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fi is .wx X Ji G '-v .42 gf? P W 1 7 -Q-.1 .--. --ue.-an-'Jn--1. u..-nu..-...u-Q ..--Q ......-1. I.. -..u-...--- ...-..o-...'.-- ......-.-.--..- .........-...-..- ......-.......n--. -.4--. ...u--.--.. .---.......-...-.- ..-a-nn. ...unc .. .---...........- f..-.-u-. Q-...--. .... -. .1. .. -. .- ...-. ......--..... -3.--f. .-........... Q.. . .-..--- .f .. - . .-.. .. . . .- . -.. ... .. .. .- Q ..--. . - - - ... -. -. . .1 . . ..- . . . . . --. . . Q- .u .- ... -. . - . .. --. -. .- nu no .. n - .-.-.---nn- ... .. ...--. ...- .. -. .. .... ..... . 0- .. .. .--..---. ..-. .....--. ,. -..- . -..-..-.- . .--.. .1 .- .. . .. ..- - f. ...-.... .- -Q ..--.--....... .... -. .. -..... .. .'.' -'.'-. '. .'.'- 0" .. -...-....- ..--........-.- ...-...-......- ...-f...-.-.-on -.-.. ..-.....- . .-v...... PUBLISHED BY THE JOURNALISM CLASS OF MOUNDRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL MOUNDRIDGE, KANSAS - T I ', , , ,L zagaqv-,. .. 1 Q ? :jj ,, fe. ES M K ' :1:2:rf:f.1:1:'Ef5f5?5355:E5:3:?:I'I" ' .0 u 1 0 .'.'a'a'.' ' 0 0 o n'a'.'.'.' ' .ossssou.,l.uconsoons' ' ,l'0'o'u'o' 'a':':':'."0'a' .,:.u.o.n.u.e.n.a....:.' 0 0 u'a'n:u:g. ' . . . 1 l.O.l. , ,. . . A high school diploma obtained from this school is a valu- able asset in today's world. It represents four years of study, effort, and hard work. Learning is the key to moulding character, to creating sportsmanship, and to having an alert mind. Knowledge defeats superstition and ignorance. To the seniors a diploma is an achievement. It reflects ,four years of high school life. Life that was packed with games, dates, tests, and the enchantment of school activities. A diploma may enter you in a vast faze of work. Seniors, as you stand on the threshold of life may the door of success be opened to you. 2 SCIENCE BUILDING "LITTLE WHITE SCHOOLHOUSEH s AGRICULTURE BUILDING COMPLIMENTS or L. L. LEHMBERG INSURANCE AGENCY ADMINI TRATION M. E. GREER Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: Lester Goering, Marvin E. Goering, Alfred Meyer. Seated: Ray Kaufman, Dr. David' Rice. MRS. DELIA GRABER Office Secretary COMPLIMENTS OF Mu.o's PAINT AND Bonv Smwlcs BEN BoEsE HAROLD COLLINS FRANK FOREST Driver Education Football Coach VOCti0I181 Agriculture Industrial Arts Physical Education Social Science 5 'ff"'f?:.Wf',S, T-Z " as 1 l V "Eng exsx M FA ULTY L iff A,,VL,x,1 N-se L VV R142 fi W V ,L.l 1 l'-. fl. MARYAN HARDER MARIAN KAUFMAN Himvsv Loy Journalism Library Basketball Coach English Speech Commerce English 5 , - JESSEE EIEEFI RICIIVQARD ROBBINS G vZZafEnZZ11ib1eS ij' , ,-Q 6 W 'Y Sin- bs? '4 f FACULTY U '5' NS Wifi? W3 Wm-fm V CHARLES ScHwAnz EDWIN STUCKY VIRGINIA ToMPKINsoN Science Debate Home Economics Mathematics Social Science , Mathematics , . . . ..-........--..- . ............-..-.. .. -. . .--.U..-...-.....-'...'-.-'.. ....-.....-......-.-...... . ..--.....................-... un..-...-....-...-.-..-.....n. .-......-.............-------0. . .-...-.-..-..................-.. . .-.-...-...U...-........-...-. . -..-..............-.....-...... .......-.-......-..--.--..-..-.. ...........-........-... .- .-. ...-...... -.. . .. . - .. . .---.. . .. .. . . .- . ..-... . .. . . .. ...... .. - . . ..- . ...... . .. . .. . . ... ..-... .. . . . . .. ...-.... . .. . . Q. ..- ...... . . . . .- .....- . . . . . ..- . ...... . . . . .- .. ..- .. ....... . . ....--..........- . ...f-...-..............-......... .......U.-..................-.... . ...-U.........-....-...........- .. ..........-........-.......... .. .........f.................-....- . . ..................-.-......... .. .......-..................... . . .. ........................... . ........-..............-..-.. . . .....................-.--.. I..II...........'-......-ml. .- . . . HONOR STUDENTS Sharon Adrian Karen Wedel HOWARD LACHENMAYR ROZANNA GOEBEL NORMA Bscxsn President Vice-President Secretary CAnnoL GOERING Treasurer KEITH SCHLENDER Student Council SENIORS CLASS MOTTO "Build castles in the airg then put solid foundations under them." -Henry Thoreau CLASS FLOWER Red Rose CLASS COLORS Red and White CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Harder and Mr. Stucky COMPLIMENTS or W Moummmcrz MILL AND ELEVATOR Co. SHARON ADRIAN KAREN BECKER MELVIN BECKEH ENIOR In 1953, thirty green freshmen were initiated into the halls of MHS. Velera Stucky was elected presi- dent, Nyla Westerman, vice-presi- dent, Rozanna Goebel secretary, Karen Becker treasurer and Melvin Goering student council rep. They had two class parties, one a hay rack ride and the other a skating party at Halstead. COMPLIMENTS or Scumnr MBRCANTILE Co. ARLEN12 BoEsKER MARY ALICE DURST KENNETH GEHMNG LYNETTE