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THE MOHIAN published by THE MOHIAN STAFF Mound Consolidated High School Mound, Minnesota Page One ■MlWe. the seniors of Mound High, wish to dedicate our yearbook to Byron E. Xygaard, who has taught history and social to the seniors at Mound for 6 years. All students who have had "Lord Byron” will remember him not only for his gentle sarcasm and quiet good humor but also for his real help in preparing them for the future. % Page TwoTable of Contents Page Dedication......................................... 5 Theme ............................................. 4 Faculty.......................................... 5-8 Seniors......................................... 9-20 Underclassmen.................................. 21-54 Sports......................................... 55-44 Activities.................................... 45 64 Advertising ................................... 65-72Because building of personalities is the basis of our school work, and because of the building programs going on. not only at out own school, but all over the country, we. of the annual staff, planned our 1951 VIohian around this important work. Page FourChief Architects At Work As head of the architects of the Mound senior high, Mr. J. M. Ju’srud had the job of co-ordinating the students, classes and teach ers in our school. Chief of the architect. Mr. Nelson, was kept busy planning and supervising the building of ihe new grade school as well as a tending 1o his other duties as head of the Mound High School. In the Junior High, Mr. Harold Rasmussen headed the job of preparing his students for senior high. The latest edition of the school paper is tested for correct grammar by Mrs. Pearl Edlund, teacher of all Junior English, plus one Sophomore English class; Mrs. Doreen Savage teaches Senior English. Spanish, and a mixed journalism class, while Mrs. Charleyne Todnem has Sophomore English as well as two speech classes. Mrs. Donaldson and Mr. Woodworth carried the job of building the vocabularies and skills in English for the Jr. High while Mrs. Todnem, Mrs. Savage, and Mrs. Edlund look over this operation in the Sr. High. Page FiveAssistant Architects Blueprint New projects in industrial arts are gone over by Mr. Harry Boekhaus and Mr. Donnell Farnham, teachers of industrial art classes. A wooden geometrical figure is examined by Mr. John Kuefler, teacher of all the senior high science classes ,and Mrs. Evelyn Hanson, who teachets both senior and junior high mathematics. Junior high teaching problems are talked over by Mr. George Ohman, math and history teacher; Mr. Beige, math teacher, and Mr. Don Soderlund, science and junior business training teacher. New clothes for summer are being sewed by Miss Doris Walters and Mrs. Lila Dzuik, junior and senior high home economics teachers. Page SixClasswork Plans For Students Baseball games which were played in physical education classes are being compared by Mr. Oscar Haddorf, Mr. Ed. Behmler, Mrs. Dorothy Remark and Miss Shirley Stogeberg, physical education and health teachers. Memories of past conceits, band tours and other musical activities are brought back whenever Mr. Myron Skow, band director; Miss Violet Hyder, director of the senior high chorus, and Mr. Jack An-dreasen, assistant band director, have a get-to-gether. The new elementary school is being discussed by Mr. Clayton Haaglund who has all driver training classes and one math class, Mrs. Corine Holmberg, who has all junior high English classes, and Mrs. Marie Johnson, who teaches junior high geography. Report card grades are being recorded in the class book by Mr. Robert Fox while Mr. John Davitt looks on. Both are commercial teachers. Page SevenHealth data is looked up for Miss Law, the school nurse, by the librarians, Mrs. Fheilsticker and Miss Johnson. Secretarial work, student problems, excuses for absence, phone calls, and most anything that could be brought to the attention of the office is kept moving by Mrs. Betty Hoefer, Mrs. Gladys Krusen, and Mrs. Lila Robbe. Sampling our school hot-dish, which is served to all students each day. are Sherwood Bowers, Mrs. Soule, and Mrs. Johnson. News of the Korean situation is read by Mr. Byron Nygaard, Senior High history and social science teacher, and Mr. Cal Stoll, Senior High history teacher. Page Eight Page NineHall of Fame Moil Peppiest: Marilyn Anderson and Doug Easthouse. Most Likely to Suc-coed: Barbara Brakke and Arvold Fisher. Most Athletic: Karen Nelson and Dave Kragthorpc: Most Faithful Couple: Dona Ebert and Rich Overby. Best Dressed: Eleanor Arens and Ron Oskey: Bost Personality: Shirley Gray and Joe Ger-des. Class Rowdies: Betty Jacobson and Dour Easthouse: Class Flirts: Dona Seger and Don Gable: Bost Looking Soniors: Lois Schai-ble and Joe Gerdes: Pepscdont Smiles: Elaine Schweitzer and Fred Baker. Page TenSeniors Build For The Future Class Officers: Mildred Krueger, president: Kaye Klingensmith. vice president: Tom Roth, treasurer; Jean Biooks. secretary. Valedictorian Barbara Brakkc Salutatorian Mildred Krueger Graduation pictures, graduation cards, graduation announcements, and finally graduation exercises kept the seniors busy during their last year. Leading the senior class th:s year were Mildred Krueger, president; Kaye Klingensmith, vice president: Joan Brooks, secretary, and Tom Roth, treasurer. Top honors of the class were held by president Mildred Krueger and Smoke Si nal editor, Barbara Brakke. Quill Scroll: Arlene Haerden. Marjorie Throolin. Faye Finley. Kavc Klingensmith. Joe Gcrdes. Mildred Krueger. Barbara Brakkc. Top Eight: Norman L;tts, Shirley Hanson. Elaine Switzer. Favc Finley. Carol Fink. Arvold Fischer. Joan Rudnicki. Marjorie Throolin. Page ElevenArderscn. Marilyn—"Make two grins grow where there was cnly a grouch before." Jr. Class Play 11: One Act Plays 10: Commercial Club 12: Pep Club 11. 12: GAA 11; Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 10. II. 12: Mohian 12: Smoke Signal 10; Chorus 10. 11. 12: Cheerleader 12. Andreason. Betty—"Laughing and talking and full of fun.” Home Kc. Club 10: Pet Club 10. 11: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Mohian 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal 10. 11: Library Assistant 10. 11. A-feson. Pattie—"Face life with a grin and you’re sure to w n " Sr. Class plav 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10, 11. 12: Nativity 11: Band Librarian 11. 12: All Star tiand i2. Arcnr. Eleanor—"The opportunity to do mischief is found a hundred times a day.” Commereia! Club 12: GAA 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Chorus 11. 12. Baker. Fred -"Young man with a horn.” Declamation 12: Jr. Class Play 11; Sr. Class Play 12: One Act Plavs II: Homecoming 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. All Star Band 12: Band 10. 11. 12. Blank. Ed—"A photograph is a portrait painted by the sun.” Mohian 11, 12. Entered the service in his senior year. Boot-nor. Lois—"There was a star danced in her eye." Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12. Brakke, Barbara—"The pen Is the tongue of the mind." Jr. Class Plav 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Commercial Club 12; Student Council 12; GAA 10. 11: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Moluan 12: Smoke Signal 10. 11. 12: Editor 12: Chorus 10. 11: Library Assistant 10. 11: Quill and Scroll 11. 12. Brooks. Jean -"As likeable as she’s lookable." Commercial Club 12; Pep Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Class Officer 12: Sec v. Homecoming 12: Class Attendant, Nativity 10. 