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'Q QQfiE Q W 'AGA w"'P if , jj, ,fs w-1 Nl Pwr-I bw 1, aw' 5 me Wk MMM Lf K MLM Mar 1 N ' .mf Am. JE j C :Q 95. A If 1 WANWHUNMAB I ga-24, 519' ' K ,Y 7 A 'lf ,VQZZ 46115 iwgzffa-L .wwf wwf :wwf 44021 , J . 4 f 4 , of KKUWB i f r If V' J i' 644A - ' 1 ' . MQ LMJ .V 5 A ' ' pi iff? X f 4 Q E 1 - P- . e ' VS' UW 0' 0, ' MW + aw CCL fffwr , . op, aio: I ith? A Lalh 1,071 ' -N ' A ' ,Q-W f WM?" '. .f , 0 I V, I L L J' L pp ,cff.f1fU"eQ7 W' L J hts and s are concealed between the covers af our vii o scr as ese p unfold we think of the things that have gone on 0,6 X ' ' or n this, th of ' tvesotai Centennial, many scrapbook: are one in being . Th, es are rellecting the past and recalling to I m n le n n ' h . It Z :o to tznirtrcl orlethe prasigjrglhout thinking of the present and the f e Iso. i lor : .nw c hroafolii th:os:::I?oF:u1tl:ne, from first to lost: , Lolterlng slow, the Future craepeth - J Ar - ift, he Presen swnepeth - gif' - Anrcjwrhejllonlls forover'stands the Past." - 6 Now as we turn the pages ot our l958 Vista we will reminlsce, think a d X dream about our past, present and future, 7 2' '77 4 ' f 3, v ,Q 2 A Z Wife Hfeswcw Wmfif' WWW Qxvgfgjy WWW WW? M S QW Wf,W fgk M W WH we -se W ff ff' Eij?5513f2 sigiisii Q"+5?'if 35 7 956' Maia Volume III New Bright , M t X Mounns vlew HIGH scHooL 0 0 Q Q 0 Av 'S 'Q K -fa 1? if O ml!! H4-Wir l V f ,4- , if Q. 2 hs 'fam 0,4 i" swam we 8' Sammi . . . I5 ak . K., K X. kwa. . . A h .41 W F' V igf ' I J ,..63 G Qealwzea . . . l . .577 f A :Q:.' away .... ..4. 1 05 0,30 'fu Z 2 I . 5 5 A - ml -J--' -'iii M ' gm,-, , 1958 IN A3 -Q 5 fi, 5 QE .1-3, X 4 Q 1192138 lr' 'ix 5 45 1' X A-,j I 1 I f FEf ff"3 3 M XS, Q 1 MI ,... ' E1 f eff xx ' 95 N N., CD00 School board members are looking at the plans for Edgewood Junior High. Seated ore Stanley A. Olmen, Fred C. White, Warren H, Johnson and Henry Resman. Standing are Leon E. Sabine, D. D. Wendt and Clyde Reedy. Mr. Reeder, Superintendent of Schools. S Mr. Resman, Administrative Assistant. I I I Mounds View has been under the excellent sup- ervision of our administration headed by Superin- tendent of Schools Ralph Reeder. Our administration has the responsibility of maintaining an atmosphere suited to the development of its students, both intellectually and socially. They have been concerned with having o competent foc- ulty, an adequate library and good bus transporta- tion. They met all these demands and more. Our entire administration has shown kindness, tolerance and firmness, thereby gaining the respect ofthe student body and their fellow workers. Mr. Kunze, Principal Mr. Pogenkopf, Assistant Printipol Miss Vorney, Junior High Counselor 651. -1:1 my , W 'Sn The new Edgewood Junior High School in the process of being built. Mr. Conover, Senior High Counselor 4 Mr. Meyer, Mr. Sohli ond Mr. G. Chrisfenson catching up on world ciffcirs. . 1-' Mr. Geske and Mr. Wegleitner discussing American History 4-Li' B 1-1-'- ' a Z l I 'lp-19' - "" ,Z Mr. Schullz and Mr. Hillbcrn folking over Minnesorufs Centennial. Miss Daily nof Picrured. H 5 LJ Mr. Brainard, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Gibson and Mr. Scribner demonstrating the tape recorder. Three foreign language teachers, Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Eggar. 6 Mrs. Graves, Mr. Williams and Miss McDermott "chatting." ln any vocation we may enter we will find it necessary to speak. ln the English department the emphasis is on speaking correctly - in this way pre- paring us for the years to come. Along with speak- ing, reading, listening and writing hold important spots. We aren't limited simply to learning English, for many students take advantage of the four foreign languages offered. These languages are Latin "La- tine," French, "Francais," Spanish "espanol," and German, "Deutsch" Life would not otter much ex- citement without languages. irq . Mm X. Q 1 . ,aux- un-v' ln this, the age of atoms, satallites and missiles, we realize the need for science and math. Courses are offered from general math and science up through solid geometry, Trigonometry and physics, We are fortunate to have the equipment necessary for many things. Our chemistry room has everything from a glass tube to a bunsen burner. Biology students look forward to disecting ascarides, fish and frogs. The teachers urge outside projects for those es- pecially interested and talented. Students realizing their opportunities, willingly take part in these pro- jects. All these things work together to promote in- terest and knowledge in the science field. Mr. Anderson doing an experiment. Mr. Zaworski, Mr. Heyer and Mr. Leonard, talking "over" the aquarium. 8 Q fl? I af . iii Mr. Van Hooser pointing out the circulatory system on the manikin Mr. Nelson, Mr. McManus and Mr. Ny- hus illusfroiing The co-ordinclfe system, Moth teachers Mr. Helstrom and Mrs. Peterson. 9 Science is importonf and interesting. Mr. Roy ond Mr. Wendorf checking their P.O. boxes "Who wears short shorts?" Our girls physical education teachers: Miss Mertens, Miss Swanson and Miss Wiig. At the moment the basketball seems to be the center of Mr. Westlund, Mr. Bauer and Mr. T. Christensenfs interest. 10 Mr. Raiacich, Mr. Geurts and Mr. Karialahti watching the planer. Realizing the importance of physical fitness for both boys and girls, it is required that all students take physical education through their sophomore year. For those students who feel they may want to be a physical education teacher, they can be a teach- er's assistant. In this way they can find out if they should seriously consider doing this type of work. They will also pick up some helpful hints and teach- ing methods from our qualified teachers. Not only the physical education departments, but the other departments at Mounds View also offer opportunities for students to be teacher assistants. These teacher's assistants do some clerical work to relieve a little of the teacher's load. Sf 1. 6... Q Mrs. Newell, Mrs. Stockamp and Mr. H. Erickson checking over a typing book. Famous last words, "Don't look at the camera." Mr. Ashwood, art teacher There are some subiects that are required for students to take. Among these, English and social studies are taken through the senior year. Each year we have a chance to choose more elective courses. Some students may be interested in business educa- tion, others in art, industrial arts, or home economics. Almost everyone is interested in driving because it is practically a necessity for this suburban district. ln order to encourage better driving "behind the wheel" training is given. This, of course, doesn't mention all of the elec- tive courses ottered at Mounds View. As we progress in years, we get more into the special type of classes we need and want for the future. lt looks like drivers training teachers Mr. Geb- hard and Mr. Christopherson made it back to school safely. 11 and Mr. E. Erickson, Vista advisor. ,nl Miss Kyamme and Mrs. Simonson mixing a batch of brownies SW! Mrs. Lindstedt and Miss Ranholm checking out a "few" books. District 621 office stalt: Mrs. Vivian Drinnin, clerk, talking an the phone, Mrs. Lillian Frischmon, Sr. Administration secretary, typing, and Miss Marlene Rybaclc, bookkeeper, checking over papers. We believe that healthy people are happy peo- ple. This is the reason stress is placed on good health at Mounds View. All students are givenveye and ear tests, polio shots and mantoux tests. This year we have a new eye chart which was made by Mr. Raiacich and Mr. Geurts of the indus- trial arts department. Along with having healthy bodies we want to have healthy minds. The library is a good place to further develop healthy minds. The school nurse, Mrs. Anderson, giving a Mrs. Wige, Mrs. Morris and Miss Bluhm, working in the high school office. student an eye test. 12 This years expert cooksf V. Eisenman, J. Stadler, M. Rybak, R. Kolarsky, A. Debee, B. Markeson, M. Thi- bodeau and Miss Toop. It looks like the teachers are trying to take the cooks jobs. Our hard working custodians: 'lst row - F. McDaniel, H. Seobloom Paron. 2nd row - J. Wagner, J. Eisenman, C. Zweig. Not pictured - Hipp, A. Johnson and J. Jorgenson. The custodians keep our school healthy by keep- ing it clean. They are on duty twenty-four hours a day, helping in numerous ways. Through the entire school year the cooks are kept busy planning menus, preparing food and serv- ing hungry students. Annually the men educators put on aprons and cook up a turkey dinner for the fac- ulty. This is a tremendous chance for the men of Mounds View to show their "hidden" talents. ' ,m'b if L, f 11 i . , S if i ' Qwfgw ti-eww K an hm ,mf My S, Mg, P15133 4:54 QT I SM.:-K fir 3 N? Y Meg M. '4 X, A. ,., " TT" 'Q 5 G' , , . A 'A 1 "'gf,- may f, .QV 5-'mmf' , f If N W , , W K , . 5. 1. --v, -, 4- ...ff-, 7, if ' M1 ,,. L, f 5, ,- A MP'- I X' ' 15-f' 1- .1 .' V X- . "' fl Y Q Je' .2 ., V ,,..g'w l7a?N'.,,-M. -1 ,MM qv -- Lx -ov. - ,,:-.,.1.-Wm. -1 W1 , A., h Q QQ Q., A W W f vw y i -'-i,:4,.',fgf 3 1 K" 1 ,,, ff K f. I kg., O 9 Q q afvlb .143 5,42 2.2 - 6 s NX 'ff' w K '- . 1 -351 4, 17 4' Q 'lf ,N FX V x1 X N - The senior class did many things as a unit during our years here at Mounds View. First of all we all had English, social studies and history. We had these subiects different hours and sometimes we had different teachers, but we all had some common learning experiences. Not only did we compete and work together academically, but we competed and worked together socially. We sponsored the first canteens ever held at Mounds View as sophomores. As juniors we worked hard and yet had fun working on the prom and Junior-Senior Banquet. Now as seniors we are busy with our car wash and picnic. As we, the senior class of '58, receive our diplo- mas, a conclusion to our years at Mounds View is reached. Seniors practicing for Senior Assembly and Baccalaureate. Mr. Kunze introducing the graduating class of i958 at the Senior Assembly. The Class of 1958 received their diplomas as a conclusion to their years at Mounds View High School. This impressive ceremony will be treasured in their memories along with the football games, in which we were Suburban Champions, basketball games, the Senior Prom, and class picnic. The whirling maze of activities and studies which engulfed these seniors ended with commencement, and a new series of experiences and thrills have now begun. These four years were a long hard pull mixed with moments of laughter and tears. Leaving all this behind, the Class of 1958 prepare for their iourney into the future. Cl""l" Adl"""' Charles Adleman - A model A or T in the valley, is right up Adleman's alley. Peggy Allen - You can tell she's dreaming because she has stars in her eyes. Gordon Amundson - He's neither a book worm nor a social hound, but he's swell to have around. Ger- ald Anderson - "ls Gerald Anderson there?" This call comes over the air. Glenda Anderson - Don't derail her train of thought, or in the wreckage you'll be caught. Connie Aronson - In school she's quiet, outside she's a riot. Mark Aske - The bite of Mark, is worse than his bark. Sharon Backstrom - Parties and more parties, clothes and more clothes is this G0rd0nAmv'Idw'1 girl's middle name. Carolyn Bak - Stand awhile, wait awhile, here comes Carolyn with her smile. Peggy Allen Gerald Anderson Glenda Anderson Connie Aronson Mark Aske Sharon Backxtrom Carolyn Balt 16 Daniel Bambery - He wants to set the world on tire, by giving the teachers a slow burn. Gerald Bergquist - Who's always bright and merry, Mr. Personality, the name is Jerry. Dennis Berry - Gay as a song, and twice as long. Judith Biorke - A beautiful voice although, she spends her time selling dough. David Blanski - Dave, to his car is a slave. Senior Copy Writers: Ellis Ohnstad, Bob Rydeen, Sharon Flink, Kay Johnson, Jerry Bergquist, Marge Hill, Vivian Stanford, Donna Chumley, Sara Hanson, Joan Comer, Mr, Brainard. Not pictured - Peggy Allen, Judy Jackson, Amy Williams. Daniel Bambery Gerald Bergquist Dennis Berry Judith Biorke David Blqmki 17 Gary Bobleter Gary Bobleter - He may be quiet, but he has the makings of a riot. Elwood Bolander - El wood if El could. Yvonne Bulduc - Why are lovers so wan-ask Yvonne. Richard Bolin - Old MacDonald had a drive-in and hired Richard Bolin. Tom Bratz - Tom, Tom, the piper's son, stole a Junior and away he run. Barbara Brunelle - Tiny and quiet, but can be a riot. Constance Bubar - Connie Bubar gets her kicks, rid- ing horses like Tom Mix. Randall Budke - Randy's o negative dandy, and almost twice as handy. Ros- ella Buhil - She has a good time, she's a lovable lass, glad she's one of our class. Elwood Bolander Yvonne Bulduc Richard Bolin ' 4 ' 1313251 i,5il??l'Q,i!3f, -f . ,f ?eF,Qvq5g49flSfQxg:'fi Thomas Bratz Bqrhqrq Brunelle Constance Bubar Randall Budke Rosella Buhil 18 Rudy Cardenos Floyd Carlson Helen Christianson Kent Christianson Donna Chumley Frank Cmiel Thomas Chase Kimberly Chindlund John Christensen Rudy Cardenas - The Cardinals are out for Car- denas, because he's a bird. Floyd Carlson - Come drag with me Lucille, in my merry Oldsmobile. Thomas Chase - Every bobby-soxer, likes this dapper boxer. Kimberly Chindlund - To be an artist is his desire, and set the political world on fire. John Christensen - Pair of skates-hole in ice-Golden Gates. Helen Christianson - Fair as the day and always gay. Kent Christianson - His actions are a mystery to other people, but as clear as mud to him. Donna Chumley - She came, she saw, and she's still looking. Frank Cmiel - I believe in conserving energy, especially my own. 19 Barbara Coleman .loan Comer Douglas Doherty Marguerite Doherty La Vayne Dupslatt Karleen Edstedt Frank Cooper Donald Day Barbara Coleman - Bow low men, here comes Cole- man. Joan Comer - Boys don't put your trust in Comer, she's a roamer. Frank Cooper - Whenever he feels like exercising, he sits down until the feeling goes away. Don Day - Day after day, after day, will Don fade away? Phyllis DeMars - A sweet dis- position, an excellent heart. Douglas Doherty - On the Emerald Isle, Doug got his bright smile. Marg- urite Doherty - Ready to work, ready to play, ready to help whenever she may. La Vayne Dupslal? - This gentleman does not hurt others by words or actions. Karleen Edstedt - The Queen of Hearts has lots of spark. 