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hf ' KNEE je Eggniom Mf'858lfL1f My 1945 CMM ACADEMY . BELLEVUE PA If Pill 30 5MCC855 .45 ,j 3,4 "2 .f Q .. J A , WHA siyrancw HE herald of the "Prince of Peace" possessed a heart replete with love, and his life's object was to become "all to all." By word and deed he taught peace and happiness to individuals, families, cities, and provinces. Francis' aims and methods were always construc- tive. He realized that, if in the spiritual order man is at peace with Cod, his neighbor, and himself, then the less important temporal affairs can be coordinated and adjusted. Besides in uniting action and prayer, Francis showed himself possessed of that turn of character which recommends him not only as our patron but a practical model for the needs of our own age. Around these ideals of the herald of the Prince of Peace, we the class of '45 center our annual theme. Prepared, we march off to success . . . Olft JU ? MP gli aff? loficafion jrie12c!5ALp milf!" FATHER CLARENCE lbeobcafion O him who truly embodies the genuine ideals of a saintly priest of St. Francis, serenely kind, quick to aid the anxious mind, earnest teacher, guide and friend, we, the Class of '45, this third volume of the CHIMES dedicate to . REVEREND FATHER CLARENCE, C.F.M. CAP Chaplain of Mt. Assisi Academy AT MASS . . . 'Divine Truth eniightens our intellect Divine Love unites our wills to God Pray the Mass at Mass Live the Moss everywhere." 6 v..f' EVERYBODY'S FATHER CLARENCE EING with us only three years Father Clarence has captivated the hearts of everyone. Yes, Father has a kindly regard for all-from senior to freshman, from eighth grader to first grader, from our cooks to our jani- tcrs . . . all are embraced in his fatherly care and tender solicitude. His friendly smile and words of cheer always greeted anyone who chanced to meet him anytime. Ready to share in our fun . . . never too busy to attend our affairs. . .arousing our attention by tacking witty sayings on our bulletin board . , , writing for our school paper. . . composing lines for our school song . . . offering Holy Mass for our team . . . counseling us in our doubts-all this and more gives evidence that Father exhibits the finest fotherly care and active interest in our school. An asset to our school, an honor to his community, and a blessing to all who come within his influence, Father Clarence, like St, Francis, has become everybody's friend. VISITING WITH THE DIVINE MASTER ff OME to me all you that labor, and l will refresh you," has drawn many students to visit the Prisoner of Love in the convent chapel. At the class visits and often during the day students fervently whisper prayers of adoration, ot petition, and of thanksgiving. What a comfort did these visits bring, for He alone sees the heart with its manifold sensations. I-Ie alone weighs all the complex motives of an action, He alone knows all about us and loves us just the same. To our Lady of Grace we turn with ardent fervor in all our needs, for ' '... never was it known that anyone who fled to her protection or implored her help was left unaided." During Mass we recited the rosary, our favorite prayer in unison. Through song, too, clear voices blended to express our sentiments of love to Our Queen of Heaven-"Mary, Our Mother." "Whenever I pass a church I always stop and visit So when I'm carried there, My Lord won't ask who is it .5 . A 1' W 1 lfLWfLVlfL8lf' 'ww Wnfer Ifllft 'K if I-4 "The Mount's a pleasant place to be When spring is in the air. When every wind-blown thing is free The Mount's a pleasant place to me I0 "Every fir and pine and hemlock Wore ermine too dear for an earl, And the poorest twig on the elm tree Was ridged inch deep with pearl." cenic on erfan IZ --.. hu. Q-,Qu em 0 Ofgarning . . 2. gi IN APPRECIATION . URING our four years at Mount Assisi, our instructors have instilled in us noble ideals and the courage to face the future that lies before us. To our faculty, therefore, we offer our sincere gratitude. Mother M. Methodia Sister M. Gerard Sister M. Sister M. Catherine Sister M. Sister M. Anselmo Sister M. Sister M. Paula Sister M. Sister M. Felicitas Sister M. Lucy Agnes Bonaventure Jeanne Ta rsic ia N preaching to the birds Francis reminded them that they owe loyalty and praise to their Creator for His provident care from the bounties of nature. Having completed his sermon, Francis blessed them, and they flew toward the four parts of the world. SENIOR peers into the mirror of life and sees reflected there a future bright with promise. She adjusts her cap, pats her hair, and smiles-a confident smile of achievement. Embued with the fidel- ity of Francis through her four years of study at the Mount, she will ever feel toward her Alma Mater a deep sense of r oyafzfyi I .Y 1, if 2,9 5 if 'J 1 w Q is .ss xg L A x S Qu U' Rx ,K bw 'N X , R W 33 EX. Rose Morie Kuhn, Voledictoriczn I5 Olflflf' 0149 86LIf'5 AUDREY A. ADLER Tall and slim . . . even-tempered , . . loads of poise before a crowd . . . this sweet lass will always be remembered as creating some of the lighter mo- ments of school life with Betty Harris . . . because she has the poise and personality necessary, thea- trical success is not far distant. DOROTHY A. ANDRASKO Graceful, willowy Dot . . , diversified talents . . . playing the piano, swimming, designing, and making her own clothes . . . seen most often with Rita . . . her chosen career in fashion work will afford her no difficulty-'cause she's got the de- termination and ability to succeed. VIRGINIA BANKOS Speech betrays her as a cute Northampton miss . . . beautiful blond hair . . . songster among the postulants . . . light-hearted manner . . . sweet smile and friendliness . . . enioys Spanish . . . pros- pective teacher. . . has a way with tots , . . will surely find happiness in the Service of the Lord. Theresa and Dot enjoy a sunny afternoon on the campus. 7? LUCILLE BODNAR Strutted in from Oliver via Tucson High . . . would like to major in male psychology . . . mad about man-infested West and a certain blue-eyed, curly-haired Captain . . . dotes on swimming and dancing . .. Lou has been with us only a short while, but has impressed all with her poise and selt-assur- ance. AGNES E. CAPAK Agnes strolled through the portals of M.A.A. an assured soph from Hamilton Junior High School . . . dancing, good "jive," hair styles are the especial hobbies of this sophisticated member of the Rox gang . . . since she is competent in shorthand, the business world just naturally claims her interest. MARGARET CARLI N Ready, willing, able Margie presides as our Senior Class President , . . versatile personality and keen intellect . . . high ranker . . . a redhead . . . editor of ECHOES and of CHIMES . . . Third Order Prefect . . .maid of honor. . . budding journalist. . . college ahead . . . bosom pal of Mo . . a truly de- servingly popular miss. l"0lfIfL ay f0 ld? Marion, Margie, Audrey, Doc, and Betty relax with "the pause that refreshes." f org, OVLOIQ ,xdfwcz 75 me ..,.A:, X, Phoebe, Marion, and Lois renew acquaintances on a lovely Indian summer day. EVELYN D'ANTONlO Our calm sweet Evie . . . liked by all who know her .. . secretary of the Third Order . . . attendant of the May Queen . . . a basketball enthusiast . . . quiet, industrious, and efficient. . . we feel sure that this dark-haired miss will take Iife's hurdles in her stride and emerge victorious. LOIS DEL MASTRO Dark-tressed, vivacious Lois breezed in to com- plete her last two years at the Mount . . . Captain of the Cheer-leaders . . . social chairman of the Sodality . . . a resident . . . favorite pastimes, danc- ing, and buying new clothes . . . with her clever taste for clothes, she will surely attain her heart's desire, a dress shop. PHOEBE DORNECKER "Phe," our camera fiend, has a knack for snap- ping one in the most uncomfortable positions . . . develops and prints her own photos . . . as a soph she played on the varsity . . . will be sorely missed at her post as timekeeper of the basketball team . . . chooses typing with Sister Jeanne . . . loafs with Adler and the rest. 1945 Two old chums together, Sis ond Lorry. EILEEN DOUC-HERTY A sweet smile and a laughing voice gives you our "Doc" . . . hits it off with typing. . . loves Spike Jones' "Cocktails for Two" and dancing . . . consid- ers baseball the most exciting of sports . . . found most often with l-larris and the "gang" . . . the business world will hold her attention in the future. LORRAINE DUDASH Passed four eventful years at the Mount with Sis and the crowd . . . Freshman Class l President . . . loves dancing, especially jitterbugging . . . the Army ranks with Lorry . . . comptometry suits her fine. . . a future in the business world seems secure for this competent commercial student. i HELEN B. DUDEK A Studious blonde . . . likes to bowl, dance, and read . , . receives fan mail from the Army. . .desires to own a private business . . . history and bookkeep- ing are high in her estimation . . .circulation man- ager of ECHOES in sophomore year , . . pals with the "North Side Set." .i A ver Ar Mae ana! Mme jar QW jaifA Rita, Mil, and Lou pause with their books and then off to catch the 2:00 car. RITA ERIVIINE Small, dark-haired . , . Rita's wonderful jive on the piano will never be forgotten as she entertained the seniors . . . reading and good movies are her pas- times . . . loves to attend piano recitals . .. prefers typing . . . the magic in her talented fingers will bring her success in the musical world. - MILDRED M. C-OOD One of the quieter members of the class, but missed most when absent . . . likes athletics, bas- ketball, skating. . .guard on the varsity. . . biology intrigues her . . . seen on the campus with "Doc" . . . her blue eyes must look up-'cause she aims to be a pilot. ' ELIZABETH HARRIS Sparkling brown eyes and a flashing grin de- scribe our "classroom cut-up" . . . no class is ever dull with Betty . . . her monologues can never be surpassed, and Penelope, Betty's brain-child, will live forever in our memories . . . with a carefree smile, and a laughing heart, she won the title of "Prom Queen." 