Mound Westonka High School - Mohian Yearbook (Mound, MN)

 - Class of 1979

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Mound Westonka High School - Mohian Yearbook (Mound, MN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1979 volume:

 MOHIA i 19 79 MOUND-WES MO UND. MINNESO TACONTENTS Homecoming Seniors Juniors Sophomores Faculty Organizations Athletics Sno-DazeHOMECOMING 3QUEEN CHRYSA Escorted by Dana Olson1978 ROYAL COURT Princess Joey Gilmore Escorted by Dave Nelson Princess Cindy Reimer Escorted by Jayme Weber Princess Julie Zitzloff Escorted by Pat McGinnis Princess Ann Buysse Escorted by Jim Stanke Princess Lori Hallowell Escorted by Tom Hancuch Princess Nancy Rines Escorted by Steve Clark 5BOYS 6FOOTBALL 7RED AND The Mad Mohawk Siamese Gumbys "Our gang” Mod Squad Charlie's Angels. . .(unt). . . 8WHITE DA Y To The Showers We Go. . . The Three Stooges. . . Ride 'em Cindy. . . 9HOME- COMING EVENTS Monday Crazy Hat and Wig Day Powder Puff Football Tuesday Dress-up Day Coronation Talent Show Wednesday Clash Day Slave Day Pizza Party Thursday Twins Day Girls Don’t Talk to Boys Hall Decorations Friday Red and White Day Pepfest and Bonfire Homecoming Football Game Saturday y Homecoming Dance Grandview Utah Lumber and Coal 1011MOVIN’ ON Coronation was held on Tuesday, October 10 of Homecoming Week. Emcees for the event were Judy Phillips and Brent Sullivan. Former Queen Nancy Howells came back to speak to the student body. Beth Blomie was the flower girl and Christopher Hanson was the crown bearer. Chrysa was crowned by football captains Stuart Mansk and Mike McCormick. 12Mrs. Widmer was escorted to her daughter by soccer captain Dan McAninch and cross country captain John Shaughnessy. For this year’s Homecoming theme, Mary Baremore and Andy Phillips sang "It's Time for Movin’ On.” Chrysa was escorted by Dana Olson at coronation and by her father, Mr. Widmer, at the football game. 13PO WDER Danas Darlin Demons M♦♦♦♦ PUFF Brent's Beautiful Blitzers And The Agony of Defeat Thanks Guys!!! Juniors ... 6 points . . . Deb Heltzer 94 yard run . . . “Better Luck Next Year" . . .Coaches Brent S., Tim L., Brain S. and Roland J. “Are you sure we practiced that play?" 15twinges ... pounding the pavement and meeting the world ... taking directions ... reaching the top only to discover another climb ... college entrance exams ... agonizing S.A.T.’s ... dorm applications ... attach recent photo here ... leaving those hallowed halls behind and leaving a part of yourself with them ...SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS? L. to R. Cheryl Scruton — Treas., Murray Sullivan — Vice. Pres., Tim Libera — Pres., Julie Smith — Sec. Costumes furnished by Orono Ensemble Theatre 17DAVID ANDERSEN . . . Twattle. . . basketball. . . Twinkie DAVID ANDERSON . . . big . . . blonde curly. . . Dave DUANE ANDERSON . . . Dewey GREGORY ANDERSON LIZBETH ARENDT . . . Lib. . . tennis. . . boy watching DAVID ASLESEN . . . Oz . . . “Sky-King" . . .flying JACK BAERT MICHAEL BAILEY . . . peter pan. . . Luverne TERESA BAKER . . . Cutie KELLY BANDEL MARY BAREMORE . . . Big Wave . . . choir . . . Germany CHERI BARTON . . . Cher. . . track VANDLA BASEL . . . Baze. . . Chevy. . . "Incredible Hulk" SARA BECK . . . Escapees! NANCY BELL . . . "Nanook" . . . music . . . flirt JEANENEBENNETT . . . Neiner. . . B-ball . . . sunflower seeds 18CARMEN BENNYHOFF . . . Ben . . .the Dub LARRY BENO CAROL BERENT . . . Karie. . . Kar. . . Skippy MICHELLE BERQUIST RHONDA BILGER . . . Bilgg's. . . getting my pilots license ROBERT BITTLE MICHAEL BJERKE JULIA BLAIR . . . Greig. . . Julies. . . Choir BRIAN BLANCHARD CHRISTOPHER BOLL JULIE BOQUIST SALLY BOSIGER Bally Sosiger CYNTHIA BRAEGELMANN . . . Cindy. . . volleyball . . . cherishing friendships JOHN BRETHORST DOUGLAS BROOKS . . . "Brooksy”. . .track . . . Zoont LLOYD BROWN 19THOMAS BUCKINGHAM JEAN BUEHL TODD BURLET . . . KAZG-1501 . . .the star gazer ANN BUYSSE . . . "Bise" MICHELLE CARLSON . . . Shel. . . Marty WAYNE CARLSON . . . football. . . track JOAN CECKA CHARLES CHAPMAN III . . . Chappy . . . track . . . Hopkins ANNE CHASE . . . "Chase babes” LAURA CHRISTIE . . . Waurie . . . B-ball . . . D.A. GRETCHEN CHURCHILL . . . Gretch ... ice skating . . . long hair KENNETH CLARK . . tennis . . . girls. . . water skiing STEPHEN CLARK 2,000 lb. beam DELORA CLIFF . . .Deb. . . M.F.. . . UMD bound CONNIE CONKLIN . . . Con. . . boys. . . CC track JENNIFER COOPER . . . Freddy. . . Coops . . . summer 20MARY COX DIANN CRANE . . . Cranelegs. . . softball. . . wild and crazy JILANE CRAWFORD . . . Jill. . . cheerleading . . . freckles MARK CUFF RONALD DERBY . . . Derbs LISA DINGMAN CINZIA DIPIETRO ANNE DODDS MATTHEW DOLLIFF . . . Smiley HENRY DOMINICIS . . . Hank. . . Cuban CYNTHIA DORN MARK DRAHOS JON DUHACHEK . . . Dewey. . . 1 snowmobiler DIANNA DURKIN . . . Di. . . travel. . . D.D. ROBERT DYBING STEVEN EBERT . . . Steve 21LEONARD EIDEN . . . Len . . . Lenny. . . tennis? BRENT EIKANAS JOHN ELSNER . . . drawing . . . "Big Waves" RANDALL ENGELHART TODD ENGLE SHELLI ERICKSON TERESA ERICKSON MICHAEL FADELL MARK FALNESS . . . Pooge . . . football . . .ski with glee MICHAEL FALNESS . . . Toes MICHELLE FLEMING DEBORAH FRANKE SHEILA FREESE . . . piano picker. . . extraordinaire RODNEY FRIEDRICHS . . . "chez" JAMES FURRY . . . Fuzz TIM GARIN . . . "Hollywood" . . . hockey . . . baseball 22JEFFREY GARRETT . . . A.F.S. VICKY GEFFRE . . . Vic. . . track. . . powderpuff football SUSAN GELHAYE JAMES GEMAR JAMIE GEMAR . . . Buddy . . . track DEANNAGENO JO MARIE GILMORE . . . cheerleading TAKAYUKI GOCHO . . . black belt SHELLY GOEDE . . . Potsey. . . Shell. . . Poof DAVID GOOD . . . Good ANN GORDON . . . Gordy. . . Annie . . . Little Buck KEITH GOTTSCHALK KEVIN GOTTSCHALK 23KEVIN GRADY . . . Gitch PAULA GRAY . . . never say die . . . basketball. . . volleyball JEFFREY GREENE foosball. . . Wizard . . . guitar ace RODNEY GREGG CAROL GRINVALDS . . . Babe. . . Escapee! . . . later man LORRAINE HALLOWELL . . . Lori Jo . . . Pop Singers. . . cheerleading RICHARD HALVARSON THOMAS HANCUCH . . . hockey . . . Ranch ... ski with glee GERTRUD HANSSON . . .Trudy. . .howSwede it is GREG HARTMANN . . . skiing . . . Hans JEFFREY HEINE . . . writer. . . “will you ever finish that book?" KELLY HELGET . . . Kel. . . short stuff . . . American girl STEVEN HELLAND LISA HENNING ... I didn’t do it TERESA HENTGES . wild and crazy girl THOMAS HINTZ 24CHERYL HOFFMAN . . . Cher. . . Colorado . . . pony picture chaser THERON HOLLINGSWORTH . . . "T” . . . Panama. . . for what it’s worth SHARI ILLIES ELIZABETH JACKSON . . . Peanut. . . Shorty . . . head of the Nut Cluster gang MICHAEL JACKSON . . . Jet MARY JASSIM . . . Jazz . . . gymnastics . . . cheerleading LYNETTE JOHNS PAUL JOHNS . . . Johnso. . . football LISA JOHNSON LISA JOLICOEUR . . . rowdy . . . giggles JOHN KALAL DAWN KELM KEVIN KERBER . . . Keebs. . . baseball . . . cars PAUL KICKHAFER THOMAS KICKHAFER PHILLIP KLEIN 25RALPH KNOX . . . double “R" base KAREN KOEHLER . . . Escapee!. . . Nevets . . . Bum 2 RICKY KOKESCH TERESA KOWALCZYK DIANE KRIESEL . . . quiet BRADLEY KROTZER KIMBERLY KROTZER . Krotz . . . Escapee! . . . french fries DEBRA KUBALSKY . . Big Red . . . Joey . . . wild and crazy SHARON KUTZ . . . Kootie. . . T.S. ELIZABETH LAMBIN TIMOTHY LANGERT motorcross . . . bow hunting MARTIN LANGLEY . . . track NANCY LARSON DAVID LAUBE . . .Laubs COLLEEN LAURENCE DARLENE LENTSCH . . . Joe 26MAXINE LEWIS . . . Mackie Rew ... ski bum . . . R.S. Maxi TIMOTHY LIBERA . . . ski with glee . . . left handers club. . . prez LAURIE LINDEN KENNETH LINDGREN KAY LOEHLEIN JILL LOKEN . . . Hush puppy. . . skiing DAVID LUNDBERG . . . Juice. . . mopar. . . hockey ELISE LUNDMAN . . . Lissy . . . unique by being myself BROOK LUNDQUIST . . . Bert. . . Brooker. . . football TROY MAAS KIMBERLY MANN . . . Kim. . . J.S.. . . cheerleading STUART MANSK . . . Stan . . . football. . . track LINDA MARSON . . . Marse . . . drill team . . .cheerleading GREGG MARTIN . . . Mart TOMMY MARTIN CESAR MARTINS . . . Show man 27LINDA MAXWELL . . . Captain Buzz. . . Mad Dog . . . Max DANIEL McANINCH . . . Pel6 . . . golf. soccer. . . poetry MICHAEL McCORMICK PATRICK MclNNIS . . . water skiing . . . McMutt JOSEPH MclNNIS . . . bicycles. . . Donche debra McIntyre . . . Maco. . . Gookworm CAROLYN METZ . . . Lonnie . . . Car-Kid MARIO MILITELLO . . . ma ma PAUL MILLER . . . Bollywogs CHAD MOORE MARCIA MORTENSON . . . swamp SARA MORTENSON . . . Wahoo. . . cc. . . track SCOTT MORTON . . . Mort DAVID NEGARD . . . pickey! pickey! pickey! 