20 Phyllis DeMars fn: fs U' K.-lf! Q Dennis Edstrom - I can resist anything but tempta- tion. James Ekstrand - He plays hockey, he plays tennis, and in school he's a menace. Paul Ellingson - Always happy, always gay, too bad he's not here to stay. Ronald Esberg - He may seem quiet until you get to know him. John Ewing - If there's any- thing doing, look tor John Ewing. Lary Falck - High school days are a delight, but for him a Saturday night. Ronald Falk - Quiet men are most surprising. Mary Fauceh' - Mary Jean wrote a book, La Vayne was the theme she took. Jo Ann Fish - She's a real delectable dish, you know her as Jo Ann Fish. Dennis Edstrom James Ekstrand Paul Ellingson Ronald Esberg .19 if John Ewing l"'Y Falck Ronald Fulk Mary Faucet! .lo Ann Fish 21 Sharon Flink James Gardner Raymond Gnetz Leroy Goldeman Sharon Flink - She's the master of us all, when on these quips we start to stall. James Gardner - lf you want to drive a nifty one, pass by Gardner's '51, Raymond Gnetz - He loves them and then forgets. The romantic Raymond Gnetz. Leroy Goldeman - He had not time for girls or fame, a mere diploma was his aim. Jeanette Grande - Horses and water are simply dandy, iust ask Jeanette Grande. Rosemary Grant - One thing's true of Rosey's hair, ever bit is certainly there. Ronald Greely -- Why study? There are so many other things worthwhile. Charles Gribble - lf you like an intellectual dribble, consult Charles Gribble. Richard Grabau Janette Grande Rosemary Grant Ronald Greely Charles Gribble 22 Veronica Gurtek Barbara Haahr Sara Hanson James Harier Veronica Gurtek - Always gay and merry. Barbara Haahr - Twinkle, twinkle little Haahr, We Think you'll go far. Sara Hanson - Calm, peaceful and quiet-why not 'fry it? James Harter - For jokes that are farfer, listen To Jim Harter. Harry Haselius - Someone like Harry could be a rarity. Paul Haugen - Well now, here comes Paul - There's no more To say - tha1's all. Maiorie Hill - She's always ready for the kill, fl'1at's The lovable Marge Hill. 23 Harry Haselius Paul Haugen Marjorie Hill Roger Hillstrom Jean Hiner Helen Hying Judith Jackson Kathryne Johnson Kenneth Joyce Kenneth Hoff Diane Holmen Richard Hudobo Roger Hillstrom - Quiet and shy, but wait until he winks his eye. Jean Hiner - Hiner is worth a liner. Kenneth Hoff - "Please get oft," said Kenny Hoff. Diane Holmen - The girl who's on a perpetual man- hunt. Richard Hudoba - Gary Cooper, who's that midget? Helen Hying - Her intelligence is never dy- ing, this intellectual, Helen Hying. Judith Jackson - Her happy disposition, her pleasant smile, has won her friends for man a mile. Kathryne Johnson - The intellect of the day, OH-Kay. Kenneth Joyce - Going out with girls not boys gives Kenny many ioys. 24 Nancy Kammerer Nancy Kammerer, - She's young, she's lovely, she's engaged. James Kerr - Get a date and stay out late and segregate. Alden Kleidon - He's the golfer's lot, he swung and turf was all he got. Lenny Kloncz - Football, wrestling, track and Joyce, these with Lenny make lots of noise. John Koppy - The only "copy" he sees is on traltic tickets. Richard Koskinen - Pencil or brush - this boy can do his stuff. Robert Koskinen - Although he may blush, he has that magic touch. Beverly Kristyniak - Listening to either Everly, gives no thrill to Beverly. Karen Kuszler - A nicer girl on land and seo, cannot be found by me. James Kerr Alden Kleidon Lenny Kloncz .FSF john Kgppy Richard Koskinen Robert Koslrinen Beverly Kristyniak Karen Kuuler 25 Personality Plus: Sharon Backstrom - Jerry Bergquist. ' :xi Most Likely to Succeed: Georgeane Lind- quist - John McCIung Flirtiest: Ray Gnetz - Jackie Leary Chatterbox: Donna Chumley - Pete Larsen Best Dancers: Sharon Rolli - Rudy Cardenas Pretfiest Eyes: iris Stenhoff - Jim Gardner Preftiest Hair: Barbara Pederson - Lenny Cutest Smile: Marge Hill - John Ewing Most Talented: Kim Chindlund - Judy Biorke Kloncz 26 Shyesf: Bob Koskinen - Dick Koslcinen Clarolyn Wendt Pepplest Mary Lou Marren Bruce Perry Easies? fo Look Af: Bob Westgard - Barb Haahr Wifiiesf: Sara Hanson -Bob Rydeen u. XR X ' K Most Studiousg Amy Williams - Jon Swgn- Cufest Couple: La Vayne Dupslaff - Mary Mos? Aihleiicz Kay Johnson - Fred Besf All Around: Kathy Mickschl - Dan son Jean Faucet! 27 McSherry Bambery Thersa Landis Peter Larson Pernal Larson Jacky Leary Thersa Landis - Too much wine, men and song. Guess l'll give up singing. Peter Larson - What the police said to Peter Larson, "You can not drive that car son." Penny Larson - She may seem shy till you get to know her. Jacky Leary - On conversation Leary is never weary. Florence Lemke - Like a suspender, she'll never let you down. Dick Lemke - The slow devilish grin-. Dorothy Lewis - Silence is golden. Bill Lewis - This little bill is never still. Georgeanne Lind- quist - A sweet disposition and a perfectly matching wardrobe. Florence Lemke Dick Lemke Dorothy Lewis Bill Lewis Georgeanne Lindquist Bob Lunde .lim McAulay Bob McClain John MgCIung R 1, A , L --to Nancy Luft - She doesn't put anything under her J n'n- cuff, her name is Penny Luft. Bob Lunde - Who sleeps on Monday, Lunde. Jim McAuley - Plug up your ear, Jim is here. Bob McClain - The boy who can't seem to reach his top shirt button. John McCIung - If you want something verbal flung, let me refer you to John McClung. Fred McSherry - The girls are weary of Fred McSherry. Mildred McSherry - Cute and full of pep, but when she's near, watch your step. Nancy Luff F d M Sh Milgred Acsizrry 29 Several seniors resting after a long hike on the senior picnic Betty Mapes Betty Mapes - Her heart was out of school before she was. Steve March - lf brains were money, he'd be a millionaire. Mary Lou Marren - A-B-Cs of pop- ularity ability, beauty and co-operation. Joanne Ma- thias - As angelic as an angel, but the devil's in her eyes. Francy Menes - The longer you know her, the better you like her. Tim Meyer - Worry and I have never met. Kathy Michschl - A nicer girl can't be found for many miles around. Pat Miller - Who's o man killer, why Pot Miller. Sandra Milton - All the MQW I-OU Maffef' fellows are wiltin' around Sandro Milton. Steve March Joanne Mathias Francoise Menes Tim Meyer Kathleen Michschl Pat Miller Sandra Milton 30 Deanna Moga Karen Nelson Deanna Moga - She loves to laugh, she loves to walk, but even more she loves to talk. Karen Nelson - Quiet and sweet, she can't be beat. Leonard Nel- son - A wee bit shy, but a mighty swell guy. Linda Neupert - She spends half her time figuring how to spend the other half. Kay Newton - She's got both beauty and brains, a dangerous combination for a woman! Dennis Norbeck - No sinner and no saint perhaps, but one of the best of chaps. David Norton -Shy? No not acquainted. leonard Nelson linda Neuperl ,t--,.qI"?TQ : 13. Kay Newton Bruce Perry, Vice President, John McClung, President, Glenda D0l1lliS N0rb0ClK Anderson, Secretary. David Norton JoAnn O'Connell Ellis Ohnstad Mary Paron David Pearson Barbara Pederson Celeste Perron Tom Olchefske Shirley O'Neil Diane Paron JoAnn O'Connell - A girl has to learn to detect an engagement ring in a man's voice. Ellis Ohnstead - lf wise cracks were dynamite, there would be quite an explosion. Tom Olchafske - He appears to look shy but looks are only skin deep. Shirley O'Neil - Life is too short to be serious. Diane Paron - Before you're near her you can hear her. Mary Jo Paron - Quiet but always interested. David Pearson - l've served my term and now good-bye. Barbara Pederson - Tall and blonde of boys she's fond. Celeste Perron - A cute combination of sense and non-sense. Bruce Perry Dick E. Peterson Dick I.. Peterson Marilyn Polk Bruce Perry - He's a sport in every field. Dick E. Peterson - A nice guy with a "sharp" car. Dick L. Peterson - I meant to do some work today but . . . Marilyn Polk - I'm here even if I don't tell everyone. Bob Porter - Studious die young, so I'm looking for- ward to a long life. Esther Prechtel - "Wheaties for breakfast, Cheerios for lunch and pep for every game." Margaret Radke - Sweet in image, friendly in her smile, all in all a girl worth while. Owen Rasmussen - They say all great men are dead and I don't feel so well myself. Margaret Radke Bob Porter Esther Prechtel Owen Rasmussen .r 6 ,,f1..rj:. f .Ju , . i' 'it Virginia Rhames Diane Richer? Sharon Rolli Bob Rydeen Virginia Rhames - Is it South Carolina, Georgia or St. James, whence did come this Southerner Rhames. Diane Richert - Her personality is rich at heart and studious worker is Diane Richert. Sharon Rolli - She's iust a little lass whose got a lot of class. She's always so iolly, you know her as Sharon Rolli. Bob Rydeen - Studious, brilliant, noble and clean, The honorable Robert James Rydeen. Zaky Saleh - A car is al- ways rocky, When in it sits Zaky. Neal Sautbine - When I feel things that I can't see, I know its Neal Sautbine pestering me. Joanne Schafer - I know a little shaver, her name is Joanne Schafer. Arnold Schmalzbauer - Who smells sweet as a flower? Why, Arnold Schmalzbauer. Sandra Schmelzer - Who flz- zes like seltzer? Why, Sandy Schmelzer: Zaky Saleh Neal Sautblne Joanne Schafer Arnold Schmalzbauer Sandra Schmelzer 34 Alice Skiba Henrietta Skiba Alice Skiba - She's quiet and dark, at the drugstore she's a spark. Henrietta Skiba - Sugar and spice, tin cans and rice. Richard Smith - When you are in need, Dick Smith will heed. Shirley Sorenson - When Shirl's around you'll hear her cackle, and on her nose she's got a freckle. John Soucheray - He's a golfer, through and through unless there's something else to do. Sharon Southerton - A tree is certainly not very barren, when the fruit it yeilds is as pretty as Sharon. Vivian Stanford - Blow, blow thou winter wind, thou are not so noisy as Vivions kind. Iris Sten- hoff - Everytime she flutters her lashes, the boys just melt and turn to ashes. Gary Sullivan - Sullivan is not a Swede, he must be some other breed. Richard Smith l ,,.o 4-rf g 32 ., ,- -'2 f-. ,M 55' , QZN f'--xgxxx ! fl qi S f W ef -X 4.4- 1 -gn! 35 Shirley Sorenson John Soucheray Sharon Southerton Vivian Stanford Iris Stenhotf Gary Sullivan Jon Swanson Ronald Sweeley Marvin Swenson Sharon Taylor Mary Theil Betty Mapes, lris Stenhoff, Sharon Flink, Dick Koskinen, Bob Koskinen. Jon Swanson - Swanson runs the quarter, faster than a "Wet Back" can cross the border. Ron Swee- ley - Handsome and tall, he's liked by all. Marvin Swenson - He's bashtul, but with his looks he can afford to be. Sharon Taylor - She puts her best efforts into everything she does. Mary Theil - Speech is great, but silence is greater. Robert Tillman - Why do the girl's hearts beat fast and thrill, man? Why, because of Robert Tillman. Mike Torgeson - Who's a cute little tike? ATorgeson's the last name the first is Mike. Virginia Tucker - Her conversation is blaud, herlhair blonde, and I-expect she will .be talking in the "Great Beyond." Derwook Vik - "Who me?" Lazy? David Vogt - He's not quite old enough to Vogt. Donald Walsh - He's tall and shy, but never a better guy. Bob Walsh - When sixth hour rolls around each day, it looks like Bob has iust "Hit the Hay." Joan Webber - She'll laugh at a ioke if it's not about "Voc." Claralyn Wendt - She may be shy, but she's got a guy. Robert Tillman Michael Torgeson Virginia Tucker Derwood Vik Dgyid V991 Donald Wahl, Robert Walsh .loan Webber Claralyn Wendt 37 Ernest Wepplo Ernest Wepplo - Wind in the Wepplo tree? Marie Wester - I don't talk much, perhaps I'm shy. Bob Westgarcl - Who makes the girls hearts throb, you're right it's Bob. Darlene Wetterlind - A di- amond is a girls best friend. Darlene Wilber - Sweet in her image, friendly in her smile. Henry Wihelm - Keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you're up to. Amy Williams - Her devotion to books is her ambition, this intelligent girl - Amy Williams. Jackie Wilmot - She 's a cute little lass, who's got a lot of class. Donald Wilsey - When ioy and duty clash, let Bob wesigmd duty go to smash. Marie Wester Darlene Wetterlind Darlene Wilber Henry Wilhelm Amy Williams Jackie Wilmot Donald Wilsey 38 John Winiecki Tom Wohlberg Wesley Wold Diana Wresh John Winiecki - You never go wrong when you're with John. Tom Wohlberg - An innocent face but you never can tell. Wesly Wold - Wesley Wold with his voice of gold. Diana Wresh - A ring on her finger is worth two on the phone. Mabel Yost - She's the best, she's the most, her name is Mabel Yost. Ray Young - The school says "stay stay," tell me why Mr. Ray. Sandra Zager - Fun and good times, what else is there to live for. Janet Zwieg - Who does the gig, Janet Zwieg. Sandra Zager Mabel Yost Roy Young Janet Zwieg 'SE 'K 3 . f Q Q L6 5 up M ., My-pk "'-. 91 '52 E M' ,AK psf 'X 5 K? fist M M fx 'W W ni as if 57 K K Avy 1, ar fi. ,, V , 1 1 W, 0 2 , .