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Mount Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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. Y' ,I T - , E 53 1 ' ' if , 4 J, Z 'YI s A' I xx if 9 . 3 ' sb n Silk if V 'L . K if 9 I 1 -.,. , 1 : . Q ' 'I f .. 1 ...,,, 21, ., ee,..f: ,, f' ' 11. , -, 14 W, W ,1f 15 ' . fj5r 1 , ' 'ffgfi uw., V K - .,.E1a2l75fk1k K' af. V, ..- Tfffiu . . mr ,..L,,w h Y Y , 1? S1 M-, A f'. Q- E , S M If ,, :L ww SISTERS OF S'If FRANCIS MOTHERHOUSE MT. ALVERNIA HIGH SCHOOL The drama . . . here Iies before you a composition in prose portraying the Iife and character of the Senior CIass of '58 of Mount Alvernia. Meet and reIive our roles with the DIRECTORS . . . the Faculty whom we have come to know and Ioveg SUPPORTING CHARACTERS . . . the Juniorsg UNDERSTUDIES . . . the Sophomoresg OUR TRYOUTS . . . the Freshmen. OUR STARS . . . the Seniors, coached and trained so that they may he sent forth into an even bigger stage as Christian women . . . the future strength and guiding influence in the outside world.. In the pages which follow, we offer you a series of real events having dramatic unity and interest . . . 'QOn with the show!" f'Wt ,.-f s-'r I '-'1 5, I rg., J I I K I .--wth VL.: 5 . WP' lg 'Qi l. F, 45, Ji , . S! ,A-vi. K 'Ig M Lil fi C 'st C If . ivit at I fr1,! f . X F. ,gf I E , I I gf .,AJ X .ix K ':-1 ' E K, ,,V I I I 'Hn W rryt 2 fi 2 GS. if 1 4 s, J Q H .krf 5 F i I if ,Xp , ky I A ctt I Q? 4 I FM 4 I 35 I ., I 'I 4 is ' '..,, ,.., W .,-,. tg-5 -. I.. I M yysvyy, I ,gy 'WV' TW "f"'fsy3: Presented by the Senior Class of 1958 MT. ALVERNIA HIGH SCHGOL Pittsburgh 9, Pennsylvania The 1958 Edition of the CQNTENTS 6 "All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts." SHAKESPEARE St. Francis, God's Troubadour, encour- aged men to live beautifully their role of life on the stage of the world, God direct- ing. "The world's a stage where God's omnipolence, His justice, knowledge, love and providence, do cct the parts." -Du Bartas N GRADUATION DAY the curtain comes down, all too soon, on the third act of the Drama of Life. This third act was known as "The High School Periodw. just as the first and second acts were entitled q'Pre-School Daysv and 'qGrade School Yearsw. On Graduation Day tne curtain rises again for the fourth and final act of lifels drama. During the course of Act IV it becomes more and more evident that the Drama of Life is, after all, not the real show at alll But only a sort of "screen test" or "talent tryout" for the real Play that will have a beginning but no end. Father Roland, OFMCap. HAPLAI l , FATHER ROLAND, OFMCap. Religion 1,2,3,4g Spiritual Adviser Dawn Sallach, Ann Carville and Pat Baldauff discuss an interesting question with Father Roland. D I C AT I 0 We, the graduates of 1958, take pleasure in dedicating this ALVERNIAN to you, Sister M. Ronald. You are an inspiration to all of us. On Graduation Day every senior you meet will have some personal reason to say: wlqhanlc you, Sister Ronald, for the times you made me see right from wrongg for the time you spent in counseling me about the choice of a lifels career, and for the optimistic words of praise inspiring me to do better and to love Christ moref, We wish to bequeath this memory book as an acknowledgment of our indebtedness to you for ueverythingw. Remember us always. Class of '58 Dear Graduates of 1958: Unless each of you has been attuned to the spirit and ideals of Mount Alvernia l-ligh as you have walked through these last four years, any final message will scarcely establish satisfac- tory rapport at this late hour. But you have been a receptive group, weigh- ing the knowledge presented to you sometimes with the perception of adults. Continue to sharpen your mental acumen. Keep on in your search for the truth, find it and follow it at any cost in whatever field you spend your life. Simplify the one important problem of life-saving your soul -by imitating and living close to the Christ whom St. Francis, your patron, made live again in his own life so well. You leave Mount Alvernia in possession of all that a citizen of two worlds-of earth and of heaven-needs to face life. Use that one life well. Together with the faculty, I wish you Godls blessing on every work you undertake in His name. Sister M. Ronald, OSF Sister M. Ronald demonstrates the Public Address System to Pat Malley, Brigid Sheridan, and Kathleen Sullivan. SISTER M. RONALD Principal, English 4, Student Council Moderator, Mount-N-Lite Adviser , is ,..,f p K r ACULTY SISTER M. AELRED Senior Adviser, Religion 4, Science, Yearbook Adviser, Senior Fatima Club Moderator MISS BETTY JANE ELLIS Junior 112 Adviser, Mathematics, Physical Education, Basketball Coach, Sports Club Moderator fi we ,, , SISTER M. DE LELLIS SISTER M. DEO CORA Spanish 1,2 Latin 1, Pa. History SISTER M. FRANCIS CLARE Sophomore 115 Adviser, Religion 2, Music, Glee Club and Mission Moder- ator SISTER M. ROBERTA Junior 104 Adviser, Religion 3, Social Studies, Speech and Debate Moderator '97 i f SISTER M. FRIDOLIN Sophomore 113 Adviser, Religion 2, Latin 2,3,4, Librarian, Junior Red Cross Moderator, Junior Fatima Club Moderator SISTER M. CATHERINE Prep Directress, English 2,3, Third Order Moderator, Tru-Blu Club Moderator N19 . MISS MARIE PALUMBO MR. JACK BURKHARD Home Economics Dancing Instructor SISTER M. DENISE Freshman 105 Adviser, Religion 1, Business Education, Remedial Reading SISTER M. ANCILLA Freshman 114 Adviser, Religion 1, Health, Business Education, Office Practice 'Wu vw ,fu ,,L..f-.MK .wmgx-mx 1 fe f g A, if K Seniors HHIUIUN 6 suom M L l:0oKmrlN1: M A I LAT NT S ' 1 MARY ANN SMITH "Smitty', St. Peter, Butler Tru-Blu 1,2,3,4g Secretary of Tru-Blu 3g Presi- dent of Tru-Blu 45 Third Order 2,3,4g Fatima Club 1,25 Sacred Heart Prep lg Student Council Representative 3,43 Glee Club 3,45 Speech 2,35 Treasurer of Speech 35 Junior Classical League 3,45 Junior Red Cross lg Mission Club 1,Z. ' Mary Ann would make a fine physicist. x. QFFICERS MARY ANN SCHALTENBRAND Schaltyn St. Mary, Pine Creek Fatima Club l,Zg Mission Club Z3 Third Qt Order 2,3-,4g Sacred Heart Prep 1,2,3g Class President l,Z,4g Student Council President 4g Student Council Representa- tive 1,2,3,4g Third Order Secretary 4g Math Honor 3,43 Speech 2,3,4g Softball Intramurals Z3 United Fund First Place Winner. Url' ' Mary Ann, we're proud you came out first. CHiTHE YV' .gi ' Berge collects the bus money. CLASS OF' BRIGID SHERIDAN "Bergen Corpus Christi Fatima Club 1,2g Third Crder Club 2,3,4g Sacred Heart Prep Club Ig Class President 3, Class Viceepresident 4g Junior Red Cross Representative lg Junior Red Cross Presi- dent 3, Student Council 3,4g Basketball Intramurals 3g Softball Intramurals Z,3,4g Science Honor Club 35 Journalism Club 2. ff 4 i ' What's the matter, Pat? Money troubles. Mission 1,2. PATRICIA BALDAUFF "Pat" St. Sebastian, Ross Township Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Class Treasurer 3,43 Student Council Representative 3,45 Mis- sion Representative 1,2g Science Honor Club 3,4g First Aid 23 Journalism Club 2,4g Junior Red Cross 3g Basketball Intramurals 3,4g Glee Club 3, MARGARET MARIE MOHLER "Peggy" St. Anthony, Millvale Third Order Club 3,4g Fatima Club 1,Zg Class President 25 Class Secretary 3,4-g Journalism 2,35 Yearbook Staff 4, School Reporter to Pgh. Catholic 35 Intramural Softball Zg Junior Red Cross Club 1, Cn lUNIU . THE RS Dulce ' Peggy's going to the .lun ior dance. new ELSA LUCY ANTONUCCI "NuCl1" Corpus Christi Tliircl Order Club 2,3,4g Journalism Club Zg Junior Recl Cross 1,2,3,4g President of Junior Red Cross 4g Student Council Rep- resentative 4g First Aid Zg Yearbook Staff 4g Softball Intramurals 2. CAROL ANN BARIE "Carol,' St. Ann, Millvale Fatima Club l,2g Third Order Club 3,4g Mission Representative 35 Mission Honor Club 3g Junior Classical League Zg Intra- murals Ping Pong, Softball Z,3g Junior Red Cross l,4g First Aid 29 Journalism Club Z5 Vice-President of Mission Club 3. Elsa makes a great presi- dent of the Junior Red Cross. Marlene goes around the World in 183 days in P.O.D. class. Howls your luck, Carol? MARLENE AUGUSTINE "Augie" St. Anthony Millvale First Aid 2g Junior Red Cross 1 Z 3 4 Fatima Club 1,Z,3,4. 1' LENORE BESTERMAN "Lennie" St. Mary Assumption, Lawrenceville Fatima l,2,3,4g Journalism Z, junior Red Cross 1,2g First Aid 2, Glee Club, Vice- President 3,45 Basketball 3,4-g Softball 3g Musart Honor Society 3,4.Q 5 GERALDINE FRANCES BLUMER "Gerri', All Saints, Etna Third Order 3,4, Prcfect 4, Fatima Club 1,23 SHPT 1,23 Speech and Debate 1,2,3, History Honor Society 3g Junior Classical League l,2g Yearbook Staff 4, Class Vice- President 1g Student Council Representa- tive 1,4, Softball Intramurals 2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN CARVILLE "Ann" St. Joseph, Johnstown, Pa. Fatima Club 1,23 Third Order 2,3,4g Tru- Blu Club 1,2,3,4g Student Council Repre- sentative 2,3g Speech and Debate Club 3,4g Junior Classical League 3,43 Glee Club 3,43 Alvernian Co-Editor 43 Camera Club 23 Junior Red Cross 1, Mission Club 1,23 Mount-N-Lite 2, Sacred Heart Prep 1. 0 Mirrors tell the truth, Lenore. 0 Gerri reviews Third Or- der "musts." 0 Photos and write-ups are matched by Ann. JUDITH COLLETTE "LaLa" Corpus Christi Fatima Club l,Z,3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Ping Pong 35 Latin Honor Club 25 Debate Club 25 Junior Red Cross Club 1,35 Junior Classical League 25 Vice-President 25 Sec- retary 35 Secretary of Fatima Club 45 Year- book Staff 45 Office Practice 45 Mission Club 2. MARY LOU GATES "Sudie', St. Ann, Millvale Mission Representative 25 Fatima Club 1,2, 3,45 Mission Club 25 Business Honor Club 45 Junior Red Cross 1,25 Yearbook Staff 45 Basketball Intramurals 3,45 Softball In- tramurals 1,2,35 Art Club 2,3,4. A-B-C-Collette, Judy Collette, thafs me. Helen is another Michael Angelo. On the way to a balanced ledger, Mary Lou? ,gr iii 2 ,- HELEN KATHERINE FRIEDEL "Helen" St. Anthony, Millvale Fatima Club 15253545 Third Order Club 2,3,45 Junior Red Cross Club 1,25 Art Club 2,3545 Yearbook Staff 45 Varsity Bas- ketball 3,45 Basketball Intramurals 3,45 Softball Intramurals 2,3,4. J""N ELEANOR GITZEN "Ellie" St. Peter, South Side Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Tru-Blu Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Classical League Z,3,4g Junior Red Cross lg Speech Club Z5 Glee Club 3,43 Art 3g Softball Intramurals Z,3,4, Ping Pong 3,4g Mission Club 1, Sacred Heart Prep 1. HELEN MARIE GORSKI "Helen" St. Sebastian, Ross Township Fatima Club l,Z,3,4g Mission Club 25 Jun- ior Red Cross 1,2,3g Ofhce Practice 4, JUDITH ANN HEINZ "Judy,' All Saints, Etna Fatima Club l,Z,3,4g Mission Club 2g Speech 2,3,4g Class Secretary 1,25 Class Vice-President 3, Student Council Repre- sentative l,Z,3,4g Federation Representa- tive 4g Junior Red Cross lg History Honor Society 3,45 United Fund Fifth Winner. Eleanofs looking over a Christian world. 0 Helen finds shorthand in- triguing. I Judy's of to another United Fund meeting. MARY LOU KAIB "Lou" St. Ambrose, North Side Fatima Club 1,Z,3,4, Mission Representa- tive Z5 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,4g First Aid 2,35 Treasurer of Junior Red Cross 3, Ping Pong 35 Yearbook Staff 4. JUDITH ANN McCARTHY "Juvy,' St. Anthony, Millvalei Fatima Club 1,2,3,4, President of Fatima Club 45 Class Treasurer Z5 Junior Red Cross Club 1,35 Nlission Club 25 Business Honor Club 3,45 Art Club Z5 Office Prac- tice 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Council Representative 1,45 Sports Club 45 Softball Intramurals 2,3,45 Basketball Intramurals 3,45 Basketball Varsity 3,45 Varsity Cap- tain 3,4. Business isn'l too good during the strike, is it, Mary Lou? "Spanish is fun,', says senorita Pat. , Grab that ball, Judy. PATRICIA ANN MALLEY "Pat" St. Ann, Millvale Fatima Club 1,2,3,45 Spanish Honor Club 45 lVlusart Society 3, First Aid 25 Junior Red Cross Club 1,25 Art Club 3,45 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Basketball Intramurals 2, 3,45 Ping Pong 45 Sports Club 4. MARLEEN MARY MILLER "Mar" St. Wendelin, Carrick Third Order 2,3,4g Fatima Club 1,23 Tru- Blu Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross 13 Speech 4g Glee Club Z,3,4g Mount-N-Lite Staff 2,3,4g Camera Club 2,3g Prep News Reporter 43 Junior Classical League 3,43 Basketball Intramurals 4g Softball Intra- murals Z,3,4g Ping Pong 3,4-. IRENE JULIA PSCHIRER "Butch" St. Anthony, Millvale Fatima Club I,Z,3,4g Mission Club 25 Jun- ior Red Cross 1,2,3g Yearbook Staff 4. BEVERLY PURCELL "Tweety" Corpus Christi Fatima Club President 2g Mission Club President 4g Debate Club President 39 Fatima Club l,2,3g Debate and Speech 2,3,4g Sacred Heart Prep lg Latin Honor Society 2,3,4g Junior Red Cross 1,25 Ping Pong 3g Mission Club 1,Z,4g Junior Classi- cal League Z,3,4g Yearbook Business Mana- ger 4. El-CD 0 Marlene says, "Watch the birdie, Sister." 