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rl-W -V , ,, ,vguy ,, .,q,.,-,. AWWA? 1 , df ' 9' Q. f 1' 0. LV J L 1, CL ff' A f LL , f" fy'17?i"A ' 1 1 , 1. 'Q Q Us 'Q ,XI , 1 flu L A FL . . 1 1, S .s Q. I 3 gvffl ir 2? 1 A 1 h iv: --1 ,fi"iL, -I I h f M 15 1 A f, , it-'L Z"l".i5?'vy'j ,- 'IWW W 05,27 MW MVT" J f 1 I ,ff 1 'jf pw . 1 Jx if ,Q lf, L ,I 'ff A 'J I I fx 1:7 . H If a.' I I . V , ,5- , Q ,rf V I X ' f f X lg 1 I 1 ' ' E fi f X 2 I I g--1. 1 1 K f W I K X N, xx - M ' ...,., ,ah X wg. r x. f F' ,ni N 1 . R T 1 f 1 w '3 1 ,vp I, A 5 '-f .fy ' .VH-1 QHX - x, .' - ,V ,-1 , : .5 s ' M' 1. 1' "' ' ' 1 . A1 ' , ,'Y ,-Mu' I F .k mf: 1 x., A ' ,x ,p 'A Inf ,fwl I ll ' v , , THE MOHTAN THE MOHIAN STAFF Mound Consolidated High School Mound, Minnesota Page Two VVe, the Mohian Staff, dedicate our 1950 klllllllkll to last year's advisor, Mrs. Doreen B. Savage. During the short time she has been at Mo1111d, Mrs. Savage has advised the school paper, the school annual, and has begun a class in journalism that prepares all interested stu- dents for Work 011 the sel1ool publications. Most of all, Mrs. Savage will be renieinbered for l1er cheerful sniile and her spontaneous sense of lnnnor. I. II. III. IV. V. VI VII. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication . . Theme .......... Faculty - editors ,... . Seniors - star reporters .... .... Underclassnien - paper boys ..... .... Activities - society pages .... . . . . Sports - sports section .... .... Advertising - ad section . . . . . . . page 2 4 . .5-8 .9-18 19-28 29-52 53-66 65-72 Page Three "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exaet man." -Shakespeare Iournalisni was eliosen tlie tlieine of our annual lneeause of the inlluenee it wields over tlie lives of so many people. Iournalisin is a tonn of freedom. 'l'ln'ougli their newspapers, people express their feelings and opinions. Our training in yournalisni during our seliool year prepares us for our aclult life so that we will be better able to express ourselves in eonununity, state and national attairs. So, let the presses roll! Page Four EDITORS AND COPY EDITORS PAUSE FOR INTERVIEWS WI-IILE AT WORK Front Page Editor .... J. M. Julsrud Editor-in-Chief ...... Dale G. Ne1sonSecond-Page Our Front-Page Editor, Mr. J. M. Julsrud has a full schedule as principal of the Senior High School. He coun- sels, directs and advises all his stu- dents. Our Editor-in-Chief has been super- intendent of the Mound Schools for two years. His duties parallel an edi- tor's as he directs, confers and man- ages all school affairs. Junior High Principal, Mr. Harold Rassmussen, fills the desk of Second- Page Editor. His schedule is doubly busy because he is also visual educa- tion director for all the school. Mrs, Elaine Donaldson, who has all junior high music classes in addition to her English classesg Mrs, Corinne Holmberg, who has junior high Eng- lish, and Mr. Robert Woodworth, who commutes between junior and senior high schools to teach English in junior Editor .,.......... Harold Rassmussen high and German in senior high are in the library getting data for rewrites. Mrs. Charlyne Todnem, who has sophomore classes plus two speech classesg Mrs. Doreen Savage, who has senior English, Spanish and a journa- lism class, and Mrs. Pearl Edlund, who has junior English as well as a class of sophomore English, are reviewing grammar and punctuation necessary for good copy editors. COPY EDITORS, JR. H. S. - COPY EDITORS, SR. H. S. Mrs. Elaine Donaldson Mrs. Corinne Holmberg Mr. Robert Woodworth 1 -v f f 1 ffr- I 'v J , 1 1" f" ' I 4 I- :v 1. A, ki L 1 V -' 1 I ' ' ' v I I 1' I ii, ff- Mrs. Charlyne Todnem Mrs. Doreen Savage Mrs. Pearl Edlund Page Five PAGE EDITORS FIND TIME AND PLACES TO DISCUSS TI-IEIRI TERESTS MUSIC PAGE EDITORS-Mr. Myron Skow, director of the band, and Miss Violet Hyder, director of the senior high chorus, are discussing new materials for their next feature story. SCIENCE PAGE EDITORS-Mrs. Evelyn Hanson, who has both senior and junior high mathematics, and Mr. John Kuefler, who teaches all senior high science classes, discuss the latest theory for smashing the atom. NEWS EDITORS-Mr Byron Nygaard, senior high history and social science teacher, and Mr. Maurice Tuman, junior high history teacher, trace the new flying route from Minneapolis to Japan on the library globe. Mr. Carleton Roels, senior high history teacher, and Mrs. Marie Johnson, junior high history teacher, are not shown. WOMENS PAGE EDITORS-Miss Doris Walters and Mrs. Lila Dzuick, home econ- omics teachers, smile as they are sewing a new dress for the Spring Fashion Show. Page Six ,, .i ALL EDITORS INSTRUCT STUDENTS EOR ADVANCEMENT SPORTS PAGE EDITORS-Mr. Oscar Haddorif, Mr. Ed Behmler, Miss Lois Egner, and Mrs. Dorothy Remark, our physical education and health teachers, enjoy talking over the year's athletic activities. FEATURE EDITORS-Mr. George Oh- man, math and history teacher, Mr. Joe Berge, math teacher, and Mr. Don Soder- lund, science and junior business training teacher, come from the Junior High School to meet at the school's driver train- ing car to discuss plans for the school's safety program. MARKET PAGE EDITOR-Mr. Harry Backaus explains to his industrial arts students what figures on the blue print are to be used. ADVERTISING EDITORS-Mr. Robert Fox and Miss Jean Dow, commercial teachers discuss the advertising copy arrangement for the MOHIAN. L fl Q 71.70.1606 I' .1- 44 4,.1au1.l 07136. Page Seven 4 ifrrfnf 4v1aG-rr-f-Gfl-I 441'-1-I' AW67,ff44'- Page Eight Mr. Irving Kepke, the other MARKET PAGE EDITOR and one of the industrial arts teachers, gives his students notes on a jig for his next deadline. Office Managers Mrs. Gladys Krusen, Mrs. Betty Hoefer, and Mrs. Lila Robbe are kept busy with absentee lists, and other problems that try to stop the presses. Mrs. Ethel Emmens who helps Mr. Rass- inussen and Miss Law, is not pictured. The keepers of the school's "Morgue,l' Mrs. Phelsticher and Miss Johnson pause in the day's Work to help Miss Law, our school nurse, find the last article on the health meeting. Dietetic advisors Mrs. Uner, Mrs. Soule, and Mr. Bowers keep the staff healthy with their hot lunches. SHWRS I ,f :K A... f ,Kgs N Aff Nyw ff W X I f R , . ,' - . K ff N, Qf S X If K Y , KV ff , 1 I I , SENIOR STAR REPORTERS RUSH FOR SCOOPS Senior Class Officers-Lyle Swanson, treasurer: Jeanne Scliarinann, secretary: Bill Siinertz, Vive president: and Sam Baiidli, prcsidentp stop for 11 clrink between rlasses. -HIM Top Six-Jo Ann Haddorff, Mac Forde, Mildred Klaers, Lyle Swanson, Dorinda Reed, and Marlene Courtney, not pictured, Keith Saytlier. Vals and Sal--Carolyn Gooder, Salutatoriang Lenore Ander- son, and Glorianne Kubasch, Valedictorian. Quill and Scroll-row 1-Marlene Courtney, Joan McFarland, Mae Forde: row 2vLeno1'e Anderson, Ann Bell, Carolyn Gooderq row 3-Glorrianne Kubasch, Audrey Holmquist, Martha Hilbelink: row 44Norman Skaret, Jo Ann Hacldorffl row 5-John Julsrud, Dorinda Reed: row 6fBill Goudy. Page Nine is ..,.. e l t iii' . 1 Q ,, Allenburg, Jean A.-Chorus 10, 11, 125 Smoke Signal 10, 115 Mohian 125 1-Act Plays 10, 125 Commercial Club 125 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 10, 11, 125 Cheerleader 115 Homecoming 11, 12. Allenburg. Joan K.-Class Treasurer 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 1-Act Plays 11, 125 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 115 Pep Club 10, ll, 125 Homecoming 11, 12. Anderson. Lenore M.-Valedictorian, National Honor Society, 11, 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Class Play 125 Student Council 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Declam 125 1-Act Plays 10, 115 Library Ass't. 105 'Smoke Signal 11, 125 Mohian 11, 125 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 10, 11, 12. Backlund. Gerald Baeri, Betty B.-Home EC. Club 12. Baker, Marilyn J.-Class Play 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 12, Chorus 10, 11, 125 1-Act Plays 105 Pep Club 10, 11, 125 Smoke Signal 10, 11, 125 Mohian 11, 125 Thespian 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 12 Bandh, Samie J.-Class President 10, 125 Chorus 105 M. Club 10, 11, 125 Football 10, ll, 12 Cco-captainb5 Baseball 11, 125 Track 10, 11. Batdorf, Betty M. Batdori, Helen M. Bauer, Winnie-Commercial Club 12. Bell, Wendy V.-Class Play 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 1-Act Plays 125 Smoke Signal 10, 11, 125 Mohian 10, 11, 125 Thespians 125 Homecoming Attendant 115 Homecoming 10, 11, 12. Birkland, Mary Jo-Class Play 11, 125 Declam 115 1-Act Plays 125 Chorus 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Cheerleader 11: Thespians 125 Home- coming ll, 12. Boll, Bob L.-Chorus 115 1-Act Plays 125 Thespians 125 Homecoming 125 Football 115 Basketball 11. Brazman, Leonard M.-Class Play 11, 125 M. Club 125 Homecoming 125 Football ll, 12 CMgr.J5 Tennis 12. Bruhn, R. Donald-Class Play 11, 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 l-Act Plays 11, 125 Thespians 125 Homecoming 10, ll, 125 Nativity 12. Carlson. Donna R.-Entered 115 Chorus ll, l25 Pep Club ll, 121 Cheerleader 125 Home EC. Club 125 G.A.A. 11, 12. Connolly, Gerry A.-Entered 125 De- clam 125 Commercial Club 12. Correll, James H.-Class Play 11, 12: Smoke Signal 11 CBus. Mgr.D5 M, Club 125 Thespians 125 Homecoming 125 W1'estling Mgr, 12. Page Ten K.. Courtney. Marlene L.-Quill and Scroll 12, Class Play 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Smoke Signal 11, 12, Mohian 11, one act plays 11, Com- mercial Club 12, Homecoming 10, ll, 12. Cox. Glorianne J.-Class Play 11, 12, Chorus 10, 11, 12, Smoke Signal 11, 12, Mohian 12, Declam 11, 12, One Act Plays 10, 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Thespians 12, Homecoming 12. Cromer, Howard-M. Club 12, Chor- us 10, 11, 12, Basketball Mgr. 12. DeCamp, Barbara-Commercial Club 12, G.A.A. 12. DeCamp. Jeanne M.-Class Play 12, Declam 12, Commercial Club G.A.A. 10. Dickey, Gene-Wrestling 10, 11, 12. 11, 12, E. Dressel, Douglas H.-Class Play 11. Eckman. Roger W.-M. Club 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Chorus 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Track 12. Eidem, John G.-M. Club 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, 1-Act Plays 11, 12, Thespians 12, Homecoming 10, Foot- ball 1O, 11, 12, Basketball 10, Base- ball 10, Track 10, 11, 12. Elam, Nancy-Entered 12, Declam 12, G.A.A. 12, Homecoming 12. Esget, Jacqueline M.-Class Play 11, Home Ec. Club, G.A.A. 10, ll, Home- coming ll, 12. Forde, Mae M.-Class Secretary 11, Natl. Honor Society 12, Student Council 10, 11, Vice Pres. Hennepin County Student Council, Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Class Play ll, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Smoke Signal 12, Mohian 10, 11, Declam 11, 12, 1-Act Plays 10, 11, Thespians 12, G.A.A. 10, 11, 12. Gabriel. Carroll E.-M. Club 12, Wrestling 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12. Gast. Velma A.-Class Play 11, 12, 1-Act Plays 11, Commercial Club 12, G.A.A. 10. Gelhar, Beverly M.-E n t e r e d 12, Chorus 12, Mohian 12, Pep Club 12, Commercial Club 12, Home Ec. Club 12, Homecoming Attendant 12. Gooder, Carolyn M.