Moses Lake High School - Tyee Yearbook (Moses Lake, WA)

 - Class of 1955

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Moses Lake High School - Tyee Yearbook (Moses Lake, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Wm ff wif? 24.1 Hy? WM! ff L fb X My 1 G6 wffffwdd WMM g WLWW 4141! S 76-M, 7674 J 5 XL " qffwg 51 i Q Q. gc? Jjsj fu . Q N Q v X 0 Q Q Qi 'Q if we 1 6qCYmfvfL1..Q, BL Q X Q3fiE,,,LL,,,,,,Lfg,f,f" L ii frm I ffmfb kv-sy 'wa Y5GPmi A Em by fy iAkTl'KQs X fgbg 4' Through thv Year J- .IX ' Q' I in! ,,g,E .?"' -- I-.' .- hr! ,,.p:V. - . P" '52 x 1 U-4, AN 4 . r-5 4 ...X- My -K . , I K as - 2' Tyee' Staff Editor: Lorna Cobio ---. Business Manager: Kay oung tv '-at-' it-.. ,de ' T .Q-. .' Lf- . .vi . ,..,f 'Lg'-.. , Shirley Hottel 'y- -L - A "fa glwfff-4-B Advertising Manager: Bill Bumgardner ' ' CarlinClark L Sports Editor: Jerry Miller Art Work: Fred Hilliard Photography: Som Shemwell Glenroy Hansen Staff: Ardis Zirker Nancy St. Martin Joan Longton Carol Reiber Delorise Gale Susie Clark Janice Zylka Al Cordell Eileen Buble Advisor: Mr. H. M. Johnson af., i""?.?' 'W' -in . .- .ei ..1f2ta"i V A g . , . - Y . -V W 1 .2 ,fi-212 14, 4 ...--.V' s. ik 1,5 '- - -4w....,1- ""m.z, 'Y -Y 'na I Vik ,,, L, 4' hh , viii gf f fl -Q f ,a i l l l 1 I l 9 l l l 4 i 1 1. 1 ' g .Jil 'Q "' l -,, Q, I, .' - Q15 ll. . . ,", -,- 'Q '71-1-7, Q ff-'Sw 0? TH we- - -?:': Q, , .. ai V, , - 3 A I ,f P , i 1 g I 'L I 4 5 . f , 'Q " K ' ' , if , , r , v 1" . L . N 1 on .X Xx -..., 1 4 - "1 ' ' - ' ' '.- ." P. 1. ,, , ,J ' . "L '- 'b - 4. f . . -0,-u l', ' AJ., ,gi rin. ig, ' .1-, v.. .Q ' tw- -f, 3-1 L." v t . - . Q , x ku , 1 . f'-Q 'A' :YN ' ' 'Y . - - ,.,, ,. . v ' - um , .. ,'.,, ' 4 sa Q ,F Q , V. ' -n C ' . ' 'atv . rf--..3,'.- Q. '4' n . Aw. .3 1. F ,, dugg.. avs, Q 'iff L 1 ' ,,.f ' . . -H . ff. f - X- H- v .Y , , , ,. , se , . . 5...--4 WW 'Srl' Jin I ugh. g-in ,ix ', ff - ff- ' .-1 wa -' ' - - ' fu, 4 - '. -- " A- , -9,4343 M . f- PW. P1 fi,-S-sf-,-2. -, J, 5- w - b Q., 'iv M 3:5 Q . 2 -flu g.,fvXzj'fZj-. ., .,5L4,iQi7:, .gl-qv, 'f- H ' 'W . -is , ' - - 'xt-Q4 -121 if ' . ...Pr ,Q V mi ., ,, .S V, + - 1 - ' ir. ' A , "1 .1 Q... X F . 1 if -1 V 1 - ,Jaw-. .4 1 p ,a+ u. yi -iff. ig, H, , .V -+ , -L V , . V - f l - 'r-wwf A ww v f , - 'PW-. W " ' g ,, ,,.,,,,,',p ,Q v ff" -va-, Q ,-g xxm V :if 'U -iff, i .,,g 3' ,., ' J, , I ?'i"5'f,,f"" 'rsh' ffm 5 fe., -' Q. !v5.,1-,sn w ,o.,,. - , .. 1 M V x ,, , f-if tr 'kwin . Q 1,4-A V1 A V. ,JP p. ,FA A R ., ., X 1 ' cz ' x . , - ', if--'-' 4 9' ' , "il -- - " ."v-55" , .' nf v- ' - Am' F ' I -.f3'Qgx,!f" ' J, .y -' A-2f,,,M ,Xi-tg. -..', gs. :EA h .rgiilj-u :Qig- - ' " ', ' '. 'vu--V 1 , .1-- - , 05' F -:0v.',-. ' ' 5, ' Q- tr' ' ' " -' - gh J- X lk, ' , f I -,glktfh 5 - ,, f'4, ' -. 4, 3 . Q 1-4. -yfywft- -.'jl',1 .' ,, gt , . ,h v if ,,, ,. I- P ,.,f,4 v avg I - Nye.: . . xx, A ,wr i - fy-. Y V t- ,G X 4 "' V - 121' , A 2- h Y' ' " " 4313, 5 5' ' 1-', ' ',' f', 'A 1 ' 'fill' !x.Q!.',' ,'-4' ' fel f , KIM. . .L Q, , V , b-In 1 W - 1 ., - f- . f., -1.'- gif. ' pt 5 14 -."5,,,, ' jxex! Vg, A su. -'Sf' A: - ,I X, nf -A? Y- A ,yy . Q ,i I A ,..f,,e, 3,4 71- 1 l ww all ',,f . , 'lu M. , vlan -in B M4 .vw :ffl Tix .- ,.,,,L, gf' i ,, x , , 4.:,rii,i? 5 M ww' nr - ,-I W . J . ' if :ay Q ,, 'Vvvlxtvsfik .5 Q, w,?i-..?i,7,,g3 . i,,,7fl -f V 4: , V: ' LL: , ,,4,,, , ' 1.54 , A - ' 2 B ., A 1-. v4,,,,.vf,fif-ii, -' 939. A ., -v f ,,. , U- . ,, , ,,, vt , , ... ..,-, . Y .X 3, vw A up 4 '-gift Q, ,'-- ""yi?9'.v? if fd ' 4 J . r Zliurzqfiy ,VI-.YK ,V ,. , ,. t V ,Q .v- J ' 4 in W '. 1 - fs , 4 ' , ,,' ji , '-'- A Q, ,,M:.., 5 f-ar 5 :ae fjufi . 'z ..,,r., - " , '7.,.3?r"'J , A 'V ,. 1 ' ,- -.-fc' A Y 1 ri if' if dw' Q. 4- .,,..., 9 , .1 1. 1 4, . -A . V '53 .,,, Q. -5 -QE. ij N .sr 5-Q'-2,515 'gv "X :Q 4' .fi "1'.,lH q,'f ' I, , ,X-'if E' 1 .E --. 1 ' ' ' . 2 ' A 'ffl sdfgisi - -A ,- A , ,, ' ' ' -' 41.551 -i in-E 3-J ' uv. . J ,NV ki- . ,Q ., ,. . Q? ah ,V , f K ,qc g X AI, V Ly!" 1 ,,. lk QL ' , h, ff- V ,ffl ' ,. 1 ,I V , ' nw- N i?:Qs'x,'f 1- ,r I PM ,,' . i' ,ul -f'v: . .-r ' 44' , 'Y qk x W 4 N' 0., 41 l . ,t x X , , . l .., ,ff A M? V Fifa., "' V ' ' ' 1 fd Y 'i bf' " QW v 1 S 1 :is fl . ui ll DE DICATION We dedicqte Phe' V255 TYEE to the civic organizations who have always been willing tolend o helping to the Mbses Lcke Hiqljlichool . M r f 5.-45 '.w.. f M 1 s .4. .1 V.- 1 . 'x fl ' . 4.x 1 -4 445,41 ,,, 1 1 1.1 A . A 1 A- V1 , -14 ' 13- x gf 'F A -" - .W W ' '75 ki' , .3 1' Ai, sk fin 55, Qg L M ' ' nf 'Wi 'B' .-15,3 ,K Q . . 3 2 -f 4 wg. , 1. ,Q 7 .2 25"-,f " as A 5 1 Wa- , 1' crux? " ' Q .,, is-4 xfswx X Us "X - ' , ' la , . 'SJ- 1 5 P f ii fi' ' Uv 4 4 4 w s 1.51 1 1 K' Foawmzn Q . , - 'Q'i.'. ' -We want toomphosise for the classes .f f' .' ' . N .' - '- 4 x K K is , 5 x X. " k ' wkofollow, our tradiiions and points of ' "' -2- . ' - -. ' , f f V f. ly ' asoro school., , ' 'fl' . r 4 L V AW ,, q . ' .f Y - ' N . R V . X fk. 4 -. .-v v - 9 - ' 'A In Nu' f t.wSiK1,.,' L! K , . . - ' . -','w.'i. Y,-L .- -'A t" 5' '2--ri' "FV W .N- , , v., ,lf-w 1 . J. - - .s, .. . Q , -1' 5,5 'y rep' ' '5' ' ' , f 5 1 ' , '. .r k.,a.a-'W V1 . . zxllxq.. ,ig L, f 's ?'Xl - 'Q' . -' . P LAKE 'ani' -45 A3 I 'T 119-Q ' N 1 " 4995 5 .. fo RK' x, N I Presxdent Duane Routh f r kr x or ' K., 'flat , L I . ' 1 Piiyw' 1 . 'V' S President Duane Routh openrng a regular A S B Meetrng 'QDJ A.S.B. Officers QLeft to Righty Louie Lee Schwab, Treasurerg Janet Ohland, Secret aryg Duane Routh, Presidentg Wayne Yama moto, Advertising Managerg Sally Ator, Bus iness Managerg Jim Aston, Vice-President 'N i .iff i Administration, FIRST ROW: Mr. Boyes, Mr. Chamberlin, Secretaries, SEATED: Mrs. Nellie Rickets Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Malay, Miss Poore SECOND ROW: STANDING: Mrs. Nellie Palmerton, Mrs Mr. Kirtley, Mr. McFadden, Mr. Darling, Mr. Johnson, Lorraine Lewis, Mrs.Orlenal-lenderson Mr. Smith. As this school year comes to aclose and the class of '55 proudly take their places among our graduates of yesteryear, it is well to reflect on the past and set our sights on the future. It is the wish of all of us that you have gathered enough pleasant memories to cherish the rest of your life, that the hopes you have kindled here will sustain you in the days ahead, and that the education you have received will stand you in good stead whatever your mission may be. In fact, we hope Moses Lake High has become an undeniable partof you and that you will always speak of M. L.H. S. as "My High School". To those of you who are returning and to those of yo u who are embarking on the next phase of your careers, Good luck and God -speedl --------------------Win Fountain 1 --7 f John Lothspuech Vice-President Winifield Fountain Mildred Pepper Principal IO Secretary 3 . ,Q A 'hr ti Mr. O. T. Darling Mr. Edward Hull Asst. Bus. Adm. Bld. and Trans. Adm. Mr. C. B. McFadden 4' Superintendent of Schools Mr. RobertC. Smith I Asst. Supt. SCHOOL BOARD, SEATED: Mr. C. B. McFadden, Dr. Harold Tracy, Mr. Ted Knutzen, Mr. Evarist Olander. I' X 11 fa ... 'V' Q - l Helen Bator Ed Baror Edwin Baxter Francis Bartle 7:1 A 23, D lag.. ' 'H vw ff L: . 