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TI-IE EAGLE M52 x W, ix 4 K ik vw is G YM ,ii x -' Rossa! R. Moron -Q, 53 f HIGH scuool jwggg 5 FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA ' :QQ Q K 1247 K f '77QY4V3 'E 1 Xi! ' X 5 a DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1952 is proud to dedicate this yearbook to you, Sponsors. Your encouragement, faith, firmness, and guidance brought us safely through high school. You will always be remembered. MISS HELEN L. GUEIRRANT Chairman of Senior Sponsors MRS. MARY W. MADISON Senior Sponsor MISS HILDA P. JOHNSON Senior Sponsor 1 'H' HL, X7 5 ADMINISTRATION MR. M, R, LARGE A Chairman of School Board ,. A L t x , A V 9 MR. T. J. MCILWAINE Superintendent if MRS. H. J. WALKER County Supervisor 1--If' MRS. s. B. WATKINS Q School Board Clerk if xi S, F. GRIFFIN Principal Mas. L. R, PERVALL Assistant Principal Secre5a?YCE BLAND Y to the Prine 52 iP-11 SCHOO JAFF JOHN A. BAKER THOMAS MAYFIELD B. S, Wilberforce Ohio Collegeg Agriculture Instructor. B. S. Virginia State College: Agriculture Instructor. SAMUEL F. GRIFFIN MRS. MARY W. MADISON B. S, Virginia Union University, M.S. University of B.S. Virginia State Collegeg Science, Pennsylvania, Principal, MRS, MINNIE B. MILLER HAZEL L. GLAZE B.S. Hampton Institute: Home Economics, B,S, Virginia State Collegeg Mathematics. LUCILLE J. MINOR HELEN L. GUERRANT A. B, Virginia Union University: History. B.S. Hampton Institute, Mathematics. JAMES W, MCLENDON MRS, MATILDA O, GILLIAM B. S. Virginia State College, Agriculture Instructor, B.A. Virginia Union Universityg English MRS, LaVERNE R. PERVALL MRS, MAXINE HILL B.A., M.A. Fisk Unlversityg English, B.A. Virginia State Collegeg Music, MRS. CONNIE M, RAWLINS HILDA P. JOHNSON B.S. Virginia State Collegeg Social Studies, B.S. St. Paul Polytechnic lnst.g Home Economics, WYATT A, SMITHERS MRS, DORIS L, JONES B.S. Virginia State College, Agriculture Instructor. B.A. Livingstone College, French. EDITH T, SIMS MRS, HELEN W. LEE B.S. Virginia State College: Business, A. B. University of Michigan: Librarian, ROSA WEST HELEN A, MARSHALL B.A. Virginia State College, English. B, A, Virginia State College, English. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen A. Marshall, Mrs. Matilda O, Gilliam, Mrs. Mary W, Madison, S. F. Griffin, Principal, Hazel L, Glaze, Mrs, Doris L. Jones, John A. Baker, SECOND ROW: Rosa C. West, Thomas Mayfield, Mrs. Connie M. Rawlins, Wyatt A. Smithers, Edith T. Sims.THIRD ROW: Helen L. Guerrant, Mrs, Minnie B, Miller, Lucille I. Minor, George Watson, Mrs, Arminta W, Wood, FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Maxine A, Hill, Mrs, La- Verne R, Pcrvall, Hilda P. Johnson, Mrs, Helen W. Lee, FIFTH ROW: James W. McLendon, Mrs, Nillie B. Hendricks Ernest Parker, Mrs. Beatrice G. Vaughn, Lowell P. White. iiv 'vu Ninn PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE To The Class of '52 You have completed four years of hard labor and arrived at a worthy goal, which has seemed sometimes, a long and difficult attainment. You are ready to assume the obligations of an active citizen, and I urge that you do this with a willing heart and an earnest mind. Some of you will continue your education in schools of higher learningg others will undertake various vocations. There still maybe many with the ability to guide and the courage to resist, but they seem to underestimate the importance of that ability and that courage and will fail to exercise either. The greater your intelligence and the more profound your learning, the deeper your obligations, particularly if you agree, as you must, with Gamaliel Bradford who said, "Goverrr'nent is that which tries to teach distinction between good and ill, to spread large knowledge of the pact and fill men's minds with high, serene philos ophie s . " We bid you farewell from this institution as students, but we rejoice in the future that lies before you. What opportunities for self-expression, and what chances for civic leadership are yours? How admirably will you improve these opportunities and utilize those chances? I wish to congratulate you on the part of the faculty and the board of education for successfully completing your four years of training and Corning to the realiza- tion of your aspirations and dreams. We are sincerely proud of you, may God forever bless you and keep you. 6 Q-..1....4...4. 7 .4 IU' l-v. -5-mln-n- LEFT TO RIGHT: Claude Cobbs, Hazel Terry, Samuel Williams, Irene Taylor, Barbara Richardson, John Watson. JOHN WATSON Editor-in-Chief BARBARA RICHARDSON Busines s Manager WILLIE EDWARDS Advertising Manager MAR Y DENNIS CELESTINE TERRY VIRGINIA REED SALLY SCOTT EULA EDWARDS 7 THE EAGLE STAFF SENIORS I 1 ,ri ' .lf LEFT TO RIGHT: Irene Taylor, Treasurer, Hazel Terry, Recording Secretary: Floyd Bland, Vice-President: Samuel Williams, President Sallie Scott, Secretaryg Frances Thompson, Assistant Secretary, Officers CARL ALLEN ll ll Vocation: Cabinet Maker Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, Football, Chorus. FLORENCE ALLEN "Sis" Vocation: Embalmer Activities: Student Council, Moton Progressive Business Club, Debs Social Club, Art Club, N. H. A. , Science Club. DOROTHY ANDERSON 17 ll Vocation: File Clerk Activities: Debs Social Club, Student Council, Moton Progressive Club, Motonian Staff. FLOYD BLAND - Vice-President uMackn Vocation: Lawyer Activities: N.F.A. , Football, Baseball, K.V.G, .-..,,,.., li' -5 I,-,,,,-....... .fs WV? l A au.