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, A 6 - If ' ' I X ' 1 '5 h X rl . Kg D 1968 BEAR TRACKS MOSCOW SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MOSCOW, IDAHO VOLUME 47 Ad M Toni Pursley Edito L J ks j I In Memoriom Carol Gufhrie Corol inspired the students oround her For 'rhe few shining momenrs Carol was wirh us. she enabled us 'ro see 'rha'r il' is possible 'ro live coura- geously and wirh ioy even in 'rhe mids+ of pain. Rev. Richard Lundy Carol was born Aug. 29, l95I, and moved To Moscow when she was 9 years old. She died Nov. 7, I967, a+ fhe age of I6. ln spire of The rheumafoid arfhriris which afflicred her 'for I4 of her I6 years, Carolbravely confinued her educa+ion. As an excelleni' s'ruden+ she was an imporfanr member of her classrooms, and she parricipared in many Girls League acfiviries. Carol rook an acfive inreresf in painfing, draw- ing and embroidery in her spare Time. Blessed wi'rh a cheer- ful personaliry, she was an inspirarion and example for all who knew her, and she will nor soon be forgorfen. DedicaTion He gave 36 of his 58 years To educaTion . if LX'-g ,AI SuperinTendenT A. B. McDonald ii!! M i Mr. McDonald Trequenfly meT wiTh The school ad- minisTraTors, Here he is shown pondering a prob- lem wiTh iunior high principal Charles SuTTon,, . . . and during The ll years ThaT Mr. McDonald was superinTendenT of schools he helped The disTricT To achieve significani' expansion. Among oTher Things. he insTigaTed The plans Tor The new iunior high. The TooTball sTadium. Bears' Den Tieldhouse, and addiTions To Two 'of The grade schools. He be- lieved in individualizing educaTion To meeT each sTudenT's special needs. and he was conTinually sTriving To expand The curriculum. His mosT recenT accomplishmenTs in This area included remedial reading classes aT The high school and The hiring of a speech TherapisT Tor The disTricT. Mr. McDonald was loom Aug. 8. l909. and when he died OcT. 25. I967, The disTricT losT an ouT- sTanding adminisTraTor. Two years ago Mr. McDonald wroTe To The sTu- denTs: "Oliver Wendell Holmes said, 'l find The greaT Thing in This world is noT so much where we sTand. as in whaT direcTion we are moving.' "lT would appear ThaT you have accepTed The chal- lenge of The Time and are moving in a direcTion Toward a beTTer all around educaTional experience." Therefore. in graTeTul remembrance we presenT The i968 annual wiTh The Theme of "Moving Ahead." s Swfafezfjiigfii f-eff 1:14 e T1 -Af .,:-I-fp f5:f'fWf54Tie . --,GF gm-'Jie " 4,3 . QV -.'.- -iv .Alf ,T in'.u,,A,-H -,fy Lgffw ,gi :Q ' lg F ,va Q i X. :W -,':LJM'y:'gM Y, 4, 170.5 -.rfla ax. Y? X-427384 if 73S+3i'gg1i A' X: 4 ,MQ 2, 51, " 1 , if 4' 'ti I, J .if 4,, 4- .I , i ,L , if , H Y 1. I Q a ,rf is. .L . Q ,J f, LJ, . -Q a,,, -- 4415 .4 in 2223? wwe .'M:v'2?f'f '51 1- 4 ,, e W?f:'Ir A -.-1-,,f3L:f'? 'T -. , Q- - ' Q' f 1 ff'-fe f--we--'12-lf-, f :..-, 24- '.'.' . f'-21 -' - e 4 111. 1 .- 1 '-MQ e ' - 71" G ""H-f W ' ' ef-Q' f "lff,e11':f."e'e 'I-' " ,wi-' - - ' L 12-ekugi' Wie" 4 iff e. -'-.'g A O' JA' 1 e1':,i!fJ fuviuf-?"f:j.f:9' +."1....1-.g 1- ., 4-gin f ' f ?.fgHr,r::sLl'1'fa7,. - FA- 'A ig , I- LA- pm' w M , g --V . 1 gc "Vg - Vx A N, Ji- . ..., 'M L-v. g 1-i .QP SEL n'+MoQ e'-fA'hecd'1'.e - e- -ff' A- 1:'U"L-'i'i'P,-..4.""5"- . A S ,Zvi f tt V ,QA , 5 YA -, 'rv M41 A., Af 4 1. ,affix w I ...M -g gif il. tv 1 gi.. six vxxn .N n. tiki : B - :fi ,fm-'-.3 A-,L , .AA . -. . ez?-Q ,i -,LQ wx' 3: ' .A .-,ig.QQ:,-.iv . il Q . R. gg". , wx,-"rPi.,k f E- . ,-.Q I ,g g +iTVx"i:1i f A. T I-frdx .4-" 'X 1 -r j4.f 4, 1--A' - , "-xff, amz' fr' A Na- 1, 1 Q5 '-.", -'-Uf, bb I 'W - t :. , HV. A . I n . 5.2. . :A 1 e .50 ,M , -,Ji rg. iffkoallzgl-T., qu .. gg 1, .' People move., hreughg lnfef- - f -. va--, ee f V M , ms-.g'L:,.,'g, 4, T531- -'f-,,"' As On'--a s1dewa1k,f,l1H1e, realfzlhgwfrhaf - - ., .'-- -Igug, '-, 4 I., . ' if L A W -f' L' , 1 ' ' ug. ,. Z! A - .25 .'11.':.s ug' ' , -5:,,,A.'Nom size M can even be '-reifaced. 4-M, ' , 'N' -. .',5 ,eff .. :X :l 4,3 W ,X 5 J ., J a . I V- ,K ' ,I u h , N I -:tid W . M h ,II in Procee To, lyve,no'w- 7 -K-' 33.-.,, e, x 1 -X A -,1 n 's".. .JA ' "2 4 - ' ' A. . . K , ' 5. -I rn N M Backward glances'fjdo,,-no mere 'rhan ' 1,95 V S, A 'A N Relafe +0-the fufurq. J e F I Q - "'i-"fb - 4 . in HQ ' K. ' Q . e - 4 - 'A , e " ge - .Yef hear ihefsfeps 'ofejhose QFGCGdil'!g7. fs "- ..,. f' e. And'+r5Z5"'r5:y "rrea'd'1'y1o're meaningfullyg. W ' Q' e I' , , f a - a 4.1 gl. sz. , i . v if ., . 'Foo'+s+e?sf-aH','moyn ng.., a QTL, . e li.. A TV ,V .-nf ' -V ' X .vs ' yfskth' K f ff' sv ' - 4 'Q , 2 ' . o . :alfa , i A:A: ' ' Y. Q.. ,git 75' 5 :L b 5 ?'i'.g"'.' ,fir ., 1 T. gf.. 'W Q xg YQ . - -M it 4' ' ' 4' f .' 1. P ww ' t vf"'e3V' X., rw' fs .7 f -559' ' . 6 V A! gui .3 gr 5 lx 'Y it 4.4 A J, Q L 1' 'iw -fi' .-fi' 'f'. Q . f 6 4 5 ie s q, f . . P We Ti ' E. re' JJ' 4 2 W , xq il -E Q! gafux " P" ' ..-su ...-u-'Y' W XMLJ ...nv 'win'-N"" . ,. an-HLA--i,,, " WSIS!" 7 7W' Y W flA?Qlf3"" E- ,,,.,!-f""' fi W U55 ' ,Wyyz:!i' x xf?:2'3y sg? Q 1 x D 5 E, VV H 112 , f W " ,z W 6 Y r I 1 V, 5 A , . fvf ,..-.-......1,.f All that is life is MOTION s Feet move, wheels roll, Cogs Turn And all The world keeps Poce in rhythm. X . 1 'Nw ay E d n fpQrs: Joyce Dovus, FN I.:-Y 1 W w Ci, J ,,v, Susan Germer . f M1 , ,V-wi? gfkgfl 5, E., . f' v"' f ,aff 'lj 5 :A , , A HM' fy 4 n,f',f ff ,f inf:-' f , . 7, jf.. Q f"QV'F?,j J. M , , , ,VVV X , U, daint- ,ff 1 EM J W xy' ,uf i L ff , .df f ,I if W I ,f " ww ,ff - -, ,. iw ff,',w1zg,fQ? .1 .Ml 5 r K . , , , X J ,f 5.5.1 , ,- f , HE' f' , F f J ,qgyfj difiii Mig' M ,, f f Y ., - 1 - ' ' -" f" .,,. V, KLVV, i kV,kkLV W, M Qqjx ,Lh, W, jg, . . L ,,,,A,, ,Ayr . 1 V 474 7 v J F V! J 'A-y. my ,f -A t X X 5' -'7 ' . I? J 1 g ,f ,. X r A ? N X 5 4 YM y' ' .X 10.2-Lf ,- I V Academics 1743 fl! X 5 Waunila' Cass exercises musical abilify in ' Choralaires. ! if As parl' of 'rypical DE experience. Linda Sumner inierviews for a iob in a local business office. I0 Sieve Musseau demonsfrafes his skill on 'rhe lafhe. one of many machines available in shop. ig,- Academics is ceniered around learning. Building one's knowledge from ele- meniary level is +he pur- pose of ihe leachers who sfrive io bring oui' 'I'he po- ieniial abilily of every siudeni' working in a class- room. To ai-fain and re- iain 'rhe knowledge avail- able in a classroom is wha'I' each siudeni should sirive +o do in coopera- +ion wi'rh his Jreachers. -., -:J 5. 1 Karen Barr begins a slceich of a siuclenf model in arf class. Chemisiry siudenis Theresa Ensign and Kim Kirkland are absorbed in lab siudies. gm +e4..,S.. Sophomore girls make use of fheir sfudy hall lime. Academics Through academics siuclenis are reaching for 'rhe underslanding of life in 'rhe pasi, presenl and Jrhe fulure. Thinking deeply abouf a quesiion. Rifa Fuhrman complefes a governmenl' fesl. I2 ,Y Working ou+ an algebra problem. Jim Moore iurns lo his Teacher aboul' new maih. S, ,si , . , . wg M gg? , 'jus ' ,IFS s J: if , I 'fi if 0-. Elemenfary school children lisfen infenlly as speech sfudeni' Sam CoH'ereIl 'Pells a sfory. Helen Nelson learns sewing skills in home economics , xr, 4 ,, " I N gn' 4' L, 154 Cl LK The MSHS Marching Band shows off ifs new uniforms during 'rhe Lalah Coun'ry Fair Parade. is ivn vu vin xiii: xiii IH llli - Ti V Co Ni Cu Zn G: Q ..-.V 21 ZZ Rh Pd Au Cd Ir 1'Hf Ir Pt Au Sm Eu Km Bk Cf K, SX 5'I'l-lXI OI" XII' Ken Weclcwerlh Algebra Il, Ill, Geomerry: Junior Class Adviser I4 Science To a science 'teacher his job is Io insiill an appre- cialion of life science. Roberl' Quesnel Chemislry I, ll: Senior Class, Ski Club Adviser Warren Harman Biology I, ll: FSA Adviser Slephanie Rice Biology I Moth The abilily +o lhinlc, Io reason and 'lo help sludenls undersiand The use of malh in everyday life is 'rhe obieclive of 'rhe malh Ieacher. Kalhryn Day Algebra ll, Physics: Sophomore Class Adviser Gay Smirh Algebra I, Geomelry: Sophomore Class Adviser X www' William Kuhlman Geomelry, Malh Survey: Sopho more Class Adviser nl 1 i Q Bonnie Hilverda , . English ll, IV: FTA Adviser Gayle Hungerford English Ill. Reading Skills: Pep Clulo Adviser English Communicalion is ihe key word lo Jrhe English funciion. By wriling and speaking, communicaiion wiih oihers develops. Our English language is changing. This move- menl' is illusiraled in lhe new composiiion 'lexls used by 'rhe English 'teachers l'o en- gage 'rhe sludenls in more wriring and 'lo inirocluce new English senlence pailerns. Reading skills class is new This year and is purposefully sel' up io improve reading ef- ficiency. Peggy Neal English lll: Junior Class Adviser Toni Pursley Journalism I, ll. English IV: Quill 84 Scroll, Bear Tracks. Wocsomon- ian Adviser. Debale Coach Johanna Silbaugh English ll: Senior Class Adviser ' l Pauline Whifeheacl English lV, V: Honor Socieiy Ad- viser I5 Languages Karen Davidson A beTTer undersTanding of anoTher counTry. iTs people and cusToms is developed Through The language iTseIT. This is The cause and obiec- Tive of The language classes TaughT aT Moscow Senior High School. Kay WhiTwell Spanish I, II. LaTin II: Junior Class, Language Club Adviser Don Haynes Physical EducaTion. World HisTory: Head BasIceTbaII Coach. AssisTanT FooTbaII Coach, M-Club Adviser Physical EclucaTion Girls' Physical EducaTion: Drill Team, GAA Adviser Mary McHenry French I, II: AFS Adviser Wig Library I6 Industrial ArTs Maybelle Gehrlce Libra rian: Libra ry PracTice Clyde Youmans ho II III IV Mechanical Draw- S p . . . ing: TicIceT Sales Manager Sociol Sfudies Roberf Weisel U.S. Governmenlq Junior Class Adviser, Cross-Counlry Coach The Teachers of governmenl, his- Jrory and sociology are frying lo gel across The meaning of lile happenings in a moving sociely. Business Correcl Jryping, bookkeeping and shorrhand help To prepare sludenls for Jrhe moving business world. uv' D9 Margaref Schimke Sociology, U.S. Government PNC Adviser Speech To prepare sludenls To be poised and arliculale in all speaking and performing siruaiions and in class- room recilalion is a speech leach- er's morive. Virginia Gayle Speech, Drama: Thespian Adviser Jack Jones Bookkeeping, Typing, Personal Typing, Sophomore Class Adviser, Freshman Baskelloall and Foolloall Coach Edilha Warren Typing, Shorlhand, Office Prac- Tice, Advanced Shorfhandg Senior Class Adviser lw -"" ,af "Ik e4 ., .. Dorolhy Slracler U.S. l-lislory: Junior Class, Honor Sociely Adviser I7 Waller Snodgrass Band: Pep Band Adviser Ae rospo ce Col. Vic'I'or Cline Music Music is a class designed 'ro or- ganize a group info performing as one body and To help The in- dividual develop his musical ral- Aerospace I. ll: AFJROTC Drill Team Adviser I8 enls. Lois Lyon Orcheslra The mosr imporlanl ob- iecfive of Air Force Jun- ior ROTC is +o malce lhe srudenlr a berrer informed cilizen on maHers dealing wilh aerospace. An Arr Jreacher encour- ages developmenl of 'rhe sludemus rechnique 'ro help him caplure whal"s happening around him. Wins+on Cook Choralaires: Big Reds Adviser Art Viclory Von Reynolds Ari' ' 23 Kirk Rush Agriculiure I, II, III, IV: FFA Ad- viser Disiribufive Ed DE is a class designed lo help de- velop leaders in marlceiing and disirilouiion. This class proves lo be a valuable asser for Those who plan 'ro move info rhe business world. William Daniels Disiribuiive Educaiion l, II: Key Club Adviser Agriculture To explore fields of agri- culiure and relaied indus- 'rry and io creaie siudeni experiences in farming is ihe aim of agriculrure. Home economics is de- signed io help The high school girl of ioday re- lale herself 'ro ihe home- maker she will be 'tomor- POW. Home Ec ' 'I , 5 i e ,- ,QE i E ff: 1 1 1 fn g ,- L-usbbffw W- ,Ms ,i -2 fi 'HX Joanne Thompson Home Economics l, ll. IV: FHA Adviser Reviewing noles for a 'resl' is Mrs. Sirader's second period U.S. hislory class. i l 1 Sluclenf Council Governs School Action Doug Baker presides al' a Siuclenl Council meeling. On his righi around The lable are Kevin Amos, Jon Moser, Jackie Baugh, Bob Casiellaw, Bill Ross, Nola Sinclair and Dianne Lindsay. Noi loiciured are John Driscoll and Bernila Anderson. Sludenl' Council is Jrhe aciive governing body of Moscow Senior l-ligh School wi'rh a membership of class-chosen represenialives. Club meelings and all olher slu- den+-school plans musl be passed and coordinaled by 'rhe Council. Sfudenl' Body Vice-Presidenl Bill Ross Sfudem' Body Presidenl Doug Baker X Sludenl Body Secrelary-Treasurer Dianne Lindsay Dr. Carl Harris Principal. Superiniendeni' William Miles Vice-Principal Adminisirofion Busy ai' work. Moscow's aclminisiraiion is siriving for beifer relaiionships beiween siudenis and ieachers, 'reachers and parenis, Teachers and adminisiraiors and school and ciiy. Keeping up wiih moclern edu- caiional lechniques and preseniing courses 'io meei' ihe changing Times and needs of siuclenis are 'rwo of ihe obvious goals of The aclminisirafion This year. Moscow School Board members are lefl' lo rlghf O W Espe clerk Don Cas+ellaw, Elwood Widman, Mrs. Norma Dobler. Dr. Henry Counselors Richard Rogers. boys' counselor, helps John Anderson schedule his classes for nexf year. Qtr, lr 23 l MSHS secrefaries Mrs. Nona Rae Wilde and Mrs. Agnes Weeks enioy a resf from fheir never-ending faslcs. Office Girls we High School Secrefories The high school ancl adminisfrafion secrefaries are an infegral parf of fhe school sysfem. Their iob includes leveling mounfains of clerical worlc every day and keeping fraclc of financial funds for a myriad of school clubs, acfivifies and proiecfs. Moscow l-ligh's office girls assisf fhe secrefaries in a variefy of ways. Nof only do fhey deliver messages and pick up affendance slips. buf fhey also false phone calls ancl help lceep fhe files in order. Office girls are, le-H fo righf, Barbara Hofmann, Barbara Kafhy Anderson. Susan Shire. Judy Smifh. Karen Barr and Deobald, Nancy Salisbury, Barbara Gufhrie, Kris Roberfs. Connie Bduqh. Disfricf Secrefories Adminisfrafion secrefaries are Mrs. Mag- dalene Parish, Mrs. Mary Jean Ross and Mrs. Alfhea Spencer. 24 img.. -4 E ...- ri -lvlh gy dh 5, 21' 9' ' Seniors work +oge'rher sfacking wood fhey collecfed for Jrhe Senior Day bonfire Bill Ross infroduces MSHS Homecoming Royalfy af half+ime. -,r . ,,. . ii. ,. , titers: s 4 Jon Moser helps decorate second tloor for Christmas. Activities . . . Just Port Ot MSHS In Motion Couples dance at the first formal ot the year. Deb's Night. sponsored by Girls League. Weir l,. On Big Bear Day students rally in downtown Moscow Girls Leogue Miss Debufonfe Ginny Gale Mosc:ow's Junior Miss Berni+a Anderson Miss Moscow Judy Smi+h Junior Princess Debbie Anderson Sophomore Princess Susan Green Senior Princess Joyce Davis Homecoming Royolty Queen Kris Bishop Students Present "The Fomily Nobody Wdnted" Director: Mrs. Virginia Gale Student Directors Karen Blaclc Sandy Corey 3 ,xx w, Donny's 'Family lite proves too much for Nan to bear. Rev. Carl Doss . Mrs. Helen Doss Donny Doss . .. Diana Doss Laura Doss Rita Doss .. Alex Doss .... Ted Doss ..... Timmy Doss Nan Johnson . Mr. Johnson . Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Parkinson . Miss Reilly .... Bill Thomas Mrs. Allen Mrs. Hardy .... Cost Richard Grendahl ... .. Cindy Barnes . . Gordon Cotterell . . . . . . Jill Seaman .. . Mary Lu Henry . Nancy Baraclsman . . . .. Tim O'Meara . .. Larry Halvorson Riclc Hulce Georgianna Gleason . .. Warner Mitchell .. . Jane Robertson . .. Sandra Corey . .. Claire Caldwell .. . . . Randy Clarlc .. Dianna Buchanan . .. Lynn Reisenauer N Cheerleaders S+ "LHS use ihis door!" The ouil-rouse, Bengal dummy and mound of wood collecied by The seniors goes up in flames as did ihe Bengals during lhe game. I l A group of seniors exhibil fhe inlelligence Thai' has gollen Them 'lhrough al fhese years of school. - I l rain as lhey lead lhe fangled serpentine fo Jrhe bonfire. Senior Doy l Sophomore boys perform a spiriled can can af lhe order of seniors. 