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4 gm!! M!444ff1 r N 1 EDITOR . . ASST. EDITOR . BUSINESS MGR. SPORTS EDITOR . CLASS EDITOR . SNAPSHOT EDITOR SPONSOR . fwfifcfaaf 1945 . BIARGIE PENNER . BETTY HIIXMAN EUGENE BACHMAN . JERRY STUCKY . .IOAN KREHBIEL RETTY VVESTERMAN . . MISS VENNING X I' X ' V N VIJWB bl . 9 ' , K 4 .ef- .llolllldridge High School Cover Design and Elchings by Milford E. Greer, Jr. Escfiaafion FOR NINE YEARS OF SERVICE ON THE SCHOOL BOARD AND FOR THE HARD WORK, PATIENCE AND ASSISTANCE HE HAS GIVEN IN THE PUB- LISHING OF OUR SCHOOL PAPER AND ANNUAL IN THE MANY YEARS PAST, WE THE MEMBERS OF THE JOURNALISM CLASS DO DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL TO VERNARD VOGT. LUZ CU72 LL5, Main Building, Auditorium and Gymnasium Vocational Agriculture Manual Arts Music Commerce and Science .iqupzzintsncfsnt Boauf of Education Q ..,. Ef .,f' 4 1 , Q -5 - , P, , be . -. .... , -V ' if '-" . ...1,,gZgEi',.,:',,3' - 42-' ' 2 ' V" "" Q 1 L. L. LEHMBERG ' Dzrector MILFORD E. GREER Administration B. S., Springfield Mo. State Teachers College M. A., Wichita University Graduate Student Oklahoma University Graduate Student University of Chicago Quifocfian CLAYTON Vocrr Treasurer V ' PETE BLOCK rwiffiam gait Clffk aauffy BEN BOESE B.S. McPherson College Teaching: lnclustrial Arts, Mathematics DORIJTHY CLAASSEN B.S. Bethel College Teaching: Commerce GILBERT D. GALLE BA. Bethel College Teaching: Social Science, Science, Physical Ecl., Basketball C. C. GRIFFIN BS. Kansas State College Teaching: Vocational Agriculture ESTHER MARIE HAYS l5,A. Friends University Teaching: English, Dramatics I. T. ISELY li..-X. University of VVichita Teaching: Music CHARLOTTE Ross B.A. Friends University Teaching: Home Economics, Girls Physical Ed. Mics GWENDOLYN SCHLENDER ILA. Sterling Teaching: Social Science MosE STUCKY M.A. George Peabody Teaching: Science, Mathematics, Football REV. F. E. WENDLAND Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, Illinois MARY IANE VENNING BA. University of Wichita Teaching: English, Iournalism, Social Science how The Influence Example" owuza Lam cgfaff Sitting: Joan Krehbiel, Miss Venning iSponsurJ, Jerry Stucky, Margie Penner, Betty Huxman. Standing: Eugene Bachman, Keith Koller, Dalene VVa1tne1', Betty Wt+steI'man. "THE PLEASURE OF WORKING" .cqfzo 'zfa in .G'7f.C. "POWER T0 YOU" JOYCE KHEHBIEL NOHMA WESTERMAN JERRY ZERGER omacoming uaan MAE DEE REGIEH iqffiilddll E1 BETTY HUXMAN VIRGINIA TOEVS oo fgaff Moundridge Marion ' I IWW Moundridge Haven J Moundridge Nickerson is Au Moundridge Pretty Prairie J f- ' Moundridge Buhler s f Moundridgc Inman Q ' Moundridge Burrton ffl , ,,, y 'I Moundridge Halstead id' -I Moundridge Lindsborg -i"fI The grid crew of Moundridge High School of the year 1947-48 turned in a very successful season by winning five games, losing three and tit-ing one. Coachcd by Mose Stucky the boys turned out a good team both in playing the game and in good sportsmanship showed both in games and in practice. The team played two non-league games, the first with Marion and the other with Lindsborg. In league standing the boys ended the season with a tie for second place. Top Row: iLeft to rightj Donald Koehn, Kermitt VVe-del, Dale Goering, Delbert VVedel. Donald Goering, Kenneth VVedel, Bill Regier, Albert Stucky, VVayne Stueky, Bill Kaufman, Gene VVedel, Robert Gray. Middle Row: Eldon Pauls, Homer Goering, Edward V4-nts. Eugene Krc-hbiel, Stanley Km-hn, Stanley Schrag, Earl Neufeld, Vernon Lohrentz, VVayne Krehbiel, Robert Graber, Gerald Kaufman, Robert Smith, VVillis Koehn, Bill Oakes, Coach Mose Stucky. Bottom Row: Larry Krehbiel, Duane Huffman, Gene Sue-nram, Dean Huffman, Alvin Moddelmog, Ken- neth Koenig. ' Baigsfgaff Top Row, left to right: Alvin Moddelmoe, Bill Rezxier, Stanley Sehrag, Albert Stueky, Stanley Koehn, VVayne Stueky, Bill Kaufman, VVayne Krehbiel. Middle Row: Kermitt NVedel, Eugene Krehbiel, Larry Krehbiel, James Dyck, Gene Suenram, Ralph Krueger, Duane Huffman, Dean Huffman. Bottom Row: Coach Galle, Robert Graber, Donald Koehn, Dale Goering, XVillis Koehn, Kenneth Xvedel, Leland Kaufman. Playing under new coaching the cage crew of M.ll.S. got off to a slow start as they lost their first six games of the season, but with a win the boys got their range and wound up the season with six wins and eight losses for a tie for fifth place. The team also played two non-league games with Planeview and Hillsboro, winning one and losing one. Even though Mr. Galle didn't turn out a first place team he won the admiration of the team as well as the students, which is just as much. We are sure he has coached one of the finest teams of M.H.S. l V ,rf Moundridge Buhler Moundridge Haven Moundridge Planeview Moundridge Nickerson Moundridge Inman Moundridge Burrton Moundridge Buhler Moundridge Pretty Prairie 'fy Moundridge Halstead 5 Moundridge Haven Moundridge Hillsboro .5 Moundridge Nickerson Moundridge Inman Moundridge Burrton Moundridge Pretty Prairie Moundridge Halstead TOURNAMENT PLAY Moundridge 45 Galva Moundridge Peabody Moundridge Lehigh Moundridge Burrton Moundridge Benton A K Moundridge Lehigh K r Moundridge Hamlin Moundridge Louisburg THE IMPROVEMENT OF TALEVT fzganizafiona gbfayi l l Wesley lfnruh . Lois Gering Lelloy Stucky Donald Koehn . Gene Wedel CONTEST PLAY ALL-SCHOOL PLAY "Anlic Spring" "Our Girls" Ginger .loan Krehbiel Elmer Lovejoy . Robert . . Alvin Moddelinog Mildred Lovejoy , Blossom Joyce Krehbifl Jesse, 13 years old Elbert . GODS Vvffdvl Francis, 14 years old GW0l1d0lyI1 - Arlene ZCFHU' Vivian, 16 years old Sain . . Wayne Kfehbifl Aunt Jessie . . Mrs. VVattles . . Chester XVattles . Phyllis XYattles . Hulda . . . Expressman . Bonnie Zergel' Carol Gaeddert . Bill Oaks Joyce Krehbiel Luella Stucky . Bob Gray JUNIOR PLAY SENIOR PLAY "The Lucky Penny" ffhme Madv Penny . . . Arlene Zerger Penny Wood . . .loan Krehbiel Lydia Pringle Caleb Pringle Joanna . Kerry . Greg . . Gram . . Miss Haskins Mr. Daly . 