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Q ...- H-Mull .- g,,,:9'. MW: 4 ff 'YXRWMQQSV H WW M M 53 if if my YQQYYMSEMVJ M , LAP 'D figmkxwax 11-:v1"'K aglik WA . 9 ay Um awww "now fm ,awe sfzw QAM 050523: "fa K L 1 M4 +A-ldap M CLmftQfM qQ w,,,fQ - Q:ffzfQ2,vigf? f .7765 M 4 L 6125 ,v 1 : 5 K fgffiw lll!55!5!!lll I X V txyjy . X ,M wy N NN ' My fyffbgw My Xi fx? QX' . NRI I - x . v. -. fa , F' ,Z X' U ,f The MCDSAIC Volume XXI Copyright, 1945 by WILSON F. UTTER Editor-in-Chief LINCOLN E. BARBER, JR. Business Manager fix-THiS! 'lr 1,'-A' aj I! M Ly' 'v ',,gl.r,'..xF,:'I:' , , : '. -sh.: -.fyk-.2 ., jU'l'i'!l3 III -'I U 51 The 1V1GSA1C -vm A VA.. V X ' 5 . V 'V -Qxl .,. yifajn,-af. A Record and History of the Class of 1945 and an Account of the Year 1944-1945, the One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Year of MOSES BRCDWN SCI-IOSL Providence, Rhode Island ne?-HYfvw, .."- r ,A A - -4' ,,. ff ht, '21 i s ' Q - is .n,. Q N A X iL. of vi , 'T' 7 sf?" .fiap CPM W. 7724444 C3410-w-fr 17? The MOSAIC BOARD ' ' Vtlilson F. Utter, Editor-in-Chief ' Howard Kimball, jr., Manag- ing Editor 0 Lincoln E. Barber, jr., Business Manager ' Barstow Bates ' Paul C. Cook, Jr. ' Daniel E. Finger ' Davis C. jencks 0 Russell S. Knibb ' john S. Merchant, II ' Abbott j. Reeves ' Eliot C. Roberts, Associate Editors ' Frederic S. Brunswick ' Robert S. Sleicher, Art Editors ' Edmond VV. jarret ' R. VVendell Phil- lips,Jr.,Photography Editors ' john P. Cady,jr. ' David NV. Hart ' john A. Horrell ' VVilliam S. Houston ' William S. Lindblad ' R. Ames Sadler, Assistant Business Managers ' VVillian1 Paxton, Faculty Adviser ""' mfv, is A... i, v,M,, kk V Q. ! K sl x Q . . , V K -KM .www -yywg'v"sx - .., .aww M J r :gy xi' A - an 1xQu'm,xxfa.gfg' '1 " M 1, 3-- 'ZUTX' .yu f- To WILLIAM HENRY TURNER in recognition of his thirty-five years of loyal service io Moses Brown School and in appreciation of his cheerful friendliness to us, the Class of l945 ma. "X it fuk fx' W gl Ffa ' X' 1 3 v - . ff' A qvh lv' xx ., M X, K L4 1 I x h ,, I I f . 1- . YN , t ' W . . f .- I A 3 .13 w imexxx BENQ 'iw EE! I s X, fix fa ' 'I we H LVM R tty W of --,- ,.- . - -' , 1- ,,,-ffl' - W is defies..-:'ffTl-K: rf- f' A-+.:,'m' "V .- f 1819 Founder and History MOSES BROWN, 1738-1836 Special friend of the poor and needyg counselor to the troubledg physician to the poor and rich,' apostle of tem perance,' advocate of peace,' patriot and pacifistg abolitionistg promoter and patron of industryg assemblyman and joint author of the first proposed free-school legislation for Providenceg student of scienceg one of the founders of the Providence Athenaeum Library, the Rhode Island Bible Society, the Society for the Promotion of Agriculture in Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Peace Society, and the Rhode Island Historical Societyg treasurer of the School Fund for more than half a centuryg generous donor of land to, and leading spirit in the founding of MOSES BROWN SCHOOL Yearly Meeting School at Portsmouth .....,.. . 1784-1788 Friends' Boarding School at Providence opened . . . . . . 1819 Moses Brown School, name adopted ............. 1904 fontrol of Lincoln School assumed for the education of girls and Moses Brown School made a boys' school exclusively '.,.......,.... 1926 l 3 l lllll vf"R S v .Ci g- -avi 1 - . Q - Q X 3' X 0 A35 4 N Q 1- . . , b -fa-'W at Wu Q 'vs S ii Al, N 2 1 A- i 5 X 'Silk r xer Am l' - 'tall ' ' . . . Xl 1' l . ' 55' - x - 35' 6 7' -ffm . . -. If x .I ,. . . . 1 , . fi r , 7 . at '1'-' 'K - 9 -1.i3':g5" X. iw.-:2. f .1 'K-f.z'5'1l ' 'Me ' NW A 1 at ' 4 A' . 21. so - ' 1x 5 " W1 vi FS .Hs ,' " ' i x. ' ' 1 1 x gwt v 1 ' 1 1 .-my .- '- ...ra-.,,.zf ,V -X . . 5 ,I Xb Xl! ' Q ff my 'I ly-xp' ilflf' 'f Q6 f' . 3,8 NK W ' , N- 13: . . -N I :XXL x -5 1 - , ,f-- ,wt h I -8 , nxpx X 45 -Qx.y.f.,Q X Wx lv' . f ill. if v :hx I. -nf id x ' S ' X H. 1 ' it -21 1 - .-if , ..,. .,, f-rafii.-, ggyx 1 -4 " . l ' ' fa 1 N I A 3 . X 'D , A ' "ll i" V 1 Q- mi' 'V ' S -ctw 16,1 Alf 0 1 ' j55filuMJlf," '. ,Qqi -4114 211153115-1 mvlrlifffii' . .V .? .....fsS'5gf-I:I..fE, f ' ,HQ Jllm iil A N "Wylie-FM -H552-eb ' 'lfT's,1n ll llli' L' -. A V --1-51 V V 1 X lid'-MF" -' -we 'NV' 1'r?ftW'E fllll -' Q7 S+ X vit... -' -1 W ' :iim 1 .lwg ' Q '7 i' 'sgufg '7fx',,f-ffl 5u'Q?'R4El1?- Jill - 1 ' S Q ' - ' :ll in-sg l 1 .lllflllfk 'V llkj 1 Il '72-ifa'E'S'l55'l 'Er El ilfiu 1 ' ms-XR is QF - "" -Jmfj-ffm-M. . ' -. - 5 4... ggfg:,'33,E.' iiesxl , at :,- 1 ig- . '?wki'F'T-"T1'f.H a P gi :LSE ,M ' it ll li'f'f"3' W4 322 ww-E'Nf'il'T T 1- Stl my IW W ,- 3 131 I5 :Q "Ej'i5.i' f Hy 1 YQ55 5 lg- - 8512335-lx,-1 55, 5 I.. " I 1 tl - lg. 5 1 1 ti ,gg 6-,umghx f 3 . -L-Y: -' EQ' x z.?.L- can -.. ll -- '- W' I 'f Q' A' w 1 ,nf ai- -'N - ll Q - x -1' e' SS" 1 is 1- "V " W 'lt-' ' 45:15 f-tim? - is - ' ll' if s ,gf 1' ' ' i , Q . Q.-, N ,L -- ., ,. 1 3 -ct e-77-il1 l.'i . l l' ' -- S I 1 PT -lil' V if 4" 1 " L if S ,l in 'Leaf' 5- :"fi"',, li' ' T.- ...- ' ' - -,- - v J' " .- . L-, " H ' or or ' ' 'o ""4'7'-"S"'L- ,,iL-+.,,,. -4-XY, .. SUPERINTENDENTS Matthew and Betsey Purinton ....,... . 1819-1824 Enoch and Lydia Breed ......... . 1824-1835 Stephen and Hannah Gould. Assistant Supermtendents . 1829-1835 Seth and Mary Davis ...,.... . 1835-1836 Enoch and Lydia Breed . . . 1837 Rowland and Alice Rathbun . . 1838-1839 Allen and Olive Wing . . . 1840-1844 Olney and Lydia Thompson . 1845-1846 Jarvis and Lydia Congdon . . 1847 Silas and Sarah M. Cornell .... . 1847-1852 PRINCIPALS john tlriscom . . ,.,. . 1832-1835 Pliny Earle ..........,....... 1835 Moses B. Lockwood ..............., 1836-1838 School managed from 1838-1852 by Superintendents without Principals Charles Atherton and Gertrude E. Whittier ........... 1852-1855 Joseph and Gertrude W. Cartland .... . . 1855-1860 Albert K. Smiley . ..... . . . 1860-1879 Alfred H. Smiley, Associate Principal also 1873-1879 . . 1860-1868 Rebecca H. Smiley, Principal of Girls' Department . . 1863-1879 Augustine jones ........ . 1879-1904 Seth K. and Mary Amy Gifford ..... . 1904-1924 L. Ralston Thomas, Headmaster . . 1924- l9l iifl f X . r V 'iam A f ' 1. 11,3'Jm'f'-' . 1 N . ' 7 - N an 1. 'IQ . " 1 'Y QL Ii Committee in Charge of School Clerk, ALEXANDER C. PURDY, Hartford, Connecticut MOSES BAILEY BRUCE M. BIGELOW T. DWIGHT BOOLE CHARLES F. BRONVN EDITH L. BUFFIIM SUSAN L. Dow RICHARD M. GLTMLIERE RUFUS M. JONES EDWARD L. MACONIBER GREN O. PIERREL CHARLES P. SISSON 12- 51 Q'-T r x J, '- 10,4 f .I'1':Q"x E :-.K l..jn.,I., -' v .1 2-3" - 1 ' . --'H - ,., S Vw - If I Ayj'g' l LYRA T. WOLKINS I 101 MARGARET G. SISSON DONALD B. SNYDER WILLARD E. SWIFT NORMAN S. TABER THOMAS A. TRIPP VVILLIAM WEBSTER FRANCES E. WHEELER LUCIA A. WHEELER CHARLES H. WIIITE WILLIS H. VVHITE ELLEN A. VVINSLOVV L. RALSTON THOMAS Headmaster V! Haverford College, B.S. rf Harvard University, Ed.lVl. Rhoda- Island College of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, SUD. l 11 l C .jf - ,X CLR, .,,.,f.,' fil- K , ,K 3,5553 ZLL'-f-f..Qx N w -H in f r ml 1-3 N 5 'Ax amiga . 'flu rv , ffvial . ffm' l-,'.,:.,"y'li' . . ' ,'-Ishii!!! , . -'I 7, fl-'l E15 N Wg-Q 'iipaulq OLIVER j. B. HENDERSON Senior Master Brown University Ph.B. SAMUEL H. NVAUGIITICL Latin, Physical Dirertor Marietta University A.M. ARTHUR W. CATE .Modern Foreign Language Student Adviser Brown University Ph.B., A.iNl Harvard University A.M. University of Grenoble WILLIAM PAXTON English Brown University Ph.B. Harvard University EVERETT B. RA1NEs Ilistory Wesleyan University BS. Brown University i121 S LJZ4-QAcra'w X F. WARREN HOWE, JR. Assistant io Senior Masler Manual Training Mechanical Drawing Rhode Island School of Design J. DRISKO ALLEN Head of Lower School Colby College BS. Harvard University MARION L. HERMAN Mathematics Dickinson College A.B. Columbia University A.lN'l. CHARLES W. HU Chemistry, Physics College of VVooster A.B. Ohio State University MA. RICHARD P. ELMS French , Spanish Boston University A.B. Middlebury College l13l ma-:Ng 12 iff, N illigfsll ri qi , . ve- 'U f bvv 11-4 1 I-If-v gy l ,YV.., sm :ga va. 7 'I u, ' 1 A th' 'D 'UIQ' Lf' iff. 'EW W11,1,1Am Cl. RAMSDIQN Mafllemalirs folhy College 13.5. llnrvzlrcl University l mverslty of New Humpshxrc I-'RAN K li. FUl,l.ICR English, Lalifz folby fullege BS. l'niverSit 5' of Michigan ,luux H. MITUIL-31.1. Cfl'lIf'l'tI! Sf'l'l'lllsF, sllzzsir l'l1ix'crsiIyuI' New Hampshire :XD Huston l 'niversit y New lingluml lbxlservzntm-y uf Nlurim KQIQURKLIC li. Mm-3 E 71 gl ish, l3nix'ersi1y of Texans M..-X. l'olumlriu lfniversity Rols14:R'r R. Cm'14:1,l, 11IfLflll'771Ilf1.l'S Ii2ll'Y1lYll University ILA. l141 Grid-'Xi 2- 'Wi- I HENRY E. CRESSMAN Biology, General Science Muhlenberg College BS. XVILMOT D. GRIFFITH English, Geography Union College A.B. Columbia University MA. RHUBENA W. HYNDMAN S I ud io , Massachusetts School of Art Boston University ALEXANDER C. PURDY School Minister Penn College A.B. Ph.D. E. HAROLD JERNQUIST Treasurer Northeastern University B.C.S Hartford Theological Seminary On Leave of Absence in National Service LEO H. COLE BASIL G. MESERVE THEODORE S. WHITFORD l 15 1 . :IE I A ,1'1fAw , Lj,T,,g'.:-i.,.- . ' l,P,ekft,k, .1g,,g,,, .N 4 I, .tl 4 .ei '... t,' . at. f nigh si .X - A"" ' imma 'Lx 'mu 44. Iii: L x Q V 2 211.51 f linrollerl for Summer Se The Fifth Form AR'l'Hl'R E. M11.L1cR, jk. l'rc.x'idf'r1,t Wlx.l.1.x:u S. llovsrorv .SvFl'76"fll r y l.INcol.N Ia. BARBER, jk. H.xRsTow HAT!-is HIQRIHCRT B. Iimexna K'l.1N'roN W. likuaus, jk, Roluclcl' U. Bklucss Ifkmn-palm' S. l3RlrNsw1c'K jour: P. C'Mn', jk. P.Xl'l. C. Voox, jk. IC. Plckkv Voov A. Rom-:RT l'Rmw: llvxvln lJooswoR'rn" Rvssnem. S. llomnuxs W11.1.l.-xm D, lJ1'Nn.xu NA'rn.xN M. I".x1.r:s I'..xR1, I.. I'.XRRlal.l. Romain' W. F.xkwIa1.l, IMNH-.1, IC. l"lN1alfk lnvm W. IIAR1' llraokme W. llr41Nm1RsoN, jk. AIoHN A. Ilokxu-lu, NYILLIAM S. Hom-srox SEARS W. INm:.xH.xM HITMUND W. jmuu-:'r ssion only ROLL R1c'H.x Rll A. W11.s1 iN H61 R. Amis SAIJLER, ju. Vir'z'-Prextdenl I-'u.xNcls W. SM.x1.1., jk. Treasurer llxvls C. AIIQNHKS Howfxkn KlMB.x1.1,, QIR. RI'ssf5L.1. S. KNIBB XY11.1.1.xM S. liucmu j. Lowwus, Ill D,xvm U. MAIER Romain C. NIATHIEI' joHN S. NIERCHANT, Il ARTHUR E. Mxl.u1:k, jk. R. S'rx-:DMAN NADEN, jk. .-XL1-'umm NAz.uus'rH, jk. R. Wr:Nu1eL1. PHu.1.IPs, -lk. Anno'r'r j. Rm-zvrps Euor C. Romans ARTHUR B. Rmxxekrsl-Luv, lll R. AMES S.xuL1su, jk. ilrzkkrr S.-wx-'okn Romain S. SLEICHIQR Ifu.xNcxs W. SM.u.1,, ju. IUONALD A. Sw1Nm:1,x.s jorm T. 'l'owNsEND W11.soN F. U'r1'lcR Al. Wu.l.1.xM Wwzrzxs A Burk RMU: N. Bl. Fzalesx.-X.s R., Vrowe, li. XXX llemlerson, jr.. R. XXX Phillips, jr., ll. lilI11ll1lll.jl':, R. XX. lun-well, Yl.. lj.. liz ll'l76l', jr., XX. lf. l tier, A. j. Reeves, , . S. Nlerchzmt, Zml. 71IIl'flRH'Ii'.' li, Rules, l'.l . C 1 R C' Xlllhi ll R 0 B' V' 'i ' wolf l jr., j. XX. XXeeks, . . . z e , . . riggs, R. .-X. XXilson, jr., j. l. luwnsenrl, XX. 5, I.m:llml:uI, R. H, llollglus, if XX'. Briggs, jr. Svrmld Row: D. l', Nlaier, S. XX'. lngrnhum, R. S. Knilmlv, il. Slllll-0l'4l, j. .X. llorrvll ll, A. Swimlells, li. la. linger, la. j. Lownes, Jrcl. lu. l . K nop, lil .jenvks l'rm1I Rrwcu' j. l'. Q mly, jr.. lx. l.. lfarrell, ll. XX'. lleirl, R. S. Slciclicr, XX'. 5. Houston, A. lf. Nlillcr, jr., R. ,-X. Sumllcr, lf. XX'. Small, jr., li. if Rolwcrls, li. XX'. jarrei, R. S. Nzulen, jr. Nut in f21'1'l11n': ll. li, Heecle, lf, S. liruuswirlc, XX'. ll. llimlmqir X Nzlznrel h, jr., A. February Group HliRBliR'l' BRICI-I Blilillli 3ZU11k Hill Ave-mic, l,ilXYlllCli?l, R. l. lVliclclle-rs' Basket Tvmiis Te-:mm Ill, I-10 ljlllllillll .AVPIIUKM fviilvrclule ll, R. I. Bob Bziselmll Squad IXf'3vFoollmz1ll Squad IV, Tezmi X73 Swimming Team IX', faiptui B. Rollerlshaw, Ill. Ilerb lmll Squad ll, rl1t'21lll III: Trzick Squad ll: Buselmll 'IXUQIIU IX'g Swimming Tviun IX7. RcmBHR'1' UXYI-IN Hlelczczs l17l EL 4 .... A X FS' ' land WJ' ., ,se srmeawffg 'N Lsl1u'l.4a'i'L.QEl' vw- mq .Q-g.,..,g if , sh U. - , ll' . "l .Tl..-J' PAUL CLINTON COOK, JR. 21 Glen Avenue, Edgewood 5, R. I. Cookie Swimming Squad II, Wrestling Team III, IV, Captain V, Base- ball Team IV, Soccer Team IV, Cross Country Team V, Secre- tary of A.A.V., MOSAIC Board. EDWARD PERRY COOP 78 Sargent Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Cross Country Squad V. WILLIAM DART DUNBAR 67 Keene Street, Providence 6, R. I. Dumzy Assistant Manager of Tennis Team III, Swimming Squad III, Team IV, Captain-elect V, Soccer Squad IV, Baseball Squad IV, Dance Committee IV. NATHAN MASON FALES 26 Barberry Hill, Providence 6, R. I. Nate Tong Middlers' Basketball Team II, Track Team III, Baseball Team IV, Soccer Team IV, Football Team V, Vice-President of Second Form, Chess Club III, IV, Orchestra III, IV, President V, Dance Committee III, Honors II, III. EARL LYON FARRELL 45 Dryden Avenue, Pawtucket, R. I. Kirby Middlers' Basketball Squad III, Track Squad IV, Soccer Squad IV, Wrestling Team IV, Squad V, Orchestra I, II, III, IV. l18l JOHN ANTHONY HORRELL Alderbury, Salisbury, Wilts, England Johnny Wrestling Squad III, Tennis Squad III, Team IV, Winner of Junior Tennis Tournament IV, Cross Country Team V, Glee Club IV, MOSAIC Board, Second English Prize V, History Prize V. WILLIAM SHERMAN HOUSTON 618 Smith Street, Providence 8, R. I. Bill Football Team IV, Co-captain V, Swimming Squad IV, Wrest- ling Squad V, Secretary of Fifth Form, Secretary of S.A.C.V., MosA1c Board. DAVIS CROSSLEY JENCKS 35 Sunset Road, Bristol, R. I. Dave Vilrestling Team I, II, III, IV, V, Tennis Squad III, Cross Coun- try Team III, Captain IV, V, Soccer Squad IV, Track Team IV, Captain V, Vice-President of A.A. V, President of Fourth Form, S.A.C. IV, Glee Club II, III, Debating Club IV, Delphian Board V, MOSAIC Board, Holder of Records for Cross Country: Moses Brown School Course, Time 12:46.1 min., V, Triggs Memorial Park Course, Time 12 :39.4 min., V, Headmaster's Cup V. HOWARD KIMBALL, JR. 175 Freeman Parkway, Providence 6, R. I. Howie Kim Middlers' Basketball Squad II, Baseball Squad IV, Assistant Manager of Football Team IV, Manager V, Orchestra II, III, IV, Delphian Board III, Business Manager IV, V, Managing Editor of MOSAIC Board, Dance Committee I, Honors III, IV, First Obadiah Brown Essay Prize II, Third Hannah J. Bailey Essay Prize IV, First English Prize V, Mathematics Prize V. RUSSELL SVVEET KNIBB 11 Church Street, Pascoag, R. I. Track Squad II, V, Team III, IV, Cross Country Squad III, V, Team IV, Orchestra II, MosA1c Board. l19l E -ff , E' 2-f.'x'If?'