-Salutatorian, Natl. Honor Society 12, Class Play 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Band 10, ll, 12, Chorus 10, 11, 12, Smoke Signal 10, 11, Mohian 10, 11, 12, Declam 10, 11, 12, 1-Act Plays 10, ll, 12, Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 12, Thespians 12, G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Homecoming 10, 11, 12, Nativity 12. Goudy, William C.-Quill and Scroll ll, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Smoke Signal ll, 12, 1-Act Plays 11, 12, Stage Mgr. 10, 11, 12. Graeber. Joan L.-Class Play 11, 12, Smoke Signal 10, 11, Declam 12, 1-Act Plays 10, 11, G.A.A. 10, 12, Homecoming 12, Nativity 12. Page Eleven Graf, Carol G.-Commercial Club 12. Haddorff, JoAnn-Class President 115 Student Council President 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 125 Class Play 11, 125 Band Vice President 10, 11, President 125 Chorus 105 Smoke Sig- nal 10, 11, Sports Editor 125 Mohian Staff 105 Jr. Red Cross President 10, 11, 125 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Homecoming Queen 12. Halgren, Bruce F.-Class Play 11, 125 M. Club 11, 125 Band 10, Treasur- er 11, Vice President 125 Chorus 10, Vice President 11, President 125 Thespians 125 Baseball ll, 12. Hanson, Elaine L.-Chorus 10, 115 Pep Club 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 125 Nativity 12. Hansen, Shirley-Chorus 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 115 Pep Club 125 1-Act Plays 10, 115 Declam 125 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 11, 12. Hegerle, John H.-Wrestling 10, 12. Heydrick, William F.-Class Play 11, 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Homecoming 125 Football 10. Hilbelink, Martha F. - Quill and Scroll 125 Class Play 11, 125 Smoke Signal 11, 125 Mohian Staff 115 1-Act Plays 115 Homecoming 125 Nativity 12. Hillsirom, Dale G.-M. Club 125 Baseball 125 Wrestling 11, 12. Holmquist, Audrey W.-Quill and Scroll 125 Class Play ll, 125 Pep Club 105 Chorus 105 Smoke Signal 11, 125 Mohian 10, 115 Library As- sistant 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 10, 11, 125 Nativity 12. Hudinski, Donna-Commercial Club 12. Inman, Ruth A.-Class Play 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Library Assistant 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 10, 11, 12. Jackson, Patricia M.-Commercial Club 125 G.A.A. 105 Homecoming 11. Johnson, John W.-M. Club 10, 11, 125 1-Act Plays 115 Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Golf 105 Wrestling 10. Julsrud. John R.-Quill and Scroll ll, 125 M. Club 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Smoke Signal 11, 125 Homecoming 125 Football 10, 11. 125 Basketball 11, 125 Baseball 10: Track 12. Klaers, Annella R.-Library Assist- ant 115 Commercial Club 125 G.A.A. 10. Klaers, Mildred A.-Pep Club 125 Commercial Club Pres. 125 G.A.A. 12. Knudson, Edward H.-M. Club 125 Chorus 10, 115 Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 12. Page Twelve Koch, Delores--Commercial Club 125 G.A.A. 12. K1-essin, James R.-M. Club 12g Bas- ketball 11, 12. Kubasch, Glorrianne M.-Valedictor- iang Quill and 'Scroll 11, 125 Class Play 11, 125 Chorus 125 Smoke Sig- nal 10, 11, News Editor 125 Mohian 115 Home EC. Club President 125 Homecoming 11, 12. Kubon, Marilyn J.-Class Play 115 Pep Club 125 Chorus 10, 11, 12: Smoke Signal 10, 115 Mohian 123 Declam 125 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 125 Nativity 12. Larusson, Ted H.-Class Play 125 Band 11, 125 Homecoming 125 Foot- ball 115 Tennis 11, 12. Lewis, Roberi J.-Entered 125 Mo- hian Staff 125 Thespians 125 Track 12. Lind, Jacqueline H. - Entered 115 Commercial Club 125 Homecoming 11, 125 Nativity 12. Lindahl. Clara F.-Class Play 11, 125 1-Act Plays 105 Thespians 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 12. Linden. John J.-M. Club 11, 125 Chorus 10, 115 Cheerleader 125 Foot- ball 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. Luger, Joan-Entered 115 Pep Club 12g Smoke Signal 11, 125 Thespians 125 Homecoming 11, 12. Lundquist, Lorraine L.-G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 12. McCurdy, Lois R.-Homecoming 12. MacDougal1, Ralph-Entered 12. McFarland, Joan M.-Entered 115 Quill and Scroll 125 Class Play 11, 125 Smoke Signal 11, Art Editor 125 Mohian Staff 11, Editor 125 Home- coming 11, 12. McKnown, Nancy J.-Class Play 115 G.A.A. 10, 11. Maas, Dianne-Commercial Club 12. Madsen, Richard H.-M. Club 11, 125 Class Play 115 Band 10, 115 'Smoke Signal 11, 125 Homecoming 125 Bas- ketball 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 12. Marquart, Patricia R.-Class Play 115 Pep Club 10g G.A.A. 10, 11. Page Thirteen H. fw Mui' '94 if 3 4 f"4'sv, mare red? Mariin, Trudy-Commercial Club 12 Pep Club 10, 11, 123 Cheerleader 113 Homecoming 11, 123 Chorus 10, 11, 12. Martin., William B.--Class Officer 10, 113 Class Play 10, 11, 123 Band 10, 11, Property Mgr. 123 Declam 10, 113 1-Act Plays 10, ll, 123 Nativity 10, 12, Stage Mgr.3 Mohian 12. Miller, Rolland M.-M. Club 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 123 Golf 10, 11, 123 Wrestling 10, 11, 123 Track 11, 12. Mills, Joel C.-Class Play 11, 123 Smoke Signal 11, 123 1-Act Plays 113 Homecoming 123 Nativity 12. Moffai, James-Class Play ll, 123 Thespians 12g Homecoming 12. Nelson, Mildred L.-Class Play 113 Smoke Signal 11, 123 Mohian 11, 123 Declam 123 1-Act Plays 113 Library Assistant 113 G.A.A. 10, 11Q Home- coming 123 Nativity 12. Ohrt, Marian. H.-Class Play 11, 12g 10' Commercial Club 123 G.A.A. , Homecoming 12. Olson. Dale E.-M. Club 11, 123 Chorus 10, 11, 123 Homecoming 123 Football 10, 113 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Track 12. Paulson, Donald C.-Class Play 11, 123 l-Act Plays 103 Tennis 11, 12. Payne, Elray E.-Class Play 11, 123 G.A.A. 10, 113 Homecoming 10. Perbix, Marlene M.-Class Play 11, 123 Chorus 10, 11, 123 1-Act Plays 113 Commercial Club Vice President 123 Pep Club 11, 12Q G.A.A. 10, 12. Peterson, Donald L.-M Club 11, 123 Class Play 113 Wrestling 10, 113 Track 10, 11, 12. Pierce, Roy E.-M Club 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Baseball 10, 11, 123 Wrestling 10, 11, 123 Track 10. Ouaas, Lucille M.-Commercial Club 123 G.A.A. 103 Homecoming 12. Reed. Dorinda-Quill and Scroll 11, 123 Class Play 113 Chorus 10, 11, 123 Smoke Signal 10, 11, Editor 123 Mo- hian Staff 11, 123 Declam 10, 123 One Act Plays 11, 123 Thespians 12. Rudnicki, Berry' S. - Commercial Club 123 G.A.A. 10. Rutledge, Ann-Class Play 113 Chor- us 10, 113 Pep Club 10, 113 One Act Play 113 Library Assistant 103 Com- mercial Club 123 G.A.A. 10. Sayther, Keith D.-Nat. Honor So- ciety 123 Class Play 11, 123 One Act Play 11, 123 Thespians 123 Tennis 11, 12. Page Fourteen Scharmann. Jean A.-Class Secre- tary 125 Class Play 115 Pep Club 10, Vice President 11, President 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Smoke Signal 10, 11, 125 One Act Plays 10, 125 Com- merical Club 125 Thespian Treas- urer 125 G.A.A. 10, 115 Homecoming 11, 12. Scheer Mary R.- Schuler. Clem J.-Class Vice Presi- dent 105 Football 10, 115 Track 10. Segner, Marie C.-G.A.A. 105 Home- coming 12. Simertz, Bill G.-Class Vice Presi- dent 125 M Club 10, 11, Secretary 125 Homecoming 125 Nativity 125 Foot- ball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. Simon, Bill-Football 11, 125 Base- ball 10, 11, 125 M Club 11, 12. Skarei, Norman - Class Secretary 105 Mohian 10, 115 Bus. Mgr. 125 Wrestling 105 M. Club 10, 11, 125 Homecoming 11, 125 Quill and Scroll 11, 12. Sleniz, George R.-Entered 125 M Club 125 Class Play 125 Student Council 125 Thespians President 125 Football 125 Wrestling 125 Track 12. Solberg, Roland E.-Class Play 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Declam 125 Thes- pians 12. Spleitsioeszer. Delores - Class Play 115 Commercial Club 125 G.A.A. 105 Homecoming 11. Streater, Janice L.-Class Play 125 Pep Club 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 115 Chorus 105 Smoke Signal 115 Mohian 125 Student Council 'Secretary 115 Declam 125 1-Act Play 10, 125 Thes- pians 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Home- coming Attendant 11, 12. Swanson, Lyle G.-Class Treasurer 125 M Club 10, 11, 12 Wrestling 10, 11, Co-Captain 12. Thomas, Kenneth J.-Club 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. Thurk, Mary Ann-Commercial Club 125 Home Ec. Club 125 G.A.A. 105 Homecoming 125 Nativity 12. Bell, Ann Tuttle - Class Play 115 Quill and Scroll 115 125 Pep Club 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, 115 Smoke Sig- nal 10, 11, 125 Mohian 10, 11, Editor 125 One Act Plays 105 Thespians Vice President 125 G.A.A. 10, 115 Homecoming 12. Van der Hagen. John B.-M Club 11, 125 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Track 10, ll, 12. Ygeinzerl, Betty-Commercial Club Waits, Delores-Class Play 11, 125 Homecoming 12. Page Fifteen Whalen. Ward T.-Smoke Signal 113 One Act Plays 11, 123 Thespians 123 Homecoming 12. Winterhalter, Bob-Wrestling 10, 11: Track 10, 11, 12. Whittaker, Irene C.-Class Play 11, 123 Commercial Club 123 G.A.A. 10, 11, 123 Homecoming 12. Wolfe. Helen- W1en, Margaret A.-Class Play 11, 123 Mohian 123 Homecoming 123 Na- tivity 12. Youngquisi, Audrey I.-Pep Club 10, 11, 123 Smoke Signal 10, 11, 12, Mohian 12, Commercial 123 G.A.A. 10, 113 Homecoming 11, 12. Camera Shy Jack Decker Gerry Robbins Bob Lee Ed Scislow Harold Marshall Don Trask Theme Committe-Mary Jo Birke- land, Jo Ann Haddorff, John Van- der Hagen and Glorianne Kubasch look over a silver moon. Also Carolyn Gooder and Keith Say- ther not pictured. Entertainment Committee - Lenore Anderson, Bob Boll, Joan McFar- land, Gerry Robbins, Shirley Han- sen, Bill Martin, Penny Carlson, Jerry Linden and Don Peterson. Decoration Committee-Wendy Bell, Janice Streater, Joan Luger, Jean Scharmann, Marilyn Baker, Gay- lord Eidem and Bill Simertz. Class Advisors-Mr. Julsrud, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Skow discuss class plans for graduation. ,pi ,-s, -w-mm HALL UF FAME Mcsi Athletic: Bill Si- mcrtz and M a 1' l e n e Perbixg Jim Correll and Trudy M a 1' t i n , peppiest. Most Bashful: Martha Hibclink and Lyle Swanson: JoAnn Had- dorff and Bill Martin, friendliest. Mcsi Likely to Suc- ceed: Ke i th Sayther and Lenore Anderson. Best Dressed, Dick Madsen and Mary Jo Birkeland. Mcst Curious:Jim Moifit and Dindi Reed. Mcsi Faithful Couple: Shirley Hanson and Bob Boll. Class Comedian: Gay Eid-em: Class Flirisz Joan McFarland and John Johnson: Best Dancer: Elaine Hanson. Pepscdeni Smiles: Ann Tuttle and Jon Van der Hagen: John and Jan- ice Sire-ato1':BesI Looking Seniors. 3 , if A Texas main gets a lV1l1lIlC5UtL'l girl. Gangway for the 3rd hour typing class, Journalism delegates leave for Chicago Convention. Jim in the honey jar. Senior girls use dictaphone, Lineup for milk and hotdish. '-.,,-w Pago Eighteen 'KS' E , 0621 C23 fy A F WXNMEHXXXAXYNYN 'L' if ,E Q R X wa ff I' W Y f' R 'A I ' Mb' A f xg . f' xi' f , K I7 A X ' N . s 5 , ff , ,x Q, A - ' Q . :A-. -4, , f. afwf A -fu A 4 ' gt 75 K V f 7, ',' uf 'f ., ' 1 REWRITERS, CUB REPOBTERS, NEWSBUYS DREAM UF BEING STAB. REPORTERS Junicr Class Officers: Jim Morton. treasurer: Jerry Honinies, presi- dent: Lois Scliiabie. secretary: Richie Over- by, vice-president, take steps, Scphomcre Class Offi- cers: Graydon Watts. vice-president: M a r y Th 0 in a S, secretary: Vernon Brandenbcrgf. president: Jean Kuiz, treasurer, Sth Grade Class Offi- cers: Michael Dale, vice-presidentg Riley Keiser, president: Irene Thurk, treasurerz Ro- berta Farnham, secre- tary. Plannina class parties. netting committees io- qether to work on everyihing from home- coming iloais to the prcm, besides manag- ing the affairs of the ciass, kent ihis year's class officers busy. ---. 