Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX)

 - Class of 1949

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Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1949 volume:

THE S25 F 1 R Z Mos:-:UM TEXAS 1949 'N EEK N. l -S:-2,5 Nig- dlllllll Q'-1 x I W M. ll" fl nI"' f 0 dull f o a I FQRLWCR 1 ANNUAL STAFF f f..1 xr X 'A , fx n - K . LV v w .. 1- L m nz: 'V 'J 'f 1- K A A .V ,L 1' ' i ' W " YI lil' H5' T HV' V 5-E F ' "ff, I 'f'.v 5' f ' M X QM, '. -1 f A p A , , 1 A np :ii-ww '1.:'. .. Tw- . 5. ...... . . 'STV7' 'L V-A75-Q HH ..... 'ITT' 'Alt fffw 'Q T' X ....... . . . ,lAVQE'TTf .'w-V A I' ........... PA.i"' 7L"'E'-'i7.'I'i Y l TAP? . . . . . . FT" 7'-CN mV: VVTNN' T: ff',N .filfkvf fA'4TEELL I-4- GP' IJ? -4' VIEMS HOOL ua ETH M NBUILD G SPRINGTIHE' 'X MAIN ENTRANCE Ptftkn- h ' 4' 1 .f 4 Q 2' f-.1 'L 5 .fin l ' ,W Ln ' . l , I -fl. , . .x -. , 39: . 1 , . , , : .,, G , 1 ,r Q' - 1 7 ' -I ' GF sf' ff- .'. f ' 'F V 'A , n, "' 'f f' "1i, ,,s+'Q 'i A I IN Q- iifif , 'f""X 'I l ' mvffg' w .':ij2'f 3, . A rm A., . h , n - c. fyf , ' Ss, f, 1:1 ! XI , :n 'ffiw I I ..!Ii - ,5 A ' iff? DEDICATICDN HE THE ANNUAL STAFF OF l949 GRATEFULLY DEDICATE THIS R APPRECIATION OF TH FAITHFUL SERVICE HE HAS RENDERED OUR SCHOOL AND OUR CLASS, ISSUE or 'THE To'rEM" 'ro MR. WALTER B. PARKS JR. TO sHov ou E E I I . null'-""""'s: 'kit administration '- fuk if N ' ' ff" I gy. . 5 lf' 1 ' ,1 I 1 RS, by 'mp ,. 5 FACU LTY ER B PAR , JO MCGEHE , I'Y MRS ELROD M LANE MISS SOCKWELL MRS. JOHNSON Qt wAL . KS JR. 3 Mas. T. J. NES A MRS. www S-' x . fa J. A. E JR. ' X . ,K Rs. 0 P 'ir 'IW I SGIIIOFS V41 1 gp. Ills QF' BETTY JANE POSTON ATHLETICS ANNUAL STAFF SISTANT ED T I CL RALPH PATTERSON ATHLETICS IASS P IDE ANNUAL STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER CLL INDSWORTH ATHLETICS MOVED TO EVA VERLr E LA TRELL ATHLETICS HWNJAL STAFF 4 H CLUB Y HTHLLTI Nw' E ATHLETICS i, F H C ATHLETICS LASS REPOQTER ANNUAL STAFF 0 AUDREY JER ATHLETICS CLASS PRESIDENT ANNUAL STAFF ED TOR H CL N ' I I Illlllllllll 91 ez- ,.,, C 'rl 2' NY, X 55111. A , ' I w 4 f ,T Y ,N , Q. X ' 1 I, ' I . Q ,N Q fx N G b fx I , iv O ' . f I P i L L w I 7 ' .' r , a C -4 - m 1 O ir w m AE v ,C G -5 wry. yn A0 Q , 1 Z ' N-f P1 - , ' 4 m f 4 ,' 'IQ X' O ugxax 11 I A ' N, . , 2 flfgx W H -- EQ I Q HA 1 .I ' -. uv' " J 5 A o 4 A L O L 5 r C U w A - I I 1 I J F m I J r'IM x 34:0 'A A I ' '3 I Z b ,L -1 b .4 ' qi+h,v . g E M .' ' in A , R .