28 "HELLO OUT THERE!DAVID NELSON . . . Biggs . . . sports play some cards? JACKLYNE NELSON . . . Jack . . . M.T.D. LAURIE NELSON . . . Boots. . . Little Laurie . . . peewee KRISTI NELSKE . . . rever. . . sneaky TAMMY NEWKIRK . . . A.F.S. LORI NICCUM . . . camaro . . . Terry . . .LupeI JANE NORGREN . . .Wade KIMBERLY NOVAK . . . Muddles DANA OLSON . . . pole vault. . . jeep . . . Chrysa MARY OLTER . . . Hawaiian girl JULIE OPHEIM . . . Ope. . . “0” GREGORY PALM . . . water head TORI PEARSON . . . volleyball. . . softball . . . B.W. LORI PELLETT KATHRYN PERRY CINDY PETERSON . . . Peter Cottontail 29KRISTI PETERSON . . .“Pete”. . .crazy musician . . . Bum 1 KURT PETTIS . . . party ANDREW PHILLIPS . . . Pop Singers. . . football. . . Sitting Bull JUDY PHILLIPS . . . Hey Jude!. . . Snow-Daze . . . Ju dy, Ju dy, Judy KATHERN PHLEGER . . . Phleggs JOHN PLAHN “Qrvnof " STEVEN PLETSCH ... I’m perfect WILLIAM PLETSCH . . . Wall. . . Dempster DAVID POTEETE KRISTI QUAM . . . Bean . . . danceline . . . hurdles DEBORAH RAMSTAD MATTHEW RASMUSSEN . . . hunting . . . football KRISS REGAN . . . Riggs . . . good times CYNTHIA REIMER LISA RHODE . . . Escapee! JILL RICHARDS 30KELLY RIDDLE . . . griddle cakes NANCY RINES . . . Rino ... ski club . . . diving DON ROBINSON . . . Ribitabenski BART ROEGLIN . . . Roegie MARK ROILAND . . . Roy STEVEN SANDLER . . . Stick ... ski with glee . . . I got a future THOMAS SAWATZKE S.W.A.T.. . . Z-28 LISA SCHAPER . . . skiing SUZANNESCHERVEN . . . Sue . . . tennis players have class! MELODY SCHILLING BARBARA SCHMIDT CLIFFORD SCHMIDT . . . KXP-6946. . . cliffhanger JENIFER SCHMIDT . . . Jen Wren . . . swimming. . . JODY SCHROEDER . . . Escapee!. . . Bum 3. . . brat JULIANNE SCHUELLER . . . mixed “nut” THEODORE SCHULTE . . . “Thumper” 31PAUL SCHULTZ ... ski with glee DOUGLAS SCHWANKE . . . GLU7-2 ... the boss CHERYLSCRUTON . . . Phoenix. . . danceline . . . "Kick it out” TIMOTHY SEEHUSEN . . . See . . . cruisin' Hopkins. . . track JOHN SHAUGHNESSY BRIAN SIPPRELL . . . Sip. . .ski with glee . . . left handers club DAVID SKOCHENSKI LYNDELLE SKOGLUND . . . Skoggy . . . Sylvia Potter-Porter. . . Hey big spender MAVIS SMESTAD . . . Pugs! JULIE SMITH . . . Jules. . . Smitho. . . different strokes for different folks KEVIN SMITH WILLIAM SOULE . . . macho. . . baseball . . . hockey JULIA STAGEBERG . . . Stages LEZLIE STALEY . . . Lez JAMES STANKE . . . hockey. . . baseball . . . football SALLY STUTSMAN . . . Spiderman . . . Lupe II 32BRENT SULLIVAN . . . Sully . . . freestyle skiing. . .‘‘Hey Murray” . . . left handers club MURRAY SULLIVAN . . .Sully. . .‘‘Hey Brent” ... its been real . . . V. Prez. SHAWN SUTHERLAND . . . “O.J." SALLY THORBUS PAULTHOSTENSON . . . Pop Singers . . . P.K. MICHAEL UNER ALLEN VALENTINE . . . Rudy. . . love to have fun — especially snowmobiling! KRISTEN VARS . . . what can I say? DALE VAUGHN . . . volleyball. . . boogie fever. . . softball JOSEPH VOGEL . . . “Shorty” . . . Vogs . . . slam dunk THOMAS WALMAN . . . Wally. . . golf. . . football JAYME WEBER SHERI WEBSTER . . . Pretty Kitty . . . Mark . . . green M M's ANN WEILAND . . . mom . . . “Hi kids!” . . . long live Mound Westonka! 33JAMES WEILAND . . . Weils. . . soccer. . . tennis DANIEL WHITTING . . . girls. . . skiing. . . barefooting BERNHARD WIDMAN . . . football. . . track . . . T.A.. . . D.C. CHRYSA WIDMER . . . Byrd. . . freestyle lover. . . Dana JAMES WIGGINS SANDEEWIGNER Wiggs . . . Goldie Hawn . . . Guys!! MARK WILLETTE . . . Bif MARK WINNEN quiet, but friendly WENDY WOODRICH . . . Escapee!. . . Woody . . . stubborn traits MICHAEL WOYTCKE . . . basketball. . . track . . .future DEBORAH ZAWADA . . . hang in there! JULIE ZITZLOFF . . . Zitz . . . Pooh . . . cheering . . . buddies ANTHONY ZUCCARO PEEKABOO!! 34JAMES BUTLER JENS DYRLOV JEFFREY HETZLER MARY KALLUNKI JACKIE LeTENDRE PAUL MARSHALL KELLY O’NEILL GLENDA ROBERTSON SUSAN STEINE SHERRY SVOBDA MARIA TOBECK SANDRA TORMANEN CRAIG WERNER WILLIAM WILSON CAMERA SHY: MARK BERQUIST MARK CHAPMAN DAVID GRAEBER JAMES GULLADGE MICHAEL HALEY RANDALL HASSELBRING STEPHEN HORAN VICTORIA JESSE DANA MARTIN LISA MORIARITY TRUNG NGUYEN WILLIAM PETERSON JOHN REESE BRADLEY SKINNER SHELLY SVOBODA 3536 Guess Who?HALL OF FAME (3) (1) Best Legs: Julie Zitzloff and Dana Olson (2) Cutest Couple: Joey Gilmore and Dava Nelson (3) Class Freeloaders: Sandee Wigner and Jim Stanke (4) Most School Spirit: Ann Weiland and Charlie Chapman 38(1) Class Rowdies: Sheri Webster and Tim Libera (2) Most Down to Earth: Kelly Helget and Terry Hollingsworth (3) Best Looking: Lisa Johnson and Tom Hancuch (4) Pepsodent Smile: Cheri Barton and Matt Dolliff 39(3) (1) Classiest Guy — Foxiest Girl: Henry Dom inices and Cheryl Scruton (2) Friendliest: Chrysa Widmer and Dana Olson (3) Most Feminine — Most Masculine: Grelchen Churchill and Steve Clark (4) Most Active: Lori Hallowed and Tom Hancuch 40(3) (1) Class Flirts: Connie Conklin and Bill Soule (2) Best Dressed: Mary Jassim and Tim Garin (3) Most Versatile: Kristi Quani and Ted Schulte (4) Most Athletic: Vicky Geffre and Jim Starike 41(2) (1) Most Likely to Succeed: Diana Durkin and Andy Phillips (2) Class Cut-ups: Jenny Schmidt and Rick Halverson (3) Most Talented: Julie Smith and Ted Schulte Most Bashful (Not Pictured) Cindy Braegelrnann and Dave Aslesen T 42Food Fight!!! BOOM!! 1979 43What Do You Think It Will Be Like To Be a Senior? Super! Tom Haddon Great, WE’LL run the school. Lynne Roiland Old enough to know better... but do it anyway. Caroline Erickson Almost the same as a junior. Chris Block “An Experience." Lisa Anderson Good Times! Jill Buchan Now we can kill the sophomores . . Cindy Mueller . . . and kill the juniors. Lynn Nelson 45JUNIORS... knowing what to do and the places to go... football on Friday night, dances on Saturday night, phone calls to tide you over in the meantime ... planning the senior prom ... waiting for that senior ring so that you can give it away the minute it arrives ...JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 47Bennett Abrahamson Beth Adams Patricia Alton Jonathan Anderson Lisa Anderson Sonya Andrews Thomas Armstrong Scott Aune David Babatz Christine Bailey Stacey Bandel James Barker Teresa Barland Shari Barnes Lori Bartel Michael Bartikoski Jim Bau James Bedell Lori Belland Nancy Benike Julie Beno Theresa Bialon Julie Bielke Richard Bilger Scott Bjerke Rita Blackowiak Rachel Blair Chris Block David Bode Paul Boedecker 48PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Debra Boehner Joan Borg Katherine Boylan Karen Brethorst Roger Brooks Jill Buchan Lisa Bullock Craig Byers Roger Carlson Robert Chapman Andrew Chase Charles Chase Connie Cheney Paul Chubb Susan Churchill Brian Claire Jana Clevenger Joni Conklin Geogory Cook Lynn Coon Jeffrey Cooper Laura Cooper Lisa Cordes Caryn Countryman 49 "Smile”Thomas Crooks Randell Dahl Patrick Daly Ann Daugherty Robert Decker Susan Delaney Scott Delong Debra Derby Denise Deutsch David Donahoe Patrick Doyle Darla Drews Colleen Dunn Janet Dunser Roberta Eckman Jerome Elig Christoph Ell George El ley Joseph Ellingson Phillip Elmer Scott Ely Jo Engelke Caroline Erickson Roger Erickson Stuart Erickson John Ericson SORRY, NO PHOTO NOT SHOWN PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE You Want to Rumble? PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 50James Fadell Julie Farmer Lynn Fasching James Feehan Lori Finifrock Laurie Fisher Michael Fitzgerld Raymond Flemal Donna Flodeen Christine Foley Danial Freund Eric Frommelt Ronald Gantner Dwayne Ganzel Warden Garden Cindy Geffre Mary Geyen Charles Gibbs James Gillespie Paul Goman Dedra Good Jeffrey Gray Kathy Gray Daniel Green Stacey Grimes Diana Grindahl William Gruette Faith Grundeen Brian Gustafson Wayne Guttormson 51Jon Haaven Thomas Hadden Derek Hager Tamara Haillin James Halvarson Stephen Hamilton Anne Hancuch Marcia Hanson Brenda Hatch Hannah Hawkins Toni Hawley Robert Hed Mark Hedlund Galea Hegg Sandra Heikkila Chad Hemstock Matthew Hentges Deborah Hetzler Randy Heutmaker Geogre Hill Thomas Hill Dawn Hiller Keith Hinchman Todd Hintz Johnny Hodena Kathleen Hoffman Marykay Hogue Julie Holzinger Eileen Host Stephen Hotvet 52PHOTO Not Avoilablo Thomas Hurner Glenn Hyytinen Roland Jacob Terry Janicke Karen Jenson Diana Jerde Philip Jessen Chelen Johnson Dale Johnson Beth Jorve Laurie Kabris Kim Kamrath Mark Karels Cynthia Kelly Bruce KenKnight Randy Ketcher David Kickhafer Kent Kirsch Jane Kittelson Jean Kittelson Rebecca Kjersten Patricia Klein Richard Klocek Chad Knutson Colleen Koepp David Kolstad 53Michael Kraines Patrick Krause Wallace Krueger Michael Kruskopf Deborah Kuntuzos Joy Langert Mary Lanns Kyle Larson Karen Laube Paul Lauer Joan Lee Roxanne Lee Joseph Lemmerman Joni Liljeberg Kris Lilligren Terri Linden Keith Lindgren Rory Lindner Suzanne Linquist David Lippert Ty Lofrano Christine Lowe Bruce Luebke Jeffrey Lueck 54Kathleen Luger Steve Lundstrom Rick Lundy Kathleen Luse Kathy Lynch Elizabeth Macnamara Donna Maddon Joseph Mader Timothy Magnuson Sharon Mahoney James Martin Jeffrey Martin Todd Martian Frances Martinez Pamela Mason Shannon Matson Rick Mauderer Brian Maupin Michael