0'Shane . Flash . Georgiana . Vera . Susette . . . Valeta Vogts Ralph Krueger Annabelle Goering . Jerry Stucky . Ben Krehbiel Betty VVesterman . . Lois Eck . Floyd Gehring Duane Huffman . Kieth Koller . Geneva Goering Norma VVesterman . Neva Kaufman Chuck Harris . Mrs. VVo0d . Elmer Tuttle . Dr. NVood Effie . . . Milly Lou . . G. Mervyn Roberts Roger Van Vleck Mr. Harris . . Shirley Wentworth Ralph VVL-ntworth .lulie Harris . Alvin Moddelmog . Mae Dee Regier . Jeff Kaufman Kenneth Koenig . . Ethel Vogt Dolores Johnson . . Don Goering VVayne Krehbiel . Wayne Stucky . Lois Schlender . . . James Dyck Ethel Regier if 3 H li f l The fifty-four piece band, directed by Mr. J. T. Isely, played and marched at the football games, forming letters and many other formations. They played at the Kansas State Fair in Hutch- inson, the Harvey County NFair at Newton, the Christmas Parade f , ly' l Q 0 M ff ' , -V xv., ! in Hutchinson, and the McPherson County All-Schools Day at i Xax McPherson. A band concert was given on January 27 at the school K A auditorium. 2 1: 7 X JI: X . I 1 A A. D. Schmutz, Charles Hendricks, and Virgil Person, critic judges from Emporia State Teachers College, gave the Moundridgc band a rating of Superior at the Mid-Kansas League Festival held at Moundridge. The band received a rating of Excellent at the X District Music Festival held at Wichita. "MUSIC CUMBINES RHYTHM WITH MELODYU U65 Bam! Twirlers: left to right, Marilyn Goebel, Rozanna Goebel. Patsy Huffman, Carolyn Bachman, Darlene Vlfedel, Betty Boswell, Kathryn Block, Neta Mae Riffle, Yvonne Robbins, Norma VVesterman. Fourth Row: Dean Huffman, Jerry Stuclsy, Byron Stucky, Jerome Regier, Joan Krehbiel, Kenneth Koenig, Bob Gray, Eva Moddelrnoy.:, J. T. lsely tDireetorJ, Yvonne Penner, XVilbur Voth, Eugene Bachman, Jerry Voth, Gerald Kaufman. Gerald Krehbiel. Carol Gaeddert. Third Row: Lola .lane Krehbiel, Sherrill VVesterman, Louise Kuhn, Alta Voth, Johnny Goering, Donald Koehn, Evelyn Graber, Jean Regier, Gerald Eck, Anita Krehbiel, Bonnie Zerger, Stanley Schraa, Gordon Stucky, Leland Kaufman, Marlene Stucky, Margie Fenner, Marlo Goering, Mae Dee Regier, Ethel Regier. Second Row: Jackie Goering, Luella Stucky, Betty Stueky, Galen Smith, George flooring, Gordon Goer- ing. Virginia Toevs, Alice Johnson, Maxine Krehbiel, VValdean Wedel, Wanetta Holdeman, Norma Bachman. First Row: Betty Huxman, Pearl Graber, Ethel Vogt, Joyce Krehbiel, Lois Gering, Carol Gering, Wes- ley Fnruh. Standing: left to right, Geraldine Zerger, Betty Huxman, Virginia Toevs, Mr. lsely CDire-ctory, Eva Mod- delmog, Jerome Reppier, Bob Gray. Third Row: Robert Dalke, Jerry Stucky, Alice Johnson, Joyce Krehbiel, NValdean WVedel, Ethel Regier, Eugene Bachman, Carol Gaeddert, Donald Koehn, Gordon Stucky, Evelyn Graber. Second Row: Bonnie Zerger, Norma Bachman, Evelyn Yoth, Carolyn Bachman, Yvonne Penner, Anita Krehbiel, Maxine Krehbiel, Alta, Voth, Ethel Vogt, Betty Stucky, Luelle Stucky, Pearl Graber. First Row: Lois Gering, Joan Krehbiel, Margie Fenner, Mae Dee Repsqier, Patsy Huffman, Carol Gering, XVes1ey Unruh. Not shown: Ruby Zerger and Annabelle Goering. U55 Dmagaifza "MUSIC IS THE SINGING OF STRINGS" The orchestra, comprised of thirty-nine pieces, and under the direction of Mr. J. T. Isely, made several appearances during the year. It played at the beginning and between the acts of the Junior Play on December 11, for the Junior High Minstrel Show, which was given in a High School assembly and also for the Parent- Teachers meeting, and a pubic concert was given in the City Park May. 2. At the Mid-Kans as League Music Festival, the orchestra was giv- en a rating of Superior. At thc District Music Festival held at NVichita, the orchestra also re- ceived a rating of Superior. Dafa and Boyz gifs 675,155 'Pop Row: Dzirda Stuclcy, Marjean W'altn0r,V Elsie Stiu-ky, Alice Johnson, Lois Eck, Luella Stucliy, Geral- dine Zcsrgcr. Iflva lllariv Illoddelmouy Ptfarl Graber, Carol Gavddvrt, Darlene Tatro, Mae Doa- livpzier, Mar- :riv l'P1w11cl1', Betty Huxman, Joan Krvhbiel, Evelyn Vogt, Virginia Toevs. IGTAUIN SH Third Row: Varna Stuvliy, Margie Vout, Joyce Juhnkv, Elsie Gm-hring, Marjoriv Bendtar, Yiolot Kreh- lvivl. Delvnv Vl'altnGr, Ethvl l2E'QiPI'. Esthf-r Fast, Be-tty Kruse-, V4-rlw-nv Flivlinvr, Norma XV:-stvilnan, lfiivda Fulk, Gladys Kon-hu. Lois Schlendr-r, .Ianv XVziltmAr, Norma Beichman. Annabelle flooring, Helvn S hiapy I42lXY2lI'ld8. Taclu-lt, Gvneva Gocring. SM-onfi llow: Pntherinv Sm-hlwndfar, Dorothy Neufi-lil, Betty XXvQ'Stl'l'Ill2lTl, Yaleta Vogts, Ruby Z1-ru'v1', Doro- thy Regivr, Dolores Johnson, Ethel Vogt, Jane Stiu-ky. Leia liatzlaff. Edith Stuftliy, Elainf- XVilli9ning', liorila Govrimr, Eveflyn llra.ber, Bounio Zz-rger, illvvlyn Voth, .lane Krvhbivl, Arlvnv Zorgk-r, Iiuczillv Kauf- riun, Wiz .I. 'l'. lsfily illirotctorj. Fittinu: ?'u'.'n Stu ky, .Ioan Stucky, Barbara Smith, .Ivnniv Krvlihiul, Alta Voth, Bvtty Stucliy, XVanvtta Holdvmnn, Hattie Tovws, Nvva Kaufman, Maxinv Krvhbiel, Joyuf Krehbiel, Lois Gvring. Top Row, Darrel Kaufman. Gordon Stucky, Ben Krehbie-1, Larry Krvhbiell, Yvrnon Goei-ing, Floyd Gahr- ing, Vernon Lohrf-ntz, Stanley Schrag. NVayne Krehbiel, Ke-nnf-th Kos-nig:, D4-an Huffman, Albert Stucliy. Third Row: Abe Fast, Marlo Goerings, Delbert NVe2dvI, James Lohrvntz, Bill Rogivr, Elvin Sclirag, Don- ald Goering, Gmarald Kra-hbivl, VVayne IJ, Stucky, Kenneth vVl5df'I, Jacob Guhring, Gent- XV1-del, Gerald Kaufman. Sevond Row: 'WVillis Loganbill, Marlo G0hrin,2', XXYUSIPY Unruh, Marvin Kovhn, Ernest Dirks, Harold Schragg. Eugvnl- Krehbiefl, Kermit VVedf-l ,Roland Sr'hra:.', Homvr Hoe-ring, Dale Goering. First Row: Air. J. T. lst-ly 1DirectorJ, Harve-y Goe-ring. Leland Kaufman, Donald Vnruh, Robe-rt Smith, James Vout, Floyd 1-'lit-kinger, VVilbur Voth, Bill Oakes, Dean Stiu.