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-' ' X gif ., Qf' L , l ing-x l. .. .v ,. .. 5, ,. C 2 1-,-L'-f' T,g,?1' Ff-1 .,.,,,-. V. ,, .. . A ,h I 4, . -- :iw . f':-fm.,-if . wg ' " ff '2-if. an 4 V 5? ,, -f , ., I gi? A, 51 ,gg i asf SR K I f ' 4 , Ke I T+ 1- ',-'K '4' 5 1 fx K -1-,NJ , , new w 1 L v 4 1 xl ,wff qw: Ann. ,pfp wx . 1 f'.1xg,:?-,f,..Y 14.3 ' ,i ,U , .Vw " f- 1,25 -. IL, .. -I .,. whlikgwf? '. Jffac, ' , '15, 511, ' nj! 'C-I .- '!.. iiggf4:1?'.g f- -- ' 5 1 A- - .JE aw .1 if-415, ,,f1,H! '.m,u?u.'f, ji.. lgl.1fIA,-MY.-.,,.Lgy'gEgfx5',g f- . -N .1:.'fgh.f?f..v-1355 :zu . ' 12.59. 6 rfiwa-iff?-' iax ,MARS T ,f , ax.. NW, L.,..',4,.f,A ,ka- l L V X 1 -,rm , W? A . "' .f ' , 7 - ' ' "" . ,F . , ,., . L' FL ., ' Y 'VJ . 1 ,,'.,,'."' , , :"'w, , ai- :'.",' 1'-3555. 'wi , . uf, .Q.5'H.'f, .. -P L.:-'wfi V' 41 . 'fa.'. ",,., X. "'x.f:'Qf5k ,gif . ,- "" rf: V . " "'5"' -' 'r-Lf." ' .f' F:"':'-.'--7 'ix . 5::,.5Q:511r1-f7. " -,Jf'f.v.I:yfiff,f.f!'kf5 'M' EE".- - 3- - A . -4 .:. , 5--w -,- -3. ,.,A. Q.:-L, V. 5 ,Sx.,5w',ig H ,.f K - 1 ,1 , '.--3'.,,,m1f- -' g-.vii-2' -.V ' ". ' ' ,,iki.g'7v Aga " -4 A " V ' , ' ff." ' ' -' . fy -'-'H+'-' , qi-V , ' f f 95.31-'w .r'-?'?Q'f'i2'm"z...,f . r ', - A" .' . rl A ' v ' r 32' 4 f f '- H 1 . ,. , - . A Li.. v . , ., : ,1 . Q ,L . N, w 1. .f 1 ,J . . , 2 , I . . 3 . . 4 4 ' ,. -J! Q ' Lf-J 5 ' Y . 4 .. is -5' .fir , If , 'g' ' , 1 W k I X' 'V' W," i'f'IfL,. l .Q A 1 ' -4 1 .1. . E -:' Q b .L 1 I X , ffs. ' .1 -. . 'i 'v ,r ..-.-' N , ,-.ugh ...-.I 'f- 1 . . r, , .ffm A . ,Qi 1 :j T " -- '. ,1.'. .VT -ggi, V , . . ', 35 , - .Af ,jf ' - , 1: 1.19 ,' r 1 W. '..-.,,- ,mi .fwfr I 6, -5 . if L35-,Eff - '- 'x'4L:","' .uw ,lg ,LN , .. .V . ' 'A L. . 'g.,g3,i,L-1 W 1.. , .1 ' 'Q 915 .- ' , ' ' 2- N Qaif.L-F5531--ksixii. -. '- .. ' ' 'We-:gFs,"'15E'l" ' rx ' Q LfH'-H'11,.' ,. ' ' 4' , " ' ' -.1-pgs,-1'-,Qu 4. ' ' N, H ' . . , ,,. ,, 1 , sf. ..',g '- fb: - '. , ,. Z QR gf-L .- .ff ' ' -3 . .ff-,g,g55:.-.' , ' ,, "1u'.ixiwii:uw.v1'2bl..,f.Sf'!ii:H5an,f'Ih.a3f3f-auk.5iEi?fL 'fn r - 1.41.0 1 'fav 1 .4 'S iw I E ' , Y' LQ J MM, R Q 25.41 '32 q , ,Ag , Q, A 5 A, Y. .ff h ke' I W' j ,,,fg W- ANNE lime qQaabani Crown of glory with which the pure brow of the Virgin Mother was encircled seems . . . to shine more brilliantly as we recall the day on which, 100 years ago ,... Pius IX defined "that . . . the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first moment of her conception, was preserved from all stain of original sin . . . " Taking this into considera- tion we invite each . . . one of you to celebrate the Marian Year which we proclaim to be held, from the month of December . . . until the same month of the coming year . . . And, we . . . trust that this Marian celebration may bring forth those most desired and salutary fruits we all long for." C D- 4. Lu., -54,-5 X .vu 1 e 1 .1! ' ' wa - -' " in i t b y i l l WEEK' ll gm ln M into ig' I X...i 4 Jas xjlyohness ins "A MARIAN YEAR IS PROCLAIMED TO BE CELEBRATED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ON THE OCCASION OF THE FIRST CENTENARY OF THE DEFINITION OF THE DOGMA OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY" 5 G Woman of rlflfowien glorified If urillicafion fwsifafion odssumpfion xgmmacultzfe Concepfion Zee. 8 The Holy Spirit looses the soul of his Spouse from the dark blot of sin that every other of his creatures had inherited. Mary has ended the lamentations of Eve. cjvafivifty ofjesus mee. 2 5 Jesus, Son of God, and Son of Mary, consented to come into our world in order to overcome his enemy, Satan. Jesus, as God, gives us the means to become Godlike. GLA. 2 The young mother carries to the temple her first born child both to present Him to His Father and to, her- self, be purified although she had no need of blessing and purification. july 2 Mary is troubled by the an- gel's words, and hastens to Elizabeth. Mary hastens to each of us in our hour of need, protecting us against the secularism of our times. 04.2, I5 The radiant crown of glory now encircles the head once bent in sorrow. Joy reigns in heaven as God's mother, the Gate of Heaven, is re- united with her Son. f I ur fjzzinfeol afure s Sohfary oasf Qjvafivifly of mary Sept. 8 . Anne and Joachim rejoiced at the birth of a daughter not knowing that she would be the most pure, holy and most blessed woman ever to be born on earth. Seven Sorrows Sept. 75 The Man of Sorrows hung dying, as the last sword was thrust into the full heart of Mary. In 1954 she still broods, sorrowing, over the world her Son died to save. mafernify ofmary Get. I7 Although a consecrated vir- gin, Mary's motherhood was her one, vital role. In her "Fiat", she accepted this role not only as Mother of God but also Mother of Men. rpresenfafion ofgmary ejvov. 27 In thanksgiving Ann and Jo- achim gave Mary to God, so that her own youth could be spent as close as possible to her future? Spouse. Mary, Guardian of Youth, guide us. adnnunciafion eMarcA 2 5 "Behold Thou shalt conceive and bear a Son and He shall be called the Son of God." This salutation proclaimed Mary's greatest privilege, Mother of God. ' 7 .L Q B 'T' A This year of 1954 has been proclaimed Marian Year by Jr. ourx Holy F ather. Therefore, we in the United States are conducting drives for funds to aid in the completion of our own National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. llitll deja? A y The Most Reverend Archbishop Alter preaches his sermon to the many Catholics assembled xt Saint Mary's Church for the Pontifical High Mass marking the observ nnce of the Mmm Ye ir Pening O!.4,m0ll"lCIW CCH' IV! llfILU'lVIClfl The solemn inauguration of Marian Year was celebrated in St. Mary's Church on December 8 at the first evening Mass in Cincinnati. Arch- bishop Alter stressed that Marian Year be observed in every church and by each member of the church. The Archbishop and his assisting ministers in procession for the evening Mass. s WE! wi fs-'X 3--,N QQ Wy! 5 6:5 QM X'WTAi1 Mother of Mercy High School Cincinnati, Ohio CO-EDITORS MANAGING EDITOR MARY LOU NASTOLD JOYCE BERG NANCY HARP VOL. XXIII Father DeFrz1ncesco speaks to a group of seniors. Listening attentively are, left to right, .I. Day, .l. Rziiblc, M. A. Meinerding and H. Schieleg second row, .l. Hilvers :md I. lmszinde. 5lIl'LTPfl1I'CLJLiV IAC SlJ!CHtJOl' ofcyollrAcuvL'11ly gvnufty, nnvlinz- Pcflcrlgky IAC anxicffcs offAc worlvl wc casf vurscfvcs info Lyon: r arms, xgn1n1uc11!nfcg.n4ofAcr of-gycsns Cll1C,OlIl'gx"3flOfACl'. 12 INTRODUCTION 3-15 ACADEMIC 1 6-27 J alle CLASSES 28-61 O Con fen is ORGANIZATIONS 62-73 ACTIVITIES 74-107 ATHLETICS 108-1 14 ADVERTISERS 1 1 5- 1 5 6 I3 FATHER THOMAS CONNELL Chaplain Religion ur Zacizffcy SISTER MARY EMILY, R.S.M. Principal Religion SISTER MARY ALEXIS, R.S.M. Junior Home Room Religion, Shorthand Bookkeeping, Y.C.S. SISTER MARY ALOYSE, R.S.M. Sophomore Home Room Religion, Music Junior Glee Club SISTER MARY AMADEUS, R.S.M. Junior Home Room Religion, English, Speech Physics, Triple AC Moderator SISTER MARY ANNUNCIATA, R.S.M. Senior Home Room Civics, Sociology SISTER MARY BERNARD, R.S.M. Freshman Home Room Religion, Music Orchestra, Y.C.S. SISTER MARY CARLOS, R.S.M. English, Dramatic Art Speech, Masque and Gavel Moderator SISTER MARY CARMELITA, R.S.M. Librarian, Book Club Moderator SISTER MARY CELESTINE, R.S.M. Senior Home Room Latin, Latin Club Moderator C.S.M.C. Moderator SISTER MARY CLEMENTINE, R.S.M, Freshman Home Room Foods and Cooking SISTER MARY CYRIL, R.S.M. Study Periods SISTER MARY HAROLD, R.S.M. Sophomore Home Room Religion, Chemistry General Science, S.D.S. Moderator Chemistry Club Moderator SISTER MARY IMELDA, R.S,M. Junior Home Room Religion, English, Speech SISTER MARY JEANNE D'ARC, R.S.M Senior Home Room Religion, Homemaking Health, Mercywood Adviser SISTER MARY JOSEPH, R.S.M. Sophomore Home Room Science, German Mathematics Nat. Math. Hon. Society Moderator German Club Moderator SISTER MARY MAGDALA, R.S.M. Freshman Home Room Music, Religion English, Speech SISTER MARY MAURA, R.S.M. Art, Theta Art Society Moderator SISTER MARY PERPETUA, R.S.M. Senior Home Room Religion, English Speech, Journalism Gleanings Adviser McAuley Club Moderator SISTER MARY REGINALD, R.S.M.. Junior Home Room Typing, Oflice Practice SISTER MARY SERAPHIA, R.S.M. Freshman Home Room Religion, Mathematics G.A.A. Moderator MISS MARGARET HOENEMIER Secretary MISS MARIE MARTINO Sophomore Home Room English, Speech Spanish Spanish Club Moderator MISS HARRIET SMITH Physical Education MISS CLAIRE SCHNEIDER Freshman Home Room General Science Homemaking Red Cross Moderator MRS. VIRGINIA DUSTON Geometry Basic Mathematics MISS SOPHIE STAVROFF Stenography Typing MISS DULAH PULSKAMP English, Speech Dramatic Art MISS MARY C. DONNELLY Textiles, Sewing Red Cross MISS ESTHER SCHWACH Junior Home Room American History Debating Greater Cincinnati Speech League MISS ELEANOR BARRETT Sophomore Home Room English, Speech World History Census Records 5 X 7 W' Q X , W., ja!!- -1 'V3iflLff4Lf:fi5:W71 S ' ww - ' , , if fi. A Mix V J f 1 2 V z ,A,, Q ,,L,,. , W , L- H A - X wg, f 1 'H 17??Q?2fsf?i,g:i1uw,.f..,,wi3?f21w1f4f,gm. 7 . fl . LIL, ,A L.5.,r.:.,, , ,. ,Q Q fy A ' fmiaf -,..-aww. ' ,, I I Viz. 54 M K' ' ' 1 af ,w - - '--' 7 ' f ' w . 41- lf? 753 KQgfi1ff65i'f K..-.'..9g.i5gg,ig, 21 ,.,, f ,-shy... f W Q., ,. ,, 74 lifx' ' ' -Zi"'i-I K ?Es'Z?i5,f ' . :,. ,uw zzz ,,., .,n 1 1 wr- N ,,L,..-' , ,Q -K M ,. .fx--, . -v x' ,,k.. HB... -W VR i., . QQ, 4 .zu ,,,. ,W Z gfvgaf-f1',-xx., ff ' W --,Jw 1 5 5' -W1 :Q A ' , Q . 7 X . g,f,1fff.1 pw 1:72. Ygv:'a"-52, xx Qi f 5: A ' Viiigifik iii , '- K. ,, 351: .ks .gg Vt, ' 5 Vf,,3v:e.gj y,,,.7 V, - I ' Q Afsmff'v.w.1wzn, Q 2, , Yegilffa 229,93 A W Xi 5135: , k -f,x5?5, 5. ' . :AW .L in T4 . f:. -f , gf- , h w Q,wf:ff.f-- JKAA A ,W .,,..,,.. if 'F' Q, mm 1 ,,, .,,- , ...Y .. .C-,LV DEC Dvrg JF' S U w z Q -1, 4 9' Q e I Q9 G. lzlsillo scans original poetry. Observing are J. Buttelwerth, G. Arnold, S. Cianciolo, J. Daulton, J. El- lensohn, S. Frey, J. Kenning. D. Lobitz, M. Nauer, J. Rack, L. Schwegman, P. Sullivan, S. Westerman and M. Willenbrink. ,fe Shakespeare Tennyson Mrlton, Brownmg present m lrterature a study of the complexltxes of l1fe Poetry prose or even plaln Fnellsh usage should glve us an lnslght 1nto ourselves and prepare us for the future. aclzgrouncls ana! fAe rpresenf B. Renneker reads an article from Our Times. Seated in first row, left to right, are G. Guetle, G. Fullen and M. Miller: second row, M. Niemeier, N. Nauer, B. Meyers. Social Studies teach us to think and speak intelligently about economic and political affairs. Applying Christian ideals to our American mode of life enables us to become responsible, wholesouled citizens. 8' At map, C. Klimper: left to right, C. Wasler, C Bachman, A. Wolfram, l.. Dirr. R. Fantetti. l.. Grove. F. Rhcin and R. Koelkc. 19 0- ff' lv R ,,,. K ..fST'A Xxx I i.......m.. ic Math IV students are: P. Harrington. J. Schaclcis nc B n int I cllllS c Mathematics: the language of exact truth. This is a subject which teaches the student the art of system- atic thinking. lt is also the foundation of all science. P. Renters, D. Hussey, L. Heyob and B. Powell are in- terested in how A. Flick, standing. is solving her Algebra problem. anguage of exact l"llfA ,Q Latin. the basis of our own native tongue, together with German and Spanish. modern languages, gives us a broader perspective and has a tendency to make us world-minded beings. 'ilourneying with Aeneas" are, seated. D. Bristow. .I. Fppcnsteinei and C. Laemmlc. Standing near the map are C. Rani and M. Berger Mnifcy qZroz1gAkjfnowlecJgc Current events in Spanish give an unusual twist to the news finds B. Lietz. Listening with interest are M. .l. Binder. I.. Richter. M. A. Finn. A. Bachmann. M. Fogelman and M. C. Bross. 21 C. Wagner marks the hemline for G Wilke M Koch H Nosthelde A Jisper J Huber ue learning, th it foreground, and D. Foltzer wield prwcticed needles understmding directions is import int to cooking cmoldng ufure omerna eer- Sewing, cooking, and home management are some of the skills which every Mercian should know. Home Ec helps build future home- makers. M. Diersen discusses pulleys with J. Brown, S. O'Leary, M. E. Stockelman and M. Voelker. Chemistry can be fun, find C. Hummerle, C. Kunz, B. Renneker as they are collecting bromine. B. Baumgartncr, R. Rcnnick and M. Mcnkc compare some of thc biological slides with models. . 9 l 7 CIGYICQ eveals QOJS OWVCV Today, as never before, there is an increasing demand for high school graduates with a scientific background. We have courses in general science, biology, chemistry and physics. 33 at out emu twin is also tit twat. Wil 'Mi UGRX Hi ill? lSlYO3'lf 2 Silk-screening Christmas mats are, l. to r., A. Beiersdorfer. S. O'l.eary. P. Dowling. Odriisfic Jfands Creafe eczufcy All are aware of the girls in the art classes, who. through their imagination and talent help to dress up our school with room decorations and promote various activities such as school dances, contests and other interesting events with clever, eye-catching posters. At the kiln are, front. .l. Rack, M. Cook: buck, R. Hadley, D. Bristow. Enjoying Father Conncllk religion Class are. l. to r.. Ci. Blair. P. Blair. M. Brooks. R. Brunglc: row 2 .l. Frank. J. Benner. C. Harris: row 3. D. Mohr. I.. Holmes. M. Mueller. .l. Meyers, A. Tcinining reaf of goJgMo5f Religion is indispensable to the individual and to society. Solid fibers of character are developed by the eternal ver- ities of Christ's Church. Sophomore religion class examines posters with a family-life theme. 