Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD)

 - Class of 1956

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Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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if I xylem. isgzrifda 3? 138 P ' Q ,, yi . Q ,, V3 ig , ,iff V ig , :af . E L W A,,,,,,,.,.aj--.-. .m,..4,,. ? 3 , E i x W Vi f 5 Hi anna.. W X 1 ,fy 3 f . . Q X 4' 591, 'a L Q frf -In ' ' , Q e . JZ 2,?,,,,,,,,fAw GDMQAZJ JZ.. M54 .,z.,c,,4, if Zmflywyldaa Asa fmale to our many memorres shared through out our years we the senlors present the 1956 Torch wlth hopes that these memorles wlll brmg satrsfactlon to all of our teachers parents and frlends As we close the door to our memorles we venture 1nto the future of many pathways whlch we must undertake When you turn the pages of our annual It IS our deslre that rt w1ll brlng you pleasures by re callmg past and present acquamtances and fnends that they may not be forgotten Fflll El?1llYlVl l l' U HCT Xl In acknowledgement of your msulled frrendshxp encour agement and tnterest throughout our destmed course of hlgh school years we the class of 1956 H1 deep appreclatron dedlcate to Mrs Barbara H Reynolds the 1956 ed1t1on of THE MT AIRY HIGH SCHOOL TORCH Ilhfh rffA5uTCDFS 1' , CAasS oi X95 'oe xx e as co ox go ewnew Q01 qoegooues and e-Loxess 3 s Koo avg, oo and Noxkxo vlxxh 1oo an xo otoxecx out goeqo xes xoxo me ow. and Q eseox xo x e a X xgoooxxaox uxuxe 'owe 16801,-10 1oxx xkxe out eaxsX'oa1e been xorho x mx ox ao o o x e me o xes oi 'o1rg,'x1 56900 -Nxhbe o e o aXoo xXx ox oh xo coqoo exe xeopxxegoeoxs iot ao xxoo, 'oox ox ess e was xhooggoxs xo xeXwe me Q a s mixes axxoes o yn s 'dmc o xoxo ako we xo :Seo oexsoo 1 goo oxxes ot e ei- eneoces vfmch 91 oo oxxumxxes ooo ses e esx oi out a e x exe oioex vloooex out ooo oix 21 cXxaXXeoge ou xo seaxc wx assxsx 1 on xo xoownog, ooftl at xo x sx mxxes vlmc me 1ooS oce x and xx xes xkeeo Xoo x so and an o1m iowa ouxake x ebxessm s S e iacxnx -Nxw oo as ou o o Coe oxoxe XN wash 1oxx flex success and xeqoxo oo 'oax e x cox QeoQXe b Coen sxxc.cesS 'oete oxxxexs eo X9 im nie A oxloe 6-, 'Y '10 Xx Wei exox ' ' 91.01 W W. 1 .?,. 6 . on 1' X x 'o X' X . X X 1 ' on '1, 9 x01i1x!'0 xox' ' X' oi ond"- qge Q X me ' xg ua' S oxb xx mum 1 ' - x1,g, ,a ,a o 'mag 'mg' 61'ga xx- on 'o 11 of! . X 1 xvgoxu xo ' S xb Q ' ' .XX . . . A ,Wim Q .. vow "o' " 'xx s xo a Q sexoxkx 'o 1 'oni- 'C , Ming, vi M0 Wg, xo, 1 xx 'go io 1 ' 1 1 Q, uxxoiac K , e ' e 1 'o1 x "Y xdsx 959 ' 14 6' 'X ii fi V 2, duff? MRS, MARIE KARNS Florence State Teacher College, Alabama University of Ala, , and University of Md, Seventh Grade Core and Junior High Math. MISS HELEN KENT Salisbury State Teachers College Seventh Grade Core MRS. IUSTA THOMAS Western Maryland College Junior High Science MISS VIRGINIA BOND Western Maryland College Eighth Grade Core MRS, GEORGIA MOORE University of Tenn, , and Western Md, College Eighth Grade Math, General Business and Ec, Geography MRS, DOROTHY ETZLER Western Maryland College Music MR, BENJAMIN MEHRLING Sheppard College in West Virginia P, O, D, , Social Studies, and U. S. History MRS, MARGARET MILLER Western Maryland College Tenth Grade English, World Histor and General Business MR, HARRIETON MERRITT Salem State College Glenville State College and University of West Virginia Science, Biology, and Math MR, EUGENE BOUEY Mount Saint Mary's College Mathematics Y. 3 sv it-ur' x..,,w E edgy X L ,I T 1 y ' ' :S xr! 'fm IQ ff? '93 v 'if if 1 Xlif -H MR, R,F, COLLIER University of Michigan Central Michigan Teachers College , Commercial Courses ' MR, CHESTER ELDER Glenville State College Senior High English MR, PHILIP AINES Middlebury College New York University Physical Education N' Q i Miss GAYLIA GILES ' Lincoln Memorial University ,f Western Maryland College I Physical Education .1 . MRS, EMILY BROWN Western Maryland College Guidance Counselor MR. JOSEPH JODL De Paul University Instmmental Music MR, HAROLD THOMPSON University of Maryland Agriculture MRS. IMOGENE YASTE Western Maryland College French and Librarian MISS DOROTHY STAUFFER Otterbein College Home Economics , 2 E MR, DAVID FLORA '4 Bridge Water College Western Maryland College University of Maryland Shop MRS, FRANCES B. FREE Vice Principal Towson State Teachers' College MR, JESSE L, STARKEY Principal A.B., Western Maryland College M.A., George Washington University U -aL. MRS, DOROTHY B, WAGNER Secretary 1 4 E 1 'ul' l 50" SARAH ELIZABITH AITKENS "Sally" Where's Your Secret Weapon? ll-T,W. C. Vice Presidentg Chorus Memberg Triple Triog Speedballg Basketballg and Volleyball, 12 -GAAg State Chorusg Assistant Editor Yearbookg Basketballg Speed- ballg Volleyballg and Operetta, A sports demon with naturally curly hairg Active in chorus workg Loves swimming and dancing. LINDEN REID ALBRIGHT "Linden" Where to Next? ll-Key Club, Lieutenant Govemor- Keynoters Quartetg Soccerg Basket- ballg Baseballg Trackg May Day Prince, 12 -Key Club, Presidentg Student Council, Presidentg Yearbook staff- Soccerg Basketballg Track. Everywhere at onceg Many abilitiesg participates in many school activi- tiesg Has qualities of good leadership. Interested in photography and model trainsg Often seen with a certain Junior girl. Wish I could ride her, itin- .....gLL.. aqui' Taking it easy, ,-sf '.. 