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3675 DLE My fvfdic E E I2 S Q E s E 2 5 S 3 3 S a 5 5 5 2 a ,Q 5 3 S 5 5 2 E :- 1.-,W rw, fm 1 -W -L. www:-fm 9-amvmmumnmuwmmwu-Eu.1-mmf mmm.1vum 3.1m-Q ..1m.-num-....u.mw1 THE WILDOAT JERRY WESTEHMAN Fnomzma FLICKNER Educ, ol yew-book Editor ol The Wildcafl Howl Asst. Editor of The Wtldcafs Howl Auf- Editor of YC'1"b00k PUBLISHED BY THE J OURNALISM CLASS OF MOUNDRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL 1 9 5 4 MOUNDRIDGE, KANSAS Jerry Weslerman, editorg Evelyn Holdeman, snagshot editorg Florene Flickner, assistant edltorg Lowell Becker, business mnnagerg Miss Sandahlg sponsorg Louise Kuhn, a vertising managerg Murla Becker tnot picturedj, artist. This page with the compliments of the Clayton Vogt Lumber Company GUR CH00 OF TODAY MAIN BUILDING Comvusncls, VocA1'1oNAL AGRICULTURE, ARTS I GYMNASIUM AND Music ADMI I TR T10 M. E. GREEK, Superintendent 6 6 s f W 'J A 6 J Life as it goes at Moundridge High School is determined by those whose pictures appear on these two pages. Superintendent Greer, as school executive, carries out the policies of the board of education and makes things run smoothly in the halls of M.H.S. The faculty is a steering body for student activities and they at all times are ready to assist those who seek their help. BOARD OF EDUCATION MHS. ROBBINS MARVIN-GOBRING, Clerk: L. L. LEHMBERG, Director: Sec,-elm-U RAY KAUFMAN, Treasurer Compliments of Bill Kaufman-Rock and Lime Us N X N . .. ...s..,. . . u............-..... ' -, Mn. EDWIN R. ST.UcKY Bethel College, A. B. Degree Social Science, Debate FACULTY Miss PEARL SANIJAHI. Miss LILLIE JOHNSON Bethany College, Belhliny COUCBCI 'A. B. Degree B' D98l'00' English, Library, Typms. Shorthand- School Publications Bookkel'Pln8' Mn. RICHARD RAMSDALE Kansas State College, B. S. Degree. Vocational Agriculture. Mn. BEN BoEsE McPherson College, B. A. Degree Industrial Arts and Algebra Mlss RHODA AUSTIN Mas. MARYAN HAIIDEII K.S.T.C., Emporia, K.S.T.C., Emporia, B- S- D98l'99- B. S. Degree. Kansas State College, English, Speech, M- 5- Degree. Art and Dramatics Home Economics, Second Semester. V AMLUJ Ma. Hlmono COLLINS Ma. RICHARD ROBBINS X t Bethany College, K.S.T.C., Emporia B'.A- Degree. B. M. E. Degree Science, Health, Music. Physical Education, Coach of Football and Track, Assistant Coach of Basketball This page through the courtesy of the Moundridge Co-operative Creamery Ma. LYLE GOERING McPherson College, A. B. Degree Chemistry, Physics, Geometry Coach of Basketball, Assistant Coach of Football and Track. THE TUDE T CO CIL AT WORK Second row: Kenneth K. Stucky, Kenneth Preheim, Dick Gaeddert, Melvin -Goering, John Toews, Larry Krehbiel. First row: Sherry Westerman, Jerry Westerman, Jean Regier, Marlene Becker, Florene Flickner, Mr. Stucky. S Mus. PHYLLIS BEAM , C McPherson College, B. S. Degree. H Home Economics, lst som. P 0 E 0 L R S 0 x N Mas. HEIFF N Small vocal groups W E L MM. DIHKS, Mn. FAST, Mn. Rupp """' """""' 'V ,HON G U 0 S T 0 D I A M ,,.....,.,...... N S Mfr CUlllll1fIlll'llfS of llulchinsnn Coca-Cola Bottling Company CLASS S OFFICERS : J U N I O Kenneth Preheim, student coluncilg Jo- R Ann Waltner, treasurerg Iris Smith, sec- retaryg Bob Krehbiel, president, is not S pictured. F R E S Nyla Westerman, vice presidentg Karen Becker, treasurcrg Hozanna Goebel, sec- H rctaryg Vclcra Stucky, presidentg Mel- M vin Gocring, student council. E N Jerry Westerman, presidentg Twilla Gehring, vice presidentg Carol Kaufman, secretaryg Joyce Stucky, treasurerg Florene Flickner, student council. Karen Kaufman, treasurerg Connie Goer- ing, secretaryg Larry Krehbiel, student councilg Raymond Dyck, presidentg La Vern Stucky, vice president. '55 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY By Berneil Rupp On the morning of May 4, 1969, I stepped out of our all plastic prefabricated house on the outskirts of New York City. Before going to work, I decided to stop at the postoffice. When I got there a pleasant surprise awaited me. It was a letter from my home town, Mound- ridge. Upon opening it, I found that I was in charge of getting our high school class together for the annual alumni banquet to be held on June 8. This was to be a special celebration because it was our class's 15th anniversary of graduation from high school. That evening, after work, my husband, Henry Fast, and I started planning our trip back to Kansas. Henry was given a vacation from his job in the "Better Mousetrap Factory". Before leaving, we took our car to the station to be serviced. VVe were surprised to learn that the service man was our old classmate, Duane Stucky. Duane's wife, Marlene Stucky, was