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Lookin back through Memory's lid t 5 We wil kgovr life has nothing lieth r fha? its Springtime, Golden ayspwhen we're ylou ,golden days!" l 5 Z I, 5 Tliese words from " l'l ,A S?'UDENT PRINCE" s miarize our four yy rgjgap cabrini High- f r fyears of spiritual a l intellectual develop- mg thi?-Efour years of st l y and play - four yegrs at striving and acliievlng. By turning the loaves of "THE SHIINEJOF 1957" we , can recapture these four happy yaarsg we can re- call the hfACUlTY whose wisdom iciught us count- less lessionsp the SEN- IORS, aiir classmates, whose esgeem we value, whose hearts we under- stand, whose love we cherish, ?the guiding IDEALS instilled in our souls, the ACTIVITIES which imbued us with school spirit. O ' A ' ' vi' 'l' :gf sh, i Z. 'V Ill Ill Ill Ill P..- rw: .-J4W'- z' , .Q gf J Q Wsxxx EQ , l1,5.QAo.,,,,iA5-NL' GNN is USE? 'G-in whi- v K + ,f , 'mf-s M - f 7' W :we ' , M V., Wir ,917 im W D 'fy' f 'V 44 -f Xavuw' f ,. 52 gl 3915... 5' ' .' Y' iw- M W V I , V' -2"-5 in Q16 Gm 1 'z,,9' 4 15 511' K ' 3 ,felbi x if Q fbamtnn Q ,.,,f,,z. .,,. A,, ,. ,, W 'wmv J WMM To you, loveliest of Gods creatures . , , To your beauty and grace Radiating from your pedestals , . , To your countenance ol beaming charm , . To your sacrifice and forgiveness . . . To you, Wonderful ones, Who have yielded lifes resplendent lruits Who have tasted hitter-sweet . . . Who have understood us always , . t We offer thanks and adoration . t . To you, we dedicate Qur short lil-e's paltry accornpllshrnents . . To you we dedicate this looolc . . . Wwz faflm To you, bravest ol Gods creatures . To your strength and magnificence To you, leading us onward . , . Urging us il we lalter A . . Lifting us it we fall . , . Guiding us always , i . To your laiililulness and everlasting oourag To you, splendid leaders ol men . , , We olfer gratitude and admiration . 4 To you, we dedicate 'What strides 'Neve thus lar made 4 To you we dedicate this book , , . pm fer- L, 7 I . I L . L V 4' f f K X ,f L D LU0lfL!J Q ffll, Ol" f 2148 CLF? ep fkode w 0 ima! me C K f v X 'Ji 1 ,x A I L I ' LA M , A-QOH Mm M. ,AN Q, ms' OU 5: -V NU, -,QOH '-9 W Q , 23.4 I 4 ,f , u lj "' 1 ' nf U 1 ' ' X' Q .X JM I ,1 V, 1 , 1 .. K, " L" '. . L 7 r ' - , L, W L 4, ' h ., A- ,,. -, x , L 1' v ' . N Y , , 1 .M . 4 In , H . V n vu A I ,K fd ,A A A 7.7 A L Y I 1 V , . A A 0 my-ww -J V Jr rf' A ?5551 s ' , W ,WYVMQWE .--+11 ,f .11 V M fy gf, ,fgfiy iw ,W ,M x .vw , 'fe . ,,. m.. -, . QU, . ..f Q5 f . is 'war V A 1l.,iiiE.:l, .K 4 M A . J fi H . I -mum Q -' if Y' . . 1 ...J-',.... K . TUV? are all who see and Mother E , jwulon. -4,66 lx W. .gf QL WW' K, ,ww f X Wjav if ,wlgawdui " Wiz 3, ,AW xg x ,wk il If. r " Q1 L ',N'1 1 0'-4 if-f" 4 , A Ag ' '46 I ,pw- Q S I 4 I 5 , X A if f:?3""' . M. is 5 QI. Q 4 P 1 A ' 'JJ c 1 in f,," f K 4 'L ii: I. 3,32 . ja? kt '. ' V ' A . .-. , I 1 , A . -'I 's 1 ' , . I 'K 'IJ ng, 43. N. P' ur" .Q ' f '- W . '- f Y ' ' x rf gpg, 5 A , f wr X AKQRH .3 'ff' 2 rw, ,G +12 -d f"'n - ' , ' Nr " 'int 'J t ixgitxx y J 'T '--' 'S -J 2 f . Aff. xg er '- A QA-.0 ' -x f.."4l' ' ' 1. QWFVXQ N Y , 6 , ui kg' ' M, f' -N: 0' nxt , S. W frjjx ' 'J - lag! ' f 1xf3..,,.+, ' - ,. 4- i Iygluwsl N ii L 'J' i .Z , fr A Q, QM I - ' JZ. ix-.J f' MK yo N . I -1 0, I S, 1 r x Q ' an .4 Q ' , 8 4 .5 l az ,Nw is Y. -Pl 4 1 ' 1 'Q v sq:-iq. ,-. f ., . , R ',J - ' .r,,l,'., A 5, s s URL, 1- '. A ff ., . jf 'Q . ' 'Jill 513 fwry '- --wg 12711 ' 7",,.f' 3- '7"--vii' -bv. , . QQ . ,ii 1,9-Lrlifdgxlalg 7. .,Qf2"iJ if . R. H fan W, ',l' .-5,..4 VJARQ' sf-A-wawsz-- .. 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'La-.Lwfj A . fx , Q rg W ,ps A '4 'U 4 f " ' ' A A J 51,2 Q A an I '5'J'w6 Cf i ' ,Q br' O W ' X dials- f-"fi S?4 , ,,.4,, X 4 " Q D 'f ,, ,. I 6 1 .- 1 , 'I '33, , Q f 'ffx f Q' ,iq 1' A524 ,J A I I '47 mwah 'ff ' fgfq iff' xii fyjtf Z. ' 1 'E .C 1 E mg F ' 3: I O . 'U ' 9, D V.f' M It iq XJ ,rr Y 4f,.,,,' 17? 441. ,i lffif A4 x I Wh.: ,J NX, Q1 5, E' 'Q me 44 V35 U ., ff? . X , 'X Q I, Q ' ' ,,QI, fJs'X "'-Q fig '-kik f wx. X grimy' '92 -Iii :A f 41 , 7 ,mn If 'f5','d?kf . 3 -f .-' ,lb f , A, V , .,,, , , J ,,,, , ,, M N "' frmfvf giw gzfiw - Q Q A E . 3222! Q? ffv am rg 75714413-fglr M 3 VK Z vvf h .-,. L M! K Qffmkk CMH 1 . WV' Y fffvf ' ff ' x ww- L ' 5 ' JI :V Y. "ff A f.qii""""-5 If gvwifiu ' , ll ff , K , W H141 Q , S- X'-X, X ' J .s1,'LAt'i.4.7.:-' f ' -fr f e 9 l af' ,,"' t lr 'L -- 2 h I r X ,t Golden Doys Spent Among the Clossioists Mother Eleanor's English classes are indeed a bright spot in the curricular day at Cabrini. Under her tutelage the seniors have been introduced, some reintroduced, to the literary classics which are so integral a part of our education. Shake- speare, Franklin, and Charnwood are explored and analyzed by a group of students who, though they possess definite opinions and ideas of their own, greatly appreciate Mothers concise, accurate summaries of characters and situations. The defi- nitely serious expressions on the faces of the above girls are often altered by a bit of unex- pected humor however, which makes class all the more enjoyable. Honestly! what would we ever do without without the pun. even though it is the lowest form of humor! gi ' x . X WEP S s Our B., " J K X 1 is . x X . rx ig. ,gif 1' Faculty , l '-X 1 X XJ t KSA? ollghf L5 a u cle 711,110 0 Sloofdfepr iiqf ,Qt-in IZ' Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Mrs Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs lQ..:ul" REVEREND MOTHER EULALIA Ursula Salesna George Eleanor Emrlla Marhn Cecrlua Immaculate Katherrne Rrpol Catherine Carlsen Paulme lrvm sion Antonehe Fava Anna Damra Muss Anne Egan Mr Charles Ruocco Superror Prmcrpal Chemrsfry Apologetrcs Mathemancs Hrsrory Relrgron Algebra Lahn English Relrgron Typewrmng Scrence lahn World Hrsfory Relrgron Hrsrory Englrsh Socral Srudres Spanrsh Brology Spanish Slenography lfalran Englrsh Varsrty Coach Physical Educahon Speech . . G i Ml' 0 n I i -fl H- 1 X E 'M -. , rj... r l 1 . ................,..........,........ ' , ' , ' .........Ur.......................................--.................,....... . I I - .........,.........,-.....-.........................................,.................. . I I l . .................................,.............. ' . , ' D , ' . ............,........,................................................,. ' , ' , . . ..............................-..................-............................... 0 . , D Mother Stanislaus ...,.............................,.....,............................................................r..., Arr 1 . ..............-......................,.........,............ . , . ' . ' ' ' .......,..................,.........................,.............. .. ' ..............,....................................................., ' , ' aww sx 11 19 19 30 3 JAP gl "The Shrine" When the yearbook staff gathered for its first green meeting I doubt that you would have been able to find the bright smiles seen in this picture on the faces of the staff. For, you see, the "staff", regardless of the fact that our classmates seemed to think us literarily inclined, did not feel quite up to the task it faced. In fact, it was the general consensus of opinion on that rather dark day that a Dickens, an Emerson, or at very least, a Tolstoy, would be a necessary recruit if the job were ever to be done. But just then, right in the middle of our sad meeting, a bright spot appeared! Someone opened one of the most beautiful of all past year books fwe refuse to say which for fear of jealous alum- nae seizing this book at a later datej. As we looked through the perfectly prepared pages, each of which managed to tell so clearly and so hu- manly of all our wonderful Cabrini days, we realized that impossible though it might now seem our yearbook was going to be as beautiful and as precious as we could possibly make it, with the incomparable help of the Holy Ghost and Mother Ursula. This we felt sure would have to be. For we had been challenged to place the spirit of our school and our classmates on paper. So, we closed the old yearbook and looked at each other, everyone had a very special gleam in her eye. Then the gleam turned into hard work. The entire staff, Meg Walsh, Nancy Madden, Pat Quigg, Carolyn Somma, Margaret Cassidy, and Carol Loftus, have spent many hours on this yearbook. The special vignette of each girl's life at Cabrini, the special writeups beneath the gen- eral pictures, the editorial, the dedication, all these had to be prepared. And what was infinitely worse, at the end everything had to be typed by the worst collection of one-finger typists ever gathered together. Though wefve worked long and hard, the yearbook may never come up to our farflung expectations for it. We hope however that it will satisfy all of our classmates' fondest dreams. vcr?" if f-V' lla F T'+fs.. N lv "?1Pf:,,.', 'is ---1--2' latest announcements on Cabr1n1 College or the color they re all wearlng th1s sprmg Maybe she s pondermg over the sage counsels of the Prmclpals Corner She may hnd the Book of the Month a par tlcularly mterestmg one or the latest musrcal a must Most probably however she wrll have contentedly been decxpher mg the Tattler all the whnle The problems of wrmng organlzmg and edxtmg the paper seem to vanish as we behold wlth pride the flmshed product our Cabrmlan EDITORS Vesna Mohorovlclc Mary Ellen Spnllane T e Cobrlmcln The whxms mterests and actlvrtres of the student body are expressed m its mouthplece TheCabr1n1an Our news paper expresslve of the hlgh ldeals Ca br1n1 mamtanns rs a welcome addltlon to the currrculum of the school Every month the school newspaper may be found dlscreetly hldden under the camoutlagmg covers of large textbooks Perhaps th1s adept Mrss IS readlng the Electlon Day Each year at approximately the same time when all the girls have renewed their acqualntances with therr fellow classmates the ttme for the electron of class ofhcers draws near In Semor year thts IS an extra special task for the ollicers of the Semor Class have the heavy responslbtl tty of representmg Cabrmt Htgh SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Prestdent Eileen Mortarty Vice President Kathleen OConnor Secretary Joan Harte Treasurer Margaret Gtll To these our Class Officers may well be apphed the words of we Cagflfll G fl There are schools wtth populations greater far than ours Butldlngs large and new rzse up like splendid shznzng towers Every school wtth standards hzgh brtght banners can unfurl So a toast ue proudly gtve to our Cabrznz Gtrll For the Cabrrm Gtrl ts true with a mll to try and do And she s loyal to her colors Gold and Blue She IS honest she IS falr Wzth a heart to mn and dare When the glory of her school s endangered She will be there Oh the C abrtm Girl ts strong And she ltnons the rlght from wrong In her heart a smzle and on her lips a song' She will work and hgh! with all her Illl ht So cheer her sptrrt onward'onwardlCabr1n1Girl' . , ft ,N X Q iid ill l' y 1 . 4 2 W ' ' I - I ' ' . ,L X ' 5 l . . . . Q t v 1 , , - , , ' . .- sg at , ' ' gm L 'X T ' "ms, H , H i ll rf.. 2 f 1 A .r l J 1 , M . X . , Y 7 I I I ll' I I I V . . . . . . . . . Y. I i , f . ,. , , I I ' ' l 7 I I v' y 1 v' '0 3 y , . . . ,W JK A K AQ E' We . ,I 2' f '?, Q 4, fi-ffzhzfff., , ? E.. f Everynun recounts the story of her life to the inquiring candidate. While struggling over the choice to be made between her religious vocation and Steve, thc Sacred Heart ap- pears to Anne Norton. Anne Norton reads Steve's let- ter of proposal. .fi X 'N HEVERYN UN " a plav by Daniel A. Lord, S.J of 1, Ns Anne Norton relives the ball- room scene. Dramatized by members of the Senior Class on the occasion of Mother Uusula's Feastday. The play was coached most artistically by Mother Salesia. Anne Norton chooses Christ and becomes His bride. Anne Norton, now Sister Mary Frances, a novice. aspires to become a professed nun. 4 t s 1 --72 4 L ,lf .Wh X S, ' Main A , W 4 M , , . :Pri . Q.. 5, 1,-, 4 .5 . 'W , it ,115 W , Sw' 31 '-IQ' fig' X171-L Y' Jr-' F ""f'v,xL",, QM: 1 3' -.5 ! 1 I I W 1 1 r' f L KN r if ' lx , 'ivflffs Q FIfZ"f'N Y?" ' ls, 2 A Tall- fm - Tfiv-U-,, ,f I A yfd Q fx ' ' 1 - -2 "W Q-Q 1 ' M Y' til A -. ' -at-: r y 1 I 5 ag n at K ' A A Y ' 3 - fl I M if A 5 -Q rf H- f A -Y,vv'v-r k'i,,?,.'-:IQZT ,fgi V5 N-.1 'iq sv nn Q - . ,vi '- --.M . N - , F G . 5 jfgf 3 W U In ,.,, lii'.,, :M 5 ...- , wmfx "' -, 'ww -fi- -f -aw--f-new .L-fi' I , A ,X - ,g . - -- 4 A. W . - f ' gqvf ,T-fgv X1 , Nj. ,531 Qi? fi? .4 4 -N57 - I 4' H' R ,, 3 , .ingwpg f hx, . , gr 1 - Maxam :EV xiii? if-Q ll :ffggix ,-213. - N 1 ivy-S 4 dh. 1 .4 Y ,, X Q ww be A. W ., A Q as lllw i fr . N Ili ' D llllllllllli Gur Biology Closs With the constant assistance of Mrs. Carlson and the daily use of our books, we Seniors are finding new avenues of knowledge open to us. Prior to studying biology, it was practically an impossibility for us to begin to understand even the most simple aspects of nature. Never before had we realized exactly what made us tick, or how a tiny ameba manages to ingest food particles. When the biology class dissected frogs during one of the laboratory periods, many of the girls decided that is wasnit half as frightening as they had anticipated. This course has been a very enjoyable and enlightening one for us, and we are certain that it will prove to be of constant value to us. Moreover, with the laboratory motto ever before us-"God and science, but science for God"-we will always associate the human with the divine. 6:3 , l SQDALITY lf my people wlll not submnt I shxll be forced to let go the hand of my Son It xs so strong so heavy that I can no longer withhold lt Our Ladys message at La Salette was a message to the world And the chlldren of the world the chlldren of Mary have jomed together to help her hold back Hrs hand The orgamzatlon formed ns the true Sodalxty of Mary As Jesus shed Hts blood Mary shed her tears and the Sodallty of Our Lady wnll some day stop the How of both The Cabruu Sodahty IS only one of the many that foster great love and devotnon to our Blessed Mother 3 H an sg woufblg gov' fluere as 19 30 Glee Club Performance s f ?'sl'3l3C?5l?E ff! sim, S' QQ, Noon Recess Between 12 30 and 1 00 p m comes the tlme for mdulgmg 1n our wanderlust Generally our journey ends on the school steps where we partlclpate rn our favorlte pastlme talkmg laughmg and wallet passmg At thus school sesslon many ldeas are born many plans are formulated and much knowledge Cchlefly homeworkj is exchanged. X., Cigufkr flue EEL cAi!c!ren fo come unfo ev Because there are so many who hunger for a deeper knowledge of God and His teachings, there will always be a need for capable instructors. In their roles as catechists, Kathy Niemtschik and Angelita Howell diligently teach little children facts about their religion. Every week these two Spanish speaking Seniors sacrifice their time and efforts and set about to instruct during release time. Preparing youngsters for their first Holy vw im' lx. . g,,. Communion, and explaining answers to young questions concerning religion, is a task these two girls thoroughly enjoy. With the inspiration of Our Lord, Kathy and Angelita are able to help children who would otherwise be forced to keep to themselves all the normal Curiosities about their God and their Catholicism. This is indeed a worthwhile task and many are grateful for their efforts. V 1, 1 S: 3 132-Huw -V il A 'L X i . 