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 y ' ’y Jef-£ ? 'U  Barbara Johnson — Editor Phil Houliston — Business Manager Mr. Louis Mendel — Advisor MOUND HIGH SCHOOL Mound, MinnesotaThis hand is opening the door to our 1955 annual and to its theme, hands. Everyone of our days at school hos begun with a scene similar to the one above — a hand opening a door. Hands played an important part in our school days. When our hands opened this door, they opened the door to many fine experiences. During our life our hands may open many doors, but never one that will bring back any fonder memories than those of school. 2   To The Seniors: You ore 102 strong; totally you represent a lot of potential. Properly applied, and in the spirit of giving your best, the community, your employer, and finally you, will benefit immeasurably. Whatever you do upon graduation, whether if be in the field of higher education, going to work, or into the armed services, set out with determination to do better than you ever have. "You have to stay awake to make your dreams come true!" J. M. Julsrud Principal, Senior High School To The Seniors: If your education is to benefit you and the world in which you live, it is necessary that you be a doer. Edmond Burke gave us the following truism: "The only thing necessary for the triumphs of evil is thot good men do nothing!" Be doers of good and help preserve our democracy! J. O. Berge Principal, Jr. High School To The Seniors: You are nearing the end of your High School years. I hope that, wherever you may go and whatever you may do, you will always take advantage of the greatest inspiration man has ever known by asking for guidance from the Supreme Being. Our nation was founded, you'll remember, "With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence." That faith has been a touchstone of progress in this country, and has found expression down through the years to that memorable inaugural prayer of President Eisenhower. Some of the greatest men in industry, the professions, business and government have stated again and again that they could never have accomplished so much without Divine help. You hove a long head start toward a life of service and accomplishment. Live it well! Dole G. Nelson Superintendent of Schools 4 pacuttet EDWARD BEHMLER Subject: Guidance Director and Counselor Activities: Baseball Coach, Sr. Class Advisor CLAYTON NIELSON Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology Activities: Science Club, Camera Club, Sr. Class, Homecoming EVELYN HANSON Subjects: Plano Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry Activities: Jr. Class. Sr. Class Ploy LEIGHTON LINDLAN Subjects: American History, Social Problems Activities: Jr. Closs, Debate, Ski Club ROBERT GOVE Subjects-. American History, Social Problems. Activities: Football Coach, Sophomore Class PEARL EDLUND Subjoct: English Activities.- Homecoming, Nativity, Sophomore Closs JAMES LIESCH Subjects: Spocch, Spanish, English Activities: Jr. Closs Play, De-clom, Thespians. Speech Club, Nativity RICHARD WHITMORE Subjects: English, American History, Journalism Activities: Smoke Signal, Declom ROBERT FOX Subjects: Commercial Activities: Homecoming, Sophomore Class LOUIS MENDEL Subjects: Commercial Activities-. Sophomore Class, Commercial Club, MOHIAN SEREEN KANE Subject: Art 5'? zcuC£y ROBERTA STOCKTON Subject : Homo Economics Activities! Jr. ond Sr. Home Economics Club CAROL HOUE Subjects: Home Economics Activities.- Jr. Class Advisor DELORES GUSTAFSON Subjects: English Activities: 8th Grode Advisor CURTIS ANDERSON Subjects: Social Studios. English MARIE JOHNSON Subjects: Geography, Social Studies Activities-. 7th Grade Advisor GEORGE PARROTT Subjects! Social Studies, Science Activities: 9th Grade Advisor DONNA HAGER Subjects: English. German Activities: German Club, Jr. High Newspaper GEORGE OHMANN Sub|OCts: Mathematics Activities: 7th Grade Advisor DONALD SODERLUND Subjects: Science Activitiosi Jr. High Football. Baseball Cooch BEVERLY GAMMON Subjects: English Activities: Jr. High Declam MARION PARIS Subjects: Mathematics. Science Activities: Jr. High Red Cross 6'pacuity RUSSELL HADDEN OSCAR HADDORFF Subjects: Algebro, Driver Train- Subjects: Physicol Education. ing Health Activities: Assistant Basketball Activities: Boskctboll. Track and Football Coach Cooch BOBBY KRIGG DONALD BRANDENBURG Subjects: Physical Education, Subjocts: General Moth, Driver Health Training Activities: Golf. Jr. High Basket- Activities: Assistant Jr. High boll Coach. Sophomoro Football. Football Coach, Jr. High Intramural Basketball, Jr. High Track Cooch, Bus Patrol BARBARA HOPKINS Subjects: Physical Education. Health Activities: Pep Club. G-A.A. BERNICE TRAUTMAN Subjects: Physical Education, Hcolth, Biology Activities: Pep Club. G.A.A. HARRY BOCKHAUS Sublets: Shop Activities: Wrestling Coach DONALD FAHRMAN IRVING KEPKE Subjects: Metal Shop. Mathc- Subjects: Mechanical Drawing matics ESTELLA JOHNSON School Librarian GENEVIEVE PFEILSTICKER library Clerk 7'pacccCty AUAN LIEBRENZ Business Manoger JACKIE JOHNSON Secretary ond Bookkeeper NORMA BORTZ Secretary, Main Office JANET STEWART Speoch Clinician MYRON E. SKOW JOHN P. ANDREAS EN E. J. LARSON CAROLYN ZACHOW Band Director Assistant Band Director Vocal Music Secretary to School Nurse and Activities: Advisor for Homecom- Activities; Boy's ond Gftrl's Glee Mr. Berge ing. Director of Boy's and Girl's Club, Nativity Quartets Mrs. Soule and Mr. Bowers Helen Law Mr. Messer, Mr. Fredrickson. Mr. An- School Lunchroom Staff School Nurse dreosen: Custodians 8Seniors Lowell Andrcwi The "eyes" have it Entered 12j Ski Club 12, Closs Play 12; Track 12. Jacqueline Babler Why do I hove to study each day, when my ambition is to play? Nativity 10.11,12; Camera Club 10j MOHIAN 12. Chorus 10. Class Play 12; Homo Ec. Club 10; Girls Intramural 12. Ronold Baker . . I'm always willing to help-just let mo know Homecoming 11,12. Ardys Batdorf Happy, fun loving, and a friend to all. Homecoming 10.11,12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 12; Camera Club 10.11; Bond 10,11.12; Class Ploy 11.12; Pep Club 12; G.A.A. 10; Home Ec. Club 10,11.12; Girl's Intramural 11.12. Donna Bshrner_____Pleasant was she. a nice personality Home- coming 10,11; Nativity 10,11.12; Camera Club 10; Smoke Signal 12; Chorus 11,12; Closs Play 11; Homo Ec. Club 12. Sonja Blakstvedt ... Her hoort is as sunny as her nome. Class officer 10,12; Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10,11,12; MOHIAN 10,11,12; Smoke Signal 11,12; Commercial Club 12; Band 10, 11.12; Class Play 11,12; Thespians 12,- Declam 11,12; One Act Ploys 12; Quill Scroll 11,12; Band Council 12. Dorothy Blood ... Wind her up and away she goes. Smoko Signal 12; Commorool Club II; Chorus 12. Jennaloe Bowman . A true blond, a true friend, a truly nico gal Homecoming 10; Nativity 10,11.12; MOHIAN 10.11.12; Smoke Signal 12; Commercial Club 12; Closs Play 12; Homo Ec. Club 10. Nelard Brottingen . . He is like a bicycle. he peddles from girl to girl. Homecoming 10.11.12; Nativity 10.11.12; Ski Club 10, 11.12; Chorus 10; Bond 10.11.12. Closs Play 11.12; "M" Club 12; All Star Bond 10; Drum Major 12; Football 12; Track 10, 11.12; Intramural 10,11.12; Discords 10,11.12. Dennis Buchanan Time will tell us where his talents are. Homecoming 11,12; Notivity 12; Class Play 11.12; "M" Club 10, 11.12; Thespians 11.12; Footboll 10.11.12; Basketball 10.11.12, Trock 10.11,12; Tennis 12. Gordon Burandt . He's as full of variety as a Dogwood sandwich, Homecoming I 1. Nancy Crouch Just plain nice with o dash of spice. Homecoming 12; Band 10.11.12; Class Ploy 12; G.A.A. 10.12; Intro-mural 11.12. 10Jean David . . Always gay, her senso of humor makes her that way. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11.12; Camera Club 11.12; Spanish Club 11,12; MOHIAN 12; Commercial Club 12; Chorus 10,11.12; Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 10.11.12; Glee Club 11.12; Thespians 11.12; G.A.A. 10. Chorus Council 11,12. Gretchen Diedrick . . She's alike to us all; she's liked by us all. Homocoming Attendant II; Queen 12; Homecoming 10.11,12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 11.12, Spanish Club 11,12; MOHIAN 12, Smoko Signal 11.12; Bond 10.11.12; Class Play 11.12; Pep Club 10.11.12; Alternate Cheerleader 12; Student Council II; Declam 10.11,12; Majorette 12. Clorice Donahue ... She's gentle and shy-or is she? Homecoming 10,11.12; Notivify 10.11.12; Smoke Signol 12; Chorus 10,11.12; Class Ploy II; Pep Club 11.12, G.A.A. 10. Arline Dongoske ... Studies, athletics, social whirl; all belong to this nice girl. Homecoming 10,11,12,- Nativity 10.11,12; Ski Club 10.11.12, Comoro Club 10.11,12; MOHIAN 10.11,12; Smoko Signol 11.12; Band 10,11,12; Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Thespians 10.11,12; Student Council II; Declam 10. 