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■ :-:r- ' - Tj(r:?«.;t; :.-; tjr:E:i3:i? ' •«s«EiE ■ IMT , Table of Contents Current Captain ' s Phioto and Biography 2-3 Former Captain ' s Photo 4 Executive Officer ' s Photo and Biography 5 Ship ' s History 6 Command iVIoster Chief ' s Photograph and Biography 7 Ship ' s Cruise Chronology and Schedule 8-9 Change of Command 10-15 Suez Canal Transit 16-17 Jebel All Port Visit 18-19 Abu Dhabi Port Visit 20-23 Cofe MOUNT BAKER 24 Steel Beach Picnic 25 CrewCondids 26-34 Shipmates Page 35 Air Detachment 36-38 Deck Department 39-50 Engineering Department 51-59 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team 60-63 Medical 64-65 Operations Department 66-76 Supply Department 77-85 X-Novigotion 86-91 Community Relations 92-93 Homecoming 94-95 Faces 96-97 Roto port Visit 98-99 North Atlantic 100-101 Trondheim, Non oy 102-103 Stern Shots 104-112 Commander David P. Burnette Commanding Officer OFmT Born in Columbia, S.C, CDR Burnette attended public schools in nearby Florence, then enrolled in the University ot South Carolina in Columbia, where he affiliated with the NROTC unit. He gradu- ated and was commissioned in 1973. His first sea tour was aboard USS PENSACOLA (LSD 38) where he served in various division officer billets, culminating his tour as the ship ' s navigator. After a follow-on, shore-duty assignment in the officers ' programs section at Navy Recruiting District Columbia, he attended the Surface Warfare Department Head School in Newport, R.I. His first department head assignment was as Weapons Officer in USS BUCHANAN (DDG 14) from December 1979 until August 1981, which was followed by his tour as Chief Engineer Officer in USS BARBOUR COUNTY (LST 1 1 95) from October 1981 until April 1983. Both ships were homeported in San Diego, Ca. He then reported to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Ca. , where he received a Master of Science degree in transportation management, followed by six months of logistical training at the Navy School of Physical Distribution Management in Oakland, Ca, He then returned to sea as Executive Officer in USS NITRO (AE 23) in September 1985. He completed his tour aboard NITRO in December 1987 and reported to the staff of Surface Warfare Officers ' School Command in Newport, R.I., where he instructed prospective Commanding and Executive Officers until May 1991. CDR Burnette is married to the former Susan Langston of Florence, and they have two daughters. Anno and Leigh. Commander C.W. Neihart Former Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Robert L. Howard Executive Officer LCDR Robert L. Howard was born in Vinton, Iowa, in October of 1955. After attending Iowa State University under the Naval ROTC Program, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, and was commissioned an Ensign in 1978. His initial duty assignment after commissioning was in USS WHITE PLAINS (APS 4), in Yokosuko, Japan, where he served as RASE Division Officer, Communications Officer, CIC Officer, Navigator, and Operations Officer. He was then assigned to the staff of the Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, from November 1 98 1 until October 1 983. While there, he was assigned to the Personnel and Manpower Division, and as a watch officer in the Fleet Command Center. After attending the Surface Warfare Officer School ' s department head course in Newport, R.I., he reported aboard USS KLAKRING (FFG 42) as Combat Systems Officer in August of 1984. He subsequently served as readiness officer and