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1984-1985 MOHIAN Remember your years at M.W.H.S. for you have ... TABLE OF CORTEPiTS OPEHIHG ACTIVITIES PEOPLE ACADEMICS SPORTS CLOSING I- 16 17• 41 42- 95 96129 130-165 166-176Only once will this year happen. We will have our memories but the chance to live them is here now. Let’s make the most of it. Make the times with your friends special for in the future you will be apart. Keep searching and soon you will find yourself. The time is here now-let's begin-don't look back-For you have........ ONL Y ONCE OpeningFRIENDS FOREVER Remember walking through those high school doors at the beginning of the year and feeling a little excitement? Yes, excitement. Of course the excitement wasn’t for the first day of school but because you were finally going to see those friends you’d lost touch with in the summer. Another year was about to begin. A year of parties, and nights out with the gang. The friendships at Mound last through the years and even though the miles will come between us the memories will always remain. 4 — OpeningOpening — 5SUMMER When summer finally arrived Mound Wes tonka students were ready. We put on our swimming suits and jumped in the boats, we were off to Big Island. However, as the summer progressed we had to go work our summer jobs. Students were found at Fletchers. A W. Pizza on the Lake, and many others. When we weren't working we could probably be found at parties, mini putting. boating, and just plain relaxing. As the nights grew cooler and the days shorter, we came out of our dream world and went back to reality. the reality of school. But the summer nights remained in our thoughts for we knew that vacation comes only once a year. Top-Jenny Strand. Kris Kohls. Dana Lewman. and Kim Zuhcrt spend a relaxing day in Duluth. Mid-Bart Simon takes a break on the lake. bot. Icft-ls that Kip Vance behind those Foster Grants? Bot. right-Who are you winking at Lisa? 6 — Opening iilwii  Top "The gang" at big island. Mid. left Barb Bit tie cools off in Lake Minnetonka. Mid. right-Becky. Becky, and Laura spent most of their summer watching the guys at Lake Harriet Bot-Jeff and Dave say "Hi" ■ ■«r M iiii uwm-, JHM Opening — 7AROUND MOUND WESTONKA What’s around Mound Wes tonka? Mound is filled with spirit, pride and lots of students, 956 to be exact. Many of these students can be found falling asleep in class, cramming for a test or taking advantage of the trial activity period. Wherever they are you can bet they are counting the minutes until the weekend begins. Weekend activities range from spending time at a local hangout (Hardee’s and McDonalds) to a last minute party. One thing for sure. Mound students know how to have fun! 8 — OpeningOpening — 9ALMOST PARADISE Homecoming Coronation took place on Monday afternoon October 8th this year. Emcees for the event were Paul Beard and Shelly Zimmerman. After the 1983 Homecoming queen. Tracy Ericson's letter was read, the 1984 Homecoming court was introduced. Football captains. Jerry Bradley and Hob lilies paced among the candidates creating suspense and then finally crowned Kristin Downey our 1984 Homecoming Queen. The theme song “Almost Paradise" was sung by Dave Dongoskc and Kristi Frahm. — OpeningMonday ■ Dress up Day Talent Show Tuesday ■ Girls be Guys Guys be Girls Wednesday • Toga Day Pizza Party Thursday • Hawaiian Day Hall Decoration Friday Red and White Day Football Game Saturday • Dance 12 — OpeningMEMORIES LIKE THESE HAPPEN ONLY ONCE Opening — 13“THE GAME” The Homecoming Football game proved to be the highlight of this years Homecoming festivities. The game was against the Eden Prairie Eagles and even though the game was lost, it proved to be one of the most high spirited games of the season. 14 — OpeningOpening — 15GLASS The junior class officers have been very busy this year. They started a number of fund raisers early in the school year for the Junior Senior Prom. They are responsible for this exciting event, everything from location to the entertainment. Junior Officers: Laura Hcntges. Paul Baier. Jerry Johanning, Jamie Flannery. Sophomore officers: Lance Weber. Sosamma Samuel. Cherie Norum. Rick Roeloffs. Activities — 18OFFICERS The senior officers have been busy this year. They have been working for a great graduation party for the seniors as a major project. One of the fund raisers for the party was raffle ticket sales. Senior officers: Pete Gregg. Kip Vance. Jeff Ken Knight. Dave Dongoskc. Freshmen officers: Nicole Bergeron. Kirsten Blount. Michelle Glesne. Stephanie McDaniel. Activities — 19H I A N 4 8 Row I: R. Sloan. Editors: S. Fleischer. K. Frahm, C. Kaster. L. Bigauette. L. Walters. P. Gregg. S. Carlton. P. Ska ret Row 2: J. Flannery. C. Olstad. M. Rascop Activities — 20how I: J. Liljeberg. V. Larson. S. Nelson. Mr. Mchale Row 2: M. Rascop. L. Campbell. S. Carlton. L. Smith, J. Frommelt. S. Zimmerman SMOKE SIGNAL Activities — 21CA HC OT R I AV LI T I E VARSITY CHOIR: Row I: Af. Buerkle. K. Pitsch. S. Helget. S. Sucrth. R. Thompton. L. Walman. A. Bergquist. L. Petrlch. T. Kinney. C. Henson. K. Wilsey. C. Norum. L. Lehman. K. Carson. S. Powell. Row 2: K. Henthorne. J. Morrison. R. Lange. A. Riggles. Af. Moore. J. Hawley. L. Lehman. R. Flat land. W. Lallas. P. Remington. K. Shaw. A. Hehl. K. Frahm. J. Opitz. J. Jensen. Row 3: S. Wolner. D. Monsrud. Af. Neesen. J. Zinn. L. Weber. C. Teien. S. Simar. J. Fritz. R. Roelofs. J. Dale. J. Fletcher. B. Mayer. K. Bame. D. Allyn. Af. Mernik. M. Conkey. Row I: Af. McMIllen. B Larson. L. Thibault. K. Blaunt. N. Bergeron. T. Watkins. T. Washburn. L. Raster. S. Schmidt. R. Rockvam. C. Margeson. N. Boy Ian. L. Hultgren. A. Opitz. J. Langford Row 2: S. Butler. K. Downey. K. Fisher. A. Archibald. K. Hartwell. C. Starkman. K. Lassek. S. Rockvam. J. Campbell. A. Sheehan. V. Solstad. T. Darling. L. Giles. C. Conkey. Row 3: C. Leopold. N. Harrel. J. Eiss. R. Winter. C. Lundcen. R. Nustad. J. Hopkins. C. Hames. C. Heft. T. Gould 22 —ActivitiesRow I: K. Frahm. C. Nelson. E. Larson. C. Raster. B. Archibald. K. Lundberg. J. Strand. D. Lewman. S. Fritz. L. Campbell. J. Heitcamp. S. Zimmerman. N. Keller. C. Schubach. Row 2: R. Meland. J. Morin. K. Christenson. K. Jones. M. Litman. S. Hallowcll. L. Walters. L. Demonchaux. J. Brown. C. Seehusen. C. Oldrc. T. Nordlie. S. Fleischer. J. Butler. Row 3: M. Larson. A. Chatlani. J. Olson. J. Ohmann. B. Cooper. H. Miller. S. Hanson. C. Coede. J. KenKnight. T. Monsrud. Row A: P. Kelly. K. Scott. B. Schlichting. B. Whitney. D. Lassek. M. McClinsky. S. Dworakoski. C. Stafanoc. D. Dongoske The Mound Westonka Choral Depart-ment is one of a kind. The students participating in the choral program are very dedicated and talented, which is why the program excels. The four choirs are under the direction of Robert Hotvet, who is a dedicated and talented man himself. Besides working with the other choirs he gives his time and talent to a number of students teaching private voice lessons. The program is not only appreciated by the students but also by the community. Row I: M. Fadell. H. Linquist. N. Allen. B. Brown Row 2: C. Belch. A. Vegners. A. Harris. L. Maslow. S. Miller. T. Watkins Activities — 23HALL MONITOR AIDES WEINER WINK CLUB N G E L W U B S GLEE CLUB Activities — 24JANITORIAL AIDES FOREIGN AIDE MORNING COUNTRY KITCHEN CLUB Activities — 25 Row I: G. Peterson. M. Stutsman. S. Hour. C. Johnson. Row 2: Mr. Esselman. D. Lovaasen. P. Armstrong. D. Rath. WORK PROGRAM In high school educational needs as well as financial needs are big concerns for students. The students in the work program at Mound agree. These students are excused from school early each day to work at jobs in the community. Row I: Y. Lundholm. K. VanLaanen. M. Conkcy. Row 2: M. Selle. Mr. Esselman. B. Miles. J. Annen. Activities — 26Activities — 27 VO-TECHRow I: S. Erger. R. Crawford. At. Kowalski. J. Kochnen. L. David. K. Stewart. Row 2: J. Jacobson. J. Williams. P. Brown. P. Phillips. L. Raze. J. Leaply. A. Enllsh. Row 3: J. Anderson. D. Lassek. P. Carlson. At. Hoogenakker. L. Primeau. At. Stutsman. Row 4: C. Arneson. D. D'Avia. D. Sandemier. S. Ringstro. T. Darling. P. Olson. Row 5: Atr. Furlong. R. Sloan. B. Suhon. C. Alvarez. R. Flemmal. E. Butler. D. D’Avia. DECA MOEA Once again many students at Mound Westonka are holding part-time jobs. The school has two programs in which a student can have a job that counts as credit towards graduation. Distributive Ed. and Office Ed. offers job training in business. sales, office and communication skills. Many of these students take part in competitions held at the state and national levels. Both programs teach the skills needed to be successful in the business world. Activities — 28Row I: D. Albertson. J. (Jglcm. S. Pauly. S. Green. Row 2: J. Stallman. J. Steere. L. Kohls. S. Newman. C. Freeburg. Row 3: M. Warden. D. Betlach. D. Stein. P. Kramer. Mr. Muth. The Mentor Program is a new and exciting program at Mound, it's goals is to give students access to professional role models in the community, raise student awareness of education and career options and to give students the opportunity to learn beyond the limits of the high school curriculum. MENTOR Activities — mMOUND POP SINGERS The Pop Singers is a group of 32 talented and dedi- cated students. They are under the direction of Robert Hot vet. Jane Bram-billa and their choreographer Pam Hog-land. The students are wide awake and practicing at 6:30 in the morning Monday thru Friday. They perform approximately 40 shows a year. The Pop Singers put a lot of time and hard work to make their show exciting and enjoyable. The twenty singers, nine band members, three sound and light members work together and represent some of the talent here at Mound Westonka. Activities — 30 r Row I: Dance Cap't L. Walters. Cast Cap't D. Lewman. Row 2: K. Frahm. T. Monsrud. S. Fleischer. J. Morin. J. Olson. C. Raster. Row 3: P. Kelly. L. Campbell. M. Larson. B. Whitney. J. Flatz. L. De Monchaux. A. Chatlani. Row 4: G. Kinney. P. Goshgarian. C. Goede. S. Fritz. S. Hallowell. N. Keller. Dance Cap’t D. Dongoske. P. Gregg. S. Dworakoski. Row 5: K. Scott. L. Buckmiller. E. Larson. D. Lassek. S. Hansen. T. Hordlie. J. Butler. M. McGlinsky. Activities — 31Row I: Pres: B. Woclffcr. V-Prcs: J. Wolner. Sec: R. Flatland. Tres: R. Sloan. Row 2: S. Fritz. L. DeMonchaux. D. Hamlin. C. MacCharles. A. Beito. J. (Jglem. J. Schoening. Row 3: A. Sacks. T. Ecklund. D. Pellet. T. Watkins. A. Bonnema. A. Hehl. K. Carlson. L. Lehman. S. Larson. Row 4: S. Miller. M. Rascop. J. Adams. S. Powell. S. Suerth. D. Winnen. Row 5: R. Bitney. L. Boerner. K. Gauvin. M. Baker. H. Jackson. came to Mound this July from Oslow nor way. I live in a small town of approximately 1600 people. My home town is in one of the largest ski centers in northern Europe, located in the Burgan Mountains. I do some downhill skiing but my favorite is cross country skiing. I am living with the Glassco family and I love them all. I have met many new friends here at Mound and I already dread my return to nor way, for I love them very much. ATS CLUBMARCHING BAND Row I: S. Fritz. L. Bigaoette. J. Brose. Row 2: D. Newton. K. Zubert. D. Lewman. C. Henson. Row 1: M. Fritz. S. Krueger. R. Rockvam. Activities — 33Row I: H. Jackson. D. Stark. P. Zubert. M. Baker. P. Doyle. B. Chelberg. J. Coshgarian Row 2: J. McIntyre. J. Liljeberg. G. Kinney. J. Fritz. J. Hedberg. G. Chelberg. J. Cherba. S. Corl. R. Litman. D. Crocker. V. Larson. K. Kautz. D. Doyle. A. Groth. M. Annis. B. Kehoe Row I: K. Lauer. M. McMillen. T. Smith. S. McDaniel. K. Margeson. J. Leaply. S. Hall. T. Johnson. A. Nasset. L. Davisson. S. Schleif. Row 2: J. Cherba. C. Hedberg. D. Norum. G. Hatch. P. Melsness. R. Norberg. L. Stallman. R. Jacobson. Row 3: J. Hamblet. K. Hayes. S. Lock. R. Litman. A. Groth, D. Crocker. M. Annis. E. Rosen. M. Purdes. J. Smith. J. Goshgarian. B. Richards. J. Maas. Percussion: S. Corl. C. Oberhauser. G. Fairbanks. M. Maxfield. D. Stark. BAND PROGRAM 34 — ActivitiesRow I: A. Hehl. R. Braatz. C. McCharlcs. L. Nelson. S. Krueger. J. Albeck. C. Kohls. D. Milovich. S. Nelson, C. Norum. L. Nelson. L. Buckmlller. D. Hamlon Row 2: E. Henlhorne. J. Llljeberg. S. Larson. D. Jenks. C. Olstad Row 3: G. Chelberg. P. Goshgarian. J. Fritz. L. Ward. G. Kinney. R. Goslin, B. Clark. D. Crawford. H. Jackson. L. Visscr, J. McIntyre. K. Koopman. P. Lehtola. J. Strand. J. Kleine Row 4: A. Lehtola. K. Kautz. T. Gunderson. C. Christionson. V. Larson. T. Rines. M. Nelson. P. Davisson. P. Babb. D. Doyle. B. Kehoe. M. Baker. B. Chelberg. S. Hanson. P. Doyle. K. Pflug Row 5: T. Babb. P. Zubert. J. Schwanke. C. Davis. B. Whitney The bands of Mound-Westonka had a full and productive year. The ninth grade and wind ensemble each performed four major concerts to keep them busy. The wind ensemble took five days in April to thaw out their instruments in Los Angeles. The Jazz