11,12; Quill and Scroll 11,12; Band Council 12,- All Star Band 10; Girl's State II. Donold Duehn ... He always acts like ought—not to. Home coming 10.11.12, Notivify 10.11.12; Ski Club 11.12; Class Ploy 11,12; "M" Club 10,11,12; Basketball 10. Boseboll 10,11,12; Intramural 10,11.12. Arnold Ebert ... I'm funnier than I think I am. Homecoming 10.11; Camero Club 12; Smoke Signal 12; "M'' Club 10,11.12, Basketball 11,12; Football II; Baseball 10,11.12; Intramural 10. Se tcor4 Jo Ann Ebert .. A likable girl with a likable way. Homecoming 11.12, Nativity 11,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Commercial Club 12; Band 11,12; Class Ploy 12; Band 11.12, Band Council 12. Nancy' Eidem . . Sweet personality, full of rascality Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11,12,- Camera Club 10,11,12; Smoko Signol 12, Chorus 10,11,12; Class Ploy 11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Debutones 11,12; Thespions 10.11,12; Declam 10,11,12; One Act Ploys 10.11,12; G A A 10,11,12; Girl's Intromurol 10,11,12. Jone Engstrom ... The opportunity to do mischief I find o hundred times a day. John Ericson He stops; he looks; ho whistles. Homecoming 10.11.12, Nativity 10.11,12; Band 10.11,12; Clast Play 11,12; 'M" Club 11.12, Football 10.11,12. Track 10; Intromurol 10,11, 12; Stage Monager 10,11,12 Jone Evanoff . , Her heart is liko the moon,- there's a man in it. Homocoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10,11.12; Ski Club 12; Spanish Club 11,12; Smoke Signal II, Chorus 10.11,12; Clots Ploy 12; Pep Club 10.11.12; G-A A. 10; Girl's Intramural 11.12; Majorette 10. Dick Fenton . . His words ore few. but his friends ore many. Homecoming 10,11.12; Nativity 10.11,12; Ski Club 10,11,12; Class Play 11.12; ’M" Club 10,11,12; Thespians 11,12; One Act Plays 11,12; Footboll 11.12; Basketball 11,12; B Squad 10; Trock 10; Baseball 10.11.12 IISeniors Delores Hahn ... A soft answer turneth away wrath. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11.12; Commercial Club 12; Chorus 10.11,12 Shaion Hanson . .. She talk nice, atts ni .e, is nice. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11,12; Camero Club 10,11,12; MOHIAN 12; Smoko Signal 11,12; Bond 10,11,12; Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Thespians 12; Declam 11,12; One Act Plays 12; Quill and Scroll 11.12; Bond Council 12. Charlotte Hedin ... in classroom or in hall, a welcome smile she has for oil. Homecoming 10,11,12; Notivity 10,11,12; Ski Club 11,12; Camero Club 10,11,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Science Club 10.11. sec. 12; MOHIAN 12; Chorus 10; Class Play 11.12; Pep Club 10.11.12; Thespians 12; Declam 10.12; One Act Ploys 12. Rosemory Hagerle ... True to her word, her work, and her friends. Homecoming 11,12; Notivity 11,12; Spanish Club 11.12; MOHIAN 12; Bond 11,12; Class Play 12. Don Hennings ... A basketball mon, a golf man, and lost bul not least, a ladies man. Class officer 12; Homecoming 10,11. 12; Nativity 10,11.12, MOHIAN 11,12; Smoke Signol 10.11,12. Chorus 10; Band 10.11,12, vice pres. II, pres. 12; clou Play 11,12; "M" Club 10,11,12; Thespians 11, frees., 12; Student Council 11,12; One Act Plays 11,12; Quill Scroll 11,12; Banc Council 11.12; All Stor Band 10; Football 12; Bosketboll 10. n 12, Trock 10.11.12, Golf 10,11,12; Dischords 10.11,12. James Filipczak ... All great men are dead ond I don't feel so well myself. Homocoming 11,12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 11,12; Smoke Signol 12; Class Play 11,12; "M“ Club II; Football 10.11- Track 10,11.12; Intramural 10,11. Philip Forde .. They say he wos once caught studying. Arlette Cost .. Thoughtful and sweet from heod to feet. Class officer 1; Homecoming 10,11.12; Nativity 10,11,12; German Club 10,11; Class Ploy 12; G A.A. 10. Ronald Gray .. Don't mention motors or you'll get him started. Homecoming 11; Track 10,11. Sandra Gunther ... She's cute and peppy and rather small, happy-go-lucky, and liked by all. Homecoming 10,11,12; Notivity 10.11,12; German Club 10,11, sec. 11; Science Club 10, sec. II. trees. 12.- MOHIAN 12; Chorus 10,11,12; Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 12; Debutones 11,12; Thespians 12; Declom 11,12; Student Council 11,12,- One Act Plays 12; Chorus Council 11. Arthur Guy ... And what a guyl Homecoming 10.11,12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 10,11,12; Camera Club 12; Spanish Club 11; Chorus 10; Class Play 12; "M" Club 11. trees. 12; Football 10.11,12; Basketball 10; Baseball 10.11,12; Wrestling 12; Intramural 11,12. Janet Haeraen ... Be cheerful and pass it olong. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10,11,12; Smoke Signal 12; Chorus 10,11,12; Class Ploy II; Pop Club 11.12; G.A.A. 10. 12Phil Houliston ... Me is friendliness personified, noroecoming 10,11.12 Nativity 10.11.12; Camera Club 10; MOHIAN 11,12; Chorus 10,11,12. pros. 12; Closs Play 11.12, "M" Club 10,11,12; Glee Club 11,12; Thespians 11,12; Debate 10,11,12; Declom 10,11,12; One Act Plays 11.12, Basketball 10; Basoboll 10.11,12, Intramural 11,12. Henrietta Humphries ... A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Closs officer 10; Homecoming attendant 10,11,12; Homecoming 10, 11,12; Nativity 10.11,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Smoke Signol 10. 11.12, Chorus 10.11,12; Closs Play 12, Pep Club 10.11,12, Cheer, leoder 10,11, Thespians 10,11.12; Declam 10,12; One Act Plays 10.12. Jackie Jensen ... She's full of pep from top to toe. Homecoming 10.11,12; Nativity 11.12, Ski Club 12; Comera Club 10.11, MOHIAN 12, Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 12; G.A.A. 10; Home Ec. Club 10.11.12; Girl's Intramural 11,12. Jonet Jenson ... G.A.A. spelled backwards means All American Girl. Homecoming 12; Nativity 10.11,12; Band 10.11.12; G.A.A. 10; Girl's Intramural 11,12. Hohror Jerde ... Because he doesn't tolk is no sign he doesn't have anyth'ng to say. Homecoming 10,11. Barbara Johnson ... She's bright; she's witty,- she's charmingly pretty. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11.12,- Camera Club II, MOHIAN 11,12, editor 12, Commercial Club 12; Chorus 10; Class Play 11.12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Thespians 11,12, sec. 12; Debate 10; Declam 11,12; Ono Ao Plays 11,12.G.A.A. 10, Nat. Honor Society 11.12. SeKton . Donna Johnson .. All seniors can't bo blgl Homecoming 10,11, 12; Nativity 10,11,12; Camera Club 10, MOHIAN 12, Smoke Signal 11.12, Chorus 10,11.12, Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 12; Declam 12, Quill and Scroll 11,12. Gory Johnson ... A likable chop with plenty of snop. Intramural 1.1,12. Donald Ketcher ... Memory is the thing I forget with. Homecoming II; Track 11,12,- Wrestling 10,11,12. Mary Ann Kramoi ... It silenco were golden, she'd be a millionaire. Homecoming 11,12; Nativity 10,11,12; Spanish Club 11.12; Chorus 10.11.12; Home Ec. Club 10. Jim Kuntoios ... When I feel like studying, I just lie down and the feeling goes away. Homecoming 12; Ski Club 10.11.12; Chorus 10,11, "M" Club 11,12, sec. 12, Football 11,12, Track 11.12; Intramural 10,11,12. Teresa Kunse ... A girl worthwhile—a girl who can smile. Ski Club 12, Commercial Club 12. 13Seni iA. Corol Morris .. She come to ui o stronger but remains lo us a friend Entered 12; Homecoming 12. Nativity 12; Clou Ploy 12; Declam 12. Joon Morris .. She was Cut out to be an angel but someone lost the pattern. Homecoming 11,12, Nativity 11,12; Spanish Club 11,12, MOHIAN 12, Clou Ploy 12 Deone Nelson . In school or In game, he's always the some -----o winning guy! Ski Club 10,11,12; Camera Club 10,11,12; Band 10,11.12; Clou Ploy 11,12, "M" Club 10.11.12, pres 12. Band Council 12; All Star Bond 10; Football 10,11.12, All Conference 12; Basketball 10,11,12; Tennis 10,11,12; Nativity 12. Mortin Oberdeck When people agree with me I always feel that I must be wrong. Homcoming 10,11,12; Nativity 11,12; Spanish Club II; Scionce Club 12; Bond 10.11,12; Clast Play 11,12; "M" Club 10.11,12, Thespions 11,12, Debote 10,11.12, pres. 11,12; One Act Plays 11,12; Bond Council 11,12; National Honor Society 11.12; Football 10; Basketball 10.11,12; Tennis 10.12, Boy's Stato II. Ronald Ohmonn . . Studious, but always a likablo chap. Home coming 11,12; Nativity 11.12; Camera Club 10.11; Science Club J0.II.I2, Chorus 11,12; Band 10.11; Clou Play II; Glee Club 11.12; Football 10; Basketball Track 10.12. Dennis Lange ... A sincere lad. we wish him well Homecoming 11.12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 11.12; Camera Club 11,12; Gorman Club II; Chorus 11,12; Clots Ploy 11,12; Glee Club II; Thespians 12; Football 12; Baseball 12; Wrestling 11,12; Intramural 11,12. Betty Ann Larson . . A cheerful friend is like a sunny doy. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11.12; Spanish Club 11,12; Commercial Club 12; Chorus 10; Class Play 11,12; Pep Club 11,12. Marilyn lockrem So petite, so neat, with o voice so sweet. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10.11,12; Camera Club 10; Chorus 10.11.12; Home Ec. Club 10.11,12; Library Auistonl 10. Lois Logelin .. A ring on my finger it better than 5 on a telephone. Class Officer II; Homecoming 10.11,12; Notivity 10, 11,12; Comero Club 10; Commercial Club 12; Chorus 10.11,12; Clou Play 11. Gory Maas His four seasons aro wrestling, football, trock, and girls. Homecoming 10,12; Notivity 10.11.12, Clou Play 11,12; "M" Club 11,12; Student Council 10; Football 10.11.12, All Conference 12; Trock 10,11,12; Wrestling 10.12; Intramural 10.11.12 Juergen Moldonhauer . . He came to us but for a yoor; in our memories he'll be much longer here. Entered from Germany 12.- Camcro Club 12; Wrestling 12. David Morin To know him a little is to like him olot Class Officer 12. Homecoming 11,12; Notivity 11,12; Ski Club 10.11,12, treos 10. vice pres. 11; Scienco Club 10.11,12; Clou Play 12; "M" Club 11,12; Football 12; Trock 10,11.12; Intramurol 10. 