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TaVIBIIIE €f CONTENTS (OPENING STUDENT IIIIIFIE ACTIVITIES STUDENTS ETC ACADEMICS SPCPTS CICSING 1 1C n 43 98 111 133 ICC MOUNO-WESTONKA HIGH SCHOOL 5905 SUNNYFCLD RD. MOUNO. MINNESOTA 55364 VOLUME 52LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION As w© entered the theatre with its shining marquis, we pondered over the production we were about to witness. It was the premier showing of the 1983 Mohian. Whether Hollywood or Broadway. the glamour of opening night is always full of excitement. We were caught up in a world all our own. about to witness what had been a year In the making. For we were all a part of the production; the 1983 Mohian. Greg Chelberg and Jenny Frommelt "Faking It". Tania Franke and Ju e Strand are easily entertained. Mr. Hughes teaches Paul Widmer how to play hot wheels.Intense concentration displayed by Mark BredaN. What a turnout! 3While none of us was nationally reknown for our Victoria Principle shapes or our Tom Selleck looks, we did make ourselves known for the talents we did have. Our talents were not facades Finding time to sit and chat. Pam Be-ment and Hotly Berry talk about the school day. like those found on the set of a production, but real, tangible talents like music, dance, and drama. More often than not, however, our talents were masked by long hours of study in the classroom. What we needed was to take time out of our busy schedules to develop our talents for the final performance. We soon realized that our talents made us unique. When the spotlight landed on us, we were ready to begin our production. The winning game of friendship is displayed by Susie Ulrick. Rose Habisch. Heidi Staley. Sarah Ulrick. and Leslie Powers. YOU ARE CAST OF ONE IN A 1016 4Todd Lehman drools over the school lunch while Andy Lehtola looks on disgustedly. A smiling Pam Lehtola is grateful that 2:00 has finally orrived Jeff Helgren catches latest gossip while Scott Honour passes it on. Coach Hanley discusses the "big play" with Todd Gangefrioffnet weight 6 . —. .«. i3. 1 M uinqunv; - : ar— planned to use our free time to the fullest spite the absence of school, we busied ourselves with part time jobs and hanging out at Donnies , or McDgnnu aids. Of cours - we..always found time fo bask yn the afternoon sun Lake l irirye- tonka to ided us wbtft-S s wealtnsof activities, faoff - waterskiing to swimmrhg to cruising Big island was oilr fi vorite scene and our sb p 1 suit our favorite prop So t)e ' of us saw the world yvhfie n others managed to go only far as Ri gedale Still ofh- ventured jo the ever popular fairs: Valley tair; — State fair or Jtendssdoee fair 1 for summertirr entertain-ment. All too sjfor [ he summer stock season prvded. As fhejaouse lights dimmed, P06ked away the props for .another year. CURTAIN summer. jkTRYOUTS Shawn Foy practicing to pass choir inspection. We actually began the night before our real performance. Over and over again, we ran it through our heads. We wanted, or hoped for perfection. Emotionally exhausted, we finally fell asleep. Our dreams filled with visions of the next day's trial. We awakened the next morning, only able to stare at our bowl of Wheaties, forgetting that in order for the Wheaties to do their magic, we had to eat them. Funny, but the butterflies grew in our stomachs overnight. As we waited out the day, thoughts of our tryouts seemed to draw time nearer. Our palms became sweaty and our extra dry Dial lost the extra dry. Lunch for the day was our fingernails. Suddenly our names were called. We swallowed hard and silently told our feet to move. It was time to produce. It was time for perfection — during tryouts. Tammy David making sure that Friday's signs are perfect. Chris Maltz and Chod-Everett "racing off to band" 8"The Brotherhood" Tom Nordlie. Jon Grimes, ond Todd Fitz. 9HOMECOMING WEEK A night on the town “Mound Style". Homecoming's pre-game warmup. 10 The cue card read, "Dress up day Monday." We arrived at school clothed in our best suits and dresses. Once at school, we anxiously awaited the Homecoming Queen coronation. Jon Grimes and Mike Sidders crowned Jennifer Zunt, the 1982 Homecoming Queen that afternoon. On Tuesday we were directed to wear togas. Visitors would have sworn they were in ancient Greece. Most of us complied with the directions and arrived at school donned in our mothers best sheets. Teachers were directed to wear jeans, sneakers and hats to show their spirit. Wednesday came and the military overthrew the school. We followed orders to leave our civvies at home and wear our uniforms. Not all of us agreed with the takeover, however. Three students objected vehmently and carried signs to voice their protests. Thursday's slogan was "GBG and GBG Day." Guys be girls and girls be guys. Our directors told us to dress like the opposite sex. Surprisingly enough, we had an overwhelming female majority. On Friday, we all donned red and white to show our school spirit. We gathered together Friday afternoon at the pepfest to inspire the football team. We were successful, as Mound beat Orono for our first victory of the season. The Homecoming dance was held Saturday evening at Grandview. It was the Grand Finale of an exciting Homecoming week. Army Buddies; Lisa Gramhi and "Vicki" Vickermon Our Fantastic Mohawkettes. 11 Mohawks gaining yards.UEEN JENNY ZUNTJr. Royalty Matt Bailey and Amy Chase 13PRINCESS TAMMY DAVID PRINCESS KRIS EILINGBOE PRINCESS POLLY THEOBALD Court L to R: J. Cortson. L. Thompton. K. Ellingboe. M. Appelgren, C. Thtoault. S. Lindeman. J. Zunt. B. Denenny. T. David, J. Bischke L. Weber, T. Gongelhoff. P. Theobald, J. PuttPRINCESS CAROLYN THIBAULT PRINCESS LANA THOMPTON PRINCESS LARRI WEBER QUEEN JENNIFER ZUNT 15Chris Janos is astonished when he finds that chocolate mdk doesn't come from brown cows. Bruce Martin and Bobby Peterson dealing M M's Becky Sutherland introduces her imaginary boyfriend to lesbe Bosma and Dawn Kolden. 16VO-TECH 1st row: D. Norton. J. HoBowoy. R. Lindquist. A. White. D. Melenich. T. Robinson. 2nd row: C. Pounder. T. Reed. D. Stolman. T. Linn. B. Anderson. M. Chopmon. S. Miles. D. Conkey; 3rd row: T. Sharratt. T. Deutsche. S. Meehan. L. Rininger. T. Kisch, L. Gerizick. T. Loraas. T. Smith, not pictured: D. Welch learning a career at school Every day at 11:00, 24 career bound students left Mound High School for the Hennipen County Technical Center. Vo-Tech offered an alternative to the regular school program. Students learned skills and trades to help them get started in career training. 18WORK PROGRAM working Some students found that having their educational needs met was not enough. Financial needs had to be met also. As a result, 14 students fulfilled part of their educational requirements by holding part time jobs for classroom credits. their way thru school 1st row: Mr. Esselman, A. Strom. S. Steckel. B. Klocek. D. Graham: 2nd row: J. Loraas, J. Davis. H. Pehrson. D. Platzer; 3rd row: D. Bentz. K. Armstrong, T. Iverson. R. Fischer not pictured: $ Linguist, B. Gehrke 19MOEA 1st row: M. Widmer. J. Davis. T. Swedlund. S. Pride. T. David. P. Theobald. Mr. Muth, 2nd row: D. Albertson. N. Fox. L. Ringstrom. D. McGowan. S. Blum. M. Fithiyan. 3rd row: C. Jenson. M. Heesen. D. Griftin. C. Lueck. E. Bedell, J. Hardin. minnesota office education MOEA members found that MOEA was not a class or a job. It was an opportunity to get experience in an office job which could aid them in the future. As an added attraction, juniors and seniors could join to become members of the national organization. This year MOEA members sold candy to help pay for the annual employer employee banquet held in the spring. association 20DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA. Leaving school early is not always skipping. Everest is the highest mountain. 144=12 12. Education? You bet. But to members of Deca, education is more than just a classroom. Their education consisted of building employer employee relations developing social personality, training for leadership and gaining civic con-ciousness. The highlight of the year was the employer employee banquet. Selling cnady helped raise money to take "the bosses" out to dinner. DECA members of deca distribute their education 1st row: P. Peterson. D. Demarais. B. Osenbaugh. M. Zaback. S. Shinn. D. Jocobson. B. Weiss 2nd row S. Lassek. B Ebert. W. Johnson. D. Dressel. M. Larson. B. Homm. M Kohman. 3rd row: R. Hill. T. Linn. R. Sheeron, J. Donnay. L. Anderson. N. Nichols. 4th row: K. HorreO. J. Bialon. J. Williams. E. Magnus. T. Pociflco. 5th row: D. Bertagnoli. J. Bischke, R. Rheinhart. W Holzer. J. Burnett. J. Udell 6th row N. Gelhaye. J. Gimmes-tad. H. King. A. Rick. C. Pounder. L. Gulso. 7th row: Mr. Furlong. C. Halfaker. J. Marrone, C. McMillan. S. Hill. C. Donahue. 21MOHIAN STAFF mohian 83: quite a production Front row L-R: 8. Nelson, J. Zunt, J. Strand. J. Allen. A. Winter, D. Sunberg. W. Meyer. C. Clevenger 2nd row: J. Olson, J. Sherry, K. Ryan, T. Meyers. L. Beauchamp. T. Finn, B. Hagen. L. Lew-man 3rd row: J. Rettler. K. Lehtola. A. Frederickson. C. Jackson. J. Miller. Not pictured: M. Homes, T. Erickson. J. Grimes, B. Hugh, L. Vance. The cast consisted of 24 players. all of whose dedication and hard work made our whole production possible. The members of this cast worked many long hours to make the Mohian a smash hit. 22GERMAN CLUB 1st row: M. Denenny. J. Adams. B. Carlson, D. Crawford. L. Buckmiller. L. Kohls. S. Pauly. R. Sloan. A. Beito, B. Bittl© 2nd row: S. Sarvi. J. Newton, E. Henthorne. K. Pflug. L. Rettler, J. Wolner, K. Meyer. M. Rascop. K. Lehtola. P. Baker 3rd row: G. Pearson, B. Lange. T. Evans. S. Kluth. K. Sandin. M. Alton. C. Clevenger. I. Hentges. D. Winnen. J. Hintz, P. Moore. A. Dressel sprechen sie deutsch? Do you speak German? The members of German Club do, but the German language is not the main curriculum for the club members. Club members learned about the culture of Germany through experience. At the beginning of the year they sold advent calenders to make money for club activities, which consisted of; taking a trip to the Festival of Nations to discover the crafts and foods of the German people. Another activity was selling desserts for the AFS Spaghetti Dinner. Club members also had a progressive dinner of their own. They brought different kinds of German food for other members to try. 23STUDENT SENATE a new idea: student senate This year Mound opened a new line of communication between students and administration. The senate consists of 2 elected students from each grade, and a third person from each grade elected by teachers. Homecoming was a major responsibility of the senate, along with other dance organizations, interacting with other schools, the election of class officers and writing a constitution. 1st row: J. Flannery, T. Nordlie. L. Hentges; 2nd row: S. HoBowel. M. Larson, J. KenKnight; 3rd row: L. Moore. K. Barton, L. Jessen; 4th row: W. Johnson. M. Sidders. J. Zunt 24A: C. Instad. B. Hagen, A. Rick, J. Miller, A, Hansen. C. Thibault, W. Meyer, P. Kessler F: L. Erger. J. Zunt. L. Beauchomp. B. Archibald. J. Olson. C. Clevenger. B. Solstad, K. LaBresh; S: C. Jackson. J. Rettler. C. Wolner, T. Myer, R. Sloan, C. Scruton. J. Rock-vam. L. Rettler, J. Wolner. W. Mackey, M. Rascop. R. Watson. P. Baker. H. Tronberg a taste of culture The AFS (American Field Service) club, consisting of approximately 35 members, has been involved in a whirlwind of activities this year. Welcoming potlucks for foreign students, selling candy to raise money for an intrastate student exchange and attending the ever popular food parties to test out foreign dishes were the main activities. This years club had vast quantities of enthusiasm and pep that was channeled under the direction of: PRES-Celeste Jackson, V.P.-Cheryl Instad, SEC.-Lynn Erger and TREAS.-Patty Kessler 25CAN YOU NAME 26THE CAST? 27VARSITY CHOIR 1sf row K Erkrson. K Seehusen. S Hoflowell. K. Bondel. J. Heitkamp. N Keller. K. Frahm. L. Bryan, L. Smith. M Pitsch T Nelson S McCormick P Peterson, B Oas, L. Walters. M Denneny. 2nd row: S Bryan, S. Garbotz. A. Winter. K. Lehtola K Downey D n c "™erman. M Kesster- M Homes, S. Fleischer. B. Sutherland. 3rd row l' a m2 Lewman. M Mossuch G. p°ftz-S Cashman.P Skaret.B. Gustner. J.KenKnight. J. Mart .B. Bishop.C.Kaster A MfSteRo. 4th row R Boxtrom. S Boylan. P Kelly. D. Rdf. A Chotlani. T. Monsrud. M. Kuwalski, D. Dongoske. M. Schoen. P. Buysse. K. oCOTT, CONCERT CHOIR 1st row B Donaldson. E. Sullwan. T. Finn. L. Oberhauser. C. Helget. T. Loughlin. B. Hagen. L. Webster. B Sdstad. J Stanke W Thostenson J. Allen. V Abel 2nd row: J Olson. T Franke. K. Arendt. L. Lewman. M. McGuiness. K. Meyer C. Freese. L Jessea M. MTitello E Jassim 3rd row S. Foy. D Bergeron. J. Walman. N. Hyytmen. J. Skaret. T. Olson. K. Moy. B. Mernik. T. Gangelboff. S. Swedenborg. 4th row M lapnski. B. Denneny. S. Maxfield. M. Ellingson. S. Stevenson. J. Carlson. S. Beck. T. Blair. D. Johnson. R. Flatz 28FRESHMAN GIRLS CHOR 1st row: K. Lundberg. L. Roland. K. Jones. E. Larson. L. Bigoouette. C. ABen. R. Meland. M. Litman. J. Broze. C. OkJre. S. Fritz. K Miller 2nd row: C. Warner. D. Gunion. L. Warnke. J. Oval. K. Austin. R. Mohn. P Stokke. J Hagen. C. Cashman. B. Nagle. J. Brown. L. Campbell, A. Garcia-Harris; 3rd row: T. Tesch, K. Christensen. L. McCurdy. L. Powers. L. Hartwell. B. Kriesel. K. Schubach. P Carlson. T. Nordke. V. Rininger. J. Morin. D. Newton. J. Marscke. FRESHMAN BOYS CHOIR 1st row B. Selecting. P. Baier. C Goede. J. White. C. Stafanic. D. Serna. D. Pond. M. McGknsky. H. Mfller. 2nd row: J. Olson. M Donnay, J. Johonning. C. Thompson. J. Walton, J. Martin. D. Nelson. J. Needham. J. Ohmann. D. Lassek. 