-2 K ' ,. W., , . Mm... 1 . ,, 1- -fm . M .,,,, 6 W, . ff ' f , 'Sex Q we , If -fm Q Z VJ? fl xi. my an 3 Q -nf! av Yi ,, ck Q 1 X 1 15 D Our school would not be complete without each class. We are concerned in this section with the peppy seventh graders all the way through the ac- tive iuniors. Our halls will never be the same without our running, pushing, shoving seventh graders. Each senior high class does more as a unit. Much class spirit is being shown by the iuniors in planning the junior-senior prom and banquet. Every spring each class elects officers for the following school year. These officers perform many important functions. Along with their individual class duties they are all representatives to the Student Council. These leaders of today will be the leaders of tomorrow! X. -.3492 4' 1 5" ij' T A . 4 . A as 3 1 i. I BT 'sf 2 . VFS FN . A 543' .ff .Alisa H. Abbott R. Achterkirk R. Alban D. Alberg C. Ales D. Anderson S. Andrus D. Annand J. Ashbach D. Barnick B. Bauer M. Bauerschmidt F. Behrens J. Berg P. Bergstrom T. Bochenski D. Bolin K. Bolin l. Boucher B. Bawley K. Brisbois B. Brogger J. Brown C. Brunette C. Brunette J. Burdick J. Buss N. Canfield T. Carpenter J. Cheney G. Chestek T. Chies J. Christenson C. Cimbura J. Clasen J. Clasen On entering school last tall there was no idea the work and fun that was ahead tor our unsuspecting juniors. Basketball games where popcorn was made and sold and football games where they were in charge of concessions again. The planning, building and decorating of the prom was the largest challenge faced by the Juniors, but with capable leaders like President, Mike Bauer- schemidt, Vice President, Jerry Ashbach, and Sec- retary Treasurer, Judy Lanes, the prom was a huge success. As the year becomes a thing of the past, Juniors look forward with anticipation and realization that they will now be the ruling Seniors. i JC f 1 : Vi 5 w f f, a s . vi ii Q 4 . .12 111 J. Clasen B. Cluie J. Cmiel W. Coleman J. Cramer S. Danielson J. Davis G. De Lange E. Doherty J. Dukeman T. Eosf P. Eisenman H. Engler G. Erickson J. Erickson R. Erickson M. Ervin J. Fahrmann F. Fedor T. Fetsch J. Fisk R. Foley R. Fyler N. Germann F. Gnos J. Gosen B. Gribble J. Grudnoske L. Gudmunson J. Hamrin L. Hanson M. Hortse D. Hcssel G. Henderson H. Hene L. Hillstrom C. Hinmon A. Hirman D. Hoppe S. Hong J. Jacobson D. Jensen L. Jensen E. Johnson G. Johnson G. Johnson G. Kaiseres M. Keeley A. Kelly B. Kelly J. Kelner J. Keueger F. Kunzman J. Lanes J. Larson W. Larson D. Laswell M. Laumeyer R. Le Gendre J. Leonard M. Lewis L. Linders H. Lindgren S.Unqukt C. McAuley S. McBeath D. McColley D. McEo?hron J. McNaughton H. Melby D. Meiters C. Mielke Under the leadership of Mrs. Gibson, the Junior Class ex plores the works of Walt Whitman. , ,Y X. 4 -Q 4 , f fy VX. . . k q y A us.. ui ' wr . ':.' 1 A. K. D D. G D. B. C. J. J. R. J. D P. J. D Milbrandt Miller Monson Moniai n Moulds Mules Myers Nagel Nelson Nelson Newham Nordin Norton O'Hogen Olson J. Olson 4 L -, J. Olson L M. Olson C. Owens L. Pappas K. Paron J. Paulson J. Paulson D. Peterson S. Peterson M. Peterson J. Pierce B. Pine H. Platt F. Podlosek "5 N. Polsfoss M. Port .A Q ii K. Prox J. Prickett - - f" E. Raehsler R. Rediske YF' 48' s in .. 41 1. K . -T-' in . emi? . 4 iv M. Rieck S. Riter D. Rolli V. Rudolph D. Ruppel S. Sathre M. Scamp D. Schelling C. Schiller M. Schmidt D. Schumacker A. Schutta P. Schweppe T. Sechrest R. Shackle J. Short K. Shunk C. Simoneau M. Skibo P. Skildum J. Slifer P. Smith K. Stoss T. Swanson M. Sweezo Above: Noel Germonn ond Lynn Hinmon A.F.S. ex- change applicants. At the right: A group of iuniors entering the Y.M.C.A. Deal on o Saturday night. The informal atmosphere in the woodshop helps create co operation ond craftmanship, os iunior boys put together a f tr 'f .I proiect. if " sr ,x Q. X . -or Q ' ll 1 L P .Q 2' 1 D. Szurek G. Tenney M. Terzick T. Thompson D. Tidahl M. Tschida R VonCleave D. Warren P Wendling T Westbee V. Westfield L. Wetterlind K Widmer H Wigond T. Wilhorber I. Wille S. Wilske J. Winiecki C Wohlberg D Wolf N Zoger Four sophomore girls bring a little fun and color to halls as they encourage everyone to attend the coming carnival. The sophomore class, under the capable leader- ship of President, Donna Poshek, Vice President, Dick Boyum and Secretary Treasurer, Ray Gilbertson, added much to the spirit of Mounds View this year. Everyone worked with enthusiasm on sponsoring and planning of the annual spring dance, which was held for the freshmen and sophomore classes. The tradidional canteens, which all enioyed, proved again, to be successful. Mrs. Morton, their advisor, guided them along this road of accomplishments. As our sophomores gaze hopefully into their futures they see a fun-filled and even more -adven- turous Junior year ahead of them. ll ., . ...A FN lg as . Q.. J gi L' ef i r .3 44- K. Aarnes C. Adair R. Adair D. Agnew D. Anderson J. Anderson K. Anderson R. Anderson R. Anderson D. Aronson K. Baldwin N. Barnum B. Barrett B. Bartlett J. Baumhofer J. Beckman V. Behrens L. Bellach R. Berg C. Bergquist R. Birkholz J. Bona L. Borg D. Boyum S. Brisbois R. Buelow R. Bullington B. Buss C. Caswell J. Caton J. Chase J. Cheney D. Chumley D. Cmiel C. Cobb J. Copenhaver A. Cornell E. Cox D. Cross E. Cunningham J. Dahl M. Daley D. Damcke P. Detiorin D. DeSantis J. Doherty E. Dolphy M. Dorman G. Dornseif P. Dorse D. Dougherty J. Dowidat P. Draxten J. Dybedal R. Eastman T. Edstedt P. Edstrom W. Ehlers R. Eicher J. Elhardt R. Elsenpeter P. Emerson V. Engel D. Erickson D. Erickson I. Everett G. Falk D. Faucett M. Fetsch G. Fickett D. Fieldseth J. Finkelson - ii at Observation proves educational, as shown here in the Ak demonstration of silk screening. LA H 9 we fi K all J- M. M. N. Fisk Flor Floren Forester S. Frederick B. Fritz G. J. J. Fritz Frogh Fuller T. Gagne J. Gaudette M. Gerlitz Germann R. Gilbertson L. Gillespie D. Glaesemann G. Goldeman J. Goodchi ld R. Goodroad R. Goodroad F. Graeber as 5 lr R s K 5' 'M is N. I C 'fi wtf A . W 1' M. Graff S. Greeley A. Grahn D. Grant S. Groenke D. Grzybowski J. Gudmunsen P. Gurtek S. Haider T. Hall L. Hamilton R. Harder S. Harvey T. Hoselius M. Hennebry J. Hildbrant D. Hill W. Hill M. Hilldalex H. Hoff M. Holmberg A. Holmes J. Howard C. Hudoba D. Huot E. Hustad E. Hying S. ldoux J. lndykiewicy C. Isaksen D. Jackson C. Jameson D. Joroscak D. Jenness J. Johannes F. Johnson P. Johnson R. Johnson R. Joyce C. Kadrie J. Kaeli E. Kammerer G. Keller D. Kelley M Kendall A. Kennedy P. Kinne B. Kloncz B. Koepke A. Kolarsky J. Kollodge , I .41 NW f , R. Kolterman m 5 L ' J. Kaonce -.JB ,,v" M. Kawai if M. Kugler -. ::V.,.. E' .ss . .L . --"'- 1. all gh W 1 Q J. Kurkowski 'lt Y 'N a f R - S B. Kuxzler A . D. Lampert 1. V D. Landis H Q R' Lune an ,. I V. Larson . lg Q . N. Laumeyer 1.,' 1 S- Lew J . . , G. Leier g L 'fd K. LaVander .EW i A D. Lindgren N K F5 ,,., i t .Eh R. Loney .VV,, 1 , :gr R. Lu Fld ID.: -L In . Lundquasf T ' 454 D . ....' Q D. McAuley S .3 E.Mccluan i L i J. McClure :':':1 2 L1,.f Q i - 1 Sports are o vital part of school life. These sophomore boys gain valuable ex- perience in teom work and precision 46 M. McColley MCC rady McElroy Mclean McNeill Maddox Meader Mandt March Morchiafavcl Marren Morteni Ma rx Massie Mathios Mazurck Mechovich Medlin Melvig Merchant Meyer . . B 5 'iff ' Al ' " N' f 1 . . - In ju.. Y ffl' .if fi . EZ Q J. , at :. Angel.. 5 ia K .fi R lzl . h ,,. . A ' l D. Miller L. Miller E. Milton P. Moon D. Moore J. Morrison R. Morton C. Moshkau J. Nelson L. Netterland G. Newcomb D. Norbeck C. Nugent W. Numainville M. O'Connell B. Olchefske G. Olson R. Omundson W. Ostrom B. Owen J. Paron R. Pederson J. Perry K. Peterson R. Peterson R. Peterson L. Pfellstiker W. Philbrook H. Pierce N. Pomerenke D. Poshek S. Preston M. Quick QE 1 a J 'ss L ,f 5. i. gg. 'V ,. ...J L. J. J. D J. D L. R. H J. K. P. J. G D C A C D L. P. C L. J. P. D J. K. R. K. D K. C. J. G. K. Quien Rasmussen Ratfield Rauscher Rausher Raustaclt Reimer Rowley Rue Ryba k Ryba k Rybak Rygwall Salitros Savers Scherfenberg Schmidthuber Schneider Schuster Schutta Sheffield Simeneau Sumning Skildon Salt StanHord Stansiaski Stavners Steidt Stillwell Stah r Stoni no Stawasser Streaka Stuart Swenson V I sl E. Swirtz J .. L. ramen . X' K. Taylor ' A S. Taylor it V 4' J gl-F L. Tersich A A. Thompson A L ' fy: .,. k D. Thompson ' 'L . ..... P. Thompson ' :V ,Q T E. T - ' ' L , . 'mc 1 :L , . C. Tinklenberg 4 .A " - A 1 ' Q. S. Trelstad U 1 xr 5 i K D. Tronstad I.. Ax sh R. Tucker 'gr J T. Valerius I ' .. ' ? T. Vliem ! ,gm Q. D. Voge Vogt Vorpahl Wagner Wahlberg Waldron Waslien Weber G. Weeks Westbrook Westemeier Wickman A. Winecki Winecki A. Worcester Wynne Something different from the usual routine of English, is the acting out of scenes from plays of Caeser. 47 X Yost You ng This typing class is learning the neat and precise way of communication. C. Amos G. Anderson J. Anderson M. Anderson V. Anderson D. Angstman J. Aske K. Ballenger J. Garnes K. Barthel D. Beck D. Belsted R. Behn L. Bell R. Beltz J. Bergman P. Biorke K. Biorkman B. Blaisdell G. Bluhm A. Bochenski S. Bolander D. Bolin V. Bona D. Booth G. Boryczka K. Bouley T. Bourdeaux C. Bowman R. Brank J. Brett G. Brink J. Brown R. Brown D. Brunette J. Brunsell V. Bublitz A. Buelow M. Buflington J. Burnquist V. Burton L. Byrne M. Carlson J. Carson K. Casey A. Charles S. Chennaux C. Christiansen G. Cimbura C. Clogston J. Cloutier G. Como D. Condiff A. Costanzc C. Cross M. Day R. Decker Spectators of Mounds View throughly enioying a game at Columbia Heights. With the energy ana inspiration these fresh- men entered into the relm of Junior High, with not only a number as ninth but with the title of freshmen. To carry and to make known this title were the officers and representatives of the class. President, Doug Erickson, Vice President, Jim Fisher and Secre- tary Treasurer, Judy Newell, displayed their leader- ship, not only in class activities but also in Junior Student Council proiects. Advised by Mr. Zaworski, the freshman class of 1958 has had a successful year and shall continue to have more. These are the people who, pioneering the world of education shall seek to conquer it. . fs' n L7 -M -'-' . J eg W . 9 , . Q L x"'XJiL A TEES x x J 'T ' .E '01 L W. flu 5 - is . W' I 5-.D fi- 55? T . 4 1. J 'J xp, .ill Q f : wx. 'H V A. Dehn R. DeMars G. Devine R. Dickinson T. Donohue G. Draeger L. Draxton D. Droel R. Dupslalif C. Eicher R. Ekstrand T. Engler D. Erickson D. Erickson S. Erickson R. Erpelding V. Ervin K. Ethen B. Ewing G. Fohrman P. Fedor M. Fickett J. Fife J. Fisher B. Flink J. Fobaire S. Forsberg K. Frischmon C. Fyler A. Gagne G. Gagner D. Gamulo D. Gamulo C. Gardiepy R. Garner A. Gebhard H K Q, my .... . A.. , .2 1. 1 vu- M 'x X -'..2 ,-Tit S if Q . Q .ze . ix mx ' ph in 'w QP? LSL E T msg f f JA .9-. ilifi. ' i - N W X Q ss. f iz G. Grabou R. Gralt T. Grogan L. Grudnoslce G. Gustafson M. Hadler D. Hammerstrom B. Handold J. Hansen S. Hansen V. Harris F. Hartin S. Hawkinson C. Hayes J. Heaton J. Heesch C. Helms D. Herbst C. Herman-n T. Hermes K. Hervin J. Hill P, Hillyard M. Holmberg B. Holmen W. Hudoba M. Jaeschke G. Jansen l. Jenness J. Johnson K. Johnson M. Johnson P. Johnson R. Johnson R. Johnson R. Johnson Learning how science will help them in their tuture years is an important aspect of education. Ninth grade physical education class getting in shape for softball. Q, 4? 9 P All L. . .Q , N . T. Johnson C. Kayser D Keeley P. Kerr M. Kelner K Kessler C Kilroe A Kimbrel J. Klott C Kleidon H Knudson E. Koppy R. Koppy K. Kottle K. Kremer R. Kristyniak J. Krysinski S. Krzystofiak N. Kurkowski R. Langner L. Larson C. Laube B. Lawrence B. Lawson J. Letourneau J. Lewis R. Licht G Loheke C. Lund L. Lyden L. McArton S. McAuley J. McBeath G. McCready C. McGraw J. McKinney 4 'xx' I 1 Q es ,Ji .. N. it its-. J. McNaughton B. Macklin G. Malaske D. Marinelli J. Marquette C. Melby P. Merilatt B. Metcalf K. Meyer D. Miller M. Miller M. Miller S. Milton P. Montain D. Moon J. Morris P. Morton F. Muska K. Meyers M. Nadboralski S. Nehm J. Nelson J. Newell M. Newell T. Newham J. Newton R. Noer P. Noggle G. Norton G. Olchefski L. Olchefske D. Olmen D. Olson J. Olson M. Olson R. Olson - 'nf ' 4 A group of Mounds View students on their way to religious instructions. An hour a week is set aside for those students who wish to attend. R. Olson Q' 1 ' ,A P. O Neil 513 D. Otto J. Pankratz if K. Pederson S. Peet J X N. Perron is I. Perry K' 4 A. Peterson R. Peterson 1' ' qi M. Petron K sf' D. Philbrook A M. Platt -, R. Polk R. Potter K. Primeau S. Stanke C. Quick M. Stanton K. Radke Q J. Sterner J. Rands D. Stoss S. Rank A ' K. Strom R. Reeves y -. Lf, A D. Stumbaugh L. Richert V K J. Svee J. Ringold 3 4 Q 3 T. Swain R. Riter pl fl ' L. Swanson 1. .... M. Rue N. Swanson D. Ryan , T. Swanson J. Scar .lug ' D. Swirtz C. Sabatke A B. Sylte B. Salo ' 'J' . D. Sylvester D. solo p C. s f k A .. 2 U T. Taylor ' J. Thibodo l I L. Samson J. Sather T. Sathre R. Scamp f P. Schafer K. Schumack P. Schweope S. Sekhon B. Selden K. Selleck D. Shackle S. Shettield L. Sherman N. Simning K. Simonea G. Sinna G. Smith V. Smith V. Spears V. Spears . D. Spiczka The Teen-Age Code committee discussing different pos- sibilities of a better dress campaign. 51 6 t fl V ul. x -L Q. T Ji a J .T av i 32. fs. . .. G. Ss.. Q 's LA :I xg ' is P. Thompson G. Thornes G. Thorstens F. Timo S. Tlmm M. Trelstad L. Trulson E. Tschida R. Van Sickle V. Voge L. Vogt G. Voltln R. Vosika K. Wagner B. Wolberg J. Walker G. Walsh K. Walsh W. Watson B. Wedge J. Wendling .l. Wennberg S. Wester E. Weston B. White E. Widmer G. Wilmont R. Wilske J. Wilson M. Winiecki L. Wood P. Wood J. Wresh P. Wynne G. Young R. Young ni' ,O 41, n ii A 'Q i .1 I3 1 ' 9 1 . Bl? C. Achterkirch I J. Abbot H. Allen R. Amundson K. Andersen G. Anderson J. Anderson K. Anderson S. Anderson K. Ashback S. Asp M. Austin S. Ballinger J. Bauer C. Bedsted J. Beem B. Begrens J. Bengtson W. Bergstrom J. Birkholz D. Bobleter C. Bock H. Boomer R. Boosolis G. Bourdeaux J. Bowman A Boyum L. Breuninger J. Brown D Buhil C Burdick M. Cadwell R. Carlson D. Chase B. Cheney J. Cheydleur x .