1 fqgl , 'Os X . i '1r:f9 Sal! DA VID LOREON APPLEBY "Dave" Gals or horses? ll-Trackg Soccer, 12-Track: Soccerg member of Key Club. Husky blonde with a smile and a act of courtesy for everyone. Often seen high in the air. County record for pole vaulting. Social interests are rodeos and a particular blonde, Fu- ture-Bronc -rider, Our answer to Red Ryder. HELEN FRANCES BEHR "Twinks" May I help you? 11-FFA Clubg Intramural Sports, 12-Patrol, A typical blondeg working gal, look- ing for fun, Employed at Reids Drug Storeg Interested in art, swim- ming, and dancing, Future - Un- decided, 51.01, eve Ride 'em cowboy! One you can always count on DOROTHY JEAN BOWMAN "Jeannie" Away we go! 11-FTA Vice President, 12- Yearbook Staff, Long blonde hair and pretty blue eyesg Always on the gog Has a flair for dressy clothesg A whiz on piano and typewriter keysg Interested in music and dancing, JOHN CLIFFORD BRABHAM "Cliff" That's about the size of it! ll-FFA. 12 -FFA. Successful farmer, blue ribbon win- ner at fairs: Often seen around Wood bineg Interested in farming, working on cars and stock car racingp Keen likeness for hillbilly music. if El I T MARY LEE BURKE "Burkie" I'm sleepy! ll -TWC. 12-Senior Class Activities, Friendly with a weakness for peanuts and beansg Interested in hillbilly music and singingg Ready for fung Has a special attraction for Johnny Glaze's Bandg Main ambition is to keep that "certain" person happy. AUTHUR ALVIN CONDON "Alvin" Tell me later! ll -Class Activities. 12 -Manager of Soccerg Basketballg and Track Team. Impish grin, quiet until you get to know himg always on the gog likes to work on carsg fond of hot-roding and racingg special interests at Harrison's Store. Just filling in. Maybe it will run now ELSA MARIE CRUM II E111 Swing your partner! 11-FTA Treasurerg Speedball, Basket- ballg Triple Trio. 12 -State Chorusg FTA Treasurerg Basketballg Speedballg Volleyballg Yearbook Staff, Working gal: always looking for fun. A future teacher, Interested in chorus workg enjoys partiesg interests are show cows and square dancing. KAY PRUITT DISHAROON ,.Kay,. Oh, those French curls! 11-Dancing Clubg Intramural Sports, 12-Dancing instructor for 7th gradeg Member of GAA9 Yearbook Staff, Vivid brown eyes and pretty com- plexiong smooth dancerg active in M. Y. F. activitiesg has a weakness for scissors and rodeosg Interested in a particular tall bloncleg Likes danc- ing, skating, and swimming. W, 7 L :,,:,, f Blue Ribbon Winner, W - ,,1sg.g,5-r,,s,,Vg . , ' ,fx tk r f JM , fw u ' . ,yi - ' :Pit What! Not Dancing? 5 Y Qlv""Y -..a" YN NANCY MARIA DRIVER "Nancy" The dates been set! 12-Yearbook Staffg Newspaper Staff- 7th Grade Dancing Instructor. Quietg Art fanaticg Especially inter- ested in dramatics and homemakingg Has a flare for traveling and originalityg Likes horseback riding and roller skatingg Future - Farmerette, WILLIAM FREDERICK DUBBERT, JR, "Dubes" Tomorrow you drive! ll-Junior Class Presidentg Student Council Memberg Model Building Clubg Baseball. 12-Senior Class Presidentg Key Club Memberg Student Council Memberg Soccer, Tall with a good physique, dresses nicely, has a weakness for Sykes- ville and Chevroletsg Interested in modeling boatsg a leader in class activities, A real artist, 1 Meeting please C ome to order ROBERT LEVI FOWLER "Bob" Shine those boots pardner! 11-Model Club, 12 -Class Activities. Dark Hair and eyes. Very quiet and independent. Known for his cowboy boots, Often seen drawing. Resides at Watersville, Future is undecided, THOMAS NATHAN FRANKLIN "Tom" Need an oil check? 11-Track and Intramural Sportsg Talent Show, 12 -Track and Intramural Sportsg Class Activities. Sparkling black hair and a good physique. A track speedster. Hails from Conoway's Garage, Known for delayed remarks, Interests - hillbilly, music, shop work, and car mechanics. I think I'l1 sell this one 1 -4 7 if VP I Out for track. ai -qv DOROTHY ELAINE GRIFFITH DOROTHY ELAINE GRIFFITH UDDI.. You're doing the talking! ll-FHA. 12 -Class Activities. Shy, good -natured, nice to know, never arguesg Enjoys listening to hill- billy music and horseback riding, Often seen with Laurettag Future - Undecided. IRA KENNETH HAUGH "Kenny" Watch out for your feet! 11-Intramural Sportsg Class Activi- tiesg Talent Show. 12 -Intramural Sportsg Class Activi- ties. Brown hair and hazel eyesg our Hill- billy crooner and dancerg Often seen where there are hillbilly dancesg Hails from Woodbine and is a mem- ber of the Throttle Pushers. Mastering the three "R's This is really living, u fga-62" 115 HANNAH ELIZABETH HULVER "Hannah" Will the Marine Corps take her? ll-TWC Memberg Intramural Sportsg 12-GAA Memberg TWC Memberg In- tramural Sports, Little but mightyg cuteg has a flair for clothesg our answer to Lou Ann Simmg Hobbies are singing, danc- ingg and jazz musicg Future home- maker, BEVERLY ROMANE JACOBS "Bev" What's the hurry? 11-TWC Memberg Intramural Sportsg Junior Play, 12-FTAg GAA5 Yearbook staff. Busy as a beeg goes like a streak of lightnlngg full of good school spiritg Future elementary teacherg Interested in dancing, and the collection of stuffed animalsg Often seen in Frederick, Dear Ronnie, M5511 v I In 44- bww Time out for relaxation ff T 62 .4-47 'INV NJ JOSEPH RICHARD KRANTZ ..JOe.. Where's my car? ll-Junior Class Vice Presidentg FFA Reporterg Soccer: Baseballg Trackg Key Club, 12 -FFA President, Key Club Treas- urerg Soccerg Trackg Vice President of BAA. Friendly, with eyes in a certain direc- tiong Pretty black hairg Main interest is farmingg A traveling mang Known for his good personality, SHIRLEY ANN LETTIERI "Shirley" May I ride down the hill? 11-TWC Secretaryg Patrol. 12-Class Secretaryg Yeabook Staff, A cute giggly dark headg admired for her pleasing personality: an employed waitress of the Senior class: interested in secretarial work: skatingg dancingg and listening to rhythm and blues musicg has a weakness for Fords and milk shakesg Lisa's always beside her, Meet Farmer Krantz 'U' Here's your change 309 MARY ELIZABETH LIVESAY "Mary" Who's the lucky guy? 11-Class Secretaryg Laso Clubg Bus Patrol, 12 -Class Activitiesg Yearbook staff. Sweet with a Southern accentg very quietg has a pretty handwritingg Of- ten seen with Twinksg interested in Country and Western Musicg Future Undecided, DOROTHY MARLEE MILLER "Marlee" It's a secret! 