operations officer on the staff of the Commander, Destroyer Squadron Four, in Charleston, S.C, from July 1986 until April of 1988. In May of 1988, he assumed command of the Naval Reserve Center in Wilmington, N.C. While in command, he attended evening postgraduate school classes, and received a master ' s degree in business administration. LCDR Howard ' s decorations include the Navy Commendation Medal (three awards), the Navy Achievement Medal, the Navy Expeditionary Medal (five awards), the Humanitarian Service Medal (two awards), and other service awards. He is the son of Robert D. Howard of Jefferson, Iowa, and Eleanor M. Riemcke of Cushing, Minn. LCDR Howard is married to the former Sarah Crosby of Charleston, S.C. , and they have two daughters, Caroline and Elizabeth. USS MOUNT BAKER (AE 34) joined the fleet in July of 1972, and is one ofthe Navy ' s newest 7aL ea -class ammunition sliips. This modern class of auxiliary support ship has brought an increased capability for under- way fleet replenishment. With her advanced design replenishment facilities, MOUNT BAKER can more effectively accomplish the rapid transfer of ammunition and other cargo to fleet units at sea, The ship is 564 feet long and 8 1 feet wide. When fully loaded with 6,000 tons of ordnance cargo and 2,500 tons of fuel, MOUNT BAKER displaces 1 9,000 tons, and has a maximum draft of 28 feet. The ship is armed with four three-inch-fifty-caliber, rapid-fire guns in two twin mounts. MOUNT BAKER has berthing and messing accommodations for 28 officers and 399 enl isted personnel. During deployments, a helicopter support de- tachment and an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team are em- barked. This modern fleet ammunition ship is the second U.S. Navy ship to bear the name MOUNT BAKER. The first USS MOUNT BAKER was also an ammunition ship (AE 4), gallantly and honorably participating in the European and Pacific theaters during World War II, and also during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. She was stricken from the register in 1969. Both ships were named for one of the United States ' most recently active volcanoes. Mount Baker is a 10,778-foot peak in the Cascades Mountain Range in the state of Washington. w Master Chief Torpedoman ' s Mate Joseph R. Bowlds Command Master Chief A native of Owensboro, Ky., Master Chief Torpedoman ' s Mate Joseph R. Bowlds joined the U.S. Naval Reserve and v as assigned to active duty in 1966 aboard USS TALLAHATCHIE COUNTY (AVB 2), homeported in Naples, Italy. He then enlisted in the regular Navy in 1972, and served successfully aboard the submarine tenders USS L.Y. SPEAR (AS 36) and USS DIXON (AS 37). After completing shore duty as a Navy recruiter in Pittsburgh, Pa., he returned to sea, this time aboard the submarine tender USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40). Upon transferring to shore duty, he became the senior instructor at the Advanced Undersea Weapons School in Service School Command, Orlando, Fla. From there he reported aboard USS MOUNT BAKER (AE 34). Cruise. Sept. 26 UndeAA ay for Deployment MED 4-91 Oct, 9 Transit Strait of Gibraltar to Mediterranean Sea Oct, 12 Commence Transit of Suez Canal Oct, 13 Complete Transit of Suez Canal Oct. 30 Transit Strait of Hormuz to enter Arabian Gulf Nov. 12 Moored in Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates Nov, 16 Underway from Jebel All Nov. 27 Moored in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Dec. 4 Underway for gunnery exercises Dec. 12 Moored Jebel Ali, UAE Dec. 14 RADM