McClelland Kyle McIntyre John McMahon Debra McWhite Kent Melenich Michelle Mernik Thomas Meuwissen Diane Meyers George Miles Barbara Miller Martin Miller James Mittelstaedt 55William Moeller Robin Mohn Shari Mohn Aaron Moriarity Peter Morin Cindy Mueller Lynn Musser Jon Muth Daniel Muzzy Clifford Nelson Dana Nelson Don Nelson Lynn Nelson Virginia Nelson William Nelson Daniel Niccum Penny Niccum Beth Niesen Thomas Noor Mark Norman Cynthia O'Hare Jill O’Neill Lynne Oare Paula Oas James O’Donnell Peggy Olmstead Sally Olsen Clara Olson Heidi Olson Janet Olson 56John Olson Charles Ott Karen Ova 11 Danita Ownbey Arlene Parten Laurie Peck Pamela Pederson Steven Pederson Deborah Peil Darwin Pellett Cheryl Perkins Shane Perry Kimberly Phillips Linda Pilgram Jennifer Pohle Dawn Polston Randall Pool Ramona Porter Michele Prestemon Sandra Piacek Linda Pulchindki Leslie Pyle Eric Ouast Heidi Rappe Joseph Rausch Robyn Raze Charles Reed Steven Reger Eric Reinhart Bruno Resler 57Christoph Reynolds Marty Reynolds David Rogers Wendy Rogers Julie Rohling Lynne Roiland Eric Roy Charles Rutledge Amy Sage Jack Schepers Thomas Schmidt Kenneth Schneider Rebecca Schroeder Steven Schultz Joseph Schultze Jay Schwingler Nancy Seehusen Sarah Shaffer Tony Shanley 58 Paula Shephard Linda SherryKathryn Short Barbara Simmons Deette Slavik Bradley Smedberg Kirk Stageberg Paul Stannard Sandra Stenberg Edward Stettin Renee Stodola Robert Storlien Stacy Strand Elizabeth Suerth Holly Sutherland Duane Swanson Joni Swanson Daniel Swedenborg Kimberly Swedlund Stephen Swenson Theresa Theisen Scott Theobald Jon Thomford Brian Thornton Teri Thornton Elizabeth Tillotson Mitchel Timmons Lori Toonen James Tulberg Clay Tweedy Lynn Vanacek Kurt Vaughn 59John Walker Mark Walker Steven Walters Todd Warner Diana Watters Pamela Westmoreland Michael Westrum Penni Westrum Roch Whittaker Angela Widman Timothy Williams Barry Wilson Mary Wing George Winikates Thomas Wiswell Gregg Wittig Lynn Woytcke Linda Wroda Mary Zaback Christoph Zinn 60What Do You Think It Will Be Like To Be a Junior? I Can Date Sophomore Girls. Chris O'Malley A sigh of relief. Stacey Bame People won’t look down on us as much. Emily Nelson In the middle of the school. Dawn Vogel A year older. Tim Oare Nobody will call me “stupid” anymore. Sarah Plahn Later! Anonymous Great, cuz we won’t be discriminated against. Jay Helgren 61SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 63 L. to R. Val Chabot — Sec., Mark Jessen — Pres., Jay Helgren — Treas., Sally Ulrick — Vice Pres.Wendy Adams John Alexander Janet Andersen Cindy Anderson Donna Anderson Stacy Anderson Troy Anderson Jamie Ansite Todd Aronson Michael Babatz David Babb William Baert Stacey Bame Donette Bammann Joseph Baremore Susan Barton Wanda Basel Jeffrey Bau Catherine Bauer Paula Beauchamp James Beise Jane Beise Lee Belland Robert Benike Nathan Bennyhoff Michael Berent Paul Berg Scott Bergerson Scott Berry Mark Bertagnoli 64Stacy Betlach David Billingsley Robert Bixby Denise Bjorgum Debora Blauert Robert Boll Brad Bonnema Michael Boquist James Bosiger Sherree Bostrom Ricke Braegelmann Sandra Brandenburg Dawn Bruhn Tamara Buboltz Michael Buckingham Patrick Burda Mark Butler Melinda Butler Kelly Butterfield Mary Byers Robert Cargill Darwin Carlson Dean Carlson Khris Carrow Wendy Casey Valerie Chabot Todd Chapman Lee Chase Gary Christensen Todd Christensen 65Denise Claire Terri Clark Lance Collins Angela Condon Angela Cone Vickie Conklin Lisa Crocker Gregory Dahl Gary Dass Karen Dass Keith Davis David Delaney David Delaney Leslie Delton Janet Denenny Leslie Dennis David Devel Harlyn Dill Marsha Dingman Patricia Dixon Debra Donahue Kelly Donahue Debbie Draper David Durkin 66Michael Dworsky Gary Ebert Dana Eccles Mary Eckdahl Jack Edwardson Gaye Eidem Margaret Elig Kirby Ellingson Cynthia Elmer Gregory Eisner Terrance Enstad Suzanne Erickson Todd Erickson Thomas Esselman William Fadell Deborah Feehan Brady Fenner Laurie Finn Bradley Fox Michele Garvais Danny Geffre April Geinert Joan Gelhaye Shannon Geno Sarah Gensler Gayle Giannone Danny Good Lenne Goslin Nathan Gove Jeffrey Graham 67Christoph Greene Kurt Greenslit Todd Grover Laura Gruette Cherie Gustafson Lisa Guttormson Norman Hackl Michele Hagglund Theodore Hainlin Joel Hanson Troy Harrington Bryan Harty Wendy Hay James Heitz Jay Helgren Lori Helland Stephen Helleksen Steven Henthorne Sheri Heroux Sherrie Hill Timothy Hill Susan Hoff Michael Hoogenakker Michael Host Rebecca Hotvet Thomas Howells Darrell Huggett Marc lilies Michael Iverson Henri JacobSteven Janicke Carl Jarnig Jeanne Jensen Mark Jessen Leanne Johns Chad Johnson Grant Johnson Valerie Johnson Rebecca Jolicoeur Troy Juliar Marybeth Kenknight Kathy Kerber Randall Kinn Paul Klein Peter Klein Shelley Klocek Cynthia Kohls Hilman Koopman Julie Kowaleczyk Robin Krause Kent Krotzer Cathleen Kruse Richard Kulla Susan Kuntuzos Betsy Lamarre Timothy Landon Carrie Langstom Robert Le Tendre Tammy Leach Lori Linnenkamp 69Kenneth Linquist Jeffrey Loew Christine Luger Guy Maas Karrie Mackenzie Leah Madsen Todd Martian Deborah Matheson Michael McClellan Stephen McClelland Cathleen McCarthy Daniel McCormick Michael Mclnerny Todd McMasters Kimberly Meakins Gregory Metz Ann Meuwissen Michele Meuwissen Kimberly Meyer Timothy Meyer Michael Michel David Miller John Miller Steven Minge Heidi Mittelstaedt Dawn Moore Lisa Morrison Marcella Morrison Wah Moy Oy Quentin Mueller 70Barbara Murray Thomas Navrati! David Needham Emily Nelson Lisa Nelson Melissa Nelson Robyn Nelson Scott Nelson William Nelson Brett Nesenson Troy Newkirk Jonathan Nichols Donald Niesen Mann Nordin Candia Norum Stephanie Novak Timothy Oare Laurel Olsen Christopher O’Malley Michael Orn David Ostvig Eugene Otten Colette Ownbey Cheryl Palm Kirk Paterson Tami Pearson Gregory Pehle Terry Peterson Pamela Pettis Suzanne Phleger 71Sarah Plahn Christopher Pounder Craig Pounder Michael Pride Robert Quast Daniel Raby Joseph Rasmussen Carter Reese Thomas Reeves Glenda Reilein Paul Reimer Claudia Rezba Rebecca Rhodes Kim Richardson Todd Robinson Laura Rogers Linda Rogers Lisa Rogers Johan Ronnkvist Karl Ronnkvist Melissa Ross Tammy Rust Dan Ryan Tina Sanborn Robert Sand Kelly Sarenpa John Schmidt Mark Schmidt Nancy Schmidt Rhonda SchmittScott Schneider Corinne Schroeder Susan Schroeder William Schrupp Nancy Schueller Stephen Schueller Jeffrey Schultz Sue Schwalbe Tamara Shannon Patty Shaughnessy Randy Shofner Roger Sigafoos Brian Sjoberg Robert Sjolin Kimberly Smith Scott Smith Stacy Sohns Renee St. Martin Brian Staley Thomas Stanke Evan Steine David Stephenson David Stettin Steven Stewart 73Dwayne Stiles Shelly Stodola Brian Suhon Julie Svendgard Michael Swalinkavich Daniel Thompson Eric Thornton Gregory Thorsen Shelly Thorsteinson Bich Tran Daniel Turen Susan Tuttle Scott Udell Sally Ulrick Mark Uner Anthony Vandersteeg Jill Vegoe Lynn Verville Dawn Vogel Roxanne Vogelgesang Elizabeth Vollrath Paula Vollrath Annette Voorhees James Walman Deric Watson Frances Weiland Barry Wells Colin Wendt John Westmoreland Douglas White 74Michelle White Christine Widman Kimberly Wilsey Wendy Wilson Fay Wing Larry Wittig Erik Womeldorf Dean Woytcke Vivian Zawada Patti Zimmerman Thomas Zuccaro Joseph Zunt 75Smile Sally! Love it! Preparing for class 76Gayien Thostenson; Principal Lowell Mohn; Assistant Principal SCHOOL BOARD Back row: Left to Right Dr. Dale Fisher; Superintendent, Robert Howells, James Robin, Fred Bame, Gary Mayer, Lynn Adams. Sitting: Elaine Morrow, Secretary, Phyllis O'Malley, Pat Chelberg 78OFFICE PERSONNEL 79(1) Daphne Fletcher; Guidance Aide (2) John Hansen; Counselor (3) Kent Musser; Counselor (4) Francis Babcock; Counselor 8081KM (1) Doryce Maxwell; Athletic Dir. Secretary, Student Store (2) Verna Ulrick; School Store (3) Judy Slimak; Discipline Aide 82FOOD SERVICES Left to Right: Diane Morin, Pat Thornton, Gean Mueller, Mary Lemmerman, Gunnel Ost-vig, Muriel Koler, Pat Berg, Donna Dybing, Mary Peterson CUSTODIAL PERSONNEL Left to Right: Gary Hilgers, Bob Vanecek, Roy Block, Bob Woytcke, Ralph Hofferber, Del Matheson, Pat Withhart, Leonard Koehnen, Rick Pilgrim Not pictured: Duane Raze 83MAYIHAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH 84FACULTY ... assignments to boggle the mind and jar the imagination ... give a synopsis of the next three chapters ... discovering individual solutions to problems ... a quiz every Friday despite that Thursday night basketball game ... conferences with parents after school ... bridging the gap ... investigating, prodding, probing the corners of the mind ... educating: leading forth ...86 (1) James Jackson; English 12, Composition (2) Anne Carlson; English 10, Black Lit. (3) Paul McHale; English Composition, Contemporary Lit. (4) Marsha Rokke; 20th Century English 10, Contemporary Lit. 87 (1) Donald Reimer; American History (2) Guy