Mound Westonka High School - Mohian Yearbook (Mound, MN)

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 Page One 1lie Mohian Published By I lie Mohian Staff Mound Consolidated School Mound. MinnesotaW e hereby dedicate our 1953 MOHIAN to all our teachers, administrators, school hoard and all the people of District 8 , to show our appreciation for our wonderful school. able. ajj Go-titenti, Dedication...................................... 2 Administration ................................. 4 Faculty........................................ v8 Seniors...................................... 9-20 Underclassmen................................21-32 Activities....................................3348 Sports.......................................49-61 Camera Clicks ...............................62-64 Advertisements...............................63-72 Page ThreeHb e{La'it ve it oj fluiticei Mr. Dale Nelscn Superintendent of School Years at Mound: Nine Schools Attended: St. Cloud State T. C-U. of Minnesota Hobby: Duck Hunting Mr. J. M. Julsrud Senior High Principal Years at Mound: Twenty-two Other activities: Head of ticket sales Schools attended: St Olaf: U. of Minnesota Hobby: Gardening Mr. Harold Rasmussen Junior High Phlncipal Schools attended: Hamlinc: U. of Minnesota Other activities: Head of visual aids Hobby: Hunting and fishing SCHOOL DOARD Back Row: R. J. O'Hallcrsn. Jr.: H. R. Olsen, President: A. H. Rand. Jr.: J. F. Partington. Treasurer; A. F. Llebrenz. Business Manager; Dale G. Nelson. Superintendent. First Row: Talbot Jones, B. Hoefer. School Secretary: Not present. A. E. Johnson. Clerk. Page Fourfyosiei(f t biplamatl Name: Miss Beverly Gammon Subject: English Activities: 7th grade advisor; Declam Years at Mound: One Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Hobby: Golf Name: Mrs. Delores Gustafson Subject: English and Science Activities: 8th grade class advisor Years at Mound: One Schools attended: St. Olaf Hobby: Painting Name: Mr. Robert Woodworth Subject: English and German Activities: 9th grade class advisor Years at Mound: Five Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Hobby: Tennis Name: Mr. Robert Fox Subject: Commercial Years at Mound: Four Schools attended: St. Cloud T. C. Activities: Sophomore class advisor Hobbies: Hunting and fishing Name: Mr. John Davitt Subject: Commercial Years at Mound: Three Schools attended: Mankato T. C. Activities: Mohian advisor Name: Mr. Don Nelson Subjects: English. American History. Journalism. Quill and Scroll. Declam, and Senior Class Play Years at Mound: Two Schools attended: St. Cloud T. C. Hobbies: Gardening and collecting records Name: Mrs. Pearl K. Edlund Subjects: English Activities: Junior class advisor Schools attended: Carlcton Hobby: Music Name: Mrs. Shirley Rousell Subject: English. Spanish. Speech Activities: Sophomore class advisor Years at Mound: Two Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Hobby: Sewing (tatting), dog and piano Name: Miss Jeanette Vcnskc Subject: Vocal music Years at Mound: One Schools attended: MacPhall Hobby: Bowling Name: Mr. Myron Skow Subject: Band Years at Mound: Nine Schools attended: N, D. State. MacPhail. U. of Colorado Hobbies: Hunting and fishing Motto: "Let’s try it once (?) more." Name: Mr. John Andreascn Subject: Band. Vocal Years at Mound: Three Schools attended: Minnesota College of Music Hobbies: Hunting, fishing and golf Page FiveName: Mr. Clayton Nielsen Subjects: Physics. Chemistry. Biology Years at Mound: Two Schools attended: Macalaster Other activities: Science Club. Camera Club Hobbies: Reading, fishing and photography Motto: "Read for understanding" Name: Mrs. Evelyn Hansen Subjects: Mathematics Years at Mound: Eight Schools attended: Mankato State T. C.: U. of Minnesota Other activities: Junior Class Play Motto: "We don't want excuses, we want results!" Half a sheet of paper!! Name: Mr. George Porpieh Subjects: World History. American History. Football Coach Years at Mound: Two Colleges attended: Georgetown U. iWashington. D C.) Gustavus Adolphus Hobby: Sports Name: Mr. Leighton Lindlan Subjects: Social Science. American History Years at Mound: Two Schools attended: Gustavus Adolphus. U. of Colorado Other activities: Golf. Debate Hobby: Watching T. V. Motto: "Three strike's and you're out!" Little Rock rules with two wood heads and a seven Iren hand. (Referring to golf, of course.) Name: Mr. George M. Subjects: Mathematics Years at Mound: Nine Schools attended: St. Cloud T. C.. U. of Minnesota Ot'-er activities: 7th grade advisor Hobby: Music Name: Mr. Pool Subject: Art Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Hobbies: Music, sports, swimming, and golf Name: Mr. William J. Kac .rowskl Subjects: Social Studies. Science Years at Mound: Three Schools attended: Winona. U. of Minnesota Hobbies: Sports, and reading Motto: "Three ways to success: 1. Hard werk 2. Work hard 3. Combination of both." Name: Mr. Donald Soderlund Subject: Science Years at Mound: Six Schools attended: Gustavus Adolphus. U. of Minnesota Hobby: Bowling other activities: Jr. High Baseball. Bomber Coach Sr. High Football. Oth Graae Class Advisor. Driver Education Page SixName: Miss Florence Bronczyk Subjects: Girls Phy. Ed.. Health. Biology Other activities: G. A. A. advisor. Pep Club advisor. Tennis. Girls intramural. Adult recreation Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Name: Mrs. Gladys Barron Subjects: Phy. Ed.. Health Other activities: Advisor to Pep Club and G. A. A. Junior and Senior High Red Cross Colleges attended: Bemidji State Teachers College Hobbies: Folk dancing, Cooking, Bowling Name: Mr. Paul Busch Subjects: Phy. Ed.. Health Years at Mound: One Colleges attended: St. Cloud Tech.. U. of Indiana Hobbies: Outdoor activities, and stamps Name: Mr. Oscar Haddorf Subjects: 7th thru 11th grades Health. 6th grade Phy. Ed and Health. Basketball coach Other activities: M Club Adivsor, track coach, and athletic director Years at Mound: Eight Colleges attended: Dakota W. U., U. of Minnesota Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, and athletics Name: Mr. Ed. Behmlcr Guidance director and counselor Years at Mound: Fifteen Other activities: Baseball coach Schools attended: Carleton College. U. of Iowa. U. of Minnesota Motto: “There's no substitute for training.” Name: Miss Darlene Peterson Subject: Home Ec. Years at Mound: One Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Hobbies: Sewing, skiing, swimming, fishing, and craft wood leather Name: Mrs. Marie Johnson Subjects: Social Studies. Geography Years at Mound: Seventeen Other activities: Gopher Historian. 7th Grade advisor Schools Attended: Winona State T. C.. U. of Minnesota Hobby: Keeping house Motto: "Geography for Culture" Name: Roberta Stockton Subject: Home Ec. Years at Mound: One Schools attended: South Dakota State Hobbies: Handwork, cooking Other activities: Junior advisor. Home Ec. Club Not pictured, came last half of year Name: Mr. Russell Hadden Subjects: Mathematics (8th grade), assistant football and basketball coach. Driver's Training Years at Mound: One Schools attended: St. Cloud T. C. Hobby: Athletics Name: Mr. J. O. Berge Subjects: Algebra. Driver Training Years at Mound: Eleven Schools attended: Morehead State T. C.. U. of Minnesota Motto: "Are you proud of the written record of your thinking?"' Page SevenName: Mrs. Gladys Krusen Secretary Years at Mound: Six Hobby: Reading mystery novels three-fourths of the wav and making own ending. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred she is wrong. Name: Mrs. Lila Robbe Typist and Bookrooin Clerk Years at Mound: Five Hobbies: Solitaire, and Crossword puzzles Name: Miss Helen A. Law School Nurse Schools attended: Northwestern Hospital. Columbia. U. of Minnesota Years at Mound: Twelve Hobbies: Music, milinary. weaving, and cooking Name: Carolyn Zackow Secretary to Jr. High Principal Secretary to Nurse Years at Mound: Three Colleges attended: Minnesota School of Business Hobbies: Sports spectator, homemaking Mrs. Genevieve Pfeilsticker Library Clerk Years at Mound: Five Hobbies: Ceramics, and reading Miss Estelle Johnson Subject: Librarian Years at Mound: Four Schools attended: U. of Minnesota Hobbies: Ceramics, see plays, and read Teachers Not Pictured Name: Mr. Harry Bockhaus Subject: Siiop Activities: Wrestling coach Years at Mound: Nine Schools attended: Mankato T. C.. Augsburg Hobby: Woodworking Name: Mr. Kcpke Subject: Mechanical Drawing Years at Mound: Thirty-two Graduate of Aberdeen T. C. Hobbies: Hunting and fishing Name: Mr. Fahrman Subject: Metal Shop Years at Mound: Three Schools attended: The Stout Institute, Wis. Hobbies: Guns and hockey Cooks Gertrude Soule Sherwood Bowers Page KightXottall o-J tf-ame. Most Popular D. Hall - D. Burandt Steadiest Couple B. Noren - R. Scgner Best Personality D. Burandt - V. Syverson Prettiest Hair M. Johnson • C. Kickhafer Most Changeable W. McCurdy - K. David Class Flirts D. Ebert - L. Grleshaber Best Looking M. Dale - K. Anderson Class Comedian B. Magnuson - J. Perbix Most Talented J. Partington - A. Williamson Class Ma and Pa P. Pogue - D. Maps tone Best Dressed V. Forseth - R. Pettit Class Actor and Actress V. Syverson - P. KullbergeMail af tyame Class Mol Rods A. Baldwin B. Kuka