-. Q Vi sql Ii, , it 1 til li . , A :iii . I. si , , JAMES CARTHRONE llsapn Vocation: Business Activities: N.F. A. , B. S. A. , Moton Stagecrafters. f MARY DENNIS "Maybe" Vocation: Secretary Activities: Cheering Squad, Chorus, Stagecrafter, Progressive Business Club, Motonian Staff, Student Council, Debs Social Club. PAULINE DUPUY rlsisn Vocation: Beautician Activities: Stagecrafter, Science and Math. Club. LOUIS EANES fuAmeSl1 Vocation: Farmer SENIORS ALFORD CARTHRONE nA1n Vocation: Brick Mason Activities: N. F. A. , K. V. G. BERNICE CARTER "Bunch" Vocation: Secretary Activities: Student Patrol, N.H.A. , Moton Progressive Busi ness Club. IOSEPHINE CARTER "Joe" Vocation: Elementary Education Teacher Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, N. H,A. MARY CAREY "Mae" Vocation: Beautician Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club. CLAUDE COBBS '-Dick" Vocation: Agriculture Teacher Activities: N. F, A, , K, V, G, , Basketball, Student Council, Moton Stagecrafters, VANESSA COLES "Nessa" Vocation: Typist Activities: Moton Stagecrafters, Debs Social Club. Moton SENIORS BERTHA EARLEY "Junie" Vocation: Tailor Activities: N.H. A, MABEL EARLEY "Sister" Vocation: Nurse Activities: N. H. A. , Science Club. EULA EDWARDS "Blondie" Vocation: Beautician Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, Student Welfare Club, Student Council, Science Club. JEWEL EDWARDS "Sallie" Vocation: Secretary Activities: N. H. A. , Moton Progressive Business Club, Stage- crafter, WILLIE EDWARDS "Slab" Vocation: Agriculture Teacher Activities: Cheering Squad, Stagecraftet, N,F,A., Art Club, 1 K. V. G. , Student Patrol, Science-Math Club. DOROTHY FORD IIDOIU Vocation: Typist Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, N, H. A, ALEXANDER FOWLKES lIA1exu Vocation: Musician Activities: Student Patrol, Baseball, Chorus, N.F. A. , K.V.G CONNIE GORDON "Dickie" Vocation: Brick Mason Activities: None ROSA GRIGGS N ll Vocation: Nurse Activities: None SALLIE GRIGGS usalvv Vocation: Nurse 'Tlx I "rt SENIORS DELORIS HIC KS "Loris " Vocation: Elementary Education Teacher Activities: NAACP. ALVERTA HINES nAltv Vocation: Beautician Activities: None JM, , .tcc WATTELL HINES n wa It u Vocation: Baseball Player Activities: Basketball, Football, Baseball. WILLIAM LEE "Jive-' Vocation: Vocalist Activities: Cheering Squad, N.F,A., Stagecrafter, Art Club JACOB MOTON "Jake" Vocation: Farmer Activities: Student Patrol. DELORIS E, MORTON "Sister" Vocation: Beautician Activities: Moron Progressl SHIRLEY MORTON n T lv Vocation: Typist Activities: Moton Progressi CATHERINE NEAL Vocation: Typist Activities: Science Club, t-Catu M VIRGINIA LYLE "Til1ie" Vocation: Interior Decorator Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, Student Council N. H. A. LEON MILLER ll e I1 Vocation: Farmer Activities: Baseball. ve Business Club, N. H.A. ve Business Club, N. H.A. oton Progressive Business Club. SENIORS EMMITT NEAL "Shorts" Vocation: Baseball Player Activities: Baseball. WAYMOND JONES "Chump" Vocation: Brick Mason Activities: Football. JOSEPH RANDOLPH "Smokey" Vocation: Mechanic Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, ball. JOSEPH REED "Peanut Butter" Vocation: Auto Mechanic Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, LOUISE REED ll ll Vocation: Stenographer Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, Social Club, Chorus. VIRGINIA REED "China" Vocation: Secretary Activities: Student Council, Motonian Staff, .., Q-'lm 'i'i -A 'Wt--A E li L, iv pi -I9 g, l JS W f f ,, . im .11 4 .ln . " s, I Basketball, Base- Football, Basketball. T Art Club, Debs Art Club, N, H. A, AUTHUR RICE "Pearl" Vocation: Mechanic Activities: N.F,A. JAMES RICE "Super Suds" Vocation: Brick Mason Activities: N.F, A, AUTIIUR REDD "Louis" Vocation: Mechanic Activities: N,F. A. BARBARA RICHARDSON "Patsy" Vocation: Nurse Activities: Debs Social Club, Motonian Staff, Moton Progressive Club, Science Club, Art Club, Chorus. - ---1' 'Hi :as ,,, A ii 4? SENIORS DORIS SCOTT "Legs" Vocation: Nurse Activities: Science Club, N.H. A. 5 r if 1 TT ...- SALLIE SCOTT - Secretary "Mae" Vocation: Beautician Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, N. H. A. CHARLIE SMITH IIC. M. I! Vocation: Carpenter Activities: K. V. G. , N. F. A. HUGH SMITH "Smitty" Vocation: Brick Mason Activities: Baseball. Track. A.-- .x MILDRED SPRADLEY "Mi1" Vocation: Nurse Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, N, H, A, PEARL SPRADLEY 'Pearly Gates" Vocation: Music Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club. JOHN STOKES "Griffin" Vocation: Agriculture Instructor Activities: Moton Stagecrafters, Motonian Staff, Moton Progressive Business Club, Football Tract Team, Student ' A Council. MARY STREET ash.. Vocation: Secretary Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club. IRENE TAYLOR - Class Treasurer "Frish" Vocation: Principal Activities: Student Council, Stagecrafters, Eagle Staff. CELESTINE TERRY "Pre" Vocation: Typist Activities: Chorus, Motonian Staff, Moton Progressive Business Club, Debs Social Club. SENIORS HAZEL TERRY - Correspondent Secretary K "Tut" Vocation: Stenographer ' Activities: Debs Social Club, Moton Progressive Business Club, Motonial Staff, THELMA TERRY "Bi1i" Vocation: Typist Activities: Debs Social Club, Cheering Squad, Stagecrafters Moton Progressive Business Club, Motonian Staff. FRANCES THOMPSON - Assistant Secretary "Frannie" Vocation: Secretary Activities: Student Council, Chorus, Motonial Staff, IUANITA THORNTON "Nita" Vocation: Secretary ,gebs Activities: N. H. A. , Moton Progressive Business Club. ARLENE TOWNSEND "Bonny" Vocation: Beautician Activities: Student Patrol, N.H.A. ETHEL VAUGHAN "Tootsie" Vocation: Nurse Activities: N, H. A, , Moton Progressive Business Club EDWARD WALKER llEdu Vocation: Auto Mechanic Activities: N.F. A. ' HENRY WALKER "Red" Vocation: Auto Mechanic Activities: Safety Patrol, Baseball, Bus Driver, MA BLE WA LKER lvToolssu Vocation: Secretary Activities: N. H. A. WILLIE WALKER "Big Cat" Vocation: Brick Mason Activities: Football, Basketball, Stagecrafters, Chorus .-6-..1,.,,x .,... .,-,sv F- SENIORS , I , iii rv- -' ,li ' MELVIN WATKINS -'Mein Vocation: Mechanic Activities: Football Team. JOHN WATSON - Sergeant-at-arms "Tuck" X Vocation: Musican we .ii I Activities: Motonian Staff, Moton Progressive Business Club P ' Football Team. . ' ,Q BARBARA WEST .,.., . H . ,, an 5 45'-I TT' Cm? . I ,ia Vocation: Tailor or Nurse , ' ' Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, N. H.A. Y ' gg VIVIAN WEST 'if' "Slim" g it , Vocation: Typist fy' V i g fi Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, N, H, A, -,.., 'N -ni. ' M DAISY WILLIS . I -f "Curly" 2 Vocation: Stenographer , "' Activities: Student Council, Moton Stagecrafters, Moton ' ,221 Progressive Business Club. 