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x Q31 li li Q-'E if! fzi il! ii A s Mu iz: L4 'v fl In ,ws E vt' , , J . 1- ,Ll QQ, lg. 'J .I J il ul' ' QQ, V3 I ,-'1 3? ti ff: sf 111 if M in if xljl L THE PATH OF OU T ASSISI ACADE In the passing ol' a score of years, Mount Assisi Academy has blazed a true path in education, increasingly giving its students a real understanding of life in its different relationships, spiritual as well :ls material. The generous vocational guidance affords them an enlightened view of the future responsibilities that are ahead of them in this postwar world. The goal of lvl. A. A. has ever been to train students for living by de- veloping in them a strong moral character, loyalty to God's ideals and those of our American way of life. We lay our laurels of worthy achievement at the feet of the Divine Teacher where wc learn the only Wisdom that can solve the World's problems because it is the wisdom of God. Q., 5. -'LEA- . '. l -Y, X Ti li lil 15 lt lf ,S all ' 6 in lltillfg , pi tiniia i vim is ll. v T' 2 T FifiQii9t" 1 +- x ball z .-g li I-E! I3 N o i' W, TTT M li --XX - .Q 4.2 Q? l Z2 LJ BM If 1' W 5 nl.-V iv V 1 Y ' 7 "find lexus udunnccd in zufsdorvz and age and grave before God and men." QLulQe 2, 52j The Youth Christ holds up His own divine life as thc guiding Light for us along the path. Following with clear vision and Fidelity, we advance as He did in wisdom and age and grace before God and men. 796 PUBLISI-lliD by the Senior Class so that you may know the story of the successful advance- ment along the path of knowledge, chzuuictcr, and life by students of Mount Assisi Academy, who are E Gqcfoarzcilzg in wiacfonz flagzi Q-75' Gqcfqarzcing in age pages 79-30 Gqcfucuzcing in yzczaa - fgzagai 37-49 MOUNT ASSISI ACADEMY, Bellevue, Pa. PRINCIPAL Nlormsn M. Mnrnoum, O. S. F. Studerzt leader: - Anna Grace Cokus, Alberta Straka, Dorothy Martin - in conference DEDICATIO In the closing hours of our high school days, there comes to us a never fading memory of ll beloved and cherished guide along the path of M. A. A ...... a tender friend to Whom we owe sincerest gratitude for help in the zidvanceinent vve have achieved ..... a gentle lender, kind and generous, in the person of our esteemed and venerable Principal. We graduates of '46, therefore, consider it 21 distinct privilege and honor to dediczlte this fourth volume of T H E C I-I I lVl E. S as LI token of sincere appreciation, to ri-is REVEREND Mornmz M. MErHoD1A, o. s. 12. rd M 9 W Nr MOUNT ASSISI ACADEMY is located in Bellevue, Penn- sylvania, on one of the highest points in the vicinity. The climate is ideal, the air invigorating, and the views beautiful as they change with the seasons. There is every opportunity for close attention to studies, for the student is far enough removed from the noise of the city to be able to have the quiet so necessary for serious scholarship. Within the campus the students not only have every educational advantage, but also enjoy well-rounded social and athletic activities. TI-IE CHIEF GUIDES pointing out the Way along the path through Mount-hAssisi Academy. These have the mission and the privilege to Iead the students to a clear understanding of a well-balanced life for time and eternityg to inculcate true values and appreciation of the benefits of our democracy. I REV. CLARENCE TSCHIPPERT, O. F. M. CAP. Chaplain and Spiritual Director TI-IE FACULTY First Row: Sr. M. Ieanne, Sr. M. Celestine Sr. Magdalen, Sr. M. Eymard, Sr. M. Mildred Sr. M. Lucy, Sr. M. Paulag toria, Sr. M. Cecilia. . We 'V' 'uf ' ' I . -If 3 Second Row: Sr. M. Felicitas, Sr. Immac- ulata, Sr. M. Bonaventure, Sr. M. Gerard, Moth- er M. Methodia, Sr. M. Catherine, Sr. M. Vie- SCHOOL SONG Words by Melody adapted from ,,., Fuifzcr Clurc'11c'e "Roxy of 'l'm!n"' we love Mt. As- si- si' , o.-gleam op, the, hill-top, A P ble Jlovcliiti. AB- ,'TnCJkijfBe'st?1oQh6DOfl bca,-con gf Hgh? in 'the life of us o.H5 Hs all that zs beau-tb ful, no-ble, and frue, To- WJ HIP' Jw J HAVE I 't fl-Eff '.hd-edh- , afxgs 5:3 4.5. m:':f.2:':.,,' Q: 'iz,"5.,5.fir and g,z."5.i'z,i.. E152 QW J f'V1f'fEJl.vHJ X brick and each stanejn each can-scgcmte wall. sweet ben-e-dic-'hon come mem'-was oi -you. W' MQJJJE' JLJJJLULE CHORUS! Ali hail M- ma. Ma-fer, all hail MtAS- si-Sl., Wt. M J mf mv m look up on high a.S we fook up To you. En- WWJAJJ lf'5JlfJglUJf'P.H Wa1ff W,f 'f'f J' H ADYANQIQG - - - - X 1 yy: ' ' UA. U 1 ,, 1 ig N M. X 110 : 5 2 ,, .E X .A '- u .,f- F E ,, ,...v9'b-all 'P f'P" , '!"' I 3" AXA ig 45' I KJ!!--4" ,,..- xiii- ,f""ff "4-:T: ag?-X" ff' ' '-- "-i""'g-JJ" .L -,.-2.-.-1-"'-L' fv L, .- ,ml ., B 3 - E V 3 H X Left Panel - Top The future belongs to those who prepare for it, 'ind the tw'n . - 1 s, Mary Ann and Gertrude Kovae, know how to do it. They recom- mend frequent use of eucyclopedias. Lvl! Pune! - Ccrztw' Character huilding is under discussion and Christian social vir tues are cultivated in the company of our beloved chaplain, Father Clarence. The enthusiastic disciples are Marjorie Taylor Rosem i MY Solinsky, Yvonne Snyder, Dorothy Szykowny, Carolyn Rozman, Cl N Care Villiains, Ruth Vogel. Left Panel - Honour Ready for the world oli tomorrow hy being Well-informed cit- izens olf today are our freshmen in Civics - Martha McChesney, Elizabeth Foglio, Cecilia Baker. Bottom - Books control the future: using them rightfully makes one a leader. Martha Palka, Mary Giglio, Martha Kelly, and Shirley King can tell you that hooks are ll't1C friends and always helpful. Q The Sophomores make Mark Anthony live and talk again in the person of Mary Kaulimang Anna Mae Dakoski, Nancy Loge- man, Mary Ann Soltis, Regina Walker, and Rita Sala form an eager and interested au- dicnee. You will meet these Latin students - Anne Markovich, Philomena Kuhanic, Mary Louise Stack, Bernadette Bednar, Marion - again 111 the world ol' science, law, medicine, or business where Latin terminology predoniinates. Collier, Nina Cirineione CH HUUC W Mya 2 'gsvl 0 . 1 .A ,..n,.R?T4 r ii,-wwf. EJ. wi --It There is always genuine interest displayed in National Catholic Book Week and these English Students -- Mary Lou Straka, Ioan Marshall, Mary Harris, Dolores lrgang, Bernice Chasarik, including little Patricia Gallagher stress love for good reading. m les these students OE Learning from concrete exa p , Slovak Class - Irene Mihal, Mary Lukach, Cecilia Iacko, and Dorothy Sinchak - are examining real Slovak hand- d dmirinf the original and 1n- made embroidery an are a' g Lricate design. One of the hest ways to insure 11 fine Latin American good-neighbor pol- icy is demonstrated by the students of Spanish - Agatha Baviera, Anna Mae Lucas, Iune Ogden, Genevieve Naczyn- ski. Another eager group of American cit- izens learning German pronunciation, conversation, and dictation are Yvonne Snyder, Marilyn Mclienna, Carolyn Roz- man, Clare Williams. With Loday's emphasis on science, these freshmen - Mary Conway, Sarah Wivell, Catherine Tevis, Thelma Barry have an early start. They are demonstrat- ing slow oxidation. Cheek and double-check! Our fresh- men learn discrimination and exaetness while acquiring skill in tracking down the unknown in Algebra class. They are Ruth Bumiller, Ann Parrendo,,Eileen Ford, Patricia McCampbell. Learning to be atlept with the protractor, ruler, and compass will help these Geometry students - Theresa Rudzik, Virginia Kontrik, Ruth Car- lin, and Catherine Derbish - to gen- eralize and think definitely in abstract terms. Marilyn Mclienna and 1-Ielen lirue- ne are reaching the solution for this trigonometry problemg Sister M. Fel- icitas cheeks from the sicle. Observing the exact methods of procedure anal precision, our seniors - Mary Voellaer, Agnes Kubanie, Marion Wetzel, and Helen Bruene - are ap- plying the laws of physics in an experi- ment on Hooke's Law and with the Forsc Board. The important position of Chem- istry in our modern world cannot be doubted. Its future possibilities engross our juniors - Patricia Galvin, Albina Semancik, Margaret Matlia, Mary Capp while they experiment with electro- lytes and non-electrolytes. l Rise - Move Forward - R coursei V ' ' elax. A n First Aid prepares 0 men - X ur Fresh- 1 nn C1111 h ,. tg an, Theresa Giba, Elizabeth Patty, fstandingj-and Ber- nice Evans and Amelia Husava fon floorj - to handle any emergencyg c. g , fractures or drowning. f v mg: ME i' F10'l'f . H .two it i is 8.8 ' . . x iouf Y '."