Most Studious R. Fornham • R. Keiscr Prettiest Eyes C. Schulcnbcrg - C. Kiekhafcr Most Athletic .1. Jcrscn - E. Miller Class Rowdies B. Lee • J. Perbix Pepsodcnt Smile R. Hayes - P. Mann Class Tease M. Skay - D. Ebert Most Likely to Succeed R. Farnham - R. Keiscr Shyest A. Palmer - C. hplettstoeszer Class Shorties R. Andersen - M. Nelson Pepiest E. Miller - P. KullberR Best Dancers R. Fern - V. Forseth Most Ideal Boy and Girl S. Brandts - M. DalePte4.idle.nt and lti4 A44iitant4 TOP TEN VALEDICTORIAN R°'V 1. R. Kciscr. S. Brandts. M. Herman, J. OefTHng. Roberta Farnham Row 2. B. Stoltz, D. Burandt. Row 3. I. Thurk, D. Trask. SALUTATORIAN Mary Bockhaus SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS C. Kickhafer, Vice President: A Wlliamson, Secretary: V. S.vverson. President: D. Burandt. Treasurer. QUILL SCHOLL Quill and Scroll is the honorary society for high school writers who have achieved mere than average in their field of writing, and have at least a “B” average in their school work. It is under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Donald Nelson, v ho is also the advisor for the Smoke Signal Staff. QUILL AND SCROLL Row 1. A. Williamson. V Syyerson. Mr. Nelson. D. Peterson. Row 2. M. Skny. B. Noren. T. Ward. C. Lovaasen. A. Tracy. Row 3. J. Voll. J. Roth. D. Spaulding. B. Burch. R. Farnham, J. Schaumberg. Page TwelveSydney Alwin: "Such Joy Ambi-bilion Finds." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Band 10. II. 12: Science Club 11. 12: Camera Club 11. Gerald Andersen: "The Quiet Man." Intramural Basketball. Entered 2. Joanne Anderson: "Her Heart Is Like a Moon. There's a Man In It." G. A. A. 10: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12. Karclynne Anderson: "A Dish Fit tor the Gods.” Student Council. Treasurer 12: G. A. A.. Vice President 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12: Mohian Staff 12: Commercial Club 12: Girl’s Intramural 11. 12. Roger Anderson: "Short but Sharp." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11: Wrestling 12. Allen Baldwin: Tve learned a lot. but school interferes." Camera Club 12. Marv Bockhaus: "A temper as sweet as honey." G. A. A. 10. II; Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12; Chorus 10. 11. 12: Camera Club 11. 12: Spanish Club 11. 12: Lalutatorian. Pcbrrl Bcwors: "He is metal of t'.c baser sort." Homecoming 10. 11. 12. Car! Bcwman: "Every man’s a volume if you knew how to read him." Hcmeccming 10. 11. 12; Nativity 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12; Baseball 10. 11. 12. Judy Brown: “It’s nice to be natural when you're naturally nice.” Class Officer 10; G. A. A. 10: Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 10, 12: Thes-p ans 10. 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Nativity 11. 12; Girl’s Glee Club 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Spanish Club 10. 11: All Star Band 11. 12. Bvrar.dl: "Make the re-memoronee dear." Class Officer 10. i2: G. A A. 10. 11. 12: 10. 11. 12: Declam 10. 12; Sen.or Ciass Play: Nativity 11: Commercial Club 12: Home Ee. Club 10. Jo Anne Cnrcn: "A merry heart goes all the day." G. A. A. 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 11, 12; Nativity 11: Band 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12; All Star Band 10. 11. 12. Page ThirteenMark Case: "Perseverance is his Motto." Homecoming 11. 12: German Club 10. 11: Wrestling 11. 12: Football 12: M Club 11. 12. Mari-Lou Christy: "An all 'round good sport." G. A. A. 10. 11, 12; Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Librarian 11. 12; Spanish Club 10. 11: All Star Band 11. 12. Michael Dale: "Never shy . . . an all 'round good guy." Class Officer 1: Student Council 10. 11. President 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Thespians 12: Junior Class Play: Nativity 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12; Football 12: Track 11. 12; M Club 11. 12. Karen David: "Although she doesn't shock you. she's a live wire." G. A. A. 10. 11: Homecoming 11. 12: Declam 10: Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 11. 12: Home Ec. Club 12. Richard Davidson: "His aims arc low but his gains arc high." Declam 12: Thespians 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Mohian Staff 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Spanish Club II: Debate 12: All Star Band 12: Intramural 10. 11. 12. William Duehn: "Where there's a 'Will' there's a way." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 11: Thespians 11. 12; Junior Class Plav: Senior Class Play: Nativity 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12; All Star Band 11. 12: Baseball 11. Donald Ebert: "Back in Chicago we . .Football 1. 12: Basketball 11: Baseball 10. 11. 12: M Club 10. 11. 12. Roberta Farnham: "Knowledge is Power." Quill and Scroll 2: G. A. A. 10, 11. 12: Homecoming 11: Declam 12; Nativity 12: Smoke Signal Staff 11. 12: Mohian Staff 12: Band 10. ll 12: Science Club 11. 12; Camera Club 11. 12: Debate 12: All Star Band 10. 11. 12: Intramural; Valedictorian. Vonnie F o r s e t h: "Personalty plus dancing feet." Pep Club 12: Cheerleader 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 11, 12: Thespians 11. 12: Junior Class Play 11: Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 10. 11. 12: Chorus 11. 12: Girls Glee Club 11. Janet Gilliam: "Is she talking again or vet?" Pep Club 10. 11: Hemecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam I?: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 2: Girls' Glee Club 11: Commercial Club 12: Home F.c. Club 10: Tennis Club J2: Senior Class Play. LaVon Griesbaber: "The Great Art of Flirtation.'' Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Thespians 11. 12: Nativity 11, 12: Smoke Signal Staff 11. 2: Mohian Staff 12: Chorus 12: Commercial Club 12; Library Assistant 10. 11, 12. Terry Gunther: “He looks'shy. hut oh my!" Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 12: Science Club 10. 11. President 12; Track 11. 12: M Club 11. 12. Page FourteenDean Hall: "As likable as he is lookable." Homecoming 10, 11. 12: Band 10. 11: Declam 12: M Club 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12; Basketball 10. 11. 12; Golf 10. 11. 12: Baseball 12. Ronald Hayes: "Friendly, cute, and fun to boot." Student Council 10. 11. 12; Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12; Basketball 10. ll. 12: Track 11. 12; M Club 10. 11. 12. Gloria Hohl: "You gotta stay happy." Homecoming 12: Declam 12: Home Ec. Club 12: Entered 12. Marilyn Herman: "Ambition has her by the hand." Student Council 11: G. A. A 10.11.12; Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 12; Nativity 12; Chorus 12: Science Club 11. Secretary 12; German Club 10. 11; Class Officer 10. Secretary. Eugene HoH: "I'll take tilings as they come.” Wrestling 10. 11. 12. James Huff: "I am small but so was Napoleon." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11; Chorus 10: Wrestling 12: M Club 12. Susan Humphries Brandts: "I have caught my heavenly jewel." Quill Scroll 12: Homecoming 11. 12: Deelain 11. 12: Thespians 11. 12 Junior Class Play: Nativity 11. 12: Chorus 11. 12: Camera Club 11: Debate 11. Carol Jackson: "The old familiar faces." Homecoming 11. 12; Commercial Club 12. Jimmy Johnson: “Silence is one great art of conversation." Wrestling 10. 11. 12. Marilyn Johnson: "Dark of hair, but not of disposition." G. A. A. 12; Homecoming 12; Declam 12: Camera Club 12; Entered 12. Eileen Kauth: "Graced with all that charms the heart." G. A. A. 10. 11; Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Mo- hian Staff 11. 12. Editor: Camera Club 11. 12: Home Ec. Club 10. 11; Library Assistant 10. Riley Koisor: "The guy is so smooth, he could slide on sand paper." Homecoming 10, 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Science Club 11. 12; Debate 12; Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Track 10. 11. 12: Intramural 10. Page FifteenCharles Kickhafcr: "I was happy all my life." Class officer 12; Homecoming 10. 11.12: Football 10. 11. 12: M Club 10. 11. 12. Richard King: "Let's talk of graves, oi worms, and of Epitaphs.” Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Tnespians 11: Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 11: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Laseball 10. 11. 12: M Club 11. 12. Kari Knudson: "When she talks, it isn't conversation, it's a tilli-buster." Homecoming 10. 12: Commercial Club 12: Library Assistant 10. 11: Art Club 12. Bolte Kuka: "Love me little, love me long." G. A. A. 10. 11. 12: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 11: Thespians 12: Senior Class Play: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Home Ec. Club 10. 12; Tennis 12. Patricia Kullberg: "Come, let us be merry." G. A. A. 10. 11: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: Cheerleading 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Dc-clam 10. 12: Tnespians 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12. Barbara Leo: “The world be- longs to the Energetic." G. A. A. 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12; Nativity 12; Smoke Signal Staff 12; Chorus 11. 12: Science Club 12: Camera Club 12: Entered 11. Mauroon Lonmark: "Most quiet at times." Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 11, 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12; Girls' Glee Club 11. 12: Commercial Club 12: Library Assistant 10. Shirley McConnell: "Never say die.” Homecoming 11. 12; Nativity 11: Smoke Signal Staff 12; Commercial Club 12; Library Assistant lu. 11; Declam 12. Warren McCurdy: "A quiet man is richer than a king." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 12: German Club 10. 11: Football 10. 11. 12: Baseball Manager 11. 12: M Club 11. 12. Beverly Magnuson: "I'll speak in a monstrous little voice." Student Council 10. 11: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 10. 12: Thespians 10. 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 10. 11. 12: Home Ec. Club 12. Jean Malakowsky: "Generally, speaking, she's generally speaking." Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 12: Thespians 12: Home Ec. Club 10. 12. Patricia Mann: "In the sunshine of your smile." G. A. A. 10: Pep Club 11: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Declam 10: Nativity 11: Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 10. 11. 12. P.igc SixteenDavid Mapslono: "He's 'dame' dreaming." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Ski Club 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12: Baseball 10. 11. 12; M Club 11. 12. Ruth Mathison: "Here today, gone for the rest of the Week." G. A. A. 10. 11: Pep Club 10: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10; Home Ec. Club 12. Ernest Meyer: "He speaks sense.” Homecoming 11: Band 10. 11. 12; All Star Band 12: Track 11. Edwin Miller: "Fair play and above board, too." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Baseball 10. 11. 12: M Club 10. 11. 12. Mary Lea Nelson: "How far that little candle throws her beams.” Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Mohian Staff 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12: Library Assistant 10. 11. 12. Sharon Nelson: "She's just plain nice with a dash of spice." G. A. A. 12: Homecoming 12: Declam 12: Thespians 12; Nativity 11. 12: Chorus 12: Art Club 12: Tennis 12; Entered 11. Nancy Niccum: "The Listener." G. A. A. 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Majorette 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12. Ronald Nolan: "I haven't slept a wink." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11; Track 10. Beverly Norcn: "Two lovers went hand in hand." Class Officer 10; Quill Scroll 11. 12; G. A. A. 10. 11. 12: Homecoining 10. 11. 12: Declam 10. 11. 12: Thespians 10. 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal Staff l6. 11. 12: Mohian Staff 10. 11: Band 11. 12; All Star Band 12; Debate 11. 12. Janet Oeffling: "True friend- ship's sweet and supple Joys." G. A. A. 10. 11; Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Junior Class Play: Nativltv 10. 11, 12: Mohian Staff 11. 12. Editor: Chorus 10; Science Club 11. 12: Camera Club 11. Karin Olson: "Like a tea kettle . . . always bubbling over." Class Officer 11: G. A. A. 10: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: Declam 10. 12: Thespians 11. 12: Senior Class Play: Smoke Signal Staff 12: Chorus 10, 11. 12: Girls' Glee Club 11. 12: Commercial Club 12. Marilyn Paisley: "The smile that won't come off." G. A. A. 10: Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12. Pnqc SeventeenAudrey Palmer: Mildness governs more than anger.” Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12. Joe Partington: "Young man with a horn." Class Officer 11; Homecoming 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12; All Star Band 10. 11. 12. John Perbix: "The lunatic, the lover, the poet." Student Council 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball Manager 11: Track 10. 11. 12: M Club 10. 11. 12. Ronald Pettit: "Tall, dark and then some." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12: Football 11. 12: Baseball 10. 11: M Club 11. 12. Geraldine Platzer: "Never trouble trouble." G. A. A. 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Commercial Club 12: Library Assistant 10. 11. Patricia Pogue: "There's a lot of freight on her train of thought." Homecoming 12: Thespians 12; Senior Class Play: Nativity 12: Library Assistant 11. 12. Ralph Poulict: "He wrestled with his problems." Homecoming 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12: Football 12: Track 10. 11. 12: M Club 10. II. 12. Jane Roth: "I'll tickle vour catastrophe." Quill Scroll 12: G. A. A. 11: Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 12: Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal StafT 10. 11. 12: Chorus 12: Spanish Club 11. 12: Tennis 12. Carol Schulenbcrg: "Trim tricky, and terrific." Art Club 12; Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 12: Nativity 11: German Club 10. 11; Home Ec. Club 10. Lucy Schuler: "Laughing, talking. and full of fun." Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Chorus 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Gil ls' Glee Club II. 12: Commercial Club Treasurer 12. Richard Scgner: "Two heads are better than one." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Chorus 10; Basketball 10; Baseball 10; Track 11. Robert Scgner: "With him lies a world of startling possibilities." Homecoming 10. 11. 12 Smoke Signal StafT 10. II: Wrestling 12; M Club 12. Page EighteenMary Alice Skay: "Nice personality. full of rascality." Entered in 11; Quill Scroll 12; Pep Club 11. 12; Homecoming 11. 12: Declam 12; Thespians 12; Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal Stair 11. 12: Mohian Staff II. 12; Chorus 11. 12; Girls’ Glee Club 11. 12; Commercial Club 12; Art Club 11; Tennis Club 12. Glenn Smith: "Great Hoods have flowed from small sources." Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Band 10. 11. 12: Camera Club 12. Ski Club 11. 12. Clarence Splcitstoeszer: "Quiet persons are welcome everywhere.” Homecoming 11. 12: Wrestling 11. 12: Track 12. John Steen: "Good character is man's protection." Band 10. 11. 12: Spanish Club 10. 11; Football 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Baseball 10. 11. 12; M Club 11. 12. Betty Stoltz: "She seems quiet, but she’s a riot." Transferred 12 from Long Prairie; G. A. A. 12; Homecoming 12; Nativity 12; Mohian Staff 12; Band 12: Commercial Club 12; Debate 12. Sherman Swenson: "I meant to do my work today, but . . ." Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 11; Football 11, 12; Basketball 11. 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; M Club 12. Vernon Syverscn: "Laugh and go mad. isn't that the phrase?" Class officer 12: Quill Scroll 12: Homecoming 10. II. 12; Declam 10. 11. 12: Thespians 10. 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Nativity 10. 11; Smoke Signal Staflf 10. 11. 12: Editor 12: Mohian Staff 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10: Camera Club 11. Dcna’.d Tcsch: "His snore is louder than his battle cry." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Band 10. 11: German Club 10. 11: Wrestling II. 12: Baseball 10. 11. 12: M Club 12. Steve Thomas: "Wit makes it’s own welcome." Homecoming 12: Smoke Signal Staff 12: Science Club 12: Wrestling 12: Track 12; Entered 12. Irene Thurk: "Music twinkles in her eyes.” Class Officer 11: G. A. A. 10; Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Thespians 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Girls’ Glee Club 12: Band 10. 11. 12; Spanish Club 10. 11: All Star Band 10. 11. 12. Merlin Thurk: "I do it well or not at all." Homecoming 10. 11. 12. r»avid Trask: "He is mighty on the mat." Student Council 12. Vice President: Homecoming 10, 11. 12: Senior Class Play: Mohian Stair 12: Band 10. 11. 12. President: Science Club 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12. Captain: Track 10. 11; M Club 10. 11. 12. Tennis 10. 11. Tagc NineteenLloyd Westorman: "He listens cut of the corner of his mind." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12: Track 10. 11. 12; M Club 12. Evelyn Will: "A quiet girl, but quite a girl." G. A. A. 10; Homecoming 12: Library AAsistant 10: Art Club 12: Entered 12. Anne Williamson: "She teases the music out of the piano." Class Officer 12. Quill Scroll 12: National Honor Society: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 12: Smoke Signal Staff 12. Bob Wcyicko: "An opportunity to do mischief is found a hundred times a day." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10: Baseball 10. 11. 12: M Club 11. 12: Intramural 11. 12. Geraldine Jensen: "She's nice by name and nice by nature.” G. A A. 10. il. Vice President 12: Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 12: Mohian Staff 12: Camera Club 11. Treasurer 12: Majorette 10: Home Ec Club 10. Clifford Bjork: "I enjoy work: I could watch it for hours.” Student Council 10: Homecoming 10. 11; Chorus 10: Science Club 11. 12. Tcdd Jensen: "Definition of a Gentleman." Homecoming II. 12: Nativity 11: Science Club 12: Ski Club li. 12. THOSE NOT PICTURED Robert Fern: “Better late than never." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 12: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12; Track 10: M Club 10. 11. 12. James Schmidt: "Man with a few thousand words.” Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Thespians 11. 