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 1 16 42 68 132 174 Mound Westonko High School 5905 Sunnyfield road Mound. Minnesota 55364 Volume 53 Opening Activities Academics People Sports Closing This is Mound Westonka. Nothing flashy. Nothing big. We don't have to show off. Because there is no need to. We have style, flair. ' f | Glencoe ban eat their] Green Giant corn, "rono be taken by alligat Ire E.P. to their )us buildif xVt worrv about Jing., (we’ve got 3t speaks lf. wa$ 'll ts strop- ‘ low keV ct is wt iai. .Tfl rted out aren't ready or Westonka’ ew us, jr falj iey thbc rr was theirs. . Oronos. and world vPiTPipaiRUiiiaWho can define friendship? No one can actually. Each relationship is unique in its own special way. A friend may have T.P.ed with you late on a Friday night, given you that extra 50c so you could eat lunch, or listened to your stupid joke for the seventh time. A group of friends may have screamed so loud that they lost their voices at your basketball game. A couple of friends may have shared that big box of chicken Me Nuggets with you, or that one "special'' friend may have taken you to a secluded spot and gave you that well known line, "The moon looks very pretty this time of night." A friend may have gotten you kicked out of algebra, or told you that your zipper was down or filled your locker with confetti or shaving cream. Why are they your friends? Because they gave you a ride to school, helped you cram for the big physics test or just gave you a hug when the going got rough? Maybe you were the type of person with a lot of friends or just a few. The friendships at MWHS are the memories that every student will cherish forever. Left Pg. Top Right: Kerri Bandel receives a friendly hug from Brad Reese Middle Left: Friends often huddle together for warmth on a cold football Friday Middle Right: Kelly Constant and Cindy Scruton Take stats at a football game. Bottom Right Having a friendly convo during Study Hoi is Greg Poetz. Randy Sloan. Jay Mar-cotte and Noel Nichols 4Top: Displaying their Sunday finest are. Scott Kohls. Kip Vance, Gary Phleger and Paul Lague Mid. Left: The supporting friendship of Laura McCurdy and Becky Nagle Mid. Right: Not used to wearing suits, Todd Rockvam and Steve Maxfield support one another Bottom: Cinda Tuttle lends her shoulder to Ann White. 5As soon as the thermometer hit 70°, we rushed out to buy our bikinis and suntan lotion. During the first few weeks of summer. our minds were set on acquiring our Coppertone tans out on Lake Minnetonka Big Island and Surf side were two of the most popular sunning spots. Unfortunately. our funds for suntan lotion ran out. and as a result, some of us were forced to go job hunting. Many of us were found, daydreaming about sunshine at Mac and Dons. A W, Lafayette Club and Super Value while we dutifully performed our chores. Our evening activities were endless, you could tell that a person went mini putting by the mosquito bites on his body the next day Our trips to Fletcher's and Mai Tai were evident by our complaints of headaches the following morning To escape the evenings heat you could find us in the basement of the nearest air conditioned house watching the latest video with friends Many times these video sessions turned into all night slumber parties accompanied by food, food dnd more food. Even though the 98° temperatures refused to drop, we realized that Aug. 29th was just around the corner. The long, hot days became shorter, and we knew that our school year was going to be just as HOT as the summer was. lop Bill Merrvk le be Vance and M e Klein spent this summer day batting the heat Middle Watching fireworks m Woyzata is Jane Allen. Wanita Thostenson. Rondo Gongelhoff, Sherri Bryan. Molly Mcgmms. lisa toonen and Lee Ann Jessen Bottom KeBy Constant enjoys camping during her summer break 7It's 8:00 ... do you know where your friends are? You long awaited this Friday night and it's finally here. The question is. what are you going to do? There are many things to do. trying to think of them is the hard part. Everyones parents are home, (no parties!), there is nothing on TV except Dallas. OK- it can be addicting but giving up your social life for it isn't my idea of fun. Nobody wants to go out to eat because it is too fattening. Well, our list has come to nothing. now what? The solution? Check out some of Mound's hangouts. Left Page: Top: Jane Allen just can't pass up a good A W Corndog Middle Left When nothing exciting is going on around town. Tracy Loughtm stays home and experiments with her make-up brushes. Left Sonja Fleischer is having a " g Moc Attock!" oTop Left: Kerri Bandel eats dinner at MacDonalds before her big date. Top Right: Cathi Seehusen enjoys seeing movies at Wayzata theater, especially when they only cost $150. Middle Left: "After a late movie, a sundae at Bridgemon's always tastes good.", says Junior Jenny Butler. Middle Right: In the fall. Friday nights are spent cheering at football games. Bottom Left: Lisa Munkelwitz spends some of her Friday nights working at Nutrition World in Wayzata. 9Tradition and spirit made the 1983-84 coronation the special event of this year Tracy Erickson was crowned queen by Bruce Martin and Mike Hudson Presentation of the royalty was the job of LeeAnn Jessen and Jon Christensen The Mohawkettes added color and Tradition to the event while the royalty were escorted out The music included. To Love, sung by Wanita Thostenson and What's Forever For, sung by John Skaret. Both were accompanied by Barb DonaldsonLeft to Right A. Olson. A Moxfield Barton B Reeset l Nelson. B Mernic.X • •Erickson. j Walrtia -( J HOSuSka. B Ogjgftt Finn M Klein. C. '' Scruton. P BuySSBE; Lelt Pg Top Left All the condsdates congratulate Queen Tracy Mid Left Princess Hailuska with her escort Brian Clork Mid Right M-ke Hudson and Bruce Martin crowfli 1 Erickson as the 1 ?83 Homecoming Queen Bot Left "Bump” Mernik escorting Angek|;| and Katie Downey just like his Pig brother "Boom " Bot Right Paul Buysse escorts Cindy to the floor Right Page Mid Left Tawnya Nelson laughs off Mike Hudson's temptations crown. M J Right Mike Hudson and Bruce Martin discuss the options for queen tfttfir' Dondaldson and John Skaret Bot Left Emcees for this years coronation were Jon Christa and LeeAnn Jessen Bot Right Theresa Finn. Karen Barton, and Amy Olson getting rife• Top Left; This year’s dance proved to be one of the most successful in MW history. Top Right: Debbie D'Avia ond Tonia Darling chat about the latest Red and White fads. Middle Left: John Skaret. Steve Maxfield. Mtke Hudson and Terry Lowe were the Senior Cheerih Section at the Powder Puff game. Bottom Left: Enjoying each others company is Debbie Ship-man and Andy Manthei. Middle Right: Another Crazy day in — the fives of Barb Donaldson and Lisa Rettler. 12Homecoming- that special time of year when students, faculty and coaches let themselves go. The students dress up in strange get ups for those crazy days of the week. The coaches psych up the team to go out and beat that rival team in football, and the faculty stands by. watching all the chaos and realizing that their classes will resume a resemblance of order soon enough. Homecoming gives all of us a time to be ourselves, to have fun. The times spent with our friends decorating the halls, anticipating coronation, playing powderpuff football, making our slaves wear embarassing outfits, and painting our faces red and white will be the times we never forget. Top: Who is this Red and White Masked Marvel? The one and only Bobs Gosbn. Middle Right: Tim Olson introduces MW's two little dollies. Jon Walman and Roger Ward Bottom Left Even exposing their cute legs couldn't get Kurt Pflug and Bi Hosse a Sat. night date. Bottom Right: David Dickey displays his decorating talents at hall decoration 13MONDAY: Dress up Day Coronation Talent Show TUESDAY: Twin Day Powderpuff football WEDNESDAY: Slave Day PJ Stuffed animal Day THURSDAY: Hat. Boot, Bandana. Shades Day Hall Decoration FRIDAY: Red and White Day Football Game with BuffaloTop Sophs show enthusiasm when they found out they placed 2nd in the class competition Sts placed 1st. Jrs 2nd. Fre$hman-4th Mid left Tim Olson loses his contacts and accidentally tackles h«$ own team member Mid Right Kristi Glossco and Deoh Albertson show their spirit on Twin Day Bot Jeff Storkman otter a night on the town Left Poge top Right Senior cheerleaders included John Skaret. Scott Kohls. Scott Honour Mark Bre-daht. Brad Reese, and Mike Hudson Top Left Band Members get new uniforms for Homecoming Bot Left Sandy Nelson tries out for Mound Wes tonka Mouseketeers Mid Left Mound "their' game. Bot Right The Mound football team makes the entrance ISSoprvomcxe Officers: Tim Hatch. Heather LaBresh. Laura Hentges. Dave Pond. Freshman Officers: Sosamma Samuel. Lisa Ward. Nanc Eisner. Anne Hehl 18 Class Officers Class officer campaigns lasted for a week and a half. This included large signs promising slogans, ingen-ios announcements and an original: campaigning in the parking lot by "Dudes on Ludes". Then elections were held and a slate of 4 persons from each grade were elected. The Senior Class officers were in charge for arranging the senior class party: getting businesses to donate money and gifts for the graduating seniors. The graduation ceremony is also arranged by these officers along with a speech by the president, Steve Maxfield. The term of Senior Class Officers lasts for an indefinite amount of time, as they are in charge of class reunions in the years to come. The Junior Class Officers are in charge of Prom. They hired a band, arranged for room rental, food, and decided the price. Through out the year fund raisers were held to help make the evening as elegant as possible. We're still trying to figure out what the freshman and sophomores are supposed to do.CLASS OFFICERS: Jeff KenKnight. Lisa Smith. Kristie Frahm, Kip Vance. NIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Steve Maxfield. Bruce Martin, Dan Jacobson. Ramon Serna.Work Program Row 1: K. Christenson, S. Gould, Mr. Esselman, B. Block, J. Cole, T. Mittelstaedt, Row 2: S. Palmer. S. Myers, R. Habish, L. Munkelwitz. J. Barrot, S. Nour. K. Gielo, P. Cook. Row 3: K Christenson, J. Davis. J. Broze. P. Hiltsley. P. Vandersteeg, J. Biersdorf. 20Vo-Tech Identification? Our guess is as good as yours. The Mohian Staff is leaving this picture up to you In Mound Westonka, there is a strange love-hate relationship within the Vo-Tech students. The love to get away from Mr. Humerickhouse, hall monitors, and the whole atmosphere of this great learning institution. They hate to be confronted with their Vo-Tech obligations. Many of these students have received benefits from their work. Such as; on the job training and being able to compete on state and national levels. Course offerings allow students to pursue their vocational interests. Like any other program, Vo-Tech was vulnerable to expliotation by the students unwilling to apply themselves, but all in all, the students express their interest in a field they enjoy. 21Row 1 B. Koerber. B. Bauer. K. Hentges. L. Neison. P. Cheney. T. Erickson. K. Constant. T. Nelson. S. McCormick. T. Finn. S. Bryan. K. Stewart. R. Watson. K. Ericson. J. J. Johnson, Row 2 C. Halfaker, D. Bertagnoli. J. Bammenn. L. Raze. P. Philips. D'Avia. D. Bernard. B Meredith. K Austin, K. Harell. W. Meyer. L. Smith. Row 3 S. Lassek. B. Suhon, R. M. J. Rockvam. R. Gangelhoff. L. Camp. R. Sloan, Row 4 D. Jacobson. B Martin. S. Meakins. A. Swelurvd. T. Palm, J. Wiliams. R. Jerde. M. Zaback, M. EMngson. P. Brown, S. Tuthill. D. Young. Row 5 T. Kozar Rosey. B. Edberg. B. Williams. K. Westerlund. R. Hanson. R. Vogelgesong. S. Foy. Mr. Furlong, J. Hulluska. Lett: Shawn Meakins smerks at Mr. Furlongs Plaid suit during D.E. Right: Mark (Grunt) Rislund is working for his weekends. 22[Row 1 C O'Hare. B Davis. J Brown, S. Olson. S. Clark. Row 2 L. Anderson, H. Staly. V. Wilson. A Otson. C. Scruton. C. Briner. L. Vance. Row 3 C Po onen. T Block, Mr Muth. H Cliff. M. Kobris. D. Roepke. Not pictured Doug Johnson DECA MOEA During the 83-84 school year many of Mound Weston-kas students held part-time jobs. The school has two programs which allows a job to count as a credit towards graduation. Distributive Ed. and Office Ed. offers job training in business and sales, office and communication skills. Many students are allowed to leave school early to work during the rest of the scheduled day. Selling M M's and candles were two fund raisers that the students took part in. But there's more to it than wondering where to look for a job and which plaid suit Mr. Furlong will wear. Many students take part in compiti-tions held in the state and also national contests. Both programs teach the skills needed to make it out in the business field, and the graduates of Mound are living proof. 23Mohian Copy ... Picas ... Triplicate ... What's that? You may ask. These are just a few of the terms and skills that we have learned in our year of working on the Mohian. 3 or 4 people were assigned to each section of the book. Working together to try to make it special for everyone. Top. Mohian staff member Sherri Stmar searches for condids ore info for the 83-84 Yearbook Left: After a long day in the Mohic room Dan Jacobsons sanity starts slipping. Right Look! Krist eyes are finoBy open Row 1. Sharon HaHowell. Kristi Frahm. Shari Simar. Tracy Erickson. Jane Allen. Lezlie Vance. Pat O'Reilly. Row 2. Vicki Larson. Carrie K as ter. Tiffar Carlsen. Jenny Butler, Row 3, Kathy Christensen. Paula Baker. Julie Musser. Scott Honour. Dan Sundberg. Dan Jacobson. Not pictured. Son Fleischer.AFS FRIENDSHIP: That was the biggest reward for being on AFS. Mound was priviledged this year to have AFS club member Andres Girard from Columbia South America. Andres shared with us his many experiences from Colombia. Mound student Ann Winter spent half of her Junior and Senior year in Peru. Huygen Tranberg spent her summer in Switzerland and many of our students are planning to leave during the year. Top: Andres Girord visiting from Colombia South America. Right: Ann Winter rocks on with Peruvian music. 1st Row: Heidi Jockson. Heidi Kline. Rhonda Sloan, leeann Jessen. Andres Gerald. Marian Ostvig. 2nd Row: Jomie Adams. Jane Allen. Sand Pauly. Pam lehtola. Leslie Walters. Cindy MocCharles. Cathi Seehusen. Lori Block. Dawn Winnen. 