rock- ing their twin boys, Maynard and Pete Ferd, but she managed to serve us the special for the day which consisted of hydrogenerated bread and weakened water. While we were talking to Marlene and Duane, they told us that Louis Wedel's trial was to be held that day in the Crowded Cells Court. Louis had patented a new style toilet bowl. When Senator Wayne Becker discovered this, he had Louis arrested on the grounds that he had been taking part in Un-American activities. Henry and I felt sure that we must do some- thing for this dear old classmate of ours. After inviting Marlene and Duane to the alumni ban- quet we hurried to court. But when we found that Bert Becker was the judge and Joyce Stucky and Leola Wedel were members of the jury, we decided that everything possible had been done for Professor Wedel. It seems that Louis had beaten Bert, Joyce, and Leola in a game of Chinese Checkers and the only way they could pay him off was to declare him innocent. They promised to accomplish this before the alumni banquet. About this time a police car drove up and brought two bubble dancers in, Velma Vogt and Florene Flickner. These two had been working as airline stewardesses, but found that this job did not bring them enough money. So they took up bubble dancing. Everything was fine until Velma's bubble broke. Both girls now promised to' turn over a new leaf and get bigger and better bubbles. We told them that if they did this, they would be more than welcome at the banquet. The first person I decided to contact upon our arrival in Moundridge was my dear step-cousin once removed, Jean Regier. She had married David Behr, and though they'had started out on the bare necessities of life, they were doing quite well. They were raising different types of wild-life, but the biggest attraction of all were the little Behrs. Kathy Lohrentz and Erland Stucky were livi- ing in a mansion on the banks of the Black Kettle. Erland had done quite well in the bank- ing business. ' I found that I would have a little difficulty She had in getting hold of Carol Kaufman. married ten Arabians and moved to India. Evelyn Flickinger and Merl Hoyer were an- other couple that had been doing well finan- cially. The source of their wealth was the in- ventions that Evelyn had patented. She had patented 720 different kinds of smearless lip- stick and 20 clocks that started running back- wards after midnight. These clocks were design- ed especially for the modern school girl whose mother wouldn't let her stay out after twelve. I was very happy that the circus had come to Zimmerdale while I was in Moundridge because one of our old classmates was a star performer. James Stucky was the tight-rope walker. He was trying very hard to support his wife, Lola Jane Krehbiel, and the four little tight-rope walkers. Bob Krehbiel and Louise Kuhn had just come back from a trip to Mars so I went over to their place to look at their souvenirs. Marlene Becker was working as a model in Chicago-or rather her brain was being used as a model. Her husband, Jerry Westerman was attempting to make a monster bigger and better than Frankenstein's and he was copying the monster's brain from his wife's brain. Lowell Becker and Sherry Westerman had just purchased another 80 acres to add to their Duroc hog ranch. They seemed to have con- centrated their efforts on raising pigs and kids. Patsy Huffman had found the ideal job. She was working in the egg department at the creamery. She simply ate all the egg yolks that the creamery couldn't get rid of. This took care of her meals and also provided her with living quarters. She was allowed to sleep in the egg cases at night and occasionally she as given some surplus cream for use as a bev- erage Jerry Voth was living as a hermit in Northern Canada and hadn't spoken to anyone since he thanked the school board for his diploma. The last person I contacted was Twilla Gehr- ing. She was the first woman to become a highway engineeress. Having gotten in contact with all my old classmates, I began thinking of the wonderful class that we had been. And I heartily agreed with the Moundridge High School faculty for the year 53-54 when they said that the class of '54 was reallly the best class Moundridge had ever' had. , SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of 1954, being of sound mind and memory and laboring under no legal re- straint, are hereby willing to pass on our indi- vidual possessions and talents. We hope that you will be able to improve yourselves and make M.H.S. as successful as did the remark- able Seniors of 1954. This being our last and only will and testa- ment to you, we hope that you will not feel offended, but