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W ff'- Y Odds and Ends X -K-,ig 3 I. e as ' LaRae's Love Is it that bad. Larry? , if iff 5, ' Q . e 1 4: R2 se lx Where's the enthusiasm. Sh aron? Don't te11 me what to do! ! Li- g x . Ah Ha! Yes. Reggie we know! ! Oblivion Q., ff ffsfzg 2 'E 'N A is, tfi5,p.x .. ' Li' "mf, I L fe? i' A5 Cheerleaders O-u-tl in action! Out! Me? The ugly pig? Tim's got all Am 1 not the luck! just too too! A THE CARDINAL Mott Lincoln High Mott, North Dakota l963 - I964 I . Card Foreword The year 1963-1964 posed a completely new educational system. With the addition of a much needed and welcomed school building, things became more complicated and stu- dents were forced to become more indeperiient. We annexed several rural school districts, increasing the enrollment extensively. There was also a change in the number of class periods a day, and two new courses, German and industrial arts, were offered. We hope to provide you with an annual which will help to remind you of these changes. Table of Contents Title Page - - - - 1 Foreword - - - - 2 Dedication ------- - - 4 Administration and Board- - - - - 6 Faculty - - - -7 Organizations - - - - 10 Sports - - - - 23 Activities - - - - - 29 Classes - - - 39 Ads- - - - 64 Doug Friez, Business Manager, Phyllis Burmester, Editor, Joette Nyoaard, Assist ant Editor, Connie Reicl, Assistant Editor. Dedication Ted Bauer Mr. Bauer, as a teacher and as a man, showed understanding of, interest in, and con- sideration toward each person with whom he came into contact. Nearly every student of Mott Lincoln High admired him as a teacher, but he was more than that. We respected him for his high character and his interest in community affairs. We loved him for his friendly attitude to each of us as an individual. Because of all he did for us and because of the love and respect we held for him, we, the Cardinal staff of 1964, dedicate this annual in his memory. 5548? 5 2,5 14? 525 fig? 3 T ' . ' ' 'v-w, ADMINISTRAUQN Administration Superintendent Oscar Peterson and secretary Mrs. John Goeschel. School Board Miss Jean Blaine, clerk, Mr. Peterson, superintendent, Mrs. Eleanor Kelsch, chairman, Mr. Rudy Fiedler Mr. Bob Carvell. Faculty ARNOLD MAURER: Math and GENEVIEVE BURESH: German, WILLIAM BURESH: Science Principal English, and Library URBAN GRATZ: Music DUANE BAUMGARTNER: Phy. ROD NIBBE: Industrial Arts, Ed. , Social Studies, Drivers Assistant Football Coach, IANITORS Training, and Basketball Coach Sociology, and Psychology Fred Roll Pius Frank BERNNETT REINKE: English CLIFF BALZER: Football Coach Social Studies, and English STEVE HOMA: Social Studies LEON NESJA: Math and Science IANICE HAGEMEISTER: Home and Science Economics DAVID KARSKY: Commerce WAYNE DITMER: Science MARGE SCHNEIDER: Math and Vocational Agriculture and Ir. Hi. Phy. Ed. DUANE ERICKSON: Ir. Hi. WAYNE BUSCH: Science and LEAH SIMPKINS: English and Social Studies Jr, Hi Principal Ir. Hi, Library . 5. X N az. . N .gy 's ,gy 5 , ,Z .. ., -K if-:ex Q iff if? V: 'f -Q5 ae ' ff 3311931.11 Y iii? ,g2f4gf"w' 51.21 wifw' ' 23v'Lgg3:,g1+:1ifQ,aff,sA 1115.554 FY BF" V U :, - if L? ff""9f15?5f 'ii A537 '-. 96-123tvI"' , 31,22-?k?zfgLe2Q-fzzfgysi f 615.4 ffm- 1 g7'ts!'1z2'f -V. 55? if gf , Q. , ami: if Qfffwgi 'sw i'3f'f4ff2f'Q1'P!-'.fs21.gg5 , v...'S1Q?23J'2f'i!1:fLsai'-Q 23 21,152 iris' zm1sE?:z22::5ggf'fHf li: 1 1mf1ay.,a,35,g,.-1- ft Q 'iniiiui-.4.',i ms-f Z5lQf2z2E5J3fE.gfffrEfs'! 'fx 3 ' if Z9 551138 Q i1'5.?f??5w5i:5i'iQiS25 2 -vm. ,G 1J'E1f29'f5?21'fv H+ gif- ff5!:3'!'vg+,. 4, .' 15, 12 Ak' 'wa' any, kb 3' 'wviiiz--552 625.1 k.:'a:f sz 5: 1g.rg"4- '+,,,,9 ,rmffif fi-151 1 , t3,i2!izf25:t'W-fav Q wg: -ia:-31iEPi"f"f?41"?ff 'Q ,-1: - ae. f-4 Qu ., ., - ..,L -1, .,.. we ,, I' ,"ti'!'tt2+- as sf-f--an HK ,Wifffffiw ag-w-1:44 .,a ' '41Uf1e'fHef:v?f-:h1:as.:1p 1ff'S1tP!:se?gf--a wg in., Q, e:g?',:5fzmf'Pf-4' -4 'K E..f4!:::'!z:e16'zw1-15411 if-fs 1, Libiiififxiyw ml- uf a ,iff W f-me. vga. ug.:-gi g -4: In ,'-faves,-x v:e?45:s3g-my-qfzu ' s2:2?A:gg,:'gi'-jaw '-i 'W t!'wse:L fu 'IQQQTQQETQLZ' ff, is .1 t' 34 at My , 2 . QRGANIZA TIONS Chamber Choir STANDING: Carlene Grosz, Sandra Johnson, Judy Zimmerman, Susan Maercklein, Sylvia Schwartz. ROW ONE: Joan Noble, Marjean Wentlandt, Pat Boehm, Phyllis Burmester, Richard Buresh, Pat Fiedler. ROW TWO: Margie Bertcsh, Sharon Zimmerman, DarrelFiedler, Mike Fiedler, Roger Steiner, Roger Kilber. ROW THREE: Emy Heinrich, Margie Lince, Dick Grant, Tim Buresh, Dale Roemmick, Larry Walker. Director: Mr. Gratz. Concert Choir ROW ONE: Linda Frank, Susan Maercklein, Sharon Zimmerman, Connie Reich, Adeline Schmidt, Judy Van- Lishout, Marjean Wentlandt, Sylvia Schwartz, Beth Jorda, Margie Bertsch, Helen Kamrath, Mary Pat Carvel, Phyllis Burmester, Doreen Reich, Dwight Friedt,.Richard Buresh, Pat Fiedler, Mike Greff, Mr. Gratz. ROW TWO: Deanna Kelsch, Beverly Herner, Kathy Borth, Paulette Wyman, Judy Zimmerman, Carlene Grosz, Shirley Steiner, Linda Schaible, Rhonda Green, Lana Huber, Marlene Olson, Pat Boehm, Leo Brackel, Jerry Bullinger, Eugene Tuhy, Mike Schiwal, Roger Steiner, Gerald Nies. ROW THREE: IC211'11'l9IIS.W31lCh. Alfa Griffin, Beverly Eikamp, Darlene Fiedler, Sheila Srb, Cheryl Lyman, Joan Noble, Sandra Schaible, Emy Heinrich, Margie Lince, Pat Huber, Shirley Schaible, Karen Fiedler, Leo Greft, Jerry Treitline, Steve Lund, Harold Herner, Paul Schwartz, ROW FOUR: Mike Fiedler, Loran Rixen, DarrellFiedler, Eugene Wanner, Darryl Friedt, Larry Walker, Curtis Fraase, Dave Zentner, Dale Roemmick,Tom Trousdale, Tim Buresh, Roger Kilber, Roger Steiner, Rick Zich, Paul Kami-ath, Dick Grant, John Homeluig, Stanley Wanner, Boys' Chorus ROW ONE: Mike Greff, Pat Fiedler, Richard Buresh, Stanley Wanner, Jerry Treitline, Roger Steiner, Darrell Fiedler, Gerald Nies, Mr. Gratz. ROW TWO: Mike Fiedler, Dwight Friedt, Loren Rixen, Eugene Tuhy, Steve Lund, Leo Greff, Owen Mehrer, MichelSchiwal, John Homelvig, ROW THREE: Darryl Friedt, Jerry Bullinger, Leo Brackel, Eugene Wanner, Harold Herner, Tom Trousdale, Richard Zich, Paul Schwartz, Dick Grant. ROW FOUR: Robert Friedt, Larry Walker, Curtis Fraase, Dave Zentner, Dale Remmick, Tim Buresh, Roger Kilber, Paul Kamrath, Larry Finck. Girls' Chorus ROW ONE: Adeline Schmidt, Paulette Wyrnan, LaVonne Messer, Scharlet Miller, Connie Reich, Judy Zimmer- man, Judy Hardmeyer, Phyllis Burmester, Marie Mayer, Judy VanLishout, Sylvia Schwartz, Lois Anderson, Susan Maercklein, Dianna Kelsch. ROW TWO: Donna Kelsch, Carol Parsons, Marjean Wentlandt, Kathy Borth, Sharon Zimmerman, Marlene Olson, Pat Boehm, Kathy Jorda, Beth Iorda, Margie Bertsch, Karen Fiedler, Helen Kamrath, LaRea Svihovec, Karen Vasey, Bonna Herner. ROW THREE: Beverly Friesz, Judy Martin, Darlene Fiedler, Beverly Eikamp, Mary Lou Schmidt, Darlen Reich, Gene Ulmer, Cheryl Lyman, Carlene Grosz, Lana Huber, Linda Schaible, Shirley Steiner, Rachelle Rixen, Beverly Zentner, Zan Erdman, Alta Griffin. ROW FOUR: Linda Frank, Beverly Herner, Jannet Walth, Cheryl Peters, Sally Zentner, Joan Nobel, Shirley Schaible, Sandra Schaible, Margie Lince, Margie Roth, Pat Huber, Emy Heinrich, Sharon Jahner, Delores Gutenguntz, Ronda Green, Linda Wycom, Schila Srb, Mary Pat Carvell, Mr. Gratz. Girls' Trio Girls' Quartet