?'1" N W -t IW4 7 I, The Sophomore ,,. , ll? e, yy l ', "iff 'ri i--li ll' 7 i a i fr A ,Jegll .ii , f"'.J-afiia-1' '-- - V - x ', i A mas' 4 ' V Y A x H .l l' K ,lb . I collection ol? plants . for Botany class is proudly examined 3 and displayed by Agnes Wright, Rose- mary l-Irabak, Ioan Nigrelli, Dorothy Bcnko. The basic foundation lor the study of medicine, nursing, or social work is be- ing laid here by our Sophomores-Rita Salad 'Anna Mae Kuzma, Christine VVoods, Rita Mae Foley-who are se- curing lirst-hand facts from observa- tion. Now more than ever the country needs healthy citizens to carry on post- war reconstruction. These Iuniors- Ruth Mcfiurgan, Kathleen I-Ierzer, Alice Connelly, and Catherine Geh- ringer - seem to enjoy a class in Hy- gieue. " + v , Q1 I 3 xl-5' X- -lvl t Our school nurse, Sister M. Lucy, R. N., administers quick and sure relief to the casualties sustained by Tillie Vrsansky, Dolores Stecnkist, Mary Louise Klauscher. What's cooking? You'll have to ask Iosephine edorski and Dorothy Kutcher because they stirred Sister M. Paula gives the Final he ingredients while istructions. Under Sister M. Catherines skillful directing, ur seniors - Mary Ieanne Meiiurgan, Genevieve Iajkut, Dolores Polyak, Dorothy Minihane - are taining proficiency in plain sewing, embroidery, ocheting and knitting. Some finished products are u display. Medicines must be given with exactness, the patient must be comfortable, the nurse must be cheerful. These luniors - Dolores Klimko, Dorothy Szykowny, Ruth Vogel are putting Home Nursing into actual practice for future efficiency. Marion Winkler and Albina Semancik are play- ing sick. i Center - These ellicient commercial students are becoming well acquainted in han- dling various office machines, as the mimeograph ditto, mul- comptometer, Viti, Gene- tigraph. They are Nancy vieve Majkut, Margaret Lascak, Mar- tha Palka. Bottom - left It is possible - 57 Words a minute. The students - Mary Ieane McGurgan, Olga Zello, Dolores Polyak, Martha Palka, Bernadette Piekarski - realize that speed is the introduction to a fu- ture oflice job. ,.. 'P L7 Q 1 f V- y .Ji ..4:1 U ..... f wmv QA f Y -I :gf -in .J fu-Q ILM. '-n'1'.-' ' ' ' .LJ' "l 11 Above - Our future business experts-Andrey I-lartigan, Audrey Gehringer, Marie Thomas, Gertrude Bacik - put in hours of practice at the Hling cabinet in order to become somebody's efficient secretary. Below - Dorothy Choplto, Marie Slobodnik, and Iosephine Vavrek have as their goal 120 words per minute while Anna Grace Coltus and Alberta Straka are Watching out for accuracy in tran scribing shorthand notes. 3 iff? in 5 l-rg .l ,, Adrniring au attractive display of completed canvases are our topnolch art students Audrey Harrigan and Mary Kaufman. Sister M. Mildred, instructor, looks on with satisfaction. Masterpieces have a good chance of appearing from the careful and exact lingers of our artists - Tillie Vrsansky, Iacqueline Berie, Dolores Steenkist, Wilma Pechak, Albina Semancik, Anna Mae Lucas. Individual musical talent is professionally developed by Sister M. Cecilia. The duet is played by Mayne McKee who is at the piano and Theresa Rudzili who plays the violin, while Sister checks on the time element. Constance Frank and Mary Louise Parana Will be able organists with all the training in the study of the control of the mechanism of the organ along with manual and pedal technique. That's what we call aetive attention in our sophomores-Bottonzz Sylvia Raus, Alice Weber, Theresa Kasuba, Lenora Zawoyslii, Mary Saunders, Mary Heyl, Rita Potts, Dolores Swetonicg lop: Agnes Lesko, lrene Mihal, Lorraine Car- lin-antl you see why Sr. M. Gerard takes such :i keen interest in choral singing. A source ol' enjoyment to the Eng- lish classes-choral recitation. Our zest- lul sophomores and freshmen carry over a poem into lile, liorm, and feeling. They are-Firxl Row: Anna Mae Kuz- nia, loan Krall, loan Hartigan, llllen Sirianni, Beatrice Cholko, Marie Bertlisg Second Row: Helen Mereulov, Margaret Safcak, Pauline McMahon, Louise Mar- Hak, Virginia Kontrik, Third Rom: Theresa Luther, Margaret Pnalcovich, Margaret Helz, Irene Lippellg Fourth Row: Anna Flack, Dolores Monuski, lean Fecheek. ls the world in your way? Let the Iuniors - Ruth Stephany, lietsy Ann Coll, Anne Gregantla, Frances Howarth, Franor Miller, Agnes Gnipp-show you how to set facts straight. The globe is a most reliable source and guide in Ameri- can History. Our freshmen-Mary Barntloller, Virginia Roche, Catherine Reed, lean Conti-are learning to cope with thc problems ol: the present clay through a stutly of the past. Here they set their mincls at rest about the location of Rome in the Ancient NVorlcl. 'ii QDWSNQING- - ' 'W A. Z '15 Nts 1 yin I V 1' s v Pg X "X -Q. .xy A. . X, gl 11 li! 4 Q QX il' 7 4 J ' r 'f .-.a----- P -:L-f-+ ,ffw 62-9-f ff PQ+: - 2 ff J, Our Freshmen of Section I - First Row: Marion Schumacher, Ruth Bumiller, Virginia Roche, Thelma Barry, Dolores Dixon, Ann Callaghan, Frances Romano, Marion King, Second Row: Catherine Tevis, Mary Barndoller, Mary Lou Straka, Cecilia Iacko, Helen Merculov, Rosemary De Temple, Catherine Reed, Ann Parrentlo, Dolores Irgangg Third Row: Ioan Hartigan, lean Conti, Pauline McMahon, Thelma Vavrek, Beatrice Cholko, Louise Marflak, Patricia Walker, Loretta Solinskyg Fourth Row: Adrienne Berie, Eileen Ford, Irene Lippell, Dolores Monuski, Amelia Hu- sava, Mary Conway, Mary Harris. Lenders for Fresh men: Sr. Magdalen fHome Room Teacher, Sec. HD Mary Lou Straka CSecretary, Sec. lj Adrienne Berie fPresident Sec. U Sr. M. Bonaventure fl-Iome Room Teacher, Sec. Ij Mildred Shelleby fPresident, Sec. Ilj Donna Dublino fSecretary, Sec. HQ ,S I " 'G'-2. Our freshmen - CBott0mQ Alice Brunner, Frances Romano, Rosemary DeTemple, Ann Manzella, Thelma Vavrek: CTopJ Helen Mer- culov, Elizabeth Foglio, Belly Miller - linger, chatting pleasantly before the lunch period is up. Our Freshmen of Section ll - Flillff Row: C. English, E. Foglio, King, C. Baker, T. Ciba, C. Vignale, C. Katusin, B. Wright, D. Steen- kist, B. Chasarikg Serorzd Row: M. Amhrein, F. Lamm, P, McCamphell, M. McChesney, B. Miller, A. Manzella, I. Marshall, D. Dubliuo, M. Klauseherq Third Row: B. Evans, T. Luther, M. Shellehy, E. Loehig, P. Fratto, I. Timpani, E. Patty, A. Brunner: Fourth Row: M. Lukaeh, M. Pnakovich, D. Monuski, A. Flack. MOVING AHEAD - OUR SOPHOMORES Below - Our So homores of Section II - First Row' I. Fedorski, p . . I. Potocki, M. Saunders, A. Salinctro, D. Kutcher, C. Sham- lin M. A. Soltis, M. Kelly, V. Kontrilig Slf6'0lZd Row: M. Weaver, lo. Zawoyski, T. Ccnkncr, Nancy Logeman, li. Bed- ' ll' R P tt A ncs Iesl'o' Tl1il'?i Row' R. nar, M. Co' ner, . 0 s, g -' . , . ' I ' ' ' 'li D. P ko Walker M. C. Murphy, A. Hannon, M. L. Stat , ren , A. M. liuzma, T. Kusubag Fourfh Row: R. M. Foley, C Dcrhish, S. Raus, A. Weber, I. Fecheck, R. Hralnali, M. Bclz I. Mihal. Lccizlcrs for Sop!1omo1'c.v.' - Qliottom lcflj Thcrcsa Cenkucr fScc1'etary, Sec. QI Sr. lmmaculata QI-Ionic Room Teacher, Scc. .YI Margaret Bclz CPrcsic.lcnt, Sec. Zj Sr. M. Eymarcl fl-lome Room Teacher, Scc. lj Marion Mngcr QPiesident, Sec. lj Christine Woods Secretary, Scc. lj 7 Above - Our Sophomores of Section I - First Rom: A, W'right, N. Ross N. Cirincione, R. Breier, I. Nigrelli, E. Siriunni, W. Pechak, I. Krallg Second Row: E. Mitricka, D. Sinchak, H. Strike, M. Shina, M. Berdis, C. Woods, M. Safchakg Thzrd Row: N. Yantchik, C. Petter, R. Safa, A. Polyak, M. I-Iudacin, L. Carling Fourth Row: I. Berie, R. Carlin, P. Kubanic, A. Markovich, T. Rudzik, A. M. Dakoskig Fifth Rom: I. Tock, M. Mager, ' D. Swctonic, M. Kaufman, M. I-Ieyl. A jolly group of our sophomores heading for the path home after a clayis Work. They are loft zo right - M. Mager, I. Tockg M. Hudacin, I. Potockig Middle: N. Cirincione, A. Marko- vichg Top: A. Weber, M. Safcak. Our juniors hold a "cram" session on one of the stair- waysg looks as il: the test might be a "tough" one for Alice Connelly, Agatha Baviera, Agnes Gnipp, Catherine Gehr- inger, Patricia Galvin, Mary Giglio, Mary Capp, Betsy A. Coll Our Iuniors are - First Row: A. Connelly, C. Rozman C. Gehringer, I. Ogclen, M. Winkler, L. Ciz, A. Gregenela A. Semancili, S. Franlig Second Row: Franor Miller, B. A. Coll, A. Baviera, G. Naczynslai, M. Madia, I. Kovae. F. Howarth, R. Stephanyg Third Row: P. Galvin, T. Vrsansky A. M Lucas Mar Riordan G. Kovae M A. Kovac A . . ', y . , . , . , . Gnippg Fourth Row: D. Szykowny, C. Williams. R. McGur- gan, M.. Capp, Rosemary Solinslcy, K. Herzerg Fifth Row B. Korinsky, M. A. lennis, Mary Roos, R. Vogel, M. Taylor Sixth Rom: R. Iohnston, Y. Snyder, V. liralosky, M. L. Pa- rana, D. Klimko. Lezzzlcrs for lunior.r.' losephine Kovac CVice-president, Mary Roos fSecretaryj Sr. M. Paula fl-Iome Room Teacherj Rosemary Solinsky CClass Pre-sidentb Verne Kralosky ffreasurerj if WF '-L, A - 1 I 1 ON THE SUMMIT OF THE PATH Our Valedictorian . . . Dorothy Martin Leaders for Seniors: Marie Slobodnik QSccrctaryj Marie Thomas fTfCZZlSUfC1'D Sr. M. Icannc QHome Room Teachcrj Loretta Taylor CVicc Prcsidcutj Alberta Struka fClz1ss Prcsidentj OUR SENIORS Q6 N. P, Our Salutatorian . . osephine Vavrek 1. S IOR DOROTHY ELIZABETH CHOPKO 347 Helen Street, McKees Rocks Class President 3, Honor Student 1-2-4g Catholic Action Zg Dramatics 1-4g Echoes Reporter 1-2-3-43 Typist 4g Chimes Staff 43 Committees 1-2-3-4 ANNA GRACE COKUS 503 Vulcan Street, McKees Rocks St. Mark Parish, Commercial Course Honor Student 1-2-45 Third Order Memberg Third Order