81h Grade Class Offi- cers: Barbara Heinpei treasurer: D o r o t h 5' Stowky, Vice-president: Karen Johnson, secre- tary: Terry Botenfield, president. 7th Grade Class Offi- cers: Larry Carr. vice- president: B a r b a r a Johnson, secretary: Harry Parker, presi- dent, and Ron Ohnien. treasurer. Page Nineteen B JUNIORS FOLLOW SENIORS Leading the Junior Class this year were Jim Morton, Presidentg Rich- ard Overby, Vice-President, Lois Schaible, Secretary, and Arvold Fischer, Treasurer, Joe Gerdes, Faye Finley, and Kaye Klingensrnith were representatives of the student council. 1 row 1 row 2 row 3- YLXV 4 row 5 row G row 7 Page Twenty aii rs ii it A e s ssir d yd ' file sd A Q f .. . EKSETA 2 A girls? Wrestling and tumbling exhibition, a novelty auditorium, the Sno-Ball and Cupidls Capers Dance were used to raise the all important dollars for the big scoop, the Junior- Senior Prom. X 4 xsi X . Q "" W Q5 X Y Adams, B. Andersen, M. Anderson, P. Anfenson, E, Arens. Baker, E. Blank, J. Budd, J, Brooks, B. Brakke. Bunting, B. Chall, G. Christianson, C. Conrad, M. Coulter, J, Dale, G. Demenge, B. Dongoske, Dressel, D. Easthouse, D. Ebert, J. Eklof, A. E idresen, V. Erickscn, M. Ernst, B. Farnham. Fink, F. Finley, C, Fischer, A. Fischer, C. Forde, J. Gavenda, J. Gerdes, D. Gibson. Gaudy, D. Graeber, B. Guntle, S. Gray, L. Haagenson, D. Iverson, L. Jacobs, B. Jacobson. Johnson, L. Klaers, V. Klaers, D. Kirsch, K. Klingensmith, E. Luse, R. Luse, J. Marshall. as . X N . . . AS THE STAFF REWRITERS A new system of selling tickets Will be remembered by all the Juniors who donated money for tickets they could not sell to the other classes for Junior-sponsored events. Digging their Way through math problems, chem experiments, foot- ball and basketball games, dances and many other activities, the Juniors achieved all their goals for the year. E x zkx , gig Vfvi, ,fQ -'i.z,- ' ' . Vq.tlA'. Z isa. V'.Vg::f.:,.,. ..:::V i . ,, ..t, ..,:: L I. 1 "' f:E" Q i s - ' . R . mesh ,...., . . -- if-in x . J. ,Vii Y zi- . ......l K .i,. I f i L R+.: VW 'ii".-5' 1 :J i row 41. Klonne, D. Kragthorpe, M. Krueger, J. Krotzer, B. Kust, row Lager. G. Larson. M. Lemmerman, J. Loraas, E. Luetgers. H. Mosr-h, K. Nelson. row -e Oeifling, J Oeffling, R. Oskey, M. Pettit, R. Ritten. M. L. Rosch. F. Roycraft, J. Rudnicki. 1 2 row 3-S. Hanson, J. Hommes, J. Huggett, M. Marth, G. Mason. M. Messer. 4 E 5 row WD.. Salden, A: Sandeen, V. Schaumburg, C. Schmidt, J. Schneider, T. Schoonover, E. Schweitzer J Scruton row 6-D. Sager. P. Segner, J, Stringfellow, E. Sweeny, R. Taylor, R. Thompson, M. Throolin, V. Thurber row 7-R.Tieman. N. Tulberg, A. Visser, A. Visser, C. Waters, T. Wicks, E. Young, V. Ziegler. Q. at f i 'Ay 3? 'P 9' RJ SOPI-IOMORES T RUDGE ALONG V K E Wi 1 ..A, . . gs 1 A so -Q . 6, 3 gl fish, 5, if .. SF N ' . :.L .,.... Zl ..... ., K 1 g, . .55 , 5. ..... , 1 row 1-C row 2-R row 3-N. row 44D row 5--P row 6-B row 7-T. . . . I A ,,,, 4 ,Q W J? v . X.,, Q'- '1-2'Q-: A l , . Anderson, G. Anderson, R. Anderson, R. Beecher. H, Bell. M. Berg. Berg, M. Boll, D. Brand, V. Brandenburg, D. Bryant, M. Bryant, M. Bryant. Buchanan, J. Budd, C. Carlson, D. Carlson, J. Christoferson, M. Connelly, J. Dahl. Dion, J. Dressel, J. Gorman, J. Hanson, Hoaglund. H. Holm, Jetland. G. Johnson, Page Twenty-two Fetterly, C. Forde, V. Forseyh, L. Fries. J. Gasper. L. Heclin, D. Heitz, J. Henderscheid, W. Henning, J. Hilgers. D. Hadch, J. Huggett, P. lzo. M. Iverson.J. Jader. A. Pelky, R. Bates, L. Chapman. V. Kovh. J. LaFore, 'r:1A. ':l" Q .... ll" A ...' I K l IIIEEEQLDL ik 53, Q !,x. A N 5 N i AS CUB REPORT ERS f.Egi1 fi, ..', ' N laK:hN R . :,, ,.,,.,.,' E , -l:..g.V5 K S - ln., .Q lx .,,. . . , i a ' it U 5 A J is TOVV POW POW YOW TOW l"0W l'0W llslegggg dllliigl: .M . KN. u . - ...?, . . , ZVZZ ww Eff? -lilgsiggi .5hwyes, ..W.f f.s!3 swX.a!FA xQah.qk-1 eJa l see "' Q . 'XM J' xv S fr .- -:f,j.'z-. fy Xt v W E 1 'sf " ' le D : A A nf' ,Qs Hpcwmu . Ketcher, B. Kichafer, J. Krueger, D. Kubon, J. Kutz, D. Larson, E. Lemmerman. Lenard, G. Lindahl, C. Lindholm, C. Lagelin, H. Lohmar. D. Ludekt. L. Maas. Mosch, J. Nickisch, K. Nord, J. Nutter, B. Asha. R. Palmer. R. Payne. Perbix, D. Pfeilsticker, R. Pouliot, J. Ritten, C. Roels, D. Rogers. Ruppelious, L. Scheid, R. Schultz, J. Solberg, S. Sprague, D. Sonderup. M. Tamborino, R. Towner, J. Stein, H. Ulrich, G. Watts, R. Woods. Magnuson, J. Marmerud, J. Marquart, W. Marsten, G. Miller. D. Mills. A, Morgan. Page Twenty-ihre-c FRESI-IIVIEN DELIVER TI-IE 9 row 14R.-Adams, S. Alwin, J. Anderson, R. Anderson, B. Ayres, R. Babats, L. Bjerhsett, C. Bjork. row 2-R. Bowers, C. Bowman, J. Brown, V, Bruhn, D. Burandt, Jo A. Caron, N. Case, M. L. Christi, D. Clapp row 3-J. Courtney, M, Dale, J. David, K. David, B. Dressel, C. Dressel, D. Dressel, W. Duehn, J. Dybdal. row 4-XrI?Y.CFbeaFE, S, Esget, R. Farnham, B. Fern, E. Gabriel, H. Gagen, J. Gilliam, M. Green, L. V. Grieshaber . un er. row 5wM. Halgren, D. Hall, R. Hayes, L. Heinzen, D. Heitz, M. Herman, A. Hill, E. Huff. row 6iJ. Huff, B. Illies, C. Jackson, P. Jackson, D. Jacobs, T. Jensen, J. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Johnson. row 7--E. Kauth, R. Keiser, C. Kickhafer. Page Twenty-four ::.' I: 5 . .xl . N 'x fly 5 J In ,.,,. I . -: X . ,... I ,V F - . k k 5-QS Rf js G.-- GOODS AS THE NEWSBOYS . vnu , , lb ' . 'W ,, . Qi jf-K 'ff 5 , h .A I f .gf-. . x fax 4 ' . ,Y Ni N . ,... .Q . 'ki A,,A . . - ' 7 9 Y ,.Q. 1 :,,: ,W .-4 . kia ',.. ,zzzz H ....:1 ,g:.,,j In A K M35 A . fmt. 1 I .1::: .. .Z fa:- A , K " .Q ..,. "': .4 Q b D ,.,,.,: W . bt H ..,., . .A 3 A .,:E: h , at k 'S' A new K S". I J .. e - 5 -..., - W 'i," "'2 vAQ-' - i Q J NNW . 2 xx xx H u bv , b . gn Nj, VN' . in "ri li 3siXf...lQX. W .xl -. ski 1 rf ' . 1 f VQZZ i f , ,...' ii ' :"' 2' ,fx is W . 1 4 t - N . . ' L if . N at ' "':' row 1-M, ko row 2-P. row 3-J. row row 5-M. row 6-V. row 7--H. 4-P. Ostvig Kirsh, Wsky. Mann, Quass, Winterhalter, R. Woytcke, K, Yule. it :,. W ,-12' I A :.7 . ' ,- - 1 . ' S F5 .," 'J 1 tg 1. 5 z f Us I 2 '4 Q 1 3 Lim Y x bw . sl Q 5. K nn., E A xiii f 1 ' 3' T' R. Klatte, P. Klingelhut, M. Koehnen, T. Kohman, R. Kratzer, M. Lennmark, L. Lind, J. Mala- D. Mapstone, R. Mathisen, S. McConnell, W. McCurdy, S. Menzel, E. Meyer, E. Miller, J. Negaard. Nelson, M. E. Nelson, M. L. Nelson, N. Niccum, D. Norum, J. Oeffling, N. Oeffling, D. Olson, K. Olson. , R. Ovshak, A. Palmer, J. Partington, J. Perbix, R. Pettit, S. Pettit, G. Platzer, P. Pogue. J. Schmidt, L. Schuler, R. Segner, R. Segner, G. Smith, M. J. Sprague, J. Steen, L. Swenson. Syvinson, I. Thurk, M. Thurk, D. Trask, H. Wenderdahl, T. Weinzierl, D. Wicks, E. Will, A. Williamson. Page Twenty-five SEVENTH, EIGHTH GRADES , . -',E . 3 1-V ,,2,-, - ,,., . ---E: 1 , ' . LIA M . . ' M J B E Q' J . . . -Q J -. . .A azl Z.: ,- K -.1 . :. 1.51 ? K ,W I ..,. v M , i n x 5 wk EE.: . . . . J . . R Q .A gf - . , si., . . .- gi - A at fi.. , ,X A-M. ,A za- ' fl , , :., . ' A f ' - .l.. - W ,'.. " -. . 1 1 . -,:-- . ' 1 ' . K' . v.V' ' -. .: b -Qi, D " , 1. ,gi -' zil A , .,. E g '-'-' P o 'Z' ..'. no - i. . 1 352+ x -. " . ' " NK" , id .jk Q ,AQ " lf L 'E 1 ei ' is -F X. ...... ...,, W 1. A N 1 " i' Q E- "":' W 3 4 Am W , V V 2 J iggf. -f ' rg.. , 32' Q A :Z J if . 'wif i f' T W E ,- 1 as "I v. in . Nerf ' ... X ' 1" , 'F X ':"' " 'lll 1 'if I ":' 5 ' I , :H f'1 E '::" E I J 1 K" 3 , . V, 'A-fi. W R N, D - k K., y it . xi, i " iii! ,.... . J T' uk XR 'K f u wi ,.f f,... ,... " 'V E ,:.- : X . r ' " .Z ,--, 5- Z ,lr 'E E.: .- 3 .. I '5" '-I .I :. "'- . I- X we 'J . -H :-: fi A ' A ' ff' ' ' ' . J' ff . B ..,.. , - . 1 I . . - ' . ' F xr- 2 : : 1 'Q 1 "2 " E - , D ' 'I A X 'V :-L 1 --', .,,.,,,, ' ' f - ZH. 45: , .T E A 3, D . lQggh4,HzXh. LW h,MWE..... if JfM E. ' f-1' "" . 'gf in " , W gif .. H. N .J .. .. ' ,,,, if . ,,.' ' . W 3 5 J I' 'P X l ev - ' X' . .J if E' Eh! '- - ' A 'S . X K " J ' A I E ' J ' " F ' Q' ' .K x , ,M . . .. . yi Q rg, sr. - . is J -. 1 M J - H4 . M - ' . . -fr . 'I E . ' ,, ig , "" 4... . 2- . .. ' - 1 'R 'fl if znq N. QR, x i f TL . Q. ,Z Q -Y '1" Q ' x. is ..,,. - --.o .. . ' fl B i 'V . .ff '--2.5. J E' A E J E W 1 Y E . ' by .,.., .. .1 A A, A K g A ,I -rx 55, .- . ' . --E-' J . B .f '-EA E . W ---Q ff., an 1- , K -f gp. .- . if w . . ',:' E- V , I X ' 1 1 .. ss 2. + J ,. EE E on L . , M E M . . V 1 . -A ., k - A , . :fl :- . fa Q. Q ..., QM- in Q -5 ' 5 '- f f U- . g. 'KZ' ' '-4: Kf -. is - gy , ' ' ,.'. ' an ' f ' ., go f wxl HSQWF gy. . ro. .g4x-g' gig ,s.N jH,,f 23,5 Brig, . K. is . ,.- if ' 1 ' ,- . ' J - 5, v .Q f J f A M Q ,. x ' . if I 5 A ' xfjxxl 'V 1. f. if wx 3 'xg Xf-wr Agn --ff - J 'WN ' j . , , row l4W. Amend, L, Baker. M. Backman, L. Berg, T. Bottenfieia, . ' 1 ,.Zj.",-.. is - -. e- "" r V G. Bowers, S. Brakke, R. Burbank, B. Brooks, B. Bursch, N. I W' "3 Q7 Bunting: row 24C. Carlson, E. Carlson, G. Coffee, G, Crosby. D. ' .- "'l3f'i.g.g, EY. in ' X :iI:Q ,j -"E Duehn, R. Engelke, T. Forseyth, C, Fagerlin, W, Frendell, B. . . -- "" my." :Q '-,Q ' Gillespie, C. Gnitkag row 3--E. Harder, M, Heinscli, D. Held, B. ' '5 9 Qi. Hexnple, R. Hesselgrave, W. Huggett, K. Iverson, A. Jackson. E 2 ku . . , , 'T' . 3 C. Jacobson, K, Johnson, V. Ketcher. row W-J. Klingensmith, M. Koch, J. Koecheler, M. Koels. G. Lafore. L. Larusson, D. Lenmark, B. Lodmill, B. I'0VV l'OVV l'UVV YOXX' TOXY Lodrnill, B. Lomar, C. Loverson. G. Luger, A. Lundquist, R. Maas, B. Martin, J. May. B- MCKGIVQY. R- MCKHHHGYV J' MiUS. M- MOFEHI1, R. Morrison. Ogkgy, R, Patterson, A. Peterson, D, Petersgn, K. Peterson, M. Peterson. R. Peterson, B. Pearson, P, Pope, . Reisbcrff. D. Russell. scnaumberg, R. Scliecker, J. Schmidt, L. Schuler, B. Schwarz, M. Svruien. D. Seger, D. Skiles. R. Snyder. . Spaulding, C. Stather. . Stalkg, B. S131-up, D, Sfowo, A, Straggbuyg, 1, Swanson, C. Swedberg, K. Taylor, M. Thomas, C. Trovall. . Uner, J. Uner. . Vvliite, R, VVhittaker, A. Zaback, J. Voll, R. VEASSCN- owoowwg T i U H 5: 'D I3 ,-+ '11 -4 1 X TAKE SMALL PAPER RUUTES I ' .- - V A 1 if A 2.35 Zigi . , Q-, -, Q H 3 A R er, Qi . .. .. . n if -. Ex Q iz... Q -I I I r , V .. 3535. X vi -. ' -Q x. - fn. , M i 4 1 E .I A ,V-3: I -L ' 'rf I N., . A, .. .. . E . .. f X. " " z L-A. V. .. -:H :. I: SH N ... mx , 7 Q V E Q 7 Q QP, f V fi f ,fi ' , 1 N . . ' f ' QLV ' 1 . 'R ' U. J.. so .. L., - 1 i . I 5 'XL 32? . S 'YY h ,H 1 . v Q1 6? ' . I. ., .V XV .r .I .ian - .1 . I -. .. " "" ' . ' 5 - ' H '- .V , :I E. ' ' . A-A: A I. ..,. f "" Q.: I. K . ' if .f 1 Q .V 'P -A - 9' ' I . h ...tb V ,I , v b . , E x ,,.. AZ.. . Q .P if twig' 3... ' , ' 1- 2 ' ff? iw 3 Q . -- - , f ' f --. .- - vi . - . tx 7. X 'N 1 at -Q ' . ' ' 4 , . in ""' F - -A ..... ,.., 5 ' f f K? V. .V a X - " 'Q ,A,,. . - 4594 . ' X- A K H A A x " 5537 , 1. 1 ' K' A -' 2 ., ' . . ,. , .. :-:IQ-:A Q H' A,....A, I :HIQ ' '2'W V ' I .1 A 4 A W. E' A Q A N in 5 i Q Q- 41 .A - . - 3-VW '-"" i :", .