-3 5 1 iii .H A K. Christenson J. Clute M. Cobb J. Cooper J. Cornell D. Covher B. Cox G. Cox J. Davis N. Dean D. DeSantis D. Dorman S. Dornseif J. Draeger S. Drinnen G. Dutcher C. Egge D. Ehlers R. Eitel V. Elert K. Elgert This is usuuny the general scene in the office between classes. V C. Eriksen 4 7' T. Erickson ' li A H. rank ii. ,.,. .L " K E. Fiedler Q ' Q G. Fife sis- rl S. Finkelson B. Floren , R. Foerster T. Foley A M. Fredeen f- , C. Frederick X - ,, 1 D. Frick P. Frits J. Gagne , ' J. Gaudette g 4 C. Gerlitz X? M. Giere i me Q, S. Giroux it G. Gluesing .A B. Gosen - .5 K. Graeber QWQIW Awaiting the day of initiation into the realm of Senior High, our eighth graders prepare themselves. Their interests are aroused more each year by studies and activities. Leading themthrough this active year were: President, Jaynes Morse, Vice President, Paul Wicklund, Secretary Treasurer, Ron Johnson. Something new has been added to girls' and boys' gym classes. Various dances were taught, help- ing to promote the Junior High dances. This was helpful and fun for all. As time marches on, this class will march forward too. The halls of Mounds View will provide a path- way for their futures. Q 2 JS. as., ,f ' T L J JA f..iL-Qian , . Q fs f A., la . ja . K' Tv ks 2:4 f L M -AJ F '4-' fvfn'b. Rt As X 9' ,iw I , 1' Q , it A A f f' ,,.-"' .- "vga .QQ ,J "F . . . F' Qi s f' , . J , . T. Grahn K. Grubbs P. Gruetzm V. Gurtek S. Haahr D. Haas M. Hackett J. Hanson R. Hanson R. Hanson R. Hardestry M. Haspert L. Hauberg M. Haug P. Helmbrecht R. Hemp S. Henderson G. Hermes G. Hillsdale M. Hunt J. Hunter M. lndykiewicz K. Jackson J. Jacobson C. Jacobson M. Jacobson S. James J. Jehoich D. Johnson E. Johnson G. Johnson M. Johnson R. Johnson V. Johnson R. Karth R. Kayser I ll J L. J JJ I H fd K ,- . J, 'L A 'X J ...Aka sz. Q l i' ' -f wifi ' - ,gfs xl W. Kayser L. Kidder 9 ' G .Kido Y S. Kilmer D. King ' r Q K. Klean gf . I 'DTN M. Klemmer T. Kersten ' .. ., A i . R. Kolterman M, Q J. Koskinen K b V M. Kronstedt Q L J. Krysinski If K 55,0433 J. Kunze . J J. Kunzman ' ,QM 'Q' wwf' Q 1 M- Kush ml. sum. - x 5 - . G, McAninch M. Lohman J. Landes D. Lampert D. Lane B, Lung J. Larson K, Larson S. Lawmeyer W. Leak F. Leoendre D. Lind K. Lind L. Linders M. Linngren their pictures. These eighth grade art students are learning how to bring nature into ' 0. 51 .. 92 Ll.. 35 S. McCarroll R. McClure J. McDougal K. McFeters T. McFeters C. McGinnis J. McNaughton P. Malvin C. Mandt J. Mathias C. Miller J. Miller M. Milton D. Minikus N. Moll J. Morse K. Moschkou S. Moulds S. Nodeou C. Nehm W. Nelson C. Neil P. Netterlund R. Newham J. Newton H. Obert G. Ohlson A. Olson L. Olson G. OH P. Pappas B. Pedalty J. Pederson A. Peterson M. Peterson R. Peterson Knollwood buses supply the daily trans- portation to Mounds View. if ei 1 Y. , 35 1 on Jr Kr 5. .151 .. 191 mf. New 1 7 .is Q Y nh 54 T. Peterson L. Philipp D. Plum H. Port W. Powers D. Preston L. Pringle .l. Rank J. Rehder L. Reeves B. Reimer L. Richardson R. Richardson R. Rochler R. Rossman JK. Eighth graders In lunch line awaiting to be served ,Sf if iii nf 'WH li .5235 . .S .Q 5 3' . Rowland R. Rowley T. Royce P. Rupple Sandine Sathre K. Schocht R. Schelling R. Schlieper Schmelzer . Schmidt A. Schusted A. Schutta C. Sheeny C. Shilson S. Sievert M. Siminea J. Sinno 51 S. Smith D. Spogenski R. Spengler C. Stark S. Stearns P. Steldt R. Stenhofi J. Stiles J. Stohr J. Swonson M. Swenson D. Sylvester X 1 - 5 QM xg Q X ! if I 0 x-, A N C. Taylor B. Terzich J. Tesch M. Tildohl G. Timm K. Von Wagner S. Vizonko C. Vogt J. Voltin B. Waldron C. Walker R. Warren A. Watson J. Wotson J. Webber n Q. Qian ft.-' 'G r M. Wedge J. wedi J. Welch D. Wells P. Wepplo G. Westerlund 8. White P. Wicklund D. Wickmor J. Wille A. Wilson L. Wolf M. Wyckof? J. Yonez E. Yeager J. Zwieg Eighth grade science class studying water life. A. " Q., , , , ,, 14- t " f ..Q4' ' Lil Z 7 i - .. .1 wk 4 - ' J- - , 1 1,- " A fkwml A . 4 55' M. Adams B. Alanko D. Alberg J. Anderson K. Anderson P. Bak E. Baker S. Barber D. Barrett D. Bedbury J. Bergquist T. Besch G. Beseler I. Bae C. Boomer G. Borell S. Boucher J. Boult J. Brainard P. Bratz T. Breuinger C. Brunette S. Brunette E. Bublitz G. Buetow T. Bump M. Burdick P. Burggren B. Butler F. Case T. Cheney K. Chindlund J. Christensen M. Copenhaver B. Cross G. Crowther Seventh graders learning the fundamental techniques of drawing With wonderment, enthusiasm and excitement, the seventh graders started their first year at Mounds View. Electing capable officers was their first order of business. These people represented them in Junior Student Council for the year: President, Bob Ramsey, Vice President, Gary Hassel, and Secretary Treasurer, Joan Launmeyer. At tirst their adventures through the halls were inquisitive, wide-eyed ones. Gradually they became acquainted with our halls and now they're the fastest things on two feet. We will always remember our seventh graders with a smile. They will be missed as they adventure down the new halls of Edgewood Junior High. 56 -3' -at K as if. Nye-- sf .- 1 -it at .3 Ez. - asf Q K va 5 .52 A .5 -str Xa ,S t ' Mfg t a t W Tw. .3 . i sl .V . Ln 13' ae ima .4 sve- .S . H K. Dahl M. Danielson R. Dickison C. Digiovanni E. Dixon V. Donner D. Dorman F. Downing L. Draxten R. Droel E. Dropps J. Dukeman C. Dunham C. Dunham B. Dupslatt R. Eichee D. Elhahdt R. Emerson J. Erickson J. Erickson J. Erickson M. Erickson S. Ewy B. Falk R. Fisher B. Foerster E. Gabrysel G. Gentry F. Germann S. Gibbs D. Gilman K. Goehring D. Goldeman J. Goodroad C. Grant M. Greely 4 i - Q9 x N ' QQ.. M4 '. it AQ Q .. I .Vt iw as f jf! 0 u ',, .. ,V hh L 3.8.9 H. Grogan K. Groth R. Gudmunsen G. Haider G. Halling J. Hanggl M. Hansen N. Hansen B. Hanson B. Hanson L. Hasellius G. Hassel C. Hatcher C. Helmbrecht D. Hennes R. Herrmann R. Hill G. Hiner M. Holland J. Holmberg J. Hoppe J. Huot J. Isaksen D. Jager K. Jamma B. Jensen C. Jensen R. Johnson R. Johnson S. Johnson S. Kammeaer M. Katseres K. Keller S. Kilmer D. King D. Knapp 13" Q. . L 1 ' " b qi. .,.qb . L. L. tg V! .. A i v Knudson Koep ke ' J. Lahman ' C Lampman A ,,. -.Q C Langer ' S :EJJ ' - M. Larson J. Laumeyer , if I 2 T. Lemke S k 1 S x T. Leslie M. Lewis 5. D. Lind ' si J. Lindgren 9 V S. Lingren .,, J. Lindig t higi' -L X D. Lindquist .rg Q hid .1 44... ,-,. A demonstration given by one of the students on the cutting and measuring of metal. 57 D. Lindquist G. Lindquist J. Lindquist R. Loren L. Lorenson L. McDonald W. McColley M. McKinney D. McNeill D. Maddox C. Marchifavc P. Melias R. Mevers J. Milbrant P. Miller M. Miller ' W. Miller A x y A K. Milton K. Moldenhover at P. Moon G. Moore f Xifw A Iva . J. Morasz C K. Nelson M. Nelson f W jc R. Nelson Q, P. Noggle A so A. Nord 1 ' B. Norgard 1 J. Norton TE A A D. Noruaiclc ' R J M. O'Brian S J. O'Hagen A .LEM L. Olson ft, 5 . . L. Omundson B. Palmer A J. Paulson Ft , tal' These future homemokers are learning the basic fundamentals of cooking. B. Pearson J. Perron S. Perron J. Perry S. Peterson S. Peterson L. Peterson C. Petree R. Patrick J. Pfeilsticker C. Pine S. Plum M. Polsfuss D. Porath C. Potter D. Preston B. Ramsey C. Ramsey D. Rattield J. Reidemann M. Remmers K. Ringold J. Risdall J. Rivard J. Rolli R. Royce J. Rybak D. St. Clair J. St. Clair D. Sanders T. Sardell C. Scamp N. Schmalzbauer R. Schmidt J. Schneider S. Schuetzler L. Schultz S. Schultz L. Scott J. Shackle J. Skildum D. Smestad G. Smith N Smith B. Sorter M. Squiers R. Stanford D. Staples C. Stark F. Stefonek B. Stoss D. Stowers H. Strann R. Stromberg R. Svenningson G. Swanson R. Swenson 1 1 ,7 Q " " 2 .xwws QJ ' li ,sm i , . Tildahl Van Horn Vaughn X E ! V .. K l A J Van Pieters L. Van Wagner J Q AJ 'Ni A Q? s. L. f' 544' K. . .. L. G B R. S. 1. -FA Vik Vliem Vosika Vogt Vsetecka Wahl . Wahlin . Wahlberg Warden Waslien Watts L. Wendt . L. Wesley ig a 911 K. Westman Siu 3 lx 3 X N. Whaley gy B , S. Wheeler v ' 1 we D. Wilber s .Q 1 . A . J. Wilson si Q ii J. Wilson is D. Wold P. Wood my.: '7 fl if Above - Stuclznts are purchasing milk and lunch tickets. Below relaxing. 59 . V. Wood . B. Worra J. Weiand C. Wynne S. York We find them eating their lunches and Ninth grade: Doug Erickson, Jim Fisher, Judy Newell Eleventh grade: Mike Bauerschimidt, Jerry Ash- bach, Judv Lanes Tenth grade: Dick Boyum, Donna Poshek, Ray Eighth grade: Jaynes Morse, Paul Wicklund, Ron Johnson Gilbertson 60 Seventh grade: Bob Ramsey, Gary Hassel, Joan Laumeyer Ofkzae Our class officers have led us with precision and enthusiasm through this year. As representatives of their class they have con- tributed a great deal to Mounds View. By carrying suggestions from their fellow classmates and disputing problems concerning student altairs, they have been an asset to our Student Council. This leadership has paved the way to success- ful ends. It has given them needed experience. They will use this experience in years to come as they become the citizens and parents ot tomorrow. '7w Mounds View's freshman class of 1958, suffered the loss of a friend and classmate, Donald Hammer- strom. Don, a quiet boy and hard worker, was ad- mired and well liked by those who knew him. Although his condition restrained him in sports and many of the school's more strenuous activities, he was quite active in his church, and in the geology division of the Science Club here at school. Donald had undergone similiar surgery to help correct his condition previous to the open heart oper- ation on April twenty-third, during which he passed away. He will not be forgotten soon by his friends and companions, as he will remain forever, a part of their happy memories. 222 W N e 1 it '.s Y,'1f ww, , , ,B J Qiiffii., 4 fig 1? f IQ, 5 I v 5 , Y ,. .r K fi., V N 'T ,Ji - 99- MINS, 4 K ., ' V -' gp N i' - ' .5 S ., 411 Q .W 5 K " "Yf'::1wz ,:w "wuz, nf ., WMI," K X .5 MW ,W , 1 .HQ , 1 s w -f iv- :liver- 4 , i W . ? ,- P P 5 JI if - H 1 I VV i XQ CDO My ' 'Q.+-if , 3 r' Nth' -H ll. . -f". " I . 1 u f W? . - 1 ' " -J. ' rx ., , yr .4 ,N fi' ff , X Jw .gil Q , 'lst row - R. McCready, D. Kelley, A. Kennedy, D. Poshek, N. Pomerenke, M. 'Marren, E. Prechtel, K. Le Vander, P. Eisenman. 2nd row - S. Harvey, B. Klonz, P. Norton, S. Daniewlson, S. Backstrom, M. Hill, J. Lanes, J. Hamrin, L. Hillstrom, G. Anderson, J. Bjorke. 3rd row - R, Gilbertson, D. Boyum, D. Wagner, J. Caton, R. Sweely, Z. Saleh, J. Ashback, R. Achterkirck, F. Kunzeman, A. Hirmon, T. Olchefski, B. Perry, J. McClung. J. McCluna. Tst row - P. Kerr, K. Milton, R. Johnson, G. Hassel, P. Miller, T. Lewke, P. Burggren, M, O'Brian, and P. Wicklund. 2nd row - B. Cox, R. Johnson, K. Ashbach, S. Asp, R. Ramsey, J. Holmberg, J. Laumeyer, A. Charles, C. Heluir, L. Swanson, K. Rowland and Miss Varney. 3rd row - L. Draxten, S. Sehron, D. Erickson, J. Fisher, T. Swaim, M. Olson, C. Erickson, B. Floren, J. Morse, D. Chare, J. Kunzeman ond P. Schweppe. Not pictured - C. Laube. The Student Councils of Mounds View High School govern the student body of both Junior and Senior High. They make decisions through the repre- sentation of all students. This year the Senior Student Council sponsored the Homecoming Parade, Coronation, and Dance. The Junior Council helped in this project by selling buttons. The Sno-Day was completely a Senior Coun- cil proiect. The high-lite of this year was the Student Coun- cil Convention held at our school. Over thirty-three schools attended. Presiding over the Senior Council was Dan Bamberry. Assisting him was Mike Bauerschmidt, V. Pres., and Kathie Mickschl, Sec. Treas. lst row - C. Aronson, R. Nelson, S, Taylor, J. Biorke, J. Cromer, S. Andrus, G. Anderson, M. Rodke, K. Kusz- ler, B. Krist, B. Morton, J. Closen, D. McCooley. 2-nd row - P. Thompson, N. Germonn, L. Belloch, J. Fish, K Edstedt, M. Fetsch, D. Alberg, C. Cimburci, D. Monson, M. Keeley, D. Poshek, J. Comer, V. Rudolph, K. Poron 3rd row - L. Tompson, G. Solitros, B. Lewis, D. Peterson, R. Budke, D. Wagner, R. Cordenos, J. Winiecki, P Eisenmen, J. Homrin, J. Weber, B. Brogger, D. Poron, J. Clclsen, J. Schafer. 4th row f D. Wcilberg, G. Ander- son, O. Jennes, D. McElroy, D. Pierson, W. Wold, D. Norbeck, D. Berry, C. Gribble, B. Pine, T. Olchefske R. Esberg, D, Blonski, C, Kodrie, J. Kerr, D. Loswell, D. Stohr. Directing is Mrs. Brones. The Tonettes - C. Aronson, G. Anderson, J. Biorke, S. Taylor, D. Pcron, J. Schafer. 64 1 Ist row - DERBY ElGl'lTS - D. Norbeck, B. Lewis, T. Olchefske, J. Kerr. 2nd row: G. Anderson, C. Gribble, B. Pine, R. Esberg. The Senior Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Brones, hos been very busy this yeor. They gove o return concert ot Columbio Heights ond on exchonge concert ot St. Poul Pork. ln Jonuory, the choir portici- poted in the District I4 Vocol Music Festivol ot So. St. Poul. The choir hos o fine record. For the post three yeors it hos received on "A" roting in the District Music Contest. Presiding over the choir this yecir wos Wesley Wold. Assisting him wos vice president Jirn Kerr, sec- retory Kcirleen Edstedt ond treasurer Rudy Cordenos. gauze! The Mounds View High School Band is kept busy the year around. They march for football games in the fall and give both a Christmas and Spring concert. This year the District Band Contest was held at Mounds View. Our Band received a "B+" rating. However, most of the ensembles and solos received an "A" rating. This is encouraging for the bands in the future. The ensemble groups are becoming more and more popular. A few students have formed a dance band, The Rollettes, which plays for school activities. They earn money for their music by sponsoring Junior and Senior High dances. . C ,yi 1 i . l 'lst row - J. O'Hagen, G. Chestek, K. Edstedt, K. Newton, C. Stowasser, V. Anderson, I. Perry, D. Peterson D. Olmen, N. Barnum, A. Kennedy, K. Anderson, S. Peterson, C. Wendt. 