Secretary 43 Dramatics 1-49 Committees 1-2-3g Echoes Reporter 1--2-3-4, Typist 43 Chimes Staff 4 THERESA MARIE FRUSTACI 1304 Superior Avenue, Pittsburgh Regina Coeli Parishg Academic Course Sacred Heart High School l-Zg Catholic Action 3-4 Dramatics 43 Echoes Reporter 3-4g Chimes Staff 4g Third Order Member AUDREY IULIA GEHRINGER R. D. 7, Box 3, Bellevue Road, Bellevue Assumption Parishg Commercial Course Basketball lg Dramatics 4g Committees 1-2-3-43 May Queen Attendant 4 HELEN MARIE BRUENE 612 Mindora Street, Mount Washington St. Iustin Parish, Academic Course Basketball 3-43 Catholic Action 43 Dramatics lg Committees 1-2g Third Order Member GERTRUDE SUSAN BACIK 1520 Island Avenue, Pittsburgh St. Gabriel Parishg Commercial Course - Basketball lg Dramatics 1: Committees 1-2--3--43 Librarian's Aide lg Book Club 1 A CLASS OF '46 MARTHA IEANNE I-IAPP 386 Calderwood Street, Bellevue Assumption Parish g Academic Course Class Vice-President 1-2-33 Honor Student l-23 Librarian's Aide l-2-3g Basketball Manager 4g Catholic Action 3-4g Dramatics lg Committees 1-2-33 Echoes Reporter l-2-3g Co-editor 4g Book Club 1-2-3g State Scholarship AUDRRY CLARK I-IARTIGAN 554 Maryland Avenue, Bellevue Assumption Parishg Commercial Course Catholic Action 2-3g Dramatics l-4g Committees l-2--lg Chimes Artist 45 Sodality Attendant 4 MARIE ADRIENNE I-IURRAY 20 Oakwood Avenue, Avalon Assumption Parishg Academic Course Dramatics 4g Catholic Action 4g Committees lg Echoes Reporter 3g Chimes Business Staff lg Third Order Novice Mistress ELIQANOR DOl.UR1iS KELLER 206 Northwest l7th Avenue, Miami, Florida Holy lnnocents Parishg Commercial Course Gesu High School 1-2-3g Committees 4g Catholic Action 4g Honor Student 3g Basketball 3g May Queen Attendant 1 VERONICA DOROTHY KRALOSKY 2622 Harrold Street, Pittsburgh St. Cahriel Parishp Academic Course liaskethall l-2-3g Catholic Action 2g Third Order Memherg Echoes Reporter 2-3g Sodality Treasurer 2g Sodality Vice-prefect 3g Committees lg Class Treasurer 3 AGNES MARY KUBANIC 2667 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh St. Gabriel Parish: Academic Course Honor Student l-2g llasliethall lg Dramatics lg Committees l-2-3-4g Echoes Business Manager 4 MARGARET ELEANOR LASCAK 131816 Halsey Place, Pittsburgh St. Gabriel Parishg Commercial Course Basketball lg Dramatics 45 Committees 1-Z-3-4 GENEVIEVE OLIVE MAIKUT 122 West Sth Avenue, Homestead St. Ann Parishg Commercial Course Homestead High School 13 Committees 2-3-43 Librarianis Aide 2-3 DOROTHY MAE MARTIN 21 East Orchard Avenue, Bellevue Assumption Parishg Academic Course Class Secretary 23 Honor Student 1-2-3-43 Basketball 1-2-3-4g Catholic Action 3-43 Dramatics lg Committees 1--23 Echoes Reporter 1-2-3 Editor 4g Chimes Editor 43 Third Order Vice-Prelcctg Duquesne University Scholarship DOROTHY ANN MINIHANE 2713 Brighton Road, Pittsburgh St. Francis Xavier Parishg Academic Course Basketball 1-2-3-4g Co-captain 4g Dramatics 1-'ig Committees 1-43 Third Order Member MARY IEANNE MCGURGAN 193 Kendall Avenue, Bellevue Assumption Parishg Commercial Course Basketball lg Dramatics 1-43 Committees 1-2-4 MAYNE OLGA McKEE 1 Royal Street, Pittsburgh St. Boniface Parishg Academic Course Holy Ghost High School 23 ,Dramatics 4g Committees lg Chimes Business Staff -lg Third Order Member MARILYN ANN McKENNA 44 North Euclid Avenue, Bellevue Assumption Parishg Academic Course Basketball lg Co-manager 43 Catholic Action 5--45 Dramatics lg Committees l-Zg Echoes Reporter 3-43 Third Order Member, Treasurer 4, Book Club 1-2-.3 MARTHA CONSTANCE PALKA 1261 Columbus Avenue, Pittsburgh St.. Gabriel Parishg Commercial Course Basketball l-2, Dramatics l-4g Committees l--2-4 MARY LOUISE PARANA 2206 Lovell Avenue, Barnesboro St. Iohn the Baptist Parishg Academic Course Class President lg Honor Student 1-2-3g Echoes Reporter 1-21 Assistant Editor 3g Sodality Treasurer 33 Third Order Member, Committees l-2g Co-organist 3 IIZERNADETTIZ TIA-IERESA PIEKARSKI 820 Gallion Avenue, lirookline Resurrection Parishg Commercial Course Elizabeth Seton High School 3g Class Treasurer Zg- liaslietball lg Dramatics lg Committees lg Echoes Reporter 2 DOLORES LORIET TA POLYAK 2929 Holbrook Street, Pittsburgh St. Gabriel Parishg Commercial Course Oliver High School lg Irwin Trade 23 Dramatics 43 Committees 3-4 MARY IANE SNAVV 5712 Hampton Street, East Liberty Sacred I-leart Parishg General Course Peabody I-ligh School 2-3g Class Secretary lg Dramatics lg Third Order Member: Committees l-4 ALBERTA MARIE STRAKA 1239 I-Iaslage Avenue, Pittsburgh St. Ambrose Parishg Commercial Course Class President 4g Honor Student lg Dramatics 1-45 Committees 1-2-3-43 Echoes Business Manager 45 Speakers' Club 35 May Crowning, Maid-of-honor 4 MARIE ALBERTA SLOBODNIK 2325 McCook Street, Pittsburgh St. Gabriel Parishg Commercial Course Basketball 13 Dramatics 1-4g Echoes Reporter 1-2g Cheerleader lg Committees 1-2--43 Prom Queen 4g Third Order Member LORETT A ANNE TAYLOR 321 Cleveland Avenue, Avalon Assumption Parishg Academic Course Class Vice-president 4g Basketball 1-2-3-45 Captain 3-4g Catholic Action 3-4g Dramatics 4g Committees lg Echoes Reporter 3-43 Sodality Vice-president 3g May Queen 4g Third Order Member IVIARIE STEPHANIE THOMAS 5161 Carnegie Avenue, Pittsburgh St. Kieran Parishg Commercial Course Class Treasurer 3-49 Dramatics lg Committees 1-3-43 Echoes Reporter 1 IOSEPI-IINE PATRICIA VAVREK 110 Patterson Street, McKees Rocks St. Mark Parishg Commercial Course Honor Student 1-2-3-4g Catholic Action 4g Dramatics 1-43 Committees lg Echoes Typist 4g Third Order Prefect 45 Echoes Reporter 4 NANCY DELLA VITI 1219 Second Avenue, Coraopolis St. Ioseph Parishg General Course Coraopolis Iunior High lg Catholic Action 3-4g Dramatics 39 Basketball, Business Manager 4g Committees 2--3-4g Sodality Prefect 4g Third Order Member MARY ESTELLE VOELKER 704 Clinton Avenue, Bellevue Assumption Purishg Academic Course St. Benedict Academy l-2-3g Mt. Assisi 4 l l . , X. 1,3-A ' . MARION LORRAINE WETZEL 1203 Superior Avenue, Pittsburgh St. Gabriel Parishg Academic Course Basketball l-2-3-4g Catholic Action 3-4g Committees lg Third Order Member OLGA ANN ZELLO l Box lll R. D. No. 1, McKees Rocks Holy Ghost Parishg Commercial Course Robinson Township High School 1-2-3g Mt. Assisi 43 Basketball 2g Committee 3g May Festival l-2-3 ALMA MATER SALVE F our long years, from day to day, Thou hast helped us on our Way, F1lled our hearts Wlth WlSdOm s food Gu1ded us to paths of good Now We leave thee, leave thy fost rmg care ln llfe s battle We our part must bear lVlay thy mem ry 1n our hearts ablde Llghten all ou1 onward path, our footsteps gu1de . - . 9 Q n 9 . - D . 9 u . 3 - . I I 1 'PRESENTING OUR HONORSTJUDENTS OUR FOUR-YEAR HONOR STUDENTS: Dorothy Martin Iosephine Vavrek Below Right - OUR ONE-YEAR HONOR STUDENTS: I7i1'5! Rom - Marion Mager, Alberta Strzlku, Norma Ross, Wilma Pechak, Alhinu Semuncikg Sammi Row - Sylvia Frank, Mary Cupp, Dorothy Szyltowny r, Left: Our Three-year Honor Students : Bottom:-Mary Ann Kovuc, Gertrude Kovac Center-Ann Grace Cokus Margaret Madia Top-Mary Lou Paruna, Dorothy Chopko , Below Cenzvr: Our Two-year Honor . Students: First Row-Martha Shina, Elizabeth Mitricka, Dorothy Sinchak, Ellen Siriannig Second Row-Margaret Hu- dacin, Martha Ieanne Happ, linsky, Clare Fetter. Agnes Kubanic, Rosemary So- ADVANCING' - ' - l mi A Q L 11 ,471-ray g g gy . JMf.w i ,-4-:T: '?'9'Kf ,JM d ,x-:W J, IN GRACE - 3 ADVA CI GI The center and source of light up- on the Path of our high school life has always been the Chapel. Here many a classroom discouragement, ambition, or dream is Whispered into the under- standing ear of Christ. The Academy provides numerous opportunities for religious development, Holy Mass and daily Holy Communion, the annual re- treat, and an active participation in the ceremonies of the liturgical seasons create a spiritual atmosphere that is 32 conducive to personal holiness. The spiritual direction of the students is in the hands of the chaplain, Reverend Clarence Tschippert, O. F. M. Cap. Students are active in mission Work, in providing catechetical instruction in rural areas, and in offering their serv- ices at the St. Francis Retreat l-louse. Thus enlightened and strengthened in their Faith, the students give gener- ously of heart, intellect, and will for the glory of God and the betterment of mankind. BEFORE THE ALTAR TI-IRONE Where falt'ring feet Hnd cool surcease, And Weary hearts Win soothing peaceg Where troubled minds forget to plocl, And rest upon the breast of God. - Where children's prayers, angelic sighs, F rom hearts, like White-gold censers, rise And steep the air with ling'ring scents Of incense sweet of innocence. 1 ' 3-3-5 -' 'A-u ' 'Q A-'xx "I",-, 'IK' ,g"":: 1 ,J i ,y ' ,, I 4' iq 1 -4 , A . .' N, f' Y , ff ,.! s i 'a , 'Vw u c' , n W , R. -V-WX, , , ,yr I -r N. 