? 1' I . K-llmlgl g,g UT- I , . .4..-1 'IJ -, 11. ' 1' I iff- 1' 5 ',' M' ,sv nf, v , 1-.1-xg-, ,Ui v , XX' " .J Nu: ll up: LL 3 - ir' - as ' 'Ni EDGAR JOHN LOVVNES, III 54 VVingate Road, Providence 6, R. I. Ed Track Squad III, IV, Cross Country Squad III, IV, V, Treas- urer of Second Form, Treasurer of Third Form, Science Prize V. DAVID ULRICH MAIER Silk Lane, North Scituate, R. I. Dave ALFRED NAZARETH, JR. 393 Hope Street, Providence 6, R. I. Al Middlers' Basketball Squad III, Stage Manager of Proscenium Club IV, Orchestra II , Art Prize III. ROSCOE WENDELL PHILLIPS, JR. 64 Alfred Stone Road, Providence 6, R. I. Crisco Wendy Swimming Squad I, Tennis Squad II, Cross Country Team III, IV, Track Squad IV, Football Squad V, Chess Club IV, V, Proscenium Club IV, V, Glee Club I, II, III, IV, V, Orchestra V, Delphian Board IV, V, Photography Editor of MOSAIC Board, Dance Committee II, First Obadiah Brown Essay Prize IV. ELIOT COLLINS ROBERTS 132 Beach Street, Westerly, R. I. EI Romboo Middlers' Basketball Squad III, Track Squad IV, Team V, Cross Country Team IV, V, Chess Club IV, MOSAIC Board. l20l RAYMOND AMES SADLER, JR. 89 Dutcher Street, Hopedale, Mass. Bud Football Team V, Vice-President of Fifth Form, S.A.C. Vg MosAIc Board. ROBERT SEIDEL SLEICHER 116 University Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Bob Cross Country Squad II, Track Squad II, Team III, V, Captain IV, Football Squad Vg VVrestling Squad Vg Junior Member of A.A., President Vg S.A.C. Vg Chess Club III, IV, Delphian Board Vg Art Editor of MOSAIC Board. RICHARD ANTHONY WILSON, JR. 25 Clarendon Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Dick Football Team Vg Track Team Vg Glee Club V. I une Group .M 0 LINCOLN EDWARD BARBER, JR. 228 Medway Street, Providence 6, R. I. Line Cuddles VVrestling Squad III, Manager of Track Team III, Team IV, Vg Football Squad Vg Chess Club II, III, IV, Treasurer Vg Pros- g cenium Club III, Stage Manager IV, Vg Delphian Board IV, Vg I I Business Manager of MOSAIC Board, Honors III, IV. I 21 l W BARSTOW BATES 76 Freeman Parkway, Providence 6, R. I. Bart Middlers' Basketball Squad I, Team II, Captain III, Tennis Team III, V, Captain IV, Football Team V, junior Member of A.A., President of Third Form, S.A.C. III, Glee Club III, Chess Club III, IV, Secretary V, Proscenium Club III, Secretary IV, V, Orchestra III, Secretary IV, Delphian Board V, MOSAIC Board, Dance Committee II, IV, V, Honors III , Winner of junior Tennis Tournament II , Chase Cup for Best Individual Tennis Player IV. CLINTON WALLACE BRIGGS, JR. 19 Parkside Drive, Providence 5, R. I. Clint Tennis Squad III, V, Swimming Squad IV, Track Squad IV. Xa,a?g,Jiff7Ll'YI,,u'Pv'6Ylf?A4J1-Kf41J66d4?444-1'f1 I FREDERIC SAMUEL B N WICK 702 Elmgrove Avenue, Pro ' 6, R. I. Brunch Fred F Track Squad I, II, III, Team IV, V, Middlers' Basketball Team III, Cross Country Squad IV, Football Squad V, Chess Club III, IV, V, Proscenium Club IV, V, Delphicm Board V, Art Editor of MosAIC Board, Honors I, II, III, IV, Art Prize II, First Obadiah Brown Essay Prize I, First Hannah J. Bailey Essay Prize IV. W x., i QMJQH P CADY, JR. labfa a v n 'Beverly Hills Alexandria Va Pete . 3 I Y I ' f F eb ll qua V, , eam V, Soccer Team IV, Cross Country Team , OSAIC ard. X . ALFRED ROBERT CROWE 358 Union Street, New Bedford, Mass. Jim Football Team V, Tennis Squad V, Dance Committee V. 221 . wif.-, 'wig 15 3-1'0" l"'J!,,'.frI I 'ri .- fi - A 1 U' XT in QI V I r S95 fl l.l'f Wa 'Xfrfk ' 91,6 Qu Box 60, Durham Road, Brunswick, Maine 5Lh2USs LL SIMPSON DOUGLAS Russ Doug Middlers' Basketball Team III, Tennis Squad II, III, Team IV, Captain V, President of Second Form, Vice-President of Third Form, S.A.C. II, III, Chess Club V, Winner of Senior Tennis Tournament IV, Honors I, II, III, IV. ROBERT WILLIAM FARWELL 30 Capwell Avenue Pawtucket R. I. Bob '14 ,4,'J Track Squad V, Baseball Team V. bg DANIEL ELIHU FINGER S32 Hawthorn Street, New Bedford, Mass. Dan Baseball Squad IV, Football Team V, Wrestling Squad V, Delphian Board V, MOSAIC Board, High Honors IV, Second English Prize IV, Second Hannah j. ailey Essay Prize IV, Form and School Winner of im Curren Ffairs Test IV, V. wi Clfvx' DAVID WINTHROP HART 20 Meadowbrook Road, East Greenwich, R. I. Long Dave The Foot Assistant Manager of Baseball Team IV, Manager of Wrestling Team V, Track Squad V, Librarian of Orchestra IV, Delphian Board V, MOSAIC Board, Dance Committ e - PM V' GEORGE WINSLOW HENDERSON, JR. 20 Maple Road, Weston, Mass. Hendy rg Track Squad V, Swimming Team V. r ff K 'Jlllj JW I l 23 I S INN!! is ff f 'A id 6,1 , ,,, 4, , If I , My f ' SEARS WILSON INGRAHAM . I 1. , 186 Upton Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. C I Arab Tennis Squad II, Team III, V. EDMOND WILFRED JARRET 190 Woodland Road, Woonsocket, R. I. Ed Torchy Track Team IV, V: Baseball Team V: Photography Editor of MOSAIC Board. .-,LIQS4-'Az'-1-M ,pzltfiwcae " WILLIAM SHEPARD LINDBLAD 381 Wayland Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Lindy Middlers' Basketball Squad III: Manager of Swimming Team IV: Baseball Squad IV: Track Squad V: Football Team V: President of First Form: S.A.C. I: Chess Club III, Vice-President IV, President V: Proscenium Club III, IV, Business Manager V: Delphian Board V: MOSAIC Board: Dance Committee I: Honors II: Tied for First Prize Time Current Affairs Test I, Second Prize IV, V. Wir MWA , QOBERT CHARLES MATHIEU Q K 277 Woodland Road, Woonsocket, R. I. . I W' C19 yu Bob Math Baseball Team IV, Captain V: Soccer Team IV: Treasurer of Fourth Form: S.A.C. IV: Honors IV: Winner of Senior Tennis Tournament V. JOHN STINESS MERCHANT, II 317 Morris Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Jack Track Squad I, II, III, IV: Manager of Track Team V: Swimming Squad IV: Middlers' Basketball Team III: Cross Country Team IV, Squad V: Chess Club III, Secretary IV, Vice-President V: Delphian Board V: MOSAIC Board: High Honors I, II, III, IV: Elementary Latin Prize I: First English Prize I, IV, Second II, III: Harvard Club Book Prize IV: Founder's Prize I, III, IV: Cum Laude IV. l24l 608.3 ,f.-..4 ,a - 5 ARTHUR EDWARD MILLER, JR. Mill River Road, Oyster Bay, N. Y. Art Baseball Team IV, Vg Football Team IV, Co-Captain Vg VVrest- ling Team IV, Vice-President of Fourth Form, President of Fifth Form, S.A.C. IV, Chairman Vg Glee Club IV, Dance Committee IV. RANDALL STEDMAN NADEN, JR. 630 Maple Street, Fall River, Mass. Sted Football Team Vg Track Squad IV, Team Vg Soccer Squad IV, Cross Country Team IV, Chess Club IV, Orchestra III, IV, Vg Honors IV. G Se ll we we ABBOTT jAY REEVLS 24 Stimson Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Q l Abb J 1' M' Track Squad IV, Team Vg Wrestling Squad IV, Team Vg Cross Country Team Vg Proscenium Club Vg Debating Club IV, Delphfian Board Vg MOSAIC Board, Honorable Mention in Senior Declamation Contest IV. ARTHUR BENTHAM ROBERTSHAVV, III 35 North Ballou Street, NVoonsocket, R. I. Swv fotvvlf iwlf' Track squad V. GERRIT SANFORD Sea View Avenue, Swansea, Mass. Gage Gerry Track Squad Vg Swimming Squad V Country Squad V. . R' f I . L4U4, fzaff,,? ef.. l25 ' 1 ' -lfgiz 11 '. if 'fif'-Aw" . ' Firm tl ,Q , - "' Fifi 6 W5 A4A!N FRANCIS WILLARD SMALL, JR. Forge Road, East Greenwich, R. I. Middlers' Basketball Squad III, Tennis Team IV, V, Secretary of First Form , Secretary of Third Form,Treasurer of Fifth Form, S.A.C. I, III, V, Glee Club I, Honors I, II, III, IV. 452 Montgomery Street, Fall River, Mass. DONALD ALAN SWI NDELLS Swin Don Swimming Squad III, Manager of Soccer Team IV, Baseball Squad IV, Football Team V, Chess Club IV, Orchestra III, IV, V. JOHN TOLSON TOWNSEND 53 Felsmere Avenue, Pawtucket, Tennis Squad V, Chess Club V. WILSON FISKE UTTER 43 East Orchard Avenue, Providence 6, R. I. Wils Willy Track Squad II, V, Assistant Manager of Track Team III, Man- ager IV, Cross Country Squad V, Manager of Cross Country Team IV, Chess Club III, IV, Proscenium Club III, IV, President V, Delphian Board IV, Editor-in-Chief V, Editor-in-Chief of MOSAIC Board, Dance Committee I, V, High Honors I, II, Honors III, IV, First English Prize II, III, Second I, Tied for First Prize Time Current Affairs Test I, Founder's Prize II. JOSHUA WILLIAM WEEKS 37 Middle Street, South Dartmouth, Mass. Josh Bill Doc Middlers' Basketball Squad II, Manager of NVrestling Team III, Track Squad II, Soccer Team III, Baseball Team III, V, Foot- ball Team V, Vice-President of Second Form, Vice-President of T S0FII1Q S.A.C. I, III, Dance Committee V. lflc- W , MQ-3 QT: Class History 1932-the year that African miners found a 726-karat diamond, Roosevelt was elected president for the first time, and four of this year's graduating class entered Moses Brown. In 1945 Bill Dunbar, Bill Lindblad, jack Merchant, and Wilson Utter ended careers in Moses Brown which began on that distant day in '32 when first they gazed on Miss Woodbury's kindly face. johnny Pitts was also a member of that group, but his yearning for learning led him to skip a grade and graduate in 1944. Here in the pre-primary, as Miss Wood- bury patiently explained the mysteries of block-piling and picture-CPD-drawing, the foundation was laid for our future educa- tion. Here also we made acquaintance with the drama, jack Merchant being an un- willing Goldilocks in that super-colossal production, "The Three C35 Bears." The next fall in the honored position of first- graders we moved upstairs, where we met Sears Ingraham. Under the wise guidance of Miss Eastman we learned the rudiments of the three R's, as well as a smattering of Mother Nature's secrets, while our dramatic offering of that year was the culinary fantasy "The Gingerbread Man." In the second primary Dave Jencks and Red Lownes joined our group in time to learn from Miss Crawford such complicated mathematical problems as "one times one is one." Miss Buffum came to instruct us in the use of crayon and brush, while Madame Warge added to our feeling of importance by introducing us to French, alternately threatening to spank us on our "little behinds" and claiming proudly that we were the best class she'd ever had. COh, Madame, I bet you say that to all the boys D Miss Wilson guided our class, which now included Nate Fales, through the third primary, introducing us to Bozo, the Woodchuck, manual training, and the art of weaving. The class had a big laugh one day during a penmanship lesson when jay l 27 Skinner signed his name as "jay Skinman- ship." That year was notable also because we had real afternoon classes for the first time. Much to our disgust we had to sew our own costumes for our assembly, in which Willie Utter played the part of "The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings." Bursting with pride, we entered the First Intermediate, where Miss Pixley C'Pix- ilated" ,we called herb read us the ever- suitable "Dorna." For the first time our history was marred by sabotage when Sears Ingraham set fire to the shavings from the pencil sharpener with his burning- glass. Since travel broadens the mind, we traveled over to the Second Intermediate room in the main building to drop a close decision in a hard-fought spelling bee, and Bill Dunbar had the class out to his grand- father's plant, where we were properly awed by the noisy machinery. For our assembly that year our travel-broadened minds, years ahead of their time, conceived a pageant on the brotherhood of nations. The rest of our stay in the Lower School was spent in the main building. During group gained Gifford and well as Fred and Wendell Fourth Inter- those last three years our such notables as "Pewee" " Skyscraper " Kimball, as Brunswick, Earl Farrell, Phillips. In the Third and mediates we were introduced to tackle football, losing our only out-of-school game. For the greater honor and prestige of the school we also lost a hotly-contested baseball game in the spring. About this time Mr. Howe began casting covetous eyes on Harvey Thayer, who broke a couple of Father and Son Day track records. In the Second Intermediate, under the watchful eye of Miss Chappell, we became a class of cartographers, making several large and colorful pictorial wall maps. We wrote our own script for our assembly of l is i , . that year, which was an extravaganza based on a radio program depicting the opening of the Mt. Whitney-Death Valley Highway. In