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7. X 1 y i , il 4 L . ,. -1 .- .,f4--L. J. - H 7'1.."x'15W"f""" -' N' A THE SEHHUR CLASS UF MT BLHHEHHHU HIGH SCHOOL PRUUULY PRESENTS DWDM I UN MRS. DORCAS CURTIS We, the Seniors of nineteen hundred fifty-seven, take great pride in dedicating our annual to Mrs . Dorcas Curtis . To show our appreciation For the many things you do, We wish to make this dedication Of true gratitude to you. It seems that you are always near With those badly needed tips, And never do you e'er despair And want to call it quits. The earth may ring from shore to shore With echoes of a glorious name: But she, whose praise our minds explore, Will leave behind her more than fame. Our school days here will soon be gone: But the memories of your help will linger on. ADMINHSTRNIUN ANU PMUUY S . 1' SCHOOL SECRETARY Margaret Eath erton l v SUPERINTENDENT COUN'I'Y SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL Charles A. Blazer E. I. Ioseph Joseph E. Beeson Science, Mathematics B.S. , Manchester College Mathematics, Science A.B . , M.E. , Bowling Green M .S. , Ohio State Uni- B.S . , Taylor University State University versity SCHOOL SECRETARY B Waneta Beck Row 1: Dr. William Brown, president: Floyd Tippin, clerk Row 2: Henry Snook: Frank Egner, vice-president: Calvin Borkoskyp Clarence Orwick SCHOOL OOARO Bernice Nesbaum English, Foreign Language B . A. , Ohio Wesleyan University Rachel Edie English, History B. S. , Ohio Northern University Dorcas V. Curtis Commercial B. S . , Bowling Green State University Mary L. Payne Music B. E. , University of Toledo Richard D. Hardman History, PhysicalEducation P B . S . , Ohio Northern University Frank I. Cortazzo Physical Education, Mathematics B . S . , Ohio Northern University Eloise Biro Horne Economics A. B. , Heidelberg University X f Ramon Myers 3 Vocational Agriculture 5 B . S . , Ohio State University 2 E Compliments of NEWHARD STUDIO Your School Photographer Carey, Ohio 5 . 'Thelma R. Walker First Grade Bowling Green State University Martha Blazer Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University Mary A. Shaffer Second Grade Ohio Northern University Lucille Burrell Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University Edna L. Fields Third Grade Bowling Green State University Willis L. Greer Principal of Lower Grades Sixth Grade B. S. , Toledo University IACKSON'S FURNITURE STORE Across from the Court House Findlay, Ohio PHOTO CENTER Quality and Service Findlay, Ohio Compliments of FOREST FOOD LOCKER Forest, Ohio 6 , SENWURS CLASS FLOWER YELLOW TEA ROSE CLASS RING CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Hardman, advisor: Annabelle Cole, secretary, Mark Trout, vice-president: Mary Ellen Oldham , reporter: Mar- lin Bishop, president: Karen Cole, treasurer UFEIS A WCTURE PAINTIT WELL MOTTO MARY ELLEN OLDI-IAM Natl. Hon. Soc., 3,4 President, 4 Co. Serg. at Arms,4 Valedictorian Class secretary, 2 Class reporter, 3, 4 Class play, 3, 4 F.H.A., 1121314 Girls' chorus , 1, 2 , 3, 4 Mixed chorus , l, 2 , 3 , 4 Girls' ensemble , 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta, 1, 2,4 Cheerleader, 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Homecoming queen , 3 Queen's attendant, 1 G.A.A. , 4 Office help, 2 , 3 , 4 F .T.A. , 3 Secretary-treasurer "B" Men's Club , 3 , 4 KAREN COLE Natl. Hon. Soc., 3,4 Salutatorian Class treasurer, 4 Class play, 4 F.H.A. , 1 G.A.A. , 3 , 4,reporter Librarian, 1, 2 Office help, 2 , 3 PHYLLIS MUSGRAVE Class secretary, 1 Class vice-president, 2 Student council, 4 Secretary Class play, 3,4 F.H.A.,1,Z,3,4 Secretary, 2 Delegate to state, 2 Vice-president, 3 Historian, 4 State degree , 3 Bi-Co . Parl. , 3 Band, l,2,3,4 Secretary-treasurer, 3 President, 4 Girls' chorus , 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2, 3 , 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta , l, 2 , 4 Queen's attendant, 2 G.A.A. , 3 , 4 8 DONALD DAVIS Junior Red Cross , l Class play, 4 Boys' chorus , 2 , 3, 4 Mixed chorus , 2 , 3 , 4 Spring concert , 3 Operetta , 2 , 4 Football , 1, 3 , 4 Co-captain , 3 Basketball, 1, 2 , 3 , 4 "B" Men's Club , 3 , 4 VIOLET NUZUM Class play., 4 F.H.A., 4 Girls' chorus, 1 IOHN VERMILLION Class Play, 3,4 F.P.A. , 1,2 Boys' chorus, 2,4 Mixed chorus, 2,4 Operetta, 2,4 Asst. Adv. Mgr. , Leaves Basketball, 3 Librarian, 2,3 BETTY ARNOLD Class play, 4 F.H.A. , l,2,3,4 Girls' chorus , 1, 4 Mixed chorus, 4 Operetta, 4 G.A.A. , 3, 4 Girls' basketball team , 4 KAROL TH OMPS ON Natl. Hon. Soc. , 3,4 Class Play, 3, 4 F.I-l.A.,1,2,3,4 Majorette, 1,2 , 3, 4 Girls' chorus, 1, 2, 3,4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Spring concert , 3 Operetta , 1, 2 , 4 Photographic Ed. , Leaves Cheerleader , 2 , 4 G.A.A. , 3 , 4 Treasurer Girls' basketball team,3,4 Girls' volleyball team , 3 Office help, 3, 4 "B" Men's Club , 3 , 4 MARK TROUT Class president, 3 Class vice-president, 4 Class play, 4 F.F.A.,1,2,3,4 President , 3 Vice-president, 4 Boys' chorus, 1,2 , 3, 4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Mixed ensemble , 2 Spring concert , 3 Operetta , 1, 2 , 4 Football, 1, 2 , 3,4 Basketball, l, 2 , 3 , 4 Co-captain, 4 Baseball, 3, 4 "B" Men's Club, 3 , 4 Secretary, 3 President, 4 NANCY SAMPSON Natl. Hon. Soc., 3,4 Secretary-treasurer, 4 Class play, 3,4 Historian F.I-l.A. , l,2,3 Delegate to state, 2 Reporter, 2 Band, 2 , 3 , 4 Girls' chorus, l,2,3,4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta , l, 2 , 4 G .A.A. , 3 , 4 Girls' basketball team , 3 Office help, 2 Asst. Ed. of Leaves 9 GARY COLE Natl. Hon. Soc., 3,4 Student Council, 1 , 3 Class play, 3,4 P.F.A. , 1,2,3,4 Treasurer, 3 Boys' chorus, 1,2,4 Mixed chorus , l, 2 , 4 Asst. stand chairman, Operetta , 1, 2 , 4 Football, 1 Basketball, 1,3 Baseball manager, 3 Attendant's escort, 3, Band, 1 3 4 Editor of Purple 6: Gold, Junior editor CAROL SMITH Student Council, 3 President Class play, 4 Ba-nd, 1 Girls' chorus, 1,2,3,4 Mixed chorus , l, Z , 3 , Spring Concert, 3 Operetta, 1,Z,4 Cheerleader , 2 , 3 , 4 Homecoming queen, 4 G.A.A. , 3 , 4 President Girls' basketball team, Librarian, 3 "B" Men's Club, 4 GENE BUTLER Class vice-president, Iunior Red Cross, 2 Class play, 3,4 Queen's escort, 3,4 Attendant's escort, 2 Boys' chorus, 1,2,4 Mixed chorus, l,2,4 Operetta, l,2,4, Football manager, 1 Basketball, 3 Manager, 1 Librarian, 4 Bus. Mgr., Leaves 10 4 4 3,4 1 JOAN MCDANIEL Class play, 3,4 F.H.A., 1,2,3,4 Girls' chorus, 1,4 Mixed chorus, 4 Operetta, 4 G.A.A. , 3,4 Office help, 4 PATRICIA TONG Class play, 4 F.H.A., l,2,3,4 Girls' chorus, 1,3 Mixed chorus, 3 Spring concert, 3 G.A.A. , 3 Office help, 4 EARL SHISLER F.F.A.,1,2,3,4 Boys' chorus, 4 Mixed chorus , 4 Operetta, 2,4 Football, 2,3,4 Basketball, 2 "B" Men's Club, 3,4 Class play, 4 IAMES CLARK Iunior Red Cross, 3,4 Class play, 4 Football, l,2,3,4 Basketball, l,2,3,4 Baseball, 3,4 "B" Men's Club, 3,4 F.F.A., 1,2 MARILYN DAVIS Class play, 3,4 Class treasurer, 3 Iunior Red Cross, 3,4 Secretary-treasurer, 4 F.H.A., l,2,3,4 State degree, 3 Delegate to state, 2 President, 3 Project chairman, 4 Band, l,2,3,4 Girls' chorus, l,2,3,4 Mixed chorus, l,2,3,4 Girls ensemble , l, 2 , 3, 4 Mixed ensemble, 3 Spring concert, 3 Operetta , 1, 2 , 4 Cheerleader, 3,4 Queen's attendant, 3 G.A.A. , 3 , 4 "B" Men's Club, 4 MARLIN BISHOP Class president, 4 Class vice-president, 3 Class play, 4 , F.F.A., l,2,3,4 President, 4 Secretary, 3 Asst. Adv. Mgr. , Leaves Football, 2,3,4 Co-captain Basketball, l,3,4 Baseball, 3 Attendant's escort, l "B" Men's Club, 3,4 Ir. Veg. Growers'Ass'n Nat'l winner, 4 IULIA SNOOK Class play, 4 F.H.A., l,2,3,4 Delegate to state, 2 Band, 1,2 Girls' chorus, l,2,3,4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta , l, 2 , 4 G.A.A. , 3 Office help, 3,4 11 ANNABELLE COLE Natl. Hon. Soc. , 3,4 Class secretary, 3,4 Glass play, 3,4 F.H.A., l,2,3,4 Parliarnentarian, 2 Secretary, 3 State degree, 3 Delegate to state, 2 Band, l,2,3,4 Vice-president, 4 Girls' chorus, l,2,3,4 Mixed chorus , 1, Z , 3, 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta , 1, 2 , 4 G.A.A. , 3,4 Girls' basketball team, 3,4 Girls' volleyball team, 3 Librarian, 2 Editor, Leaves of 57 RONALD DUNBAR Student council, 4 President Class play , 4 Football, l,2,3,4 Co-captain, 4 Basketball, l,2,3 Baseball, 1 "B" Men's Club, 3,4 Vice-president, 4 Librarian, 4 CLARABELLE COLE Student council, 2 Reporter Iunior Red Cross, 2 Class play, 3,4 F.H.A., l,2,3,4 State degree, 3 Delegate to state, Z Treasurer, 2, 3 Band, l,2,3,4 Vice-president, 3 Secretary-treasurer, 4 Girls' chorus , 1,2, 3, 4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2 , 3, 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta, 1,2 ,4 Stand chairman, 3 Queen's attendant, 4 G.A.A. , 3,4 Girls' basketball team,3,4 Girls' volleyball team, 3 12 BETTY FRANCIS Class play, 4 F.H.A., l,2.3 Girls' chorus, 1,3 Mixed chorus, 3 Spring concert, 3 IANE BISHOP Class play, 4 P.H.A. , l,2,3,4 Parliamentarian, 3 Girls' chorus, l,2,3,4 Mixed chorus , 1, 2 , 3 , 4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta, 1,2 ,4 Librarian, 4 BONNIE BOND Class play, 3,4 F.H.A., l,Z,3,4 Band, 1,2,3,4 Girls' chorus, l,2,3,4 Mixed chorus, l,2,3,4 Spring concert, 3 Operetta, l,2,4 G.A.A., 3,4 IERRY KROUT Class president, 1,2 Class play, 3,4 F.F.A., 1,2,3,4 Football, 2,4 Manager, l Basketball, l,2.,3,4 Co-captain, 4 Baseball, 2 "B" Men's Club, 3,4 ROBERT BOWMAN Class reporter, 2 Class play, 4 F.F.A., 1,2,3,4 Football, l,2,3,4 Basketball, 1 ,2 Manager, 4 Baseball, 3 K "B" Men's Club, 3,4 13 DONNA I-IIN DIN GER Class play, 4 Girls' chorus, l,Z,3,4 Mixed chorus , l , 2, 3,4 Spring concert, 3 Asst. stand chairman, 3 Librarian, 3,4 Office help, 4 Operetta, 1, 2 , 4 4 l 1- 