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7, yafunqclf ff" M ff hw PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS UF 'IS4D Mound Consolidated High School Mound, Minn. 4.4 To the Music Department, the Band and the Vocal Groups, who have brightened our days with melody, placed a song in our hearts and song on our lips, we, the Class of 1940, dedicate our yearbook. BEND QMS A main attraction-the band, led by Mr. Gadbois, provided the pep at the football games and basketball games all year, performed for the Junior and Senior Class Plays, and p-layed in the St. Louis Park festival band. At the Music Contest they received a good rating. MIXED Cl-IGRUS 'Ihe singing minstrels under the capable direction of Miss Jordan have completed another successful year. Throughout the year the chorus sang at various places, ending with the District Music Contest at Anoka, Minnesota, where they received an A rating. Waynette Riedesel was secretary of the Chorus. M v N L. L. KRANTZ, Superintendent of Schools A BQHRD GF EDUCHTICDN C. E. LOCKERBY, President F. P. LEEKLEY T. M. THOMSON, Clerk DAVID M. CRAIG JOHN G. MACLEAN, Treasurer MRS. RICHARD P. GALE -151- We extend sincere thanks to the Board of Education and to our Superintendent L. L. Krantz who have so generously given of their time and effort to provide the excellent educational facilities we have enjoyed. J. M. JULSRUD, Senior High Principal To Mr. J. M. Julsrud who has been our guide, kind friend, and wise counsellor through our three years of high school, we extend our warmest thanks and appreciation. FHCUQTY Back row-Verona World, Nyles Gadbois, Ed Behmler, Allen Pelton, Pearl Klock, Frances Jordan. Second row-Mrs. Star White, Mildred Endner, Gudrun Kilstofte, Edith LaPray, Evelyn Netland. First row-E. L. Allen, Irving Kepke, E. S. Wilcox, J. M. Julsrud. Q ' E 'fu ' ' 5.1-3? 2? :- :. . 1 raw 4. :R ,gm gg ah 4: f -A ,K if QAM as -, VWAN zw 'V x N1 5590 Yds "' 1 Q Q- I-fe fa x '.-'-':E:-52:3-. 'Jw ' - A ,X f ,, , C A R L F. U 0 ' N L- 'ME A Fill? SIENIIDIIDS CLHSS 0131940 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT , LAWRENCE BODIN VICE PRESIDENT . . ROBERT DEERING SECRETARY . SIDNEY SWANSON TREASURER ...... LEONARD IVERSON ADVISORS . . Mlss EDITH LA PRAY AND MR. E. L. ALLEN MO'I'I'O: "CLIMB THOUGH THE ROCKS BE RUGGEDU COLOR: ROYAL BLUE AND WHITE FLOWER: DELPHINIUM VALEDICTORIAN: WAYNE'I'I'E R,1EDEsEL SALUTATORIANS: PHYLLIS FULLER AND ARLENE KUTZ SIE N II 10 1125 CLHSS GF194O CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT 6 LAWRENCE BODIN VICE PRESIDENT . ROBERT DEERING SECRETARY . SIDNEY SWANSON TREASURER .... LEONARD IVERSON ADVISORS . . MISS EDITH LA PRAY AND MR. E. L. ALLEN MOTI'O: HCLIMB THOUGH THE ROCKS BE RUGGEDH COLOR: ROYAL BLUE AND WHITE FLOWER: DELPHINIUM VALEDICTORIAN: WAYNE'I'I'E RIEDESEL SALUTATORIANS: .PHYLLIS FULLER AND ARLENE KUTZ GENE ANDERSON-First in every- th ng, even in his name, is this good-natured fellow. "Andy's" hobbies are radio and photography. He turned in a good job as S.O.S. announcer and cheerleader. My GEROIJD BICKLEY-t'Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your announcer tPro' ." Gerold participated in bas- ketball, football, and golf, winning letters in each. His originality brought us the S.O.S. program. E D W A R D BLACKOWIAK-'I' h e facts cf his llfe are as little known as the spelling of his name. Eidie's size is no indicatlon of his ability to do a jpb and do it right. JOYCE ANDERSON-"A Sunbeam Of JQY-H J0yce's ability in art and music along with her personality made her one of the most popular girls of our class. Q7 RQGER. BERGQUIST-'fBerk', be- lives in strenuous mental exercise -for the other fellow. His extra- curricular actlvities c e n t e r e d around Science Club. fy Eff iff INEZ BLEKRE-Inirative-Nice V! Energetic-Zippy. Editing the Broad- 'S t. CHSZSI' and majoring in dramatics, , R Inez was one of the leaders of the senior class. The career she has - Q chosen is journalism. 4- U :wail xnxx ALLEN EODIN-If something was to be said, then Allen would say itg if something was to be done, Allen would do it. He was a mem- ber of the S.O.S. program, annual staff, paper staff, and a very active member of the Dramatic Club. LOREN BRANDENBURG-Oh, this learning, what a thing it is! "Brandy" would let nothing stand in his way for a little fun. He is undecided about his future. X v , nj -' BEATRICE CAV , NAUGH-T h is is JVVVKV likeable girl spent her junior year at South but returned to .Mound for her senior year. Bede's laugh- gter is contagious and boy! what a smile! , K Lx NADINE COOPER-"So quiet, so petite, so nice, and so neat." Nadine took part in many activi- ties including secretary of the Key Dettes and a typist on the Broad- caster and annual staffs. She intends to complete her business tigagiing at the Minnesota School o usiness. . ,Aff sf-ff LAWRENCE BODIN--Chosen presi- dent of his class three out of four years, "Pop" was the most popular and most versatile senior boy. Lawrence's one big interest is avia- tlcn and he hopes to be 'tflying high" someday. He was a three letter man in football. WILLIAM BUDD-This young com- bination of Nagurski and Tommy Dorsey came from Wayzata in his junior year. Bill is a text book wired for sound and was a vital part of the class. "f i.- .. 1 " i, FLORENCE CHLADEK-Flo's chief interest while in high school was centered in dramatics. Her plans for the future include a post- 's training. favorite sports. graduate course followed by a RICHARD CURTIS Dick entered from South in 1938 He was a pioneer of the Mound wrestling squad and placed high in the state meet in his junior year Baseball and hockey are also among his 'ifflfr' DAIJIXLAQIWQ Lai? who is a trombone play r in the German Band, hasn't a dare in the world and what isn't done today may or may not get done. He plans to go into business with his dad after graduation. ROBERT DEERING4-The chef of ROBERT DEALING-An active club member and an excellent mechanic, Bob's first love is his Ford. Stop in any evening and he'll accomo- da you with a game of chess. lgnll. n-fiUJUu.4JN WMU -L ' ,Mr the Senior Class, Bobis Home Ec. helped him in and out of many jams. As vice-president of our class his variety of activities in- cluded Boys' Glee Club, Science and Photo, Club, nd Mixed Chor- US- '-J.JJr,4, Y ELLEFSON-Our Usuper- man made a name for himself and his school in basketball by leading the individual scoring for the Lake District. This promising young lawyer will probably lead his colleagues. LESLIE GRUETTE-A loud. talker and a valuable track man, also the boxing champion of his weight class. Louie won letters in track and footbball. JEROME HANSON-Jerome always BEVERLY FADDEN-t'Bev's" time outside of school is spent with a former Moundite. She entered from Wayzata .in 1938 and was an enthusiastic member of the Key Dettes and various other activites. gs . - ,. 