1, ' 'url-:fog mi v:- I by . g-Eat: Margie and Pat Iaughingly de- 4 0 I stroy "North Wind's masonry." '- "5 PATRICIA HEYL Manager of basketball team . . . Prefect of So- dality, treasurer of senior class, ECHO staff, circula- tion manager of CHIMES . . . are the host of titles that announce Pat . . . with science and math she feels perfectly at home . . . to be no less than a champion swimmer is her desire. t . cEciLiA1. HLISTER This little girl with the big smile was almost unanimously voted "May Queen" . . . secretary of Sodality and senior class . . . interested in book- keeping . . . her hopes are in the Navy . . . dancing and good movies . . . seen with Lorry and the rest of the "crowd" . . . plans to make bookkeeping her CO I'eeI'. w THERESA M. HUDAK Never a quiet moment when Theresa is around . . . the skating rink fills much of her spare time. . . her dreams are centered around the Cadet Nurse Corps . . . member of the Third Order of St. Francis . . . prefers algebra to any other class . . . constant companions are the "Rox Gang." Cfgfllf Olftl' jd zu ,wrong jim 5 A sunny hour and 0 sunny smile --Thelma. -,- ,x '1 1 . l M 'I tex' f Av ,f .A , . 3' , I GLORIA INTERVAL l Our sweet songstress . . . been singing on KDKA for six years . . . has a "way" with Navy men . . . pals with Dolly. . . Vaughn Monroe and Perry Como "send" her . . . because she possesses the skill and has her heart in singing, we know our "Glory" will swing to success on "wings of song." MATHILDA M. IACKO Member of the Rox circle.. . our grammar whiz . . . to be a cashier is her wish . . . excels in short- hand and with her business-like manner will ac- complish much in her chosen career . . . received an award for the Slovak language as a sophomore . . . quiet, yet determined in her ways. V i f A VERONICA IACOBS Friendly smile, deepvoice, ready "Hello" describe Verne . . . officer of the Third Order . . . capable, efficient . . . ranks high in class . . . capacity for mixing work and fun . . . active in all school affairs . . . seen always in the company of the other "Candies" . , . her pleasing personality marks her as a future teacher. llll Gloria and Dolly compare notes. DOROTHY A. IUCAN A tall, striking blonde. . . loves to jitterbug . . . the mainstay of the team . . . our varsity guard is Dot . . . won many a game with her alertness , . . U. S. History and shorthand are the subjects 4 . . the Navy claims all her attention. . .will join the Waves shortly , , , lots of luck in the Navy, Dot. DOLORES M. KNOERDEL Her dark hair and matching eyes win her many friends , . . uses her spare moments in bowling and dancing . . . Dolly has already gained much experi- ence in her chosen line-stenography . . . adept at shorthand with Sister Jeanne . . . will make some business-man an ideal secretary. ROSE MARIE KUHN Blond hair, a winning smile, and a cute giggle introduce our first ranker for four years . . . vale- dictorian . . . ECHO Stoff artist and typist . . . CHIMES artist . . . diligent, dependable, and effi- cient . , . first, last, and always when needed in any school affair . . . bright future . . . seldom seen without Sheehan. 0 rimm Til and Helen reminisce together. Y E A sscccs X 13:4 i Q P 23 N I 194 Eglix UMW MARGARET LARKIN Originator of the "wittiest" remarks . . . called "Lambkin" by her associates , . . often sighs, "I made it," when she dreams of graduation . . .sewing and shorthand with Sister Paula . . . enjoys a good movie . . . possessor of the Ioveliest Irish blue eyes . . . . will attain loads of success in the Nurse Corps. EILEEN LOVE Attended Mt. Assisi grade school . . . tall, care- free blonde . . . bowling, dancing, and movies are her pastimes . . . enjoys Tommy Dorsey's sweet melodies . . . prefers shorthand and biology . . . best friend is Dolly. . . ability to laugh at all times . . . to be a Marine Nurse is Eileen's ambition. THELIVIA C. MASER Sweetness in smallness is proven by Thelma, our roller skating star . . . the rink is her second home . . . a vivacious cheer-leader . . . the Ink Spots and all their versions thrill her . . . typing with Sister Jeanne . . . loafs with Marion . . . aims to be a Bell Telephone operator. Thelma, Margie, and Rose Marie rehearse a scene from "Romeo" 0 Um, Rose Marie, Jane, and Dot see- ing the world from "up there." . Gif' IANE ELEANOR McKENNA Janie, our typical Irish lass . . . athletic . . . lives in San Diego in her dreams . . . plays a neat game of tennis . . . basketball star as a frosh and soph . . . reporter on the ECHO staff . . . hobbies are corresponding and keeping scrap books of famous people . . . loves to be with the two Rose Maries. DOROTHY M. MOODY Dot is the athlete of the class. . .forward on the varsity for three years . . . revels in math of all kinds . . . received an award as an instructor in military drill as a junior . . . sports reporter on the ECHOES . . . will make a grand physical education teacher, 'cause she's got ability plus. MARY M UDRAK Long blond hair, blue eyes, and an infectious giggle portrays Mary . . . been a resident student for six years . . , had some hard knocks but came out smiling . . . loves to dream over sentimental tunes while playing the piano . . . facility for making friends and keeping them . . . seen always with Margie. ,MALLA jrancb t-l X lg 1945 Eileen, Margie, and Evie mixing study and the summer beauty and producing "Spring Fever." ANN PAVLOCH l N A shy little miss from Northampton, Pa .... arrived as a sophomore . . . a reserved blonde . . . infectious giggle. . . neat. . .delights in being with Ginny . . . her ready, willing smile greets everyone who chances to meet her . . . will be the happiest when donning the habit of St. Francis this year. MARION SCANNELL Senior Vice President . . , an alert cheer-leader . . . one of our taller lasses, pretty, friendly. . . crazy about sewing . . . makes her own clothes . . . aims for a position as a Typist , . . seen most often with the Bellevue clique . . . her warm-hearted smile captivates all . . . for this sociable senior we predict a favorable future. MAR1oRiE sEuss Carefree "Margie" . , . takes the joys and troubles of school life in her stride . . . petite . . . fashion plate of the seniors . . . been with us for three years . . . her best subiects are shorthand and typing . . . sophisticated . . . enjoys a good movie . . . seen in the company of Audrey and the others. 0 faire ROSE MARIE SHEEHAN The actress of the class . . . a lively cheer- leader . . . extremely efficient in whatever she undertakes . . . witty, laughable, and lovable . . . inseparable pal of Kuhn . . . business manager of the CHIMES and ECHOES . . .ECHO typist . . .Third Order member . . . life promises happiness for our happy "Rosie." IOSEPHINE VARGO Arrived with Agnes from Hamilton High as a soph . . .beautiful natural curly hair with matching blue eyes. , . quiet but friendly . . . is at home on the dance floor . . . algebra and history are most enjoyed . . . nursing is the career chosen by this ambitious girl . . . Josie loafs with the "Rox gang." RITA P. VAVREK Breezed in from Rox High as a junior. . . spent last two years at M.A.A .... the noisy half of the twins , . . spends spare time bowling, playing the piano, and directing plays . . . member of the Third Order . . . Dot is her chum . . . shorthand claims her interest along with a future in a secretarial position. TH ERESA VAVREK Theresa's last two years were spent at the Mount . . . quiet, friendly . . . sweet smile . . . prefers chemistry , . . chums with the "Rox crowd' '... enjoys bowling, reading . . . a secretarial course beckons this diligent and hard worker. MCC855 The "Rox Crowd, "Rita, Theresa, and Josie enjoy a pleasant chat. Alma Mater, fondly we laid thee adieu Alma Mater, our hearts to thee are true Loyal faithful children we, Always loving, hon'ring thee Alma Mater, Salve. L ia Now we leave thee, leave thy fost'Ting care In lifeis battle we out part must beat May thy mem'ry in our hearts abide Lighten all our onward paths, out footsteps guide Alma Mater, Salfue. . 1 1 ei rnssumm HAT eventful September of l94l ini- tiated fifty-eight shy freshmen into the intricacies of algebra and the intrigues of Latin. One month later we endured a different initiation. Funny paper pie-hats made us even more ill-at-ease as we pain- fully became true Assisians. The fun-filled days of October marched upon us in full swing, and we sponsored a Hallowe'en Party, duly repaying the sophs. ln frosty November we attended our first dance. The electric shock of Pearl Harbor hit us on December 7, producing a sad dearth of men. After safely coasting through the mid-exams, we spent the ensuing months in great glee. Free days because of the heavy snowfall thrilled us all. The vocation play, tree planting, senior wiener roast, and the retreat conducted by Father Hugo studded the second semester with rare excitement. ln May the Prom with the music of Brad Hunt proved an effective end to our treasured Freshie Year. X jA8 OSQOV? 