12: Junior Class Play: Nativity 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Baseball 10. II. 12. Doen Waldorff: "A man of few words." Homecoming 10. 11: Baseball 12. Class Color—Silver and Blue Class Flower—Red Carnation Class Mono—Wc W alk By Faith, Not By Sight Page Twentyfluftiodd Jot ad £estatan.d Row 1. B. Lodmill, B. Lodmill. P. Auld. A. Zaback. B. Brooks, A. Tracy. R. Maas. G. Gallop. Row 2. R. Vossen. O. Engelbretscn, B. Wolter. L. Pederson, C. Gnitka. M. Peterson. M. Kohls. Row 3. B. Hcmpcl. M. Gable, C. Visscr, K. Taylor. J. Sorlie. T. Forseth, A. Peterson. D. Stowe. Row 4. P. Pope, R. Peterson. G. Schulcnberg. B. Storup. M. llelnsch. R. Morrison. N. Bunting. Row 5. D. Scgcr. L. Ketchcr, M S'cruton. A. Reisbcrg, J. Schaurnberg. C. Ehalt. C. Fagerlin, W. Hanson. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS f. Kohls, J. Voll. T. Bottcnflcld, G. Coffee venh’-Two Row 1. D. Peterson. S. Brakke. C. Carlson. 15. Martin. L. Baker. R. Whittaker. J. Koechler. Row 2. G. Englebretson. E. Dlorkhising. B. Schwartz. M. Schmidt. C. Lavaason, E. Carlson. G ColTee. Row 3. D. Klein. C. Visser. D. Lenmark. D. Kubasch. A. Uncr. R. Koehnen. T. Ward. K. Johnson. Row 4. J. May, D. Spaulding, E. Mitzel. R. Patterson. B Burch, R. Walstedt. B. Lohmnr. Row 5. L. Berg. J. Bowers. T. Jackson. D. White, R. Gable. A. Lundquist, J. Uner. R. McKinney. SHOT FROM CHEMISTRY CLASS B. Martin. B. Storup, R. Morrison, C. Carlson Page Twenty-ThreeSp.eahe'i'L o-f the Jlo-u4.e SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1. G. Smith, J. Schmidt. I). Johnson. S. Overby. S. Gunther, J. Engstrom, J. Evanoflf. Row 2. D. Babler. A. Ebert. J. Richardson. M. Lcckum, B. Larson. V. Quist, N. Peterson. J. Haerden. Row 3. J. Babler. C. Lind. H. Humphries. D. Burdorf. J. Bowman. C. Donahue. J. Tamborino. Row 4. J. Jensen. M. Stave. D Nelson. L. Trutneau. J. David. A. Dongoske. A Gast. H. Jude. Row 5. T. Kunze. D Morin. J. Neisen. N. Crouch. M. Robbins, G. Maas. R. Baker. Row 6. P. Hathaway. L Peterson. R. Primus. R. Gray. M. Vraalstad, J. Kuntuz.os. D. Buchanan. A. Guy. Row 7. P. Ford. D. Williams, H. Visser, G. Burandt, G. Reisberg, R. Nelson. D. Trask. D. Hennings. H. Parker. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS S. Blakstvedt. H. Humphries. H. Parker. K. Rudnickl Page Twenty-FourcSofthoino-'iei SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1. J. Jenson, D. Behrner. A. Batdorf. J. Holmes. T. Bcnack. B. Williamson. D. Schulenberg. Row 2. D. Hohn. K. Nelson, S. Pelky. C. Hedin. S. Hanson. S. Blakstvedt. B. Johnson. Row 3. J. Frazer. R. Johnson. A. Roberts. L. Logehn. K. Rudnlcki. V. Wenkstern. D. Stagcbcrg. Row 4. G. Engstrom. R. Hagen. D. Patten. W. Faulks, R. Nelson. D. Kctchcr. H. Smith. Row 5. M. Oberdeck, J. Erieson. B. Vogelbesang. G. Diedrich. V. Boekmann. M. Kramer. E. Fisher. Row 6. G. Stearns. N. Brettingen. P. Houiston. R. Ohmann. D. Nelson. D. Fenton. J. Fillpizak. P. Lohmar. Sophomores singing at school dance Page Twenty-Five T.ulen.1 ajf the cMotiie Row 1. J. Gibson. A. Vossen. D. Cox. J. Holmes. I). Hoxie. H. Statts. R. Bursch, R. Erdman. Row 2. V. Hoff. R. Bockhaus. M. Etter, D. Sullivan, G. Richards. M. Bro .e, J. McConnell. D. Erickson. Row 3. B. Towner, J. Lager. M. Justus, J. Russell. D. Thompson, D. Erdman. J. Haerden, J. Jacobs. M. Von Eschen. Row 4. TO. Gustafson. P. Newell. H. Ilaegensen. K. Kroll, G McDonald. N. Oveson. J. Kissinger, E. Kenefick. Row 5. B. Swedburg. D. Dugan. E. Unor, S. Thomas, E. Trakas. J. Stoltz. M. Woodard. M. Mickel-son, G. Rosch. Row 6. B. Sparmen, C. Coffee, J. Legus. D. Sladther, J. Walton, D. Sandahl, C. Miller, D. Branson, D. Housing. Row 7. B. Ward. G. Kohls. R. Stave. F. Blackowiak, R. Anderson, D. Stewart. D. Steele, J. Farness, R. Lenmark, M. Meredith. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Standing: R. Dahl. Pres.. M. Gustafson. V. Pres.. H. Statts, Trcas. Seated: J. Quist, Sec. Page Twenty-Sixfyn.eAlime t FRESHMAN Row 1. K. Schwalbe. J. Schroeder. B. Blackowiak. V. Erickson. B. Buctlcr. T. Crouch, G. Aune. A. II tigers, D. Cressy. Row 2. D. Duffy. O. Schmidt. O. Dresst-l. J. Kutz, R. Hoppenrath. E. Skay. R. Hanson. W. Niccum. K. Kennoyer. Row 3. D. Schiable. R. Franks. B. Bjerksette. L. Lundquist. S. Cleveland. J. Wallace. K. Whittaker, M. Ehalt. D. Tesch. Row 4. P. Pclky, B. Heltimes, D. Westerlund. J. Quisl. J. Kunze, L. Schwalbe, J. Piche, J. Hempel. K. Williams, B. Kochnen. Row 5. B. Humphries. S. Hanson, C. Arnold, J. Dodd. L. Boynton. B. Jarvey. R. Olson, K. Case. M. Robinson. Row 6. D. Herman. D. McGinnis. R. Rogers. D. Westerlund. G. Bcrmeister. J. Higgins. B. Jarvey. R. Dahl. R. Bruns, B. Steen Row 7 R. Breyette. A. Dolder. J. Schmidt. R. Dahl. R. Ulrick. G. Benson. A Loras. T. Iverson. J. Stave. G. Hanson. D. Nygren. Mr. Renjens teaching class. Page Twenty-SevenState QooeA.nan.-i EIGHTH GRADERS Row I. B. Taylor. A. Eklof. J. Stern. L. Shendel. K. McConnell. N. Soderlund. J Bishop. Row 2. S. Zeainan. J. Coles. K Cressy. N. Skindellen. C. Nlccum, C. Brandvold. B. Birch. M. Pitts. Row 3. M. Fagerlm. G. Jorgensen. R. Peterson. G. Woytcke, R. Swanson. L. Strausberg. T. Schulenberg. T. Venstamaker. Row 4. M. Storholm. J. Eiss. S. Krebb. J. Hoag. M. Jensen. M. Ntecum. K. Halverson. Row 5. H. Miller. R. Lodmill. J Ferial. R. Cleveland. B. Brown. C. Aune. S. Reid. Row 6. J. Coral. R. Gibson. . D. Streater. R. Zophi, W. Houston. D. Peterson. N Sandeen. Row 7. R. McKinney. C. Sneider. R. Auld, M. Krusen, R. Kramer. J. Lanphtr. W. Lind. F. Fraser. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS R. Armstrong. Vice Pres.; G. Woytcke. President: G. Jorgenson. Sec.-Treas. Piigc Twenty-EightZiifktlt Q iade EIGHTH GRADERS Row 1. R. Armstrong. D. Sigafoosc. B. Bchrner, S. Adair, N. Cox. J. Rosch. J. Nelson. Row 2. T. Kocchlcr. E. Kaul. R Fields. J Mackey C. Palmgren. Row 3. T. Pcrbix. R. Richter. R. Sticknev. R. O Donnell. R. Geycn. R. Smith. D. Wetzig. Row 4. E. Reid. R. Wilson. T Hofstad. R. Mcridith, J. Fox. L. Nelson. T. McDonald. J. Grieshaber. Row 5. C. Nelson. R. IlLcs. D. Statts, . B. Taylor. A. Reen, D. Murphy. Row 6. M. Klingcnsmith. J. Peterson. B. Hilliers. J. Marsh. J. Marsh. . T. Thompson, h'. Haug. Row 7. R. Pool. R. Jerae. P. Kovalsted. L. Babbitz. G. Abraham. B. Greenwood. S. La Mere. J. Dolder. N. Backlund. Officers and Bus Patrol Boys. Page Twenty-NineQa nfiai f.n Mattcufeni. SEVENTH GRADERS Row 1 D. Peterson. J. Sohns. C. Jensen. S. Dunn. L. Eldon, D. Glover. K. Gunther. Row 2. S. Sherman. P. Marsh. K. Shultz. C. Japps. M. Lemkey. J. Chapman. Row 3. S. Brown. P. Bierd. J. Doldcr. . B. Hodge. M. Olson. J. Thomas. Row 4. J. Campbell. D. Tracy. . S. Drahoush. D. Peterson. G. Farnham. N. Cobb. S. Odmark. Row 5. M. Jorden. B. Zachow. F. Miller. D. Johnson. H. Bjerksette. J. Williams. T. Swan. Row 6. B. Cressy. D. Nee. A. Speaker. W. Brayette. R. Maas. D. Sawvill. S. Bruns. M. Anderson. Row 7. R. Adams. J Erickson. P. Kelly. R. Morrison. A. De Fraidls. J. Kunze, D. Hcdberg, M. Humphries. T. Austin. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS A. Lang, Treasurer: J. Baker. Secretary: P. Marsh. Vice President: J. Armstrong. President. Page ThirtySeventh Q'tade SEVENTH GRADERS Row 1. D. Peterson. T. Chance. K. Halverson. D. Heinsch. J. Stickney. V. Magney. Row 2. V. Ettcr. S. Ryan. M. Thompson. J. McCarthy. A. Blakstevedt. J. Shay. Row 3. J. Dunnewlnd, W. Blake. E. Jones. C. Jerde. C. Johns. P. Ward. J. Armstrong. Row 4. J. Trenton. L. Westcrman. A. Lang. C. Morin, S. Olson. K. Putt. D. Waytcke. B. Bunting. Row 5. N. Claybaugh. E Vraalstad. M. Burke. R. Moore. S. Carlson, D. Perbix, R. Fraser. Row 6. M. Behmlcr. J. Baker. M. Quass. K Higgins. M. Caron. D. Carlson. R. Erickson. H. Wolner. Row 7. N. Vorlander. P. Vossen. S. Milbrandt. C. Igo. B. Buck. N. Spaulding. J. Kullberg, M. Franks. G. Grant. Shot of Library. Page Thirty-OneGancj.'i ll SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL. Standing: R. Hayes, G. Maas. J. Klingensmith. D. Trask. Sitting: J. Bowers. K. Anderson. J. Perbix, D. Trask. M. Dale. D. Peterson. R. Nelson. C. Gntt-ka. JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting: R. Olson. J. Hemple. Standing: D. Glover. A. Speaker. W. Steen. B. Stalke. T. Hofstedt. R. Dahl. BUS PATROL Bus Patrol Captain—Dwight Hoxic. Street Patrol Captain—John Walton. Mr. Hadden is Bus Patrol Advisor, and Mr. Woodworth is Street Patrol Advisor. There has never been a fatal accident where Street and Bus Patrolls have been on duty. There are sixty-two boys and four girls on the Patrol. Page Thirty-Two Senior J fiND ¥ J'UNIOR X CLASS Dfl(VCTn;G Sports clugs QCTIVITIES rt? { I ! • , ( 1 . CltQSuU. Row 1. D. Johnson. S. Gunther, J. Engstrom, A. Williamson. B. Kuka. V. Forseth. Miss Venske. Row 2. P. Kullberg. M. Boekhaus. V. Quist, D. Schulenbcrg. M. Paisley. J. EvanofT. L. Schuler. Row 3. B. Johnson. M. Schmidt. M Skay. C. Hedin, S. Brandts. M. Herman. C. Donahue. M. Gable. Row 4. J. Haerden. E. Carlson. R Whittaker. S. Nelson. V. Kramer. J. May. J. Roth. Row 5. B. Burch. H. Parker, D. Hennings. M. Hetnsch. D. Trask. R. Nelson. A. Lundqutst, C. Ehalt. The High School Chorus is the organization which gives many students the opportunity to participate in group singing. Directed by Miss