1 BABY PKETURES UF SENIURS 1 . Mary Ellen Oldham 2 . Iohn Vermillion 3 . Carol Smith 4. Betty and Melvin Francis 5. Patty Tong 6. Violet Nuzum 7. Marilyn Davis 8. Bonnie Bond 9. Bob Bowman 10. Betty Lou Arnold 11 . Jerry Krout 12 . Earl Shisler 13. Gene Butler 14. Don Davis 15 . Phyllis Musgrave 16 . Ronald Dunbar 17. Ioan McDaniel 18. Karen Cole 19 . Jim Clark 20. Jane Bishop 21 . Iulia Snook 22. Donna Hindinger 23. Nancy Sampson and Bob Eberhart 24. Gary Cole 25. Mark '1'rout 26. Annabelle, Clarabelle, and Foster Cole 27. Marlin Bishop 28. Karol Thompson 14 -MJUNIUR-SENIUR BANUUET J Row 1: Ronald Dunbar, Carol Smith, Karol Thompson, Mary Ellen Oldham, Iane Bishop, Ioan McDaniel, Clarabelle Cole, Annabelle Cole, Phyllis Musgrave Row 2: Ierry Krout, John Vermillion, Iim Clark, Donna I-Iindinger, Bonnie Bond, Nancy Sampson, Karen Cole, Betty Arnold, Mark Trout, Iulia Snook, Gary Cole, Marilyn Davis, Don Davis, Violet Nuzum, Gene Butler, Betty Francis, Patricia Tong Row 3: Earl Shisler, Robert Bowman, Marlin Bishop Mark Trout, Donna Hindinger participating in program at reception . Patricia Tong , Ronald Dunbar, toastmaster, at reception. Patricia Clinger, Sally Tippin serving at banquet. SAN-A-PURE DAIRY M. R. HOWARD AND SON Phone 613 Mill feed, Coal, Grain, Fertilizer Findlay, Ohio 15 Forest, Ohio Phone 61 FIRST GRADE OF 1945-46 Row l: Carol Sue Beckman, Dean Benjamin, RuthAnn Kimble, janet Ward, julia Snook, Patricia Tong, Mark Trout, Marilyn Davis, Ierry Krout, Linda Hoy, Ronald Dunbar Row 2: Robert Bowman, james Clark, Patricia Rose, Roy Kimmel, Iohnvermillion, jerry Marshall, Gary Cole, Phyllis Musgrave, Annabelle Cole, Clarabelle Cole Row 3: Mrs. Keller, Sharon Bishop, Nancy Sampson, Eileen Fruth, Donald Davis, Karen Cole, James Pickett, Doris Musgrave, Marlin Bishop, Sally Parish Absent: Betty Francis ' CLASS HISTORY Organizations , clubs , Congressional bodies , and individuals alike keep records of what has happened in the past. These records are quite often called history. We, the Mt. Blanchard Senior Class of 1957, have our records and history too. Twelve years ago thirty youngsters entered school as first graders . Mrs . Betty Keller was given the task of guiding us through our first year of school life. Of those thirty that started together, eighteen of us will graduate together. We are Marlin Bishop, Robert Bowman, james Clark, Annabelle Cole, Clarabelle Cole , Gary Cole, Karen Cole, Donald Davis , Marilyn Davis , Ronald Dunbar, Betty Francis , Ierry Krout, Phyllis Mus- grave, Iulia Snook, Patricia Tong, Mark Trout, john Vermillion, and Nancy Sampson. Those that have joined the original class are Bonnie Bond in the third grade: Mary Ellen Oldham and Donna Hindinger in the fourth grade: Betty Arnold, Ioan McDaniel, and lane Bishop in the fifth grade: Gene Butler and Carol Smith in the seventh grade: Karol Thompson in the freshman year: and Violet Nuzum and Earl Shisler in the sopho- more year. During the first eight years of school, the entire class took the same subjects: but, when the thirty-four of us became freshmen on August 31 , 1953, we no longer had the same subjects. Each of us, as an individual, had a choice to make. Class officers chosen for the year were Jerry Krout, president: Gene Butler, vice-president: Phyllis Musgrave, secretary: Marilyn Davis , treasurer: Gary Cole, Student Council repre- sentative: and Sharon Bishop, reporter. Only thirty-two members were on hand for the beginning ofthe sophomore year of high school. The following were elected for class officers: jerry Krout, president: Mark Trout, treasurer: Robert Bowman, reporter: Mary Ellen Oldham, secretary: Phyllis Musgrave, vice-president: and Clarabelle Cole, Student Council representative. Thirty-one pupils became juniors in August, 1955. Those elected as officers for the year were Mark Trout, president: Marilyn Davis , treasurer: Mary Ellen Oldham, reporter: Annabelle Cole, secretary: Marlin Bishop, vice-president: Gary Cole and Carol Smith, Compliments of DALLY FUNERAL HOME AI'liI1g'COI1, Ohio 1 6 Student Council representatives . When the final year, the senior year, of school came, only twenty-nine members were found on the enrollment list. Again the customary election of class officers was held. The results were as follows: Marlin Bishop, president: Mark Trout, vice- president: Annabelle Cole, secretary: Karen Cole, treasurer: Mary Ellen Oldham, reporter: Phyllis Musgrave and Ronald Dunbar, Student Council representatives. Our senior class , as other senior classes have, took part in many activities during our high school career. These activities included girls' chorus, mixed chorus, boys' chorus , operettas , mixed ensemble, girls' ensemble, G.A.A. , F.H .A., F.F.A. , F.'T.A. , band, basketball, baseball, football, pep band, girls' basketball, girls' volleyball, National Honor Society, Student Council, "B" Men's club, junior Red Cross, cheer- leaders, librarians, office help, senior play, junior play, homecoming queens, and cafeteria help. It seems almost impossible that a class could participate in so many activities . When we were sophomores, twelve members of the class were asked to serve for the junior-senior banquet. As juniors, the class produced the play, "Grandad Steps Out," and gave a banquet in honor of the seniors with the theme "Aloha. " During the senior year a reception, with the theme of "Candyland, " was given for the juniors . The senior class play was entitled "Swing Your Partner." 'l'he high school newspaper, the "Purple 6: Gold," and the high school annual, "Leaves of 57, " were successfully publishedby the senior class. Several outstanding honors have been received by the members of the class . Marlin Bishop, Annabelle Cole, Gary Cole, Karen Cole, Mary Ellen Oldham, Karol Thompson, and Nancy Sampson are members of the National Honor Society. Annabelle Cole, Clarabelle Cole, Marilyn Davis , and Phyllis Musgrave receivedtheir State Homemaker's Degree in home economics when they were juniors. Marlin Bishop was selected as National junior Vegetable Grower for the year of 1956. Clarabelle Cole and Marilyn Davis represented the Mt. Blanchard P.H.A. chapter at the National Safety Congress in Chicago. Twelve years of our lives have been spent in school to prepare for the future--the future for which we are eager and we hope well prepared to enter. GRADUATES WHO WERE FIRST GRADERS TOGE'l'HER Row 1: Phyllis Musgrave, Nancy Sampson, Marilyn Davis , Patricia Tong, Iulla Snook, Betty Francis Row 2: jerry Krout, Ronald Dunbar, Clarabelle Cole, Karen Cole, Annabelle Cole, Mark Trout, Gary Cole Row 3: Iames Clark, Iohn Vermillion, Robert Bowman, Donald Davis, Marlin Bishop PIPER STONE CO. CORBIN BROS . - Your Chevrolet Dealer Crushed Stone 6: Agriculture Lime For more than 30 years Williamstown, Ohio Phone 5-5182 17 Arlington, Ohio Top Row: 1. Nancy Sampson, Iohn Vermillion, Jerry Krout, Karol Thompson 2. Phyllis Musgrave, Clarabelle Cole, Annabelle Ankrum, Margaret Launder 3. Gary Cole, Nancy Sampson, Mary Ellen Oldham Middle Row: 4. Mary Ellen Oldham 5. Karol Thompson 6. DonnaHindinger 7. Violet Nuzum 8. Nancy Sampson Bottom Row: 9. Robert Bowman, Mark Trout, James Clark, Donald Davis 10. Row 1: Clarabelle Cole, Marilyn Davis, Sharon Bishop, Mary Ellen Oldham, Bonnie Bond Row 2: Carol Smith, Nancy Sampson, Annabelle Cole, Phyllis Musgrave, Shirley Aurand, Iane Bishop ll. Carol Smith, Leila Wolford, Mary Ellen Oldham, Karol Thompson, Nancy Sampson THOMAS IEWELERS Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Findlay, Ohio FIRST NATIONAL BANK Interest Paid On Saving Forest, Ohio BLACK 5: WARNER'S Men's Clothing Findlay, Ohio 18 UNUERCUXSSMEN IUNIOR PLAY CAST: Row 1: Paul Etta Dutcher, Linda Basinger, Patricia Clinger, Sally Tippin, larry Tong, Duane Rettig, Rosalee Borkosky, Margaret Launder Row 2: Ann Bishop, Carol Shearer, Linda Hoy, Iohn Moore, Ion Crilly, Ierry Stauffer, Iames Shearer. Ieannette Benjamin, Virginia Houtz Absent: Deanna Snyder TWINS: Row 1: Ronnie Setser, Barbara Setser, Barbara Musgrave, Beverly Musgrave Row 2: Martha Wolber, MaryWolber, Annabelle Cole, Glarabelle Cole, Prank Borkosky, Fred Borkosky Row 1: Ieanette Howard, Linda Hoy, Ieannette Benjamin, Deanna Snyder, Patricia Clinger, Linda Basinger Row 2: CarolAnn Shearer, Virginia I-Ioutz, Iim Shearer, Ierry Stauffer, Margaret Launder, Paul Etta Dutcher, Rosalee Borkosky RowC3:l Larry Tong, Glenn Gibson, Eddie Moffitt, Ann Bishop, Iames Borkosky, Ion ri ly Row 4: Donald Egbert, Iohn Moore, Bil1Walker, Duane Rettig, Miss Nesbaum JUNVURS The junior class officers shown at the left are: Paul Etta Dutcher, reporter: Alvin Bell, president, Patricia Clinger, secretary: Ierry Stauffer, vice-president: Miss Nesbaum, advisor, Deanna Snyder, treasurer. They presented their class play on Novem- ber l6, 1956 . In September, Alvin Bell went to Iowa for the National Dairy judging Contest. Absent: Alvin Bell, Sally Tippin, Betty Hoctel ' KENNEDY'S PRINTING CO. Phone 296 219 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio ESSINGER'S APPAREL SHOP Dry Goods - Children's Wear Arlington, Ohio Compliments of MILLER RADIO SERVICE Forest, Ohio 20 SUPHUMURES On August 27, forty' students entered Mt. Blanchard High School as sophomores . Their only new member was Robert Gschwender, who came to them fromWest Chester, Ohio. Shown at the right are the class officers: Mrs. Curtis, advisor: Robert Hinebaugh, treasurer: Iohn Rothlisberger, president: Kay Parish vice-president: Kathleen Galla- way, secretary. Absent: Dean Arnold, reporter. The class was honored to have Connie Smith chosen as State Grange Princess . Row 1: Rex Yantis, Barbara Lafferty, Marlene Garey, Diane Rose, Beverly Fields, Larry