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MOHIAN MOUND, MINNESOTA 1944DEDICATION We dedicate this book to the men and women of this community who, as members of our armed forces, are giving their time, their abilities, and even their lives to preserve for us our American way of life. Editor L. L. KRANTZ Superintendent of Schools We wish to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Krantz for his enthusiastic leadership and his friendliness and sincere interest in the welfare of the student body. I. M. JULSRUD Senior High Principal We seniors shall remember our high school principal as both a true friend and faithful adviser. MRS. C. JOHNSON Junior High Principal The whole school knows her for her friendliness and energetic leadership.FACULTY First Row: Miss Farrell, Miss Linde. Mrs. Dahle. Mrs. Erickson. Second Row: Mr. Loomer, Miss Culler, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Edlund, Mr. Fesko. Third Row: Mr. Julsrud, Miss Law, Miss La Pray. Mrs. McCuskey, Mr. Kepke. Fourth Row: Mr. Miltich, Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Schneider. BOARD OF W. A. Cooper—President John G. Maclean—Treasurer L. C. Dodds- Clerk EDUCATION G. H. Plant- Board J. F. Partington--Board Harold W. Foght--Board STUDENT COUNCIL Soated: Mr. Julsrud, Doloros Noron. lean Cavanaugh, Betty Nelson. Standinq: Alfred Gale, Paul Lindholm, Robert Keckhaier. Not Pictured: Horbort Ovall. Edward Welland. This year the Student Council sponsored the War Bond and Stamp Drive which netted a jeep lor the school. The council was under the leadership of the following officers: Paul Lindholm. President; Alfred Gale, Vice-President; and Delores Noren, Secretary-Treasurer. During the school year Edward Weiland, who was also a member, left for the Army Air Corps.@C z ie s,SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Miss Taylor. Virginia Johnson, Ronald Sundborg, Mr. Wilcox PRESIDENT.............................EDWARD WEI LAND VICE PRESIDENT______________________.RONALD SUNDBERG SECRETARY-TREASURER..................VIRGINIA JOHNSON Motto: "We accept the challenge. Color: Crimson and gold Flower: White rosebuds Valedictorian: Lois Peterson Salutatorian: Virginia LindquistDan Andresen—‘ Henry" Wrestling, I -2-3-4: Band, 1-2. "Woll-1-1. It’s llko this, and-a." loyco Batson Jr. Class Play, 3; Sr. Class Play. 4; Declamation, 3; Dramatic Club, 2; Lens and Shutter Club, 1; Chorus 1. "I shall b© like that tree. I shall die at the top." Elvera Bentz "Quiet, thoughtful, and reserved, but friendly as they come.” Raymond Bentz "Men of few words are the best men." lean Beyer Entered from Rockford in 1943; Chorus. 4. “She hides a koon mind capable of excellent ideas." Bette Bowers Mohian. 4; Broadcastor, 4; Pep Club, 4: Chorus, 4; Operotta, 4: G.A.A., 3. "Bette is prepared for come-what-may." Bonnie Brach Mohian. 4; Broadcaster. 3; Pep Club. 2-4; Etta Kotts. 1; Chorus 1-2-3-4; Glee Club. 1-2-3; Cantata, 3; Operetta, 1-4. "It Isn't the years you lived— but the miles you've traveled.” Kathorino Birkeland—"Kay" Pep Club. 4; Etta Kotts. Vice Pres., 1; Chorus, 1-2-3-4; Glee Club, 1-2-3; Operetta. 4; G.A. A.. 3. "She strives to conquer—will she succeed?" Wilhma Bowman—“Willie" Broadcaster, 3-4: Declamation. 1-2-3; Dramatic Club, 2-3; Band, 1-2; Chorus, 1-2-3; Glee club. 1-2: Sr. Class Play, 4. "Her main object in life is to be heard." Irene Bryant—“Renio" Declamation. 2; Dramatic Club, 2-3: Lens and Shutter Club, 1; Home Ee. Club Pres. 1; Band 12-3. “White in hoart and white in uniform.” Annie Byerly Entered from Vocational in 1943. "You can’t stop me from dreaming." Thomas Cavanaugh—“Tom" Chorus. 1-2-3; Boys Octette. 2; Oporetta, 4. "The best thing we can call him is a 'wolf'."Muriel Christiansen—"Myrt" Mohian, 4: Broadcaster, 4; Sr. Class Play, 4; Pep Club. 4; Etta Kelts, Treas. 1; Chorus, 1-2-3: Girls' Gloe Club. 1-2-3; Cantata, 3; Operetta, 1; G. A. A.. 3. ■ Patience is the key to contentment.” Lenora Condon—"Lenny” Broadcastor, 3-4: Pop Club, 2-3 4; Chorus. 2-3. "Enough said." John Condon—"Johnny” Wrestling. 12-3-4; Baseball 3-4: "M” Club. 2-3-4; Sr. Class Play, 4. "Rugged little wrestler." Mary Jane Covert Broadcaster. 3-4: Mohian. 4; Pop Club. 2 3-4. "I do what I do carefully." Daryl Cox—"Dutchess" Basketball, 4; Wrestling, 4; Track. 4. "Ladies, Beware!” Donald Cox—"Donny" Football, 4. "Blushing is the color of virtue." Joan Dalo Entered from Central in 1943; Broadcaster. 4; Sr. Class Play, 4; Doclamation. 4; National Honor Society. 3. "Whistler's [daughter." Germaine Eder Pop Club, 3-4. "Friendship is the key to happiness." Stanley Gallup Vice Pres. 1; Band. 2; Chorus, 2 3-4: Glee Club. 2-3. "It is better to bo small and shine than to be large and cast a shadow." Leonard Dittrich—"Lenny” Baseball, 2-3-4. "Leonard is shy but friendly with all." John Friden—"Johnny” Football. 4; Basketball, 1-2-3 4: "M” Club, 4; Dramatic Club, 2-3: Chorus, 1-2-3-4. "Oh, Johnny, how you can love!" Mary Go bo—"Gobe” Broadcaster, 1 3, Editor, 4; Sr. Class Play. 4: Jr. Class Play. 3; Student Council, 2; Pep Club. 4; Etta Kelts, 1; Band. 1-2-3; Chorus, 1-2-3; Octette. 1-2; Sextette, 4. "Thero is lot of fun in this world, il you know how to find it."Elayno Geldort Broadcaster, 3-4; Mohian, 4; Dramatic Club, 3: Pep Club, 4; Chorus, 1-2-3; Glee Club, 1-2-3; Malorotto, 3-4; G.A.A., 3; Etta Ketts, 1. "Let us live as we live." William Hankee Basketball. 