--. A i :V IVVAE .:." ' EQI 5... ,El -.L I A, ah 4 b T ,. t x Qin M if X , ff.. y ., K ui 6 . . ' 1 A a n - U ' . "" . in ' -v - fl.: -V . . ' -, ,r XX. iv- . . L ., , A. ---A f .. .f .. 4 V f .-- ' . gg Q' J ' 5 Z - - ' f W if -' A A - V V. i' 1 . 1 :A A Y, i P . A X' -K 3 .2 . V Row 1-J. Anderson, N. Aynes, L. Baker, R. Baker, A. Batdorf, D. Behrner, L. Bursch, L. Betzler, - , S. Blakstvedt, J. Bowers, N. Brettingen: row 2-D. Buchanen, G. Burandt, L. Carr, J. David, G. Dichely, A. Dongoske, R. Dressel, N. Eidem, J. Engstrom, J. Erickson, J. Evanoffg row 3-D. "" 1-j, Fewell, P. Forde, J. Frazer, W. Fulks, R. Gray, S. Gunther, A. Guz, R. Hagen, S. Hanson, C. Hedin, D. Hennings: row 4-N. Herzog, J. Holmes, C. Jackson, J. Jensen, B. Jegson, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, G. Hohnson, R. Hohnson, J. Kuntuzos: row 5-J. Kust, B. Larson, H. Lein, C. Lind, A .fig L. Logelin. P. Lohmar, G. Mass, J. McGlone, D. Morin. M. Negaard, J. Neison. A . row 6-R. Nelson, D. Nelson, M. Oberdech, R. Ohman, K. Olson, E. O'Neil, S. Overby, H. Parker, D. Patten, S. Payne, S. Pelkey. row 7-L. Peterson, N. Peterson, N. Peterson, R. Primus. V. Quist, C. Rice, M. Robbins, K. Rudnicke, L. Scott, L. Sech, R. Shirley. row 8gN. Schllafge, R. Shiles, S. Smith, H. Smith, H. Solberg, D. Solstad, C. Stadtherr, G. Stearns, D. Stinson, R Stoppem, J. L. Stubbs. row 9-J. Tambornino, B. Thomas, D. Trask, L. V. Trutnan, R. Tuberg, R. Tweter, B. Vogelgesang, M. Vogelgesang, M. Vraalstad, G. Wahlen, G. Wallis. row 10-B. Williamson, D. Williams. Page Twenty-seven l Mrs. Edlund's 4th hour Junior English Study Hall Conference Trouble in the parking lot The cold Walk across the street Lunch hour jam session Page Twenty-eight XRYYNYYXKE ry ll A - - 226 . ,iv Q X f K I OCLFT X .1 fl lx 459051 ff f ff if ' X V ff f"'7"'S ' - : X Xb Iwi? Xxf , -,,..Z X, I , IAA I X I a . v 1 I Aff' f 4 5 ,fy f -- T 1 w e Yi 'Me Ofllcinl Pulmliiitiou of the Klouml lliglm School, Xlound, Minnesota I VOLUME ll MOUND, MINNESOTA NUMBER E -n-.- Signal Staff - Barbara Brakke, junior editor: Jo Ann Haddorfl. sports editor: Dorinda Reed. editor: Glorianne Kubasch, news editor: Joan McFarland, ar! edi!cf: Joe Gerdes. Dramatic Group Eight Girls Make Top Pm Us YW Ten For Class Of 1950 To promote an interest ui dra- matics in this school the Thespian Society a newly organized dra- matic club, under the direction of Mrs, Doreen Savage and Mrs, Charlync Todnem, met for the first time October 24 at 7:00 P. M. in the school lunchroom. -In the election ihat followed George Slentz was elected presi- dent: Ann Tuttle. vice president: Joan Luger. secretary: and Jean Scharmann, treasurer. One act plays, and a possible play at Christmas time besides other numerous kinds of speech work will be the aim ofthe Thes- pians. To qualify for membership each person must have 10 ac- tivity points. These points may be earned, not only in acting, but in other fields such as writing, prompting, ticket selling and stage managing. '49 Cheer Squad Chosen Three boys and three girls who f e a t u r c d a one-handed hand- spring pert red and white outfits and snappy socks, wonythe cheer- leader tryout contest on Monday, September 12. Members of the winning team include Verna Kulberg, De Esta Bursaw, Penny Carlson, John Dale, Bill Guntle, and Jerry Linden. Mound Chorus Gets 'A' Rating Fivc hundred students from the choruses of the seven conference schools gathered on the stage of Mound auditorium on Thursday, March 30 to form a mass choir under the direction of Elias Hall- ing of Mankato. Our chorus received an "A" rating at the public concert. "Teepee Talk" Makes Print "Teepee Talk," the newly formed junior high paper, which is edited by Irene Thurk, put out ts third issue last Tuesday. The paper is a mimeographed, four page issue which is free to all junior high students and fac- ulty members. "It's a lot ot fun, hut a lot at work ioo, I think it's good ex- perience lor us it we want to be on the senior high paper." said Irene Thuxk. editor-in-chief. Aiding Irene and Mr. Robert Woodworth, the faculty advisor, are Marcia Halgren, news editorg Sidney Alwin, sports editor: Bev Noren, feature editor: Vernon Seiverson, art editor: and a staff of seven reporters. lunior Class Casts Comedy Called "Here Comes Charlie" "Here Comes Charlie," the jun- ior class play written by Jay To- bias and under the direction of Mrs. Charlyne Todnem and stu- dent directors Barbara Brakke and Beatrice Farnham, will be presented April 21 in the high school auditorium. Charlie Hopps, an orphan play- Charlie Hopps, an orphan played by Donna Seger, loses her "Daddy Bill" and joins the El- liot household as a ward of Larry Elliott Nom: Ge-rdesj The atrocious manners and speech of Charlie and Uncle Aleck Twiggs lfloger Thomp- sonl seem to be just too much for sophisticated Vivian Smyihe Kersey, Larry's fiancee lGinny Zieglerj and her scheming family, Mrs. Cardine Smythe Kersey fPat Young! and Mortimer Smythe Kersey lFx-ed Bakerl. The girls have it. "It" being brains . . . brains being what it takes to knock down an average of 86.38. Believe it or not. that's iust what not one, but two girl members of the class of 1950 have done. Besides that, only two boys even managed to break into the top ten. Glorianne Kubasch and Lenorc Anderson are the two top girls, and they will be co7va1edictorianS some June. Carolyn Gooder, whose average is 95.20, will be delivering the salutatury address at that' time too, The only two boys, Keith Say- ther and Lyle Swanson, who fa- nagled the fifth and eighth spots in the class ranks had 94.12 and 92.67 averages respectively. Mae Forde's 94.87 rated a fourth place while Marlene Court- ney and Mildred Klaers split sixth plage wiih 92.93 averages each. Dorinda Reed, with an average oi 92.53, and JoAnn Haddorff, 92.33, complete the top ten rank- ings for 1950. Student Council Begins Duties JoAnn Haddorff was elected president oi this yoafs student council. Joe Gerdes was chosen as vice president and Kaye Klingensmith received the Joint office of secretary and treasure-1: JoAnn is the first girl to' hold this office in several years. She began her duties, which consist of introductions of speakers and performers at assemblies. when she introduced the judo act, one of a series of the University of Minnesota programs which are presented each' year, Other members of the council are George Slentz, Mae Forde. Faye Finley, Leo Dickey and Vic- tor Kmtzer, Bandh, Simertz Given Honors Sam Bandh and Bill Simertz were chosen to hold the mp posi- tions in the senior.class as presi- dent and vice-president respec- tively when the 122 seniors bal- loted in their iirst hour classes yesterday. Jean. Scharmann placed Srst in the list of three nominees for sec- retary for the twelfth grade class, and the seniors entrusted Lyle Swanson to guard the class funds as treasurer. Queen Io Ann To Reign 0ver Game, Dance After an excilment-iilled elec- tion day in which the vote was tied for queen and had to be re- cast, the 1945 Homecoming queen was chosen. She is chestnut- haired, blue-eyed JoAnn Had- dox-ff, daughter of the basketball coach. Queen Jo and hm' nttcndants, Janice Sweater. Beverly Gelhar. Lois Schaible. Shirley Gray, Mary Thomas. and Lc-Q Dickey presid- L-cl over todays pop fest and pa- 'nclu and w1ll bu present at the Homecoming football gdnic "Jail the Jays" was chosen as the winning hmmm-uxnihg slogan: 11 was submmod hy Don Brand. The school band and warriors floats were the mainstays of the parade which began at three this afternoon. Most of the floats car- ried the slogan or some similar one as their theme. The floats were sponsored by the usual groups: the chorus, the school paper. the Pep Club, the sopho- more, senior and junior classes, as well as a few newer groups: the G. A. A.. the Glen Isle Roller Skating Club, and the Spanish. Club. The queen and her atten- dants wil ride in convertibles donated by Robert Lee and Bon- nie Oskey. Seniors Take College Exams College entrance exams were given to Mounds seniors Febru- ury G, 7 and 9. Undorclassrnen thought the seniors were lucky to get out of class but this proved tu bc definitely nut true. One Foot W The story takes place in Lake- ton, Iowa, in about 1910 and the costumes, complete to high but- ton shoes, are something to look forward to. The play is about a minister CBill Martin? and his wife CJoAnri Haddorffl and their two teene aged children, Eileen 1Carolyn Gooderb- and Hartzell Him Cor- relll, who arrive at their new parish in Lal-ceton. Here they meet al sorts of "characters." One of them is Dr. Romer KDon Bruhnj, a country doctor. lDon fell off a chair dur- ing practice. Let's hope that he won't do the same tonightj. ill Step Out Love interest is bctwcen Hart- zoll and Louise Han Streaterl, but Mary Jo Birkuland as the boy-crazy Letty has trouble with hor "homework" and asks Hart- zcl to help herfi Behind the scencs are promp- tors Millie Nelson and Audrey Holmqulst and stage manager Leonard Brazmun, Other "unsung heros" who have worked to help make thc play a success are studcnls on various ticket. make-up and poster com- mmees, Smirkin' Ioe Breaks Six-Week Silence Four Superior Declaimers Will Go To Regional Four superiors! Twice as many as last year! Mound has much reason to be proud. Four of the fifteen Mound par- ticipants in the district declam contest held at Park High School last Tuesday were given superior ratings, which means they will go on to the regional contest. They are John Voll in the humorous division, Pat Young in the manu- script reading division. and Caro- lyn Goode: and Janice Streater in the dramatic division. These students competed with declam- ers from all over the Lake Con- ference. Hi, everybody, This is Smirk- in' Joe Mohawk. Oh yes. you have too met mel ln fact. you'1'e read- mg right through me. I've ben smirkin' around this asylum of yours tor darn near six weeks now, and I've come to a tew conclusions about ix. Thought I'd. ask a tew quesiions. too. So light up your peacepipe and lean your chair back. but not loo far back! Those things have a nasty habit of tipping over just when you're comfortable. Say, I hear somebody's been spreadin' it around that my ribs show. Yours would, too, if you had to exist on the gook they serve in this hick-town. Wanted: Room and board for one very miserable Indian. I! I have to sleep on those Kindergarten cats cnc more night I'll go absolutely bsiiy. The seniors arc sleeping nights again now that they know how thc Hall of Fume rusults came out, Joan Lugur-class gossip. Gossip, Schmussipfi lv.'s just that uvcrybocly tolls her everything first and she has to tell the other kids or they might not ever know. 