'l'-D f..,,4 Q Q z 8 3 ew - R v 1 if -p ,A '4 Gres -ui -mn., ,,.....,.,, grip- s ... ,th M, - t.- .a,...m, ., ,f....a. ...,,.. . , r -, Q-kwa-nv--xvzsq-a. ...m-,.,,..-,,,. 'ilff-WKHOQ4. 'Mm' 'mfs -.M N . C . . ww he uf ulA"9'iw 'H 5 nl ' M-J' -A ...., .. ep ,.,a..,a. .No f1r1r1"v' Wil for jimmy. Myrna. Bob, Tom. Dan and Sylvia. 2, ww, "gum ,Mew me!" SYLVIA PORTMAN Honor Roll 2. 3g Quill and Scrollg NFLQ Debate 33 Class Officer SQ Student Council 35 Mission Club Offivger 53 Prom Attend- ant 3. JAMES PHILLIPS Holy Family 1, 2g Honor Roll 3g Sodality Council 43 All- City Rctl Cross. Council 35 Mission Club 3. 41 Glue Club 3. 4g Choir 4g Sodality 5, 43 "C" Club 3. 41 Football 3. 4. 3 fr' 15" ROBERT P1cLcgoLA Sorlality 1-43 Sodality Officer 1. Club 1-4g Baseball 1-4. .MWA i if 1 " uzw,W.... L . ---v"'--w qu' func , Q """""""' L 5 Q. Nlnm..-0 5, Q. 'M' .. X 2 1, . ... ....... . ,' ' i Q44. 1 Q iss' ia. ' 1 """' Q' 5 " "" "N -.0 0--s. -fv- - QL' nqrww- ,., 5, fffr ---ow 1 1 1.: WM an whwhr-M a.'2T 'q"': 'fr "6 1 5 ni 1 s sgcluuprqn-1-' 55- ----1-11-l!l-s...-u- ' gg i'v . bf ll 7 vi' Q an .-fnnwbg., 5 fy My qi- y ,arf 9-74904- ,,,.,,,,,,,.,....:lb Q ni Q .,,.,,.....--wa if - , , W , .-,.,, -.--U... Q-Wit... ll- mlb- I--M ' , 1-my .-.........,,.gw- ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,Wi.,,fM I Q . , mf '..-gr w?... ..... - , Q- -on 1, .,,....... .un-vw-4. lla ' """" 1 E .- uudn-v--4... mg- i 1011810 """""i ..-..-awQlLin.r"' ,.-Q 42,-...av-we-1- ,,,,,,,.,p-nn- u-it-1-. Q. I 4: .N..-w-14. Xi' R , ....... I q- , ..,. "HIE wi "' . 'li-A qu.. may K Abu-qghwm is an C' O V4 BEN Rxzzuio Sodality 1-45 NFL: Debate 3, 4g Honor Roll 2. 3. -1: Mission Officer 45 Sodality Leader 55 Baseball 1-43 "C" Club 1-45 "Voice of Dcmou'z1cy" Vllinncr 4g Dimcsnn Oratory, Second Place 3. ,- 1" 4" M 1 r' '74wea,,.,,44.94a "ik Q' 9.4 MARX'1XNNA RONCAGHA " ' -dltuclunf , nts 01. 'va . ,hm 4 KL .fins O 1-1, oulQ "'-"" -ami-SPI' ... , Q 'K v .Ib an-an-Y' X L, gb . ' intl? of .4 .fin 3"l"""' I' ' it ....'Q'5.o-' ......---.-.-. ......-.-3. "-L'-'-' "' "0 Q - -- I-v"" """"" "" ' C I- Q... JOHN Rossi Honor Roll 1-33 Sotlnlity 14 Stut n Council Presitlent 43 "C" Club 14 Club Officer 33 Co-Captain footbill 4 Football 1-43 Basketball 1-4 Blsebill 14 Pep Club 1-43 Glue Club 1-43 Choir 1. 23 Eagle 13 Ave Marin 43 Mission Club 33 'fr-1t l"" -' Class Officer 23 Honor Roll 1-33 Sodality 1-41 Sodality I.ea1tler 33 Student Council 2. s A My-1 5 ' for the memories are Lena, john, Richard, Ben, and Lloyd. Fifi' OX, ll 'll 'X RICHARD RoTo1.A Eagle 13 Ave Maria 33 C Club Officer 23 Class Offiner - 1, 2, 43 Sodality 1-43 Student Council 1, 2, -lg Mission Of- ficer 33 Baseball 1. 23 Foot- ball 1, 2. -f"" RICHARD SERNA Class Officer 43 Baseball 2-42 C Sally, Mary Ann, Norman, Mary Lou, and Glenn. 5-sn Basketball 2, 43 Football 2-43 Sodality 53 "C" Club 2-4. MARY ANN SERRAVO Sodality 1-43 Class Officer 23 Glee Club 1'4Q Pep Club 1-43 Choir 1-43 Operetta Lead 1, 2. f0'l-6464625666544-4-0f56. MARY LOU SWALDE Eagle 3, 43 Ave Maria Co-Editor 43 Pep Club Officer 2, 43 Choir 1'4Q Sodality 1-43 Glee Club l-4g Mission Club 1'4Q Pep Club 1-41 Pep Club Attendant 4. 17x 5, 4.132 . '-liz? 1 rl , , . GLENN TRACY Honor Roll 1-53 Sodality Vice Pre- fect 33 Sodality 1-43 Eagle 1-42 Ave Maria 5, 43 Quill and Scroll3 Mis- sion Club Officer 33 Baseball 1, 2, 43 Basketball 2, 43 "C" Club 1-4. 1 'Xi ' ' i , in 5-in I 'W ,V Y , 7 ....g.,, i Q- .ag , , ., ,- ,,, .... 1Ilot'J'q3 ,A 0' ' 'i"""l I "1 ii- .pq-..n. , 1- f'-- .---..,, circa-.4 1. , . -i-.W-il.-.4 4. I- 4' C Q 1 '33 Bn'-------ding fi .. . ri. W W Kr ..A- -4-"""","Vsf - ff f A-X A W,.,.,.,i-asks" . X P 3-Tx n is 27' "'-X U15 5 sv I f 5 ,sg RITA MAIONE, Secretary, Room 1 MARY ANN BRISLANE. Secretary, Room 4 CHARLES ROMANO, Vice President, Room 1 CAROL NENWTON. Vice President, Room 4 ANTHONY MARCHESE. President, Room 1 JANE GIARDINO. President, Room 4 ' 4 1 A N e '9-W' . t N b g - - I up S mn -- - - ,, .M-,, wr wr-xiQi:r'lw..:: . 'Q V ' ., ,, , 1.51 -Q 4 ti Q Q ?,Q J '-Y Q, Y-. .:.',4Q1i. N Q . s 3.0, 4531 ' 3- ""' Q, M.. , . . ' . I Y R ,. -- ., , -an "Nl qfngzq. S 'sw-v. mf- Q I ,,,,,,,.,,, 6 ' ""' M- .... .t 1 ' 5 -1 ,fa 1-. . ,, M s 1... 3 .Rv 1' -df-v. ...N--,..... ' 5 E . Q' -1 'lil -1 f' .... :N ,,,, L., ,,, 1-4 + N, 'ww-M W . ,..,r,,e,,Wgh-any Ms., -.naqpo w,.s.fv-seq, 1 Lol 1 P' i "It's a cheerful little earful," and right down the party line Barbara Ruybal, An- gelo Cinocco,Marcia Olguin, and Anthony Ursini lend their ears to Barbara Pavich's fnot soj private conversation. ix -1 Confession plays an important part in the lives of Catholic students. Devoutly preparing for the sacra- ment are Kay Lundy, Charles Ro- mano, Joann Villano, Barbara Smith, and Henry Lopez. "Colors right? Purple and white!" Angela Tricarico, Michael Ann Marsico, Virginia D'Ascoli, and Judy Connor agree that "it's the most" 3 MT CARMEL "Crazy, man, crazy!" Harold Di Croce's interpretation of Romeo and Juliet is tickling Mary Ann Scheer, julie Van- Derbur. Martin Gutierrez and Thomas Carbone think Har- old's comedy bit is much bet- ter than Shakespeare's orig- inal. "Gee, you can't do this to me!" says Ed Davidson. But they do it every time. So jose phine Lamirato, Joan Mancinelli, and Mar lene Lombardi surrender their car keys along with Ed. "Oh, what a beautiful day for a picnic! Shall we?" "Better not," say Carl Fabrizio, Becky Torres, Rachel Ramirez, and Evelyn Kochevar. "Doesn't there happen to be school today?" "Mabelline, why can't you be true? You started out doin' the things you used to do." Gilbert Gomez, Salvatore Vil- lano, Albert Girardi, and Ana thony Domenico try to do something about Mabellines innards. Mike Perito, owner, doesn't seem to mind. L Hungry? Have some! Martha Biamonte and Phyllis Chavez find it isn't necessary to coax Angelo Martinelli and Pat Wagner to join them in a few potato chips. Ami' t 15' W S ag-.4 5 Q83 4-""2'5e 4?f,v.17' , as i "5 4 Down into the deep dark unknown . . . the mystery of a girl's purse is solved. Bob Heronema and joe Burn are fascinated as the seeming- ly endless odds and ends never end. Phyllis Calloley, Alice Lubiani, and Maxine Chavez clue the boys. Drink milk instead says Philip Plummer who claims he drinks three gallons a day Here s the evidence. Mary Ann Brislane Mary Ann Li- bonati, anet Petrillo, Mildred Pike, and Carolyn ohnson keep the supply line in opera- tion. Get your hot lunch tickets on Monday Mother Paula distrib utes them to Anthony Marchese Louise Sain don Carol Newton Van LaBr1ola and Ellen Won Pat "l-Iere's one of the plays they'll use on Sunday." Ralph Mancinelli and Tom Scaglia illustrate a football play for three interested Pep Club members Linda Holman, Marijean Finamore, and Rosemary Ammon. .m, , fs, 'MY in ,gig , f f -' ' if 4551 5 i f-,H Mew-my NM 1 . 'Img f fy gg, A y , yy ,, E1 . U? W is 55? 33 ,Q fs 'SU Aff? My W , z - Q . fx' if-cawf ,rw ,Z .tifgyfsgy W. - ff JF 4 V1.1- ,- . ,, .11- rf., . 9 . , .6 7, AMW: 3 W., A S " -A. ., A in A , fs' .iz ' 12 K 2 abr .. U4-C'Ni 'aw f 4 SX-., I, -vi t 'X4 5 . X gr, f 5. as Q "The goblins'll git ya ef ya don watch out!" Well equipped for the witching hour are Diane Varra, Lil- lian Mancini, Veda jo Quaratino, Roxann Pergola, and Josephine Vil- lano. It's a battle for the jack-o- lantern between james Plummer and Charles Spcro. S "'Tis a fine day for the Irish!" Thats why you're getting so much service, jim Roche. Mary Sibayan, Ethel Schulhof, Barbara Ligrani, jim, Marylin Backer, and Robert Quintana help him celebrate St, Patrick's Day. Not "Hearts of Stone," but red pa- per hearts in streamers, set the mood for the Sweetheart Ball. Phyllis Frazzini, Frank Capillupo, jucly johnson, Mary Lou Dejulio, Bob Sanchez, and Mary Lee Girardi en- joy the party before it begins. "All around the Christmas tree." Puzzle: Find the tree. Cathy Gra- nato, Bill Bustos, Marilyn Koche- var, Nick Laurienti, Sharon O'- Grady, and Joann Grieve shower the tree with ornaments. Al Y 'ft 0 QQ' Xa' N G sa noi' sf Time for a jam session. Music, Maestros, please! Richard Holly and Roger Guernsey get set to play "St. Louis Blues" for Joyce XX'ittman, Diane Canino, Gary Gaglia, Carol Canino, and Salvatore Knight. "Now here's how it was. Just the facts . . Not too ready to fall for George Spenards yarn are Patricia Milano, Elizabeth