-ky, Ralph Kaufman, La-Roy Stucky. Imland Flickinrzvr, VVaynt- L. Stucky. Not on Panel: Ralph Kruvger. :nur wi . L4-ft to right: Elsie Goering, Alice Johnson, Annabelle Goering, Carol Gaeddert, Evelyn Graber, Geneva. Goering, Virginia Toevs, Margrio Pennvr, Betty Huxman, Joan Krehbiel, lionniv Zerger, Eva Moddvlmog, B4-tty XVesterman, Darda Stucky, Marjean XValtner, Miss Ross 1SponsorJ, Juanita Holderman, Catherine Svhlendcr, Barbara Smith, Joyce Juhnke, Lois Gerin 5.2, Violetle Krvhbiel, Arlene Zer,:'vr, Lois Svhlender, Lucille Kaufman, Mae Dee Regis-r, Gladys Koehn, Jane Waltner, Norma Bachman, Maxine Krehbiel, Betty Stucky, Dorothy Neufeld, Neva Kaufman. fiill'0Y'l9EUi0:l'Sf Geraldine Zvrger, Norma XKYUST.6l'I'll2lYl, .loyf-me Krm-hbim-l. Not on Panel: Jennie- Krehhiel, Delene XValtner. Um .Vida Top Row: Ellvn Krehbiel, Marcella llnruh, Jackie Goering, Donna Dillman, Darlene KVA-del, Delores Koehn First Row: Miss Venning 1SponsorJ, Ruth Voth, Beulah Hatzlaff, Laveta Hartman, Yvonne Penner, Anita Krehbiel, Jackie Vogt. Not on Panel: Carolyn Bachman, Betty Boswell, Mary Lou Koehn. W- 5522 dczginaf Third Huw, ivft to right: Dorothy Rvgivr, Lucillv Kaufman, Betty H1lXHl2l!l, Fr9id:L Fulk. Yaleta Vogts. Sec-mid Row: Mae Dfw Begin-r, Ethel livrivr, Virginia 'l'm-vs, Margie Pflnnn-1', Joan Krehbivl. First Huw: Miss Hays lSponsurJ, Arlwnu Zergcr, Annabvlli- Goefrinu, Ethvl Vogt, Mrs. Schlonflvr 1Sp0nsurJ Nut un panvl: Marjnriv Bendvr Bias 'zicuz 5 Third Row, loft to right: Mary Lou Koehn, Dolores Km'-hn, Jackie Goerinu, Ellen Krehbiol. Second Row: Yvonne Fenner, Jackie Vogt, Darlene VVedul, Marcella Vnruh, Anita Krehbiel. First Row: Miss Vvnning iSponso1'J, Ruth Vogt, Betty Boswell, Carolyn Bachman, Beulah Ratzlaff, Miss Ross iSpons0rJ. E ?ufwz.s afzmau of cqmzziaa Fourth Row: It-ft to right, Marlo Goering, Kermit XVidel, Gene Suenram, Darrel Kaufman, Wayne Stuclay, Yornon Lohrentz, Albert Stucliy, Ben Krehbiei, Gordon Stucliy, Kenneth XVedel. Third Row: Gerald Krehbiel, Eldon Pauls, James Loli entz, Vernon Goering, Homer Goering, Robert Dalke, Floyd Gehring, Harold Schrag, Jake Gocriny, Gr-ne VVedel, Donald Goering. Second Row: Leland Fliekinger, Harvey Gehring, Leland Kaufman, liugene Stucky, Leland Goeringzq, Mar- vin Koehn, Ernest Dirks, Delbert VVedel, Jani:-41 Yogt, lie-Roy Stucky, XVilbur Voth, Ilonald l'nruh. Ralph Kaufman. First. row: Dean Stucky, VVayne Stuc-ky, Gerald Kal fnian, Stanley Sehrag, Dale Goering, Elvin Schrag, VVilIis Loganbill, Floyd Iflicliinger, Marlo Gehiing, Mr. Griffin tSponsorJ. The Future Farmers of America is the national organization of boys studying vocational :agriculture in the public schools. The purpose of the organization is to develop competent and iggressive leadership. Boys are taught to conduct their own meetings in an organized way. Activities such as livestock judging, crops identification and judging, and Farm Mechanics contests, are provided for the train- ing and development of the student. Some of the activities ear- 0 ried out this year were the district leadership trainng school at t ff! Kg! Buhler, Pest eradication contest, Basketball, Father-Son Banquet N X with Lester VVL-atherwax as guest speaker, Assembly program, 4 I f and sponsoring district poultry judging contest. 5' r ? x p f j ? 1 Officers This Year: Dale Goering-President Elvin SchragAVice-President 4 Stanley SchragfSec1-etary X Roland Schrag-Treasurer Gerald Kaufmanflieporter . Willis Loganbill-jentinel gi. Eaafgafgaff Back Row, left to right: Junior Loganbill, Johnnie Gm-ring, Edgar Beck:-V, Max Smith, Jerome R0g:ier. Front Row: George Goerinsl, Gene Goa-1'in,2', Gerald En-k, Byron Stueky, Galen Smith, Mose Stucky fCoaehJ. This years Jr. High Basketball Team under the coaching of Mose Stucky, made a very nice showing during the season. The boys entered in two tournaments winning first place at Win- dom and taking consolation in the Little River tourney. The boys showed some very fine ball playing and promise some up and coming ball players in high school. The boys as a team are known to the students as the Kit-Kats and they were very well supported by their pep club. Opponents We Inman 19 Lehigh 15 Willis 23 Elyria 27 Burrton 7 Galva 27 Willis 28 Roxbury 30 Canton 35 Halstead 36 Marquette 25 Roxbury 20 VVindom 20 Canton 18 Inman 15 Burrton 24 Walton 20 WINDOM TOURNEY Elyria 37 Roxbury 24 Inman 40 LITTLE RIVER TOURNEY St. Mary's 15 Genesee 26 Raymond 24 LEHIGH TOURNEY Hillsboro 24 Marion 23 Romona 20 They 15 19 13 14 23 14 13 11 21 14 23 21 11 20 24 25 13 13 5 19 31 5 18 20 19 19 cgcgoof C7CLfSi2C!62,'Z ll SEPTEMBER- MARCH- 1-Back at the grind, school begins 9-All school watermelon feed 16-School Day at, Kansas State Fair ,9-First football game, tied Marion 23--Seniors hayrack ride to Harvey County Park OCTOBER- 1 7-Homecoming, defeating Buhler NOVEMBER- 6-7-Teachers meeting in Wichita ll-All-School Play, "Our Girls" 25--Band plays at Hutchinson for Christ- mas Parade 27-Thanksgiving vacation DECEMBER - 1'-'Junior Play, "A Lucky Penny" 18-Christmas program 19-Vacation begins JANUARY- 2-No School because of snow 27--Band concert FEBRUARY- 7--One-Act Play Contest at Haven 14-John Deere Day, Seniors serve 4-5-6--District Tournaments at Lehigh, Took first place ll-12-13--Regionals at Newton, Took first place 16-Grade Operetta 20--State Speech Contest 23-Forensic Contest at Halstead 26-Easter vacation 30-F.F.A. Banquet APRIL- 2-3-District Music Festival at VVichita 10-Mother-Daughter Banquet Z3-League Music Festival at Moundridge 16-Athletic Banquet 20-Senior Play, "June Madu 22-25-Senior Sneak, Attack on Denver MAY-- l-.lunior-Senior Banquet 5--Senior Assembly 9-Baccalaureate 1 -Cominenceim-nt I3-Contentnient, "All is well that ends well", SCHOOIJS OUT! 14--May Day at McPherson 5,2 HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ARE VVE MET, HAVE WE BEEN, MAY WE PART, AND MEET AGAIN. cfdiiii Luzioz 695 Fourth Row, left to right: Billy Tatro, Jerome Regier, Johnnie Goering, Bob Miller, Edgar Becker, Max Smith, Byron Stucky. Third Row: Junior Loganbill, Marcella L'nruh, Deloris Koehn, Donna Dillman, Jackie Goering, Laveta Hartman. Sf-cond Row: George Goeringr, Ellen Krehbiel, Yvonne Fenner, Jackie Vogt, Anita Krehbiel, Mary Lou Koehn, Darlene YVedel. First Row: Galen Smith, Ruth Voth, Betty Boswell, VValdean VVedel, Gerald Eck, Gene Goering, Carolyn Bachman, Beulah Ratzlaff, Miss Ross tSponsorJ. BOBBY MILLER MARY LOU KOEHN MAX SMITH President Secretary Treasurer The Junior High Group of Moundridge High School started in the fall of 1947 with twenty- eight active and ambitious students. The boys had a successful season in athletics. Competitive basketball games were held with other Junior High teams. Spirit was inspired by three able cheerleaders elected by the mem- bers of the Junior High Pep Club, commonly known around school as the "Kit-Kats". Most of the girls were members of the Blue Triangle Club as well as Kit-Kats. Under the leadership of the music teacher, Mr. J. T. Isely, a minstrel show was presented in an ssemhly and was repeated for P.T.A. A good time was enjoyed by all at a hamburger fry in the park followed by a scavenger hunt. We are happy to have Miss Ross as our sponsor. 