'swf' JAMES GOTHMAN-A quiet, good- natured fellow with hidden ener- gies. James plans to further his edu ation at Dunwoody. 1 ,I .va rf 1. . C., 2- -f. LAURA GOTSCH-Quiet and effi- cient are ways of describing Laura who spent most of her time in Key Dettes Club and the Home Ec. Huddlers. A secretarial course is her, choicelj I WILLIAM GUSTAFSON-"T i c k e t please." William was doorman and ticket-taker for many school func- X tions, and served on the Mohian staff for two successive years. Be- hind his quietness, he's worth knowing. mf' ., j M6 1- ' PI-IYLLIS FULLER-Pretty, Engag ing, and Personality spell PEP but it also describes Piff, the friend liest girl in her class. Phyllis was president of the Mound Rousers member of both choruses, and the Mohian and X Qadcaster staffs did like to sleep and couldn't understand why it wasn't allowed in social class. Key Dettes Club, Science Club, Chess and Checker Club, plus a little boxing, took up ORVILLE HAGMAN-uCurly', thinks there is always room at the top although he is still undecided about the future. Orville was a member of the Glee Club and Mixed Chorus for two years. Base- all his wide awake moments. f WILLARD JENKINS-Willie's pret- ty wavy hair didn't help him much with the girls, but chemistry was his true love anyway. He likes to find out what a es th' gs tick. I ball is his favorite sport. ' d. 'gi 1.1. f g,f""'Ei LEONARD IVERSON-An all around athlete and a good sports- man wherever he is found, Aside from his many other activities, "Iv " was capt 'n of the football an asketba t ms and president of is cl a junior. df' EDITH J OHNSON-She turneth her hand to all things and doeth all things Well. Weggie's activities centered around music and art. LESLIE JOHNSON-Les, who was it .' always ready for some fun, has " . " set a high goal for success-his V ambition being to take aviation at - Randolph Field, Texas. RALPH JOHNSON-"I love the girls and the girls love me. I understand them perfectly." Red was fullback on the football team and could handle anyone in his own weight class in wrestling. He entertained us many a time with his tenor voice. L E VERONA KASTEN-In school Ron- ny was the quiet kind whose nature never varied. Mound Rou- sers and Camera Club claimed most of her time. uqyrwll ELVERA KICKHAFER-Skating is Elvera,s hobby and to be an lair hostess is her ambition. She -was one of the many music-mggrs in the Mound Band. , f'-" of ' . if 1 -.1 ELEA OR JOHNSTON-A merry heart maketh a cheerful counten- ance. Ely's ambition is to teach primary and elementary grades. BETTY KAUTH-Good things come in small packages, and this cute little senior is no exception. Betty will make a wonderful steno- grapher for any handsome presi- dent of a bank. MARILYN N KEPKE - Dependable under any circumstance, Mike was a pal to everyone. She took part in many activities including Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Drama- tic Club, the Broadcaster and Mohian staffs. Her pet peeve is to come across her name spelled with onl one " " os. rf .uf-V' ROBERT KNUDSON-Bob started his sports career early in his fresh- man year and finished by being acclaimed the best athlete of the senior class. SHIRLEY KUBON-Musically mind- ed Shirl took part in many musi- cal organizations including Mixed Octette and Girls' Sextette. If con- fidence of success is almost suc- cess, Shirley will be sure to achieve her goal. ff S-1 Q7 flick ARLENE KUTZ-'Efficiency plus." All things that Arlene did were really worth while and were carried out to perfection. gm N. J-ffij CHARLES LOCKHART-A letter in basketball, and two in football have entitled him membership in the Lettermen's Club since his junior year. Chuck never exerts hlmself but always gets there. 'MWA 'xi--40'f CATHERINE MURPHY-"Her laughing Irish eyes give her away." Catherine was president of the Science and Photo Club and also the Key Dettes Club. Learning new dance steps is Kay's hobby HARRIET LEDIN-This is station P.E.P. bringing to you the promo- ter of the senior girls' baseball team. Harriet's educational itiner- ary included many schools. She has been a member of the Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus for two y981'S. A 1 1,1- tw 4 if --. J-1 cation at a businessx college. ..f f . , -.rf f...--- - .- -. -f, and she plans to continue her edu ' l ' .. C. K BERYL PAINTER-To be a linotype operator is Beryl's ambition and he has chosen Dunwoody as the school he shall attend to study it. "Mickey" is the grain who didn't fill the sack but hehaed his fellow D O R I S PETERSON-"Chatterbox EDWIN PARKER-"Extra! Extra!" Edwin had a private parking lot on a certain corner of Senior Alley. He was the efficient, capable, busi- ness manager of the Broadcaster and has three years of faithful service as a co-worker on the an- .f Toots" enjoyed the privilege of holding an office in both Key Dettes and Science and Photo Club. As a member of the Chess and Checker Club, she challenged many an unsuspecting victim. 1 3541 7,Q,4v.fCfkf 7 ' JMX 44441.21 . , ' -3' ,I fr HUT-'DA QUASS-Kindness like grain increases by "sewing," Hul- da's greatest interest lies in Home Economics while her minor activi- ties included Science and Drama- tic Clubs. ,J . ,, f :ff , , , , fs.,-wg" jf..