11. 12: Cheerleader 12. Budd. Jamei "Great Hoods have Mowed from small sources." M Club 12; Football 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12: Baseball 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 12. Bunting, Horbari—"I meant to do my work today—but— Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12. Chall. Bovarly—"She is bright, she is witty, she is charmingly pretty.” Entered in Jr. year. Thespians 12: Jr. Class Play 11: Commercial Club 12: Home Ec. Club 11: Homecoming 12: Library Assistant 12; Sr. Class Play 12. Page TwelveErickson. Violcl "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Commercial Club 12: Homecoming 12: Library Assistant 12. Ernst. Marlene "A sharp wit and a ready tongue." Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Commercial Club 12-Pres.; Home Ec. Club 11. Sec.: Pep Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12. Eklof. Janot -"Little boats should keep near shore.” Thespians 11. 12: Declamation 12: Jr. Class Play 11: One Act Plays 11: Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Pep Band 12: Spanish Club 11. 12: Homecoming 12: Chorus 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12. Endresen. Arnold "If you would lift me you must be on higher ground.” Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12. Easthouee, Doug—"A book is the only immortality." Thespians 12: Declamation 12: Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play. 12: One Act Plays 12; M Club 12; Football 12: Track 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12. Ebert. Donna -"Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low." GAA 10: Homecoming 12: Nativity 11: Band 11. 12. Dcrgcrke. Bob -"When angry count four: when very angry swear." Thespians 11. 12- Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: One Act Plays 11: M Club 10. 11. 12: Student Council 12: Football 10. li. 12: Span is i Club 10. 11: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Mohian 12: Band 10. 11. Dresiel. Patty "Her ways are ways of pleasantness." Jr. Class Play 11: Commercial Club 12: Home Ec. Club 11. 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 12. Davldso-. Leslie— "Obliging and cheerful, industrious and kind." Entered in senior year. Home Ec. Club 12: Chorus 12. Dale. John—"He wrestled with his problems." Thespians 12: Jr- Class Play 11; Sr. Class Play 12: M Club 11. 12: Wrestling 11. 12—co-captain; Homecoming 11. 12; Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12: Cheerleader 11. Culp, Carl -“I've taken my fun where I've found it.” Thes-p ans 12: Declamation 12; Nativity 12: Band 12: Legion Scholarship 12: P.T.A. 12: Senior Class Play. Christiansen. Grace "A soft answer turneth away wrath." Thespians 11. 12: Declamation 12; Jr. Class Play 11: Commercial Club 12; Sr. Class Play 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Spanish Club 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12: Pop Band Page ThirteenFink. Carol -"Humor is the harmony of the heart." Pep Club 11: GAA 10. 11. 12; Tennis 12; Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Nativity 11. 12: Chorus 12. Finloy. Faye Til go no more a-roving so late iato the night.” Jr. Class Play 11; One Act Plays 10; Student Council 11: GAA 10. 11; German Club 10; Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Mohian 11. 12; Smcke Signal 10. 11. 12: Chorus II: Quill and Scroll 11. 12. Firchcr. Cecilia “Laughed herself into stitches.” Tennis 12; Homecoming 11. 12; Nativity 12; Chorus 10. 11. Fisher. Arvold—"Nothing succeeds success." Class Officer 11 — Treasurer; Homecoming 11. 12. Gable. Dcnald—"A bold, bright rover, bad and free." Entered in Junior year, from Frankfurt. Germany; Senior Class Play. Gcrdcs. Joe—“A man of action forced into a state of thought is unhappy until he can get out of it.” Thespians 11. 12: M Club 0. 11. 12; Student Council 11: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11; Track 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12; Nativity 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Quill'and Scroll 11. 12. Gibson. Dolores -"I spoke in my monstrous little voice.' Chorus 10. Gray. Shlrloy—"She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with.” Declamation 11. 12: Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: One Act Plays 10: Commercial Club 12—Treasurer: Pep Club 11. 12- Pres.: GAA 10. 11. 12: Spanish Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Mohian 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Queen Attendent 11. 12. Guntlo. Bill—"Oh bed. Oh bed. delicious bed." Cheerleading 11: Wrestling 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11: Mohian 11. 12: Smoke Signal 10. Band 10. 11. 12. Haagensen. Lois "I have fought a good light: I have finished my course.” Thespians 12: Declamation 12: Sr. Class Play 12: Pep Club 11. 12: GAA 11; Homecoming 12: Smoke Signal 12. Hacrdcn. Arlene "Arguments out of a pretty mouth are unanswerable." Entered in Junior Year. Thespians 12: Declamation 12: Commercial Club 12: Pep Club 12; GAA 12: Homecoming 12; Nativity 12; Smoke Signal 12: Chorus 12: Quill and Scroll 12: Senior Class Play. Hanton, Shirley -"She's as restless as a rumor.” One Act Plays 10: Commercial Club 12; Homecoming 12: Nativity 12. Page FourteenDave Kragthorpe—"You've Rot to be a football hero, to Ret along with a beautiful girl." M Club 10. 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12; Basketball 10. 11. 12: Baseball 10. 11. 12: Spanish Club 10. 11: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal 11. Irene KJcnne-"Ah. why should life all labor be." GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 12. Kaye Klingensmith—"She had a head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, a hand to execute mischief." Thespians 11. 12; Declamation 11. 12: Jr. Class play 11: One Act plays 10. 11. 12: Student Council 11: Class OITicer 12: Vice Pres.. German Club 10. 11: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11. 12: Mohian 11. 12: Quill and Scroll 11. 12. Yvonno Klaors—"She puts all her troubles in a box. sits on the lid and laughs." Commercial Club 2: GAA 10. 11. 12; Homecoming 12. Leo Klacrr—"He's mighty on the mat." M Club 10. 11. 12: Wrestling 10. 11. 12; Track 10. 11. 12. Delores Kirsch “Light of step and heart was she." Home Ec. Club 10. 11: V.-Pres.. GAA 10. 11; Homecoming 12: Commercial Club 12. Jcanno Johnson "Eyes of blue and heart of gold.” Home Ec. Club 0. 11: GAA Homecoming 10. 11. 12. Betty Jacobson -"Twixt the devil and the deep sea." Sr. Class Play 12: One Act play 10; Commercial Club 12; Pep Club 11. 12: V.-Pres.. GAA 10. 11. 12; Spanish Club 10. 11: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11: Mohian 11: Chorus 10. 11. Larry Jacobs—"He has a problem for every solution " Wrestling 10. 11: Baseball 11: Track 10. 12: Homecoming 12. Dave Iverson -"Everything comes if a man will only wait." M Club 11. 12: Football 11. 12: Baseball 11. 12: Homecoming 12. Jerry Hommes "The power of thought the magic of mind." Entered in sophomore year. Homecoming 12. Priscilla Higus -"Why is it no one ever sent me yet one perfect limousine?" Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12; Spanish Club 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12. Page FifteenKrolzer, Joyce "Old friends arc best." Commercial Club 12: GAA 10: Homecoming 12: Library Assistants 12. Krueger. Mildred "There's no cosmetic for beauty like happiness." Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Class Officers- Vice Pres. 10. Pres. 12: German Club 10. 11: Homecoming 12: Nativity 11. 12; Mohtan 11: Junior Editor 12: Co-Editor. Quill Scroll 12. Kust. Betty Jo "Curfew must not ring tonite." Lager. Erne !—"Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad.” Football 10: Homecoming 12: Band 10. Lars:n. Gcarge—"Work fascinates me. 1 can sit and watch it fer hours." M Club 12: Football 10. 11. 12; German Club 11. 12. Lcir.xnerman. Marvin —"I'm net only witty in myself, but the cause of wit In other men." Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12. Lilts. Norman "Knowledge is power." Entered 12th grade from Baldwin. N. Y.; Football 12: Track 12: Sr. Class Play. Loraas. Joan -"While the cat's away the mice play." Pep Club 10. 11. 12; GAA 10: Homecoming 11. 12: Nativity 12: Chorus 10. 11. Luetgers. Eugene "He hath a heart as sound as a bell.' Homecoming 11. 12: Chorus 10. Luse, Earl—"A football field isn't the only place you need a line.” M Club 10. 11. 12. Vice Pres.; Football 10. 11. 12: Track 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12. Luse. Roy "His hair stood upright like porcupine quills." M Club 11. 12: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Track 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 11, 12; Nativity 11. 12: Smoke Signal 12: Band 10. 11. Marlh. Marilyn—"Cheer up. the worst is yet to come." Declamation 12: Jr. Class Play 11: Pep Club 11. 12: GAA 10: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal 10: Mohian 10: Chorus 10. 11. 12. Page SixteenSandecn. Alfred—"Not now—later maybe." Wrestling 11: Track 11. Schaible, Lol "She takes the breath of men away." Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Commercial Club 12: Pep Club 12: GAA 10: Class Officers 11: Sec.. Homecoming Queen 12: Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12. Roycraff. Franklin -"In this fool's paradise he drank delight." M Club 10. 11: Pres. 12: Student Council 10: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Track 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12. Rudnicki. Joan—“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do. do with thy might.” Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Commercial Club 12: Home Ec. Club 10: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Mohian 12: Smoke Signals 12: Library Assistant 10. Overby. Richard—"Make haste slowly." M Club 11. 12: Class Officers—Treas. 10. Vice Pres. 11: Football 10. 11. 12: Basketball 11: Wrestling 11. 12: Baseball 10 11. 12: Golf 10. 11. 12: Mohian 10. 11: Smoke Signal 10. 11: Band 10. 11: All Star Band 12. Petfit. Margie "A quiet girl but quite a girl." Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 12. Rosch. Mary Lou—"A good folly is worth what you pay for it." Commercial Club 12; Pep Club 11: GAA 10. 11. 12. Roth, Thomas "Enough work to do and strength enough to do it." Entered 12th grade from Edina. Sr. Class Play 12: Declamation 12: M Club 12: Class Officer—Treas. 12: Football 12: Basketball 12: Track 12: Golf 12: Homecoming 12: Smoke Signal 12. Oeffling. Mary Joyce—"She's majoring in alibiology." Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12. Oskcy. Ronald "Clothes make the man." M Club 12: Basketball 10. 11. 12: Golf 10. 11. 12; Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 11: Mohian 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal 10. Morser. Margaret—"Dare to be true, nothing can need a lie." Oeffling, Eleanor—"She seems quiet but she's a riot." GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12. Page SeventeenSchmidt. Carol -“Laughing and talking through the hall, site's familiar to us all." Commercial Club 12: Home Ec. Club 11; GAA 10, 11. 12: Homecoming 11. 12; Nativity 10. 11. 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Library Assistant 10: Sr. Class Play 12. Schnoidor. James- “A man of few words.” Entered 11th grade from Nazareth Hall. St. Paul. Baseball 11. 12. Schoonover. Theresa "On with the dance." Home Ec. Club 11: Library Assistant 11. Schweitzer. Elaine “A thing of beauty is a Joy forever." Commercial Club 12: GAA 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Class Officer 10 Sec.: Chorus 11, 12; Nativity 11. 12: Mohtan 11. 12. Scruton. James—“Even as a madman he beats upon a drum.” M Club 12: Track 10. 12: Golf 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Smoke Signal 12: Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12; Senior Class Play. Scger. Dona "She and mischief go hand in hand.” Thespians 12: Declamation 10. 11. 12: Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Pep Club 11, 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12 Nativity 12; Smoke Signal 10. 11, 12: Chorus 10. Segner. Patricia -“A good laugh is sunshine in the house." Commercial Club 2: GAA 10. 11. 12; Homecoming 12. Sweeney. Ed —"The grand army button he wears on his coat.' Entered the U. S. Army in his senior year. Tesch. Darlone—“Did nothing in particular and did it very well." Entered 12th grade from Watertown. Commercial Club 12: Homecoming 12. Thompson. Roger—“It is meat and drink to see a clown." Thespians 11. 12: Declamation 11: Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: One Act Plays 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12; Chorus 10. 11. 12. Throolin. Margie- "She's got that undcscribnble something." Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11, 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Nativity 10. 11. 12: Mohian 12: Smoke Signal 11. 12: Library Assistant 10: Quill and Scroll 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12. Vitser. Arie—"His brow is wet with honest sweat, he earns whate’er he can.” Page EighteenVi scr, Arlene "Music twinkles in her eyes.” Commercial Club 12: GAA 10. 11. Waters, Clifford—"Yes you may depend on it he has the ability." Student Council 12: Track 10; Band 10. 11. Wicks. Quno—“With flying fists and a song in his heart." Football 12: Track 10. 11. 12; Chorus 10. 11. 12. Young. Elizabeth 'She is a little chimney, and heated hot in a moment." Thespians 11. 12: Declamation 10. 11. 12; Jr. Class Play 11; Sr. Class Play 12: One Act Plays 10. 11: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: German Club 10. 11; Home-coming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10: horus 10. 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12. Zoiglor. Virginia -"Things rarely go smooth at rehearsal.” Thespians 12; Declamation 11. 12: Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: One Act Play 12: Commercial Club 12: Pep Club 11. 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10. 11. 12: Mohian 12: Smoke Signal 12; Chorus 10. 11. 12: Library Assistant 10. 11; Quill and Scroll 12. Stringfollow. Joanne "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play 12: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: GAA 10. 11. 12: Homecoming 12: Nativitv 11. 12: Band 10. 11. 12: All Star Band 12. Tulberg. Norma—“Age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite variety." Jr. Class Play 11: Sr. Class Play: Pep Club 11. 12: GAA 10. 11. 12; Homecoming 10. 11. 12: Nativity 10: Smoke Signal 10. 11. Graober, Donna "Busy here and there." Jr. Class Plav 11: Pep Club 11. 12: Homecoming 10. 11. 12; Nativitv if. 12; Mohian 12: Chorus 10. 11. 