Band, performing more than ever, also spread the talent and spirit of Mound to other cities. They performed at conventions, different concerts and at the district and state festivals. At the Homecoming game the marching band, with it’s new flag corp. showed how hard they worked and that cooperation can really pay off and make everyone proud. Activities — 35Activities — 36 DON’T DRINKThe Cast: M. Vickerman. J. Fritz, S. Samuel. D. Allyn. J. Brown. B. Mayer. J. Campbell. R. Gramhill. A. Hehl. A. Sheehan. The Production Crew: R. Sundcen. J. Drew. T. Mclin. A. Opitz. R. Gramhill. M. Vickerman. K. Lassek. E. Anderson. S. Schmidt. The Direction and Design was by Tom Leuchtenbcrg. a teacher at Orono High School. THE WATER Activities — 37STUDENT SENATE Row ; S. Carlton. K. Downey. K. Schmidt. P. McCurdy. R. Thompton. S. Samuel. E. Larson. D. Goblirsch. Parent advision: M. Newton. Row 2: Advisor: Mr. Humerickhouse. P. Baier. P. Kchoe. K. Ingstad. P. Davisson. Row 3: L. Visser. S. Hallowell. J. Morin. OFFICERS: PRESIDENT: Steve Carlton VICE PRESIDENT: Paul Baier TREASURER: Keith Ingstad SECRETARY: Peggy Kehoe ADVISOR: Mr. Humerickhouse PARENT ADVISOR: Marlene Newton This year the Student Senate has been extremely productive. They put on all of the Homecoming festivities as well as the Sno Daze fun. They have also played a large role in keeping the activity period a part of the students day. Activities —38J. Adams. L. Buckmiller. G. Chelbcrg. S. Fleischer. J. Frommelt. S. Hallowcll. D. Hamlin. S. Hanson. K. Ingstad. C. Kaster. fi. Keller. P. Kelly. G. Kinney. J. Landon. K. Kohls. M. Larson. V. Larson, T. Lehman. D. Lewman. J. Llljeberg. C. McCharles. A. Manthei. D. Milovich. P. Moore. C. Oas. M. O'Reilly. L. Saari, R. Sellnow. P. Skaret, J. Strand. E. Westerland. B. Widmer. B. Woelffer. K. Zubert. L. Campbell. K. Christionson. D. Crawford. J. Flannery. C. Goede. C. Hallers. P. Jackson. C. Jacobson. M. McGlinsky. J. Morin. P. Moss. T. fiordlie. J. Ohmann. C. Olstad. L. Powers. B. Schlictiong. K. Schubach. M. Segner. R. Stillings. H. Touba. D. Umbehocker. J. Walton. The national Honor Society meets after school and during activity period with Mrs. Salsbury and Mr. Strand. Despite the groups low publicity it has accomplished quite a bit this year. Beginning with $5.00 in funds the society earned enough money through slave day. poinsettias and the computer matching fund raiser to sponsor a Sadie Hawkins dance. The group also sponsored a fourteen year old Indonesian child. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Activities — 396 E R M A N Row J- Pauly. M. Rascop. M. Buerklc, C. Pitsch. P. Moore Row 2: C. Raster. R. Sloan. L. Larson. K. Gustavson. R. Flatland Row 3: B. Umbehocker. M. Miller. K Gravenstein. J. Adams G Activities — 40Row 1: P. Larson. V. Larson. S. Powell. L. Walman. R. Jacobson. T. Hoffman. A. Opitz. J. Campbell Row 2: K. Hall. L. Boerner. A. Bonema. P. Moore. R. Flatland, M. Baker. M. Latola. T. Blackowiak Row 3: G. Hatch. D. Crocker. Ms. Vargus. S. Schmidt. S. Schleif. A. Sheehna, K. Swedenborg You can do it Burk! The Spanish Club took a field trip with Ms. Vargas to understand their proximity to Hispanic Americans. The group visited the multicultural center at Maxfield School in St. Paul. They also went to lunch at OT Mexico!! Activities — 41 People — 43TYPICAL FRESHMEN 44 — PeoplePeople — 45Aadland. Mary Adams, Kealy Albertson. Dennis Allriichter. Eugene Ambrose. Graeden Amundson, Gregg Anderson, Diane Anderson. Eric Annis, Michael Archibald. Alicia A meson. Erik Baanrud. Michele Bailey. Kyle Bakalyar. Tony Bazewicz. Sean Berg. Laurie Bergeron. Nicole Bergquist. Paul Betlach. Holly Bjerke. Chad Blackowiak. Tami Blount. Kirsten Bosma. Shannon Bozonie. Christopher Brettin. Lisa Brown. Patti Brueggmeicr. Troy Butler. Sara Callinan. Daniel Carlson. Linda Carlson. Ross Carrier. Kristen Cherba. John Christianson. Heather Codings. Michael Cone. Amy Conkey. Carolyn Coppin, William Corl. Scott Co veil. Gregory Crocker. Daniel Dahl. Brian 46 — PeopleDaly. Brendan Darling. Tila Davidson. Lee Davis. Troy Davisson. Elizabeth Devick. Jodi Ditsch. Brian Doshan. Mark Downey. Kcllc Drongeson. Eric Eiss. Jonahton Emery. Paula Erdman. Heidi Erhart. Christopher Fairbanks. Garrett Fiveland. Kimyla Foote. Tina Foy, Tiffany Franta. Tom Geffre. Joan Gelhaye. Kathryn Gclo. Daniel Giles. Leanna Glesne. Michelle Gnitka. Brenda Goshgarian. John Grierson. William Grimes. Craig Groth. Andrew Gustafson. Heidi Hall. Krystl Halluska, Peter Hames. Colin Hanson. Kim Hanson. Stacy Harmon, Aaron People — 47Harrell. Nick las Hartwell. Kristi Hatch. Gregory ■Hayes. Keith Hedberg. Christopher Heilers. Rebecca Hitchings. Dana Hoeft. Chad HoUerber. Eric Hollen, Andrew Holm. Kimberly Hopkins. Jason Hultgren. Lori Ingle. Kenneth Jacobson. Rachel Janos. Patrick Jenson. Breck Johnson. Shane Johnson. Tamera Kaster. Laura Kaufhold. Neil Kelly. Colleen Knutson. Ted Kuhbander. Kristine Kuhlman. Casandra Kurvers. Amy Lacrosse. Rebecca Lamarre. Ann Landavazo. Felicia Langford. Joy Larson. Bridget Larson. William Lassek. Karen Lauer, Katheryn Laurent. Cheri Leapley. Jennifer 48 — PeopleLemke. Todd Leopold. Cory Linn. James Linner. Jonathon Lister. Kimberly Litman. Ryan Lock. Steven Love. Deanna Lundeen. Charles Maas. Jason Manthei. Jill Marquardt. John Maxficld. Maria Maxwell. Dodi McNevin. Todd McDaniel. Stephanie McMillan. Michelle McMillan. Molly Melness. Peter Mierzejcwski. Ocoy Miller. Stephanie Mittelstaedt. Matthew Mittelstaedt. Michael Moeller. Jon Mohn. Douglas Moore. Danial Nasset. Ann Norberg. Renee Nor ring. Amy Norum. Derrick Nustad. Ross Oberhauser. Christopher Olexa. Allen Olson. Ann Olson. Holly Olvcr. Tracy People — 49Opitz. Amy Pahl. Kenneth Paine. Shawn Paradise. James Peterson. Erik Pratley. Leslie Primeau. Keith Purdes. Michael Rappe. Judd Reese. Conway Reese. Gregory Regan. Kelli Rettler. Steven Richards. Ben Rockvam. Roxanne Rockvam. Stacy Rosen. Edward Ruisenor. Juan Schleif, Sara Schliesman. Nicholas Schmidt. Karen Schmidt. Stephanie Scholtz, Rolf Scrivner. Andrew Segner. Mark Sheehan. Anita Sidders. Jennifer Skibicki. David Sloan. Lorene Smith. Jared Smith. Jeffery Smith. Richard Smith. Tamara Snyder. Edwin Solstad. Virginia Stallman. Laura 50 — PeopleStark. Dale Starkman. Sherryl Stccrc. Shari Stcfanoc. Tracy Stewert. Jennifer Stillings. Reid Svoboda. Robert Swedenborg. Krista Thibault. Lisa Thurber. Lisa Trapnell. Jennifer Vanhorsen. Jackie Vogelgesang. Robert Wagstrom. Erica Walker. Curtis Washburn. Tracy Weber. Terry Westfall. Todd White. Wendy Willis. Robert Winter. Reed Wood. Jason Wood. Sandra Woodson. Stephanie Wroda. Kimberly Youngstrand. Scott NOT PICTURED: Alvarez. Anthony: Anderson. Andrea: Bedell. Steven: Bitney. Richard: Boylan. Nancy: Campbell. Heath: Dale, Jeff: Eggersgluss. Tammy: Erickson. Steven: Gould. Timothy: Gravelle. Scott: Green. Nancy: Gustafson. Brian: Hall. Stephanie: Hamblet. John: Holm. Michael: Hook. Joeseph: Hunder. Amy: Johnson. Eric: Johnson. Lance: Lindquist. A lex a: Mccul lough. Laura: Misowiec. Lloyd: Muenck. Stefan: Neve. David: Norton. Curtis: Oberembt. Joseph: Otto. James: Pehrson. Meagan: Peterson. Jon: Pissi. Paul: Rodewald. Douglas: Sarvi. Jennifer: Struss. Darin: Stuart. David: Swanson. William: Thomas. Keely: Tollman. Kelly: Watkins. Marie: Wiese. James: People — 51GUESS WHO ????TOP LEFT: Marc Kowalski. TOP RIGHT: Julie Reed Winter. MIDDLE LEFT: Peggy Kehoe. MIDDLE CENTER: Dana Lewman. MIDDLE RIGHT: Ty Mon-strud. BOTTOM LEFT: Mary Denneny Missy Fritz. BOTTOM RIGHT: Shelly Dewitt. RIGHT PAGE. TOP LEFT. Scott Kevin Fiske. TOP RIGHT: Julie Martin. MIDDLE LEFT. Kristen Downey. Janelle Mar cotte. Kim Zubert. Michele Lawrence. Kathy Christensen. Kristi Frahm. Natalie. MIDDLE RIGHT: Darcy Betlach. BOTTOM LEFT. Kelly Austin. BOTTOM RIGHT: Pattie Larson People — 53TOP LEFT: Kara Frahm looking as seductive as possible TOP RIGHT: Jeff Fritz flashing his flourescent whites. MIDDLE LEFT: Betsy Grierson looking her best. MIDDLE RIGHT: Rick Gramhill showing off his latest "girl" BOTTOM: Tom Derner saying his favorite expression “FIHE” SOPHS • • • • • 54 — PeopleTOP LEFT: Brian “STUD" Balsaneh. TOP RIGHT: “bcstest buddies"MIDDLE LEFT: friends forever. MIDDLE RIGHT: ZZZZZZZZHI BOTTOM: Soph’s: John Raster. Cara Vogel, Doug SIMON. Julie Smith. SOPHS People — 55A histrom. Cari Albertson, Daniel Alexander. Heath Ambrose. Erik Anderson. Dominic Anderson. Kari Armstrong. Amy Aspholm. Tammy Austin. Kirsten Bailey. Blaine Balsanek. Brian Bame. Kevin Bame. Stephanie Beauchamp. Michael Beise. John Belcourt. Brett Betsch, Christina Betsch. Stacy Bjerke. William Blasko. Thomas Boerner. Lori Bonnema. Amy Bosma. Steven Brandenburg. Lisa Breen. Kari Brown. Elizabeth Brown. Jane Bryce. Cindy Buerkle. Maria Bullock. Brian Burriss. Roderick Carlson. Kathryn Carlton. Karalyn Caster. Colleen Cat ton. David Chelberg. Robert Christensen. Ginger Clem. Tiffany Conkey. Michael Dale. John Demarco. Richard Doyle. David 56 — PeopleDoyle. Paul Drof. Damien Durish. Joy Eccles. Scott Elam. Robert Fade!I. Michelle Falls. Paul Fiske. Kevin Fleming. Jeffrey Fletcher. James Frahm. Kara Frenchik. Michael Fritz. Jeffrey Cauvin. Kristin Ceffre. Jacquelyn Gentes. Steven Goblirsch. Danielle Goddard. Drew Goodman. Steven Gramhill. Richard Gribovsky. Peter Gustafson. Bradley Gustafson. Christine Hall. Carl Hamblet. Jodie Hansen. Carie Hansen. Tracy Hanson. Peter Hanson. Tracy Hastings. Pamela Hawley. Jen nine Hay. Thomas Hebert. Julie Hchl, Anne Helget. Susan Hendrickson. Lori Hentges. Andrea Henthorne. Kathlynn Hermann. Traci Honour. Kirk Horgan. William Horner. Donald People — 57Hunt, Alexandra Hurley. Patrick Hyytinen. Dean Ingle, Gary Jackson, Heidi Janos, Barbara Jenks, Deborah Jensen. Ross Jerde. Beth Johanning. James Johnson. Holly Johnson. Steven Jordahl. Larissa Jordan. Tommy Kalal. Melissa Raster, John Kehoe, William Kelly. Patrick Kickhafer, Kathryn King. Louis Kinney. Tonya Kline. Heidi Knowles. Rena Koch. Daniel Kokesch. Keith Koopman. Thomas Kozar. Shannon Kramer. Kerry Kramer. Lisa Kuglin, Carla Kuntz. Emily Lage. Natalie Lang, Jon Lange. Roxanne Larson, Lorie Leach, Leanne Lehman. Lori Liljegerg, John Logan. Christine Maas. Julie Madden. Raymond Mader. Anthony 58 — PeopleMalin. Julia Martin. Gregory Matheson. Jodi Mayer. Bradley Mayer. Jacqueline Mayer. Jennifer Meehan. Mark Meisel. Gregory Melin. Tracy Mernik. Mark Mierzejewski. Cary Miller. Chris Miller. Stacy Moen. Lopaka Monsrud. David Moore. John Moore. Margaret Moynagh. Robert Mueller. Rebecca fieesen. Michael Nelson. Carl Nelson. Lisa Newton. Edward Norum. Cherie Nunemaker. Justin O'Reilly. Timothy Olson. John Olson, Michelle Opitz. Jennifer Osell. Jade Palm. Virginia Parrow. Machelle Paterson. Kay Patterson. Todd Paulson. Erik Pauly. Jennifer People — 59Pelletl. Deanne Peterson. Daryl . Petrich. Lisa Pictrowski, Steven Pitsch. Kari Pond. Douglas Powell. Stephanie Powers. Beth Raiche. Michele Reimer. John Reinke. Robert Remington. Pamela Rettler. Colleen Riggles. Angela Rodgers. John Roelofs. Rebecca Roelofs. Richard Rogers. Kari Roy. Jared Rude. Angela Samuel. Sosamma Sapp. Gladys Schammel. Tiffani Schonning. Jeanne Schueller. David Scehusen. Rick Serna. Maria Shaw. Kelly Short. Douglas Sieft. Luther Simar. Shawn Simon. Dougals Sinell. Loi Smith. Julie Spensley. Shawn Spray. Lisa 60 — PeopleStallman. Connie Stein. Mark Strand. Serena Stribling. Steven Suerth. Suzanne Swanson. Jeffery Thompson. Shannon Thornton. Rachel Trapncll. Scott Triplett. Michelle Vegners. Alise Vensel. Kristen Vogel. Cara Walman. Elizabeth Warolin. Eric Watkins'. Tanya Weber. Lance Wermager. Jennifer White. Mary Wigand. Diana Wilsey. Kristen Wisegarver. Suzanne Wiswell. Roger Wolner. Scott Woytcke. Jesse Wright. Kim Zambori. Shanda Zinn. Jeffery Zubert. Peter nOT PICTURED; Albrecht. Harold: Allen. Nora: Anderson. Lori Anne: Arenz. James: Baker. Tony: Barthel. Kim: Bergquist. Ann: Brusletten. Adrianne: Dunn. Christine: Eisner. Haney: Ftacek. Stephan: Gray. Anna: Grierson. Betsy: Halfaker. Bridget: Howard. Matthew: Hudson. Larry: Love. Jason: Mackenzie. Jon: Maslow. Lia: Miller. Amy: Misowiec. Tammy; Helson. Brian: Peterson. Heidi: Pols ton. Dahri: Prince. Steven: Robinson. Lori: Roden. Troy: Rolland, Robert: Savage. Scott: Sloan. Michael: Stodola. Craig; Styrlund. Jon: Sutherland. Kelly: Vickerman. Mark: Vogel. Kim: Ward. Lisa: Webber. David: Wilson. Todd: Winter. Jill: Yanik. Mark: People — 61A U T 0 Mound Westonka Pop Singers on Halowcen G R A P H S People — 63JUNIOR LIFE Bottom left: Just a smile to brighten the day. Bottom right: “I just love Mondays.” ‘Twas early Monday morning and all through the halls fiot a creature was stirring from wall to wall The juniors were dragging from class to class Hoping the day would soon enough pass Just as they feared, their chem tests await They dung to their cheat sheets all knowing their fate They were sick of the work, the boredom, and blues. They wanted to party, to laugh, and drink ? So surely you see junior life may not shine, but they’re only 1 year from a life so divine. 