155, H2522 Fifth Row, left to right: Abraham Fast, Eldon Pauls, Iilaiyin Koehn, Marlo Got-ring, James Lohrentz NViIlis Koehn, Donald Koehn. lfourth Row: Marlo Gehring, Harvey Goering, Robert Smith, Donald l'nruh. Edward Yours, XYiIbur Voth Third Row: Parol Gaeddert, Verna Stueky. Luelle Stu ky, Esther Fast, Eva Moddt-lmog. XYilliam Oakes XVayne Stucliy. Second Row: Dorthy Neufeld. Betty Stueky, Helen Sehiag. Evelyn Yoth. Norma Baehnian, Maxine Kreh- biel, Dardanelia Stucky, Dean Stucky. First ltow: Miss Yenning tSponsorJ, VVanetta I-Ioldfman. Joyce lirehhiel. Alta Yuth, Lois llering, Fath- erine Sehlender, Malfiean VValtner, Leia Hatzlaff, Hattie Toe-vs, Mr. Doe-se tSponsoi'J. COLORS-Blue and Gold FLOYVER-Rose MUTTO- The Best ix Yet lo Colne DONALD KOEHN JOYCE KHEHBIEI. LOIS GERING EVA MUDDELMOG Prgsident Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ln the fall of 1947 thirty-eight "Tuff" freshmen entered the halls of M. H. S. There were twenty-six new students in the Class. Our class was very well represented in all school activities with six freshmen in the All- Sehool play, most of them i11 chorus and glee eiub. One cheerleader, and one entered in Forensic Contest. All the girls were in Y-Teens. We had one class party in which we went on a hay rack ride to Harvey County Park. VVe gave an assembly under the leadership of our sponsors Bliss Venning and Mr. lioese. We lost one student during the year 1947-48. cgoflgomo 1.55. Fifth Row, left to right: VVvsley Unruh, Leland Goelin-T, Kermit XVedel, Kenneth VVedel, H4blllQ'l'1,ltl6'l'lHL1 lfourth Row: liupgene Stueky, Larry Krehhiel, Stanley Koehn, Gene Suenram. Bill Regier, lleltoy Siucky, James Vout. Third Row: Ronald XVedel, Leland Stucky, Ralph Kaufman, John Oltmanns. Rob Gray, Gm-ne XXX-del. Second Row: Ernest Dirlis. Yerleue Fliekner. Bonnie Zelger, Evelyn Graber. Gladys Koehn, Edith Stueky, Faye Becker, Evelyn Strausz, Elaine xxrlllitllllllg, Jane Krehbiel, Mr. Ise-ly lSponsox'J. 1.-USL How: Mrs. Schlender tSponsorJ, Floyd l"licking'er, llllsie th-hring, Joyce Jllhnke, Pearl ilraber, Lor- ita Goering, Betty Kruse, Geraldine Zeraer, Baruaxa Smith, Leland Flickingrelx COLORS-Black and Gold FLOXYER-Orchid MOTTO- Not at the Top, but Climbing BETTY KRUSE BARBARA SMITH EVELYN GBABER GEBALDINE ZERGEB President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Beginning the school term in 1946 we, a group of 39 Freshmen, started our high school years with Miss Margaret Baldwin as our sponsor. 24 new members were added to the class. Class officers elected at the first class meeting are as follows: President, Evelyn Graber, Vice-President, Geraldine Zergerg Secretary, Ernest Dirksg Treasurer, Larry Krehbiel. We were very athletic, having 10 boys out for basketball, 9 out for football, and 12 for track. We took part in many other activities. Three Freshmen were in the all-school play. The class had a party each semester. First we had a picnic in the Newton park and then went to the show. Second semester we went on a hay rack ride to Harvey County Park. We began our Sophomore year in 1947 with 39 pupils. VVe lost one pupil and got a new one. Mr. J. T. Isely and Mrs. Fred Sehlender were our sponsors. At the first class meeting of- ficers were elected as follows: President, Betty Kruseg Vice-President, Barbara Smith, Secre- tary, Evelyn Graberg Treasurer, Geradline Zerger. We again had a number of boys going out for athletics. We were proud to have Geraldine Zerger as a cheerleader. Four Sophomores took part in the all-school play. They were Bonnie Zerger, Leroy Stucky, Wesley Unruh and Gene Wedel. So far this year we have had one class party. We ate our supper in Moundridge Park and then went to Newton to the show. unto 'as Fourth How, left to right: Ralph Krueger, Gordon Stueky, Jacob Goering, Vernon Goering, Floyd Gehr- ing, Vernon Lohrentz, Ben Krehbiel, Harold Schrag. Third Row: Robert Graber, Keith Koller, Eugene Baehman, Duane Huffinan, Gerald Stueliy, Geneva Goet- ing, Arlene Zerger, Yaleta Vogts. Sa-cond Row: Annabelle Goering, Lueille Kaufman, Norma XVesterman, Freida Fulk, Darlene Tatro, La- VVanda Tackett, Dorthy Regier, Ruby Zerger. First Row: Miss Hays tSponSorj, Neva Kaufman, Join Stucliy, liois liek, Jane XValtner, Betty NVeste1'- man, Evelyn Voth, Neva Stueky, Mr. Galle LSpoisorj. COLORS-Lavender and White FLOWER-Crzrzirltion MUTTO- We Strive to Make Our Best Better BETTY WESTERMAN BEN KREHBIEL DUANE HUFFMAN JANE WALTNER President Secretary Treasurer Vice-President In 1945, thirty-six bright Green Freshmen entered the halls of M. H. S. The class officers were: Betty Westerinan, Presidentg Ralph Krueger, Vice-Presidentg Eugene Haehman, Secre- taryg and Duane Huffman, Treasurer. VVe lost four students our Sophomore year. We had a skating party that year. Officers were as follows: Duane Huffman, Presidentg Freida Fulk, Vice-Presidentg Norma Westerinan, Secretaryg George Graber, Treasurer. Mr. Dillman was our Class Sponsor. ln the fall of 1947 we had one party which was held in the Harvey County Park. Our Spon- sors are Miss Hays and Mr. Galle. 5125015 MARIORIE BENDER "Bork short and .fwrrr some my is limi." Y-Teen 1,25 Cabinet 3,43 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,4. IAMES DYCK "It is not good for mlm fo live by .fmfiv alone." Football 13 Basketball 23,43 Track 1,3,43 Senior play. DALE CTOERING "I like worlqp it fufc1'nufrs mf. I can xii and watrh it for hours." F.I-TA. 23 Reporter 3: President 4: Rand 1: Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3.4: Football 1,:Z,il,,l3 Basket- ball 23,43 Track 1,33 Baseball 3, DONALD CEOERING "The force of hir own nzoril nzukcf hzff wav." F.F.A. 2,33 Vice President 43 Chorus and Glee Club l,2,3,43 Forensics 43 Football 42 Track 32 Baseball 33 Student Council, Vice-l'resitlent 43 Senior Play. DEAN HUFFMAN "The nnfwcr Io rr muiflwzlr pmyorf' Band 43 Chorus and Ulee Club 3,43 Football 1,2. 