29CHORAL CLUB: 1st row: J. Hctfuska, T. Meyers. K. Zubert. J Beckstrom. K. Goettsche. W. Meyer. K. Strand. J. Johnson. 2nd row: S. Neumann. J. Kroening. M. Hoogenakker, A Hansen. J. Hill. D. D'Avia. H. Lmqust. M. Larsen, Y. Lundholm 3rd row: T. Myer. G. Schwanke. B. Derry, C. Moore. H. King. C. Carrow. L. Niesen. L. Nordstrom. C. Wolner. A. Frederickson. 30 JAZZ BAND: 1st row. J. Liljeberg. R. Stfflngs, S. Honour. G Chelberg, D. Sundberg. 2nd row S. Maxfield. T. Kline. S. Hanson. B. Baier. 3rd row: J. Pirk. J. Title. T. Rines. K. Koutz, P. Davisson. M. Nelson. V. Larson. J. McIntyre.POPSINGERS 1st row: J. Skaret. M. McGinnis. C Jackson. E. Sufcvon. S. Beck 2nd row: K. Moy. K. Arendt. L. Webster. N. Hyytinen. E. Jass n. W. Thostenson. V. Abel. B. Mernik 3rd row: J. Walman. T. Loughlin. J. Stonke. T. Franke. L. Jessen. S. Stevenson 5th row: J. Mrnge. M. ESngson. S Mclnerny. 6th row: S. Swedenborg. R. Flatz. B. Smith. B. Denenny. J. Johnson. Early mornings, late nights, and busy days are all part of the life led by a popsinger. Twenty-six talented juniors and seniors are lucky enough to make this group. Tryouts are held in the spring of the year before and selection is based on talent, personality, and the ability to get along with others. The group polishes its performance with many long hours of practice each week. These long hours show in the execution of their fine performances. Popsingers having a good ole country time. 31FRESHMAN BAND: 1st row: J. Ehrmon. S. Krueger. M. Reimer. K. Hoberg. J. Albeck. K. PfluO- ED L. Nel n'S Lars?n' C. Olstad 2nd row: J. McIntyre. D. Crawford. K. Pehle. J. Ruhr. R. Stttngs. E. Anderson, E. Hentnorne. P. c snganaa c Rappe 3rd row: J. Erickson, J. Flatz, T. Salden, P. Babb. S. Reiners. D. Dickey. R. MacChorles. K. Kautz. P. Davisson. C. Fascn ng, T. Rmes. M. Ostvig, D. Umbehocker. J. Sahli. M. Baker. S. Robertson. C. Maltz. CONCERT BAND: l-r: T Babb. J. Coppin, R. Braatz. T. Gunderson. K. Christenson. C. Draper. J. Jenson, P. Larson, L. Visser, K. Koppman. w. Altricter. C. MacChorles, P. Beard. T Blankenhagen. K. Pfkjg. S. Hanson. C. Davis. S. Nelson. M. Nelson. J. Schwanke. B. Goslin. G. Chelberg. K. Woytke, D. Lovaason. A. Lehtoka. A. Larson. L. BuckmiHer. M. Larson. K. Kohls, J. Frommelt, J. Strand. L. Horner. J. Adams, S. Green, D. Milovich. 32BAND BRASS ENSEMBLE: 1st row: T. Fitz. K. Wetland. B. Boier. A. Hansen. T. Kline. M. Zawada. S. Botko. D. Brandenberg. B. Smith 2nd row: S. Maxfield. T. Beech. J. Strand. R. Word. M. Herman. J. Whitney. K. Sipprel. K. Asher. M. Rendahl ENSEMBLE: jow: T. Evans. K. Sandin. T. Fronke. S. Simor. D. Hamlin. S. Clark. K. Mackenzie. M. Larson 2nd row B Clark A Mafin. M. Gobirsch. C. Clevenger. S. Kluth. K. Lehtolo. H. Tranberg. B. Long. J. Title. D Sundberg. D. Brooks T Ho r. ' 33MOHAWKETTES Generating enthusiasm before the game 1st row: K. Bandei, K. Goettsche, V. Able, C. Corrow, K. Hentges, L Patrick, J. Wttams. 2nd row: B. Davis, S. Garbotz. C. Pounder, A. Swedlund. A. Rick, L. Herman, R. Kickhafer. 3rd row: D. Hamlin, K. Woytcke, N. Gelhaye. C. Helget. J. Davis, M. Davidson, T. Swedlund. 34polished to perfection Mohawkettes .. polished to perfection. Relaxing before a performance are Tracy Swedlund and Lisa Patrick. When the school day ended for most students, 21 Mohawkettes reported to the lunchroom foyer Mondays. Wednesdays. and Thursdays for practice. From 2:30 to 4:30 music blared through the halls as the dancers kicked away. Practice makes perfect was the motto for the Mohawkettes. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither were Mohawkette performances. The dedication and hard work showed through when the final outcome was one of precision and perfection. The aching muscles and nervousness was worth it as halftime and pep-fest performances provided fantastic entertainment.CHEERLEADERS 1st row: M. McGuiness. L Jessen. L. Weber. L. Beauchamp. T. David. L. Toonen. 2nd row: A. Olson. C. Scruton. M. Homes, E. Suftvan. K. Ellingboe. E. Jassim. Arousing crowd enthusiasm, cheerleaders display their talents.Y-E-L-L, EVERYBODY YELL!! GO MOHAWKS GO!! A familiar chant lead by the cheerleaders to generate enthusiasm and spirit. Practicing all year long, cheerleaders learned that sore muscles meant perfection. But cheers weren't the only things they worked on. Locker decorations. hallway banners, pot-lucks, initiation, and houses also took lots of energy and hard work. Cheerleaders kept up their vocal support, as pepfests and games were proof of what hard work and spirit can do. 1st row: 1. Weber. L. Thompton, C. Halfoker; 2nd row: J. Musser, L. Jessen; Top: L. Webster 37VARSITY WRESTLING CHEERLEADING 1st row: B. Nelson. J. Olson, K. Vicker-mon 2nd row: L. Beauchamp. B. Hagen Top: C. Jackson VARSITY HOCKEY CHEERLEADING 1st row: J. Rockvam, C. Scruton. M. Hames 2nd row: T David. S. Bryan. C. Thibault 38B-SQUAD FALL CHEERLEADING 1st row: K. Frahm, P. McCurdy. 2nd row: S. Hallowel, S. Hogelman. S. Fleischer. N. Keller B-SQUAD WINTER CHEERLEADING 1st row: C. McMillen, J. Marcotte. S. Pauly 2nd row: M. Massuch M. Den-enny. Top: S. Zimmerman 39KNACK FOR LEARNING SMILING TEACHER Jm Schulte, math teacher, remembers his wonderful high school days. He feels proud that Jute wHl be following in his footsteps. How Mr. Schulte fondly reeds those lovely white crew socks. BOOKWORM Julie is never without a book. In fact, rumor has it that she sleeps with one under her pillow to make sure that at the knowledge is absorbed NUTRITIONAL NEEDS Inside this bog is Julie's lunch. Mom made this special as she knows that soybean curd, warm goat mic, cabbage Juice, and raw bran helps keep Jute right on schedule ALLURING ATTACHE This briefcase contains at of Julie's assignments for the quarter. Even though ten weeks remain in the quarter. Jute Is 98% done with her work. Weekends are set aside to try to rid the world of all Its analysis problems. CALCULATOR Julie carries her calculator with her just in case the one on her watch does not compute. One important thing Julie can figure out is the sine and cosine of the quickest way to her next class. June is never late. 40FLOODS Important for Julie to show off her sparkling, white crew socks. They match her shirt. Julie likes that sophisticated look. DESCRIPTION Name: "Perfect" Julie strand Alias: Brain, Brown Noser. Goodie Two Shoes. WhiteSocks Hobbies: Counting number of "A"s in the Websters- Unabridged Dictionary. Favorite Pastime: Solving Analysis problems. Favorite T.V. program: CBS Evening News Favorite Book: War and Peace (written in Russian) Favorite Class: Loves 'em oil! DRESS DIGITAL Julie's precision made watch tells her the time to the millisecond. A multifaceted watch complete with; calculator. stopwatch, light (needed for those grtscout campouts. Julie can still study after "lights out") and an alarm to let her know that she has 13.265 seconds left to finish her math ass»gn-ment. DAZZLING SMILE How Jufee loves her teacher. She worships each step he takes In fact, being a math teocher is a top choice for her perfect career The only thing that rates higher is a nuclear physicist. UTENSILS Julie always carries extra pencils sharpened and ready to write. Her plastic pencil holder keeps the pocket of her white oxford spanking clean. 41LACK OF LEARNING FRUSTRATED TEACHER Mr. Schulte becomes nauseated at the fact that Julie is in his class. Give the kid on A + and what happens? She freaks Poor Mr. Schulte. Julie just asked him if he wonted to share her gum. CLASS MATERIALS Much information is found in the magazines Julie reads. Of course none of this material has anything to do with math. But then again Julie has nothing to do with math as she concentrates on being comatose. HOLEY SOCKS These socks are naturally air conditioned and they are so holey that Jufie always wears them on Sundays. 42BAZOOKA JOE Julie is never found without bubblegum. This piece is ABCgum that came from the underside of her math desk. Julie fakes to shore and may even offer her friends a chance to chew her gum. DESCRIPTION Name: Burnout Julie Strand Alias: Burnout. Dirtball. Vivian. Freak. Hobbies: Harassing substitute teachers, starting food fights. Favorite Pastime: Acting comatose Favorite Class: In school suspension Favorite TV Program: Scooby Doo Favorite Book: Not Available, Edited by advisor. BOOGEY BABYI Jule always listens to her Walkman during class. Why? KQ92 makes her classes 92 and sunny MESSY FLOOR Julie doesn't bebeve in waste baskets. Never has never will. Amongst the garbage are the remains of Julies lunch. 43' )l£ onPRODUCTIONS SCIENIE TWO TWO STUDENTS CATE 82-83Veronica Abel Deborah Albertson Lawrence Anderson Michelle Alton Sherri Anderson Jeffrey Ansite Karen Archibald Kari Arendt Christian Barrie Lori Beauchamp Steven Beck Elizabeth Bedell Brian Anderson Mark Appelgren Teresa Barnes William BeilharzKeith Beito Pamela Bement Holly Berry Jeffrey Bischke Steven Blackowiak Timothy Blair Julie Blonk Anthony Btauert acia. e Of H85 1 oestonKO TKqh School ______ g AdaVt a on id a uone-o fcKct i Paul Bozoote Kevin Broegelmann 49Darrin Demarais Bruce Denenny Todd Deutsch Tony DeWittCarol Donahue Todd Ecklund Jeanette Dorvnay Robert Edberg Dawn Dressel Robert Ebert Kristen Elfingboe Sandra Enstad Lynn Erger Maria Fithyan Todd Fitz Michael Flemming Nancy Fox Tania Frankie Charlotte Freese Todd GangelhoffSusan Garbotz Mark Gilbertson 52 Jay Geffre Brenda Genrke Nancy Gelhaye John Gimmestad Kimberly Goettsche Dale Graham Diana Griffin Jonathon Grimes Lisa Giiso Roberta HogenJohn J. Hamilton Brenda Hamm Laura Hanson Julia Hardin Melinda Heesen Cynthia Helget Lisa Herman Susan Hill Terri Lfiller John Holloway Walter Holzer Jodi Humerickhouse Neil Hyytinen Cheryl Ingstad Theresa Iverson Celeste Jockson 53Wad© Johnson Patricia Kessler Lisa Kisch Theresa Kisch . i Mary Kohmon Heather King Susan Kluth Jody Kroening Kory Krotzer Kurt LaBresh Jude Lague Rebecca LangMark Lapinski Mary Beth Larson Ken Lassek Lisa Lewman Scott Llndemann Edward Linn Sharon Linguist Cathleen Lueck Erik Magnus Estella Marquezi Todd LoraasJoseph Matron© Ten McClelland Deborah McGowan Shawn Mclnerny Shawn Meehan Daren Melenich Robert Meuwissen Kelli Meyer Scott Miles Maria MiliteBo Julianne Miller James P. Minge William Mittetstaedt Craig Moriarity Kim Moy Tina MyerBrian Nelson Elizabeth Nelson James Neumann James Newton Molly Nicholson Thomas NorcSe Susan Otmsteod Jennifer Olson Timothy Olsen Brent Osenbaugh Julie Odens David Norton Teresa Pacifico Karen Paterson Lisa Patrick Gary Pearson 57Heather Pehrson William Polley Pamela Peterson Mtehaei Porter Jeffrey Pirk Michelle Poetz Catherine Punder Sandra Pride Jay Putt Thomas Reed 58 James Reeves Patrick Reinhort PRonald Rheinhart Bonnie Rust Leslie Ringstrom Ronald Ruud lance Rininger Ruth Roesler Kelley Ryan Shelly Sain Corlos Sanchez Kristen Sandin Stephen Sarvi Kathleen Sayen slay Schaper Karen Schmidt Joan Schueller 59Kevin Sippreil Brian Smith Meg Smith Timothy Smith Dean Sorenson Dennis Stallman Jean Stonke Juiie Strand Steven Swedenborg Tracy Swedlund Terry Swanson Anita StromCarolyn Thibault Christopher Thompson Kristine Thornton Lana Thornton Michael Thornton Jonathon Title Sarah Ulrick Jacquelin Vaiek Terry Vierling Weisser Jill Vogel Marvin Vollrath Charles Walker Larri Weber Pamela Weber 61Lisa Webster Kenneth Weilond Rebecca Weiss Teresa Westfall Rodd Whittaker Joseph W«ams Mary Widmer Paul Widmer Claudia Wing Lorrie Winnen Daniel Willette Catherine Wolner Stacey Woodrow Todd Woytcke Gary Wyman Jennifer ZuntJanelle Rettler Seniors Missing: Tony Alter, Karen Armstrong, Donna Bentz, Jon Bialon, Timothy Blake, Dean Boyington, Terrence Brown. Dan Conkey. Jomes Crawford, Efizobeth Cressy, Jacquelin Davis, Michael Dockham. Dean Evans, Robroy Forley, Charleen Flodeen, Andrea Hansen, Andrea Hilk, Brenda Hopkins, Chad Jensen, Robert Klocek. Laura Lambacher. Christopher Laugen. Richard Maas, Amy Rick. Peggy Riddle, Carol Sand, Timothy Sand, Timothy Schoefer. Erin Suttvan. Polly Theobald, Joseph Thompson. Mark Walsh. Ann Wetzel, Monica Zamora. 