0 SSURED, self-confident we entered Mt. Assisi as sophomores. Two radical changes greeted our seasoned eyes- one rich in promise and the other bleak in prospect-the first a change of chaplains and the second, "pink slips." We came to know and treasure Father Clarence's friend- ship and fatherly regard. Sad to say, we also came to "know" pink slips even acquir- ing a habit of collecting them. Initiation was the first event, where each sophomore bestowed upon a trembling freshie her humiliation of the year before. ln snowy December we sponsored, in coop- eration with the Freshmen, a Negro Christ- mas Party. Our frequent change of home- room teachers kept us in a whirl, but in between times we found time to sponsor a tasty Luncheon for our departing big sisters, the seniors. During the year we also won the Consolation Cup in basketball during our first year in the league. One of our impor- tant memories is that of our retreat con- ducted by Father Marcellus. Relieved to find we'd conquered the mysteries of biolo- gy, geometry, and all, we arrived at June to find ourselves Juniors of '44, f 3 iiii y CSZAOOK lays iumons T LAST we were upper-classmeri. Typing, shorthand, chemistry, Span- ish, bookkeeping . . . constituted the now heavier schedule. Most of us became commercials. The Student Council inaugurated new rules, the Third Order sponsored a Day of Recollection for the student body, and Mount Assisi won the Tin Can Pennant for Western Pennsylvania. It rained on April ll, remember? But nothing could dampen our spirits and our Senior Prom at the Colonial was still the most gala event of the year. Finally, June arrived and we emerged triumphantly as Seniors of '45. FAREWELL APPY moments, friendships, the comedy and tragedy of school life, important events, the wisdom of our teachers, the warm welcome of the chaplain . . . all this and more we, the graduates of '45, will recall as we leaf through the pages of our annual. SENIORS EPTEMBER arrived in all its autumnal glory, and we assumed our new dignity of "seniors." Before we knew it, l945 had arrived. Plans had started in earnest for our CHIMES, and we began taking pictures, writing copy, and promising everyone that the '45 CHIMES would be the best yet. Pictures had been taken at Boggs and Buhl, and most of us were pleased with the results. On April 4 the sophomores presented us with a banquet. The juniors held our prom in the school auditorium, and we enjoyed ourselves to the music of Clyde Knight. Tree planting reminded us to pursue our careers in spite of hardships, and thus become a success. At the wiener roast the freshies impressed us with the nearness of June 7 which marked us as Graduates of '45. OMPLYING with Christ's injunction, "Co build up My Church," Francis re- paired St. Damien's with the labor of his own hands. Thisimessage became clearer, for he then re- built the spiritual church by preaching the- gospel of peace and charity. EATED at her desk with pen in hand, her mind ex- ploring the printed page, a senior delves into the beauties of religion and literature, and searches into the realms of science and math. Throughout her busy day she practices the skills of typing and short- hand. She gives evidence of four successful years of study th rough lolo icalfion N. x ,......,,x AAorgo ret Co rhn, So Iutofo ricun - ERC ' XWESUS 55 nnio iii Standing: R. Kralovic. Seated: H. Bruene, N. Viti. Top: M. J. Happ, R. Hurroy, M. Slobodnik. Bottom: M. McKenna, M. Moyta, M. Lciscak. PON the completion of three years at the Mount our carefree juniors have become somewhat sobered at achieving seniority. The Junior Hop and the Prom have already proved their ability at entertaining the student body. lnstilled with the ideals ot Mount Assisi, they are prepared for the responsibilities and ioys which await them as they become "Seniors of I946." X X A QQRXN X Xt First Row: L. D'Antor1io, A. Harrigan, A. Geh- rmger, M. Lascak, Second Row: A, Gregenda, H. Gonchar, A. Strnka, M. Palka. D Cho ko, J. Vavrek, Third Row: G. Majkut, . p D. Polyok. Left to Right: Ann Pavlo- chin, Veronica Jacobs, Vir- ginia Bankas. Standing: D. Martin. Seated A. Cokus, L. Taylor, D. Min- ihane, M. Thomas. Left to Right: M. Roos, M. Capp, R. Gonchar, G. Kovacs, S. Frank, M. A. Kovacs, M. Madia. Left to Right: J. Yurko, R. Stephany, R. Wasilak, C. Williams, J. Ogden, L. Cix, M. Karlik, M. L. Porana. Left to Right: Y. Snyder, T. Clancy, A. Semancik, D. Szykowny, C. Rozman. Left to Right: M. Giglio, R. McGurgan, J. Glace, E. McDonough, F. Howarth, R. Vogel, A. Gnipp, F. Miller. UR sophomores have passed two advanta- geous years at Mount Assisi preparing to become deserving upper-classmen. The success of the Senior Luncheon and the Initiation was due largely to their ability to function as a class. The sophs were ever ready to devote all of their energy and enthusiasm to the support of any school function. At basketball games, at debates, at mission rallies, they lent their support whenever needed. EOMETRY, Lotin, biolo- gy ond English closses filled the schedules of the busy sophomores. They exhibited willingness to leorn ond obility to think os they ossumed the heavier schedule of the sophomore yeor. Greoter responsibilities will be ploced upon their willing shoulders becouse they have proven themselves diligent and hord workers. From their ronks will come the future leoders ot Mount Assisi. Left to Right: B. Coll, K. Herzer, R. Johnson, K. Gehringer, P. Galvin, A. Connolly. Left to Right: B. Korinsky, J. Kovacs, M. Jennis, R. Solinsky, M. Taylor, M. Riordon, V. Krolosky. Left to Right: A. M. Lucas, J. Ahern, M. Winkler. Left to Right: R. Haiduk, G. Noczyn- ski,, B. Howarth, E. Kubicky. 4-U' 1' Sitting: M. Weover, B. Roach, M. Mooney. Left to Right: D, Swetonic, A, Solinetro, F. Standing: A. Wright, G. Yokel, L. Stock, N. Richert, A. Nicolozzo, I. Smith. Yohtchilq .4 Lett: First Row: P. Kubonic, A. Lesko Second Row: M. Soltus, A. M, MorkoA vich, A. M. Polyok. Third Row: T Cerwkner, V. Kormtrick, J. Kovoc Fourth Row: M. Moger, A. Mocey Right: Sitting: I Johnson, R. Potts M. Belz, E. Sirrioni. Standing: D Collier, B. Lux, C. Woods, C. Fetter M. Koufmon, E. Schrmellu. Left to Right: E. Mitricnko, M. Berdis, R. Sitting: K. Shomlin, J. Connell Solo, l. Mulwol, M. Shmo, A. Kuzmo, H. Standing:R.Cc1rIin,M.A.Kozel Strike, D. Sinclwok, T. Kosubo, Lett: Sitting: L. Corlm, A. Alder, A Harmon, M. Summers. Standing: N Logcmcm, C. Dcrbvs, I. Fedorski, T Alder, C. Muirlweod, M. Heyl, J Nugrclll. Right: Sitting: M. Sofcok, B. Bcmlnor, J. Potockl, R, Vergermcs. Standing: J, Kroll, T. Rurlzuk M. Hunl- ucm, W. Pechala. Q Nw xx. I, S? N-.... Q! I 'wqwv 49 if S HAPPY - go - luckies Hitting obout, skipping olong, the Junior High smiles here. Theircoreetreeottitude, though, does not hinder them from entering whole heortedly into whot ever the school octivities moy be ond from reolly oclding o high spirit of goiety to school lite. The future will see them oble citizens reody to moke their stond for God ond country. l U' Top Row: M. A. Pisorcik, M. A. Bentz, M. Mudrok, A. Nee, P, Schmidt. Third Row: D. M. Dublino, L. Wil! helm, B. Voxmon, F. Covonough, G. Vitullo. Second Row: G. Vitullo, F, Jewell, A, Lowery, P. Mulligon, P. Fleeger. Bottom Row: L. Fuselx, S. Dublino, N. l-ludok, M. Gollogher, M. Brehrn, Top Row: J. Smith, J. Brown, G. Guckert, F, Mekovsky, W. Dicks. Second Row: M. Nigrelli, L. Riordan, J. Hawkins, R. Happ, H. Gibbs. Bottom: F. Zotter, D. Smith, F. Nemeth, T. Roetaro, J. Bryden. UNIQUE setup are our "Men at the Mount." Though only fifteen in number, they constitute quite a crowd when their pent up energies release in play. When the window is smashed or a limb on a tree broken, one need not investi- gate long to find the culprits. Being of jovial nature, Saint Francis would enjoy knowing our boys. As the only little men on the hill, they feel rather big standing here with that manly posture, don't you think? HAPPY ramping crowd of titty-one little residents add life and plenty ot good cheer to the boarding lite at Mount Assisi. With their childish pranks and sweet simple ways they walk right into your heart. As our little friends, they help to recall the true simplicity of our great St. Francis, and surely they are his little friends as well. Top Row: G. Yuhaz, M. Edwards, P. Egan, O. Krisberg Fifth Row: P. Caslin, B. Lehnert, G. l-litchings, M Lieb, F Kozel. Fourth Row: R. Wills, M. Brown, J Anderson, B. Krah, S. Cavanaugh, R. Galvin, B. Plan char, S. Stack. Third Row: J. Ruffing, M. Egan, J Ford, M. Adamik, F. Caslin, G. Zeiter, P. Gossard, L Mullen, R. Nagness, P. Gillespie. Second Row: M McMahon, C. McKay, O. Mitfin, P. Ruprecht, B, Las- toria, B. Caledonia, M, Brown, C. Marlon, J. Ford, J Shamlin. Bottom Row: A. Michel, B. Miles, R. Pierce K. Cusack, S. Kellner, D. Miles, A. Cook, M. Lauko, J Himmerle, J. Anderson, G. Wanniger, M. McMahon, FY?--U A.1l . .i 1.Ll,g 411 fi, FQ, . 