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H fl 40 bixxv l ga ca o JUN Ox N0 'b A ff Ng, .5 ff aff ff!! 4 x X ' ' ew A ' if .x O cg vw N Vo ' 6 , L Qvf xox 'L 'oxkshad 'B X Mot is QU' ,forth Dafa weve , I 1 al, Fllllllwllllll We, the staff of the i954 Cardinal have tried to bring together in words and pictures the events of the school year. As time passes, memories become dim and it is good to refresh them at intervals. The happenings of the school years are often some of the fondest of our lifetime. As you look back in this Annual in the years to come, may it renew in your mind many ioyous occasions. IlElllUA'l'l0 The students of Mott Lincoln High School dedicate this i954 'Cardinal' to Mr. Cladd Beattie. For the past two years he has been in charge of the music department. Under his able direction the choruses, and the band have become outstanding organizations. During his tenure the band was able to obtain uni- forms and the concert choir was gowned. He has given generously of his time in order that the music groups should approach perfection. Our thanks are offered to Mr. Claud Beattie as we dedicate this annual in his honor. BDARII 0F- Elll UATIII Dr. O. C. Muercklein Mr. F. W. Mees President Mr. Bruce Crane Miss Jean Blaine Clerk Mrs. Beafa L utz Treasurer AIIMINI 'I'llA'l'l0 Eleanor Thomas, Secretory A scene from rl-me office. James R. Guthrie, Superintendent FACULTY AND PERSUNNEL i 2211 W awk FAC LTY Nr. Homer L. Moeller Mr. Henry Eckroth Principal md Mathemaiics Social Science and Coach Mr. Douglas Hennenfenf Miss Amy Hoiland Miss Murlys Christensen Science Commerce Vocational Homemaking Mr. Eugene Burns Mr. Orville Overboe Mr. Claud Beattie Mr. William Glum English, Dramatics, and Library Vocational Agriculture Music Driver Training, Social Science-Junior High Mr. Ted Bauer Principal, Mathematics - Jr. High Miss Mariorie Cysewski Grade V Mr. Donald Eide Miss Leah Simpkins Science - Junior High English - Junior High if 'ii -wr ' ' ' r ar V '55 ,A Miss Beverly Sayler Miss Margaret Chesire Grades IV-V Grade IV Miss Blyth Bussman Grade VI - Elementary Principal Mrs. Elaine Rieger Grade III Miss Verna Ellsworth Miss Emma Bakken Miss Fern Mickelson Mrs. May Hurd Grades ll-lll Grade ll Grade I Grade l ll0'I' LU CII Pll0GllAM M-xv Mid-morning milk for first graders. ,Q Q g , I Mrs. 0. K. Butts, Hot Lunch Super- visory Mrs. Philip' Berger, Assistant Q E lllll ,f-"' 319 f- 7' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Leff fo Right: George Schwartz, President, Donna Suhr, Secretory-Treasurer, Jack Gifford, Vice-President VICTOR BRASSEUR Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Baskeiball 'Bn Team 2,35 Concert Chair 3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Class Play. ANTON BURGHART F.F.A. 1,2,a,4. ELMER BURGHART Boxing l5 F.F.A. l,2. GLEN NORA DOHN Annual Staff 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Cardinal Sfaff 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 F.H.A. l,25 Librarian l,2,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Tumbling l. CLASS 0F '54 DORENE AUCH Cardinal Staff 45 Carnival Queen Candi dare 25 F.H.A. l,25 F.H.A. Vice Presi dent 25 Girls Chorus l,25 Librarian 2, Mixed Chorus l,25 Tumbling l. RUDOLF AUCH Bays Chorus l,2,45 Conceri Choir 45 F.F.A. l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,2. ROGER DOMJAHN Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Cardinal Staff 25 Concert Choir 3,45 F.F.A. l,25 Mixed Chorus l,25 Tumbling Team l. LAVERNE DUNCANSON Annual Staff 45 Band l,2,3,45 Cardinal Staff 3,45 Carnival Mis- tress at Ceremonies 45 Carnival Play l5 Concert Chair 45 Class Play 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,35 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls State Al- ternate 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,4, Vice President 45 Student Council 45 Tumbling l. CHARLES EBERT Basketball 3,45 Boys Chorus l,3,4 Concert Choir 3,45 Junior Class Play Class President l5 F.F.A. l 2 3 4' Sec retary 35 F.F.A. Vice President 4' Foot ball 45 Lettermens Club 3,4. DONNA FIEDLER Annual Staff 35 Band l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l5 Girls Chorus l 2 3 45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2 3 4 HENRY FRIEDT Baseball 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Co- captain Basketball 45 Boys Chorus 2,35 Boys State5 Cardinal Staff 35 Class Play 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 F.F.A. Reporter 35 F.F.A. Treasurer 45 Lettermens Club 3,45 Tumbling Team 2. BERNHARDT FUCHS F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Wrestling l. JACK GIFFORD Annual Staff 45 Band l,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,4: Boys Quartette 35 Bays Chorus l,2,3,45 Cardinal Staff 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Class Treasurer 3: Class Vice-President 45 Drum Maior 45 Foot- ball l,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,35 German Band 45 Lettermens Club l,2,3,45 Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45 Mixed Chorus 25 Track l. ALVINA GLASSER Annual Staff 35 Concert Choir 35 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 'l,25 Pep Squad 2,3,4. JANICE GRAY Bond l,3,45 Cardinal Staff 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l,25 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls Quartette 3,45 Junior Class Play5 Mixed Chorus 25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 SYLVIA HAAS Annual Staff 3,45 Cardinal Staff l,2,3,45 Carnival Play 25 Con- cert Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l,25 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls State 35 Mixed Chorus 'l,25 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Senior Class Play. KENNETH HAGEL Concert Choir 35 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,2. DICK HAINES Bond l,2,3,45 Basketball "B" 2,35 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Foot- ball 2,3,45 German Band 45 Mixed Chorus 'l,25 President Lettermens Cluh 45 Vice President Sophomore Class. Concert Choir 4 Squad 4. VERNON HElNRlCH Bond l,2,3,45 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Con- cert Choir 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 German Bond 45 Mixed Chorus l,2. ROGER HIRSCH Basketball l,2,3,45 Co-Captain 45 Boys Chorus l,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Lettermens Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Senior Class Play5 Tumbling 1 1 Team 2. VERNON HUBER Band 1,2,3,4, F.F.A. 1,2. EILEEN HUMMEL 5 Girls Chorus l,2,'3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 Pep CHARLES KRAMER Assistant Editor of Annual 35 Band l,2 3,45 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Boys State 3' Class President 35 Class Treasurer l' Concert Choir 3,45 Editor of Annual 45 Football l,2,3,45 German Band 45 Home- coming King 45 Junior Class Play5 Lettermens Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Prom Manager 35 Student Council 3. JEWEL KROGH Annual Staff 3,45 Cardinal Staff 45 Con- cert Choir 45 F.H.A. l,25 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Librarian 2,35 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Tumbling l. ROSEMARIE MANOLOVITS Annual Staff 3,45 Cardinal Staff 45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.H.A l5 Girls Chorus l,2,3 4' Girls Quartette 4' Libraria I2 P Squad 1,2,3,45 MixedlChorus 1,25 Secretaiy-Treasuilerlog PZ: Squad 4. VIOLETTE MAYER Annual Staff 35 Cardinal Staff 45 Concert Choir 3,45 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 25 Pep Squad 2,3,45 Senior Class Play. ROGER IVERSON Bond l,2,3,45 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.F.A l,2,3,45 Football 3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2. Girls Chorus 2,35 GLADYS JAHNER Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,4. GEORGE JONES Band l,2,3,45 Baseball 35 Basketball 2,35 Boys Chorus 2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Football 2,3,45 German Band 45 Junior Class PIay5 Lettermens Club 3,4. SARAH KIRSCH Girls Chorus l,3,45 Librarian 2,45 Pep Squad l. JO ANN MEES Band i5 Concert Choir 45 Girls Chorus l,3,45 Librarian i5 Pep Squad l. MEDORA MEHRER Band l,2,3,45 Cardinal Staff 'l,2,3,45 Cardinal Editor 45 Carnival Play i5 Concert Choir 3,45 D.A.R. representative 45 F.H.A. l,25 F.H.A. Secretary 25 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls Sextette l,25 Girls Quartette 35 Girls State 35 Junior Class Ploy5 Key to Peace Award 35 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Pep Squad President 4. ADELINE PEKAS Cardinal Staff 45 Girls Glee Club l. DELORES REICH BCIf1Cl 3,41 Girls Chorus l,2,35 F.H.A. l,25 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad 2. ARCHIE ROEMMICH Annual Staff 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Basket- ball "B" 35 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Senior Class PIoy5 Judging Team 25 Student Manager of Basketball 45 Tumbling i. ARLYCE ROEMMICH Annual Staff 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 45 Girls Chorus i,2,3,45 Tumbling l5 Senior Class PIay5 Sextette 2. MARCIA ROGERS Annual Staff 35 Bond i,2,3,45 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Librarian l,2,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Tumbling. MILDRET ROKUSEK Girls Chorus i,2,3,45 F.H.A. i5 Pep Squad l,3,4i Tumbling l GEORGE SCHWARTZ Annual Staff 45 Boys Chorus