'Course if she misses any little morsel, I'm usually there to help im get around. I'm so flattered! I didn't I could start a fad. but it that one of the senior girls to copy my hair-do the other day. Frankly, I think little Pocahontas had betier give up. It looks much better on me. Say. dream seems tried P. S. - If you're mad at me. there is no use tearing up my picture. There are 3.000 more down at the Pilot Office. Nyaa. nyaa! SMOKE SIGNAL NEWS HUUNDS DASH TU MEET ASSIGNMENTS ?f Staff Shown at Pilot Office-Glorb :me Kubascli, Jo Ann Haddorff, Dindi Reed, Barbara Brakke. and Joe Gcrdes, Photographers -- Bill Goudy, Jolly .Yulsrud and Joe Mills go to Mrs. Doreen Savage, advisor, for new as- sifinments. Typisls S Marlene Courtney, Wendy Bcll call Martha Hilbelink in to de- clpiicr lier story. Spzrts Staff Dave Kragthorpe, Dcn- his Thuftedalil, Ed Scislow, Richie Overlay, and Joe Gerdes look over the shoulders of Jo Ann Haddorfl and Bruce Halgren at the last issue of the SMOKE SIGNAL. Broadcasting Signal --- Dennis Thuf- ledahl, Joe Gerdes, Dave Kragthorpe. Joan Luger and Vonhie Forsetli arc rcady to givc the mornings latest news. Wriiers-Faye Finley. Margie Tlirooe lin. Ann Tuttle, Lenore Anderson. Mae Forde, Audrey Hollnquist, Mil- lie Nelson and Kaye Klingensmitli critize their last news articles. Writers-tsitiingb Hazel Ulrich. Ka- ren Hartman. Joan Luger and Island- ingi Normal Tulberg. Joan McFar- land, Pat Young, Joan Huggett. Jeanne Scharmann, and Audrey Youngquist discuss their new writ- ing assignments. WMM' '--N. ,Q new Page Thirty IVIOHIAN STAFF BEAT EARLY PUBLISHING DEADLINE -Photographers, Bob Goudy, Bill Goudy, Myron Iverson. and Harry Bell inspect the newest gadgets H-so -Sports staff and stat? writers, Hazel Ulrick, Lenore Anderson, Dindi Reed, Ed Scislow, Bruce Hal- L., -Editors, Ann Tuttle, Joan Mc- gren. Carolyn Gooder, and Janice Streater look over newest collec- Farland, confer with junior editors, tion of picture. Millie Krueger, Kaye Klingen- smith, Elaine Schweitzer, and Faye Finley -Typists, Jean Allenburg, Audrey Youngquist, and Bev Gelhar look over copy. -Business manager, Duppy Skaret and advisor, Miss Dow, explain the assets and liabilities of the Mohian to assistants, Bill Guntle, Glorri- anne Cox, Mae Forde, and Roger Thompson. -Mr. Vukas, the printer, explains to advisor, Miss Dow and editors, Ann Tuttle and Joan McFarland how to measure copy. -Publicity staff, Bob Lewis, Wen- dy Bell, Joan McFarland, Shirley Gray, Dona Seger, Betty Jacobson, and Norma Tullberg prepare for Mohian sales campaign. wwiihalw 5 E S Page Thirty-one PUBLIC REVIEWS "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN," NOV. 8 On November 4, 1949 the Senior class, under the direction of Evelyn Hanson, presentcd the play One Foot in Heaven, based upon the novel by Hartzell Spence. Page Thirty-two THE CAST Reverend Spence ..,......,........,............, .....,....,...... B ill Martin Mrs. Spence ....,.......... ...,..,. J oAnn Haddorff Minister son ........... . ....,.,,. Don Paulson Hartzell Spence ........ ,............ J im Correll Hartzell's sister '.... ........ .,...... C a rolyn Gooder The friendly doctor ,...... .... ...,..........,... D o n Bruhn Hartzell's sweetheart ,...... ......... J anice Streater Mexican girl .......,......... ........... M arilyn Baker Football captain ....... ....,.., H arold Marshall His sister '....... .......,..,... ...,.................. M a e Forde The boycrazy girl ......., .,....... M ary Jo Birkeland A Wealthy widow ,......... ..,.... . .. ............., Gloriannc Cox Her son ........,....,............................,.................,,.. James Moffitt Various members of the church ........,. Marlene Courtney, Marlene Perbix, Keith Sayther. Ronald Solberg, Lenore Anderson THE CAST Nora Maylone ...,............, ...... M arilyn Anderson Officer Tim McGrill .,..... ............... B ob Dongoski Mrs. Farnham .....,..,.,. ....... K aye Klingensmith Ted Hartley .........,.,,........ .......... D oug Easthouse Larry Elliot ...........,.......,........ ..,....,........ J oe Gerdes Vivian Smythe-Kersey ...... ............ G inny Ziegler Uncle Aleck Twiggs .........,. .,..... R oger Thompson Charlie Happs ..............,.....,....,......... ........... D ona Seger Mrs. Carolyne Smythe-Kersey ....... .......... P at Young Mortimer Smythe-Kersey .......,...... ....... F reddy Baker No.1-Kaye Klingensmitli, Pat Young, Joe Gerdes, look in horror at Dona Sc2er's social error, No.2-fJ0e Gerdes points out the drawbacks of "rolling your own" to Douglas Easthouse whilc Marilyn Anderson dusts the furniture. No.3-Mrs. Charlyne Todnem, class play director, explains a passage to Joe Gerdes and Douglas Eastliouse. No.4-Class Play Cast, sitting: Freddy Baker, Hoecr Thompson. Ginny Zeigler, Pat Young, and Douglas Eastnouse. Stand- ing: Bob Dongoske, Marilyn Anderson, Kaye Klmgcn- smith, Dona Seger, and Joe Gcrdcs. 'E-...E w......,....a"" Junior Class Production "Here Comes Charlie" Is Smash Hit! Members of the Junior Class prc- sented "Here Comes Charlie" by Jay Tobias, on April 21, directed by Mrs. Charlyne Todnem. l Pug cl 'Thirty-,1.h1 HUMECUMING, BIGGEST FEATURE OE THE YEAR, OCT. 14 Here comes our Queen Mound had a victorious home- coming in 1949 against Excelsior, 12 to 0. Queen Jo Ann and atten- dants reigned royally over all fes- tivities of a traditional Mound Homecoming. The Coronation of the Queen was held in the auditorium at 2:30. The Pep Club had decor- ated the royal throne and court, and Margaret Olson, 1948 Home- Queen JoAnn coming Queen, gave her crown to Queen Jo Ann. The Mound High School Concert Band ser- enaded the Queen and her at- tendants. Many floats were entered in the parade that followed the corona- tion. Prizes were given to the most original floats and the Win- ning floats paraded at the game. A jubilant crowd returned to the dance to enjoy the music of Ted and .Io lead Grand March Red Wolfe. The room was filled with shiny stars hung from the ceiling and a great big moon shone on the dancers from the center of the room. The faculty members who helped make Homecoming a big success were Mrs. Doreen Savage, Mrs. Pearl Edlund, Mr. Robert Edlund, Mr. Robert Fox, Mrs. Dorothy Remark, and Miss Lois Egner. The Royal Cour!--Princesses Lee Dickey, Shirley Gray, and Beverly Gelhar. Susanne Davis, Queen Jo Ann, Tommy Allenburg. Princesses Janice Streater, Lois Schaible, and Mary Thomas, Page Thirty-four Page Thirty-five Left row 1-W. Coffee, D. Trask. J. Thurk, J. Brown. row 2-M. Baker, J. Haddorff, M. Forde, L, Schaible, G. Chrzstiansoix, W. Hcnnuigs, P. Anderson. row 3-R. Solberg, R. Keiser, G. Watts, P. Higus, K. David, P. Anlenson. row 4--O. Peterson, J. Stein, J. Swanson, C. Carlson, S. Brakke, A. Batdorff, L. Krotno, O. Palmer, B. Guntle, M. Halgren, D. Peterson, D. Trask, B. Wliitke, K, Peterson, D. I-lennmgs. row 5-J. Shruter. V. Therber. J. Gillem, J. Valley, Mr. Skow, R. Robinson. G. Eidem, J. Solberg. CRITICS HIGHLY CUIVIIVIEND This year the band maintained its A rating which they received last year at the state contest. The annual spring, fall, and Winter concerts were given along With a concert given with the high school Chorus. The band was given an A rating at the regional contest enabling them to continue to the state contest. . I , Y llagcf Thirty-six rovx l S Alwin, D. Stohle, A. Dongcske, R. Eckman. row2 R Schecker, B. Noren, P. Young, J. Stringfellow, P. Igo, M. Christv. P. Mann. rovi 3 D Hall. S. Baker, H. Marshall, D. Trask, R. Overby, K. Olson, J. Dole, D. Carlson, D. Ebert, G. Cox. row4 B Deuhn, R. Luse, R. Adams, R. Ohman, D, White, J. Nelson, B. Goudy, J. Voll, C. Carlson. B. Dongoske, G Vvatts, J. Partington, J. Eklof, B, Halgren. 1VIOUND'S CONCERT BAND The most eventful thing that happened to the band last year, was the tour which they took to Two Harbors and Detroit Lakes, where they played a concert. This tour was made possible by the newly organized Band Boosters Club which consists of the band members' parents. Another tour was taken this year to Erskine, Minnesota and Wahpeton, South Dakota. At the band festival held April 14 at St. Louis Park, the band received the third "A" in a row for district competition. Page Thirty-seven ,, gm 3 . . ...,. . , . . L rowl Miss Hyder, J. Allenbure. J. Schnrmann, M. Anderson, R, Ritten, B.Cclhar, J, Krueger. C. Schmidt, B Anderson, J. Stucklneycr, C. Lindholm, D. Bruhn, row2 M. Boll, H. Mosch, V. Ziegler, L. Boehner, D, Reed, C. Rocls, G, Brooks, R. Thompson. Q. Wicks, R. Berg D. Brand. J, Julsrud. H. Cromer. rowii- D. Watts, D. Graebcr, M, Tambournino, B. Knoblauch. P, Higus. J. Krzies, F. Finley, G, Kubasch, M. Leine I i SHVENTY VOICE CHORUS Mound chorus with a membership of seventy-five students. has had ai busy and eventful year. The per- formance of thc Messiah with the Minnetonka Singers made 21 Chorus of 125 singers and four excellent soloists, all under the direction of Gordon Griebenow. m W . ff Soprano section in the District Chorus Festival. Miss Hyder's View ofthe chorus. Page Thirty-eight row 14-M. Perbix, L. Anderson, R. Inman, J, Allenburg, W. Bell, E. Arens, A. Rutledge. D. Carlson, M. Kubon, B, Brakke, C. Gooder, row 2'-G. Cox, K. Hartmann, D. Kubon, C. Fischer, S, Hanson, M. J. Birkland, J. Hilgers, J. Nickisch, J. Hender- scheid, T. Martin, J. Brooks, E. Schweitzer. row3vA. Endreson, H. Bell, V. Krotzer, M. Iverson, J, Gerdes, P. Young, M. Liljevall, M. Throolin, J. Huggett, S. Gray, M lvlzirth, C. Garrett. MAKES GOOD NEWS This year Mound Chorus was host to the District Chorus Festival in which six other lake conference schools participated. The festival was under the direction of Elias J. Halling. The individual schools were rated and Mound received an A rat- ing and attended the state contest at the University. Chorusls view of Miss Hyder. Tenor section at the District Chorus Festival March 26. Page Thirty-nine PEP CLUB ...5 row l-Miss Egner, J. Allenburg, S. Gray, V. Kullberg, D. Carlson, D. Bursaw, J. Scharmann, president, Mrs. Remark. row 2-T. Martin, A. Youngquist, B. Gelhar, M. J. Birkland, L. Thurber, P. Gorman, J. Hanson, M. Kubon. row 3--R. Courtney, M. Anderson, V. Ziegler, L. Haagensoh, M. Klaers, D. Seger, N. Tulberg, B. Jacobson, B. Ritten. row 4--J. Loraas, J. Ritten, B. Knoblauch. K. Hartmann, A. T. Bell. J. Allcnhurg. W. Bell. row 5-D. Graeber, M. Marth, M. Thomas, E. Hanson, M. Perbix, L. Dickey, J. Valley, J. Luger, J. Streater. M Club - The lettermen's club sponsored one event in 1949 and this was the Oskey Brothers' game, which was an exhibition CLUB row 1--L row 2--K. row 3-J. row -1---R row 5-F game with the Minnesota Gopher team. Pep Club - The Pep Club spon- sors all the buses going to all games away from home and they planned and staged our Home- coming Coronation. In November they had a memorable initiation of the new members. . Klaers. G. Slentz, R. Pierce. B. Simertz, J. Gerdes, J. Julsrud, N. Skarct. Thomas, C. Anderson, L. Swanson, E. Scislow, T. Christopherson. J. Linclcn, L. Brazman, G. Eidcm. Johnson. J. Correll, G. Dickey, B. Simon, R. Miller, D. Peterson. J. van der Hagen. . Eckman. D. Bates, L. Chapman, B. Dongoske, V. Krotzer, D. Madsen. G. Robbins, D. Olson. . Roycraft, J. Marshall, C. Gabriel, D. Kragthorpe, D. Trask, E. Knudson, B. Halgren, B. Luse. Page Forty SENIOR HIGH COUNCIL: George Slentz: Jo Ann Haddoi-H, presidentg Lee Dickey: Vic Krotzer, Joe Gerdes, Vice President, Faye Finley, Kaye Klingensmith, Secretary. Mound's senior high student council started their year by plan- ning for the Homecoming cele- bration which is their one big re- sponsibility of the year. This along with sponsoring health programs, tuberculosis Christmas Seal drives, Sister Kenny drives, and trying to correct assembly con- duct, constituted the main part of their Work. The council