1 Top Row: A, Fullenworth, C. Crehan, C. Lowery, M. Nist, L. Marflak. Fourth Row: L. Sherlong, M. Stuart, N. Brown, M. Visokey. Third Row: M. Meckler, B. Cushnahan, H. Rosenberger, N. Kress, J. Smith. Se- cond Row: B. Kress, N. Petroval, J. Baker, A. Barnett, N. Shade, E. McDonough, S. Glaser, D. Keil. Bottom Row: l-l. Mekovsky, H. Smith, M. Grow, C. Brown, J. Meckler, R. Zebo, M. Zebo, D. Miller, H. Goessler, M. Steiner, B. Eason. HE good St. Francis has sweet little friends everywhere, it is true, but here at the Mount, he surely finds a lovable, loyal group among these happy youngsters. They are ever ready to join in the ranks of those about them, whether it be to help in their own little way by their prayers and sacrifices for the missions, or to do their bit in school work, or with their gay laughter to brighten up the surroundings. They really are "Little - but Great Friends of St. Francis." A. Povlochin, V. Bonkos, V. Jacobs. bi --4 A biology class in session CHALLENGES TO THINKING l-IE intricate structure ot plants, the rnystitying ele- ments of animals inter- ested biology students in their fascinating laboratory periods. During field trips they stud- ied with direct contoct the habits ot plants and bugs. Frogs, grasshoppers, worms, craytish, rabbits, and other ob- jects of biological interest en- grossed our budding scientists. D. Martin, G. Interval, A. Hurray, A. Kubanic. CURIOSITY MAKES CAREFUL ANALYSIS HE unknown, the tas- cinating, the elusive intrigues the junior scientists as they work. ln the laboratory they learn by experimentation the use ot each chemical . . . the unknown often making itself known with startling results. The lab will always recall periods spent in discovering won- derful, mysterious truths about the elements that compose the earth. P. Heyl, J. McKenna, L Bodnar Top: H. Dudek. Center: A row of busy senior ITH the newly renovated typewriters our experi- enced seniors returned to continue their business education. Shorthand and typewritten transcription demand concentra- tion, but under expert guidance they are becoming so proficient as Jar typists. Bottom: M. Scannell, M. Jacko. to develop into ideal secretaries. The commercial students re- ceive extensive training in tiling, typing, and shorthand. They learn by the direct use ot the bookkeeping machine, the ditto machine, and the adding machine the knowledge that will aid them if much in their chosen career as stenographers. Some of them have gained actual experience in offices in Pittsburgh as a project of their office practice class. The students have seen practi- cal demonstrations of the steno- type and the electric typewriter which have shown them the vast fields of opportunity open for a woman well-trained in stenog- raphy. Top: D. Jugan. Center: E. D'Antonio, A. Adler. Bottom: C. l-llister, D, Knoerdel. ag l PRODUCTS OF SKILL HOUGH with nimble fin- gers we accurately pin the patterns, thread the needle, carefully mix the in- gredients, baste hems . . . suc- cess appears only after our finished products are approved by those eating our food or admiring our finished patterns. Many fragrant odors per- vaded the halls as the Home Ec students were busy at work. Crocheting, knitting, tatting ranked high with the freshmen. As a practical course the Home Ec draws a happy, willing crowd. Top: D. Kutcher, M. Sounders, D. Benko, and M. Kelly busily sewing during their Home En: class. Center: N. Yantchik, A. Mocey, K. Muirheod, K. Shomlin, pre- paring tosty food in the spot- less Home Ee kitchen. Bottom: R. Foley, N. Cirincione, D. Collier, J. Fecheck, R. Hro- bok, I. Fedorski busting, sew- ing, ond pinning. Top: T. Hudak, M. Scanncll, N. Viti, M. Larkin, E. Dougherty, M. Good, M. Seuss, B. Harris, G. Interval. Center: The iuniors, one of the Iiveliest groups in the cafeteria, paused and smiled for the pho- tographcr. Eottcm: A general s:ene of laughing students during the most popular period of the day-lunchtime. OH, WHAT FUN! DASH for cakes, a tilted line ot eager tray hold! ers, the echo ot l-lappy Birthday Songs as each table picks up the refrain, the clumps ot chattering girls compaiing the morning's experiences - all describe our cafeteria. Lunch period was the highe light ot the day for many of usffthe time when we laughed and talked over old times. It will always remain a place of tun, jokes, laughter, and mem- aries. New AT MARY'S FEET AZING lovingly at the Blessed Mother, our postulants appear happy because she has deigned to call them into the service of her Son. Their readiness in tasks about the school impress us all. With the determination with which they pursue their scholastic duties, they will certainly become efficient teachers. Standing: E. Mitrichka, A. Kuzma, T. Kasubo, V. Bankos, M. Parano V. Jacobs, L. Urban, H. Strike, R. Sofa. Seated: M. Berdis, M. Shino A. Kubelchis, A. Pavlochin, I Mihai, D. Sinchok. 1 1 V "sa is I if 5: ? fu' . ff! E If LEADERS HE Sodality of Our Lady and the Third Order of St. Francis are two lead- ing religious organizations in the school. Here their officers congregate to plan future meetings. The Soda!- ity sponsored the Queen of Hearts Dance and bought Catholic literature for the use of the students. Standing: V. Jacobs, M. Shina, L. Del Mostro, P. Heyl, M. Carlin, L. Taylor, Seated: V, Bankos, R. Breier, C. Hlister, E. D'Antonio, V. Kralosky, A. Kuzma. A CENTER OF ACTIVITY CARCELY o doy posses without this little section of our school, the store, buzzing with . . . "Got ony good bars?" . , . "Any gum todoy?" Indispensable to our school life, the store will olwoys remoin o ploce where we loved to go. Left to Right: G. Bocik, M. MCGurgon, T, Frustoci. Wmff' I f I RESOLVED: "That the legal vot ing age should be re duced to I8 years.' MEMBERS R. Breier S. Frank M. Madia J. Connell A. Gnipp A. Lucas M. Capp C. Fetter M. Kovac G. Kovac 'A' Q Onoring mr 'Q X . B E i 1 1 N ' 4 ,X Zi .Q I if 3 ,i yi Cecilia Hlister, May Q fa. , N ' A Ja ff, Ueefl TRIBUTE TO MARY AYING tribute to our Lady in a procession cli- maxed by ber Coronation has been a time-honored tradition at Mount Assisi. Our Lady surely smiles from Heaven as she sees the queen crown ber as our "Queen of the May." A deep devotion dwells in all our hearts for our Heav- enly Mother. Her aid is im- plored in all our affairs. We chose her as our "Queen of Hearts" at our dance, hon- ored her as the "Queenly Captain" of the Basketball Team and crowned her as our "Queenly Mother." E. D'Anl'onio, M. Car- lin, C. Hlisfer, R. Kuhn L r . L K' 'X . 3 ? ff f - ,, .X w ' R 1 Si iv f px A ef' K VBA I :rx 1 ww? 13 3 1 A at f I E 2 s X 1, L , .ls il- LW li. ,lb l i 53 I c 67 f Fi?" F - . , A so-iff" Y . ' - iv it Rcse Marie Sheehan, Mary Mudrak, Pat Heyl, Margaret Carlin, Rose Marie Kuhn N editing the i945 CHIMES the seniors decided to weave the story of their school days around St. Francis. To build the theme in an interesting way we chose, "To Success with Francis through Loyalty, Application, and Friendship." Now long tedious hours of planning, drawing, and drafting filled the evenings of the tired staff. However, in spite of dis- appointments, first from the printer, who could not give us any definite assurance, and then from the cover company, who produced a catastrophe by announcing that our aquamarine covers were frozen, the staff plugged on. Duties multiplied, bringing weightier tasks of collecting ads and soliciting patrons. Eagerly the staff watched the greenbacks grow, and animation filled their drooping spirits, The work of composing, typing, proof, reading, and pasting the pictures occu- pied even the wee hours of the morning Anxiously now the staff awaited the proofs that so taxed their patience. We jumped for ioy when the proofs arrived, During the course of planning the staff uncovered many almost forgotten inci- dents that studded our happy days at the Mount. We present a pictorial record of them here for your enjoyment. l 0 P. Heyl, Circulation Manager INCE our paper is a mimeographed setup, assembling materials by the staff requires much time, accuracy, skill, determination, and a sense of humor. All this and more the staff of the ECHOES possess. Amid clicking of typewriters, whirring of the machine, shuffling of paper, stamping of the stapler, drawing of pic- tures, the staff spent many gay hours. Everyone waits eagerly to receive her copy of the school paper. R. Kuhn, M. Kaufman, Artists Seated: M. Carlin, Editor. Reporters: S. Frank, M. Parana, V. Kralosky, L. Taylor, M. Belt, J. Con- nell, R. Vavrek. J. McKenna, T. Maser R. Sheehan, Business Manager 113' is it-N.-4:1-v' 4 -V' 'V .rf -1 .1, Vu' 5' fr, . ,Ho 5353- . 7, ,,f,. 57 aff' , 5 .fig 'Zz' QS- Z' 11.1, . 2.35, .f.-" PIE? 1 f fx v.- . 4: fy ,S- . ' -U" -'- .9 -. 1 ' - Sf. . . .. , 33 1?- J A?- . gg- r." in ,I ,v 11" F I Jil "i.qlf. if V -'7 :wh .-. , V 'ef 111 .aah ur' .-4 bf, if-s-2' . 2' '. 'E 4 .5 H g 1 ,E . I -ki.. 15 if Psi .5 wg. 1 ..1"f ,P L fs 1 qs. " i-'11 2 'r -ft'-r. ' i--4 1 1 '11, ' 'Ta 1 xg. b , A " ,' tn L - a-,Q Y :' H 1 X -6 si S L N 'I F1 44. .tk 4 vs, .I TI - 'fx E .rv ' -yy: .AA g, Z. 1,3 ,r M.. ':.' -' -' 452- i- . .ve-' 182. ' fl 452-, ,- his . . V ,f if mania, 5 , .,' "r ' 1 L -- tl- - 'I' -Gm.. x Nr' .v ug. .'.. , Jin- .J .v ,.-i :gtg ffl-tl 5 'inf' -. ,I ., W.. 1.- ,N Q, -f. ,H 19, - ff-13. . -, n- .5 ff. NJA.-i: , . K H-3 , .X ,v -i .. . .5 'ag 5-L4-vl',:" - ,bag - f -.ff,, 43" 1-?i1f"'l - --fu 2, ' .- --i ,- ,1 - H ,. -. ,,,. . A ,'.,,: , g"' f ' 935' .lffffza 4 '-" "wif ' ...tri-fe - 11113 r" ,, ' ,Epi phil ,, f 15 .I "+I , -.,v'- 1.13 ,. -is -,.-ry" V :" P21 3 , 4,3 U.,-1 sf, . .QU V-z vi rl S a messenger of peace, Francis restored order to a town ravaged by a wolf. Rightly is he called, "Everybody's Saint Francis." Whether chatting over a coke, dancing to the juke box, or cheering on our "Mighty Six" at a basketball game the friendly ideals of St. Francis remain ever with us. May we experience a pleasant glow in our stroll through life, as we recall our happy contacts through Men! A70 .