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fftmind Consolidated Higlj §cljool BOARD OF EDUCATION C. C. Lockerby, President T. M. Thomson, Clerk J. G. Maclean, Treasurer D. M. Craig C. L. Tuff F. P. Leekley HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY. 1930-1931 A. C. Tibbetts, Superintendent Ella G. Gryting, Principal E. L. Allen, Commercial Irving Kepke, Manual Training Bernice Eggen, Home Economics Arlys Denzel, Music F. C. Campbell, Agriculture Bertha E. Field, Science Evan Jones, Mathematics and Athletics Gudrun Ness, English and Dramatics Gladys Ireland, Latin and English Helen M. Douglass, Social Studies Mrs. J. E. White, Librarian All Photographs made by Rembrandt Studios, Inc., MinneapolisClass of X931 President, Edward Gunderson Secretary, Richard Murphy Vice-President, Lucille Gothmann Treasurer, Eleanor Ferguson Advisor, Miss Gryting Valedictorian: Curtis Nordlum Salutatorian: Jean Lockerby Evelyn Block Ralph Kusske Edna Shillock Conan Boyle Audrey Lenz Douglas Skarp Helen Chladek Stanford Lcnz Neil Sprague Marian Collins Philip Logelin Alyce Stinson Bernard Dittrich Doris McCann John B. Strobridge Horace Gebo Alma Peterson Gladys Thomas Dorothy Hovend Florence Peterson Donald Walter Marvin Huff Kenneth Painter Robert Wchmhoff Lorraine Johnson Myron Robinson Leo la Widmer Lillian Kerbcr Doris Schoening Veronica Widmer Dorothy Schultz Motto: Flower: Lily of the Valley We are only what we will so will much — Colors: Nile (jreen and Orchid» «oe©ooc-co o•»MOUND CHAPTER FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA This is the second year for the Mound chanter of Future Farmers of America. This organization has for its membership pH students -vhc are enrolled in or -vho have taken the agri-rultuie course. A definite program of vork is set up each year ac a goal for achievement in bringing about an improvement in agricultural practises in the communuty. The officers and members are as follows: President, Ralph Kus ke; Vice President, Ed-vrrd Gunderson; Secretary, William Forkey; Treasurer, Noel Walter; Club Adviser, F. C. Campbell, Instructor; Honorary Member, A. C. Tibbetts, Superintendent. “Green Hand” or 1st Degree:- Jerome Aylmer; Edgar Banke;-Vernon Bruhn;- Roy Skstrom; William Forkey;- Charles Fredrickson;-Edvard Gunderson;- Ed’vrrd A. Gunderson; Robert Krause; William Krause; Irven Maas; Edward Me Ginn; George Osrood;- Melvin Rehbein; Murray Swanson; Walter Thurk; Herbert Widmer. "Future Farmers" or 2nd Degree;- William Erickson; -Gottfrid Johnson;- -Noel Walter; -Clarence Krotzer; Raloh Kusske;- Raymond Bruhn . Members of Livestock Judging Team.o©FOOTBALL Coach S. Jones Broeckert G. Letterrren Skaro 0. R. Bruhn G. Fuller ” Q. Shol G. H. S-:?.rp E. Painter T. Stern G. Hanson T. Ebert G. Boll E. Kauri Her E Philbrook E. Sorague E. Moe C. K. Norgard C. Huff H. Wehmhoff H. Forkey Q. V Rehbein T. Auran C. Ferguson H. Bruhn G. Ekstrom F. Norerard E FOOTBALL GAMES Mound - -- -- -- -- 6 Anoka - -- -- -- -- Hound ---------0 St. Louis Park - - - - 1 Hound------------- 6 Wayzata------------ Hound----- ------ 18 Hopkina - ---------- Hound - -- — - - - -33 Excelsior - ----- Mound - -- -- -- - -12 U. High - -- -- -- -- c - c i o o oc c .'laneon C. Ian Ice C. AylTijr G. C. iWf F. Forkey F. Broeckert F. A, Norgard F. Boll P. Mound - -- -- -- -- 8 Hound ---------9 Hound ---------4 Mound -------- -15 Mound ---------9 Mound--- ----— -10 Mound - -- -- -- -- 4 Mound ---------3 Mound ---------6 Mound -------- -19 BASKETBALL Coach E. Jones Letterrnen Bruhn F. M. Skarp F. D. Craig F. Wimmigren F. Spillane F. F. Norgerd G. Fuller G. Shol G. Hoe G. Game8 Played Excelsior --------- 39 St. Louis Park ------ -15 Glencoe ----------44 Silver Lake --------28 Chaska ---------- -36 Shakopee --- - - - - - -28 Wayzata ---- ------23 U. High-----------------30 Jordon ----- --- - - - -13 U. High-----------------3?oTPAJK (»fcach £. ores tmhriu e Ju'ler E ttrick Oc xi'Uf F. Norgard l o a Boll Hanson Peterson Pearson Shol Banks P. Skarp M cv.o-jrp Stems Log iin Ebert Fredrickson Maas Murphy Rehbein Forky Mound received third place at the Mound Relaysocc o 2LASS SONC-CL M. C. II. C, OL K. J. Dear QL K. 2. H. S. In our heart-j -e fondly love thee ship's our bee-.t health to thoe. Oho. Farewell our OL Mound, Let our voices resound, Te've had all our fun Our four years are done.. Though »eld love to stay And our thoughts shall cluster Hound our Mound ho's brighter So re drink our last toast The only school of our boast. C By Alma PetersonSENIOR CLASS POEM After four long years of toil and play. At last our stately little fleet I.ies ready in a billowy bay. Each a staunch little ship must man We 11 sail to find a newer land To North, to South, to East, tp West, To part8 known and unknown Wefll sail where we think best. We're happy, we're loyal, we' We are as true As the blue of this earthly sea. Impossible tasks we'll conouer; Hardships we'll laugh to scorn; We'll conouer tham all without a murmur Though our sails are battered and torn.c At last ve spy a little harbor All filled ’vith crafts, like dead. Here -ve Till not linger There1s a better just ahead. Many a nort ve»ve entered, Success is just in its da ?n The far off distance invites us 7e must, -ve shall go on, 7fe Till never stop our sailing Till God has called us home. Take heed of our example And to our hearts our motto clutch: "Your are only -hat you Till So Till much." By Conan BoyleCLASS HISTORY In the autumn of the year of 1937, our class (’rioted into our r‘reeh"iaP year in Mound High School with the falling of the leaves, • ad in rbouc the came manner, not kno irg our fuouie destination or .'ate. 3 cauee of the fact that many of our class left Ub in the eigh »:rad3, due to the mid-year promotions, ovr number was somewhat s:na3 : out this number has increased in the past four years, so that now our number is thirty-seven. After many difficulties and nerve wracking moments, we settled down to our idea of work. Hiss Mayhew wa6 our class advisor. We elected Carl Swensson to the class Presidency. Eleanor Ferguson was Vice-President, and Clinton Wallman Secretary and Treasurer. In the late part of the winter, we entertained ourselves at a class party in the school house. We struggled through our exams, attaining many high marks, and were greatly elated ™hen we made the grade and became Sophomores. Mr. Nelson was given the honor of being our class advisor. Douglas Skarp was elected President, and Zella Gertz Vice-President. We held a party in November, damaging greatly a very good lunch and had an excellent time. Towards the last of May, ’’e had our picnic at Spring Park.Our Junior year, 1030, '-as marked with many successes, in October v e bad a Halloween Pa.rty, where so many ghosts, goblins, •♦.id witches 'predominated that our teeth nearly chattered out of the ;oVct-3. J.r. I«c;ember, our class gcve the pl .y “Dumr .y1 f i. v;ry l :,zrz;- A eoe m dramatic presentation. Hiss Ne«s was the .rector :'' x c - h of the p?ay. The caste included Horace C-e-o, Hvcj.yn Biocl r:i a huff, I.ucilhe Gothrr.ann, Bob T7ehahoff, Audrey Lons, Mao el ?