64 — People“Me? Cheat? Never!" Top right: The mocho southern-bell look. Middle right: Isn’t it fun being a slave? J7 M ]N lo m uL Bottom: Being a junior is an exciting experience. Can Y you tell? People — 65Adam, Julia AI beck, Julie Allen, Christine Allyn. David Anderson. James Anderson. John Anderson. Susan Annen, John Archibald, Rebecca Austin. Kelly Babler. Molly Baier. Paul Baker. Meredith Baker. Nevin Bee. Heather Berg. Christine Bigaouelte. Lisa Bisso. Jeffery Bilney. Charles Blake. Robert Bosma. Jeffery Broze. Julie Carlson, Camille Carlson. Richard Carson. Kathleen Cashman. Colleen Cawelti. Nicole Christensen. Kelly dyne. Lisa Conkey. Nina Constant. Kris Cooper. Mary Crawford. Devin Dailey. Frank Dalbec. Caryn Davisson. Peder 66 — PeopleDe Monchaux. Leslie Dctling, Bob Devick. Richard Dickey, David Dill, Amy Donnay. Michael Duryea. Rik Dworakoski. Scott Ecklund. Teresa English. Dana Erger. Joe Esselman. Michele Evans. Kimberly Fasching. Craig Flannery. Jami Flatz. John Fritz. Sherri Garcia-Harris. Angela Gearhart. Kelly Geinert. Aaron Glynn. Brandan Goede. Chris Goshgarian. Peter Goulette. Jeanne Goveas. Darryl Gravcnstein. Mary Gray. Jeffery Gribov sky. Vladimir Gunion. Denise Hamm. Lisa Hartwell. Lisa Hasse, Kris Hatch. Tim Heilers. Christine Henson, Christine Hentges. Laura People — 67Hcnthornc. Eric Hi Ik. Amber Hots tad ter. David Jackson. Pat Jacobson. Charles Jensen. Jennifer Johanning. Jerry Johnson. Helge Jones. Bart Jones. Karen Kaufold. Rickie Kautz. Kurt Keith. Krisanne Kcllen. Carmen Kinser. Kathy Krocning. Deborah Kroll. Troy Krueger. Sally Labrcsh. Heather Lallas. Wendy Landon. Nikki Larson. Erick a Larson. Sandra Lassek. Doug Lc Mieux. Dean Leap ley. Jodi Lchtola. Pamela Lieber. Joline Lit man. Mara Lundberg. Kristin Maccharlcs. Roderick Madcr. Mark Maltz. Christopher Marschke. Jennifer McCurdy. Laura McClinsky. Mike 68 — PeopleMcIntyre. Jim McNulty. Michael Meland. Robin Meyer. Dennis Miles. William Miller. Hans Miller. Leanne Mohn. Britta Moore. Ben Morin. Jill Moss. Paul Nagle. Becky Needham. Jon Nelson. David Nelson, Kris Nelson. Lisa Newton. Debra Niesen. Lisa Noor, Terry Nordlie. Tracy Nunemaker. Spencer Ohmann, Jason Oldre. Carlyn Olson. Jim Olstad, Carrie Oslvig, Marianne Ostvig. Michael Pflug. Karin Pond. David Powers. Leslie Prokasky. Andrea Ptaccl. James Rager. Wendy Rappc. Christian Reimer. Mary Reiners. Scott People — 69Rcndahl. Todd Rines. Tom Roppbcrgcr. Charles Robertson. Sean Rosenbaum. Steve Sacks. Andree Sain. Robert Salden. Todd Sandmeier. Dominic Schaper. Craig Schaumburg. Adrienne Schlichting. Brad Schoen. Mark Schubach. Katrin Segner. Mark Selle. Michelle Serna. Damon Shanley. Vance Simpson. Dan Sly. Terry Smith. Jonathon Snyder. Emily Spalding. Vicki Stefanoc. Charles Stevens. Wendy Stevenson. Jeff Stillings. Renee Sundberg. Meredith Sutton. Lynnctte Tesch. Tammy Touba. Hur Clmbehocker. Dean Van H or sen. Lisa Vierling. Tracy Vogelgesang. Rusty Walker. Steve 70 — PeopleWalsh. Kevin Walton. John Warner. Carrie Warnke. Larisa Wenzel. Michael White. John Winnen. Dawn Young. Cynthia Zuccaro. Pat NOT PICTURED: Anderson. Eric: Babb. Paul: Barrett. Jean: Bednarczyk. Catherine: Bradley. Dan: Brandt. Chad: Brown. Jennifer: Brown. Nathan: Campbell. Brian: Carline. Ben: Carlson. Patrice. Carlson. Lisa: Chester. Lisa: Cossette. Steve: Dona hoe. Kevin: Ehrman. Julie: Erickson. James: Everett. Chad: Flaa. Colleen: Forrest. Keith: Cram hill. Rob: Hendrickson. Tim: Hudoba. Michael: Johnson. Paula: Jordan. Troy: Kellen. Steven: Kelly. Kevin. Kevin: Lindgren. William: Line. David: Lownsbery. Teresa: Martin. Jeff: Matheson. Michelle: McNcvin. Shawn: Miller. Kim; Mittelstacdt. Chris: Morrison. Minh: Nelson. Chris: Oberemt. Shannon: Pahl. Michael: Ruhr. Jeff: Rumpca. Michelle: Rysdon. Chris: Springer. Tonja: Stcllmakcr. Don: Stokke. Peggy: Swanson. Michael: Thompson. Chris: Van Dam. Michelle: Weise. Philip: Westergaard. Earl: Wigand. Donald: Williams. Tony: Williams. Lisa: Winter. Michael: Wood. Greg: Woodson. Parker: People — 71TOP LEFT: MIKE LARSON. Overjoyed with life. TOP MIDDLE: ANDY MANTHEI practicing modeling. TOP RIGHT: JODY STEVE wearing the latest sunglasses. BOTTOM LEFT: MARK CONDON SA YING “peace man." BOTTOM MIDDLE: ANNIE DARCY acting macho. BOTTOM RIGHT: JENS, taking a break from all the flirting!!!!! 72 — PeopleTOP. SCOTT KEITH with the donated mural. TOP RIGHT: JULIE WINTER: looking for SCOTT! MIDDLE: THE G.G. CLUB. BOTTOM RIGHT. SELF EXPLANATORY !!!!! HU! People — 7.SENIOR HALL OF FAME. ..cutest couple; IE KE R G KEITH INGSTAD friendliest;', Kristi frahm paoi. lague 1 , People — 7SENIORS JAMIE ADAMS DEAH ALBERTSON WENDY ALTRICTER CHRIS ALVAREZ PAUL ARMSTRONG CHRIS ARNESON TIM BABB SEAN BAILEY JON BAMMANN PAUL BEARD AMY BEITO MARK BERGERSON DEE BERNARD DARCY BETLACH MA TT BIRCH BERNADETTE BISHOP 78 — PeopleSENIORS BARB BITTLE RON BOSTROM STEVE BOY LAN BRIAN BOYLE RHONDA BRAATZ JERRY BRADLEY WENDY BRETHORST PATTY BROWN LOR BRYAN JILL BUCHMANN LISA BUCKMILLER KEITH BURTON ED BUTLER JENNY BUTLER TIM BUTLER STEVE CARLTON People — 79SENIORS RANDY CARRIER STEVE CASHMAN ANDY CHATLANI KATHY CHRISTENSEN BARNEY COOPER BILL CLARK JIM CLARK BOB CRA WI ORD TONI A DARLING MARK CONDON DAVE DA VIA DEBBIE D A VIA LISA DAVID MELISSA DAVIDSON CHUCK DAVIS 80 — PeopleSENIORS JOHfV DA VIS MARY DENE ft NY BARB DERRY SHELLY DEWITT STEVE DOCKHAM DA VID DONGOSKE KRISTIN DOWNEY JOHN DOYLE CHRISTY DRAPER ANN DRESSEL ROBERT EDWARDS PA TRICK EIDE TIM ENGLE TAFFY ERDMAN SHEILA F.RGER KIM ERICKSON People — 81SENIORS RICK EVANS SCOTT FISKE % RUSE FLATLAISD SONJA FLEISCHER RICHARD FLEMMAL KRISTI FRAHM CARRIE FREE BERG MELISSA FRITZ JENNY FROMMELT JOHN GARDNER NICK GARDTNER CURT GEARHART KRISTI GLASSCO BABS GOSLIN PETER GREGG JIM GRIERSON 82 — PeopleSENIORS TRACY GUNDERSON MARIE GUSTAFSON SHARON HALLOWELL MIKE GRUDEEN DIANE HAMLIN SCOTT HANNAMAN SCOTT HANSON TED HANSON BILL HASSE TED HEBERT STEFANIE HEGGELMAN JODY HEITKAMP JULIE HILL JOHN HINTZ MICHELLE HOOGENAKKER KERRY HORAN People — 83SENIORS JOE JACOBSON DANA JOHNSON CHRIS JANOS BLAIR JUUAR ROBIN JERDE CARRIE RASTER CURT JOHNSON PEGGY KEHOE NANCY KEITH NATALIE KELLER PETER KELLEY JEFF KEN KNIGHT 84 — PeopleSENIORS ROZANNE KICKHAFER MIKE LARSON ROBERT KILBY USA KOHLS TOM KING KAREN KOKESCH GREG KINNEY QUINN KOLDEN PAULA KRAMER PAUL LAGUE JIM LANDON PATTIE LARSON SHARI LARSON VICKI LARSON People — 85SENIORS MICHELLE LA WERENCE TODD LEHMAN ANDY LEHTOLA TIM LEWIS DANALEWMAN JIM LILJEBERG LONN LILLEDAHL PAMELA LINDGREN TOM LINN HEIDI LINQUIST DANA LOVAASEN STEVE LINDGREN FRED LGCAS MIKE LUCKING CYNDY MACCHARLES JANELLE MARCOTTE 86 — PeopleSENIORS ANDY MANTHEI PAM MCCURDY JULIE MARTIN MARK MCGLINSKY AMY MARTINEZ COLLEEN MCMILLEN DINA MAXWELL MIKE MEEHAN BRENDA MEREDITH ANGELA MILLETELO DIANE MILOVICH TY MONSRUD CAROLYN MOORE PATRICIA MOORE JAYLENE MORRISON CHRIS NELSON People — 87SENIORS SUZIE HOUR MIKE O REILLY CASEY OAS DAVID ODOHHELL KIM OSMOHSOH DAHA PAIGE PAUL OLSOH SAHDY PAULY GARY PETERSOH SCOTT PETERSOH KURT PFLUG PAM PHILLIPS 88 — PeopleSENIORS MARY R A SCOP STEVE RINGSTROM BILL RAUSCHENDORFER LLORA RAZE MIKE RIPPBERCER JAR ROD ROBBINS KATHY REGER MARY ROESLER DA VE ROLF JEFF ROY LISA SAARI ERIC SANDIN People — 89SENIORS MIKE SCHOEN JIM SCHOENING KEITH SCOTT CA THI SEEHUSEN BRIDGET SCHUL TZ JOHN SC.HWANKE DEBBIE SHIPMAN PAUL SKARET RHONDA SLOAN RANDY SELLNOW LISA SMITH JUDY STALLMAN DEAN STARK JODI STEERE 90 — PeopleDEBRA STEIN JOHN STERNE SENIORS KEITH STEWERT JENNY STRAND MICHELLE STUTSMAN BRAD SUHON ANNIE SWEDLUND CHRIS TEIEN THUY TRAN STEVE TOTHILL JODY UGLEM KIP VANCE KIM VANLAANEN LANCE VISSER PAUL VANDERSTEEG ED VANECEK People — 91SENIORS KIM WOYTCKE SHELL Y ZIMMERMAN KIM ZUBERT 92 — PeopleSENIOR COMMENTS JAMIE ADAMS. SOCCER. GERMAN. A.F.S. DEAN ALBERTSON. SCOTTY. Z'Buds. micky-lobe. BIG ISLAND. GPS MEN. EL A. WENDY ALTRICHTER. 12 years. Em glad iff over. (D.M.J.) CHRIS ALVAREZ. ALVY. BILL. Lucky. Tutty. HOCKEY. BASEBALL. PAUL ARMSTRONG. PARTY HARDY! TIMM BABB. D.M.S.R.: Pink Ftoyd. Bike'n. Booboo. SEAN BAILEY. Let me out 0 this cell. JERRY! (MICHELLE) PAUL BEARD. BEARDO. T.Y.C.O.B.. S.A.F.E. "Collins" "MISSIONMAN" MARK BERGESON. LUTSEN. burr, let's party! DARCY BETLACH. GRAPE JELLY!!. B.F. 1-2-83. Bell Motel. Ind-ette MATT BIRCH. Tree. WAVE. W.W.. B-BALL. (JEN) BERNADETTE BISHOP. C.V.M.. BABYO. B.F. SCHMIDTY. BARB BITTLE. Softball. B-BALL. Skiing. Cin. FLA.. HBR. REO. BS. RON BOSTROM. trumpet. LORENE. "THE BUG'' COPENHAGEN STEVE BOYLAN. Boles. Europe. Skiing. Tennis BRIAN BOYLE. Soccer. CAB. RHONDA BRAATZ. J.A.. RON. ERIC, frosh BEWARE! SENIORS RULE JERRY BRADLEY. Football. Grappling, a little Baseball WENDY BRETHORST. TODD. wild, different. S.B.M.I.J. PATTY BROWN. Trish. KRAYZ. P.S. FOREVER. Y.K.I.O.M.L LORI BRYAN. G.G. CLUB. U.Q.K.. c.l. PIER I. Arb LISA BUCKMILLER. P.S.. N.H.S.. B.F.'s V.L. C.K. "LEESER". Rep. KEITH BURTON. B.D. BIRDDOC. HOCKEY 19. T.Y.C.O.B.. ST. CLOUD STATE JENNIFER BUTLER. JF.NNO. chch. KBDS. SBWCKJ. AMY BEITO. Amers. Wrestling, cheerleading. Z'BUDS. TEXAS STEVE CARLTON. S.S. PREZ. ssms. SR. LAKE. pact. ngfl. BIO SKY. BADGER RANDY CARRIER. School's lame. I'm keyed to be out. S.B. S3 STEVE CASHMAN. Cash. Stash. FOOTBALL. B-BALL. I.L. BECKY. T.Y.C.O.B. ANDY CHATLANI. HUMADAt HUMADAH. mountain climbing. Sophlann GREG CHELBERG. P.B.. NEL AND THEBONE. FINALLY mcab KATHY CHRISTENSEN. PM Softball. BF. DRIST C CAT. parties. FLA. BILL CLARK. Goodbye Mound. HELLO N.W.C.l! BARNEY COOPER. YOUR burl I'm no Jock BOB CRAWFORD. Swamp Dog. O.B.F. JUBUS. W.C.C.. MOOSEHEAD DAVID O'AVIA. 75 chevy. OLE BLUE. W.A.R. DEBBIE D'AVIA. Winer. C.K.. RD. RG. BHM. CHEM.. ART. BUBBLE. OA. RJO! LISA DAVID. Mohawkettes. G.G.B.BSMITH. MICH, arb BARB DERRY. Barbie D. NORTH STARS!!. "RISTO". RKE. B.F. JO SHELLY DEWITT. B F KER. Vega mobile. FLA.. RS.. PARTY. FIESTA KRISTIN DOWNEY. DANCECAL. G.G.B P JULIE. RM 181 "K". JOHN DOYLE. HOCKEY. FYMC. GSEK. LINN SMELLS. THANK GOD IT'S OVER CHRISTY DRAPER. DRIST. B.B. KAC. She ll never KNOW! PAT EIDE. DUGY. EID. T.Y.C.O.B.. TRACK. C.C. TIFFANEY ERDMAN. TAFFY, "TIFFERS". MIKE. T.L.M.G.. FOREVER. T.A.G. KIM ERICSON. BLAIR. TRACK. G.G. IHJG. AUSTIN. SPIDER. 29th II.BJ. SCOTT FISKE. JULIE. 11:38. 69. H S. F.B.I.. CHEVEY 4x4 SONJA FLEISCHER. G.G. CLUB. RM 181. W.W.N.H.S.. P.S.. C.L. RICH FLEMMAL. Class of 85. "CHEVY RULES." "IT'S BEEN SWELL KRISTI FRAHM. ILJC. UWM. "THE GIRLS" CARNI. 84. C.L.. P.S. CARRIE FREEBURG. Z'BUDS. MINN. TEENAGE PAGEANT. B.I. MISSEY. FRITZ. HOCKEY!!!. BF. DEB. BATON. DANCING. JENNIFER FROMMELT. "FUR", peeve.. BFDS. BB. PHIE. MEX. CARNI. 84 JOHN GARDNER. TAMMY » 13. Baseball. Football. McD's. FUNKY TOWN. CURT GEARHART. Draco. G.W.O.W.. Doors, old 7 KRISTI GLASSCO. P IP 2. Z'BUDS. MICKY-LOBE. B.I.. TENNIS BARS GOSLIN. W.W. RIPP. HUMAN LAUGH TRACK, tt 10. short?. DOORS SUE GREEN. DAVEY-ALB. FOREVER GA DAY. I'M OUT!!! PETER GREGG. FOOTBALL. PSNG. CLASS SEC.. PIER I. HISTORY REPEATS JIM GRIERSON. V.H. FOOTEN. BUD. T-N-A. IND. last. OUTTA HERE TRACY GUNDERSON. Looking forward to May 31. 1985!!!!! SHARON HALLOWELL. SD. DQ. REIE. G.G.MEXICO. CARNI 84 DIANE HAMLIN. Hammer. Band. GTCYS. NHS.. AFS. TP. UW-RF SCOTT HANNAMAN. TRACK. MURAL. TAHOE SCOTT HANSON. "OPEY" Vicki. P.S. NHS. SKIING. U.W.P. TED HANSON. Twinkle Toes. Lutsen. Bud. YAHOO. I'M OUTTA HERE BILL HASSE. PAM 10. 1989. "DOIN IT IN THE DIRT." 4xr play STEF HEGGLEMAN. C.L.B.C. GHANDI. GUMBY. G.G. CLUB. JODY HEITKAMP. "JO." ALVIE. SWIM N. CRISSY. TUT. FLA. JULIE HILL. I LOVE GREG. Softball KERRY HORAN. FLA. R.V.. BF. SHELL. SS. PARTY. SB. 151 LEEANN HORNER. LEEDER. BIRD. CGCD. B-BALL. Buddy, shut up. H.L. JILL HUMERICKHOUSE. CASEY, games. KFC. JEN. CAL. PARTY. HONDA. ROB ILLIES. Football. B-BALL. BASEBALL. 4 "JOE" T.H.. Spike KEITH INGSTAD. (NAT) FOOTBALL. 44. E.P.. J.O.X.Z.U.N. JOE JACOBSON. ITS NICE TO BE FREE AT LAST. ROBIN JERDE. My horses. "MJ" SSK JOY. KS. THE BIG O. MY TRUCK BLAIR JULIAR. PSYCHO. Hockey. Knob. KIMBERLY. CAMP CLEON CARRIE KASTER. PHOTO. VAIL. P.S.C.C. NHS. MOHIAN. TSMINTSTY. ILM PEGGY KEHOE. I.L.G.M. "THE GIRLS" SUBURBS. RELAX. S.SSEC. ROCKY HORROR NANCY KEITH. CAN T WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!! NATALIE KELLER. (KEITH) PACO. P.S. meep. yb. NHS. HANG LOOSE PETER KELLEY. P.S.. C.A.B.GO AHEAD LET S SEE IT JEFF KENKNIGHT. NEPAL. FOOTBALL. WRESTLING. SKIING. CLASS TRES. TOM KING. CAMARO. MTK. MIST. SEE YA LATER GREG KINNEY. I LOVE SKIING. ROCK-N-ROLL. GIRLS. PIZZA. P.S. RM 216 NANCY KOECHELER. MIKE. ELZMO. KOOLAID. H.P. NEW GERMANY. PABST JASON KOEHEN. SCOTT CRASHED THE BUG. GIRLS. HELLOHAWAII KRIS KOHLS. NHS. CALIFORNIA, fundraising!!!!! !!!!! LISA KOHLS. DAVE. APRTY. TARGET. AUTO. CRUISIN. WEENIE. DUDES. KAREN KOKESCH. LOVE C PEACE FOREVER. BRIAN. PAM. L. QUINN KOLDEN. LIKE IT ALOT. ILLB. FOOTBALL. 