also had charge of decorating the Christ- mas tree in the main corridor of the high school building. The Junior high student coun- cil elected this year Beverly Noren as their president. This council takes care of all buses going to the games, have worked on a seating arrangement, deco- rated the bulleting boards, and decorated the junior high Christ- mas tree. They have installed a suggestion box in the office to re- ceive any student suggestions. Representatives from each Eng- lish class make up the student council. JUNIOR HIGH COUNCIL: Beverly Noren, president: Mr, Rassmussen, John Tambournino, treasurer, Judy Brown, secretary: Dianne Peterson, Vice Presidentg Mary Lee Nelson, Larry Carr. Page Forty one THESPIANS row 1-M. Kubon, J. Allenbure, J. Eklof, J. Seharmann. treasurer. G. Slentz president, A. T. Bell, J. Allenburg, M. Forde. row 2-Mrs. Savage, C. Lindahl, G. Christiansen, P. Anderson, C. Gooder, VV. Bell. S. Hanson. Mrs. Todnem. row 3-L. Anderson, J. Haddoril, D. Reed, G. Cox, R. Thompson. G. Eidem. J. Moffit. R. Harrison. row 4sJ. Streater, J. Correll, K. Klingensmith, W. Whalen, B. Martin. B. Lewis, J. Gerdes, B. Dongoske. row 5--B. Boll, G. Robbins, L. Hedin, D. Bruhn, R. Solberg, K. Saythcr. J. Solberg, B. Halgren, I-I. Loxnar. Page Forty-two lt may have been new but it was an immediate success - that was the newly organized Thespian Society at Mound. The Hrst yeai"s membership was about forty and all forty were active. Their first project was Dickenls 'Christmas Carol" which they presented for the student body just before Christmas vacation. Dona Seger, Shirley Gray, John Voll. Karen Hartmann, Audrey Holmquist wait in line. George Slentz and Don Bruhn, expound in Box and Cox in winning play. Carolyn Guoder, Janice Streater perform. John Voll and Pat Young peek. -W ' A my '- rf' SENIOR HIGH DECLAM E55 ESE WFT ll ZUDYZ Forde, M. Kubon. M. J. Birkeland, J. Graeber, J. DeCamp. Seger. S. Gray, C. Gooder, A. T. Bell, W. Bell, S. Hanson. . Watts, A. Holmquist, R. Inman, L. Anderson, J. Haddorllf 4M. I'0VV Mound sent eleven contestants and a one-act play to the 1950 District Contest at St. Louis Park High School. Four of these con- testants, Pat Young, John Voll, Janice Streater, and Carolyn JUNIOR HIGH DECLAM row YOVV row 4 row 5 row 4 . Elam. C. Garrett. G, Cox. D, Reed, J. Luger, J. Strcater. 5 Liljevall, K, Klingensmitli, J. Corroll, P. Young, G. Robbins, R. Solberg. H. Lomar. Gooder received Hsuperiorl' at the District which sent them on to the Regional Contest at Buf- falo, March 29. Janice and Pat received 'iexcellentl' ratings and John a Hsuperiorn in the humer- ous division and Carolyn the al- ternate t'superior" to state in the dramatic division. Hard working coaches for all of these divisions were Mrs. Sav- age, Mrs. Todnem, and Mrs. Holmberg. 1-Mrs. Holrnloerg, D. Fevvell, J. lVlcGlone, J. Fraser, L. Carr. S. Overby. Mr. Woodworth. row 2--M. Herman. C. Lovaason, B. Brooks, L. Larusson, D. Dulbiz, L. Baker, D. Buchanan, J. Densen. 3-P. Kullberg, M. Orr, B. Magnuson, S. Hanson, B. Johnson. C. Hedin. C. Carlson. e-aL. Scott. P, Ostvig, J, KllDg6llSITllTll, C. Batdorff, C. Swetburg, C. Bjork, J, Malakowsky, A. Williamson. --AD. Spaulding, B. Noren, J. Brown, C. Gnittke, L. Trutnau, M. A. Robbins. N. Eidem. row 6iJ. Voll, R. Farnham, B. Buich, A Dongoske, M. Vraalstad, J. David, P. Mann, K. Olson. ,Page F'ortyf-three G. A. A. 1 row ---Miss Egner. J. Allenburg, M, Klaers. D. Koch, M. Perbix, M. Kubon. C. Hedin, J. Ekloi, Mrs. Remark. row 2-S. Brakke, J. Jensen, J. Engstrom. E. O'Neil, J. Holmes, B, Johnson. C. Swedburg, P, Peterson, D. Skiles. row 3-.3 Gunther, B, A, Larson. S. Hanson, M. Bochaas, R. A, Whittaker, N. Eidem, B. Brakke, B. Ritten, B. De- amp. row -D. Fewell, M. Forde, M. A. Robbins, M. Christy, L. Haagenson, M. Ross, J. Hanson, B. Anderson, P. Anderson. 4 row 5--R. Maas, M. Krueger, B. Burbank, V, Ziegler, D. Nelson, L. Lind, B. Illies, P. Higus, N. Tulberg, B. Jacobson. row SSM. Anderson, D. Carlson, J. Brooks, J. Huggett. J. David, D. Burandt, B. Schwartz, D. Spaulding, A. Dongoskc. row 7-G. Christianson, R, Adam, S. Gray, G. Cox, S. Hanson. J. Streater, P. Young, B. Burch, R. Farnham, C. Fagerlin. G. A. A. Interest in the G. A. A. has been renewed and the club is again a functioning organiza- tion. The club's sixty members make it the largest club in the COMMERCIAL CLUB school, Despite the many handi- caps, all of the members are ac- tive in group tournaments and in- dividual sports. Commercial Club The 28 mem- bers of the Commercial Club mimeograph all the notices of P. T. A. meetings, programs for the school, etc. Socially the club has had a Wiener roast and Christ- mas Party. row l-T. Martin, J. Scharmann, M. Courtney, Miss Dow, M. Perbix, M. Klaers. J. Allenburg, row 2 -B. Rudnicki. B. Gerhar, B. DeCamp, W. Bauer, J. DeCamp, B. A. Weinzierl, A. Youngquist. row 3-D. Iiudinskv. P. Jackson, D. Splettstoeszer, A. Rutledge. D. Maas, V. Gast. L. Quaas, row 4--C. Giaf, M. A. Thurk, D. Koch, M. Ohrt, G. Connolly, I. Whittaker. A, Klaers. J. Lind. Page Forty-four SEN row row row row The Home thing These JUN row row row row row IOR HIGH HOME EC 1-D. Carlson, E. Whittaker. G. Kubasch, Miss Walters. D. Kusch. M. Ernst. J. Stien. 2--L. Thurber, J. Ruppelius, B. Dalchow, B. Koch, J. Johnson, P. Dressel. C. Kohrnann. 3-C. Schmidt, J. Dressel, J. Hilgers, B. Chall, B. Baert. J. A.Dah1. S. Magnuson. J. Esget. -I--R. Rltten, J. Nickish, L. Fries, M. Connelly, B. Brandenburg, M. Bryant, M. A. Thurk, M. A. Berg, M. Liljeval. junior high and senior high quets, sold cookies, sold green rib- they took a trip this spring to Economics Clubs are some- bons for St. Patricks Day, and see the Daytonts Kitchens and new for Mound this year. made and sold candles for Christ- Betty Crocker Kitchens. clubs worked on all ban- rnas. With the money they earned XOR HIGH HOME EC 14K. Rudnickie, S. Blakstvedt, P. Ostvig, Mrs. Dziuck. M. Bockkaus. E. Kauth. B. Johnson. 2--J. Jensen, J. Engstrom, S. Gunther, V. Thomas, D, Johnson. V. D. Quist. 4-N. Ayers, V. Wenkstenn, D. Behrner, R. Tweter, C. Stadtherr. M. A. Robbins. SGM. A. Green, J. Oeffling, S. Hanson, J. Maiakowsky, L. Scott, J. Haeden. J. Johnson. 6 -N. Eidem, D. Nelson, M. Koehnen, J. David, M. Vraalstad, S. Pettit. M. Herman. A. Dongoske. Page Forty-tivo FOREIGN AFFAIRS I-IANDLEIJ BY STUDENTS Page Forty-six SPANISH CLUB row 1-J. Eklof, G. Christianson, B. Farnham, M. Hilbelink, E Payne, P. Higus. row 2AMrs. Savage, J. Allenburg, A. Holmquist, B. Jacobson, S. Gray. row 3-J. Morton, B. Dongoske, J. Streater, N. Elam, D. Bruhn, D. Kragthorpe. GERMAN CLUB row l-C. Gooder, R, Inman, Mr. Woodworth, M. Krueger. row 2-M. Coulter, J. A. Had- dorff, G. Kubasch, D. Reed. row 3-L. Brazman, K. Klingen- smith, G. Larson, P. Young, B. Halgren. L GOPEER I-IISTORIAN row 1-I. Swanson, D. Peterson, J. Voll, Mrs. Johnson, M. L. Nelson, C. Carlson. row 2-D. Duehn, S. Brakke, B. Johnson, J. Gillian, M. Paisley. row 3--B. A. Nelson, M. Christy, C. Sweclburg, R. Adam, B. Don- goske, B. Burch. Knot shown? T. Bottenfield, D. Klein, B. Mar- tin, J. May, K, Olson, P. Jack- SOI1. JUNIOR HIGH TEEPEE TALK CIRCULATES 1 2 3. r. ig oo mg ass 4. Mr. Berge's Math Class . Busy in the Mimeograph Room are A. Hill, B. Ashak, G. Smith, D. Burandt, S. Alwin, V. Syvcrson , Giving Mr. Woodworth assistance are B. Noren, I. Thurk, M. Dale, M. Halgrcn, and J. Malokowsky J H' h C k' Cl ft' luv! TEEPEE TALK, the newly or- ganized Junior High Paper, has a staff of sixteen advised by Mr. Rob- ert Woodworth. The paper was Mr. WoodWorth's idea, and it seems ap- propriate that the Mohian should welcome this six-page stenciled pa- per as an expansion to our school's journalism achievements for this year, Good luck to next year's staff -we hope you make all the dead- lines. Page Forty-seven NATIVITY O FEBS HOLIDAY FEATURE Page Forty-eight Qlifx Highlite of the Christmas Season was the Nativity Pageant directed by Mrs. Pearl Edlund. The program was presented for the students on a Thursday afternoon and again in the evening for the P. T. A. Marilyn Kubon portrayed Mary and Robert Lee, Joseph. Mary Ann Thurk was the angel, Gabriel, Celestial music from the balcony by the senior high chorus directed by Miss Violet Hyder gave an appro- priate background to this lovely pageant. ENTERTAINING DANCES SPARK SCHOOL YEAR Mary Kay Tanibournino and John Vander Hagen enjoyed the punch at the St. Pafs Day Dance. Mac Forde and Roland Solberg smile their appreciation of the Jun- ior-Senioi' Prom. Whafs this - -- wallflowers? Mi: Keufler! How tired can you get? Bet nobody sneaked in free. Pagc Forty-nine EVERYONE HELPS MAKE HUMAN INTERST Assisting Miss Johnson and Mrs. Pfheilsticker in the library are 15 junior and senior high girls. These girls make up the library club. Barbara Brakke was chosen president While Beverly Magnussen was Chosen the secretary-treasurer. A new system of passes to the library was put into effect this year. The purpose was to eliminate congestion in the drug store. Parties were given by the assistants at Christmas time and other holidays. Library Assistants M, Orr, P. Kulberg, B, Magnuson, B. Brakkc, H. Ulrick. M. L. Nelson, B. Nelson, G. Platzer, E. Will, S. Pettit, L. Pilgrim, M. Lenmark. K. Olson. M. Morgan, B. Andersen. Other Assistants: P Jackson L. Lind, D, Graeher. A, Holinquist. Mr. Roels busv in the librarv. A familiar sight in Miss Laws ol'fir'e, Page Fifty SEHGQZ. 3553 .f""""'f Talk or Eat? Mr. Nygaa1'd's fourth hour study studying for Bottoms up! a change First one in gots a front seat. Bibbety Bobety Boo! Page Fifty'one One - two - three - four - type! Thought there was a ball in there. 31325125 838131115 gflifxhere Lookout! Here Comes the double whtxnmm Quill and Scroll Initiates. Paanies fo Pahpa- Page Fifty-two f .N Y. ED A XI Q. .I ll ,,4'7?2:' . A wr 5 , Y , xv at X , . Q x b' Q 9 J .-in I V. f f w I ' , Q D W WMM S HNF' H in M aff' gs ft!! J "' , X pf K of F N QV ach Works For Champs Carleion B Rue!-, Siuundk new lsxthnh nach, has been working hard through mhz imc sunxzgmprf-1' rariy 1111 to pfrvfw ship fwf If he first wp of second vf?mx1f'grcfbrm UTD Mou cl, by Bd Sciskxw ,Q Rhxfi, 1-L'-3 xr that bcfurcn Sure Pat, Slood readers. 15 Xfels' super Shih Mr. 5. S Muunda :ww Reels comes in X'elIr-nz record from 21 Crosby-lrcvnton falh In :mms just X' ol his Mx-crew X a giarkler for is mfmmg, mm,- epem my funda- Mound is indeed have Mr. Reels as he-ad mach. In my humhie the b-ss: mach- staff far fcwibzxil m the Lake 'must mx fern: that this 3a the Sorgmzm man who ,im tw xmpmw :he hue You eil krmw was rm ailfcity . v W Q gl, , Thx issue of the paver I want to Cl h I 't Tcmxglht aa eight rjcfock, Pfiwmfi, in ills first :mon-1-onferenm game mf the sexsun, wxll open nk I-wmv ' 'nm n rmghty Mangan "V: held t, why, if we have to : .1 0031 game like that, can't it E: : UNI 1 game of :he scam f - U4 h, yes. I know a I f if-N 1 say, "Play the-rn as L If Mor- 's ali wel! and ii , ' , mx e like that the go' .D 51 g mm, somebody usually uldzfi be so nice ' sf' " f l wig boys got iaid out la pmns nf onth. ' 1 9 'e play Hopkins ' the Duluth game, : 5' ,mem what fine shape w 5 mwmtet,-hem. R jrewwin. league. II we crfuhi 4 in be mft would probabl , ff iff ffmf ve than a g-mi ' The remedy? V ne that schedul . I ' ' ' nance is an-er? Than was 1 a . . me Duluth cnuid some down here 4 'Q ' ,, e play? Well. don'k play them gre, gets gwwedul team ta A mn in the middle of a we ws got a chome in: titlev for been ierrswn fav-2 nf , : v M192 again duties CD!!!