■- :» up U.WC" Donald Walter. With the proceeds of the plav, 3 or. ter-xhe Seniors of 1930 at an elaborate and lavish banauet in February. The setting of the decorations portrayed a colonial seen' jhi class picnic was held at Independence Beach the last of Hay O'it Junior advisor was Miss Eggen. Our class President was Hazel Shipp. Lorraine Johnson wa.s Vice-President, Horace G®bo Secretary, and Doris Schoening Treasurer. In our Senior year, a serious attitude pervaded the class, as we endeavored to attain high honors during this last veer. However, a carefree undercurrent of jo and happiness ebbed and flowed throng the class consistently, due, no doubt, to chc fact that our last year in school was at hand. By conscientious study, Curtis Pordlum, who fully deserved the honor, given the place of valedictorian Jean Locherbv salutatorian. Hiss Gryting was our class adviser, carefully andjudiciously piloting us through our many difficulties. Edward Gunderson ras elected President, Lucille Gothmann, Vice-President: Richard Murphy, Secretary; and Eleanor Fer.rv.son, Treasurer. I;i November vre held a seating par tv on Cook’s Bay ith a wier eT roast to boot. In April presented the superb mystery pis-' ’’x ger House”, under the able direction of Kiss Ness, who deserves much of the credit for its greet success. The caste as composed of Doictny Hovend, Jethro PhilSrook, Knrvin Huff, Evelyn Block, Helen Ckladek, Gladys Thomas, Lucille Gothmann, Kvron Robinson, John Strobriage, and Edrsrd Gunderson, with the receipts of this play bought a bust of Lindbergh to be placed oh the trophy case as our memorial to the school. On the evening of May ninth ere entertained very royally by the Juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet. The setting of the banquet T?as suggestive of a Jap nece fete. Our Senior year has been filled ith many activities. selected Lily of'the Vplley as our class flower, and Nile7Green and Orchid for our class colors. Our motto are only vhpt '"ill, so vrill much" sets a high standard f or "rhich to aim.CLASP PKDPEFC7 Marrin Huff is captain of the Mayer Fire Department and execute.-; ..: l dalles very well. Ye expect Marvin to he in on in any hoi things V'elyn L?oc!: is housekeeper, and incidentally, wife o Marvin. Cc.;ar. Boyle is the foremost poet of the time. Many of his in- rpJTriticns for his poems were lent to him by Helen Chiadek, who is r poet cf much note also. Conan hasn’t had courage enough to spring "the" question to Helen, but he’ll probably get up enough spunk to do it soon. Eleanore Ferguson and Jean Lockerby, wishing to benefit mankind, are conducting a hospital in this locality. They have formulated a cure for broken hearts, and consequently are well patronized. Jean took upon herself the care of one patient, Bob Wehmhoff, and has cured Bob so well that she is now leaving the partnership. Eleanore as good looking as ever, and just as nice, has had many patients, and more offers, but she is waiting for her lover from o’er the sea. Lucille Gothman has left Bonifacious and is established firmly on Woodland Point. She and Jethro Philbrook have taken charge of the Woodland Point Store and are also instituting a home for orphan kittend. Horace Gebo has full charge of his father’s barber shoo. He nee ed a helper, so he went to Mayer and forcibly took Audrey Lerz home with him. Audrey is now the manicurist in Horace's shop where he can keep hie eye on her.Lorraine Johnson is happily and prosperously established at Independence Beach, selling hot dogs and hamburgers to hungry tourists. Stanford Lenz, notwithstanding his good looks, has established .achniox headquarters in Mayer, where he lives a life of ease and en C uti3 Nordlum has risen, as was expected, to the very highest ot rt a philosopher and student. Richard Murphy, who be came a prominent citizen by his work in tiu. incorporation of Mound and Island Park, is now the manager of the two cities. Marian Collins is now a "barker” on the