l,2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 Boxing i5 Band l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Boys State 35 Car- dinal Staff 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Class Treasurer 35 Class President 45 Class Play 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 State Band 354, National Band 45 Football 2,3,4, Captain 45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Student Council 45 Track 2. ROGER SENN Basketball 'B' 2,35 Boys Chorus l,2,3, 45 Concert Choir 45 Class President 25 Football 45 Mixed Chorus l,2. ROBERTA SKOGLEY Annual Staff 45 Band l,2,3,45 Cardinal Staff l,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 F.H.A. l,213,4, Reporter l, President 45 Librarian l,2,45 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Tumbling l. LEONA STEVAHN Cardinal Stott 45 Pep Squad 2. VALERIA ROLL Annual Staff 45 Girls Chorus l,35 l-ilDI'UfiCll'l lfzi PGP sflllqd 4- DONNA SAHR Annual Stott 45 Band l,2,3,45 Cardinal Staff 3,45 Concert Choir 45 F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Vice President 3, District President 35 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Librarian l,2,35 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus i,25 Prom Queen 35 Tumbling l. HARRY SCHNEIDER Annual Staff 45 Boys Chorus 2,3,45 Base ball 35 Concert Choir 253,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 'l5 Lettermens Club 3,45 Student Manager Football 25 Student Manager Basketball 3. IR ENE SCHULZ Annual Staff 35 Band l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Clarinet Quartette 45 F.H.A, l,25 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,25 Pep Squad l,2,3,45 Tumbling 2. JANICE SWINDLER Annual Staff 3,45 Cardinal Staff 45 Class Secretary 35 Concert Choir 3,45 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Junior Class Play5 Librarian l,2,35 Pep Squad 'l,2,3,4. LEOTA WADDELL Annual Staff 45 F.H.A. l5 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Pep Squad l,3,4. EVA WOLF Annual Staff 3,45 Cheerleader 3,45 Concert Choir 45 F.H.A. 'l,2,3,45 Treasurer 2, President 3, Parliamentarian 45 Girls Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls Quartette 45 Librarian l,2,35 Pep Squad i,2,3,4. Ill 'I'0IiY 0F CLASS 0F '54 lf you've never had a train ride, you don't know what you"re missing. We'd like to tell you about our adventurous iourney ,through the past twelve years, up and down the "Tracks of Education" on the streamliner "Mott Lincoln High School." At the beginning of the trip in the fall of '42, there were sixty-eight passengers or first graders as they were called, eager to get started. Forty-nine passengers got off on stops along the way. Nineteen now reached the end of their ride. They are: Shy and bashful, Roger Domiahn5 likeable, LaVerne Dun- canson, shorty, Alvina Glasser, Vernon Heinrich, the guy with the boots5 the Great Caruso, Roger Hirsch, peppy, Glen Nora Dohng Donna Faye Fiedler, gal with the giggles5 mischievous, .lack Giffordg George Jones, guy with the dancing feet5 Charles Kramer, senior Romeo5 .loAnne Mees, gal with the diamond, brainy, Medora Mehrer5 friendly, Arlyce Roemmich5 Donna Sahr, gal with the iokes5 -happy, George Schwartz, Wl1iSPefBl', Roger Senn, sweet, Roberta Skogley, Janice Swindler, fashion queen5 and Dick Haines, our music man. At the second station we lost Alvina Glasser, ibut she enioyed the first link of her iourney so much that she re- turned at the ninth station to finish her trip. At the fourth station we picked up Roger lverson, Irene Schulz, Rosemarie Manolovits, and Leota Waddell. Slowing down at the fifth station, we found Eileen Hum- mel and Archie Roemmich climbing aboard. At the sixth station and halfway through our journey, we find that Charles Ebert has ioined us. When we reached the.lunior High School we were ioined by Doreen Auch at the seventh station. Janice Gray ioined us at the eighth station. There were forty-four passengers at the ninth station. Joining us were: Jewel Krogh, Sarah Kirsch, Sylvia Haas, Delores Reich, Mildret Rokusek, Leona Stevahn, Valeria Roll, Harry Schneider, Rudolf Auch, Gladys Jahner, Vio- lette Maver. Henry Friedt, Kenneth Haael, Anton Burghart, Elmer Burghart, Vernon Huber, and Bernhardt Fuchs making a total of sixty-one including the engineers of the train: Charles Ebert, president5 George Jones, vice-president, Eva Wolf, secretary and Charles Kramer, treasurer. lnitiation was our first big event. The girls had to wear shorts and a T-Shirt with five pounds of iewelry, one long stocking and one short stocking. We had to wear our hair through a tin can and tied to a bane with a ribbon. The boys had to wear long underwear. Tin cans were tied to a green ribbon and this was worn around the waist. We all had to wear a sign on our back reading, 'l om a green freshman." Another event that took place was the School Carnival. LaVerne Duncanson was chosen as our candi- date for Carnival Queen. After leaving the ninth station we were sorry to leave behind Harold Fuchs, Elmer Reichardt, Genevieve Miller, Billy Wolff, Edward Hellman, and Milton Rokusek, but we were happy to have Victor Brasseur and Bonnie Gilbert ioin us. At the tenth station the train was in charge of Roger Senn, president5 Dick Haines, vice-president5 Bonnie Gilbert, secretary5 and Jack Gifford, treasurer. Doreen Auch was our candidate for Carnival Queen. Lucy Coffing, Frances Weiler, and Bonnie Gilbert left us at this station. Arriving at the eleventh station, the most important of the trip, we find that Charles Kramer, president5 LaVerne Duncanson, vice-president5 .lanice Swindler, secretaryp and George Schwartz, treasurer, are at the controls. Roberta Skogley was our candidate for Carnival Queen. The next big event was the Junior Class Play, 'Fixit Incorporated." We were the hosts to the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, using the theme, 'Deep Purple." The Queen City Har- monaires furnished the music. Donna Sahr was Prom Queen with Charles Kramer as her manager. Sylvia Haas and Medora Mehrer were delegates to Girls' State at Grand Forks, North Dakota. Henry Friedt, Charles Kramer and George Schwartz were delegates to Boys' State at Fargo, North Dakota. Bruce Aasen left us at the end of this year and Daniel Hummel became a senior. We have come to the last station of our iourney, finding George Schwartz, president5 Jack Gifford, vice-president5 and Donna Suhr, secretary-treasurer, in charge of the train. The seniors came out on top with LaVerne Duncanson reigning as Homecoming Queen with Charles Kramer as King. The best girl for Carnival Queen was the senior candidate, Medora Mehrer. The class chose their colors as yellow and black with a yellow rose. Our motto is 'We have Crossed the Bay, the Ocean Lies Before us.' We have come to the end of our iourney and as we go about our life's work we will always remember our high school days. ,Mfg ,ww R l l W f 3 QQQS lf l . ' 5 ffl up C U W G Q JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Leff fo Right: William Schcff, Vice-Presidenig Janet Noble, Presidentg Arloween Lutz, Treasurer: Janice Moercklein, Secrefary. Irene Amclnn Lois Apling Jimmy Austin Gladys Berfsch Dolores Bogner David Boknecht Gary Builer Mary Jo Ebert Rozella Greff v ,, M Darlene Hefh Luciele Hirning Stanley Huber pf Shirley Huberstroh Donald Heil Elmer Heinrich Donald Herner Jacquclline Herner Mercy Herner Eileen Huschka Gerald Jordon Marilyn Kibbel Myron Larson Arlaween Lutz Norifa Lutz Janice Muercklein James Marthaller Janet Noble 41" Marvin Roesler Lorraine Rokusek Robert Roll Arlen Oberlancler Elvero Pelws Shirley Reidlinger Kathleen Roberts Larry Roemmich Betty Mae Roesler William Schaff Regina Steiner i Charlotte Svihovec or fi Edward Treib Simon Wanner Albert Wolf JUNIOR CLASS NEWS The Junior Class of '53-'54 has forty-four members. The first event of importance was the election of class officers. The class then chose Charlotte Svihovec to represent them in Student Council. A parade with floats from the different or- ganizations in school provided added interest at Homecoming. The Junior' float, a miniature football field, won first place. "Fancy Dandy', a farce directed by E. E. Bums was presented on December 9, l953. Two successful performances, a matinee and even- ing, were given. Kathleen Roberts, Junior class candidate was crowned Carnival Queen of l953. The annual Prom-Banquet was given for the Seniors on May l4, i954 with Bob Brackel and his Orchestra providing the music. The theme was, 'The Rose Room' with Arloween Lutz as Prom Queen and Jacqualine Herner, Regina Steiner, Mary Jo Ebert, and Gladys Bertch as her attendants. The American Legion Auxiliary chose Mary Jo Ebert and Janice Maercklein to attend Girls' State. The alternates were Janet Noble, Kathleen Roberts, Arloween Lutz, and Shirley Haberstroh. Albert Wolf, David Boknecht, William Schaff, Gary Butler were sponsored by various civic organizations to attend Boys' State, which was held at Fargo. The alternates were Arlen Oberlander, Jim Austin, Donald Heil, Elmer Heinrich. 