20. PIER I. CAMP CLEON MARC KOWALSKI. TRIO. ILLN. RETAIL. "THE BIRD" 66 CHEVELLE PAULA KRAMER. DAVID. DIFFERENT. CRAZY. AND PARTY PAUL LAGUE. NGFL. FOOTBALL. TYCOB. PPEDI. CONFUCIUS. SURVIVAL JIM LAN DON. BUSH II: UTAI BS: 200 SX: IWA: HB: 2004 MIKE LARSON. REAGAN II. PS. ME ACTIVE?. AUDI. 2004. MF. NOTRE DAME. BMW PATTIE LARSON. TRACK. CROSSCOUNTRY. BAND. WORK VICKI LARSON. BICKER. B.F.-LB G SN. SCOTT. "The Girls". Dul. Rm 216 MICHELE LAWRENCE G.G.. CLUB. Room 181. arboretum. Mohawketls. IL-Troy TODD LEHMAN "Wizard". S.A.F.E.. Gwnv't. Ytraeh Ytrap!. 3 31 85! ANDY LEHTOLA It must be Mon.. I Just woke up In Government. DANA LEWMAN GONZO. P.S.. CAPT.. NHS PRES, remember me. class of '85 JIM LILJEBERG LilJ. A.K.. C.K.. K.C.. Lewis and Schaeffer. God lives. LONN LINE DAHL H.T.D.. A.V.. T.G.I.P. Focus. Down-Hill. MCD. 69 PAMELA LINDGREN Heavy Metal. Happy tails to you. Mooneyes. Karen Ki STEVE LINDGREN Lars. Lefty. Baseball. Hockey. Football. R.V.-F.L. TOM LINN Hockey. 8. f ootball. Mexico. JULIAR SMELLS!. B.I.O.. Survival HEIDI LINQUIST Brit to. t. Cars. Bikes. Hockey. FI. Polo. C.K. FRED LUCAS WW. COLLEEN. Mound Round 33. PHI-SLAM A-JAM A CINDY MACCHARLES N.H.S.. A.F.S.. Volleyball. Basketball. BRBY BTL ANDY MANTHEI Dog. Hoops. W.W.. 23. "Camp Cleon". G.B.. T.P.. G.D. JENELL MARCOTTE Danceline. Z-buds. Yodz. D.P. JULIE MARTIN B.C.. Ghandi. fuzzy duck, jules. "is he here?". DINA MAXWELL Cruzing. pulsar. Wesa. Kinky. "C.J.". Partying. Target PAM MCURDY G.G. Club-181. "Spam." Arb. 79IOII12. COLLEEN MCMILLEN FRED!. D.M.S.R.. B.B.. Shell C SAN. "COLIN" Danceline BRENDA MEREDITH Jim. Swahley. PS. always in trouble. Comoro. PARTY! ANGELA MILITELLO Italy. Shot G Disc. MAK-NK Karate. K.K. DIANE MILOVICH Di. B.F.. San. Bri. "THE GIRLS" Duluth Rm 216. PUH TY MONSRUD FOZZIE. MONZ. Mailboxs. Hockey. P.S.. Bear the co-pilot CAROLYN MOORE Track. Sleep PATRICIA MOORE a time of learning, expanding, and growing CHRIS NELSON "Crash". SWIM N. Florida. S.B.W.J.K.J.. DISCO MIKE NELSON Alii and Nelli. Suz-GS. Big G. Bud SANDY NELSON San. B.f.s. DI. Vic. "The Girls". Duluth RM 216. STACEY NEWMANN Michael. Fun. Skiing. Car. Wendy. Duck. DAnces. Party LORI NORDSTROM Rick. 3. Friends forever. "Hall and Cats". VO-Tech GREG NORTON I LOVE YOU JUJU CASEY OAS "Space." Always a sometimes. BYOW?. No Way! DAVE ODONNEL Yellow Submarine, otch. Hellhound MIKE OREILLY Crowbar. Soccer. Tennis. Hydro, hacky. T.Y.C.O.B. DANA PAIGE Let the good times rote. Summer time. Water skiing SANDY PAULY J.C.B.. Cheerleading, c.c.. H.S.D.C.. COMM SEC. toad GARY PETERSON Later everybody. It was fun In "85" SCOTT PETERSON Deah Albertson, best memory, tun 4 years, crashing KURT PHLUG Kamma Kazie. Ozzie. Party, crazy PAM PHILLIPS San Diego Rendezvous with G.D.. B.F. Uora June 17 PAYTON POLS TON School has been exciting. BRADY PUTT T.Y.C.O.B.. PDQ. A couple Brewskies Puttski. Bud MARY RASCOP Soccer. A.F.S.. German. Mohian. Smoke Signal DENNIS RA TH NO COMMENT BILL RAUSCHENDORFER S.A.F.E.. E-Ball. Friends. Shorty. Jen. Kari LORA RAZE San Diego June 17. 85. STEVE RINGSTROM. 69. Mlchelob. Rock G Roll G Lisa C.. NF.UNUNDSECHZIG MIKE RIPPBERGER. BASEBALL ST. CHAMPS. COS. ZEPPELIN. RIP. 66 mustang MARY ROESLER. DANCE. Rm 181-C.G.CIub. J.R.C. 3. D.M.S.R. Captm-ette DAVE ROLF. JACK G Jr.. Then. Now. and Forever JENS ROSENMEIER. NOT TOO BAD AT ALL. QUITE A FEW PARTIES JEFF ROY. AMX. VW. MONTY NOLDER. TENNIS. ANN. PHYCAUGISTS. BAGS ERIC SANDIN. "Mikey". PARTY. FREEDOM. Ariz.. G.M.C. Risky business STEVE SCHLICHT. ZZT. WORK. VIP. MOVIES. MONEY. PARTIES. THE BEST MIKE SCHOEN. MIKE SCHOEN THE BONE. '79 TX 340. 74 ford L TO. ALL DONE BRIDGET SCHULTZ. SMIDGE. PAUL. UMN. TKE PARTY. SWIM CAPTAIN. BF Deb KEITH SCOTT. I GOT THE SIX. VIC. G Destroy (see Ty) CATHI SEEHUSEN. SBALL. B.F.. NAT G KAC. HAWAII. POL. C.C PARTIES RANDY SELLNOW. The Knack. RUSH. I.L.L. GF.. Gandhi. Learn How To Live! DEBBIE SHIPMAN. BFJF. B.B. Andre. S 10. BFHD Peeve, cooked egg. Rock PAUL SKARET. NGFL. PACT. SCOOTER. LEM. BIG SKY. SR. LAKE. BADGER RHONDA SLOAN. SOCCER. AFS. PIZZA NIGHTLY. TWI'S SENATOR. COOLER. HEAT LISA SMITH. BEAR. G.G.. Rm 181. BB: L. David. RHANDI. SR LAKE. Mich. Arb. JUDY STALLMAN. "Me G Hit.. The good life. California. DEAN STARK. BUCKETS. BALTIMORE. FURY III. J.P.. W.W.. SPARK. INTV DEBBIE STEIN. HOCKEY. 8. LAWTON. BRIAN. B.F. MISSEY. DUCK. J.P.. SHAW JOHN STERNE. It. CAPT. JJ. HOCKEY. Whitehaired Is takin the 3 yr plan KEITH STEWART. THE LAST 4 YRS. OF SCHOOL AT MWHS HAVE BEEN GREAT. JENNIFER STRAND. NHS MICHELLE STUTSMAN. BEANIE BRAD SUHON.FOOTBALL. BASEBALL. SKIBUM. -CHRISTINE-ANNIE SWEDLUND. Gi GO!!. C-N-J. BH-N-K. I'M OUT A HERE (I HOPE) CHRIS TE1EN. CARE FREE. NO OPEN CAMPUS?. GRAD COUNTDOWN. SPBC. "TIEN" THUY TRAN. FRESHORONOGOAL. SOPH ALL CONF.. JUNIOR FUN STEVE TUTHILL. YKIOMS. FOREVER SNOW'N. HYDROCYCLES. SMURFS. DEEPFOOT'N JODY UCLEM. YODZ. MOHAWKETTES. MICKY LOBE. Z'BUDS. ICFTFA. Bl. BOCA. VH KIP VANCE. FOOTBALL. PRES.. SR. LAKE. Mich.. LISA. POPPERS. ZIMBABWE. Bl ED VANECEK. IT'S BEEN REAL. BORE OUT THE FRESHMEN GIRLS. LANCE VISSER. VISS. I DON'T CARE. THE CRASH. WHY AM I HERE. B.S. SSS MARK VON BANK. BUD'S. D.B.. C.C.. ACTIVITY BURL. HAWAIIAN. ONE HITTERS LESLEY WALTERS. LESTER. PS. OCAPT. G.G. PC I3. PIER I. "The girls". UWM BURK WHITNEY. TENNIS CAPT. USSA FREESTYLE SKIING. FOOTBALL. GOV. TRIBE BRUCE WIDMER. "PEPSI?". S.A.F.E.. WINSOR. CASANOVA. HOPPY!. REAL LIFE CHARLIE WILSEY. HOCKEY. 6. BBIALA. GOLF JULIE WINTER. SCOTT. B.F.. KRISTIN. 10 B. VAN. G.G.. S.D.. DQ. CHEERLEADER BROOKE WOELFFER. DANCELINE. RPI. TURKEY. RELAX SUBURBS. AFS-PRES. NHS SHELLY ZIMMERMAN. ZOINX!. PPEDI. SHEILA Z.Z.HSDC COMMITTEE TREASURE KIM ZUBERT. IOth gr. tennis. NHS. SPAIN. 1985! People — 93TOP Left: Lesley •‘DIISCY" Walters. TOP RIGHT: Tom "the slave" Linn. MIDDLE LEFT. "THE BODS" DEE. JENNY. JODY. BOTTOM RIGHT. "THE GUYS" Dave. Steve. Peter. Jeff. BOTTOM LEFT. Julie "the absent" Martin, 94 — PeopleTOP; Lori Quinn having fun!. MIDDLE. Lisa giving “THE BEAR” a hug.. BOTTOM LEFT: THAT’S VICKI LARSON???. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sharon in the summer. People — 95»ADMINISTRATION Gaylen Thostenson jerry Humerickhouse Frederick Soule Principal Assistant Principal Athletic Director The Administration department keeps the school running. They handle the problems and make the decisions that confront our school. The complexities of the budgets, schedules, and policies of the school district are attended to by our administration. Their main concern is student education. 96 School Board: Peggy Tutle. Alan Ritchie. Gary Mayer. Rod Pitsch. Dr. Erwin Stevenson. Bill Goblirsc'i Chelberg. Rick Haefele. Gretchen HallowellOFFICE GUIDANCE SPECIAL ED. Clarice Pauly Anne Bergman Mary Ann Klein Building Secretary Principal’s Secretary Attendance Clerk Geri Sawatzke Athletic Director’s Secretary Robert Chase Counselor Kathy Schuler Chemical Concerns Counselor Kent Musser Carolyn Donahue Counselor Guidance Secretary Thomas Osborn Gerald Esselman Bruce McIntyre Peggy O'ReilySOCIAL STUDIES Bruce Black Robert Braun Melvin Gimmestad Guy Jenks The students at Mound are offered a wide variety of social studies courses. These courses provide students with the opportunity to learn through participating in such things as the Know America Contest. debates, and class discussions. But let us not forget the map tests and cramming for the chapter tests. The Social Studies department is geared to open students’ minds to the events that are going on in the world around them. Patrick King "Gwenverment” Gwen Salisbury-Myers Donald ReimerENGLISH As we all know, deciphering the pros and cons of english can be a lot of work. As we progress our way up from English 9 and 10 into Hovel and Drama we can sense the hours of grammar ahead, nevertheless, we dive fearlessly into Twentieth Century Lit.. English 11. and English 12. Then to the long awaited ENGLISH COMP! If one makes it through Comp, with good grades, he has cleared the toughest english hurdle and has the world in his hands. In the end. hopefully, all Mound students graduate with the best of english skills. Anne Carlson Donald Gulbrandson Duane Eide James JacksonFOREIGN LANGUAGE The Foreign Language department at Mound Wes-tonka offers German and Spanish to its students. Besides the grammer and vocabulary drills, students are given the chance to understand, and in some cases experience the German and Spanish cultures. Foreign Language has opened many doors for its students, and given them a broader outlook on the world they live in. Jacqueline Atkinson Christine Correa Mintie Ferguson Antonia Vargas CANDIDS Sean the working freshman. Aren't those "He-Man” calendars great?! Test Prayer Mow I lay me down to study, I pray dear lord I don’t go nutty. If die before I wake. That’s one less test I'll have to take. If I die don't care at all. Just lay my bones in a study hall. Tell my teachers I’ve done my best. And pile my books upon my chest. Amen Jeff Fleming Keep on going Barny it's almost over.ART MUSIC Robert Hotvet Leigh Kallestad Randel Lage Choir students at work. Study hall Anyone who has been involved in either the Art or Music departments knows how challenging expressing yourself can be. Those who perform vocally or on an instrument, or exhibit a piece of orginal art. put their best foot forward. They allow their heart, soul and abilities to be judged and shared. The Music and Art departments allow students to discover who they are and who they can be. 104 Keith and TyINDUSTRIAL ARTS Kenneth Hughes Herbert Olson Vernon Strand Keith Scott's creation The Industrial Arts Department contains drafting, photography, auto, wood and metal shops, and graphic arts. Many students take advantage of these courses. 105 Robert Teigen The future architect106 — Academics MOUND WESTONKA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 1984 was the year of the Presidential Election. The social studies department sponsored a mock debate and election to spark interest in national issues. The Mound Westonka Presidential Debate was held on Nov. 5. 1984. Mike Larson, alias Ronald Reagan, and Peter Kelley, alias Walter Mondale, were the candidates for the election. The outcome was clear, a victory for Ronald Reagan. In their closing quotes. Walter (Peter Kelley) Mondale said “America is a great country! And it will continue to be a great country as long as the people of America retain their unique spirit." Ronald (Mike Larson) Reagan said. “America is coming back .. America is a land of freedom, dreams, and boundless opportunity. ” Academics — 107SCIENCE James Goodwin To many students science means confusion. Between the endless chemistry formulas and vectors, we struggle to grasp some understanding. But in the end the work pays off. we receive a great reward, a head start to the future. Dennis Schroeder David Sorsoleil Future scientist.MATHEMATICS Lyle Buerkle Russell Hadden James Schulte Harley Olstad . • Norman Simondet What is the formula for a good math student? At Mound it is a lot of hard work. The hours of Geometry. Calculus. Trigonometry, and Advanced Math seem like they will never end. But the work pays off in the end. Mound students are equipped for college and various fields with good math skills. Jason are you sure you should do that? 109PHY. ED. HEALTH Fred Hanley Patricia Pitts Patti Dykoski Education of the mind is not all that occures at Mound Westonka. The Phy. Ed. and Health departments teach students many sports, nutrition, and many other valuable skills. Working outBUSINESS HOME EC. Robert Fox Patrick Furlong Ervin Muth Barbara Zinns Sharon Hinde The Business and Home Ec. departments provide students with an opportunity to acquire many practical skills which may be used in the future. Cooking, sewing, typing, and accounting are available along with other business courses. Diane Pederson 111“As good a bowling partner as a teacher” Mr. Humerickhouse “Always dependable” Mr. Muth “Was always such a happy man Former Student “A wonderful man” “We will miss him” “Had a way with students. IN MEMORY OF “Always said hello' Mrs. Bergman loeooooeeo© “The most caring and fairest teacher have ever known” Mr. Thostenson Very knowledgeable about many things ... Not one harsh word ever said about anyone. ” Mr. Ely “Very supportive per son” Former Student “A Model Teacher” “Always thought about the students first” “A good friend” Robert Fox was born in Maple Lake. Minnesota and spent his youth in Wadena. He attended St. Cloud Teachers college and completed work for a bachelor degree in three years. He graduated in 1949 which is the same year he began teaching at Mound Westonka. Mr. Fox had many hobbies; fishing and hunting being the main two. He was an active member in the sportsman club and took charge of a Firearm safety program offered here at school. Golf was an additional favorite. Throughout the years he taught Typing. Business Law, Bookkeeping. Accounting, Personal