Jenks; American History (3) John Blomlie; Social Studies, Co. Ed. Phy Education (4) Jacqueline Atkinson; Social Studies 88 (3) (4)89(1) Lyle Buerkle; Geometry (2) Carol Sandbakken; Algebra (3) James Schulte; Geometry, Advance Math (4) Norman Simondet; Algebra 90(1) E. William Anderson; Biology (2) Alleene Butterfield; Biology (3) Diane Carlson; Aide (4) Dennis Schroeder; Chemistry, Life Science (5) Clayton Nielsen; Physics, Chemistry 91(1) Sharon Hinde; Typing (2) Robert Fox; Bookkeeping 92(1) Patrick Furlong; Distributive Education (2) Diane Pederson; Home Economics (3) Roberta Stockton; Home Economics £ ZtC4t 9394(1) Mintie Ferguson; German (2) Cynthia Ellwein; Spanish (3) Geraldine Sawatzke; History Aide (4) VanDora Palm; Instructional Aide 95 (1) Robert Lohmann; Industrial Arts, Math (2) Herbert Olson; Graphic Arts, Industrial Arts (3) Kenneth Hughes; Industrial Arts (4) Robert Chase; Industrial Arts (5) Robert Teigen; Industrial Arts, Metals. Drafting 96(1) Dennis Erickson; Librarian (2) Charlotte Barker; Library Aide (3) Virginia Duhachek; Library Aide 97(1) Cherly Dale; Aide (2) Elta Erickson; Laundress (3) Fritz Soule; Athletic Director, Social Studies (2) (4) Patricia Dykoski; Phy. Ed., Health (5) Fred Hanley; Phy. Ed., Health 9899SADIE HA WKINS DANCE The National Honor Society sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Square Dance. The dance attracted nearly two-hundred jean and overall clad students who came to “swing their partners”. Scherling-Pletsch was in attendance to take pictures for those couples willing to pose and smile in front of John Eisner's cardboard outhouse. 100POP SINGERS — CHOIR First row: N. Rmes, S. Bandel, T. Garin, L. Lambin, H. Rappe, S. Mohn Second row: S. Hotvert. J. Smith. K. Peterson, T. Schulte Third row: S. Erickson, A. Buysse, S. Kreese, D. Haager, 0. Waters. H. Olson, A. Phillips. Fourth row: L. Hallowell, S. Clark. J. Walker, D. Rogers, H. Dommicis, K. Boylan. Fifth row: J. Muth, P. Thostenson, T. Zucarro, B. Walters. First row: L Skoglund, M Porter, J. Farmer, B. Kjerston, J. Smith, S. Bandel, H. Rappe, K. Helget, L. Finifrock. L. MacNamara, C. Countryman. S. Barnes, S Mohn, D. Waters. P. Oas, C. Koepp. Second row: J. Blair, J. Liljeberg, A, Buysse, K. Boylan, R. Blair, K. Luger, S. Freese, J. Loken, D. McIntyre. L. Lambin, C. Johnson, H. Olson, C. Metz, N. Rines, T. Hainlin, M. Baremore. Third row: S. Theobald, K. McIntyre, M. Sullivan. T. Libera. T. Garin, P. Fadell. C. Dorn, L. Hallowell, K. Peterson, S. Hotvet, T. Schulte, M. Dolliff, W. Moeller, D. Rogers. H. Dommicis. Fourth row: A. Phillips, B. Sullivan, J. Weber, K. Hinchman, B. Walters, S. Sutherland, J. Heine, B. KenKmght. D. Lundberg, S. Swenson, M Hedlund, J. Eisner, J. Muth, T. Zucarro, P. Johns, S. Erickson. 102CHOIR First row: V. Chabot. T. Clark, M. Mernik, J. Holzmger, J. Swanson, S. Bame, J. Vegoe, J. Lee, G. Eidem, J. Langert. Second row: J. Svend gard, M Elig, K. Wilsey, S. Olson, M Morrison, D. Anderson. L. Rogers. C. Baily, L. Cooper, R. Blackowiak, P. Dickson. Third row: K. Melamch, G. Christenson, J. Beise. P. Pederson, K. Short, 0. Kuntuzos, M. Olter, A. Widmen, L. Rogers. S. Smith, S. Bierke. Fourth row: T. Zucarro, J. Graham, M. Buckingham, D. Miller. D. McCormick. G. Metz, D. Edwards. T. Meyer, S. Hellekson, N. Hackl, E. Womeldorl. First row: L. Morrison, L. Madsen. M. KenKmght. J. Ansite, W. Hay, A. Cone, W. Adams, J. Anderson, N. Schmidt Second row: C. Gustafson, H. Sutherland, G. Reilem, S. Kuntuzos, D. Draper. V. Conklin, L. Toonen, K. Donahue. Third row: E. Nelson, L. Dennis. M Ross, S. Ulrick, D. Blavert, B. Hotvet, C. Luger. J. Novak, C. Rezba. 103STAGE BAND— CONCERT BAND L. to R. 1st row: B. Sipprell. 0. Stevenson. S. Schafer. P. Klein. T. Pearson. B. Widman. 2nd row: A. Valentine. P. Miller. K. McIntyre. J. Weiland. D. Schwanke, D. Billingsley. J. Cooper. S. Stuart, M. Wmnen, D. Graber, J. Bau. % . c Norum. 2nd row: H. Hawkins, I toR i.t mw-W Hav N Bell C. Bauer. C. Kohls. S. Schwalbe. P. Zimmerman. L hn K nahu Finn, L. Linnmkamp. F. Wei J fwJ Q M Rabat K Davis. D. Matheson. R. Schmitt. D. Madden. 0. Claire. M Garya ' (f D Needham. D. Green. 104WIND ENSEMBLE P •« •» if -.BJ 18‘Ji: }«• . vl • j : i‘•n)ru ji L. to R. 1st row: K. Peterson, S. Hoff, L. Fasching, S. Tuttle, L. Morrison, A. Weiland, T. Janicke, D. Grindahl, L. Tillotson, D. Kubalsky, B. Schroeder, J. Clevenger. 2nd row: L. Kadris, N. Bell, B. Rhodes, L. Johnson, S. Delaney, G. Nelson, K. Swedlund, K. Meyer, M. Iverson, D. Zawada, J. Opheim, D. Babatz, S. Goede, T. Esselman, K. Mackenzie, B. Lamarre. 3rd row: T. Pearson, P. Klein, C. Schroeder. J. Thom ford, S. Shaffer, B. Widman, P. Thostenson, B. Wells, J. Cooper. D. Graiber, J. Furry, M. McClelland, M. Dworsky, J. Bau, T. Magnuson, D. Billinsley, D. Anderson, R. Gantner. J. Zunt. 4th row: Standing — D. Eccles, S. Sandler, J. Helgren, D. Hagar, M. Winnen. Sitting — G. Johnson, M. Jessen, P. McGinnis, S. Peterson, M. Hogenakker, K. Melenich, D. Schwanke, R. Steplien, D. Krusel, P. Elmer, J. Weiland, K. McIntyre, A. Valentine. 105STUDENT COUNCIL Officers: Tom Hancuch — President Brent Sullivan — Sec. Treas. Sandee Wigner — Vice-President L. to R. 1st row: E. Stettin, C. Rezba, J. Halgren. 2nd row: G. Chruchill, J. Stage berg, T. Hancuch, H. Dominicis, W. Adams. 3rd row: G. Hanson, L. Hallowell, B. Kenknight, C. Scruton, S. Ulrick. 4th row: J. Schwingler, J. Zitzloff, D. Olson, S. Tuttle. 5th row: L. Belland, J. Smith, C. Ott, H. Olson. 6th row: S. Barnes. S. Olson, A. Hancuch, D. Nelson, T. Hainlin, R. Lee, M. Bartikoski, L. Dennis. 7th row: T. Libra. J. Dyrov, J. Heine, M. Sullivan, T. Meyers. 8th row: B. Sullivan, T. Gro-cho, C. DiPietro, M. Jessen, T. Haddon, V. Chabot, A. Weiland, C. McCarthy. 106NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Judy Phillips — President Murray Sullivan — Sec. Treas. Heidi Olson — Vice President Top L. to R.: L. Linden, L. Jolicoeur, M Baremore, H. Olson, B. Walters, B. KenKnight, B Abrahamson, S. Pederson, B Adams. J. Eisner, D Babatz, L. Sherry, D. Ac An inch, C. Erickson, C. Zmn, T. Magnuson, L. Faschmg, K. Hoffman, J Liljeberg, M. Sullivan, J. Lee, K. Gottschalk, J. Cooper, B Jorve, P. Thostenson, D Watters, J. Clevenger, R. Know, T. Burlet, B Sullivan, T Schulte, H. Dommicies. W. Carlson, S. Kutz, G. Churchill. P. Alton, C. Reimer, K Phleaer. A. Buysse, S. Churchill, M Bartikoski, M Hedlund, D. Durkin, L. Maxwell, D. Vaugh, C. Johnson, M Willette, L. Skoglund, S. Mortenson, D. Cliff, L. Hallowell. D. McIntyre, K. Schneider, L. Musser. P. Lauer, L. Pellett, J. Martin, T. Hancuch. T. Meuwissen, R. Lee. T. Huner, D. Crane, S. Aune, W. Garden, M Bailey, K Krotzer, J. Phillips, L. Arendt. N. Rines, 107 C. Conklin. J. Smith, K. Helget, A. Wetland.MCLUB First row: S. Bandel, J. Stanke, M. Falness. S. Clark, S. Sandler. H. Dominicis. T. Hancuch, P. Miller. D. Schwanke, C. Ott. J. Phillips. J. Schultz, S. Schaffer. D. Grmdahl. P. Gray. J. Bennett, 0. Crane, 0. Watters. Second row: S. Barnes. B. Soule. B. Roeglin, B. Widman. W. Pletsch, M. McCormick, J. Gemar, T. Shanley, K. Phillips, T. Hainlin. L. Cordes, D. Hetzler. L. Musser, R. Lee, J. Thomford, L. Nelson, K. Phleger. Third row: K. Grady, P. Johns, P. McGinnis, J. Martin, J. Weger, A. Phillips. B. KenKnight, M. Geyen, L. Fasching, E. Nelson, B. Lamarre, D. Vogel, S. Mortenson, C. Conklin, V. Geffre, P. Mason, P. Klein. Fourth row: L. Beno, B. Sullivan. M. Dolliff, S. Ely, W. Carlson, D. McAnmch, C. Johnson, T. Burlet, J. Gray, J. Baremore, K. Greenslit, L. Hallowell, C. Reimer. J. Stageberg, W. Gardner, L. Marson. Fifth row: M. Langley, T. Meuwissen, T. Wiswell, M. Timmons, W. Krueger, P. Elmer, B. Adams. J. Bielke, J. Langert, P. Thostenson, J. Wei-land, K. Clark, K. Gottschalk, D. Freund. J. Crawford, A, Buysse, E. Host. Sixth row: T. Schulte. D. Anderson, D. Brooks, D. Niccum, T. Hill, P. Chubb, J. Halverson, K. Boylan, J. Muth, S. Mohn, C. Scruton, J. Smith, J. Gilmore, E. Arendt. Seventh row: T. Zucarro, R. Halverson, D. Nelson. G. Nelson, K. Swedlund, S. Scherven, S. Mahoney, L. Roiland. C. Nelson. M. Miller, C. Weimer, G. Churchill, J. Zitzloff. M. Bartikoski. K. Luger. Eighth row: M Woytcke, D. Anderson, B Lundquist, T. Seehusen. C. Chapman, S. Sutherland, B. Maupm, P. Lauer, B. Luebke, J. Lemmermen, C. Larson, J. Nelson, K. Mann, N. Rines, T. Clark Ninth row: S Mansk, D. Olson, L. Pulchinski, J. Holzmger, D. Vaughn, T. Pearson, G. Hansson. 108OE—DE L. to R.: A. Weiland, D. Lentsch, S. Goede, S. Webster. Mr. Muth, advisor, S. Beck, S. Thorbus, J. Schmidt, L Maxwell, J. Gemar, D. Vaughn. Not pictured: L. Staley, L. Dingman, E. Lundman, P. Basel, M. Mortenson, L. Coon. L. to R. 1st row: M. Fadell, L. Cordes, M. Cox, S. Heikkila, P. Niccum, D. Nelson. 2nd row: R. Halverson, B. Soule, C. Nelson, J. Schultze, J. Bedell, M. Bartokoski, B. Thompton. B. Wilson, K. Jenson, T. Theisen. 