Sylvia Schwartz, Phyllis Burmester, Marjean Went- Sharon Zimmerman, Sylvia Schwartz, Phyllis Bur landt. mester, Marjean Wentlandt. Sax Quartet Elaine VanLishout, Alta Griffin, Emy Heinrich, Linda Schaible. Boys' Quartet Flute Trio Roger Kilber, Mike Fiedler, Larry Walker, Dick Judy VanLishout, Karen Fiedler, Carlene Grosz. Grant. Clarinet Trio Brass Sextet Connie Reich, Marjean wemrandz, Kathy Borrh. Doug Dailey, Dick Gram, Dale Roemmich, Cheryl Lyman, Larry Walker, Sandra Kirsch. Trombone Trio Sharon Zimmerman, Sandra Johnson, Dale Roemmick. Woodwind Quintet Coronet Trio Deanna Kelsch, Pat Boehm, Ioan Noble, Connie Reich, Cheryl Lyman, Larry Walker, Shirley Schaible. Kathy Borth. gg Concert Band ROW ONE: Kathy Borth, Connie Reich, Marjean Wentlandt, Sylvia Schwartz, Cheryl Kirschman, Karen Fied ler, Judy VanLishout. ROW TWO: Richard Buresh, Adeline Schmitt, Sherril Hummel, Elaine VanLishout, Brenda Kibbel, Alta Griffin, Sandra Kirsch, Eugene Tuhy, Emy Heinrich, Pat Boehm, Judy Zimmerman, Carlene Grosz. ROW THREE: Darlene Fiedler, Myrna Lyman, Bonnie Boeszler, Ruth Fiedler, Roger Kilber, Mark Van Lishout, Pat Fiedler, Anna Haas, Doreen Reich, Shirley Schaible, Blair Bauer, Roger Steiner, Doug Dailey, Ioan Noble, Linda Schaible, James Frieboes, Margie Bertsch, Delores Gutenkunst, Sharon Zimmerman, Mary Pat Carvell, Dale Roemmich. ROW FOUR: Lana Huber, Mike Fiedler, Cheryl Lyman, Mr. Gratz, Steve Lund, Paulette Wyman, Majorettes: Deanna Kelsch, Zan Erdman, Margie Lince, Sheila Srb, Dick Grant. Not pictured: Sandra Johnson. Cadet Band ROW ONE: Sharon Busch, Shelly Samuelson, Wanda Kirschman, Elaine Messmer, LaVonn Walker, Linda Lucsinger, Delane Ottmar. ROW TWO: Vernon Gutenkunst, Delbert Herner, Iim Homelvig, Debbie Masad, Rose Steiner, Debbie Kibble, Nadine Eikamp, Bradley Kibble, Mark Bauer, Sandra Swindler. ROW THREE: Duane Lemke, Eugene Messmer, Lynne Hummel, Robert Kilber, Roger Lovin, Darryl Erdman, Curtis Zimmer- man, Kevin Lemke, Dan Johnson, Stanley Lemke, Charles Lyman, Betty Srb, Percy Ottmar. STANDING: Mr. Gratz. Science Club , ROW ONE: Iudy Van Lishout, Sharon Zimmerman - Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Fiedler, Marjean Wentlandt, John Homelvig, LeRae Svihovec - Vice President, Doug Friez, Phyllis Burmester - President, DuWayne Hirsch, Beth Jorda. ROW TWO: Mr. Buresh, Les Swindler, Dick Grant, Bi11Vuke1ic, Roger Kilber, Ron Lantz, Jim Larson, Lewis Auen, Keith Wetzel, Ron Hirning, Linda Schaible, Mr. Nesja. Libra ry Staff S S , Mrs. Buresh, Pat Huber, Sally Zentner, Sharon Bolte, Ida Hartman, Lois Bolte, Gary Vasey, Judy Fiedler, Cheryl Peters, Jerry Treitline, Sharon Ulmer, Sharon Sullivan, Dean Zoeller, Anna Haas, Dianne Martin. Sr. High Student Council SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: ROW ONE: Doug Friez, Linda Herner, Tim Buresh, Ioan Nobel, Larry Walker, Sharon Jahner. ROW TWO: Jerry Trietline, Darryl Lantz, Richard Buresh. nnual Staff ANNUAL STAFF: ROW ONE: Doug Friez, Business Managerg Rick McNeill, Photographerg Connie Reich, Assistant Editorg Phyllis Burmester, Editor: Ioette Nygaard, Associate Editorg Jerry Trietline, Assistant Photog- rapherg Dick Grant. Assistant Business Manager. ROW TWO: Roger Steiner, Carlene Grosz, Garret Forsch, Larry Walker, Linda Herner, Dave Zentner, Karen Fiedler, Marjean Wentlandt, John Homelvig, LaRae Svihovec, Darryl Friedt, Sylvia Schwartz, Beth Jorda. Not pictured: Mr. Mauer, Advisor, Jr. High Student Council Dan Lund, Clayton Gordon, Kit Ulmer, Sandra Kirsch. Cardinal Staff SEATED: Doug Friez, Business managerg Judy Van Lishout, Music editorg Cheryl Peters, Assistant editorg Marjean Wentlandt, Editor: Sharon Zimmerman, Make-up editor, Deanna Kelsch, Feature editor, Steve Mehrer, Assistant business manager. SECOND ROW: Connie Reich, Donna Kelsch, Fashion editorg Garnetta Schulz, Mary Pat Carvell, Cheryl Lyman, Humorg Emy Heinrich, Delores Gutenkunst, Kathy Borth, LeRae Svihovic, Phyllis Burmester, Sylvia Schwartz, Beth Jorda, Mr. Karsky, Advisor. Tl-HRD ROW: Mike Fiedler Gerald Nies, Larry Mosbrucker. Jerry Trietline, Ass't circulationg John Homelvig, Photographerg Dick Grant, Sports editorg Tim Buresh, Sports editorg Darryl Friedt, Sports editorg Larry Swindler, Circulationg Rick Mc- Neill, Ass't Photo. Future Homemakers of America SEATED: LaDonna Herner, Reporterg Joan Noble, Secretaryg Judy VanLishout, Vice President: Linda Herner, Presidentg Carol Parsons, Parliamentariang Connie Reich, Treasurerg Deanna Kelsch, Song Chairmang Joette Nygaard, Historiang Miss Hagemeister, Advisor. ROW ONE: JoAnn Friez, JoAnn Glaser, Dianne Martin, La- Vonne Messer, Judy Zimmerman, Jane Hardmeyer, Charlotte Miller, Lois Anderson, Paula Snavely, Susan Maercklein, Shirley Sullivan, Judy Martin, Katherine Berger. ROW TWO: Beverly Friez, Darlene Fiedler, Donna Kelsch, Sharon Ulmer, Marlene Olson, Beverly Zentner, Mary Pat Carvell, Doreen Reich, Gorgene Ulmer, Kathy Borth, Linda Schaible, Zan Erdman, Karen Vasey, Paulette Wyman, Adeline Schmidt, Bona Hirning. ROW THREE: Sharon Sullivan, Irene Hellman, Linda Frank, Charlotte Haberstroh, Cheryl Peters, Delores Gutenkunst, Shirley Schaible, Cheryl Lyman, Lana Huber, Rosalee Schiwal, Mary Jo Kerzman, Roberta Raab, Beverly Parsons, Judy Marthaller. ROW FOUR: Susan Waddell, Patty Heinle, Beverly Herner, Marlene Senn, Jeanette Walth, Sandra Schaible, Mary Lou Schmidt, Linda Hoffman, Sandra Hoffman, Rhonda Green, Rachelle Rixen, Sandra Jahner, Margie Roth, Karen Fiedler, Helen Kamrath, Marie Mayer, Mable Stern. The Mott Chapter of Future Homemakers of America for 1963-1964 consisted of 66 members. Miss Janice Hagemeister was the Chapter advisor. The four Chapter Mothers are: Mrs. Jerome Herner, Freshrneng Mrs. William Kelsch, Sophomoreg Mrs. Robert Carvell, Junior, and Mrs. Dan Glaser, Senior. The four girls that went to Fargo for the State Conven- tion in April, 1963, were Linda Herner, Dianne Fraase, Joan Noble, and Judy Van Lishout, In the District for the years 1963-1964, Joan Noble was Vice President and Linda Herner was Reporter, while for the year 1964-1965, Deanna Kelsch was elected as the District Music Chairman. Also the girls nominated as their Chapter Beau, Richard Zich and as Miss F, H.A. of the Year, Linda Herner. The Chapter has tried- to bring about more interesting affairs, such as the annual Foreign Foods Supper, Parent-Daughter Date Night, the Eighth Grade Tea, and the Style Show. More parties began alsog the Get- Acquainted Dance, the Christmas Party, the Valentine Party, and Exercise Party Cfor girls only.J On the whole, F,H,A. has tried to stimulate new and better ideas in the future homemakers and mothers of tomorrow and to have them express their talents in the home. Future Farmers of America SEATED: Dean Martin, officer-at-large, Paul Kamrath, sentinelg Larry Mosbrucker, treasurer, Dean Zoeller, vice presidentg Larry Finck, pres. g Roger Steiner, reporter, LeRoy Lindeman, secretary: Gary Vasey, librariang Howard Bolte, parliamentarian. ROW ONE: Mr. Ditmar, advisory Curtis Swanston, Darrell Fiedler, Mike Fiedler, Mark VanLishout, Roy Steiner, Dale Ottmar, David Glaser, Richard Coffing, Pat Fiedler, ROW TWO: Marvin Messer, Gerald Bertsch, Ronald Bogner, Larry Coffing, David Miller, Rodney