'u-. X ,, ' , , fi -,w ,Q . JJ' ,, ,- L . , .u i 2 s- - J so ,' '-V,1,,: ..l ' " ii .. of . '51 i ' lllll ii H megs: I Q, i i V V I l i I V Tl I H 1 Q l f l .SFI- The postulants - Marie Berdis, Dorothy Sinchalt, Martha Shina, Helen Strike, Eliz- abeth Mitrieka - prepare lor Holy Mass in the school auditorium, a weekly event. The entire student body prays the Mass with the priest, an impressive and inspiring sight. The pause between sessions linds a stu- dent, Marjorie Taylor, before the statue of the Infant lesus to pay silent tribute to the virtues of the Holy Childhood and to seek inspiration and guidance. The Forty Hours' Devotion was an im- pressive cercmony. It was an inspiring sight to witness the devotion and reverence shown to our Eucharistic King on His procession through the school halls. The entire student body joined in paying homage. ,rf fn, W if 6 xx '.V .25 F . .hgh gs M 'U 'l V Wi ,kr E, " I, QU W' A.. ff 'QF' 'Q L wr ., .1 X1 1 .'- .L-. ,.""l .Jax ' 7,1 fmx., 'T',2H1,',1 fb 1 D '4 1c"w" -1'-LL 4 ' -. , -as .1 -., ' 17 V ' ., , 5 ,. X iwul lim x , --H. 5 '.' f , v 'i N Q L- Q' I f H ' ' ' MA , . 1. er ,fn -- ' -' I Q if 16 fu ' , , in " .1 "1 . yu '1s,,Ig-.!', ,L n s ri-L' P A F .5 3 .fn h. ,. 'f x L9-I+-4 ' V5 f ,Q x pf Af Q -'G if . fi-imma, . -957.-. f 4.+ '- A1"xi.l xg., ' -' ' V1 1. is F, f A-s W Rfk" ,I 1 1 " 'Q 'QS X is - Y! Emp E 514 V , , Q. H.-1 E Ira" ' "f 7 5,52 'ff .ur ii, I, Y ,,, mi. Lge: , WL X X W The Christmas Story - An Attempt to Brighten And Maybe to Enlighten "Angels we have heard on high Sweetly singing o'er the plain 'Gloria in Excelsis Deo.' H A Christmas Cantata was presented by our graders. :Q ,,-.-,..-1 P I r Forgiveness and mercy were ably portrayed in Christmas Program the play "Cost of a Pro- mise" hy Suzanne Rich- ardson, Marlen Visok- ey, Peggy Fleeger, Lois Fusek, Anne Fuellen- a-'Rani "" t " worth, Amaryllis, Nec, Y- . , Vrlg Shirley Dublino, Marie x 'e 7' r - 4' Berdis, Lillian Ciz. ' ' . f V Qiwsml, 1 ,, 4, A In Q V - la Ja 1' NV 1 You see at a glance why the little graders stole the hearts of the audience. Bottom: Bonnie Lee Lawton, Mary Ann Lziuko, Catherine Marflak, Mary Louise Nigrclli, Claudia Fuellenworth, Ianice Grimes. Top: Rosemary Iournic, Roselea Zaborowski, Annette Ferris, Sandra Lee Caplena, Franny Di Pietro, Mary Io Ferris. l -" il . . ' -,1 f- , e X' if -X 4 I' '. lx 1' . f' ' , -O fl -i"'f'l - -1, l ' i I V fx li ,j. ' .-, ' tl- . ix N-1, - ll 'li 'i 1-. li' ,' v 1. W . , il. K A 1. , 4 , -1 li E' I ' ujl 1 . X 1. I 'I i ilu t ' J . NN 4 'l ' i 1 l E l i in tl 'll K1 li E l , i' ' f gi rl. l I l 1 ' fx In l lg nf fb - In 1. ' 1 ' gy ll' QM i i yi ll I lug' -: ' if f Pi lf ' f 1 l 6,1 i di' . , ' f if ' ff 'Q ' A T f i if I ff ' 'iii A long winding procession and I1 gift of fragrant Hovvers are the students' tribute to Our Lady each year on Coronation Day. With dignity and loveliness this traditional rite is performed - 21 symbol of love and loyalty to Mary, our model of vvomanly per- fection. LORETTA TAYLOR, May Queen, LORETTA MULLEN, Crown Bearer "Sing, my soul, my Saviour's glory, Sing, my soul, our Lady's name, Sing the great and gracious favors Mary's servants all can claim. "Onward Christians, on to Iesus, On through Mary, ever onl This the secret of salvation - Through the Mother to the Son. i'Working in her, working by her, I can treacl as Iesus trod, 'Tis the secret to be holy, And to do the Will of God." -De Montfort TO JESUS THROUGH MARY '21-'.! 5' 3 hd ,, 'C lin , , Q Placing first things First are our freshmen - lane Timpani, Dor- othy Monuski, Carmela Vignale, who point with pride to the out- standing zeal displayed by the school in the work of the Holy Childhood, ransoming pa ga n children. MISSION ACTIVITIES IN FULL BLOOIVI The little insignihczint st has ll big mission to perf across seas in foreign lands We see - Philomena F Freida Lamxn, Betty Miller, Ilthel Loehig preparing them their long and useful journe' A delightful part of mission activity is enter- taining a section of the "Colored Harvest" at a Christmas Party, an annual event sponsored by the freshmen. ,rs-X Left io riglil: Adrienne Hurray, Dorothy Mnihane, Mary Voelker, Margaret Lascak, Gertrude Baeik, Olga Zello, Theresa Frustaci A VANCI G I GRACE BEFORE ln the midst of the confusion of chang- ing standards and shifting theories, the stu- dents of Mount Assisi Academy are shown the sure path of character, strength, and re- sponsibility in our democracy. Students are trained to maintain good health, emotional balance, high moral purpose, and scholarly habits. Activities are so distributed that they make for the growth of the interests of the students and the development of their talents in preparation for a career and a full life. Sports, hobbies, social interests, membership in various clubs, many in-school and out-of- school experiences are drawn upon to cul- tivate to the fullest the creative abilities. of each student. As a result, the students are prepared for group responsibilities in today's demanding World. THE "ECHOES" STAFF AND "CI-lIMES" STAFF An alert Cl-IIMES STAFF makes for an outstanding and interesting yearbook. Audrey I-lartigan, Theresa Fru- staci, Dorothy Martin, Anna Grace Cokus, and Dorothy Chopko evaluate pictures. The CI-IIMES Business Managers, Mayne Mcliee and Adrienne I-Iurray, determine the winners of the senior ad and patron drive on the graph chart. The outlet for creative writing, THE ECI-IOES, which merited membership in the Quill and Scroll Society with the hrst print- ed issue. The memhers of the staff are - Salted: Dorothy Mar- We present the editor of the Echoes, Dorothy Martin she glances at an evaluation of a copy ol: the school tin, Marilyn McKenna, Dorothy A Chopko, Anna Grace Cokus, Iosephine Vavrek - Standing: Martha lean Happ, Agnes Ku- banic, Loretta Taylor, Alberta Straka, Sylvia Frank. it if LOGIC IN THOUGHT Where but in actual practice in a debate club can a student learn to comprehend ideas accurately, and to ex- press and organize them clearly? The members of the De- bate Club pictured here are - Sitting: Adrienne Berie, Mar- garet Mae VVeaver, Norma Ross, Rose Marie Breier, Clare Petter, Sylvia Frankg Srandi11g'.' Lillian Ciz, Grace English, Rosemary De Temple, Anna Marie Polyak, lacqueline Bcrie, Iosephine Tocli. Gavel news included a season ol' debating for Mount Assisi as a member ol' the Federation of Catholic l-ligh Schools. Scene from a debate finds Norma Ross and lo- sephine Tocli as alilirmatives, and Rose Marie Breier and Clare Fetter as negatives. The chairman is Anna M. Polyali. GRACE IN SPEECH Speech development has played a big role in school life this year. The experience acquired by participating in a speech or debate contest possesses a glory and satisfaction all its own. Victories are just as sweet as, if not sweeter than those won by physical exertion on the athletic court. It is not easy to become an effective speaker, it takes hours of practice and years of thoughtful laborg but its accomplish- ment is worthwhile. Through the ability to speak well, students of Mount Assisi Academy will become dominant factors in the life of our Democracy. Can you select the winner from among these orators? Yes, it's our efficient junior, Lillian Ciz, second from right. Alberta Straka, Sylvia Frank and Catherine Katusin showed remarkable ability. " IT WAS A GAY TIME CLYDE CARROL and HIS ORCHESTRA GAY WAS THE TIME, GAY THE NIGHT EVERYONE CAME AND DANCED WITH DELIGI-IT T THE IUNIOR PROM -- - Below - Right Where a glorious and up-to-date effect in dec- orating is required, call upon the combined efforts of our Decca Club members - Mary Riorclan, Mary Ann Iennis, Sylvia Frank, Lillian Ciz, Regina Iohnston. Those responsible for the delightful time at the Iunior Prom were these chairmen of committees - Rosemary Solinsky, puhlicityg Tillie Vrsansky, ticket: Margaret Madia, decoratingg Dolores Klim- ko, receptiong Dorothy Szykowny, checking, Q9'1. 'Y' The chaperons at the Iunior Prom were these honored guests - Mrs. I. Slobodnik, Mrs. A. Mar- tin, Mrs. I. Straka, Mrs. F. I-Iapp, Mrs. I. Palka, Mrs. P. Viti, Mrs. E. Taylor. "I l A cheerful spot even on rainy days is the car stop where a happy group of girls go aboard toward destination home. The honorary members ol? the Ri- ders' Club as pictured here are Mary Riorclan and Lillian Ciz who acquired their skill in horsemanship at the Ross Riding Stables, Bellevue. The brisk cold weather gets out a jolly trio at the Little Flower Villa on the campus grounds. They are Marion Mager, Clare Petter, Rosemary Breier. The postulants of Mount Assisi Convent pose among the cloister col- umns. They are-Firrt Row: Irene Mihal, Theresa Luther, Dorothy Sin- chak, Anna Mae Kuzma, Theresa Ka- suba, Marie Berdis, Martha Shina and Elizabeth Mitricka. Second Row: Helen Strike, Margaret Pnakovich, Helen Kopas, Constance Frank, Vero- nica Kralosky, Mary Lou Parana, The- resa Baloga, Margaret Miller, Anna Flack, Dorothy Benko. Those wonderful and tasty cafeteria meals had their origin right here in this cheerful kitchen under the skill- ful management of Sr. M. Alexia, Sr. Pauline, Sr. M. Fabian, and Sr. M. Bernadette. All the girls enjoy the lunch period in the spacious cafeteria with its friend- ly atmosphere. Sister M. Lucy is shown displaying her wares while customers are served hy Margaret Miller and Theresa Baloga, our senior postulants. Lively chatter intersperses the mo- ments of social life at lunch period in the cafeteria. Sell?