25 C. Rosmarin, M. Williams, M. Meinerding demonstrate how to make a convalescent patient, C. Kroger, comfort- able under the supervision of Miss Schneider. fpgcysicalgjveeals of analgbljelf A. M. Steinhauer, R.N., is pic- tured administering the audio- meter test to a group of sophomores, B. Wasmer, P. Thompson, J. Wesselman, M. Siemer, M. Kelly and C. Obert. l 27 ,INK Sum ' H-in Lzksfsgwf 'ws' Ti? it K Wi SGQTA rf 1 A Q 3:- :.i:,,. ,,. ii.: , 'iq' .3 i Q-.. xii' , ..,,, ,K g, 1 K Q , fvfiikw 5 fn, H' x'Qf 1 A1- K,--. , M .V 3 J. -, x 9' ,V wr H A W '-f,2is y37l:, .1 f fx 'iff A kikifl-S' 'JST 'X A wg,fa,,.1?1, f L 4 Wigs V , ji--,,.15,iA ,X .Z x..,. .Est H 91. - I . wg ,wwwf ' 'w :,1ag:,.gg'g5. .f :iii- .gn A k W 3 gf-4 if L H ,gsiiw - H xiilssgfwfzegq A , :fm 'Swv Hgh ,g. .1'zj'4f1fiE53+g?wz ' f- 'K f W, . jf if NEiLV f'1l5'5 3?Z'i7' -W W " , Q" PUW K The senior class presidents Mary Elizabeth Hoerth 12-C, Cecilia Yetter 12-A, Jo Ann Scriveri I2-B. and Jo Ann Colina I2-D. discuss the activities of the senior year with our 1953-1954 school president, Marian Peterman. resenfing ik: CLYSS of As the seniors are looking forward to their graduation day, they are also taking a look into the past to recall many activities which are responsible for the success ot their high school days. Freshman initiation, the Junior- Senior Prom, the Senior Class Play, the Senior Ball, and the final commencement exercises were a special part of each girl's success. M, F. Nieman is measured for her cap and gown by .l. Colina and M. Falls. 30 DOLORES ALBIETZ lll0 Benz Avenue St, Teresa CSMC l, 2, 3, 4: YCS 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Masque :Sr Gavel 3, 4, GAA l: Physics 4. JANE BELL 3675 Herbert Avenue St. Martin CSMC I, 2, 3, 4: YCS l. 2, 3, 4, Debating 1, Treas. 2, Sec'y. 3, 4, Triple AC 2, 3, Chemistry 3: Masque 8r Gavel 3, Sec'y 4: Annual 4, Class Vice-Pres. l, 4: Treas. 3. LILLIAN BATTER l520 Lingo Street St. Patrick CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, Gleanings 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JEANNE BENZ 3429 Miami Court St. Martin CSMC l, 2, 3, 4: YCS 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Glean- ings 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Debating 1, Sec'y 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, Sec'y. 3, Pres. 4, Triple AC 2, Chem- istry 4, Class Pres. 1, Annual 4. JOYCE BERG 4035 Smith Road St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Triple AC 2, Annual 4, Class Treas. 3, Sec'y. 4. MARY BERGER 205 Martini Road St. Aloysius, Delhi CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Triple AC 2, 3, Debating 2, 3, 4, Gleanings 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Latin 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Theta 4, German 4, Book Club 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Annual 4. RUTH BEUERLEIN 5379 Davis Lane St. Ignatius CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. MARY BISCHOFF 5743 Cleves Warsaw Pike St. Antoninus CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Spanish 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Class Pres. 2. MARY ELLEN BLANK 2846 Shaffer Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Triple AC 2, ghemgstry 4, NMHS Pres. 4, Spanish Pres. 3, Class res. . KATHRYN BLASING 3983 Davis Avenue St, Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 3. K .,,V 'WP ,,f'N 'X . E - , ,ia w QMS-."' lf' NANCY BOLLINGER 3886 Ebenezer Road Our Lady of Visitatimz CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. LOIS BORGMAN 5613 Karen Avenue St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3. JANICE BRADLEY 1329 Leders Lane St. Teresa CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 2: Debating 1, Masque 8: Gavel 3, 4. SUSAN BRENDLE 3815 Applegate Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Triple AC 2, Gleanings 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JOAN BROSS 3320 Diehl Road St. Ignatius CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, Glee Club 1, 2. NANCY BROSS 3320 Diehl Road St. Ignatius CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, Glee Club 1, 2. JANET BROWN RR 1, Aurora, Indiana St. Mary of Immaculate Conception CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Debating 2, 3, Physics 4, Masque 81 Gavel 3, 4. ROSEMARY BRUNS 4380 Race Road Sl. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, MARY BURHOFF 2595 Casper Street St. Leo CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. DOROTHY CHRISTEN 3967 Glenmore Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, GAA 1, Debating 1, 2, 3, Gleanings 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Triple AC 2, 3, 4, NMHS 4, Masque 81 Gavel 3, 4, Chemistry 4, Rosary Club 4. JO ANN COLINA 2639 Jessup Road Little Flower CSMC I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club I, 3, 43 Class Pres. 4. NANCY CONNOR 5303 Fox Road Little Flowtv' CSMC I, 2, 3,41 Glee Club I. JANET DAY 3143 Werk Road Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC I. 2. 3. 43 Glec Club I. 2, 3, 4. SYLVIA DeCARLlS 3327 Cavanaugh Avenue Our Lady of Presentation CSMC I, 2, 3, 4: Theta 4g Glec Club 2, 3, 4: Chem- istry 4. RUTH DEMPSEY 3256 Stanhope Avenue St. Martin CSMC I, Z, 3, 4: Debating 2: YCS 3. 4: Annual 2, 4g l.atin 3: Triple AC 2, 3: Masque 8: Gavel 3, Sec'y. 4g Chemistry 3: Class Vice-Pres. 2g Sec'y. 3. MARY JO DIERSEN 3125 Glcnmorc Avenue Om' Lady of Lourdes CSMC 1, 2. 3, 4: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: NMHS Vice- Pres. 4: Rosary Club 4: Chemistry 3g Physics Sec'y.- Treas. 4g Glee Club I, 2, 3g Book Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. JANE DOBELHOFF 3009 Montana Avenue St. Catherine CSMC I, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2. KATHERINE DREILING 5750 Haubner Road St. James CSMC I, 2, 3,41 YCS 3, 4g Glee Club I, 2, 3g Theta Sec'y. 45 Class Treas. 3, Sec'y. 4. AUDREY ELSEN 4l3l Kirby Road St. Boniface CSMC l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3g Masque gl Gavel 3 4 MARILYN ENGELHARD 6504 Savannah Avenue St. Margaret Mary CSMC I, Z. 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 31 Chemistry 4g Gleanlngs 3, 4g Quill and Scroll 45 Class Sec'y. I, Pres, 2. JOYCE EPPENSTEINER 4700 Basil Lane St. Dominic CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2: GAA 1, 2, 4, Debating l, Gleanings 2, Triple AC 2, Latin President 4, Class Pres. 1, 2. DONNA EVANS 2529 Beekman Street St. Leo CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. MARY KATHERINE FALLS 3644 Jessup Road St. James CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, YCS 4, Class Pres. l. MARY ANN FANTETTI 6522 Taylor Road St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2. PATRICIA FEUCHT 2296 Schroedinger Avenue St. Bonaventure CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Theta 4. GAIL FLAHERTY 2715 Harrison Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Gleanings 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Lillis High School 1, 2. MARILYN FLAMMER 7890 Bobolink Drive St. Viviun CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH FOGELMAN 3264 Lakeview Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta 4. GRACE FLYNN 3601 Epworth Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Gleanings 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Triple AC 2, Glee Club 1. JANE FREY 3489 Blue Rock Road St. James CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta 4. PHYLLIS GAGEN 4590 Hamilton Avenue CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN GEIGER 3608 Homelawn Avenue CSMC1, 2, 3, 4. CLARE GERHARD 3220 Herbert Avenue CSMC1, 2, 3, 4. GERMAINE GERWE 2630 North Bend Road CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. MARIAN GROH 1999 Sundale Avenue CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 3. MARILYN GROH 1999 Sundale Avenue CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: GAA 3. LOIS GRZANKE 3295 North Bend Road CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. MARCIA HAMMANN 1520 Harrison Avenue St. Patrick St. Martin St. Martin Little Flower St. Margaret Mary St. Margaret Mary St. Ignatius St. Bonaventure CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY HARP 7012 Ellen Avenue St, Margaret Mary CSMC 1. 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 3: German 2, 3, 4: Triple AC 2, 3, 4: Annual 45 Chemistry 3. MARGARET HARRINGTON 1700 Melvin Circle A ssum prion CSMC 1, 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Chemistry 33 Physics 4: Orchestra 1, 2: NMHS 4, Triple AC 2, 3, 4: Annual 4: Chemistry Pres, 3: Class Sec'y. 1. JANET HARVEY 3431 Alta Vista Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. JANICE HATTING 2136 Selim Avenue St. Botzavrfntllre CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Class Treas. l, Vice Pres. 3. LOIS HEILMANN 3821 Kenker Place St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY HEITMANN 5456 Colerain Avenue Little Flower CSMC 3, 4: Hughes High School I, 2. ROSEMARY HEYOB 5788 Cheviot Road St. James CSMC l, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2g Orchestra 1, 2, 3. JULIA HILVERS 3617 Fyffe Avenue St. Leo CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. .l UDITH H ISCH EM ILLER 4022 Carrie Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 43 Triple AC 2. MARJORY HOEMMELMEYER 62 Observatory Road. Bellevue, Kentucky Sacred Heart CSMC 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Glee Club 3, Notre Dame Academy 1, 2. SHIRLEY HOERST RR 2, Box 208, Cleves, Ohio St. Bernard CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH HOERTH 3223 Phoenix Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Masque 84 Gavel 3g Class Pres. 1, 3, 4g Treas. 2. ELLEN HOFFMAN 2651 Ocosta Avenue St. Cutllerilze CSMC 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 2, 3, Spanish 4: Class Treas, 1. ELAINE IMSANDE 1537 Oak Knoll Drive Sr. Margaret Mary CSMC 1, 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Theta 4. RUTH JACOBS 3633 Saint Martin Place St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Gleanings 3, 4: Quill 81 Scroll 4: Class Sec'y. 2. SANDRA JOHNSON RR 2, Ludlow Hill, Lawrenceburg, Indiana St. Lawrencv CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Debating 3, 43 McAuley 3, 4. JACQUELINE KAHLES 6287 Cheviot Road St. .lanws CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 3: Glee Club 1. NANCY KARCI-IES 4039 Washington Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: YCS 3, 4: Chemistry 3: Annual 4: Latin 3, Masque 8: Gavel 3, 4: Triple AC 2, 3: Class Sec'y. 3. PATRICIA KEARNS 1629 South Argyle Place St. Patrick CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: YCS 4: Debating 1, 2, 35 Pres. 4: Latin 3: Triple AC 2: Masque 8: Gavel 3, 4: Class Pres. 3: Sec'y. 4. PATRICIA KENNEDY 6736 Hayes Road Our Lady of Vi.S'If!lfI0l1 CSMC 1, 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 1. CATHERINE KESSLER 2473 Thompson Road St. HOIIUVBIIIIIFP CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Pres. 4. MARIE KERTH 3252 Galbraith Road St. Ann CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1. MARIAN KRISMER 4552 Kirby Avenue St. Boniface CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Annual 2. PATRICIA KROEGER 4028 Race Road St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 4, GAA 1, 2, Glee Club 1. CAMILLE KROGER 2766 Montana Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARIANNE KRUMDICK 3119 Ramona Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Theta 4, Triple AC 2, Masque 8: Gavel 3, 4. JACQUELYN LACHENMANN 303 Exporting Street, Aurora, Indiana St. Mary CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. JANET LAMPE 5094 Sumter Avenue St, Teresa CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTRAUD LANGE 205 Martini Road St. Aloysias, Delhi CSMC 4, Glee Club 4, German 4, German Exchange Student. MARY ANN LANGEN 2931 Ratterman Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Masque 8L Gavel 3, 4, Class Treas. 4. MARY ANN LIVERNOIS 3226 Buell Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC 4, Chemistry 4, Glee Club 4, Triple AC 4, Mercy High School Detroit 1, 2, 3. JOAN LOEBKER 2910 Temple Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Class Sec'y. 2. JOYCE LOHMAN 3291 Dunn Court Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Triple AC 2. JOAN LUTMER 694 Overlook Avenue St. William CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, Theta 4. MAUREEN MCCARTHY 2083 Baltimore Avenue St. Leo CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, Class Treas. 1. CAROL MCGOWAN 3378 Finkbeiner Road Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Triple AC 2, Seton High School 1. MARY ANN MEINERDING 4506 Hanley Road St. James CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. JEANNE MENKE 1440 Nill Avenue Assumption CSMC 2, 3, 4: Latin 3, Physics 4, Chemistry 3, Book Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Triple AC 4, Class Treas. 2, Notre Dame Academy 1. ANN MIDDENDORF 4064 Homelawn Avenue SI. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Chemistry 3, Triple AC 3, Immaculate Conception Academy 1, 2. KATHARINE MILLER 3415 Locust Lane Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Class Sec'y. 1, 2, 3. BERNICE MOELLMANN 421 I Leeper Street St. Boniface CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Theta 4. DOROTHY MONAHAN 2260 Schoedinger Avenue St. Bonaventure CSMC 1. 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN MOLIQUE 3478 Mayfair Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, YCS 2, 3, 4, Masque 8z Gavel 3, 4. MARY LOU NASTOLD 4349 Marlin Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Mission President 4, Glee Club 1, Annual 2, 3, 4, Triple AC 2, Debating 2, Latin Treas. 