-f ' ,... f if !,L-4iff,Qk!,4-4M- ff CATHERINE REEDY-"Kay" is a very musically minded young lady and belonged to Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus. She was a faithful committee worker and a m Mound Rousers. o'r'ro RIIS-Here's a lad a smile for everyo - .'s taining rules for jboxjnmnc ded many a fast andavfdrious g me of cheis or checkers. " , . J Aff A 'tl' , ELSTON PALMER-'fi always take my time because there is plenty of it." Nels was boxing champion in his class and played a little basketball on the side. He will enter ,the field of engineering. fa .1 Q, A 15, I 4,14 Jaw.. t T' 1-4.jU A GORDON PEARSON-This future ez electrical engineer came from Little Falls in his junior year. Gordon was one of those witty humorists who takes the dull edge Off school ufe. , fYd'l0L"" - ff"'f"""'X HERMAN QUAAS-What would we do if it wasn't for you? Henman belonged to the Mixed Chorus and Boys' Glee Club and crowned many a man Cin the Chess and Checker Clubb. . "' f ,af , . as frH,,,Af, EVELYN RASMUSSEN-Evls fellow Home Ec. Huddlers addressed her as t'Madame President." As a member of Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus, she hit theghigh Water right along with her fellow vocalists. I . J" L 1 5 WAYNETTE RIEDESEL-The high- est wisdom and continual cheerful- ness. "Deana" was editor-in-chief of the 1940 Mohian. Together with her other activities she was presi- dent of Dramatic Club and had parts in both Junior and Senior class plays. I V13 'wry ,Q-,',r: !.iL4,.,- . ROBERT RILEY-'B6rb! chalked ue two years kof experience in both football and track and was also a member of the Lettermen's Club. His winning smile was one of his most admirable assets. EVA ROGEXRS-Her spontaneous giggle echoed through many a class. Eva was well liked by everyone and will undoubtedly make a successful nurse. J ,V . JJ ,lv LOUISE ROSCH-Teaching is Louise's chosen occupation and she intends to attend St. Cloud Teacher's College. Besides her club activities, Louise was a faith- ful on the annual and er staffs. A ' Y STANLEY SHAMP-For he's a jolly gocd fellow and what's more hels tre Michal Angelo of our class. Stan transferred from Edison and has since been a valuable member of cur baseball eam. LA VERNE S 'T A R K - USlap that bassf' La Verne was a member of the band for two successive years and was Secretary and Treasurer of the Band Club. , WW SIDNEY SVVANSON-This learned ' gentlemen was a gzod speaker and president of the Student Council. He was one of the first letter winners of the Golf .Cin . GORDON SIMONS-Gordon has a keen interest in aeronautics and hopes to follow it through as a career. His deep voice was one of his distinguishing clgtaracteristlcs. 6 .5 QKYX 1 o RUDY STUHR-Would that you had been with us longer. Rudy enter- ed from North in his senior year and hopes to continue his school- ing at a business college. - pf'l N . 'inf - V. as t'Slim." 1 5.41 " EARL TAYLOR-Earl doesntt l-'nov what's in store for him, but will accept anything that fate hands out. He was known to his friends rf ' " EUNICE TOWNER-HGinger, spice, and everything nicefl "Chips" belonged to the Dramatic Club and the Mound Rousers. She is a grand girl and has lots of fun.. Z a EVALYN WEILAND-This short and snappy member of our class plans to attend an art school and make use of her artistic ability. She was a member of the Mound Rou- sers and a very eiithus' 'tic com- mi ee w W' ' f 74,4-7 L . MARIE VANDER HAGEN-Mitzie plans to attend the HU" and study to be a dietician. Her red hair is no indication of her mild dis- position. Marie entered from Delano in her junior year and has taken Dart in a variety of activi- ties. .MMV ' FX .cvtfu ready with a pert remark. MINERVA WICKS-Blond, blue eyes, and telephone number i Minerva was the 1939 Homecoming Queen. She was an efficient mem ber of the office staff and always IRENE WISTEDT-Although the 1aS'f, by no means the least. Irene was very interested in Home Economics and joined the Home Ee. Huddlers. She was a good student and verf' reliable. SW fN0t Picturedj LA VERNE KRAUSE-One of the most energetic members of the G.A.A., "Sis" stood by her school through thick and thin at athletic contests. SENIGR CLHSS HISTCDRY The Minstrels of 1940 We joined the Minstrel Show in 1937 and eagerly entered into the study of its production. With Lawrence Bodin as President, we progressed rapidly. Ralph Johnson was Vice President and Phyllis Fuller, Secretary and Treasurer. It was in our Sophomore year that the first extra curricular activity, the Camera Club, was organized. We were represented by Phyllis Fuller and Lawrence Bodin in the newly formed organization, the Student Council. As Junior Minstrels we chose as our officers Leonard Iverson, President, Robert Knudson, Vice President, and Sidney Swanson, Secretary-Treasurer. Miss Lola Edwards and Miss Edith Ia Pray were our Advisors. In that year our Student Council representatives were Shirley Kubon, Waynette Riedesel and Lawrence Bodin. Our Class Play "The Patsy" presented under the direction of Miss Pearl Klock, on December 22, was a great success. It was the first play given in the new auditorium. In March the Class got together for a toboggan party which proved to be a great deal of fun. - The Spring Frolic held on April 14 was enjoyed by all. We provedf our worth as hosts when we entertained the Seniors at a Prom given at Hotel Del Otero on May 19. The year's acti-vities closed with a picnic at the Excelsior Amusement Park. As Seniors we undertook with confidence our duties of managing and producing the Minstrel Show. Lawrence Bodin was again chosen to guide us as President. Miss Edith La Pray and Mr. E. L Allen assisted us as Advisors. Robert Deering was our Vice President, Sidney Swanson our Secretary and Leonard Iverson our Treasurer. Those representing us on the Student Council were Arlene Kutz, Beatrice Cavanaugh and Sidney Swanson. The first big event of the year was our Homecoming Carnival and Dance, which started the ball rolling for a year packed with excitement. In January both the Junior and Senior Classes got together for a toboggan party at Oronoi, followed by lunch, dancing, and games at the school house. On March 1, to help fill our badly depleted coffers, the Mohian Staff sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Day. A program, which was presented in the afternoon, ended with the crowning of a "Daisy Mae" and "Lil, Abner." The evening was given over to a costume dance and refreshments. The event was a memorable one of great enjoyment to all who participated. Time moves on to the next and one of our best contributions to the Minstrelsy of 1940. Our class play "Fresh Fields" was gi-ven under the direction of Miss Pearl Klock on April 26. V The next and most gala event of the year occurred on Friday, May 3, when the Junior Class honored us at the Junior-Senior Prom at Hotel Del Otero. Senior Day was on May 17. A program was given and the last Will and Testament of the class was read. On May 31st we rang the curtain down on the Minstrels of 1940. It is not without a sigh and