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Torch W QM '48 VI Jflwa of GOD A Foreword Once agarn we wrtness the age long truth that qualrty rather than quantrty matter A small group of students erght rn number the Graduates of 1948 undertook for the first trme rn the hrstory of Mother of God Academy the dlffl cult proneer task of publrshrng a yearbook After varrous and numerous obstacles and through tryrng experrences and anxre tres they have produced the Torch of 48 To these enter prrsrng Academrtes ve ofTer our hearty congratulatrons THE PRINCIPAL 2 S. , , . Y - - U v rv 9 ' ' DEDICATION WL the Cllss of Nlmtun Hundrcd lorry F1 ht do mnlx Ciidltlk flux nur w our IUIYLUIS .15 . LXPYLSSIOII of our 'rmrudn ru dum for thur LIIILILFSIIYICIIIIQQ L nounscl md futh IH C Il ugrx hmd up su uuluug at rhur Ljfllf low lm tumdnrmss tcm 1rd us md xx: hopy m rhls vs IX to Sham cwn m small mmsurf. our dup duorlcm to rhgm 3 .Q . QL k.x. A ' . .. , : ,, tg Y hu ' 1' A I - Q ycnrlook. to Q ' 5 A 'ln wis' ' 3' 1 11' ' us. 3 Q Q . -N' .2 H21 4 L' f .1 A' A' ,A A r 4 A I Mow R1:vhRrND AMBROSE SrNYa.m N O S B M Azzxzlmrj Bzfhop MOST REV1:RENJD CONSTANTINE BOHACHEVSKY D D Exarcla 0 f the U kraznzan Cazbolzc Dzocexe U S A L . Q , ,.. -.. w w 1 - N, A , .... REV JOHN BILANYCH X u Oi OOM BERNARD COLEY MICHAEL J. NAGURNEY H01 Faculty an ,tal SR MARY MSMG VERA SPIKULA S Pnncspal 0, SR. JOSEPHA M S M G ELLEN SPIKULA 55641, -14 ffof.,-4-L? 5 ROSE ARCUDI RUSSELL I. IWANCHUK NJ" Senior Class Cfficers Irma Perella, Vxce Presxdenr, Dorothy Cerullx, Presxdenr jamce Badanck, Secretary Treasurer 6 wr Friendly lively and good natured are some of the characteristic qualities of our friend and classmate dent of Qiccronian Society 47 48 Lditor of the Ac idemy Gazette 46 are some of the many .ictivi ties in which she participtted with great ability and cooperttixencss In whit exer she undertakes may she be successful 7 ,IANICE LILLIAN BADARICK "UK1F' Stamford Conn 19-45 1948 Mime Vzbmlw zn the Memory XX KN BN!!! On now sue DQDCGD , . , !X , f X X X fa N xi . if l I QU Janice. Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class, Presi- . 5. lx, , i. .2 , ' L , ' '- 1 A Y 1' - v L ' 4 Q 1 X X fa EQ Dark halred kmd and unselhsh IS our ever laughmg classmate Helen She came to MGA rhls year from Olyphant I-hgh School Helen deC1ded to devote her lxfe to bemg, 1 nun for the greqter glorv of God May C cd bless our frlend md help her to fulhll her goal 8 HELEN BARANIK Olyphant Pa 1947 19 lb Her Smzle lf 4 Pau to Every Heart e,f'f-x V o If - ,fx- , .. 2 U ,A ' 1, A . M nr ,, Ny! all' .ff pwlil ' 1 K4 If llf l l I I Q I nfl' -.QT Vv , ,, A 41.1 I 'll V. I n s.: I, K. fggx K5 X J , . . . . 5,2 , A f ,xv ,fl ' 'YQ A A N. l V 3: ' 1 I Y . f""" L4 If j RW r DOROTHY ANN CERULLI D061 Stamford Conn 1946 1946 She Cfmfd Rate Debate and Omte In All Three She Wax Great LN f MN JV WW t U nj JJ it , K , ' V :IJ If ' ' WM' ffm 'JV M te' LJ: 1 A, - t 1,5 , dpi, 4 Ah, r , ' 71,4 'K t,t QV' F-1 fi,-tj W jA fr 5 ,io .., , , ,AQVVJ . 1 I A ,g,,.4,, I l 1 ,. I, QWMJI , f-"Cdl J fjtfffbl Ml tvlvfrlltxtj , ,ith I I '10, ,if VM JW, l iwhu 1, A' 1. 91,1 "Nj f on xy M, fy' ' ' bw JI "4 S I . ff ' t fy W' 1 WA" hu!! me S .U . i Y Y. W A E ' ji Relmble IUICHIECHI md thoughtful are .1 few ad yectxves that descrnbe our Presxdent Dou who possess es qualltles of leadershlp She has stbly SINGH her serv tces tn the followmg eapacxtnes Secretary ofC1ceroman Soc1ety 47 Chalrmm of Chotr 48 Academy Gazette 47 48 Yearbook Commlttee 48 Docl IS an actlve member ofthe Ctccroman Socnety parttkmg nn the St Basil s Debate 47 and Chalrman of Cfreemuch Round Table 48 Her xmbmon IS to bo to Lollcge Good lutk Docx We are conhdent thtt you mll succeed 14" if S THE 'THINKER sig .. Ek K " JANE MARIE CORRIGAN tv , ' "jAN1E" J: ', .. ' D ' . ' 1 " t I' 1 me 1 QUICK member of our dtss h1s kept mmy of us hu hm Kuth her stones ftbout Florlda She has glven her help m makmg our School Tea of '48 a suC cess as well as lendmg a hand w1th the yearbook jane has not decxded what she wlll do after graduatlon but our best w1shes go to her We know she wlll be n suc cess ID her future undcrtakmgs 10 Sprmgdale Conn 1947 19516 E1 erg One 5 Frzerzd md N0 One 5 Enemy Honumux22 ITOIGGT '15, An able art1st Marranne has proved to be very help ful on the Academy Gazette and Yearbook staff Also she has been Treasurer of the Cxceroman Socrety 48 member of Student Councrl 48 and member of Tea and Chrrstmas programs She IS one of those few darrng people who try all the newest fads Marranne has ac comphshed a great feat whnle at MG A She IS now able to play the entxre first bar of Nrght and Day After leav1ng school she plans to branch out rn the Held of photography and art Il MARIANNE FRANCES OROURKE SALTY Stamford Conn 1946 19-48 Her Eyer Are S0 t and Broun Beuare When She 5 Around 3 'T' T nu I-lou: n- ' I I A as v ,yy AX-' D .. V I -f I lf K f A f xxlgjflr 1 M S X x 51 t Q All ' y . r ll . llhl I ill' .