3rd Row: Mary Rascop, Jason Koehnen. Mon Baker. Lisa Rettler. Shari Simar. Betty Solstad. Judy Rockvam. Kristi Frahm. Huyen Tranberg. Bruce Widmer. Poula Baker.Jocks vs. Comoro Cross-Fire injection. Daddy borrowed Jon his car for the weekend and his Amoco charge card. The car comes complete with reclining front seats. This is important for those long Saturday night dates at the stoplight in Navarre. Jersey Before seen on Jon. the jersey was last seen locked in Coach Hanley's equipment room. Favorites: Weekend activities- Football with the boys, cards. Survival, watching Wide World of Sports. Food- Sport Shake and raw eggs. Clothing store- Kokesh and Metro-dome T-shirt stands. Colors- red and white Hero- Rocky Balboa Magazine- Sports Illustrated and Viking Report Most frequently found at the Metro-dome and the east side of MWHS's parking lot. Sports Equipment: Jon's favorite piece of sports equipment is his golf club. His math scores have improved as he's learned to count to 18 by playing the course at Burl Country Club. Jon’s ever present football is always at his side. It's the best way he knows of throwing a pass at a sophomore girl. Jon's baseball glove is glued to his left hand. The main purpose of this glove is to catch the passes thrown back from sophomore girls. The glove has a big hole in the middle of it as the pass was never intended to be caught. Prissy Dog. Jon's useful dog “Princess'' comes in handy as she fetches his hockey stick when he's late for captains practice.Trusty Truck Bed: This contains everything from Spaghetti O's and shot gun shells. Also among this collection of treasures you will find, in its experimental stage, a decoy that was made in Wood Shop. This remarkable sculpture was carved to resemble Tom Selleck. Obviously, this decoy was not intended to catch ducks. It is intended to catch unsuspecting waitresses at the local truck stop. Dynamic Duo: Tom and his dog "Corky" are rarely apart. They share many things including the same trees during deer season. Army Fatigues: These are the latest styles imported from Beirut and Grenada. This fashionable attire is tough enough to hide even the darkest of oil spots that came from 5 hours of Auto Shop and 2 hours of Wood Shop. Truck Repair: After 3 days of his truck not starting, Tim Palm is sent under to tear apart the starter. Realizing that the starter was not the problem, Tim and Tom went to the trusty repair manual. This did not help them as they spend 7 hours a day in Auto Shop and skip Remedial Reading. Industrials Favorites: Weekend activities hunting, partying, hunting, fixing cars, and hunting. Subject Auto Shop Food venison Clothing store Army Surplus and Ragstock. Colors Army green and Khaki Hero Daniel Boone Magazine Field and Stream, Auto Shopper Most frequently found at the duck slew and the west side of MWHS's parking lot. Ford Pick Up: Tom's truck is the basic necessity for hunting and hauling. This functional truck can often be found in the highschool auto shop. 27Pop Singers Row one Theresa Finn. Kerri Bondel. John Skaret. Tawnya Nelson, Molly McGinnis. Betty Solstad. BHi Mernik. Barb Donaldson, Jenny Butler. Row two David Dongoske. Tracy Loughlin, Merrit Massush. Peter Kelly. Row three Scott Stevenson. Wanita Thostenson, Scott Hanson, Steve MaxtiekJ. Brad Reese, Lesley Walters. Jon Walman. Row four Lisa BuckmHIer. Mike Larson. Dana Lewman. Tim Kine. Keith Scott. Dan Sundberg, Lee Anne Jessen, Marc Kowalski. Carrie Kaster. 28The Pop Singers is a musical group of thirty-one students. Mr. Hotvet is their leader giving his time and talent; Also helping are Jane Brambilla, singing, and Pam Hog-land. Choreographer. This dedicated group is at school and ready to practice, awake or not, at six thirty in the morning, four days a week. Pop Singers perform about forty performances a year. These consist of anything from nursing homes to county clubs. This group puts in a lot of hard work to make their shows enjoyable. The twenty singers and dancers, nine band members, and three behind the scenes people represent the schools talents. 29CONCERT CHOIR Row 1: J. Allen. T Finn. L. Oberhouser. S. Hattowell. N. Keller. M. Pitsch. T. Nelson. T. Loughftn, B. Solstad. A Mbteto. J. Heitcomp. W Thostenson. B. Donaldson. Row 2 D. Lewman. B. Sutherland. L. Watters. C. Kaster. M. Homes. S. Fleischer. M McGinnis. N. Nichols. K Seehusen. M Massuch. L Jessen. K. Bandel. Row 3: B. Mernik. J. Skaret. A. Chatlani. P. Ketly. S. Cashman. J. Butler. K. Frohm, S. Zimmerman. P. Skaret. D Dongoske. J. KenKnight. S. Hanson. Row 4 S. Foy. 0. Bergeron. K. Scott. B. Reese. D. Schultz. T. Monsrud. J Wolmon. S Stevenson. D. Johnson. R. Flatz, S Maxfield. T. Kbne VARSITY CHOIR 30 Row J. Moran. D. D'avia. T. Norcfce. K Chrtstenson. C. AHen. E. Larson. L. Demonchaw. L. gaouette. P. lindgren. Row 2 T. Tesch. J Brown. K. Jones. L. McCurdy. K. Schubach. C. Oldre. N. Cawelti. D. Gunion. B. Derry. L. Campbell. Row 4: P Baler, S. Lassek. H. Miller. J Needham. C. Geode. C Thompson. C. Stefonoc. J. Otson. M McGlinsky. S. Boylon. B. SchSctingFRESHMAN GIRLS 1st Row Tonya Kinney. Jill Winter. Traci Herman. Stacey Miller. Ajlie Smith. Maria Buerkle. Kara Frahm. Lori Lehman. Suzy Suerth, Roxanne Lange. Liz Wolman. Melanie Repko. Alexandra Hunt. 2nd Row: Lisa Petrich. Angela Riggles, Cheri Norum. Mk:heHe FedeH. Sue Helget. Betsy Brown. Stephanie Powell. Mory White. Kari Pitsch. Tanya Watkins. Kristin Wtfsey. Jennine Hawly. Alse Vegners. 3rd Row: Lori Larson. Ann Berquist. Christine Dunn. Lori Robinson. Nancy Eisner. Rochelle Thompton. Lisa Kramer. Jenny Opitz. Kathlyn Henthorne. Cristina Betsch. Lisa Spray. Michelle Parrow. KeHy Shaw. FRESHMAN BOYS 1st Row Peter Hanson. Mike Fish. Mike Conkey. Scott Wolner. Jett Zinn. Matt Troyak. 2nd Row: Rick Roelofs. Jim Fletcher. Ed Knutson. Jeff 3eterson, Greg Meisel. John Dale, David Catton. 3rd Row Dean Hyytinen. M e f eson, Lance Weber. Shawn Simar. Rob RoUand. David Johnson 31CHORAL CLUB Row 1 C. Moore. B Bishop. L. Rollond. W. Lallas. E. Westerlund. R. Melon©. Mr. Kallastad. Row 2 H. Larson. C. Nelson. W. LaUas. C. Warner, S. Nour. Row 3 J. Broze. D. Kroening. M. Denenny. K. lundberg. S. Fritz. When Julie Broze isn't singing, she is eating! One of the smiling members of the Choral Club is Erica Westerland 32BAND ON DISPLAY Top: Varsity Band practicing on a sunny summer day. Mid. Left: Band director Leigh KaBestad directing his summer band camp Mid. Right Freshmen and sophomore trumpeteers making beautiful music together. For Left: Bond members waiting for their cue to march on the field. Above After playing in the sun an day. band members anxiously await a swim in Lake Minnetonka. Bottom center: Devin Crawford, frenching his horn. 331st Row Jennifer Strand. Lisa Nelson. Patty Larson. Sandy Nelson. Rhonda Bratz, Lisa Buckmiller. Diane Hamte. 2nd Row: Kathy Lehtola. C«ncr MacCharles. Jute Ehrman. Saly Krueger. Wendy Altrichter. Kristin Kohles, Jute Abeck. Danny Sundberg. Greg Kinney. Greg Chelberg. Pete-Goshgarion. 3rd Row Dtone Milovich. Andy Mate. Sue Green. Kurt Pflug. Andy Lehtola. Trocy Gunderson. Kevin Asher. Kathy Christensen. Viet Larson. Mike Larson. Mike Nelson. Kurt Kautz. Peter Davisson. 4th Row B Clark. Chris Maltz. Brandon Baier. Chuck Davis. Burk Whitney. Tim Bobo. Steve Maxfield. Sean Robertson. Matt Zawada. Tim K«ne. Scott Hanson. Devin Crawford. Lance Vissor, Jim McIntyre. Jim Liljeberg The Mound Westonka bands consisted of 120 students. Highlights of the year were the summer band camp, which enabled the students to play to their fullest extent. Also for Homecoming, the hours were spent getting to the field at 6:30 a.m. and marching until the first bell rang. The band's true dedication and school spirit was shown at the athletic events and concerts. By playing and performing at pepfests, football games, basketball games and an occasional concert, the band helped us keep our school spirit. 34Row 1 - C. Noam H. Ktne. D. Jenks, D Polston. C. Carlson. K. Ehrmon. C. Kugfcn. E Kuntz. A. Bonnema. K. Rogers Row 2 - M Frenchik. L Nelson. M Raiche. D. Pellet. A Armstrong. S. Zombora. B. Powers. K. Breen, J. Maas, J. Brown, l. Jordahl. A. Hehl Row 3 - S. Gentes. J. Hamblet. D. Peterson, K Honour. J. Fritz. J. Roxy. N Allen. B Mayer. L Ward. H. Jackson. D. Pond Row 4 - Mr. Kallestad. J Kaster. J. Beckstrom. D. Doyle. B. King. D yrr on. M Vickerman. T. Tierney. B Kehoe. S. Pietrowski, B Chelberg. P. Doyle. G ingle. A Miller t Row Todd Rendohl, Chod Everett, Jaime Adams. Kathy Koopman. Pam Lehtola. Sandi »rson. Come Otstad. 2nd Row Rod Machartes. Craig Fasching. Paul Babb. Troy Kroll, Karin :ug. Dean Umbehoker. Merry Baker. Jeff Ruhr. Eric Anderson. Eric Henthorne. Above: Lisa Buckmuiier effortlessly plays her flute with Diane Hamim accompanying her Left Jenny Strond. Sandy Nelson. Sue Green and Cindy MacChartes await their cue to play during a pepfest. Left pg.: Lisa Nelson. Carrie Olstad. Tom Rines and Vicky Larson put their 6:30 a m. practicing into 7:30 p.m. performing. 35CHEERLEADERS MOHAWKS ARE DYNAMITE The cheerleaders were dynamite this year. Not just in cheering but on everything they did. When you stop and realize all they have done, you wonder why they would do it. Giving up their summers to practice, standing in all kinds of weather just to keep school spirit going and loosing their voices every night of a game. Some may wonder why anyone would find this sort of activity enjoyable? Maybe it's for the meer fact that they want to help our school be as bearable as possible. Besides making our pepfests and games unforgettable, they added a little push to our everyday school life. I'm sure if asked they would all do it again. FOOTBALL: row 1 J. Musser. S. Zimmerman, row 2 S. Haggelman, J. Rockvam. P. McCurdy, K. Vick-erman, M. Homes, S. Fleischer, row 3 S. Bryan, M. McGinnis. L. Jessen, S. Hoflowell. BASKETBALL: T to B L. Jessen. S. Fleischer, J. Musser, S. Pauly. M. Denenny. S. Zimmerman. HOCKEY: S. Haggel-man, J. Rockvam. P. McCurdy, row 2 S. Bryan, K. Frahm. M. Homes. Top Left: Stefanie Haggelman. Sherri Bryan, and Mona Homes, dump footbal players for older men. Left: Pam McCurdy cheers on the Mohawks at Homecoming 83-84. Top Right: Ju e Musser salutes the flag before a game. Middle Right: Self-explainitory. Bottom Right: Molly McGinnis telling Sonja Fleschier telling Lee Ann Jessen telling Mona Homes telling Sharon Halloweli what to do. 37WRESTLING: row 1 L. Rettler. L. Smith. K. Vickerman. row 2 L. Nieson. D. Shipman. A. Beito Top Left: Yekng ot the top of her "lungs'' Lori Nieson cheers on the Mohawks. Center: Wrestling captain. Kris Vickerman discusses last nights soccer game with team's goaly Dan (Gumby) Jacobson. 38 B-SQUAD WINTER: T Nordlie. L. Campbel. L. Bigauette. T. Tesch. S. Fritz.B-SQUAD FALL: row 1 K. Nelson, row 2 L. McCurdy. B. Nagle. J. Jenson, row 3 E. Snyder. B. Archibald. C Oidre. 39 Above: Soph's do dickies at a football pepfest Right Becky (Smurf) Nagle and Krissy (J.J.) Nelson. Q_ Q C £} coMohawkettes row 1: L. David, M VanDam, A. Swedlund. Copt. K. Bandel. K. Goettche, K. Downey. T. Hickel. A Martinez, row 2 C. McMillen. Cowelti. E. Larson, M. Roesler. K. Horan. C. Berg. D. Hamlin. J. Jensen, row 3: J. Martin. J Morcott, M Davidson. K. Woytke. K Hasse. M Babler. J. Uglem. R. Kickhafer. B. Woettfer. This year marked a new beginning for the Mohawkettes: They had a young line and increased it to 26 members. Also this year was a first for the danceline to perform on ice at the Mound hockey games. Danceline members sold Christmas cookies in order to earn money for a new tapedeck which they used in their regional and state competitions. Not only could the danceline be seen at most home football, basketball and hockey games, but also most days practicing diligently after school. 40Left Coptoin Kerri Bandel. Top Right: Two drillteam members listen to the band before the game Middle right: Mohawkettes line up to cheer on the incoming football team. Middle Left: Mohawkettes bundle up awaiting the big halftime show. Bottom Standing in front of a mirror getting ready for the performance is Jenell Mar-cott.42Pg. 42-for left- Band members ploy for school pepfest. Top- Kim Ericson goes out of her way to wish o friend "Happy Birthday” middle- Freshman pose for picture. Pg. 43-top-Cathi Seehusen guzzles down a can of 7up during lunch, near right- Lisa Hamm awaits the "GO” signal during a pep test, far right- Colleen McMillan studying hard. 43Hall of Fame class gossips Michelle Pitsch and Scott Kohls Class partlers Amy Olson and Steve Maxfield best looking Tracy Erickson and Jon Walmanmost likely to succeed Lori Block and Scott Honour best dressed Dan Johanning and Cindy Scruton rr ost athletic Ronda Gangelhoff and Mike Klein class flirts Jeff Starkman and Tawnya Nelsonmr. and mrs. glee Skit Stevenson and Tracy Loughlin most bashful Rob Gauvin and Huyen Tranberg most talented Q Doug Johnson and Wanita Thostenson 48most school spirit LeeAnn Jessen and John Skaret women’s llbber male chauvinist Shari Simar and Tom ShafferAdministration Gaylen Thostenson Principal Mr. Thostenson Jerry Humerickhouse Laid back and ready to jam. Assistant Principal The administration department at Mound Westonka High School conta n three very important people. Mr. Thostenson. The building principal, does a wide variety of activity Some of those activities are: planning the school curriculum, balancing t school budget, and keeping the day going smoothly. Besides those act A ties. Mr. Thostenson has to keep both the Mound Westonka staff and tn school board happy, which is not an easy task. Mr. Humerickhouse. the assistant principal, is fairly new to Mound Wos tonka. He also has a wide variety of tasks. Some of them are: keeping trccl of daily attendance, setting school policies, heading the Homecomi committee, and his biggest task of all is disciplining the students. If a stuck n is in trouble, he better beware of Mr. Humerickhouse. Mr. Soule is Mound's Athletic director. He works with the athletic budgs' schedules games, and hires coaches and officials. Mr. Soule is often see' observing the sporting activities he scheduled. He also teaches a few nhtt grade social studies classes. These are the three men who are mainly responsible for the running o Westonka. Frederick "Fritz" Soule Athletic DirectorOffice Guidance Special Ed. Diane Carlson Building Secretary Phyllis Henrich Principal's Secretary Sharon Hmde Attendance Aide Doris Maxwell Athletic Director’s Secretary Robert Chase Counselor Lewis Ely Dan Howell Chemical Dependency Counselor Gerald Esselmon Kent Musser Counselor Bruce McIntyre Carolyn Donahue Guidance Secretary Peggy O'Reiy Thomas Osborn Bev Nestingen Joanne WoytckeEnglish Ann© Carlson Duane Eide Donald Guibrandson James Jackson English class brings to mind one thing- grammar. The lucky students at Mound Westonka must have two semesters of English per year. Currently there are a wide variety of English classes. Ninth graders have the basic English 9, with grammar and book reports. English 10 expands basic English and students begin to write comps. Novel and Drama and Literature in the Real World are some different choices tenth graders also have. Upper classmen have many classes to choose from. Twentieth Century Literature, with endless stories. and of course English 11 are part of their selection. Business English, where students learn to write business letters, may be taken in either 11th or 12th grade. Writing talent is necessary if a person is to take English Comp, in preparation for further education. But if writing isn't your cup of tea, you can always take English 12. Creative Writing. Black Literature, Literature and Film, or Speech. There are many opportunities for stu- Marsha Rokke Wallace Wierson dents at Mound Westonka High School with the classes being varied and diverse. All in all, English is a major part of a students schedule and will be important to him in later life.Foreign Language Jacqueline Atkinson Franci Anthony Spanish Hola! An average day in the life of a Espanol student may include watching movies, listening to cassettes, or