-Service is the big word at the Coke machine where each awaits her turn for refreshments. XX- all lg 4, fs 9 Sta! s., 1 KEY WOMAN BEHIND TITLE HSECTIONAL CHAMPS OF THE CATHOLIC HIGH . SCHOOL LEAGUE" A coach designed for leadership and victory is Mrs. Caroline Williams Zingle, who through her own attainment of high ideals transmitted the same spirit to her team. An authority on girls' basketball, holding a degree of B. S. in Health Education from Slippery Ro:lt Teachers' College, and having done graduate work at the University of Pitts- burgh, Mrs. Zingle is one of the finest coaches and basket- ball officials in Western Pennsylvania. The enduring spirit of sportsmanship and fair play displayed in all situations by the Mount Assisi team is the supreme tribute to a sterling I coach. I The CHIMES photographer "catches', our cap- tain LORETTA TAYLOR and co-captain DOR- OTHY MINIHANE as they plan last minute strat- egy before a decisive game. A YLOR- DOROTHY MARTIN- MARION WETZEL- LORETTA T Our "shorty," Dorothy Martin, uses You'll always find Marion Wetzel Our tall, graceful captain, "Red Tay- snappy fakes and passes to make up cheering her teammates and lending lor," once again guided the varsity for her lack of height. a hand to turn the tide for victory. to victory. i SKILL PERSONIFIED HELEN BRUENE- VERONICA KRALOSKY- DOROTHY MINIHANE- The winning qualities of eagerness Energetic and resourceful Verne From "Dorn Minihane's twinkling and fair play endeared Helen to all Kralosky has udribbled and passed" eyes shines winning friendliness s. her way into many hearts since she which made her a dependable co- first appeared on the court. captain. the binsiterlmll fan Sylvia Frank, scorekeeper, and Lillian Ciz, timekeeper, watch closely as the game nears its hnal thrilling seconds. Dorothy Minihane and Doroth M ' y artin are illustrating a tagging foul at the clini C. The iversity oli Pitts- burgh girls' team in a demonstration game which was part of the basketball clinic held at Arsenal Iunior High School. MAA team against the Un' ' ' The vivacious cheerleaders led hy their captain, Marion Mager, induce a resounding cheer from the fans as Mount Assisi takes the lead. Left to right: Marion Mager, Catherine Shamlin, Dolores Dixon, Wilma Pechak, Ioan Krall, Ieanne Fecheck, Mar- garet Safcak. Y Qi.. - 1 .Wx .... 1 r, fx .X . ill 777 1 7 l M. A. A. .... 36 St. Mary .............,....,. 15 11 M. A. A. ...21 Warrington ..,....... ....24 1 M. A. A. ,... 34 st. Iohn .................,,. 15 111111, M. A. A. .... 66 ofmsby ........,........ -47 j y li y M. A. A. .... 45 St. Augustine .......... 22 'Y M. A. A. .,.. 44 St. Lawrence ....,..... 10 5 1 1 M. A. A. .... so Mtmhaii .......,.........,.. 24 52123 M. A. A. .... 39 st. George ...,..,......,., 24 1,1 if 1 M. A. A. .,.. 24 s1.M.1fy ...........,,,...... 19 1157 V M. A. A. .... 37 Munhall .................... 21 y ll, M. A. A. .... 32 Warrington .............. 47 H M. A. A. .... 33 Warrington ........... A27 ,1 fy M. A. A. .... 20 Arsenal ................ 28 1 ,X" M. A. A. .... 24 St. Mary ..... ......... . .. 9 1' M, A, A, ,,,, 40 Arsenal .,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,, 138 3 .-'- ill? M. A. A. .... 38 St. Raphael .............. 28 if l M. A. A. .... 36 St. Lawrence ......... .11 M. A. A. .... 22 Annunciation ...,..... .16 H 1 M. A. A. .... 28 s1.Mafy ...... ........... . 29 V... M. A. A. .... 41 st. Iohn ................... .18 A 1 11 M. A. A. ...30 Annunciation ........ .17 it M. A. A. .... 57 St. Raphael ............. .24 Alf I M. A. A. .... 40 St. Augustine ....... ..21 5 M. A. A. .... 31 St. Rosalia .............. 39 l E 'N xy M. A. A. .,.. 25 Ormsby .................... 33 1 ' M. A. A. .... 25 St. Rosalia ................ 27 1 1 H11 X, Q " ' 'T"??.-T12 in .A A f '1-1L1 77 1 We've dubbed our new scoreboard "Forever Faithful," a title valiantly won since it has weathered the hard knocks of excited fans many times to come smiling through to victory. First Rom: Rosemary Solinsky, Alice Hannon, Iosepliinc Kovac, Dorothy Martin, Marion Winklerg Second Row: Dorothy Minihane, Dolores Swe- tonic, Mary Heyl, Tillie Vrsansky, Marion Wetzel Helen Brueneg Third Row: Rita Foley, Loretta Taylor, Bernar- dine Korinsky, Mary Ann Iennis, Verne Kralosky Marjorie Taylor, Lorraine Carlin. Rev. Stephen Basovsky Rev. Michael P. Begany Dr. Ioseph I. Bellas Mr. 8: Mrs. S. A. Bodnar Mr. 8: Mrs. Iames Bray Rev. Michael Ditsky Rev. Ioseph A. Ferenz Rev. Ioseph F. Gasho Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Bacik Mrs. Hettie E. Baker Rev. Ioseph A. Hanik Rev. George I. Barlock Mr. Sr Mrs. Iohn Barlok ir 'lr if PATRONS Rev. Michael I. Holly Rev. Clement I-Irtanek Mr. at Mrs. Andrew Kasko Rev. George M. Malinak Rev. I. G. Novorolsky Mr. Rev Sr Mrs. M. Ondrusek . Paul M. Pekarik ir if P A TR O N S Rev. I. E. Istocin Rev . Ioseph Kacprowicz Rev. Francis Karabinos Rev. I. Kerchnyak Mr. 8: Mrs. Karl Klauscher Rene Lorrain Et Cie Rev. A. I. Sakson Rev. Paul I. Simko Mrs. Maria K. Sinak Rev. Emil R. Suchon Mr. 25: Mrs. Stephen Toth Rev. Ioseph Vrhunec Rev. C. Tschippert, O. F. M. Mr. Sc Mrs. Stephen Parana Miss Margaret Peer Rev. Ladislas I. Petrick Rev. S. C. Piekarski Rev. William M. Pisarcik Cap Rev. I. S. Benson Rev. Andrew Bialobok Mr. Paul I. Bruene Very Rev. Raphael Chonta, O.F.M. Miss Agnes Danko Mrs. M. Drobnak Mrs. Daisy Ernst Mr. 6: Mrs. Victor Fabian Mr. 8: Mrs. Nicholas Konecny Mr. Sr Mrs. Andrew Kralosky Mary Krul Very Rev. I. A. Kushner Rev. G. Leichs Lou's Service Station Mr. on Mrs. Thomas Lovrich Thomas A. Lovrich Mr. Sz Mrs. A. E. Martin Rev . Lawrence Pollak, O.F.M. Mrs. Anna Polyak Mrs Post . I. Popovic ulants Alice Ridzon R. N. Rev. Iohn Rostas Rev. Martin B. Rubicky Rev. Iohn P. Sedlak Rev. V. G. Sedlak Freshmen Sec. l. Freshmen Sec. ll. Mrs. Rachel Galvin Dr. M. Gaydosh Rev. Ralph Gladis Rev. Francis Glenn Mrs. Susan Golias Miss Benedicta Grom Rev. Ferris Guay Rev. Iohn M. Matlos Rev. Stephen Meko Mr. 6: Mrs. Iohn Melichar Cyril Melichar MAA Debating Club MAA Sodality BVM MAA Tertiaries Miss Ann Mrockovski Seventh 8 Eighth Graders Rev. Ioseph Seyboldt Mrs. Iosephine Shaw Mr. Sr Mrs. Ioseph Sil-:ora Small Graders Miss Elizabeth Smieska Sophomores Sec. l. Sophoniores Sec. ll. Rev. Rudolph Halvonik Rev. Iohn G. Hamrak Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank N. Happ Rev. Thomas B. Harnyak Rev. Ignatius Herkel Rev. Michael I-lornak Mr. Ioseph I-Iuba Mr. S: Mrs. C. A. I-Iurray Sr. Rita Muchow Rev. Francis R. Mullen Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul McGurgan Mr. Sz Mrs. A. H. McKenna Miss Mary McVeigh Mr. Albert A. Novak Kathryn Novotny Mary Ofsonka Rev. Andrew V. Stefan Rev. Francis Vilha, O.F.M. Mr. 8: Mrs. Pio Viti Rev. Iohn Vlhu Mr. Sc Mrs. Alois Voelker Mr. Sc Mrs. Floyd Wenglikowsk Dr. I. A. Zahorchak Rev. Roger Zenaty, O.F.M. ACKNOWLEDGEIVIENT We are indebted to all who have helped in producing our Year Book, particularly To Mr. Ropkey, Mr. Benson, and Mr. Noer of the Indianapolis Engraving Co. for their valuable suggestions, excellent workmanship, and promptnessg To the Catholic Home Iournal Publishing Co., par- ticularly Father Urban, for a similar reasong To Mr. Partridge and Miss Kelly of the Chesshire Studio for their photographic work and co-operationg To Mr. Cooley of the S. K. Smith Co. for the 'beautiful cover and prompt services To Father Clarence for personal interest in the well- being of "The Chimes" and for numerous helpful sugges- tions and servicesg To the student-body for their splendid co-operation in the financing of the bookg To all our Friends who have supported us through their patronage. THANK YOU ..... ALL The flduiser and The Stag These lassics ol' the upper grades are looking ahead to the ime when they will he ushered into the High School life of Mount Assisi which they have already learned to love. They ealize the Path is a pleasant one: that it leads into many un- 'xplored turns and twists and exciting adventures, that they vill find their feet on the path to fulfilling their utmost pos- 'ihilities. Ffryl Row: Virginia Burns, Iacqueline Baker, Bonnie Mac- farland, Nancy Schumacher, Shirley Duhlino, Mary Ann Con- iors, Lois liusek, Roselea Wills, llarhara Cushnahan, Shirley lavanaugh, Rosemary Galvin, Betty Ann Krah. Second Row: Eileen McDonough, Berthetta Planchar, Suz- anne Richardson, I-lildegarde Rosenberger, Gloria Youhas, Peg- gy Fleeger, Regina McDonough, Nancy I-Iuclak, Dorothy Kiel, Nancy Petroval. Third Row: Nancy Brown, Amaryllis Nee, Nancy Kress, Eleanore Martin, Mary Mudrak, Marlene Visokey, Lois Schu- macher, Florence Cavanaugh. Fourth Row: Mary Deley, Mary Ann Pisarcik, Donna Low- rie, Anne Fuellenworth, Mary Lou Nist, Louise Loefller. 