sight-seeing bus running in Spring Park, and Alma Peterson is the driver. Philip Logelin is usher in the Watertown theater, with which he became familiar in his youth. Doris McCann, who was so studious in school, has been rewarded for her efforts and now has complete charge of the Mound Zoo. Ralph Kueske has established an aviation school at Mayer, with Florence Peterson as the instructor for women flyers. Kenneth Painter and Neil Sprague are conducting a hospital for sick Fords in Navarre, with branch shop on Elliot's Corner. Myron Robinson i6 the director, and chief actor of a group of Negro comedians, while Gladys Thomas is conducting a rival concern of the same nature, but the two are considering to incorporate.Doris Schoening has taken full control of the Sandy Beach Grocer. :hich has expanded to huge proportions, and Bernard Dittrich is running a barber shop and soft drink parlor in one part of this building Dcrotny Schultz has risen to lofty heights as the women16 champ-Ion loop the loop aviatrix. Douglas Skarp has a large chain of oil stations, the largest of Thich i3 in Soring Park, of which town he is the mayor. John Strobridge is a well known detective and is sure death to any criminal. He is a specialist in the stolen love line of crime, having had many experiences in that line himself. He is a fortune teller, and a chemist on the side. Donald Halter, having had varied experiences in many lines of endeavor, has finally been appointed president of the Maxwell motors. He is now selling a two cylinder car which will undoubtedly revolutionize transportation. Dorothy Hovend, because of her great beauty and personality, has become a great actress, completely overshadowing Greta Garbo. She is also an artist of gren,t note, paintings of hers winning many prizes especially in modernistic displays. Edna Shillock has established a college for the instruction of students in chemistry problems. She has invented a machine to do any chemistry problem, and her school is always full of students. Leola and Veronica Widmer have gone on the Orpheum circuit. They now travel under the name of the Perfect Posture Sisters, a title which they earned by exercise and diligent dieting.- ©GIRL'S ATHLETIC? The Girl18 Athletio Association wae organized under the direction of Hiss Gryting at the beginning of our Sophomore year. After i successful year of 1930 the total membership was thirty-two. Three members were elected to carry on the executive duties of this organization. The officers are: Lorraine Johnson, President; Doris Schoening, Vice President; and Jean Lockerby, Secretary and Treasure! At the first initiation four members were admitted. The total lumber admitted was eight. In Soccer the Juniors and Seniors tied, but in basketball the Seniors were champions. Persons receiving awards are: Monograms—600 points Lorraine Johnson Jean Lockerby Doris Schoening Eleanore Ferguson Leola Tfidraer Veronica "Jidmer Helen Chladek Emblems—300 points Alma Peterson Helen Chladek Dorothy Hovend Lorraine Johnson Jean Lockerby Doris Schoening Eleanore Ferguson Leola Tidmer Veronica Widmer Audrey LenzTHE HALL OF FAME I, MoPt popular girl -’lort popular boy - -3ect girl athlete - ■ boy athlete - -c . ✓'Sest bluffer (boy) -f». dost bluffee (girl) • s pet - - - . 6pace taker space taker 10. Cutest ------- II. ✓Hungriest ------ 12.Peppiest ------ 13 Nerviest ------ 14. Prettiest girl - - - 15. Most handsome boy - • 16. Most henerous - - - ■ 17. •'Best blusher (boy) - 18. ✓ Best blushee (girl) 19. Most talented girl - 20. Class 14a ------ Teacher Smallest 9. 'Greatest 8. - - Evelyn, Jean, Dorothy - - - Harvin, Horace, Noil - - Jean, Doris 3., Alma - Marvin, Robert, Kenneth - - - Neil, Richard, Myron - Marion, Doris 3,, Alyce - - Edward, Jean, Curtis - Doris M., Douglas, Helen - - - Alma, Kenneth, Leola - Dorothy, Lucille, Evelyn - Marion, Horace, Richard - - Lucille, Neil, Audrey - - - Neil, Marvin, Horace Dorothy, Jean, Eleanore - - TTarvin, Neil, Philip - Kenneth, Douglas, John - Douglas, Myron, Richard Dorothy, Veronica, Lucille - - Jean, Evelyn, Lorraine - - Alma, Lucille, Gladys21. Class Pa -------- 82. Class Pet ------- 2.3., Quietest girl - - - - -24. Quietest boy ------ 23. u?ev2rest girl - - - - -23. Cleverest boy - - - - - 27. Ola S3 Comedian - - - - - 28. ?£ost talented boy - - -89. Best dressed girl - - - 30. Best dressed boy - - - - 31. Most accomplished girl - 32. Most accomplished boy - 33. Most studious girl - - - 34. Most studious boy - - - 35. Greatest talker (boy) - 36. greatest talkee (girl) - 37. Most charming girl - - - 38. Most courteous boy - - - 39. Host dependable girl - - 40. Most dependable boy - - Edward, Raloh, Kenneth Evelyn, Lucille, Richard Doris ll., Edna, Lillian Curtis, Ralph, Conan Evelyn, Lucille, Marion • Neil, Stanford, John Richard, Neil, Edward - Horace, Curtis, Edward Jean, Dorotny, Evelyn Marvin, Horace, Richard Jean, Evelyn, Doris M. - Curtis, Horace, John Jean, Doris M., Lorraine Curtis, John, Ralph Richard, Marvin, Neil - Marion, Alyce, Alma Dorothy, Evelyn, Jean Stanford, Horace, Myron Evelyn, Eleanore, Jean Curtis, Myron, EdwardEAliD Director: Hiss Denzel The band i6 a new feature in the activities of the high school Although this is the first year that it has been organized, we anticipate its success in like manner to that of the Orchestra, we can all feel proud to have it. At present it contains twenty-two members; and we feel sure that it will grow in the coming years. The members are: Stanford Lenz liar shall Pearson Horace Gebo Paul Anderson Laurel Jacobson Henry Jenson Leslie Belland Norma Anderson Anna Batdorf Stanley Hanson Dorothy Styner Dorothv Hovend George Osgood Kaurine Swanson Edward McGinn Eugene Oveson Shirley Fuller Stanley Olson Harold Luke Hurray Swanson Ruth Hegerle John liohnerVN oTHE ORCHESTRA Director Hies Denzel The orchestra of this year is much better than ever before. It has been changed to a symphony ad has increased its string section. Two cellos, five more violins, and a string bass have been added. In the next few years Miss Denzel hopes to have a symphony that will contain around fiftv members in the string section. The orchestra has played for the Junior Class play. Operetta, and Senior Class play. THE MEMBERS Marian Spauling Adeline Stark Dorothy Hovend Maurine Swanson Leslie 3elland Paul Anderson Henry Jenson Stanford Lenz Stanley Hanson Audrey Shol Anna Batdorf Dorothy Styner George Osgood Norma Anderson Stanley Olson Shirley Fuller Horace Gebo Elizabeth Peterson Philip Logelin Florence Noreen Mary Gothraann Mildred Hanson Clarence Krotzer Walter Thurk Laurel Jacobson Marshall Pierson Audrey Swanson Mary Baldy Damaris Nelsonc GLEE CLUBS Director: Mis Arlys Denzel. For the first time in the history of Mound High School, and accanella choir res organized; this choir being made un of sixteen girls and sixteen boys. This organization has'indeed proved very successful, rhich -gs shorn by the fact that it took first olace in the District Content held in the Mechanical Arts 3uilding at St. Paul on May 1. There 7ere six entries made, out of rhich, including the nlace Mixed Chorus took, the boy's glee club took second place, and the boy's quarter took third. On February seventeenth, the glee clubs gave a very successful operetta, "Once In A Blue Moon," sixty-one members taking part.' All these music organizations, including a