3. BETTY ROSE NEFF 120 Market Street, Aurora, Indiana St. Mary CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 4. MARY LEE NEIHEISEL 3432 Cheviot Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, GAA 2, Triple AC 3: YCS 2, 3, 4, Masque 8z Gavel 3, 4, Annual 4. NANCY LEE NEIHEISEL 3281 Broadwell Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta 4. MARY ELLEN NIEMAN 1736 Baltimore Avenue St. Leo CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, YCS 2, 3, 4. CAROL O'BRIEN 3524 Hazelwood Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Latin 3, Triple AC 2, 3, Pres. 4. JO ANN OSTERHUES 3614 Darwin Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta 4, Triple AC 2, 3, Chemistry 3, YCS 4, German 2, Sec'y. 3, 4, Masque 8: Gavel 3, Pres. 4, Annual 4. MARIAN PETERMAN 1805 Van Zandt Road St. Margaret Mary CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Mission Sec'y. 3, Theta 4, German 2, Pres. 3, 4: School Pres. 4. DOLORES PFAU 3222 Darwin Avenue St. Martin CSMC l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Chemistry 3, Triple AC 2. EUNICE PFIRRMANN 3459 Alta Vista CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club MARY PROCACCINO 1800 Anderson Ferry Road St. Martin St. Anloninus CSMC' 3, 4: Seton High School 1, 2. JOANE RAIBLE 3609 Semloh Avenue CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN RALEIGH 2900 McKinley Avenue CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Chemistry 4g DOLORES REILMAN 1636 Sundale Avenue St. James St. Bonaventure Latin 3, Triple AC 2. St. Margaret Mary CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Theta 4g German 2, 3, 4. WILMA REISING 2239 Graebe Street St. Bonaventure CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 4g GAA 2g Gleanings 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4, Glee Club 23 Class Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 4. ROSALIE RIEGER 3593 Riehle Road Sl. James CSMC 1. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. JOAN RIEHLE 4436 Harrison Avenue St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Chemistry 4g Glee Club lg Glean- ings 2. 33 Latin 3. JANE ROBERS 3160 West Tower Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC 2, 3, 4, Spanish 3, Our Lady of the Angels 1. JACOUELINE ROBINSON 2898 Woodrow Avenue St. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, GAA 4, Spanish 4. , xx F 'R JOYCE RORK 3736 Dina Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2: Debating 2, 3, 4, Triple AC 2. CAROL ROSMARIN 1830 De Armand Avenue St. Margaret Mary CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Spanish 3, 4. PATRICIA ROTH 6462 Loiswood Drive St. Clare CSMC 1, 4, Masque 8: Gavel 4. St. Mary Academy, South Bend, Indiana, 2, 3. JEWEL RUTHER 2584 Orland Avenue St, Catharine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Masque 8: Gavel 3, 4, Class Treas. 1, Pres. 2, Sec'y 3, JEANNE SCI-IAEFERS 3434 Mayfair Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, YCS 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, Triple AC 2, 4, Chemistry 4, Debating l, 2, GAA 1, 2, Gleanings 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, NMHS 3, 4, Rosary Club 4. JOYCE SCHELL 1783 Glen Parker Avenue St. Boniface CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Chemistry 4, Class Vice-Pres. 2, 3. ELEANOR SCHEITZ 1712 Fairmount Avenue St. Leo CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, YCS 2. CLARE SCHENCK 3313 Hildreth Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 4, Gleanings 3, Co-editor 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Glee Club 1, Class Sec'y. 1. HELEN SCI-IIELE 5320 Colerain Avenue Little Flower CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. MARILY N SCHMIDT 2627 Pancoast Avenue St. Catlzerinc' CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. .IOHANNE SCHNEIDER 4012 School Section Road St. Aloy.s'iu.x' Gmrzagu CSMC l, 2, 3, 4g Triple AC 2, 3g Spanish 3, Vice- Pres. 4: Class Vice-Pres. 1, Treas. 4. JEAN SCHOENHARL I529 Northvicw Avenue St. Patrick CSMC l, 2, 3, 4g GAA 2, Chemistry 3g Spanish 3, 43 Triple AC 3: Masque 84 Gavel 3, 4. JOYCE SCHUTTER 636 Main Street, Lawrenceburg St. Lawrence CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4. JO ANN SCRIVERI 1890 Queen City Avenue St. Bonaventure CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1: Gleanings 3, Co- Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 4, Class Pres. 4. BETTY LOU SEILER Box I87 Harrison Pike Sr. Bernarrl CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, MARLENE SICKMAN 2266 Baltimore Avenue Sr. Leo CSMC l, 2, 3, 4g Class Treas. 2. ROMILDA SIEMER 3603 Everett Avenue St. Mar-rin CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Debating 2, 3. MARIANNE SIMON 8248 Clara Avenue St. Ann CSMC I, 2, 3, 4. LAVERNE SMYTH Box 395 Devils Backbone Road Our Lady of CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Triple AC 4. Vi-vffffffvfl FLORA SPADAFORA 1761 Carll Street St. Leo CSMC l, 2, 3, 4: Glce Club l, 3: GAA l. ELAINE STATH 3115 Pershing Avenue Our Lady of Lourdes CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: GAA 1, 2: Theta 4: Triple AC 2. MARTHA STAUTBERG 4107 Saint Martin Place St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: YCS 2, 3, 4: Chemistry 3: GAA 2: Latin 3: Masque 8: Gavel 3, 4: Triple AC 3: Class Treas. 4. ALICE STELLITANO 5846 Lauderdale Drive St. Jamvs CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish 3, 4. MARY ELLEN STOCKELMAN 3978 Grace Avenue St. Aloysias Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: GAA 1: Triple AC 3. 4: Chemistry 3. BARBARA STRENG 2299 Harrison Avenue Sl. Catherine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry 4: Triple AC 2: Glee Club 1: YCS 4: Gleanings 2. 3: Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 4: NMHS 4: Class Vice-Pres. 1, 3: Rosary Club 4. ALICE STRULL 1700 Queen City Avenue St. Bonaventure CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY TAYLOR 3076 Neisel Avenue O11r Lady of Lourdes CSMC l, 2, 3, 4, KATHLEEN TEUSCHLER Box 163 Gaines Road St. James CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Theta 4. ALBERTA TOLWIG 3823 Applegate Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: YCS 2, 3, 4: Gleanings 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Chemistry 3: Triple AC 2, 3: Masque and Gavel 3, 4: Debating 1. 2, Sec'y. 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Annual 4, Class Pres. 3, Sec'y. 4. NANCY TRIPPEL 1555 McMakin Avenue Assumption CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: YCS 3, 4, Theta 4. AUDREY TUCCINARDI 4934 Glenway Avenue SI. Teresa CSMC I, 2. 3. 4: Mission Treas. 3: GAA 1: Glee Club 1: Masque 8: Gavel 3: YCS 2, Class Pres. 3. MARY ANN UNGER 3441 Hader Avenue St. Ignatius CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, Chemistry 3: GAA 1: German 4. JOAN VONDERHEIDE 4110 Runnymede Avenue St. Boniface CSMC I,2,3.43G1ee Club 1, 2, 3. LAVERNE WAGNER 3909 Race Road Sf. Aloysilis Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Chemistry 3: Physics 4: Triple AC 3, 4: Theta 4. ROSEMARY WASMER 6950 Lois Drive St. Margaret Mary CSMC 3, 4: Book Club 4: German 4: Chemistry 3, Seton High School 1. Woodward Commercial 2. EILEEN WASSLER 3610 Pancoust Avenue St. Cullwrine CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Theta 4. JEAN WELLING Box 418 South Road Our Lady of Visitation CSMC 3, 4, Latin 35 Seton High School 1, 2. RUTH WERLE 5825 Bridgetown Road St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Theta 4. GERALDINE WILKE 2925 Royal Glenn St. Ann CSMC 1, 2. 3, 4: Glee Club lg Class Vice-Pres. 2, Treas. 3. MARY WILLIAMS 3068 Wardall Avcnue SI. Marlin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 4: Chemistry 3, Triple AC 3, Latin 3. X ' MARY LOU WOHLFROM 1886 Baltimore Avenue St. Leo CSMC l, 2, 3, 41 Mission Vice-Pres. 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA WOODSON 3849 Applegate Avenue St. Martin CSMC I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. JANET WUELLNER 3810 Applegate Avenue Sr. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 49 Theta 4. CECILIA YETTER 3431 Mayfair Avenue St. Martin CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Masque 84 Gavel 3, 4g Triple AC 23 Latin 3g Class Pres. 3, 4. ROSEMARY MEYER 3739 Ebenezer Road Our Lady of Visitation CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4: Book Club 3, 4, Theta 4. MAUREEN YOUNG 6508 Savannah Avenue St. Margaret Mary CSMC 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry 3, Glee Club 4g Orchestra 2, YCS 4. JEANNE ANN ULLRICH ln Memory "The winter is past, the rain is over and gone Arise, my love, my dove, my beautiful one, and come." Christ Our Savior said, f'What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?" In the light of these words of our Savior the life of Jeanne Ann Ullrich was an unqualified success. She was possessed of an innocence rarely found in a girl of sixteen. Although 1954 was to be her Gold Medal year, God willed differently by giving her the Golden Crown of everlasting happiness. We like to think it was some- thing more than a mere coincidence that this little lady entered eternity on the eve of a major feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom she had a very special devotion. May her beautiful soul rest in peace. 46 Junior class presidents are, clockwise, D. Bristow, J. Ludwig, S. Scott, J. Myers, P. Nieberding QTAQ Class of 7955 Upperclassmen now, the juniors planned a full and exciting schedule and carried their plans out with great skill and foresight. That wonder- ful feeling that one gets when, after working for hours, something beautiful emerges, belongs exclusively to our industrious and hard- working Juniors. The Variety Show, held on April 2, was as entertaining and as gay as ever an amateur show could be. Career Night, helped the seniors decide their life work. Junior Achievement and the Roman Banquet help to change extremely lively Sophomores into sedate and, almost solemn, Seniors. The most enjoyable night of the year was, of course, the Junior-Senior Prom, attended and sponsored by the Juniors for the Seniors. The whole year was an experience, full of joys and tears, yet enriched by the ideals every Mercian holds dear. 47 Row 4: J. L. Brown. R. Brungel, J. Brunsman, L. Budd, J. Buttelwerth, M. Carroll, M. Casey. Row 5: S. Cianciola, C. Clore, J. Conn, M. Cook, J. Czoer, J. Daulton, M. A. Davis. Row 6: M. DeCurtins, J. Dehler, S. Devins, P. Dow- ling, M. A. Eisele, B. J. Eisele, J. Ellensnhn. CA mercy, GGY QVCLV Junior Art students pay tribute to Mary by con- structing Our Lady and the children venerating her of papier-mache. Some of the students here pictured are M. Stoll, P. Dowling and J. Dehler. Claire Hammerle and Sue Scott puzzle over plans for the forthcoming junior variety presentation. Round the world they travel in search of some- one to reign as queen of the junior-senior prom. fjzty CAilvlren Iwe ever e Row l: J. Engelhardt. C. Erras, D. Esselman, K. Row 4: C. Hnmmerle. A. Huslcll, R. Hcsselbrock, J Feeley. M. A. Finn, A. Flick, J. Franz. Hetz. L. Heyob, J. Hirth, M. Hoenemier. Row 2: S. Frey, G. Fullen, G. Gelhot, V. Gerkan, G. Row 5: M. A. Hoffman, M. Holman. M. Hofmann. .I Goebel, K. Granncn, S. Grillin. Holley, L. Holmes. D. Hood, B. Hummel. Row 3: P. Groff, G. Guelle, M. Gustin, J. Habig, R. Row 6: D. Hussey, G. lasillo. J. Jenkins, J. Kcnning Hadley, G. Hafertepen, J. Hagemunn. Z. Klett, E. Knollman, P. Koeninger. 49 Busy at a last minute practice for the unnuzil junior variety show are: J. Myers, M. A. Gus- tin. L. Ollinger and J. Hugemann. rj-Ly Blnewll ever guide M5 Row l: D. Korte, K. Kruer, M. A. Kummer, C. Kunz. C. Laemmlc R. Lay, B. Lillie. Row Z: P. Litmer, D. Lobitz, J. Ludwig, J. A. Mackie. M. J. Mutuciu D. Mendel, M. Merrill. Row 3: l. Meyer, M. Meyer, P. Meyer, M. K. Miller. M. Minnich N. Monk, D. Mohr. Row 4: M. K. Moll, W. Molodetz, E. Mormile, R. M. Mueller, B Myers, J. Myers, B. McHule. Row 5: M. Nziuer, V. Neiheisel, P. Nieberding. M. l.. Niemier, R Nienaber. C. Niklas, M. J. Niklas. Row 6: F. Ohmer, S. O'Leary, L. Ollinger, J. A. Penick, J. Petri, I. Polking, B. Powell. 2 W vw tg -- WM at 1 0 L.. N an Row I: .l. Rack, C, Kunz, M. Reholtl, P. Renters, B. Rcnneker. J. Riemun. A. Riesz. Row Z: P. Rist, M. Roberts. P. Roehrig, P. Rolfes. G. Ruehrmcin, C. Rumpke. Schneider. Row 3: P. Sclioenbaccher. L. Schwegmun. Scott. L. Schalstizm, M. Scibert. .I. Seller. M. Seilcr. 64140, fAefzfl!Aife ocean! io qbcforcy Row 4: Nl. Summe. G. Row 5: A. Vierling. C. Row 6: J. Willingham, Preparations for that long-dreamed-of-day are nu- merous discover Dariu Korte, Violet Neiheisel Carol Rzmz. Debbie Ahrens, Mary Ann Ashcraft 1 in.. J. Soete. R. Stern. M. Stoll. P. Sullivan. D. Sutter. C. Taylor. Temming, J. Unger, P. Van dc Ryt. ll. Wagner, M. Waller, J. Wulter. Weber, Westermun. M. Willcnhrink. Y. S. Wilson. .l. Young. Sophomore class presidents are, left to right, J. Sucher, D. Dutro, M. A. Mott, M. Marx M A. Nemann. me Class of A Sophomore now, so much more superior to the lowly Freshmen yet Hthey always blame everything on the Sophomores." Friendships begun in Freshman year mature and tried and true Mercy loyalties sink deeper into the active minds, and eager hearts of our Sophomores. Biology and Science cause many a wrinkle on Miss Average Sophomore's brow, as well as the intricate passages of Julius Caesar. Something new this year, is the S.D.S. Dance, strictly for Freshmen and Sophomores. Our cafeteria was transformed into a stately ballroom, as waltzes and the Bunny Hop reechoed thru Mercyls long corridors. Also, Sophomore plays gave drama- tists a chance to show their abilities. And so Sophomore year passes, and with it, passes the joys of being innocent underclassmen, and the breath-taking climb to the top floor. 