rather privileged to find your name in the annals of M.H.S. history. To Mr Greer, our superintendent, and the rest of the beloved faculty we leave the price- less possessions of our good conduct and be- haviour. We trust that school won't be too gloomy without us. VVe will now, our individual talents and pos- sessions. Bert Becker wills his outstanding ability to drive a car and not wreck it to Janice Reusser, who, we think, will benefit greatly. To Nelson Goering, Wayne Becker wills his slenderness. Watch your physique, Nelson. With the hope that Laverne Stucky will calm down in mixed chorus, Lowell Becker wills his low voice. Maybe Leverne will spend less time trying to show-off. Marlene Becker bequeaths her straight-for- wordness to Darleen Helms. May this trait give Darleen the courage to tell the teachers what she thinks. David Behr wills his shyness to Norma Kauf- man. Everyone will be able to enjoy quietness in the halls next year. Henrich Fast wills his politeness to Jimmy Gaeddert. Perhaps the students won't have to run every time Jimmy approaches. To Karen Wedel, Evelyn Flickinger wills her "love for men". Don't let this interfere with your romance with Pal, Karen. Florene Flickner passes her pretty dark hair to Sharron Toews. May the change be becom- ing! Although Twilla Gehring enjoys sewing, she is willing her ability to sew to all the future wives of M.H.S. Merl Hoyer wills his outstanding poker play- ing to Ronald Sperling. Rake in the cash, Ron- nie! Patsy Huffman passes down her position as drum majorette to Neta Mae Biffel. Carol Kaufman wills the honor of basketball queen to Kathryn Schrag. May her flute playing help her win the election. Lola Jane Krehbiel wills her' cheerleading talent to Evelyn Holdeman. Liven up the Pep Club. To Keith Schlender, Bob Krehbiel bequeaths his altitude. This trait should make Keith a star basketball player. Louise Kuhn wills her piano playing talent to Ronald Schrag. Go to it, Ronnie! Katherine Lohrentz passes on her long dark eyelashes to all the girls who have stubby ones. Jean Regier wills her melodious soprano voice to Valeda Auxier. We hope that it makes Valeda as famous as it did Jean. To Delbert Kuhn, Berneil Rupp wills her brains. This should improve Delhert's grades. Berneil plans to keep a little "gray matter" be- cause Theodore Mueller doesn't approve of ignorant females. Duane Stucky wills his slow gait to Rozanna Goebel. Slow down a little, Rozanna, youfll get there sooner or later. Erland Stucky wills his ability to "screech" around corners to Dorothy Galle. We'll be see- ing you in the hot rod races, Dorothy. To Larry Wedel, James Stucky hands down his little black telephone book. We hope Larry won't have to call as many girls in one day as James did. ' Joyce Stucky wills her ability to "fight it" to Imogene Ediger, who takes things as they come. To Averil Unrau, Marlene Stucky wills her ability to get a man and keep him. The task might be a little difficult, Averil, but Marlene accomplished it so it isn't entirely impossible. Velma Vogt wills her co-operative person- ality to Pauline Wilkening. Jerry Voth wills his musical talent to all future trombone players of M.H.S. Leola Wedel wills her ability to talk her way out of situations to Irl Unruh who spends most of his time in the office. Louis Wedel wills his natural born ability to tell funny jokes to Edward Baldwin. We hope Edward will quit laughing at his own jokes. Snap that sense of humor, Edward! Sher-ry Westerman wills her "cockiness" to Karen Kaufman. Of course, Sherry claims that she has reasons to be cocky because she is wearing a sparkler. To Betty Stucky, Jerry Westerman wills his job as a "Soda Jerk". As we come to the close of the last will and testament, we hope we leave with you many pleasant memories of our good deeds and words. We can sincerely say that we have enjoyed the many happy hours we have spent here. May the future seniors find the underclassmen as cooperative and as friendly as we did. In witness whereof, we, the class of 1954, the testators, have to this will set our hands and seal this thirteenth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four. Signature KX! X A L. JERRY WESTEHMAN president TWILLA GEHRING, Vice President I ' . . M' d Ch r . t,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Pe Club 3.i"ii-'S S'.I35t'3,1323fZg5?!SSs.Ci'S"seL'34?.ai9 ':T'?"