- --as i. . :- ' HHN' 11. 5 .Q . L N' . X 311, fkvf- MQ -. - - 1, X ' -'sg 'xg-4' 5 4531 - 4.3, - , Q-if-:M k Rf. ', '-,5,. , fl V. .,-.,,- ' it: i i -rwj JW iw E K5 'LZ fi ' x , 9 5: Zaggxl r 4 ' QQ 5 1 ' .sm Q nd 51,4 vi gf? a 3' W, 'ka ig 1 --.5 N MIR' -v...,,,M MISS CAROLINE WILLIAMS leckcalfion 0 her who laid the foundation and coached our team to Championship . . . to her whose magnetic personality influenced the team, fashioning them as true sports, real athletes, determined fighters, we take pleasure in dedi- cating this athletic section to MISS CAROLINE WILLIAMS "Our Champion Coach" Q ll , V X u amy O 4 ' l .... ,... l ' First Row: R. Solinsky, J. Kovach, A. Nichols, D, Martin, M. Winkler, Mascot "Ceda," R. Carlin, H. Bruene, D. Swetonic. Second Row: M. Taylor, V. Kralosky, D. Minihane, D. Moody, Coach Caroline Williams, Captain L. Taylor, M. Jennis, D. Jugan, M. Heyl. ur jigfzfing Cfaam ZOVLJ ROM the ranks of our subs will come the future Champion Team of Mount Assisi. Graduation will take two of our first string, Dot Moody and Dot jugan. As a result two of our reserves look forward to active duty in the fight to keep the trophy . . . to engrave upon it for the second time, "CHAMPIONS- MOUNT ASSISI ACADEMY." The subs have participated in some games this year and have proved their ability on the court. To be champions of '46, keep trying, keep plugging, keep fighting!!! Manager: P. Heyl. ir it LSEOQVLLCX OVL llA8 Qldllff E SALUTE our Champion Team which has written a glorious page in the history of Mt. Assisi Sportsdom. Read the record of a team . . . a great team . . . one that will long be remembered as the "Mighty Six" . . . true athletes, hard fighters, and real sports, trained by a great coach to victory. The Champ Squad emerges headed by the Captain, Red Taylor, . . . highest consistent scorer . . . quick, graceful, all- around athlete . . . Dot Moody . . . beautiful long shot . , . excep- tional on passing , . . Marianne Jennis . . . excellent on passing under the basket . . . sparkplug of the offensive . . . Dot Jugan . . star at long passing , . . perfect center guard . . . Dot Minihane . . . close guarder under the basket . . . skilled at jump balls . . . Verne Kralosky . . . excellent intercepter . . . classy passer of the sextet. They met and conquered all their rivals in the eliminating section of the Girls' Catholic League. In one of the most exciting games Mt. Assisi in a delirious three minute overtime defeated Annunciation 23-20. Later in the season on the Arsenal floor our inspired sextet met their bitter rivals, St. Raphaels, in a heated tilt, and emerged victorious 34-33, as the Champs of Section II and pride of M. A. A. lt stands a clean-cut victory-a beautiful game of ball, as our fighting crew of six wrested their first victory 34-29 from the "Cream of Section I"-St. Rosalia's in the first of the three Championship games at Mt. Assisi. Confidently the invincible six met their prime rivals on the latter's floor, and were nosed out of victory by one basket. Losing as well as they won, our team bowed to St. Rosalia's. The wildest, maddest, most delirious demonstration of the year marked our Fighting Six "The Catholic Champs" as they wrested victory from their arch-rivals, St. Rosalia's. The floor at Central High reverberated with the roars of a joyful crowd . . . the yells, "Our Team is red hot," re-echoed lustily as the champs battled to triumph, to the tune of 24-l l. Time Keeper: P. Dornecker. AVING definitely decided to join the Leogue, our team forged ahead through the obstacles of hard prac- tices and many sacrifices, to become the Catholic Champions of the League. Many things made our girls champs. With their sportsmanship, their fighting spirit, their ability to coordinate as a team-"One tor all, and all for one,"-they truly deserved their trophies. Yet we cannot forget to give some credit to our cheerleaders tor their peppy cheers, to the Junior Varsity for their spirit of ploy, and last but most important to Our Blessed Lady who was the team's patron and whose aid was incessantly invoked. Left: M. Mudrak, J. Connell. Rlght: Margie Taylor. li, f 11 ASKETBALL, being the most important and exciting activity in the school, the entire student body was swayed by the spirited enthusiasm ot the sport. We owe a debt at gratitude to the per- severing girls who constitute the Champion team of Mount Assisi. They spread the lame ot Mount Assisi by their Clean fighting spirit on the court, Long will they live in our memories through those gleaming trophies that deck our halls. Real athletes, true sports, hard fighters , . . Champs of '45, we bow to a great team, Left: D. Moody, L. Taylor. Right: R. Sheehan, T. Moser. MARVELOUS MOODY ' -lt ,. 'x 2 - ,-- 54 M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A BASKETBALL St. Johns ..A. Annunciation St. Augustine Ursuline ...... St. Raphael .. St. Veronica.. Ursuline ,..... St. Raphael .. St. Lawrence St. Augustine St. John ...... M.A.A M.A.A. M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A M.A.A SECRETS OF THE SCOREBOOK SCOREBOOK Annunciation St. Lawrence St. Augustine Annunciation St. Raphael .. St. Raphael .. Annunciation St. Augustine St. Rosalia .... St. Rosalia .... St. Rosalia .... S you look at the scores above, you will relive again the excitement of each game on the court where our team displayed such fighting courage and good sportsmanship to capture victories and to uphold the honor of the Blue and the Gold. M. Scannell, A. Macey, R. Sheehan, M. Mager, P. Heyl, Manager of Teamg L Del Mastro Captain T. Moser, L. Del Mastro. of Cheerleadersp P. Dornecke T ekeeper Hu: 11, Hu, ,UH X 'Q H 1 lj iff' X ' Q : - N5 1 I fi W f K? D ,Q . 1 ? I at t A R Q, A k .Q Sf . 'N il W ' 3,3 ' vgj X A 1 - f,- . , J LLL- A 1 L .X , Q Q 3 Q i E' I AQ ii W" k if f 'F G 2' i ' 5 5 'Uf 1 . V ii-in 5 f ff , -' Wm '?5f6"S e A ' 3 ev J N J f , x ,5 Q ' ,Q 33 ,V , K 11,L L - XLmLE I XLXL k 565- ' .5 is 5 if 'J' fb. 'lg nw 1? f XX Q 'jg 'X'-s NL -A-+,'lrn-, , '?W'v- r f a. F . Father Davin, Father Clarence, and Mr. Alfred Slack. X ,J .NEP Mr. Washington, cate and Father Clarence jfingd oanqmef FTER completing an almost perfect season, our Champs deserved to be feted at a wonderful banquet. The tables with the pure white linen and gleaming silver, the lovely celebration cake, and the service of the caterer was en- hanced by the presence of Mr. Bolster, our toastmaster. Mr. Bolster toasted the fight- ing spirit and the high ideals of our champs and of our Champion Coach, Miss Wil- liams. Without their fine spirit of coop- eration and their will to win, the fine tro- phies and the banquet would have been impossible. The dancers, accordian play- ers, and singers of the Pgh. Recreational Center provided by thoughtful Miss Mar- garet L. Carlin added a finishing touch to a perfect evening. Mr. Calvin Bolster, Toastmaste if ir fgefifwrf ATHER Norbert was really a "master" among retreat masters. His frankness, his sincerity, his friendliness drew forth the girls' confidence as could nothing else, His kind helpfulness in the confessional will never be forgotten, neither will his strong advice on the problems of a young girl's heart. The enduring good found in his addresses during our retreat will go far toward making us better Catholic girls. ,. ik ,i i Father Norbert, 0.5. B. l"0lfVL MQQVL OR months the girls looked forward to the Senior Prom, the height of enioyment presented to the departing senior class. At the dance the girls waltzed under the dim lights to the music of Clyde Knight. Decorated attractively in the dainty spring colors, the hall was truly transformed for a night of fun. Betty Harris was lovely in her role as "Queen of the Prom" --she was well selected, Juniors! O the music of the juke box we danced away many happy hours. Decorating the huge auditorium challenged our ability, and many a time we dashed about hammer in hand and pins in mouth a few hours before the clance. The hot-dog stand proved immensef ly popular and gave us enough energy to keep the hall crowded with happy dancers. The Prom, of course, was the high spot of our entertainment year. The audi- torium was beautiful, and the music of Clyde Knight, delightful. Gowns and corsages lent glamor to a night of fun. These hours of relaxation will ever remain bright spots in our memories of school days. Wg AI' Table: M, Carlin, M. Mud- rok, G. F Focheck, In Back: N Vlti, J. Connell. M. Carlin, M.Mudrok. Ah rn, R, Krolovic, M. Kozel Playing: C. Rozmcm, J. e ' J. Connell, K.ShomIir1. Looking On. L, Del Moifro, 5 ,142 A Q , HETHER during study or recreation, school or leisure, midnight snacks or the morning after, this boarding year remains a memorable one. Birthday parties, gay song-tests around the piano, friendly arguments over the checker-board, and walks on the campus helped knit us together as one crowd. Here we made many lasting friendships to cherish through the years. Minor catastrophes, campuses, delayed letters from home-with all this we managed to mix tears with laughter. As we look back upon our days together, let the sad ones be tinged with the fun of the many happy ones, and may what we have learned here in the school of "give and take," serve us well in the years to come. 