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MOUND CONSOLIDATED HIGH SCHOOL C. E. Lockerby, President Wayne Kelly BOARD OF EDUCATION T. M. Thomson, Clerk A. M. Jalma J. G. Maclean, Treasurer Frank Krenke HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY, 1927-1928 Hazel F. Perry, Principal E. L. Allen, Commercial Irving Kipke, Manual Training Bernice Eggen, Home Economics Dorothy Meder, Music A. C. Tibbetts, A. E. Nelson, Science Evan Jones, Mathematics and Athletics Ella Gryting, English and Athletics Myrtle Mayhew, Latin and English Mrs. J. E. White, Librarian Superintendent roXoocooo (CLASS OF 1928 CLASS ROLL President - - - - Walter Tyler Vice Freeident - - Irwin Kuske Secretary- - - - - Hildur Fkstrom Treasurer - - - - Louise Krause Valedictorian: Billy Davis Ruby Bergquist Marion Chladek Henry Ebert Florence Fahrendorff Paul Hauwiller Jennie Iverson Mildred Jensen William Kickhafer Robert Leckie Stella Luedtke Annetta McCullough Salutatorian: Alice Maass Ruth Magnuson Freda Moline Knute Norgard Robert Ohde Clifford Olson Dorothy Olson Hilda Olson Agnes Rogers Ralph Strong Verne Von Eschen Carl Wehmhoff Floyd Walkington Motto: Impossible is Un-American Colors: Scarlet and Black Flower: American Beauty Rose Class Advisor: Miss PerTyHISmOnv OF THE CLASS OF 1928 On a bright, sunny September day in 1924, the class of 1928 entered the assembly room. Our elde 8 turned around with winks and nods as if to say, "Another Freshman class." Some of our number jo: ed the Glee Clubs, and others "went out for" some of the athletic teams. Of course a class cannot be without its class officers, so w gave the job of president to Claude Roemer, secretary to Amy Simonso treasurer, Wayne Johnson. Our class advisors were Miss Kierland and Mr. Nelson. The year broke up with our class picnic. When we came together in the fall of 1925, we received three new members: Florence McAdow, Irwin Kuske. and Floyd Walkington. Our clas3 officers for this year were Annetta McCullough, Billy Davis, Amy Simonson, and Robert Leckie. Miss Hyslop and Mr. Tieg3 helped us in our attempts that year. Some of our members received solo parts in the operetta, and others were important on the athletic field. We also presented a very successful one act play to the high school and later to the P.T.A. We worked hard and passed all our state exams-or most of them. We had planned a very pleasant picnic at the end of the year, but our pleasure was marred by the presence of the Freshmen.. We came back the next year with better intentions than ever. Miss Wuest was overjoyed to become our class advisor, and to assist her we chose Marian Chladek for president, Floyd Walkington vice-pres.Florence McAdow for secretary and treasurer. Te went to work with a lot of ambition. Te chose '’The Charm School" as our class play and such a success ’••as never witnessed before. The returns from the pla g.jid our abilities made it possible for us to give the Class of ’27 an excellent banguet. Our labors were interrupted' by".ou -sleigh rid party which we all enjoyed. Having completed all our studies satisfactorily and having escorted the seniors on their road to success we retired for a short rest in the summer. The September of 1927 saw a very active group of Seniors seated on the north side of the assembly room. Ta started in early to make our Senior Class renowned through the school and lake district, e needed a man of the world to help us through the year, so we selectee ’Valter Tyler president. Irwin Kuske became vice-president, Fildur Fkstrom secretary, and Louise Krause was chosen to secure all the money possible from the class. Miss Perry guided our efforts. ’Ve attended to our class business, such as rings, announcements, class colors, and various other things with enough discussion to make it profitable. The Juniors entertained us at a banquet during March, which we enjoyed very much. After some extensive searching we chose "Hurry! Uurry! Hurry!" for our Senior Class Play and that too proved successful. On the whole our four years in high school have held many successes and the Class of 1928 is going out into the world to add to these, leaving Mound High in better condition than we found it because of our presence in it.Prophecy of Class of 1928 In the year 1948 when I was passing through the old home town. Mound, I paid a visit to the school library. Upon glancing over the names of several new books, I happened to see one entitled, "Achievements of Members of Class of 1928". Immediately