Money Management. and Shorthand. His students nicknamed him “Hard Rock ” for his difficult tests. He was eligible for early retirement, but would not consider it. He had a purpose in life and took life one day at a time. His students were influenced by Mr. Fox for he taught them the value of each day. Mr. Fox was one of the most respectable and caring people, and he took a special interest in people. A student could easily relate to him and all his cheerfulness. He took an interest in the student’s activities outside the classroom. He was always seen in the school colors on Friday. Perhaps his greatest asset was his genuine care and interest in people. He loved life. Those who knew him loved him. He will never be forgotten. Robert Wayne Fox August 1, 1926 - December 8, 1984 112 — AcademicsRobert Chase Patrick King Mr. Chase has been with the Molind school district for 25 years. Asa counselor, Mr. Chase was respected and loved. He worked as a counselor at both the Middle school and the High School. In his career he has also taught wood shop. Mr. Chase is a man of great patience and caring. He is a wonderful counselor who will do anything for his students. He always seems to find something positive about every situation. His good humor and even personality make him easy and pleasant to work with. But by far he is a good kind man that is there when you need him. The students and the district will miss you. Good luck! STATE -4 YR Many students at Mound Wes tonka have had the privilege of having Mr. King for a teacher. This eccentric. sometimes outspoken man knows how to get the best out of his students. His classes seem to come alive when he relates lessons to his Navy days. Mr. King gets through to his students and teaches them what they need to know. Mr. King has been teaching at Mound for 30 years and doing an outstanding job of it. His retirement will be a great loss for students and a greater loss for Mound. Mr. King has been Chairman of the Social Studies Department, and was very instrumental in bringing about semester Social Studies courses. Good luck in the future! Academics — 113AIDES Nancy Schutt Health Aide Virginia Duhachek Media Aide Dennis Erickson VanDora Palm Media Specialist Building Teacher Typist Judy Blaschko School Store Assistant Jane Garrett Discipline Aide LaVern Williams Discipline Aide Charlotte Baker Discipline AideFOOD CUSTODIANS LAUNDRY Len Koecheler, Gary Hilgers. Robert Woytcke They have a big job! Michael Klaers, Duane Raze. Donald Gable. Patty Bartels, Clair HasseQUOTES------------------------------------ How well do you listen in class? Test yourself by matching the "QUOTES” with the “TEACHERS” Goodluck!! QUOTES — !• "YOU is a NO-NO!” "I expect your full thesis statements by Wed.” "Umm ... smack ...” __2. “Thats what happens when you don't prepare.” "Have a good day and a better weekend.” __3- ••Well, I don't know ...” __4. “Da nouns unt da voibs!” "Spit outcha gum!” __5. "Before this is a test on verbs, its a test on reading.” — "You are my little cherubs.” — 7. “Well just do this and see what happens and how much you know ...” "Well, don't know exactly what we are doing here ...” __ "I dunno, ask Flash over there!” "Alright fans.” —ft "WHAAAAAAAT?!?!” — IS. “Don't fight the system.” "Good dog” —19- "Communism just doesn’t work.. ” "Homecoming is a license to riot!” —20. “Aw. shucks class, isn’t it just gonna be ...' "I 'm gonna turn you loose ...” "It is gonna be tough riding from here on out PP __21. ”This room is not a hallway!” "... and this little jobby here ...” "... dontcha see?” __22. "Who got hammered this weekend?” "Babs ... Shut UP!” __23. “Alright you peons ..." __24. “Where is my Lysol?” TEACHERS —"If you have gum. would you spit it out?” "Get out your notes and get out a half sheet of paper. ” __U- "Don't talk!” "Get rid of that gum!” "Concert b flat Chord.” —12. “We got a 5-point blue light over the weekend.” "Have a good one!” __13. “A good draftsman just doesn't do that!!” __14. “Cut the chatter!” "My goodness, you people just don’t listen ...!” "I don’t understand you people!” —15. “Alright, gentlemen ...” “Quit that horsin around, fellas, or you’ll be doing BERTHAS!!!” —J6- "F . . J .. F . . J .. F .. J .. ” — 7. “Circles are exciting!” “That’s right Mike, soccer is about as exciting as sitting home on a hot day watching your toilet bowl sweat, but not as exciting as watching an old fat lady ice fishing on a cold day!” A. Mr. Gimmestad B. Mr. Hot vet C. Mr. Strand D. Mr. Kallestad E. Mr. Nelson F. Mr. Muth G. Mr. Schulte H. Mr. Goodwin . Mrs. Carlson J. Mr. Gulbrandson K. Mr. Black L. Mr. Lage M. Mr. Buerkle N. Mr. Hadden O. Mrs. Rokke P. Mr. King Q. Mr. Anderson R. Mr. Hanley S. Mrs. Myers T. Mrs. Bakke U. Mr.Wierson V. Mr. Jackson W. Mrs. Dykoski X. Mr. Jenks Answers on the bottom of page 118 116HIP Anyone who has attended one of Mr. Sorsoleil’s classes knows he has a strange preoccupation with Hippies. He has become well known around Mound Westonka for his “Hippie joke of the day.” Here are some of his personal favorites. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. Q. What happened to the hippie who put odor eaters in his shoes? How do you recognize a studious hippie? What keeps a hippie on the ground? How would a hippie smell if he didn’t have a nose? How did the hippie make a little money go a long long way? If two hippies are company and three’s a crowd, what are four and five? Why did the hippie go up Mount Everest to mediate? What happens when a hippie injects alcohol into his armpit? What happened to the hippie who ate nails for breakfast? What happened to the hippie girl that drank milk of-magnesia? Where do hippies hide their valuables? To a hippie, what is the sign of doom? What has three heads, five eyes and swings? How does the hippie catch a rabbit? What is red, flowery and covered with dirt? Why do hippies wear beards around their necks? You can lead a hippie to water, bu can’t make him what? How do you stop a hippie from smelling? A. The next day he disappeared. A. He smokes marijuana in a pipe. A. GROOVITYI A. Nose or no nose. He’d still smell terrible! A. He put a dime in an envelope and mailed it to Siberia! A. Nine? A. Because it was there! A. He gets stink in’ drunk! A. One day he burped and pinned himself to the wall! A. She became a go-go dancer! A. Under the soap! A. “KEEP OFF THE GRASS’’! A. A trio with a one-eyed hippie! A. He hides in the woods and makes a noise like a carrot! A. An embarrassed hippie! A. Where else you gonna wear them? A. BATH!! A. You cut off his nose!! David “Hip” Sorsoleil, our resident hippie! Academics — 117CANDIDS II. 2-J, 3-V, 4-E. 5-0. O. 7-T. 8-K. 9-A. 10-S. 11-D. 12-L, 13-C. 14-H, 15-R. l F. 17-M. 18-B. 19-P. 20-G, 2 IQ. 22-H. 23-W. 24-X. 118Academics — 119 CANDIES Leslie Demonchaux and Jill Morin They get stranger every year!!!CANDIDS Academics — 120 Computer Matchmakers— NEW CHALLENGES----------------------------------------- KNOW AMERICA TEAM TOURNAMENT The Know America Team Tournament, organized by Don-aid Reimer, took place for the first time at Mound Westonka. This tournament is a contest of skill, knowledge, and team work. There are twelve teams with four people on each team. They were tested in five categories: Famous Women, Sports, Entertainers. Famous Quotations, and World War 2. The three teams with the highest scores after these tests, continued on to the finals that appeared on cable TV. Their final test was on the Presidents of the United States. The winners were Lance Visser. Mike Larson. Tod Lehman, and Randy Sell now. They have the opportunity to go on a trip to New Orleans. The Know America Team Tournament is a chance for students to use their knowledge of their country to learn more about it. ACADEMIC DECATHLON This was also the first year Mound Westonka participated in the State Academic Decathlon. Those who wished to take part, took a test to determine the most capable A. B. and C students. Peter Kelley. Mike Larson, Renee Stillings, Lance Visser, Byron Cooper, and Lee Ann Miller, went to New Ulm Minnesota to participate in the Decathlon. The Decathlon consisted of seven tests, which included Fine Arts, Economics and the Future. The scores on each of the tests, as well as the scores from a series of speeches and interviews, were added up to give each school a total. The winning school won a trip to Los Angeles, to take part in the national Academic Decathlon. Mound's first year of participating in the Academic Decathlon was one of great reward. Our students won five medals. Academics — 121NEWS ACROSS THE o tfy ♦♦♦ CLUES: ACROSS: 1. Sight of a plane crash involving Minnesotans. 2. Winner of the 1984 presidential election. 3. Sight of African famine. 4. Baby with a baboon heart. 5. ____ Shroeder, second man fitted with an artifical heart. 4. DOWN: 1. Sight of 1984 summer Olympics. 2. 1984 Miss America 3. Minnesotas famous rock and roll success. Academics — 122WORLD IN 1984 a V 'V s«V 2A. Ronald Reagan The year 1984 was an election year. Ronald Reagan had a victory, a smashing 49 state re-election victory. Walter Mondale was far behind in the polls from June to November leaving him with hardly a chance. 3A. Ethiopia The Ethiopian tragedy, the most devastating human crisis of our time. The face of famined Ethiopia stirred the conscience of the world in autumn of 1984. The death toll in Ethiopia is more than I million, and at least 20 million people are starving to death in the drought stricken country of Africa. 5A. William Shroeder o William Shroeder, age of 52. was the second man ever to be fitted with an artificial heart. When Shroeder suffered a minor stroke, the whole nation seemed to suffer right along with him. ° e-_ T 'St, vT V % x% . 3D. PRINCE Minnesotas own PRINCE was a hit around the country with his movie “Puple Rain”. The movie and soundtrack made millions. He ended up the year going on tour with his band. “The Revolution”. He spent close to a week with a sold-out stay in his home state of Minnesota. o„ % 'O ■ s' 'jv o o;.« Academics — 123Row I. left to right: M. Lawrence. Capt. M. Roesslcr. Capt. R. Kichafcr. Capt. J. Marcottc. C. Berg Row 2: L. Ward. E. Larson. K. Hasse. J. Mathcson. J. Jensen Row 3: L. David. J. Uglcm. C. McMillen. B. Woeifer. At. Babler. AT. Raiche PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Hours and hours of practice is what makes the Mound Westonka dance line so good! This year’s Mohawkettes were captained by Jenell Marcotte. Mary Roessler, and Rozanne Kickhafer. They all put alot of hard work into getting the squad to look their very finest. A new advisor. Diane Franzien, also put alot of extra effort into the squad. The dance line members dance for pepfest. sporting events, are involved in coronation, compete in different competitions throughout the year, and even dance on ice! Mohawkettes — 126Row I L to R: E. Snyder. C. Oldrc. B. Archibald. Row 2: K. Nelson, K. Front row L to R: Capt. L. Smith. L. Hartwell Back row: L. DcMon- Frahm. S. Zimmerman. S. Pauly, Row 3: S. Fleisher, Capt. P. chaux, J. Morin, K. Evans McCurdy. S. Hallowcll. S. Hcgglcman. J. Frommclt Row I. L to R: L. Walman. Capt. T. Hermann, B. Grierson Row 2: J. Front: S. Powell Back row: K. Frahm. C. Stallman. Capt. K. Wilsey Mayer. S. Suerth. K. Shaw Cheerleaders — 128Varsity Hockey Wrestling Front row L to R: K. Evans. B. Archibald Back row: P. McCurdy. J. Row I: Capt. L. Smith, row 2 L to R: S. Larson. A. Beito. row 3: L. Winter, capt. K. Frahm Hamm. L. McCurdy Front: Capt. S. Pauly Back row L to R: S. Zimmerman. L. Bryan. T. Front row: Lori Hendrickson. Back row L to R: C. Bryce. T. Schammcl. Tcsch. L. Biguotte. S. Fliescher T. Aspholm. C. Retller Cheerleading — 129Y-E-L-L EVERYBODY YELL Hard work and dedication are the two words that best describe a cheerleader. A cheerleader isn’t just a girl who stands out in front of the crowd jumping around, there are many other tasks involved. Just to name a few: loading up the team members lockers full of food, making signs, organizing pep tests, and trying to get a crowd to cheer along even when the team is losing. It's not an easy task. But hard work does pay off and the cheerleaders have a lot of fun also. Especially when the crowd enthusiastically cheers along. 130 — CheerleadersWORKING TOGETHER Despite injuries and a few losses near the end of the season, hustle, dedication, and teamwork kept the Mohawks going strong. The team's offense and defense contributed to three shutouts in the first three conference games. Sr. Quinn K olden led the team in rushing by gaining 690 yards. Jr. Tim Hatch was lead receiver with 21 catches and 315 yards gained. Jr. Craig Fasching completed 66 passes, and Sr. Rich Wiswell was top tackier with 33 tackles and 22 assists. Jerry Bradley and Gary Phleger were named most valuable players. Gary also received all conference along with Steve Cash man. The 1984 team was captained by Jerry Bradley. Rob lilies. and Steve Cash man. Football — 132Football — 133BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY This years boys' cross country team finished fifth in the conference and was captained by Pat Eide and Greg Kinney. The team had their best performances at the Co-Star invitational where they finished fourth out of twelve tough teams, and at the Chaska Hawk Invitational where they finished third out of 14 teams. Pat Eide was named the most valuable runner and all conference. Jeff Bosma was named most improved runner. 