63SENIORS 64ON LOCATION 65MOUND ... ON STAGE 66AUTOGRAPHS 67JUNIORS Steve Adams Jane AHen Lynne Anderson Mark Anderson Becky Archer John Archibald Lisa Armstrong Kevin Asher Keith Austin Brandon Baier Paula Baker Mike Bame Kerri Bandel Karen Barton Beth Bauer Julie Beck strom Tad Beech Dave Bergeron Dina Bertagnoli Michele Beucler Jim Biersdort Mark Bjorgum Lori Block Teri Block Corey Bonnema LesSe Bosma Mark Bredahl Carlyn Briner Brett Broghammer Jeanne Brown John Broze Sherri Bryan Gordy Butler Ross Butterfield Paul Buysse Becky Bystol Laura Camp Tiffany Carlsen Lisa Carlson Stacey Carlson Mike Chapman Pat Cheney 70Jon Christenson Brian Clark Suzanne Clark Holly Cliff Sarah Condon Paul Conner-Paine Kelly Constant Steve Cort Jean Dahl Barrie Davis Tracy Delander Barb Donaldson Mike Dorn Mark Dworsky Scott Eaton Karen Eckdahl Brian Edberg Marty Eingson Craig Elstad Terry Engeike Tracy Erickson Kris Ericson Cheryl Esselman Rick Evans Jana Fenner Theresa Finn Rusty Fischer Mice Flatz Rik Flatz Shawn Foy Teresa Frank Ann Frederickson Mark Frommelt Ronda Gangelhoff Rob Gauvin Kevin Gelhaye 71Michelle Gobfisch Steve Gould Pat Grady Lisa Gramhill Warren Grundeen Rose Habisch Chris Halfaker Mark Hollin Jennie Halluska Mona Homes Robert Hanson Kevin Harrell Jeff Helgren Chuck Heileksen Kathy Hentges Eric He pda Mark Herman Mike Heutmaker Ron Hill Scott Honour Robert Host Mike Hudson Brian Hugh Don Hules Dan Jacobson John Jensen Jon Jensen Jim Jensen LeeAnn Jessen Dan Johanning Matt Johanning Doug Johnson Jamee Johnson Leslie Johnson Sheila Johnson Michelle Kabris Scott Karels Jeff Kaufhold Mike Klein Tim Kline Becky Koerber Scott Kohls 72Dawn Kolden James Komafel Tom Kozar B« Kuhbonder John Kuntz Amy LoBresh Steve Lassek Kathy Lehtola Kathleen Linn Tracy Loughim Terry Lowe Jon Lundstrum A.B. Lyman Kolleen Mackenzie Tim MacNamara Andy Malin Jay Marcotte Bruce Martin Steve Maxfield Sheila McCormick Molly McGinnis Darin Me Glinsky Don McKee Connie McMillan Shawn Meakins Bill Mernik Wendy Meyer Tessa Meyers Jack Miller Lane Moore Julie Musser Jim Nelson Jenny Nelson Tawnya Nelson Guy Neske Shelley Neumann Tom Niccum Nancy NichoSs Noel Nichols Lori Niesen Tony Noor Richard Norum 73CoJeen O'Hore Pot O’Reilly Borb Oas Liz Oberhauser Amy Olson $on)Q Olson Tim Olson Nancy Ott Tim Palm Karen Paurus Linda Pellet Bob Peterson Michelle Pitsch Dwayne Platzer Greg Poetz Fritz Rappe Bradley Reese Tim Regan Teresa Reimer Mike Rendahl Lisa Ret tier Mark Rislund Tim Robinson Judy Rockvam Todd Rockvam Todd Roden Kevin Rodewald Dave Roelofs John Romain Steve Ronnkvist Jfrn Sapp Greg Savage Janee Schlichting Bill Schott Julie Scott Cindy Scruton 74Brian Segner Ramon Serna Tom Shaffer Tim Sharratt Scott Shinn Kevin Sidders Shari Simar John Skaret Randy Sloan Ron Sloon Kelly Smith Lisa Smith Betty Solstad Heide Staley Jeff Stark man Glenn Steine Scott Stevenson Kris Strand Doniel Sundberg Becky Sutherland Bobbi Sutherland Dave Thompson Wanita Thostenson Lisa Toonen Thinh Tran Huyen Tranberg Keith Trask Cinda Tuttle Sue Ukick Lezke Vonce Kris Vickerman Rick Vogelgesang Jesse Vonbank Jon Walman Roger Word Rhonda Watson Clous Weiler Patricia Weiss Dave Welch John Westerlund Ann White Josh Whitney 75Vicki Wilson Jeon Winikates Ann Winter William Wisegcxver David Young Mike Zaback Matt Zawada Laurie Zeonchock Not Pictured: Mike . Beise. Chris Bode. Curtis Bradley. Lance Brethorst. Kelly Christianson. Jack Cole. Douglas Condra. Hans Hanson, Gregory • Harrington. Ross Hodgman. John LattereBe. Jeff Lovkvist. Tim McCarthy. April Miles. Brian Miller, Lisa Munkelwitz. John Robbins. Dee Roepke. Scott Steckel. Mike Sutherland, Brad Williams, Vern Zeler, Yvonne Zimmerman, 76Ron Hill and Dan Jacobson working hard in Mr. Furlong's class with their books closed. Colleen O'Hare and Michele Goblirsch relaxing after a hard day of softbafl. 77 It takes an awful lot to excite Todd Roden and John Kuntz between classes.SOPHOMORE: GREEK SOPHOS: WISE MOROS: FOOLISH EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 235 SOPHOMORES WAX TRAY: TO CARRY HEALTH NOTES IN SCALPEL: TO CUT DANGLING PARTICIPLES FOR ENGLISH 10 PROBE: TO POKE WAY THROUGH AMERICAN HISTORY TEST FORMALDEHYDE: TO PRESERVE MEMORIES OF SCHOOL YEAR T-PINS: TO HOLD UP SWIMMING SUITS IN GYM TWEEZERS: TO PINCH MONEY AND CAR OUT OF MOM AND DAD79SOPHOMORES Lynn Abbott Jaime Adams Dean Albertson Wendy Altrichter Chris Alvarez Kim Anderson Timothy Babb Sean Bailey Jonathon Bammenn Paul Beard Amy Beito Mark Bergerson Darcy Betloch Bernadett Bishop Joel Bissa Barb Bittle Ron Bostrom Brian Bottenfield-Gustner Steve Boylan Brian Boyle Rhonda Braatz Jerry Bradley Wendy Brethorst Dina Broghammer Molly Brown Patricia Brown . Lori Bryon jiD Buchmann Lisa Buck miller Keith Burton Edward Butler Jennifer Butler Tim Butler Lynne Capron Cammy Carlson Steve Carlton John Carrier Steve Cashman Andy Chatlani Greg Cheiburg Kathy Christensen James Clark 80William Clark Mark Condon Pam Cook Byron Cooper Jodie Coppin Bob Crawford David D'Avia Debra D'Avia Tonia Darling Lisa David Melissa Davidson Charles Davis John Davis Mary Denenny Barbara Derry SheBy Dewitt Steve Dockhom David Dongoske Kristen Downey John Doyle Christine Draper Ann Dressel Pat Eide Taffy Erdman SheBa Erger Kim Erickson Scott Fiske Sonja Fleischer Richard Flemal Keith Forrest Kristy Frahm Carrie Freeburg Missey Fritz Jennifer Frommelt Robert Gallagher John Gardner 81Curt Gearhart Kristi Glassco Kelly Goettsche Babette Goslin Sue Green Peter Gregg Jim Grierson Mike Grundeen Tracy Gunderson Marie Gustafson Sharon HaBowell Diane Hardin Scott Hannaman Scott Hanson Theodore Hanson William Hanson William Hasse Stefanie Heggelman Stephen Hehl Jodi Heitkamp Therese Hickel Jufee Hi John Hintz Michelle Hoogenakker Kerry Horan Lee Ann Horner Rob lilies Keith Ingstad Joseph Jacobson Chris Janos Debra Jeppesen Robin Jerde Dana Johnson Renae Jolicoeur Biair Juliar Carolyn Kaster Margoret Kehoe Natalie Keller Peter Kelley Jeff KenKntght Margaret Kessler Rozeanne Kickhafer 82Robert Kilby Thomas King Greg Kinney Nancy Koecheler Jason Koehnen Kristen Kohls Lisa Kohls Karen Kokesch Qu»nn KoWen Kathleen Koopmon Marc Kowalski Paula Kramer Paul Logue Jim Lanton Heidi Larson Aimee Larson Mike Larson Patricia Larson Shari Larson Vicki Larson Michele Lawrence Todd Lehman Andy Lehtota Dana Lewman James Liljeberg Lonn Lilledahl Stephen Lindgren Tom Linn Heidi Linquist Mike Lucking Michael Lugauer Yvonne Lundholm Cindy MacCharles Andy Manthei Jenell Marcott Julie Mortin Merritt Massush Dina Maxwell Pam McCurdy Mork McGfcnsky Colleen McMillen Mike Meehan 83Brenda Meredith Angela Militello Diane Milovich Ty Monsrud Carolyn Moore Patricia Moore Suzette Myer Chris Nelson Mike Nelson Sandra Nelson Stacey Neumann Amy Nolden Lori Nordstrom Gregory Norton Sabah Nour Dave O'Donnell Michael O'Reilly Catherine Oas Paul Olson Andrea Opstedahl Kimberly Osmonson Dana Paige Shannon Palmer Sandy Pauly Gary Peterson Scott Peterson Kurt Pflug Pom Phillips Gary Phleger Payton Polston Greg Prokasky Brody Putt Mary Rascop Dennis Rath Bill Raushendorfer llora Raze 84Kathryn Reger Scott Ries Steve Ringstrom Mike Rippberger Jarrod Robbins Mary Roesler David Rolf Jeffrey Roy Keith Ruble Carta Rueben Eric Sandin Michael Scalzo Steve Schlicht Nancy Schmidt Mike Schoen Jim Schoening Bridget Schultz John Schwonke Keith Scott Cathy Seehusen Randoll Setlnow Paris Shea Debra Shipman Paul Skoret Rhonda Sloan Lisa Smith Judy Staiman Dean Starke Jodi Steere Debra Stein John Sterne Keith Stewart Jennifer Strand Michelle Stutsman Brad Suhon Andrea SwecSund Jon Swenson Thuy Tran Steve Tuthi Jody Uglem Kip Vance Paul Vandersteeg 85Edward Vanecek Kim Vanlaanen Lance Visser Mark Vonbank Lesley Walters Theresa Washburn James Wendt Erica Westertund Bruce Whitney Bruce Widmer William Wigner Julie Williams Chorlie Wilsey Darrell Wilson Juie Winter Richard Wiswell Brooke Woelffer Jenny Wolner Kim Woytcke Jennifer Wutff Lisa Zimmerman Michelle Zimmerman Kim Zubert Not Pictured: Jaime Adams, Dale Armstrong, Paul Armstrong, Kevin Donahoe, Randal. Harper. Pete Hiltsley. Jil Hummerickhouse, Sheldon Juhl, Jeffrey Loraas, Dana Lovaasen, Lisa Primeau. Duane Walker 86Chorley WiJsey ond Paul Beard all reody for a night on the town! IRECIPE FOR FRESHMEN Sift Together: 470 Arms 2350 Fingers Fold In: 470 Legs 2350 Toes Blend Together Until Lumpy Mix In: 235 Torsos Add: A Pinch Of Shortness 1 Cup Confusion Season With Excitement Refrigerate 14-15 Years Yield: 235 Obvious Freshmen 89FRESHMEN Ju e Albeck Christine Allen Eric Anderson Jim Anderson John Anderson Suson Anderson Michele Andrews John Annen Becky Archibald Kelly Austin Paul Babb Molly Babler Paul Baier Merry Baker Heather Bee Chris Berg Lisa Bigauette Jeffrey Bisso Charles Bitney Timothy Blake Tony Blankenhagen Jeff Bosma Brian Bottenfield-Gustner Dan Bradley Jenny Brown Tracey Brown Julie Broze Donald Camp Brian Campbel Lisa Campbell Patrice Corisen Philip Carlsen Richard Carlson Mischede Carver Colleen Cashman Nicole Cawelti Lisa Chester Kelley Christensen Lisa Clyne Nina Conkey Kris Constant 90Steve Cossette Devin Crawford Caryn Dalbec Paul Davisson lesbe Demonchaux Robert Delting Richard Devick David Dickey Amy Dill Rick Duryea Scott Sworkakoski Teresa Ecklund Tina Eggersgiuss Juke Ehrman Joe Erger James Erickson Michelle Esseimon Kim Evans Chad Everett Rick Ferrand Craig Fasching Jamie Flannery John Flatz Sherri Fritz Angela Garcia-Harris Kelly Gearhart Aaron Geinert Brendon Glynn Chris Goede Peter Goshgorian Jeanne Goulette Rob Gramhi Mary Gravenstein Jeff Gray Becky Green Denise Gunion 91JacqueSn Hagen Lisa Hamm Lisa Hartwell Kris Hasse Tim Hatch Chris Heilers Craig Heinsch Tom Henderickson Laura Hentges Eric Henthom Amber Hilk KeBy Hoberg David Hofstadter Pat Jockson Charles Joeobson Jerry Johming Bart Jones Karen Jones Troy Jordon Richard Kaufhold Kurt Kautz Kevin Kely Kathey Kirvser Barb Kriesel Debbie Kroening Sally Krueger Nicky London Dean Langston Eric Larsen Erica Larson Shelly Larson Doug Lassek Jodi Leoptey Pam Lehtola Jofine Lieber Mara Litman Kris Lunberg Robbie McCharles Chris Maltz Jennifer Marschke Jeff Martin Michelle Matheson 92Laura McCurdy Mike McGlinsky Jim McIntyre Mike McNulty Robin Melane Dennis Meyer Bill Miles Hons Miller Kim Mier LeeAnn Miller Chris Mittelstaedt Britta Mohn Raydene Mohn Jill Morin Paul Moss Rhonda Nadeau Becky Nagle John Needham Chris Nelson David Nelson Kristen Nelson Lisa Nelson Jeff Neraasen Debbie Newton Tim Noor Tracy Norcfie Spencer Nunemaker Shannon Oberembt Jason Ohmann Carlyn OkJre Jim Olson Carrie Olstod Tonja Osell Marian Ostvig Micheal Ostvig Jodi Ovall Pat Pacifico Keith Pehle Karen Ptlug David Pond Leslie Powers Andrea Prokasky 93James Ptacek Chris Rappe Mary Reimer Scott Reiners Todd Rendahl Tom Rines Vonda Rirvinger Chorles Rippberger Sean Robertson Lisa Rolland Steve Rosenbaum Carrie Ruble Jeff Ruhr Michelle Rumpca Andree Sacks Jim Sahli Robert Sain Todd Salden Dominich Sondmeier Craig Schaper Adrienne Schaumberg Brad SchSchting Mark Schoen Katrin Schubach Mark Segner Michelle Selle Vance Shanley Dan Simpson John Smith Emily Snyder Vicki Spalding Jennifer Spinner Charles Stefanoc Wendy Stevens Jeff Stevenson Renee Stiings 94Peggy Stokke Michael Swanson Tammy Tesch Nur Touba Dean Umbehocker Michelle VanDam Tracy Vierling Rustin Vogelgesang Steve Walker John Walton Carrie Warner Larisa Warnke Mike Wenzel John White Donald Wigand Tony Wiffiams Dawn Winnen Mke Winter Gregory Wood Ben Woodson Cindy Young Pat Zuccaro Not Pictured: Sue Anderson. Nevin Baker. Catherine Bednoreczyk, Michael Donnay. Nicholas Evans, Jennifer Jensen, Heather LaBresh. William lindgren. Mark Mader, Curtis Mosely. Richard Quast. Damon Serna. Bradley Sharrat. Christopher Thomson. Lisa Vanhorssen. Philip Weise. Earl Westergard. 95Perfecting his mechanical drawing Is Tim Kline. %Taking a break from writing Mohian copy is Cara Clevenger. Taking a car apart is easy, but Gary Pearson finds the hard part is putting it back together. 97in. hall Gar -Wi'uaii 1 out 1‘Cen , fcss cxunj vt fitpoct to r ■ v,Uord n" ien croj L rotw I jjjrfjlll ifittilitf K ,t 1 ill 1 1 I I | | rj lT TU'yr . . .. .........uffiri'i'i rn hi.|m»i,i Kip 1 5 «i WWyI I Mo ftiW dov d- O i brounid yft (p point 6CH I . tW% afA iiurn 'f)0 fawfe Pay UajYvip«n Couavvj $10.00Camtte 2lv$ ' . gut j j ecurtv u i P rtymq JJ a£f toi M0n noid?- 2i hour icae Moot v? D mob d 'ALlA i note mow, QKead ,5 1 .!« I . I «l. I ■ I. ! | 6 sSr iifi xww Shichin QSoodVt i oup jaftA'f tost maitSTTFSF" •we n Ako txx . .5? 0= notju 5ou . % mtKjA lJXL turn and go V f ;urn 10.00WDRESSING girls: MONDAY: Whatever's Clean Day! Shetland sweater- any color Skyr turtle-neck or oxford blouse Boys red tag Levi jeans Shoes docksides, or tretorns TUESDAY: 6:45 Wake-Up Day. Turtle-neck (faded and stretched out) Wookich Chomois-shirt (untucked, ploid or solid) Yesterdays jeans Last night slept in socks Shoes closest to exit of house WEDNESDAY: Preppy Day. Polo shirt (Starched collar) Ralph Lauren sweater Argyle Izod sweater Lee jean skirt (matching argyle socks) Shoes: Bass loafers, duck shoes Bermuda bag with coordinating cover THURSDAY: Vogue Day High neck ruffled shirt Bow-tie Black wool skirt or pants Color coordinated nylons Patent leather bow pumps or flats Gold-leaf hanging earrings FRIDAY: Scummed-Out Day. Collegiate sweatshirt (UMD. U of M. Mankato, Gustavus) Faded Lee jeans No socks (or barely on) Leg warmers (for Freshmen and Sophmores onlyl) 100THE PART guys: MONDAY: Impress recently acquired girlfriend day. Pink oxford. New Izod crew neck sweater (any color). Pressed cords. Socks to match. Docksides. Combed ha r. TUESDAY: l don’t care what I look like today. Sports jersey. Holey jeans. Unmatched socks. OOPS! Forgot to shave Worn-out tennies. WEDNESDAY: Raid-day. Untucked flannel shirt. (An occasional turtle neck) Levis jeans. THURSDAY: GQ day: Button down Polo shirt. Wool crew neck sweater, (optional). YSL socks (with designer label showing). Dress pants. Docksides. FRIDAY: Slob day. Concert shirt. Sweatshirt. Unwashed jeans. White crew socks. Tennis shoes showing the toes.1982: THE YEAR ERA In June, the long battle of the ERA was lost. The amendment did not pass in the three states it needed. The supporters of the amendment assure their followers that the battle is not yet over. POLITICAL SCENE One of the highlights of the political year was the resignation of Secretary of State Alexander Haig in June of ‘82. People were already talking about the 1984 election even though it is two years away. Walter Mondale, of Minnesota, claims that he will run for the presidency. Ted Kennedy, who many thought would seek the office of the president also, has stated that he will not run in ‘84. Eyebrows were raised in December when it was announced that Congress would receive a pay increase of 15%. VALLEY GIRLS Moon Unit Zappa. 15 year old daughter of rocker Frank Zappa, had one of the biggest hits of the year with her hit song, VALLEY GIRL. The song inspired everything from a new language (Gag me with a spoon; I'm suuure; To-tallyyy ... and many other catchy lines) to clothing. The look of mini skirts and a head-band was pronounced as being ‘‘Totallyyy Val!" TYLENOL One of America's favorite cures for a headache became one of America's biggest scares. Extra Strength Tylenol killed seven people in Chicago. The capsules had been laced with cyanide. It caused concern with anyone who used over-the-counter drugs. WORLD HEADLINES It was a year of violence in many parts of the world-Lebanon was no exception. 