Moundsville High School - Orospolitan Yearbook (Moundsville, WV)

 - Class of 1953

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Moundsville High School - Orospolitan Yearbook (Moundsville, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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n fe ,,-- .NX I f, 2-' A - ' ' ,l X-,4 if-L-. ' ' -N-., ' S ' . , I We , - s , V4 Q , f .1-.v ?ZkiZwW' ' k'I?i'.' . " . '3'k7ffT9T1Z2!5HifGYf5'K ?yQ7J5uf .i'f'E5.L'Z 2 i T- ' HQMEC Z4 W3DM."".f."15EX' J ,XX -. I - ',11,, :'1LJJ..4ci'3M,4f':z.': .1 "QP ' 5 . ', A 'j-a:mq':q,f3 r TLA.uixS1'!9ff5Z:OiE,?Lsa23iSRSHLKQHAJEZMHQKAPZA-i"33M' ' , jmawffwl ..... This year the Orospolitau staff has chosen the medium of television as the bookis theme. As you go through your yearbook, We trust that you will appreciate the time and effort the staff has put forth to make the 1953 Orospolitan the biggest and best yet. This idea of a theme throughout the book is new in our high school and we hope you like it. The Staff L. 'Q N opospoumw A4 Sk f G ROS- Q ' '.,A l 1 7 KQ 4 . if . r, MIX 755, 4.5 s C U L-4 6443555 C7'1y.'fXQ' 'OORT Miss Mary Bardall TO ONE VVHO, IN HEH QUIET XVAY, HAS HELPED ALL OF US TO SUCCEED THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 DEDICATES THIS BOOK avg V 1-9 ' If N ,V , K , f 3 If - Ti A ' . - Qu SN, Q ' fl fl WE P "mi 54 ...T i 1' A f 2 Q 7 ..1..s, 3 -.-A Z Q GBUS - - f ff,w1 B 'ws' X ,QQ ,4 A Q .5 , ' if R 'ful Jfwdfqf NIR. L. D. WIANT Principal MISS HALLIE BONAR Dum f f' 1' A Mrrs fm A 1 fll i I r 555 . . ga.. S Miss Bardall A. B. Latin l, 2 English I0 Mr. Doman B. 5. Aim-rican llistory XVorlcl Ilistory Miss C. Gleason B. S. M. S. llonn- Evononlics Mr. Bonar Miss Bosworth B. S. A. B. A. lNl. R1-latccl lXlachinc Shop English Literature Hs-latvcl Auto Shop Driver Educ-ation Miss DeCamp A. B. M. A. Spanish 1, 2 Frmicli 1, 2 English lO Mr. Games M. A. Geometry Algvhra 1, 2 Trigonoinvtry Mode-rn Litcraturc Mr. Dickerliool' B. S. Biology Assistant Coat-ll Miss M. Gleason A. B. Aint-rin-an llistory Mr. Burley A. B. Sociology Economics Coininvrcial Law Yvarhook Mrs. Essington A. B. Typing 1, 2 Sale-snianship Mr. Mcllvain A. B. Nl. A. lnclnstrial Arts Mrs. Calhoun C. B lioolikcvping Cvnvral Businm ss Mr. LaB IV A. B Pliysical Eel. lfoothall Coa Miss johnson B. S Shortliancl Typing 1, 2 jarulfy, all Miss Lineberger A. B. M. A. Physical Education Mr. Thomas 'llruclu lllltl lll'ClllStl' l":dllL'1liiUll Auto Shop Jfwdfff Mr. Niekamp Mrs. Parriott Mr. Rogers A. B. M. A. A. B. B. S. M. A. A. B. Band Library Chemistry Physics Rzlclio Mrs. Smith Mr. Pelnez Mrs. Roush iill A. B. A. M. B. S. li. lflnglish tlix ics llumc Et'0ll0lllit'S Wbrlcl History Mrs. Evans Mr. Church A. B. A. M. P. M, E. D. English Machine Shop Journalism 8 Mrs. Ullom A. B. Biology Arithnwtic Miss Watkins A. B. English . 1 X I Q ,. up -. fe, , sw M xl: wg- H ,uf , U if 1 43. A , E 6. .lt ,N Seated: l'rc-sidvnt, john Suitlusg SCL'l'i'tilI'y, Agues Bakr-It Adxisor, Mrs. Iissingtun Standing: Vim' P11-siclvllt. Bill xvilliillllk T1'mls1lx'1'1', Curl XVuyll1'. 7 '. " QSEQ' . fi! 6? gf, 'lfb-...f 9 Jacqueline Alvarez "Iackie" Course-I Ionic Economics Ambition-Marry my man Activities-C.C.C. 1, C.A.A. 3,4 Robert Baker "Sh0tgunU Course-Auto Shop Ambition-Truck Driver .Rosemary Anderson "Ronny,' Course-Ccuerul Ambition-Ioin the Navy Activities-C.C.C. 1, G.A.A. 3, 4, Librarians l,2, Stuclvnt Council 2, Glcv Club James R. Bickerton ..Jim,, Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Maulninist Activities-lli-Y 2,3,4, Movie Operator 3,4. Dorothy Berisford "Don-ty Lil" Course-College Prep Ambition-To live in the coun- try Activities-Cleo Club 1, Y- Teens 2,3,4, Cabinet 4, Mas- quers 2, Pr-ess Club 4, C.C.C. 1, G.A.A. 3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Thes- 1710118 3, Choral Club 2,3,4, jun- ior Pluy, Sophomore Variety David W. Aston "Dave" Course-General Ambition-Ridge Runner Doreen Faye Anderson ..Andy,, Course-Commercial Ambition-Marry ax soldier Activities-G.C.C. 1, C.A.A 3,4, Press Club 4 jack Elwood Berisford "Jackson" Course-General Ambition-To be ai hobo Agnes Eileen Baker "Agnes" Course-General Ainbition-Svcre-tary Activities - G.C.C. 1, Clem Club, Secretary of Senior Class Student Council 2, Y-Teens 2,3 4, Ir.-Sr. Drama Club 3 Paul Blake "Paul" Course--General Ambition-Truck Driver Activities-F.F.A. 1,2,8,4 Karen Bonar Klleepn Course-General Ambition-Learn how to play Euchre Activities-C.A.A. 3,4, Y- Teens 4, C.C.C. 1, Sophomore Variety Melvin Coleman Boso ..Mel., Course-Commercial Ambition-Retire at 25 Activities-Hi-Y 3,4, Senior Variety, Football 2.3. Betty Jean Burton "Betty" Course-General Ambition-To be happy Activities -- junior Variety, C.C.C. 1 K. Richard Burkland nDickn Course-General Ambition-Retire Activities-Hi-Y 4 Anetta lane Cecil "Poodle" Course--General Ambition-To travel Activities-Y-Teens 3.4, GC. C. 1, Ir.-Sr. Drama Cluh William Thomas Boner "Tommy" Course-Vocation Agriculture Ambition-Cattle Farming Activities - F.F.A. 1.2,3,4 Senior Play Barbara Ann Brill "Barbara" Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Nurse Activities - Y-Teens 2,3,4 Cabinet 3.4. C.A.A. 3,4, F.H.A 1,2.3, G.C.C. 1, Masquers 2 Future Nurses 3,4, President 4 Senior Play. Yearbook 4 Charles E. Brock "Chuck" Course-General Ambition-To get rich Activities-Hi-Y 3,4 Shirley Marlene Cassis "Marlene" Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Nurse Activities--G.C.C. l, Libra rians 4, Senior V ariety Robert Carroll Burton ..Bob,, Course--General Ambition-To make money 9 C. Chambers H. Butler J. Clegg J. Calhoun V. Clegg I. Campbell C. Coburn F. Chaplin C. Coflicld P. Chase Connie jane Chambers James Jay Campbell uFrenchy,' "Jimmie" Course-Gcncral Arnlvitiou+Talcc a post Graduate coursi- Activities-F.H.A. l. Y-Tecus 2,3,4, C.A.A. 3,4 Vice Prcs. 3, Prcsiclcut 4, Stuclcnt Council 4. Secretary 4, Homecoming Quccn Harley Lemoyne Butler "Lemoyne" Course-College Prop Ambition-Bc an cducatcd dope Activities-llanrl 3.4, Dirty Dozen 4, junior Play Joanne Blanclu- Clegg 'kjoanu Course-Cc-nr-ral Amlwitiou-Bcccunc a Model Activitics-C.C.C. l, Ch-v Clulm, Y-Tccns 2 Masqucrs 2 john Douglas Calhoun "Jolm', Course-fCc-ncral Ambition-Fix Airplanes Activities-Baud 2,3,4, Masquers 2, Iunior Play, Dirty Dozen 3,4 Veda Carolyn Clegg "Veda" Coursc+Ccncral Ambition-Ilouscwifc Activities-Y-Tccus l,2,3,4, F.ll.A. 1,2,3,4 1 flOllf3l'E'-VlJL'lltllJDiIl Agriculture Ambition-Explore the moon Activities-F.F.A. l,2,3,4 Claudette Cobum "Sp00kl, Course-General Ambition-Own Harryls Activities-C. C. C. 1, G. A. A. 3,4, Cheerleader 3,4, M. Cluh 3,4, Secretary 4 Floyd Dane Chaplin "Floyd" Course--Ccucral Amlmitiou-Bc an unsuccessful farmer Activitics-l?.l7.A. 1,2,3,4, V.l'. 2, Prvsidcnt 3,4 Clarice Ann Collield 'KCabby', Coursc-Home Economics Ambition-Follow Don Activities-G.C.C. 1 Phillip Marshall Chase "Phil" Course-'College Prep Ambition-Doctor Activities-Student Council 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, President 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, President of Jr. Class, Choral Club 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, President 4, Junior Play, Thcspians 4, M-Club 2,3,4 ll. Clegg' M. Cook N. Delbrugge B, Dobbs Harold Richard Clegg "ClebbH Course-Ceneral Ambition-Marry -loan Activities-Foritball 2514, Baseball 4, Student Couneil 4, M-Club -l Marilyn Virginia Cook "Cookie" Course-KDeneral Q Ambition-Live a happy xnarried lite Aetiyities-Y-Teens 2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, C.C.C. l, Choral Club 2,3 Charles Coflielcl f:Ace,v Course-General Ambition-Professimanal Baseball Aetiyities-Baseball 2,3,4 Alice Louise Daugherty "Louise" Course-College Prep Ambition-Nurse Activities-Y-Teens 2,3,4, Cabinet 4, Masquers 2, lr.-Sr. Drama Club 3,4, Thespians 4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Orospolitan 3,4, Circulation Manager 3, Editor 4, Outside Stafl :2,3,4, lr. Town Meeting 3,4, Librarians 4, Future Nurses 4 Sherrill Dean Conner "Sleepy", Course-College Prep AlllllllltllI--CllK'l1lll'ill Engineering Activities-Traeli 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2.3.4, M-Club, jun- ior Play, Senior Play C. Coflield L. Daugherty S. Conner H. Dobbs ll. Durrah S. Dorsey Nancy Lee Delbrugge "Nancy" LllDIITSK'-3-C0111lllK'l'L'llll Ambition-Model Aetiyities-Y-'l'eens 2.3.4, Clee Club I, 'lbespi aus 4.Vlf.T.A. 4. C.C.C.jl, Masquers Stuident Conn ell 4. lreasurer rl. Alr. llay, Senior llay. Seeretary ol jr. Town Meeting 13, Y-'l'e-en Cabinet 3,4 I David Beryl Dobbs "Dutch" CIourse-General Ambition-Be a booltir Helen Dobbs "Debbie" Course---Nurses Prep Ambition--Marry a Missionary Aetiyities-Thespians 3,4, Vice Pres. 4, lr.-Sr Drama Club 3,-1. 'l'I't'tlSlll'Cl' 4. C.A.A. 3,-1. Masquers 2 C.C.C. 1, Senior Play Ronald Lee Durrah "Diesel" Course-Ceneral Ambition-Truelc Driver Aetiyities-lfootball 22 Sarah Jane Dorsey "Sallie" CoursegCollege lll'l'13 Anllmilion-Own NVheeling Downs Aetiyities-C.C.C. l, clll1.'l'l'l1'klClt'l' :3,1' Nl-qjll,l, 3.4. C.A.A. 3.4, Alr.-Sr. Drama Club 4, Y-Teens 23,4 Choral Club 3,-1, Student Couneil 2 Juanita Shirlene Dunlap 'KShorty" Course-General Ambition-To travel Victor Anthony F rohnapfel "Vick', Course-General Ambition-Be a farmer Activities-F.F.A. 1r2,3,4 Helen Gail Franklin "Helen" Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary Activities-Y-Teens 1,:Z,3,4, F.H A. 1, Masquers Thomas Alexander Gregory HCI-eg!! Course-College Prep Ambition-Co to college Activities-Choral Club 3,4, Hi Y, Junior Play, Glee Club Leona Margaret Frohnapfel "Missy" Course-General Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-G.C.C. 1, Orospoli- tan, Outside Staff 4 Charles F. Ferrell .Toppan Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Machinist Cornelia Jo Fisher "Connie Io" Course--General Ambition-Ride in a Chrysler Activities-G.A.A. 3,4, Mas- quers 2, Press Club 4, Y-Teens 1, 2,3, Librarians 3,4, Orospolitan Outside Staff 1 Franklin Leroy Goodnight "Leroy" Course-Vocational Machine Shop Ambition-Navy Activities-Scoreboard Operator 3,4 Twyla joan Franklin CLPatti,7 Course-General Ambition-Marry Franny Activities-G.C.C. 1, F.H.A. 1, Glee Club 1, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Oros- politan 4 David Richard Gump "Chester" Course-General Ambition-Penitentiary Warden Activities-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Marjorie Lee Garvin MMal-ge!! Course-College Prep Ambition-Go to W.V.U. Activities - Band 1,2.,3,4, Y- Teens 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4, Thespians 3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Masquers 2, Trea- surer of Sophomore Class, Dirty Dozen 3,4, Choral Club 2,3 Thomas Hall wronln Course-General Ambition-Play with the Tigers Janice Lee Cray "Hutch" Course-General Ambition-Live in Cameron Activities-C.C.C. 1, Glee Club l James Richard Headley "Mouse" Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Be successful Activities-Track 2,8,4, M-Club 4 Lenora Landora Hall "Puddie" Course-General Ambition-Telephone Operator John William Guthrie "Cuffrie" Course-Vocational Machine Shop Ambition-Own New System Activities-Choral Club 2. Foot- hall 4, M-Club 4 Ruth Naomi Catewood "Naomi" CIourse-Cominerciul Ambitimmn-Bookkeeper Activities-G.C.C. 1, F.H.A. l, G.A.A. 3,4, Jr.