134 — Cross Country V' , , B|C| Boy’s C-C — 135RUNNIN The 1984 girls’cross country team definately had a season of success. The girls finished the season 4th in the conference and 7th in the Region Meet. A highlight of the season was to compete in the 34th annual Swain Meet in Duluth and to meet coach Ely’s former high school coach. The team's most valuable runner was Kristi Carrier who also received all conference for her 3rd consecutive year. The most improved runner was Margaret Moore and Jenny Muck a la was named most dedicated runner. The team was captained by Carolyn Moore. Cross Country — 136 The 1984 swim team did an outstanding job by taking second place in the conference. The team was coached by Dan Meyer who took Mound's number one relay team all the way to the state meet. The relay team consisted of Sr’s: Bridget Schultz Patty Brown Soph’s: Traci Hermann and Stephanie Powell. The MOUND swim team only lost two meets all season. The most valuable swimmer was Bridget Schultz who was also named all conference along with Patty Brown. Stephanie Powell. Traci Hermann, and Kim Vogel. Lisa Hartwell took all conference in diving. The team was captained by Patty Brown and Bridget Shultz. SWIMMIN 138 —Swimming6£l Buj LULU IMSGIRLS TENNIS Even though the record of this years girls tennis team wasn't as impressive as in years past, the team showed a lot of spirit and improvement. With a lot of determination and depth from the JV squad, next year looks very promising. The team participated in the Lake Minnetonka Classic and went up against Orono. Minnetonka, and Wayzata. The team also had matches against Cooper. Prior Lake. Lithchfield, and Bloomington Jefferson. The Mohawks were led this year by co captains Jenny Wolner and Jami Flannery. Their conference record was 3-4 with Dani Gob-lirsh as most improved and Jami Flannery as most valuable. 140 — TennisTennis — 141BOYS’ SOCCEH This years boys’ soccer team was co-captained by Mike O’Reilly and Jens Rosenmeier. The team had a excellent defense which allowed the fewest number of goals in Mound history. Although the team won only four games, six of their thirteen games went into overtime to give the team a season of 4 wins. 5 losses, and 4 tied games. The team ended up with a ranking of seventh in the conference. Jens Rosenmeier was most valuable player and the “Doyle Brothers’’. Paul and David were named most improved players. The team was coached by Kelly Dobbs. 142 — Socct.A NEW TEAM AT MOUND The girls’ soccer team had their first official competitive season during 1984. Although they didn't win any of their games, things are looking up for Mound's new soccer team. The team had a strong defense which fought hard at each game. Two new coaches, Tim Ham-rich and Lisa Bingman, both did a terrific job with the team and supported them well. Rhonda Sloan and Sarah Crawford were named most valuable players and Rena Knowles was the team’s most improved player. The team was co-captained by Heidi Jackson and Rhonda Sloan. Soccer — 143MOUND VOLLEY BALL Although the Mohawk Volleyball team didn’t win any of their matches, the team had the spirit and dedication that never let up. Next year looks hopeful for the team who will ha ve a majority of varsity members returning. The team played their best at the match against Blake with a score of 2 games to 3. Jr. Carrie Olstad was the team’s most valuable player and Sr. Lee Ann Horner was the most improved. Kathy Carson won the “Mohawk Spirit” award. 144 — VolleyballVolleyball — 145The Athlete's Prayer In the battle that goes on through life. I ask but a field that is fair: A chance that is equal with all in the strife. And courage to strive and to care. And if I should win. Let it be by the code. with my faith and honor held high: And if should lose. Let me stand by the road And cheer as the winner goes by! 146 — SportsMOHAWK POWER This year’s hockey season definitely held it’s share of surprises. The two main ones being the Hutchinson and Buffalo hockey teams. The Mohawks didn't let these teams get the best of them. For the team had their own share of victory. They beat our school rival, the Orono Spartans, took first place in the St. Louis Park Tourney, where Charlie Wilsey was named most valuable player. The team also beat the Eden Prairie Eagles twice this year. The team, captained by, Rick Evans and John Sterne, has a lot to be proud of when they look back upon their season. They placed 4th in the SWC ratings. 148 — HockeyAll Conference: Charlie Wilsey Most Valuable: Charlie Wilsey Most Determined John Sterne Keith Burton Hockey — 149MO HAWK GRAPPL EESThe Mohawk Wrestlers had another impressive season with a 7- 10-1 overall record. The grapplers were led by tri-captains Jerry Bradley. Jeff KenKnight and Dan Bradley. Some season highlights were placing third in the Vern Gagne Tournament and taking sixth in the Region. All Conference wrestlers for 84-85 were Cory Leopold and Dan Bradley. Left page: Bottom: Cory Leopold, the dominant one. CJpper left: Mr. Hanley in an effort to keep the bench awake. Upper right: Chris Maltz taking his opponent's head off. Right page: Upper left: Charlie Jundeen trying for a take down. Middle left: Jeff KenKnight pins his opponent. Middle right: Shawn Simar racks up some more points for Mound. Bottom right: The Ref gets into the action.GIRL C A G E R SThe girls basketball team had a very impressive season. They upped their record six games from last season. The team was led by co-captains Lee Horner, a senior, and Carrie Olstad, a junior. Lee was the third highest scorer in the conference. Juniors Kelly Christenson. Jami Flannery, and Karin Phlug. and sophomores Amy Miller and Kim Vogel also did an outstanding job on Varsity. The JV squad showed much improvement throughout the year and were a very vital part of the team! The team played in a Holiday Tournament. They did very well, placing second and only losing to top rated St. Louis Park by 2 points. Lee Ann Horner received most valuable player of the whole tournament. Next year looks promising and the team is hoping for more support. page 152: top left: The real Lee Ann Horner. Middle left; Kim Vogel dominating in the jump ball situation. Top right: Awake? On the bus ride to Hutch? Bottom left: Fans in the stands. Bottom right: Mound at the line. Page 153: Top left: Kelly Christenson showing her shooting abilities. Top right: Put that camera AWAY!! Middle left: Lee Ann Horner making her move towards the basket. Middle right: What a bunch of suckers. Bottom: The agony of defeat, as shown on the faces of Kelly and Kim. Girls basketball — 153MOHAWK GAGERS Boys Basketball - -754The boys basketball team had another successful and exciting season. They played with enthusiasm and intensity under Larry Ronglein. who is in his second year of coaching here at MWHS. Again. Coach Ronglein gave his players a sense of confidence and the team finished with a winning record. Leading the Cagers were seniors Dean Stark. Fred Lucas. Rob lilies. Steve Cashman and Andy Manthei, and juniors Nick Sandmeier and Tim Hatch. Other players seeing considerable Varsity action were seniors. Matt Birch and Quinn Kolden. Page 154: Upper left: Fred battling for the tip. Upper right: Spencer stopping play and telling the Ref to take a hike. Bottom: Rob illies playing tough. Page 155: Top: Coach Ronglein giving some expert advice Middle left: Tim. why arc you guarding Fred? Middle right: Rob lilies passing the ball to somebody. Bottom: A little J V action. Boys basketball — 155GYMNASTS RATED IN STATE The girls gymnastics team had another fantastic season. They proved that they were going to be tough to beat by being rated eighth in state. The girls placed second at the conference meet, fifth at the Region meet, and fifth at the Edina and Lakeville Invitationals. The team was led by Junior Co-Captains Lisa Hartwell and Kris He I son. Seniors Sharon Ha Howell and Jenny Frommelt. Sophomores Julie Smith. Jenny Mayer, and Debbie Jenks. and Freshman Kristi Hartwell. The girts beat such teams as Wayzata. Orono, Os-seo. Minnetonka. St. Louis Park. Richfield. and Park Center. With only two seniors leaving, the team will be a top contender again next year. 156 — GymnasticsGymnastics — 157FALL FALL FALL FALL FALL Chaska Mankato East Glencoe Orono Hutchinson Buffalo Eden Prairie Shakopee FALL 30-0 W 0-30 L 270 W 60 W 839 L 1 6 W 14-23 L I4 L left to right row I: J. Jacobson. J. Ruhr. P. Moss. J. Bradley. S. Cashmen. P. Zuccaro. T. Linn. G. Phleger. row 2: R. Sain. S. Hannaman. T. Salden. M. Mcliulty. K. Phlug. J. Johanning. T. fioor. V. Shanley. K. Walsh. M. McGlinsky. P. Gregg. R. Wiswell. Mgr. E. Henlhorne. row 3: Coach Buerkle. Coach Soule. B. Roshcndorfcr. P. Baicr. J. Olson. T. Rendahl. P. Goshgarian. K. Ingstad. B. Suhon. B. Dctling. D. Hofstader. S. Robertson. C. Lallak. P. Lague. Coach Hanley, row 4: D. Lassak. T. Hatch. J. Kenknight, J. Gardner. C. Fasching. D. Bradley. J. Stevenson. B. Hasse. A. Manthei. C. Maltz. P. Polston. T. Butler, row 5: M. Rippberger. D. Pond. P. Beard. R. Kaufold. B. Whitney. R. Illeis. Q. Kolden. S. Lingren. K. Vance. S. Tuthlll. H. Miller. B. Cooper. M. Birch, not pictured: D. Dongoske Ahead of 42 teams Behind 39 teams left to right row I: K. Fairbanks. J. Sicff. D. Gregoire. D. Holm. C. Robbins row 2: Mng. T. Eclund. D. Kelley. D. Stark. J. Lage. K. Kautz. S. Huncmakcr. A. Smith. B. Richards. J. White. T. Olver row 3: C. Larson. B. Bjcrke. G. Fairbanks. L. Sieff. D. Catton. G. Kinney. P. Eide, J. Bosma. D. Koch. A. Harmon. E. Ambrose. J. White. Coach Lage Matterhorn Inv. 4 out of 9 Holy Angels Inv. 3 out of II SWC Quandrangular 2 out of 4 Rocket Run 4 out of 8 SWC Triangular 2 out of 3 13th Annual Buffalo 5 out of 14 Hawk Inv. 3 out of 10 Swain Classic 4 out of 14 Sub. West Conference 4 out of 6 Dundee Classic 3 out of 9 Region Meet 7 out of 12 158 left to right row I: C. Moore. P. Larson. K. Evans row 2: M. Triplett. M. Moore. T. Melin. K. Carrier. J. Hamblet row 3: S. Putt. E. Gustafson. J. Wiswell. L. Bjornstad. H. Bateman. B. Paradise. T. Mohn. J. Muckala. S. Selle. row 4: Mgr. T. Ecklund. K. Cashman. P. Williw. J. Catton. D. Harrell. Mgr. T. Olver. Coach ElyFALL FALL FALL FALL ... Delano Orono Shakopee Waconia Jefferson Buffalo Blake New (Jim Mankato Loyalo Lake Crystal Chaska Eden Prairie Glencoe Hopkins Hutchinson left to right, row I: C. Olstad. J. Broze. B. Goslin. R. Stillings row 2: L. Jordahl. K. Christianson. D. Kroaning. D. Wigard. K. Carson row 3: Coach Ronglein. J. Albeck. L. Horner. A. Miller. R. C. MacCharles. J. Humerickhouse. Coach Pitts. Coach Asleson Apollo 21 12 Chaska 2-3 I I OT Delano 31 32 OT Orono 2-2 OT Ol Eden Prairie 2-3 OT I I OT S.C. Tech 0-2 I I OT left to right row I: R. Gribovsky. M. Beauchamp. D. Woytchc, C. Ruisenor. M. Collins. C. Jackson, row 2: R. Schultz. J. Woytke. M. Segner. D. Monsrud. M. Bcrgerson. T. Tran. T. Lewis. J. Roscnmcier. row 3: Coach Dobbs. D. Crawford, M. Middlestadt. M. Gouelctte. P. Doyle. D. Doyle. D. Dickey. T. O'Reilly. D. Govcas. C. Schaper. T. Patterson. M. O'Reilly. J. Fritz. Coach Garin Chaska 0-4 0-3 Eden Prairie 26 0-5 Breck 0-3 Ol Armstrong Ol Orono 03 159 left to right row I: A. Bonnema. H. Heck. P. Bradley. C. Rettler. R. Sloan. H. Jackson. S. Larson. A. Sacks. S. Hill row 2: Coach Hamrick. S. Hall. A. Hehl. K. Winncn. M. Rascop. S. Crawford. R. Knowles. J. Adams. M. Baker. C. Kluger. L. Sloan. S. Miller. L. BingmanFALL FALL FALL FALL FALL FALL left to right, row I: J. Mayer. CoCapt. J. Wolner. CoCapt. J. Flannery. S. Fritz row 2: Coach Osborn. D. Goblirsch. M. Sunbcrg, D. Milovich. K. Glassco. S. Anderson not pictured: T. Nordlic Cooper Prior Lake Chaska Hutchinson Jefferson Buffalo Litchfield Waconia Orono Eden Prairie Wayzata Orono Minnetonka Shakopee 1-6 34 l 25 34 70 1-6 6 1 0-7 25 5-2 0- 7 1- 6 43 left to right, row I: T. Crowell. B. Schultz. L. Hartwell. S. Stribbling. G. Schultz, unknown. B. Powell. S. Bailey row 2: S. Rockvam. C. Nelson. J. Heitkamp. K. Vogel. P. Brown. K. Reagan. L. Thibault. D. Newton row 3: unknown. S. Suerth. T. Hermann. S. Powell. S. Walman. K. Pflug. K. Hartwell. L. Bigouette. J. Brown. C. Pitsch row 4: R. Smith. K. Wisgarver. A. Brown. M. Husby. J. Johanning. J. Marshki . . GREAT SEASOH . (no statistics available) 160FALL FALL FALL Sports — 161WINTER WINTER WINTER