learning new verb tenses. Spanish classes range from beginner to advanced levels. By being in Spanish, a student has the opportunity to come into programs that offer a student a chance to go to Mexico or Spain. Another advantage the Spanish student had was being able to speak with our Columbian AFS student. Andres Gerald. He was an expert in Spanish and when a student needed help on Spanish homework one knew exactly who to ask. Adios! NAntie Ferguson David Stermmski My Favorites Mrs. Atkinson: movie-The Graduate book-Parsifal Mosaic Mr. McHaie: movie-Casablanca book-Too Late the Phalorope Mr. Nelson: movie-Shane author-Sinclair Lewis Mrs. Carlson: book-Huckleberry Finn author-Ernest Hemmingway Mr. Jackson: book-Catcher in the Rye author-La Strada Mr. Elde: author-Robert Ludlum movie-Cool Hand Luke actor-Paul Newman German Besides Spanish, students are able to take German. German classes range from 1 to 4. German students spend their time doing vocabulary tests and weekend reports. This year German students sold advent calendars. Many German students go over to Germany in the spring and spend an enjoyable two weeks in Europe. They come back with stories about the drinking age in Germany and the parties that are held. German class is a worthwhile experience.Social Studies Bruce Black Robert Broun Melvin Gimmestad Guy Jenks Gwen Salisbury-Myers Dee Strand Patrick King There are plenty of social studies classes at MWHS. One is often asked to memorize endless chapters or maps. Ninth graders start the chain with Social Studies. Tenth graders have American History and learn about our country from it's beginning. Eleventh graders, get Mr. King's worksheets and maps. And twelvth graders learn about gov't. One might think that all the memorizing is too much, but who knows, you may need it some day. Good times in GovernmentCandids Dan Jacobson and Bruce Martin in their natural state. Don't you have a comp due on Thursday. Rob? Ann White and Sue Ulrick quickly read the last chopter before the test 7th hour. 55Art Many students at Mound have a artistic talent. The wide variety of courses offer everything to students who can draw portraits to those who can only draw a straight line. The basic classes are Drawing 1 and Art 1. After that students can take Drawing 2. Painting, and Ceramics. Art Music Robert Hotvet Leigh KaBestad Randel Lage Music The music department has always been a big asset to MWHS. The concert choir performs a variety of shows and this year is planning a trip to Florida. The concert, varsity, and freshen choirs are lead by Mr. Hotvet. The bands are directed by Mr. Kallestad. Their activities include: marching, playing at sporting events, and at pep tests. Choir students hanging out in the MRC Didi Erger working with clay. The art of cheerleading.Industrial Arts Kenneth Hughes Robert lohmann Herbert Olson Vernon Strand Robert Teigen Construction, fixing, drafting, and taking pictures. those are some of the things a person can do in the industrial arts program. Photography is a class taken by many. Students learn to take and develope pictures. Watch out because you never know when one of those students could be taking your picture. Students in Auto Mechanics mainly work on cars and disect them. Wood and metal shops are places to build and construct useful objects. While in Graphic Arts, business cards and other printing projects are done. And learning how to draw mechanical objects is the purpose of drafting. All of the classes mentioned above are useful and beneficial to students. 57Eight Easy Ways to Cheat Your Way Through High School Cheating. It's not a nice thing to do. You know how upset your teachers and parents would be if you were caught ... stealing. Yet that's exactly what you do every time you cheat on a test or an assignment. Though you might not agree that the idea of cheating is a strict "no-no", your opinion might be changed to a "maybe" when you are faced with a situation in which you must get good grades in order to: (a) qualify for cheaper car insurance, (b) qualify for a later curfew, or (c) qualify for Dad's $5-for-an-A bonus plan. So you take your chances and you cheat. You might think that you don't have enough intelligence to get good grades on your own. but you are just smart enough to figure out how to cheat your way onto the honor roll. One question: Are you smart enough to be able to talk your way out of trouble when the teacher you thought was too dumb to ever catch you ... wasn't? Mr Hummerickhouse demonstrates his punishment for cheating on Steve Maxfield. Method 4 What price is right? Everybody knows that money talks, but wi money make a teacher tak. Of course! You know that everyone has his price, especiafly teochers. When you consider their salaries, they can't afford not to WARNING: Shop around, check your teachers price against that of the black market. If your child's picture appears on these pages, you con relax worried mothers. Because the innocence of the models in the photos was determined before they were put into compromising positions. Play-acting on these pages ore: Burk Whitney. Method 1; Steve Maxfield. Method 2; Robin Meland and Mike Larson. Method 3; Burk Whitney. Method 4; Jenny Butler and Merritt Massuch. Method 5; Teresa Ecklund. Method 6; Leslie De Monchaux. Method 7; Janee Schfcchting and Juke Musser. Method 8. Method 5 Risky Rondezvous. What luck! You broke your lead and now you must make a trip to the pencil sharpener where your friend is conveniently waiting. You go to the sharpener as a confused and ignorant test taker and return filled with knowledge WARNING Your pencil point may be sharper than your friend. 58Method 1 A sole sampler. This is easy even for the begmmng Al that is needed is a worn looking shoe-not too difficult to find in this school- a pen. some tape, and a desperate student with a creative imagination WARNtfMG: if a teacher sees your shoe he m ght notice that Tretorn isn't the only thing written on the bottom of your shoe. Method 6 No. she isn't a gypsy reading her palm, she has neatly reproduced a 30 pages chapter onto a 2”x2" square Other places for cheat sheets ore (a) inside a clear Bic pen. (b) in your pocket, (c) up your sleeve, or (d) under your test paper This approach is tried and true, but WARNNG: if you are caught, your life line may be shortened Method 2 The key to success. Or in this case the key can be a hairpin, fie. or credit card And while you may think there are no witnesses, remember that Santa Claus sees al WARNING Remember breaking and entering is a criminal offense and if you're caught looking at a teacher s test fie. you win never take any tests again Method 7 This technique for the devious, the ingenious, and or the truly desperate involves two steps presenting a believable excuse for being absent on the test day. and then having good ears the day after WARNNG: Listening at doors can be hazardous. You might be mistaken for a piece of garbage and be swept away by an enthusiastic custodian Method 3 Sneaking a peek With this method you con prove to your teacher that you did indeed stay up late studying for the test You pretend to y-a-w-n widely, then quickly peek over the shoulder of the nearest unwary soul whose grade pomt average tops yours WARNING: If over used, this method could result in permanent dislocation of the jaw Method 8 This procedure is a break through for the chronically neor-sighted student You scnply explain to your fantastically gullible teacher that your bnocuOars are temporary substitutions for you contacts. Then you proceed to get a close look at test answers WARNNG: Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses, espeaaly big onesMathematics Lyle Buerkle Russefl Hadden J. Harley Olstad James Schulte Math has always been a strong and difficult department at Mound Westonka High School. Career Math and Algebra are the basics of the math process. After them a student may take courses in Trigonometry. Calculus. Geometry, or Advanced Math. All of those classes test, tease, and challenge our minds. Seniors usually have the required two-and-a-half credits, but many still take math their senior year to improve their math skills. After completing high school, students are adept in many math processes.Science William Anderson John Piahn Katherine Roskens Dennis Schroeder What do you do in your spare time? Mr. Jenks-work with kids programs (football, soccer, girls' softball), officiate wrestling, do construction work, and take four children all over the place. Mr. Brown-babysit Mrs. Sherman-look for ways to add more notes to the lectures. Mrs. Salisbury-correct government magazine reviews! Mr. Teigen-I go fishing! Mr. Hummerlckhouse-go to college, hunt and fish. Mr. Hadden-golfing is by far my greatest pastime with travel being a close second. Mr. Schroeder-I spend a lot of time reading and fishing whenever I have the opporunity. Mr. Slmondet-I don't seem to have any spare time Paul Beard and Rob Ifees take a break in chemistry DavidPhy. Ed. Heatth Fred Hanley Barbara Sherman Phy. Ed. Physical Education is not fun and games as some might think. Students must take physical education in 9th and 10th grade. During those years a student learns many athletic skills as well as learning to play the sports taught. Volleyball, tennis, basketball, softball, soccer, and football are just a few of the sports learned. And we can't forget swimming, which required one to wear one of those awful swimming suits, that seemed to shrink more and more each time one wore them. There were also the phy. ed. tests, which were taken on the floor while gym aides patroled the area. One would think that they would be pretty easy. But they actually were very technical and difficult. Gym wasn't all that bad if Mrs. Dee and Mr. Hanley gave you enough time to get dressed. Health One half of a tenth grader's year is spent in Health. The students learn about: nutrition, human sexuality, cancer, death and aging, and about infectious diseases. Class discussions are held and the students talk about the dangers of drugs, smoking, and many other aspects of those problems. After health, the rest of the semester is spent in phy. ed. On the other hand, one semester of a ninth grader's year is spent in drivers ed. While in this class students learn about the laws of the road and the basic principals of driving a car. After this course all the student has to do is, pass his permit test, and take 6 hrs. behind the wheel, then he's ready to hit the road.Business Home Ec. i Robert Fox Ervin Muth Barbara Zinns Patrick Furlong Home Ec. Home economics may be taken by anyone in any grade. The classes teach a person many practical skills. The cooking classes include foods for today and Gourmet. The students learn the right way to cook and how to use the appliances. The sewing classes teach one to sew seams, mend, cut out patterns, and how to run the sewing maching. For some students home economics is a valuable class. Business Business is a very popular department at Mound Westonka High School. Typing is probably one of the most popular classses. Accounting is another class that is taken quite often. By the time one is done with the class he will never forget that assets + liabilities = capital. For working students. Distributive Education and the Work Program are very valuable. A few other business classes offered are business law, office machines, and shorthand. These classes are surely bound to help one get a head start in the business world. Edith Livingston Diane PedersonAides Nancy Schutf Health Aide Virginia Duhachek Dennis Erickson VanDora Palm Media Aide Media Specialist Building Teacher Typist MOUND HIINN JNNUit j f Everybody says the school is a jail Judy Btaschko School Store Assistant Charlotte Baker Howard Alexander LaVerne Williams Jane GarrettFood Custodians Laundry Robert Woytcke. Len Koecheler. Gary Hilgers Vi Gyen. Gunnel Ostvig. Dianne Morin. Tony Oberg. Pat Berg, Donna Dybing. Mary lemmerman. Connie Tesch. Murial Kolar Duane Raze. Donald Gable, Michael Kloers. Patty Bartels, Clair Hasse. not pictured; Douglas Burandt Elta Erickson-kxindress 65From diapers Bobbi and Becky Sutherland Judy Rockvom Ann. Mfce. and Ji Winter Dean Stark 66 Tracy loughbn Tim Oison and Theresa Finn LezSe and Kippy Vanceto diplomas 1st row; Patty Brown, Paula Baker, Kerri Bandel. Janee Schlichting. 2nd row. Jenny Olson. Julie Musser, Jane Allen. Sherri Bryon. Wanita Thostenson. Dawn and Quinn Kolden Brady Putt Danny and Carrie Olstad Jon Walman Sonja Fletcher 1st row; Janee Schlchting. Wanita Thostenson. Colleen O'Hare. Karen Barton, second row; Wendy Meyer, JuSe Musser. Sonja Olson. Judy Rockvam. Jane Alen. Hetde Staley. Charlie W«sey and Tim Olson 67Can AhAstrom Dan Albertson Harold Albrecht Nora Allen Erik Ambrose Kari Anderson Lori Anderson James Arenz Amy Armstrong Tammy Aspholm Kirsten Austin Blaine Bailey Tony Baker Brian Balsanek Kevin Bame Stephanie Bame Kim Abrthel Mike Beauchamp Jerry Beckstrom John Beise Brett Belcourt Ann Berquist Chris Betsch Stacy Betsch William Bjerke Tom Biasko Lori Boerner Amy Bonnema Lisa Brandenborg Kari Breen Elizabeth Brown Janex Brown Adrienne Brusletten Cindy Bryce Maria Buerkle Brian Bullock Roderick Burriss Kathy Carlson Karalyn Corlton David Carlton Robert Chelberg Tiffany Clem 70Mike Conkey John Dal© David Doyle Paul Doyle Damien Drof Christine Dunn Joy Durish Scott Eccles Kim Ehrman Robert Elam Nancy Eisner Michelle Fadell Paul Falls David Finnan Michael Fish Kevin Fiske James Fletcher Kara Frahm M .ke Frenchik Jett Fritz Stephen Ftacek Kristin Gauvin Jacqelyn Geffre Steven Gentes Danielle Goblirsch Steven Goodman Rick Gramhill Betsy Grierson Bradley Gustafson Christine Gustafson Brigit Halfaker Carl Hoi Jodie Hamblet Carie Hansen Tracy Hansen Peter Hanson Tracy Hanson Jennme Hawley Tom Hay Julie Hebert Anne Hehl Susan Heiget 71Lon Hendrickson M ke Hendrickson Andrea Hentges Kathylynn Henthorne Traci Herman Kirk Honour William Horgen Donald Homer Matthew Howord Larry Hudson Alexandra Hunt Patrick Harley Dean Hyytinen Gary Ingle Heidi Jackson Barbara Janos Deborah Jenks Ross Jensen Beth Jerde James Johanning Steve Johnson Larissa Jordohl Tommy Jordon Melissa Kalai John Kaster William Kehoe Patrick Kelly Kathryn Kickhafer Louis King Tonya Kinney Heidi Kline Rena Knowles Ed Knutson Daniel Koch Keith Kokesch Thomas Koopman 72Shannon Kozar Kerry Kramer lisa Kramer Carla Kuglin Emily Kuntz Natalie Lage Jon Lang Roxanne Lange lorie Larson Leanne leoch Lori Lehmon John Liljeberg Christine Logan Richard Lundstrom Jason Love Johe Maas Jon Mackenzie Raymond Madden Anthony Mader Julia Malin Greg Martin Jodi Matheson Bradley Mayer Jocqueline Mayer Jennifer Mayer David McMurray Greg Meisel Trocy Melm Mark Mebus Mark Mermk Cary Mterzejewski Amy Miller Chris Miller Stacy Miller Tommy Misiowiec Lopaka Moen 73David Monsrud John Moore Margaret Moore Robert Moynagh Becky Mueller Nichael Neesen Brian Nelson Lisa Nelson Edward Newton John Nordstrom Cherie Norum Justin Nunemaker Tim O'Refly John Olson Michelle Olson Jennifer Opitz Virginia Palm Machelle Aprrow Kay Paterson Todd Patterson Erik Paulsen Jennifer Pauly Deanne Pellet Daryl Peterson Heidi Peterson Jeff Peterson Lisa Petrich Steve Pietrowski Kari Pitsch Dahri Pofcton Douglas Pond Stephonie Powell Beth Powers Mtchele Roiche John Reimer Pam Remington Melonie Repko Colleen Rettler Angela Riggies Lori Robinson Troy Roden John Rodgers 74Rebecca Roeiofs Rick Roetofs Kari Rogers Robert Rolland Jored Roy Angela Rude Sosamma Samuel Glodys Sapp Scott Savage Tiffani Schammel Jeonne Schonning Dave Schueiler Rick Seehusen Maria Serna Kelly Shaw Douglas Short Luther Sieft Shawn Simar Doug Simon Mike Sloan Julie Smith Shawn Spensley Lisa Spray Connie Stallman Mark Stein Craig Stolola Serena Strand Steve Stribling Jon Styrlund Suzanne Suerth Jeff Swanson Rachel Thornton Todd Tierney Scott Trapnell NAcheiie Triplett Matthew Troyak Ahse Vegners Kristin Vensel Mark Vickerman Cara Vogel Kim Vogel Elizabeth Walman 75Lisa Ward Eric Warolin Tanya Watkins David Webber Lance Weber Jennifer Wermagen Mary White Diana Wigand Kristen Wilsey Todd Wilson Jill Winter Sue Wisegarver Roger Wiswell Scott Wolner Jesse Woytke Kim Wright Mark Yonik Shanda Zambori Jeff Zinn Peter Zubert Bashful Heafh Alexanser. LaDonna Breidfjord. Julie Coakley, Stephanie Iversonschultze, Lisa Mastow. Dana Mosley. Corl Nelson. Steven Prince. Christine Sconlon, Kelly Sutherland, Gretchen Walstrom. 