GOERING MELVIN GOERINGU KURT Gaiman J ULITTA KoEHN ENIOR As sophomores the class of '57 was quite active. Class officers included Melvin Goering, presidentg Marilyn Wall, vice-pres.g Barbara Schrag, secretaryg Karen Wedel, treasurerg and Carroll Goering, student council rep. Under the leadership of Mr. Stucky the class had two class par- ties, they saw the movie "Egyptian" and went skating at the Halstead roller rink. COMPLIMENTS or H 8 W Gmu. JANICE Rausssn B.mBAnA Scmmo SENIOR Highlights of the junior year were the class play, the Jr. Sr. Banquet, and several money making projects. One new member was added to the class, Curt Graber moved here from Pretty Prairie. Class officers were: Karen Wedel president, Mel Goering vice-presi- dent, Marilyn Wall secretary, Sha- ron Adrain treasurer, and Karen Becker student council rep. Mrs. Kaufman and Mr. Loy were class sponsors. COMPLIMENTS or MOUNDRIDGE Co-or CREAMERY Co. DONALD STUCKY JUDY STUCKY WARREN STUCKY DENIM TATRO SHARON Tosws SENI R A trip to the Ozarks was the high- light for the seniors of '57, Kirkwood Lodge played host to this class from April 19-23. The Junior-Senior Banquet was also a glorious occa- sion. "Giants In The Earth" was given for the senior play on Decem- ber 4. As we leave the halls of M.H.S., we leave to the juniors our place as head of the school, to the sopho- mores, the ability to continue on, and to the freshmen the faith to look toward the future as seniors. COMPLIMENTS or GOERING 8: BARTEL FIRESTONE KARL VOTH MARILYN WALL.. KAREN WEDEL KENNETH WEDEL NYLA WESTERMAN BARBARA WILKENING fag? :Q-iilwgdn ia --'- 1 M """"' . .... , .. .. , ..2:- ..:a,-.,::.5:, are I 1 5..Ei...:., ,, -' - I' ,' 9 . 55:11 "1 ' Ifi,I.:. " :, " 3'i2:E"2.- 3 Liii vificiaa Missa Limsisiwzriliisifiiailmf Minimal Earl Lillian Dickie Ewy Fast Gaeddert LaVerna Marilyn Velma Laurel Gehring Goebel Hoyer Koehn Jeanette Kerry Barbara Kenneth Charlene Melverne N eta Mae Krehbiel Krehbiel Lehmberg Lohrentz Moddelmog Ratzlaff Riff el r i Glenn Karen Edward Delaine Gary Phyllis Donald LRupp Schrag Strausz Stucky Stucky Stucky Vogt: Harry Daniel Donald Voth Wedel Wedel PRESIDENT, Barbara Lehmberg VICE-PRESIDENT, Kenneth Lohrentz ' SECRETARY, Velma Hoyer I TREASURER, Edward Strausz STUDENT COUNCIL, Marilyn Goebel Dorothy Harold Wedel Zerger ORE Members of the junior class have made money through chili suppers, paper drives, and their class play, "The Little Dog Laughed." They have done well under the direction of Mrs. Kaufman and Mr. Schwarz. Juniors, be prepared to follow in the footsteps of those who are leav- ing. COMPLIMENTS or Davin R. RICE, M.D. Pamela Ira Gilbert Darrell Nola Nelson Stanley Adrian Anders Burgan Davis Decker Durst Ediger Donna Marlene J erroll Judith James Carol Carolee EWY Gehring Goebel Goebel Goering Goering Goering H. Keith Velma Dickie Susan Wendell Judy Kay Ann Goering Goering Helms Higgins Kaufman Krehbiel Krehbiel Duane Robert Delila Joel Lois Sherwin Danny Moddelmog Rupp Schrag Schrag Schrag Schrag Stucky Doris Wanita Monte Kerwin Myron Kay Stucky Stucky Tatro Voth Voth Wedel PRESIDENT, Carolee Goering VICE-PRESIDENT, Nelson Durst SECRETARY, Judith Goebel TREASURER, sherwin schrag ' STUDENT COUNCIL, Kay Ann Krehbiel SOPHO ORE C0MPL1MEN'rs or 15 S'rUcxY's IGA A. Jewell Larry Ferdinand Richard Charles Roger Dwight Beard Buller Doering Doering Gehrin-g Goebel Goering Kathleen Steven Wanda Wayne Clark Jocelyn Leander Goering Goering Goering Goering Graber Graber Graber Vaughn Gerald Charles Pamela Steven Glen Thomas Graber Hensley Hoyer Kaufman Kaufman Koch Kruse Keith Nancy Johnnie Phillip Terence Timothy Mark Moddelmog Niehage - Penner Ratzlroff Rice Rupp Sander Charlotte Sherrill Twila Karlyn Richard Ronald Sandra Schrag Schrag Schrag Stucky Stucky Stucky Stucky Philip George Calvin Taff Toews Unruh PRESIDENT, Wayne Goering VICE-PRESIDENT, Terence Rice SECRETARY, Kathleen Goering TREASURER, George Toews STUDENT COUNCIL, Thomas Kruse 16 Kenneth Larry Thomas lvan Vogts Voth Voth Welty FRESHMEN COMPLIMENTS or BACHMAN On. Co. Jane Norma Gordon Becker Durst Goebel Sharon Brooks Connie Eva Goering Harder Hirschler Koehn Norman Vicki Willard Robert Theora Karen Carol Kuhn Mobray Neuhauser Parks Pauls Schmidt Schrag 1 r -vee V. . X k'r' , 9' fi ? " K - 5 ? 5 7 gi g y asr , , ++NmW-W Jr, 4 M gy QAM Lois N. Dean Gerald Lanny Marianne Marilyn Richard Schumacher Sperling Strausz Stucky Stucky . Stucky Stucky .,..' 