3I Leilane, who sTayed aT The Elvin Lindsay home poses wrTh her sisTers Dianne and Carol Lindsay "Walk TogeTher, Tolk TogeTher ' O Ye People of The World Coming Trom La CarloTa, Philippines, friendly, smiling Leilane UriarTe is The TiTTh foreign ex- change sTudenT To aTTend MSHS. EveryThing from her TirsT snowTall To American classes in- TeresTs Leilane. who is sponsored by The Mos- cow chapTer of The American Field Service. l-ler acTiviTies include Pep Club, FNC, GAA and AFS. Leilane worked on The crew Tor The play "The Family Nobody WanTed," and she was selecTed To aTTend YMCA YouTh LegislaTure in Boise. ln naTive cosTume Leilane performs a Philippine bamboo dance wilh a group of AFS dancers. The dancers, TaughT by Leilane. were quiTe popular and performed Tor many com muniTy groups. Moscow has sen+ i'wo siudenrs abroad This year. Julianne Willi- ams, a I967 graduaie of MSHS, leff for a I968' school year in Ki- runa, Sweden. Annefie Shellron, a senior. became an exchange s+u- clen'r candiolale in 'rhe early fall and received Jrhe oppor'runi+y +o go +o Durban, Soulh Africa, in Jan- uary. Upon being chosen lo go abroad, Anneffe discusses life as a foreign exchange sfudeni wifh Leilane, Moscow's exchange sfudenlz . Then ond Only Then Shell Ye Find Peocei' Julianne sils wifh her Swedish family, The Lundbaclcs, in lheir Kiruna aparlmenf. AFS Mo'H'o 33 ' iw? Girls Leogue Chooses Personoliries r-4 "Miss School Spirit" Susan Shire, helps Bernila Anderson, "Miss Leadership," prove a poinf. "Miss Scholarship,"-Jucly Poiler, displays 'lhe rare speci- men oi Caihy Brown. "Wiliies+." U in Sn Sh Pb 34 9,- "Girl of ihe Year" Dianne Lindsay, who is also "l-lardesl Worker," cleans herself info a corner. 7' 4 f Y Q: 5 E A L v 'vi f , i Nola Sinclair, "Friendliesl'," gives a helping hand fo "Mosl Alh- le'ric," Nancy Tafe by losing in arm wresrling. Judy Smifh, "Miss Charm," inspires "Mos+ Talenieclu Pam While Girls Stote l968 delegates to Syringa Girls State are, front row, Kerry Stellmon, Becky Youmans. Merry Heick, back row, Claire Cald- well, Nancy Wilde and Nancy Frye. AWARDS Students Meet Their Gools YMCA Youth Leg islotu re To attend the I968 YMCA Youth Legislature are Merry Heick, Lei- lane Uriarte. Earl Barker and Claire Caldwell. 35 5-S Bear Tracks slaffers are slanding, lefl 'lo riqhl: Nila Cass. Organizalions Edilorg John Lundquisl, Sporls Edilor: Joyce Davis Facully Edilor: Jerre Lou Dulhie, Aclivilies Edilor: Susan Germer, Facully Edilor: Mary Ann Dahmen, Classes Ediforg Gor- don Law, Sporls Edilor: Cindy Long, Adverlising Edilorg Pal Murphy. Classes Edilor: Ginny Hann, Aclverfising Edilor: sif- fing, lefl 'ro righlz Chris Eisinger, Organizalions Eclilor: Laurie Jackson, Edilorg and Karen Barr, Aclivilies Edilor. Annudl Sldffers Work Together cmd lndividudlly Mrs. Toni Pursley advises edilor Laurie Jackson on an idea for The annual. A Beor Trocks CopTures MSHS in MoTion Charlie SchoeTTler, Bear Traclcs phoTographer, Tinishes making a prinT. Through individual eTTorT and group cooperaTion, The sTaTT aT- TempTs To Treeze The moTion of a year gone loy wiTh picTures and words. As The moTion oT The school in- creases, so does The acTiviTy oT The ediTors. Under mounTing pressure The sTaTTers sTrive To bring To a climax The i968 Bear Tracks. Mrs. Toni Pursley, sTaTT adviser. correcTs layouTs before a deadline. Amid paper and phoTographs, members oT The sTaTT plan annual pages. aw 15 Air: ,-"A f 'Av- ' T ' fm1"',,f. A 'fgf 37 lgio 15:7 , 23 24 ' mzwms o..,s,..w W-...M mn' M., .af .X L Mains' 5.19. " hm- v Il Second semesler edilor, Sheila Waller, compares ideas wilh firslr semesier edilor, Mary Rufh Mann. Paul Johnson and Mike Dumas, sporls edilors, work hard 'ro keep up wilh all of Moscow's alhlelic evenfs. The Wocsomonion Staff Reports Every Move ssl, -'Q .., Assis'ran'r edilors. Kris Anderson, page +woq Nola Sinclair. page 'fhreeg and Barbara Short page one, pause willingly from fheir wo rlc. X vi" Ar'- r - x il" - - ' iff Q Nancy Tate, advertising manager: Chris Eastman, business manager: and Melanie Hemstrom. advertising man ager, run the business affairs of the newspaper. Affecting Student Lite .KAN .. Mrs. Toni Pursley. adviser is always on the run. Kris Bishop. reporter. and Linette Miller, exchange editor, must always be on the lookout for items ot interest. Moscow Bear Tans in rnoTion ShuTTle inTo The bleachers, Vying Tor seaTs. ExciTemenT grips The loyal onlookers, Who are wiTh The Team All The way. C-, 'T lvlouThs move in unison, Screaming ouT chanTs BoosTing The Bears. Clop Your Honds, Stomp Your Feet, Moscow High Con"r Be Beofl ,Wi . ' I Q 1. " 40 - Organizations Editors: NiTdiCciss,' Chris' Eisingen Girls League Energeficolly Lecids Girls League Council members are lefl' +o riglwl: Karen Barr, Linda Riersgard, Kay Finley. GUWHY l'laf1n. Kerry Slellmon and Mary Ann Dalwmen, Bernila Anderson, Merry l-leiclc, Shelly Nola Sinclair- Miles, Debbie Anderson, Billie Miles, Sheryl Lew, Susan Germer, The Weslqale Enlrance sels llie mood lor Delis Niqlvl couples af llrie firsl formal of flue year. Decoralions carried oul 'rlwe 'rlweme "Up Up and Away." 42 W ,W im Bernila Anderson as Girls League presidenl' presides over a monflwly meeling. l-f irls eague moved imlo aclion in I967-68 as The presenled some new aclivilies. A Big and Jr is'rer Parly followed by a slumber parly. a Dad- uglwler Desserl, l-lar Day, Deb's Niglwl and +l'ie Mollmer-Daugl'1'rer Tea and Slyle Show headed 'l'l1e lisl. Twirp Weelc, Dog Palcln Drag and Collon and Lollipop Day comprised Hue aclivilies in The las+ half of +l1e year. The Girl of lhe Monllw bullelin board is sponsored by Girls League. 4 Debote Rotes High Debate Club competed in several tournaments this year, among them the North Idaho Junior Col- lege Conference, the an- nual Gonzaga Forensics Tournament Jan. 25, Mos- cow Invitational and the Debaters are lett to right: Mrs. Toni Pursley, adviser, Earl Barker, Leilane Uriarte, Susan Parish. district 'lOUVF16VT1en'l' in Kris Hall, Jill Seaman, Kennalee Battles, Mary Ruth Mann, Kathy Jordan, Becky Christian. Elaine March, Silha, Annette Shelton and Judy Potter. Honor Society Creotes College Interest 44 Members ot Honor Society rep- resent a small percentage ot each class. They are chosen on the basis ot high scholastic merit and lead- ership. This club serves the stu- dent body by posting college and university materials in the second tloor display case and by keeping a tile composed ot every student's activities tor teachers to use. Honor Society members include front row, lett to right: Laurie Jackson. secretary- treasurer: Gordon Law, president: Ron Gayman, vice-president: second row: An- nette Shelton, Janet Vogt, Elaine Silha, Bernita Anderson, Becky Williams, Mary Ruth Mann, Sheryl Lew, Merry Heick, Nancy Wilde, Judy Potter, Kathy Ander- son: third row: Nola Sinclair, Kevin Amos, John Stube. Bill Ross. Jerry Washburn, Doug Baker, Ben Sun and Lance Labine. Candy siripers Karen Black and Diana Buchanan, as pari of iheir volunieer work, deliver flowers lo Mr. Lee, a Griiman Memorial Hospiial paiieni. The luiure nurses' main proiecl' is volunieer work as candy slripers al borh nursing homes and ihe hospiial. Girls inleresied in The medical field gain praciical experience from speakers ai monrhly meeiinqs and a visijr io Sacred Heari School of Nursing. f . A no PNC members enioy Chrisimas ireais al ihe home of Kaihy Peebles aiier Chrisimas caroling al Paradise Villa, Lalah Couniy Nursing Home and Griiman Memorial Hospiial. FNC Serves Community lnsriruiions FNC members are fronf row, leil' io righi: Kaihy Peebles. cor- responding secreiaryg Debbie Cunninqion, secreiary-Treasurer: Suzanne Robinson, presidenlg Susan Germer, vice-presideni: Kerry Sfellmon, hisioriang second row: Mickey Oyen, Barbara Hofmann. Leilane Uriarie, Judi Harrison, Mary Greeley. Linda Sumner: 'lhird row: Dianne Lindsay, Celia Schoeiiler, Ann Wilson, Diana Buchan- an, Nancy Randall. Linda Harder, Cheryl Carnahan: fourih row: Terry Meadows, Debbie Kammeyer, Bobbie Mundell, Barbara Hubbard, Kerry Pope, Joyce Aclcarei, Teresa Werneclce and Lor- rayne Olesen. 45 Furure Scienlisls of America slim- ulales members inleresl by enler- ing proiecls in a boolh a+ +he Lalah Counly Fair and 'raking Trips +o area sci- ence fairs. They visil' The Univer- sily of Idaho sci- ence exhibifs. FSA members include fronf row, lefl lo righlz Dr. Warren Harman, adviser: Denis Dahl, Judy Pohler, Kalhy Slephens, Jill Seaman: second row: Elaine Silha, Sherwood Bofsford. Roberl' Richmond, Chriss Barrus, Kalhy Jordan and Jane? Wolf. FSA, Quill 81 Scroll Pursue Knowledge Julie Anderson and Roger Anderson, Argonaul' ecli- +ors, presenf an informal discussion aboui' +he Uni- versily newspaper lo Quill and Scroll members. 46 Quill and Scroll members are fronl' row. lefl 'ro righf: Pa? Murphy, secrelary- freasurer: Mary Rulh Mann, presidenfg second row: Barb Shorl, Linelle Miller, Karen Barr, Laurie Jackson: Third row: Nancy Tale, Nola Sinclair, Sheila Waller. Ginny Hann and Paul Johnson. Preparing tor an FFA intra-club de- bate are Jim Westberg. Allen Moore, Glen Stuki and Jim Robin- son FFA is a national organization ot high school boys studying vocational agriculture. Members learn through active participation how to conduct and take part in meet- ings, how to speak in public, how to buy and sell cooperatively and how to assume civic responsibility. This year FFA activi- ties included participation in area and regional debates and entries in the Latah County Fair held in September. FFA Investigates Modern Agriculture FFA members are front row, lett to right: Allen Moore, Neil Brood, Jim Westberq, Larry Headrick: second row: Kirk Rush, adviser, Mike Drew, Jim Robinson. Mark Hawley, Alan Hoffmann, Bruce Hawley: third row: Martin Haarr, Gary l-leilman, Lyle Jensen, Glen Stuki, Melvin Wimmer, David Marchant, Alan Lyon: fourth row: Darrel Paul, Kyle Hawley, Vernon McGraw, Duane Hahn, Kenneth Nearing, Kenneth Loe. Kenneth l-lites and Duane Clark. Penny Musick and Mel Wimmer are crowned as royally a+ lhe Harvesr Brawl by FFA and FHA presidenls Jim Robinson and Kris Rainer. FHA members include, fron? row, lei? +o righlz Ann Casey, sec- refary-lreasurerg Nancy Helblinq, degrees chairman: Kris Rainer, presidenl: Corinne Nygaard, vice-presidenl: Mrs. JoAnn Thomp- son, adviser, second row: Becky Byers, Mercedes Babb, Vicky Beck, Debbie Cunninqlon, Joyce Ackarer, Connie Bingmang 'lhird . kr.. i ,.,,V., J , Q- ,,,,.-c.M,-f Mrs. JoAnn Thompson creaies an awareness of currenf fashion in FHA by supplying lhe girls wilh high 'Fashion magazines. FHA Molds Girls row: Cafhy Brausen, Barbara Biqgam, Jane Morlensen, Cheryl Wer- necke, Gail Packard, Pam Schneider, Sandie Darby, Kalhy Douglas: 'fourfh row: Janel Van cle Marlc, Nola McMillan, Penny Musick, Pally Douglas, Joann Schafer. Sheila Hoy, Elaine Gilslrap and Mia Devereaux. 48 P f 5,4 as in .XIX1 - For Domestic Life Vicky Beck, Debbie Cunninqfon and Bev Lyon fake fhe Fuiure Homemakers degree fest ,,,f . ' ,M ,M ' . A si .iw v W , C Making cookies for 'rlne blood drive are FHA members Corinne Nygaard and Joyce Ackaref. Nancy Helbling and Kris Rainer make sandwiches For beskef- ball piayers io ea? afier away games. 49 1 held in OcTober. FTAers Promote Eclucofor Coreers The purpose oT FTA is To give sTudenTs in- TeresTed in Teaching an opporTuniTy To learn more abouT The proTession. The club accom- plishes This Through Tilms, spealcers. classroom observaTion and parTicipaTion in an annual winTer eclucaTion conTerence aT The U OT l. This year a new proiecT, Teaching games To a group oT TirsT graders each noon, gave mem- bers valuable experience. FTAers wriTe name Tags Tor sTuclenTs' parenTs aT Back-To-School NighT. ff! , .-This-il. W-7 PicTured are The I967 FTA in- iTiaTes aT The lniTiaTion Tea Mrs. Bonnie l-lilverda, adviser, and Nancy Tale, vice-president plan for 'rl-ie nexi' FTA meeiing. S i FTA members are froni row, leil lo right: Dianne Lindsay, sec- reiaryg Mike Delles, 'rreasurerg Nancy Taie, vice-president Laurie Jackson, presidenig Caihy Brown, hisloriang Suzanne Robinson, re- porierq second row: Linda Riersgard, Kalhy Zimmer, Joyce Near- ing, Marigail Kindschy, Kris Anderson. Billie Miles, Susan Slell- mon, Margarer Salisbury, Kalhy Sfephens, Diane LeTourneau, Nancy Lundquisl, Sandy Corey, Karen Barr. Janel Peck: fhird row: Kris Roberls, Pai Mercer, Denise Williams, Janei' Vogt Anna Cox. Linda Lyon, Nancy Frye, Darlene Doiy, Sheryl Lew, Beverly Dahl, Joyce Ackaref, Peggy Fuhrman, Janei Hoech, Nancy Bar- rmmmwm ackman, Kalhy Anderson, fourih row: Ginny Hann, Shirley Cow' in, Becky Youmans, Theresa Ensign, Nola Sinclair, Diana Buchanan, Becki Williams, Susan Germer, Ann Wilson, Merry l-leick, Trish Jones, Judi Harrison. Nancy Wilde, Marilyn Lyon, Debbie Cun- ningham, Gayla Nelson: fif+h row: Cindy Long, Barbara Guihrie, Par Crossin, Belh Hassler, Linda Sumner, Bruce Cyr, Ron Gay- man, Kevin Amos, Paul Johnson, Lance Labine, Bruce Osiyn, John Driscoll, Nancy Salisbury, Joyce Davis, Dennis Mills, Mike Turk: sixfh row: David Mumm, Jon Moser, Bill Ross, Jess l-lall, John Slube, Ted Mofiefi, Jerry Washburn and Earl Barker. I 1 125115 l Spanish Club members are -Fronl row lell to rrghr Mrs Kay Whifwell adviser. Belinda Del Valle. Jean Slrallon. Lincla Dudley Marcie Harris second row Carole Wren Jeanne Luvaas, Susan Weber, Jani Black, Nancy Helblinq Susie lvlcJunlcin 'rhird row Roberl' Richman l-lanlc Smilh Sian Delles, Bob Wischmeier, Jerry Hari'- Spomsh Club Promoies Longuoge lnreresl Spanish Club is an organizarion for 'rhose sluclying or inlereslecl in Spanish. ll' was organized lasl year lo earn money so inleresred sluclenls could visil Mexico during summer vacalion. The maior proiecl of lhe club lhis year was revising iifs conslilulion. Spanish Club funclions uncler officers Roberl' Rich- mond, presidenrg Tim O'Meara. vice-presidenl: Carole Wren, secrelaryg and Jean Luvaas, lreas- urer. Energetic GAA managers and otticers are front row: Beclcy Youmans, president: Suzanne Robin- son, vice-president: second row: Celia Schoettler, volleyballg Theresa Ensign, secretary-treasurer: Marilyn Lyon, gymnastics: 'third row: Cathy Brown, baseball: Dianne Lindsay, speedaway, and Susan Stellrnon, track. Girls Athletic Association meets every Tuesday and Thursday to practice and compete in various sports, such as vol- leyball, badminton and basketball. Gymnastic slcills such as tumbling and modern dancing are included. GAA is a method ot learning new slcills and sportsmanship. GAA Applies Fitness Through Competition GAA members are, 'Front row, left to right. Carol Williams. erry Pope, Janet Wolf, Theresa Ensign, Becky Youmans, Suzanne Robinson, Nancy Barackman. Celia Sc , es Babb: second row: Nita Cass, Merry Heick, Kerry Stellmon, Elaine Gilstrap, Joyce Nearing, Billie Miles, Susan Stellmon, Theresa Werneclce, Janet Peck, Lynn Reise- nauer, Dianne Lindsay: 'third row: Linda Sumner. Jaclcie Baugh, Diana Buchanan, Anna Cox, Kathy Zimmer, Janet Vogt, Nola Sinclair, Leilane Uriarte, Cathy Brown, Linda Shreve and Marilyn Lyon. 53 Clworalaires members are fronl' row, lefl' To righlz direcfor Winslon Cook, Marilyn Barrus, Vernice Skrarnsfad, Joyce Aclcaret Peggy Fuhrman, Janel Ericlcson, Linda Skinner, Gail Fleissner, Nancy Wallace. Sandie Darby, Kallny Peebles: second row: Nila Cass, Joyce Nearing, Calhy Clarlc, Candace Choralaires officers are Nifa Cass, presidenlg David Abboif, vice-presidenf: and Susan Green, secrelary-lreasurer. 54 Choralaires is 'rhe lively high school chorus direcied by Winsfon Cook. Hs aciiviiies include a fall concerl, Chrisi- mas conceri wilh orchesira and Big Reds, Chrisimas 'four io Moscow grade schools and Troy schools, ihe Lewision Music Fesiival and a spring conceri. Choralaires and band exchange con- ceris wiih Peniiclon, B.C., in The spring by earning money from a Choralaires laleni show. Big Reds, an all male vocal group, consisis of I7 members parli- cipaiing in concerls wiih ihe high school music oleparimeni. Winsion Cook spends much lime helping each i secfion separaiely. Here he helps sopranos Peggy Fuhrman, Joyce Aclcarei, Niia Cass and Calhy Clark wiih 'rheir parl. Big Reds Hcirmonize Musiccilly Members of Big Reds are 'froni' row, lefl' fo righf: John Hall, Bill Smiih, Bruce Roberfson. Jim Seale, Richard Alberis, Tom Day, Brad Chapman, David Abboil, Richard Grendahl. Wayne Eilcelbergerg second row: Jim Leap- hart Clay Williams, Tom Shepard, Sfeve Davidson, Warner Miichell. Jim Franlclin and Bruce Hawley. Lynda Lyon is accompanisi, Winsfon Cook direcis fhe group for a public presen+a+ion. -A-I Moioreffes Leod l 'X F Morching Bond ' AN , XJQ A77 N ,+L M ' Qlafmiiif 1 .SW I i Sigh V H F Pep Band members are froni' row, lefr To righ'r: LineH'e Miller. Mary Lu Henry, Doris Alberlsg second row: Dianne Lindsay, Ann Casey, Jane? Peck, Kaihy Sfeph- ens: fhird row: Linda Sfolces, Lynda Lyon, Marilyn Lyon, Billie Miles, 'fourlh row: Earl Barker, Karen Gunrher, Kay Finley, Kerry Slellmon, John l-larfungg 'Fi'f'll1 row: Gerard Connelly, Susan Slellmon, Bob Neal, Bob Berlclund: sixfh row: Neal Brood, Jim Seale, David Giflens, Jerry Snow and Jim Franklin. 