Saindon, Geral- dine Pergola, Sheila Sanders, and Bill Mattedi. Studying the construction of the eye and heart with interest are John Ducey, Sam Rotola, Donald Fox, Richard Vinnola, Filbert Martinez, Charles Robitalle, and Donald Ack- erman. Sewing and cutting and pinning and trimming and ripping . . . "As you sew so shall you rip!" Sr. M. Flavials warnings are now fa- miliar words to Jeannine Buccino, Elwina Rose, Kathleen Ford, Pa- tricia Marietta, Rosemary Arneson, and Jeannette Rossi. Pe' Time: About 8:15. Place: On the last lap to school. Purpose: Busy Day! Busy Day! Characters: George Route, joe Lo- Freda, Angela Marsico, Rita Lopez, Anna Mary Lyons, and Gary Gif- ford. "Dig that crazy suit!" Salvadore Carpio is all dressed up for the of- ficer picture. Margaret Gardner, Mary Dubois, Arla june Gallo, Richard Longo say, "Clothes make the man I" Q .ug Q 'EQ Q75 WF 'i "Do - mi - sol -" "Everybody sing!" Ann Frost, Pauline DeAn- drea, Susan Lombardi, Elizabeth Spano, Phyllis Vessa, Jerry Cara- betta, and Tim Feeley have fun sing- ing in parts. L-il Rock around the clock at An dy s The Juke box beats out eight to the bar for Pat Marques and Ma rie Calabrese, Thats Raymond Deard, jacquelin Martinez, Claudia Croce, and Charlene Archer enjoy- ing the boogie beat. Hibiffiiilek .' i - 'blmf-f f .uw . 4 ,f.. , ' 'M"xMg"" , , , T' ' 1' ' " f- Qaj , ' ,Qi - 1 2 3 1 , , E 2 9 5 w . gk Q, Y k 4, 5 2 W i I S 1 ,L 4 if 4 5 2 , if , V. J lk , I Q V i V f ,, -AW 4 A - S 1... xqlv V1 ,hy-' V . ,fr I A 3 ' J ,.., I O of ,fJ1""a 1 2 r . may o P Q fm o Elf' A A M v sf'-Q 5, 5 . l'i5'5'. x ,f 'K "Sh , n., . nm R ' Ap. X' Jwf ' , '.' f ,, ,5-,1 7, f , , , . Q., ,' 1 1 . . , L' ,F 1-f'i'ff', KL 13 1 if . f " f . V! 'gn - "W , N. 'L I , M 1-rm , ,,-. , . .1 , ' , Af, -Ky N""'-W lqfxgj' ,'- 3 rt V ffl ' X N num, ' . 'W , - f, xx'-' ., . zur " -4 iff We '55 we A ' y V 3 ,1 : , . f , ' 1' ,g Q YN, ., tl- 34 Mm 'Mu ai f 8 Ll' 1,4 1 5 T371 "They were doin' the Mambo." Even Freshmen are doin' the Mambo , . . It's Faustino Martinez, Otis Loveland, Pat Carroll, Ronald Carrolla, Florina Iacovetta, joan Piroddi, Barbara Nich- ols, and janet Rae Marino who "sway with it, gettin' so gay with it . . Avalina Lombardi Crightj thinks the donkey is the cutest thing in Palmina Baldini's glass menagerie. Others inspecting the little glass creatures are: john Briggs, joseph Leinz, Don- ald Cinocco, Patricia Car- bone, Connie Hill, Theresa Lechuga, James Abromeit, and Susie Alonzi. x O 4 Agi- These Eagles picked a perch atop a good-looking converti- ble. Down front are Bob Cav- anaugh and Tom jaramillo. Perched higher: Michael De- Andrea, Gloria Gavito, Mar- lene Ford, Kathleen Brislane, Don Bruno, Madelon Costa and Marilyn Fox. 'uni f' va' lf ex .Q O 1' 1.4 3 4 ,S x 5 4 A , Q 4,1 X x- y, A UE - sggfi My 45 am, a A f ,,t,?Q4,,4v .. A '41 -miswil fu Jw ,-nf ? 'Y i k 7 K ,H k,,.,A, . 3 , J . ...fa 52 vi K v 4 1 ji ,r H, X A 7 A.: 1 wwf., x 5 x 1 Q 1 Q a 1 V 1.1 1 .1 hw M. , -W.. ,. ATA.. A was - ,QM ,W av Q, f,MXfmN.,,, K imwiy Q 1 i? K Ya' SLA .- , ""9Ii1 . X, " ' w ,lxgvygjyigv Wim, .f ,f M wi W If, ' fe: S Q11 Q ,Ig Sf . W I iv .,fA A W? 1' K' af' .- if 3' , E we wg, an A " fy V 2 ' M ,f ., . gm.. W 5' I ww ,. Pfam, lggfuf' Q , A eww Q, , 1 4 ,. ,E ,, , , 2 x 5' . A' ff .wh I .W fa x Aww.. wrsgn Q5 9 WW 1 f Q 5 ,g f , 4 E:-25, 1 .4 vs va'H' ' 42 .' 249-"' ' 52, 'U J Q ,. - H.. 1 ff fn- M., K 3 4 4 fl fi! fi:-1' r V ny ii , Y J Q. . 9, . ,Q Q . jig, i5:P:.,? siiqigg I 1, 133 is 4 , 5 inf 42 5 1455 3' K 'Q ,KL 4 'K x QW i 2 2 E-M? 'W-5 if if 4 5233, . L '29 53 Ai.. 4: my .1 f A 4 Q , M Q if -. v gi 43530 -c, f , 1 , U uf M 5' if X ' W 'f A 'f E ., . 41 2? .33 is W ggfqf, , 'A x I- 2 Ax Qu... 7 1 X f 'Wig K, wi l 3 J' it gf R, 1 .E if af 4. -5 , ,s 5-My " VJ , H43 e fa' wi- 2 12' 1 566 .f.,,Q-." Vw wzgt , 3 E a ax x C .Q XQ, I-uv""""'.Z e4m44zadqlm4n44ap md4aacee .Q Senior boys in Algebra III hope that their math foundation for college will be better because of this class which is taught by Sr. M. Perpetua, Fred goes through a problem while Glenn fin- ishes the one he started. Above: Senior chemists Marlene and Juanita measure the weight of an Er- lenmeyer flask in grams in prepara- tion for an experiment. Right: Diane receives a helping hand from her partner, Lloyd, in replacing bromine with chlorine. IM Q, X .hx Win V 3 1 ww 1 Q A -wk M VV V .w.,.W,J5F'2'!2Y'- gmt?-qw -MM-V.-,f H: 5 A , cffgff' J. 1:1 J- X "5w 4 "f mm-A Wwnnwmmmq., mvxwaiw , ra, H Ywff' ' 'I x A --.J i it L 'iff f 2 " QF Q ' m A QQ r SA wr ,,.,15.k s If . v N, 'K x A " iii, I A x mflw"5f'fg, . V A' - 'f fs, ff 5 X14 ze fig, 5 lg! Wg, fm , WV-r 47,7 Sw. l , N Wm- ,M f n! W WW - A M' 1 'M Q 4 . 4 Top: "This, amigos, is a serape, says Frank as he demonstrates same. Any moment he may begin a Span- ish dance. Sr. M. Antonia is the Spanish instructor. Center: That's a derivative tree and sophomores find a good device for acquiring a better vocabulary in the Latin class. Bottom: Collecting assignments can be quite a scramble when left to the last minute. It's just a leisurely oc- cupation in this caseg English IV is the locale. Top: joe I.0fi't'tl.1 primes that tu responding angles 1ll'L' equal to L-.itli other wliile the utlict' incinlx-rs of the geornct1'y tlnss watch intently hoping they xxill tlu L15 well xxlien their turn wines. Center: Drafting lux met witli en- thusiasm from the junior .intl seniimr buys, Mr. Pnlifvi lms many lwutltling mcclmnitril artists in this tliiss. Hottum: If yiiuiu- wise you keep all returned papers in Mr, Pulizzrs class as tlmtk what texts are made of these students luxe found, Left: Speed in taking dictation may help land that secretarial job. Speed tests in Sr. M. Alphonsa's shorthand class are helpful for attaining speed and accuracy. Below: Senior typists finish their correspondence manuals for checking by Sister. Left: Glee Club members give out with their hearty voices in prepara tion for the Christmas Cantata un der the direction of Sr. M. Ger w maine. 4... vw., 1 M am M 5, " '1- 9 Ww- Above: The "EAGLE" staff finds exchange papers are a valuable means for getting new ideas. Above: FRED GAGLIA OUTSTANDING SEIN IOR edited "The Eagle" for the 1955-56 season Fred drafts makeup, contacts page editors for sto ries sees that deadlines are met and negotiates all business with Mr. Haley and Mr. Kilburn at Record Stockman Printers, Fred is the nephew of Father Raymond LaBate, OSM, pastor of St. Dominies Parish in Chicago. Father Raymond sponsors a school paper "The Torch Co Editors Ivfary Lou Swalde and Diane Arneson look at last years 'Ave Maria" and hope that the students will cherish the AM '57 as they did the first yearbook of Mt, Carmel High School. It's the second year for the "Ave Maria." Staff members had "Moments to Remember" of work and fun. It's fun to look through annuals from other schools and find ideas. Sitting: Doris Coon Marlene Antonucci, Mary Lou Swalde, Diane Arneson, Mary Ann Roncaglia, Juanita Haley. Stand ing: Virginia Malpiede. Fred Gaglia. Loretta Longo, Dolores Martinez. Sally Scaglia, Tom Parisi RoseMary Iacovetta, Joanne Villano, Louise Sainclon, and Glenn Tracy. The staff hopes that in future years you will pick up this book and find it a faithful chron- icler of Moments to Remember" which were so precious to us in our last year at MTC. V agiwvggv .Milla 5 LIN Lia F ,,- A . N HOLDING MT. CARMEL'S NFL charter is Ben Rizzuto, president of the school chapter. Others who first became NFL members and whose names appear on the charter are Doris Coon, Fred Gaglia, Geraldine Pergola, Barbara Ruybal, Tom Scaglia, Ben Rizzuto, Virginia D'Ascoli, Judy Connor, Carolyn Johnson and Sylvia Portman. Chester Boh '55 is also a charter member. C5 x Mfg, 72.7.44 sri The Mt. Carmel chapter of the National Forensics League has completed its first year of membership with 32 participants. The charter was received in May, 1955. NFL'ers attended speech meets at Colorado Springs HS, St. Francis de Sales HS, Mt. Carmel HS, Regis HS, Holy Family HS, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado A and M, Fort Collins, Boulder HS, Loretto Heights College, The District Tournament, Cathedral HS and Colorado University. The speech instructor is Sister M. Audrey and she is assisted in contest speech by Sister M. Perpetua. Mr. Leonard Carlin is debate coach. NFL MEMBERS AND THEIR DEGREES ARE AS FOLLOWS: DEGREE OF EXCELLENCE 100 points Ben Rizzuto .... Tom Scaglia ..... Fred Gaglia ........... Virginia D'ascoli ........ Geraldine Pergola ........ Sylvia Portman ......... DEGREE OF HONOR 50 points Loretta Longo ....... Barbara Ligrani ..... Carolyn Johnson ........ Judy Connor ...... Doris Coon ......... Joann Grieve ........ Ralph Mancinelli ...... DEGREE OF MERIT 25 points Barbara Pavich ..... Henry Lopez ....... Judy Johnson ....... Sheila Sanders ....... Nick Laurienti ....... Donald Bruno .......... Anthony Ursini ......... Mary Ann Libonati .. Alonzo Ruybal .......... Marlene Antonucci .... St. Francir-First Place: B. Rizzuto, F. Gaglia, J. Grieve. Third Place: N. Laurienti. Holy Family-First place: B. Rizzuto, F. Gaglia, B. Ruybal, V. D'Ascoli, S. Portman. Second Place: B. Ligrani. Ml. Carmel-Second place: B. Rizzuto, F. Gaglia, Third:-A. Ursini Cathy Granato ......... Frank Capillupo ...... Donald Cinocco ....... Anthony Rizzuto ...... Anna M. Lyons ....... Mary Lou DeJulio .... Charlotte Padboy ..... Fort Collin:-Superior ribbons: B. Rizzuto, T. Scaglia, C. Granato, J. Grieve. Loretto Heiglm'-Third place: T. Scaglia. 54 . 5 . 'F . , 1 Vmf. ,mmf ,,h. ,, .- " Hia Q 3 3 Q A , ,zfgQg, 'v2z,s1y5W? X 1 1. f , V-W ,gh l if +1 f ', Q' ,',zVy:" , , yk ' ., 1.5. A-gi' nf ik? Q sf ,, 3 ,f 4 'M , 1. , X S A 7 ' ' . . 'JL x ' A, ' :,',.1,g,1,-4 'eau' j '- ' ggi? V' 153 35? I .-z' , asf, Awqx vnu 55 W , xg! Aga 'fi nhl , NSC ' ' fifty 51,331 f ' J .lf Tw 1104176 5 JI 'Y J '1 Above: Current events or the Issues of the '56 tampaign were the usual extemp fields. Anthony Ursini and Thomas Scaglia won third place ribbons. Mary L. DeJulio. Gerald- ine Pergola, Frank Capillupo. Barbara Ligrani, Mary I.. Girardi. Michael Ann Iwiarsico. Anthony L'rsini, Janet Pe- trillo. and Thomas Scaglia. Right: Oratory and original oratory sections have been en- tered by this group. Ben Rizzuto and Mary Jane Conroy were first and second place winners of the "Voice of Democracy" contest at MTC. Left to right: Barbara Pavirh, Ben Rizzuto. Mary Jane Conroy. Geraldine Pergola. Barbara Ligrani. and Rita Maoine. Sylvia Portman Qnot pirturedj won first in 0.0. at the Holy Family speeth meet, Ralph Mancinelli won first at two meets. Below: "The Waltz" is demonstrated by Judy Johnson to other devotees of humorous declamation Mary A. Libonati, Juanita Haley, Jeanette Rossi. and Mary Sibayan. ying .xx l K . X L12 X Q Bffstfnfff 4 I is E !r qmnmmamm-uk i .z 5 ' 1 1 52911- xv, i ,Q 0 7' F 1 'im ' 3 1 avi ,,"1Y' E? UNL XXL H11 N1Ll1t N 711'L1Ll11 11 L11'11111t1L 11n1Ll11Lt1un to l L11tLLl hx 111.1 1113.111 IN Amnnm 1111 1511111 L, 1 s 111 18 m1111111 L L l1r1u11x Lmx fl Il1f'lL' In Xxx LL11 N L1 L L L xL'Lt1u11 uf LlLLl1111 Q IK K ll Lni. n11r111LL1 I 1 1 IIUUC HX U L I.. IIL 1tL1l 11 1 :wp-l1111L V1ll 1 LkL1 IX cmnrcwy S11 L IIT IN 1 1111111 I11111nL 11LxL ll L 1 md C1 1 Y 'Q wr ,1 L 58 T Personal sanctification is the primary aim of the Socialist through weekly Communion, additional weekly Masses and use of the Missal. This aim is carried over into apostolic zeal for one's neighbor. Above: The liturgy of the church has a deeper meaning for these Sodality officers who prepare the Advent wreathe in preparation for Christ's Nativity. Yolanda Lombardi, Secretaryg Virginia Mal- piede, Prefectg Tom Parisi, Treasurerg and Fred Gaglia, Vice Prefect. "7a am Below: Mt. Carmel's Fighting 69th is but a small part of a national organization who wage battle for the observance of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. They work against anything that would tarnish the delicate virtue of chastity. Om lady Projects were entertaining or- phans during the Christmas holidays, giving and wrap- ping Christmas gifts for old folks at Mullen and prepar- ing baskets for needy fam- ilies. Units meet every Wed- nesday at sixth period. Mod- erators are Sr. M. Perpetua, seniors and sophomoresg Sr. M. Alphonsa, juniorsg and Sr. M. Eugenia, freshmen. Above: Mary's feast days are appropriately observed by Sodality members. This group is preparing an altar for the Feast of the Presentation, November 21. CSMC officers and their homeroom representatives work together carrying on MTC's crusade of prayer and sacrifice for the missions. Being convinced of the power of prayer in the work of converting souls, Wednesday of each week is dedicated to the missions and students offer Mass. Holy Communion, and rosary. Gifts to the aged and poor wend their way each Christmas season to those in need. Funds raised by the students through personal sacrifice, raffles and various other means are sent to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith and to our own Service missions. Officers are: Mary Ann Brislane, vice Presidentg Rose Marie Laureta, presidentg Ben Rizzuto, Treas- urerg and Mildred Pike. Secretary. Ittlcr Calkins gives thc Papal hlessing at the cntl retreat 72 Silence, prayer and confession were stressed by Father Lawrence Calkins. OSM in the annual retreat. Each clay new f A"'w-MW, , .e.l, , fi-cg....i Rontaglia anti Voss tamiiles. ,n Tsexx began with Mass and Holy Communion at Mt. Carmel Church Conferences and Benediction were held in the temporary chapel set up in the cafeteria. ... l Above: Father Calkins addresses the seniors at a special conference. Left: It was a tight squeeze to get nearly 300 stu- dents into the chapel. hut the many hlessings re ceixetl tluring retreat made up for inconvenience. .Z . The Martinez Family fTwo more smaller children received Holy Communion but are not in picture, ull. N s XA The SCHOOL BAND is still in the growing stage. Highlight of the year was the All-Parochial Music Festival. Band members arc. first row: G. Gomez. R. Giraldi. -I, Longo, R. Carrolla. Second row: R. Guernsey, R. Torres, S. Staglia. M. Lyons. and T. jaramillo. Back row: M. DeAndrea, A. Girardi, H. Sanchez and J, Lombardi. Mr. George Young is the director, ua mf fl . l ,.ii 543 Ewa -1 . .I 1- -A iw W.. V fri . f z s. In . . W A -. yy ffl, f ' 'A .1 . - V V , ' ' f .k , i 5 il, , ix A 'div f ,uv 1 r Above. left: The Combo. which was organized last year for the Clothing class fashion show aagin added melody to the colorful display of modelling ut this year's show. Above. right: Majorettes added color to the Mt. Carmel contingent at the Music Festival. Right: Boys' and Girls' choral groups which took part in the Cantata and ia' operetta which were directed by Sister Mary Germaine. Z Q Q " E Ar pf 1 " I Aboxe A table telexision set was presented to patients at Denxer General Hospital by members of the Mt Carmel Junior Red Cross Fred Gaglra told the Lonxalescents In the spirit of the Christ Child we Swish to gixe Accept Giving of their time and talents was a pleasure for these Mt. Carmelites. During Christmas vacation they entertained many of Christ's Mystical Body and brought joy and hope to the patients at Denver General Hospital. Zed junior Red Cross offers these young people opportunities for service. These R.C. officers lead ,414 P .4-or MTC students in all activities in this field. Rose Marie Lombardi, Ralph Mancinelli fabsent when picture was takenj, Ben Rizzuto, Joan Piroddi. and joe Leinz. Center: Planters are a source of hope for all who view them. These young people proved to have "green thumbs." Twenty planters grew and flowered to go to various sick and convalesv cing persons. Here are "Green Thumbersn Ray Voss. Mary Ann Brislane. Arlene Bott. and Kay McKinney. Bottom: Some two hundred doz- en cookies were baked and pack- ed bv members of the JRC. Let- ters of gratitude from Veterans' Hospital was ample reward. M' r"' A L 1' exe J' " A s ,, ai 22. l Above: Mixed choral group provided the music for the Cantata-Pageant. Oth- er members were active in the pagentry 14 Hdou Wan Portraying the angels are Bar- bara Piccola, Susan Lombardi, Jeannine Buccino, Marlene An- tonucci, Juanita Haley and Di- ane Canino. Left, bottom row: joan Piroddi, and Carol Presentacli. Center: Kathleen Ford. Top: La- Verne Schlenz and Charlotte Padboy in a pose from their ballet dance, "White Christmas" which preceded the Cantada. and other occupations necessary for the production. ff cfm Devoutly the Magi offer their gifts of gold. frankincense and myrrh. Henry Lopez, Anthony Marchese and Mike Capra. 