Shearer Row 2: Nancy Dodds , Shirleywalker, Janis Butler, Robert Dunbar, Mary Catherine Fox, Connie Smith, Robert Hinebaugh, Robert Gschwender, Brenda Bishop Row 3: Penelope Bateson, Kathleen Gallaway, Kay Parish, Lois Thompson, Rosalyn Suter, Iudy Thompson, Helen Wolber, Donna Lauck, Linda Price Row 4: Roger Clark, John Edie, Paul Dean Howard, Dennis Bishop, john Nique, Iohn Rothlisberger, Richard Wolfe, David Clark, Keith Green Row 5: Frank Egner, Gene Stuckey, Iohn McDaniel, Franklin Binau, Larry Buess, Walter George, Mrs. Curtis Absent: Iunior Binau, Dean Arnold BUTLER'S IGA MARKET Groceries, Meats, Lockers Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 21 FRESHMAN The freshman class started the schoo year with thirty-six members . New member: 2 n of the class are Dixie Tooman from Postori and Donald Click from Findlay Officers shown at the left are: President Ann Koehler: vice-president, 'l'erryNewman, secretary, Sue Oman: treasurer Ronal K I ' C Green: reporter, Ieff Williams, and advisor, Mr. Beeson. Students from the class were enrolled l Girls' Chorus Boys' Chorus Mix I P , , ed Chorus, Y FHA, FFA, FTA, football, and basketball. Row 1: Terry Newman, Dixie Tooman, Linda Dunbar, Sara Belle Howard, Ianet Hanners, Kenneth Howard Row 2: Alfreda Nuztun, Ianis Shear er, Donna Arnold, Karen Snyder, Sue Ann Oman, Peggy Musgrave, Ioan Payne, Ianet Arnold, Harold Wetherill, Michael Moffit Row 3: Diane Graham, Jane Riegle Carol Alge Ann Ko hl , , e er, Merle McDaniel, Henry Hanners, David Lauck, Coldren Lafferty, Roy Eatherton, Roy Sampson Row 4: Norman Opp, Gerald Buess, Jeffery Williams, Glenn McCann, Iack Bond Ronald Gratz, Fred Egbert Row 5: Ronald Green, Harold Inm an, Eugene Martin, Tyler Oman, Iohn Lauck, Mr. Beeson Absent- onald Click . D Compliments of IAMS PURE OIL Mt. Blanchard, Ohio . 22 Row 1: Eldon Snook, Dianne Davis , Ruth Arnold, Sue Tong, Helen Hanners , Wayne Clark Row 2: Shirley McCann, Mary Kalb, Shirley Boehm, Charles Trautwein, Barbara Cole, Elaine Hickle, Karen Haley, Bonnie Lawton, Nolan Eatherton, Olin Nuzum Row 3: Robert Gallowayxlames Houtz, Dan Musgrave, Paul Bolander, Jerry Neidermyer, Shirley Tooman, Betty Meeks , Michael Young Row 4: Nancy Parish, Paul Blymyer, Charlotte Rettig, Nancy Kindle, Lawrence George, Iohn Miller, Patricia Powers , Donna Bishop Row 5: Mr. Cortazzo, John Burrell, Edward Garey, Ioyce Cole, Glenn Trout, Dean Suter, Kenneth Thompson . A H EIGHTH GRADE The eighth grade class started the year with thirty-eight members . They have three new pupils, Karen Haley from Arlington, Shirley Tooman from Fostoria, and Patricia Powers from Findlay. The class officers shown at the right are: 'I'reasurer, Elaine Hickle: President, Iohn Miller: vice-president, Dianne Davis: advisor, Mr. Cortazzoi secretary, Donna Bishop: reporter, Charlotte Rettig. PINDLAY COLLEGE Compliments of Coeducational - Liberal Arts MAPLEHURST FARM Church Related F. I. Egner 23 Row 1: Bobby Payne, Sharon Oman, Virginia Krout, Teresa Price, Cheryl Crates, Wilson Parish Row 2: Ruby Clinger, Gloria Bishop, Philip Brovsm, Conrad Nuzum, Paul Tippin, Roger Gossman, Larry Howard, James Loveridge, Dennis Price, Harriet Lanning Row 3: Maxf Yantis, Robert Grossman, David Buess, Sharon Dunbar, Iudy Schroyer, Ruby Trimble, Marjorie Launder, Lynn Martin, Lois Musgrave, Sandra Brown, Iane Borkosky Row 4: Roberta Houtz, Eric Bishop, Sue Ann Solomon, Colleen Egbert, Marla Deer- Wester, Max Howard, Iames Bond, Carl Fox, Gary Hughes Row 5: Patricia Moore, Patricia Patterson, Elaine Basinger, Mrs. Edie Absent: Iames SEVENTH GRADE The seventh grade entered the schoolyear with forty members . Sue Ann Solomon from Arlington was the only new pupil. In Sep- tember Shirley Chiow moved to Arizona . Class officers shown at the left are: President, Philip Brown: reporter, Sharon Oman: treasurer, Wilson Parish, advisor, Mrs . Edie: secretary, Roger Gossmang vice- president , Harriet Lanning . The junior high cheerleaders from the seventh grade were Patricia Patterson and Sharon Oman. Howard SVVlSHER'S SPORTING GOODS 418 West Main Cross Findlay, Ohio "Let us serve your banking needs" With courtesy of THE WHARTON BANK Wharton, Ohio Compliments of WHARTON CUSTOM CANNERY Wharton, Ohio 24 SIXTH GRADE On the first day of school thirty-three pupils enrolled in the sixth grade. Acheck showed that thirteen of the boys and eight of the girls had started together in the first grade. The class officers are President, Dale Binau: vice-president, Ralph Bishop: sec- retary-treasurer, Phyllis Lauck . Identification of the snapshot at the right: Row 1: Tommy Deter, Eric Rothlisberger, Donald Stuckey, Douglas Dutcher Row 2: Ianet Walker, Ruby Kalb, Sharon Haughn, Ioan Garey r Row l: Roger Miller, Gary Haley, Linda Thomas, Floyd Meeks, Ianet Walker, Arlene Snook Row 2: Ralph Bishop, Douglas Dutcher, Eric Rothlisberger, Tom Martin, Jerry Young, Nancy Alge, David Gratz, Bill Kindle Row 3: Ierry Snyder, Sharon Haughn, Donald Bell, Io Ann Wentz, Ruby Kalb, Larry Houck, Tommy Deter, Gary Hindall Row 4: Phyllis Lauck, Susan Kaufman, Martha Wolber, Elaine Patterson, Donald Stuckey, David Roberts, Everett Cole Row 5: Mary Wolber, Ioan Garey, Dale Binau, Marjorie Binau, Mr. Greer l at BERT'S GENERAL STORE DRUMMEISMITH IMPLEMENTS AND FEEDS Gas Houcktovxm, Ohio Oil New Holland sales and service Fancy Groceries - Quality Meats l mile north - 1 mile west of Arlington l 25 FIFTH GRADE The fifth grade startedthe year with forty- one boys and girls. In November Barbara Landon from Wharton joined the class . The class is wellrepresented in the music department. Thirteen are in the beginners instrumental class, and ten are studying piano . Shown in the picture at the left are Douglas Bishop, Dick Morehart, Neil Yantis, Tom Rodabaugh, Cynthia Crates, Gregory Beck- T with, Betty Lanning, Nancy Thompson, and Sharon Arnold. Row l: Nancy Thompson, Pete Howard, Iames Price, Sue Brown, Dick Morehart, Douglas Bishop, Michael Howard Row 2: Ann OPP. Elaine 'l'rout, Sara Lawton, Ronald Price, Gregory Beckwith, Tom Rodabaugh, Ioan Fever, Tom Kaufman, Darrel Howard Row 3: ,Frank Borkosky, Cynthia Crates, Ruth Martin, Sharon Lane, Billy Thompson, Mary Arnold, Debra Bishop, Betty Lanning, Carl McCann Row 4: Fred Borkosky, Iohn Gaertner, Neil Yantis, Iane Bame, Ioe Hochstettler, Tom Egbert, Bobby Oman, Eugene Lauck, Iames Blazer Row 5: Barbara Schroyer, Sharon Arnold, Phyllis Wolford, Sue Galloway, Nancy Haley, William Egbert, Brent Sampson, Mrs. Burrell Absent: Barbara Landon HANCOCK BRICK Gr 'l'ILE COMPANY Manufacturers of Drainage Tile Findlay, Ohio 26 b Row 1: Pamela Leichty, Barbara Musgrave, Barbara Brown, Paula Deter, Terry Gsch wender, Kenneth Bell, Wayne Dodds Row 2: Larry Reese, Sharon Baker, Peggy Lay, Dennis I-Iickle, Ronald Rodabaugh David Price, Keith Howard, Susan Shearer Row 3: Brenda Basinger, Kathryn Setser, Iames Price, Barbara Hughes, Beverly Mus grave, Gary Meeks, Dennis Rothlisberger, Royce Wetherill Row 4: Carol Lane, William Miller, Meredith Bishop, ,Linda McDaniel, Marilyn Laun der, Ierry Doty, Alvin Rettig, Bob Gill, Mrs. Blazer Absent: Nancy Click FOURTH GRADE At the beginning of the 1956-'57 school year thirty-one boys and girls entered the fourth grade. Terry Gschwender and Nancy Click joined the group this year. The class took part in the October P.T.A. program, "Western Musical Play," and the Christmas operetta , "Windows of Christmas ," directed by Mrs . Payne. They also partici- pated in two assembly programs . In the picture at the right are Terry Gsch- Wender, Royce Wetherill, William Miller, Larry Reese, Marilyn Launder, Barbara Mus- grave, and Barbara Brown, studying the globe. D Compliments of VANLUE GRAIN 61 SUPPLY ASSN. WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE The Farmer's Elevator Findlay, Ohio Vanlue, Ohio Z7 Row l: Michael Moser Earl Arnold, Donald Trimble, Elaine Musgrave, Denny Brown, Rachel Espinoza, Linda Howard, Charlotte Lauck Row 2: Iean Wentz, Linda Hughes , Roy Crawford, Mark Miller, Ronald Loveridge, Iohn Pash, Iohn Rosenberger, Billy Wren Row 3: Ronald Hinebaugh, Steven Haughn, Bruce Stillberger, Dianne Lay, Irene Espinoza, Ioel Gaertner, Ianet Sampson, Patti Io Musgrave Row 4: Ianet Powers , David Meeks, Denny Rodabaugh, Ioyce Garey, Phyllis Altman, Danny Kindle, Kennard Kain, Patricia Wolford, Mrs. Fields THIRD GRADE There were thirty-two boys and girls in the third grade this year. Rachel and Irene Espinoza moved to Florida soon after school started, leaving thirty in the class . The class, dressed as cowboys and cow- girls , took part in the first P.T.A. program. Shown at the left are Michael Moser, Linda Hughes , Ronald Loveridge, Iean Wentz, Danny Kindle, Patti Io Musgrave , and Ronald I-Iinebaugh. Compliments of ARLINGTON FORD SALES HANCOCK COUNTY E. L. Grimes, Owner FARM EQUIPMENT DEALERS Arlington, Ohio Phone 5-3511 28 SECOND GRADE There were thirty children in the second grade when the school door opened in August . Since that time Lonnie Clark has moved to Florida: and Steven Cravens, to Toledo, Ohio. Richard McCann has moved back to Mt. Blanchard after spending a few weeks in the Kenton schools . The children have participated in grade programs and also in a P.T.A. program. Identification of the snapshot at the right: Row 1: Carolyn Cole, Shen'y Reese, Connie McClaskey, Deborah Newman, Iudy Brown r Row 2: Timmy Beckwith, Ierry Bowman, l Dana Dunbar, Mike Rodabaugh, Tommy Trout, Danny Hickle Row 1: Barbara Setser, Richard McCann, Connie McClaskey, Iudy Brown, Randy Roda- baugh, Richard Arnold, Carol Lane Row 2: Deborah Newman, Terry Leichty, Sherry Reese, Diane Shearer, Johnny Wren, Ierry Bowman, Dana Dunbar, Timmy Beckwith, Tommy Trout Row 3: Mary Io Fenstermaker, Iunior Lauck, Steven Cravens , Mike Wolford, Carolyn Cole, Danny Hickle, Ronald Setser, Carol Huber Row 4: Dennis Gatchell, Iimmy Musgrave, Clyde Bame, Mike Rodabaugh, Wayne Risser, Miss Shaffer Absent: Lonnie Clark, Jimmy Sampson Marathon Mile Maker Gasoline THE OHIO OIL COMPANY V. E. P. Motor Oil Z9 f FIRST GRADE The first grade started the school year with thirty-one pupils, nineteen girls and twelve boys. Later Ieanette Landon from Wharton, David Thomas from Dola, and Iimmy Click from Findlay joined the group. The class took part in the usual school activities , and had several parties. Sharon Wetherill, Mary Ann Launder, Harold Marquart, and Tommy Thomas are shown at the left, building block towers, T which were used in number class . Row l: Susan Walker, Eddie Gschwender, Iudy Conner, Iudy Haley, Carollee Arnold, Patty Reese, Ierry Trimble, Cynthia Sue Essinger Row 2: Mark Ogg, Diana Crawford, Louise Garey, Patty Lay, Patty Lutz, Dennis Bor- kosky, Sharon Wetherill, Sharon Hickle, Harold Marquart Row 3: Richard Butler, Deborah Young, Ronald Crates, jay Bowman, Debra Lauck, Iudy Kalb, David Rosenberger, Diane Bishop, Mrs. Walker Row 4: Susannah Stewart, Mary Ann Launder, Donald Iams, Bonnie Miller, Tommy Thomas Absent: Ianet Gatchell, Ieanette Iandon, David Thomas, Iimmy Click w l NEUHAUSER HATCHERIES, INC. Hy-line chicks Phone 5-2251 SALISBURY'S RESTAURANT "Fine Food" MCDEVITT PHARMACY Arllngtdr 3 0 1 l . Janet Walker and Joan Garey in the Christman program 2 . Peggy Lay with Nancy Thompson , Elaine Trout, Debra Bishop , Joan Pever in background 3 . Janet Walker, Tommy Trout, Peggy Lay, and Ruby Kalb with the frostbites and Christ- mas cards in background 4. Sharon Oman 5 . Girls' corn detasseling crew - Marilyn Davis, Karol Thompson, Carol Smith, Phyllis Musgrave, Violet Nuzum, Rosalee Borkosky, Linda Basinger 6 . Richard Arnold 7 . Tommy Trout with the Christmas cards behind him 8. Sara Lawton, Douglas Dutcher, and Phyllis Kaufman in Christmas program 9 . Debra Bishop, Ronald Price, Jimmy Price, Elaine Trout, Nancy Thompson Arlington Ford Sales, Corbin Bro. , Collingwood Motor Sales, C. O. Duffield Motor Sales, Findlay Truck 6. Farm Equip., Grubb Motor Sales, Gleason Sales 81 Service, Harrington Chevrolet Co. , Hollington Motor Sales, Gaul Sales Co., Latham Motor Sales, McCullough Motor Sales, Vern Guilford, Inc., Willard Sales Sr Service 31 l . Girls' detasseling crew - Linda Basinger, Ianet Smith, Rosalee Borkosky, Marilyn Davis, Phyllis Musgrave, Carol Smith, Karol Thompson 2 . Iudy Thompson's birthday party - Kenneth Thompson, Nancy Dodds, Iudy Thompson, Billy Thompson, Iimmy Thompson, Ion Crilly 3. Iohn Rothlisberger in Marilyn Davis' coat 4. Paul Etta Dutcher playing with her dog 5 . Ioyce Cole on the playground 6. Barbara Cole holding her dog, Trigger 7 . Deborah Newman, Jack Bond, Terry Newman, Dan Musgrave, and Iim Bond going on a hike 8 . Iohn McDaniel working on a roof 9 . Iohn Burrell with his dog 10 . Marlene Garey swinging at a park ll . G.A.A. Initiation - Carol Shearer holding a chicken and Mary Ellen Oldham on the floor . WARREN'S MEN SHOP 213 South Main Street Findlay, Ohio WHARTON HARDWARE Plumbing 8: Heating International .Harvester Farm Equipment CAREY MOTOR SERVlCE,INC . Sales-Buick-Service Carey, Ohio 32 U3 . i w , i MAIORETTES: Karol Thompson, Penelope Bateson, Marlene Garey, Bonnie Lawton GIRLS' ENSEMBLE: Seated: Diane Graham Standing: Marilyn Davis, Brenda Bishop, Linda Price, Linda Hoy, Rosalee Borkosky Patricia Clinger, Lois Thompson, Sally Tippin, Mary Ellen Oldham oNQf MT. BLANCH!-XR N J Row 1: Penelope Bateson, Marilyn Davis , Sally Tippin, Linda Basinger, Donna Bishop, Dianne Davis, Donna Arnold - Row 2: Bonnie Bond, Phyllis Musgrave, Clarabelle Cole, Margaret Launder, Linda Price, Shirley Walker Row 3: Marlene Garey, Charlotte Rettig, Paul Dean Howard Row 4: Harriet Lanning, Nancy Parish, Barbara Cole, Mrs. Payne, Diane Graham, Marjorie Launder, Elaine Hickle, Deanna Snyder, Nancy Sampson MCBRIDE FURNITURE "Our Low Overhead Means Savings To You" Forest, Ohio PRODUCERS STOCKYARDS, Phone 4220 or 2175, Mt. Blanchard, Ohio, George Price, Mgr. BECK 6: SONS Heating, Plumbing, Sheet MetalWork Mt. Blanchard, Vanlue, Ohio 34 SCHOO- Z 'xCDfE' Row 1: Sue Oman, Brenda Bishop, Carol Shearer, Kay Parish, Elaine Basinger, Rosalyn Suter, Karol Thompson L A Row 2: Wilson Parish, Gloria Bishop, Elaine Patterson, Robert Hinebaugh, Ann Bishop, Linda Hoy, Annabelle Cole Row 3: Lois Thompson, Carol Alge, Iudy Thompson, Connie Smith, Michael Young, Nancy Kindle, Sara Howard, Patricia Patterson, lane Borkosky, Karen Snyder, Ann Koehler, Bonnie Lawton Row 4: Donna Lauck, Peggy Musgrave, Diane Rose, Phyllis Lauck, Patricia Moore, Larry Buess, Barbara Lafferty Compliments of THE CITIZENS BANK of MT. BLANCHARD Forty-five Years of Service 35 MIXED Row 1: Ianis Shearer, Sara Howard, Donna Arnold, Mary Ellen Oldham, Bonnie Bond, Annabelle Cole, Iulia Snook, Jane Bishop Row 2: Karen Snyder, Ann Koehler, Kathleen Gallaway, Lois Thompson, Carol Alge, 'Donna Lauck, Rosalee Borkosky, Margaret Launder, Carol Shearer, Sally Tippin, Ann Bishop Row 3: Mark Trout, Paul Dean Howard, Iohn Edie, Ierry Stauffer, Donald Davis , Earl Shisler, Iohn Moore, Iohn Vermillion Q GIRLS' CHORUS 0 Row l: Nancy Sampson, Clarabelle Cole, Patricia Clinger, IanetArnold, Diane Graham, Sara Howard, Karen Snyder, Ann Koehler, Linda Dunbar, Diane Rose, Donna Lauck, Janis Shearer, Mrs. Payne Row 2: Donna Hindinger, Mary Ellen Oldham, Marilyn Davis , Carol Smith, Ioan McDaniel, Betty Arnold, Rosalee Borkosky, Linda Basinger, Jeannette Benjamin, Sue Oman, Brenda Bishop, Margaret Launder, Sally Tippin, Dixie Tooman, Donna Arnold Row 3: Annabelle Cole, Iane Bishop, Iulia Snook, CarolAlge, Kathleen Gallaway, Lois Thompson, Ann Bishop, Linda Hoy, Ioan Payne, Linda Price, Peggy Musgrave, Carol Shearer, Bonnie Bond, Phyllis Musgravgg Karol Thompson CHORUS Row l: Ioan McDaniel, Betty Arnold, Nancy Sampson, Phyllis Musgrave, Clarabelle Cole, Karol Thompson, Carol Smith, Marilyn Davis, Linda Hoy Row 2: Diane Graham, Linda Basinger, Patricia Clinger, Sue Oman, Ioan Payne, Linda Price, Jeannette Benjamin, Brenda Bishop, Diane Rose, Linda Dunbar, Dixie Tooman, Peggy Musgrave, Mrs . Payne Row 3: Larry Buess, Gary Cole, Gene Butler, Eddie Moffitt, Dennis Bishop, Gerald Buess , Robert Hinebaugh, Larry Shearer, Kenneth Howard, Ianet Arnold Q BOYS' CHORUS Q Row 1: Bill Walker, Eddie Moffitt, Iohn Moore, Ierry Stauffer, Gary Cole, Iohn Ver- million, Mark Trout, Gene Butler, Donald Davis - Row 2: Kenneth Howard, Larry Shearer, Robert Hinebaugh, John Edie, Dennis Bishop, larry Buess, Paul Dean Howard, Gerald Buess, Ann Koehler, Donna Bishop, Mrs. Payne Compliments of HELMS RESTAURANT HANCOCK FARM BUREAU Dinners , Ice Cream Specialities Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 3 Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 7 . F CQXCVXXUIV TIES fa FTA: Row l: Betty Hoctel, Ianis Butler, Robert Dunbar, Barbara Lafferty, Linda Dunbar, Mr. Beeson Row 2: Sara Belle Howard, Brenda Bishop, Sue Oman, ShirleyWa1ker, Kathleen Gallo- way, Larry Buess, Dennis Bishop, Ronald Green, HaroldWetherill, Linda Basinger, Deanna Snyder, Donna Arnold, Ianet Hanners HONOR SOCIETY: Row 1: Annabelle Cole, Nancy Sampson, Karol Thompson, Karen Cole Row 2: Mary Ellen Oldham, Gary Cole, Mr. Beeson STUDENT COUNCIL: Rowl: Mr. Blazer, Iames Borkosky, Ronald Dunbar, Phyllis Musgrave Row 2: Robert Gossman, Harold Inman, Keith Green, Sally Tippin, Paul Blymyer ANNUAL STAFF Row l: Marlin Bishop, Mary Ellen Oldham, Karol Thompson, Annabelle Cole, Gene Butler, Nancy Sampson, Iohn Vermillion Row 2: Marilyn Davis , Betty Arnold, Carol Smith, Ioan McDaniel, Bonnie Bond, Karen Cole, Phyllis Musgrave, Betty Francis, Iane Bishop, Julia Snook, Patricia Tong, Violet Nuzum Row 3: Mrs. Curtis, Ierry Krout, Ronald Dunbar, Mark Trout, Donald Davis, Iames Clark, Robert Bowman, Gary Cole, Donna Hindinger, Clarabelle Cole, Mr. Blazer Absent: Earl Shisler Edi11OI' ------ - - -Annabelle Cole Assistant Editor ---- Nancy Sampson Art Editor ----- - Mary Ellen Oldham "Ronald Dunbar Business Manager ----- Gene Butler Advertising Managers - - Marlin Bishop "John Vermillion Subscription Managers - Clarabelle Cole Photographic Editor - Activities Editor - - Underclassmen Editor Lower Grades Editor ---- Sports Editor ----- Music Editor ---- - Senior Review Editor "Mark Trout - Karol Thompson "Marilyn Davis - - - Marilyn Davis fjerry Krout - - Iulia Snook 'Betty Lou Arnold Karen Cole flames Clark - Robert Bowman "Bonnie Bond "Donald Davis "Ronald Dunbar Phyllis Musgrave flane Bishop - - - - -Gary Cole "Earl Shisler "Clarabelle Cole Teacher Review Editor - - - Patricia Tong Alumni Editor ------ - Carol Smith 'Ioan McDaniel "Donna Hindinger Ir. and Sr. Play Editor - - -Betty Francis 'Violet Nuzum ffindicates assistants, Karol Thompson , photographic editor: Mary Ellen Oldham, art editor: Annabelle Cole, editor: Gene Butler, business manager: Nancy Sampson, assistant editor REPUBLICAN COURIER and BECK'S LOCKER SERVICE RADIO STATION Custom Slaughtering 8: Processing WFIN Phone 115-A Vanlue, Ohio 40 NEWSPAPER STAFF Editor ---------- - Gary Cole Iokes ---------- Gene Butler 'Jerry Krout Art Editors ----- Mary Ellen Oldham flames Clark "Ronald Dunbar "'Robert Bowman Business Managers ---- Bonnie Bond Pfindicates aSSiS'C6I'11lSl 'Annabelle Cole High School News - - - - Marilyn Davis "Patricia Tong Grade News ------- - Karen Cole "Donna Hindinger Sports News ----- - Iohn Vermillion "Marlin Bishop Music News ---- - Phyllis Musgrave "Mark Trout Special Features - - - - Nancy Sampson 'Julia Snook flame Bishop 'Earl Shisler 'Violet Nuzum