-Sr. Drama Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Masquers 2, Y- Teens 2,3 John Leslie Hartley "Johnny" Course-General Ambition-Be il drummer Activities - M-Club 3,4, Press Club 4 Alice Jean Grimm "Jeannie" Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-VVait for Earl Activities-Glee Club l, l'.H.A. 1, Junior play, G.A.A. 3,4 Donald Lee Helms ..D0n,, Course-Machine Shop Ambition--Scientist Activities - Score Board Oper- ator 1 Betty Joann Harris Marlene Mae Hicks Marilyn Lavanda Holmes "Betty" "Marlene" Marilyn Course-General Course-Commereial Course-Commercial Ambition-To Travel Ambition-Secretary Ambition-Undecided Activities--Y-Teens 4 Activities C C C 1 Don Hess Ronald Allen High "Monster" "Ronnie" Course-AMachinc Shop Ambition-Cot rich quick Course-General Ambition-Space Cadet Activities-Football 3,4, Basket- Activities--Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Senior lmll 4, Track 3,4, M-Club 3,4 Play B. Harris D. Hess M. Hicks R. High M Holmes B. Holliday M. Holmes H. Howe L. Howe D Hovi earth Charles William Holliday Howard Lee Howe Leslie Dale Howearth "Bill', "Howard" Dale Course-lNlachine Shop Course-Machine Shop Course-Gnner il Ambition-Live a happy lift- Ambition-4Machinist Ambition-Motorcycle meth init Activities-Scoreboard Operator Activities - Scoreboard Opera- Activities F F A 1 tor Maverene Holmes Lena Mae Howe "Mav', "Mae" Clilllfht'--fllJ1l1lllL'l'f,'l2ll Course-General Ambition - Liwt fm- lm 'mm Ambition-lklarry an old Hume Moundsvillu john joseph Journey "Iourney': Course-Machine Shop Ambition-B-e a Millionaire Activities-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Walter C. Kepple Jr. ..Bud,, Course-College Prep Ambition-Teacher Activities-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Jr.-Sr. Drama Club 4, Thespians 3 4 Pres 4, F.T.A. 3,4, vice Pres. 4,,6:1mmi Club 2,3,4, Band f2,3,4, Senior Play Russell Knox "Russ" Course-General Ambition-Learn how to sing Activities-Dating my girl Judith Kathleen Hull Kathern Marie Hunter ...Iudyv ..Kathy,, Cmnurse-Connnereial Course-General Ambition-Private Secretary Ambition-Bookkeeper Activities-F.H.A. 2,3,4, Seere- Activities-Y-Teens 2,3,4, F.ll. tary 4, Y-Teens 3 A. 1, C.C.C. 1, Orospolitan 4, Cir- eulation Manager 4 J. journey -I. Ilull B. Kepple K. Hunter R. Knox N. jones H. Laing S. Kearns D. Leach S. Kelley Norma Isabel jones Shirley Ann Kearns Virginia Sherlene Kelley "Norman "Shirley', "Sherlene" Course-Commereial Ambitioni-Secretary Activities-Clee Chlb 1, Y-Teens 4 Course-College Prep Ambition-Dental hygienist Activities-Band 1,2,3,4, Masq- ers 2, Librarians 3,4, Thespians S, 4, Y-Teens 4, Dirty Dozen 3,4 Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Army Nurse Activities - Clee Club 1. Jr Town Meeting 3 Harry Alfred Laing David Earl Leach "Casey" "Henry" Course-College Prep Cou1'se-- Ambition-Trying to sleep all night Alnbition-NVorlc for Sc-rouge Me- At-nimirs - Nl-Club l,2,8,4, Duck Football l,2,3. lli-Y 1,253 Activities-Trzlek 3,-1, Ili-Y 253, -I. M-Club 4 Beverly JoAnn Kirby aloe Course--General Ambition-Live in Cameron Activities--Y-Teens 2,3,4, Clee Club 1, G.C.C. 1 Raymond Masters uRayn Course-General Ambition-Get rich quick Mary Jacqueline Knapp "Jackie" Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary Activities--F.H.A. 1, Y-Teens 3 Glee Club 1, C.C.C. 1 Dale Elwood Moore "Hot Rod" Course-General Ambition-Get rich quick Activities--Movie Operator Nancy Ann Koontz "Nancy" Course-General Ambition-Be an old maid Activities-Y-Teens 2,4 x Russell Clayton Lilley "Russ" Course-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Soil Conservationist Activities-F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3,4 Eileen Josephine Klug "Eileen" Course-Commercial Ambition-Secretary Edward Mercer ..Ed,, come-General Ambition-Farmer Activities-F.F.A. 1 Sophie Josephine Komorowski ..Zos,, Course-Connncrcial Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-G.C.C. 1 Joseph Fredrick Morrell "Fred' Course-General Ambition-Tramp Activities-Football 2,3, Hi-Y 3 4, Baseball 4 Kathern Kramer "Kittyv Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Nurse Activities-Y-Teens 2,3,4, C.A. A. 3,4, Librarians 4, Future Nurses 3,4, G.C.C. 1, Masquiers 2, Year- book 4 Donald Pelley "Buck" Course-Vocational Machine Shop Ambition-Get rich quick Activities-Movie Operator Blanche Leek "Blanche" Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Nurse Activities-C.A.A. 3,4. Librari- ans 4, G.C.C.. l, Iuuiox Play, Sen- ior Play Donald Richard Poluszek "Plu', Course-General Ambition-Own a tobacco factory Activities - Press Club 4, M- Club 4, Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2, 3,4, Basketball 3,4 Twila Colleen Lemons "Tillie" Course-General Ambition-VValk up Market and lown Main Street in VVheeling Activities-Y-Teens 2.3,-4, C.C. C. l Sonny joseph Nice "Red Belcher" Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Go with girls Activities-Golf 2,3,4, Football 4, M-Club 4, Treasurer 4, Basket- ball 4 Mary Virginia Kuhn "Shorty" Course-General Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-Y-Teens 2,3.4, G.C. C. 1, Jun Robert Polen "Bob" Course-College Prep Ambition-Engineer Activities - Hi-Y 2,3,4, Choral Club 2,3,4, Student Council 2, Masqucrs 2, Vice Pres. Freshman Class Doris Evelyn Lemasters ..Dumpy,, Course-General Ambition--To travel Activities-F.H.A. 1 Kenneth Robert Reynolds "Kenney', Course-Commercial Ambition-Cush Maker Activities-Football 2,3, Basket- ball 2, Baseball 2, Track 3,4 Charles Burton Hulong "Chub" Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Live a happy life Activities-Scoreboard Operator Norma jean Long "Dimples" Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Nurse Activities-F.H.A. 1, Glee Club 1 Lee Edward Sinon .fLee,, Course-General Ambition-Be a success Carol Ann Martinez UP. If, Course-Commercial Ambition-Join the Marines Activities-G.C.C. 1, Y-Teens 3, G.A.A. 3,4, F.ll A. 1,2,3,4 John Albert Slokan ulackn Course-General Ambition-Havre il new car Activities-Hi-Y l,2,3,4, M-Club 1,2,3,4, Foot ball 1,2,3,4, Captain 4, Track 1,2,3, Press Club 3,4 D Lilley D Rum C Ll1'1lgCI' B. Rine D. Long nv N Lonlf L Sinon C. Martinez I. Slokan Donald Ellison Sommer "Squirrel" Course--Machine Shop Ambition-Machinist Shirley Mason "Shuggie" Course-General Ambition-Keep Don happy Activities-F.H.A. 4, Jr.-Sr. Drama Club 4, Fu John Ray Suitlas ..J0hn,, Course--College Prep Ambition-Learn thc facts of life Activities-F.T.A. 4, Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Senior Class President, Student Council 2,3 Mary Virginia Miller "Ginney" Course-College Prep Ambition-Do the Lordis will Activities-Y-Teens LZ, Ir.-Sr. Drama Club 3.4, Librarian 2, Senior Play ' Tom Paul Sullivan "Sully,' Course--College Prep Ambition-Be strong as superman Activities-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Choral Club 4 ture Nurses Club 3,4, Secretary 4, junior Play, C.C.C. 1 Carolyn Jeann Mitchell "Mitchell" Course-College Prep Ambition-Old-maid school teacher Activities-C.C.C. 1, Masquers 2, Band 2,3,4, Y- Teens 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 3, Pres- ident 4, jr.-Sr. Drama Club 3,4, President 4, Thespi- ans 4, junior Play Ronald Duwane Taylor "Cumie" Course-Ceueral Ambition-Live fat, die young, and have a beautiful corpse Ann Yvonne Moore "Annie" Course-General Ambition-Co-Pilot on Ioan VV.,s Rocket Ship Activities-C.C.C. 1, Y-Teens 3,4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Typist 4 James Walter Thacker ...lima Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Master Mechanic Activities-Stage Manager Clara Jane Moore alaneu Course-Nurses Prep Alnbition-???? Activities-Masquers 1, Choral Club 3, Y-Teens l,2,3, F.T.A. 4, Homecoming Attendant 4 D- Sommer S. Mason J. Suitlas M. Miller T. Sullivan C. Mitch-ell R. Taylor A. Moore J. Thacker J, Moore Dorothy Morski "Dorothy" Course-General Ambition-Marry an old Flame Activities - Y-Teens 2,3,4, Orospolitan Outside Staff 2, Masquers 2, Librarians 3 Lester Reed Wagner ashaggys Course--Auto Shop Ambition-Be a good Chess player Activities-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Senior Play, junior Play Ethel Adella Newman MI-erry as Course-General Ambition-Get Married Activities-Band 1,2,S,4, Ma- jorette 2,3,4, Y-Teens 1, C.C.C. 1 Raymond Arthur Wheeler ..Ray,, Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Machii iist Activities - Choral Club, Scoreboard Operator Opal Marie Pelley .ropeu Course-Commercial Ambition-Join the Waves Donald Vere Todd r.D0n,, Course-College Prep Ambition-Space Patrol Activities-Band 2,3,4, Mas- quers 2, Vice Pres. 2 Frances Mroz "Francie" Course-Commercial Ainbition-Stenographer Activities - C.C.C. 1, Glee Club 1, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, 4-H 1, 2,3,4 Carl Lindsay Wayne "Carl" Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Machinist Activities-Choral Club 2, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Student Council 4, Track 2,3,4, Treasurer of junior and Senior Classes Donna Carolyn Niedermyer "Donna" Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Live in Wintersville Activities-Y-Teens 4, Clef- Club 1, G.C.C. 1, Masquers 2, Band 1,2,3,4, Dirty Dozen 3,4 Robert Whorton "Hillory" Course-Machine Shop Activities-Band 1,2,3, Oros- politan Outside Staff 4 Nancy Ioan Persinger aloe Course-College Prep Ambition-School Marin Activities-Bancl 2,51 Libra rians 4 Phillip Eugene Yoho "Yoho" Course-Collcgc Prep Ainbition-Micrcpaleonologist Activities-F.T.A. 4, Hi-Y l 2,3,4, Student Council 4, Foot hall 2, Track 3,4, M-Club 4 Catherine Jean Richmond anKittys: Coursc-General Ambition-Drive a Chrysler Activities - Y-Teens 1,2,4, Press Club 4, C.A.A. 3,4 Robert S. Williams ..B0b,, Course-Machine Shop Ambition-Machinist Activities-Hi-Y 13,4 Thais Ellen Rine "Ellen" Course-C4wmmcrcial Ambition-??? Glenn Dwight Yeater ulyinkyn Course-Commercial Ambition-Own "Boatie's" Barbara Annette Remke "Barbara" Course-College Prep Ambition-Be a good nurse Activities-G.C.C. 1, Pres. Masquers 2, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Cabinet 3,4, Librarians 3,4, Vice Pres. 8, Pres. 4, C.A.A. 3, 4, Thespians 4, Secretary 4, junior Play, Future Nurses 3,4 William Lee Williams "Bill" Course-General Ambition-Retire a Millionaire Activities--Hi-Y 2,3,4, Pres. 4, M-Club 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Thespians 2,3,4, jr.-Sr. Drama Club 4, Press Club 4, Track 2,8, Student Council 3, junior Play, Vice Pres. Senior Class Evelyn Louise Richmond "Evie" Course-General Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-F.H.A. 2, C.C.C. l Lyle Young "Sonny" Coursc-General Ambition-Beat Tommy jones' time with Scaby E. Robinson P. Ryan S. Sands A. South P. South N. Tasker D. Todd S. Underdonlc H. Walton I. XVayt Eva Jane Robinson Nancy Jo Tasker "EvieU "Nan" Course-General Ambition-To be happy Activities-C.C.C. 1, Choral Club 2,3, Band 1,2, 3,4, Pres. 4, Masquers 2, Ir.-Sr. Drama Club 3, Thes- pians 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Cabinet 4, junior Play, Senior Play, Homecoming Attendant Patricia Ann Ryan UPN., Course-Home Economies Ambition-Housevvite Activities-Clee Club 1, C.C.C. 1, F.ll.A. 1 Sharon Lee Sands "Shardyi' Course-General Ambition-Outsmart the Navy Activities-Y-Teens 2.3,4, Cabinet 2,3,4, Cheer- lea-der 3,4, Ir.-Sr. Drama Club 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Trea- surer 4, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Choral Club :2,3,4, M-Club 3,4, G.C.C. 1, Senior Play, Home- coming Attendant Alveretta Mae South "Bubbles" Course-General Ambition-???? Patricia Ann South "Patty" C4rurse-C4nnniercial Ambition-Housewife Activities-F.ll.A. l,2,3, Student Council 2 Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Live in a castle Activities-'r-Teens 2,3,4, Press Club 4, Vice Pres. 4, Choral Club 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Band 1,2.3, 4, Masquers 2, C.C.C. 1, Future Nurses 3 Donna Sue Todd .. . ,, Susie Course-College Prep Ambition-'Co to Marshall College Activities-C.C.C. 1, F.Il.A. 1.2,3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Cabinet 3,4, Masquers 2. F'.T.A. 4, Librarians 4, Vice Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play, jr.-Sr. Drama Club 4 Sara Beth Underdonk "Sara" Course-C1mnnnereial Ambition-??? Activities-Y-Teens 1,2,3, F.T.A. 4, Masquers 1 Helen Marie Walton "Helen" Course-General Ambition-Become a good housewife Activities-17.1-1.A. 1, C.C.C. 1 Lois Joann Wayt alou Course-Connnercial Ambition-Airline Hostess Activities-G.A.A. 3,4, Clee Club 1 J. Webb S. Wenek R. Williams P. Williams I. XVise N. Wood' M. Yoho N. Yoho K. Young K. Cox lean Ellen Webb Ella Nadine Woocl .jeans ..Dean,, Course-Conunereial Ambition-To live in Warwood Activities-Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Band 1. Shirley Ann Wenek .Reds Course-Ceneral Ambition--Live in Cameron Aetivities-Y-Teens 1, 4. Peggy jean Williams apegv, CIourse--Ccmmmereial Ambitirmn-Secretary Activities-C.C.C. lg Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.ll.A. l: C.A.A. 3, 4 Helena Ruth VVilliams "Ruthie" Course-General Ambition-Office Girl Lois Joan Wise "j0anie" Course-General Ambition-Fly a rocket to tlle moon Activities-G.C.C. lg Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Cabinet 3, 4, Secretary 45 Masquers 2, Pres. 2, jr. Sr. Drama Club 3, 4, Secretary 4g Tbespians 4, Treasurer 4, Press Club -15 junior Play, Ir. Town Meeting. 