1-2-3-4; Football. 1-2-3-4; Track, 1 -2-3-4; Sr. Class Play. 4; "M" Club. 1-2-3 4; Band. 1-2. "Prince of the Pink Palace." Bettyo Hagg Pep Club, 4; Etta Ketts. 1; Band, 1-2-3; Chorus. 1; G.A.A., 3. "I like navy blue." Alice Hardt Chorus. 4. "She takos duckings but never stays down long." Paul Hedin Broadcaster, 2; Baskotball, 1; Track, 3; Wrestling, 1-3; Dramatic Club. 2. ’Tm not in the role of a common man." Katherine Hohl Mohian, 3; Broadcaster. 2-3-4; Jr. Class Play. 3; Sr. Class Play, 4; Pep Club. 4: Etta Kotts, 1; Band. 1-2-3 Chorus, 1-2; Octotto. 1; Soxotte, 4. "With her head in the sky." Priscilla Jenkins Broadcaster. 3-4; Jr. Class Play, 3; Pep Club, 4; Etta Ketts. 1; Band, 1-2-3; Chorus, 1-2-3; Glee Club, 1-2-3; Soxotte. 1-2-3-4. "There's no wisdom like frankness." Virginia Johnson—’’Johnny" Broadcaster. 1-3-4; Student Council. 3; Sec.-Treas., 3-4; Chorus. 1-2-3; Glee Club. 1-2-3: Cantata. 3. "It’s nice to be natural when you're naturally nico." Marvin Henning Wrestling, 2-4. "His ability to work is enough.' Theron Hokanson Mohian. 2-3-4: Broadcaster. 2-3-4; Basketball. 4: Football. 1-2-3-4; Track. 2; "M" Club. 4; Band. 1-2-3; Sr. Class Play, 4. "Ho novor overlooks possibilities." Lois Johnson Dramatic Club, 3: Chorus, 1-2-3. "She sits, she thinks, she's smart." Jeanette Kline Pep Club, 2-3; Lens and Shutter Club, 1. "A merry heart goes all day.”Emma Klonne—"Cyclonne" Entered from Wayzata in 1943: Mohian, 4: Pep Club. 4. “Whose little body lodged a mighty mind.” Rosemary Krueqer—“Rosy” Pep Club, 4: Chorus, 1-2-3-4: Etta Kelts, 1: Glee Club, 1-2-3; Operetta, 2-4. “The story was told as 1 heard it.” Delrose Koch Student Council, 1; Dramaiic Club, 2: Pep Club, 2: Lens and Shutter Club. 1. “Some say sho is quiet, but there are others who know." William Layman—“Buster" Basketball, 4; Football, 2-4; Baseball 2-3-4; "M" Club. 4; Sr. Class Play. 4; Chorus. 3. “I want to bo bashful, but the girls won't let me." Paul Lindholm—"Pop" Basketball. I-2-3-4; Football. 1- 2- 3-4: Track, 1-2-3-4: Basoball, 4: "M" Club. 2-3-4; Student Council. 3-4, Pres. 4; National Honor Society, 3: Broadcaster. 3- 4; Chorus, 3. “What's in height if you use your head." Virginia Lindquist—“Jinny" Mohian, 3-4: Broadcaster, 3-4: Declamation. 1-4; National Honor Society. 3; Etta Kelts, 1; Chorus, 1-2-3; Glee Club, 1-2-3; Sexette, 2-3-4; Operetta. 1: Cantata, 3. “The very peak of perfection." Adeline Lowe Etta Kelts, 1; Chorus. 1-2; Operetta. 1. “How far that little candle throws her beam." Patricia Machtemes—"Pat” Pep Club. 3-4. "To know hor is to love her. Hoover Lindlan—"Pat" Football. 1-2; Wrestling, 4; Track. 3; Band, 1. “A Playboy at heart." Mary Jo Linquist Sr. Class Play. 4; Jr. Class Play. 3; Dramatic Club, 3; Pep Club. 4; Etta Kelts, 1; Chorus, 1-2-3; Glee Club. 1-2-3. “JVopared for all things." Dorothy Logsdon Mohian. 2-4: Broadcaster, 1-4; Jr. Class Play. 3; National Honor Society, 3: Declamation. 1; Dramatic Club. 2-4; Pep Club. 3; Etta Kotts, 1; Chorus. 1-3-4; Glee Club, 1-3; Oporotta, 4. “I resolve to grow fat and look young till forty." Patricia Nagel—"Patty" Mohian, 4; Broadcaster, 4; Pop Club, 2-3-4; Chorus, 4. "Neatness is an ornament to good work."Delor©9 Noren—“Dolly" Mohian, 4: Broadcaster, 4; Stu-dont Council, See. 4; Band. 1-2-3; Chorus. 1 2; Pep Club, 4; Etta Kelts, Pres. I. “Just a natural Incendiary.” Nell Palmer Mohian, 4: Broadcaster, 4; Football, 4; Baseball. 2-3-4; “M” Club. 3-4; Pres. 3; Wrestling. 1-2-3-4. “Every man is a maker ol his own fortune." Lois Peterson Mohian, 4; Broadcaster, 4; Chorus, 2-3-4; Operetta, 4. “A demure damozol." Otto Ouaas “Quiet and unassuming.' Herbert Rosch—"Herb” Football, 1-2-3-4; “M“ Club. 2-3-4. “Wise men say nothing in dangerous limes." Margaret Ryan Pop Club, 1-4; Chorus, 4; Op eretta, 4. “Happy-Go-Lucky." Lois Ruble Mohian, 3; Editor, 4; Dramatic Club. 2; Pop Club, 4; Band. 1-2-3; Chorus. 1-2; Operetta, 1. "Short—but oh my goodness.” Marie Sames Pep Club, 2-3; Lens and Shutter Club, 1; Chorus, 4; Glee Club, 4; Operetta, 4. "Doing good i3 a good life." Myron Segner—“Bud” Baseball. 1-2-3-4; Football, 1 -4: Wiestling, 4 “M“ Club, 2-3-4. “Goodbye, worry.” Thomas Sorenson—“Tom" Football, 2-3-4; Jr. Class Play, 3. "School is a necessary evil." Frederick Soule—“Fritz" Wrestling. 1 -2-3-4; Football Manager, 3-4; "M" Club, 1-2-3-4; Sr. Class Play, 4; Broadcaster, 4; Band, 1-2. "God mado him, therefore let him pass for a man." Glenn Styner—"Bud" Mohian. 4; Broadcaster, 3-4; Football. 1-2-4; Wrestling, 1-2-4; ”M“ Club, 4; Studont Council, 1-2, Pres. 1; Class Pres., 2; Sr. Class Play, 4; Dramatic Club. 2-3: Chorus. 2-3. "Steadiness is admirable."Shirley Syhl Broadcaster, 4; Pep Club, 3-4; Etta Ketts, 1; Band, 1-2-3; Chorus, 1-2; Gleo Club, 1-2; Operetta ,1; G.A.A., 3. "Doesn't this open your eyes?" Lola Ziegler Etta Ketts, 1; Chorus, 2-3. "This has gone far enoughl” Gloria Swanson Attended Central During 1942; Pep Club. 2-4. "She loves but who?" Laura Vigen Entorod from Fisher High School in 1942; Pep Club, 4; Band. 2-3: Majorette, 2-3-4. "There’s a groat deal cf mischief under her calm exterior.” Richard Alhberg—"Dick" Football, 1-2-3-4, Capt. 4; V resiling, 1-2-3 4, Capt. 4: "M” Club. 2-3-4. "I'm Alhberg, spelled with an H." "GRADUATING SERVICE MEN" Keith Drysdale—"Blitz" Football. 