12: Library Assistant 11. Hall of Fame (continued) CLASS HOT RODS CLASS MA AND PA Herb Bunting Priscilla Higus Barbara Knapp George Larson Page NineteenMrs. Todnem's 6th hour Speech class The cold walk across tho street Cab session in the library Selling carmeled apples is the Smoke Signal's project. Our hall rocoptionlst has plenty of help Lineup for milk and hotdish Conforenco of our future band leaders Page TwentyPage Twenty-onePage Twenty-twoJunior Leaders Plan Year For Underclassmen JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS K. Hartman. Pres. J. Kutz, Sec. V. Brandenburg, Treas. D. David, V. Pres. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS D. Burandt. V. Pres. B. Noren. Treas. J. Brown. Pros. M. Herman, Sec. 8TH GRADE OFFICERS D. Morin J. Frazer J. Tambornino FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS B. Hempel T. Jackson D. Spaulding C. Trevall 7TH GRADE OFFICERS B. Stein G. Rosch R. Llndmark Page Twenty-threeJuniors Contract For More 11TH GRADE Row 1—R. Anderson. R. Anderson. R. Bcacher. H. Bell. M. A. Berg. M. Boll. D. Brand. B. Brandenburg. Row 2—V. Brandenburg. G. Brooks. D Bryant. M. Bryant. N. Buchanan. J. Bud. G. Bunting. R. Burgett. Row 3—D. E. Bursaw. C. Carlson. D. Carlson. L. Chapman. J. ChristofTerson. W. Coffee. M. Connelly. J. A. Dahl. B. Dalchow. Row 4—D. David. L. Dickey. D. Dion. J. Fetterly. C. Forde. L. Fries. L. Fries. C. Garrett. P. Gorman. Row 5—A. Gummert. A. Gunderson. J. Hanson. R. Harrison. K. Hartman. D. Houck. L. Hedin. D. Heltz, W. Hennings. Rt,w 6 J. Hilgers. B. Hoag land. H. Holmes. P. Igo. M. Iverson. G. Johnson. D. Ketcher. R. Kickafer, P. Klein. Row 7—B. Knoblauch. V. Koch. J. Kocchler, J. Kocchlcr. C. Kohman. V. Krotzcr. Page Twenty-fourVVork In Their Senior Year HTH GRADE Row 1—J. Krueger. J. Kubalsky. D. Kubon. J. Kutz, J. La Fore. D. Larson. E. Lemmcrinan. H. Leonard. M. Liljcval. Row 2—C. Llndholm. C. Logelln. H. Lohmar, D. Luebke, L. Maas. S. Magnuson, J. Malakowsky, J. Mannorud, J. Markquart. Row 3—J. May. H. Meyer. C. Mlckclson. G. Miller. D. Mills. J. Nlcklsch. K. Nord. B. Osh a. R. Palmer. Row 4—R. Payne. A. Peterson. D. Peterson. D. Perbix. D. Pfellstlcker, 1). Pratt. R. Robinson. D. Rollers. M. Ross. Row 5—J- Ruppclius. T. Sawvel. L Scheldt. R. Schultz. M. Sinclair. J. Smith, J. Solborg, D. Sonderup. S. Sprague. Row ft—J- Stein. J Stuckmayor. M. Tnmbornmo. M Thomas. D. Tuftedahl. L Thurber. R. Towner. C Wallace. G. Watts. How 7—J- Whittaker. E. Wills, R. Wood. P. Zaback. Page Twenty-fiveSophomores Continue With 10TH GRADE Row 1- R. Adams. S. Alwln. D. Anderson. J. Anderson. R. Anderson. R. Babatz. A. Baldwin. R. Davidson. C. BJork. M. Backaus. Row 2—C. Bowman. R. Bowers. J. Brown. D. Burandt. J. A. Caron. M. Case. J. Courtney. W. Cox. M. Dale. J. David. Row 3-B. Dressel. C. A. Dressel. D. Dressel. W. Duekn. B. Ebert. A. Eden. R. Fanham. R. Fern. P. Gable. E. Gabriel. Row 4—H. Gagen. J. Gillian. M. A. Green. I V. Grieshabcn. M. Gumment. F. Gunther. M. Halgron. D. Hall. R. Hayes. L. Heinzen. Row 5—M. Herman. A. Hill. J. Huff. E. HoflT. B. lilies, C. Jackson. P. Jackson. D. Jacobs. G. Jensen, T. Jensen. Row 6—J. Johnson. J. Johnson. M. Johnson. E. Kauth. R. Reiser. C. Kickhafer. D. King. M. Kirsch, M. Klatte. Page Ttventy-sixMore Work And Study 10TH GRADE Row 1—P. Kllngclhut. J. Knapp. K. Knudson, M. Koehnen. T. Kohman, B. Kuka, P. Kulbcrg, M. Lcnmark, L. Lind. S. Swenson. Row 2—S. McConnell. W. McCurdy. B. Norcn. J. Malakowsky. P. Mann. D. Mapstone, R. Mathisen. E. Meyer. C. Miller. E. Miller. nAW 3—M. Moo. J. Ncgaard. J. Nelson. M. L. Nelson. N. Niecum. J. Nichols, R. Nolan. B. Magnuson. D. Norum. J. K Oeffling. _QVV 4_K. Olson. R. Ovshak. M. Paisley. A. Palmer. J. Perblx, R. Pettit. S. Pettit. G. Platzer. R. Pouliot. J. Roth. ,, « M. Quaas. J. Schmidt. L. Schuler. R. Scgner. R. Segncr. G. Smith. M. J. Sprague. J. Steen. V. Syverson. D. K°' Tcsch. , a_M- Thurk. L Thurk. D. Trask. S. Wcinzicrl. L. Wcstermann. T. Weinzierl. E. Will. A. Williamson. H. Winter- Ro" halter. R. Woytcke. Page Twenty-sevenFreshmen Lay Foundations 9TH GRADE Row I- R. Albee. M. Anderson. W. Arnold. L. Baker. M. Beckman. L. Berg. M. Berry. T. Bottenfleld. J. Bowers. S. Brakke. Row 2—B. Brooks. G. Bryant. N. Bunting. B. Burbank. B. Burch. C. Carlson. E. Carlson. J. Courtney. L. Cox. C. Cramer. Row 3—G. Crosby. R. Diescn. D. Dean. G. Engelbretsen. R. Engleke. C. Fagerlln. T. Forseth. W. Frendell. A. Furst. M. Gable. Row 4—R. Gable. B. Gallup. B. Gilhsplc. C. Gnitka. L. Gothman. W. Hcnsen. M. llelnch. R. Held. B. Hemple. R. Hessclgrave. Row 5—W. Huggctt. T. Jackson. C. Jacobson. K. Johnson. L. Ketcher. M. Klatte. D. Klein. J. Klingensmith, R. Knowlton. M. Koch. Row 6—J. Kocchler. R. Koehncn. M. Koenig, M. Kohls. D. Kubasch. G. LaFore. E. Langert. L. Larruscn. D. Lcnmark. G. Litts. Row 7—B Lodmill. B. Lodmill. B. Lohmar. C. Lovascn. B. Love. J. Luger. A. Lundqutst. B. Martin. W. Martin. Page Twenty-eightFor Senior High Work 9T!I GRADE Rtw !—R. Mans. P. Mask!. J. May. B. McKelvey. R. McKinney. V. Meagher. J. Mills. R. Morrison, G. Myers, J. Nelson. Row 2—J. Nerd. Y. Olunder. M. Oskey. T. Ovshok. R. Pat.crson. C. Peppcrsaek. A. Petersen. D. Peterson. K. Peterson. M. Peterson. Row 3 R. Peterson. B. Pettit. B. Petersen. P. Pope. E. Rchbein. A. Relsberg. C. Russell. D. Russell. B. Salden. J. Schaumberg. Row 4—R, m. Schecker. J. Schmidt. L. Schmidt. R. Schneider. G. Sehulenberg. L. Schuler. B. Schwartz. M. Seruton. D. Segcr. D. Skiles. Row 3—R. Sanderup. D. Spaulding. D. Stahlke. J. Stoltmn i. R. Stoltman. B. Storup. D. Stowe. I. Swanson. R. Swan-sen. C. Swedburg. Row C—S. Swenscn. K. Taylor. C. Thomas. M. Thomas. A. Tracy. C. Trovall. A. Uner. J. Uner. C. Vissen. C. Vissen. Row 7—J. Voll. R. Vosscn. T. Ward. F. Webber. J. Weiland. D. White. S. White. R. Whittaker. A. Baback. Page Twenty-nine8th Graders Begin Forming GRADE 8 Row 1 L. Andrews. D. Bablcr. R. Baker. A. Batdorf. D. Behrner. L. Batzler, S. Blakstvedt. N. Brettengen. Row 2—D. Broeckcrt. J. Bowman. D. Buchanan. G. Burandt. L. Bursch. J. David. A. Dongonski. L. Dresscl. N. Eidem. Row 3--F. Eugstrom. J. Ericson. J. EvanofT, R. Fenton. J. Filipcizak. P. Forde. J. Fraser. W. Fulks. A. Gast. Row •! T. Gilbertson. R. Gray. S. Gunther. A. Guy. J. Haerden. D. Hahn. S. Hanson. C. Heden, D. Hennings. Row 5—N. Herzog, J. Holmes. J. Huggctt. C. Jackson, J. Jensen. B. Jigson. B. Johnson. F. Johnson. J. Kelly. Row 6—Ft. Johnson. G. Kerr. D. Ketcher, J. Knutson. L. Koch. J. Kuntuzos. J. Kust, L. LaBerge. Page ThirtySenior High School Plans ry '•O V ra 9 n V. Kt. GRADE • Row 1—B. Larson. C. Lind. L. Logelin. P. Logmar. R. Lon?, G. Maas. J. Mvrquart, J. McGlone. D. Morin. Row 2—M. Nogaard. J. Nelsen. D. Nelson. D. Nelson. R. Nelson. M. Obcrdeck. M. O'Donnell. R. Ohmann. S. Overby. Row 3—H. Parker. D. Patton. G. Payne. S. Pekley. L. Peterson. V. Qulst. N. Peterson. R. Primus. C. Rice. pow 4 M Robbins. K. Rudnicki. D. Scbulenberg. L. Scott. R Skilcs. G. Smith. H. Smith. H. Solbcrg. D. Solstad. Row 5— M- Stave. D. Stinson. R. Stoppcl. J. Stubbs, J. Tambornino. V. Thomas. D. Trask. L. Trautnau. R. Tubcrg. Wove 6—H Visser. M Vogclgcsang R Vogclgcsang. M. Vraalstad. G. Wahlen, G. Wallace. V. Wenkstern. D. Williams. B. Williamson. Page Thirty-one7th Graders Strive For GRADE 7 Row 1—L. Babatz. D. Baldwin. B. Beise. G. Benson. B. Bjcrksctt. B. Blackcwisk. F. Blackowisk. R Bockhaus. L. Boynton. R. Breyette. Row 2 M. Brcse. M. Bruhn, S. Burbank. R. Bursch. S. Cleveland. C. ColTcc. E. Conrad. D. Cox. D. Cressy. J. Crosby. Row 3—A. Chapin. R. Dahl. R. Dahl. J Dodd. O. Drcssel. D. Dully. D. Duncan. M. Ehalt. D. Ericson. M. Etter. Row 4—-J. Farness, J. Gibson. T. Graves. M. Gustafson. H Haagen.