'r"": 7 " 1-5 i kwr, ,, j2f?3g5 igg gwf , c ----- ----- :af vffbfff if ie-ffl: ---: W e J '- 'Q W- ii ififf f C EQ ' Shirley Bomue Keith Roger Galen Janet Patricia Stucky Toews Vogts Vogts Wedel Wedel Wedel TH GRADE During the past year, the eighth grade has helped to present a Christmas pageant, an operetta, and rated high in the music festiyal. ffl ffl Eighth grade, be prepared for your cn- trance into high school. Fil County Music and Speech Entrants TEACHER Mrs. Hilda Voth COMPLIMENTS OF HERFF-JONES Co. 11 ae W , -11' Y g qi ' 21.15. aggw it if usb' V . - fk1iVfl"n 'ef' 3 1 K salaaasie mgaige f?5fl'l"AH we X A Eric Bunk Tommy Adrian " " ti x , 'fg5'?2ASiQg '.: W 'frffi-" .smiitilaz 4' ,. ,snrg3?eZ'Q1f" f gezwi aefifgsiiw ' 5:-::sg g :Li3ZfMff1is. li Sviimw min gbwailx , Qzzmwwzzwmw- :zu Q1 in ff 'mt we wifi? ' eEw2L'iQ2e2wfs Betty Tyrus Helms Kaufman 1 in QM fam bsifsiw .wkwlwlfww we we wash w N ,Q .4 W - , 2 'ID 7' W fix-1.-, 1 w iflfeiiim iw. . , ilf 5- in . A vwqwqg ga. A asf. fw,Wg,3m w:,1sf f Zlegg. 1g1,Lf.w m ei, . AHL.. Mi' ,af wif e 3152? 2- nf fw if- .f ' i 'xiffiz'-2' if'-.finiwzwfisl-5 '-T of -:1.., H: K S 4511-..'fi.fie 1 m wwfw wgl f'ww,TLq. f isiifilyhyg Yxizlww fw iiwftl w 'J M ,.,.. ' ' A I I " Q " T:-V5 ' , ' S ' " ' Johnny Charles Ruth Lonnle J 111 Durst Ewy Fast Goerlng Hatfield A , we ,aw ,wwmw mw awww .. -.sswf1.. ai,wm ,W may-1 .,-A -- , sac.lss.i,,weswa2,, ,awmwv www Qwiaswfgs ssesieetsl -,-. .:. 4 -. . 2:2 :Z 1 " " - ' .,.,. V .. " ' Vernon Koch Herbie Krehbiel Lynn Krehbiel Roger Jon Krehbiel Miller Karen Morlok Nike. -' as ,aw .gr 'E I mga? be .B was Shirley Wedel Gloria Judy Fred Phyllis Carol Donna Ratzloff Riffel Smith Tatro Wedel Wedel TH GRADE TEACHER Dennis Cash Lookmg to the future, wlth much accompllshed in the past, IS thxs years seventh grade class. They boast a softball J- team, a basketball team, a track squad. and several class partles thls year.W1th Mr. Cash as thelr captam, thelr shlp S8118 on ,ye into the fu- sf' ture SPURTS CHEERLEADERS 1Top to Bottom! Mary Alice Durst Barbara Schrag Rozanna Goebel Nyla Westerman Front R-ow: Karl Voth, Don Wedel, Dick Gaeddert, Howard Lachenmayr, Don Stucky, Ronnie Krehibiel, Ken- neth Wedel, Wendell Kaufman, Daniel Wedel, Gilbert Burgan, Melvin Goering. Second Row: Melverne Ratzlaff, Darrell Davis, Stanley Ediger, Sherwin Schrag, Jerroll Goebel, Nelson Durst, Bot: Rupp, Keith Goering, Kerwin Voth, Denny Tatro, Harry Voth. Third Row: Calvin Unruh, Kenneth Vogts, Wayne Goering, Terry Rice, George Toews, Clark Graber, Ronnie Stucky, Ivan Welty, Earl Ewy, Duane Moddelmog, Mark Sander. Last Row: Mr. Collins, Mr. Loy, Myron Voth, Steve Goering, Jewell Beard, Steve Kaufman, Tim Rupp, Phil Ratzlatf, Larry Buller, Tom Voth, Vaughn Graber. MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS RECORD Marion Burrton Halstead Haven Nickerson Pretty Prairie Buhler Inman Collins, Coach OOTBALL The Moundridge Wildcats, winning two out of seven games, placed seventh in the Mid-Kansas League. They also fought to a tie in the season opener with Marion. Coach Collins named 21 let- termen for their fine work, splendid sportsmanship, and cooperation. Although statistics show that this season was not the most successful, as Mr. Collins said, "We built character." COMPLIMENTS or GOERING HARDNVARE Co. M-K LEAGUE STANDING W Buhler 5 Inman 5 Pretty Prairie 4 Haven 4 Halstead 4 Nickerson 4 MOUNDRIDGE 2 Burrton 0 Athletic Banquet Jewell Beard Gib Burgan Richard, Doering Nelson Durst Dick Gaeddert Mel Goering- Keith Goering Wayne Goering Wendell Kaufman Ronnie Krehbiel Duane Moddelmog Melverne Ratzlaff Bob Rupp Don Stucky LETTERMEN DERBY Tatro Harry Voth Karl Voth Kerwin Voth Myron Voth Tom Voth Calvin Unruh Daniel Wedel Don Wedel Ken Wedel 21 ii? M H I ' vzfffram v X it I 7 ,.v5TQg,. .. :wt . 1 X-,-Q V .: ',:.,,- 2if!xg:'fM'-wiv h L f . . N . . if r"E- 1. ' . Xggklffmv .,.:-- .:., :.,. 1.e.a,- . -27 A - V ,Q M ,E :QQ X W .Q 7 H R wigmug 4 :.- ..,. sag, ' .. gg, Ni ' :, -gg,-g A M fl K Q. Y R114 'AP1?1,-- , QW , ' ' NW 'Y' 'tl lvifgiiwfgfl E, k fiuadfk ' ' ix . z f A Q56 25-gg?E'wg5iZ5Qgk M .J 'i?ig:i11'-XJ! . ' ff w L gfefwf, - 1 Q Q A A V512-fr pilffvfi? Q : E:.if'- P f' Hmxwff "M WE ,Q ,M . ,.... , . ,... .,... , J 'W M JWYQL' fs-, ,- , , W M M .... ,. "E: ,FWZ 3: X 5 'A' 5:2 gp. is ln .Qi F' 1 2 sa r. " 5 ,fg,,, M ,M ,,,. .:1,. X .,,..11 5 mc X 4 1 W mg , N M , 9 M g 4 kg tE'+1'r sw Q 5 .1 42+ K 2 is ' My fs + 33? fx Tm,- NZUQI' 'MW wait' -,ITT IX , ,W-1 ww x 52? Wifi W 4 8,3 1? Q? if wr f ! , , WV' wi- an K . isa KV ff Wfxtf ' 2gQ:.E::x.:i2 W. .. H f .sim Q 1, 15 Q in X ,M,,, First Row: Nelson Durst, Don Stucky, Dick Gaeddert, Daniel Wedel, Melvin Goering. Second Row: Mr. Collins, Jerroll Goebel, Keith Goering, Duane Moddelmog, Kerwin Voth, Danny Stucky, Mr. Loy. BASKETBALL Mr. Loy, Coach MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS 56 Ellinwood 39 Pretty Prairie 39 Halstead 36 Marion 61 Hillsboro 36 Augusta 39 Herington 30 Buhler 40 Haven 41 Nickerson 44 Inman 54 Burrton 44 Buhler 50 Haven 44 Inman 44 Nickerson 52 Burrton 49 Whitewater COMPLIMENTS OF C. J. GRABER INSURANCE AGENCY The Royal Kiss! Royalty We want a basket! 