60.000 men were sent to Beirut, along with 500 tanks. 800 men. women, and children were killed. MOONIES Once in a blue moon do nearly 2,000 people get married at once. But this was the year. The Reverend Moon, leader of the international cult, matched, rematched, and married nearly 2.000 of his followers. The couples were married in New York's Central Park, all at once, in identical wedding apparel. You can actually buy the Simplicity pattern and look just like a Moonie bride! In June, the heir to the Royal Throne was born. He was named William, and even though he is still an infant, he is known throughout the world. The Hawaiian Islands didn't attract too many tourists in November, when they were struck by a terrible hurricane that cause millions of dollars in damages. There were many heart and liver transplants during the year. There were many successes, and a few unfortunate failures. 102 VIDEO GAMES .. The multimillion dollar industry brought us such things as home video games from Atari. Intellevision. and Activision. We can now play arcade games in our livingrooms. Some of the most popular games include Pac Man, Donkey Kong, the liberated Ms. Pac Man. and Centipede.SPORTS IN REVIEW Jimmy Conners came through once again, and beat John McEnroe at Wimbledon. The older, and more experienced took the title. The St. Louis Cardinals surprised the baseball world by winning the long awaited World Series. The Cards beat the Brewers. Oakland A's Rickie Henderson walked away with the new stolen base record. The NFL strike struck the fans worse than the players themselves. The eight week long strike put the regular season out of wack, and it showed in the game attendance statistics, which were at an all time low. The first ABC Monday Night Football game was at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. It almost didn't happen because the snowfall caused some major problems with the roof. AT THE MOVIES It was the year to go to the movies. The best selling movie at the box office and in everyone's heart was ET, the Extraterrestrial. Another heartwarming love story was An Officer and a Gentleman. Girls waited in long lines to see it for the fifth time. Rocky III got everyone ready to train to be the next Heavy Weight Champ of the world. ON THE LOCAL LEVEL Mound-Westonka got a new assistant principal this year, and along with him came new rules and regulations to live by at MW. These include such things as smoking regulations, parking permits, and sports participation fees. Mound's first indoor arena was completed for the 1982-'83 hockey season. You can now enjoy a great game of hockey, and stay warm at the same time. Tonka Toys announced that they were going to move to El Paso Texas. The Varsity and Concert Choirs were asked to sing at the first annual Prep Bowl, played at the Dome. They were two of the many choirs and bands that provided terrific half-time entertainment. Homecoming against Orono in October was quite an attration for Mound students. Theree was a little bit of behind-the-scenes work done to our building, and the results of the whole thing have actually helped the Mound Orono relations. December 27th was a day that very few residents of Minnesota will soon forget. The snow fell, and fell, and fell ... More than 18 inches was recorded, and the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, along with their suburbs literally closed down. OBITUARIES One of the most talked about deaths was one of a corporation, not a person. Braniff Airlines expired without much warning, especially to its employees. Some of the leading men and women in the movies died in '82, they include such greats as Princess Grace, formally Grace Kelly. Henry Fonda, and Ingrid Bergman. San Francisco's cable cars were put out to pasture after 109 years of working service. Along the line of transportation deaths include that of the yellow Taxi, the last one went off the assembly line, never to be repeated again. The Doobie Brothers disbanned after more than a decade of performing all over the world. Former First Lady Bess Truman died in October. She was the oldest living first lady. With every end there comes a new beginning, even so, they will all be missed ... 103HALL OF FAME 104 Most Preppie Caro Clevenger and Chuck Tyron105Best Dressed Michelle Alton and Chris Bame 106Best Looking Mark Appelgren and Polly Theobald Best Personality Lana Thompton and Bruce Denenny 107Most Unaffected Tan Blake and Jean Stonke Class Jocks Jackie Valek and Dan Willette 108Male Chauvinist Women’s Libber Todd Gangelhoff and Larri Weber Class Gossips Jeff Bischke and Kari Arendt 109NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS Row 1: J. Paine. J. Grimes. B. Carlson. B Smith Row 2: V. Able. I. Wmnen. C. Wing. T. Frankie. J. Strand. J Ansite Row 3: C. Clevenger. R. Roesler. S. Kluth. D. Brandenburg. S. Sarvi Row 4; J. Zunt. B. Nelson. K. Paterson. M. MAtello. J. Rettler. C. Jackson. R. Hagen Row 5: J. Olson. C. Ingstad. L. Kisch, J. Humerickhouse. L. Lewman. C. Freese. P. Kessler Row 6: C. Tryon. B. Denenny. T. Blair. D. WIette. J. Carlson. K. Moy. N. Hyythen. J Mnge. S. Lmdemonn Row 7: P. Widmer. K. Arendt. J. Stanke. not pictured: C. Bame. M. Flemming. T. Evans. D. Brooks. L. Hanson. K. Sipprell. C. Thibault. J. Vogel. JUNIORS Row 1: B. Solstod. J. Beckstrom, L. Pelett. J. Musser. J. SchScting, J. Halluska. K. Vickerman Row 2: N. Ott. H. Tranberg. J. Scott. L. Jessen. J. Allen. W. Thostenson. T. Loughlin Row 3: B. Bystol. S. Honour. K. Sidders. P. O'Reiy. T. Tran Row 4: P. Baker. L. Block. J. Skaret. S. Adams. J. Christensen. J. Walman. 110PRODUCTIONS SCENE THREE TEEEE ACADEMICS date: 82.-83SCHOOL BOARD bottom row l-r: Peggy Tuttle. Gory Moyer. Patricia Chelberg top row: Dr. Erwin Stevenson. Superintendent. W am GobHrsch. Richard Haefele, Harold Peiett. Rod Pitsch. Bored of Education? Never! School Board members spend much free time enhancing Westonka School District 277. They meet the 2nd Monday of every month to discuss many various matters, including: the budget, which has to be worked out on a monthly basis, what measures they will vote on, employee contracts, and in April, the school calendar for the next year. Besides simply going to meetings, the members make themselves available at all times to the public, in order to keep communication flowing smoothly in the community, and to provide as much help as they can with problems that may arise in the District. School Board members never have time to become bored with education- not with a motto like theirs! They are there to provide the best education for the amount of money they have. 112ADMINISTRATION GAYLEN THOSTENSON PRINCIPAL JERRY HUMERICKHOUSE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL FREDERICK "FRITZ" SOULE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR The Administration staff at Mound Westonka consists of three very important people. Mr. Thostenson. the building principal, has many varied activities. Some of these are: balancing the school budget, planning the school curriculum, and keeping the day going smoothly. Mr. Thostenson has many other positions to fill besides those, not the least of which is a liasion between the high school and the school board. Mound Westonka's newest administrator. Mr. Humerickhouse, is originally from Michigan. As assistant principal, some of his tasks are: setting school policies, keeping track of daily attendance, and heading the Homecoming committee. But his main concern is discipline. Both his and Mr. Thostenson's faces are seen frequently in the halls, monitoring student behavior. Mr. Soule has many responsibilities as Athletic Director. Some of these are: working with the Athletic budget, scheduling games, and hiring coaches and officials. Mr. Soule is often seen observing the results of his work at football, soccer, and basketball games, as well as other sporting events. We owe many thanks to these three men for making Mound Westonka the school it is today. 113OFFICE PERSONNEL PhySs Hervich Principal's Secretary Geri Sawatzke Building Secretary Mrs. Sawatzke computing daily absences Doris Maxwell Athletic Secretary 114GUIDANCE ns Heidi Boa School Psychologist Carolyn Donahue Guidance SecretaryDonald Gulbrandson Anne Carlson ENGLISH James Jackson Duone Eide Francis Nelson Paul McHale English; noun. Required, six credits to graduate. Yes, each student intending to graduate from Mound Westonka must take at least six semesters of English. It starts with English nine for the freshman, basically a word search for nouns and verbs. In tenth grade it's English ten, more grammar. Novel and Drama and trying to translate Shakespeare into English. Eleventh grade is highlighted by the presence of Twentieth Century American Literature and English Eleven, more grammar. The high point of all English classes is in twelfth grade with a paper due each week in English Composition and one other elective such as Cre-ii6 ative Writing or Speech.FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mintie Ferguson David Sierminski Spanish ;Como Est6s? Sf-English is not the only language spoken at Mound Westonka. Each year students sign up for Spanish to learn verb tenses, adjective endings and pronunciation. Spanish classes range from beginning to advanced levels. german Wie gehts? Ja-Spanish is not the only foreign language spoken at Mound Westonka. German classes range from 1 to 4. Days are spent doing various activities such as: weekend reports. Klasenarbeits and vocabulary tests. 117SOCIAL STUDIES Patrick King Robert Gove Melvin Gimmestod Bruce Black Robert Braun Guy Jenks Not another map ... I can't remember if Mesopotamia is in France or Germany, (or for that matter how to spell it). This is a typical example of a thought that runs through the mind of a Mound-Westonka junior. Starting in ninth grade the never-ending maps, worksheets and lectures filled the minds of Mound-Westonka students. through such classes as; ninth grade Social Studies, tenth grade American History, eleventh grade Western Civilization and Far East, and twelfth grade Government and Economics. Donald Reimer Gwen Salisbixy-Myers 118 WsSnSPECIAL EDUCATION Bruce McIntyre Joanne Woytcke Robann Mrkonich Beverly Nestingen Students with learning disabilities spend their study hall time in the learning center for the individual attention that they cannot get in other classes. The students concentrate on getting their work done-with special help if needed. Also included in the center's activities are adapted courses in English, math, and Social Studies. All included, the learning center provides valuable help in the learning process of it's students. 119MUSIC ART music Artistic talent flows freely at Mound. Students are encouraged to develop their artistic abilities by electing to take one or more of the art classes available. To initiate this talent, students must take Art Explorations or Art Foundations. From these classes the students can graduate to more concentrated classes in either painting, drawing, or ceramics. Throughout the school, the students' artwork is displayed to show the talent that resides in Mound. Rondel Lag© Leigh Kallestad The music department has been a success. The concert choir performed at numerous local events, culminating the concert tour with a trip to St. Louis, MO. The concert choir, varsity choir, and freshman choirs are all directed by Mr. Hot vet. This year, the choral club also took on a new direction as Mr. Kallestad booked performances in the local community. The bands, directed by Mr. Kallestad, had a heavy schedule. The marching band was weary-eyed from 6:30 practices to perfect a homecoming halftime show. The Jazz band is a special band that meets in the morning before school to perfect their performances at local civic events. Robert Hotvet 120INDUSTRIAL ARTS Herbert Olson Robert Teigen Robert Lohmonn Kenneth Hughes Vernon Strond Academic classwork is only a small part of the Mound Westonka curriculum. Industrial Arts is a major part of academic skill training. In Auto Mechanics students learn the mechanical aspect of an automobile. Drafting consists of drawing mechanical objects to an exact scale. In Wood and Metal shops, students purchase their own materials to make lamps, tool boxes, tables, and woodburning stoves. In Photography class, students learn the basics of photographic processing. Graphic Arts consists of learning how to make business cards and desk note pads, along with learning basic principles of printing. Any of these practical applications can be a benefit to all students. 121■■ MATH James Schulte Russell Hadden Mathematics at Mound Westonka High School has always been a strong department. Students may choose to achieve the two-and-a-half required credits in math classes from basics like Career Math or Algebra to even more advanced courses in Trigonometry or Calculus. There are many different levels to test, tease, and challenge our skills. From Mr. Hadden's variables to Mr. Buerkle's theorems, the teachers have tried their best to fill us up with useful information that will be handy in the future. It's comforting to know that, if anybody ever asks, we will all be able to recite the square roots in order from one to one hundred, and that the sequence side-angle-side is not a recipe for Betty Crocker. 