11.12. IISusan Overby ... Friendly, cute, and fun to bootl Homecoming Attendant 12; Homecoming 10.11.12. Nativity 11,12; MOHIAN 10.11.12; Smoke Signal 11.12; Commercial Club 12. sec. 12; Band 10.11.12; Class Ploy 11,12; Pep Club 10.11.12; Quill and Scroll 11,12; Band Council 12. Harvey Parker It is a friendly guy wo hoi plenty of friends. Class Officor II; Homecoming 10,11; Nativity 11,12; Camera Club 10.11.12, vice pres 11; Science Club 10.11,12; MOHIAN !0.12j Chorus 10; Band 10.11,12; Class Ploy 11,12; "M" Club 11,12; Thespions 12; Student Council 12; One Act Play 12; FootbolllO; Bosketball 10,11.12; Track 10.11,12; Tennis 12 Shirley Polkey The Only woy to moke a friend is to be one Homecoming 10,11.12; Nativity 10.11.12; Chorus 10.11,12. vice pres. 11; Class Ploy 11,12; Debutones 11.12; Student Council 12; Home Ec. Club 10.11.12. Pres. 10, vie pres. 11; Chorus Council II; Library Assistant 10.11; Girl's Intramural 10,11,12. Larry Peterson Not even a bell con make me hurry. Class Ploy 11; "M" Club 10.11.12; Football 10; Baseball Manogcr 10,11; Intramural 10,11,12. Nancy Peterson .. A worker, always tending to her own affairs Homocoming 11,12; Ski Club 12; Commercial Club 12; G.A.A. 12. Jerry Prawalsky His friends arc many; his foes—are there any? Homecoming 11,12; Nativity 11.12; Chorus 11.12; Glee Club 11,12. Se tt vi4 Richard Primus . A tin can, a prayer, a loud noise and he calls it a car. Homecoming 10.11,12; Ski Club 11.12. German Club 10.11 Football 10,11.12; Intramural 10.11.12. VonDora Quist ... Be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to ongor. Homecoming 11,12; Nativity 10.11.12; Chorus 10.11,12, Class Ploy IIi Pep Club 10.11,12; G.A A 10.11, Home Ec. Club 10,11.12; Library Assistant 10. Mary Ann Robbins . . Always jolly, always kind, she's tho girl we like to find. Homecoming 10.11,12; Nativity 10.11,12; Ski Club 12; Comero Club 10,11; Smoke Signal 11.12; Bond 10.11. 12; Clou Play 11.12, Declom 10; G.A.A. 10. Band Council 10. 11,12; All Star Band 10, Girl's Intramural 11.12. Kay Rudnicki . . . She's quiet os a mouse-'til you know her. Closs Officer 10, Homecoming Attendant 10; Homecoming 10, 11,12; Nativity 10,11,12; Camera Club 10; Chorus 10.11,12; Chorus Council 12. Gary Rydberg , He is quiet In school, but . . .PHomecomlng 12; Camera Club 12, MOHIAN 12; Intramural 10.11,12. Jo Ann Schmidt ... Silence is ono great art of conversation. Homecoming 12; Commercial Club 12; Homo Ec. Club 10. 13Se tiar4 Diane Schulenbcrg ... She may be small, but brother, that' not all. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10,11,12; Camera Club 10; Choru 10,11.12; Cla Play 11; G.A.A. 10,11; Home Ec. Club 10.11.12. Gerry Smith ... A camera man about town. Homecoming 10,11, 12; Nativity 10.11; Ski Club 10.11,12; Camera Club 10,11,12; MOHIAN 11,12; Smoke Signal 12; Choru 10,11; Tenni 10,11.12. Howard Smith ... A atomic boy in an atomic oge. Homecoming 10,11.12; Nativity 10,11,12; Camera Club 10,11.12; Science Club 10.11,12, pre . 12; MOHIAN 11.12, Smoke Signal 11,12; Choru 10; Clos Play 11,12; Thetpiant 12; Debate 11,12; De-dam 10.11,12; One Act Ploy 11,12; Quill and Scroll 11.12; Tennis 10,11.12. Denni Siogeberg ... Ho' little,- he' wi e; he's a terror for hi »ize. Ski Club 12.- "M" Club 10,11,12; Football 10,11,12; Basketball 10.11.12; Baseball 10.11,12. Marcia Stave ... nere's to a girl with humor and a smile who make this bubble of life worthwhile. Homecoming 10.11.12; Nativity 10,12; Spanish Club 11,12; Smoke Signal 10,11,12; Bond 10,11,12; Class Play 11,12. Gary Stearns ... All things come to those who wait------I'm In no hurry. Homecoming II; Nativity 10,11,12; Chorus 10,11,12; Class Play II; Glee Club 11,12; Basketball 10,11,12. Leesa Strong ... As noisy as a silhouette. Homecoming 11,12; Nativity 11,12; Chorus II; Class Play 12; Pep Club 12. Doug Trask ... Be she blond, redhead, or brunette, some little gal will get you yet. Closs Officer 11,12; Homecoming 10,11,12; Nalivity 10,11,12; Camera Club 12; Science Club 10,11,12; MOHIAN 12; Choru 10; Band 10,11,12,- Closs Play 11,12; "M" Club 11,12; Thespians 11,12; Student Council 10,11, vice pres. II; One Act Play 12; Band Council 12; All Star Band 10; Tenni 12; Wreitling 10,11,12; Ireramurol 10. La Vonne Trutnau ... A most mischievous twinkle lurkod in her eye. Homecoming 10,11.12; Nativity 10.11.12; Ski Club 10,11,12,-Camera Club 10,11.12, sec. II; Spanish Club 11,12,- Science Club 10,11.12; MOHIAN 11,12; Bond 10,11,12; Closs Play II. 12; Pop Club 10,11.12; Thespian 11,12; Declam 11,12; One Act Ploy 12. Harry Visser ... I know I don't talk much; I'm supposed to be shy. Homecoming 11,12; Trock 11,12; Wrestling 10,11,12; Intramural 10,12. Bob Vogelgesong ... Why aren't they all contented like me? Homecoming 10.11; German Club 10,11. Mary Vroalstad ... Serious? Once in a while. Homecoming 12; Nativity 11.12. Spanish Club 11,12, sec. 12; MOHIAN 12; Commercial Club 12; Band 10,11,12; Closs Play 11,12; Pep Club 11,12, treas. 12,- Thespians 12; Declam 11,12; One Act Ploy 12. 16Settayui Verna Beckmann . . . Happy-go-lucky, fair, ond free, not many thing bother me. Homecoming 10,11.12; Nativity 10,11.12; Ski Club 12; Comoro Club 10,11,12; Science Club 12; Clau Ploy II; Pep Club 11.12. Richard Bowlby . . . He's mojoring In alibiology. Homecoming 10.11,12; Ski Club 12; Comoro Club 10,11.12; Class Ploy 12; Tennis 12; Intramural 10,11,12. Darlene Burdorf ... A quiet senior is a good exomple for a sophomore. Home coming 12; Nativity 11,12; Home Ec. Club 10; Girl's Intromurol 12. Wilbur Folk ... Lot thy words b« few. Ski Club 12; "M" Club 12, Track 10.11,12. Richard Hagen ... He has a problem for every solution. Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 10.11,12; Class Play 11.12, Trock 10. Ronald Johnson ... Did nothing In particular ond did if very well. Homecoming 10,11,12. Karl Martin . . . Somotimes I just sit and think; sometimes I just lit. Homecoming 11. Ralph Nelson .... Here I am girls — don't crowdl Homocoming 10,11,12; Nativity 10,11,12; German Club 10,11. vice pres. II, Chorus 10,11.12, Class Play 11. 12, "M" Club 12, Thespians 11.12; Studont Council 10, One Act Ploys 11; Chorus Council 11.12, Boskotboll 11.12, Trock 10,11.12. David Patten . . . Answers don't bothor me, it's tho questions Homecoming 12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 11,12; Basketball 12; Baseball 11,12; Intramural 11,12. John Tambornino . . . What is life without a little foolishness now and then? Homecoming 10,11,12; Nativity 11,12; German Club 10,11, Class Play 11.12; "M” Club 12, Thespians 12; Student Council pres. 12; Football 11,12; Baseball 10.11,12; Intromurol 10.11.12. Jerry Wahlen . . . Boys will be boysl Homecoming 11.12; Nativity 11,12; Ski Club 11.12; Smoke Signal 11. Chorus 11.12, Class Play 12; Glee Club 11,12; Tennis 12; Intromurol. Von Cile Wenkstern ... In this world she'll be a flair, just like the flash of her red hair. Homecoming 10.11.12; Nativity 10, 11,12; Ski Club 11,12; Camera Club 10.11; Bond 10.11.12, Class Play 11,12, Pep Club 10,11,12; G.A.A. 10.11, Home Ec. Club 10,12. 17Senior On June third we. the graduating class ot 1955, will close the doors of our high school education prepared to step into this ever-changing world of today. As we walk this path Eva Thielbar . . . Sho's new In the crowd. Entered 12. Dave Williamt ... He Stoops to nothing but the door. Homecoming 10.11,12; Nativity 10,11.12; Chorus 10,11,12; Glee Club 10.11,12. Barbara Williomson ... All through school she sat tucking knowledge under her hot. Nativity 10,11,12; Smoke Signal II, 12, editor 12; Chorus 10; Band 10,11,12; Class Ploy 12; Pep Club 10,11.12; Debate 10.11,12, sec. 12, Declom 10.11.12, Quill Scroll 11,12. Hat T cctuned lorry Betzler . . . Definition of a gentlemen. Homecoming 11,12; Nativity 11.12, Ski Club 11,12; MOHIAN 12; Closs Ploy 11,12, "M" Club 10,11,12; Thespians 11,12; Student Council 12, Football II; Baseball. 10,11,12; Wrestling 11 12; Intramural 10,11, 12. Nowell Herzog ... Me thinks nobody should be sad. Chorus 10, 11. Richard Nelson . .. Periods should be ten minutes long,- 5 to come and 5 to go. of the future, we will always remember the helpful counseling and guidance given to us by the administration. There are also many memorable events... StKi V @1 44 0 tC€ l4 18 From left to Righ: Vice President, Douglas Trosk; President, Don Hennings; Secretary, Sonja Blokstvedt; Treasurer, Dove Morin.The hands that direct our band. The hands that direct our comings and going The hands that direct our friendships. The hands thot direct our cheering 19 The hands that direct our learning.pome Bo»t All Around—Arline Dongoske and Don Honningi Moit Likely to Succoed — Barbara Williamson and Morty Obordeck Clou Clown — Mory Vraalitod Steadiest Couple — Sandro Gunther and Harvey Parker Moit Athletic — Jackie Jenson and Deane Nelson Most Boshful — Mary Ann Kramer and Horry Visser0p4 KC Bolt Dressed — Jane Evonoff and Don Duehn Class Actress and Actor — Barb Johnson and Phil Houliston Best Looking — Henri Humphries and John Tambornino Class Flirt — Nancy Eidom and Bucky Nelson Best Dancers — Jackio Babler and Jorry Prawalsky Most Talented — Sunny Blokstvodt and Lowell Andrewsflunions Row 1j K. Schwalbe, J. Schroeder, M. Von Ethen, R. Sydow, N. Ovoton, S. Thomot, A. Vosson. Row 2: E. Trakos, J. Swanson, M. Woodard, B. Swedburg, O. Schmidt, B. Towner. Row 3: J. Walloce. K. Whittoker, 0. Westerlund. M. Wing, J. Walton. J. Thorton, R. Ward. Row 4t H. Statti, D. Steele, K. William , P. Solstad, D. Schiable, E. Skoy. Row 5: I. Schwalbe, R. Stieve, R. Roger , D. Wesferlund, B. Steen, J. Schmidt, J. Stave. Row It D. Erickton, B. Blockowiak, D. Chrittoferion. V. Erickson, D. Duggan, M. Etter, M. Gustafson. Row 2: D. Cox, J. Gablet, J. Haerden, W. Beutler, C. Coffee, 0. Dressel, M. Eholt. Row 3: G. Aune, B. Heltemes, H. Hoogenten, R. Fronk, J. Fornest, -----a, w. neodmen, D. Baldwin, R. Anderson, R. Dahl, G. Burnmaster. Row 5: G. Benton, J, Schmidt, R. Breyette, G. Honson, G. Hempel, D. Cretty, R Dahl. 22Row Is M. Mikolson, M. Bockhous, J. McConnol, M. Justus, K. Lange, G. Rosch, V. Hoff. Row 2: N. Ovcson, K. Kroll, D. Hoxie, J. Kust, G. Kohls, J. Piche. Row 3: G. McDonald, J. Jacobs, E. Kenefick, P. Newel, I. Roberts, J. Legus, J. Kissinger. Row 4: J. Kunzo, P. Pelkoy, 8. Niccum, A. Hilgers, L. Roberts, J. Quist, F. Hofstedt. Row 5: R. long, R. Hoppenralh, M. Meredith, B. Humphries, C. Miller, D. Johnson. Row 6: M. Robinson, R. Olson, B. Jarvoy, B. Koehnen, B. Jarvoy, J. Higgins, R. Lenmark, D. McGinnis. Wo remember well the activities we experienced as juniors. "Turn Back the Clock", our junior class ploy, costumed in the 1920 "flapper era", was hilarious success. The highlight of the year was the prom, decorated in the theme of Neptune. Paper mache, miniature fish. table decorations, gathering sea shells . . . How well we remember! Hard work and a great deal of fun is the definition of your junior year, but look to next year when you're a senior. foi tUo ' From Left to Right: Vice President, Kay Whittaker; President, Larry Roberts; Secretory, Mary Ann Gustafson; Treasurer, Ronald Rogers. 