65 " Wemfte fri 1444! 74eu 70086 Slepieulc Is that a tall story Pat Carroll is telling as the shepherds match their sheep? Shepherds are R. Cavanaugh, G. Carabetta, R. Gi- raldi, R. Deard. D. Baldi, P. Carroll and D. Cinocco. 65 mnish envoy to her left fliuh Herunemaij as lla Je ghd" ,baettcz 7?5 44 nrt: Ywttc llNf.1ry Ann Serixivnj entermins the .lkllhl .ue rilw grmused. SNK Above: Cosette fLoretti1 Longuj endeavors tn detain the Spanish envoy. Afllfllill uttrrietiun is evident between Cosette and the handsome Vir- ginidn wlonist fleftl Ralph Nriminelli. -Ioan Grieve .ind Frank lfgilsetm .irc enjoying the dame. lieluwz The pirate. -lim Phillips. is getting .1 "Qt.1h in the lurk" from the Gmernor of New Orleans, Fred G.igli.1. The lNI.irquiae in horri- fied while the munten enluys the slene, 'nriett.1 fi.lN.1l'I'Ll, Mary Ann R0m.igli.1 and 'Ibm 9 f iv 4' ,av J cz' 1- M !' J PEP CQLLB ROYALTY: Mary Lou Swalde, lviarrin Olguin, Queen: Loretta Longo, Diane Arneson and Mary Ann Serrnvo. The dance was held at the Silver Glade Room of the Cosmopolimn Hotel on February 6. we-M PEP CLUB Queen Loretta Longo f G5 . Z f 1 I J . f , X Below: PROM ROYALTY: Mary Ann Scrravo. Michael Ann Marsico, Queen Lana Por- rcca, Virginia D'Ascoli and Paula Cosm. sal Wit ' Pfffw Qllgcll. LIENA PORRECQA WF - X ,A ,!. 'f If . Sfzozvlmff Queen DORIS COON The Snow Ball was January 7 in the Grade School Gym. Fred Gag- lia was the King. Doris was Crowned by Father Tom. GERALDINE PERGOLA FRED GAGLIA King and Queen Engle Geraldine Pergola and Fred Gaglia earn this title by their outstanding salesmanship for Ave Maria ads. VI Sally Anne Scaglia and Dick Lamirato reigned at the Mardi Gras festivities. i 2 2 U , ' 4 Q5 ,-M JI Twp: Pup Cllulw r'wy.1lty .mll thc-ir escorts A. BILIIICIII. 'If llirisi. A. Purtm.m. R. SL-rn.1 .md S, Littlc .atm-nLl.1nt ix 'lrmnne Piuwlw. Alwnm-. right. At Ilw 'Bfumwriu Arc Mmlc nf ll1lN lull, Right. Father Tum .xml Queen Lurcttgl Longo. liclcm' Mistress of flcrcrwrniw. Rem Muir I.umctt.1 unll Cllmv,-c1'lLu1Llcrs with Illtlmcr' Tum .lt the Pup Clluln Llanw. Q-5 f- -v .9 wJ C7 Q tw 15-" -V- Above: Top Salesmen for the 1956 "Ave Maria" are Connie Hill. Kay Lundy. Ann Frost. Geraldine Per- gola and Fred Gaglia. Below: Members of the PTA got together to make the beautiful costumes used in the Christmas Cantata, Below: Officers of the PTA greeted each Sister per- sonally at Christmas and pinned to her stapular a lovely corsage made up of ribbon. ornaments and a pleated S5 bill. Sr. M. Germaine receives her corsage from Mrs. Annette Knight. Mother Paula from Mrs. Edith Lom- bardi and Sr. M. Perpetua looks proud of hers. e.,-S' The photography in tbif book if by Bill Snzyfln, U11iz'er.rifzl Slzzdior and Fred Gnglia. '56. Above: The cafeteria has been operated by the ladies of the parish since October 1. Mrs. Clara Roncaglia is supervisor and has been assisted by Mrs. Eleanor Marranzino and Marie Sparacino. Mrs. Toni Marsico is in charge of the dining room. PTA mothers have aided in the kitchen. Pictured above are: Mrs. Mauro, Marie Sparacino, Mrs. Mary Longo. Mrs. Eleanor Marranzino. Mrs. Clara Roncaglia. Mrs. Toni Marsico and Mrs. Rizzuto. Right: Nick Fiorella. our custodian hecomes more treasured as the years go by. Ever-ready to help students and teachers. he keeps the high school in tip top condition. Susan Lombardi. sophomore. was top ad salesman for the All-Parochial play program. W--...E :A 'Wt I - 4 1 T Defi 1'5- Q I POS! " Q., ph , 4 i - R' . S it r Q in ' Q ,, A -7' iilji-Aww .R ' , 'f- Ahove: Eagle with a cold point of view. Mil-ce Perito burrows into the snow after an unidentified Annunciation player Thats Norm Seeley on top. Below top Al Giardi C751 comes in to help Ron Ctirrola Below. top: john Ezit 1161 goes it alone with little blocking 23 with tackle on M Cirichicno 1355 Raider frOm theteam. Belovn bottom Dan Martinez UU hreaks for a first down Below. bottom: Ezit U61 flies high for a first clown as Al as the Gremlins close in Girardi gives him a block. P ,, - "ogg-Mft N at ? Below: john Rossi, Co-Captain crowns Queen Diane. Father Tom poses with Homecoming royalty. Left to right: Attendants Marcia Olguin. Dolores Car- rillo, Queen Diane Arneson. Yolanda Lombardi. and Carolyn johnson, Mascots: Donna Arneson and Jerry Mangone. gl-nz Hanna! Mt. Carmel High School celebrated its first annual 'V A i Homecoming on October 25. 1955. The football game was played with the Annunciation Cardinals 4 Q and ended in a thrilling victory for the Eagles. W 'iw-W f - 12-6. 4 if-ah, 1-tg Below: Snow on the ground did not spoil the day of the Homecoming as all feared in the morning. About 10 o'clock the sun came out and the afternoon game was played under sunny skies. Nt,-1: " - . ex 'CQ' rx., ! ,rv 527 We ,J-3, YQ Above, top: Homecoming Imperial Five ride onto the field seated on the back of a convertible. After the game a motorcade of 50 cars formed a triumphal parade to the Sisters' convent, down 16th Street and then escorted the Queen to her home. Below: Pep Club and Cheerleaders form a football at the halftime demonstration. Center: Cheerleaders with zip. Top: Joan Giardino, Dolores Car abetta, jane Giardino Bottom: Lena Porreca Marlene Antonucci, and Juanita Haley. , 35719-9 af- . ' P . -,, Y on-y'-. 5- ,,, , Lux.. ' -. J- , , -f-- ., , I - , . . I . A 'N Uh " , .Z'.' ,' - Heres the spark that leads the team to victory. Our hustling cheerleaders are THE BEST. Lena Porreca, john Giardino. Dolores Carabetta, jane Giardino, Marlene Antonucci and Juanita Haley. life!! Above: "C" men form their emblem as the shadows lengthen. Right: Dan Malone. Eagle guard. was awarded the Denver Catholic Register All-Paroke honor for his fine work during the 1955 season. Norman Seeley placed on the All-Paroke string in the Register. X X 4 9 . 1 NW- ln V RTF' ,ww o 'I s VKVQYW. VM F81 4 0-M 5 . Q ' :I'Q1- .J ' These are the Eagles who represent a fighting spirit for Mount Carmel High Sthool in the Denver Catholic "A" and "B" Leagues. Front row: Mr. Nick Pdlivzi. lNIotlcratorg DI. Phillips. j. Ezit. D. Iimirato F Filcttl D I ' .. . . . 'a S' 4. . .ucci, D. Malone. J. Rossi, J, Garinger. Sctontl row: li. Davidson, A. Girardi, R. Serna. A. Ursini. J. Dejiacomo, N. Seeley. B. Pitcola. A. Capra. Third row: T. Scaglia, M. Capra. R. Rotola. G. Trac: Fourth ': Bf A tl ' ' ' - " f y row n rem. A, Martinelli, R, Caiiolla. B. Heroncma, C. Fabrizio. S. Villano. L. Conroy. A. Ruybal. P. Plummer. and D. Brienza. Below: Lettermen leaders discuss rules and regulations for the club, President. Dan Maloneg Treasurer. Carl Fabriziog Vice President. Sal Villano: Secretary. Tony Capra. ff' ,,,-v"' ,ff I -F,,..f -e 14,18 ij.,-f f, vi '. 4. sf 83 1 MTC 47 40 47 65 42 73 64 FIRST ROUND MTC Cathedral ..A.,.. . 24 66 Cathedral .....,.. .... 5 0 Holy Family ..... ..... 2 4 65 Holy Family ..,.. ....Y,. 5 1 St. Francis ...... ...... 6 2 56 St. Francis ..,.. ....... 6 9 Regis .....,..... ...,i 8 0 55 Regis ........... ,i..... 8 4 St. joseph ...... .,... f 16 67 St. joseph .,.... .... 5 9 Annunciation ..v.- ---A,- 6 2 - Annunciation ,..w .... Mullen ........... .... 6 0 - Mullen .-q,,,.,.... EAGLE cagers to close the season in the victory column. Standing: john Rossi. Dick Lucci, Dick Lamirato. john Ezit. Ron Carrolla, Carl Fabrizio. Sal Carpio. Tom Parisi. Dan Martinez, joe Plancarte. Ed Davidson, Sal Villano, joe Lofreda, Larry Conroy. and kneeling Nick Palizzi and Len Piccoli. 3 A state tourney berth was the reward of consistently good performances by the Eagle basketball "A" squad. The team was well balanced with Sal Villano, Dan Martinez, Tom Parisi, john Rossi, John Ezit, Dick Lamirato, Dick Lucci and Carl Fabrizio the nucleus of the squad. Rossi, Villano, Parisi and Lucci were consistent throughout the season. Fabrizio, Martinez and Ezit improved their scoring in the Second Round. Lucci sustained a foot injury which eliminated him from games toward the middle of the season, but he returned for the Regis game. Good all-around players in a good all-around team sums up the basketball season. Qaptain SAL VILLANO 6'1" "A" SQUAD. Coaches Nick Palizzi and Len Piccoli pinned their hopes on these 14 Center SECOND ROUND Q 1 -:K , W .55 Z ,. 914 w fb' .A 3 N, . uf ' Z.: w f kY4,w , vii: " f mfi f 395 fm Q25 ,V W 3 Q in V 51, .