- 1 I c L' Q P L , Q b ,,Qu ' , ' r' FFT ' ' A f' 5 I xaw::zQ i D C C C w A 4 MI, 1,5 Q' w m U m W W m w Q v V -',' 1 I 1- -I G , -I U "1 1- ws ' ' A b 2 ' b b . ' 'L ' 'T V H w T m I i U7 'T -I .' " c :- I -4 XJ 1' TC 11 A ' ,X nf L y . ,q A O fi 43 11 7' -- J XAQ Xx- t T in SLN , t XXX i N I A W ' x, x 9 - I -I I 7 X h k lp I1 , J 1 X ' , J X .I A 7 . ,fs 'A' if Jumors '4 1 f H, . il GT .Wx s N A p" :': Q1 - n gnblni ,f :Nb h TOLLV RUTH ALF swEETEsT' 17- 1' E LEO Cox CAMPUS fo. QF' 4-4 ng tl.: JUNIGRS CU NELL HENRY 'DAYTIME PLAY BOY' LOVER ,ws I TR L in BETH PENNINGTON M ST N LOVE 'iilh HELEN JANE FARY DURWARD SOMMERFIEED IMPOSSIBLE' BLANKENSH 'S RIK G 'IRRESISTABLE AA RAY DAVIS ' ICKEY RooNEY PEGGY MATHEWS FLIPPAN T A5 'NX Nv- sophomores A ' i 0 -X , W W H X' x Q.. o Q B-f F og 1 A M xt as . ,I . I V H vt , , . Q - 2 1 ,fx M ZF v 1 ' .1 bf , r ' , x. 3 .. Rov DAVIS DIXIE ALEXANDER DOLORES LEHRHANN LAVERANCE CunLEE , 1 o Qhv ,d'r QQQ' JACK HENRV MONROE GASKAMP LORRAINE CRAWFORD VALERIA HATHEVS BILLY POSTON fx l ,f'.Jf freshmell 'kt MARTHA JEAN LEACH IMM fx WALKER FRESHMEN 'Q .ex 4- if Y7T 171 UANDA WISE MARv GRAV ALICE EPASHFR !TT ANTPEIL if il gg 'W AEAR J' QSVRV k..J K AVEPY MC iw ix V' H, C, ' 1- - A rf " "L" IE Iflzls - fu L Q1 ANS 'bn 4 '. C. ., . Q Y : .' P s 'O is 5 CL V , 'W W V A'v'-q?:l,..:xtg ' J. - Q Q-4 r-f ' fd -ll' X 'i ,Auf ., -,,-- K ni-an Fa, if elementary i' SEVENTH ANDEHGHTH GRADES -'iq FWTH AND NXTH GRADES I'4 THE QJEEN TEAM THE W A COME AAI SRRIN FUN, SEVENTH AND EIGHT!-I GRADES GH HAD I MEN OE F THE SCHOOL YE I 949 VE D A VI L L AND RE D CVESSVUI YEAR, VING N A S TH STA ED A WONIERFUL T ME, ELDS WP ELECTED KING AND HOOL CARNIVAL APT U EALS AND TIDATL5 OUR ANNUAL SC ADDED, WE HAD A BASKETBALL BY ALL 0 PARTIC ED Y AR SOMETHING NEW WA WAS THOROUGHLY ENJOY MATCHED GAMES, OUR TEAM N THREE OF TH SE MAT H ARE NQV P AYING H SEBAIL HH! H ENJOY VERY VUCH ENTERED OONTESTANTS IN TH OUN Y E AND HOPE OUR BASEBA , ARE ALSO PLA N NG Q NE TROPHI N PLAYGROUND BAQIBALL TOURNAMENTS TH S G. LAST WHI WAYS ENJOY, OO IMMING A O HAVE A wuo DAY E jf fr-1+ Ffiffv 535' ZA? gf I JUNIOR nl AN ENRCLL T I8 on I AR I 8- . wr HA 5 HA 'Rv sw ,"s , ' HA JOINEO I- LL ' OONOO ACTIVITI S. IN OCTOBER EVERAL WENT TO E TE FAIQ IN LALIA5 'PORT I' . A A 2 ' VIvIAN FI QRE I 'I , CANJ E: IN , . . TNIS E , S , i WHICH . i ED ww IPAT IN E SIX , E wo E O ED GAMES, ANIOH WE THOUGHT wAs A PRETTY GOOD RICORD, wr n L A - , O wE . . I E H LE , E O , . E C T ME T TO , OUT VICTORIOUS IN . LL UE N I ON WIJJ NG EO ' ES I .' , I .. , BUT NOT LEAST, WE wILL HAVE OUR CLASS PICNIC CH HE AL I AS WE , Sw N LE O ,-zz - ,, I I, .w , pf - , 'E I 'I ,TK 'Y V, 'fn' , V' 4 fl 1' "F - , RI ' xy Q f'f"A FIFTI-I AND SIXTI-I