23S rfz£o K yfie4 0 ic€ From Left to Right) Vice President. Richard lod-mill; President. Mork Fagerlin; Secretary, Betty Stohlke; Treasurer, Gary Abroham. A new and exciting experience came when we entered senior high school os sophomores. Thot year we not only had to make acquaintances with new students but we also had to become familiar with new surround ings and meet a new corps of administrators. In the spring of that year, we sponsored, as a closs, our first big undertaking for the school. This was a dance entitled "April in Paris". This year was the beginning of mony wonderful experiences for us in high school, just as it is for you. Have fun — the time goes fast! Row Is B. Runman, J. Rosch, J. Peterson, S. Stewart, D. Siga-foot, P. Thompson, D. Stickney, R. Smith. Row 2: S. Schmidt, J. Sterne, D. Upton, J. Zemon, S. Zemon, T. Thompson, J. Thompson, J. Throolin, K. Stevens. Row 3: G. Stickney. L Schendel. M. Storholm, B. Stolke, N. Soderlund. N. Skindelien, B. Wilson. M. Sandin. Row 4: S. Reid, J. Stork, R. Reid, A. Visser, E. Reid, N. Stinson, L. Strossburg, G. Ziebell. Row 5: 0. Wetxig, R. Swanson, M. Wohlrobe, C. Palmgren, T. Schulenburg, G. Woy-tcke, 0. Streoter, B. Toylor. Row 6: R Zopfi, D. S ofts, C. Swanson, R. Shaffer, R. Schoeben, I. Russell, E. Pogue, T. Therault, R. Williams. 24Sofe o tuvie4- Row 1: B. Behrner, B. Greenwood, A. Eklof, B. Hillior, C. Adoir, N. Backlund, C. Brondvold. Row 2: K. Halverson, M. Gunion, R, Erdman, B. Hcordcn, J. Dolder, C. Jacobsen, R. Armstrong. Row 3: G. Hogan, N. Carlson, R. lilies, J. Grieshaber, R. Beard, R. Hoenecke. Row 4: R. Goyen, M. Jensen, K. Henke, J. Bishop, C. Aune, J. Hoag, J. Eiss. Row 5: K. Edwards, K. Cressy, F. Fraser, K. Coles, G. Abraham, T. Hofstedt, R. Erickson, B. Bjork. Row 6: R. Gibson, R. Giese, H. Haug, P. Amidon, R. Cleveland, J. Ferrell, J. Corl, M. Fagerlin, C. Jerde. Row 1: R. Nolle, T. Koecheler, J. Moore, S. leMere, D. Kuka, C. Niccum, D. Allie, P. Ivers. Row 2: A. Knudson, M. Morphy, J. Mackey, K. McConnel, J. Marsh, D. Paulson, C. lothom. Row 3: W. ludtke, A. Kaol, J. Marsh, J. lenmark, M. Klingensmith, K. Niccum, J. Johnson, I. Nielson, T, Linder. Row 6: D. Peterson, C. Nelson, H. Miller, T.-McDonald, D. Meredith, 0. Murphy. Row 5: D. Peterson, W. Lind, D. Peterson, G. Jorgensen, M. Niccum, J. Johnson, I. Nielson, T. Linder. Row 6: D. Peterson, R. Lodmill, J. Lampher, J. McNeal, M. Monson, J. Johnson, G. Killeen, R. Kramer, D. McKinney. 25'p’tea6 He t Row It T. Chance, K. Halverson, J. Coleman, V. Etter, J. Arm strong, M. Behmler, N. Claybawgh. Row 2: M. Burke, A. Blok stvedt, J. Duffy, D. Dressel, C. Combs, M. Fitsgibbons, M. Caron Row 3: M. Anderson, H. Bjerksett, M. Anderson, R. Erickson G. Grant, I. Eldem, D. Glover, K. Gunther. Row 4: S. Brown B. Andrews, D. Ahlschlager, B. Bunting, J. Geyen, M. Franks, J. Baker. Row 5: R. Anderson, S. Drahos, S. Bruns, S. Branden-berg, A. DeFreitos, T. Austin, B. Cressy, K. Anderson. Row 6: G. Farnham, D. Bell, D. Divine, G. Ferdon, I. Campbell, J. Erickson, N. Cobb, T. Donahue, R. Adams. Row It V. Mogney, C. Jerde, N. Moos. S. Milbradt, B. Hatcher, j. Monteith, K. Higgins. Row 2: C. Morin, C. Jones, D. Heinsch, p. O'Brien, C. Igo, E. Jones. Row 3: F. Miller, S. Olson, J. Kull-berg, S. Odmark, C. Logelin, D. Petersen, M. Lemke, B. Hodge. Row 4: I- Nelson, D. Johnson, M. Linguist, M. Olson, A. Lange, D. O'Borsky, C. Jensen. Row 5: C. Lohman, M. Humphries, P. Marsh, C. Japs, D. Moore, J. Kowal, E. Kunze, J. Judge. Row 6: K. Luger, P. Kelly, D. March, J. Kristensen, D. Nee, R. Maos, D. Hedberg, R. Morrison, R. Paige. 26 Row 1: J. Stickney, P. Word, G. Shellstrom, J. Schulenberg, P. Vojwn. Row 2: J. Schmidt, J. Schuler. K. Putt, D. Perbix, D. Peterson, M. Quoot, D. Woytclte. Row 3: B. Trocy, M. Thompson, R. Schuler, L Westermon, J. Tambornino, J. Sohns, C. Proftley. Row 4: T. Thoe, S. Robinson, S. Shermon, H. Wolner, M. Ziebell, K. Schultz. Row 5: N. Spaulding, B. Zackhow, 0. Pelkey, J. Tscheu, F. Whittaker, R. Pollock, J. Trettin, D. Swenson. Row 6: J. Williamson, T. Swan, E. Vroolstod, I. Williams, J. Schneider, A. Speaker, 0. Sawvill, D. Stubbs, G. Ziebell. In ninth grade we had our first opportunity to show our abilities in leadership as the upperclassmen of the junior high school. That year, the members of our class were the nucleus of the junior high activities: the athletics, the Teepee Talk (our newspaper), student council, and homecoming festivities. We really had pride in our freshman chorus under the direction of Miss Mary Steg-ner. You freshmen, have just experienced a preview of the coming attractions in senior high school when you, as seniors, will play the leading roles. 27 From left to Right: Vice President, Carol logelin; President, Undo Eidem; Secretary, Art Speaker; Treasurer, Jeanne Tambornino.£ty tt6, tytade tp'uuU @1 44 0£fcc€ 4 From Left lo Right: Protidont, Noncy Woodord; Vico Proti-dont. Jock Hoddorff; Socrotory-trooturor, Peggy lit . We became more interested in the extra-curricular activities of the junior high when we were in eighth grade. We were now adjusted to the routine of changing classes and teachers every hour. A class skating party was our main social function of that year. You eighth graders are now accustomed to the system of junior high school, but a bigger job lies ohead of you as you take your places and assume your responsibilities of leadership as ninth graders. Row 1: R. Piorton, P. Zubert. 0. Wolfo, K. Rowan, M. Wonk-ttorn, C. Trokot. Row 7-. M. Skow, R. Swanton, D. Schivono, J. Schmidt, V. Uhlin, T. Solttad. Row 3: J. Rostod, D. Wotiig, R. Stark, T. Mormon, W. Wilton, V. Spongrud. D. Prawoltky. Row 4: E. Plotxer, N. Woodord, B. Ruttoll. S. Wood . R. Sogor, R. Thompson. Row 5: J. Schmitt, J. Wilton. S. Simcox. I. Wolloco, R. Piorco, T. Rcndohl, I. Roboy. Row 6: T. Portor. M. Swonton, D. Swonton, K. Silut, E. Young. D. Stoornt. R. Simor, V. Pool. 28£t ?6t6, (faule i Row Is D. Deming, P. Burk©, B. Baldwin, R. Anderson, J. Adair, G. Ferrell, S. Apland, J. Grant. Row 2: S. Bickley, P. French, D. Arneson, C. Bohling, B. Chemberlin, K. Blatzheim, B. Engel-king, G. Adams. Row 3: N. Carlson, A. Bishop, K. Cory, J. Babb, V. Botdorf, J. Benson, C. Gebers, B. Bicknell. Row 4: E. Christen- sen. V. Groves, D. Culp, R. Gollistel. S. Bunting, G. Eugster, R. Fraser, D. Bjerke, V. Gronberg. Row 5: L Eklof, S. Eosthouse, M. Dahl, D. Dolder, J. Anderson, C. Denny, $. Bryce, S. Burch. Row 6: J. Elam, J. Davis, R. Forster, C. Bowers, N. Blomberg, R. Borey, C. Gable, E. Bozinet, J. Fidlin. Row Is P. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Mittelstaedt, R. Jerde, P. McNeal, R. Nolle, K. Hodge. Row 2: R. Magney, D. Kohls, C. Lorentzen, P. Kust, A. Loraas, D. Miller, I. Obcrdcck, R. Jensen. Row 3: D. Maas, R. Marschke, R. Hofstedt, W. Lush, M. Liu, D. Payne, O. Otrey, J. Gunion. Row 4: S. Peterson, A. Lund, D. Kissinger, J. Lehman, K. Johnson, S. Knutson, K. Harris, M. Mitzel. Row 5: L Hehl, T. Hagen, R. Pederson, J. Haddorff, J. Niccum, G. Mackey, D. Hustad, M. Guy. Row 6: D. Halverson, B. Johnson, S. McCurdy, C. Jacobsen, G. Jenks, K. Keefer, M. Marschke, J. Meredith, J. O'Neil. 29Row It I. Olson, M. Skow, I. Wandersee, S. Runmon, G. Olsen, J. Love, S. Struck. Row 2: W. Smith, 8. Russell, S. Roddy, M. Rhode, W. Wolfe, C. Warne, T. Simcoe. Row 3: B. Miibrodt, F. Rlihet, N. Slotting, I. Smith, 0. Wilton, R. Peterton, G. Trovall. Row 4: J. Williamson, J. Schwalbe, G. Roddy, D. Swan- ton, S. Hutted, C. Pool, G. Robbins, S. Strassburg. Row 5: D. Peterton, 8. Robinson, R. Robinson, J. Stello, J. McCurdy, K. Williams, S. Thompson. Row 6: E. Swanson, J. Schroeder, J. Swanson, S. Sundberg, N. Soxon, M. Ulrick, E. Veblen, T. Thot-lond. Row It H. Adams, G. Erdman, F. Headmon, D. Christy, C. Armstrong, C. Bobatz, T. Andreas. Row 2: W. Dolder, S. Beard, M. Davis, D. Hemple, B. Boudreau. W. Allen, B. Crawford. Row 3t I. Halverson, S. Duehn, P. Allie, G. Green, N. Cofield, C. Denny, D. Bryce. Row 4: D. Eiss. G. Brandvold, S. Campbell, D. Divine, G. Carlson, K. Gill. K. Davit, J. Hawkins. Row 5: M. Hedin, J. Erickson, J. Christenson, H. Bladstevdr, D. Christenson, D. Hartz, K. Davidson. Row 6: S. Bozinet, J, Forster, M. Blatzheim, T. Erickson, S. Bender, J. Elam, G. Devine, B. Creuy. 