the Third Intermediate, after the initial confusion caused by two eye-filling teachers named Miss Evins and Miss Evans, we settled down to a fairly normal year. The ancient history that Mr. Brigham tried so hard to pound into our heads in- fluenced us to perform on the stage a play entitled "The First Marathon," in which future cross-country star Dave jencks unsymbolically was not Pheidippides. The climax of our work that year was the writ- ing of our autobiographies, of which we were unjustly proud. At long last the object of all our toil was reached when we entered the Fourth Intermediate, where we were soon living in constant fear of Mr. Allen's "tables- tests." Feeling the superiority that comes with advanced years, we yawned when Mr. Brigham tried to teach us American his- tory, sighed when Miss Evins entered the room for our English class, looked bored when Mr. Hoyt came in with his geography book, and did as little work as possible in preparation for our biweekly French lessons under Madame Warge. Extracurricular activities assumed a new importance for us when, for four bits, we were allowed to join the Bicycle Club. After the initiation on "Leaping Lena" and the other oddities collected by "Pop" Allen for the purpose, we spent many happy hours pedaling from point to point of interest around Rhode Island. A highlight of the year was the Boston trip, when we stretched our sea legs on "Old Ironsides," climbed pantingly to the top of the Bunker Hill monument, and were properly impressed by the shrivelled mummies in the Peabody Museum. At the end of the year we were honored by a visit from Mr. Thomas, who told us something of what was in store for us when we entered the Upper School. So it was with a feeling of sadness that we bid adieu to our honored position of top men in the Lower School to become the insignificant and undignified 'fgentlemen " on jit's left. FIRST FORM Contrary to the usual feeling about returning to school, most of us as the sum- mer wore on almost anticipated that fated day when the Upper School would reopen and we would be accepted into the clandes- tine folds of its activities. However, we never imagined the intricacies which this involved until that first morning when we entered school again and met that austere dignitary in the soft tweed suits whom we had heard so much about-later known to us as "jit." Study Hall, which previously had been known to us only'as the room in which every one sang in bass voices at 8:30, seemed to be the intersection of a busy cityg and amid such a scramble of exciting events, reacquaintances, assignments, teachers, and bells, we were completely lost. But after the first day had passed, we gradually settled into the routine and became used to being considered as inconsequentials and small fry by the rest of the school. I think that it was under the able tutelage of " Blackie " Markarian, our Latin teacher, that the boys of '45 Cthey hopedj learned that all was not a bed of roses. If I remem- ber correctly, at least half of the class flunked the course for the first two terms, and it is doubtful what the final outcome might have been-had not Cupid's Arrow claimed our teacher. From then on, he was more lenient Cfor I'm sure we did no more workj. In one respect we were lucky. That was in not having heard the supercilious legends of "Wild Bill" Paxton's reign of terror in the English department. So graphic were some of these that I am sure many of us would have called it quits rather than try to pass his course. But as it turned out, he wasn't "half-bad," and I'm sure we achieved a strong foundation in grammar. We were introduced into the complexi- ties of general science by Mr. Kerr, while . lzsi , , Mr. Morton, realizing the folly of trying to teach us math, concentrated on telling us about the " Ponzi " scheme. The class of '45 first showed its prowess on the "friendly fields of strife" when its Bumblebee team was trounced by the Fourth Intermediate. That spring we had a considerably better baseball team. The main excitement of the winter occurred when a "select" group of indi- viduals from our class tossed Sears Ingra- ham into the swimming pool, fully clothed. There was a great commotion over this crime, and the whole class had a meeting with Mr. Thomas. VVe were duly impressed with the seriousness of our deed. As spring slowly erased the bleak look of the school campus, we came to consider ourselves full fledged "Upper School" boys. VV e swaggered with the best of them, attending varsity games, which we planned to take over in a couple of years, with the proper school spirit. When the end of May arrived, most of us even went to View the Lower School field day with a half-amused, half -bored and entirely superior air. When, at last, Commencement arrived and we saw the class of '41 solemnly shake hands with Mr. Thomas and "jit," I'm afraid that we acted slightly over-boister- ous, but we all really looked forward to that summer and even to the next year. SECOND FORM "Old-timers" is the word that best suited us, we thought, when we returned to face the problems of the Second Form in 1941. Scornfully we looked down upon the group of former Lower School bosses, who seemed to be a bit bewildered at the sight of so many upper-classmen. Although we were seated far enough back to get almost out of the category of "small-fry," we were still referred to by our headmaster as "young-hopefuls." On the faculty bench in front of us we were fascinated by the arrival of a new face with a most beautiful mustache: we were told that the man's name was "Oyster" or something like that. I 29 Also the science department was filled out by two new teachers-Mr. Pedrick and Mr. Huttong and to assist Mr. Herman in explaining the intricacies of X and Y, Mr. Reese wielded the chalk. In our class there were thirteen new "young-hopefuls," in- cluding: Manager Barber, "Mat-man" Cook, "Lord" Horrell, Rus Knibb, "Pole- vault" Sleicher," "Al" Nazareth and sev- eral others, who for one reason or another didn't survive the four years to seniorship. About October, when the uneasiness of unfamiliarity had worn off, the class elections were held. Rus Douglas grabbed off the presidency, with Nate Fales assist- ing. Bill Miller took on the writing job, and Eddy Lownes handled what folding money he could muster. In the sports program Coach Eyster discovered many Second Formers coming out to support Easton, Bowersock, and Joslin tour stars from the third formj on the Middler gridiron, and the swimming team was aided by the daring young diver, Paul Cook. Christmas vacation and a fine perform- ance by the players of the Proscenium Club rolled around: and before we knew it, we were slicking ourselves up to glide CPD across Alumni Hall to the sweet tones of Ed Drew's Orchestra at our Lower Form tea dance. There were also several other incidents which helped to break up the monotony of that long winter grind. Dr. "Mike" Dorizas, whose interesting talks and im- aginative yarns have come to the school for many years, showed us some good news reels and added many bits of information. Although we were still wee, and our wings weren't very strong, yet we did manage to catch hold of " Mike's" fascinating accent. Also we were pepped up by our hero Fred Brunswick, who kept dreaming that he was a Marine on Wake Island. He finally had to stop eating those pickles before going to bed. Before long we were suffering with very serious cases of spring fever, aided by the l ',l,,'.. 1 , f 2 balmy breezes which drifted in among the pennies whining around Study Hall! After a delightful Father and Son day, at which time we refreshed our not yet faded mem- ories of Lower School competition CI am also told that there was some undercover betting on the racesj, we endured those long-dreaded final exams somehow. Then still gazing up with awe at those dignified seniors, we took part in our second gradua- tion, and then went on to freedom for another summer. THIRD FORM The Third Form year opened with a bang when the appointed day in September rolled around. The Sophomores upstairs were guided into the new school year under the watchful eyes of Mr. Kite and Mr. Huganir. The corridor proved to have plenty of vim and vigor, with "Chubby" Swindells and "El" Roberts bunking together up at one end, Jerry Swartz and Bob Mathieu holding rooms in the middle section, and Eddy jarret and Sted Naden inhabiting quarters at the other end. We soon got settled down to a steady diet of plenty of fun and, shall we suggest, " work, " and all of us soon became acquainted with the queer ways Cso we thoughtj of our different masters. Mr. Paxton kept us stepping, high, wide, and fancy in English: Mr. Cate and Mr. E ms, a new addition to the faculty, held down those hopefuls in the modern language field. Mr. Waughtel, who soon became "Coach" to the new fellows, was on the job, still trying to grind some Latin into us. Mr. Hutton was there teaching us the ways of the amoeba and other little do- jiggers connected with Biology. And thus acquainted with our able instructors, we entered among the shadows of the elms eager to catch the pearls of wisdom thrown to us at the rate of one bushel per forty minutes, and we thought of the wealth we would have upon graduating. The class elections were held, and " Bonny " Barstow Bates was chosen as our l nip 30 president, with Russ Douglas, the home- town boy from Maine, taking over the vice-president's chair. Francis Small was elected secretary, while we placed our piggy bank in charge of Eddy Lownes. The Third Form was well represented in the fall sports activities. Dave Maier was prominent in j. V. Football, while in the Middlers Sted Naden starred in the back- field and was ably supported by "Cooky, " Fales, Swindells and Capt. Lindblad, holding positions on the line. "Petit Beaker" Dave jencks, who later became plain "Beaker," started his great Cross Country career, along with Russ Knibb, Ed Lownesg and Roscoe Phillips, "the Shape." Before we knew it, the Thanksgiving Turkey had been killed and well digested, and we were anticipating Christmas. The Proscenium Club wound up the old year for us with three plays, which entertained all. After Christmas we were back again with renewed ambitions. jencks, Cook, Horrell and T. Gifford represented our class on the wrestling mats during the winter sea- son. They could be seen any afternoon out in the Gym pounding the mat with their Fists and with fire shooting from their nostrils. Middlers' Basketball steered its way through a successful season under the leadership of Coach Hutton. Douglas, Small, Brunswick and Beede were out there every afternoon dropping the little old egg through the hair-net. The Chess Club, as well as the Orchestra and Glee Club, was graced with members from among us, and we all know the swell job that they did entertaining themselves as well as the rest of the school. As the leaves began to appear and spring activities commenced, we kissed Old Man Winter goodbye and looked ahead to summer vacation. Captain Bob Mathieu led the Middlers' Baseball to a successful finish, as did our Sophomore contributors on the track and tennis squads. As june came nearer and those masterful l Seniors, who inhabited the upper ranks of the school, began to get packed, we undid our belts a notch and found ourselves about ready to take over the positions of juniors. "Hot stuff!" we thought as we left the Shadows of the Elms for another summer. ' FOURTH FORM Refreshed by a summer's vacation, we returned to take up once more our Battle with the Books. We greeted the new mem bers of our class-namely, Bob Briggs, "Baby-face" Hart "Muscles" Miller, Pete Cady, Finger, "Big Bill" Houston, Rudy Rudicil, Reeves, and Toby Stapleton. When sports began, went out and started cross-country records. Y Capt. Dave Jencks knocking down the Wendell Phillips, El Roberts, Russ Knibb, Fred Brunswick, Sted Naden, and jack Merchant graced the ranks, and Willie Utter was manager. In football, Miller, Houston, Stapleton, and Briggs strengthened a Varsity team that sustained only one defeat, by Governor Dummer, while Kimball helped out as Assistant Manager. Mr. Raines built a strong Jayvee team around Rudicil, Weeks, Lindblad, Maier, Paul Cook, Farrell, Finger, and Fales. After the football season was over and while the Varsity recuperated, the rest of us played tag football until Thanksgiving vacation. Under the energetic leadership of Mr. Mitchell, a band was formed, with Tommy Gifford at the drums, Don Swindells and Nate Fales as saxophonists, Bart Bates at the clarinet, and Sted Naden at the trum- pet. A large Glee Club was also formed. The tea dance and Proscenium Club's three Christmas plays ushered in the well- earned vacation. When winter sports got under way, Jencks, Cook, Miller, Farrell, and Toby Stapleton helped the wrestling team through a successful season of five wins and two defeats. Miller took a runner-up spot in the 165-lb. class at the State Meet, while the team took Third Place. Bob Briggs, l 31 Dunbar, Merchant, Beede, and Swindells filled out a swimming team that was better than its record showed. In track we had a high representation. jarret, Fales, Knibb, Naden, Roberts, Brunswick, Barber, and Bob Sleicher, who was elected captain after the mid-year graduation, aided the team to a successful season, which culmin- ated with the capture of