1-2-3-4; Baseball. 1-2-3. Entored Army Air Corps in December. John Skinner—"Johnny" Football. 1-2-3-4; Basketball, 1-2-3-4; Track. 1-2-3; "M" Club. 2-3-4. Entered the Army Infantry in December. Charles Jackson—"Shorty” Football. 1-2-3-4: Basketball, 1-2-3-4; "M" Club, 2-3-4; Dramatic Club, 2-3; Mohian. 3; Broadcaster, 3-4: Jr. Class Play. Entered the Army Air Corps in January. Edward Welland—"Eddy" Football, 1-2-3-4; Basketball, 3-4; Baseball, 2-3; Dramatic Club. 2-3; "M" Club. 4; Mohian, 2-3; Broadcaster, 2-3-4; Jr. Class Play; Sr. Class Pres. Entorod the Army Air Corps in December."You're in the Service Now!" These are ihe men that answered Uncle Sam's call, who otherwise would have been with us as seniors. Sioux Bickley Loren Boehner Kenneth Chapman Keith Drysdale Charles Jackson William Johnson Bob Jones Bill Katzmark Jim Reilly John Skinner Edward Wei landFirst Row: M. Bleehschmidt, R. Laumnnn. B. Chapman. O. Lcmmerman. V. Liljevall. A. Logelin. L. Johnston. R. Carbon. M Ham Iton. Second Row: K. Dean. E. Johnson. J. Kohmann. J. Anderson. I. Kluge. R. Geldert. J. Arens. C. Loroas, M. Luetgers. D. Hanft. Third Row: H. Graeber. F. Arens. R. Donovan. R. Kullbcrs. R. Holmquist. G. Larson. Fourth Row: J. Clark. A. Gale. W. Carlson. C. Eckdahl. K Ess. E. Johnson. G. Dodds. R. Johnson. "WILL THEY UPHOLD OUR REPUTATION?" The Junior Class has marked eleven eventful years. Probably their biggest achievement was their class play, "Foot-loose.'' The class was under the capable direction of Mrs. Edlund and Mrs. Erickson. Their officers were Jerry Dodds, President; Walter Peterson, Vice-President; and Elaine Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer. Their representatives in the Student Council were Betty Nelson. Herb Ovall. and Alfred Gale. First Row: B. Nelson. D. Muldner. G. Nelson. A. Wood. D. Trottier. Second Row: G. Marshall. B. Throolin. N. Meyer. E. Zabnck. M. Rosch. G. OeflUng. E. Peterson. Third Row: K. Sknret. R. Swan. W. Peterson. J. Peterson. R. Swanson, C. Pope. A. Pettit. Fourth Row: N. Maas. E Peterson. S. Pool. R. Robertson. J. Roycraft. P. Pierce. H. Peterson. W. Mills. H. Pool.First Row: R. Beecher. L. Fredin. C. Daley. P. Chrlstofcrson. J. Jones. M Arens. M. Anderson. E Arens. Second Row: M. Eder. P. Kohmnnn. M. Carlson. J. Cavanaugh. T Gabrlclson. M Iverson. W. Boll. I. Koch, L. Haglund. E. Carlson. Third Row: D, Blork. D. Aeshlimnn. T. Klaers. L. Koecheler. W. Hagg, G. Cloybaugh. H. Kohmnnn. E Kohnen. N. Hlgus. D. Block. R. Keckhafer. Fourth Row: L. Cast. G. Geyen. J. Gothmann, W. Koch. R. Erickson. D. Herum. D. Blat helm. F. Groschcn. D. Bryant. R. A. Johnson. A Anderson. F. Koecheler. J. Bryce "WILL THEY UPHOLD OUR TRADITION?" The Sophomore Class of 1944. with the beginning of the school year, met and chose officers for the following term. After a small struggle, the sophomores came out of the resulting cloud-of-dust with De Loi Herum as class president, Shirley Torgerson as vice-president, and Janet Jones as secretary. Jean Cavanaugh and Bob Keckhafer received honors in becoming the sophomore representatives on the Student Council. The class has breezed through the year with few unusual mishaps and placed one of our members, Gerald Geyen, as a state champion in wrestling. We all hope the class can keep up the great work in their coming years at Mound. First Row: R. Scheldt. B. Sexton. J. Slchenedcr. G. Sames. S. Torgerson, V. Peterson. N Noren. E. Peterson. V. Swanson. M Reedy. Second Row: E. Pettit. V. Lem merman. B. Mueller. T. Murphy. M. Mills. D. McCarthy. I. .aback. J. Nichols. M. Periw. B. Schmidt. R. Lindstrom. Third Row: G. Rasmussen. S. Stuckmeyer. B. Lindquist. D. Scherven. D. Lundstrom. B Morgan. B. Pettit. M. O'Connell. S. Nagel. T. McArdle. R. Olson. J. Locw. Fourth Row: D. Messer. J. Sorenson. H. Linden. E McKown. J. Scruton, W. Lindholm. R. Whittaker. D. Olson. S. Simonson. F. Major. B Plank. R. Werner. L. Segner.Front Row: J. Klckhafer. S. Hamilton. E. Knudson. D. Fries. J Eden. K. Fitzpatrick. E. Kullberg. B. Jacobs. Second Row: K. Bjork. M King. L. Gruettc. E. Bccchcr. R. Kepke. E. Beecher. P Engle. J Graeber. B Hill. Third Row: R. Jaspers. Y. Arnold. J. Harrison. R. Iacono. J. Goodman. F. Geyen. D. Dodds. J. Boll. R Johnson. Fourth Row: G. Hokanson. P. Heidcman. S Allen. J. King. A. Hastings. C. Harrlman. H. Bacrt. B Bartel. W. Bittner. GREEN NOW BUT NOT FOREVER We are very proud of the Freshman Class of 1944 for the active part they have taken in our school activities. These activities included sports, (with our own Junior High cheerleaders), band, chorus, and the school newspaper, the Broadcaster. May they live up to their great promise of leadership. Front Row: B. Volkenant. Z. Palmer. E. Bronson. E. Undcrdahl. I. Sknret. D. Drysdalc. D. Koecheler. E. Vogelgesang. E Sickeneder. Second Row; E Pearson. L. Nash. M. Linden. M Wolff. A. Welland. G. Splcttstaeszer. R. Schumacker. A. Olson. D. Robertson. Third Row: J. Overby. T Ogland. L Mensc. R DeCamp. J. Mason. L Logelin. J Thurk. J. May. E Whittaker. M Soule. A. Schilling. B O'Donnell. P Welland Fourth Row: J. Sclslow. J. Segner. L. Woken. L. Pettit. J. Russ. R Peterson. R O'Donnell. R. McCurdy. W. Jackson. V. Marsh. J Hawkins. G McArdle"MUSIC MAKERS" Mr. Miltich deserves much credit for building our band to a higher peak than it has reached for many years. The enrollment of the band