1956 -- 57 Hold that ball! Though statistics show a lack of wins, Moundridge can point with pride to the hustle the boys showed throughout the season. Only two seniors and two juniors participated. Potential ability among freshmen and sophomores promises a winning season next vear. COMPLIMENTS or CLAYTON Voor LUMBEH Co., INC. Mel Goering Don Stucky Daniel Wedel Dick Gaeddert Nelson Durst 25 TRA K Front R-ow: Don Stucky, Dick Gaeddert, Nelson Durst, Daniel Wedel, Glenn Rupp, Keith Goering, Jewell Beard, Jerroll Goebel, Duane Moddelmog. Second Row: Richard Doering, Mark Sander, Melverne Ratzlaff, Darrell Davis, Monte Tatro, Stanley Ediger, Eddie- Strausz, Larry Buller, Johnnie Penner. Third Row: Tom-my Kruse, Wayne Goering, Phil Taff, Gerald Hensley, Tom Voth, Vaughn Graber, Clark Graber, Calvin Unruh, Roger Goebel. Fourth Row: Ronnie Stucky, Steve Goering, Terry Rice, Charles Hoyer, George Toews, Ivan Welty, Phil Ratzloff, Kenneth Vogts, Steve Kaufman. Back Row: Mr. Collins, Keith Moddelmog, Koch, Leander Graber, Tim Rupp. Relay Team: Daniel Wedel, Dick Gaeddert, Keith Goering, Jerroll Goebel, Gilbert Glenn RUPP Mel Goering Rurszan. Nelson Durst Don wedel 26 The Moundridge thin-clads under the direction of coach Harold Col- lins and assistant Harvey Loy have done well despite a limited number of upperclassmen. They participated in at least eleven different meets. School records were broken in the high jump by Mel Goering and in the shot by Glenn Rupp. COMPLIMENTS or MODDELMOG RADIO AND TV Senvlclc KWSN! PIANISTS Jeanette Krehbiel Karen Wedel Judy Stucky Front Row: Jeanette Kreh-biel, Karen Wedel, Velma Hoyer, Carolee Goering, Carol Goering, Barbara Wilken- ing, Barbara Schrag, Wanda Goering, Betty Stucky, Barbara Lehmberg, Sherrill Schrag, Pa-m Kaufman, Donna Ewy, Jocelyn Graber, Charlotte Schrag, Delila Schrag, Delaine Stucky. Second Row: Janice Reusser, Kay Wedel, Pam Adrian, Kathy Goering, Nancy Niehage, Charlene Moddelmog, Arlene Boesker, Sandy Stucky, Lois Schrag, Judith Goebel, Nola Decker, Sharron Toews, Twila Schrag, Velma Goering, Kay Ann Krehbiel, LaVerna , Goering. Top Row: Mary Schrag, Nyla Westerman, Judy Stucky, Karen Schrag, Lillian Fas-t, Wanita Stucky, Marilyn Goebel, Sharon Adrian, Karlyn Stucky, Rozanna Goebel, Dorothy Wedel, Karen Becker, Marilyn Wall, 1 Lynette Goering, Doris Stucky, Mary Alice Durst, Marlene Goering. K GIRLS GLEE l MKL II District I Triple Trio Judy Stucky, Jeanette Krehbiel, Barbara Wilkening, Barbara Lehmberg, Betty Stucky, Lynette Goering I6ir5a3.Becker, Sharon Toews, Marilyn Wall, Karen Kay. Wedel MKL II Plano District I MKL II State fi, District III y Music ability is among the better assets posses- sed by MHS youth. Practicing is the key for the outstanding achievements placed at the music festivals. Kay Ann Krehbiel 28 Girls High Voice District II DALKEYS PHOPANE AND Bunxla COMPLIMENTS or Mark Sander Cello District II Girls Ensemble Front Row: W. Goering, S. Schrag, S. Stucky, C. Goer- k ing, J. Goebel, K. Wedel. Back Row: K. Wedel, K. ' Goering, W. Stucky, L. Schrag, P. Kaufman, K. Stucky. f, "Music must take rank as the highest of the fine arts- as the one which, more than any other, ministers to hu- man welfare." -Herbert Spencer Marilyn Wall Wanita Stucky Girls Med. Voice Girls Low Voice MKL I District I BOYS GLEE CLUB District II State me District II Statejff Front Row: .James Goering, Ronald Stucky, George Toews, Danny Stucky, Phillip Ratzloff, Steve Kaufman, Dwight Goermg, Johnny Penner, Charles Hoyer, Tim Rupp, Sherwin Schrag, Terry Rice. Second Row: Eddie Strausz, Melverne Ratzlaff, Gerry Schrag, Keith Schlender, Kurt Graber, Gerald Hensley, Tommy Kruse, Ivan Welty, Kenneth Lohrentz, Calvin Unruh, Harold Zerger, Mel Goering, Gilbert Burg-an. To! Row: Tom Voth, Wayne Goering, Karl Voth, Kenneth Gehring, Steve Goering, Kerry Krehbiel, Dick Gae dert, Carroll Goerlng, Mark Sander, Duane Mpddelmog, Keith Goering, Bob RUPP, Don Stucky. 