- X -v, , - . , . - -1 y s 'I , A .", - lrma trny sweet and the xdeal of the Semor Class has an en her support rn many school prolects She has been an efhcrent lrbrarran of the Chonr for two years a reporter and typxst on the Academy Gazette IU 46 47 48 and a member of the Crceronran Socrety rn 47 and 48 As v1Ce presldent of the Class Irma helped to make our meetmgs enjoyable and to make xmportant dec1s1ons She also dxd a wonderful job as a member of the Yearbook Commrttee Irma plans to enter the sec retarlal held and we wrsh her the best of luck 12 IRMA PERELLA LITTLE BIT Stamford Conn 1945 1948 A Flou er Bloommg zn the Defert Azr I ahah '15J Tp, 'Bqdf ,F L Wvllihfi-VL! N-101 tgvilgg-Tpge! 'H 'V 9 lug , .sw..,r .I 'ppb wow. N S 1' fi-.11 mv Our HI J' fYYg W' 5 . 'J "MS Ttueuu num " V ww. r u ar Sx, A , . :+?f'rQ: ' T T ff f ' ' f f . 'fe 58 Watt, g 4 W ' 'S 1 Y ' 4 1 ' - 8 8 " 7 I 7 Y ' - 5 ff ' - I . Y Y . Q - MQ. . . I. . flx 1 -nge. A mrschlevous sense of humor has Kathleen She rs generous kmd and sweet We felt the capabrlrtres of Kathleen especxally rn her posrtron as Charrlady of Student Councnl 48 Vrce Presrdent of Crceronran So crety 48 reporter of Academy Gazette 45 46 47 and Yearbook Commrttee 48 Her ambltron IS to be come a nurse Our fondest vushes go to Kathleen for the future May rt be a happy one filled wnth prosperrty 13 KATHLEEN THERESA SCANLON ACE Stamford Conn 1945 1948 There 15 a Lzttle Dew! Dunczng zn Her Laughznv lqgla E yer GU -5f""-' fgypfl' C7 TQ, af 859 4-,gp -13.59 ,iv all +4 Q 'T I 1 J! ff'- J 9' I 5, H' w N, ff cf' Y' +- X Oh ' and me with my hair in "Bobby Pina " tt ., 4 , . 4 V - ,, . 0 ' f . -.1 5,2 K 5' I 0. P f f b J-V ,J . , ,V "' ' n r' I I 7 5 Q J " . 5 -3 NDI' .f fab v ,Q Q 'N . qv' 01 X A 'C ' 1 1 ' - , -x r Txbrxv 5- .Jo -r-.1 0 , X. 24 ol cf' . 3 A S J Q tu 2. .Y J .- - t ,D - 4, U- - K if 2+ ?s V Y -4 ', ' K .J 3 1 -'S 5' ls av' a' Q4 4' Y S51' - xg - 7 C' pt J - -if C -'fx ' 1' 'B - ' cr' .Q ' Ja U , . J r, s' P 9 Cl ' 1 l A 4' j N, 9 lf. Q ss'-of , I A J, -V x ,.14"" A ' 4 ' f , -' ' -' c' 1' , of f 2,0 2. f ,nf Z -5 . , . . . . . - 4' , I , 1 , 7 Y 7 , D . l , 4 A , sono 0 ' I N oe WN W1tty cheerful and muslcally mclmed IS our Lulu Sh e has shown her talents as a member of the Clcer oruan Soclery IU 48 and as a reporter on the Academy Gazett S ff e ta 48 Lols helped on the Tea Commxttee and Yearbook Commlttee of 48 She has spent a lot of tame stud ymg mars and may someday make a v1s1t Lots future lS undecxded but all our good wrshes go to er I4 LOIS JANE SHERWOOD LULU Stamford Conn 1947 1948 Alildji Lazzgbzng Flzllo Fun Sha Gets Along Wzth Everyone N dance Ons oY the basl' mo, bask UDQSVSE tb exgxg gg -tug Qxywm 'S toa'nno'ae.1'e up 'cuss Qosqefurue. -oo Q wud we YNQA w-moe em 'sk QS, -eos Que Qs T, nam Qoeqsi' 530082 trhinu 3 ups ssi I S Z 5 any K if l! , . 'V l I If f 1 . J . ,, -I '1 o lo - . I I 0 s t 5. at " N: x -0 Q . A . H - nu, at ' , ' . l ' . -4. ua g qx ,LU . , I - M , toes , , t . , . - X . 9 O L K Y . g . , s l l 5 ' " - Qs ,f----J .5 . 3 ' Q 1 l - 'la 4 . . . , Y fill..- , . . -"fl ! h . f , . .,l..i -. 1. ASS HISTO It seems but a short trme since the Academy first opened its portals to us grrls-and yet the time has come for the Second Graduation When we were first assembled our class consisted of three students janrce Badarrck Irma Perella and Kathleen Scanlon Our frrst promment activity as part of the Academy was participating in raising the Academy Flag on the school grounds on Frrday November 15 1945 In December of 1945 together with the junior Class we held a Christmas Program whrch was very successful After a lengthy Christmas vacation we returned to face the mid year exammatrons On St Patricks day we stepped rnto the limelight with green ribbons and an Irrsh brogue During Lent we all made special efforts to be charitable and mortlfy ourselves Open House was held on june 7 1945 We were hostesses to many vrsntors and held a specral program of a welcome address choral smgmg and chorrc verse Our first happy year at school was brought to a close with final examinations On une 18th together with the student body we spent the day in New York City vrsrtmg Sr Patrick s Cathedral Rockefeller Center and lunchxng at Schrafts and actrvrtres Taking count this September the three orrgnnals found they were yotned by three new students Marianne O Rourke Dorothy Cerullr and Gloria Bezkorowayny On Halloween Day the first rnrtratnon was held of all the new girls It was a hilarious affair We were measured for our class rings which were to be the same as the one chosen by our Semors In October together with the Seniors we went on a tour through the American Cyanamnd Co We held our Christmas program in 1946 The student body partlcrpated ln smgmg carols After the stormy mid year examnnatrons our first Retreat was held ln March and drrected by Father Menth C SS R We as the junior Class began to see the need to collect class dues rn order to have a remembered affair for our senior class The Academy Gazette was again organized wrth Mr Coley as moderator and annce Badarlck as Editor rn Chief A new club was introduced into the school s curriculum under the direction of Mr Coley It was the Debating Society Our class members took part in debates with Stamford Hugh and St Basil s Prep 15 7 . 