'Onan-.,., Taking A Test The work of a month is crammed into a night, the evening before a test. That relaxed feeling that comes with ignorance rapidly dwindles into a seething panic. lf a lifetime is reviewed before a death, the definitions. dates, and problems that meander through the mind before a test are in- finitely worse. You dream hopefully of mental telepathy, and of those happy individuals who possess photo- graphic minds, and with a silent prayer tto ward off the feeling of despairl you set to work. That night you dream of little geometric theorems chasing pantheistic heresies around a tall column of Latin verbs. The dreaded morning arrives. The time comes for taking the test. You chew your pencil mildly and look abstractedly about the room. Then nerv- ousness turns to numbness, as you gaze down shyly at the exam paper you have just met. With an ejaculation to the Holy Ghost in the cause of a few good guesses based on last night's endeavors . l. t you attack the questions. And afterwards? Well, the test wasn't really too, too bad. lt could have been worse. But, I'll never let it all go to the last night again! 92' , V , N ff . Ni X , A gi 1 A Typing When the typing class gets under way everyone knows it immediately. For it is always accom- panied by a mad sort of clickety-clicking, as the frenzied little fingers of tomorrow's secretaries fumble across the keys. Within the classroom everything proceeds smoothly under the excellent tutelage of either Mother Emilia or Mrs. Living- they manage to accomplish beautifully despite all girlish tendencies of their pupils to forget capitals, shift locks, and the position of For this alone we are eternally grateful, but more than this will we ever appreciate the guidance and the under- standing given so unstintingly by our teachers. -yi' I. .X . ex , -. . Q ston. With very excellent patience both of these teachers in their respective classes school the hn- gers which fumble today and ily tomorrow. This ,Q J 1' I i if . -- hi v 6 Q n nl Y , jf! QU? WEIIIEWM H 'x X Q XX A if X N X X I llhili , 1-in TQ'- A fs X95 SQ' ' 5 , Q iii A Eleanor Spain and .loan Hartnett are lost in the land of books in the Cobrini library. 5 f -wail? -C' Q, ... . KQ N' Q a 3 , . ,.,, ,K ,Q i 5' 'f , ' l 4 ty 5' 'lv s 'A 5 M g eiii?'Mohorovici, Eileen Moriarty, and Barbara Herbert are dili -VA-nf! ' o sol o a problem in etymol- I 55? o 1 A gy f E-i. iff? 2 sf L fl L -f f Q f L 1 I 1 , I 5 , ., M I I V 1 . .bg g M -MQ ri , ,. th.. 1 . ff'-e ,Si fbi 253 .Fi c " lf' -g V, ,' 'UT ..-g, - 'f , -.- ., 1 x . -r f 9 it 5!!!!t?2!i Qttaxxyzzcz oaaaornsnn 5 ::::':::,: 1-,.,,f.-Q.- dems :- J ,:,,f':gg, 3' i Af ,,. i-ogg ff! 5 If if 1 'Y TQ' I . o Jw .i 8 I .15 rf ,f r-'-4""' it rim 4 - "2 AZ Akfi. V Mfr' " .4 ,A ,W v ',4".'E-1 e x Q 3254.4 :Q QIEQRMQI? 1 ? , ,5 , , x I . 1 fi: Fw 5t M, Q. 1 Q 'Xxx K E 'I' A i . ' 'X 1'. ' kv J" 0 . A ' W- ., iv F ,, A gg 2 XY' I si xf 1 'i ,E 'F' fy ev ,I K 0 f? 2' F ,fig 8 f 'Q 'il wi 1312 ,cfawn 2 V5 ., -uk Q Q good WWW my K 33X8 sg woufcl Le grave go fizere 445 muck fo Clare 1 S F 3 X M 5 X gf 4 E ivlluxxfxy X 44. 2 9 O 7 ,, . Christmos The Crib in our school chapel is always an object of devotion and admiration. The lovely figures of Mary, Joseph, and the Divine Babe, the soft snow, and the dim lights - all surrounded by evergreens, are lovingly and artistically set up by our own Mother Emilia. During the Christmas 2,1-M 1 .2 5-V NMA , ,J . . . M, ' Cll ,iw - , Y ' 33 ,f'Q C .- - my 'Z 'mf - C Eli, A ' , ' ,Wy " I ,v 4, ,, Lv M' ' , -K 7 kd ' Cobrini Season Cabrinites delight to recite the rosary be- fore the crib and sing 11 Christmas Hymn at each decade. On the feast of the Holy Name, the word JESUS is placed over the crib, and on the feast of the Epiphany, the Three Wise Men arrive with their precious gifts. Varsity Each year as the C.Y.O. basketball sea- son draws near, the students at Cabrini High look forward with keen anticipation to the many victories which we all pray our varsity will win. Much time and effort is put into the forming of a varsity ca- pable of bringing glory to Cabrini High. Under the patient guidance of our highly efficient coach, Mrs. Damia, and the watchful eye of Mother Ursula, teamwork and good sportsmanship, both on and off ' '.. , , dw'- the court, are developed to their fullest. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus help us in all our endeavors and grant that we may once again bring victory to our be- loved school. So here we give a loyal and hearty cheer to our grand team and its captain, Janet Cobb, who makes every game an exciting one. Here we give a rousing hur- rah to our co-captain, Margaret Cassidy whose smiles in a discouraging moment spur us on to victory. Here we hail the Varsity of "56", the most-spirited and hard-working in the history of Cabrini. -:aff -fe Pa 5 S 2 N-KJf'NJ CABRINI HIGH VARSITY Are you looking for school spirit, energy and joy? . . . Behold our cheerleaders! Their MCABRINI VICTORY" is responsible for our varsity's determination to win in the C.Y.O. basketball games. "The King ol Kingsi' This year a new venture was begun at Cabrini. Our glee club, the CABRINI CORO. was estab- lished under the direction of Mrs. Clare Harring- ton Whitson. Under her guidance, the members worked together to produce a remarkable Christ- mas pageant called e'The King of Kings." The bell-like voices of the choristers filled our audi- torium with beautiful melodies which were highly acclaimed by all who attended. The acting of the three kings was superb! Kathleen Colbert as Oueen Astrid was truly regal! Joan Harte as King Herod was stupendous! Needless to say none of this could have been accomplished without the diligent training of our newest faculty member, Mrs. Whitson. CAST OF CHARACTERS Queen Astrid ...,..... ..,....... K athleen Colbert Lady Cierda .......,... ..,,.,.,....,.... l 'atricia Quigg Lady Britte ......... ...,...,...,,.... C 'arolyn Somma Sir Einar .......... ....,........ C labrini Boggiano Melchoir ............ ......,...... li ileen Moriarty Balthasar ....,....., ......... K athleen O'Connor ff' xx U .4 5. v -'I i r . i y - it 2 5, be V sf A s t 2 M .f ' , l 1 if 15 li ig, .4 " A 4...-pxJ""' Caspar ........,.......,,...,. ...,..,.....,.......,...... J ean Dent Herod ...,..,,......,,,............ ......................,,... J oan Harte lrish Maidens .......... ...........,........,.........,...,, C llee Club Mary ..,.,.,........,.,.....,... .......,... A rlene Ciammorota Sunifa ...,....,........... ,,... .......... N 1 ary Beth Ball lf: .ia s 3' 1' """7 f Q'Qi 4'4" Mgnif 4gi", -7 ,ff X sy flw Le, flw so N 25 16 - 4 Aw sf .,..,A-A in . ' ' if Q 1' 5' I Y ax ,Q Q X f ' 2 A X X. fi I xo , ,,,-2 , ij 1 I fl .f ii, Sri ",'Q lfii 234+ " M X 1 , . 'if'2?:fQ5:'T fy . 5 5 K 1 .pgw -,fm .f. ,jiiff 5- z Q., V ,, ,.J, 5 .I A A, ,- f M s, A .P Y, , ,A fx , , x, E F' f U ,HW ,npr singing gg p .sw W , f 'QWQ ,K A v ,Q Q 'mf 4 5 Q, nf .5 1- gl ? Y Sr 1. Z' ...Ill JOAN HARTNETF MARGAR BARBARA HERBERT ET CASS es 3 Part of thx ,DY VEQNA ii recited in clear . L CW-srmas pi, .. r MOHoRov,C,C the Nativity. find vibrant tonesgiznt these four Sem K e beautiful passagzrs, representing the f s of Sacred Swimureiuzhivangelistg, refer to The class of 1957 is very proud of its orators. Some of the girls who have dis- played their oratorical talent are: PATRICIA QUIGG - Pat's participation in the C.Y.O. led to the Manhattan Championship while her American Legion victory brought her close to the top. JOAN HARTE - Her participation and victory in the B'nai B'rith and C.Y.O. oratorical contests have enabled her to gain recognition in the field of oratory at Cabrini. Both CABRINI BOGGIANO and KATHLEEN COLBERT have been ardent and active speakers throughout their four years at Cabrini. They have been vic- torious in almost every contest. Kathleen has just tied for first place in the Ameri- can Legion contest. This is the first step toward final victory. Good luck, Kathleen! Our Patricia, Joan, Cabrini, and Kathleen have brought oratorical fame and honor to themselves and to Cabrini High. ff' 'Y .Us 1 A ' if f '1 Y Q II xx ' - ff' ' Q A .xgyrj ' h .!-i' , - ' Aw ei' K V T. . X. 5 5 'Ishii ,,- f -X Nl I .. xxx fi .ya 1' . A39 K e "it J Ni if A,g..S3gi Vg.tV' 0 be ,. A W . J 'M A frmgvvfv Q 11? f "-'Q .H .Haig , - ' --' -. pg. qu. 1 ,mf- . 3 iz A I . I . -,K-, fc , yf, V -Ls. '. 2 - .-iffy . , ' -f ff ' . ' 32v5i"3ZiSiSQlfAL J ' 1 4? if. 1 P , Q ,ga ' 1- - 2 .c M W ' ,-vgg. ,iv qv v" ' f x w i Q, ' f , 1, " . . '+L..'s-ifrwzfisif . sn, ,.:. '--'QA d',z r "Q-,,,-1 HL R"-.f.i3v -- -,, A- cg 3 V, -7' ,,..--'M' -hvg' Q: :,, D L F.-5g r "vw:. 1. , 4 L -K. 1 ....:.:a:Li:, If Q. L I4 X 'f.f,ij4fi.!- 1 , 1 ' . s?" 'JK 1.2.-Q 4 . Ti. r L ' .1 ix 5 - -. .f .f s - . , Q, , -Q - .,,........, pol.. W W 'VAA1 M ,,f,g!,-N 9 1 L ,tum -,, ..,4 .h an , 1 f .b -- 3 f ' - ,g--"',- - - z1':, -' ' 'M , -:,, li Q ' A 5--- -5: A' "-pf, 2' 5 I 3 ..r'5:',E: ,. ,gil-1,1 ,:.-, rx: ,-,ix .s ,V , 4 .- ,, .. .,.. , , . e -' . ., , - 1 CHEMISTRY To all those seniors who chose shorthand in preference to chemistry we give our sympathy, but never our chemistry notebooks. For that delightful romance be- tween Hydrogen and Oxygen has proved very useful in daily life, and we are sure it will flow as a fountain into great streams of knowledge. Our journeys to the laboratory spread before us an exotic array of colors from royal gold to iodine brown. Just beyond them, the parade of test tubes bubbles with the excitement of compounds in the making, luring us on to a search of what makes them react. When we finally discover what we consider the discovery of the ages, our beloved Mother Ursula makes us realize that we are only on the doorstep of science. Her understanding, sympathy, and encouragement help us to surge forward in this field. Our watchword is: "Chemistry! We need you NOW," When our course has been completed, we'll be able to say: "Chemistry? We loved it!" if fx. g ft Rumors were atloat . . . then the oflicial announcement came - The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart were to open a Liberal Arts and Teachers College at Radnor, Pennsylvania, which is only thirty minutes from Philadelphia. The locale was the beautiful Dorrance Estate on the Philadelphia Main Line. At Cabrini High brochures and Application Blanks were distributed, and the first Seniors to be enrolled for the September, 1957 Class at Cabrini College were: Cabrini Boggiano, Margaret Cassidy, Vesna Mohorovici, Renee Principe, Diana Costa, Sonia Scott, Joan O,Donnell, Marguerite Redondo, Marie Loughnane, Arlene Schlamp, Meg Walsh, Rosemarie Rogers, Anne McGovern. 2 fl. 6Bl'll"0!I'l'I,Ql'll ag CABRINI CGLLEGE RADNOR If PENNSYLVANIA i 47 7e6f:lfWf 16 17 .9 wang! Le flu JI Luau, 18 5 X6 11 13 - sv " ' 5 RING CEREMQNY The night had at long last arrived. This was an occasion for a great deal of elation among the Juniors, for it marked another notch in our high school career. The significance of the Cabrini ring had been explained to us in detail, and we under- stood and deeply loved its meaning, The Sacred Heart of Christ, its rays illuminating the ocean of life and guiding the small crafts . . . How we loved those precious symbols and tried to apply them to ourselves! This year a red stone had taken the place of the brown one of previous years, but the rest of the ring was unchanged. Red and white ' M""""---H--.-... , carnations added to the beauty and quiet sereiiity of our chapel. As we walked up the aisle, each one of us experienced a glorious feeling. Monsig- nor Fleming, Principal of Cardinal Hayes High School, emphasized what a great honor it is to receive the Cabrini ring. After he placed them upon our fingers, we could hardly avoid glancing atour rings. After the impressive ceremony came to a close, we realized more than ever before that now we were at the threshold of Senior Year. We would now have our beloved rings as a constant reminder of our wonderful years at Cabrini. ' ' ,vu- 'QP ""'1 40" ,fi Our Senior Year has had the added surprise of seeing our Alma Mater enriched with a rare and precious collection. the gift of Mrs. Eugene Jablonski of New York City. In her travels throughout the world in the company of Dr. Jablonski, a geoligist of renown, Mrs. Jablonski acquired the valuable objects which are now on display in our school. In the Large Senior Room is an exhibit on Mexico. Holay! Fiesta time! The Senior Class of 1957 is privileged indeed. From their comfortable desks the girls can turn toward the left and gaze at the majestic Hudsong then they turn to the right and are transported vicariously to sunny, romantic Mexico. Paradoxical, you say? No, not when you have an exhibit that portrays almost every aspect of that neighboring land. Along the wall of our classroom are gay prints of smiling senoritas and somber eyed senors, colorful, intricately woven rugs, and straw Ffwifty , . :, f F tf'iw. :Q wins? Vfxji 3 , A -X 'Ya 4.9, 5 Q? 4 S ' af"hfii?'f'f H ' at '55f'Kl w 1, ' sf' 'i In i r icuii' l z 41 5,345 R y fwlyxmnii lil 5 CA . , .f W ' ' ' If H f S 2 .ta A , ' Q i . A , me .1 ' 5 i 5 , ,, H i ,gl ' , ' , 5 sured Exhibits braided baskets. Encased in glass cabinets are various souvenirs of that happy land. Pictures and statues and books tell the story of Mexico. We are indeed fortunate to have such an interesting and cultural exhibit. In the Small Senior Room is the Central European art exhibit. If your imagina- tion is strong enough. you do not merely see dolls and exhibits of handiwork, you see lithe, active figures in brilliant costumes, dancing joyously on wind swept hills. You do not simply gaze at pottery, ceramics, and beautiful lace. Instead you think of the patient loving care that went into the creation of these objects, and of the warm sun that flooded a small hamlet while someone's fingers fashioned beauty out of clay or thread. Yes, out of the hills and valleys of Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, and other Central European countries has come a collection that can hold its own in any museum. rul1Ml' U1 EM NRLAN rf, Q farrin . . . .NX Mrs Clare H Whxtson Joan Harte Kathleen O Connor Jem Dent Eileen Mori lrty Myrna Vasquez MHFEUCFIIC Redondo Wrmfred Magee Gerdldme O Shea Veena Mohorovlclc Patrlcla Oungg, 1 5 1 Y f 'I QA. Q 5 ,, F .1 Y l , 1 Z 7 . ' ' 1 - Q ,. f YY as . s', x 9' iQ, L is M. lf um , 1: . v , A V355 Q, ,K . ,n - Q N' V47 525335, A fn -a 1 ' QA W' 1 'I 1 f 9+ The Library In this spacious, finely fur- nished room is an aura of intel- lectuality. On the shelves is a portion of the world's books, rich in the history and culture of many lands and ages. Here, in condensed form, are the hopes, joys, fears, sorrows, and dis- coveries of humanity. Dominating the scene is the statue of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. All around the library are the gleam- ing new bookcases so generously donated by Doctor and Mrs. Eugene Jablonski. History History on parade! Any lower classman happening upon the Large Senior Classroom at ap- proximately 2:l5 p.m. will see a breath-taking sight: Lincoln, Napoleon, Eisenhower, and others too numerous to mention, have gathered for the edification of the Seniors. Father Time, expertly assisted by Mother Salesia, is making a valiant eifort to pene- trate the bold and daring deeds of bygone days and manifest their relationship to present day prob- lems. N., N sg? !QafpigL, ay ara e Q. o Q M--xx"-X, , why? 5 y , ,Q Y ,. ' K " 'TI -345 A I A 3 I. 4 . q 2 Lf ' . -I J 3 W W.