122SCIENCE John Ptahn David Sorsoleil Dennis Schroeder The science classes consist of everything from dissecting pigs to analyzing compounds. The ninth grade students have fun playing with their alcohol burners while learning the basic principles of science in IPS. The tenth graders continue in science with Biology. Their year is highlighted by dissecting preserved life forms, most notably the fetal pig. Juniors end a year of Chemistry with a month long lab final. They must use their abilities to determine the chemical make up of various solutions. If a student is determined, and wants to continue his science studies another year, he may take Physics in his senior year. Most of the time in that class is spent studying the basic laws of Physics, most notably Newton's Laws of Motion. There is much to be learned from Mound Westonka's science classes, and the student who opts to take them all will have a better understanding of the world of science. 123 E. William Anderson and friendCLASS Senior Class Officers Jim Reeves, Erin Sullivan, Walter Holzer, John Gimmestad 124 Junior Class Officers h flke Klein, Tracy Erickson, Cindy Scruton. Paul BuysseOFFICERS Sophomore Class Officers Greg Chelberg, Paul K Skaret, M ke Nelson, John Doyle Freshman Class Officers Peter Goshgarian. LeeAnn Miller, Robert Gromhi, Laura HentgesHEALTH PHY. ED. PHY. ED. Physical Education class is required for both ninth and tenth graders. Many times it appears as though the students are simply having fun playing games. In fact, they are not. They are applying the rules and skills they learned to play a sport correctly. Some of the sports these students participate in are volleyball, basketball, soft-ball. soccer, and football, along with many others. Both ninth and tenth grade phy. ed. classes are subject to the dreaded pool, and swimming in the most horrid swimsuits they have ever seen. But once the hate for the suits wears off, the students usually have a lot of fun. Besides swimming, tenth graders also have the twelve minute run to look forward to. But when the year is over and the phy. ed. students reflect back on it. they realize that they really will miss Phy. Ed. and all the fun they had. Bar bora Sherman George Mead I IF A | tM A healthy lifestyle is the center of focus in health nCrAL I II classes at Mound Westonka. The students spend their hours learning about: nutrition, death and aging, human sexuality, cancer, and infectious diseases. Through class discussion the students learn about their bodies and how to keep them healthy. They learn the dangers of smoking, drinking, and drugs, and what effects these may have on themselves. They learn what they can do to prevent diseases and health hazards. The ninth graders have a mixed curriculum of health and driver's education The time spent on health deals mainly with mental health. The rest of the semester is spent learning the laws of the road, and the basic principles of driving a car. When a ninth grader completes this course, he is set to take his permit test and hit the road.BUSINESS HOME EC. Barbara Zins Robert Fox Gerald Esselmon Ervin Moth Diane Pederson Patrick Furlong Edith Livingston A Each year, students look to courses in typing, cooking, and accounting. They are ready to sit in class and type a letter, draw a table setting, do needlepoint, or add columns of numbers. Some believe to be achieving an "easy credit". Little do they know that Mrs. Livingston will work them over a hot stove and that Mr. Fox actually grades typing papers! They were all so surprised! But, most importantly, they learned that those "easy credit" classes are valuable in the real world. 127AIDES James Scheu Media Specialist Virginia Duhachek Media Aide VanDora Palm Buildtng Teacher Typist Nancy Schutt Health Aide Judy Blaschko School Store Assistant Peggy O'Reilly Special Education Aide 128 lindy Heusinkvetd Ea TutorHALL MONITORS l-r: LoVerne Williams. Mike Palm. Charlotte Barker. Barbara Lang, not pictured: Howard Alexander Robbie Robinson Porking Lot Attendant 129CUSTODIANS . ! qSpKJ 1IAH % HNI»l||||r, • ▼ rt _ A T I jra I ■ ■ l-r: Robert Woytcke, Gary HJgers. Len Koecheler l-r: Michael Klaers. Duane Raze, Patty Bartels. Donald Gable, Ckloir Hasse. not pictured: Douglas Burandt 130FOOD SERVICE LAUNDRY front row l-r: Viola Geyen, Constance Tesch, Antoinette Oberg. Gunnel Ostvig, Diane Morin, Muriel Kolar, Patricia Berg back row: Mary Lemmerman, Ladonna Dyb-ing. not pictured: Ferol Andersen, Shirley Klocek. Roxanne Kowal, Lois Swanson, Jean Babler. ArdeHe Wilson 131Mr. Jackson explaining the English 12 assignment to Anita Colleen Mackenzie tries to explain to "Mr G" that she really Strom. wasn't skipping class. 132 Char making sure that Ted Linn's hall pass has not been "forged.Varsity: 1st row M. Widmer. K. Wolner. J. Volek. K. Paterson. K. Goettsche. P. Kessler. S. Ulrich, K. Luek; 2nd row: L. Jessen. T. Frank. B. Bystol. A. White, S. Simar, S. Ukick. H. Staley. H. Tronberg, R. Habisch. Row 3: Coach Tufte. P Bement. 134 Sophomore: 1st row: S. Zimmerman. M. Massuch. B. Goslin. A. Beito. J. Marcotte. row 2: M Rascop, C. McMfllen. C. Raster. C. MacCharles, D. Stein, T. Darting. Coach B. Shermanbump set spike Expectations were high this year to have a winning season. Unfortunately, the season became a very unpredictable one. Close games led to many narrow defeats. Fortunately, enthusiasm was a never ending supply throughout the season. and as the old saying goes; "Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is." 135Vorsity: Row 1: P. O'Refly. M. Kline. S. Kohls. T. Lowe. Capt M. Sidders. C. Connery. J. Marcotte. C. Bonema. J. Starkman; Row 2 Mngr D. D'Avia. B. Merr . J. Walman. M. Johanning, B. Reese, T. Olson. B. Osenbaugh. S. Maxfield. B. Broghammer. M. Bredohl C Sanchez; Row 3: Capt. M. Appelgren. Coach F. Hanley. Cooch L. Buerkle. Coach L. Nyygoard. L. Moore. J. Thompson; Row 4: A. Malin. S. Beck. D. WiBette. G. Butler. M. Hudson. B. Clark. B. Martin, J. Hotoway, T. Olson. N. Hyytinen. R. Word Row 5: B. Denneny, S. Lindemonn. C. Tryon. M. Rislund. P. Widmer, J. Gimmestad; Row 6: J. Lague. M. Zawoda. K. Getxjye. G. Savage. R. Sloan. M. Dworsky; Row 7: P. Bozonie. K. Sidders. G. Steine. J. Christensen, T. Gangelhoff. M. Lapinski Sophmores: P. Beard. J. Bradley. J. Butler. S. Cashman, B. Cooper, D. Dongoske. P. Eide. K. Gearhart, P. Gregg. W. Hasse. K. Ingstod. R. lilies, J. Jacobsen. J. Sterne. A. Monthei. S. Tuthill. Q. Kolden. D. Stork, P. Polston. B. Suhon. M. Larson, K. Pflug. M Rippberger. J. Swenson. G. Phleger. E. Vanacek. C. Vance, C. Janos. B. Whitney. R. Wiswell. P. Lague, J. Kenknight, B. Raushendorfer. J. London, S. Lrid-gren Freshmen: P. Baier. D. Bradley, R. Carlson. R. Duryea. C. Fasching. R. Farrand, J. Flatz. P. Goshgarion. R. Gramhi, T. Hatch, D. Hotstedter. P. Jockson. C. Jacobson, J. Johon-ning. R. Kuhfold. R. MacCharles. C. Maltz. M. McGIInksky. M. McNulty. P. Moss, H. Miller, R. Devick, T. Noor. J. Olson. D. Pond, S. Reiners, T. Rendahl, C. Rippberger. S. Robertson, J. Ruhr. R. Sain. T. Salden. N. Sondmeir, C. Schaper. V. Shan-ley. J. Stevenson. R. Vogelgsang. S. Walker. M. Wenzel. P. Zuccaro, J. Smithwinning ... only part of the game The 1982 season was a memorable one for the Mohawks this year. With 5 losses to their name ... Mound out classed Orono, our 1 rival, with a score of 15-11 in the annual Homecoming game. Lacking the Mohawk crowd because of the extremely cold weather and distant opponent. Mound nitched Roccori, 21-13. The game certainly would have been a "crowd-pleaser." In an overtime struggle with Hutchinson, the Tigers slid by the Mohawks to win the game 22-20. The final game against Glencoe was once again unfavorable for the Mohawks. Members on the injured reserved list helped out in other ways besides actually playing the game. Having these players on the sidelines helped the teams moral by cheering them on. As games went on, the margins between scores became smaller and the Mohawks abilities became greater. Improvements were made in all aspects of the game. And that was life in the Suburban West. 137Varsity: Row 1: J. Rockvam. J. Flannery. K. Glassco. T. Norc e. J. Coakley. B. Oos. A. MiliteHo Row 2: R. Gangelhoff. J. Stanke. T. Barnes. H. Berry. C. Freese. M. Kohman. K. Arendt. Coach Osborn© J- Ehrman. K. • J Fockv ". A Vef- J Row 2: C 1)8Vorsity: Row 1: Copt. J. Carlson. T. Smith. T. Tran. D. Crawford. D. Jacobson. S. Honour. B. Anderson. T. Tran. S. Karrels Row 2: Coach T. Garin. W. Wisegarver. M. O'Reilley. R. Hill. B. Smith. Capt. T. Norcflie. T. Fitz. M RendaH. D. Anderson. B. Carlson. D. Dickie. Coach K. Dobbs 140 J.V. Row 1: T. Smith, J. Lenord. M Bergerson. B. Boyle. J. Needhom, B. Woodson. M. Swanson. T. O' ReiHey. M Segner, Row 2: Coach T. Garin. N Nichols. A. Chatlani. M. 0‘Re ey. M. Rendon. S. Foy. K. Trask. S. Honour. B. Anderson. D. Dickie. W. Wisegarver. Coach K. Dobbsa spark of improvement. Speculations of improvement proved true by the marginal defeats the team experienced. Emotions peaked high during the season as the squad defeated highly ranked Hopkins 2 to 1. Tom Nordlie was the outstanding scorer of the season as he scored 6 goals against Buffalo. Teamwork was the key to this years team. Putting all the talent of the 1982 soccer team together and the result is the best soccer team Mound-Westonka has ever had. 141Row 1: J. Mayer. S. Powel. L. Miner. S. Kruegar. D. Newton. K. Phlug. A. Noring. L. Thiabault. K. Regan. Row 2: C. Nelson, Copt. S. Bryan. L Oberhauser. L. Bigowette. J. Olson. K. Vogel. P. Brown. Copt. C. Thibault. B. Bittle. J. Brown. Row 3: M Kessler. S. Suerfh. J. Winter. T. Hermann. R. Thompton. C. Lorent. J. Marshke. B. Shultz. J. Heitkamp. C. Oas, Coach Dan Meyers the mohawks splash to victory ... The 1982 season was one splashing victory after another for the Mohawks this year. With many talented individuals, success was the destiny that came true. As conference contenders. the Mohawks, led by Patty Brown and Carolyn Thibault, defeated all but 3 of their opponents. As a result of early morning practices and chlorinated eyes. Brown, Thibault, Kim Vogel, Sherri Bryan, Bridget Shultz. Liz Oberhauser, Chris Nelson, Jodi Heitkamp and Traci Hermann competed in the Region meet. Brown and Thibault, top scorers in their events went on to participate in the state swim meet with Brownplacing 5th in the fifty free style. Carolyn Thibault nearly missed finals in the diving events. 142143Row 1: K. Kautz. J. White. S Nunamaker. J. White. C. Grimes. S. Erickson, T. Btankenhagen. P. Pacifico. C. Thompson, J. Miller Row 2: Man. J. Thompson. S. Sarvi. C. Davis. B. Baier, R. Evans. T. Eckhjnd, M. Dorn. K. tabresh. J. Grimes. J. Paine. T. Kline, G. Neske. B. Putt, Coach Randy Lagethe long run to a static season The boy's -1982 cross country team had a successful season in terms of team growth and unity. Although some team performances were not up to par. The team saw a great deal of personal and group advancement. Nevertheless a fine 4th place Suburban-West conference mark was achieved. Leading this year's team were the captains, and top two runners, Jeff Paine and Jon Grimes. Dedication was evident as the runners' all improved their three mile times. 145Row 1: J. Malin. T. Clem, B. Holfaker. S. Samuel, N. Lage, T. Ecklund, D. Lewman. M. Moore, R. Mohn. C. Moore. A. Larson, P. Larson. Coach L. Ely; Row 2; K. Carrier, B. Roeloffs. B. MueEer. J. Zunt. C. Wing. B. Nelson. N. Cawelti, K. Paterson. A. Miller. K. Evans. and how they ran! Inspiration and dedication made up a determined girl's Cross Country team. Hard work at practice was essential in order to run the 3200 meter race in the shortest time possible. The hours after school of running overdistance, ladders, and hills helped the girls achieve their personal goals for the season. The outstanding runner of the 20 member team was 7th grader Kristie Carrier, who was elected to the All Conference Team. 146147o spied mm. rashtporhcdtarty easy tor the boy cageis.lhe 'earn may have lacked o winning they motaraed atevet ot enthusiasm and morale which look them through the yrhng ooutd dampen the sprrrt ot the boys. Not the toct that marry ot their gomes hy very tew ports, or the naggjnginpies ot many starters, the year ended with the irogdrsappbrtedwrththerr recordhut pieased with individual progress resulting from tm and hours ot hard work. MojSAyPow V.G.