7 - I 7 . 5 l ! ' I 3 Y , . . , y , . . After a refreshing vacation we returned in September 1946 eagerly to our school work 3 ! ' , . 7 V ' - . . a . 3 7 Life at school took a routine course after this and we continued struggling with chemistry and French Will we ever forget the trouble and laughs we had over the French pronunciation of une plume P Suddenly we were interrupted with plans for Class Night We enacted a very original radio skit entitled Phil Spituny s Hour of Harm in which Dorothy Cerulli was the radto announcer On june 14th we planned a Communion Breakfast for the first graduating class It was held at the Roger Smith Hotel This event concluded our junior year at the Mother of God Academy When in September we stepped into the Senior Class we were happy to have jane Corrigan Helen Baranick and Lois Sherwood join us We were now eight strong and ready for the busy life of Seniors Miss Vera Spikula our Principal introduced a new system into the school in which each class had its own homeroom As Senior class officers Dorothy Cerulli President Janice Badarick Secretary Treas urer Irma Perella Vice President proved their worth On October lst we received our class rings and felt very honored having them Our rmgs were blessed by Hrs Excellency Bishop Ambrose Senyshyn at a Mass in observance of the Patronage of the Mother of God After a short program we had the day off On October 22nd we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Bishop Ambrose Senyshyn s Episcopacy in the Church After celebrating Mass at the School Chapel we held a surprise program for His Excellency After our quarterly examinations in November we had our Annual Faculty and Student Tea During book week in November we arranged an exhibition on Catholic Literature in the school library We also discussed good reading A Student Council was appomted and Kathleen Scanlon was chosen chairman Two students were selected from each class These girls have helped to make explain and enforce the rules of the school English A few days after our program in school we sang through the corridors of the Stam ford Hosprtal Prior to the school program we had our vorces singing carols recorded More so than usual the mid year examinations had a greater meaning for us because now we were Seniors We didn t breathe till we received our report cards On February 11th three girls from our English class gave talks on George Washington Abraham Lincoln and St Valentine during a program in their honor Our second Retreat was held March 16th 17th 18th and 19th Reverend Thomas Tobin C SS R made our Retreat one to be long remembered We struggled hard for several months composing our year book We hope it will be the start which our sister classes will follow After much rehearsing the Ciceroman Society presented a play entitled My Heart s In High It was held at the Connecticut Power Auditorium on May 13th Our days at Mother of God Academy were brought to a close with Class Night Grad uation Mass and Commencement Exercises on the 13th of june Much more than just a series of events however should be recorded in the history of the class of 48 The remembrance of kindness shown and the guidance given to us by our teachers will be cherished by each grateful graduate With due thanks to our parents and teachers but most of all to Almighty God for the happy days spent at the Mother of God Academy our history as Academites comes to a close Here s to M G A girls Our faith shall never die Ever float our banner Proudly in the sky Blue and White forever Horst our colors high As our song re echoes Of the times gone by Thro the years recalling Mem ries we hold dear To you our Alma Mater Sung praises loud and clear Loyalty and honor In our hearts behold Passing thro these portals As our dreams unfold . . ' . . . y . 3 Y ' . I . , . . U . . , . i 1 iv. U I - v ' ' S x ' ' . ' . 7 . , . 7 ' s Our Choir had a gala Christmas season. We sang songs in French, Ukrainian, Latin and u V , Q ' ' I 3 I . 7 ' a , , I , . h . I . , . , . , , , - , . . . . y - 7 ' . , , Y , . l ' ' 'Y A 7 Y . 7 Y 3 S . . 