56 Judy Harrison Pep Bond lnspires Fervor Band consisrs of sixly-seven insrru- menlalisls. The highlighr of rhe- year ior band members was a May exchange wirh Penliclon, B.C., Canada. This Trip followed lhe many olher acliviries of band, which included playing al' fool- ballpgames in new uniforms, march- ing in lhe U of l Homecoming and Laiah Counly Fair parades, presenling an All-School Assem- bly and parricipaling in several concerls, one of which lealured U of l band clireclor, David Seiler. Pai Mercer Y , , ii .x , Nancy Wilde Bond Performs During 1967-1968 In New Uniforms Band members are fron? row, lei? lo riqhi: Jackie Schneider, Leon Jensen, Violel' Behren, Rick Meadows, Michal Oyen, Margarei' Salisbury, Shelly Miles, second row: Janer Wolf, Linda Snider, Kelly Davis, Janel Peck, Lyneife Karnmeyer, Nancy Frye, Diane Snodgrass, Sieve Bray, Harrier Armsironq, John Kawula, Russell Biqgam, Janel' Hoeck, Nancy Barackman. Judi Harrison, Kay Fin- ley, John Harlung, Kerry Slellmon, Linda Siokes, Karen Gunihen lhird row: Nancy Salisbury, Grace Larsen, Gloria Armsirong, Lyn- da Lyon, Jill Seaman, Merry Heick, Billie Miles, Judy Smifh, Lois 1' I Johnslon, Mary Belh Mickey, Joy Mills. Kalhy Siephens, Marilyn Lyon, Nancy Olson, Lenny Kammeyer, Earl Barker, Waller Snod- grass, direciorg fourih row: Bill Lundquisf, Ernie Horn, Larry Hal- vorson, Linelle Miller, David Washburn, Doris Alberls, Mike Du- mas, Bob Neal, Bob Berklund, Jim Franklin, Dianne Lindsay, War- burn, Dave Gillens Jim Seale, Jerry Snow Nick Murphy, Tom Day, Rick Hulce Charles Schoeffler. Dennis McElroy Neil Brood and Mary Ruih Mann. ir2?ZiJQW.RiiZiilw55h'i i?5!!'f.:nL"i ner Mirchellq fifih row: Mary Lu Henry, Anna Cox, Jerry Wash- . I ,Nl ,. e kzfiw-,' -, 4. .. ' - vf ' Orchesfra members are fronf row lefl'1'o righf Cindy Barnes Susan Green Debbie Burman, Billie Miles. Merry Heick, John Harlung Karen Guniher Roberl Black Earl Barker Chris Barnes Shirley Cowin, Sieve Bray: second row: Kay Lynn Moser Claudia Beck Gloria Larsen Nadine Balabanis Doris Alberfs Mary Lu Henry, Anna Cox, John Boyd, Larry Jonas Susan Sfellmon Gerard Connelly Jim Seale David G-:Hens Susan Parish Kellh Peck. Molly Hall and Chuck Bauer. Orchestra lnsplres Music Appreclofion Orcheslra, an all-school organizaiion. meeis every morning ai 8 wiih direc- lor Mrs. Lois Lyon. During concerls Jrhe siudenis have played a varieiy of pieces from Broadway 'rhemes 'ro clas- sical music. Besides preseniing school and comrnuniiy conceris, orchesira weni on Tour io Troy High School and The Moscow Junior High School pre- seniing ils annual Chrisimas program. Mrs. Lois Lyon conducfs The orchesira during iis Chrisimas concerl. DECA adviser and feacher William Dan iels, helps sfudenfs arrange adverfising layoufs during class. A frip fo Boise for elecfion of sfafe DECA officers began fhe year for disfribufive educafion members. Class sfudies of sales- manship, adverfising, iob infer- views, economics and ofher sub- iecfs provide fhe sfudenfs wifh experience for fufure occupafions. A film made by fhe Sfafe Deparf- menf of Educafion in February of four local DECA sfudenfs, Bob, Ron and Rick Myklebusf and Linda Sumner, will illusfrafe for sfudenfs in fhe Unifecl Sfafes fhe iobs avail- able for high schoolers. ln March members conducfed a survey on sfudenf income. DECA Siudies Economics Disfribufive ed members are fronf row, leff fo righf: Sandy Corey, hisforianq Rick Myklebusf, vice- presidenl: Linda Sumner, secrefaryy Charles Schoeffler, presidenfg second row: Gloria Armsfrong, Tom Hendrix, Bruce Cole, Jim Hall, Bruce Swanson, Bob Myklebusf, Ron Myklebusfy 'lhird row: Sfeve Reynolds, Elaine Gilsfrap, Paf Mercer, Sandie Darby, George Germer, Brian Morfensen, Buddy Ches- nufg fourfh row: Sheila Hoy, Benny Brausen, Gary Collins, Mike Ellioff, Mary Gusfavson, Kurl Dres- sen, Carl Wesfberg, Rod Thornfong -fifth row: Randy Valimonf, John Koefod, John Anderson, Arnold Rafhbun, Billy Tolson, Sharon Byers, Mike Schierman, David Mumm, Richard Sfeffeng sixfh row: Mike Farber, Charloffe Paul Wilma Larsen, Becky Byers, Karl Johnson, Valerie Pedersen, Darlene Dofy, Hollis Behlinq, Lee Broenneke and Chuck Crossler. Nof picfured are Carol Sever, Treasurer, and Kafhy Peebles, reporfer. Ski Club Furthers Members Interest ln Skiing Technics Ski Club is open To all sludenls inleresleol in ski- ing. l'rs purpose is lo encourage enlhusiasm in ski- ing and lo give Those inleresled an opporlunily 'ro gel logelher for skiing aclivilies. The showing of films was a fealure of regular club meelings for The purpose of leaching and comparing skiing Jrech- niques. Ski Club members are 'fronl row, lefr 'ro righl: Roberl Quesnel, adviser: Ron Myklebusl, Sian Zimel, Sharon Byers, Claire Caldwell: second row: Ross Sloul, Bill Billingsley, Mike Davidson, Calhy Brown, Barbara Shorl, Sreve Davidson, Karl Craine, Mary Lou l-lenry: ihird row: Pal' Gagon, Jess Hall, Kris Bishop, Pal' Murphy, Terry Johnson, Nancy Helbling, Trish Jones, Debbie Anderson, Linda Bergman: 'fourfh row: Paul Wallin, Mike Schierman, Allen Lyon, John Lundquisl, Roger Freuclenberg, Gordon Law, Ernie Horn, Nancy Wilde, Anna Cox: fifih row: Bob Van Wagoner, Buddy Chesnul, Mike Dumas, Chuck Boyd, Jim Leapharf, Carl Wesrberg, John Driscoll and Mike Turk. B- l l I Thespian members are 'frcni' row, lefl' 'lo righlz Annelle Shellon, Karen Barr, Sheila Waller. Bernila Anderson: sec- ond row: Cindy Barnes, Vicki Wendt Judy Poller, Mary Rurh Mann: fhird row: Susan Parish, Earl Barker, Bob Myklebusl' and Charlie Del Valle. Thespicans Encourages Porficipofion In Dromolic Arts Q :Q ,c Thespians is a nalional honorary for all performers in Jrhe dramalic ar'rs, clebare or speech. Radio Bear over KRPL, was a proiecr of 'rhe club. The members planned 'rheir own programs of MSHS news along wirh wriling Jrheir own scriprs. Sludenls earn membership in Thespians by parricipafion inspeech conlesls and school plays. Shown in "The Family No- body Wanl'ed" are Gordon Cofrerell, Cindy Barnes and Georgianna Gleason. 6I 62 , Drill Team presenled I967-68 drill mislress Nola Sinclair a corsage during a rouiine al' a Lewislon baslcelball game. Drill Team forms a "V" for viclory during a flashlighl rouline presenled al halflime al' 'lhe Wallace game. Selecl iuniors and seniors make up lhe MSHS Drill Team. These dedicaled members pracliced every Monday and Wednesday afler school and many noon hours lor rou- 'rines presenled al loolball and baslcelball games and lhe baslcelball dislricl championship game in February. Exceplional performances lhroughoul lhe year included a llashlighl rouline al lhe Wallace baslcelball game and a special program lo lhe music ol Frosly The Snowman al Chrislmas. l-ligh school ancl iunior high drill leams blended inlo one large group lo march al' a foolball game. Drill Teom Shows Enthusiasm Drill Team members are 'fronl' row, lell' lo righl: Barb Shorl, Nola Sinclair: second row: Mary Ann Dahmen, Ruih Hender- shol'l'. Joyce Nearing, Billie Miles, Marigail Kindschy, Nancy Frye, Laurie Jackson, Susan Germer, Connie Baugh, Karen Barr, Diane LeTourneau, Celia Schoefiler: ihird row: Slephanie Fosberg, Joyce Davis, Hollis Behling, Darlene Doly, Valerie Pedersen, Anna Cox, Kaihy Peebles, Linda Riersgard, Calhy Brown, Linda Shreve, Marlene Dees'l'en: fourih row: Kris Roberls, Cindy Long, Theresa Ensign, Denise Williams, Marilyn Lyon, Nancy Tale, Barb Gulhrie, Suzanne Robinson, Ginny l-lann, Ann Wilson and Julene Larson. ' T SgT. Carl Groloach assisTed Col. Cline in TiTTing summer uniTorms. PicTured are SgT. Gronbach and Rick Hulce. ROTC PresenTs Colors ROTC Drill Team members are fronT row, leTT To righT: Tom Hendrix, Dave BuTler, Randy Clark, Rick Fadness, Sonny Hen- drix, Brian Dreisbach, Mike Dye, Kirk HaupT: second row: Wayne Crooks. Jim Franklin, Gordon CoTTerell, MiTcheal Cooksey, Tom Shepard, Tim FelTong Third row: Melvin George, Alan McKeown, Dennis Mills, Lannie PeTerson, Roger PainTer, Mark Fenison and Randall JohnsTon. ROTC Drill Team consisTs oT TwenTy cadeTs who have marched aT several baskeTball games and Two parades This year. The cadeTs pracTice every Mon- day. Wednesday and Friday morning. Money-mak- ing proiecTs and acTiviTies oT The AFJROTC boys have been The selling oT name Tags, Two mixers, The MiliTary Ball and The SweeThearT Ball. ROTC Drill Team oTTicers are 2nd LT. Tom Hendrix, assisTanT commander: lsT LT. Kirk HaupT, command- er: and LT. Col. VicTor Cline, insTrucTor. Wk M-Club members are -fron? row, leff fo righf: Ron Gayman, John Driscoll, Lance Labine, Mike McGarvey, Jerry Washburn: second row: Brian Morfensen, Ray Pefersen, Dave Brown, Sfeve Davis. Herb Adams, Bruce Cole, Gary Thompson, George Germer, Jere Scl-iulfe, Bruce Cyr: fhird row: John Musseau, Kim Kirkland, Ken Mafson, Bill Mor- fimore, Mike Goefz, Dave Goefz, Rick Myklebusf, Buddy Chesnuf, Bruce Swanson, Jim Jacksha: 'fourlh row: Bruce Roberfson, Claude Dye, Alan Hoffman, Sfeve Reynolds, Roberf Maker, Mark Denfon, Gary LeFors, Rocky Hudson, Kevin Amos, Tom Shepard: 'fiffh row: Alan Lyon, Bill Marfson, Bill Ross, Harvard Whife, Kirk Haupf, John Sfube, Karl Johnson. Ed Chrisfian, Tom Hendrix, Sam Cofferell, Jim Hall: sixfh row: David Mumm, Paul Johnson. Sfeve Musseau, Dale Anderson, Doug Fenwick, Nick Ogle, Russ Biggarn, Toby Barner. Doug Baker, Ray Mafson, John Mo- ser: sevenih row: Clay Williams, Milfon Graves, Mike Dumas, Mike McCabe, Paf Gagon, Mike Schierman, Gordon Law, Mike Davidson, Mike Sparkman and Rick Meadows, M-Club Inilicifes School Spirit ii iii M-Club is composed of all school leffermen. The purpose of rhe club is fo perpefuafe a feeling of spirif and pride along wifh giving fhese afhlefes a chance fo express fhemselves and a way fo confribufe fo fhe beffermenf of Jrhe school. Various I967-68 acfivifies of fhe club include fhe selecfing of Homecoming Roy- alfy. a hayride, assisfing in fhe lunch line and al pep assemblies and cleaning fhe gym floor affer games. M-Club officers are Jerry Washburn, underclassman represenfafive: Lance Labine, secrefary-Treasurer: Ron Gayman, presidenfg John Driscoll, vice-presidenf: and Mike McGarvey, sergeanf-af-arms. Lance Labine and Jim Hall sell school viclory hais as one of The mon- ey-making proiecls 'lor M-Club. Doug Baker and Mark Denlon assisf lhem. Senior M-Club members are 'froni' row, leff fo righl: Brian Morlensen, Dave Brown, Sieve Davis, Herb Adams, George Germer, Doug Baker: second row: Alan Lyon, Claude Dye. Ken Maison, Mike Goelz, Dave Goelz, Rick Myklebusfg ihird row: David Mumm, Bill Ross, Dale Anderson, Ron Gayman, Gordon Laiw, Rocky Hudson, Buddy Clwesnuh fourih row: Mike Senior Pep Club members are fronf row, leil lo righiz Trish Jones. Susan Shire, Pam While, Judy Smilh, Merry Heickq second row: Caihy Brown. Barbara Gurhrie, Kris Roberis, Barbara Short Linda Riersgard, Julene Lar- son. Dianne Lindsayg 'lhird row: Susan Germer, Joyce Davis, Linda Sumner, Cindy Long, Karen Barr, Laurie Jackson, Linelfe Miller, Kalhy Siephens, Vernice Slcramsrad, Connie Baugh. Cheryl Carnahan: fourih row: Nola Sinclair, Leilane Uriarre, Suzanne Robinson, Nancy Tale, Annerre Shelron, Carla Ward, Lynn Harisrein, Bar- bara Deobald, Shirley Gusravson, Sheryl Gleason, Kris Rainer, Marie Malory, Nira Cass: fifth row: Chris Eisin- ger, Anira Herrmann, Pai' Murphy, Bernila Anderson, Mary Ann Dahmen, Diana Buchanan, Melissa Troxel, Lin- da Sfokes, Kaihy Peebles, Jerre Lou Dufhie, Shirley Lovel, Bessie Hendrix and Virginia Hann. Pep Club Perpeiuofes School Spirit T' ti? Pep Club is composed of junior and senior girls who are in- ieresied in promoling school spirii ai' all aihleiic coniesis. These girls musr earn rhe privilege of wearing The club's red blazer. blaclc slciri and swearer by painiing posrers airer school, slapling rosrers or selling rosrers ai home games. Various acriviiies 'ihis year included an inii'iai'ion banquei. decoraring for Homecoming, an exchange dinner wi'rh Pull- man and going io a banquei wirh Jrhe Pullman Pep Club where 'rhe girls exchanged ideas. um 'lm' Linda Harder and Beclcy Sieensma sell rosiers ai 'the Moscow-Clarlcslon game 'lo add 'lo 'iheir Pep Club poinrs. 66 Junior Pep Club members are froni row, lei? To righiz Ginny Gale, Michele Miles, Carole Wren: second row: Vicki Wendi. Ruih Henderschoii, Beih Hassler, Becki Williams, Linda Bergman, Debbie Anderson, Sharon Byers, Denise Williams, Nancy Barackman, Siephanie Fosbergq ihird row: Judy Harrison, Darlene Doiy, Pai Crossin, Jane? Voqi, Nan- cy Wilde, Mary Lu Henry, Mary Beih Mickey, Lorrayne Olesen, Kafhy Zimmer, Theresa Ensign: fourih row: Kay Fin- ley, Sheila Hoy, Elaine Gilsirap, Gail Fleissner, Aniia Gleason, Joyce Nearing, Gloria Armsirong, Teresa Wernecke, Connie Bingman, Kaihy Douglas, Becky Youmans: fifih row: Corinne Nygaard, Becky Abbot Janei Peck, Billie Miles, An- na Cox, Marlene Deesien, Linda Shreve, Mary Gusiavson, Hollis Behling, Valerie Pedersen. Becky Byers, Marilyn Lyon, Celia Schoeiflerg sixfh row: Linda Lyon, Margarei Salisbury, Debbie Cunninqion, Jerre Lee Mundell, Mary Gail Kind- schy, Nancy Randall, Beverly Dahl, Nancy Frye. Cheryl Wernecke, Mary Greeley, KH Peirie, Becky Treni' and Janice Foiles. ,4- f"" Pep Club members cheer on rhe Bears ai a pep assembly. AFS members are froni' row, lelf 'ro righl: Linda Shreve, Anne'r'le Shellon, Leilane Uriarle, Denise Williams, Caihy Brown, Mrs. Mary McHenry, adviser: second row: Vicki Wendf, Niia Cass, Janice Failes, Mary Belh Mickey, Sfephanie Fosberg, Mary Lu Henry, Becki Williams, Chris Easlman, Kalhy Sfephens, Nancy Barackman, Laurie Jackson: fhird row: Jackie Bauqh, Carol Williams, Elaine Silha, Nancy Olson, Nancy Randall, Celia Schoeffler, Beverly Dahl, Befh l-lassler. Linda Riersgard, Merry Heick, Kris Ander- son, Becky Chrisiian, Lynn Harlsfein, Sue Parish: 'Fourih row: Nola Sinclair, Marilyn Lyon, Claire Caldwell, Diana Buchanan, Dianne Lindsay, Becky Youmans, Lynda Lyon, Mary Ruih Mann, Pai' Crossin, Suzanne Robinson, Bernila Anderson, Marlene Deesfen, Ginny Hann, Bruce Roberison, David Mumm, Gordon Law, Kevin Amos, Marlin G-ilsirap, Rocky Hudson, Dennis Mills, Ted Mof- fefl' and Bruce Oslyn. AFS Eorns For Exchonge Y HS Hr f' , Marilyn Barrus, Berniia Anderson and Laurie Jackson sing for an AFS dinner in November. Onlooking AFS members are dressed in Foreign cosfumes. Leilane UriarTe, wiTh The help of CaThy Brown, AFS presidenT, cuTs The birThday calce T presenfed To her aT'Ter The March I pep as- sembly. is :'f AnneTTe ShelTon. MSHS exchange sTudenT for I968, is living and sTudying in Dur- ban, SouTh Africa, for one year. Through sponsorship of The Toreign exchange program, The American Field Service promoTes inTernaTional undersTanding among Today's young people. AFS's major TuncTion is rais- ing money To send sTudenTs Trom Moscow abroad in ex- change Tor Toreign sTudenTs who will live here Tor one year. ITS main proiecTs have included selling ChrisTmas cards, spon- soring a movie, "The Russians Are Coming," during ChrisT- mas vacaTion and helping The adulT chapTer of AFS wiTh The annual AFS dinner. Leilani UriarTe, exchange sTudenTnTrom Los Negros, Philippines, is living wiTh The Elvin Lindsay Tam- ily unTil The end of June. AnneTTe ShelTon, senior, wenT To live in Durban, SouTh Africa, in January, IQ68. Julianne Wil- liams, I967 graduaTe, is spending The year in Sweden. Dressed in a Philippine cosTume, Lelani UriarTe discusses her naTive cusToms wiTh AFS guesTs and members. Key Club members are, froni' row, leff lo righl: Sieve Davis, Mike Delles, John Lundquisi, Mike Turk, Jon Moser, Ron Mykle- busl: second row: Ron Gayman, Jim Canode, Gary LeFors, Gordon Law, Mike Sparkman. Sieve McCoy, Rocky Hudson. Ray Pelersen, Sian Zimef, Jerry Washburn, John Driscoll: fhird row: Jim Jacksha. Bill Ross, Doug Baker and Lance Labine. ,im-mum. .1 NIU ll YB' , l 1 X 'X ' , lib' " " L ." ""': l 0- . T - 'W .,1nxf'r"'r'+"f'- i if 4 .. uk ls -'n llniimiik-v1'mwhr 1'-Xl Q h . er . vllm ' is M A " .X V -..... ..,.....a 55,-'ff-f fm i 3 -M fi 5252? F-aw .5, ff' El.!H!4l55'2lf::r Key Club Monoges "'i'flMii ,515 I Key Club Bookslore confains paperback books avail- i '-N' ' able for all siudenls for enioymenl' or English re- T mlm' .Eff Mwfm P0rl's. Key Club, Kiwanis sponsored, is a non- profii organizaiion for all high school boys. The club's main aciiviiies are operaiing a school books+ore and assisiing local civic organizaiions ancl businesses. The club members orcler, buy and sell ihe books 'ro rhe S+ude5+ body. The booksiore is open mornings and noons. Bookstore NJA! if m, XXX One responsibili+y of Key Club Presideni' Mike Delles is seleciing books from a lisi' 'for The slore. Key Club officers are, lei? 