Second Place at the M.I.T. Championship Meet. We also had the distinction of being the first junior class to attend a Senior Prom. That prom, by the way, was the first to be held in February. The Time test came along again, enabling Finger and Lindblad to show what they knew. Davis jencks demonstrated the strength of his cast-iron stomach by swallowing a goldfish whole. Thus started the activities which were to earn him the name "Squid." The Proscenium Club fairly outdid itself in its spring production, "The Pirates of Penzance." With Mrs. Thomas directing and Lincoln girls taking the female roles, the operetta was a great success. After the spring recess, we were again treated to the delight of listening to Dr. Michael Dorizas. In sports, the baseball team started out with high hopes and a goodly number of juniors-namely, Lindblad, Swindells, Brown, Fales, Dunbar, Beede, Kimball, Cady, Finger, Mathieu, Watts, Cook, Briggs, Miller, and Weeks. Perhaps it was the over-abundance of Fourth Formers, but whatever the reason, the team was doomed for a poor season. The track team also sported a number of Juniors, including Capt. Sleicher, jarret, Barber, Knibb, Reeves, Roberts, Naden, jencks, Bruns- wick, Merchant, Lownes, and Manager Utter. The tennis team went through a successful season-Captain Bart Bates, Russ Douglas, Sears Ingraham, johnny Horrell, and Franny Small all contributing to make it a happy season for Mr. Herman. Father and Son Day was blessed with good weather, and we were all very happy once finals were over and done with. A very enjoyable Senior Prom marked the end of l ',P'f"fA:i . , . ali 5. .Ni . -A M lem f our status as juniors, and the beginning of the last phase of our prep-school days. FIFTH FORM Summer slid by with alarming swiftness, and suddenly we were seniors. It was a little frightening at first, being the big boys, the gentlemen on " his" right, the boys who were supposed to set a good example. About half the class, having attended summer ses- sion, had a head start as examples of what seniors should be, although the fact was not always too evident. There were several new faces around school: Bob Crowe, George Henderson, from Upper Darby and the Philippines, Bob Farwell, Art Robertshaw, Gerrit Sanford, and john Townsend, and, from the summer group, Perry Coop, Ames "Bud" Sadler, and "Dapper Dick" Wil- son. The new group of masters was com- prised of Mr. Covell, Mr. Cressman, and Mr. Griffith. Over the cross country course, Dave jencks broke all school and state records in leading a good team to a successful season. The football team won four close games and played two others which they made an effort to forget. The Fourth and Fifth Form tea dance came along as usual in November and produced nothing extraordinary be- yond a possible rival for Frank Sinatra. Beede, Dunbar, and Nazareth joined the Navy, and suddenly the fall term was al- most over. Bates, Lindblad, Merchant, Reeves, and Utter starred in the Proscen- ium Club's plays: and we trooped happily off for Christmas Vacation. The Winter Term had hardly started before we lost half our class at the school's second mid-year graduation. For once, the prom, which was marked by a lot of snow and an exhibition of loving by "Cuddles" Barber, was not held the night before grad- uation. On the following Friday, February 2, twenty fairly clear-headed boys, includ- ing Beede and Dunbar fresh out of boot- camp, received diplomas, prizes were awarded to johnny Horrell, Howie Kim- ball, and Eddie Lownes, while Dave jencks received the Headmaster's Cup. Only twenty-six seniors remained for the second half year, and the winter teams suffered ac- cordingly. The wrestling team had looked ahead and scheduled all of its matches to come before graduation: sparked by Paul Cook and Dave jencks, the grapplers had a good season. Swimming did not fare quite so well, while track, obviously missing a few graduates, kept a creditable record, except in the Private School Champion- ships. Academically, we forged bravely through Macbeth with Mr. Paxton, who could always get a job on the stage if he gave up teachingg Reeves wondered why some of his literary efforts were not fit for publication and wished he had gone to Burma after all. Henderson, Ingraham, and Townsend kept the math classes awake, Mr. Cate did his best to pound German and French through a lot of thick skulls, while Mr. Raines, with the help of many returning servicemen, made Room 3 a really enjoyable place to end the school day. Because of early copy dates, MOSAIC work was rushed practically to a conclusion before vacation: " Mike " Dorizas came and went: and the annual Time Current Affairs Test showed up the ignorance of all but a few guys like Finger and Lindblad. Bates, Lindblad, Merchant, Reeves, and Utter, with a trace of help from some of the lower forms, starred in the spring plays: and we left for ten days of freedom, wondering what had become of the Hampton Quartet. We returned from vacation somewhat refreshed, only to be greeted by a solid Saturday of college tests on April seventh. Most of us were afflicted with spring fever, and we settled into a rather lazy routine, broken only by baseball games, track meets, Father and Son Day, and finally Commencement. Happy and yet sad, we turned our thoughts away from Moses Brown and looked with curiosity and antici- pation to a rather uncertain future. l32l vi-gf. ., .... .. x 'P Burl? Row: H. Markowitz, NI. B. AYIIIIHIIIS, Il. S. Kenney, I3. A. Gilmore, R. If. Iiaton, I'. K. Arnold, IJ. If IIFIKIIIIOFC Brown, NI. I, Brier, lf II. Brunner, jr., j. If. Knowles, QB. Derbyshire, Ii. D. Cook. Third Rmr: A. IXI. 1-ilbert, Ia. NI. Perry, K . j. l. rang, jr., R. I. jackson, II. R. hleason, jr., D. I.z1ngrIon, jr., II. j Arnolml, R. C. Gibbs, R. IS. Lownes, XY. NI. Mcforinick, G. R. Smith, jr., NI. j. I.ipson. I.. j. Irierlmzm. Srzinnd RMU: XY. H. l4Iz1IIin, R. XY. Bliss, IJ. S. IYooCIman, j. K. Dean, II. Armbrust, R. Sinkinson, I7. Ii. Pearce, A. I.. Ilurst, jr., N. IC. I'iccI'1ione, A. Ii. jagger, Ii. H. XYright, A. P. Carpenter, Fran! Row: XY I3 Farnsworth, jr., XY, j. Maguire, jr., P. Sykes, R. I.. Duval, R. II. Ilzillelt, I'. I., Monroe, II, R. S. Iainsh, C I X Illrtnett I3 II S Ie I R 5 I Ix Iei R H I5resI'n lr 'V I in pi lun R I3 I' hun . '. . , E , . . . NYC T, F., . . . .. IIN ', . . 'I ,x ., I U I '.' . . ll'2l 2 II. Il. IIarIIieIcI, II. II. Shore, 'R. I.. Smart. IIARKICR I.. AIONROIQ, II R.xx'MoNnS. 'I',x1NsH Pn'sidr'11l I'1'rf-I'rPsi1If'11l RIFIIARIJ II. HAl.l.Ii'l"lI k'HARI.I:1S F. X. I'I.XR'l'NIi'I r .Srrrrlrzry Trmxurvr RUl.I. Ilowxkn W. .AR5IURl'SI' :AR'I'IIl'R IC, j.xi.ma1ak IIr:Nki' j. Akrwrn tlokuow S. Iiizxxkx' l'ia'ri-tk Ii. ARNOLD RUHIERTS. I.. IQINDICR R.xNn.xl.1. W. Briss j.xc'K I". KNoxx'1.ias Ronlaki' II. Bki-Lsrix, jk. Nlnxrox l. IIRIER IIARI, II. IIki'NNiik, jk. ALAN I'. f.XRPl'IN'l'IiR XYii.i.i.xM II. C'i..x1fL1x I2IJNY.XRll IJ. FUNK if jxxnis C'k.xua, jk. jonx K. DMN IIRITIE IIERIIYSHIRIE RUIiIiR'I' I.. Ilrxixi. Rlrnxkn I". Ii.x'i'ux xYII.I.l.XNI IS. I'qARNSXYOR'I'H, jk. RlllIl'.R'I' II Unnss Aux Nl. IIIIJIICRT Il,xvnm A. fIII.MORI'I If. Rlfinsioklm, jk. Ronickr IS, llk.xH.xM III-2RIlI'lR'I' il. I'I.XIll'iIl'lI.IJ RICH.-XRIJ II. II.n.i.xs'r'r QQIIARLIES F. X. I'IAR'I'NI'l'l'T .'XI.IfRIil7 I.. I'II'RS'I', jk. Rokiakl' T. jxcksox I33I Illfxcixx IUXNUIDUN, jk. NIixi.coi.m j, l.n'sox Ro1n4:k'r B. I.owxr:s W1i.l.1.m j. NI.uai'iku, jk. ST.xNi.m' AIARKOWITZ W. IYIERRILI. YXIc:t'okx11rk Pxkkick I.. INIONROIC, II Ilxvin IC. I'li.xkc'1c IC, NI.xn1.oN Pifkkx' N. I2v1ck1c'r'r I'lrcnioNr: I7.xv1nl'. IIRIIDMURIE IIRIHYN II.xkoi.n II. SHURI-Q Rolnakr SINKINSUN IQOBERT I.. SM,xk'r tl. RILAHARIJ Smrrn, jk. IIONXLIJ B. SNYIWIR, jk. I'.xkkb:k Svkies R.xx'MoNn S. 'lkixsn I.1coN.xkn j. 'l'kn-Lmrxx NI.xsoN Ii. Wn.1.1.xMs IJHAN S. Woommx EDWARD H. VVRIGHT ,Aw Q ., f-- 1--'IJ I. .A .I .SIRIIEIKIQQ Lu. on 91.955 - F Ill'lIH " 55 I fi, 'iifigua' ll IIIIII H111 A' Rrfruf AI. VI. ILiIIer1. -Ir., I'. 'If .XnrIrews. if .X. RUIIIIISUII, III. II. R. .Xvcryg AI. I". I'n1 IIICIIII I' I' IIlIIxlIIIIll lx 9 X II Xu In R I' 'II Qllli Il TI' IR " " , -"1 ... u x',A . . I '4 Q1. lm mv.'I'.kI.imnmcs.-lr.. II. II I me -lx. II. X'. 5. 'I'I1lgIOX', NIV.. XX'. -I. Ilclwilcr, Il. II. Ifillun, llr.. U. IMI, if XX'. Nle-ggz1II1Iin, .X I III II N. 'I'.v.XIIcnsuu, X, II.jmiII1. N. I'1'irI11lu1'1: IIFUXYII..S'l'l'Il7l!l'1flI'IL'.' N. XI.'I'm11I1. If. ILIIQIB- ,Il'., IQ I Ixm ..,,,-I I. . R. XX. XII I 111501, I.. I , R1gI1.lr1Is. Ir., R. Q . Ixnoxvlcs, XX .tl . Iiilrllcy, l .Ill I'.mIw:'mIs, Ir.. .I Q XI IIIUINI Il.,I..N.IItIIIllH Il l I Sl I h , -. . il res, ZHII. l'I'IllIf Ruin: I'. NI. ,XIIOn, I. XX. I'.'ks cm. R. I.. I'orl1 I I 1 Sunil II, I..S.1LuI4IsmilI1.l2. XX' XX'zlIcrlnzm, XX'. II. Slk'XX'1lI'I, R, II. XX'0IIc1'. IX', S. II, I'-CI'gllS0lI, I' N XX III I 41 Ii I'mlun X'ul in p1'1l1m"l' 7 Iimlfly, .ZmI, XX'. Ken-n, -Ir., ID. IJ. liuckur, R. K, XX'vIIs. The Third Form lII'lIIIllI4 XXI XX'XII'.NXl f'l'r'XI'1ff'IIf I.xxx1el-x1'r,S. I.m,1 .sn n-zIm- I'. Nluxluvll. .XI.l.l' N 5III'.II7XlXN I. .Xl,l.- xwx I'IIlI,II' 'If .XNllRl'.XX'N Ilxlclnnm R. .Xvlclu XX'xl,'ll'1l: i'. IIXRNIQX, IR. Iiluv Ii. I4lcuKxx1I11.1c, hlli. S.X'XlI'IiI. .-X. Ikmr-QR, -lk. .'X1.l.r-:N tl. I+Iu.xu.m'. VIN. lunx XI. Iiluumr-Qw, -llc. XX'II.I,I.XM Al. Iulmlxx 11.14314 IIII'1HlbURl'Q XX. In KN'I'IzlN V. Zum: ICIDIIXI, Zxn lllxl41.l1,sI., I1llXX.XIIIls, ,IR Ilmxxxm II. I'xxw'1-:'r'1', In Sl'Il'I,'I' II, III-'IH.l'wuN Iilvxlxkla II. I'll"mx. Alle. Rm I.. Ifmmxx lnmxxsm I, l..x1l--IX. lw. lmw I. l.l1.lucu'l', llc. Iwxxx IIII Nw, S. I,llI.IIsXlI I II I'XI'I. I. IIRIXIICN, lla. XXll.I.l.XXI Ixl-wax, ju. RHIII'1R'lI I. lixmn - .v ., INXI xx XX'II.IIl.XIXl ll. 5I'liXX'.XRI' I 'l'H'- 1,l't'Xld1'llI I'lII I'.xl l. I". Sxxrrn RI JI .I. Iinwmm S. XXIINSIIR 1341 Y'1'1'11.v1lrrr Iimualvl' ll Iixmxmlas IIU!N.Xl.I7 I7. IXl'I11KlCR I'IR.XlDI-IURD XX'. I.l"rm-zk, lk Iiu'lI,xklI ', . ' L as XX XIII RI 1 me Q Il.XRI.IiS XX. NIlcu.x'l'11l.lN I I I.1fs'1'ick N. IIILXXIS, jk. NUICI, C. IIRC'l"l'l' .I -luux If. l'.x1'1.suN XIll.IIl'lR'I' R. I'ux"ruN Yllilil. IIKIIDMORIQ Ilku Iimxlxkn T. RIUILXRIIS, V. .'Xl.1ax.xNx1la1z Romxsu Nlf1xx'Isl.l. IH, Smrru OSICPII U, O'l"I' I'.xx'l. I+. 5MI'I'II I H.xk1.lcs I .. S-'Iixvl,lcs, Zxn XXvII.I.l.XNI II. S'I'lCXX'.-XR'l4 RURICR'l' Ii. 'I'. S'rR.x1maHr lun X' S IIIINKIIX IR II.x1u.'. . . Num, Xl. 'I'u'r.xn G1-Lolualc XX'. XXI.X'l'IiRIX1.XN Rl4:ulN,'xl.1m II. XXvIiI.l.IiR, IX Rlm'u.xkn Ii. XX'l':1.l.s XXX Burk Row: H, Cf Blake. jr., C. S. Clormly, R. .-X. Marsello, l.. R. Pawson. M. H. Gmnell. jr.. j. V. ohnson. jr.. j. K. Payan, ll. Y. follins, jr., A. l.. Pinkerson. Third Raw: M. Aclelman, jr.. j. j. lfrieclrichs. ' IJ W -Xbl ' ' ' U H Rovkwooll l' R M0rehou'Q ... , . . , .e. . .. e, jr., lm B. Sargent, jr., 17. ft. l.uln'uno, li. XY. l.uthe R. .-X. j0Slirl. W. D. frossnmn, jr.. F. W. Mumforcl. Svmnd Row: 'l'. li. Downes, lf. ll. Beckett, jr., li. li. llrwtun, R. ll. Kimball. ll. llrztham, li. lf. 'l'ortolani, IJ. XY. Richnrrls, 'lf I3. llreenhnlgh, M. .-X. Holton, tl. R, Nazareth. N. M. Steere. Frnnl Kms: ll. .-X.'11es. R. S. W'hittuker NI W'ilson, r X H Neel X l" Nichole R R froslux ll If ,, . . ' jr., li. ll. Whale, 1. B. joslm, R. j. Beetle, jr., ll. M. Seic e, XV. l . lorf. Nui in lt'flll'!'.' XY. lf. lloey, Ill, li. Kerr, Lf. XY. Myers, j. Y. Sweet, M. Thompson, jr., ll. M. Trierllllatll. The Second Form R.xl,t'H R. l'kosm', jk. juttlzs Y. SW'lil4l'I' l'n'.v1'd4'r1l Virr- Prrxidmll AI.liliR'l' li. N1c'tm1.s Iikluc D. XYIIITH .S'f'l'I'I'fllf'V Trerzszmv' RUM. lll'll'.URliWl' W, AIU-ll., jk. Ilxvllw A. lnwxlas Wl.Xl'RIK'l'I ,'xIlICl,M.XN, jk. Ilxvtn G. l,l'liR.XNl1 l"R.XNl'lS ll. B1f:c'K11:'l"r. jk. Romani' .-X. lX'l.XRSEl.l,0 RUliI41R'l' j. lilctcmi, jk. ljIC'I'lCR R. Wl0Rl'IHUl'Sli ll0W.XRIJ V. l51..xK1i, jk. Nl.XRSH.Xl,vl. lj. f'.XNNlil.l,, jk lllcxxx' X. fUl,I.INS, jk. R.xl.1'H R. C'kusnx', IR. XYHll'l'l,li D. C'Russml.xN, jk. 'l'.xx' IC. lbowxl-Ls j.uucs j. l'xRIl'.IlRl4'IlH xYIl.l,lAM IJ, Gm-'lf t'u.tle1.r:s S. tlolzxtlx lJ.xvm flR.Xll.XM 'I'mm.xs li. llRliENlI.Xl.l9Il XXlIl.I.l.XM F. llmzy, lll M. .Xxx Ilotxlxmx IlnN.xl.n B. Iloktux jOSlfl'll if joHNs'rr1N, jk. Rmmlak'1' A. josux 'l'Htau1mkt4: Ii, josux I3Rt'c't1: liI'1RR RIVHARD H. K1Mu.x1.1. l35l lfmznklcx W. Rll'MIfIlRl1 f'HIiS'I'liR W. lXlYl'1RS tllccmtztc R. N.xx.uuc'rn Al.Hlf3R'1' li. Ntt'mm1.s I l.lCSl.IlE R. lxwsux jostcvn K. l'.xx'.xN At..xN I.. I'wKlcRsmq DON.x1.lx W. IQICHXRDS IDoN,xt.n S. Rocxwoon lfR.xNc'1s lg.S.XRt1liN'l', j 14. .-Xrvrltltlz ll. Slilil. rl. Mtckmi Slillilil. NORMAN M. S'l'tf11aRtf3 klxmzs Y. SNVIEIVI' lXl.XRC'l'S 'l'HOMI'SUN, juz. l':l'IilfNlC If. 'I'oRTol..xNl Howxtm M. 'l'RIt2mmN BRVCI2 U. XVHITIE Roslin S, W'H1'1"r.xKr4:p, r. lr.. .' ,V Q., I V! .4 iw,w.!w.iZfx .' A tw' ,-' 3 X V 'GF'-'T' ' ' ' ll -Nm' 4.3 M , jx 1. liurk Ruin: ll. .X .'Xlllil'k. R, if llulrlen, R. .X Ildllllllll, R. lf Bevzlll. jr., if .-X, Hunks, Ii. X. xI2ll'Sh.lH ' ' 9 lllxxnmlk. 'I' it R. .-X. flunmlcz. R. S. l'hz1fYu-, .X. lf. llurhy, -Ir. .S'4'4'rH1rl Rzmk' XX. li. 1-l'0eIlougl1. lll. ml. . . 