'Uv fill, 1, , 'S A - fi air, R ' Q, I SAMUEL WILLIAMS - President "Scottie" I N " Vocation: Electrician ' - . t l Activities: Football, Moton Stagecrafters, Chorus, Motonian fs" A ' , staff . V ' faire, 'V L 725 GEORGIA FRANKLIN if sisil E. "Bee bee" Vocation: Artist Activities: N. H. A. , Cheering Squad, Chorus, Moton Progressive ' . V JL' Business Club, , 1 N HELEN WOMACK t A , njerin V A A N 'A Vocation: Social Work X Activities: Moton Progressive Business Club, Motonian Staff, it I I " ',V I h I ' Chorus, Science Club, Debs Social Club. AUBREY WOOLRIDGE I "Les" ii Z Vocation: Musician l Activities: K. V, G, ' -.1' , X AUBREY WOMACK A "liver" Vocation: Mechanic 16 Activities: N.F. A. . Student Patrol. CLAUDE DAISY WILLIS HONOR JI! '41-9' FRANCES THOMPSON "N . VIRGINIA REED HELEN W OMAC K lit: gf! I 1 gif .Q .. ' "R f, I , ,qv-gg-.W COBBS RO ' has F' 'Pu ea I r n. N Ma: X , y 'YE FLORENCE ALLEN LOUISE REED MARY DENNIS A I RR I I .- W ig. . ki? 13 '- 5 i 4,,,Jggr:g e - I , ,1,.-.n.zum:...mmm11I.. Q .In the year 1947, we a class of I45 entered this institution of learning, with anxie excitement and some with curiosity to find just what hundreds of others had found at such a place of higher education. So with the following thoughts in our minds we found ourselves here at Robert R Moron High School. Life ls a full blown year, with all things in their season: Thus, in our school career, Each change hath rhyme and reason The seasons come and go Each with its gifts in hand, That we may see and know How well all life is planned. ln our Freshman year 1948, which I' may refer to as Spring, with all green and growing things, fresh and verdant in the newness of life. What more fitting, them in this green time of her life, should enter school! The March winds and April showers were quite necessary to the budding of the shoots of knowledge in the Freshmen mind. With the instructions of Mr. Watson, Miss Wilson and Mrs. Peebles, we were enabled to fulfill a successful year. Before we could realize the fact, we were entering our second year in high school, in the year 1948, our sophomore year, which I may refer to as summer. And imagine how delightfully one season blends into the other. We found the skies so much sweeter and the sun shone more warmly over us. We held our heads very high and we kept the stalks that supported them very straight. They were not yet very heavy with their accumulation of wisdom and so did not drop with the weight. But our flowers were unfolding little by little. With our instructors, Miss Davenport, Miss Wilson, Miss Johnson and Miss Guerrant, we began to pave our way. Our class was organized with the following officers---Sonny Clark, president: Floyd Bland, vice president: and Florence Allen, secretary, There was only a slight decrease in our class enrollment, only two of us has fallen by the way, leaving 143 on the road to knowledge. By the beginning of autumn in the year 1949, our Junior year as in school life even as in nature leaves have their time to fall and flowers wither, and autumn came as soon as we were ready, very brilliant was our foliage this year, very rich our fruitage, as the little buds of the orientation year grown in to the flower from sophomore year became the richer, more necessary and more satisfying fruit of autumn lt was not all so easy and enJoyable There were test, cultrvations and the fall planting and with all our wisdom there was often much to be desired We no longer blushed red at some unexpected question We had passed through the stage of verdancy and crimson confession and a new color spoke the tale of our advancement This year we entertained the Seniors with quite an elaborate Prom along with Joy came sadness Two of our classmates were killed in an accident As the year 1950, our Senior year, approached us, the fruit was all gathered and stored rn our memories lt seemed a much sadder time than we expected With many problems facing us, we consider this year the most important year in our life The first of the year we maped out our plans First, we planned a year book the first in the history of our school Second, plans f THE CLASS HISTORY for a Senior week, at which time all senior activities will be sponsored Third a standardized school ring With the assistance of our sponsors, other instructors in our high school and the help of patrons and parents throughout the community, we wish to accomplish our goal But we all must remember lifes school which we are about to enter in the future years ahead will be a greater task We will be as green and fresh again as we were the first year of our high school career We may be hazed by the world but we know rt will be to prove the value of our training and give us a chance to demonstrate how very much we are alive fi- 11, ll -ii Q . . u I . . . . u I u - a 1 . u ' n ' n , . I l ir 1' .1- ...1 ,, ,.-1 li 1-in-I iii 1-1 un 1" r I F- CLASS PROP!-IEC? Listen, 0 ye men, youth and little children of Farmvtlle, and Prince Edward County Listen to the words of wisdom from the lips of your prophet, who now speaketh unto you what has been revealed unto him even as it hath been decreed by the powers that be It hath been given unto me as the chosen one of this class, the graduate class of 1952 to dream strange dreams and to see visions of the wonderful things of the years yet to be Now it so happened when it was decreed that the future of the class of l952 was to be given unto the hands of this your prophet to do even as he listed he cried out who am I that the future of this great and ambitious class depends of me? If there be a prophet among you, I will make myself known unto him in a vision, and speak to him in a dream. The veil before mine eyes grew thin and behold I could see them even as if the entervening years were not at all. I could see our President, Samuel Williams in his humorous way, years went on until he became the governor of the state of Virginia. As I looked again I could see among the society circles, Mary Dennis, Thelma Terry, Celestine Terry, Georgia Franklin and Virginia Lyle. Those who were fair to look upon, most bright and dazzling to sight and mind. And I also looked into professional circles, there Isaw Deloris Hicks, Daisy Willis, Irene Taylor, Josephine Carter, Pearl Spradley, Vanessa Coles in Elementary Schools. Claude Cobbs in Agriculture, and in a large office among men of many minds, sat prosperous lawyers, James Carthone and Jerry Edwards. And I happened to find myself on the interior of a large cathedral, where