30Seventh tfaule Row 1: W. Lehman, J. Messick, C. Courtney, S. Liu, W. Hillier, K. Krako, J. lilies, G. Dohl, D. Kroll, M. BoHenfield. Row 2: L Quaoi, J. Morin, P. Robey, B. Kuko, B. Coleman, J. Kaul, I. Johnson, J. Niccum. Row 3: V. Lindquist, G. Nowack, T. Huss, J. Oveson, K. Sohns, J. Krotzer, I. Knowlfon, R. Marsh, S. Johnson, C. Kolar. Row 4: I. Igo, J. Matson, R. Beck, K. Babler, 0. Hag berg, B. Jensen, J. Adams, T. Miller, P. Moiwurm, J. Jensen. Row 5: D. Jerdee, D. Osell, K. Niccum, 0. Holste, D. Lemke, R. Nelson, R. Krokum, J. Meagher, J. Jensen, A. Hughes. Row 6: J. Helgoland, J. Herman, K. Johnson, M. Olson, D. Nelson, J. Kelly, M. David, S. Corl, K. Kromer, A. Engstrom, W. Hosfield. Seventh grade was the midpoint of our educational school years, but actually to us it was the beginning of a new type of school life. We will always remember climbing the four flights of stairs between every class. Becoming accustomed to changing classrooms every hour, carrying all our books with us, not having any recesses, and being able to pass through the halls with- out the strict supervision of the grade school were our first adjustments in becoming acquainted with the high school. This year we first experienced taking part in homecoming festivities. This is just the beginning, look forward to the experiences and years yet to come, seventh graders; they really leave memories. I Seventh tyuule 31 From left to Right: Vice President, Terry Andreos; Trcoiurer, Jerry Nowack; Secretary, lenore John-son; Not Pictured: President, Tore Huss.Student (?auMcii Senien 'ZfyA Student euncil From left to Right, tilting: H. Porker, K. Holverton, J. Quist. L Betxler, A. Guy, 0. Henningi, 0. Nelson, G. Abrohom, R. S. Pelkey, S. Gunther, G. Roth, K. Schwalbe, R. Olton. Standing: lodmill, M. Fagerlln, J. Tambornino. ffuni i 'ZiStyA Student (fanned From left to Right: D. Glover, A. Speaker, 0. Chriifenten. R. V. Anderson, J. Koul, R Adorns, J. Schmidt. 32 7U S- -j' jr '. in Region Tourney IJr. Attendants: Karen longe and Gret-chon Rosch Soph. Attendants: Nancy Skindelien and Joy Dolder As the crowd sat tense and motionless, Denny Buchanan, game football captain, slowly ambled across the stage, eyeing the three Homecoming Queen candidates, Henri Humphries, Gretchen Diedrick, and Sue Overby. Finally, amid much confusion and excitement, the coveted, golden crown was placed upon the head of Gretchen Diedrick, "Miss Homecoming, 1954." Gretch and her royal princesses were entertained by the Thespian sponsored Homecoming Show. Then the royal court, consisting of queen and senior attendants, junior princesses, Karen Lange and Gretchen Rosch; and sophomore princesses, Nancy Skindelien and Joy Dolder, proceeded to lead the grand parade. The royal court offended the game in the evening and Queen Gretchen finished her day by reigning over the "Mardi Gras" Ball after the game. Joy Dolder, Karon Lang , Henri Humphries, Gretchen Diedrick, Sue Overby, Gretchen Rosch, Nancy Skindelein. 34P'1. (?lcu T tay. Director Mr. liesch Student Director Linda Roberts Wilbur Maxwell Ronold Rogers Hercules Nelson Pat Newell Betty Lou Nelson .... Dawn Cox Bernodine Smith Karen Longe Connie Maxwell Donna Duggan Aunt Mary Mory Eholt John Maxwell David Hansing limpy McGuire Edwin Skay Nora McGuire Roberto Olson Roughhouse Ruby Gretchen Rosch Herman "Ninety-Volt" Jones Bradley Jarvey M . Potter Darwin McGinnis Lucy Burns Judy Gobles Mrs. Mott Joyce McConnell Connolly Jock Schmidt Janet Maxwell Julie Wollace Things start popping as Julio Wolloco, Roborta Olson, Dave Homing, Brad Jarvey, Judy Goblos, Joyco McConnoll, Darwin McGinnis, Ronald Rogors, and Rat Nowoll gothor on tho stag . The junior class presented os their ploy this year, on November 5, 1954, "The Boarding House Reach." Young Wilbur Maxwell in order to get a bike, decides to turn his home into a boarding house while his parents ore away. Of course, one thing leads to another and at 2:00 in the morning, his parents return home and from then on the play takes one hilarious turn- after another. Everything turns out for the best in the end and Wilbur Jock Schmidt arrests Dave Homing while Judy Gables, Brod Jarvey, Darwin McGinnis, and Gretchen Rosch look on. gets his bike Dave Hansing exerts his authority over Ronald Rogers and Pot Newell. Gretchen Rosch and Brod Jorvey are bothered by the interruption of Judy Gables and Mory Eholf. 36'Jtatcvitef "Away In the Manger" "Angelt We Have Heord On High' "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night" "We Three King of Orient Are" 377 Row li J. Hoag, J. Eiss, M. Jcrucn, L. Shendal, C. Hodge, B. Hillior, J. McConnell, G. Grant, 0. Woytcko. Row 2: D. Steele, W. Steen, M. Stave, R. Swanson, L Schwalbe, J. Marsh, M. Nic-cum, S. Thomas, K. Lange. Row 3j 0. McKinney, W. Niccum, E. Skay, D. Morphy, R. Erickson, V. Wenkstern, S. Brown, N. Claybaugh, S. Olson, S. Easthouse. Row 4: J. Ericson, R. Lodmill, G. Woytcke, G. Farnhorm, G. Rosch, A. Eklof, C. Halverson, B. Williamson. Row 5: T. Perbix, G. Jorgensen, R. Peterson, M. Fagerlin, N. Cobb, S. Blakstvedt, C. Jensen, C. Morin, D. Cox, J. Jensen. 38 Roberta Olson, Gretchen Rosch, Marley Woodard, Linda Roberts. Harvey Parker, Dave Morin, Mr. Andeason, Don Hennings, Nelard Brettingen, Doug Trask. Row 1: S. Overby, M. Skow, K. Kroll, S. Honson, ‘A. Botdorf, AA. Gustufson. J. Wolloce, I. Trutnou, R. Mata. Row 2: C. Adoir, N. Crouch, G. Oiadrlck, J. Ebert, A. Dongoske, V. Gronberg, M. Von Eschen, A. Knutson, R. Paige, J. Stove. Row 3j N. Woodard, L Roberts, J. Marsh, R. Hagerle, G. Eugster, H. Wol-ner, B. Sparrmon, H. Parke , D. Hannings, D. Trosk, Row 4: 1954-1955 proved to be on eventful year for the Mound High School Bond. The band presented three successful concerts, wefe represented at the junior-senior high solo and ensemble contests and also took honors at the State Music Contest, May 6. The superior, state contest winers of 1953-1954 were honored as guests at the Activities Banquet, February 17. A new quartet called the "Mischords," and consisting of Roberto Olson, Gretchen Rosch, Marley Ann Mr. Skow, I. Obardack, J. Haddorf, S. Odmark, C. Polmgren, J. Monliath, R. Olson, D. Streoter, E. Vroalstod, R. Adorns, D. Nelson, N. Brottingan. Row 5i 0. Morin, L Robarts, M. Robbins, T. Porter, J. Wolton, A. Spaokar, J. Corl, R. Kramer, M. Obardack, M. Woodard. Woodard, and Linda Roberts was formed this year. The "Mischords" and the "Dischords" joined forces and sang at the band concerts and various other functions. The ten top salesmen for the magazine drive, sponsored annually by the band, attended the Ice Follies as their reward. The Band Roosters sponsored refreshment selling after the games. Bake Sales, Movies, and Bingo to send the concert band on their annual tour. rv1 Row It Mr. Skow, L Roberts, D. Trask, R. Olson, D. Nelson, A. Dongoske, M. Robbins, M. Obardack, D. Hannings. Row 2: S. Overby. J. Ebart, S. Hanson, S. Blokstvedt. 39 Mr. Skow, Don Hannings, Son}o Blokstvedt, Roberto Olson. Row Is K. Schwalbe, S. loMoro, D. Johnson, M. Lockrem, B. Behrner, J. Dolder, D. Blood, J. Evanoff, D. Kuko, Mr. Larson. Row 2i J. Peterson, B. Runman, N. Carlson, G. Hogan, M. Storholm, K. Stevens, L. Lundquist, K. Rudnicki. Row 3: L. Logelln, J. Stork, S. Polkey, R. Hoenecke, K. Halverson, M. Wohlrobe, J. David, M. Kromer. Row 4: R. Wilson, D. Peterson, B. Bjork, D. Herman, R. Schoeben, R. Cleveland, R. Nelson, P. Houllston, D. Williams. From left to rights Mr. Larson, Kay Whittaker, Sally LeMere, Karen Halverson, Phil Houliston, Kathleen Schwalbe, Kay Rod-nickl, Jean David, Bwcky Nelson, 40(26 U14. Row 11 M. Humphries J. Throolin, J. Mockey. V. Hoff, J. Stewart, S. Gunther, B. Greenwood, J. Moore. Row 2: B. Towner, J. Haerden. B. Haerden, K. Nowack, D. Hahn, 0. Schulenberg, V. Quilt, J. Engttrom, J. Nelion. Row 3: J. Colei, N. Eidem, 0. Bake sales, balloon selling, dinners, and various other sales projects were some of the many tasks the Mound Chorus undertook this year in order to finance their own tour this spring. The Debutones sang at the Activities Banquet, the chorus concerts, and for the Lions Club, just to mention a few of their performances. Officeri: Kay Whittoker, Mr. lanon, Phil Houliiton, Kothleen The Debufonei: Nancy Soderlunr, Karon Halverton, Shirley Schwalbe, Karen Halverion. Pelkey, Joyce Peterton, Nancy kidem. Jeon David, Sandra Gunther. Weiterlund, K. Whittaker, N. Skindelien, N. Soderlund, C. Donahue, K. Behrner. Row 4; J. Wohlen, G. Stearm, K. Kromer, R. Ohmann, R. Rogen, R. Weiterlund, R. Zophi, J. Prowaltky, G. Abraham. The chorus presented two concerts, December 13, 1954 and May 1, 1955, provided the musical background for the Nativity, participated in the presentation of the Seven Last Words on Palm Sunday and sang in the music festival, which was held at Mound on March 29, to round out a very busy and hard year. 41Row 1: B. Larson, A. Vo»»en, Mr. lie ch, J. Morris, J. Schroeder. Row 2: H. Humphries, E. Uner, M. Stave, J. Ebert. Row 3: R. Hegerle, L. Trutnou, C. Hedin, J. David, K, Kenoyer. Row 4: The German Club of this year, spent most of its year making a relief map of Germany. Also, among many other projects, they purchased pins, wrote their constitution in German, and read German newspapers. Under the leadership of Dwight Hoxie, president; Bill Humphries, vice-president; Linda Roberts, secretary; and John Kunze, treasurer, the club also had an honorary member in Jurgen Moldenhaurer, 'our exchange student from Germany. Highlighting the Christmas season for the club was J. Evonoff, P. Solstad, M. Kramer, J. Moldenhaurer, G. Diedrick, R. Rogers. a party at the residence of John Corl. The Spanish Club of this year, wrote their constitution in Spanish, visited many interesting places, such as, Our Lady of Guadaloupe, a Mexican parish in St. Paul, and the International House. They also wrote to pen-pols and subscribed to Spanish magazines. A guest speaker, an exchange student from Spain staying in Wayzata, was also present during the latter part of the year. Sfronted ond t esufuZK (?lu4 42 Row 1: R. Bock haul, Mr . Hager, M. Gu»taf»on, D. Sigafoo . Row 2: G. McDonald, L. Schendei, J. Walloce. Row 3: L. Robert , D. Teich, D. Hoxie, B. Ludtke. Row 4: j. Moldenhaurer, J. Thor- »en, J. Corl, B. Humphrie , D. Headman.Row It S. Gunther, Mr. Neilion, D. Co , B. Williomion. Row 2: lodmill, V. Bocktnonn. Row 4: H. Smith, H. Porker, M. Ober- 0. Hoxie, J Walloce, C. Hedin. Row 3: D. Morin L Roberts, R. deck, D. Trotk, R. Ohmann. Science (?