52 74 QU :Lies gjvow Before 5 Row I: F. Ackman, C. Backman, B. Baumgartner, A. Behrens, A Berger, P. Bergman, A. Bernard, M. Betsch. Row 2: M. Binder, K. Birck, M. L. Birkenheuer, M. L. Black, J Blank, C. Blessing, J. Bone, M. Braeunig. Row 3: F, Brankamp, M. C. Bross, J. Bucher, R. Buechler, B. Bush A. Cannon, C. Cassini, P. Cavagna. Row 4: H. Christman, E. Clark, J. A. Coors, S. Cox, J. Creager, A D'Arcy, C. DeChant, M. Dieckmann. Row 5: L. Dirr, C. Dorger, J. Doyle, J. Dunlap, M. Duston, D. Dutro, R. M. Fantetti, D. Fisher. Row 6: B. L. Flick, M. Fogelman, B. Folz, M. Franke, C. Gentry, J. Gibson, P. Glueck, B. Godar. l I 53 1 Y , I Row 1: J. Godar, L. Gohs, C. Hafner, M. Hagen, C. Haun, C. Hayden, P. Heffron, M. E. Heitfeld. Row 2: C. Hemsath, B. Heuerman, J. A. Himmelman, M. Hirschberg, H. Hoesl, R. Honnigford, J. Hood, K. Jacob. Row 3: N. James, A. Jung, C. Jung, G. Karg, M. Kelly, S. Keller, D. Kinross, F. Kirchgessner. Row 4: C. Klimper, S. Koebel, J. Koehler, R. Koehlke, M. J. Koeninger, D. Kohl, L. Korte, R. Korte. Row 5: C. Kracke, M. Kreimer, M. Krummen, B. Kunz, D. Kurtz, A. Laiferty, M. Laub, B. Lietz. Row 6: B. Lindner, M. L. Link, C. Lorenz, M. Lower, A. Luchte, J. Lunne, R. Macke, C. Manz. fwe yet xl!-ave verLyiLing fo air 54 Row 1: R. Martin, M. Marx, T. McLaughlin, M. J. McManus, M McWilliams, M. J. Meister, M. Menke, P. Mersch. Row 2: M. Meyer, M. Meyers, E. Miller, J. Miltz, M. J. Minnich J. Mohr, C. Moorman, M. A. Mott. Row 3: C. Muenich, D. Myers, M. A. Ncmunn, M. Nieman, H Nostheide, C. Obert, M. O'Mera, M. J. Owens. Row 4: C. Peetz, C. Peterman, S. Phelan, M. C. Pohlmzm, B. Rack M. J. Ramstetter, J. A. Reardon, N. Rebholz. Row 5: L. A. Rebold, G. Rennekamp, R. Rennick, J. Rentschler. E Rhein, K. Richmond, J. Richter, L. Richter. Row 6: J. Riedel, M. Rigacci, R. Rogers. M. J. Suck, S. Sanger, S Schaible, M. Schamer, E. Schapker. 7AongAW We CA fAe x.j'GgAesf ame 55 Row l: M. I. Schare, M. Schell, E. Schmitt, M. Schneider, J. Schoen- ing, V. Schramm, M. L. Shroyer, C. Schwietering. Row 2: M. Shannon, M. Siemer, C. Spade, J. Stath, M. Steigerwald, P. Stein, C. Steinmetz, N. Steinwert. Row 3: P. Stenger, M. Sterwerf, M. A. Stiers, J. Stock, I. Strassell, J. Sucher, C. Tenoever, A. Tepe. Row 4: B. Thompson, P. Thompson, C. Thueneman, I. Thuener, P. Tolwig, S. Tracy, N. Trefzger, R. Trepohl. Row 5: J. Umberg, A. Unger, A. Valentine, J. Verkamp, J. Von Rissen, C. Wagner, M. A. Walters, C. Wassler. Row 6: B. Wasmer, R. Werle, I. Wesselman, C. Willenbrink, J. A. Wilmer, A. Wolfram, M. Young, M. Zenz. vdlwacys glue Iwe wllwemain l l Freshman class presidents are, left to right, P. Waldeck. K. Hermes, J. Guglielmi, P. Folz I.. Brockhaus. They came in the Autumn, eager to please, and anxious to make friends. There is a certain shyness and a certain pride about being a Freshman. Usually the most enthusiastic and energetic class, our little sisters begin the long climb to graduation Cand to homeroomj with tenacity and courage. With fear and trembling, they await Initiation Day, only to find that "it wasn't so bad after all." They are initiated, too, into Mercy's traditions of modesty and obedience. They are given the Mercy way of life to follow, the Mary-like way of life. As an inspiration to the school, Freshman dramatic students presented the annual Christmas Play. The S.D.S. Dance encouraged all to dress modestly. By the end of the year the newness has wom off, the shyness has disappeared and "our little sisters' are ready to take their places in Mercy's ranks. We Class of 7957 Row 1: F. Albers, C. Andres, S. Axt, R. Bates, R. Baum, C. Becker, M. Bellman, K. Bengert. Row 2: M. I. Bietenduvel, R. Boerger, R. M. Bolle, C. Braun, S. Brinkman, L. Brockhaus, M. C. Brown, S. Bruns. Row 3: S. Buechel, S. Bueckler, M. Buttelwerth, K. Byrne, M. A. Colado, M. Cramer, D. Dee, P. Dickhaus. Row 4: J. Diesman, M. J. Dipilla, J. Disken, C. Docterman, J. Doerger, D. Dourson, R. Dumford, C. Eisle. Row 5: D. Elbert, M. Elder, S. Erhart, J. Fay, B. Feltner, C. Firstos, S. Fischer, A. Flach. Row 6: C. Flaig, D. Foetzer, P. Folz, C. Fox, M. Frey, R. M. Furnish, M. Gaven, M. Gehling. 58 I CL a.mofAer ofgmerca Row 1: M. Gerhard, C. Ginley, E. Gleason, M. Goldschmidt, D Grieshop, V. Grosse, M. Grosscr, G. Guetle. Row 2: J. Gulielmi, K. Hadley, J. Hagen, D. Halpen, J. Haucke, I. Heckler, C. Herdeman, K. Hermes. Row 3: B. Hertsenberg, R. Heyl, K. Hoar, E. Hoesl, K. Hoffman, C. Honningford, J. Huber, M. J. Hughey. Row 4: B. lasillo, M. Jacobs, P. Jamison. A. Jaspers, M. Jester, S. Jones, J. Juengling, A. Kaminsky. Row 5: C. Kathman, M. Kearns, B. Kemme, M. Kessler, M. J. Kielborth, S. Kincaid, J. King, M. Kirry. Row 6: M. Koch, B. Kohe, P. Kopp, L. Kreimer, R. Kreimer, M Krois, C. Kunz, K. Kunz. tw? Love Ivefcy H1442 Row 1: B. Labmeier, B. Lampe, E. Langenbrunner, M. A. Lauter- wasser, J. Lehan, M. A. Lehr, C. Liedenheimer, D. Lewis. Row 2: R. Lingers, B. Louis, M. C. Luken, J. Lyons, I. MacDonald, C. Mallott, L. Mandery, C. Mangold. Row 3: M. Massa, C. Massman, M. J. Mauntel, M. Meents, C. Menk- haus, L. Merrill, M. Metsch, K. Mettman. Row 4: B. Meyer, C. Moeller, J. A. Molengraft, I. Molique, L. Mona- han, L. McArthur, J. McGranahan, E. Naberhaus. Row 5: J. Neimeister, E. Nesselhuf, P. Northcutt, M. Olding, F. Osterhues, A. Penick, J. Quinlan, E. Rapien. Row 6: A. Rehkamp, R. Reising, E. Rettig, L. Riedel, M. Rielag, C. Riesenbeck, M. Rosenacker, C. Ruark. Jing fAe gmem'ries o Cnr ScLool ibacys Row 1: S. Ruther, M. Ryan, M. Schaller, N. Schenkel, C. Scherer, P. Schettler, M. Schierer, J. Schlecktinger. Row 2: H. Schmidt, R. Schutte, M. Schwietering, J. Seibert, M. J. Seiwert, V. Sontag, R. A. Spaith, J. Stafford. Row 3: I. Stahl, C. Steinker, M. A. Steinle, A. Stenger, L. Stiers, M. Streng, C. Streit, D. Sutter. Row 4: J. A. Temke, J. A. Tengler, J. Tenoever, D. Tobin, P. Tolle, P. Wade, M. Waldeck, A. Walter. Row 5: R. Weil, J. Weisbrodt, M. Wellman, C. Westerkamp, L. Wetzel, J. Willenborg, A. Willenbrink, M. Wolff. Row 6: M. Zang, E. Wolfram. ver e of arf of M 61 Wx -4? mm X QL. mx '-' :-K .. Y wig? , 5 x N WW , W2 x A wwf, gg 5, U, .Na H' 'fin M, S-'za' I-uf 'iksvaiii , - 4 My x '29 arf 5 YE wx X 'W . .k msm,,,w X fy: nw ww 'ix 14 xe- YMQX- Sf Q I W N ,., , f fx 1 , L 3 ' I "i"'::H"22'J :JS :X W EL "wr 4 Hx.. ,, . f H . W-' F-'QL if '1 -55 5 4 1 A Q 4 sq, 'Q - 5, .7.:a:::::'--.-5:5 -' ffm-'Lif'.1'..,'f "L .' F 9 - - ggi, ' -Mrs.-,5 A .... uw- M t' x .. 3,3 Hfeqzlyfw M gg? .i gk K. ,X WW? k,.. ,. ,, ., 'ENV ' f 5 :-. ii , f W Y' "" ' ,gigffifif 5 ' Q 'f1Wbi.i-A .. W, ' ,4 . 5: Each Thursdiy morning before school in the chemistry room you will find the St. Bridget Rosary Club busy at work for the missions over the United Stntes These members are seated. C. Moeller. B. Lampe, J. Schaefers, B Strung B Hertsenberg, M J Dierson C Andres Stmdlng C Kathman and D. Christen. zsvzonarcy ftsflmulafes adcfivitcy Mercy has always held ll reputzihle posi- tion in Mission activities. The members make 21 monthly spiritual report. collect stamps, clothing und books and hold cake sales. Through the year the CSMC has helped the foreign missions. The Mother Mr'A1iley Lay Apo.s'ml.'1rc' Group inaugurated on Feb- ruary 2 the group recitation of the Little Ollice of the Immaculate Conception. On this same day the members received their McAuley Medals. The making of six hundred Sacred Heart Badges was the main project this year. The pledge to say a rosary a day to Mary for Russia's conversion was the spiritual project. The members studied and discussed at their meetings the spiritual life of Mother McAuley and applied her life to their own. eqaferesf lnjecomes c'x4f1'ozr1 ,lanette Brown. President. distributes material for making Sacred Heart Badges lo members of the Mullin' Mr'A11lt'-v Lay flpmtnltlfr' Group. L. to r., B. Hum mel, M. Unger. R Wasmcr, M. Berg er, R. Stcrn, D Rcilman. J. A. Os terhues, M. Peter man, J. Ellensohn C. Peterman. W Lange, C. Schwie- tering and A. M Wohlfram. Textbooks were not the only source of knowledge for the students, since some time was set aside for extra activities. M. Bischoff, A. Temming and M. Hoenemier prepare a display. g MOWlCJgQ Bl'iVlc9'S MWJeYSf0TMAng Ot our extra-curricular activities the Spanish and German Clubs are two of the most interesting. A deeper knowledge and understanding of the customs of the countries are acquired by both language classes. 66 Latin Day, Latin Week, Latin Banquet and nu- merous other projects were sponsored by the Latin Club during the year. The 24 members, to- gether with their moderator, Sister M. Celestine, won a silver vase, der Hildesheimer, for their excellent laboratory project in Latin. A. Beiersdorfer, J. Eppensteiner, M. Berger, and D. Hood point out our school's name on the Latin Cluh's trophy. apufinellae erifs Classicalcgeagrfle rop cy i The entire Latin Club standing clockwise: C. Niklas. A. Beiersdorfer, A. Dorr, D. Lobitz, C. Ranz, J. Ludwig, D. Bristow, J. Eppensteincr. J. Hetz, M. Seiier, M. A. Kummer, K. Grannen, P. Litmer, S. Scott, P. Nicbcrtling, M. l.. Niemicr. Seated: M. Berger, S Wilson, D. Hood, J. Brown, D. Korte, L. Brady admire our newly-won trophy. 67 gm blvseg ga W in R w wwqg me Scatctl clockwise: P. Nicbcrcling, S. Scott. M. Seiler. A. Tolwig P. Kearns. B. Knollman, A. Berger J. Wcssclman. Standing clockwise G. Iasillo, D. Hood, M. Bcrgcr Johnson. M. Niemcicr. li. Hocsl F. Kearns. .l. Bell. .l. Benz, R.M Bchrcns. lbegafing anJcjl4afA Qevefop Q can m1'xt1eL Two clubs which provide their members with opportunities for activities outsidc of the school are the Debating Club and the National Mathematics Honor Society. Helping to trim the Christmas tree with geometric-shaped ornaments are, l. to r.. math club members, M. F. Blank, J. Schaefers, B. Streng. D. Christen, M. J. Dicrsen and P. Harrington. m W f L. to r. D. Christen, S. Gritlin. M. Sack, E. Schmidt. L. Rehold. B. Powell, E. Mormile. L. Holmes. J. Benz. M. Shroycr, A. Lzrlierty, C. J. Wurster, A. Bzickmzin, M. Rc- bold, M. A. Davis, M. Gavin, M. Kreimer. M. Kirry, E. Kearns. .l. Wesselman. Standing: K. Hour, C. Kunz and R. Reising. Wea, Cross anal C14 Kpromofe ooloerafion Due to the endless work of D. Christen, president, and homeroom representatives the Red Cross enjoyed a very successful year of numerous activities and drives. Competition and good sportsmanship highlighted the year during which the G.A.A. Organization, headed by J. Benz, held an outstanding position in many sports. As J. Benz tries for a point her partner J. Umberg eyes opponents P. Koeninger and C. Kunz ln the background stand enthusiastic G.A.A. members eagerly rooting for the hest team 70 c lhcti Art Club I. to r standing R. Fogclman. J lutmci M Peterman, .l. A cihues E. R. Stath. P I-cucht M Groh,F.lmsande R Wulf. K. Teuschler, S. llllS Frey. M. Ber- c Suited: R. Meyer. E. H' . Wlsslcr I A. Wagner. K. gif 9 D eilmg N L. Trippel. B. I Scilti B. Moellmann in- spect superior art work. ilu: C Cll!f'1lVCI!CAlAS 54701150 6MfAll5iCl5l4f1 Cultural clubs stimulate interest. The Theta Art Club encourages artists at Mercy to attain excellence in art. The Theta Club, which consists of members in school and those who have already graduated, had an active year drawing for hospitals and making favors for the sick. The Book Club joined the Teen-Age Book Club this year and thru this organization ob- tained many worthwhile and inexpensive books. This club is restricted to seniors and encourages the love of books among the students at Mercy. books. New 71 REQ 4 R. Wasmcr. G. l.. Flaherty. R. Meyer. M. .l. Dicrscn. J. Mcnkc. M. Berger receive new pocket Seated Row l: D. Hood, B. Powell, C. Hammerle, J. Buttleworth, Z. Klett. J. Hctz, J. Brown, A Dorr J Brown Row 2: D. Christen. M. Niemeier, K. Grannen, N. Brazel, B. Albert, R. Dempsey, C. Yetter, J. A Osterhucs J Bell: Standing: B. Eisele, J. Schoenharl, J. Bradley, M. Stautberg, J. Ruther, P. Bertsch. K. Molique M l mgcn M. Finn, S. O'l.eary, M. Carroll, A. Elsen, P. Roth, D. Albietz, P. Nieberding, M. Krumdick, P. Ke urns A Tolwig N. Karches. a5c7ne and gavel- ramafic 0414 Society To be eligible for membership in Masque and Gavel the student must have taken dramatics for two years and maintained a 9O'.1 average. By being a member she has access to certain privileges. These include three productions for the public: the Masque and Gavel play, the Senior Class play, and the Mercy-Elder play, although any senior may try out for the Senior Class play. They also participate in various meets and tournaments sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Speech League. Students may also work toward the honor of giving a Silver or Gold Medal Recital. Other honors which are awarded through the national organization are: the Theatre Award and the Chapter Star Award. Masque and Gavel is alliliated with the national organization at Northwestern University. Jo Ann Osterhues presides at meetings. 72 .l. Hughey. D. Christen, K. Kunz. Quill und Scroll initiates ure: Fr.. G. Flynn. J. Benz. M. Engelhard, G. Flaherty. C. Selienek Buck: I.. Butter. A. Tolwig, J. Schucfers. S. Bremlle. Fr.: R. Jacobs. M. Berger. B. Streng W. Reising. .l. Scriveri :tml D. Christen. Qui!! ana! Modelx for S.D.S. ure.. l. to r. C. Kunz. l.. Mztndery. R. Schulte, M. ei' W Xu., QR gm xxmk NMWM Q , - x V ,Mi waffwk Q MMM WW! " .L X X KN! - QQ, Min., ,fi A. , , fm Li V .- 4 . QQ, 1' T . rm. 2 ZA 'W K. Q -, M . , 15. 