11-Intramural Sportsg Guitar Clubg Secretary TWC. 12 -TWCg Yearbook staff. Quiet and good naturedg excellent commercial studentg Interested in homemakingg hobbies are hillbilly music and sportsg a keen interest in Bartholow's. Miss Western Music, ...f s We , is ggi f fi 'f 6 1 2 is s 'ig L lx . . Silas. X .5 . ' '83 7 i in Good old home cooking M 'T 1-fa GERALD MUELLENSCHLADER "Jerry" Need a push? 11-FFA. 12 -FFAQ Manager of Soccer Teamg Basketball, Full of fung Active FFA Members: admires "Chevie3" always willing to lend a helping handg member of National Guardsg Likes to Ice Skateg Roller Skateg and play Footballg Interested in a particualr girl, BETTY LEE NORRIS "Betty" The Deadline! 11-Student Council Secretaryg Orches- tra Vice Presidentg FTAg Volleyballg May Day Princess, 12 -Senior Class Vice President: Year- book Editorg FTA Presidentg Orches- tra Vice Presidentg Basketballg Volley ballg GAA. Cute with brown hair and blue eyesg Active in M. Y, F. and Girl Scoutsg Likes sports and singingg College boundg Hails to Westem Maryland: Excells in school work, Off to the skating rink, 'Ot 55.1 4 There's always something to do ills rv 9' JAMES STANLEY RIGLER "Jimmy" What's your problem? 11-Student Councilg Key Club Treas- urerg Soccerg Basketballg Baseball. 12 -Student Council Treasurer, Yearbook Staffg Soccerg Basketballg Key Club Vice President, Dark hair and eyesg Neat dresserg Likes to argueg Active in Key Club activities and sportsg Hobbies are cars, canasta, and girls in that or- derg Navy bound, NANCY ANN STORM "Nancy" Would you like a menu? 11-TWC Member, 12-TWC Member. A ready witg short dark curly hairg Always looking for fun: Never passes up an argumentg It's a 50-50 proposi- tiong Hobbies are target shootingg huntingg music: and sportsg Has a weakness for Frederick, How about a lift? fn L5 Target Shooting A u . 5 . :RK-' Y 1 'Nw' 41" Inf' MARY JANE TWENTY "Janie" How was the bake sale? ll-TWC Historiang Speedballg Basket- ballg Volleyballg Varsityg May Day Attendant. 12 -TWC Memberg GAA Treasurerg Basketballg Speedballg Volleyball, Pert blondeg neat dresserg Hannahs' other halfg main interest lies in Lisbong Hobbies - hillbilly music, jazz music, and dancing. LARRY ROLAND WELSH "Larry" Wake up Larry! ll -Basketballg Baseball. l2 -Basketballg BAA. Senior class rorneog teases girls in generalg Active in sportsg Peck's bad boyg Interested in good-looking Fords and Jaguarsg Likes to visit the Bowl- ing Alley. Hello - Johnny? Starting spring training 'A' STEWART HOMER WELSH "Stewart" What was that remark? 11-Intramural Sportsg May Day Attendantg Boys' Sport Club. 12-Manager of Soccer Team, Witty with remarks for everythingg a real live wire: a real out doors mang shy with women: Likes good timesg Future - Undecided, THOMAS DORSEY WELSH "Tommy" Brains without books! 11-Talent Showg Baseball and Basket- ball: Intramural Sports. 12 -BAA Presidentg Basketballg Oper- etta, An energy packed entertainer with a variety of shows such as stock car racing, motoramic Chevrolet, etc. 5 Occupies the seat nearest the teacherg Active in sports. Miniature Davy Crockett 1 , A of.,-+f-'UW -wt.. W ww, t ryyy at .MM The littlest angel, asf: 5. age., . "' 3' x1':"Z7 fl' lf:Cfif'qi,'1,2'l "-,- p-ffl-1 ..- J ' ' "'H":'1' "Jar 9. ,,' 1 , ' V swan.-4. .vaitl ' .Xk.1,',7,.l', ' sr fs -'..,, , t'l' ,a +fr!'b-.., V- .-.Q A' 'WL ova, . A ,x .' - . .' 1 . ML... S .tr .,,-.,...,',,,.. 1 ' 1 '7- , 1 f N ,'q , in ' ry... .A . . rs. p I - a Us -'.'. 'r- . , N. . '.1 " fra' K s .. '11-., QM- - 1 W v ..o . -rr .'." . A .ass-". . ,. no 1 if 3 In '? ' - EDWARD WILLIAM WILL, IR, "Bill" Let's go skating! 11-FFA, Key Club. 12 -FFA Reporter, Friendly smileg Good disposition- Unassuming natureg Lots of fun, Blushes frequentlyg has a particular likeness for Fords and girls, LAURETTA LEE WOLF "Lauretta" "I'm the wrong one, " 11-Treasurer of Junior Classg Secre- tary of Majorette Clubg Speedballg Volleyballg Basketball, 12 -Treasurer of 12th grade classg Speedballg Volleyball, Basketball: Yearbook Staffg GAA President, Blonde and freckles, Just like the other halfg Easily frightened by mice, Active in sports and school activi- ties, Guard on basketball team: has a flare for hot Fords and rhythm and blues music. Oh what a life! .3-H-Q-a-r It says right here- LISA ANN WOLF "Lisa" Which one are you? ll -Vice President of Student Coun- cilg President of Majorette Clubg Basketballg Volleyballg and Speed- ball. 12 -Secretary of Student Councilg Vice President of GAAg Yearbook Staffg Basketballg Volleyball and Speedball. Blonde hair and freckles and has a pretty smileg main ambition is to acquire a hot Fordg Likes popular music and smooth on rhythm and blues music: never seen without Shirleyg our speedy south paw on the basketball court. MARCELLA CATHERINE WRIGHT "Marcy" Diamonds are a girls best friend! 12 -Operettag Class Activitiesg Intra- mural Sports. Oh those flirtatious eyes! Has a weak- ness for diamond ringsg has good singing abilityg took the place of Emilyg has a weakness for blue and white Fords and husky fellows. Inter- ests - hillbilly music and stock car racing, Sport lover Forgot my line, SE RUR CLASS UFFHQCERS Seated NORRIS DUBBERT Standmg. LETTIERI, WOLF BILLY DUBBERT Presldent BETTY NORRIS Vlce Presldent SHIRLEY LETTIERI Secretary LAURETTA WOLF Treasurer YEARBOOK STAFF QR oun FREE srnrz 471 NDR gh Y Q1 Qu fvvlr '25 " F Seated Albrrght Altkens Norr1s Rrgler Mr Elder Standrng. Jacobs Krantz Crum Wolf wolf Letnen M111er Dnver BETTY NORRIS SALLY AITKENS JAMES RIGLER BEVERLY JACOB S LISA WOLF ELSA CRUM LAURETTA WOLF JOE KRANTZ KAY DISHAROON MARLEE MILLER SHIRLEY LETTIERI IEANNE BOWMAN NANCY DRIVER MARY LIVESAY LINDEN ALBRIGHT MR,ELDER----- --- Edxtor ln-Chref Assrstant Edltor Busmess Manager Sales Manager Wnte ups Features ACUVIIIBS Athletics TYPISI Typlst Typlst Typlst Art - - Photographs - - - - Sponsor M O , . . fy' 1 I A 1 MARY GILLESPIE ROBERT HAINES FRANK HARRIS WILLIAM HARRIS RALPH HASH GWENDOLYN HOOD ROBERT JACKSON ROMONA JORDON MICHAEL KELLY GAIL KLINE DANIEL KRIMGOLD DORIS LAYTON President, PATSY GILLIS Vice President, ROBERTA WOLF XL A GILBERT ASHLEY I an ,I WILLIAM BEALL A X A I - I GLEN BRANDENBURG -' 1 Ejffl WAYNE BROWN ' x is .,. Ii 1 R JOAN BURDETTE L ,f DORIS FLEMING ' - 5 I . I THOMASFREYSZ ..,V:,..yj ff' I, JERRY GERMAN .3 0 x 4 Q 'sm A ,, X 1 X. 25. - Q f '6- ! U 1 G' I we. ' , Q... fl Sw LI I fl .hs . I S Secretary, JEAN CONDON Treasurer, ARLENE BEALL MARGARET LINTON MAZIE MAUCK WALTER MCWILLIA MS . 