I began t; read the contents of the book which was dedicated to our beloved advisor, Mi6S Perry. This is what I found out about my old classmates: Alice Maass was the founder and president of the largest girl s college in U. S. Hilda Olson was her chief assistant and taught social problems. Marian Chladek was a successful tenement worker in the slums of San Francisco. Ralph Strong was the owner of a new hotel in Mound where Robert Leckie was bell boy, Freda Moline, stenographer, and Jennie Iverson, switchboard operator. Carl Wehmhoff had invented a car that would run without gasoline and Paul Hauwiller was a world“famed poet, having written many lyrics, ballads, and sonnets. Annetta McCullough was a great actress, doing heavy tragedy roles. Louise Krause, a famous aviatrix, was the first woman to fly across the Pacific Ocean. Robert Ohde had the coveted position of Chief of the Mound Fire Department. Vern Von Eschen was the exclusive manufacturer of "Morning Glory Brand Cheese". Dorothy Olson after successfully swimming the English Channel had accepted the position of teaching aquatic 6ports in Mound High. Clifford 0l6on and Knute Norgard had started a cor-poration for marketing the products of industry in a more efficient manner. Mildred Jensen, teaching school in Roni, had won fame through her recent book "How to Concentrate While Studying". Henry Ebert was playing fnsTi baseman on the All American Base Ball Team. Billy Davis was the owner of a pork packing plant in Australia. Irwin Kuske was his faithful and efficient vice president and manager. Hildur Ekstrom and Florence Fehrondorl'f were the owners of a chain of beauty culture shops and had recently opened a new shop in Seton. William Kickhaicr, now a great doctor, had just finished the erection of a large clinic and hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Stella Luedtke was his personal advisor and secretary. Walter Tyler was a salesman, working under Floyd Waikington, who manufactured "June Morning Perfume". Ruby Bergquist, after travelinb around the globe several times, had retired from active life and was writing a book which she intended to call "V onders of the Earth". Ruth Mab-nuson was a model in Mound's newest department store and Agnes Rogers was a journalist for the "Minnetonka Pilot". As I turned the last page of that Jittle volume, a calm and peaceful feeling came to me, for I knew that each and every member of that remarkable class had done his best in his particular line of endeavor.THE CLASS WILL Tie, the Senior Class of 1928, do hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament, in order that we may justly distribute our possessions to the inmates of Mound High School. We bequeath the various individual abilities and possessions of the Class of 1928 as fellows: 1. William Kickhafer1s and Freda Holine's accuracy of keeping the School’s accounts straight to Harold Hoefer and Mabel Schulz. 2. Mildred Jensen’s speed as a typist to John Collins. 3. Robert Leckie's Scottish traits to Milton Lruhn. 4. The combined quietness of Ruby Bergquist and Hilda Olson to Sheldon Beise. 5. Floyd Walkington’s athletic ability to Harold Kowalke. 6. Bill Davis’ musical talents to Fern Wilson. 7. Henry Ebert’s and Paul Hauwiller’s base ball tactics to Gordon Axvall. 8. Alice Maass’s stature to Irene Terp. 9. Irwin Kuske's ability to get by on his good looks to Charles Schrall. 10. Louise Krause’s and Marian Chladek’s rapidity of speech to Myron Robinson.11. Dorothy Olson s and Jennie Iverson s blushes to Frank Srrensrud. .12. Ralph Strong’s strength and fiddling ability to Billy r— Hengen 13. Knute Norgard s ard Clifford Olson s conduct to Pearl Poppy. 14. Ruth Magnuscn's base c-all fcno l.-idga to Izzy. 15. Florence Fahrendcrff s voice to Luther Swensson. 16. Agnes Reger's notoriety a3 ‘'The Class Cut-uo" to Vegard Hall. 17. Vern Von Eschen s and Bob Ohde?s stock judging ability to Helen Peterson ana Fern McCurdy. 18. Stella Luedtke 6 musical prestige to Horace Gebo. 20. Annetta McCullough s knowledge of the Latin language to Doris Wheelock. 21. Carl Wehmhoff and Walt Tyler leave their trucks to the disposal of the student body, for the sole purpose of furnishing transportation to all school activities. We hereby appoint Miss Perry a6 the executrix of our last Will and Testament. I, the undersigned have hereby signed this last Will and Testa-(__Tient of the Class of 1928 at their request and in their presence, on this 23 day of May, 1928. Walter TylerSenior Class So - ,988 Mv Souvenirs When I look hack and see My friend.e so dear to me, I live in memory among my souvenirs; The friends, so dear, so true, Our dear teachers, too, I see a smile from you Among my souvenirs. When I look back to you My school and fellows true, I live in memory among .my souvenir? ; . When I see the football line. How prosperous Mound will shine, I see a school sublime Among my souvenirs.