3,4: Basketball 1,2.1l.4: Track 1,213 Class Presi- dent 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 43 Student Council President 4. BETTY HUXMAN "Bl1r.fh1'f1,q ix the color of l'lI'fIlF.n Y-Teen l,2,33 Cabinet 43 Pep Club 13,-l: Cheer- leader 1: Band l.2,fi,4: Orchestra 3.4: Pep Band 2.3,-13 Chorus and Glee Club 1,1Z,3,-lg Forensics 13 Class Secretary 33 Student Council -lp Queerfs At- tenrlantg Annual Staff. DOLORES IOHNSON "A nirrry 1211117 nmlfrfli tl ulzrfrfnl co1m1rm1nce." Y-Teen l,2,3,-13 Pen Club, Cheerleader 2,33 Chorus and Glee Club 132.5141 Class Secretary-'l'reasurer 1: Home Ee. Club 1,2,3Q Contest Play Zig All-School Play 33 Senior Play. GERALD KAUFMAN HNl.Ql1f after night hc .mf and bleurnl his eye: wiffi lvookxf' l".F,A. 2, Treasurer Il, Reporter' 43 Baud 4: Chorus and Glee Club l,2.3,43 Football 1,1l.-1: Basketball 1,21 Track 13 Senior Play. KENNETH KOENIG "All great men are zlnzfl mul 1'm 1101 feeling well." Football 2,43 Chorus and Glee Club 2.3,-1: For- ensics 3,43 All-School Play 23 Junior Play: Senior Play3 Senior Class President. EUGENE KREHBIEL "Bleu man, who conlzl every lzozzr flll'l'I1I Some new rxcusc Io make flze Ifrrchw' frcfff' Chorus and Glee Club 2,33 Football l,iI,3.-13 Bas- ketball l,2,3g Track l,2,33 .Iunior Play. IOAN KIKEHBIEL "Sho will he tallfzngf' Y-Teen 1, Cabinet 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 Pep Club Secretary 4, Cheerleader 1,2533 Band 4, Drum Majorette 1,2,3: Orchestra 1,255.43 Pep Baud 43 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,4: Forensics 1,2,3,4C All-School Play 13 Contest Play -13 .lunior Play: Senior Play3 Class Secretary 23 Class Presillent 33 Annual Staff 4. GERALD KREHBIEL "All'5 well with all of us, so why flzonlrl I worry?" Band 43 Chorus and Glee Club l,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3Q Track 1,2,31 Baseball 33 F,l+'.A. 1,2,3,4. an io 'cs WAYNE KREHBIEL "Now I lay me down to sleep With some lipxtielq on my eheelqf' Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,35 Baseball 35 Class President 15 Contest Play 253,45 Junior Play: Senior Play. VIOLETTE KREHBIEL "Like Henry George, I am for men." Y-Teen 3,45 Pep Club 45 Chorus and Glee Club 3,45 Annual Staff. WILLIS LOGANBILL "Nobody lozrer me, hut l'll he yigged if 1'll eat worms." F.F,A. 2,3, Watch Dog 45 Band 15 Orchestra 15 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Track 3. ALVIN MODDELMOG "Be good and yozfll he happy, hut yotfll mis: a lot of fun." Band 1,22 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 35 Tennis 15 Student Council, Treasurer 45 Sophomore Vice-President5 Contest Play 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. EARL NEUFELD "Di5tm'h him not, let him pass peczeeahlyf' Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,3. MARGIE PENNER "Music if the thing of the world that I love most." Y-Teen 1,2, Cabinet 3, Secretary 415 Pep Club 1, 3,43 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 2,45 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Forensics 1,2,35 Junior l'lay5 Annual Staff. ETHEL REGIER "Bound to smile her way through life." Y-Teen, Cabinet 1,2, Vice-President 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1,3,45 Orchestra 1,3,45 Pep Band 2,45 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Home Ec. Club 1,25 Junior l'lay5 Senior Play. MAE DEE REGIER "She was a phantom of delight when first she hurft upon my right." Y-Teen 1,2,3,- Cabinet 45 Pep Club 1,2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 Band 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Class Vice-President 15 Class Treasurer 25 Class Secre- tary 45 Student Council Secretary 45 Junior Play: Senior Play: Homecoming Queen. Lois SCHLENDER "That one small head could carry all she knew." Y-Teen 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Senior Play. DELBERT WEDEL "There'.f nothing .fo heeome: iz man as modest stillness and humility." Chorus and Glee Club 3,45 Football 45 Basketball 35 Track 3,45 F.F.A. 3,45 ROLAND SCHRAG "A good temper if an estate for life." F.F.A. 2,3, Treasurer 45 Chorus and Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Track 1,35 Baseball 3. STANLEY SCHRAG "What's the use of living if you czzn't have rt good time." F.F'.A. 2,3, Secretary 45 Band 45 Chorus and Glee Club 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 2,45 Track 3. I IE, 51260 'za The Worth Character ALBERT S'rUcKY "The mullilude is alufuyf in Ihe l4f'l'0I1j:.U F.F.A. 23,45 Chorus Zlllll Glu-c Club l,1Z,3,4: Punt- balll 43 Basketball 43 'Franck 1,ii. ELSIE STUCKY "Sin1pI1'cily and lrzflh live in her heI1rI." l Y-Teen 1,2,3,-13 Chorus and Glen Club l,2,fl,4. l IANE STUCKY "So prim and precise, giglglef ut every- fhing lm! mice." llnmc EO. Club 1,2,2. WAYNE STUCKY "Pain: of lone be xweeler fur Than ull other pfrafurex ure." F.F.A. 1,2,3,43 Chorus illlll Glam- Club 1,2,3,4g Senior Play. VIIKGINIIA Tonvs "fl maid of grace and complete nxlzje,-'ty." Y-Teen 1, Cabinet 2,3, l'I'e-sirln-III 4: l'01I Club 1.2, Pep Band 2: Glee Club llllll Cburus 1,214.42 Clash Treasurer 41 Juninr Play: Qlll'Cll'S Allwlllilllfl Stu- dent Cuuncil -lg Journzxlism Il. ETHEL Vocr "A friend to help and uid llfhtllfrfl' l1efI1ll,f." Y-Teen 1,2, Cabinet 3,43 Pup Club 2,355 Hunll 1,2,-1: 0l'Cll8SIl"2l 1.4: IN-p Banu! 41 l'lltll'lli :Ind J D Glee Club 1,2,3,-13 Home Ee, Club Z.: Svniur lluy. EVELYN Vocr "A contented spirit is lhe sweelnexx of exixtencef' Y-Teen 1,2,3,43 Chorus :Ind Glue Club. DELENE WALTNEII "A maiden sweet and demzzre wlzy file." Y-Teen 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 4: Clmrus and tilee Club 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4. 