42 x ? if 5 r , 5 Af' ' 1653 ,N s 5 f 3 . ' G bm, ,,,,,.,.f I I Nw ,VM .W ,feud Cub reporters viewing their future work on the school paper are shown left to right, .lane Umherg. Carol Cassini, Pat Glueck, Judy Wesselman, Jo Ann Reardon and Margie Hirschberg. gyeanings oes io re55 "Gleanings", the school paper, has captured much enthusiasm from every student, since they themselves are featured. The paper's specialties lie in good, spicy editorials and interesting feature stories. Each year brings outstanding awards from the C.A.P.A. Trailing a scoop to a story, trips to the printer, hours of typing, proofreading in- still the wonderful thrill in journalists as another issue goes to press. Scooping through past copies of the "GIeanings' are l. to r., D. Christen, J. Schaefers, l.. Batter and standing hy the press is our editor. B. Strung Busy editors M. I.. Nastold and N. Harp find collecting paraphernalia for "still life" pictures an engrossing part of yearbook activities. As the school year opened, the seniors eagerly began the task of assembling the '54 yearbook. This year the girls dedicated the MERCYWOOD to Mary in honor ol' the Marian Year observance. cf only in arian ear erccywoool JACIMC N. .I. Karehes. .l. Bell. R. Dempsey and J. Benz examine picture lay- outs returned from the engraver for inclusion in the l954 publication. 77 An orphanage conducted by a newly-founded com- munity of Sisters was the setting of Masque and Gavel's production CAREER ANGEL. Faced with the grave problem of bankruptcy, and the appearance of sabo- teurs on the grounds of the school, things look grim for the sisters. But with the aid of Sister Seraphim's Guardian Angel, things turn out well in the end. We find a bit of the over-solicitous Sister Fidelis in the best of us, and a bit of the over-optimistic Sister Seraphim in the worst of us. Sister Seraphim, played by N. Karches, is startled by the appearance of her angel IM. E. Hoerthy omealcy Sfagedgy Masque and gave! Sister Gregory QA Tolwigl Superior of the Convent, is losing her patience as Sister Seraphim til. Bcllj insists thxt her Gu irdian Angel KJ A Osterhuesj is sitting right on the desk. The girls busily reading the letters offering to buy the rare manuscript are: .l. Bradley, J. Schoenharl, A. Dorr, M. Carroll, B. J. Eisele, K. Molique, S. O'Leary, D, Hood. Sneaking in after a mysterious night trip down to the lake, the girls are relieved at seeing Abigail CJ. Hetzj. D. Christen, B. Albert, M. Niemeier, J. Unger, J. Buttelwerth, C. Yetter, A. Elsen and N. Brazel. CIVCCI' " MHC Mrs. Barr. a neighbor and benefactor of Provi- dence Institute, and who we later lind out is a German saboteur, is greeted by Sister Gregory and Meta Rhcinhold, a talented student of German descent. Left to right are: J. Hetz, D. Albietz, M. A. Krumdick, and A. Tolwig. Nancy attacks her tormentor. Clockwise: C. Yetter, l. Brown, M. A. Krumdick, N. Karches. A. Tolwig. .l. Bell. fj-Ae Iyonng an qoir Brook Valley Academy, a fashionable girls' school near Boston was the setting of the Senior play THE YOUNG AND FAIR. This exciting melo- drama tells of the spoiled and dictatorial daughter of an inlluential trustee, who succeeds in having an innocent girl accused of theft. Making up hcfore the play are, A. Tuccinardi. P. Roth, J. Bradley. J. Day and D. Albietz l. to r.. L. Batter, J. Ruthcr. J. Schaefers, M. A. Krumdick, S. Johnson and P. Kearns. Nancy QD. Christen? cxplains that Dru IP. Rothj forced her to deceive. R. Dcmpscy, .l. A. Ostcrhucs, M. Stauthcrg. and K. Moliquc listen. cnior Class 25 re5enf5 Brocv .l. Bradley. .l. Schocnharl. N. Harp. M. Langen. J. A. Colina. M. "I saw you takc it." Dru ncrcamx shc accuses Nancy oi' xtcaling. c way ll' h Ncihciscl, and .l. Oslcr ucs. 3 5. X Left to right the characters are Ezra. Marjorie Betschz Miss Trot, .lane Umberg: Miss Elmira Moran, Mary .lo Sack and Inez. .ludith Bucher. Here the neighbors discuss the latest gossip and happenings respecting their neighborhood. Here Arlene lung, Inez, looks on as Mrs. Carry Ellsworth, Arline Lafferty, assists Grandma, Margie Menke. At the window Peter, Janet Richter and Ezra Williams, .lulia Lunne, peer in, being sure not to overlook one turn of events. SQPAS lpreseni rj-!1anL5giving any THE NEIGHBORS, a one act playlet by Zona Gale, was presented at Thanks- giving by the sophomore dramatic students under the direction of Miss Pulskamp. The play, presented for the inspiration of the faculty and the students, was a delightful comedy fashioned around characters taken from small-town lifeg a touch- ing story concerning a friendless child in the care of THE NEIGHBORS. 82 rib' CAri5fmas Kproolucfion Directed hy Miss Dulah Pulskamp, the freshman dramatic students presented "The Christman Pageant of the Holy Grail" by W. Bowie. This playlet centers around King Arthur's desire and prayer to win a gift for Christ which only a perfect knight could secure. Q 4 5 S if P 3 . ,E 83 J. Molique, M. Jacobs, C. Dochterman E. Kearns offer gifts to R. Schutte. C. Firstos. knights F. Osterhucs and J. S. Guglielmi looks on attcntively. Those paying homage and adoration to the Babe are C. Massman, K. Hoar. R. Reising. M. Lauterwasser, l.. Merrill, D. Elbert, .l. Umherg, D. Dourson. GVCH-Elder 70 LZLVQVS This year's Mercy-Elder play, the celebrated comedy, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, was presented to an enthusi- astic audience on Sunday, May 9, and Monday, May 10. When the daughter of the delightful, unpredictable Sycamores fell in love with the son of the funereal, unhappy Kirbys un- usual events occurred. ln leading roles were M. Neiheisel, A. Tolwig, J. A. Osterhues and J. Brown from Mercy and P. Trageser, H. Burger, B. Richter and D. Henderson from Elder. 84 E. Laird, T. Dillinger, M. Quinn, D Casey, J. Brown, J. Bell, D. Henderson D. Christen, D. Olberding, M. Krumdick R. Jones, K. Molique, H. Burger, P Kearns, R. Goetz and C. Yetter. A. Buck, A. Tolwig and .l. Bell enjoy Sycamore family, E. Laird. D. Casey their customary activities. J. Brown, H. Burger propose a toast. Upper: R. Dempsey, B. Richter, F. I.uird. I.. Vale. IJ. Olhcrrl- ing, R. Meyer und M. L. Neihcisel spend an evening ut home. Lower: R. Dempsey, A. Buck. E. I.uird. D. Albictz. N. Kurchcs, I.. Vale, P. Trageser. J. A. Ostcrhucs. D. Huber. M. I.. Nei- heiscl, J. Ruther. M. A. Lungen, M. Stuutberg. B. Richter. on an ,f GIAC gf Iyer: Left: J. A. Osterhues and P. Tragcser in rn romantic scene. 85 Fnacting a part of a scene are B. Baumgartner. J. Blank. B. Heuermann. D. Dutro. S. Keller. The dramatic production "What Men Live By" is adapted by Virginia Church. The play centers around a humble and poor M gm Russian Shoemaker and his wife who entertain an angel un- af en 'Ve aware and learn of the three important things by which men live. Under the guidance and direction of Miss D. Pulskamp. the dramatic art students were able to present this drama. Pictured are M. l.aub. the wealthy widow: D. Dutro. the angel from heaven and D. Correa. thc crippled child. C. Hayden hands a pair of baby shoes to be mended to S. Keller. the shocmakcr. go lv! meek hs fs To climax four years ol' effectual work and intensified training in dramatic art, Jane Bell and JoAnn Osterhucs were presented in a Gold Medal Recital. Each student presented a number of selections and as an appropriate fea- ture combined talents in a scene selcctcd from the play, ONE SUN- DAY AFTERNOON. Ostcrliucs cnacts lN1O'l'l'lFRS OF MEN and Bcll. DRAMA IN 'l'HF ROSE GARDEN. Below: "Why just sitting in the park isn't flirting." J. Ostcrliues tells J. Bell. lctt front, row l: C. Wagner, C. Wagner, F. Kirchgessner, Row 2: M. A. Mott, K. Byrne Row 3: M. Meyers, R. M. Werle, J. Doerger, L. Monahan. Right front, row l: J. Menke, M Olding, C. Willcnbrink. Row Z: L. Heyob. F. Ackman, J. Benner. Row 3: C. Theuneman, M l Diersen. Last row: M. F. Nieman, B. Meyers, A. Bernard, M. E. Heitfeld. P. Jamison J Brown. Directress, M. DeCurtins. 115ic .ibehghls fAe xjfearf Awaiting the downbeat from the director, the orchestra is in readiness for an opening night. Besides the hard work and many hours of preparation, one always remembers the fun of rehearsing with classmates or being a member of a team. With the success of the concert in May, another year of per- formances ended. The Dramatic Productions for which the orchestra played included "You Can't Take It With You" and "Career Angel." The orchestra, under the direction of Sister M. Bernard, will always keep up with the times in playing suitable orchestrations for all the many school activities. 88 'l'he skilled hands ol' M. DeCurtins led the or ehestru in successful performances this yezu arolers onor ,NBIMA of CAMS! The Glee Club under the direction of Mr. J. Fehring demonstrates its talent at the Christmas program. The carol program proves to he a successful occasion. 'l To the strain of a yuletidc song. the carolers begin. Tiny tapers illuminate thc darkness during reccssional. V: ,lv W .- Q ' I: 5 Honoring Mury, the Senior Glee Club presented the SPRING CONCERT to our Blessed Mother. Between selections the verse choir, directed by Miss Pulskump, gave tribute to Our Mother in poetry. As the soloist, Miss Grace Flynn sang "Virgin's Slumber Song" by Regerl The entire program wus under the direction of Mr. John Fehringg accompanist Miss Mary K. Czirlton. .V L49 .N A - ? A it A Tolwig, senior debater, presents her arguments as opponents listen to her disputation. P. Bertsch, president of the SDS, introduces Fr. C. Blum as guest speaker on Modesty Crusade Day. L. to r., A. Beiersdorfer, S. Jones, D. Bristow, R. A. Honnigford and M. Minnich with Father Blum pre- senting awards for SDS posters. ognizanf o mind anal Sou! In the past year, an all active student body gained out- standing recognition in both SDS and in league debating. These are but a few of the various clubs that compose our extra-curricular activities available to all students. Be- cause of the large selection of organizations each girl has an opportunity to choose according to her preferences. l.. to r. Mrs. Duwcl, her son and Father Connell. Seated with her children is Mrs. .lcanne Stcngcr. iving rj-AQVILS Thanksgiving baskets are contributed every year by the students. Each homeroom choos- es a poor family to whom they give the basket. Fixing baskets are l. to r., R. Siemer, N. Trippel, G. Arnold, M. A. Gustin. f' lf1lflllCI!5CI6Ly I Clay Last Nov. 29 marked the First Annual Baby Day of the Mother of Mercy Alumnae, In the chapel Father Connell bestowed a blessing and medals on the babies. After the ceremony the mothers and their children were served refreshments ol' cookies and ice cream in the school cafeteria. 04 mary CArisfrna5 A f'Mercy" Christmas tells a happy story with the Nativity of the Infant Savior its climax of joy. Designing seasonal centerpieces and attractive classroom decorations, dreaming of gay dances and planning gifts make a Mary Christmas. Judy Willenborg and her little sister Arlene pay homage to the Infant Jesus as they visit the Bethlehem scene beautifully arranged in Mercy's chapel. Qi ,QB Nature provides the raw materials and dextrous lingers fashion interesting seasonal home ornaments for a biology class project. J. Theuner, A. Berger and K. Birch examine the finished product. The seniors and their freshman little sisters exchange presents. I.. Batter seems puzzled about her gift: C. Herdemann, surprisedg while C. Yetter surmises the possible contents of her package. 94 044 cmerccy Holiday festivities started early in December with a PTA Christmas party. This was a gay occasion with colorful place mats and table decorations. A jolly Santa distributed gifts and the guests enjoyed a delicious luncheon. Mrs. Herman Richter as Santa delights Mrs. Walter Gerwe with a present from her pack Girls in the cooking classes served dainty yulctidc refreshments to the happy group. "How about a theme - and what about colors - let's try something diflerentf' Interest mountsg homerooms vie with each other in Christmas room decorating. Themes selected may vary from Advent topics to angels or the traditional carols. The girls in ll C place the Divine Infant at Mary's feet and surround the holy pair with miniature ever- greens. J. Rack, M. Minnick, J. Brown and P. Groff, add bits of tinsel to complete an inspiring scene. 95 Each day began with attendance at the Holy Sacrihce of the Mass followed by timely conferences during the day. Fr. Shappelle gave the early retreat. Mercy girls look forward to retreat days as a time of special graces enabling them to take account of their spiritual progress. Father Charles Blum conducted the senior retreat. Q7-'Ae rpeace o C7Qefreaf Members of the Mother McAuley Lay Aposto- late group, a club recently organized at Mother of Mercy, received their medals at a cere- mony in chapel. Father Connell blessed the medals and is shown here distributing them to G. Guetle and J. Brunsman. 