- 1. Q51-5 W I+, V ,Q 25,3 Q , UAQA1 '. 1 ,819 E455 CI am, . L" QW 3 "1 - . W ' ghngwv 0' ,-. . rv "' V, vw' 'KIM f ti V 4. ,I , .W 'g aa 1 .WW fd ,jy Vg 1 0 ,J , if W ,f War Wifi ,f,RMEL , iq 1 LA, 1,41 W,V .rf , If 1' , 4 ,NW 1, ,WW .M mmf rv ,X 21 Z QSARA5 9 5 3 Q ,I I EF w ' vim 'iw f., ,ir , Hi? .v , I 4 'K uf'-xfiisf Q QQ' Alf -f ,Wm L Cb ,s.J ig Ev ' Y Q, Q 2 W5 v suit ,F K V 03 if V Q1 5 , pg 4 43 5 X E E Q 3 if gf? gwfqi , .X L Q QW IQ, My x v pw Q' W ara ' ,f Q vig .- 'gl P' .fx +V W vp? 3,1 W, 3: . f 5 J y 5 A g 4, if Q f X I i ' f ,ra Aa 13-5, W-A 1 1 'r- 1 : S gf -a---- f ff,-i" , ,Q ' 'f Tk! ' . 4 'A K 1 , Q 3 N ' S A SECOND PLACE IN THE PAROCHIAL LEAGUE. Kneeling: Ben Rizzuto. Dick Lucci. Frank Capillupo, Gary Gaglia. john Rossi. Standing: Coach Nick Palizzi 11956 season! Bob Piccoia. Salvadore Carpio, Tom Parisi, Dan Martinez. Rich Scrnii. Sal Villano, Frank Falsctta and john Ezit. Chuck DiManna coached the team for the 1955 season. JOHN EZIT BEN RIZZUTO TOM PARISI ' F 'S f - .J E4 X K .QM , SALVATORE VILLANO DAN MARTINEZ Abuse: VIQHX ROSSI Below: DICK LECCI Ctmath Nick Palizzi talks over priwspctts for the 1956 season with tn-taptains. lien Rizzuto and -Inhn Exit. In 1956 the Eagles have a veteran team with All-Parothials john lizit and Sal Villano back. Baseball 1955 was a victorious season with MTC win- ning 5 and losing 2. At the end of the games the Eagles were in second plate and in the highest finishing position attained by any Eagle team GG? BOB PICCOLA 1 " 1 K ,if M Q Q f' f Y, 1 r. Q , - If ' R 'v . 4 , ,X , X 'fs 9 ,N J V, ni E A ' ' ,A - f fi' f ""!r . ,A 1 , fi, "X Vilnzu. i' 1 fix I A 1 rx C f X V . I .I nr U ' ' wr 5 , ...W in-B 1 A I M 1 , . . . , .i M-is 'Vii'5?,,.,i',,J J - 2 yi , 1. .,. , Vi Wi ,. ,QA ,ii X A A Elwakw, I Lyy, ii,.?.i,W,1,,ml W Y , . Tim if ,ff A . 'M ii A M J wwsffnyg sm ii' :Fw ' I '53, " 'zQifQ? L 4 ii hi, .2r",.Q. I -vs - X! P v 1' " Q5 b y i M 3 ....... L D' N ,Nh L: . ,.,,.,,,, ,WM ,. A , . , We A , Q . . Q .K A ,fy 'kr""x'i"'f,"2' ,g -., if . Nfsitivr' - 5, va- - A A . X. Q ' - ffl' .. :ang V-PVR' R., A -.f , ' 1' ,fl - . it it Q - - ' ".2:'..i w K , ' N ' I -f..,'T'1 'iffy' . L - -.-' . ,My 1' 4, . . M ,V . 1 k, .... Af-gn K t X il waefiy in kmwmw V 1 nf. 'U' "CQ-in-rl-w 3 -. ' f - '+f ,.:Q"'i -- K. 7 N K -f , -v--...s,. K V ,, rw .f -. -J A- .:?E. ..f- -B -mes., - B ' '-. 'L V' W., -' 2 sv- SAI- CARPIO PROBABLE LINEUP Center, Ben Rizzuto Pitcher. john Ezit First Baseman, Tom Parisi Second Baseman. D, Lucci Third Base-man. B. Piccola FRANK FALSETTA R x X Short Stop. Dan Martinez Leftfield. Sal Carpio Centerfield, Sal Villano Rightfield, john Rossi GARY GAGLIA I RICHARD SERNA Xt is K lim gx' em X' ' , if vvx ' .N Q 11' FRANK CAPILLUPO . s mv -J 5 ft? 1344 7 1 i. Antonutu Marlene Arneson Dnne B1ld1n1 Pilmml Brlenza Rlchard Clprz Michael Clrrlllo Dolores Cax 1rra Hcnrxetta Conroy LINKYCHLC Coon Doris C0511 Plull Delnuomo ames Fzxt ohn Lalsetta lrlnlx Gaglna l'rcd Garnnger ames Gumbrouo olnne Good Carol Gurule lranlt Haley uamta Iaeoxetta Rose Mary LaConte Mary Lou Lamlrato Rrehard Lombardx Rose Marne Lomblrdl Yolanda Longo Loretta Luau DILlx Malone Damcl Mllpxede V1ry,1n1a Nlartlnez Damcl Martnnca Dolores Nlay Myrna Parxsx Thomas Phrllxps amcs Plctola Robert Porrena Lena Portman Sylx Rlzzuto Ben Roatth Lloyd Roneaglll Mary Ann ROSSI ohn Rotola Rxqhard Ruybal Alonzo Scaglla SallyAnn Seeley Norman Serna Rxehard Serrayo Mary Ann Svsalde Mary Lou Traty Glenn Seneca? 111111 P1111l11 13111111 1 DL 6 H11116 L 111j D11111 P 111l1 11111219 11l11111y I 1111115 I 1e11'1l1e C111r1l I lflflk l 1111112 L011 D112 0 Lmy Due D 111111 V11g D111 Dec lun I 01111111 B11 2 ee Sjlz ll Be1111j Lfojcf R1111111e 11la1111y R11 In Alr111z11 fl N 111111 R11 11 117 E111Lf111 Cfe1111 fi' 3923 1101 5677 3638 2475 3677 3611 3656 2509 3490 3925 3834 2700 3250 3737 1729 3641 3546 4116 1901 2325 3729 5900 4517 3437 4410 3172 3712 4231 3458 7679 3540 4901 4638 3514 3318 4926 2417 3726 1837 3831 f54o 3558 3001 Alcott XV 76th Axe X71llLl0 Nay 1jo Yaucr Osman Osage lederal Sherndan XV 36th Ca Lxpan XV 37th W 6 W Cedar XV 38th Stuart Kalamath Decatur W 47th XY' 37th L1pan Osage Altorr Osage Elm Ct W 40th Pecos Osage Vallejo Bradburn Vallejo C a W 36th Shoshone XV Hayward Green Ct Alcott Wyandot XV 38th Wyandot Moncrnef Pl Nu ajo Zenob1a 1512V7 W 37th 4133 Nayajo 6001 Zum 2715 XV Denxer Pl 7 5072 9 0692 2871 5261 3021 7103 0486 2205 2109 5 8295 3 1229 4 5958 7 9012 We 5 7500 5 6403 3 3190 7 4624 7 5978 3 5932 7 4336 5 3293 5 9762 5 1487 5 3725 1222 5 1781 4235 7 7925 1328 9 1704 7 8058 1566 7 0359 5842 7001 1740 1562 5 4676 3 0929 7 3052 7 1010 5 9913 G15 3196 5 3843 5 7658 3 0795 7 3844 '14, 1 U1 1 'r H , , ' GY. ' 1 , Q -, "Di -' . ' . Ha. - 2 , .Q L . K ,, -N N L A. Gl. S. .I M .g ,. ,A A 5 Ivy. Gl. 5- dg L' I' ' H1ll,kL'H .." 2 '- GC. 5' 1 ' , 1 " 1 " , 2 1 1' Gr. 7- fg 1, -' '1 " , fr- Gl. 5- 4 1 I v 7 , ,. 4.1. H . 1 1 BC. 5- 4 j jx L t H 1 13' 'X . 5- 1' ,J ly' Gl. - , x W :L . " 1. " Q V Ha- . '1','- .4th GL- Q L ' Hfffllu . f N . V .L M ,J L Q ..!0.. A v V Y " - " Ge. - . : ' H 1' H - ' Gr. -" 4 V71 I . -- jf, A -- 1 1 Gr. I . , y , "Ro" V Ge- . , V ,, ,. ' Gr- - . y .-' .. .4 ,. . - Laureta, Rose Marie "Ro" 3947 Navajo Gr. 7-5263 ', ' "R " ' Gl. - 2 .' L ,.Y0,, 1 j v y " ff Gl. - -f, " '- " 4 . Gl. 5- L ' y ' 1' ' " '- 'V Gr. 7- 1 I , 7 .1 .. A .. 1 , Gr. - . My ., X, 1 ' Gel 3' jf, , 1 Hai- f L D., ,n. ,. F ,f Q CEL . ' ' I 1 " 1111" l 1 GF. 7- 51 .1 ,M 1 1 GL 0 .,, -'L " . Gr. 7. , Y . ,id j f 1 1 Ge. 3-2 ' Y A " ff 1 ,, Ge. 34 - Y 1 " 1 " 4 ' Gr. 7- K ,yy b .. , ,, V G11 . -' " " , Ge, - jg , V GL, 1 y " " 4 ' ' , Gr. - -M, 1 "Sf" Gl. - ,W .X 1. .4 ,, - U - A 1 u , 1 Hyxr -" X 1 ' . 1 j I 1 " ' " 4 ' Ge. - ,,, ",' " I , l Gr. l 1,1 Q 74 wldffff-'L il M W. ,wh . V ,W , giffw, , ' iwfsfii 1 4 4 A 1 ,-X ' U A 4, ,' f.:21,f,f . .ww L,,, . NWZQ' 5 I Ng '6 , , 1 r ' ff ' 2 if f wmv' f V' iM k51':f12i. , 1 2 lf' ' Tifd .mg V g i1e1g,gg. W' i'??5ff 1:12 ,r zfifaig? fx- 2. , 21 A-v M,VJ7:fi'y .wSf?25fy2- x ,Q ff, ww N 31' f M 'Q , f 1 f W jf Q Rf M f 5 if 'M fi f 45 551 " ' f'?w4lZ5VvL3 ' : mf Aw' v f 6' ww-zffws' wk 2 Wf , , 'Uf?'i7bQ4. V' M .f.,fm v, mfpf ggwfrn ,L 1 IJ ff , 'S 'A fgyfpp V fm ft mm f "f' 3 tc, K f mf IQ , fig? 4' gf, ff? fw f J Zifu M W5 , X M A: , y if! ,fi-W Wim' f M Q? ,Q ,Af ,, X at f 'fl' W' f- , A , 4 f,ab7...J! , 1 if if , 'fi zg' Q W A , Irv tw . !g,,, ! , wwf,-W,4fMyLWWN f Zig W? ff ' ig , K, v y Mr and Mrs George Bnenza Mr and Mrs P G Sundberg Monsignor John J Judmc Rev Fr Raymond M La Bale O Rev Fr Leonard A Redelberger A A A Grocery 8: Markel' A 8: A Appliance Company A 8: W Roo+ Beer Mrs Louise Anderson Mr and Mrs Vlclor Andrew Shirley Baldl Mary Bald: Tony Bald: Mr and Mrs Joe Baldml Mr and Mrs Earl Banllue Blanlon 81 Lamperl Texaco Fred Berger Plumbing Bull Pharmacy Mr and Mrs Gene Bloomer Mr and Mrs Norberl E Baddung Bonebraker Toggery Bon Ton Cleaners Mr and Mrs Chesler J Borelll Boulevard Varlely Sfore The Boys Boys Rexall Drugs Mr and Mrs Edward Bradley Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mrs Mary L Mr and Mrs Jerry Brnenza H Briggs rm R P n Mrs S J Brlslane Roberl C Brown Browmes Cleaners and Mrs Marshall Cam Calelan Parlsh and Mrs J M Calloley and Mrs Frank Canmo Gene Capalungo Roxle Carabella Mr and Mrs Danuel J Carbone Mr and Mrs A C Carroll Casa Mayan Resiauranf Mr and Mrs Frank Cavanaugh Mr and Mrs Csanfrance Clarks Shoe Service Clay S'l'ree'l Cleaners Mary Collano Colorado Lace Cleanmg Co Coloruser Paml' 8: Hardware Berenlce I Colby Comforl Shoe Shop PATRONS and Mrs John R Conroy and Mrs Edward Corbell and Mrs Frank J Corrigan B M Cowley Ronald L Crummms and Mrs George Crlslofano Alberl' Dalla Charles Dalla Louns Dalla and Mrs Barl' J Dalsanl and Mrs V DAscoll Oflo G Deckenl De Leon 81 Son Conlraclor De Lux Beauly Salon Deluxe Liquors Mr and Mrs Jlm De Marco Mr and Mrs J De Renze Dlxle Cleaners 81 Dyers S+ Domlnlc Church Sl' Dommlc P T A John F Ennls Federal Pharmacy Mr and Mrs Joseph A Falsella Family Bakery Mr and Mrs John Feeley Dan Flaherly Mr and Mrs J J Ford Forly Fourlh Avenue Luquor Slore Fowlers Shoes Frangls R6VIOll Mfg Mr and Mrs J N Frazzmn Fred 8: Vern Service A Frlend Friend Frlend Fnend Frnend Frlend Fraend A Fruend A Frlend MN Verna Frosl Furm+ure Mari' Mr and Mrs Vmceni Gagllardl Mr and