2nd row - S, Hanson, J. Fuller, I Evertt, J. Nelson, L. Hamilton, C. Isaksen, A. Schmidthuber, B. Kuszler, M. Fisk, J. Swanson, J. Dragger P. Westermeier, C. Gardiepy, D. Raustadt, M. Carlson, D. Fieldseth, A. Grahn, M. Merilati, B. Lunde, M. Hortse, R. Shackle, son, B. Omundson, J. McClung, L. Nelson. M. Sweezo, S. Taylor. 3rd row - M. Plaite, N. Perron, P. Montain Holmberg, G. Norton, F. Beherens, P. Skildum, K. Widmer, P J. Anderson, R. Potter, P. Wood, J. Fisher, J. Erickson, D. Erick 4th row -- K. Kuszler, B. Milton, J. Ratfield, T. Vliem, J. Christen san, B. Buss, J. Hansen, H. Wickmen, B. Eicher, W. Newrnanville, D. Thompson, J. Kurkowski, Mr. Wige conductor. The Rollettes playing at a dance. J. McClung, R. Fyler, B. Omundson, D. Raustadt, J. Vorpahl, J. Swanson, J. O'Hagen, B. Lunde, C. Gribble, L. Pfeilsticker. - 1 Ready for the signal from the Maiorette! 65 'Ist row - A. Williams, R. Foley, P. Frits, S. Kilmer, J. Hanson, K. Rowland, R. Fyler, D. Schumacher. 2nd row - E. Cunningham, B. White, M. Cadwell, A. Kelly, J. Draeger, J. Tesch, R. Spengler, B. Pedalty, E. Sheehy, J. Larson, B. Flor, A. Kolarsky, N. Sautbine, D. Erickson. 3rd row - S. Anderson, D. Alberg, E. Dropps, J. Perry, M. Kronstedt, D. Minikus, B. Hemp, G. Keller, A. Marx, W. Leak. 4th row - J. Anderson, C. Egge. 5th row - L. Hauberg, P. Biorke, M. Milton. The orchestra is gaining a good reputation in the suburban schools. This year tor the first time it is a full orchestra consisting of 37 members. It is under the direction of Mr. Carlson. There are only two such orchestra in the suburban schools. They are kept busy during the year by having a winter and spring concert. They also play for school assemblies. The orchestra took part in the District Music Contest this year. Most of the soloists and ensembles received an "A" rating. This is an encouragement tor the or- chestra in the future at Mounds View. Mr. Carlson, director. 66 String quartet: R. Foley, V. Voge, A. Williams, D. Schumacher. I I This was a big year for the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade choir. The 7th grade in conjunction with the 7th grade band, put on a Christmas program in the theatre. They also joined in with the 8th and 9th grades to put on a Spring program for the Junior High. The purpose of these groups is to teach the students the tundamentals ot group singing and to prepare the students for the Senior Choir. 432' igo, T' . iv 7 glee The Girls Glee Club is composed of Sophomore, Junior and Senior girls. It meets twice a week. Presiding over the club this year was Donna Faucett. Helping her was Vice President, Nancy Fo- erster and Secretary Treasurer, Cathy Waslien. Their performances this year included the Dis- trict Vocal Contest and the annual Spring Concert. The Glee Club is under the direction of Mrs. Branes. The purpose of this club is to give the girls needed experience for becoming future Senior Choir members. 1st row - J. Wilson, S. Wheeler, J. Walker, B. White, S. Dorsberg, E. Dropps N. Schmalzbauer, H. Strand. 2nd row - L. Wood, L. Bell, V. Bublitz, P McClider, S. Bolander, K. Rodke, J. Clute, P. Netterlund, D. Ehlers, M. Cobb L. Pringle. 3rd row - Miss Varney, Mrs. Kranz, P. Kerr, B. Blaisdell, M. Platt C. Amos, J. Wilson, N. Dean, S. Barber, S. Schultzler, K. Johnson, M. Fickett S. Seklcon, R. Olson. 4th row - N. Perron, V. Anderson, G. Gentry, P. Wood L. McDonald, C. Lampman, J. Omundson, L. Wendt, M. Miller, C. Di Giovanni E. Bublitz, K. Westman, J. Christiansen, J. Brainard, J. Laumeyer. A ' ' 'lst row - B. Buss, C. Gulke, L. Miller, J. Frogh, P. Gurtek, J. Perry, D. DeSontis, P. Kolarsky, J. Wilmot. 2nd row - C. Nugent, K. Stavnes, N Foerster, B. Klonz, L. Simning, C. Bergquist, C. Woslin, L. Netterlund, K. Swenson, K. Stonina. 3rd row - D. Faucett, J. Webber, L. Hamilton, M. Quick, M. Kugler, D. Doherty, D. Gloseman, M. Hen-nebry, J. Rygwall M. Piske, D. Stohr. 1 1 'lst row - S. Lindquist, D. Wilbur, P. Miller. 2nd row - L. Kidder, S. Peet, B. Cross. 3rd row e F. Johnson, M. Fickett, E. Swirtz, D. Sanders. 4th row - J. Winiecki, K. Schact, L. Gillespe, D. McNeil 5th row - S. Greeley, V. Beherns, J. lsackson. 6th row - J. Kerr, J. Larsen, A. Williams, president. Pointing a mural tor the Library window are: B. Morton, vice-president, A. Kolarsky, M. Dorman, C. Wendt, secretaryetreasurer, K. Rybak. Red Cross members working hard at the candy and cookie sale at a basketball game. fed The purpose of the Red Cross is to help people in need. Among other things this year they have decorated hospitals, helped people in disaster areas by collecting money and other help. They also served coffee to the people who donated blood during the Blood Drive. Their main project is the filling of Red Cross boxes to send to children abroad. Their main money making proiect was the cookie-candy sale. Mfwvzq The Library Club is organized to serve the stu- dent body and taculty. lt is headed by an executive board consisting of the Club otticers, Miss Ronholm is the faculty advisor. Meetings are held twice monthly. This year they sponsored a basketball hop and a booth at the Car- nival. They also took a field trip to the St. Paul Public and Hill Reference Libraries. Decorating the Library are: D. Otto, K. Hervin, Looking over the reference books are: G. Erickson, J. Svee, K. Kliedon, S. Bolcmder. Advisor, Miss Ronholm, and president, M. Faucett. Www ln two years the Vista has gained an enviable reputation. Last year it received a First Class Award. The editorial staff, under the direction of Mr. E. Erickson develops ideas, plans sections and designs the cover and division pages. Each section becomes the responsibility of a particular group. The work of the business staff is selling the Vista, financing our Annual by showing movies to the student body and promoting and collecting subscriptions. The Juniors at the Vista staff gain valuable ex- perience in editing the "Buzz Book." we Both publications are the results of the ideas, inspirations and cooperative work of many students. D. Holmen, Sports editor, S. Backe strom and D. McColley, Class. Executive Staff: M. Marren, Copy editor, J. Bergquist, Editor, D. Moga, Business h D h ' editor, Mr. Erickson, Advisor. 2nd row - R. Koskinen, Art Editor, R. Koskinen, Teac er Gsslsmnlf E' Sm er' Busmess' Layout editor, K. Chindlund, Picture editor. 69 L. Jensen, S. March, B. Porter, D. Metters, Photo staff. D. Hassel, Art, D. Richert, Picture, M. Wester, i , X Q? . J. Larson, Education and E. Prechtel, Education editor, S. Flink, Senior editor and D. Chumbly, Senior. ' i Mx ,- S. Hanson, Activities editor, H. Skibo, Feature and S. O. Neil, Feature editor, R. Rydeen, Activities. 'Ist row - C. Gillespie, R. Foley, B. Pine. 2nd row - S. Hanson, J. Hiner, M. Germann, B. Morton, N. Germann. 3rd row - B. Rydeen, P. Thompson, D. Faucett, C, Hudoba, M. Fetsch, C. Hamilton. 4th row - J. Bergquist, K. Stonina Deanna The Drama Club is a very active group. lts pur- pose is to promote interest and skill in dramatic ac- tivities. It usually presents one tall and one spring ploy. This tall the "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" cast of 25 toured the elementary schools, acting for more than 2500 students. On March l, the District One-Act Play Contest was held at Mounds View with our club presenting "The Marriage Proposal." Charles Gribble, Judy Biorke, Ellis Ohnstad made up the cast. The whole Drama Club was responsible for the success of this event. The "Willow and l," by John Patrick, was given in the Spring. Judy Biorke, President, talking about the spring play to E. Ohn- stad, Secretary, and Mr. Scribner, Advisor. Scene from the one-act play, MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. 70 Mr. Scribne putting make-up on Ellis Ohnstad Wt' . 5'-W r QL... 'lst row - V. Anderson, K. Kliedon, V. Bublitz, B. White, J. Walker. 2nd row - J. Rigwull, K. Stavnes, L. Netterlund, B. Flor, J. Clute. 3rd row - S. Hanson, J. Rasmussen, M. Floren, J. Hiner, J. Lanes. 4th row - J. Comer, K. Johnson, X- f xxx K' X J .-W' ft ' :ff f X . X y i YW ,i . XX I G. Lindquist, president, M. Rieck, vice president, K. Newton, secretary, and H. Skiba, treasurer looking over the new Mounds View iacket. 71 910556 ll' NUSYANGS ' . ""l ,t f :- Y Q Aivkr .ff The selling of Mounds View jackets is one ot the rnony M6044 White sweat shirts with a green bucking bronco signify the Mounds View High School Pep Club. The purpose of this club is to promote school spirit at athletic events, by working with the cheer- leaders. Sophomore, Junior and Senior girls comprise activities of Pep Club. this club under the supervision of Miss Mertens. The numerous octivities of the Pep Club range from sponsoring dances, selling Pep Club sweat shirts and Mounds View iackets, to the cultivating of good sportsmanship and school spirit in the student body. 'lst row - Reporters: J. Clcsen, J. Prickett, J. Clasen. 2nd row - C. Ales, K. LaVander. 3rd row - M. Skiba, M. Keely, J. Hamrin. ' Wanna The Journalism staff of Mounds View published monthly issues of our school paper. A special edition was put out by the Seniors. The Seniors composed the editorial staff, while the others contributed through writing and reporting. Last year the Viewer was published completely as on extracurricular activity by interested students. This year, however, it was put out by a iournalism class. Five representatives attended a press conference this spring to get on-the-spot coverage of a news story. The goals of this paper were to give service to the school and to develop journalistic ideas on the part ot the statt. D. Mogu, third page editor, R. Sweeley, Sports editor, K. Johnson, News editor. J. Biorke, ECJHOI' in chief: Ml5S MC- C, I 1, P El. h . D rm H advisor ircua ion manager, . isenman, p otography editor, - E O ' ' K. Chindlund, picture editor, M. Rieck. 72 Reporters: 1st row - P. De Mars D. Richert, B. Mules. 2nd row -- P. Larson, S. O'Neil, D. Smith. L. Holmberg, C. Rowland, J. Broinard. Junior High Art Club. Advisor, Mr. Ashwood. 73 Mr. Ashwood, Ellis Ohnstad, Peg Allen, Jerry Bergquist, Bob Rydeen, Mavis Piske, Jessie Cheney, Linda Miller, Jackie Nelson. f4'tf The Art Club was made up of people who enioy doing art work which most of them do not have time for during the day. They had a iob that was hard at times but also fun. The Art Club made many posters and decorated for dances and dinners. Their biggest proiects this year were the plan- ning and sponsoring of the Talent Show at the Carnival and the decorating and planning of the Valentine Dance and Coronation. Pennants were sold during football season by the Art Club. The advisor, Mr. Ashwood, assisted them when help was needed in the process of mak- ing these pennants. Mr. Brainard, advisor, J. Lanes, Pres., J. Larson, Treas., K. Edstedt, V. Pres., K. Kuszler, Sec., Mrs. Newton, advisor. 1st row - N. Sautbine, D. Hill, J. Leonard, J. Frogh. 2nd row J. Hamrin, A. Williams, N. Germann, H. Linngren. 3rd row J. Rygwall, P. Westermeier, L. Netterlund, M. Hennelry, C. Hudoba. Future Nurses, advised by Mrs. Anderson, helps prepare girls sincerely interested in nursing for col- lege. By taking tield trips to hospitals, the girls dis- covered how important and interesting nursing is. Because the opportunities in this field are so great these girls will have a wonderful career ahead of them. The FTA is composed of students who are in- terested in becoming teachers. The main objective of the club is to create an interest in education. Stu- dents learn the qualifications for college entrance and what courses are required. Many of the members have visited surrounding grade schools and have taught for a day giving them some basic ideas and experiences in teaching. 'lst row - J. Cramer, C. Hinmon, M. Radke, J. Meluig, P. Solt, S. ldoux, S. 74 Simoneau. 2nd row - V. Behrens, D. Newton, J. Hiner, K. Mickschl, J. Paulson, Mrs. Anderson. l v Officers: J. Kollodge, V. Pres.g C. Wendt, Sec., K. Chindlund, Pres. K. Stillwell, J. O'Hagen, L. Jensen, C. Keller, D. Metters, S. March. 75 . -tw- C A is 1 l lx VB. 4 Junior High Photo staff: ist row - Mr. Karialahti, Advisor, K. McFeters, J. Bow- man. 2nd row - J. Schiedler, L. Breuninger, R. Foerster, L. Wendt. ior High Photo Club members. The Junior Photo club is directed by Mr. Karial- ahti. The main obiective of the club is primarily for learning not only about cameras and taking pic- tures but also about the dark room and its equipment. The aim of the new members is to have their photography skill developed enough so they can assume responsibilities and perform the duties as Sen- The Senior High Photo Club is under the direc- tion of Mr. E. Erickson. Their purpose is fulfilled through educational meetings, taking pictures of ac- tivities, membership campaigns and by a miniature golf bobth at the Carnival. They are taught good techniques, correct composition and other fine points of photography. 'lst row - V. Westfield, J. Cheney, S. O'Neil, P. Norton. 2nd row - L. Hillstrom, D, Peterson, J. Newham, B. Coleman, J. Clasen, M. Marren, J. Clasen, J. Prickett, S. Riter. 3rd row - N. Canfield, R. Nelson, J. Paul- son, K. Paron, T. Bochenski, S. Andrus, S. Danielson, J. Nelsen, E. Prechtel, S. Sathre. 