76Julie Aibeck Christine Allen Erik Anderson Jim Anderson John Anderson Suson Anderson Becky Archibald KeBy Austin Paul Babb MoHy Babler Paul Baier Meredith Baker Nevin Baker Catherine Bednarczyk Christine Berg Lisa Bigaouette Jeffrey Bisso Charles Bitney Robert Bloke Tony Blankenhogen Dan Bradley Chad Brandt Julie Brose Jennifer Brown Nate Brown Donald Camp Brian Campbell Patrice Corisen Camille Carlson Richord Carlson Colleen Cashman Micoie Cawelti Kelly Christensen Lisa Clyne Mina Conkey Kris Constant Steven Cossette Devin Crawford Caryn Dalbec Leslie De Moncnaux Robert Detling Richard Devick 77David Dickey Michael Donnay Rrk Duryea Scott Dworakoski Teresa Eckhjnd Tina Egersgluss Julie Ehrman Joe Erger James Erickson Michele Esselman Kimberly Evans Chad Everett Craig Fasching Jami Flannery John Flatz Sherri Fritz Angela Garcia-Harris Kelly Gearhart Aaron Geinart Brendan Glynn Drew Goddard Chris Goede Peter Goshgorian Jeanne Goiiette Darryl Goveos Rob GramhJl Mary Gravenstein Rebecca Green Denise Gunion Lisa Hamm Lisa Hartwell Kristen Hasse Timothy Hatch Christine Hellers Tim Hendrickson Laura Hentges Eric Henthorne Amber Hilk Carrie Hinrichs David Hofstodter Pat Jackson Charles Jacobson 78Jenifer Jensen Jerry Johannmg Bartley Jones Karen Jones Troy Jordan Rickie Koufhold Karl Kautz Carmen KeHen Steve Kellen Kevin Kelly Lisa KeHy Katherine Kinser Deborah Kroening Troy Krofl Sally Krueger Heather Labresh Wendy LaHas Nikki London Ericka Larson Sandra Larson Doug Lassek Dean Le Mieux Jodi Leapley Pamela Lehtola JoHne Lieber Mara Litman Kristin Lundberg Roderick Maccharles Chris Maltz Jennifer Marschke Jeffrey Martin Michefle Matheson Laura McCurdy Michael McGlmsky James McIntyre Mike McNulty 79Robin Meland Dennis Meyer Hons Miller Kimberly Miller Leanne Miller Chris Mitteistaedt Britto Mohn Jill Morin Mmh Morrison Paul Moss Becky Nagle Jonathon Needham Christine Nelson David Nelson Kristin Nelson Lisa Nelson Debra Newton Terrance Noor Tracy Nord e Spencer Nunemaker Shannon Oberembt Jason Ohmonn Carlyn Otdre James Otson Carrie Olstad Marianne Ostvig Michael Ostvig Karin Pftug David Pond Leslie Powers Andrea Prokasky James Ptacek Christian Rappe Mary Reimer Scott Reiners Todd Rendahl 80Tom Rines Charles Rippberger Sean Robertson Lisa Roland Steven Rosenbaum Tamara Rosencrantz Jeffrey Ruhr Michelle Rumpca Andree Sacks Robert Sain Todd Solder Dominic Sandme er Craig Schoper Adrienne Schaumberg Bradley Schlichting Mark Schoen Katrin Schubach Mork Segner Michele Selle Damon Serna Vonce Shonley Daniel Simpson Jonathon Smith Emiy Snyder Vicki Spalcfcng Charles Stefanoc Donald Stellmaker Wendy Stevens Jeff Stevenson Renee Stillings Peggy Stokke Mike Sutherland Mike Swanson Tamer a Tesch Chris Thomson Nur Touba Deon Umbenocker Michelle Van Dam Lisa Van Horssen Tracy Vierling Rustin Vogelgesang Steven Walker 81Kevin Walsh John Walton Larisa Warnke Michael Wenzel John White Donald Wigand Anthony Williams Dawn Wmnen Mike Winter Gregory Wood Porker Woodson Cynthia Young Pat Zuccaro Bashful Heather Bee. Peter Davisson. Dana English. Nicholas Evans. Keith Forrest. Jeff Gray, Wiiiiom Lindgren. Steven Lockwood. William Miles. Curtis Mosley. Jodi Ovall. Ritchie Ridgway. James Sahk. Bradley Sharratt, Meredith Sundberg. Carrie Warner. Philip Weise. Earl Westergaord 82Like Rats in a Maze Freshmen soon found the Cheese 84August 30 could have been June 1st for juniors and seniors, yet FRESHMEN were easy to find. They were the ones carrying their schedules upside down. ROOKIES felt sure and confident, until they found Government in their assumed freshmen band class. The exciting day ended with a long walk home-BEGINNERS soon learned where to catch the bus. Though it was confusing, FRESHMEN discovered that there really was an end to the hallways and their troubles; the “High School" that was not so overwhelming after all and that they were a part of it. 85Finally, the last year of phy. ed. With three years behind them, sophomore girls were adept at getting dressed in three and a half minutes, dripping into classes with chlorinated eyeballs and vowing to forge a note the next day. In June, they left the cubbyhole lockers for the last time, taking with them black and blue wrists from unsuccessful volleyball bumps, recurrent sideaches from the one and one half mile fitness test, and worn out, smelly t-shirts and gym shorts: Also the towels that had gathered and grown moldy that mom has been wondering about the for last 3 months. Finally over, no more gym! However, some of these girls were not so lucky and spent an extra semester in phy. ed. They learned the hard way that Mrs. D. really did lower the grade for not suiting up. top: Emily Snyder smiling about her last day in phy ed. middle: Sophomores show they've got the most spirit at a Friday pepfest. bottom: working in the language lab is Laura McCurdy.Now Hiring: JUNIOR positions open - must fill immediately Enthusiastically girls and guys applied for jobs as juniors at MWHS. Ten years of previous experience were necessary to qualify. Starting at 7:30 (yawn) am., juniors worked the various shifts of western civ., english 1. After a hard morning of work juniors trudged their way to lunch at the old reliable school cafeteria. Another day of two taco pockets and canned peaches (sign). But. before juniors knew it. the bell rang, signalling that it was time to close up shop punch the clock and go home. (YEA!) For juniors, the 2:00 bell meant that the day (and Life) just begun!!!! 88pic-1 The expression on Merritt Mossuch's face says it all. pic-2 FinaHy .. Julie Martin learns to drive pic-3 Having a good time between classes are Kristi Frahm. Lisa Smith and Debbie Shipman. pic-1 Dana Lewman catches the early spring rays. pic-2 Judy Stallman and Didi Erger are allowed to talk m the library. Where is Mr Scheu? 89Jaime Adams Deah Albertson Wendy Altrichter Chris Alvarez Paul Armstrong Tim Babb Sean Bailey James Baker Jon Bammenn Paul Beard Amy Beito Mark Bergerson Doris Bernard Darcy Betlach Matt Birch Bernadette Bishop Barb Bittle Brian Bottenfield Steve Boylan Brian Boyle Rhonda Bratz Jerry Bradley Wendy Brethorst Patty Brown Lori Bryan Jiii Buchmann Lisa BuckmtHer Keith 8urton Edward Butler Jenny Butler Tim Butler Steve Carlton John Carrier Steve Cashman Andy Chatloni Greg Chelberg Kathy Christensen Jamers Clark BA Clark Mark Condon Sarah Condon Pamela Cook 90Byran Cooper Jodie Coppvn Robert Crawford David D'Avia Debra D'Avia Toma Darling Itsa David Mehssa Davidson Charles Davis John Davis Mary Denenny Barb Derry SheHy Dewitt Steve Dockham Kevin Dorvahoe David Dongoske Kristen Downey John Doyle Christy Draper Ann Dressei Robert Edwards Pat Eide Taffy Erdmon Sheila Erger Kim Ericson Scott Fiske Mike Fiveland Sonja Fleischer Kristi Frohm Carrie Freebug Melissa Fritz Jenny Frommelt Robert Gallagher John Gardner Curt Gearhart Kristi Glassco Kelly Goettsche Bobbette GosHn Suson Green Peter Gregg Jim Grierson Tracy Gunderson 91Mari© Gustafson Sharon HaBoweil Diane Hamfcne Scott Hanrvaman Scott Hanson Ted Hanson Bd Hasse Ted Hebert Steforue Heggeiman Jody Heitkamp Therse Hickei Julie HiB John Hntz Michelle Hoogenakker Kerry Horan LeeAnn Horner JiH Humenckhouse Brad Hurst Chris Huttner Robbie ilbes Keith ingstad Joe Jacobson Chris Janos Debra Jeppesen Robin Jerde Dana Johnson Renae Johcoeur Blair JvAor Carrie Kaster Peggy Kehoe Stacy Kellen Natalie Keller Peter Keney Jeff Kenknight Rozanne Kickhafer Robert Kilby 92Tom King Greg Kmney Nancy Koechler Jason Koehen Kristen Kohls Lisa Kohls Karen Kokesch Quinn Kolden Kathy Koopman Marc Kowalski Paula Kramer Paul Logue Jim London Mike Larson Patty Larson Shan Larson Vicki Larson Michele Lawrence Ellen Lemieux Todd Lehman Andy Lahtola Tim Lewis Dana Lewman Jim Ldjeberg Lonn Lilledahl Pam Lmdgren Steve Lmdgren Tom Linn Heidi Linquist Dana Lovaosen Fred Locos Mike Lucking Yvirme Lundholm Cindy McCharles Andy Manthei Jenell Marcotte 9JAmy Martinez Merritt Massuch Dina Maxwell Pam McCurdy Mark McGlmsky Coleen McMillen Mike Meehan Brenda Meredith Angela MiltiteGo Dtane Milovich R. MiSiOwiec Ty Monsrud Carolyn Moore Patricia Moore Chris Nelson Mike Nelson Sandra Nelson Stacey Neumann Lori Nordstrom Greg Norton Suzy Nour David O'donnell Mike O'ret'dy Catherine Oas Kim Osmonson Dana Paige Shannon Palmer Sandy Pauly Gory Peterson Scott Peterson Kurt Pflug Pamela Phillips Gary Phleger Payton Polston Lisa Primeau Greg Prokosky Brady Putt Mary Rascop Bfl Raushendorfer Llora Raze Kathy Reger Valerie Reyes 94 Steve Ringstfom Mike Rippberger Jarrod Robbins Mary Roesler David Rolf Jeff Roy Carla Rueben Eric Sandin Mike Scalzo Steve Schlicht Nancy Schimdt Mike Schoen James Schoenmg Derk Scholtz Bridgat Schultz John Schanke Keith Scott Cathy Seehusen Randy Sellnow Debbie Shipman John Shively Paul Skaret Rhonda Sloan Lisa Smith Judy Stallman Dean Stark Jody Steere Debra Stein John Stern Keith Stewart Jennifer Strand Michelle Stutsman Brad Suhon Annie Swediund Chris Tein Thuy Tran 95Steve TuthiU Jody Uglem Kip Vance Ed Vanecek K«m Vanlaaen Lance Visser Mark Vonbank Lesley Walters Meredith Warden Theresa Washburn Erica Westerland Burke Whitney Bruce Widmer Bill Wtgner Jui»e Wfcams Charlie Wilsey Darren Wilson Julie Winter Richard Wiswell Brooke Woelffer Jennifer Wolner Kim Woytcke Shelly Zimmerman Kim Zubert i i 96HOW TO FIND YOUR J. Q.? YOUR JUNIOR QUOTIENT. 1. Are you overjoyed when someone tells you those three little words ("one more year") 2. Did your wallet and your parents tell you to go out and get a job so you could function with the rest of the crowd 3. Did you find yourself studying more than last year, but waiting until late Sunday night to do your homework. 4. Did you find yourself looking forward to contracting "senioritis" next year? 5. Was your house flooded daily with mail from colleges, many of which you never heard of before. 6. Were you taking either Algebra or Chemistry 7. Did you possess your own drivers license? 8. Did you take the PS AT? Number of yes's 6-8 Typical Junior 3-5 Borderline Junior 0-2 Not a Junior! top Dave Dongoske acting bke a typical Junior, bottom; Patty Brown helps Steve Tuthill g©t ready for the upcoming footbaB season 97Seniors another day on the )ob for Vicki Wilson and Carrie Poi-konen. Could it be? Is it true? Is that Lassek studying? naoahh typicol math students with their books closed (Roger Ward. Greg Savage, anc Mark Anderson). Proof that Dan Johanning was actually in school one day. Starky- The Great OutdoorsmanMichele Beucler. Nancy Nicholls. and Marty Ellingson in their favorite class-the hall. A typical senior after a long day. "Yeah. I'm laid back and easy" (Shawn Meakins. Steve Adams. Tom Kozar) "Who says school isn't any fun?" Some people say tennis captain Judy Rockvom is wild and crazy, but we all know that's not true.BECKY ARCHER KEVIN ASHER PAULA BAKER BRANDON BACR MIKE BAME KERRI BANDEL KAREN BARTON JULIE BECKSTROM TAD BEECH DAVE BERGERON DINA BERTAGNOU MICHELE BEUCHLERJIM BIERSDORF COREY BONNEMA MARK BJORGUM MARK BREDAHL CARLYN BRINER J MICHELE BROWN SHERRI BRYAN GORDON BUTLER PAUL BUYSSE BECKY BYSTOl 101PAT CHENEY SUZANNE CLARK JON CHRISTENSEN KELLY CHRISTIANSON HOLLY CLFF JACK COLE BRIAN CLARK KELLY CONSTANT STEVE CORL JENA DAHL BARR€ DAVIS BARBARA DONALDSONMIKE DORN MARK DWORSKY SCOTT EATON KAREN ECKDAHL BRIAN EDBERG MARTY EILINGSON CRAIG ELSTAD TRACY ERICKSON KRIS ERICSON CHERYL ESSELMAN RICK EVANS JANA JENNER THERESA FINN RUSSELL FISCHER RK FLATZ SHAWN FOY 103KEVIN GELHAYE ANDRES GIRARD MCHELLE GOBIHSCH STEVE GOULD 104 ROSE HABISCH CHRIS HALF AKERCHUCK HEILEKSEN ERIC HARTMAN KATHY HENTGES ERIC HEPOLA JEFF HELGREN MARK HERMAN 105SCOTT HONOUR ROBERT HOST RON HILL MIKE HUDSON BRIAN HUGH DON HULES JR DAN JACOBSON JOHN JENSEN JON JENSEN JAMES JENSON LEEANN JESSEN DOUG JOHNSON LESLIE JOHNSON MICHELLE KABRIS SCOTT KARELSKRISTY KROLl BILL KUHBANDER JOHN KUNTZ JOHN LATTERELLE KATHY LEHTOLA KATHLEEN LINN TRACY LOUGHLIN TERRY LOWE 107DON MCKEE CONNC MCMILLAN SHEILA MCCORMICK SHAWN MEAKINS MOLLY MCGINNIS BILL MERNK JEFF MARTINEZ STEVE MAYFIELDGUY NESKE SHELLEY NEUMANN TOM NCCUM NANCY NICHOLLS NOEL NICHOLS LORI NIESEN TONY NOOR BARB OAS 109LIZ OBERHAUSER COLEEN O'HARE PATRICK O'REILLY AMY OLSON SONJA OLSON KAREN PAURUS LNDA PELLETT ROBERT PETERSON MICHELE PITSCH ■3? GREG POETZ CARRIE POKONEN J BRAD REESE TIM REGANTERESA REMER MIKE RENDAHl LISA RETTLER MARK RISLUND JUOY ROCKVAM DAVID ROELOFS TOD ROCKVAM DEE ROEPKE TODD RODEN JOHN ROMAIN KEVIN RODEWALD STEVE RONNKVIST GREG SAVAGE JIM SAPP JANEE SCHLICHTING BILL SCHUTT 111JULIE SCOTT CINDY SCRUTON BRIAN SEGNER TOM SHAFFER SCOTT SHINN KEVIN SIDDERS JOHN SKARET RAMON SERNA SHARI SIMAR RANDY SLOAN 112 RON SLOAN KELLY SMITHBETTY SOLSTAD HE IDE STALEY JEFF STARKMAN GLENN STENE KRIS STRAND SCOTT STEVENSON BOBBI SUTHERLAND DAVE THOMPSON WAMTA THOSTENSON LISA TOONEN THNH TRAN HUYENNGOC TRAN KEITH TRASK CINDA TUTTLE 113SUSC ULRCK LEZLIE VANCE KRIS VICKERMAN JESSE VON BANK I CLAUS WEILER JOSH WHITNEY PATRICIA WEISS DAVE WELCH BRAD WILIAMS VICKI WISON RICK VOGELGESANG RHONDA WATSON ANN WHITE ANN WMTER-TEETERMIKE ZABACK LAURIE ZEANCHOCK STEVE LASSER BASHFUL: TERRY ENGELKE. DIANA GRIFFIN. HANS HANSON. JANET JENSEN. DAN JOHANNING. MATT JOHANNING. JAMEE JOHNSON. STEVE LASSEK. GREGG MAGNUSON. ANDY MAUN. JAY MARCOTTE. LISA MUNKELWITZ. RICHARD NORUM. FRITZ RAPPE. ISABELL SCHALLREUTER. USA MARIE SMITHCAMERA SHY Freshmen Heath Alexander LaDonna Breidfjord Julie Coakley Stephanie Iverson-Schultze Lisa Maslow Carl Nelson Steven Prince Christina Scarlon Kelly Sutherland Gretchen Walstrom Sophomores Heather Bee Peder Davisson Dana English Nicholas Evans Keith Forrest Jett Gray William Lindgren Steven Lockwood William Miles Curtis Miles Mosley Miles Jodi Ovall Richie Ridgwqy James Sahli Bradley Sharratt Meredith Sundberg Carrie Warner Philip Weise Earl Westergaard 116CAMERA SHY Juniors Dal© Armstrong Jean Banett Ron Bostrom Jack Col© John Dahlberg Russell Fischer Richard Flemmal William Harrison George Haugh Steve Hehl Peter Hiltsley Curt Johnson John Kettleson Julie Martin Michelle McKenzie James