2, 3, 45 G. C. C. Course-Crnnmereial Ambition-Be a lady fly boy? Activities-F.H.A. 1, G.A.A. 3, Senior Play. Naome Virginia Yoho ..Red,, Course-General Ambition-Uncleciided Mary Lou Yoho "Mary Louv Course-Nurses Prep Ambition-Mak-e Chub happy Club 4. Activities-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Lil Karen Yvonne Young "Candy', Course-General Ambition-Be Happy always Activities-Y-Teens 3, 4: C.A.A. 3, 4, Press Club 4 Librarians 3, Jr. Sr. Drama Club 4, Orospolitan Out side Stalt 4, Student Director Senior Play. Kermit Cox "Bud" Course-Auto Sliop Ambition-Truck Driver Activities-Fmmotball 2. 43 Junior Play Jrarians 31 Press Playa Ulm, Jfifila, 004. ofauqhzcf' Comedy in Three Acts Laurie Huntington ,. A,,. , .,... ..............,. .....n.......... B a rbara Brill Sid Huntington ,.... ....., i ....,.,...,.,. S herrill Conner Martha Huntington . ,... i,.i..,,. E va Jane Robinson Wally Huntington , ......,....... Reed Wagner Mark Bradford . .. ............. Bud Kepple joan Wood i,i,. , .,..,.,. Sharon Sands '4Gus,' Gustevesky , ,. ,. . , ..,.....,. Donna Todd Horatio P. Honeywell .................,.. Bill Bonar Lillian Wood .. ,.... . .r..... Nancy Delbrugge Ted Wood .i,.... , A r.., ,.,...,............ B onnie High Grace ., ..,.. Louise Daugherty Walola ,..,. ..,.,.., M ary Virginia Miller Amelia ,. . .. ...,,.,.... Nadine VV00d Teresa .,,.... ,. ....,,i , ,.,.l.i,.,..,..,r...............,.., Helen Dobbs Caroline . ,.... ,. .i.i ,,,.., ....i.,....,,,......,............,,... B 1 anche Leek Student Directors i .r,i,.r Karen Young, Kathern Kramer Coach , .. ..,.,.. . .. .i,,.,,, ,..,.,,. .,,.,....,.. N 1 rs. ESS1Ilgt0ll gm war We, the Senior Class of "53n will and bequeath the following to our Underclassmen. Jackie Alvarez leaves to wait for Frog. Doreen Anderson leaves her collection of class rings to Patty Silver. Rosemary Anderson leaves her petite figure to Martha Shepherd. David Aston leaves his tallness to Terry Chambers. Agnes Baker leaves to take up baking at Rulongs. Bob Baker leaves his boisterous way to LeRoy Leach. Dorothy Berisford leaves her freckles to Roger Petit. lack Berisford leaves his peppy walk to Bill Truex. jim Bickerton leaves his blond hair, blue eyes to Iohn Mueller. PauldBlake leaves his interest in Vo-Ag. to some junior who likes it oes. Karen Bonar leaves her fancy dancing steps to Jean Evans. Tommy Bonar leaves his friendly way to Floyd Osborne. Melvin Boso leaves his easy going way to Ronnie Price. Barbara Brill leaves to take the next bus to Clarksburg. Charles Brock leaves his sailor clothes to some future sailor. Dick Burkland leaves his ability to dodge homework to Sonny Yoder. Bettv Burton leaves her quiet ways to Verna Lee Howard. as well as he Bob'Burton and Bob Polen leave their love for each other to Dave Whipkey and Dave Kady. lim Campbell leaves his easy-to-get-along-with personality to Bruce Stewart. Marlene Cassis leaves her walk to Iames Allison. Anetta Cecil leaves to join the Air Force. Connie Chambers leaves her hair to Norma Jean Duffy. Flovd Chaplin leaves his ready smile to Joe Couldsberry. Phillip Chase leaves his shyness to Iohn Sievertson. Ioan Clegg leaves her dimples to Joanne Yoho. Richard Clegg and Tom Hall are just leaving and glad of it. Veda Clegg leaves her black hair to luanita McCardle. Claudette Coburn leaves Sonny for next vearis Seniors to watch over. Charles CoHield leaves his love for baseball to Clarence Corby. Clarice Coflield leaves her pleasing personality to Carol Key. ' Marilyn Cook leaves to take the next plane to Canton. Sherrill Conner leaves his shortness to Bill Williams. Kermit Cox leaves his voice to Bonnie Loy. Louise Daughertv leaves her brains to Donnie Taylor. Nancv Delbrugge leaves her organ nlaving to Carol Wilson. Berle Dobbs leaves his tinv but mightv stature to Donald Parsons. Helen Dobbs leaves her serions attitude in class to Barbara Miller. Sallv Dorsev leaves her horse-back riding to Dora Mae Sills. luanita Dunlap leaves her quiet wavs to Dorothv Sauke. Ronnie Durrah leaves his curly hair to Raymond LeMasters. Charles Ferrell just leaves. Connie Fisher leaves her peroxide hair to Helen Aivolotis. Helen Franklin leaves her long hair to Ellen Beam. Leona Frohnapfel leaves her ability to naake friends to Vivian Crow. Victor Frohnapfel leaves his tininess to Donald Crow. Mariorie Garvin leaves her wardrobe to Sara Jane Hinerman. Ruth Gatewood leaves to search for jim. Leroy Goodnight leaves his paper route to Dick Martin. Ianice Cray leaves for Cameron. Klum, WHL Tommy Gregory leaves his ufirmv walk to John Young. Alice jean Grimm leaves her glasses to Jane Mcllvain. David Gump leaves his ushering job to anyone who thinks he can do as well. john Guthrie leaves his point-kicking to Bump McGill. Lenora Hall leaves her quiet Ways to Janis Chambers. Betty Harris leaves to get her other ring. john Hartley leaves his Well-groomed appearance to Junior Yoho. James Headley leaves his sisteris G. A. A. jacket to some Iunior who is lucky enough to have a sister in G. A. A. Don Helms leaves his friendliness to Neil Norris. Pauling Henry leaves her shyness to Agnes Fritzman. Don Hess leaves his crown to next yearis king. Marlene Hicks leaves, but her sisters remain. ' Ronnie High leaves his love for short haircuts to David Baum. Bill Holliday leaves to find Anita Mae. Maverine Holmes leaves her cute figure to Mary Stephens. Lena Howe and Dorothy Lilley leave their quiet ways to Patty White and Virginia Lilley. Howard Howe and Ray Wheeler leave their cars to anyone who thinks he can get them. Dale Howearth leaves his job on the Trojan Dial to some next yearis capable enough to take it. Judy Hull, jackie Knapp, Sophia Komorowski and Ann Moore are all leaving together. Kathern Hunter leaves in a green Chev. Norma Jones leaves her car riding to some other lucky girl. ,lohn Iourney leaves his ability to get along without girls to Eugene Iohnson. Shirley Kearns sadly leaves Mr. Niekamp. Shirlene Kelley leaves her friendliness to Maxine Harlen. Buddy Kepple regretfullv leaves Miss Watkins. To Ann Kirbv leaves for a hike up to McMechen. Eileen Klug leaves her pleasing smile to Phillip Wallace. Russell Knox leaves his well-dressed aonearance to John Derrow. Nancv Koontz leaves to marry Tonv Garcia. Kathern Kramer and Barbara Remke leave for the Ohio Vallev Hospital. Maw Virginia Kuhn leaves to ioin Frank. Harrv Laing leaves his blond hair to Don Chambers. David If-ach is taking Pedvv with him. Rlanch Leek leaves her abilitv to act to anv luckv girl. Doris Lemasters leaves her pleasant wavs to her sister. Twila Lernons leaves her ability to date out of tnwn bovs to Shirleen Baker. Russell Lillev leaves his love for Fork Ridge to Don Brill. Gertrude Liniger leaves to join Paul. Dell Long leaves her giggles to Ruth Kedward. Norma Long is taking her diamond with her. Carol Martinez leaves her wav with the boys to Ianice Koll. Shirley Mason leaves to join Don. Raymond Masters leaves his tiny build to lohn Noble. Edward Mercer leaves his love to make friends to Denzil Stocklask. Marv Virginia Miller leaves her ponv tail to Ierrv Majeski. Carolvn Mitchell leaves her popularity to Lois Jean Stout. Dale Moore leaves his selection as Homecoming escort to some lucky Iunior. jane Moore leaves her neatness to Elsie Bonar. grim war Dorothy Moraski leaves her love for boys to Peggy Adkins. Fred Morrell leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Wiant to Bob Fisher. Frances Mroz leaves her ability to use big words to Marcella Carney. Ethel Newman leaves her boots to Thelma Blake. Sonny Nice leaves his "Best-Athletev title to Sonny Allen. Donna Niedermyer leaves to get married. Don Pelley leaves his love to ride around to Glen Miller. Opal Pelley, Joanne Wayt, and Nadine Wood leave their friendship to Phyllis McDowell, Nancy Maury, and Wilma Johnson. Nancy Persinger leaves her glasses for Shirley johnson to watch over. Don Poluszek leaves his mumps-like appearance to Tommy Montes. Kenny Reynolds leaves, but to wait for Shirley. Evelyn Richmond leaves to join Bob. jean Richmond leaves her neat hair-do to Ierry Hubbs. Dana Rine, Lemoyne Butler, and john Calhoun all leave together, thank goodness. Robert Rine leaves his "Who cares: I don't." attitude to Pat Henry. Thais Rine leaves her long hikes out Third Street to Betty Riggs. Eva jane Robinson leaves her hair to Sondra jones. Chub Rulong leaves with Marilyn. Patty Ryan is taking her diamond with her. Sharon Sands leaves her ability to write letters to jane Ann Miller. Lee Sinon leaves his glasses to Jim Allison. jack Slokafn leaves his football ability to Keith Berger. Don Sommers leaves his daily ride to Glen Dale to Keith Sommers. Patty South leaves her hair to Bonnie Matthais. john Suitlas leaves his leadership ability to next year's Senior President. Tommy Sullivan leaves his ability to get the car to Dave Burkett. Nancy Tasker leaves to join the Bulldogs. Ronnie Taylor leaves his pearly white teeth to Bob Wilson. jim Thacker leaves his black hair to Glan Ronansky. Donna Todd leaves her willingness to work to Mary Frances Martin. Donnie Todd leaves his love for chemistry to any junior with the same appreci- ation. Sara Underdonk leaves her street walking to Iudy Gregory. Recd Wagner leaves his straight hair to Carl Ott. Carl Wayne leaves his Winning personality to Bob Chaddock. lean Ellen Webb leaves for Bellaire. Shirley Wenek leaves her flirting ability to Sally Kirby. Bob Whorton leaves his good ability as a stage hand to someone we hope will be on time. Bill Williams sadly leaves Thespians for the last time. Bob Williams leaves Suzette for the class of ,54 to watch over. Peggy Williams leaves school, but not Dave. Ruth Williams sadly leaves Phys. Ed. Ioan Wise leaves her hair to Marlene Clark. Delores Wood leaves her likeness for basketball to Mary Ann Guzek. Dwight Yeater leaves his red hair to Roger Pettit. Mary Lou Yoho leaves to get her other ring. Naomi Yoho leaves her hair to Donna Black. Phillip Yoho leaves his wisecracks to David Burkett. Karen Young leaves to drive a milk truck. Lyle Young leaves his backwardness to F rankei McManus. Savior HF-ILL I v- 1 LOOKIQ ...A 3 '-V, 1 X ., Class . .IVH vm Q f If Z!! V xx Q -' . g xxx na. , ff' 1 5 4 ' f' X MW 1 nznumnmmxl, I ff xii, ll, -fob If Q Q Q 1 CO ,Q 6 J mx S' nm N 'V V ' K, -v X ' - " Ns XSS QQ, 1. X I x W as . 'xv 1 f 'K I, 945585 VL w I S ly ' if 2 -59 . 'N-If Q' I . 4 ' Q o F ME K KWQ xk f 0" QK if ' X "' f 9 by Sm E, ! Nf XX X N Q L60 I q , Il f X f A W 'Nw E ,,,. ' Y ,TF CQ V Yvmkqwy I ,-. ff-EKTNX g i, r' A A 'E 1 f5"w"' 'O' KK 6, lk tl 3 2 Qffrx ey' xx 'io S w Q 3 ,X 'lqb' QQ K X5 tx V 5 ' 5 .I ,... 5 Gam 1 f iv N Q N ' is 99 CVO! " H 'xy f ., f V fi ,gawzvqg : X :m..Q4.,' 'K 9 , 4- -M I YK 'V U , 9 , 'K w XQ f A K K K ! x 65 b , , . 