29 COMPLIMENTS or MOUNDMDGE Co-or Euzvnon Assocnnox MIXED CHORUS MKL I District I Judy Stucky Lois Schrag Piano Alto Sax MKL I MKL II District III District II Clarinet MKL I District I statfeilf Front row: Betty Stucky, Janice Reusser, Jeanette Kreh'biel, Wanda Goering, Sherrill Schi-ag, Arlene Boesker, Terry Rice, Charles Hoyer, Tim Rupp, Steve Kaufman, Bob Rupp, Johnnie Penner, Dwight goering, Sherwin Schrag, Sandy Stucky, Charlotte Schrag, Marlene Gehrin-g, Judith Goebel, Delila chrag. Second row: Pam Adrian, Judy Stucky, Carolee Goering, Twila Schrag, Kathy Goering, Nancy Nie- hage, James Goering, Danny Stucky, George Toews, Gerald Hensley, Duane Moddelmog, Melvin Goer- ing, Cgilibert Burgan, Ronnie Stucky, Mary Alice Durst, Dorothy Wedel, Jocelyn Graber, Doris Stucky, is c rag. T-hird row: Nyla Westerman, Karen Wedel, Carol Goering, Susan Higgins, Velma Hoyer, Charlene Moddelmog, Don Stucky, Phillip Ratzlaff, Steve Goering, Tom Voth, Keith Schlender, Wayne Goer- ing, Calvin Unruh, Kenneth Lohrentz, Carroll Goering, Karen Becker, Sharron Toews, Mary Schrag, Marilyn Wall, Lynette Goering, ' Last row: Barbara Leihniberg, Barbara Schrag, Kay Wedel, Barbara Wilkening, Wanita Stucky, Mari- lyn Goebel, Eddie Strausz, Kenneth Gehring, Tommy Kruse, Dick Gaeddert, Mark Sander, Kerry Krehbiel, Gerry Schrag, Kurt Graber, Rozanna Goebel, Pamela Kaufman, Sharon Adrian, Kai-lyn Stucky, Kay Ann Krehbiel. Each of the last six years there have been at least five pages in each an- nual dedicated to music. The great efforts of Mr. Robbins have con- tributed, much to the high ratings received. A sincere "Thank You" is extended to Mr. Robbins for his six years of untiring efforts and unend- ing work spent in behalf of the music students of M.H.S. Barbara Lehmberg Vaughn Graber Clarinet Cornet MKL II MKL III 30 COMP'-IMENTS OF District II District Il MORLOK SHOE SHOP Cornet' Trio Vaughn Graber, Tom Voth, Philip Taff MKL III Clarinet Trio District H Judith Goebel, Barbara Lehmberg, Judy Stucky BAND M,KL, I MKL II Dlstmf I District II plus State .- Front Row: Judy Stucky, Barbara Lehm-berg, Charlotte Schrag, Jocelyn Graber, Arlene Boesker, Wanita Stucky, Barbara Schrag. Second Row: Lynette Goering, Judith Goebel, Kay Wedel, Donna Ewy, Mary Alice Durst, Rozanna Goebel, Nyla Westerman, Pam Adnan, Kathy Goering, Twila Schrag, Lois Schrag, Sandy Stucky, Wayne Goering. Third Row: Janice Reusser, Brooks Harder, Karen Morlok, Donna Wedel, Tom Voth, Vaughn Graber, Phil Taff, Dean Sperling, Lois Schumacher, Kerwin Voth, Ronnie Stucky, Lanny Stucky, Kenneth Lohrentz, Carroll Goering, Mark Sander, Tyrus Kaufman, Melvin Goering, Sherrill Schrag, Theora Pauls, Johnnie Penner, Steve Kaufman, Galen WedeL Back Row: Mr. Robbins, Marilyn Goebel, Wanda Goering, Carolee Goering, Karen Wedel, Jeanette Kreh-blel, Nelson Durst. In addition to playing at the music festivals the band participated in the State Fair, May Day, and a night ' of music. Wayne Goering Alto Sax COMPLIMENTS OF MFL, H District II plus HARDER FURNITURE 31 PEP BAND Front R-ow: Kenneth Lohrentz, Galen Wedel, Steve Kaufman, Sherrill Schrag, Theora Pauls, Kay Wedel, Barbara Lehmberg, Judy Stucky, Lynette Goering, Janice Reusser, Brooks Harder, Car- roll Goerinlg. Second Row: Wayne Goering, Sandy Stucky, Kathy Goering, Lois Schrag, Pam Ad- rian, Arlene Boesker, Karen Wedel, Marilyn Goebel, 'Jeanette Krehbiel. Back Row: Tom Voth, Vaughn Graber, Phil Taff, Dean Sperling, Lois Schumacher, Ronnie Stucky. Tom V-oth 1 Cornet MKL II District II Clarinet Quartet Judy Stucky, Barbara Lehmberg, Judith Goebel, Kay Wedel MKL I District I Y "Without music life would he a mistake." -Friedrick Wilhelm Nietzsche Kenneth Lohrentz Sousaaphone MKL II COMPLIMENTS or 32 2t1i'Qf,'cY,.,5 FAnMEn's Co-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION . .-...-.--...gnu ..I--...-.--. .. .. . 1 -0-.-...---........'---'-..'-'-'.'..'.'-Jn' nu...----..-...-.......-..-.--.--1. -.-..--..-f...........-.....-u..... nu.....-..--.....-.....-...-.f-.Quo --......-.--.-.........-.....-u...- un....-....-1-..-.......-.....-1-.u --.......-....-......-.-...n-.-. no 3.-'....... ..-.-...-- ....... .. .. .. -.Q -.- .. . . . . n .- ... ... .. -. .. .. .' Q.. I. ... ..- - . .. -. . - .. -. .. I - . .. . . . . . . -- .- . .. .- . . . . . 1 . - . . . . . . . - .- -' .' '.' '.' '.' .' .'. J-.--.-'uk .'.'. - . -. ..-................-.a.. ...-...-.-...........-........--n.. ..-....-..-........-.......-I.-... ....-.-.....-...-..........---f.-.0 ..-.......-....-.--.-...-.-...--.. .-..-.-3.-.-'-3...-....'.........-nl..f..l..........-J...-...-I.. ........-.---.....-.-.-.-.-.-..... 0...-....-...-..-...... . -...-...J 3... . .. ...l - . ' ORGANIZATION PBESIDL Donald Stucky, F.F.A. Karen Wedfel, Student COUDC Marilyn Wall, Pep Club Lynette Goering, Y'Teens Charlene Moddelmog, Kay Ann Krehbiel, Jeanette Krehbiel, Karen Wedel, Thomas Kruse, Melvin Goering, Gary Stucky, Keith Schlender, Judy Stucky. Missing, Marilyn Goebel. "Much ado about nothing." "The purpose of the Student Council shall be to develop responsible citizenship in Moundridge High School and to provide the opportunity for student participation in the conduct of as many of the sch00l's student activi- ties as this body itself is capable of doing efficiently? With Karen Wedel as presi- dent the student council has been in charge of assemblies and has conducted all elec- tionsg in addition to this they sponsored two all schools parties. Sponsors were Mrs. Harder and Mr. Stucky. COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS STATE Bsuwx Ci U CIL "WILDCAT" STAFF Asst. Ed., Sharron Toews Art Ed., Kenneth Lohrentz Art Ed., LaVerna Gehring Bus. Mgr., Howard Lachenmayr Bus. Mgr., Keith Schlender Sports Ed., Daniel'Wedel Photographer, Glenn Rupp Photographer, Carroll Goering Norma Becker I u ' n ' 1. 