Nelson Paul Olson Dennis Rath Scott Ries Mike Sutherland Sonlors Terry Engelke Hans Hanson Janet Jensen Dan Johanning Matt Johanning Jamee Johnson Greg Magnuson Andy Malin Jay Marcotte Lisa Munkelwitz Richard Norum Fritz Rappe Lisa Marie Smith 117Remember When? Remember that day? It was June 1 1984. you know, the day you graduated. Everyone was wearing red and white robes and those funny tassels that kept falling in your face, forcing your eyes to cross. Remember Aunt Mildred who insisted upon hugging you 500 times? And Dad, who lighted up the gymnasium with his obnoxious camera flash? Remember how your jealous sister kicked you in the knee for attention? Remember finally receiving your diploma, and you realized it was all over. And then you started crying, not wanting to leave all of your friends. Senior High and all of high school was over. Remember reminiscing your senior year? Yes. senior year, or at least what you remember of it. Remember when you couldn't wait to get out of there? That was years ago. all of the good times are in our memories forever. The good times ... that was my senior year.Top Left: Scott Stevenson checks out Tim Olson's complexion. Top Right: Mona Homes enjoys the newest addition to the school lunch menu. Taco Salod. Mid. left: Giving the famous Gov't look is Steve Adams. Mid Rght: Practice room 6 is a famdtar room for Liz Oberhauser. Here she is reading yesterday's assignments. Bottom: Busily at work in study hall is Rob Gauvin 119People at MWHS 120MWHS fashion scene Popular tops this year were the preppy orgyle vests, the sporty rugby shirt, and of course, the athletic jersey from a favorite sports team Fiashdonce! Oh. what a feeing! A comfortable feeling could be found day in and day out at MWHS. Ripped, layered sweatshirts accompanied underneath with a t-shirt was a staple m every girl's closet Oh yes. one can't forget the leg wormers and tights. The oversized shirt was a trendy look this year Betted and worn with cropped jeans or worn merely os a shrtdress A t-shirt or t-neck was often worn 124 underneath.Guess what? Guess jeans, that's what The blue stone-washed, sometimes two-tone jean was an alternative to Levi's These jeans ranged n price from $48-$75 Guess jeans were the most popular the first day back from X-mas break when everyone displayed their new wears. Carrie Koster displays a new way to keep winter warm with a long just-above-the-knee-sweater This sweater is always worn with the new cropped jeans. The sweater will keep the body warm, but there's not much to be said about the ankles. _______ John Skaret modeling the latest fashion trends. On top is the famous cardigan sweater with a ribbed sock tie. A Calvin Klein mini skrt displays his wonderful legs Enhancing his fashionable look. John makes sure his panty hose are in matching or contrasting colors. To odd height to his look. John opted for pumps in colors to emphasize his leg looks. On his arm is the much needed sports sac bag to tote all of his essentials. For a night out on the town, the dressy and fashionable hat was seen on the lovely heads of MWHS co-eds.Students in actionSome of us hove our own little problems. (Ann Winter) Chuck the Party Duck. Pat and Dave goofing-off before class. Talk about close friends. These are normal people. (K. Vickerman. L. Gramhi. K. Paurus) "What? There's a party tonight. (S. Gould. C. Tuttle)That's right Tim, you’re cool. A student actually checking out a library book. (Jana Fenner) A role reversal by Chris Halfaker and Mark Hafen. B. Block models the latest hat from Paris. Glen "Boot" Stiene and Brian Clark preparing their desks for a test. Believe it or not. Amy actually survived this oneDO YOU REMEMBER WHEN . . . A Korean passenger airline was shot down by Soviet jets on September 1. 1983 killing 269 people including U.S. representative Larry McDonald. An explosive truck was driven into U.S. Marine headquarters in Beirut killing 241 servicemen on Oct. 23. 1983. United States armed forces invaded Granada to restore order after a coup. 18 Americans were killed on Oct. 25. 1983 Greyhound bus drivers and workers had a strike on Nov. 2. 1983 A Minnesota snowfall sot record fall of 20 inches closing schools on Nov. 23. 1983. IN SPORTS . . . On December 13. 1983 the Mound Westonka Basketball team won over Chaska after a streak of 35 losses. Minnesota Gopher football team had its worst season ever, ending with the resignation of coach Joe Salem. Harman Killebrew made the baseball Hall of Fame. The Northstar's traded Bobbie Smith. 130 Members of the Boston baseball team the Red Sox were arrested for cocaine use.ENTERTAINMENT At the movies ... Risky Business 48 hours Terms of endearment Flash Dance Big Chill Silk Rose All the Right Moves Scar Face Two of a kind The Man Who Loved Woman Movie the Day After Farewell episode of M’A’S’H- CHEERS Dynasty The A-Team General Hospital All My Children Mon. Night Football Guiding Light The Fall Guy Magnum P.l. Hit Albums ... Michael Jackson's Thriller Police's Synchronicity Lionel Ritchie's Lionel Prince's 1999 Culture Club's kissing to be clever Rolling Stones Flash Dance Album On Television 131 Mohawk Football Mohawk football was very exciting this year. Aspirations were high as Mound won its first two games of the year; 26-12 over Chaska and 32-0 over Glencoe. Mound also defeated Buffalo 16-14 and Waconia 30-15. Led by captains Mike Klein and Bruce Martin the Mohawks finished 4-4 on the season. The low points of the season included three heartbreaking losses. Mound lost to both Eden Praire and Shakoppe in overtime. Mound also lost in the final minute against Orono. The annual rotary end-of-the-season banquet was held at the Lafayette club. At the banquet Brian Clark, Mike Klein, and Mark Bredahl received all conference plaques. Mike Klein was elected Most Valuable Player. 1341Left Pg. top: Capt. Mike Klein eyeing his next potential victim. Bot. Left: Man. Skit Stevenson checks out Beanie's body after an injury. Bot. Rt.: Underclassmen Tim Hatch and Jerry Bradley feel privetegded to be standing next to Cap. Bruce "Scummy" Martin Right Page: Top Lett: Sr. Brian “Huge" Clark intimidates Buffalos 22 Mid. Left: Jon Walman lazily, as usual, awaits the start of the game. Bot. Left: The Mohawks. Top Rt.: QB Kevin Sidders calls the play “right fromation. 1 at 5. Sugor-D" Bot. Rt.: Matt Birch making another of his stunning sideline grobsseason ever The Boy's soccer team had an impressive season this year. Although the team started with a dissapointing loss to Chaska, morale was improved as the season progressed. The highlite of the season was a first time ever win against Orono. Forward Mike Middlestadt scored Mound's only goal in the first period while the defensive lineup of Mike O'Reilly, Dave Bergeron, and Scott Honour, along with goalie Dan Jacobson, kept Orono from scoring and goals. The win was a great inspiration to the team. The team continued tis agressive play any ended the season with a record of 4-9-1 The team played Cooper in regions. Despite a valiant effort by all the players the team lost 0-1. This years outstanding scorer was Scott "Butsy" Karels. The team Captains were Thinh Tran and Ron Hill. BestLeft Page Top: Coaches Dobbs and Garin give Scott Karels some lost minute instructions before sending him back into play Mid.: Mark Bergerson. Scott Karels and Dan Jacobson aren't quite in time with each other, but their pushups look a bit better than Devin Crawford's. Bot.: The moment of silence Right Page Top Left: Sr. Scott Honour. Thinh Tran and Mike Middiestadt all await the incoming ba'i Top Rt.: The line-up Mid. Left: Co-Capton Ron Ha is about to receive the boil from Todd Patterson and make an easy pass around the opponent to Thuy Tran Mid. Rt.: Soph. David Dickey shows the crowd his beautiful rear end Bot.: Co-Capt. Thinh Tran does his pregame dance while his teamates applaud. 137Four swimmers go to State The swim team had a terrific season this year. Their over all record of 10-1 gave them the conference championship. The highlite of the season was the teams win against Chaska. It was a close meet until the very end. However, through the efforts of capt. Sherri Bryan. Patty Brown. Traci Hermann and Kim Vogel, the team won by 2 points. The team did very well in regions. Junior Patty Brown took 2nd in the 100 yd. free style and 3rd in the 50 yd free style. Freshmen Kim Vogel placed an excellent 6th in the 50 yd. free style and the relay team of Bridget Schultz. Traci Hermann. Kim Vogel and Patty Brown took 6th in the 400 yd. free relay. At the state level. Patty Brown took a 9th and 10th place in the 100 yd. and 50 yd. free. The relay team also participated. The teams excellent record was only made possible by the effort of the entire team and they all should be congratulated. 138Left Pg Top Left: Coach Dan Meyer Top Rt.: A Mound Swimmer about to touch. Bot Left: Patty Brown, happy about winning her last event Bot Rt: The Start! Right Page, Top: State meet swimmers. Bridget Schultz. Patty Brown. Kim Vogel. Troci Hermonn Mid Left: Up there. Up there! Mid. Rt.: Sherri Bryan an the block Bot.: The unorganized huddle D9Mohawk Runners The girls' Cross Country team was coached by Lou Ely and to be a member a girl was required to be extremely dedicated. Besides Conference meets. Mound participated in many invitationals. including Regions at Hollydale Golf Course. Mound place 9th in the region. On the average, the girls did very well and Kristi Carrier, an 8th grader, had an excellent year. Letter winners were: Kristi Carrier. Jenny Catten, Cindy Wold. Pattie Larson, Carolyn Moore, Kim Evans, Katrin Schuback. Margaret Moore, and Sosamma Samuel. With a young team like this years' the Mound Westonka Cross Country team is sure to improve its conference standings in the future. Dedication and determination were two things needed to run with this years Boys CC team. Captained by Mike Dorn and Brandon Baier. this years team was a good one. Pat Eide made All-Conference, placing 9th in the conference meet after being ranked 14th. Other top runners were: Jack Miller. Tim Kline and Brady Putt. Brady was named captain for next years team. Pat Eide was named Most Valuable while Spencer Nutamaker took the Coaches award and Brandon Baier took the Leadership award. 140LEFT PAGE: top- Capt. Carolyn Moore showing good form bottom- Mound Cross Country boys' team, reody to put oB their physical strength into the race. RIGHT PAGE top- The girls' Cross Country team preparing themselves for the upcoming race, mid left- "Thank goodness it's over," thinks Patty Larson mid rt.- Sosamma Samuel trying to maintain her lead as she approaches the finish line, low left- Running the final yards of the race is Jenny Cotton, low mid-Katrin Schubach looking strong. 141Tennis anyone? Although this years girls Tennis team didn't place high in the conference, they had a lot of energy and spirit. The team was captained by senior Ronda Gangelhoff. She was very successful this year. She took runner up in the conference Individual single's championship. Ronda was also a semifinalist in the Region 6AA Tournament. Jami Flannery was another valuable member to the girls tennis team this fall. Both her and Ronda were elected to the Suburban West All- Conference team. At the end of the season, the team took a 4-3 conference standing, with Ronda as Most Valuable and Jenny Wolner as Most Improved. Left Page. Top: Did she moke it? Bot: Judy Rockvam prepares to swing at the baa. Right Page, top: The high point of Judy's practice- “sleeping!'' Top rt.: "Rondo" Gangelhoff reaches for the ban Big: Kristi Glascoe uses her backhand to make the shot Bot. rt.: Rondo agoin! 143Mohawk Volleyball Left Page. Lett: What are they woiting for' Right: Warming up before the game. Right Poge. top: Is this the same team? Bot. Lett: Carrie Olstod waits for Shari Simar to put the ball over the net Bot. Rt.: Shari and Coach Tufte enjoy a meal after a game. 7 seniors. 5 juniors and 3 sophomores made up the Mound Volleyball Team. Despite little experience, the team showed much improvement throughout the season. Their abilities shined at the Blake Tourney, where they took a second place. The stand-outs of the team were Capt. Huyengoc Tranberg, an excellent setter. Huyen received the Suburban West All-Conference award and was voted the team's Most Valuable Player. Co-Capt. Shari Simar, whose positions were digger and spiker, received the Most Determined award. Sophomore Carrie Olstad, spiker. Receiver the Most Improved award. Carrie showed through-out the season that the future of Mound Volleyball is quite promising. With such a young team- the future outlook is bright. 144Wrestlers win! The theme word for this years wrestling squad had to be "win", for they had a fantastic season. Team captain Jack Miller had a perfect conference record, he was undefeated in 21 matches. Miller had a high ranking in State- for his division (112). The team's overall conference record of 15-4 included only a few losses. The main win for the wrestlers came when they beat undefeated Hutchinson 34-15. Mound had never beaten them before. Tournaments were also good to the wrestlers with first place taken at two; the Burnsville and Chisago Lakes tournies. The team placed 2nd in the Vern Gagne Tournament held here in Mound. Outstanding wrestlers for this years team were; Miller (112), Dworsky (119), Austin (138), Bradley (132), Butler (HW). Bredahl (185), Leopold (98). The team was led by captains Jack Miller and Keith Austin. 146LEFT PAGE: top- Keith Austin pins another opponent, bottom- Jack Miller, ronked 1st in the state in his division, is surely going to pin this wrestler. RIGHT PAGE: top- Gordy Butler in the beginning position, mid lett- Accepting another trophy, from Verne Gange. is Jack Miller, mid- Jerry Bradley, exhausted after a wrestling bout mid rt. Bordy Butler in action bot. left- Mark Dworsky in his fighting stance, bot. rt.- Jeff KenKnight practicing the latest dance steps. 147Girls Basketball The Girls Basketball team had a productive season. The team had only four seniors yet they were able to pull decisive wins against Orono, Shakopee, and Eden Prarie. Center Kim Vogel a freshman, and sophomore Jami Flannery added their playing spirt to the experience of capt. Shari Simar. Connie McMillan. Michelle Goblirsch and capt. Ronda Gangelhoff to give the team its wins. In its game against Shakopee. Captain Ronda Gangelhoff scored 13 points, and in the game againts Orono. she scored 17. Because of her excellent scoring effort. Ronda was named WTCN Athlete of the Week. Leeann Horner helped out tremendously in this game by shooting the winning basket ... from behind the basket. There are many young players on this team who have had little Varsity experience until this year. Mound Girls Basketball is sure to have a successful future. 148Left Page: Top Loft: The girls are ready for the rebound Top Rt.: Kim Vogel shows perfect free-throw form. Mid.: Mound's defense keeps the opposition off Ktm Vogel, letting her shoot. Bot.: LeeAnn Horner takes a jump shot. Rt. Page. Top Lott: Ronda Gangelhoff looks for an open teammate Top Rt.: Ronda Gangelhoff is often doubleteamed Bot. Lott: JUMP SHOT1 Bot. Rt.: Carrie Olstad bats the ball away from an ongry opponent. 