- piaye-zi K 4 h , guard 12, wars mr CWM? , and cer- 1035559 X N Zfalfffizwl wwe! Bm Smal' A 1 defame, is among time fell fm passer, amd kicker, mrman Bum 234 WA, WU1643 we playa from quarwr- acheduiefi UWB be aiipperg-hipped Roy mi img Z3 data B! where Fafinwiixg he went gan Kffxeve he at Kscamaha in Inga ,pod cimx'nfxeid blockvr. bxmcrtzk running mate will be iartimi dw mason won zz :milling 1' iomrf from mfmmi twsce, tw have the z 55031 lirw Sam Bendix, L9 season, again the nefuinr by two cppwxenba, Blake Park. The Aud- Fark that vm! Nik! and quartvf whim play advise fus'r::,mrQ they have wr the and we wma Mfg. fx picksdf' with hmm top Kearns 'Q in-mba!! 1110 Mu A Waszata ivmbie i3 yard imc It was yard from Lhex yea! mer from the two V: l m the wwnd qxzarer R I In scifi? ,Wd me W ent esu ts Mgugd ml ml' Var? 7 R Hopkznx aim-fea-if beams gvm ad St I.-sms ?azk nn me fmiy Mixer Hmm, confererwe game Last Friday maint I tha' c cu the Dmsks-54 grmdzrox. by me A Tydrllfff Hafara, X, if ww -'Af M 'nw Warrwn uma! :her x wuz Rcmvmlwr fha Hale :mu-dx m the nm wma, wmv wx V Q , , . AAAA hnlfbnci Brute Htiiand going NWI! Now srl the Pxrmf no 53 as famxmg from the ww yard um, 4 - V ,,,5:...:,I55:,EA:-:.:,v Haddwf, J ., park gn-wgensd to agp? gg-Ay ' " A ' is time crm- mlb:-n may drove to we HMV E. whim kms five-yard Ima xn the 6:52 RM Z i ,,,, 4 ,W wr nmgh ?uar1i'rUfvh.sre me tough Warrwra W 2 me ef T A ' - :msg Hohbirxsdnlz, wwf the hwstiir , ' for the nm Ccnfernuf nm, aw f A mw:esam'm1ms wcmweac. Ax q 'S' . mawwrfmwf mm- in ffyf-uw V- THE 1JP2"w TUNKA CU 'W ,- .wfgweuc N W 1 SL mn w-12, zmmwmze Emi- , Umm' mf Dm-mm: Q iQLg22.5Mf"k" .- 4 my dgfeaini F,dinmMozairxgsLde Mrk rms lliiyvauhrf . , A MW 9' um on mm home rm, K Y W Y h ' ' ta one Here Gaines this week find Wzayxaw H1 G H .SCHOOL AL DIY' fmgm be qw ai Hovkimy Park H5 Rvwwibff wi Aammiw sur , mm me amz. Comm mmm! or There Excelsior pw?-na U' limb w fwfffh- ' his ego. PMR, H212 er mn-couiefenee game. MOUND GRIDDEBS PUSH HARD 1 w N FOOTBALL row 1-L. Chapmann, J. Gedes, J. Robbins, J. Linden, B, Slmertz, S. Bandh, J Julsiud T C' ristopl ezfon B Don goske. L. Brasman. row 2-Coach Roels, R. Eckman, R. Bates, R. Pierce, D. Kragthcrpe, E. Knudsen F Roxuaft B Simon Asst Coach J. Kueffler. row 3-R. Anderson, J. Johnson, D. Brand, G. Slentz. J. Eidem, D. Iverson. K. Ancicis C Ccni ad lxiexafer P Klein row 4-J. May, V. Krotzer, E. Blank, E. Luse, D. Pfeilstickeiy B. Marsten, E. .me ucx R Oxeibx J Marshall SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCORES Mound l4 ...............,...,.. Wayzata l2 Mound 6 Duluth Morgan Park 12 Mound 6 ........................ Hopkins 7 Mound 0 .... ....... R obbinsdale 32 Mound 29 .... .......... W aconia 0 Mound 12 ...... Excelsior 0 Mound 7 .............,...,.......... Park 22 A. Co-Captains Bill Simertz and Sam Bandh confer with B. "Allah' Q11 Pieive Coach Roels, Page Fifty-four IN VICTOR AND DEFEAT FOOTBALL SCORES Mound Mound Mound Mound Mound Mound Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Row 4- Row 5- JUNIOR HIGH 6 .,.,...........,,......, Wayzata O 6 ..... Excelsior O 0 ........ Hopkins 33 0 ,..... Excelsior 12 13 ......., Hopkins 24 0 .... ....,.. W HSYZHIH 0 JR. HIGH FOOTBALL G. Coffee, C. Bjork, Mr. Tu- man, J. Hoff, R. Anderson R, Hayes, J. Steen, B. Storup, T. Gunther, A, Jackson D. Hall, J. Nicohls, D. King, W. Frendell, J. Courtney C. Kickhafer, J. Perbix, E. Miller, R. Fern, D. Norum H. Gagen, J. Voll, D. Map- stone, M. Dale, K. Yulc, W. McCurdy 3-'fn ' ' Page Fifty-five cmwk 'ffl'llflfflffll .,..,..,,X, . ASKETB by E11 haridow that word me'm'?!' like in an athlehc conteaify ri down town x 15 A fm:-Img a gaod team at Ama C0801 it iam!! othnfrs. and spirit. Muund could ttans in put my selection I base my Hopdring Hopkins Hammerhmd .,,...,....A. ,.,,.,,. A Park Rxxbbinsdale Park Excvzls ior Rubbinsda le Wayzata Park ., ., Rsobhinsdake Rabbi nsdale Pugh Dmbs Mound for ffm -ww of 2347 In Last Game 1 Mound was uutpizxyvd and out- scored last Xvednesfiay night by :1 Zdufamm good Park eimven to xhe tune of 23 to T. With George Hmm, Frzmcis Brad- haw? Key, and Earl Trucker moving down- eafn field. there wasxft too much the Mohawka could. dak Hoorrs seared lim-, 49 yards in Gnniy next tallyg Brad- end tu counter. all three extra came in the Simceriz, gailxv- Pierce and ran line untouched. ihrough iaddc with wird lon: K out of auwmatit was 23 qunxier two for a 600 - Drag 35C - Stag Program, Contest, Dancing, Food M NOVEMBER 18 2 Auditorium Rabbinsdale, Hopkins, St. Louis Park Share Conferen e Honors Areund The Council Fires The Igka Conivun susan cad- ed in A thru-way tie, with Bab- hinsdale, SL Levis kim Park, and Hop- with four by Bruce Hnlgren 'Phe last Ennibnli kms been akamai! away for armthsr year amd :ww the matixxns mp ips-cmisr spam' is mm- irxg ta Mound High. Basketball! Baskmhzxli is thai queer spori where ten num ram up :md down A own crying up pm L1 rnumi baii through a couple mf says Coach bad." ikili Simertz :zen are leads -.... "Fx-cxzcpecies im' nn up, FA Srislow, Dale Oison also year! "A" wins wnzh Canference Excel getfins Rauf' Jacobi Dusmg, and one. The els to first as Lifuey ".Tai!ef'3 the Jicysq' in the tune uf 12-0 here October 14. The gmm' was closely taught al! the way md the final uutcome was not assured until Lute in the game when Roy Pierce wen! :wer fznm 15 yards out to score thu gallk- clinchiwt 1ou,chduwn. Lyle Chapman scored on a plunge in the wird period to get Lhmgs undewvay fm' the Nloimwks. Al'- ihough there were some expertlg 'SL Lowes Park and Hopkins are n figurc-A in be tough" continued ddorff. Fark has Trucker back, o was za high-scorlmg forward t year. xc Mnhnwk rschedulfa wpens Nov- L-or 18 at Washburn. Conference y wi!! stan December 2 at Rmb- 5,5320 Iays" 12-0 Activities rxecuicd mu-ring plays, Ike bui- standing factor of the game was the line play of the Mohswks eszpecially when the 'xchipfs were d4wm". It was essentially 2. wiwem no imhviduals led out as hxwing game' on any of outsmmiing Excvksiwr were he-Ld throughout the l THERIFS A TREAT IN FOR YOU ON M . Commedienne 1:30 FCM. - Auditorium O ADMZSSION f- 2513 Sponsored by The Smoke Signal "'--.Ln-an I-'allowing schedule: Dec, 2 -- Rochester, There Here, 8:45 There Dec. 5 WU Dec Jan. 6 -- Jan. 10 Jan Jan. Jan, Jan. ZZ Jan, Feb, 3 Feb. 10 1? M District Meet 'The Signal' Broadcasts Here - Wayzata, There Feb, one yet? news? 1 that?" vnfite it? " nalsim stud- shouting in students hs! on for "The for Monday mhd "OIL" by like A he had either .orhssalud Joe Gerdesg ief, K agen gports edit- lg mpeg ,and master Glen Andersofni the hroadeallfv L too mud: will be revived in the wane as Inst year' team:-ing the coigxmn, Chivwf CIM- ter, the student of the week, dw sports swim and my GUM' ffl'- are the imxmalisn dass hx 16 offer. Then' will aim he wmv :when poems, and advertisements 53' maanerwof-fuerexnoniur Gian Ander- son un give you s. good 1211811 09" and than. ' "'1'i-ye Signaln will he hfllldilt two weeks naming, thu: iiwilw me third wax-an paw ww' cation week. MOHAWK BUCKETEERS nun 9 I "-1 Qiei X, ll!! SPORTS-BASKETBALL row 1--B. Marsten. D. Madsen, R. Bates, E. Scislow, R. Eckman. J. Julsrud, H. Cromer. row 2-D. Kragthorpe, E. Knudsen, F, Roycraft, J. Kressin, D. Olson, B, Simcrtz and M12 Oscar Haddorfi, coach. Bates and Scislow scramble with Way- Did Kressin make it? Up they go for the rebound, zata for the ball. Page Fifty-seven MUHAWKS TUSS IN ALMQST ENOUGH BALLS row 1-D. Phielsticher, D. David, L. Chapman, B. Dongoske, J. Morton. row 2-P. Kline, R. Oskev. G. Watts, P. Nieson, J. Gerdes. Vow 3--J. Mason. V. Kmtzer, J. May, J. Marshall, R. Luxe. Page Fifty-eight EASKETBALL Krossin grabs a l'UhOl.l1'Ad. Mudffn Sifzslo ww 1- B. trk gains L-czntrol of the ball xv ra:-ks up two points. Starup, 'I', Jackson, R. VVoyA cr, M, Case. 1' W9 R Keiscr. J. Parlmgtcn, Huvcs. J. Siccn, MV. M. Tun Fern, J. Miller, D. Hall, D King. Huw 3- B. 1'c'xx' -1-T-I Gagen, .T. Uner. J, V011. f . . . Riu Curdx. B. Duclxn, A TEAM SCORES Mound 19 Central- 47 Mound M Delano-45 Mound-27 Robhinsdale-52 Mound-38 Waconia-20 Mound-V-28 Park--25 Mound 42 Delano-45 Mound -26 Edina-23 Mound-29 Waconia-22 Mound--33 Excelsior-38 Mound -18 Hopkins-49 Mound-50 Robbinsdale----76 Mound-33 Blake-41 Mount'-39 Wavzata-27 Mound---13 Park-41 Mauna'---47 Edina-40 Mound'-32 Excelsior-29 Mound-28 Wayzatas30 Mound-25 Hopkins---44 Sub-District Mound --53 Wayzata-43 Districi Mound--47 Bloomington-48 JR. HIGH SCORES Robbinsdale- 22 Mound-36 Blake- 27 Mound-16 Park--24 Mound-30 Wayzata-24 Moundf26 Excelsior-27 Mound-28 Hopkins-30 Mound---24 R w x u n VX' Elie FAN ctw? inurdty. to see fouls on OIKWRBKN REST! H6 Cl Bows To in ilu: hm nxisxmg Mcrhsvaks frm? the fu-as period met the npfnin on! veal rm fheir The third qnmrxer imma! dm hiv- hnwks vutxcoring the Bean, but Bloomington kiwi a slim 35431 Iced at the emi of this period, valqf In ibn fmzxfh Quarter Mohawk: were iinaiiy an 1 kiwand 4551121 tht!-Wrsd lrthuningio Gil when fum crank ali the uma- this ue-won as Wi Miller who 'Tia shun, befssre the game begins, He win: the plaudim of the crowd. And mark how now, with smiles and grins, They sing his Wliwl. long and feud. The game begimwhe cans a foul, cheers, an ! own ll V premde in a Houdini act, RACKET M Any activity za which the user ez! the Oxfam is SLIM - A player who tipu the acales at 200 pounds. 