a tear that we leave high school days behind us. May this little book serve to bind us to those days and may the memories grow fonder and richer with each passing year. ff CLHSS WILL ff WE, the Senior Class of Mound High School, Village of Mound, County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, United States of America, having reached the turn of the decade and having fulfilled all of our educational duties and having imposed upon your hospitality during these twelve years do hereby depart, leaving this, our last will and testament: I. To our patient hosts, the faculty, who have guided us, we do hereby bequeath an umbrella to protect them from the praise which will rain down upon them after the graduation of the Class of '40. II. To the Juniors, Class of 1941, we bequeath a light bulb, with the hope that it may guide them through their Senior year and reveal the responsibilities and privileges which are to be theirs. III. To the Sophomores, Class of 1942, we leave a cane to help them along the remaining two laps of the road of knowledge. IV. To the Freshmen, Class of 1943, we leave our lockers. V. As individuals we make the following bequests: 1 "Jeep" leaves the little fishie in Miss Kihtoftds acquarium in P93138 William Gustafson leaves his position as door-man to Tommy Gebo. Verona Kasten leaves her quiet ways to Kay Kaupanger. Willard Jenkins leaves with half the lab in his pockets. Harriet Ledin leaves her blush to Grace Johnson. Orville Hagrnan leaves his curls to George Sincheff. Robert Dealing leaves in his Ford. Lawrence Bodin leaves hls "woman troublesi' to Carl Skreen. Bob Deering leaves his cook- book to next year's Home Ec. Class. Inez Blekre leaves her list of locker combinations to Peggy Jackson. Bede Cavanaugh leaves her laughter to Ruth Snow. Earl Taylor leaves his height to Robert Sames. Joyce Anderson leaves A'STATIC" to the Junior gossip. Sidney Swanson leaves the joys and sorrows of a Student Coun- cil President to his successor. Laura Gotsch leaves her speed Con a typewrlterb to Beuford Peterson. Marie Vander Hagen leaves her titian locks to Betty Linden. Edwin Parker leaves his news- boy job to his assistant, Edward. Beryl Painter leaves his bashful ways to Dick Heinlen. Waynette Riedesel leaves all the worries connected with the edit- ing of the annual to Elizabeth Brown. Irene Wistedt leaves her sedate- liness to Alvina Miller. Phyllis Fuller leaves her se-at on Ralph Anderson's bus to Jack Soule. Allen Bodin leaves his secret of talking his way out of tight situations to Dale Alexander. Jerome Hanson leaves his sleep- ing powders to Melvin Oelrich. Leonard Iverson leaves to Harry Lindlan the spotlight. Gene, Gerold, and Allen leave the Press Room in a mess. La Verne Krause leaves her out- spoken ways to Cecilia Wear. Marilynn Kepke leaves her short skirts to Maxine Hankee. Catherine Murphy and Edith Johnson leave their dancing ability to the Junior girls. Eva Rogers leaves her giggle to Ruth Covert. Doris Peterson leaves her mis- chievousness to Ann Marie Madsen. William Budd leaves his Englisl. wit to Douglas Hill. Arlene Kutz leaves her efficiency to Donald West. Shirley Kubon leaves her eye lashes to Isabelle Leonard. Betty Kauth leaves her petite- ness to Marion Gertz. La Verne Stark leaves her bass viol to Hazel Carlson. Catherine Reedy leaves her soft voice to Carolyn Brorrkert. Charles Lockhart leaves his suaveness to Alex Sincheff. Leslie Gruette leaves one of his letters to Lee Michel to fill in the gap. Evalyn Weiland and Eunice Towner leave all their boy friends to Vivian Latham. Rudy Stuhr leaves his dignified ways to Carl Friden. Robert Riley leaves to the sorrow of Jack Brennan, but Ferol will carry on. Robert Knudson leaves his walk to John Jenkins. Richard Curtis leaves his bobby pin to Philip Epstein. Gordon Simons leaves his bass voice to Jerome Peleaux. Red Johnson quietly takes off his shoes and leaves through the back door. Eleanor Johnston leaves with everyone else. Edward Blackowiak leaves the difficult spelling of his name to Marie Ess. Paul Dahlquist leaves his trom- bone to Wilfred Laumarm. Herman and Hulda Quass leave their sister, Mildred to carry on. Otto Riis leaves his heart with Carolyn. Leslie Johnson leaves without a word. Elvera Kickhafer leaves her collectfon of cartoons to Anna May Broeckert. Nadine Cooper wills her good nature to Larry Netka. Stanley Shamp leaves his artistic talents to Jean Donovan. Beverly Fadden leaves her pep to John Doody. James Gothman leaves a certain few Junior High girls in tears. Roger Berquist leaves for a rest. Evelyn Rasmussen leaves her sewing kit to Bonnie Brown. Loren Brandenburg leaves his Suspenders to Albert Johnson. Florence Chladek leaves her dramatic ability to Frances Copeland. Gordon Pearson leaves for ports unknown. Elston Palmer leaves his never changing disposition to Lyle Huff. VI. We do hereby make, consititute, and appoint Superintendent L. L. Krantz sole executor of this, our last will and testament. SENIGR HELL GF FHME Most Populai Most Likely to Succeed Best Looking Cutest Class Artist Best Athlete Most Dignified Best Sport Class Tease Best Dressed Best Dancer Most Versatile Class Flirt Peppiest Noisiest Quietist Friendliest Class Musician Most Reliable Woman Hater Man Hater Most Talanted Tallest Shortest Cla-ss Actor Class Comedian Pepsodent Smile Class Gossip Blusher Most Sophisticated Bashful Hungriest Most Generous Best Bluffer Happy-go-lucky Genial Lackadaisical Most Romantic Curly-headed Unaffacted GIRLS Phyllis Fuller Waynette Riedesel Minerva Wicks Betty Kauth Joyce Anderson LaVerne Krause Nadine Cooper Phyllis Fuller Doris Peterson Inez Blekre Catherine Murphy Phyllis Fuller Inez Blekre Inez Blekre Doris Peterson Verona Kasten Phyllis Fuller Edith Johnson Arlene Kutz Irene Wistedt Joyce Anderson Irene Wistedt Betty Kauth Inez Blekre LaVerne Krause Phyllis Fuller Inez Blekre Harriet Ledin Inez Blekre Evelyn Rasmussen Hulda Quaas Waynette Riedesel Hulda Quaas Joyce Anderson Catherine Murphy Harriet Ledin Beatrice Cavanaugh Ma-rie Vander Hagen Waynette Riedesel BOYS Lawrence Bodin Lawrence Bodin Robert Deering Sidney Swanson Stanley Shamp Robert Knudson Edwin Parker Leonard Iverson Eugene Ellefson Robert Deering Robert Deering Lawrence Bodin Allen Bodin Gene Anderson Eugene Ellefson Beryl Painter Gerold Bickley William Budd Lawrence Bodin Earl Taylor Ralph Johnson Eugene Ellefson Edward Blackowiak Lawrence Bodin William Budd Lawrence Bodin Allen Bodin Edwin Parker Leslie Johnson Beryl Painter Loren Brandenburg William Budd Willard Jenkins Robert Knudson Lawrence Bodin Leslie Johnson Ralph Johnson Orville Haginan Lawrence Bodin CLHSS PRQPI-IECY Seniors in 1960 I came back to Mound High School last week to see the much publicized Minstrel Show that the students are putting on. Everything was just about the same in the school exce-pt for a swimming pool and indoor tennis courts. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention the lockers. Remember back in the old days when you used to stage a battle with your locker several times a day to get it open? Well, that's all changed now. They've got time locks. Pretty nifty, don't you think? I It was a regular, "Old Home Week," for the class of 1940. The whole class had turned out en masse, and I never would have known that it was the same gang of twenty years ago. They've all made good in some way or another. William Budd has achieved his greatest ambition. He is now chief angler in the Izaak Walton League. Shirley Kubon is working as chief assistant in Miss Petterson's Finishing School in Wyoming. We hear that the sub-debs who graduate from the school are really polished young women. Great fencers, too. Willard Jenkins has been relegated to a desert island for the safety of humanity. On very clear nights you can see bright flashes in the sky. No, they're not Northern Lights, but merely Old Man Jenkins dropping test tubes containing powerful explosives. He's grown shaky in his old age. Leonard Iverson, that brilliant scientist, has accomplished the impossible. He has further improved on Enstein's theory of relativity. Professor Iverson is now planning an extended visit to Mars. Phyllis Fuller is writing an "Advice to the Love-Lorn" column in Edwin Parker's Gazette. Phyllis is so swamped with letters that she is seriously thinking of starting a movement to inoculate everyone against lov-ei. Marilynn Kepke has Marie Vander Hagen and Orville Hagman as her best costumers at Ye Olde Curlee Hairee Shoppe. Mademoiselle De Kepke's shop is New York's most exclusive beauty salon. Gerold Bickley has replaced Ted Husing as ace sports announcer. He has made quite a name for himself in giving a blow by blow description of the battle between the cocks owned by Confucius and Vivian Leigh. Arlene Kutz is private secretary to Elston Palmer, Attorney at Law. Rumor has it that Mr. Palmer has a very good chance of being the next D. A. Gene Anderson is investigating bugs in the dense jungles of the Belgian Congo where he heads an expedition. One of his na-tive bearers, who deserted the party, says that Gene has discovered the Love Bug but has extracted its teeth for the safety of all concerned. Joyce Anderson is in the Metropolitan Opera singing, "Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little 'Dog Gone." Don't be surprised if you see the animals from the New York Zoo purring around the stage door of the opera house for you know the old saying, "Music will sooth the Savage Beast." Lawrence Bodin is still up in the clouds. Stanley Shamp and Evalyn Weiland are collaborating on the animated cartoon-Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae., Ralph Johnson has replaced John Barrymore as the great lover of stage and screen in everything but the profile. CLHSS PRCDPHECY CONTINUED Leslie Johnson, our practicing dentist, is looking down in the mouth. Leslie can honestly hold the title of "painless dentist." Robert Deering has grown a smudge on his upper lip and is now chef in Bob Knudson's Hotel. Verona Kasten is hostess. Sidney Swanson has replaced John L. Lewis as labor agitator. Harriet Ledin is 20 years older. Inez Blekre is now employed as a stage decorator at N.H.N. Her bigg-est problem at the moment is finding a bed for Allen Bodin, star of the picture, "Goodnight, Please." Beryl Painter, who began as a linotype operator, is now editor of the Chicago Tribune. His biggest item of the news at present is the invention of the new "Deal" car by Robert Dealing. Rudy Stuhr's newest publication, "How to be Dignifiedf' has already reached the million mark. Eleanor Johnston's kindergarten class has received the national award for the best surrealistic drawing of a robin. William Gustafson, doorman at the Trocadero, reports crowds must be turned away every evening. Big attraction-why the Mutt and Jeff team of Earl Taylor and Edward Blackowiak, of course. Elvera Kickhafer, that much publicized skating star, has become such a favorite in Venice that the streets have been frozen over, and the gondolas have given way to ice boats. K'Louie" Gruette has been holding his own every Tuesday night for the past three years' in Madison Square Garden. He is now even challenging the apes from South Africa. Otto Riis is breaking all records with an all-time run of ten years as Bhett Rutler in, "Come with the Calm." Eva Rogers is playing his leading lady, Violet O'Sullivan. Producer Gordon Pearson has been seen escorting chorus girl, Eunice Town-er, to the night spots after the show. Florence Chladek is heading a movement to better conditions in the New York slums. Laura Gotsch is her co-worker and secretary. Irene Wistedt is training debs about to be presented to Queen Hulda and King James Gothman of Timbuctoo. Her students lack nothing in the way of poise and dignity. Waynette Riedesel is operating a Hea-lth Ranch in Hot Spot, Arizona. Her diets are said to be very strict and her motto! is, "Build 'em up or tear 'em down." Edith Johnson is chief masseuse. Betty Kauth is leading her world famous girl orchestra in Paul Dahlquist's supper club. La Verne Stark is slapping that bass. Roger Berquist and Loren Brandenburg are touring the country in behalf of the new Temperance League begun by Nadine Cooper. Jerome Hanson has discovered a Sleeper's Paradise. Each yea-r he spends the six months following the period of the midnight sun, dreaming in an Eskimo igloo located at 82 degrees latitude, 67 degrees West longitude. The leading lady of his dreams is Doris Peterson, who dances nightly in Gordon Simons' Aloha Club in Honolulu. Robert Riley and Charles Lockhart have formed a partnership and are running a "Walk Your Dog" business. Richard Curtis is their silent partner. Catherine Murphy and Beverly Fafdden are modeling in Saks, Fifth Avenue in New York. Louise Rosch, Catherine Reedy, and Evelyn Rasmussen are instructors in a secretarial training school. 