0 Irene, our elf, welcomed the Freshies. 0 "Is it all clear?" asks Beverly. I9 JOANNE RAMAGE "Ramsey" All Saints, Etna Fatima Club 1,2,3,45 Mission Club Zg Latin Honor Society 23 History Honor Society 3,45 Junior Classical League 25 Journalism 3,4g Mount-N-Lite Assistant Editor 4g Camera Club 25 Class Vice-President 1g Class President 3g Student Council Repre- sentative 1,3,4g Softball Intramurals 2,3,4g Basketball Intramurals 3,4g Sports Club 4. Joan, Saint Christopher only Works up to 60 mph. JANICE ROHE "Jan" St. Michael, South Side Tru-Blu 1,Z,3,4g Third Order 2,3,4g Fatima Club 1,2g Cvlee Club 3,45 Treasurer of Glue Club 45 Speech 2,3g Junior Red Cross 13 Junior Classical League 3,43 Mission Club 1,25 Sacred Heart Prep 1. Margie pitches strike three. Of the three, Janice pre- fers religious life. MARGARET ROCHE "Rocha" All Saints, Etna Fatima Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Red Cross 1,Z,35 First Aid 2, Ofiice Practice 4g Bas- ketball Intramurals 3,43 Softball Intra- murals 2,3,4g Sports Club 4. DAWN LORRAINE SALLACH "Dawnie" St. Ann, Millvale Class Vice-President 2,3g Fatima Club 1,Z, 3,45 Mission Club Z5 History Honor 2,3g Latin Honor Z5 Junior Classical League 23 Junior Red Cross 1,Z,3g Art Zg Alvcrnian Co-Editor 4g Basketball Intramurals 3,45 Softball Intramurals l,2,3,4g Student Coun- cil Representative Z,3,4. ANN MARIE SENGE "Annie" St. Anthony, Millvale Fatima Club 1,2,4g Fatima Vice-President Z3 Sacred Heart Prep 1,2,3g Camera Club Zg Mission Representative 35 Mission Secre- tary 35 Mission Honor 3g Junior Red Cross 1,2,4g Red Cross Secretary 45 Yearbook Staff 4g Softball Intramurals 3g Ping Pong 3,4. LINDA MARIE SCHMIDT "Schmitto" All Saints, Etna Fatima Club 1,2,3,4g Business Honor 3,45 Musart Club 35 Junior Red Cross lg Bas- ketball Inrramurals 3,43 Softball Intra- murals 33 Sports Club 4. 0 Dawn compares former yearbooks. Ann Marie's our ping pong champ. 0 Linda is popular with her brush. CAROLE ANN SCHNEIDER "Carole" Sacred Heart, Emsworth Sacred Heart Prep lg Third Order Z,3,4g Mission Club 1,23 Fatima Club l,Zg Tru- Blu 1,2,3,4g Junior Classical League 3,4g junior Red Cross 1,43 Yearbook Staff 4g Assistant Editor of Prep Paper 45 Speech Z5 Journalism 45 Basketball Intramurals 4. MARIE ANNETTE SPEHAR "Marie" St. Nicholas, North Side Fatima Club l,Z,3,4g Nlission Club Z5 Jun- ior Red Cross l,2,3g Basketball Intramurals 3,45 Varsity Basketball 4g Softball Intra- murals 3,4. Matll presents many prob- lems to Carol. Open the Window, Aunt Minney, Sip hit a homer. Marie certainly has a real secretarial" look. MARIANN MARGARET SIPPEL "Sip,' St. Anthony, Millvale Fatima Club l,2,3g Third Order Zg Junior Red Cross 1,2,3g First Aid 25 Mission Club Z3 Office Practice 45 Softball Intramurals 3,4g Basketball Intramurals 3,45 Ping Pong 45 Sports Club 4. RUTH KATHERINE SPEHAR JEAN ANN STANKOVIC "Ruthie" St. Nicholas, North Side "Jeanie" St. Nicholas, Millvale Fatima Club 1,Z,3,4g Junior Classical Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Class Treasurer Z,3g League 25 Junior Red Cross lg Journalism Junior Classical League Z5 Red Cross Rep- Z,3g Office Practice 4g First Aid Zg Basket- resentative lg Junior Red Cross 1,33 Jour- ball Intramurals 3. nalism Zg Office Practice 4g First Aid Z. ANNA MARIE STEPPLING "Stepp" St. Ann, Millvale Fatima Club 1,Z,3g Third Order 4g Math Honor 3,43 Speech and Debate Z,3,4g Yearbook Staff 45 Student Council Repre- sentative 4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Captain of Basketball 1,25 Co-captain 4g Softball In- tramurals 3,4g Ping Pong 3,43 Sports Club 45 United Fund Third Place Winner. 0 How do you like book- keeping, Ruth? 0 Jeanie believes in mass production. 0 Szepp steps wizh the bull. if LOUISE ROSE STREIFF "StreiHie" All Saints, Etna Fatima Club 1,2,3,45 Class Secretary 25 Student Council Representative 2,45 His- tory Honor 3,45 Junior Red Cross 15 Cam- era Club 25 Journalism 3,45 Mount-N-Lite Editor 45 Federation Reporter 45 Softball Intramurals 2,3545 Basketball Intramurals 35 Sports Club 4. Editor Louise asks, "May I quote you, sir?" ELVERA ANTOINETTE TEGNELIA "Vera', St. Leonard, Monessen Fatima Club 1,25 Third Qrder 2,3,45 Stu- dent Council Representative 2,3,4-5 Tru- Blu President 35 Tru-Blu Secretary 25 Tru- Blu Vice-President 45 Sacred Heart Prep 15 lVlission Club 1,25 Glee Club 3,45 Junior Red Cross 15 Junior Classical League 3,45 Junior Classical League Treasurer 35 Speech 2,35 Softball Intramurals Z. Sewing is a real treat for Kathy. Elvera's a poet and doesn't know it. KATHLEEN SULLIVAN "Kathy" St. Mary, Pine Creek Sacred Heart Prep 1,25 Fatima Club 1,2, 3,45 Fatima Secretary 25 Student Council Representative 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Speech 253,45 Mission Club 25 Junior Red Cross 1,25 Red Cross Representative 15 First Aid 25 Math Honor 3,45 WQED Repre- sentative 45 Softball Intramurals 2,3,4. MARY ANN LILLIAN WIEGAND "Wiggles" St. Walburga, East End Fatima Club l,Z,3g Junior Catholic Action 3, Junior Classical League 2, Art lg Soft- ball Intramurals 35 Sports Club 45 Office Practice 4. RITA LOUISE YUKAS "Yukie" All Saints, Etna Sacred Heart Prep 1,2g Fatima Club 1,Z,3,4g Mission Club Zg Junior Red Cross lg Debate Zg Journalism 3,45 lVlount-N- Lite Assistant Editor 45 Basketball Intra- murals 3g Softball Intramurals 3,45 Sports Club 4. CAROL ZUPANCIC "Zup,' St. Ann, Millvale Fatima Club 1,23 Tbircl Order Z,3,4g Tru- Blu l,2,3,4g Sacred Heart Prep lg Speech Secretary 3,45 Junior Classical League 3,49 Yearbook Staff 45 Camera Club Z, Mount- N-Lite Z3 Mission Club 1,Zg Junior Red Cross lg Glee Club 3,4g Softball Intra- murals 2,3,4g Basketball Intramurals 49 Ping Pong 3,4. "Double, double toil and trouble," Mary Ann knows Macbeth. 0 Rita's looking over sten- cils for Journalism. 0 Mary is Carol's favorite model. HHQNCDR IS DUE TCD .1 . . iI1 k Mary Ann Schaltenbrand J1fLdifhH6iT1Z . . . in SOCIAL STUDIES . . in MATHEMATICS MMI Am Smith . . . in PHYSICAL SCIENCE wn Sallach U .C in ji glE 5 I Joanne RCHNCLCQC E lfucm Tegnelicn Q Nm EDUCATION Mm WW SENICDR DIRECTQRY Antonucci, Elsa, 7107 Wiltsie Street 161 . . . . . , . Augustine, Marlene, 709 North Avenue 191 , . . . , , Baldaufli, Patricia, 317 Goldsmith Road 191 . . . . . . Barie, Carol, 1806 Grall Avenue 191 , .,.. Besterman, Lenore, 6305 Sawyer Street 111 ..,. . . Blumer, Geraldine, 2 Cedar Street 1231 ,......., Carville, Elizabeth, 1717 Graham Avenue, Windher, Pa. Collette, Judith, 1622 Btoadhead Street 161 .....,..,. Friedel, Helen, 523 Mary Street 191 . ,..,.... .,.., . Gates, Mary Lou, 405 Sample Street 191 . . . . . . . Gitzen, Eleanor, 19 Eleanor Street 131 . . . . . . Gorslci, Helen, 117 1'1o1ly Hill Drive 191 , . Heinz, Judith, 17 Highland Avenue 1231 . . . Kaih, Mary Lou, 1223 Itin Street 1121 . ...,... . Malley, Patricia, 153 Evergreen Avenue 191 .... . McCarthy, Judith, 819 Long Avenue 191 ...,.,.. . Miller, Marlene, 2808 Waterman Avenue 1271 , . . . Mohler, Margaret, 418 Grant Avenue 191 ,..... Pschirer, Irene, 200 Walters Avenue 191 . . . Purcell, Beverly, 1512 Elrod Way 161 .,... . Ramage, Joanne, 113 Wilson Street 1231 ........,,. Roche, Margaret, 143 East Pennview Street 1231 .... Rohe, Janice, 316 Jucunda Street 1101 ,,,......,.., Sallach, Dawn, 241 Maryland Avenue 191 ........, Schaltenhrand, Mary Ann, 2011 Middle Rd., Glenshaw, Schmidt, Linda, 106 East Pennview Street 1231 .,.... Schneider, Carole, 10 Miller Street 121 ..,......... Senge, Anna Marie, 130 Westwood Avenue 191 . . , Sheridan, Brigid, 1252 Album Street 161 ....., Sippel, Mariann, 118 Elizabeth Street 191 ....,..,.. Smith, Mary Ann, 214 Roclcenstein Avenue, Butler, Pa. , . Spehar, Marie, 1406 East Ohio Street 1121 .... . . . Spehar, Ruth, 848 Peralta Street 1121 .,... Stankovic, Jean, 43 Cherry Street 1231 ....... Steppling, Anna Marie, 131 Royal Drive 191 A , . . Streiff, Louise, 17 Spring Street 1231 .......,... Sullivan, Kathleen, 9 Ash Drive, Allison Parlc, Pa. . . . . Tegnelia, Elvera, 220 Donner Avenue, Monessen, Pa. . . Wiegand, Mary Ann, 1255 Verona Boulevard 161 . . . Yukas, Rita, 54 Dewey Street 1231 ...........,,. Zupancic, Carol, 492 Seavey Road 191 . . , 1-7139 1-2232 6-7848 1-2541 1-6289 1-8072 608-W 2-1865 1-1522 1-1534 1-4232 4-1951 1-3208 1-3460 1-5763 1-3620 2-5806 1-5323 1-4587 1-6410 1-7610 6-6634 1-4697 1-3473 6-6769 6-8010 6-8826 1- 1997 1-6428 1-3592 33912 1-0092 1-4886 1-8459 6-2779 1-6633 6-7402 4-8723 2-4954 1-3361 1-7845 "YK :rv , .. . K-qffmramf..,zmwa-: - .. : Av V,-r...:,1 . l... 1 I :2,fM,:14f'.. - , , ' 'S ' 3555: 14 , L ME!!! , ,WM 1-lvzafsiegm m .4 VT 'K Uuderclasses fn,p,g,gf- zzfz1.,,g, ,g Hmm JZ? SOCIAL STUDIES IX ' A 'l' S , H S E l14lV6'llv46E5 M A f f CUNMERCIALW S ff First Row: Nancy Bayer, Eileen Sistek, Michelyn Flynn. Second Row: Julie Boyer, Dolores Bugrin, Jacqueline Kust. Third Row: Paulette Rogan, Nancy Miller, Bonny Haberman. Fourth Row: Mary Ellen Dameron, Kathleen Greer, Dolores Yolcovic. Fifth Row: Vivian Trygovic, Judy Berthold. Standing: Bernadette Fitzgerald, Frances Weinheimer, Carolyn Gauscheman, joan Helbling, Eileen McPeak, Lorraine Meyer, Phyllis Seaman. L M., UNICDRS 1 4 CLASS OFFICERS Vivian Trygovic, Vice Presi- dentg Florence Manners, Presidentg Carolyn Liotta, Treasurerg Bernadette Fitz- gerald, Secretary. Mary Ellen Dameron, Frances Wienheimer, joan Helbling, julie Boyer and Carolyn Liotta demonstrate a chemistry experiment. -1---an Bonny Haluerman, Vivian Trygovic, Lorraine Meyer, Carolyn Gauscheman, Eileen Sistek, and Michelyn Flynn point out histor- ical places on the globe. My gjnfy H A , sw'-ami: P f if' Q A ,Wu K M.-- Sister M. Roberta indicates the three freedoms as Dolores Yohovic, Florence Manners and Dolores Bugrin look on. Diagraming is easy, says Lorene Lofink, Audrey Goetz, Geraldine Doman and Carol Saeler. MMM Eileen Liebert, Norma Braden, Judy Siatkosky and Dorthy Moran are try- ing to increase their speed. Miss Betty Jane Ellis enjoys math with Barbara Mehr- lich, Pat Shuler, Pat Kurt- zal, Mary Lou Fitzgerald and Judy McNerney. First Row: Judy McNerney, Judy Wukits, Norma Braden. Second Row: Pat Rogan, Pat Kurtzhal, Audrey Goetz. Third Row: Betty Jane Riddle, Pat Shuler, Geraldine Doman. Fourth Row: Rosemarie Ziegler, Lorene Lofink, Mary Lou Fitzgerald. Fifth Row: Dorthy Moran, Judy Siatkosky. Standing: Barbara Mehrlich, Eileen Liebert, Carol Cicirello, Carol Saeler. JU ICDRS 112 CLASS OFFICERS Betty Jane Riddle, Treasurerg Judy Wllkits, Vice Presidentg Audrey Goetz, Presidentg Pat Kurtzhal, Secretary. SGPI-IQ CRES 115 First Row: Regina McLain, Carol Partsch, Donna Marmie, Dolores Pravlik, Diane McHenry. Second Row: Mary Louise Klemens, Virginia Roman, Esther Swab, Isabel Simpson, Judy Newland, Ann Gallagher. Third Row: Carol Schmitt, Mary Ellen Hoar, Carol Bislcup, Cynthia Boehler, Della Jackson. Fourth Row: Sally Videtich, Donna Teschlce, Martha Meis, Kathy Broslc, Pat Hunlcele, Mary Sauer. Fifth Row: Marilyn Heh, Jeanne Bauer, Susan Wuellette, Valerie Zaski, Eileen Glusic. Sixth Row: Elizabeth Reilly, Karen Krebs, Mary Ellen McCrea, Judy Schermoclc, Lois Mann, Mariana D'Ambrasio. Seventh Row: Rose Ann Guttilla. Absent: Claire Davenport. 'Nr Q-mg CLASS OFFICERS Carol Bislcup, Secretaryg Judith Schermoclc, Treas- urerg Pat Hunlcele, Presi- dentg Cynthia Boehler, Vice President. Carol Partsch holds open the oven door as Marilyn Heh and Lois Mann look at our modern kitchen. Jeanne Bauer, Elizabeth Reilly, Ann Gallagher, Judy Schermock, Cynthia Boehler proudly demonstrate their religion projects. 'h Sophomore music classes from Sister Francis Clare are long remembered. Pat Hunkele, Carol Biskup, Mary Lou Klemens, Dolores Pravlik sing as Martha Meis plays. V My sr- ,,,r,,, . f , 1.,,. i 5 3 fig' V 1+ rilxyz 1 ' ' . ,L K . 1 ,,.