'ro righ+: Ron Myklebusi, junior represenlaiiveg John Lundquisi, senior represeniafive: Mike Turk, +reasurer: Jon Moser, vice-president and Mike Delles, president Missing is Sfeve Davis, secreiary. 7I Grgcinizcifions Creole Activity Senior Girls League members and lheir sophomore "lil'He sis+ers" exhibil' lheir winning crealions on Hal Day. Shown are, fronl row, lelr 'ro righf: Marilyn Cowin, Nancy Tale, Ann Everson, Vicky Beclcg second row: Terry Johnson, Calhy Brown, Sheryl Lew and Linda l-larcler. Sur Y 'Ny ,. sw , . , 1 , 1 -- We o sl MSHS Drill Team prepares lo march on +o 'lhe floor iusl' before a performance. f Nor only hard work, bu? also laugh- 'rer and fun comprise a 'rolal ac- Jrivily for a club, one lhal really moves +o help Hs members, The school and 'rhe communily. GAA members parlicipale in one 72 of 'lheir many afler school malches. iff , ' : . .,,1:k,:.,i5 ...V gi., IM. Fefvsofh , . ,,... ., - I If I967 Bear Varsily Ioolball squad members are fron? row, Iefl' Io riqhl: Tom Hendrix, Claude Dye, John Musseau, Bruce Swanson, Ken Maison, Rick Myklebusl, Dave Brown, Jerry Schulle, Harvard While, Dick Hudson, second row: Jim Hall, Gordon Law, Roger Painier, Mike Goefz, Bill Marison, Gary LeFors, Brian Morfensen. Mike McCabe, Alan Hoffman, Ron Gayman, Alan Lyon: 'Ihircl row: Dale Anderson, Sieve Davis, Mike Schierman, Sieve Mus- seau, Herb Adams, Mike Dumas, Jon Moser, Dave Morgan, Mike McGarvey, Jerry Washburn, head coach Bill Miles, 'fourlh row: line coach John Desmond, backfield coach Don Haynes, Clay Williams, Bruce Cole, Dave G-oefz, Doug Baker, Mark Denlon, Bud Chesnul and John Driscoll. Miles' Beors Compleie Seoson AT 8-2 The I967 Varsily foolball coaching sialic consisrs of line coach John Desmond, head coach Bill Miles and backlield coach Don Haynes. Coach Miles and his assisranfs led Ihe Bears Io 'Iheir second siraighl 8-2 season record. RE5Ex 'l 5? "IN K'Is5'1i!if"'S5YsEZRi4Q'1L1l if ' 1 'f VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Moscow 52 Kellogg 0 Moscow 32 Hermision 0 Moscow 33 Pullman 0 Moscow I5 Nampa Moscow I3 Coeur d'AIene Moscow 40 Colfax Moscow I3 Wallace Moscow I9 Cla rIcsI'on Moscow I2 Sandpoinf Moscow I 9 Lewisfon The referee signals Jrhe opening score by quarlerback Bruce Cole I2 in lhe Lii'+le Baiile of ihe Palouse The Bears wenr on 'io crush rhe rival Greyhounds 330 Sreve Davis Sr. Corner Bud Chesnui' Sr. Tackle Dave Brown Sr. Guard '1 Gordon Law Sr. Hallback Alan Lyon Sr. Tackle Mark Denlon Sr. End John Driscoll Sr. Linebacker Mike Dumas Sr. Quarlerback 'kf' Dave Goefz Sr. En cl Mike Goefz Sr. Linebacker Rocky Hudson Sr. Guard The Moscow defensive unii played a key role in The I967 fooiball campaign. Here John Driscoll l65l, an idaho All- Sfaier lurns a Wallace play 'lo 'flue inside where reinforce- menis are soon io arrive. Brian Moriensen Sr. Haliloa ck Rick Myklebusf Sr. Guard Mike Schierman Sr. Guard Ken Maison Sr. Halfback Mike McCabe Sr. Fullback Mike McGarvey Sr. Guard ZLSSSEQSK - 2E1H'Ii Bruce Cole Jr. Quarferback Bruce Cyr Jr. Halfbaclc Kevin Amos Jr. Halfback -gf ground gamer for 74, xnfo e Gary LeFors Jr. End Jon Moser Jr. Halfback Sfeve Musseau J r. Gua rd M..-Wm, 4: M V ,,v.,w.,. -, ,1 J -VWMQ K ---- V1 ,L,."4"x9S 1: T'f1v.:rxa.Q.N,w1S: 5- - ff Q Q 1 f -, .1 f ' f Af , ' -, ' K 5- i 4' X'fns:zg,gva ,A ' ,, 552' ww iw.. .Q ,mfr I ag, g,3',,,J V l, .K +- 1 Qui f -wg 'itygip 'WCB . . 1 4, V .7 W L37 .H ' 4 5? QQ , ,iv ., ,, fi4.vw-fig s 'S A" '3 - fi- 5' 'E fx: ': " 5:12:13 " - fhspwggagi. wf.E.i:4.M3 , gl J. ,M .. A .. , .f v Q ,, Q i J A f. - Q S-iz?-Lv sei?-1,15 . -fglfn'-' ' W. '- 'V43 A - g' 'fl' Q. . s f Ji-" 1. Q . if , .i ff V 5-11.- 53 6 lr 1 f ,. ' wsfg. ' J , -A TP: fs' . Q , a L., f. 1 fw- zzxmszggg,g.,-V . -. gi H H K - .,2ff,1,., J' L- I f ,, K ,T " Z .- , 42- .Im f .J 155 ' .i k ' JJJ ' , J ,af gJ,,.,.s ...H ' i , . wgffegg W bv-g'ff:'e.,.:fz,Y?'-n-fg5f- f up may ' qfbgn.,-gif. ,cy 'Z A if ':'1?g.,.gn -Vail' jgxii- n-. : J in . .1, ' f ,, ' f ,ff-.ZZ-H.-w,,:': S fr. '41, vw' gs gjfj'-'f:fa.'. , - - .1 . 'Q m,f2Qf,au.4giii 3--bu jh.. -3 .354 M X A , N., ex N ,V . 4 L. ,:,.xLY' We , Bill Marfson 3341, f u-1 "V Staph. Tackle i f ,mi 4 5 z 3 gg K m V r May? ' ' 1 M .. X ' -wi ' 1 ' "1" ' f'.."m- f-,A :zw fy, cg " .,. 255 i.i:Z5 H,i ,. 1ffgZi N jpg ' ' "' C37 1 - ' li W. 'WM ' sg M siev e 1, i 1 ff - is .,-' , H' iw Q A ' fi John Musseau Soph. Cenier X , f Coach Miles gave The difficull iob of managing The Varsify foofball squad To Mike Davidson and Bill Morlimore, bolh of whom have been managers for fwo previous years. Bear halfback Ron G-ayman l22l crosses fhe Banfam goal for Moscow's firsl' score. Ofher Bears are Dave Goeiz l8ll. Mike McGar- vey ll:-Il, Bruce Cole ll2l and Mike McCabe l32l. 80 Tfik' 5K?K-156654 Y: 3 M,9,W6fi:'f5i?f-i'pn?5'?HsfS5'F".if1W V 'I hi" li' x ' I "W-'L 'FV' l".5,U"f":'Y7, R' . A fif " 'fi Y ,J J.. ..1, sw, 1 ff: .,..,.,fv .. ' .' 4:51. -' " ,f1.?ifM'Jf: " J If,,.,fb'!,a.2' '-"V fi 6--:3L'.7', . A a avi'?53-..i .' ,IS-'::,Li4,,1l 3, ik x MG' .xx . A , caan! I Bear Junior Varsily +eam members are fron? row, lefl' 'ro ri I: Greg Goelz, Hank Smilh, Tom Day, Jon Wiese, Mike Sparkman, line coach Ted Kuykendall, Rob Packard, Mark Pilkin, Richa Dave Browne, Jim Weslberg, John Miller, lhird row: Denny Alberls, Bill Thompson, Paul Agidius, Toby Barner, Sieve Reynolds, McElroy, John Boyd, Dave Washburn. ROD Alf-l1'lClh Richard Gary Hellman, Bill Tolson, Erv Johnson, Mike Thompson, John Lynd, Mark Moehnerl, Bill Slrobel, Don Delers, Leon Jensen, Mel Koelod, head coach Greg l-lordemanng second row: Bob Mykle- Wimmer,Jelf Wachler and Spence Arave. busl, Mike Dye, Gerard Connelly, Lyle Jensen, Leonard Schulle .lVs Compile The Junior Varsily loolball coaches are head coach and backlield coach Greg Hordemann and line coach Ted Kuy' kendall. The coaches spurred 'lhe JVS lo a 5-2-l season. 5-2-1 Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow re aim 6 Malls oson gbdeacx ,gaseous kb.QS'K,MfkQjN JV FOOTBALL SCORES 7 Kamiah Var. I3 0 Clarlcsfon 6 59 Pullman 6 44 Lewislon B 0 I3 Lewislon JV I3 39 Pullman 6 I4 Clarksfon 0 2I Lewisfon JV 0 8I M'-'lu- QQ. 1 The JV foolball managers. yghggalio helped fhe Varsify man- A Bear JV lunges fo lhe Lewision B-Squad goal line in 'rhe grasp agers, are Neil Brood and 5Jss'SToui5 of several Bengal cubs. The Bears were vicforious by a score of 44-o. ix x XM! X . X1 J i if X- The success of fhe Junior Varsily leam is exemplified by 'lhe effeciiveness and power of an end sweep. Mike Dye. Sreve Reynolds and Richard Alberfs lead Hank Smifh To paydirl' againsf Pullman. The l967 cross-country team members are front row, left to Castellaw, Fred Kessel: second row: Coach Bob Weisel, Jim right: Brian Dreisbach, Bruce Ostyn, Kirk Haupt, Ray Tate, Bob -Seale, Paul Johnson. Nick Ogle, Jim Canode and Ted Moffett. Horriers Ploce Eighth At Stote Moscow Bears are off to a fast start at the Moscow Invitational Cross-Country Meet held at the ASU! Golf Course Oct. I4-, t f Judy Smi'I'l1 Pam While Yell Queen Sfuclenls Rally To Cheerleaders' Spirit J V l'yCl1 ld areCaroleWren,GinnyGl clSl1llyMl Susan Shire Merry Heiclc Trish Jones lmporlanl lo The success of all rhe Varsily sporls is The crowd parricipalion encouraged by cheerleaders. Spurring crowd enlhusiasm are lfrom lopl Pam While, Trish Jones, Merry Heick, Judy Smilh and Susan Shire. 85 The I968 Varsiiy baske+ball squad members are fron? row, le-H second row: Lance Labine, Ray Peiersen. Sieve Davis, Karl John- +o right Coach Don Haynes, Gary l.eFors. Jon Moser, Doug son, Rick Mylclebusf, Lon Gray and Bill Ross. Baker, Dave Goelz, Bruce Cole, manager Gerard Connelly: Hoynes Directs Another Winning Compoign The baskerball program requires ihe help of s+a'risTici'ans. The I967-68 siaimen are, fronf row, Tom Hendrix and Fasi-breaking Bruce Cole l32l drives for an easy lay-in aqainsi' Alan Hoffman. This year's managers are. baclr row, Bill The Meridian Warriors. The Bears wem' on ro roll over ihe Jasper, Gerard Connelly and Dennis Mills. Warriors by a score of 83-58. IQ 1 Tl I -.l-flaw V l Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Season Record I8-2 76 93 59 85 65 65 83 69 44 86 77 59 79 89 86 72 65 80 70 73 Wallace Pos'I' Falls Grangeville Posl' Falls Grangeville Ca pH'ol Meridian Sandpoini- Coeur d'Alene Kellogg Pullman Lewislon Clarlcsfon Wallace Sand poinf Coeur cl'Alene Pullman Lewisfon Clarlcsfon Kellogg Sharp'shoo'rer Dave G-oelz arches lhe ball high in 'rhe air during l'he Clarlcslon Banlam game. The Bears won lheir lasi' confesf of fhe regular season in Bear Den by The score of 70-63. Varsi+y Bears have never been defealed in lhe Bar Den since Hs opening ln l966. Guard Jon Moser eyes 'lhe baslcel and releases a lump-shol' aqainsf lhe Lewlslon Bengals. The Bears easily overpowered Lewlslon for an 80-64 vic+ory. -'GBM 05929 wscflff 54 sums Sieve Davis Sr. Forward Mark Denion Sr. Guard B S my - .f Ar mf: ' .1 5 ' I ai ,rI:a,r A 60500191 ' A 3 fr r rr F R if-H f w X ,f , ,. --af, ggzg ,1- Dave Goeiz Herb Adams Sr. Cenier Doug Baker Sr. Cenfer Jim Canode Sr. Guard 0520 Far BEARS If 'ho .G 1, K Sr. Forward Q , ' 5 F 5960 BEARS Lon Gray F Rick Myklebusi' Sr. Guard Lance Labine Sr. Guard Sr. Forward 22" G2 +5 Cenler Doug Baker l55l lumps lwigl-n in lhe air in an efforf lo con+rol a 'rip in Hue Moscow Capifol game. Bear guard Jon Moser l43l walls anxiously for +l1e ball. The Bears bear +l'xe Eagles of Boise 65-5I. Karl Johnson ,Jr. Cenlrer Gary LeFors Jr. Guard Jon Moser J r. Guard Ray Pefersen Sr. Fo rwa rd Bill Ross Sr. Fo rwa rd Bruce Cole J r. Forwa rd 980 SEARS . g if? J sg QSSCQQQGQ wu- ,aq - 'Y L . I .ww fha? .,. 3gARS 5 f Q I W 'WA Nr s 6 '82, X Q 8 x ll' f B BEARS lg 23. . N ' 42 .f fl' , 'Q 'ala if YM Q 1, Nigga, V X f 2 as 695 4' 9? ja 1 .M J , ... . . J sms ,,.'k 1 ,,'v Jxsggggsf off, xs09C01f 1 is The l968 Junior Varsity basketball team members are front row, COV. UIGUGQGF Bill JGSPSP: 59C0Tld VOWI BOB Myl1lebuSt. Clay lett to right: Coach Greg l-lordemann, Gilbert Bussanich, Charles Williams. Jim J5Clf5l'15f JGSS Hall. Bruce CYP. Kim Kirkland incl Del Valle, Dennis Thomas, John Stube. Mike Sparkman. Steve Mc- John Hall. Future Bcisketbcill Yeors Look Promising: JVS Complete A Victorious Yecir Moscow JV Clay Williams l4ll lays up an easy shot against the Lewiston Bengal JVS. The reteree called the Lewiston player tor JV BOlD Myl4lGlJUSt. in 6 white home Uf1iiOFm. YTIOVGS in a goal-tending intraction, which gave the Bears two more points, to clear the boards against the Pullman Greyhound JVs. Moscow won by a score ot 43-40. Other Bears are Gilbert Moscow cleteated' Pullman 40-34 in the Bear Den. Bussa,-,ich 135, and Jim Jacksha l23j. 5, on A 1 'N vi imewl ivrl 1. x FSM Ov QU rl H' K liiallx gm' UW JN QL We Wee karl XKXLL -Q Clog IX lgas-fs vm P l L JV BASKETBALL SCORES ik LNKX Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Q x Season Record I8-2 fly l K Worley Posl' Falls Posl- Falls Lewisfon Pierce Sa ncl poinl' Coeur cl'Alene Kellogg Pullman Lewisfon Clarkslon Worley Plummer Plummer Coeur d'Alene Pullman Koofenai Lewislon Clarlcslon Kellogg -1- r: K B-Squad basketball team members are tront row, lett to right: head coach Bill Kuhlman. Sonny Hendrix, Tom Mayburry, Jon Wiese, Ken Kees, Bob Castellaw, Eric Brinkerhott, Ron Aldrich, manager Dennis Mills: second row: Pat Schierman, David Gittens, Tr-3 Craig Cyr, Hank Smith, Richard Lyncl, Greg Goetz, Mike Thomp- son, Erling Johnson: third row: statistician Tom Gwinn, Bill Thompson, Jim Seale, Paul Albert, Ted Thompson, Skippy Peter- son, Pat Phillips and Bill Morrow. B-Squad Shows Fundamental Strengths Greg Goetz lI4l, a Moscow B-Squad player, iumps high in the air against the rival Pullman Greyhound JVs. Eric Brinkerhott l34l awaits the opening iump. The game ended in a 59-52 Bear victory. . B-Squaclers Hank Smith l22l and Eric Brinkerhott l34l wait tor a rebound in a game against the Pullman Junior Varsity. Moscow hung on to a slim lead throughout the game to beat the Grey- pups 59-52. nj 'yur' The l968 Varsily wresllers are fron-I' row, lell Io righlz Geo rge Germer. Gary Thompson. Willie Anderson, Rob Packarcl: second row: Marlc Plllcln, Doug Fenwick. Paul Agldlus. Ken Malsonz 'Ihird row: Jerry Washburn. Jere Schulle, Gary Hellman, Sam Col ellg 'fourlh row: Manager Allen Moore. Coach Curl Fllsher, Marlson and Coach Ted Kuylcenclall. ler- Bill VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow M oscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Season 42 I7 39 36 27 27 42 I4 37 2I 44 23 39 34 Record I I -3 Wallace Pullman Grangeville Clarlcs'I'on Colfax Lewlslon Grangeville Pullman Pomeroy Universlly Hugh CIarIcs'I'on Lewis'I'on Colfax Pomeroy Wrestlers' Viclories Stand II-3 Wresller Ken Malson decisions a I.ewls'I'on Bengal I2-4 in 'Ihe Dlslrlcl' Il finals. Malson wen'I on lo place Ihird al' 'the Slale Wreslllng Tournamen'l'. va-saw as ,.....:x -.. George Germer Sr., l23 lb. Ken Maison Sr.. l3O lb. Paul Agidius Soph., I36 lb. Toby Barner Soplw., I36 lb. Roberl' Packard soph., 98 lb. William Anderson Frosh., 106 lb. Gary Thompson Sr., I I5 lb. Doug Fenwiclc Sr., I4l lb. Dave Washburn Soph., 148 lb. Roclcy Hudson Sr., l57 lb. Varsrfy wresfler Gary Thompson gefs have polnfs for a falcedown aqa1ns+ a Unnversnfy Hugh wresfler from Spokane Gary declsloned hxs opponen'r 6-I, buf 'rhe Bears los+ +o The Tlfans by a 'ream score of 24 2l N f,fJ'j Jere Schul're Jr., H53 lb. Jerry Washburn Jr., I83 lb. Bill Marfson Heavyweighr The I968 JV wresfling members are 'fronf row, lefr ro riqh'l': Coach Curl' Flisher, Greg Roberrs, Roy Hammond, Larry Halvor- son, Rick Fadness, Rocky Freudenberq, Mike Packard, John Zim- mer: second row: Ken Nearing, Richard Alberis, Kenny Olesen, John Miller, Sam Collereii. Scoil' Anderson, Jim Franklin, Toby Barnerg 'ihird row: Don Derers. Sieve Musseau, Mark Beck, Leonard Schulie, John Musseau, Mark Moehneri, Jerry Robinson and Ross Sfoulz JVS Roll Over Opposition MSI-IS Bowling Tecim Continues To Grow The i967-68 Moscow bowling leam members are fron-i row, lefi io riqhr: Carla Miller, Karen Guniher, Mercedes Babb, Linelle Miller, Cheryl Wernecke, Jane Morienseng second row: Randy Moore, Brian Moriensen, Barbara Bigqam, Debbie Owens, Doris Alberls, Kaihy Slephens, Sharon Schulh. Greg Neely: ihird row: Russ Biqqam, Rick Meadows, Chuck Baysinger, Dallas Owens, Jim Wesiberg and Coach Sam Miller. ., s .ir i Editors QLLMB Life's reslriessness in each, MSI-lSers Jrravel Jrhe road of viciory, Deieaf and scholarship, Drawn as a maqnei in+oii1Ce's highway To move ahead or +0 be whirled aside. Students on the Move The vibranl Jrlirill of life Calls To each individual Moving forward, never slanding Simply lisfening ancl learning. liin The MSHS facully chose Doug Balcerias l968's ouislanding senior boy. Doug is s'ruden'r body presi- deni, having served as siudeni body vice-presideni during his iun- ior year. Doug's abiliiy 'ro gel' along easily wiih adulis and his classmales prompied The senior class 'lo vole him "Besi Leader." While he has been aciive in fool- ball and baslceiball, Doug has main- 'rained Jrhe grades necessary To graduaie from MSHS wiih high honors. Doug presides over a school assembly. MSHS Foculfy Elecfs Doug demonslrales his aihleiic abiliiy Dmnne and Doug 85+ Cake ai, Lellane on 'rhe baskefball courr. Q Wdlil- Outstonding Seniors Dianne pariicipares in Pep Band, one of her many high school acfiviiies. The MSHS faculry chose Dianne Lindsay as I968's oulslanding sen- ior girl. Always ready wilh a smile and a willingness 'ro worlc, Dianne is respecled and admired by adulls as well as her peers. This sludenl' body secrerary-lreasurer is 'rhe Girls League- "l-lardesl' Worker" and "Girl of 'rhe Year." Dianne also holds 'rhe I'-768 DAR Good Ci+izenship Award and is "Bes+ Leader" of rhe senior class. Dianne pauses for a picfure during a S+uden'r Council commifiee meefing. 