3rd row: M. Dolliff, M. Schilling, A. Gordon, R. Derby, M. Smestad, L. Johns. L. Johnston, S. Carlson, D. Kulalsky, M. Drahos, S. Erickson. 4th row: D. Aslesen, D. Nelson. D. Olson, D. lundberg, T. Martin, C. Boll, T. Engle, T. Erickson, J. Scheller 5th row: A. Parten, C. O'Liry, P. Mason. S. Bosiger, K. Neske, Mr. Furlong, advisor, R. Jacobs, K. Stageberg, J. Phahn. 109GERMAN CLUB Top, L. to R. First row: L. Musser, R. Lee, P. Gray, A. Chase, T. Hansen, S. Churchill. L. Roiland, P. Alton, M. Geyen, M. Bjerke, T. Hmtz, W. Moeller, J. Conklin, C. Ott, A. Hancuch. Second row: C. Chase, D. McAninch, T. Buboltz. P. Mason, M. Lewis, S. Webster, K. Hoffman, J. Dunser, K. Short, L. Woytcke, S. Scherven, M. Baremore, J. Elner, 0. Moy, K. Dass, S. Hoff. S. Bame, B. Jolicoeur. Third row: M. Hanson. Miss Ferguson. D. Babatz, J. Bielke, B. Adams, P. Pederson, H. Mittelstaedt. J. Denenny, C. Bauer, C. Kohls, F. Weiland, D. Blauert, S. Phleger, N. Schueller, L. Linnenkamp, T. Schmidt. J. Bennett. noSPANISH CLUB R. to L. First row: C. Widmer, T. Hollingsworth, C. Erickson. Second row: S. Stutsman, K. Phleger, D. Crane, L. Lam-bin, M. Bjerke. Third row: G. Pehje, J. Greene, A. Phillips, P. Westrum, R. Blair, S. Freese. Fourth row: S. Barton, W. Adams, P. Beauchamp, V. Conklin, S. Mahoney. L. to R. First row: D. McWhite, M. Bartikoski, C. Ownbey. Second row: C. Reynolds, B. Abra-hamson, L. Sko-glund, D. Anderson, S. Pederson, J. Liljeberg, S. Mortenson, J. Lee. IllAFS CLUB L. to R. 1st row: T. Newkirk, P. Zimmerman, D. Babatz, Miss Ferguson. 2nd row: S. Bame, C. DiPietro, L. Skoglund, M. Olter, C. Erickson, Miss Ellwein, S. Pederson, T. Hintz, C. Johnson. 112Top L. to R.: S. Henthorne. T. Burlet. M. Fnaflerald. A. Chase. B. B.ttle, B. Jdicoeur, G. Christensen. S. Berry. C. Schmidt. R. Knox. Kruskopf, S. Bjerke, D. Schwanke. M. A. V. DEPT— MATH CLUB L to R. 1st row: S. Pederson, K. McIntyre. 2nd row: R. Knox, S. Mortenson, T. Hintz, C. Johnson. Miss Sandbakken, adviser. 113THESPIANS L. to R.: Mr. Gulbradson. First row: M. Baremore. J. Heine, J. Lee. Second row: K. Peterson. K. Helget, B. Jackson. L. Skogland, M. Elig, J. Bielke, B. Adams, D. McIntyre. B. Walters. Third row: J. Furry, J. Liljeberg, C. Hoffman. D. McWhite. D. Swanke, J. Eisner. C. Metz, J. Langert, S. Pederson. Fourth row: K. Sarenpa, B. Abrahamson, A. Chase, S. Scherven. 1UTHE TR YSTING PLACESMOKE SIGNAL Editor Jeff Heine with advisor Mr. McHale L. to R. 1st row: J. Phillips, T. Esselman, L. Rogers. 2nd row: L. Rogers, T. Hollingsworth, K. Peterson, M. Baremore, T. Burlet. 3rd row: A. Phillips, C. Schmidt, R. Knox, B. Walters, B. Ambrahamson, J. Eisner. 116FOOTBALL TRI- CAPTAIN Stu Mansk Steve Clark Mike McCormick L. to R. 1st row: T. Seehusen, D Nelson. S. Sutherland, T. Schulte, B. Thompton, P. Morin, W. Guttormson, R. Jacob, B. KenKnight, D. Niccum, B. Resler, E. Stettin. 2nd row: B. Sipprell, R. Carlson. A. Chase, T Walman. J. Schwmgler, L. Beno, S. Clark, S. Mansk, C. Oh, J. Martin, W Pletsch. W. Garden, T. Shanley. 3rd row: B. Soule, T. Hancuch, J. Muth, S. Strand, K. Gottschalk, S. Pederson, Coaches, L. Buerkle, F. Hanley. C. Kulberg, G. Palm, C. Block, J. Gemar, R. Halverson, T. Hill, J. Ericson. 4th row: M. Bartikoski. M. Timmons, J. Stanke, M. Willette, D. Mussy, M. Drahos. P. Johns, B. Sullivan, T. Hadden, J. Mader, D. Schwanke, P. Chubb. 5th row: P. Miller, J. Halvorson, C. Chapman, W. Kruger. D. Anderson. D. Bode, T. Mewuissen, T. Wiswell, T. Williams, W. Carlson. 6th row: D. Freund, A. Phillips, B Widman. B. Lundquist, J. Weber, D. Andersen, R. Whittacher, C. Tweedy, M. Falness, J. Elig. 7th row: S. Sandler, M McCormick. C. Nelson, K. Grady, B. Roeglin. ALL-CONFERENCE B. Soule, M Falness, J. Stanke, B Roeglin L. to R. 1st row: D. Huggett, D. Eccles, M lilies. S. Geno, B. Harty, T. Stanke. T. Newkirk, M. Barrent, N. Gove, M. Uner. 2nd row: D Astavig. C. Reese. M. Mclnerny, D. Delaney, M Babatz, S. Stevenson, J. Walman, L. Belland, R. Shofer, M. Orn, K. Krotzer. 3rd row: M Hogennakker, D. McCormick, D. Styles, B. Bixby, T. Zuccaro, J. Schmidt, D. Raby, E. Womeldorl, J. Helgren, T. Christenson, C. Car-row. 4th row: Coach Gove, S. Udell, H. Jacob, B. Nessesson. D. Miller, T. Hill, T. Howells, D. Dworsky. M. Pride, B. Suhon. J. Zunt, P. Reimer, Coach J. Blomlie. 1181 119VOLLEYBALL CAPTAINS Julie Stageberg and Tori Pearson Most Improved Player: Katie Phleger Mary Jassim Most Valuable Player: Tori Pearson All-Conference: Tori Pearson L. to R. 1st row: J. Gilmore. 2nd row: P. Gray, P. Oas, C. Reimer, K. Phleger. 3rd row: Manager L. L. Tilliston, J. Smith, M. Jassim, D. Vaughn. J. Stageberg, T. Pearson, Coach Sandbakken. 120VOLLEYBALL 1st row: G. Hassen, R. Lee, L. Musser, P. Klein, S. Mahoney. P. Olmstead. 2nd row: mgr. I. Tillitson, P. Mason, C. Johnston, D. Grmdahl. G. Hegg, J. Holzinger, L. Roiland, A. Chase, coach C. Sandbakken. 1st row: M. Olter, P. Beauchamp, D. Anderson, L. Olsen. V. Conklin, J. Vegoe, C. DiPietro. 2nd row: coach Miller. D. Donahue. M. Gravis, S. Hoff, C. Palm, S. Churchill, T. Clark, S. Ulrick, K. Donahue. 121BOYS’ CROSS COUNTR Y L. to R. 1st row: G. Thorsen, E. Roy. D. Alexander. M. Jessen. E. Thompton. K. Gottschalk, J. Baremore. 2nd row: K. Greenslit, E. Grimes. T. Donaldson, P. Elmer. 3rd row: T. Hurner, P. McGinnis, C. Knutson, M. Miller, J. Shaughnessy, M. Cranes, T. Eckdahl, K. Melinich, C. Hunder, B. Maupin, C. Johnson. P. Jessen. 4th row: B. lubke. S. Ely, D. Swedenborg. Coach Lage, Mat Dolliff, J. Gray. 122GIRLS CROSS COUNTR Y CAPTAINS Connie Conklin and Vicky Geffre First in Conference Lynn Nelson CONGRATULATIONS L YNN! L. to R. 1st row: C. Conklin. V. Geffre. 2nd row: C. Widmer, C. Mueller, C. Dorn. S. Mortenson, C. Barton, L. Cordes. 3rd row: L. Pyle, K. Hoffman. C. Perkins. L. Crocker, D. Hetzler, D. Vogel, M. Mclnnis. 4th row: K. Leach, L. Nelson, B. LaMarre. K. Linn. N. Ott, V. Chabot, W. Adams, M. Eckdahl, K. Butterfield. B. Adams. Coach Babcock. 5th row: B. Rhodes. S. Barton, L. Verville. 123SOCCER 1st row: T. Erilkson, C. Green, D. Carlson, J. Greene, S. Pederson, C. Zins, T. Gocho, S. McCullon. 2nd row: M. Woytcke, D. McAninch, C. Chase, J. Weiland, C. Martins, T. Hainlin, R. Dahl, J. Walker, M. McCullon, R. Storlien, D. Hager, T. Garin. 124SWIMMING Ht row: C. Thibault, F. Raby, M. Fithian, H. Schyltz, T. Meyer, S. Kluth, C. McMillen, S. Bartel, C. Wolner, P. Zawada. 2nd row: K. Bandal, B. Donaldson, J. Everet, D. Brooks, H. Berry, L. Reynolds, A. Hanson, L. Lewman. L. to R. Ht row: Manager C. Kohls, Captain J. Schmidt, M. Lewis, K. Regan, S. Tuttle. F. Weiland, D. Watters, L. Goslin, L. Oberhau-ser. 2nd row: L. Essleman, G. Watters. S. Schaffer, V. Zawada. B. Langley, L. Oberhauser, A. Hames. J. Hagen. M. Thibault, S. Bostrom, J. Denneny. 3rd row: J. Nichols, Coach Wallace, M. Bertagrnoli, S. Phleger, N. Rines, J. O'Neill. 125TENNIS L. to R. 1 t row: J. Andersen, W. Casey, J. Conklin, P. Alton, S. Olsen, J. Clevenger, V. Jonhson. 2nd row: R. Hotvet, E. Nelson, S. Linquist, K. Boylan, L. Arendt, S. Barnes, S. Bandel, S. Scherven, Coach Fletcher. 126127BO YS BASKETBALL L to R. 1st row: R. Chapman, S. Ely. Manager S. Pederson, Coach Blomlie, Manager R. Storlien, J. Muth, M. lilies. 2nd row: T. Shanley, D. Andersen, J. Helgren, P. Chubb, E. Womeldorf, J. Vogel, K. Larson, M. Bartikoski. K. Schneider. T. Hill, T. Hadden. CAPTAINS Joe Vogel Dave Andersen ALL-CONFERENCE Dave Andersen HONORABLE MENTION Joe Vogel L. to R. 1st row: Coach Exel, Manager G. Johnston. 2nd row: M. Host. K. Carrow, P. Reimer, M. Jessen, J. Schmidt, D. Ryan, J. Helgren, K. Krotzer, M. Uner, D. Huggett, N. Gove. 128129GIRL'S BASKETBALL L. to R. 1st row: Manager L. Skoglund, C. Mueller, V. Geffre, L. Nelson, E. Nelson. P. Gray. J. Bennett, K. Phleger, K. Butterfield. 2nd row: Coach Musser. Manager A. Weiland, L. Tillotson, J. Holzinger. J. Conklin, K. Hoffman. P. Mason, R. Blackow iak, S. Barnes, L. Pulchinski, Coach Reimer, Manager S. Phleger. CAPTAIN Vicky Geffre 130 L. to R. 1st row: P. Beauchamp, M. Garvis. K. Meekens, S. Hoff, S. Ulrick, W. Hay. 2nd row: S. Tuttle, L. Crocker, B. LaMarre, V. Chabot, J. Denenny, S. Barton, L. Morrison, L. Verville, D. Vogel, Coach Sandbakken.131HOCKEY L to R. 1st row: T. Hancuch, S. Clark, R. Carlson, D. Lundberg, W. Garden, T. Garin, T. Stanke, J. Erickson, B. Soule. 2nd row: Coach Furlong, C. Nelson. M. McCormick, T. Zuccaro, J. Halverson, D. Nelson, R. Halverson, J. Stanke, J. Schultze, Manager T. Newkirk, Coach Halverson. CAPTAIN Jim Stanke ALLCONFERENCE Jim Stanke Dave Nelson Bill Soule David Lundberg CONFERENCE CHAMPS! 132 L. to R. 1st row: T. Hill, R. Carlson, W. Guttormson, M. Berent, S. McClelland, P. Fadell, M. Hancuch. 2nd row: P. Doyle, J. Walmann, M. Babitz, P. Morin, D. McCormick. Coach Halverson. T. Lofrano, B. Hardy. C. Hemstock, T. Stanke, B. Nessonson.133WRESTLING L. to R. 1st row: S. Schmidt, T. Hurner, P. lauer, D. Alexander. C. Knutson, J. Martin. 