girls' quarter and a saxaphone quintet, took part in many activities and entertainments. It is the aim and rish that in each following year Mound High's department of music rill become "bigger and better." (o o-G GDRAMATICS Misc l?ess. Coach The first declamatory contest was held between the contestants 3f Mcund High cn the evening cl January £9. The purpose of this cor.te3t vc.3' to select onr from each group to represent the school in the district meet. The Jr iratiu group consisted of Evelyn Bloch, Jorcthy Hovend, Helen Chladek, Dorothy Styner. and Looille Hegerle, • tery Sincheff and Marion Spaulding represented the hemorous, and Earl Aylmer and Stanley Hanson, the oratorical. Of there, Dorothy Styner, Mary Sincheff, and Sari Aylmer were chosen. In the sub-district contest held at Mound, February 5, Dorothy placed first with her reading—"The Alien;" Earl Aylmer third— "The Paris Peace Pact;" and Mary fifth—"China Blue Eyes." Dorothy ’vent to the district contest held at Excelsior and placed third there. The senior class play, a mystery play, was given at Mound. Aoril 10, with great success. The cast of "Tiger House," the olay, was as follows: Erma Lowrie, Dorothy Hovend; Macintosh, Jethro Philbrook; Arthur Hale, Marvin Huff; Aunt Sophia, Lucille Gothmann; Eliza, Gladys Thomas; Oswald, Edward Gunderson; Yami, John Stobridge; peg Van Ess, Evelyn Block; The mystery ’Toman, Helen Chladel:; The Tiger, ?????????.c?2. the Senior Clans of 1331, do hereby bequecth to the re-oinirg members of our bolc ed Alma Kator, following :rai«p .“U crarr.crer4 stico. le bequeath: Conan Boyle s and Helen Chladek's ability to write noe 's to •MilreJ. jup.rX' Morion Collin’s boldness to Cora Brvhn. Njil Sprague's shyness and Ford to Mary Sinchcff. Edward Gunderson’s ability to catch bugs to Marion Spauldin Curtis Nordlum's studiousness to Harold Luke. Dorothy Hovend’s good looks to Leslie Belland. Marvin Huff’s behavior to Lorraine Nelson. Doris Schoening’6 ability to play basketball to Maurine Swanson. Vima Peterson’s ability to take up space to Billy ICrause. Eleanore Ferguson's aoility to write shorthand to Edith Carlson, Lucille Gothmann s giggles to Paul .Anderson, Myron Robinson’s oole vaulting aoility to Audrey Schell. Doris McCann's smallness to Earl Aylmer. Jean Lockerbyl s :,A’s" to Carmen Dahl.CLASS TILL Audrey L°nz's and Gladys Thomas1 ability to tyoe to jsorietii Lterne. Robert Wehmhoff's ability to olay football to Stanley Olson, fetne, Shillock'8 ability to do chemistry oroblems to Lois • kreen. Lillian Ferber’s avietness to Dorothy Caster. .’er.neth Painter’s wav r,ith the Tirls to Tillian Trickson. Raloh russke;8 good nature to Grace Stinson. Florence Peterson’s ability to translate Caesar to John vrohner, Evelyn Block's oooularitv to Gladys Moberg. Bernard Dittrich’s ability to tell about Shakesoeare s ’-orks to Murray Swanson. Gorace Gebo’s ability to sing nd olay to Dleanor Ferber. Stanford Lenz’s ability to do soanish dances to Alfred Scholl. Philip Logelin'6 black TOavy hair to Alice Blomlie. Richard Murphy's cleverness to Elizabeth Peterson. John Strobridge's ability to act to Ruth Mergen. Douglas Skaro's fiery temoer to I'elvin Gertz. Donald Talter’s s eet little pining voice to Tilliam Brockert. Leola Tidmer’s blush to Mary Strobridge. Dignity of the Senior Class to the Junior Class. Veronica Tidmer’s patience to work on the typewriter to Jimmy Soillane. Dorothy Schultz's ability to write German to Helge Norgard.c And now, having made this, our last ill and testament, we, the Senior Class, do hereby appoint the Junior Class as sole Executors of this document. Signed: CLASS OF 1931. C

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