-5! ' Q 'V M 5- 'P -' 1' .J I . V J 3 3 3 ,. . L a ., .ff x , 32 5 Ar xi Af: 4 3 , 5 4 ' A 'i' .4 1 .,, W' 4 gi f - . 1, x '3 ,, -V , 3 . . , , waz.: . , iff, 1, 1 2 Q? 1.3 Java, 'P f ' -w Q-'v,!,., 6 ff, , ' Ag x ' 15 bkgiigfr' , H ax 'K 3 2 , 5 A I .fa ff' 4 I 5 :' ff? 5-ff.fV,f1fw7'. W' fy J 1' ,- ' 1 f ai g 3? 1? .1 4 ' 5 ' -, sites 2 Vi V wg , ' K , f 55 M: Q .,, K ,f.,,gQvff vi, M 5 , A QF A , i ,fm A j --.MW ' jmfxgi 45:3 5. ,V -I 5 . N' V? f, ,., 'v - 0 'Lt 779' 'N wgs. R agp. X T 5 - M sm 3 w- Q' e.,,,LY 17 'N M., WN., 'h.,,, . .fig 4. A , A.., I V -hgh" ' 'G-. .. QW! 1954 Better 1956 Jgeol 1958 Cobrini Victow F 44, ff X QX3 fo Chic! ide lvllihelg hqfgwnan 5 Kal' W Ah ize F7049 Q13-L. 12? gig 52 fax . 4' Me 8400! cgi lay ,ilk al Spell Qi 'bar 5 few? rv I The Seniors cit Recreation Fun! lt can be had by all at Cabrini, and fun loving Seniors are no exception. A typical recreation is filled with the bubbling talk and laughter of girls that have just dispersed after a hard morning of chemistry, history, and other subjects. Imagine the enthusiasm that spills over into these forty-five carefree minutes! F vis: 4 2 l F Q. 'ef ,,,,..-an N, ee-4 Farr understanding zealous these are only a few of the adjectlves we can use to descrnbe the wonderful lay teachers at Cabnm Hlgh Every student YCHIIZCS how lucky we are to have them Our only regret 1S that we have such a l1m1ted space xn which to volce our praxse We hope that they wlll remember us and keep us ln thenr prayers always QW s ' A" an . f Q fr Ns.. 6 7 S , Mrs Carlsen Mrs L1VlIlgStOl'l Mrs RIPOI Mlss Fava 'V' y ra h I I l - I f fl ' . . l V I H 'x 1 xl-fai s f ll r ff 'M fl fl , sayl d. ' xi l 5: A Ks 2 - it 'Jn k if 'V Qur Loy Teachers A 0 e : , ' . hy, 'ami L . - . . I I 'AU N '--"E ' ' ' rrsr 'l r 5 N.,,,,, x f . 1 J , . X I f Y J I 4 M. Y -xt-4-0-NX, M: MQ? 'N fab ,V f X f 'I hxr 7 .- " X QNX .fjksig if V ebxgffw ,wbfu 1 . h-4? 1 Intramurals The story of intramurals is a stirring one. lt is a story of girls and sports, hopes and defeats, a story of victory! The scene? . . . A court that vibrates with the thud ol' practice shotsg halls which echo the sounds of "Team. yeah. TCLiI1llU1 the chapel crowded with girls pleading for victory on behalf ol' their class team. The characters? . . . All Cabrinitesl The first game is between the sophs and the frosh. The second game is between the seniors and the juniors. The third game is X 1 ' 'Wh-.. X. 2 between the victors of the two preceding games. Hearts beat fast, prayers mount high, as each class wants their team to be the trophy winner. CYO. games can be exciting, but for spirit, enthusiasm, and participation the intramurals at Cabrini are supreme! wiiigjfvy ns? ., S A Q xxx g 'J , 'tt YT. wlssw..-for-'f?f ' ta Hill lr- vvvvy 3 wi, ?g,'l .Q I M' "J V A 1 My . M 4 ' I' m-8 csv' Fig! 3 1 I -nf. fi 4 . fl 'x'-'pl ar' 'lp 1. Qs-Nh E31 '51 F 5,-7 School Days! School Days! Dear old golden rule days: Teachers, exams, and history Bio and math and chemistry . . . XXI, SE 'WY' Af -M w I , ,Mx .Q I YE' Q-ff if I "V ai? "' v' X f 1 1 'S .: Q Ar ' sly ' I 5 U 7 it - . B904-. fxx ,f , wiv 3 'WWA K 'mwa- X' "" , 'mu -.dasd1"""""' aw ,wmv-f - Mia., 'img- 'KQ , 'wr-a M""i-Q. mm? 1 1 . lb 1.1 And Scientists ,f-rf' , i ,af 'Nr' 5 7... Epi ln the laboratory we become fascinated with biological exhibits and microscopes. 5, N... CQSKU. Myrna R A . , Diana - ' - te Udmd' ' a - - hy, Annel l L ' ves. thy Mullef, Kathlgimliinlellllxleciing me mblerpleu DOYO n G' itus, 503 Carole LO Our Music Room "Melodies are memories." How often the experience has come to us, awakening untold memories of the recurrence of some old forgotten melody! How often we have associated places, thoughts, words, and faces with that "air". What deep chords in our nature does music not reach! And so we know that days will slip away, and when our high school days are over, there will come times in our lives when under music's spell, we shall be carried back to these golden days at Cabrini where singing and music have always been a major part of our assemblies, annual plays, receptions. and graduation. Here, by listening to recordings of the masters, we have deepened our ap- preciation of music - music which cannot fail to recall memories of what is sweet and true. VaSQUeZ 03X 26 1' 13 19 3 mg Aflfgffl. gf ww 5 rl X H 4 ' U 1 fy , XS D X, nj '24 15 .gwou Q iuing, ,, Q if. l' in-4 'ii I Ah, , If 'Sf ' bffmgx , 3 X fl 4, f Avy -47' E V' x 4 'L . fwwmsk K' 1 ia 1' f AX + t X Q , 1 Xin is I K x ,W 4 i L' X 4. 9, nl R xl . r s, MB . 7, H 9.5. aff, " "Hgh X X , A ,Q L k '-XY 1 X l ' ' ffl 'W' 4' f V 1 .' A x ' ' " - A at .VL G ,as .A,, I we tx. L . "1 535-E5 t 1, 5. , Q , i ' g V ' 4 l ' J Y L V . 51. Y 4. k 1" ' - , llwfwilzl f yal, f A Q , 'sl' ' , ' ?' Q4 " :vt-.Q-' 1 3, A , V ' 5' Q .5 '- D' -,qi a ky ' ' ,. gf . Q, , f W . , fl , ,1. ,, In n I 4 -V A . I Q v V N... . ,Y lk , I ,Q-.Je , 'U' ix'-X at ' 9 ., ', I, .J fn. uv Q, Q, v 'v,UiC3, 'Z"N J4 gafa air Gur Senior-Junior Farewell Party A CATERED BUFFET SERVICE IN OUR BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED CAFETERIA f 2' ' 1 'haf KA, Q ,M fx rs v , if 1 1 , gf? i we f Ti . ba v V .4 .. .wp V? Q Q WW ff' 5 an 'ii i' 'f Wig 71466 Qfecwenfq Zcceea 7146! Wfolfim of QM! Cclbrini Family Club isis -.ff MRS. MARGARET BALL MRS. JESSIE ARFMAN President fx Q ,.,.,,sX X C xg Q 1 , 1 , K H we , N' xx ' MRS. PATRICIA EGELHOFER MRS. MARIE PIVER Treasurer SWVFYUVY Vice-President The Cabrini Family Club, through its efficient Officers and enthusiastic Commitees reached the climax of their endeavors for the welfare of the school in our - MOST SUCCESSFUL BAZAAR. 9 WM 1515 11 Iii 21 18 19 .gwoufcl .fdnvlfaugll Hall of Fame Ideal Calmnz C1111 Vos! llfscls to Succeed Hr sr Smdcnr Sclmnl Spun H4 sr Azhlrzf 'Host larsl Ill: Vos! C 0 npnunu Has! C UIISCICHIIUIIS Must Popular C lass Umm: C lass Armss Hr st Du ssrd I It Illc st Most Amzzcllse ElC mor Spam lrlncn Mormrty M 1ry Sprllfme M 11C xrut Cflssldy J met Cobb N amy M ulden rbrml Bogguno Anmlltr Hossell lx xthlrrn O Connor Joan Harte lxqthlucn Colbert Pll.llLll Qulgr lx xthlun MCM anus Fuvorltes Song Smgu .Sm1g'snc ss BOOL A141115 Ar mr A c nr ss lm wsu Dc sotmn Palzoness I'ut1on 510110 I lmsu PUSIIHIC Sport Autlzwe ss Goldun Days H my BCI rfonte DOYIS Diy Wir and Pmce Frlundly PLISUISIGU Yul Blsnnex Loretta Young Hound ol Hriwn Mcmorarc Bcncdmtlon Llttle I-losscx ol Jesus St Judy I C in do all thing ln Hlm VN ho strengthens mc T04 rose, Dmung SWlll1lI1ll'lg Edna Fcrber ' ' -' ' .V.,.,.,. ,. ............r.........s.,. ,,........,...s... s,.,. . . fz " lr y Q ..,....l.,..s....,..,....... .....,...,.,...,.,,....,,..,... i W 1 ',' ll ' .,............... .,.,,.......,. .,.......,...,.,...........,...,....,....,............,..... L L . c .' ......,....,.... . ..........,.. ..........,.........,......,....,.,.,,.,....,.,,..,. 1 'ja 1 ' Q ' 1 ........ , s,.,..s .,....,....,.........s.,..,,....,.....,....,s,,..s...... . 1 - f , ffm" .......... . ..........,. ss.,,,.s............,..l...,.............s....,....... . Hz ' 2 s y '- " .,r,.,..., ..,. ....,..s .,....s..... . , .CH "' 'Q . y ' ' 9 ....,....,..,s, .s..,s,, . ........,l,...., s,.,,..s,....,. ..s,.,... ' f ' 1 f M ' . .. ....,. 'L " ' Q ...Q i .ll ,.,...-...,......,..,,........,....,........ ....,...,,. ,...., .........,..,...... , I I 3 A ....l.,,... ..,,.,..........,,.l......,s..s.......,..,...........,.,.....,.,......,..,.... 1 ' j "f ....,....l..........,...........,....,.........,........,.,,,,,..,,................,.,,,.. 'L " ' 2 g f ' ' X ,..,.,......,,.,.s.,.,,,.,..,..,.,....,....l.,,.......,...,..s, ..,Muric Loughnane . Q y ...,.........,.....,....,,...,,....,..........,,.......... " r z jf' ....,,.,.... ,.A.,,...,..,...,,..,...................,......... 1 "f 'z ' L., .l.v,' .. ......,... . ..........,.....,,,.,..,..,..,.........,....,.. ., ',' L , 5' 1 4 xv .- ...................l.s,..r....,....,,......,........,. " ' af A ...l,...,,....,,..,,r,...,..,,....,..,......................... ' 1 ' fm ..,.l....... .,....,..,...,. .......,,........,.... ' ' ' fa " " I" ...,.. ..............,......s..,rr,................................,,,..,,. ' 1 . ' ....,.,....,...,.............,........,.,........,.........,..,.,. X I Y . . V' 1 fr . 1 . ', ll .,. ,..,.... ..,.. . ......., ..,.......V..,.,..........,.,.,.,,......v........... I . ll, . ' ' ...., , .,..,..,..,. l,s,,s..,. ..,..,.,..,..... ....,.......,.,,.., .,,...,. z ' ' fi 9' 1-""""'W www ,pf Xu cv. ffl,-M'-Daw 0"""'? ik VY' Q-v""" -wsagww PM 'ivy ff X X I , fa 1-'vllw"""'-'-'----,-, d""' 195 Nr' ll' llllll Y N71 Cf' g,,nff,,, llyj 14-fin? A5121 ,S 47 il-v-.... 'M--W... Senior Clciss Poll Lorraine Arsenault Mary Barrett .......,.......... Cabrini Boggiano ,..,.... Jessica Carella ........ Ann Casey .................... Margaret Cassidy ........ Joan Cavanagh ......... Janet Cobb ........,.............. Kathleen Colbert ........ Carol Collier ...,.......... Rose Coppola ......,... Diana Costa .......,....... Beatrice Daniels .r,...... Doris De Leo ............ Jean Dent ...........,... Jean De Geer .......,... Gloria Diaz ........,........ Elizabeth Dobbs ............... Catherine Fletcher ........., Margaret Gill .................. Mary Ann Graf ....... Joyce Grach .......... Sandra Guerra .......... Joan Harte ......,...... Joan Hartnett ............ ..........,......Most Wistful ............Most Wholesome .............Most Nonchalant riendliest ............Most Engaging ..,...........Most Cheerful ..............I.oveIiest Hair , .,......... Most Persevering .............................Liveliest ....,.....................Wittiest ............Most Kind ............Most A Hable ...............Best Disposition .............Most Industrious ............Most Dramatic ..........,.Most Exquisite ..............Most Gentle ...............Most Demure ..............Most Obliging ..............Most Poised ..................Most Dignijied .............Most Refreshing Piquant ..........Most Enthusiastic .................Most Photogenic Barbara Herbert ........... .............,....... M ost Unforgettable Angehta Howell ........... ......... Mary Kavanagh ........... Mary Kirby ................ Judith Kovacs ..,......... Veronica Kunzig .......... Carol Loftus .............. Marie Loughnane ........ Nancy Madden ........ Winifred Magee ........... Ann McGovern .....,.. ,,4..4v3l,.Y.. -V Y- A-24.7 W 744,744 .Fascinating Cheerleader Sincere ..........,...Most Trustworthy ..............Most Capricious ..........Most Warm-hearted ....................Most Earnest ...........M0st Attractive ...........Captivating Smile .............Most Purposeful .............Most Gracious ygwblu-1: i""'-w df! Kathleen McGrath ........ Patricia Mclsaac ............ . Kathleen McManus .. Vesna Mohohovicic Eileen Moriarty ............ Dorothy Muller ........., Ann Murphy ,..,.....,...... Kathleen Murphy ........ Theresa Nash ................. .v----f"",""-",,-'ww ..........Sweetest Smile . ............... Most Fair Personality .. ........,.. Most Likely To Succeed Dancer ..........M0st Sedate .........,....Most Amiable ............Most Lady-like Arleen Naughton ......,............ ............ M ost Fun-loving Katherine Niemtschik Katherine Nugent ....... Diedre O'Brien ..........,. Kathleen O'Connor ......, Joan O'Donnell ........... Geraldine O'Shea ....... Patricia Quigg ......... Evelyn Porco .............. Renee Principe ............... Marguerite Redondo . Edwina Rehxll .............. ...... Rose Marie Rogers .... Marie San Filippo ........ Patricia Schafer ...... Arlene Schlamp ....... Sonya Scott ............ Carolyn Somma ...,... Eleanor Spain ,.................. Mary Ellen Spillane Annette Udina .... ......... , Meg Walsh .............. J udlth Walsh ............. Rose Coppola ................ ................................Gayest .........Starry-eyed .,.......Most Serene ......i....Most Popular .........Best Groomed ..,.........M0st Modest ............Best Dressed ..,.................Cutest ..............M0st Chic ...........Most Artistic ...........Most Generous .......................Sweet'est .........Most Exuberant .............Most Buoyant ............Best Humorist ..........Most Soft-spoken ..........Most Sentimental ,, ............. Best Pianist ...,........Best Student ...............Most Sincere ...........MosI Fun-loving ............Most Unassuming Most Kind-hearted Catherine Fletcher .......... ...,...........,. A lost Obliging Myrna Vasquez ............. --- -,,, . x f f" ' - . '. X a I hh, X S, , ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' f- . ' . ' f f Y' ,Y ffyf ' .1 ,ff ' ' , X ' ' f' ' f, f 1 , rf ffr ' ' ' ' ' , ff ' ff f' fly . V, e , f f ff jf ' " f l' x Xt A .4 ,f-""" 1 2' 4 ? ............Most Ambitious A,-I-" -'ff eff ,..f' f ' I 1' Lg, , if f- K M ff Y A4 A! i Lit, X I H ' '.a' 4' I,,'lf f , ,,,, H ,111 ..