51 Audrey Adler Mr. 6: Mrs. Aiello Alpha Delta Sorority Rev. Ioseph S. Altany Mrs. I. A. Amrhein Miss Dorothy Andrasko Mr. Michael Andrasko Mr. 81 Mrs. Iohn A. Aul Avalon Gift Shop Mr. S: Mrsi Ioseph Babjack Gertrude Bacik Rudolph Bacik Mrs. Iosephine Baker Miss Mary O. Baker Mr. Iohn Bakos Mr. Sz Mrs. Louis Baldasseri Mrs. Mary Balicky Mr. 6: Mrs. I. Ban Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Bankos Rev. I. A. Baran Mr. Baries Mrs. T. Barry Mr. 6: Mrs. L. I. Baviera Mrs. Elizabeth Bednar Mr. Stephen Bednar Mr. at Mrs. N. Bednar Mr. 6: Mrs. I. C. Belz Mr. Sr Mrs. I. W. Benko Benziger Brothers Adrienne Berie Mr. 5: Mrs. August Berie Iacqueline Berie Mr. Sc Mrs. Michael Bichey Mrs. M. I. Bodnar Mrs. Mary C. Booker Dr. C. F. Boucek Dr. F. C. Boucek Miss Dorothy Breier Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Breier Miss Betty Brindle Mr. Sc Mrs. Henry I. Brooker Mr. Sc Mrs. I. T. Brophy Frank Brose Francis O. Brunner Mr. 8: Mrs. I. A. Brunner Mrs. Brush Mrs. Bertha Bumiller Mrs. George Butler Mr. 8: Mrs. Iames Callaghan Miss Betty Capp Raymond L. Capp Miss Margaret L. Carlin Mr. Sr Mrs. T. A. Carlin Mrs. M. I. Cenkner Mr, 8: Mrs. Anthony Cercone George R. Chasarik Mr. Sc Mrs. M. Chasarik OUR 'k PATRONS Frank Chater Mr. Sr Mrs. Michael Chervenak Mr. Bc Mrs. Ioseph Cholko Mrs. Elizabeth Chopko Mr. Sr Mrs. Edward Chraska Chuck and Reggie Mr. Sz Mrs. C. T. Cirrincionc Mr. Louis Ciz Cizik Family Mr. 5: Mrs. Michael Cizik Clare, Dorothy, Kathleen Mr. 6: Mrs. G. P. Coffer Mr. Sc Mrs. Ioseph Cokus Ierry Collet Mr. Sc Mrs. I. W. Collier Marian Collier Mrs. Irene Connely Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Constandy Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar Conti Mr. 8: Mrs. C. P. Conway Mary K. Conway Mr. B: Mrs. Iames Coons Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Cosentino Dr. Cottone Mrs. M. A. Cronin H. B. Crumbaker, D.D.S. Mr. at Mrs. Ioseph B. Cullina Mrs. Cummings Mrs. Iulia Dankovitch Miss Olga Demchak Mr. 6: Mrs. Peter Derbish Thomas Derbish Mr. St Mrs. Ioseph DeTemple Dickman's Pharmacy Rita Diel Mr. 8: Mrs. David Dietz Mr. at Mrs. Patsy Dinell Mr. 8: Mrs. Quito I. Dinell Mrs. M. P. Dixon Mr. M. P. Dixon Poebe Dornecker Eileen Daugherty Mr. George Dublino Mr. 8: Mrs. Durick Miss Anastasia Dvorsky Mrs. Ann Early Mr. at Mrs. Ioseph Evans Rev. Albert Farina Rev. Edward Farina Rev. Ioseph Farina Rev. Wilburt Farina Mrs. S. C. Farris fl Mr. 6: Mrs. Ioseph L. Fecheck Mrs. Iulia Fedorski Mr. Mike Fedorski Mrs. Carolyn Feinaugle Mr. Sz Mrs. Iohn B. Fetter Mrs. Mary Flack Mr. 6: Mrs. Harry Flinn Mrs. Iosephine Foglio Ioh n Patrick Foglio Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Foley Albert Foytik S Zfc Mr. 6: Mrs. M. P. Frank A Friend Mr. Clement Frijio Miss Anna Frustaci Lt. 8: Mrs. Earl S. Frustaci Miss Theresa Frustaci Mr. Mr. 8: Mrs. L. A. Galvin Peter Ganster Mrs. N. I. Gehringer Miss Catherine Gerba I. C. Gessler, Tailor 8: Cleaner Mr. Iohn Giba Mr. Sr Mrs. N. Giglio Mr. 84 Mrs. S. Giglio Mrs. Sam. Giglio Mr. 8: Mrs. Gmitter Agnes Gnipp Mr. Dr. 6: Mrs. Paul E. Gnipp D. Greizman Mrs. Emily Groetzinger Mis s Catherine Grogan Rev. Robert Hanicak Hel en I-Iannasick Mr. Charles I. Hannon Mary Katherine Hannon Betty Iane Harris Harris Cigar Store Lt. Ma I. P. Harris ry Harris Mr. 6: Mrs. R. C. Harris Mr. 8: Mrs. I-I. M. Hartigan Helen's Cleaners Mr. Sr Mrs. Leo Hendrick Miss Mildred Herzer Mr. 8: Mrs. Theodore Herzer M r. Sc Mrs. Ioseph Hesboliek Mr. 8: Mrs. C. L. I-Ieyl Mr. Sz Mrs. Iohn Hough Mr. dr Mrs. Martin Howarth Mr. 6: Mrs. Aloise Hrabak Ros e Marie Hrabak Mr. Bc Mrs. I. I. Hudacin Mr. 84 Mrs. Michael Hudak George 6: Mary Iane Hurray Miss Ann I-Iusava Mrs. Iulia Husava Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles lrgang Mrs. Iacob Iacko Rev. Iackson Mr. Sr Mrs. George Iacobs Mr. Tony Iames The laces of these our baby sisters on the Mount still gleam vith the joy and excitement ol' the clay when the school bell ang lor them for the lirst time. lt was announcing the begin- ming ol' a new experience -- School - at lastl They are a group hat is energetic and willing to learn, lull olf enthusiasm for 'aeh class anal school project. .First Row: lilaine Porter, Mary Lou Nigrelli, Patricia aowrie, Susan Maxwell, Franny Di Pietro, Eilene Maxwell, lose Marie Iournic. Annette Ferris, Mary Io Ferris, Roselea ,aborowski, Ianice Grimes, Susan liellner, Catherine Marhakg St'l0lIIf1f01l'f Susan Sciulli, Marilyn Beslier, Theresa Shatn- in, Clantlia Puellenworth, Kathleen Cusack, Dolores Miller, Jatricia Gallagher, Blanche Keller, Mary Ann Lauko, Mary Martha Zaborowski, Michaelene Di Pietro, Iuclith 1-Iaminerle, Roberta Pierce, Susan Kingsfordg Third Row: Joyce Ford, Helen Goessler, Mary Kennedy, Sylvia Coons, Gloria Wanniger, Mary Grow, Helen Smith, Adele Michel, Patricia Connell, Carolyn Matlon, Margaret McMahon, Mary Io McMahon, Fourth Row: Patricia Iorclon, Loretta Muller, Shirley I-Iaselen, Carol Porter, Ioanne Ford, Maureen Brown. Alberta Barnett, Barbara Eason, Patricia Gossard, Fifth Row: lean Rufhng, Elizabeth Kress, Helen Delph, Carol Bakos, Nancy Shade, Mary Ioyce Brown, Top: Marlene Krumert. 53 ,- , W ,- IIIIIIIIIIHPULIS EIIGRHIIIIIIJ IIIIIIIPHIIV IIIE DFSIGIERS Ann sucnvenx or Ynnluuns Ann scnnm Punmclrv INDIANAPOLIS'+ffINDIANA -V , 4 f AW- -- - --,ef - H-- HIHUHHHPHS Mrs. Iozefov Mrs. I. Iurick Miss Regina Iurick Mrs. Theresa Kasborer Mrs. Anthony Kascak Mr. Sc Mrs. William Kaschak Mrs. Anna Kasko Mr. Ioseph Kasuba Mrs. Iohn Katusin Mr. Sz Mrs. I. C. Kaufman Lt. Iohn Kaufman Mrs. S. L. Keller Mr. 8: Mrs. Iames Kelly Mr. Sn Mrs. I-I. Kelly Mrs. Margaret M. Kennedy Mr. 8: Mrs. Brooks King Mr. 8: Mrs. Iohn King Kitty and Iimmy Dolores Klimko Mr. at Mrs. Thomas Klimko Miss Dorothy Knapp Mr. 8: Mrs. George Knapp Mr. 81 Mrs. Iohn Knapp Mrs. Iosephine Kocis L. Kolarich Market OUR ir PATRONS Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Leitner Mr. Sc Mrs. Ioseph Leterie Mr. Ioseph M. Loebig Iohn A. Loebig Mrs. Mary Loebig Mr. 8: Mrs. C. G. Loeffler Mr. as Mrs. I-larry N. Logeman Miss Betty Logeman Mrs. Mary Loretta Mrs. Lowe Mr. 5: Mrs. George Lukach Mr. St Mrs. George Lukas Ioe Lunz Mr at Mrs. Martin Luther Mr S: Mrs. A. Mager Mr 6: Mrs. Mamros Mr 8: Mrs. Ioseph Manzella Mr S Mrs R. Marilak, Ir. Miss Viola Marchionda Mari-Anna Shoppe Mrs. Hazel Markovich Mr. Sc Mrs. Bennett Marshall Mr . 6: Mrs. Iohn Martonik E. I. Maser Mr. ZS: Mrs. Mr. Iohn Mazzarese Miss Dorothy Kollar Mr. 6: Mrs. I. Kontrik Rev. Ioseph Kopecky Mr ts Mrs. Ioseph Kopp Mr Sc Mrs. A. Korinsky Mr 8: Mrs. Kovac Mr Ioseph Kovac Mrs. Mary Kovac Mr. St Mrs. M. Kovac Kovac Twins Miss Veronica Kovac Mrs. George Kovalik Rev. O. Kowalsky Mr. Sz Mrs. I. I. Krall Miss Ann C. Kralosky Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Kralosky Mr. Sc Mrs. George Kreutzer Catherine Kubanic Mr Mr Mr . 8: Mrs. W. Kubanic . 8: Mrs. H. Kumancik . 6: Mrs. I. Kuzma Mr. St Mrs. Lawrence Lalama Mrs. Lamm Mr. 6: Mrs. Tony LaRock Mr. Bt Mrs. Lascak Miss Margaret Lascak Mrs. Mary Lascak SfSgt. Stephen I. Lascak Wilma Lascak Miss Elizabeth Lauko Mr. 8: Mrs. George Lefko Mrs. Mary Lehman Mrs. McCampbell Mrs. William McChesney Donald McDonough Mrs. Mayme McKenna Mr. at Mrs. Edward McKenney Dorothy Merculov .Elizabeth Merculov Ioseph Meyerl Miss Agnes Mihal Mr. 8: Mrs. I. A. Mihal Mr. sz Mrs. Chester E. Miller Miss Betty Miller Miss Mary Ann Miller Mr. Paul Milligan Mr. St Mrs. I. M. Minihane Miss Margaret Miscuk Dr. I. P. Monda, D.D.S. Mr. Alexander Monuski Dolores Monuski Dorothy Monuski Mrs. Frances Monuski Arthur Murphy Mary Murphy Miss Genevieve Naczynski Mr. dt Mrs. Iohn Naczynski Mrs. F. A. Najeski Mr. Albert Nenno Ioan Nigrelli Mr. Daniel F. Nolan Mr. St Mrs. I. Nolan Mrs. L. Nolfe North Side Floral Shoppe Miss Helen Oberman Mr. 8: Mrs. I-I. Obrycki Mrs. Iohn L. Obusek Miss Agnes O'Connell Miss Iean O'Connell Mrs. Susan Ogozala Miss Marie O'I-Iara Mrs. Mary Ondek Miss Eleanor Palka Paramount Shoe Service Mr. Ioseph Parana G. I. Paslian Iosephine Piat Mrs. Stasia Piekarski Mr. S. Pinello Miss Rose Pitel Mr. Sc Mrs. Stephen Pnakovich Mrs. Anna Poklemba Mr. St Mrs. Ioseph Poklemba Mr. Charles Pollak Mr. 5: Mrs. Iohn Pollock Mrs. Iohn Potocki Miss Rita Potts Powell's Grocery Mr. 8: Mrs. I-Ierman Puglielli Mrs. Mary Pugliese Miss Theresa Radermacher Mr. Sc Mrs. Iohn Rander Mr. 251 Mrs. Ioseph Rander Mrs. Mary Raus Sylvia Raus Mrs. William Reed Mr. Daniel Richards Mrs. Theresa Rocietto Lorraine Rogers Mrs. George Rohal, Ir. Mr. St Mrs. Leo Riordan Mrs. Florence Rohm Miss Harriet L. Rohm Mr. 84 Mrs. E. N. Roos Mr. Stephen I. Rozman Mrs. Catherine Rozman Margaret M. Rudzik Mrs. Ioseph Rusovic Miss Anna C. Sabol l Mrs. Iohn Sabol, Ir. Mrs. Mary Safa Mr. 6: Mrs. I. Safcak Mr. St Mrs. L. Salinetro Mrs. Schatzman Mrs. Emma Semancik Mr. Frank Semancik Olga Shalila Mr. dt Mrs. Iohn B. Shamlin Mr. St Mrs. Michael Shelleby