Stieg, Larry Greff, Stanley Ottmar, ROW THREE: Gary Jordan, Darrell Lantz, Richard Zich, Lewis Allen, Jerry Kerzman, Roger Lemke, Paul Schwartz, James Schmidt, Larry Klein, Eugene Mosbrucker. ROW FOUR: Melvern Schmidt, Willard Harsch, Curtis Walth, Leland Sullivan, Harold Hemer, Dale Johnson, Steve Mehrer, Dale Roemmick, .Toe Mayer, Francis Miller, Larry Roth. F.F.A. ACTIVITIES: The membership in the F.F.A. this year consisted of forty-eight. Some of the members attended the state convention in Fargo. Gold awards were received in the secretary's book and in the reporter's book. Silver awards were received for the treasurer's book, crops production, and the state chapter contest. A Bronze was received for livestock judging. Bob Swindler served as state treasurer. The F. F.A. Parent and Son Banquet was held December 4 in the lunch room. The F. F. A. district meeting was held in New England. The chapter received a gold in parliamentary procedure. Every officer received a gold and Larry Mosbrucker was named Officer-of-the-Day. In the creed contest Dale Roemmick received a gold rating and in the public speaking contest Mike Fiedler re- ceived a silver. The Valley City Winter Show was attended by five members from this chapter along with Mr. Ditmar. ln crops judging Curtis Walth received a silver and Ricky Zich received a bronze. The team together re- ceived a bronze. Many members also exhibited their grain projects at the Winter Show. The F. F.A. also chose Joette Nygaard as Chapter Sweetheart. l CHEERLEADER: Margie Lince, Joan Noble, Karen Fiedler, Connie Reich. Sr. High Pep Squad SEATED: Miss Hagemeister, Sheila Srb, Beverly Parsons, Donna Weickum, Paulette Wyman, Dianne Martin, Sharon Sullivan, Alta Griffin - Pres. , Deanna Kelsch - V. P., Gorgene Ulmer - Sec. -Treas. ROW ONE: JoAnne Friez, Beverly Frieze, Judy Martin, Donna Kelsch, Beverly Eikamp, Carol Parsons, LaRae Svihovec, Marjean Wentlandt, Beth Jorda, Phyllis Burmester, Paula Snavely, Lois Anderson, Susan Maercklein, Shirley Sullivan, Ralphine Wetzstein, Ida Hartman, Carol Harsch, Karen Vasey, Judy VanLishout. ROW TWO: Judy Marthaller, Charlotte Haberstroh, Anna Haas, Janice Kelsch, Susan Waddell, Marlene Olson, Doreen Reich, Kathy Borth, Judy Zimmerman, Jane Hardrneyer, Pat Huber, Lana Huber, Rosalee Schiwal, Beverley Zentner, Kathy Jorda, JoAnne Glaser, Addline Schmitt, Sylvia Schwartz, Joette Nygaard. ROW THREE: Marlene Senn, Sharon Bolte, Linda Frank, Beverlv Herner, Sally Zentner, Sharon E. Klein, Linda Hoffman, Ronda Green, Shirley Klein, Linda Schaible, Delores Gutenkunst, MaryJo Kerzman, Cheryl Lantz, Zan Erdman, Berta Herner Sharon Zimmerman, Rachelle Rixen. ROW FOUR: Irene Hellman, Jeanette Walth, Sandra Hoffman, Cheryl Peters, Sharon Ulmer, Clara Mayer, Darlene Feidler, Sandra Schaible, MaryLou Schmitt, Sharon Jahnner, Cheryl Lyman, Shirley Schaible, Helen Kamrath, Roberta Raab, Mable Stern, Bonna Hirning, Marie Mayer, Shirley Steiner, Margie Bertsch, MaryPat Carvell. ROW FIVE: LaDonna Herner, Emy Heinrich, Linda Herner, Margie Roth. CHEERLEADERS: lrmagaard Trautwein, Doris Hartman, Bonnie Baeszler, Rosemary Fiedler. Jr. High Pep Squad KNEELING: Irmagaard Trautwein, Doris Hartman, Bonnie Baeszler, Rosemary Fiedler. ROW ONE: Ruth Iorda, Virgil Scnlosser, Doris Frank, Brenda Kibbel, Sharon Raab, Elaine VanLishout, Cynthia Morris, Dennis Schmitt. ROW TWO: Sherryl Hummel, Janet Laches, Delores Friedt, Elaine Messmer, Debbie Kibbel, Ruth Fiedler, Sandra Hellman, Donna Anderson, Miss Schnieder. ROW THREE: Kelsie Kirsch, Lorraine Dailey, Cheryl Kirschman, DuWayne Schaible, Betty Srb, Sandra Kirsch, Sharon Wetzel, Myrna Lyman, Isabella Schmidt. A Lettermen's Club ROW ONE: Mr. Balzer, Gary Vasey, Mike Schiwal, Roger Steiner, Larry Swincller, Jerry Treitline - Sec, , Paul Schwartz, Doug Friez - Pres., Mr. Baumgartner. ROW TWO: Dennis Laches, Larry Swindler, Dick Grant, Ron Lantz, Darryl Friedt, John Homelvig - Treasurer, Darryl Lantz, Louis Auen. ROW THREE: Bill Vukelic, James Larson, Dale Johnson, Larry Wolf, Steve Mehrer, Dave Zentner - V. P. , Kasper Kronbauer, Roger Kilber, Tom Buresh, Ron Hirning, Paul Kamrath. Student Congress ROW ONE: Marjean Wentlandt, Deanna Kelsch, Doug Friez - V.P. , Darryl Friedt - Pres., Judy Van Lishout - Sec. -Treas. , Connie Reich. ROW TWO: Judy Zimmerman, Jane Hardmeyer, Delores Gutenkunst, Sheila Srb, Karen Fiedler, Cheryl Lyman, Richard Buresh, ROW THREE: Mrs. Buresh, Gerald Nies, Leo Brackel, Mary Pat Carvell, Blair Bauer, Larry Walker, Dick Grant. ROW FOUR: Mike Fiedler, Larry Finck, Roger Kilber, Tim Buresh, Dale Roemmick, Keith Wetzel, Eugene Warmer. . 5552? Q2 ,, ., , M-"f,,11g . .mga ,. ,, i 'WH 222355 Q ' 'fkff T 1. Q, at .V 73 5? '53 M ,A . .igw 15, gi lv :ff Q xii, . A gg -M .Wag if -5 ? 1: ffl 1553 -z?:f"1" 4' , 5515 Yififiinifg eg t V if Qswzs- ' sf ,z .. , 9,4 ,gf " If' fa FIV? my .. ,P ATHLETICS ez Varsity Football ROW I: Darryl Friedt, Paul Schwartz, Gerald Nies, Doug Freiz, Les Swindler, Dennis Laches. Row II Mr Balzer, Eugene Tughy, Mike Schiwal, DuWane Hirsch, Gary Vasey, Larry Roth, Larry Swindler, Mr Nibbe ROW III: Roger Steiner, Darryl Lantz, Jack Duncanson, Dave Zentner, Jerry Treitline, Brian Lantz Ron Hirning, John Homelvig, Co-Captain. ROW IV: Reggie Lantz, Marvin Kuntz, Dale Johnson, Larry Wolf Steve Mehrer, Kasper Kronbauer, Roger Kilber, Tim Buresh, Co-Captain, Bill Vukelic. H45 Beach Hettinger Belfield Hebron Watford City Abbey Bowman Kildeer SEASON'S RECORDS M OPPONENT 7 6 21 12 20 12 14 7 24 36 0 39 12 13 O 6 Junior High Football ROW ONE: David Schaible, Kit Ulmer, Clayton Gordon, Dan Lund, John Rogers, Floraine Olson, Scott Samuelson. ROW TWO: Richard Buresh, James Frieboes, Karan Erdrnan, John Kuebler, Ronald McNeil, Roy Steiner. ROW THREE: Mr. Farrell, Keith Walker, Owen Mehrer, Blair Bauer, Steve Lund, Arnold Fettig, Loran Rixen, Mr. Baumgartner. Squad Basketball li . ,a i wg, af . 1 ' Q - if . 4 ROW ONE: David Schaible, Tom Lund, Mark Bauer, James Deg, Floraine Olson, Mickey Heyd, Gary Fied- ler, Darryl Hummel. ROW TWO: Mr. Farrell, Clayton Gordon, Roderick Meier, LeRoy Bertsch, John Rogers, Kit Ulmer, Scott Samuelson, Ricky Watson. ROW THREE: James Frieboes, Percy Ottmar, Duane Schaible, Kenny Friedt, Dan Lund, Duane Meier, Arnold Fettig. Varsity Basketball SEATED: Les Swindler, Ronald Lantz, Dick Grant, Roger Kilber, Bi11Vuke1ic, Stanley Wanner. STAND ING: Rick McNeil, Statistician, Lewis Auen, Dave Zentner, Tom Burwick, Mr. Baumgartner, Coach Larry Wolf, Steve Mehrer, Tim Buresh, Dou Friez, Manager. GAMES Mandan Abbey Beach Trinity St. Mary's Ft, Yates Hettinger Dickinson Hettinger N.E. Public Watford HOME VISITOR GAMES 41 40 Bowman 44 48 St. Mary's 44 45 Trinity, 45 52 Hettinger 51 60 Halliday 52 61 Watford 64 63 Abbey 57 56 Bowman 47 60 Lemmon 53 30 Abbey 51 70 HOME VISITOR 53 65 55 77 57 58 57 59 45 '75 62 65 52 65 88 60 60 63 50 61 Sports' Action Shots Darling! And around we go Get your mitts off me! That's Basketball? Atta Boy, Steve! New Dance Step? Looking for someone? Larry's Better Side B Squad Basketball STANDING: Gerald Nies, Larry Swindler, Curtis Walth, Paul Schwartz, Gary Vasey, Harold Herner, Dale Johnson, Richard Wyrnan, Roger Steiner, Mike Schiwal, Howard Bolte, Leo Greff, Douglas Dailey, Darrell Lantz, Larry Roth, Eugene Tuhy. KNEELING: IerryTreit1ine, Assistant Manager, Mr. Balzer, Coach. C Squad Basketball ROW ONE: Orville Schlosser, Manager, Ron McNeil, Richard Buresh, Duane Olson, Pat Fiedler, Mr. Busch, Coach. ROW TWO: Larry Klein. John Keubler, Karan Erdman, Roy Steiner, Mark Van Lishout, Stanley Ottmar. ROW THREE: Steve Lund, Blair Bauer, Owen Mehrer, Vincent Helfrich, Dale Roemmich, Jeff Ressler, Jerry Bullinger. ,,., -Q. -Q1 fwfaggresgg' ,ki . I 5. ,..,, 1: .I 5,6 1' 1,35 R' xc .Q 3 . u x 'I "fg1:ggff?iffs,g'f?if'1', if 1. :f?saf1ef:fsf.s, sig -Q 3 lg SR1i?R"?!' 