- .nf 7 - ' Gur High School FRESHMAN YEAR As excited flustered green Freshres we approached the portals of Cabrlm Hugh on a brlght September morning eager to begm a new hfe rn a new school What expectations were 1n store for the future graduating class of 57' As we became acquamted with our Prmclpal Mother Uusula and the other faculty members our love for Cabrtm grew each succeeding day Daily visits to the small glowmg chapel the center of the student s hfe at Cabrmr helped us to reahze the subhme privilege that the body of a great samt and missionary still remains wrth us As Freshman Year advanced so drd our Joy and enthusiasm Initiation Day an exciting and memorable occasion afforded us an opportunlty to display our talents and abrhtres as Spacemen from Mars Our semor slsters ever patient and considerate guided us towards being true Cabrmrtes 1n mind and spirit How those few months flew by with the oratorrcal contests basketball games and above all Mother Ursulas feast day Then came St Patricks Day Parade As we briskly marched up Fifth Avenue mtent on presenting a good showing we achreved the feehng of actually being part of our beloved school We shall never forget the thrllhng words whlch echoed through Cabrmr s corrldors WE WON THE TROPHY' Christmas at Cabrlnl so full of joy and Splflt also brought wrth it a long deserved vacatron As the winter months approached the scemc atmosphere converted the campus into a snow laden parad1se The annual retreat the Easter vacation and the rntramurals occupied those prectous moments we enjoyed most rn school hfe Finally the beaut1ful month of May arrived and all Cabrrm paid homage to IIS Queen 1n a speclal outdoor ceremony Graduation mght a cherished event filled every Freshman with eager anticipation for her own graduation How that dream IS nearing reahty Freshman Year was truly a year to remember SOPHOMORE YEAR Now we strode through the corridors of Cabrrnr with the new found confidence of the proverbnal wrse fool Silver Bells could well be the motif of the year as durmg our Sophomore Year Cabrmr High marked its twenty fifth milestone In1t1a tion was viewed from the vantage point of past experience as our followers hesrtantly donned their suits of torture Now that we had scaled the first plateau every event held a new significance for us Columbus Day Parade Mother Ursula s feast Halloween Thanksgiving and Chrrstmas came in raprd succession Re splendent m our new school umforms we took the stage w1th decorum to announce the silver Jubilee Our class had been a part of one more outstanding occaslon as our songs filled the air we could not control the pride that surged wrthrn us On Saint Patrrck s Day Cabrlnr glrls put their best foot forward as in years past Intramural trme was soon with us agam closely followed by May Day As we knelt at Mary s feet we consecrated ourselves once more to her We thanked her for brmgrng us to the halfway mark rn our high school careers and lnvoked her and rn the two years to come As we watched the semors bid a tearful farewell to their Alma Mater on graduation mght we reahzed that these Golden Days would fly by ever so quickly We prepared to enter the realm of upper classmen with confidence and determination ' . Y . ' , . 1 , - ' . ' ' ' y 1 1 ' ' . . . 1 .. . l Y , . ' l ' I 1 1 ' I 1 -1 . 7 1 I 1 1 1 . . 1 5 ' 1 1 . lv' w v 1 I - 1 , . . . . . . . . ' ' if . 1 . . . l . Y . . . .' Y , . . . . . . 1 . ' . 1 . 1 1 . . . . H ,, Q . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ,N 1 . , 1 1 1 - - ' 1 , . . . . . ., . 1 H ,, . . . . . . 1 1 1 - ' , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' st ' 11 - ' 1 ' 1 . . , ' 1 , . . . . . . 1 1 1 . ' 1 ' 1 9 . 1 , . , . 1 1 . ' ' ' ' cs 11 1 Years ln Revlevv JUNIOR YEAR Junior Year at Cabrlm el year of oratorlcal victories of our reception of the Cardinal Spellman marching trophy of repeated varslty successes It was full of Golden Days ot study and of play which we shall never forget In September we returned to the hallowed second floor and we were soon swept up mto the famnhar tnde of scholastlc actnvnty Our mmation mto the mysterres of Cicero and plane geometry was pamful but we managed to struggle along bravely until we discovered we were actually enjoying our studies As the weeks rolled by November arrived brmgmg wlth it our annual Autumn Dance It could not have been better we all agreed Fall now lost nts brrghtness to wmter and Christmas was at hand We liberally decorated our classrooms in the tradi tional Yuletlde fashron Carols and a Christmas tableau marked the beglnmng of our hohdays Jaunary brought those formtdable opponents mid term exams We managed somehow to conquer them and enter the second term Then came February 28 Rmg Night lt was of course the hnghllght of J umor Year The coveted school rings were ours to remmd us always of the hlgh 1deals for which they stand March brought us the hrghly coveted Cardinal Spellman Trophy for the Best Marchmg Girls School m the St Patrick s Day Parade The weeks rolled by and Goose Fables The catered luncheon whnch followed was our final gift to our departmg semor sisters And the Golden Days of J umor Year led smoothly mto our Golden Days of Semor Year SENIOR YEAR At last the day we all antrcnpated finally arrived and we re entered Cabr1n1 Hugh for the last time as the Semor Class of 1957 As we strolled 1ns1de the gates displaying our semor hats and pms we eagerly eyed the new Freshxes and could hardly wart to begm their mrtnatxon While we were gettmg accustomed the time was shppmg by and before we realized lt m1t1at1on was upon us When the day finally arrived we set sa1l from the Battery toward a day of merrrment and pleasant memories Then we assldu ously began practrcmg for the Columbus Day Parade so that once again we could proudly display Cabrnm s colors w1th dignity The next big event was our beloved Principal s feast and we prepared for it wlth enthusiasm and diligence Soon after Halloween rolled around and we delighted m the colorful surroundmgs of our ganly decorated cafeteria Thanksgiving came and went and we began to prepare for our last Christmas at Cabrml We were very happy to present a program for the benefit of the new Cabrmr College library After we returned m January we began to study diligently for mid term exams and we were a little dlsheartened to thlnk that graduation was comlng fast The new term also brought many scholarship exams for those semors who were gomg on to higher educatlon February brought a successful bazaar for the benefit of the Cabrml Band Our Glee Club The Cabrmx Coro sang for Reverend Mother Superior s feast and our three day annual retreat clrmaxed our round of BCIIVIIICS But everythmg was our last at Cabrmr St Patrrck s Day Parade Easter vaca tion May Day and with mixed feelmgs of Joy and sadness, graduatlon is upon us joy at attammg our long awaited goal and sadness at the thought of leaving our Alrna Mater 0 O 1 . 1 1 1 ' y , ' 1 1 -' 1 1 - 1' 1 1 5' 1 vs, ' - 1 ' 1 - 1 l , . 9 L1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 kb . 7, 7 3 ' I 9 ' 3 1 ' ' ' . . i , , . . . I Q . . , . . , . . , Junior-Senior Day found us putting on a very successful production of "Mother ,, . . 1 1' 1 65 ,, 1 o Gb 37 ' . . . , - . . , . , 7 . . , . . . , 7 ' 7 3 . . , . . , . . . 7 ' 7 , . . . 3 ' 9 ' 9 . . ' , . . , . , , . . .. , . . . , - 1 9 1 i , . LORRAINE BARBARA ARSENAULT Hazr caressed as by a golden glove A grace and statelzness possessed by none Lori wnth the long blonde halr and blue eyes has a heart as blg as Texas whlch overflows wxth kmdness and affectlon for everyone Her sparklmg w1t IS guar anteed to brmg forth laughter whenever Lor1 IS around She can be serlous though and determmed and these qualltles together w1th a complete s1ncer1ty and a sense of rellablllty should make success 1n the busmess world assured We predict a brlllxant future for you Lorl bemg the wonderful person you are you deserve lt MARY ELLEN BARRET The reason firm the temperate wzll Endurance foreszght strength and skill Armed wrth that preclous glft of not so common com mon sense and the humor that so often accompames ll Mary qunckly won our hearts m Freshman year She has kept them ever smce Her hrgh ldeals deep rooted honesty and an admnratxon for all thmgs good to gether wxth her love of God have made Mary a won enthuslastnc school spmt and partlcnpatlon 1n Glee Club cheerleading or mock basketball have helped make these actlvmes more enjoyable for us all Contmue to keep your hugh :deals Mary and wlth the guldmg hand of Mary for whom you were named your future suc cess lS assured CABRINI ANN BOGGIANO Dark brown gay eyes Laughing bubbling wzth surprise Combme a pleasmg dlsposmon w1th a dynamrc per sonahty and you have the dellghtful mixture that IS Cabrml As one of our many br1ll1ant orators Cabrmn has excelled m many oratoncal contests Her cheerful smile and anlmated face w1ll be an everlasting picture 1n our hearts She has cheered many a bad moment with one phllosophrc shrug of her shoulders Dont change Cabflnl and I am sure your future w1ll be filled with as large a followmg of falthful and lovlng frlends as those you ve made at Cabrml Il ' , ' I! I - , 1 .Q , 9 ff ' I 2 ' ' ii I ,V I ' ' ' ' - - 4. - 77 ' , . , . , , 9 D 1 ' , - derful Sodalist in her school and parish chapters. Her 1 7 . . ' , . . . 9 s " , . n , . . . . i 9 , I f 1 ' ' ' ., . . 7 JESSICA ANN CARRELLA "The tremulous gold of stars within your hair Are yellow bees flown from the hive of night." A live wire, that's.our Jessie. Literally vibrating with life, this refreshing little senior has captured the hearts of all her classmates and teachers. She has the coveted ability to transform even the most monotonous days into bright, gay ones. She enjoys life, but she can be serious, diligent and conscientious too. After gradua- tion, Jessie plans to attend business school. Her pres- ence should brighten any otlice. Success in the future Jessie, and may Mary guide you always. ANN KATHLEEN CASEY True wit is nature to advantage dressed What oft was thought but ne er so well expressed Ann has an effervescent personality and a love of all things joyous She is charitable toward all and deeply loyal to everything she holds dear Her interest in her classmates and school activities are commendable We shall always remember the way in which she charmed her audience with a Feast Day Salutation during Junior Year As you leave the walls of your Alma Mater take with you your genuine simplicity and we are certain that you will always be content MARGARET ROSE CASSIDY Whether we look or whether we listen We hear life murmur see it glisten Margaret is one of those people who by their unassum mg friendly attitude win numerous friends with the greatest ease The Senior Class just would not seem the same without her quick smile and her interest in all school activities As Co captain of the Varsity Mar garet had more than once been responsible for the completion o fa dithcult play and in so doing has insured another Cabrini victory Margarets readiness to cooperate in any school or class activity and her sincere concern for the welfare of her classmates has made her a popular member of the Senior Class Suc cess in the future Margaret 89 JOAN FRANCES CAVANAGH "Oval cheeks encolored faintly With a trail of golden hair." Joan is indeed a most charming miss. She captivates everyone with her gay smile and bubbling personality. This "Miss Sunshine" has diffused her warmth and love of life throughout the Senior Class. Joan is a remark- able athlete as well as a good student, and her fondest ambition is to succeed in the realm of science after four years of college. We, your classmates and friends will always be glad we had the opportunity of knowing you Joan and we hope that success will be yours throughout the years. JANET ELIZABETH COBB A face with gladness overspread Soft smiles by human kindness bred A conscientious student and a remarkable basketball player Janet is truly a credit to her Alma Mater As the Captain of our Varsity she has led our school to countless victories and has been an inspiration to all her team mates Her school spirit is not only evident on the basketball court it shines through her every action Cheerful gay helpful encouraging and comfort mg Cdepending on whether we re going into a test or coming outj a truly wonderful person May you always remain as you are now Janet gaining in grace and happiness with the years KATHLEEN MARY COLBERT Wtth lustre teach your eyes to glow And health and cheerfulness bestow Vivacity is truly applicable to Kathleen Her laughing blue eyes betray her buoyant personality before one even hears the sound of her gay laughter When she graduated from Cabrini Grammar School her Year book caption read always a sparkling gleam of sun shine How true this still is' A more serious side of Kathleens character is illustrated by her active par ticipation in public speaking which has brought honor to her Alma Mater As a member of the cheering squad her school spirit and enthusiasm have helped cheer the Varsity on to victory May the Blessed Mother to whom we know you are devoted Kathleen guide your way to a successful goal 90 CAROL JOAN COLLIER "Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way." When a head is quickly raised from its task, and two sparkling eyes are lifted, ready for laughter, you've had a glimpse of Carol the way we'll always see her in our memories. And with this mental picture will come the remembrance of all the airy qualities that make up Carol as we know her. The childlike manner in which she will look life straight in the eye, and decide that good and bad considered, it's wonderful-her bubbling spirit, especially when fired by her special love for her school - her effervescent participation in all classroom activities' all these will come to your mind. And then her all-encompassing encouragement-for who has not been encouraged by Carol? And as we think we realize that Carol has that rare and wonder ful gift of eternal youth which we feel she will use in all its potency for her God and her country DIANA ROSE COSTA ANNA ROSE COPPOLA Fair well she kept her genial mood And simple faith of mazdenhood Her shy manner sweet smile and serene countenance are indeed a pleasure to see Never ruffled not easily agitated Anna is an example of patience and kmdliness If a helping hand is needed hers is always extended Stay as sweet as you are Anna and your future with the help of Mary and her Divine Son will be a success ful happy one My soul there is a country A far behind the stars Poise and tact are only two of the many wonderful qualities possessed by our Diana Dee has captivated many friends with her quiet humor and she is just as pretty as she is popular Her love of art and music and a dignified manner radiating kindness and warmth will be definite assets when Diana becomes a teacher She has displayed her great devotion to the Blessed Virgin by active participation in the school Sodahty We pray Dee that Divine Love will always be your guide 91 BEATRICE URSULA DANIELS And all that s best of dark or brzght Meet tn her aspect and her eyes For some people grvmg comes as easxly as recervmg Bea IS one of those people and durrng her four years at Cabrrnr she has grven not only of her trme and talent but more rmportant of herself For thus reason Bea wrll ever be part of our recollectrons of school days She lrkes baseball basketball rn fact almost any sport Her warm pleasant manner and her specral grft for making you ever so glad you re YOU wrll be helpful to her as a hrgh school t acher the career she hopes to follow God bless you ea and may all your dreams COIIIC true JEAN ANTOINETTE DE GEER F azr as a star when only one ls shlnlng In the sky Could you possrbly prcture a Mona Llsa daubmg at a canvas wrth a sm1le" That s Jean For she s our class artlst and a work of art herself Her serenrty and her elusrveness may be very old world and certarnly some one who s as talented rn musrc as she IS rn art IS worthy of the Renarssance but we know Jean IS very very twentreth century as well CAnyone who can collect money from seventy odd absent mrnded semors wlth so lrttle pam and pull rs capable of rnternatronal fi nancel But