2 'z ' , - HI'l'Slill,P.II,f?lliH0Illl'lll',Ili.,xl0I'I'il1lQlH,li.xl,HOURCH,l...XHk'll,.Zllfl,ll.Ki,llf'5S,.lI'.,R.IN1.11,.Xl'XX'L'lllll Ir., .'X. lf. HI'llIlllUI'. l"rur1lRu1u:ll. NlcC'uskc1', jr., R. H. juslin, if R. l'iAlI'llhQlI1l, N. l1.SI1ofc,XX'. gX.Q'Q'mIm1111Q1 mlrcw, r., R. 4 -. lngvrsrlrll. ll. llcmk, wlr. .Nui IH fm Ir., K. il. IQIIUXYICS,.X.f1.Q4I'L'l'5, ll, l'. Hrogclcn, R. .Xu ,I . . ,. X mn' .'Xl'llUlll, ll, XY, Nl. Kzxhlcr, H. N. Rulvinsoll, lx 4 I. lnwlc, Zml, . I. XX IISUII, The First Form Kr.xxl4.'lu 41. livm'l.l4.f .'XR'1'ul R V. V141-.1415 l'r1'.xirlM1i Ivffl'-l,l'l'.Nifil'llf Nl.xuvm. Wxmux. -lu. xYll,l.l.XM A. U't'uxNuk, jk. .Sufi H'f1ll'j' Trf'1l.x'Ilr'1'V RUI.l. .Xl.l.l-.N, lxn XX'1l.1.lxx1 l4.t1Rr.1axu1', lll lmwun .X. .Muck I'llckmc ll. 1Il'll,I,I"fXlli'l"l'li Rfwx ANURIQW, -Ik. tfxklms .'X. llxxlh -lH!wlil'll Al. .xRNlJI.lP. ll Ill-:xml-ilu' C. llrzss. -lu. Rmalcwl K. 11. .vXlux'lczux, -IR. Rn'u.x1m if llul.m-1N R0lll'1R'l Nl. lillzvm-3'l"x Rum-gm' 12. RXl.I'lI V. Hufxmw, -lu. Rxruxmxn H. -lusrlx 'l'mm.xs 12. ISR:-.f1.1x XX'll.1.l.xm Nl. K.xul,u-'R Ihvxs I'. Iiluuplnax KI-'X'Yli'l'll ll. Iixuwl.1f.x .'X. I'-ISVIIICR lilelxxlalc li1cNxla'x'11 .X. NlxRsu.x1.1. Rlm'll,xm1 S. f'll.Xl"lilz illcxm' xlI'f'l'NKliR, -lu. ll. 'l'l4'K1cn VHHK. -IR. lllwnzxx V. Nllcleklwxx Ak'lu1'k V. Vlwzlw XX'u.l.1.xx1 .-X. U'L'wx'wn, -lu. Al.rklel: IC. llxklsx. ju. likwla .X, R.xx1w.xl.l, -lxmcs S. l':llW.XRIIH limmfmum N. liunmmx V. Rllunus. I".xuNll.xxl X. HXRRIIC Slmlua RAICXI-.l. A. lf. GICRRISH 'l'mx'1.1c, Zxn xl.XRYl'.l, XX'1l,wx, flu. I 36 1 4 eg IL .rv 'ii rin M 1 u 44 "L S U M M E R Review: Summer Session I A Av ! Illlllf f llllfl',i'l,j The Summer Session FTER a brief but welcome rest we returned to School on the nineteenth of june for the first day of the second summer session. We had hoped for an easy half-day of short classes as a start, but we soon discovered how much we had to do in a limited time: so the first day began with a bang. Included in our group of twenty- one were a few new faces: Dave Dods- worth, Dick Wilson, Perry Coop, and last but not least, Bud Sadler, a splendid speci- men from Hopedale, Massachusetts. Almost all restrictions were lightened, which helped to make the summer much more enjoyable for all. Of course, we, being the second group to attend a summer session, did not get away with quite as much as the fellows in the preceding class, but we made out all right. The old boarders had a good time getting used to the easier life in their department, and Dodsworth caught on quickly. Study periods were quite enjoyable, and there was never too much activity in Study Hall. The youngsters certainly make a big differenceg in fact, it seemed very vacant indeed, unless "Cris- co" Phillips was working hard on anything in general or Maestro Farrell was trying to compose something new in the front corner. However, there was always something do- ing in the boys' parlor, where Briggs, Coop, and jencks always studied history with the help of Mr. jones and the radio. Because little was accomplished during the study periods, three or four hours' hard work at night was customary. Mr. jones' history assignments took a lot of time-when they were done: trig did like- wise: and The Old Wives' Tale was a slow process for some, especially those who read it. I guess the tale will never please l v -T Q I 1 r lo 'Q-1' .1 4 I9 up '- 0 4.-lg 1 - 1 4, 38 everyone, but with the help of Mr. Paxton we got through it and then made a stab at Macbeth. Life in Room Eleven was always exciting. As usual, the Babe took good care of us, but Jencks and Sadler managed to create a few laughs. In fact, as the summer went by, we found a lot of "coke" spread about the room, but Dave and Bud had larger piles than the rest. We all enjoyed Mr. jones' classes. They were really something, there was never a dull moment. As usual Mr. Cate had his hands full with German and French classes, plus his daily meeting with Maier, during which the subject was usually Spanish. Of course Mr. Hutton was busy with Physics. He had his troubles with the last period class, in which it was common for certain individuals to catch up on their lost sleep. Then came the sprint around the gym. I think he was trying to find some likely track prospects. Mr. Howe and Mr. Henderson were present most of the time. However, "jit" made his annual trip to the Cape for a well- earned rest, and after a month returned hardly recognizable. Mr. Howe, forgetting track for the summer, attempted to organ- ize a baseball squad, but it ended up with Cook hitting flies to Sadler. It seems that the others necessary to complete the team spent most of each afternoon in the pool trying to keep cool. As the summer progressed, we became more accustomed to the routine, and I don't think anyone minded the session too much. We did a lot of work, but we had a good time doing it and I'm sure it was tirre well-spent. l F A L L Review: September through December Student Activities Committee Mosaic Board Athletic Association Chess Club Delphian Board Varsity Football Dance Committee l. V. Football Proscenium Club Middlers' Football Glee Club Bumblebees' Football Crchestra Cross 'Country '5"'a-'Aix' A : :Cranium it Wl ll September through December N a foggy Wednesday morning, Moses Brown opened its one hundred and twenty-sixth consecutive academic session. greeting with open arms its two hundred and twenty-three High Honor potentialities. For the second time in the history of the School, half the senior class was starting its last half-year. Those boys were busying themselves with enlistment forms and college applications, while the rest of us tried to accustom ourselves to classes and homework fthe bane of all studentsj. The sports program began in earnest and helped relieve the strange feeling which always comes at the beginning of a new year. VV'e held class elections in the early part of October. The light, but capable, varsity football team showed where its heart was, winning all four home games and dropping the last two, which were played away. Co-captains Miller and Houston, Crowe, Swindells, and Tainsh played well during the whole season. The Middlers' football team, led by Alex Robinson, went through their schedule undefeated, while the jayvees won an even half of their games. In tennis, Bob Mathieu beat jack Knowles to win the Senior Sin- gles, while Bobby Knowles took the junior Singles from Teddy Joslin. In cross-country, Paul Cook, El Roberts, Pete Cady, john Horrell, and Ab Reeves ably backed up Capt. Davis jencks, while l . '-71 1" .3 1 aff'-'P "ffL2f"i?.'. i t.. -1',Jr,'f,' ft grin'-' I I-,". ". 4 L., 1, wk- . x , 'Ili 42 he blithely continued to knock down the time for the two-and-a-half-mile course, Finally stopping with the record of 12:46. Comparing this with the previous record of 13:13 Calso set by jencks last yearj, one appreciates what an excellent time it is! Dave also set an all-New-England record for the 2.6-mile course at Triggs Memorial Park, running it in the time of 12:39:4. On November 18, the annual fall tea dance was held in Alumni Hall. The high- light of the affair was a request number by Moses Brown's outstanding crooner, Ray Tainsh. The annual football banquet took place on the last of November, and Mr. Gately, a football scout for Dartmouth, gave us some very interesting particulars about his job. In the early part of De- cember, when MOSAIC elections were held, Wilson Utter was elected Editor-in-Chief. Strickland Gillilan, a well-known hum- orist, gave a talk on December 12, which more than fulfilled our fondest expectations. He made us laugh so hard that not a few went out of the Study Hall with a little bit of a tummy-ache. The Proscenium Club presented the annual Christmas Plays, under the direction of Mrs. Thomas, the Friday evening before vacation. Anxious to escape from the trammels of the school- room, the student boys departed, to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. l 2 . . . . , . lfurlc lxmiu' lx. lf. lxmrwles. .X. lu. Nwlmls. R. R. Ciuslvy, lr., R. S. 'lx.1lllSll, l.. S. flolclsmilli, 42. XY. ' we ll R X5lllLl RSX xXAllL'I'lllJlll, Xl. XYiIson, NIV. l"rm1lRf1:u.' l'. I.. Xlunrz . , .. .fm . ..lL'lL'l'lQl', XY. S. llUllSlllll, .X. lf. Xlillvr, -lr., Xlr. Ile:-mam, l". XY.Slll1lll,kll'., if lf, X. llalrllic-Il, R. Il. llxillc-Il. .Ynl in fJ1'fl1m'.' XY. ll, Tile-w:u'l, Student Hotivities Committee Athletic Association limit' Ruta: Nlr, Ruilws, Xlr. llowe, Nlr. klcrnquist, Klr. Xlliuglilel, lfrnrzl lfuzwf l',l'. l'1mlc,,Ir'.,i'.vl. Vrni jr.. R, H, 5lc1c'hcl', li. lf klClN'liS. .Yol III fJfc'l1fn'.' li. 5. lziineli. tial i i,l. Q w li'-4 l I 'N I I V' 4' 'I L54 .... f , b . . wks: IF. XX. IIgu'1, Ii, 5. 5Il'Il'Il0l', li11fL'lfmu.' Il. If. I'04u'c'c-, .X. IC.-Iuggn-1'. If XX', XIcl4g1lI1Iil1,-Ir., I7 I IU A l'f11l1llx Id mf lrnnl Rn Ii lixln Il I lm s .,.. .. 1. 74 . .. . . ., ImII, -Ir., XX. I'. I IIl'l',1I,5. XII-rl-l14m1,2n DeIphiar1 Beard I I1 I"urIncr Ir R XX I'I11IInp' Il' X ,I.Rccxc:-,XI11Xllzc, ' ' -'. ' tu: , 1 -S. .x - sl, XX'. S. I,in4IIrIguI, I3. IC. I:IIlgl'l', .X'nl1'r1 f1frll11'I'.'I".S. III'IlIISXX'Il'Ii. Dance Committee Hulk lfmu: Ii. .X, XIQIVSIIQIII, IT. IL. I'v:1rr0, In. I. IIIUIIZIIWIS, Ir.. I7. IAIIIQIIUII, jr., IT. XX. Ixu'I1n1'aIs, Ix. II, XX.I'IIl'I', IX', If, If. IIIHVIUIQIIII, l"rn11l Rfmx' If XX'. IXIPIQIIIIIIII, -Ir.. XX', II. I'-Lll'llSXYUI'II1, jr., IT. Ii. SIlX'lIL'I', jr., II. Iinlcs, IJ. XXI. Ilalrl, .X. Ii.I'1-mu-,,I.XX'.XX'.-Liles.XXII".l't1cr, Ii. Il.-Iuslin. I ,I --I, Y . ..., VM.. 19,9 . ,Zif- .uu me iv. Q Q, 1. 44:4 an in I 1? Ig Wi I -I ' I 'S' - lp l.. fm .. ...F ., .Qfii rwfii dkflfl-'li'IgQ1WF-iyl, ' ' I P snags-A-34, 2 ' axial lfflfk R1m'."I'. fl. Breslin, IP. XX'. .Xlvel, jr.. H. ll. XX'hite, H. .Xrmln'ust, R. XX'. Phillips, jr., l'. I". Smith. ll, IJIIIQKIUII, jr.. U. I3.Sny1ler.jr.. XX'. R. j'1Lll'IlSXX'UI'Ij'l, jr., lf. H. XX'righl, R. 'If jzlvksrm, P. I.. XIUIIVUC, II, ll. lf, Il02lI'l'C, .X. l.. llursl, jr.. K. .X. Klgnrsllilll. R. ll. Breslin. 'IXIIIVIYI' Rfmx' XX'. Nl. :Xjt'X10I'I1lR'R, 'If lf. IXOXXIICS, l1..X. lnxxncs. ll, .'X. .Xmirl:, R. S. XX4hill4lkcr, R. if licvzul. jr., Nl. .Xmleln14m, jr., j. K. PHYQIII, R. if Gibbs. R,S.'l'.1insh, lJ.4lmh.1m, .X. Ii.jz1ggcr. N. H.Smi1h. l'. Sykes, l.. VIiI'iCllIIl1lIl, IH, if NICITXXIILIII. .S4l'l'IHIll' Ruin' lx. 5. L lmllec, XX. R. hleemmugh, III. ll. Nici usker, jr., N. l3.SI1m'c, XX. A. O Q cmmmr, jr.. Nlr. Nlm-In-ll, I71'n'1'lnr, K. Cl. Knmvles. R. K. ll, .3xI'XX'QZUI1. jr.. .X. F, Bl'llIlIlCl', R. .X, joslin, lf I". X. H2ll'lIlCll, R. SjllRiIlSUll. N. li. IIRTIIRIIIC, Nl. j. Lipsun. l'j1'IHlf lima' Mr. Fuller. .If't'HIIIfJtHlI..Yf, R. .Xmlrcw, jr.. A. li. Ilurlmy, jr., lf ll. Staples. ll. Glee Club Qrchestra Buffs Rnw: R. .Xmircxy jr., X. NI. Falcs, R. qX. Nlnrsello. ll KL, l.lII?I'2lllU.5.vli..XljCI1SHII, ll. XX'. llemlcr- mul. jf.. R. S. XX'l1il1nkCr. N, B.Smi1h. R. l. Knilwlv. .S't'llH1!f1fH'Ii'.' Nlr. Klitvllcll, l7f1'1'1'!ur,ll. R. Pflylflll, ll. S. Ruvkwoorl. j. j. l'1l'jGljl'R'j1S, R. KA. Knmvlos. R. S. Xaulen, jr., Cl. R. Yimillm, jr., if XX'. XICQLIXIIRII. ll, .X. Swimlclls, ll. li. Hnymlcr, jr., R. XX', Phillips. jr. l"rnul lima' Nl. Thompscm, jr.. N. l'rislmm'c Rrmvn. X. Nl. Tulauh, l1.k'. l'1'i1llu11rcBrown, R. IJ. XX'hilc. I". XX', .XlllllljA1Jl'fj, lf. Knowles, H. Rules. H71 f X X Misa' z..m.x D r j limA'I?ff:.'.'Al'.t'.i'4mI4.-lr.,lQ.S..Kg1i11l.w.R..X.S.u.IIm-lr,lC.XX'.-I.1rrm-1.I5.l'.,Imwks,NI.l'.l'1uly,AIr., IX. XX'. llaurt, li. S f"Ii'Il'IH'l', -I. .X. Ilfwrrs-II. XX , 5. l,1mIImlgul, XX. 5. Ilrmslun. -I. 5. Xlcm-I11n1. lml. .X. II. Ixm'vx'0s. f'I'HlIf Nurs: li. If R4lIK'l'lS, Il. Halls-s. Il. Kimlmll. IV.. XX'. lf. Vllcr, l.. IC, IX.lI'IlL'l', Ir.. ll. XX'. I'I1iIlips, -Ir., U. li. Ifirlgvr. .X'vl in piflum' If, N. H1'11x1sxxirk. Mosaic Board Chess Club l4flfA'lf1f::'.' ll. .X. .Xn1im'k, N. l'ri1In11m-lirmxn.I..lf.l4.u1'lmvr..I1'., XIV. Ilcrmm.XX'. ll.fl.11Ii1l. 'l'l11'r4l Kms: YI. if .IHI1Il5Hll,.II'., Xl. .X4I4'Il1l.lll, -Ir., IX. .X. R.m1l.1II.12. XI.5vi1Is'I..N'1'rrv1lrlRn1.'.'K'..X.IIg1HIis.S Xl.u'kmxiIA. Xl X llnllmx Xl I I ip un l I I1 iulm an X I' Hrunmu XI XXII In X ll WL I I' In 'l'mluI1l1i 4 " 2 ' ' 'AI S011 .,'l', '., '. ' 1 . I. Iiumxlvsj .I l4',1'iI-1l'n'i1'lIs, 1, lugn-rsnII,..N'Iw1lI'fl.' XX'. WI. Xl4lQ11i1'c, I :lf Tuwnscml. XX'. S, I,imIIwI.u.l. VI. 5. xIl'I'!'I11lIlI,ll1!I, H. Hzlln-ra. ll, 5. IIIYIIIQILI2-LX , XX, 1XIl'QillI1IIIl,kII'., .X, I'.. .I41gQ0r, K. XX. I'luIl1ps. -Ir. .Xml III fwf1!1fr'1'.' I". N. l5l'lll1sxxim'I4. XX'. lf. lluvy. Ill. R. .X. Icmslin, Il. Xl. 'I'I'Il'4IIll.lIl. 'Q-'P' HSI Bark Rmcu' R. Derbyshire, R. H. Hallett, H. Kimball, jr., Alan., Mr. Hudson, Coach, Mr. lYaughtel, fillllfll, N. li. Picchione, .4.tx'I. Jlflrzn., VV. j. Maguire, jr., H. Arnold. Third Row: l.. li. Barber, jr., A. P. Carpenter, ll. Langdon, jr., D. li. Finger, C. F. X. Hartnett, F. S. Brunswick, NV. S. Lindblad. B. Bates. Semnd Row: R. Sinkinson, N. M. Fales, H. Armbrust, D. E. Pearce, R. S. Sleicher, R. T. jackson, D. A. Swindells, F. R. Gleason, jr., R. S. Naden, jr. Fran! Rmv: R. A. Wilson, jr., C. j. Craig, jr., R. A. Sadler, P. L. Monroe, ll, XV. S. Houston, Ca-Capl., R. S. Tainsh, A. R. Crowe, j. W. Vlleeks, R. O. Briggs. No! in p1'rturf'.' A. li. Miller, jr., C0-Capt., R. B. Graham. 11 .Q ff 'd ' , :ii is . h ii D, Varsity' E 3322? Football ,- F 3' " i Jw XYILLIAM S. HOUSTON HOWARD K1xm,u,L, jk. ARTHUR li. MlI.I.ER, jk. Manager C0-Captains SCHEDULE M.B. Opp. Oct. 7 Dean Academy 18 6 Oct. 14 St. George's School 13 12 Oct. 24 Tabor Academy 6 0 Nov. 4 Governor Dummer Academy 7 12 Nov. 11 Thayer Academy 7 32 l 49 l .4 .v--F-. W ' fi 'am xl Hllllil ti i ff t........l ff , nm GH. '17nlA'vF' El HI TIIIII Imran fl! nfl-' RMU: Il. .X,fliIlnQ1'e, If. 