42" :!fQ'N2-'WEE .. mf ,A 1356361 rzilrl 'W ' I3 wgvfyy , .1f:I1:1??'E':3e' .. ,..,,,, .x fe--:rg-1 my - rf -5:21 I nf ,gf 'ef 112 F ., gglfwqe fyfffpg. ,H -5 . Ai, hrs ,HI I I 12,ia,1,E ,f V, Www Z1 'iiisi .M ACTIVITIES Junior-Senior Prom - I963 QUEEN IOETTE Dance Scene Head Table and Silhouette Banquet Scene "South Pacific" On May 5, 1963, the theme "South Pacific" was carried out at the Junior-Senior Prom. It was beauti fully decorated in aqua-water blue, baby blue, and white with artificial palm trees and fish net covered with sea shells and fish. Joette Nygaard was crowned Queen, with LaRae Svihovec, Sharon Zimmerman, Linda Herner, and Darlene Parsons as her attendants. i 9 Homecoming 63 ROW ONE: John Homelvig, King Tim Buresh, Roger Kilber, Jerry Trietline, Doug Friesz. ROW TWO: Sharon Zimmerman, Donna Kelsch, Queen Joan Noble, LaRae Svihovec, Deanna Kelsch. Homecoming festivities began on the evening of October 3, 1963, with a snake dance, pep rally, and bonfire. Joan Noble and Tim Buresh were chosen as royalty for the gala affair. Their attendants were LaRae Svi hovec, Donna Kelsch, Sharon Zimmerman, Deanna Kelsch, Jerry Trietline, Doug Friesz, John Homilvig, and Roger Kilber. The junior's unusual float won first place in the parade with the slogan, "We'll Hang 'Em Over. " The Mott Cardinals were defeated by the Watford City Wolves, 26-19, in an exciting game Friday evening, The school gym was appropriately decked-out in school colors with the theme "Cards. " Junior Float Game Scene Sr. Class Pla PLAY CAST: ROW ONE: JoAnn Glaserg LaRae Svlhovec, Mrs, Falcarog Beth Iorda, Beag Marjean Wentlandt, Student Directorg Mike Fiedler, Tony Falcarog Sharon Zimmerman, Shirley Wallaceg Doug Friez, Mr. Sher- idan. ROW TWO: Phyllis Burmester, Margaret Haines, Gary Sterng Sharon Kleing Dennis Lashes, Margie Bertschg John l-lomelvig, Mr. Mandelg Sylvia Schwartz, Sylvia. ROW THREE: Mr. Reinke, Directorglames Larson, Linda Herner, Dellag Dianne Fraase, Patg Ronald Hirning, Mr. Falcarog Darryl Friedt, Dino, Kasper Kronbauer. ROW FOUR: Shirley Steiner, Mrs, Mikulag Margie Linceg Roger Kilber, Joey, Tim Buresh, Dan- nyg Reggie Lantz, Steveg Emy Heinrich, Jackie, The Senior Class of 1964 presented the dra- matic play, "Dino, " under the direction of Bumette Reinke, November 15, 1963. The scenery, which helps to portray differ- ent settings, divided the stage into three parts. "Dino" tells a story about a rebellious, mis- led teen-ager. The boy had been sent to re- form school for murder at the age of twelve. Now, at home again, Dino was finding diffi- culty being accepted into society. He is taunted and nagged by his parents and some "wild-hair" teenagers, who are obviously quite jealous of him. However, Dino is helped tremendously by Mr. Mandel, his parole officerg by Mr. Sheridan, a case workerg by Tony Falcara, his younger brotherg and by Shirley Wallace, his new-found, shy girl friend. At the conclusion of the play, Dino finally accepts society, and he is told that gradually society will accept him. The annual school carnival, held on November 22, 1963, was another great success. This event seems to be the one for which the people really like to turn out as the floor was completely covered at all times with the huge crowd. Final receipts of the carnival came to 32909.11 with expenses coming to 3'708.92. This brought our net receipts to 32200. 19. Each individual class seemed to support their candidate very well. The amount of tickets sold by all four classes totaled 32075. 86. To break what seemed to be the "tradition" the junior class came in strong with their candidate being chosen queen. Carnival '63 SEATED: Beverley Herner, Georgene Ulmer. STANDING: Connie Reich, Phyllis Burmester. Carnival Scenes Senior Campaign Manager, Reggie Lantz, and Queen 7 as- 5 ' Us W tf sg K . iff 2 A s f- 1 s Coronation. Attendant, Phyllis Burmester. Assorted Parties Stone age meets space age. Wrong tribe, aren't they, girls? Khruschev in disguise' Beatle-mania invades MHS. Jr. Class Pla STANDING: Karen Vasey, Vinita Frieze, Connie Reich, Karen Fiedler, Judy VanLishout, Dianna Kelsch, Larry Zich. ROW ONE: Mr. Reinke, Director, Lana Huber, Linda Schaible, Sharon Ulmer, Mary Pat Car- vell, Pat Boehm, Dick Grant, Frank Greff. ROW TWO: Dale Johnson, Joan Noble, Larry Walker, Jim Bul- linger, Keith Wetzel, Dave Zentner, Eugene Wanner, Eugene Tuhy. JUNIOR CLASS DEPARTS FROM PAST TRADITION In 1964, the Junior Class of Mort Lincoln High A mystery. "The Laugh in the Dark. " fol- School departed from the past tradition of pre- lowed IhiS Play. The scene of the "The Laugh senting one three-act play when they presented in the Dark" was at the home of the believed three one-act plays on April 10, 1964, to be deceased Jasper Morley. All of his be- The first play on the program was "The Death loved children were present to make sure that of the Hired Man," The type of this play was they would each gain their true proportion of tragedy since Silas, the aged farmhand, had their father 's earthly remains, if not more. As come back to the only place he could call home if IUIYIS Ollf, IQSPGI' Morley is DOI dead after all to die. but only testing the true faithfulness of his chil- dren to him. The last play on the program was a rollick- ing hillbilly comedy entitled "It's Cold in Them Thar Hills." It told the story of a typical mountain family. The characters portrayed were: Maw, Pa, and their six teenage daugh- ters. The oldest, who was a ripe old age of eighteen, was still unmarried. It was her Pa's duty to get a husband for her, and try he did! Pa succeeded! Y s to are Junior-Senior Prom - I964 Dance scene Teachers enjoying the punch The junior class of 1964 chose "Over the Rainbow" as the theme for the Prom and Banquet. Rainbow scenery decorated the back of the head table. Mr. Peterson gave the main speech while entertainment was provided by the boys' quartet who sang "Ride the Chariot" and Phyllis Burmester who sang "Apri1 Love" accompanied by Marjean Wentlandt. The gym was decorated with the colors of the rainbow. On one side of the gym was erected a giant rainbow from which water fell and beneath the rainbow was placed a gold pot containing flowers. Karen Vasey was crowned queen of the Prom by Larry Walker, president of the junior class. She was attended by Deanna Kelsch and Judy Van Lishout. The flower girl was Lori Boehm and the crown bearer was Wayne Hohertz. Pat Boehm sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" during intermission at the dance. Crownbearer and Flower Girl Royalty N Z Z MR. TUFTE PHYLLIS BURMESTER Classnight, consisting of several skits, a band, and the reading of wills, prophecy, history, and advice, was held May 18 and was emceed by Tim Buresh. Baccalaureate was held Sunday, May 17. Music was provided by the chamber choir, and Reverend Zimmerman was the speaker. Fifty students met for commencement exercises May 21. Mr. Oswald Tufte was the main speaker. Sharon Zimmerman, Marjean Wentlandt, and Phyllis Burmester also spoke. The cornet and trombone trios performed, and solos were sung by Phyllis Burmester and Darrell Fiedler. Sharon Zimmerman, Sandra Johnson, Dale Roemmich Shirley Schaible, Cheryl Lyman, Larry Walker 'Q 5 .11 ,, , A A ,g qv.. 