Jeans IS a sprrrt full of sweet contradrc trons so we re not a but surprrsed at some of these outlandrsh combmatrons w1th1n her An esthetrc wnth a tlarr for finance IS just one prcture but a musrcxan wrth a love for Jazz and an orl painting artlst who draws cartoons are others just as well loved by all of us However there rs one srde of Jeans character where there IS no contradlctron this lS her great love for Mary and her Blessed Son DORIS ROSE DE LEO Who never defers and never demands But smiling takes the world zn her hand All the qualmes of a sweet old fashroned g1rl have gone rnto maklng up our Dorrs Her soft sweet nature lS supplemented by her courteous attrtude need we say that thls manner has attracted many frlends Pleaslng shyness plus a fine sense of humor makes th1s young lady much adnnred and loved by everyone Large dark eyes that seem to know a hrdden secret are Dons most strrkrng feature After graduatron Dor1s wrshes to go to medrcal school and someday to become a surgeon Her gentle yet determlned manner whlch we have always noted durrng her Cabr1n1 years Wlll make an rdeal basrc characterlstrc for such a professlon We pray Dorrs that God w1ll gurde your hand and protect you always 92 JEAN ELM IRA DENT Joy from her heart doth sing at home Wtth little care if others hear This sprightly seniors effervescent personality is well recognized around the campus of Cabrmi Her love of rhythm and music and her irrepressible manner make our Jean one of the most popular girls in the Senior Class But there is a serious side to her personality A keen sense of responsiblity to her class and school has always made her a dependable and willing worker We pray Jean that God will keep you under the pro tection of His Guiding Hand ELIZABETH DORETTA DOBBS A countenance in it hich did meet S it eet records promises as sweet. We really know that Elizabeth is gentle and lady-like and sweet. And it' she told us that on blustery days she likes nothing better than curling up in a cozy chair with a kitten on her lap and a book of Browning in her hand-we d all love to nod our heads sagely for from all appearances this should be true. But we couldnt. We know better. We know that she loves ice skating especially when it s accompanied by nippy air 'ind steaming hot chocolate. And we know she can talk football fwith the wickedest twinkle in her eye when she speaks of West Pointj. We know that her choice of a college is between Cornell and Fordham where shes considering taking a pre-med course. Even con- sidering such a course takes plenty of spunk. This we know that Elizabeth has, along with the warmest wish to help her fellowman all she can. We know all these things and we're still as perfectly sure that she's gentle and sweet and ladylike. GLORIA MARIA DIAZ Her eyes as stars of twilight fair Like twilight s too her dusky hazr Have you ever seen someone whose face lights up when she smiles but who keeps this very special smile only for very special moments9 You have" Well surround that smile with long black tresses slim delicate hands Thats our Gloria She is always precisely and exactly herself And with the quiet unassuming warmth for which we have come to know her she has absolutely no need for affectation We have also come to recog nize in her a great capacity for good steady work that is not without an original flair which is the output of her very individual personality We feel sure that wher ever you may go the quiet influence of your personality will be felt and appreciated. And we pray that you may go forever as you do now: moving toward Christ under the protective mantle of His Mother. CATHERINE THERESA FLETCHER Wzth laughlng eyes and a merry smile She s full of fun most all the whzle How can anyone of us forget Catherme s frtendly smnle her twmklmg eyes her warm sunny nature" We have all declded that she must have a maglc wand that com mands the bubblmg good humor and exuberant galety w1th whxch she turns frowns 1nto Sml1CS and clouds 1nto sunbeams But Catherme has a sertous stde too When xt comes to studies she IS ever consclenttous and dlhgent To one of our best hked Senlors we b1d a fond farewell wtth a fervent prayer that God may watch over her always MARGARET ANN GILL We search the world for truth We cull the good the pure the beautzful Peggy s warm brown eyes mtrror her mner calm and gentleness Thus member of the Semor Class wlll al ways have a speclal place 1n our hearts As class treas uter and secretary of the Sodaltty, Peggys energettc fulfillment of her dunes has been commendable Her school spmt ns wttnessed by her eager partnclpatton tn Semor actlvmes An mdustrtous student she has done well scholasttcally durmg her four years at Cabrml and leaves no doubt that she w1ll contmue to do so at college Peggys chosen career ts teachmg for whlch we know her pattent understandnng wnll well suxt her May God watch over you always Peggy as you leave Cabrlnl MARY ANN LOUISE GRAF Love sweetness goodness rn her person Shzned so clear as zn no place wzth more delight Subdued charm and a pleasmg dxsposxtlon best descrlbe our Mary Anne Thxs fatr hatred mlss has always been an eager partlcrpant ln all that has been good for the class and for the school Her knndness and dependabthty are forcefully portrayed both IH and out of school Courteously tactfully and patnently she goes from the duttes of today to the tasks of tomorrow Mary Ann we know youll be a success 1n whatever you do We shall ever keep the memory of your frtendshlp and qulet charm among the memorles we ve made at our dear Alma Mater God be wlth you always' JOYCE THERESA GRACH Sweet she is As kznd as love Charm and grace set this lovely Seniors personality aglow A personality that is full of warmth and humor tenderness and garety With her friendly smile happy disposition and helping hand Joyce IS admired by all An ardent Sodality member she has shown her great devotion to the Mother of God Her ambition IS to be a private secretary May you be successful in the future Joy and may Christ keep you always in the shelter of His Most Sacred Heart SANDRA ELIZABETH GUERRA A dancmg shape an :mage gay To haunt to startle and way lay Bubblmg vivacious spontaneous thats Kit And her personality IS matched by her enchanting appearance He rdark eyes and her short pert hair do could not be beaten by the most precious gamm Her youthful sophistication Cshe looks like a page from Mademoi selle J gives her a warm assured glow Kit has always kept up with the latest fads but she has an aptness for correct picking and choosing She has proven her quah ties of leadership individuality and initiative many times Who but Kit would have had the spunk to goad the intramural cheerers on to such dynamic action? She is equally in the fore during and after school We know Kit will use these qualities of leadership in the true Cabrini manner staying ever on the path to God and leading others along this holy happy way JOAN MAUREEN HARTE Tis easy now for the heart to be true Tis the natural way of Irving Shining eyed Joan is the possessor of a true Irish com plexion Her fair skin is complemented by her dark hair and eyes and highlighted by her rosy cheeks and lips. Many are the occasions on which her oratorical ability has brought honor to herself and Cabrini High. An active member of the Senior Class Joan is Sodality librarian a post she ably fills. As secretary of the Class of 57 she has proven her administrative ability. Her sense of humor and versatility have made Joan well- liked by us all. Although her choice of a career is not yet definite we are sure she will with Gods help attain any goal she may set ....... Q 95 JOAN MARIA HARTNETT "Maiden with the soft brown tresses, Flowing o'er her dreamy eyes." Ever respectful, courteous, and willing, Joan is the em- bodiment of a true Cabrinite. She has a keen intellect and a sense of humor-two of the most important reasons for her popularity. Joan plans to go to secre- tarial school after leaving Cabrini, and her attractive appearance, infectious laugh, and pleasing personality, we are certain, will assure her success in the business world. Never forget your many friends, Joan, here at Cabrini. You know you will always be in our prayers. BARBARA LYNN HERBERT I would look up and love and laugh and lift Lighthearted and gay most optimistic exhilirated that s our Barbara All through her eight years at Ca brim Barbara has always seemed to us the epitome of vivacious buoyancy Rarely dispirited she zestfully lives life Her blonde hair complements a flawless complexion and her clear blue eyes hint of her keen sense of humor which is always so infectious As a member of our Junior class basketball team Barbara worked hard and well as one of our guards Whatever your choice of a career may be Babs we trust you will find success ANGELITA LILLIAN HOWELL Above the awakening continents from shore to shore Somewhere the birds are singing evermore Angelitas name truly typifies her personality little Angel Her flowing black hair frames a piquant dainty face and her dark eyes with true Spanish charm An industrious student Angelita constantly maintains a high academic standard She is an active Sodalist doing catechetical work once a week Her hobby is Spanish dancing at which is most proficient Angelita s ambition is to become a registered nurse a career for which her mild warm hearted disposition should make her most suitable May God help you to attain your goal Angelita 96 MARY CECILIA KAVANAGH 'fSeeir1g it good as when God hrs! saw And gave il the weight of His Will." One of the outstanding characteristics of our Mary is the joy and enthusiasm with which she tackles every- thing. Beneath her calm manner is a keen sense of humor for did you guess that because of the merry glint in her eyes'?J Her sharp perception has made her a sympathetic and understanding friend to all her class- mates. These qualities, plus a dependable and consider- ate nature, make up a personality that is always to be found in the midst of laughter and warmth. Mary's future will be dedicated to the greater honor and glory of God making her life a prayer We wish you Mary all the happiness in the world and we pray that Saint Cabrmi will always be with you to watch over and guide you MARY ELIZABETH KIRBY A calm reserved manner a delightful sense of humor and J self assurance that portrays the person who al ways knows what she is doing best characterize Mary Elizabeth Naturally curly reddish hair frames a sweet jolly face Blessed with a lovely voice she enjoys sing mg When the fiddle starts to play and feet start to tap Mary does the Irish step dancing of which she lS so fond History is her favorlte subject Mary plans to attend secretarial school after she leaves Cabrlm God love you always Mary May you never lose your sweet disposition JUDITH LOIS KOVACS Each heart holds the secret Kindness IS the word Tall slender Judy is one of our most attractive Seniors Her expressive brown eyes and her reddish hair com plement a classically oval face Judys ready sense of humor and unassuming air make her popular with her cllssmates Her helping hand is always extended and her smile is always sincere She has been a cheerleader in the basketball intramurals for three years and is an Cl er rooter at all of our Varsity games as well as other school activities Though her sweet voice might make a popular singing career possible Judy s chosen field is modeling Success and happiness to you Judy 97 VERONICA ANNE KUNZIG Her feet are firmly planted on the rock And amidst the wildest storms she stands undaunted Sweetness and geniality are wonderful qualities and combmed with a quiet lady like manner we have a suitable description of Ronnie She is an enthusiastic member of the Semor Class and deeply loyal to her school and friends Wherever she may go she will al ways have a multitude o ffriends just as she does now Good luck to you Ronme and may God remember you generously with his graces during the years to COITIC CAROL SUSAN LOFTUS S0 long as men can breathe or eyes can see So long lives truth and this gives life to thee Carol is a combination of some of the most wonderful traits we can imagine She IS charm with a fresh coun tenance wit with a wondering smile and intelligence with a philosophy book tucked beneath its arm It has always been Carols greatest desire to draw people closer to our Divine Lord smce she herself appreciates the warmth of bemg near Him Her professional am bition however leads her into the world of executives and gray flannel suits where a secretarial position awaits her We are certain you can only be a brilliant successs Carol you have all the necessary gifts to assure success MARIE HELEN LOUGHNANE And thine eyes are as lakes Enameled with sunset. With just one look into Maries expressive eyes you know that a sterling character is one of her most notice- able characteristics. Her generosity loyalty and kind- ness aretraits that can only inspire admiration from her classmates. She has been blessed with an even tem- perament and we cant ever remember seeing her with a harsh expression. Maries attractive and unaffected manner are enviable qualities. Her readiness to help whenever she is needed and her sincerity where all ar concerned are attributes by which we shall long remember her. She enjoys History and it is in this subject that she attains her best grades. Whenever there is a good book to read Marie is literally in her glory. With her soft manner she has proven herself a true and warm-hearted friend and her friendship is treas- ured by all. It is with a fond adieu that we bid you farewell, may you ever be as sweet and genuine as you are this day. ANN ELINOR MADDEN A ready wlt and frzendly face Always set a lzvely pace Nancy IS that kmd of small boned tmy walsted gnrl who could get by just by bemg sweet and actrng cute Instead she has developed a sclntrllatmg wrt a Wlde range of lnterests and a steam roller techmque for get tmg homework done She has certamly used thls last accompllshment to advantage for she has marched up the axsle to recelve a General Excellence medal each and every term and her name has almost always dec orated the Honor Roll But thls has not mterfered wrth her soctal hfe or her extra curricular l1fe at school For Nancy IS defimtely a doer As the t1n1est g1rl on the small cheerlng squad she has put many an Amazon to shame wnth her v1m and vrgor In farewell we can only w1sh Nancy that you w1ll always be as successful 1n your chosen field as you have been durmg these four happy years at Cabr1n1 W1th God s help we know this w1ll easrly come true WINIF RED REGINA MAGEE Blue are her eyes as the fazry flax Her cheeks lzke the dawn of Day The l1lt of Ir1sh laughter IS a phrase that aptly applres to thrs happy Senror Her lovely complexron rs matched by the radrance of her pleaslng smlle A VIVHCIOUS personalrty fired by a deep love of God has helped to make her an ardent Sodahst and an ldeal Cabr1n1te A thlrst for knowledge and a partlcular lnterest ln languages keeps her scholastlc standmg