+'r.3.sf2 2-f+Jf':Y-Tfe3s"7,2-11,41 2: Deb-fe 41 gmc'- urcr l,2.3g Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 2g Track ig "1"'A"e'1d1""44 Speech 3' St-nior Pluyg Junior Play, Contest Play, Editor of Annuul 43 Assistant Editor of "Wl'Idcat's Howl" 3,45 Journalism 3,43 Speech 4, Student Council 45 Good Citizenship Boy. Csnox. KAUFMAN, Secretary Mixed Chorus l,2,4g Glee Club l,2,4g Band 2, 3,4g Orchestra 2g Pep Band 3,43 Journalism 29 Pep Club l,2,3,4g Pep Club Treasurer 4, Y-Teens l,2,3.4: Y-Teen Cabinet 4g Class Secretary 4, Junior Playg Senior Playg S eech 4g Basketball Queen 4: Assistant Editor oPAnnuaI 2. C, .... ., 'MM IOR me FIORENE FLICKNER, Student Council Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1.2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Y-Teen Cabinet 4g Student Council 1,4g Junior Playg Editor of "W1Idcal's Howl" 4, Assistant Editor of Annual 4, Journalism 4. Joyce Srucxv, Treasurer Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Class Treasurer 43 Y-Teens l,2,3,4: Journalism 25 Junior Playg Orchestra 23 Home- coming Attendant: Cheerleader 3,45 Sextet 2.3, 43 Quintet 3, Speech 4g Band 23 Contest Play 4. V, rx Y, J P554 ' J P V S: J The .ttoundridge Journal I-I.rtend.s Congratulations to the Seniors of '54 9 LOLA JANE KREHBIEL Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Y-Teen Cabinet 3,45 Y-Teen Vice-President 45 Speech 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 Sex- tet 3,-I5 Trio 3, Quartet 1,25 Junior Play5 Senior Play, Contest Play 3,45 Student Council 35 Class Secretary 1. Smzrmv WESTERMAN Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,45 Band l.2.3.45 Pep llantl 45 Cheerleader 35 Student Council President 45 Speech 3,45 Junior Playg Senior PIay5 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Y-Teen Cabinet 45 .lournzilism 25 Editor of "Wildcat's Howl" 25 Basketball Attendnntg Contest Play 4. MERL Hoviza EVELYN FLICKINGER F,F,A,: Senior play. Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Pep J may Vo'rH Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,35 Quartet 25 Trombone Quartet 2: Trombone Trio 35 Trombone Solo 1,2,3,45 Sen- ior Play. Club 2,3,45 Pep Club Secretary 45 Y-Teens 1,45 Journalism 25 Senior Playg Reading 35 Sextet 2,3,45 Quintet 35 Speech 3,45 Contest Play 4. BERNEIL RUPP, Valedictorian Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Journalism 35 Orchestra 25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Y-Teen President 45 Y-Teen Cabinet 35 Sextet 25 Quintet 35 Octet 33 Quartet 45 Class President 35 Student Council 25 Debate 45 .lun- ior Play5 Senior Playg May Queen Attendantg Good Citizenship Girl. 10 Compliments of Farmers Co-op Electric Association-W. E. Gaeddert, Mgr. , 15. DUANE STUCKY F. F. A. 1. MW . MAHLENE STUCKY Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Glee Club l.2,3,45 Y- Teens l,2,3,45 Y-Teen Cabinet 35 Y-Teen Secr- tary 45 Pep Club 1,2,3.45 Peg Club President 45 Student Council 15 Speech 5 Debate 45 Home- coming Attendantg Class Secretary 25 Band 1.2, 3,45 Pep Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 Original Oration 35 Junior Playg Senior Play Prompterg Quartet l,2. KATHERINE LOHRENTZ JAMES STUCKY Mixed .CFIOYUS 1.13.45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Sex- Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Class Presi- lfl 22 Qlllmfl 31 0003 35 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Y-Teen dent 15 Track 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2.3,45 F.F.A. Clbinef 46 PCD Clllb l,2.3,45 Debate 4. President 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Judginf Team 35 Quartet 2,35 Band 2,35 Pep Band 5 unior Play. HENRICH FAST Mixed Chorus l,2,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 F.F.A. 4 JEAN Raman Mixed Chorus 1,45 Glee Club 1,45 Pep Clu l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Y-Teen Cabinet 4' Ban l,2,3,45 Pep Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 gtudel Cotmcll 45 Journalism 3. This page is sponsored by the Krvhbiel Hardware 11 .N Aw' f .T KX Q S. 5 Q. W wa as . ,638 is 2 X av. w wt N , , ,N 1 if K 3 S ,-8 . w S? gi? Q , if 525 .2 SRL.-5 wa XF? 1 K Louisa KU!-IN Bum' Bscxsn LEQLA WEDEL Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Band Football l,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4. l,2,3,4g Pep Band 3,44 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Y-Teen Cabinet 43 Pep Club l,2,3,4. Louis WEDEL WAYNE BECKER Football 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3g Track 1,2g Glee Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Bas- Club 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Juhior Playg Sen- ketball l,2,3,4g Track 5,44 Junior Playg Senior lor Play: Contest Play 2. Playg Speech 44 Band 1,2,3,4g Trombone Trio 3. Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Pe Club l,2,3,4g Y-Teens l,2,3,4g Debate 45 Journa lam 2g Band 2, DAVID BAHRE Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g F.FJ 3,45 Track 4. E 13 CLASS F '55 Fourth Row: Norvin Schrag, Larry Wedel, Kenneth Preheim, Clyde Goering, Lowell Goering, Sherwin Niehage, Mervin Krehhiel, Bob Ros- tetler. Third row: Raymond Stucky, John Toews, Gordon Goering, Nelson Goering, Kenneth K. Stucky, Curtis Voth, Mr. Stucky. Second row: Norma Kaufman, Shirley Schrag, Twilla Schrag, Luene Waltner, JoAnn Waltner, Shirley Decker, Jane Schrag, Veleda Auxier, Miss Austin. First row: Pauline Wilkening, Carol Vogts, Darlene Koehn, Iris Smith, Arlene Koehn, Evelyn Holdeman, Nola Kruse. Not pictured: Bob "Ed" Kreh- hiel Murla Becker. -R hs: l r Xa . I - 325i -1 , 71, fi 1 "f-T15 , Q Q 1 2,-X .ft JUNIORS This year's junior class has been quite busy. During the year they have sponsored a chili supper, a paper drive, and other money making projects. Their biggest project was being host to the seniors at the Junior-Senior banquet. They very successfully produced "Annie Get Your Gun" as their class play. They have been an industrious and an ambitious class, and they are a class that will go places in the future. , . I v ll fa' 14 This page through the courtesy of Penner Produce and C. .I. Graber Ins. Agency CLASS F '56 jk S 0 P H O M 0 R E S Q si- , The sophomores of this present school year are, as a whole, high in scholastic standing and the boys in this 5 class have shown what good athletes really are. They have Y- enjoyed some class parties and under Mr. Boese's capable " supervision have proved to be an outstanding class. I I ' - i 1 X . , 7413. l I-'ourlh row: Delbert Kuhn, l.nrry Krehbiel, LaVern Stucky, Leonard Goering, lrl Unruh, Wayne Gehlng, Leonard Stucky, Ronald Schrag. Third row: Jim Gaeddert, Kenneth Flickner, Jerome Kaufman, Richard Ewy, James Becker, Marvin Flickinger, Myron Stucky, Jerry Becker, Raymond Dyck. Second row: Kenneth Stucky, James Rostetter, Edward Baldwin, Delbert Stucky, Christie Rupp, David Rupp, James Volh, Mr. Boesc. Firsl row: Karen Kaufman, Dorothy Galle, Imogene Ediger, Connie Goering, Kathryn Schrag, Darleen Helms, Juanita Bahre, Anna Oltmanns. Averil Unrau, Nina Durst, Twilla Krehbiel. Not pictured: Rosella Koehn. Compliments of the .iloundridge Co-op Elevator Association CLASS '57 Fourth row: Marilyn Wall, Keith Schlender, Denny Tatro, Kenneth Gehring, Kenneth Wedel, Warren Stucky. Third row: Nyla Westerman, Melvin Goering, Donnld Stucky, Carroll Goering, Howard Lachenmayr, Gerry Schrag, Karl Voth, Sharon Adrian. Second row: Mr. Goering, lr B b S h Karen Wedel, Judy Stucky, Barbara Wilkeningl Norma Becker, Janice Reusser, Sharron Toews. First row: Karen Bec er, ar ara c rag, Velera Stucky, Rozanna Goebel, Mary Alice Durst, Betty Stucky, Lynette Goermg, Arlene Boesker, Mary Schrag. Not pictured. Harold Koch. F R E S H M E N Perhaps the biggest event for the freshman class was their initiation into the halls of M.H.S. They proved, how- ever, to be very good sports which is a high mark in PJ! , their direction. They, as other groups, have had parties E and with Mr. Goering as their sponsor they have had a .tau very successful year. C5 x 1 D ,Z , Lg! in i .UHV A CJ5,-sue 16 The Central Kansas Turkey Hatchery are sponsors of this Wildcat page JU IOR HIGH With Mr. Robbins as jun- ior high sponsor the class has had a successful year in general. They have had some class parties and their junior high basketball team placed first in the league. Within a year or two these students will be in high school and if they continue as they have this year they will be very successful. Third row: Mr. Robbins, Dick Gaeddert, Lillian Fast, Phyllis Stucky, Neta Mae Riflel, Delaine Stucky, Velma Goering, Kay Lynn Hartman, Daniel Wedel. Second row: Ronald Sperling, Barbara Lehmberg, Judith Goebel, Carolee Goreing, Kay Wedel, Susan Higgins, Marilyn Goebel, Eddie Strausz Fira! row: Robert Young, Monte Tatro, Darrell Davis, Melverne Ratzlnff, Stanley Ediger, Jerroll Goebel, Nelson Durst, Donald Neuhausser. Not pictured: Donna Ewy, Judy Krehbiel, Stanley Friesen, Weldon Friesen. SEASON'S RECORD Moundridge Inman Moundridge Galva Moundridge Farms Moundridge Canton Moundridge McPherson Moundridge Marquette Moundridge Windoni Moundridge Galva Moundridge Roxbury Moundridge Goessel Moundridge Inman Moundridge McPherson Judith Goebel, secretary-treasurer, Barbara Lehm- berg, president, Dick Gaeddert, student council: Marilyn Goebel, vice-president. Third row: Philip Ratzlaff, Terry Rice, Ronnie Neuhausser, Tommy Voth, Roger Goebel. Second row: Wayne Goering, John Penner, Don Neuhausser, Glark Graber, Vaughn Graber, Mr. Tumbleson. First row: Nelson Durst, Jerroll Goebel, Daniel Wedel, Dick Gaeddert, Melverne Ratzlaff, Eddie Strausz. Judith Goebel, Judy Krehbiel l This page with the corzzlflimenls ol Hillyard Sales Co. 17 5 5 5 Q fblwl mf?