'tH'0W1,' Edlt0l' Wildcat Edito "HOWL" STAFF Asst. Ed., Dorothy Wedel Circulation, Mary Alice Durst Sports, Daniel Wedel Bus. Mgr., Howard Lachenmayr Photographer, Glenn Rupp Photographer, Carroll Goering Janice Reusser From left to right: Mary Alice Durst, Janice Reusser, Howard Lachenmayr, Daniel Wedel, Delame Stucky, Betty Stucky, Carroll Goering, Glenn Rupp, Norma Becker, Kenneth Loh- rentz, Keith Schlender, LaVerna Gehring, Sharron Toews. h Photographers Glen Rupp Carroll Goering nual. The deadline will be well remembered by both the "Howl " and annual staff. That was when the hustle- bustle took place. Interviewing, writing stories, and checking copy were jobs with which the "Howl" staff had to contend bi-weekly. The annual editors with their "dummy" had to work fast and accurately to meet the April lst deadline. Identifying pictures, writing stories and planning pages were the main objectives of the staff. Merchants and businessmen, we the journalism class wishhtb thank you for your advertisements which made possible our school newspaper and an- Bottom Row: Judith Goebel, Charlotte Schrag, Velma Hoyer, Judy Krehbiel, Barbara Schrag, Rozanna Goebel, Mary Alice Durst, Nyla Westerman. Second Row: Marilyn Goebel, Dorothy Wedel, Charlene Moddelmog, Kay Wedel, Pam Kaufman, Sandy Stucky, Mary Schrag, Arlene Boesker, Betty Stucky. Tlhird Row: Barbara Wilkening, Velma Goering, Donna Ewy, Twila Schrag, Kathy Goering, Sherrill Schrag, Wanda Goering, Nancy Niehage, Jocelyn Gralber. Fourth Row: Barbara Lehmberg, Karen Becker, Kay Ann Krehbiel, Carolee Goering, Wanita Stucky, Susan Higgins, Pam Adrian, Lois Schrag, Dloris Stucky. Top Row: Sharron Toews, Jeanette Krehbiel, Judy Stucky, Janice Reusser, Lynette Goering, Marilyn Wall, Karen Wedel, Sharon Adrian, Kenneth Lohrentz. fNot pictured, Gary Stuckyj. "The purpose of this organization shall be to create a love of sports, PEP CLUB to foster the ideals of sportsman- ship, and to promote the school spirit among ourselves, this organi- zation, and the student body." The Pep Club under the leader- ship of Marilyn Wall has kept the Moundridge High School spirit high by backing its teams in a creditable manner. The season was brought to a climax as the Athletic Banquet was held March 28. A new custom was introduced this year as second-team cheerleaders were elected by the student body. These cheerleaders are: Judith Goe- bel, Judy Krehbiel, Velma Hoyer, and Charlotte Schrag. COMPLIMENTS or Pep Club in action! CENTRAL KANSAS HATCHERY :sz - - - ws-at-ig,.5L wx' ' ,J M -551. Agseglgrlsggny is is no 1, ' ' i 25 Front Row: Marlene Gehring, Judy Krehbiel, Judith Goebel, Carolee Goering, Rozanna Goebel, Karen We- del, Kay Ann Krehbiel, Pam Adrian, Marilyn Goebel, Jeanette Krehbiel, Delila Schrag. Second Row: Judy Stucky, Karen Becker, Sharron Toews, Barbara Schrag, Kathy Goering, Sherrill Schrag, Twila Schrag, Karlyn Stucky, Charlotte Schrag, Lynette Goering, Julitta Koehn. Third Row: Carol Goering, Nancy Niehage, Wanda Goering, Jocelyn Graber, Pam Kaufman, Sandy Stucky, Betty Stucky, Barbara Wilkening, Mary Schrag, Charlene Moddelmog, Barbara Lehmberg. Fourth Row: Lillian Fast, Donna Ewy, Velma Goering, Susan Higgins, Nyla Westerman, Marilyn Wall, Mary Alice Durst, Janice Reusser, Dorothy Wedel, Sharon Adrian, Kay Wedel, Arlene Boesker. Last Row: Lois Schrag, Doris Stucky, Wanita Stucky, Norma Becker. qv W a-1 Heart Sister Exchange. V Y-TEE ' A "To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of re- alizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to under- stand Jesus, to share His love for all people, and to grow in the know- ledge and love of Godf, Y-Teen and YWCA Carnival CABINET Front Row: Velma Hoyer, Charlene Moddelmog, Nyla Westerman, Lynette Goering, Marilyn Wall, Norma Becker. Second Row: Janice Reusser, Jeanette Krehbiel, Judy Stucky, Marilyn Goebel, Sharon Adrian, Rozanna Goebel, Rar- bara Lehmberg, Mary Alice Durst, Bar- bara Wilkening, Mrs. Tompkinson, spon- sor. CoMPLiMEN'rs or 37 R. W. Bunnrrr, D. 0. I ' 32 Front Row: Ronnie Stucky, Harry Voth, Frank Forest fSponsor3, Kurt Graber, Gerry Schrag, Donnie Stucky, Wendell Kaufman, Kenneth Gehring, Karl Voth, Harold Zerger, Gary Stucky. Middle Row: Steve Kaufman, Dwight Goering, Richard Stucky, Charles Gehring, Leander Graber, Joel Schrag, Myron Voth, Sherwin Schrag, Jerroll Goebel, Donald Wedel, Steve Goer- mg. Last Row: George Toews, Danny Stucky, Bob Rupp, Ferd Doering, Tommy Kruse, Glen Koch, Stanley Ediger, Calvin Unruh, Keith Goering, Gib Burgan. Learning to do Doing to learn Learning to live Living to serve OFFICERS Curt Gra-ber, Gerry Schrae, Don Stucky, Wendell Kaufman, Kenneth Gehring, Karl Voth. Agricultural Judging Team 33 Sherwin Schragv Danny Stucky, Keith Goering. Jerroll Goebel, Wendell Kaufman Farm Mechanics F.F.A. CHARLENE MODDELMOG Queen VELMA Horan WANITA STUCKY Attendant Attendant Sparking up! Our Emblem Future Farmers at work! s 7' Animal projects, record books, judg- ing teams and contests are all a part of F.F.A. Initiation of new F.F .A members, though enjoyed by some, was dreaded by the green hands. Fun at parties combined with edu- cational instruction makes F.F.A. a Worthwhile organization. JU OR PLAY "THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHEDH THE CAST: Laurie Hunting-ton, Velma Hoyer Sidney Huntington, Ariona Giesbrecht Wally Huntington, Eddie Strausz Miss Gustavesky, Charlene Moddelmog Joan Wood, Jeanette Krehbiel Ted. Wood, Gary Stucky Lillian Wood, Dorothy Wedel .Mark Bradford, Kenneth Lohrentz Horatio P. Honeywell, Kerry Krehbiel Amelia Dennis, Delaine Stucky Caroline Brakesly, Marilyn Goebel Walola Breckenridge, La Verna Gehring Therese Brown, Phyllis Stucky Mrs. Kaufman, Director MKL--II District- TEST PLAY "WHAT NEVER DIES" THE CAST: Mrs. Armbruster, Sharon Adrian Mrs. Daugherty, Karen Wedel Mrs. Finiello, Lynette Goering Jackie, Melvin Goering Mrs. Kaufman, Director COMPLIMENTS or ALBERT JENsoN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC SE IOR PLAY GIANTS IN THE EARTH" THE CAST: Narrator, Karen Wedel Beret, Sharon Adrian Ola, Keith Schlender Per Hansa, Carroll Goering O'Hara, Kurt Graber Tonseten, Kenneth Gehring Henry Solum, Karl Voth Hans Olsa, Melvin Goering Joe Gill, Gerry Schrag Kjersti, Karen Becker Sorina, Sharron Toews Aslak Tjorne, Nyla Wester- Minister, Donald Stucky Bridget, Betty Stucky Kari Tronder, Marilyn Wall Sari Tronder, Judy Stucky Sofie Olsa, Janice Reusser Josie Morstad, Barbara Wilkening People of the Community Lynette Goering, Arlene Boesker, Mary Schrag, Bar bara Schrag, Rozanna Goebel and Mary Alice Durst man Mrs. Kaufman, Director COMPLIMENTS or COCA-COLA Bo'rruNG Co. 41 S T A T E C H A M , P , Front Row: Pam Adrian, Karen Wedel, Barbara Wilkening, Kay Wedel Melvin Goermg Back Row: Kenneth Lohrentz, Sharon Adrian, Mel Goering, Kay Ann Karen Wedel Krehbiel, Wanita Stueky, Mr. Stucky. Sharon Adrian DEBATE Kenneth Lohrentz The Debate class under the direction of Edwin Stucky has one of the most enviable records in the state. The squad won 75W of all debates. Karen and Melvin won top honors at the Dodge City Invitational. The "State Champs" team shown above also won first at the district tournament. Second place trophies from Haven, Pittsburg, and Winfield, and a third place trophy from the Hutchinson Invitational were added to the school's cup collection. 42 . Off T0 Em'P01'18! First Victory! Our Knowledge FORE SICS Karen Wedel Kenneth Lohrentz Kay Ann Krehbiel Kay Wedel Original Oration Original Oratlon Standard 01-ation Manuscript MKL I District I MKL I MKL II District I State II Informative Speech State I Ingrgcriidative Speech District II District II Barbara Wilkening Carol Goering Melvin Goering Walliffa Sflucky Manuscript Manuscript Extempore Speech Extempore Speech District I District II District I District III State III 'State II Judy Krehbiel Sharon Adrian Dramatic Dramatic District II MKL I Humorous District II District I State III Velma Hoyer Humorous MKL I District II CoMPL1MaN1's or HILLYARD SALES Co. The art of public speaking will always be a great asset to those who achieve it. The students will always remem- ber the nervousness felt in awaiting the results or the fun enjoyed by all on the trips. In addition to the ratings shown, forensics students al- so participated in an invita- tional meet at Lawrence. In this festival Kay Wedel reached the final round in manuscript reading. Not pictured above is Howard Lachenmayr who received a II rating in extem- pore speaking at the MKL festival. 