at a proud level W1nn1e s many talents wrll be dlrected to the field of socrology where she feels an unl1m1ted good can be accompllshed May Our Lady keep you always ln her srght and send you an abundance of graces ANN THERESA MCGOVERN O' How much more doth beauty beauteous seem By that sweet ornament which truth doth gzve A most attractrve g1rl IS Ann Lovely to look at and surrounded by an aura of charm Her wealth of school spmt IS evidenced by the amount of effort she puts mto bemg an enthusrasttc cheerleader Generous thoughtful and plous wnth a deep love for Our Lord Ann s actlons reflect thrs love She hopes to attend college and per haps become a bacterlologlst an lnterestlng professlon for an ambmous young woman W1th the Blessed Mothers help we know you w1ll have success Ann Each of us rs glad to have known you as a fr1end 99 ls- KATHLEEN MARY MCGRATH As Merry as a cricket and an Of all that IS pleasant Kathleen of the sparklmg Irrsh eyes IS blessed w1th a capacnty for brmgmg a smrle to the most grlm m ments Her warm frrendly manner luke a fresh sum mer ram can change a dull ordmary day 1nto a brlght one Her ready smnle and gentle manner w1ll endear her to all those who w1ll make up her future we know as they have endeared her to all of us The Class of 57 wlshes you every success Kathy and may Mary contmue to gulde your steps through hfe PATRICIA ANN MCISAAC And on that cheek and 0 er that brow The smiles that wzn the tlnts that glow Here IS a possessor of those two ultra femmme charac ternstlcs blond hanr and blue eyes fthe blondest blonde and the bluest blue weve ever seenj But dont let this frivolous exterlor fool you' Th1s IS no frrlly valen tme gurl On the contrary Pat IS an almost uncom promnsmg person Her ldeas ar very clear very deflmte Shell never take a maybe att1tude about anythmg Yet there is no hmt of coldness 1n thls her mterest 1n each person that she contacts durmg the day IS warm and drrect Never could she be labeled the SCIIOUS type for along wlth her uncomprom1s1ng nature God also gave her a wrt uncompared ln the Semor class Clt has even been suspected that Pat w1ll some tlmes laugh at our feebly funny attempts just to make us feel goodl Havmg always been wxllmg to do what ever she can to glve her classmates and her school a boost Pat has succeeded m do1ng both of these ex tremely well Remember us Pat for well always re member you KATHLEEN PATRICIA MCMANUS Thy soul IS llke a star and dwells afar You have a vozce whose sound IS l1ke the sea Behmd Kathy s qulet appearance hes a wealth of humor and mtelhgence Sparkhng black halr and danc1ng eyes make her as Irlsh lookmg as her name 1mpl1es Math ematlcs IS her forte and her outstandmg record IS thxs subject shows her unusual capablllty Kathy always has a charmmg smlle and seldom becomes perturbed as her frlends w1ll tell you She hopes to be a nurse and wlth her qulet dngmty and love for her fellowman how could she but succeed? Her pleasant personality has won her an envled place m the hearts of her class mates and we know lt w1ll contmue to help fill her llfe wlth new frlends God bless you Kathy and may H1s Blessed Mother always gulde you 100 VESNA MASY MOHOROVICIC The mocking btrd will feel again the glory of hts wzngs And unto thee the balmy atr and sunshzne whtle he szngs Vcs ts one ot our most popular Senlors Her laughmg brown eyes her ready wrt and genume frrendlmess are promment attrlbutes of her well rounded character As edttor of The Cabrrman she drhgently applles her sell to the work a school newspaper requlres Vesnas scholasnc record too has been good so has been her partrclpatlon rn school actrvmes Her outgorng person ahty and smcerrty make Vesna welcome m any gather mg Her helpfulness IS always 1n evldence Her career mterests seem to veer toward unrversrty educatron at whlch she IS sure to succeed Remember Cabr1n1 and your classmates always Vesna EILEEN MARY MORIARTY My soul goes clad tn gorgeous thtngs Scarlet and gold and blue Tall blonde Elleen IS a most rmportant member of the Class of 57 In her capacrty as Presndent of the Semor Class she has demonstrated her line executnve ab1l1ty and her pleasing personallty and ready smlle have en deared her to all of us During her four years at Ca brlnr Elleen has matntalned a hlgh academlc standard whtle strll havmg time to devote to school act1v1t1es No basketball or oratorrcal contest would be complete wlthout her Educatlon ts her chosen field for the fu ture A true Cabrmlte we know she wrll be successful and a credtt always to her Alma Mater May the Blessed Mother guide you always Etleen DOROTHY ANN MULLER Half the beauty of her smtle Is the thought that hes behznd tt Calm reserved ln manner and just a ltttle lmplsh at trmes that s Dotty He rsmlle lllummates her face and her quret and serene charm IS truly magnetlc She IS a detcrmmed worker wlth a wtll to do what IS rlght Because of her hlgh alms and willingness to work hard for what she wants Dottle will have success ln her chosen field we are sure May God protect you always 101 Anne is the songbird of the Class of voice and charming personality have many friends and admirers at Cabrini. ANN LYNN MURPHY "Her voice is like the voice the Stars had when they sang togetherf' '57. Her lovely gained for her With her calm disposition and inimitable poise, she rises to every occa- sion with grace and gentility. Her school spirit would be hard to match-who has cheered more enthusias- tically than Anne at all basketball games and oratorical contests? A conscientious student always ready to co- operate she has earned the admiration of teachers and students alike A place in the business world is her goal Good luck Anne we all know you are bound to succeed Our prayers go with you KATHLEEN MURPHY Oh the sunshine of her presence How it cheers us on our way Kathleen is the possessor of a sunny disposition which is a blend of Irish merriment and good sense She de rrves the greatest pleasure from just seeing that every one is happy Her loyal school spirit has made her a favorite among her classmates and teachers Kathleen has chosen nursing as a career and will attend nursing school in the fall We are certain that with her charm her desire to help others and Mary s guiding hand her future will hold happiness and success THERESA J OHANNA NASH 1 stay my haste I make delays Theresa s quiet good nature IS indeed a most admirable quality Since sophomore year when Theresa entered Cabrmi her sedate sparkle had endeared her to her teachers and fellow students alike A diligent student she had maintained a high scholastic standing and earned an enviable reputation As a member of the cheering squad she adds much to its attractivness and efficiency At every basketball game one can see Theresa s blonde head bobbing excitedly up and down on the sidelines She derives great pleasure too from the meetings of the Sodality of which she is a member We are sure God will guide your steps to success in your chosen career Theresa 02 3 3 ' 9 ff ' I ' il ' I . . , i , . . 1 s , , Q I If I For what avails this safer pacef' ' 9 ' 5 - . , 7 , . . . , 'Y' f ' 1 f . . i , . . . , , D 1 ARLEEN MARY NAUGHTON "May mirthful laughter and joy of Living be with you alwaysf' Here is a girl who is a constant source of enjoyment to those near her. Endowed with an excellent sense of humor, she has made our years at Cabrini truly delight- ful. Her splendid school spirit and class loyalty are both illustrated by her eager participation in school activities. What would we have done in the intramural basketball games if Arleen had not been there to pick up the score and our spirits? May you grow in grace and happiness in the years to come, Arleen, and may God keep you forever in His Eternal Love and care. KATHERINE NIEMTSCHIK And something more than Melody Dwells ever In her words Cathys warm heart and gracious manner make her loved by one and all If there was ever a champion ot justice it is our Cathy She is always quick to spring to the defense of her classmates As a Spemsh catechist educating small children in the doctrines of the Cath ollc faith her spare time IS well taken up but she always has time to show her school spirit by taking an active part in the choir the Sodallty md on the cheer mg squad Cathys dream is to some day return to Venezuela taking with her we are sure the ideals that have become part of her at Cabrnni We are sure you will be successful in everything you do Cathy and may the Blessed Mother ever guide you KATHERINE MARGARET NUGENT A rose with all its sweetest petals still unfolded A gay Irish twinkle in her eye and a bright greeting on her lips makes our Katherine a popular member of the Senior class As far back as Freshman year we remember her as a girl with a wonderful sense of humor a keen interest in school activities and a sweet warm manner Katherine s pretty face radiates kindness an outward indication of the goodness within We re very very sure of that inner goodness because we ve seen lt demonstrated many times in her thoughtfulness and kindness tow 1rd her classm ltes We know too that you will always be as well liked by those you come in contact after graduation Katherine as you are here at Cabr1n1 God bless you you have our prayers 103 DEIRDRE RUTH OBRIEN Asking nothing revealing naught But mlntzng her words from a fund of thought Deirdre s very calm exterior belies a sparkling and in tensely mischievous personality Her rare capacity for keeping a listener enthralled with an anecdote of some comic situation has provided many moments of good fun Dede has a keen awareness of what goes on about her and when sh CIS silent her thoughts flow deep When she becomes a teacher Dede will be furnished with the opportunity of utilizing her many talents Great fidelity a sense of trustworthlness and active charity are all bound together by a patient understanding and intelligence We pray Dierdre that KATHLEEN FRANCES OCONNOR Glittering as the stars that shine And twinkle on the Milky Way Take a package full of personality add a wee bit of delightful sophistication tie it up with a winning smile and it best describes Kathleen As our famed V P in Senior year and a class officer at various other times during the years Kathleen has always been ready to offer her services Did you know that Kathleen played a large part in writing the Mother Goose Operetta or was the thread of her whimsical Irish fancy so cosely interwoven in the script that you guessed9 God be with you always Kathleen may success and happmess be yours Divine Love will light your way to Heaven JOAN ANN ODONNELL Every river dashing every lightning flashing Like an angels sn ord. A sense of fair play a warm personality and the ability to make friends easily have made Joan a popular mem- ber of the Senior Class. She is an enthusiastic partici- pant in many sports, but has proven herself especially adept in basketball. She enjoys dancing, has impeccable taste in clothes-and the ability to wear them well- and is always ready to take an active part in class activities. Although still uncertain as to what she will do after graduation, we know she will be a success. Remember your classmates at Cabrini, Joan, for we will not forget you. 'I04 GERALDINE FRANCES O'SHEA "A thing of beauty is a joy forever, Its loveliness increases always." Dancing blue eyes and a beautiful smile make Gerry a most attractive girl. Her sparkling personality, sweet- ness and gentleness have endeared her to us all. Gerry abounds in loyalty and school spirit, and she spares no effort to accomplish anything she sets out to do. Sin- cerity and devotion to Mary are just two of the char- acteristics that make her so perfectly suited to the role of vice-president of the Sodality. Gerry has chosen nursing as her career, and someday in the near future, with God s help we know she will walk down the long corridors of a hospital as she has so often dreamed Because you are such a charming person Gerry we cannot help but remember you always Cute as a this is our good taste help when PATRICIA ELIZABETH QUIGG But all things else about her drawn From May time and the cheerful Dawn P Y 8 little girl is made of Exactly five feet and two inches accounts for the little and it must be the sugar that accounts for Pat s energetic schedule Not satisfied with maintaining an excellent scholastic record Pat has achieved considerable fame for her oratorical ability is Editor of the Yearbook and a cheerleader Her re serve energy she uses for dancing swimming or ice skating three of her favorite sports The spice accounts for that extra something in Pats personality Every thing nice is just a summary of an attractive charm mg friendly girl our Pat' May God continue to bless you in the future as he has in the past 105 EVELYN MARY PORCO Silver beams and glittering moonlight Reflect heaven in her eyes button sweet and warm as a spring day Evelyn Blessed with the gift of humor and this staunch loyal friend is ever ready to her help is needed Her quick bright smile is a joy to see a reflection of her inner warmth and sinceiity Evelyn s choice for the future is the business world and after she has completed a business course will we are sure become a sucessful secretary God bless you Evelyn our prayers go with you 9 l . , . , , , U i V , .X 1 ' , . . . , I I I - ,L 1 I 9 . , , . ' I! Sugar and s ice and ever thin nice, ,that's what this , ss ' . 