Mr. Bt Mrs. Ioseph Shina Miss Clara Shuba Mrs. Marie Simmers Mr. sz Mrs. Andrew Sinchak Miss Iulia Sipos Mrs. Mary Sipos Mr. 6: Mrs. A. I. Sirianni Mrs. Bess Sltelly Ioseph Sklar Mrs. Mary Skosnik Mrs. M. Skratek Mr. 8: Mrs. Iohn Slohodmk Marie Slohodnik Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Smoley Mr. Iames Snyder Miss Regina Sohczak Miss Dorothy Solinsky Mr. Sc Mrs. I. A. Solinsky Mr. Ioseph F. Solinsky Mrs. Mary Soltis Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Sorokac Mrs. Spieler Eddie Spiro Mr. Sz Mrs. Iacob Spisak Mrs. Spisalt Mrs. Mary Stack Dr. I. W. Stanger Stanley Mr. 6: Mrs. Ioseph Stayduhar Mr. 25: Mrs. P. G. Steenkist Mr. Sr Mrs. Ioseph Stephany Ruth Stephany Divine Redeemer School Ambridge, Pa. St. Iohn the Baptist School Barnesboro, Pa. SS. Cyril 6: Methodius School Boonton, N. I. Sacred Heart School Carteret, N. I. SS. Cyril 8: Methodius School Charleroi, Pa. Holy Rosary School Clarksburg, W. Va. SS. Cyril 81 Methodius School Clifton, N. I. St. Ann's School Emmaus, Pa. GOD BLESS THEM Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Straka Mr. 8: Mrs. Iohn Straka Mr. Sc Mrs. Iohn P. Straka Mr. Sr Mrs. Ioseph Straka Mr. 6: Mrs. Ioseph P. Straka Mr. 6: Mrs. Martin Straka Mr. Philip Straka Mr. Sr Mrs. VVilliam Straka Mr. 8: Mrs. Ioseph Suchy Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Suliits Miss Hilda Sukits Mr. Sc Mrs. H. Sullivan Mr. Sc Mrs. Iohn Swetonic Mr. Sc Mrs. Anthony Szykowny Mr. 8: Mrs. E. V. Taylor Mrs. C. Tevis Catherine Tevis Marie Thomas Mrs. Salvator Timpani Miss Iulia Timpani Mr. dr Mrs. O. R. Tock Mr. Sc Mrs. Vincent Tucerri Mr. Sz Mrs. Iohn Uhrin United Steelworkers of Am., Dist. 17 Mr. Andrew Vavrek Cecilia Vavrek Mrs. George Vavrek Mrs. Iohn Vavrek Ioseph Vavrek Mrs. Mary Vavrek TO MAA GRADUATES - CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Holy Family School Erie, Pa. St. Ann's School Farrell, Pa. St. Thereszfs School Hellertown, Pa. Assumption School Iersey City, N. I. St. Mary's School McAdoo, Pa. St. Mark's School McKees Rocks, Pa. Our Lady of Consola Nemacolin, Pa. Blessed Virgin School Northampton, Pa. St. Peter's School Westfield, Mass. Anna M. Veseleni Miss Nancy Viti Mrs. Marie Vogel Mary C. Vogel Mr. Sr Mrs. Iohn Vojtecky Mr. Sc Mrs. Ioseph Vojtecky Mr. R Mrs. Iulius Vrsansl-cy Emma Walker Mr. Sc Mrs. Richard B. Walker Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Walsh Miss Louella Wassermann Mr. 8: Mrs. E. T. Weaver Mrs. Anna Wetzel Mrs. C. R. VVilliams Mr. YV. H. Williams Peggy Winkler Mrs. Richard Winkler Edward Winters Mr. 6: Mrs. Henry Wisniewslci Dr. R. F. Wivell Mrs. Catherine Woods Mr. Iames C. Woods William Wright Ioseph M. Wright Mr. Sc Mrs. V. Yantschik Youug's Card Shoppe Anna Zajac Mary Zajac Mrs. Iosephine Zawoyski Mr. Charles Zello St. Michaelis School New Castle, Pa. SS. Peter St Paul School Philipsburg, N. I. St. GalJriel's School N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. St. Francis Retreat House Pittsburgh, Pa. Immaculate Conception School St. Clair, Pa. St. Stephen's School Shenandoah, Pa. tion School St. Clement's School Tarentum, Pa. St. Anthony's School Webster, Mass. Seraphic: Mass Association ST. AUGUSTINE MONASTERY 220 Thirty-Seventh Street Pittsburgh 1, Pa, Fr. Cecil, O. F. M. Cap. Schenley 4363-4364 F ANNINGS DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED uwnnu i Ununuuuv N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. FUNERAL HOME THE ANNUAL STAFF EXTENDS TO ALL i WHO HAVE IN ANY WAY MADE BELLEVUE, PA. THIS ANNUAL A SUCCESS THANK YOU COMPLIMENTS of The Original Wonder Bakers Wonder and Wabash Streets Pittsburgh 20, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS from Bacha Funeral Home i' Barnesboro, Pa. Dr. John P. Monda, D.D.S 534 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue, Pennsylvania Linden 7532 Suburban Bldg. BOWL ALL SUMMER 7 grannan A parg lgaface 1124 Charticrs Ave. McKees Rocks, Pa. Dancing in Our Grill - Orchestra Every Nite Phone FEderal 1888 lQffaAur9A prouidion 8' ,Dueling Co. DIVISION OF ARMOUR and CO. Pittsburgh 30, Pennsylvania Palka's Market 1261 Columbus Avenue N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS FROM Saint Elizabeth's Parish 1620 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, Penna. The Oldest Slovak Parish in Pittsburgh Rev. Ioseph A. Gajdosik, pastor CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS from of The Mothers Club E1 ghth Aveune Hotel i' PI-HLLIP MAIKUT Mrs. I. Swetonic .. ......,..4. President . . 'K' Mrs. M. Krall .....,....,,. ,.,.,....... V 1ce-Presrclent Mrs. R. Harris , ,....,..... Secretary I-Iomcstcacl, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS if and the BEST OF LUCK Avalon Bank to the GRADUATING CLASS California Ave. of '46 Avalon, Pa. f ir The Thomas Family BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES COMPLIMENTS THE BELLEVUE SAVING AND TRUST COMPANY of i' THE JUNIOR CLASS Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, Penn. M O R C' A N ' S SUPERIOR MARKET CLEANERS and DYERS MEAT and GRQCERIES MODERN COLD STORAGE 1533 Superior Avenue RUGS and UPHOLSTERY CLEANED IOHN FABIAN, Prop. Meade and Monroe Avenues Fa. 4606 Bellevue, Penna. OWEN'S DRESS SI-IOPPE BISHOP SHOE CO- 538 Lincoln Avenue Phone - Linden 7702 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue, Penna. Bellevue, Penna. BEST OF LUCK MILLINERY - DRESSES and COATS LINCOLN PHARMACY AVALON PHARMACY Balph Ave. at Lincoln JOHN C' CAMPBELL, Prop. Li 1100 Bellevue, Pa. 606 California Avenue Formerly Denlows Pharmacy WHERE QUALITY and SERVICE MEAN Avalon, Palma' SOMETHING BEST OF LUCK Bastian Bros. Co. Rochester, New York DESIGNERS AND PRODUCERS OF CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT ANNUUNCEMENTS NAME CARDS C. E. McDonald, District Manager 920 Investment Bldg. 239 Fourth Ave. Pittsburgh 22, Penna. COMPLIMENTS of REVEREND PAUL M. PEKARIK 'k ST. Ann's Church EMMAUS, PA. CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS from of REVEREND G. NOVOROLSKY Reverend CLEMENT HRTANEK 1 St. Peter s 'A' Saint Ann's Church Homestead, Pa. R. C. Church 22 State Street Westfield, Massachusetts REDSI-IAW MEN'S WEAR Goon WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS ARROW SHIRTS - FLORSHEIM SHOES AUERBACI-I FURNITURE CO. Cor. Beaver Avenue and Nixon Street ir ir 555 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue, Pa. Linden 4154 Ce. 5547 Open Evenings COMPLIMENTS of W. H. WIHIHMS IIIMHIH EU. BUILDING and LUMBER MILLWORK Island and Preble Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 'A' BEST OP LUCK t0 TI-IE SENI ORS GEORGE F. BRUNNER JUSTICE OF PEACE Linden 0539 WEST PARK BOTTLING WORKS 1119 Ninth Street, McKees Rocks, Pa. Federal 0271 MARSHALL AVENUE CAFE 1418 Marshal Avenue, N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 'A' KUDLAC BROS. Ce. 9335 THIRD ORDER OF ST. FRANCIS A LAYMAN'S oRDER Fon ALL FATHER RUPERT CLAID, Director FATHER BERTIN ROLL, Assistant 220 Thirty-Seventh St. Pittsburgh, Pa. ooMPL1MENTs of FASHION DRESS SHOP Mrs. KUZMA Homestead, Pa. COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES COSENTINO BROS. LANDSGAPING and GARDENING 2207 Imperial street Hazel 5338 COMPLIMENTS Congratulations f 0 I M o R T 1 M E R 5 BETCHER FUNERAL HOME IEWELRY AND GIFT if California Avenue Avalon, Pa. 545 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue, Pa. Li. 7722 ARCHCONFRATERNITY OF CHRISTIAN MOTHERS National OH:1ce 220 - 37th St. Pittsburgh 1, Pa. The Archconfraternity fosters the home education of children h ' ' ' ' toget er with the ideals ot Catholic womanhood, Wifehood, and motherhood. "DANCE WITH DELIGI-IT, T O MUSIC BY KNIGHT CLYDE KNIGHT AND I-IIS ORCHESTRA Daniel I. Ponteri, Mgr. Linden 2408 Superior Avenue August A. Borza FUNERAL DIRECTOR CHAPEL and AUTO SERVICE 2439 California A Fa. 9984 ve. N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. eg' ja Wayne! The Day You've Been Waiting For . . . Your high school education is over, and now it's either college or business . . . Boggs and Buhl, the store that has watched you grow up congratulates you, and wishes you the very best of luck. We've seen you go from our infants' department to our children's department . . . and from there to our Teen-age department. Boggs 8: Buhl is looking forward to serving you when you shop in our menis and women's departments, when you buy your own furniture and household accessories. Seeing that you get the linest merchandise available is our chief responsibility. We're proud of that responsibility because we're proud of you . . . You're the people who are going to run this post-war world everyone talks about! We know you'll do a good job . . . BOG S 84 HL 77 YEARS GF SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY 14 l COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Mrs. Rose Frustzrci CALL FEDERAL 3300 FOR S T E E L Steel Products Company PITTSBURGI-PS LARGEST INDEPENDENT IRON AND STEEL WAREHOUSE "SERVICE UNEXCELLEIT' 200 Bradley Street McKees Rocks, Pa. CATHOLIC DAUGI-ITERS OF AMERICA ii 965 C. C. CLAIR O P T I C I A N Coraopolis, Pa. 5126 Ienkins Arcade - Pittsburgh, Pa. Offrce: Atlantic 7406 l Res.: Vlfellington 0101-R LINCOLN MARKET Sewickley OEICC Sewickley 2260 409 Lincoln Avenue Sewickley Valley Trust Bldg Monday Sr Wed. Evenings Bgllgvug, Pa, Congrafufafiond Mai ,Miles TO THE gravluafing Cfcwfi HEVHHNH EEHHEE MHlINHK 'k PASTOR OF SAINT GABRIEIQS PARISH COMPLIMENTS of JOSEPH RAUSCH Underwood Typewriter Representative PEnhurst 5222 or ATlantic 6780 GUY FUSCO TRANSFER 1315 - 4th Avenue COAL - COKE USED BUILDING MATERIAL Coraopolis, Pa. Comopolis 1597 Telephone: Flideral 2370 Cl..UTTE.R'S MARKET B. HARTON i IJIAMONDS, WATCHES AND IEWELRY p COMPLIMENTS 'A' of HARRY T. CLUTTER Ir. 534 Chartiers Avenue McKees Rocks, Pa. GEGRGE GEREGACI-I DRUGGIST ir 317 Helen Street McKees Rocks, Pa. Telephone: FE. 5556 GEORGE SPISAK MEAT MARKET ir 220 Bell Avenue McKees Rocks, Pa. TEMER'S RESTAURANT North Boro's Floor Covering Co. 