2 g ,,. 4 " v M X , 1. 5- 1,,3k.t,,' , .4 '?'7iJci'l 55 '- 1' :fG'.1r:'3 .lg-V, ,,- . 1,22 2- ' ' i 'N 0 ' Willard Benson Lorraine Bodine Ruth Creasey Don Dake Wi' ThOmBS Gibby Sally Hansen Walter Hansen Clyde Hedstrom - .Q v fi 'limi V , ',zv M., ffl 35. -A .1 TZN 5969 N Km' ' 8- L'-A ' r 2 qu: A X L ' V i x S., -un - -Q- Howard Hill Fred Huston Carl Humphrey Joyce Hutchison Teacher Dale Johnson El "fp fl Q L111an Mattson - Ui'-'MD W ,"f ,gf 4,,z0'n' ZX 5.-4 'Q X YI Homer Johnson Robert Paneno Wxllard Rowberg 4' .pe- El xzabeth Powers Paulme Shelby 'Qka......... fl fbi: Rx. Don Thgfeson Rxchard Therrel Albert Wamel' Howard York K K I' rf: v fi' H X ' , gf 6 32 Y. . Ig' :K 4 r . r NAL Q 1 X , .Q 1 X to , I ,X 1 '. i-r , giqh v - .55 L if 19' . K 'fix ,T 1 N Q 9 v QA , 1, V ru' "Q'n , it N I ,,."'i ' , v '55 "" -M 1 Q fffff xl' 1 'Q 'A A kilt? if . I .ii ' 441 is W N21 I X A 1 151 '4 '- 4 . N . .-r Z Z! . H Y' .,-' 'fr 'I V V me V. --x ' J I , 7 N - . ' - N ' X, .,f-am H X, "i,,,.,j' ' 2 o AP I "' Q21 J ' X , "Y ' "M - 5 X l I I i I U l Q U 0 U 55 '15 R 'z- i I, 1 . ' " X, If f .3 -A , . .ev-v-i'U.61.+,s Miss Bodine is helping Diane Olson Miss Lothian and John Bates are work- figure out her class schedule. ing out some plans for the next few years. 1 -sl ij? , ' . '-,tux ' H YJ 'V-ark.. 4 f 2- ' - Mr. Bartle is in the process ofexplain- ing an l. Q. Test to Helen Kerr. Bob Yerxa is getting Miss Poore's sug gestions on his future . llllll lllillll AT Wllllll ? 1457 1 f r X XXV X s V X54 NN 'Z :A N 'N ,g N I rf ai rj, X 4' . Jy I gi If X. N r 1. ,c,, ' , 1 M NWXFX " W Newell Frondsen, Treasurer K 'WW X' . . f . . 'A is Class Coordunofor Miss Powers X Xl V Joan Hagen Secretary . Lenlqna Menh, President Pat Bowen, Historian i- : NOT PICTURED Bob ? Frornon, Vice President SBP D DRE s xl I -1- -Iw- IF! M., 1' , A -as 555 FSS? I 1 fs. is '-f V . YF f Q .xy in B-uf-I l 'g s I Qi 3 1 -4 N7-5' 3 'Yer' il F x "lv, 1l."'- 1' S. 'A '..' 5 ll rihj' 'N' nr 1 nv ,gg 3 v x4-4 1 I 9 x I 5 Q ' I D .Il FIRST ROW: Carol Stanger, Beverlee Pederson Hazel Shurts SECOND ROW Wally Maroney Drck Moms Darlene Schallhorn Gordon Ridenour, Ronny Law, Jennie Flessner THIRD ROW Bruce Oakes Davrd McDonald Connle Petty Jerry Hodson Sandra Pepper, Daralene Ireland, Loretta Routh Mr Wrllard Rowburg FOURTH ROW Fave Rand Ruth Reed Charlene Stearns Klar ene Shinkle, Alfred Schmauder, Gerald Grrffln Robert Stuart Roger Scott FIFTH ROW Rrchard Raymond Norman Mrller Davrd Torvinen, Iean Shadduck, Wally Relber Io Weller Home Room 3 Class meeting. if x. AA L XIX QI x nn' t'u 45.0 3 A ll: 5 .wir- r"' Home Room 6, FIRST ROW: Shirley Woolman, Marvin Lybbert, Carl Bixler, Mary Brne SECOND ROW: Dave Brand- vold, Tom Brawley, Lin Casey, Mary Ann Rector, Steven Bone, Sonia lidniiinds TIIIRD ROM: Dick Chase, Jerry Mc- Bee, Meredith Bohn, Charles Bardwell, George Cntlip, Suzan Jones, Beverly Conniaghani, Missjoyee Hutchison FOURTH ROW: Howard Noble, Sally Botteni. David Calder, Marvelin Major, Marian Smith, Sandra Oman, Steven Foster, Tanii Harrington, Arlan Lorz FIFTH ROW: Lnpe Garna, Inia Jean Kidd, Pat Lewis, Pat Bowen, Geri Broe, Leilani Menti, and Larry Baldwin. 1 Ill T Li 5.-ff 3 4 L V -. ff - v -a I I 41 - x 1 -an-'P .A if -- ,, 1' K H + ,. .- asf FQ' 3 .1 la ,W 4 , 1 . 1 , L ei? ll ,I .4 5' s Qc :QA Home Room 26 FIRST ROW: Loretta Ludvigson, Tom Johnson, Joan Hagen SECOND ROW: Jeannine Ott, Lucille Kolar, Roger Goodrich, Joan Johnson, Alverta Gerber, Kent Jones THIRD ROW: Mr. Homer John- son, Carolyn Hoover, Frances Lalk, Allen Hoover, Dennis Dembiczak, Barbara Garoutte, Etta Hedges FOURTH ROW: Lyle Rowbury, Jo Dean Nudd, John Griffin, Jack Stahl, Barbara Hussy, Gary Flannery, Bruce Henery FIFTH ROW: Don Humphrey, Ralph Mousseau, Sharon Hall, Terry Schmidt, Joe Heath, Doyle Johnson. FF wifi FW ' 6 V w WX.-1 ' ,K -Y' XY ' ' is ,F - 5 'X W 124 5 X I 511 K 1 ' Ak If SJ x 4 U .4--45 f U39- "9U!qn H I ' 1 . ! -3-, 45 19 .rc wg QQ:-' , ff"'i Xu . I' 7 ' W y five X Wi m a -Q Class Coord Mr . Warner N S Q.: gi Ment u, Preslden Kgku, Vice President Iade Lyxzerf, Treasurer INKDT PI TURED: Kay L bbert Historian Y 1 Reporter f 1 N :.. T J- J J r 3' , 'ff ff ,AA T fi . idlxqw My arf I v " ' Uv ' ' 45 ik ' ' ,rf:g,x: f , ' " ' Q55 . I", . , ' ' ',vLx.f'g-1 J ' 'u ' ' - ' hw? Y-, 1 of-4 ,1 V ar lf' R 5 , -,. k X- - , y , t Q f :mn - 4,-,aff - . , . A ,Q , l W li ,- if - I-ff . Qs- - V -w lb -f J .f R- i il J W ' " ' l Q J f ' X ' dd 4 X' R J- ., I x -. l, XR g Fin. - i . . ' ROW ONE: Gay Weller, Dewayne Johnson ROW TWO: George Pederson, John Coble, Jacqueline Jonus, Daryel Olin, Kae llealea, Gary Holbrook ROW THREE: Mrs. Shelby, Verna Pankratz, Rliio llubhard, Geriy llankins, Rosa Lynn Mclylullin, Marquita Boyd, Ruben Valdez, George Calvert ROW FOUR: Kenneth llaas, Jeanette Lybbert, Don Fletcher, Patsy Carpenture, Mike McGinnis, Rose Marie Gartside ROW FIVE: Gene Gugler, Ronald Tilton, Mara Gene Stockton, Jack Quinn, Judy Warner, Gerald Wiuff, Bobby Landon, Sharon Kursave. Homeroorn 25. XXX , 'Q 1- as ,X Ili: 1 .' x it i ll 5 Zi 'LA m ' ff-:ir 1 l P75 fl f 'ii ,ir Z FIRST ROW: Sally Casey, Kay Oakes, Mary Beth Peters, Loretta Heath, Janice Miller, Evelyn West ROW TWO: Wilma Boyer, Enola Amos, Judy Thompson, Eveart Gale, Frank Bomer, Jerry Hansen, Pearl Conkle, Fred Bindel, William Radelmiller ROW THREE: Mr. Bator, Shirley Nelson, MaryMerrell, Rayola Frandsen, Vernon Pankratz, Belva Gae l-lill, Gary Wederspahn, Colleen Rockwell, Charles Smith ROW FOUR: Lyle Vandeventer, Ricki Menti, Carol Schonert, Dennis Lybbert, Bill Daugaard. Homeroom 20. ,as, "1 f 1 l -I x, O 3 -Q - QM -s 'Sf 11,-' IGS- .,' 6' , --x AA by J, :Bi .V N TAL' I Y FIRST ROW: Jim McFarland, Ann Reid, Sarah Lou Wise, Jim Krumm SECOND ROW: Owen Thompson, Wilma Denton, Jo Clark, Bob Ruff, Lillian Loveless, Philip Hansen THIRD ROW: Mr. Dake, Imogene Nichols, John Capek, June Kinnersley, Agapita Zavala, Clinton Mowery, Beth Cook, Cynthia Brislawn FOURTH ROW: Donna Roylance, Lucia Heston, Leo Sullivan, Donnell Morgan, Jeanette Broady, Larry Barnum, Peggy Walker FIFTH ROW: Bob West, Donna Shurts, Kay Lybbert, Dorothy Reiber, Judy Crabbe, Gary Jardine, Gordon Galligan, Blanche Graham. Homeroom 22 1. 1: lilll vrlx' fn. . ,351 LJ ir Y VIII FIRST ROW: Sue Sherman, Barara Moore, Elaine Jenkins SECOND ROW: Georgia Perrin, Paul Pennell, Faith Kahnen, John Yearout Erva Avery, Ranae Moffet THIRD ROW: lxlrs. Bator, Carol Long, Ann Peterson, John Bardwell, Ethel Fuller, Lean Gale, Wilma Tyler Norma Clink, Dale Kaku FOURTH ROW: Mickey Hansen, loyce Heilig, June Radeback, Glade Lybbert, Eva McCullack, Dick Hull Jerald Armstrang, Jae Benedette FIFTH ROW: Neil Middelton, Tommy John, Kay Williams, David Dills, Reggie Smith. Home Room 21 A ri-N E EA ff r ffaljin' g F ll, Q-y 9 "N, r - ' ,lb- -x J' F Xi 3? f'K f L. I , . 5 s - fs, f. ,' jf' H I 4 ..4 A, x Mfr is Us H III FIRST ROW: Kuzuko Morawaki, Charles Hart SECOND ROW: Larry Permiti, Merna Thomas, Chuck Krueger, Spilker, Patricia Jensen THIRD ROW: David Dixon, Iirri Routh, Virgil Jackson, Marina Mctlosii, Roy Martin, Brunet FOURTH ROW: Bessie Bixler, Jesse Barnes, Mr. Hcdstrorn, Edwiria Brizendine, PatGral1att1, Roytrc Mask neth Bohne, Larry Smith FIFTH ROW: Roger Armstrong, Stephen Pratt, Loretta Reyes, Vivian Vetter, John Ctiiv Hopper, Brigette Kirchner, Home Room 23 f I Carol Davenport, Mike Marilce Olsen, Skip ihurii, Reid Gaie, Keri- t-rt, Sandra Itilian, Sut- T ff' .. fi' y., ",' 1 . 