Scholastic Activities - - Karol Thompson Alumni -------- Clarabelle Cole "Betty Francis Roving Reporters ----- Carol Smith 'Ioan McDaniel "Donald Davis "Betty Lou Arnold Ronald Dunbar, art editor: Gary Cole, editor Row l: Annabelle Cole, Bonnie Bond, Ronald Dunbar, Gary Cole, Donna Hindinger, Nancy Sampson, Clarabelle Cole Row 2: Marilyn Davis , Mary Ellen Oldham, BettyArnold, Ioan McDaniel, Carol Smith, Karol Thompson, Karen Cole, Phyllis Musgrave, Betty Francis, Iane Bishop, Iulia Snook, Patricia Tong, Violet Nuzum Row 3: Mrs . Curtis , Ierry Krout, Mark Trout, Don Davis , Iames Clark, Iohn Vermillion, Robert Bowman, Marlin Bishop, Gene Butler EVANS TYPEWRITER COMPANY TRAUCHT STORE Royal Typewriters, Business Machines Frozen Food Center S. Cory St. at Crawford St., Findlay, Ohio Ar1inQ1101'1, Ohio 41 Row 1: Sue Oman, Diane Rose, Connie Smith, Lois Thompson, Carol Shearer, Pat Clinger, Ianis Butler, Penelope Bateson, Phyllis Musgrave, Marilyn Davis, Mrs. Biro, Iudy Thompson Row 2: Virginia Houtz, Rosalyn Suter, Shirley Walker, Ioan McDaniel, Betty Arnold, Rosalee Borkosky, Linda Basinger, Bonnie Bond, Margaret Launder, Sally Tippin, Brenda Bishop, Sara Howard, Annabelle Cole Row 3: Deanna Snyder, Iane Bishop, Iulia Snook, Donna Lauck, Kathleen Callaway, Ann Bishop, Paul Etta Dutcher, Diane Graham, Ianet Arnold, Beverly Fields, Violet Nuzum, Mary Catherine Fox, Karol Thompson Row 4: Clarabelle Cole, Linda Hoy, CarolAlge , Kay Parish, Janis Shearer, Iane Riegle, Alfreda Nuzum, Donna Arnold, Patricia Tong, Ioan Payne, Nancy Dodds, Peggy Mus- grave, Marlene Garey The officers of the F.H.A. for this year were Patricia Cllnger, president: CarolAnn Shearer, vice-president: Lois Thompson, secretary: Penelope Bateson, treasurer: Ianis ' ' ' Butler, parliamentarian: Connie Smith, re- porter: Diane Rose, song leader: Sue Oman, recreation leader: Phyllis Musgrave, his- torian: and Marilyn Davis, project chairman . Mrs . Floyd Tippin and Mrs . Francis Butler were chosen as the chapter mothers. Mrs. Michael Biro, Ir. , is the advisor. The twelve new members this year were Ianis Shearer, Iane Riegle, Ioan Payne, Sue Oman, Violet Nuzum, Alfreda Nuzum, Sara Howard, Peggy Musgrave, Diane Graham, Ianet Arnold, DonnaArnold, and CarolAlge. Carol Shearer was elected Bi-County re- porter at the Bi-County meeting in November. The picture at the left shows Janis Butler, IoanPayne, and Penelope Bateson at the F.H.A. initiation. In the background are Patricia Tong, Virginia Houtz, Linda Ba- singer, and Rosalee Borkosky. FINDLAY-ELECTRIC-SUPPLY Wholesale only-Phone 499-453 Center St. , Findlay, Ohio HI-WAY FURNITURE Arlington, Ohio DON SHEARER Plumbing Sr Heating Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 42 The Mt . BlanchardF .P .A. entered the county general livestock judging contest last year. The members of the team were Gary Cole, Keith Green, and Gene Stuckey. The chapter also entered the county and state dairy judging contests. The members of the county team were Alvin Bell, Dennis Bishop, and Iohn Edie. On the state judging team were Jerry Stauffer, Gene Stuckey, and Alvin Bell. Alvin Bell won a blue ribbon for being top man in the state in the Brown Swiss class . Marlin Bishop and Ierry Stauffer were sent as delegates to the State P.F.A. convention. In the parliamentary prodecure contest the chapter won a bronze medal. The members of the team were Dennis Bishop, Dean Arnold, Mar- lin Bishop, Alvin Bell, Gary Cole, David How- ard, Paul Howard, and Robert Hinebaugh . The chapter also entered the land judging contest. The members were Dennis Bishop, Duane Rettig, and Robert Hinebaugh. Robert Hinebaugh placed first in the county Public Speaking Contest. In the pest hunt the chapter won second place with 21,000 points. The four highest men in F F A the pest hunt were Iohn Lauck with 9 , 605 points, . . . Norman Opp with 3, 110, Gene Martin with 2, 725, and Dennis Bishop with Z, 715. The officers for the year were as follows: Marlin Bishop, president: Mark Trout, vice- presidentp Dean Arnold, secretary: Frank Egner, treasurer: Gene Stuckey, reporter: Iames Borkosky, sentinel, Ion Crilly, student advisor: and Ramon Myers, faculty advisor. In the above picture are Robert Hinebaugh, Gene Martin, and Prank Egner. Row 1: Iohn Edie, Iames Shearer, John Nique, Iames Borkosky, Mark 'l'rout, Marlin Bishop, Robert Hinebaugh, Frank Egner, Ion Crilly, Mr. Myers Row 2: Ierry Stauffer, Robert Gschwender, Larry Shearer, Donald Click, Iack Bond, David Lauck, Ierry Krout, Iohn Lauck, Paul Dean Howard, Alvin Bell, Norman Opp, Roy Sampson, Michael Moffitt, Kenneth Howard Row 3: Keith Green, David Clark, Gene Martin, Glenn Gibson, BillWa1ker, Don Egbert, Robert Bowman, Iohn Moore, Donald Davis, Duane Rettig, Gary Cole, Tyler Oman, Dennis Bishop, Richard Wolfe Absent: Dean Arnold Compliments of HERZOG LIME 6: STONE COMPANY Forest, Ohio 43 SENIUR PL!-XY Henrietta Dudley - about forty-five -------------- - Nancy Sampson Karol Thompson lane Christian - Eastern guest about twenty ------------ Betty Francis Phyllis Musgrave BSS-Sie Palmer - Eastern guest about twenty - - --------- - Carol Smith Iulia Snook Sam Banks - the foreman -------------------- - James Clark Donald Davis Hulda - the maid ------------------------ Bonnie Bond r Karen Cole lim Dudley - Mrs. Dudley's husband -------------- Ronald Dunbar , Ierry Krout Sally Dudley - Henrietta's daughter --------------- Marilyn Davis ' Annabelle Cole Barbara Young - Sally's cousin --------------- Mary Ellen Oldham Clarabelle Cole Bill Hicks - a good-looking cowboy -------------- - Robert Bowman Mark Trout Bertram Weeks - a timid tenderfoot ---------- - - - John Vermillion y Gene Butler Hubert Young - Barbaraia father ------------------ Gary Cole Marlin Bishop Ioyce - Eastem guest about twenty --------------- - Patricia Tong Violet Nuzum Judy - Eastern guest about twenty -------------- - Donna I-Iindinger Ioan McDaniel Connie - Eastern guest about twenty ------------ - - - Iane Bishop Betty Arnold Pete - general handy man -------------------- Earl Shisler 435 ns, The story takes place at the Dudley Dude Ranch in Arizona with the usual summer guests, cowboys, and a "real live Indian" lending atmosphere. Bertram Weeks, who writes books, wears glasses, and hates horses, is alittle odd but Barbara Young loves him and wants to marry him. To get her father's approval, she writes him of Bertie's brave deeds and pictures Bertie as a :fearless Westerner. Instead of wiring his consent, Mr. Young decides to come to the ranch. Learning of this, Sally, Barbara's cousin, helps plan a fake hold-up for Mr. Young's benefit, in which Bertram will appear as the hero. The plans miscarry and the girls are left in an embarrassing spot until Uncle Iim and Aunt Henrietta, owners of the ranch, come to their aid and Bertram becomes areal hero. BOSTON STORE' "Where Spending is Saving" Findlay, O1'1i0 LOUIE, THE BICYCLE MAN Sales and Service Findlay, Ohio STELLA'S SODA GRILL On the square Arlington, Ohio 44 OVXEEUMIXIG Sue Oman, Ann Bishop, Carol Smith Clarabelle Cole, Helen Wolber Row 1: Sophomores, Robert Hine baugh, Helen Wolber: freshmen Harold Wetherill, Sue Oman belle Cole: juniors, Ann Bishop Eddie Moffit Row 3: Escort, Gene Butler: Queen Carol Smith Row 2: Seniors, Gary Cole, Clara- JUNIOR PLAY TAKE YOUR MEDICINE Henry K. Dodson ------- Duane Rettig Angela Warren -------- Sally Tippin Dr. William Iackson ------ Iohn Moore Miss Holt --------- Linda Basinger Patricia, Pryor ------- Patricia Clinger Dorothy Carlton ----- Rosalee Borkosky Charlotte Nelson ------ Paulie Dutcher Iack Benson ----- ----- I on Crilly Jonathan Puckett -------- Larry Tong Cordelia Puckett -------- Ann Bishop Covie Finkledink ------ Deanna Snyder Dodie Blake ------- Margaret Launder Demented Patient ------ Iames Shearer Two Old Maids ------- Virginia Houtz Ieannette Benjamin Middle-aged Woman ----- Carol Shearer Her Inquisitive Daughter ---- - Linda Hoy In the above picture are Duane Rettig and Patricia Clinger. SNAPSHOTS on page 47 1 . Gerald Buess and Iohn Burrell in homecoming band show. 2 . Co-captains Marlin Bishop and Ronald Dunbar kissing Queen Carol Smith. 3 . Edward Garey and Ioan Payne doing the Charleston in the homecoming band show. 4. Iames Borkosky tackling a Liberty player. In the background are Robert Bowman, Ronald Dunbar, Richard Wolfe, and Earl Shisler. 5 . Mark Trout carrying tha ball with Iames Borkosky in the background. 6. Ann Bishop and Clarabelle Cole, the junior and senior attendants. Driving the car is the Sheriff with escorts Eddie Moffitt and Gary Cole. 7 . Queen Carol Smith and her escort Gene Butler. 8. Sue Oman and Helen Wolber, the freshman and sophomore attendants , with their escorts, Harold Wetherill and Robert Hinebaugh. Bill Dodds is driving the car. 9 . Marlin Bishop carrying the ball with Ierry Krout at the left. 1 0 . The percussion section and characters who participated in the band half-time show, with the audience in the background. Row 1: Dean Suter, Diane Graham, Glenn Trout, Iane Riegle, Edward Garey, Ioan Payne Row 2: Connie Smith, Iudy Thomp- son, Nancy Sampson, Deanna Snyder, Lois Thompson, Carol Alge Congratulations to the Seniors PLAIN VIEW DAIRY DOCTOR and MRS . BROWN Dairy Products Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Ienera, Ohio 46 1 1 'f E W ai wr I Qiw WPA . ' 124, -2252 Qui-fiw 3 X' iffffk JW an F 4. W W , Iv Q . :wx 3 . . J, ., MW, , YQ ' 'S J as J I .,'-. K K f ' ff' ,ff A W 1 J gg, ,F 5 3. 's 9 4? A 5315 hi 'W ' 5 N H' xii Q3 Fi mt H Q 2' ' 'wg ' SN 4' in Q 5 . 