2nd row: Coach Leopold, C. Tweedy, D. Anderson, T. Meuwissen, J. Lemmerman, B. KenKnight. J. Schwingler, Manager J. Tulberg. Not pictured: Coach Buerkle, M. Miller, T. Kickhafer. CAPTAINS Jeff Martin Bruce KenKnight ALL-CONFERENCE Marty Miller Dave Alexander BEST RECORD Marty Miller 21-4-1 L. to R. 1st row: C. Martins. N. Bennyhoff, T. Gocho, D. Veros, M. Winnen. 2nd row: Coach Leopold, B. Bixby. B. Thoptom, D. Eccles, B. Resler, J. Zunt, P. Klein, Manager H. Jacobs. 134135GIRL’S GYMNASTICS CAPTAINS Julie Stageberg Joey Gilmore L. to R. 1st row: T. Erickson, K. Skibiski, L. Clark, C. Hegg, T. Clark, V. Conklin, K. lauer. 2nd row: Coach Dykoski, M. Jassim, J. Stageberg, L. Cordes, J. Gilmore, S. Mahoney, K. Quam, P. Oas, manager L. Roiland. Not pictured: C. Anderson. D. Conkey, L. Kohls, K. Luger, C. Rezba, L. Zeanchock. 136137MO HA WKETTES 1$t row: K. Phillips, G. Nelson, J. Olson, K. Quam — Captain, M. Geyen — Co-captain, M. Berquist. 2nd row: E. Host, S. Webster, D. Hiller, M. Meuwissen, C. Lowe, L. Fasching. 3rd row: C. Scruton, R. Mohn, K. Meyer, H. Hawkins. S. Heroux, T. Hainlin. K. Swedlund, L. Sherry. Captain: Kristi Quam Advisor: Barb Zins Co-Captain: Mary Geyen 138MAJORETTES Charlie Chapman was the music technician for the last 3 years. Drill Team and the Majorettes will miss you! Thanks Charlie! n 139VARSITY WRESTLING 1st row: S. Heikkila. 2nd row: L. Marson, L. Musser. 3rd row: R. Lee, M. Jassim — Captain. 4th row: L. Finifrock. BASKETBALL 1st row: D. Nelson, A. Buysse, H. Olson. 2nd row: K. Lugar, K. Mann. 3rd row: J. Zitzloff — Captain. HOCKEY 1st row: L. Hallowell, H. Rappe. 2nd row: J. Crawford — Captain. 3rd row: K. Boylan, S. Mohn. 4th row: J. Gilmore. 140CHEERLEADERS FOOTBALL L. to R. 1st row: J. Gilmore, M. Jassim, A. Buysse. 2nd row: K. Mann, L. Musser, K. Boylan, J. Crawford — Captain,. Hallowell, J. Zitzloff, S. Mohn, D. Nelson, H. Olson. SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS 141 L. to R. 1st row: M. KenKnight, C. Schroeder. 2nd row: C. Palm, S. Ulrick — Captain. 3rd row: T. Clark, K. Luger.Wayzata 5 Delano 5 3rd out of out of 9 at 142■B if Mound 2 0 1 0 3rd 3 0 0 2 4th 2 5 Eden Prairie Chaska Hutchinson Litchfield Madison Inv. Glencoe Orono Madison Waconia Rochester Inv. Shakopee Buffalo TENNIS 3 5 4 5 5 3 3 0 Conference Record 2 8 Overall Record 2-11 Captain — Libby Arendt Most Valuable — Kathy Boylan Sue Schervan VOLLEYB. St Louis Park Richfield EdeTTFu Golde Glenc Hutchin Orono Hopkins Eisenhowki Minneapolis S.W. _Qplden Valley Moorehead lost 0 0 2 0 TT 2 2 1 2 2b 1433 overti 120 iference Mound 10 7 5 10 5 4 5 4 2 6 5 Orono Hutchinson Chaska Buffalo A f hakopeej Bemlde Mi Hutchinson Richfield Lindbergh 4 Region 4 Region 4-40 Conference ST vSsb 8 100 Overall Golden Valley Chaska Wayzata Buffalo Shakopee Detroit Lakes Brooklyn Copter St. Louis Fridley Gr rai WRESTLING Mound 15 Minnetonka 40 24 Buffalo 27 15 Goodhue 38 35 Lincoln m 21 17 Hutchinson 41 23 Virginia 29 36 Hmckely 15 29 Centennial 27 17 Glencoe 35 Mound Mound 100.2 GYMNASTICS Wayzata 100.75 Mound 106.75 Buffalo 88.6 101.35 Fridley 100.0 Orono 88.2 114.85 Lincoln 115.6 Chaska ■ Eden Prairie 99.2 105.4 Glencoe 95.0 126.3 103.9 Buffalo 98.55 108.6 Wayzata 108.6 Glencoe 104.2 S.F. Licoln 106.35 106.7 Watertown 105. Lindbergh 98.35 101.3 Chaska 95.7 114.7 Eden Prairie 120.45 105.4 Glencoe 95.0 106.5 Edina West 137.5 103.9 Buffalo 98.5 101.35 Chaska 95.7 1147.7 Eden Prairie 120.4 106.5 Orono 94.9 106.5 Orono 94.9 107.8 Richfield 102.45 i 144 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Mound Mound P°27 Park Center 42 38 Hutchinson 48 1 46 Wayzata 44 5-13 — 26 Waconia 36 | 34 Waconiav r 44 Overall 24 Glencoe 48 1 34 Glencoe7 46 5-10 — v 45 Eden Prairie 39 30 Chaska 43 Conference , 24 Chaska 36 27 Eden Prairie 41 36 Orono 35 36 Orono 31 All- 56 Buffalo 34 32 Buffalo - s» 29 Conference 32 Hutchinson 46 26 Shakopee 50 Lynn Nelson 33 Shakopee 59 46 Richfield 47 Regions Mound 33 Buffalo 57 Hutchinsoi BO KS" BASKETBALL 39 40 Shakopee Wacoma 51 45 40 56 4-15 — Overall Mound 35 Buffalo 48 Shakopee 42 Hutchinson 31 Wacoma 46 Glencoe 50 fl 4-12 — 55 Glencoe M3 Apple Valley 53 Conference 46 Eden Prairie 34 Chaska 40 35 Chaska 39 Eden Prairie 35 " 56 St. Francis 55 Orono r ", 39 36 Orono t. Louis Park 43 45 44 54 69 48 45 60 37 59 RegionsSNOW-DAZE EVENTS Monday Dress Up Day Coronation-Variety Show Tuesday Farmer Day Anything Goes Competition Wednesday Pink and Red Day Carnation Day Computer Dating Pizza Party Thursday Boot, Hat, and Mitten Day Friday Boys Dress Like Girls Day Girls Dress Like Boys Day Pep Fest Saturday Snow Daze Dance at Grandview Jr. High 146147Queen Cheryl Scruton Escorted by Mr. Lowell Mohn Princess Gretchen Churchill Escorted by Mr. Robert Churchill Princess Jilane Crawford Escorted by Mr. Harlyn Crawford Princess Kim Mann Escorted by Mr. Ronald Mann Princess Kristi Quam Escorted by Mr. John Quam Princess Sandee Wigner Escorted by Mr. Robert Wigner 148King Matt Dolliff Escorted by Mrs. Mary Dolliff Prince Henry Dominicis Escorted by Mrs. Nancy Dominicis Prince Tom Hancuch Escorted by Miss Ann Hancuch Prince Stuart Mansk Escorted by Mrs. Joan Mansk Prince Ted Schulte Escorted by Mrs. Jackie Schulte Prince Jim Stanke Escorted by Mrs. Rose Stanke 1491979 SNOW-DAZEROYAL COURT CHANGES IN LIFE The Emcees for Coronation were Chrysa Widmer and Dana Olson. The crown bearers were Maggie Williams and Jimmy Helgren. The theme song, "Searching So Long" was sung by Kristi Peterson and Tony Zucarro. Queen Cheryl was crowned by last year’s King, Tim Morin. King Matt was crowned by last year’s Queen, Baibi Vegners. 151M Mob Mellow Memories 1520 t h e v e r n m e n t Off to dreamland 153 o ou 154 unordinarynot now. I'm busy!! nice naughty! noticing you! never out of spirit 155D 156Wild and crazy guy Weird but harmless Working hard? Willie and his body guards Whimsical 157 c O 158 Exhibition of Mound boxing team.159 Showing off their muscles Seriously now folks!160 takin’ it easy0 Oh my sod!!! 161 Overexposed Obligation Needs more practice! Nice lookin' farmers!! Never ending charm Never say "can’t" right coach? Never needs a reason to smile! 162Kids Kute Kouplel! Kim Keeping up the good work! Knock ’em down!! Kinky! 163A animal! artist Ann's adorable niece after the game cards at my house appointment day at the salon 164YOU'VE GOT THE CUTEST LITTLE BABY FACE! (1) Kriss Regan (2) Judy and Andy Phillips (3) Chrysa Widmer (4) Jeanene Bennett166(1) Jill Loken (2) Connie, Joni, and Vickie Conklin (3) Lisa Rhode (4) Theron Hollingsworth (5) Brent and Murray Sullivan (6) Ann and Tom Hancuch (7) Cindy Reimer and Tom Hadden 167TRUDY AND BIRGIT I did not use to think that school was always fun. But this year I look forward to going to school everyday. School here is very different from what I was used to. It involves so much more than just classes and studying. Here you get to know many more people in a shorter time. That really helped me. When I came last summer it did not take more then a few weeks until I felt at home. I came to a great family. I’m very thankful to them for letting me share their home. I think I have met more wonderful people during this year than ever before. I just want to thank you all here at Mound Westonka High for being so great. I know I will Never forget this year, and I hope some of you will remember me too. I love you all, Trudy Hansson Rabygrand 1 230 12 Hollviksass Sweden PLEASE WRITE! Hi! The five months at Mound Westonka have been a real neat time. After I had changed families in November I had thought that my exchange year wasn’t going to be wonderful after all. But you have cheered me up quite a bit. Now I’m really excited to go back and tell everybody about it. I want to thank you for that. I want to thank the Tuttle family, who made me feel at home from the first day. You have given me a lot. Thanks to everyone, my family, the students, and the teachers for a super half year. When I get ’’Homesick’’ and want to come back to Mound, It’s all your fault! Brigit Carstenson P. S. Be sure to come to visit me whenever you come to Germany, AUFWIEDERSEHN! 