GRADES L P RULLMVNT P I LA Q A Hrmafns, THL HIMBIR, JAM s THL RnPRAM VLN A-I DEVELIPING IP ARBARA BOYS WERE oELib F Q uHAu H Q A MENTY MEMS 5 rIr U f HT NUMB TH AN ENROLIMF UHTF 5 XTH GLAD A Q TH H s ANY HTIA ATHLHS, STLJVNTS PATED ' J W 'CLM L G IT 5 vr AHS EN I Pl UP5CHTLPl THE I TALLN . FSE ARE IA LANVEN AT wAfNE JAY, ATSY INQ rATPICK, , D H N I H IT , D AS MIME? S THF BOYS PLAYGHOUND BALL TEAM, THVY ARE HAP' 3 AI Avfb H E WWQKSH P T NT9 F THE WWTUNITY OW P U T L HAMMER SAW P INT BRUQ S, VERAL WALL PLAQ r I TTOPS ML WELL MADE f-.1 4. TH IFTH AND vlXTH A YL Hoo HA' FNJOYFD THL LAVGI FN- T L ,F T' -FQUH ,' HHS, TH TH GPA.5 BPASTS ,F THi H ER P OF THIb FR HI NT or To ' ,FN , 4 T I . E BJAFTS or E H00 ' HE ' , QHT Z . ' E 3-T ALL ' ' ff, PARTICI IN SPHZ AY PTH THF PTA P Va GI iw IN Di ' arm, AMCNG T IS FINT Hcwp F .N JQYING T.' . 'I' I4 TY or L iIH NUSICA, ' T TH,' NIN 9 I - SH , H HEL , V ' fi P RA IF, SAIL H QUDDY Ccx, ANQ NRUCE KLLIBHINH, Two ' VECAUSK TV T iIH JNVAILI G FF'C'T ANL AHIL Y ' f ,AT ' LH cr L L C -E RAv SNUAJI ANL J . A CHA Lrg VLUT, IN TH L O HL STUDE' - NLR, GIVEN 1 ODP- TO SH THEI SKILL IN 'SING H' , , , AND A -H E' SE ' 'u's ANL DUOR S ' 'TRE ' . ,. I TX I! f N H' HV TRN ' T- 4 i9 I I - I I1 ' - 5 I RQ 'Ili wyI I I KW V7 V' I , W 9 J 2.5 ff ,N 1 "' .T'x 0 A A xufwef' BQHE THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES fs fv fa f' H 9 FIRST AND SECOND GRADES VD nf FGURTH GPADES W v-4 ALEN A w +- L1 Q L ., .J QTY INP FIRST AND SECGND GRADE 1' S JG?-4 HAR. X.: CASA? MGS EN A ,mr ELF NUR ILP IJ THMA J ? 'T l-HE L ANI "PWA J C U x AR, Q H NAV W PVXMPI ICHY ss L N 1 S u FH rx NND X A - 'Z "I 1 A-'i .T 'A Q- "RTQQ , , ,f ,' L 4..L- ,ga-1 ,..fZ. TN ,I n,:, W-If . A 't'T 'xr J , A Aiwa . H' -nwls wif ANU V U V 4,1-, AV' TT HL.: TV ,.Lv,gl-.N . ry -, :. 4 ,H . A A z, vluG '- A Hr Aw' 1A- T.G-TWEH lx g'T v H A' .lar T nz' T 1 T I TAA s, Iwi, TVlV AA, ez 'v:i Av A . N AH: , I., s,HwawN T A vToTT T Tdl A A HTLL, ' T:TTxU ,sl P, for A , LI u T sz- Hifi f ST L IFT 1. 1: THE 'ALI niax 'a'Tl. L, T'L H'iN SNL 'TWTV Az: HTT+s wEbJiH?NTFU uh A sv Ah Kung RWD Qwfrm. Tawr'A AU'IH A'.1 l3TTw' L 12 M 1, ,guy VT' ,EL Qxmvx, C H 2 ,V U THF T Ani Hwy, CTI UILKS Ani V21 YAWLEY JAG-59, A5 A1,::T ATE faSvvT'lNG THVN ADP H IRG T' Him? 