4 Oy g K ' X 'X - 1.-R, tl? "Stella-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a" FIRST ROW: Sharlene Hill, Shirley Knapton, Fred Hilliard, George Martin, Mavis Opp, Venita Brown SECOND ROW: Nancy Enos, Venus Hampton, Violet Schmauder, Leland Jones, Helen Hubbard, Judy Reynolds, Ronald Wise THIRD ROW: Deanna Yale, Gloria Waterman, Jerry Jenson, Fred Campbell, William Blackman, Don Hintz, Kenneth Rob- inson FOURTH ROW: Mr. Irwin, Marijean Banks, Jerry Hale, Gary Thaden, Roland Herwick, Errol Lambert, Don Fairbanks, Merlin Giese, Homeroom 24. 1? , ,Q 3 -s ,Q in I it 9 4 Q I -Lynx! '- J' 31- 'QU bg. '3 fo... ' 's . ' f 1 WL E fb nd' wa 1.4 . 5 , jzfl l . 'IV' A '53 if V 'VVL i ii., 3, I AY? SEATED fLefr in Righty: I.-irna Cobia, Nancy Sr, Martin, Jerry ,QQ QW , iq, 'S X , Q, Nlillcr, Delrris Gale, Shirley llatteil, Susie Clark STANDING ,Ezigf-' - . , ' flcft In Righty: Kay Young, Ardis Zirker, Ioan Longton, Carol -. V l V Rciber, Bill Burngardner, Carlin Clark, and Al Cordell, 'Q' f I i ' s. ' x 5 ,...- R i, , L X Q. Z A' as X fi i ,a AL X C Tyec Editir: Lorna Cohia Business Edin iz Kay Y ung 30 Tyee Advisor: Homer Johnson TYEE Pagf: Sponswrt Frcdericlfs Jewelry and Fine Gifts 'hy 46 First Year Ioumalism - FIRST ROW QL -RJ: Sue Clark, Carol Beasley, Shirley Woods, Kay Jones, Ladean Haney, Vance Hooper, Ray Tumer, Andy Durbin, Merle Dyer, Charles Fumiss, Tom Morris SECOND ROW: Bonnie Shipp, Marilee Edwards, Lee Hitchock, Kay Young THIRD ROW: I0hI1 CHIEF WAllWll00P Page Sponsor: Basin Press A rgyw- ' v 1 - - Phe vs... 'ik it-X fi!! 'if-es. fx, IDT- K Qu Jeanette Ehlert Robert Brawiey Lorna Cobio IIO iili iiill TY Loretta Arlt Shirley Dirks Page Sponsor: Allison Lumber Supplies Home owned and operated Congradulations to Senior Class Officers: Lorina Bolitho, Student Councilg Barbara Cordell, l-list. Reporterg Bonnie Orbeck, V. Pres.g Jeanette Ehlert, Presidentg Mr. Baxter, Advisory Shirley Dirks, Treasurer. v I, 'ii Ii Y Honor Society Initiation. Q 4' -we fr I 1 , Ronnie Hillard Lcipriel McDowell The purpose of Tamanawus Honor Society is to create on enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate o desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, ond to encourage the development of character in pupilsof the Moses Lake High School .. Page Sponsor: Best of luck to the Graduates of "5-5" Hilderbrand Photographers ifi 25, gi X 4 Janet Ohland Dean Owen STANDING fLeft to Rightjz Barbara Cordell, Shirley Dirks, Mr. Baxter, Duane Routh Beverly Pederson Lorina Bolitho, Doris Smith, Mary Ann Rector, Lorna Cobia, Loretta Arlt, Jeanette Ehlert Bonnie Orbeck MIDDLE ROW Don Olsen, Joyce Connelly, Yvonne Elders, Sally Ator, Sylvia Brislawn, Fortune Brown Jean Ann Wise Douglas Gale FRONT ROW: Dean Owen, Violet Schwartz, Barbara Sturgis. John Knapp Ronnie Hilliard Bob Brawley Lapriel McDowal1, Louis Lee Schwab. fi M A x I x OFFICERS: Yvonne Elders, Vice Presidentg Lorna Cobia, Historian Reporter, Carol Reiber, Secretary Treasurer, Lapriel McDowell, Presidentg Io Ann Fisher, Co-Rec Chairmang Linda Corley, Student Council, Karen Ehlert, Advertsiing. ll.A.A. The purpose of G.A.A. is to promote interest among girls in activities, health and sportsmanship. This is accomplished in this club by encouraging outside activities by giving points for Dental and Medical exams, spon- soring tournaments, playdays and Co-Rec night. "-r-r FIRST ROW: L. Tull, LaprielMcDowell, L. Arlr, I. Shadduck, L. Kolar. K. Ehlert, L. Kessler, V. Schwartz, Y. Elders, L. Corley A. Roberts, M. Tainter SECOND ROW: D. Duncan, E. Fuller, K. Shimura, G. Caldwell, C. Reiber, J. Konishi, M. Yearout, S. Hall J. Wollard THIRD ROW: D. Yale, M. McCosh, G. Weller, B. Sturgis, I. Ehlert, S. Dirks, G. Waterman, B. Graham, L. Schwab, S Kursave FOURTH ROW: S, Wise, P. Johnson, J. Wise, F. Brown, J. Fisher, M. Bator. G . A. A. Dinner Meeting Page Sponsor, The Bowl W88l9 5rd Ave. Phone 76 .1 f rf To help promote sportsmanship throughout the school and be available to render service is the purpose of this organization. LETTERMEN Q I l s 3 - C5 as A ,gun - - .w I ,-5 OFFlCERS:Dea Secretary, Rondo Scott, Presi Treasurer. n Owen, Vice President, Lamond Delxl ille dentg Richard Akridge J I t . r 'g,::,. IL a "aff as FIRST ROW: Duane Routh, Bob Hobbs, Ed Gillen, Richard Alsridgc, Jack Mawr SECOND ROW: Ennnrtt Sodcn Tom Shirmura, Kerwin Dow, Andy Durbin, Larnond Delxlille, Roger Goodrich, Dan Deane, Alfred Cordell, Warne Yammamoto THIRD ROW: Ed Bator, Tornlfladdox, JoeD B k axis, uc Ator, Don Miller, Russ Wiiliarrzs, John Kanpp , Pat Bowen, Rondo Scott, Torn Johnson, Ed Crawford, Tex Therrel FOURTH ROW: Don Thoreson, Dean Owen, Cliff Alexander, Dick De and John Lothspeich. ane, Frank Moulton, Ron Bartlett, Bruce Henry, Ron Strandt. Morgan Rapp, Davcwyrzcls Page Sponsor Thompson? 5pnrtsn2an's Corner The most complete line of sport- ing goods. 1 ll . A 'gf' f' ljwfgl L. A i 'W Agn'-'? H ff- Fiffv ,A .V f ' ' 'mi L ,xx-,I ws, 1. 1. Es, . ,Q 1:2 -x 1' gf if i .wx , FF L 1 "mr I a :KZ .1257 f , , f .-mm, Waterman, R. Walker, D. Cook, D. Dean, J. Goehri SECOND ROW: M. Lybbert, D. Lybbert, R. Gale, E. Soden, Moriwaki, G. Calvert, L. Jones, R. Strandt, M. Miller, L. Vandeventer, G. Peterson, D. Morris THIRD ROW. Bomer, G. Googler, M. Mauldin, J. Shearer, F. Borner, G. Larson, D. Fletcher, A. Lorz, L. Rowbury, D. Hintz York FOURTH ROW: J. Hansen, R. Knapp, L. Smith, K. Hodson, M. Giese, J. Calyert, D. Johnson, D. Dills, FIRST ROW: D. S. Barnette, K. Mr. Hansen, F. C. Smith, Mr. L. Rowbury, D. Calder, B. Landon, J. Maver, L. Gama, L. Larreau, E. Johnson FIFTH ROW: D. Hooper, W. Wilson, M. Mer rell, J. Cupp, F. Murray, J. Armstrong, L. Baldwin, E. Gale, L. Gale, S. Pratt, T. McBee, G. Lybbert. F.F.A. OK.: 4 l A Sentinel, Don Waterman: Treasurer, Darwin Cook, Secretary, Dan Deane, President, Gene Jack Goehri. Cook, Reporter, Royce Walker, Vice President, ' s Some new members have been initiated into F.F.A. Page Sponsor: Sears, Roebuck and Co. W. 210 Broadway 36 f x, - - l' . rsn M ll-4' , Q 1 Page Sponsor: , v -I U M , Bea's Drive-in ' In F. H. A. and F. F. A. Chili feed. Sec., Shirley Dirks, Pres., Bonita Orbeclcg Vice Pres., Doris Smith, Treas. , Elaine Cal- vert, Rep. , Marlene Sampson. FIRST ROW: Marquita Boyd, Sharon Hill, Bonnie Shipp, Faye Rand, Janet Oliland, Kay Williams, Ethel Fuller, Dorothy Gibson, Doris Duncan, Carol Stanger, Helen Kerr, Kay Oakes, Theda Lyman, Leona Olsen, Shirley Woods, Pat Moultan, Evelvn West, Lucille Kolar Marcia Miller, linda Tull SECOND ROW: Kay Kallestod, Marie Sodan,Sl1irley Nelson, Emma Nell Wallpole,,Kazuko Sliimura, Col- lene Rockwell, Norma Clink, Sonia Edmunds, Peggy Walker, Gay Weller, Janice Miller, Mary Beth Peters, Ann Peterson, Ruth Reed. H v C5 fs FT, -L 'I' -,Tit , l , 1' " '-L33 LST: '-J-,-,..J Officers: Treasurer, Iudy Reynolds, Secretary, Barbara Davenport, Historian Reporter, Carol Davenport, President, Buck Ator, Vice President, Dean Owen, Social Chairman, Robert Hobbs. LIBRARYUL B ROW ONE: Delone Krueger, Bob Hobbs, Richard Akridge, Ed Gillen, DickDeane, Roger Goodrich, Carol Davenport, Judy Reynolds ROW TWO: Dan Deane, Geri Broe, Tami Harrington, Mary Broe, Bill Cheney, Charles Krueger, Torn Johnson ROW THREE: LaMond De Mille, Joan Hagen, Barbara Davenport, Sylvia Brislawn, Lorina Bolitho, Wilma Benton, Ricky Menti. The Library Club is a social organization whose purpose is to create interest in the Library. They also help to promote National Book Week. f' . P 1 a - .. 