91 ' 9 ' . . . . . , s I ' ' L ' , - 1 T . . , . . G5 - . Q ,, .Q Q . . . . . Q , - , 1 . RENEE MARTHA PRINCIPE The trees have lent thezr grace and statelzness to her And the flowers thezr warmth and beauty Renee IS a contmental beauty from sunny Italy and her gay drsposmon IS evxdenced by her llltmg laughter and fun lovmg nature Her well modulated vo1ce and refined manner reflect the years of trammg she has re cerved rn her natlve Rome Renee has a great love for art whrch she studied extenslvely 1n Italy and after graduatlon she hopes to contlnue thrs study at St John s Ul'llVCfSlly Wrth your God glven talent for pamtmg Renee and Hrs continued Love to gulde you we know you w1ll have the success you so r1chly deserve MARGUERITA MARINA REDONDO Lzke unto a ripple ln the sea Brmgzng a star to shore Wxth her warm personahty and her farrness rn dealmg wnth others thus sp1r1ted Senror IS now and w1l1 ever be a great favorlte among her frlends and acquamt ances She has been blessed wrth a vrvrd rmagmatron whrch colors everythmg she does She has a sweet smg mg volce and has often entertamed at school perform ances After graduation Marguerlte would like to go to Cabrml College Whatever the future has ln store and whatever problems the years may brmg we are sure that she wrll wrth the help of God Iind success rn her chosen field EDWINA FRANCES REHILL The very flowers that bend and meet tn sweetenzng others grow more sweet Wmme lS the lucky possessor of a tranqurl and un ruflled personahty Durmg her four years at Cabflnl she has proven herself to be one of the most hkable girls rn our class We are sure that IS because of her warm nature and helpfulness toward everyone Wmme shall as she has always done smce we ve known her make a success of all thmgs Because she remams close to the Heart of Jesus and thmks always of others she wlll always be blessed wlth an abundance of frlends 106 ROSE MARIE ROGERS "Her every tone is music's own And something more than melody dwells ever in her words." The serenity gained in the quiet of a country chapel can be gathered by a few moments talking with Rose Marie. Her personality is a priceless masterpiece and her radiant warmth glows brightly from within. She is generous, thoughtful and an outstanding student who strives for perfection in everything. As an ardent mem- ber of the Sodality, she has given her efforts generously. Her ambition is to become a teacher, and we are sure she will have no trouble achieving her ambition. Our very best wishes and prayers go with you always, Rose Marie. PATRICIA MARY SCHAFER Contznuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the Milky Way Laughing green eyes fringed with long black lashes a head of curly brown hair and a beautiful smile thats our Pat A true Cabrmite she possesses talent a gay personality and a keen probing mind I-Ier hob bies are 1ce skating and dancing and she is proficient at both Pats chosen vocation seems a but odd but to her it is the most natural choice in the world She hopes to enter Fordham University in September to study Psychology May Mary keep you always in her sight Pat remember us we won t forget you MARIE CONCETTA SAN FILIPPO Our Marte is tall hthe exuberant and possesses a remarkable zest for life W,ho but this Brooklynite would have braved lnclement weather to attend every basketball game and every oratorical contest m which Cabrmi part1c1pated'l Time and again she has proved herself to be a loyal Cdbflnlte Her sparkling wit and spontaneity have captivated all the Seniors and have made Marie a very popular person Yes Marte IS a very essential member ot our Senior Class for her presence has meant warmth charm and learning Our fondest hopes go with you always dear Marte may you ever walk with God . . . I 1 a v t ' . . . , . . ' 7 ' 7 . . y . , , . t, 1 a If ' ' . . ,, , , Q 7 a ' ' Q . - 9 1 in It , . - - f ' ' 9 ty 1 1 , v 1 . ' ' V' . , ' . 1 f 1 -' ' X ' ' - ' 1 G 1 f' , . ARLEEN MONA SCHLAMP Whose golden beams mth mormng play Ana' make her eyes so brzghtlg shine Arleen s keen mmd and naturally preclse nature make her a math WhlZ She IS a steadfast and true frlend always ready to lend a helpmg hand Arleen rs a petlte person but what she lacks rn slze she makes up for m her pert w1tty way Although she has a deep love for muslc and art and IS very capable IH both these fields her secret ambmon 1S to enter the screntrfic field and eventually to become a laboratory techmclan We your classmates and frlends wlsh you all the success md happmess you so well deserve Arleen and may God s graces go wxth you SON IA ELIZABETH SCOTT Charmzng sweet and gay A sunbeam for a razny day Soma s charm and qulet nature have endeared her to all her classmates Her honesty appreclatnon of beauty and her devotlon to her heavenly Mother are only a few of the fine qualrtres she possesses A graduate of Cabrmr Grammar School she came to Cabrlm H1gh w1th a matchless school sp1r1t that has never faded Your future lS assured Soma for you have been blessed with the traits needed to be an example among busy people ln a busy world You wxll keep that lrttle candle burnmg brlghtly the candle of dally actlons per formed m the llght of falth ,ffm CAROLYN PAULETTE SOMMA I F11 this cup to one made up Of Iovellness alone Quiet charm laughmg eyes a vlvaclous personal1ty are all part of thls pretty Senior As a member of the Yearbook staff she was invaluable As the Mother Superior ln Everynun and Lady Brltte ln the Chrlst mas play she proved her ablllty to act As a frlend ever ready to extend a helpmg hand she brought cheer to all who needed lt As secretary of the school Sodahty she showed an efflclent manner worthy of a leader Her hlgh scholastlc standard w1ll contmue ln college we are sure where Carolyn hopes to major m Engllsh and lournallsm M ny God be wlth you alw nys Carolyn to make your future bright 108 ELEANOR RITA SPAIN When music sounds gone is the earth I know And all her lovely things even lovelier grow Eleanor is a shining example of a true Cabrinite Her unaffected manner modesty goodness and selflessness have endeared her to her classmates and faculty alike Aside from her role of Prefect of the Sodality for which she is so well fitted she is talented and an ex cellent student Evelyn has known for some time what she would like to do with her future dedicate it to the service of God Our fond farewells and prayers go with you Eleanor and may the Blessed Mother help vou to achieve your heart s desire MARY ELLEN SPILANE A lover of books but a reader of man No cynic and no charlatan Sparkling intelligent eyes with the glint of humor in them are a very striking feature of our Mary Ellen A widespread interest in good books and good music makes her an interesting conversationalist and a 1oy to be with Her writing ability has added greatly to the overwhelming success of our school paper of which she is co editor Mary Ellens patient understanding and considerate nature so characteristic of anything she does will enable her to carry out easily and well her teaching ambition A devout member of Sodality she has done all in her power to make the graces and fruits of this organization known. We wish you Mary Ellen all the happiness in the world and we believe that because of all the things you are your goal will be achieved. ANETTE MARY UDINA Merry have we met merry have we been' Merry let as part' and merry meet again. Its a great wide wonderful world at least where Annette s concerned. Her gay fun-loving manner shines through a pair of deep hazel eyes. A carefree disposi- tion that abounds in goodness and warmth has helped to make this Senior a very well-loved young lady. An- nettes ability to play the piano has added greatly to our success in the presentation of class programs and at Sodality meetings. Her scholastic standing has al- ways placed her among the foremost in our class. In the years to come she hopes to enter the business world and become a very successful very competent private secretary. We know that shell succeed in this as in everything. God speed Annette! We hope you will always remember us as we will remember you 'ind the wonderful days at Cabrini. 109 MYRNA GLORIA VASOUEZ "Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, Free so do you travel on life's common way." Myrna's radiant countenance shall long be remembered by her fellow classmates and teachers alike, and her efficiency and helpfulness are well-known. We can al- most picture her as the president of a bank, or figuring out finances down on Wall Street. However, at the moment she is busy using this executive skill in man- aging our varsity affairs. Myrna is looking forward to college after graduation from Cabrini, and if she does as well there as she has done here-welll be hearing fine things about her in the future. JUDITH CATHERINE WALSH Ecstattc azrs and sparkling eyes Beautiful things reflected IH deep brown eyes Judys softly curling black hair and twinkling brown eyes make her a very attractive young lady Her warm understanding nature makes you feel that her friend ship and all that it implies will last forever Intelligent with a keen mind and an appreciatlon for beauty Judy makes a delightful companion She has chosen business as the held in which she hopes to spend her future and a bright one it should be Judy with the gifts you have to offer May God bless you always MARY MARGARET WALSH A little of thy merrzment Of thy sparkling lzght content Our Meg IS the persomfication of the old proverb the best things come in small packages Her merry laughter and sparkling disposition are known to all who have had the privilege of knowing her She enjoys a ilnr for writing and has worked devotedly on the Yearbook staff to make The Shrine a shining success G ry attractive talented we can only predict wonderful things for her in the future Remember your Alma Mater Meg we shall never forget you 110 uf Imp flff ig Q f N 4 5 Presenting Our Gracious f . . I ,af YQ: ,I ,iw 1 WI b- J l X f A W M 31 if fi ,-I' X 9 E N S g E- it a Av X , nk at gif 'U 4 If I N. lex N ls .Q 'sb Q, L ii, QQ S -'Fixx SS? QYT S SQ XX s SQ is SS fp Qb S fx I 5 x Q S55 X K '5 ff' r f' 2331? 2 Q 4 5 i s -is f Qiijt ' .ff JJ 'lf X . 'R n ik -ww V 'x 5 v V JP' -JP' ff 4 ff'-V h ,, I ,4 ! K E' 51 .gp W5 1 , fn mf' eff ff ,fa 9' 396 lun an jauorzfed MOTTO He IS strong who conquers FLOWER L1ly others, but he who conquers POEM I would Be True himself IS mighty PRAYER Novena to the Infant Jesus SONG This IS My Country PATRON The Boy Jesus COLORS Blue and Gold 4f"N Qpihn Q0 W RITA AUGUSTINI s A Bzg Wzde Wonderful World nts happy the one you lxve m a true frrend to all generous and helpful loves to talk and krndness persomfied that s R1ta ,A-1 19' ""-'Int MARY BRADY Full of Fun and Fancy Free thats the way I want to be sunny dlsposltlon a sincere frlend patient and persevermg dashes off poetic dlttles wlth ease Stay as sweet as you are Xa-""' S3-If JK 31.415 ,JJ SUSAN BALL MAR Y BISHOP The Best T hmgs zn Lzfe Are Free Canadzan Sunset a burst of glorl and they belong to everyone ous color a lxttle btt of salt and good student frlendly and lots sweetness loyal nature fnend of fun gets lost ln a good story ly attntude wrt and humor arms hugh and gets there enjoys dancmg pet peeve home loves to laugh and enjoys a good Joke work seldom seen without Mary Brady if-u. if ANNA MARIE CARINO Somebody Up There Lzkes Me down here everyone does too hard worker knows all the an swers loves to read a sunny disposmon carefree happy and loads of fun cant fall to succeed 118 Q IIS SANDRA CONTRERAS Dance Ballerina and do your plrouette ln rhythm Wllh your danc mg heart laughs troubles away courteous and obhgmg comedran and lnfe of the party farewell Sandy I at A y s , A QCN ' +I' X I . ' ' l ...a a have fun..'.',r511 and stately.... I :.. 'H . " ml ' L uf' " fr- l .'- .u. 'l' ... Il' ' ,.. I "" -I ...a Preszdent Vzce Preszdent Secretary Treasurer add O LCBPJ Lydna Zelaya Lzbrarzan Charlotte Parker Assistant Lzbrarzan Paula Schrelter Captam Monztor Mlchele Metrmko Angela Ramasco Margaret Curry Curran Attendance M. Carino tie'-' he 4 fi KK -.--131 MARY CURRAN My Frzend you re sweet you re kmd you re true a warmmg Smile dehghtful songblrd a rare combmatlon of frollc and fun a student bubblmg wlth school spmt "RTV ANN DORRIEN Wtth a Smale and a Song that's how she goes along a true and loyal frnend shy and sweet hobby, collecting records neatness persomfied always there ready to help any one ln need Bye bye, Ann 'fn it 'U' MARGARET CURRY My Beautzful Lady the charmmg lady of our class cheerful help ful and ambmous pleasmgly frlendly blushes wlth grace a loyal Cabrmlte Anybody need a friend" WGN? GLADYS DOMENECH Cant Help Smgzng lt chases all gloom and worry away lrreslstlble smlle very pretty loads of un prayerful and helpful favorite pastrme smgmg a true and staunch Cabrmlte gr-X, LINDA FERNANDEZ MARIE FERNANDEZ If You Believe your worries wxll Three Cams rn a Fountazn what be few fun lovmg and full of wlll mme to me brmg lively lass vltahty never runs out of words versatxle personality likes to never m a hurry calm, frlend talk generous and frnendly ly and ponsed That's rnght Lmda, attractlvely tall enjoys smgmg lxve long 'I 19 aaa ja Auf SINGERS DANCERS MUSICIANS Barbara Stablle Mxchele Metrmko Alma Padxlla Gladys Domenech Sandra Contreras Paula Schrelter Mary Curran Dranne Wood Jo Nell Reed ARTISTS Vxrgmla Pope Dorette Stalder Anna M Rodrlguez ill XO" !"""'Unw "ZIP ELIZABETH GRIBBON BARBARA GORGAY ISABEL GOUVERNEUR So Dear To My Heart You re Ill Get By Ill not complaln If You Knew Isabel like we the sweetest flower ln vnew qulet lll see 1t through hkable know Isabel oh what a glrl but popular a radiant smlle qulet and soft lass a tremendous sympathetlc pleasant dxsposntlon steadfast frlend never heard but vocabulary a book worm gentle and kmd an all around seen has that certaln somethmg frlendly and shy her speclalty grrl wnth a sunny smlle Lots of bound to succeed Fudge Mmmmmmm luck to a nlce llttle Mlss wha Wm PAULINE IALONGO DOROTHY KOVACS ANITA LESNICY Young At Heart falry tales can You Belong To My Heart now Pretty Baby We re m love wxth come true lt can happen to you and forever a pretty face wlth ou bubblmg laughter sweet smlles come easnly m1 d somethmg behmd xt enchantmg ness personlfied shy but full of manner helpful and seldom seen smnle most attentlve pollte un dimples to go wnth her ready alone usually quxet m class and cooperatlve loves oratory smlle ambmon to become a a good student and a loyal frxend IS smcere and dutlful we re deslgner someone you d luke to know mnghty proud of our Dot 120 , 5 QQ so tsnan J. K WVN xy I ',-., 4V.k ,L I Lady like School Spzrzt Speaker Prettzest We ,pn-its -SW' 'uf 'Nm Woat O,tw.1mLn, Ellzabeth Grnbbon Gladys Domenech Dorothy Kovacs Suzanne Lorang Prayerful Studzous C ourteous Popular Jul SUZANNE LORANG MICHELE METRINKO A Pretty Gzrl Is Lzke A Melody Over The Ratnbow sweet and like a rose she twmes around your dependable a future Miss Eili heart a slim and graceful clency a lovely model wlth a llkable and lots of fun sparkling smlle smcere plous good lrstener and a smcere fr1end and studnous a credrt to her parents and her school Mll3gf0S Qulros Helen McGu1re Barbara Gorgay Ann M Carmo 'RN WON. MARY ANN MOSKWA Szncerely Yours ln her manner and all her ways qunet and co operatlve sweet and petlte a ready smile always wlth Alma new to Cabrmr but well hked by all of us MYRTIA MUNET Someone Lzke You a pal good and true a quret, frlendly way enjoys good Jokes mlghty proud of her Monitor Band pas tlme, studymg has more than her share of frlends -'rr af' ANN MCBRIEN A Bluebzrd Sxngmg In My Heart let the wmds blow where they please smcere and energetic always so helpful most optrmxstrc and frnendly full of fun and mrschlef that's our Ann 121 f-M' HELEN MCGUIRE Amerzca The Beautzful God shed Hrs grace on thee Oh so good neat as a pm even dnsposmon most studlous the sweetest smrle courtesy persomfied So long, Helen . '34 U n 'A,N J: A - ff 3 Q A 1? 9 HN' .