- f gg Li fig ,. ,QA ,as,,..a-was ' "How would you like to cut up a frog?" say Susan Amrhein, Carol Ann Yakich, Mary Ann Rava, and Eleanor Bauer. X i"f"1, , C' I if lp .Pl Evelyn Jucha, Joanne Mattes, Betty Lotz, and Andrea Corcoran think that Plane Geometry isn't too "plain". Circe changes these girls into Latin scholars with the help of Sister M. Fridolin, of course. They are: Mary Titus, Lois Ferrari, Mary jane Kress, Sheila Sheridan, and Susan Hesiclence. SUPHOMORES 113 l First Row: Sheila Sheridan, Mary Jane Kress, Mary Titus, Andrea Corcoran, Eileen Miller, Arleen McKean. Second Row: Carol McPeak, Suzanne Susany, Joan Henry, Betty Lotz, Roxann Gilmore. Third Row: Lois Ferrari, Evelyn Jucha, Lucille Gross, Susan Hesidence, Roseanne Lampert, Eleanor Bauer. Fourth Row: Nancy Cvetic, Donna Spenger, Maureen Nicholson, Lynne Hohman, Joanne Mattes. Fifth Row: Theresa Wojtczak, Marcia Slattery, Nancy Schaltenbrand, Susan Amrhein, Joan Nowakowslci, Donna jean Muldoon. Sixth Row: Carolyn Bayer. Absent: Mary Ann Rava. J.. CLASS OFFICERS Eileen Miller, President Suzanne Susany, Vice Presi dentg Carol McPeak, Treas urerg Lucille Gross, Secre- tary. FRESHIES 114 First row: Geraldine Steppling, Concetta Narcisi, Pauline Eury, Barbara Fath, Carol Flick, Janet Nowack, Cynthia Freker. Second Row: Paula Ditmore, Linda Lunieski, Joan Brooks, Patricia Maloney, Emma Morotto, Maria Elena Baron, Anita McFadden. Third Row: Arlene Hert- weck, Elva Mae Conlon, Mary Ann Cardillo, Theresa Popowski, Elizabeth Mooney, Rose Marie Ziecina. Fourth Row: Madelene Vilani, Margaret Ferry, Maria Gentile, Sarah jean Swain, Mary Ellen Sebastian, Patricia Barckley, Carole Kapp. Fifth Row: Paulette johns, Patricia Kelley, Bernice Lehrman, Elizabeth Sullivan, Lucille Wolf, Timotha McCarthy. Sixth Row: Theresa Schaefers, Bonita Shorts, jo Anne Walters, joan Pedrinelli, Elizabeth Sauer, Patricia Healy, Bernice Blumer. Sevenlh Row: Jeanette DeBaldo, Mary Ann Koszakovszky, Norma Kurtzhal, Claire Rohe. CLASS OFFICERS Carol Flick, Secretaryg Tim- otha McCarthy, Treasurerg Bernice Blumer, Presidentg Rose Marie Ziecina, Vice President. 4? ...M- Learning about the state in which they live are Lucille Wolf, Carol Flick, Mary Ann Cardillo, Claire Rohe. Timotha McCarthy, Patricia Healy, Maria Elena Baron, Rose Marie Ziecina are try- , ing to find the conclusion of a Latin story. Sister M. Ancilla points out the importance of foods and vitamins to: Madelene Vilani, Elizabeth Sauer, Mary Ellen Sebastian. Wad an! Carol Rupprecht just found the place- with Sister M. Denise's help. Mary Kay McGarry and Cookie Green are ready and waiting for the explanation in religion. Scatcd at desks: "Is that what you have?" asks Vir- ginia Worst to Marie Uhrin, Judy Nebel, Mary Hilliard, Janet Kaib, as Andrea Oraz and Judy Klir Finish up at the chalkboard. "That's how you find it!" The maxim of the industri- ous searchers in library science. Pat Gentilcore shows Antoinette Weiss a poster for research as Betty Carol Lorish and Carol Vandivort scan pages and Kathleen Malley checks books titles. FRESHIES 105 Firsl Row: Patricia Gentilcore, Judith Begenwald, Maureen Sylvester, Sandra Quigley, Virginia Worst, Nancy Bertram. Second Row: Carol Trageser, Donna Reiners, Maureen Mulvihill, Ida Sebastian, Janet Kaib, Andrea Orosz, Kathleen Malley. Third Row: Diane Kuyweski, Jean Henry, Donna Flamm, Judy Nebel, Carol Ann Rupprecht, Marie Uhrin, Fourth Row: Mary Catherine McGarry, Kathleen Stormer, Marion Lang, Jacqueline Wuellette, Betty Lorish, Carol Vandivort, Mary Hilliard. Fifth Row: Frances Green, Daryl Kunz, Margaret McAvoy, Eileen Migliorato, Dorothy Switalslci, Loretta Szyper. Sixth Row: Diane Strafalace, Ida Sutch, Mary Louise Ruffner, Antoinette Weiss, Susan Spitzner, Phyllis Gallager, Antoinette Liscotti. Absent: Patricia Karr, Judy Ann Klir, and Joan Schultz. CLASS OFFICERS Donna Reiners, Treasurerg Joann Schultz, Presidenlg Susan Spitzner, Vice Presi- dentg Jacqueline Wuellette, Secretary. First Row: Paulette Rogan, Eleanor Gitzen, Elvera Tegnelia, Janice Rohe, Mary Ann Smith, Patricia Rogan. Second Row: Nancy Miller, Kathleen Greer, Patricia Shuler, Geraldine Doman, Mary Lou Fitzgerald. Third Row: Joan Helbling, Eileen Leibert, Marlene Miller, Ann Carville, Carol Zupancic, Frances Weinheimer. Fourth Row: Rosemarie Ziegler, Phyllis Seaman, Eileen McPeak, Carole Schneider, Carol Saeler, Mary Ellen Dameron. SENIOR AND JU ICR PREPS TRU-BLU OFFICERS Mary Ellen Dameron, Treasurerg Mary Ann Smith, Presidentg Elvera Tegnelia, Vice-Presidenlg Phyllis Seaman, Secretary. Front, kneeling: Patricia Healy and Diane Kuyweski. OCCASION-Installation of New Members into Club. ypygxfgz I ,W is . L an f HL- I , K .x ,, Ann Carville, Carol Saeler, Kathleen Green. "Give Thanks" the bulletin is up! UIQ fmt Qu kg. I A AL, The Way of the Cross is made in the sparc moments of the day. Pat Shuler, Karen Krebs are making thc Stations. Janice Rohe, Eleanor Gitzen, Jeanne Bauer, Marty Meis, Nancy Miller, Pat Rogan. OCCASION-Serve at Recolleclion Day for Senior Girls. la, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Carole Schneider, Joan Helbling, Leanie lVlcPealc, Frannie Weinheimer, Sue Amherin, Eileen Liebert, Paulette Rogan. On the slaff of the latest Prep project, "All About Us." OCCASION--Clean-up Commitlee. Marlene Miller, Rosemarie Ziegler, Mary Hilliard, Gerry Doman. Carol Zupancic, Polly Johns, Jo Anne Mattes. are taking good care of one . . . Maureen Mulvihill, who doesn't look too sick. U-ls Q First Row fon flvorl: Claire Rohe, Donna Spenger, Mary Ann Koszakovsky, Susan Amrhein, Mary Bonita Shorts, Mary Hilliard, Antoinette Weiss, Lucille Wolfg fon chairsl: Donna Teschke, Diane Kuyweski, Patricia Karr, Carol Schmitt, Patricia Kelly, Jo Ann Walters, Esther Swab. Third Row: Patricia Healy, Carol Partsch, Donna Marmie, Nancy Bertram, Betty Mooney, Sandra Quigley, Mary Jane Kress, Frances Greene, Pauline Eury. Fourth Row: Sheila Sheridan, Paulette Johns, Marie Uhrin, Joanne Mattes, Karen Krebs, Martha Meis, Jeanne Bauer, Sarah jean Swain. Fifth Row: Carol Vandivort, Theresa Schaefers, Mary Ellen McCrea, Judy Nebel, Claire Davenport, Bernice Lehrman, Carol Ann Rupprecht, Maureen Mulvihill. QPHCDMCRE AN FRESI-IMA PREPS Foreground: Carole Vandi- vort, Patricia Karr, Claire Davenport. Back: Frances Green, Mary Ellen McCrea, Donna Teschke, Mary Jane Kress. 4132 E!-fd' ww- -wi-'Zu fl 'nn If 21700 J nom soomrms QL S K c i, 0 -5' , L may ckowmmo ., I f 5 mms can ww! 0 X 2 'M ir Activities . . z fgmilksa me t 1 -. lx-Q f The Day of Recollection was one on which we put aside our school duties and dedicated ourselves wholly to God. Here some of the girls are praying the Stations of the Cross, one of the Father Urban dlscusses one of the Very Inter' exercises of the day. Pat Baldauff and Helen Gorski read some of the esting questions from the Question Box with Jean Stankovic, Judy Heinz, Louise Streiff, Peggy Mohler, Rita Yukas, and Mary Lou Kaib. pamphlets available at St. Francis Retreat House. Nms w N M., . m 5.54 K5 Rza s xii, '9- gig t V Rig DAY QF RECOLLECTIO L' v ll lla . t it I -V i 3, .. i W- 'v"v'w"'x t gv ffl? The ring ceremony is one of the biggest activities of the lVlounties. It is usually held on or near some Franciscan feast, since St. Francis is the patron of the school. October 3, 1957 marks the memorable day for the class of '58. The ceremony consists of the blessing of the rings, a short talk on the meaning and purpose, distribution of the rings and finally, benecliction of the Blessed Sacrament. The entire student body is present for the ceremony. Father Roland blesses the class rings of the Seniors. These rings are mounted on two poles which are decorated with green and gold, the school colors. RING CEREMO Y The girls are anxiously awaiting their rings as Father Roland distributes the coveted treasure. W G6 12 Z MAY CRGWN N A f' fm W X fro Q fx Q Q' 6 ff f WA y W 4 Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, the Senior Class President, crowns Mary heavenly S Queen. Y . ai . if Eyn , . 1 is ff . K 3 . 2 9 The May Crowning ceremony is a very special 1 i M 2 occasion to honor and venerate Mary, Goclls 3 , Mother and Our Mother. The members of the 5 F . . - f '7 Faculty nominate the representatives from the ' 1 - . S Senior Class ancl they in turn vote for the class , F A representatives. According to the highest number gre of votes the girls are assigned to the respective classes. i f .1 1 s.'f'553' 1 E 1 I x cs The May Queen, Mary Ann Schaltenbrand and her attendants honor Mary as their Queen and Mother. The representatives of the Classes are Left to Right: Louise Streiff-Freshmen 1055 Elvera Tegnelia-Freshmen 1145 Brigid Sheridan-Sophomore 1135 Dawn Sallach-Sophomore 1155 Judith A Collette-Junior 1125 Ann Carville-Junior 1045 Anna Marie Steppling, crown bearer and Senior 106. if These junior Red Cross members busy themselves in making favors and placemats for hospital trays. Sitting: Nancy Bertram, Dianne McHenry, joan Henry, Susan Wuellette, Jean Swain, Mary Ellen Hoar. Standing: Mary Ann Koszakovszlcy, Della Jackson, Theresa Wojtchak, Elizabeth Sullivan, Mary Hilliard, Arlene Hertweck, Maureen Mulvihill. if as ,M wif' 'A ,Wx JU IOR RED CROSS JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS: Anna Marie Senge, Secretaryg Rose Ann Lampert, xml Treasurerg Roxanna Gilmore, Vice Presidenlg -M' Elsa Antonucci, President. Marlene Augustine, Carol Barie, Anna Marie Senge, and Elsa Antonucci, sew stuffed animals to distribute to the needy children. vttww, , X.. 'mm 't""'-A-.w..s..,, A M Anna Marie Senge, Audrey Goetz, Bernadette Fitzgerald, Mariann Sippel, SE ICR St JU ICR FATIMA CLUBS SENIOR FATIMA CLUB OFFICERS: Judy McCarthy, Presidentg Carolyn Liotta, Vice Presidentg Judy Collette, Secretary. Y 1 Under careful guidance the members of the Fatima Club have helped to foster and spread the knowledge and understanding of religious vocations. Ar their monthly meetings they discuss topics which familiarize them with religious voca- tions. The members of the Fatima Club all strive to gain a deeper devotion to Mary, the model of Catholic women. JUNIOR FATIMA CLUB OFFICERS: Carol Flick, Vice Presidentg Nancy Cvetic, Presidentg Carol Mcpeak, Secretary. ,., K v1'! 5 THIRD ORDER OFFICERS: Geraldine Blumer, Prefect: Ann Carville, Treasurer: Mary Ellen Dameron, Mistress of Novices. Moderators: Father Angelus, OFM Capg Sister M. Catherine, OSF. These Third Order members listen while Father Angelus explains the rules of the Third Order. First Row: Mary Ann Smith, Geraldine Dcman, Elvera Tegnelia, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Paulette Rogan, Patricia Rogan, Nancy Miller, Peggy Mohler. Second Row: Pat Shuler, Phyllis Seaman, Eileen McPeak, Lorene Lohnk, Rosemary Ziegler, Elsa Antonucci. Third Row: Frances Wein- heimer, Joan Helbling, Eileen Liebert, Carol Schneider, Carol Zupancic, Carol Barie, Carol Saeler, Brigid Sheridan. Standing: Marlene Miller, Janice Rohe, Kathleen Greer. Third Order members, seeking a closer union with God, follow a path formed ages ago by the great Saint Francis of Assissi. The duty of a Third Order member is to pro- mote spiritual development through the recitation of the olqice and the wearing of the scapular and cord. Activities included the writing of a 'QLetter to St. Francisf? a question- naire on the Third Order rule, and the annual distribution of gifts to the orphans. THIRD ORDER FGRENSIC CLUB The principal aim of the Forensic League is to acquaint students with the fundamentals of public speaking. The girls talce part in tourna- ments in various schools throughout the clistrict. In this Way the girls develop the art of public speaking. Debating is a potent force for good because it aids in molding public opinion. It also aicls in the development of Christian morality in solving current problems of the clay. OFFICERS OF THE FORENSIC LEAGUE Pat Rogan, Treasurer: Anna Marie Steppling, Presidcnlg Mary Ellen Dameron, Vice President Audrey Goetz, Secretary. Mary Lou Fitzgerald conducts a practice Student Congress. First Row: Martha Meis, Nancy Bayer, Claire Davenport, Nancy Miller. Second Row: Carolyn Gauschman, Carol Zupancic, Judy Heinz, Kathleen Greer. Third Row: Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, Kathleen Sullivan, Susan Amrhein, Berna- dette Fitzgerald. Fourth Row: Eileen McPeak, Suzanne Susanny, Anna Marie Steppling. Fifth Roar: Ann Carville, Paulette Rogan, Beverly Purcell. D A-wxmwww W-mmm... x:r4N.,,,h -wxxw 'fl :,,,, a I Lf --We-1.1 . gig? as xi? I Z A -ffhjfiiai Y li 1 r I! , I Pat Kurtzhal acts as secretary for Barbara Mehrlich, Anna Marie Steppling, Kathleen Sullivan, Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, while they find information on the solution of a math problem. I""5 I wr' Mary Ellen Dameron demonstrates how "cool" cold light can be to: Judy Wukits, Carolyn Liotta, Audrey Goetz, Pat Bauldauff, Florence Manners. SCI-ICDQL CLUBS Carolyn Gauscheman, Judy Heinz, Dawn Sallach, Joanne Ramage, and Louise Streiff, History Honor mem- bers, review projects before they are sent to the Buhl