Jeanette Venske and accompanied by Carol Fagerlin, this year the Chorus gave two concerts besides providing background music for the Nativity and attending the mass chorus festival in Edina. Officers for the Chorus were S. Brandts, president; V. Forseth, vice president; D. Olson, secretary; and J. May, treasurer. Musical selections by the Chorus were also provided for Baccalaureate and Graduation ceremonies. Page Thirty-Four Senior High Chorus rehearsing.Qi e Club CHORUS Row 1. R. Maas, B. Williamson, S. Brakkc. B. Brooks. B. Larson. M. Lochram, M Nelson, B. Gallup. Row 2. K. Nelson. D. Hahn. J. Holmes. T. Benack. J. Babler. J. Gilliam. H. Humphries. J. Richardson. Row 3. K. Olson. M. Peterson. C. Lovaason, L. Logelin D. Nelson. R Rudnicki. S. Pelkey. Row 4. B. Lohmar, K. Taylor, B Schwartz, M. Lenmark. B. Lee. N. Eidem. J. David. Row 5. D. Williams. C. Fagerlin. P. Houliston. J. Kuntuzo. D. Scger. I- Berg. E. Fischer. J. Sortie. Glee Club is the activity which gives girls, especially interested in music and singing a chance to participate in group singing other than chorus. The group, under the guidance of Miss Venske, sang for various concerts, club meetings, and church services, accompanied by their accompanist, Ann Williamson. GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row 1. I. Thurk, M. Lenmark. K. Olson. M. Skay. J. Brown. L. Schuler. A. Williamson. Page I hirty-Fivc MOUND HIGH SCHOOL FIRST BAND Row 1. I. Thurk. J. Brown. D. Stowe. S. Alwin. L. Boynton. Row 2. R- Reiser, J. Steen. I. Swanson. C. Carlson. A. Palmer. R. Schechcr. B. Noren. J. Klingen-smith. G. Rosoh. Row 3. J. Eiss, L. Trutneau. S. Overby. S. Brakke. S. Hoag. C. Niccum. J. Stoltz, E. Skay. G. Smith. H. Parker. D. Trask. K. Peterson. D. Hennings. Row 4. A. Peterson. C. Trovall. B. Hillicr. S. Hanson. M. Vraalstad. T. Bottcnfield. G. Dietrich. Row 5. M. Jensen. E. Tuttle. A. Batdorf. J. Wallace. L. Schwalbe. M. Gustafson. J. McConnell. K. Kroll. K. Lange. N. Crouch. Row 6. S. Cleveland. B. Martin. M. Robbins. M. Scruton. B. Stoltz. Mr. Skow. D. Davidson. J. Caron. B. Duohn. Mound’s big band. 98 strong, has been kept very busy this year with playing at football and basketball games and also two concerts. Their annual tour, which is sponsored by the Band Boosters, brought them a very interesting time at Clark. South Dakota and also two towns in North Dakota. Eesides sightseeing at Garrison Dam and also at .he new Oil fields, the band played three concerts. 'Ihe District 18 All Star Band, gave their concert at St. Louis Park on March 23. Mound sent BAND OFFICERS OF FIRST BAND Standing: M. L. Christy. C. Trovall. D. Trask. B. Duchn. D. Peterson. Mr Skow. Seated: J. Partington. B. Martin. J ’age thirty Six Row 1. Row 2. Row 3. Row 4. Row 5. Row 6. MOUND HIGH SCHOOL BAND V. Wcnkstern. R Famharn. C. Palmgren. B. Williamson. A. Dongske. A. Eklof. C. Bran void. R. Olson. D. Steel. J. Holmes. M. L. Christy. P. Mann. D. Peterson. B. Niccum. D. Murphy. J. Holmes. R. Auld. J. Plche. B. Steen. E. Myers. J. Niesen. B. Lodmill. D. Trask. B. Sparman. D .McKinnv. R. Nelson. J. Schmidt. R. Wovtcke. M Fagerlin. S. Blakst%cdvt. J. Voll. B. Lodmill. R. Lodmill. T Forseth. R Ohrnan. D. White. R. Watstedt. N. Brettmgton. D. Nelson. J. Partington. M. A. Woodard. M. Oberdeck. J. Ericson. D. Morin. J. Jensen. 26 members to the All Star Band. They also sent a band member to the All State Band which performed at the annual M. E. A. meeting at the Minneapolis Auditorium in November. This mem ber was Patsy Mann, a senior. The Young People Symphony concerts, spon- sored by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, has kept a few of the musicians busy with their concerts on January 29. February 19, and March 19. Mound was represented at the annual solo and ensemble contest this year by 65 entries. Band Rehearsal. R-igc Jlatlif, HOMECOMING Queen Donna from the House of Burandt and her six princesses reigned royally over the 1952 traditional home-coming festivities. She had a full day of excitement beginning with the coronation program and coming to a climax with the Home coming Dance held at the Shirley Hill; School. Queen Donna and her princesses. Karolynne from the House of Anderson. Susan from the House of Humphries, Barbara from the House of Martin, Mavis from the House of Schmidt, Kay irom the House of Rudnicki, and Henri irom the House of Humphries were saluted with various types of talents Irom kingdoms throughout the land of Mound. A highlight of the day's festivities was the parade down Main Street led by Queen Donna and her royal court. The coronation program was sepon-sored by the Pep Club and the homecoming parade and dance under the? auspices of the Student Council. This year’s homecoming will always be remembered lor the new and different type of coronation program under the direction of Mr. Don Nelson and Beverly Ncren. Pep Club president. Bob Fern, football captain, presents bouquet of roses to Queen Donna. ’age Thirty-Kighl The Royal Court: Princesses Kay. Mavis, Susan. Queen Donna, Princesses Karol’- ne. Barbara, and Henri.Page Thirty-SineMan'' “The Man” was presented November 7, by the junior class. No one will ever forget the work and enjoyment the cast, crew, and directors put into and received from putting on the play. Or will we forget the roll played by John Voll. the psychopathic maniac, who just wanted to be appreciated and Barbara Hempers wonderful job as Mrs. Gillis. the lady who hired Howard to help around the house for awhile. As the play commences Howard is applying for a job at the home of a poor widow, Mrs. Gillis. At her first glimpse she mistrusted him but she heard that he did such fine work she hires him despite this first impression. He did wonderful work for her but it took him an unreasonably long time. Howard was always snooping around her house and she didn’t care for that, because when she caught him looking at things he locked Mrs. Gillis in the closet. Ruth, Mrs. Gillis’ niece, came to see her and in the meantime she was locked in the closet and Howard had warned Ruth not to tell anybody. While he wasn’t looking Ruth tried to search the room but he always caught her. When Ruth finds out. she wants to leave and Howard lets Mrs. Gillis out of the closet. Just then Doug, the grocery boy delivered the groceries and instead of paying him with money, she wrote out a check and tried to write a note on the back of it, but Howard caught her doing this and then he became angry with her. Howard will be doing something then all of sudden he’ll quit and think with a real far away look on his face and then will chase Mrs. Gillis around the house or try to choke her. He then tried to rent a room but knowing what he was like Mrs. Gillis told him she didn’t have any room to rent. She told him maybe Mr. Stevens, a man down the street had a room that he could rent. When he left the room she tried to call Mr. Stevens, but of course he caught her again. Mr. Stevens noting that Mrs. Gillis was frightened decided to go over to see if everything was alright. When he got there he looked around and all of a sudden he saw Howard backing down the stairs looking at his hands. Mrs. Gillis never again appeared on stage. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY THE MAN Cast Howard Mrs. Gillis Ruth Doug Mr. Armstrong Mr. Stevens Mr. Franks John Voll Barbara Hemple Alice Tracy George Coffee Martin Heinsch Terry Bottenfield Edward Mitzel Page Forty"5batu i to £" Seniors, appearing for the last time in a major high school play production, presented a comedy-fantasy, DOWN TO EARTH by Bettye Knapp, Friday. April 17, in the school auditorium. As the curtain opened, three angels, Agnes (Donna Burandt), Wilfred (Vernon Syverson) and half-angel, Pilone (Mike Dale) descending down to earth on an artificial cloud designed by the stage hands. Rainbow lighting created a pattern for a sky-like effect. Trying to “make contact” with the souls of Augusta Applegate (Marilyn Herman) and Herman Howell (Dick Davidson). Agnes and Wilfred concentrated with their cosmic counters. Orpha Teel (Pat Pogue), a typical gusher, schemed a wealthy match for her daughter Ruthie (Judy Brown) and Robert Hanley (Ronnie Hayes) by using the aristocratic prestige of her sister. Robert, a rather near-sighted individual, missed the sofa, to meet the floor, and brought the audience with him in hysteria. Trying to squeeze a few dollars from Aunt Augusta’s, bank account to make a success of his new fangled invention, Baxter Bromsley, (Bill Duehn) came with his wife Millie, (Gloria Hehl) and his daughter June (Beverly Noren) to impose upon Augusta, too. Furnishing the comical humor of the play, Pilone played cupid only to entangle the love afTairs of June and Richard White (Terry Gunther) with that of Ruthie and Robert Hanley. Besides making everyone else fall in love, and softening Pilone, not to be outdone, fell in love himself with Augusta’s maid. Diana Clump (Patty Kullberg) who joined the troup of angels to climax the fantasy play. Under the direction of Mr. Donald Nelson, English 12 teacher, Susan Brandts student director, the cast practiced every night after school, “I acted as director last year.” commented Susie, "so it really wasn’t a new feat for me.” Working