a stately priest in his robe of diginity poured forth words of inspired instruction. Verily, it was James Rice, who had thus entered into the work of the church, And it came to pass, while I pondered these things in my heart, the door of a home swung open before my vision, and I found there in a household made happy by Barbara Richardson, Mary Carey, Eula Edwards who made their greatest ambition in the highest of all wordly recreations, the makers and keepers of a home. And it came to pass, as Iwas watching the lights of the home fade away, that sweet music strains began to bounce on my ears, there in a great music conservatory, John Watson, Willie Walker, Alexander Fowkles, and William Lee. And behold a change came over the spirit of my dream and Ifelt within my heart, I had a desire to see some of my old chums I was conducted to a bachlors apartment, there I saw Louis Eanes, Alford Carthone, Helen Womack, Pauline Dupuy, Florence Allen, Alverta Hines, Aubrey Woolridge. They were having a wonderful time at a house party. ln my dream I visualized many of my class mates on farmsg Leon Miller, Wattdell Hines, Thomas Walker, Jacob Moron, Emmitt Neal, Connie Gordon. As I looked on, my eyes were finally opened to a large hospital in Boston, Massachuetts Barbara West, dietition, Virginia Reed and Frances Thompson, secretaries. Assistants, Louise Reed and Dorothy Anderson all in the same hospital. . Marvelous! As I looked again in my dream, I saw any number of mechanics, Arthur Rice, John Paige, Floyd Bland, Arthur Redd, Edward Walker, Joseph Reed, Joseph Randolph, and Melvin Watkins and Carl Allen. Many had selected Brick Masonery and Carpentry as vocations. Hugh Smith, Waymon Jones, Charlie Smith and Aubrey Womack. I am weary and tired now but just before I close my eyes I can see many of my classmates - in govemment service, as Sallie Scott, Vivian West, Hazel Terry, Juanita Thornton, Louise Reed, Ethal Vaughan, Dorothy Ford, Bernice Carter, Dorothy Anderson, Frances Thopson, Jewel Edwards, and Mable Walker, Finally, the sweet strains of music in my ears begun to fade away, and I closed mine eyes to the things that are to be and I turned my eyes to the things that are, surely that as coming events casts their shadows before, goodness, truth and prosperity shall follow all the days that re to come to the fair and talented members of the class of 1952. C s - l --- Ii-- 5 WI 7 J A: J If J ly CLASS POEM Classmatesg rest we here a little while once life is yet at morn, Pause and voice the new emotions that of this glad hour is born. 'Tis the time which all has led to, since we heard the first bells call, Summoning us to meet together in the now familiar hall. Dear old school! How much our days here slowly led us on to know! How much then undreamed of knowledge we are taking as we gol Many a day we've sat and pondered over some strangely puzzling text. Wondering what our wise instructors could bring forth to ask us next! Many a day we've worked some problem through in gratifying style, Trying to ma e ourse ves believe that we ad known it all the while. Faithfully we've toiled and striven, pressing on with higher aim Gravely living with each other emulating men of fame. Here about the grounds we've wondered, talking over all we've read, Thinking thoughts of deep for utterance- dreaming what must ne'er be said, When we leaped into a future, far as human brain might see, Saw the vision of our lives and all the wonders that might bel Listen for some "Never! Never!" whispered b the phantom years, Tilfa song from out the distance rang its promise in our ears, Boys will surely come to manhoodg men will surely older grow, Will the dreams of future glory follow after as we go? Where's the fare that we must turn to, leaving happy scenes like these, Are the doors not barred with gold to open, CLASS but to golden keys? Are the gates not thronged with suitors, do not markets overflow? We are yountg, and know so little! Where's the place or us to go? Oh! we're well prepared for action! watch us write on History's page, Names to shine throughout the centuries as the wonder of the age! For we fell a wild pulsation summoning to active strife, With a whole world for the winning, in the tumult of young life! Yearning for the wild excitement only strife worth while can yield, Eager-hearted through some new-found field. We have conquered in that class-room-- we shall win in efforts newg That which we have done but promise all the things we yet shall do! For I doubt not through our future life's increasing purpose runs, And our thoughts, too, will be widened by the process of the suns. O Commencement! not the ending that it seems to all our strife, But the gate that opens outward to a big- ger, broader life! Classmates may the crescent promise of our spirit never set, But the fount of inspiration gust through all our fancy yet: However life may lead, a long farewell to school we say, And to principal and teachers, nevermore to point our way, There's a blessing in my soul friends, dwelling from its deepest part. Gathering in its hold the deepest, truest, throbbing of my heart. Let it fall on our school and every old friend, as we know We must clasp each other hard and whisper, "Good-bye, class-mates!" as we go. Irene Taylor SONG Class song: MOTON FOREVER QTUNE: Santa Luciaj 1952 is here: Our year is endingg And of its hope and fear ln victory blendingg Yes as we pass, we say, Sad as we sever, "Moton forever! Moton foreverl" Great things are done of us, Science, Mathematics Large victories won of us Strong in athletics 20 Brave in debate are we won each endeavor Moton forever! Moton forever! Now as we leave the halls life's voice invitin , Loud every studsent calls, Fondly uniting, Farewell, 1952, to return never! Farewell forever! Farewell forever! The Class , ann s. JUNIOR CLASS Officers Della Suckins . . . . President Margaret Redd . . Vice-President Mattie Patterson . ..... Secretary Hettie Owens . . . Assistant Secretary Miss Marshall. .... Treasurer Isaac Hill . . . Chaplin FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Marshall, Sponsor: Pearl Walton, Mary Spencer, Carnether Ford, Bertha Davis, Gladys Redd, Celestine Willis, Louise Street, Alma Epps, Dorothy Brown, Bertha Brown. SECOND ROW: Mr. C,M, Rawlins, Sponsor: Pauline Hines, Hertie Owens, Mattie Patterson, Mary Reed, Edith Edwards, Inez Davis, Loretta Booker, Marian Goode, Dorothy A. Brown, Jeannette Johnson, Mrs. B, G. Vaugham, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Susie Bolden, Sarah Dunn, Dorothy Jefferson, Selma Gaines, Avis Scott, Mary Watkins, Mildred Eggleston, Dorothy Taylor, Elsie Nash, Patsie Watson. FOURTH ROW: Alma Paige, Edith Rice, Maggie Carthorne, Queen Walker, Margaret Redd, Pearl Smith, Elvin Gaines, Carrie Jefferson, Della Suckins, Janie Barksdale, FIFTH ROW: Florine Shepperson, Sarah Hill, Mildred Watson, Fannie Carter, Gertrude Brown, Grace Wilks, Leitha Hendricks, Irene Lyle, Thelma Allen, Mable Harris, SIXTH ROW: Willie Jones, Charles Scott, Wilbert Woolridge, Thomas Allen, Wesley Allen, Herman Allen, Benjamin Hatcher, Elridge Moron, Clarence Womack, SEVENTH ROW: Willie Goode, Isaac Hill, Evary Johnson Reginald Rowlette, Levie Watkins, John Bell, Calvin Vaughan, . xj., N "rdf ANI-I 11, SOP!-IOMORE CLASS Officers Alice Croines .......... President Hazel Davis . . . . . .Vice-President Samuel Richardson . . Recording Secretary Barbara Trent . . . . Financial Secretary Philip Brown . . . . Treasurer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Minor, Sponsorg Flossie Lee, Mildred William, Josephine Jones, Barbara Trent, Vernetha Saunders, Alice Goines, Pearl Thornton, Saddie Miller, Doretha Harrison, Bernice Johnson, Mrs. Jones, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Rachel Thompson, Yvonne White, Lillie Redd, Mary Nance, Thelma Ford, Mary Hall, Bernice Layne, Anna Scott, Stella Watkins. THIRD ROW: Alice Walton, Adeline Dennis, Gladys Trent, Irene Carey, Ruby Johnson, Jeanel Richardson, Marjorie Hicks, Doris Lipscomb, Odie Redd, Wilsle Jones. FOURTH ROW: Helen Epps, Della Collette, Doris Ross, Hazel Davis, Ethel Webster, Rosa Winkler, Bettie Davis, Roberta Lockett, Caroline Ross, Mary Ventible, Margaret Scott. FIFTH ROW: Curtis Walton, Lee Hicks, Clarence Rice, Paul Richardson, William Hendricks, Ronald Womack, Reginald Bland, Anthony Lyle, Samuel Watkins, Davis Hines, Thomas Reed, George West, John Banks, Walter Hurt, Peter Jones, James Collette, Philip Brown, Leroy McCormick, Paul Jones, Alexander Matthews, Lawrence Bagley, John Monroe, FRESHMAN CLASS Officers Eldwilda Allen ...... . President Venice Franklin . . . Secretary James Jackson . . Vice-President Ronald Booker . . Asst. Secretary Frank Watson . . . Treasurer George Reed . . Sgt. at Arms FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Jackson, James Jones, James Carter, SECOND ROW: Mrs, M,A, Hill, Sponsor: Lethia Saunders, LaVonne Terrer, Mildred Layne, Leitha Saunders, Ola Wilks, Joan Johns, Phillis Thompson, Catchrine Goode, Sarah West, Edna Trent, Anitta Ross, Venice Franklin, Mrs. M. W. Gilliam, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Mrs. A. W, Wood, Sponsor: Mary Gordon, Margaret Griggs, Grace Parks, Bettie Jones, Emma Jones, Florine Eggleston, Fannie Hines, Lucy Griggs, Dollie Goode, Rosaline Lee, Dorothy Walker, Bessie Woodson, Mr, Ernest Parker, Sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Sallie Early, Pearline Greene, Dorothy Davis, Vivian Harris, Shirley Walton, Grace Watkins, Vivian Ross, Flossie Harris, Margaret Jones, Florence Thompson, Edwilda Allen, Juanita Harwood, FIFTH ROW: Valrie Smith, Lucille Watkins, Luannie Barkdale, Mable Walker, Rosa Gibsin, Tola Gordon, Joy Cabarrus, Isabell Griggs, Ophelia Paige, Armer Watkins, Maude Walker, Albert Cobbs. SIXTH ROW: Joseph Ross, Andrew Woolridge, Henry Scott, Freddie Booker, Howard Nash, Lawerce Wright, George Ree, Thomas Richardson, Robert Parron, Joseph Hines, Frank Watson, Walker Farrar, SEVENTH ROW: Bernall Johnson, Richard Monroe, Branch Washington, Ronald Booker, Harold Allen, Delano Jones, George Morton, Robert Goode, Carl Thompson, Ernest Wilder, Thomas Holcomb, Charlie Franklin, James Franklin, Officers Q-. I ,Q f9S i EDNA ALLEN " " President WILLIAM COBBS Vice-President "' BEATRICE WOOLDRIGE Secretary . SAMUEL GRAY fl- Treasurer EIGHT!-I GRADE Mrs, Lee, Sponsor: Carrie Willis, Assist- ant Secretary: Pauline Carpenter, Sec- retary: Albertine Brown, Sgt. -at-arms. 1' FIRST ROW, KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nathaniel Carthorne, William Walker, Joshua Spratley, Charlie Marshall, Woodrow Hughes. SECOND ROW: Lillie M, Johnson, Hartense Saunders, Dora Morton, Lilliam Blanton, Florence Wood, Alice Scott, Shirley Hill, Joyce Harris, Bernice Wiley, Geraldine Redd, Doris Patterson, Zena Bell Watson, Elnora Jones, Miss R, C. West, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Mr, L. P. White, Sponsor: Miss H. L, Glaze, Sponsor: Doretha Walkins, Grace Randle, Lorene Scott, Cora Ross, Mary Walton, Mary Brown, Annie Walker, Rachel Ford, Ellen Trent, Juanita Robinson, Barbara Styles, Eva Winkler, Mary Leane Saunders, Anna Mae Walton, Delia Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Willie Mae West, Freda West, Arlene Cobbs, Mayne Stokes, Lorraine Hendricks, Ernestine Brown, Margaret Evans, Evelyn Bolden, Lucille Blanton, Rosetta Edwards, Margaret Walker. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Epps, Alice Griggs, Hester Washington, Otelia Loekett, Evelyn Dungee, Edith Lambert, Wilma Reid, Merdith Faulkner, Myrtle Hendricks, Betty Monroe, Mattie Johnson, Lottie Lee, Alberta Hughes. SIXTH ROW: Christene Dungee, Charles Gray, Ernest Edwards, Roger Ford, Alfred Carter, Earnell Bowen, Washington Walton, Raymond Walton, Matthew Thompson, Charles Redd, Davis Wiley, Leroy Walkins, James Philip, Clyde Ferguson, SEVENTH ROW: Mell Hamlin, James Nash, Samuel Dungee, Albert Ford, William Greene, Alfronze Ghee, Earl Johnson, Homer Johnson, Ulysses Scott, John Early, Jessie Ross. 1 , I t e L . , 5, 6.,,. .. r n it, Y as ne ,lu fi"w5217"T" E"""-'E M11 1 Naam 'S STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss R, C, West, Sponsor, Mr. Thomas MOTTO: BUILDERS OF THE FUTURE . if ,gn- Mayfield, Sponsor, Mrs, I-I, W. Lee, Sponsor, Della Collette, Paul Richard- son, Ethel Webster, Barbara Trent, Sarah West, Flossie Harris, SECOND ROW, SITTING: Isaac Hill, Irene Taylor, President, Daisy Willis, Vice Presidentg Virginia Reed, Secretaryg Margaret Redd, Assistant Secretary, Frances