3 MARY MAUCK i W X' Q7 X Jax BETTY MII.LER DAHL MILLER DORIS MOATS GILBERT NORWOOD iw. :Q LL 'M 4' 'L N 2 fm wx I A ...Na vp . nm--v .un ws Am O Nil A +R f -0 g, I PATSY OVERHOLTZER CHARLES RUNKLES MARION RUNKLES PEGGY RYAN LOIS SHRIDER HUBERT SEXTON HELEN SEAL JAMES THOMAS WILLIAM WAGNER CORRINE WRIGHT JAMES WRIGHT PATSY YOHN DOUGLAS MORGAN l ,,,,f 2 X'-...ff liith ,.,- wif --.1 1 F 2 'ff F4 as VZQHQ' M M4 V, 4 XV 5, ,S A , K X x ,Si if ,w , V .J x ,V ,1 , f 4- ' 1 ,v ,wv ,, , x . K4 ' 1 ii! QLP' ,fini I ,. 4 , K Q. 1 yy ' M, Q A I X F Q., .x A. ,Q i 4 .. .X -lA',s" X N 'f X A nf LL,. 51 '1 'I 5. 'V n ,f 41 Q O . ' -1 1 1947! Y, 'X Q lx f ,Q 2,3 51 ' .K -J 9 0 ff 'W 9 ,f " I" k x lg , rpm. .V 1-Q" ' s .rp 411. 11-6 A 'R 5, Lv- nf E ff, I? : M 'fs ffifjlfgy , f ,,,,, K ,H , wp YQ' Kff. far yf. QW ,-. ,, ' hifi: .rw vm q., N6 bv v Ne Q 1 :X I ext, 2 'J in -. k,,,,. 'nv 8, 4 , , 35.54.-K w 'ii I - , luml 2 L ML 565-5iv?5fid :W- V ,igrzfz 2 ki? bw' ' Ziifff L24 'W JZ' M x E 1 i.QL,f,,,Ax HQ. Ki 1 1 :Uh ? I, f wi .-.46 ,L . W? Else To no fl Song Bird Of The South it 'I E. D ff 'M Av. 7 un., , v Q45 Gilbert Buckman warren Harrison President Vice President Mildred Dickey Secretary Patsy Topper Treasurer Victor Boyko Donald Buchman David Cantwell Eva Cantwell James Dorsey William England Betty Fleming Phylis F ogle f Charles Barnes Irvin Bohr Beatrice Burdette Canstance Byrd Elliott Clary Calvin Condon Ralph Evans F aith F arver I ohn Fridell Diane Gardner 't 2 .' X 55 ' is a A NX "Az A 1 1? .Al u ln , '. . W Q V F YQ? r I if S V - f N il 3. sw C Q. ii :Nl , F A 77 2 ,V ,, . .5 .1-'fl if isnpf 4 .f X1 B if' u .- , f X L R-if S1 tra? he V it ftl 1' x' 1? X-15' 4.25 fs. v-,J 1 4 ' ee Betty Gartrell Stanley Goodwin Judy Jackson Kenneth Keister Robert Klein Earl Kline William Lewis Joe Green Joyce Hood John Ketelson Ronald Kessler William Knill Ann Lamb Mary Frances Lovell Charlotte Marich Richard Maring Bettie Moore Ellen Norris Jerry Lowman Bonnie Magm Paul Messon Betty Miller Wayne Norwood William Norwood 3 5. TL7? 1 Bs Marie Norwood Orville Rose 6 ,QM Colleen Ozm an C I Lily Pickett T00 IUSY :Inu I I! Henry Pope ' Helen Raby 4-Q if ,R ix,,4 Carter Ray . ,,.,A tl " ' Betty Rexrode f 'rf . N K 'A Ruth Runkles Carolyn Salsbery Patsy Selby S Welsey Shipley v 5 Ruth Shoemaker Mary Jane Tabler '4- 475, 1- rw 2 w"f'fxr-S' 7 v Sally Thomas C Brenda Thompson -,L f. C ,i.f2ff5?7 ."- H Richard Walker . A Barbara Weller L x .Q Q C.. Yr? A in ' William wiuiar ' m i. 4 ' h x Charlotte Wrig t .X Shelva Wright , Qi T Ronald Yeager I ia. N-px Q - ,V 'SPSS , v Seated: Hash, Norris, Nicholson, Hahn, Higgs, Ireland, Johnson, Winkles, Muller, Magin, Gartrell, Shipley, Wright, Poole, Shipley, Porter, Chaney, Shipley, Sheets, Duvall, Smith, Conaway, Hoff, Livesay, Seal, Miller, Chandler, Snow, Selby, Condon, Gue, Standing: Mr, Porterfield, Gillis, Nor- wood, Withrow, Burdette, Day, Penn, Rice, Culwell. 7? 5'-.B Seated: Gillespie, Sheets, Forney, Fleming, Lowman, Condon, Duvall, Corrick, Ogle, Warfield, Franklin, Middleton, Lange, Pickett, Haight, Runkles, Colson, Rimbey, Mayes, Rexrode, Maring, Roberts, Hoff, Daniels, Naill, Duvall, Crumbacker, Standing: Wantz, McCrossin, Nelson, Dorsey, Crawford, Norris, Barnes, Webb, Winkler, Hall, Moxley, Mrs. Etzler. Seated:Fog1e, Hall, Gunn, Amoss, Daniels, Selby, Norris, Brown, Gillespie, Dorsey, Downs, Williar, Miller, Bowlus, Evans, Myers, Muller, Brown, Linton, Mays, Esworthy, Simpson, Wagner, Webb, Mar tell, Hoffman, Standing: Wright, Cook, Runkles, King, Miss Bond, Frizzell, Weller, Jacobs. Seated: Tabler, Naill, Twenty, Teeter, Sparkman, Norwood, Hash, Richards, Weidner, Wright, Davis, Wright, Haines, Grimes, Pickett, Kim, Moore, Miller, Cantwell, Schmidt, Straw, Evans, Tyc, Jack- son, Albright, Spencer, Pickett. Standing: Mrs, Moore, Knott, Wright, Burdette, Kelly, Arrington, Haines, Morgan, X.: fl. K iw' 'i 'S' Seated: Pickett, Farver, Lovell, Browning, Seal, Smith, Taylor, Moore, Myers, Dubbert, Rippeon, Kemp, Brown, Storm, Bames, Phoebus, Magin, Will, Knill, Cline, Watkins, Dick, Murray, O'Brien, Standing: Wilson, Grimm, Runkles, Keister, Dorsey, Remsburg, Roop, Norris, Pickett, Holmes, Mrs. Thomas. '4f 94' 'XV at 1 1- J Seated: Dorsey. LCdf0rd, Norwood, Ray, Davis, Hawkins, Knott, Phebus, Rexrode, Stewart, Maring, Selby, Fleming, Richards, Johnson, Ireland, Dorsey, Bidinger, Thomas, Harrison, Buzzard, Hoffman, Leatherwood, Frizzell, Behr, Standing: Grisby, Miss Kent, Pickett, Carr, Younger, Franklin, Ward, Poole. Seated: Mrs, Karns, Thomas, Bridges, Pusey, Ryan, Riffe, Day, Pope, Franklin, Stewart, Stockdale, Pope, Beall, Davis, Yohn, Weidman, Gue, Eyler, Muller, Yoder, Kelly, Wantz, Fleming, Haines, Gunn, Morgan. Standing: Culwell, Norwood, Frizzell, Roberts, Learmonth, Wright, Wagner, Arnold Miller, Oden. AUTOGRAPHS 9 Quietest MARLEE MILLER and ROBERT FOWLER Neatest HANNAH HULVER and JIMMY RIGLER Most Athletic Most LISA WOLF and LARRY WELSH ICE KRANTZ Most Likely to Succeed BETTY NORRIS and LINDEN ALBRIGHT oun E starr: 1 Q.ifnRRY 2142: 'P L' I s afisfz-1 ly-1-1 QICR IN X ,-1-""' Class Clowns