- A T H L E T I C 3 Football 1927 Coach-F. Jones This was the first time ir. the history of our school that we can boast of having f? team that won tha district championship. The success was due to the untiring efforts of the first and of the second teams, to Coach Jones given the team by the student body Billy Davis C. (Captain) Milton Bruhn L. G. Edwin Widness R. C-. John Collins L. T. Frank Swenarud R. T. Walter Ohde R. E. Marvin Huff L. E. Floyd Walkington Q. Sheldon Beise L. H. Irwin Kuske R. H. Ralph Strong F. , and to the support that was and members of the community. Harold Foefer (substitute) Earl Peterson " Kenneth Painter " Robert Ohde " Xnute Norgard " Lloyd Larson " Clifford Olson " Robert Wehaihoff " Carl WehmKoff " Luther Swensson " Roy Rogers " Henry Eoert " 3t. Louis Park 0 Mound IS Hopkins 6 Mound 26 Osseo 6 ii 3S Chaska 8 " 47 Excelsior 13 it 38 'Vayzata 7 " 26 U. High 7 ii 0 Opponents' Total 47 Mound'8 Total 185 Boy's Bucket Ball 1927-'28 Torch, E. Jones Although our basket ball team did five games out of the ten played. Trwin Fuske L. F. (Captain) Floyd a.lkincrton B. F. Billy Davis C. alph Strong L. 0. Sheldon Beise P. C-. Frsncis Boll (Sub) Knute Norgard not win the championship, Marvin Huff (Sub) Walter Ohde (Sub) Milton Bruhn (Sub) Clifford Olson (Sub) vegard uall (Subj Pobert Ohde (Sub) (Sub) Ckaska 17 'ound 7 ’-cpkins 15 » 17 St. Louis P'rk 13 Mound 25 U. TJigh 7 vound 15 Shakonee 9 Mound 8 Oooonents' ayzata 7 ,found 12 Hopkins 0 Mound 2 Chaska 20 Mound 12 Excelsior 29 Mound 11 Shakopee 13 ,round 12 Total 130 bound's Total 121 it '41 + ‘•’he baseball season closed on Tuesday, May 22, after the team ( had played and won five games. Tinning these prames makes Mound champions in the lake district.3aseba.ll, Con't. Walter Ohde L. F Irwin Xuske (Sub) Paul Hauwiller C. F. Kenneth Painter (Sub) Bill Davis R. F. Knute Norgard (Sub) Sheldon Beise (Sub) Ce»rl Wehmhoff (Sub) Floyd Walkingtbrf (Sub). .- I. Billy'Hengen (Sub) Robert Leckie (Sub) Wayzata 1 Mound 7 Excelsior 3 Mound 11 Excelsior 4 Mound 3 Watertown 1 Mound 7 U. High 3 Mound 14 Track: :1928 Coach, E. Jones Track, a comparatively new sport in Mound, has gained the enthusiasm of the community as a result of the splendid showing made by our Track team at the Hamline Relays, at the Mound Invitation Meet, and at the State Meet. Floyd Walkington Frank Swensrud Irwin Kuske Sheldon Beise Knute Norgard Walter Ohde Lloyd Larson Paul Hauwiller Earl Peterson Robert Leckie Marwin Huff Roy Carlson Roy Rogers Francis Boll John Collins(Track Cont.) Mound Invitatio 1 i_Mnet Mile Relay.'1. . 1. tlst ualf vile elay 1st 220 Low Hurdles 1st Medley Relay . 2nd Shot Put . . . .2nd 100 yd. Dash . .3rd 440 yd. Relay. .4th vamline Relays Mile Relay. . 7 .2nd Half Mile Relay . 4th State Track Meet In tre Ste.te Track Meet vound won third place in the 220 Low vurdles. Girls1 Basket Ball 1927-192Q Coach, Miss Ella Gryting The Girls’ Basket Ball Team was only able to schedule two games this year.- But by the results of these two games we can readily see the strength of the teem. A great de=l of credit should be given to the girls and their coach, Miss Gryting. Jennie Iverson C. (Captain) Pearl PooDy C. Mildred Jensen F. Elva Koehler F. Madeline McGinn G. Dorothy Olson G. Columbia Heights 10 Columbia Heights 13 Alice Kuske..............(Sub) Esther Iverson Viola Norgard (Sub) . (Sub Ethel Iverson...........(Sub Florence Fahrendorff. .