-on. J. Haerden. D. Hanslng. G. Hanson. R. Hansen. B. Holtemcss. Row 3—G. Hemple. L . Herman. A. Hllcers. V. HolT. F. Hofstad. J. Holms. R. Hoppcnrath. D. Hoxie. T. Iverson. B. Jarvcy. Row 6—B. Jarvcy, M. Justus. D Kargel. E. Kenefick. K. Kenoyer. J. Kissinger. W. Koehncn. G. Kohls. J Kust. O. LaBerge. Row 7 J. Lacer. G. Legus, R. Lenmark. A Loyas. M Lot'i, R. Love. W. Lucke. L. Lundquist. D. Madison. K. Me-Kann. Page Thirty-twoBetter Classroom Records CRABE 7 ncw 1—K. McCann. D. McCawlcy. J. McConnell. G. McDonald. M. Meredith. M. Mickelson, C. Miller, E. Nelson. P. Newell. W. Niccum. Row 2—W. Odenbreit. R- Olson. P. Pelkey. E. Pische. M. Ponsfcrd. D. Poll. J. Quist. J. Rice. G. Richard. M. Robinson, row 3—R- Rogers. G. Rosch. J. Russell. D. Sandahl. J. Schmidt. J. Schroeder. K. Schwalbe. . Schwalbe. B. Sparr- ' man. „ ... j- D- Stadthcr. H. Statts. D. Steele. R. Stcive. D. Stewart. D. Sullivan. J. Swanson. J. Swclburg. D. Tesch. D. R° Thompson. , k__J. Thompson. B. Towner. E. Tuttle. E. Uner, R. Ulrick. M. Von Eschen. A. Vossen. J. Walker. J. Wallace. J. Walton. a__r Ward. D. Westerlund. R. Wcstcrlund. K. Williams. K. Whittaker. M. Woodard. B. Johnson. J. Farhnes. new s Phillips. M. Rains tad. •}._M. Ramstad. Russell. B. Steen. ROW 1 Page Thirty-threePage Thirty-fourLake Conference Co-Champs 1950 Mohawks in Action Page Thirty •nixMohawks, Led By Stoll, Make Good Row 1—D. David. B. Waytcke. Row 2—C. Conrad. D. Iverson. R. Overby. D. Easthouse. B. Dongoske. T Roth. D Kragthorpc. E. Luse. R. Lusc, F. Roycraft. J. Budd. J. Gcrdes. B. Kick'aafcr. Row 3—R. Wood. D. King. R. Kaiser. R. Hayes. B. Fern. R. Anderson. D Schultz. G. Larson. H. Holms. W. McCurdy. W. Osha. R. Berg. J. Courtney. Row I Coach Oscar Haddorff. Coach Cal Stoll. J. Perbix. D Brand. B. Marston. R. Bates. L. Chapman. V. Krotzcr. J. May. G. Watts. D. Pfielstlckcr. C. Klckhafer. E. Miller. Coach Kcuflcr. Mound 13 New Prague 6 Mound 13 Hopkins 6 Mound 7 Robbinsdale 0 Mound 19 Excelsior 7 Mound 12 Wayzata r Mound 20 Edina 7 Mound 13 St. Louis Park 14 The Mound gridders started their 1950 season under a new coach. Cal Stoll, who came from the U. of M. Stoll led the boys through a successful season— six wins and only one loss. The 20-7 win over the fighting Edina team in the Homecoming game highlighted the season. Dave Kragthorpe, Ron Bates, and Bob Dongoske were elected to the All Conference team. Dave came out on top again when he made the All State team. Rcy Luse. Tom Roth. Earl Luse. Bob Dongoske Coach Cal Stoll and Capta.n Dave Kragthorpe Page Thirty-sevenDuring 1950 Football Season MOUND’S ONLY DEFEAT The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mohawks’ mighty mites. The score stood 14-13 beneath the Oriole lights. Oh. to be away from this, the Orioles’ joint Where less is needed than Dongoske’s extra point. Now somewhere in this League of Lakes. The sun is shining bright. But in a certain Mohawk village, Not even burns a light. For with Chapman. Bates, and Iverson guarding Dongoske’s toe. The ball sailed ’neath the uprights— Just a trifle low. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1—J. Piche, C. CcfTce. B. Ward. Mr. Kaczrousk G. Ctttcc. G. Heir pel. Row 2—B. Knowltcn. D. Crcssy. R. Breyette. R. Dahl. D. Stow. T. Jackson. G. Meyers. Row 3—B. Storup. I). Nelson. A Lomas. P. Guy. M. Berr -. M. OterCccfc. Row 4—T. Ward. W. Frcndcll. G. huger. A Rlesberg. R. Ohinann, D Held. M. Hetnlz. Row 5 R. Nelson. D. Hcsselgiave. J Voll. J. Nord. J Schaumberg. A. Lundquist. J. Uner. W. Hanson. Page Thirty-eightMound Bucketeers Hit And Miss Row 1—F. Roycratt. D. Kragthorpo. B. Mansion. Row 2—R. Oskey. R. Bates. L. Chapman. E. Miller. Row 3—Mr. Oscar Haddorf. coach. R. Burgett. R. Lusc. T. Roth. R. Schultz. Getting a late start seemed to be the only set back of this year's bucketeers. Games were lost by the quintet in the early quarters of the game but were won by these cagers in the final frames. Aside from Conference play the team went on a trip to Faribault and Stillwater. The Mohawks eliminated the Robins in the district tournament, who had twice beaten the Mohawks before. but were defeated by Bloomington in the semi’s. Considering the lack of height on this year’s squad, the team did very well against some of the powerful teams in the conference. Miller. Burgett tangle with two Robins for rebound in close contest. Bates lays one in. while Smith and Bradley try to cover. Page Thirty-nineDuring 1950-51 Season Row 1— V. Osha, B. Fern. R. Hayes. G. Watts. Row 2—J. HufT. V. Krolzer. D. David. Coach Cal Stoll. Row 3—H. Bell. K. Nord. W. Henning. J. May. A. Gunderson. Row 1—R. Nord. A. Lundquist. J. Lemerc, J. Schaumberg, R Ohinan. Row 2—C. Miller. M. Thomas. T. Jackson. T. Bottcnfield. B. Storpe. Row 3- B. Ferndell. D. Hennings. J. Hemplc, D. Patton. Mr. Kaczrowski. coach. Row 4—A. Guy. H Parker. R. McKinney. D. Nelson. W Steen. N. Bunting. Page FortyGrapplers Place In State For 2nd Year FIRST TEAM Row 1—R. Nolan. B. Kochnen. Mr. Bochkaus. G. ColTee.Row 2 R. Anderson. J. Koechler. R. Berg. R. Pouliot. Row 3—L Klaers. R. Pouliot. D. Maas. D. Trask. R Anderson. Edina 8 U. High 14 Robbins 24 St. Cloud 31 Wayzata 20 Litchfield 34 Owatonna 22 Anoka 26 Mound 36 Mound 31 Mound 16 Mound 8 Mound 18 Mound 9 Mound 19 Mound 11 Robbins 17 Edina 11 U. High 10 Litchfield 20 Winona 15 St. Cloud 23 Austin 20 Wayzata 24 Mound 20 Mound 30 Mound 36 Mound 14 Mound 31 Mound 15 Mound 15 Mound 13 SECOND TEAM Row 1—B. Jarvey. B. Jarvey. J. Lcgus. F. Blackowiak. C. Coffee. R. Hudinsky. Row 2—L. Gothman. R. Knottman. R. Klatte. J. Koeckler. G. Johnson. Row 3—J. Budd. C. Thomas. H. Myers. B. Ebert. D. Russel. K, Leminerman row 4—L. Bjcrksett, D. Engelke. R. Pettit. M. Dale. L. Westerman. H Winterhalter. A Vlsser. Page Forty-oneMound Batmen Build For Future Seasons How 1—J. Budd. K. Nord. Coach Bchmlcr. R. Overby. R. Hayes. J. Courtney. Row 2—R. Anderson. J. Steen. L. Maas. D. Kragthorpe. D. Iverson. J. Schmidt. G. Miller. Manager. Row 3—E. Miller, D. King. B. Marston, B. Dongoskc. D. Brand. B. Ebbert. BASEBALL Robbins 10 Mound 4 Hopkins 1 Mound 7 Excelsior 5 Mound 4 Wayzata 5 Mound 2 Park 14 Mound 0 Edina 11 Mound 12 The Mound Nine under the coaching of Ed Behmler had a fair season. Because of a muddy field the batsmen got off to a slow start, but ended up the season in full power. The highlight of the season was the one-hitter pitched by Dave Kragthorpe against Hopkins. The Redmen have seven lettermen returning next spring and the outlook for a good season are the best for a number of years. The lettermen are as follows: Bill Marston. 