551 , . - 1 I AP wp' 1 E' "" 3 1 , ff V Q C Af SX Wicks X xx 3 ' lx 5 xflh I Y el ' fc bl XX 'I' Q v 0 5 as 1 Z X M Y jx xcc I X J X 'cl' 2:3 A J A 1 4 9. The curtain Went up on ufDperation-Cradua- tion ,53,' in the gym When our class first organ- ized. The main actors in the Hrst act were Presi- dent, Bob VVilliams, Vice President, Bob Polen, Secretary, Barbara Brill, and Treasurer, Joe Bay. The class chose Green and WVhite as their colors, and their motto is Latiore Visco fFor Broader Visionj. Mrs. Ullom was our class advisor. The second act curtain rose in September l5O when nearly 200 eager Sophomores descended on the high school. Leading us Were President, Gary McKimmie, Vice President, Harry Laing, Secretary, Sharon Sands, and Treasurer, Margy Garvin. Our advisor Was Mr. Pelaez. YVe put on a Sophomore Variety and enjoyed a Weiner roast on Dorseyis farm. Act three got under Way With a bang. YVe hard-working Juniors Worked diligently at the football and basketball games, on our assembly. and the play. We had a Wonderful Prom for the Seniors at the Elks Club. XVe were ably guided by President, Phillip Chase, Vice Presi- dent, Bob Williams, Secretary, Nancy Del- brugge, Treasurer, Carl Wayne, and advisors, Mrs. Ullom and Mr. Games. Mrs. Essington did a splendid job in coaching our play, "Our Miss Brooksf' We ended the third act with deep satisfaction and anticipation of things to come. With a dignified pull We raised the curtain on the fourth and final act of g'Operation-Grad- nation ,53.', As Seniors, we Worked hard and long on our variety program and play, "The Lit- tle Dog Laughedf' However, all was not Work. We had a Wonderful Senior Banquet and Dance, a picnic, and Prom given us by the Iuniors. NVe rang down the curtain on our production when We received our diplomas and turned to face the World. Our leaders Were President, lohn Suit- las, Vice President, Bill WVilliamsg Secretary, Ag- nes Baker, and Treasurer. Carl VVayne. Our advisor was Mrs. Essington. .Ji Ill 335 VV". 'wk Hamel 'SYM mam ' First Row: Sharon Sands, Connie Chambers, jane Moore. Second Row: Nancy Tasker, Eva jane Robinson. The Queen of Moundsville High was crowned at the Moundsville vs. Union game. Connie Chambers Was our queen for 1952. Connie is a Senior and was chosen by popular vote of all the students. Her escort was Carl Wayne. Her attendants were jane Moore, Eva jane Robinson, Sharon Sands, and Nancy Tasker. Their escorts were Fred Morrell, Buddy Yoders, John Suitlas, and Dale Moore respectively. After the game a dance was held in the gym in honor of the queen and her attendants. The day before the crowning, there was a big parade held for the homecoming in which all clubs participated. Open house was held at Mounds- ville High on Friday afternoon for all parents and graduates. A square dance was held in the gym following the thuse for the students. Captain Video A..,..,. Kate Smith .....,. Arthur Godfrey Lone Ranger ...,..... Arthur Murray Kathern Murray Faye Emerson ...,.. Marilyn Monroe Hopalong Cassidy .4.... ,7.2fQ1Ilh,ll0fL Sherrill Conner ......,.Veda Clegg ,.........Phillip Chase ...........Russell Lilley ....,.,...,..,..Bob Polen Kathern Kramer Eileen Klug ........Ioan Clegg ...,..,..Bi1lBonar 6 Super Circus .,.... Wild Bill Hickok ..... Hit Parade ,,.4.......,..... Yesterday's Newsreel Twenty Questions ., .... Edgar Bergen .,...... Charlie McCarthy john Guthrie: I made a will leaving my brain to a research lab. I just got back a letter from the authori- ties. Carl Wayne: VVhat did they say? Iohn: They said that every thing helps. Mr. Rogers: What is the outstanding contribution of chemistry to the world? Don Todd: Blondes! Phil Yoho: Why don't you like girls? john Suitlas: Theyire too biasned. Phil: Biased? john: Yeah! Bias this and bias that-until I'm busted. Mr. Burley: Whatis the shape of the earth? Don Hess: Round. Mr. Burley: How do you know it's round? Don: Well, it's square then. I don,t want to get into an argument about it. Miss Watkins: Is it proper to say a hen is sitting or setting? Russell Lilley: I'rn not interested in that, all I want to know is when the hen cackles is she laying or lying. Miss Watkins and Mrs. Essington Bill Williams H. S. Band ,.....,..Semester Tests Pappyis I. Tests .....,..,..Bob NVhorton .....Charles F urbee 1 'V 4 ff YH fb is 'L 5 2' ki .Z W ,L ' fi 1 A 1 Seated: Advisor, Miss -Iuhnsong SL-crvtury, Luis Stunt: Advisor, Mr. VFIIOIINIS. Standing: pI't'Sidl'llt, Phillip XVQIIIM-1-1 Vice Prvsidvut, Bill Mp-Cillg V1-'Tl'ilSlll'0I', Dm 1' XVl1ipkf'3 f B Jw S34 if f , . 1, n V lx, ff i ,f , H . ' - I "0 . ifgf, ,Y V ri fr!! LA: fl 4.-1' v if f X My Robert Allen Sonny Allen Virginia Allen james Allison Sanclra Allison Patty Anderson Beulah Baker Shirleue Baker Davifl Baum Ellen Beam Marilyn Bertranrl Dona Black Fray Blake Iris Blakemore jean Blatt Elise Bonar Grace Bonar Don Brill Ioseph Buchner Dave Burkett Boh Burton Naomi Bvarcl Marcella Carney Bob Chadclock Donnie Chambers Janice Chaniluers Louise Clark Marlene Clark Dixie Clevenger Vivian Crow jackie Dcllurugge john Derrow Sissy Dorsey Norma jean Duffy Ruth Duncan jean Emery John Emery Sylvia Emery jean Evans Bob Fisher Mary Fitzgerald Louise Fogle Roger Francis Agnes Fritzinan VViutforcl Fritzman Io Ann Gilmore Clarence Gorhv Mona Gorlnv joseph Gouldsherrv ,N + i Q l Y if We L-fini. ., ..,.: 3 .,.., xi- lq '-71' 1, i X ' v 5 4 s. f -A All E X r S XA Xi L - - Q ,N V- :: F - t sk .ix 'W A 'fm N . . ' 1 - ., . , W 5 . 1 l ,K is .J r - . RW ,Z ,Q Q X T I4 3? V' in 32 mth T 'T ' +: ' Y . ' wi gjvi 5 1:5 A 5 ,, Qnn' ltr 4? Q M ,Akin i fs. an kia 'R X J ., tu.. X 5 . wa ' ik N 'qi " x H- F "YQ ii i f P QF is' 'I i X ix' at , 31 Xi, .1 E my 6 'iw if 4 i fi, vi ?, H fill ' 25 ..,:. :r -vm ji AX E 'Q .14 , , T: R . Xi 3 . 1, 'ri P V A I Y QS sir? 3 X X -TT' 'N S if 3 .W ,: 11" UW K X .XM in it ay 'i if " was .,-v VY, r 'QQ Qt A x J L iff. M. 6 , . X K 'X if .lucly Crcgory -loann Crinnn Mary Ann Cuzvli Daren llall Mary Hall Maxine' Harlvn Yvonna llanght Mary Ann Hayii Dixiv llcntlriclis Pat HL-nry lfayv Hicks Cf-orge Hill lloss Hill Sarah llinvrnian Carolm- llolclinsky Ross llollvy Verna Lee Howard llussoll llowv Ci-rry llulmlms Norman Huggins Mary Margaret Jar Joan Jonvs Sandra Joni-s David Kacly lluth Kvclward Shirlvnv Kullcy Sally Kirby llomiiv Koontz W aynt- Koontz Raymond Kuclvnsk Nile- Lvach L1-Roy Leach Rllylllllllil Lcmastvi Virginia Lilley Elaine- Linigvr llonnix' Loy Marylwllc Maimlc Ccrry Majvski Billic blanc Marti Mary F. Martin liicharcl Martin Bonniv Matthias llonniv Matthias Aluanita McCarcllm- Phyllis McDowell Bill Mt-Gill jam' Mcllvain Frank lNlclvlauus Barhara Millcr Cicnn Milicr janv Ann Millvr Ronald Milh-r Ralph Minor Toni Mont:-s Iohn Mucllm-r John Nici' Nt-il Norris VVL-slvy Osborne- YYUIIINJ Olnick K1-nnvth Paitli Louisc Pahnvr john H. Parks Donald Parson Cary Parsons Clydt' Pvttit Rogvr Pc-ttit Dclorcs Powr-ll Ronniv Price- Boh Riggcnhach Bvtty Riggs Carolc Riggs Margirvnc' Rini' Darla-nv Rohhins Ruth Rohr-rts David Rogvrson Cla-nn Roinanski Shirlvy Ryan Rohn-rta SaH'cll Crayu' Schmidt Martha Shvphvrd Iohn Sit-vcrtson Dora Mar' Sills Patty Jo Silvvr Pattic- Rav Slchodnick Virginia Smith Onvita Snt'dc'kt'r Keith Soinint-r Dorothy Soulm- Km-ith Stillllllkkii Mary Stanlr-y Smit-ttv Stansht-rry Mary Ste-pliviis Brucc' Sta-wart Nancy Stn-wart Dcnzil Stocklask Louis -It-an Stout Carol Straight Maxim' Strc-cts Fil l :fl P f Q 33 R F .QP L 5 t -Q yS QE :., 1 li' zu R .yay .. ,. 'Y 'gg 4 " ' - ww f za X 'ly iw rf , S ,.-i 3 , Sis , I R R R ,i., Q V A .V,.V: , W TA .- ., . ,... . . ,IIVLE L i . -1.4 ,Q fist O Q ,... , X X. E 'Sn wt' it N L i it St 2 5 ff ar 1 3 Wh xl 'lx ii 1 - Kiwi-Q 3 ,.,., s . vm if? 'SL I Q Q x fx Hx K 1 1 t. QI . -my . . no K , i d Q it -F R - YW, Xrn VX its ix at K s 15 :16, tl 4? vt: Y 451 ii W1 dl W s ks xv is x Arr Q 1' if A X ' f 2- J K Q 1 X A N9 lg as .X . .Y x y - w ' i 22 A M of 1 2 9 gf' - ,. f x X ,fl M ,Li , i X -Tk ., "X gk W 'L K . N fu' , 1-V xx- i EQN ,ff ,,. W -,.: W Vx' ,,'x.' . A P I , I K 3 x .ff ., l f. -. Q Q X M' ' X l ,. Q Z A li X ai X' B 3 L . ":::Z-1?l.:,::::. 1 -E "gf ii ii f ef . B B -gf -:D '-as Q 'WP Q , r ,. , 'Fr V ' Sf' X ' kv g,s :1.' 7 g i ,x fix lg U -1 fg T X lil' at K M ' . -l lp! 'J yl-fl'lli'v w-- Nil i rr rr B , for B X, ,.l-' 'mf ' K :I ..:- Q "' 1 " 1: ' 4 Vgpsl Q, 'W ,,,., ,Sl K VK D S' i 'E ,-"' D , , N ' 5 43.533 A i X 5 4..,. B D 'l ,,-U ,1 3 i,ref ' .: .. 1 " " :,',--2 ' ': ,, if 3 '- ' N. 2 FF F 25 .,.:, R A A Q iss! it W ' I-Q . ,:' K my . 1 , ,A l f i '-f- 1 1 f Q0 Bill Taylor Kermit Tennent Billy Truex Mary Tucker Catherine Tweedlic Dorothy VanDyne Bonnie VVz1llcer Phillip Wallace Gerry VVz1rsinskey Shirley VVayt Vera NVQ-aver Dean VVellman llarold NVest Charlotte VV eston Patty VVhitc Glenda XVhorton Larry VVeiclehuseh Bill NVillianis Carol XVilson Eula WVilson Bohert YVilson YVanda NVise Donald Lee Wood Roger Yoders Joanne Yoho junior Yuho John Young Suzanne Zlnnhrun Randall johnson Beverly Clegg jean Gump Donald Crow Yvonne llaught Dixie llendrielcs Faye Hicks Toni llill Ann lslnnan George Koontz John Nohle Bavinond Kudersk Buddy Yoder Lahoxna Valentine Angle ....... Jack .A,.., Kitty ,. Margaret .... i Lorraine ..,....,,. Mrs. Morrow Mr. Morrow Art .. ......,.. . , lane r..r . Margie A,,. Tony' ....,. f 67104 Smnntarnfh, SMIYLWLQA, " .. Ruth Kedward Iohn Parks ,.Cerry Majeski . l. Sara Jane Hinerman Maxine Harlen l. Carole Riggs .. Bruce Stewart john Seivertson Ellen Beam ...,4.,Lois jean Stout . David Burkett Martin ...,..l .l.....,,,,. N eil Norris Fitz ..,........ ,.,... 4...,. ,....,....l.,...........,...,..... K e i th Stalnaker Student Directors ,l,..i .. .. .... . Roberta Sai-fell, Keith Stalnaker Coach . ..,,.., ...,.., , . ,... .,.... ,.....,.... M r . YVilliam Miller jumbo. Uafufefq, junior Variety was given on February 6, 1953. The show consisted of vocal solos, skits, and specialty numbers. The chair- man of the show was Ellen Beam, and Miss Lineberger directed it. lr . 4 ks!" N31 K' t iam? tl ' H " .v, , V ,sf X Seated: Adxisur, Mr. Din-kvrhoofg Sl'L'fl't2lI'j'-TTl'LlSlIITY, Louisa Murtinvzg Prusidm-nt, Clmllvn Bmulr. No! Pictured: Vim' Pl'l'SiilL'llf, Bob Cuult-cr. ,-j ,.., fx V.Lf' f' ' 'ff C 4 - HQ.. :IIA Asif 2 ," l' ' . '.-'WV 71" Z-r'-H 7 'ff ' 1 f V - , .-'I' A , .Y 1 "fish 4 X, xwi, All I. rf , I Q ..,,.-' 71 fs! 41 Marlene Anclerson james Aston Bill Baker Sandra Baker Pliil Barnliart Jimmie Bamnlierger Nlarincla Beelie Joe Belt Connie Bennett Gerald Blake Ceralcline Blake Bose Lee Blake Thelma Blake jim Boolier Cliallen Bonar .Iucly Bradford Donna Briggs Dale Brock Francis Brown Paul Brown gtk R " 5 2 xx. Mildred Bunigardner -r Maclelyn Burgess Joanne Bnrkey Pauline Cain Mary Carroll David Carmieliael Blaine Cecil Gail Ceeil Larry Cliamliers Loy Chaplin Merl Cliaplin Cliarles Clayton jean Clark Paul Clark Betty Clegg Allen Collielcl Dexter Coltielcl Norma Lee Conner jerry Conley David Cook Bob Coulter Eclitli Crow Dorotliy Lee Croix Fred Crow il. YV. Crow Norman Crow Cliarles Darmafall Dorotliy Delliriclge Fred Dellmriclge Nancy Doclcl Bllteli Doty Edith Doyle Pauline Emery jim Ewing Sue Farley Iolm Fox ., ,. r ei. ,. M lii, I itrl. wfw: D.. M., i M Q B :-' ,,,,, , .. -.:. Q E: QII- ll :l i l ff S. V.: V Q, . ..., ,Ei 1' V .. ,,:, ,, ,. ixgnm A Q B , Y .L ,,,...,., xg g 'X iw, ' A ' I rx . , a 'W is -.. Q - , fe, ' 'uf I ,y C -1 -.... 2 .,. A 4345. Q 5 42 'Q -1 if J I . v X N I Q, ,, Xl Q' lf XR, was-E LDT if '.:a E sw Ki 'Nas l ' V 55735 l . QW X N. 9 twig Q., , Q. 7 A 'R R 2 A 4 Qi. if dw X X k Ei glib .ling JN, 'ff 1: Q l. Q if -Q. 2 .0 V QF' in - , 'il 22' if lg 4: , ii: . : ,, W . izl W i 5 -21511-Q.: 3: 1... AQ 3 1 " X i 4x ,. X A if in for 3-TX Q ., wi. A .. '2:' 'rl Q s ., 'S K elf XXL JS' rf 3 . " fl R G I Q 2 Ji, is z ff". Q LQ' 14' Y IIZE: Q k,....'b - i ii Xi PN 'Q . 6 5 fi fx NK 1 .. Yue P. 5 Q-Q ., 'Q . .fam - W 4 S35 .112 be X M .4 S f ,ix x if K . Xi X -.M S.. , eq. 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Dcnniax Long Fila-cn Long llnnniv Lonclvn Slim-rry Lusk .In Ann Magi-rs Mary Mzilsnn jnnvt Martin jeannv Mason Sta-lla Matthias Nancy Maury Faith Moyn- -lanicv Mc'Crr-ary Cary McDowvll Carol M4-llyain Nr-lliv ML-Ilyain David lxlc-4-kvr Bill Mr.-i'u'i' Aliin Mvrcc-r john Mvrccr Lvo Mickvy Alan Millcr Doylv Minor jvrry Montgonu-ry Hilda Moorv Sylvia Morgan Ross-lla Murphy Floyd Nvehonss- Lynn Pvrry Donald Pcrsingcr Barhara Prochaska jim Pulliam Virginia Raffc-rty Tony Rc-jonis llvstvr Rhodvs Sm' Ann Richman Patty Richmond Cl'Klfgi' Rinv Kay Rohcrts Eddic Rogvrson Bill Hulong Mary janv SL-lwrick joc- Schmidt Betty Shahan Sain Shank Shirlm-y Shook Sandy Sills Boh Sinnnons Skippy Skinnvi' Rhva SUINIIIPI' Sain Strafacv Bill Steward Nancy Svarvz Mary Janv Swv:-ncy Martha Syphm-r Josvph Tatich Don Taylor Ralph Taylor Clvn Travis Thomas Travis Ruth Ann Uttm-r Pat Waldm- Sanflra Wallacm' Stvw' NValton V' Q ' by A I X! lu .Wg FW -95 4 Q' WM, ,xf -wr N l 4- 'Q R , 'li' X V, , a L 5 b 5 X a S j f X I ,.., f ig if fm. ,. ,. :E V Q in X ., XY it H' ' '- my .. -or .E 'gzr-. 