149Breaking a losing streak The Mound Boys Basketball Team, playing with intensity and enthusiasm, had a very successful season. The Mohawks broke their 35 game losing streak by defeating Chaska. Even an injury to center Rob Host could not prevent the Mohawks from winning. New head coach Larry Ronglein instilled a sense of confidence amont his players. Led by co-captains Rob Host and Jon Christensen, Mound defeated many teams that were heavily favored over the Mohawks. Seniors Kevin Sidders and Glenn Steine contributed a great deal of scoring and rebounding. Juniors Dean Stark, Rob lilies. Fred Lucas and Andy Manthei as well as sophomore Tim Hatch make the future of Mound Basketball look excellent. New head coach Larry Ronglein was viewed by many as the Suburban West Conference Coach of the Year. Curt Eischens proved to be a very valuable assistant varsity coach.LEFT PAGE: upper rt.- Copt. Jon Christensen cuts down a net at Chaska after Mound's 49-44 victory over the Hawks, low left- Kevin Sidders fires up a baseline jumper with 2 seconds to go in the half, low mid- The Mohawks await a rebound against Shakopee. low rt.-Awaiting a freethrow rebound. RIGHT PAGE upper left- Coach Rongtein plans last minute strategy during the Mohawk's 49-48 win over Hutch mid left- Rob Host with perfect form on a freethrow. mid rt.- Beanie drains one from 18 against Shakopee. low left-Freddie "Boom Boom" Lucas fires up a turnaround jumper as Kevin Sidders and Jon Christensen get position for the rebound, low mid- Rob Host and Jon Christensen fight four Bison for a rebound. 151Get hockeyed! Hard work paid off again this year Mohawk Hockey Team. Captains Steve Lassak and Dan Jacobson lead their team to an overall conference standing of 10 wins and 10 losses. Sr. Ron Hill strengthened the offense with his scoring skills, highlighting his season with a “Hat Trick" against school rival, Orono. The Olson- Walman connection, Pat Cheney, and John Sterne were also among the top scorers of the team. The defense became stronger as the season progressed with players such as Dan Jacobson, Keith Burton, and Pat Zuccaro in power to make it difficult for opponents to score. Another strong asset to the teams defense was the power at the net consisting of Sr. Scott Kohls and Sr. Brad Reese. It wasn't what the scoreboard read at the end of the games that made this team good, it was the strength and the power that made them great. 152Left poge top: Ron Kil and Don Jacobson-ready for the puck1 middle: "And its a GOAL" lower left: The Mohawks salute the flog before a gome Lower right: Congratulations at the end of the game is a tradition This page top: Announcing of the starting Hne-up. Middle left: Keith Burton displays his skill at manuavenng the puck Middle right: "Who ts that masked man'5” Bottom: Tim Olson shoots the puck whde Pat Cheney backs him up 153A New Beginning This year was a new beginning for the girls gymnastics team. Sheila Asleson stepped in as the new head coach to put the girls hard at work. She knew the team had potential. That potential came shining through in their meets. They beat schools like Glencoe, Buffalo and Chaska, and broke Mound's scoring record when they met with Orono. 131.6 was the score, with Orono at 129.65. The team also took 1st place at two invitationals this year: the St. Louis Part Invitational and our own Mound-Westonka Invitational. Despite a dissapointing loss to E.P., the girls continued to work their hardest. Outstanding gymnasts for the team were: Krissy Nelson, Julie Smith, Lisa Hartwell and Tracy Loughlin. This year the captains were Molly McGinnis and Tracy Loughlin. Top Loft: Soph Lisa Hartwell on beam. Top Rt.: Sr. Lisa "Tuna'' Toonen and Co-cap Molly Mcginnts. Mid: The team fcne-up. Mid: Tracy Loughin at the start of her floor routine. Sot. Loft: Roses Bot. rt.: Sophomore Krissy Nelson looking good on the beamTop Lett: Freshman Julie Smith Tom mid.: Krissy Nelson with a stunning floor performance Top rt.: Tracy on the vault. Mid Lett: Lisa Hartwell and the "crowd”. Mid Rt.: Krissy on the bars. Bottom: The thrill of victory! 155V. Football Glencoe 32 0 W Chaska 26-12 W Orono 20-23 L Hutch 14-34 L Buffalo 16-14 W Eden Prairie 14-20 L Waconia 30-15 W Shakopee 6-12 L Vorsity: row 1- P O'Refly. M Fiveland. K Pflug. M Dworsky. Capt. B Martin. G Savage. K Gelhaye. M. Johaning. J Jacobsen row 2- M Frommelt. R Wiswel. T. Lowe. T. Olson. S. Cashmon, K. Ingstead, T Hebert. P. Logue. B. Suhon row 3- Mgr M Condon. J Bradley. A Manthei. M. Larson. G. Poetz. R. Word. C. Gearhardt. E. Vonacek. D. Dongoske. Mgr S. Stevenson row 4-B Clark. J. Wolman. B Mermk. K. Bonce. Coach Gove. Coach Buerkle. Coach Hanley. S Kohls. Capt. M Klein. B. Rauschendorfer. J. KenKnight row 5- R. iihes. S. Hammanom, G. Phlegar. B. Reese. J. Starkman. B Hasse, P. Beard. P. Gregg. D. Stark. B Whitney row 6-K Siders. M Rippberger. B. Cooper. M Birch. T. Hatch. G. Steine. Q Kolden. J. Christenson. M. Hudson. M. Breodahl. S Lindgren, S. Tuthdl Soph. Football Glencoe Chaska Orono Hutch Buffalo Eden Prairie Waconia Shakopee Row 1: M Ostvig. P. Moss. T. Noor. J. Johanning. K. Walsh. C Maltz Row 2: D. LeMieux. P Jackson. M McNulty. H. Miller, R. Deltmg. V Shanley. D. Hofstadter Row 3: R. Sam. M McGfcnsky. D. Lassek, J. Olson. T. Rendahl. D Bradley. P Goshgarian. R. McChorles. R. Duryea. Coach Rockvam Row 4 T. Solden. D. Pond. P Baier. S. Robertson. P Zuccaro. C. Facshmg, R. Kaufhold. J. Stevenson. M. Winter. S. Cassett V. Soccer Chaska 0-3 L Delano 3-2 W Orono 1-0 W Buffalo 5-1 W Eden Prairie 1-5 L Delano 5-2 W Eden Prairie 0-4 L Orono 3-5 L Cooper 0-1 L Varsity Soccer row 1- D. Doyle. M. Swanson. S. Honour, capt T. Tran. B Schutt. D Jacobson. $. Karls. N. Nichols. M Middlesteadt. T Patterson row 2- Ass Coach Garin. Mngr. R Sloon. M O'Reiy. capt R H . M Rendahl. D Bergeron. S. Foy. S. Hansen. D. Crawford, D. Dickey. P. Doyle. T. Tran. Coach Dobbs 156Swim Team MontceHo 89-80 W Hutch 98-73 W DC. 115-55 W Eden Proire 102-68 W Chaska 89-82 W Eden Praire 86-79 W DC. 102-72 W MonticeHo 92-80 W Water Town 85-87 L Shakopee 110-63 W Row 1: A. Hunder. S. Powell. K Phlug, L. Walman, R Lange. K Regen, H. Jackson, J. Marshke Row 2: K. Hartwell. G. Schultz. S. Krueger. D Newton. D. Vogel. P. Brown. J. Mayer. J. Heitkamp. K Nelson. Coach Meyer Row 3: L. Hartwell. L Bigoutte. S. Suerth, J Winter. T. Hermann. B. Shultz. S. Bryan. J. Brown. J. Schoening. C. Dunn Not pictured Bob Dykoski, Diving coach Boys C.C. Matterhorn Hutch Quad Orono Quad Rocket Run Hawk Inv. Sub. West 8th of 12 3rd of 4 3rd of 4 3rd of 8 5th of 8 3rd of 7 Row 1: C. Larson, T Kline. B Baeir. M. Dorn. B. Putt. G. Neske, J. Mrfler. J. White. C. Gnmes Row 2. Coach Lage. J. Nuttomaker A. Harmon. K. Kautz. P Eide. D. Goveas. C. Davis. G. Knney. J. White. K. Burton. $. Erickson. S. Nuttamaker. E Ambrose. J. Johanntng. A. Smith Girls C.C. Matterhorn 8th of 12 S.W.C. tri. 3rd of 3 Rocket Run 2nd of 8 Hutch Quad 4th of 4 Orono Quad 2nd of 4 Buffdo Inv 6th of 11 Hawk Inv 4th of 8 S.W.C. 5th of 7 Dundee Classic 5th of 7 Region GAA 9th of 12 Row 1 C Moore, Coach Ely ow 2: C Wdd. J Hamblet. K. Schubach. K Evans. M. Moore. N. Lage. S. Samuel. P. Larson. J. Cotton. K. Carrier 157Girls Tennis Row 1: K. Ehrman. K. Glascgow. T. Nordlie. D. Gobhrsch. J. Mayer, S. Anderson. J. Ehrman Row 2: A. LaMare, K. Lassek, S. Fritz. J Flannery, D. Mdovich. Copt. R. Gangelhoff. J. Rockvam. J. Wolner. B. Oas. M. Litman, Coach Osborne Prior Lake Cooper Eden Prairie Hopkins 1 Hopkins 2 Hutchingon Litchfield Chaska Orono Montevideo Madison Wilmar Edina (Reg.) 5- 2 6- 1 4-1 4-1 1- 7 0-7 6-1 2- 3 0-5 8-0 3- 2 4- 1 3-2 3-2 4- 1 (Reg.) 3-2 W 1-4 L 3-5 L 3-2 W 5- 0 W 3-2 W 0-5 L Girls Volleyball Woconia Eden Prairie Glencoe Buffalo Orono Hutchinson Shakopee Chaska Blake Tourny Wayzata 0-2 0-2 1-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2 2nd 0-2 158 Row 1: R. Habisch, A. White. S. Simar. H. Tranberg. B Bystol. S. Ulrick Row 2: Coach Tufte, C. MacCharles. J. Hummerickhouse. J. Broze. M. Massuch, C. Olstad. D Kroening, E. Westerlund. B. Goslin, Mon. P. Baker Wrestling Waconia 36-22 W Buffalo 14-47 L St. Thomas Acad. 37-21 W Blaine 30-23 W Chisago Lakes 31-20 W Chaska 50- 9 W Eden Prarie 27-32 L Edna 48- 6 W Minnetonka 34- 19 W Glencoe 28-23 W South St. Paul 55- 3 W Richfield 37- 9 W Spring Lake Park 18-32 L Wayzata 40-13 W Shakopee 20-26 L Belle Plain 31-17 W FKitchinson 34-15 W Orono 42-12 w Chisago Lakes Inv. Tourney 1st Burnsville Inv. Tourney 1st Verne Gagne Inv Tourney 2nd Row 1: J. Robbins, C Leopold. P. Skoret. M Nelson. S. Reiners. J. Mier. M Dworsky Row 2: Coach Hanley. J. Bradley, K. Austin. D. Bradley. G. Poetz. G. Butler. Coach Leopold Girls Basketball Shakopee 38-54 L 52-50 W Waconia 22-43 L 50-41 W Buffalo 29-44 L 48-49 L Chaska 22-36 L Eden 29-51 L Prairie 40-42 L 56-52 W Wayzata 46-47 L Glencoe 38-62 L 41-55 L Hutchinson 44-59 L Orono 54-39 W Rest of scores unavail- able at this time. 159 Front: B. Derry. Coach Os tod. D. D'Avia Row 2: H Tronberg, J. Hummerick house. B. Bittte. C. MacCharles, K. Christensen. M. Goblirsch. C. McMillon. C. Ostad, Capt. S. Simar. C. Seehusen, L. Horner. J. Flannery. L. Powers. K. Evans Not pictured Capt R. Gangelhoff. K. VogelVarsity Boys Basketball Shakopee 43-45ot L Waconia 39-59 L Buffalo 43-46 L Chaska 49-44 W E.P. 51-63 L Glencoe 53-48ot W Wrfmar 40-52 L Hutch 49-48 W Orono 57-49 W Shakopee 42-55 L Waconia 47-55 L Buffalo 39-53 L Chaska 57-52 W E.P. 47-510t L Glencoe 39-41 L Hutch 44-61 L Row 1: B. Suhon. J. Gardner. P Beard. A Manthei Row 2: Man A. Girard. D Stork, Q. Koiden. G. Steine. Coach Ronglein. Capt. J. Christensen, R. lilies. T. Hatch. Asst. Coach Eischens Row 3 M. Birch, M Rippberger. F Lucas, Capt. R. Host. K. Sidders. R. Bostrom Soph. Boys BasketbaB Shakopee 41-62 Waconia 18-37 Buffalo 20-64 Chaska 28-49 E.P. 18-55 Glencoe 26-50 Wilmar 26-53 Hutch 20-48 Orono 39-49 Skakopee 39-53 Waconia 33-53 Buffalo 30-54 Chaska 24-49 E.P. 32-45 Glencoe 30-48 Hutch 31-40 160 Row 1: R. MacChorles, J. Gray. S. Nunamaker Row 2: J. Ruhr. M. Winter. P. Goshgarian, D. Wigard Row 3: S Robertson. H Miller. C. Fasching, P. Moss Row 4: R. Sain, R Devick, D. Pond. J. EricksonGymnastics Wayzata 109.6-123 1 L Glencoe 121.35-97 W Armstrong 121.55-122.9 L Orono 131.6-129.65 W Buffalo 125.3-120.7 W St. Louis Pork Inv. 124.7 1st Chaska 123.75-121.2 W Mound inv. 123.35 1st Eden Prarie 128.55-141.85 L Conf. Meet 130.45 2nd Varsity: row 1; J. Doyle, C. Wilsey, T. lmn. P. Cheney. B. Reese. S. Kohls. K. Burton. R. Duryea, T. Olson. P. Eide row 2. B. Juhor. S. Shinn. J. Walman, J. Sterne. P Zuccaro. M. Anderson. D Jacobson. B. Clark. R. Hill. S Lassak. Asst. Coach Soule. Coach Furlong Hockey Wayzata 2-3 L Chaska 6-2 W 1-2 L Cooper 1-8 L Shakopee 7-4 W 4-1 W Appollo 4-7 L Orono 1-4 L 4-7 L Brady 4-9 L St. Louis Park 3-2 W Cathedral 3-4 L Benilde 7-4 W Roosevelt 8-1 W Hutchinson 6-3 W 8-2 W Buffalo 13-0 W 8-1 W Eden Prarie 5-6 L 0-5 L 161 Row 1: L. Jordahl. S Hallowell. J. Smith, K. Nelson. Copt. M. McGinnis. J. Mayer. B. Naegle. E. Snyder Row 2: L Toonen. J. Brose. L. Hartwell, D Wigard Row 3: Coach Asleson. T. Hermonn. N. Alen, K. Shaw. Asst. Coach Folley. Capt. LoughfcnWho is a good sport? A good sport is the player who enthusiastically tries his or her best in practice and plays the game from the bench. A good sport is the player who is injured at the beginning of the season and cannot play but continues to stand by his or her teammates with encouraging support. A good sport is the manager who hands out the water, towels, keeps the stats and goes unrecognized. A good sport is the cheerleader shivering out in the rain who yells inspiring cheers when the team is losing. A good sport is the busy parent and the player's friend who never miss a game. 164Senior Comments Stovo Adorns- Alto. "The GenercT'.The Dotes Houso.The Bed-Air. Moosekopt 4st Dosser Jono AJIon- J D .Tho Von.B 0 Blond. "O''.The Group.P.C Mo'k Anderson- Hockey manoger.Bemid; Stato Bocky Archor- "ARCH" .Pete Bottey.S-Bo . MM M "Graduation" Kevin Asher- 4-ever,party Brandon Barer- CC Coptoon.Kack.mosc Mko Borne- G.W.O.W Korn Bandol- 8rod Boarver.Donceteo Copt .Pizza. PS.Aprt 22 Karen Barton- Poppa."I can ccpe'.K-Booch. Bowk ."Somotimot yo pst gotta soy Both Bower- J.l W .Tamper.Summer hummers'.Donce.Ct ovv luv Julio BockBtrom- Got involved with os much os you con Mke 8eee- Susie.Bg "K" David Borooron- Soccef-D.PS.JM B..W W M G.M..G.P Rabbit Mcholo Boudor- Bouky.fck mo up.go Bufti'.NCW.Tho Nerd lork Block- Ask Tom He odits everything I soy Modcaty ottotched Tori Block- Think Prtc.Romodo.Ooss of 84,Slyx.6aston Mark Brodatu- Foot ben 73.Wrestmg. Brakds.Moch.Johrwe Land Shorn Bryan- Shor'. "The Van".Swm Copt .Tho group.rahroh.l.C Gordon Butier-ConccrdO Ahead Paul Buysso- 8«e».WOW.2 "V or not 2 "V" Becky Bystol- Tigger and Beckafyrm.Mke'l. V-Bal,Rms 1011 1012.SSSGPR Tiffany Cartsen Aloska.HL.Tok to much Slocoy Cortson-"Spoco Cose".Tufs.Purplo Power'.BCP.Now Wave Mko Chopmon- Jeanne". Van Hcfen.Porty with you.Rod CorsJ?ood Trp Pot Chonoy- Chonsow.Hockey. Basebol.shet Jon Christensen- Kot 8-"Hor$©dog'.Boonio. Footbcfl-84.8oskotbal-24,Ba$edai-2 Bnan Ciork- Huge.Footba - 8aseba -Hockey. I.L M.H .St John- Sue Ctork-"GARfilCK". RashJ?omoda. G€NESsS.Partyi Holy CHf- The Grb.B S LI T.'s.the "U".66.DJARUW Koly Constant- Burt-Shattuck,Awesome 4-some.Red Cods.opple orchard-fig W.K B jeon Dahl- Monkeys.putple. snowmoblos.ioops.winter Barrio Davis- FtA moon on Mcndoys.Kevin.come down to my lockor.skppy Dppm.Pnnco Barb Donaldson- Enc.Bosi Buds.UW STOUT.PS. Boom-8oom Mke Dorn- Track and CC Capt.Boot Hockey .Heavy Motai.JMS Work Dwcrsky- WrestSng.Footbal.2 “V" or not 2 "V" .lisa Scott Eaton- 442.Soewdrrver. R V .DM .LED at iwyi Karen Eckdahi- ' Kor-Kor” rogge. SSSGrrr.Country Girt Brian Edberg- D H.Von Holen.DECA party Warty Eingson- "School was Profitable, "copying contentment" Craig Eistod- Comoro" 74'.Stocter. Golf.whochworn.Geo's Trocy fcnckson-Tommy.Roewyn,Vorsny Q. P C .Cored Chery) Esseiman- Gary .Soccer jc p Theresa Firm- Ch y W y."s«ckers".Sooper Trooper.Sumer Frioods. "t V -TRUE" Rchard Flatz- Rk.'Ganby" Y.A.C B J and R.Bakery Run Shawn Foy- Party at Sto-Tonko.4 wtxwHn-Motoio.QukM Rot.Van Helen Teri Frank- "Alonzo'.V-8a .Rms 1011 and 1012,"Barts Ruper". SSSGrrr Rondo Gangohoff- Tonrw Capt -sem tmatsbasketboi capt .Rondo. WNstter.horsos Rob Gouvn-no comment Kovn Gomaye- FootbaHMeNm, Itsa.Md-Amonca, WelghtHtog Mchete Gobtrsch-SCSU. Soffbol.8oskofboi. Don.Roomo Conns Roso MatWCh-Voteybal.SSSGrrr.Sue. SuO.SOQrky.and then some Chestne Hotfokor-T S . C-leodngB-8a«. K B .Cot Eyes.M T H -82. F-D6.NN Jenne Hateska- Steve. N.H.S .Stoerp Mona Homes- CheerieocJng.Besf Buds.B.C .Mo Robert Hanson- 'Uttle Arthur". YamohaYZ125. 