£u6 and The Science Club, led by Howard Smith, president; David Morin, vice-president; Charlotte Hedin, secretary; and Sandra Gunther, treasurer, has had a busy year. They attended the Science Congress, April 16, at St. Cloud, had various groups projects, and went on several field trips. Atomic Energy, Light and Color, Plastics, and Chemistry were a few of the names given to the various "theme and area" meetings. Taking pictures for the Smoke Signal and MOHIAN, was the biggest job undertaken by the Camera Club this year. The officers of the club, Gerry Smith, president; Dwight Hoxie, vice-president; and Jean David, secretary-treasurer, demonstrated to new members the fundamentals of faking and developing pictures. Row tj N. Co , D. hoxie, J. Dolder, Mr. Neilion, D. Kuko, G. Smith. Row 2: D. Cox, K Steveni, 5. Reid, R. Reid, C. Aune, G. Aune. Row 3: M. Klingenimith, S. Hanion, C. Hedin, J. David, K. Edward , A. Dongoske. Row 4s A. Ebert, D. Streater, J. Mol- 43 denhaur, R. Lodmill, H. Smith, A. Guy. Row 5: H. Parker, D. Love, R. Bowlby. G. Rydberg, D. Tra k, N. Brettingen, D. N el ion.Row 1. J. Schmidt, S. Overby. Mr. Mendel, B. Larson. Row 2, J. L logelln, S. Blakstvedt. Row 4, J. Ebon, J. David, S. Hanson, Jenson, D. Hohn, N. Peterson. Row 3i B Johnson. J. Bowman, T. Kunze. N. Crouch. glut a W The Commercial Club of '54-'55, consisting of the Sfen II class, was under the leadership of, Sonja Blacksfvedt, president; Sharon Hanson, vice president; and Susan Overby, secretary-treasurer. During the year the club engaged in many tasks. One of the main ones was the mimeographing of the constitution and by-laws of the Mound American Legion. February 8. a representative from Prudential Life Insurance Company was present to provide a very interesting discussion. A representative from Felt and Tarrant Company was also present during the latter part of the year. Helping the librarians check books in and out, shelving and slipping books, and helping the library neat are a few of the important duties of the library assistants. Row It Miu Johnson, M. Matson, J. Oveson, J. Gibson, Mrs. Phieisticker. Row 2t M. Gunion, A. Knudson, R. Bockhaus, A. Vossen, V. Hoff, S. Ryon. Row 3i D. Ericton. M. Anderson, K. 44 Schultz, f. Miller, K. Anderson, Row 4: S. Stark, M. Dahl, G. McDonald, S. Burns, P. Pelkey, A. Engstrom.Row It B. Larson, N. Co , K. Schwolbo. J. Potorson, J. Mo©ro, B. Greenwood. D. Johnson, S. Gunther, S. Overby. Row 2: S. leMere, J. Schroeder, E. Trokos, M. Von Eschen, D. Co . B. Runman, B. Williamson, J. McConnell. Row 3: G. Ro«ch, D. Kuko, J. Dolder, S. Thomas, H. Humphries, J. Evanoff, J. Jensen, V. Quiit. Row 4: K. long , M. Woodard, M Klingensmith, M. Gustafson, J. Gables, A. Batdorf, J. Jocobs, E. Kenfick, M. Justus. Row 5: N. Oveson, B. Hoerden, J. Kissenger, M. Niccum. C. Donahue, B. Johnson, K. Stevens, K. Nowock, N. Skindelien. Row 6: K. Cressy, K. Halvorson, D. Weiterlund, J. Wolloce, L Roberts, L Trutnou, J. David, C. Hedin, A. Donposke Row 7: G. Aune, G. McDonald, K. Whittaker, V. Wenkstem, N. Idem, J. Qulst, B. Heltemes, R. Olson, M. Robinson, G. Died rick. Pep glut The Pep Club, one of the most active school organizations, was reorganized, as usual, at the beginning of the school year. New members were welcomed in by the other "popsters" with the traditional initiation. Different this year was the participation of these new members in the pep fest, cheerleading and doing errands. The climax of their day was a workout around the track during half-time at the game. Officers of the club, Gretchen Diedrick, president; Marion Von Eschen, vice president; Morley Ann Woodard, secretary; and Mary Vraalstad, treasurer,- had chorge of the Homecoming coronation, and also spotted on open date to sponsor a profitable dance. Summing it up in one sentence, . . . The Pep Club enjoyed a Prosperous Yearl 45Row 1: E. Trokoi, J. Schroedor, G. Roich, J. Swanson, J. Evonoff, Mr. llndlon, J. Colder, G. Smith, J. Jacobi. Row 2: I. Trutnao, C. Hedin, A. Dongoske, J. Oovid, C. Coffee. 0. Stogcberg, S. Reid. J. Stard, N. Peterson. Row 3: J. Roich, J. Walloce, . Nowock, G. McOonold, G. Aune, V. Wenkstern, J. Tamboznino. N. Eidem, T. Kunzo, I. Roberts. Row 4: D. love, M. Robbins, D. Streotor, J. Moldenhauor, 0. Morin, O. Orel-Ml, R. Honvon, R. Zophi, G. Diedrick, V. Bockmann. Row 5: D. Westerlund, B. Jarvey, J. Hampel, G. Hanion, R. Hagen, R. Primus, B. Jarvey, D. Lange. Row 6: J. Corl, A. Guy. D. Hop-penrath, D. Baldwin, R. Hagen, D. Fenton, N. Brettingen, D. Nelion, J. Wahlen. W 7H The Ski Club, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Hager and Mr. Lindlan, was very active this year. They opened the membership up to anyone fifteen and over and raised enough money to purchase a portable ski tow that was in use every weekend and some afternoons after school. The officers of the club were: Dave Morin, president; Richard Hoppenrath, vice president; Arlene Dongoske, secretary; and Gerry Smith, treasurer. The M club, made up of boys who have earned a letter in athletics, proved that the boys' club can accomplish as much as any girls' club can! Their biggest project was to select the queen candidates for the Mound Relays. The highlight of the year for them was the annual steak fry. Row 1: P. Nowoll, c. Coffee. J. logui, D. Stogcberg, W. M. Momon, A. Guy. Row 5: R. Bruini, B. Steen, D. Buchandn, Niccum, K. Kenoyer. Row 2: A. Ebert, I. Bctrlcr, I. Peterton, D. Henningi, D. Traik, R. Nelson. Row 6: D. Creuy, P. Houlii- D. Morin, G. Maos, A. Hilgert, J. Tambornino. Row 3: 0. Duehn, ton, K, Kromer, N. Brettingen, D. Fenton, J. Filipcxak, D. C. Miller, R. Dohl, H. Parker, B. Jarvey, R. Breyette. Row 4: Nelion. J. Ericson, W. Fulki. D. Schaible, W. Koehene, M. Oberdeck, Row Is S. Thomas, K. Schwalbe, J. Moor , E. Thielbar, D, Sigafoos, R. Bockhaus, J. Evanoff. Row 2: E. Trakas, G. Rosch, D. Duggan, M. Von Esch«n, S. LeMera, J. Dolder. Row 3s J. Engstrom, H. Humphries, D. Kuka, V. Quist, M. Woodard, A. Botdorf, D. Hahn. Row 4 J. Jacobs, J. Kissinger, K. Nowack, K. Cressy, N. Skind li n, M. Niccum, G. McDonald, J. Eiss. Row 5: J. Hoag, C. Aun , M. Woholrab , K. Holvorson, K. Edwards, S. Pelkey, C. Morris. Row 6: J. Johnson, M. Robbins, G. Aun , P. Pelkey, N. Eidom, D. Weiterlund, J. Qu'ut, B Heltemes. HtncuKcvuil Girls' Intramural now consists of practically every sport. Those being practiced this year included tennis, softball, basketball, golf, and bowling. Bowling proved to be something different and fun for all. With a large group participating and scores ranging from 40 to 180, the girls spent many a Monday evening down at the alley. This year's intramural seemed tc have hit an all-time high, which is something to be proud of, for it provided eryoyable, wholesome activity for any high school girll Row 1: J. Moor , D. Kuka. J. Dold r, N. Eld m, N. Co . A. Eklof, A. Knudson, B. Greenwood. Row 2j M. Behmler, S. L M r , M. Anderson, J. Jenson, B. Hillier, J. Marsh, J. Marsh, J. Sfernes. Row 3: N. Carlson, K. McConnell, B. Haorden, K. Stevens, S. Sternes, J. Stark, C. Adair, M. Gunion, B. Runmon. Row 4: N. Soderlund, K. Nowack, M. Jenson, C. Japs, A. Botdorf, M. Jenson, S. Reid, N. Skindelien, M. Justus. Row 5: R. Hoenecke, A. Vissar, N. Peterson, S. Bruns, K. Cressy, M. Niccum, K. Edwaras, D. Burdorf, K. Holvorson. Row 6: M. Wohlrabe, R. Reid, J. Eiss, J. Hoag, C. Aun , J. Johnson, |. Neilson, T. Kunxe, N. Crouch, J. Kissinger. 47Row It T. Moor , B. Greenwood, G. Ro ch, Mrs. Stockton, D. Stickney, M. Lockren, M. Donion. Row 2: A. Knudton, B. Run-man, J. Sterne , J. Jenten, V. Quid, D. Schulenberg, K. Long . Row 3: J. Swonton, E. Troke , 0. Dugon, M. Klingemmith, K. McConn ll, K. Kroll, A. Batdorf. Row 4t 0. Behrner, E. Kinifick, S. Pelkey, K. Steven , J. Kiuinger, K. Nowack, P. Pelkey, M. Robinson. jtr. ihcC Sr. 