'W ' -.1 - - 11 .,. ,, .. ky-J-.-1' a 'P s ,yr Class of '64 1 Tim Buresh 2 Nick Haas 3 Anna Haas 4 Phyllis Rebel, Phillip Rebel 5 Margie Bertsch 6 Marjean Wentlandt 7 Reggie Lantz 8 Dean Sullivan 9 Emy Heinrich 10 Ronald Bogner 11 Sharon Ottmar 12 Berta Herner 13 Ronald l-Iirning 14 Roger Kilber 15 Mike Fiedler 16 Sally Zentner 17 Garnetta Schulz 18 Alta Griffin 19 Sharon Bolte 20 James Larson 21 Kasper Kronbauer 22 Darryl Friedt 23 Dennis Laches 24 Sharon Zimmerman 1 9 10 11 K .1 , 1 if-it 1 , 29 34-io 5 s 13 FE' affl if 32 ' - 33 'v fi 2' lf' rw ai, V fr.: ' af A . Q 1 ., .F f'- fsysfsfr-ffl 1 34 A 35 14 ,Q 1 J as 5.2 36 1111 Fir. 15 38 'i 4 39 FA .. A YQ ., . gf J! - si 'f?1'?f'5 1 1-'Q '- Y' . QF-'Iv , 11 K, , W ,, at 35 i.4.g.ff , .,. .. F . Darlene Parsons Harold Fiedler LeRoy Lindemann Sharon Klein, Shirley Klein Joanne Glaser Dianne Fraase Gary Stern Carlene Grosz Lewis Auen Richard Zich Larry Mosbrucker Sharon K. Klein Shirley Steiner Payl Kamrath Darrell Fiedler ' ' A ' 11 40 Cheryl Lantz ' V H 41 Larry Finck 5 ,' " U so fr J jf 42 Margie Lince ' . ' , 1 -1 ' fig gfrrrf W 'QW Z 43 Linda Herner 18 17 16 44 LaDonria Herner 49 50 51 52 AQ, ,' 3 l 1 . W . ,Mm 1 'Q M ,k.,. fi: WI W 51 5' it Q , K as t,, , 37 38 39 40 L1 42 43 44 5 45 46 :K ,U LEW 47 +V, 'Q' It fi 'fi 48 I' l 45 Doug Friez 46 John Homelvig 47 Beth J orda 48 Garret Forsch 49 50 51 52 LaRae Svihovec Phyllis Burmester Joette Nygaard Sylvia Schwartz -W 1 is x F 515:-Y 3125 ?iil . . ,In :uint in ,S sk .. 1 q Q W W ffm-. -ff S51 ff fs SEQQQQEI fi rf:-Sf: an 1: 'Q .li, :F iz 351, 3359! iwzzmw-, k,.- - 1 fzz. fgf vw "'1L W1 9- 5 :zu ,., .V Kmffkz' a: :ss wi l-affi x E- u. f- .QM uf in ., .NM ., 2- rain. , Muzi 22153 in ,, ., , pf-ww wx 1 mix.: If za gfi 1514 Wg. gy .4 Q1 1 EL Akf ,z 'Q fE"":1r32 . Eiulz .5 vgmzggi 3 -V Sgizfia " 311155523 'V :'i2E5'5E:a. ilrlrdlfx' 235333 'ig CLASSES Grades FIRST GRADE: ROW 1: Alan Krebs, Kevin Oberlander, Gerald Miller. ROW 2: Cynthia Kilzer, Patsy Hawn Sandra Friedt, Sandra Imhoff, Jocelyn Gruebele, Virginia Friedt, Laurie Mehrer. ROW 3: Cindy Raab, Len- ora Krenz, Denise Maurer, Kaye Kirsch, Victoria Kuebler, Richard Schaible, Ranald Klein, Mrs. Landis. FIRST GRADE: ROW 1: Beverly Friedt, Vicki Roll, Jeffrey Klein, David Pekas, Steven Gilbert, Timothy Schaible, Owen Blickensderfer. ROW 2: Randy Schaible, Sharon Thomas, Raymond Greff, Wanda Brackel, Marvin Jordan, Rita Blickensderfer. ROW 3: Morris Hummel, Priscilla Kibbel, Lynette Schmitt, Tracy Wiedmer, Jon Hlavinka, Margo Anderson, Carilyn Wolf. GRADE TWO: Judy Schaible, Delmar Schaible, Billy Eikamp, Howard Steiner, Leslie Kirschman, Timothy Baszler, Calvin Schaible. ROW TWO: Mrs. Gress, Mary Wyman, Patty Hummel, Jeanette Meier, Ronda Schneider, Deborah Dirks, LaRay Schuh, Kim Ebert, Debra Ann Pekas. ROW THREE: Kerwin Wetzstein, Lyle Haberstroh, Terry Dailey, Mark Bieber, Howard Rebel, Douglas Zimmerman, Scott Buchholz, Bob Bie- ber, Anthony Krebs. GRADE TWO: ROWfONE: Luann Ottmar, John Fiedler, Tim Bieber, Bruce Kilber, Perry Kallis, Danny Mor- ris, Larry Fettig, Calvin Raab. ROW TWO: Susan James, Jane Glaser, Charlene Busch, Sharon Meuler, Sheila Parsons, Shirley Martin, Sandra Messer, Debbie Schlosser. ROW THREE: Sherryl Welsch, Sheila Bit- tenbinder, Yvonne Messmer, LaDean Mehrer, David Schiwal, Ward Gilbert, David Coffing, Lori Heyd, Geraldine Fiedler. GRADE THREE: ROW ONE: Randy Kleinjan, David Deg, Julie Rogers, Sandra Hawn, Gene Van Lishout, George Auen, Kevin Lyman, Terry Hartman, Stanley Fiedler. ROW TWO: Laurel Borth, Leon Friedt, Linda Schiwal, Tara Landis, Jilaine Hummel, Michelle Gordon, Jolene Mayer, Roger Roll, Michelle Miller. ROW THREE: Linda Blickensderfer, Elaine Jordan, Ronnie Friedt, Glenda Raab, Morris Schaible, Donna Rokusek, David Steiner, Ronnie Reich, Gayle Olson, Jerry Schmidt, Teacher: Mrs. Wentlandt, Not pictured: Debo- rah Kuebler, Schirley Messer, Anna Mae Greff. GRADE THREE: ROW ONE: Janice Schmitt, Tommy Heinle, Craig Hummel, Florin Friedt, Linus Meier, Neil Heinle. ROW TWO: Lucinda Schmitt, Yvonne Swindler, Colleen Grosz, Pamela Hellman, Lovonna Haberstroh, Alvin Hawn, Mary Ann Friesz, THIRD ROW: Beverly Lovin, Jacalyn Bertsch, Carla Weickum Sherald Schuh, Dale Lemke, Daryl Steig, Kevin Kirsch, Mrs. Amanda Anstrom. FOURTH GRADE: ROW 1: Timothy Kilzer, Walter Schaible, Darrel Ottmar, David Thomas, Edward Meier Randy Morris, Dennis Herner, Gary Andreson, Delmar Schaible. ROW 2: LaRae Fiedler, Sherry Samuelson, Sherrill Parsons, Patricia Mayer, Linda Deg, Sandra Lemke, Sandra Busch, Marcella Walker, Connie Haber stroh. ROW 3: Rodney Kleinjan, Bruce Kallis, Mickey Kirsch, Bradley Mehrer, Clayton Schaible, Mrs. Yates, Babara Grant, Faye Weiler, ReMae Kuehn, Brenda Ross, Carla Bittenbinder, FIFTH GRADE: ROW ONE: Micky Wangswick, Collin Morris, Dean Heth, Rodney Oberlander, Dan Kibble. Charles Messmer, James Homelvig, Ray Schiwal, Curt Zimmerman, Mike Ulmer. ROW TWO: Paulette Rebel, Rebecca Mayer, Rose Mary Greff, Marilyn Bertsch, Cheryl Auen, Melodie Fiedler, Shirley Friedt, Donna Fiedler, Marilyn wolf, Karen Rokusek. ROW THREE: Ester Coffing, Freddy Meier, Timothy Kilber, Dena Schaible, Douglas Boknecht, Delbert Herner, Marie Hass, Rose Steiner, Kerry Swindler, Kevin Lamke. Teacher: Mr. Farrell. SEVENTH GRADE: ROW ONE: Gary Fiedler, Darryl Hummel, George Klien, Scott Samualson, Lawrence Meier, DeLane Ottmar, Brenda Kibbel, David Schaible. SECOND ROW: Roderick Meier, Elaine Messmer, Mildred Schaible, Lorraine Meier, Roy Finck, Janic Schmidt, Dennis Schmitt, Glenn Schnaible, Delores Friedt. THIRD ROW: Debra Kibbel, Clayton Gordon, Rosemary Fiedler, James Rebel, Ray Finck, Sherie Hummel, Mary Lou Fettig, Laurel Anderson, Geroldine Wetystein, Nadine Eikamp, Debarah Masad, FOURTH ROW: Floraine Olson, Robert Keller, Raymond Stiener, Betty Srb, Myra Wiedmer, Percy Ottmar, Gary Hintz, Danny Lund, LeRoy Bertsch, Lonnie Hummel, Joey Kilzer, James Deg. MISSING: Ronald Heth Kurtis Burwick, Fred Schiwal, Sandra Bittenbinder. SIXTH GRADE: ROW ONE: Mrs. Brickner, Shelly Samuelson, Cynthia Schaible, Audrey Harsch, Lavonne Walker, Sharon Bush, Jack Wyman, Corliss Ottmar, Darryl Erdman, Linda Luchsinger, John Friesz. SEC- OND ROW: Lynn Hummel, Dale Heinle, Tom Lund, Douglas Raab, Mark Bauer, Wanda Kirshmann, Robert Kilber, Delores Schlosser, Perry Finck, Bradley Kibbel, THIRD ROW: Ronald Hummel, Duane Hartman, Roberta Jordon, Michael Hellman, Rebecca Schwartz, Timothy Forsch, Charlotte Meyer, James Stern, Charles Lyman, Duane Lemke, Danny Johnson, Stanley Lemke. FIFTH and SIXTH GRADE: ROW ONE: Vernon Gutenkunst, Melvin Frieze, Duane Friedt, Oscar Rogers, Arlyn Nies, Bobby