behind the scenes, the student stage crews helped make the play run as smoothly as possible. Painting and designing sets were Glenn Smith and Syd Alwin. Organizing the publicity was Mary Alice Skay, while Malakowsky headed the committee for sewing and making costumes. SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Agnes Wilfred Pilone Augusta Applegate Herman Howell Orpha Teel Ruthie Teel Robert Hanley Baxter Bromsley Millie Bromsley June Bromsley Richard White Diana Clump Donna Burandt Vernon Syverson Mike Dale Marilyn Herman Dick Davidson Pat Pogue Judy Brown Ronnie Hayes Bill Duehn Gloria Hehl Bev Noren Terry Gunther Patty Kullberg Page 1'ortyOneNativity Nativity Scene. Highlighting the Christmas season is the Nativity, which is presented annually to the student body, and features a cast of high school students under the direction of Mrs. Pearl Edlund. In this year’s production, Irene Thurk played the role of Mary, while John Pcr-bix was Joseph. Eileen Kauth was the head angel, and Ed Miller, Ron Hayes, and Dick King were cast as the three wise men. Nativity Scene. Nativity Scene. J. OefYling. G. Jensen. I. Thurk. E. Kauth. J. Pcrbix. Page Forty-TwoTHESPIAN This year's Thespian Society lias been very active in that it has put on three one-act plays. "The Clod." "A Date With the Professor." and "Our Town." With the help of the 1952 - 1953 officers, the Thespians' schedule was filled wtih regular meetings and meeting-parties at various club members homes. Thanks to Mrs. S. Rousell and Mr. Don Nelson who helped to make this year's Thespians a living organization. Row 1. V. Forseth, L. Grieshaber, M. Kohls. Mrs. Rousell. Mr. Don Nelson. J. Malakowsky. D Peterson. Row 2. H. Humphries. J. Brown. M. Skay. S. Brandts. B. Noren. K. Olson. A. Tracy. P. Kullberg. Row 3. N. Eiden. J Schmidt. V Syverson K. Johnson. S. Nelson. A. Dongoskc. J. Roth. Row 4. R. Davidson. W. Duehn, E. Mitzel. D. Spaulding. I. Thurk. M. Hemsch, J. Vo!!. M. Dale. DECLAM More than 60 students participated in dcclam this past year. Marilyn Herman and Judy Brown, seniors. John Voll. junior, and Eddie Vraalstad. junior high were awarded superiors in the district declamation contest at Wayzata. Mrs. Shirley Rouselle and Mr. Don Nelson coached the senior high orators, while Miss Beverly Gammon instructed the junior high students. Row 1. P. Kullberg. S. Brakkc. M. Johnson. Mrs. Rousell. Mr. Don Nelson. V. Forseth. L. Trutneau.. Row 2. B. Williamson. M. Bockhaus. H. Humphries, j. Gilliam. B. Magnuson, J. Caron. Row 3. J. Klingcnsmith. P. Auld. B. Martin. B. Johnson. J. Brown. M. Skay. Row 4. M. Herman. E. Stoltz. C. Hedin. S. Brandts. K. Olson. B. Noren. Row 5. A. Tracy. N. Eidem. S. Nelson. A. Dongoske, V. Syverson. E. Mitzel, E. Fischer. Row 6. J. Roth. R. Farnham, R. Walstadt, R, Davidson, I. Thurk. G. Deidrich. J. Voll. C. Fagerlin. DEBATE The debate squad under the direction of Mr. Leighton Lindlan copped sixth place in the regional tournament. The nine members w h I c h composed the debate squad this year prepared cases cn the problem: Resolved: That the Atlantic Pact Nations Form a Federal Union. Traveling to Gustavus Adolphus College to par-tic pate in an Upper Midwest debate festival was cne of the highlights of the debate squad's activities this year. Row 1. B. Williamson. B. Johnson. Mr. Lindlan. B. Noren. Row 2. M. Oberdcek. B. Stoltz, R. Davidson. R. Farnham, J. Voll. Page Forty- I hrccZlectian Newi. SMOKE SIGNAL Row 1. A. Williamson. B. Brooks. Mr. Nelson. B. Mngnuson. M. Skay. Row 2. P. Kullbcrg. C. Lind. D. Peterson. L. Grieshaber. H. Humphries. Row 3. S. Humphries. A. Roberts. R. Mathisen. R. Whittaker. K. Olson. Row 4. B. Noren, A. Tracy. K. David. V. Syverson. T. Ward. J. Rotii. Row 5. R. King. S. Thomas. D. Spaulding. S. McConnell, B. Burch. A. Lundquist. J. Schaumburg. SMOKE SIGNAL COPY Besides the usual news circulation the Smoke Signal staff found time to sponsor the “Club Variety Dance” and attend a press convention at the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. Vernon Syverson. editor-in-chief and Beverly Noren. feature editor were the Smoke Signal representatives to the National Press Convention in Chicago. Illinois. Other editors of the staff are Bert Lundquist. assistant editor. Anne Williamson, news editor, Jim Schaumburg, sports editor. Donna Spaulding, exchange editor, and Jane Roth, business manager. Verncn Syverson. Mr. Nelson . v. Forscth. V. Syverson, B. Noren. 5, "‘,.7'a. n Hennings. C. Lovaason. M. Scruton. K. Famham. D. Peterson. s J Vo'll. M. stave. M. Christy. Page Forty-Four J+tnual decafoH Mr. Davitt, Eileen Kauth, Janet OefTling. Mr. Davitt. Donna Spaulding, Eileen Kauth. Janet OefTling. Carol Lovaason. Karen Johnson. Standing: V. Syversen. S. Blakstedvt. S. Overby. L. Grieshnber. J. Bowman. M. A. Skay. A. Williamson. D. Spaulding. C. Lovaason. K. Johnson. M. Heinsch. B. Stoltz. J. Jensen. K. Andersen. B. Kuka. Sitting: J. OefTling E. Kauth, Mr. Davitt. Page Fort}'-FiveSPANISH CLUB Row 1. R. Vossen. M. Boekhaus. Mrs. Rousell. L Baker. C. Gnitka. Row 2. B. Pierson. I. Swanson, A. Tracy. R. Osha. J. Roth. GERMAN CLUB Row 1. J. Klingcnsmith. R. Nelson. Mr. Woodworth. J. Tambornino, S. Gunther. Row 2. D. Lcnmark. R. Schecher. J. Neisen. R. Whittaker. Row 3. A. Cast. R. Vogelesang. D. Kubasch, P. Hathaway. L, Drcssel. Row 4. E. Mitzcl, R. Primus. G. Schulenberg, J. Voll. R. Gable, C. Fagcrlin. COMMERCIAL CLUB Row I. G. Platzer, N. Niccum. Mr. Davitt. 1 . Knudscn. M. Nelson. Row 2. J. Gilliam. P. Kullberg. M. Paisley. L. Schuler. Row 3. K. Anderson. L. Grieshaber, M. Skay. M. Lenmark. K. Olson. Row 4. J. Anderson. J. Caron. C. Jackson. D. Burandt, A. Palmer. S. McConnell. Page Forty-SixSCIENCE CLUB Row 1. G. Coffee. B. Lodmill. Mr. Nelson. B. Lcdmill, S. Gunther. C. Carlson. Row 2. C. Hedln, D. Morin. L. Trutneau. M. Herman. A. Dongoske, K. Peterson. H. Smith. Row 3. R. Ohman, D. Trask. S. Alwin. T. Jensen. J. Bowers. H. Parker. Row 4. J. Voll. R. Farnham. R. Walsladt. A. Rcisbcrg. T. Ward. R. Keiscr. D. Trask. CAMERA CLUB Row 1. D. Johnson. M. Lochram. J. Engstrom. Mr. Nielson. B. Brooks. J. Jensen. D. Schulenberg. Row 2. J. Smith. M. Johnson. M Bockhaus. C. Carlson. J. Babler. K. Nelson, G. Smith. Row 3. A. Zaback. J. Holmes. A. Batdorf. D. Behrner. B. Martin. G. Jensen. C. Lovaason. Row 4. C. Hedin. S. Hanson. L. Trutneau. K. Rudnicki. N. Eldem. L. Logelin. Row 5. B. Lee. H. Smith. T. Ward. V. Boekman. R. Peterson. R. Patterson. E. Mitzcl. Row 6. H. Parker. M. Heinsch. A Retsberg. M. Scruton, R. Ohman. P. Houliston. J. Schaumbcrg. W. Hanson. SR. HIGH HOME EC. CLUB Row 1. R. Maas. M. Lochram. E. Kauth. B. Magnuson. B Kuka. Row 2. V. Quist. J. Jensen. D. Schulenberg. J. Malakowsky. Row 3. A. Batdorf. J. Bowman. S. Pelky. D. Burdolf, V. Wenkstem. Row 4. L. Peterson. A. Zaback. E. Dierkising. R. Mathiscn. K. David. G. Hehl. Page Port) SevenRow 1. Row 2. Row 3. Row 4. Row 5. Row 6. JUNIOR HIGH HOME EC. CLUB C. Adair. D. Sygafous, B. Behncr, Miss Petersen. J. Lenmark. M. Gunion. C. Latham. N. Cox. G. Taylor. L. Sehendell. M. Khngcnsmtth, B. Kunmcn. J. Schmidt. D. Kuka. J. Schrocdcr, P. Thompson. S. Creb. J. Russell. E. Trakais. S.Thcmas, J. Dolder. M. Mickelson. M. Justis. N. Soderlund. D. Sulllvcn, J. Swanson. R. Bockhaus, G. Richards. K. Nircne. M. Gustafson. K. Stevens. T. Thompson. T. Fenstemaker. N. Niccum, D. Tcsch, J. Haerden. G. McDonald. R. Towner. E. Uner. M. Ettcr. E. Kcneflck, C. Aunc. P. Pclkey, G. Aune. J. Quist. S. Fields. C. Arnold. B Brown. J. Jacobs. GOPHER HISTORIANS Row 1. N. Cox. J. Quist. C. Igo. Mrs. Johnson. R. Erikson. E. Jones. Row 2. R. Armstrong. S. Ryan. N. Claybough. E. Vraalstad. T. Hofstad. S. Sherman. C. Cox. Row 3. D. Peterson. P. Bicrd. S. Brown. S. Odmark. C. Jensen. J. Hoag. Row 4. J. Wallace. R. Lodmill. D. Streater, M. Fagerlin. B. Hcltimes, D. Westerlund, M. Krusen. JUNIOR HIGH DECLAM Row 1. Mr. Woodworth. J. Stoltz. Miss Gammon. Row 2. D. Hoxic, D. Cox. G. Rosch. Row 3. R. Ward. B. Heltemes, D. Westerlund. R. Rogers. Page l'orty-EighttyoothaU SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Row 1. R. Keiscr. R. Hayes. J. Steen. S. Swenson. M. Case. D. Mapstonc. R. Fern. C- Kickhafer, J. Perblx. W. McCurdy. M Dale. R. Pouliot. B. Woytckc. Row 2. Mr. Hadden. D. King. T. Ward. A. Reisberg. J. Voll. W. Hanson. A. Lundqulst. M. Heinsch. T. Jackson. W. Frendell. D. Hall. Mr. Perpich. Row 3. D. Stagaberg. G. Maas. J. Ericson. D. Nelson. R. Oilman. J. Schambcrg. D. Beuchancn. R. Primus, P. Hathaway. E. Fischer, P. Guy. R- Petterson. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Row 1. G. Jorgenson. R. Bursch. J. Picke. J. Rosch. J. Nelson. C. Palingrcn, D. Perbix, M. Fagcrlin. G. Woytckc. Row 2. R. Adams. C. Nelson. D. Herman. D. Kressy. C. Coffee. R. Dahl. B. Jarvey. R. Bruins. E. Nelson. B. Steen. J. Lcgus. F. Miller. P. Newell. Row 3. Coach Kaczrowski, B. Anderson. M. Meredith, B. Breyette. R. Lodmill, R. Zophi. T. Schulcnberg. T. Austen. J. Hemple. J. Holmes. M. Kruzen, R. Breyette. A. DcFroitas. D. Schiable, M. Carol. Coach Soderlund Row 4. A. Wrenn J. Williamson. W. Niccum. J. Kunzc. P. Hilgcrs. H. Jarvey, T. Jakce, D. Nyrcn, J. Coral, H. Wolner, J Ericson B Humphries. D. Carlson. Page Fifty A WRESTLING TEAM Row I. M. Case. G. Coflee. W. Koehnen. C. Coffee. P. Newell. Row 2. Mr. Boekhaus. R. Koehnen. R. Pouliot. E. Huff. Row 3. R. Pettit. M. Dale. D. Trask. R. SoKner. WRESTLING The Mohawks had an unusually large turnout for wrestling this year. “Anchor Man," George Coffee leads by being state champ again with Bob Koehnen in his footsteps also holding a "Champ" title. Coach Boekhaus also comments on the work of Dave Trask and Ralph Pouliot. The Mohawks took first place in the regional championship matches, held at the University of Minnesota: and tied with Faribault for second place in one state. All in all 52-53 turned out to be an exciting and eventful one for our famed “grapplers.” REGIONAL STANDINGS WRESTLING SCHEDULE School Points Mound Op Mound 54 Dec. Robbinsdale 41 2 U. Farm School there .... Wayzata 31 5 University High there 16 12 Litchfield 25 11 Robbinsdale here 28 9 Roosevelt 13 12 Hastings there 18 2! Edison 10 18 Wayzata here 21 23 Marshall and Henry 9 27 Dassel here 23 21 Edina 8 Jan. Washburn 7 13 University High here 19 17 U. Hight and St. Cloud Tech 6 16 Edina here 33 8 Central 4 20 University Farm School here 28 00 Dassel 3 21 Robbinsdale there 22 • » w Cokato 0 23 Litchfield there 26 15 Hutchinson 0 30 Mankato here 16 18 Morris 0 Feb. Willmar 0 3 Wayzata there 17 31 6 Shattuck there 39 21 10 St. Cloud there 35 10 Page Fifty TxvoB WRESTLING TEAM Row I. J. Nelson. J. GrieshabcT. M. Burke. R. Moore. H. Wolner. Row 2 Mr. Bockhnus. J. Legus. K. Kenayer. G. Jorgenson. T. Schulenberg. B. Spannan. Row 3. B. Jarvev. J. Kunzc, A. HHgers. J. Johnson. M. Niccum Row 4. J. Voll. B. Jarvey, D. Trask. C. Splettstoes .er. C. Bowman. L. Westerman. STATE STANDINGS School Points Blue Earth 21 Wayzata 21 MOUND 17 Faribault 17 Owatonna 15 Anoka 14 Winona 12 Hastings 7 Marshal 7 St. James 6 Robbinsdale 5 Rochester 5 Austin 4 Edison 4 St. Paul Central 4 Albert Lea 2 Litchfield 2 Mankato 2 Tracy 2 St. Cloud 1 Fergus Falls 0 Granite Falls 0 Hibbing 0 Hutchinson 0 Melroy 0 Moorhead 0 Henry 0 Roosevelt 0 Northfield 0 Redwood Falls 0 Walnut Grove 0 Page Fifty-Threefea4.hetball A TEAM OF BASKETBALL Row 1. J. Steen. R. Koiscr. E. Miller. B. Storup. T. Bottenfield. Row 2. Mr. lladdorf. D. Hall. T. Jackson. M. Oberdeck. Row 3. R. Kim:. J. Uner. S. Swenson, J. Schaumberg, A Lundquisl. BASKETBALL Playing 500% ball, the Mohawks were second to Hopkins (state champions), in scoring offensively. Ed Miller was high point man with 249 points; also the valuable man. Although the basketball players didn’t do their job exceptionally well this year, prospects for next year are much better. With Miller graduating, next year’s leaders should prove efficient and hardworking. “Tony Jackson, John Uner, and Don Hennings are good prospects," commented Coach Haddorf. B TEAM OF BASKETBALL Row 1. D. Slogcborg. C. Miller. D. Hennings. B. feteen. D. Buchanan. Row 2. Mr. Hadden. M. Heinsch, H. Parker. P. Guy. Pow 3. P. Houliston. D. Nelson. R. McKinney. R. Oilman. R. Fenton. Page Fifty-1'ourThe above pictures show how hard our team has worked whether they have won the game or not. Next year our squad will have a tough time with the loss of lettermen. But never fear they will try their best to bring us through with a victorious win or a good fight. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Mound Op. Mound Op. Nov. 16 Edina here 41 47 25 Buffalo here 60 45 23 St. Louis Park there 55 58 9 Minnetonka there 31 38 30 Minnetonka here 72 62 12 Wayzata there 42 45 Feb. 18 Hopkins here 32 67 3 Wayzata here 52 67 Jan. 6 Hopkins there 35 70 2 Lake City there 59 49 13 Robbinsdale here 61 52 3 St. Charles there 68 50 17 Edina there 56 62 6 Howard Lake here 63 54 20 Park here 52 51 9 Robbinsdale there 53 45 23 Edina there 38 SR. HIGH BASEBALL Row 1. J. Rosch, C. Palmgren, J. Nelson. B. Swedberg, C. Nelson. Row 2. B. Humphries. J. Legus. M. Meredith. D. Hansing, C Miller. Row 3. B. Steen, R. Dahl. B. Brcyette, D Herman. D. Cressy. JR. HIGH BASEBALL Row I. A. Ebert, R. Anderson. J. Tambornino, Mr. Behmler. R. Johnson. D. Stagcberg. Row 2. P. Guy. E. Fisher. R. Segner. E. Miller. T. Jackson. R. Ohman. Row 3. G- Schulenberg. B. Storup. D. Ebert. B. Woytcke. C. Bowman. Row 4. P. Houliston. C. Ehalt, A. Reisberg. D. Hall. D. King, S. Swenson. Page Fifty-Six rJn.ach TRACK Row 4. M. Dale. R. Nelson. S. Thomas. J. Schaumberg. L. Westcrman. Row 3. J. Erickson. H. Parker. R Gray. R. Kciscr. Row 2. Mr. HaddorfT. T. Ward. E. Fisher. C. Splettstoezer. D. White. Row 1. D. Morin. G. Maas. R. Pouliot, R. Koehnen. JR. HIGH TRACK Row 4. R. Burns. D. Herman. C. Miller. W. Humphries. B. Jarvey, J. Legus. Row 3. E. Skay. C. ColTee. R. Ward. J. Kunzc. G. Jorgenson. Row 2. D. Hansing. P. Newell, C. Nelson. T. Perbix. Row 1. R. Moore. J. Rosch. D. Perbix. K. Pitt, D. March. Page I'ifty-SevenM CLUB Row 1. P. Novell, G. Coffee, C. Coffee, D. Ebert. Coach Haddorf. D. Stancher . B. Storup. R. Pouliot. Row 2. R. Woytckc, R. Segner, C. Kickhafer. T. Bottcntield. M. Case. R. Koehnen. Row 3. D. Hennings. J. Steen. D. Trask. M. Dale. R. Fern. G. Schulcnbcrg, W. Koehnen. Row 4. R. Keiser. A. Jackson. T. Ward. A. Lundquist. R. Pettit. M. Heinsch. Row 5. R. King. D. Nelson. J. Uner. S. Swenson. J. Schaumberg. D. Hall. E. Miller. PEP CLUB The Senior High Pep Club increased somewhat this year being another closs of sophomores entered the Senior High School. Officers of this organization are: President, Beverly Noren; Vice President. Mary Alice Skay; Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Kullberg. Members raised money to buy Pep Club jackets this year also. Last year, pins were presented to each member. The demerit system was again initiated and abided by very well. They introduced a new system of standing up, attending basketball games, while the opponent school song is in progress. Many new yells were also introduced and pep fests attended. Row l. Row 2. Row 3. Row 4. Row S. Row 6. PEP CLUB Mrs. Barron. J. Ocffling. H. Humphries. D. Peterson. P. Kullberg. M. Schmidt. S. Overby, Miss Bronczyk. _ _ A. Williamson. B. Kuka, V. Quist. M. Bockhnus. B. Brooks. B. Williamson. J. Evanoff. J. Engstrom. . _ .. B. Magnuson. M. Paisley. L. Schuler. M. Christy. G. Jensen. B. Johnson. S. Hanson. J. Malakowsky, V. Wcnkstern. C. Hedin. M. Skay. J. Brown. B. Martin. L. Trutneau. C. B Noren. K. Olson. J. David. M. Lonmark, R. Whittaker. A. Dongoske. K. Johnson. S Nelson. C. Trovall. J. Roth. D. Spaulding. G. Dcidrick. R Burch. M. Vraalstad. I Think Page Fifty-EightBOYS’ TENNIS Row 1. A. Uner. Mr. Woodworth. G. Coffee. Row 2. M. Oberdcck. M. Heinsch. M. Case. B. Osha. TENNIS (GIRLS) This sport, for girls, is, as of now, being adapted for Mound school. In previous years, no girls could take part in this sport. These girls, under the assistance of “Coach" Bronczyk, hope to learn more about and be winners in “tennis." TENNIS (BOYS) The boys tennis team, under coaching of Mr. Woodworth, achieved much the same as last year. George Coffee, Bob Osha. Terry Bottenfield, and Martin Heinsch are some of the enthusiasts. GIRLS’ TENNIS Row. I. s. Brakke. A. Williamson. B. Kuka. Miss Bronczyk, J. Gilliam. L. Gricshabor. Row 2. H. Humphries. D. Peterson. G. Jensen. R. Whittaker. T Benack, C. Lovaason. Row 3. P. Auld. B. Martin. M. Schmidt. M. Skay. K Olson. N. Eidem Row 4. J. David. E. Dierkhising. S Nelson. J Roth. D. Spaulding. M Scruton. C. Fagerlin. Page i'ifty-XincG. A. A. Row I. S. LaMcrc. K. Shultz. Miss Bronczvk. Mrs. Barron. C. Igo. G. Platzer. Row 2. P. Vossen. B. Kuka, N. Backlund. K. Creasy. N. Ntccum. M. Johnscn. D Petersen. Row 3. M Humphries. K Andersen. G. Jensen. R. Whittaker. L. Baker. P. Kelly. Row 4. J. Erickson. N. Eidem. B. Lee. B. Noren. J. Caron. M. Herman. D. Burandt. G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association held most of its meetings and game sessions at the Shirley Hills Gymnasium this past year. Officers of this group are as follows: president. Ruth Whittaker; vice president, Karolynne Anderson; secretary-treasurer, Karen Cressy; Senior High Sports Manager, Geraldine Jensen; and Junior High Sports Manager, Sally LaMere. SKI CLUB The Mound Ski Club was organized in 1951, but did not really get started until this winter. There are about 25 members in the club and we hone to have more next year. The club is under the direction of Mr. Lin-lan and the President is Tedd Jensen. Our group took a ski trip this year with the funds coming from the sale of refreshments at the Mound fishing contest. We have plans for the future of our own ski hill and other future trips. SKI CLUB Row 1. G. Coffee. D Morin. T Jenson. Mr. Lindlan. G. Smith, A. Uner. Row 2. D. Peterson. B. Lodmlll. L. Trutneau. N . Eidem. T. Ward. J. Roth. Row 3. P. Auld. B. Martin, J. Kuntuzo. R. Patterson. P. Guy. B. Osha. Row 4. M. Case. M. Heinsch. A. Reisbcrtf. M. Dale. R Ulrich. S. Thomas. J. Schaumberg. Page SixtyGOLF Standing: Mr. Ltndlan. T. Ward. Seated: D. King. D. Hall. R. Fern. D. Herman. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS G. Rosch, J. Schroeder. K. Whittaker, J. Stoltz. ’age Sixty OneBond playing at game. Style Show. Declaim Hall of Fame. Homecoming iloat. Sadie Hawkins Day. K-nr: and Queen of Hearts and Candidates. Queen Donna. King and Queen of Hearts. Nurse and her help.Home Economics Class. Hall monitors. Typing Class. People on steps between classes. Library Assistants. Sten Class Art Class. Speech Class. Page Sixty-ThreeSnafi Page Sixty-FouiGIgAA Will Ernest Meyers Rives his books to Le Roy Berg. Jitz Miller wills the "Royal Court" to John Uner. Mary Lea Nelson burns her Joke book before Bob Osha can put his finger in the fire Sharon Nelson wilts her blonde hair to Bonita Lodmill. Nancv Nlccum wills her batan to whoever can catch it. Ron Nolan and Don Teseh will their weekends to Orda and Grctchen Eneelbretson. Bev Noren and Dick Scgner will the dark corridors to Karen Johnson and George Schulenberv. Janet Ooffbne wills her silent wavs to Elsie Carlson. Karen Olson wills her future ambition to Barbara P'erson. Martlvn Paislev w‘Hs her “Wnn »v’’ to Dorothy Stalke. And rev Palmer w'Us her to John Sortie. Joe Partinpton wills his laugh and dimples to Joan Koechler. John Perhix w||h second hour snacks to C»rol Lovaasen. Pon Pettit wills his "Esouire" stvles to Boh Patterson. Gerrv platzer wills her Soria? outlines to Rose Mary Vossen. Pa PoP”e wills her mntherlv wavs to Lo;s Baker. Ralnh Pouliot wills the pungent wrestling rcom to Bob Koehnen Jane Roth wills ‘-e - Cashmere’s to Bev Drrcwenko. J'm Rchmtdt wills hie monitor no«» to Warren Fr'-'del? Carol Schulenber wills her lo« e letters to Mavis Sc m'dl. I.ucv Schuler w l’« her n'ace in tue Choms to Lois Pederson Boh Seiner wills t 'ose lily white hands that he holds to David White. Mary Alice Sk »" wills her art ability to Bobbi Burch. Glen Smith w lls his ability not to do school work to Bob Morrison. Clarence SpIrM-foozer wills bis shvness to David Lcnmark. John Steen wills his uncontrollable blushes to Terry Botten-flold. Bettv Stoltz wills her “Beautiful brown eyes" to Margaret Gable. Sherman Swenson wills his center post to John Uner. Vernon Syverson wills his headache’s of the “Smoke Signal” to anybody that can stand them. Irene Thurk wills her height to Kathleen Tavlor. Steve Thomas wills his driving ability to David Klein. Merlvn Thurk wills his "Toni’s" to Norman Bunting. David Trask wills his "hinev" to Allan Uner. Dean WaldortT wills his traffic tickets to Tom Forseth. Lloyd Westerman wills his daily trips to the Drug store to Evelvn Dierkhising. Anne Williamson wills the piano to Don Stowe. Evelyn Wills wills her cosmetics to Marlvns Peterson. Bob Woytcke wills his likeness to Dennis Soger. Sydney Alwin wills his doodling to Barbara Martin. Gerald Anderson wills his shyness to Philip Pope. Karolynne Anderson wills her bottle of "Light and Bright" to Alice Tracy. Joanne Anderson wills her diamond to Bev Gallup. Roger Anderson wills his height to Carol Fagerlin. Ruth Mathisen wills her make-up slips to Barb Walter. Allen Baldwin wills his side burns and mustache to Ed Mitzel. Clifford Biork wills his vocabulary to Kenny Peterson. Mary Bockhaus wills her marks to Marilyn Kohls. Robert Bowers leaves his brother Jerry to carry on the name. Carl Bowman wills his blue eyes and blonde hair to Corrine Trovall. Judv Brown wills her style shows to Pauline Auld. Donna Burandt wills her "Rise to Glory" to whom ever deserves it. Jo Anne Caron wills her friendliness to Joan Klingensmith. Mark Case dedicates his marks and remarks to all begruntled teachers. Mari Lou Christy wills her athletic ability to Ruth Ann Whittaker. Mike Dale wills his way with women to Tony Jackson. Karen David wills her refreshing refreshments to Roger McKinney. Dick Davidson wills his southern drawl to Jim Sehaumberg. Bill Duehn wills bis Cadillac convertibles to Allen Peterson. Don Ebert wills his saving. "Hi. ya Honcv" to A1 Reisberg. Roberta Farnham wills her debates to John Voll. Bob Fern wills his coy and shyways to Bert Lundquist. Vonnic Forseth wills her trips downtown to Georgia La Fore. Janet Gilliam wills her love affairs to Donna Spaulding. La Von Grieshabcr wills everything to Rita Maas. Terry Gunther wills his scientific methods to Russ Walstadt. Dean Hall wills his popularitv to Richard Peterson. Ron Hayes wills Mr. Don Nelson to Marty Heinsch. Gloria Hehl wills her parties to Bev Brooks. Marilyn Herman wills her casualncss to Barb Schwartz. Eugene Hoff won't give Linda Mills away. Jim Huff wills his curly hair to Jack May. Susan Brandts wills her play directing to Gayle Litts. Carol Jackson wills her morning shadows to Bev. Lohmar. Tcdd Jensen wills his skils to George Coffee. Gerrv Jensen wills her diet to Carolyn Carlson. Marilyn Johnson wills her casual snapshots to Ted Ward. Jimmy Johnson wills his shvness to Bob Gable. Eileen Kauth keeps saving "Oh Johnny. Oh Johnny!" Riley Keiser wills his right answers to Barbara Hemple. Chuck Kickhafer wills bis dark hair to Walter Hanson. Dick King wills his freckles to Cyril Ehalt. Kari Knudson wills her "Cackle" to Diane Peterson. Betty Kuka wills her tactfulness to Lee Ketcher. Patty Kullberg wills the boys to Mavis Schmidt. Barbara Lee wills her pounds to Punky Schccher. Maureen Lenmark wills (,er "mature men” to Marlys Scruton. Shirley McConnell wills her dinner time "refresher" to Agnes Zaback. Warren "Emil” McCurdy wills his nickname to Carol "Nitter" Gnitka. Bev Magnuson wills her hay stacks to Doncly Kubasch. Patsy Mann wills her saxaphone to Barbara Lodmill. Jean Malakowsky wills her ability to talk to the Vlsscr Twins. David Mapstone wills hts physique to Ian Swanson. Best Wishes for Your Future Make Our Barber Shop Your Shop. MOUND BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. Go to the shop across the street. You are always welcome! Lumber — Paint Builders Hdwe. A. L. GOODER, Barber LES SCHARMANN G. E. VEGNER Mound PHONE: MOUND 405 Page Sixty-FiveTHE STATE BANK OF MOUND W. II. A. KOEHLER, President II. C. LAUMAXN, Vice President LUCY KOEHLER DICK, Cashier R. G. IYICK. Vice President ELEANOR KOEHLER. Assistant Cashier AND THE STATE BANK OF MOUND INSURANCE AGENCY Owned and Operated in the Interest of Residents of Mound. St. Bonifacius, Island Park. Spring Park, and surrounding territory. THE ONE STOP FINANCIAL SERVICE STATION Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone: Office Mound 40 Page Sixty-Six Congratulations OUR PRICES ARE LOW ON BRANDS YOU KNOW To the Class of ’53 MOUND SUPER VALU from Compliments, Graduating Pete Sorenson Class of 1953 MOUND PHARMACY from STUDENT HEADQUARTERS MOUND SUPER VALU Compliments Congratulations J. R. SWEENEY Jeweler Graduating Class of • DIAMONDS • WATCHES 1953 • JEWELRY GIFTS • ENGRAVING • RINGS AND DESIGNING from TO YOUR LIKING MOUND HARDWARE Fine Jewelry and Watch Repair Next to Mound Theater Mound 570 Page Sixty-SevenTHE RED AND WHITE STORE and FROZEN FOOD CENTER Mound's newest grocery is the MOUND RED WHITE, located across the street from school where it's convenient to shop for your Mom before you go home from school. Up-to-date Self Service is featured with excellent meat department on the way 'round. . . . Phone 319 JACK LEGUS, Prop. Roller Rink MOTORS Lake Minnetonka Wholesale Distributors m For Everyone HAPPINESS IS LIFE'S GREATEST VIRTUE — WE WISH FOR EACH OF YOU A BOUNTIFUL SHARE. Learn to Water Ski Casino Water Ski School BOATS Shell Lake Speed Boat Rides Aluma Craft Lake Minnetonka Speedliner ROLLER SKATE Evinrude Dealer Excursions CASINO, Inc.—Cook's Bay Trojan Page Sixty-EightAuicuyiapiui Congratulations To the Class of ’53 FROM Karl Gruhn MINNETONKA FURNITURE MOUND Compliments The COAST-TO-COAST STORE “Si l r«in Quality" ICE CREAM Electrical Supplies — Auto Supplies Leonard Refrigerators Maple Plain, Minn. Sporting Goods Minnetonka’s Finest MOUND PHONE 259 Take Some Home Today Page Sixty-NineCongratulations to the 1953 Graduating Class from PICHE CHEVROLET CO. SEE PICHE FOR YOUR CHEVROLET Compliments BEN FRANKLIN Mound LOCALLY OWNED NATIONALLY KNOWN LAKE DRY CLEANING CO. Dry Cleaners — Furriers Launderers TELEPHONES: MOUND 205 - BEACH 4 LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Compliments to 1953 Graduates PAT'S STANDARD NAVARRE BEACH 497 Compliments to the Senior Class from FINLEY'S GAMBLE STORE Compliments of VILLAGE INN and BUS DEPOT MOUND PHONE 84 Page Seventy Congratulations To the Class of 1953 CAMERA STORE — STUDIO from the PHOTO-LAB MOUND DRY GOODS Fox Bldg., Navarre Beach 582 Congratulations to the Class of ’53 Minnetonka Pilot Stretch Your Food Dollar By Shopping At CHEERFUL CHARLIE'S SUPER VALU NAVARRE. MINNESOTA Wo feature nationally known brands throughout the store Super Value Selected Meats Self Service, Convenient, No Waiting Congratulations to the Class of 1953 KOEHNEN RADIO TV Mound. Minnesota "WE SELL THE BEST AND SERVICE THE REST" A ONE HUNDRED SELECTION JUKE BOX Page Seventy-OneAgain Congratulations and Best Wishes 1953 Graduates of Mound High School BETTER BUY FORD Your Northwest Tonka Ford Dealer L. E. STREATER LUMBER CO. Compliments Building Materials WARHOL DRUGS Quality plus Service The Prescription Store MOUND 38 School Supplies — Cosmetics BEACH 155-W MOUND 103 Congratulations Compliments to To the Class of ’53 The 1953 KEAVENY'S NAVARRE Graduating Class DRUG THE MARKSON COMPANY NAVARRE MOUND 15 ZENITH 5304 Page Seventy-Two f Hlfl warn i Pi i mik «—

Suggestions in the Mound Westonka High School - Mohian Yearbook (Mound, MN) collection:

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