'Lv R v CY V 1 TINY UAV wi FNJUYVD A ,A LNTINF PA , THF HT1TH3Af DAwrw f,A TFUFVA AQAPL wAz A155 LNJLVKD HY AIL, nf Ani L SKINS F.?'AUD T7 fAQTEU Aw? SJW 5'1 Q vlfwlco if wlLL SDON BE -ING ANQTHQR U'LF MTHNE TN TQH Jimm- NYY TUR'k . SCHQUL. L-TQ fr HAD A T A ,YAPLE YF WE' F ACLJ Q T' A GHLAT UFA1 ANC ALE :A.K1NG F, FD TC PLAN YTAA CF CiHCCL AH NT TQMVS TC us. SQA ATNG AND A , N HEwN'SYhTATlX5S wifi AUUTL wifi Ami f3NfY Psww,wATQw, ,A' ' HT Ve AND HICKPY 1sL5 wfQe T'C TF Tvs Vywhrw srwpu IN THL CHF ' ws Cswrmcwv. HIT. KHLPLYY H S Amo Hrs. J. L. HAT Swv A25 42 2'fv M.TH:NV, Tnuf Favs GlX'V ma sVLswAL PLFTILQ HYQV AF rw El uaQv H.:M, wr Aff T 'LING rv' FU Tb T v EAmTrw Tum JuwT Art TT QQIAG PICNIC, 'k i' organizations '1 A 1 X' K N . Ev ' f A - 1, h . . f D , XS 'Q K, A N-. i xx K ,,,.- Wim 836 I 5 ON, A IICNE OF HOQHE OMHUNITY, ATL A G00 ECW OLS. DID MU T0 HE P TABLISH THF THIS COUN , , J RGE C P , EALS, HAI TABLISHVD THIS OP HIS EATHE To PROMPTE N FPVST AMONG H GH SCH G IDTN , GSAY G TWO MFDALS AND E GAT s 5 G GIVE . 4,1 Q! MARGARET CALFEE JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH H . I . , 4 L1 'Il I V Xfx f sag E., G ff Tw' I - .. 93' r .,.v m-' VL ' HxEz,q ., 1:1 CJ,-v.3. gig i v . I ,s frfj ' K A.NV 5.w I - 923 H. T. POET T iEQ . IM C HAS Acvoc ' cr HIGHEQ EDUCATION ND 'G .GX HE CH , L ES , FIRST SCHOOL IN TV HP V50 , OSTON FGLTFAING HIS FATHIRS ID , E ES , MEM IAL IN MEHGGY or ' R, ,T, I , CML :TE T TS IN GAATIGNT ANG EJ , VUIT- IH , , Tw. . INGT WND ARE N 'J I 'I' 4 A' 'f tg I L ,, ORATIGNAL WINNER or l948 ESSAY WINNER or IQ48 Wk -gf ,K -A-if I 'Sh 3, 'r Sports ,X 0 . 91- X .X . r 1 4 ry Jn .NN- , 4 .-1 A ' 5 , . It 4 1 ' ' s 4 ,. . h. fy, , " . ' ' '. ' .,W:1 V ,, I if A: ,alf a , ,. g- .. .ni .1 . .l"g7 l 'Q A' V 4 1,04 ':,.f' ' .f 1- 5, , .Hive-' . '. ff' 1, I I W .1 v. w yi NP L G A vm' xt- . " ' ' f.xm,"'.1 .4 'I-'v'fw:w1'f H11 b '.'.:',Q . 'f. I , T-1+ X'L7-"IRS Y I i 1 'V , ' -i-V, ,qi 1, N, 'lsyg wrqu, ,Q rfL.,,,f ' ' 2 .. K V '- . l3V'L- r., TT-A Ev. , 1' , -1 Y ., 2 ' -- 'f LT 11-f ' ffH4L 1 ,4'k 'M A K y :,g-4 ' .,"'L . ,Q-xj Z1"L: -V IL'-QTL: A N 'l 'X ,Q .,'1,1pf--T j:,,2-Q ' 51, '.i L '77, -A 1 -: ' L p V A' 'V-5 V 1:54 Y . w , L '. "T'N ,,'ViE fx, .rw " '. i-- -, '1 f '-537, .iAwEY'E WEKJY A Y' .Mm . r. wx, , 1 " ww f :Ar-Nw? IEIIM, -'E 'T 'r. fff 2" ' .-znufmi' T' "5rwr'A'. fwf A sm 75, ' .. . I .. ' I N Tff' 51'-.T I-. -X Zf L'f'3f- "-"iQ"l.' .f" A'VD " di CN 'HF KSECFNT ' T F 'ELF' f"'j , "" - N: lgi-v NG, ,ffl 1. .v ' - 1:1-T r-J '-fA,fQ:T14L.1l AVF lpn'-Am'. I"-VSIV-17-?'A'A.N, P1 V1-A.--1, vw-its Jeni :tiny A2 Qirf :ni A .Q V. --'all TE.1H,,:.!