4th row - J. Grande, J. Leary, D. Holmen, K. Mickschl, M. Keely, D. Alberg, G. Lindquist, H. l-lying, J. Larsen, J. Olson, P. Skildum. The Senior High Girls Athletic Association is un- der the supervision ot Miss Wiig. It is an organization to promote better knowledge of sports, importance of sportsmanship and to develop athletic skills. Some of the activities include basketball, volleyball, bad- minton, ping-pong and acrobatics. Inter-school Play Days are the most interesting of all of the activities of GAA. At these "Play Days" the girls of one school compete against the girls of other schools in various sports. All girls who are Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors may become members. Letters, bars and pins are awarded at the end of the year, for active partici- pation and regular attendance. 'Ist row - B. Flor, D. Cmiel, C. Bergquist, P. Gurtek, J. Cheney, K. Swenson, C. Caswell, V. Engel, C. Nugert. 2nd row - J. Anderson, K. 1st row - Sec. E. Dropps, Pres. J. Anderson, V. Pres. C. Stark. 2nd row - M. Miller, L. Wendt, S. Perron, D. Staples, S. Brunett, D. Goldeman, J. Gaudette. 3rd row - C. Lampman, J. Leslie, J. Wilson, S. Vizanko, K. Schact, J. Wilson, J. Stiles, M. Hansen, C. Potter, H. Strand, S. Schuetzler. 4th row - G. Gentry, J Brainard, E. Bublitz, N. Schmalzbauer, J, Bergquist, S. Wheeler, B. White, L. Larson, P. Montain, E. Weston, J. McBeath, J. Christensen, J. Laumeyer. 5th row - D. Alberg, L. Kidder, K. Anderson, E. Dixon, L. Loren- son, L. Olchefske, J. Walker, R. Boosalis, C. Taylor, J. Hanson, N. Perron, M. Platt, K. Simoneau, K. Biorkman, M. Greeley. -s - PJ-VWQ . A pyramid formed by a few girls from GAA - qw. ff, The Junior High Girls Athletic Association, under the direction of Miss Wiig, met every Friday for the purpose of fostering a spirit of good sportsmanship. It also helped to promote the mastery of skills and to encourage the worthy use of leisure time. All in all, the Junior High GAA has been a very healthy and worthwhile club to belong to. Included in their activities was basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, bad- minton, acrobatics, and many others. 77 A baseball game at a GAA meeting. D. Laswell, R. Grant, S. Flink, S. O'Neil, C. Hinmon. B. Coleman, Pres., S. Riter, Sec., Mrs. Simonson, Advisory J. Cramer, Vice Pres., J. Paulson, Treas., C. Hinmon. ' ?. 71. 14. ist row - M. Skiba, M. Fetch, K. Paron, J. Newham. 2nd row - J. Dowidat, E. Sathre, S. Hamrin, M. Lewis, K. Rybak, D. Glaseman. The Senior High Future Homemakers of America Club is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls. The purpose of the club is to "promote a grow- ing appreciation of the ioys and satisfaction of home- making." Eight members went to the district convention at Patrick Henry High School in November. In March, four members went to the state convention at the Leamington Hotel. May of this year, the FHA had their annual Mother and Daughter banquet at which they installed their new officers. i..........- EUJHU5 NF S Asp M Olson Mrs Hostag I-lk NC? er C Erickson C Taylor S Peet W P Henbrlck J Swanson C Neal G Ohlson C Stark S Bellinger The chief goal of the Junior High Future Home makers of America is to interest girls in promoting better living. The club is composed of girls in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Under the guidance of Mrs. Hostager these girls have participated in many activities. Some represent- atives went to the State Convention at the Leamington Hotel. Last spring the Junior High FHA had a banquet for their mothers. Q K. Meyers, K. Barther, J. Klatt, I. Perry, K. Kremer in B. Pine, D. Moon, D. Kristyniak, L. Netterlund, Mr. Scribner, D. Jennes. The World Affairs Club was formed under the direction of Mr. Hillborn in the 1957-58 school year. The purpose of this club is to promote better under- standing of world affairs. The club has made field trips to the World AFfairs Institute at Hamline University, the Edina- Morningside High School World Affairs Club, and the University ot Minnesota World AFfairs Center. Most ot the members plan to compete in the Minneapolis Star World Attairs Contest. The purpose of the Debate Club is to improve speaking ability and to adopt problem solving tech- niques in the members. The subiect this year was "Resolve: that direct economic aid to individual nations should be limited to technical assistance and disaster relief." Debaters participated in five contests during the first year of debate activity at Mounds View. Al- though they did not do well in their first debates, they gradually improved until they won half of them in the regional contest. During the year they debated against teams from all over the Twin Cities area and from other parts of Minnesota. D. Voge, Pres,g C. Cobb, Sec., Mr. Hillborn, L. Jensen, V. Pres. 80 V. Voge, L. Bellcch, L. Netterlund, J. Sather, A. Schmalzbauer, D Jennes J. Howard. . .,. A new club organized under Mrs. Morton, to stimulate and encourage creative writing. The mem- bers of the Creative Writing Club read and discussed stories, read examples of their own writing, and did impromptu writing. One of the members, Doug Jennes, won second place in the Ramsey County Medical Association essay contest. The year ended with a successful picnic at Bob Pine's. lst row S. Schuetzler, J. Buolt, S. Kammerer, J. Christensen. 2nd row - N. Smith, C. Pine, G. Gentry J Watson, E. Bublitz. 'Ist row - R. Foley, M. Dorman, B. Morton, N. Germann, 2nd row - P. Johnson, Mrs. Morton, advisor, N. Forester, D. Jennes, B. Pine, M. Fisk, C. March, H. Henz. 'gfuwddad The Book Club was organized this year in order to increase the amount, the range, and the pleasure of our personal reading. The club uses two methods to accomplish this. lt offers cheap paper bound edi- tions of good teenage literature for sale at twenty- five and thirty-five cents. Secondly, it meets twice a month in the library. Here the students have an op- portunity to browse at leisure, to have help from our advisor in the selection of books and to just enjoy reading in the pleasant atmosphere our library alters. lst row - P. Kerr, K. Biorkman, J. Wilson, V. Anderson, E. Westen J. Rands, S. Milton, J. Hansen. 2nd row - S. Hcwkinson. Editorial Staff, J. Larsen, News and Feature, K. Row- land, News and Feature, K. Christensen, Art, Mrs. Thomas, K. Simoneau, Proofreoder, M. Olson, Proof- reader, L. Hauberg, Art. W- F The staff of the Jr. Jotter, under the direction of Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Eggar, has been very active this year. Since last September the editors and writers have put many hours of their time into printing the four issues of the paper. The first issue covered mainly fall events, the second covered Christmas, the third included Valen- tines day and Washington's birthday, and the fourth was a one page leaflet including a few "before va- cation" items. All of the papers received compliments and some helpful suggestions for improving the ".lr. Jotter." The staff hopes that these suggestions and a more experienced staff can be used to print an even better paper next year at the new junior high. B. White, N. Smith, G. Borells, E. Bublitz, K. Rolli, K. Boomer, P. Pappas. 82 Walker, K. Klem. V. Johnson, Sally Henderson, K. Schacht, S. Vizanko, C li. l, SR . 'x .,.,A . . , ,, , 3 UNNJIR .MTE I E W Y PENNY wzowfsoiw i EV Q53 , ..,, va-'nqpnu-qaru.i.r.,.i - V - so' v - H- ...e...e..w...,.....-. uw., , vnvaunsvu pc-4. n.. g ,i....'.. i,..., M., .,. .M -W., ,LL " '.g....4"'u""25I. .X Fill" fIQfI'1 fi "".. " 53121. In , mi mamma.. v.. mx -.. .M ,W .. ...L .s F + "ii "'t..":.:L:r.2:. T ffmzrsa. 1' r"'Z4r-lim..-M. is lm ' , l'f'..s."'Ii""""'i,m..':'....""..II.'. l...ffs1 .: -W ie : -w ,-g,r,m-,,-M gr 1 TT ',' ' T.. NL . CLI' ' ,111 H iv - 1.2 I W...-.W - ' W M 3 1-me W., 5 , ftmugsgsznn .-M... ?"f.52'h' ,.-.....'l""'f"'is.i-'..T'."',,....."' uit :-mu E-moi .- L-I L5-:Mg .. ,, I: M gggajx- W- , 'M f Y - 2. N.. .., J i l' 4:- 1... .-T, fm..- is 'f"'f1,, kv ,enum aura F V .,....'s"i r"" " 1 ""'..,. ...,':,':'::..'r.:..q:r.l ,qui - - swf , n n..i....i..., hm. ,.,.s,..4 1 '11 . fi , "'-- "vt , . .. , ..a1,i:r3,lgm 55 1- mp. aw-i-. l..i,,. M .f.i:--.SK nf. 1 'i'.2.'!...""""',. .,,."J'.J3,'.':1's... .. . . Q ...u..... .W H.. .. , L.. .,. 1' - vi.:-.1 k W U lm .1 I leur, , - nu 1 . wi- K new we ' Q' ' 'fs -- 'xr' "....-."'r.2..':::'1:,::s fait: . 'T if-emu... -g..'1g1iKI.,, annum an -p mule .-.f , -f .,...-,....Q,.,,. Qi... my an.: -f ..-sts.-atv:-:Z mlm - . Q... . ...sf gn, :ei .-..i..-M-. ....i.. --vm ,NF - 1. ' an-was 'u .. -.4 m-fu"n:v- 5-n .-. 1 ..,:,,f.19lH ,ii if wo. pw' ' The projection club members study new methods ot projection and sound work. Two members of the club were taught the use of the inter-com and they now give you sound for assemblies. The last half of the year the club has taken up some new projects. The purpose of the club is to promote the use of modern mechanical aids in the classroom. The advisor is Dr. Roy Meyers. 'lst row - K. Schccht, K. Meyers, L. Swanson. 2nd row - S. Henderson, J. Gulke, K. Kaiser. 3rd row - G. Hennes, J. Webber, Miss Swan- son, advisorf P. O'Neil. Modern Dance Club in Action. 83 Projection Club with advisor Dr. Meyers. 4866 A Modern Dance Club was formed this year, under the direction of Miss Swanson. By working to- gether on modern dance techniques and composi- tions, the girls learn poise and coordination. lt helps to further develop an interest in modern dancing. They have presented c dance review for the women faculty members and three dance composi- tions for the P.T.A. This spring, to complete a success- ful year of enjoyment and learning, they had an XA "End-of-year" picnic. The Language Club is made up of students from the French, Spanish and Latin classes who wish to learn more about the life and culture in foreign countries. Interested students who are not taking a language are also welcome. During the i957-58 the meetings were held on the first Thursday of the month. Speakers, films and 1 slides were enjoyed by the members. Mrs. Palmer was in charge of the group. Sitting - M. Dorman, B. Morton, L. Netterlund, P. Salt, J. Melvig, S. ldoux, C. Herman, R. Jensen, J. Saar. Standing - C. Hudoba, C. Hinmon, L. Hamilton, L. Reimer, K. Stonina, J. Webber, D. Erickson, J. Kaeli, S. Germann, C. Scherfemberg, Mrs. Newton, J. Vorpahl. lst raw - N. Germann, M. Sweeza, D. Barnick, J. Larsen. 2nd row - J. Lanes, M. Schmidt, J. Olson, M. Rieck. Mrs. Palmer, advisor, J. Kerr, K. Johnson, F. Menes, J. Hiner, A, Williams, S. Hanson, 84 The purpose ot the Science Club is to promote an interest in the field of science and to give students an additional opportunity to advance their knowl- edge of scientific facts and theories. The Science Club was divided into groups ac- cording to their particular interests. Work and ex- periments were done in the fields of Biology, Electronics, Radio, Chemistry and Geology. The Science Club is under the direction of the Science Instructors. iiiii T Demonstration of an invention ofa Science Club member. Science Club, Mr. Heyer representing the Science Instructors. S Most of the meetings of the Stamp Club are spent ordering or trading stamps and comparing col- lections. Several ot the members have ioined the United Nations Stamp Club and have received United Nations stamps and pages tor their albums. The Stamp Club is under the supervision of Mrs. Achenbach. Presiding over the Stamp Club is Maurice Johnson. Sarah Kilmer, Vice President, and Elaine Baker, Secretary treasurer, assisted the president. 85 Stamp Club, advisor Mrs. Achenbach e -g:,,x fix F -, ' 'Xp t4x.',Qi5? H?' ' fwgw Q. viifsggw' jf .wt3r ,gf A2 1 fi,---, me Tr .. f U: 'm as - A- - --lg ' , ffgify 91 -1 : gm fn .fw,Qg,gg ..,,1 'A ,. f . if-w.fwgff?2l M f T f , Tfffifildlw f as-, . - jf aw" , Y fm 5 ,Q ' EE lar' K .K I Diff'-a fa 6 Stunning costumes symbolize the feature section. During the tense moments ofthe homecoming corona- tion we looked wide'eyed at the beautiful formals of the queen candidates. Valentines Day brought another coronation and more spectacular dresses. On prom night the gym glistened with each girl in her formal and each boy in his white dinner iacket or suit. The white wedding dress worn by Marilee Dor- man in THE WILLOW AND I will always be remembered. Dresses and heels for girls and suits for boys seemed very appropriate for the iunior-senior and athletic banquets. Flag twirlers, majorettes and cheerleaders, with thier green and white outfits, added color and pa- triotism to Mounds View. W 1 "Autumn Leaves" Hlled the air as excitement mounted in the auditorium on Coronation Night. To the melody of "Pomp and Circumstancen Mr. Foot- ball and queen candidates walked up the aisle to the long awaited stage. Chosen as Mr. Football was Fred McSherry. Anxiety rose as Fred paced back and forth in front of the queen candidates. Then the mo- ment arrived. Fred stopped in front of our new Home- coming queen, Kathie Mickschl. The following day the Mustangs defeated the Anoka Tornadoes in the most thrilling game of the season. A dance climaxed the evening. I -f L W 14 A 5l"l"'Y l'0Pl'7Y is C'WGfded bl' Queen Kelllle lo Francie Memes, "Congratulations coach. Ir was an utterly delightful game!" represeming Ihe AFS. flOGf- Mr, Brainard, Coach Bob Nelson cmd Mr, Beebe, Star and Tribune reporter. -s Queen Kathie and King Fred !""M, Alumni Tea after a victorious Homecoming game. At The Hop" f'Mood Indigo" Dancing to the music of the Rollettes Berry cmd Francis Gnos 4 4 .Z X. Clowns, concessions, and food galore! These all bring back memories of fun-filled events during our annual carnival, sponsored by A.F.S. It you were looking for a friend without success, chances are he was locked up in the Jail. With the rifle range, miniature golf, fortune-telling, and var- ious other booths, much fun and entertainment was provided for young and old throughout the evening. Carolyn Bak and Marie Wester starring as Tassel and Hay Seed Cornpucker with ' their rend tion of Out Behind the Barn." Sleeve Mellon Show, starring soloist, Linda Bellach, Dawn Alberg at the piano, with cameramen, Dennis x . f X ' s' " 0 1 .Qin "' q .1 9 Ft 00 I D I O ll " Mr, Karjalahti joining in the fun at the carnival. 