Planetarium for awards. Lois Mann and Carolyn Gauscheman learn to op erate this type of material at the Radio and Television School. Hi! Experts. The Federation Representa- tives, Judy Heinz and Flor- ence Manners are looking forward to the grand Fed- eration Ball. Spanish Honor members, Pat Malley and Julie Boyer, listen to some Span- ish records for accent and speed. Rosemarie Ziegler, Carol Zupancic, Elvera Tegnelia, Latin Honor members who are enjoying some Latin Carol lVIcPeak, Elizabeth Riley, Frances Weinheimer, and books are: Nancy Cvetic, Ann Gallagher, Mary Sauer, Virginia Roman, members of the Junior Classical League, Andrea Corcoran, and Suzanne Susanny. take time to pose for a picture. ,pw NVQ? JUSTICE 'ii iz!! X W ls" Carol Cicirello and Peggy Mohler discuss "Justice" in the business world as Linda Schmidt takes a call and Mary Lou Gates types. Judith McCarthy, a member of the Business Honor Society, is missing from the picture. HO CDR GRGUPS MISSION CLUB OFFICERS: Donna Reiners, Treasurerg Beverly Purcell, Prcsidentg Dorothy Moran, Vice' Presidenlg Nancy Bayer, Secretary. ' 4 fm.: -WN ' 'V ffm Paulette johns, Mary Lou Clemens, and Dorothy Moran wrap gifts for the orphans as Beverly Purcell, Donna jean Muldoon, Marie Spehar, and Donna Reiners make Rosaries for the Missionaries. Standing: Susan Amrhein, Lucille Wolf, Nancy Miller, Bernice Lehrman, Antoinette Weiss, Marie Uhrin, Carole Schneider, Bonita Shorts, Mary Hilliard, Claire Rohe, Carol Schmitt, Pat Kelly. Kneeling: Paulette Johns, Karen Krebs, Maureen Mulvihill, Carol Vandivort Joanne Walters, Joanne Mattes, Mary Ann Koszakov- A Christmas Triptych szkY,Di31'l9 Kuyweski. A CANTATA-PAGEANT by Denise M ainfuille The Blessed Virgin fpor- trayed by Joanne Mattesl is sung by Lenore Besterman standing to the right. The Archangel fporlrayed by Carole Schneiderl is sung by Elvera Tegnelia standing to the left. Jeanne Bauer, Judith Berthold, Lenore Besterman, Carol Biskup, Dolores Bugrin, Ann Carville, Andrea Corcoran, Nancy Cvetic, Marianna D'Ambrosia, Mary Ellen Dameron, Claire Daven- port, Geraldine Doman, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Eleanor Gitzen, Kathleen Greer, Rose Ann Gut- tilla, Marilyn Heh, Joan Helb- ling, Pat Hunkele, Evelyn Jucha, Karen Krebs, Mary Jane Kress, Eileen Liebert, Carolyn Liotta, Lorene Lofink, Mary Ellen McCrea, Judith McNerney, Carol McPeak, Eileen McPeak, Lois Mann, Florence Manners, Donna Marmie, Barbara Mehrlich, Martha Meis, Lorraine Meyer, Eileen Miller, Marlene Miller, Carol Partsch, Dolores Pravlik, Patricia Rogan, Paulette Rogan, Janice Rohe, Carol Rupprecht, Nancy Schaltenbrand, Judith Schermock, Phyllis Seaman, Pa- tricia Shuler, Judith Siatkosky, Mary Ann Smith, Donna Spen- ger, Esther Swab, Elvera Tegnelia, Frances Weinheimer, Dolores Yohovic, Rose Marie Ziegler, Carol Zupancic. CLASS PL Y.., Seventeenth Summer Judy Heinz and Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, double cast- ing, played "Angie," the fe- male lead in the Senior Class Play, "Seventeenth Sum- mer." Larry Gaertner por- trayed "Jack,,' the male lead. "Seventeenth Summer,', by Anne Coulter Martens, is a play about the love affair of a boy of 18 and a girl of 17 that occupied three months of the summer in a typical American locale. Mrs. Molly Spiro directs a rehearsal as Pat Baldautf, Eddie Brandt, Larry Gaert- ner, Judy Heinz, Brigid Sheridan, Tony Palito, Kathy Sullivan, Anna Marie Steppling, and Mary Ann Schaltenbrand listen atten- tively to her instructions. rf' ""1Fr1vL.- Wfffiiiijfi ++ +++ +++ 4-+4 -5- +++ ++ 1- + al' + +++ ++ l + +++ si- + + 'I' 'l'++i ++'l' ++++ 'l' + a+ ,,,+ -rf +4- + 60 + 'P+ rf It sfoviwmn 1' i Anna Marie Steppling excitedly recalls the events of December 27, 1957. Larry Gaertner, unfortunately having not been there, patiently absorbs her personal memories. Ml' Ed li., Miil' + + -f' 4- ,, + +'Mln++ a- +++4."' +"f'f+ Left to righz standing: We are proud to have chaperons like: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Malley, Mr. Charles Muldoon, Mrs. Bernard Schaltenbrand, Mr. Theodore Cvetic. Sitting: Mrs. Charles Muldoon, Mrs. Theodore Cvetic. Missing from the picture is Doctor and Mrs. J. Kreater. It's pretty cold out, Jim Kumpfmiller tells his date, Helen Friedel The lucky door prize winner, Beverly Purcell shows off the crystal rosary to Jerry An- tonucci. Q .,gL.. 1 5 as rss lx iii'lii 3 Q if il , at r sf' . :',- "iff-,f 1 ,. ' 411 , - C 'UI' -Ma." .2 "" 1. V ' W fax: TH' ,:. , 3' -'fx A , , 4 ,. V -V ' . gf 4 ,pf ..,, . V Mi f Everyone enjoyed the Shakespearean performance given by Mr. Reginald Goode. Some of our girls that par- ticipated in the show were Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, Audrey Goetz, and Judy Heinz. ml! -9 Mrs. Catherine Helbling is quite busy keeping our new school spic and span. We always see her with her yellow car. REMEMBER WHEN!!! ' 0 iz 0? I5 9 if 4.. . f'5 1 b Pat Baldauff, Peggy Mohler, Mary Ann Schalten- brand, and Brigid Sheridan, Senior Class Cfficers, display the mission banner which the Seniors re- tained the entire first semester. Nice going, eh! Winners of prizes at the Halloween Party were Jackie Kust, Nancy Bayer, Bernadette Fitz- gerald, Anna Marie Senge, Julie Boyer, Betty Jane Riddle, and Judy Siatkosky. 0. J .,,.. at , s 't so f-in We - as 5 eff " i 'QM t N 'Q ., 45 t 'h l 5, 4, A I I A . ,riikrrk A ,kil if s fs., 4 J 'wr :Q vi It ' -4 PA" N, "'Z'i'.l.L'7l-f"' H in-saw' " Rita Yukas, Pat Baldauff, and over other papers for ideas and MQ K 44 . ,.,u,,, V . '. ' ig' .,,,,,L --5" at 5' N , 'N ,143 I w..,, L., Joanne Ramage, Members of the Mount-N-Lite staff, look criticisms as the editor, Louise Streiff, supervises. U fN 'LI I E V l ' Zaski Mary Ann Rava, Donna Jean Mllld00h, Pat Kurtzal, a reporter on the Mount-N-Lite staff inter- a erie , views Mr. Norman Bell, who is superint building construction at Mt. Alvernia. 3 endent of the and Eileen Glusic are seeking news of other schools through Station WQED. THE ALVERNIAN STAFF TYPISTS-First Row: Ger- ry Blumer, Peggy Mohler. Back Row: Judy McCarthy, Irene Pschirer. Mr Cardell enjoys taking pictures. ' E'-Qifjngk. ,rye ix Ag il 9, J Ufvlops ug si 5055 r0f',e,u l 2333 ffl? V E f' ,I THE ALVER IAN STAFF THE ALVERNIAN STAFF ARTISTS AND BUSINESS MANAGERS-Standing: Carol Zu- pancic, Brigid Sheridan, Linda Schmitt, Mary Lou Gates, Mary Lou Kaib, Anna Marie Senge, Elsa Antonucci, Kathleen Sullivan, Carole Schneider, Anna Marie Steppling. Seated: Judy Collette, Helen Friedel, Beverly Purcell. I ' f-S, Dorothy Switalski, Pat Malley, Cynthia Boehler, and Ann Sheridan are in the Hall of Fame of S100 winners. ANN CARVILLE co-editor Cynthia Boehler, Carol McPeak, Lucille Wolf receive the cash awards which Beverly Purcell proudly presents as a bonus for good work. DAWN SALLACH co-editor ! P 8 VARSITY BASKETBALL ,, Pat Hunkele, Student Managerg Sally Videtich, Scorekeeperg Mary Sauer, Timekeeper. Miss Betty jane Ellis officiates as Helen Friedel and Marie Spehar jump for the hall while their teammates watch on. Improving their techniques are Anna Marie Steppling, Co-Captain and Judy McCarthy, Captain. mg, 1'.. 'iffy' yyii e hy . 5 k,1., 664 Q6 First Row: Eileen Miller, Audrey Goetz, Timmy McCarthy, Judy Newland, Judy Wllkits. Second Row: Nancy Cvetic, Marie Spehar, Helen Friedel, Carole Kapp, Daryl Kunz. Third Row: Anna Marie Steppling, Bernadette Fitzgerald, Vivian Trygovic, Judy McCarthy, Carol Biskup, Pat Malley. Plays like this are what brought about our victory over Sacred Heart High School. Is Betty Jane Riddle out? Bonny Haberman, Bernadette Fitzgerald, Loreen Lofink, Eileen Sisrek, Dolores Bugrin, Judy Berthold, Norma Braden, and Jackie Kust think so. Strike! Lenore Besterman is a pretty good bowler. Mary Ann Wiegand, Mariann Sippel, and Linda Schmidt wait turns as Rita Yukas sets up pins fmilk-cartons? and Jean Stankovic keeps score. PHYSICAL ED 1,2,1,2 . . Everyone keep in step! This is one of the typical groups who are taking dancing lessons under the instructions of Mr. Jack Burkhard. These Seniors and Juniors are practicing hard to come out "tops,' in the annual ping pong tournament. At the table are Anna Marie Steppling, Margie Roche, and Judy Wukits. Watching them are Ann Marie Senge, Mary Lou Kaib, Brigid Sheridan, Beverly Purcell, Judy Colette, Helen Friedel, Pat Malley, and Betty Jane Riddle. Pl GPU Sophomores and Freshmen are sort of new at ping-pong but Eileen Glusic, Valerie Zaski, Eileen Miller, and Arleen McKean are proving that they really learn fast. Getting a few pointers are Lynn Hohman, Suzanne Susanny, Joan Nowakowski, An- drea Corcoran, and Lois Ferrari. Marlene Miller and Mary Lou Fitzgerald show Kathleen Greer and Pat Shuler some of the trick shots which they are planning to use in the tournament. Studying the plays are Carole Schneider, Eleanor Gitzen, Eileen McPeak and Carol Zupancic. ,199 an Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, Student Council President addresses the group. First Row: Mary Ann Smith, Peggy Mohler, Pat Baldauff, Brigid Sheridan, Elvera Tegnelia. Second Row: Betty Jane Riddle, Vivian Trygovic, Florence Manners, Carolyn Liotta, Mary Ellen Dameron. Third Row: Judy Wukits, Audrey Goetz, Bernadette Fitzgerald, S T Lucy Gross. Fourth ROW: Pat Kurtzhal, Pat Hunkele, Rose Ann Zecina, Cynthia Boehler, Carol Biskup, Carol Ann Flick, Eileen Miller, Judy Schermock, Bernice Blumer, Carol McPeak. Standing: Jacqueline Wuellette, Phyllis Seaman, Donna C Q U N Q I L Reiners, Susan Spitzner, Timmy McCarthy, Suzanne Susanny-INSET: Sister Mary Ronald, Student Council Moderator. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ARE: Audrey Goetz, Vice Presidentg Mary Ann Schaltenbrand, Presidentg Suzanne Susanny, The PUFPOSC Of the Student COUDCH Treasurerg Judy Wukits, Secretary. is to be a medium between the Faculty and the students and to help the Faculty in lceeping the school in running order. During their meetings, on every other Wednesday at Lunch hour, the members if discuss problems and initiate plans for the good of the school. The Student Council, with the as- sistance of the adviser, Sister M. Ronald, has achieved many accomplishments such as revising the handbook, sponsoring a Halloween Party, conducting a Courtesy Campaign, and presenting a formal in- stallation of officers. Jw O 9 O N 1 The above group represents a typical group which is usually im P.T.G. OFFICERS. Sitting: Miss Mary Steppling, Standing left to right: Mr. Stephen Klein, Mr. Edward Fitzgerald, Mr. Charles Muldoon, Mr. Theodore Cvetic. Sister M. Ronald scrutinizes the recent check presented by President, Mr. Theodore Cvetic. seen at the Mount on the regular meeting Sunday. Our P.T.G. believes the best attitudes for dealing with teenagers stems from a memory of their own teenage action. With this in mind, they have worked and planned many projects beneficial to the school. We will remember the Christmas gifts and bingos, the joyfully-anticipated school picnics, their solicitucle in trans- porting us to various schools for tourna- ments-all a part of clirect action for our good. X A NEW 'LIFE-What clocsit hold for us? A What we make it, of course-suctessv Qt depending upon our solutionfto iliving in the world, but 'not of the BEST WISHES FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD TO ALL OF OUR GRADUATES OF '58 if PARENT TEACHER GUILD MOUNT ALVERNIA HIGH SCHOOL if DEVOTED TO THE o Spiritual 0 Material g Q Physical WELFARE OF OUR CHILDREN NAVARRO CORPORATION 'A' GENERAL CONTRACTORS 'A' Builders Of Schools, Churches, Theatres, Hospitals, Apartments, Commercial and Industrial Buildings Housing Developments Research Centers 'A' Navarro Building 6219 Broad Street PITTSBURGH 6, PA. EMerson 1-2600 74 This is farewell to all of you. To juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen, too, A word of thanks for all you'1fe done In sharing our sorrow and our fun, For your help throughout the year To make a pleasant atmosphere. Good luck to you in every undertaking, God he with you-Mounties "in the making." 