3 I 9 7 ' S I6 CLASS STATISTICS Be!! In ormed M oft Cheer uf Funmeft Mon Ttzlkatwe Mott A mhztzozu M0513 Vermtzle uzeteft Moft Argfmzentatu e N ouzeft M oft Sentzmental Moft Relmhle Beft Groomed Moyt Enthzzmzftzc Mott Reyerved Mott Vwaczouy Done Moft for M G A Prettzeft Cztteft Happzext Mott M zuzcal MARIANNE OROURKE HELEN BARANIK LOTS SHERWOOD KATHLEEN SCANLON DOROTHY CERULLI IRMA PERELLA JANE CORRIGAN MARIANNE OROURKE LOIS SHERWOOD KATHLEEN SCANLON IRMA PERELLA JANICE BADARICK HELEN BARANIK DOROTHY CERULLI MARIANNE OROURKE IRMA PERELLA JANICE BADARICK DOROTHY CERULLI JANE CORRLGAN JANICE BADARICK THE RFECT SENI E yef E yelashef Teeth N me C 0 mplexzon M outh Feet Smzle Leg: F1 gure Htzzr Laugh E yehrous Hand! KATHLEEN SCANLON MARIANNE OROURKE HELEN BARANIK JANE CORRIGAN DOROTHY CERULLI JANICE BADARICK IRMA PERELLA LOIS SHERWOOD MARIANNE OROURKE JANE CORRIOAN DOROTHY CERULL1 JANICE BADARICK KATHLEEN SCANLON MARIANNE OROURKE f ...,.........................,. ' f . ........,........,...................... . Q ' .............. . .................................... Wfmm ................................,................. LOIS SHERWOOD P E O R I7 Wlll of the Class of 1948 We the Semor Class of Mother of God Academy bemg rn sound mmd and body hereby make our last Wxll and Testament 1n the ofhce of and under the Seal of the Prln crpal and do hereby bequeath Our abrhty to do the xmpossrble to any class that wnshes to take the rrsks mvolved The respect shown to us by the undergraduates to the Class of Nmeteen Hundred Forty N me Our place rn the upper classmens lunchroom to the up and commg un1ors and Semors Our most cherxshed tntle of Semor and the good fortune whlch rt brought durmg the year to the junxors Our abxllty to raxse money wrthout makmg enemxes to the forthcomrng Semors Our deepest gratrtude for hmrtless ard ID the pubhcatron of the TORCH and m other Semor projects to Mrss Ellen Spxkula In addrtlon as mclrvxduals I anrce Badarlck bequeath my deftness IH speaklng Ukraxnlan to Soph1e Lukrw my modulated speaklng vo1ce to Theresa Datgnault and my love of Spunky to Corrlne Matters I Helen Baranrk bequeath my cheerfulness to Lorralne usseaume my abrlrty t dehver speeches to Barbara Ambruso and my future success rn hfe to Ahce Dowhannuk I Dorothy Cerulll bequeath my place IU debatmg to june Harrrngton my creatnve wrrtmg abllxty to oan Rutz and my office of Presrdent of the Senror Class to an executlve mmded junxor I ane Corrtgan bequeath my extraordlnary gestures whlle glV1flf: an oral talk to Betty Kruger my shyness to ean Krnstoff my A s ln French vocabulary to any one capable of gettmg them I Marlanne O Rourke bequeath to the future generatnons at M G A all my my long skrrts to Mary McGrath and my prerogatlve IH the ofhce to any one who can get mto as much trouble as I drd I Irma Perella bequeath my short herght to Carol Shxppee my red belt to anyone who can get 1nto lf and my versatlleness to Marlon Holko I Kathleen Scanlon bequeath my cheerful drsposrtlon to Marcella Henneberger my bobby pms to Dee Terw1lleger and my wrap around black Sklff to Catherme Mullen I Lo1s Sherwood bequeath my appetrte to une Harrmgton my outstandmg talent tn chemxstry to Patrtcxa O Hara and my wrtty sayrngs to Norma Grtmm Gwen on th1s Thrrteenth Day of une by the GRADUATING CLASS or 1948 I8 I a a l , - . .. .. . . ,, ,, . , . ,J , , - - . .. H - 3 , ,V J , 0 , . a v a J , . . . .., ,I , . ,. , J. . ' 7 ' ' ' ,,lll337 , , 7 , 7 7 , . ' " 7 , 7 3 - .. ,. . - - , . y 1 J a . .. , , . , ,K L . l , vrwgr THE SENIOR CLASS First Row aneCorr1gan Irma Perella Mxss E Splkula Dorothy Cerulh janxce Badarxck Second Row Helen Baramk Marxanne ORourke Loxs Sherwood Kathleen Scanlon zo 1 . , . .k 1 K4 xxx ' 7 7 ' 5 7 . . . . , . ' ' 7 3 7 OPHE It would have taken many heavrly bound volumes to cos er every mmute detarl concerntng the characters rn the great story that IS now to be read It would have taken much trme and much more effort to relay thrs rntrrcate human comedy to readers so therefore only the hrgh lrghts are bemg dwelt upon There IS no explalnable plot because each and every one must draw hrs own conclusrons As for the endrng nerther you nor I can say lust what rt wrll be because xt mvolves erght separate lrves whrch have been lrved thus far rn accordance wrth the prrncrples that were the foundatlon of thexr Chrlstran rearmg Turnmg back a page I find the cheerful face of Marr anne Frances O Rourke a name that spells success rn a plans to wrrte a novel on her travels explorts surveys and dlscoverres of the world To top lf all off she IS capable of speaknng fifteen drfferent languages m cludrng prg Latrn and the sngn launguage What a credrt Irma reflects on the name of the forty erghters' Ah the flrst page and who IS nts crowning glory? anrce Badar1ck I belreve You remember an a cute lrttle senror gust packed full of ambmon and the urge to progress Well today janrce rs a brg career gxrl a very famous chemrst wrth a lab of her own to boot She 15 really a terrtflc lookrng young woman and rs forever