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A in ' - ,gm wx, 1 -, .--: - V if , 2 Q J W f ,- 5' . .. wi' fd "':"' '..AA. - A,:. A1 . , E, luzuz Q .. .. qu.. ,,,.:. , lzbu ,.h, wk, V x ii ,,:: ,.:A, A --A ,wif 2" ' - Q 1 Q, ,..,, it . . 1 3, -5 fi 'E W W- A q QQ? :tr Q Q' HW Q fy img V Q Q .,, jig,-Z ww ,nw H I A W Mah x ' Q, 1 Q' Q' - S , if 3 5 , .ziggi ., 1 V W j mm , K '-'--'. 1: , W ,V P H -W 1 . ,,,,:-L ,-.,, . 3 N, ,gig gi rg is X mg :,.: E x f QQQS as h ' X, 1 1 5 q:" ' 'Z :"' -V : fi ks' X i W W T, 4 :A ,Sf ,, .,.. U 'Q " x iw f M :Q g:,?Q22Q'1Ef L m U .ggi Jkmgwgpwgm VL Q 1: , Q W g, gfmggkwg Q Q21 In ,B 1 iw ggi . Q, I A tx fl Igfign S. ,Q , ff EI, I ,X gf? 0 , 3. a .., 5 x WWW if + A I - -marina-H 1- f-V4 , f-nw- """1"' ' Y 4- - JZ SSW 5 Q54 iw .mi A Q N, Q. AR ky? ' Q f X 4 I 'X M! , Xi W 5 We-9"Q f "" , . . it '6?'X my f ff!! ' Q Q v ,, W., V - If I- I" ul in ,J 1 l OHDS f' 33952, , vw K V ww 'fs..f if-41 25.1. Ufzoapoldan, Stagg The Year Book class is responsible for putting together all of the material to make our annual Orospolitan. The class must start early in the year and go to all of the stores to secure ads to help pay forthe book. The editor is responsible for seeing that all pictures are taken and distributed throughout the classes. This is a tremendous job and calls for much co-operation from all members of her stahr. The artist of the class must draw all of the sketches for the book. One of the biggest jobs is putting out the best book with the least cost. Mr. Burlev, our sponsor, has an important job in seeing that our book is completed on schedule. EDITOR . , .. ., .. . Louise Daugherty CIRCULATION MANAGER , Kathern Hunter ADVERTISING BIANACER . . . Ellen Bean TYPISTS ,. ,. Kathern Kramer ZSZ Barbara Brill SPORTS EDITOR . Keith Berger CLASSES , Sara llinerman, Ruth Kedward ARTIST . A , Twyla Franklin The Yearbook Class wishes to express its appreciation to Ethel Newman who completed our art-work for this book on such short notiee. First Row: Katha-rn Hunter, Alice Grimm, Knthern Kramer, Pmrlmami Brill, Norma Ieun l7lllllY, Karen Young, Louise Daugherty, Dona Black, Sue Richmond, Dorothy Vim llyn-e. I Second Row: Leona Frolmzlphel, Ardith llolmes, Betsy Kotson, Nilu Gouvdy, liuth Kedwurml, Dorothy Lilley, Eva june Rohinson, Claudette Cohurn. Third Row: Mr. Burley, Dielc Martin. Twylu Framlclin, NW-sley Oshorn, Sherrill Conner, Keith Slilll11llit'l', Beverly Clegg, Bob XVhorton, Km-ith Berger, lien Sommer, Donnie Taylor. Uaoqznlalan, Uutuklc, , The Orospolitan Outside Stuff this year has Worked very hard. It is composed of one memher from each home room and the rg-gulzir Orospolitan Stull. They take charge of selling year hooks in their home rooms and help with the distributing of pic- tures. These students ure picked for their ability to sell and keep accurate records. .Studami annul First Row: Mr. Xliunt, Nancy Dellirugge Chzunhcrs. vin, Donna Todd, Louisa Martinez Yvonne Huught. Cleary, Edith Crow. Fifth Row: Rich Clegg, Tonnny Montes Young, Roliert Allen, Phil Yoho. The Student Council is the student governing body ol: Moundsville High School. There is a member elected by the students in each homeroom to repre- sent them on the council. They go to each meeting with suggestions and coni- plaints and take a report of the meeting back to their homerooms. The projects for the year included the Homecoming, open house, a pep parade, and the crowning of the queen. They also sponsored the purchase of the "Organov organ attachment for the auditorium. A new responsibility for the council is the coronation ceremony at the dedication of our new Heldhouse. The officers are: PRESIDENT ,, , . . Phillip Chase VICE PRESIDENT . . . Lois lean Stout SECRETARY .,,. Connie Chambers TREASURER ,. Nancy Dellirugge Lois Stout, Phillip Chase, Connie Second Row: Ellen Benin, Margie Car- Third Row: Kay Rolmerts, Carrol Mc- Ilvzlin, Martha Syplier, janet Me- Fourth Row: Eddie Rogerson, Maxine Hurlen, Cissy Dorsey, john Sieyerson. , john Frt-idly, Bernard Hyde, Lyle WMM, Klub The Prcss Club TROIAN DIAL, the origillutvcl under the l 'She DIAL staff. of Nl. H. has thc job of publishing thc school papcr, each month. This clnh wls eudcrship of Mrs. Earl Evans, the advisol of This yan' thc staff consists of capable xncmhcrs, as thc qu zhtx of our pnpcrs will show. Thcsc students have Worked vcry h nd und wc should apprcc The staff consists iatc thcir efforts. of: EDITOR ,, Mary Frunccs Nlartin CO-EDITOR . Brucc Stcwzlrt SPORTS EDITOR , .lack Sloliun SPORTS STAFF A Tcrry Chznnbcrs, Sonny Allen, John I'Iu1'tlcy, Don Pelouxck BUSINESS MANAGER . , Bill XVillizuns CIRCULATION Bill Bilklgl' ART EDITORS Robcrta Saffcll, Dorecn Anderson COLUMNISTS Nancy Taxskcr, Kzlrcn Young, Itiilll Richmond REPORTER . , .. , . .Joan YVisc FEATURES A , Iunicc ClI2lIl1lX'1'S, Nile Lcuch, R Z1 y Blukc, Cfonnic Fishcr, N1zn'yLou Yoho -gm The NI-Club is made up of the six cheerleaders, and the boys who have earned their letters by participating in sports. These boys and girls work very hard to become a member. Their meet- ings are held every Wednesday at 12:30 P. M. Each year the club sells tags to buy the Seniors sweaters to put their Mis on. After the first of the year they had a square dance at Lime- stone and the public was invited. At the end of the year a party was held in which guests were invited. Their advisor was Mr. jack La Bay, a new member of our Faculty and new coach of the football team. The officers are: PRESIDENT . . .. lack Slokan VICE PRESIDENT . , Bill VVilliams SECRETARY . .... ...Claudette Coburn TREASURER .. . Sonny Nice irst Row: Vera NVeax'er, Sharon Sands, Marlene Clark. Cissy Dorsey, Claurlette Coburn, Sally Dorsey. Second Row: Phil flllilSl', Uuve Kady, Albert Cain. Bob Fisher. Tom Ilill, Bill XVillizuns. lack Slokan, Don Chambers. Third Row: Sherrill Colmer. David lmneh, Phillip, xvilll2lC'l', Sonny Allen, llarry Laing. lJUlI Poluxeli. Bill 'l'ruex, VVesley Osborne. Iourlh Row: Mr. La Bay, -lim lleadley, Don lless. Rich Clegg, Tolluny Montes. Abby XVood- 3 burn, Neil Norris, l hil Yoho. Mr. Pelaez. '1 The Hi-Y is a club for boys alone. It is a branch of the Y. NI. C. A. and has been an organization in our school since the beginning of outside activities. ln order to join this club you must submit your name to an older member of the club and he will bring it before the rest of the members to be voted upon. If you are given the privilege of becoming a member you must then submit to a week of initiating before you are officially enrolled and allowed to participate in their activities. During this initiating you have an older brother who inflicts the initiation. At the end of the year a party is held in which each member is allowed a guest. The sponsor this year is Nlr. Thomas, who is a new member of our faculty. The officers are: PRESIDENT . , . .. Bill Williams VICE PRESIDENT Keith Berger SECRETARY ,. , . John Sievertson TREASURER . . john Suitlas First Row: David Leach, Dave Burkett, Lyle Young, Bob Ryan, Tom Sullivan. john Suitlas, David Rogerson. Second Row: Carl XVayne, Keith Berger, Bud Kepple, Bill NVilliams, Bob Fisher, .lohn Sixer- tson, David Cump, XVesley Osborne. Third Row: Ronnie Iligh. Glenn Miller, Dave W'liipkev, Donnie Brill, Dave Kadv, lionnic Price, john Mueller. Neil Norris, Tom Cregory. I T Fourth Row: Mr. Thomas, Keith Stalnaker, john Parks, Sonny Boso, llhil Yoho, Phil Chase. laek Slokan, Roger lligh, Bob Polen, Fred Crow, Tom llill. Fifth Row: Dick Burkland, Dave Baum, Sherrill Conner, Bob NVilson, 'lim Biekerton, Reed XVagnei, Bob Vllilliams, Buddy Yoders. 52 ' -.5 ' 0mm.a,Klul: The junior-Senior Drama Cluh is organized for students who are interested in draniatics and it gives credit to those who wish to join Thespians. This year they held a lmalxe sale at VViclcls Music Shop to raise money. Later on they had Don Caldwell from NV.lI.L.L. coine down for a dance. They gave three one act plavs for the student hody in which the nieinlmers participated. Their advisor is Xlrs. Essington. PRESIDENT . Carolyn Mitchell VICE PRESIDENT Ruth Catewood SECRETARY .. .. Ioan XVise TREASURER Ilelen Dohlms First Row: -loan NVise, llelen Dolmhs, Louise Daugherty, Mrs. Essington. Carolyn Mitchell. Sharon Sands, Ruth Cutewood, Mary V. Miller, anal -lane Mcllyuin. Second Row: Norma lean Dnfly, Vivian Crow, Marlene Clark, Shirley Mason, Sallie Dorsey. Karen Young, Ruth Keilward, Sarah llinerinan, Roberta Sailell. Dona Black. Third Row: Sandra jones, Crayw Selnnidt. Clenda NVhorton, Donna Todd, Lois Stout, Nlary I". Martin, Auetta Cecil, Sandra Allison. Fourth Row: Bill W'illiains, Keith Stalnalier, Bud Kepple. Bula Polen. lohn Seiyertson, Roh Fisher, john Parks. First Row: Roberta Ross, Mary Liclm-ri, Bc-tty Myers, Emily Martin, Bud Km-pple. Second Row: Martha Zuliolli, Sue Ric-lnnuncl, Barbvtte XVhitwnrth, llc-len Phipps, Carol Mc-llvain, janet Martin. Third Row: Martha Syplmr, Patty Frinlclvy, -lncly Braclforcl, Vera Sloat, Miss Wlzltliiiis. Masquers is a Freshman and Sopliomore drama club clevotecl to training students to become members of the limior-Senior Drama Club and Tliespians. Members are taught the funda- mentals of dramatic arts. The club is sponsored by Bud Kepple. Pres. of Thespians. PRESIDENT . ,. ,. Mary Beth Liclen VICE PRESIDENT , .Betty Myers SECRETARY . Roberta Ross TREASURER S , Emily Martin iv JY, . ghmi gm First Row, left to right: Lois Alcan Stout, Snzcttc Stanshcrry, john Sic-ycrtson, Sally Dorscy, Sharon Sands, Phillip Chas:-, Karcn Young, Xlona Corby, Maylu-llc Maidcns, Nancy Taskcr. Second Row: Phillip Barnhart, Tommy Snllixan, Bob Polcn, Blainc Cccil, Dale' Brock, Rohcrta Salim-I, Martha Syphcr, Emily Martin, Mary Tnclwr, Dorothy Bm-risford, Carol Nlcllyain. lla-stcr Rhodcs. .lanicc McCrc-ary, Elainc Linigar. Third Row: Ronnic Loy, Rogcr Yoda-rs, Buddy Kcpply, Paul Brown, Eddie- Rogcrson. Bill Bala-r, Holm Burton, Tonnny Crm-gory, H4-tty -Ioncs, Nlaxinc Ilarlan. Fay llicks, Carol NVilson, Louisa Nlartincz, Thai Choral Club nndcr the splendid direction of Miss Law- ler has had a vcry successful ycar. The Choral Club has participated in many activities includ- ing, assemblies, commenccmcnt, and the minstrcl. Among its most outstanding was the gala ininstrcl. PRESIDENT . , , , , Phillip Chase VICE PRESIDENT . . Nancy Taskcr SECRETARY , Snzctte Stansbcrry TREASURER .. I john Sicycrtson Ni' ofrbnanrkzna, Klub Seated Left to Right: Donna Todd, Barbara Remke, Jean Richmond, Sandra Allison Standing Blanche Leek, Nancy Persinger, Kathern Kramer, Louise Daugherty, Marlene C' 1.8818 Glenda Wharton, Patty Silvers, Sara jane Hinerinan, Ruth Kedward, Mary Aliu PIII gtr xld, Connie Fisher, Mrs. Parriott. Every year between twelve and twenty girls are chosen to work during their study hall in the library. They learn where all the books are kept and where to find material in the files. The librarianls duty is to help and inform those students who are look- ing for books or material. Their meetings are held the first VVednesday of every month at 6:30 p. m. On the 8th of October they were the guests of VVest Liberty College at an organ recital and they were taken on a tour of the campus. On March 12, they went to Triadelphia High School for a visit with their librarians and a look at their library. At the end of the year they had a banquet at the Snyder Hotel. The girls have a scrapbook in which they leave a picture of themselves for future librarians to see. PRESIDENT . .,,..., Barbara Remke VICE PRESIDENT . ,.... Donna Todd SECRETARY ,....,..,. ,... P atty Silver TREASURER .,..., ,4., Sandra Allison ADVISOR ..... .. ..., Mrs. Parriott 57 J. 1 dn First Row: Bud K1-pplv, Ianni Mcllvain, Carols- Riggs, Carolyn Mitclicll, Miss XVutkins. Second Row: Mary Alu-v Fitxgcrulcl, Mary Bi-th Liclvn, Ells-n Ronin, Roluvrtai Szlflivll, Clissy Dorsvy, Dorothy Bvrisfornl, Karen Young, Sliirlvnc Bnkvr, Graco Bonnr. Third Row: Nilu VVilliz1nis, Num-y llcllirnggc-, Carol XVilson, Donna Toclcl, Dick Martin, -lolin Parks, -Iolin Snitlzls. Pliillip