$se« e.P.Host,K.Srdcleis, t. Uotdfoe, P.Bozooie. t Gangefcott. T Ecklund, Row 2: CoochVWtoerg.B Oerw r y. S. VJwvcierrvanrv. C. hyon.N. HyyVmea 1 CPrtsllanson, K. Weiood, B. Vterrk.VA.VWoSophomore: Row 1: J. Swenson, R. SeBnow. R. Bostrom, R. Hies, Q. Kolden. D. Stork, J. Gardner Row 2: P. Polston, A. Mathei. S. Cashman, P. Beard. K. Scott, B. Suhon 149 I Hdl C Oistod . d Bittle L. Powers. K. •«« S:!: St-c MacCM“5, Varsity Man. B. Derry. Sue Ulrick. K. Linn. J. Scott. M. Gobfcrsch. C. McVWan. J. A en, R. Gangelhoff, Capt. K. Paterson. Coach H. Olstad. K. Goettsche. J. Zunt. S. Simar, Capt. T. Barnes. Sarah Ulrick. J. Valek. H. Tranberg. Man. D. D'Avia a shot to success! Inspirational play and leadership from co-captains Teri Barnes and Karen Paterson were important in leading the team to a successful season. New uniforms, a trip to Bemidji, and a full schedule helped to generate spirit and made the season enjoyable as well as successful. With all but one of the starters leaving this year as seniors, the team hopes to keep up their ratings and spirit as well. With only two girls over the height of 5'9" the coach concentrated on drills that would instill in the players poise on offense and determination on defense. Using these skills, the team improved in many areas of the game. 151Varsity: Row 1: J. Bischke, J. Putt. B. Reese. D. D'Avia, S. Kohls, Capt. D. Willette, K. Lassek Row 2: Coach Halverson, J. Newmon. B. Clark. R. Hill. M. Appelgren, R. Evans, D. Jacobson. J. Sterne, Coach Furlong, Row 3: S. Lassek, J. Walman, J. Lague, J. Reeves, J. Carlson, T. Olson 152 J.V. Row 1: C. Wisey. J. Sterne. P. Jackson. T. Monsrud. J. Doyle, P. Cheney. K. Burton Row 2: P. Etde. C. Alvarez. T. Linn. B. Juliar. P. Zuccarro. S. Shinn, J. Olson, B. Putt. Coach Holversonr v does oot r»oo« whot» ©r or oot a team t as a ctaai season. As th© season progressed. o ♦ ©am became more aggressive _ TV xr d mination was evideot tbxrovjgbx ov rVxrrxe t,®s' one eventuaWy eadxpg xrx a tie . Tbxe w ar ::1 N orV P = d r» a - = - oARow 1: J. Kroening, K. Nelson. B. Nogle. M. McGinnis. T. Loughfcn, D. Shipmon, E. Snyder, A. Sacks Row 2:1. Oberhauser. S. HaHoweH. A. Ofson. J. Broze. E. Jassim. L. Toonen a record breaking season! The 1982-83 season for the Girl's Gymnastics team was one of continued growth and improvement. The hard work and dedication of all the girls involved payed off. The Varsity team, led by Captains Kris Ellingboe and Emily Jassim. broke the school scoring record three times. The returning members of Senior High girls is a strong point to look for in next years team. 154Varsity: Row 1: S. Reiners, M. Nelson, J. Miller. J. Robbins, M. Dworsky Row 2: Coach Leopold. J. Brodley, T. Vietog, G. Poetz. Cooch Hanley Row 3: G. Butler. T. Kline. J. Schoper. M. BredaW. J. Starkman, Not pictured: K. Austin 156 J.V.: Row 1: P. Skaret, B. Woodson. D. Bradley. P. Paciftco Row 2: C. Mosely. M. McNaulty. B. Edberg. M. Zawada. A. WiRiams Row 3: Coach Leopold. W. Roushendorfer. C. Moltz. S. Maxfiekj, V. Shanley. Coach Hanley. Not pictured: T. Noor, C. Bodemighty matmen! Knowing that it would take time for potential to surface, coaches Leopold and Hanley waited for small problems to work themselves out. While “making weight" was a major challenge for the squad during the year, outlooks became brighter as each and every night, wrestlers would be cruising the hallways, trying to shed that one pound to qualify to wrestle in the upcoming match. Jack Miller, Jerry Bradley, Keith Austin, and Mark Dworsky were four of the many star wrestlers. Pin or no pin, the wrestlers proved they could wrestle with the stiff competition of the Suburban West Conference. 157Kim Goettsche. Karen Paterson and Kathy Wolner work hard to gain a point for Mound. mil HW ma 15SGood balonce is essential to keep Sharon Hallowell's balance beam routine perfect. Apprehension overcomes Jimmy Carlson as he waits for the drop of the puck. 159SNO-DAZE 160COURT: Emily Jassim, John Gimmestad, Amy Rick. Scott Undeman. Mark Appelgren, Tracy Swedlund. Erin Sullivan, Bruce Denenny. Beth Nelson, Jim Carlson The 1982-83 Sno-Daze week was a bit different this year in that it lasted only three days. Sno-Daze started on Wednesday with dress-up day, coronation and a sliding party at Ski Tonka. Tracy Swedlund and Mark Appelgren were crowned king and queen by basketball captains Karen Paterson and Paul Bozonie. Crownbearers were Robbie Dykoski and Carla Rettler. The theme song "Up Where WE Belong” was sung by Kari Arendt and Neil Hyytinen. MC's were Celeste Jackson and Mike Sid-ders. Thursday was dress-down day when everyone looked their worst. Thursday night was the great boot-ball game be- tween juniors and seniors. Seniors won of course! Friday was jersey and white day and a pepfest. Saturday marked the end of the week with the Annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Andrea Hansen and Patty Kessler posed as the strict sheriffs of the jail and Mr. Reimer was Marrying Sam. 161YOU'RE A GOOD MAN 162CHARLIE BROWN CAST Charlie Brown-Todd Ecklund Lucy-Erin Sullivan Snoopy-Kin Moy Linus-Chris Goede Schroeder-Rik Flatz Patty-Andrea Hanson ORCHESTRA Tania Franke-Piano Diane Hamlin-Flute John Schwanke-Drums Jeff Pirk-Double Base 163SENIOR COMMENTS Theresa Abel-Terecito. Do . Sne Poy 3. AES yp 82 V Ay Abel- Mohawkettes copt.. PS. hteS. JG€l "Best Frteoch" Debt © APertson- Dob. Btoooo. DI K Mcheie Art on- She . Tom. track, rm history now Jeff Ansite- frock. CC. hHS Mark Appetgren- tootbafl. hockey. basebo . Appel Karen Arch x d- Pork RvJes. G S Kan ArencJt- PS. Senior'. JGES. "Best Friends’ Chris Borne- Trod.'- frock copt . Jow«h-ttcAon-Dane. f t$ Tort Barnes- terns. Bear. Bomso. DSML Lon Beauchamp- CheerteocJng. soccer. AES. Mohan Stove Bock- PS. basebo Zcper. Zp Uz Bedel- Uzzy M Berror z- soccer, swmmrtg. forma. gort Keith Be to- Baits, barefoot wotor sking • tootng Pom Bement- voteyba . Pammi© 8 F Ho y. Etyill Hoty 8orry- "Ho y Bo©.' Hoiywood. forme. BF Pam Steve Blockowtak- Stocoy. SOCkman Tim B»or- Mustang. Always. Marines AAe Blank- ■•Comoro." 8«ock Sobboth. Just restmg. Terry? Tony Btouort- "Rod BonoovAo" Stephanie Blum- Bean. pmk. Toots o Rois. srme Steve Botko- iceman. Mazda. Dodge vans PoJ Bozomo- Boz. Pop. B-bal. 33. 69. Moly Kevin Broegotmarm- "Buttsy." bowhunting, cycles Doug Brandenburg- JA. bona. t tS Dana Brooks- Woodstock. Maynard. MBS. JA. MPFC Todd Buchan- D.E.. "The Beast." Buchey. "The Hut" Jkn Burnett- Bump. "Chhssy." J W forever Brod Cortsorv A F OS . Gory Numon. soccer 3. NHS Jkn Cartson- Owie«. W M Bros.. 6. J.C. Carton© Carrow- Carl. Mohowkotfes. Michoei Cora Clevenger- C . NHS. Go . JGES. "Best Friends" Dan Ccofcey- Onkey Jeff Cormer-Pame- frock. CC capt . hteS. Bond. Phiosopher Chris Connery- Maureen McGmnis. M S is K L M Jm Crawford- "JmbO." trapping Jm David- Jmmy. soccer. Oronoite. 73 Firebird Tammy David- Mark. Tam cheerleadng. Fnonds Forever Jocko Davis- Jock-Jock. Mohawkettes Darrin Demarats- wresting, golf. How’s the Pope? Bruce Dermeny- Owte' WM Bros. 81. 32 Todd Oeutsch- Duck. How s the Pope? Tony Dewitt- Realty epitaph of why and if Carol Donchue- Jkn Jeanette Donnay- "Randy." scoffer po. 17. 18-1. S-N Dawn Dressei- Sunrise. Steve. Shortlo. wookends Todd Eckkjnd- Frawg. CC. H.J. Powor. D bo Kris Emaboe- Sne Pay 2. Ducky Fuzz. Gymnastics Sandra Enstod- Bugae Dean Evans- Tern. Mob Rdos. J P Tracey Evans- IFTSOS. Mko. Twoco. Ms. Poc Man Todd Fitz- The Brotherhood. W M Bros . soccer, track Nancy Fox- "Scrap" Tama Frankie- rxs. Pop Snoers Char Freese- Tennis Bum. "Aooouch" Todd Gangetoott- Gangle. baskotbai. tonne. Z-28 Susan Garbofz-Rabbrt. D B W . B F Heather Brenda Getvke- Johnny. "Get Luck." loverboy Nancy Getoaye- Mohawkettes. "Dr Popper." Frogges. J.J. Mark Gfbertson- G by John Gmmestod- "Metvm." Class Pres . true jock Km Goettsche- V-ba capt.. Getch. N S . summer Dale Graham- Grahama Jon Gomes CC. track. TF€ BROTHERHOOD Ives'" Lisa Gutso- Aerosmth Boat © Hagen- Cheerleodor. APS. soccer. Ducky P 2 Jay Hamitorv I V B wresting. S O R R Brenda Hamm- 8o«ndo. soffbal. "What's the deaf?" woekonds Andrea Hansen- Butch. AFS. TubaMI. Ando Hutton Loua Hanson- Lola. J.J W . Pink Julo Hardn- Jdes. J J W.. Pnk. La2 MnOy Heesen- Dougers. Mnners. B F Man Cndy Heigot- Mohawkettes. "Joey." friends, sunmor Usa Herman- Mohawkettes. soccer. Hormie. "weekends" Susan m-jP.. Jerry John Ho oway- Varsity Footba Waff Hotter- T B.O A . 8 0S Brenda Hopkins- John Cougar. DtT. soccer Jod Humenckhouse- NHS. kmmer." Bond. Mchgan Ne Hyyfinen- w M Bros . The Boar Cheryl ingjtod- "Emma Lou" Cefeste -kckson- Losty. soccer. AFS. Ducky P 3 Em y Jossm- "Jazz." Gymnastics. Cheoheodhg. Fuzzy Duck Janet Jensen- Nanner. Jo ft. 'Comoro1'’ Chris Jenson- Pot. T F Leo Jereczok- Komnit. Lee. R K . S O A B Wode Johnson- "Worms." 79-T A. ex-senator Patty Kessior- P K . Mare. V-bal. Ados Heothor King- "Heoth." "MB.." Thank God it’s over' Lisa Keen- "Kechy" Tern© Keen- Kische A Ziggv. B M Bob Kiocek- rm keyed and whatever Sue Kluth- Sune Q . Hang on to mo doon. Band Aid 6 Mary Kohman- tennis. Roars. Joko. B F Mndy Jody Kroemng. Gymnastics. "Jed." "Beasloy." MP. Kory Krotzor-Brenda, sfowl Kut LaBresh- Spanah. Bhonda Jude loguo- Sturrp. The 8ear. C C e a M D Becky long- Beck-8eck. Pmk. How's it hanging? Mark lapnski- "Lupe." Tuno, footba . "The Bear" Mary Larson- M B . wookends Ken Lassek- Hockey. Buck. Kenny Stereo, weekends' Chns lougen- Blog. v4 of tbo bond mvoder Uso Lewman- sheep. Mohian. tsWS, "Aooouch" Scott inaemarm- indy 82. 34. 11. WM Bros 8 t Lrvoust- Rujiy. Lou'. 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"No problem" Janet Sherry- "Shorry," Mohion. Smoke Sgnaf Mfco $ Jdorj Sd. The Boor. CC'toMO Kevm Sppro - "Scootor." "Skppy." Motocross Boon Smith- soccer, golf. P.S.. Smtty Mog Smith- ticktywmks. AFS Dean Sorenson- Dlno Doma Stolmon- "71" Barrocuda. "Yep. sure. O K yo" Joan Stonke- Fuzzy Duck. Storks. P S . _ moro days to go JlAo Strand- Mohan Ed . NHS Band Cho Amra Strom- Skilzo. I‘m so trod Erin SuAvan- Su y. Fuzzy Duck. Lucy. VP. Steve Swedenborg- "Swede." E.T.. Ouctvi. P.S. Trocy Swodknd leo. Soocy. Mohowkeftos. Friends Forever Poly Theobald- Pol. Ph s Carolyn Thtoout- TCby. dvng cheerteodng 8 8 joo Thompson- Monooor. Goat. Joey. No Prooiem Iona Thornton- lonz. Cheorteodng. frock Jon Title- Rock and Ro ana a that Jazz Chuck Tryon- F-bc . B-bo . bosobo . W M Bros. Owieei. WS Jett Udot- Chico. Z 28 Sarah Ukick- B-bal, Sexy, soccer. SLU Terry v«rfng-Wedser- wresting, golf M Vogoi- Pmk. Flora. Fridays Mark Walsh- Hppio. Cloud 9 lam Wobor- Wobs. ChoortooOna IPOroi Pam Wobor- TD.F.C . "Tidclywinks.'' AFS Uso W obster- Chooneockng. PS. "Webs." Poc-Man Kenny Woiand- "Hose-Nose." Bizzards. B-bc . bosobai Teresa Westta - Rusty. Mouse. “Turn if over." T.J. Rodd Whittaker- Woody." Van Mobie. snowmoblng Mary Wxdrner- "Marwoe." 7-5-220 Pau Warner- Segge. Open Wmdow Syndrome Dan WAefte- Chfty. Theresa. The Boor Joe Wearns- "i Love Rosie." J 8. Forever Clouda Wng- ts«S. frock. CC capt Lome Wrmerv Drwing. Wener. MiS. sleep m Cathy Womer- V-ba . sottpc . "Aooouch." AFS Stocoy Woodrow- Steve. BF K.S.. Spocey. BH 5-5 Jen Zimt- Dote. Sne Pay 1. Martha. AFS yp 83. MaynaroBusily copyfitting, Jane ABen mokes sure her 3 R Strong Senior loyalty displayed by Sorah Ulrick and Karen Paterson. forms come out perfect. ThcCcfciaatkxi of the lizard 165 Chuck Helleckson studying hard or hordly studying?1982 SfAt I rOUKNAMCTl“Baby-Face” Erin Mike's "perma-grin" Jeff. Tim. Mike - “The Three Sfooges” 167NDEX Abbott. Lynn-80 Abel. Veronica-28. 31. 33. 48. 110 Adams. Jaime-23. 32. 80 Adams. Steven-70 Albeck. Julie-32. 90 Albertson. Deah-20. 80 Albertson. Deborah-48 Allen. Christine-29. 90 Allen. Jane-22. 28. 70. 110 Alter. Tony-63 Alton. Michele-23. 48. 106 Altrichter. Wendy-32, 80 Alvarez, Christopher-80 Anderson. Brion-18. 48 Anderson. Eric-32. 90 Anderson. James-90 Anderson. John-90 Anderson. Kim-48 Anderson, Lourence-21. 48 Anderson, Lynne-70 Anderson. Mark-70 Anderson. Sherri -48 Anderson. Susan-95 Andrews. Michele-90 Annen. John-90 Ansite. Jeff-48. 110 Appelgren. Mark-14. 107. 48 Archer. Rebecca-70 Archibald, John-70 Archibald, Karen-48 Archibald. Rebecca-25. 90 Arendt. Kari-28. 31. 48. 108. 110 Armstrong. Karen-19. 63 Armstrong. Lisa-70 Asher, Kevin-70 Austin, Keith-70 Austin. Kelly-29. 90 Babb. Paul-32. 90 Babb. Timothy-32. 80 Babler. Moiy-90 Baier. Brandon-30. 33. 70 Baier. Paul-29. 90 Bailey. Sean-80. 87 Baker. Merry-32. 90 Baker. Paula-23. 25. 70. 110 Borne. Michael-70 Bammann. Jonathan-80 Bandel. Kerri-28. 34. 70 Barnes. Teresa-48 Barton. Karen-24. 70 Bauer. ESzobeth-70. 33 Beard. Poul-32. 80. 87 Beauchamp, Lori-22, 25. 36. 38. 48 Beck. Steven-28. 31. 48 Beckstrom. Juke-30. 70. 110 Bedell. Elizabeth-20. 48 Bee. Heather-90 Beech. Tod-33. 70 Beilharz. W iam-48 Beise. Michael-76 Beito. Amy-23, 80. 134 Beito. Keith-49 Bement. Pamela-4. 49. 134 Bentz. Donna-19. 63 Berg, Chris-90 Bergeron. David-28. 70 Berger son. Mark-70. 80 Berry. Holy-4. 49 Bertognoli. Dina-21, 70 Bertloch. Darcy-80 Beucler. Michele-70 Barton. Jon-21. 63 B ersdorf. James-70 Bigaouette. Lisa-29. 90 Bischke, Jeffrey-14. 21. 48. 108 Bishop. Bernadette-28. 80 Bisso. Jeffrey-90 Bisso. Joel-80 Bitney. Charles-90 Bittle, Barbara-23. 80 Bjorgum. Mark-70 Blackowiak. Steve-49 Blair. Timothy-28. 49. 110 Blake. Robert-90 Blake. Tim-63. 108 Blonk. Juke-49 Blankenhagen. Tony-22. 90 Blauert. Anthony-49 Block. Lori-70. 110 Block, Teri-70 Blum. Stephanie-20. 49 Bode. Chris-76 Bonnema. Corey-70. 136 Bosma. Leslie-16. 70 Bostrom, RonakJ-28. 80 Botko. Steve-33. 49 Bottenfield-Gustner. Brian-80 Boyington. Dean-63 Boylan. Stephen-28, 80 Boyle. Brian-80 Bozonie. Paul-49 Braatz. Rhonda-32, 80 Bradley. Curtis-76 Bradley. Daniel-90. 136 Bradley. Jerry-80, 136 Braegelmann. Kevin-49 Brandenburg. Doug-33. 50. 110 Bredahl. Mark-3, 70. 136 Brethorst. Wendy-80 Briner. Cartyn-70 Broghammer, Brett-70. 136 Broghommer. Dina-80 Brooks. Dana-33. 50. 110 Brown. Jeanne-70 Brown. Jennifer-29, 90 Brown. Moly-80. 142 Brown. Patty-80. 142 Brown. Terrence-63 Brown. Tracy-90 Broze. John-70 Broze. Julie-29. 90 Bryan. Lori-28. 80 Bryan. Sherri-28. 38. 70 Buchan. Todd-50 Buchmann. JiR-80 Buckmrtler. Lisa-28. 80 Burnett. James-21. 50 Burton. Keith-80 Butler. Edward-80 Butler. Gordon-70. 136 Butler. Jennifer-28. 80 Butler, Tim-80. 136 Butterfield. Ross-70 Buysse. Paul-28. 124 Bystol. Becky-70. 110. 134 Camp. Donald-90 Camp. Laura-70 Campbell. Brian-90 Capron. Lynne-80 Carlsen. Patricia-29, 90 Carisen. Tiffany-70 Carlson. Bradley-23. 50. 110 Carlson. Comille-90 Carlson. James-28. 50. 110 Carlson. Lisa-70 Corlton. Steven-80 Carrier. John-80 Carrow. Carlene-30. 34. 50. 146 Carver. Michele-90 Cashman. Coleen- 29. 90 Cashmon, Steven-28. 136 Cawelti. Nicole-90. 146 Chapman. Michael-70 Chatlanl. Anond-28. 80 Chelberg, Greg-2. 30. 32. 80. 125 Cheney. Pat-70 Chester, Lisa-90 Christensen. Kathleen-80 Christensen. Kely-29. 32. 90 Christensen. Jon-71. 110. 136 Clark. Brian-71 Clark. Suzanne-33. 71 Clark. Bill-33, 81 Clevenger. Cara-22. 23. 25. 33. 50. 96. 104. 110 Cliff. Holy-71 Clyne. Lisa-90 Cole. Jock-76 Condon. Mark-81 Condon. Sarah-71 Condra. Doug-76 Conkey. Dan-18. 63 Conkey. Nrta-90 Conner-Paine. Jeff-50. 110, 145. 144 Conner-Paine. Paul-71 Connery. Christian- 50. 136 Constant. Kely-90 Cook. Pamela-81 Cooper. Byron-81. 136 Coppm. Jodie-32. 81 Corl, Steven-71 Cossette. Steve-91 Crawford. Devin-23. 32. 91. 140 Crawford. James-63 Crawford. Robert-81 Cressy, Ekzabeth-63 D'Avia. David-81. 136 D'Avia. Debra-81 Dahl. Jean-71 Dalbec. Caryn- 91 Daley. Jeffrey-91 Darling. Tonia-81. 