2' X X mf Sv' S 7 Y'-Teen 1,2,3,41 Cll0l'll4 :Ind Illw Club l,2,3,4g Football 43 Husketlmll 43 'l'r:Ic'k 4: .luniur l'lzIy' President 3,41 I-lzmd 1,2,Ci,-L: 0ll'lll'Sll'2l 1,2.3,43 aniofz iafoz In September, 1944, thirty-six high-spirited freshmen entered the halls of M.H.S., never to be forgotten in years to come, whatever befalls. As a scented flower lingers on, so shall the memory of these seniors linger in the heart and life of Moulndridge High. Through four years of high school, they have overcome diffi- culties great and small with a steadfast heart and hand. Surely such a successful school life should leave a contented atmosphere. In the freshman year, Miss Betty Bird was our sponsor. We elected as president, Wayne Krehbielg vice-president, Mae Dee Begierg sec- retary-treasurer, Dolores Johnson. During this year three of our girls served as cheerleaders. Two parties were held this year. On our first one, we went to McPherson, enjoyed a picnic and then went to a movie. The other party was given in the gymnasium. As sophomores, in the year 1945, Mr. Isely was our sponsor. Class meeting was held and we chose as president, Dean Huffman, vice- preident, Alvin Moddelmogg secretary, .loan Krehbielg treasurer, Mae Dee Regier. Our class participated in many school activ- ities. All but a few sang in the glee clubs and chorus, and most of the boys went out for foot- ball and basketball. All the girls were G. R. members. We again had a party each semester of that school term. Miss Dorothy Claassen and Mr. Charles Grif- fin were our sponsors in our junior year. Joan Krehbiel was elected president, Betty Huxman, vice-president, Mae Dee Begier, secretary, Dean Huffman, treasurer. Early in the year a picnic was enjoyed in the Newton park. Skating and a movie also helped make the evening a pleasant one. An- other party, later in the year was held in the gymnasium. VVe ordered our rings from the Herff-Jones Co. Although one pattern was chosen by the class, the kind of setting was left to the individ- ual. They were received in February. Our play, "Lady Spitfire", was given Decem- ber 12, under the direction of Miss Esther Marie Hays. The cast consisted of five girls and five boys. Acting ability, plus time and patience on the part of the director, made this event a suc- cessful one. VVith the cooperation of every member in the class, not excluding the sponsors. we gave the annual Junior-Senior Banquet May 3, 1947, choosing as the theme, "The Magic of the Nightv. This banquet was in honor of the graduating seniors. The auditorium was decorted with varying shades of pink and blue, giving a beau- tiful blending effect. The main attraction was a fountain placed in the center of a garden of flowers. The water spray from the fountain trickled down upon the rocks below like the :sound of a spring among water falls. The guests made their entrance through a garden arch. Lanterns of various colors peeped through the trimmings overhead and gave a fairytale vision, playing with the shadows from the candlelight on the tables below. The tables were decorated with baskets of flowers. Programs were made in the form of lanterns. The Boys' Quartette from Bethany College was the attraction of the evenings entertainment. There was something sad, yet exciting, upon entering school for our last year. We were a class of thirty-two members. Miss Dorothy Claassen and Mr. Mose Stucky were sponsors. We went to the Harvey County Park for a Weiner roast. It was there where plans were first made concerning our sneak to Deliver on April 22, 1948. The play "June Mad" was presented April 20, under the direction of Miss Hays. It was a great success and everybody went away well pleased. SENIOR SNEAK It was April, and the seniors were going a- round with secret smiles and buttoned lips. Several important class meetings were held in the Science building, without too much pri- vacy, and soon all arrangements were made for our sneak to Denver, Colorado. Early in the evening of April 22nd, thirty- six excited seniors and sponsors boarded a chartered Santa Fe bus, with a host of towns- people giving us the send off. We arrived at the Roosevelt hotel in Denver about 6:30 a.m., after a night which included singing, eating, and of course, very little sleep- ing. Then our rooms were assigned to us, we took several minutes to "freshen up", and went to a nearby cafe for breakfast. Our first visit was made to the United States Mint. Vile were shown around in groups of ten by guards. One of the interesting things we saw was a brick of gold, worth approximately PS22,000. Then we saw the complete process of making coins. The capitol was our next stop. It was a real thrill to climb to the top and view the sights of the city. Following this we took the trolly to Fitzsimmons General Hospital for veterans. The hospital, located in Aurora, is the largest of its kind in the United States. We ate our noon meal in the hospital cafeteria after which we were taken through the Physical Therapy Ward and the Occupational Therapy Ward. The class separated after this interesting visit. Some went to a Historical Museum, others went shop- ping in the downtown district, and others went to their hotel rooms to catch up on sleep. The evening was spent in various places of entertainment, and by 10:30 every senior was reported inside the hotel. After a peaceful night of sleep everyone awoke feeling rested and happy, and rarin' to go again. Looking out of hotel windows, we saw something that almost made our tempers rise, but remembering that we were the so-called dignified seniors, we took a deep breath and tried to greet the beau- tiful snowflakes. We then set to work packing our grips and started getting ready for a day of fun in the mountains. We chartered a bus in Denver which took us to Berthoud Pass. VVe had a wonderful time in spite of the snow and high altitude. We stopped at Idaho Springs for cokes and malts and then went on to the top of the Continental Divide, with breath- taking scenery all the way. At this place we ate'lunch, turned and came back to Denver. When we got back we met an old friend of ours who insisted upon taking us to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was quite a thrill to some of the class who had never eaten Chinese food before. The food was delicious. Tired but happy, we climbed into our bus and waved good-bye to a town that showed us a swell time and left us many never-to-be-for- gotten memories. X ,, i g ,An- 2' -+11 41512601 .f 'zopgaa 'k 'A' Today, being May 11, 1973 A. D., the Senior Class of 1948 is holding its 25th Anniversary of graduating from M.H.S. Twenty-five years ago we vowed to meet in the high school building, which is now crumbling with age, but the aud- torium still stands. I, Kenneth