has slowly crept up to the rather surprising number of forty-seven. Among members of the band and Mr. Miltich, many good bonds of friendship were made; and when he left because of poor health, his loss was felt very much by members of both the band and orchestra. This year the band has done much to improve the school spirit with both their music and cheers at the football and basketball games. During the football season the band was there at every home game in uniform to keep the spirit of our team up. They also played at many school programs including the class plays. During the last three months of school the band held regular practices without Mr. Miltich. It played for several programs and also the sub-district tournament. The band deserves much credit, not only for its fine school spirit and pep, but also for the way in which it has kept together during the last few months of school under the student supervision of Elaine Johnson."MUSICAL MOMENTS" The Orchestra is one organization that not many realize even exists at Mound High, but nevertheless it has been holding regular practices twice a week all year. It also survived the last three months without its director, but we look forward to the building up of the orchestra with the spirit that is being shown toward it by students in the lower grades. "HIGHSTEPPERS" This year three pretty baton twirlers have not only added pep and spirit to our football games but also a little beauty. They were present with the band at all of our football games, and the group helped to make the Homecoming celebration a real success. The majorettes are Carol Torgerson and Joan Legus with Elayne Geldert as drum major. All three have worked their hardest to give Mound high a great feature."MIXED VOICES" First Row: P. Nagel B. Brach. M. Ryan. D. I.og.sden, Miss Linde. L. Frldcn, B Bowers. R Krueger. P. ChrUtoferson. Second Row: M. Sanies. J. Slcheneder. C. Loraas. A. Hardt. R- Scheldt. M Reedy. R. Lundstrum. D. Hanft. Third Row: K. Birkelund. M. Mills, J Beyer, I. Zaback. T. Murphy. L Peterson. B. Pettit. I. Koch. Fourth Row: E Peterson. F. Frldcn. E. Johnson. J. Roycraft. W. Mills. S. Gallup After its practice sessions in Room 9 every morning, second period, the Senior High Chorus has blossomed forth with several excellent performances. At the Christmas program, the group, directed by Miss Linde, sang several beautiful choral numbers as v ell as the old, familiar carols. “White Christmas," accompanied by the band, was the climax of that program. In the Spring the lovely operetta. Rose of the Danube, was presented by the group. This is a tale of dreamy, old Europe with a movie talent scout and a producer added to make it a show not soon to be forgotten. The Chorus represented Mound at the Annual Spring Festival in May and proved a credit to ye Old Mound High. "DECLAMATION" The District Declamation Contest was held at Mound High School March 15. The contestants from Mound were: Earl Peterson. Virginia Lindquist, lames Clark, Joan Dale, and Joyce Batson. Those to receive superior ratings from Mound were Joan Dale in Manuscript Reading of "The Ballad of the Harp Weaver" and Joyce Baison in Interpretative Reading of "The Little Joke." Those who w re given superior ratings took part in the Regional contest at Hopkins High School, March 30. Joan Dale and Joyce Batson received very good ratings.Sitting: M. Gebo. M. Christ lumen. J Dale. J. Bat ion. W. Bowmen. K. Hohl. Miss Taylor. M. LlnqulM. Standing: B. Layman. J. Condon. T. Hokamon, D. Andrcsen. B liankee. F. Soule. THE LATE MR. EARLY "The Late Mr. Early” is one of the screwiest, funniest plays ever written. It was presented on our stage by the Senior Class of 1944. Don Early is a reckless young fool who doesn't know the meaning of "safety first.” He is engaged to a sweet young thing who sits at home and trembles every time he goes up in his plane. He has crashed twice, and when he comes down for the third time with his fiance's girl friend, the rest decide to teach them a lesson. They were both unconscious when the plane crashed, so the rest made Don and Doris believe they really were dead. It was a hilarious comedy. Everything turns out for the best in the end. The cast was as follows: Evelyn Clarke---------- James Clarke ........... Vera Smith_____________ Alice Sewell___________ Mark Mercer____________ Asher Crump____________ Don Early______________ Doris Hull_____________ Judge Sewell........... Selma__________________ Mrs. Hull.............. Amos Comstock__________ Joe Lincoln____________ Nora___________________ ...Wilhma Bowman _________Fritz Soule ___Mary Jo Linquist Muriel Christiansen __Theron Hokanson ....._Glenn Styner ___William Hankee _______Joyce Batson _____Dan And resen ________Mary Gebo _________Joan Dale ... William Layman ______John Condon ____Katherine Hohl The play was given on May 5, 1944. It was directed and managed by Miss Doris Taylor."FOOTLOOSE" Sitting: J. Clark. K. Dean. E. V. Peterson. W. Peterson. J. Schaumburg. R. Geldert. Standing: J. Peterson. M. Hamilton. E. Johnson. R. Kullbcrg. R. Swanson. Mrs. Edlund. G. Dodds. D. Hanft. Curtain coming up! Fourteen breathless amateurs from the junior class, under the direction of Mrs. Edlund, crossed their fingers as the play went on. Richard Early, (James Clark) who tries very hard not to be taken away by his wife, Emily