1st base; Ken Nord, 3rd base; Dave Kragthorpe. pitcher; Rich Overby, 2nd base; Dave Iverson, catcher; Bob Dongoskc, pitcher and outfield: Don Brand, outfield. Page Forty-twoTrackmen Raze School Records Row 1— R. Bate:;, K. L.uso, F. Roycraft. Coach Haddorl. L. C'apman. D. Easthousc. Row 2—R. Pculiol, B. Osha, D. Pfielstiker. V. Brandenburg. II. Gagcn. J. Kocchler. now J—y. Wicks, J. Perbix. I). Noruin. is. Fern. M. Dale, £. Lcmmciinan, D. Scnultz. Manager. Date- Place Total Points March 31 April 1 Field House 10th place 4 April 20 U. High First 75 April 21 Robbinsdale Mound Second 57 May 2 Mound Relays Second 33 May 6 Carleton Relays First 44 May 10 Wayzata-Deephaven Edina-Mound First 98 1 2 Mav 13 St. Thomas Relays Eighth 9 3 4 May 19 District Meet First 56.5 2 10 May 22 Anoka First 64 1 3 May 27 Region Meet First 32 1 2 June 1 Wavzata First June 6 State Meet 11th 4 3 4 Row 1—F. Roycraft, R Bates. L. Chapman. Coach Haddo rf. D. Easthousc, R. Luse. Pafle Forty-threePepfest Plans Laid By The Cheerleaders Helping to build our school spirit this year were cur cheerleaders; Verna Kulberg, Marilyn Anderson, Lois Schiable, Joan Erooks. and Jean La Fore. They introduced new yells and helped keep the spirit of the school bolstered throughout football, basketball, and wrestling season. This year the cheerleaders were voted in by only a small group, representatives of the student body. Page Forty-fourThespians Planned Hit With Play Row 1—J. Eklof. G. Christianson. P. Young, J. Gerdes. R. Thompson. V. Syverson. Mrs. Todnem. Row 2—Mrs. Savage. A Hacrdcn. V. Ziegler. M. Boll. B. Chall. Row 3—C. Culp. J. Brown. C. Garret. B. Magnuson. B. Knapp. A. Hill. Row 4—H. Lohmar. M. Liljival. B. Dongoske, D. Thuftedal. K. Klingensmith. D. Easthouse. This year the Thespian Society at Mound limited their membership to thirty. Their first production was "Dirty Work at the Crossroads." presented two weeks before Christmas and by popular demand, again on Feb. 26. Their second production “Two Crooks and a Lady” was Mound’s entry in the district declamation contest. The one act play received an “excellent" rating at Robbinsdale. Officers of this year’s Thespian group are Joe Gerdes. president; Roger Thompson, vice-presi- dent; Pat Young, secretary; Grace Christiansen, treasurer. Because Chapter 1054 is now affiliated with the National Thespians. Mound’s Thespian troupe is on its way to becoming an institution. Although the present sponsors and founders, Mrs. Doreen Savage and Mrs. Charlyne Todnem will not be back next year, it is their hope and the hope of the present club that every effort will be made to continue the work and keep up the chapter in years to come. Thespian Play—"Dirty Work at the Crossroads" R. Thompson. L. Haagcnson. P. Young. C. Garrett. C. Culp. R. Thompson. C. Culp. Page Forty-sixTwo Superiors Rated By Declaimers SENIOR HIGH DECLAM Hew 1—C. Schmidt. M. Anderson. M. Boll. D. Kubon. B. Magnuson. J. Eklof. K. David. Row 2—V. Ziegler. D. Larson. M. Sprague. J. Brown, K. Olson. N. Tulberg. B. Knapp. Row S— P. Kulberg. M. Tambernino. C. Garret. D. Scger. S. Gray. L. Pilgrim. Row 4—J. Karen. K. Hartmann. B. Noren. D. Easthousc. A. Hill. V. Syvcrson. R. Thompson. Row 5—C. Culp. D. Thuftedal. H. Lohmar. J. Valley. P. Young. M. Liljival. K. Klingensmith. F. Baker. Mound sent nine contestants and a one act play, "Two Crooks and a Lady,” to the 1951 District Declamation Contest at Robbins-dale Grade School. Two of these contestants, Lois Haagenscn and Arlene Haerden received “superior" ratings in the dramatic division at the District which sent them on to the Regional contest at Hopkins, March 27th. Other Mound entries, including the one act play, received “excellent” ratings. In the second elimination both Lois and Arlene received “good ’ ratings. JUNIOR HIGH DECLAM Row 1—D. Hoxic. J. Schrocdcr. Mrs. Holmbcrg. K. Schwalbe, M. VonEschen. D. Cox. Row 2—D. Dugan. N. Oveson. E. Tuttle. M. Woodard. G. Rosch. R. Bockhaus. Row 3—V. Thomas. S. Gunther. B. Williams. R. Rogers. M. Negard. S. Pelkey. Row 4—D- Peterson. C. Hedin. B. Johnson, E. Nelson. D. Cresscy. M. Gustafson. Row 5—A- Battdorf. B. Johnson. B. Beise, B. Hcltcmes. T. Gilbertson. D. Westerlund. Row 6— L. Trautnau. J. David. M. Robbins. J. Voll. C. Troval. A. Dongoske. R. Olson. Page Forty-seven"Mother Was A Freshman" Defrays Expenses For The Juniors The Junior Class presented the three act play, "Mother is a Freshman,” under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Hanson, on October 30, 1950. A sDecial matinee was presented on Thursday afternoon for the grade school. CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Abigail Abbot, widow..Carol Garrett Susan, her daughter.....Karen Hartmann Mrs. Miller, Housemother....Jeanne Valley Students at Pointer College Sylvia......................Hazel Ulrick Bunny.....................Vonnie Forseth Marge Bobo ..Vernon Brandenburg Bill Dean Gillingham, Dean of Professor Michaels, teaches Zoology.... who Clara.........................Marion Liljeval Standing—V. Brandenburg. M. Iverson. J. Kitten. J. Valley. J. Kutz. L. Maas. L. Hedin. C. Lkndholm. M. Boll. A. Gumincrt. V. Forseth. Sitting-K. Hartmann. M. Lll]eval, C. Garrett. D. Pratt. H. Ulrick. D. Kubon. Mrs. Hanson, adviser. Page Forty-eightSENIOR CLASS PLAY On April 20. 1951 the Senior Class, under the direction of Mrs. Charlyne Todnem. presented a three act play. "On the Night of January 16th.” in the high school auditorium. The plav centered around a court room trial and was the first of its kind to be presented by the Senior Class. The cast included: 1. Prison Matron..............Leslie Davidson 2. Bailiff.....................Doug Easthouse 3. Judge Heath........................Don Gable 4. District Attorney Flint.........Carl Culp 5. His Secretary..............Marilyn Anderson 6. Defense Attorney Stevens...Roger Thompson 7. His Secretary...............Lois Haagcnson 8. Clerk of the Court.............Jim Scruton 9. Karen Andre...................Patricia Young 10. Doctor Kirkland...................Fred Baker 11. Mrs. John Hutchens..........Beverly Chall 12. Homer Van Flut..................Tom Roth 13. Olmcr Sweeney...............Bob Dongoske 14. Nancy Lee Faulkner........Arlene Haerden 15. Magda Svenson.......................Barbara Knapp 16. John Fraham Whitfield................Norman Lifts II- ianc C andler.............Barbara Brakke 18. Sigurd Jungquist...........William Guntle kalry Re.San...............Gerald Hommes 20. Roberta Van Rensselaer....Virginia Ziegler 21. Stenographer................ Carol Schmidt Page Fort -nineMohawks Hoodoo-ed the Hornets Friday the 13th "Hoodoo the Hornets” proved an apt slogan for our Friday, the 13th homecoming. Highlites of the traditional parade held in the afternoon, were the Commercial Club float with a complete ofTice on wheels and a little red hot rod that jugged and bumped down the street. This year the identity of the queen was kept secret until the coronation ceremonies, just before the kick-off of our game with Edina. Of the three candidates Shirley Gray. Joan Brooks, and Lois Schiable. Lois was given the nod by last year's queen. Jo Anne Haddorff. During the half the chorus and band entertained with several selections. The chorus, accompanied by the band, formed two bells while singing the "Bells of St. Mary’s." Another formation was a huge American flag made up of chorus members. While in this formation they sang “Era of Peace.” Climaxing the Homecoming festivities was the winning of the game with Edina, 20 to 7. and the dance in the lunch room for the Alumni. Page FiftyPo(je Fifty-oneRow 1—Miss Ryder. M. Nelson. M. Paisley, A. Williams. B. Andrcason. C. Micklcson. R. Palmer. H. Underda'.tl, J. Gilliam. P. Jackson. J. Krueger. C. Schmidt. Row 2—J. OefTling. P. Kulberg. A. Eder. S. Weinzicrl. B. Norcn. P. Higus, V. Ziegler. M. Andersen. L. Bodmer. J. Johnson. G. Brooks. V. Syverscn, Q. Wicks. Row 3—D. Larson. L. Fries. I). Graeber. M. Tambornio. B. Knoblauch. M. Liljlval, S. Magnuson, L. Davidson. M. Iverson. V Krotzer. H. Bell. Mound Chorus Plans For Singing the “Messiah” with Ihe Minnetonka singers at Christmas time was a highlight in the activities of Mound’s chorus this year. A spring concert, the Christmas Nativity, the Homecoming show (in collaboration with the land) and the District Fes.ival at Hopkins kept them busy. Page Fifty-twoRow 1—D. Dresscl. M. Bockhaus. J. Bakken. K. Hartmann. D. Kubon. B. Kuka. J. Brooks. A. Hacrden. E. Schweitzer. M. HalRrcn. Row 2—D. Brand. R. Thompson. C. Lindholm. J. Stuckm