Mrs John Gallo Mr and Mrs T J Garramone Kay Garramone Mr and Mrs Henry Gavrlo Generalor Exchange Co Genes Barber Shop Hank Genhle Mr and Mrs Ralph Gnardlno Mr and Mrs Leo Glrard: Mr and Mrs Joe G Gonzales Granada Cleaners Lorel-la Granl Sludlos 8: Ceramic Pal Haley Mr Charles Hall Mr and Mrs James Harl' Harveys Fme Flowers Hasenkamp Sales Hays Hardware 8: Appliance Mr and Mrs G H Huggins Hollywood Aulo Polush Humboldf Appliances Inc Johmes Aufo Service Mr and Mrs Thomas C Jackson Snappy Pharmacy Snow Whale Beauly Shop Mr and Mrs Joe J Spano Mr and Mrs F Spldel Mrs Jay bposalo Mr and Mrs Amos J Slevens Mr and Mrs Slockwell Rulh E Slone Mr and Mrs J A Tafum Tennyson Jewelers Mrs Hugh B Thornsberry Thors Shoe Repair Becky Torres Juliana Torres Mr and Mrs Phllllp Torres Mr and Mrs Ernesl' Trlcarlco Mr and Mrs Wllbur Varra Vernon Model Shoe Repaur Mr and Mrs John Vlllano Mr and Mrs Salvalore Vlllano The Vlsfa Holy Family Hugh Scho Mr and Mrs L K Vosburg Wallace Shoe Sfore Ward s Barber Shop While Orchnd Beauly Shop Ray Wlllls Wnlhers Jewelers Mr and Mrs H WrH'man Mary Lee Yound Moderns Miss Peggy Zambo The Zummerman Mercanhle Co Supply ol ' . ' Mr. . . ' . . . . S. M. Mr. . . . ' ' . , , Mr. . . ' . . ' ' . . . Mr. . . . . . Mr. . ' ' ' , ' Mr. , , ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. ' . . ' Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. . . ' ' Brady Drug E- W- H590 Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Slouf l . B . 1' I 0 F . . . . . Bri I - 0 . ' Mr. . ' A . . ' ' S+. ' ' A D . . ' Mr. . . . A . ' Mr. . ' A I . . ' Mr. it . . . ' Mrs D E Johnson Mr and Mrs H C Johnson Mr and Mrs Edward Julvardo Louls Kaichen Plumbing Co DoHue Kavan Allerahons Kellys Sfandard S'l'a+lon Mary Ann Kern Mrs Josephine Knckman L 8: L Glass Shop Mrs Carolme La Ba+e Mr and Mrs John La Bale Jr Lace Colorado Lace Cleamng Co Mr and Mrs James La Conie Lakewood Grlll 8: Bar Mr Roberl D Lallch Mr Roxre Legozzle Glenn Lewis Mr and Mrs J Labonah Mr and Mrs Mlchael J Llcala Mr and Mrs Joe Llgram Lilly Real+y Co Mr and Mrs Dommuck Lombardi Lombard: s Grocery 81 Marker Mlss Lucllle Long Mr and Mrs Dan Longo Mr and Mrs L M Lopez Slsfers of LoreHo Luh Aufo Service Miss May Maher Mr and Mrs George Maler Mrs lda Maldonado Mr and Mrs Anfhony R Malplede Mass Vlfglnla Malplede The Mambo Club Mangold Cafe Docfor and Mrs Gerald F Marslco Joseph and Judy Marslco Mr and Mrs Mike Marslco Mr and Mrs P Marranzmo Mr and Mrs John W Marhn Pal Massaco Mauro Aufo Polrshmg Ralph Mauro Ida McG1n+y Dr H R McKeen Mr Pele McNeal Mr and Mrs McMellIs Mr and Mrs Roberl W McPherson Marne Milano Ralph Mulano Mule Hugh Radio and TV Ru+h Mlnardl Modern Accordion Co Mr E K Moore Joseph H Murray Jr Mr and Mrs Joseph Murry Mr and Mrs Lmfon Nash Mr and Mrs M E Newfon Marne Nichols Mr and Mrs Mlke Nichols PATRCNS Helen OConnell and Mrs Carl Orrmo Oscar Oflo and Mrs Anfon V Padboy R S Padboy Paulz Cash Marker Mr and Mrs Nrck Panzml Paradlse Pei' Shop Parrs Fronher Service Mr and Mrs John Pavlch Mnss Palrlcla Pearson Penny Saver Drug Mr and Mrs R Pergola Mr and Mrs G M Pefers Mrs Anna Prccone Dr and Mrs A E Pierce Pune Cone lnn Mr and Mrs Eugene Plro Ben and Lllllan Plsclo'Ha Mlss Joanna Plule Mr and Mrs Roxle Pomarlco Mr and Mrs Joe Ponfarelll Qulnn Drugs The Raider Regus Hugh School Mr and Mrs F Ramlrez Mr and Mrs Neal M Reed Muss Julla Romano Mr and Mrs T Romano Mr and Mrs L Rossorelll Rosemary Rou+e Mr and Mrs Richard H Ruhland Mr and Mrs Fiore Rupolu Mr and Mrs Ben Salndon Mr and Mrs Lev: J Samdon Mrs Viola Sanders Mr and Mrs Frank Sanzolone Rickey Sanza Mr and Mrs Clyde Safrlano Mr and Mrs Joseph A Safruano Mr and Mrs Sam Scaglna Flora Scarello Schulhoff Nurseries ScoH' Phnllrps 66 Servlce Sfa-hon Mr and Mrs Wllllam Serravo Mr Leonard Sefaro Shadford Flefcher Ophclans Aluce Shra F H Shwln Mr and Mrs Slbayan Mr and Mrs Joe Slmslck Smger Liquor Slore Mr and Mrs Waller J Sluderman Mr and Mrs George Smaldone Lulca Smaldone Mr and Mrs Roscoe Smaldone Smlfhs Grocery 81 Creamery Mr and Mrs Guy W Smnfh Mr and Mrs John Smlfh Mr Jose h W SmrI'h Snappy Farber Shop I . . . . Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. ' ' . Mr. . . . Jr ' ' Mr. . . . . . I I I 0 . . , . , . .. ' I ' I Dick Maher Rossi's Blvd. Liquors . I ' I O 0 I Besi' Wishes From Complimenfs of A THE FRIEND BLUE GOOSE TAVERN SCO'ITY'S BARBER SHOP "Champa Barber Shop" Two Barbers fo Serve You af Their Besi Marfin Gallegos and Lee Ouiniana 2059 CHAMPA STREET PAT MILANO and SAM DIONISIO Invife You Io Ihe Depoi' Grill l7+h and Blalre Two Blocks From UNION STATION-DENVER Compleie Selecfion of "KEEPSAKE" Diamond Rings ROGERS JEWELRY CO. 526 l6+h SI. Denver 2, Colorado Complimenrs of CASCADE LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING CO. Finesi Eleclronic Dry Cleaning Free Picl:-Up and Delivery TA. 5-6370 For +he Besf RAY FRAZIER Treai' Painiing and Go +0 DeC"'a"i"9 cARL's PIZZERIA 4039 WYANDOT ST. GRand 7-8076 Closed Tuesdays If II's Cleaning, Lef Us Do If Remember-We Call for and Deliver IMPERIAL DYERS 8: CLEANERS Main Office and PIan+, 236 Broadway Phone PEarI 245I-52 A Complefe Cleaning Service Serving Denver for 'Ihe Pas? 44 Years Cusfom Work Our Specially Drapery-Slipcover-Upholsfery-Fabrics MILL END SHOP Decorafor 820 Fiffeenih Sireef MAin 3-4I93 FREE ESTIMATES-NEW CONSTRUCTION Remodeling ARTHUR C. BURDICK Superior Homes Res. and Office HA. 4-2595 3699 Teller S+. Whea+rideg, Colo. GR. 7-0932 PERGOLA APPLIANCE CO. Sales and Paris 'I' Experi' Service All Sfandard Brands 38+h Ave. ai Pecos DENVER Il, COLO. USALY CLUB for -fhe Jusf Good Eafin' Bei-1.6,-menf HOLSUM BREAD of Ihe Communify EAST JEFFERSON MEAT COMPANY "Home of Iacino Bros." M. IACINO AND SONS, Props. OuaIi+y Foods Wholesale, Re'l'aiI Complele Home Freezer Service FOOD FINANCING AVAILABLE Call or WriI'e BE. 3-4688 CENTRAL TELEVISION SERVICE, INC I335 W. 38I'h Ave. Denver II, Colorado For Service Call GEnesee 3-2585 DELMAR QUALITY CLEANERS AI'l'era+ions - All Sillrs Hand finished Free Minor Repairs We Own and Operafe Our Own PIan+ l940 W. 48I'h GE. 3-4592 ARVADA DAIRY 27I8 W. 28+h Avenue DENVER, COLO. Grade "A" Dairy Producfs Qualify You Can Tasle Call Us for Home Delivery GL. 5-4764 A I THE PAINT HOUSE Complefe Pain+ Supplies FREE DELIVERY 2930 W. 38+h Ave. GE. 3-2563 LLOYD LA BATE GeI' More - Pay Less DIAMOND HOME 81 AUTO 'Ih and Tennyson GR. 7-0372 Across From Eli+ch 's HANK'S AUTO BODY Wes+ 38+h Ave. af Perry S+. Henry Vecchiarelli Denver, Colorado Phones Bus. Gr. 7-OI42 Res. Gr. 7-3I7I 3800 Quifman S+. GR. 7-9822 ROY'S STANDARD SERVICE Aflas Tires and BaH'eries Washing Lubricalion ROY EDWARDS Denver, Colorado GIVE TO THE UNITED FUND LEHRER'S FLOWERS 38I'h and Irving Gr. 7-I688 DENVER COLORADO Where Mouni Carmel Buys Flowers CIRULI BROTHERS Growers and Shippers MIXED VEGETABLES CANTALOU PES ONIONS POTATOES I24 Wazee Markef Ke 4-2338 Complumenis MAYFLOWER BUFFET 4832 WASHINGTON sr Ke 4 94I9 ANDREW AN D PETRAGLIA Groceries and Meai' 380I Llpan S+ Gr 725I4 HUGHES DRIVE IN 3730 FecIeraI Blvd GI 5 9934 FOUNTAIN DRINKS PIZZA PIE CHICKEN R BS Beer fo Go on Sunday PICTUTB Wlndo s and Cabme+s Made Io Order Old and New Homes Buuldmg and Remodeling DAN D PERRY Gr 7 7307 I844 W 39'II1 Ave MAXWELL HEATING The Bes+ In Ho+ Wa+er Hea'I Ac 2 59I9 I543 DECATUR ST DENVER 4 COLO SINCEREST and BEST wlsl-IES CANACARI PLUMBING Gr 7 3754 We 4 3564 DANIEL Howells Sfudlo of BeauI'y I649 Tremonf SI' Ch 46372 TELEVISION APPLIANCES 7020 Wesf 38+h Avenue Shop Phones Ha 47708 Ha 47709 RURAL ELECTRIC Lcensed and Bonded F H WEBB T A MANOR of . . W . YOUR FAVORITE SANDWICHES - I - of u ' , - i MIDWEST MUSIC COMPANY Julce Boxes - Amusemenl' Games Cigarelfe Vending Machines 8600 W. COLFAX Be. 3-42I6 MAin 3-0926 BERNE, INC. Jewelers and Walchmalrers IIIO-I6'rh Sf. Denver 2. Colo. M. TOPLITZKY AND CO. Wholesale Po'I'a+oes and Onions 2l7 Denargo Marker TA. 5-l604 MA. 3-6I38 a , - .,. HOVER MOTORS, INC FORD Cars and Truclrs 2985 FEDERAL BLVD. GL. 5-3676 BUTTS RENTS IT "We Ren+ Aboul' AnyI'hing" Yard Tillers, Beds, Saws. Tools Gas Posf Hole Augers, TV Se'l's Open Sunday Mornings 4920 Federal Blvd. GE. 3-I09I SONNY MAPELLl'S CAPRI RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE De GEORGE TRANSFER CO. Hauling, Moving and Siorage 80I WALNUT ST. I545 Broadway KE- 4-5284 KE. 4-92l0 Besl' Wishes SUBWAY CHUCK