Thompson, Treasurerg Joan Johns, Chaplin, Vernethia Saunders, Elridge Moton, Dorothy Anderson. THIRD ROW, SITTING: Della Suckings, john Stokes, Eula Edwards, Claude Cobbs, Virginia Lyle, Florence. Z5 Cl-IGRUS FIRST ROW: Mrs, M, A, Hill, Conductor. SECOND ROW: Venic Franklin, Librarian: Thelma Allen, Secretary: Della Suckins, Asst, Secretary, THIRD ROW: George Reed, Treasurer: Dorthy Taylor, President: Edwilder Allen, Vice President, OFFICERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Irene Carey, Lillian Blanton, Edna Allen, Edwilder Allen, Margaret Walker, Freda West, Thelma Allen, LaVonne Terrell, Lillie Johnson, Mrs, M. A. Hill, Conductor, SECOND ROW: Grace Wilks, Yvonne White, Venice Franklin, Bernice Wiley, Grace Watkins, Joan Johns, Anitta Ross, Dollie Goode, Doris Patterson, THIRD ROW: Sarah Dunn, Della Collette, Della Suckins, Dorothy Taylor, Joy Cabarrus, Albertine Brown, Mammie Stokes, Lucy Griggs, Dorothy Brown, FOURTH ROW: Walker Farrar, James Rice, Aubrey Woodridge, Richard Monroe, Alfronze Ghec, Willie Walker, Robert Goode, Carl Allen, Benjamin Hatcher, George Reed, FIFTH ROW: James Watson, William Greene, Author Rice, Ronald Booker, Branch Washington, Thomas Allen, Wilbert Woodridge, Clarence Rice, Charlie Franklin, James Franklin, Earl Johnson. V "Z'Fliy'?1xJ'.: 'l if 29 er I ,, fr, l 1 . , :iii ,-,.: J if ' J 71 ' if: sf -' 4' . I U 1 I l I li 'UF -QQ: vu 1 fxf Aff: X wr i b 4 LQ g A it.: ' 5 ,gf 3 -3 .. ' Har 1 ' ' ' ' ' iii' " 1 .il V - 1 Q. Q , my . ' .J ' , Lin I H 2 31'-. J . 5.5 Am W wi ' ' ' dk: V X 1. s , vp , ,wgrv f, V. g A, 5 5 ' fag!-' x- .1 f - 1: 1: if 11 '- . Tfif . 1 J f 1: QW, M V , , , 'cg-Qfsl LgwEffgTlt:,,,Q , ff,'1 - X .uhm H 4- .Q H-'fw,g..1a M ,W .. g ,- .f R fl t - leg 31- ff-2 K, , "VV gwwub .fJ,jf':V ' 13 , 4 khan . .grrw f " ' ' U , i . A , x lk qyfgfgia, .,,h.-g- .x H MJ, ,wi X, , ,ww . . . , - wa? 'snuff' J 4"3:i4nw ' ' '95 'Q W ,I 4. F Wh sw' Wfgu gud' ,,,,g' W . 5 'WH-. -- ..: 1-LN? 'If-A ' . ,-'3?1:rf' 'N ,,."A f uf '- 'I x: - 1 4 law ., , , A.f.fH .gf wx f ng -if . V, Q' 1' V 1 K if Q K 'Q 4' :k,N,. -i 1 Y. -, f - QQ, .. 1 M J W. ,-, V , Q 1 S, 7 Y eb , W H fini: 'QL 1 A x ww -' J 1 ' - ' ,e 'S' 1' , 1 -My H4 ,iff YH ' 1"f1+1,f Whik A Y' N' 1 f x 7 'Ei 'L vfsfff- x , K Q iairkxw Efi A f f X' 'W 1 1 M r W in 57313-fauigq yi QQ, xi- Lg-Hgh' 4 T 3, g 1 I A u JY MOTONIAN STAFF PURPOSE To better our communityg to stimulate thoughtg to develop leadership. Officers Editor ..... . . Hettie Owens Associate Editors . . .Margaret Redd Dorothy .Tefferson John Banks, Phillip Brown Business Managers ...... John Stokes Frances Thompson Virginia Reed, Phillip Brown Circulation Ivlanager ..... Helen Womack Faculty Advisor . . . Miss Helen A. Marshall FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Celestine Terry, Barbara Richardson, Helen Womack, Elridge Moron, Phillip Brown, Dorothy Brown, Hazel Terry. SECOND ROW: Mary Nance, Mary Street, Mary Hall, Loretta Booker, Sarah Dunn, Frances Thompson, Dorothy Jefferson fstandingj, Marian Goode fstandingj, Hertie Owens, Miss Helen Marshall, Sponsor, THIRD ROW: Willie Goode, John Banks, Daisy Willis, Dorothy Brown, Margaret Redd, Dorothy Taylor, Mattie Patterson John Watson, Carrie Jefferson, Barbara Trent, Janie Barksdale, Wilbur Woolridge, Thomas Allen, John Stokes, Dorothy Anderson. ,I .r.,' si '4 MOTON STAGECRAFTERS Officers President . . . . Claude Cobbs Vice-President . . Willie Edwards Secretary ..... . . Daisy Willis Assistant Secretary . . Georgia Franklin Treasurer .... . . George Reed Chaplin .... . Edwilda Allen Sergeant at Arms ...... James Franklin Sponsor ..... Mrs. LaVerne Redd Pervall FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jewel Edwards, Ronald Booker, Claude Cobbs, Willie Edwards, Daisy Willis, James Franklin, Edwilda Allen, George Reed, Irene Taylor, Mrs. L. R, Pervall, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: James Carter, Fannie Carter, Joan Johns, James Jackson, Bessie Woodson, LaVonne Terrell, Venice Franklin, Dolly Goode, THIRD ROW: Virginia Lyle, Bertha Brown, Charlie Franklin, Sarah West, Mary Spencer, Edna Allen, Florine Shepperson. FOURTH ROW: John Stokes, Selma Gaines, Dorothy Taylor, Mary Reed, Susie Bolden, Mary Street, Jannie Barksdale, Della Collette, Vannessa Coles, Loretta Booker, Arthur Rice, Thelma Allen, Joy Cabarrus, William Lee. f- .....-1. fmnanlq ,N 15: ., .nw V T59-Wlrfmuuuti-al , .ra Anvil' 4" ' " ww' t . '5"'M 1 -I, fa J .t.'-sw . --it Glrlhtftr-s.siq,tq5m5ir int wrath, I 5833!-wi IEW. 1Q'i4m i lbirfrx IRB. film" it IEW-' -rvwamrsmw ' , at RWTH :fu .ra Ati-il bfiklaavi "Whig Tiana.: my 1.5 .s'TEY'd1M - " 'X wk 21. '.Li:'l!n!.l S tj J ,"'7K KEN R surf ,. I , Q M '-a QU' f ks Aft VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT STAFF MEMBERS MR. T. MAYFIELD Assistant Vocational Agricultu V70 re Instructor - f I . I u , -I ,. I -e v ' - ,, 5, , sl I , , ami, J 3 ,tr ' 2 , 9 i. "f -wxyw.,,, . 1 af. -, A ,f ,, tra MRS. M, B. MILLER Home Economics Instructor MISS H. P. JOHNSON Assistant Home Economics Instructor MR. J. W. MCLENDON Vocational Agriculture Instructor MR. J. A, BAKER Assistant Vocational Agriculture Instructor MR. W. A. SMITHERS Assistant Vocational Agriculture Instructor MRS. W, B, HENDRICKS Secretary to the Vocational Agriculture Department New Homemalsers Of America EIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bertha Early, Asst. Sec.: Mildred Spradley, Josephine Carter, Pearl Spradley, Bernice Carter, SECOND ROW: Jewel Edward, Dorothy Ford, Mildred Watson, Irene Lyle, Louise Street. THIRD ROW: Arlene Townsend, Reporter, Georgia Franklin, Historian: Alice Walton, Doretha Harrison, Beulah Nash, Phyllis Thompson, Ethel Vaughan, Mary Carey, Mrs. Minnie Miller, Adviser. FOURTH ROW: Mary Hall, Della Suckins, Vivian West, Barbara West, Inez Davis, Yvonne White, Joy Cabarrus, Dorothy Davis, Vinice Franklin, Florine Adkins, Mable Earley, Bertha Davis, Mable Walker, Virginia Lyle, Miss Hilda Johnson, Adviser. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Thomas Mayfield, Assistant Instructor of Vocational Agriculture: Curtis Walton, Jacob Moton, Alexander Fawlkes, James Cgllelte, james Rice, Clarence Rice, Charles Scott, Andrew Woodridge, James Franklin, Mr, W, A, Smithers, Veterens Instructor. SECOND ROW: Mr. J.A. Baker, Veterans Instructor: Floyd Bland, Treasurer: Aubrey Woodridge, George Reed, Sameul Thompson, James Jackson, James Jones, John Belle, Claude Cobb, President: Jerry Edward, Vice President: Westley Allen, Secretary: Mrs. W, M, Hendrick, Dept, Secretary: J, W. McLendon, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Thomas Holcomb, Authur Rice, Charlie Franklin, Carl Thompson. FOURTH ROW: W, M. Lee, Aubrey Womack, Thomas Reed, David Hines, Lee Hicks. FIFTH ROW: Anthony Lyle, Lee Roy McCormick, Warren Davis, Marvin Holcomb, William Hendrick, Peter Jones, Alexander Mattews. SIXTH ROW: John Stokes, Branchie Washington, George West, Herman Allen, John Jones, Freddie Booker. I I N e w Farmers Of America SIGMA MU SCIENTIFIC CLUB FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Parran, Jerry Edwards, Richard Monroe, Mable Earley, Juanita Hargwood, Venice Franklin, Sallie Earley, Doris Scott, Wilbert Woolridge, Miss Hazel Glaze, Sponsor: Arlene Townsend, George Morton, Miss Helen Guerranr, Sponsor, SECOND ROW: Earnest Parker, Sponsorg Mrs. Mary W. Madison, Sponsor. n N AAAI: MOTON PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS CLUB CLUB MOTTO: 'We specialize in the wholly impossible--doing the CLUB COLORS Crimson Sz Gray 2. af, ft FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hazel Terry, Florence Allen, Mary Dennis, John Watson, Thelma Terry, Barbara Richardson, Daisy Willis, Joseph Reed, SECOND ROW: Catherine Neal, Pearl Spradley, Mildred Spradley, Ethel Vaughan, Mary Spencer, Loretta Booker, Gloria Miller, Louise Reid, Marion Goode, Juanita Thornton, Mary Carey, Josephine Carter. THIRD ROW: Bernice Carter, Virginia Lyle, Madeline Williams, l-letrie Owens, Mary Streat, Deloris Morton, Dorothy Ford, Alma Epps, Shirley Morton, Georgia Franklin, Dorothy Anderson, Celestine Terry, Eula Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Carl Allen, Dorothy Taylor, Dorothy Jefferson, Helen Womack, Barbara West, Sallie Scott, Carrie Jefferson, Vanessa Coles, Sarah Dunn, Jewel Edwards, John Stokes. President . . . ..... . . Mary Dennis Vice President . . . Florence Allen Financial Sec'y . , Barbara Richardson Recording Sec'y , Daisy Willis Treasurer . . . . Hazel Terry Chaplin . . . . Joseph Reed Business Manager . Chairman of Entertainment Committee . . Chairman of Publicity Committee . . . . News Reporter . John Watson Eula Edwards Thelma Terry . Sallie Scott P .Q A "5 FOOTBALL AWN L if-mums:ka-xnuxlg, FIRST ROW, BACK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernest Parker, Assistant Coach, Thomas Reed, Benjamin Hatcher, Carl Allen, James Allen, Burnell Johnson, Joseph Reed, John Monroe, George Watson, Coach, SECOND ROW: Walter Hurtt, Henry Scott, John Stokes, Edward Anderson Melvin Watkins Richard Monroe Willie Walker l-lod es Brown, THIRD 1 r 0 9 8 , FRONT. Paul Richardson, Trainer, Lawrence Baggly, Samuel Williams, John Watson, Willie Jones, John Banks, Wesley Allen, Walker Farrar, CHEERLEADERS L . Vx 5 - --5. E .fa f -cr F F V ' h 1 T I '- J . h L as E, ,A-fl LEFT TO RIGHT: Hettie Owens, T e ma erry, " QL 34' "W" F at L P A A ,V 5 William Lee, Dorothy Jefferson, Mary Dennis, Jerry L L y. ' X' Edwards, Georgia Franklin, and backbending, Alice fl ' ff Gomes. 'F f f L iff 1 f , .Mk-.P I f iv " , ,, 1- , , r gl E f ' -Q 5 Ht, ,L w L ,I ,L ,AM , 'K " ,' Q i' xy 4 0 z, x X11 T x .raki- 7 i A BASEBALL ,Me fr 11 ar-'PsJr1rw'3ff'r'l!,1n2:f:v..w ' 'FW -WIT " I 7,1 F".', ' - S, A X 1 4.44104 .vw f , r 4 R- 'nfl am, i1 rw -' l I' "F""5i FIRST ROW, SITTING: Emrnitt Neal, Walter Hurt, Henry Walker, Benjlman Hatcher, Edward Anderson, Wattell Hines. SECOND ROW, SITTING: John Monroe, Leon Miller, Joseph Reed, Mickey Scott, Aubrey Woolridge. THIRD ROW, STANDING: Paul Richardson, James Allen, Joseph Randolph, John Paige, Bernell Johnson, Reglnal Bland, Alexander Fowlkes, Mr. G. Watson, Sponsor. FIRST ROW, KNEELING: Mr. E. Parker, Sponsor: Edward Wesely Allen, John Paige, Claude Cobbs, Paul Richardson, Walter Brown, Wattell l-lines, Herman Allen, Walter Hurt. Anderosn, Hodges Brown, Mr. G. Watson, Sponsor. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Samuel Williams. 3 LAST MINUTE msmucnons I 1 my COMBINATION BOPPERS CLUB PURPOSE OF CLUB To Improve Recreation in Our Community To Improve Entertainrnent in the Community MOTTO: TOGETHER WE STRIVEQ APART WE FALL 4 ,JFK w 'ec , v, ,-rr avi' , . . 33 is-g ,f ,flu 'Y ,, f"- -A LEFT TO RIGHT: Elizabeth Scott, Albert Ford, Nannie Mae Scott, Virginia Lyle, Mrs. Abbott, Sponsor: Willie Edwards, Jewel Edwards, Jeremiah Ford, Edith Edwards, Ernest Edwards, Fannie Edwards. 36 , . OFFICERS President . . .Jerry Edwards Vice Pres. . Charlie Franklin Secretary . . . Virginia Lyle Asst. Sec. . . Nannie Scott Treasurer . . Jewel Edwards Chaplin . . Edith Edwards Sgt. At Arms James Franklin 8: James Ford ,I 1 I .....a-a....1.-4 , .- DELTA PSI PURPOSE OF CLUB To develop Better Social Standards. To develop Better Moral Standards. To Better The Community. MOTTO: To Develop Better Social and Moral Standards In The Communitv. OFFICERS President. . . . . Hettie R. Owens Vice President . . . Barbara R. Trent Secretary . . . . Dorothy A. Jefferson Chaplin . . . .... Marian O. Goode Sgt.-At-Arms ...... Loretta D. Booker SPONSORS Miss Helen A. Marshall Mrs. Matilda W. Gilliam FIRST ROW, STOOPING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Loretta Booker, Miriam Goode, Dorothy Jefferson, Dorothy Taylor, Henle Owens, Carrie Jefferson, Barbara Trent. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Mrs, Gilliam, Alma Paige, Dorothy Brown, Mary Hall, Elsie Nash, Edna Allen, Margaret Redd, Albertine Brown, Edwilda Allen, Sarah Dunn, Bessie Woodson, Sarah West, Miss H, A. Marshall, ,Q UU' l.l' ll. 50 I ll "On EXPLORER SCOUTS OFFICERS Mr. J. Baker, Mr. Watson . . . Advisors Philip Brown ......... Crew-leader John Monroe . . . Assistant Crew-leader Paul Richardson . ....... Scribe FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Monroe, Samuel Hall, Paul Jones. SECOND ROW: Mr, J, Baker, Advisor: Paul Richardson, Peter Jones, Philip Brown, Mr, G. Watson, Advisor, Vg' . in FEIS? K A 9 an , if' 4. Ll 4 3 . V i mikft U, I 1 ' 1 1 it ali 'V I " W, V 2, 'I mmm ., - Q, . 