-do N J 1 Q 4 ' t ....a "' -, ' 'Q' an Paula Schrelter Lydta Zelaya Anna M Carmo Mary Curran ALMA PADILLA The Charm Of You lovelmess IS ln your muslc nimble and magtc fingers on the prano a graceful and smcerey charmlng ballerlna potse generostty and school spmt are hers ln full measure 0l10l' 3UJ2I'lt:i Susan Ball Charlotte Parker Mlchele Metrmko Vtrgtnta Pope 'EF' 3 CHARLOTTE PARKER Soft Summer Breeze how we love to be wtth you a qutet and stu dtous brunette a lady thru and thru a staunch friend en erous Splfll her patroness Our Lady wlt and brams combmed bound to succeed Theresa Rodriguez Dorothy Kovacs Pauhne Ialongo Barbara Stabrle Mew VIRGINIA POPE Domg What Comes Naturally wnth ease and soothtng calmness so frtendly and energetlc tall and very charmtng a sunny and care free dlsposltton terrthc sense of humor excellent artist a lhlS and brams too fi MILAGROS QUIROS ANGELA RAMASCO Count Your Blessings youll fall Arent You Glad You re You asleep countmg yours sweet as happy all the day through hobby they come glowmg with enthusl horseback rtdmg llght and damty asm generous and helpful on the dance floor never never optlmtstlc and smcere a lovmg lost for words a mlxture of fun frtend to all how well mtss you and frolrc the llfe of the class usually seen wtth Barbara 122 JO NELL REED I Hear Muszc Where ts there a tune so sweet shy but we hke rt gifted wlth ablllty to make frlends talent playlng her accordion favorlte dtet Ice cream sandwrches sometimes serrous somettmes gay mee all the ttme Our best to you ,il I L -"4 "5 6 wr-1 Margaret Curry Theresa Rodriguez Alma Padilla Michele Metrinko multi -ee' .S7cLoof moniford Barbara Stabile Suzanne Lorang Virginia Pope Anna M. Carino f"' SOCORRO REYES ANNA MARIE RODRIGUEZ Gladys Domenech Dorette Stalder Charlotte Parker Myrtia Munet M ward' TI-IERESA RODRIGUEZ Rusrle Of Sprung soft as the Lovely To Look Ar delightful Because God made you ours breezes that pass quiet and co and gay popular and friendly small frame but a big heart happy operative a faithful student dances time away courteous and inquisitive loves to dance her specialty cookies' natural and quiet as feminine as ruflles top notcher scholastlcally and unaffected can boast of many and lace Farewell honor student throughout friends Well be seeing you soon serves nothing but the best if ANN RYAN Because You re You Theres something so sincere and real about ou a bit of seriousness and a bit of fun considerate and gen erous has all the ingredients of a true friend found any time any day with Pauline Af' PAULA SCHREITER Velvet Lady A voice as soft as velvet and as clear as a silver bell bundle of generosity poised so lady like charm mg tn manner and an accomplished pianist good bye till then 123 INEZ SEPULVEDA Bluebird of Happiness and when she smiles at you always full of fun and gladness bubbling with merrlment and school spirit warm and friendly can enjoy a Joke twice good old pal of ours Q6 f Wd' I Y.--- ' I' ....a I ' A ' Where can you find a better school? We are so proud of you Cbrini Go seek wherever you may For we are trained the very best, Trained in the only way. Cagrini Give us a task or give us play, Ask whatever you will. As loyal students of our school 'Tis ours but to fulfill. N499 and 'N-sn fear 1 BARBARA STABILE DORETTE STALDER Dark Eyes sparkling never sad or blue sweet responsive and studious loves to cook and paint a future Lily Pons carefree as a bird puts her heart into a I Belzeve someone will show the way smiles come easy dowed with a rich cultural back ground splendid in dramatics one of our artists loves to song talk and laugh her specialty drawing horses We think you re grand 66" .--9 DIANE WOOD BARBARA VICARI Mum' Musa' Music' All l want Like A War Up In The Heaxens is music lovable and friendly she twmkles and she shines graceful on her toes helpful and ready smile a helping hand cooperative a friend to all she sweet so slim so graceful our knows becommgly shy llttlest angel dances like the darling thats our Diane leaves in Autumn lost without Angela 124 Our grammar school so dear. Happy to let the whole world know Proud with never a fear. Let us prove to you our worth Watch us climb to fame. Example-thatis the way welll guide Those that still remain. ANN WOOD My Wild Irish Rose the sweetest flower that grows sparkling Irish wi small but mighty a true friend carefree and Jolly lovely red hair courteous and oh so neat LYDIA ZELAYA My Best To You May your dreams come true more to her than gold or gram the cunning hand the cultured brain sweet quiet amiable a true scholar our class president the spell mg champ devoted to Our Lady A X fm fYz"'t li' fa' 'i N , . , ' I ...en- ' ' - ... l , . -D' ' wav' QP' if 1 ' ' ' s'," ' t, , Acevedo Mr 8: Mrs J Acme Meat Market Ad3m0WlCZ Mr 8: Mrs J Alvarez Mr 8: Mrs I Arenal Mr 8: Mrs C Armour MISS Margaret Arsenault Mrs S Boosters Clulfield Mr 8: Mrs J J Jr Cxvanagh Mr 8. Mrs John Chandler Mr 8: Mrs V Clnqlle Mr 8: Mrs Frank Clark Mr 8: Mrs F 8: Famlly Clarke PAITICIH Clemente Mrs Clara Ayala Robert Aycart Mr E Ball Mary Beth Balduzzy LOUISB Ballman Andrew Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Barrett Bastone Anne Mr 8: Mrs John Mr John J Jr Julla Mary Ellen Mr 8: Mrs Peter Reverend M Bauer H Eugene Jr Bavlnen Mrs Helen Becker Mrs Dorothy Bennett Mrs Meg Benson Mr 8: Mrs T Blalne Mrs Allce Blue Carrle Bogglano Mr 8: Mrs Jullan B0lgCS Pablo E Borgos Mr 8: Mrs Pedro Borrello Mlss Margaret Borzomatl MISS Frances Braco Mr 8: Mrs Caesar Brogan Mrs Edythe Buffel Bee Buglmo Anlta Bugllno Mrs Burke Barbara Burke Glorla Busby Marlanne Callahan Bob 8: Pat Camacho MISS Klm Cannon MISS Helen Carbone ROSCmdYlC Carleslmo Celeste Carrella Harry P Carrella Rose Carroll Bernadette MISS Abbey Dems 8: Pat Mary Mr 8: Mrs John Mary Thomas Cass MISS Ann Catanzaro Mr 8: Mrs John Casey Casey Casey Casey Casey Casey Casey Cllggett Betty Clow Mr Daryle Clow Mrs Elleen Cobb Mrs Wlnlfred Colbert Wllllam Coll Mrs Margaret Colller Colller Colller Collms Colllns Colllns Colllns Colllns Buff Mlss C lrole Jul 8: Mrs J Mr Edward Mr Francls Mrs Helen James Mr 8: Mrs Connolly Mr Thomas Jr Contltore A Eugene Contatore Joseph Contatore Mrs Lena Conw ly Coppola Coppola Mr Coppola John 8:Mrs F 8:Mrs J 8:Mrs R C ornelll Jean Costa Costa Coyle C0216 Teda Mr 8: Mrs Mr 8: Mrs r Mr 8: Mrs 8:Famlly CFOHIH John 8: Ann Cullen Mr 8: Mrs 8: Famlly Cuomo Mr Frank CllSlLk Maureen CllSlCk Rltl CllSlCk Robert Dlly Mr 8: Mrs W Dlnelll Mrs E Dlnelll Mlss l leen Dlnelll Mr 8: Mrs R IJIFIOW MISS Donna D uer Mr Martln J Cola Xll 8: Nlrs Col Nlr Mlkhltl e Coll Mlss Pllflhll e leo Mr Anthony e leo Mrs Sldle e Mlrtlno Ml 8: Mls e M lfIll1O Ml 8: Mrs M e Rosl 'Vlr 8: Nlrs R Rosl Mr S blmone Mlss Mary Ann I 0lllS De Boucy Mlss l lndl De Vllerl Mr Ernest Devaney Mlss Elleen De Nyse Flmlly Dllno Mr 8: Mrs A ljlll Mr 8: Mrs A JJIII Mr Frank D11 Mr H Dobbs Mr 8: Mrs Clllbert Dol ln Mlss Maureen Donnelly Mlss Patrlela Donohue Mlss Elleen Dooley Mr 8: Mrs John Dueno Mr Tony Duffy Mlss Ellzabeth Duffy Shella Duffy Mr T Egan M ss Elleen Emmanuelll Mr 8: Mrs E Engllsh Mr Peter Escarramln Carmen Lspanol Rlehard Fe lrns Mr 8: Mrs Robert Feller Mrs John Fernandez Mr Frank FIOCCO Dr 8: Mrs H FIOCCO Mlss Bettljane I-ltzgerald Mr Edward C l-ltzgerald Mlss Patrlcla I-leteher Mrs A Fletcher Mlchael J Jr Fletcher Mr Thomas H Fogarty Mr 8: Mrs W Fooderaft Frlney Mr Edward Fr lnglpane Mlss Chrlstlne I-ureh Mlss Martha Gllllnt Mallan Cllll Mr 8: Mrs August Cllll Mr DIHICJ Cllovlne Mr 8: Mrs Rlehard Cllenn Mr Eugene Clorm ln Mlss Ann Grtf Mr Chlrles Gl lf Mlss Ellzlbeth Cn lf Mlss lolllse Clregory Mrs Hllda C llllo Mlss lN e CIIOSN Ml 8. Mrs August Cllltlll Mr Texts luerrl Mr 8: Ml C uerrl Mlss Klm M lrle C IILITI Mlss Texas H lll Flmlly Hnren Mr 8: Mrs Hlflll Mr Steven Hllrlson Mr Carl H lrte Harte Harte H lrte H ll te Frances NJISS Patrlcla Mr 8: Mrs T Mr Tlmothy MISS Veronlea H trtnctt Mlss Ellzabeth Hlrtnett Mr 8: Mrs T Hasher Mlss Mary Hayes Mr 8: Mrs John K Hayes Mlss Llla Margaret Helnrlch Mrs Hannah Herbert Mrs Velma Hernandez' Mr N Huuelos Anthony Hoffman Mr 8: Mrs Mlchael Hogan Mr John Holtje Mrs Vera Hossfeld Mrs M Howell Howell Hughes Hughes Hunter Dorls Mr 8: Mrs Hassle MISS Franees Mrs Mary Tab Jablonskl Dr 8: Mrs Eugene Jlmlnez Matllda Joynt Patrlcla Kaull Mrs Margaret Kavanagh Mlss Ann Kavanagh Mr 8: Mrs Kavanagh Mr 8: Mrs Keaveney Mr 8: Mrs Keenan MISS PHIFICIH Kelly Mrs Mary Kerrlgan Mlss Catherlne Klnneary Mlss Brldle Klnsella Mr 8: Mrs Klrby Mrs Della James Mlchael Koenlg Mr 8: Mrs Frank C Kopllak Kovack Kovacs Kllflllg Kllflllg Kllflllg Mlss Veronlca Mr 8: Mrs W Jr Mr 8: Mrs Joseph M Mlss Elleen Mr 8: Mrs M Mr Rlchard Kuss Mr 8:Mrs M l nmphler Mlss Catherlne l lneelot Mr 8: Mrs C G e lhv e l ll ea e eddy l epls CWIS CWIS Lewls Mrs Frank Mr 8: Mrs J 8: Famlly l oretta Mr Joseph M r James Allee Barrlngton P ltrlela Ann ' 1 ' ' . . ' '. - 1 r 1. . ' 1 e , ' , ' , . . . ' . . . . ' T . ' ' , . ' ' l , . . . .' '. . .. . ' '1 , . .. . 1 , . ' ', , " . i1'., . . 1 . . .. . , . . J . . ' f, . T. ' f , , J l. . H Q .TJ . .J.r r- F.. AL ' , R. , . T , . ' . 1 I W . A, , 2 . ' A 5-1 . 1 , ' U . -. .A. , " ' . . . , . 1. . . , - . .. I , . , . . . f, . ' , 2 I , . ' , . A .', V . ' , . J. . 1 , . . . . ' ' ' ' . F' I T .T ' ' ' . 1 , ' Q . ,kv ' It- , V '. , A, ' 1 K- , '. f 1 . . 1 . . . ., . ' I , . ' '. . ' , J" , . , I , T. ' - - , . ' . . . , 2 , Mr. ' , . . . ' ' , ' I 9 1 1 ' , . Q 1 T- L , . , - 1 , C. ' 1' 4. ' . , Mr. .. 1 e' A . ' 'nf ' '. . . . , , J , 5 ', - 1 , ., . ' , . .J.,.Jr. Brogan, Mary Frances Coyle, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Foley. Mr. Robert Kehoe, Mr. J. . y - . g - - I . , J. , 1' .1 ' 1 1 . 1 "1 ' , .. ' Q . 1 D. I- . 1 ' , . ' ' .', . 1' . 1 Q, . ' 1-. ,-,- elf ' 1, '.e, 1 ' 1 - 1 ' . ' '1 . '.', ' 1 " . . ' " , ' DC l1.l . " 1' E" . lzlri .1 " . . .. . . , ' D- ' 1. 1 '- -. f -, .- l,-1 ,. ' ' , D' . ' . l.'1l,'. . . ' ' " , . . D' .' . .'1 'f C' X 1. . 'fs..Jr. l.'1l. . ' ' , D' L ' . '. . I N 1, ',', ' 1 ' l.' ', . , D' 1 ' . '. ' . S ' 1. ' . . ' 3 , A . lbf 1. .,.. '. . 1 1 ' L '. , ' De 1. ... 1 . . '. ln ' ' 1 125 Loftus Loftus Loftus Logan Mrs Ann Mr Anthony Mr 8: Mrs Mtss Carolyn Lutz Mlss Emma Boosters Moriarty Mr 8: Mrs John Mortarty Mr JohnJ Morlarty Mary A Mosher Miss Maureen Moshua Maureen Nash mmett 8: Barbara Lynch Mrs F Lyne Mr John Madden Susan M Madden Mrs Thomas A MacDonald Ellen Mackey Mary Ann Magee Mr 8: Mrs John Magee Mrs Louns Mannion Mr 8: Mrs V Marciano Mlss Carol Marino Mlss Alba Martno Mr J Marmo Mtss Mary Markey Rosemary Massana Mr 8: Mrs G McCarthy Patrxcta McCoy Mrs Katherlne McDerm1t Mlss Helen McGatry Mr 8: Mrs M McG1nn1ss Margaret McGlrley Mr 8: Mrs 8: Fam1lyMuro MCG ough Mlss Vlrgmla McGovern Mr 8: Mrs Patrlck McGrath Brxan McGrath Danlel McGrath John McGrath Mr 8: Mrs John Mclsaac Bernice Mclsaac Ruth McKternan Mass Mary McLean John McLean Margaret McLean Nellie McLoughlin Mlss ns McLoughlin Mlss Theresa Ry in McManus McManus McManus McManus Mr 8: Mrs J Mlss Maeve Maura Mr Michael McNeill Patrlcxa McNulty Mr 8: Mrs John McNulty Mr 8: Mrs Peter McT1ge Mlss Patrlcta McVeigh Miss Charlotte Meter Mr 8: Mrs E 8: Famnly Mellto Mr Lenny Muller Mrs Kathleen Mitchell Miss Beatrice Mohorovtc Mlss Vesna Montagna Mlss Marte Moore Mr 8:Mrs R Morales Mlss Carmen Mother Alfonsma M S C Mulkeen Master Kevm Mullen Muller Muller Muller Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murray Murray Murray Murray Muro Nash Nash Naughton Naughton Naughton Mr 8: Mrs B Mr 8: Mrs Alfred John Mlss Vurglma Mrs Beatrice Gerald 8: Mrs James John 8: Mrs Lesley Mlss Rita Mr 8: Mrs A Mr 8: Mrs Dr James F Mlss Joan Mr Thomas Mrs C Mlss Dolores 8: Mrs B John 8: Mrs Kenneth Peter Navarro Miss Allce Navarro Mrs L Nlemtschlk Mr 8:Mrs Nugent Nugent Nugent O Brxen O Brien Mr Andrew T Mr Francis J Mxss Katherine Mr 8: Mrs Brlan Mr Charles O Brien Mtss Ellen O Connell O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Connor O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Donnell O Halloran Mr 8: Mrs Joh Miss Anne H Dr James V Margaret E Mtss Mary Mlss Maureen Mtss Patrlcla Mlss Sheila James John T l'1 ORourke Mr James ORourke Mr John O Rourke Mlss Maureen OShea Mr 8: Mrs Thomas OToole Shultze Owens Mr Phlllp Padllla Mr 8. Mrs Pappas Mrs Margaret Pappavero Mtss Rose Parcclll Alexander Ptullta Marne fS1sterJ Ponslgllone Miss B trbara Porco Mr 8: Mrs J Portu Mlss Carldad Pottsh Mr Herman Potash Pygmalion Powers Nora Prmclpe Prmclpe Prlnclpe Prlnclpe Prlnclpe Pulg Mr Puls Mr Clalldla Mr 8: Mrs Eugene Frank Renee Vlctor 8: Mrs 8: Mrs R Rankm Mr Kenneth Ransley Mlss Barbara Ray Mr John E Raymond Mlss Catherine Reed Mrs Eleanor Re Hlll Famlly Reynolds Mass Deanna Reynolds Mary Rtley Mr Vmcent Rtvera Mr 8: Mrs R Roche Mrs Helen Roche Miss Helen Rodrtguez Mr D Rodriguez Mr 8: Mrs E Rodrlguez Mlss Yvonne Rogers Mr 8: Mrs Brlan Rose Albert CSISICFJ Roscwltz Llnda Rosowlcz Miss Lmda Mrs Ann Mr 8: Mrs Wllllam Mr Wllllam Jr Mlss Clare M J J Miss Maureen Mrs Nora Mrs S Mlss Barbara Ryan Ry tn Ryan Ry in Ry tn Ry an Sadel S tger S alas Mr Denms Mlss Ellen Mr Hugh Mr John Murlel T Mr Wllllam Alfredo John Mr Albert San Flllppo Mr 8: Mts A Sansone Mrs Helen Sansone Marie Santiago Mrs M Stntlago Tony Schlamp Mr Henry Schlamp Mr 8: Mrs W Scott Mr 8: Mrs C Shaw Ellen Shaw Jenny Shea Mr John Sheehan Mlss Jane Sucker Mr 8: Mrs Jocob Sums: Mtss Grace Slnlsl Mlss Phyllis Smith Mrs John Smlth Mtss Kathy Snodgrass Mr Seymour Somma Dan Spam Mr 8: Mrs A Spencer Mr Wllllam Splllane Mr 8: Mrs Patrick Steele Miss Mary Jane Stempler Mrs Sol Stephas Miss Jean Stosser Mlss Dtane Sulltvan Mr 8: Mrs Sulllvan Mlss Mary Sversen Miss Irene Sweeney Mlss Jacquelme Tharlyarsen George Toteda Carole Udma Mr 8: Mrs Clement Udma Mr Joseph Urlbasterra Mr Paul Vasquez Mr 8: Mrs B and Daughter Vasque Mr 8: Mrs F Vasquez Mr S Vlgglone Mr E Vmer Elaine Walnscott Mr Curtns Walbachal Mr Wxlllam Walker Mr 8: Mrs J Walker Mr Jerry Walker Mlss Lucllla Walsh Miss Bernadette Walsh Mass Meg Walsh Mr 8: Mrs P J Waters Mrs Marte Whlte Mlss Carol Ann White Reverend Charles Wllson Mlss Deanne Wlndle Mr 8: Mrs J WISLODSIH Mlss Wolfe Mlss Wlldred Woods Mtss Barbara Woop Mr Robert Yams Mlss Lllllan , .. . . , . . . f, . .l tl 1 , , V , ' f . V HA. . , . U . ' , " . , . . . ' ., . . ' Q 1 , ft . , . . ' ' I . . n lr., l - - ' ' l ' . . L. .S.' r - . ' . Y A' ' .J ' . E - q ' , .. , Mr. , . . . . J ' " , ' ,Mr. ' ,Jr. :Q , . ' .Sr. . '. ' , . . ,Mr. . . I I, ' ' , . ' , ' , ' , , . I I . q w ' . . ' ' . ' ' ' . . , . 8 - - , . . . . . ',. . . . , ' . . , . . -'. . ' , : A s l . , . ,Mr. . . ' , . - . I ' ' . . , . . ' .E ' ' . . ' . McGrath, Anne Nash, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Redondo, Mr. 8: Mrs. J. TYQUI, Mr- JHINCS , ' . . Mr. . . ' h ', - -- , ' ' ,Mr. '. ' ' ' Q '. - . , . . ' ,Mr. .. : . . '- - ' , . 1 .1 . . , . . . - Z, - - - , ', . . , ". ' . 1 ' ' , . , U. l. A , . . . , l , , . , .. . . . , - ' ' . , . I. , . Q . . . . q U , ' . , . . B. f ' , ' ' . - ' ' y ' ' , ' - -l ' . l I - 1 . . ' ' , '.. . , . .. J , l. ' , . - 1 l ' , -. - Q -. .2 .Mr . 5 , . J , . K .J , S.. 9 , .A . . 8 ,' .. . .I - , ' q 1 1 , ' . 126 A Q W -X ,. wha- x t 4 ,ma 'WF f :H+ -sf! 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Suggestions in the Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 8

1957, pg 8

Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 32

1957, pg 32

Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 9

1957, pg 9

Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 114

1957, pg 114

Mother Cabrini High School - Shrine Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 129

1957, pg 129

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