WINTER Row I L to R: J. Jackson. C. Bjerke Row 2: Coach Leopold. T. Jordon. C. Leopold. C. Bozonie. Coach Hanley. Row 3: Capt. J. Bradley. D. Drof. Capt. D. Bradley. C. Maltz. Capt. J. Kenknight. S. Slmar Conference record 2-5-1 Over All record 7-10-1 Gagne Tournament 3rd place Region 6th place Row I L to R: C. Wilsey. Capt. J. Sterne. T. Monsrud. S. Spcncly. Capt. R. Evans. K. Burton. Row 2: Coach Soule. B. Juliar. D. Simpson. S. Lingren. D. Lassak. P. Zuccaro. C. Alvaraz. Coach Furlong. Row 3: M. Doshan. T. Linn. C. Erhart. C. Shaper. C. Mierzejewski. P. Jackson. J. Doyle. R. Duryea. Wayzata Shakopce Orono Hutchinson Buffalo Eden Prairie Chaska Front: J. Leapley Row 2 L to R: S. Hallowell. A. Linquist. D. Jenks. J. Broze. Capt. K. Nelson. K. Shaw. Capt. L. Hartwell. B. Nagel. J. Mayer. Row 3: M. Otvig. Coach Aslcson. K. Hartwell. J. Smith. J. Frommelt. Mngr. D. Anderson. Mngr. T. Johnson Wayzata Glencoe Rosemount Orono Eden Prairie Chaska Buffalo 3-4 8-2 SO 3- 5 6-3 4- 6 23 5- 6 4-5 4 54 40 9-3 Mound • Opponent 126.05- II 1.45 131.45-110.1 130.3-133.1 130.65-119.4 126.9-138.15 127.7-132.2 130.05-117.2 162WINTER Shakopee Waconia Buffalo Wayzata Chaska Eden Prairie St. Louis Park Glencoe Hutchinson Shakopee Waconia Buffalo Chaska Eden Prarie Glencoe Orono Hutchison WINTER WINTER WINTER 43-33 3241 31-36 28-23 56-43 68-40 60-37 2 32 50-33 48-36 46-29 31-33 4 43 41-44 30-55 Girl’s Basketball Front row L. to R: C. Olstad. Coach Musser. Coach Olstad. L. Horner. Row 2: B. Bittle. L. Powers. K. Christensen. J. Flannery. R. Flatland. K. Vogel. A. Miller. K. Plug. D. Kroening. J. Albreck, K. Evans 52-54 49-41 75-55 8 65 45-48 5 58 45-49 75-52 41-39 51-40 57-38 48-61 6544 67-55 32-48 54-58 Front row L to R: D. Stark. C. Fasching. A. Manthei. S. Cash men. R. lilies. Q. Kolden. Back row: Coach Ronglein. M. Birch. F. Lucas. R. Devick, D. Sandmeier. D. Pond. T. Hatch. Coach Soule 163164T he halls of Mound resound with pride, for it’s honor we will fight. And none can hide that his hopes ride with the colors RED and WHITE. Your heart is ours, your warmth we claim, we love your spirit and your name . . And with your halls no more in sight, We’ll remember RED and WHITE!!! 165SHELLY ZIMMERMAN. KIP VANCE. KRISTIE FRAHM. BLAIR JULIAR. QUEEN KIM ERICKSON. KING JIM GRIERSON. LISA DAVID. STEVE CARLTON. JULIE WILLIAMS. JEFF KNIGHT The tradition continues with SHO-DAZE 85. This years coronation was M.C.ed by Peggy Kehoe and Keith Ingstad. “It’s time for movin. on" was the theme chosen for this year's festivities. It was sung by Lesley Walters. She was accompanied by Sharon Hallowell on piano. Lisa Buckmiller on the fute, Peter Gregg on bass and Burk Whitney on the drums. Danceline once again provided the arch of roses for the court’s exit. If asked I'm sure all of them would do it again. Sno-Daze — 167SENIORS WILL THEIR PRIZED POSSESSIONS 168 — ClosingJIM GRIERSON wills his camaflauge pants to CRAIG FASCHING. VICKI LARSON wills SCOTT HANSON to any sophomore girl that will take him. COLLEEN McMILLIAN wills “BOOM BOOM” to the girls basketball team. The SENIOR GIRLS will STEVE CARLTON to the ORONO GIRLS. MIKE O'REILLY wills all of his muscles to DAN SIMPSON. JULIE MARTIN wills her attendance record to DENISE GUNION. LISA SMITH wills her G.G. CLUB card to LAURA McCURDY. JIM GRIERSON wills his SNO DAZE crown to RIK DURYEA (He thinks he will get it anyway) PAM McCURDY wills her crash course in stunt driving to KIM EVANS. BLAIR JULIAR wills “THE KNOB” to DOUG LASSEK. JENNY FROMMELT wills “THE FURMOBILE to BECKY NAGLE. THE SENIOR CLASS wills MR. SORSELIEL’S hippy jokes to anyone who wants to hear them. SHELLY ZIMMERMAN wills her seat on the bus to SUZIE HELGET. TODD LEHMAN wills his math answers to MR. SCHULTE. KIM ERICKSON AND JULIE WINTER will pictures of themselves with BLAIR and SCUTT to JtAnmit GOULETTE. SONJA FLEISCHER AND KRISTI FRAHM will the yearbook to any fool who wants it. ANDY MANTHEI wills his ability to gossip to TIM HATCH. TOM LINN wills his nice, pleasant attitude to brother JIM. CHARLIE WILSEY wills his hair to JOE ERGER. LESLEY WALTERS wills her “GLEENESS" to LISA CAMPBELL. Closing — 169SENIORS Adams, Jalmec 32. 39. 78. 159 Albertson. Deah 29. 78 Altrichter. Wendy 78 Alvarez. Christopher 28. 78. 162 Armstrong. Paul 26. 78 A meson. Chris 78 Babb. Timothy 35. 78 Bailey. Sean 78 Beard. Paul 78. 158 Bello. Amy 32. 78. 131 Bergerson. nark 78. 159 Bernard. Dee 78 Betlach. Darcy 29. 78 Biersdorf. James Birch. Matthew 78. 158. 162 Bishop. Bernadette 78 Bittle. Barbara 79. 162 Bostorm. Ronald 79 Boylan. Stephan 79 Boyle. Brian 79 Braatz. Rhonda 35. 79 Brethorst. Wendy 79 Bradley. Jerry 79. 158. 162 Brown. Patricia 28. 79 Bryan. Lori 79. 131 Buchmann. Jillayne 79 Buck miller, lisa 31. 35. 39. 79 Burton. Keith 79. 162 Butler. Edward 28. 79 Butler. Jennifer 23. 31. 79 Carlton, Stephan 38. 79 Carrier. John 80 Cashman. Steven 80. 158, 162 Chatlani. Anand 23. 31. 80 Chelberg. Greg 34. 35. 39. 80 Christensen. Kathleen 23. 35. 80 Clark. James 80 Clark. William 35. 80 Condon. Mark 80 Cooper. Byron 23. 80. 158 Crawford. Robert 28. 80 D'Avia. David 28. 80 DAvia. Debra 28. 80 Darling. Tonla 28. 80 David. Usa 28. 80 Davidson. Milissa 80 Davis. Charles 80 Davis. John 35. 81 Derry. Barbara 81 Dewitt. Shelly 81 Dock ham. Steven 81 Dongoske. David 19. 23. 81. 158 Downey. Kristen 81 Doyle. John 81. 162 Draper. Christen 81 Dressel. Ann 81 Edwards. Robert 81 Eide. Patrick 81. 158 Engle. Timothy 81 Erdman. Tiffaney 81 Erger. Sheila 28. 81 Ericson. Kimberly 81 Evans. Ray 82. 162 Flske. Scott 82 Flalland. Rine 22, 32. 82. 162 Fleischer. Sonja 23. 31. 39. 82. 130. 131 Flemel. Richard 28. 82 Frahm. Kristin 23. 31. 82. 130. 131 Freeburg. Carrie 29. 82 Fritz. Melissa 33. 82 Frommelt. Jennifer 82. 130. 162 Gardner. John 82. 158 Gearhart. Curtis 82 Glassco. Kristi 82. 160 Goslin. Babette 35. 82. 159 Goveas. Darryl 159 Green. Susan 29 Gregg. Peter 19. 82. 158 Grierson. James 82 Gfrudeen. Michael 83 Gunderson. Tracy 35. 83 Gustafson. Marie 83 Hallowell. Sharon 23. 38. 39. 83. 130. 162 Hamlin. Diane 32. 35. 39. 83 Hanna man. Scott 63. 158 Hanson. Scott 23. 39. 83 Hanson. Theodore 83 Hasse. William 83. 158 Haugh, William Hebert. Theodore 83 Heggelman. Stephanie 83. 130 Heitkamp. Jody 23. 83 Hill. Julie 83 Hintz. John 83 Hoogenakkcr. Michelle 28. 83 Horan. Kerry 83 Horner. LccAnn 159, 163 Humerlchouse. Jill 84. 159 Hurst. Bradley lilies. Robbie 84. 158. 163 Ingstad. Keith 39. 84. 158 Jacobsob. Joseph 28. 84. 158 Janos. Christopher 84 Jerde. Robin 84 Johnson. Curtis 84 Juliar. Blair 84. 162 Kasler. Carrie 22. 31. 39. 84 Kehoe. Margret 84 Keller. Natalie 23. 39. 84 Kelley. Peter 23. 31. 39. 84 KenKnlght. Jeffery 19. 23. 84. 158. 162 Kettlesom. John Kickafer, Rozcannc 85 Kilby. Robert 85 King. Thomas 85 Kinney. Gregory 31. 34. 35. 39. 85. 159 Koecheler. Nancy Koenen. Jason 28 Kohls. Kristen 35. 39. 85 Kohls. Lisa 29. 85 Kokesch. Karen 85 Koldcn. Quinn 85. 158. 163 Koopman. Kathleen 35 Kowalski. Marc 28. 85 Kramer. Paula 29. 85 Laguc. Paul 158. 85 Lallek. Carl 158 Landon. James 39. 65 Larson. Michael 23. 31. 39. 85 Larson. Patricia 85. 158 Larson. Shari 85 Larson. Vicki 34. 35. 39. 85 Lawerence. Michele 86 LcMieux, Ellen Lehman. Todd 39. 86 Lehtola. Andrew 35. 86 Lewis. Timothy 86 Lewman. Dana 23. 31. 33. 39. 86 Liljelberg. James 34. 35. 39. 86 Lillcdahl. Lonn 86 Lindgren. Pamela 86 Llndgren. Stephan 86. 158. 162 Linn. Thomas 86. 158. 162 Linquist. Heidi 23. 86 Lovaason. Dana 26. 86 Lucas. Fredrick 86. 163 Lucking. Michael 86 Lundholm, Yvonne 26 MacCharles. Cynthia 32. 35. 39. 86. 159 Manthel. Andrew 39. 87. 158. 163 Marcotte. Jenell 86 Martin. Julie 87 Maxwell. Dina 87 McCurdy. Pam 38. 87. 130. 131 McQlinsky. Mark 87 McMillan. Colleen 87 Meehan. Michael 87 Meredith. Brenda 87 Miltello. Angela 87 Milovlch. Diane 35. 39. 87. 160 Monstud. Ty 23. 31. 87. 162 Moore. Benjamin Moore. Carolyn 87 Moore. Patricia 39. 87 Morrison. Jaylene 22. 87. 158 Nelson. Christine 23. 87 Nelson. Michael 35. 87 Nelson. Sandra 35. 88 Neuman. Stacy 29. 86 Nordstrom. Lori 88 Norton. Gregory 88 Nouc, Sabah 26. 88 O'Donnell. Dnvgl Oas. Cathrlne 39.-87 Olson. Paul 28. £8 Osmonson. Kimberly 88 Paige. Dana 88 Pauly. Sandra 29. 88. 130. 131 Peterson. Gary 26. 88 Peterson. Scott 88 Ptlug. Kurt 35. 68. 158 Phillips. Pamela 28. 88 Phleger. Gary 89. 158 Polston. Payton 89. 158 Price. Suzette Primcau. Lisa 28. 89 Prokasky. Gregory Putt. Brady 89 Rascop. Mary 32. 89. 159 Rath. Dennis 26 Raushendorfer. William 158 Raze. Llora 28. 89 Reger. Kathleen 89 Rlngstrom. Steven 28. 89 Rippberger. Michael 89. 158 Roesler. Mary 89 Rolf. David 89 Rosenmeier, Jens 159 Roy. Jeffery 89 Saari. Usa 39. 89 Sandin. Eric 89 Schllcl. Steven 90 Schmidt. Nancy 90 Schoen. Michael 90 Schooling 23. 90 Schultz. Bridget 90. 160 Schwanke. John 35. 90 Scott. Keith 23.31.90 Seehusen. Cathleen 23. 90 Sell now. Randall 39. 90 Shlpmam. Debra 90 Skaret. Paul 39. 90 Sloan. Rhonda 28. 32. 90. 159 Smith. Usa 90. 130. 131 Stallman, Judith 29. 90 Stark. Dean 34. 90. 158. 163 Sleere. Jodi 29. 90 Stein. Debra 29. 91 Sterne. Jonh 91. 162 Stewart. Keith 28. 91 Strand. Jennifer 23. 35. 39. 91 Stutsman. Michelle 26. 28. 91 Suhon. Bradley 28. 91, 158 Swedlund. Andrea 91 Tran. Thuy 22. 91. 158 Tulhlll. Steven 91. 159 Uglem. Jody 29. 32. 91 VanLannen. Kimberly 26. 91 Vance. Christopher 19. 91. 158 Vandersteeg. Paul 91 Vanecek. Edward 91 Vlssar. Lance 35. 38. 91 VonBank, Mark 92 Walters. Lesley 23. 31. 92 Warden. Meredith 29. 92 Westergard. Erica 39. 92 Whitney. Burke 23. 31. 35. 92. 158 Widmar, Bruce 39. 92 Williams. Julie 28. 92 Wilsey. Charles 92. 162 Wilson. Derrell 92 Wiswell. Richard 158 Winter. Julie 92. 131 Woelffer. Brooke 32. 39. 92 Wolner. Jennifer 32. 92. 160 Woylcke. Kim 92 Zimmerman. Michelle 23. 92. 130, 131 Zubert. Kimberly 33. 39. 92JUNIORS Allen. Christine 66 Allyn. Dan id 22. 37. 66 Anderson. Fric 66 Anderson. James 66 Anderson. Susan 66. 160 Anderson. James 28. 66 Annen. John 66 Archibald. Rebecca 22. 66. 130. 131 Austin. Kelly 66 Babb. Paul 35. 66. 71 Babler. Molly 66 Baler. Paul 32. 34. 35. 66. 159 Baker. Meredith 32. 34. 35. 66. 159 Baker, tievin 66 Bee. Heather 66 Berg. Christine 66 Bigaouette. Lisa 33. 66. 131 Bisso. Jef ery 66 Bitney. Charles 66 Blake. Robert 66 Bosnia. Jeffery 66 Bradley. Denial 71. 158. 162 Brown. Jennifer 23. 71 Btoxe. Julie 33. 66. 159. 162 Cat line. Benjamin 71 Carlson. Camille Carson. Kathleen 22. 66 Cashman. Colleen 66. 158 Cawelti. Nicole 66 Christensen. Kelly 39. 66. 159. 163 Clyne. Lisa 66 Conkey, Nina 66 Constant, Kristine 66 Cooper. Mary 66 Cossette. Steven Crawford. Devin 35. 39. 66. 159 Crick. Darrin Dailey. Darrin 66 Dalbec. Caryn 66 Davisson. Peder 33. 38. 66 DeMonchaux. Leslie 23. 31. 32. 67. 130 Detling. Robert 67. 158 Devlck. Richard 67. 163 Moss. Paul 39. 69. 158 Nagle. Rebecca 69. 162 Needham. Jonathan 69 Dickey. David 67. 159 Nelson. Christine 71. 162 Dill. Amy 67 Nelson. David 69 Donahou. Kevin 71 Nelson. Kristen 69. 130 Donnay. Michael Nelson. Lisa 35. 69 Dworakoski. Scott 23. 67 Newton. Debra 33. 69. 160 Ecklund. Teresa 32. 67. 158 Nleson. Lisa 69 English. Dana 67 Noor, Terrance 69. 158 Erger. Joe 67 Nordlle. Tracy 23. 31. 39. 69. 160 Esselman. Michele 67 Ohmann. Jason 23. 39. 69 Evans. Kimberly 67. 158. 130. 131. 163 Oldre. Carlyn 23. 69. 130 Fasching. Craig 67. 158. 163 Olson. James 23. 31. 69. 158 Flaa. Colleen 71 Olstad. Carrie 35. 39. 69. 159. 163 Flannery. JamI 18. 39. 67. 160. 163 Ostvig. Marrianne 69 Flatz. John 31. 35. 67 Ostvig. Michael 69 Fritz. Sherri 23. 31. 32. 67. 160 Pahl. Michael 71 Gearhart. Kelly 67 Pfliig. Karin 69 Geinert. Aaron 67 Pond. David 69. 158. 163 Glynn. Brcndon 67 Powers. Leslie 39. 69. 163 Geode. Christopher 23. 31. 39. 67 Prokasky. Andrea 69 Goshgarian. Peter 31. 34. 35. 67. 158 Ptacck. James 69 Goulette. Jeanne 67 Ragcr, Wendy 69 Gravensteln. Mary 67 Rappe, Christian 69 Gribovsky. Vladimir 67. 159 Reimer. Mary 69 Gunion 67 Reiners. Scott 69 Hafemann. Brenda Rendahl. Todd 70. 158 Hamm, Lisa 131 Rines, Thomas 35. 70 Hartwell. Lisa 67. 160. 130. 162 Rippberger. Charles 70 Hasse. Kristen 67 Robertson. Sean 70. 158 Hatch. Timothy 67. 158. 163 Rosenbaum, Steven 70 Heilers. Christine 39. 67 Ruhr, Jeffery 71. 158 Hendrickson. Timothy 71 Rysdon, Christopher 71 Henson. Christine 22. 33, 67 Sacks. Andrcc 32. 70. 159 Hcntges. Laura 18. 67 Sain. Robert 70. 158 Hcnthornc, Eric 35. 68 Salden. Todd 70. 158 Hitk. Amber 68 Sandmeier. Dominic 70. 163 Hofstadter. David 68. 158 Schaper. Craig 70. 159. 162 Jackson. Patrick 39. 68. 162 Schaumbcrg. Adrcinnc70 Jacobson. Charles 39. 68 Schllchting. Bradley 23. 39. 70 Jensen. Jennifer 22. 68 Johanning 18. 68. 158 Johnson. Helgc 68 Jones. Bartley 68 Jones. Karen 23. 68 Jordan. Troy 71. 162 Kaufhold. Rickie 68. 158 Kauri. Paul 34. 35. 68. 158 Kellen. Karmen 68 Kinser. Kathrine 68 Kroening. Deborah 68. 159. 163 Kroll. Troy 68 Krueger. Sally 33. 35. 68 Labresh. Heather 68 Lallas. Wendy 22. 68 Larson. Sandra 35. 