5T - The lan resort of the aiibi ariisl. THUTTKS H- Punks gone high hat. :hurpe with who Julmxd weight division fzesmvuii ELI The fum! gun n-.wuz M! and aiu beaivn xn me .Swarm by van was the were Doscrit it mem shnxngv D :many times in :six rx years that the Dani ask nw he than bu: the mms' csmpetitive Now TH try to Lght up to flue Mound defeated n February DL I -pus and wound In cm mhz-r ted a hard finish, and We opening in a wry good game 'Bw awning' makers in tha: other Bae Sfnknvpa ami-finaly found Hopkins than finals Robbimdale book p 0 42 my Moumi waz wg -KM m foray- 'mt of ,W aka Park Q Otiofes sd itin ik A Chaka in a pleasure and in the Rabbimshle defending Blooms-xgwn in thu last 35-BI, ami Rc-bbhixdale defending Park. the measure of Hepkins. pinned third in the wunmment mid havmg 22 are the and second 115 T15 ning. Rochester tomb Crystal: 135 Ib M- Mmxnd. l55 U5 Th Nam PIAYHG HCKED AMENT COACTK Mound placed one man on the :mt basketbsli team, in thv af dlmxr-umwe Ed Smxlovs Hi was died far his :osx-d offen sive and deiemive Pillfini Kilim! Bloomington in the Em wand the District 18 piayuffs. Ed l Kola! el' 33 points that night Robbrnxdale wha became Tourney MAN 18 5 K CUP' fourth foliewsz Mound 1.3, and e Star Teams buys meexsxng the most win were eleemd in dw mam Mound placed only one man on ibm tem he be-mg the Mufmwks sm Your guard Bnil Suneru, Rahhimdaia phved the mast mem on the mam by having them: big we nw-I. Hayek md Iouxa champs by defezm 5 Hopkimn five, 52--M, p men on the mam. Thr Dale, big Bn?" cent: forward, and Woody. ward, Hopkins, mnrxcr-up flake, boasted we me V ,:--:-,. : nd of CQ 25:0 r , som. of Barbau. guard - 'den forward. St, Louis Parks Br cane of the mltxtandi f trict play along wi Macbonsid, S Q Chaxkal Uzbansky. concurs uns, -- nwmmwrs A ., V I wi xl k WW' x Here . we x, Hem A , 'h 5. Collmgqvilie 161-tm, Nvfihfinld Ina-t February' 23, the Lake Con- ference coaches held a meeung in Hrrpkim to choose the AD-Com ference team, Each with presented an all-or ponemizunandhomthcsethe Ma ' --A oka, Night Hue May 19 Distric! Meet, U. Sta' dium May 5 0 Regiun Meet, Sv.. Cloud June 6 -Y Smale Meet. U. Siadium Page Sixty GRAPPLERS PLACE IN STATE SCORE Don Dale, Jerrv Klaers. Row 2-Mr, Bacchus, Roy Pierce, Ken Thomas, Carroll Ga- briel, John Van der Hagen, Jerry Linden. S-WRESTLING Mound-46 U High- 2 Mound-32 St. Clouclf 9 Mound-V-16 Robbinsdale-28 Mound-12 Owatonna-29 1Vloundi19 Anoka-20 Moundi18 Wayzata-21 Mound-21 Litchfield-14 Mounde3l U High-15 Moundi2l St. Cloud-16 Mound-15 Robbinsdale-22 Moundi12 Anoka-24 Mound-19 Wayzata-16 Mound-26 Litchfield-ll second and Don Trask took four Western A.A.U. Mound had a state champion, undefeated throughout the season, Lyle Swanson in the 127 pound division, Roy Pierce and Jerry Linden took th in the state. Mound placed fourth in the regional and third in the state, and also took third in the North- Mound Edges celsior 32-29 Mmusd wm in fourth qmxferervne guna Taxadiy. Fabfxwry 7, an they 32-29 on we hxzurrs homes Poor katdshrfn Bkaahy: an may mx Lau Mankind und-E thc al Hui' Kama, Sim Erenasin, CREW, Wins high Mohawk: edged cm! a wxxgfa Fmzelsior iivei :mba Mohawks ro ll inal Game .angling Trio Outdo Pak Eid Scinlow Hmmdehnppndiuirlluun- iefszxcenxnetoahnd-Bghdng Hnpkimqmnmxmx-wuaymm -DntbsKoluwk':houx5ocrby mm 44-25. rhnurkgnaxd. LRy!::fyPierue mmbmmmi Hound. Bu-law, 'tm' nnmeeumnshn me-:and nm: with hw- hk audit. nu-ted out very WML' roaiizseth-xtwi1Mn2lRui5uavKb1urla:nMu dxescca-eatihc "'fef"?1m wmmmmmwawmmymq qwmmqmxy mx www The Mmmwm I 5 favor' ' RWM 32 you can see bmietbak at its bas! and rw! CIUSN-H the HOP'- ixdmb I bring this wp? Wall, in the 5131 place, Started to hi! and they M ifggomg adults coming to high seiwnl bnsketlmll Wihfs mmpared tn iIa'5i"n of their own playing or unlaa they are Siwsm for that, but if: an interesiing thing it-wt twklldllbl mem Simi at one of our games, juz look around wig, um basket eww! see who Iuvaxft hd: nn the team minutes of Ph! and , seemed ,mwtww wlmgziwrsaa-,,,.4' mhenblemm PZ IWW, N 25 If 1: n ev Bl km mmyebmwquwhmmmhamdm ,2125 'mc -nsnmmznmcawhmaioruchmnm :Ta Sfifiwr 120: , W9 nbapn :wand wumameni: time. 514155591 9 9 D'g'm'u'Wm l inthecsm!arcuee,Wny1nmaoondxatamnSnguuel " AMNWMWNWWRKM mm 1593 WDW? , www anMm,'rm'mjmpnym1mwupmunmmua. vifhMMnuwdfw'mw:oinx Mmm 901' Amffwm 9131 wmramammxumnmfwnhqmmwsmlrmyunmm wsww-Mamdwwdlwrmwith -'ulvwi 4000 HNQWTMALSW-in-199929 liwtiupvmlivnfmdmwnvgtnhdnahuuvmaibngiqgd 31P0fT2NN5df9U1'5f8i8ES1'4Yitf 9519 Q mxmumkmmamgmmmnammnpmnuu a1m,u,11kd1pu-wdnfmwmasfufff gig: dwfnrgkhvidany. pwmammmmmmilwmau. gtkmm 5 M- l"nlk:vaingnm1bai'iz1zaudnc'Kflt!3wl'7! 4139 w ,.... I., ,, wid dmmmed Gm in W Swammn dwwmad gud Nw, mmm in nd, Dinan 1 0 O I ""' 1-.z e dmgmmd Etmthfcsn , W 'N 540410 mmbfwf 3 13 5 Kwcheler puma by ....-.....................- umm Winn! gg 1 3 Q bm., dgcuiamd by Bead, Anokag Z 3 afxmmu 1: , 4 ,, 2 'r Maman mn sb ey :ieeuswned by Qmhun' 1 37 if A 7 N decisio Muguu' 3 1: ugiafn A decisirmcd We 5""m-'Km' 103 M ef: Hagen decixi News 8 10 M 113 1- . cieei.-:ioned Jacoin CROWN wfgnl- 1 pinned by Lmden' my H S m Andaman ' 133 M P lmrfi. ' , 133 Lin l'.Iff..H.f'lEl..D Iii -M Vim fel! bs:-ftthff derhoim ' wks as we 154 J, ' 3 at the ' boys Ewa, 155 W. Q33 ' new battle mx' - - - Budd lost to R. umm V Tim Heavy .W .3 ' ,Q 3331.4 103 -D D112 pinned NL Jvblfwfb Mound against V 112 -- Klum :lecisdoned Mable- 165 -M Nelwn pinned Wayzata Park ngxinrt MQHAWKS ENQQK 05-jr 111111 mera, Heavy - Johnson decidorsai ha ks muh Excelsior. Mghawk Krapplms wok Qu, gg, 133 - Thomas decisicmed Hebron. Anderson, ? 0 W HMI lflhiiikl? in the Ll-ke Cm- - f f - - -' f!fQDDE are as ollowli' Cloud Tech eleven as ihey triuxn- 0 plied over vbzix' mxtmcn 21-MS, ' 3. Tn! W L Pd T T mamma 9 1 soo , . royans Hp xupnm s z mo k m Lxkes Food Musa: Mm """" 'M' ' MW' SU fm PM 5 S M re' u Q M h ks 28 Bdinniive Im4YebrnlryB,toi:he Mauna 4 5 Aw A 0 " funn uf 47-40 in iii: lx!inx"s 'XB' Exmmn, 5 7 fm Food Sports a, A 1 , mm Wm Q 1 Q .M , ' Wgyxamns Tmjams won hd! gm, gnu, . Hnignunulfbesnsnnudwygngwg-am, Hiram, M gdm,m,," Lg M vm Citrix- edged aut Mmmsfx Muhmwh BLR, Wim eleven My, on an bmw at ,, , -I ,V an 'Ibma February 16, on the fQ!'1!'xl home 'Wmdnumn sounds more ' D U f' Mama UW' dine, ,dm to an gwmwg, W S egg Wayzata, at fame mm, heiri x gm kqghhxgi I Although ms mal mmm 4 2.22514 - H uw pcfmt advwf-11311, but m the closing upped their may E-5,::,::g3,,,,: ,-,-- - sas ' mxnutes of time last quarter Kd X QA'- wmmg be Pijhkgdfl gm awww and ml., Olsson mx In ,KM mg,f"',.,,Qf ami it has snack vii ., - -. me for six mmm 'pigs' which hrwght EWU' Latina. Guntlil gmail Raw!! playa , , ,i Y Y, K may tc: ayiiia i rd, mer Brmdeaburin Zgrggmu i3:wil3:1,ski'x + I 5 H553 than put in New ire: thmws md far ui an feremae, ali ngtrponefutx f Q .... if Z xxgatwgumadsledtomsrinttwilxlegmhins gym gm mom he wiv nip ""H"1"f' N ' fx fi pf fp :ni www 'fm 'nomw X Vw' v Mfdwn 23 Z 3 5 s 4 Lumix in the Fink oi .- R25 Hvrhkshxfiifgl 335013 3 0 1 4 4 5 Each mcrmixu? bf PBC?-'Sf ' " i,sEQig4Qii21',M'ffM ii Scmgcw 3 ii 2 5 2 .I iuneh, and he really packs f J 1' M 'A ,Q high Knvssm G I 2 1 W L be-May he hwzl six aandwi I lemons? Sizncrlz 3 g gr 3 v B 1 bum Of WWW' hal! 5' h W Si' 1 2 4 4 5 3 ietmce, :wo rolls. as blk! af ,v fha nbos. Lfiiemn V 2 2 0 6 Bob Lewis 4 5 chip-5, four :xr five sticks nf . alsoqikeg LQ go Wiwgow Q TOTALS - 1 - - 1.1 5 13 23 Hugbow d 0 . and in Qupie of candy bmw. 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Under the guiding hand of Mr. Ed Behmler, the Mound batmen chalked up a good average in the l949 season despite a late start because of a muddy Held. Mr. Maurice Tuman, coach of the junior high, lead his junior batmen through their season of four games with a fair average. Because of lost copy, this will have to suffice. If interested in further details, see Mr. Bemhler or Mr. Tuman. Page Sixty-two Baseball Jr. High Row 1 - Mr, Soderlnud mann, J. Miller. Row2 - P. Kline, J Courtney. R. Hayes, G Watts. Row 3 -- J. May, K. Nord Row 4 - G. Bunting, A Gunderson, L. Maas, D Brand, V. Krotzer, D Hieghts, B. Marsten. Bruce Storup, L. Chap- CINDERMEN TAKE TU TI-IE TRACK Upper Upper Lower Lower left-G. Mason and D. Kragthorne lean for Mound. right - R. Bates leaps for a place in the high jump tallies, left - F. Roycraft breaks string to take a first for Mound. right 7 J. Van der Hagen dashes through string to take another first for Mound. April 22-Robbinsdale 72, Mound 38, Deephaven 3. April 26--Mound 66, U. High 50. April 29--Mound 675, Excelsior 58, Wayzata 32, Deephaven 235. 5-Robbinsdale 365, Mound 26, Park 23, Excelsior 21, U. High 16, Hopkins 9, Wayzata 55, Waconia 5, Deephaven May May May 7 12 May 20 24 May May 28 4, Bloomington 4. -Carleton Relays Third place. -Mound 68, Excelsior 418, Wayzata 37, Deephaven 19. -District-Robbinsdale 60, Mound 325, Excelsior 265, U. High 26. -Mound 57, Anoka 56. -Regional--Mound first place. Jr. High Track Mr. Tuman, J. Miller, V. Brandenburg, L. Hallet, E. Lemmer- man, V. Kootzer, G. Watts, H. Holm, D. Pfeilsticker, R. Wood, R. Bates. Page Sixty-three 1 1 Page Sixty-foul YOSTS remodeled Drug Store features Well-equipped soda foun- tain, Where Mound High gang dis- cuss happenings of the day. Compliments to 1950 Graduating Class from Scherven Bros. Standard Service 24 hour Towing Service Minnetonka Ambulance Service O. Compliments of STYNER 8: SON Maple Plain Make our Barber Shop Your Shop. Go to the Shop across the street. You are always Welcome. A. L. Gooder, Prop. Mound Compliments to Graduating Class of 1950 from MOUND TAXI Phone Mound 172 SCHERVEN'S GROCERY Fresh Meats and Vegetables Phone Mound 215 Island Park Page Sixty-fiv Compliments of White Bakery , Compliments to the 1950 Graduating Class From Jackson's Service Station Mound wayzaia 263 Beach 264 Congratulations to the C0mP1i1'1'1eUf5 of 1950 Graduating Class from Minnetonka Cafe Thor Thompson's Conoco Service Mound' Mmnesoia Fountain Service and Bus Terminal Thompson O11 Company Telephone 84 Prop. Roy L. Harriman Beach 9 Compliments of MINNETONKA HERALD Wayzata Thanks to Gordon Haga Studios Northern Engraving Minnetonka Herald A. J. Dahl Bookbinders for the 1950 MOHIAN Page Sixty-six T I i 4 Compliments of Glen Isle Amusement Center Mound, Minnesota Follow the crowd to the Mound Super Valu Page Sixty-seven Mound's newest grocery is the RED OWL, located across the street from school where it's convenient to shop for your Mom before you go home from school. Up-to-date Self Service is featured with excellent meat department on the Way round. HOUsEwARE HARDWARE PAINTS TELEVISION CDAST-TO-COAST ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS LEONARD REFRIGERATORS MOUND. MINNESOTA TEL. 259 Page Sixty-eight -u l 4 1 l K R Lake Dry Cleaning Co. Dry Cleaners Telephone Furriers Mound 205 Launderers Beach 4 Compliments cf J. R. CLARK CO. Compliments of SPRING PARK HARDWARE Compliments of WARHOL DRUG School Supplies Cosmetics Mound 103 Big Store Value, Small Store Cost is the motto of NAVARRE SUPER VALU at Jackson's Corners Dependable and courteous service will satisfy your wants. You can always rely on this newspaper for complete, unbiased reporting of all the news. Our interests are yours and our efforts are for community progress and developments. Read the PILOT regularly. PILOT PRINTING Mound, Minnesota Page Sixty-nine THE STATE BANK OF MOUND II. C. LAUMANN, Vice President LUCY KOEHLER DICK, Cashier R. C. DICK, Viee President ELEANOR KOEIILER, Ass't Cashier AND THE STATE BANK OF MOUND INSURANCE AGENCY Oivned by and Operated in the Interest of Residents of Mound, St. Bonifaeius, Island Park, Spring Park, and surrounding territory. THE ONE STOP FINANCIAL SERVICE STATION Thirty-seven Years Most Satisfactory Service Under the Same Management Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone: Office - Mound 40 Page Seventy MIN NETONKA'S FINEST 9 ' 'Q-Supreme Quality" ICE CREAM Take some home today! Congratulations to the "Class of 1950" with all good wishes for the Future. When in need of good appliances or of an electrical or plumbing contractor REMEMBER Sigfred Anderson Sons. Inc. Maple Plain. Minn. Compliments to Graduating Class of 1950 from MOUND HARDWARE State Bank of Maple Plain Forty-tive Years of Service to the Public Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page Seventy-one Mel Jensen's Pure Oil Service tor Boats and Cars Beach 284 Congratulations to the 1950 Graduates of Mound High School The Markson Co. Modern, well-equipped, conveniently located are the Ford, with its 1950 title for style, is a favorite around characteristics of BROECKERTS FOOD MARKET. Mound, After you get your new Ford from FINLEYS, Quality is, the by-word here, and quality talks. bring it back home for service. Page Seventy-two

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