NANCY STORM and TOMMY WELSH N Dependable JEAN BOWMAN Best All Around LAURETTA WOLF and DAVE APPLEBY Most Courteous MARY LIVESAY and BILLY WILL xxx H K Best Personality SHIRLEY LETTIERI and WILLIAM DUBBERT LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senior Class of Mount Any School being rndisputably of sound and dispostng mind and memory and about to pass out of existence do make publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, revoking any and all former w1lls by us at any time heretofore made Sally Altkens w1ll my athletic ability to Peggy Ryan Lmden Albright bestow upon Wayne Brown my abtllty to get my father's car David Appleby bequeath Marion Runkles my riding abrltty Helen Behr bestow upon Gilbert Ashley my ability to dance Jean Bowman bequeath Jerry German my long blonde hatr John Brabham will my crew cut to Romona Jordon Mary Lee Burke bestow upon Billy Wagner my ab111ty to dance Alvin Condon, bequeath Arlene Beall my safe drlvmg ability Elsa Crum bestow upon walter Mcwllllams my love for speedball Kay Drsharoon, will my flashy brown eyes to wzlllam Hams Nancy Driver bestow upon Mary Mauck my typmg ab1l1ty Wllltam Dubbert, bequeath the Gllbreth Family to Corrine Wrlght Robert Fowler bestow upon Doris Fleming my non talkativeness Thomas Franklin, bequeath Robert Haines my track ability Dorothy Grlfftth w1l1 my late hours to Dons Layton Kenneth Haugh bequeath my love for Crrcle X Ranch to w1ll1am Beall Hannah Hulver bestow upon Meg G1llesp1e my shortness Joseph Krantz bequeath my punctuallty to Frank Hams Beverly Jacobs will my love for school to Ralph Hash Shirley Lettlerl will my T W C presldency to Hubert Sexton Marlee Mrller bequeath my Yearbook Staff posmon to Betty Miller Jerry Muellenschlader will my skating abrlrty to Robert Jackson Betty Norrls bestow upon Gail Kline my petit size James Rigler bequeath my black hair to Gwenlyn Hood Nancy Storm wtll my humorous dlsposrtlon to Ioan Burdette Mary Jane Twenty will my speedball abrlrty to Charles Runkles Larry Welsh, bequeath my love for studies to Roberta Wolf Stewart welsh, bestow upon Patsy G1111s my love for hunting Thomas welsh, w1ll my good class behavlor to Patsy Yohn Billy Will bequeath my brown curly hair to Lots Schnder Lauretta Wolf bestow upon Jean Condon my frrst speedmg ticket Lisa wolf bequeath my Student Council secretarlal posmon to Glen Brandenburg Marcella Wrlght will my sense of responsibility to Patsy Overholtzer Sally Aitkens bequeath my ab111ty to do the wrong thmg at the nght time to Thomas Freysz Helen Behr bestow upon Michael Kelly my blond hair Jean Bowman, w1ll my stature to Doris Moats Kay Dtsharoon, bestow upon James Thomas my french curls Mary Ltvesay bequeath my driving ab1l1ty to Helen Seal Marlee Millet w1ll my T W C membership to Margaret Linton Nancy Storm bequeath my black curly hair to James Wright I Betty Norrls w1l1 my place in the orchestra to M3216 Mauck Stgned and sealed on thrs flrst day of June in the year nineteen hundred and fifty six by the Presr dent of the Sen1or Class of Mount Airy Hrgh School I' . ' . . . . . L . . , . . . L . , . . . . . n I, I . . . . I. , ' . I, , ' . L . ' ' ' . I. . . . . . . I, , ' ' . L . . . . . . L . ' . . . . L . . . . . . . I, , ' ' ' . L . . . . . L . . ' . . . I, . . . I I, , ' ' . I, , ' ' . I, , ' . I, ' ' ', ' . . . ' . I, Mary Livesay, bestow upon Daniel Krimgold my hillbilly ways. I. . , . . . ' L ' . . . . n L . ' . . . . . I. ' . - ' . I, ' . . . . ' L . . . . . I, ' , I. . . . . I' . . . L . . ' . . . . L I . . . . L . ' . . . . Q I, . y . . . . I I' . ' . . . . . . L . . . . I. . . . I, ' . L . ' . . . . . I. ' , ' . . . ' ' . I, , ' ' . JIUNHOR SENIIUR THIS THIS PROM H955 THIS SUUTHERN PLANTATIIUN SE ROR CLASS PLAY Standing Haugh Seated. Norris, Behr Livesay Griffith, Muellenschlader Crum, Dubbert, Albright. Dlsharoon Wolf Wolf Will Welsh, Wright CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN This IS the story of the Grlbreth family with their dozen children Mr Grlbreth is an efficiency expert As a result of his mania of doing everything in the least time possible the play rises to many funny situations Mr. Gilbreth - Billy Dubbert Mrs. Gilbreth - Elsa Crum Ernestine - Betty Norris Frank - Linden Albright Jackie - Lisa Wolf Dan - Kay Disharoon Bill - Billy will Fred - Kenneth Haugh CAST Anne - Marcella Wright Lillian - Beverly I acohs Martha - Lauretta Wolf Mrs, Fitzgerald - Dorothy Griffith Dr. Burton - Joe Krantz Joe Scales - Tommy Welsh Miss Brill - Mary Livesay Larry - Jerry Muellenschlader Splke Bones and Hxs Clty Sweepers I Jumor Class Band Our May Court Contribution Start wlth Stewart Welsh Lmden Albnght, Betty Norns Mary Jane Twenty Some Joke Huh 'P your left foot I Betty Norns and Lmden Albnght Jumors the summer of 55 The Trrolets Sally Altkens, Betty Noms Elsa Cmm 53- Our Mormng Star' On Our Class trip to Washmgton D C To Tell The Truth Jerry Muellenschlader Lmden Albnght, Sally AlIkBl'lS Helen Behr 1 fWN if' U A R KWIANN ER Betty Norris won the D A R, essay contest in the school this year wlth her Wflllllg on Thomas Jefferson The con test sponsored by the William Winchester Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution Westminster Maryland was open to two senior girls They were chosen to wrlte the essay because of leadershxp servlce and scholarship by their classmates and teachers Betty Norris will be awarded an official essay D A R, pm '4-61.124-I BETT Y LEE NORRIS winning paper of each school will be Judged to secure a county winner Those papers will then be Judged for a state winner Q LASS WUTTU Small deeds accomplished are better than big deeds planned FLD XVHLR Yellow Rose UL, ASS SUN U fTune God Bless Amenca Q God bless Mt A1ry High Long may she stand It s the best school A real Where Where we Where There when If 1t's worth our time and why It's cause we love you Dear Mt. Airy High Jewel we learn Play we love are oft times we wonder Cheer for the semor class As we march down the aisle In our long gowns With the light down We enjoyed ourselves all the while From the classrooms to the future Semor class we'll do or die God bless the dear old friends Of Mt. Airy High 1 A - 1 x vu 'rt - T . u A o fm . 