4 fy 35 4 5 'N W ig. , Q ' if ez 1 ta M W 7 I3 :xg 1 if s. ,Z '? Q 1 6 1 W S , A ,-4 0 , A' 9,054 -ff QW, L, - a ll UAA. ui" MENS CLUB Row 1: Betty Arnold, Ioan McDaniel, Annabelle Cole, Bonnie Bond, Karen Cole, Deanna Snyder, Carol Smith, Karol T'hompson, Marlene Garey, Nancy Sampson, Phyllis Musgrave, Clarabelle Cole Row Z: Mary Ellen Oldham, Brenda Bishop, Ioan Payne, Nancy Dodds, Linda Price, Helen Wolber, Iudy Thompson, Kathleen Gallaway, Carol Shearer, Sally Tippin, Rosalyn Suter, Ann Bishop, Carol Alge, Karen Snyder, Rosalee Borkosky, Margaret Launder, Paul Etta Dutcher, Ianis Butler, Donna Arnold, Linda Dunbar, Marilyn Davis, Miss Shaffer Row 1: Roger Clark, Robert Dunbar, Ierry Stauffer, Robert Gschwender, Iohn Rothlis- berger, Larry Shearer Row 2: Marlin Bishop, Donald Davis, Ierry Krout, Linda Hoy, Mary Ellen Oldham, Karol Thompson, Carol Smith, Marilyn Davis , Iames Clark, Robert Bowman, Earl Shlsler Row 3: Mr. Hardman, Keith Green, Eugene Martin, John Nique, Ronald Dunbar, Alvin Bell, Mark Trout, Richard Wolfe, Iames Borkosky, Iohn McDaniel, Prank Egner, Tyler Oman, Iohn Lauck, Mr. Cortazzo 'DAVENPORT INSURANCE AGENCY also Surety Bonds Mt. Blanchard 5tFindlay, Ohio 48 may SPUWS wfo HURRAY! The crowd at the Van Buren basketball game. CHEERLEADERS: Mary Ellen Oldham, Linda Hoy, Karol Thompson, Marilyn Davis Carol Smith M.-Y,.Nfk.- . ,, Row 1: Terry Newman, Larry Shearer, Ieffery Williams, Henry Hanners, Managers Row 2: Mark Trout, Iohn Rothlisberger, Robert Bowman, Iames Borkosky, Ronald Dunbar, Keith Green, Richard Wolfe, Marlin Bishop, James Clark, Donald Davis , Iohn Lauck Row 3: Mr. Hardman, Kenneth Howard, Harold Inman, Iack Bond, Dennis Bishop, Tyler Oman, Iohn Nique, Earl Shisler, Frank Egner, Gene Stuckey, Ierry Stauffer, Ronald Green, Roger Clark, Robert Dunbar, Robert Gschwender, Mr. Cortazzo Q WUT BML W Offensive Team: lKnee1ingJ Robert Bowman, Iames Borkosky, Ronald Dunbar, Keith Green, Richard Wolfe, Marlin Bishop, Iames Clark fStandingJ Donald Davis, Iohn Lauck, Iohn Rothlisberger, Mark Trout Defensive Team: Uineelingl Robert Bowman, Iames Borkosky, Iohn Lauck, Donald Davis, CStandingj James Clark, Mark Trout, Marlin Bishop, Robert Dunbar, Ierry Stauffer, Ronald Dunbar, Richard Wolfe Compliments of Compliments of WHARTON ELEVATOR P. I. Egner 6: Son, Inc. Phone 2845 Findlay, Ohio Wharton, Ohio 50 Managers: Henry Hanners, '1'en'y Newman, Larry Shearer, Ieffery Williams FOOTBALL SCORES Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS Row 1: Ronald Dunbar, Co-captain, Jerry Krout, RobertBowman, Marlin Bishop, Co captain RoW2: Donald Davis, Earl Shisler, Iames Clark, Mark Trout 6 0 0 38 13 7 13 Vanlue Arlington Arcadia McComb Liberty-Benton Cory-Rawson Van Buren THE TARBOX-MCCALL STONE CO . SIDNEY HILTY Crushed Stone 852 Western Avenue Columbus Mutual Insurance Telephone 171 Findlay, Ohio 412 112 W. Lincoln St. , Findlay Ohio 51 Row 1: Ierry Krout, Marlin Bishop, Iames Clark, Donald Davis, Iohn Rothlisberger Row 2: Mr. Hardman, Iames Borkosky, Frank Egner, Mark Trout, Ierry Stauffer, Robert Gschwender Row l: Keith Green, Richard Wolfe, Iames Borkosky, Iohn McDaniel, Frank Egner Row 2: Mr. Cortazzo, Robert Dunbar, Roger Clark, Iohn Nique, Jerry Stauffer, Alvin Bell, Robert Hinebaugh Compliments of MODERN HATCI-IERY Baby Chicks 8. Supplies Mt. Blanchard, Ohio 52 Row 1: Terry Newman, John Lauck, Ronald Green, Jeffery Williams , Tyler Oman Row 2: Roy Sampson, Harold Wetherill, David Lauck, Eugene Martin, Harold Inman, Merle McDaniel, Henry Hanners, Mr. Hardman Row 1: Paul Tippin, Jimmy Loveridge, Philip Brown, Dennis Price, Lynn Martin, Robert Gossman, Roger Gossman, Bobby Payne, Nolan Eatherton, David Buess, Wayne Clark Row 2: Mr. Cortazzo , Dan Musgrave , Eric Bishop, Carl Fox, Kenneth Thompson, Glenn Trout, John Burrell, John Miller, Bobby Galloway, Eddie Garey, Paul Bolander Compliments of AL BASS CLOTHING STORE FindlaY, Ohio Compliments of C 8: R PAINT AND BODY SHOP R. D. Rodabaugh, Mgr. JOHN APPLESEED BOWLING LANE 8: RESTAURANT Arllngt0I1, OhiQ 53 9 , BASKETBALL scokss Mt.B.29 Vanlue 64 Mt.B.8l Mt. B. 49 Liberty-Benton 71 Mt. B. 63 Mt. B. 53 Alger 54 Mt. B. 44 Mt. B. 55 Forest 56 Mt. B. 49 Mt. B. 36 Arlington 55 Mt. B. 48 Mt.B.6l Van Buren 60 Mt.B.68 Mt. B. 63 Arlington 66 Mt. B. 50 Mt.B.6OAda 67 Mt.B.45 Mt. B. 65 Arcadia 90 ' TOURNAMENT Van Buren H ardin-Northern Vanlue Liberty-Benton Wharton McComb Arlington Cory-Rawson Mt. Blanchard 70 Vanlue 75 Managers: William Walker, Glenn 'l'rout, Robert Bowman, Dean Suter Row l: Mark Trout, Donald Davis, Ierry Krout Row 2: Marlin Bishop, Co-captains, Ierry Krout, Mark Trout, Iames Clark 62 75 79 61 65 47 51 58 EGBERTS' FURNISHINGS "Compliments to the class of '57" Findlay, Ohio Compliments of CHANDALL 8: YENCER Repair Shop, Gulf Service Mt. Blanchard, Ohio WAALAND'S GREENHOUSE Cut Flowers , Corsages Findlay, Ohio 54 SCHOOL HELPEIQS 1 . LIBRARIANS: Row 1: Sally Tippin, Deanna Snyder, Iane Bishop Row 2: Gene Butler, Miss Nesbaum, Connie Smith, Donna Hindinger, Ronald Dunbar 2 . OFFICE HELP: Mr. Blazer, Donna I-Iindinger, Ioan McDaniel, Robert Dunbar, Patricia Tong, Karol Thompson, Barbara Lafferty, Julia Snook, Karen Snyder, Charlotte Rettlg, Ann Koehler, Mary Ellen Oldham 3. IANITOR: Howard Dunbar 4. BUS DRIVERS: Raymond Trout, Don Shearer, Floyd Tippin, Edward Arnold, Thomas Rodabaugh, Raymond Shearer 5. CAFETERIA HELP: Row 1: Roy Sampson, Ruth Ann Arnold, Dianne Davis, Elaine I-Iickle, Karen Haley, Betty Meeks Row 2: Mrs . Martin, Charlotte Rettlg, Mrs. Oldham, Mrs . Dunbar, Nancy Kindle, Patricia Powers 6. CAPETERIA HELP: Seated: Donna Arnold, Sue Oman, Sara Howard, Brenda Bishop, Lois Thompson, Kathleen Gallaway, Ianis Butler, Beverly Fields, Marlene Garey, Ianet Arnold Standing: Mrs. Biro, Mrs. Oldham, Mrs. Dunbar, Mrs. Martin THE ARLINGTON ELEVATOR 6: SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 5-3275 Arlington, Ohio 55 Karol Thompson Mary Ellen Oldham Annabelle Cole Gene Butler Nancy Sampson ANN UAL WORKERS Almost finished! l . Cindy Davis, the cheerleaders' mascot. 2 . The team was in a huddle . Marlin Bishop , Iames Clark, I erry Krout, Iohn Rothllsberger, Mr. Hardman, Robert Gschwender 3 . Robert Dunbar shooting the ball with Ronald Green in the foreground. 4 Karol Thompson at the beginning of a game. . Carol Smith, Mary Ellen Oldham, Jerry Krout, Donald Davis, Marilyn Davis, and 5. Cheerleaders: Linda Hoy, Mary Ellen Oldham, Karol Thompson, Carol Smith, and Marilyn Davis PLOTTS HARNESS SHOP Findlay, Ohio DAVIS ELECTRIC Findlay, Ohio MEDLOCK IEWELERS Findlay, Ohio FINDLAY ARMATURE Findlay., Ohio FINDLAY EQUIPMENT sALEs B U U S T E Q S FindlaY, Ohio KOEI-lLER'S GREENHOUSE Findlay, Ohio DR. F. E. FREED Forest, Ohio IOHN OZBUN, General Blacksmithing Forest, Ohio BAKER LUMBER COMPANY Wharton, Ohio HAMEL INSURANCE Forest, Ohio IACQUA'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Findlay, Ohio BUCKEYE ELECTRIC Findlay, Ohio BLACKFORD GARAGE Findlay, Ohio SlNK'S GREENHOUSE Findlay, Ohio SOCKRIDER BARBER SHOP Mt. Blanchard, Ohio DON Sc GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP Forest, Ohio 1879 - fsupr. 1. M. Pittsford 4' indicates deceasedi , 'Lillie Ann Clason 'Harlan Ellsworth McVay 'Iohn Berry Masters 1883 - 'Supt. L. A. Kagy 'Etta May KBursonl Dye Anna Lorena fShaferl Kious . 1885 - 'Supt. I. I. Houser 'Iohn P. Houck Elwina KMastersJ Sample 1889 - 'Supt. D. A. Sharp 'Minnie Yost 1890 - Supt. D. A. Sharp 'Helen KGreerl Hauman 'Nellie Iafferty 'Annie M. COwensJ Chaflln 'Timon E. Owens 'Irwin Sampson Lula I. Sharp 'Margaret Cfostl George 1891 - Supt. D. A. Sharp 'Clara lDyeD Miller 'Milo Dye 'Cora QGreerJ Seabrook Margaret Sampson 'Myrtle Smith 'Gertrude Yost 1892 - 'Supt. C. M. Lehr N. B. Clarke Cyrus Daniels 'Clara fstewartl Hostetler 1893 - Supt. C. M. Lehr 'Clara QSampsonJ Spencer 1894 - 'Supt. I. M. Laws Iohn L. Corey Iames L. Siddall 1895 - Supt. I. M. laws Harry I. Greer 'Will Houck 'Lena CLackeyl West 'Nicholas Shields Sarah IStewartl Sink 1896 - Supt. I. M. Laws Zeleph QE1derl Campbell Late Lackey 'Ethel lSlnkJ Hauman 'Harley H. Sink Cora Wansantl Edle 1897 - Supt. I. M. Laws Gall QGrindellD Houck Clare CHammondD Line Ora Hauman Mary CMorrisl Hobbs 'Carrie fShawD Rodabaugh 'Ellsworth Sheldon 'Ethel fShoemakerJ Brown 1898 - Supt. I. M. Laws 'Vergle CGreerJ Stocking 'Beck 0-Iammondb Stacy Monroe Harrls 1899 - Supt. I. M. Laws Mary CAultsJ Hunter Willie Beyer Mae KElliotD Gilbert Myrtle fFosterl Wlneland 'M. R. Hammond 'Mary lake Fred Odenbaugh Earl Patterson Lily Ksampsonl Sink 'Retta KSheldonJ Hauman 'Fred Shoemaker 'Henry Slike 1899 - Continued Iohn Vansant Clinton Wlneland 1900 - Supt. I. M. Laws Zana lElderl Shaw Mabel KFosterJ Bibler 1908 - Continued Laura QBeckD Lackey Rema KHammondJ Mohr George Harley Conn Orll KSampsonD Mlller Stanley Sink 1917 - 'Supt. I. M. Laws Lily 1BrewerD Miller Ermil QBu.rsonl Walker Leora fColeJ Davis Fay Davis Roy Davis Anna Glwingl Morrison Grace CForemanl England Dorothy K1-Ioyl Schneider Locey Gorsuch 1909 - 'Supt. S. V. Burnworth 'Mae KI-lammondl Bennett Changed from three to 'Harley Laws Carrie CHaumanJ McClelland Dana McVay 'Edward Misamore 'Myrtle fMillerJ Gilliland Charles Morrls Otto Wolford 1901 - Supt. I. M. Laws Claude Doty Clinton Edie 'Charles Rose Rema CShoemakerJ Maple 1902 - 'Supt. I. B. Steen Norton Edie 'Elva CFosterD Turfllnger Walter I. Foster Clark Hammond Lulu CM1samorel Deal Fred Sampson 'Amy Kshoemakerl Bish Inez QSmlthJ Snider 1903 - Supt. I. B. Steen 'Ford Burson 'Frank Cashen 'Alva Cole 'Frank Elder Ike Fahl 'Ora Hoy 'Vlrness Miller 'Clara KMorrisJ Wise Dale CPughD Ketzenberger Fairy fWiseJ Coldren 1904 - Supt. I. B. Steen 'Trlxy fArnoldJ Bright Nellie fBursonl Smith Stanley Burson Bessie KBenjan1lnJ Chalmers Pansy CMooreJ Clingerman Carl Hammond 'Frank Lackey 'Roy Miller Wava G. Myers Glenn fTreecel Solt 1905 - 'Supt. Erwin Ward Olive lBeitlerJ Lehr Stanley Bell Bertha KBenjamlnl Whiting Pearl fBursonJ Powell Noah Elder Frank Foster Ina lHoyl Hagedorn Eva lMorrisD Marshall 'Fred Sockrlder Earl Wineland 1906 - 'Supt. E. O. Yates 'Inez KAlgel Hammond Ray Bell Carl Edie Warner Hoy 'Iames Miller, Ir. Dale Rummell Arthur Stevenson 1907 - Supt. E. O. Yates Clare Deeds Ardo Lee Hazel KMusgraveD Livingston George W. Shoemaker 1-908 - Supt. E. O. Yates 'Erple Arnold four years of high school 1910 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth Laverne QBeckI Spitler Vem fCole1 Ramsey Emery Dunbar 'Francis Eatherton Lorena KFosterD Orwick Rema fHammondJ Mohr Calvin Miller 'Darwin Moncrlef Orll Csampsonl Miller George W. Shoemaker Gladys Wan Schoikl Sampson 1911 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth 'Pearl Clabaugh Oral Cole Robert C. Gilbert Norma CMi1lerl Fink 'Harry Patterson 1912 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth Amy CCockranJ Longworth Dae fCunninghamJ Pugh Adrian Foltz Belle KHammondJ Clinger Omar Kear Willis Misamore Florence Kshoemakerl Sampson Carroll Van Scholk 1913 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth Neva lBunnellJ Spaid Alfred Eler Frances fEnglandl Van Scott Ada Fink Edna CHowardJ Hartman Bertha llsenbergerj Lowery Edna Krumlauf Pauline KShefferJ Mclfitrick Mae CShoemakerJ Beck 1914 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth Dale Eatherton 'Amy IFosterJ Bevington Helen KNesbaumj McVitty Esther lPrattJ Miller Clive Treece 1915 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth 'Cuba KConnI Bicklehaupt Dean Cunningham Bertha KDyeJ Krumlauf Verda KFlnkJ Russell Marcus KLongworthJ Harned Walter Mcliltrick Golda CR1ckettsJ Woodruff Iohn Thompson Ethel Wan Scoltl Ellis 1916 - Supt. S. V. Burnworth 'Mark Alge 'Willis Alspach Carl Bowman Opal CBowmanJ Cunningham Lillian KFoltzJ Swartz Ralph Hoy Earl Huston Iva lliroutl Bowman Mabel Nesbaum Cecil Searfoss Howell Shaw 'Harry Treece Lydia Wan Scoltl Newman 'Beatrice fwaltermlrel Curtis Bemice Nesbaum Mae tOppD Fahl Ruth fSpohnl Urban Glenn Stevenson 1918 - Supt. I. M. Laws Fairy CCo1el Hendricks Naomi lDyeJ Hoy Clay Edie Robert Edie Harry Foster Coza Hlte Mary KH1teJ Claggett Roy Howard Edith Lee "H Ruth flleel Harvey ' Faye KMcDanleD Price Cora Ulugh! Briggs Carroll Shaw Martha Cfreecel Wilcox Eula fwardl Foltz 'Edith CYoungI Wyatt 1919 - Supt. I. M. Laws Lillian KHaymanD Anderson 'Harley Hostler Neva KRexJ Gilbert Harry McKean Otis Musgrave 1920 - Supt. I. M. Laws Helen QBeckD Pratt Marguerite QBristolD Sallsbury Paul England Don Foltz Mary KHaumanJ Waunders Nellle CHaumanl Ward Irene Hayman Earl McCann Robert Russell Margaret KShefferJ Slaybaugh Robert Shoemaker Hazel CStevensonJ Foster Elmer Treece 1922 - supt.1. M. Laws Alma QBursonJ Cooper Russell Cole Ruth fEd1el Laird Helen KFolkJ Martlnson Guynath KGillilandJ Hlte Margaret CHaumanD Waterman Iva KHaymanl Mills Virgil Hlte Harold Howard Florence CKerrl Helfrey Cecil Laird Robert Lee Roy Morehart Ralph Parish Lucille KSniderI Howard Floyd Wlneland 1921 - Supt. I. M. Laws Richard Alge Odls Clark Mona 1FahlJ Sterling Helen KHowardl Dippery Mary Ruth CI.1neJ Davenport Ralph Sampson Lorls Ward Devere Woodward 1923 - Supt. I. M. Laws Everett Bowman Harry Bunnell 1923 - Continued Mae KBursonD Phillips Blanche KDunbarJ Alge Helen CFosterl Seebach 'Maurice Gobrecht Mary fKerrJ Kline Rexford Staley Charles Tippin Farel Ward 1924 - Supt. W. E. Roberts Varra KColeD Himes Harry Conn Lester , Corbin Nina lGillilandJ Ward Harold Rhoten Clarence Salisbury 'Helen lShoemakerJ England Dale Stevenson Robert Thompson Mildred Cwoodwardl England Iohn Van Scoit 1925 - 'Supt. E. O. Fairchild Cecil Alge Cartha KBlshoPl Salisbury William Bibler Norris Bowman Orll Bowman Ruth lBowmanl Walters Helen KBushongl Corbin Dean Clark Ralph Cole Rema QCorbinl Hulbert Gamet QDavisD Burnett Faye KGobrechtl Rutan Willis Greer Helen KHaumanJ Iones Allce Kerr 'Guy McDaniel Gerald Hartman Ellsworth Price Lester Price 'Vernon Reinhard 'Huldah Kkettigl Alge Ralph Sallsbury Dwight Shaw Richard Smith Eugene Thompson Mabel fTongl Bowman Roy Treece Cora Wermlllionj Snow 1926 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild 'Alice lAlgel Palmer Theodore Bennett 'Reva CBishopJ Cole Vergie CBursonJ Bibler Melvin Bushong Rose QBushongJ Sweigard "'E1wln Crllly 'Orville Doty Dorcas KEnglandD Curtis Evelyn Fairchild Marvin Howard Golda KLewlsJ Morehart Rema lMusgraveJ Stewart Harlan Pickett Helen QPowel1J Stewart Esther lSampsonJ Smith 'Rema QSampsonl Fields Sarah Sampson Winifred Sampson Carl Smith 'Bonnylyn KStaleyl Stevens Iohn Treece 1927 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild "Lucille CAmstutzJ Reinhard Kathryn KBeckl Ross 'Mary KBeckJ Fruth Thelma KBiblerl Wineland Frona fBorkoskyJ Knight Clifford Bunnell Howard Dunbar Martha KGriffithD Douglas Dallas Hartman Leonard Hauman "William Hlckle Mildred Uamesl Capllnger Elsie flongl Pickens 1927 - Continued Schuyler Mohr Mabel CRettlgl Bunnell Lawrence Stone Thelma KStuckeyl Walker Eugene Walker 1928 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Ruth CBockeyJ Yantls Calvin Borkosky Cartha lBowmanJ Salisbury Ralph Bowman Ardo Burrell Howard Bushong Margaret KBushongl Breyman Gladys lClosel Marquardt Irene Corbin 'Mary Crllly Mabel KDotyl Minder Emestine lFairchildl Warren Glenn Gatchell Cleo IHammondJ Smith Erple Hammond Wallace Lackey Maurine fLairdJ Hunter Helen lMartlnl Pendorff Marie Miller Dorothy QMyersJ Shuck Wade Nutter Eva QRettigl Smith Helen Glinehartl Savldge Ioe Sallsbury Homer Schnegg Olive KSlddalD Hetzel Lucille lSmithJ Burrell Mabel lThomasJ Inbody 1929 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Stella Bibler Heman Bishop Rema 1BurrellJ Krouskop Golda lBursonJ Sloop Max Clark Cletis KColeJ Russell DorothY lCorbinl Steen Helen Dunbar Florence CGilmerl Beck Marion CHammondJ Lackey Rodney Lackey Pansy KMcDanlell Parish Ralph Meeks Blanche lMusgraveJ Burdette Ray Parish Bernice lPetermanl Lane Stanley Rettig Fred Salisbury Nelson Sampson Henry Snook Dale Stewart Dortha fThomasl Crawford 1930 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Helen fBockeyJ Nusser Mary KBurkel Shearer Ray Bushong William Bushong Earl Cole Eva KColeJ Clark Pauline KDavlsD Urban Hugh Elder Estella Fields Delos Helms Richard Hickle Madge CHickleJ Rothllsberger Miller Howard Virginia lHowardD Bushong Fairy llazenbyl Sallsbury Cletls QMlckJ Boehm Robert Miller Eula CMondayl Cole Wilma CMulll Borkosky Velma COmanJ Bushong Howard Zurcher 1931 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Robert Baker ' Lawrence Bame Gerald Bibler Mildred KBishopl Snook Robert Bushong Beatrice KColeJ Musgrave 1931 - Continued Ruth QCole1 Iolllff Nina CDotyl Bowman Irene Gieldsl Hollering Mary Alice Gfosterl McDaniel Arden Laird Bernice Kllelchtyl Haggerty Olan Lelchty Cleone fMondayl Lanning Ralph Musgrave Erma KPattersonD Streicher Emma CRettigJ Apple Dorothy lStockrlderJ Ward Leroy Stauffer Logan Vermillion Vinton Ward Mabel Cwheelerl Dillon Ralph Wise 1932 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Rema KBashl Hindall Morris Beagle Iustln Bell Ross Borkosky Helen 1BurkeD Greer Ruth Burson Hazel fCorbinJ Gentry Dorothy KDavisl Borkosky Dale CDunbarl Krout Vemon Dunbar Ralph Fenstermaker Joseph Gaertner Vitalis Hammond Rexford Helms Marion Howard Merlin Howard Edson Line Marguerite lMusgraveJ Getz Karl Nutter Reva CStaleyJ Terry Dale Stuckey Floyd Tippin 1933 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Katherine LAschamJ Blickensderfer Allen Bishop Norma KBockeyJ Arnold Pauline Burrell Claude Bushong, Ir. DeVere Cole Nina lDunbarl Stauffer Reuben Dunbar - Georgia Clfleldsj Motter Clifford Foster 'Mildred lHickle7 Eatherton Eileen Cllackeyl Kimmel Gaylord Krout Lavon KKroutJDever Paullne fKrumlaufJ Sockrlder Osborne S. McKitrick Doris KMusgraveJ Shank Ruth lNutterJ Mitchell Dorotha CPattersonl Lease Stanley Pever Thelma QPrlcel Smith Francis Price Mary Kkinehartl Hindall Arthur Rickner Harold Sockrider Harry Smith Carey Stewart Dolores Ksteenl Decker Esther fThompsonJ Helms Mabel Cfhompsonl Rickle Eugenia fwardl Conklin 1934-Supt. E. O. Fairchild Other Altman Nile Aurand Norman Baker Evelyn QBamel Bushong Keith Bash Grant Borkosky Evelyn KBow'manl Biery Dale Bushong Cloyce Deter Foster Elder Mary CGil1J Hartman Ruth KHickleJ Snyder Frankie KHouckJ Radebaugh 1934 - Continued Milo Howard Lorain Lelchty Mabel KPattersonD Buslnger Martha lPeverJ Campbell Mary Katherine KRomickj Hill Catherine Qkusselll Gain Evelyn Russell Rodney Sampson Thelma KSmithl Elsea 'Kenneth Thomas Edward Wise 1935 - Supt. E. O. Fairchild Ruth CBarberJ Phillips Claire Bash Medford Bishop Robert Brown Maxine KBushongl Borkosky Raymond Chalmers Reva CEathertonJ Patterson Hugh Elsea Helen KFoltzl Purdy Ralph Foster Harold Hindall Paul Lauck Harold Livingston Mary KMillerJ Mclllwaln Claren Monday Evea Iean KRamseyJ Anaya Clara KRettigJ Iacobs Audrey Kklcklel Cain Evelyn KRinehartJ Griswold Richard Rose Edna KSmlthJ Launder Ieanette fSmithl Deter Lucena iSnyderJ Huffman Wahneta lStaufferD Dutton Woodrow Stone Edna 1StuckeyJ Hosler Ieanette Kwilcoxl Nelson 1936 - Supt. C. D. McDaniel Maxine CBashl Von Stein Mary Lou CBeagleJ Cole Adah Borkosky Isabelle KBuessJ Marquart Ralph Cllnger, Ir. Iohn Cole Marian fCunnlnghaml Grisler Clinton Deter Evelyn CDunbarJ Steinman Cartha fElderJ Bach Virginia fGillJ Sebenoler William V. Houck Ora lane KHoudeshellJ Bishop Avonelle KHowardJ Conner Richard Hostler Virginia KKroutJ Newman Marie flanel Stuckey Mary Ellen KMcVittyD Gardner Richard Newman Dortha CPriceD Cole 'Charles Romick Earl Rollo Evelyn CSmithl Cllnger Francis Stager 1937 -Supt. C. D. McDaniel John Ioe Altman Ralph