'Q Seniors Moving In o Streom ot Never Ceosing Motion, Preporing tor the Future WILLIAM HERBERT ADAMS JR. IHerbiel Ambition: To goto college and tinish my education. Activities: M-Club 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Pomona H.S., Pomona, Calit I, 2: Football I, 2: LeH'ermen's Club 2. DORIS IONE ALBERTS iDorisI Ambition: To become a good teacher. Activities: GAA I-3: Pep Band 2-4, director, pres. 4: Band I-4: Cana- dian Band Exchange I: Orchestra 2-4. BERNITA LYNN ANDERSON lBunnyl Ambition: To be the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. and to be able to try everything once. Activities: Lewiston Music Fest. I: Talent Show I: Band I: "Arsenic and Old Lace" crew I: "The Heiress" cast 3: Thespians 4: Tennis 2: Language Club I, 2: AFS I-4, pres. 3, exchange candidate 3: FTA 3, ir. rep. 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Class sec. 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Student Council Rep. 2: Girls League pres.. "Miss Leadership" 4: Commence- ment Usherette 3: Moscow Jr. Miss 4. KATHRYN MARIE ANDERSON IKathyl Ambition: To graduate from the U ot I and become a successful ac- countant. Activities: FTA 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4, KRISTINE RUTH ANDERSON IKrisl Ambilion: To graduale from college, make money, buy a new car oulrighr and go lo Europe before sellling down. Ac'I'ivi+ies: GAA I. 2: Pep Club 3. 4: AFS 4: Talenl' Show crew 3: Language Club I: Wocso slaff 4: Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4. RUSSEL DALE ANDERSON JR. IAndyI Ambilion: To be successful in all lhal life has 'ro offer. Aclivilies: Foolball I-4: Wreslling 2, 3: M-Club 2-4. HARRIET ANN ARMSTRONG IH.-arryl Ambilion: To be happy in life. Acliviliesz Band 2-4. DOUGLAS LEE BAKER ITweedl Ambilionz To play college ball, find an enioyable profession and live happily. Aclivilies: Key Club 2-4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: M-Club 2-4: Baskelball 2-4: Foolball 3, 4: Track 2: Baseball 3, 4: MSHS Vice-Pres. 3: MSHS Pres. 4: Boys Slale 3. BARBARA ALICE BARACKMAN IBarblel Ambilion: To lravel lo 50 slales, be a nurse and help unlorlunale children in Korea and Viel Nam. Aclivilies: GAA 3: DECA 3. KAREN CHRISTINE BARR IBarrl Ambilionz To live. Acliviliesz Quill 31 Scroll 3. 4: Bear Tracks slalf 4: Miss Debulanle I: Homecoming Princess 3: "Under 'lhe Gaslighln casl 3: Drill Team 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Girls League Council 4: Commencernenl Usher- eH'e 3: AFS 3: FTA 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4, pres. 4: Cheerleader I: U of I Press Conf. 3. MARILYN RAE BARRUS IMariIynI Ambilionz To be happy by helping olhers. Aclivilies: Orcheslra I-3: Choralaires I, 2, 4: Thespians I, 2: Radio Bear I, 2: AFS 3: Lewislon Music Fesl. I-3: Talenl Show I, 2: FTA 3. coNNlE LYNN BAUGH Icannaey Ambilion: To go inlo a Iielcl of work in which I can Iravel, see lhe counlry and meer people. Aclivilies: Pep Club 3, 4: Drill Team 3, 4. IO3 RUSSELL CRAIG BIGGAM IRuSsl Ambifionc To gel' a good-paying iob wilh loI's of lime oil for fishing and hunling, marry a nice girl and find happiness in all Ihal I do. Aclivilies: FSA I-4: M-Club 3, 4: Band I-4: Golf I-4. WILLIAM ALLEN BILLINGSLEY lBilll Ambilion: To graduale from college and live a happy, successful life. Acliviliesz Foolball I: Wreslling 3, 4: Ski Club 4. THOMAS SABIN BINGHAM lBarneyl Ambilion: To become RCA's eleclronics adviser for Salurn I probe. Aclivilies: Weighllifling I: Wreslling mgr. 2: Ski Club I, 2. KRISTIE ANNETTE BISHOP lBishl Ambilion: To live on a ranch in lhe Rogue River Valley and lo always live. Acliviliesz AFS 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Wocso slalf 4: Homecoming Queen 4. CANDACE JOAN BRADFORD lCandyl Ambilionz To use wisely every opporlunily Ihal' comes my way. Aclivilies: Choralaires 4: LHS 3: LHS Slarlighiers 2, 3: Girls En- semble 3: L-Cube 3. STEVEN EDWARD BRANDT lSIevel Ambilion: To go Io Spokane Communily College and be a good mechanic so I can keep my car running. Acliviliesz CATHERINE ELIZABETH BROWN lCaIhyl Ambilionz To 'lravel and work abroad afler gradualing from 'I'he U of I. Acliviliesz GAA I-4, Baseball mgr. 3, Baskelball mgr. 4: Girls League Council 3, "Miss Wil'IiesI"' 4: Ski Club I-4: Language Club I. 2: AFS 3, 4, vice-pres. 4, pres. 4: Pep Club 3. 4, sec. 4: Drill Team 3, 4: FTA 3, 4, hislorian 4: "Under The Gaslighlu casl 3: Disl., Reg. Declamalion Fesl. 3. DIANA MARIE BUCHANAN lDianal Ambilion: To sei' for myself a goal and +0 achieve il during my life- lime. Aclivifiesz Chorus I: GAA I, 2, 4: FNC 4: FTA 4: AFS 4: "The Family Nobody Wanl'ed" caslf 4: Cheerleader I: Pep Club 3, 4. CHERYL LYNN CARNAHAN lCarnl Ambifion: To lead a happy. successful life wifh a nursing career. Acfivifies: FHA l7 FNC 2-47 Pep Club 3, 4. WAUNlTA LEE CASS lNilal Ambifion: To live in Kansas as a famous music fherapisf, Acfivifies: Cheerleader I7 Mixed Chorus I7 Choralaires 2-4, pres. 47 Lewisfon Music Fesf, l-37' U of l Press Conf. 37 U of l Journalism Summer Camp 37 Pep Club 3, 47 "The Family Nobody Wan'ied" crew 47 Bear Track sfaff 47 Sfafe Music Fesf. 47 Club Commission 47 FNC 4. WALTER JOSEPH Cl-lESNUT lBudl Ambifion: To go fo college and become a successful businessman. Acfivifies: Foolball l-47 Baslcefball l, 27 Ski Club 3, 47 M-Club 47 DECA 4. GARY ROGER COLLINS lGaryl Ambifion: To do somefhing, even if ii's wrong. Acfivifies: DECA 3, 47 ROTC 3, 4. SANDRA LU COREY fssnayi Ambifionz To gef a summer iob in Europe and fhen refurn fo fhe Sfafes fo become an English feacher on 'lhe secondary level. Acfivifies: FTA 47 DECA 3, 4, hisforian 47 "Under lhe Gaslighf" casf 37 "The Family Nobody Wanled" assf. direcfor, cas+41 Band l. GARY DEAN CURTIS Ualcel Ambifion: To finish high school, see how fhe cfher half lives and four fhe U.S. Acfivifies: DECA 3. 4. l DENIS RAY DAl-lL lDenisl Ambifion: To graduafe from college and become a successful veferinarian. Acfivifies: FFA 2: FSA 3, 4, vice-pres. 47 publicafions phofographer 4. MARY ANN DAHMEN ilvladl Ambifion: To furfher my educafion, fravel and seiile down. Bear Tracks slaff 4. GLEN ALLEN DALBERG lGlenl Ambifion: Acfivilies: SANDRA LEE DARBY lSanl Ambifion: To be a secrefary and fo be a friend fo everyone. I- Acfivifies: GAA l, 27 Pep Club 3, 47 Drill Team 3, 47 Commence- menl' Ushereffe 37 Tri-Sfafe Delegafe 37 Girls League Council 47 Acfivifies: DECA 3, 4: FHA 47 Choralaires 47 Chorus 37 Cheerleader I. l05 PHILIP MICHAEL DAVIDSON lMikeI Ambifion: To graduafe from medical school and have 'Ihe inifials "M.D. M.D." Acfivifies: M-Club 2-4: Foofball mgr. 2-4: FSA 2, 3: Baskefball mgr. 2: Golf 3. 4: Ski Club 4. JOYCE SUSANNE DAVIS lDavisI Ambifion: To be successful and happy in every fhing I do. Acfivifies: FHA I, 2: FTA 3, 4: Drill Team 3, 4: Pep Club 3. 4: GAA I-3: Homecoming Princess 4: Girls League Council I, "Miss DebufanIe" 3: Bear Tracks sfaff 4. STEVEN CLARKE DAVIS lSfevel Ambifion: To gracluafe in four years and be rich. Acfivilies: Foofball I-4: Baskelball I-4: Key Club 3, 4. sec. 4: M-Club 3, 4: Track 2. MICHAEL DAVID DELLES lMikel Ambifion: To obfain all 'Ihaf life has 'ro offer, especially love and undersfanding. Acfivifies: Key Club 3, 4, pres. 4: FTA 3, 4, frees. 4: Baskefball I, 2. MARK ALEXANDER DENTON iMarkl Ambifionz To go fo college ancl finish school and 'Ihen be a happy bachelor all of my life. Acfivifies: Golf 3: Foofball 4: Baskefball 4: Missoula H.S. I, 2, Mis- soula. Monf. BARBARA JO DEOBALD iBarbIeI Ambifion: To be happy and fo succeed in mosl' fhings I fry. Acfivifies: Pep Club 3, 4. DIRCK HUNTER DEWITT lDIrckI Ambifion: To affend college affer I have seen fhe world. Acfivifies: Track 3, 4: M-Club 4. JOHN RICHARD DRISCOLL IDu'l'chI Ambifion: To appreciafe fhe pas? and look forward fo fhe fufure. Acfivifies: Foofball I-4, JV co-capf. 2, "MosI' lnspirafional" I: Key Club 3. 4. vice-pres. 3: M-Club 3, 4, vice-pres. 4: FTA 3, 4: Track I: Wresfling 2: Class pres. 2, 4: Class rep. 3: Jr. Prom King 3: Head Commencemenf Usher 3: YMCA Youfh Legis. 3: Ski Club 3. 4: Sfafe Sfudenl' Council 3: Club Commission 2: All-Sfafe Defensive Back 4. MICHAEL ALLEN DUMAS lDingyl Ambifion: To gel' a college educafion and make a success of my life. Acfivifies: Foofball I-4: Baskefball 2, mgr. I: Track I-4: AFS I, 2: Wocso sfaff 4: Quill X1 Scroll 4: Ski Club 3. 4: M-Club 2-4: U of I Press Conf. 3. JERRE LOU DUTHIE lFlasI1l Ambifion: To go flashing Ihrough 'rhe slrawberry fields of life eafing up all fhe slrawberries. Acfivifies: GAA I, 2: Homecoming Princess 2: U of I Press Conf. 3: Pep Club 3. 4: Bear Tracks sfaff 4: Ski Club 4. I06 CLAUDE O. DYE JR. lCIaudeI Ambifionz To go info engineering in college and lo fry fo obfain a masl'er's degree before enfering fhe armed forces as a career. Acfivifies: Foofball I-4: Track 2'4: ROTC 3, 4, Color Guard 3, Cade? Commdr. 4: M-Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3. MERRY CHRISTINE EASTMAN lChri'sl Ambifion: Acfivifies: AFS I-4: FHA I-4, pres. 3, disl. parliamenfarian 3: GAA I, 2: U of l Press Conf. 3, Journalism Summer Camp 3: Ski Club 3, 4: Wocso sfaff 4. CHRISTINE LEE EISINGER lChrisI Ambilion: To affend af Ieasf fwo or more years of college and fhen fo be an airline sfewardess. Acfivifies: Pep Club 3, 4: FNC I: "The Heiress" assf. direcfor 3: "Under fhe Gaslighf" crew 3: Cheerleader I. MICHAEL RAY ELLIOTT lMikel Ambifion: To pursue a career in dafa processing and building rac- ing moforcycles. Aclivilies: Foofball I: ROTC 3, 4, Color Guard 3, Color Guard Comdr. 4. ANN MARIE EVERSON lAnnieI Ambilion: To become a privafe secrelary, gel' married and make people happy. Acfivifies: DECA 3. ROGER LEE FREUDENBERG lFredl Ambifion: To finish my educafion and live. Acfivifies: Sunsel' Jr. H.S., Seaffle, Wash. I: Highline H.S., Seaflle 2: Borah H.S., Boise 2: Foofball I: Honor Club I: Spanish Club 2: Baskefball 2, 3: Ski Club 4: Tennis 4. MYRLE Lou FYE lshonyl Ambilion: To go fo college, see fhe world and gef married. Aclivifies: Mixed Chorus I: Choralaires 2, 3: Freedom Squares 2: U of I music workshop 2: All-Sfafe Girls' Choir 2: Lewisfon Music Fesf. 2, 3. PATRICK HARRIS GAGON lPal'I Ambifion: To be as greal as Rilfmeisfer Baron Manfred von Richfho- fen, Haupfman Hans Joachim Marseille and General Lewis B. Puller. Acfivifies: Ski Club I-4: FTA ir. rep. 3: M-Club 3, 4: Golf I-4, capfain 3. RONALD KENNETH GAYMAN Ron I I Ambifion: To be successful in my career and fo find happiness in life. Acfivifies: Foolball I-4: Baskefball I-3: FTA 3, 4: Honor Socie'l'y 2-4, vice-pres. 4: Key Club 2-4: M-Club 2-4, underclass rep. 3, pres. 4: Commencemenl' Usher 3. GEORGE PAUL GERMER lGeorgeI Ambifion: To go 'ro college and graduafe wifh a degree in business adminisfrafion and hopefully wreslle in fhe World Olympics. Acfivilies: Foofball I, 2: Track I: Wresfling l, 2, 3: DECA 3, 4, DECA Delegale Assembly 3. SUSAN RAE GERMER lsusanl Ambilionr To nol only exisl' bul 'lo also live. Acliviliesz GAA I-4, volleyball mgr. 3: FNC vice-pres. 4: FTA 3. 4: Girls League Council 4: Drill Team 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Language Club I, 2: Slale Speech Conlesl' 3: Bear Traclc slafli 4: U of I Press Conf. 3: Lewislon Music Fesf. I. SHERYL KATHLEEN GLEASON lSherl Ambilionz To become a beaulician, evenlually gel married and live a happy, rewarding life. Acliviliesz Pep Club 3, 4. DAVID LEWIS GOETZ lHondol Ambifionz To become a successful high school coach. Aclivifies: Foolball I-4: Baslcelball I-4: Baseball 2-4: Traclc 3: M-Club 2-4: DECA 3. . MICHAEL DONALD GOETZ lGougerl Ambifion: To be a 'Foolball coach. Aclivilies: Foolball I-4: M-Club 3, 4. MILTON CHARLES GRAVES lMiIl'onl Ambilion: To achieve. Acliviliesz Borah H.S., Boise 2: Band 2: Baslcelball 2: German Club 2: Polilical Science Club 2: Tennis 3. 4, Slale Tennis Meel 3: M-Club 4: YMCA Youlh Legis. 3, 4: Boys Slale 3. LON EARL GRAY ILonl Acliviliesz Arnbilionz RAYMOND KEITH GROSS lRayl Ambilion: To gracluale from college and live a life full of pleasure. Acliviriesz Baskelball I, 2: FFA I: DECA 4. KAREN JO GUNTHER IKarenl Ambilionr To do lhe righl Ihing al The righl' lime and 'ro never lose +he abiliry +o believe. Ac'I'iviI'ies: Orcheslra 3, 4: Concerl Band I-4: GAA I-3: Pep Band 2-4: Choralaires 4. I08 SHIRLEY RAE GUSTAVSON lShirleyI Ambirion: To succeed in whalever I choose 'ro do. Acliviliesz Pep Club 3, 4: FNC 2-4: FTA 3: DECA 3. BARBARA GUTHRIE lGulhI Ambilion: To look on a day compleled and feel as if I have made someone a lilrle happier or a smile a lillle broader. Acliviliesz GAA I, 2: FNC 2: FTA 3, 4: Drill Team 3, 4:,Pep Club 3, 4, pres. 4, games chair. 3: Commencemenl Usherelle 3: "Under rhe Gasligh+" crew 3: Moscow lnviralional Speech Conresl' 3. VIRGINIA LOUISE I-IANN Iemny: Ambilion: To leach school. live on a 'farm and have a well-rounded, successful life. ' Acfiviliesz AFS I-4, Ireas. 3: Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: FTA 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Drill Team 3, 4: Srudenl' Council rep. I: Girls League Council 4: "The Heiress" casl 3: Bear Traclcs 4: U of I Press Conf. 3: Choralaires 4. LYNN MARIE HARTSTEIN lLynnl Ambilion: To allend 'college, become a secrelary, Ihen gel married and Iravel. i Acliviliesz GAA I. 2: Pep Club 3, 4, demerils chair. 4: FTA 3, 4: Drill Team 3, 4: DECA 3. JOHN WILEY HARTUNG lJohnl Ambilionz To achieve: neverfheless, 'lo remain conlrolling all liacels. Acliviriesz Soulh Kingsrown H.S. R.I. I: Chess Club I: P. I. Music Fesl. ,I: Band 2-4: Pep Band 2-4: Orches'l'ra 2-4: Lewislon Music Fesf. 2, 3: FSA 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4. LINDA SUE HEADRICK IHQCICIYJ Ambilion: To have a lol' of lun before I gel married and maybe become a PE leacher. Aclivilies: Chorus I, 2: Maiorelle 3: Pep Club 3, 4. MELANIEANN HEMSTROM lMelI Ambirion: To live each day acquiring physical, spirilual and menfal malurily. Acliviliesz AFS 2: Thespians I-4: Wocso 4: "Arsenic and Old Lace" casl' I. BEssIE ELENOR HENDRIX fsessi Ambifion: To become an airline hosless and live life lo lhe fullesl. Acfivifiesr GAA I-3: Pep Club 3, 4: Girls Track I. ANITA RAE HERRMANN INiIaI Ambirionz To live a happy and 'Free life. Aciiviliesz GAA I-4: Maioreiie 2: Pep Club 2-4. BARBARA JO HOFMANN lBarbI Ambi+ion: To become a denial nurse, ge? married io a wonderful guy and have IoI's of children. Aclivilies: FNC 2-4. RICHARD FRANKLIN HUDSON IROcIcyI Ambilion: To find Ihe happiness money can'+ buy and Io have Ihe money for everyihing else. Acriviiiesz Wreslling I-4: Foolball 2, 4: M-Club 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Boys Sfaie 3: AFS 4: American High Schools, France I, 2 lVerdun I, Poiiiers 2I: Leifermens Club I, 2: Sfudenf Council I, 2: Soccer 2: Track I: Science Club I. 2: Biological Experimenlalion Group I, 2: Newspaper I, 2: Yearbook 2. BARRY WILLIAM HUGHES lHug0I Ambilion: To Iravel and find happiness, fun and excilemenl wherever I o. Q Ac+ivi+ies: LAURIE ELIZABETH JACKSON IJacIronI Ambifion: To meer Irving Sione afler reading all rhe books he has wriH'en. Acfiviries: Bear Tracks Ed. 4: FTA 3, 4. pres. 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4, sec. 4: Pep Club 3, 4. Ioyalfy co-chair. 3: U of I Press Conf. 3: Sfale Declamalion ConI'es+ 3: Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4: FNC 3: Language Club I, 2: AFS 3, 4. program chair. 3: Commencemenf Ushereire 3: "Under Ihe GasIighI"' crew 3: Band I: Drill Team 3, 4: Cheerleader I. LEON VVAYNE JENSEN ILeonI Ambifionz To have a happy and successful career. Acliviliesz Band I-4: U of I Band 3: Fooiball 3, 4: Boys Slaie 3. SHERYL KAYE KINDER lSherrieI Arnbilionz To be an airline sfewardess. Acfiviliesr DECA 4. WESLEY LLOYD KING IWesI Ambilionz AcI'iviI'ies: CHARLES LARRY KRASSELT ICharliel Ambilion: To become a qood mechanic, fix my car so lhal il' will run and lhen Fix everyone else's. Aclivilies: Foolball I: Wreslling 2-4. LANCE CRAIG LABINE lLancel Ambilion: To finish denial school and 'lake over aller my clad relires. Aclivilies: M-Club I-4: Baskelball I-4: Baseball I-4: Foolball I: Key Club 2-4: FTA 3, 4: Honor Sociely I-4: Boys Siale 3: Class Vice-Pres. 4. JULENE MARIE LARSON IJuIl Ambilionz To go lo beauly school and lhen make lhe besl' of life. Aclivilies: Band I, 2: DECA 3: GAA I: Pep Club 3, 4. Treas, 4: Drill Team 3, 4. WILMA ELAINE LARSEN IWiIIyl Ambilion: To become a beaulician, gel married and make everyone I meel- happy. Aclivilies: DECA 3. GORDON ALEXANDER LAW lCorkyl Ambilion: To go lo college and 'rhen become a successful, painless, peerless denlisl. Aclivilies: AFS 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, pres. 4: M- Club 2-4: Ski Club 2-4: Bear Tracks slalli 4: Commencemenl Usher 3: Boys Slale 3: Foolball I, 2, 4: Track 2-4, co-capl. 4: Slale Track Meel' 2-4. CARL ALAN LEONARD lCarIl Ambilion: Acliviliesz JERRY LEE LEONARD IJerryI Ambilion: To go lo college and from lhere I know nol' whal. Aclivifiess SHERYL MAEJEAN LEW lsheryll Ambilion: To be happy. lo love and be loved. lo be educaled and 'lo lravel lhroughoul lhe world. Acrivilies: Tennis 2. 