-T?2f'.EEf5 lg 1: ng - ,Q mf-MQ ID-KANSAS LEAGUE CHAM Third row: H. Collins, J. Becker, D. Tatro, D. Stucky, C. Goering, K. Voth, H. Lachenmayr, W. Stucky, M. Goering, K. Wedel, K. Schlender I.. lioering, I.. Goering. Second rom: I.. Wcdcl, J. Voth, J. Gnvddcrt, J. Voth, K. Prcheim, J. Schrag, C. Voth, N. Schrag, C. Goering, R. Dyck J. Kaufmann. First row: M. Iirchbicl, J. Stucky, B. Krehbicl, S. Niehago, N. Goering, J. Wcstcrmnn, K. Klickner, G. Goering, B. Becker, K K Stucky, K. L. Stucky. No! piclured: Larrj' Wedel. Moundridgc 14- Marion 12 Moundridgc 6-Pretty Prairie 12 Moundridge 41-Buhler 7 Moundridge 19-Halstead 13 Moundridge -Burton 0 Moundridge -HHVCH 6 Moundridgc --Inman 6 Moundridgc -Nickerson 0 Coach Harold Collins Clyde Got-ring Kenneth Proheim Nor-vin Sqhrag End ' Gllilrd Guard 4. -M L' , vu. -- sv. I - 51 ,gil Assistant Coach Lyle Goering Curtis Volh Kenneth Flickner Guard Guard l- I F! James Stucky Bob "Ed" Krehbiel Mervin Krehbiel Jerry Westerman Full Back End Half Back Center 5 9-" Jerome Kaufman Nelson Goering Gordon Goering Kenneih K. Stucky Quarter Back Guard Tackle Quarter Back . J A, Kenneth I.. Stucky James Gaeddert Bert Becker Sherwin Niehage Half Back Full Back End Tackle Dr. David Rice, M.D., is the sponsor of this page A T T E N D A N T S JOYCC Stucky Marlene Stucky 4459 OUR BGYS IN ACTIO 'fb 'WX qsgogv Wayne B we eclf 6'1- 360 X30 O Kenneth 'v 011 'I H.,- Slucky S BA KETBALL SQUAD Third row: Mr. Collins, James Gaeddert, Kenneth K. Stucky, Bob "Ed" Krehbiel, Larry Krehbiel, Bob "Ted" Krehbiel, Wayne Becker Clyde Goerin , Mervin Krehbiel, Jerome Kaufman, Kenneth L. Stucky, Mr. Goering. Second row: Melvin' Goering, Ronald Schrag, Jerry Voth Ray mond Ilyck, James Becker, Leonard Stucky, Donald Stucky, Kenneth Wedel. First row: Howard Lachenmayr, Carroll Goering, Gerry Schrag INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS OF PLAYERS-1954 Name Rebounds Total Points Shooting Percentage Free Throws Percentage Wayne Becker 86 144 35W 78W Kenneth K. Stucky 83 142 4751 5092: Bob "Ted" Krehbiel 63 140 40911 6371 Mervin Krehbiel 60 '86 29'7a 49451 Clyde Goering 59 178 45W 65W Jerome Kaufman 56 129 4096 6096 Larry Krehbiel 30 61 4895 72"7?1 Kenneth L. Stucky 27 41 3501: 6293 Bob "Ed" Krehbiel 24 60 45012 61170 Raymond Stucky 5 18 1592 6493 Team Avg .4092 Team Pct. 61 '73 SEASON'S RECORD Moundridge 46 Nickerson , , V , Moundridge 47 Inman M-lx-L STANDINGS Moundridge 75 Burrton Haven 12 2 Moundridge 94 Pretty Prairie Inman 11 3 Moundridge 66 Halstead Nickerson 10 4 Moundridge 33 Buhler Moundridge 8 6 Moundridge 50 Haven Buhler 6 8 Moundridge 46 Nickerson Pretty Prairie 4 10 Moundridge 50 Inman Halstead 2 12 Moundridge 51 Sedgwick Burrton 2 12 Moundridge 13 Burrton Moundridge 53 Peabody Moundridge 70 Pretty Prairie Moundridge 73 Halstead Moundrldge 48 Buhler Moundridge 55 Haven Joe Goering Chevrolet extends congratulations to the basketball squad Bob "Ted" Krehbiel Bob "Ed" Krehbiel Wayne Becker Center Guard Guard X. e: .W Jerome Kaufman Kenneth L. Stucky Kenneth K. Stucky Guard Forward Forward Clyde Goering Forward 5 .,. ., Mervin Krehbiel Center wi? Larryl Krchbicl Raymond Stucky James Gaeddert Kenneth Flickner lfvliivl' Forward Guard Guard The .Uoundridge Mill and Elcvalor Conzlfllllll are sponsors of this page i ,-...Y L , ,Wi MAY QUEEN ATTENDANT BERNEILRUPP BASKETBALL QUEEN CAROL KAUFMAN Compliments of the Moundridge Sludio and Kaufman Mercantile C0 TRACK 9 4+ Q0 92 wi' Sxoo ef V' 908. 996296 'be 49 qc, Kenneth K. Stucky, Raymond Stucky Jimmy Gaeddert James Stucky, Bert Becker, Sherwin Niehage Erland Stucky, David Rupp COIIIPUIYIFHIS of J. G. Stucky and Sons 27 . 5 ii 3 5 5 5 5 ? . X K K , f , , Q f 4 , ,Z M C61 X 3945! PEP CLUB 5 -' tl Judy Stucky, Mary Schrag, Lynette uoerlng, Arlene uoesxer, Leona neun, Uwe... ...e....e., .,..e..,. ..,-.,....,,,,, N Carol Vogts, Pauline Wilkening. First row: Joyce Stucky, Nyla Westerman, Rozanna Goebel, Betty Stucky, Karen F Wedel, Mary Alice Durst, Sharron Toews, Sharon Adrian, Carol Kaufman, Evelyn Holdeman, Velera Stucky. President: Marlene Stucky M.H.S. CHEERLEADERS Joyce Stucky, Velera Stucky, Lola Jane Krehbiel, Patsy Huffman 30 Sponsors of this page are Goering Hardware and Bob Conquest Barber Shop Y-TEE S .,, , M of Fourth row: Miss Austin, Sherry Westerman, Pat Huffman, Joyce Stucky, Florene Flickner, Velma Vogt, Marlene Becker, Jean Regler, Ber- neil Rupp, Kathy Lohrentz, Louise Kuhn, Evelyn Flickinger, Twilla Gt-hring, Vulcda Auxirr, Jane Schrag. Third row: Miss Johnson, Anna Oltmanns, Juanita Bahre, Averil Unrau, Nina Durst, Karon