96 N. t -w,,,,,,-""'M Z A51 K 3, K :L ,. f 1 'lx pr K .A 1 H WM' MMM-'MMNMM k,..., . xt: straw grit F N-M , Q Q L ' V 5-W Qxlfw' 5 Mm.. " AX .fs-f ff' L M 'S fi fa 5381 Y f kv,q,nJ'N W :JH . .W X i WW? ivw, nk' K x is " svf rw as sf Q Jfbffii dj? ,wg X' 'gil ,W N'H :Q 5, ., x YQ V, X tl. l 5 x Y 3' gs ' Q Sf is a kg 'Q Q X Q 'Q YES W 'M .ss - Q ax A ami? X. -, A wk QA Q. X W X Q X , , , X X A ixggukg Y W , Q . X. ., , X x Pictured abovc is the artistic vocation display arranged by the Religious Sisters of Mercy. youll cjwusf e guided Xavier University was the setting for this year's observance of Vocation Day. Archbishop Alter was the celebrant of the Solemn High Mass and spoke to the assembled group. Following the introduction of the miniature representatives of the religious communities the students visited the displays. "Learn by doing" keynotes Junior Achievement, Inc. This unique organization is designed to meet the needs of today's youth for the practical training and experience which will help them to take their places in the economic life of modern America. At J. A. Open-House, C. Arzman, J. Hetz, J. Brown, J. Brown, L. Polking, A. Temming, and A. Davis. at l 98 With the installation of the PA. System, the seniors sponsored a disc jockey show during the dinner hour. Playing a popular hit are J. Menke, P. Kroeger, J. Riehle and M. Petcrman. During Catholic Press Month, the Journalism Class promoted Catholic Truth through journalism. Arrang- ing the letters spelling 'Ltruth' are A. Lafferty, J. Ellensohn, and J. Miltz. Another project was the collecting and sending of Catholic Magazines and periodicals to men in the serv- ice. Assembling the balance ol' thc magazines are seniors R. Meyer, J. Schaelers, R. Werle and J. Benz. unior IUC: rie fiy o W In celebration of Marian Year the juniors chose "Queen of the Universe" as the theme of their variety show. Typical ol' the many acts is this one de- picting fiesta time in gay Mex- ico. Kneeling: l. Meyer, L. Budd, C. Taylor, standing: J. Macke, D. Mohr, A. Hastell. Thrilling moment, an occasion dreamed of, the climax ol' the show is the proclamation of the queen and her attendants. The delighted but bewildered royalty are J. Benz, Queen J. Schaefers and R. Wasmer. Fresh from an Alpine trip are these comely Swis misses and misters with some authentic Swis yodelling by Pat Rolfes. Kneeling are S. Cianciolo and P. Rolfes. Standing are P. Dowling, J. Unger, A. Boyle, N. Brazel, P. GrolT, G. Fullen. ul' Tfachfs -sz, ,gr Cozztfiiflpl xgcfecfinq cz areer C Ifor the second year, the junior class held "Career Night." an evening especially for the seniors, at which representatives from various fields discussed possible careers with the students, Mercians received lirst hand information about such occupations as nursing, social services, and the business world. Top picture, Rae Janke shows some samples of art work. Bottom, Paulina Hoyes ol' O.L.C. discusses college life with some students. Middle, Msgr, C. Ryan tells girls ol' the opportunities in the teaching held. Getting a black stamp at the door are Helen Hoesl, "Cokes please," is the unanimous request heard it Peggy Nlcrsch. Rita Martin, and their dates. the refreshment stand following a fast bunny hop Swinging to the melodies ot' the music-makers are. .l Kenning, P. Tolwig, M. Meyer, J. Osterhues, B. Hanekamp. 2 usic or file missions All hearts were young and carefree at the an- nual Jamaica Jump given by our Mission unit. Capering couples swayed to the soft tunes of the Melody Knights. Proceeds were to benefit the Jamaica Community of the Sisters of Mercy who need textbooks and modern equipment for their schools. This community recently be- came incorporated with the Sisters of Mercy as a part of the Cincinnati Province. Y ,gli E I 5 x ,www if K 5 S ' ,.... x .... X w Q, Mis 2 wt I Q 522' X Q, S52 , 5 Ni S -S A Quccn .lczmnc Schz1cI'c1'a is Cl'0W'l'ICLl by hcr escort Dun Shz11111o11 us li. Uluill. R. Wusmcr, .l. Bcn7 amd D. Vccrkump dCI11Ul1NlI'1lIC their t'1'icndly :1pp1'm'a1l, y4JMcqAf fo 624301110111 vcr lcfl: lkmdid cumcru I.1ll1 Cumillc Krogcr dixcmcrx 11111115 phologcnic suhiccls 111 thc P10111 slow: A. Do1'1'. .l. ludwig. M. Mcycrs. M. A. KlllTlIT1CI' 11ml cworlx inilizllc Ll lwlisxI'11I c .4 X? SP fit S "'.yfb S. .N Clockwise: C. Kroger, CI Yetter. M. Groh, F. Seheitz, M. I.. Nastold. R. Wasmer. J. Bell. .l. A. Ciroh. K. Ciroh. Hymns oi' praise and soft-spoken "gives" honored Our Lady as the student body carried fiowers to her shrine. After the seniors recited the Act ot' Conseeration all Mereians united in saying the prayer for Marian Year. uecn of mevy Marilyn Groh honors Our Blessed Lady . i Queen ot' May. with a roschud crown. 111 I Pk Sill' E WW -' 1-Q ol -I sn 45,1 'Km 1 K' , , K 's ur 'if sg! wg, Ti fem. ff? Q ..f-'gg HWEQQ 4' Q f"' ' ' ' f .af fl" ' W li! 5 1' 'f,M,,,rs.,aw :viii K. ,am w W PQQOQ N u A fc 1 4 gf' .Y , 3 Q X: V 8 . . ,W ' ak :- 'r A I . .dw , fn-1,5 A A 1, . ' L - Q' ' 1 S. w'I".'u, . 1 - , ' H ' X W , X' " QJNW. 'W 1' . , , Q.-if X fm!! if 'W i i 1 'I . A g gig! if-X . M1 1. W' 0414 lzfics N -: Aff 2 ww. ,, .L ,J-.-.iw U wkfigugl glfu .M ,,k..A Q.. . , , h h iL XM -. -' ,411 n rrfff "M .1 sq, . Aff , ., .,x , f .. , 2, , Z , . . w .3312 I Hz:-'v .1 . J?SL,f"f "5k,k?Siii1m3wQ's'w ' f X A gg, Fi L. 3 .U 5 .wry Jfaf V1 ifggggggzz l 1,3 ' " I a-Q , . .,,. ,A X P.,M,.:wgL .'ff7ff?TTi iff ' K K '1 - xfwifslfx' 51: ,,.,...2- .. -1 . . iff . 2. ff. V' f :::..sQ5QQt::f'z V .ip 3375 A 4 -'f- M, .'.- i ,H 1, 5 7 1 Y Ea. . X f 1 ...VL ,. M. qw K , S., v k Mercy Iassies cheering for the "Purple and White" of Elder are. left to right, C. Hammerle, M. Bross and M. J. Sciwert. JM. Cnr 04114441 Maier Peppy cheerleaders add zest to any game and the Mercy "yell crew" is no exception. Be it an Elder pigskin parade or a GAA hardwood match these lively ladies give generously with vim and vitality. GAA cheerleaders are C. Honningford, M. Gehling, C. Kunz, R. Schutte, D. Dourson: standing, P. Blair and C. Blair. Q ff" 5A R-'Q 7 Y A "' 5 i 'z E Q i aw if x, I 16' xi Nw 5 WR 14 3 SLS As I R 1 1'k - , x Q. ig :1- Q1 N .1?Q : : f1" - V f Rss' if Mika-'W t-'X , . x Q5 5 ?gQ f y,-Q 'A x X55 F Q 2 x Q Qs 5,3 gg , X Sig KY Q X. X sw xx. gg, K5 fff1 A. Pennick misses a low one. L. Brockhaus catches, A clash of sticks - the game is on! M. Schmidt, J. Bradley, J. Dobelhoff and L. Merrill cheer. E. Hoifman, J. Robinson, E. Wassler are pictured. 1341115 . . fsfrilfes . . goals . incqers 112 A fast game of horseshoes is an interesting pastime. L. Ollinger's accuracy in measuring a questionable ringer is carefully noted by opponents J. Ellensohn and G. Goebel. ,gulls . . . gays . . Ivoflecy, ing omg, ennis The sports-minded girls enjoy a variety of athletic activities during the school year. Included in this program are baseball, basketball, bowling, ping pong, volleyball and badminton. Regardless ot' the season there is a sport to interest every zealous athlete. H. Schmidt gets some tennis pointers from C. lcnocvci SPorismansAiP is fAe ofodll Sporfs Mercy gym pupils find pleasure and excitement in an animated game of basketball. Springing high for the rebound are A. Rehkamp, C. Hemsath and J. Verkamp. M. K. Miller prepares for a shot while an interested twosome, M. L. Nastold and R. Dempsey, contemplate the possible outcome. J. Diskin appears to be thinking, "lt could be the shot to end this gamefl ll4 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES MOTHER OF MERCY HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A. SEATED: Pres. Mrs. Charles Bell, Rec. Sec. Mrs. Wm. J. Walfers, Vice Pres. Mrs. Arfhur Koebel, Fin. Sec. Mrs. Fred Wassler, Treas. Mrs. Paul Neiheisel. Aud. Mrs. Herman Richfer. STANDING: Bd. of Dir. Mrs. Fred FeucI'n+, Corres. Sec. Mrs. Pe+er Brungel, Mrs. Harry Krumdick and Mrs. Bernard Richfer, Bd. of Dir. 115 WALTZ BOWLING LANES SCHRAMM gl RUOH INC. II3 Easf IZII1 S+ree+ CINCINNATI IO, OHIO OUR LADY OF CINCINNATI COLLEGE EDGECLIFF WALNUT HILLS A Four-Year CoIIeqe for Young Women under II'1e direcfion of The Sis+ers of Mercy of Ine Union, Province of Cincinnai. 117 AL. BCLLINGER POULTRY COMPANY II6 Easf Froni' Sfreef Wholesale PouH'ry, Seafood, Frozen Food DU I253 DU l254 Complimenfs . . . of . . . Parks Woodworking Machine Company l50l KnowH'on S+ree+ NORTHSIDE 118 The Groh Twins, Marilyn and Marian. enjoy a healfh-giving drink of milk M eaufy anclejwleagk go .irlancl in .jJanc! Qualify Firsf GEORGE T. NIEHOFF 23lI Grand Ave. WA 4080 Complete Line Of DAIRY PRODUCTS 119 7? MENKE MGTOR SALES INC. MERCURY MANDERY'S QUALITY DAIRY PRGDUCTS 2045 Harrison Avenue MO. 06 I 2 For Delicious Ice Cream +ry Mandery Served a+ our Dairy Sfore A halT-hour bus ride Trom downTown CincinnaTi Dear Senior: You are probably doing a loT oT Thinking laTely abou+ The kind oT woman you wanT To be and wondering how To aTTain This goal. THE COLLEGE CF MT. ST. JOSEPH ON-THE-CDHIO may be The answer To your problem. IT is concerned wiTh every aspecT oT sTudenT developmenT: inTellecTual, physical, emoTional, social, moral, and spiriTual. ln a word, The paTTern Tor living aT The College is geared To The need oT The world Tor inTelligenT, Thinking ChrisTian women, armed wi+h Tirm convicTions. The College oT lv1ounT ST. Joseph is iusT eighT miles Trom The hearT oT CincinnaTi. IT is a Tully accrediTed liberal arTs college Tor women. lTs academic sTandards are recognized. IT prepares iTs sTudenTs Tor careers imporTanT To women and gives Them, as well, The broad culTural back- ground oT a liberal educaTion. For TurTher inTormaTion wriTe To The Dean College oT MounT ST. Joseph on-The-Ohio MounT ST. Joseph, Ohio 121 BRUCK UNIFORM CO. 387 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Ou'I'fiI"Iers of School Apparel . . . For . . . MOTHER OF MERCY HIGH SCHOOL JAMES T. COLINA Hof Wafer, Vapor and Sleam Healing Slolcers, Oil Burners and Gas Boilers Power Piping and Welding I7I8 Blue Roclc SI'reIe'I' CINCINNATI, OHIO Bus. Phone KI. 83I0 122 Qxxw ' SU' 'oo 'Houseworlc is simpliliecl by modern equipment' Mr. Bigner iells Pal Feuclwl and Mary Ellen Nieman BICNER INC. Television Appliances SERVICE DEPARTMENT SALES 81 SERVICE We Mainfcrin Our Own DUnbar 8766-7-8 22I3 Ceniral Parkway a+ Brigl1'I'on Cincinnafi I4, Ohio 123 Complimenfs . . . From . . . ST. MARGARET MARY CHURCH Nor+l1 College Hill Try Our Friday Ni+e Socials THE MOST ATTRACTIVE ON THE HILL TOP You get the same...every timel Same magnificent Havor . . . same A superb quality . . . glass after glass. .'.--':1:1f'fl :1. Wiedemann's Fine Beer can't 5515: change-and the Wiedemann label H-,,::3.:.:.:-E" tells you why. Next time, call for . " M'i':': Wiedemann's, and look for the 51.-5 -3 number on the label that says . . . i "" ' W - QSSESESESEQ -'i' i f-af 1 l'.', j?: V73 T " - -'3 ""' f:f'1r1:f. V - ' -.3.g:'zl:Ci1:5E . I- - -:3:-:-r'f9IE:2Qf' Q v :ii:::- '--, ' ,-.- ' ' , 2. A ., .4 T... .. .T.l. ,, . 4l,l A 175 RL-'5l.C7Z'R3 , , , www' 9 H505 A . IED "' FIN E BEER f ' 1 Q The Geo. Wiedexnann Brewinz Co.. Newport. Ky! 7 ' 0 124 EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR EVERYDAY JoAnn Osferhues, Ruih Jacobs, Pai Kroeger, find shopping a pleasure wiih ihe friendly grocer. Mr. Oslerhues astei-hues CompIe+e and Modern Self Service All Meal Fresh Cul . . . Choice Super Market French Bauer Ice Cream 8: Dairy Producls Nourishing, Tasly Fruils 8: Veqelables Cold Beer 81 Wine 55I6 Bridgefown Road MOn+ana 6688 Open every evening fill 9 P.M. Sundays 8: Holidays +iII 7 P.M. We Show Every Courfesy Due Our Customers 125 Maw, Q- 'I en2ravin2S W ms hm if INDIANAPOLIS ENGR 222 EAST omo sneer -lNmANAPous 6, INDIANA 126 - -1-Q. The Central Fairmount . . . Building and Locln Co. Chevioi Branch: 36I6 Harrison Avenue CHEVIOT, OHIO Home Office: I944 Harrison Avenue CINCINNATI I4, OHIO Where Your Savings Are Insured By: THE FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN INSURANCE CORP. OPEN DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY WhiI'e Oak Service Cen+er Gulf Products AI's Pony Keg Beer, Winie 84 Mixers Moiz Du-AII Mowers Blue Rock 8: Banning JA. 9037 NEIHEISEL SERVICE STATION Sfondard Oil Products Tires, Baiieries and Accessories Werk Road and Glenmore Ave. CINCINNATI II, OHIO Phone: MO. 9795 "Food for the Discriminatingu FALK'S LUNCHETTE aaov Nor+h Bend Road EDWARD KENNING, Prop. Ir is imporranr To observe whar you ear: buf more imporranr where you ear ir. Cornpiirnenrs of THE WAIN A. BOLTON FUNERAL HOME 3042 Harrison Avenue MO. 4059 Compliments of FRANK J. STATH REAL ESTATE EXPERT PEN, LIGHTER AND ELECTRIC SHAVER REPAIR MO. l5l4 GR. 7220 ALL WORK GUARANTEED Our Iofh year-Cornplere Real Esfare Service O N E Y E A R "You Know Where-On Governmenf Square BEST WISHES ro The CLASS OF '54 from THE C-ERBER BABY FOOD COMPANY 128 PANGALLO'S Italian and American Food We Specialize In Home Made Ravioli Spaghetti and Meat Balls Steals ancl Chicken Liquor - Wine - Beer l548 Harrison Ave. WA 9444 Free Rathskeller For All Occasions Compliments Of BOB DIETRICH Associated With Robert A. Cline, Inc Holzhauser's Dept. Stores 7508 Hamilton Ave. JA 6658 I82l Van Zandt Rd. JA 6385 Shoes and Dry Goods Mt. Healthy Store Open Evenings Till 8:30 P.M. THE PLUMBER Protects The HEALTH of The NATION by GOOD SANITATION WASSLER MEATS Since T894 I5 W. I4 S+. S+ancI 30, Findlay MarIce+ House ongrafulafions To The Class of '54 THE SYCAMORE SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY 424 Easf TweIfI'I1 SI'reeI' CHerry 7978 B. J. ROWEKAMP SONS, INC. Fabricators of Sfrudural SIeeI and Miscellaneous Iron 2620 Colerain Avenue Klrby I4II-I4I2 CINCINNATI, OHIO RAOUL'S PHARMACY 336 Ludlow Avenue Phone: UNiversiIy 0664 CINCINNATI, OHIO "Your Financial Home" Wishes You Confinued Success THE ANTONIO SAVINGS 81 LOAN COMPANY Home Oiliicez Bridgefownz I732 Vine S+. 