1 S A FLY ' 1 lf, Q ff ., gf nsins 3 ws 1 M gif N , .1 ' in N . f --slfnaumm I A . gs V1 'JB w 5. lint 1' -. 3 , nf? ' , . L r H' IN ' Y 2 f A"'F'i:H " '.3u,,.,? L4 ,1gz.aQf'?f- if ' 'Q -N '1Li73'5f' ,R f-wi-4.-.' - ' 'fm i I X.. - "r-.E 1 .NEW H wkffifw-3' fu '- .'k3'l2t'fu I MOTTO 'HBV' TOGETHER WE STAND3 DIVIDED WE FALL. 15 v X51-,Qi -,J L "7 , Q vkzhitn 7, s ' "F E ' ' Ol- ' .N A , FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Madeline Williams, Barbara Richardson, Mrs. D. F. Jones, Sponsor, Hazel Terry, Louise Reed. SECOND ROW: Thelma Terry, Helen Womack, Celestine Terry. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Anderson, Vannessa Coles, Mary Dennis, Florence Allen. DEBS SOCIAL CLUB .. ak, Q , 111.51 Q v-1 fv- f.x ,K 1, , a VW ' , . t ,J A 1 ,iw R, , I I Q' S fi ff ' ' , .vm K' Q 3' 'Q X O . ' 4: 1 ' 1 , - 4 V. 5 4 4' . www? 4.w"x"3.29 ,Y . .- , gl.:-7 Q: v. L ' vs 4 Ilia In Ill II 'll'- Wx ww I K if L. flux T' .ll iw fi I Mr. 8: Mrs. John Terry Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard Thompson Mr. 8: Mrs. Wyatt Vaughan Mrs. Elnora Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul S. Richardson Mr. 8: Mrs. R. E. P. Madison Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Edwards PATRONS Mr. Sz Mrs. Samuel Allen Mr. 8: Mrs. John T. Anderson Mrs. Nannie J. Butler Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Ford Mr. Joseph Mealey Mr. 8: Mrs. George W. Morton Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur Terry, Jr. Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Farmville, Virginia Member of Federal Reserve Syst Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of LONGWOOD .TEWELERS Farmville, Virginia Compliments of FARMVILLE FURNITURE CO. Farmville, Virginia Compliments of MARTIN THE .TEWELERS Main Street Farmville, Virginia gl' THE HUB of Farmville, Congratulates the graduates of 1952, and reminds them that 40 aduating classes have made The Hub their Shopping Center. COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Farmville, Virginia Compliments of F. G. BALDWIN CO. Farmville, Virginia THE De PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Farmville, Virginia Careful Management Courteous Service Member of Federal posit Insurance Corporation Compliments of GRAVS DRUG STORE Farmville, Virginia Phone 56 NORTH GATE SERVICE STATION Texaco Certified Service Automobile Electrical Work Phone 85 Farmville, Va. SOUTHERN HRDW. 8: APPL. CO. INC Philco Radios, Maytag Washers, Kelvinator Refrigefrators, 8: Ranges Fa rmville , Virginia .T. H. WHITFIELD CO. Seed, Feed, Fertilizer, Farm supplies Farmville, Va. Phone 43 T . M. METCALF Service Station and General Store Oil Changing and Greasing Darlington Heights, Va. FIT ZGERALD'S MARKET Main Street Fa rmville, Va. Phone 429 Compliments of HAR OLD Y. SPENCER Druggist Appomattox, Va. GREEN FRONT STORE Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables Home Killed Fresh Meat W. J. Hillman, Mgr. Phone 139 Compliments of MIDWAY GROCERIES Ely Street Farmville, Va. Compliments of WILLIE'S INN Farmville, Virginia Compliments of SHELDON MOTOR COURT Keysville, Va. CLAY'S MARKET We Pay Cash Service Our Motto Baby Chicks Phone 4101 Crewe, Va. Compliments of TAYLORS REXALL DRUG STORE Keysville, Va. POWER'S ATLANTIC STATION Gas, Oil, Tires, Batteries Auto Accessories A complete Line of Groceries Phone 102.6J Kingsville, Va. MINNIE 8: ARCHIE ALLEN Gas - Oil - Groceries Lunches - Refreshments A. B. C. License 3980 Route 45 Guinea Mills, Va. J. L. METCALF General Merchandise Country Produce Southern States Feed Darlington Heights, Va. Compliments of W. E. NEWBY Crewe, Virginia R. D. FLEMING 8: CO. Lunchroom Ice Cream - Soft Drinks Cumberland, Virginia Compliments of VIRGINIA CRAFTS, INC. Keysville, Virginia BOOKER BROS. GARAGE General Repair Work Accessories-Amaco Gas. Try us for oil good Service Phone 3F02 Mc.Booker Man. CREWE LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING A Complete Laundry And Cleaning Service Phone 2141 Crewe, Va. - --am A .,.. sr.-- Q 'uh V 1-..L.'f'uf255',f'.q8.rJ4v .i. ?'i2' Hi' 1 V -1 'v 1' 4551 ll Compliments of McKNIGHT'S'SER. STA. Farmville, Virginia v Compliments of E. M. SMITH GARAGE Radiator Repair, Welding Ely Street Farmville, Va. Compliments of FAR MVILLE FURNITURE CO Farmville, Virginia Compliments of HARVEY BROS. SER. STA Cullen, Virginia Compliments of SLAYTONS ESSO NO. 2 Farmville, Virginia RUCKS BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY SALON Farmville, Virginia Portraits Commercial Weddings Interior Children Exterior Groups Aerial Color Murals BR ODNAX ST UDIO School Photographer Studio: Dial 7-7823 Home: Dial 3-7950 210 East Leith St. Richmond, Virginia JOHNSON STUDIO AND BARBER SHOP Farmville, Virginia Compliments of DR. A. G. ROWLINS Farmville, Virginia Best Wishes From BLAND'S HOUSE OF SERVICE Phone 84 - 520 Ely Street Farmville, Virginia . p pp .. O , O , ,X Compliments of SOUTHERN ATHLETIC SUPPLY CO Compliments of 115 North 7th St. FARMVILLE CREAMERY Whatever The Sport We Furnish 205 N Virginia St The Equipment" Richmond, Virginia Reach for SUNBEAM BREAD Sold byC F Moring Farmvxlle V1.rg1n1a BRICKERT OIL Buxck Cars Alhs Chalmers Farm Implements Norge Home Apphances Com umenu Farmvxlle, Vxrgxma B 13.1, , I .ij ' IAM ., ,X A. I., ALLEN AGENCY KL, ,-'Y -1 SCHOOL JEWELRY, BAND .UNIFORMS ACADEMIC CLOTHING' 1. ' M, .X g t Representing vflqzripaxg V ' v. WorLd's Largest Mai er!i" ., A K Class Rings , . gpg 'A REPRESENTAT?fp You Amir' .ka b 1601 - 18th Ave., in Nashville, Tennessee . .Kiss fa HI! - I '16, . -'-.fn 1:1 , .5 44 Y . 4'!'L'5 if -. k gm. 4 A .IF " H " ' .1 751- W' .funn 1 7+-, "Qi 1 5 -- ,- fd -V, U1 , 4 if . " ' . ,. ' 5 V - ri 'F f ' t 1 "J 'VE 'i jf' .o ,?! 1

Suggestions in the Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) collection:

Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 7

1952, pg 7

Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 23

1952, pg 23

Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 10

1952, pg 10

Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 38

1952, pg 38

Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 23

1952, pg 23

Moton High School - Eagle Yearbook (Farmville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

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