0Pll0M0llE Qs 6 .. CEI.. Q 9 cn A c-EE: f:':"3 5 I I I I j . I ' - - 5 , if G SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Left fo Right Jack Kramer, Secretary: Darrell Remington, Vice Presidenfg AI- more DeLo oinfe, Presidenfp Carl Haas, Treasurer. Delores Abbey Kathryn Abbey Mavis Anderson George Barth Liela Bieber Rita Boknecl-it Donald Coffing Tom Coffing Bruce Colgrove 49" unn- 4 Q, xg ... .,, R., qs-rf-Q an '-n4.:' ' 'Mg Kash, l HV' ,, V KF31- W t . , I, if 5? ttyl? . if Jai ff fm. x f fr 'E Q I avi? Almare Del.aPoin?e Sharon DeLaPointe Darlene Fuchs Janet Gohring Carl Haas Bernice Hellman Gabriel Herner Danny Hertz Marie Hertz sv, f Y ai: ur 5 42. af tu ci. W V t g- We-'..' M w av 'LABS-.J 1 p 1 - 3 p . Q f i.. L QL-as ,QM ,l rl' 'f iv Q, 1 W ie Q ,R W 'a " as xi Geno Mehrer Joseph Miller Rosalie Peters Doreen Pfeifle Mildred Reiner? Darrel Remington Sebastian Roll Vemon Roll Michael Ross X ,.. , xx x - -' ssiii f . as gl 59,3 S, , v1,, Y 1 , : I5 .y .M Vff 4? . . V,m, ,ig K K lx 'I '-5-, Colleen Huber Bobby Jones Darlene Klein Jack Kramer Vemon Larson Arfhur Lince Marilyn Manolovifs Daniel Mayer Lee Mayer Martha Ruff Arlyce Schaible Ardelle Sippert Sherman Sloan lna Stevahn Evelyn Waddell SOP HOMORE There are forty-six pupils in the Sophomore class at Lincoln High. At the beginning of the school year, the class elected officers to direct their school activities. They are: Almore De La Pointe, President, Darrel Remmington, Vice President, Jack Kramer, Secretary, Bucky Haas, Treasurer. Because he was President of the class, Almore DeLaPointe became a member of the Student Council and was chosen Presi- dent. Bucky Haus is our other class representative to the Council. The Sophomore class took part in many activities throughout the year, including: Homecoming, Carnival, and sponsoring dances. A class float was entered in the Homecoming Parade. Joyce Waddell Regina Wolf CLASS NEWS lt was decorated with srreamers of red and black and had a green football field in the middle of which was a huge Cardinal bird. The float received Honorable Mention. A Sophomore girl, Geno Mehrer, was one of the five Homecoming Queen candidates and she attended the Queen, LaVerne Duncanson on the night of Homecoming. When Carnival time came, the class selected Ardelle Sippert as candidate for Camival Queen and she attended Kathleen Roberts on the night of the crowning. The Sophomores also sponsored a school dance on the night of the last home basketball game at which Mott was victorious over Hettinger. Music was furnished by the Moonlight Serenaders and everyone seemed to enioy it very much. we ig 2 JUNIIIIR HIGH CHIHIL f 7 n H. 0 Q f f Q 4 f W Fi 450 F ss xxvnfv N s N M X s 1 xx ,f A ss Sx A ev ,L xv Q5 rf 'Q If ' is 7? ,Q no., Q F 1 52 4? ag 'I f K 4? X11 eb QSES f ! r Mfr!! f '49 'lf f if 4 f 'g ' K M fy PV ff 5 fb f9Q5!a25i 47 4' f 5 4 63 ' U ! gg if E-5 X Q with D Ig 4 , ProF Dames Q9 a ' r x?Lyir3 W 100 C? FRESIIMEN Gene Haring President Roger Larson Vice-President Jane Wallace Secretary Marlene Goetz Treasurer James Blaine Student Council Elmer Bertsch Craig A. Dauenhauer Elinor Eikamp Elsie Franchuk Catherine Frank Margie Mae Fuchs Sharon Gifford Diana Grosz Gary Hagler lrvin Hartman Matthew Helfrich Marlene Hirsch Edward Kautzman Alvin Kibbel Devere Kirkpatrick Raymond Klein Mary Kronbauer Duane Lutz David Mathis Rasalea Mayer fm -also -was , otty "3L Q J' 4 6 F 4415 1 sw ,Q 'fun' '-'e ,L eff f iw- "1 L , ,:, I . R 1 ' 'ill " I ,t 1. Janice Mees Rosella Mosbrucker Edith Peters Kathleen Reinert Laura Rokuselc Delores Roll Arvin Rosen Vemon Schiff Donald D. Schmidt Marlin Schneider Bruce S. Schwartz Lukas Senn Roger Senn Gary Sprecher Narilyn Sprecher Florence Steiner Mary Stern Esther Stugelmayer Martha L. Sutnik Arvella Swindler William F. Treih Larry Waddell Donald Wanner Robert Zentner Alice Zoeller lllllll'l'll Gllilllll President Roger Forsch " .i i A K I Vice-President Q LaVerne Pekas Secretary Fern Wallace : V: 31 A is-' K , V ' ja Treasurer James Belmore Philip Brasseur Dean Colgrove Mary Fiedler Allen Griffin Hazel Harfman F 'NE Arlene Hawn Darlene Hawn if Joan Huwn W 3 W Kenneth Hawn Anna May Iverson an E Q W rr A ' H ,, .W Danny Keehn T E1 15 A ' U - 5, Nick Kronbauer 'If ij ' N it - i William Lince , , Russell Margulies A g 5' K L l' Diane Qelke :li ,'l' 5 Af K2 SR if x 5 :J V3 J E r '- is 1 i f ' 'A '- 4-as fe: - et . lilrm " A' if Y A A 'F ' '25 -7' , 1 ff .X iv W w I ' I 3 lk ,SI Vlfglnla Rledllfwel' Darlene Roll Robert Ross Henry Schaible Janice Theurer Arflaur Wolf ,Q slggzga. 1:1 'z Vaiiiiff .I Tf"f5 lull, W Yi, s 1 X l fa E if 15 if ,. A' .se W , ,, 9 E, , if . if . I I V It 1 V, lfq fl 4. 1 if 'I 4- :'nv 'M ' ' as f"ln . Imp lg.::' 1, a an QSEVENTH GRADE Eddie Guthrie President David Gray Vice-President Shirley Roemmich Secretary Rex Kelsch Treasurer David Heil Student Council Diane Anderson Delmar Auch Hugo Auen Ervin Brackel Penelope Dauenhauer Dean Duncanson Margaret Friez Deanna Henderson Meridean Hummel Mildred Kamrafh Norman Kirsch Marlene Oberlander Kenneth Roberrs William Rogers Roger Schaible l Leslie Schwartz Alberf Stern Ar! Stern Raymond Stugelmayer Kay Waddell Louis Wegner 0 Ii ASSEMBLY JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: Front: James Blaine, President. Firsf Row, left fo right: Richard Grasz, Gene Haring, Mr. Bauer, Advisor, Edward Guthrie, David Heil, Laverne Pekas. CHEERLEADERS: Leff to Right: Gene Haring, Jane Wal- lace, Sylvia Schwarfz, and Diane Oelke. ELEMENTARY fi , ff 4 ff iff .fa ff f A A 6 dr 62358 ii? ,ff x if 'f 4 E - v if fgf f' f G RS UZ!! 'QQ -f +:x,6s ff YZ j 1 hglkx i, F jdflff' E f EE 2 f ff: T ff 0 X QU X El f SCHUUL V3 E li ful fk f f 6 '5 ? f A L-E N5 Mil? kQ E Q! N ,E E E XZ X f Jfff LE 4435 lX'l'll GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: Connie Wyman, Bonnie Srb, Ardyce Sprecher, Margie Shults, Terry Olson, Lyle Luch- singer, Carter Dounhouer, Annie Kronbauer, Violet Bertsch. SECOND ROW: Karen Burwick, Rosella Klein, Edith Eberhardt, Kathyrn Brasseur, Ronald Swindler, Lynn Peter Ferguson, Robert Auen, Norman Mills, Lester Hummel, Lynne De La Pointe. THIRD ROW: Miss Bussman, Jimmy Guthrie, Gordon Swonnenbera..Rodnev Kuntz, Elden Theurer, Jack Grant, David, Switzer, Gilbert Mehrer, Lonnie Gray, James Noble. FOURTH ROW! Solomon HNI11 V00 Crane, Rodger Auen, Michael Fettig, Eileen Hienrich, Rosie Buchholz, Janet Miller, Lenette Svihovec, Margaret Watson. SIXTH GRADE NEWS We began the sixth grade with an enrollment of 38 pupils. Jeffery Bope left to attend school elsewhere, leaving a total of 37 pupils. A Y.C.L. was organized at the beginning of the year with Jack Grant as president, Karen Burwick as vice-president, Janet Miller as sec- retary and Lenette Svihovec as treasurer. A candy sale was held January l5th. With the money made at this sale we purchased an electric clock and a football for our room. A large number of parents visited our room during Open House in October. Every Friday afternoon a spelldown was held in our room. New sides were chosen each six weeks period. The losing side entertained the winning side at the end of each six weeks period. At the same time we acknowledged all the birth- days that fell during this time. During the year we often enioyed playing "ball" in many of our subjects. After a unit of work had been covered sides were chosen. The four corners of the room served as bases. Miss Bussman was the pitcher and those up to bat were the students. Questions covering the work were asked and after three outs the opposing side was up to bat. The sixth grade took part in several programs during the year. A skit 'The Story of America' and a song "Shortnin' Bread' were given at the carnival. The following took part: Norman Mills, Terry Olson, Connie Wyman, Lenette Svihovec, Eileen Hienrich, Jimmy Guthrie, Gilbert Mehrer, Bonnie Srb, Lynn De La Pointe, Gordon Sonnenberg, Ronald Swindler, Ardyce Sprecker, Jack Grant, Van Crane, Janet Miller and Karen Burwick. Lynn Peter Ferguson, Rodger Auen, Rodney Kuntz, Lyle Lucksinger and Van Crane were Shepherds in the Christmas Pageant. The rest of the class was in the chorus. Lynn De La Pointe, Violet Bertsch, Rosella Klein, Kathyrn Brasseur, Karen Bur- wick, Edith Eberhardt, Lenette Svihovec, Michael Fettig, Jimmy Guthrie, James Noble, Lonnie Gray, Carter Daunhauer, Lyle Luck- singer and Terry Olson also took part in the 'Maypole Dance' given for the Mother's Day Program. Those people having perfect attendance for the year were: Connie Wyman, Annie Kronbauer, Jack Grant, Carter Daunhauer, Jimmy Guthrie and Lynn Peter Ferguson. FIFTH lilillllll FIRST ROW, left to right: Jackie Griffin, Terry Crane, Ronnie Srb, Peter Siller, Arnie Hoffman, Ruth Bieber, Virginia Roberts, Larry Ruff, Jeffery Auch. SECOND ROW: Kathy Fiedler, Jimmy Lince, Joe Fettig, Dennis Boknecht, Charles Miller, Siegfried Trautwein, Lynette Wentlandt, David Triez, Gary Zentner, Loretta Heinrich. THIRD ROW: Miss Cysewski, Dwight Ross, Marvin Buchholz, Jimmy Fiedler, Raymond Pfiefle, Donnie Mehrer, Quinten Heinzman, Marlorie Kilber, Shirley Swindler, Darlyne Kamrath. FIFTH GRADE NEWS There are twenty-eight pupils in our room and out of these twenty-eight, Marvin Buchholz, Larry Ruff, and Gary Zentner have had perfect attendance all year. Boys and girls who were in the programs throughout the year were: Siegfried Trautwein, Ruth Bieber, Shirley Swindler, and Marjorie Kilber in the Carnival Program, Virginia Roberts, Kathy Fiedler, and Ruth Bieber were angels in the Christmas pageant. ln the Mother's Day Program, Marvin Buchholz recited a poem and a group composed of Peter Siller, Ruth Bieber, Terry Crane, Jackie Griffin, Charles Miller, Jimmy