1 A x I, 'NX , . O 0 ' ' ' ' n n - , . . . W 1 I v ' 1 A . . I I ' , I , . l . . . I n 3 ,pppp Q . , .. . ' .. Her paper will be submitted to the county contest in which the 41" . . , . 4 i X' 0 0 1 1 .L VI ' ' II . Y l x' T Y X 1 s f-1 A A L ' , A -I1 ' ll U I B XXU Frrst row Condon, Cantwell, Slmpson, O Brren, Franklm, Snyder Pickett, Holmes Wrlght, Morgan Browning Yohn Barnes Hood Second row Dlckey Norns Phoebus Knmgold Hahn, Buckman, Low erwood Standmg Harght, Freysz Khne Mr Iodl ORCHESTRA Frrst row Condon, Kelly Norns Cantwell Srmpson Condon, Browmng, Barnes Hood Second row Kelly Dorsey Buckman, Lowman, Barnes Ashley Crawford Bames Leatherwood Norrxs Lovell Younger, Dlckey. Standmg, Freysz, K11ne, Harrlson, Mr,Jod1. Y fl A ll man, Ashley, Barnes, Goodwin, Miller, williar, Norris, Norris, Culwell, Riffe, Crawford, Barnes, Leath THRUUGH THE YEARS Thts is the year 1956 We are now seniors We are contrrbuting to the outsrde world thlrty four new cinzens Before we leave we look back over our last four years of school Many pleasant memories come to ltght The school year 1952 53 found us entermg the nmth grade Mr Molesworth and Mr Kano wtcz were our homeroom teachers We were now called freshman Thls made us feel very lmportant for we were now choosmg the course we would follow all through the next four years of htgh school and we were makmg the dec1s1on of our vocatton In the sprtng we ventured to Annapolis for our class tr1p The year 1953 54 found us rarmg to go as sophomores Our sponsors were Mrss l-lrckman and Mr Thompson, We vlstted Washmgton D C for our class tr1p thts year We also started our frrst money makmg project for our future years the act1v1t1es calendar Then we became known as Jumors tn the year 1954 55 Mrs Barbara Htckman Reynolds agam became our gutdtng hght Thrs was a most eventful year To start it off we presented a Talent Show, the ftrst to be grven by a Junror Clas All went off very well and we were able to set aside a profltable sum for our future acttvmes At Halloween we put on the Halloween burg lt was a ramy day so we couldn t tour much of the battlefield but we had a very good guide We found the tnp proved worthwhrle and very mterestmg Then came the event we had all been wamng for the J unror Semor Prom May 14th found us whirled away to a southern plantatxon entertarned by the orchestra of The Sportsmen We took great pnde rn the stage whtch portrayed the front of a southern manston, Now we are at our long awarted destmatxon sentors Mr Elder became our senror adv1sor The ftrst btg acnvlty was the yearbook February and March found us rehearstng for our Semor Play Cheaper by the Dozen After many rehearsals and a bxg close of memorlzrng we were fmally ready to go The blg performance was March 23rd Our senior year 15 almost gone and soon tt will be among our many memorles Class n1ght brought many of our memorles to hght once again Graduauon whtch was properly opened wrth Baccalaureate Servxce June 3, we took our places dressed in our caps and gowns tn the Calvery Method1st Church slowly and reverently Graduauon followed on June 4 We are now leavmg our school with a sense of regret We feel very humble but also very proud of our accomphshments We take wtth us our memories of the past The question m all of our mmds IS What Will Tomorrow Bring 'P With us we carry our motto, Small deeds accom plished are better than brg deeds planned 1 Camival complete with bathing beauties and a haunted house, Our class trip found us at Gettys- STUDENT C UNCIUL, IsQ',gf'kr '1 J' First row Overholtzer Wolf Albright Grllespre Rrgler Dubbert Mrs Mrller Second row Nicholson Ogle Ryan, Grlhs Thomas Farver Warfield Third row Yeager Runkles Thomas Rice Walker OFFICERS President LINDEN ALBRIGHT Secretary LISA WOLF Vxce President MEG GILLESPIE Treasurer JIMMY RIGLER Advisor MRS MILLBI In an effort to promote a better democratic system throughout our school the Student Coun cil at Molmt Airy High School has set up a system in which each homeroom is represented in the school govemment The Student Cormcil makes it possible for students to have an active position m school projects and promotes cooperation between the faculty and students The Student Coun cil instituted the Leadership Training Course, which proved very successful 1n stressing the duties of offxcers in different clubs and claw rooms The Student Councrl has proved very beneficial to our school and its development of good leaders and outcome of good citizenship Student T Leadership Council i Training y C ourse N Officers from Grades 7-12 KEY CLUB 'IQ Seated Buckman Krantz, R1g1er Albught Thomas Wrllrar Standmg Mr Merritt Jackson, Harrrson Krimgold German Brandenburg Keister Dorsey Kettleson Dubbert Appleby Yeager Lowman OFFICERS President LINDEN ALBRIGHT Secretary JIM THOMAS Vrce President JAMES RIGLER Sponsor MR, MERRITT Treasurer JOE KRANTZ Through the efforts of the Krwanrs Club we are greatly benefrted by the Key Club whrch has done many worthwhrle projects for our school and community A very worthwhile purpose of the Key Club rs to Lnstill the quahtres of good leadershrp and a democratic government wrth members workmg together as good cttrzens The Key Club sponsored the Key Club Sweetheart Dance which was greatly en1oyed by many students and frrends IS. FFA Fust row Mr Thompson, BoJko Marmg Wtlls Ashley Krantz Jackson Hams Kmll Sec ond row Yeager DeCross Rose Buckman