berng mentroned nn the newspapers because of her con trrbutrons to medrcal scrence It seems that recently Dr Badar1ck confused some of her actrve chemxcals and forty exghters rs today a very well known busmess woman She as we all knew was grfred wrth a paxr of artrsts hands and an rmagmatron as colorful and ac trve rn the creatron of new desrgns as IS Cassrnr and Car negre She has her own dress desrgnrng busmess on Frfth Avenue Of course you ve heard of the Swank Swank and Swank Shop Her fashron desrgns are on every magazme cover from Parrs France to Stamford Connecticut She rs so to speak srttmg on top of the world of fashron Flrpprng through the pages I am stopped by one pretty l1ttle face smrlmg out at me from a halo of shln mg curls Of course that petrte demure mrss IS Irma Perella the quretest sweetest l1ttle member of the Class of Forty Erght But today Irma IS a bug blg grrl She IS the private secretary of a Spamsh Amerrcan Ambassa dor and has a beautlful ranch rn Spam As a pastrme she travels from country to country In the end she the roof of her laboratory But the best of us must ltve and learn Remember an success rs the bread patrence rs the butter Extra' Extra' Read all about rt Are you rn the know? The season of musrcal comedy hrts rs here agam and guess what s leadrng the parade Yes rt s the new Broad way hrt comedy The Scandle of the Scanlons There rs no need askmg just who the leadnng lady rs Our very own Kathleen Scanlon a very talented vocalxst and actress and also a great forty erghter rs the prrma donna Yes we all remember Kathleen and I must say that the memory IS a refreshrng one Katy often spoke of makmg musxc her career and she has done just that and more' We all know from recent newspaper wrlte ups that Helen Hayes has nothmg on Kathleen Katy very shortly wlll be taking her place as first lady of the stage Her vorce and actnng abtlrty certarnly have brought her fame to an unlrmrted extent and to corn a I fa ' " - 'A I t " I X K lv ' gr l A ' . ,I . X 4 X . K I P l ' V wxx s xl 'X I I I R ' , v. g 3 I -, A x ll xl rv 1 xx r A it A . ' - I I N , , . A yr , , P R c Y S ' 1 l - A ' I 1 , . y - I . l ' 1 ' , U- . . . -I U , I . U J , . , I - , ' ' D I ' ' I , big way. Yes, Marianne, one of the very prominent IS now awartmg the arrrval of the reparr men to replace I 'tx , x7 Eg ,T . 4 , S I . . . 3 I D . - , , , . 3 ' 7 - I S . ' 1 v ' ' 21 phrase You haven t seen anythrng yet So srng out Kathleen and your future wtll always be brrght l1ke unto a golden com Gomg back to page three my eyes fall on another very complacent countenance-that of Dorothy Cerullr Oh yes her brrghtness always dld exceed her hexght because she was one of the cheerrest members of the Class of Forty Enght Docr as we all knew her rs safe and sound rn Amerlca and agam completely recovered from her latest shock You see she always had that urge for adventure and she got herself a job as an axr stew ardess Well her last experxence was by far her least She was stewardrng a plane that was on 1ts way to Bom bay when a terrlfic storm came up and they were forced to land rn the rhnckest part of the Afrrcan jungle It seems Docx was the only conscnous member of the crew after the landmg Therefore she was the only one the natnves captured After a few days of tesnmonnals they decrded that the lrttle stewardess would make good stew So after preparmg the mxnor ponnts of the lav1sh banquet they put Docr on to borl just as the water be gan srmmerlng and the nanves were lnckrng therr chops the crew from Docr s plane closed rn on them and res Cued her from her steam bath I 1mag1ne that Docl IS now satrsfied to s1t txght ln Amerxca and pay for her steam baths She told me that she lnkes them luke warm Across the sea and also across the page of our mem ory xs Sister Helen She IS the supervlsor of a mrssxon nn the Ukrarne and lS very much loved and admrred by all who come rn contact wnth her She has five hundred children to watch over and IS rxght now wrshmg she had live hundred eyes wrth whnch to do xt She has xn her very full lrfetrme thus far done a great deal of travellmg She has started convents and m1ss1ons all over the world and IS to say the least very 1deal1st1c Thrs I am sure w1ll not be the last you wxll hear of Sxster Helen a good nun and a wonderful person Lots Sherwood the grrl most lrkely to succeed rn makmg people laugh has She xs one of the worlds reknown comedlans of today She has her own radio show on Wednesday evenmg Laugh Wxth Lulu' and her guest star thxs week ts Bob Hope Remember htm? Lulu IS h1s understudy and a very competent one at that Along w1th her flournshrng career she also holds the tltle of Champxon Woman Wrestler and runs a very hrgh class gymnaslum on 3rd Avenue rn the heart of New York Ah' last but by far not least rs lrttle janre Corrrgan who was a qulet but very actlve