5500 Harrison Rd. PA I458 MO 766I THE WESTERHAUS CORPORATION Since T909 Operaiors of PINBALL MACHINES and oII1er Coin Opera+ed Equipmeni' MOnI'ana 5000 "Always Firsi Wifh The Besi' in Coin OperaI'ed Machines" 3726 KESSEN AVENUE, CHEVIOT C ongrafulafions CLASS OF I954 Rosmarin ReaI+y Co. ReaI Es+a+e - GeneraI Insurance I808 Van Zandi' Road Nor+I1 College HiII WE 2020 - WE 202I Neidhard Funeral Homes MI. Healfhy JA 7800 Wesfwood MO 3022 Taylor Creek MO 35I5 Invalid Coach Service AUTOMATIC HEATING SERVICE 36I7 Fyffe Avenue CINCINNATI II, OHIO MOn+ana 6730 S+. Francis HospiI'aI I860 Queen Cify Avenue CINCINNATI, OHIO Complimenfs of SEASONGOOD FOLDING BOX COMPANY HARRISON, OHIO A Subscription To The Wesfern Hills Press "Your Home News Paper" is an invesImen+ In your communIIy Published by THE WESTERN HILLS PUBLISHING CO. DEJAY FARM PIIUITRY TURKEYS - CHICKENS FRESH or FROZEN Inspected and Passed By Bureau of Meai' and Dairy Producfs Inspecfion Board of HeaII'I1 Esi. No. IOO "For Information Call" WHOLESALE DEEJAY FARMS 3206 Spring Grove MUIberry 4440 ROSE BRAND CREAMERY BUTTER and ROSE BRAND CHEESE THE MERCHANTS CREAMERY CO. 536 Livingsion SI'ree+ CINCINNATI I4, OHIO Compliments Of The Queen CiI'y S+eeI Treaiing Co. Spring Grove 8: Meeker SIS. CINCINNATI 25, OHIO Klrby 6300 ELECTRIC SEWER SERVICE CO. UN. 3I53 WO. 3559 No Digging - Work Guaranfeed Sewers - Drains - Sinks E. J. BEIRSDORFER Local Commercial Hauling B- 81 S- Carloads - Truck Loads and Pool Cars - Pool Trucks ' 7854 Marfin S+ree+ JA. 70I6 CH. I244 JA. 4690 CINCINNATI 3l, OHIO Complimenfs Of . I ' S+. Boniface Church Congmlu Chong To Chase and PiH's The Seniors of '54 Norfhside ' MSGR. JOHN HENRY SCHWARTZ Paslor 134 JOS. DAY INC. Concrele Work 8: Precision Walls 3I43 Werk Road MO. 289I Groesbeck Pharmacy Colerain and GaIbraH'I1 We Deliver JA. 3062 JA. 4380 FOUR MODERN JEWELRY STORES IN GREATER CINCINNATI J. C. HOCKETT CO. FINE JEWELRY CH EVIOT NORWOOD MADISONVILLE MT. WASHINGTON J. H. KARG PLUMBING I6I7 van zand+ Road N.-,nh College Hill JA. 9258 135 Compliments Of THE PAIDEAN CLUB S+. Aloysius Gonzaga Church Briclgelown More Bounce To The Ounce PARKWAY CLEANERS Qualify and Service Daily Call ancl Delivery l l-lr. Cleaning al No Exlra Charge 2960 Colerain Ave. al' Hopple S+. S+. Margarel' Mary Church Wesl Van Zandl Road Norlh College Hill S O C l A l. Every Friday Nighl a+ 8:l5 TI1e Provideni' Savings Bank 8: Trusi' Co. cffy wide Banking service Main Office 7+I'1 8: Vine S+s. I6 convenien'rIy Iocaied branches The Brockamp Building Ma+eriaIs Co. 5439 Muddy Creek Road MOn1'ana 0006 CINCINNATI 38, OHIO A Complefe Line of Building Maferials, Coal and Coke Complimenfs To !SWR"NTS- 'NC Most Famoqi IsiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiubI-e-:Deck Hamburgcii? THE X the orlgmai Big Boy niiii laaaiai -I . . 0.43 IIII Ina SENICRS OF 54 ' . 0,1 'U ini iq onosn av Et, Pi-:ous AND TAKE 'EM C9 RCW HOMEI 137 No Finer Food Served Anywhere! ieaiuring TONY BOY SLOPPY JOE EILET OF SOLE LONESOME PINE DRIVE-IN HENRY A. STINDT 8: SONS Painiers Sc Decorafors I776 Queen Ci+y Ave. Phone WA. 6765 3295 Norih Bend Rd. MOn+ana 9623 J. C. STEEL F000 PRCDUCTS PETER REBOLD AND SON 632 Tafel Sireef KI. I750 FUNERAL SERVICE Cincinnafi 25, Ohio Horseradislw, Musiard, Pickies and Spices Chevioi' and Fairmouni ELIAS AND KREIMER BOHRER'S PHARMACY F0055 W Meek A Friendly Store-Free Delivery 5838 Glenway Avenue Monfana 5044 5834 Glenway Ave. "Across from Our Lady of Lourdes" inear Muddy Creek Roadl MO. 7842 SH RIVER'S DRUG STORE 4905 Gienway GR. 432I THE A. 81 E. BUTSCHA CO SHEET METAL EAsRuc:AToRs ALICH'S JEWELRY STORE 3000 Harrison Ave. BUSSE 8I BORGMANN CO FUNERAL HOME Central Pkwy. a Ciitton I-IIIIS Ave. CINCINNATI 23, OHIO Phones: Mu Ia4a-Mu I344 VICKI LYNN FLORIST The Largest Gift Shop on The Hilltop Owner: Richard L. Kist 5890 Colerain Ave., Mt. Airy JA I I I7 COTTAGE CRAFT SHOP 3409 Gamble Ave., Cheviot, Ohio HUmboIdt 2770 Hand Needle Work - Eine Yarns BETTIE CULBERTSON RICHTER'S SERVICE STATION 2026 Harrison Ave. iust below Knorr Ave. SOI-IIO PRODUCTS - REPAIRS ROAD SERVICE MOntana 9777 C and P DELICATESSEN IFormerIy WaIsI'1'sI Marie Connolly and Maurice W. Patf 26I4 Harrison Ave. Phone: MO 9630 3.2 and on Beer - Wines and Party Snacks Bulk SEALTEST Ice Cream Frozen Foods - EdeImen's Sausage Dairy Products - White Villa Groceries Store Hours: 9:30 a.m. to I0:30 p.m. Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. 9:30 a.m. to II:00 p.m. Fri... Sat., Sun. Northside Sewing Machine Shop 393I Spring Grove Ave. Phone KI 5I33 GRIES SEWING Machines Without Attachments You Can ApplIque Blind Stitch Zig Zag Embroider Make Buttonholes Mend-Darn Sew on Buttons Serge Seams CINCINNATI, OHIO Parting is such sweet sorrow So here's adieu until tomorrow. MASOUE 8: GAVEL 139 GLENWOOD MARKET Formerly Schwalos Glenmore 8: Werk Rd. Finest Fruits 8f Vegetables Fresh 8. Smoked Meat Savings Accounts Home Loans THE CINCINNATUS Loan 8: Building Company 334I Harrison Ave., Cheviot, Ohio Telephone: MOntana 6903 BUSINESS HOURS Wednesdays l0:00 to 4:00 P.M. C. Fridays l0:00 to 6:00 P.M. Saturdays I0:00 to 4:00 P.M. COMPLlMENTS GAY 90'S CAFE A FRIEND CARL GUETLE DlEHL'S FLORAL SHOP Flowers Telegraphed Quality and Service Moderate Price I809 Vine PA. 4054 Night Phone Call CH. 3277 S Open: Sundays to 3 P.M. Evenings to 7 P.M. Holidays to 5 P.M. Saturdays to 8:30 P.M. Business Education Pays Intensive Training - Individual Advancement Day or Evening Accounting Course - Comptometer Course Review Courses - Stencgraphic Course Typewriting Course - Secretarial Course Enter Any Monday, Individual Programs Arranged Employment Service Free To Those Who Quality SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Neave Bldg., Fourth at Race MA. 3883 LOWERS LOU KRONER 81 SONS DRY CLEANERS Cheviot: 3820 North Bend Rd. MOntana l4OO White Oak: Cheviot 81 Blue Roclc Rds. JAclcson 3867 140 CLUTCH, MOTOR 81 BRAKE CO. 3434 Burnef Ave. CINCINNATI 29, OHIO PI1one CA. 2550 CLIFF STEWART, Prop. BEST WISHES FROM ST. CATHARINE PARISH TREFZGERS THE COORS BROS. CO. 30I4 Woodburn Ave. SIO6 Gray Road Klrby 327I Furnifure, Fabrics and Rugs Pure Dairy Products THE SPRING GARDEN LOAN 8: BUILDING CO. COMPLIMENTS 3If2'7, CURRENT DIVIDEND OF FAIRMOUNT OFFICE: VALVOLINE OIL CO. Harrison 81 Wes'l'woocI Aves. BRIDGETOWN OFFICE: 4255 Harrison Avenue CINCINNATI. OHIO Congrafulations to The Class of '54 . . . from . . . ST. MARTIN SAMATOURS COM PLIMENTS OF GOOD LUCK CAFE 4122 Kirby Ave. COMPLIMENTS . . . of . . . CAPRONI'S RESTAURANT TRIFILIO TAILOR Clofhes Made To Measure From S4950 up BOHRER'S BAKERY II74 Harrison Ave. BuHermilIc Rye Bread Wedding Cakes Our SpeciaIIy CHerry 9I49 VITT 81 STERMER FUNERAL Homes Your Neighborhood Garage TOM'S AUTO SERVICE Smdebaker Cars and Trucks Wesiwood MOn+ana 4000 COMPLIMENTS . . . of . . . WESTERN CABINET MILLWORK CO. COMPLIMENTS . . . of . . . TRUDY'S FLOWER SHCP FRANK E. WIESS BUILDERS 605I CI1evio'I Rd. JA. I533 AL SMITH Paint and Wallpaper Shoppe MO. 4722 55I5 Bridgetown Rd. CINCINNATI II, OHIO Good Luck! OLD ST. HENRY'S On Flint St. FR. BACK, Pastor Wed. Socials 8:00 PM Sun. Socials 2:30 PM HALL'S DRUGS 30I8 Harrison Ave. THE HICKORY OPENHRE serving Baby Ribs, Chicken, Duck - also, Steaks, Chops, and other specialties DAILY LU NCH EONS Moderate prices WE COOK WITH WOOD Open Daily II A.M. to 4 A.M. AIR CONDITIONED We Deliver in Downtown Area II2 EAST SIXTH STREET MAin 27I6 WESTWOOD Curtain Rods - Curtains Window Shades - Draperies Venetian Blinds - Cornices The Handy Window Shade Co. The J. T. Ruther 8: Sons Co Grade "A" Dairy Products Meclqgtrotlq Brog, GOfdOh Street 905 Vine Street CHerry 4020 COMPLIMENTS OF RICH PLAN lBudI HERBERT MOTORS 4050 Spring Grove Avenue Phone KI 3290 Lawn and Garden Power Equipment A Better Way of Living Rich Plan ot Greater Cincinnati, Inc. I32 E. Court St. GA. I940 City Wide IT'S Your Dependable Friends M and M Realty Co. Western HiIIs: 3349 Harrison MO. 6643 Eastern Hills: 7305 Vine VA. 3773 CHAS. A. MILLER SONS FUNERAL senvlce Phone KI 0040 4I38 Hamilton Ave. Sanitary Market Equipment Co Sanitary Scales 8: Food Machines Complete Line of Commercial Refrigeration I99I Central Ave. DU. 0393 CINCINNATI I4. OHIO CQMPLIMENTS or DISPLAY RITE INC. Advertising Displays COMPLIMENTS ERNEST MEIERJOHAN ART METAL CO. 3260 Beekman Street PArI:way 552I SCHMIDT'S PHARMACY Prescriptions Phones: HU. I480 HU. I48I 3283 Werk Road, Near Glenmore CINCINNATI II, OHIO SAN ANTONIO CHURCH Queen CiI'y Ave. 8: White SI. FAIRMOUNT SKYRIDGE ACRES New Homes - Brick Colerain Township - Dry Ridge Rd. Near S+. Johns WE I434 Riedlinger Funeral Homes I309 California Ave. IBond HiIII and I9 Green S'l'ree+ ME II34 81 CH 2l48 BOB MILLER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION werk and Glenmore Mo. 9ao9 BILL POTT'S SOHIO SERVICE Beekman 81 Hopple S+ree+ CINCINNATI 25. OHIO ED'S MARATHON SERVICE 2968 Harrison Avenue CINCINNATI II, OHIO ROAD SERVICE Phone: MO 9804 Qualify Footwear For All The Family FANGER.8f.RAMPE, INC. Since I862 Diamond Brand Worlc Shoes Pearl 8: Broadway MAin I050 MEYER'S TAVERN Good Food Our Specialty Chicken, Sfeak, Shrimp 81 Fish Dinners Also Numerous Shori' Orders Phone In Your Order To Take Home Kirby 8: Fredericlr Aves. MU I664 MOELI.ER'S GRILLE 530I Glenway Ave. WA ,628 MACKE'S PARKVIEW MARKET Lunches - CIIIII 5059 Glenway Ave. Home Made Turfle Soup Pony Keg - We Deliver 145 MARTIN J. FREY INC. General Building Contractor Industrial 81 Institutional Building 81 Maintenance North Bend 81 West Fork Roads CINCINNATI, OHIO Phone: MOntana 6636 For Quality and Service SONTAG DRY CLEANERS 3006 Harrison Avenue Phone: MO 3230 Serving the Western Hills for I9 Years All Garments Insured JEAN'S FOOD SHOP EVELYN and GUS RISER, Proprietors 32I3 Harrison at Boudinot "Keep Us In Mind" Conveniently Open Daily to I0 P.M. Sundays and Holidays DE RENNA'S SERVICE 2846 Highland Ave. RE. 2203 NORWOOD Body 8: Fender General Repair 8: Road Service LUKEN'S BAKERY 3406 Glenmore Ave. Wedding, Birthday 8. Party Cakes to Order MO. 9892 Distinctive Gifts GIFT AND CARD SHOP 36I5 Harrison Avenue CHEVIOT II, OHIO FLICKER INN NITE CLUB Harrison Pike wi. 3042 Beer - Wine - whiskey sandwiches of All Kinds THE CATHOLIC KOLPING SOCIETY REV. SEVERIN LAMPING, O.F.M. 146 THE NORTHSIDE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY For Over Fifty Years A Community Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Hamilton 8: Palm St. CINCINNATI, OHIO PHlLlP'S DRY CLEANERS DELIVERY SERVICE 49:6 Glenway Ave. WAEESE zzoz 3-Hour's service on Request GLENGATE DELICATESSEN Glenmore 8: Applegate Beer - Wine - Home Boiled Ham MO. 9769 LlLIE'S PHARMACY N.E. Cor. Glenmore 8: Montana Aves. WESTWOOD CINCINNATI, OHIO Phone: MOntana 28I0 BARNES FOOD MARKET I020 W. Liberty St. CINCINNATI, OHIO Quality Meats and Groceries Fish Poultry Free Delivery Anywhere CHerry 8334 WEST HILLS FLOORING CO. OFFice: MOntana 6036 Carpet - Linoleum - Floors - Walls Asphalt Tile 3407 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati II, Ohio R. Vogt-MO. 2846 A. Hayes-HU. 2343 T. Hazlett-MO. 5I88 COMPLIMENTS . . . OF . . . TEPE SAUSAGE CO. C H A R L I E ' S SUNOCO SERVICE Hopple 8: Beekman Klrby 9689 Tires - Batteries - Accessories Expert Lubrication 147 Records - SI1eeI Music Greefinq Cards SONG SHOP 36 E. Fiffh S+. On Fountain Square GUS. JUENGLING 81 SONS INC. 2869 MassacI1useHs Ave. CINCINNATI 25, OHIO K E S S I N G ' S HARDWARE STORE 5529 CoIerain Ave. MI. Airy CINCINNATI 24, OHIO JOSEPH F. KESSING Phone KI. II 44 GLEASON'S PHARMACY 4I I8 Bridgefown Rd. MO. 6783 CONGRATU LATIONS +0 '54 GRADUATES from KOEBEL'S MEATS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF '54 ST. MARTIN'S YOUNG LADIES SODALITY KEMPER'S PHARMACY Mon'Iana 8: Harrison JOHN HODAPP 81 SONS COLLEGE HILL MIXING BOWL GRILLE ADA E. FLETCHER CLIFT CLEANERS 2646 Beekman S+ree+ 2959 MOMBHG Ave- MO- 9736 We Cover the Wesfern Hills Eai To Live Live To Eai GR, 4650 R. KRIEMER LOU PFAU'S CAFE GROCERIES, MEATS and VEGETABLES BEER WINE UQUOR Carson and Harding Avenues l'IaI'l'ISOI'l Avenue Phone: MOn'Iana 7354 WA. 9533 CAPPEL'S PURE OIL SERVICE COMPLIMENTS Werk Road and Glenmore CINCINNATI. OHIO Phone MO. 96I6 ...ol.. DAVIS 81 RINEAIR BUILDERS and coNTRAcToRs Helps GOOD Families Grow BETTER ST. ANTHONY MESSENGER The National Catholic Family Magazine 340,000 Subscribers Sample Copy Semi Upon Requesi Published by the Franciscan Fathers I6I5 Republic S+., Cincinnafi IO, Ohio DUTRO REALTY CO. I72I Van Zandl Road NORTH COLLEGE HILL, OHIO ATLAS MOTORS, INC. Direcf Dealer DODGE, PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS AND TRUCKS C. F. JUNG, Presidenf 342I Mon+gomery Road WO. 6200 WO. 620I COMPLIMENTS . . . OF . . . ASSUMPTION P.T.A. We Aim To Please Wifh Qualify And Service BLESSING BROS. Quality Dairy Products 305I Blue Rock Road JAcIcson 9835 Mr. 8: Mrs. PeI'er E. Bergman wish Ihe Graduales of MOTHER OF MERCY happiness and success COMPLIMENTS . . . OF . . . ADAM'S OLDSMOBILE INC. Oldsmobile Sales and Service 2680 Madison Road CINCINNATI, OHIO BENZ 81 RENNER Groceries. Frui+s 8: Vegelaloles Mears 8: Fresh Poullry Wine 8: Beer 3627 Glenmore Ave. Phones: MO. 4020 - MO. 0268 WE DELIVER AMERICAN SALES COMPANY New and Used MACHINERY-EOUIPMENT-SUPPLIES I562 Harrison Avenue CINCINNATI I4, OHIO Telephone: GRandview 66II WIEBELL JEWELERS 3637 Warsaw Ave. GR. 5027 Experl Welch Repairing 150 WARD BROS. GARAGE THE WOOD REALTY Aurora, Indiana Builders Insurance Brokers CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS CINCINNATI 3" OHIO FERGUSON TRACTORS - IMPLEMENTS JA. 7I63 THE WEST CINCINNATI COMPLIMENTS BUILDING 81 LOAN CO. 2206 Harrison Ave. Savings Accounts Solicifed Currenf Dividend Rafe 3If2'7, Phone WIIIow 3520 Ashland Bo'II'Ie Gas ROADSIDE FURNITURE MART Home Furnishings Teievision Sales 8: Service Harrison 8: Wesselman Roads R. R. 2, Box 234 CLEVES, OHIO ...of... Snag-Less Sinker Company COMPLIMENTS ST. ANN CHURCH Groesbeck, Ohio WILLMAN FURNITURE CO. 4024 Hamilfon Avenue Klrby 1956 Compleie Home Furnishings Fire-Proof WEIL Warehouse Local 8.Long Distance Moving JOS. H. THOMAN -- BR. 4084 2535 Vine Street CINCINNATI I9, OHIO Phones: AVon I775-I776-I I I I WM. E. EEFLER Jewelry and GITTS COMPLIMENTS . . . OF . . . 