Dorsey Shrpley Klme Smlth Muellenschlader Crumbacher Shrpley Thtrd row Kelster Magm Gartrell Lwesay Wllhar Green Seal Forney Mrller OFFICERS Presldent JOSEPH KRANTZ Treasurer RICHARD MARING Secretary GILBERT ASHLEY Sentmel WILLIAM HARRIS Sponsor MR, THOMPSON All boys studymg Vocational A gnculture are open for membership rn the Mount Auy Chap ter of Future Farmers of Amenca The F F A conslsts of thtrty one members The Mount Any Chapter IS one of slxty four tn the state of Maryland The F F A has proved to be a worthwhile organizatton due to tts many COIIIIIIJUIIOIIS through out the school The F F A col lected clothes and food for the needy children at Chrrstmas tune Our Judgmg team won the Eastem Natlonal Livestock Judging contest and placed second at College Park in ltvestock judg mg As a fmal actrvlty they plan to have thelr annual parent and son banquet The F F A also attended the Harrisburg Farm Show and judged at Frederick Fair O O Vice President ----- ROBERT JACKSON Reporter ----------- BILLY WILL FOTQAQ Seated Mlss Bond Artkens Runkels Norr1s Ryan Crum Jacobs Standmg, Moore Gardner Drckey Hood Mcwlllxams Hames Condon Wolf OFFICERS Presldent BETTY NORRIS Treasurer ELSA CRUM Vrce President CHARLES RUNKLES Hrstorxan SALLY AITKENS Secretary PEGGY RYAN Sponsor MISS BOND TWC Frrst row Mrs Moore Gxllrs Teague Lettlere Beall Mauck Second row Nrcholson Nor wood Weller Hulver Ogle Haxght Storm Cantwell Thrrd row Farver M111er Hahn Hood, Flemmg, Twenty JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL , in-l , -1-1... 7 an Slttmg Brown Harrlson Thomas Norrls Mrs Thomas Standrng Albright Dorsey Culwell Mrller Kern Guxm OFFICERS President DENNIS THOMAS Secretary SHIRLEY HARRISON Vxce President CONNIE NORRIS Treasurer ALLEN BROWN ILASSO QLUIB3 Frrst table Rexrode Fuzzell Storm Second table Lewts Kessler Brown Ozman Pope Standlng Straro Pamter Lmton Mrs Yaste Jordan Schmrdt OFFICERS Presrdent CALLEN OZMAN Secretary LYNN STRAW G AOA Kneeling Hood Weller Hulver Altkens Farver Setung Mauck Twenty Letuerx Wolf Wolf Wolf Jacobs Mrss G1les Standmg Lmton Mauck Layton Schrleder Drckey Gardner Gxllespxe Crum Cantwell, Moore Noms OFFICERS Secretary SHIRLEY LETTIERI Treasurer MARY J TWENTY Kneelmg Mr Ames Buckman Welsh Krantz Yeager Standmg Manng Muelhnschloder Welsh Condon Dubbert Dorsey Kmll Kettleson, Harrison, Appleby Willrar The B A A is a newly organized club Lmder the drrecuon of Mr Ames President ----------- LAURETTA WOLF Vice President ------------ LISA WOLF PATRULMEN K Frrst row Dorsey Taylor Knott Condon Hood Freysz Lettrerr Hash Crumbacker Ashley Magrn Second row Runkles Selby Weller Artkens Parnter Rexrode Porter Norrrs Beall Lrvesay Behr Haines Thrrd row Mr Flora Wrrght Lamb Wrrght Condon Warfreld Nelson Bojko Harrls Noms Sponsor Mr Flora PROJELTHON L LL B lj' l ffl Seated Knott Wrll Thomas Runkles Rrgler Standmg, Culwell Taylor Dorsey Crawford Hams Poole Marlng Runkles Flem1ng,Johnson Jacobs Tabler Mr Thompson Sponsor Mr Thompson 7 ....i. 1 ' s z - , f It ,' 'I . S . " , . ., s f 9 f4'3t,' 'Q 1 if 1, , . X N x f VI I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I I I I I I I I I I I . . I I w If A 1 V 4 .',,g,- sl -I A, ,,,, S, . 1 , ' A V ' -4 4 'QQ' I ' , , l Mrswp , Y ' 9 ' S :fn 1 22- 'I .- 44...'tf 3 f ,fl .. ,' I . . sl" Yr ' C 0 A ' . . . . I , 0 I I I I I I I I I I v n n v f r 0 - 3 . - er. A7 1 S X RSYTY l N KE Couoo TWENTQ, ff D 04 ff Q Conan Miss C51LES Ol gR, 19 ,C 99 AUHOOD Noe W Hansson, Dames, Umklen, Buuklcg., Kl,',,Q ,B,0,J,,,L,,,-,,,,mN Q., S Ueblyugll , Hating , Hoqulls, Penn, Pope SOCCER Slttmg Wmkler Hall Yeager Penn W1ll1ar Dorsey Kerster Webb Seated Appleby Dubbert Clarey German Krantz Welsh Albrxght R1gler Standmg Mr Ames Welsh Kmll Condon Hams Buckman Kettleson Kelly Haruson Hash Condon Muellenschlader TRACK "N, Kneelmg Krantz Albrrght Welsh Freysz Harms Penn Hash Standlng Rrgler German Knill Appleby Kelly Condon Yeager Condon, I ' I . T' K1 f ' 7 SIPIEIE UBAII L Kneehng Artkens Wolf Wolf Twenty Crum Glllespre Overholtzer Standlng Nlcholson Drckey Hood Moore Cantwell Wolf Llnton Gardner Farver VARSIIT Y VULLIEYBAILL Lmtou, Gardner, Farver, Twenty, Condon, Hood, Wolf, Wolf, Crum, Wolf, Axtkens, Cantwell, Moore, Norrrs Y L I 1 41 Y yf.-N ., 1 . : 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - f TX B XSRFTTS XI L Kneellng Snow Nxcholson Lmton Selby JI XV VULLE YB XLL Kneehng Webb Nxcholson Ha1ght Lmton Brown Gunn. Standmg Roberts Ogle Magm Condon Hahn Thomas Gxlhs Amos Q v , v I 1 1 X N . jd. H A . . 1 . . A". A: ' : . ' , ' , . Standing: Roberts, Haight, Hahn, Ogle, Webb, Amos, . Z I ' i Y I . I I ' 3 1 1 G v 1 o a ' . I QUAEHES CHEERLEADERS : I 0 Condon, Norris, Mayes, Fleming, Cantwell, Beall, Compliments of ONE HOUE MAETINIZING CLEANING Z5 North Market Street Freder1ck Md 'FUCK s gmzizw ffkffff WOODBINE COMPANY INC GROCERY Feeds Seeds Fert1l1zer Meats Gr cer1es A155 Farm Suppl1es Home Apphances Gas and O11 Woodblne Maryland Bartholows Md Open Sundays Phone Sykesvllle 477 E UD P PLUMBING XL Q 'xi -9 H A VAN-SANT Reg1stered Master Plumber Plumblng Heatlng and El ctrlcal Contractor Phone Mount Alry 195W Mount A1ry Maryland , . 1 , . . . 0 7 , . - ll 1.57 Sa. 'ix N ' Ei, I I . , . . 9 Marlon Runkles Adrrures Helen Behr s Baliour Class Rmg HENRY WITTICH IR Rep esentat1ve KZZZQQW Qwfwwg 7Zaz-www --5. ,1 1 it N' DAIRY PRODUCTS WRX Compliments of Tl-IE BO!-?DEN'S ICE CREAM COMPANY We stminste r , Maryland . . , I 'I 1. ' a 45 - - 1' ' 1. .. ' 1 A ' f' - .wr ' ' ' l --if ,gr is f s 'Q zu.