168MARIE AND CESAR Mohawks, This is my third month in the U.S. and I must say. I’m having a great time with my new family. My family, the Deltons are the best family I could ever have. I’ve met a lot of new friends, and it was great! In just three months I got to know most of the students in school, which is almost as many people as on my Island. I want to give my thanks to the Mohawks for being so friendly to me. I have seen and experienced many things that are completely different and new to me. I’ve never seen snow, and am looking forward to seeing it. I hope it doesn’t get as cold as “below zero”. I want to give my sincere thanks to the Mound AFS Chapter and the whole community for supporting me. Also my thanks to all the teachers of MWHS for their understanding and kindness. Thanks for everything Mohawks, I invite you all to visit me in Micronesia. Marie Olter P.0. Box 12 Ponape Eastern, Caroline Is. 96941 Marie Olter Hello! I’m C sar, a happy Brasilian AFSer. I'm happy because of the opportunity I'm having in meeting the great American people, and because I feel I'm growing with the new experience. I’m living with the Jessens and I can't describe how nice they are. As the months go on. I’m getting better in the matter of understanding people which helps me when I meet new people. At first I had small problems with the language. Even with the English in my high school the words weemed to run away when I tried to say something. My speaking problems never worried me a lot though, because love and understanding are universal languages which make everyone in the world the same, even if they don’t wear, act or think the same. This statement has helped me not to fear meeting new and “different" people. Of course I get a little homesich sometimes (especially when I start thinking about Brazil) But you can be sure I’ll miss you a lot. Mound Westonka friends. A big thank you, Ceasar Martins 169CINZIA AND TAKA Ciao! I’m your first Italian A.F.Ser, I hope other Italians will come to meet the Mohawks! For the first time in my life I’ve really experienced the meaning of "different", of really trying to understand people fully. It’s really hard: family (nice), school, friends, weather, the whole way of life. It's all different! But I can say Thanks. Thanks for helping me to understand myself and others better. Not only with words. I hope to come back or to meet all of you in Italy someday. Thank you again Mohks! Just one more thing, IT’S TOO COLD HERE! Cinzia DiPietro Before I came here, I was anxious about my family, the people, and school. But now I don’t feel that way. I’m happy to come here, to beautiful Lake Minnetonka and to so much green. I thank people for their kindness. Japanese and American schools are very different, so at first I was puzzled. But many friends helped me. I’m happy I could make so many friends. I think it is hard to study abroad. We are in a foreign country, but not alone, there are many friends. I thank you for your kindness. Takayuki Gocho 170JENS Before I came over here, I was a little afraid of what I was getting into. I expected the family, the school, the friends, the surroundings, the weather, etc. to be totally different from what it turned out to be. I want to thank the school for having me, especially the students who met me with such warmness and kindness. It made it easy for me to have my stay here. A very special thanks to my host family, the Glesne’s who actually adopted as their son. If I had any problems or just needed to talk to someone, I could always go to them. This year I've had through ASSE will be something I always can look back on with many happy feelings. If any of you should come to Denmark or any of the surrounding countries please write me before you come so we can meet, if possible, and talk about old times. ANYONE PLEASE! Love, Jens Dyrlov Birkebakken 3 4773 Stensued Denmark 171Well everyone, the 1978-79 school year is finally over. We hope this yearbook will bring back many happy memories and maybe even a few of the not so happy ones. We would like to thank everyone that helped us with this year’s Mohian, Jill Loken, Kriss Regan, Carmen Bennyhoff, Brent and Murry Sullivan, Tim Libera, Lori Finifrock, Raph Knox, Cliff Schmidt, Ann Chase, Mary Baremore, Scherling-Pletsch Studios and a special thanks to Mr. Muth for his understanding. It was a lot of hard work and please accept our apologies for any mistakes. Thanks to all who contributed pictures. co-editors 172SENIORS Mgr. Debra — 2$ u tarolyn — 28, I Intto, Mario — 28 Nelson, L| Neske. Krj Newkirk, I Svoboda. Shelly Svoboda. Starry in03TPn 0A, r u T X e k , »»6.165 rr, Kathem — 30, 1' 120. 30 . R ha m Andersen. David — 18. 108. 118, 128 Andwion. David — 18,108. 118. 134 Anderson, Duane — 18. 105 Anderson. G'rooty — 18 Anderson. Kim Areodt. lubeth - 18, 107. 108. 126 Asiesen. David — 18.42. 09 8aert. Jack — 18 jBailey. Michael—18. 107 Bikef, Tereu — 18 Band !, Kelly — 18, 166 Batemore. Mary — 13. 18. 102. 107. HO. 114. 116 Barton, Cherl— 18,39.123 Basel. Vandfa — 18 Be k. Sara — 18. 109 Bell. Nancy — 18. 104.105 Bennett. Jeanene — 18. 108. 1 1 Jl 130. 165 Bennyhoff. Carmen — 19 Beno. Lerry — 19. 118 Berent. Carol — 19 B, Mark — 35 Brrquiit, Michelle — 19. 138 Brlger, Rhomda — 19 B.ttle. Robert — 19. 113 Bjeike. Michael — 19. 110. Ill Blair. Julia — 19. 102 Blanchard. Brian — 19 Boll, Christopher — 19.109 Jo he — 19 Bosiger, Sally — 19, 109 B aeflelmann, Cynthia — 19,42 Brethofit. John — 19 Brooks. Douglas — 19,108 Brown. Lloyd — 19 Buckingham. Thomas — 20 Buehl, Jean — 20 Burlet. Todd — 20,107,108.113. 116 Butler. Jama — 35 Buyite, Ann — 5.20,102. 107, 108, 140. 141 Carlson, Michelle —20.109 Carlton. Wayne — 20. 108. 118 Cecka. Joan — 20 Chapman. Mark — 35 Chapman, III Charlet — 20. 38. 108. 118.139 Chat . Anne — 20.110.11J, 114. T 21 Chrutie. Laura — 20 Church'll. Gretchen — 20.40. 106. 107.108.148 _ i. Kenneth — 20. 108 04 Stephen — 5.20,40.102. 108. CMf. Debora — 20. 107 C- Connie — 20. 41. 107. 108, Cooper. Jennifer — 20 Co.. Mary — 21, 109 Crane. Dunn — 21. 107. 108, 111 Crawford. Jilane - 21. 108. 140 J 41, 148. 166 VI. Mark —21 V y, Ronald-21.109 CtflB an. l,sa—21 et'o Cmaia — 21. 106. 112.121. )0d »5. Anne — 21 “f- 21. W. 102. 108. £109. 122, 149. 151 1 £nck .on, Teresa — 22 109 fadeli M hee1-22.109 ralnett, Mark — 22 108 tin Michael _2 Michelle - 2? frank e. Deborah - 22 free-., Sheiu-2 . ,02.1,, f'Mtdrechs, Rodney — 22 furry. Jam —22. ,05. 114 Gann. Tl( 132 Garrett. GeMre. Vicky 130 Gelruye. Susan — 23 Gemar, Jam — ?3, i Gemar. Jamie — 23. 109 Gtno, Deanna — 23 OAnore JoMar.e — 5. 23. 34. 108. 120, i 36. 140. 141 Gocho ! ,»kj,uk. — 23.106. 124. 132 l70 Gorde, Shelly — 2j. 105. 1 Good. David — 23 Gordon, Ann — Goitichalk. Keith 166 Gottschalk, 166 Grady, Graeber, OaTvid Gray. Raul a — 2 Greene. Jeffrey—'24. ill. 124 Grew. Rodney - 24 Grtnvafdt Carol - 24. 139 Gsrtiadge, James Haley. Michael Hallowed, torrain — 5, 24,40, barton. Richerd - 24. 109.1 Hancoch, 107. 1 Hanwdn.’ 110, 121. Hartmann, ] Hattrlbnng, Hein . Jeffrey 116 Melflet. Kelly — 24, 39, 102. 107. 1 M Helland. Steven - 24 Henning, LiM — 24 Hentgei. Teresa He trier. Hino, T Hoffman HoUrngi 116. 167 Horan, Stephen Hire . Shari — 25 Jackson. £ii .ib ih — 25, 114 Jackson. Michael — 25 Jasnirt, Mary — 25, 41. 120. 136. e - 26. 109 27. no. 126 - 17.27. 39. 102. Riddle. Kelly — 31 Rmti Nancy — 5, 31. 102. 107 t0«. 125 Robmton, Don — 3, Roeglin. Ba-t - 31. 108. 118 Roiland Mark — 31 jie' Slc.rn - Jl. 105 108, 118 jvalrkr, Thomas 31 Schape-, Lisa — 31 S hervr-n, Su annr 31.108. 110. 114. 126 Schilling Melody - 31. 109 Schmid! Barbara — 31 Schmid! Clifford 31. M3 1 16 Schmrdi Jemlrr - 31.42. 109. 125 Schroedo, Jody — 31 SchueUei. Juliannr — 31, 109 Theodore 31.4 1.42. 102. 107 108 118 149 | ■n. Paul - 32 Douglas 32. 104 105. ___8, M3. 114. 118 Scruton, Cher»l 17. 32 40. 106. 108. 138. 148 151 Seebusen. T.mothy - 32,108.1)8 Shaoghnessy John - 13,32. 122 S ppr,11. Brian - 12. 04,118 Smestad. M.yn - 32. 109 TiMS rJ7- K..m-32 ...... Sfa r, Ir ire— 32 __Isunke. Jam — 5,32, 38,41, 108. Sara — 28.107. 108 n8. ,3 149 HI. 113, 123 Slnne. Susan — 35 l .«r Stutsman. Salt, _ 32 Suil .an Brent — 12, 33. 102, 106. - 5.29,38.108,109. 1Q7, iQ8, M8. 167 m 102 106, Laube. David - 26 Laurence Colleen -26 Jackie - 35 .Darlene -26. 109 Vanne libera. Timothy 106 Lmden, Laurie - 27. 107 Imdgren. Kenneth —27 toehlein, Kay - 27 loken. JiU — 27. 102. 110. 167 lundberg. David — 27, 102. 109. 132.166 Lundman. Elis — 27 LundQuist. Brook — 27. 108. 118 Maas Troy-27 Mam. Kimberly - 27. 108. 140. 1 145 Stuart 12. 27, 108, Marshall.p«ui _ 35 ■■ ■-27.108 ■TOana Marlin. G«egg—27 • “ .Tommy - 27. 109 unt. Cesar — 27.124, 134. 169 , Linda - 28. 107. 109 , Daniel — 1 3. 28. 108, Sutherland, Shaw — 33. 102. 108. 33. 109 — 33.102. 105. 35 » —35 33 - 33. 104. 105 3 14, 107. 108. 109. Olson. Dana - 4. 29, 38. 40. 106. 108. 109. 151 OHer. Mary-29. 112, 121. 169 Ophelm, Jul.e — 29. 105 Palm. Gregory — 29. 118 Pearson. Tor. - 29. 104. 105. 108. 1 1. 107 PetersoiCKrHTi — 30. lO2.105. i J 116.151 Peterson. William Penis. Kurt — 30_________________ — 33.128 us — 33, 118 -5. 33.102,108.118 — 33. 39. 108. 109. — 33. 38. 105. 106, 130 s — 34, 104, 105. 108. Jobcoeur. L KafaL John Kallunki. Mi Kelm. Dawn g-35 •el — 34 nhard — 34. 104, 105. frsa — 4. 34,40. 108. 1151. 165 bet — 34 dee — 34. 38. 106. 148 rk — 34, 107,118 am — 35 fc —34.104,105,132 •JSfcr34 ■BieK 34, 108. 124 42.107 ,4 '- 125. 165 !20l67'’'h‘J 5‘ ’°7' ’ Rhode. Lisa — 30, lha t Randall — 22 i- Todd — 22.109 son. She hi — 22. 