Bishop Arthur Cunningham Glenn Dutton Vernon Elder Robert Feller Clyde Foster Marcene lGreenJ Moss Wendell Hartman Gerald Havel Helen Louise fKearl Keller Marie fKroutl Sampson Mary Helen lKroutD Martin Forest Lauck Albert Martin Priscilla lMil1erJ Saltzman Paul Musgrave Orlo Musgrave Iohn Rose Myles Sherrlck Keith Smith Dorotha, KStevensonl Lemons 1938 - Supt. I. E. Paynter 1941 - Cgnfinued 1945 - Supt. I. E. Paynter 1949 - Continued Olin Beck Neva fBib1erj Baum Devita Burson Kenneth Bowman "Gaynell Clinger Ralph Fields Eugene Hoy Doris fKlousJ Hall Ianet llanej Rose Betty fllvingstonj Main Helen KLutzJ Chapin Paul Dean Romick Ell Sampson ' 'Franklin Snyder Maurice Thomas Ruth fwardl Baslnger 1939 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Isabelle fBishopD Peel Ruthanna KBowmanJ Ozment Paul Crabill Mary KCunninghamj Veit Derol Davidson Mary CDuttonD Smith Glen Eler Louise CElderj Pever Evelyn CFellerj Welch Lyle Peller Mabel QFosterj Carpenter Virginia IGatchellj Williams Iohn Gill David Houdeshell Regina KHeubergerJ Gossman Kenneth Hickle Herman Hostler Clell Lafferty Lelah Klrandisj Lauck Dana McAdow Zetta Fern fOmanJ Smith Nancy fRinehartj Brinkman Thomas Rodabaugh Marion Sampson Iohn Staley Everett Stone Madelon CWardj Hartman Richard Wentz Lola fwolfordj Haas 1940 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Iulia Ascham Elden Bash Imogene KBenjaminJ Sherman 'Genevieve QBishopJ Wise Edwin Crabill Willard Cornwell Earl Ray Deter Maxine QDlllonj Smith Robert Dunbar Raymond Ellinwood Miriam fElseaJ Howe Clifford George Eula fHagermanj Cramer Milford Houck Mary Belle Klnbodyj Vaughn Richard Kain George Krout Donald Iane Thomas Lauck Louise fMeeksj Fekete Ray Opp Don Petennan Neva fRettigj Kemmerly Iohn Rinehammer Karl Stover Elenora fSwltzerj Price Keith Young 1941 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Orville Beckwith Robert Brown Maxine lCrabillJ Forney Dale Davidson Mary lDummj Warder Wilma Iean fDuttonj Fahl Mae Ellen KEierJ Luginbuhl Iack Fahl Ruth Foster Robert Hostler Helen Louise Lanningj Lynes Gerald Lease Ralph Lelchty Elden Lutz Calvin Miller Frances lMondayj Humm Marciele fMusgravej Iohnson Thobern Price Dean Rodabaugh Harold Smith Laura fwalkerj DeWandel Reva fwheelerl Cobb Dallas Young 1942 - Supt. I. E . Paynter Arthur Bookwalter 'Keith Bookwalter Ioan fBowmanj Beckwith Geneva lDavlsD Bookwalter Marjory IDeterj Light Eris Iean KElseaj Iames Martha KFellerJ Denig Everett Fields Mildred CFieldsj Bowman Oscar Fields Donald Hostler Ella Mae CHostlerj Ney Donnell Kain Harry Karch Lorena QKiousj Michael Betty CLewisj Altman Leona fLivlngstonj Weiss Thomas Miller Mary KMusgravej Leith Maxine KPickettj Zoll Charles Russell Howard Snyder Ieannette lstaufferj Trout Mary Iayne fWardJ Price 1943 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Iack Alge Mary lBettsj Schindler Everett Bockey Lois KBushongJ Apple Maynard Brown Orlie Close Gene Dunbar Richard Elsea Donna Iune lFoltzj Cole Paul Gatchell Earl Gorsuch Emily KH1ettj Schoenberger Leta Iean fH1ndallj Musgrave Mary Lou fHustonj Price LaVohn lKingj Raab Russel Landverslcht, Ir. Verdan Lease Lillian COppl Humm Doris IRaylej Powell Marjorie fSnyderJ Maidment Esta fstevensonj Gorsuch Gerald Trout Ralph Wolfe 1944 - Supt. I. E . Paynter Wilbur Ascham Donald Baum Iean KBeagleJ Close Carolyn fBlshopj Sockrider Ruth Grown! Weber 'Robert Clinger Donald Cole V Robert Davenport Lewis Derringer Norman Doty Marilyn Fairchild Iack Foltz Ina Mae KHummJ Steiner Maxine CMarsha1lj Tracy Grace lMillerj Slusher Rebecca KMlllerj Hector Miriam lMusgravej Price Robert Parish Iean Ksampsonj Weeston Hilda KSemlerj Williams Robert Sockrider Doris fSnookl Iacobs Norma CStuckeyj Gill Marvin Wolford Vernon Beck Virginia KBeckj Russell Betty lBennettj Rike Iack Bowman Rose lBrownj Dear Iohn Chrlstoff Donna Iune Cunningham, Kems Robert Deter Ray Fields Dorotha lKindleJ Iolliff Mary Ruth fllauckj Betts Colleen fllvingstonj Cheney Franklin Livingston Helen 1Parishj McClelland Mildred Plotts Byron Radebaugh Dale Rodabaugh Madge KRodabau'ghj Iams Hallas Semler Mary Smith Norma fSnyderj Beach Bonnie CTrautwelnJ Grohoske Gene Ward 1946 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Carl Betts Iim Clinger Robert Elsea Doris QGatchellj Risser Dorothy CGatchellj Montgome 'Richard Meeks Harry Miller YY Eileen CMusgravej McCullough Elma KSnookj Trout Iames Steen Leon Trout Dell Oren Ward Helen CWilsonj Hickle Alice Cwinelandj Dyer 1947 - Supt. I. E . Paynter Mildred lBashj Kimmel Robert Beagle William Benjamin Robert Bennett Mary K. Bishop Gordon Clinger Raymond Cole Lois fDunbarJ Young fRaymond Eier Nial Elder Samuel Ellis Richard Epley Roger Hickerson William Hickle Donald Hilty Robert Himes Donna CHouckJ Foreman 'Max Kain Gerald Koehler Louie Lauck Iohn Parish Walter Rettlg Eugene Rlegle Ruby lTrautweinJ Cole 1948 - Supt. I. E . Paynter Robert Bond Iane fBowmanJ Harakal Louise lBrownJ Kellogg Herbert Cole Melvin Cole Monna fFoltzj Altvater Iean Hilty Carl Livingston Richard Magsig Myrtle QM111e1-J Hllry Iack Morehart Wayne Searfoss Waneta CShearerj Beck Delbert Snyder Evelyn Gfochumj Elsea 1949 - Supt. I.E . Paynter Eleanor Qtschamj Pulse Robert Derringer Mary Iane fDeterj 0'Donne1l Keith Dunbar Rachel KEssingerj Hartman Allen Himes Betty fPr1cej Rettlg Iulia lRosej Marshall Orvetta Searfoss Martha Nan Burenj Dunbar 1950 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Iean KAlmyj Price Tom Bowman MaryAnna QCllngerj Hickle Barbara Cole Anne Edie Florence lFenstermakerj Stevenson Robert Fruth Gene Hamilton Rose Marie iHamiltonj Kingrey Helen KHowardj Flugga Lois Koehler Carl Lease Mary Louise KLivingstonj Garner Luella flloaderj Parish Barbara fMlnderj Launder Carol Cllarishj Bowman Norma CPeverj Woodruff Mary lRadebaughj Waaland Carol KSemlerj Fulk Christine QShearerJ Schmehl Ieanne Wermillionj Hepner Martha Cwardj Benjamin Dean Willson 1951 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Iohn Beck Bob Beckman Robert Betts Patricia Louise QBuessl Ewing Iames Crilly Stanley Robert England Charles Fenstermaker David Gatchell Mary Nell lHimesJ Betts Helen Klamsj Shumacher Eldon Lee Knight Doris Ioan lKroutJ Willson Iane CLauckj Iambert Iim Morehart Ellsworth R. Price, Ir. Mary Lou CRosej Walters Colene KSmithj Gatchell Herbert Carl Stuard Rosemary Clrautweinj Bibler Helen Louise Crroutl Calvin Rachel Wermillionj Shaw Neil Ward Nellie Cwardj Branan Eleanor fYantisJ Kimmel 1952 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Wayne Bishop Iames Crawford , Delbert Dunbar Eleanor Feller Donna KFruthj Lee Patricia Ann Helms Leland Hendricks Rachel KHimesJ Mullins Patsy fHindalD Bolander Helen KI-Iowardj Staples Robert Lawton 'Charlene Loader Barbara Iean lOmanj Barrett Doris Ann KPeverJ Line Carol Ann Kstaufferj Gottler Iames Switzer Paul E. Van Buren Iohn Wolford 1953 - Supt. I. E. Paynter Esther Alge Beverly QBowmanj Rodabaugh Iim Bowman Dorothy CBraggJ Saunders Paul Buess Doneeta fBushongJ Bishop Tom Edie Donald Elsea DeWayne Fields Clyde Hendricks i Louise Hickle Franklin Koehler Iim McDaniel 1953 - Continued Diane fParishl Irwin jean fPricel Beck Don Riegle Rolland Rodabaugh Dean Schaller Ralph Smith Dale Snook Ruth CWilchl Hineland Darold Young 1954 - Supt. C. A. Blazer Shirley Alspach Betty QBatesonJ Knight Barbara Bishop Marcus Bishop Carol lColeJ Davis Bill Dodds Colene fGa1lawayl Nique Ronald Howard Irma Iams Duane Lauck Virginia Musgrave Burnell Oman 1954 - Continued Robert Pever Ray Rodabaugh Clyde Semler David Snook Marilyn KSnyderJ Lease Shirley lTrautweinl Rand Janice Q'1'routJ Bowman Mary Kay Vermillion Gerald Wilcox Audrey CWi1sonJ Shafer Lynn Wolford 1955 - Supt. C. A. Blazer Betty Alge Tom Bateson Donna fBiblerl Bushong Anita Borkosky Don Caudill Von Caudill Vernon Clark Lynn Cole Vivian Crawford 1955 - Continued Sue Carol Decker Don Dennis Esther Essinger Shirley Gibson Betty Grant Kathleen CGreerj Williamson Max Hindlnger Bill Hoctle Betty CI-Ioffmanl Haynes Marlene Hoy Sue Iawton lim Livingston Marilyn Livingston Gene McDaniel Shirley KRieg1eJ Hendricks Ioann Smith Edwin Snyder Mary fStuardl Wilkinson David Suter Annetta Cfrimblel Stuard Marjorie QWi1lsonl Rodabaugh Sharlene Cfantisl Buck 1956 - Supt. C. A. Blazer Virginia Arnold Gary Benjamin joe Bolander Don Borkosky Sharon Deerwester Margaret Eatherton Barbara QPieldsl Holbrook Barbara Hinebaugh David Howard Iean fLivingstonl Bishop Marjorie lLunnl Borkosky Nelda Nusser Richard Pever Lowanda Price Bill Riegle Frederick Rothlisberger Gerald Russell Ed Shearer Ianet Smith Hope Stauffer Esther Suter Ioe Walker Ralph Wolford l95D SENIURS M THE CAPWUL Row 1: Tack Betts, Mrs. Biro, Esther Suter, Margaret Eatherton, Lowanda Price, janet Smith, Barbara QFieldsJ Holbrook, Barbara Hinebaugh, Marjorie KLunnl Borkosky, Sharon Deerwester, Nelda Nusser, Virginia Amold, Hope Stauffer, Mr. Blazer Row 2: Iack Russell, Richard Pever, Gary Benjamin, Donald Borkosky, Ed Shearer, Bill Riegle, Ioe Walker, David Howard Row 3: Ioe Bolander, Frederick Rothlisberger Row 4: Ralph Wolford Absent: Iean Klivingstonl Bishop

Suggestions in the Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) collection:

Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 62

1957, pg 62

Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 37

1957, pg 37

Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 41

1957, pg 41

Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 29

1957, pg 29

Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 52

1957, pg 52

Mount Blanchard High School - Leaves Yearbook (Mount Blanchard, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 63

1957, pg 63

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