Laches, Russel Jordan, Victor Meier. ROW TWO: Patty Thomas, Patsy Kirsch, Colleen Haber- stroh, Darlene Schaible, Brenda Hummel, Charlotte Friedt, Perry Ottmar, Roger Loven, Donald Schuh. ROW THREE: Kathleen Friedt, Betty Hirning, Douglas Olson, Brenda Forsch, Valerie Masad, Miss Ruth Haas, Al- vin Schmitt, Lucille Hintz, Kay Welsch, Sandra Swindler, Eugene Messmer, Not pictured - Linda Schmidt. EIGHTH GRADE: ROW ONE: Steve Parsons, Michael Heyd, Kit Ulmer, John Rogers, Ricky Watson, Robert Hirning, Cynthia Morris, Sharon Raab, Dorls Frank, John Glasser, Ernest Jordan. ROW TWO: Marlin Haber- stroh, Dennis Hummel, Lynn Schaible, Isabella Schmidt, James Frieboes, Jeanette Laches, Myrna Lyman, Ruth Jorda, Doris Hartman, Duane Roth, Paul Mayer. ROW THREE: Kenneth Frledt, Ruth Fiedler, Irma- gaard Trautwein, Dennis Raab, John Greff, James Steiner, Virgil Schlosser, Duane Mayer, Sandra Hellman, Elaine Van Lishout, Bonnie Baesler, Donna Schlosser. ROW FOUR: Duwayne Schaible, Ronald Schuh, Lor- raine Dailey, David Kilzer, Dean Bieber, Cheryl Kirschman, Arnold Fettlg, Sandra Kirsch, Kelsie Kirsch, Sharon Wetzel, Laura Schaible, LaDonna Meier. Not pictured - RoyLynn Anderson. Freshmen Dwight Friedt Robert Friedt Joanne Fries Richard Buresh President Delores Gutenkunst Vice President Beverly Herner Secretary John Kuebler Treasurer Sharon Jahner Student Council Lois Anderson Blair Bauer Catherine Berger Lester Brackel Jerry Bullinger Richard Coffing Terry Eisenbarth Karan Erdman Betty Fettig Patrick Fiedler Linda Frank Margaret Friesz Beverly Friez Rhonda Green Charlotte Haberstroh Jane Hardrneyer Lowell Hardmeyer Patty Heinle Vincent Helfrich Irene Hellman Linda Hoffman Sandra Hoffman Gerald Jordan Jerry Kerzman Mary Jo Kerzman Larry Klein Dale Lantz Steve Lund Susan Maercklein David Manolovits we A . fr Dale Roemmlch Nick Schaff Rosalee Schiwal Judy Marthaller Judy Martin Marie Mayer Ronald McNeill Owen Mehrer Milton Meier LaVonne Messer Charlotte Miller Allan Morris Eugene Mosbrucker Duane Olson Stanley Ottmar Beverly Parsons Jeffrey Ressler Loran Rixen Rachell Rixen Orville Schlosser James Schmidt Mary Lou Schmidt Lucy Schmitt Marleen Senn Paula Snavely Sheila Srb Rodney Steig Roy Steiner Shirley Sullivan Mark Van Llshout Susan Waddell Keith Walker Jeanette Walth Donna Weickum Ralphine Wetzstein Beverly Zentner Judy Zimmerman Lonnie Zimmerman Sophomores ,,, Gary Jordan President Jerry Treitline Vice President Harold Herner Secretary Beverly Eikamp Treasurer Mike Schiwal Student Council Darrell Lantz Howard Boite Kathleen Borth Leo Brackel John Brusteun Larry Coffing Douglas Dailey Jack Duncanson Darlene Fiedler David Glasser Leo Greff Michael Greff Mary Ann Helfrich Bonna Hirning Patricia Huber Sandra Johnson Helen Kamrath Donna Keisch Janice Kelsch Larry Greff Garry Klein Linda Klein Brian Lantz Ciara Mayer I oe Mayer Dean Martin Diane Martin Steve Mehrer David Miller Francis Miller Gerald Nies Marlene Olson Dale A. Ottmar Dale Ottmar Carol Parsons Roberta Raab , W an if :nf " g. kg ' if! ' me , ,Q 2 Jf':e 1. N if 5-V.. . QA, if i I -if if ap- .X Q 1 . xi.-L .. Doreen Reich ,- A Q .1-1 Paulette Wyman Richard Wyman Linda Rixen Larry Roth Margie Roth Connie Schaible Raymond Schaible Sandra Schaible Dianne Schlosser Adeline Schmitt Paul Schwartz Freddie Senn Roger Steiner Mabel Stern Sharon Sullivan Tom Trousdale Georgene Ulmer Gary Vasey Marguerite Waddell Clifford Weller Gerald Weiler Jerry Wolf Juniors Curtis Fraase Venita Frieze Dick Grant Larry Walker President Deanna Kelsch Vice President Shirley Schaible Secretary Cheryl Lyman Treasurer Joan Noble Student Council Leslie Swindler Student Council Gerald Bertsch Patricia Boehm Lois Boite James Bullinger Tom Burwick Mary Pat Carvell Ethelyn Eisenbarth Zan Erdman Judy Fiedler Karen Fiedler 'J Vernetta Schlosser Frank Greff Ida Hartman Carol Harsch Willard Harsch Duwane Hirsch Lana Huber Dale Johnson Kathleen Jorda Linda Kilber Patricia Kuebler Marlene Kuntz Marvin Kuntz Kenneth Laches Roger Lemke Marvin Messer Ricky McNeill Cheryl Peters Connie Reich Linda Schaible Urla Schaible Margaret Schmitt Melvern Schmidt Jan Snavely Curtis Swanston Larry Swindler Leland Sullivan Eugene Tuhy Sharon Ulmer Judy Van Lishout Karen Vasey Bill Vukelic Curtis Walth Eugene Wanner Stanley Wanner Linda Weickum Helen Weidmer Keith Wetzel Larry 'Wolf David Zentner Larry Zich Dean Zoeller Outstanding Seniors PHYLLIS BURMESTER MARIEAN WENTLANDT Valedictorian Salutatorian DOUG FRIEZ SHARON ZIMMERMAN JOHN HOMELVIG LARAE SVIHOVEC TIM BURESH .TOETTE NYGAARD LOUIS AUEN: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4g FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, State Convention 1, 2, Reporter 3, Sentinel 2g Class Play 3g Lettermans Club 4g Science Club 3, 4. MARGIE BERTSCH: Concert Choir 3, 4g Con- cert Band 3,4g Pep Squad 1,2, 3,4g Girls Cho- rus 1, 2,3,4g Class Play 4g Librarian 2. RONALD BOGNER: FFA 1,2,3,4. SHARON BOLTE: FHA 1,2,3g Pep Squad 1,2, 4, Library Staff 4. TIM BURESHg Homecoming King 4g Basketball 2, 3,4g Football 2,3,4, Student Manager 1, Let- terman 2,3, 4, Co-Captain 4, All Conference 4, Honorable Mention 3g FFA 1, Green Hand Presl lg Band lg Boy Chorus 3, 4g Concert Choir 3, 4g Student Council 2, 4, Student Congress 4g Class Play 3, 4g Class President 4g Class Treas. 3g Science Club 2, 3, 4g Cardinal Staff 2, 3, 4g Annual staff 3g Boy's State 3, Library Staff 1, Lettermans Club 4g Carnival M. C. 4g Mixed Chorus lg Track 1,2, PHYLLIS BURMESTERg Mixed Chorus lg Con- cert Choir 2,3,4g Chamber Choir 2, 4g Vocal Solo 2, 3, 4g Girl's Trio 2, 3, 4g Girl's Quartet 2, 3, 4, Accompanist 4g FHA 1, 2, 3, Music Chair- man 2, 3, District Convention 2, 3, State Conv. 2g Science Club, Pres. 4g Class Sec. 3g Class Student Council lg Carnival Queen Candidate 4g Girl's State Alternate 3g Class Play 4g Cardi- nal Staff 1, 2, 4g Annual Assistant Ed. 3, Editor 4g Const. Award 3g Pep Squad 1,2,3, 4. Seniors DARRELL FIEDLER: Boy's Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Concert Choir 2, 3, 4g Chamber Choir 2, 4g Boy's Quartet 2, 3,45 Class Play 4g FFA 1, 2, 4, State Conv. 2, National Conv. 1, District Conv. lg Vocal Solo 3, 4g FFA Chorus 4. HAROLD FIEDLER: FFA 1. DARRYL FRIEDT: Science Club 2, 3, Student Congress 4, President 4, Dickson Student Con- gress Invitational, Class Vice President 2, Class President 3, Choir 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 1, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Cardinal Staff 2, 3, 4, Carnival Campaign Manager 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football Student Manager and Statistician 2,4, Track 1, Letter- man 2, 3,4, Letterman's Club 4, Boys' State 3. DOUG FRIEZ.: Football 1, 2, 3,4, Honorable Mention 4, All Conference, Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3, Let- terman's Club 4, President 4, Chorus 1, Class President 2, Student Council 2, 4, Student Con- gress 4, Library Staff 1, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Annual staff 3, 4, Cardinal Staff 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Carnival Campaign Manager 2, Home- coming King Candidate 3, 4, Know Your State 3, Vice President Student Congress 4, History Award 3, Class Plays 3,4. JOANNE