'Iii X Q WWNWX H PQRI SMH-f3H1P Aww? Smfjg IUNICDRS In 1938 we be-ga-rl our first year in senior high school as sophomores. We elected as our class president Kenneth Plant who proved to be a very capable leader. The rest cf the class officers elected were Elizabeth Brown, Vice-Presidentg and Marguerite Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer. We returned in 1939 as Juniors under the leadership of Harry Lindlan, Presidentg Donald Sigafoos, Vice-Presidentg Elizabeth Brown, Secretaryg and Constance Segner, Treasurer. On November 24, 1939, the junior class presented a three act play 'ASkidding" which included some splendid acting by the members of the class. SCDPHCDMORES ,AVIQWIIIWIIWFIIIES DRHMETIC CLUB Miss Klock called together all the ambitious actors and actresses for the fQrst meeting of the Dramatic Club on September 22. The officers elected for the yezc were Waynette Riedesel, Presidentg Marguerite Jackson, Vice--Presidentg Elizabeth Brown, Secretary and Treasurer. The purpose of the club is to study the various forms of acting and to provide more interesting drama. On the afternoon of March 14, some of the members presented an exchange program at Wayzata High School. On the evenirrg of March 14, the club presented four one-act plays at Mound in the auditorium. KEY DETTES The Key Dettes Club got started this year on September 27 under the direction of Miss La Pray. The aim of the club is to learn how to become efficient office Workers and to prepare themselves for the business world. To diversify these lessons the Key Dettes have had parties and various programs at their meetings. The officers elected for the year were Catherine fMurphy, President, Doris Peterson, Vice-Presidentg Nadine Cooper, Secretaryg and Irene Beecher, Treasurer. STUDENT CQUNCIL The Student Council is an organization whose purpose is to promote and sponsor school activities. The Council is made up of representatives from each class. The members are: Seniors, Sidney Swanson, Beatrice Cavanaugh, and Arlene Kutzg Juniors, Donald Swenson, Robert Blatzheim, and Marion Gertzg Sophomores, Lorna Styner and Gerold Kohman. This year the Student Council ma-de it possible for the students to see short movies at different times throughout the year. The officers for the year were: President, Sidney Swansong Vice-President, Donald Swensong Secretary, Arlene Kutzg Treasurer, Lorna Styner. MGUND RGUSERS The pep club this year was organized under the leadership of Mr. Pelton. The officers for the year were a-3 follows: President, Phyllis Fullerg Vice-President, Elizabeth Brown, Secretary, Jean Powellg Treasurer, Katherine Kaupanger. The purpose of the club is to build up school spirit. Throughout the year the pep club arranged for busses to take the students to football and basketball games. The members added funds to the treasury by selling candy at the games. The money accumulated in the treasury this yea-r and last year was turned over to the support of the Broadcaster. .Fl.Fl. On November 12, a group of girls under the supervision of Miss Netland organized a Girls' Athletic Association. The rules and regulations of the club were stated in the constitution. The officers elected to head the club were: President, Harriet Rieckg Vice-President, Doris Gronbergg Secretary, Katherine Kaupangerg Treasurer, Jean Powell, General Manager, Cecelia Wear. The members partake in all sports but major in basketball in wicnter and baseball in the spring and fall. Their adm is to organize teams so that they can compete with teams from other schools. By participating in most of the sports in which the club partakes, the girls are able to earn letters. LETTERIVIEINVS CLUB' The Lettermerfs Club is made up of boys who have won letters in athletics at Mound. Letters have been won in track, football, basketball, golf, and wrestling. The aim of this club is to further good sportsmanship in all school athletics. Science and Photography .WA My .mWM.,.. . . This year the Science and Photography Clubs were consolidated. Several weeks were given over to the developing of pictures and then several weeks for scientific studies and analyses. The two groups kept alternating in this manner throughout the year. Due to conflicts no officers were elected. Miss Kilstofte is the advisor. Home EC Huddlers The first meeting of the Home Ec Club this year was on September 27. The following people were elected as officers: Evelyn Rasmussen, Presidentg Marion Gertz, Vice- Presidentg Donna Kutz, Secretary and Treasurer. Miss Endner was sponsor during most of the year. Miss Lenander was sponsor during the last three months. Besides the regular weekly meetings the girls had several parties throughout the yeavr. The members had their choice of either cooking or sewing at the meetings. Each group then sold what they had made. The proceeds went to buy new equipment for the department. BROHDCHSTER This year the school paper was enlarged to a full size, four page paper. It comes out every two weeks and covers all school activities including news, sports, clubs, and gossip. It introduced several new features. Among them are the exchange column, which handles exchange papers from various schools and the fea-ture story. This new paper has proved to be of great popularity among the students. INEZ BLEKRE . . . KATHERINE KAUPANGER EDWIN PARKER . . EDWARD PARKER . WAYNETTE RIEDESEL MARILYNN KEPKE . BETTY ANDERSON GENE ANDERSON . ALLEN BODIN MARGUERITE JACKSON JOYCE ANDERSON . FLORENCE CHLADEK DON ANDERSON . . MARGUERITE HAMILTON DOROTHY LOGSDON . GLADYS JOHNSON . THURLO ELLEFSON . CAROLYN BROCKERT . SHIRLEY KUBON . PHYLLIS FULLER . EDITH JOHNSON . . CHARLOTTE MAJOR . BEATRICE CAVANAUGH AR.LENE KUTZ NADINE COOPER CATHERINE MURPHY . MARIE VANDER HAGEN MINERVA WICKS LOUISE ROSCH CATHERINE REEDY MR. PELTON . . Staff of 1939-1940 . Editor in Chief . . Associate Editor . . Business Manager Associate Business Manager . Extra Curricula-r . . Sports . Fea-tures . . . Humorous . . . Exchange Boy's Physical Education . 7th Grade Reporter . 8th Grade Reporter 9th Grade Reporter . 10th Grade Reporter . 