Taylor (COMUSNAVCENT) arrives for change-of-command ceremony as CDR D.P. Burnette relieves CDR C.W. Neihart as CO. of USS MOUNT BAKER Dec. 16 Underway from Jebel All Dec. 17 Commence Operation Eastern Leopard Dec, 22 Moored in Abu Dhabi Dec. 24 Candlelight service held on flight deck for all inport ships Dec. 30 Underway from Abu Dhabi Dec, 31 Moored in Mine Sulman, Bahrain Jan. 2 Underway from Mina Sulman, Bahrain Jan, 3 -15 Commence Operation Red Reef in Arabian Sea Jan, 16 Moored in Jebel All, UAE Jan. 25 Underway from Jebel All, UAE Jan. 29 Moored in Abu Dhabi, UAE Feb. 2 Underway from Abu Dhabi, UAE Feb. 6 Transit Strait of Hormuz for the last time ..Chronology Feb. 7 - 26 Transit the Arabian and l ed Seas Feb. 27 Transit the Suez Canal Feb. 29 Moored in Augusta Bay, Sicily Italy Mar. 1 - 4 Transit the Mediterranean Sea Mar. 5 Moored in Rota, Spain Mar. 9 Underway from Roto, Spain Mar. 10 Underway for Trondheim, Norway for Exercise Teamwork ' 92 Mar. 1 1 — 19 Hit the worst seas to ever " grace " mankind Mar. 12 Still trying to get to Trondheim Mar. 13 Gove up trying to get to Trondheim! Mar. 14 BG decided we should try once again for Trondheim! Mar. 17 We cross the Arctic Circle and commence the Blue Nose Initiation and ceremony Mar. 20 Moored in Trondheim — pick up sonobuoys Mar 21 WE ARE HEADING HOME...V PPff Mar. 22 We hit the second worst weather Mar. 31 Anchored off Bermuda to pick up " Tiger Cruise " passengers Apr. 2 MOORED IN CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROUN A... FMALLm Change of Command Dec. 14, 1991 Jebel All, United Arab Emirates CDR D.P. Burnette relieves CDR C.W. Neihart as Commanding Officer of USS MOUNT BAKER (AE-34) EP - " = - , » ■ : i H , « X i HR K Mfl 91 ' ■H |jl Bi Hj|r Jul 1 rte ■K - ' m ■ 1 10 -t .T 11 12 13 14 II I If r Transiting the Suez Canal -- Oct. 12-13 91 m A HjB tsT ' l 15 16 f aSSfC " , I — t- 17 Jebel AN, United Arab Emirates 18 . J:1i : A - — -Jf-eii • 19 20 W .J ' S ' ' i.rwv .. - frv- ' 21 22 23 Cafe MT. BAKER 24 steel Beach Picnic 25 " Sailors, with tineir built-in sense of order, service, and discipline, should really be running the world. " " Nicholas Monsarrati 27 F28 29 Arms alone are not enough to keep the peace. It must be kept by men and women. " " John F. Kennedy 30 33 " People, and not things, ore the fundamental factor in determining the outcome of war. " — Gen. Jui-Ching 34 This crew is a mosaic of faces, n it eacin person Inas his or her own individuality, yet we are united in diversity because we call ourselves " shipmates. " $5$$$?$ 35 36 i 37 AIR DETACHMENT The HC-46 Air Detachment from NAS Norfolk, Vc, became a vital part of MOUNT BAKER ' S crew, enabling the ship to meet all mission requirements. The daily routine rapidly changed as the need arose. This called for great flexibility and professionalism to meet each challenge. The Air Det. put MOUNT BAKER ' S motto into action, " WE DELIVER WITH CLASS. " DECK-- 1st Division 1st Division, Deck ' s largest, is responsible for weather decks forward of the superstructure, many forward holds, unrep equipment, bridge watchstanding, boats, and crews. BM2 Richard King BM2 Gladys Ortega BM3 Paul McGann BM3 Chad Mitchell BM3 James Shamburger BM3 Randy Stoker 39 40 SN Edwin Flores SN Stephen Grazetti SN Rhonda Hankinson SN Woodzell Harris SN William Herndon FN Christopher Jones SN Jorge Ramos SN Shannon Richards SN Scott Spilker SMSN James Steinmetz SN Bryan Timmermon SA Waylan Hall 41 SA Samuel Lutz SA James Maclure SA Willie Martin SA Robert Poskey SA Jason Stevens SA Jotin Tobin 