'If RiCI11u'cIs, zlr., II. Y. Tingley, jr., I". ll. Towle, 2mI, If. Ii. S:nl'g1-Ill, jr. NI: Rzllm-ze, fmnlz, R. II. Iwtlml, jr., .IIfH1., I.. 5. 1-ulrlsxmlh. S1'1'uml Row: II, II. Ifzxxwetl, Ir., R. .-X. Nlaurscllo R I4 Iuxxm-. ll R -Xxux I I Ik 1I Q. ' ' . . , C. 'rkzuf er.. klr,, I3: XY. I.Inhcr, jr., .X. I.. Ilursl, jr., QX. IC. jugger. Frnnl Rama' I-. R. I5llllIIl, ,Ir,, Ia. I,. I'urreII, Ii. I'. Itilltlll, 5. I7. I'8I'j1llSOlI, R. If. 'If Slraliglll, IT. XY. IiiCIm1'IIs I' X IIlllIx'-p R II HIL lin 1 Ylllfll ifllm II ' 3 ' vii , , f I . ' .. 1 , . "es ,j '. . 12 ' .l . I Iz1kc,AIr., R. I,. I'OI'lll2lll. Q fl 1. V. IQ? FOOIIDGII Q21 5. gg-'QR AL1-Rmm I.. lIl'Rs'r, -Ill. C'11ph1i11 SCIII-1lDl'I,l-I ,II.B. Opp. Uvl. 6 Ifzlsl Side- IQZIIIIIIIUFS 0 25 Url. 30 Alclrich junior Varsity 6 0 1501 Burk Kuiu: R. l'oy'lon, fvfltllill. j. Xl. Hrogclell, jr.. XX'. Ci. l3:u'ney, jr.. fi. R. l'oylon, l'. Sykes, .ll1H1. 1lIl'HjRU'ZL'.' lXlr. llulton. L'ni1fl1..'X. Nlililluer-1, i'.S,lloi-nily, lf, lf. Tortolinii. R. j. lleeflc, jr.. R. R. C'rnslm3'. lr. Sm'm11iRfm'.' D. li. Lulnruno, R. I. linilnlm, ll. XX', .-Xlmel, jr., C. il. I-lclwamls, jr.. IJ. lirnhzun, li. Xl. Sciilcl, l ll. llevkell. jr.. lf. XX'. NlLlllllA0l'll. ISVIUII Kms: XX'. Koen, jr.. XX'. ll. Stewart. N. if Urcull, if .'X. Roliinson, lun' ' lll. I. I. lfilherl, Ii., R. ll. XX ellei, lX, R. .X. joshn, l.. j. I-uely. jr. .Xml 111 Dlrlllrz. l3.Ixer1,.X. l.. ' kei- son, ll. X'. Volhns, jr., ll. Xl. 'lil-ienlmzin, j. Y. Sweet. 'lf I3.Gi'ee11hinlgl1. XX'. ll. Vrossnmn, jr., j. li. l'uyzu1. X6 N. Middlers' fr llvl. -l UCI. 18 UCL 25 Nox Nov. 8 Nm j . .. Ne: ' A 'L NVD -4 gf ' f X N ' if llxlzlcifzk Sv 14155 .llzznalqvr l'rox'iclL-imc C'ountry Day School Sm-konk junior High School Sl. Dunst:1n's School Proviclcncc Country Day School Scckonk junior High School St. Dunslzufs School l51l Football .ll.l5. 4 Z0 21 15 I3 38 Opp. ll ll ll l3 7 0 ,., , . li U . 1 49 Hmk R1m'.' li. lx.1., .xI'XK'L'ZlJII,yll'.. l.f., HTCSIIII, R1 . HCYZHI, H, .X Rumlull, R. Nl. lic-ckcti, X. ll Slum-. .S-Fllfflll Rama' K. .X. Nl.u'slmH, K. il, INIIIUXVIOS, XY. .X, 4Vl'onnm', -Ir., D. P. HFUQIICII. K. Il. -Iuslin .X. lf. llglrlny. vlr. l'vl'lPlll Rrmk' 17. if Nlcl'rill141u,.'X,l'.i'1'0es, DMX. ixlllikxk, l'.ll.lZuiIlcmol1c.ll. Nlt'f.llSli9I', vlr. -I. S. l':llNllI'lI5. .531-' Bumblebees f Football w f RIVIINIUNIJ H. ,IUsl,lN lil-:NNI-:'r11 A. N1ARSllAlI c'0-f1llf7ftlI1ll.8' SCI l lilll NLE 11.13. Opp. Url. 5 IVlusL-ra Iirown Fourth l11tn-l'l1wclizm-s 7 U Uvt. 18 Musa-s Brown Ifourth Inu-rim-flizltm-s 36 U l52I T f!,4"lQg V .iw i A 'S 1 , "1. Hnrk Raw: Nlr. llowe. C'utu'l1, R. .x.fiOl1Z2ll8Z, lf. Xl. Allen, lf, l'. Coop, XY. F. llttu I3 D. XX hnte, .X lx Brunner. -SVKTIHIII Raw: .-X. tl. Brniley, li. S. XYinsoi-, I-I. gl. Lownes, Ill, R. S. linibh. li, Nl. l'ei-ry, ll. S2lIllAOI'fl. l'lI'UlIfR1VIl'.'j.S. lNlei'Chnnt, Znll, .X. Horrell, lf, if Roberts, ll. ll. jencks, Clllfif., l'. if. foolx 'll I l' 1' itlx .-X. pl. Reeves. .Val in pifinrf: R. l.. Smart, .llr111., lj. lf. Smith. ,. X 7 y f 'AQX f-X +-. nf' Cross Qijgg Country Q li 4, Q ego it I X iffy Iuvls C. jicxcxs RLJliIiR'l' I.. Sxilxwl' C'upfrz1'11 .lla Nfl-QFI' SCHEDULE ilf.B, Opp. Oct. 6 Barrington High School 29 26 Oct. I3 linst Providence High School 28 27 North Kingston High School 88 Het. 20 Hope High School 17 38 Nov. 3 Cross Clonntry Carnival nt l,ziSzillc Avzitln-lny Zntl l,l'lCl' Nov. T Pawtucket lizist High School 28 27 Nov. l3 Mount Plczlsniit High School 23 47 Classical High School 58 l53l EE' X -. Y... wnr, . M ziarsaim Lituminngrl -i v, S .l . l r I Q fs-,rl . v ' I I.- sf' ' I, 'Y' .fb ll Tin Qc W1 f I-' 1 MN- - , , ,Y -, we . u .5 -,'.'-' - ., g'fa'u.""" " I 51' Q 5 . f W 5' ilk t' 'f Q I ew WlNTElQ Review: lanuary through March Winter Track Varsity Wrestling Varsity Swimming Micldlers' Basketball Proscenium Club 1'Q ru- ,xj,,' A Ti-1. Wu'-a fl.'Ffx' "rf, fax: gnu, f- Llnv.,-,.,' ' ' P 'n F.-IJ" . , 1 , . -,, ., , i L A . -Q ,H .l,', -.rp uf Q' .- H I 1 l ' X K ll si-N , -nf. K 7 f ff , .1 5 , January through March " . . .it was Tuesday, january ninth, and school reopened at eight-thirty a.m. " During our joyous white Christmas vaca- tion-a vacation of letter-carrying, ice skating, skiing, and for most of us just plain work-Moses Brown had quietly waited for us to return. And we returned. We returned to a Moses Brown that was keyed scholastically for some of the longest Honors and High Honors Lists the school has ever had, and keyed socially for a season when the Tea Dances and the Prom were to be the best yet. We returned to see our winter sportsmen turn in new individual records and have generally successful sea- sons. We returned also to say good-bye, for a while, to the mid-year graduating Sen- iors. On january 27 the Senior Prom, given in honor of those who had sweated out the hot summer, was held in Alumni Hall. Fifty-one couples and "Hank" Arnold were present to dance to the excellent music provided by Ed Drew and his orchestra. On February 2 the twenty Summer School Seniors became Alumni, while the rest of us sang to them for the last time "Long Live the Good School. " "And in this corner. . . " The grapplers turned in a very commendable record. Sharing honors among the matmen were Eaton, Bob joslin, Captain Paul Cook, jencks, and Gilmore, the Crusher. Captain Cook wrestled an undefeated season. The swimming team was handicapped by the loss of Captain Briggs at mid-year. Milt Brier succeeded to Bob's place and proceeded to bring new honors to the team and the school. With his timing down to 1:08 in the century breaststroke, Milt set a new school record and took second l il. :agp LEW 56 in the Nationals at Trenton, New jersey. At home we received health cards as notice of mumps that was spreading around. Some caught the afiliction: others didn't. Off and on, we were visited by Alumni in the services, many of whom were about to go overseas. And then came the familiar story of " Little Willie, " a tradition at school, as Old Man Winter gave us one of the whitest winters in years. Leaving it to the "Howemen," we learned how! Except that the team was dogged by ill luck that deprived it of its rightful place at the Private School Cham- pionships, the team ran a very successful schedule. Similarly, Mr. Hutton's Middlers' Basketball team came close to an unde- feated season, winning six out of eight games. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Mitchell, proved to be one of the school's most popular activities. The Club sang at the Christmas and the spring plays produced by the Proscenium Club. With a nod to the Lincoln School Tormentors, Moses Brown produced Dulcy. Directed by Mrs. Thomas, the play starred Nina Pres- cott. At Lincoln M r. Pim Passes By was put on. Both casts, ably supported by produc- tion crews, gave excellent performances. Then, what with the baseball players warming up and everyone catching spring fever, it was evident that the winter season was drawing to a close. The Chess Club, after an active term, closed the boards, the Track team began to run outdoors, and the tennis rackets were being restrung. And so, as we can read in the little " Blue Book," our spring recess began on the twenty-second of March. . .Winter was once more behind us. l Burk Row: R. I.. Duval, XY. S. Lindblacl, ti. S. Kenney, li. E. Berlcancler, jr., M. Thompson, jr., S. 'l'. .-Xllenson, F. B. Sargent, jr., H. XY. Luther, jr., R. I. Knibb, P. j. Grimes, jr., P. F. Smith, j. S. Nlerehant, 2nil, Mun., I.. j. Trietlnian, .l.vs't. Mun. Svrmzd Row: Nlr. tirifhth, Cmzrlz, C. VV. hlegathlin, jr., XY I' l'tter, A. j. Reeves. I.. li. Barber, jr., S. IJ. Ferguson, Ii. C. Roberts, R. S. Naclen, jr., If. R. llleasc IU. S. Woodman, P. I.. Monroe, II, D. li. Pearce, lf. S. XYinsor, Mr. Ilowe, Cllllfh. Frvnf Row: Tainsh, R. S. Knibb, Il. j. Arnold, U. B. Snycler, jr., D. C. jencks, Cupl., C. Craig, jr., Cupl., R. S. Sleich- er, li. XY. jarret, R. .-X. IYilson, jr., R. H. Hallett. Not in pirmrzz' IT. S. Brunswick, li. NI. Perr-', Robert shajv, III. Winter 'f , Q I Track ttf X. JZ ff n, A lib C. jmnas CRAIG, jk. IJAYIS C. jl2NcKs C0-Caplains jan. 20 j an. 27 Feb. l Feb. 9 Feb. 17 Feb. 20 March 3 SCHEDVLI2 Hope High School Roxbury Latin School La Salle Academy Central High School Noble and Greenongh School Tabor Academy Mount Pleasant High School Private School Championships l57l jonN S. MERCHAN illanager M.B. Opp. 40 23 49 14 271.1 49 if ti Cancelled 30 33 34952 28M at' lVI.I.'I'. 4th Place Jn, jr., R. S. y A. li. T, II ,, V' W . Q jim lll'lQl ly , rg, it I ' 'M' Burk Raw: NY. Nl. hlcformick, Mun., l". Nl. Allen, .-X. li. Nichols, H. H. Fawcett, lr., F. llllllblill 1 . llihlms, l.. S. ilolclsn1ilh,.N. B. Smith, bl. Brogmlen, slr., li. S. XVhittaker. Frou! Row: R. I3 l ovxnes Romain O. Ihucacss lVlll,TUN l. Brunei: G' qv! C 'Il fnfafi ns jan. jan. lfcln. li-ln. l' 1-ll. Nlarcll . . Y i 'AJ l, ' .K . fy- -. y... Y.. ', ,-'-.,I.-xy x . ' '. , u 'li' f ."'-1 , :rl LH. llrunncr, lr Nl I Brier Cup! R U Briggs Cup! C- W Henderson lr. ll. li. l'1ll'IlSXN'0l' ., .,.. ,A, Sinkinson. ,Vnl rn pzflzmz' R. lx. K.. Arwezon, jr. S Swimming I K X .. L Varslty , XX 1, i J .X XY. MlERRll.l. NlCQORNlIllx SC" ,ll.B. Pawtucket WL-st High School 21 St. Gcorgc-'s School 22 Pawtuckct East High School 31 Pawtuckct East High School 22 Pawulckct XYL-st High School 28 Brown llnivcrsity lntcrscholaslics 5 l 58 l .lla nager Opp 45 4-l 3 5 44 36 th Placi- Burk Row: K. Mzirshzill, ll YY. Richards. D. li. Finger. U. A. Gilmore, F. H. Beckett. jr., lf. XY. Klum- forcl. li. j. Clalely, jr., D. XY. Hart. Zlffun. Frou! Row: R. XV. Klcfiregor, R. S. l.. Kinder, ll. if jeucks, l'. if Vook, jr., Cafzl., R. li. Eaton. XY. S. Houston, R. A. joslin. No! in p1'1'l1m': .-X. AI. Reeves. I',x1'l. C. C 9 ! :31s' Varsity ' miyl W restlmq l l fl- '5 ' ooK. jk. I7-win XY. H.xR'r C11 Pla in .l 1' zz 71 a ger SC'HliDl' M13 opp. jam. 17 liust Providence High School 13 25 hlzm. 20 Tabor Aczulciuy 16 15 jim. 24 Proviclvucc fouutry Day Svhool 23 I3 -lam. 27 Roxbury Lutiu School I3 21 blllll. Sl fc-utral High School 21 I3 lfclm 27 Hope High School 3 27 l 59 l . 'V-. -l 9,,,. V" .v.A6ax,.'xN.':1v,:.'-EJ 'X ri 'wif EQ! Viailiiin i i i . F 1"4' '. 01, G.. 'TMJ' ' 1 i 1 1 liilflc Kurs: R, ln, I.S1r111gh1, XX. l . HAIFIICY, -Ir., H. ll.51ew.11-1, .-X. lf. Bramley, NIV. Hutton, Lmifll, N . . . , .. .. Ill K. A l1'11l111m'0 lirowii, Nl, I. l.1 151111. l'rm1lR1m'.' H. X. 5. l111gley, jr., K. H. l'1lIm1, 1'., j. .I-llber , V . Ril lll N 1 U1 . 1 J J JJHISUII, , 1. Tull, ll, XX'..Xl1el,-Ir., lf. lf. 'l'or1ul1111i. .V11li1lfJif'f1m'.' ll. li. Hhike, jr., 5. :X. Huy Il., 1 , 1.. I4.1I11'q11'1ls,xI1'., K, l.. l'o1'1111111. 1v11Q1d1efS' Basketball '1 91 C:.j lil lf A1.1cx.1N1m1c11 Rulslxwx, lll Ro111fR'1' fiflflfll in Si'I'HClDl'l.lC ,lI.B. I1111. I3 Hugh li. Bain 'lllllifll' High Sclmol 35 Olllll. 30 l,i11col11 -Illllifil' High S1'l1ooI 44 Ifi-lm. T l'rm'i1h-111'1- Ciullillry Daly Sclmul 43 I91-lm. 10 Sl. A111lru11"sS1'i1m1l xl. Vfs 48 I91-lm. I0 l'1'm'i1l1'111'1' ciillllll ry l7z1yS1'l1or1i 43 Mxirrh I gXI1lri1'l1 klllllifll' High School 50 Mz11'1'h 8 Sl. .'Xlllil't'XV'S School Varsity 39 Miirvh IZ fiI'ilIlSlUIl XYr1-11s 26 .IX 71 , XX nun H 211 . -i I in' Q- ," -E'R11y fb. I 60 I lu. I. STR 111 Ill ,llllIIl!AQl'I' OPP so 21 ll zz 17 42 I5 78 xn X X wx - J..." pl' n vnu '33 I l3lE2fiifL5Ui'f.,'4I Si Li.u's1sf'am.g'ri '1 - ' V2-1 I-1 ,fi W 'N EW ' A A 431'-u-fn? Ks fr- nummlwfrgi' mg? llIruns.iu4fQi 'W SPl2lNG Review: April to Commencement Varsity Baseball Varsity Tennis Middlers' Baseball , Wearers of the M. B. Burnblebees' Baseball Cum Laude Spring Track Prizes CAwarded February and june 19441 1' 1. - " . , fg,',',n'x ,WSH- f,,,-., ,. .qs-. .