Lince, Quinten Heinzman, Dennis Bok- necht, Marjorie Kilber, Darlyne Kamrath, and Kathy Fiedler sang "Mother," Lynette Went- landt, Loretta Heinrich, and Virginia Roberts helped serve and wash dishes at the Tea. During the year our room had a Halloween Party for which everyone came in a very funny costume. We marched throughout the grade school displaying the costumes and had a lunch which was provided by the students. At our Christmas Party, we saw movies, sang songs, exchanged presents, and ate lunch. At the Valentine Party we played Bingo with candy bars for prizes. We had a huge box of valentines to pass out. The last party was our picnic on the last day of school. We have 7 pupils in Beginner's Band this year. They are Terry Crane, Quinten Heinzman, Shirley Swindler, Lynette Wentlandt, Kathy Fiedler, Darlyne Kamrath, and Virginia Roberts. We elected our Y.C.L. officers for the coming year and they are: President, Larry Ruff, Vice- President, Siegfried Trautwein, Secretary, Ruth Bieber, Treasurer, Virginia Roberts. We elected new officers every 6 weeks and each officer has carried his duty out well. We had a candy and popcorn sale February l5. We received a new set of Compton's Pictured Encyclopedias. We have used them in our classes for reference and the pupils enioy paging through them for enioyment. Everyone finds them most interesting. ln addition to the encyclopedias, our room also received a number of library books. The pupils especially enioyed the books of biography. Boys and girls who received reading certificates this past year are: David Friez, Loretta Heinrich, Charles Miller, Lynette Wentlandt, Marvin Buchholz, Shirley Swindler, Terry Crane, Jackie Griffin, Darlyne Kamrath, and Gary Zentner. F0 ll'l'll A ll FIFTH lilllllll FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynn Brackel, Stanley Wyman, Genevieve Hanson, Noreen Mills, La Vern Heth, Steven Gram, Gary Berreth, Linda Landis, Janice Vasey. SECOND ROW: Elaine Klein, Marylu Dolecheck, Rene Gilbert, William Waddell, Raymond Wolf, Deanna Auch, Duane Bertsch, Violet Hartman, Douglas Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Miss Sayler, Joan Miller, De Vonne Waddell, Darlene Radach, Kenneth Auch, Jerry Rokusek, Charles Johnson, Richard Gutenkunst, Carol Anstrom. ABSENT: Jerry Auch. FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADE NEWS The year began with 26 students enrolled in the fourth and fifth grade room. Larry Reinhardt moved away in February, Charles Johnson en- rolled in January and Marylu Dolecheck enrolled in April. This brought our enrollment up to 27. The following had perfect attendance: Steve Grant, Douglas Schwartz, Raymond Wolf, and Stanley Wyman. Janice Vasey received 10077 in Spelling every Friday of the school year. We had three parties throughout the year, in- cluding a Halloween Masquerade, a Christmas party at which we exchanged gifts and a Valen- tine party for sending valentine messages. Most of the children took part in one of the three programs. Douglas Schwartz, Richard Guten- kunst, Steve Grant, William Waddell, Elaine Klein, Violet Hartman, Deanna Auch, and La- Vern Heth were in the carnival play. Genevieve Hanson, Elaine Klein, Violet Hartman were angels in the Christmas program. Gary Berreth, Linda Landis, Lynn Brackel, Janice Vasey, Douglas Schwartz, Noreen Mills, .loan Miller, Stanley Wyman, Jerry Rokusek, Rene Gilbert, Charles Johnson, and Carol Anstrom entertained their mothers at the program with the Virginia Reel. Deanna Auch and Marylu Dolecheck were Halloween ribbons in the May pole dance. Our Y.C.L. was active throughout the school year, and to give most of the students a chance to be officers we changed every two weeks. On April lst the students sold candy in the hot lunch room and made about Sl6.00. This was a Y.C.L. proiect and we used some of the money for our spring picnic. We received 32 new library books which we enioyed reading and making reports for the reading circle. The following read eighteen or more books and reported on them. Carol An- strom, Noreen Mills, Richard Gutenkunst, Janice Vasey and Steve Grant. We had nine people who ordered the summertime weekly reader. The parents who attended the P.T.A. meetings won the phonograph for us three times. As a result of having won it the most, it remains here for next year. The P.-I'.A. purchased re- cords amounting to about S25.00. We enioyed these records very much. FllUll'l'll GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Brackel, James Kramer, Suzy Everharclt, June Belmore, Janice Domiahn, Leo Belmore, Wesley Heth, Arthur Schaible, Thomas Wyman. SECOND ROW: Sonia Ross, Shirley Herner, Sharon Sonnenberg, Clarence Schaible, Thomas Rogers, Sandra Srb, Carol Kallis, Darlene Dohn, Clarence Heinrich. THIRD ROW: Miss Chesire, Marie Reiger, Charlene Miller, Gloria Kilber, Diane Ruff, Carole Roemmich, Lester Stern, Billy Hertz, Raymond Theurer, David Lince. ABSENT: Edwin Stern, Milton Terry, Ulrich Trautwein. FOURTH GRADE NEWS When school opened in September, the en- rollment in the fourth grade was twenty-eight. As we looked around the room the first day we noticed three new faces in our room. These three people were Carol Kallis, Diane Ruff, and Billy Hertz. ln January, Milton Terry came to Mott from Bismarck and in March, Wesley Heth returned to our school after attending a rural school. With these additions the enroll- ment reached thirty. Most of the fourth graders had a chance to participate in one of the programs during the year. Early in the year, for the school carnival, the fourth grade presented a playlet entitled 'Little White Cloud'. Three groups of officers led our Y.C.L. this year. The presidents ln their order of office, were: Janice Domiohn, Edwin Stern, and James Kramer. Vice Presidents included Thomas Rogers, David Lince. and Leo Belmore while Carole Roemmich, Shirley Hefner, and Darlene Dohn, held the office of secretary-treasurer. The Main proiect of the Y.C.L. was a candy sale which proved successful. The three parties during the year, at Hallo- ween, Christmas, and Valjnltinelws Tye lweri pu.: on b committees appointe yt e . . . ac party? had at least one event which will help us to remember it. The Halloween party will be remembered by the costumes. lt vgas great fun t in to decide who each costume person was. Arydeiorated Christmas tree, with lights, and all the beautiful gifts will be what we remember of the Christmas party. No Valentines party would be complete without the traditionalvalentines and valentine box and ours was no exception. Despite a great deal of sickness during the year five people maintained a record of l00Z attendance. These people are Roger Brackel, Leo Belmore, Diane Ruff, Darlene Dohn, and June Belmore. Reading certificates were given to nine people who read and reported on eighteen books. These people were Carol Kallis, Leo Belmore, Diane Ruff, James Kramer, Charlene Miller, Janice Domiohn, Sandra Srb, Darlene Dohn, and Gloria Kilber, It is fun to read when there are good books to read. About thirty-five new books were added to our library this year. These books have been read over and over and have really been enioyed. Tlllllll Gill-lllll FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Buttman, Mary Ann Schwartz, Betty Heth, Carmen Iverson, Gary Goetz, Gerald Klein, Sherryl Oberlander, Luella Schmitt. SECOND ROW: Marlice Dolecheck, Elizabeth Belmore. Sharon Swindler, Saralee Margulies, Dorothy Reich, Karen Srb, Helen Switzer, Merry Kay Colgrove, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Rieger, John: Miller, James Bieber, Bob Swindler, Norma Theurer, Faye Radach, Beverly Buttman, Bobby Keehn, Clifford Mehrer. THIRD GRADE NEWS The third grade had twenty-four pupils, eight boys and sixteen girls. Bobby Swindler main- tained perfect attendance for the entire school year. We have participated in three maior programs this school year - the Carnival, Christmas, and Mother's Day Program. We also had three parties in our room. At our Halloween Party we dressed in Costumes, visited other rooms to show our Costumes and took pictures of our group. Our Valentine's Party consisted of valentine exchange and a bountiful lunch. On November I2 we held Open House and twenty-two interested parents visited our room. For the Carnival Program we presented two plays, "The Lost Fishermen' in which the following boys took part, Bob Swindler, Gerald Klein, Gary Goetz, Clifford Mehrer, Bobby Keehn and Carmen Iverson. And the 'Doll Contest' in which the following girls took part: Mary Ann Schwartz, Beverly Buttman, Mary Kay Colgrove, Karen Srb, Saralee Margulies, Sherryl Ober- lander, Elizabeth Belmore, Sharon Swindler, Luella Schmitt and Dorothy Reich. At the Christmas Program we all sang Carols and the following people were in the exercise entitled "l'd Like to Be': Shirley Buttman, Jimmy Bieber, Faye Radach, Norma Theurer, Helen Switzer and John Miller. Gifts were ex- changed at our Christmas Party and we also had a balloon contest. Bob Swindler, Bobby Keehn, Gerald Klein, Merry Kay Colgrove, and Mary Ann Schwartz were the winners. Y.C.L. Officers for the year have been: Presi- dent, Mary Ann Schwcrtz, Vice-President, Karen Srb, Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Reich. We purchased toothbrushes and toothpaste for each of us in the room with some of our Y.C.L. money. SECO ll Allll Tllllill GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Kilber, Margie Bertsch, Loretta Hoffman, Sharon Miller, Janice Buchholz, Marcella Heil, Douglas Friez. SECOND ROW: Alta Griffin, Morieon Wentlandt, Carol Moeller, Janice Klein, Carla Schlenvogt, Urla Schaible, Connie Schaible, Darrell Brackel. THIRD ROW: Miss Ellsworth, Darrell Fiedler, Lewis Auen, James Larson, Roger Stern, Gary Gilbert, Jimmy Luchsinger. SECOND AND THIRD GRADE NEWS In September, 1953, 22 pupils enrolled in the second and third grade room. Nine were in the third grade and I3 in the second grade. The only one to leave was Karen Kalmoe, who moved to Michigan in March. The first semester Y.C.L. officers were Karen Kalmoe, president, Mariean Wentlandt, vice president, and Marcella Heil, secretary. Second semester officers are Jimmy Luchsinger, presi- dent, Margie Bertsch, vice president, and Roger Stern, secretary. f.C.L. committees have worked efficiently to provide interesting Hal- Ioween, Christmas, and Valentine parties. They also enacted the story of Columbus on Oct. l2, and the story of the Pilgrims on Nov. 25. A post office was constructed and used for dis- tributing valentines. With Y.C.L. money, a book 'The Bears on Hemlock Mountain' was pur- chased. At Open House Nov. 12, thirteen parents and friends visited the room. Jimmy Luchsinger, Janice Buchholz, Douglas Friez, and Carla Schlenvogt participated in the poem "Indian Children' and Gary Gilbert and Darrel Fiedler helped the second grade boys sing 'The Mumps' at the Carnival Program. Action verses, 'The Lazy Clock' and 'Getting Ready for Christmas' were given at the Christ- mas program. An exercise "Mother's Day Gifts' included all the pupils except Carla Schlenvogt and Sharon Miller, who were in the Maypole play. E00 ll llllzlllll FIRST ROW, left to right: Sylvia Schwartz, Marian Theurer, Sharon Klein, Randall Johnson, Charles Wildman, Larry Rokusek, Donald Heinzman. SECOND ROW: Carlene Grosz, Gary Stern, Shirley Heth, Gerald Bertsch, Margie Lou Lince, La Rae Svihovec, Emily Heinrich. THIRD ROW: Miss Bakken, Paul Kamrath, Kasper Kronbauer, Sebastian Heinzman, Melvin Theurer, Delmar Theurer, Dennis Laches. ABSENT: Garret Gorsch. SECOND GRADE N EWS The second grade of the l953-l954 school year had an enrollment of 25 pupils. Throughout the term there were two who moved away. Gayla Haas went to Glendive, Montana and Dale Reinhardt to Riverdale, North Dakota. Two new pupils enrolled with us in January. Charles Wildman came to us from Oklahoma and Randall Johnson formerly attended school in Japan. Randy was the class artist and we en- ioyed the pictures he drew of the Japanese children and their country. We organized a Y.C.L. with the following of- ficers: President, Sheila Miller, Vice-President, Gary Stern, Treasurer, Sylvia Schwartz, Secre- tary, La Rae Svihovec. The League took charge of the parties held on Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. On November l2, we had 'Open House' with twenty-one parents and friends visiting our room. We took part in the programs for the Carnival, Christmas, and Mothers' Day. For the Carnival, a song was sung by Darrell Fiedler, Gary Gil- bert, Garret Forsch, Paul Kamrath, and Gary Stern. At the Christmas program, recitations were given by Carlene Grosz, Emily Heinrich, Sharon Klein, Margie Lince, Sheila Miller, Sylvia Schwartz, and La Rae Svihovec. For the song in the Christmas pageant the primary group sang "Away in a Manger'. For the Mothers' Day pro- gram we gave a play, "Mother Calendars' Child- ren' with fourteen children participating. Sheila Miller was Mother Calendar and Gary Stern was Father Time. Paul Kamrath and Kasper Kronbauer had per- fect attendance for the year. Reading Circle Certificates were issued to the following: Emily Heinrich, Donald Heinzman, Paul Kamrath, Sheila Miller, Larry Rokusek, Sylvia Schwartz, Gary Stern, La Rae Svihovec, Marian Theuer, and Melvin Theuer. Flll 'I' llllzlllll FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Schwartz, Renee Heinzman, Roderick McNeill, Larry Luckard, Judy Van Lishout, lda Hartman, Dickie Heth. SECOND ROW: Karen Fiedler, Garry Klein, Linda Kilber, Deanna Kelsch, Clarence Stern, Shirley Schaible, Penelope Rieger, Laura Schlenvogt. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hurd, Vickie Miller, Linda Schaible, Richard Grant, Willard Harsch, Dennis Klein, Connie Wilson, Sandra Ottmar. ABSENT: Bruce Johnson. FIRST GRADE NEWS School opened in the fall of i953 with an enrollment of twenty-one, eight boys and thirteen girls. Larry Lockard ioined our happy group after the Christmas holidays and Bruce Johnson, at the beginning of the second semes- ter, making our total enrollment twenty-three. Eight ofthe children live in the country. Every- one was enthused to have a newly remodeled room with block windows and fluorescent lights that were installed the past summer. The "Little Beavers' Y.C.L. was organized early in the school year. Officers were chosen twice during the year. Open House was held during National Educa- tion Week, on November 12. Thirty-one interest- ed parents and friends visited us at our daily work. The Children took part in the various programs held throughout the year. For the carnival program, Connie Wilson gave the "Welcome". The poem "Taxis" was presented by Linda Kilber, Penelope Rieger, Karen Fiedler, Laura Schlenvogt, and Linda Schaible. A skit, "Blow- ing Bubbles' was given by Deanna Dale Kelsch and Shirley Schaible. Recitations, 'Too Many Rules' and 'Bein' a Boy' were recited by Ricky McNeill and Dickie Grant respectively. All the children sang the "Toothpaste Song." For the Christmas program the following children pre- sented the welcome excercise: Ricky McNeill, Karen Fiedler, Penelope Rieger, Connie Wilson, Vickie Miller, Dickie Grant, and Deanna Dale Kelsch. All were members of the Children's Chorus. Most of the boys and girls also took part in the Mother's Day program. Recitations were given by Laura Schlenvogt, Larry Lockard, Linda Schaible, Vickie Miller, Willard Harsch, Bruce Johnson, and Ricky McNeill. A group of boys and girls sang an action song 'Morning and Evening." Parties were enjoyed for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine Day, and Easter. A few Pre-school children were our guests at the latter two parties. The boys and girls have appreciated and en- ioyed the milk and snacks that have been pre- pared for them each morning at lO:00. Thank you, Mrs. Butts, for your kindness toward us. Dickie Grant and Paul Schwartz have had per- fect attendance throughout the year. Flll 'l' GRADE FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Roll, Alice May Buttman, Larry Swindler, Deborah Harkins, Carol Belmore, Leslie Swindler, Karen Vasey. SECOND ROW: Erna Leona Babcox, Laura Schaible, Dean Beiber, Wayne Adams, Gerald Netzer, Ernaiune Sailer, Lynn Smith, Linda Weickum. THIRD ROW: Miss Mickelson, Darrel Christensen, Kenny Laches, Sharon Ulmer, Larry Radach, Billy Amundson, Joan Noble, James Eberhardt. FIRST GRADE NEWS The enrollment for our room was twenty-two pupils. Larry Swindler maintained perfect attendance throughout the term. Gilmar Rein- hardt lett during the year. Deborah Harkins, Wayne Adams, and Lynn Smith transferred from other schools. At the Carnival Progrflm, Joan Noble gave a recitation, 'My Dolly and l". Kenny Laches, Leslie Swindler, Linda Weickum, Sharon Ulmer, Larry Swindler, Karen Vasey, and Gerald Netzer took part in an exercise. For the Christmas program, Darrel Christensen recited the poem, "Christi-nas'. Carol Belmore, Erna Leona Babcox, Diane Roll, Jimmy Eber- hardt, and Billy Amundson were in "Christmas Stockings'. The room also sang 'Away in the Manger" and "Joy to the World" for the Christ- mas pageant. For the Mother's Day program, Emaiune Sailer contributed a recitation, "A Message to Mother." Dean Bieber, Larry Radach, and Wayne Adams were in an exercise, 'Our Mothers." Alice May Buttman and Deborah Harlcins took part as flower girls. We enioyed parties in our room on Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine Day. We were happy to have Santa Claus visit us at our Christmas art . P Ori November l2 we held "Open House" for parents. A total of twenty people visited our room during the year. I ,n iff, , 6 A X x Q0 Q r- uf 01" I W v 4 1 YWW t Wil' , Wf 6' af, W E 45 '- X A 6 Q J2- 5 f' URGANIZATIUN UI' 9:20 5 x 711 ,, 5' ,Q?' ? Q Q8 1 f gs? 5 A t 3 Q ! VFMQ 3 A IVITIE I Xi ll N fvfNvWvKHH Q fm N S0 lr J e 3 Q , . . r . . 