GLASER, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4. MICHAEL FIEDLER: Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, Chamber Choir 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2,3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Treasurer 3, District Convention 2, 3, 4, State Convention 4, National Convention 3, FFA Quartet 4, Class Play 3, 4, Student Congress 4, Science Club 4, Carnival Staff 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, Letterman 1, Letter- man's Club 4. LARRY FINCK: FFA 1, 2,3,4, Parliamentarian 3, President 4, Boys' Chorus 4, Student Congress 4, Class Play 3. GARRET FORSCH, Choir 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, Class Play 3, Class Vice President 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Cardinal Staff 2, 3, Annual staff 4 DIANNE FRAASE, Class Play 3, 4, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3,4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, District Convention 2, 3, State Con- vention 3, Medicorps 1, 2, 3,4, Vice President 4, State Rally 2, 3. ALTA GRIFFIN: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Choir 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus lg Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec,-Treas. 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 45 FHA 1,2,3g Girl 's Chorus 2, 3, 4g Pep Band 3, 45 Sax Quartet 3,4, CARLENE Grzoszz FHA lg Band 1,2,3,4g Flute Trio 2, 3, 4g Annual staff 4, Class Sec. 4g Con- cert Choir 2, 3,45 Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus lg Pep Squad l,2, 3,4, Sec. lg Chamber Choir 4. ANNA HAAS: Pep Squad 1,2,3,4g FHA 1gGir1's Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 1, Band 3,4g Library 3, 4. NICK HAAS: EMY HEINRICH: Band 1, 2,3, 4g Sax Solo 1, 2, 3, 45 Sax Quartet 2, 3,4g Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Stage Band 4, FHA l,2, 33 Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus lg Concert Choir 2, 3,4g Chamber Choir 45 Cardinal Staff 4g Class Play 3, 4, Cheerleader lg Librarian 1,3g Pep Squad 1, 2,3,4. ALBERTINA HERNER: FHA 1, 2, 3g Girl's Chorus 1, 2, Class Play 3g Pep Squad l,2,3,4. LADONNA HERNER: FHA 1, 2,3, 43 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 1gGirl's Chorus 2, 3, 4 Carnival Queen Candidate 3. SHARON E. KLEIN: Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, Class Play 3, 4. SHARON K. KLEIN, FHA 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus 1, Pep Squad 2. LINDA HERNER, Pep squad 1,2,3,4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, District Reporter 3, District Rally 1, 3, 4, State Convention 3, Miss FHA of Year 4, Medicorps 3, 4, Class Play 4, Annual Staff 4, Student Council 4, Prom Queen Candi- date 3. RONALD HIRNING: FFA l,2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Science Club 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Letterman's Club 4, JOHN HOMELVIG: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Letterman's Club 4, Treasurer 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, All-Conference 4, Honor- able Mention 3, Choir 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Class Vice President 3, Class Treasurer 1, Boys' State 3, FFA 1, Science Club 3,4, Homecoming Candi- date 4, Cardinal Staff 4, Annual staff 4, ELIZABETH IORDA: FHA 1, Science Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Class Play 3, 4, Cardinal Staff 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Medi- corps 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, State Rally 2, 3,4, PAUL KAMRATH: Choir 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 3, 4, Class Play 3, FFA 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 4, District Convention 4, State Convention 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Letterman's Club 4. ROGER KILBER, Basketball l, 2, 3,4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, Letterman's Club 4, Letterman 2, 3,4, Honorable Mention 4, Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 3, Choir 2,3, 4, Chamber Choir 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Science Club 4, Student Congress 4, Homecoming King Candidate 4, Band 3, 4. KASPER KRONBAUER: Basketball 3, Football 4, Statistician 3, Letterman's Club 4, Class Play 4. SHIRLY KLEIN: FHA 2,3, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Girl's Chorus 2, 3. DENNIS LACHES, Student Manager Football 3, Lettermans Club 4, Science Club 2, Class Play 3, 4, CHERYL LANTZ, Mixed Chorus 2,3, 4, Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Speech Festival 1,2,3. RONALD LANTZ.: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football Student Manager 2, 3, Track 1,2, Football 4, Lettermans Club 4, Science Club 3, 4, Carnival Manager 4, Class Play 3, 4. JAMES LARSON, Boy 's Chorus 2, Football 2, 3, Letterman's Club 4, Science Club 2,3, 4, Class Play 3, 4, Wrestling 1. MARGIE LINCE: Girl's Chorus 2,3, 4, Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, Chamber Choir 4, Cardinal staff 3, Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Baton Twirler 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, Science Club 2, Librarian l,2. LEROY LINDEMAN: FFA l,2, 3, 4, Secretary 4 District Meeting 4, Wrestling 1. GARNETTA SCHULZ: FHA 1,25 Girl's Chorus 25 Pep Squad 1, 2,35 Cardinal Staff 45 Class Play 3. SYLVIA SCHWARTZ5 Pep Squad l, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Cardinal Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 15 Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 3,45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Choir 2, 3,45 Chamber Choir 2,45 Girl 's Trio 3, 45 Girl's Quartet 2, 3, 45 Woodwind Quintet 25 Oboe Solo 2,3,45 FHA 1. LARRY MOSBRUCKER: FFA 1,2,3,4, Secre- tary 3, Treas. 45 Cardinal Staff 45 Class Treas. 4. .TOETTE NYGAARD: Cadet Band 15 Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 15 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, District -Rally 1, Historian 45 Miss FHA Candidate 35 Class V. P. 15 Pres. 15 Purchasing Agent 35 Annual Staff 4, Assoc. Ed. 45 Medicorps 3,45 Science Club 35 Mixed Chorus lg Girls Chorus 2, 35 Class Play 35 Chap. Sweetheart 45 Prom Queen 35 Medi- corps State Rally 3. SHARON OTTMAR: FHA 1,25 Mixed Chorus 15 Girl's Chorus 25 Pep Squad 2, 3, 4. DARLENE PARSONS: FHA 2, 35 Girl's Chorus 25 Prom Queen Candidate 35 Library Staff 45 Class Play Student Director 3. PHILLIP REBEL: FFA 1. SHARON ZIMMERMAN: Science Club 2, 3,45 FHA 15 Concert Choir 2,3, 45 Chamber Choir 45 Girl 's Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girl's Quartet 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Trombone Solo 1, 2, 35 Trombone Trio 3,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 35 Speech Festival 1, 2, 35 Cardinal staff 2, 3, 45 Stage Band 45 Pep Band 3, 45 Student Council Member 35 Class Play 3,45 Secretary of Class 15 Carnival Queen Candidate 15 Prom Queen Can- didate 35 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 45 Elks Leadership Award 4, SHIRLEY STEINER: FHA 1, 2, 3, Girl'S Chorus 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 2,3, 4, Cardinal Staff 1, 2, Pep Squad 1, 2,3, 4, Class Play 4, Mixed Choir 1. GARY STERN: Science Club 3, Class Play 3, 4. DEAN SULLIVAN: FFA 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4. LARAE