- 'L 1-,,., Y - '4 :N '-,. -. f 1-5-5' . tu., me .ts .ng i .V ,, -in . i X X 'at - 'rnfl' . "I 77551 , , W , . P April to Commencement Our spring rest period was soon over, and we drifted back to School for two more terms of education. A complete new sched- ule of sports and activities greeted us on our return. Tennis rackets, baseball gloves, and javelins abounded: and, if it had not been for classes and homework, life would have been supremely enjoyable. The grounds were covered with reclining boys during recess and the noon hour, and all signs pointed to the fact that Spring was here to stay-Commencement was but a short two months ahead. On Saturday, April 7, the Seniors straggled down to Brown for a day of Col- lege Board Exams, which left most of us in an "Oh, well, I didn't want to go to college anyhow" mood. The next week we omitted three periods while the whole School wrestled with the Cooperative English Tests, which, by comparison, seemed easy. As was made evident by Assistant MOSAIC Photographer McCormick rushing around the campus taking pictures for the last plate, the work on the MOSAIC was being brought to a quick completion. The old Delphian Board put together its final issue and, with a sigh of relief, turned over the work for the last issue of the year to the new staff. Spring sports forged ahead as usual. The baseball team shaped up very well, starring Captain Mathieu and Bill Weeks from last year's squad and blessed with an abundance of pitching material, including Ed jarret. Coach Herman built a powerful tennis squad, led by Captain Douglas, Bates. Ingraham, and Small, all lettermen. The track team, although its chances of winning many meets were slight, worked hard, had a good time, and at least acquired an early l r if - im 64 tan. Everybody trained feverishly for at least two days in preparation for the an- nual interclass track meet, which the Fourth Form won after a hotly contested struggle. A junior Track Association was formed, and track for the younger fellows was really organized. With teams including Henry Barnard, East Providence Central, Seekonk, and Moses Brown, a regular schedule was adopted, to be climaxed by a championship meet on May 26 in the Pierce Memorial Stadium at East Provi- dence. With peace in Europe imminent and the world scene looking infinitely brighter to all of us, the President's sudden and un- timely death on April 12 came as a shock and saddened all of us. School was ad- journed on April 13, while the whole coun- try went into mourning. Regardless of political faiths, it was very clear to all of us that a great and courageous leader had passed away. A Mr. Mitchell's extensive music program continued, and the Sunday afternoon or- chestra, after many Sundays of faithful practice, turned out a full-fledged concert on April 22. The classrooms grew hotter and hotter, more and more ties and collars were undone, and eyes and minds frequent- ly drifted out the windows, away from the subjects at hand. On May 18 the annual father and Son Day was, as usual, enjoyed by all, with Mr. Howe's track program running off with admirable efficiency. The days grow longer, and the weather daily becomes less conducive to school work. We settle down, however, and begin to prepare for our finals, and the Prom, Commencement, and summer are just a few short weeks ahead. l Bark Row: Mr. Raines, Coarh: Mr. XVaughtel, Coarh: Mr. Hudson, Coach. Fourth Row: D. Langdon, jr., C. A. Robinson, III, D. S. VVoodman, j. K. Dean, E. T. Richards, Jr. Third Row: F. G. Towle, 2nd, -I. j. Gilbert, jr., R. Ii. Lownes, D. S. XVoodman, A. I-. Hurst, jr., NV. H. Stewart, D. XV. Abel, jr. Setfmul Row: AI. P. Cady, jr., N. C. Orcutt, R. NV. Farwell. F. R. Gleason, jr., E. 1V.jarret, R. S. Tainsh. Front Row: H. W Armbrust, J. W. Weeks, R. B. Graham, R. C. Mathieu, Capt., C. F. X. Hartnett, A. P. Carpenter, A. E. Jagger. ROBERT C. IVIATHIEII April April April April May May May May May May May May May june jomx K. Dr-:AN Varsity ' Baseball , N , Captain " ' IPX Jllanager SCHEDULE Ill.B. Opp 18 Pawtucket V1'cst High School 0 0 21 Cranston High School 4 7 26 Hope High School 4 7 28 Thayer Academy 8 6 2 Mt. Pleasant High School 7 3 5 La Salle Academy 9 East Providence High School 12 Dean Academy 16 Tabor Academy 19 St. George's School 23 Pawtucket East High School 26 Huntington School 29 North Attleboro High School 2 Tabor Academy I 65 l fn ,x,X iiiiiiimi luis' X K, A ,xx F' ra ' V - x ', :Tm f I Bark Row: A. l.. Pinkerson, l.. Trieclmnn. Mr. llutlon, C'm1f11,' ID. G. l.uhrzmo, R. l.. Forniin 'I 1 1 Row: D. B. Horton, B. XV. l.uther, jr., R. H. Kimball, li. F. Tortolnni, ll. C. Blake, jr., R. .-X. Nlirbe o R. A. joslin, l'. H. llormly. Serum! Row: 'l'. NV. lickstein, li. M. Allen, lf. B. Sargent, lr., XV. Keen, r Andrews, l.. N. Udnms, A. li. Nichols, l". NV. lxllllllfllffl. Fran! Row: 'l'. li. joslin, R. R. Crosby, Nnznrelll, j. li. l'uyam, Nl. j. Lipson, j. M. Brogden. jr., l'. ii. liclwnrmls, jr., NV. F. Burney, jr. fi' X - i lnnrun iwjli ,, IAN' A5 W . 1 rw ' ' Micldlers 1. Baseball g? dm' ll! QQ'-lk I'-l i K . ROBERT E. T. STRAIG111' Caplain SCHEDULIE 11.13. 0 April Providence Country Day School 6 8 May Open May Open May Lincoln junior High School May Providence Country Day School May Lincoln junior High School june Aldrich junior High School l66l liurle Row: R. G. lngersoll. R. C. Bevan, jr., C. R. Farnhzlm, H. C. Hess, jr., NV. B. llreeuough, Ill, Nlr. f.l'9SSlll2lIl, C0llt'lI. Serond Row: T. G. Breslin, R. M. Beckett, R. H. joslin, B. A. Randall, R. K. G. .-Xrwezon, jr., j. S. limlwarcls. l"rm1lRmv: N. B. Shore, H. McCusker, -Ir., A. C. Crees, D. A. Amick, NV. A. O'C'onn0r, jr., K. G. Knowles, R. A. Gonmlez. 'N Bumblebees' Baseball I 1. flu 'O' SCHEDULE M.B. opp. l 67 l .. x fg,.A,j. ,. lx. . X. k sl xv!! llllll 1 ,-' I I'lm'k Row: Mr. llowe, clllllfllf Mr. iiritlilh, COLZIII. Fifth Row: S. Merchant, Il, lllamzqvrq QR. Beetle. ll, t lrnhann, Nl. ll. Cannell, jr., P. Grimes, jr., ll. C. Merriman, R. S. NVhitt11ker, Il. lXl. Triecllnnn, .lxxixle mi Xl St W W it I r I Br telx fllamigffr. lfllllffll Row: . eere, li. I. 'a erman, M. ' 'honipson, j ., ll. '. ogden, IC. j. lin ", ' 1 " 1 Q 7 ir nner. . Fri cric s 3. . I5 ck lt, r., ll. Il. Fawcett, r., li. Il. XYhite. I1.,lx..X.Nlnsh1ll, X.l.l u j el .h,l H e e j j Illini Rmu: W. IJ. l'rossnu1n, jr., li. li. Berkunder, jr., l'. F. Smith, XV. j. Maguire, jr., W. S. Lindblad, ll. ,-X, tlihnore, A. R. frowe, C. XY. Briggs, jr., IT. li. Finger, R. ll. XVeller, IV. Scuruizd Row: I'-I. IXI. Perry, C. XY. Nleguthlin, jr., li. S. NVinsor, S. 'l'. Allenson, R. I. Knihb, XV. F. Utter, l', I. Monroe, ll, li. XY. Hender- son, jr., ll. R. Smith. jr., R. F. Eaton, IJ. VV. Richards. 1"ronlRnw: I.. I-I. llarber, jr., F. S. Brunswick, H. j. Xrnolcl, if j. Vrziig, jr., t':1p!uir1,' I7. H. Snyder, jr., R. S. Nnclen, jr., ,-X. Reeves, S. D. Ferguson. :N fi.. Tino '4- 2 Illlfll 5 lmrmrnrllii , Qs - - -. Varsity . J 1, 5 - Track CI jmnas tfimlts, jk. jonw S. IVlliRl'lIAN'I', ll 6'apla1'r1 Y .lla IIIIQVI' SCHEDULE April 13 lntt-rclass Meet Winner, Class of 1946 M.B. Opp. April 20 Fast Providence High School and 4-I 53 Classical High School 7014 57 April 28 Hopc High School and S8 Mt. Pleasant High School 253.1 lVlz1y 5 Milton Academy lVlny I2 XYorcester AL'lllIL'lll5' Moy I9 Preparatory School Meet nt Andover Academy M.l.'I'. junior Varsity Ann-ricnn Legion Meet at Aldrich Field l68l May 24 May 30 l r 'M 1 r Y 1 Bark Row: Mr. Herman, Coarhg R. Sinlcinson. Third Row: S. Markowitz, A. M. Gilbert, VV. B. l"zu'ns- worth, jr., A. E. Miller, jr., D. S. Rockwood. Second Row: I. F. Knowles. D. li. Pearce, xl. 'l'. Townsenml, R. U. Knowles, B. Derbyshire. Fran! Row: XV. H. Clallin, S. XV. lngraham, R. S. Douglas, CiLph11'n,' B. Bates F. XY. Small, jr. f k . Xbxh 1 li 5, ' QD T ' - ri - ' wh, X X Varslly S Tennls i x RUSSELL S. DOUGLAS WILLIAM B. FARNSWORTH, JR. Captain Manager SCHEDULE M .B. O May 16 Tabor Academy june 2 Portsmouth Priory School l69l :Jim f . A fig.-X: A A X X l FE- "k1.fQC"4I u ,L l-nam, 1 Wearers OI the M. B. THE BLUE M.B. Football, Baseball, Track, and Tennis U F 5 5 5 I' P 3 E N' 'N Z Umm '55 330 55 ESE ' P QF E-I T3 N3 'CIE' 'N Y PCI . BATES, Tennis II, III, IV: Football IV . B. BEEDE, Tennis III, Baseball IV M. l. BRIER, Swimming IV' R. O. BRIGGS, Football V L. BARBER, JR., Track III B C. JENCKS, Track I V, Cross Country' H . KIMBALL, JR., Football V S. KNIBB, Traek III, IV D. LANGDON, JR., Football IV F. S. BRUNSWICK, Track IV W. S. LINDBLAD, Football V A. P. CARPENTER, Football IV R. C. MATHIEU, Baseball IV W. H. CLAFLIN, Tennis III A. E. MILLER, JR., Football IV, V P. C. COOK, JR., Baseball IV .P. L. MONROE, II, Football IV C. CRAIG, JR., Track II, III,- Football III, IV R. S. NADEN, JR., Football V A. . CROWE, Football V R. A. SADLER, JR., Football V R. S. DOUGLAS, Tennis IV R. SINKINSON, Tennis III, Football I V N. M. FALES, Track III, Baseball IV, Football V R. S. SLEICHER, Track III, I V D In E 2 C1 FI P 3 S S 71 W. SMALL, JR., Tennis IV F. R. GLEASON, JR., Football IV D. B. SNYDER, JR., Track III R. B. GRAHAM, ootball III, I V, Baseball III D. A. SWINDELLS, Football V R. H. HALLETT, Trask III R. S. TAINSH, Baseball III, Football III, IV . F. X. HARTNETT, Baseball III, Football IV . A. HORRELL, Tennis IV . S. HOUSTON, Football IV, V 'Special award W. F. UTTER, Track IV J. W. WEEKS, Baseball III, Football V R. A. WILSON, JR., Foodzalt V 2"'f7 THF WHITE M.B. Cross Country, Swimming, and Wrestling F. M. ALLEN, Swimming III J. A. HORRELL, Cross Country V H. B. BEEDE, Swimming IV D. C. JENCKS, Cross Country III, I Vg Wrestling II, M. I. BRIER, Swimming III R. O. BRIGGS, Swimming IV, V J. P. CADY, JR., Cross Country V A. P. CARPENTER, Wrestling IV III, IV, V R. A. JOSLIN, Wrestling II R. S. KNIBB, Cross Country IV W. S. LINDBLAD, Swimming IV P. C. COOK, JR., Wrestling III, IV, Vg Cross Country V W. M. MCCORMICK, Swimming IV W. D. DUNBAR, Swimming IV J. S. MERCHANT, II, Cross Country IV R. F. EATON, Wrestling IV A. E. MILLER, JR., Wrestling IV W. B. FARNSWORTH, JR., Swimming IV R. S. NAOEN, JR., Cross Country IV D. A. CIILMORE, Wrestling IV J. F. PAULSON, Swimming III D. W. HART, Wrestling V R. W. PHILLIPS, JR., Cross Country III, IV C3 . Vw. HENDERSON, JR., Swimming V A. J. REEVES, Cross Country V E. C. ROBERTS, Cross Country V THE MINOR M.B. Champion Middlers' Teams D. W. ABEL, JR., Baseball I, Football II A. E. JAGGER, Baseball III H. W. ARMBRUST, Football III R. A. JOSLIN, Football II 2 C W Z z F3 F ? 31 S 3' 2 'N N 2 KEEN, JR., Football III R. J. BEEDE, Football II R. I. KNIBB, Football III R. R. CROSBY, JR., Football II R. B. LOWNES, Baseball III T. W. ECKSTEIN, Baseball II, Football II N. C. ORCUTT, Baseball II, Football III S. D. FERGUSON, Football II E. T. RICHARDS, JR., Baseball II nnvwmx mwgmmn . A. ROBINSON, III, Baseball II, Football III . SINKINSON, Football III . R. SMITH, Football III H. STEWART, Baseball II, Football III . E. T. STRAIGHT, Baseball II, Football II . F. TORTOLANI, Football II . L. FORMAN, Baseball II . MGATELY, JR., Football III . . GILBERT, Football IV J. GILBERT, JR., Baseball II, Football III S. GORMLY, Football II . F. X. HARTNETT, Football III A. I.. HURST, JR., Football III L. J. TRIEDMAN, Football III R. H. WELLER, IV, Football III I70l , n:. ,H A 'rn ,J Q' I r -I 5 iff.-'Q f.f',xQr.J.-Q." Hfdlttt, I .Ll,.r,,'- A , 4 I.. -.4 -' ' 5' f HN ' 3. 1 . - ..' , ,A lj ' ' - .- . l S 'GIS I-F1 ciifr-Q .- :U . U The Moses Brown School Chapter of 1930 Fifth Form SILAS R. ANTHONY HERBERT L. DORRANCE, JR JOHN M. GROSS BANCROFT LITTLEEIELD JOHN A. MARTIN 1931 Fifth Form RICHARD B. BAKER NORMAN B. DODGE Fourth Form RICHARD C. SCOTT 1932 Fifth Form FRANCIS B. KEENEY, JR. RICHARD V. MELVILLE ALBERT L. SCOTT, JR. Fourth Form RICHARD V. CHASE, JR. LANGAN W. SWENT 1933 Fifth Form ALFRED R. STOKES SAMUEL H. WAUGHTEL, JR. Fourth Form DAGGETT H. HOWARD ROBERT L. SCOTT EDWARD A. WHITARER 1934 Fifth Form DONALD P. LIND SAMUEL L. WAGNER RANDALL H. YOUNG Fourth Form IRVING H. CHASE 1935 Fifth Form CLARENCE E. BOSTON, JR. DANTE CAMPAGNA-PINTO PHILIP A. HARTLEY, 2ND CHARLES H. PALMER LEROY A. SCHREIBER Fourth Form THOMAS E. STEERE, JR. Cum Laude In recognition of meritorious attainments 1936 Fifth Form CHARLES J. Fox ROBERT H. STANLEY Fourth Form JOHN W. STEERE EARL C. TIXNNER CHARLES H. WEISRER 1937 FQ'th Form ROBERT S. INGRAM RICHARD F. STAPLES Fourth Form JOHN E. CLARK RALPH H. KEENEY ROBERT P. LATHROP CARTER PALMER ANDREW H. SKINNER, JR. THEODORE F. TUCKER 1938 FQ'th Form EDMUND F. ARMSTRONG FRANCIS L. FOSTER, JR. GEORGE C. THOMPSON GEORGE R. URQUHART, JR. Fourth Form HARRY L. HALLIWELL HENRY C. LIND 1939 Fifth Form TRISTRAM P. COI-'EIN MANUEL E. KANE Fourth Form WILLIAM L. HEDGES ALLEN MCCONNELL SAMUEL C. PARSONS 1940 Fifth Form GERALD E. MYERS Fourth Form FREDERIC W. EASTON, 3RD EDGAR B. PHILLIPS, 2ND JOHN D. WICKS, JR. 1711 1941 Fifth Form RICHARD G. BATESON ALLEN F. DAY JOHN R. EAVES FRANK H. HORTON Fourth Form DAVID L. EMERSON N. VAN S. MUMFORD, JR. HOWARD S. YOUNG, JR. 1942 Fifth Form JAMES P. ELDER ABBOT FLETCHER JOHN M. MILLER RICHARD H. WEBSTER Fourth Form ROBERT W. BOOLE E. GARDNER JACOBS, JR. JOHN W. LITTLEFIELD 1943 Fifth Form DONALD ASHTON FRANKLIN P. EMERSON JOHN J. HANC ROBERT J. HARRINGTON CARL A. LINDBLAD, JR. HENRY B. RATHBONE Fourth Form JOHN L. EASTON ARTHUR D. HALENBECK WILFRED M. PICKLES JOHN D. PITTS 1944 Fifth Form WILLIAM H. JOSLIN ROBERT S. SIOUSSAT L. TERRELL GARDNER, JR. Fourth Form JOHN S. MERCHANT, II .fl 'v I. I B Pmzes Awarded February CFD and June I 944 FOUNDER'S PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCHOLARSHIP First Form . . Second Form . . Third Form . Fourth Form First Prize . . Second Prize . Honorable Mention First Prize . . Second Prize . Honorable Mention . . . . . . . . . . . RALPH ROBINSON CROSBY, JR. . . . . . . . . . . . ROBERT COURTLAND KNOWLES . ARTHUR EDMUND JAGGER . . . . . . . . JOI-IN STINESS MERCHANT, II SENIOR DECLAMATION PRIZE HENRY LINWOOD BARKER . ......... 'JOSEPH WILLIAM NUTTER, JR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ABBOTT JAY REEYES CLASS OF 1914, DECLAMATION PRIZE Un Memory of John L. Hubbard, 'MJ DAVID EARL PEARCE I ..... i . 