109 Ungert. T. Ursgley. M Larson. NaX 1 | I I I ? o _ o _ .'■'o s ?5 g O 1 y, P J S ; 2 iSii|If I.MriJ Ill'll? SsSsSg ov .8? V,r 2 5 - sffff. csr' ■si' 5 S 5 z p g?f, a 2-1 S-.8$ I i, I I g — I u UI cr u • m - I u wu-w 00 cn - O —V — -- - j w r © - - oooozzzzzzzzz ;|P5||I! 3-1 SS I , I S S?Sg -g'-2 o»o °S-“ Wil.wiuifSfi WI3B." - »»ci. ; 6 sliy U — ©O" zzzzz . « « » • • ;f$U = 3 ? 3 3 at? £ ■?• r?5 » 5 3 « 3 5 I i, I |S?«S o' _. o — 0»©W I I I ■ n 2 O' 5-yX ‘ _ o go.g W Ntfl. J?? »» • tJN -J ■:s?i 2 I “I So. O' | «• U» 1 L??J lr?“S -||C “ s | M s! i zz I + •» . a z P 5 -j a u." a w s0 »r r■ a o sfl4? rl«s w a j O-I ■U'o'-— O' 09 § 00 g3 W ? - 8 • o — — w U, S -■ • yx 2|» $ O w y© — ©• w 8 P P O N4 hi hi §K § 8 •-3 a S v ' h» 8 8 ” i fO£ .8 .5J S • .. 21761979 MOHIAN SUPPLEMENT QUEEN VICK Y ESCOR TED B Y TIM SEEHUSEN °VND(FESTONKA RE 1Sophomore attendant Dawn Vogel escorted by Tom Zuccaro Princess Cheri Barton escorted by Stu Mansk Queen Vicky Geffre escorted by Tim Seehusen Princess Connie Conklin escorted by Bill Soule Junior attendant Deb Hetzler escorted by Cliff Nelson Erica Bohnhoff Michael Widmer Queen Vicky Geffre crowned by Co-Captains Pat McGinnis and Jim Gemar Honorary Captain Dana Olson MC's: Ann Weiland, Charlie Chapman Music: Mary Baremore, Andy Phillips 23BOYS’ TRACK Mound 74 Orono 37 Waconia 54 31 Eden Prairie 88 Shakopee 31 60 Buffalo 56 Chaska 49 52 Orono 47 Park Invitational: 7th place Hutch Invitational: 3rd place St. Francis Invitational: 6th place Conference Relays: 6th place Conference Meet: 6th place Regions: 12th place New School Record: 6'4 in High Jump by Joe Lemmerman 1979 Outstanding Trackman: Charlie Chapman Coaches Award: Pat McGinnis Most Improved: Shot Put: Tom Zuccaro Pole Vault: Mark Dworsky Captains: C. Chapman, P. McGinnis, J. Gemar 1st row: B. Roeglin, D. Brooks, P. McGinnis, J. Weber, J. Shaughnessy, A. Phillips, T. Seehusen, S. Sutherland, C. Chapman, H. Dominicis, K. Gottschalk, M. Woytcke, S. Mansk, J. Gemar, B. Widman. 2nd row: W. Carlson, B. Bittle, J. Vogel, J. Lemmerman, T. Meuwissen, J. Lueck, J. Martin, B. Maupin, C. Knutson, S. Ely, T. Hur-. ner, T. Wiswell, M. Timmons. 3rd row: C. Martins, M. Bartikoski, J. McMann, C. Block, R. Storlein, T. Magnuson, M. Miller, J. Gray, T. Williams, M. Hedlund, B. Luebke, D. Swedenborg, P. Jessen, J. Mader. 4th row: J. Bittle, M. Dworsky, E. Stettin, D. Nelson, D. Watson, D. Pyle, C. Pounder, J. Zunt, T. Newkirk, D. Raby, D. Woytcke, J. Miller, J. Baremore, C. Reese, M. Jessen, E. Thompton, M. Cranes, T. Brady, Coach Lage. 5th row: S. Strand, G. Thorsten, M. Mclnerny, E. Womeldorf, B. Schrupp, B. Bixby. M. Ellingboe, J. Nichols, S. Donaldson, G. Sand, K. Davis, B. Widmer, B. Simar, E. Grimes, J. Johnson, P. Berg, S. Gantner, C. Hunder, K. Scott, B. Ely. Back: G. Johnson, R. Dahl, D. Barlass, D. Stettin. 4GIRLS' TRACK MOUND 36 Owatona 40, Spencer la. 42, E.P. 18 53 Owatona 34 105 Watertown 67, Blake 15, Golden Valley 58 Shakopee 29, Eden Prairie 69 71 Buffalo 10, Chaska 75 70 Eisenhower 56, St. Louis Park 27 96 Orono 46, Waconia 14 64 Minnetonka 59 97 St. Louis Park 70 Hutch 48, Glencoe 37 Conference Meet: 34d place Region Meet: 7th place STATE: Lynn Nelson 2-mile Kelly Butterfield 100, 440 dashes New School Records 38'9" Shot Put: Polly Oas 1:48.8 880 Relay: V. Geffre, L. Crocker, D. Hetzler, L. Musser 4:05.0 Mile Relay V. Geffre, L. Crocker, D. Hetzler, K. Butterfield 2:26.4 880 Run: K. Butterfield 1st row: P. Gray, C. Conklin, G. Churchill, S. Barton, J. Zitzloff, M. Lewis, V. Geffre, K. Quam, C. Widmer, L. Schaper, S.Mortenson, T. Hansson. 2nd row: P. Oas, R. Mohn, S. Olsen, N. Seehusen, D. Nelson. L. Nelson, D. Hetzler, S. Churchill, S. Mohoney, P. Westrum, C. Mueller, L. Pyle. 3rd row: B. Adams, C. Perkins, K. Luger, S. Barton, J. Denenny, V. Chabot, K. Butterfield, L. Crocker, B. Lamarre, K. Meakins. L. Nelson. 4th row: Manager K. Hoffman, S. Ulrick, T. Clark, C. Rezba, L. Verville, M. Eckdahl, 0. Moy, W. Adams. D. Vogel, M. J. Thibault, Coach F. Babcock. Asst. L. Ely. 5BOYS’ BASEBALL Mound 3 Chaska 6 11 Glencoe 1 4 Hutch 0 10 Orono 3 2 Shakopee 0 8 Waconia 1 10 Buffalo 2 5 Chaska 0 6-1 Eden Prairie 4-5 3 Glencoe 2 7 Hutch 0 9 Orono 1 2 Shakopee 0 5 Waconia 9 12 Buffalo 3 Captain: Dave Nelson All Conference: B. Soule, M. Jackson, S. Clark, J. Halvarson Pitching J. Halvarson: 6 0 Best Suburban West Record B. Soule: 7-2 Hitting S. Clark: .396 Lead the League with 19 RBI's Team Record M. Jackson: .393 1st row: R. Halverson, B. Soule. J. Muth, D. Nelson, T. Hill, S. Clark. T. Garin, W. Garden. 2nd row: Coach Exel, T. Shanley, D. Anderson, M. Willette. K. Schnieder, K. Larson, R. Whittaker, M. Jackson, J. Stanke, M. Fal-ness, J. Halverson. 6GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Mound Mound 18 Hutchinson 10 7 Glencoe 17 25 Orono 5 3 Shakopee 13 8 Waconia 9 Captains 7 Chaska 8 Diann Crane 20 Buffalo 10 Tori Pearson 8 Chaska 7 Katie Phleger 9 Eden Prairie 7 9 Eden Prairie 22 Most Valuable Player: Roxy Lee 6 Glencoe 16 Most Improved Player: Joni Conklin 9 Hutchinson 7 All Conference: Roxy Lee and Tori Pearson 5 Shakopee 6 Highest Batting Average: Tori Pearson .480 7 Waconia 8 Highest Fielding Percentage: Sarah Shaffer .938 15 Buffalo 5 7 Orono 6 Regions 1 St. Louis Park 9 Top row: D. Grindahl, L. Tillosen, D. Von, P. Mason, L. Pulchenski, W. Hay. Middle row: J. Holzinger, S. Lindquist, T. Pearson, D. Crane, K. Phleger, 0. Watters. Bottom row: Coach Dennis, J. Conklin, R. Lee, S.Shaffer, C. Johnson. 7J. V. 1st row: D. Eccles, T. Stanke, D. McCormick, M. Baernt, R. Bragelman, J. Schmidt, T. Navratil, D. Needham. 2nd row: Coach Olstad, M. lilies, M. Orn, G. Eisner, D. Veros, D. Huggett, T. Hill, C. O'Malley. M. Schmidt. Top row: R. Nelson, W. Casey. L. Olsen, J. Hagen, B. Carstensen, C. Gustafson, M. Garvais, Coach Sandbakken. Middle row: E. Weiland, C. Carlson, K. Fatness, J. Svendgard, S.Bostrom, D. Blauert. Bottom row: G. Watters, A. Wilsey, V. Zawada, N. Schuller, L. Gruette, P. Zawada (not pictured). SOPHOMORE 8TENNIS Mound 2nd place Suburban West 1st place Westonka Tournament 5 2 Chaska Waconia 0 3 2nd place Montevideo Tournament 5 Glencoe 0 1 Hutch 4 4 Orono 1 All Conference Doubles: 3 Litchfield 2 Chuck Ott, Jim Weiland. 4 Chaska 1 4 4 E.P. Waconia 1 1 Most Valuable Player: Chuck Ott 5 Glencoe 0 0 Hutch 5 Coach’s Award: Jim Weiland Bottom row: J. Martin, C. Nelson, T. Lofrano, T. Aronson, D. Whiting, B. Abrahmson, T. Chapman, N. Hyytinen. 2nd row: J. Walker, L. Belland, K. Clark, G. Martin, T. Meyer, G. Ebert, T. Juliar, A. Eiss, J. Carlson, Coach R. Fletcher.BOYS’ GOLF Varsity Left to Right: Mr. Burkle, J. Helgren, T. Hadden, P. Reimer, T. Walman, E. Frommelt, D. McAninch, R. Dahl, J. Walman. Conference Record: 10-4 Overall Record: 13-7 Conference Tournament: Mound 384 3rd out of 8 teams Paul Reimer’s 84 was 7th best in tourney. Region Tournament at Braemar: Mound 236, 3rd out of 16 teams Jim Walman’s 77 tied for 5th in tourney. All Conference: Paul Reimer j.v. Top: S. Hotvet, M. Mclelland. Bottom: M. Nordin, D. Hager. 10GIRLS’ GOLF Mound 201 Eden Prairie 237 212 Waconia 198 213 Eden Prairie 252 Conference Dual Meets: 3rd 223 Waconia 190 215 Orono 214 Conference Tournament: 4th 201 Hutch 232 216 Chaska 189 Region 6AA: 3rd as a team 206 Buffalo 225 Julie Smith 4th as individual 219 Hutch 238 206 Orono 217 State Qualifier: Julie Smith (9th) 206 Buffalo 235 206 Chaska 192 L to R: L. Morrison, C. Hegg, G. Hegg. H. Surbrook, J. Oas, C. Reimer; capt. J. Smith; capt., N. Schmidt, L. Smith, B. Suerth.PROM 1979 12PRECIOUS AND FEW The 1979 Prom was held May 19th, at the Radisson South. The theme was “Precious and Few”. There were 175 couples in attendance from 7:30 to 12:00, with the Grand March open to the Public from 8:00 to 9:00. The evening’s MC was Heidi Olson. Prom Picnic was held the next day at Taylor Falls, where the main attractions were eating and cliff diving! Thanks to everyone for making this year's Prom a huge success! 13GRADUATION JUNE 8 14BILL SOULE VICKY GEFFRE ATHENA AWARD YOST AWARD 15This supplement is dedicated in memory of Mrs. Roberta Stockton. Mound Westonka will always remember her as a kind and understanding teacher. Mrs. Stockton taught at the Mound schools for almost twenty-seven years, though her teaching career lasted thirty years. She was very active in the Home-Ec. department, and even devised a class which involved planning and teaching of a preschool nursery. Mrs. Stockton was honored by the district at a retirement party at the Hanson House. An annual memorial scholarship will be awarded in memory of Roberta by her husband (Walt), her fellow teachers, and her friends. Mrs. Stockton will be long remembered by all who knew her! IN MEMOR Y OF MRS. STOCKTON Mrs. Hurley English Mrs. Holste Social Worker 16

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