Early, (Joan Schaumburg) are both persuaded to take a vacation by their four children. In their absence, Hope, (Elaine Johnson) their oldest daughter, tries to supervise the household and family. Mary (Rosanne Geldert), who is a senior in high school becomes quite fond of Jack Milford (Jerry Dodds), who is quite wordly, being a sophomore in college! But Randy Cunningham (Richard Swanson) who likes Mary, still remains true to her, and Mary eventually finds that Randy is best. Miriam Walker (Donna Hanft) is a cousin of Jack and a good friend of Mary. Dick (Earl Peterson), who is about to graduate from college and become a doctor, falls in love with Jenny Malloy (Kamilla Dean), a young girl from Art School, and the two get married. To top all of this, young Bob Early (Walter Peterson) persuades Hope to let him buy a car with his boy friend, "Buzz" Daily (James Peterson). Indignant Mrs. Forester (Marguerite Hamilton), a wealthy woman, appears on the scene, after Bob and "Buzz" have carelessly run into her Lincoln. But Sanford Welles, (Ronald Kullberg) a young attorney who has fallen in love with Hope, helps the boys out of the jam. The Early's maid, Delphie (Jean Anderson) becomes sick, and the whole responsibility falls on Hope's shoulders. Mr. and Mrs. Early arrive home just in time to see everything happily ironed out."THE ' MOHIA N' MEMORY BOOK" First Row: E. Klonne, M. Hamilton. L. Ruble. B Nelson. K.Fitzpatrick. Second Row: P. Nagel. L. Fredln. B. Chapman. E. Johnson. J. Eden. Miss Farrell. Third Row: B Bruch. M. Christiansen. M. Covert. V Lindquist. D. Logsdon. L. Peterton Fourth Row: B. Bowers. D Noren. G Styner. W. Mills, N. Palmer. R Sundberg. J Clark. T. Hokanson. "At last it's done!" Our editor heaved a deep sigh of relief as she proudly closed the covers of this Mohian 1944. The 1943-44 Mohian staff has again been a source of memories to those who make up M. C. H. S. with its halls of knowledge. The staff composed of members from all four classes, worked diligently collecting and preparing the material for this year's Mohian. In addition to the preparation, there was the matter of finances confronting the staff; but through subscriptions and candy sales, that little matter was taken care of. An improvement in this year's annual is the following of a definite theme with plate divisions. We have tried to streamline it more by stressing better picture arrangement. We of the annual staff present to you with pride this, our annual. Editor-in-Chief_____ Associate Editor ... Literary Editor----- Business Manager _ Photographic Editor Chief Typist________ Advisor_____________ _________Lois Ruble _____Elaine Johnson Marguerite Hamilton ___Theron Hokanson _________James Clark _____Elayne Geldert ........Miss Farrell"TRI-WEEKLY BROADCASTER" First Row: J. May. E. Kuilberg. M. Christensen. D. Robertson. P. Nagel. E. Ccldcrt. L. Condon. D. Logsdon- Second Row: M. Gebo. E. Johnson. M Soule. R. Gcldcrt. E. Knudson. V. Lindquist. S. Syhl. S. Torgujon. I. Kluge. Miss Farrell. Third Row: B. Styner. B. Hill. W. Bowman. M Covcrl. P. Jenkins. D. Noren. B. Bowers. L. Petersen. J. Dale. J King. Fourth Row: N. Palmer. D. Hcrum. V Peterion. T Kokam.on. J. Clark. P Lindholm. J. Dodd. F. Soule. R. Sundbcrg. A. Hastings. This is the fifth year the Mound Broadcaster has been published as a tri-weekly paper. It has now belonged to the National Scholastic Press Association for four years. Theron Hokanson, James Clark, and the advisor, Miss Farrell, represented the Broadcaster staff at the Minnesota High School Press Convention held at the University of Minnesota. Everyone has enjoyed the gossip, sports, and feature articles of this year's paper. STAFF OF 1943-1944 Editor.......................................................Mary Gebo Associate Editor_____________________________________________James Clark Business Manager —------------------------------------ Theron Hokanson Assistant----------------------------------------------------Del-oy Herum News Editor---------------------------------------------------------Ronny Sundberg Staff—Muriel Christiansen, Deloris Noren, Elayne Geldert, Donna Hanft. Dorothy Logsdon Feature Editor__________________________________________________Kay Hohl Staff___________________________ Rosanne Geldert. Elaine Johnson, Shirley Syhl Sports Editor---------------- —.....—--------------------- Paul Lindholm Staff—Glen Styner, Neil Palmer, Earl V. Peterson, Gerald Dodds, Walter Peterson Gremlin Gab--------------------Bette Bowers, Inyce Kluge, Shirley Torgerson Humor------------------------------------------------- Priscilla Jenkins Alumni--------------------------------------------------------Fritz Soule Exuse It--------------------------------------Wilhma Bowman. Joan Dale Books on Parade------------------------------------------Virginia Johnson Exchange-----------------------------------------------Virginia Lindquist Typists---------___Mary Jane Covert, Pat Nagel. Lois Peterson, J-enora CondonFirst Row: Mr. Loomcr. J. Fridcn. E. Peterson, W. Layman. K. Skarct. N. Palmer. Second Row: F Soule, D Do ids, W. Lindholm. N. Maas. B Lindquist. T. Hokanson. H. Lindlan. Third Row: H. Peterson. J K'ng. K. Evs. W. Peterson. J. Dodds. B. Styner. P. Pierce. R. Swanson. Fourth Row: D. Alhberg. B. Segner, W. Hnnkee. H Rosch, P. Lindholm. R Whittaker. T. Sorenson. R. Johnson, A. Hastings. "ON