4' , --A , - ,-A ,if ,, 3 lu . K v as-,, 4 Sweat shirt shuffle sponsor- ed by Library Club. Page Sponsor: Se I dens Home of Fine Furniture r nz, 4 Y It ' 5 Y Y . Q Z . g I , kk n N ' '-rf' , N s VV 1 1 I x I Q-f FIRST ROW: Don Schwartz, Sam Shemwell, Glenroy Hansen, Richard Lehnert SECOND ROW: JoAnn Davis, Dorothy Friedbauer, Sally Wither- spoon, Gale Eccles, Carol Rieber, Bob Yerxa THIRD ROW: Wally Maroney, Jim McBride, Cliff Hochstatter, George Campbell, Richard Archer. 4" E 2 21322 A f M if ,r'.,.A, fr , f,'g2,z: ' iv, 3531 I .nf Camera Club Advisor, Mr. Benson. A. V. ll. CL II J X. . .- Fe? 4- ,. 'J' V135 ff. ,- f 1' - . 3 , bs" . , Z4 gi ,X-,p , - -yr -25 eg' I ' -Roo f' ks 'V '42 22" 1.35" -N 51 ' . 724 ,f . g,. SITTING: Lucky McCort, Vance Hopper, Kyle Bowen STANDING: Jim Major, Gordon Galigan, Kerry McChalis, Charles Robbins. A.V.E. Advisor, Mr. Hill Page Sponsor: Sprouse Reitz W. 301 Broadway 1 , Q-ei Orchestra Director V"P'f if f Mr. Johnson L I Qi'- - s i 3 FIRST ROW: Helen Kerr, Ron Powell, Boh Yerxa, Peggy Reid, Fortune Brown, Lawrence Blackman, Erva Avery, Sandra Oman, Jenene Caldwell, Jean Ann Wise, Echo Edwards SECOND ROW: Pat Johnson, Melvin Fugita, Carolee Zirker, Nancy McKay,Elaine Calvert, Beatrice Nyrud, Kay Oakes, Walt Wiess Glenroy Hansen, Robert Chase, Leilani Menti, Jerry Hansen, Wally Reiber, Corolynn Rutledge, Sally Casey, Pat Moultan THIRD ROW: Marion Smith, Venita Brown, Judy Reynolds, Gordon Galligan, Joyce Heileg, Larry Smith, Skip Brunet, Norma Clink, Larry Perrin, Ferrell Trask, Ed Crawford, Jared Johnson, Ella Jane Allison, Anne Peterson, Shirley Woods, Jerry Hiddleston, Willard Hansen, Lalxlond Deklille, Leon Watson, Byron Lowe, Kim Watson FOURTH ROW: Bessie Bixler, Donnell Morgan, June Kinnersley, June Rodeback, Naomi Lybbert, Sterling Gale, Cleva Parham, Larry O'Shaughnessey, Beth Cook, Rich Tollefson, Gerald Griffin, BobWyrick, Carl Beasley, Sam Sliemwell, Mr. Panerio, LarryBarnum Ken Bohne, Don Hentz, Sara Lou Wise, Bob Landin, Merle Dyer, Don Miller. oncui TRA Mr. Ponerio Page Sponsor: Menti Jewelers Where Service and O. ality Excel V I2I W. 3rd Avenue J 40 5 f - H- A.-.1-1 Page Sponsor: Lo-Cost I.G.A. Srore Low Prices Everyday E. 3rd Avenue FIRST ROW: Bob Chase, James Nanro, Lois Woods, John Griffin, Geneva Jackson, Gay Hill, Verna Pankrarz, Pat Jensen SECOND ROW: Vernon Pankrarz, Bob Hubbard, Charles Robbins, Virgil Jackson, Bryan Lowe, Echo Edwards, Jenene Caldwell, Fortune Brown, Par Johnson, Helen Kerr, Pat Moulran, Dick Hull, Marlene Sampson, Kazul-ro Shimura THIRD ROW: Carl Beasley, Sam Shemwell, Gerald Griffin, Dale Johnson, Ed Craqford, Newel Jorgenson, Jerry Hansen, Wally Reiber, Naomi Lybbert, Sterling Gale, Cleva Parham, Larry O'Shaughnessey. J, FIRST ROW: Loretta Heath, Ruth Reid, Kay Kallestad, Rayola Frandsen, Ann Reid, Venita Brown, Lorna Cobia, Barbara Cor- dell, Geri Broe, Mr. Prather, Mary Broe, Judy Stilwell, Clarence Shinkle, Fay Rand, Fortune Brown, Bessie Bexler, Joyce Connelly, Geneva Jackson, Peggy Reid SECOND ROW: Gelene Hill, Venus Hampton, Violet Schwartz, Joan Hagen, Helen McMil1ian, Carolynn Lyman, Shirely Woods, Maureen Lublin, Donna Ostler, Marilee Edwards, Marilee Olsen, Kay Williams, Bobby Jo Sturgis,,Joanne Parker, Laura Lee Anderson, Cleva Parham THIRD ROW: Jim McBride, Virgil Jackson, Carl Beasley, Gordon Ridenour, Jim Meldrum, Darryl Zylka, Kim Watson, Tom Haddox, Jerry Holman, Carole Davis FOURTH ROW: Ron Strandt, Vance Hopper, Frank Moulton, Dick McFarlane, Varge Celaya, Bob McCulloch, LaMond Delvlille, Bob Hubbard, Willard Hansen, Bob West, Jerry Hale, Shirley Hattel. X, C X, elect Choir . r-KN ,v- . X N X y select choir singing for the Thanksgiving services at the Larson Air Force Base. Page Sponsor: McBee's Stationary and office supplies Gifts - +1 ix: I , x fx 4. ii Sock Dance sponsored by select eboir. Pagg Spomor ROYRIAR BAKERY Buy Wliere it's Baked General llhoni FIRST ROW: Carol Sebonert, Irene Wilson, Donnel Morgan, Joyce Heileg, Mary Merrel, Patsy Carpenter, Rliio Hubbare, Nancy Hanson, Mavis Opp, Charlene Stearns, Gay Hill, Sue Hopper, Enola Amos, Judy Roberts SECOND ROW: Helen Lublin, Reitawinaler, Connie Cunningham, Audrey Bohne, Kay Bowen, Marquita Boyd, Janice Selimitlt, Susie Clark, Ranae Moffett, Violet Selimautler, Helene Hubbard, Cbarolette Wallace, Carolynn Lyman, Garnet Hull THIRD ROW: Loretta Rontli, Dorothy Gibson, Marlene Mor- rison, Barbara Moore, Jeannette Lybbert, Mary Peters, Georgia Perriv, Nancy Enos, Mara Stockton, Elaine Calvert, Beth Cook, Gae Weller, Darelene Ireland, Ellen Hanson FOURTH ROW: Douglas Hooper, Jim Lytlon, Bruce Jensen, Ron Wixom, Jack Goelire, Bill Hyatt, Mike Sweeney, Leon Watson, Dave Wyriek, Paul Peters, Dale Smart, Jim McFarlane, Blaine Gibb. fig C -M.-5 'Un Page Sponsor: Tysons Boy's Store , F7 Y Franchise for m 4 , 1 S Casley Sweaters r'?.? - , K ' tr 1 X Lal 'X A 5 I I ,r ' t , . 4 , S Ld:1 W1 ,A Rbt,I Fly , , Ong ea ers Dan OO Cum ml O er S Game ISK! Officers: Barbara Davenport, Student Council: Sheila Duncan, L' d C l ,M ' T' . , In a or ey axme almer Treasurer, Linda Kessler, Bus. Manager, Jean Ann Wise, Pres- ident, Sylvia Brislawn, Secretary, Vi Schwartz, Hist. Reporter. Jf- t,,, 'A' 14' , ,S 1 K FIRST ROW: S. Bone, J. Woolcutt, C. Wallace, C. Stearns, G. Eccles, A. Reid, I. Wise, E. Amos, B. Graham, E. Jenkins, L. Casey SECOND ROW: C. Rockwell, C. Long, Y. Elders, C. Brislawn, I. Marrow, B. Davenport, S. Duncan, S. Brislawn, R. McMullin, V. Vevians, E. Brizendine, J. Clark THIRD ROW: S. Hall, V. Brown, I. Crabbe, J. Fisher, S. Ator, L. Menti, J. Shadduck, L. Corley, A. Roberts, M. Tairtter, G. Waterman, I. Reynolds, C. Davenport, D. Ireland FOURTH ROW: M. Mccosh, L, Routh, D. Yale, S. Casey, B. Cook, B. Davey, S. Woods, I. Miller, V, Schwartz, L. Kessler, D. Smith, S, Kur- save, P. Moulton, L. Olsen. . ' ef 5 F 'A ' M l F , v S N . af 4 X' 43 Q U ' Q A 5 'J SW -T 'lr slr' t'1"w -,111 l lf X' 'ti 1 A . 4 4 4 13 Q 44 415' 1 ' , C l X t ' t 5 I . H N 09 y ,7 7i! " fddfzgflngff , yd-ffff-ffm ' 5 Z4i4.,g 15 026-4,02 ,cffZQ,ff ,57- 744!