Koenig, president of the Senior Class of 1948, have the pleasure in being asked to take charge of this reunion which is sponsor- ed by Roland Schrag's Quick-Crow chicken mash, a new scientific mash that will make the chickens lay eggs already fried. The room is decorated as it was at the Junior- Senior Banquet, May, 1947. There are twenty- five present and seven missing. Among those missing are Mr. and Mrs. Earl Neufeld, former Mae Dee ltegier, who cannot be present as she is busy knitting. This will be their third blessed event. Earl is head of the Neufeld Diaper Co. located in zooming Zimmerdalefnow a suburb of Moundridge. Others missing are Mr. and Mrs. Dale Goering, his wife being the former Violet Krehbiel, who are on a mission in South Africa. Gerald Kaufman is in the local Mercy hospital nursing a broken neck caused by the crashing of his flying Kaiser. Also missing are Cot Kreh- biel and his wife Betty Huxman who are travel- ing in Southern France for the year. Betty has been working hard on her new novel, HHow to Capture a Cannibal". Our last person absent is NVillis Loganbill, who having taken up the car- eer of a boxer, has been having a "cooling off" period at the North Pole, for misbehavior in the ring. Upon entering my office this morning, Elsie Stucky, who has done a splendid job in keep- ing my books up to par, told me she has finally accepted a diamond from Stan Sehrag who is President of K. U. Stan has been wooing Elsie for 23 years. The event will take place this com- ing summer. James Dyck, Chemical Engineer for Bubble Cum Company, still as charming as he always was, has been courting Joan Krehbiel, winner of the 1970 Academy Award for that "sly act- ing" in the role of "Queen .Jezebel of the Aztecsn. The marriage will take place as soon James can rid himself of the former Evelyn Vogt. He claims she picks his pockets and makes him cook all the meals. Al Stucky has found time to come to Olll' re- union from VVashington, D. C., where he is a "Dark Horse" candidate for next year's presi- dency. lt is a great pleasure to have Don Goering with us, who has traveled all the way from Buenos Aires to attend this reunion. Because of his brilliant mind, he has been teaching monkeys how to read and writeg which has brought him fame and fortune. Glancing over the audience we spy Virginia Toevs, who flew up from Tokyo where she is operating a Beauty Salon, piercing the Japanese women's ears. Sitting next to Virginia we find none other than Gary Krehbiel, who is now on strike. Shortly after his graduation, Gary join- ed a union and has worked his way to head- quarters where he has taken over most of the work of the now old and feeble John L. Lewis. Continuing our search over the audience we find Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Wedel. Mrs. Wedel is the former Dolores .Iohnson. We are certainly happy to see them here. They are operating a fur trading center in Alaska. They are both clothed in rich luxurious furs, indicating that they are either prosperous or mighty cold in this climate. Surprise! As soon as this feature of our pro- gram is eoncluided, we have the wonderful an- nouncement to make that none other but that well-known baritone from the Metropolitan Op- era Co. has consented to render an Aira--the celebrated Mr. Curtis Dean Huffman. And who would you guess is sitting at the front table gaz- ing up at him in adoration, but his wife Marjorie Bender Huffman. Marjorie is a noted career wo- nviait she peddles brooms in the streets of New 'or . We are very happy to have with us Alvin Mod- delmog sitting in the audience. He is very suc- cessful in his "Moddelmog Fix 'Em Shopn. He has just patented his latest discovery, which is a streamlined jet-propelled baby-walker, with Master Deluxe Model siding and knee action fea- tures. In a far corner I see VVayne Krehbiel, who has stopped chasing women and opened a stable for Pedigreed Morans tracing horses, that isl. Across the table we see Corky Regier, who is making eyes at him. After seeing this we un- derstand why Ethel so suddenly changed her profession from a Plastic Surgeon to a Veterin- arian. And who is that flashing black-haired blonde? None other than Margie Penner, who as dyed her hair. Margie is manager of the All-American team from Elyria. She will not be able to stay for the entire program. She has to hurry back to Madison Round Garden on the Island of Alcatraz, where her team will play for the Olym- pic title of 1973. Mr. and Mrs. VVayne Stucky have been mar- ried only 10 years and are still on their honey- moon. They are spending this month sight-see- ing in McPherson Coufnty. VVayne's wife, the former Lois Schlender, claims that each year their honeymoon becomes more dear to them. Delene Waltner and Ethel Vogt. old maids, are co-partners in the love-lorn column entitled, "The Final PlungefAnd How To Prepare For It" As for myself, I have the sweetest little wife! .lane Stucky. She still warbles in her high voice each morning, just like a bird in the gilded cage. Did I say cage? VVhy, that's impossible, I'm pro- viding her with all she wants-after all, I am the World's Champion in Tiddle-Dee-Winks! This takes care of all our former classmates. The banquet has been a big success and we are happy so many of the class of 1948 could attend. Our next get-together will be our 50th reunion, op May 11, 1998. So until then, good-luck to all 0 you. V 4 512601 Ufan VVe, the Seniors of 1948, being of firm body and sound mind founded on truth, are hereby willing to pass on our individual possessions and talents, trusting that you will keep the spirit ot' M. H. S. alive and flourishing! This being our last will and testament to you, we hope you will not take the following state- ments as slams, but as valuable assets to those upon whom they are bestowed, and may they be a continual reminder of the generosity of the Senior Class. To the future classes of M. H. S. we will our ways of being different. XVith this we hope you can improve BI. H. S. as much as we did. NVe, as a class, will our ability to co-operate on choosing caps and gowns to the ,496l'S. To Mr. Greer, our superior, we will all our financial difficulties for our sneak, so he might realize the necessity of