THE GRIDIRON" The Mound football season turned out successfully with four wins and two losses throughout the conference season to put us in third place. U. High and Hopkins nosed the Mohawks out of a possible championship and tied for first place. Under the guidance of Coach Loomer the boys used a single wing shifted from the "T" formation. The fake kick was used successfully against all opposing teams except Hopkins. Two of our players. John Skinner and Dick Alhberg. made the All-Conference team, and Charles Jackson and Bill Hankee made the second All-Conference team. Dick Alhberg was the captain of the team and proved very efficient as a leader. Gerald Dodds and Richard Johnson are to be Co-Captains of the '44 team. The games with U. High and Hopkins proved to be the thrillers of the season. In each case Mound was within good scoring distance when the score would have won the game for us. It was at U. High that the fake kick was used wiih such good results. The U. High boys were expecting the play, but nevertheless, Skinner went down the field to rake up a touchdown for the Mohawks. At Hopkins, we were very close to the goal line, but Hopkins' defense was too strong to penetrate.. All in all the season was played well an 1 afforded more thrilling moments for Mound than for many years before. The boys played brilliantly and displayed excellent teamwork. Of course there was that game at Stillwater, but oh, those steaks!HIGH FLYING MOHAWKS Sitting: B. Plank. B. Layman. R. Whittaker. J. Frldcn. J. Dodds. P. Lindholm. B. Hankee. D Rlatzhcim. F. Major. R. Kullberg- Standlng: Mr. Loomer. P. Pierce. W. Peterson. T. Hokanson. A Hastings. J. Ro craft. W. Bittner. E. Johnson. W. Lindholm. D. Scherven. D. Dodds. H. Peterson. Mound’s Mohawks finished their basketball season in fourth place in the Lake Conference standings for the 1943-44 season. The team had hard luck all through the season -every game they lost, but one. they lost by four points or less. Charles Jackson and John Skinner, two of the starting five, left for the army when the season was still young. The toughest defeat of the season came when U. High played Mound at Mound. Mound led the whole game, but just as the gun went off ending the game, with the score 37-36 in Mound's favor, a U. High player was fouled. He was given two free throws, and made them both, giving U. High the victory. In the subdistrict tournament Mound played Wayzata and had little trouble winning. This placed Mound in the district tournament. Mound had to play Chaska, the Valley Conference champs, and came through with their first close win of the season 28-26. In the semifinals Mound played Hopkins and lost only after giving Hopkins a tough fight. Watertown won the consolation game from Mound, thus placing Mound in fourth place in the district. John Friden was chosen captain for the season. Paul Lindholm, who was high scorer for the conference, was chosen all conference and all district. The final standings and scores for the season are as follows: Team Won Lost Ave. Park .16 Mound 28 11 1 .917 Wayzata .20 Mound 32 ..10 2 .833 Robbinsdale .33 Mound 47 U. High .. 7 5 .714 Hopkins .25 Mound 21 5 7 .417 Excelsior .32 Mound 31 . 5 7 .417 St. Louis Park .27 Mound 32 4 8 .333 Hopkins - .28 Mound 26 o 12 .000 Wayzata .20 Mound 38 U. High .48 Mound.. 24 Robbinsdale — .29 Mound 27 U. High .38 Mound 37 Excelsior -41 Mound 37First Row: B. Keckhafer, A. Pettit, F. Soule. N. Palmer. D. Alhberg. M. Segner. E. Geyen, E. V. Peterson. K. Skaret. R. Incono. Second Row: H. Grnebcr. H. Bnert, J. King. D. Bryant. G. Styner. J. Sclslow. A. Throolln Third Row: R. Johnson. J. Goodman. H. Pool. W. Koch. M. Henning, W. Mills. B. Brockomcyer. Mr. Wilcox. GRUNT AND GROANERS The 1943-44 wrestling squad was a high caliber group under the watchful eye of Coach Wilcox. Led by their captain, Dick Alhberg, they won seven dual matches and lost one at the hands of Robbinsdale. The District meet was held at Mound on February 24; and after a close race. Robbinsdale took the District 18 Championship, scoring 36 points to Mound's 31, while Wayzata placed third, St. Louis Park fourth, and U. High fifth. Mound, however, produced five individual champs in the persons of: John Condon. 120 lbs.; Fritz Soule, 127 lbs.; Gerald Geyen, 145 lbs.; Neil Palmer, 154 lbs.; and Dick Alhberg, heavyweight. The next week these same squads met at Robbinsdale in the Regional meet. Here the Mohawks took revenge for the defeat in the District meet and beat the Robbins 44-42. Robbinsdale qualified eight men for the State meet however, and Mound had seven. The Mohawks had four champs there, they being: Condon, 120 lb3.; Soule. 127 lbs.; Geyen, 145 lbs.; and Alhberg. heavyweight. Iacono, Palmer, and Segner placed second also qualifying for the State meet. The State meet was held on March 10-11 at the University of Minnesota Field House. Here, also, the Mohawks gave a good account of themselves, the winner being in doubt until the end. The final standings gave Robbinsdale th3 title with 36 points and Mound second with 31. There were three champs on the Mound squad; Geyen. 145 lbs.; Palmer, 154 lbs.; and Ahlberg, heavyweight. Myron Segner placed second in 165 lbs. and Condon and Soule finished third in their classes. Five boys on the first squad are graduating. They are Condon, Soule. Palmer, Segner, and Ahlberg. December 3 December 14 - Park 16 Mound.