-1 14 4 . -1149 f ff J ,f4 zfZ4,ef 44,42 X -ffz eflff riff" 11 J y Q eff! Mnfff W 5 J u 1 .,, 1' Z 'C-1-f ,,, Vgqflff .14 Theda Lyman W f Page Sponsor: S8rM Hardware Company Your Hometown Hardware W. III 3rd Avenue of K? l'k Sf I Q my Jerry Miller . R Shirley Difks J' "B" Squad Cheerleaders: Leilani Menfi, Fortune Brown, Jean Ann Wise. DEBATE ULU! "1 1 -X9 girl'-A 'X' 1' P' OFFICERS: Secretary, Bobby Jo Sturgis, Treasurer, Doris Duncan, Student Council, Echo Edwards, President, Don Olsen, Historian- Reporter, Iola Smith, Vice President, Linda Tull. ,4"' . '-Q Moses Lake wins over Wenatchee in debate . SEATED: DonOlsen, Robert Hubbard, Echo Edwards, Iola Smith, Linda Tull STAND- ING: Jerry Miller, Shirley Penhallick, Bates Noble, Miss Bodine, Doris Duncan, Bobby Jo Sturgis, GlenroyHanscn, Joanne Fisher. Q Page Sponsor: lrgens T.V . Appliance 105 W. 3rd, Avenue ,pug I 9-5.5.4 if ,,......1-- , L A. L- TI 4- I , 1' F TEM EU 'ii Page Sponsor Ha1lawell's Shoes 229 Ash Shoes for the entire family 2-6311 , Vi C:-2 l A 4 r FRONT ROW: Kay Young, Ardis Zirker, Lorna Cobia, Cheryl Curry BACK ROW: Mrs. Pauline Shelby Dixie Goodrich, Joyce Connelley, Ruth Ann Johnson, Carol Reiber, Beverly Davey, Bonita Orbeck, Theda Lyman, Louie Lee Schwab, Miss Lois Stevens. QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Shirley Dirks, Jeanette Ehlert, Louie Lee Schwab, Janet Ohland, Carolyn Winder, Janet Sutter, Jackie Reitan, Lorraine Tervo, Lapriel McDowell, Violet Schwartz, Arlene Jenkins, Waynette Wallace, Helen Lublin, Loretta Arlt, Barbara Davenport, Shiela Duncan, Mrs. Pepper is in front. W 0 ,fqol D lj E 'f-1"!.fO , 5:-rlbwiicz i fv'irxPF E09 ., tffvf, xgrhy' OWEN. I KEN Rf if ox.-:. is r-,rm , El WJOT Ja, gtg 0 KSESTJZNEQ? : 51:LLf'g'Af3 Hi sen- MAK v E 6 o B iff! A II ,i 5.- 5. Members FIRST ROW: Hank Trisler, Iola Smith, Carolynn Lyman, Iim Aston SECOND ROW: Vance Hopper, Cleva Parham, Emma Walpole, Duane Routh, Jerry Miller, Miss Bodine, Mr. Johnson THIRD ROW: Bob Brawley, Dean Owen, Bob Yerxa, Linda Ross FOURTH ROW: Don Olsen, A1 Cordell, Bill Bumgardner, Gene Cook. OFFICERS: Linda Ross, Secretary Treasurer: Duane Rough, Vice President: Jim Aston, Presi- dent: Kim Watson, Sergeant-at-Arms. GAVEL Page Sponsor: Ash's Mens Wear I ,, 'C 5 943355. in SJ 52' Dean Owen Buck Amr A1 Cordell Morgan Rapp Dan Deane Bob Hobbs an ' of 5 Q 1.163 ' . v u -. o ' r . v xi. l P rs' .,' . ' X M it W f 5 ii ' 1' - Bob Hobbs IS punung 1 -'Q ' ,gb th Page Sponsor: Tri State Store 419 Elder sr. "Where the wise economize" John Knapp ,JLG- too-4 . I , A Bob Stewart Tommy Johnson Dick Deane Emmett Soden Ed Crawford Ron Bartlett Pictured at the right is our defense, which was acclaimed one of the best in Grant County. Q . . P , N 5 H2 Directly belowthe defensive lineup is our ' t , offensive eleven. Page Sponsor McDonald Motors Phone 370 . RPN" -,All Eddie Gillen Duane Routh Russ Williams Richard Akridge Wayne Yamamoto Rusty Cutlip K7 0 i Q1 sb-1 9 J A C5 i . 5.1,-5 , s --Q. g , ' ' "f ' ' :Mil BWQ4 J -713 7 'Q We TOP ROW CLeft to Righty: D. McFarlene, Backfield Coach, Ed Kirtley, D, Gal, D. Deane, D. Deane, R. Akridge, A. Cordell, R, Bartlett, B. Bumgardner, F. Molten, V. Celaya, L. DeMille, L. Wright, B. Henry, L. Trost, Line Coach, Don Thoresong Head Coach Richard Therrel MIDDLE ROW: D. Wyrick, M. Rapp, M. Sweeney, E. Crawford, B. Hobbs, I. Maver, B. Stuart, E. Soden BOTTOM ROW: R. Goodrich, R. Williams, R. Standt, D. Miller, D. Owens, R. Ator, E. Gillen, T. Johnson, W. Anthis. 151.1 RECORD - A VJ file, 5 ' Moses Lake 0 Cle Eluni 33 '55 Moses Lake o Sunnyside 25 X Moses Lake o Wenatchee 39 Moses Lake o Central Valley O f' Moses Lake 6 Omak I3 1 5' Moses Lake 6 Pasco 26 ' kj Xl, ' Moses Lake 22 Cashmere 6 - f V ,, Moses Lake 7 Chelan 25 X , Moses Lake 26 Ephrata 7 'A f A' rx l N 'NN h x 1 ' MJ ,F P ' s it, r-, ' ' 4 , . ' Y , " Q X . O . g 4 t L , V X: A v K. - I .. QU' . XX W ' "Richard Therrel Jr. ond o friend. Who needs words? Page Sponsor: Baumgarten -Rorvik Furniture -Nationally Advertised Brands Always. if ffx Y B. E. Gale, I. Quinn, D. Gale THIRD ROW: Coach L. Pugh, M. Gesi, D. Kaku D. G. Lybbert. 1954 F00'l'BALL Varsity Co -Captain Dean Owen This year's gridiron masterminds: R. Therrel, E. Kirrly, L. Pugh, I. Adamson, D. Dake, E. Baton, D. Thorson. ,H Q., A K-f-' TOP ROW: F. Hillard, I. Hale, B. Froman, E. Shinkle, F. Murry, I. Routh, Dugard SECOND ROW: S. Swanson, B. Swanson, B. Wyrick, K. Lybbert, Duncan, V. Pankratz BOTTOM ROW: R. Martin, C. Krueger, R. Menti, J. I. Bardwell, L. L. Gale, C. Mallory, D. Perez, M. Spilker, McFarlane, R. Gama, Trost, Varsity Co Captarn "Buck A or '....f7!P-v Ilphrata Pays MI f .1 - in ' 1 1 .1 Y i af W m. r ., ,W ' .5 E ' I . is s mfg f -U-iii: A bi g 1, , f-fe ,lux JJ . . W WMV Because the Ephrata tigers were not as good as they thought they wereg their president Mike M asterson is going for a swim, with a little help. J. How was the water Mike? fr 4 . M X i Duane and Gene take the Ephrata president for a ride Dig those crazy cats! Page Sponsors: Taylor's Friendly Store Quality Clothing 6 Ma querade Ball Dressed for the occasion are: Rae- dean Warren, Jim McBride, Peggy Reed, Rondo Scott, Bob Yerxa, Venita Brown, Ann Reed and Kim Watson. , I- ' 5 v-.x 'T ,Q 57 -x - -5 Everyone enjoying the "Masquerade Ball" Most unusual boy, Bob Yerxa:Most horrible girl, Venita Brown: Most unusual couple, Shirley Woods, Morgan Rapp: Most unusual girl, Lorna Cobiai Most horrible boy, Kim Watson. Page Sponsor rastee-freez Drive-in Broadway and Dogwood Mr. and Mrs. Ted Carter, 4 A il Owners Couples stand around waiting to get married by "Marrying Sam", Kent Jones. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance is sponsored by the Sophomore Class. M a xi n e Tainter and Tom Haddox, among other couples, seem to have fun at the yearly Sadie Hawk i ns Day Dance . adie llawkin Page Sponsor: 3 Way -Bar-B-Q We Specialize in Bar-B-Q Phone 333 'EM y 3 A ,v ,b 5 fl The bclshtul forrnboy, Ron Strondt poses with Queen Rcyold Frondsen ond he r , w Princesses JoAnn Porlcer, " Shirley Woods ond Torney Harrington. Rayola Frandsen, Queen Auctioneer Sterling G o I e exhibits hers. Tamey H arrington, Princess 'Jw 1 :IQ-v".. 4 -ig 9 llarve t Ball Page Sponsor: Yerxa's E. 412 31-d. Florist and Nursery 57 asks for bids on pie os Shirley 3- '. .1 . f"" S... . :rn ' t J -' A A l -- - 9 'L' 'Z i ' , . m Q s'1 I .,', .I I ' 'ig ntenlf. 2 air- if 1 IW 'W ' . 'rin xiii f - ' '- Fixx . Jil' 2' L"Y' xl-ai s 5 W , T ' 5 1- Y 'ff 6 1 fn -R XY' Wg ws ' Q x V if 'A i, P4 1 . JoAnn Parker, Princess Q A T . Shirley Woods, lx be I Princess V: , 5' . :i"7?'- f' ' . ,N C Buck Ator and Dean Owen crown- A ' ing Joanne H o m e coming Queen. , - X ' X Joanne Parker, Queen, Sally Ator and Leilani Menti, Princesses. Homecoming game between Moses Lake and Ephrata at A the end ofthe second quarter. ' i . I ' ,ki ,ne ' . ' IJ - ' '- - Q ' . . s f - - . . , ,. f vs.. '5 'H ' 1 1 K i -. , '4 l ' 122- fJ mp P . V :QM '- ' -1 . Q ,qt , Ut - j, x . 'Q 113- f I Page Sponsor: I D 'A ' . W ' - , . ., Thompson 's Mens Wear ' ' 5 5 X " A 200 W, Broadway A , Moses Lake, Wash. . 4 ' 1U'x rg, Richard Ator Page Sponsor: Dunn Auto Electric Phone 298 Moses Lake, Washington Ron Sfrandf C351 of MLHS goes high in the air fo fake a rebound our of the hands of Brauer 151 of Omak. Other players are Desaufel f23l, Schaible 1251, and Celaya C331 of MLHS. Finnegan 1101, Taylor 191, and Smith 1131 of Omak. 47 Pasco .... 44 Pasco .... 47 Ellensburg 46 Quincy . . 48 Ellensburg 47 Quincy. . . 73 Richland . 61 Rogers . . . 