42 SR Richard Johinson SR Jimmy Wilburn DECK - 2ncl Division 2nd Division oversees the flight deck, aviation gear, two 10-ton booms, three UNREP stations, the captain ' s gig, and the officers motor boat ENS Jacqueline Sechtman BMC(SW) Steven Byce BM 1 Major Barnhill ' M BMl Calvin Brown BM2 William Wilson BM3 Michael Anderson BM3 Todd Darby BM3 Barry Lee BM3 Arvell Rollins 43 SN Stephen Falls SN James Hancock SN Ronney Henderson SN Christopher Hill SN Marc Nichohls SN Kenny Paul SN Shawn Schiipp SA Michael Harmon SA Anthony May 44 DECK - 3rcl Division 3rcl Division ' s primary responsibility is handling every piece of ordnance and armmunition, and cargo, aboard MOUNT BAKER. SA Paschal Frazier GMGSA John Gyuloi SA John Martinez GMGl(SW) Jackie Martin GMG3 James Wallace SN Gregory Tietz 45 CARGO I I ' •• ?l 5? P t 1 LTJG Steven Stearns GMCS Larry Garland GMG2 Darren Dudley GMG2 Robert Harris GMG3 Shannon Garrison GMG3 Rafael Montanez SN John Dillsworth SN Devin Mayhall SN Mike Montoya 46 SN Charles Todd GMGSA David Auxier 1 SA William Burdick SA Dorrell Davis SA Chris Fitzgerald SA Michael Slutter SR Robert Lambert SR Albert Stewart 47 STREAM Standard Tension Replenishment Alongside Method: That is STREAM Division. This highly skilled team of professionals is responsible for hydraulic winches, tensioners, cargo and weapons elevators, topping lifts, fork trucks, and hydraulic doors. CW02 Curtis Bruer MMCM Terry Kampmeier EM2 Samuel Abrigo Ml I2 Michael Aritor etti MM2 Manuel Cameron EM2 Walter Shepord 48 MM3 Anthony Boudreaux MM3 Joseph Carter MM3 Joseph Fisher EM3 William LeBeaux MM3 Dale Tischler BM3 Charles Wilcox 49 SN Danny Gaines SN John Gill. II MMFN Morris Jackson EMFN Marvin Mabry SN Chad Moss SA Anthony Schramm ( FA Edmund Fitzpotrick SA Geoffrey Fuchs SA Tracy Strickland 50 ENGINEERING-- A Division A " Division is primarily a support division responsible for auxiliary pov er sources and units onboard. " A " Division also v orks with certain stations during UNREPs, flight quarters, and boat operations. ' Eugene Howard LrjSSabrinaZerphy ENl Floyd Hardy 51 MM3 Ronald Bailey FN Anthony Chieffo MMFN Tony Demott 52 ■ :yiFN Teresa Vargo ENFN Travis Whitten MMFN Michael Williams 53 ENGINEERING -- " B " Division Ihese Boiler Teclnnicians ore responsible for anything from cleaning a deck, to refueling another ship-- as long as it involves keeping the screw turning. " B " Division is also responsible for the Oil Lab, where daily reports concerning fuel and water, are kept. BTl Robert Black BTl(SW) Robert Stickney BTl John Vermuele BT2(SW) Trent Hartman BT2 Kevin McMillan BT3 Martin Crimmins EMFN Donald Fox FN Matthew Gordon EMFN Horace Martin 54 TFN Robert Szwel TFA Kevin Brown ' ' Roy Rice 55 ENGINEERING -- " E " Division " E " Division is separated into two work centers. One is comprised of Electrician ' s Mates, who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of motors, generators, power, and lighting. The other work center is comprised of Interior Communications Electricians, who are responsible for the maintenance of telephones and navigational equipment, ICl Doris Daniel ICl Wilbur Lloyd IC2 C, Borangan IC2 Jeanne Cousin IC3 Markus Helm EM3 Andre " Joubert 56 EM3 Edgar Managan EM3 Richard Svedekum EM3 Troy Williamson IC3 Mackie Wilson EMFN B Harrington ICFN Christopher Russell 57 ENGINEERING -- " M " Division The Machinist ' s IVIates of " IVI " Division provide ship ' s power from three steam turbine generators; 32,000 gallons of water daily from two distilling plants, and 22,000 shaft