SVIHOVEC: Mixed Chorus l, Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, Historian 3, FHA District Rally 1, 3, Chapter Sweetheart Candidate 3, Class Secretary 2, An- nual Staff 4, Cardinal Staff 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Class Play 3, 4, Prom Queen Candidate 3, Carnival Queen Candidate 2, Girl's State Alternate 3, Medicorps 1, 2, 3, 4, State Rally 3, 4, State Delegate 3,4, Vice Pres- ident 3. MARIEAN WENTLANDT: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Clinic 1, 3, 4, Clarinet Solo 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Music Festival fDistrictj 2, 3, 4, qStateJ 2, 3, Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, Chamber Choir 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Girl's Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girl's Trio 3,4, Girl's Quartette 2, 3, Clarinet Trio 4, Clarinet Quartette 2, 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Sci- ence Club 3,4, Student Congress 4, Speech Festival 1, 2, 3, Annual staff 4, Cardinal Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Class Play 3, Student Director 4, Girl's State Representative 3, Purchasing Agent 2. SALLY ZENTNER: Pep Squad 3,4, Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4, RICHARD ZICH: FFA l, 2, 3, 4, BOyS Ch0l'US 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Class Play 3, Class Treasurer 2, FHA Beau 4. PHYLLIS REBEL: FHA 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Fa shion Shoppe ? ADS Commercial Bank of Mott??? ASLH Variety? Coast to Coast Store? Mott Drug Stol-e::::!:::: Holiday House??? PV Occident Elevator? Play House 8: Open House Mosher Ford Co. ? Mike's Enco Service? Pheasant Lunch? Mott Bakery? Arlen' s Barber Shop? Theater??? Lucky Lanes 8: Park Inn??? Dr. J. D. Kramer? Maercklein Insurance 8: Real Estate? Lee J. Grant? I-Iarold's TV 81 Radio? I-I 8a J Implement? Diede's Studio??? Mott Supply Co. ? Olien Auto Implement? Pheasant Lounge? Log Cabin Bar? Newby Builders Supply? Herb's Standard Service? Mott Mill 8: Elevator Co. 27 I-Ialver son' S Super Value?: Erdman Funeral Home? Radio Hospital? Mott Motor Co. ? Borth's Clothing? Mott Electric Service? Mott Pioneer Press? Mott Equity Creamery? Mott Equity Lumber? Family Physicians Clinic? Curve Night Club? Drs. J. and M. Skroms? Mott Equity Elevator??? The Sunbeam? Landis Ins. 8: Real Estate Dr. Ken Lorenz? E. F. Wentlandt? Wangsvick? Mott Dry Cleaners? Mac Assen-Farmer's Union Ins Dohn' s Service? Contributions as Follows Pk 55 :1::jc:',: We, the class of '64, present to you our 54, "Butch" Auen, Lewis by name, in farming will gain his fame. Margie Bertsch, the Montana-bound lass, is really interested in modern jazz. Ronald Bogner, nicknamed Ron, is one that you can't easily con. Sharon Bolte, a dud she is not, she can eat candy and never get caught. Tim Buresh, one of the fauna, hurt his neck in football, or was it Donna? Phyllis Burmester, warm and cuddly, is one of our most bubbly, Darrell Fiedler, a great singer is he, but otherwise seems to get off-key: Harold Fiedler, a questionable guy, talk about tests, and he'll really fly. Mike Fiedler, who is quite small, raises enough cain for one and all. Larry Finck qfinkj, although not real, can hardly get his "Chevy" to squeal. Garret Forsch, better known as Gary, when LaDonna's around he's quite merry. Tony Friedt, christened Darryl, is fond of one girl, that's Carol. Doug Friez, one of a pair, likes to drive his little Corvair. JoAnn Glaser, in the habit of skipping school is she, is always in enough trouble for three. Alta Griffin with a beautiful smile, is bound to make those guys run a mile. Carlene Grosz, is now ready for life as a young, pretty, little housewife. Anna Haas, a speedy but shy lass, is another girl in our great class. Nick Haas, Ann's brother, is quite a guy, in his Ford he really does fly. Emy Heinrich, a vivacious girl, is likely to keep the guys in a swirl. Berta Herner, whom we mention with pride, is always there for you to confide. LaDox1na Herner with her new glasses is a friend of everyone she passes. Linda Herner, who works at the Pheasant, surely seems to be quite pleasant. Ron Hirning, a football lad, is pretty dangerous when he gets mad. John Homelvig, always known as Humer, will soon fly his own bomber, Beth Jorda, Elizabeth by name, really does like to raise cain. Herman, Paul Kamrath by name, by driving trucks will gain his fame. Roger Kilber we all do know, always tells us of his problems of woe. Sharon E. Klein, a quiet lass, has many friends in our class. Sharon K. Klein, at the showhall works she, and all her foolish antics are plain to see. Shirley Klein, one of a pair, really does have quite long dark hair. Kasper Kronbauer, a very tall guy, his main goal is to reach the sky. Cheryl Lantz, sometimes called Libby-toes, Is with a boy wherever she goes. Ronnie Lantz, mostly called Reggie, when asked about girls becomes quite edgey. Tall and slender is Margie Linceg as a college hit, she's sure a cinch. LeRoy Lindeman, a quiet lad, will find his work in the field of vo. ag. Dennis Laches, a scooter fan, at painting scenery has had a hand. James Larson, a science whiz, sure does hate a little pop quiz, Larry Mosbrucker, "Mouse" by name, expects some day fortune and fame. Ioette Nygaard with sparkling blue eyes, she's not worried about any other guys. Dianne Fraase with her three lovesg they come and go like flying doves. Sharon Ottmar who is no flirt, boy you should see her on the dance floor at Burt! Darlene Parsons, who 's forever full of fun, if there's ever a party she'll never run. Phillip Rebel, who on Sat. night likes to Crouse. On Mon. in school usually needs to be aroused. Phyllis Rebel, always gay, Just can't wait till the end of May. Garnetta Schultz, has a shiny new ring, What bothers her? - Not a thing. Sylvia Schwartz, Syl to most, Many times seems to have seen a ghost, Shirley Stiener, always on the run, she's along whenever there's fun. Gary Stern, quiet and shy, is really quite a nice guy. Dean Sullivan, a likable guy, around the unknown, is quite shy. LaRae Svihovec, as cute as she can be, makes all the guys come running to see. Marjean Wentlandt, lively and cute, is never at all found to be mute. Sally Zentner, a friendly gal, tries to miss that school bell. Ricky Zich, a handsome lad, Always seems to keep Karen glad. Dr. Zimmerman, Sharon as yet, The I-lomemaker's Award she did get. Now farewell to Mott, Forever our favorite spot. 65

Suggestions in the Mott Lincoln High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Mott, ND) collection:

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Mott Lincoln High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Mott, ND) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 28

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Mott Lincoln High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Mott, ND) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 64

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Mott Lincoln High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Mott, ND) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 9

1964, pg 9

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