'A' THE SENIOR CLASS OF '58 BANK OF MILLVALE Millvale, Pennsylvania if Your Community Bank Complete Banking Services 'k MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 75 DEVLIN ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION Co., INC. uk' Bessemer Building GR 1 -4 3 3 6 MCDONOUGH CONVALESCENT HOME 'Ir 1540 Evergreen Avenu TA 1 -3 0 8 8 Compliments of VAMCO MACHINE 85 TOOL INC. if 2 Sedgwick Street PITTSBURGH 9, PENNA. ANDREW J. FANDOZZI Plastering Contractor 'A' 6927 Churchland street PITTSBURGH 6, PENNA. Hlland 1-5680 SNAPSHOTS MEMBERSHIP CARDS DRIVER'S LICENSE DISCHARGE PAPERS GATES LAMINATING CO. Plastic Sealing P. O. Box 8253, Pittsburgh 9, Pa. NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS VALUABLE PAPERS SOCIAL SECURITY CARDS RELIGIOUS GOODS 77 W. D. LARKIN SONS Plumbing and Heating 'A' 4619 Liberty Avenue PITTSBURGH 24, PA. Compliments of HARRY C. LEEZER CO. Acoustic Ceilings - Movable Partitions Folding Doors - Garage Doors i' 5 9 9 0 Ravenna Street PITTSBURGH 3 2, PA. EMerson 2-2111 STANLEY BERG MACHINERY CO. Machine Tools Metal Forging Machinery 'k 12 3 1 Banksville Road PITTSBURGH 16, PA. NORTH SIDE DEPOSIT BANK 516 Federal Street PITTSBURGH 12, PA. ak Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 78 EDWARD J. KELLEY Phones: TAylor 1-1557 -- 1-5897-W 24 Hour Towing - Dead Storage - Used Cars T AND G AUTO SALES AND SALVAGE Auto Wreckers No. 1 Pico Street fRear 950 Hoffman Road, PITTSBURGH 9, PA. Anthony ffonyj Grenda, Owner Your Outlook Is Better When You See Well To the Seniors: if HUGH E. JENNINGS We wish you wel' JAMES F- MARTIN In all that will count Successors to: HENRY G. LOFINK When you practice the good Opticians That you'1fe learned at the 'A' Ogice: Mount. 5 147 Jenkins Arcade PITTSBURGH 22, PA. ATlantic 1-0110 'k Smart Glasses Enhance Good Looks 'k THE JUNIORS COMPLIMENTS OF AFRIEND MATT VOGELHUBER COMPLETE SERVICE STATION Equipment Installation and General Maintenance 4 2 0 Kurt Drive PHONE: LE 1-3213 'VcI 'L I-I9lIf1HS.I..LIcI 00Ii"I PZVI-I :aumld anus-:AV sxamom Z1 I 4 OIIILDTIEI HVLS Best Wishes to the Class of '5 8 'A' LIMBACH COMPANY Mechanical Contractors 'A' 521 Pressley Street PITTSBURGH 12, PA. 80 JACK SUTTON, President JACK FAY R. W. O'NEAL, vice-President BUS HEVERLY T. G. HOLLINGSWORTH REBS MACHINERY CO., INC. Woods Building - Greentree Road PITTSBURGH zo, PA. LOcust 3-4551 TAylor 1-2700 FACTORY SUPPLIES, INC. CHUCIVS JUNK SHUI' Tools and Supplies If 'k 2012 Babcock Boulevard PITTSBURGH 9, PA. Geo. J. Mohr, President Rear 9 Sherman Street MILLVALE, PA. TA 1-3292 SKUNDRICH FUNERAL HOME 'A' 405 North Avenue MILLVALE, PA. TA 1-3411 KIEF ER HOTEL BUUSTERS ma 'A' 1009 Evergreen Avenue TA 1-9890 First Row: Mary Jayne Kress, Frannie W heimer, Pat Rogan. Second Row: Paul tt Rogan, Betty Jane Riddle, Judy Bert Eileen McPeak. ALLEGHENY VALLEY BANK OF PITTSBURGH 513 7-3 9 Butler Street PITTSBURGH 1, PA. A Complete Banking Service i Member: Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. REPUBLIC STEEL MA 1-0494 CARDELL STUDIO f Congratulations .k and God's Blessing to Faculty and We Are Proud to Be the Oyficial Students Ph f 19 of 0 ograp ers of Mount Aluernia Mount Alvernia High School wk wk Compliments of HOUSTON STARR CO Best Wishes to the Class of ,58 300 Brushton Avenue PITTSBURGH 21, PA. Many Mt. Alvernia Graduates Have Found The Bell Telephone Company "a Friendly Place to Wforkv 'A' THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 416 - 7TH AVENUE PITTSBURGH 19, PA. 82 Congratulations 86 and wk 6 Best Wishes to the Beer and Soft Drink Class of ,58 Distributors lk TAylor 1-2362 FRESHMEN 105 MILLVALE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 'K' Michael Quinlan, C laairman KURTZ T.V. SERVICE 'A' 98 Kittanning Pike SHARPSBURG 15, PA. ST 2-2666 Larry Parks Bob Bauer PARKS sz BAUER Heating ff Roving TELEVISIQN Sheet Metal Work 'A' -k 21 0 Grant Avenue MILLVALE, PA. Phone: TA 1-1987 HAHN'S ROADSIDE STAND Quality Flowers, Plants and Shrubs 'k Babcock Boulevard TA 1-1623 473 Irwin Lane PITTSBURGH 12, PA. TAylor 1-2574 BRUCK UNIFORM CO 'A' Keenan Building 643 Liberty Avenue GRant 1-2989 BENNETT LUMBER 86 Tally Ho, Seniors, keep hip! MFG- CO- Lumber and Mill Work From Sister Francis Clare, if 1 1 5, and Zip-zip 2 1 Sedgwick Street PITTSBURGH 9, PA. Phones: TAylor 1-1640-41-42 DE BALDO SALES 85 SERVICE 'k Cor. Saxonburg Blvd. and Harts Run Road GLENSHAW, PA. Phone: SOuthf1eld 7-5 3 3 1 DUQUESNE MINE SUPPLY COMPANY if 2 Cross Street PITTSBURGH 9, PA. "Good Luck, Seniors!" "Here's to some Mounties, the THE DONORS Save Where It Pays! i FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 86 LOAN ASSOCIATION OF MILLVALE 401 Grant' Avenue PITTSBURGH 9, PA. TAyl0r 1-1700 Jo's MARKET 'lr best weive seen.', nf,-Tom Hush and the Sopbs 1038 Spring Garden Avenue of 1 133, AL 1-6490 MR. 85 MRS. NORMAN R HEINZ 'lr 17 Highland Avenue JAMES HOOD MILLER, INC Established 1929 Building Products Industrial Equipment 'A' P. O. Box No. 10568 PITTSBURGH 3 5, PA. CHurchill 2-2580 KONZIER BROS. Home Building Contractors i' 304 Friday Road PITTSBURGH 9, PA. TA 1-1855 WILLIAM G. KUNZ General Contractors 'k 715 North Avenue MILLVALE, PA. LISOTTO BROTHERS General Contractors 'k 1 3 2 3 Paulson Avenue fRearJ PITTSBURGH 6, PA. EM 1-3708 VICTOR LISOTTO Brick Contractor uk 6431 Olivant Street PITTSBURGH 6, PA. MO 1-0862 METAL ARTS COMPANY, INC. ir ROCHESTER, NEW YORK MICHAEL'S SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family 'A' 5 22 Grant Avenue MILLVALE, PA. TA 1-2509 CASIMIR J. PELLEGRINI ASSOCIATES STANCATPS Architects HOME-MADE CANDY 201 South Craig Street wk PITTSBURGH 13, PA. Phone: MU 1-7633-5 Reg'cl National Council of Architectural Re istration Bds. 3 Member American Institute of Architects 146 Grant Avenue PITTSBURGH 9, PA. WEST VIEW GARAGE, INC. Your Local Ford Dealer 'A' Perrysville Road and Cemetery Lane DAVIDSON SC COMPANY Guildcraft Opticians 'A' 707 6-7-8 Jenkins Arcade SON, INC. gf if if . 227 Commercial Avenue 7 1 1 1 Wiltsie Street ASPINWALL, PA. HI 1-7814 ST 2-2244 Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America COMPLIMENTARY LOCAL No. 424 1 118 East Ohio Street N.S., PITTSBURGH 12, PA. JOYCE REFRIGERATION JOHN A. BRICKLEY COMPANY Funeral Director 'A' 1 0 0 6 Washington Boulevard PITTSBURGH 6, PA. MO 1-7217 'A' 7074 Lemington Avenue PITTSBURGH 6, PA. EMerson 1-3700 EM 1-3700 FRIENDS OF MOUNT ALVERNIA HIGH SCHOOL SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS CONVENT if MOUNT ALVERNIA MILLVALE 9, PA. TA 1-2200 The 1958 Alvernian was published by the WILLIAM T. COOKE PUBLISHING CO., INC. 21 S. 21st Street Philadelphia, Pa. l BDUSTERS A . ,LL., M,,,, 8958 A VERNIAN First Row: Judy Wukits, Phyllis Seaman, Vir- ginia Worst. Back Row: Rose Marie Ziegler, Daryl Kunz, Lorraine Meyer, Mary Ellen Dam. cron. BUSINESS PATRONS Ben Ruz Golf Assn. Good Fellowship-Berier Golf BiHner, Clarence A. l-lU 6-7557-Building Conlraclor Burgess Regis J. McCarl'hy Besr Wishes, Class ol '58 Clair, C. C., Opfician Suire 5l39, Jenkins Arcade General Teamsrers Chauffeurs 8: Helpers Union Local 249 Glenshaw Glass Company, lnc. Roule 8, Glenshaw, Pa. Haughlon Elevalor Co. 304 River Ave., Pgh. I2, Pa. John's Barber Shop Millvale 9, Pa. Lipinski, J. A., Masonry 8: Concreie Conrraclor TA l-l 74I f t , . ,,.,.,,.. ,. ... , 5, Loyal Order of Moose No. 68 Moore Brolhers Paper Co. Sherman 84 Meade Sl., Millvale, Pa. The Eleclric Aulo-Life Company Ralph Malley, Represenlarive Savway Drug Co. 6494 Frankslown Ave. Soulh Pillsburgh Savings 8: Loan Assn I7I2 E. Carson Slreelr, Pgh. 3, Pa. Yellow Cab Company 60l Wesi General Robinson Sl. 55.00 A. J. Clemenfe Conslruclion Co. 2201 Main sr, Pair. 15, Pa. Al's Super Markel' 67l Evergreen Ave. Allegheny Valley Typewrirer Co. FO 4-7705 Ann Rumbaugh Beauiy Shop 54I Norlh Ave., Millvale Arenfh, Jacob A. Burgess of Elna Aul+s and Bowen, Real Eslale I330 Evergreen Ave. Baier's Tavern 6242 Buller Sl. Baldwin, A. L., M.D. 40l l-lighland Building Barlley, B. G. l054 Beechwood Blvd. Bean Hardware Franksrown Rd. Bendix Service TA I-I997 Bergman Bakery TA I-I784 Bishoff's Groceries Ben Avon l-lls., Pa. Blimmel Funeral Home I24 Walnul Sr.-Johnsrown 4-534i Bock Funeral Home I500 Ml. Royal Blvd., Glenshaw, Boehler, W., Landscaping TA I-I625 Brunner Grocery, R. F. 4lI Granl Ave.-TA I-T645 Cain, Chas. S., M.D. 55 Granl Ave.-ST l-46I6 Campbell Funeral Home, Alvin R. l3l4 Middle Sl.-ST I-05OI Carapellucci Co., D. General Confraclors-TU I-0400 Ca+herine's Beaufy Salon 44 Granl Ave., Elna, Pa. Cicco's Bar and Res'rauran'r Fiflh Ave., Pgh., Pa. Combusfion Service and Equipmenl' 20l6 Babcock Blvd., Pgh. 9, Pa. Conlon's Tavern, C. T. 535 Norlh Ave. Corfield's Dairy Queen 624 Norlh Ave., Millvale Cronenwefh Dairy Co. l357 Herman Sl., Pgh. I2, Pa. Daly Bros. Co. P. O. Box 427, Bufler, Pa. Damis Jewelers Millvale 9, Pa. Derda Bros. Poul'I'ry Chesnui Sl., Norlh Side De Rosa Morfuary 532 Paulson Ave., Pgh. 6, Pa. De Sfefano Garage I3+h and Middle Sls.-ST l-9760 Diehl, John J. D. DIehl's Meal Mkl., Norfh Ave. Diamond Wire Spring Company I90I Babcock Blvd., Pgh. 9, Pa. Doerfler Au+o Service, Ed. J. l400 Evergreen Ave. Dorsch Shoe Sfore 700 Easl Ohio Sl. Dressler's Dairy 2l7 Jack's Run Rd., Pgh. I4, Pa. Duquesne Cleaners Slaylon 81 Hodgkiss STS. Eidenmiller, Charles W. 322 Granl Ave., Millvale 9, Pa. Ellio++'s Amoco Service TA I-9940 Farbaclcer, Cy 44 Killanning Pike Pa. Company BUSINESS Febbraso, Vinceni M. I23 Meadow S+., Pgh. 6, Pa. Ford, John T. Coal and Moving Forbes Lumber and Supply Co. Cheswick, Pa. Foss Flower Shoppe 501 Granl Ave., Millvale 9, Pa. Franlcs+own Marlcel' 6429 Frankslown Ave. Franceschini, Joseph I39 Seavey Rd., Pgh. 9, Pa. Freker, J. P. Agenf, Allsfale Insurance Co. Garden Cenler, K. B. 2l05 Babcock Blvd.-TA I-4000 Gearing Lumber Co. 2000 Sidney Sl., Pgh. 3, Pa. Genslinger, John J. G. Millvale Upholsfery 81 Cleaning Co Gigler, Fred J. lnsurance 81 Real Eslale Granl' Bar 8: Lounge II4 Gran? Ave., Pillsburgh 9, Pa. Gray Flooring Co., lnc. 323 Gran? Ave.-TA l-3600 Grego's Tavern Evergreen Ave., Millvale 9, Pa. Gulf Gas Sfafion 2248 Babcock Blvd.-TA l-4922 Hafner Coffee Co. Hafner Ave., Elna, Pa. . Holzheimer 8: Bock Funeral Home 820 Main Sf.-ST 2-22l l Haser Trucking Co. IO23 Norlh Ave. Healy Funeral Home 425 Granl Ave. Heck, OH'o A. Beer Dislribulor-TA I-3475 Hein, Roberl' R. H. A 84 P Super Markel, Millvale 9, Pa Herbe Barber Shop, Carl 543 Norlh Ave., Millvale 9, Pa. HoFfman's Markel' i308 Evergreen Ave.-TA I-2l98 Jones, Joseph E., Funeral Home l5I2 Lincoln Ave.-EM I-8054 Kirner's Book Slore 309 Marker S+., Pqh. 22, Pa. Kleber, Complimen+s of Leo Councilman of Millvale PATRONS BUSINESS PATRONS Kohl's Reslauranl lOl Granl Ave., Pgh. 9, Pa. Kuhn Trailer Service AL l-6420 L. 8: R. Markel 65Ol Meadow Sl. Leicher, William, Jr. General Hauling-TA l-3542 Leonelli's Tavern I34 Granl Ave. Lewis, Howard T., Jr., M.D. l24l Peermonl Ave., Pgh. l6, Pa Lubarski, S. J., M.D. 245 Morrison Dr.-LO l-8725 Luccis Epicurean Shoppe Norlh Hills Village Lunieski, Dick Leonellie Bowling Team Lyman Savings 81 Loan Assn. 2l32 Arlinglon Ave., Pgh. lO, Pa. Malley's Service Slalion 652 Larimer Ave., Pgh. 6, Pa. Maria Mission Circle illl Marlin Associales, O. H. McCroy's Slore No. 82 McDonald Bros. Co. Represenling Joslen's McFadden, E. R. l550 Broadhead Sl. Mclnlyre Funeral Home 644 Buller Sl., Elna, Pa. Miller Furnilure Co. I932 Easl Carson Sl., Pgh. 3, Pa. Miller Funeral Home l55O Lowrie Sl. Millvale House 30l Granl Ave. Millvale Cleaning Shop, lnc. Dry Cleaners Since l907 Mobilgas Slalion 2200 Babcock Blvd. Murray Funeral Home 5268 Buller Sl. Mueller's Bakery l502 Lincoln Ave. Norlh Borough Radio 8: TV Service Babcock Blvd.-TA l-36l4 Nelhling Chevrolel Company TA l-l6l6 Ogrodnik Funeral Home 333 Buller Sl.-ST. l-0572 O'Neill Molor Co. 5247 Buller Sl. O'Shea Funeral Home Bellevue, Pa. Oswald's Markel Millvale 9, Pa. Paris Funeral Home 4825 Buller Sl. Pavicic's Bar and Lounge Palgon's Super Markel Meals and Groceries Penn Meal Markel 808 Main Sl. Pgh. Beauly Academy 335 Fillh Ave., Pgh. 22, Pa. Pillsburgh Broom Co. lOO Clark Sl.-ST l-3372 Plul's Fruils and Vegelables 52l Granl Ave. P. 8: T. Super Markel Raible, F. X., Wholesale Jobber 657 Evergreen Ave.-TA l-2722 Ralph's Shoe Slore ll7 N. Main Sl., Buller, Pa. Riley, A. F., Real Eslale 8: lnsurance 409 Granl Ave., Millvale Rillle 81 Roseleld lReallorsl 8l0 Easl Sl.-FA I-6665 Saunders Flowers Jenkins Arcade S. 8: S. Service TA l-l4l2 Scalella Aulo Service ll3 Lincoln Ave. Schran, Complimenls ol Warner Schumacher Aulo Radialor Repair l42O Babcock Blvd.--TA l-2667 Scoll's Garden Cenler Millvale 9, Pa. Seibel's Communily Bakery 435 Norlh Ave. Sharpnack's Gull Service E. Qhio Sl. 84 Gvranl Ave., Millvale Siegel's Slore, Mrs. George J. 440 Friday Rd. Silvionis Reslauranl TA l-9895-2l25 Babcock Blvd. Sirlin Funeral Home, A. J. TA l-l604 Sirocca's Men's Wear 227 Norlh Ave. Fxrst Row: Arleen McKean, Eileen Miller, Roseanne Lampert. Second Row: Suzanne Susany, Donna Spenger, Carolyn Bayer, Carol McPeak, Elizabeth Reilly. Smi111, George, M.D. 2441 Brownsville Rd. S1an1ey E1ec1ric Company 5120 Penn Ave., Pgh. 24, Pa. Sorren1o Res1auran1 , GR 1-9133 Sycamore Res1auran1 Proprie1or Barbara Perkovie Sypien Furn. 8: Upho1s1ering Co. 5119 Penn Ave., Pgh. 24, Pa. Tay1or's Tool Ren1a1 FO 4-6474 Theo. Mondschein's Son 2606 Brownsville Road Tracy's Cafe 6140 13u11er 51. Tri S1a1e Wa1erproo1ing Co. 403 Charles 51., Pgh. 10, Pa. Turcic, Mr. Charles E1na Concre1e Block Co. Va1er, A. J., 81 Co., 1nc. 1511 51ra1mor Ave., Pgh. 5, Pa Vero, Ed., Company Concre1e. Building B1ocks-TA 1 V.F.W., Millvale P651 118 605 Nor1h Ave. Vid+ Au1o Repair 2248 Babcock B1vd.