horsepower to propel the ship through the water. fi ' u. ' fs- MMCSOW) Sutton MM2(SW) Mitchell MM3 Buckner 58 DC3 Michael Bowman DC3 Tommy Spears MR3 Morcelino Villero ) i V W DCFN Gregory Forley DCFN Travis Gossett DCFA William Grigg 59 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit Onboard for the cruise were five members of tine Explosive Ordnance Disposal mobile unit. The Det. provided MOUNT BAKER and the rest of the battle group with a mobile, well trained EOD team that could handle any explosive incident. ( ■ LT Steve McLaughlin WTC(DV) Arthur Johnson AOl Charles Hasher ' ' V r ■ XL. HT2 Douglas Doyel MN2(DV) Brian Viner kfl i k 60 HC-B CETTWO 1 v v ■,A-: 7 4 1 -St 1 3 --i V ajl i fi k a p H 61 62 63 MEDICAL The Medical Department is more than just band-aids and aspirins. Besides the daily routine ot sick calL Medical maintains the health of the crew, and monitors the environment for potential safety and health hazards. Training the crew is also an important facet of Medical. HMC Kean Beierschmitt HMl Dana Tate HM3 Cheryl Jacoby FN Clemencia Religioso 64 65 OPERATIONS -- OE Division The Electronics Technicians of OE Division maintain a variety of complex electronic equipment, including radars and associated gear. The ETs also maintain, repair and calibrate various test equipment, ETCS(SW) Victoria Jacobs ETC(SW) Claude Medford ET2 Clinton Davis ET2 Darla Hutchinson ET3 Thomas Brown ET3 Andre " Maxwell 66 ET3 John Parker ET3 Randolph Scott ET3 Brian Trimble 67 OPERATIONS -- OF Division Tl e Fire Controlmen of OF Division ore responsible for all facets of the CIWS (Close-in Weapons System) gun system. They maintain a highly sophisticated and computerized gun system, which is MOUNT BAKER ' S main line of defense. Their ongoing task is to keep the ship ' s two CIWS mounts in top condition. FCC(SW) Raymond Anderson FC2(SW) Marty Groover FC3 Brian Broun FC3 Timothy Simmons 68 69 OPERATIONS -- OI-OW Division TInis division supports the ship ' s mission by collecting, displaying, evaluating and disseminating tactical intormotion, The division is the " eyes " of the ship, alertly watching radar scopes, performing target tracking functions, and monitoring radio circuits. LT Gary Thompson OSC Daniel Show OSl Dennis Emhoff EWl Robert Greenhouse EW2 Alan McGowan EW2 James Pugh OS2 David Ross EW3 Thomas Westfall OSSN Reynard Dauphin 70 71 EWSN Eugene Harris OSSN Hward Maready OSSA Arthur Potter EWSA David Retamozo OSSA Leonard Warren OSSR Dustin Helton 72 OPERATIONS -- OC Division As part of OC-OF Division, the Signalmen are involved in various multi-ship drills, including flashing light, flaghoist, and semaphore. During conditions of EMCON, or visual and radio silence, visual signaling is utilized because it ' s more secure. SMCS(SW) Richard O Bryan SMI Terry Smith SM2 Christopher Smith Om 73 SM3 Gino Baldoni SM3 William Ridley SMSN Gordon Matthews SMSN David Meekhof SMSN Todd Metzger SMSR Derrick Washington . . 74 OPERATIONS -- OC Division Radio personnel are responsible for all external communications. The ship ' s schedule, intentions, assignments, and commitments are all sent and received by radio. Radiomen use highly sophisticated equipment to send and receive the huge volume of messages at high speeds. RMC Linda Bright RM 1 Bernie Staliibrass RMl(SW)GaryToth RM2 Lavada Coleman RM2 Carolyn Jackson RM3 Ray Brown RM3 Meco Favors RMS Rodney Pittman 75 RM3 Lloyd Stout RM3 Cheryl Trainer RMSN Brad Goudy RMSN Michael Sharpstene 76 SUPPLY --S-1 Division As long as there have been ships at sea, there has