4: FTA 3, 4: Honor Sociefy 2-4: Girls League Council 4. DIANNE KAY LINDSAY lLinclsayI Ambilion: To live II4 worlhwhile years ol' excilemenl' and happiness and lhen relire. U Aclivilies: Concerl' Band I-4: Pep Band 2-4: GAA I-4. vice-pres. 3: FTA 3, 4. sec. 4: Class sec. 2: YMCA Youlh Legis. 3: "Bubble Trouble" slage band 2: "The Heiress" crew 3: Pep Club 3. 4: Com- mencemenl Usherelle 3: ASMSI-IS sec. lreas. 4: Girls League "Girl of lhe year." "l'Iardesl Worker" 4: Jr. Prom Queen. LUCINDA ANN LONG ISonnyl Ambilion: To enjoy life. Aclivilies: Collon Queen I: GAA I: Girls League Council 2: Pep Club 3, 4: FTA 3, 4: Drill Team 3. 4: Class sec-lreas. 4: Bear Tracks Slalil 4. I I I SHIRLEY ANN LOVEL IsIIIrIeyI Ambilion: To be happy and successlul in whalever I choose lo do. Aclivilies: Pep Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus I-3: Choralaires 4. JOHN WALTER LUNDOUIST lJohnl Ambilionz To make my life a success. Aclivilies: Band I-3: Ski Club 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4, sr. rep. 4: Com- mencemenl Usher 3: Bear Tracks slafl 4. ALAN LAVERN LYON lBig AII Ambilion: To qraduale from college and make a million. Aclivilies: Foolball 2, 4: FFA I-4: Ski Club 3, 4: M-Club 4. WILLIAM MICHAEL MCCABE lRalphyl Ambilion: To be successful and happy In everylhing I underlake. Aclivilies: Class sec.-lreas. I: M-Club 2-4: Foolball I-4: Baskelball 2: Track I-4: Choralaires 2. 4. DIANE MARIE McFERON lDianel Ambilionz Aclivilies: MICHAEL CLARENCE MCGARVEY lMcGerkI Ambilionz To loin lhe Uniled Slales Marine Corps and go on Io college allerwards. Acliviiies: Foolball I-4: Wreslling 2: Weighllilling I-4: M-Club 3, 4. CHRISTINA RAE MAEL Ichrisy Ambilion: To become a speech 'lherapisl' and lhen sellle down and gel married. Aclivilies: FNC 2-4. MARIE FRANCES MALLORY lMall Ambilionz To succeed in college and all l allempl and lo meel 'lhal special someone and make him happy. Acliviliesz Pep Club 3, 4: FHA I. 3 MARY RUTH MANN lM.R.l Ambilion: To graduale from college, live an aclive, useful lile and own a large New England eslale. Aclivilies: Cheerleader I: Band I: Orcheslra I-3: FSA I-4: Thespians 2-4: Radio Bear 2: Debale I-4, chair. 4, Disl. Tourney 2-4, Reg. Tourney 2, 3, Gonzaga Tourney I-4, Slale Declam. 3: Girls Slale All. 3: Honor Sociely 2-4: Quill 81 Scroll 2-4, pres. 4: AFS 4: Wocso slall 3, 4, ed 4. LEOLA IRENE MARCHANT lLeeI Ambilionz To become a Teacher. Aclivilies: II2 I I RICK CRAIG MILLION lRickl To graduale from high school. Ambilion: Acliviliesz Wreslling 3: DECA 3, 4. ALLEN MOORE lAIlenl HAROLD Ambilion: To go Io college and be happy. Acliviliesz FFA I-4, reporler 3. sec. 4. disl. Ireas. 4. slale conv. I-4. nail. conv. 4: Wreslling mgr. 2-4. JAMES IRVINE MOORE lJiml Ambiiion: To graduale from college and be successful. Aciivilies: Baslserball 2: DECA 3. THOMAS DARREL MOORE lToml Ambifionzklo become a world renowned archifeclural designer. Acliviliesz' FFA I-2: Wresfling- I-3: "Family Nobody WanIed" sfage mgr. 4. RONALD MERLE MONTAGUE lRonl Ambilion: To graduale from college and en'I'er my chosen occupa- lion. Acfivilies: FFA 2. 3: Wreslling 2, 3. BRIAN ROBERT MORTENSEN lMorll Ambilion: To live a ha life PPV - Aclivilies: Foolball l'4: Baslcelball I, 2: Weighilifling I-3: Traclc l-4: M-Club I-4. KEN WAYNE MATSON lKenl Ambiliona To go Io college and wreslle. Aclivilies: Foo'I'ball I-4: M-Club 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 4. Mosl' Inspira- 'lional Wresller 3. RICHARD WAYNE MEADOWS lRiclcl Ambifiona To complele college and 'rhen 'Io enler a field of business. Ac+ivi'ries: Baseball I-4: Foofball 2: Baslcelball I, 2: M-Club 4: Band 2-4: Lewislon Music Fesl. 2-4. SHELLY ANN MIKULA lShellyl Ambifion: To qo 'lo college, lo 'lravel in Europe and lo be happy 'Ihe resl' of my life. Acliviliesz FNC 2-4: Slci Club 3, 4: FHA 4: DECA 3: Collon Queen 2. GENEVA LINETTE MILLER l'Ne'H'el Ambilion: To 'rravel and live as l choose. Acrivilies: Orcheslra 3, 4: Band I-4: Lewislon Music Fesl. I-4: FHA I-3: FNC 2: FTA 3, 4: GAA I. 2: Pep Club 3. 4: Quill Bm Scroll 4: Wocso slafl: 4. ' si- I1 I ROBERT EUGENE NEAL lBobl Ambilion: To ge+ llwrough college. Acfivilies: Band I-4: Foolball I, 3. MARVIN EARL NORMINGTON lMarvl Ambilionz To 'Find myself and do whal' I musl' aflerwards. Acfiviliesz Track I-2: M-Club 2, 3: Wresfling 2: Varsi'I'y Foolball mgr. 2. DEBORAH SUE OWENS lDebbIel Ambilionz To become a secrefary. Aclivilies: GAIL LYNN PACKARD lGaIIl Ambifion: To be a bank leller af Idaho Firsl Nalional. Acliviliesz FHA I-4. II4 WILLIAM PATRICK MORTIMORE lMorIl Ambilion: To be 5' 4". Acliviliesz M-Club 2. 3: Varsiiy Fooiball mgr. 2-4: Hosl' mgr. Sfale Baskelball Tourney 3. DAVID HENRY MUMM lSI1agl Ambiiion: To live, I'o love, lo learn. Acliviliesz DECA 3, 4, Leadership Conf. 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3: AFS 3, 4: FSA 3, 4: FTA 4: Boys Slale 3. PATRICIA LEE MURPHY lPal'l Ambilionz To believe in Iife's ioys. Acliviliesr Girls Slale 3: GAA I, 2: Ski Club 2-4: Language Club I, 2, sec. 3: AFS 3. scribe-scrapbook 3: "Heiress" crew 3: "Family Nobody Wan'red" crew 4: Quill 8m Scroll 3, 4. sec.-lreas. 4: FTA 3, 4, hospllalily co-chair. 4: Bear Tracks sfalf 4: U of I Youlh Legis. Conf. 3. JAMES RICHARD MYKLEBUST lMad Dogl AmISiI'ion: To graduale from coIIege'and ei'I'I1er go info educalion or a re'l'aiI business. Acliviliesz DECA 3. 4. Leadership Conf. 3, 4. vice-pres. 4: M-Club 2-4: Foolball I-4: Baskelball I-4: Track I, 2: Golf 3, 4. KATHLEEN SUSANAH PEEBLES lKalhyl Ambilionz To graduale from college and go lo work in Scolland. Aclivilies: Band l, 2: Chorus 3: Choralaires 4: Language Club l: FNC 2-4, corr. sec. 4: "Arsenic and Old Lace"'cas+ l: "Bubble Trouble" crew 2: "The Heiress" crew 3: "Under lhe Gaslighl"' casf, crew 3: "Hello Oul There" crew 3: Pep Club 3. 4: Drill Team 3, 4: DECA 3: Ski Club 3. GERALD VERN PELTON lJerryl Ambilionz To finish my educalion and work for lhe foreslry deparf- men+. Aclivilies: Foolball l. GAYLA MARIE PETERSON le-ayla: Ambilion: To become a beaulician. Aclivilies: RAY DEAN PETERSEN lRayl Ambilionz To go lo lhe Universiry and become as gr-ea+' a lawyer as Perry .Masonand never lose a case. Acliviliesz Band I, 2: Baskelball l-4: Baseball 3: Class vice-pres. 3: Key Club 3, 4: Commencemenl Usher 3: lvl-Club 4. ' JUDITH LEE POTTER ,luludyl Ambilion: To creale a scandal. Ac+ivi+ies: FSA I-4, hislorian I-3, pres. 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 2-4: Deba'l'e 3, 4, hislorian 3: Thespians 3, 4: FTA 3: GAA l: Na- lional Meril Semilinalisl' 4: Girls League "Miss Scholarship" 4. KRISTINE LEA RAINER lKrls+yl Ambilion: To be happy and successful in whalever l alrlempl' and 'lo make o+hers happy while doing il. Aclivilies: FHA.l-4, pres. 4. Mosl Valuable Member 4: GAA I-3: FNC 2, 3: "Arsenic and Old Lace" crew I: Pep Club 3, 4: Slale FHA Conv. 3. LINDA FRANCES RIERSGARD lRisel Ambilion: To improve. Aclivilies: Language Club I, 2: FTA 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4, poin+s chair. 4: "Under +he Gaslighl"' crew 3: Drill Team 4: Girls League Council 4, sec.-lreas. 4, Tri-Slale delegare 3: AFS 3, 4: Colfon Queen 3. KRISTIN KAYE ROBERTS llfrisl Ambilion: To go lhrough life wilh a smile and slrive 'l'o do every- 'lhing my very besl. 1 Acfivilies: GAA l: Pep Club 3, 4. demerils chair. 4: FTA 3, 4: Drill Team 3, 4: DECA 3. JAMES BRADON ROBINSON lJiml Ambition: To be successful in my endeavors and 'ro race moforcycles and slock cars on weekends. Acliviliesz FFA 2-4. ' SUZANNE ARETA ROBINSON lSuzannel Ambilion: To pursue 'lhe lhoughl 'rhar 'lhe mosl imporlanl' 'lhing in life is io be mysell. - Acfiviliesz GAA I-4. vice-pres. 4: FNC 2-4, pres. 4: FTA 3, 4. re- porler 4: Drill Team 3. 4: Pep Club 3, 4: AFS 3. 4: Language Club 2: Girls Track 2: "Heiress" crew 3. KENNETH LLOYD ROGERS lKenl Ambilion: To find whal l wanl' 'I'o do and lhen do il. Aclivilies: FFA I. 2, 4: Band I. 2: ROTC 3, 4: Foofball l. WILLIAM BYRON ROSS lBilll Ambilion: To be successful in a career and happy in life. Aclivifiesz ASMSHS vice-pres. 4: Class pres. 3: Key Club 2-4: FTA 3. 4: Honor Sociely 2-4: M-Club 3, 4: Baslcelball I-4: Track 2: Jr. Prom prince 3: Boys Slale 3. NANCY MARILYN SALISBURY lNancyl Ambilionz To do whal I am besl suilecl for. Aclivifiesz Band I-4: Lewislon Music Fes+. 2, 3. MICHAEL LYNN SCHIERMAN lSimonl Ambifionz To be a success in +he field of engineering. Aclivilies: Track I-4: Foolball 2, 4: M-Club 2-4: DECA 3, 4: Ski Club 3. 4: Weighllilling l-3. PAMELA DIANE SCHNEIDER lPaml Ambifionz To go lo college and +o 'reach secrelarial courses. making The people around me happy if I can. Aclivilies: FHA 3. 4. CHARLES FRANKLIN SCHOEFFLER lCharliel Ambilion: To maior in eleclrical engineering al' lhe U of l and 'rhen become an Air Force Iighler pilot Ac+ivi'lies: Band I. 2: DECA 3, 4, Slale Delegale Assembly 3. 4: publicalions phofographer 4. CAROL JEAN SEVER lSeveI Ambiiion: To finish my schooling, gel' married and raise a happy, well-adiusied family. Aciiviliesz DECA 3, 4. Ireas. 4, Delegaie Assembly, Boise 3, 4. ANNETTE IRENE SHELTON IAnneII'el Ambilion: To finish whal I begin. Aciiviiiesz Language Club I, 2: AFS 2-4, sec. 3, pres. 4, exchange siudenl io Durbon, Souih Africa 4: Debaie 3, 4: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Thespians 3. 4, sec.-Ireas. 4: "The Heiress" crew 3: "The Family Nobody WanI'ed" crew 4. A SUSAN KAY SHIRE ISusanI Ambifion: To live simply and happily in a complicaled socie'I'y. Acliviliesz Cheerleader 2-4: GAA I, 2: ENC I, 2: Pep Club 2-4: Language Club I, 2: Girls League "Miss School SpiriI" 4. BARBARA ANN SHORT lBarbl Ambiiion: To lurlher my educaiion ai The U of I, marry, raise a family and be Iilced, loved and useful, Acliviiiesz Pep Club 3, 4, vice-pres. 4: Drill Team 3, 4, assi. drill mislress 4: Girls Slale 3: GAA I-3: Girls Traci: 2: Wocso slalf 4: FTA 3: Language Club I, 2: Slci Club 3, 4: Quill 8: Scroll 4: "The Heiress" crew 3: "HeIlo Ou'I' There" casi' 3. NOLA RAE SINCLAIR INoliel Ambiiion: To go 'Io college and afierward 'Iour Europe. Aciivilies: GAA I-4, pres. 3: Drill Team 3, 4, drill mislress 4: Honor Socieiy 2-4: Pep Club 3. 4: FTA 3, 4: Girls League Council 4, "Miss FriendIiesI" 4: Language Club I. 2: FNC 2: YMCA Youih Legis. 3: Commencemeni Usherelle 3': Quill 31 Scroll 4: Wocso siaff 4. VERNICE ELECTA SKRAMSTAD IVerniceI Ambifion: To reach Ihe goals I have ser, and aiier l've achieved Ihem, 'fo sei' new and higher ones. Aciivilies: Chorus I, 3: DECA 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Choralaires 4. 'cv JUDITH CAROL SMITH IJudyI Ambifion: To be happy and successful in life. Ac'Iivi'Iies: Pep Club 2-4: Cheerleader 2-4: Miss Moscow 4: Com- mencemenl Ushereife 3: Girls League "Miss Charm" 4. RICHARD LEE STEFFEN IDiclcI Ambilionz To have my share of everyihing. Aciiviiies: DECA 4. SUSAN LYNN STELLMON lSIeIImonI Ambilion: To be happy by ioining fhe Peace Corps for a+ Ieasi' 'Iwo years as an elemeniary feacher. Acliviiiesz GAA I-4, 'rrack mgr. 4: Pep Band 2-4: FTA 3, 4: Orchesira 3, 4, sec.-Ireas. 3: Band pres. 4. KATHY LEE STEPHENS IKaIhyl Ambilionz To Iransfigure my insipid sense of humor. Aciiviiies: AFS I-4, hosr family I: Band I: Concerl Band 2-4: Lewision Music Fest 2, 3. I I7 KAROL ANN THOMPSON lKaroll Ambilion: To wriie and s+ar in my own musical. Acliviiies: MELISSA JO TROXEL IJOI Ambilionz To become a diefifian and Jrhen work abroad. Acfivifiesz Borah H.S., Boise 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, 3: Pep Club 2. 3: Sfudenl Council 3: MSHS 3, 4: Jr. Prom Princess 3: Pep Club 4. MICHAEL JOHN TURK lMikel Ambilionz To die happy. Aclivilies: Key Club 3, 4, lreas. 4: Ski Club 3, 4: ETA 3, 4: Com- mencemenl Usher 3. LEILANE MARGUEZ URIARTE lBudl Ambilion: To share lhe liflle l have is happiness for me: io be a docfor of medicine is wha? I foresee. Aclivilies: AES 4: ENC 4: Debale 4: Pep Club 4. II8 3 LINDA STOKES lLinclal Ambilion: To 'find an honesl man. Acliviliesz Band I-4: Pep Band I-4: Pep Club 3.4. JANE ANN STRATTON lJanel Ambifionz To reflecf on +omorrow wi+hou+ regrei' for Today. Aclivifies: Language Club l. 2, freas. 2: GAA 2: Pep Club 3' FHA 3: FTA 3: Ouill 81 Scroll 4: Girls Slale 3: Bear Tracks slaff 4: Talenl show 2, 3: Exchange Talenl Show 3. LINDA ELAINE SUMNER lSubl Ambilionz To a'Hend college and enier 'lhe field of business. Acfivifiesz DECA 3, 4, sec. 3, 4: FNC 4: FTA 4: FHA 4: Pep Club 3, 47 AFS 2, 3: GAA l-4, baskefball mgr. 3. BEN PEI-NENG SUN lBenl Ambilion: To become an eleclrical engineer Acfiviliesz Honor Sociely 3. 4. NANCY LEE TATE lNancyl Ambifionz To go +o college, maior in physical educalion and leach swimming in a PE class. Acfivifiesz GAA I-3: FTA 3, 4, vice-pres. 4: Drill Team 3, 4: Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: "Miss A'rhlefic" 4. GARY LEE THOMPSON lGaryl Ambilionz To gel a good educalion and make ii' lhe besl way l can from fhere. Acliyilies: Wreslling l-4: Foolball mgr. 3: M-Club 2-4. ROBERT NORTON VAN WAGONER JR. lBobl Ambilionr To gel' a complele educalion and 'travel unfil l find whal I really wan'r. Ac+ivil'ies: Sidney Lanier H.S. Monfgomery, Ala. I, 2: LeH'er Club l, 2: Hi-Y l: Lalin Club 2: Fooiball 2, 3: MSHS 3, 4: Golf 3: Thespians 3, 4: "The Heiress" casr 3: "Hello Oul' There" casl 3: U oil Drama Fesl. 3: Boys Slale 3: Ski Club 4. PAUL RAYMOND VVALLIN lPaull , Ambiiion: To earn respecl, weallh and happiness. Acliviliesz Ski Club 3, 4: Track 3, 4: ROTC Color Guard 3. SHEILA JEAN WALTER lSheilel Ambi+ion: To do nolhing for fwo years. Aclivifiesz Thespians 2-4. vice-pres. 4: Bear Radio 2, 3: AFS 2-4: FTA 3: Wocso ed. 4: U of l Press Conf. 3, 4: Thespian plays cash crew l: DECA 3: Moscow lnvifaiional Speech Conlesl' 2: Dist, Reg., Slale speech confesls 2: DECA Leadership Conf. 3: "Under 'lhe Gaslighl" casl' 3: "The Heiress" crew 3. U CARLA LYNN WARD lCarlal Ambiiion: To make lhe ones l love happy. Aclivilies: GAA l: Pep Club 3, 4: AFS 4: Choralaires 3, 4: Talenl' Show 2. DWAYNE MILFRED WEEKS lDwaynel Ambilion: To go lhrough college, be successful U lhe field fha? l choose, relire and become a dirly old man. Aclivilies: FFA I-4: Baskelball I-3. PAMELA HARRIET WHITE ipaml Ambilionz To leach physical educalion io relarded children. Acfivilies: Pep Club 2-4: Thespians 3, 4: AFS I-3: FTA 3: Language Club l, 2: Choralaires I. 2, 4: Girls League Council 3. "Miss Talenled" 4: Homecoming Princess l: Class vice-pres. l: Cheerleader 2-4-,l Yell Queen 4: Girls Siale 3: "Bubble Trouble" cas+ 2: "The Heiress" orew 3: Tennis 3. SHARI LEE ZAAT lsharil Ambifion: To become an elemenlary school fecher and 'l'o be success- ful in almosl everyihing l do. Aclivilies: GAA l: Cheerleader I: Mixed Chorus I, 2: Choralaires 3, 4. STANDFORD LOUIS ZIMET lDumbol Amloilion: To rool away lile's problems. Acfiviliesz Ski Club l-4, pres. 4: Foolball l: Key Club 4. f - Y ' ' Noi' Piclured Mark Beck Mike Drew Karen Black Mark Fenison Lee Bfoenneke Doug Fenwick Dave Brown Re'l'a Fuhrman Maureen Bunling Helen Nelson Jim Canode Shirley Smarl' Jerry Coonce II9 as iff Hardesi' Workers Nola Sinclair and Bill Ross .gil f l20 Mos1'Talen'l'ed Pam While and John l-lariung Personalities Besi' Leaders Dianne Lindsay and Doug Baker .,., 5 , ..,. .. .,., , ,,,.. Us lg ' ' si in.: u:.,,,,. Mosi' Likely fo Succeed Jucly Poirer and Millon Graves in Motion Besi' Dancers Linda Sumner and Lance Labine Mos? Aihlefic Susan Siellmon and Dave Goeiz Be-si' Builds Sheryl Lew and Dale Anderson Besi' Looking Kris Bishop and Rob Brooks W NSE WW' 'E E Miss Senior Mr. Senior JudySHUH1 JohnDrkcoH Moving Personalities 0 Ke 5 r ii" ' 91.18 5' WiH'ies+ Frienciliesi' Cafhy Brown and Mike GOGTZ Joyce Davis and Ray Peiersen Sludenfs earning honors, a grade poinl average beiween er Freudenberg and Nola Sinclair. Nor piclured is Lance 3.333 and 3.665, are lefr io righf Ben Sun, Pal Murphy, Rog- Labine, Seniors Conquer Grodes High honors sfudenls holding a 3.666 average or higher are John Harrunqg ihird row: Judy Po'H'er, Mary Ruih Mann. fron? row, lefl' 'ro righ+: Linda Riersgard. Cindy Long, Doug Karen Guniher, Susan Siellmon, Dianne Lindsay and Kalhy Baker, Bill Ross, Lon Gray: second row: Sheryl Lew, Kaihy Sfephens. Anderson, Laurie Jackson, Mary Ann Dahmen, Millon Graves, Twelve year students of Moscow School District 28I are, 'front' row, left to right: Steve Brandt, Allen Moore, Mike Turk, John Driscoll, Dale Anderson, Bill Ross, Lance Labine: second row: Susan Germer, Judy Smith, Kris Roberts, Cindy Long, Linda Sum- ner, Jerre Duthie, Chris Eisinger, John Lundquist, Nita Cass, Mike Students Progress l Twelve year students are, front row, left to right: Buddy Ches- nut, Mike McGarvey, Stan Zimet, Dave Goetz, Rick Myklebust, Mike Schierman, Pat' Gagon, Dave Brown, Steve Davis: second row: Cheryl Carnahan, Barb Deobald, Shirley Gustavson, Ginny l-lann, Kathy Anderson, Richard Steffen, George Germer, Diana Buchanan, Bill Billingsley: third row: Carla Ward, Barbara Hot- Dumasg 'third row: Tom Moore, Ray Gross, Ken Rogers, Cathy Brown, Suzanne Robinson, Nancy Tate, Nola Sinclair, Bill Billings- ley: 'fourth row: Charles Krasselt, Ray Petersen, Mark Beck, Linda Stokes and Kathy Stephens. 