-TA 1-4922 Vinski 8: Simcic, Beer Dis1ribu1ors 42 Ereepor1 51.-5T 1-6900 Wa1+er's Markei' 815 E. 01110 51. 1800 Wellinger Jewelers 517 Gran1 Ave. Wen1z Ho1e1 8: Res1auran1 701 Evergreen Ave.-TA 1-9899 Whi1ey's P1ace Corner o1 Evergreen Xa Friday 51s. Wins1on's Men Shop McGregor 84 Arrow 5por1swear Wolf Bros. Dairy 150 Wib1e Run Rd.-TA 1-1316 Woods, Harry, H. W. Plumbing 84 Hea1ing, Mi11va1e Wuki1s Grocery 147 Gran1Ave.-TA 1-1183 Wuki1s Tavern 147 Gran1Ave.-TA 1-9833 Ye11er's, A1., Dairy 1149 Evergreen Ave. Ye11er's, Elmer, Dairy 504 Gran1 Ave.-TA 1-9823 Zinsser, Ed., F1oris1 4607 Bu11er 51. SPECIAL PATRONS Angel, Rev. George P. 51. Wende1in, Carrick Benedicfine Fa1hers Johns1own, Pa. Carlin, Rev. Bernard 5322 Carnegie Ave. Clifford, Rev. Francis 51. 5cho1as1ica, Aspinwa11 Conway, Rev. J. 51. Leonard, Monessen Foh1, Rev. Leo R. 51. Mary, Blacksburg, Va. Fi1zpa1rick, Rev. J. C. 51. John 1he Bap1is1, Pi11sburgh 111 Franciscan Fa1hers Our Lady Help o1 Chris1ians Church Haber, Rev. George 51. 5ebas1ian, Ross Township Hannon, Rev. Joseph M. 51. Paul Orphanage Heyl, Rev. Edwin 51. Gregory, Ze1ienop1e Hoffmann, Rev. F. A11 5ain1s, E1na Kapp, Rev. Chas. A., CSSp 608 Earragu151., 1v1i11va1e, Pa. Kliche, Rev. An111ony, CSSp 608 Earragu151., 1v1i11va1e, Pa. Mansmann, Rev. F. J. 51. Joseph, B1oom1ie1d SPECIAL PATRONS Mas+rovi+o, Rev. Francis, TOR S+. An+hony, Windber Miller, Rev. J. W. Nemmer, Rev. Edward S+. Edward, Walnu+ S+. Lulcasilc, Rev. J. H. S+. Henry, Pi++sburgh ll0l O'Toole, Rev. Mar+in S+. Leonard, Monessen Perriello, Rev. Alfred, OFM Our Lady Help o+ Chris+ians Church Pries+s 0+ S+. Ann Church 400 Lincoln Ave., Millvale, Pa. Schiffgens, Rev. Sebas+ian, CSSp 608 Farragu+ S+., Millvale, Pa. Schue+z, Rev. Augus+ine, OSB La+robe, Pa. Schue+z, Rev. Paul M. Corpus Chris+i, Pi++slourgh l6l Smi+h, Rev. Edw. M., CSSp Sacred Hear+, Ernswor+h Sorich, Rev. Marian, TOR S+. Nicholas, Millvale, Pa. Passionis+ Fa+hers S+. Paul Monas+ery S+ylxa, Rev. John H. 612 Penn S+., Sharpsburg Wal+er, Rev. Herman J. S+. John +he Bap+is+, Baden Schneider, Rev. S+ephen N. S+. Mary, Pine Creek Wank, Rev. Joseph A. S+. Joseph, Braddock, Pa. Weber, Rev. Theodore, OSB S+. Gregory, Daisy+own Weisenberger, Rev. A. J. S+. Pe+er, Bu+ler, Pa. Wichmanowski, Rev. Joseph S. S+. S+anislaus, Ambridge Wuens+el, Rev. W. A. S+. Henry, Pi++sburgh 10 Zager, Rev. Alber+ J., TOR S+. Nicholas, Millvale, Pa. Corpus Chris+i School Pi++sburgh 6 S+. Ann School Guild 4I3 Evergreen Ave. S+. Ann School 4l3 Evergreen Ave. S+. Ann Ca+e+eria 400 Lincoln Ave. S+. Augus+ine Church 220 37+h S+ree+ S+. Benedic+ Conven+ Geis+own, Pa. S+. Francis School o+ Nursing 45+h S+ree+, Pi++sburgh I, Pa S+. Henry Conven+ Pi++sburgh I0 S+. Kieran Church 5322,Carnegie S+. S+. Leo Church Nor+h Side, Pgh. l2, Pa. S+. Michael Passion Play Pius S+ree+, Pgh. 3, Pa. S+. Michael School 66 Pius S+. S+. Nicholas School Millvale, Pa. S+. Pe+er Church Bu+ler, Pa. S+. Pe+er Conven+ Bu+ler, Pa. Presen+a+ion Conven+ Midland, Pa. Sacred Hear+ Conven+ Ernsworrh, Pa. S+. Scholas+ica Conven+ 4+h and Maple Avef S+. Wendelin High School 2720 Cus+er Ave. First Row: Marilyn Heh, Ann Gallagher, R se Ann Guttilla. Second Row: Marianna D'Ambrasxo P t Hunkele, Virginia Roman, Cynthia Boehler Carol Biskup. BUDSTERS 1988 520.00 Ziegler, Mr. and Mrs. John Sl0.00 Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Engleri, Harry McPealc, Daniel F. Maloney, Michael F. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller, Joseph Rogan, John and Agnes 88.00 Amrhein, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Simpson, Vincenl' W., MD. Sfreifl, Mr. and Mrs. Charles 56.00 Begenwald, Mr. and Mrs. William Folh, Miss Audrey Rohe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schermoclc, Mr. and Mrs. Franlc 55.00 Anna Mae and John Augusline, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Baldauhf, Mr. and Mrs. Benly, Waller Berlram, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bluernling, Peler B. Brinialc, Mr. and Mrs. John Carl and Peggy Cherry, Joan and Russ Colleryahn, Wm., and Sons Cosfa, Augusf R. Davis, Charles S. Dunlap, Mrs. Thelma Ed and Helen Ellis, Miss B. J. Farmerie, Mrs. Leo Filch, John O., MD. Fifch, Mrs. Rose Frey, Mr. Frifz Fuchs, Billy Galaufy, Bernice Glass, Roberf Gmifer, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hahn, Louis Healy, Margarel P. Helbling, Mr. and Mrs. Ollo Henninger, Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Hermaine and Marlene Humberl, Mrs. Florence lnocenli, Mr. Isles, Clarence Johns, Mr. and Mrs. Keenan, Mrs. Joseph J. Kelly, Mrs. Frank J. PERSONAL PATRONS Kleber, Mrs. Anna Kleber, Mr. Leo Knorr, Mr. Cyril L. Krebs, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Kress. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Kuyweslci, Mrs. E. LioHa, Mr. and Mrs. John V. Lolz, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McCrea, Hugh, Family McElligoH, Mr. and Mrs. John McPealc, Naomi, '56 Meis, Ida Meis, William P., Jr. Monda. J. P., D.P.S. Nafh, John F., Family Nebel, Mr. and Mrs. Chesfer Newgebauer, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Orr, Mr. John B. Osbourne, Mr. Waller Parfsch, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pal and Burch Pelrie, Mrs. Amelia Poloslcy, Slanley J., Sr. Ralhlce, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Reiners, Mr. and Mrs. Rheam, Michael, and Family Rogan, Mr. and Mrs. James Ross, Complimenfs of Verb Sallach, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Sheridan, Margarel, '54 Shuler, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Siclcman, Ralph M. Sisfelc, George A. Sislelc, Helen C. Spahn, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Spara, Tal' Spilzner, Mrs. Sfella Sfephans, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sfoehr, Clara Susany, Mr. L. M. Swifalslci, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tegnelia, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Tobacco, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Turner, Mali Vecenie, Complimenfs of Frank Wagner, Lou Weinheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar J Yohovic, Mr. and Mrs. S. Zubilc, Mrs. Harry Zupancic, Mr. and Mrs. George 54.00 Bayer Family Riddle Family First Row: Judy Begenwald, Rose Marie Ziecina, Mary Ann Car- dillo, Linda Lunieski. Second Row: Dorothy Switalski, Elizabeth Sullivan, Mary Ellen Sebastian, Elva Mae Conlon,' Maureen Mulvihill, Jeannette DeBaldo, Marie Gentile, Maria Elena Baron, Donna Reiners. PERSONAL PATRONS 53.00 Bennett Joe Cathy and Larry Connelly, Tom Deslout James, Rose Marie, a Fischer, W. J., and Sons Filzmaurice, Joan and Mrs. Happy Day Laundry Harmony Dairy Company Jucha, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kost Lee Kurlzhal Family Liebf Mrs. Calherine Liebert Mr. and Mrs. E. J. nd Sons Marlcel Review Publishing Co. Malles, Raymond E. Malles, Mr, and Mrs. R. Mieze, Mr. and Mrs. S. Miller, Mrs. Clyde My Friend R. Pryors Marlcel Ramage, Mr. and Mrs. Peier Rupprecht Mr. and Mrs. A. Sheridan, Eileen '54- Sheridan, Mary '53 Siallcosky, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Slcalslri, Mr. Bernard Snyder, Dr. Edward B. Slross, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Todd, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tropeano, Mr. Ralph Weider, Mr. Harry Wiegand, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold 52.00 Aclceren, Mrs. Van A former graduale Aldinger, Mrs. Margarel E. Alice's Beauly Shop Angst Rila Ann and Ralph Arnold, Riia M. Augusline, John Baldault Hermaine Ballcey, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bayer, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Berlhold, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Belly and Phil Beverly and Jerry "58" Bills' Dairy Bill The Bus Driver Bislrup, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Boehler, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Braden, Norma Braden, Mr. and Mrs. H. Briclcer, Marie Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Brown's, Mary Groceries Brunner, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bruweiheide, Gladys Caprini, Anlhony Carol Ann "58" Carler, Mrs. Clara M. Cerveny, Mrs. Margaret Check, John G., Jr. Cicirello, Joyce "55" Collins, Mr. and Mrs. John Cvelic, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. De Vaul, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D'Acierno, Johnny Daughlry, Mrs. Bill Dehn, Mrs. Elsie Diehl, Mrs. John Digalbo, Mr. Sam Dix, Andrew and Mary Don and Anna Draxinger, Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Duman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Easlwood Bowling Alleys Eckert Miss Peggy Elsa and Bill Emsworfh Marlcel' Engel, Mrs. Ebner, Mr. and Mrs. John Ebner, Mr. 'Francis Ebner, Mr. and Mrs. Peler J. Falh, Mir. and Mrs. F. L. Fellis, John Finlc, L. J., Typewrilers Filzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Friedberh, Mr. Charles Franlc's Bakery Germayer, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gilzen, Mr. and Mrs. Herberl' Graduale of "57" Greer, Mrs. Agnes Gronslcy, Mr. and Mrs. Slephen Gross, Gerlrude R. Gehriuger, Jean and Al Genlilcore, Mr. Joseph A. Grego, Mr, F. Groat Richard M. Gruseclcsf The Grzawdziel, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giel, Miss Elizabelh Gauscheman, Miss A. Hampfon Hardware Healy, Mrs, Mary Hilliard, Mr. and Mrs. William i-1OHS+O++, Jasons Hohman, Grace l.. Hunlcele, Mrs. Helen Jordan, Andrew Kadaunce, Harry Kazmierczali, John Kenlz, Mr. and Mrs. John Kist Misses Agnes and Margarel' Koepp, Mr. and Mrs. Kornely, Franlc Krupp, Harry, Furniture Krupit Jeanie and Paul Kullman, Bakery Kuyweslci, Mrs. Edward J. Leicher, William, Real Eslale and Insurance Liebert Lois Anne Leusinger, Nancy Lieb, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lieb, Mr. and Mrs. John Lel+y's Barber Shop Lo and Ray Logue, Paul V. Lunz, Kalhy Maries, Joseph J. McCoy, Mr. John G. McKean, Mrs. Anna McKean, Arleen McLain, Mr. and Mrs. Mchlerney, Judilh McNerney, Margarel' Mammay, Miss Joan Maylrovich, Miss Hazel Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyer, Eileen Mikus, Mr. and Mrs. Milne Morris, Anna Mosco, Bob, Aulo Body Shop and Mrs. L. A. Murray, Mrs. Agnes Moran, Rufh "56" MoroHo, Mrs. J. Muldoon, Mrs. Charles Nauielis, Anroinefle Neelans, Mrs. A. R. Neelans, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Nowakowski, Mr. and Mrs. W. O'Donnel, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pal and Mary and Zip-Zip Pierrzyk, Mrs. S. Pincus Bros.. Shoes Pleasure Isle, Evans Cily Quigley, Mrs. W. E. Reiners, Mr. and Mrs. H. Rogale, Mr. Joseph, Jr. Rogale, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Romanus, Mrs. M., Jr. Ronnie's Sankey, David H. Sauer, Mr. and Mrs. R. Schmiir, Mr. and Mrs. Augusr Schmirl, Mrs. Eugene Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Slephan Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sekyra,'Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Sharpsburg Hardware Shuler, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. SPX3 George R. Siegel Smulski, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spehair, Mr. and Mrs. John Spehar, Mrs. Karherine Sfefanyak, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sleppling Anfhony B. Sreppling Mrs. John Sfeppling Mary Sleppling Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Sfefzer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Srevwing, Mrs. Suikowski, Mr. and Mrs. M. Tegnelia, Ralph Torrence, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ulrich, Mr. and Mrs. Vandivorf, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Vecenie, Mr. and Mrs. F. Weidner, Miss Anna Weidner, Miss Marie We+zel's, Mary, Beauly Parlor Wible, Eva A. Wolbers, Mr. and Mrs. Augusf Wolf, Mr. Wm. H., Family Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvesler Yankovic, Mrs. Anna Yoder, Mrs. Ziecina and Sabo Family Ziegler Mear Co. Zwigarr, Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Zygacogwnicz, Ewphraim SI.00 Abel, Mr. and Mrs. Rober'r Acri, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Adams, Bill Adams, Mrs. Emma Adams, S. Al, fhe Shoemaker Aliolo, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Allshouse, Mrs. Kalhy Alfmyer, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose, Mrs. E. F. Amenf, Eddie and Mary Belh Amma, Joe Angel, Anna Angie's Barber Shop Anne and Gerri Arlene and Vince Arrigo, Mr. and Mrs. Arzinger, Agnes Baginski, Mrs. Helen Balzer, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Banner, Mr. and Mrs. Chesler, Jr Barckley, Pal' Barckley, Mrs. William G. Barie, Mr. and Mrs. William Baron, Mr. and Mrs. Waller Barone, Lorraine A. Barres, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Basl, Marilyn Bauer, Eleanor A. Bauer, Jo Bedel, Mr. 