134 David. Lisa-28. 81 David. Tammy-8. 14. 20. 36. 38. 50 Davidson. Melissa-34. 81 Davis. Barrie-34. 71 Davis. Charles-32. 81. 144 Davis. Jacquelyn-19. 20. 34. 63 Davis. John-81 Davis. Sherta-50 Davisson. Peder-30. 32. 91 Delander. Tracy-71 Demarais, Darrin-21. 50 Demonchau, Lesbe-91 Denenny. Bruce-14. 28, 50. 107. 110. 136 Denenny. Mary-23. 28. 31. 39. 81 Derry. Barbara-30. 81 Detling. Robert-91 Deutsch, Todd-18. 50 Devick. Richard-91. 136 Dewitt. Shelly-81 Dewitt. Tony-50 Dickey. David-32. 91. 140 Din. Amy-91 Dockham, Steve-81 Don a hoe. Kevin-86 Donahue. Carol-21. 51 Donaldson. Barbara-28. 71. 96 Dongoske. David-28. 81. 136 Donnay, Jeanette-21. 51 Donnay, Michael-29. 95 Dorn. Michael-71. 144 Downey. Kristin-28. 81 Doyle. John-81. 125 Draper. Christine- 32. 81 Dressel. Ann-23. 81 Dressel. Dawn-21. 51 Durea. Rik-91. 136 Dworakoski. Scott-91 Dworsky. Mark-71. 136 Eaton. Scott-71 Ebert. Robert-21. 51 EckdahJ. Karen-71 Ecklund. Teresa-91, 146 Ecklund. Todd-51. 144 Edberg. Brian-71 Edberg. Robert-51 Eggersgluss. Tina-91 Ehrman. Juie-32. 91. 138 Eide. Pat-81, 136 ESngboe. Kristen- 14, 36. 51 Elstad. Craig-71 Engelke. Terry-71 168Enstad. Sandra- 5-1 Erdman, Tiffany-81 Erger. Joe-91 Erger. Lynn-25. 51 Erger. Sheila-81 Erickson. James-32. 91 Erickson. Tracy-22, 71. 124 Eric son, Kim-81 Ericson, Kris-28. 71 Esselman, Cheryl- 71 Esselman. Michele- 91 Evans. Dean-63 Evans, Kim-91 Evans. Nicholas-95 Evans. Ray-71. 144 Evans. Tracey-23. 33, 110 Everett. Chad-8. 91 Fasching, Craig-32, 91. 136 Fenner. Jana-71 Ferrand. Richord-91, 136 Finn. Theresa-22. 28. 71 Fischer. Russell-19. 71 Fiske. Scott-81 Fithyan. Maria-20. 51 Fitz. Todd-9. 33. 51. 140 Flannery. Jami-24. 91. 138 Flatz. John-32. 91. 136 Flatz. Michael-71 Flatz. Richard-28. 31. 71 Fleischer. Sonja-28. 39. 81 Flemal. Richard-81 Flemming, Michael-51, 110 Forrest, Keith-81 Fox. Nancy-20, 51 Foy. Shawn-8, 28. 71, 140 Frahm. Kristen-28. 39. 81 Frank, Teresa-28. 31. 51. 71. 134 Frankie. Tania-2. 33. 51. 110 Frederickson, Ann-22. 30. 71 Freeburg, Carrie-81 Freese, Charlotte-28. 51. 110. 138 Fritz. MetiS$a-81 Fritz. Sherri-29. 91 Frommett. Jennifer-2. 32. 81 Frommelt. Mark-71 Gallagher, Robert-81 Gangelhoff. Rhonda-71, 138. 139 Gangelhoff. Todd-14, 28. 51. 108. 136 Garbotz. Susan-28. 34. 52 Garcia-Harris. Angela-29, 91 Gardner. John-81 Gauvin, Robert-71 Gearhart. Curtis- 82. 136 Gearhart. KeBy-91 Geffre. Jay-52 Gehrke. Brenda-19, 52 Geinert. Aaron-91 Gelhaye. Kevin-71. 136 Gelhaye. Noncy-21. 34. 52 Gilbertson, Mark-52 Gimmestad. John-21. 52. 124. 136 Glassco. Kristi-82. 138 Glynne. Brendah-91 Goblksch. McheHe-33. 72, 77 Goede. Christopher -29. 91 Goetsche. KeHy-82 Goetsche. Kim-34, 52. 105. 134 Gosgarian, Peter-32, 91. 125. 136 Gosm. Babette-32. 82. 134 Gould. Steve-72 Goulette. Jeanne-91 Grady. Pat-72 Graham. Dale-19, 52 Gramhin. Lisa-72 Gramhill. Robert-91. 125. 136 Gravenstein. Mory-91 Gray. Jeff-91 Green. Rebecca-91 Green. Susan-32. 82 Gregg. Peter-82. 136 Grierson, James-82 Griffin. Diana-20. 52 Grimes. Jonathon-9. 11. 22, 52. 104, 110, 145. 144 Grundeen, Michael-82 Grundeen, Warren-72 Gutso, Lisa-21, 52 Gunderson, Tracy-32. 82 Gunion. Denise-29, 91 Gustafson, Marie-82 Habisch. Rose-4. 72. 134 Hagen, Jacquefcn-29, 92 Hagen. Roberta-22, 25. 28, 38. 52. 110 Halfaker, Christine-21. 37. 72. 146 Hallowell, Sharon-24, 28, 39. 82 Halluska, Jennifer-30. 72, 110 Homes. Mona-22, 28. 36. 28. 72 Hamilton. John-53 Hamlin. Dione-33. 34. 82 Hamm. Lisa-92 Hamm, Brenda-21. 53 Hannaman, Scott-82 Hansen. Andrea-25. 30. 32. 63 Hanson, Hans- 76 Hanson, Laura-53, 110 Hanson. Robert-72 Hanson, Scott-30. 32, 82 Hanson. Theodore-82 Harem. JuSa-20, 53 Harper, Rondal-86 Harrell, Kevin-21. 72 Harrington, Greg-76 Harrison. Williom-82 HartweB. Lisa-29. 92 Hasse. Kristen-92 Hasse. Bin-82. 136 Hatch. Tim-92. 136 Heesen. Melinda-20. 53 Heggelmon. Stefanie-82 Hehl. Steve-82 Heilers. Christine-92 Heinsch, Craig-92 Heitkamp. Jody-28. 82, 142 Helget. Cynthia-28. 34, 52 Helgren. Jeff-5. 72 HeHeksen. Charles- 72 Hendrickson, Tim-92 Hentges. Kathleen-34. 72 Hentges. Laura-23. 24. 92. 125 Henthorne, Eric-23. 32. 92 Hepota. Eric-72 Herman. Lisa-34. 53 Herman. Mark-33, 72 Heutmaker. Mike-72 Hickel. Theresa-82 Hiik, Andrea-63 Hill. Juhe-30. 82 Hill. Ron-21. 72. 77, 140 Hill. Susan-21. 53 Hiller. Terri-53 Hitsley. Peter-86 Hmtz ohn-23. 82 Hoberg. KeBy-32. 92 Hodgman, Ross-76 Hofstader. David-92. 136 Holloway. John-18, 53. 136 Hoizer. Wolter-21. 53. 124 Honour. Scott-5. 30. 33. 72. 110. 140 Hoogenakker. Miche8e-30. 82 Horan. Kerry-28. 82 Horner. Lee Ann-32. 82 Host. Rob-72 Hudson, Mike-72 Hugh. Brian-22. 72 Hules, Donald-72 Hyytinen. Neil-28. 31. 53. 105. 110. 136 lilies. Rob-82. 136 Ingstad. Cheryl-25. 53. 110 Ingstad. Keith-82. 136 Iverson. Theresa-19, 53 Jackson. Celeste-22. 25. 31. 38. 53. 110 Jackson. Pat-92. 136 Jacobson. Charles-92. 136 Jacobson, Dan-21, 72. 77. 140 Jacobson, Joseph-82. 136 Janos. Chris-16. 82. 136 Jassim, Emily-28. 31. 36. 54. 96 Jensen. Janet-54 Jensen, John-72 Jensen. Jon-72 Jensen. Chris-20. 54 Jenson. James-32. 72 Jeppesen. Debra-82 Jerde. Robin-82 Jereczek. Lisa-18. 54 Jessen. Lee Ann-24, 28. 31. 36. 37. 72. 110. 134 Johanning. Dan-72 Johanning. Jerry-29. 92. 136 Johanning. Mathew-72. 136 Johnson. Dana-82 Johnson. Doug-72 Johnson. Jamee-30. 31. 72 Johnson. Leslie-72 Johnson, Sheila-72 Johnson. Wade-21. 24. 54 Jolicoeur. Renae-82 Jones. Bartley-92 Jones. Karen-29. 92 Jordon. Troy-92 Juhl. Sheldon-86 Jufcar. Blair-82 Kabris. Michelle-72 Karels. Scott-72. 140 Kaster. Carolyn-28. 82, 134 KoufhokX Jeff -72 Koufhold. Rickie-92. 136 Kautz. Kurt-30. 32. 92. 144 Kehoe. Margaret-82 Kelly. Peter-28. 82 Kely. Kevin-92 KenKnight. Jeff-24. 28. 82. 136 Kessler. Margaret-28. 142 Kessler. Patricia-25. 54. 110. 134 Kickhafer. Rozeanne-34. 82. 87 Kilby. Rob-83 King. Heather-21. 30. 54 King. Tom-83 Kinney. Greg-83 Kmser. Kathy- 92 Kisch. Lisa-54. 110 Kisch. Theresa-18. 54 Klein, Mtke-72. 124. 136 Kme. Tim-30. 33. 72. 96. 144 Klocek. Robert-19. 63 Kluth. Sue-23. 33. 54 Koecheler. Noncy-83 Koehnen. Jason-83 Koerber. Becky-72 Kohls. Scott-72. 136 Kohls. Kristen-32. 83 Kohls. Lisa-23. 83 Kohman. Mary-21. 54. 138 Kokesch. Karen-83 Kolden. Dawn-16. 73 Kolden. Quinn-83 Koopman. Kathy-32. 83 Kordic. Lyle-73. 31. 33. 124. 136. 144 Kornafel. James-73 Kowalski. Marc-28. 83 Kozar. Tom-73 Kramer. Poula-83 Kriesei. Barb-29. 92 Kroening. Deborah-92 Kroening. Jody-30 Krotzer. Kory-54 Krueger. Sally-32. 92. 142 Kuhbonder. Bi-73 Kuntz. John-73. 77 LaBresh. Amy-73 LaBresh. Heather-95 LaBresh. Kurt-25. 54, 144 Lague. Jude-54. 136 Logue. Paul-83, 136 Lambacher. Laura-63 London. James-83m. 136 Lang. Becky-23. 33. 54 Langston. Dale-92 Lopmski. Mark-28. 55 Larsen. Eric-92, 136 Larsen. Heidi-83 Larson. Aimee-32. 83, 146 Larson. Erica-92 Larson. Mary-21. 55 169Larson. Michael-24, 83. 136 Larson. Patty-32. 83 Larson. Sandra-32. 92 Larson. Shari-83 Larson, Vicky-30. 83 Lassek, Doug-29, 92 Lassek, Ken-65 Lassek, Steve-21. 73 Latteral. John-76 Laugen, Chris-63 Lawrence. Michelle-28. 83 Leapley. Jodi- 92 Lehman. Todd-5. 83 Lehtola. Andy-5. 32. 83 Lehtola. Kathy-21. 22. 23. 28. 33. 73 Lehtola. Pam-5. 32. 92 Lewman, Dana-28. 83, 146 Lewman, Lisa-22. 28, 55. 104. 110 Leiber, Jofcne-92 Liljeberg. J«m-30. 83 Lilledahl, Lon-83 Lindemann, Scott-14. 55, 106, 110, 136 Lindgren, Steve-83. 136 Lindgren. Bifl-95 Linn. Edward-55 Linn. Kathleen-73 Linn, Tom-18. 21. 83 Linquist, Burt-18. 30. 55 Linquist. Heidi-83 Linquist, Sharon-19. 55 Litman. Mara-29. 92 Loraas, Jeff-19. 86 Loraas. Todd-18, 55 Loughlin, Tracy-28. 31. 73, 110 Lovaasen. Dana-32. 86 Lovkvist. Jeff-76 Lowe. Terrence-73, 136 Lucking. Michael-83 Lueck, Cathleen-20, 55. 134 Lugauer. Michael-83 Lundberg. Kristen-29 Lundholm, Yvonne-30. 83 Lundstrom, Jon-73 Lyman, Burt-73 Maas. Richard-55 MacChartes, Cindy-32, 83, 134 MacCharles, Roderick-32. 92. 136 Mackenzie. Kolleen-33, 73. 132 McNamara. Tim-73 Moder. Mark-95 Magnus. Erik-21, 55 Mahn. Andy-33. 73. 136 Mattz, Chris-8. 32. 92. 96. 136 Monthei. Andy-83, 136 Marcotte. Jay-73, 136 Marcotte. Jenell-39, 83. 134 Marquezi. Estela-95 Marrone, Joe-21. 56 Morshke. Jennifer-29. 92 Martin. Bruce-16. 73. 136 Martin. Jeff-29. 92 Martin. Julie-28. 83 Massuch, Marritt-28. 39. 83. 134 Matheson, MicheHe-92 Maxfield, Steve-28. 30. 33. 73, 136 Maxwell. Dina-83 Me Carhty, Tim-76 McCleland. Teri-56 McCormick, Sheila-28, 73 McCurdy, Pam-39. 83 McGinnis. MoHy-28. 31. 36. 73 McGSnski, Darin-73 McGlinski. Mark-83 McGhnski. Mike-29. 93. 136 McGowan, Deborah-20, 56 Mclnerny. Shawn-31. 56. 105 McIntyre. James-30, 32, 93 McKee. Don-73 McMillan. Connie-21. 28. 73. 134 McMillen. Colleen-39. 83 McNulty. Mike-93. 136 Meakins. Shawn-18. 73 Meehan. Mike-83 Meland. Robin-93 Meienich. Daren-18. 56 Meredith. Brenda-84 Merntk. Bill-28. 31. 73. 136 Meuwissen. Robert-56 Meyer. Dennis-93 Meyer. Kei-23. 28. 56 Meyer. Wendy-22. 25, 30. 73 Meyers. Tessa-22. 30, 73 Miles. April-76 Miles. Scott-18. 56 Miles. Bill-93 Militello, Angela-28. 84, 138 Miiitello. Maria-28, 56, 110 Miller. Brian-76 Miller. Hons-93. 136 MiBer, Jack-73. 144 MiBer. Julie-22. 25. 56. 146 M er. Kim-29. 93 Msfler. LeAnn-93, 125. 142 Mdovich. Diane-32. 84 Minge, James-31. 56. 110 Mittelstaedt. Chris-93 Mittelstaedt. Bill-56 Mohn. Britto-93 Mohn. Raydene-29. 93 Monsrud. Ty-28, 84 Moore. Carolyn-24. 73. 136 Moore, Lane-24. 73. 136 Moore. Patricia-23. 84 Moriarity, Craig-56 Morin. Ji-29. 93 Morrison. Minh-93 Mosley. Curtis-95 Moss. Paul-93. 136 Moy. Kin-28. 31. 56. 106. 110 Munkelwitz. Lisa-76 Musser, Julie-37, 73, 110 Myer. Suzette-84 Myer. Tina-25. 56 Nadeau. Rhonda-93 Nagle. Rebecka-29, 93 Needham, Jon-29, 93. 140 Nelson. Brian-57. 110 Nelson. Chris-93 Nelson. Chris-84, 142 Nelson. David-29, 93 Nelson. Beth-21. 22. 38. 57. 146 Nelson, James-73 Nelson, Jennifer-73 Nelson, Kristen-28, 93 Nelson, Lisa-32. 93 Nelson, Mike-32. 84. 125 Nelson. Sandra-32. 84 Nelson, Tawnya-28, 32. 73 Nebraasen. Jeff-93 Neske. Guy-73, 144 Neumann. James-57 Neumann, Shelly-73 Neumann, Stacey-84 Newton. Deborah-29, 93, 142 Newton. James-23, 57 Niccum, Tom-73 Nichols, Nancy-21, 73 Nichols, Noel-73, 140 Nicholson, Molly-57 Niesen. Lori-30. 73 Nolden. Amy-84 Noor. Anthony-73 Noor. Terrance-93. 136 Nordlie. Tom-9. 57. 105. 141 Nordlie. Tracy-24, 29, 93. 138 Nordstrom. Lori-30, 84 Norton, David-18. 57 Norton, Greg-84 Notum. Richard-73 Nour. Sabah-84 Nunemaker. Spencer-93 O'Donnell. David-84 O'Hare. Colleen-74. 77 O'Reilly. Mike-84. 140 O'Reilly. Pat-74. 110. 136 Oas. Catherine- 84 Oas, Barbara-28. 74, 138 Oberembt. Shannon-93 Oberhauser. Elizabeth-28. 74. 142 Odens. Julie-57 Ohmann, Jason-29. 93 Olmstead. Susan-57 Olson. Amy-36. 74 Olson. James-29, 93, 136 Olson. Jenny-22. 25. 38, 57. 110. 142 Olson. Paul-84 Olson. Sonja-74 Olson. Timothy-74, 136 Olstad. Carrie-32. 93 Opstedahl, Andrea-84 OseB, Tonja-93 Osenbaugh, Brent-21. 57, 136 Osmonson. Kimberly-84 Ostvig. Marianne-93 Ostvig. Michael-32. 93 Ott. Nancy-74, 110 Ovall. Jodi-29. 93 Pacifico. Patrick- 93, 144 Pacifico. Teresa-21. 57 Paige. Dana-84 Palm. Timothy-74 Palmer. Shannon-84 Paterson, Karen-57. 110. 134. 146 Patrick. Lisa-34. 35. 57. 105 Pauly. Sandra-23. 39. 84 Paurus. Karen-74 Pearson. Gary-23, 57. 96 Pehle. Keith-32. 93 Pehrson. Heather-19. 58 PeBett. Linda-74. 110 Peterson, Gary-84 Peterson. Pamela-21. 28, 58 Peterson. Robert-16. 74 Peterson, Scott-84 Pflug. Karin-32. 93. 142 Pfhjg. Kurt-23. 32, 84. 136 Phillips, Pamela-84 Phleger. Gary-84, 136 Pirk. Jeffrey-30. 58 Pitsch, Mtchele-28. 74 Platzer. Dwayne-19. 74 Poetz. Gregory-28. 74 Poetz, Michelle-58 PoBey. Bd-58 Polston, Payton-84. 136 Pond. David- 29, 93. 136 Porter. Michael-58 Pounder. Catherine-18. 21, 34. 58 Powers, Leslie- 4. 29, 93 Pride. Sandra-20. 58 Primeau. Lisa-86 Prokasky, Andrea-93 Prokasky, Gregory-84 Ptacek. James-94 Putt. Brody-84. 144 Putt. Jay-14. 58 Quast. Richard-95 Rappe. Christian-32. 94 Rappe. Fritz-74 Rascop. Mary-23. 25. 84, 134 Rath. Dennis-84 Rauschendorfer, William-84. 136 Raze. Llora-84 Reed. Thomas-18. 58 Reese. James-74. 136 Reeves. James-58, 124 Regan, Timothy-74 Reger. Kathryn-85, 142 Reimer. Mary-32. 94 Reimer. Teresa-74 Reiners. Scott-32, 94. 136 Reinhart, Patrick-21. 58 Rendohl. Mike-33. 74, 140 Rendahl, Todd-94. 136 Rettler, Janelle-22. 25, 63. 110 Rettler. Lisa-23. 25. 74 Rheinhart. Ronald-59 Rick, Amy-21. 34. 63 Ries. Scott-85 Rines, Thomas-30, 32. 94 Ringstrom, Leslie-20, 59 Ringstrom, Steven-85 Rininger. Lance-18. 59 Rininger. Vonda-29. 94 Rippberger, Charles-94. 136 Rippberger, Michael-85. 136 Rislund. Mark-74. 136 Robbins. Jarrod-85 Robbins. John-76 Robertson. Sean-32, 94, 136 170Robinson. Timothy-18. 74 Rockvom. Judith-25. 38. 74. 138 Rockvom. Todd-74 Roden, Todd-74. 77 Rodewald. Kevin-74 Roesler. Mary- 85 Roesler. Ruth-59, 110 RoW. David-28. 85 Rolland. Lisa-29. 94 Romain. John-74 Ronnkvist. Steven- 74 Rosenbaum. Steven-94 Roy. Jeffrey- 85 Ruble. Carrie-94 Ruble, Keith-85 Rueben. Carla-85 Ruhr. Jeffrey-32. 94 Rumpca. Michelle-94 Rust. Bonnie-59 Ruud. Ronald-59 Ryan. Kelley-22. 59 Sacks. Andrea-94 Sahli. Jomes-32, 94 Sain. Robert-94. 136 Sain. Shelly-59 Sanchez, Carlos-59. 136 Sandin, Eric-85 Sandin, Kirsten-23. 33. 59 Sandmeier. Dominic-94. 136 Sapp. James-74 Sarenpa. Martin-59 Sarvi. Stephen-23. 59. 110. 144 Savage, Greg-74, 136 Sayen. Kathleen-59 Scalzo. Michael-85 Schaper, Croig-94 Schaper. Jay-59 Schaumburg. Adrianne-94 Schlicht. Steven-85 Schlichting. Bradley-29. 94 Schlichting, Janee-74, 110 Schmidt. Karen-59 Schmidt. Nancy-85 Schoen. Mark-28. 94 Schoen, Michael-85 Schoening. James-85 Schubach. Katrin-29. 94 Schueller. Joan-9, 59 Schultz. Bridget-85. 142 Schutt. William-74 Schwanke, Gretta-30, 60 Schwanke, John-32. 85 Scott. Julie-74, 110 Scott. Keith-28. 85 Scruton, Cynthia-25. 36, 38. 74. 124 Seehusen. Cathleen-28. 85 Segner. Brian, 75. 