'rtyotne Sc. (Ztufo The Home Ec. Clubs spent an active year under the guidance of officers, Van Dora Quist, president; Diane Schulenberg, vice president; Kitty Nowack, secretory; and Eileen Kenefick, treasurer. They celebrated the Christmas season with o porty for all the members. Main activities for this organization this year were, serving at the Activities Banquet in February and also, this spring presenting a style show of clothes made by the girls. Row 1: G. FeeteR, $. Broyott , P. Burko, Mrs. Stockton, K. Trakat, M. Skow. C. Comb . Row 2: K. Gunther, A. Otroy, P. Liu, J. Adair, W. luih, M. Behmler, J. Armttrong. Row 3: S. Knut on. D. Glover. M. And r on, C. Morin, I. Eidem, J. Tambornino, N. Woodard. Row 4i J. Lehman, C. Jap , S. Odmark, M. OI»on, C. Lohman, M. lindquiit, M. Frank . Row 5: D. Dolder, S. Sherman, P. Marth, C. Jen»on, S. Bruin , 0. Swenion, V. Gron-berg, S. Eo»thou e. Row 6: B. John on, M. Dahl, N. Spaulding, D. Holvorjon, S. AAcCurdy, E. Young, K. Horri , S. Burch, P. Kelly. Row It H. Humphries, D. Hoxi . Mr. liesch, J. Goblet, S. Blokitvedt, S. Gunther. Row 2s S. Honton, M. Storhoim, B, Johnson, t. Trutnou, C. Hedin, J. Wolloco. Row 3i N. Eidem, J. David, D. Westerlund, A. Dongoske, J. Tambornino. N. Soderlund. Row 4: 1. Betzler, I. Roberts, R. Otlon, R. Rogers. H. Smith, M. Parker. Row 5: M. Oberdeck, D. Buchanan, D. Hennings, D. Trosk, R. Nelson, D. Fenton, P. Houllston. The Thespians, a group of students that ore interested in octing and ploy production, under the leadership of president, Arline Dongoske; vice-president, Roberta Olson,- secretary, Barbara Johnson,- treasurer, Don Hennings, and advisor, Mr. Leisch, produced three plays this year for the declamation contest and the entertainment of the students. They also planned and put on a variety show as part of the homecoming festivities. utd 'De ztc Our debate squad under the direction of Mr. lind-lan had a very successful season this year. Along with the many debates they won during the year, they topped if off by capturing the Region Five trophy, which enabled them to go into state competition. The affirmative team of Barbara Williamson and Lorry Roberts had 25 debates, won 21, lost 4. The negative team of Phil Houliston and Howard Smith had 25 debates, won 17 and lost 8. Row It N. Cox, R. Nolte, Mr. llndlon, B. Will!om»on, D. Cox Row 2: D. Hoxi , J. Hoog, J. Eiss, C. Aun . G. Aun . Row 3i 49 I. Roberts, R. lodmill, H. Smith, M. Ob rd ck, P. Houliston.Row 1: G. Smith, S. Gunther, Mr. Whitmore, B. Williamson, 0. Row 4: M. Robbins, A. Dongoske, G. Diedrick, H. Smith, D. Johnson Row 2: 0. Hoxie, S. Overby, H. Humphries, M. Stove Hennings, D. Trosk Row 3: S. Honson, S. Blokstvedt, J. Bowman, J. Wolloce, N. Eidem Smo te StyttU The Smoke Signal wos published monthly, os usual, under the leadership of Barbara Williamson, editor. The editorial staff included, Sue Overby, feature editor; Donna Johnson, news editor; Don Hennings, sports editor; Arline Dongoske, exchange editor; Sharon Hanson, circulation manager,- Gretchen Diedrick, advertising manager; and Gerry Smith, photographer. Sitting: Borboro Williamson. 0. Hennings Standing: S.Overby, A. Dongoske. D. Johnson, G. Smith. G. Diedrick. S. Hanson B. Williamson, editor; and Mr. Whitmore, odvisor Quill and Sroll: S. Blokstvedt. D. Johnson, S. Overby, A. Dongoske, S. Honson, B. Williamson, H. Smith. D. Hennings 50 7 TfCaAta Striving for a new and different yearbook. Barb Johnson, editor, achieved this goal with much hard work and co-operation from MOHIAN staff members. ' Among the many usual projects of this organization were the doily ice cream sales in the lunchroom and also the selling of refreshments at the Sub-regional wrestling tournament. Each staff member had the job of helping the division editors meet their individual deadlines Barbara Johnson and Mr. Mendel Mohian Editors: Sitting- B. Johnson, 0. Hennings Standing- H. Smith, S. Blokitvedt, P. Houliston, J. Bowman, A. Dongoske, G. Smith, I. Trutnou Row 1: K. Schwalbe, S. Gunther, 0. Johnson, Mr. Mendel, S. Overby, J. Morris. M. VonEschen Row 2: J. Schroeder, S. Blakstvedt, G. Smith, B. Johnson, K. Whittaker, S. Thomas Row 3: D. Hoxie, I. Trutnau, C. Hedin, A. Dongoske, R. Hegerle, J. Bowman, S. Hanson Row 4: J. David, J. Ouist, C. Millor, K. Williams, R. Olson, G. Diedrick Row 5: H. Smith, H. Porker, D. love, G. Rydberg, P. Houliston, D. Hennings, D. Trask 51flu to s4cUo c 1. Freshman Chorus. 3. Junior High Cheerleaders 5. Junior Hi-lites Staff. 2. Junior High Band. 4. Junior High Pep Club. 6. Gopher Historians. 52 s4 Squad '?o4t6ad Row 1: G. Moot, C. Miller, A. Hilgers, D. Morin, D. Stageberg, D. Schaible, Mr. Hodden. Row 3: D. Buchanan, W. Steen, D. W. Niccum, J. Piche, C. Coffee, C. Nelton. Row 2: Coach Gove, Henningt, D. Nelson, R. Fenton, 0. Cretty, R. Breyette, R. Bruins. J. Kuntuxos, A. Guy, J. Ericson, R. Dahl, W. Koehnen, R. Primus, W. Humphries. This year in football. Mound had a better than average season, as they finished with a record of five wins in eight games to place fourth in the conference. In the opening gome of the season. Mound ran up more points than could be shown on the score board, as they defeated Choska in a non-conference game, 69-6. Mound also defeated their next opponent, Minnetonka, 19-0. The game was marked by many errors by both teams. Minnetonka was unable to penetrate the Mohawk's defense; while Mound scored three times. s Dennis Slageberg most valuable player. Mound 69 Choska 6 Mound 19 Minnetonka 0 Mound 0 Edina 19 Mound 6 St. Louis Pork 7 Mound 13 Woyxata 0 Mound 38 Richfield 7 Mound 7 Hopkins 33 Mound 13 Robbinsdale 6 Gory Moas, All Conference Offensive Guard 54The setback of the season come in the next two games, os the Mohawks lost to Edina 19-0 and to St. Louis Park 7-6. In each of these games Mound gained more total yardage thun either opponent, but foiled to out-score either team. Mound didn't have any trouble gaining yardage until they were inside the opponent's 30 yard line. Then their attack seemed to bog down and they failed to score. Edina's three touchdowns all come on long posses that caught our defense sleeping. Homecoming was made a success as Mound defeated Wayzata 13-0. Both teams had strong defenses, and it wasn't until the closing minutes of the half that Mound was able to score. Deans Nelion All Conference Defensive Tackle In their next game Mound rolled over a young Richfield squad, 38-7. Richfield, a new school, was without a senior class and thus their team was made up entirely of underclassmen. Mound's third loss came at the hands of Hopkins, this year's Lake conference champions. Mound scored one of two touchdowns against Hopkins in the entire season. Mound and Hopkins played on even terms the first half of the game, with each team scoring once. During the second half Hopkins broke through our defense for several easy touchdowns to defeat the Mohawks 33-7. Mound finished the season by Knocking Robbins-dale out of second place os we defeated the Robins, 13-6. This game was considered the best played by Mound and served as a climax to the season, as the game showed the players as well as the coaches the type of football the team was capable of playing. Dennis Buckonon favorite game captain. Coach Robert Gove, Dennis Stogeberg, Gary Maas, Pot Guy. Dennis Buchanan, Don Henningi, Deane Nelson, Dick Fenton. 551. Edina closes in on Stagoberg. 3. After receiving a pan, Deane Nelson is brought down. 5. The team celebrates in the locker room after winning the night's game. 2. Dennis Stageberg heads for pay dirt with Pork close behind him. 4. Clayton Nelson recovers the opening kickoff. 6. Triumphant, the team carries coach Grove off the field. 56SauietfcUl Squad Seu6ct aU Arnold Ebert, Dennit Buthonon, Don Hennings, Ralph Nol- Bill Steen, Ron BreyefTe, Carl Miller, Coach Oicar Hoddorf. ton, Deane Nelton, Dick Fenton, Tom Therault, Keith Kromer, 2? S u uC Row Is Gory Jorgentao, Roger llliet, Jim Nelton, Clayton, Dick Williomt, Gene Killeen, Jock Schmidt. Nelton, Bill Humphries Row 2: Mork Fogerlin, Dorryl Cretty,Deane Nelson Center Keith Kromer Forward Don Hennings Forward Ralph Nelsoi Forward Clayton Nelson Guard Dick Fenton Forward "Most Valuable Player" Arnold Ebert Guard Dennis Buchonan Guard 58 Ronald Broyette Forward Carl Miller Guard All District Tom Therault Center Bill Steen Guard All Conference All DistrictThe 1954-55 Bosketboll Scoreboord Mound 50 Washburn 54 Mound 50 New Prague 44 Mound 78 Orono 47 Mound 50. 38 Edina 46. 59 Mound 61. 67 Hopkins 70. 94 Mound 70. 79 Robbinsdole 52. 52 Mound 44 Wells 50 Mound 68 Elk River 60 Mound 61. 53 Minnetonka 42, 59 Mound 64. 68 Wayxoto 50. 62 Mound 36. 55 St. Louis Park 57. 63 Sub-Districti Mound 51 Minnetonka 40 District Play-offs Mound 66 Eden Prairie 47 Mound 40 Hopkins 56 Steen drives in for o shot in Pork gome. Although this yeor'i Mohowks were a little locking in height, every Inch was fight and scrap. Even though Mound lost their first non-conference gome to Washburn by only four points, prospects looked good considering the strongth of Woshburn. It was of great relief to Coach Hoddorff to hove soven of lost year's team coming bock. This year's "B" Squad mode a real splash in the Lake Conference, by taking the "B" Squad championship. This Is a good source of talent for the coach to draw from next yeor,- In fact, somo of the boys wore moved up to the varsity squad for the district tournamonts. This yoor Mound ran up agoinst the Skippers of Minnotonka in the sub-district. Aftor a very good gome. Mound won o trip to further play-offs at Williams Arena In the first stage of these playoffs Mound met and downed the Volloy Conference chomp, Eden Prairie. 66-47. This sent the team on to meet the Warriors of Hopkins, and though Mound put up a voliont struggle against them, when the final bell sounded, the scoreboord read 56-40 in favor of Hopkins. Dick Fenton, senior forward, was chosen most valuable player by his teammates. Dick was a great spork to his team throughout the season. Also on the honor receiving list was junior guard, BiT Steen, who was chosen for the All-Conference team This year ell maxed from three to six years of basketball for seniors, Don Honnings. Dick Fonton. Deane Nelson, and Dennis Buchanan. Next yeor's team will be built around throe returning regulars. Keith Kromer, Carl Miller, and Bill Stoen. All in all, the Mohawks made a good record for themselves, with a six-six record for conference ploy. Kromer grobs boll away from Park player. 