'DONALD BERTRAM SNYDER, JR. . . . . . . . . . . . . MAURICE ADELMAN, JR. PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN FRENCH WILLIAM HARRY JOSLIN IFJ WILRRED MEAD PICKLES PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN LATIN WILLIAM MERRILL MCCORMICK THE ANTONIO EUGENE CAPOTOSTO PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ELEMENTARY LATIN Un Memory of Antonio Eugene Capotosto of the Class of 19331 WILLIAM FERGUSON HOEY, III THE THOMAS J. BATTEY PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE JOHN DORSEY PITTS CFI LAWRENCE TERRELL GARDNER, JR. PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN MATHEMATICS JOHN DORSEY PITTS QFD THE RENSSELAER ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MEDAL FOR EXCELLENCE IN MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE ARTHUR DAVIS HALENBECK PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN AMERICAN HISTORY ROBERT STEWART SIOUSSAT IFJ WILFRED MEAD PICKLES THE SOPHIA L. PITMAN PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ART CPresented by Eugene Kingman of the Class of 19281 PAUL FLETCHER SMITH THE JOHN MILTON PAYNE, ZND, PRIZES FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENGLISH FIRST FORM SECOND FORM THIRD FORM FOURTH FORM Un Memory of John Milton Payne, Znd, of the Class nf l927J First Prize ........... RALPH ROBINSON CROSBY, JR. Second Prize , . . MAURICE ADELMAN, JR First Prize . . ROBERT COURTLAND KNOWLES Second Prize . . REC-INALD WEBER WELLER, IV First Prize . . ARTHUR EDMUND JAGGER Second Prize , . PARKER LEWIS MONROE, II First Prize . , . JOHN STINESS MERCHANT, II Second Prize . . . . DANIEL ELIHU FINGER I 72 I UT- ,-1, i'3v . I, f,' 'Y' fl'1r I' 6 1. " I yi, - ',- -' 5. N ,-I .'-'-N'- I' ''f'.' , N 'R I'. 'E .J 1 1QI 1. - ,,, Nll xl ,,,. U4 I . - v 1 'I . ' ,Ab , "im ' ' Ii. : I . I . , FIFTH FORM First Prize . JOHN LOCKWOOD EASTON IFJ Second Prize . . JOHN DORSEY PITTS IFJ First Prize . . . . WILFRED MEAD PICKLES Second Prize . . . . ARTHUR DAVIS HALENBECK Honorable Mention .... . LAWRENCE TERRELL GARDNER, JR. THE SUSAN M. SEABURY PRIZES FOR ESSAYS ON PEACE AND INTERNATIONAL GOOD WILL fContest Open to blembers ofthe Fifth Formj First Prize . ........... WILFRED MEAD PICKLES Second Prize ..,.....,.. JOSEPH WILLIAM NUTTER, JR. THE HANNAH J. BAILEY PRIZES FOR ESSAYS ON PEACE First Prize .,........... FREDERIC SAMUEL BRUNSWICK Second Prize ,.......,.. DANIEL ELIHU FINGER Third Prize ....,....... . . HOWARD KIMBALL, JR. THE OBADIAH BROWN PRIZES FOR ESSAYS ON "OUR NATIVE TREES" FIRST FORM ............. RALPH ROBINSON CROSBY, JR. SECOND FORM ,........,. . CHARLES ZIMRI EDDY, ZND FOURTH FORM . , ROSCOE WENDELL PHILLIPS, JR. FII-'TH FORM ........,..., JOSEPH WILLIAM NUTTER, JR. THE CHARLES, ELLIOT, AND LYMAN BROWN PRIZE FOR GOOD CITIZENSHIP JOSEPH WILLI.XM NUTTER, JR. THE NEW ENGLAND FEDERATION OF HARVARD CLUBS BOOK PRIZE TO THE STUDENT OF THE FOURTH FORM WHO BEST COMBINES CHARACTER, INTEREST IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, AND SCHOLARSHIP JOHN STINESS MERCHANT, II THE HEADMASTER'S CUP FOR SCHOLARSHIP, SCHOOL SPIRIT, AND INFLUENCE JOHN I.0CKWOOD EASTON CFJ JOHN ASSERSON FLETCHER Permanent Athletic Trophies Awards of 1944 THE CHASE CUP FOR THE BEST INDIVIDUAL TENNIS PLAYER BARSTOW BATES THE FALL TOURNAMENT NOVICE CUP FOR TENNIS CDonaled by Albert Horton, 3rd, of Ihe Class of 19299 Senior Tournament ........ '. . . RUSSELL SIMPSON DOUGLAS Junior Tournament ............ JOHN ANTHONY HORRELL THE PAUL MESSER SWIMMING TROPHY CPresented by his M other in Memory of Paul Messer, 10355 JOSEPH WILLIAM NUTTER, JR. THE CHASE SHIELD FOR INTERCLASS TRACK CLASS OF 1945 THE ALBERT L. WENTWORTH, JR., '20, TROPHY CA 'warded to the Most Valuable Baseball Playerh LEIGH RICHMOND BREWER ATWATER, JR. I73I , ,J iff, ,f,'f3,-Igi .- ---A- 'Q ,lfgigi JA' '.fQ"'I: ' R qi -A .it , 'I w r '-I,.1'F-A-wr It-ealimlpl L I ' AT' E U , vi i xfs? 63555 .psig "LUG Q '4 !.a'n'a'l.' J QP5. 'l SKIN? In Appreciation: to The Alumni of Moses Brown School In the Services ESTABLISH ED 1818 G EXXCX1 ffl: C21 f I ?E???5? D Q V Kms rnishing,-.3,Sais afghues , 846 MADISON Avenue con. ronrv-rounrn slr. ZF- I New YORK 11, N.Y. X -rffwjp. THREE RS FOR Sfl-IOOLBUYS Rightness in style, Reputation in materials, I Nj Reliability in workmanship, in School Clothes AS 1 are as fundamental as any other three R's you f can think of. Here at Brooks Brothers they are ' to required subjects-all the way through, from the WP' First Grade to the Upper Forms-rand, in fact I f on through college, military service and business. eg Collarless Jacket-and-Shorls, 814 In 320 , Schoolboys' Suils, 832 to 838 if Sixth Floor Shop Suits, X43 to X55 ..N,.......h.., ,bmw BRANCHES ONE coL S:EE::LNEWY os:bN.:. s 0 YN X N ww ence M - 98- 90 0 apr I -gi xi' cf IIS llfl 1711 Q, nb 1 e 0 f-was Q06 we INSURANCE COMPANY 69 Q99 .L J . S . Q , Oi' QQ-Y. J o Oiixdsx fa QQ 11 99 ,Auf af an 'ON' INSURANCE COMPANY 5-XOKQVX' 1NcoRPonA'r12D 1928 Qxxf' Provggzglaxslmligeilglrilllimliriaiinlvfe Co. Y' PROVIDENCE ' RHODE ISLAND , PATRONIZE YOUR LOCAL COMPANIES X Your Agent or Broker Can Secure Our Policies SN Bequest "Providence Washington" or "Anchor" Policies ' Compliments of Mauney-Steel Company Buckley 84 Scott INC. OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL AND SERVICE HOME INSULATION ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION V 137 Broad Street Providence, R. I. Tcl . GAspec 4541 Compliment: of PROVIDENCE WALL PAPER HOUSE, Inc. 445 WESTM INSTER STREET S7755 N ARRAGANSETT ELECTRIC COMPA NY Camplimmtx of The Qlrutnn ibutel Providence, R. I. J. EDWARD DOWNES, Mgr. MOSES BROWN SCHOOL 417845 UPPER SCHOOL Accepts resident and non-resident pupils. Thorough preparation for College and Technical Schools. LOWER SCHOOL Home care for pupils. Athletics supervised by college men. A full Country Day School program for non-resident pupils Compliments of Gaco Corporation American Silk Spinning Company NEW ENGLAND BUTT COMPANY 304 PEARL STREET - - PROVIDENCE, R. I, Founders and Machinists BRAIIJING MACHINES TEXTILE MACHINERY WIRE ROPE MACHINERY INSULATED WIRE MACHINERY Get to Know GLADDING'S ltis A Friendly Store. Providence Picture Frame Co. "The Arcade Art Store " Botany, Sporting, Marine and Landscape Pictures Etchings and Art Goods Picture Framing 61 Arcade Bldg. Third Floor Providence, R. I. GIFFORD 8: COMPANY I nvestm ents 908 HOSPITAL TRUST BUILDING Phone GAspee 8642 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Complimentr of the AV O N T H E A T R E 260 THAYER STREET A. H. Leeming 8: Sons 0f R.I. General Contractors 8 Painters Rock Wool Insulation 109 WATERMAN STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. A. Preston Lecming, Mgr. Telephone Plant. 4093 Where You AL WA YS Shop With Conjidence Complimentx of WlLLEY'S, Inc. 77 EXCHANGE PLACE ' PROVIDENCE - - RHODE ISLAND GREETING CARDS FOUNTAIN PENS Super GOLDEN CHAIN LIBRARIES BO Complete Modern Automobile Service 290 THAYER STREET WESTERN UNICN BRANCH Orrxcn MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS 205 MEETING STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. "SUCK" STRAIGHT GAspec 9100 Proprietor GAspce 9101 LCDUIS CDLIVER f94f5 glam p a WALDORF for Formal Dances To HIRE NEW TUXEDOS WALDORF CLOTHING CO. Mcn's Formal Wear--Exclusively 212 UNION STREET, corner Weybosset JVIACICS, Inc. 262 THAYER STREET Caterers to Moses Brown School for the last 47 years THE BOOK SHOP C0m,,,,,,,e,,,, 5 GROSVENOR BUILDING PROVIDENCE, R. I. of 4 The Most Up-to-date Book Store FRIEND in Rhode Island Compliment! of COOPER 8: SISSON, Inc. Who have served Moses Brown School for Fifty-one Years EGGS - CHEESE - DAIRY PRODUCTS E .. nv" f BI T H R K - U 5. PAT UFE "Can't Corrode Cablesw Complimentx COMPLIMENTSA of the ofa CLASS OF 1900 FRIEND Telephone DEXTER 8073 JOHN E. MARTIN, Inc. BEEF, LAMB, PORK, POULTRY PROVISIONS AND CUT MEATS 213 CANAL STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. Compliments of T. P. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of 4 of a FRIEND FRIEND miNACOi- Model Craft, Hobbycraft Center Model Planes, Boats and Supplies of a v FRIEND 48 ARCADE BUILDING GA. 0487 COMPLIMENTS ofa Complimentx of FRIEND Graham Compliments 4 Cglunelnal THE CREW OF THE Sewice " V O D K A" BOSTON ' WORCESTER Comphmmn SPRINGFIELD of 4 PROVIDENCE FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF I-ICWARD Sz LEWIS FCRD - MERCURY - LINCOLN -Sales and Service- ALBERT W. HOWARD ARTHUR H. W. LEWIS 219 Promenade St. - Providence, R. I. GASPEE 2100 POSTAGE STAMPS COMPLIMENTS FOR COLLECTORS of 4 JOHN B. KILTON FRIEND 109 EMPIRE ST., PROVIDENCE 3, R. I. Compliments Complimentf of Of Universal THE FOUR ACES ZiPP9I' Incorporated g "HERB" - "ED" - "WILL" -"TONG" N0l'th Street Compliments of a Friend ,5 4'- iii' St a NST e . KT 1 - In 'X t:-1-1-1-1-Q.-.- .-.-a.1gg..-1-:-:- A-:I.-.-. -. rm-.,,.-.1.1 I,,-.,.:.:,:.1.s s:.q-.QQ,L. , .- - I -. ' -,:: - '- - E15-42' K Sf, "f's2f2.agaQf2::41::::1:'''.1:51212:2:5911-2:2-1:21a:2i:1.-rs"-13'-ear.'-''-rzwfal-Q:-:.:.:--Q 1...,:f.g-,:r- ,. .I x 1 ff Q' Q"1'eQ:.e:- fr:f'f'Q:'a R:1'V"'A'M:4'1safaW2----:-if 1. ' f y X -:3?355fg:g5.:E'b , N ' A c,.-1,5 2-z .,. , if-jf, v nw, 35 5 ,, .Q sa Q --1-w ., fi' 'I , I-E'EIE12'?fEfEE'?'Pf"f"i'-fzff''-'-kr-1:22:55.I'f"-"2-'"I"f:f-'-'Sit-1-.-.'. a . 3'3'3"' 1152.':ff?E'f351X5f3ET5?3'Ri:i1E2FS521:f:2:Tf:E":?' ' 'f f 'frErEf-, ' " ' 1 'f '1'E'1"'j'15-EI:-1t1ES3f'f::'I' R .1:---E-:E:l:3:1:55L,43E-:l1,E-A -:2'1:f'E.1'E'1:rE':2E'."-II' I . 5 "' tefEiiEf:f.:'5"--f: - , .52 3- 'Eg' 'sf iz 'Wessg::.:9.2..1Q1.'1.1-iifisiafffi1fi::11Eii5i::1551:1.1-:,..:1.'2-1eZf- .1. ' ' 5t5221t2asl2iQi'11' sgsiag, 'EEEET5i1gge5aie,2ifs2EiEE5i2'ifIEW:'W1iE???'x':"t 3" ' if ' ' Q E, 55 'E W:':'W 'Q -' a:e:a:a: t- H11-2 1252512222-.1g.a1:.:z:a:z,: ., 4. -1 if ,z -- 453:52 -are ,.- ...t Mn 5 '- '- -agar: A . f saezeziiiif- Z, :-12222523 With Camplimentf from K E N N E D Y' S Under-Grad Department CATERING To All PREP SCHOOL FELLOWS E. P. LYNCH, Inc. PAINTS ARTISTS' SIGN MATERIALS and SUPPLIES 92 WEYBOSSET STREET DE. ll77 T R Y PROVIDENCE G AS COMPANY assures you that ever-better gas Anlh0ny,S Tooth POZUCITCT appliances . . . ranges . . .re- d frigcrators . . . water heaters an will be available in the post- Mouth Wash Waf Pffiod- I 1 1 Constant research is bringing v . . .will bring. . .new materials, ANTI-IONY'S DRUG STORE Angell and Thayer Streets new designs, new processes. You may expect to find Gas Service leading the field in the grand post-war days. GAspee 2512 100 Weyhosset Street Providence, R. I. Compliments COMPLIMENTS OF of 4 A FR I E N D F R I E N D Complimentt of GEORGE H. FURBISH 290 BROOK STREET Bancroft Tennis Rackets and Supplies Expert Restringing WHELAN DRUG STORE 212 THAYER STREET TITLE GUARANTEE COMPANY of RHODE ISLAND Insurance Against I:Iaws in ReaI Estate TitIes 1 TSEMSHES 66 South Main Street, Providence, R.I. Q E. L. FREEMAN CO. Compliment PROVIDENCE PAWTUCKET of 6' CENTRAL FALLS . d and WOONSOCKET F 1 C U Compliments qf P. P. C. ROLLINSON Argentieri Construction Co. 49 WEYBOSSET STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. Roscoe W Phillips 34 v When it's lumber PRINTERS call our number PE 0147 5 v FORTY-FIVE RICHMOND STREET PAWTUCKET, R- I- PROVIDENCE, R. 1. P. 0. 198 MGUTLIYI9 Rhode Island's Largest Department Store The Finest Quality Clothes for Boys Sv' Young Fellows METAL CRAFTS SHOP A Specialgf Shop for Things Made in Aletal Distinctive Gifts in Brass, Copper, Pewter and Snlver Our metal polish is excellent for all metals Let ILC repair and restore your silver and pewter ware 10 THOMAS ST. - PROVIDENCE, R. I. T. W. Rounds has been Famous for Generations for Quality Luggage and Leather Goods. -visit- T. W. ROUNDS CO 52 Washington Street Providence, R. I. -OUR EIGHTIETI-I YEAR-- EUGENE MCCARRON Fl o ris t 398 HOPE STREET Compliments of rr F R I E N D Camplimentr of MERRY GO ROUND 242 THAYER STREET Compliments of THE CLERGY of ST. MARTIN 'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH TO THE UNITED STATES, NAVY j. M. Redingcr, Thurston Manufacturing Co. Tlmrco Saws and Cutters Providence, R. I. DE. 9206 Flower Phone PL. 6633 PAGE POTTER, INC. 124 W ESTMINSTER STREET 222 THAYER STREET F L O R I S T Flowers for All Occasions 0. G. BOYNTON M. El. FRAYMAN CHARTERED LIFE UNDERWRITER Tailor THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL CLEANING, PRESSING LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY REPAIRING 146 WESTMINSTER Dexter 1230 PROVIDENCE, R, 1, 284 THAYER ST. PROVIDENCE, R. I. COMPLIMENTS Westcott, Slade 81 Balcom CO. PAINTS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES of 4 COMPLETE FILM RENTALS Sound-Silent 8-16 M.M. FRIEND 95-99 EMPIRE ST. PROVIDENCE, R.I. One guy left in February, Two others left in juneg Into this book we put our ad, Our names beneath are hcwn. ROMBOO SWIN and STED 'Best Wishes to the Class of 1945 Compliments of Compliments of U4n Englishman U4 FRIEND COMPLIMENTS Compliments of a Friend of a FRIEND Printed by The Andover Press ai-1' , .1' ' -g. .. .' , '.,4. 1 I f- ., -,, -v.- -.,,.. --YV , 5 H' I D 5 I.. ,W 1-.1..s1.a..L..-" ' A , w fr..-:asa- L . :ff X , P , 'v far- " nf '-' 'ff ' - ,, ' , V ' - .f Y ' . - , ' ' ' "Q, 1, -. '- M 1 ,, L ... ' A '-M gg- , ,, .-.,. 4 'Y-5 - A - . , - . , . .Z - . , ww- ' ff--A Y 1- . - ,f f "'- Q- G. v Ln: ,,,..-...,-,.-7-,..,........-,.,.n.'...Q.-w,,..- .-,N ..- Y . V..,1 - -.. .4-- ...-WT. .,.-,..q,,.,,.-.,-,-..,-,.----,f,-v- --- . . r . Zfm wwfwwmw ,7,.7c.L6EcV-3f'ff'fff'QQ25 ?"7f402Ur1w.. Mmi2f' ffm U vln Q' A QQWW Qff,fw'fMf'fi,43f,',22f.o,v1 Qpgfww, JQYCQ h ffk fffi- Mf'W . , - 1 .. , v . '. ,- , , . ,n - .Q VL' ,vii .,ri,.!,f:.'- ,V .. ,.f..uiahknm:u,-1 ,. . . . .. 4 1 Y . . . Y- , . ., ' . " 2 - . 2- I T I xx az C' 'P hi of J Mn 'Nz 'f-if f -. at L M HU: was Q r' 0 W' 4' bfi l60,Q'7-AS NPG' blue a- fkff NQHHJ- A 37,011 NK o Lf J -14.104-.ld A7-Afdw :TJ RT AQ M Qgtyi. A 1 lln 94"""dMM ' ,,., . 4 ., Q . 13- ff ' A,f' ' AE, nhclpis f 5444101 iffy J ' . in A, A If J A. M C, In V 'A .V- -i 1 Q3 E Za? fr! f ,,,fff! ', "dq V .xx A jg fl,-' X 3

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