1 ., ,...,z ,,,i-u ,. ,,. FO0TBALL . , .... . ...e . SEATED, left to right: Darrell Remington, Gary Butler, Vernon Roll, George Schwartz, Roger lverson, Alvin Kibbel, Charles Kramer, and Robert Zentner. KNEELING: Edward Treib, Robert Roll, Charles Ebert, Vernon Larson, Jack Gifford, Sebastian Roll, Dick Haines, lrvin Hartman. STANDING: Mr. Eckroth, Coach, Archie Roemmich, James Blaine, Manager, Art Lince, Sherman Sloan, Roger Senn, Gary Sprecher, Robert Jones, George Jones, Donald Herner, Manager, Mr. Overboe, Asst. Coach. , 3 MNA? mf' 'V W.. -, Robert Roll carrying the ball through the Abbey line. Games Lost: Mott Mott Mott M ott Mott Mon Richardton - - - - - 14 - 18 Hettinger- - - - - 0 - 32 BeuIah--- -- 0-41 Hazen-- -- 0-48 Killdeer--- --- 6-33 Beulah--- ---l9-42 Games Won: The Cardinals, under the direction of Mr. Eckroth, opened their season with an inex- perienced squad. There were only four re- turning lettermen. Although the season wasn't too successful, the outlook for next year is very good as the maiority of the team was made up of underclassmen. The football team chose George Schwartz for their captain as he proved his ability to be a good player and leader. The Cardinals had a seven game schedule in which they lost six and won one. Mott vs Richardton- - - - - - 13 - 0 BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: lrvin Hartman, George Sc ROW: Mr. Eckroth, Coach, Darrel Remington, James Roemmich, Student Manager. The Cardinals opened their season with four returning lettermen and a number of good pros- pects. Returning lettermen were Henry Eriedt, Chuck Ebert, Roger Hirsch, and Jack Gifford. High-point men of the season were: Henry Friedt - 266 points, Roger Hirsch - 222, Jimmy Blaine - l52, Jack Gifford - ill, and Chuck Games won: TEAM hwartz, Henry Friedt, Roger Hirsch, Albert Wolf. SECOND Blaine, Edward Treib, Charles Ebert, Jack Gifford, Archie Ebert - 76. Henry Friedt and Roger Hirsch were chosen as Co-Captains for the season. The team played the first game of the tourna- at Dickinson and lost it to Model High. This defeat ended the chances of the team to play further in the tournament. Games Lost: Mott Richardton - Mott Elgin ------- - - - Mott New England Mott Fort Yates - - - - - - Mott St. Marys ---- - - - Mott Hebron ----- - - - Mott Richardton - - - - - - Mott Hettinger - - - 33 Mott - 48 Mori - 42 Mort - 56 Mott - 38 Mott - 45 Mon - 43 M011 - 41 Mon Mon Mott Mott Mott New England New Liepzig Hebron ---- New Liepzig Hettinger- - - Killdeer - - - Elgin ----- St. Marys - - Beulah ---- Mandan State Killdeer - - - Beulah ---- Training Sh t CAIIIII AL TEAM 0F 1953-'54 George Schwartz, Guard Darrell Remington, Forward Irvin Hartman, Guard Edward Treib, Center Albert Wolf, Forward James Blaine, Forward Henry Freidt, Forward ' W: I SJ, W ,. an F, E FV' .,F, , fi,iQ Charles Ebert, Center Jack Gifford, Guard Roger Hirsch, Guard 'B' TEAM L FRONT ROW, left to right: Arvin Rosen, Gabriel Herner, Richard Grosz, Sherman Sloan, Bruce Schwartz and Alvin Schaff. BACK ROW: Mr. Eide iffoachl, Tom Coffing, Robert Zentner, Jack Kramer, Bruce Colgrove and Sebastian Roll. 'C' TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Freddie Beimore, Arvin Rosen, Dean Colgrove, Gary Hagler, Roger Forsch, Eddie Guthrie, Rex Kelsch, and David Gray. SECCND ROW: Mr. Glum fCoachl, Bruce Schwartz, David Mathis, Richard Grosz, Robert Zenfner, James Bel more, Denny Keehn, Alvin Schaff, and Vernon Schiff Cstudent managerl. 'IBABK A B BASEBALL FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Zentner, Marvin Roesler, Irvin Huffman, Gary Sprecher, Edward Treib, JUWIOS Blaine, William Treib, Robert Roll, Sherman Sloan. SECOND ROW: Mr. Eclcroth, Coach, Arvin Rosen, Richard Grosz, Bruce Schwartz, Alvin Schaff, Henry Friedt, David Boknecht, Bruce Colgrove, Daniel Mayer, George Schwartz, Albert Wolf. LBTTEBAIA ' CLUB 5, FRONT ROW, left to right: Alvin Kibbel, Albert Wolf, Harry Schneider, Bobby Jones, Archie Roemmich, George Schwartz, Roger Iverson, George Jones, Richard Haines, President, Roger Senn. SECOND ROW: Larry Roemmich, Donald Herner, Marvin Roseler, Edward Treib, Charles Kramer, Charles Ebert, James Blaine, Robert Zentner, Jack Gifford. THIRD ROW: Mr. Eckroth, Advisor, Gary Sprecher, Sebastian Roll, Sherman Sloan, Darrel Remington, Irvin Hartman, Vernon Roll, Robert Roll. 1 vs .1 fx. W , W Q PEP ll All V-H r. if- - . V r V f A ,, 5, ' Q5 5 7 . . .- I F g 1 v ., 1 V ' ,. - ' 4: 1,439-eg: V .. 5 Q. - f-2 A , ' - 1' X ,. t . 'V x f' , f f iw f-hae avian? e'effw-wVmfs.a --vb 1 nfnig? f ' ' Y' V I' 2' :Ji 1 f W ' VV . ., .VU -u 1 " . . . rV -2,- 5 le E ' as zu "' at, 1' "" im' , 'Q 1 5 E . 'al' -. fp .ig ,, .1 - 1'- 141 QU 'ii' if ff . .- V ff V x .5 "'f"' LV, V y f N 0- P '- ' ref 1: 5 rg, Vgqdg , - gg., W V. V . .ggiyybk , 1 Y I , 5, . x 2' f .. K. 2 , fp, .L , A vi f - ei ' 'tg' A ,zu 3 T, ' if ' A ' I A li ' 3 if ' ' Q X . in wi - f I , K 1 ,' I 5 ,- . ' , H 1 , ., . A it . ' ' ' .E , Ag G M,-f ,. gg., QA' . . W Q0 453, J ,LVU1 . . E J, ,. .age I mi k ,M . 14 mi' I 2 V XI V VI if fl -'. FIRST ROW, left to right: Eileen Huschka, Jacqualine Herner, Darlene Fuchs, Leota Waddell, Donna Sahr, LaVeme Duncanson, Rosemarie Manolovits, Medora Mehrer, President, Mercy Herner, Mildred Reinert, Betty Mae Roseler, Elvera Pekas, Marcia Rogers, Janice Gray. SECOND ROW: Miss Christen- sen, Advisor, Arlaween Lutz, Irene Amann, Rita Boknecht, Lorraine Rokusek, Kathleen Roberts, Mildret Rokusek, Gladys Jahner, Janice Swindler, Janet Noble, Mavis Anderson, Arlyce Roemmich, Roberta Skogley, Janice Maercklein, Charlotte Svihavec, Colleen Huber. THIRD ROW: Darlene Heth, Norit'a Lutz, Evelyn Waddell, Joyce Waddell, Rosalie Peters, Marilyn Manolovits, Eileen Hummel, Lois Apling, Shirley Riedlinger, Regina Steiner, Dolores Bogner, Shirley Haberstroh, Bernice Hellman, Darlene Klein, Alvina Glasser, Rozella Greff. FOURTH ROW: Kathryn Abbey, Valeria Roll, Glen Nora Dohn, Janet Goring, Sylvia Haas, Regina Wolf, Donna Fiedler, Jewel Krogh, Marie Hertz, Mary Jo Ebert, Lila Bieber, Delores Abbey, Sharon DeLaPointe, Luciele Himing. total of sixty-nine members ioining. Treasurer. year. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Geno Mehrer, Irene Schulz, Eva Wolf. STANDING: Marilyn Kibbel. The pep squad organized this year under the supervision of Miss Christensen, with a Elected for officers were Medora Mehrer, President, La Verne Duncanson, vice Pres: dent, Rose Marie Manolovits, Secretary The newly elected cheerleaders were Gena Mehrer and Marilyn Kibbel, with Eva Wolf and lrene Schulz returning from last The club was very active at the football and basketball games that were played during the course of the year by supporting the games. The cheerleaders also worked out some new yells which were needed The pep squad participated in the Home coming activities by entering a float In the P llLlllA'l'l0 ANNUAL STAFF FIRST ROW, left to right: Lois Apling, Arloween Lutz, Arlen Olaerlander, George Schwartz, Charles Kramer, Editor, Mary Jo Elmer, Assistant Editor, Colleen Huber, Leila Bieber, Sylvia Haas. SECOND ROW: Geno Mehrer, Shirley Hoberstroh, Kathleen Roberts, Jacqualine Herner, Rosemarie Manolovits, Roberta Skogley, Janet Noble, Glen Nora Dohn, Janice Swindler, Valeria Roll, Arlyce Roemmich, Janice Maercklein, Charlotte Svihovec. THIRD ROW: Mr. Moeller, Advisor, Archie Roemmich, Jack Gifford, Eva Wolf, Jewel Krogh, Donna Sahr, LaVerrle Duncanson, Leota Waddell, Bucky Haas, Donald Heil, Harry Schneider, Albert Wolf. llAllllllFAL STAFF FIRST ROW, left to right: Donna Sahr, Rosemarie Manolovits, Jimmy Austin, George Schwartz, Jack Gifford, Medora Mehrer, Editor, Janice Maercklein, Assistant Editor, LaVerne Duncanson, Roberta Skog- Iey, Leona Stevahn, Janice Swindler. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Herner, Janice Gray, Lois Apling, Mary Jo Ebert, Janet Noble, Colleen Huber, Adeline Pekas, Charlotte Svihovec, Shirley Riedlinaer. Dorene Auch. THIRD ROW: Mr. Guthrie, Advisor: Glen Nora Dohn, Janet Gohring, Sylvia Haas, Sharon DeLa- Pointe, Jewel Kragh, William Schaff, James Marthaller. l STUDENT IIIIUNCIL STANDING: LaVerne Duncanson, President FIRST ROW, left to right: George Schwartz, Almore DeLa Pointe, Vice-President, Charlotte Svihovec, Secretory. SECOND ROW: Jane? Noble, Curl Haas, Mr. Moeller Advisor. LIBRARY STAFF SEATED, lefi to righf: LaVerne Duncanson, Roberto Skogley, Glen Nora Dohn. STANDING: MiCl1e0l Ross, Colleen Huber, Lois Apling, Murcia Rogers, June! Noble, and Surah Kirsch. MU IU CONUERT BAND BATON TWIRLERS: Elvera Pekas, Diane Oelke, and Marilyn Kibbel. FIRST ROW, Iett to right: Arlo- ween Lutz, Kathleen Roberts, Jack Gifford, Richard Haines, Irene Schulz, Arlyce Roemmich, Glen Nora Dohn, Donna Fiedler, Janice Maercklein, Mary Jo Ebert, Marcia Rogers. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Svihovec, Darlene Klein, Bruce Colgrove, Elmer Heinrich, Luciele Hirning, Larry Roemmich, LaVerne Pekflsf Colleen Huber, George Schwartz, Phillip Brasseur. THIRD ROW: Janice Gray, Russel Margulies, Edward Guthrie, Donna Sahr, Archie Roemmich, Vernon Huber, Roger Domiahn, Bruce Schwartz, Regina Steiner, David Gray, Roberta Slcogley. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Beattie, Director, Gene Haring, James Blaine, lI5a:lerneRDuncanson, Vernon Heinrich, Roger Iverson, Sharon De La Pointe, Medora Mehrer, Janet Goring, eores eich. SEUUND BAND SEATED, left to right: Kenneth Roberts, Terry Crane, Terry Olson, Janet Miller, Lynne DeLaPointe, Karen Burwick, Connie Wyman, Norman Mills, Van Crane, and Jimmy Guthrie. SECOND ROW: Gorden Sonnenburg, Jack Grant, Quinton Heinzman, Richard Grosz, Dean Colgrove, Lewis Wagner, Rex Kelsch, Darlene Kamrath, Shirley Swincller, Virginia Roberts, and Lynette Wentlandt. BACK ROW: Mr. Beattie fDirectorI, Marlene Oberlander, Fern Wallace, Mildred Kamrath, Diane Anderson, Darlene Roll, Florence Steiner, Shirley Roemmich, Margaret Frieze, Meridean Hummel, and Jane Wallace. MUSIC CONCERT CHOIR l- The Concert Choir is a selected group consisting of fifty-one students. During the year they appeared on the Christmas program, at the District Music Festival in Dickinson, at the South Slope Festival in Elgin, and took part in the spring concert given on May 4, I954. On May 5th they journeyed to Hettinger to the First Annual Music Clinic held there. Other towns in attendance were Bowman, Lem- mon, and Hettinger. The guest Conductor for the clinic was Mr. Ralph Williams. This group gave many outstanding performances throughout the year. GIRLS CHORUS - Any girl in senior high school may become a member of this group. Sixty girls chose to be members of this organization under the direction of Mr. Claud Beattie. They were in attendance at the District Festival in Dickinson and were given a rating of "highly superior." This group also appeared on the Christmas program and the spring concert. BOYS CHORUS - Thirty-seven boys make up this voluntary group. They gave performances on the same programs as the girls chorus and in addition attended the State Class B Music Contest in Bismarck and received a rating of "superior," This group has appeared before various local organizations and school affairs. The boys purchased their outfits during the year. GIRLS QUARTETTE - The girls quartette is a selected group. The members are Janice Gray, EW Geno Mehrer, Eva Wolf, and Rosemarie' Manolo- vits. They attended both the District and Elgin Festivals at which time they received a rating of "superior." In addition to the school pro- grams, they have sung for many public organiza- tions in Mott this year. BAND - The concert band has been very active this year. They played for all home basketball games. Marching exhibitions were put on for the homecoming game and again at the Class B basketball tournament in Dickinson. This group received a rating of 'highly superior" at the District Band Festival in Dickinson and played for the evening program, which was recorded and later broadcast over KDIX. A new additi'on to the band was a set of tympani which was played by Medora Mehrer. GERMAN BAND - The members of this group are Vernon Heinrich, Jack Gifford, George Jones, Bruce Schwartz, and Dick Haines. Uncle Otto, better known as Charles Kramer, acted as director for the group. They did a fine iob and were well received where ever they appeared. CLARINET QUARTETTE - This ensemble is made up of Irene Schulz, Janice Maercklein, Jack Gifford, and Dick Haines. They received a rating of "highly superior' at the District Festival and a usuperior' at the State Music Festival in Bismarck. All the above groups were under the direction of Mr. Claud Beattie. llUAll'l'll'l"l'll LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Gray, Gena Mehrer, Eva Wolf, and RoseMarie Manolovits. FIRST ROW, left to right: Rose Marie Manolovits, Eva Wolf, Medora Mehrer, Arloween Lutz, Roberta Skogley, Janice Gray, Janice Maercklein, Norita Lutz, Irene Schutz, Jewel Krogh, Arylce Roemmich. SECOND ROW: Donna Sahr, Laveme Duncanson, Janet Gohring, Roselle Greff, Geno Mehrer, Donna Feidler, Jackie Herner, Violet Meyer, Joanne Mees, Janice Swindler, Kathleen Roberts, Roger Iverson. THIRD ROW: Glen Nora Dohn, Sylvia Haas, Gabriel Herner, Jimmy Austin, Elmer Heinrich, Bruce Col- grove, William Schaff, Larry Roemmich, Marvin Roesler, Roger Domiahn, Carl Haas, Mary Jo Ebert. FOURTH ROW: Roger Senn, Dick Haines, Art Lince, Arlen Oberlander, George Schwartz, Charles Ebert, Victor Brasseur, Jack Gifford, Vernon Heinrich, Rudy Auch, Roger Hirsch, James Marthaller and Harry Schneider. IIIIILS' UIIIIIIIIS FIRST ROW, left to right: Eva Wolf, RoseMarie Manolovits, Ardelle Sippert, Gena Mehrer, Roberta Slwgley, Arloween Lutz, Janice Gray, Medora Mehrer, Luciele Himing, and Delores Abbey. SECOND ROW: Janice Maercklien, Rita Bokneckt, Arlyce Rqemmich, Gladys Bersch, Delores Bogner, Regina Steiner, Eileen Huschka, Shirley Riedlinger, Marilyn Kibbel, Mary Jo Ebert, and Violet Mayer. THIRD ROW: Norita Lutz, Marcia Rogers, Darlene Klein, Irene Schulz, Sarah Kirsch, Kathryn Abbey, Janice Swindler. Leota Waddell, Jewel Krogh, Kathleen Roberts, Lorraine Rokusek, Lois Apling, Elvera Pekas, and Jacqualine Hemer. FOURTH ROW: Rozella Greff, Charlotte Svihovec, Joyce Waddell, Donna Sahr, Janet Gohring, Donna Fiedler, Laveme Duncanson, Sylvia Haas, Glen Nora Dohn, Leila Bieber, Mercy Hemer, JoAnn Mees, Eileen Hummel, Shirley Haberstroh, and Bernice Hellman. in -, ,- .. -'53, FIRST ROW, right to left: Simon Wanner, Larry Roemmich,Marvin Roesler, William Schaff, Bruce Col- grove, Elmer Heinrich, Jimmy Austin, Kenneth Hagel, Roger Domiahn, Sherman Sloan, Robert Roll and lBucky Haas. SECOND ROW:: Gabriel Herner, Dick Haines, Charles Kramer, Victor Brosseur, Jack Gifford, Art Lince, Archie Roemmich, Almore De La Pointe, Vernon Roll, George Schwartz, Roger Iverson, and Donald Heil. THIRD ROW: Roger Senn, Harry Schneider, Dale Coffing, George Jones, Donald Herner, Roger Hirsch, Charles Ebert, Vernon Heinrich, Rudolf Auch, David Boknecht, Arlen Oberlander, James Marthaller and Albert Wolf. 4 I vocmom QRICULTURL Some of the work accomplished in the classroom. F. F. The Future Farmers of America is an organization of, by and for farm boys. The National Organization was or- ganized in 1928 at the Kansas City Convention. The Cannonball Chapter was organized in 1938 by Phil Biewar. lt has grown to its present membership of 44 students of Vocational Agriculture. The Officers of our local chapter are George Schwartz, president, Charles Ebert, vice-president: Carl Haas, sec- retary, Henry Friedt, treasurer, Lee Mayer, reporter, and Roger Hirsch, sentinel. Mr. Overboe is our advisor. During the week of June 2'l, eleven boys attended the State F. F. A. Convention at Fargo. The cattle iudging team LEFT T0 RlGHT: Mr. Overboe, ln- structor: Donald Coffing, Danny Hertz, Arthur Lince, Joseph Miller, Vernon Roll, Vernon Larson, Sebas- tian Roll, Carl Haas, Lee Mayer, George Barth, and Daniel Mayer. NEWS consisted of Vernon Roll, Art Lince,1and Larry Roemmich. Last September, five boys attended the State Dairy Show at Jamestown. ln October, George Schwartz, and Roger Hirsch attended the National F.F.A. Convention of Kansas City, Missouri and George was in the National F. F. A. Band. On lNovember 18, the F.F.A. Boys entertained, the mem- bers, parents, faculty, and friends at the annual F.F.A. Parent Son Banquet. During the first week in March five members attended the North Dakota Winter Show at Valley City. Mr. Overboe was our chaperone on all these trips except the Kansas City Trip. FUTURE FARMERS 0F AMERIUA FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Schwartz, Marlin Schneider, Gary Hagler, Lee Mayer, George Schwartz, Charles Ebert, Bucky Haas, Edward Kautzman, Danny Mayer, Danny Hertz. SECOND ROW: Alvin Kibbel, Larry Waddell, Gary Sprecher, Donald Wanner, Gerald Jorden, Larry Roemmich, Anton Burghart, Donald Schmidt, Elmer Bertsch, Reuben Buchholz. THIRD ROW: Mr. Overboe, Advisor, Roger Senn, Vernon Schiff, Kenneth Peters, Donald Coffing, Joseph Miller, Roger lverson, Bernhardt Fuchs, Craig Dauenhauer, Duane Lutz. FOURTH ROW: Henry Friedt, Sebastian Roll, George Barth, Art Lince, William Treib, Elmer Heinrich, Devere Kirkpatrick, Vernon Larson, Archie Roemmich, Vernon Roll. ll0l3zl'l'l0NAL HDMEMAKING Dicussion Before Working ln The Kitchen. FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Christensen, ,lnstructor, Mavis Anderson, Darlene Fuchs, Doreen Pfiefle, Bernice Hellman, Darlene Klein, Rita Boknecht, and Patsy Goetz. BACK ROW: Marilyn Mano- lovits, Geno Mehrer, Sharon DeLaPointe, Regina Wolf, Rosalie Peters, Joyce Waddell, Evelyn Waddell, FUTURE HUMEMAKERS 0F AMERICA and Kathryn Abbey. lt' 0 .. t FRONT ROW, left to right: Kathleen Roberts, Treasurer, Mary Jo Ebert, Secretary, Roberta Skogley, President, Arlyce Roemmich, Vice-President, Eva Wolf, Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Miss Christen- sen, Advisor, Coleen Huber, Janet Noble, Sharon DeLaPointe, Regina Wolf, Geno Mehrer, Gene Haring. The F. H.A. has ll members this year. Officers are as follows: President, Roberta Skogley, Vice President, Arlyce Roemmich, Secretary, Mary Ja Ebert, Treasurer, Kathleen Roberts, Advisor, Miss Christensen. Several members attended the district meeting held at Dickinson. Mary Jo Ebert and Kathleen Roberts were elected district Vice-President and Secretary respectively Kathleen Roberts was elected State Historian. The activities of the year included a style show and tea given for the mothers. The eighth grade girls were also entertained at o party. A Christmas food basket was again given this year. ii. I , E t IIRAMATIU ,y : , JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST FlRST ROW, left to right: .limmY Austin, Shirley Riedlinger, Albert Wolf, Janet Noble, Arlen Oberlander, Mary Jo Ebert, William Schaff, Janice Mcercklein, Donald Heil, Regina Steiner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Burns, Advisor: Narita Lutz, Shirley Haberstroh, Larry Roemmich, Reuben Buchholz, Elmer Heinrich, Kathleen Roberts, Jacqueline Herner, Charlotte Sviho.vec. Scenes from the play. The Junior class play 'Fancy Dandy' was presented on December 9, l953. 