Yolio, Surat Unclc-rclonk, Iain' Moorv. The Future Teachers of America is an organization for all students who arc planning to go into the fielcl of tezicliing. Their nwvtings are lmlcl tlic first uncl tliirml Tlinrscluy of 4-very niontli. Their sponsor is Miss NVutkins. The officers ure: PRESIDENT . ,. ,, Carolyn Mitchell VICE PRESIDENT T , Bud Kepplt- SECRETARY . .. Carole Riggs TREASURER A .. Janie Mcllvain 0 977n1uwL Huilalczm, J. J. Q. The Mound Builders F.F.A. Chapter officers for 1952-1953 are: Floyd Chaplin, President, Charles Clayton, Vice President, Iohn Fox, Trea- surer, Dale Brock, Secretary, Victor Frohnapfel, Sentinel, and Harold Iones, Advisor. The chapter colors are National Blue and Corn Yellow. Our motto is: Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve. Our primary aim is the development of agri- cultural leadership, co-operation and citizenship. Our chapter plans a chapter program of ac- tivities With the idea of making honorable men- tion in the state and being at the top of the Fed- eration for our region, We attained both this past year. The high points of the year are: Parent and Son Banquet, Federation Banquet and Contests, Federation Field Day and Contests, Chapter pledged S1000 to the W. Va. state youth camp, Chapter planted trees at the W. Va. youth camp, Contributed 397.00 to poilo, William Bonar re- ceived second place in the State Farm and Home Improvement contest and received 33000, Chap- ter put on 10 radio broadcasts, and Chapter sponsored donkey basketball game and many other activities. The Future Nurses Club is held once a month at the Nurses Home in Glendale. The club is sponsored for those girls who Wish to go into training after they graduate from high school. This group was first organized last year by Miss Allum, Superintendent of Reynolds Memorial Hospital, who is the present sponsor. - jufzum, First Row: Shirley Mason, Barbara Brill Lois Stout. Second Row: Phyllis My-Dowell, Louisa Daugherty. Kitty Kramer. Fourth Row: Glenda NVhorton, Mary Virginia Miller. Sandra jones. At their meetings. nurses from different fields talk to them and encourage them to make nursing their profession. They conduct people through the hospital and make first aid kits for the different Scout Troops in Moundsville. s Third Row: Gerry llubbs, Barbara Rem- ke, Catherine Tweedlie. Norma jones. PRESIDENT . VICE PRESIDENT , . SECRETARY-TREASURER . . Shirley Mason , Barbara Brill . Lois lean Stout 60 UQ ' jawn, ' First Row: .Iohn Seivertson, Bruce Stewart. Second Row: Ellen Beam, Louise Daugherty, joan XVise, Ruth Kcdward The junior Town Meeting of the air Was re- corded February in the Moundsville High School auditoriuin. and Was broadcast the follow- ing Sunday over NV. W. V. A. Their topic was "ls the American Home Meeting the Needs of Today?" john Sievertson and Ioan VVise took the negative side. Louise Daugherty and Bruce Stewart took the affirmative. Their alternates were Ellen Beam and Ruth Kedward. Miss Hallie Bonar. the dean was the coach and she put con- siderable Work into the broadcast. Every pupil was urged to try out, but only those with the best speaking voices were chosen. The students worked long and hard on writing their speeches. The faculty was also generous in permitting the students to change their sched- ules to work in the office. The program is sponsored each year by Beth- any College. The G. A. A. is au organization for girls who wish to join in more sports than is allotted to them during school hours. The clubis main purpose is to cleate a better understanding and enjoyment of sports for girls. This club par- ticipates iu all sports for girls, such as basketball and softball which are their main activities of the year. This club was formed in 1935 and again this year as in the past. The physical education teacher, Miss Florence Lineberger is their advisor. The club officers are as follows: President .. ,Connie Chambers Vice President , . . .Vivian Crow Secretary ., , , Karen Young Treasurer .. .Sharon Sands .HL-7. The National Thespian Society is devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts. A student who has done work enough to acquire ten points is eligible for membership in the Society. Points may be earned by efficient work such as stu- dent director, stage crew member, publicity director. or member of any other committee needed in the production of a play. Major and minor roles are always very important ways to be eligible for membership. The official publication of the Society shall be called Dramatics Magazine. The Troupe shall be diligent in contributing news and information useful to high school dramatic arts to the editor of this magazine. The motto of the Society is: "Act well your partg there all the honor liesf' The insignia consists of two masks, comedy and tragedy, facing in opposite direc- tions and resting against the letter "Tu which has the word "Thespian', in the crossbar. The number of our troupe is 299. The officers are as follows: Bud Kepple. Presidentg Helen Dobbs, Vice Presidentg Barbara Remke, Secretaryg and Ioan YVise, Treasurer. The projects this year include: putting on a Christmas play for the AAUXV. applying make-up for plays and minstrels. and putting on the annual Thespian play. Our troupe sponsor is Miss Y'Vatkins. who organized the first Thespian Troupe at Nloundsville High. ? E 3 E mviwzwzza saga DL Jawa CLARINETS Eva Jane Robinson Margy Garvin Marilyn Cook Meade Jane Kirby Dwaine Grisell jane Ann Miller Nina Kay Bell Yvonne Olnick Virginia Courtney Faye Hicks Nancy Freeland Coleen Chambers Iris Nesbitt Mary Alice Fitzgerald Mary Myers Susan Salpak Jean Clegg Kay White Lahoma Valentine F LUTES jane Mcllvain Carol Wilson Maxine Harlen Sandra Ieflerson OBOE Barbette VVhitworth BASSIOON Thelma Blake ALTO CLARINETS Margie Hicks Lee Ann Kennedy OFFICERS President i.,.,,., ..,..... E va Iane Robinson Vice President ..,... ...,................,. D ana Rine Secretary .... ...,.... .,..,.., M a ry Frances Martin 'Treasurer ..,, ,i....,.., C arol Ann Wilson BASSES BASS CLARINETS Lyle Yoho Ethel Newman Lemoyne Butler Roberta R055 Bob Welshon Q Alan Altman ALTO SAXOPHONES Don Griffith Mary Frances Martin Carol Mcllvain TRUMPETS Dora Mae Sills Donna Neidermyer Iohn Seivertson Nancy Tasker Bobby Burton Dixie Clevenger Mac Richard McCln'dy Helen Phipps Bill Croft Darlene Morrell lean Ellen Webb Sandy Sills Simon Martinez Kay Howard DRUMS Dana Rine John Calhoun Bud Kepple Eddie Rogerson Paul Brown Louisa Martinez TEN OR SAXOPHONES Shirley Kearns BARITONE SAXOPHONES Carolyn Mitchell BARITONES Wilson Oldaker Roger Yoder Harry Whipkey TROMBONES David Burkett David Yutzey Iim Webb Freddie Yeater Nila Williams Ronnie Norris HORNS Don Todd Sandra Berger Darren Hall Bobby Cunningham Carol VVhipkey Arlene Morrell eft to Right: Duvicl liurkm-tl. xlilfgil' llicks, Dom Blau' Sills. Thvlllm lilulw. Mary Fran Xlzlriin, C:0Hi'l'lI Cfllzlllllwlw, lfthvl Xvwlllun. Band famed First Row: Nlury FTLIIICUS xlllftill. Dunn Himz Exim NLlbiIlSllll.C11l'U! XYilmn, Second Row: Dm id Yutvvy, Cgmml Txlvllvuin, Salmlra ,IPHs'1'sm1, Eddie' Rugs-rwlu. cft to right: '11 .' 1' X111 NM 1111, 511111111 S.1IlCl5. Nl1lIlLI1K C,l.11lx. fussy l7o1's1-y, C,l1111clc'ttv clOl7lll'Il, Sully lJUl'Sl'f'. Khwrleadafm, 'l'l1c 13114-01'lc-z1cl01's 11111 respoiisilvlv for c1'ca1ti11g 1-110011 1101-11 4-nt fm l 1111 T111-v piuctico vcry 1111111 tl11'o11gl1011t tl1 1 r, 1 'tw tv: c s11111mv1' and aftvr school Clllflllg tlu wi11tv1'. Tlwy 11cco111p1111y tl1c tez1111 to all footlmll, llllll lmzlslwtlmll QLIIIIUS llllll rf-gziiwllvss of tlio XV02lfl1i'l' the-y lc-ad tlw yells for thc Cll0i'l'lIlg' section. Tha' L'llt'Cl'lPill1l'I'S are picked lw tlic st11c1e11t lmody. 1511011 yc-111' tl11'1-0 nvxx 1111-111111-1's 1111- c-l1osc-11 wl1icl1 11111141-s ll total of six. Tlwii' sponsor is Miss lJill0l7P1'f2,'01', our Pliysical l4:ClllCkltiOll t0z1cl1c1'. This ycar tlic- 1191111-CllCC1'lt'ilClillg clmres are In-ing nlilv-111111111011 luv our tlirvc S1-nim' Clllx0l'ltx2llll'l'S, Sally, Sl1z11'o11 and cllllllLll'tti'. 41 -MW . rmgunuaerre Q-nn.. 6 Hllrofv :. 'S Si E .E 'E .2 'EI Q GJ pq G2 5 E- f W 45 Eh E 5 Q P 2 53 . CI : , C 2 Q 1 5 1 :U : E I -FI : C, . L1 4-1 U -J-I :-. 5x ft' H 'Z Cl 133 O I-4 V1 is : A E H4 E Pr 'C Q - Q o A E 1 O A no ... , F31 ' cv , - - 9 .. C . CU E : L-1 CD 'E E .C .2 U cu E 5 2 .-. 30 F-1 O D-4 cn f-1 -1 QJ Hard Maxrne 6 1' Lead Song Maja-ski s CI'1'V . Ruth Kedward, G evotions D :ln 'U . Sharon San : U : :1 o U 'Q .- L? 5-1 GJ 'E P14 . Louise Daugherty irman Cha Ps. +4 --4 O -v-1 .Tn : Q.. rugge De-lb 5. CZ 2 Pianist Brill Barbara Remke . Barbara Means Sz 3.VS NV U, - jenna, Every girl from the Freshman class to the Senior class is per- mitted to join. The Y-Teens sell tags each year to sponsor their formal which they have every winter. This year the formal was held at the Legion Hall on january 22. They sponsored a Kiddie party on December I7 for the under-privileged children in Moundsville grade schools. They sent candy hars over-seas to less fortunate people than they. At the end of the vear a tea was held for all memhers and their parents at the Elks Clnh. OFFICERS President , ,. Nlargy Garvin Vice President , . Ellen Beam Secretary , Joan Wise Treasurer , , Carolyn Mitchell U -Janna, llllnuunn-...Q . :iii '- - I -at 9 .fr Seated: Nliss C. Gleason, -Ioan XVisc. Ellen Hearn, Margy Garvin. Carolyn Mitchell, Mrs. Calhoun. Standing: Dorothy Bcrisford, Gerry Nlajeskic, Mary Frances Martin, Carole Higgs. Sharon Sands. Ruth Kedward, Carol NVilson, Nlaxine Harlen, Nancy Delhrugge, Louise Daugher- ty. Barhara Brill. Donna Todd, Barhara Hz-nike. The Y-Teens Club is the or fanization in school for firls. fe here STG seutatiyes who W epre he 1' rved a lunch to t SC Future Home- he members of t 108 he t his year T faculty l the al SCYVC also 5. cu .Il E-1 15. cv: Q Q. no an .- .- c U 5-1 c 24-4 'Ci I-4 0 U 9' .- 3-4 .... ci, .-C 4-I O -4-I V1 4-4 I" ... fi 99 .2 cu .... -F U :ss 5x fd P' :cs E added have cn 5-4 :U -54 CU E luuches. U zu 1: E C .5 CD .-C 4-J 5 wing machines f GJ va CN y purchased The OFFICERS sketball teams after served the football and ba rooms, Todd H H 3. .Do .4.a CI GJ T5 73 12 s-4 D-1 ri E CU U I" 3 E P' cu .2 4-4 o 4-I o to in G3 'U CD 'JD ame, pled home g ch CU CD SOD john Pt Q2 ff i-1 ..-. -C1 V3 4-J G cu 'U ..- In an L-4 D-4 Q Q ... P :-4 C Q- F' .- SU .- 'TJ .-1 .-1 '-F' Q 'U 12 DD GJ Z 5 -.-4 5-1 underp OI' f VJ r-4 T: Hs Q2 'U :ws E 'U CZ cd Hull .Judy 5. Y-4 CU -4-1 GJ 5-4 O Q2 CD :- C H-4 Q-4 F CU U 'C E Lf-I GJ r-5 4-1 O -s-4 .13 -2 UD +4 CI Q9 rn Thev Christmas. w ivalotis .Helen A s-4 CU :- D cn Trea and est Liberty nces at VV IC t girls to confe a Week, sen fl S0 Glea U VJ V1 -v-1 E4 4 isor . nd Adv 21 E5 5 -Cl 4-' O E L.. 'I-1 GJ E at O H-4 4-v CD 5 U' CI C5 .D tea and had a E GJ .-1 CYS CID 17:13. 670 '11, Klub The Senior Cirlis Connnunitv Club of Nloundsville junior lligh School is an organization consisting of approximately 85 Freslnnan girls. Meetings are held everv other Thursday during 4th period. during which business is taken care of. and programs are enjoyed. Two parties or other forms of social activities are held during the year. The second party, consists of a dance and the crowning of a Freshman boy and girl as King and Queen of the Freshman Class. The club was organized for the purpose of aiding Junior High Students in need of food and clothing. A choral group was chosen from the C. C. C. by the music chairman and pianist. This group is called the Harnionettes and they have sung for churches, cominuwtv activities. and Iunior High assemblies. The advisors of the Club are Miss Hayiner and Miss Hoselnnerkel. The oiii- cers are: President ,. Sonya Burk Vice President Mona Church Secretary Nanetta Ioncs Treasurer Indy Clark Jaw, flag gm Tha- girls glm- clnh of the-X ninth graclc is known as tht- TREBLE CLEF CLUB. Thai clnh is inarlc- up vntirc-ly of thc- girls chosvn from tha- lnnior High ninth graclc-. 