92 Q pfdqd During the year, the Drama Club, under the direction ot Mr. Scribner, presented three plays. The tirst one was the fairy tale "Snow White" starring Betty Gerlitz. One performance was given at Mounds View and the cast also toured all grade schools in our area with the play. Chosen as the one-act play for the district con- test was "The Marriage Proposal," a Russian comedy. 3 . ., . 1 , .T ,- f .V-svfv ,.. , .. V, 3. 1 5 .7 X , ,. .1 3 L , . K , Judy Biorlce, Chuck Gribble, and Ellis Ohnstad in "A Marriage Proposal." The cast was made up ot three members, Judy Biorke, Ellis Ohnstad, and Chuck Gribble. Their production received an "Excellent" rating. "The Willow and l" was the annual spring play presented by the Drama Club this year. The play was double casted and gave two evening performances. A scene from "Snow White." 93 4+ Q Vg, ll. "The Willow and l" starring Marilee Dorman, Chuck Gribble John Soucheray. . King Tom and Queen Karleen. Ruling with regal splendor amidst cupids, hearts and red streamers at the 1958 Sweetheart Swing were King and Queen of Hearts Tom Wohlberg and Karleen Edstedt. Attending their royal maiesties were Prince Peter Schweppe, Princess Linda Hillstrom, Page Paul Rybak, and Lady-in-waiting Carolyn Caswell. Other candidates for royalty were Seniors: Ron Sweeley, Jerry Berquist, Mary Lou Marren and Marge Hill. Juniors were Jerry Ashbach, Tony Swanson, Peg Eisenman and Judy Nel- son. Nominated by the Sophomore Class were George Leier, Dave McElroy, Donna Poshek and Pat Thompson. Reigning over the Junior-High Valentine Activities were King Jim Fisher, Queen Judy Newell, Prince Jim Kunzmanf Princess Carol Stark, Page Bob Ramsey, and Lady-in-waiting Joan Laumeyer. 0 4 Valentine Royalty and Candidates. Prince Peter Schweppe and Princess Linda Hillstrom. Page Paul Rybuk and Lady-in-waiting Carolyn Caswell 94 1 ' ggi' '- J ,,i, mhz 'fl . gig 'V' Senior High Sweetheart Swing. Junior High King and Queen, Jim and Judy. 95 Junior High Valentine Royalty: King Jim Fisher, Queen Judy Newell, Prince Jim Kunzman, Princess Carol Stark, Page Bob Ramsey, Lady-in-waiting Joan Laumeyer. ,. Junior High Valentine Dance. St. Paul Park Choir I I L , , Mounds View Senior Band John Christensen presenting his "l Speak For D mocracy" speech. 96 w U W - ,ku rt ,,1 ,..,, Great Lakes Navy Band o Siobiarn, a pianist, Mr. K. A. MacKenzie, a sci- entist presenting "Liquid Air", the St. Paul Park Choirg the Nobles', a gymnastic team, and the Great Lakes Navy Band were among the assemblies offering both entertainment and education during the year. Assemblies featuring Mounds View students were the Rollettes, a iazz band of senior high boys, the senior choir and band, and John Christenson present- ing his "I Speak For Democracy" speech. The American Field Service gave a panel dis- cussion comparing the American school system with schools in foreign countries. Panel members were Francie Menes of France, Zaky Saleh ot Indonesia, Nurgez Khambatta of Pakistan and Halo Hermeking of Germany. Leading the discussion was Mary Lou Marren. Q.. The Nobles and Dennis Hoppe giving an exhibition on the trapeze. if A.F.S. Assembly. Zaky Saieh, Nurgez Khambotfo, Mary Lou Marren, Halo Hermeking, and Francie Menes. Siobiarn the pianist. Mr. MacKenzie and Jim Gardner showing o demonstration with liquid air. 97 Busy Juniors transforming the gymnasium into the "Oriental Gardens." Wanda Larson and Juliann Larson Hxing the "Buddha," The prom nearing completion with the help of Sue Sathre and Dan Hassel, 98 The process of decoration goes on Pune Crossing the curved white bridge over the rip- pling stream of blue, we entered the "Oriental Gardens." In the distance was a lighted mural of Mount Fuii, surrounded with blossoming cherry trees. To our right, sitting on a pedestal in all his splendor was Buddha, where we stopped to give a silent prayer. Girls in swirling skirts of net and nylon with their escorts in suits and crisp white iackets, danced to the music of Don Moe's band. During intermission we stopped at the enchanting tea house where re- freshments were served by coolies. As the music faded in the background, we left the gardens. The end ot an evening ot paradise. The Grand March. Intermission cf the Chinese Teohouse. X5 E- Y 'n ev can ev Mia Don Moe's bond. Pausing for cm picture on the bridge. 99 "Soyoncra The National Honor Society members. .,. Francoise Menes and Zaky Saleh receive their Ellis Ohnstad receives his Hamline University Senior Merit Awards. Scholarship. 100 Juniors and Seniors enjoying the banquet. Z, Mounds View's annual Junior-Senior Banquet was held in the school cafeteria on May 14, 1958. Table prayer was said by Reverend Blue from the Community Church in New Brighton. Speakers were Junior and Senior class presi- dents, Mike Bauerschmidt and John McClung. After the banquet, an Awards Assembly followed in the theater where scholarships, merit awards, and outstanding senior awards were presented to students of the Senior Class. Yeah! Rah! Rah! Team! These were familiar shouts heard many times at the football and basket- ball games during the season. Cheering the teams on to victory were the six peppy, ever-loyal "A" squad cheerleaders: Captain Mary Lou Marren, Esther Prechtel, Peg Eisenman, Joyce Clasen, Janet Clasen, and Sandy Hong. With their mascot, Melvin Mustang, they added to the spirit and enthusiasm of everyone at Mounds View. ig . . b i i Maiorette Captain, Penny Larson ,fry . X V XIM S.. School spirit surged to a new high at Mounds View this year. From the first football game in the fall through the last tennis match in the spring, Mus- tangs ran, kicked, shot, dribbled, putted and jumped with new found enthusiasm. Everytime they played they realized the benefits of participating in competition. While they were striv- ing to do their best in winning the game, the specta- tors were giving their lungs full scale practice. The sportsmen of Mounds View were cheered when they won and sympathized with when they lost. Players, coaches and fans were involved in the excitement of the athletic program. The colorful year was jammed with many thrilling nights - some happy, and some sad, but all fun! f'iffsff1.f l Vai-sb l 'X ig: A lv vit- J' K -1, '0- ili A Z 1 l Q .tl Yiiiiilllx X. ft l CD00 X x 'N xx L, 3 X A XX ' x vbb jf 1 R xv M x is kl 'X L 'X IX XA' J f V k N x If QPF ' J 7' M' V 5 f 4? U jf xxx KX X J 5,4 A Lf X ' , wh k X X 1 ' v , P I A pf' 1 I XXL blk f 'x f 'X V LX J R f ' f N x x Y X I L Uk! Q yi .1 v N up ', "W ilvf' , ,, ? f 4, NV Y., b J ' 6' fn, x V ' f L I' ji lr f' A KL L 'J xx R tl ,H ' XX nk it K X vi' ' L X ,XJVL xx K! X in f f w 6 1 J fx If 'I 1, J 1 ,HJ A X5 XW ' , J JN I iii..- Mounds View's defeat over West St. Paul. Mr. Nelson and Mr. Anderson, couches. '7 For the first time since entering the Suburban Conference, the Mustangs brought home the Subur- ban Championship. The champs had an overall record of seven wins and one loss. One of the most exciting games of the season was our Homecoming game against Anoka. The Mustangs tasted victory 7-6. A perfect record was scored by the Stillwater game, 34-33. Still in the lead, the Mustangs went on to beat Hastings. The Columbia Heights game was the deciding factor in whether we would receive the Suburban Championship. When the victory came, 40-7, it was ours. Six men placed on the all-conference team. They were Fred McSherry, Bruce Perry, Lenny Kloncz, Ron Sweeley, Gary Montain, and LeRoy Goldeman. 'Ist row - L. Kloncz, R. Gnetz, J. Christenson, F. McSherry, B. Perry, L Goldeman, J. Winiecki, J, McClug. 2nd row - J. Ewing, K. Hott, M Torgeson, J. Soucheray, R. Sweeley, T. Bratz, D. Doherty, D. Banbery 3rd row - Mr. Christensen, J. Winiecki, T, Swanson, A. Herman, F. Kunz- man, J. Ashback, R. Achterkirch, P. Schweppe, G, Montain, Mr. Ander- son. 4th row - Mr. Raiacich, D. Annand, J. McNaughton, J. O'Hogen B. Gribble, B. Clute, D. Wolfe, C. Simoneau, Mr. Nelson. 5th row - D. Smith C. Jamison. John Soucheray Ken Hoff Mike Torgeson Doug Doherty Fred McSherry, co-captain 104 Ron Sweeley John Christensen Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds View View View View View View View View Tom Bratz John Ewing White Bear ..... West St. Paul North St. Paul .. Ramsey ..... Anoka . . . Stillwater .. Hastings ........ Columbia Heights . John Winiecki tackles his opponent. V Lenny Kloncz Roy Gnetz LAL zu im... LeRoy Goldemcn John McClung John Winiecki Don Bonbery Ian I Fred Kunzman makes the touchdown. Bruce Perry, co-co pfoi n. 105 'lst row - D. Domcke, M. Daly, R. Rediske, L. Terzich, K. Widmer, R. Lane, D. Hassel, R. Erickson. 2nd row - W. Philbrook, R. Young, R. Berg, J. Skildum, W. Neumanville, R. Rollie, R. Mandt. 3rd row - Mr. Raiacich, G. Goldeman, J. Olson, T. Fetch, D. Erciskon, D. Moulds, R. Boyum, E. Hustad, Mr. Christenson. 4th row - H. Abbott, R. Gilbert- son, T, Edstedt, D. Wagner, R. Van Cleave, D. Tronstad. 5th row - S. Harvey, R. Tucker. 'li Uma.. ,. S 'ZF Coaches Mr. Christenson and Mr. McManus. Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds View ...,. View View View lost View ...... .won lost lost lost .. North St. Paul Ramsey Columbia Heights . . . ...... White Bear . .. . . South St. Paul McManus. 'lst row M G. Draeger, G. Brink, E. Koppy, T. Swaim, D. Salo, D. Erickson, B. Johnson, P. Schweppe, T. Sathre, M. Miller, J. Sterner. 2nd row -- D. Wells, R. Peterson, D. Conditl, J. Kunzman, A. Schusted, G. Olchefski, A. Gebhard, R. Koppy. 3rd row -A R. Reeves, R. Van Sickle, A. Kimbrel, P. Wicklund, T. Kersten, P. Johnson, G. Voltin, L. Reeves, G. Anderson. 4th row - Mr. Westlund, Mr. Bauer, J, Johnson, C, Sobatke, Mr. Ray, Mr. Many hours of hard work were put in by the "B" football and treshman squads this year, hoping that soon they would work their way up to the varsity. These boys practiced every night after school just as the varsity did. They also had some scheduled games against the squads of the Suburban Conference. Their record for this season was one win and tour losses. The coaches were Mr. Christenson and Mr. McManus. Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds A lump during the inter-squad basketball game. View ...... View View ...... View ...... View ...... View View View View View View View View View View View View Spring Lake Park Red Wing .......... St. Paul Murray . North St. Paul ...... Hastings ...... Ramsey ............ South St. Paul .. Anoka ........ White Bear .... Stillwater ........... West St. Paul Columbia Heights North St. Paul .. Hastings ....... Ramsey ........ South St. Paul .. Anoka ........ Fred Kunzman tips the ball in, to add two points to Mounds View's score. 107 Rudy Cardenas John Ewing :Q- 'Q Ray Gnetz Dick Peterson Fred McSherry Jon Swanson Ron Sweeley ?a446ez'6-'all Tense final seconds, bringing victory or defeat. A pause, a swish, and then a flicker on the score- board. Endless afternoons of exhausting practice, the sharp trill of a whistle, iitters in the first game, and the harsh blast of a buzzer are the memories of our team. Although the Mustangs did not have a very suc- cessful season record-wise, the boys feel that much was gained by the players' besides a victory of points. The Mustangs placed seventh in the confer- ence with five wins and twelve losses. One of the most exciting games of the season was our defeat over Alexander Ramsey. The score, 44-41. The defeat in the district play-offs ended the high school basketball career for seven seniors: Ray Gnetz, Fred McSherry, Dick Peterson, .John Ewing, Rudy Cardenas, Jon Swanson, and Ron Sweeley. ls? row - R. Cordenus, J. Ewing, R. Achierkirch, D. Peterson, F. McSherry, D. Anncmd. 2nd row - B. Gribbie, G, Moniuin, F. Kunz- mon, R. Sweeley, C. Simoneou, J. Swanson, R. Gneiz, R. Rediske, T. Wesfbee. IQ i Sb-1' ,An-Q-.Q 1 wh If 1 Q li L ' in Wu Mr. Geske, couch - M Bill Gribble scores against Ramsey. A toss between Mounds Vww and urmy 108 Ron Sweeley struggles for the ball. Mr. Raicicich, coach. A basket for Mounds View against Murray. 'lxt row - C. Jameson, D. Domcke, R. Boyum, R. Gilbertson, D. McNeill. 2nd row - B. Frits, S. Hurvery, T. Edstedt, D. Erickson, J. Copenhaver, D, McElroy, M. Daly, R. Eicker. Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds vlounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds View. View View View View View View View View View View View View View View View Spring Lake Park Red Wing ..... North St. Paul .. Hastings ....... Ramsey ........ South St. Paul .. Anoka ....... White Bear Stillwater ...... West St. Paul . . . Columbia Heights North St. Paul .. Hastings ..... Ramsey ........ South St. Paul .. Anoka ......... 'x. M K ' p V .fair . - M ,,,,M . ,.,LW,h,,L. , ki Y'kk' K -,affix K bi ' f,g',2-gil A m' f if ' 4 . ,:, K x f if-rx K A 5 ,QM if 555' ,flgif A . .9 ' m maw - Q ,.. V fa H , fx ,N fb gr qw Q 1 Q, sw , 4 ' at 'V ,vi If lie? f 2 . , ff ., . if My ,.,. 5 ,Q and 1 Q A sf V 3, max: G Q vi 5 wh .sf Wx. QP iv' Ya Umff' M w .,., . k A EW- .. A . alfa, L UM- X -2315 ' X -wif lst row - T. Kersten, D. Hossel, G. Westerlund, J. Bcumhofer, L. Terzich, L. Lyden, M. Torgeson, J. New- ton. 2nd row - J. McNoughton, J. Gardner, M. Miller, B. Fyler, D. Peterson, T. Swanson, W. Bauer. Darrel Anderson rolls over his opponent. LeRoy Goldeman attempts o release. 