(Sub Mound 33 Mound 14Glee Clubs and Orchestra Director, Kiss Dorothy Meder Among the most active of school organizations are the girls and boys' glee clubs. The members, chosen by vocal tests, begin rehearsals the second week of school. This year the two clubs presented the operetta "Carrie Comes to College", February 3. It was one of the most difficult and one of the most successful ever given. An unusually large audience attended the performance. After the operetta, the clubs began rehearsals for the District Music Contest which was held at North High School in Minneapolis, Saturday, May 12. At this contest, the Girls' Glee Club won first place, the Mixed Chorus first place, and the Boys' Glee Club second place. In the solo entries, Fern Wilson won firct place in piano, Vegard Hall, third place in the baritone solos, and Lucille Pearson, third place in the soprano solo6. Our school won a total of 33 points, giving us the championship of the district. We. were rewarded with three trophies and a silver medal. The following week at the State contest the Girls' Glee Club won first place over eight other districts. The mixed chorus received third place. We are extremely proud of our victories and look forward to an equally successful year in 1929. Our school orchestra has eleven members who are constantly improving in technique and musicianship. They have given pleasing performances at the operetta, the senior play, and at convocations. They are looking forward to entering the State music contest next year.DEBATE Coach, MU-s Myrtle Mayhew Debating, as an estra curricular activity, was started this year. A debate team was chosen with t'iss Mayhew as coach. The four .•hosen to represent the school were Helen Peterson, Marian Chladek, uther Swer.sson, and Walter Tyler. Net one hod ever had any previous deoate work; therefore the commendable results were due to the coaching of Miss Mayhew and Mr. Tibbetts, ifoarid entered the State Debating league and" scheduled debates with Excelsior, Howard Lake, and South High School of Minneapolis. The first debate was with Excelsior; Mound took the affirmative of the question: Resolved, that the United States should construct an All-American Great Lakes Atlantic Waterway rather than co-operate with Canada in the St. Lawrence project. Mound won the decision by a unanimous vote of the judges. Mound won the next debate with Howard Lake, also with a unanimous decision of the judges. This time Mound took the negative. The next debate with South High was a real test for Mound, as South had experienced debaters on their team and the district championship was at stake. The ease due to experience was the supreme factor in South High's winning the debate. South taking the negative side of the question. Two of the members of the debate team will be back next year and we Seniors hope to see Miss Mayhew turn out another team even more successful than this year's team."HALL OF FAKS" « Most popular girl - ----------------------- Mildred Jensen, Alice Maass Most popular boy - - - Billy Davis, Robert Leckie, Irwin Kuske Best girl athlete - - ----- - Mildred Jensen, Jennie Iverson Best boy athlete - - - - Irwin Kuske, Billy Davis, Ralph Strong Best bluffer - - - - -Carl Wehrahoff, Irwin Kuske, Robert Leckie Best bluffee ---------- Mildred Jensen, Jennie Iverson Teachers' pet - Wm. Kickhafer, Alice Maass, Annetta McCullough Smallest space taker 1 ----- - Mildred Jensen, Hilda Olson Hungriest ------- Robert Ohde, Billy Davis, Robert Leckie Most generous - Annetta McCullough, Billy Davis, Robert Leckie Nerviest ------- Robert Leckie, Robert Ohde, Irwin Kuske Cutest girl ------- -Florence Fahrendorff, Mildred Jensen Cutest boy - - - - Billy Davis, Floyd Walkington, Robert Leckie Best blusher --------- William Kickafer, Paul Hauwiller Best blushee ------ -Freda Moline, Hilda and Dorothy Olson Most talented girl ------ -Alice Maass, Annetta McCullough Most talented boy- --------- -Billy Davis, Walter Tyler Skinniest Hilda Olson, Robert Ohde Class infant- ------- Mildred Jensen, Robert Leckie (tie)"HALL Of FAMT" Class pa -.........- - - William Eickhafer, Floyd Walkington Class ma — — - — — — — — — — — — - — — _ — _ — Alice Kaass Wisest girl ---------- Alice Maass, Annetta McCullough Wisest boy -------------- Billy Davis, Irwin Kuske Class pet - --------- Annetta McCullough. Mildred Jensen Quietest boy ------------ Paul Hauwiller, Henry Ebert Quietest girl --------------- Ruby Bergouist, Hilda Olson Cleverest------------------------------- - Robert Leckie Class comedian -- ------ ______________ Robert Leckie Class dude - - Floyd Walkington, William Kickhafer, Billy Davis Most studious girl ----- - --- Alice Maass, Freda Moline Most studious boy --------- Paul Hauwiller, Billy Davis Greatest talker ----------------- Robert Leckie, Irwin Kuske Greatest talkee ----------- Mildred Jensen, Jennie Iverson ,lfost courteous girl - - Annetta McCullough, Florence Fahrendorff Yost courteous boy -------------- Irwin Kuske, Walter Tyler Belt fusser°US-D-____________Floyd "alklngton, Billy Davis Best fussee - - - ______ Annetta McCullough, Mildred Jensen0 O

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