- ,'-ww 'ff mr 'XV TJ JA4"iVTix TH V THIQ ,Lp- W-1lT:3 . P-'-:FS "X, TIC fl VINE JUS 'F fX,AFHI'4 wi Alf, Tw? Tinr' f,Wf-H f, Tw TH11 ' MIN Vw wls, HELP f. nfNE'wT. BASKETBALL O50 9 P Row LEFT TO RIGH ACH MCGFHEE LEO Cox AP AIN Bll. Y POSTON RALPH PATTFRSON DURHARD BLANKENSHIP LAHERANCE CURLEE BOTTOM Row CK HENRY Y DAVIS R v DAVIS AND Avsnv McNEw , 1 '1 7 4 fi 1 'A 'llu div x , -' w'::.:::I, N-1u3nna.lJ y 'l'Cx'i'5""3'f7J '9.3dllliJ,f I Wliil' S X BOYS BASKETBALL ARTIN' HE O NHT HAD EXP? JC? BASH ALL TFAM VVN NAS OKEN N HUT 'CT OVFR D INGS AND T' VA QGA FR SPN PATTL BF 3iTTFW T LOS! ONFTAHIE MENT THE SFASPN WHf INFCQMATIW O QF, PATTRRSON 59 'PTTFRMEN PATTER POSTON HENRY C Q SO U L WALNUT SPRINGS KOPPERL KOPPERL OAP IREDELL MORGAN OGLES OGLFSBY KOPPERL MORGAN MORGAN TURNPRSVILLE KORPERL TURNERQVILLE JOSHUA IFT Y Ns OM OGL THF E O F P IV A0 1 F AN 44 ITH LNL IETTIRM ANJ TRP IRQ u AST rss 8 GAM O ORNAMENT WHEN wE FINAL . THE VROM MORGAN MPLFTED THF NLY NIOR AND N w RECORD T I I POINT EACH T CT TEA , Cox O LY 5 Q WN XT ONE COIU SEAS IS GAME ALSO UAL P INTS, N T INCLUDING Nu SHOWS X I49 POIN D S MCNEH NKENSRIP, DAVIS Y D Mc E , SCORES NIL MIL J BORO MORGAN CLIFTON MFRIOIAN HIDwAY J BORO IREOELL 649 THRLL BU S JN THE BO S :O EP C FP MN CN I F L NG STRFAK L IFTON AMF V O UH NALNUT R TH PPCMISES FAR, THE HAS GH POI OuR GAMES ANKFNSH POOTON 5 IS RA , 509 I ST O T SEA'QN N 2 L i AN I N " Y "f rLRIEI i WITH L V. LT sq AD L L fAOf Y . LLTR L L.T WINL IN VOR Es, THIS LOOI ' L I BR , I THE CL ON Tf" OO , 'L , LOST TO MID IN NHSEMI- ' S NF . AF A v ORY 'L HO. ANOTHER WIN . , O S,R . ., MO . O FSRY cs L VIN L FO IS SEI J , TRSON IS L O. SE .EXT TO ff , HAN TH I8 IOST 6 ON O' TH YL BOYS LOST WUT IN THE ZISTRICT CTUBLE ELIHINATION TCUHNEY BY NG TO IREOELL A h PPFVL HY A . Cox H, ,Y L I N O. DIS RI M IS HI NT FOR L I , IND ID O 0 TRS ', LN IS L 'I O , "A: CO Ts, 5 ' IF L. ROY LAVIS 4l, RAY AVI 25, I 5, ' LL L - N, Oox, ELA RO , SAV Y , , R EE, N w II M. 29 V. - LS 3l M. I9 9 5 V. LS 23 5 24 22 - 29 22 O 34 23 9 I7 38 25 I6 23 I5 32 L 4I 22 BY 36 42 35 25 L 32 34 - 4I I8 I5 I4 33 32 I8 I4 2I 20 L 33 23 22 I3 . 38 I6 . I4 IS favorltes it 'ki' f' .' .QD 1 :ll Q . Ms, 3.1 BEST ALL ROUND BOY RALPH P TTERSON BEST ALL RGUND GIRL EPA E? MOST HANDSOME BOY J K ENRY MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL D JERMST O Kia .1 ie .R 5 fir V3 P' ,Z -N 4 1 Y i 5 t' -QQXXK 'r fs 'Q- Ing jgQf o li f 'I fat, 8. 9. IO. ll. l2. I3. 'we SNAPSHOTS LOOKING MIRRO GIRL ? SEE SOMETHING, GIRLS? GOOONESS, wHERE's vOUR JEANS? L TEST STYLE IN HA S? TH AUGUST UN IN vOUR EYE F R SOMEONE? DID THE FEED TRU K BILL, BETH? N0 BOYS AROUND, GIRLS! FAVOR CHARLIE OR GLENN MUCH! PICNICING? SUEET HEART OF MOSHEIM, THATS ALL? THREE MORONSS THE DEPUTYS or MOSHEIM AT A YOUNG AGE. LAZY OR w T NG HHERE'S THERE'S DOESN'T GO BY? -in I ' 4 -' 'j:j.A y ,- I . ' 4 1 H1 G 4 ,I V ' l I. I i,x ' f ' ' x 'T Ie I - . - , Af fl ,.,- ax, --' I . N -I A' D ' -k -1 Ax an I HLQA' ,1 Q a . E55-'EQ 4."' ir K I f f" I i 53.5 I I ri , . I f Q I I ' DH I - si , L KA I L 1 ? I, 4 ., ' L: M aa N. ' 5' 'SI' I ' I 7 -13 ' . L 3. 