'Ave Mario, 'tis the hour of prayer: Ave Moria, 'tis the hour of love. Ave Moria, moy our spirits dare Look up to thine and to thy Son's above." lflfl' Lovely Lady Mary Mine, VENINC tide is deepening, and e'er the night draws nigh, I come to say my parting prayer. It's graduation night, dear Mother-how often I have longed for it, sighed for it! Now the pain of parting from classmates dear and places cherished depresses my spirits. No more shall I kneel here to tell Thee that the chemistry tests were puzzling, that history con- fused me, that I scarcely could transcribe my shorthand notes, that we were having another English quiz, that we have another game with our rivals, that we won the Championship. How swiftly did time whirl the sands of these four years that churned our joys and mixed our fears. Will the future entail new duties, doubly difficult? Will my road wind uphill? Will I have another with whom to climb, or must I tread alone, or will you take me for your very own to follow in the Master's way? How petty seem my previous problems in view of these future weighty ones. How much wager af puffing more will l need you now after leaving the guidance of my teachers to take my stand amid the clamor and din of Life's drama. Be my Prompter, dear Blessed Lady. Then all will be well. Tonight help me to bear bravely the pain of parting. You under- stand why it's hard to bid farewell to what was dear during my school years . . . friends, teachers, classes, places, tasks . . . now gems of preci- ous memories, of happy associations, thrills, laughter, fun-an album of imperishable images to stimulate my mind, to warm my heart and to influence my whole life. lntercede for all who helped me in any way-my parents, teachers, our chaplains, retreat masters, and friends. Do arrange it with your Son to have us all together after this life's battle is won. As our herald in thisstruggle we choose St. Francis, our patron, through whom we have thus far won success through Loy- alty, Application, and Friendship. "Ave Maria, maiden mild Listen to a maiden's prayer Thou canst hear though from the wild Thou canst save amid despair." enior irecfory Audrey Adler ....... Dorothy And rasko Sheridan Ave., Bellevue, ........707 Harriet St., McKees Rocks, Virginia Bankos ......... ................... 4 19 Hillside Ave., Cementon Lucille Bodnar ........ ......... 3 O23 Stayton St., N.S. Pittsburgh, Agnes Capak ....... Margaret Carlin ......... ..... Evelyn D'Antonlo ....... .......... 227 W. Riverview Ave., Bellevue Lois Del Mastro... Phoebe Dornecker ...... Eileen Dougherty ....... ..... .......892 Constitution Drive, Pittsburgh, Sheridan Ave., Bellevue, Lorraine Dudash ........ ....... l 426 Columbus Ave., N. S. Pittsburgh Helen Dudek ........ ..l 145 Termon Ave., N. S. Pittsburgh, Rita Ermine ......... ........ 1 918 Chateau Ave., N, S. Pittsburgh, Mildred Good .....,.... .................,., 6 18 Monroe Ave., Bellevue, Elizabeth Harris... ................. 142 Meade Ave., Bellevue Patricia Heyl .......... .................... 6 63 Center Ave., Avalon, Cecilia Hlister ...... Theresa Hudak .... ....233O Atmore St., N. S. Pittsburgh, Ella St., McKees Rocks, Gloria Interval ........ ..................... 6 O9 Orchard Ave., Avalon, Mathilda Jacko... Veronica Jacobs... Dorothy Jugan ..... 618 Thompson Ave., McKees Rocks, .......l535 Forsythe Ave., N. S. Pittsburgh 3138 Central Ave., N. S. Pittsburgh, Dolores Knoerdel ....... ............. . ........ 2 O9 Marie Ave., Avalon, Rose Marie Kuhn ......... ......... 5 36 Orchard Ave., Bellevue, Margaret Larkin ........ ............... . . ......... 4 Semplon St., Bellevue, Eileen Love ............. ........ 4 O12 Brighton Rd., N. S. Pittsburgh, Thelma Maser ...,.... Jane McKenna ....... Dorothy Moody .... Mary Mudrak ...... Ann Pavlochin ..... Marion Scannell ........ Marjorie Seuss ..... Jacks Run Rd., Ross Twp. . ......... 44 N. Euclid Ave., Bellevue, Dakota St., Bellevue, .................. 301 Tenth Street, Charleroi, ........ 1402 Laubach Ave., Northampton, Sprague Ave., Bellevue, .........231 S. Starr Ave., Avalon, Rose Marie Sheehan ........ .............. 1 17 Beaver Ave., Bellevue, Josephine Vargo ........... ...... 3 27 Phoenix St., McKees Rocks, Rita Vavrek ............ ...... 1 15 Patterson St., McKees Rocks, Theresa Vavrek ...... ........ 1 15 Patterson St., McKees Rocks, ............... 342 Olivia St., McKees Rocks, ...154 Henderson St., N.S. Pittsburgh, I 8 Monroe Ave., Bellevue, CMlfL0l"6'Ll"y Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bankos Rev. George J. Bullion Rev. Stephen Baskovsky Rev M. P. Begany Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bodnar Rev. Andrew Charnoki Dr. H. B. Crumbaker Mrs. Madeline D'Antonio Mr. Mr. Rev. Rev Rev. Rev and Mrs. Michael Gazda George Geregach Francis A. Glenn Ferris J. Guay Michael J. Holly Clement J. Hrtanek Mrs. Ann Abbott Sam Abbott Miss Audrey Adler Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Allen Alpha Delta Club Miss Dorothy Andrasko William C. Auth Avalon Gift Shop Avalon Shoe Repairing Miss Dorothy Babjack Robert Babiack Carl Bahm Mr. and Mrs. John Barlok Mrs. Andrew Bankos Mrs. Stephan Bankos Mr. and Mrs. E. Barney A. Baskin E. C. Baumbeck George M. Becker P. J. Becker Bellevue Barber Shop Bellevue Beer Distributors Bellevue Electric Cr Radio Co. Rev. Anthony M. Bendik Mrs. Anna Bentz Henry L. Betcher "Betty," "Terry," and "Judy Mr. and Mrs. Bezila Mrs. Andrew Bichey Miss Irene Bigelow Bishop Shoe Company Mrs. Isabel Sheehan Boeh Mr. E. A. Braun Miss Dorothy Breier Mrs. W. Briscol Mr. Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Brooker and Mrs. J. J. Brophy Mrs. John R. Brown George E. Brubach, S 2!C Mr. George Brubach Mrs. George E. Brubach Bruce's Grocery Mr. M. Burke Tom Burke Oliver Bush Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fechek Rev. George Malinak M.A.A. Mother's Club pafrona Rev. Clarence Tschippert Rev. J. Vrhunec 0lfLOI"6LI"g pd lfI"0lfL.'5 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobs John J. Kane Rev. Ambrose Kapitan Rev. George Leichs M.A.A. Sodolity M.A.A. Third Order Mr. and Mrs. M. McKee Leo A. McMullen Mr. and Mrs. James Molchany Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Moody Miss Dorothy Morgan Mrs. A. M. Nichols Tim O'Shea fgafrom Mrs. Wm. Carey S. Carson Company Mrs. Anthony Cereone Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chervenak Mrs. Elizabeth Chopko Ralph Cicrone Miss Jean Clydesdale Mrs. H. W. Coleman Coll Floral Co. Miss Marian Collier Cookuhn Tea Room Mrs. F. X. Comella Miss Joan Connell Miss Agnes E. Conroy Miss Dorothy J. Conroy Mr. Thomas Conroy Mrs. J. Coons Mrs. C. A. Corcoran J. Roger Culver Mrs. A. Dailey Miss Mary Louise Dannecin Mr. Harry M. Deckler Frank Delany De Luxe Photo Shop Miss Mary Demjan Mrs. Deveraux Diamond Pants Store Dice's Beauty Salon Mrs. Robert Dixon Miss G. Dreveniak Mr. and Mrs. J. Dreveniak Miss Lorraine Dudash Duncan's Confectionery Miss A. Dvorsky Mr. and Mrs. Bill Egan Miss Fern Elmen E. C. Ensminger Miss Dolores Evans Mrs. H. Farkas Miss Mae Farro H. W. Feick Mr. and Mrs. F. W. A. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Fletcher Mrs. Michael Flotta Philip Fornof Miss Connie Frank Mr. and Mrs. J. Pavlochin Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaus Piervallo Miss A. S. Posivak Rudzik Famliy Mr. and Mrs. James J. Scannell Revs. J. P. and V. G. Sedlak Mrs. Marie Simmers Miss Viola Simmers Miss Ida Smith Rev. A. V. Stefan Sophomores, Class Section I M. W. Waterpool Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick A Friend A Friend Lt. C. R. Fry Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fulmer R. A. Gabosh Rev. A. T. Gorbin Miss Mary Lou Garvey Joseph W. Gaus, D. D. S. Mrs. A. Gavaletz Miss C. D. Gerba Mrs. Mary Geregach Mrs. John Givengo Rev. A. J. Gladis Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Good Margaret Gostauski Miss C. Grogan Miss Helen Gush Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Habner Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hannon Rev. John J. Hannon Miss Elizabeth Harger Dr. A. R. Harper Miss Helen Hayduk Miss Margaret Hayduk Miss Rosemarie Hayduk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hecklick Doctor Henney, M. D. Mo. M M 2!C and Mrs. C. A. Heyl Miss Clara l-lickly Joseph Himmelstein Mr. and Mrs. A. Holler Mrs. J. S. Hoolahan Mrs. Lillian I. Hauser Miss Rose Marie Hrabak Mr. G. A. Hutnick Miss Alyce Hudak Hugh's Garage Sam Humilovich Miss Marie Ivan T. J. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs John Jakub J. Jamieson Miss M. Jerabek Joe's Place Miss Frances Kochmar Mrs. R. Kaintz Mrs. Anthony Kascak Mr. Stanley Kasots Mr. George Katunic Lt. John C. Kaufman Miss Mary Kaufman Mrs. A. Kelley Mr. H. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kelly Mrs. Mary Kelly Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Kelvy Mrs. C. Kendra Mrs. Grace Kendra Kid Wahoo F. John Kiefer Mrs. Helen Kieffer Mrs. Kate Kihm Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kisko Mr. and Mrs. G. Knapp John Knapp A. J. Knoblack Louis Kolorich Rev. J. Kapecky Miss Mary Kaurtch Miss Veronica Kovac Mr. John Kovalick Miss Ann C. Kralosky Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Kralosky Edward F. Kram Mrs. Kranak L. K. Kraut Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kreutzer Joseph G. Kuhn, R. T. 2!C Lois Kuhn's Beauty Shop Miss Margaret Kuhn Miss Betty Kuzma Francis Kuzma Pvt. Joseph Kuzma Sgt. Peter P. Kuzma Mrs. Lacks Mrs. A. Lapinto Miss Edith E. Larkin Miss Jane Larkin Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Larkin Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Larson Mr. Steve Lasko Mrs. George Lefka Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leinsdecker Mrs. F. X. Leix Dr. K. E. Leonard Mrs. R. J. Leonard Leonard Shoe Shop Mrs. Elmer Lichaur Lily Hauck's Beauty Shop Mrs. Charlotte Long Mrs. Olive Lange Mrs. James Loretto Mrs. George Lukac Mrs. C. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Magur Mr. and Mrs. Malchano Manchester 5- l O-25c Store Mrs. A. Mandl Mr. John Macuga Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Maceiovsky Beatrice Maikut Y 3!C Jos. Maikut Pauline Ann Majkut Miss Dorothy Martin Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Moser Miss Thelma Moser Masonic Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. A. Meckler Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Meier Hilda M. Meister Miss Alma Melcher Mr. and Mrs. Meyers pd,fl"0lfL6 nMike,, Mike's Shoe Service Mrs. Louis A. Milie N. H. Miller Pvt. Joseph Miscuk Cpl. R. R. Moody Sgt. T. W. Moody, Jr. John P. Mondo, D.D.S. Mondo Market Mortimers Jewelry Store Mrs. J. Mueller G. C. Murphy Co. Myer's Bakery F. J. McCafferty McCarthy and Simmon, Inc. Dr. Howard G. McClellan Mr. G. McComb Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McGowan Mrs. T. McKean Samuel McKnight Hardware Co. Mr. James F. McMahon Mr. C. C. Nash Mrs. Walter Nelson Miss Helen Oberman Mrs. Anna Obusek Mr. and Mrs. John Obusek Rev. J. A. O'Connor Rev. W. A. O'Hara Miss Mary O'Donnel Arch Osborn Owen's Dress Shop Mrs. M. Padden Mrs. E. Palese Mary Lou Parana James D. Parker Mrs. Rose Parrendo Margaret M. Pavlochin Mr. Samuel Peccalaio Mrs. Edward Pochatko Mrs. Anna Poklemba Mr. Chas. Polacci Radio Mec. l!C W. L. Polyak Raymond T. Power Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prischak Edward J. Protin Mrs. Herman Puglielli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Randar Mrs. Michael Raynak Gertrude Renk, C.Y. 2!C USNR Riordan and Johnston, Inc. N. F. Rock Mr. Edward Rohn Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Romano E. N. Roos, S 2!C USNR S. C. Ross H. J. Roth John S. Roth Mr. Art Rowe Mrs. C. Ruprecht Javel Rzymski Mrs. Agnes Sabol Miss Ann Sabol A. C. Sanero C. L. Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Tim Scannell Schatzman's Dairy Store The A. M. Scherba Family Miss Lucille Sherba Theo. Schleid Agency Dr. J. C. Schneider Mr. Schoeber Mrs. Lyell Schue Mrs. S. J. Schuljak Mrs. M. Schultheis Mr. Frank Searight Sende's Dry Goods Stare Mrs. Ernest A. Sevcik Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sharrer Samuel Sheep Miss Martha Shina Mrs. Margaret Shipe Mrs. Susan Silla Mrs. Paul Sinatra Miss Virginia Skeen Miss Helen U. Soltis Mr. G. Spisak Mrs. Margaret Spisak Miss Dorothy Solinsky Miss B. Stack Jeannie Stacy Mr. and Mrs. H. Stehman Mrs. Fred Steinle Mrs. Julia Stephany Miss Anna M. Sterling Mr. and Mrs. John Straka Miss Betty Strella Mr. Frank H. Stright Mr. and Mrs. W. Stroyne Suburban Film Shop Suburban General Employees Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Suchy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sukits Miss Hilda Sukits Mr. Steve Sukits Mrs. Emory Striovsky Miss Irene J. Striovsky Mrs. E. P. Sullivan Miss D. J. Susa Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Swift A. Talaka F. H. and F. W. Thompson Thumm C7 Co. Mr. Joseph Tkach Mrs. D. O. Tyler Mrs. Mary Ulrich Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Valin Miss Mary Van Deputte Staff Sgt. George Vavrek Staff Sgt. Joseph Vavrek Miss Theresa Vavrek Mr. John Veseleni George Vinclar Miss Nancy Viti Miss Ruth Vogel Miss Martha Voitasko Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs. S. Vaitasko 'ond Mrs. Andrew Valosky and Mrs. Francis Volpe Mary D. Volpe Mrs Mary Vrabel Mrs George Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Walsh Mrs Audy Wasko Miss Luella'Wosserman Rev. F. T. Weaver Wertkins Cleaners George Wetzel P.F.C. .Para Trooper Robert Wetzel, Bondsman Lt. Thomas Wetzel, Pilot Mrs. J. A. W. White Mr. James J. White Mr. and Mrs. H. Wild Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wild Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wilks Miss Marian Winkler Miss Peggy Winkler Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Wolfe Will H. Wright Yee Wing Laundry Mr. Jacob Yokubetchek Youngs Cord Shoppe Mr. Stephen Zarembo Miss lrene Zilavy Mr. and Mrs. L. Zilavy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zatter parenf pafron Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Adler Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Alder Mr. Michael Mrs. Rose An Andrasko drasko Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ahern Mr. and Mrs. F. Bacik Mr. and Mrs. M. Bankos Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Baviera Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Bednar Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Belz Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Benko Mr. and Mrs. J. Berdis Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Berie Mr. and Mrs. S. Bodnar Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Breier Mr. Paul J. Bruene Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Burns, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Capak Miss Betty Capp Miss Margaret Carlin Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Carlin Mrs. J. Cenkner Mrs. Elizabeth Chopko Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Cirrincione Mr. L. Ciz Mr. and Mrs. J. Clancy Mr. and Mrs. J. Cokus Mrs. A. Coll Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Collier Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Connell Mrs. I. Connolly Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Connors Mr. M. F. Dakoski Mrs. M. D'Antonio Mr. and Mrs. W. Del Mastro Mr. P. Derbish Mrs. P. Derbish Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Dornecker Mrs. A. Dougherty Mrs. J. Dudash Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Dudek Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Elmen Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Fechek Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fedorski Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fetter Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Foley Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Frank Mrs. Rose Frustaci Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L. Galvin M. J. Gehringer Mr. and Mrs. N. Giglio Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Glace P. Gnipp - Mr. and Mrs. A. Gonchar Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Good Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Grow Mr. C. J. Han Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. DOH F. Happ R. C. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Hartigan N. Hayduk T. R. Herzer C. L. Heyl J. A. Hlister Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Howarth Mr. A. Hrabak Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hudacin Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hudak Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Hurray Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jacko Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. A. V. Jennis Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Interval M. Jacobs L. Johnston M. Jugan J. M. Kasuba J. C. Kaufman H. G. Kelly T. J. Klimko L. B. Knoerdel H. Kontrick A. Korinsky M. Kovac Mr. and Mrs. J. Kovach Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Kovacs Mr. J. J. Kozel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. F. S. Kra Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Krall A. Kralosky lovic W. Kubanic J. Kubicky J. L. Kuhn J. A. Kuzma J. D. Larkin M. Lascak J. Lesko C. L. Lipari H. N. Logeman W. Love G. Lukas T. M. McDonough P. V. McGurgan M. McKee A. H. McKenna A. Macey R. Madia A. J. Mager P. Majkut J. R. Markovich A. E. Martin C. F. Maser Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mihal Mrs. F. H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Minihane T. W. Moody T. W. Mooney E Moyta Mr J. Mudrak Mrs. . A W Ac VLO Q98 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Muirhead Mr. and Mrs. J. Naczynski Mrs. F. Nicolazzo Mr. and Mrs. M. Nigrelli Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Odgen Mr. and Mrs. J. Palka Mr. and Mrs . S. Parana Mr. and Mrs. J. Pavlochin Mr. V. Pechok Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Potocki Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Raus Mr. and Mrs . L. A. Riordan Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Roos Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Rozman Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rudzik Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Safcak Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Salinetro Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Saunders Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs .J. J. Scannell Schnelle . F. Semancik Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Seuss Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shina Mrs, M. Sim Mr. and Mrs mers . A. S. Sinchak Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sirianni Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. M. Solt Mrs. M. Stac . J. Slobodnik . J. A. Snyder . J. A. Solinsky is k Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephany Mr. and Mrs. J. Straka J J Mr. and Mrs . . M. Strike Mr. and Mrs. . T. Swetonic Mr. and Mrs. A. Szykowny Mr. and Mrs . E. V. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Mrs. A. Vargo Mr. G. Vavrek Mr. and Mrs. J. Vavrek Mrs. Rose Vavrek Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Vergenes Mr. and Mrs. P. Viti Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Vogel Mrs. M. Wasilak Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Weber Mrs. A. Wetzel Mr. R. Winkler Mrs. R. Winkler Mr. W. R. Williams Mrs. C. R. Williams Mrs. C. Woods Mr. and Mrs. W. Wright Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Yantschik Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Yarnot Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Yokel Our high school days are over. Very soon they will be but a treasured memory recap- tured through the pages of our Chimes. To those who have in any way aided us in the production of our annual, we wish to ex- press our heartfelt thanks . . . to the Chess- hire Studio, Boggs and Buhl for their kind- nessg to Mr. Ropkey of the Indianapolis En- graving Companyg to Mr. Kisabeth of the Gray Printing Companyg to Mr. Cooley ofthe S. K. Smith Cover Companyg and to all our patrons who have made this third edition of the Chimes possible. Thank you, The Adviser and Staff. Best Wishes to the Graduates THE BELLEVUE SAVING AND TRUST COMPANY Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. Compliments of FORT PITT SPRING CO P.O. Box 1377 Pittsburgh, Pa. LINCOLN PHARMACY Balph Ave. at Lincoln Li l lOO Bellevue, Pa. Formerly Denlows Pharmacy Where Quality and Service Mean Something M O R C A N ' S Cleaners and Dyers Modern Cold Storage Rugs and Upholstery Cleaned Meade and Monroe Avenues Bellevue, Penna. Li 57l l We Call for and Deliver F R E D N E M E T H Tailor Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing 565 Forest Ave Bellevue, Pa. BISHOP SHOE CO. Lincoln Ave Bellevue, Penna. ZEHNDER RESTAURANT 7l2lsland Avenue McKees Rocks, Pa. Fe 9268 Compliments of THE JUNIOR CLASS SUPERIOR MARKET Meat and Groceries Y E L L 0 W CA B 1533 Superior Avenue Iohn Fabian, Prop. Grant 8100 Pittsburgh Fa. 4606 - KE I F E R S Congratmations Bellevue Pharmacy fo the 571 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue Pa Linden 2346 Seniors Prescriptions Accurately Compounded Freshmen Class I I by Registered Pharmacists Only We Deliver Free Congratulations from ST. MARK'S SCHOOL 15 FROM A DEPENDABLE INSTITUTION I So many people are telling you graduates of sure-fire ways to success and personal fulfillment that we feel you must have enough of advice and philosophizing. From us, then a few Words on the desirability of learning by other's experience and continuing to recognize those people and institutions who have served other people and other times successfully. Boggs 8: Buhl is such a dependable institu- tion . . . most eager to continue to serve you and yours. Boggs 8. BuI1I 76 Yeors of Service to the Community WILLIAM J. STROYNE Choice Home Dressed Meats l93l Beaver Ave. Fancy Groceries Cedar 0343 Congratulations and Best Wishes OWEN'S SPECIALTY SHOP Compliments 538 Lincoln Ave. of Phone-Linden 7702 THOMAS E. scANi.oN Be"e"Ue' Pa' Best of Luck Bowl For Your Health at the Compliments NORTH RECREATION PARLOR of Ten Alleys YVNI. F. 0'BllIEN l32l-25 Reedsdale St. Cedar 9535 Funeral Director NS., Pittsburgh, Pa. STEPHEN J. SCHULJAK Plumbing and Heating Engineer 3 l 27 Brighton Road North Side g Pittsburgh, Pa. juniper 7260 1 O! INIIIIINIIPIILIS ENEIIIIIIINE CII., INC. I zzz East uhm sim: INIIIIINIIPIILIS B INIIIIINII Compliments of Sophomores Section l l AVALON PHARMACY john C. Campbell, Prop. 606 California Ave. Avalon, Pa. Best of Luck Congratulations from ROSARY SllClETY Saint Cyril and Methodus Rom. Cath. Church Charleroi, Pa 4 Best of Luck to the Seniors Lelkowitz Bros., Inc. Prescription Druggists l520 Nixon Street North Side Pittsburgh, Pa. 4 Congratulations and Good Wishes Bellevue Distributing Company l4 North Balph Avenue Bellevue, Penna. Good Luck EICIIENLAUIPS for better furniture 350l-3503 Butler Street Phone Schenley 0779-0780 8l6-8l8 Federal Street Phone Fairfax 2046 Pittsburgh, Pa. Bellevue Electric and Radio Co. 527 Lincoln Ave Linden 6660 Bellevue, Pa. Prompt and efficient service on Every- thing Electrical and all makes Latest Recordings of Victor, Decca and Colum- bia Records. New Merchandise Available CONTACT US! Compliments . . . from . . . The Great American Tea Company Distributors of Quality Merchandise since i856 l76-78 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. LE B ll ll llllllli S T ll li E CO"g'alU'a'lOnS from PEuPLE's MARKET 206 Main St. Drugs at Cut Rates Boomon' N. ll ir 5lO Lincoln Ave. at Balph A. F. MAKOVSKY Bellevue, Pa. Proprietor RICHARD WINKLER Congratulations Automobile lnsu rance Reduced Rates to Careful Owners Linden 3242 3l28 Brighton Road MATHER IEWELRY STORE 573 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue Pa Cowfmfafffm STANDARD suiinni t JEWELEHS 'A' SLOVAK FRANCISCAN FATHERS Nixon Theater-Budding Home Avenue, Avalon Pittsburgh Pa COOKUHN TEA ROOM The - Choice - of - Discriminating 560 Lincoln Ave. Seniors ,K Pn1NTn HlPT Distinctive Graduation - Name - Cards Bellevue, Penna. P ' f C d C lunlper 0764 rlngiriraailitonj-al9ai O' Compliments of 57 .K 7 I 5? A VVLL LVL OM, 8,0 dn? Good Luck to The Seniors Gn9raLL1fL!afi0n5 EM llfwjwa 1 QQJMQ f8:5 from T EABHlEL'S PA MANDL'S BAKERY 630 California Ave AVALON GULF SERVICE Sam Luttrell 4 4 California Ave. Avalon, Pa. Avalon, Pa. C. C. CLAIR Optician 5126 jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh, Pa. Office-Atlantic 7406 Res.-Wellington Ol Ol -R Compliments of the HLISTER FAMILY Compliments - of WILLIAM SIRLIN Funeral Director 3424 Brighton Road N.S. Pittsburgh, Pa. SAMUEL McKNIGI-IT Hardware Store 'A' 529 Lincoln Avenue Bellevue, Pa. poi-:N SEXTON a co. Mfg. Whole Groceries 'A' Brooklyn, N. Y. Pharmaceuticals Physicians Supplies Biologicals THE CRAIG PHARMACY Professional Service Linden 4182 B. L. Craig, Phg. I74 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, Pa. C0nW'f'fflaffOnS llEllSHllW lVlEN'S lllllfllll to the Arrow Shirts-Florsheim Shoes C ad tes rfrctlri 4 555 Lincoln Ave Bellevue Pa Miss Margaret L Carlin I-.4164 Congratulations We l.lllVlBEll llll. l945 Building and Lumber Millwork Graduahng Class lsland and Preble Avenes from Pittsburgh Pa. John o.v1tuuO 4 4 Best ot Luck Good Luck The gegniors ll. ll B. SllNlllllllEH SHUP Real Italian Spaghetti lO North Balph Ave Bellevue 2 Pa SEBAPIIIC DIASS ASSUCIATIUN St. Augustine Monastery 220 Thirty-Seventh Street Pittsburgh, Pa Fr. Cecil, O.F.lVl., Cap. Schenley 5422-5290 Conglamlmom llUEHBllEH FURNITURE CU from Cor. Beaver Ave., and Nixon St Freshman, Section l wk Ce. 5547 Open Evenings MAXON TIRE SERVICE 390l California Ave. N. S. Pittsburgh l2, Pa. C0mPllme"1f5 of Goodyear Ti res Atlantic Cas Willard Batteries Recapping Call Maxon for Action LI 3224 GEORGE F. BRUNNER justice of Peace COMPLIMENTS OF WUNDEB BAKEHS MARSHALL AVE. CAFE 1418 Marshal Ave. N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. 'k Kudlac Bros. Ce, 9335 The Third Order of St. Francis A Layman's Order for All Father Rupert Claid, Director Father Bertin Roll, Assistant 220 Thirty-Seventh St. Pittsburgh, Pa. WEST PARK BOTTLING WORKS 1 1 19 Ninth Street ., McKees Rocks, Pa. 'k Federal 0271 FANNlNG'S DRUG STORE Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 'lr 1401 Columbus Ave. Cor. Manhattan St. N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. MUDRAK'S GROCERY STORE joseph C. Mudrak, Prop. 4 301 Tenth Street Charleroi, Pa Office AT. 01 10 Res. Perrysville 2462-I HENRY G. LOFINK Prescription Optician Hours 9-5 5147 jenkins Arcade And by Appointment Pittsburgh, Pa. AUGUST A. BIIBZA Funeral Director Chapel and Auto Service FA. 9984 2439 California Ave. N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Congratulatuons fo 'he Edward T. Daugherty Graduates 'k Collins, Leo Carlin, A.R.M. 3fc Funeral Home Bellevue, Pa. Compliments . F. C. Hmkle 81 Bros f O Flowers WlLLlllM Slll.ll, BARBER Bellevue Pa We, 2100 THE ANNUAL STAFF Extends Gratitude To All Compliments Who Have ln Any Way Made of This Annual A Friend A Success THANK YOU l 8 if 3555212 f - f It-:ki y ' ' ,-rvffwil i ' ln this War period as in Peace time . . . The Gray Printing Company is "Carrying On"! War Economy has demanded many unusual types of printing. and releasing many of our men to the Armed Forces has resulted in maior changes in our organization .... At the same time we are trying to maintain the best in quality and skilled craftsmanship, which has been an unwritten trademark of The Gray Printing Company for titty-live years. You will continue to receive from "Gray" this quality and service so far as it is possible under existing circumstances. ANNUALS F MORE THAN EVER BEFORE in the past twenty-tive years is there a genuine need for a Yearbook. Very often annuals are the only substantial source of pic- tures and activities in which former students participated. lt is a history of ll H IVIUHALE 1 four years that will prove invaluable to the families and sweethearts of the boys who are serving in the Armed Forces. We are proud to have had the privilege of being a part in the planning and execution of this fine book. K Y... , . J THE GRAY PRINTING CUMPANY Iildlxliwsfif- "M f- '-YQ 'is LN?-' xLQ.fEi?ffHIiMMi.aHilcM

Suggestions in the Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) collection:

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 82

1945, pg 82

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 14

1945, pg 14

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 66

1945, pg 66

Mount Assisi Academy - Chimes Yearbook (Bellevue, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 68

1945, pg 68

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