W4-del, Mary Durst, Velera Stucky, Rozanna Goebel, Nyla Weslerman, Leola Wedel, Carol Kaufman, Lola Jane Krehbicl, Nola Kruse, Twilla Schrag, Shirley Schrag. Second row: Darleen Helms, Karen Kaufman, Twilla Krehblel, Judy Stucky, Barbara Wilkening, Karen Becker, Barbara Schrug, Maxilyn Wall, Betty Slucky, Mary Schrng, Lynette Gm-ring, Arlene Boesker, lris Smith, Darlene Koehn, Arleen Koehn. Ftrst row: Norma Kaufman, JoAnn Waltner, Luene Waltner, Imogene Ediger, Connie Gocrlng, Dorothy Galle, Norma Becker, Janice Reusser, Sharron Toews, Sharon Adrian, Shirley Decker, Pauline Wilkenlng, Carol Vogts. Compliments of the City Shoe Shop and the Herff-Jones Company F. F. A. Kenneth Preheim, Clyde Goering, Bob "Ted" e Krehhiel, James Stucky, Larry Wedel. Melvin Goering Fourth row: Henrich Fast, Keith Schlender, Melvin Goering, Donald Stucky, Gordon Goering, Delbert Stucky, Curtis Voth, Sherwin Niehage, Leonard Stucky. Third row: Christie Rupp, Duane Stucky, Carroll Goering, Gerry Schrag, Mike Stucky, Marvin Flickinger, LaVern Stucky, Ronald Schrag, Raymond Stucky, David Rupp, Karl Voth. Second row: Lowell Goering, David Behr, -Leonard Goering, Nelson Goering, John Toews,Irl Unruh, Kenneth Stucky, James Voth. Raymond Dyck, Ken- neth Goering, Mr. Ramsdale. First row: Clyde uoering, Bob "Ted" Krehhiel, James Stucky, Larry Wedel, Kenneth Preheim, Jerry Becker, Wayne Gehring, Kenneth Flickner, Larry Krehhiel, Norvin Schrag. Buehler Produce and Ba!dwin's Firestone are sponsors of this page G W I Y Twirlers: Rozanna Goebel, Mary Alice Pat Huffman Nl W t , Drum Majorette Durst' y a es el-man Mr. Robbins AND THE " " PLAYS W , , 5,5J'9 Fourth row: lr. Robbins, Pat Huffman, Rounna Goebel, Nyla Westerman, Mary Alice Durst, Carolee Goering, Marilyn Goebel, Karen Wedcl, Nina Durst, Edward Baldwin. Third row: Neta Mae Riffel, Lynette Goering, Carol Vogts, Barbara Lehmberg, Judith Goebel, Kay Lynn Hart- man, Arleen Koehn, Karen Kaufman, Mary Sclxrag, Jean Regler, Luene Waltner, Raymond Dyck, Lowell Becker, Ronnie Schrag, 'Dorothy Galle, Waane Gehring, Wayne Becker, Jerry Voth. Second row: Louise Kuhn, Judy Stucky, Velera Stucky, Jerry Westerman, Iris Smith, Leonard oering, Kenneth Fliekner, Myron Slum, JoAnn Waltner, Ronnie Schrag, Darlene Koehn, Marlene Stucky, Clyde Goering. First low: Lola Jane Krehbiel, Sherry Westerman, Ca Kaufman, Kathryn Schrag, Twilla Krehbiel, Connie Goering. 34 Compliments of L. L. Lehmberg and Harder Furniture Store Fourlll row: Leola Wedel, Dorothy Galle, Imogene Edlger, Barbara Wilkening, Pauline Wllkenlng, Carol Vogtl, Edward Baldwin, David Behr, Kenneth Flickner, LaVern Stucky, Larry Wedel, David Rupp, Bob "Ted" Krehbiel, Wayne Becker, Joyce Stucky, Evelyn Flicklnger. Luene Waltner, Twilla Krehbiel, Twilla Gehring, Carol Kaufman, Kathy Lohrentz. Third row: Lola Jane Krehbiel, Sherry Westerman, Marlene Stucky, Nina Durst, Nola Kruse, Velma Vog Florene Fllckner, Norvln Schral. Clyde Goering, Kenneth Goering, Donald Stucky, Mervin Krehbiel, Bob "Ed" Krehbiel, Ray Stucky, Kenneth K. Stucky, Nelson Goerlng, Ken- neth Preheim, Sharon Adrian, Jane Schrag, Kathryn Schrag, Jean Regler, Berneil Rupp, Marlene Becker. Second row: Pat Huffman, JoAnn Waltner, Connie Goerlng, Karen Kaufman, Iris Smith, Darlene Koehn, Arleen Koehn, James Stucky, Jerry Voth, Jerry Westerman, Shrewin Niehage, James Gaeddert, James Voth, John Toews, lrl Unruh, Curtis Voth, Twilla Schrag, Shirley Schrag, Veleda Auxler, Louise Kuhn, Averil Unrau, Mary Alice Durst. First row: Nyla Westerman, Karen Wedel, Shirley Decker, Vera Becker, Murla Becker, Barbara Schraq: Velera Stucky, Lowell Becker, Hen rich Fast, Wayne Gehring, Raymond Dyck, Leonard Goering, Karl Voth, Marvin Flickinger, Gerry Sc rag, Sharron Toews, Marilyn Wall, Karen Becker, Arlene Boesker, Lynette Goering, Norma Kaufman, Evelyn Holdeman. Seated at piano: Judy Stucky. LEAGUE RATINGS: Band, II Mixed Chorus, I Boys' Glee Club, I Girls' Glee Club, II Girls' Octet, I Girls' Sextet, I Lowell Becker, Boys' Low Voice, II Marlene Stucky, Girls' Low Voice, I Berneil Rupp, Girls' Medium Voice, I Judy Stucky, Piano, I Shirley Decker, Violin, II Jerry Voth, Trombone, I Compliments of Milo's Paint GL Body Shop and Moddelmog Radio Service Fourth row: Leola Wedel, Dorothy Galle, Imogene Ediger, Barbara Wilkening, Pauline Wllkenlng, Carol Vogts, Joyce Stucky, Evelyn Flick- inger, Luene Waltner, Twilla Krehbiel, Twilla Gehring, Carol Kaufman. Third ,rowz Lola Jane Krehbiel, Sherry Westerman, Marlene Stucky, Nina Durst, Nola Kruse, Velma Vogt, Florene Flickner, Sharon Adrian, Jane Schrag, Kathryn Schrag, Jean Regier, Berneil Rupp, Marlene Becker, Katherine Lohrentz. Second row: Janice Reusscr, Patsy