111 Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds View View View View View View ...... View View ...... View View ...... View ...... View View ...... View Concordio . . . Woyzato ..... South St. Paul .. Stillwater ..... Mound ....... North St. Poul . White Beor Romsey .... Ankoa . . . Princeton .. Hastings ..... White Beor Romsey ....... Columbia Heights 1 1 , X., . ,L Lenny Kloncz pulls a switch against White Bear "Play offs, here we come!" This was the yell of the spirited "Icemen" before every game. Three periods of hard skating and shooting, each game, resulted in a better-than-last season record of thirteen wins and six losses. Interest in hockey reached a new high at Mounds View and in the Suburban Conference in 1957-1958. Twenty-five boys showed initial interest in hockey and the same number of boys finished the season. The team was able to place second in the Suburban Conference showing a successful season. The squad is looking forward next year to an equally successful season with returning Dave Rup ple Jerry Ashbach and Terry Carpenter Gradua ting members of the team are Dan Banbery Dennis Norbeck Tom Wohlberg John Koppy John McClung Bruce Perry and John Christenson The team giving each other confidence before the regional game against White Bear Y .gg 14 '22 ' ,I L X ,oy-S... lst row D Norton D Banbery J Extrand D Norbeck, D. Rupple, J. Ashbach, T. Wohlberg, T. Carpenter 2nd row Mr Wegleltner R Erickson J Koppy, D. Van Cleave, J. McClung, K. Shunk, 112 f N.. A battle for the puck and the needed point . 6 to ss, ee s Q ss 'iz i . six M ,.., .. 'Rf' Jerry Ashbach leading the puck toward our goal. Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds Mounds View .... O View .,.. 6 View .... 6 View .... 3 View .... 6 View .... 5 View .... 4 View .... 6 View .... 5 View .... 2 View ..,. 3 View .... O View .... 10 View .... 2 View .... 2 View .... 4 View .... 3 View .... 8 View .... 2 Murray ............. Minnehaha Academy .. Alumni ............. Monroe .... Minne-haha Academy .. Murray .... St. Cloud . . . Cloquet .. Stillwater ,. Ramsey .... South St. Paul North St, Paul St, Paul Park Anoka ..... White Bear . Mahtomedi . West St. Paul West St. Paul White Bear . Mr. Nyhus and Mr. Wegleitner, coaches, Mounds View and White Bear in ci face ol? ct the regionols. 'lst row - J, Hill, D. Extrond, G, Norton, D. Brunette, T, Hermes. 2nd row - G. McCreody C. McGraw, R. Koppy, R. Deniars. 3rd row -- Mr. Nyhus, J. Gustaluson, G. Boryzlna, T. Saihre G. Cimburc. 113 i.. y.,g41 ,k... Mt Jim Geske, coaching over a practice session. A X . ' .. , .M ci.. .i .wigkigk .,b,J2,k ,., ., 3 .,A. , sw A Q Mc, '.i.1f5,ggg,i1 L--- .sm-f-fx. .. ... if i K -V s,-i?t-.sp '-,.f . .... ,. -ivgjlf-,gj,1w .t--?-f B 7--if A - H L f W 4 'lst row - D. McNeill, G. Katseres, B. Perry, G. Stuart, F. McSherry, D. Rupple, T. Carpenter, G. Bob- leter. 2nd row - R. Gilbertson, T, Hall, R. Gnetz, D. Erickson, B. Grlbble, J. Winlecki, D. Barnbery, T. Bratz, Mr. Geske. Q T ' X Xxx XX . . ... ,nu WN, Gary Stuart anxiously awaiting the pitch. I Flashing spikes in a cloud of dust. . .the crack of a bat...rhythmic movements of the pitcher... three and two, full count. Big things were expected of this year's Mustangs baseball team. As the i957 team won the Suburban Championship, so tried the T958 team, and their ex- hausted eFlorts were not in vain when they won the game with South St. Paul. The l958 diamondmen of Mounds View tried very successfully to uphold the championship with six of the regular players not returning to practice. Four Mustangs blasted opposing pitchers. They were Dan Bambery, Fred McSherry, Ray Gnetz, and Dan McNeill. Last year's record was seven wins and four losses compared with this year's record ot twelve wins and five losses. i ...f Mounds View ...... 12 Mounds View ...... Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View ...... Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View Mounds View St. Paul Washington Minneapolis Central Harding ......... Minneapolis Central St. Paul Washington West St. Paul ..... Murray ......... North St. Paul . .. Ramsey ...... . Anoka . . . Stillwater .. Hastings ......... Columbia Heights . Cretin .......... Stillwater ...... South St. Paul South St. Paul 1. D. McNeill shows championship pitching form. W McSherry goes in for c standing double. 115 Fred McSherry in for that needed run. fifty gsmsisyx' Mounds View's pitchers: Ray Gnetz, D. McNeill, Fred McSherry, and Dan Bambery. 1st row - H. Abbott, J. Christenson, J. Ashboch, F. Bruce, T Edstedt, R. Achterkirch, G, Goldeman, C. Aldeman, G. Amund son, D, Damke, B. Clute, R. Berg. 2nd row - R. Tucier, T. Arne son, G. Mountain, J. McClung, M. Graft, K. Hott, D. McElroy D. Annand, A. Hirmon, J, Copenhaver, J. Swanson, L. Golde man, Mr. T. Christenson. 3rd row - T. Swaoson, G. Fickett F. Kunzman, C. Simoneau Muscles tensed, a gun sounded, Many men leaped into action and sped down the black cinder track. . . Track this year included such events as the 100 yard dash, 220, 440, 880, and the mile. The field events were the pole vault, broad iump, high jump, shot put, and the discus. Although, when the first meeting was called, early in the spring, the turn out was small, but later it grew until thirty boys were practicing. The boys derived much beneht from practicing at the Univer- sity ot Minnesota tieldhouse, because they worked with other boys from other schools and learned ot other's techniaue's and mistakes. Mounds View placed sixth in the conference, fourth in relays, and sixth in District 14, making a very successful season. Gordy Goldeman going over! 116 Mr. Wendorf, C. Aldemon, G. Amunclson, D. McElroy, J. Swanson. Mounds View. . . Mounds View... Mounds View.. . Mounds View... Mounds View... Mounds View. . . Along with is participating 42172 Columbia Heights 21 Anoka ........ 83 172 57 Forest Lake .... 57 35 Ramsey 51 White Bear .... 62 76 Farmington .... 79 Lakeville .. ... 13 62 174 Hastings ...... 50 174 Stillwater ...... 35 172 519710 North St. Paul .. 25175 West St. Paul ., 51 South St. Paul .. 23 9710 the many sports that Mounds View in, one of the newest one's to be ottered is, Cross-country. Coached by Mr. Wendorf, practice 'first began last tall. Cross-country consists of duel and triangular meets. This year's team, com- posed ot tour members, gave tough competition to their opponents. 1st row - D. Miller, J. Skildum, S. Saleh, L. Tersich, D. Boyum, B. Ekier, Mr. Nyhus. 2nd row - P. Schweppe, S. Harvey, J. Eck- strand, R. Sweeley, D. Wolf, D. Moulds, C. Scherfenberg. FORE! That was the yell of fourteen men as they came out for their first practice. The six re- turning lettermen were: J. Gardner, J. Soucheray, D. Norbeck, D. Tronstad, G. Henderson, and J. McNaughton. Newcomers to the team are: E. Bolander, J. Catan, and B. Fyler. Coached by Mr. Nelson, they worked out at the North Oaks golf course and all the home games were played there. I A sphere sizzling through the air. . .the smack of a racket. . . The l958 varsity tennis team, coached by Mr. Nyhus, placed toward the middle of the conference. When the netmen reported for court practice last spring, there were eight returning lettermen. With intense practice and many hours spent on the hard court, the team played in touch competition and came out with a record ot three wins and four losses. Bob Eiker slams the ball across the court. 4 V B .... Q B A 1 'lst row - E. Bolander, D. Tronstod, D. Norbeck, E. Ohnstad, J. Gardner, J. Baumhofer. 2nd row -- R. Eiiilc. son, G. Henderson, J. Soucheray, B. Fyler, J. Caton, D. Peterson, Mr. Nelson. 117 1 'daurudaq Swan" Wind Ameda For outstanding contributions to the school. Judy Biorke Karleen Edstedt Marjorie Hill John McClung Mary Lou Marren Bruce Perry John Swanson Amy Williams Hamm! Wann Sawy- For high scholarship and citizenship. Glenda Anderson Connie Aronson Elwood Bolander Constance Bubar John Christensen LaVayne Dupslaff Karleen Edstedt Mary Jean Faucett JoAnn Fish Charles Gribble Sara Hanson Kaye Johnson Helen Hying Georgeanne Lindquist Robert Lunde John McClung Steven March Kaye Newton Ellis Ohnstad Tom Olchefske Margaret Radke Arnold Schmalzbauer John Soucheray Jon Swanson Sharon Taylor Robert Tillman Caralyn Wendt Amy Williams Daniel Bambery Tom Bratz Kimberly Chindlund John Christensen Mary Faucett James Gardner LeRoy Goldeman Jeanette Grande Charles Gribble Sara Hanson Diane Holmen Kathryn Johnson James Kerr Lenny Kloncz Karen Kuszler Robert Lunde Georgeanne Lindqu Steven March Francoise Menes Kathleen Mickschl Deanna Moga Kay Newton Dennis Norbeck Ellis Ohnstad Tom Olchefske Richard E. Peterson Esther Prechtel Zaky Saleh Henrietta Skiba John Soucheray Ronald Sweeley Sharon Taylor Claralyn Wendt Zadl and Soul! Amma- For excellence in iournalism. Glenda Anderson Gerald Bergquist Judy Biorke Kimberly Chindlund Mariorie Hill Kaye Johnson Richard Koskinen Robert Koskinen Steven March Mary Lou Marren Deanna Moga Ronald Sweeley Seadoo 7fl0u't ,4waful4- For excellence in school citizenship, leadership and service to the school. 9114945 Otto Bremmer Scholarship ...... Amy Williams Hamline University Scholarship Ellis Ohnstad First State Bank of New Brighton District 95621 P.T.A. Teachers Education Scholarship ................ Karen Kuszler Augsburg College Scholarship . John Christensen Karleen Edstedt Robert Lunde Zeadae Deyuz finglall ,4a.-ada Amy Williams ............ 2 year subscription Connie Bubar .. l year subscription Ellis Ohnstad ............. Book Subscription Stafoaard7u'laarez4waad "Certificate of Honor" and check for 525.00 to John McClung, president of the senior class, for scholarship, leadership and service. local Quint ffwmd- To Ellis Ohnstad for highest local test score on math contest. " .pzM"- To Steven March for excellent score on National Merit Scholarship Test. Glenda Anderson Connie Aronson Editor ........ Art Editor .. .. Assistant ,... Copy Editor .... Picture Editor .... Assistant ......... . . . Robert Lunde Fred McSherry ? Jerry Bergquist . . . . Richard Koskinen . . . . Daniel Hassel . . . Deanna Moga ... . .. Sue Sathre Business Manager . . . Assistant ..... . . . . . . Mary Lou Marren Kimberly Chindlund . . . . Diane Richert Layout Editor .......... Robert Koskinen Administrative Assistant . . . Marie Wester Science Scholarship ....... John Christensen District 3621 P.T.A. Teachers Education Scholarship ............... Karleen Edstedt Sag 7957-1955 Feature Editors .............. Henrietta Skiba Assistant . . . Activities Editor . . . Advertising ........ . Photography Editor Assistants ..... . . . and Shirley O'Neil . . . . Peter Larsen . . . . Sara Hanson .. Robert Rydeen .. Steven March . . . Dahl Metters Lance Jensen Robert Porter Athletics Editor Education Editor . . . Diane Holmen . . . Esther Prechtel Assistant .... Juliann Larson Senior Editor .... Sharon Flink Assistant .... .. Donna Chumley Class Editors .. Assistant ............. Art Publications Adviser . . . . Sharon Backstrom and Barbara Haahr .. Dawn McColley . . Mr. E. B. Erickson 3 5 333 gn 52 im 3 mai? w w is Es SQQ R MQ 3322 5 ixiis ii ES E 53 'S , .V . .. . . E5'P"4'f" . ,. : :: '-1, 1- 1' . . ' 4,'4 fv-Q ' . rg- 1 - V . . 5 S rg'-1 w : '. mm 5 5553233 i E XSS? XX v V- 33. , -5 - '7 '. k - .f X, 4 -b x .. , I ' Lv " Hg ,. -- . M A Q . 1 1 , 0" A - . ' x' , " '- 7 ' I ' ' '-" ' . , ,- 5. L25 - ,1 - . - , V . .V It J A 1 Y , r . '. T w 5 " E ff Lx' , .u -- ' ' I . . ' L L u . . " ' ' ' ' , 1 - . . ', " ' .N sf '95 elk' ' ' X . v Y' .A . Av Q ' 3- 'I ', i.,,if'J,,vr- '-. -F ". , W 3 1 i - U ' ' ff '- ' ' Lv 'Q 4 3:2 - ' f , ' ' H -I A Q51 fl . .-M-,U - ,T - ,I f - ' ' , . , 4 ' , , I F I O 2 1. :g if 'J u If ,N .Q I 5 K ' , , H -'. , itii, .K N ' W - - V , 1 Ynf A , X ' 11" 1 'P ' 7 ' ME SNES. , , ak" ,v ' , - . Y- ..w1- - 1 , , '- .-fn . .- W, , W ii' -nv ' . .I , V , , 5 -. A ' -- sf- . 4' , ' i i -' --WL F wk 31 w--A'-.W ,I ' , . . .. ' ,- , , , ., , - :fr, , , fnkltg-. -13.1, , W, . , ., , , , l . . W, ..'. ,1,,.,-,g,,.,. -.., . .., , H. - '-"" L' ' 2 '- i 'v' 1'-2',,.T'1 -6 ,. " ' .. 'iii-2: iff ,,.-- 3--fq kfp +114 Si ",q, " " ' l i l ' l im," :N .-., f,,f'-21 " "QF VJIYYQQ S S X E 7 S 7 1 + X , S52 Mg A E ' 5 .., gg 7 ' 'S , Y 'E x V 1 SRE? . W-, Y , , l,.. Q. v.n., 4 ' "N tX"'3"":' . P , hr-P 074. we ' ,Lua l of MW . W, . Aoi' pro AS the pages of our scrapbook: slowly close, the never ending post fades lnlo the ulwgys preeenl Vfbfure. lf :funds before us wide and challenging and we mlsfluce it wllh OTifhUSl0!llQ'C5h6d9I'lCS and delermlnafion. We will forward, ro our More, for lf is here where our hopes and fears arevmel ond Eoch experience we have will make our lives richer. ' ' ' ' is S Ae 5:59 the cover of-our' 1956 Vista, our memories, thoughts and dredfnswill notdlmlnlsh. Rememberlng them we wlll look forward to more oc- ' oompllshments, ond further success. Rernerivberll ls our destlny. di f- ,- ,lc "1 . - , , A.. 4, , ' . , . i - ,E : ,QQ -...Lv 3.-:'.,1'i 55 - '. .Q L z' 'iff :.- yr: ' ' . . . . . ' -4 h 1, R' N' V I ,Qs ,. 1 ' , .- '- V-Kg: . . ' '. ' ' V , . - -1 I , F ife .1.u. 4'!,!?is:5 I 0, 2.4, Q, X-15 71 . V - 1- ' L i l-.. ,- , .W ea , ,H l n u . Y - ,-Y- :Ji n M ggf :li Q I Q32 il N X H V 1 f . f ,Sl up , X35 W sl Ib j A J?ULVa7W X K M Q! . Nvx IM R 1 m 'f , jj ld ,ww U X, K Q' i 7 ,L xl A x . Pxx :K X14 5 pykkj X xk I . KN M xy '3 Mu .X . HJ N XF 'J by f Aff! ,fix ' A Q I QR K ' 1 X X, rv!! VCXMNMW fx Ulfvfxjq X , , IVA. f 4, - -xj IEW NNN 'X if I 'y xp ' X Mvwyf V , ,tm 1. X WX L " Q ' ' 'X V fx -' In x X x xx, 1 J N. V ' V' 2 'iff A ' ' " 5 5, P ' . if Q1 JXTX .-XXV ' 'Fw A 1 'x A W L- . y ,MJ in L. 'j 1 Ulm!! f 1 11-113 F 1 , V J? -L 5-,,,,.Q-I X ' " '-.- .. f -+1 - i 'ie A . i ' J ' up 1-rn. ' ' ll , , '4,, .1-f - - -...L F f Y Y gk Ai' V- K fu

Suggestions in the Mounds View High School - Vista Yearbook (New Brighton, MN) collection:

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