eyer. M. Marth, S. Gray. R. Mathison. M. Lcnmark. J. Hilp.ers. E. Whittaker. J. Henderscheid. Row 3—A. Endresen. M. Johnson. J. Gerdes. A. Gummcrt. M. Lcmmcrman. L. Dickey. M. Thomas. J. Nichish. C. Garret. M. Throolin. K. Olson, C. Drcssel. More and Better Harmony Miss Violet Hyder, chorus director, also directed the male quartet, which sang for P.T.A. meetings at Maple Plain and Mound, the Athletic banquet, the spring concerts, and the variety show which was sponsored by the chorus. The 68 members also gave an Easter Cantata, "Victory Divine” for the school. Marcia Halgrer. was this year’s accompanist. Page Fifty-threeMounds Concert Band Row 1—Webb Coffee. Irene Thurk. Judy Brown. Row 2—Lois Schaible. Grace Christianson. Pattic Anfenson. Joan Klingensmith. Rosemary Sehecker. Row 3—Werner Hennings. Riley Kaiser. John Steen. Terry Bottcnfield. Row 4 -Carolyn Carlson. Susan Brakke. Lavonne Trutneau. Priscilla Iligus, Audrey Palmer. Susan Overby, Allen Petersen. Robert Ovashak. Glen Smith. Robert Wayteke. Row 5 Ardys -Batdorf, Corrme Trovall. Mary Vraalstad. Sharon Hanson. Muriel Negaard. Dean Hall. Douglas Trask. Marcia Halgren. Row 6— Mary Ann Robbins. Jeanne Valley. Sandy Hill. Jim Scruton. Ronald Robinson, Joanne Caron. The seventy-five members of Mound’s concert band, led by Myron Skow. had a full schedule this year. They gave two home concerts during the year plus one at the M.E.A. convention. They participated in the Lake District band contest with 22 of the 33 entries receiving an ’■A" rating. Jack Andreasen coached the second band into an "A” rating at the Lake District contest. On May 2, they traveled to Eden Valley for a performance. «(„' Fifty-fourContinues With "A" Work Row 1—Arlene Donjjoski. Donald Stowe. Sidney Alwin. Row 2- Patsy Mann. Donna Andersen. Roberta Farnham. Pat Young. Dale Pratt. Row 3— Mary Lou Christy. B. Lodmlll. Ernest Meyer. John Dale. Row 4—Donna Ebert. B. Lodmill, Dennis Carlson. Jeanne String tel low. Rich Overby. Karen Olson. James Schmidt, Dianne Peterson, Bill Guntle. Harvey Parker. Row 5—Joe Pardington. John Voll. Larry Meyers. Dean Nelson. David White. Ronald Oilman. Ramona Adams. Nelard Brettingn, Donald Tesch. Kenneth Peterson, Donald Hennings. Fred Baker. Row 6—Janet Kklof. David Marin. Richard Davidson. John Solberg. William Dean. Under the sponsorship of the Band Boosters the group went on their annual tour, this time to Wisconsin. The All Star Band, a 104 piece band made up of the best high school band musicians in the Lake District, was formed this year. Mound placed 23 members in the organization more than any other school. New stands were purchased with part of the $500 the band cleared on their annual magazine sale. “Let Freedom Ring” was the theme of the program put on by the band and chorus at half-time of the Homecoming game. They supported the Junior Class Play with a skit and college songs between acts. A superior rating in Division 1 was obtained for the second year at the State band contest last May. A total of six "A’s” were chalked up to the band in solo and ensemble entries. Pafje,,e Majorettes—M. Niccurn. J. Swanson. J. Evanhoff. J. Stubbs, G. Jensen. N. Nice urn. A. Bakken.Row 1—Miss S. Stageberg. V. KuJberg. J. Brooks. J. I aForc. M. Anderson. L. Schaiblc. Mrs. D. Remark. Row 2—P. Gorman. B. Magnuson. J. Hanson. A. Williamson. P. Jackson. J. Gilliam. P. Kulberg. A. Haerden. Row 3—M. Sprague, V. Ziegler, J. Krueger. J. Hilgcrs, N. Tulberg. D. Seger. R. Mathlson. B. Kuka. Row 4—D. Kubon. M. Boll. S. Gray. B. Jacobson. G. Brooks. B. Noren. K. Hartman, B. Knoblauch. Row S—M. Tambornina. K. Olson. M. Marth. M. Ernst. J. Loraas. D. Graebcr. D. Burandt. J. Valley. The Pep Club under the supervision of Mrs. Dorothy Remark sponsored successful dances in the Mound lunchroom. Shirley Gray, president of the Pep Club, kept herself busy all year signing up students for buses to the basketball and football games. The Pep Club missed their goal of jackets for all members, but they did so much worthwhile cheering that no one missed the jackets at all. "M" CLUB The ‘M” Club is an athletic organization for boys who have won a letter in any school sport. The Club elected Frank Roycraft, president; Earl Luse, vice president; Bill Marston, secretary, and Leo Klaers, treasurer at the beginning of the school year. The “M” Club has sponsored dances after basketball and football games. The “M” Club has made quite a bit of money selling pictures to the students. The highlight of this year will be the “M” Club stag that is coming in the Spring. Row 1—J- Dale. C. Conrad. C. Kickhafer. J. Budd. R. Overby. R. Anderson. Row 2—D. David. R. Hayes. J. Perblx. J. Budd. L. Klaers. D. Brand. B. Dongoske. Row 3___R. PouJIot. R. Fern. R. Schultz. D. Easthousv. W. Marston. D. Pfeilsticker. row 4_D. Iverson. R. Oskey. J. Gcrdes. D. Trask. A. Visser. L. Chapman. R. Luse. Row 5—V. Krotzcr. K. Norde. G. Larson, T. Roth. D. Kragthorpe. F. Roycraft. W. Hennings, E. Luse. Page Fifty-sixi G.A.A. Row 1—P. Dressel. M. Bockhaus. L. Schuler. D. Drcsscl. G. Christianson. M. OetYling. Miss S. Stageberg. Row 2—S. Gray. M. Pettit. E. Oeffling. C. Schmidt. M. Krueger. Y Klaers, L. Schaiblc. Row 3—I. Klcnne. B. Andreascn. J. Hanson. D. Larson. M. Crlsty. G. Jensen. J. Brooks. Row 4—J. Lutz. P. Gothard, J. Krueger. J. Stringfellow. K. Nelson. M. Ernst. G. Brooks. R Palmer. Row 5—P. Anfcnscn. J. Caron. K. Olsen. R. Adams. L. Fries. S. Magnuson. B. Hoagland. Row 6—P. Scgncr. J. Rudnickl. M. Throolin. M. Rosch. D. Burandt. D. Ketcher. J. Valley. R. Farnham. Interest in the G.A.A. has Hared higher this year than ever before. The club has been active in all sports and has required certain things of its members, all of which have been fulfilled despite the many handicaps they have run into. COMMERCIAL CLUB The 33 Commercial Club members have worked for the Legion Club, various community groups, and have made announcements and programs for games and concerts. They have even mimeographed a one-act play for members of that cast. The social activities consisted of one huge Christmas party in which food was the entertainment. They have also written, edited, and sold a Commercial Club paper. They raised sufficient funds for Commercial Club pins chosen by the members of the Club. COMMERCIAL CLUB Row 1—C Schmidt. A. Haerden. Mr. Davltt, M. Anderson. L. Schaiblc. J- Eklof. Row 2—B. Brakke. P. Dressel. G. Chrlstatnson. J. Brooks. M. Oeflllng. Y. Klaers. Row 3 -D. Tesch. V. Ziegler. M. Pettit. E. Schweitzer. E. Arens. J. Krot .er. B. Chall. Row 4—M. Ernst. S. Gray. S. Hansen. B. Jacobson. P. Higus. L. Pilgrim. Row 5—M. Throolin. J. Rudnicki. P. Scgnor. V. Erickson. A. Visscr. M. Rosch. B. Knapp. Page Fifty-sevenCouncilmen Blueprint Laws for the Students SENIOR HICH STUDENT COUNCIL B. Magnuson. C. Waters. V. Kulberg. B. Dongoskc, B. Brukke. D. Brand. R. Bates. Blue prints for school laws were drawn up by the student council. This year’s student council was led by Bob Dongoske, president; Ron Bates, vice-president, and Barbara Brakkc. secretary-treas. This year the student council put through an auditorium seating arrangement, and a new no smoking rule which they enforced rigidly. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL COUNCIL Y. Olandcr. A. Dongoske. G. Kerr. R. Dahl. B. Engleke, G. Hcmplc. Page Fifty-eight«MT Language Classes Build Better World Relations GERMAN CLUB Row 1 D. Bursaw. C. Mtkkcl-son. Mr. Woodworth. D. Kubon. Row 2 W. Coffee, M. Case. M. Christy. M. Boll. C. Dressel. Row 3—M. Tamborino, M. Herman. B. Dalchow. B. Brandenburg. Row -i—G. Watts. W. McCurdy. G. Miller. D. Tesch. J. Smith. SPANISH CLUB Row 1—J. Steen. P. aback. J. Henderschied. V. Kulberg. Row 2-J. Brown. Mrs. D. Savage. B. Knoblauch. H. Ulrlck. Row 3- D. David. D. Thufte-dahl. J. LaFore. I. Thurk, W. Cox. GOPHER HISTORIAN Row 1—V. Thomas. S. Overby. S. Gunther. Mrs. Johnson. V. Thomas. S. Swenson, J. May. Row 2—S. Brakkee. S. Pelkcy. M. Anderson. D. Peterson. B. Johnson. C. Swedburg. J. Bab-ler. Row 3—B. Lodmill, B. Lodmill. T. Bottenneld. B. Martin. B. Helpel. Y. Olander. L. Baker. Row 4—-D. Dean, T. Forseth. L. Trautmau. J. David. A. Don-goske. D. Spaulding, A. Relse-burg. Row i H. Parker. D. White. P. Masks. B. Bursch. M. Vraal-stad. R. Oilman. D. Trask. J. Voll. Page Fifty-nineTeepee Tolk Contracts For More Jr. Hiqh News TEEPEE TALK "Teepee Talk,” the junior high publication, has continued meeting deadlines for its second year. Yvonne Olander and Johnnie Nord, the co-editors, work with staff editors—Sally Swenson, Marlow Berry, and Larry Meyers—to get each issue out. Adviser of the paper is Mr. Woodworth. Scenes from the junior high classes show Mr. Haglin busy with his only class, other than drivers training, and some girls from the Home Economics Department. Page SixtyEveryone Helps in the Building Process LIBRARY WORKERS J. Grleshaber. A. Uner. L. Gricshabcr. B. Chall. J. Krotze E. Wills. C. Knutson. M. Kcchncn. A. Zaback. L. Lind. L. Schuler, S. McConnel, B. Burbank. L. Pilgrim, V Erickson. E Kauth. S. Pettit. M. Sprague. Assisting Mrs. Pheilsticker and Miss Johnson in the library this year were library assistants. Their duties consisted of signing books in and out. checking passes and collecting fines. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS This year the Junior High Chorus combined efforts to produce their annual Spring Concert. An outstanding feature of the concert was an octet which sang “Standin in the Need Ob Prayer.” jty high chorus Row ! B. Gallup. S. Swenson. S. Brakkc. R. Schockcr. C. Carlscn. B. Franks. B. Brcoks. D. Pctc-son. Miss Hydcr. Hew 2—R. Vasscr. R. Mass. G. Lngebretwn. J. Mills. M. Kohls. J. klingensmit: . B. Mait n. D. Sta .Ike. M. Voll. Row a—C. FwcdbcrC. J. Kccchkler. L. Brkcr. C. Vlsser. M. Ga j.'e. E. Carlscn. L. Olandcr. K. Johnson. B. Hempel Row 4—M. Koemgh. B. Schwarts. B. McKellcv. V. Meager. M. Petersen. B. Lohmar. K Tailor. D. Spanlding. C. Visscr. O. K-tgie Row 5—L. Cox. P. Maskc. T. Bottcnficld. J. May. L. Gothman. B. Martin. M. Thomas. B. Bursc.i. Row 6—C. Fagerlln. W Frendol. A. Rcisberg. C. Ehalt. D. Seger. J. Bowers. M. Heinsch. J Voll. W. McKinney. A. Lundquist. Page Sixty-oneSMOKE SIGNAL STAFF Row I V. Kulberg, J. Gerdts. B. Brakke. P. Gorman. V. Ziegler. Row 2 — D. Bursaw. M. Sprague. D. Seger. D. Rogers. B. Noren. Row 3 — V. Syverson. M. Halgren, D. Anderson. H. Ulrick. iM. Throolin. Row 4—D. Thuftcdahl. A. Hill. J. Roth. F. Finley. T. Roth. J. Scruton. With the help of advisor, Mrs. Doreen Savage, Editor Barb Brakke brought out Mound’s news every two weeks for the interest of Moundites. The other brains of the staff. Arline Haer-den, news editor, Joe Gerdes, sports editor, and Karen Hartman, assistant editor, worked along with Barb at the fast and furious pace set by this year’s Smoke Signal to bring us a better and more interesting paper. Page Sixty-twoRow 1 — V. Kulberg. D. Kubon, B. Guntle. Mr. Davitt. V. Ziegler. P. Gorman. J. Richardson. Row 2 — M. Krueger. M. Anderson. J. Krueger. J. Hanson. P. Gothard. J. Holms. Row 3 — J. Kllngcnsmlth. S. Gray. S. Hansen, N. Eidem. G. Brooks. M. Boll. D. Rogers. Row 4 P. Zaback. K. Hartman, v. Syverson, D. Gracber. D. Kctchcr. J. Valley. Row 5- B. Dongoske. B. Hoaglund. B. Knapp. L. Hcdin. J. LaFore. P. Young. H. Bell. This year’s Mohian was written and produced during "any free hour co-editors. Kaye Klingen-smith and Mildred Krueger, could find. Under the advice of Mr. Jack Davitt. this year’s book was ahead of schedule all year long, and had brought out a better and changed Mohian. A new division page has been added along with more pictures. On top of all this, the Mohian sponsored Homecoming button sales. Sadie Hawkins dance, and the Faculty game. S. Gray. B. Knapp. F. Finley. D. Gracber. B. Guntle. D. Segar. L. Hedin, M. Anderson. V. Ziegler. B. Dongoske. Page Sixty-threeNativity Highlites The Christmas Season The annual production of The Nativity was directed by Pearl Edlund. Joseph was portrayed by Roy Luse and Mary by Kaye Klingensmith. Dona Mae Seger was head angel. A background of traditional Christmas music was provided by the Senior High Chorus. Row 3—Karen Olson. Josephine Nickish. Marilyn Koehncn. Julia Nelson. Donna Burandt. Row 2—Lorraine Johnson. Delores Dressel. Joanne HilKers. Shirley Pettit. Rcw 1—Juanita Stein. Jean Malakowsky. Eileen Kauth. Geraldine Jensen. Jane Whittaker. Page Sixty-fourSiWMfD u$ Congratulations to the 1951 Graduates of Mound High School Mickelson Motors Best Wishes to the Class of '51 Minnetonka Floor Covering Congratulations from the Haga Studio to the class of '51 Page Sixty-sixMinnetonka's Finest Compliments to HALGREN'S Supreme Quality" Ice Cream Graduating Class of 1951 ■from Take some home today! MOUND HARDWARE Follow the crowd to the Mound Super Valu Sixty-sevenTHE STATE BANK OF MOUND W. II. A. KOEHLER, President II. C. LAUMANN, Vice President LUCY KOEHLER HICK. Cashier R. G. DICK. Vice President ELEANOR KOEHLER, Ass’t Cashier AND THE STATE BANK OF MOUND INSURANCE AGENCY Owned by and Operated in the Interest of Residents of Mound, St. Bonifacins. Island Park, Spring Park, and surrounding territory. THE ONE STOP FINANCIAL SERVICE STATION Sixty-eight Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone: Office—Mound 40 Best wishes to the Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Class of 1951 David Agency, Inc. Sheldon Beise All Lines of Insurance Special Agent Bankers Life Co. 133 So. 7th Street Minneapolis Compliments of Big Store Value. Small Store Cost is the motto of WARHOL DRUG NAVARRE SUPER VALU School Supplies — Cosmetics at Jackson's Corners MOUND 103 Dependable and courteous service will satisfy your wants. LAKE DRY CLEANING CO. DRY CLEANERS TELEPHONE FURRIERS MOUND 205 LAUNDERERS BEACH 4 Sixty-nineNORTH SHORE PURE OIL SERVICE Beach 284 Congratulations to 1951 Grads Congratulations to the 1951 Graduates of Mound High School THE MARKSON CO. Compliments of J. R. CLARK CO. Compliments of MINNETONKA CAFE Mound, Minnesota Fountain Service Bus Terminal Phone 84 Roy L. Harriman, Prop. SeventyYOSTS Compliments of 1951 Make our Barber Shop Your Shop. Go to the Shop across the street. You are always welcome! A. L. Gooder, Prop. MOUND Compliments to the 1951 Graduating Class MINNETONKA OIL CO. Wayiata 263 Beach 264 Modern, well-equipped, conveniently located are the characteristics of Broeckert's Food Market Compliments of WHITE BAKERY Mound Congratulations to the 1951 Graduating Class from Thor Thompson's DX Service and Thompson Oil Company BEACH 9 Seventy-oneTHE RED WHITE STORE Mound's newest grocery is the Mound RED WHITE Store, located across the street from school where it's convenient to shop for your Mom before you go home from school. Up-to-date Self Service is featured with excellent meat department on the way round. PHONE 319 JACK LEGUS, Prop. HOUSEWARE HARDWARE PAINTS TELEVISION THE COAST-TO-COAST STORE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS LEONARD REFRIGERATORS MOUND, MINNESOTA PHONE 259 Seventy-two. 

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