56 Highland . Varge Pre Season Games .....MLHS 46 .... MLHS 35 .....MLHS 62 .... MLHS 51 .....MLHS 53 .. .... MLHS 61 .... MLHS 53 .... MLHS 42 . .... MLHS 53 1 Vs x 'Z' Eddie Gillen Gary Flannery Ron Strand? - l"lv'sn......... - . Junior Varsity Members LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach, Swede Thoreson, L. DeMille, T, Johnson, D. Miller, B. Shuey, L, Baldwin, I. Maver, N, Frandsen, R. Bartlett, R. Goodrich, B. Stuart. Richard Akridge grasps for rebound. with Sfager Q91 of Ephrafa. Dick Deane Bob Hobbs Page Sponsor Lake Auto Parts E. 215 Elder Phone RO 5 3425 I v . . . . re- --D , l -, . , I ,qw 'A'-f K ! , lun:-19,0 is Q f U 'tl I 5 V 1-'I 9 8 tl Lg-54 sd 44 I ' nc . :ai ' J- 41. ar Lua.: , Y' fl Freshman Team Members Coach Ed Bator, R. Menti, R, Martin, G. Lybbert, C. Mowery, R. Smith, D. Hull, I. Krumb, G. Weiderspoon, T. Micheal, F. Borner, D. Kaku, I, Kruger, and managers R. Mashhum, W. Medcalf. Q ' , 'X iq if-'Zf'L,j Lf f-XL! LJ ,J ' ,M 1 -'lp - Q t f M ,bf . Q V A .Y f' V f ,Y ' - F X Azfeeft! L ' K ' L, I I Llvcf. jty! uxfv-sf was ' rfb" 5 K f rj ' 7. tp, lg y LL ' I A v im . Q , I gi? 4442 X , Head Basketball Couch John Lothspeich Page Sponsor: Odessa Trading Co, The Ferguson System Moses Lake Grandpa comes back to help Eldon and Prim. SEATED fLeft to Righty: Kim Watson, Jim Aston, Carolyn Lyman, Lorna Cobia, Jerry Miller, Hank Trisler, Linda Ross STANDING fLeft to Righty: Cleva Parham, Tom Charboneau, Shirley Dirks, Louie Lee Schwab, Betty Painter, Bill Bumgardner, Gayle Hodson, Bob Yerxa, Kyle Bowen, Bob Brawley, Don Olson, Iola Smith. Page Sponsor: Ero amoena has res Memoria tenere From Bill Bumgardner And Jerry Miller X t l A' X 3.-m . I L, 1 ' .' V x mix ,gp af, . e X L i .44 f vt' is ,f 1 " 2 ,, i r ,-r. The Berrys plan to take care of Everheel Setting for "Green Val y. 'W 'TNT' ,,.gsl"' ,if 2 . ,- pu , T15 ?'4,sl" fi- gat? 4, Q., 1 -In y 7 Three industrious boys in the process of decorating the gym for the I0ll PIHIM Couples waltz to the strains of "String of Pearls", the theme of 2 1 , iff I 5913? qu. , F ,Q -Q-. Providing entcrm nut during the intermission of the Prom, Churyl Curry and Leon Watson do the "Bop" . 1, - -up 1. ' 1 . Mr. Humphrey explains the purpose of Dad's night to those in attendance. Mr. McFadden shows his skill at basketball. I - H f X f 'I e. -.'X. lhlll' llllll' Dad 's night was started to provide an even- ing when fathers and sons could meet each other in competitive sports such asp volleyball, basketball and free throws. To have Fun is the primary obiectivealso, it providesa medium for fathers and members of the faculty. lt provides a channel for good public relations and abetter understanding of the schools' athletic and P.E. program . ul 4? 'V A if ' They're never too old . Page Sponsor: Helen and Harold Parker 2325 Lakeside Drive WUI' X ' t , A ' A A' Q .2 L As, M1 gig f JP gi i' ' 'i t y , ' rj 5 , MX 1 ,S : it ff. ' 1 --' xy ' . , 4 4 -. . ' A f l ,XY Gary Flannery, Morgan Rapp, Vernon Pankratz, Buck Afor. Handsome Harry gets his rewarcl! I' Q. D 163 'Dx J 33. Gary Flannery Buck Ator IIA Il 0ME HARRY Whitman Feed A Seed For Everything That Grows Phane 579 68 Page Sponsor: R x 5 X ,, -XIE dl we fl' Vernon Pankrafz Handsome Harry, Morgan Rapp , .. , fr '45 S' qi Morgan Rapp, crowns Janet Ohland Sweetheart. Students practicing the terpsicnorean art .fx F3 ' S6 3? '-Q..- ru' '52, Barbara Davenport Daralene Ireland Sweetheart, Janet Ohland Venita Brown ' -N WEETIIEART BALL K - rage mpnnsozz X Nsglay-Graves Apnarcl and BcaL1LySalm1 Our annual assem- bly for the blind this year was really ex- ceptional. Jack and Dick entertained us with a variety of musical composi- tions. Assemlolie Brighten ii-'il-...A-.. ---Q---a-f - - ' il, rl y x 'BA Q. 'i Qing nf' U A . Mr. Vernon Gaskill is about to lose his head to Mr. She1mar's magic guillotine. 4 ,Q ,EQ t . v Mr. Cortz Peters displays Dirks is for the birdsg Mr. and Mrs. Owens talking Minor birds that is. his world champion typing skill, as a typing I student lol ks on. lx Page Sponsor: Burres and Ohland Real Estate -Insurance East 500-3rd Street. Life of turlent F ln, Nnllllhnrn - ei. J ,' f :Sf The-do and Leona tape uptheir emotions for that night's game. ,,,.-1' , c-.-' , 21 Jean, o friend, and Chor- lotte prepare refreshments for o dance. W, ,.,..f- ,,,,.. No Comment Whot some people won't do to get in o picture. L 1.4 'X I I I Vx-RAY UNIT lg. Tuberculosis gets nowhere in Moses Lake High School. Page Sponsor: G. 861. Plumbing E. 305 Broadway Phone IQ W. 'r f'9p""" X W xi,K,N, In F. F. A. boys building the Emblem. F.F.A. BA UUET Page S ponsorg Moses Lake Cash Store W 117 Braodway George Wood, State F.F.A. President from Wakesburg, Wash. , addresses audience . ! .Mm-1.-H .. ,, s 7 J' 6 5. Qt l I Rachard Buck Afor co capfaun receives the lnsplrahonal trophy football s hlghesf a ward from head coach Mr Rlcharcl Therell at the annual Mother s Banquet ll00'l'BALL BANQUET The Football Banquet 73 Page Sponsor: Self Manufacturing Company East Broadway Phone I434 -'Titan f ""-+-- HA. ., Y Y,-at -hx, ,hx 3 hu ' , 3 C ".. if D I t,g,--t . L 'A LJ Wt-4 ii , E. Soden, L. Watson, I. Stahl, B. Haytt, J. Armstrong, D. Brawlcy, Coach L. Pugh, T. Haddox, W. Yamamoto, K. Moriwaki, I Gama, J. Knapp, B. McCulloch, E. Crawford, T. Brawley, T. Shimera, F. Borner, D. Deane. WIRE 'l'Ll G Page Sponsor: Stop N' Shop Market Where you dollar has more cents. Soy Tex, you're getting bald! Yes Tex, you are getting bcldl W-5. V S.f 5 T t Q . . P 'J' H 'M A ., 0 - v 4 A ,Q eg fa ' -. -H n i ' I W' '11-- I-, S ,IMI T X" P Y IL - A7 IW X IQ!! " , A, , ' . N Q , rig' to I , Q, 'f , J L ' i 4' e 1 I-., Y Y' rv., X. A M 7 FX QE' K F gnu qi ' ,. 1:-4f""A ' Q i A mf? ' . . r F jg! it " , - .,, 4 L f , ,, -Q 'Q-- .- . The All-Mighty Seniors ot the Senior Play tryouts. A birds-eye view of the hail at Open House . x Y i 1' Mosque 8- Gavel Initiation. Page Sponsor: Your Dollar Buys Most at Coast-To-Coast Stores Ilo E. Broadway Dejected Jerry Miller is having a bad time tonight i J , X. VA N fx X 7 xi 3:4 R f X X. Jump ........ iumg ........ iump. IHIY P.E. A ' y fr f . I I V E241 ,354 4 rf-,Lv....?,. Ah W A 1 , ,, ,, I 4 .. A, f T A,-or S Pusln-ups and curl-ups A 2. '4 Gloria Waterman displays free throwing talent GIRL P.ll. One of Mrs. Bator's P.E. classes competing in relay races. l 3 K" "a..-ml -4 .1 1 g.- L-Q-,A . v U' i - 1-' IIECA Ulrllll The Deco Club,o new club this year was formed for members of the distributive educotioncloss. LEFT TO RIGHT fTop Rowjg Corlin Clork,Jock Sherwood,Mr. Hedstrom, Koy Eccles, Iolcr Smith, Lindo Ross, Elaine Calvert, Peggy Reed, Ruth Johnson, Shirley Epstein, Betty Opp. Page Sponsor: Ebel-Shadduck Realty Insurance Bonds and Home Loans IO8 W. Broadway LATI CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT CTop Rowj: Hank Trisler, Rich Toilefson, Gerald Griffin, James Meldrum, Ron Bart- let, Gary Flannery, Miss Creasy, Tony Hindbough, Janet Ohland, Nancy St. Martin, Judy Stillwell, Shirley Hateil, Marsha Miller, Dave Brandvoh, Kerry Michaelis, Barbara Anthis, Robin Duva11,Stand- ing, Rondo Scott. , N-v AAR if S' J 1 's I 7 1.6. ! 