'v 5 x - . . . 1. ' . .A I Vf I I I i I. IN THE R, S, , I 2 2. . " T' 3. . 4, A T 5. IS E S S? 6, AI I O c 7 ...O k... r-Y 7' I 1 3. 4 5 6 7 8 9 IO. ll get Lf, H5 'ia Q' ci.. ROSE, BETT , VOUR FIGURE PLAYING BALL? FIGHT, GIRLS, OLD UP GOING ON? THAN THE MASON DIXON LINE LET'S LOOK AT THE BALL. SOMETHING? SOMEONE GIRLS? THIS MONKEY ESCAPE FROM? IT SHOULD BE A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TVO. HHO'S THIS? IS IT THE JANITOR OR A H w AT A CUTE SHOWING OEF LET'S DON'T IS THERE A H MORE cuRvES AH, COME ON, LOOKING FOR WAITING FOR WHAT ZOO DID sf, .gr IREO HAND? TX'4Qwm 'Q-. THAT's RIGHT w T EY KEEP Us G NG FISHIN You MEAN THERE SISTERLY LOVE GOTNG SOMEWHER ERE IS TH AT suv IS WHAT A BUSTLE C ' 9 NE mi 'Z' W 'W Rl 9 Q 9 9 9 9IIlf4'o'o'4'o 4 4 ir if ik advertisers E -'pn-ongg sn rvuuf, 1 i ' :Ll ,JI-:bfi ' 1 4 . , I X - 1 'Y.'LSY.!'.'i IRES . 'Vx' f . . ,mg V . ' Lf' ' . P79 'I : : I ' Q mn IIIAIINC C '44 ,aw K 1. iw Q v ' ' C . n ' A ' ' - . A . . A - ' ' BAP!! Pr Ph Dfw ET? DVQUC. STOVE scr1pt1ons 81 D ug Sundrles one 50F 4 MOSh81m C om lllllflil Come Out for a Better tu n Out E change Seed for Cake 81 Meal Bun C mmmgs 2 f gags' i f .swf sf' 0 0 N W Q 5 X We H I f e X NX xv' , We if 1. -:e fe e Comfafwnwfli M E E STEWART MOTORS fgdfzfzed c A F E WWW C O U D 9 Sales 81 Service Clifton, Texas Phone 99 0 I, O J E VVS. 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The off repealed lhrill ol recolleclion which accompanies each new search lhrough ils pages will many limes repay you lor The care and considcralion which has gone info ils crea- lion. VVe are proud ol lhe parl we have had in preserving "Measured memories" in I949 Annuals lor more lhan lIOO Colleges and High Schools in seyenleen Slales, TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY P.O. Box 597 6320 Denlon Dr DALLAS TEXAS MISSING PAGE MISSING PAGE

Suggestions in the Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) collection:

Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 8

1949, pg 8

Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 8

1949, pg 8

Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 38

1949, pg 38

Mosheim High School - Totem Yearbook (Mosheim, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 102

1949, pg 102

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