4Bfl.Strange days ndeed Jolt Helgron- Skmg."Freestyle", Apne Sessrons.Rood Trp. "S O T 8." Kathy Hontges- Lath.tho gris.K 8 .8 S l.l T.S .DJARUM.the "U" Eric Hepoia- Raven,Massive G O. hits.tako it oasy.Gunby Mark Horman-W WMGM. D w.l .Mazda-no substituteJlgh Y'al.Hamm'$ Mke Heutmcfcer- Crazy Tram.Ski."Hooty".Hoavy Meta Rood Trp Ron HI- Koly .Hockey 7. Soccer capt Trock.U of M Scott Honour- Soccer-D.Smoke Sgool. Mohan.KAT '83."Horsedog" Rob Host- Basketbal.Captoin. Ro-oo Mke Hudson- Sogo.the Genera.Trock Copt.S S 15-5.Max for Prez Bnan Hugh- Hugh.Comoro type It.750 Nght Hawk Don Mules- STAPlES.mdrvght hockey.btozer. D M .ASPEN Dan Jacobson- S S .D. tho M ."Joke". Hockey.T.Y C O 8 lee Ann Jessen- "the van".Scream,Tho Group "Yo Bg Poop'".FarVle.lC Dan Johanrmg- Yppy Skppy Matt Jchanrmg- von Hafen.Ski Tonka. Get WlD Doug Johnson- V PI .PS(2yfs). W S J? and R.Top by 25 lost© Johnson- Jm.Monto Corto.Re«m Reeb.New Germany.Torn-to whores Jmmy? Mchete Kabos- The grB.K8.BS L I T s. DJARVM.the "IT Scott Karols- "Bufsy".Soccer.Canuckamarva Jeff KoufhokJ- Party ti you drop' Mke Kieo- Footbd-Capt. 22. BaseoalSpkoy. SSR.Snckers Scott Kohb- Snotty.Sieve. GP.Hockey. Basebat.'What oro you going:' Dawn Kotden- D.O.turtles. lN T..Bost frtond Koih Tom Kozar- Ros«e.The geoerdPsot ives.Peo Woo.MaryBeth Amy LaBresh- Amy Sue.Sunshino GilJ love Catlorrxo'.RussPn Wator Roodevue. Steve lassek- Beave.D the M.Hockey.T y C OB Kothy lohtoa- T G I F..J A . F T J n New Hopo.i ivo for Tuesdays Kathleen linn- I N T .tatlesD.0.8ost friend Down Trocy loughm- laugh,Steamboat 3.Tho grup. g ttland qua1 P C Jon lundstrom- 440.400.151 Koteen MockenzP- 8 y.Kal.(W W ) Tm Mocnamoro- "Moc 'X) D.Martoc-Destroyed,Dan J Beomer-hates preppies VWs Jay Marcotte- l was therel Now t'm not' Bruce Martin- Tho Von.ScummyPootoo capt 20.Bosebafl.S.G D W R Jeff Martnez-EahiX ammit Robby a pouisy7Sleep-encrT»cs.8yo-8ye Sheilo McCormick- Sheeka.Sheobo. "Sheoki'Mi'Moc.Summor Mcly Mcgnnis-The Van.Tho GroupP g Island,Smoty.S.D Don McKee-Strait- ? monfhsjPh.don t skp-dont help,marry MPhole G Connie McMHan- S.C.S.U..Basketball. Gunnar.84,Roomi© Mitch 84 Mernk- "Mermy".Footba», 8asebo».PS."Fuzzy Duck” Wendy Meyer-Robert lee.Susie. Mko.Plnto.8ig "K" Jock Mter- The Hack.CC, Wresimg.Stato Matend lane Moore-CNckons.The Vcm.GWOW Jute fA ser- LOOf.Cheerieodng. yearbook ,go».Dad Jemitor Nohon- Nffur.crash. Musfangs.D M S R. ond then somo lisa Netson- Mornmg! You Fronch Fryi.FM. S.F DPH .Joe WhoR.The "U" Townya Nelson- "Chester" Just Once .Stoerp.Ne e. PS.K.B Guy Nesko- Trock Capt .C.C .We tappa Shetey Neumann- Mei.Portyli.Pat Tom Nccum- cerecn. B-g Gdp.T n t„ IN D 1 Nancy Nchots-Dango.Dancm. K 8 . StoerP.Rhinoes' Nod Nichols- Jim Hondrtx.THE KNACK lHPAVH.Canuckamona.4en wimmin l loo Me sen- K-Wafl.Adoh, K B .Siberio.Rtmeos Rick Norum- Hcmer."AMX GO 40t".Suzy.Toy,Motocross "478" Barbara Oas- Tennis.Akxszo.Ruper. SSSGrrr."Big Ben" llz Oberhouser "lou".MRC. Ssmny.R C Amy Olson- Amos.EJ Wood.The GdsJ B .B S UT.s Son)a Olson- "JASON".Soni. Romodo.lynard Skynofd.Porry Tim Olson- FootCx . Hockey. Golf.OlY.Big 10 Pot O'Reiy- P F -KAT'83.The Treas..k« bugs.tooay's word:"The ErxJ' .Footbot Paul Paine- croih 7.Dodge T'm Palm- SkmnyJ.N D. 2.Charper 2.2.Totoly Boge.Bg Gulp Karen Pourus- 'Mickey D©ase".Foo-Foo mobte. "JF D ", Care-on.June 1R Bob Peterson- 8asebcfl,Rood Trp.S.O T B Acho e Pitsch- Mch.Ficndol Carrie Pokonen- BFA Vick .N.T.,toxtv od nylonsl Brod Reese- KERRI.Footbdl. Hockey.P S .Curts Tm Regam- W.W W .Ski Teresa Remer- ll FF.. Weekends .Friends gakxo.kat Mko Rondohi- Soccer .Si .Comp 4 Action Beiows lisa Rettler-DeulschkxxJ.AFS.Gorman club pres .Soccer. Cheerteoamg.MornmgiYou F F Mark RisSund- ?8-Footbal. heavy Chevy.Rizo Judy Rockvom- HC Copt ,VC to SH.Judy B.KV- "OP"Dudes thanks for sharing Todd Rockvam- Rocky.l con copo.Suppcrfrvg the Ofympic team. Maxie for ever Steve Ronnkvist- Pozoman.Ronko the 3rdhdgemonf Jim Sapp- Tobey Tyler Greg Savoge- Footbal fXS Janeo SchSchtmg.jane6.Goif. yearbook ,BF jM..nots B4 Schutt- "Pokey".Oramo Oub.l'm a law.Al the world's a stage Jute Scott- M J JvJH S..Track Cindy Scruton- Cd.Hubert John.FASHONMook out wonajsere! comet Boon Segner- Soggy.Done.Omni 024J Z 650 Romon Semo- Toco.'TEVE.condy.ckKi trez .K.V is a C.T Tom Shofter- Doorvsebs y.No comment'.Vokswogon.The PofcceJ told you so' Scott Shnn- Get o Ho Chonoy.Hockoy. Bosebof Tno moose s loose Kevm Sobers- SO.Footbal OSJ.1ouna Round.Basebai- legion,KAT 83' Shan Smar- Vofeybal.8asketbafl, Softbai.Copt.»14.ort John Skaret-Rot.The Batet.Hot tub.P.S .ooif Betty Solstad- Chftstian.P.S..AFS HoOe Stoley-1 love ERO.Srs nte.Mankoto State PartyJ arty n the Pmto.Rhoodas daughter Jotf Story man- Starky.Footbol-Wrosting. SurvivoiXodok.MK and EM Glenn Stebe- "Catch 30".Footba«-88. Mound.Boof.BCs loura St amakor-8.C .ZZ-Top. H-D.Hopo to see you ol soon'.Good luck Scott Stevenson- SKITJ .S.. Footbal?.Ti tle,Ducky Fuzz Dan Sundberg-SunnyXAC. P.S.."I FSrt? Never1 ".' Good mornmg Becky Sutherland- T J F ."Hoy Joof'.Woodstock and Snoopy,Going fast rocmgF B A Bobbl Sutherland- "Bangity.8ongity". Ambassodor.D A F .Bobtx Mogee David Thompson- It's ovor.i mado it .J D. Wonita Thostenson- 'The Van".Stoomboat 3.the group.Bg ls!and."Yo Big Pcopi '.l C lito Toonen- Tuna.V.OJ .B . SSR.B Ml A.F Huyen Tronberg- VoSoyboll.Basketbai. Trock.Huynor.AFS proz Kolth Trask- Hunting,Keyboards. Roman$:6.Handguns.N R A emda Tuttle- Tut»-UA)by. Spoco-cose. Brt.8CP.D M S R Sue Wrick- SoftboI.Rms. 1011 .012,SSSGrrr. Cruser.V.F lozbo Vance- JFSXodies ftsl."Ducky Fuz' .Awesomo 4-some.The Bg ”W" Kris ViCkorman- Terry.Whole. ViCk.JR-OP.kCk mo up f?Pk Vogelgesang- Kerboog.Motocross. Murdock.Oash Jon Wolmon- "WoHy ".sports. P S ."$knny".Quorters Club Roger Word- Portyl.Physics Footbal.Hopkms-8usfed.72 Camaro cfash).Tho Dub Rhonda v otson-1 love Jeti.Srs. ate Mankato Stato party.Porty m the pnto.He Je's mom Oaus Weter- See yo next year Arm White- Rons 1011 and l0l2.SSSGrrr . . .V B .Fippee. chan-chan Vicki Wlson- BF.A CarriO."N.T ".BR1AN.80 Mustorg.Toxturod nylorvs Arm Writer- AfS PERU Anteoter.' The Group''.Choncha."0 " Mko Zobock- San Dego "U '.B 8 with love Vern Zeler I was here yesterday.I swear 165Sno Daze Court On the Wings of Love Sno-Daze coronation was the highlit© of the 83-84 Sno-Daze week. Wednesday was Dress-up Day and the coronation ceremonies were held at the pep-fest. Pat O'Reilly and Karen Barton M.C.d the ceremonies. Dan Jacobson and Ronda Gangelhoff teased the court with the crowns until they finally named Paul Buysse and Tracy Loughlin as king and queen. John Skaret sang the theme song “On the Wings of Love." accompanied by Wanita Thostenson. The days of the weed were Dress-up Day. Beach Day. and Winter Wear Day. The annual Jr. VS. Sr. bootball game was won by the Srs. The dance on Saturday night was successful, with the rock band “Rocking Horse" providing the music to dance to. 166Left Page. Top: Princess Lezlie Vance. Prince Bill Mernik. Princess Mona Homes. Prmce Mark Dworsky. King Paul Buysse, Crownbearer Meagan Daly. Queen Tracy Loughfcn. Princess Jane Allen. Prince Brian Clark. Princess LeeAnn Jessen, Prince Mike Klein Bot: King Paul Buysse and Queen Tracy Loughlin. Right Page. Top left: John Skaret sang the theme song "On the Wings of Love," Accompanied by Wanita Thostenson Top Rt.: Karen Barton and Pat O'Reilly were the MC's for this year's coronation. Bot. Loft: The crownbearers for the coronation Bot. Rt.: Tracy Loughlm shows her excitement os Dan Jacobsen crowns her Sno-Daze Queen for 1983-84. 167168Adorns. Jomie-25. 34. 90 Adams. Steve-99. 100, 119 Ahlstrom. Cari-70 Aibeck. Juke-34. 77 Albertson. Daniel-70 Albertson. Dean-15. 90 Albrecht. Horo»d-70 Alexander. Heath-76 Allen. Christine-30. 77 Allen. Jone-7. 8. 24. 25. 30. 67. 100 Alfen. Nora-35. 70, 161 Altrichter. Wendy-34. 90 Alvarez. Chris-90 Ambrose, Erik-70 Anderson, Eric-34. 77 Anderson. James-77 Anderson. John-77 Anderson. Kari-70 Anderson. Lori Anne-70 Anderson. Lynr»e-23. 100 Anderson, Mark-98. 100 Anderson. Susan-77. 158 Archer. Rebecca-100 Archibald. Rebecco-39. 77 Arenz. James-70 Armstrong, Amy-35. 70 Armstrong. Paul-90 Asher. Kevin-34, 100 Aspholm. Tammy-70 Austin. Keith-22 Austin. KeHy-77 Austin, Kirsten-70 Babb. Tm-34. 90 Babb. Poul-34. 77 Babler. MoJly-40. 77 Baier. Brandon-34. 100 Baier. Paul-30. 77 Bailey. Blaine-70 Bailey. Sean-90 Baker. James-90 Baker. Meredith-25. 34. 77 Baker, Nevin-77 Baker. Paula-24. 25. 67. 100 Baker, Tony-70 Balsanek. Brian-70 Same, Kevin-70 Bame. Mike-100 Borne. Steve-70 Bammann. Jon-22. 90 Bandel. Kerri-4. 9. 28. 30. 40. 41. 67. 100 Barrett. Jean-20 Barthel. Kim-70 Barton. Karen-11. 67. 100. 166 Bauer. Liz-22 Beard. Paul-61, 90. 160 Beauchomp. Mike-70 Beckstrom, Jerry-35, 70 Beckstrom. Julie-100 Bednarczyk. Cathy-7 7 Bee. Heofher-82 Beech, Tad-100 Beise. John-70 Beito, Amy-38, 90 Belcourt. Brett-70 Berg. Chris-40, 77 Bergeron. David-30. 100 Bergeron. Mark-90 Bergquist, Ann-28. 70 Bernard. Doris-22. 90 Bertognoli. Dina-6. 22. 100 Betlach. Darcy-90 Betsch. Chris-28. 70 Betsch. Stacy-70 Beucler. Michele-99. 100 Biersdorf, James-20, 100 Bigoouette. Lsa-30. 38. 77. 157 Brch. Matt-90. 160 Bishop. Bernadett-32, 90 Bisso. Jeffrey-7 7 Bitney. Charles-7 7 Bittle. Barb-90. 159 Bjerke. Bill-70 Bjorum, Mark-101 Blake. Robert-77 Biankenhagen. Tony-77 Blasko. Tom-70 Block. Brian-20 Block. Lori-25. 47. 66. 101 Block. Teri-23. 66. 101 Boerner. Lori-70 Bonnema, Amy-35. 70 Bonnema. Corey-101 Bottenfield-Gustin. Brian 90 Boylan. Steve-30. 90 Boyle. Brian-90 Braatz. Rhonda-34. 90 Bradley. Dan-77 Bradley. Jerry-90 Brandenburg. Lisa-70 Brandt. Chad-77 Bredohi. Mark-15. 101 Breen. Kari-35. 70 Breidfjord. Ladonna-76 Brethorst. Wendy-90 Briner. Carlyn-23. 101 Brown. Liz-28. 70 Brown, Jane-35. 66. 70, 157 Brown. Jeanne-23. 101 Brown. Jennifer-30. 77 Brown. Nathan-7 7 Brown. Patricia-22. 66. 67. 90. 157 Broze. John-20 Broze. Juie-32. 77. 144. 158 Brusletten. Adrienne-70 Bryan. Lori-66. 90 Bryan, Sherri-7, 22, 36, 66. 67. 101. 157 Bryce. Cindy-70 Buckmiller. Lisa-28. 34, 90 Buerkle. Maria-28, 70 Bullock. Brian-70 Burriss. Rod-70 Burton. Keith-90. 152 Butler. Ed-90 Butler. Gordon-101 Butler. Jennifer-9. 24. 28. 30. 58. 90 Butler. Tim-90 Buysse. Paul-6. 11. 48, 101. 166 Bystol. Becky-101. 144, 158 Camp. Donald-77 Campbell. Brian-77 Campbell. Lisa-30. 38 Campbell. Patrice-77 Carlsen. Tiffany-24. 102 Corisen. CamiBe-77 Carlson, Kathryn-35. 70 Carlson, Lisa-102 Corlson, Richard-77 Carlson. Stacey-102 Corlton. David-70 Carlton, Karalyn-70 Corlton, Steve-90 Carrier. John-90 Cashmon. Colleen-7 7 Cashmon, Steve-30. 90 Cotton. David-28 Cawelti. Nicole-30. 40. 77 Chapman. Mike-102 Chatlani. Anand-30. 90 Chelberg, Greg 34. 90 Chelberg, Robert-35, 70 Cheney. Pat-22. 102. 152 Christensen. Jon-10. 11. 49. 66. 102. 160. 166 Christensen. Kathy-24. 34. 90 Christensen. Kelly-30. 66. 77. 159 Christianson. Kelly-20. 102 Clark. Brian-11. 102. 156. 166 Clark. James-90 Clark. Sue-23. 102 Clark. BiB-34. 90 Clem. Tiffany-70 Cliff. Holy-23. 102 Clyne. Lisa-7 7 Coakley. Julie-76 Cole. Jock-20. 102 Condon. Mark-90 Condon. Sarah-90 Cookey. Mike-28. 71 Conkey. Nina-77 Conner-Pome. Paul Constant. Kelly-4. 7. 22. 102 Constant. Kris-77 Cook. Pam-20. 90 Cooper. Byron-91 Coppin. Jodie-91 Corl. Steve-102 Cossette. Steve-77 Crawford. Devin-33, 34, 77 Crawford. Robert-91 D'Avia. Dave-22. 91 D’Avia. Debbie-12, 30. 91. 157 Dahl, Jean-102 Dalbec, Caryn-77 Dale. John-28. 71 Darling. Tonia-12. 91 David. Lisa-40. 91 Davidson. Mefissa-40. 91 Davis. Barrie-23. 102 Davis. Charles-34. 91 Davis. John-20 Davisson, Peder-34. 82 De Monchaux. Leslie-30. 58. 77 Denenny. Mary-32. 36. 91 Derry. Barb-30. 91. 157 Detling. Robert-77 Devick. Richard-77, 160 Dewitt. Shefly-91 Dickey. David-13. 78 Dockham. Steve-91 Donahoe. Kevin-91 Donaldson. Barb-10. 11. 12. 28. 30. 102 Dongoske. David-28. 30. 91. 156 Donnay, Nichael-78 Dorn. Mike-103 Downey. Kristen-40. 91 Doyle. David-35. 71 Doyle. John-91 Doyle. Paul-35, 71 Draper. Christine-91 Dressel. Ann-91 Drof. Domien-71 Dunn. Chris-28. 71. 157 Durish. Joy-71 Duryea. R -78 Dworakoski, Scott-78 Dworsky, Mark-6. 103. 156. 166 Eaton. Scott-103 Eccles. Scott-71 Eckdahl. Karen-103 Ecklund. Teresa-58. 78 Edberg. Brion-22. 103 Edwards. Robert-91 Eggersgluss. Tina-78 Ehrman, Julie-34. 78. 158 Ehrman. Kim-35. 71. 158 Eide, Pat-91 Elam. Robert-71 Ellingson. Marty-22. 99. 103 Eisner. Nancy-28. 71 Elstad. Craig-103 Engelke. Terry-115 English. Dana-82 Erdman. Tiffaney-91. 158 Erger. Didi-56. 89 Erger. Joe-78 Erger. Shelia-91 Erickson. James-78. 160 Erickson. Tracy-10. 11. 22. 24. 46. 103 Ericson, Kris-22. 103 Esseknon. Cheryl-103 Esseiman. Michele-78 Evans. Kim-78. 157. 159 Evans. Nicholas-82 Evans. Roy-103 Everett. Chad-34. 78 Fadeil. Michelle-28. 71 Fans. Paul-71 Fasching. Craig-34, 78. 160 Fenner. Jana-103 Finn. Theresa-11. 22. 28. 30. 49. 66. 103 Finnan. David-71 Fischer, Russell-103 Fish. Mike-28, 71 Fiske. Kevin-71 Fiske. Scott-91 Fiveland. Mike-91 Flannery. Jami-78. 158. 159. 148 Flatz. John-78 Flatz. Richard-30, 103 Fleischer. Sonja-8. 24. 30. 36. 37. 67. 91 Fletcher. James-28. 71 Forrest. Keith-82 Foy, Shawn-22. 30. 103 Frahm, Kora-28. 71. 85 Frahm. Kristin-19. 24. 25. 30. 36. 89. 91 Frank. Teri-104 Freeburg. Corrie-91 Frenchik. Mike-35. 71 Fritz, Jeff-35. 71 Fritz. Mekssa-91. 158 Fritz. Sherri-32, 38 Frommelt. Jenny-91Frommelt. Mark-104 Ftocek. Steve-71 Gallagher. Robert-91 Gangelhoff. Ronda-7, 22. 47. 104. 168. 169. 148 Gorcia-Harris, Angelo-78 Gardner. John-91. 160 Gouvin. Rob-48. 66. 104. 119 Gearhart. Curtis-91 Gearhart. Kelly-7 Geffre. Jackie-71 Geinert. Aaron-78 Gelhaye. Kevin-104 Gek). Kelly-20 Gentes. Steve-36. 71 Girard. Andre's-25. 104. 160. 158 Glassco. Kristi-16. 91. 158 Glynn. Brendan-6. 78 Gobtrsch. Dani-71, 168 Gobtirsch. Michelle-104. 159. 148 Goede. Chris-30. 78 Goettsche. Kely-40. 91 Goodman. Steve-71 Goshgahan. Peter-34. 78. 160 Gosfcn. Bobs-12. 91. 144. 158 Gould. Steve-20. 104 Goulette. Jeanne-78 Goveas. Dorrly-78 Gramhill. Lisa-104 Gramhill. Rick-71 Gramhill. Richard-78 Gravenstein. Mory-78 Gray. Jeff-82. 160 Green. Becky-78 Green. Susan-34. 91 Gregg. Peter-91 Grierson. Liz-71 Grierson. James-91 Griffin. Diana-115 Grundeen. Mike-91 Grundeen. Warren-104 Gunderson. Trocy-34 Gunion. Dentse-30. 78 Gustafson. Brad-71 Gustafson. Chris -71 Gustafson. Marie-92 Habisch, Rose-20. 104, 144, 158 Holfaker. Bridgit-71 Haflaker. Chris-22 Hal. Carl-71 Hollin. Mark-105 Hailowefl. Shoron-24. 30. 36. 37. 92. 161 Halluska. Jennifer-11. 22. 105 Hamblet. Jodie-35. 71. 157 Homes. Mona-30. 36. 37. 105. 119 Hamln. Dione-34. 40. 92 Hamm. Lisa-43. 78 Hanna man. Scott-92 Hansen. Carie-71 Hansen. Tracy-71 Hanson. Hans-115 Hanson. Peter-28, 71 Hanson. Robert-22. 105 Hanson. Scott-28. 30. 34. 92 Hanson, Theodore-92 Jacobson. Daniel-19. 22. Koerber. Becky-22. 55. 107 Kohls. G. Scott-5. 15. 46. 107. 152 Kohls. Kristen-34. 93 Kohls. Lisa-93 Kokesch. Karen-93 Kokesch. Keith-72 Kolden. Dawn-67 Hanson. Tracy-71 Hanson. Kevm-22. 105 Harrington. Greg-105 Hartman. Eric-105 Hartwel. Lisa-78. 161. 157 Hasse. Kre-40. 78 Hasse. BiH-13. 92 Hatch. Tim-78. 160 Hawley. Jennine-28. 71 Hay. Trn-71 Hebert. Julie-71 Hebert. Theodore-92 Heggeiman. Stepanie-36. 92 Hehl. Steve-92 Hehl. Anne-35. 71 Heilers. Chris-78 Heitkamp. Jody-30. 92. 157 Helget. Susan-28. 71 Helgren. Jeff-105 HeBekson. Chuck-105 Hendrickson. Lori-72 Hendrickson. M ke-72 Hendrickson. Tm-78 Hentges. Andrea-72 Hentges. Kathy-22. 105 Hentges. Larua-78. 86 Henthore. Eric-34. 78 Henthorne. Kathy-28. 72 Hepola. Eric-105 Herman. Mark-105 Hermann. Troci Jo-28, 72. 161. 57 Heutmaker. Mike-106 Ffcckei. Therese-40. 94 hWk. Amber-78 HiH. Julie-92 Hill. Ron-22. 106. 152 HHtsley. Peter-20 Hnrichs. Carrie-78 rtntz, John-92 Hofstadter. David-78 Honour. Kirk-35. 72 Honour. Scott-15. 24. 47. 106. 156 Hodgenakker. Michelle-92 Horan. Kerry-40. 