1 i R R -2 K 1 "9 "' x. fe Rosa Lyn McMullun and Jerry Holman panfomine "She's a "..-X I.. J If l .l Q f 1411 E-'xx .9 Mr. Hilderbrand handing out camera equipment at the "Flash Dance". llIlFLEC'l'llli A dance scene at the Siardust Swing. f V ss If .3 ia,c , s ,., '- I ' fffb- fa 46: R XV l Hopeful seniors vie for parfs in the Senior Class Play. Page Sponsor: Thompson Equipment Company, Inc. E. 610 Broadway Phone 750 Moses Lake, Wash. N .'..X 2 N 'Fix 'fer r 'wa e we X J .we 43 ' em jx tg 'di 1 I xii' N Q f. X f xx X f f Kr! E il an r ,tg yr' SEATED: Sally Ator, Vice President: Lorina Bolitho, Treasurer STANDING: Linda Kessler, Hist, Reptg Barbara Dav- enport, President: Fortune Brown Secretary. .,,,,f A will ff 'Wg 'ww 1 5 wr , n 'xx Cf ,. K FLRST ROW: Marilee Edwards, Jirn Speigal, Donna Ostler, Fred Borner SECOND ROW: Richard McFarland, Linda Kessler, Morgan Rapp, Echo Edwards, Douglas Healea, Shirley Woods THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hansen, Shirley Hattell, Frank Moulton, JoAnn Fisher, Varge Cclaya, Garnet Hull, Jack Mayer FOURTH ROW: Sterling Gale, LeRoy Wright, Ella Schallhorn, Eileen Bubel, Stan Healea, Ellen Hanson FIFTH ROW: Helen Mclvlillian, Barbara Anthis, Kay Jones, Larry Larreau, Walter Anthis. X X Vina 3 S Home Room II if 'X MQ ' ' pu- .MN QQ , I 1 , 'Q . ' , S. It 0 ' 1'.a io," HDI ' fy: qs ,, Q Q 3' Ng! 5" Q' 'uv OU :S -lac. ,rf Zi xi lk Q 40- Nl af ,, 'ia 9 7' FIRST ROW: Joyce Connelley, Bill Hyatt SECOND ROW: ShirleyPenhall1ck, Ed Johnson, Reita Winder, Mike Rockwell, Carl Beasley, Pat Johnson, Fortune Brown THIRD ROW: Jerry Holman, Kay Pratt, John Knapp, Bonita Orbeck, Beverly Davey, Miss Lothian FOURTH ROW: Rhea Trotter, Joetta Mashburn, Noami Lybbert, Barbara Cordell, Darlene Hampton, Tony llelnbaugh, Laura Lee Anderson, Joyce Crago FIFTH ROW: Bob Shuey, Bob Hobbs, Cliff Alexander, Bob Olin, Ron Powell, Charles Furness, Ron Shinkle, larry O'Shai:ghnessey, Barbara Lund. l Horne Rooni -I Mui- r , X 'N L Xxx" ' O, Wg f-"2 ,QQ rf M Lx ll in 'VT Home Room I6 FIRST ROW Merln Dyer Tom Slumura Barbara Sturgls Helen Kerr Waynelte Wallace Sally Witherspoon, Lorraine Tcrvo, Lois Woods Kazuko Shrmura Don Waterman SECOND ROW Sam Shemwell SUSIE Clark Marilee Yearout, Ellen Vandeventer, Jean Ann Wrse V1OlLl Sehwarta Dons Sfllllll Joan Wolleott Raw Turner THIRD ROW George Wood, Farrell Trask, Mule Sweeney, Leon Watson Ron Strandt Drck Sulwell Sranlex W1SCh Tommy Mons Russ Wrllrams Mr. Hansen. , ll 4 Sl 5 X :dy Q '15 Tx f if Y 1 cn!" 12, '. X 'f FIRST ROW: Jack Heath, Bryan Lowe, Clark Hall, Gelene Fill, Kay Kallestad, Roberta Graham SECOND ROW: Sally Cress- well, Bonnie Shipp, Sylvia Brislawn, Sally Ator, Dan Deane, Shiela Duncan, Barbara Davenport, Nancy Okoren, Thaya Coble THIRD ROW: Vance Hopper, Forrest Lorz, Doris Duncan, David Humphrey, Lalwlond Demille, Yvonne Elders, Tom Haddox, Mr. Thoreson FOURTH ROW: Karen Burress, Ned Wright, Arlene Jenkins, Donna Bradford, Don Miller, Myrna Boebel. 'E-1-1, .., , 1- J' za S! . . Home Room I4 fl H J". i S' -i Home Room X5 FIRST ROW: Dixie Goodrich, Dianne Davis, Cheryl Curry, Nancy Fultz, Geneva Jackson, Lorina Bolitho, Peggy Goehri, Nancy Hanson, Theda Lyman, Leona Olson, Janice Konishi, Miss Creasy SECOND ROW: Connie Cunningham, Diane Olson, Carole Davis, Dorothy Gibson, Kerwin Dow, Andy Durbin, Merwyn Miller, Melvin Fuyits, Harold Hockstatter, Sheridan Foltz THIRD ROW: lack Goehri, Dave Wyrick, Bill Cheney, Delone Kreuger, Ed Gillen, Richard Akridge, Dick Dean, Marvin Maulden, Bill Goforth, Alan Dillan, Tim McCort. Pictured are the girls who sold balloons for the March of Dimes. Page Sponsor: Columbia Basin Hardware Sporting Goods-Houseware -Giftware Phone 26 Moses Lake, Washington A magic scene during o school assembly. "'-K-1 '--s,,,-l .N Q" ":f ' H-Ni, S, i, Karen Andre on trial fx -ex cz' ii Z ,l' .,L A 1 ,X "ff5,,..' V Q . x C' w .. ti i N . P4 In wrong slots ore Bob Froman and Darolene Ireiand. Photo won second prize. FLA H DA UE This photo of Ann Roberts doing the baby act won fourth prize. The photo was taken by Merwyn Sampson. I, ia! F9 x fy .v +V qui' Page Sponsor: Tastee -Freeze Drive In Mr. 84 Mrs, Ted Carter Owner W, 423 Broadway 1 N John Tomiski took photo of Al Mason i Ape Suit which won third prize. :ix JJ 5 n the First prize winner Jack Heath took this photo of Bob Toney fupside downl and Ronnie Hillard. AU'I'0GllAPlIS Newell Jorgensen, Jerry Holman, Doris Duncan, John Knapp THIRD ROW: Ron Strandt, Bob McCulloch, Bill Bumgardner, Shirley Penhallick FOURTH ROW: Ron Hilliard, Gayle Hodson, Bob Yerza, Theda Lyman, Joanne Woolard, Hank Trixsler. MASQUEA IIGAVEL FIRST ROW: Ken Robinson, Frank Moulton, Joyce Connelly, Cheryl Curry, Nancy Fultz SECOND ROW: The cost For "The Night of Jonuory 1611 L , V I I it Vg VV H i i v i i Y 1'1- if ff 5 4-Q. V . -r ARA 1 as if i L I' 1 "' 0 l :11'1'.l g L, :Af Roberta Van Rensselaer Leaves the chair. A surprise witness, Regan, appears. ALL Lll00L PLAY f .Q f 4 ggi -. r ,, 7 , L a f I I , , A typical freshman doing his Algebra assignment. ' 0 Ile I Ie vt I on Ahhhhhhhhhhh ........ ggggggggg ..... What some people won't do to get into a picturel A "hired" model poses for Art Students. i .KAL V f1X N ,ff- l 74N 214-LAY- Al- Class Coordinator, Mr. Lothspuech Dean Owen Presldent Loretta Arlt Treasurer Jerry Muller Vuce President Jeannette Ehlert, Secretary l Lillion Mattson Richard Therell S x L - L, 5, 4 v , V . 34 ' 4, , UE" E 5 'QQ 1 John Lofhspiech Willard Bensen Lorraine Bodine 4-M 'fx iq Pb 1 fun 9 9 H193 7 Thomas McBee, Solutotorion Jeanette Ehlert, Sclutaforicn - Q Duane Roufh, Valedicforion Shirley Dirks Loretto Arlt Ronald Hillcrd Iolo Smith .Eve '22 V' A 2' I f 1 , X , ' . ,I fi ' v , - 5 ' " 'l ll K' via fi feb .tg in pe-f lf! lf' 'it 43, '-'haf Richard Archer Loretta Arlt Jim Aston Richard Ator x -'11 Of H5 .4637 I Ge Af A45 Q "'.,.- Xb 1 Mo 1" 4 CLASS Carolyn Barnum Kyle Bowen Robert Brawley Bill Bumgardner Jenene Caldwell Elaine Calvert 0F '55 Darwin Cook Gene Cook Alfred Cordell Edward Crawford Joseph Davis Shirley Dirks f Carlin Clark George Campbell John Campbell Lorna Cobia 'Z ' ..,.r1 -ov? X '-J f-Nix LD ,5.o 1 - QS 23 Don Etuloin Dick Efuloin Jeanette Ehlerf Shirley Epsfien CLABS 7- 7'9- Q ' :ui 12' QW, Kay Eccles Judith Ehr Evelyn Erickson f..,x 5? Dorothy Friedbower 4 Delorise Gale rf ILC' Robert Gapen 0F '55 Clifford Hochsfafter Gayle Hodson Wayne King Robert Knapp Bruce Jensen Ruth Ann Johnson Leonard Hansen Ronnie Hilliard Jerry Hidcllesfon v Lee Hitchcock , gk f ol , Mwrfgffi ,lf J ,J 5 un' - xiii . 311 ' W' , . IJ crf an 71 'J .-or 4' 15 ,- K . - x RQ Avi 6' Q. ll l x,,,,-1 IDG' Larry Holbrook Armand Hansen Dorothy Hooley Doug las Hooper A rs! CLASS Carolynn Lyman James Lydon Joan Longton Sandra Lewis Richard Lehnert Glade Larson Max Merrell IQ! 99 Verna Maudlin ' s.. f' R5 ' Q Joyce Mayfield 'ib- James Major Thomas Mc Bee 1 x 'b- N. 'Q .ie n J 5 9 Jim McBride X Robert McCulloch Lapriel McDowell ow" 'Y an-" if .. ,.4, Af .