UDICK TAVERN WORLD PRESS, INC. l4l2 W' Wh l340 Speer Blvd. 3759 Lipan S1-, Avenue DENVER, COLORADO GL. 5-9782 GR. 7-5506 Prinfers - Publishers MAin 3-4325 Besf Wishes and Everlas+ing Success THE FATHERS' CLUB MT. CARMEL Complimen+s of THE ARABIAN 3360 Navaio S+. FRANK GARR. Mgr. LONGERO Boiler and Sheef Iron Works, Inc. 34l0 Brigh+on Blvd. DENVER 5, COLORADO Besl' Wishes and Complimenls +o fhe Class of '56 COLUMBUS PARK INN 3900 Osage Sfreel' GI 5 9762 Compllmenis FRI EN D Compllmenfs of WESTERN SEED COMPANY KGOLD SEAL SEEDSI I425 I51'h S+ree+ DENVER COLORADO Phone Tabor 5 4255 HOUSE OF PLYWOOD Open All Day Salurclay 422l Sfeele Sl' Ph DU 83696 Ma fac+u er F W lk n C ole Freeze s and Reach n B xes W S WOODSIDE LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Ma+erual Ha 45539 5223 W 38+h Avenue of a - IDEAL REFRIGERATION CO. nu r s o a -i o rs - ' - r -i o STACKHOUSE REALTY MOUNT CARMEL CREDIT UNION Specializing in Sales of Norih Denver and Suburban Real Eslale 3535 W. 38+h Ave. GR. 7-l678 VOSS BROS. BAKERIES Wedding and Par+y Calres Our Special+y 3220 Meade GR. 7-l659 DANIEL LONGO, Presidenf JERRY LONGO, Vice-Presidenl' FELIX ANDREW, Treasurer HELEN B. PUGHES. Clerlx Credil' Commi++ee JOSEPH ANDREW, Chairman DANIEL LONGO JAMES A. PUGHES Supervisory CommiI'+ee Lucille Macciefro, Chairman George T. Ashen, Marie Longo Cra+erIi+e Building Bloclrs Read y-Mixed Concrefe Produc+s of GEORGE F. STRAUSS CINDER BLOCK COMPANY 5050 Race S+. Phones: Ma. 3-3986 Ta. 5-5048 RIO GRANDE NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 34-I7 Wesl 38fh Avenue GLendaIe 5-6826 Insure Now - Life - Hospifalizafion Cancer - Polio Good Luclr LOMBARDI BROS. MEAT CO. SCHAFFER'S FORMAL SHOP I6I6 Sloul' Sfreel' Nexi' Door 'Io Gano-Downs CH. 4-6283 Looking for a really fabulous gown? Look no furiher . . . SCHAFFER'S has 'Ihe gown for you in Iheir new colleclion which iusi' arrived. every- 'thing in one shop for fhe really "dressy" occa- sion . . . forrnals, cockfail dresses, dinner gowns . . . for enchanfmenf-affer-five see SCHAFFER'S! All Our Besl Thoughls and Good Wishes fo STUDENTS AND FACULTY! FEHR'S FLOWERS I948 W. 48+h Ave. al' Teion Sf. "Where Qualify ls Noi' Expensive" Phone GRand 7-2367 Smarlly-Sfyled Corsages af Reasonable Prices ROCKY MOUNTAIN MERCANTILE I4I5 Marlref Sfreef Wholesale Grocers LUBlN'S DRUG Prescripfions - Founfain Sundries 38l'h and Clay GL 5-I073 EDGEWATER REXALL DRUG CO. Wesi' 25I'h and Sheridan Blvd. BE. 3-0626 BE. 3-4723 f- Congraiulaiions Phone CH. 4-74I8 X ART GAGLIA DENARCO BOX CO. New and Used Vegelable Coniainers Denargo Mariel' Broadway af 29I'h Avenue Denver, Colorado STANDARD LUMBER 8: HARDWARE Congrahllafions 990 Federal Blvd. and AL. 5-l44b Best' Wishes DENVER. COLORADO io ihe Class of l956 MR. AND MRS. JOE VANTURA cs-ucAeo. lLuNols PACO SANCHEZ RADIO STATION KFSC 3340 Lafayefle S'l'. ROCKY MOUNTAIN BEVERAGES, INC. 29Il Walnul' S+. TA. 5-I258 BOTTLERS OF WHISTLE GOLDEN ORANGE MASON'S ROOT BEER AND illion VESS ubble everages 3222 Teion S+. Denver COMPLIMENTS MODERN MUSIC CO. of GEORGE M. KANEKO 8: ASSOCIATES GL. 5-8000 280I Easi Colfax Avenue Amusemenf Games - Bowlers Music Machines Complimenis of "The Besi' in Coin Operaied Equipmenf On a Profil' Sharing PIan" ERNIE'S SUPPER CLUB 29I5 Wesf 44I'h Ave. MURRAY BROS. DISTRIBUTING CO. Wholesalers DENVER, COLORADO DENVER SPRING SERVICE, INC. 3434 Brighfon Blvd. AC. 2-896I Denver, Colorado We Make and Repair Springs for AII Types of Trucks Passenger Cars and Busses Pick-Up and Delivery Service LOUIS L. KING SATRIANO BROTHERS Janifor Service 2836 W. 44+I1 Avenue GL. 5-5754 References Furnished Clyde Sairiano Joe Sa'I'riano HARMON'S WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. 26I6 W. 32nd Ave. GL. 5-I774 ln+erior and Exierior Decorafing Maferial and Work Guaranieed Free Esfimafes Window Glass and Shades, Mirrors ARROW ELECTRIC DAVE'S FOOD COMPANY CENTER Comp,imen,s Wiring Re airin of P 9 36:5 w. 49+h Confraciing and GR. 7-5900 E"9I"ee'I"9 WATSON AND FINCH 4l60 Fox S+. Free Delivery GL. 5-4930 w.+h 55.00 A- F. Z'-ro pulchase 0, Brick ConI'rac'Iors More Denver I6, Colo. FOR PROMPT ACTION To Buy, SeII or Trade Your Properfy See CLYDE REALTY 3444 W. 38'rI1 Ave. GL. 5-363I Ifalian Pizza Pie fo Go LA BATE'S R EM' PIZZERIA 7:69 No. Federal "MM" sm" HA. 9-I924 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF '56 From ALEX c. TONEY ARROW SERVICE MR. AND Mas. FRED GAGLIA CEMENT CONTRACTOR 32Il Pecos SI Complimenfs of T 4445 Tener St GL- 50737 . A PRODUCTS 20I7 Wesi' 38+I1 Avenue Complimenfs of Besi' Wishes ITALIAN BAKERY A From Bakers of Hard Crusi' Bread 3232 Quivas Sfreef FRIEND Wesi' 38I'I1 Ave. ' Llouon STORE C""'Pg11""3"'S EDDIE BOHN'S I307 W. 38fh PIG'N WHISTLE VILLAGE GR- 7-2337 480I Wesf Colfax Ave. COMPLIMENTS of A FRI EN D LA BATE'S CLUB LOUNGE 7300 Nor'l'I1 Federal Blvd. Exfends CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES 'Io Ihe CLASS of '56 Good Luck and Besi' Wishes Io Ihe Class of I956 From ROSE MARIE'S HOME BEAUTY SHOP 3528 Lipan Sireei' ROSE MARIE LA BATE GR. 7-7097 SMILE INN 6000 Wes+ 48+h Ave. PIZZA PIE Phone HA. 4-9963 It If II"s New . . SSLHSELE? - We Have If! Wear for -, KAUFMAN'S Young Men - MEN'S SHOP 429 I6+h Sf. Across from Baur's RIVERSIDE INN 5050 Brighfon Blvd. TeI. KE. 4-9463 AMERICAN AND ITALIAN DRINKS FOODS I Acre Parlring DAN AND NICK Complimenis and Besi' Wishes From PALMER'S FLOWERS Weddings, Funerals, Corsages Club Decorarions THE ARVADA FLORIST Where There is No Subsfifuie for Qualify" 5755 No. Washingion AL. 5-8I95 MAPLETON SALES TONY eAvlTo AND soNs "Sand and Gravel HauIing" Lee Tires and Tubes Compleie Au+o Repair Body and Fender Work Aufo Painfing WHOLESALE RETAIL 7409 Grandview HA. 4-4673 DE BELL Complimenfs PRODUCE of Pofaioes and Onions Our SpeciaI1'y a FRIEND NO- I WAZEE MARKET KE. 4-63I8 Congra'I'uIaI'ions 'I'o ihe Graduafion Class of '56 - From CRESS TILE AND LINOLEUM CO. 4906 Wesi 29+h Avenue GE. 3-48I8 Gif'Is - Toys - School Supplies Noiions - Ladies' Ready-+o-Wear Hose - Komac Painf WHEAT RIDGE VARIETY 7085 W. 38th Ave. HA. 4-34I0 Open Evenings Till 8:30 Compllmenis of GOLD CROSS PRODUCTS INC I42I 23 SnrIeen+II S'Iree'I' Denver 2 Colo CH 48775 Dave Sonnebaum CH 4-2598 Vice Presideni Sales Manager W H IBILLI WAFER PLUMBING CO Repair Remodeling Dishwashers Disposals MA 3 8I3I Besi' Wishes From BOB JONES SKYLAN D MOTORS Broadway aI' Araphoe TA 5 528I DUFFY S DELICIOUS DRINKS NICK 8: AL S GARAGE Mofor Tune Up Brake Service Compleie rw Mofor Rebuilding Il 9' GL 5 9967 3704 Osage Denver Colo ii., Wg, Your Besi Buy 4 5 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF DENVER DOWNTOWN OFFICE I64I Glenarm Place AMIIersI 6-l978 NORTH DENVER OFFICE 3460 Wesf 38'II1 Avenue GEnesee 3 2548 BEST WISHES MR AND MRS JAMES CAPILLUPO AND FAMILY STEADS RANCH 8: RESORT HOTEL Swimming Horseback Riding ExceIIenI' Food - LocaI'ed in Rocky MounI'ain NaIionaI Parlr ESTES PARK. COLORADO Open June I0 Io Sepfember I8 COMPLIMENTS an BEST WISHES From MOUNT CARMEL P T I ' ' I I ' ' I . . . . . . . . - I ,wrW,,.,4- I Y Q I 'L' . 34 ' ,I x' , l . , .5 if VT' I.- 5- "' 'J' A I Q3 . . Q. Q lf is -f , g iw I P, ,Inga 1 ' "' . . V 1 5,-y ,fs W Y 6 4 . . Q ' ' is v? ' . 'rn- jfiz nusnnml tr , ani? XX nf"d I mn I gg I I , W A iff? K, Ugg f f I - ' ' , iz 11' I , , . . A. School Award Jaclrefs Sweafers. Award Le'H'ers and Emblems COLORADO KNITTING MILLS - l -I I434 Wellon KE. 4-2443 !