2 Yeo rs Together mann, Nancy Salisbury, Barbara Barackman, Mary Ruth Mann, Gail Packard, Vernice Skramstad, Dale Anderson, Mark Beck: fourth row: Chris Eastman, Sheryl Lew, Karen Gunther, Anita Herrmann, Leon Jensen. Bob Neal, Gary Collins, Barbara Short, Kris Anderson, Mary Ann Dahmen and Pat' Murphy. K A - The-' , 'f"'T-fl"'Z . Q 4 me Q Afier helping sei up 'ihe Chrisimas 'free on second floor, Nola Sinclair sweeps up The mess. Judy Smiih learns a+ a class meeiing 'rhai' +he class of I968 selecrecl her as Miss Senior. Seniors Mobilize Their Energy ff ,s .., A -A iff. is is 1 Y 5 3 . i i Doug Balcer, John Driscoll and Bill Ross applaud 'Their ef- 'foris in erecling 'rhe Chrisimas siar. Kris Anderson measures Kris Rainer for her gracluaiion cap. D 5. . .ff Vice-Presideni Lance Labine 0 x Se n r Sfudeni Council Represenfive Nola Sinclair Leoclers Presidenf John Driscoll 716' , f ' uf' 477 Src! I26 SSCr'eJfary-Treasurer Senior advisers are, leff lo right Dick Rogers, Mrs. Ediiha Warren, Mrs. Johanna Long Silbaugh and Bob Quesnel. Juniors . . Coughf Up In A Becky Abborl' David Abboll' Joyce Aclcarel Kevin Amos Bob Anderson Debbie Anderson John Anderson Ken Anderson Sieve Anderson Gloria Armstrong Fred Babb Nancy Baraclcman Earl Barker Cindy Barnes Hollis Behling Whirl Of Activities I27 David Buller Becky Byers Sharon Byers Claire Caldwell Brad Chapman Ed Cnrisfian .Randy Clark Jeff Cobb Bruce Cole Gerard Connelly Gordon Collerell Sam Coiferell Shirley Cowin Anna Cox Mike Crader Karl Craine Wayne Crooks Pal Crossin Chuck Crossler Debbie Cunning'l'on Fred Berger Linda Bergman Bob Berklund Connie Bingman Chuck Boyd Bennhy Brausen Neil Brood Gilberi Bussanich L ex we 1 Melvin George Elaine Gilslrap Marlin Gilsfrap Anifa Gleason Mary Greeley Richard Grendahl Gene Guilfoy Mary Gusfavson Bruce Cyr Beverly Dahl Sieve Davidson Marlene Deesfen Charlie Del Valle Darlene Dory Kafhy Douglas Brian Dreisbaclw Kurr Dressen Wayne Eikelberger Theresa Ensign Janel Erickson Judy Evans Milne Farber Kay Finley Gail Fleissner Janice Foiles Sfephanie Fosberg Nancy Frye Peggy Fuhrman Karl Johnson Paul Johnson Trish Jones Lenny Kammeyer Marigail Kinclschy Kim Kirkland John Koefod 5 Jim Leapharl Gary LeFors Diane LeTourneau Marlin Haarr Jess Hall Jim Hall John Hall Judi Harrison Belh Hassler Kirk Haupl' Mark Hawley Larry Headriclc Merry Heiclc Rufh Hendershoi' Tom Hendrix Mary Lu Henry Harley Hires Janel Hoech Alan Hoffman Sieve Hoskins Sheila Hoy Jim Jaclcsha Bill Jasper Warner Mifchell Ted Mofferl' Maryelle Monlague Randy Moore Jane Morfensen Jon Moser Jerri Lee Mundell Sieve Musseau Bob Myklebusi' Ron Myklebusr Joyce Nearing Gayla Nelson Corinne Nygaard Nick Ogle Lorrayne Olesen Ron Olson Bruce Osfyn Roger Painfer Susan Parish Charloffe Paul Nancy Lundquisf Lynda Lyon Marilyn Lyon Sfeve McCoy Denny McElroy Alan McKown Pal' Mercer Mary Befh Micke Billie Miles Dennis Mills Y 'hgh V Q ig, L i 1' 1 H I , W , , vgl gg fs ,ln A' s. 1 Q Margarel Salisbur Louise Sargenl' Celia Schoeffler Jere Schulle Tom Shepard Howard Shorl Linda Shreve Elaine Silha Linda Skinner Mike Sparlcman Kerry Sfellmon John Slube Bruce Swanson David Thomas Dennis Thomas Y Janel Peck Valerie Pederson Ki? Pelrie Gary Pope Kalhy Raleigh Nancy Randall Arnold Rafhbun Sydney Reed Lynn Reisenauer Sfeve Reynolds Bruce Roberlson Ken Robinson xr 2 five Q lf! f vm-V Noi' Picfured Sieve Bengsion Carolyn Fairchild Herberl Kurlzhall Kaihy McGowan Buzz Pariridge Danny Posey Linda Snider Jeff Wachler Nancy Wallace Carl Weslberg Gary Wesfberg Clay Williams Denise Williams Ann Wilson Melvin Wimmer Becky Youmans Kaihy Zimmer Rod Thornlon Billy Tolson Becky Tren+ Randy Valimonl' Jane? Vogf Burrell Wallen Jerry Washburn Kafhy Weber Vicki Wendi' Cheryl Wernecke Teresa Wernecke Lois Wesl' Jay Wesierqreen Harvard While Nancy Wilde Becki Williams ll. !! , 1.4. 'I' Vice-Presidenr Lynda Lyon Junior Leciders Secreia ry-Treasurer Nancy Wilde I34 Presideni' Jon Moser Siudenr Council Represeniaiive Kevin Amos Junior advisers are, fron? row, leff 'ro righf: Mrs. Dorofhy Sfrader. Mrs. Peggy Neal, Mrs. Mary McHenry: second row: Bob Weisel. Ken Weclcworrh and Mrs. Kay Whifwell. Sophomores Unirecl Through Spirit Deb Adams Paul Agidius Richard Alberis Ron Aldrich Paul Allerr Pam Anderson Spence Arave Mercedes Babb Toby Barner Chris Barrus Kennalee Baiiles Jackie Baugh Eric Beck Vicky Beck Rhonda Bell Rick Benson Kris Beyers Barbara Biqgam Jani Black Sherwood Bofsfo rd Bob Caslellaw Becky Chrislian Calhy Clarlc Milcheal Coolcsey Sian Cornell Marilyn Cowin Joselle Culver Craig Cyr David Dacres Rod Dahmen Kelle Davidson Kelly Davis Tom Day Sian Delles Don Defers Belinda Del Valle Mia Devereaux Terry Dobler Rila Doclder Pairy Douglas Vivian Bowers John Boycl Cafhy Brausen Sieve Bray Eric Brinkerhoff Dave Browne Richard Burnham Phyllis Carlson Ann Casey Mike Cass Q Q,fC,fll2f'i Diane Drew Linda Dudley Michael Dye Mark Eisinger Eldon Evelancl Rick Fadness Vickie Fadness Rod Farlee Tim Felion Sieve Founiain Joel Foy Jim Franklin Mary Anne French Ginny Gale Russell Gilliam Dave Giiiins Georgianna Gleas Greg Goelz Sharon Gormsen Carolyn Gosselin OI1 QLXA-,SGI Q,,,kJgejk QL ,rl K' 5 Kgqlwtk WLAIM-g,J Qui-ig, -4 I a A 5 V 5 wx. AQ Q, 'wk O"ilQ-N Qi? Marilyn Grassl Tom Gregg Susan Green Bobby Gusiin Tommy Gwinn Kris Hall Larry Halvorson Carol Harbin Linda Harder Marcia Harris I37 Jerry Harfsiein Bruce Hawley Kafhleen Hazelfine Nancy Helbling Becky Helfon Sonny Hendrix Gary Heilman Shari Hochhalfer Ernie Horn Barbara Hubbard Rick Hulce Lyle Jensen Denny Johnson Erv Johnson Terry Johnson Randall Johnsion Ka+hy Jordan LyneH'e Kammeyer John Kawula Ken Kees Fred Kessel Grace Larsen Bill Lundquisr Jeanne Luvaas Richard Lynd Bev Lyon Joyce McDonald Suzi McJunlcin Bill Morrow Maria Mumm Bobbi Munclell Nick Murphy Penny Musick John Musseau Greg Neely Pam Olesen Tim O'Meara Dallas Owens Micki Oyen Robbie Packard Debbie Pefersen Irene Peferson Skippy Peferson Nola McMillan Bob Maker David Marchanl' Marcy Marineau Bill Marlson Ray Maison Tom Mayburry Terri Meadows Michele Miles Carla Miller Johnny Miller Joy Mills Mark Moehneri' Gary Mon+ague Barbara Moon Pa+ Phillips James Pierson Mark Pilkin Kerry Pope Jay Rainer Peggy Raunio Roberf Richman Jim Rimlinqer Karla Ringer Jane Roloerfson Joann Schafer Pa+ Schierman Jackie Schneider Leonard Schulfe Sharon Schullz QQ-Sew xp Jiigigli l X O Julia Schussman Linda Scoles Jim Seale Jill Seaman Carla Shirls Sandra Simmons Bill Slinkard Mike Smefana Bill Smilh Hank Smilh Diane Snodgrass Jerry Snow Gina Sodorff Becky Sfeensma T0 'Q 6,605 5-U8 HMW A 6515113 3-LC-JFK gwws Noi Piclured Gary Dolph Rufh Heiland Lois Johns+on Dave Washburn Susan Weber Jim Wes+berg Jon Wiese N arol William X, Rex Janel' Wolf Carol Wren Jean Slraffon Bill Sirobel Glen Siucki Ray Tale Rose Taylor Debra Teffl' Bill Thompson Larry Thompson Mike Thompson Ted Thompson Na+ Trebilcock John Trump Jane+ Van de Mark Mike Waldher Gail Wagner ,.,, . ....-wg V1 ss f, s is Vice-Presicleni' Jim Wesrberg Sophomore Leoders Q Secreia ry-Treasurer Grace Larsen I42 Q is 5 v N . :. m l M '- , 1 7 Y ' Q 1 ,"""- i A ,,h- Q , V' W , Presicleni Bob Casfellaw Siuclenl Council Represeniaiive Jackie Baugh Sophomore advisers are. fron'I' row, lefr 'ro riglfr: Mrs. Karliryn Day, Mrs Gay Smiihg second row: Jack Jones, William Kulwlman. ZS 0 36 -Q? Aw 3 A il , ..1. Advertising if difors- Ginn Honn, Cind - . Y -iff Latah County Auto DeaIer's Association Carl Cunningham Rd7lZbl6T Delta Ford Sales, Inc. Spsmogllo Gub Mix Chevrolet s El Helbling Brothers ReynoId's Dodge Zimmer Motors Cadillac EVERETT WILL TRACTOR CO., INC. A. I' , 1 L. f1.1a' A,' 4 ' I he ,b dxf f iii .IJIQF 1, ,zu 'S L as www "Caterpillar" John Deere Tractors and Implements 2I8 N. Main Ph. 7537 FONK'S 5 81 I0 Party Supplies Pet Supplies School Supplies Variety tor all needs 407 S. Main Moscow, Idaho LATAH COUNTY TITLE CO. E. B. "Jim" NEWSOME AuI'o, Bonds Truck, Life Lia biIi'Iy Farmers Insurance Group The Office of CompIeI'e Insurance a+ Lower Cosi' TiIIe Insurance Abs+racIs of Ti+Ies 2I3 S. Main Moscow, Idaho IO6 E. 2nd 882-4822 J- I45 Qailfgwigeb Third and Main Moscow. Idaho Whq MykIebust's .95 I Randy. Ron and Bob Myklebust are ready for any weaiher. W H U NTER'S CAN DY SHOP Delicious Homemade Candy AII-Occasion Candy Gifts Carameled Apples Popcorn EVERYTHING GOOD! I23 Third Moscow, Idaho wg if Qigfifgii OWL DRUG STORE Cosmetics Prescriptions Fountain 402 S. Main Moscow, Idaho ae JM 'WW Q zf 2:-WN 92' mfg? 'W fy ? QSWQWWJW , FLOOR .MA Wag ,EU " 3 1 iw My Q 'fm C ERI fwwwfifizw Qs' of W M 0 of Q R.. . , .. .... ILL' '..l,1"g::,,-.IQ 'I 1 2 .29. " ' .fl 1125 ' EZ' 'I' '- " ":Ff5: .A zii. , -21515-3. 5:-11- 1-2' ,A -' " :fiEr:'Er:.:9'- :QE - f' -SPE ' -1 . s .. 9-si" 2: 1- 122 ' ,sf , , gg-' -A . ' , :. "" a:Ez::.-Z:.:!z' .W ..., me EQ .. fi ., " -.-f i. :msg - : ffH"1ff2"'fsi1E.Ef5253:Z,lls?f3:21fimeiiffisgi:?Sgfff5g2:',-353232355'azgzszr-5,4"f:i144:14 -1.1.1 -.,f:25,,Eg1-'.,:s .1 1 fE25:'.F'1"' 251.-' IF'215255533""Ea:2iz-.-ErEfEA.-. :i:5e:E'2'?f "Zim:-:i:RE2+ 5'1j15::E'1 n . '- ,jf- :Er-5-' :. , . 2'113-fr-sir? MCSCOW FLORISTS ll2 Wes+ Sixfh Moscow Ho+el Lobby Sian Zimef and Mike Turk pose feggelic mong The planis a'r Moscow Florisfs. dh J s , L 'fmrwfff ID S I I 'Fr ll I itliiiilhligiiuii- "Z ' wJ4::5jf"',, J It osmumsm stone Moscow Q-54e:.!!J.! " NEELY'S TRAVEL SERVICE, INC. Air and Sea Travel Foreign and Domesfic Tours 524 Soufh Main Ph. 2723 W- LM Df' wwwgifdmgglxgfg. Wwffw 2? M wwf W 5. VZEZILJZJHWFZQWQSX jf! Kc, This Autograph Page Courtesy of LAW, D,p,5. D. E. Adams, M.D. T. D. Baird, M.D. J. B. Bri' MD R. D. B lr MD M E CII DC R G H lc MD D M L h MD H F MII DDS R J S+ bl MD Moscow REKIT:i'?IShi:naItifiSWOrk.INSURANCE 20l E. Third I 5 ,ina The Finesi' in Men's ancl Women's Clofhing Moscow's Pioneer Cloihier Box 390 Moscow. Idaho CLOTHES SINCE I 890 Ph. 44I I t Jackfe JQ M!Qf!'y Since I927 309 Soufh Main Moscow, Idaho 206 S. Main Ph. 4l25 I DODSON S JEWELRY John Driscoll enfhusiaslically helps Kris Roberls selecf a pair of earrings. J 81 J GLASS Inc. 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Main 40 3 Carnation Fresh Dairy Producis ai' Your Door or a+ Your Favorife Sfore, Ph. 4233 Moscow, Idaho Calhy Brown and Pal Murphy demonsirafe ihe durabiliiy of Brown's pillows and furniiure. BROWN'S FU RN ITU RE l02 S. Main Moscow, Idaho ORLAND HARDWARE General Hardware Sporfing Goods Painfs Giffs Mgr. DON BIRCHMEIER l20 E. Third Moscow, Idaho BAFUS JEWELERS 5 I 5 S. Main Ph. 263I 507 Sou+h Main Ph. 393i Coast To Coast "SHck 'em up" say Kris Anderson and Jerri Lou Dufhie as fhey pracfice Their marksmanship. ' I56 Q, 6 , I L1 C175 Jia, lla? .ALL 7'i, Cil'?QCQ6 C' ii 'fic 71.5 . 2 , ,ind f' CNG P -lnfif C1611 Q,g0,,,,r,C jcrfg iff, ,glfrnzvneflf CZMQQIQQ , vue. jlpf ifwf ip fZr0Qf gdlagn f 0? j , bfgfifwfii Buddy Chesnuf wouldn'i' Think of sleeping wifhoui his lion, even on The iob. 52,S,Main SECURITY FURNITURE M586 WEISEL INSURANCE AGENCY Harry Dahmen Phil Guiifoy IO6 N. Main 882-4547 CARTER'S DRUG Prescripiions Hwhere our T Drugs MOU +V Y Toilefries S'l'a1'ionery Leafher Goods 3I0 S. Main I57 4l4 Soufh Main Moscow. lclaho HADDOCK AND LAUGHLIN Nancy Wilde, Anna Cox and Jane? Hoech combine fheir musical falenfs. 4619 Pullman Road Ph. 492I Moscow High School Bowlers KEN'S Stationery Office and School Supplies 5I3 Souih Main Moscow, idaho W ma dm 2l9 SOUHI Main Moscow' Idaho " , f ' , CTX ll0I't,S FUNERAL CHAPEL FIRST AND WASHINGTON STREETS 0 MOSCOW. IDAHO 0 83843 PHONE I208I 882-I I66 S'l'raH'on's Moscow Poly Clean Center Moscow Shopping Center J an and Jane Stratton demonstrate the fast. easy way +0 dry-clean I th ES. I3If1OI'OQl'ClDI'ly by 304 wes+ sinh Moscow, Idaho Photographer ALLEN KIM Portraits Weddings Commercial Natural Color PAPINEAU INSURANCE AGENCY Aufo Life Fire Healfh GENERAL LIABILITY ACCIDENT I07 Sou'I'I1 Main Moscow, Idaho v I f i i me ' ,fe e-S222 A .L f' 'AQ Z.: li' ' A' 61 Iwi?" V' -Sew - " I -- ' - -Y' i -J I - '- 1" "W-1-vs I 'f ,NHaaf"' f' V A.-, .fi ., 3. A , . N. 'b -is , , - ,I ff ff S af: ii i - XII' I f fa - I i .,4C I- ' '- I. A- hAodern ,gy,fQ7J?5ef5,q ,yew L,,E5iF Ac I Eg? .. ' , 5,l,,1 , :Lif t ., I A I , '- E"-'- 'rg ff '- ay V ii 'U' Nez' is i I If A -'1f1 . W " It xi' II Food ifewwfez aw ool wewww- i . , .'r,... V- , if Y V , K ,V b -li - HN t m r 5 .1 M: . . f- xg ' gr. A 11 ar . !"' Q K vtgfaangll' X' f-I 5 Lf ' I Yi A I gi x , Yi., , 9-if A . A in , Tbli M 1 'V LVL, , uk' '- I sf' .vale L, ' 75113 PUIIYMH Road 5 A gp if an f Moscow Idaho 1, 1, bf? 1 ,ffkz-5,4 Jr ,. ,,.W ,Z .r ., V.. I L ,?Q':,,', Q- -. li, J, - lg, i ft if Harold Jacobs and Joe Casey are the managers of Modern Way. "The kind of ra Miracle Mile KRPL Dial I400 'For CompIeI'e Coverage of AII Bear Games dio people like" Moscow, Idaho 704 GOOD FOOD Wf QQ 1 ., A R+ :Q-"-,I W NEW IDAHO lgwgyll MEN'S APPAREL Pai Murphy displays 'the iypes of ski apparel found ai Murphy's. HOTEL Gracious Dining l24 N M ' Mosc ff? I jvc M like hun A jgzhfyffj jd' 4 Ltf4,,Q4cfM47'4'Z! J Jflffr Wffdwywwx , f WLM X24 7U"f"47 Mwjwmfwcfeo afxrbvnif ,445 vlfifcciff RADIO sERvlcE H M Inc. Radio--TV-Tape Recorder- +ereo Sales and Service ALBERT R. JOHNSON MAX E. BINGMAN Zeniih-Admiral III S. Main Moscow I63 I grxyiki' P17 0 iv' '?3 Llwwm - A ,, .Q,, M 1,.,. A-:gf ww , , garisilfww Ki' .- 1 ig, 5 ' w' :ff i i , . i Q ...,.., , W, ' f,?q,ff',fl'5T.' ' ML ffif TY? I' f. " K Q ...f .ivy K3 Q E yi nf--5 , 'E YV 'S f' ' s 1 Q Q ...ez ' --. f 2 . ' f 7 A I -Q A 1 V-1 . .1 ., f let n 1 Q 1 4 ' -Kgs f J, uv ?,,,. , 3 -1 id :gsm : N ,f5. QA. , e,,', x, W "'. ' ' , - -'1 ff , s E A . ,JNVYKI "H f s L 76, 11 1 H " ' .f f gi . , 1 . 1 Q! , , N I ' . M a +-'ry' vgyfgifs, 931. Fw -'P ' ELJQ, W- A Q 4, . A .L"agE15'3Q : k? 214: ' ff w' 'fn X Q .f fgif ' V' -Lv 1 .. 1'- ,. 53 .'f"? fi . fm w 'P 5 , 5,.g,'Q15, .xf Z 'N-T'- JW N, .ffvzvyfl 'J-I K "2',.,l K . . 1. - Q uv K X 4405" QW'-iQTv. 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Q 1 -' 'i EQ Student, Foculty Directory 1 A Abbott, Becky 67, 127 Abbott, David 54, 55. 127 Ackaret, Joyce 45, 48, 49, 55 Adams, Deb 135 Adams, Herb 64, 65, 74, 75, 88, 102 Agidius, Paul 81, 93, 94, 135 Alberts, Doris 56, 57, 58, 96, 102 Alberts, Richard 55, 81, 82, 96, 135 Aldrich, Ron 81, 92, 135 Allert, Paul 92, 135 Amos, Kevin 20, 44, 78, 127, 134 Anderson, Bernita 28, 29, 34, 42, 43. 61 Douglas, Kathy 48, 67, 129 f 66, 68. 102 Anderson, Bill 93, 94 Anderson, Bob 127 Anderson, Dale 64.65, 74, 75, 103, 121 124 Anderson, Debbie 29.42, 127 Anderson, John 59, 127 Anderson, Kathy 24, 44, 51, 102, 123, 124 Anderson, Ken I27 Anderson, Kris 38, 51, 68, 103, 124, 125 156 Anderson, Pam 135 Anderson, Scott 96 Anderson, Steve 127 Boyd, Chuck 60, 128 Boyd, John 81, 136 Bradtord, Candy 54, 104 Brandt, Steve 104, 124 Brausen, Benny 59, 128 Brausen, Cathy 48, 136 Bray, Steve 57, 58, 136 Brinkerhott, Eric 92, 136 Brood, Neil 47, 56, 57, 82, 128 Brooks, Rob 121 Brown, Cathy 34, 51, 53, 60, 62, 66, 68, 69. 