59 Steen tokes o jump shot in game against Robbinsdole. Deane Nelson and Don Hennings go up for a rebound.‘TV'te ttiKf s4 Squad TVr tflen Front: Mr. Welsh, Cory Moo , Bill Koehnen, Coach Bochaus. Chariot Coffee, Bill Niccum, Kon Kenoyer. Harry Stotts, Pot Standing: Pat Guy, Dowg Troth, lorry Botzlor, Al Hilgort, Nowoll, Kent Higglnt, Dennis Lange, Vernon Erickson. S’ Squad "ZOicAtlcnA Row 1: Mr. Bochaus, Jack Piche, Eugene Plotter, Vernon Erick- Kenneth luqer, Ronald Steive, Jerry Hi ton. Row 2: Tom Donahue, Verner Groves, Michael Burke. Row Strossburg. n ' Dohl, lorry 3: Dave Streater, Gory Ziebell, Jeurgen Moldenhour. Row 4: 60 Bill Koehnen ond Pot Guy working out in the wres-tling room. Bill Niccum and Chuck Coffee try out the effective-new of o new hold. Mr. Bochaus, wrestling coach, Mr. Welsh, assistant coach, Dennis Lange and Vernon Erickson, student managers,, look over a chort of wrestling holds before the sub-regional tournament.Standing: Pat N«w«ll, Bill Niccum, Bill Koehnen, Kenny Kenoyer, Charlie Coffee. Kneeling: Dennit Lange, manager, and Mr. Bockhous with the region trophy. The Mohawk motmen made another good record for themselves this year by ending the season with an overall record of 14 wins ond 3 losses in their dual matches. They did especially well in their conference matches, winning 9, and losing 1, to tie with Robbinsdale for the Lake Conference championship. The sub-region tournament was held at Mound this year with ten schools taking part. Mound got five boys through the tournament, thereby qualifying them for regional competition. These five boys, Pat Newell, Ken Kenoyer, Bill Niccum, Charlie Coffee, and Bill Koehnen, all went right on through the regional tournament without losing a match. By taking first place honors for themselves, they were able to win the Region Five trophy for Mound for the third year in a row. The state tournament dealt out some very tough competition, and Mound felt the blunt end of several referee's decisions. However, Mound was still able to place fifth in the state, as Bill Niccum ond Charlie Coffee took third place honors, and Ken Kenoyer placed fourth. Anoka took first place in the state tournament, followed Nov. Mound Op- 19 Washburn here 26 15 23 Cokato there 39 5 30 University High Dec. here 39 5 3 Hutchinson there 31 14 7 Edina here 35 6 10 St. Cloud there 32 15 14 Wayzata there 22 14 16 Minnetonka here 44 3 by Blue Earth, Mankato, and Owatonna. Christmas vacation brought Owatonna, Mankato, and Faribault to Mound for on invitational tournoment. Mr. Bockhous hopes to moke this a yearly event, -for it gives the Mohawks a chance to test the strength of the powerful southern Minnesota schools. Mankato won the meet with 43 points, followed by Owatonna ond Faribault with 40, and Mound with 31. Mankato held an open tournament at the beginning of the year which several Mound boys entered. Charlie Coffee came through with a first place. Harry Statts, who wrestled part of the season, took second, and Pat Newell took a third. Coach Harry Bockhous and his assistant, Mr. Welsch were very pleased with the team's accomplishments this year, and they look forward to an even better season next year. Only Larry Betzler, Doug Trask ond Pat Guy will be graduating this year. Mound will hove nine returning lettermen next year. This includes the five region champs, plus Al Hilgers, and Ken Higgins. Jerry Higgins, , Harry Statts, Jan. Mound Op. 4 Dassel there 19 26 7 Robbinsdale there 13 26 14 Minnetonka there 27 16 18 White Bear here 41 5 21 Anoka here 11 29 25 Robbinsdale here 26 14 28 University High Feb. there 32 10 1 Wayzata here 20 17 4 Edina there 37 6 62Sandra Gunther ond Gory Abrahom trim the Christmas Tree. Kay Whittaker and Carl Miller, King ond Queen of Heart . A pyramid of beautie (? Queen of Snow, Henri Humphries and her royal court. The juniors deliver o singing valentine. laVonne Trutnau ond Joy Dolder show off spring fashions at the Teenboord style show. 63Row Is D. Porbis. K. Putt, K. Higgini, R. Erick ton, 0. Woytcko, Auttin, B. Crotsy, W. Hotfield. Row 4: T. Swan, R. Devin . D. J. Montioth. Row 2i H. Wolnor, S. Woods, D. Trocy, J. Baker, Hodborg, J. Campbell, J. Williamson. Row 5: A. Speaker, N. P. Schroodor. Row 3i D. Moore, J. Niccum, A. Defridos, T. Cobb, D. Nie. R. Morrison, D. Stubbs, R. Adams. 'pootfcill z ut Mound's junior high football team this year had a record of four wins, one fie and one loss to become the Lake Conference junior high football champions. The young Mohawks' only loss came at the hands of Excelsior, as they were defeated 13-0. Mound had previously defeated Excelsior 7-0. Their teamwork and the fine coaching of Mr. Soder-lund certainly paid off! The junior Mohawk basketball team also had a good season. Guided through their practices by the new coach, Bobby Krigg, they gained enough know-how in the gome to hold up a good record for the season. At the time this was written, the boys had won 6 games and dropped only 3. Two of these were losses to Hopkins and one to Wayzata. After two fine records like these of the junior high teams, congratulations ore certainly in order for the boys that participated and to their coaches. Row 1: Mr. Krigg, D. Ei»», 0. Porbix, K. Putt. Row 2: R. boll, T. Auttin, D. Mooro, J. Hoddorf. Row 4: J. Williomton, D, Swonton, D. Woytcko, G. Eugttor, H. Wolnor. Row 3: J. Comp- Stubb . R. Adamt, N. Cobb, A. Spookor. 64The State Bank of Mound W. H. A. Koehler, President H. C. Laumann, Vice President R. G. Dick, Vice President Lucy Koehler Dick, Cashier Eleanor Koehler, Assistant Cashier and The State Bank of Mound Insurance Agency Owned and Operated in the Interest of Residents of Mound, St. Bonifacius, Island Park, Spring Park, and Surrounding territory. THE ONE STOP FINANCIAL SERVICE STATION Night Depository, Free Parking, Drive-in Window MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PHONE: OFFICE MOUND 40Congratulations and Best Wishes 1955 Graduates of Mound High School BETTER BUY FORD Mickelson Motors YOUR NORTHWEST TONKA FORD DEALER Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Koehnen Radio and TV Mound, Minnesota WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST' Congratulations 4 'David rfq tccf KSKjn ,1111 ill ILL minnn 315 EAST GRANT STREET MAIN 2 3SI Congratulations Compliments BEN FRANKLIN Lake Dry Cleaners DRY CLEANERS - FURRIERS - LAUNDERERS Telphonej: Mound 205 - Beoch 4 Locally owned and operated LOCALLY OWNED • NATIONALLY KNOWN Mound Congratulations, Seniors DALE and DEGONDA Electrical Service Mound 402 or 462Congratulations Seniors The Navarre Recreation Center “Where Bowling is Best” NAVARRE VARIETY and GIFTS Congratulations to the Class of '55 Bcoch 31 Keaveny’s Navarre Drug Navarre HAMLETT FURNITURE COMPANY Navarre, Minnesota FURNITURE and CARPETS THE HUB MEN'S WEAR FAMILY SHOES Navarre Beach 549 Best Wishes to Seniors from Netka TV YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR RADIO, TV, PHONOGRAPHS AND YOUR FAVORITE RECORDS Good Luck, Seniors GOLDEN HORN CAFE Spring Park Best Wishes for your Future Congratulations and May Your Future be Successful Mound Builders Supply, Inc. The Markson Company LUMBER - PAINT - BUILDERS HARDWARE AIR CONDITIONING - HEATING Mound, Minnesota Les Scharmann G. E. Vegner PHONE: MOUND 405 ■ 7 « "Supreme Quality" Congratulations ICE CREAM Compliments J. R. Sweeney, Jeweler Maple Plain, Minnesota Minnetonka's Finest DIAMONDS TAKE SOME HOME TODAY WATCHES JEWELRY GIFTS ENGRAVING RINGS and DESIGNING to your LIKING FINE JEWELRY and WATCH REPAIR MOUND 570Compliments of The J. R. Clark Company Spring Park, Minnesota The Red and White Store and Frozen Food Center Mound's finest grocery is Mound Red and White located across the street from the school where it's convenient to shop for your mom before you go home from school. Up-to-date Self-Service is featured with excellent meat department on the way 'round. . . PHONE 319 Jack Legus, ProprietorCongratulations, Seniors Compliments of Red's Sporting Goods Streater Industries, Inc. ALL KINDS OF SPORTING EQUIPMENT Spring Park MANUFACTURERS OF STORE FIXTURES Spring Park Compliments of Congratulations to you "Smart" Seniors FOR THAT "SMART" LOOK, BRING YOUR DOG TO US Ekre's Knotty Pine Canine Beauty Shop Navarre Beach 296 FINE FOOD - ENJOYABLE EATING 1717 Laurel Avenue, Minneapolis Compliments to the Senior Class from FINLEY'S GAMBLE STORE Compliments Warhol Drugs Compliments of PHILBROOK and DALE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS • THE PRESCRIPTION STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES - COSMETICS MOUND 103Best Wishes for your future KAK.L fifcUHN jO J a il-y J tli'iJ L. E. Streeter Lumber Company Compliments of the BUILDING MATERIALS Quality Plus Service MOUND 38 BEACH 155-W Spring Park Hardware Compliments of the Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1955 from Village Inn and Bus Depot Mound Hardware to our favorite "Hamburger Crowd" MOST COMPLETE MOST FRIENDLYCongrautlotions to the Class of '55 from Pete Sorenson Mound Pharmacy Student Headquarters Moy Good Fortune Attend You All REAL ESTATE INSURANCE FOX INC. Navarre Beach 426 Congratulations Seniors THE INTERSTATE POWER CO.  

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