hard earned money and help Senior Classes in the future. To the dear faculty we leave many pleasant memories of smiling faces and good deeds twe hopel. And now we bequeath our individual talents and possessions to the needy under elassmen. Violette Krehbiel passes on to Catherine Sehlender her large sparkling eyes-"The bet- ter to see with, Cathyli' 'l'o Gordon Stucky, Dean Huffman wills his athletic ability and Chaperone over his steady. VVayne Krehbiel bequeaths his girl friends in rival cities to his brother and protege, Larry. Lois Schlender wills her ability of knowing how to win the teachers to Leland f'Hum Rum" Goering, hoping to help him out in detention. Gerald Kaufman wills his slow walk to Stan- ley Koehn. .lane Stucky wills her singing voice to Gladys Koehn. May she help the Girls' Glee Club get a Highly Superior next year. To Bill Regier, Alvin Moddelmog bequeaths the privilege of taking all hitch-hikers tespec- ially "Doc's load? to school and getting them there safe and sound. Roland Schrag wills his F. F. A. basketball ability to Eugene Hachman. Kenneth Koenig wills his camouflage revers- ible pants to Dewey Huffman, with tears at part- ing. Now Dewey's sly remarks will be unseen by teachers. To Bob Gray, .loan Krehbiel wills her jazzy snare drum playing. Go to it, Bob! Elsie Stueky bequeaths her quiet disposition to Marjean VValtner. VVe hope the teachers and all others concerned will appreciate the change. To Geneva Goering, Delene Waltner wills her blond hair. May the contrast become her. YVillis Loganbill is proud of his hair, but will part with enough to cover Mr. Boese's shiny dome. Dolores Johnson has bequeathed her rides to school to Lois Eck. VVe hope she will enjoy them as much as Dee did. Albiert' Stueky wills his false tooth to anyone getting one knocked out in basketball next year. ln order to eut off the main subject and cover up what is most interesting, namely the pres- ent height ot' fashion, Ethel ltegier wills her long skirts to Arlene Zerger. Margie Penner enjoys playing the piano, but Helen Schrag is being willed her ability to tickle those ivorles too. Dale Goering has consented to will his crew- euts to Vernon Lohrentz. May the change not shock the student body too greatly. To George Graber, Eugene Krehbiel wills his trips to the office. NYe hope he will enjoy the comfort of the office chairs as well as Cot has. Mae Dee ltegier gives her position as soda jerk first-class to Hattie Toews . 'l'o Bob Miller, Donald Goering wills his ability to get "A's". VVe,re sure Bob will take advantage of this and will therefore be out of high school in four years. Evelyn Vogt wills her typing speed to Keith Koller. He might find use for it in Typing next year. To Frieda Fulk, Marjorie Bender wills her shortness. lt will now take less material for the "new look". Stanley Schrag wills his "Charles Atlas" build to Eugene Stueky. XVe hope that will aid Eugene in becoming Football Captain in '54l. Virginia Toevs wills her neat hair-dos to all the girls in M. H. S. NVayne Stueky wills his "hook" shots to Don- ald lfnruh, in hoping it will help M. H. S. get to the state tournaments again. Earl Neufeld wills his slowness to Mr. lsely. Why always rush J. T? Neuf aways comes through. .lames Dyck bequeaths to Ernie Dirks his "cute" curl. Betty Huxman wills her giggles to Verna Stueky. We hope they will keep her out of trouble more than they did Huxy! To any pretty girls who forgot to leap this year, Delbert VVedel wills his twins brothers. Gerald Krehbiel wills his ability to catch eoons to Betty Stucky, in hope's that she will soon have a new coon fur coat. To Neva Kaufman, Ethel Vogt wills the fun of spending her evenings with the same fella'. As we come to the close of these bestowals, we heartily wish you, the under classmen, many memories of our pleasant associations together in times past. In witness whereof, we, the class of '48, the testators, have to this will set our hands and seal this eleventh day of May, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight. , vim Y' "1 F. .el We, the Journalism Class of 1948, wish to acknowledge and to express 'ippreclatlon to the fol lowing firms who have helped with their contributions to make thls yearbook posslhle Bill's Cafe Davis Cafe Eck Hatchery Orth Drug Store Moundridge Studio J. J. Allen, Dentist Citizens State Bank Moundridge Motors Wichita Eagle, Inc. Moundridge Journal Achme Chemical Co. Krehbiel Hardware Co. C. J. Graber, Insurance Moundridge Milling Co. P. D. Frantz, Insurance BaIdwin's Firestone Store Delbert V. Preheim, M. D. Kaufman Mercantile Co. Clayton Vogt Lumber Co. Ted Krehbiel, Auctioneer Moundridge Telephone Co. L. L. Lehmberg, Insurance Morris-Mueller Drug Store Roth Motor Company, Inc. Churchill Manufacturing Co MiIo's Paint 8: Body Service D. L. Harder Furniture Store J. G. Stucky SL Sons IGA Store Moundridge Mill SL Elevator Co Farmers Co-operative Association Hutchinson Coca Cola Bottling Co Farm 81 Industry Shops-Phone 320 Moundridgc Cooperative Creamery Co Moundridge Cooperative Elevator Association nl U63 Suaasai of fpsuszuazanaa .L-, 54LLfO3 'LQPEL R JLTYLSQL, 1 !i ? U, Q-1 fkvcgbm YU 5 f rfb ,Wm :Lb U71 P nfq'c"Ll 1+w, XCJY-.Nm V fu q L ny' gif- 6 M AJ ...,,-70 J - Q if if yww-ll' UJWMFOC, A Jovxwg L7 Em'M f' Q , L-Q frN9AJ'l7'J kiwi Wx 4 , , ff Q .QL -Q QIfL,y!4,L.,o 0C'9QlvNQQQQ,XgX,,,,. 3- JJLIJ jf" Af , 1' , if fy , fill' ' A ,U ,Lp q fX5i4J.,MfW ii Ji X Vt XMW7' lang ?f4ijQ,x 0, if Mgr 00-ww fd X,5,,w L M , A f Q A WM' V wx ff 'J' J lf SM M 'V' JJ' Jw , I -u ft fmm, -,Jfy.,2 ff6"t"""d XX L,,,f2kl1fC X Q fkksbx f WF' my 'lL' VMw D14 gm LX L kg J f 1 I L 4 Z f ' Q. CX , X ny! i'5Z ,,W ?fAm1,i!M Q Mg fn f fl Uf 6 ! ,X ,jr " - fix g 4, L, ' 'C 'xg is S xofwfff S: M dl-lx "-X Q-Q 1Mh'!'l" N Q A 5 Q ,AX Q xg M 1 A M. L, -wa ff QS Q3 B GX 5,091 M 1 is E S -Y i gg -I9 'I' U fs-KJ' SN K ilu .. nr'-950 K 1 3? .' 3 -2- - Film R il v NQ R Ni-f Q X-Q 2, K V , Zhi, N 1 5 vw f awww ffffff X4 Q Q K Mfb M'v ,fwwfffw NS W fs' 9 My MJ WOAPJQ E ff W A N M KR X 93 1 Zavyv jing' Vp .Km f 3595555 N ?NNww gxg . R' Q5 A Sk, ffm-QAENQ 2' 2 Q M Q Q N E Qi SS? M S i Q gf if SQEQ SX. W .J , I W ' 1 X1 We

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