72, 104, 122, 124, 155 Brown, David 64, 65 74, 75, 124 Browne, Dave 86, 136 Buchanan, Diana 30, 45, 51, 53, 66, 68, 104, 124 Burnham, Richard 136 Bussanich, Gilbert 90, 128 Butler, David 63, 128 Byers, Becky 48, 59, 67, 128 Byers, Sharon 59, 60, 128, 159 C Caldwell, Claire 30, 35, 60, 65, 68, 128 Canode, Jim 70, 83, 88 Carlson, Phyllis 136 Carnahan, Cheryl 45, 66, 105, 124 Arave, Spence 81, 135 Armstrong, Gloria 59, 67, 127 Armstrong, 1'1arriet 57, 103 B Babb, Fred 127 Babb, Mercedes 48, 53, 96, 135 Baker, Doug 20, 21, 44, 64, 65. 70, 74, 75, 86, 88,89 100, 103, 120, 123, 125 Barackman, Barbara 103, 124 Barackman, Nancy 30, 51, 52, 127 Barker, Earl 35.44, 51, 56, 57, 58, 61, 127 Barner, Toby 64, 81, 94, 96, 135 Barnes, Cindy 30, 58, 61, 127 Barr, Karen 11, 24, 36, 42, 46, 51, 61, 62. 66, 103 Barrus, Chris 46, 54, 135 Barrus, Marilyn 54, 68, 103 Battles, Kennalee 44, 135 Baugh, Connie 24, 62, 66, 103 Baugh, Jackie 20, 53, 68, 135, 144 Beck, Eric 135 Beck, Mark 96, 124 Beck, Vicky 48, 49, 72, 135 Behling, Hollis 59, 62, 67, 127 Bell, Rhonda 135' Benson. Rick 135 Berger, Fred 128 Bergman, Linda 60, 67, 128 Berklund, Bob 56, 57, 128 Beyers, Kris 135 Biggam, Barbara 48, 96, 135 Biggam, Russell 64, 65.96, 104, 157 Billingsley, Bill 60, 104, 124 Bingham, Tom 104 Bingman, Connie 48.67, 128 Bishop, Kris 29, 39, 60, 104, 121 Black, Jani 52, 135 Black, Karen 45 Botstord, Sherwood 46, 135 Bowers, Vivian 136 Casey, Ann 48, 56, 136 Cass, Mike 136 Cass, Nita 10, 36, 53, 54, 55, 66, 68, 105 124 Castellaw, Bob 20, 83, 92, 136, 142 Chapman, Brad 55. 128 Chesnut, Buddy 59, 60, 64, 65, 74, 75, 105, 124 Christian, Becky 44, 68, 136 Christian, Ed 64, 128 Clark, Cathy 54 Clark, Duane 47 Clark, Randy 30 Cline, Col. Victor Cobb, Jett 128 ,55, 136 ,63, 128 18, 63 Cole, Bruce 59, 64, 74, 75, 78, 80, 86, 89 128 Collins, Gary 59, 105, 124 Connelly. Gerard 58, 81, 86. 128 Cook, Winston 18, 54, 55 Cooksey, Mitcheal 136 Corey, Sandy 30. 51, 59, 105 Cornell, Stan 136 Cotterell, Gordon 30, 61, 63, 128 Cotterell, Sam 64, 93, 96, 128 Cowin, Marilyn 72, 136 Cowin, Shirley 51, 58, 128 Cox, Anna 51. 53, 57. 58, 60, 62, 67, 128, 158 Crader, Mike 128 Craine, Karl 60, 128 Crooks, Wayne 63, 128 Crossin, Pat 51, 67, 68, 128 Crossler, Chuck 59, 128 Culver, Josette 136 Cunnington, Debbie 48, 49, 51, 67, 128 Curtis, Gary 105 Cyr, Bruce 51. 64, 78, 90, 129 Cyr, Craig 92, 196 D Dacres, David 136 Dahl, Denis 46, 105 Dahmen, Mary Ann 36, 42, 62, 66, 105. 123, 124 Dahmen, Rod 136 Dalberg, Glen 105 Daniels, William 19, 59 Darby, Sandie 48, 54, 59, 105 Davidson, Karen 16 Davidson, Kelle 136 Davidson, Mike 60, 64, 65, 80, 106 I Davidson, Steve 55, 60, 129 . im M9 Davis, Joyce 29, 36, 51, 62, 66, 106, 1221 t Davis, Steve 64, 65, 70, 71, 74, 75, 86, 88, 105, 129 Day, Mrs. Kathyrn 14, 142 Day, Tom 55, 57, 81, 136 Deesten, Marlene 62, 67, 68, 129 if Delles, Mike 51, 70, 71, 105 ,. Delles, Stan 52, 136 J his Del Valle, Belinda 52, 136 1 Del Valle, Charlie 61, 90, 129 Denton, Mark 64, 65, 74, 76. 88, 105 ., ,I Desmond, John 74 V, Deobold, Barbie 24, 66, 105, 124 pf? meters, Do.. 81,96 136 if Devereaux, Mia 48, 136 211 DeWitt, Dirck 105 7, Dobler, Terry 136 'f'-L, "ff Dockter Rita 136 7 Doty, Darlene si, 59, 62, 67, 12912 " 1 Douglas, Patty 48, 136 Dreisbach, Brian 63, 83, 129 f Dressen, Kurt 59, 129 Drew Diane 137 Drew, Mike 47 Driscoll, John 20, 51, 60, 64, 65, 70, 74, 76, 77, 105, 125, 126, 151 Dudley, Linda 52, 137 Dumas, Mike 38, 39, 57, 60, 64, 65, 74, 76, 105, 124 Duthie, Jerre Lou 36, 66, 105, 124, 156 Dye, Claude 64, 65. 74, 76, 107 Dye, Michael 63, 81, 82 137 E , Eastman, Chris 39, 68, 107, 124 Eikelberger, Wayne 54, 55, 129 Eisinger, Chris 36, 66, 107, 124 Eisinger, Mark 137 Elliott, Mike 59, 107 Ensign, Theresa 51, 53, 62, 67, 129 Erickson, Janel 54, 129 Evans, Judy 124 Eveland, Eldon 137 Everson, Ann 72, 107 F Fadness, Rick 63, 96, 137 Fadness, Vickie 137 Farber, Mike 59, 129 Farlee, Rod 137 Felton, Tim 63, 137 Fenison, Mark 63 Fenwick, Doug 64, 65, 93, 94 Finley, Kay 42, ss, 57, 67, 129 Fleissner, Gail 54, 67, 129 Flisher, Curt 93, 96 Foiles, Janice 67, 68, 129 Fosberg, Shephanie 62, 67, 68, 129 '-.X 165 Founlain, Sieve 137 Foy, Joel 147 Franklin, Jim 55, 56, 57, 63, 96, 137 French, Mary Anne 137 Freudenberg, Rocky 96 Freudenberg, Roger 60, 107, 123 Frye, Nancy 35, 51, 57, 62, 67. 129 Fuhrrnan, Rila 12 Fye, Myrle 107 G5 Gagon, Par 60, 64, 65, 107, 124 Gale, Ginny 28, 43, 67, 84, 137, 159 Gale, Mrs. Virginia 17 Ga 44, 51, 64, 65, 70, 74, 76, Gehrke, Miss Maybelle 16 George, Melvin 63, 129 Germer, George 59, 64, 65, 93, 94, 107 124 Germer. Susan 36, 42, 45, 51, 62, 66, 124 Gilliam, Russell 137 Gilslrap, Elaine 48, 53.67, 129 Gilslrap, Mariin 68, 129 Gi1'1ens, Dave 56, 57, 58, 92, 137 Gleason, Anila 67, 129 Gleason, Georgianna 30, 61, 137 Gleason, Sheryl 66, 108 Goeiz, Dave 64, 65, 74, 76, 80, 86, 87, 88.109, 121,124 Goeiz, Greg 81, 92, 137 Goelz, Mike 64, 65, 74, 76, 108, 122 Gormsen, Sharon 137 Gosselin, Carolyn 137 Grassel, Marilyn 137 Graves, Millon 64, 65, 108, 120, 123 Gray, Lon 86, 88, 108, 123 Greeley, Mary 45, 67, 129 Green, Susan 29, 54, 58, 137 Gregg, Tommy 137 Grendahl, Richard 30.54, 55, 129 Gross, Ray 108, 124 Guilloy, Gene 129 Gunlher, Karen 54, 56, 57, 58, 96, 108, 123, 124 Guslavson, Mary 129 Gusiavson, Shirley 66, 109, 124 Guslin, Bob 137 Gulhrie, Barbara 24, 51, 62, 66, 109, 148 Gulhrie, Carol 2 Gwinn, Tommy 92, 137 F4 Haarr, Marlin 47, 130 Hall, Jess 51, 90. 130 Hall, Jim 74.78, 130 Hall, John 55, 90, 130 Hall, Kris 44, 137 Halvorson, Larry 30, 57, 96, 137 Hammond, Roy 96 Hann, Duane 47 Hann, Virginia 36, 42, 46, 51, 54, 62, 66, 68, 109, 124 Harbin, Carol 137 Harder, Linda 45, 66, 72, 137 Harman, Warren 14, 46 Harris, Dr. Carl 22 Harris, Marcia 52, 137 Harrison, Judi 45, 51, 56, 57, 67. 130 Har1's'1ein, Jerry 52, 138 Harfslein, Lynn 66, 68, 109 166 Harlung, John 56, 57, 58. 109, 120, 123 Hassler, Belh 51, 130 1'1aup1, Kirk 63, 64, 83, 130 Hawley, Bruce 47, 55, 138 Hawley, Kyle 47 Hawley, Mark 47, 130 Haynes, Don 16, 65, 74, 86 Hazelline, Kalhleen 138 Headrick, Larry 47, 130 Headriclc, Linda 129 Heick, Merry 35, 42, 44, 51, 53, 66, 130 Helbling, Nancy 48, 49, 52, 60, 138 Heilman, Gary 47, 81, 93, 94 138 Helion, Becky 138 Hemslrom, Melanie 39, 109 Hendershor, Rurh 62, 67, 130 Hendrix, Bessie 66, 109 , Hendrix, Sonny 63, 92, 138 Hendrix, Tom 59, 63. 64, 74, 78, 86, 130 Henry, Mary Lu 30, 56, 57, 58, 60, 67, 68, 130 Herrmann, Aniia 66, 110, 124 Hilverda, Mrs. Bonnie 15, 51 Hi1'es, Harley 130 Hires, Ken 47 Hochaller, Shari 138 Hoech,Jane1 51, 57, 130, 158 Hoffman, Alan 47, 64, 74, 78, 86 130 Hofmann, Barbara 24, 45, 110, 124 Hordemann, Greg 81, 90 Horn, Ernie 57, 60, 138 Hoskins, Sieve 130 Hoy, Sheila 48, 59, 61, 130 Hubbard, Barbara 45, 138 Hudson, Rocky 64, 65, 68, 70, 74, 76, 94, 110 Hughes, Barry 110 1'lulCe, Rick 30, 57, 63, 138 Hungerford, Mrs. Gayle 15 J Jacksha. Jim 64, 70, 90, 130 Jackson, Laurie 36, 44, 46, 51, 62, 66,68 110, 123 Jasper, Bill 86, 90, 130 Jensen, Leon 57, 81, 110, 124 Jensen, Lyle 47, 81, 138 Kuykendall, Ted 81,93 L I-abine. Lance 44, 51. 64, 65. 70, ae, ss, 111 121 1 126 . . 23. 124, Larsen, Grace 57, 138, 142 Larson, Julene 62, 66, 111 Larsen, Wilma 59, 111 Law, Gordon 36, 44, 60, 64. 65, 68, 70, 74. 76, 111 ' Leapharl, Jim 54, 55, 60, 130 LeFors. Gary 64, 70, 74, 79, 86, 89, 130 Leonard, Carl 111 Leonard, Jerry 111 Leyvifheryl 42, 44, 51, 72, 111, 121, 123 LeTourneau, Diane 51, 62, 130 Lindsay, Dianne 20, 21, 34. 35, 45, 51, 53,56,57,66,68. 101,I1I, 120,123 Loe, Ken 47 Long, Cindy 36, 51, 62, 66, 111, 123, 126, 129 Lovel, Shirley 54, 66, 112 Lundquisl, Bill 57, 138 Lunaqua+,Jahn 36,6O,7O,71,1I2,124 Lundquisl, Nancy 51, 131 Luvaas, Jeanne 52, 138 Lynd, Lyon, Lyon, Rick 81, 92, 138 Alan 47, 60, 64, 65, 74, 76, 112 Bev 49, 138 Lyon, Lynda 51, 55. 56, 57, 67, 68, 131, 134 Lyggii Marilyn 51, 53, 56, 57, 62, 67.68, Lyon, Mrs. Lois 18 NA Mael, Chris 112 Maker, Bob 64, 139 Mallory, Marie 66, 112 Mann, Mary Ru1'h 38, 44, 46, 57.61.68 112, 123, 124 Marchanr, David 47, 139 Marchanl, Leola 112 Johnson Denny 138 Johnson Erv 81, 92, 138 Johnson, Karl 59, 64, 86, 89, 130 Johnson Paul 38 46 51 64 83, 130 Johnsoni Terry 60, 72, 138 I Johnslon, Lois 67 Johnslon, Randall 63, 138 Jones, Jack 17, 142 Jones, Trish 51, 66, 85, 130, 160 Jordan, Kalhy 44, 46, 138 Fi Kammeyer, Lenny 57, 130 Kammeyer, Lyne1'1e 45, 57, 138 Kawula, John 57, 138 Kees, Ken 92, 138 Kessel, Fred 83, 138 Kinder, Sherrie 110 Marineau, Marcy 139 Marfson, B111 64, 74, 80, 93, 95, 139 Malson, Ken 65 Ma1'son,Ray 64 Mayburry, Tom McCabe, Mike 112 ,74, 77, 93, 94, 113 , 139 92. 139 54, 64, 65, 74, 77, 78, 80 McCoy, Sleve 57, 70, 90. 131 McDonald, Joyce 138 McElroy, Denny McFeron, Diane 81.131 112 McGarvey, Mike 36, 64, 65, 74, 77, 80, 112. 124 McGraw, Vernon 47 McHenry, Mrs. Mary McJunkin, Susie 16. 68. 134 52. 138 McKown, Alan 63, 131 McMillan, Nola Meadows, Rick Meadows, Terry Mercer, Pal 51, 48, 139 57, 64. 65. 96, 113 45, 139 59, 131 Kindschy, Marigail 51, 62, 130 King, Wesley 110 Kirkland, Kim 11, 64, 90, 91, 130 Koefod, John 59, 81. 130 Krassell, Charlie 111, 124 Kuhlman. William 14, 92, 142 Mickey, Mary Belh 57, 67, 68, 131 Mikula, Shelly 113 Miles, Billie 42, 51, 53, 56, 57. 58, 62, 67 131 Miles, Michele 42, 57, 67, 84, 139 Miles, William 22, 74 Rainer, Jay I40 'QQ oi Miller, Carla 96, I39 Miller, Johnny 8l, 96, I39 Miller, Linerle 39, 46, 56, 57, 66, 96, II3, l54 Million, Rick II3 Mills, Dennis 5l, 63, 68, 86.92, I3l Mills, Jay 57, I39 Milchell, Warner 30, 55. 57, I3I Moehnerl, Mark Bl, 96, I39 Moffert Ted 5l. 68, 83, I3l Monlague, Gary I39 Monfague, MaryeHe I3I Monrague, Ron II3 Moon, Barbara I39 Moore, Allen 47, 93, I I3, I24 Moore, Jim I2, II3 Moore, Randy 96, I3I Moore, To.m II3, I24 Morgan, Dave 74 Morrow, Bill 92, I39 Morlensen, Brian 59, 64, 65, 74, 77, 96, II3 Morlensen, Jane 48, 96, l3I Morlimore, Bill 64, 65, 80, II4 Moser, Jon 20, 27, 5l, 64, 7I, 74, 79, 86, 87, 89, l3l I34 ' Mumm, David 5l, 59, 64, 65, 68, II4 Mumm, Maria I39 Mundell Bobbi 45, I39 Mundell, Jerri Lee 67, l3I Murphy, Nick 57, I39 Murphy, Par 36, 46, 60, 66, II4, I23, I24, l55, I62 Musick, Penny 48. I39 Musseau, John 74, 80, 96, I39 Musseau, Sieve I0, 64, 74, 79.96, I3I Myklebusl, Bob 59, 6I, BI, 90, l3I, I46 Myklebusl, Rick 59, 64, 65, 74, 77, 86, 88. II4, I24 Myklebusr, Ron 59, 60, 70, 7I, I3l, I46 N Neal, Bob 56.57, II4, I24 Neal, Mrs. Peggy I5, I34 Nearing, Joyce 5l, 53, 54, 62, 67, l3l Nearing, Ken 47, 64, 96 Neely, Greg 52, 96, I39 Nelson, Gayla 5l, I3l Norminglon, Marv II4 ygaard, Corinne 48, 49, 67, l3l O ale. Nick 83, 13: Olesen, Kenny 96 Olesen, Pam I39 Olesen, Lorrayne 45, 57, 67, I3I Olson, Nancy 68 Olson, Ron I3I O'Meara, Tim 30, 52, I39 - sryn, Bruce 51.68. 83, I3l wens, Dallas 96, I39 Owens, Debbie 96, II4 Oyen, Micki 45, 57, I39 P Packard, Gail 48, II4, I29 Packard, Mike 96 Painfer, Roger 63, 74, 79, I3I Parish, Mrs. Magdalene 24 Parish, Susan 44, 58, 6I, 68, I3l Paul, Charloile 59, l3I Paul, Darrel 47 Peck, Janel' 5l, 53, 56, 57, 67, I32 Pedersen, Valerie 59, 62, 67, I32 Pederson, Mrs. Nona Rae 24 Peebles, Kalhy 45, 54, 59, 62, bb, H5 Pellon, Jerry Il5 Perersen, Ray 64, 65, 70, 86, 89, II5, I22 Peierson, Debbie I39 Pelerson, Gayla II5 jeierson. lrene I39 Pelerson, Skippy 63, 92, I39 Pelrie, Kil' 67, I32 Phillips, Pal' 92, I40 Pierson, James I40 Pirkin, Mark 8l, 93, I40 Pope, Gary I32 Pope, Kerry 45, 53, I40 Polier, Judy 34. 44, 46, 6l, II5, l20, I23 Pursley, Mrs. Toni I5, 36, 37, 39, 44 Quesnel, Roberf I4, 60, I26 R Rainer, Krisry 48, 49, 66, II5, I25 Raleigh, Kafhy I32 Randall, Nancy 45, 67, 68, I32 Rarhbun, Arnold 54, I32 Raunio, Peggy I40 Reed, Sydney I32 Reisenauer, Lynn 30, 53, I32 Reynolds, Seve 59, 64. ai. 82, I32 Reynolds, Viclory I8 Rice, Slephanie I4 Richman, Roberf 46, 52, I40 Riersgard, Linda 42, 5l, 62, 66, 68, II5, I23, l48 Rimlinger, Jim I40 Ringer, Karla I40 Roberfs, Gregg 96 Roberrs, Kris 24, 5l, 62, 66, II5, I24, l5l Roberrson, Bruce 55, 64, 68, I32 Roberlson, Jane 30, I40 Robinson, Jerry 96 Robinson, Jim 47, 48, I I6 Robinson, Ken I32 Robinson, Suzanne 45, 5l, 53, 62, 66, 68, II6. I24 Rogers, Ken II6, I24 Rogers, Richard 23 Ross, Bill 20, 2l, 26, 44, 5l, 64, 65, 70, 86. 89, II6, I23, I24, I25, I26 Ross, Mrs. Mary Jean 24 Rush, Kirk l9, 47 S Salisbury, Margarel' 5I, 57. I32, I67 Salisbury, Nancy 24, 5I, 57, II6, I24 Sargent Louise I32 Schafer, Joann 48, I40 Schierman, Mike 59, 60, 64, 65, 74, 77, Packard, Rob Bl, 93, 94, I39 ' II6. I24 Schierman, Pal' 92, I40 Schimke, Mrs. Margarel' I7 Schneider, Jackie 5I, 57, I40 Schneider, Pam 48, II6 Schoelfler, Celia 45, 53, 62, 67, 68, I32 Schoefller, Charlie 37, 57, 59, II6 Schulle, Jere 64, 74, 79, 93, 95, I32 Schulle, Leonard 8l, 96, I40 Schullz, Sharon 96, I40 Schussman, Julia I40 Scoles, Linda I40 Seale, Jim 55, 56, 57. 58, 83, 92, I40 Seaman, Jill 30, 44, 46, 57, I40 Sever, Carol 59, II7 Shellon, Annelfe 33, 44, 6I, 66, 68, 69, l I 7 Shepard, Tom 55, 63, 64, I32 Shire, Susan 24. 34, 66, 85, II7 Shirrs, Carla I40 Shorf, Barbara 38, 46, 60, 62, 66, II7, I29 Shorl, I-Ioward I32 Shreve, Linda 53, 62, 67, 68, I32 Silbaugh, Mrs. Johanna I5, I26 Silha, Elaine 44, 46, 68, I32 Si.mmons, Sandra I40 Sinclair, Nola 20, 34, 38, 42, 44.46, 5I, 53, 62, 66, 68, II7, I2O, I23, I24, I25, I26 Skinner, Linda 54, I32 Skramslad, Vernice 54, 66, II7, I29 Slinkard, Bill I40 Smelana, Mike I40 Smirh, Bill 54, 55, I40 Smifh, Hank 52, 8l, 82, 92, I40 Smilh, Judy 24, 28, 34, 66, 84, 85, II7, I22, I24, I25, I57, 159 Smirh, Mrs. Gay I4, I42 ' Snider, Linda 57 Snodgrass, Diane 57, I40 Snodgrass, Waller I8, 57 Snow, Jerry 56, 57, I40 Sodorfl, Gina I40 Sparkman, Mike 64, 70, 8I, 90, I32 Spencer, Mrs. Alfhea 24 s+eelnsms, Becky 66, I40 Sfeffen, Richard 59, II7, I24 Sfellmon, Kerry 42, 45, 53, 56, 57, I32, I35 Srellmon, Susan 5I, 53, 58, II7, I2I, I23 Slephens, Kalhy 46, 5l, 56, 57, 66, 68. 96, II7, I23, I24 Sfokes, Linda 56, 57, 66. II8, I24 Sioui, Ross 60, 82, 96, I40' Slrader, Mrs. Dorolhy I7, I34 Srrarlon, Jane I I8, I6I Srrallon, Jean 52, l4I, l6I Sfrobel, Bill 8l, l4I Slube, John 44, 5I, 64, 90, I32, I50 Slucki, Glen 47, l4I Sumner, Linda IO, 45, 5I, 53, 59, 66, lI8 l2l. I24 Sun, Ben 44, ll8, l23 Swanson, Bruce 59, 64. 74, 79, I32 T Tale, Nancy 34, 39, 46, 5l, 62, 66, 72. ll8, I24 Tale, Ray 83, I4l Taylor, Rose l4l Tefll, Debra l4I Thomas, David I32 Thomas, Dennis 90, I32 Thompson Bill 81, 92, 141 Thompson, Gary 64, 65, 93, 94. 95. 118 Thompson Mrs. Joanne 19, 48 Thompson, Karol 118 Thompson Larry 141 Thompson, Mike 81, 92, 141 Thompson, Ted 92, 141 Thornlon, Rod 59, 133 Tolson, Billy 59, 81, 133 Trebilcock, Nal 141 Tre-ni, Becky 67, 133 Troxel, Melissa 66, 118 Trump, John 141 Turk, Mike 5I,.6O, 70, 71, 118, 124, 147 U Uriarie, Leilane 32, 33, 35, 44, 45, 53, 66, 68. 69, 118 V Va1i.mon1', Randy 59, 133 Van de Mark,Jane1 48, 141 Van Wagoner, Bob 60, 119 Vog1,Jane1 44, 50, 51, 53.67, 133 The W Wachler, Jeff 81 Wagner, Gail 141 Waldher, Mike 141 Wallace, Nancy 54 Wallen, Burrell 54, 133 Wallin, Paul 60, 119 Walier, Sheila 38, 46, 61, 119 Ward, Carla 66, 119, 124 Warren, Mrs. Ediiha 17, 126 Washburn, Dave 57, 81, 94, 141 Washburn, Jerry 44, 51, 57, 64, 70, 78, 79, 93, 95, 133, 151 Weber, Kalhy 133 Weber, Susan 52, 141 Weckwerih, Ken 121, 134 Weeks, Mrs. Agnes 24 Weeks, Dwayne 119 Weisel, Roberl 17, 83, 134 Wendi, Vicki 61, 67, 68, 133 Wernecke, Cheryl 48, 67, 96, 133 Wernecke, Teresa 45, 53, 67, 133 Wes1berq.Jim 47, 81, 96, 141, 142 Wesi, Lois 133 Wesiergreen, Jay 133 Whiie, Harvard 64, 74, 79,. 133 74 Wiese, Jon 81, 92, 141 Wilde, Nancy 37, 44, 51, 60, 67, 133, 134 Williams, Williams Williams Williams, Becki 44, 51, 67, 68, 133 Mrs. Berveile 23 Carol 53, 68, 141 Clay 55, 64, 74, 79, 90, 133 Whiie, Pam 34, 59, 66. 84, 85, 119, 120 Whilehead, Mrs. Pauline 15 Whiiewell, Mrs. Kay 16, 45, 134 Williams, Denise 51, 62, 68. 133 Williams, Julianne 33 Williams, Rex 141 Wilson, Ann 45, 62, 133 Wimmer, Melvin 47, 48, 81, 133 Wischmeier, Bob Wo1f,Jane+ 46, 53, 57, 141 Wren, Carol 52, 67, 84, 141 Y Youmans. Becky Youmans. Clayde Z Zaal, Shari 54, 119 35, 51, 53, 67, 68, 133 Zime1',S'1an 60. 70, 119, 124, 147 Zimmer, John 96 Zimmer, Ka1'hy 51, 53, 67, 133 Beor Trocks stuff recognizes ifhe following persons ond firms for their ossislonce in copturing MSHS 168 in Motion Allen Kim, Rudy's Studio M51-1S Administrofion Chuck Crossler John Hortung Ted Cowin , TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "UIQ Wo4Id'l B111 Vlubookl A10 Ylylov-mid"

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