'l'hm-y inc-vt 1-ach Xlonclay clnring the 4th pcriocl for practicc. The girls kc-ep a nic-ci rc-pc-rtoirc of songs and are rcacly to perform whcn callccl upon to do so. Tlic girls haw- sung at tlircai spvcial programs this year: The Patriotic Program in Fc-hrnaryg Tho Christmas Programg and The Easter Program. in which the-y sang a Cantata cntitlm-tl "'llhe Story ot Easterfi Thai following 31 girls arc lIlQ'l11lN'l'S of thc' THEBLE CLEF CLUB. First sopranos: litlu-I .lo Xllvn, Sonya Burk, Louclla Chapman, Donna Durig, Lorrain llnntvr. Darvlvnc- -lvflvrson, Kay Owens. Marilyn Pyle-s. Patty Ross, Joann Tucker, Esthcr XVorkniang Se-concl sopranos: Sue Barnett, Ruth Clovcr. loycc- Ann jones, Nlartha NlCcl!'2lClit'Il, Barhara Polvn, Nlartha Hineliart. lanicc lloclrigues, Barhara Shaw. jo Ann XVooclg Altos: Nancy Anclrich, Mary Balwr, lucly Bihle-r, Elizabvtli Bnrgvss. Nlona Church. .lncly Clark. .lanet Conltvr, llvlvn Crow. Shirley Cahlv. ancl Nant-tta jones. Pianist Elaine Kerns Director Nlrs. Charlvs Fvi'1'ell -n-" - '-1 ' hifi' q 22,2 W V 2304 57 T ip Wh, K , A M l 'L '5 WM M 0 00502 Q ' ' ' , ,. - 1, , ,, QFQYA f I .f 1 px -it ff J , f' 71" 5 fx ?-v ' 5' I I SLN Jwilaall, The prospects of the Moundsville 1952 football season didn't look too bright. First year coach, jack LaBay, didn't have a lot of material from which to choose. He had five returning lettermen, jack Slokan, Rich Clegg, Don Chambers, Tom Hill. and Don Hess. Moundsville had a small and a very light team. They were inexperienced and some of the iirst string hadn,t any previous experience. They Won their first game over Newell 42-0. They then lost nine straight games. Our second game was played at Triadelphia, Moundsville losing 39-0. YVe played Magnolia at home on September 19, this game was played on even terms until a couple of bad breaks lost the game for us. A Hfteen yard penalty put them on our one yard line and from there they Went on to score. The other touchdown came on an intercepted pass. Both were scored in the Hnal five minutes of the game. The Trojans then traveled to Fairmont West Where a strong Fairmont West Won 35-6. On October 4, the Trojans traveled to Bellaire. The Big Reds wer unde- feated. Our team were like midgets next to them. The Trojans played them on nearly even terms the first half, the score was 28-14. The second half the Big Beds second string was as heavy as their iirst string. They Went on to Win over Moundsville 75-14. The Trojans next game Was against Wheeling. They beat us 59-O. On Octo- ber 17, the Trojans traveled to Wellsburg Where the underrated Wellsburg team beat us 39-O. October 25, the Trojans traveled to the Wheeling stadium to suffer our 7th loss of the season at the hands of Warwood. On October 31, Mounds- ville returned home only to be beaten again by the Maroons of Central Catholic 59-0. The last game of the season was played on November 7, against Union. The Trojans lost to a powerful Union team 55-0. 6'a.4lmfbalL 7953 Seated: Alini Ilvwclley, Mgr., john Dc-rrow, Bill VViIIiznns, Donnim- Clnnnlwrs, Sonny All:-n. Larry X'VvicIcImscI1, Ilurry Laing, Mgr. Standing: Mr. Pclzu-2, Allmvrt Cain, Mgr., Ronnie- 'lhylm-, Kvitli I3-I-rgvr, Don llc-ss. Sonny Nico, Phillip Ynlm. Nlr. I,z1Huy. TRO ANS OPP. I 48 Union . , 57 XVI1eeIing 60 Central , 52 Bellailx' I 66 NVGIISIDIIIQI, 74 Newell , S0 XVeston 45 T1'iacIc-Ipliiu 52, Union . 63 Fairmont 77, , , St. Iolins Central 56 Triadelpliia 44 Magnolia . 50 . VVa1'wood 58 Magnolia ,. 63 I . Linsly , 59 . Tiltonsvillc 60 Chester '59 .. Magnolia ,. G64 Union it Toni' nument Polnzvli, Don I If-rc' I Icrc I Ivrv I I orc' YVvIIsInn'g I I In-rv I Ivil- Trilidc-Ipliia IIc-rv I I ore Here .. ,. Madison Here Magnolia Ilere Ile-rv Linsly Tiltonsville Cliestei' Ilere Ilerv Z-lg'-5-3-Z?--SiN 1753 Q S X , gxff f' Z Z2 M X ff 2' K ,- f rf:- 7 iv., V a6'a.4AefbalL Union The Trojans first game was with unbeaten Union. The first period ended with Union ahead 8-6. At the half they still led by a margin of 28-22. In the third period the Trojans had battled to a 87-87 tie, but were out-scored in the final frame to lose 64-48. Weidebusch was high with 12 points. Allen and Chambers had 11 apiece. VVheeling The Wheeling Wildcats won their opener at the expense of the Trojans 64-57. At the end of the first period the Orangemen were behind 12-11. They continued to 'trail at half-time 80- 28. The third period Won the game for the Wild- cats when they outscored Mdsv. 15-10 to lead 45-89. They went on to win by putting in 19 to the Trojans 18 in the final period. Allen had 25 points for Mdsv. Derrow and Chambers did excellent rebound work. Central Previously unbeaten Central was whipped by the hard-fighting Trojans at the Fieldhouse. Moundsville, behind 18-8 at the end of the first quarter and 81-20 at the half-time. They were still behind 46-82 entering the final period. With 58 seconds remaining, the Trojans put on a full- court press and checked the Maroons. The Mdsv. five stole the ball 8 'times and each time Chambers drove in for a lay-up. His last lay- up put the Trojans within 1 point of the Maroons. Bill Williams pulled the game out of the fire when he received a double-foul shot and con- verted both to win for us 60-59. Derrow then froze the ball for the remaining seconds. Cham- bers was high point man with 26 and Williams had 9. Bellaire The first period showed the Trojans ahead of the Bellaire Big Reds 12-10 but at the half the Ohio- ans were ahead 28-26. In the third period Bell- aire scored 16 and held the Trojans to 8, making it 44-84. The Orangemen were outscored in the final period 'to lose the game 68-52. Chambers was high with 12. Williams had 11 to come in second. Wellsburg Moundsville defeated Wellsburg on its first road trip. The Trojans jumped ahead 17-18 in the first period but caught fire again in the third quarter to lead again 58-88. Both teams col- lected 18 points apiece in the last period. Cham- bers had 28 for the high scoring honors and Allen had 28. Newell The Trojans won their third of six by defeating Newell 74-44 at the new fieldhouse. The Tro- jans jumped to a 21-10 lead in the first period and lead at half-time 88-20. In the third period the Trojans outscored the visitors 24-8 to lead 57-28 at the end of the three stanzas. The starting five then retired and let the subs take over. These boys outscored Newell 17-16 in the final period. Chambers had 24, Derrow 14. Weston The Trojans won their third consecutive victory when they trounced Weston 80-41. The first period Mdsv. was ahead 25-9 and at the half 44-18. The Trojans scored 22 points and held Weston to 12, making it 66-80, in favor of the Trojans. High score Went to Chambers with 25. Allen and Derrow had 18 and 14. abhaketball Triadelphia Moundsville traveled to Triadelphia only to suf- fer their fourth defeat. It was a small court and the Trojans wererft able to hit. They were unable to get their fast-break going on the small Hoor. The Trojans were behind 32-22 at half- time, but outscored the Triads 17-10 in the third period. But the Little Reds struck back for 18 while holding us to 6 in the final period to win 63-45. Chambers was high with 19 and Allen had 9. Magnolia Magnolia, who reportedly had a powerful team, traveled to Moundsville's Fieldhouse to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hand of the Trojans. We outscored the visitors at each quarter 22-9, 8-7, 10-8, and 17-14 to win 58-38. Chambers paced the Moundsville five with 19 points. Allen added 11. Derrow did excellent rebound work. Central Central snapped its longest losing streak in a half dozen seasons by spanking the Trojans 77- 63 at Madison. The Maroons, leading at the end of the first period 17-16, capitalized on a 19- 11 second period bulge, for a 36-27 half-time advantage. The Trojans were behind 50-44 at the third quarter mark, but they dumped in 2 buckets to open the fourth period with a disad- vantage of only 50-48. The Maroons then fired in 27 points in the fourth period while the Tro- jans hit for only 15. Allen led with 18 while Chambers contributed 17. Williams and Der- row each hit the net for 11. Allen and Derrow fouled out in the fourth quarter while Nigge- myer and Habig of Central did the same. Triadelphia Moundsville avenged its earlier defeat by post- ing a 56-46 victory over the Triads in an over- time game. The Trojans, who trailed through the first 2 periods, were behind by one point, 24-23 at the half. They then pulled ahead 33-30 at the end of the third, and were outscored again in the fourth to create a deadlock at 44-all. We poured in 12 to the Triads 2 to win the game. Williams led with 16. Union Moundsville's defense centered largely around blanketing O'Brien and they were able to hold him to one point in the first half. Union led 12-8 going into the second frame but they had to scramble to gain a 23-23 deadlock at the half. Behind 5 points in the final stanza, they out- scored Union by 3 points but were unable to overcome their rival's large lead. Allen was high with 17 and Chambers had 14. Fairmont West The Polar Bears took a 41-34 lead at the half after dropping behind 16-19 in the first period. They continued to lead 50-56 at the end of the third and went on to win 70-63. Chambers led with 28 and Derrow had 15. St. Iohns Moundsville outscored St. johns in every quarter to take a 77-59 victory. The Trojans hit for 33 field goals to gain the 18 point victory. The game was close in the first quarter with the Trojans ahead 19-15. They increased their lead at half- time 39-32 and went on to win. Chambers paced the attack with 24. Allen tallied 20 and Derrow hit for 14. dgaalmtball Warwood The Trojans repulsed the Vikings at the new fieldhouse. They succeeded in defeating War- wood in a sharp foul-shooting exhibition. They put in 20 of 25 free throws to whip the Green and Whites, 50-44. Mdsv. outscored Warwood in every period, 11-9, 13-11, 12-11, and 13-14. Don Chambers was the high point man for the eve- ning with 16 points chalked up to his credit. Allen and Derrow each collected 11. Magnolia In a hard-fought battle at New Martinsville, the Eagles avenged an earlier defeat by the Trojans by squeezing through to beat us 52-44. The game was tied 7 times, the last time 42-42 in the final stanza, but the Eagles pulled away to win. The game was characterized by the great number of personal fouls suffered by each team. Mounds- ville lost Allen, Chambers, Williams, and Der- row to fouls. Allen had 12 points for high scor- ing of the evening, and Derrow had 11. Tiltonsville Moundsville defeated a strong Tiltonsville squad in an overtime 59-57. We were behind at the half 24-23, but led 38-32 at the end of the third. At the final the score was 51-all and the over- time saw Moundsville connecting for 8 while their rivals had 6. Derrow was high with 18 and Allen had 12. Chester Chester was the scene of a close victory for the Trojans, when they defeated the five of that city 60-58. Chester led 55-54 in the fourth quarter, but we rallied to win by a 2 point margin. Cham- bers had 17 points and Allen and Derrow had 15 each. Linsly The Trojans finished their 1953 season with a victory over Linsly 63-47. We held a slim 24-23 lead in the first period but led 41-31 at the half. The third stanza ended 55-40 in our favor and we outscored the military five 8-7 in the final to win. Chambers led the Moundsville attack with 25 points and Allen had 16. Snctlbnal Jnwznamrzni Magnolia The Eagles were off to a flying start outscoring the Trojans 17-13 in the first period and were ahead 31-28 at the half. In the second half the Trojans caught fire and their fast break was clicking as they dumped in 15 while holding the Eagles to 11 and went on to win the Hrst round of the Section IV tournament 59-54. Weidebusch and Derrow paced the victory with 17 and 14 respectively. Allen hit for 12. This victory qualified the Trojans to meet Union in the Sec- tional play-offs. Union Union, with a record of 19-1, invaded the field- house at Moundsville to try and defeat the Tro- jans for the third time this season. Union took an early first quarter lead 21-13 and still led 44-35 at the half-time. They continued to lead in the third period 51-47 and went on to win 69-64. Chambers led the losers with 17 and Allen had 15. The Moundsville Cheerleaders won the cheerleading trophy and Chambers, Allen, Derrow, and Weidebusch were placed on the All-Tournament team. Unionis O'brien Specht, and Congola also made the team, along with jones and Sockman of Magnolia. KX wg-.A N Q!! T"-. Av-wi Q li W ,-.. x4t Q ne X gy ii 9 v I -f X.. :xv 5 ,.