5908 Hamilion Ave. College Hill I 'MY 5627 H1 ST. MARGARET MARY's 76I8 Hamiion Ave. Mi. Heaf JAcIcson 9536 Y HOERST'S FOOD MARKET OTTO E. ZANG "QUALITY IS ECONOMY" PHARMACY Qualify Groceries and Choice Meats I756 Queen Ciiy WA. 5922 Fruifs and Vegetables 3720 Woodbine a+ Trevor Ave. MO. I080 CINCINNATI II, OHIO CINCINNATI I4, OHIO YOUR HEALTH AND PRESCRIPTIONS MY FIRST THOUGHT INSULATING SALES CO. I739 Townsend Sfreei' CINCINNATI 23, OHIO ED RALEIGH Home: HU. I945 Office: KI. I637 M. E. SCHELL Dependable Local Hauling LIGHT HEAVY I683 Glen Parker Ave. CINCINNATI 23, OHIO KI. 4-I89 THE BALTIMORE AVENUE LOAN 81 BUILDING CO. PAYS syzfy, Iss-I Bal+imore Ave. CINCINNATI, OHIO BRITTON JEWELERS I723 Van Zandi Road NORTH COLLEGE HILL Jewelry - GIHS Hallmarlc Cards M. Brunsman, MMH '50, gives some information on nursing to M. Young and P. Schoenbaechler. ercty oslaifal ScAool of mflrsing gjliandlfon, mio Mercy Hospital School of Nursing offers its students theory and practice in the clinical areas of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, public health and tuberculosis nursing. 153 BUSINESS PATRONS WALTER L. AMMON Prescription Specialist 3344 Harrison Ave. MOntana 1463 ART DAY FOOD MARKET 2556 Beekman St. WAbash 9534 JOHN J. BATTAGLIA 8. SONS Wholesale Fruits 8. Vegetables Covington, Kentucky EARL BAYER 3703 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio BEHNE'S SUPER SERVICE Harrison 8. Davis Aves. Cheviot - MO. 9810 WILLIAM BERKEMEIER Barber Shop 4120 Bridgetown Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio BESSE'S DRUG STORE 5800 Colerain Ave. Mt. Airy - KI. 7456 O. J. BISCHOFF Cleves Warsaw Pike WAbash 3729 ROY BOEH STUDIO 3727 Glenmore Ave. Cheviot BRAUN'S TOGGERY 5847 Hamilton Ave. Phone: KI. 3355 BRIDGETOWN MARKET 4429 Bridgetown Rd. MO. 2265 BRINKMANN PHARMACY 5454 Colerain Ave. Phone: KI. 6192 Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. WM. BROSS MRS. AND MRS. RAY BROWN Aurora, Indiana BUDDIES GRILL 3289 Werk Rd. MO. 9640 BUSCHERS CAFE 1098 W. Liberty St. Opposite Post Office Annex CH. 8970 CAR STOP SERVICE STATION Baltimore81McHenry MO. 9857 CASSlDY'S GARDENS Springdale 81Thompson JA. 8950 CHEV-CRAFT INC. 4301 Harrison Ave. MO. 1899 CHEVIOT WELDING SERVICE 4417 Bridgetown Rd. MO. 1899 JOE CHRISMAN Aurora, Indiana Phone: 370-R CLIFTON FRIENDLY SERVICE 3410 Clifton Avenue AV. 7390 CLOVERNOOK PAINT 8. HARDWARE 1825 Van Zandt Road JA. 6279 COLLEGE HILL WALLPAPER 8. PAINT HEADQUARTERS 5930 Hamilton Avenue Phone KI. 3655 COLONIAL MOTEL 5773 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio CUNNINGHAM DELICATESSEN 1975 Harrison Ave. MO. 9812 THE DEMING PHARMACY Van Zandt Road and Bake North College Hill Phone JA. 7938 CHARLES DIETRICH Home Bakery Delivery HU. 2588 DIRR'S DRY GOODS 1601 Carll St. WA. 9479 AL. DISTLER - JEWELER 7402 Hamilton Ave. Mt. Healthy -- JA. 6090 DROPPELMAN EXPRESS 3257 Galbraith JA. 7591 DUWEL HARDWARE CO. 3533 Harrison Ave. - MO. 1068 3624 Warsaw Ave. - WA. 5395 E. 8. E. TEXACO SERVICE Bridgetown 8. Ebenezer Rds. Road Service - Tires - Batteries MO. 9690 BOB and BILL ENEKING Montort Heights Auto Sales 8. Service 5364 North Bend Road Cincinnati 11, Ohio ENGELHARDT'S MARKET 1817V1 Van Zandt Rd., N. C. H. Free Delivery - JAckson 5800 ENGET CLEANERS 4309 Colerain Ave. KI. 1955 ERNST CAFE 3351 Harrison Ave. Phone MO. 9824 JOS. FAIGLE 8. SONS Diamonds WA. 0382 - 2219 Quebec Rd. FAMILY MARKET 4124 Kirby Ave. Phone KI. 9577 FELDMANN'S PHARMACY Harrison 8. Race Rds. MO. 2361 - Bridgetown FRANK'S AUTO SERVICE 1846 Baltimore Ave. WA. 5226 GEORGE 8. RAY'S MEAT MARKET Harrison and North Bend Cincinnati, Ohio 154 GERTH DRY GOODS 1813 Van Zandt Rd. JA. 8909 GERTH'S MEAT MARKET 3904 Harrison Ave. MO. 2802 THE GEST SREET NO. 2 LOAN AND BUILDING COMPANY 1806 Linn Street GROESBECK FOOD STORE 8200 Colerain, Groesbeck GROESBECK-BEECH HILL CLEANERS WE. 2446 - JA. 3586 GUS'S CUSTOM CUT MEATS 1927 Van Zandt Rd. JA. 9088 HAMANT'S GARAGE 3359 Fyffe Ave. MO 9895 HEINTZMAN PHARMACY 3722 Harrison Ave. Phone: MO 1434 - 9778 HELEN BEAUTY SHOPPE 1850 Westwood Ave. GR 9637 THE HEUBACH HARDWARE CO. 3727 Harrison Ave. Cheviot, Cincinnati, Ohio MO 1663 HOERST BUILDERS Overberg Realtors MOntana 3145 HOWARD'S FRUITS 8- VEG. MKT. Cor. of Chase and Kirby Aves. KI 8189 EARL J. HILVERS Catering 2455 W. McMicken CHerry 8737 lRMA'S BEAUTY SALON 6127 Bridgetown Rd. MOntana 9634 JEAN'S FOOD SHOP 3213 Harrison Ave. MO 9719 JELEN 8. SONS Box 326, R. 7 Cincinnati 11, Ohio JOHNSON APPLIANCES 8129 Colerain Rd.Cincinnati 24, Ohio MR. 8. MRS. WILLIAM A. JOHNSON R. R. No. 2, Ludlow Hill Lawrenceburg, Indiana 809 R F. A. KAMP FLOORING CO. 811 Race St. Cincinnati 2, Ohio KARL'S BEVERAGES 3101 Glenmore Ave. MO 6896 MARY ELLEN KENNEDY Shoes 8. Dry Goods 1037 State Ave. WA 9459 KLElN'S SERVICE Blue Rock 8. Hanley Rd. Cincinnati 24, Ohio Phone: WE 2515 KLIMPER'S VARIETY STORE Groesbeck's Five 8. Dime Cor. Colerain 8. Galbraith KLOSTERMAN'S CLEANERS 5528 Colerain Ave. MU 5061 KOEHLER FURNITURE-APPLIANCE 1617 Van Zandt Rd. WE 2782 KRUMME MEATS - WHOLESALE 4226 Colerain Ave. MU 6717 LANGEN'S MEATS Cincinnati, Ohio MR. 8. MRS. JOS. LIVERNOIS 3226 Buell Ave. Cincinnati 11, Ohio LUTZ WOOD PRODUCTS CO. 5854 Hamilton Ave. MUlberry 2131 MAGIN'S DELICATESSEN Chase and Fergus Ave. KI 9622 MARI-BETH BAKERY 3824 N. Bend Rd. MO 9794 JOE MARSH 7 Up Distributor Aurora, Indiana FRANCIS lMattl MATTINGLY Distributor for Southeastern Beverage, Inc. Aurora, Ind. Phone 462 HERBERT H. MEYER Electrical Appliances 3541 Jessup Rd. JA 7176 H. MEYER 8- SONS DAIRY CO. Lockland, Ohio VAlley 0728 MlDDENDORF'S GROCERY 3404 Glenmore Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio A-I-MIRACLE WEAVERS 18 East Fourth St. DU 3753 MONFORT HEIGHTS TEXACO SERVICE North Bend and West Fork Road Cincinnati, Ohio MO 9609 MONTANA BAKERY 2955 Montana Avenue MO 0098 MONTANA LODGE Montana 8. West Fork Rd. KI 9805 MT. AIRY SUNOCO SERVICE 5835 Colerain Cincinnati 24, Ohio JA 9054 MT. HEALTHY HARDWARE CO. 7500 Hamilton Ave. JA 9373 M. 8. W. DELICATESSEN 1612 Queen City Ave. WA 9721 NEFF'S SHOE STORE Aurora, Indiana Phone 490 NEIDHARD FUNERAL HOME 7043 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati 11, Ohio ANDREW J. NIEMAN Farm Bureau Insurance JA 5905 NORTH FAIRMOUNT BLDG. CO. 1790 Carll Street Meets on Tues. Nights J. OSTERKAMP SERVICE STATION 2745 Beekman Street PANARO'S FRUIT MARKET 5201 Glenway Ave. GR 1089 PAPER PRODUCTS CO. 1543 Queen City Ave. WAbash 4717 JOSEPH PETERMAN 81 SON Plumbers 4025 St. Martin's Pl. MO 1847 QUEEN CITY PONY KEG 2586 Queen City Ave. MO 6742 QUEBEC DELICATESSEN 8- CAFE Buck Lucia 2305 Quebec Rd. WA 9641 THE JOHN J. RADEL FUNERAL H'OME 4122 Glenway Ave. Henry J. Radel, President RICH HAFT'S GULF STATION Harrison 8- McHenry Rds. MO 9800 GEORGE H. RAIBLE 3609 Semloh Ave.Cincinnati 24, Ohio CHAS. W. REUSING and FAMILY 3038 lrvella PI. ROCKHAVEN FARM Harrison Pike Taylor Creek, Ohio WI. 0290 ROHE'S PHARMACY Harrison and Glenmore Ave. MO. 0480 ROSENSTElN'S FAMOUS SHOES 4042 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio SANTO FLORIST 1409-19 Knowlton Street KI. 3167 SCHAIBLE'S BROS. 3095 Glenmore MOntana 3257 ED SCHIBE HEATING CO. 5025 Hubble Rd. JA. 5857 J. SCHLOEMER FURNITURE 5951 Hamilton Ave. KI. 7814 AL. SCHNEIDER "Your .IeweIer" 3936 Spring Grove Ave. KI. 0808 LOUIS SEILER, Painting Contractor Harrison Pike Taylor Creek - WI. 1930 SICKMAN GROCERY 1880 Westwood Ave. WA. 9744 SIEGERT BROS. Harrison Pk. -Taylor Creek WI. 0530 SPAITH FEED 8. SUPPLY CO. 6511 Colerain Ave. JA. 9936 155 STEINLE INSURANCE AGENCY 3629 Glenmore Ave. MO. 7218 SURREY GRILL 6601 Glenway Ave. Bridgetown TELE-TEK APPLIANCES 1900 Freeman Ave. CH. 5868 RAY THIEMAN FOOD MARKET 3818 Race Road Phone MO. 4770 THlEMANN'S DRY GOODS Fabrics - Notions - Clothing Toys - Schools Supplies Groesbeck, Ohio TONY'S FRUITS 8. VEG. MKT. 4397 Harrison Ave. Fancy Fruit Baskets MO. 9607 ULRICH BUILDER 3717 Hubble Rd. JA. 8410 ULLRICH DRUG STORE Aurora, Ind. F. UNGER'S SONS 3512 Harrison Ave. Cheviot - MO. 0320 VOLLRATHS PARKVIEW MKT. 2608 Harrison MO. 7388 WAGNERS BOTTLING CO. 1924 Race Street Cincinnati, Ohio WELDCO Oxygen Acetylene - Welding Supplies 31 18-24 Spring Grove Ave. WERDMANN SERVICE STATION 4211 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio WESTERKAMP LINOLEUM HU. 6849 WESTERN HILLS FUEL 8. SUPPLY CO. Ferguson Road, Price Hill Cincinnati 38, Ohio WESTOWER DRY CLEANERS 5486-88 Glenway Ave. MO. 0106 WESTWOOD BEAUTY 8. BARBER SHOP 2457 Harrison Ave. MO. 9850 WESTWOOD MARKET 2200 Harrison Ave. MO. 9707 WHITE OAK GARAGE 3540 Blue Rock Rd. WILMARK INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 707 First National Bank Bldg. Cincinnati 2, Ohio WIRTZ BOWLING LANES 3716 Glenmore Ave. Cheviot - MO. 5394 NICK WULLENWEBER Mt. Healthy, Ohio Physics ....,,...A. John Betsch Mr. 8. Mrs. B. Vonderheide Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Batter Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Williams Mrs. Bernice Wilson Mr. 81 Mrs. Chas. Bell Budna Grill Mrs. Marion Dobelhofl Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Gerhard Fulton's Food Market Mrs. Edna Franz Mrs. E. Teuschler Mrs. Marie Flammer Activity Division ..... ..........74-75 Administration ..,..................... 12-15 Ads .,,,,..........,...................... 115-156 Archbishop K. J. Alter, D.D ......... 9 Annual Staff ................................ 77 Academic Division ...... ,..... 1 6-17 Alumnae Baby Day .................... 93 Athletics Division .............. 108-109 Career Night ..... ........ Carol Program ...... Catholic Press ............... ............ 9 9 Cheerleaders .............................. 1 10 Christmas P.T.A. Party .............. 95 Christmas Ball .......................... 103 Chrlstmas ........... . ............ Class Division ........ Classes .... 94, 95 28, 29 American History ...... ........ 1 9 Art ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.,,,.,,......,. ........ 2 4 Biology ................. Chemistry .,..... ., ........23 ........23 English ..................... ........ 1 8 Home Economics ........ ........ 2 2 Home Nursing ..... ....... ..27 Journalism ........ Latin .............. Mathematics ...... Religion ....... Spanish ,...... Textiles .......... Typing ................ ........26 .....,..21 ........20 .........12, 25 ........21 ........22 ..,.....26 World History ........................ 19 Connell, Rev. Thomas ..,. 14, 25, 96 Contents ....................... ............ 1 3 CSMC Jamaica Jump ........................ 102 Literature for service men ...... 99 Oflicers .................................... 64 Can Goods Drive ......., ........ 9 3 Dedication ................. ....... 3 Disc Jockey ...... ......... 9 9 FRIENDS Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Hoffman Mr. 8. Mrs. Fred Feucht, Jr. Miss Eleanor Hanekamp Mr. 8. Mrs. Wilke Sister Mary Clara R.S.M. Louis Lachenmann Mr. 8t Mrs. S. Krismer Mr. 8. Mrs. C. J. Kroger Mrs. A. Imsande Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Middendorf Mrs. R. Monahan Mrs. Helen Morris Mr. F. Murphy INDEX Career Angel .......... ........ 7 8-79 Young 8: Fair ......,............. 80-81 The Neighbors ........................ 82 Christmas Pageant of the Holy Grail ...,...................... 83 You Can't Take It With You ................................ 84-85 What Men Live By ................ 86 Gold Medal Recital ................ 87 Faculty ....,............................... 14-15 Fatima Procession ...................... 97 Fehring, Prof. John J. ................ 91 Friends .......................... ........ 1 56 Gift Exchange ........ .......... 9 4 Gleanings ............ .............. 7 6 Graduation ...... ........106-107 Health ............... .......... 2 7 Holy Father ............ ........ 4 , 5 In Memory ................. ....... 4 6 Junior Achievement ...... ......, 9 8 Library ..,.,..................... ....... 7 1 Mass 8: Communion ......,. ....... 9 6 Marian Mass ........,.,.. ......,..... 9 ........105 May Crowning ....... Modesty Crusade .,..... .,..... 9 2 Music Christmas Carols ...... .......... 9 0 Glee Club ............ Orchestra .......... National Shrine ............. ........90, 91 .......88, 89 Organization Division ............ 62-63 Organizations Book Lovers ........ CSMC ........... Chemistry ..... Debating ....... GAA ......... German ......... Glee Club ........... Laputinellae ......,,...... Masque 8: Gavel ........ .......64 ........69, 92 ........90, 91 McAuley Apostolate ........ 65, 96 '156 Mr. 8. Mrs. O. Neiheisel Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Nastold Pennington Bread Mr. 8. Mrs. R. Oberting Mrs. Edw. Raleigh Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanley Schaefers Leo J. Seitz Agency Shady-Lawn-lnn A Friend Mr. Br Mrs. A. St. Charles Thesken's Grocery Julienne Young National Math. Honor Soc ..... 69 Physics .....................,.............. 68 Spanish ...... Theta Art ..... Triple AC ..... ...........,.... 6 8 P.T.A. ....... . Red Cross ...,. SDS ........,............. Quill 81 Scroll ...... Patrons .,........... ...,.,. Presidents Senior .....,.. Junior ........,.. Sophomore ....... Freshman ...... Prom .... ..... ..... Retreat ......... School ..... Seniors ........ Sports Baseball ,..,.. Basketball ..... Bowl ing ...... GAA .......... Hockey ......... Horseshoes ....... Shuflleboard ..... Table Tennis ........ Tennis ....,.. Volleyball ......... Spring Concert ............ St. Mary Church ........ Symbols ................ Title Page .......... Underclassmen Juniors ........,.. Sophomores ...... Freshmen ....... Variety Show ....... Vocation Day ..,.... ........95, 115 154, 155 ........104 ........30-46 ,.......1l2 .....,..114 ........111 ........l12 ........l12 ...,....114 .......l13 ....,...113 13 ........6-7 ........47-51 ........52-56 ........57-61 ........100 ., .FJ i mg: f B12 - ' V ' 5 ww. 1 WH' T'0!T,'.4 , fl, 1-1.-5,"w1 'N I-'HL i'gSLff'5- Q' "E 5-'1:a V 1- QQ' Vg,,4"' 1,, + 1' x 'W ' s

Suggestions in the Mother of Mercy High School - Mercywood Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) collection:

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