member of the Class of Forty Erght The sweetness that we all knew and re celved from janre back rn those days lS strll bemg ex tended to all her customers and to her lrttle brood too' You see Mrs Lovell IS not only a wonderful busmess woman but also a very capable wnfe and mother She has her own lnttle store The Cosmetlc Corner and her name and goods are known the world over Her newest sensat1on Red Heat lrpstxck narl enamel and rouge IS the rave of the femrnrne gender Her cosmetrcs rengn supreme and are used by the ultra ultra almost exclu srvely Along wrth her boom1ng busmess her house hold dunes are also brg ones ane rs the mother of two parts of trlplets and really has her hands full and her arms also But w1th the ambrtron and rncentrve that ane possesses she wnll always have nme to laugh her gay tmklmg laughter and say her cheery saymgs for they are her endurmg young charms You wlll always End an1e where there s sunshrne and garety We shall close the cover on our book now but our memory shall never leave the grrls whose lxves were made clear wrth those great symbols of youth warm tears and gentle laughter 22 11 l 1 YY ' ' ' - 5 ' 7 , Y 7 s V ' , . 3 . . Y , . . . . - .. - H : ' I . I , , . V . . , V ' Y . , . ' I . , s . . . , a - . ' . I A . .1 . ,- , I , . . . . . . . ' " " ' ' ' ' 3 7 . . ., . . , . . . . . . a I , . 9 . . J . , . . . . J , J . , . . ' 9 , ' 9 1 s ' ' Wfa .T Alwayf Ready to Gzve cl Helpmg Hand THE JUNIOR CLASS Left to R1ght Theresa Da1gr1ault Norma Gnmm june Harrmgton Cor1nneMatte1s Mr Coley jean Krxstoff joan Rutz Lorrame Jusseaume 23 ff JIU A! f' 1 M ' , N, f , , ' ' 7 . . N fx H' r ' , X X .. h X 4 Q ' -,-" J. N U I 4 I 7, " I vii? m " J ,1 f- , 1+-' 4 "' J f rp P ,Lf K: A V 'U U, tiff uw ,V 'V - ,,,f 'ff' 6 AVC f , b 'gn' 1" ' - -If ,fjJA,, , J I I V , N' f' 4 l 1 If . A ,., P' gf If 4 it if-ff' L 71 G V f If ,4- u I , M I vxn7' v .- , a. r :, 1, V .7 ., J, , Y, .2 ,J A I a ' ,cw f O' fl f l l ix! ' I J 1 ,, ,L wr Q . , 1 V u :fl .s J I j , I f There Are Our Fun Lowng Soph J Who Keep Tlomgs Hummzng THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Left to Rlghr Dorns McCann Dorothy Terwllleger Carherme Mullen bellock Barbara Ambruso Marcella Hermeberger Betty Kruger Sophre Lukrw Nor Prctured Patr1c1a O Hara VlfglHl8. Larobma 24 Marie Ottoson, Sister Josepha, Marion Holko, Dora Sapelli, Helen She- ON.: 9 Q Small zn Number But Great m Workffx-'37 vyfl -.4 THE FRESHMAN CLASSJ?b't N Ufkf Left to Rnght Alxce Dowhamuk Frances Pla JoAnn Scarpmo Mxss Arcudl Jeanne Daxgnault, Carol Shxppee, Mary McGrath. if 1 :' : , N .I J N x , f , X N 'f xl . I X-4 'N J N V 1 . . 4 I x - . 4 A x x .. , , 'X vi x X I x N1 , X 2 N. X 1 NW ' f 1 W x ' V x Kg X lx xx X ', Q I XX N X, Q ', I J x XJ X I I ,X 'x l,x Z I C A f -I 25 PLA- 1 IU. Fl I fp' If . P J ,J J 4 If ' J 'L AA av J A N ily" lip, 'E l ij,'C4-IXOIR , X i A ff J' 1 1 . J 5, if lvl a , jf , if . ddirhlle dirlction of Miss Ellen Spikula, our ' a y Choir now enjoys singing A Cappella lgfgggsic in several languages other than English. The Choir is the oldest extra-curricular activity in the school. 1' -5 ' l A, - 'V , -ff., 1.uli.,4.A.7 'ff musr , :Q . L-A+" Q-L ft, F y Y l"M'U' I1 . Levy VCL 3 J t,AJ.lJ.' A MJ' fray, ful W ,rt,oo0Mx..:Q' U kkltlg, .XLUJ f4-svl 'J ?fLLLfidf. ' . TA v fuvoj-J TIALU L,4,0 Liu JV. -LV CICERONIAN SOCIETY In 1947 dramatics was introduced into the society combined with debating. Under the direction of Mr. Coley the club has been serving its purpose which is to train girls for public speaking. The society has participated in many debates and informal round table discussions with schools in the vicinity. -'Peawr flweifb' fwefewi- MWA" Jaymax. 3. gi X 7 ACADEMY GAZETTE An important activity of the school is the Academy Gazette, whose advisor is Miss Rose Ar- cudi. Since our paper was first published many changes have been made. It is now in a digest form and is fun to read. A big step, that of printing the Gazette in the near future, is being contemplated. vim wkiiyilqiiig Nj Student Co cil sq? ,il in Sessi n R Xffzj sf 'L K, Class Night Program XXX 1- iw a , gui- E: 1'H': geunuvfv l Q .b I. 'Of 53' 5 ' ,OJ Ll In p QJlxJ I A L ' 0 1 D ' I af 0. 