- 29 __24 January 7__ 14 Mound.. 22 January 21 11 Mound .31 February 4 -. 14 Mound 18 February 9 U. High 10 Mound 33 February 11 34 Mound.. -.6 February 18 U. High ... 6 Mound 36"WHO'S ON FIRST" First Row: C. Harrimnn. J. McArdle. J. Russ, D. Dodds. R. Peter r on. R. Johnson. D. Ufrick. J. Overby. W. Bettner. Second Row: L. Ditterick. E. V. Peterson. N. Palmer. W. Layman. P. Pierce. R. Swanson. J Condon. R Kullberg. W. Mills. Third Row: Mr. Loomer. A. Hasting . A. Anderson. H. Ovali. W. Lindholm. D. Tlmpc. G. Larson. K. ESS. A. Pettit. M. Scgner. BASEBALL Prospects for the baseball season of 1944 were mediocre with the return of only two letter-men, these being Kenneth Ess and Myron Segner. Pitching duties were handled by Buster Layman, a reserve of last year’s squad. The squad lost Keith Drysdale, a pitcher, to the Armed Forces. TRACK The track season looked very glum at the start with the losing of John Skinner and Kenneth Chapman to the Armed Forces. Bill Hankee, Paul Lindholm, and Gerald Dodds are the only returning trackmen. Lindholm and Hankee will handle the weights with Dodds figuring in the dashes. Sitting: H. Poole. H Grabcr. W. Jackson. Second Row: R McCurdey. J. Roycraft, J. Dodds. W. Koch. P. Lindholm. R Whittaker. F Koeckler. D. Ahlberg. W. Hankee. Third Row: R. Iacono. G. Hokanson. H. Baert. S. Poole. R Olson. D. Cox. W. Simon. O. Quaas. J. Goodman. K. Bjork. Mr. Wilcox. "CINDER PUSHERS"Cheerleaders: N. Higut. S Torgcrson. R Geldcrt B. Chapman. B Lindqu'M F rst Row: G. Edcr. M Ryan. B Broch. L. Condon. G. Swnnron. E. K'cnnc. B. Nclron, M.'l-ton, P Christoferson. D. Muldner. L. Ruble. Second Row: Mr. Feske. A. Hart. P N.-gel. I Kluge. V. Liljevall. G. Oefflng. L. Johnston. V. Peterson. N. Norm. D. Logsdon. E. Geldert. E. Johnson. Miss La Pray. Third Row: B Bowers. D. Norcn. L. Peterson. B. Pettit. M. Lindquist. M. Luetgcrs. K Dean. M. Carbon. M. Reedy. R. Llndstrom. S. Syhl. B. Hagg. K. Birkelnnd. M. Christiamcn. Fourth Row: M. Covert. P. Machtemes. J. Anderron. N. Meyers. I. Koch. T. Murphy. J. Nichols, P. Jenkins, M Perry. S. Nagel. J. Jones, J. Cavanaugh. R. Krueger, M Gcbo. "LEATHER LUNGS" "M CLUB" First Row: B Styner, J. Frlden. W. Layman. B Kcckhafer. K. Skaret. B Lindquist. Mr. Loomer. Second Row: W. Hanker. N. Maas, N. Palmer. T. Hokanson. E. V. Peterson. R. Johnson. F. Soule. Third Row: B. Segner. K. Ess. D. Alhberg. P. L’ndholm. H. Rosch. T Sorenson. J. Dodds.'JeaUcrea"TIME MARCHES ON!" SEPTEMBER 7. School opened. "School days, school days, good old golden rule days." 17. Football season begins. Mound, 6; Park. 0. 22. Faculty-Senior banquet. 24. Football game. Mound, 26; Wayzata, 0. OCTOBER 1. Mound football team is victorious again. Mound, 26; Excelsior, 6. 8. Mound lost a heartbreaking game. Mound, 6; U. High. 13. 15. Homecoming game. "Mound killed Cock Robin"; Mound, 18; Robbinsdale, 0. 29. Last football game for the year. Mound. 7; Hopkins. 12. NOVEMBER 10. Football banquet in honor of the Mohawk heroes. 11. Rev. Hauer addressed school in Armistice day program. 19. Junior Class play, "Footloose." 25-26. Thanksgiving vacation. DECEMBER 3. Basketball season begins with Park. "Send the ball right in the basket, make another score." 13. One man entertainment, Bob Briggs. 16. Mound vs. Wayzata. 17. Christmas vacation. JANUARY 3. School reopened. "All good things must come to an end.” 7. Mound whips Robbinsdale's basketball team. FEBRUARY 15. Senior-Faculty game. "A riotous exhibition of feminine skill—oh, those legs!" 22. Washington's Birthday. 24. District wrestling tournament at Mound. MARCH 3. Sub-District Basketball tournament. 4. Regional wrestling tournament; Mound wins championship. 8-10-11. District basketball tournament at Park. 10-11. State wrestling tournament. Mound is a close second. 15. District Declamation at Mound. 31. Easter vacation begins. APRIL 10. School reopened. "Oh, well, only 38 days left!" 14. "Rose of the Danube."—Operetta. MAY 4. Senior class play. "The Late Mr. Early." 13. Junior-Senior banquet, at Del Otero. "Wanted—a man." 28. Baccalaureate. 30. School closed Memorial Day. JUNE 1. Commencement. "But high school days will live forever."HALL OF FAME Most Likely to Succeed Peppiest Most Popular Wilhma Bowman Kay Birkeiand Kay Birkeiand Cutest Most Sophisticated Bost Dressed Joan Dale Lois Ruble Kay Birkeiand Botto Bowers Most Alhlotic Emma Klonno Joan Dalo Class Tease Bost Sport Best Dancer Most Digniiiod Happy-Go-Lucky Marie Samos Kay Hohl Emma Klonno ten Ruble Joan Dale Dolly Noren Bonnis Brach .. .Virginia Lindquist Wilhma Bowman Rosy Kruogor Kay Hohl ..Muriel Christianson Bonnie Brach ., Jean Beyer Rosy Krueger Kay Hohl Mary Gebo Joyce Batson Joan Dale .. .Dolly Noren Muriel Christianson Dorothy Logsdon Prottiost Hair Class Artist Kay Hohl .. Mary Gebo Dolroso Koch Jeanotto Klino Bonnie Brach Lois Ruble Joan Dale Joan Dale Patricia Machtemes .. . .Kay Birkeiand Dolroso Koch loan Dalo Lois Ruble Lois Petersen Wilhma Bowman Virginia Lindquist Joyce Batson Mary Gobo Class Comedian Class Gossip Dolly Noron Lois Zeigler Kay Hohl Mary Gebo Elvera Bontz Marie Samos Kay Hohl Margaret Ryan Wittum Joyce Batson Lais Zioglor Paul Ltndholm Ronald Sundberg John Friden Charles Jackson John Friden Charlos Jackson Paul Llndholm Dick Alhberg John Friden Busier Layman Paul Lindholm