96 Segner. Mark-94, 140 Selle. Mlchete-94 Sellnow. Randaa-85 Serna. Damon-29. 95 Serna. Ramon-75 Shaffer, Thomas-75 Shaniey. Vance-94. 136 Sharratt. Bradley-95 Sharratt, Timothy-18. 75 Shea. Paris-85 Sheeron. Randy-21. 60 Sherry. Janet-22. 60 Shinn. Scott-21. 75 Shipman. Debra-28. 85 Sidders. Kevin-75. 110. 136 Sidders. Mike-11. 24. 60. 136 Simar. Shori-33. 75. 134 Simpson. Daniel-94 Sipprel, Kevin-33. 60. 110 Skaret. John-28. 31. 75. 110 Skaret. Paul-28. 85. 125 Sloan. Randall-75 Sloan. Rhonda-23. 25. 85 Sloan. Ronald-75. 136 Smith. Brian-31. 33. 60. 110. 140 Smith. Jonathan-94. 136 Smith. Kely-75 Smith. Lisa-85 Smith. Lisa-Marie-75 Smith. Margaret-60 Smith. Timothy-18, 60. 140 Snyder. Emily-32, 94 Solstad, Betty-24. 28. 75. 110 Sorenson. Dean-60 Spalding. Vicki-94 Spinner. Jennifer-94 Staley. Heidi-4. 75. 134 Stallman. Dennis-18. 60 Stallman. Judith-85 Stanke. Jean-28. 31. 60. 108. 110. 138. 139 Stark. Dean-85. 136 Starkman. Jeffrey-75. 136 Steckel. Scott-19. 76 Steere. Jodi-85 Stefanco. Charles-29. 94 Stein. Debra-85. 134 Steine. Glenn-75, 136 Sterne. John-85. 136 Stevens. Wendy-95 Stevenson. Jeffrey-94. 136 Stevenson. Scott-28. 31. 75. 136 Stewart. Keith-85 Stifcngs, Renee-30. 32. 94 Stokke, Peggy-29, 95 Strand. Jennifer-22. 32. 85 Strand. JuBe-2. 33. 40. 60. 106. 110 Strand. Kristina-30. 75 Stutsman, MicheBe-85 Suhon. Bradley-85, 136 Sullivan, Erin-28. 31. 26, 63. 106. 124 Sundberg. Daniel-22. 30. 33. 75 Sutherland. Becky-16. 75 Sutherland. Bobbi-75 Sutherland. Michael-76 Swanson. Michael-95. 140 Swanson, Terry-60 Swedenborg, Steven-28. 31. 60 Swedlund. Tracy-20. 34. 35. 60 Swenson. Jon-85.-136 Tesch. Tamera-29. 95 Theobald. Pony-14. 20. 63. 107 Thibault. Carolyn-14. 15, 25, 38. 61. 110 Thompson. Christopher-61. 144 Thompson. David-75 Thompson. Joseph-63. 136. 144 Thomson. Christopher-29. 95 Thornton. Kristine-61 Thornton, Lana-14, 15. 37, 61. 107 Thornton. Michael-61 Thostenson, Wanita-28. 31. 75. 110 Title. Jonathon-30, 33, 61 Toonen. Lisa-36, 75 Touba, Nur-95 Tran. Thinh-75. 110. 140 Tran. Thuy-85 Tranberg. Huyenngoc-25. 33. 75. 110. 134 Trask. Keith-75. 140 Tryon. Charles -61. 104. 110. 136 TuthM. Steven-85. 136 Tuttle. Cinda-75 UdeB. Jeffrey-21. 61 Uglem. Jody-85 Utaick. Sarah-4. 61. 134 IHrick. Susan-4, 75. 134 Umbehocker. Dean-32. 95 Valek. Jacquelin-61. 108. 134 Van Dam. MicheHe-95 Van Horssen. Lisa-29. 95 Vance. Lezlie-22. 75 Varvdersteeg. Paul-85 Vanecek, Edward-86. 136 Vaniaanen. Kimberly-86 Vickerman. Kristine-38. 75. 110 Vrerlmg-Weisser. Theresa-95 Vierling-Weisser. Terrance-61 Visser. Lance-32, 86 Vogel. Ji-61. 110. 142 Vogelgesang, Richord-75 Vogelgesang, Rusty-95 Vollroth. Marvin-61 Voobank. Jesse-75 Vonbank. Mark-86 Walker. Charles-61 Walker. Duane-86 Walker. Steven-95. 136 Waiman. Jon-28. 31. 75. 110. 136 Walsh. Mark-63 Walters. Lesley-28, 86 Walton. John-29, 95 Ward. Roger-33. 75. 136 Warner. Carrie-29, 95 Warnke, Larisa-29 Washburn. Theresa-86 Watson. Rhonda-25. 75 Weber. Larri-14. 15. 61. 108 Weber. Pam-61 Webster. Lisa-28. 31. 34. 37. 62 Weiland. Kenneth-33. 62 Weiler, Claus-75. 95 Weise. Phfcp-95 Weiss. Patricia-75 Weiss. Rebecca-21. 62 Welch. David-18. 75 Wendt. James-86 Wenzel. Michael-95. 136 Westergaard. Earl-95 Westerhjnd. Erica-86 Westfall. Teresa-62 White. Ann-18. 75. 134 White, John-29. 95. 144 Whitney. Josh-33. 75 Whitney. R. Burke-86. 136 Whittaker. Rodd-62 Widmer. Bruce-86 Widmer. Mary-20. 62, 134 Widmer. Paul-2, 62, 110. 136 Wigland. Donald-95 Wigner. Wiiam-86 Wiette. Daniel-62. 108. 110. 136 Wiliams. Anthony-95 Williams. C. Bradley-76 Williams. Joseph-21. 62 Wifcams. JuKe-34. 86 Wilsey. Charles-86. 87 Wilson. Darrell-86 Wilson. Victoria-76 Wing. ClaudkJ -62. 11,0. 146 Winikates, Jean-76 Wnnen, Dawn-23. 62. 95 Winnen. Lorrie-62. 110 Winter. Ann-22. 28. 76 Winter. J e-86. 142 Winter, Michael-95 Wisegarver. William-76. 140 Wiswell. Richord-86. 136 Woelffer. Brooke-86 Womer. Cathy-25. 30. 62. 134 Wolner. Jenny-23. 25. 86. 138 Wood. Gregory-95 Woodrow. Stacey-62 Woodson. Parker-95. 140 Woytcke. Kim-32. 34, 86 Woytcke. Todd-62 Wulff. Jennifer-86 Wyman. Gary-62 Young. Cynthia-95 Young. David-76 Zaback. Michael-21. 76 Zawada. Mathew-33. 76. 136 Zeanchock. Laura-76 Zeller. Vern-76 Zimmerman. Lisa-86 Zimmerman. MicheSe-28. 86. 134 Zimmerman. Yvonne-76 Zubert. Km-30. 86. 87. 138 Zuccaro, Pat-95, 136 Zunt, Jennifer-11. 12. 14. 15. 22. 24. 25. 62. 205. 110. 146 171SNEAK PREVIEWS PROM A modernized version of the Cinderlla fairy tale. This movie tells of a high school girls dream come true of going to Prom with the handsome prince that sits next to her in math. Ths movie goes on to tell that Cinderella gets home at 5:00 A.M. with one shoe on and mom and dad ground her for a month. Personable and at times humorous. Rated R for mature audiences under 30. SPRING SPORTS A film about a team's trials and tribulations as they try to achieve to their fullest. The film takes you through the exhilaration of winning to the agony of defeat. Rated P.G. Some locker room scenes not suitable for younger audiences. j GRADUATION A movie everyone must see. This movie takes you through the experiences of kindergarten through “ twelfth grade. The climax being graduation night which is a combination of Animal House and a documentary on channel 2. This film sparkles with excitement except for occasion-J al bouts of "lengthy dialogue". Not rated. Acceptable for all ages. ALL NIGHT PARTY This film is a sequel to Graduation. The film focuses on the final farewell to n the class of '83. The plot is set for Medina Ballroom. It is load-' ed with action-packed adven-- ture with occasional fits of hysteria. Rated R- mature audiences only. Gideons 174 A WRAP! The date is February 22. and room C-107. or the "Curse Room” as it is affectionately known by the yearbook staff, is filled with Mohian staff members rejoicing about their final deadline. The Mohian staff spent seemingly thousands of hours trapped in C-107 writing copy, typing copy, retyping copy, retyping the retyped copy, copyfitting, discussing politics, cropping photos, photo fitting, eating, and losing pictures. Staff members also sold fund raiser after fund raiser; everything from M M's to sweatshirts to posters to yearbooks. We proclaimed 1982 the year of the fund raiser. Hopefully we have managed to remind you of many memorable events that occurred during the year. In years to come, you'll realize that the $13 you paid for the yearbook was a wise investment. After all. you are the stars of this production. Although we managed to put together a terrific yearbook, we were plagued by circumstances beyond our control. In early November. Scherl-ing-Pletch Studio burned and we were forced to extend our deadline. Consequently, the darkroom at school became chaotic as our photographers finished developing our pictures 20 minutes before our shipping deadline. Some may describe our enthusiastic yearbook staff as psychopathic, but we choose to describe ourselves as innovative and imaginative. We spent hours and hours working on this production and we are proud of the finished result. SPECIAL CREDITS A special thanks to these people for their help in our production: Vern Lindemann. Scherling-Pletch Studio. Engler Theaters Hopkins 4. Mike Fitzgerald. and a special thanks to our advisor Barb Sherman. 175COLOPHON. Nine hundred copies of the 1983 Mohion were printed by Jostens American Yearbook Company of Bloomington. MN. The approximate cost of publishing the Mohian was $10,000. The pages were printed on 80 pound gloss paper. The 7% x IOY2 book contains 176 pages and is Smyth bound, rounded and backed. Eight pages of the book were printed in process color and eight pages were printed in spot color P-700 blue. Broadway Engraved 48 point type was used for the headlines in the beginning pages, middle pages and closing pages. In the rest of the book, 42 point Avant Gard was used for headlines and 24 point Avant Gard was used for sublines. Body copy was set in 10 point Avant Gard. Caption copy was set in 8 point Avant Gard. The Stylen cover base color is blue 783 with applied color pale gold 328 to help carry out the Productions theme. The end sheets were printed in stainless steel 289 with applied blue 287. DIRECTORS Editor- Julie Strand Staff- Lori Beauchamp Cara Clevenger Tracy Erickson Thereesa Finn Kathy Lehtola Wendy Meyer Jenny Olson Photographers- Sports Editor- Jane Allen Jon Grimes Jim Newton Academics Editor- Lisa Lewman Dan Sundburg Shari Simar Activities Editor- Beth Nelson Ann Winter Layout Editor- Kelly Ryan Underclass Editor- Lezlie Vance 176MOHIAN SEQUELBOYS TRACK 1st row. L to R: A. Malin. G. Wyman, T. Ecklund. J. Grimes. J. Ansite, M. Hudson, P. O'Reilly. 2nd: Coach Weber. M. Dorn. B. Baier, T. Kline. B. Hugh. G. Neske. M. Bredahl. G. Poetz. 3rd: Mgr. Thompson, S. Hannaman, D. Dongoske, K. Ingstad. Q. KoJden, B. Putt, G. Butler. J. Johanning, Coach Lage. 4th: Coach Goodwin. T. Hatch, P. Pacifico, D. Crawford. C. Erhort. P. Hanson, K. Kautz, E. Ambrose. 5th: R. Evans, M. Johanning. J. White, R. McCharles. I. Weber, J. Johanning. L. Hudson. L. Simar, D. Drof, R. Kaufhoid.GIRLS TRACK 1st row L to R: D. Koiden, J. Scott. M. Beucler, C. Wing, H. Tranberg, K. Linn. 2nd: T. Ecklund, C. Corlson. K. Gearhart, A. Larson. C. Moore. K. Evans, B. Donaldson. 3rd: Coach Ely. . Kozar, S. Samuel, T. Clem. N. Lage, M. Moore. J. Malin. D. Wigund, Coach Geffre.BOYS TENNIS VARSITY L to R: J. Carlson, K. Moy, T. Tran, G. Chelberg, B. Whitney, T. Gangelhoff, J. Bamann, J. Roy, J. Roy, Coach Osborne. JV. 1st row L to R: A. Bailey. B. Grierson, B. Chelberg, B. Balsanek. 2nd: J. Eiss, M. Lucking, M. O'Reilly, N. Baker, C. Bozonie. Coach Osborne.GRLS SOCCER 1st row L to R: C. Ingstad. J. Hagen. D. Winnen. J. Miller. P. Kessler. L. Rettler. L. Lewman. C. Jackson. 2nd: Coach Schutt. S. Nour. R. Hagen. C. Esselman. A. Hansen. C. Wolner, C. Thibault, J. Wolner. E. Marquezi. J. Rettler. Coach Garin.BOYS GOLF VARSITY. L to R: Coach Buerkle, C. Elstad. D. Simpson. J. Schwanke. J. Walman. T. Olson, B. Smith.GIRLS GOLF 1st row L to R: D. Erger, L. Wolmon, J. Ehrman. M. Buerkle. K. Ehrman, T. Herman. 2nd: B.Woelffer. T. Gunderson. L. Nelson, J. Schlichting, J. Musser. K Christensen, W. Thostenson, S. Fleischer. Coach Fischbach.BASEBALL VARSITY. 1st row L to R: M. Sidders, B Mernik. C. Tryon. S. Shinn. N. Hyytinen. S. Kohls, M. Klein. J. logue. D. Wiette. P. Cheney. 2nd: K. Weiland, B. Clork. B. Peterson. J. Christensen. K. Sidders, S. Lindemann. B. Martin. M. Appelgren, C. Connery. SOPHOMORE. 1st: P. Eide. J. KeoKnight. S. Carlton, S. Cashman. B. Suhon. P. Polston. 2nd: C. Alvarez. J. Bradley. J. Sterne. B. Juliar. D. Stark. M. Lorson. A. Manthei. 3rd: Coach Olstad, S. Tuth . R. uses, M. Rippberger. W. Hasse, J. Gardner.SOFTBALL VARSITY 1st row L to R: M. Goblirsch, S. Simor, S. Ulrick, T. Pacifico. H. Staly. 2nd: Coach Nygaard, C. Seehusen, T. Barnes. R. Gangelhoff, B. Archer, J. Valek. JV. 1st row L to R: R. Stillings. T. Darling, B. Goslin. J. Humerickhouse. J. Hill. 2nd: Coach Leopold, L. Powers. C. MacChorles, C. Olstad. K. Pfkjg. B. Bittle.FRESHMAN SOFTBALL 1st row L to R: B Mueller. D. GobSrsch, T. Norcfte. K. Patterson. C. Dalbec. 2nd: Coach Kern, T. Aspho«m. J. Spinner. K. Pflug. S. Anderson. J. Mayer ATHENA AND YOST AWARDS Teresa Barnes Neil HyytinenConcentration is a major factor in Jody Heitkamp's batting attempt. Carolyn Moore stretches to gain an extra foot in the long jump. Pole vaulter Chris Bame clearing the bar. Mike Klein "out$tand ng" in his field.PROM 1983 The 1983 Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Lafayette Club again this year. The elegance of the clubhouse provided a perfect backdrop for this year's theme - "We've Got Tonight." Tracy Loughlin sang the song by the same title, accompanied on piano by Rik Flatz. After the Grand March, the band "Vitamin Q" provided some uplifting music for the more than 100 couples to dance to. The day after this enchanted evening, a picnic was held at Taylor's Falls. The weather did not cooperate very well, but a few of the more daring did do some cliffjumping. And of course, every one ate and had a great time.GRADUATION 1983 On the evening of June 7, 1983, at approximately 7:50 pm, the graduating class of 1983 was lined up and ready to proceed into the gym. Mr. Schulte and Mr. Anderson posed as ushers, making sure the graduates were spaced correctly for the march to their seats. Under the direction of Leigh Kallestad, the band played the traditional "Pomp and Circumstance." Robert Hotvet led the crowd in the singing of our National Anthem. John Gimmestad, the senior class president, welcomed everyone to the ceremony. Then followed many speakers, including Bruce Denenny, Estella "Tico" Marqezi, and Celeste Jackson. Bruce gave a humorous account of the highlights of the senior year. Estella, an exchange student from Brazil, presented a very moving speech about her experiences in Mound. Celeste spoke of the future of the class of 1983. After the recognition of the retiring faculty members, the anxious seniors finally became graduates, as school board chairman Gary Mayer gave out diplomas. This year was a "trial" for the commencement exercise - if the class of 1983 did not behave, the succeeding years would not have a ceremony. As it turned out, this year's class was on excellent behavior, and the exercises will continue. Following the ceremony, an all-night class party was held at Medina Ballroom. This activity was parent-planned, and proved to be great fun for all who went. Countless prizes were given away or auctioned off before the continental breakfast was served at about 5 am. That day, after they grabbed a few hours of sleep, the class of 1983 entered a new and different chapter in their lives.

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