11th Grade Reporter 12th Grade Reporter . Social Activities . . Alumni . Grade Reporter . General Reporter Typists Faculty Advisor MOI-IIFIN STHFF WAYNETTE RIEDESEL . ELIZABETH BROWN . LAWRENCE BODIN . OLIVER CHRISTIANSON RICHARD PIERSON . PHYLLIS FULLER MARILYNN KEPKE . ALLEN BODIN LEONARD IVERSON . KENNE'I'H PLANT . JOYCE ANDERSON EVALYN WEILAND . EDITH JOHNSON . SHIRLEY KUBON BETTY CARLSON . DONALD SWENSON . WILLIAM GUSTAFSON HAZEL CARLSON . . KATHERINE KAUPANGER GENE ANDERSON . . CHARLOTTE MAJOR TI-IURLO ELLEFSON . MARGUERITE JACKSON MARION GERTZ . . WILLIAM BUDD MR. ALLEN . . NADINE COOPER ORVILLE HAGMAN LAURA GOTSCH . LOUISE ROSCH EDWIN PARKER CATHERINE MURPHY ARLENE KUTZ . . . Editor . Associate Editor . . Business Manager Assistant Business Managers . Personnel Sports Editor . Assistant Sports Editor . Assistant . Art . Music . Dramatics Junior Class Organizations Broadcaster Snap Editor Srnap Editors . Features . Business . Typists Photography LUCILLE PETTERSON 8z ALLEN PELTON Faculty Advisors JPIUQ -a-qt.: W Sf Q W , YL? ISNT hi QVIEN RNC HT7ENDEN7S N' TEAM?-TEAM?-TEAM? is 401 P: P CLUB YIXVAC1 Q C ,-A 9 Q01 C I5 GEESGMIRG BASSE AESTRO :NG-O wfl1SRn5 TH: 95.1099 UIIOI' PUB 'UQPUJ 1190 5951l9N 51191 11911190 UFAIQIAI 'JPIIUWS 110909 1190101151 '9119n.1Q 911s9f1 'uospnux 11901011 11911319011 S911f311Q PIHUOCI 9591121 9313 49001 BSI 11 E1 HJ fuq P9-IJIIAA Luneq 'L1119 991-1 FIA1 110 uoql '19 MS P19 U9 'uos 31I1AAOH'OJ SDH 01 PSPJHAAE SJSAA S.IS119rI 9A91d IS.I M'-?"I .I U19 93 OH 'WP 9'I p19u0 9111 u911V 'uosuqof 11d1911 fsu191d9:J-09 '11os.1 P08 P10190 1111 4591519121 'JSJLISO 1? 111891 PIIZ SOUBJQJUOQ 91191 91111 ILO pL1T1OIA1'p9'1lI9S9.Id9.I 99"-I sham u11n.1g 1193 11995 1x9u .101 u191d99 p91oe19 'mod 121111-ff S111 119110111 H9111 PHE RAC 9111 L11 umo1pL1ou01 9 .101 p93un1d '.191,19nb 1s111 SU-LL 111un pun01A1 A11 p1911 s9AA p991 01 s91nu11u 3 u9L11 ss91 u911AA 03 11901 9111 peqsnd .101s19ox3 119111 dn p911s1u11 s.1o111es 9u1N 119911001 1001105 11311-1 9 01 L 1015199163 01 3u1S01 Aq s,19e19e ':109q11n1 pu1'10y11 'uosuqof peg '91119q eso1o A1911 9 u1 9 11111101111 L .1o1s199x111 '9.10os 9u01 S11 puno1,11 91113 pu9 11199101 S1111 'u0111Sod 31111005 L11 111991 9111 11111 01 p9.19.A099.1 pu9 1und 9 1791190101 '9Lu9S 1s9q S111 112.0 111311 pun019 p911s9p u9111 u9p11J pue 11211d9o 01 BZ U0 9111 19 91n1919d11191 9111 11111111 ,pu9 mous 10 A111111 9 u1 Bu1z9911 01 gg 111991 su111doH 101.19dr1s 9 01 1s01 pun01A1 '1u10d 'L 511159111 'uospnuy qog L 'QLITIOIAI OZ 5111515101-I 11911 99121 611 'u0su110f peg pu-9 A11u91111.1c1 p9A91d 5109011101 101u9s S1111 U1 911195 951911 9'-LL 3 9eu9.191u-03 911 uopdw f1'S buoe '11BjH QU d9.10s 9111 199.1 Kd IA1 991 puno LII L 01 912 19 1.11.1 UN 0.1 P1911 d EO STI 'UQP1-HEI 11 01:1 ou1011d0s pun 9.1 L 11111101111 92 115111 K11S19A1Hf1 91EPSLI1q'qOH lflq 01 9111 10 9391u9Ap9 110 99.101 uc 1110 91.1199 pu-9 S11 at C101 01 'z sem 1S1.r1u10oe1110H,, pu9 111211 9111 A9p1.11,1 Sql 'pLm01A1 p9p9Au1 e19psu1qq011 ueqm du19s 1s9p11-211 1191.11 11151101 111991 puno1A1' pe1111ds 1.13111 91111, Z P1111 UW QIEPSUPQCIOH Z1 091.11 dw d 9191 Sl? p-ue 9111 01111 ses OZ '9.109S 1ou 1111109 11121 'eu V 09 1:1 um0p119no1 9 .101 u,m19.1 1und p.19K A 551911111 .19 10 91110091111 SEM 1 1.13111 A1110 911 311 lJ01L1 '9I3190l S111 IA1 1 Kpuno 1 '.191.19nb 1s91 9111 u 9111 HIM Auf? o 11111101111 9 91110991111 'sp.19A gg um0p119n01 pue 1939 Wu puno p9ss9d 01 1 911 911 '9.I03S .L 111 S wil 9 11 SEM nuy osp U OLIAA p9c1q9.1S 1110.11 ssed 9 pue 91191119 d01193 pe 61,11 8.1 3u1u1-tanu 191110119 11111111 p991 9111 11001 9192591111 1111-23V 'um0p11on01 9 101 uu9u1n9-1 01 139119.19191 K119.191p9u1u11 011m u0s,19A1 01 pessed 'Bu1u19ux91 se1nu1u1 g 11111111 'u0su110f 1 1un 0 01 9 p91 91921191111 1199.101 9 10 pu1Q1 Xue u9A1f3 11 op ur-29 'u1m 01 19599 '111991 Add9.1os 9 1911111 pemoqs 9u193 s1111L 1-. .19119nb 1591 9111 L11 zr 111111101111 Z1 9192591111 s9m 111991 9111 11101 p11n01A1 01 A11s09 'NYS 1111111 0111 1111111 dn 311111153 V KA9911 pu9 111991 11.195 1s91 OS 13910 1 111 01 Se sumopqon 1111 all u1 9u0 pu9 11921 1s111 61.11 OSS puo 1 UHJJSAO 0 SZ PUUOIAI 01 11 se1q111r1L,1 SA 9.I9M A1 0 19111101111 'VS 'I HO 921 31-md S1 9.1 's91c1Uuu1 11919901 ss919.109s 9 111 Eu1pu111 9-11193 9111 '911 1011 P1P 'S1111111 Au9u1 9p1A0.1d s9111Lm1.10ddo 3u1.109s AL19111 p911n1,u pue 11eund 31111095 139119-21 su1991 11103 X101 0 11111101111 QCI 9119391 0 IU! 911 u911 110513 91-1 19 Kiln Tu alll ODS 8.1 A19991 11199-1 9111 11111 0 01 171 sem pe u9119dx9 110nU.1 60 1 Lu0.11 911 95 'GLU PUD. .IS 3111119909 91019 A1911 9111 110 PH .1e1u1119g pue 'V 'I' 1951 s9'95 H9111 991 AdcI919s 11101 1.11 peuedo 91111 01761 PUUOIAI OJ S H3 AA UOS 9 1111 1291011 0 PUTIOIAI V1 1uum1V 5 IWRKE5 PEHFI' T 39 FOQTBALL 39 C0'C'f?PTAfN,S' Sfgsoy EAI'-A cooPS GN nog 6' PLM-'g Fniffwj BHSKETBHLL Coachlng his second year in Mound, Ed. J. Behmler produced one of the best teams from here in many years. It not only had a lot of height but also fair experience and good reserves. Afte-r losing its first game to Eden Prairie, the team won its next two conference games. Our tall team, beating Robbinsdale 41 to 29 and U High 31 to 19, had the Lake Conference in a ditiher. In conference games after Christmas vacation, Mound lost to Excelsior, Hopkins, and St. Louis Park, but won from Wayzata twice and Robbinsdale again. The climax of Moundis season was its stunning victory over Hopkins, a team which they havenyt beaten in nearly a deca-de. The game was played at Hopkins, the score being 28 to 27. Mound led throughout the game but in the closing minutes, Hopkins gradually closed the gap only to be edged out by one point. The team finished 4th in the conferencej winning 6 and losing 6 games. For the first time in four years, Mound won its game in the sub-district and entered the district tournament where they lost to Eden Prairie 33 to 26. Mound was represented on the All Conference Team with Eugene Ellefson at center. Eugene won the scoring championship of the Lake Conference with a total of 156 points whiclh is an average of 13. points per game. Eugene also holds the 1940 record for points scored in single games. He scored 20 points in the U High game and 20 points in the Park game. The second team lost only three games this year, one to Marshall of Minneapolis and two to Hopkins. Many juniors got first team experience this year and with a second team record such as this, Mound should have a very good season next year. Basketball lettermen for 1939-40 are: Eugene Ellefson, Bob Knudson, Gerold Bickley, and Leona-rd Iverson, Seniorsg Earl Bruhn, Lyle Huff, Melvin Oelrich, and Carl Skreen, Juniorsg and one freshman, Robert Torgerson. Player G. FG FT FTM PF TP Ellefson 21 101 47 36 37 249 Knudson 22 55 23 42 51 133 Bickley 22 51 26 29 44 128 Iverson 22 31 34 25 40 96 Oelrich 19 23 8 20 21 54 Huff 19 13 11 12 31 37 Bruhn 22 7 7 10 12 21 Torgerson 16 4 2 2 10 10 Skreen 11 1 5 2 4 7 Sincheff 6 2 1 4 1 5 Alexander 8 1 0 0 3 2 Christoferson 1 0 0 1 1 0 OACH o Y L ' Q ,Q f ff XM Q, 1 5 ,jf X8 'Z 9 Kilt 2,4 ff ax ff KSON My in Qt i ww M 83 is 4 1433 ' W H5523 W 'wad A.: .: .... - Nm '5 Q 5 ' :-215555132 t . '- . " .,.: a-"?' .::.' 