Theron Hokanson Tom Cavanaugh Clll Hankeo Olio Ouass Stanley Gallup John Skinner Dick Alhberg Bill Hankoe Charlos Jackscn Herb Rosch Bustor Layman Charles Jackson John Friden John Friden lorn Cavanaugh Theron Hokanson Paul Lindholm John Friden Charles Jackscn Bud Styner Buster Layman Slanloy Gallup Raymond Bonlz Bill Hankoe Fritz Soulo Stanley Gallup Raymond Bontz Bill Hankee Raymond Bonlz Buster Layman Tom Sorenson Tom Cavanaugh Tom Sorenson Ed Welland Tom Cavanaugh John Fridon Charlos Jackson John Friden Paul Lindholm Bill Hankee Bu3ter Layman John Friden Charlos Jackson Paul Lindholm Theron Hokanson Bud Styner John Skinnor John Friden Ed Welland Bill Hankee Fritz Soulo John Friden Charlos Jackson Herb Rosch Daryl Cox Stanley Gallup Raymond Bentz Bill Hankee Noil Palmer Bill Hankeo Bustor Layman John Friden Charles JacksonCLASS WILL We, the seniors of 1939-44, being of sound mind and body have drawn up this last will and testament. 1. We bequeath our good habits and studiousness to 1944-45 seniors. 2. We bequeath our gracious manners to all future seniors. 3. We individually bequeath the following: RICHARD ALHBERG, S. C.. leaves his physique to Billy Mills. DAN ADRESEN loaves his sterling charactor to A1 Anderson. JOYCE BATSON wills hor scholastic ability to all future seniors. ELVERA BENTZ wills her quiet reserved ways to Rosanno Geldert. RAYMOND BENTZ wills a front seat In fifth period study to Hart Graobor. JEAN BEYER leaves—quietly! KAY BIRKELAND leaves hor smiling disposition to Betty Nelson. BETTE BOWERS leaves her neat polished appearance to Audrey Woods. WILHMA BOWMAN leaves the piano to anybody that wants it. BONNIE BRACH wills her dignified manners to Donna Hanft. IRENE BRYANT leaves the nurse's office to Kamilla Dean. ANNIE BYERLY wills her high heel shoes to Nordean Myors. THOMAS CAVANAUGH wills his you-hoo's to "Smokoy." MURIEL CHRISTIANSEN leaves—but not without Bud. JOHN CONDON leavos his hockling to Kenny Skarot. LENORA CONDON loaves hor long trossos to Roso Laumann. MARY COVERT wills her marked-up desk in health class to future seniors DARYL COX wills his '’play-boy" prestige to Jim Potorson. DONALD COX leavos his ambition to Ronald Holm-qulst. JOAN DALE loaves hor sophisticated walk to Inyco Kluge. LEONARD DITTRICH wills his arguments in Business Law to Walter Welland. KEITH DRYSDALE leaves Delano to Earl V. Peterson. GERMAINE EDER wills her pennies to Annabello Logolln. STANLEY GALLUP wills his muscles to Kenneth Ess. JOHN FRIDEN wills his oarly hours to Harvoy Pool. MARY GEBO wills hor cackling glgglo to Donna Mao in case of an egg shortage. ELAYNE GELDERT and LAURA VIGEN leave tholr bools and batons to the future strutters of M. C. H. S. BETTYE HAGG leaves her "every day" writing to Bovorly Schmidt. ALICE HARDT wills her Business Law book to somebody that can use it in a belter way. PAUL HEDJN wills the care of the scoreboard to Pat Pierce. MARVIN HENNING leavos his bashful ways to Richy Johnson. KAY HOHL wills her love life to Ruth Carlson. THERON HOKANSON leaves his tennis shoes to Wal-tor Poterson. (ho could use a pair). WILLIAM HANKEE leaves his romantic ways to Carl Eckdahl. CHARLES JACKSON leaves his wise cracking to Walter Peterson. FRISCILLA JENKINS leaves her thoughtful concentration in Shorthand to June Boehner. LOIS JOHNSON leaves her patlonco to Annabollo Log el in VIRGINIA JOHNSON leaves her curly hair to Gloria Nelson. JEANETTE KLEIN wills hor ar'lctk ability to Annabello Logslin. EMMA KLONNE wills hor cyclone speed to Jean Andersen. DELROSE KOCH leavos her "comohllhcr" look to Bernice Chapman. ROSEMARY KRUEGER hates to leave ... Bob. WILLIAM LAYMAN wills the cot'age at Lako Independence to Westley Carlson. PAUL LINDHOLM just willing!!- HOOVER UNDLAN leaves his hotnie to James Roy-craft. VIRGINIA LINDQUIST wills her soprano voice to Kamilla Dean. MARY JO LINGUIST leaves her nonchalant ways to Joy Griswold. ADELINE LOEW leaves hor way with tho men to "Sis." DOROTHY LOGSDON wills hor figure to Maryls Carlson. PATRICIA MACHTEMES wills her honorary title. "St. Boni's Hedy La Mar,'' to Mary Jano Bleschmidt. PATRICIA NAGEL leaves her walk to Betty Throolln. DELORIS NOREN leavos hor "wrestling metals" to Gerald Geyen. NEIL "Presty" PALMER leavos lor tho Air Corps (if it isn't the infantry.) LOIS PETERSON leaves . . . with honors. OTTO OUASS wills his height to Dick Olson. HERBERT ROSCH wills his morning drug store stops to Floyd Arons and Willie Simons. LOIS RUBLE loaves the worrlos of next year's Mohian to Elaine Johnson. MARGARET RYAN loaves hor Irish appearance to Lorraine Kauth. MARIE SAMES leaves for Waconia! MYRON SEGNER leaves Rosy to Bob. JOHN SKINNER left his letter sweater. TOM SORENSEN leaves Physics (finally). FRITZ SOULE wills his ihroe flunks in English to Jimmy Clark. GLENN STYNER loaves his curly hair to Gorry Dodds. RONALD SUNDBERG leavos tho Cologno woraon to Bob Keckhafer. GLORIA SWANSON wills her red rimmed glasses to Richard Swanson (no relation). She thinks they might match his red hair. SHIRLEY SYHL wills her long, red, wooly socks to Richie Johnson for his wrestling team in case of a clothing shortage. EDWARD WE1LAND loft the presidency to Ror.ny Sundborg. LOIS ZIEGLER wills her chair in Mr. Julsrud's office to all future students who receive patriotic report cards.I

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