been a storekeeper setting sail. S-1 Division issues, receives, and orders the necessary supplies. Whenever a piece of gear breaks, when toilet paper runs out, the storekeepers provide the logistical support, s n 1 1 1 1 4 LT Thomas McMurdy SKCS(AW) Sharon Randall SK I James Warren 77 SK3 James Zorena SK3 Nicholas Alilio SK3 Johnny Gaston SKSN Cleve Thompson 78 79 SUPPLY -- S-3 4 Division This division is responsible for tine payroll, allotments, LES ' s, haircuts, bulk storage, ship ' s store, soda machines, post office, and the crew ' s laundry. LTJG Stephen Leyva DKl Jean Foster SH2 Timottiy Lewis 80 81 SN Daniel Jeune SHSN Cordell Hayes SHSN Ronald Kaufman DKSN Brian Newcomer SHSN Gregory Kichey DKSN Victor Rodriguez DKSN Antonio Carter SA Dorothiy Mays SHSA Eric Valley 82 SUPPLY-- Mess Food Service MSC(SW) Manuel Magistrono MSI Carolyn Powe MS2 Christopher O Banner 83 MS3 Jemel Dixon MSSN Tommy Bronnon MS5N Athur Bray 84 85 LT Kenneth Bowers LT Karis Graham, CHC MAI James McCartha, Jr. PC3 Lawrence Bolden, III k a ' AfiJB I fer M 86 Administration consists of many different work centers, encompassing many different missions: Ship ' s Office, Career Counselor, Command Religious Program, Master-at-Arms, and the Command Master Chief. PNCS Dollie Waters NCC John Galloway ETC Ralph Wiley •Ui YNl Teresa Cuniff BM2 Harriet Thompson PN3 Roy Brool s ■ M3 Jess Hires PNSN Derrick Bond SN Forris Purify 87 X-NAV -- Master-at-Arms The Master-at-Arms force ensures that good order and discipline are maintained aboard the ship at all times. The Master-at-Arms Force: (front row, left to right: Bl 12 Gladys Ortega, YN2 Teresa Jones and MACS(SW) Patricia Huntley. (Back row, left to right) are SMCS(SW) Richard OBryan, SN Christopher Fitzgerald, and MAI James McCartha. 89 Quartermasters The Quartermasters are the ship ' s navigatior specialists. They plot our course through the open oceans, and through the narrow channels. They also keep watch of the geo-physicol surroundings. QMC Donald Philpot QMl Mark Hollmen QM2 Mark Beatty o mut h WlJ J QM3 Joyce Phillips QMS Chip Suttles QMSN Randy Rude QMSN Robert Teasley .m f r i. 90 91 r -w %» _ - .fc ::.- ji -- 92 COMMUNITY RELATIONS USS MOUNT BAKER ' S Command Religious Program sponsored three community relations projects. Thie ship s crew and the Air Det, dedicated many hours to the Al-Asheet and Al-Noor schools for disabled Arab children. Activities included ushering for the fund-raising wrestling event in Dubai, U.A.E., renovating the charity store, and playing basketball with the children. The Command Religious Program also offered an outdoor Christmas Eve worship service in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Attending were the American Ambassador to the U.A.E,, the Arch Deacon of the Church of England, crew members from four U.S. Navy and British ships in port for the holidays, and other American and British civilians. VE IRflDIRG ESI qjUijiBUiii 93 F 94 fc ' f , J ' - -4. I HOMECOMINGml 7 ■ " " ■ I 95 96 ... r= n i l s-J m ' a 4 ijj 1 r. " «(i»Air- 97 Ports 8c Sights: Roto, Spain | 98 3 99 The North Atlantic 100 101 102 103 stern Shots -- The Crew ... Work or d at Play 104 •fc- 105 stern Shots.. r I » .jfe-ii 106 m 5 . SmL Jl 1 Imi ■ H ' ■ . - J.. ■ ,. 107 stern Shots... 1 1 ;. 1 [p ' Sa H 108 I IH B 3 E rv B 1 1 R. S 9 1 i 1 ' 1 PI L_ J 1 i J ! i v H H I P BB i Ka V M 109 no ni 112 ALSWORTH nTPT? HBLISHING COMPANY i " - ' - ' ' i CRUISE BOOK OFFICE Janal Office BIdg . Suite 2 Norfolk, VA 23502 A--::;

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