'Fancy Dandy' is the story of'Whinnie" Moore who knew the answer to a ten thousand dollar con- test ond was hiding at the House of Health a run down health resort owned by 'Terror' Tripp a former boxer. "Sloppy" Wertz and Rose Duval, crooks from the City found out where he was and came to see if they could get the answer. As a result 'Whinnie' went into disguise as Mrs. Lucretia Klondike from Alaska. The play continues in complicated situations. And in the end of course every- thing turns out fine. The characters were: Charlie Kennan, William Schoff, Reginald 'Whinnie" Moore, Donald Heil, Katie Von Loom, Janet Noble, Millie Van Loom, Shirley Haberstroh, "Terror" Tripp, Albert Wolf, Sylvester Baines, Jimmy Austin, Madge Van Loom, Janice Maercklien, Beth Shepherd, Mary Jo Ebert, Freckles, Rueben Buchholz, Wilma Anderson, Regina Steiner, "Sloppy" Wertz, Arlen Oberlonder, Rose Duval, Shirley Reidlinger. Others who helped make the ploy a success were: Promp- ters, Jacqualine Herner and Charlotte Svihovec, make up: Norito Lutz and Dolores Bogner, ushers: Arloween Lutz and Elvera Pekas, properties, Kathleen Roberts, stage crew, Larry Roemmich and Elmer Heinrich. SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST FIRST ROW, left to right: George Jones, Sylvia Haas, Roberta Skogley, Violette Mayer, LoVerne Dun- canson, Arlyce Roemmich, Glen Nora Dohn, Medora Mehrer, George Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Mr. Burns, Advisor, Roger Senn, Jack Gifford, Rudolf Auch, Victor Brasseur, Archie Raemmich, Henry Friedt. Zim? A The Phantom Enters "The Case of the Missing Heirs' was presented by the Senior Class on April 27, l954. Ten people have gathered in the wind swept, gloomy Castle Wentz, high on a rocky ledge in the Alleghency Mountains to hear the reading of the will of August Wentz. Suddenly, however, the heirs begin to disappear, and those left are shocked with strange sounds and the mysterious Phantom with burning hands who haunts the room of the old villa where the heirs must stay. How Perriot Preston, famous mystery writer, his loving secretary, Gwen, and his blundering bodyguard solve "The Case of the Missing Heirs' to everyone's satisfaction is a delight to behold, The Phantom Convincing His Accomplice and to play. The play cast consisted of Perriot Preston, ia well-known author of mystery novels, Victor Brasseur, Gwen Talbot, his secretary, La Verne Duncanson, Brusier Barnes, almost a former boxing champion, George Schwartz, Mrs. Allerdyce Beeman, a widow of fifty, Roberta Skogleyg Maybelle Beeman, her daughter, Violette Mayer, Louise Thomas, a pretty, American girl, Arlyce Roemmich, Mrs. Kite, the housekeeper, Sylvia Haas, Wentworth, the butler, Archie Roemmichg The Phantom, Pale-faced, big shitty-eyed, Unambitious, Henry Friedt, J. Winston Graham, the lawyer of the case, Roger Hirsch. Sylvia Haas Valedictorian, Constitution Award The upperclassman receiving the best grade in on examination on the Constitution for the United States of America. LaVerne Duncanson Homecoming Queen Elected by the student body to reign at homecoming festivities. AWARD Fllll 1953-1954 Medoro Mehrer Salutatorion, D.A.R. Citizenship Award Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Elected by the students and faculty of Mott High School as showing the best sportsmanship through-out the year and represented the school in the State D.A.R. contest in which she won first place. Charles Kramer Homecoming King Elected by the student body to reign over homecoming festivities. George Schwartz Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Balfour award Current Events, DeKalb Voted the senior boy showing the best sportsmanship at all times. Selected by the F.F.A. as the out- standing member. Received the highest in on examination on Cur- rent Events. Kathleen Roberts Carnival Queen Sponsored by the Junior Class and crowned queen the last night of the carnival. BIIY ' A ll GIRLS' STATE REPRE ENTATIVES Gary Butler X Mary Jo Ebert Janice Maercklein cf e David Boknecht wanaam schuff f Q 1 Representatives are chosen from the iunior class. Local civic Alben wolf organizations are their sponsors and pay the fees necessary to attend. Boys State is held on the N.D.A.C. campus and the girls will meet at the University of North Dakota campus. . V Tllll 1954 SElll0llS AS "SMALL FRY" l 2 l 4 VUL , li N .. 2 K K 5 lm .,-' lmrse- H., A li 2y?i51 iK.yg Wy i - .frail . 'X' ' " W X K ii. 1. ' .fi " .M .farm 7 . 1 1. s l. Danna Faye Feidler 2. George Schwartz 3. Janice Gray 4. Glen Nara Dohn 5. Rosemarie Manolovits 6. Leona Sfevahn 7. George Jones 8. Adeline Pelxas 9. Dick Haines lO. Kenneth Hagel ll. Jewel Krogh . Eileen Hummel My 'l2 N Q Q 'l3. lrene Schulz ,K g f 143 Charles Kramer H W' X ' ' l5. Rudy Auch K , ' N X 20 16. Delores Reich i l7. LaVeme Duncanson ig ,l -. l8. Vernon Huber 'mi l9. Roger Senn - j 8 ' 20. Leota Waddell . ,7 'f?ilj55 i ii. 1 21. Roger Hirsch Y' ' f K 2' 22. Vemon Heinrich i z gl1arlesAEhT1rf 2' ' .ff ,f"' Q, 1 i . oreen uc g ' W ' ff . 2- i, 25. Roger Iverson Q V' fe: 5 is MW :exif 'E " 2? ,.. 2' e Q 2 ,- is 15 W 4 'Mf".Q. if ' 2.522 ffwelgig ro " f 7' . '- 26. Victor Brassuer ly ' 'W k.,L,i. ii M 27. Joanne Mees 36 f' V 28. Violefta Mayer Q 5 . if' :Q A i V i ' 29. Harry Schneider 'P V ,' . 30. Arlyce Roemmich 1 31. Archie Roqrlniah 13 ' 23 32. Marcin Rogers 4 , 33. Sylvia Haas "' 34. Alvina Glasser 14 we me 15 2 5 17 W . P V ,rf 24 1 ' , 5 i s ww fm y ' 9' . , - , ' 5 " " in 1 ., 35 ' y . 37 38 34 35 b i fi ,, ' 1 - 35. ' 3 fe 2 hi' I 2 . ' . 5 W 3, A? f 4' -fy i Ag. 4 t 38 4 QEF' ff i5i3?'1 V 2 M as -1. ' 4, 42 43 40 Evo Wolf ' Medora Mehrer Volerio Roll Roger Domiahn Gladys .lahner Jmice Swindler Donna Sahr Sarah Kirsch Roberta Skogley .x N 14 ,, , X 0 27 TIME MAIIEIIE Il SI TII GRADE IIW WE AEE SE 'IIIII FIRST ROW, left fo right: Delores Reich, Violefte Mayer, JoAnne Mees, Janice Gray, Roberta Skogley, Rosemarie Manolovits, Mildrei Rokusek, Adeline Pekas, Leona Stevahn, Marcia Rogers, Eileen Hummel, Alvina Glasser. SECOND ROW: Valeria Roll, Sarah Kirsch, Donna Fiedler, Jewel Krogh, Janice Swindler, Donna Sahr, LaVerne Duncanson, Sylvia Haas, Glen Nora Dohn, Eva Wolf, Medora Mehrer, Dorene Auch, Arlyce Roemmich. THIRD ROW: Henry Friedf, George Jones, Charles Eberi, Rudolf Auch, Vernon Heinrich, Charles Krammer, Kenneth Hagel, Roger Hirsch, Jack Gifford, Richard Haines, Archie Roemmich, Anton Burghorh FOURTH ROW: Mr. Moel er, Advisor, Irene Schulz, Leora Waddell, Gladys Jahner, Harry Schneider, Bernhard? Fuchs, Vernon Huber, Victor Brasseur, Roger Domiahn, George Schwartz, Roger Senn, Roger Iverson, Elmer Burgharf. Q Q5 Kathleen Roberts and Arlen Oberlander. Senior Class Float. UARNIVAL H153 Skit. Carnival Queen and Attendants Queen: Kathleen Roberts. Attendants, left to right: Mecloru Mehrer, Ardelle Sippert, and Marlene Goetz. Scene from Senior Class Ardelle Sippert and Dur- rel Remington. ll0MECOMl G 1953 H Ln-- Q -1 .ew ral M" if .. L nrrzwin- 4 ?51'1'i3'i IQ ri" '2 . .. , , . ., .wfzlf 513 . .. ' -- 6 W . 'f ,Q 4 W' -.L+ .V V. , alma -V .23 55755 1 fs fe? "l , in ,. ,wr rf p- w -12+ gg, -i ,, ,, W , , , 6- jbgyjlyfuf- T j, ji lik. :, V IW f w , ., ff Amff 'f1g,,.f15zsf': -as 2, 2-s " 'z fseTiLfi,7fg,:a 'E 1 y f ew e1sfx1'f H ri-W: -.f..f' WW4 2: :sf 'S , - '-r' . fm: 411.-sh: 'Q ' ' , ,mmf as -:fes,faffif: 1::,ii Q., .V fe --vEf,ffs-:fy ft -o,f,zQr..ff' 'pf' " 52 .12, alia if. --a 1 f - H g3' :E 792. W . W im Q M a- .az , - 'ff 1 . Ag ,giryxil 'S ff'-zixfzfl gi f jim 1 t s . if f fgggiij, .f Homecoming King, Queen, Attendants. and Queen, LoVerne Duncunson and beau, Don Roberts. -. Marlene Goetz and Robert Zentner. Jock Gifford Drum Major PIIUM A Il ISA IIUET 0F I953 Ban quet Scenes 5 n Q3 lj, wi The Grand March ls About To Begin. Crown Bearers - Karen Fiedler Prom Manager, Charles Kramer abou? to crown and Jack Duncanson. Yhe queen. Janice Swindler, Alvinc Glasser, Charles Kro- The dance resumes. mer, Queen Donna Suhr, and Donna Feidler. THIS A ll THAT Con you match these? Lots to be done. MY h9IPef? Bedtime Snack We 're Freshmen Make-up? y Went up iust like fhatl Extra curricular Hats-All shapes and sites. ' if Where's your horse, Sylvia? They are stacking up. Pisiol packing babe. Ready-Yell Me and my big mouth. More legs. Embracing Ar last It is over. 1 IKKXKXW ls s gl!! Q 0 I I! xx I ss I X I xx ll vw., cg xxx I . Cllllll AL llllllS'l'llllS Al's Recreation " Amold's Body Shop ' Auer Variety Store " Borth Brothers " Coast-To-Coast Siore " Commercial Bank of Mott "H Diede's Siudio "' Dohn, Asoph Socony Vacuum Bu Farm Motor lmplemenf Company Gordon's Standard Service " Grant, Lee J. lnsurance Agency Swee 1 ' Ik Dealer "' 'k ff Home Cafe ' J. C. Penney Company ' Kamrath Sales Pavilion " Kirscl-:mann lmplemenf " Kramer, Earl Texaco Bulk Dealer Margulies Store ,' Mees lmplemenf ' Mosher-Olien Mofof Company H' Mott Bakery " Mott Drug Store 'U' Mot? Electric ' Czilllll AL ll0llS'l'llll Mott Equity Co-op Store "M Mott Equity Exchange Creamery H' Mott Equity Exchange Elevator ' Mott Equity Exchange Lumber Yard Mott Hide and Fur " Mott Mill and Elevator 'H' Mott Pioneer Press 'H' Mott Supply Company H' Occiclent Elevator ' O. K. Rubber Welders " Olson Funeral Home li t-loMe Svfeei ft Pheasant Lounge " Play House and Open House "H Radio Hospital and Roy's Refrigeration i' Stangebye, Thorleif Sr. " The Curve ' Wagendorf Real Estate and lnsurance " Wally's Texaco Service " Wangsvicks Have lt 'M' Wemlqndf, E, F. Standard Bulk Service ' Weyerhauser Timber Company H' Wolf Den ll' Contributors as Indicated " 5 5.00 H S 8.00 H" 512.00 The students ot the Mott Lincoln High School wish to express their sincere thanks to the Cardinal Boosters for their splendid co-operation and financial backing, without which an Annual at this size would be impossible.

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