4, , ,. , V o., j CX, ln. :o lf' 7 . .5 I I j 7 J . QQ ' ' 9' L' nil.: 5 6 I 1. as 4 F 7. K Pri'-? Celebrating His Exce11ency's Fifth t Anniversary as Bishop Seniors During Book Week Mxss Ellen Splkula M1ss Vera Sprkula Mr and Mrs Wendel Kupec Mr and Mrs john Sawrclu Mr and Mrs Anthony Cerulh Mrss Barbara Cerullr Mr Wrllxam Symanko Compllments of a Frrend Mr and Mrs Stanley Nagot Mrs Moclestlna Rlch Super Lrquor Store Mr and Mrs Glass Wlnskr Pharmacy Mr and Mrs Peter Psrchopardas PATRONS Mr and Mrs james Pslchopardas Mlss Ann Perella Compllments of a Frrencl Mr Nick Mailer Mr and Mrs Harold Sh1ppee Sr Mr and Mrs joseph Caputo Compliments of a Friend Mlchael Zap james Tarlor Shoppe Walter Kruloltovu slu Mr and Mrs james F O Rourke Mnss Helen Badarrclc Complrments of a Frxend Mxss Betty Badarrclc BOOSTERS Gene Connolly Frances Romanovs skr Lnlhan Swenson john Cerullr C Charles Lovallo james M Costello Edrth Robustelh Shaunne Lynch Carolyn Vlffl oe Garry Wrlllam Kesnrclt Helen Walkuskr Jane Tymula Nrclc Psrchopandas Erleen Nagot josephxne Dombrowskn Frances Krasnnewrcz ean Prorltovs skr Tommy Caputo Bully Caputo Mary jane Caputo Leona Maffer oan Convery Anthony Pr1z1o Leo Shlbley Salty Dons Waterbury 28 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palkimas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Badarick i J . r V . J Y V J 'fflfiw T CDTQOLE E3 SCDNS INCORPORATED LITHOCRAPHY 96220 PRINTING 31 IEFFERSON STREET STAMFORD Q-T91 CTICUT TELEPHONE 41 5088 MASTERS TH! GRAPHIC ARTS , f. E W VENS FINE LUGGAGE and LEATHER GOODS Stamford 4 2390 153 BEDFORD STREET STAMFORD CONN GRAVES 84 STRANG, Inc Telephone Stamford 3 3 181 SPRINGDALE ICE 8. COAL CO Telephone Stamford 4 6173 COAL OIL THERMOST ATS PAINTS BUILDING SUPPLIES and HARDWARE REFRIGERATORS C omplzmentr of DR and MRS N N SOLOFF SPECIALIZED BUSINESS TRAINING FALL TERMS DAY ScHooL September 7 1948 EVENING SCHOOL September 15 1948 Applncauons bemg accepted now SUMMER SESSION July and A g sr INQUIRIES AND VISITS to the school are mvrted If you are reresred a b s ness career or f you are st ll undecrded call r te o telephone for free lxterature We shall gladly pro v de complete mformat on on courses rates and nme requnred xthout obl gat on SHORT S SECRETARIAI. SCHOOL "The School of Buxmeu, Accounlmg and Secretarial Trammgu Telephone 3 3185 305 ATLANTIC STREET STAMFORD, CONN 30 S T E , I n c . , . 'Nm ' -t, , 1.1 :E 1. ,5!..yj,. , - 5, ff-1 L. ff' f eff ' ii'-15219 ............. .3 LQ ia-1 Q I O I O QI il 2 , - - I . 7 ! ' ' 1 u u . in . in u i , i i ' , . , w x , r 1 . - I. . . I , Y w I 1 . l C omplimenlf Of Mr and Mrs Frank Creagh GRAND CENTRAL MARKET Arlannc Street Stamford Conn C omplzmentf VITO SCIGLIMPAGLIA Compliment: 0 NATIONAL TRUNK and UMBRELLA CO Inc Telephone 3 2726 168 170 Arlanuc Square Stamford Conn Complzmentx DONNA HENRY Inc ETHEL ALLAN BEA UTIFUL CLOTHES Telephone 4 7489 151 BEDFORD STREET STAMFORD CONN SERVE COKL AT YOUR DANCES and PARTIES Telephone 4 2420 O Of Q f - I .4 ., . Eftablifbed 1914 REG. u.s. vu. off. Of , . 31 B U E T T N E R S BETTER FURNITURE STAMFORD CONN PIPP S CLEANERS CLEANING DYEING PRESSING WE CALL Fon AND DELIVER 704 Pacxfxc Street Stamford Conn Phone 3 1844 johnny s Dehcatessen 382 Elm Street Stamford Conn ASSOCIATED SERVICE CO EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Sale: PARTS Serwce Leadmg Maize! Wafhzng and I romng Machine: Re rzgeraton Radzof Exmzctort and Vacuum Cleanerr Telephone 3 3513 BOSAK FUNERAL HOME 641 Atlantic Street Stamford Conn THE DELF COMPANY HARDWARE and HOUSE FURNISHINGS Telephone 3 4731 209 Bedford Street Stamford Conn EDWARD CZESCIK ELECTRICAL CO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Telephone 4 5050 Restdence 4 0934 747 Atlantnc Street Stamford Conn FAIRFIELD OIL COMPANY OF STAMEORD V SIGNORE Prop AIR CONDITIONING OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL KEROSENE Telephone 3 8534 462 Fanrfield Avenue Stamford Conn B O B S S P O R T S SCHOOL ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS SPORTING Goons 135 Bedford Street Stamford Conn , 1 ff Il 9 ' . , , . I . . f , , , . 88 Main Street Stamford, Conn. O I O , . , . Y , . . , . T. 7 ' , . 32 Complzmentr 0 MODE CLEANERS STAMFORD CONN LOPRIORE S PHARMACY CHARLES D LOPRIORE PbG Telephone 3 7558 505 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn RECORD BAR DAN GENOVESE P7017 CONNECTICUT s JAZZ RECORD CENTER Telephone 4 0954 25 Mann Street Stamford Conn M A R Y B R O W N FR 0CKs F0R EVERY OCCASION STAMFORD CONN CLEARWATER FLA Complzmenlr PALACE THEATRE THE PERKINSON COMPANY COMPLETE HEATING and COOLING EQUIPMENT Wh1tePla1ns 9 6017 Stamford 3 1866 615 Maxn Street Stamford Conn BRADLEY S DRESSES COATS GOWM EURS Phone 5 9684 PLAZA THEATRE BUILDING 461 and 463 Mann Street Stamford Conn K E I L 8: K E I L Phone 4 5050 235 Bedford Street Stamford Conn THE CHAMBERLIN STATIONERY CO Inc COMMERCIAL and SOCIAL STATIONERS 27 Bank Street Stamford Conn . f D NU- - Of Telephones: 1 T 7 F 1 ., . I I I 33 C Omplzmentf KAISER FRAZER CORPORATION WILLOW RUN MICH .! P'-'S M481 4 E UJHlTEIowEn BRIDGEPORT NEW HAVEN HARTFORD NEW ROCHELLE NEW YORK CITY AND COMING SOON TO .STAMFORD WATCH FOR IT' LXECUTIVI: OFI ICES STAMPORD CONNECTICUT 34 Of I ir A' il 'A' . U ce E Q0 E if ' - 'A' HUBBARD HEIGHTS FOOD STORE 114 West Broad Street Stamford Conn SAMMAR SERVICE STATION Trp Talks H Offer bu! Horrelerr Carrmger Need TYDOL Telephone 3 9975 Canal and Bond Streets Stamford Conn CAPUTO S MARKET FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE Telephone 3 4466 137 Myrtle Avenue Stamford Conn FRANKS RADIO Inc RADIOS RECORDS APPLIANCES Telephone 4 0084 424 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn HILLTOP STORE Telephone 4 3886 101 West Broad Street Stamford Conn BONGIORN O 8: SONS Telephone 3 9652 14 Draz Street Stamford Conn KARP S HARDWARE 384 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn THE CHOCOLATEERS DISTINCTIVE CANDIES For Ducrzmmatmg Tartef GIFT BASKETS OUR SPECIALTY 51 AtlantIc Street Stamford Conn COHEN S SELF SERVICE 907 East Mam Street S amford Conn JACKSON 8: PERKINS CO WORLDS LARGEST ROSE GROWERS NEWARK, NEW YORK THE Rosa CAPITAL OF AMERICA , . Groce and Confectionar J' ry y - BA K ER Y - , . . . . l 0 as LEO P GALLAGHER FUNERAL DIRECTOR Telephone 3 3368 20 Suburban Avenue Stamford Conn BALMER 84 FERRIS ATHLETIC GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Telephone 4 0721 21 Bank Street Stamford Conn THORME S PHARMACY WM J THORME Reg Pharm Prop Telephone 3 6461 East Mam Street Cor Maple Avenue STAMFORD CONN Complzmemx o HIRSCH S FUR SHOP RACANELLO ELORIST WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Telephone 5 2167 STAMFORD CONN RICE S RAYMOND K EVANS Prop FLOWERS SEED GARDEN SUPPLIES WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Phone 3 5769 578 Maru Street Stamford Conn CAPPABIANCA TRAVEL SERVICE Z F CAPPABIANCA TRIPS TOURS CRUISES If Land ea Telephone 4 1161 115 Marn Street Stamford Conn ELECTRIC SERVICE CO ZENITH KELVINATOR BENDIX Telephone 4 7518 205 Mann Street Stamford Conn POLIS AGENCY ELIAS POLIS REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE Telephone 3 7201 270 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn I 921 ' , . A ' f Of ' 187 Main Street, corner of South Street A' - - S 36 C omplzmentf ST AUGUSTINE COUNCIL No 41 KN IGHTS OF COLUMBUS C ompltmentf VUONO CONSTRUCTION CO ESTABLISHED 1900 Complzmentf of SAMUEL H SILBERMAN Inc RLAL ESTATE INSURANCE Telephone 4 1184 453 Mann Street Stamford Conn GRUNBERGER Inc IE WELERS 0 cial Watch lmpector NEW HAVEN RAILROAD BERLINGO SERVICE STATION GAS OIL LUBRICATION Acceuonef Repazrf Waxbmg Telephone 4 3753 864 Mam Street Stamford Conn S U L L I V A N S Fender and Body Works Telephone 4 6073 863 Mann Street Stamford Conn Compliment! 0 G 8: B SALES 8: SERVICE Inc 874 East Mann Street Stamford Conn . , . of ' , . o m ' 133 Atlantic Street Stamford, Conn. of ' ' f , . 37 Complmzemr of STAM FORD DEPARTMENT STORE 229 Atlantrc Stre t Stamford Conn Complzmentr of CHIPPY S SHOPPE 693 South Paclfic Street Stamford Conn S L A V I N S K I S Meat and Grocery Store 698 South Pacxfrc Street Stamford Conn FLOOR COVERING SHOP IF IT COVERS A FLOOR WE HAVE IT Telephone 3 3113 108 Bedford Street Stamford Conn GAS OIL LUBRICATION Telephone 4 3916 29 West Broad and Hanrahan Streets STAMFORD CONN S T I L L W A T E R Frurt, Vegetable and Grocery Operated by TONY AND JIMMY MATrEls Bert Wzrher rom HOLY NAME ATHLETIC CLUB Inc Atlantxc Street Stamford Conn PARK VIEW FOOD STORE GROCERIES and MEATS Telephone 3 2902 42 West Broad Street Stamford Conn AI. KEN FLORIST 215 Elm Street Stamford Conn S T U A R T S 113 Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn RAY's SERVICE STATION C,,,,,1,,i,,,e,,,, of ' f 38 JOSEPH LARCIPRETE DESIGNER AND INSTALLER OF ARTISTIC TILE C0"ZP""'e"'f Marble and Bathroom Fzxtufex ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATION STAMFORD POLICE Estnrnates wxll also be grven on any kmd of Telephone 5 9318 19 West Street Stamford Conn Complzmentf F D RICH CONSTRUCTION NEW YORK STAMFORD 39 I . of Repair Work , - I Of O JUDITH M LAWLESS PATRICK PR1z1o CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY F or All Occarzonr Telephone 4 6362 PLUMBING and HEATING Phone 4 4061 635 Glenbrook Road Glenbrook Conn BEDFORD FURNITURE Best Wzrher from HAND MADE FURNITURE CUSTOM BUILT BEDDINC' C O MILLER CO Telephone 4 0305 231 Bedford Street Stamford Conn Compliment! o HENDRIE and LOVATT HARTS FOOD CENTRE 207 SHIPPAN AVENUE Atlantrc Street Stamford Conn TO OUR ADVERTISERS We Extend Our Sincere Thank! for Tbezr Help In Almznzng Our Goal Thu Year Book THE TORCH OF 48 40 . - . o - - f ' f I l I , U , l Telephone 4-5868

Suggestions in the Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) collection:

Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 25

1948, pg 25

Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 43

1948, pg 43

Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 37

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Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 40

1948, pg 40

Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 17

1948, pg 17

Mother of God Academy - Torch Yearbook (Stamford, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 25

1948, pg 25

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