'and Mrs. Maurice Beecer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beibber, Howard Bender, Edward Bender, Rila Bennelf, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Benson, Mrs. Benlilley, Mrs. Berger, Mr. and Mrs. R. Berkowifz, Mr. Tom Berner, Miss Theresa Biel, Mrs. Sophia Biggerslafl, Mrs. James E. Bill and Eleanor Bill and Marlene Binder, Paul F. Binder, Miss Theresa Bilzer, H. C. Blackwelder, William Blaser, Mr. Thomas Blobner, Mrs. Anna Bloom's Gill' Box Blumer, Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Sue Bock, Helen Boehler, Cynlhia Boehler, Fred R. Boehm, Miss Jeanne Boehm, Miss Rosemary Bolek, Frank and Shirley Borslnar, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boffa, Miss Anna J. Bofla, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Boyer, Pafricia Boyer, Mrs. W. R. Harold J. Boylan, Mrs. Florence Boyle, Aileen Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mr. and Mrs. James Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boyle, Boyle, Bozovick, Slanley Brancalo, Tony Branl, Mrs. Marie Brehl, Francis Brei, Marianne Brennan, Mr. and Bronder, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Bronder, Rulh Bronowicz, Burrs Mrs. Edward PERS ONAL Brooks, Mr. Bruno, Tony PATRONS and Mrs. H. E. Brusco, Mrs. Joseph A. Bruwelheide, Mr. and Mrs. Audley Bruwelheide, Rose Bryson, Mrs. Loydd Buechel, Mr. Bugrin Family Bullian, Mrs, Rose Bulogh, Mr. and Mrs. A. Burke, Mickey Cabalik, Mr. and Mrs. John Callahan, Mr. and Mrs. Cammarafa, Frank M. Campbell, Mrs. Edward Cannavo, Mrs. O. G. Capan, Cafhy and Vicky Capp, Cafherine Cardillo, Mrs. A. Carlos, Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlson, Valerie Carollo, Miss Anna Casper, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cafhy Ceal's Beaufy Salon Cefola, Murphy Cepek's Cafe Ceraso, Mrs. Mary Cerveny, Mr. Frank Cerveny, Mrs. Chapman, Mary Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Chesnik, Mrs. Louis Chrisrle, Mrs. Alberl' Chuck and Mary Lou Chuck's Poulrry Marker Cichinelli, Freddy Circle Bar Cicirello, Carol '59 Cimador, Mrs. Felix Chick and Dolly Claudie and Bob Cleminfe, Phil Coda, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Colarzzi, Peler Collins, Mrs. Dorihy Lee Collins, Mr. Mark Complimenis of Cab Driver .HIIIO Concannon, Mrs. L. Conley, Joyce Conlon, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Conlon, Grace Connell, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Connelly, Mr. and Mrs. James Conrad, Mrs, Michael Conli, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cornely, Mr. S. J. Coyne, Mrs. M. A. Cronin, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Crawford, Bill Crossey, Mrs. Jessie Crsikri, Marie Crummy, Donald Cuccaro, Mr. and Mrs. John Curlis and Leonard Cveric, Mr. Ben Czapski, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Czapski, Mr. Joseph Czelusniak, Jenny PERSONAL PATRON Czlapinski, Mrs. Sophie Dauer, Edwin Daughenbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Ade Dave and Kassie Davey, Lenny, Gerry Dawelkowski, Mr. and Mrs. Slanley DeBaldo, Mr. A. J. DeBaldo, A. J., Jr.- Deglmann, Mrs. Deleddo, Miss Toni DeMauno, Mrs. Nancy Denning, Mrs. Carol Denning, Mr. Charles DeRiso, Josey Ann Delwiler, Kaihleen '40 Devers, Mrs. Mary Ann Diane and Jimmy Dick and Garner DiDiano, Carmella Dieirich, Mrs. Beriha Difmore, Mrs. Eleanor Dirmore, Mrs. John F. Difmore, Mrs. Mariha Dixon-Kelly Agency Dobson, Virginia Doerschner, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Dolly and Joe Don, Joan, and Kim Donafucci, Mr. and Mrs. Pai Draganac, Mr. J. Draznak, Miss Helen Dubis, David, Joey, Kaihy DuBrecque, Mrs. Berneria Duhfey, Pal and Bob Easler, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Ebner, Mr. and Mrs. John Ed and Dee Ehm, Miss Geraldine Ehm, Miss Mildred Ehrlich, Mrs. Pearl Egger, Mrs. .Grace Eidenmiller, Charles Emph, Mrs. Anne Erlo, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. and Family Evamhovich, Andy Evans, Carol Evanuik, Mr. and Mrs. Eve and Ed Evia and Bill Faloon, Mrs. Anna Fanning, Mr. and Mrs. C. Farina, Dan Farmerie, James R. Favoriie, Jerry Ferrari, Mrs. Felix, Jr. Ferrari, Roberl Wayne Fierla, Jake Fignar Mrs. James J. Figurski, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Finley, Jane Fisher, Bob Fisher, Mrs. Frank Fischer, Kurl' J. Fishinger, Mrs. Anihony Fishinger, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fishinger, Mr. and Mrs. William Fiizgeraid Fifzgerald Filzgerald, Flemming Mr. and Mrs. Bernadefie Mary Lou Mr. and Mrs. James S Flynn, Mrs. Celie Flynn, Mr. Michael Flynn, Mickie Frahlich. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Fran and Jack Frankovich, Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Rich Frilz, Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Ford, Frank C. Fucile, Mr. P. Fuscaldo, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Furfivo, Mrs. Frank Fusan, Ralph Galbraiih, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Galewski, Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher, Mr. J. Herberl Gallagher, Mary Frances Gallup, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Gally, Jeffrey D. Gannon, Mr. and Mrs. John A. H Ganoe, Mr. and Mrs. Walfer Gardner, Mrs. George- Gauniner, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gauscheman, Miss Elizabelh Gauscheman, Mrs. Hilda Genlilcore, Miss Dolores Genlilcore, Mrs. Marie Genlilcore, Mr. Roland Genfilcore, Mr. Simor Genfile, Roma Gearlner, Eileen Geary, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Geisi, Elizabeih Gergorciyh, Calherine M. Gerginske, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gerginske, Mildred Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gilmore, Elizabelh Gilmore, Ken Ginny and lsy Girl Scoufs of Troop 87 Giizen, Miss Bealrice Glaiz, Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Glusic, Eileen Glusic, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goodwin, Jean Gorski, Mrs. F. Gorzynski, Dorolhy Greb, Mrs. Green's Correcl' Shoes Greenwood, Mr. and Mrs. George Greer, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Greiner, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gressler, Mr. and Mrs. A. Grgurich, Calherine Gross, Alma Gross, Mr. Harry Grubbs, Bobby Guarino, Geraldine Guslal, Vicior Guehl Funeral Home Haberman, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Hackwelcler, Mrs. John A. Hackwelder, Mary Ann '56 Hagan, Mrs. Frank Hakos, Andrew R. Handzlik, Mrs. A. Handzlik, Eugene R. Hanke, Mr. and Mrs. Vicior Harper, Bill Harfman, Mr. and Mrs.'Fr.ank Harlong. Sally Hayes. Mrs. Mary Healy, Pairicia Heh, Mr. and Mrs. E. Heilman, Mrs. John .M. Heim's Arlingion Cleaners Heinz, Mrs. Heinz, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Helloling, Barbara Helbling, Mr. and Mrs. J. Helbling, Mary Lou Held, Mrs. Clemeni' Helen's Beauiy Salon Helen and Jim Helen and John Helen and Wid Helfrich, Bill Henry, Jean Henry, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hermes, Mrs. Charles M. Hersick, Mr. and Mrs. Hepp, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Heriweck, Arlene F. Heriweck, Charles A. Her+weck, Mr. and Mrs. James D and Family Heriweck, Susan E. Hesidence, Rulh Hickey, Mrs. J. Hilliard, Mrs. E. E. Hoak, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoeger, Carol H. Hoeliie, Al and Arlene Hohfman, Florence Hoffman, Nicholas Hoffmann, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Holzer, Louis H. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. R. Horigan, Mrs. lrene Horn, Mrs. Helen Horne, Virginia and David Hornick, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hornick, Ollo, Jr. Horien, Mrs. Don Howard and Rifa Huemmrich, Miss Hilda M. Huemmrich, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hummeri, Mrs. Doris Hunkele, Mr. and Mrs. Roberi A. Hursen, "Baby" Ed lezzi, Joseph A. lgnalius, Miss Belly lgnalius, Mrs. Elizabeih lgnalius, Miss Pairicia lmhof, Ruih lsner, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jablonski, Mr. and Mrs. Malihew Jack and Peg Jacobs, Mrs. J. Jackson, Mrs. Della Jackson, George T. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. R. Jadlowiec, Bernice Jagielski, Mr. and Mrs. John Jamison, Mr. and Mrs. W. Jand, Joe Jandrlich, Mrs. William J. Jaronski, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jaroski, Mr. Henry Kessler, Anna Mae Jewell, Mrs., Elizaberh Jim Johns, Mrs. Roberl' Johnson, Eleanor Mae Johnson Pharmacy Jones, Miss Emma Joni and Bill Kabus, Mrs. Mary Kahr, John Kailo, Mr. Ambrose Kaib, Mrs. Ambrose Kailo, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaib, John L. Kaib, Miss Marhilda Kaib, Miss Reginia Kalchfhaler, Helen Kamler, Mrs. Herrielra Karlovifs, Mr. and Mrs. J. Karr, Mr. John Karr, Miss Mary Karr, Mr. and Mrs. William Karr, Mr. William Karpuszka, Mrs. V. P. Kassalen Cafe Kauffmann, H. Kay, Mrs. C. Keegan, Jack Keim, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Keiners, Miss Kale Kelleher, Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly, N. J. Kelsesky, Rila Kelsesky, Mrs. W. Kemper, Ernesl F., Jr. Keznor, M rs. Belly Kimbel, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kirner, Mrs. Clara Kirner, Mr. Gilberl' Kizzee, Mr. Donald Klaas, Harry, Sr. Klaslerka, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klaus, Mr. Howard Kleinhample, John J. Klemens, Lillian Klemens, Mary Louise Klug, Herb Klug, Mr. 'and Mrs. R. Knapp, Mrs. Jean Knezevich, Emil Knochel, Chas. Koch, Don Kolakowski, Mrs. Mary Korherr, Emma Koszakovsky, Miss Mariorie Kovach, Joseph B. Krafr, Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Krober, Mr. and Mrs. Kunfz Elecrric Service Kunz, William J. Kunz, Leonard C. Lawley, Mr. Ed. R., Sr. Lasky, Roberl Lasick, Parricia A. Lander, Winifred L. La Gamba, Mr. Alberl' Lach, Sally Laughlin, J. R. Legler, Mrs. Dorolhy Leavy, Miss Berfha M. Leas, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Lehrman, Miss Rila Clare Lehrman. Mrs. Ri'l'a Leib, ,Alice C. Lennon, Mrs. Mary Leo Leschak, William Leslie, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Liloell, Mrs. Peier Lieglel, Rose Marie Limin, Al Linda and Jake Liolra, Miss Arlene Liscorii, Mr. and Mrs. J. Loch, Mary M. Lorz, Mrs. Marie Lo+z, Mr. and Mrs. Karl T. Loibl, Mrs. Joseph Lockery, Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Luebberr, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lunieski, Mrs. W. Lukowski, Mr. F. Lucy and Pere Lyman, Arlhur, D.D.S. Lynch, Tommy Lyseil, Charles J. Macki, Mrs. Joseph Macieiewski, Mrs. Anna Macieiewski, Helen Macieiewski, Laura Macklin, Mr, and Mrs. W. D. Madine, Miss Helen Magerl, Gene Mahoiny, Herberl G. Maidhoi, Mrs. Esfher Maier, Miss Allen Maier, Mrs. Rulh Maiewicz, Mr. Michael Maiewicz, Mrs. Thomas Malley, Pal '58 Mammy, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mance, Mr. and Mrs. J., Jr. Mance, Virginia '57 Mangis, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Mann, Mrs. E. Mann, Mary Jean Manners, Mr. and Mrs. George Manzione, Geraldine R. Marchese, Mrs. Marchelfo, Mrs. Frank Mareen, Kevin and Shea Marino, Mr. and Mrs. William Marlovils, Charles, C.M. Marlovils, George, C.M. Marmie, Mrs. Bernard Marlin, Eileen Marlis, Mrs. Sfephen Marry and Rocky Mary Ann Mary and Sal Maries, Mrs. Anna McCann, Miss Erna McCarlhy, Rick McChesney, Paul McChesney, Mr. John McCourl', Mrs. John McCrillis, Mr. and Mrs. David McCurio, Lois McCufchen, Mrs. R. G. McDonald, Mr. James and Charles PERSONAL PATRONS McGarry, Joseph McGarry, Mary B. McGinley, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGinley, Mrs. M. McGinn, Mrs. Dorofhy McGroqan, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McHenry Bea and Red McHenry, Billy K., Jr. McHenry, William, Sr. Mclnryre, Margarel' McKean, Francis McKean, Mr. Frank McKean, Mrs. Johanna McKean, Ronald McKinney, Kalhleen McKissick, Mr. and Mrs. John McLain, Jeanne McLaughlin, J. R. McMorran, McNerney, Mrs. Kalherine C. Mr. and Mrs. James McPherson, Mrs. Armella M. E. B. B. Medock, Geri Meenan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mehrlich, Mrs. Mazie Meinerr, Mr. and Mrs. Meinerl, Mrs. Helen Meis, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meyer, Carol Meyer, Lorraine Meyers, M M iglioralo, Miqlioralo, Miglioralo, Miglioralo, r. and Mrs. Ernesl Eileen Amy Don Mr. Roland Migliorafo, Mrs. E. Mihliried, Mr. and Mrs. V. Mikulan, Waller P. Mikulan, David C. Milashin, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Milewski Family Miller, Miller Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Miller Chesrer Mr. Clyde Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Joanne '56 Ida Mrs. Mary Miller, Mr. Paul Millvale Ashland Service Cenier Milly and lash Milfon, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mocgydlowski, Mrs. Edward Mofiiil, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Molenda, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Molenda, Mrs. Rose Morigan, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Morrison, Mrs. Helen M. Moore, Mrs. Ada Moore, M. Joseph Moran, Gail '74 Morgan, Sue Mororro, Joseph Mueller, Mrs. Grace Muldoon, Donna Jean Mulvey, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mureric, Diane Murgie, Mr. Philip Mulvihill, Mary Margarel' Murfha, Joe Randig, PERSONAL Naglich, Mary Napoli, Rocco Neary,, Miss Agnes Neary, Nora Nelligan. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Newland, Judilh Nickel, Richard Nolan, Mrs. Francis Nolle. Charles E. Normand, Mr. and Mrs. John Normand, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Normand, Mrs. Mary Normand, Nancy Normand, Janice PATRONS Pschirer, Carolina H. Pschirer, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pschirer, Mrs. Julia C. Pschirer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T Purcell, Mr. Edward Purcell, Mr. P. E. Purcell, Mrs. Rulh Pusaleri, Mrs. Joseph P. V. G.'s, The Quinn, Marie Ralph's Shoe Repair Shop Ranallo, Miss Theresa Randig, Mr. and Mrs.'A. F. Mr.and Mrs. A. W. Schilling, Dennis Schillinger, Mr. and Mrs. Schissler, Calherine M, Schlosser, Dolores Schmidl, Mr. and Mrs. Schmidl, Mrs. L. Schmill, Mr. and Mrs. J. Schmill, Ida Mae Schmillf Norma Scholl, Mrs. Emma Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Regis Schoming, Mr. and Mrs. Schuelz, lda Schullz, Mrs. Anna T., Sr. Norlon, Miss Henriella Novosel, Jean Nussbaumer, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. John Oberesl, Mrs. Crisl Oeslerling Launderelle O'Hara, Mrs. Mary Olszewski, Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Such, Mr. and Mrs. M. Pail, Mr. Norberl Palanzo, Mrs. Lydia Palmer, Mrs. Sarah Paolina, Mrs. Sue Papa, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Parlsch, Miss Gloria Paslovich, Florence Pallerson, Kalhleen Pavusich, Frank J. Payne, Cecilia Peggy '62 Penlield, Mary L. Penisch, Marie Pepper, Harry Pelers, Mr. and Mrs., J., Jr. Perl, Frank Pele's Shoe Service Plisler, Mrs. Helen Plleler, Mr. Joseph Randig, J. P. Rang, Anlhony J., Jr. Rassel, Honey Rasleller, Mrs.June Rau, Edward W. Rava, Mr. and Mrs. J., Sr. Rava, Raymond, U.S.N. Rava, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ray Reash, John W. Rebholz, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Regelman, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reiners, Miss Kale Rangers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Renna, Mr. and Mrs. Renna, Mr. and Mrs. Doc Renze, Don C. Richerl, Mr. and Mrs. Rickells, Mary Lou '57 Riddleloaugh, Mrs. Rielhmiller, Mary Rilchie, Mr. Henry J. Rixner, Mr. Jacob Robenson, Mr. E. Roche. Joan E. Roche. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roelhlein, Lee and Jean Rodgers, Mrs. Raymond Schullz, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Joseph A., Jr Schullz, Mr. and Mrs. Schwab, Mrs. Evelyn Schwab, Mrs. Edw. R.. Jr. Schleich'er's Hardware Schiavo, Mrs. A. Schuelz, Charles Schuelz, Harry A. Schuelz, Mary Jean Schwarlz, James Schwarlz, Mrs. J. S. Scoll, I. W., Co. Scoll, Wm. J., lll Scrima, Seaman, Sebaslia Sam Phyllis n, Andrew Sebaslian, Mrs. Ulbaldo Sebaslia Secola, n, Mrs. Vera Rinny Seepeselle, Peggy Ann Sehn, James Seilried, Sekyra, Mrs. Wm, Mrs. Marie Senk, Mrs. Mary Servalius, Mrs. Viola Shegnia, Terry Shegnia, Lorella Shehan, Palma Plischner, Mrs. Paul E. Penlown Pharmacy Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Piller, Mary and Louis Pilsch, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pizzulo, Mr. and Mrs. John Plavan, Elaine Plavan, Mrs. Frank Plavan, John Plavan, Marlene Pleczkowski, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Plies, Mrs. Curlis Plowey, Mrs. Thomas Plumsky, Harry, Family Plull, Michael Pohl, Irena Polacek, Mr. and Mrs. J. Polacek, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pravlik, Mr. John L. Pravlik, Miss Sue Predis, Rose Marie Prew, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Prilchard, Mrs. Thomas Probsl, Mrs. Wm. Rolik, Mr. Roman, Roman, George Monsor Ross, Lee Rozic, Mary Ann Rullner, Rukavin Russell, Mrs. Ambrose a, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kale Rush, Mrs. Russo, Anlhony Rulh A nn and Joe Ryker, Mrs. J. Ryker, Ray Saiko, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sandacz, Marie C. Salariano, Mrs. Frank Salariano, Masler Thomas Sauer, Belly Sauer, Mrs. R. Sauer, Mrs. Emma Sauler, Scaluli, Mrs. Alberl Guy J. Schaler, Mrs. Annie Schaelers, Frank F. Sheid, Mr. and Mrs. George Shepard, Mrs. Alberla Sheridan, Mr. and Mrs. John Shorls, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shuler, Mrs. Nancy Sikora, Mrs. N. Simpson, Nancy Sinicke, Mrs. Sirlin, Mrs. Minnie Silain, John, M.D. Silzmann, Mrs. Fred Skerlich, William Slaler, Mr. and Mrs. Edwyn Slish, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slozak. Mrs. Elizaloelh Smilh, AI Smilh, Mrs. Boyd Smilh, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smokovich, Mrs. Smoller, Joe Smoller, Wm. L. Snyder, Rila Soose, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Sokolovich, Sam H. Probsl, William A. J., Esq. Prolozich, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Proksell, Mr. and Mrs. Proksell, Mr. and Mrs. Schallenbrand, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Schearer, Mrs. Rulh Scheuring, Mrs. William Schillhover, Mr. and Mrs. Sousa, Mrs. Jane Spaguslelli, Jim Spang, Mrs. Dora Spehar, Mr. Joseph Spehar, Rulh '58 Spehar, Virginia Spenger Spenger, Miss Mary A. Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony Spilzner, Mr. and Mrs, Alberl' Spiizner, Mrs. Marie Spilzner, Susan Sporer, Mr. and Mrs. John Spreng, Leo and Kaihryn Sosic, Mrs. Michael Slachard, Mrs. Leonard Slango, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sfanick, Mr. and Mrs. Peler Slarman, Mrs. Sieve Slarr, Mr. Leo J. Slickler, Gerlrude Slormer, Mr. and Mrs. W. Slamm, William Slankovic, Belh '74 Slankovic, Jean '58 Sfauber, Paul W. Sleinbach, Mr. Philip Slephenson, Mr. and Mrs, Dean Sleppling, Miss Marie Slelzer, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slich, Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony R, Slich, Mr. George Sfich, Mrs. Theresa Slinebiser, Mrs. A. Slraka, Marion and Bob Slreifi, Charles and Mary Ellen Slreifi, Louise '58 Slreifler, Mrs. Helen Slofcheck. Alberl Slrafalace, Clara Slrafalace, Elhel Suchma, Edward, Family Sudac, Vicloria Suedin, William Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Sullivan, Mrs. Marie Susie '60 Suzy and Val Svach, Frank R. Swab, Miss Norma Swab, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Swain, Mrs. W. P. Swain, Billy Swaske, George W., Jr. Swiderski, Edw. Sylvesler, Mrs. Mary Sylvesler, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Szaila, Carrie Szymanski, Mrs. Henry Tamburro, Harold L. Tedusco, Sue Tegnelia, Mr. and Mrs. James Tenzar, Andrew Teschlce Family Teschke, Mr. Alberl' Tharp, Mrs. Jeanne The Five Tales The Luck of lhe lrish Thens, Harry Thichens, Mrs. The Four Fluhr's Thomas, Spencer E. Tilley, Mrs. Ben Tillie's Confeclionery Tommy's Barber Shop Tom's Grocery Slore Toner, Mrs. Paul J. Trageser, Mr. and Mrs. J. Torisky, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A Travers, Eileen Travers, Mrs. Ann Travner, Mr. and Mrs. Troesch, Mrs. Dorolhy Trogus, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Trgovic, Mrs. S. Truemper, L+. Dulch T. S. C. C. Club Turnbuil, lsabel Tuziicow, S., and Wagner, A. PERSONAL PATRONS Walters, Miss Jo Anne Wallers, Mrs. Marie Wallers. Mrs. W. E. Ward, Marry Warmus, Mr. and Mrs. Waserrnan, Mr. and Mrs. Wasserman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Wall, Norman Waugh Tire and Service Co. Webb, M. Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Weimann, Mr. and Mrs. W. Weiss Mrs. Anlhony Weiss Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Weiss, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Weiss, James J. Weiss, Lorraine F. Wellinger, R. J. Weneck, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Werner, Frank Ufheil, Adrian and Marcella Ufheil, Mrs. Berlha Ulheil, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ugliblulnoiz Gang Uhrin, Mr. John Uhrin, Mrs, Mary Uhrin, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Uhrin, Mrs. Rose Uhrin, Miss Ruih Ulrich, Mrs. Carol Ulrich, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ulrich, Mrs. Frank Ulrich, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ulrich, Lynda Unglo, Mike Uszko, Mr. and Mrs. Waller Varano, Mrs. Josephine E. Va rle',f, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Vecenie, Miss Annie Vecenie, Miss Belly Vecenie, Mary Vecenie, Mr. and Mrs. John Vecenie, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vecenie, Officer Tony Venfo, Videlic Mrs. Mary h, Mrs. Ann Vidl, Marl'y Vilani, Villani, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony J. Son Vinski Bros. Vinski, Vlahas, Vlasic, Voil, R Volpe, Von Sc Voyfos, Mrs. George Louis Mr. and Mrs. Mallhew ich Mrs. haven. Mary Kay Mrs. Joseph Vyhonslry, Sieve Wahl, Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mrs. John Waller, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wallers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whealdon, Lewis Widz, Miss Ann Wiley, The King Winand, Mrs. Wineman, E. R. Winovich, Mrs. L. Winschel, Mrs. C. M. Winslel, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Winslel, Mrs. Louise Wirlh, Mr. and Mrs. L. Wisniewski, Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony Wisniewslri, Mrs. Helen Wisniewski, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wisniewski, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilmer, Bobbie Willmer, Buddy Wokulch, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wolf, Mrs. Mary A. Wolny, Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Thos. M. Worsf, Mr. Frank Worst Mr. Harold A. Worsf, Mrs. Harold A. Wuelleffe, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yakich, Mr. and Mrs. Sieve, Sr. Yankovic, Eleanor Yoesf, Mrs. Berfha Yoesl, Mary Yon, Mrs. Mary Ann Young, Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Yukas, John Zablo, Mr. and Mrs. S. Zalewslci, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zandier, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Zaski, John Zeiik, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ziecina, Mr. and Mrs. George Ziegler, Rose Marie' Zimmer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zimmermann, E. G. Zinseer, Mr. and Mrs. Zlobechi, Mrs. J. H. Zupanic, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Acknowledgements . . Sister M. Ronald, Principal, for time and interest to produce the '58 Alvernian . . Faculty Merribers . . Student Body . . Advertisers . . Business Patrons . . Special Patrons . . Personal Patrons Father John Forest, OFM, Director of St.Anthony's Guild, Paterson, New Jersey, for the cover design of St. Francis . . Cardell Studio for Photography . . Metal Arts Co. for the sketch of the ring . . Mr. Norman Bell, Superintendent of the building construction done at Mt. Alvernia by the Navarro Corporation . . Mr. Edward Ursprung and the staff at the Wm. T. Cooke Publishing, Inc.

Suggestions in the Mount Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Mount Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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1958, pg 22

Mount Alvernia High School - Alvernian Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 16

1958, pg 16

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