Huffman, JoAnn Waltner, Connie Goering, Karen Kaufman, Iris Smith, Darlene Koehrg Arleen Koehn, Twilla Schraif, Shirley Schrag, Veleda Auxier, Louise Kuhn, Averil Unrau, Norma Kaufman, Mary Alice Durst, Mary Schrag. First row: r. Robbins, Nyla Wests-rman, Judy Stucky, Shirley Decker, Vera Becker, Murla Becker, Barbara Schrag, Velera Stucky, Sharron Toews, Marilyn Wall, Karen Becker, Arlene Boesker, Lynette Goerinj, Evelyn Holdeman, Betty Stucky. Seated at piano: Karen Wedel. GIRL ' GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB Fvurfff 'Owl Kenneth FliCkl10l', N0rvil1 SChl'2g!, Clyde Goering, Raymond Dyck,, Henrich Fast, LaVern Stucky, Mervin Krehbiel, Bob "Ed" Krehbicl, Raymond Stucky, Bob "Ted" Krehblel, Wayne Becker, Nelson Goering, Kenneth Preheim. Second rowf David Behr, Jann-s Stucky, Jerry Voth, Jerry Westerman, Sherwin Niehage, Jimmie Gaeddert, James Voth, John Toews, Irl Unruh, Lurtls Voth, David Rupp. irrgilrcugialnir. Robbins, Edward Baldwin, Lowell Becker, Donald Stucky, Gerry Schrag, Kenneth K. Stucky, Larry Wedel. Seated at piano: 36 A 8: B Grill and Roth Motor Company are sponsors of this page til Ei. W f.,1, E1oR PLAY HMAGNIFICE T OBSESSIO ' nwrer' 1 'H THE CAST Bobby Merrick ....,....... Dr. Wayne Hudson ........ Perry ........................... Martha ................,,..,... ........ Nancy Ashford ......... ........ Helen Hudson ....... ........ Dr. Malcolm ..... ........ Monty Brent ....... .. Joyce Hudson ....... ..... ...Evelyn Flickinger .Lola Jane Krehbiel .............Berneil Rupp Bob fTedJ Krchbiel ................Merl Hoyer ...Sherry Westerman .........Wayne Becker .........Louis Wedel ........Jerry Voth Mrs. Wickes ........ ............... V elma Vogt Marion Dawson ........ ..,..... C arol Kaufman Jack Dawson ...... ........ J erry Westerman ily! 'w Our Director Mrs. Harder Compliments of Citizens State Bank 37 JU IOR PLAY 4 "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" THE CAST Little Girl .,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,..... E velyn Holdeman Charlie Davenport ........ ........ R aymond Stllcky Mae ,,,,,..,..,,,.,,,,,,,...,,.,.,., ......... .... J o hn Toews Foster Wilson ......... ........ L owell Goering Dolly Tate ............ ...... V eleda Auxier Winnie Tate ......... Tommy .................... Frank Butler .......... .....JoAnn Waltner Leroy Gehring . ..Bob Krehbiel Mary .......................... - T..-.-.'.Arleen Koehn Mrs. Sylvia Porter ........ .................. I ris Smith Jane ..................,............ .......... D arlene Koehn Annie Oakley ........... ....... Little Jake ........ J essle .......... ..... MlHU'l6 ....... . ...... .. ...Norma Kaufman Kenneth Preheim .... Luene Waltner Murla Becker Bufaflo Bill .............. ........ K enneth Stucky Pawnee Bill .................. ....... C lyde Goering Sitting Bull ............................ ............,..... N orvin Schrag Mrs. Schuyler Adams ................................ Shirley Decker Extra Spectators, Indians: Gordon Goering, Sherwin Niehage and Mervin Krehbiel. G ETFPLAY I 3 . l , 9 1 'ia' I il S ,I ,r 3 I E Left to right: Palsy Huffman, Joyce Slucky, Evelyn Flickinger, Valeda Auxier, Lola Jane Krehbiel, Sherry Westerman League Rating: I State Rating: III bv' S be 99 636 DEBATE its Bahre, 'hvilla Gehring, Berneil Rupp, Katherine Lohrentz, Marlene Becker, Mr. Stucky. First row: JoAnn Wallner, Luene Wallner, Leola Wedel Darleen Helms. Marlene Slucky, JoAnn Waltner, Mr. Stucky, Berneil Rupp, Leola Wedel Second row: Edward Baldwin, Leonard Goering, Marlene Stucky, Juan I 1 W J A , .L A 1 J A is A 3' S+ 5 . -K Q 'N' i Q v 'S . .: 4 -. psyyv w .A if as gpm ,, 1. "F" My Lf . ff- ,pw .wniwd if ef' A Ag . EQ , .Q Wx W,- ,,,,,, ,ff-'Q W .., , ' af-f X-5,1 " i . 3: 2 :.. ,P J gmgj , , ' 11 E inf' Q QQ xl Q- UQ luv sl GOOD CITIZENSHIP BOY AND GIRL OF THE YEAR W , L I N w L Jerry Westerman, Berneil Rupp Churchill Manufacturing Co., Galesburg, Illinois, is sponsor of this page S3 QS a E! i 'G 5 53 5 f2j WQ-KwgQ RQ V"""3xf V " gadg- -w WQKQQQQZZQKQ' Www qifg-1-,Q W ' QWWQ difm Z3 QQCQ M04 J. -X hw iggaeziiwj Dwi fpgiwfmg' M MM we ,M A zailst M jf W WV' -3' ffg5kvWX 'J WV 9 QHf+ ?if2Mf vifwibf as WN'5Q5? W +wQ .ffwW ANVV . Wffifm ww W Qijgwww G AN X:::1Q,,.d M - 'io .N 'P t' Anvil infix? ,ff ,, Qg52i?f'xfri-VH? . awww - 1. '33 S E xx 221 w Mjfyff' 'Q 5 fi W iifimwff SQ SX' X My JOM, 55Q,13,f'Cw., S335 W1 fi!!! ZW , figffffw Jiiffjiiwafiig if 5 gig fffwfw fMf 5.215 132 Wwxsfz? wff+ li twm fo ww M 1, JN ? 1 'm Jpwjp 49 ?'f'j'5' QASLJTX ' 'W mgifjlolg, fm ix 'P Fr 0 SEE yfffzgf ,Q s A20 si 'fb fa. o 74f'9 yi fs fx. 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