68. 159. 131 Lassek. Douglas 23. 28. 31. 68. 158. 162 Leapley. Jodi 28. 68 Lehtola. Pamela 35. 68 Leiber. Joline 68 Une. David 71 Litman. Mara 23. 68 Lundberg. Kristin 22. 68 MacCharles. Roderick 68 Mader. Mark 68 Malri. Christopher 68. 158. 162 Marschke. Jennifer 68 McNcvin. Shawn 71 McCurdy. Laura 68. 131 McGllnsky. Michael 23. 31. 39. 68. 158 McIntyre. James 34, 35. 69 McNulty. Michael 69. 158 M eland. Robin 23. 69 Meyer. Dennis 69 Miles. William 69 Miller. Hans 23. 69. 158 Miller. Leanne 69 Mittelslaedt. Christopher 71 Mohn. Britta 69. 158 Morin. Jill 31. 23. 38. 39. 69. 130 Schocn. Mark Schubach. Katrin 23. 39. 70 Segner. Mark 39. 30. 70. 159 Selle. Michele 26. 70. 158 Serna. Damon 70 Shanley. Vance 70. 158 Simpson. Danial 70. 162 Smith. Jonathon 70 Snyder. Emily 70. 130 Spalding 70 Stcfanoc. Charles 23. 70 Stellmaker. Donald 71 Stevens. Wendy 70 Stevenson. Jeffery 70. 158 Stillings. Renee 39. 70. 160 Sundberg. Meredith 37. 70. 160 Tesch. Tamer a 70. 131 Thomson. Christopher 71 Touba. Nour 39. 70 Umbehocker. Dean 39. 70 VanHorssen. Lisa 70 Vierling. Traci 70 Vogelgesang. Rustin 70 Walker. Steven 70 Welsch. Kevin 71. 158 Walton. John 39. 71 Warner. Carrie 71 Warnke. Larisa 71 Weise. Philip 71 Wenzel. Michael 71 Westergard. Earl 71 White. John 71. 158 Wigland 71 Williams. Anthony 71 Williams. Lisa 71 Winnen. Dawn 32. 71. 159 Wood, Gregory 71 Woodson. Parker 71 Young. Cynthia 71 Zuccato. Pat 71. 158. 162172 SOPHOMORES Ah!atrom. Cari 56 Albertson. Danlal 56 Alexander. Heath 56 Allen, flora 23. 61 Ambrose. Erik 56. 158 Anderson. Dominie 56 Anderson. Karl 56 Anderson. Lori Ann 56 Armstrong. Amy 56 Aspholm. Tammy 56 Austin. Kirsten 56 Bailey. Blaine 56 Balsanek. Brain 56 Bame. Kevin 22. 56 Bame. Stephanie 56 Beauchamp. Michael 56. 159 Beise. John 56 Belcourt. Brett 56 Bergquist. Ann 22. 61 Betsch. Stacy 23. 56 Betsch. William 56. 158 Blasko. Thomas 56 Boer net. Lori 32. 56 Bonnema. Amy 32. 56. 159 Bo sms. Steven 56. 158 Brandenburg. Lisa 56 Breen. Kari 56 Brown. Elizabeth 56 Brown. Jane 37. 56 Bryce. Cindy 56 Buerkle. Marie 22. 56 Bullock. Brian 56 Burrlss Roderick 56 Carlson. Kathryn 32. 56 Carlton. Karalyn 56 Caster. Colleen 56 Cation. David 56. 158 Chelberg. Robert 34. 35. 56 Christensen. Ginger 56 Clem. Tiffany 56 Conkey. Michael 22. 26. 56 Dale. John 22. 56 Davidson. Evon Demarco. Richard 56 Doyle. David 34. 35. 56. 159 Doyle. Paul 34. 35. 57. 159 Drof. Damien 57, 162 Dunn. Christine 61 Durlsh. Joy 57 Eceles. Scott 57 Elam. Robert 57 Fadell. Michelle 23. 57 Falls. Paul 57 Flake. Kevin 57 Fleming. Jeffery 57 Fletcher. James 22. 57 Frahm. Kara 22. 57. 130 Frenchik. Michael 57 Fritz. Jeffery 22. 34. 37. 57. 159 Ftacek. Stephan 61 Gauvln. Kristin 32. 57 Geffre. Jacquelyn 57 Gentes. Steven 57 Gobtirsch. Danielle 57. 160 Goddard. Drew 57 Goodman. Steven Allen 57 Gramhlll. Richard 37. 57 Gray. Anna 61 Gribovsky. Peter 57 Grierson. Elizabeth 61. 130 Gustafson. Bradley 57 Gustafson. Christine 57. 158 Hall. Carl 57 Hamblet. Jodie 57. 158 Hansen. Carie 57 Hansen. Tracy 57 Hanson. Peter 57 Hanson. Tracy 57 Hastings. Pamela 57 Hawley. Jennine 22. 57 Hay. Thomas 57 Hebert, Julie 57 Hehl. Anne 22. 32. 35. 37. 57. 159 Hendrickson. Lori 57 Henry. Karen Hentges. Andrea 57 Henthome. Kathlynn 22. 57 Hermann. Traci 57. 130 Honour. Kirk 57 Horgan. William 57 Horner. Donald 57 Howard. Matthew 61 Hunt. Alexandra 58 Hurley. Patrick 58 Hyytinen. Dean 58 Ingle. Gary 58 Jackson. Heidi 32. 34. 35. 58. 159 Janos. Barbara 58 Jenks. Deborah 35. 58. 162 Jensen. Ross 58 Jerde. Beth 58 Johanning. James 58 Johnson. Holly 58 Johnson. Steven 58 Jordahl. Larissa 58. 159 Jordan. Tommy Kalal. Melissa 58 Raster. John 58 Kehoe. William 34. 35. 58 Kelly. Patrick 58. 158 Kickhafer. Kathryn 58 King. Louis 58 Kinney. Tonya 22. 58 Kline. Heidi 35. 58 Knowles. Rena 58. 159 Knutson. Edward Koch. Danlal 58. 158 Kokesch. Keith 58 Koopman. Thomas 58 Kozar. Shannon 58 Kramer. Kerry 58 Kramer. Lisa 58 Kuglln. Carla 58. 159 Kuntz. Emily 58 Lage. Natalie 58 Lang. Jon 58. 158 Lange. Roxanne 22. 58 Larson. Lorie 58 Leach. Leanne 58 Lehman. Lori 22. 32. 58 Lilfeberg. John 58 Logan. Christine 58 Love. Jason 61 Maas. Julie 58 MacKcnzic. Jon 61 Madden. Raymond 58 Mader. Anthony 58 Matin. Julia 59 Martin. Gregory 59 Maslow. Ua 23. 61 Matheson. Jodi 59 Mayer. Bradley 22. 59 Mayer. Jacqueline 59 Mayer. Jennifer 59. 160. 130, 162 McMurray. David Meehan. Mark Meisel. Gregory 59 Melin. Traci 37. 59. 158 Memik. Mark 22. 59 Mierzefewski. Cari 59. 162 Miller. Amy 61. 159. 163 Miller. Chris 59 Miller. Stacy 23. 32. 59. 159 Mlsiowicc. Tammy 61 Moen. Lopaka 59 Monsrud. David 22. 5. 159 Moore. John 59 Moore. Margret 22. 59. 158 Moynagh. Robert 59 Mueller. Rebecca 59 Neesen. Michael 22. 59 Nelson. Carl 59 Nelson. Usa 59 Newton. Edward 59 Norum. Cherie 18. 22 Nunemaker. Justin 59 Olson. John 59 Olson. Michelle 59 Opitz. Jennifer 22. 59 Osell. Jade 59 Palm. Virginia 59 Parrow, Machelle 59 Paterson. Kay 59 Patterson. Todd 59. 159 Paulsen. Eric 59 Pauly, Jennifer 59 Pellett. Deanne 32. 60 Peterson. Daryl 60 Peterson. Heidi 61 Peterson. Jeffery Petrrich. Usa 22. 60 Pielrowski. Steven 60 Pitsch. Kari 22. 60 Pond. Douglas 60 Powell. Stephanie 22. 32. 60 Powers. Beth 60 Prince. Steven 61 Ralche. Michele 60 Reimer. John 60 Relnke. Robert Remington. Pamela 22 Rettler, Colleen 60. 159 Rlggles. Angela 22. 60 Roden. Troy 60 Rodgers. John 60 Roelofs. Rebecca 12. 22. 60 Rogers, Kari 60 Roy. Jared 60 Samuel. Sosamma 18. 37 Sapp. Oladys Savage. Scott 61 Sc ham me I. Tiffani 60 Schonning. Jeanne 60 Schueller. David 60 Seehusen. Rick 60 Serna. Marie 60 Shaw. Kelly 22. 60. 130 Short. Douglas 60 Sieff. Luther 60. 158 Simar. Shawn 22. 60. 162 Simon. Douglas 60 Sloan. Michael 61 Smith. Julie 60. 130. 162 Spensley. Shawn 60. 162 Stallman. Connie 130 Stein. Mark 61 Stodola. Craig 61 Strand. Serena 61 Stribllng. Steven 61 Suerth. Suzanne 22. 32. 61. 130 Swanson. Jeffery 61 Thompson. Shannon 61 Thornton. Rachel 22. 61 Trapnell. Scott 61 Triplette. Michelle 51. 158 Vegners, Allse 61 Vensel. Kristin 23. 61 Vlckerman. Mark 37. 61 Vogel. Cara 61 Vogel. Kimberly 61. 163 Walman. Elizabeth 22. 61. 130 Ward. Usa 35. 61 Warolln. Eric 61 Weber. Lance 18. 22. 61 Wermager. Jennifer 61 White. Mary 61 Wigland. Diana 61. 159 Wllsey. Kristen 22. 61. 130 Wlsegarver. Suzanne 61 Wiswell, Roger 61 Wolner. Scott Woytcke. Jesse 61. 70. 159 Wright. Kim 61 Yanlk. Mark 61 Zambori. Shan da 61 Zinn. Jeffery 22. 61 Zubert. Peter 34. 35. 61 Helget. Susan 22. 57 O'Reilly. Timothy 59. 159Aadland. Mary 46 Adams. Kealy 46 Albertson. Dennis 46 Allrich ter, Eugene 46 Alvarez, Anthony 51 Ambrose. Craeden 46 Amundson. Gregg 46 Anderson. Diane 46. 51. 162 Anderson. Eric 37. 46 Annis. Michael 34. 46 Archibald. Alicia 22. 46 Baanrud. Michele 46 Bailey. Kyle 46 Bakalyar. Tony 46 Bazewicz. Sean 46 Bedell. Steven 51 Berg. Laurie 46 Bergerson. Nicole 9. 22, 46 Berquist. Paul 46 Betlach. Holly 46 Bitney. Richard 32. 51 BJerke. Chad 46. 162 Blackowaik. Tami 19. 22. 46 Blount. Kirsten 19. 22. 46 Bosma. Shannon 46 Boy Ian. Nancy 22. 51 Bozonie. Christopher 46. 162 Brettln. Lisa 46 Brown, Patti 46 Brueggemeier. Troy Butler. Sara 22. 46 Callinan. Danial 46 Carlson. Linda 46 Carlson. Ross 46 Carrier. Kristen 46. 158 Cherba. John 34. 46 Christianson. Heather 46 Codings. Michael 46. 159 Cone. Amy 46 Conkey. Carolyn 22. 46 Corl. Scott 34. 46 Co veil. Gregory. 46 Crocker. Danial 34. 46 Dahl. Brain. 46 Dale. Jeff 51 Daly. Brenden 47 Darling. Tila 22. 47 Davidson. Bee Davidson, lee 47 Davis. Troy 47 Davisson. Elizabeth 34. 47 Devick. Jodi 47 Ditsch. Brian 47 Doshan. Mark 47. 162 Downey. Kelle 22. 38. 47 Drongeson. Eric 47 Eiss. Jonathon 22. 47 Emery. Paula 47 Erdman. Heidi 47 Erhart. Christopher 47. 162 Fairbanks. Garrett 34. 47. 158 Fiveland. Kimyla 47 Foote. Tina 47 Foy. Tiffany 47 Jeff re. Joan 47 Gelhaye. Kathryn 47 Gelo. Danial 47 Giles. Leanna 22. 47 Glesne. Michelle 19. 47 Gnitka. Brenda 47 Goshgarian. John 47 Gould. Timothy 22. 51 Green. Nancy 51 Grierson. William 47 Grimes. Craig 47 Groth. Andrew 34. 47 Gustafson. Brain 51 Hall. Stephanie 34. 51. 159 FRESHMAN Hall. Krystl 47 Halluska. Peter 47 Hamblet. John 34. 51 Hames. Colin 22. 47 Hanson. Kim 47 Hanson. Stacey 47 Harrele. Nicklas 22. 48 Hartwell. Kristi 22. 48. 162 Hatch. Gregory 34. 48 Hayes. Keith 34. 48 Hedberg. Christopher 34. 48 Heilers. Rebucca 48 Hitchings. Dana 48 Hoeft. Chad 48 Hofferber. Eric 48 Ho lien. Andrew 48 Holm. Kimberly 48. 158 Hopkins. Jason 22. 48 Hultgren. Lori 22. 48 Ingle. Kenneth 48 Jacobson. Rachel 34. 48 Janos. Patrick 48 Jensen. Breck 48 Johnson. Lance 51 Johnson. Shane 48 Johnson. Tamera 34. 48 Raster. Laura 22. 48. 162 Kaufhold. Neil 48 Kelly. Colleen 48 Knutson. Ted 48 Kuhbander. Kristine 48 Kuhlman. Casandra 48 Kurvers. Amy 48 Lacrosse. Rebecca 48 Lamarre. Ann 48 Landavazo. Felicia 48 Langford. Joy 22. 48 Larson. Bridget 22. 48 Larson. William 48 Lassek. Karen 22. 37. 48 Lauer. Katheryn 34. 48 Laurent. Cheri 48 Leapley. Jennifer 34. 48. 162 Lemke. Todd 49 Loepold. Cory 22. 49. 162 Lindquist. Alexa 51. 162 Linn. James 49 Linner. Jonathon 49 Lister. Kimberly 49 Litman. Ryan 34. 49 Lock. Steven 34. 49 Love. Deanna 49 Lundeen. Charles 22. 49 Maas. Jason 34. 49 Manthei. Jill 49 Margeson. Cristy 22. 34 Marquardt. John 49 Max field. Maria 34. 49 Maxwell. Dodi 49 McNcvin. Todd 49 Mcdanial. Stephanie 19. 34. 49 McMillan. Michelle 49 McMillan. Molly 22. 34. 49 Melsness. Peter 34. 49 Meirzejewski. Ocoy 49 Miller. Stephanie 49 Mittclstaedt. Matthew 49 Mittelstaedt. Michael 49. 159 Moeller. Jon 49 Mohn. Douglas 49 Moore. Danial 49 Morrison. Anthony Nasset. Ann 34. 49 Norberg. Renee 34. 49 Norring. Amy 49 Norton. Curtis 51 Norum. Derrick 34. 49 Nustad. Ross 22. 49 Oberhauser. Christopher 34. 49 Olexa. Allen 49 Olson. Ann 49 Olson. Holly 49 Olver. Tracy 49. 158 Opitz, Amy 37. 50 Otto. James 51 Paine. Shawn 50 Paradise. James 49 Pehrson. Meagan 51 Peterson. Erik 50 Peterson. Jon 51 Pratley. Leslie 50 Primeau. Keith 50 Purdes. Michael 34. 50 Rappe. Judd 50 Reese. Conway 50 Regan. Kelli 50 Ret tier. Steven 50 Richards. Ben 34. 158 Rockvam. Roxanne 22. 50. 33 Rockvam. Stacy 22. 50 Rodewald. Douglas 51 Rosen. Edward 34. 50 Ruisenor. Juan 50 Sarvi. Jennifer 51. 159 Schleif. Sara 34. 50 Schleiesman. Nicholas 50 Schmidt. Karen 38. 50 Schmidt. 22. 37. 50 Scholtz. Rolf 50. 159 Scrivner. Andrew 50 Segner. Mark 50 Sheehan. Anita 22. 37. 50 Sidders. Jennifer 50 Skibicki. David 50 Sloan. Lorene 50. 159 Smith. Jared 50 Smith. Jeffery 34. 50 Smith. Richard 50. 158 Smith. Tamera 34. 50 Snyder. Edwin 50 Solstad. Virginia 22. 50 Stallman. Laura 34. 50 Stark. Dale 34. 51 Stark man. Sherry I 22. 51 Steere. Shari 51 Stefanoc. Tracy 51 Stewart. Jennifer 51 Stillings. Reid 51 Struss. Darin 51 Stuart. David 51 Svoboda. Robert 51 Swedenborg. Krista 51 Thibault. Lisa 22. 51 Thomas. Kelly 51 Thurber. Lisa 51 Tolzmann. Kelly Trapnell. Jennifer 51 VanHorssen. Jackie 51 Vogelgesang. Robert 51 Wagstrom. Erica 51 Walker. Curtis 51 Washburn. Tracy 22. 51 Weber. Terry 51 Westfell. Todd 51 White. Wendy 51 Willis. Robert 51 Winter. Reed 22. 51 Wood. Jason 51 Wood. Sandra 51 Woodson. Stephanie 51 Wroda. Kimberly 51 Youngstrand. Scott 51It is hard for us to believe that we actually made it through all of our deadlines. Our idea of “Only Once " is finally in print. We couldn’t have done it without the help of so many people. We both would like to thank, our staff, photographers, and our advisor Patty Pitts. A special thanks to Kemmetmueller and Lindeman for helping with our developing. We have put a lot of time and effort in to this edition of the Mohian. We did what we could to try and please everyone. We only hope we have succeeded. Enjoy the book and remember you have "ONLY ONCE”. Wishing all of you the very best. your co editors................ PLuSC itQ, ottfy Oft CrGr ♦ ♦♦ Closing — 175COLOPHON Seven hundred and fifty copies of the 1985 Mohian were printed by Jostens American Yearbook Company of Bloomington, MN. The approximate cost of publishing the Mohian was $11,000. The 7 3 4 x 10 1 2 book contains 176 pages and is Smyth bound, rounded and packed. Eight pages were printed in process color and eight pages were printed in spot color, P-800 red. P-600 yellow and P-395 black. American Typewriter Bold 60 point type was used for the headlines in most of the book. Other headlines and sublines were set in 42 and 24 point type. Body and caption copy were set in Korinna Bold Italics, 8 and 10 point type. The Styleline cover base is storm 524 with applied colors of red 331 and silver foil 381 to help carry out our Only Once theme. CO-EDITORS SONJA FLEISCHER AND KRISTI FRAHM SPORTS EDITOR KRISTI FRAHM PEOPLE EDITORS SONJA FLEISCHER AND STAFF KARA FRAHM RHONDA SLOAN CARRIE OLSTAD JAMI FLANNERY LISA BIGAOUETTE STEVE CARLTON NATALIE KELLER ACADEMICS EDITOR CARRIE RASTER ACTIVITIES EDITOR LESLEY WALTERS PAUL SKARET PETER GREGG MARY RASCOP JON LANGE

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