-- Y QNNNFY plwhm. M gimp pm 1.-First String Football Team 2.-Harry,s Gang 3.-Yvonne Haught 4.-Elise Bonar 5.-Twila and Francis 6.-Margie, Bill, and Ethel 7.-Martha, Patty, and Carole 8.-Nancy and Louise 9.-N ina Kay, and Betty 10.-Class of jr. High 1 1.-Lilley 12.-Bill 13.-Joe 14.-Baby Doll 15.-Vivian and Nancy 16.-Sandra, Marlene, Edna, and Lillian 17.-Twila, janet, and Marlene 1 18.-Phil 19.-Anetta 20.-Hobert, Dave, Roger and Ronnie 21.-Ianice 22.-Margie and Louise 23.--Roger and LeRoy 24.--Union and Mdsv. Cheerleaders 25.-Vera 26.-Eva Jane and Reed 27.-john and Dick P Pm Powder Puff Beauty Shop Church Dry Cleaning Cleggs Sports Shop Court Service Station Isalyis Dairy Mound View Service Station Mikeis Sunoco Service A Friend A. F. "Flick,, Francis I. K. Chase Leaches Dry Cleaning Lyda Conkle's Greenhouse Bill Beam Marshall Hardware Dr. Sheets Compliments Compliments of of STATE FOOD STORES PIIOTOCRAFTERS C- 51 W' AUTO AND TOWNE SHOPPE HOME SUPPLY Piece Goods - Notions 248 Jefferson Avenue Moundsville VVest Virginia Men, Women and Chilclren's B. F. Goodrich Tircs Sz Batteries IKEADY-To-WIEAR Philco Radios :Sz Refrigerators . I ' ' ' F- Phone 1321 9 4 Second Strut COOKING AT ITS BEST OF COURSE IT'S ELECTRIC No Flame No Smoke No Fumes Over 5900 Satisfied Users MOUNDSVILLE ELECTRIC SERVICE WHEELINC ELECTRIC COMPANY Compliments of Compliments of Moundsvilleis First Shoe Salon KROGER CO. 343 Jefferson Ave. Moundsvillc, W. Va. C0Ul17lilW'NlS of Congratulations To The Class of VETERANS CAB COMPANY 1953 Seventh Street Phone 1010 , FATHER AND SON STORE 24-Hour Servlet GRIEST CUT RATE 303 Jefferson Avenue Medicines, Gifts, Toilet Goods, Tobacco, Cigarettes STILWELL'S MEN ,S SHOP 268 Jefferson Ave. The Latest In Me-n's Furnishings CRESCENT PRINT SHOP WM. BLANKENSOP Phone 132 607 Lafayette Moundsville, W. Va. Ave. Congratulations to the Class of ,53 B. DORSEY DRUG STORE 200 Cedar Avenue Phone 372 Congratulations and Continued Success to the Graduates of "53" STONE AND THOMAS THE NOVELTY SHOP PHOTOGRAPHY BY Paul Lemons 399 Jefferson Ave. Phone 1233 fMds.l Compliments of SN EDEKER HARDWARE WM. REMKE AND SON APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE 522 Seventh Street Moundsville, W. Va. Gibson Refrigerators and Freezers Tappen Gas and Electric Ranges Phone Mclsv. 1308 1 1 7 7 In 1 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ,53 tv-2 ostmifat Glass Compu Vgb toria 5 FIN E TAB LE G LASSWAR E Moundsvi1le,WVat,USA. 1 1 1 l l 1 1 I ,. ,nm-V4-::'Y'.+Z' ' 1 P-' ' ' - .. :li ff fi 1 W . X , , -V J ff ff iw Mm fix My WX' "V W W W7 21' f iff' 'f f fff -ffifff ,ff 'ffl IWW IW Ay,Qfeww24fQx:s'.va2.Q 1. ,gwif-.s:,s,aLi-sx,.v,::+1 1 f , f yi 1 KW f ,M I f f' - ,pl 7 I f fy ' 4 U J, .ff 'Z - , A, V, 2 , 4 ' ,- i M3Swffw2',ag,ffri.fi52,,.w ' - .'5,:.3 ,H I , W .V 1 5 fr Q I ' ..'2:,:-M A ig-1:12, I ,W EH ' ' 'wY1-Z I "W LI' ff I V , 1-I f' : . J ' , f x " ' ,Z A If -,1 f A 1? 'Gif ' ",, " 25 f U. yy I Q? , T. .1243-M ff , 0 ' sw :Q 52' ., f , ' ' , 1:5 2 ' ' ' OUR Skmwb Quality, TM f dat COMPLETE SERVICE WILL SOLVE YOUR YEARBOOK PROBLEMS. X WW 'l'l-IE CANTON ENGRAVING Q ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, OHIO BLAIR BROS. AUTO BODY SHOP 1305 Lafayette Avenue Moundsville, W. Vu. 24 llour VVreeker Service Phone 1111 44 No matter what you earn You are worth just what you save CITIZEN S SAVING AND LOAN COMPANY 508 Seventh Street Lei us lic-lp you with SQIYIIIQ Adoonnts - IIOIIIL' Loans REICHARTS VVlIl'Clillg, VV. Vu. Martins Ferry, O Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of '53 L. S. GOOD SZ CO. 1Vl1C81lIlg. YV. Va. Lafayett BLANKENSOPS DRY GOODS VVisl1es Success to the Class of 1953 e Avenue lkloundsville Compliments of CARPENTERS IEWELERS Phone WVl1g. 2322 1118 Market Street NVl1t-cling, West Virginia I. B. YOUNCER Odorless Dry Cleaning Fur :Sr Rug Cleaning Insured Cold Fur CY Wool Storage Moth Proofing, Water Repelling, Leather Finishing - r 1 CROW JEWELRY CO. 323 jefferson Ave. Moundsville, W. Va. Diamonds - WVatches Jewelry - Clocks Phone Whg. 4169 Nick Marshall, Prop. NICK,S MUSIC SHOP General Instrument Repairs Instruments and Supplies 932 Market Street GEORGE B. BARR GENT'S FURNISHINGS and SHOES "Better Goods for Less Money" ALTON P. YEATER B055 LUNCH "Leading the Food League 312 Morton Avenue Since '47,' GENERAL INSURANCE 800 Third Street COMPLETE COVERAGE OF LOCAL, NATIONAL and WORLD NEWS JOURNAL Edition of WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER To Receive It Daily Call - Moundsville 26 or 817 STRAND ' PARK THEATER Home Owned - Home Operated "Always a Good Show " MAURICE SPERLING - WALTER LOWE HOME ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Hotpoint Appliances Wiring Material for Houses Lighting Fixtures 524 Seventh Street Phone 183 1. H. BEAM DRUG co. 263 Iefferson Avenue Phone Moundsvill 655 KODAKS GIFTS PR ESCRIPTIONS CAMBLE,S MARKET Quality Meats and GYOCCTICS 402 11th Street Phone 1039 DIAMONDS WATCHES HARRIS JEWELRY J. 1-a. IIADLY, Jn. Phone 114 Lafayette Ave. R Seventh Street Mountlsvill-L-, WV. Vu. JENVELRY REPAIHINC WHEELING. W. VA. Compliments of COFFEE CUP 413 jefferson Avenue Congratulations and Best Wishe The Class of '53 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 335-337 Jefferson Ave. Phone 1055 Mounclsville, W. Vu. S Compliments of SNYDER HOTEL and Restaurant NVe Cater to Parties and Banquets None Too Large or Too Small Phone 300 for Reservations Congratulations To The Class of "53', HELEN S SWEET SHOP CURTIS BOATWRIGHT C. K. DARWISH VVlu-re Quality Preclominates MEATS and CROCERIES 239 jeflersou Ave. Mouudsville, NV. Va. Plioue 33-34-36 If you want a treat DEAN and BARRY PAINTS IMPEIIIAL WVALLPAPER BUZZARD,S lNIouudsville W. LUKENS CO. A. B. Powell - H. M. Robb Eat At The Wlieeliiigis Leading jeweler Since 1883 P A L A C E 131-I Market Street -109 .Iellersou Ax e. Plioue 530 lhhgimlrlld Jctwlvr,Mllmlwr American Gem Soeiety BECKERS, INC. R 0 G E R S 1054 Market Street "A Great Name in Jewelry" Vlflrereling, XV. Va. 44 Years Selling the Best, in Seeds, Feed. and Carden Supplies to the Best People in lXIouudsville . . . Our Customers 1231 Market St. xVl1CCl1llQ, VV Vi CEM STYLE SHOP, INC. LADIES' and CHILDRENS WEARINC APPAREL 249-253 Jefferson Aveuur MYERS DRUG STORE Fountain Service - Drugs - Sundaes GLEN DALE and MOU NDSVILLE Compliments of DR. R. E. DURIC Optometrist 510 Seventh St. Phono 771 RUTH ANN STYLE SHOP Lzlclivs and Children Wearing Apparel Tc-lcplionc 733 Congratulations to the an N , RESTAURANT CLASS OF 53 Home of Hospitality H O R N E S Moundsvillc,s Finest KRECLOW GIFT SHOP Main at 11th street Wheeling, W. Va Gifts of Distinction CONGRATULATIONS To the SENIOR CLASS OF ,53 BOTTLI G O PA YI C. Moundsville, W. Va. Compliments of WICK,S MUSIC CENTER 201 Jefferson Avenue Phone 472 EAT M 0 O R E CAKES and ROLLS Moundsville, West Virginia Phone 7 Lafayette Ave' City ALFRED E. TOMLINSON Compliments of Diamonds - Watches - jewelry LOAN COMPANY 401 Jefferson Avenue Loans up to Moundsville, WV. Va. 3300 Compliments CRISELUS FUNERAL SERVICE In Moundsville Since 1891 AMBULANCE PHONE 49 GENUINE PARTS COMPANY GEURCE FERGUSON HOME FURNISHINGS 610 Tomlinson Avenue Quality Furniture At Fair Prices Phone 14 Or 15 806 Lafayette Ave. Phone 314 "Your Repairman Knowsu Moun-dsville, W. Va. For Quality, Beauty, and Arrangement In FLOWERS W' B' Always Call , PLUMBING AND' HEATING NEUBAUER S ff A . Ph 123 Je erson ve one Phone 80 809 Sixth St Greenhouses Cameron 192 MILLER and NUZUM Comphmmof GENERAL MERCHANDISE G. C. MURPHY COMPANY YOUR 5 Sz 10 Telephone 281 1401 First Street CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1 9 5 3 FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES MARSHALL COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY QR MERCANTILE BANKING 81 TRL-ST COMPANY MOUNDSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Money to loan on homes, business properties, farms, automobiles, etc. 2722 interest paid on time deposits. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation For Anything In Sporting Goods TINY'S PLACE SEE JULE All Sports Results IULE RIVLIN Sport Shop 242 Jefferson Avenue 1135 MAIN Wlig. 3698 DR. VV. H. H Congratulations to The DR W E Class of 1953 Optometrists GEO. E. STIFEL COMPANY 1041 Main Street fSecond Floorl WHEELING, W. VA. The store that has given service and satisfaction for over 77 years Phone Whg. 452 Congratulations To the Senior Class '53 T A Y L O R , S ELITE BILLIARD and BOWLING VVheeling, W. Va. FASHION LEADERS FOR OVER 100 YEARSl Third and jefferson CHARLES N. HANCHER CO. BERNHARDT'S Jewelers - Silversmiths Established 1849 Ohio Valley's Largest Men's Store 1223 Market St. Wheeling, W. Va Congratulations to the Class of '53 1306 hlarket St. Wheeling, W. Va. Where Fine Watches Are Sold Moundsville W. Va. Congratulations to the Class of 1953 MOUNDSVILLE MOOSE 1087 Compliments of Compliments of CAUL AND LAUTAR, INC- ELMEPCS ASHLAND SERVICE REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE K 13th and Lafayette Avenue Mercantile Bank Building Phone - 175 Moundsville, W. Va. B. P. O. ELKS .4 cb Jw , 46 1' ' A NO-. 282 Dr. McCu1'dy Dr. Boyd Dr. Yolm Dr. Campbell Dr. Rider 99 Congratulations to the Class of ,58 "Everything that Men and Boys Wear' W. Va. Clothing Stores C. A. BLOYD AND SONS Downtown Uptown 513 7th Street 3rd and Ieiferson COMPLIMENTS OF MOUNDSVILLE NEW CAR DEALERS H- L- SIMMONS AND RICHMOND ASHLAND SERVICE s0Ns MARKET GAS , OIL LUBRICATION HOME DRESSED MEATS Phone 9794 001 Second Street Phone 448-449 3rd and Jefferson Mdso, W. Va. 100 iii Compliments of Compliments of MARTIN,S RESTAURANT HINERMAN'S 1011 Second Street 264 Jefferson Avenue F 61 Eat Blue Star Potato Chips Distributed by Baby Chicks - Feed - Seed Fertilizer and Poultry Remedies AL DARVVISH, WHOLESALE 800 Third Street Third Street Phone 1525 Moundsville West Virginia ANDEJRSQN 51 BERRY SIMON WHITEYS SONS Meat , Groceries , produce Granite and Marble Mausoleums ' Monuments and Markers Phone 1013 1513 Third sr. "Mark EvffryCrf1ve,' Open Evenings and Holidays 1218 Third Street P11036 115 MOUND CITY RADIO AND TV SALES - SERVICE 915 Second Street Phone 156 Sylvania Halolight T.V. Setchell Carison T.V. Service - Day or Night - 9 A.M to 9 P.M. Donit Fussl Donit Cussl CALL US! Charles Niedermeyer joe Robinson Edward Ruhland A.M. F.M. T.V. STARTING THE DAY RIGHT A kitchen furnished with U. S. Enameled WVare takes the Work out of cooking . . . makes household duties a pleasure. For over 52 years we have made Quality Enameled Ware-the Enameled Ware that makes kitchen Work a pleasure because there is a utensil for every need. UNITED STATES STAMPINC CUMPANY U. S. QUALITY ENAMELED WARE AT WORK Moundsville, West Virginia 1 ' N xxx 9 gs S4 1 P ,S 5 x 2?-iii , .: T' . ,q 1 1325. . QL 'flsfiiw f 4 IQ 1:2 iii 231 , 3' .ya- .J . w x .Y ,Ex 4. ,xi Q. . en, ik Nami. . 5155 gc: -mi Y' ' Dj .QM 1 wr: 11 L" ' f fi? 3 qi, ,Hi YE. ' 5-lk? ,' ff: fbi Q U 'ff 1 M ,Q fs .i3' ' K w GM? bw if .wi ,fe ,Q 5.,-Vx I: g 1, '15, .'4,+ Y. 5, ,gf H.- , ' fb ,w fig EN, 5,1417 ' Q52 5. ,Y , ' 4 ,Y .7 ., at ,,, A 1BSi!Q11.41Lfr,vi' 'ff' Z- u -k ' ' 1 ' 1 n J My - , ,..-.U'.2iiG""' f' 'ETP ., 5 H 5 F 'EIFJEU Eilakff' LEM: Q??r1'2v1'E?.: .- liflkfili E'niEBxiIiL'i?Bl!.E5. 3 f THEIR!

Suggestions in the Moundsville High School - Orospolitan Yearbook (Moundsville, WV) collection:

Moundsville High School - Orospolitan Yearbook (Moundsville, WV) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


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Moundsville High School - Orospolitan Yearbook (Moundsville, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 64

1953, pg 64

Moundsville High School - Orospolitan Yearbook (Moundsville, WV) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 42

1953, pg 42

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