'V ' 3 1 :z:52:.::f!'21.1 " , i::E5I1:?iE2'- N N Q Q E WRESTLING The Mound High Wrestling Squad, under the leadership of Coach Wilcox, finished a successful season with a record of seven dual meet wins and only three defeats. The Mound Matmen outscored their opponents 2651!2 to 1604V2 and placed seventh in the State Wrestling Tournament. Those representing Mound in this tournament were Ralph Johnson, Eugene Geyen and Donald Dressel. The letter winners are Donald Dressel, Richard Swanson, Donovan Grife, Eugene Geyen, William Budd, Charles Lockhart, Leslie Gruette, Donald Sigafoos, captain elect, John Heinlen, Ralph Johnson, captain, and Melvin Sohns. BHSEBALL Under the leadership of Coach Ed Behmler, Mound High School organized its first baseball team in more than a decade. Over 32 players reported this spring to practice, but the squad was soon cut to 24 members. In pre-schedule games the team beat the alumni 14 to 2 and then lost to the business men of Mound 9 to 8. The season will end with a play off between the two top teams of the Lake conference and the Minnesota Valley conference. Mound has high hopes of entering this play-off as it has beaten Eden Prairie and Excelsior, and has only lost to St. Louis Park. GOLF The spring season again sees seven veterans in the lineup for the golf team. This coming sport is very active with an eight game schedule, which includes the District Meet. Seven of the eight games are dual meets While the District Meet determines the Winner cf a beautiful trophy. Carl Skreen, Sidney Swanson, and Gerold Bickley are positioned on the first five with Robert Blatzhelm and Carl Fride-n as alternates. TRHCK e This year, Mound had its most successful track team of several seasons. They placed first in both the Hopkins. Meet and in the Mound Relays, amd second in the District Meet. Those qualifying for the Regional Meet are: Kenneth Plant, Melvin Oelrich, Leslie Gruette, George Sincheff, and Lee Michel. In the Mound Relays George Sincheff broke the school high-jump record and Kenneth Plant the 100-yard dash record. Lee Michel won the half-mile event in the District Meet, and George Sincheff the high-jump. Mound also received several seconds, thirds, and fourths. ,S NffFiNf2 LnuQHMlf, Gas San Pffimo Cnfr'uJ7'a'r 7 v K , OL EN ff? Q 5,46 u5T Hi. R95 : Q A ,1,1:V .:.:." -.-. i ..'.,. Gains Sfxwsv IN Mi IU S ll MK GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Waited for their HQ." Although the girls did not present a public showing until the Music Contest. they dld not work in vain. They succeeded in pleasing the judge, who in return, gave them an A rating. DECLQMHTIQN The school eliminations were held February 14. 'Four students were lepresented in the interpretive reading division, one each in oratory, original oratory and extempor- aneous groups. Ann Marie Madsen in the interpretive leading group, Lawrence Bodin in the oratory, William Budd in the original oratory, and Inez Blekre in the extemporaneous speaking received ratings which qualified them to participate in the sub-district festival which was held at Mound High School February 28. Ann Marie Madsen and Inez Blekre received ratings which enabled them to participate in the district festival which was held at St. Louis Park March 6. "FRESH FIELDS" Lady Mary Lady Lillian Mrs. Pidgeon Tom . . Una . . Tim . . Miss Swaine Ludlow . Lady Strome Cast of Fresh Fields Waynette Riedesel . Inez Blekre Florence Chladek Lawrence Bodin Joyce Anderson Gerold Bickley Sihirley Kubon . Allen Bodin Marilynn Kepke On April 26, 1940, the Senior Class presented the play, "Fresh Fieldsf, under the direction of ,Miss P-earl Klock. The play relates the story of two sisters, Lady Mary, an energetic, business-like person, and Lady Lillian, a dramatic, affected person. They have inherited a ma-nsion but unfortunately haven't the money to keep it up. Then into the scene comes Mrs. Pidgeon, her daughter, Una, and her brother, Tom Larcomb, a family from Australia and friend of Lady Mary's late husband. Arrangements are made and the Pidgeon fanmily stays at the mansion as paying guests. It is proposed that Lady Strome, a wealthy noblewoman, present Una at Court, but Mrs. Pidgeon insults Lady Strome by offering her a cheque. Things eventually straighten themselves out. Una makes a success at Court and wins the love of Tim, Lady Mary's son. Tom finally persuades Lady Lillian he isn't so bad after all. Lady Mary and Mrs. Pidgeon left to their own devices plan to go around the world together. ' ,7 "SlilDDlNGf" Ca-st of "Skid,din.g" Aunt Milly CMrs. Hardy's Sisterb . . . . Marguerite Jackson Andy ........ . . George Sincheff Mrs. Hardy . . Katherine Kaupanger Judge Hardy . . . . . . Kenneth Plant Grandpa Hardy . . . . Ralph Johnson Estell Hardy Campbell . . Betty Anderson Marian Hardy , . . . Carolyn Brockert Wayne Trenton, III . . Alexander Sincheff Myra Hardy Wilcox . . Frances Copeland Mr. Stubbims ............ Lee Michel 'KSkidding,' was presented under the capable direction of Miss Pearl Klock. lt is election time for Judge Hardy, the father of a typical American family. To further complicate matters, Marian comes back from college with a boy fri-end, and the two elder sisters leave their husbands and come home to mother. Everything is confused during the ma-d weeks before election. Andy also has his troubles with his girl friends and the trial of growing up and not being understood. The climax is reached when the Judge is appointed to the supreme court and Marian and Wayne become engaged. The girls rieturn to their husbands and Aunt Milly leads av one man revolt. The family eventually settles down to normal life, with the exception cf Andy, who wouldn't feel right if he wasn't worrying about something.

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