-ff ,J Robert Mc Dowall Z Kerry Michealis ii f N ily' i O gr r - Q ' Jerry Miller 1 ' xx-A W N - I ix Robert Nonto K 0 , X I fi , W .Icnet Ohlcncl Don Olsen l i',4 'Ni Betty Opp Deon Owen Betty Pointer Joanne Parker Cleve Porhcm Peggy Reid Jackie Reifcn Carol Reiber Charles Robins Helen Ross Dale Smart Don Schwcrtz Rondo Scott Jack Sherwood ,J ""'Zf no-f UI lolo Smith Emmett Soden Judy Stilwell Nancy St. Martin Janet Sutter Richard Tollefson HSS QQ 99 Henry Trisler Royce Walker yy. 'Q' oi 55 . W Emma Nell Walpole Kim Watson lrene Wilson Wayne Yamamoto Robert Yerxa Kay Young Ardis Zirker Darryl Zyllca Janice Zyllca K A . x V' 'A -VN cf' i ll x fx-ff' '23 ?" ,,.... Raw Tx. l -Q-E" '15-if TYEE BOOSTERS Money whuch was essentral to the publucatron and pr1nt1ng of the Tyee was contrubuted by the busunessmen of Moses Lake W1th the1r help you are now look1ng at the f1n1shed product W thank them for the1r help These busunesses are called Tyee Boosters Auzy s Spudnut Shop Al sTra1ler Sales W Hy 10 W B AlbertusConstruct1on Co of L Loca Basnn Motor Hotel Browmes Shoe Store Bea s Dr1ve In Beck s Lakev1ew Flor1st BCSID Pavmg Co Stratford Road Blessung s Insurance B1ll s Market Boemg A1rplane Company Boyle Chevrolet Co Beauty Nook ln Herald Bu1ld1ng Broadway Barber Shop W 816 Beth s Apparel Shop Brown s B1 Rate Drugs Campbell s Food Stores Central Fert1l1zers Incorporated Corb1ns Buble Book Supply W Pen Dr Chuck Wagon Cafe C1ed1t Bureau of Moses Lake Inc Consolldated Frelghtways lnc C Bedford 8. Sherman lnc Real Estate Columb1a Basln Machlne Co Carr1llo Plumbmg 81 Heatung Columbla Sand 8. Gravel Inc Eph Hy Colfax Iron 8. Machnne Works Ph RO 5 4242 Cook s O K Servuce C 81V Auto Electruc 215 E Broadway Central Motor Supply -608 W Broadway Columbla Bean 8g Produce Inc Wheeler D1amond Laundry 8- Cleaners The Donut Hole Dnetzens Thnftway Market Davenport L1vestock Auctnon Dorner Wlse Inc Dow Heatlng Co Route I Box 102 Dr Lytle S Adams Desert Motel 8. B Q Seattle Hy Don H Swartz Inc Doctor s ClIhIC J C Falrbanks M J M Cooksey M W Klobucher Jr M D Dunn Lumber Co Ebbert s Machnne Works Eccles Appl1ance Elmer s Cafe Ch1nese Amerncan Food Fraternal Order of Eagles Aer1e 2622 Ellrnger s Drug Edlund s Shop For Men Frrstoe Traller Park W Hy 10 Ford 8K Ford L P A Food Machunery and Chemucal Corp Fleet Servnce Oldsmob1le Fultz Rexall Drug Grant s Used Cars Grant County Publ1c Ut1l1ty D1str1ct Grant County Plumb1ng St Heatung Co Grand Coulee T1tle Co lnc H111 s Jewelers House Laundry 81 Cleaners Hochstatter s Electr1c W 53 lnterlake Hutchcroft Janutor Serv1ce Holmes Bros W 1126 Broadway Harold L Tracy M D Hull Top Lumber Yard Independent Motors Complete Car Repanr Janssen 8. Jones Realtors Joseph C Long, M D Jack Peddycord 8. Co Johnson Shell Service Kemmer Servuce Garage E 220 Broadway Kelly s Cafe K S E M The Basun Stat1on Lake Cuty Motors Leonard Plumbmg Co W 400 Pheasant Dr Lee s Tranler Court Lakesrde Motel Strange 8. Header Lake Cnty Movmg 81 Storage Co Lakesrde Servnce Box 355 L 8. S Constructnon Co lnc Leahy Real Estate 8. Insurance Lyle s Weldung Supplues Leach Motor Co 320 E Broadway Manon s Telephone Answermg Servnce . . . , . . . . e A.F. .-- 11151 ' -- ' Chase's Buster Brown Shoe Stbre l Harold JL Reith: D.lVl..D. . . ' , .D. ' ' ' . . , .o. .-- . TYEE BOOSTERS Moses Lake Realty Co Mel s Motel 8. Cafe--W. Hy. 10 Moses Lake Meat Co --Pen Druve Moe s Orl Well W 1708 Hy The Medncal Surglcal Clmuc M G K P Conklnn M D Moses Lake T V lnc W 205 Ash Merele Norman Cosmetics 8. Beauty Shop Moses Lake Garbage Service Box 917 Moses Lake Grange Supply lnc Moses Lake Cab McGath Realty Homes 8. Busrness Maoles Motel fY1,I'G s Fashion Center Moses Lake Musrc Co McGath Realty 115 E 3 d Moses Lake Feed Mull Moses Lake Tractor Co Neppel Realty Co Odessa Tradmg Co Wheeler Offlce Suppliers lnc Peter s Umon 76 Servuce Power s Thrnfty Drugs Prescrlptlons Pemnsula Motel W Hy 10 Parkvuew Motel Apartments Seattle Hy Pop s Recreatson 417 W Broadway 'RSM' Rate Spot Ray s Super Servnce Rlggans Shell Servrce--KnollsVlsta Rockwell Electrlc 203 W 3rd Ave R 8. E Grocery Venn Heald Roush Plumbmg 8. Heatung Snack Bar Standard Stations lnc Shell 0:1 Co Wheeler Road Shad s Fountain Russell 8. Edna Brown Sage Seed Co Snead Tractor 8. Implement Co Sage n Sand Motel Shady Nook Tranler Court E 701 Balsam Srgman s Food Stores 944 W 3rd Singer Sewing Machine Co Ympany Smnley s Sugna' Service C E Tr ut Scotts Self Servnce Laundry Self Manufacturing Company Star Septic Tank Co Stable Steel Co Box 1625 State Farm Insurance Co s Lufe Auto Fare Thnrd Ave Servnce Mobnle Gas 8. Products Terry s Beauty Salon E 830 Hawthorn Dr The Turf Cafe Tony s Truck 8. Tractor Servnce Ted s Used Cars 81 Wrecking Eoh Hy 24 Flavors lce Cream Homemade Thompson Equipment Company lnc Utah Idaho Sugar Co Umted Bullders of Washington lnc United Concrete Pupe Corp Larqe Plant West Lake Motor Hotel Seattle Hy Watson 8. Watson General Polntung Cont Werknng Electrlc Inc Whrtmore s Upholstery 8. Drapes Western Auto Supply Y 81 G Constructuon Co Inc Our thanks to Fred Hrllnard of Mr Knudsen s art class for hrs work on the Tyee L r' Lx Nlx :pk Heyl you have a bug head 'fx Q W Page Sponsor Basm Elecmc Contractors for all types of Wlflhg Neal Graham owner Our band In achon f'l"' Guess What? I N9 4 ,wg , 713' ,. A K f A fi 'W X x f f .. 6-wfgfvbvvl Ai g,Q,x.:f 7: fiqjv i LQLL C LL, L X-'rl.6-wx! 'X VL-4 T53 LLALLL fx-6-4, j fhffzff-JK-EL KVJLAAAJLH12 Lk-x, dial Z K-'J"fv-fu? F g46'LL'Qc1.f KM AMW? me an JQNNQQ k'LuL MN M Q KLXJ MLM f-A-0 Y wg VQJLQSAANJLC75 J MU 1 . , I N V V in ' X c ' ' Lk, X K I 'I w L, U, . ws! V , I f ' fp " if r A I fb, gf-fxfvx-J - 2 f 1 1 Q , , A i , ' , , fn A G , , LJ f ff as I - V, . L ' J x L L15 ' V- 1 3 W -ac, ,L N. A U , K , , ,- MYNXO LA., - Ljgu 'v-fv1',x,,f,..A,,L , J , , ' X ' I ' 1' U' C: C.,-C 'V' L LL K3 L! ' , ,fx . U - . A., ' 1 " ' - 1 N Q C - Lk Q4 , , - - - I A bv CL,4Lj ' f' J XC LL! rl U 4 J Qhjakxi , kv . .51 L, 1 E I f ' fvfxgl, ""' J u YEARBOOKS f-ff I! V4 r'1w , X, 1, - Ii, -4,-5-- iff' I ! P 1 f ",f.' ., 'I' ,-,4 ' 7 Xl' f, . ' I I , f'- f , ' 'I X , K- xx K-I ,. i I 1 . lr . 1 1 ,f I , 1 1 , , ,, 1 ' f. ,1 AM Y. 1 I . A". , , 1, . .,t, 1 f ,4 7 1- ,z,,,1Q It I -z , I ,, C. "ff',lf 4x r- 4 I I I V IfAa.f Leg' ' I 3 XF-x .. N .X'1 -7 - x E V Lv V 'A .Ax . , , ' f 'Wt' A fy ' ry n 6 pf! fx V' if ,I frm ,P ff ' 1 pf' I ,. iff JK by . -, fy M! ,J ff .9 V yi ff' fy lf! 9 'VI JL . ru ' ' 7' b by Q ' jk -f LJ- V L ' .. yu fy 'xx ig' lr -3, ff' 3 -- I' A I If t fr rg J- I 1 . MXL I ' K Vpp 'pf ,gf Af N5 If I ff I' I yi' ,f ' ,Lg V :ffl .V iff' ff It - 1' ' L". jlfr lf' ff I I L fy? tr fu WA!!!-f dj up fftf ' f, b 'HQ ,, 1 1 it Ku! 1 . z'l,'bE lj LV' U in I :tif . I I LJ Gly' jp' h 'X x ff ' I.. ,Q f My LIL ' LVM! 'L iffy f " r 'A I f QV' 1" ,iffy rf' I f' I ff 'V if If f It .U L, Irby 64 ik 1 f XJ , 'rj f I Q Q! U, X Y A , 'W A 1-' 1 g ff ZW-'K J 'lr .ly-"g Kuff 'l 1 if U Lf' ' 1 'i ,f 1 F ff' W f . , I Q , T . 9, 7' ffl V fi!! bfi. f f , , ' z A " 1 Q I - Y 'O ' 1 , . Q, f 7 J A 1 ! N, f ' , R , . 1 L f f lf?-Vx, F L ,lf ff, If' 4 if in If!! Q' 1 J - ,, JV L I f F ff' X QU! K I 1' A . . V K A ' V f" f f I . ' I' ,Ah I I ,fr 'Q J' I I Fr' W 'IMI K vfff I-' U "' f' 1 f 2 ' k , ff ' V.

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