-L! Denver 2, Colorado Complimenis of HILLCREST DRIVE-IN 4-4Il1 and Wadsworfh D-C ONLY COAST TO COAST CARRIER DENVER-CHICAGO TRUCKING CO. Wishes Success Io Ihe Graduares WAZEE LOUNGE CORY AND JEWELERS SUPPER CLUB 405 'uh St Near Tremoni' AL ROTOLA TA. 5-3782 and JIM CAPILLUPO BEN CORY Denver, Colo. Worlcmanship Guaranleed PHILLIPS PAINTING 8. DECORATING Inferior - Exlerior Pain'l'ing Papering - Refinishing Texturing Reasonable Prices GR. 7-856l Complimenrs of STAHL TYPEWRITER COMPANY Typewriler and Adding Machines Sales - Renlals - Service 926 I7+h S+. MA. 3-I024 COMPLIMENTS of MR. JOSEPH LOMBARDI HONEST JlM'S FINE AUTOMOBILES 2748 W. Alemeda WE. 5-2449 TA. 5-492I WESTERN SADDLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY 4887 Norih Washingfoa LEVIS-WRANGLER JEANS LEATHER GOODS I PIASAN'S PIZZERIA 8I I9 Easf Colfax DE. 3-98l9 JIM SANO, Owner Original Pina Man of Denver Bes+ Wishes and Complimenfs From DE LONG AND CHICK BELFIORE l525 Blalle Sl. TA. 5-53I6 TA. 5-53l7 H. MAPELLI AND SON Wholesale Meals Gene Mapelli Gov"I'. Inspecied COMPLIMENTS of AMERICAN BEAUTY MACARONI CO. sv J Besl' 1' - Wishes BELMONT K +0 All CLEANERS Complimenfs -A - You Dressmalring of a K SEN'fRS' and FRIEND 'To li - Len Alieralions Bowl al 4901 w. 29+h ELITCH LANES GL- 5-4l43 3825 Tennyson GR. 7-I633 IOI7 Wesi 3rd Ave. AC. 2-60l3 Complimenfs P V'NCENgEg3Ug'f3N?RANDE PACKING COMPANY EARL SAM BIFF Selecl' Meals for Holels - Resfauranfs - lnsfilufions John J' AM Rei- FR' N294 707 Em 5o+h Ave. TA. 5-2387 ALBI WESTERN Denver, Colo Denver. Colorado DISPLAY ssnvlce '33 gigs? Joe Lombardi Pm Jscovene Window Display Adveriising Mr. James of +he Cosmo Cosmopoll+an Holel TA 5 387l FORTUNES BEAUTY SALON COMPLIMENTS of FRIEND JOHN CLAY AND COMPANY Order Buyer c. J Lump CAMPBELL Sfoclcers and Feeders Complumenfs STACKHOUSE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Specnalmng un Courls and Molels Exclusuvely GE 3 6328 MAURO MOTOR SALES NASH Sa es Service 4:40 Telon S+ Denver Colorado RUDY S MARKET 4200 Pecos S+ GR 7 9825 Your Car IS Insured ai JIM ROSE CONOCO SERVICE B F Goodrich Accessones Tubeless Tvres Bd'H'erleS Free Puck Up and Delnvery W 33rd Ave and Telon GR 79857 Dependable Insurance for Your Home and Your Car THE PERRY AGENCY Resudenf Agenls for 2I Years Nofary Publuc 4I67 W 76+l1 Phone HA 903bI POMPONIO S D X RESTAURANT Compllmenis of 48+h and Pecos GL 5 9960 Props PAUL AND EDITH OEGERLE GL 5 5349 W 29TH AVENUE CLEANERS All Types of Alferahons and Repairs We Gave Green Sfamps 49I6 W 29+h Ave Denver Colorado MURPHY MAHONEY Norfh Speer ai' Federal Open Evemngs 35 YEARS-SAME OWNER SAME LOCATION DON CIANCIO S Res+auran+ and Lounge AT 89930 THORNTON COLORADO Phone TAbor 5 8933 TRIANGLE FARM SUPPLY 4435 Brlghlon Blvd R IPSON Mgr DENVER COLORADO Lumber Paml' Hardware DERBY LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO 6350 E 72nd PI DERBY COLO AT 826II 26I2 HOLIDAY SPORTS 81 FASHIONS l52l W 48'lh Avenue Denver Colorado Farsi' In Fashuon and Lowesf nn Prlce' ln fhe NEW Chaffee Parlx Shoppung Cenfer ' ' A of I ' , - I ' ' CHEVROLET E 8, W FOOD STORE Congra+uIa+ions 3936 W. 32nd Ave. Seniors GL. 5-6485 SINCLAIR BOWL GL 5-6486 5496 No. Federal Famous Resfaurani' and CocI:'IaiI Lounge ClANCIO'S WELBY TAVERN AT. 8-9930 7800 N. YOFIK Welby, Colorado MIXED DRINKS "' STEAKS "' RAVIOLI SPAGHETTI "' CHICKEN DINNERS S+a+e Farm Insurance R. D. CLARK INSURANCE AGENCY 3757 Federal Blvd. Denver II Colo Phone GE 3-226I TONY CAPRA PLUMBING CO 4770 Bryanf S+ GL 5 5980 C I I' omp 'men S Compllmenfs THE PU RITAN PIE CO BILL COLOROSO S+eeI Bulldungs and Bridges B D FLANNERY I2325 W I9 PI Lakewood Colorado BE 72533 WOOD FAB 2730 Zum Phone GE 3 I26I DENVER COLORADO Door Jambs Doors Mouldmgs We SoIve All Dry Cleaning Problems NO Garmenf Too TOUGH 4744 Telon GEnesse 3 2672 Denver II Colorado PICK UP AND DELIVERY Besf Washes From THE CENTENNIAL SCHOOL SUPPLY CO PIanI'er Boxes Small Brnclc and Sione Jobs Done JOE BALDINI GL 5287! FREE ESTIMATES DENVER WHOLESALE MEAT 2706 Wesf Colfax Denver 4 Colorado LAKEVIEW GROCERY 2509 Sheridan Blvd We Sell Groceries Meafs Dairy Producfs Open Weekdays and Sundays 7 A M fo 9 SAIL FIN AQUARIUM ParaI:ee'I' CoHage Pei Shop P oneer Sfamps 3702 T6-,6n S+ GR 70666 . of of A. A. A. CLEANING PLANT . . P. M. ' . . - BE 32205 A K COON Prop GL. 5-8854 We Call for and Deliver MELODY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and Laundry Service 3539 Teion Slreel DENVER, COLORADO R. G. M. CUSTOM COLOR LABORATORIES Anscochrome-Elzlachrome Film Processing-Ansco Kodachrome-Color Prinls 397I TENNYSON GE. 3-5865 TURNER'S HEALTH SERVICE 4I60 Tennyson Sl. "Look Beller, Feel BeH'er" I8 Years of Experience We Use Buffalou Relaxing Equipmenl' GE. 3-4I09 ALAMO HOTEL JAMES 8: GRACE CERNY Rail and Truckers Headquarlers I4lI-I7l'h Sl. Denver 2, Colorado Good Wishes Always From Your Friend Across Town ANNUNCIATION NORTH DENVER DEPARTMENT STORE "Every'lhing 'For Home and Wear" "47 Years in Ihe Same Localion" Corner 37+h and Navaio Sl. WE GIVE S. 8: H. GREEN STAMPS XM ARTHUR ROSE sl-HOLA GROCERY I TAILORS- INC. s. MARKET X A FREE DEUVERY I .nnsss suns GL. 5-9956 ra. ALL SIZES and - STYLES C. I. "Gill" Gilliland iozmwih S Complimenls DIRE of PLUMBING CO. PORRECO LIOUORS l846 W. 38lI1 Ave. Adams Ci'I'y, Colo. GR. 7-5644 Gree+ings and Besl Wishes lo +he Senior Class ANN'S CLEANERS I845 W. 52nd Avenue GE. 3-3576 HOLIDAY SPORTS AND FASHICNS Firsl' in Fashions and Lowesl in Price I52l W. 48lh Avenue "In 'lhe NEW Chaffee Shopping Cenl'er" SNOWY RANGE SEED VINCE'S STANDARD and 400I Teion Sl. HARDWARE co., INC. GL- 5-9730 4305 Brighlon Blvd. DENVER, COLO. NAVAJO CLEANERS AND TAILORS SulI's Made 'ro Order GL 5 2862 ARTHUR J VOLPE 3648 Navalo Sl Complumenls WESTMINSTER HARDWARE 7287 Lowell HA 90323 LITVAK MEAT COMPANY U S Governmenl' lnspecfed Beef Producls 5900 Yorlc Sfreel DENVER II COLORADO Servlce Prompl Courfeous Efflcreni Complamenls of BEARDS RADIO 81 TV SERVICE I629 Wesl 38+I1 Avenue Denver II Colorado Hours Phone M fo 8 P M GRand 77I56 Phone AT 8 9800 CIANCIOS SERVICE STATION Lei Us Service Your Car Gas and Fuel OII Delivered CARMEN AND GEO CIANCIO Props WHEATRIDGE FARM DAIRY Pride of fhe Wesl' ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Sealles Welby Colorado SCOTTYS BARBER SHOP Halrculs for 'II16 Family 35I4 Navalo Sl GL 5 3595 Foun+am Wheafrldge 8000 W 44l'I1 Ave HA 4 5I5l Grull and Founlam Arvada 9600 W 58+I1 Ave HA 4 2225 MAPLETON MARKET Imporfed and Domeshc Food SAM GIGLIO Proprlefor 576I N Washmgfon TAbor 5 977I SNOW WHITE CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY I6 Cash and Carry Branches 'Io Serve You SPECIAL ONE DAY SERVICE ROSS 8: SON SERVICE A 460I Brlghfon Blvd DENVER COLORADO G EAKER CO 396 I Tennyson OPEN NITES I HOUSE OF CAPRI BEAUTY SALON We Speclaluze In Halr Sfyles of Dlshnchon 4I38 Telon SI' GE. 3 28I I ALEX SAN PRODUCE CO l0O0 Denargo Mld LOUIS PICCOLA an KENNETH KEENE BIG TOP TV CIRCUS Every Sa+urday 300 P M Channel 7 KLZ TV Gel 'rhe Bes+ Ge'r Sealfesl' GARDEN FARM DAIRY Denver's Mosf Progressive Dairy of 9 A. . ' . . - - I af : . .- , - . . . d - . al' CLARKS ECONOMY DRUG STORE 4059 Telon Sfreef Ph Denver Colorado ones G 7I5Il GL 5995' COmPIlm6hIS of JOHN P DALEIDEN CO A I I20 22 Broadway Church Supplies Religious Arhcles Phone CH 4 6304 J S STAHL AND CO Louls Sa n+angeIo Mgr Addmg Machmes Calculafors 926 Sevenfeenfh Sf MA 3 I024 Denver 2 Colorado COMPLIMENTS REALTY INC 2277 Federal Blvd GE 3 3325 BUILDING SERVICE Bes'r Washes ERB S SINCLAIR SERVICE GR 7 9866 CONGRATULATIONS an BEST wus:-IES FATHER DELISLE A of S+ Cafherlnes Parish Porfralf and Weddmg Phofography STAN FRANCO I924 W 38fh Ave GE 3-4347 For 'rhe Besf Mexucan Food Hs Ihe LA BONITA CAFE Two Locahons 2II2 Larimer 8l35 E Colfax AC 28I5I DE 304I4 Food fo Take Oui Compllmenfs of ACME BOOKING 81 TAX SERVICE CompIe+e Boolung Servlce Includmg All Tax Reporfs Ralph J. Glardlno 3I5I Walnuf SI' MA, 3 l20l Res. GL. 5-I340 ' R. - of I New and Used Typewrifers COMPLETE 4590 Teion d 0 I 0 7 fl s r aa I ,gf i X l I in 1. Angeh lwcfnrc Cantata. 2. Pep R.illyfBui'i'ing tlic Cjainls. 5, Fatlicr im WD- ing Doris Coon Snowball Qucrn. -1, Riding a cannon, S, Pep Rally. 6, Kin in the Cantata, T Doris C. 8. Footlvall Scene: 9. Psp Rally, Sailor Girli. Swplis. ll. blurs Sophs. X, a a KY xl! l ii . Ci, I WWW if -fi 1 ,, KW, P jj 2 , , e : a i X l q 4 X s N. Q -V-4. A ' X x ,,, - 5 v - 1: . , 1 ': Qf'X S J' 3 2 ? 'i is? X . 3 xXx ' i . if: 4 5 0 'v YE ww, . Ill MMIII 1:1 5+ fs V. ' A M2 if 5 I 1 if I ,,, L , , ,,,, ,. ,wh 12' vb P- il gf TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO ' 1 ,, 2"M'S'l2 , M V ' ' ' ' ! I . , ' 'A +I' X 7 ' 1 4415: 4 .L s 43 f' ,. W Eg' ,,:,,.. Y N ..,'.,-...,,-,,,

Suggestions in the Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 93

1956, pg 93

Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 122

1956, pg 122

Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 69

1956, pg 69

Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 36

1956, pg 36

Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 100

1956, pg 100

Mount Carmel High School - Ave Maria Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 93

1956, pg 93

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