92 Horgan. Bill-72 Horner. Don-72 Horner. LeeAnn-92. 159. 148 Host. Rob-106. 160 Howard. Matthew-72 Hudson. Larry-72 Hudson. M e-10. 11. 12. 15. 106. 156 Hugh. Brian-106 Hules. Don-106 Hummerickhouse. Jill-92, 144. 158. 159 Hunt. Alexandera-28. 72 Hurley. Pat-72 Hurst. Bradley-92 Huttner. Chris-92 Hyytinen. Dean-28. 72 es. Rob-61. 92. 160 Ingle. Gory-35. 72 Ingstod. Keith-92 Iverson-Schultze. Stephanie-76 Jackson. Heidi-25. 35. 72. 157 Jackson. Pat-78 Jacobson. Charles-78 24. 38. 55. 106. 152 Joeobson. Joseph-92 Jonos. Barb-72 Jonos. Chris-92 Jenks. Debbie-35. 72. 84 Jensen. Jennfer-39. 40. 79 Jensen. John-106 Jensen. Jon-106 Jensen. Ross-72 Jenson. James-106 Jerde. Beth-72 Jerde. Rotxn-22. 92 Jessen. Lee Ann-7. 10. 11. 25. 28. 30. 36. 37. 49. 106 Johonning. Dan-47. 98. 115 Johanmng. James-72 Johanmng. Jerry-79 Johonning. Matt-115 Johnson. Dana-92 Johnson. Doug-23. 30. 48. 106 Johnson. Jamee-22. 55. 115 Johnson. Lesfce-106 Johnson. Steve-28. 72 Jofccoeur. Renae-92 Jones. Bratley-79 Jones. Koren-30. 79 Jordahi. Larissa-35. 72. 161 Jordan. Tommy-72 Jordon. Troy-79 Jufcar. Blaf-92 Kobns. Michelle-23. 106 Koioi. Melissa-72 Karels. Scott-106 Kaster. Corolyn-24. 28. 30. 92. 125 Kaster. John-35. 72 Kauthoid. Jeff-107 Koufhold. Rickie-79 Kautz. Kurt-34. 79 Kehoe. Margaret-92 Kehoe. Bifl-35. 72 Kelen. Cormen-79 Kelen. Stocey-92 Kelen. Steve-79 Ke»ey. Peter-28. 30. 92 Kely. Kevin-79 Keier, Natai»e-30. 92 Kely. Lisa-79 Kely. Pat-72 KenKmght, Jeff-19. 30. 92 Kettleson. John-92 Kickhafer. Kathryn-72 Kickhafer. Rozeonne-40. 92 Kilby. Robert-92 King. Louis-35. 72 ' 72 King. Tom-93 Kinney. Greg-34. 93 Kinney. Tonya-28. 72 Kinser. Kathy-79 Klein. Micheal-7. 11. 47. 107. 156. 166 Kline. Heidi-25. 35. 72 Khne. Tim-28. 30. 34. 107 Knowles. Rena-72 Knutson. Ed-28. 72 Koch. Dan-72 Koecheler. Nancy-93 Koehnan. Joson-25. 93 Kolden. Quinn-67. 93. 160 Koopman. Kathy-34. 93 Koopman. Tom-72 Kornafel. James-101 Kowalski. Marc-28. 93 Kozar. Shannon-73 Kozar. Thomas-22. 99. 107 Kramer. Lisa-28. 73 Kramer. Paula-93 Kroemng. Deb-32. 79. 144. 158 KroB. Kristy-107 KroH. Troy-34. 79 Krueger. SaHy-34, 79. 157 Kugfcn. Carla-35. 73 Kuhbander. B4-107 Kuntz. Emly-35. 73 Kuntz. John-107 Labresh. Heather -79 Lage. Natalie-73. 157 Logue. Poul-5. 6. 93 Lolas. Wendy-32. 79 London. James-93 London. Nikki-79 Long. Jon-73 Lange. Roxanne-28. 73. 157 Larson. Ericka-30. 40. 79 Larson. Lorie-28. 73 Larson. Mike-28. 34. 58. 93 Larson. Pat-34. 93. 157 Larson. Sandy-34. 79 Larson. Shari-32. 93 Larson. Vicki-24. 34 Lassek. Doug-30. 79 Lassek. Steve-22. 98. 115. 152 Lattereie. John-107 Lawrence. Michele-93 Le Mieux. EBen-93 Le Mieux. Dean-79 leoch, Leanne-73 Leapley, Jodi-79 Lehrnon. Lori-28. 73 Lehman. Todd-93 lehtok). Andy-34. 93 lehtoia. Kathy-34. 107 Lehtola. Pam-25. 34. 79 Lewis. Tm-93 tewman. Dona-28. 30. 89. 93 Lieber. Jolme-79 Liljeberg. Jomes-34. 93 Ujeberg. John-73 Lindgren. Pam-30. 93 Lmdgern. Steve-93 Lmdgren. Bill-82 Linn. Kathy-107 Linn. Tom-6. 93 Linquist. Heidi-93 Litman. Mora-79. 158 Lockwood. Steve-82 Logan. Chris-73 Longstrom, Rick-73 Loughhn. Tracy-8, 28. 30. 48. 66. 107Lovaason. Dana-93 Love, Jason-73 Lowe. Terry-12, 107 Lucas, Fred-93. 160 Lucking. Mike-93 Lundberg. Kris-32. 79 Lundholm, Yvonne-93 Lundstrom. Jon-108 Maas. Julie-35. 73 Maccharles. Cindy-25. 34, 144. 158 Maccharles. Rod-34. 79. 160 MacKenzie. Jon-73 MacCharles. Kolleen-55, 108 MacNamara, Tim-108 Madden. Raymound-73 Mader, Anthony-73 Magnusson. Gregg-115 Mokn. Andy-34. 115 Maim. Julie-73 Moltz. Chris-34. 79 Monthei. Andy-12. 93. 160 Marcotte. Jay-4. 115 Marcotte. Jenell-40. 41. 93 Marschke. Jennifer-79, 157 Martin. Bruce-10, 11. 19. 22. 49. 55. 108 Martin. Greg-73 Martin. Jeff-79 Martin. Julie-40. 89 Martinez. Amy-40. 94 Martinez. Jeffry-108 Maslow. Lia-76 Mossuch. Merritt-28. 30. 58. 94. 144. 158 Matheson. Jodi-73 Matheson. Michelle-79 MaxfiekJ. Steve-5. 11. 12. 18. 19. 28. 30. 34. 46. 58. 108 Maxwell, Diana-94 Mayer. Brad-35. 73 Mayer. Jackie-73. 158 Mayer, Jennifer-73. 161. 157 Me Kee. Don-108 McCormick. Sheki-22. 108 McCurdy. Laura-5. 30. 39. 79. 87 McCurdy. Pam-36. 94 McGinnis. MoHy-7. 28. 30. 36. 37. 49. 108. 161 McGilnsky. Mark-94 McGiJnsky. Michael-30. 79 McIntyre. James-34. 79 McMillan, Connie-43. 108. 159 McMillen. Colleen-40. 94 McCurray. David-73 McNulty. Mike-79 Meakins. Shawn-22. 99. 108 Meehan. Mike-94 Meisel. Greg-28. 73 Me land. Robin-32. 58. 80 Melrn. Traci-73 Mefcus. Mark-73 Meredith. Brenda-22. 94 Mernik. Mark-73 Mermk. Bi-7. 11. 28. 30. 108 Meyer. Dennis-80 Meyer. Sue-20 Meyer. Wendy-22. 67, 109 Mierzejewski. Cary-73 Miles. B4-82 Militello. Angela-30. 94 Miller. Amy-35. 73 Miller. Chris-73 Miller. Hans-30. 80. 160 Miller. Jock-109 Miller. Stacy-28. 73 Milovich. Dana-34. 94. 158 Misiowiec. Rhonda-94 Misiowiec. Tammy-73 Mittlesfaedt. Chris-20. 80 Moen. W. Lpoaka-73 Mohn. Britto-80 Monsrud. David-75 Monsrud. TY-30. 94 Moore. Carolyn-32. 94. 157 Moore. John-74 Moore. Lane-109 Moore. Margaret-94. 157 Morin. Ji-30. 80 Morrisson. Minh-80 Mosley. Curtis-82 Mosley. Dana-76 Moss. Poul-80. 160 Moynagn. Rob-74 Mueller. Rebecca-74 Nogel. Rebecca-5. 39. 80. 161 Needham. Jon-30. 80 Neesen. Michael-28. 74 Nelson. Brian-74 Nelson, Carl-76 Nelson. Chris-32, 94. 157 Nelson. Chris-80. 161 Nelson. David-80 Nelson. James-109 Nelson. Jennifer-109 Nelson. Kristen-6. 39. 80 Nelson. Lisa-34. 80 Nelson. Lisa-109 Nelson. Lisa-35, 74 Nelson, fvkke-34. 94 Nelson. Sondy-15. 94 Nelson. Tawnya-11. 22. 28. 30. 47. 109 Neske. Guy-109 Neumann. Shelley-109 Nuemann. Stacey-94 Newton. Debra-80. 157 Newton. Ed-74 Niccum. Tom-27. 109 Nicholls. Nancy-30. 99. 109 Nichols. Noel-4. 109 Niesen, Lori-22. 38. 109 Noor. Anthony-109 Noor. Terry-80 Nordlie. Tracy-30. 38. 80. 158 Nordstrom. John-74 Nordstrom. Lori-94 Norton. Greg-94 Norum. E Cherie-28. 35. 74 Norum, Rick-115 Nour. Sabah-20. 32. 94 Nunemoker. Justin-74 Nunemaker. Spencer-80. 160 O'Donnell. Dave-80 O'Hare, Coleen-23. 67. 110 O'Reilly. Mscheal-94 O'Reiy. Pat-24. 110 0'Re4y. Tim-74 Oas. Barb-109. 158 Oas. Cathy-94 Oberembt. Shannon-80 Oberhauser, Liz-30, 110. 119 Ohmann. Jason-80 Oldre. Carlyn-30. 39. 80 Olson. Amy-11, 23. 46. 110 Olson, Jomes-30. 80 Olson. John-74 Olson, Michelle-74 Cfcon. Sonja-23. 67. 110 Otson. Tim-13. 15. 66, 67. 110. 119. 152 Olstad. Carrie-34. 67. 80. 144. 158. 159 Opitz. JenrWfer-28. 74 Osomonson. Kim-94 Ostvig, Marianne-25. 80 Ostvig, Mike-80 Ott. Nancy-110 Oval. Joel-82 Page. Dana-94 Palm. Tim-22. 27. 110. 118 Palm. Virginia-74 Palmer. Shannon-20. 94 Parrow. MacheHe-28. 74 Paterson, Kay-74 Patterson. Todd-74 Paulson, Erik-74 Pauly. Sandy-23. 36. 94 Paurus. Karen-110 Pellett. Linda-110 Peterson. Daryl-35. 74 Peterson. Heidi-74 Peterson. Jeff-28. 74 Peterson, Rob-110 Peterson. Scott-94 Petrich. Lisa-28, 74 Pffug, Karin-34. 80. 157 Pftug. Kurt-13. 34. 94 Phiiics. Pam-22. 94 Phieger. Gary-5. 94 Pietrowski, Steve-35. 74 Pitsch. Kari-28. 74 Pitsch. Michelle-30. 46. 110 Poetz. Greg-4. 110 Poikonen. Carne-23. 98. 110 Polston. Dahri-35, 75 Polston. Payton-94 Pond. David-80. 160 Pond. Doug-35. 74 Powell. Stephanie-28. 74. 157 Powers. Beth-35. 74 Powers, Leslie-80. 159 Primeau, Lisa-94 Prince. Steve-76 Prokasky. Andrea-80 Prokasky James-80 Ptacek. James-80 Putt. Brady-67. 94 Raiche. Michele-35. 74 Rappe. Fritz-115 Rascop. Mary-25. 94 Raushendorfer. S-94 Raze. Lkxa-22, 94 Reese. Brod-4. 11. 15. 28. 30. 110. 152 Regan. Tim-110 Regen, Cathy-94. 157 Reimer. John-74 Reimer. Mary-80 Reimer. Teresa-111 Reiners. Scott-80 Remington. Pam-74 Rendahi. Mike-111 Rendohl. Todd-34. 80 Repko. Melanie-28, 74 Rettler, Lisa-12. 25. 38. 11. 118 Rettler. Colon-74 Reyes, Valerie-94 Ridgway. Ritchie-82 RiggJes. Angela-28. 74 Rines, Tom-34, 81 Rippberger. Charles-81 Rippberger. Mike-160 Rislund. Mark-22. Ill Robbins. Jarrod Robertson. Sean-34. 81. 160 Robinson. Lori-28. 74 Rockvam. Judy-22, 25. 36. 65. 66. 67. 111. 158 Rockvam. Todd-5. Ill Roden. Todd-111 Roden. Troy-74 Rodewald, Kevin-11 Rodgers. John-74 Roetofs. David-111 Roelofs. Rebecca-75 Roelofs. Richard-28. 75 Roepke. Dee-23. Ill Roesler. Mary-40 Rogers, Kari-35. 75 Roliand. Lisa-32. 81 Rolland. Robert-28. 75 Roman. John-111 Ronnkvist. Steve-111 Rosenbaum. Steve-81 Rosencrantz. Tamara-81 Roy. Jared-35. 75 Roy, Jeff-Rude. Angela-75 Ri r. Jeff-34. 81. 160 Rumpca. Michefle-81 Socks. Andree-81 Sohli. James-82 Sam. Robert-81. 160 Salden, Todd-81 Samuel. Sosamma-75. 157 Sandmeier. Dominic-81 Sopp. Gladys-75 Sapp. James-111 Savage, Greg-98. 111 Savage. Scott-75 Scanlon, Christina-76 Schailreuter, Isabel-115 Schammel, Tiffani-75 Schaper. Craig-81 Schaumburg, Adrienne -81 Schlichtmg. Brad-30. 81 Schlichting, Jonee-58. 65. 67. Ill Schoen. Mark-81 Scholtz, Derk-30 Schonning, Jeanne-75, 157 Schubach. Katrin-30. 81. 157 Schueiier. David-75 Schutt. Bi-111. 156 172Scott. Juke-112 Scott. Keith-28. 30 Scruton, Cindy-4. 11. 23. 47. 112 Seehusen. Cathi-9. 25. 30. 41. 159 Seehusen. Rick-75 Segner, Mark-81 Sene. Michelle-81 Serna. Damon-81 Serna, Ramon-19, 112 Serna. Maria-75 Shaffer. Tom-49, 112 Shanley. Vance-81 Sharratt. Brad-82 Shaw. KeHy-28. 75. 161 Shinn. Scott-Shipman. Debra-12. 38. 89 Short. Douglas-75 Sidders, Kevin-112. 160. 156 Sieff. Luther-75 Simar, Sharolyn-24. 25. 49. 112. 144. 158. 159. 148 Simar. Shawn-28. 75 Simon. Douglas-35. 75 Simpson. Dan-81 Skaret. John-10. 11. 12. 15. 28. 30. 49. 112. 125 Skaret. Paul-30 Sloan. Mike-75 Sloan. Randy-4, 112 Sloan. Rhonda-22. 25 Sloon. Ron-112 Smith. Jon-81 Smith. Julie-28. 75. 161 Smith. Kelly-112 Smith. Lisa-19. 89 Smith. Lisa Marie-22. 38. 115 Snyder. Emily-39, 81. 87, 161 Solstod. Betty-25. 28. 30. 113 Spalding. Vicki-81 Spensley. Shawn-75 Spray. Liso-28. 75 Staley. Heide-23, 67, 113 Stallman. Connie-75. 85 Stallman. Judy-89 Stark. Dean-66, 160 Starkman. Jeff-15, 47, 98. 113. 156 Stefanoc. Charles-30, 81 Stein. Mark-75 Steine. Gienn-113. 160 Stellmaker. Don-81 Sterne. John-6. 158 Stevens. Wendy-81 Stevenson. Skit-28. 30. 48. 113. 119 Stewart. Keith-22 Stillings. Renee-81 Stodota, Craig-75 Stokke. Peggy-81 Strand. Jennifer-34 Strand. Kris-113 Strand. Serena-75 Stribkng. Steve-75 Styrlund. Jon-75 Suerth, Sue-28. 75, 157 Suhon. Brad-22. 160 Sundberg. Don-24. 28. 34. 113 Sundberg. Meredith-81 Sutherland. Becky-30. 66. 113 Sutherland. Bobtx-66. 113 Sutherland. Ke8y-76 Swanson. Jeff-75 Swanson, Mke-81 Swedlund. Andrea-22. 40 Tesch. Tamera-30. 38. 81 Thompson. David-113 Thomson, Chris-30. 81 Thornton. Rachel-28. 75 Thostenson. Wanita-7. 10. 28. 30. 48. 67. 113 Tierney. Todd-35. 75 Toonen. Lisa-7. 113. 161 Touba. Nur-81 Tran. Thinh-113 Tronberg. Huyengoc-25, 48. 113. 144. 158. 159 TrapneB, Scott-75 Trask. Keith-113 Triplett. Michele-75 Troyak. Matthew-28. 75 TuthJ. Steve-22 Tuttle. Cinda-5. 113 Uglen, Jody-40 Ulrick. Sue-55. 114. 144. 158 Umbehocker, Sean-34, 81 Van Dam. Michelle-40. 81 VonHorssen. Lisa-81 Vance. Chris-5. 19. 66 Vance. Lezfce-7. 23. 24. 48. 66. 114. 118 Vandersteeg, Paul-20 Vegners. Aiise-28. 75 Vensel. Kris-75 Vickerman, Kris-36. 38. 65. 114 Vickerman. Mark-35. 75 Vierling. Theresa-81 Visser. Lance-34 Vogel. Cara-75 Vogel. Kim-75. 157. 159. 148 Vogelesang, Rustin-81 Vogetesang. Rick-22. 114 VonBonk. Jesse-114 Walker. Steve-81 Walman. Jon-11. 13. 26. 28. 30. 46. 67. 114. 158 Walman, Liz-28. 75. 157 Watsh. Kevin-83 Woistrom. Gretchen-76 Walters. Lesley-25. 28. 30 Walton. John-82 Ward. Lisa-35. 76 Ward. Roger-13, 98. 114 Warner. Carie-32. 82 Warnke. Lorissa-82 Warotin. Eric-76 Watkins. Tanya-28. 76 Watson. Rhor do-22. 114 Weber. David-76 Weber-Lor ce-28. 76 Weiler. Slaus-114 We«ss. Phip-82 Weiss. Patty-82 Wenzel. Micheai-82 Welch. Dave-114 Wermager. Jennifer-76 Westergaard, Earl-82 Westerlund. Ericka-32, 144. 158 Westerlund. John-22 White. Ann-5. 55. 114. 144. 158 White. John-82 White. Mary-28. 76 Whitney. Burke-34. 58 Whitney. Josh-114 Widmer. Bruce-25 Wigand. Diana-76, 161 Wigond. Donald-82. 160 Williams. Brod-22. 114 Wfcams. Juie-22 W $ey. Kristen-28. 76 Wisey. Chorles-67 Wilson. Todd-76 Wilson. Victoria-23, 98. 114 Winnen. Dawn-25 Winter. Ann-25, 66. 114 Winter. Ji-28. 66. 76 Winter. Juke-55. 157 Writer. M e-66. 160 Wtsegarver. Sue-76 Wiswell. Roger-76 Woner. Scott-28. 76 Wood. Greg-82 Wolner. Jennifer-82. 158 Woodson. Porker-82 Woytke. Kim-40 Woytcke. Jesse-76 Wright. Kim-76 Yonik. Mark-76 Young. Cynthia-82 Young. David-22 Zabock. Mike-22. 115 Zambori. Shansa-35. 115 Zawada. Matt-34 Zeanchock, Lori-55. 115 Zimmerman. MicheSe-30, 36 Zinn. Jeff-28. 76 Zubert, Peter-76 Zuccaro. Pat-82. 152 173A hot ending! The past 9 months have been spent working on this publication. Sometimes it was like a nightmare, rather than a dream. But now that everything is finished, we hope you will agree that all the work was worthwhile. Thinking back, I remember the days spent at Gustavus-Yearbook camp. I guess we had fun, if you consider learning how to make a layout fun. I also recall our famous “junk-food" parties in the Business Resource Center during the first part of the year. I remember the frantic deadline days! Oh, what a mess those days were!! Ordering out pizza and eating it in the “Curse Room", and trying to find a knife. Thank god for rulers! We did learn a lot on deadline days. For example ... trying to get into the Mohian room after school hours, and how to cope with an staff member who is going crazy because he is surrounded by pictures, dummy layout sheets and finds that there is no final 3-Rs. Calling Bud Olson to get him to send the sport pictures was quite a challenge also. These are just a few of the memories, (and headaches!) Our staff deserves a big thank you! The Mohian was “Red Hot" this year, and I could not have done it without each one of the Mohian staffers. A special thanks to Kevin Sidders and Jon Christensen for helping with the sports section. I hope that this book will serve its purpose to you in the future. For your memories of high school wouln't be the same without it. xkf'J! 174Left Page. Top: Scott Honour shows his power os the sports editor. Bot: Julie Musser and Jane Allen participate in a relay race at yearbook camp Right Page. Top: Jane Allen prepares a layout Mid. Left: Scott Honour tries to position the pictures just right on his "DUMMY" layout. Mid Rt.: A typical mess in theyearbook room (ASas The Curse Room ) Bot.: Julie Musser busily types up a copy sheet 175COLOPHON: Jostens American Yearbook Company of Bloomington. MN.. printed our books this year. The approximate cost of publishing the Mohian was $10,000. The pages were printed on 80 pound gloss paper. The 7% x 10Vfe book contains 176 pages and is Smyth bound, rounded and backed. Eight pages of the book were printed n process color and eight pages were printed in Fire Engine red. Harlow tetragraphics 48 point type was used for the headlines in the beginning pages, and middle pages In the rest of the book. 36 point Avont Garde was used for headlines and 10 point type was used for body copy. Caption copy was set in 8 pomt Avant Garde The cover base color is white with applied color tempo 185 Fire Engine red to help carry out the "Red Hot” theme. DIRECTORS Editor: Jane Allen Staff: Sports Editor: Scott Honour Academics: Julie Musser Janee Schlichting Activities: Tracy Erikson Students: Lezlie Vance Kristi Frahm Sonja Fleischer Sharon Hallowell Photographers: Lisa Nelson Scott Dworkakoski Shari Simar 176

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