'k 'Ir 17 West Park Way N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 429 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. Llnden 7833 LITTLE Joris First Class SHOE REPAIR i' BEST WISI-IES from Rev. STEPHEN IVIEKO AND THE SISTERS OF HOLY FAMILY PARISH 2627 Shzlclclantl Avc. N. S. Pittsburgh 12, Pa. Erie, Pennsylvania COMPLIIVIENTS COMPLIMENTS of of Dr. A. SILENSKY STEPHEN SEDLOCK Barncsboro, Penna. Barncsboro, Penna. I COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS A f TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS O BRYANT FRUIT STORE from the 'A' RUDZIK FAMILY EAST LIBERTY, PA. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of TI-IE BRYANT IVIEAT MARKET BRYANT DRUG STORE EAST LIBERTY, PA. EAST LIBERTY MICHAEL ZUGELL HATTMAN'S MILK DRY GOODS, GENTS FURNISHINGS Sc SHOES PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS ir i' 5117 Butler Street 610-612 Island Avenue McKees Rocks, Pa Pittsburgh 1, Pennsylvania Flideffll 0322 COMPLIMENTS to BELLEVUE CHOCOLATE SI-IOP THE SENIORS 567 Lincoln Avenue from Bellevue , LOEFFLER S CAF E Corner of East Ohio and Middle Sts. KLEINER MEYER O ' 5 H E A HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR, ETC. t ALL THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME STEPHEN :Sc CO. i 207 E. Ohio St. BELLEVUE COMPUMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of Jos. H. vooEL sf soN MAYNE MCKEE Phone: Llnclen 1042 Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Evenings - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lVIARY'S BEAUTY SALON MARY and SUE MocH1o A. SANGUIGNI SONS CO. HAULING CONTRACTORS IUniper 3400 'A' SPECIALIZINC IN PERMANENT WAVING C. F. SANGUIGNI, President AND I-IAIR STYLED TO SUIT YOUR PERSONALITY 3035 Brighton Road Pittsburgh 12, Pa. 3304 Brighton Road N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. RICHARD WINKLER Congratulations AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IVIATI-IER JEWELRY STORE REDUCED RATES TO CAREFUL OWNERS 573 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, Pa. Linden 3242 3128 Brighton Road EICI-IENl..AUB'S FOR BETTER FURNITURE 3501-3503 Butler Street imma sumnlcy 077950780 816-818 Federal Street Phone Fairfax 2046 Pittsburgh, Pa. Bellevue Electric and Radio Company 527 Lincoln Avenue Linden 6660 Bellevue, Pa. FRIGIDAIRE, GENERAL, WESTINGHOUSE, BENDIX PHILCO, REA, ENITI-1, STROMBERG-CARLSON, MAGIC-CHEF, THOR, EASY, AND OTHERS CONTACT US! Stephen J. Schuljak PLUMBING AND HEATING ENGINEER 3127 Brighton Road North Side Pittsburgh, Pa. Linden 7260 CONGRATULATIONS MANDL' 5 BAKERY t ir A 630 California Avenue Avalon, Penna. SAUCIL C" C- l'tll'lCl:5Cd,l'l Jafhefd JOHN SEXTGN at CO. MFG. WHOLE GROCERIES 232 S. Home Avenue if Pittsburgh 2, Pa. Sexton Square, Chicago 90 SAMUEL MCKNIGHT HARDWARE CO. 225-227 Federal Street COOKUI-IN TEA ROOM 560 Lincoln Avenue N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. Bellevue, Penna. ,k Iuniper 0764 529 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, Pa. Pharmaceuticals Physicians Supplies THE-CHOICE-OF-DISCRIMINATING SENIORS Biologicals L P R1 N T C R A F T THE CRAIG PHARMACY Distinctive Graduation-Name-Cards PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Linden 4182 Printcraft - Card - Co. B. L. Craig, Phg. 174 Lincoln Ave Scranton, Pa. Bellevue, Penna. CONGRATULATIONS from ROSARY SOCIETY SAINTS CYRIL AND METHODIUS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Clmrleroi, Pa. BEST OF LUCK TO TI-Ili llllll IIHIIH SIHHI PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS AT CUT RATES ir 510 Lincoln Avenue at Balph Bellevue, Pa. SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAM J. STROYNE f CHOICE HOME DRESSED MEATS I'0lTl ST. MARKS SCHOOL MCKEES ROCKS, PA. FANCY GROCERIES 1931 Beaver Ave. Cedar Congratulations and Best Wishes 0343 I-IERSI-I PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 'A' 1200 Allegheny Avenue ---- Cedar 4475 MARSI-I'S DAIRY STORE ir 1214 Woodlarld Avenue N. S. Pittsburgh, Penna. F. C. I-IINKEL 6: BROS. FLOWERS I-IIPPODROIVIE THEATRE 'Ir i I 1.812 Beaver Avenue Bellevue, Penua. We. 2100 N. S. Pittsburgh, Penna. COMPLIMENTS HUGLI Of DE soTo - PLYMOUTH A FRIEND Bellevue Rozul Linden 6700 COMPLIMENTS CQMIJLIMENTS of of GRESS MEAT MARKET Homestead, Penna. CONGRATULATIONS N. 5. RECREATION CENTER COMPUMENTS B O W L I N G of if MICHAEL GILLESPIE, Prop. 10 Good Alleys JUNIOR RESIDENT STUDENTS JOHN BLAZOWSKI 1 'lr 100 Ella Street MeKees Rocks, Pa. KANAI FUNERAL HOME 300 Helen Street McKees Rocks BRANCH OFFICES: 2838 Preble Avenue, North Side 500 Greenfield Avenue, Greenfield HELFFRICI-I'S CONFECTIONARY i' 1200 Wootllzmtl Avenue COMPLIMENTS of JAKUPYS MARKET MEATS, GROCERIES, and POULTRY Pittsburgh 12, Pennu. 2822 California Avenue N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. S. M. BASSICK COMPLIMENTS COFFEES, TEAS, GROCERIES of GEREGACI-l'S GROCERY STORE it if 537 Tripoli Street, Cor. Middle Street N. S. Pittsburgh 12, Pa. 301 Shingiss Street MeKees Rocks, Pa. SUZAN COTTON SHOP Phone: Phone: - 713 E. Ohio Street FEden1l 2272 HOmesteat.l 1259 N. S' 1,, Pa, BRASZO FUNERAL HOME f 310 Ella St. 430 Eighth Ave. MeKees Rocks, Pa. Homestead, Pa. Clitlur 2774 Ph0HC1C1'3df1f6151 COLONIAL BISCUIT COMPANY EDWARD W- CLARTY DIV. OF UNITED BISCUIT Co. OF AMERICA FUNERAL DIRECTOR ir 'Ir 1801 Forbes Street I 1305 Allegheny Avenue N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. TI-IE MAI-IAN 6: WRIGHT STUDIOS IVIERRYS DAIRY PORTRAIT - COMMERCIAL - PHOTOGRAPHY PASTEURIZED IVIILK AND CREAM Phone: FEderal 0731 OF SUPERIOR QUALITY A' 'k First Floor McKees Rocks Trust Co. Bldg. lien Avon, Pa. Phone Linden 2700 606 Chartiers Avenue McKees Rocks, Pa. Mrs. ANNA MILLER'S COMPUMENTS CONFECTIONARY Of ST. IVIARICS SODALITY 'A' 'k 3000 California Avenue North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. McKees Rocks, Pa. WOMAN'S BENEFIT ASSOCIATIO COMPLIMENTS REVIEW get 118 of Il 'k FRIEND Coraopolis, Pa. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Compliments of Alice Webefs Card Party Mrs. BETTY WEBER - Hostess LEONA KUNERT ROSE MOLCZAN MARY DUNLAP ROSE PARRENDO LOUISE NELSON MARY WINTERS SOPHIE RUSCH CLARA CRAWFORD HELEN GOSTAWSKI MINNIE FUELLER CATHERINE SCANNELL MARY W IESNESKI Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. MARY NICKLOS REVELLA WEBB MARIE BELZ MARY BIEL BERNIE FISHER EMMA SMITH GRACE KENDRA SUZAN KENDRA IRENE KENDRA HELEN LIPCOSKI MARIE TILLIE NETTIE SOLANE 1k if Meats and Groceries 61 McKinney Avenue McKccs Rocks J. J. B A L O B E C K FEdcral 0524 Chesshire Photographers OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for MOUNT ASSISI ACADEMY BOGGS 6: BUHL CONGRATULATIONS and I BEST WIS!-IES to the GRADUATES ' from Blessecl Virgin Mary Parish Northamptong Penna. if T Reverend Michael P. Begany, Pastor Reverend Ioseph F. Gasho, Assistant Delicious and Nutritious RIECKT von:-L ,, J We, ' ' . K, . 4 qi' callers Co l COMPLIMENTS of 342 KHMOAC .NOIYLO JOUFHGI "The National Vain' of Catholic' Women" 220-37th Street Pittsburgh l, Pa. COMPLIMENTS of ST. GABRIEUS SCHOOL i' N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. w l Latest Records Learn Now Foreign Sc Popular To Play A wk Musical Instrument Albums t Sheet Music I Private Lessons Y i' Instruction Instruments Books Loanecl Free t fWl1CH Availablcj Radios and f phonograph Combination Call for cWl1Cll Avnilablcj Appointment Vcroncsi Music Store OPEN EVENINGS 3424 Butler Street Sc. 6160 Pittsburgh l, Pa. 1 ,- K -1 i Y A 1 n 1 l 1 . I I X 1 1 I i -. 1 1 . l 1 X. Y V , I V V Qi fbi, ,ik Y X V .-I r

Suggestions in the Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) collection:

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 36

1946, pg 36

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 87

1946, pg 87

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 59

1946, pg 59

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 27

1946, pg 27

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