--A K' K X gm? fm! M AQKET 223 E1 Maln Street We stmlnster Md The Home of Qual1ty Meats and Fresh Vegetables Phone 338 Free Dellvery LEROY H CONAWAY Proprletor J VVILLJAIVI BURKE CERAMIC TILE CONTRACTOR See B111 for Beautlful Bathrooms Kltchens Porches Slnk Tops Hearths Mt A1ry Md Mt Alry 110 M Free Elstlmates JONES MOTORS Dodge and Plymouth Dealer Routes 27 and 144 Telephone 63 Mt Alry Maryland HAKFLEY BROTHERS BUILDING CONTRACTORS Bullders of Better Homes Fnzzellburg Maryland Phone Westnfunster 802 R Bl Ll.. MAR Cut Rate Store 43 E Ma1n St Phone 1588 Westmmster We strrunster Md , . C ll ' Il . 7 I 3 3 . 7 and Fire Places . , . Q ' ' . ' 3 7 , . Apphances Telev1s1on Sales SGIVICS OUTZAHN K1tchen Remodelers 53 South Market Street Frederlck Md Maryland s I..1r est Slegler Heater Dealer All of these Famous Brands K.elv1nator Maytafv RCA Bend1x Sparton I Phone MO. 3-6260 Open Every Nite 'Till 9 TODD I-IAIVI I LTO N15 I-I YBI2 I D MARKET SEEDCORN 8: FIELD SEEDS Produce, Groceries Sz Fresh Meats Fish and Sea Foods TODD HYBRID CORN CO. Phone Mo. 33193 - Mo. 33194 244 East Patrick St. Mt. Airy, Md. Frederick, Maryland Phone 69-W Compliments of Compliments of VVI-IITE STAI2 "COMMUNITY LUNCH EE POI2 I EI2 Home of the Famous Texas Hot Wiener Frederick Md Mt Airy Maryland KEI-IIXIE FURNITURE CO 50 South Market St One of Frederick s Monument Z 1261 Really Fine Stores Frederick Md Key Hotel Building Freder1Ck Alry Silver China Watches and Phone 150 W Specialize in Lunches and Drop in and Look Around Sea Food Diamond Ring s O fgmdfez Z FI.oYD'E-5 PII ICJBLJIZC-5 STP'-FI 13129 5542245 Kuff? Compl' 5 of I I Manager EIL. R DUNCAN VQESG1 ON BROWN GENERAL EXCAVATION AND GRADING Ponds Fence Rows Foundatlons Mount A1ry Maryland Phone 158 R BGBBY E-5 BERT!-IA C HOBBY LOBBY C 0 L- Arts Crafts and Model OI' Supphes Alteratlons on Fur Coats and Capes Made 3 Locust Street 58 East M319 St Westmmster Md Westmmster Md Phone 1134 W Tl-IE Phone Westrnmster 3 73 MEI-1 I21NC5 FERTILIZER WORKS INC Comphments of Fert1l1ZEI Eshelman Feeds Custom Gr1nd1ng and M1X1Dg gl M 5 Prompt De11ver1es Mt A1ry Md Phone Mt A1ry' 345 I FKEDEKICK Compliments of Your School Photographer Wedimmdfefz 3274464194 CHARLES F. MAGEE-Owner We Stminster Maryland Phone 700 MODERN PHARMACY JOSEPH P MARMOR Proprletor South Market Street Frederlck Md VVADE S SALES AND SERVICE 7 Locust Street Westmlnster Md Phone 582 Author1zed Sales and Serv1ce Agency for Underwood STEEL! NG E Representmg NATION WIDE INSURANCE CO S Flre L1fe Auto Phone 3191 Montgomery Ave Mt A1ry Md WA LSI-I S RADIAT OR AND LAWN MOWER Repa1r s and Part S 158 Llberty Street Westmlnster Maryland Phone Westrrunster 850 cocueom , JOSEPH L. MAT!-HAS 5, SONS Monuments S1nce 1906 Bu1ld Whlle You LIVE We stmmster Baltlmore and Hanover Ma' f ""5"1:.-ss I urn NIEILMAN 'Fw' HQ' 5' 5 K 3"'swT.fE.1ig, f NT W " gg,-'villl gums It 'JL 'Sw- qfyffma .TEJWELERS 9 South Market Street F'reder1ck Md St1eff Sllver ard Monet Jewelry LX 'DA T2 MILLETQ insurance A11 K1DdS Ivlount A1ry Md Phone s Off1Ce 2.0 Resldence 104 SKYLINE MOT ORS General Repalr Expert Body and Fender Work Pamt .Tobs Phone Westrrunster 8821 70 John Street We stmlnster , Md MOOI2E'5 SERVICE STATION Taylorsvllle Md L1ght Lunch Drlnk Phone New Windsor 3393 0 1 .- V ' 1 ir V 'V VV r T V N V. ' ' iw' 1 f' 'I . ' I I V .V Yin- , ,1 -A I V Y V V VV V ,VW , - . VUL, I 1- J. av. Y V fd, ' .IFN ..-:V .-.kj 'K lv, gm? '. ' 'f . 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HUBBLE 81 Co Realtors 205 W 27th St Ba1t1more Md Phone Mt A1ry 114 W QQ awk Flower Garden Potted Plants Corsages Cut Flowers Phone Mt A1ry 137 .T BILLS RADIO 8: TELEVISION WM G NORWOOD T V Installat1on and Serv1ce Located 1n Harrlsons Shop Shop Phone 60 W Res 171 W 2 Mt A1ry Md FINCI-I SERVICES M DIS .Tohn Deere Sales and Serv1ce Qn the Square Phone Westmmster 1164 Westrrunster Md F1-eder1ck Md 7 o . I - Q ., - 'Q s n 1 . , I sl g , Q .Q- - . - - v I x I XX ' xx 71 . , . ' an vu , . , . 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BARNES Morons XT SALES AND SERVICE Phone 182 RAYMOND P BARNES 224 WASHINGTON RD O WESTMINSTER M D Venetian Blinds Dial Mo. 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I 1 1 2 1 3 . 2 3 Nlr and Mrs Charles Conaway Souder Construction Company Damascus Maryland Boyer and Cramer Damascus Maryland Compliments of a Friend Winfield Maryland Winfield Maryland Mr and Mrs Wm P Miller Woodbine Maryland Mr and Mrs Leland Pickett Mount Airy Maryland Mr and Ivlrs Amos Twenty Mount Airy Maryland Hoo ds Gar age Damascus Maryland Mr and Mrs Henry C Krantz Mount Airy Maryland Woodbine Maryland Pope s Restaurant Damascus Maryland Compliments of a Friend Westminster Maryland Mr and Nlrs R M Porterfield We stminster Maryland Mr and Mrs .T I.. Starkey Mount Airy Maryland PATRONS Sandra's Shop Damascus, Maryland Nlr and Mrs Percy Rigler Mount Airy, Maryland C C Thomas Frederick Maryland Mr and Mrs Benard O Bryan Frederick Maryland Mr and Mrs Francis Blair Winfield Maryland Mr and Mrs Morley Harrison Mount Airy Maryland Nlr and Mrs H S Albright Mount Airy Maryland lvlr Paul B Clay Mount Airy Maryland Mr and Mrs Clarence Appleby Mount Airy Maryland Mr and Mrs Authur S Condon Woodbine Maryland Mr and Ivlrs H A Mullenschlader Woodbine Maryland Mr and Nlr s Westminster Mr and Mr s We stmmster Casper I Behr Maryland Edward Will Maryland lvlr and Ivlrs C P Jacobs Mount Airy Maryland 9 , . . o s . , . . o , ' , 0 o . , u , n , o o 9 . o , 1 - . . . , . . , . . , . . , . . . , ' ' Q . t , . . . . , . Mr. and Nlrs. Lonnie Wright , , , . 9 . ! ' , n . , 4 o 1 .. , . a . S n 9 . Q n n . s . E . . . , . . . . i , . . .

Suggestions in the Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) collection:

Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 112

1956, pg 112

Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 51

1956, pg 51

Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 8

1956, pg 8

Mount Airy High School - Torch Yearbook (Mount Airy, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 70

1956, pg 70

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