43 CITIZEN HIP NYLA WESTERMAN COMPLIMENTS OF MAY QUEEN ATTENDANT The student body elected Marilyn Wall to represent MHS at the annual All Schools Day in Mc- Pherson. Nyla Westerman and Melvin Goering were elected by the fac- ulty as good citizenship girl and boy. PENNERS NIELVIN Gosnmo Educational? The Fight! Preparmg the meal Girls Phys. Ed. Lunch! English, here I come Camera Shy Lunchroom Queen MHS Janitors Whoa! Brave freshmen! Let's' eat! Grades moving. Mr. Loy's Angels! SHARON ADRIAN-Sec. Jr., Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Contest Play, Debate, For- ensics Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Pep Club Sec. KAREN BECKER-Treas. Fresh., Student Council, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club Vice-Pres., Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Triple Trio, F.F.A. Queen Attendant, Basketball Queen Attendant. MELVIN BECKER-Track, Jr. Play. NORMA BECKER-Sec. Sr., Y-Teen Cabinet,' Jr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, "Wildcat" Editor. ARLENE BOESKER-Y-Teens, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band. MARY ALICE DURST-Y-Teen Ca-binet, Pep Clu-b, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band, Basketball Queen, Cheerleader, Majorette. KENNETH GEHRING-F.F.A. Treas., Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee. ROZANNA GOEBEL-Sec. Fresh., Vice-Pres. Sr., Y- Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Ch-orus, Girls Glee, Band, Football Queen Attend- ant, Cheerleader, Majorette. CARROLL GOERING-Student Council Soph., Treas. Sr., F.F.A., Football, Basketball Mgr., Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Contest Play, Debate, Forensics En- trant, Mixed Chorus,, Boys Glee, Band. MELVIN GOERING-Student Council Fresh., Soph. President, Vice-Pres. Jr., F.F.A., Football, Basket- ball, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Contest Play, De- bate, Forensics Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee, Band. LYNETTE GOERING--Y-Teen Cabinet, Pres., Pep Club Treas., Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Contest Play, Music Festival Entrant, Band, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Triple Trio. KURT GRABER-F.F.A. Reporter, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee. JULITTA KOEHN-Y-Teens. HOWARD LACHENMAYR-Student Council Jr., Pres. Sr., Football, Basketball, Track, Debat-e, For- ensic Entrant, JANICE REUSSER-Y-Teen Cabinet, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, 'Girls Glee, Band, Wildcat's Howl Ed., Pep Ban-d. KEITH SCHLENDER-Student Council, F.F.A., Football ,Basketball, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, De- bate, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee. BARBARA SCHRAG-Sec. Soph., Y-Teens, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Forensic Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band, F.F.A. Queen Attendant, Home- coming Queen Attendant, Cheerleader, Pep Band. GERRY SCHRAG-F.F.A. Vice-Pres., Basketball, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee. MARY SCHRAG-Y-Teens, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band. BETTY STUCKY-Y-Teens, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, 'Girls Glee, Triple Trio. DONALD STUCKY-F.F.A. Pres., Football, Basket- gall, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Boy-s ee. JUDY STUCKY-Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Music Festival Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band, Triple Trio. Q WAFREN STUCKY-Football, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. ay. DENNY TATRO-Football, Basketball, Track, Jr. Play, Mixed Ch-orus, Boys Glee. SHARRON TOEWS-Y-Teens, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Forensics Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Triple Trio, "Wildcat" Asst. Ed., Betty Crocker Homemaker. KARL VOTH--F.F.A. Sent., Football, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee. MARILYN WALL-Vice-Pres. Soph., Jr. Sec., Y- Teens Vice-Pres., -Pep Club Pres., Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mu-sic Festival Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Triple Trio, May Queen Attendant. KAREN WEDEL-Pres. Jr., Treas. Soph., Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Contest Play, Debate, Forensics Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Student Council President. KENNY WEDEL-Foot-ball, Basketball, Track, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. NYLA WE-STERMAN-Vice-Pres. Fresh., Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Band, Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader, Twirler, Drum Majorette. BARBARA WILKENING-Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Debate, Forensics Entrant, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Triple Trio. ! , 1 , m ' w QL 7 jafwiwgiia' Q,6!f4f?m253iijf.W ? ,WZWZ QQHMWWQJZQ, MM 521 mmf? if Mfgpgfi5M fwrjffi F My SEQQS - n , 4 TQ w xp- 79914, ww WMV fMf signwy QHM, fffgfy fwfwfum ?fw W f MW W 1 WM V?yj9fPff 1 J Jiiapz' QSMKD ogy ' gl I 'My A Hb S gg ww

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